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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 24, 1899

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Daily Edition No. 272.
Nelson, British Columbia. Friday, March 24,   1899.
1; i-th Year
White Men Marked Out as
Race   War   in   Arkansaw   is   Claiming
Many Victims���The Whites
Are Arming.
Texnrkaua, Ark., March 23.���A
race war is on in Little River county,
tiud during the lust 48 hours nn in
definite number of negroes have met
their death at the hands of the while
population. Seven are known to have
been lynched and the work is not yet
done. The bodies of the victims of
the mob's vengeance are hanging to
the limbs of trees in various parts of
the country.
The country is iu n state of most intense excitement. White men are
collecting in mobs, heavily armed,
and di*temiinnd. und negroes urn (tee
ing for their lives The negro population is large and has for a long time
proved very troublesome. Frequent
murders have occurred nnd thefts nnd
fights have become very common
It develops that carefully laid plans
hud been mndo by a number of negroes to precipitate u rnce war aud
that many white men bad been marked for victims, It is learned that 28
negroes were implicated in this plot
nnd the whites are now bent on meting out summary punishment to the
Jackson, Miss., March 2!).���Three
negroes were lvnclied by a mob near
Kilvor City in Yazoo County last Saturday morning after being shot to
death. The bodies were thrown into
the Yazoo River. They were the riug-
leeders of the negroes in a nice encounter on the Midnight pluntntio-
curly last week.
An English   Colonel   Killnd   By
Oalontta, March 23.���A despatch
from Peshawar capital of lhe Pun-
.iiiiih division of that name on the Afghan frontier says that two Pnthuns,
or Afghans, have shot and killed Lieu
tenant Colonel R. H Lamm-chant,
of the Hampshire regiment. Tin
murderers have been arrested.
Puthan is the name usually applied
to tho independent Afghan tribes on
the northwest frontier of India, although every Afligan claims to be a
I'atlinn. The Afghans themselves do
not recognize as entitled to the nninr
all to whom it is given ly Europeans.
They exclude certain large tribes.
An Attempt to Insure   Uniform Rates
Over 2b Roads
Washington, March 21) ���The presidents, general managers, and other
representatives of about 2b railroad
companies comprising almost the en-
lire trunk line service between Chicago
and Lake Michigan and the Ohio and
Mississippi Rivera aud beyond, weie
hi executive conference throughout
the day with the Interstate commerce
The rusult was a vcrlml assurance
"ii the part of all Ihn roads represented to maintain uniform tariffs through
co-operation and tho appointment of a
eoiiiiinttei) to confer with the oomtnls
��ion tomorrow, looking to more dell
iiitu spiicilleutions for securing general Stability in freight rates.
lhe British Regulars Arc Improving iu
Their Riflu Practice.
London, March aa.���"I have no
hesitation is laying that whoever our
enemy mny be, the niiirksmanship of
'"ir regular lories may in future he relied upou to compensate to a very large
extent for our presumptive inferiority
in numbers."
, So says the commandant of the
N'hijol of Musketry, iu his annual report of the troops serving at home,
the fire discipline, according to
this officer, is ulso good ; but fire control und direction are raroly so. As
to the volunteers, measured by the
regular military standards of this
country or the continent they have
"ill a great deal of leeway to liiakc up
'"'lore thoy can bo credited as a body
With tlm possession of even n niodentto
degree of efficiency in  the use of their
More than oue half of tho force still
'''insists of men who have never shot
���� distances beyond 2(H) yards, nnd who
I'' not know what it is to lire ball
'"'"ridge by word of command in the
J'mplest wotionHl practice.
��� The remedy for this slate of
'"'airs, 'the commandant observes, "is
not Tory far to seek, and if lhe Hit,000
���"'���'(ind-class shots now serving iu the
���>"ks can be induced to Hrc more
u.'Ii'i i llt lollK'-r runges the result
nil. ,tt ""usidcrable increase in effl-
cituey,"    Proposals  are now before
the Government with a view to recouping volunteers for the cost of
two or thrni) annual attendances at the
range, instead of the single and hurried visit which now too often suffices
to constitute them qualified defenders
of thoir countrv.
Last Gruesome Relic of  the  Windsor
Hotel File.
New York, March 23.��� Nineteen
dead, some 40 or more missing aud
about n score confined to their beds
trom injuries, is tho record so far of
tbe Windsor Hotel fire on Friday last.
Ono more body was found todav,
this brings the list of unknown dead
to nine.
Z Tho fragmonts were dug up about 20
feet west of the annex on the 147th
Street sido, in a part ot the ruins
where no other bodies or bones have
been found. The fragments consist
simply of a portion of the spinal column, with some of the ribs uttached,
a piece of skull and some small bones
and charred flesh. The remains were
taken to the morgue and numbered
" Body No. 9. " Identification in this
case, ns in tho large majority of the
other bodies at the morgue will be
The fied Cross Sooiety's Funds Exhausted
���The   Goverament   Must
St. Petersburg, March 28.���The newspapers of the city publish pitiable no-
counts of the condition of tho so-called
famino district of Russia, especially
Samara. In the eastern parts of European Russia, tho efforts of thn Red
Cross Sooiety have staved off the horrors of actual starvation, but the society's funds are almost exhausted and
the dire distress, compelling tho consumption of all kinds of garbage, has
produced an epidemic of terrible mortality, with typhus, senrvv, and other
pestilential diseases.
The peasants aro compelled to sell
everything and aro living iu cold,
damp, and fllthv cabins. Weakened
by hunger, they fall ready victims to
typhus and ncnte scurvy, nnd unless
the government gives prompt aid. the
Volga Provinces appear doomed to a
repetition of the horrors of 1H01 and
Reported Narrow   Escape of a Knight
of tne Camera.
San Francisco, Mnroh 2it.���A letter from Captain MeQueslen, surgeon
of the 2Hth regnlars, now at Manila,
tells of the release of A. S. Peters,
photographer, who was captured aud
tortured by tho Filipinos. Peters was
made prisoner while taking pictures
outside the line', He was thrust into a filthy jail, where ho wus visited
ny a captain, who tested his sword on
his body and threatened to kill Iiiiii
He then called in a number of nuked
s vages, all armed, who executed a
war dunce and made pusses at refers.
One of them wounded him iu the arm.
The next morning he w.ts taken to
Malolos, where he found eight Americans, two Englishman and a Spaniard,
He finally secured his release through
the intervention of American officials.
'Iho savages who attacked Peters
woro of a tribe known to bo head
hunters and cannibals, Thoy live In
the interior of tbe island, and will nol
show any mere after this to any unfortunate while mun who may fall in
to their hands.
Purlin, March   DIS ���Professor   Rob*
erl Koch, tlie celebrated lincteriologisl
who in INK!! ut the head of the German
cholera eiiiiiiiijssion, visited Egypt unit
India and there discovered Iho so-called
"Column" cholera bacillus, will stmt
with uu expedition next month for
the tropics to continue his Investigation as to tin* nature and origin of ma
laria. The Reichstag has made u
grant of 60,000 minks iu aid of the
Montreal, March 2!i.��� The Canadian
Pacific has decided to meet the latest
out made by the Great Northern in
seconil-clnss wosllnuitid passenger fares
to (18,50 from St. Paul to Pacific
coast points. In doing so Iho road will
bo bucked by the American roads interested in the conflict with Hill's
roads. It. is staled as yet. no differ
ence hns been made in the rates oust
of St.  Paul.
London, March 88,-English temperance societies are denouncing Bir
Thomas Liptbn for having applied   for
licenses lo sell liquor nt Ins tea itorea.
Thn Church of England bishops have
started a strongly worded protest
against Lipton's project.
Loudon, March 24.-The Berlin nor-
respondent of tho Daily Mail confirms
the report already cabled that Emperor
William will be at Cowes during re-
gattu week, arriving there July ��6.
John Moore Makes Confession of His Crime-
The State is Trying to   Prove That the
Alltged Crime Was Aotually
Mcpherson, Kansas. March 28.���
John Moore, the Hutchinson murderer,
today made a signed statement of his
horrible crime. Moore murdered his
five children with a hatchet and knife
aud then burned the house over their
heads. He and his wife had quarrelled
and he claims they were about to separate.
In the statement Moore says: "I had
been feeling pretty bnd for the past
two or three days. The ohildren were
iu bed asleep I turned the lamp
down and went to bed. I then had
one of my worst spells and my bead
hurt me awfully and everything seemed floating before me and the next
thing I remember after this wns in
trying to get out of the house, I have
a recollection of going through a struggle like a dream that is li ill' remembered. All the' recollection J I have
about this is, that I would rather son
my children dead thau to leav Ihem
in the hands of my wife's people. It
was like a dreum to me that I done
something to the children, but I do
not recolleot using the knifo Or
Bridgeport. Couu., March 28.���At
tho close of the third day of thn trial
of Nancy A. Guilford, the mid-wife,
charged with murder in the second decree in causing the death of Emnin
Hill, thn State is still eugaged in endeavoring to prove the fact Hint the
particular crime alleged has been com
mitted. To the spectators the trial
seems to drag slowly, but it is evidont
thnt tho State aud thu defense also
aro considering each step with great
care and going into every point in
minute detail.
The witnesses introduced by the
St ite today tostlfied chiefly to the disposition of the various packages, containing the dismembered body of Emilia Gill, after thoy were found, and
the subsequent identification of the
body as that of the   Southiugton   girl.
Mrs. Guilford is apparently regaining her health rapidly and throughout
tha dav seemed to hnve her norves under good control.
Loates and Sloano   Ride a Dead   Hout
in the Spring Cup.
London, March 28.���The race for the
Spring Cup was one of the most interesting events at Aiutree for a long
time. 'Tod .Sloaue, on Crodno and Sam
I** lutes, ou I 'rest I alien both rode splendidly. Loates brought Crestfallen up
Rt tho last stride. Crodno did not net
uwav well, but led to tho first turn
when the colt was headed by Ohnbb,
At the mile post Grodno resumed the
lead, bul at the distance Chubb was
again in front. Crodno, however,
again pushed to thn front and then
Crestfallen sprang forward and a most
exciting finish was thn result, Chubb
being only u short bend behind the
dead heaters.
Lexington, liy., Maroh 2:1 ���The fa-
minis .-.mi.'i'iciin throughlircil stallion
Hanover, 14 years old, by Hindoo, dam
Bourbon Belle, was put to death today by chloroform, Gangrene of Iho
lefl fore foot, thn result of the killing
of the nerves in it While racing, rendered thu destruction of the horse   no-
cossury.    Milton Young d'clineil oilers
of |6B.OO0  and   178,000   tor   I      He
lud winning sires   for   lhe   last   three
years.    Hanover was the  sire of Hum
1*111*1*. Halina,    Ben   Holliday aud   the
Stockholm, March 88. ���There are
indications, ai cording to St. Petersburg advices, thut tha C/.ar will mark
the year 1900 by abandoning tho Julian calundur in favor of the Georgian,
which, twelve davs ahead of thu calendar now in use iu Russia, has long
been followed by ull other grout Christian nations, Toil change, if it oomes,
will Iiii largely due to tba efforts of the
son of Count Loo Tolstoi.
New York, March 2.���Kudyuid Kip-
lug s condition has remained unchanged throughout the past few days.
Ho hns ginned some strength and if
the weuthnr condition) will permit,
his physicians say, he will bo able to
take short drives voiy soon.
London, March 2!i. ��� A despatch
from Nice announces the arrival Ihnru
of the Marquis of Salisbury, who left
London yesterday fer the Riviera,
Influenza Raging in Berlin
and Paris-
The Standard Learns That the negotiations Now Promise a Satisfactory Conclusion.
Loudon, Maroh 24.���The Standard
this morning makes the following
announcement: "We understand
that the negotiations between Great
Britain and France regarding New
Foundland promise a satisfactory settlement, France being willing to surrender her shore rights there, if adequately compensated."
London, March 28.���Exceptionally
cold weather continues throughout
England, varying from 10 to 20 degrees of frost. There have been heavy
fulls of snow in the north, und several
deaths fiom exposure are reported.
Similar weather prevails on the cou-
Paris, Maroh 28.���Paris is suffering
from the scourge of influenza The
deaths during the last seven days have
been 288 above the average.
Berliu. Maroh 28.���Tho influenza   is
raging   here   and   the   death  rate  is
Berlin. March 28.���The German
battleship Oldenburg broke her anchor, and went aground near Kiel today during a heavy snowstorm.
London. Maroh 28.���The ontter
yacht Britannia, now the property of
Mr. Dauiel Cooper, of Newmarket,
who bought her from Mr. Ernest
Terah Hooley, will be sold at auction
on May 10.
Tho Present Yoar's Output  Will  Be a
Large One.
Mr. W. D. McMillan and Mr.
Charles Milne, Manager of tbe Parson's Produce Company, who left Dawson together late in February, have
arrived here, says the News-Advertiser. Mr. McMillan reached Vancouver ou Tuesday. He oame south on
the Danube to Victoria and crossed the
Gulf by the Churmer. Mr. Milne
came down on the City of Seattle to
the Sound City and came up by train.
"Things are very quiet in Dawson
said Mr. McMillan when interviewed
yesterday. '' I left Mr. Milne at Log
"Did you hear a report of any tight
having ocouired near the Dalton
Trail between Canadians and Americans?"
"No, uot a word."
Mr. Milne estimates that the Klondike output this year will be $12,000,-
000. The Klondike Miner says, under
date of February 24 :
Mr. Charles Milne, Manager of the
Parson's Produce Company, and Mr.
P. B. Ritchie rnturnod on Tuesduy
f 1 om an extended trip urouud the
creeks, covering iu all 148 miles. The
route taken wnB by way of Hunker
over the divide into Lombard, up to
the head of Dominion, down that
creek nnd up Gold Run over the divide
into Brimstone, from thero into Sulphur, up Sulphur and down into Bo-
111111/.U. up El Dorado nnd Guy Gulch,
and from there back into Dawson.
Mr. Milne before returning to Vaucou-
ver over the ioe, undertook this trip in
order to see for himself how work on
the different crucks wan progrusssiug.
From his own observations aud from
Interview! with miners who have
been in the country for severul years,
Mr. Milin��� estimates tho output of gold
next Spring nt 112,000,000. Besides
this, benches and hill claims will yield
u large return during the Summer.
Mr. Milne came 111 over the ice in 28
duys, null expects to go out in loss
time, us his dog teuni is in better condition and Tin himself iu perfect
Internal Dissensions Deprive the Party
of Importance.
Loudon, March 24.���The Madrid oor
respondent of the Standard says that
Don Carlos, thu protonder, has perplexed his adherents by a despatch in
which bo allows them to go to the
pulls at thn forthcoming Parliamentary
elections if thoy no desire, but ox-
plains thut be doos nut wish the Curl-
ists to bn represented officially in thn
Cortes. The generul opinion in the
political world, Buys tbe correspond-
cut. is that thn dissnusions in thn Carl-
isl ianks and the irresolution of tho
proteinW really deprives the party of
all importance.
Big   Combine   I Induces    the   Cost  of
Truusportati on.
Seattle, Wash. - Maroh 88. ��� Rates to
Dawson City have beea onl ta two Uy
the formation of a transportation com-  mr r Tinn in   nyr mnp
biBatiou,   including various   steamers I H M.I.Y H K    rt       N      H P
running betweeu Seattle and Skagway, 1 ill*UJ   ' ml    ' ���   W*'   l llu
the White Pass   nnd   Yukon   Railway
and   the   steamers   on   Lake   Bennett
and the Upper Yukon.
j Rates, to take effect  at   tne opening
of Navigation   011   tho Lakes, are announced as follows :   fl62 per   ton   for
freight of   all kinds.    First   class passengers, 1100,    Second  olass.   $S0.    In
case  of a rate war   between   the   up-
river   steamers,    the freight   rate Will
go down to |14 11 ton.
Nashville, Tenn., March 23.���The
littlo town of Liberty, in Dekall couu-
ty bus been almost wiped off the mnp
by a cyclone which swept over it Inst
night. Trees were uprooted nnd houses
destroyed   in   ill     directions.       The
Christian   church, a   handsome   brick .
structure,   was   blowu to  pieces.    No  licenses Issued   in  May Only Good  Till
fntaliities ware reported. j*nn* of  j{ontll   ftt   Propor
tionate Bates.
Loudon, March 24 ���The Vienna correspondent of the Standard says that
tbe popular actress Lolo Bauzollu, exclaiming "Tis Love that kills" shot
herself with a revolver on the slngo
in full eight of the audience, during a
performance at Cilli, Stvria, and was
removed in a dying oondiiton.
Arbitration Schemes Will  be  Considered
by   the Disarmament Conference-
New York, Maroh 28.���A despatch
tu the Herald from Washington says :
There is reason to beliovo that, nu
important proposition, looking to the
settlement of International disputes by-
arbitration, will be advanced ut tho
coming disarmament conference by
the American delegates. It was learned today on high authority that the
credentials for and instructions to the
Amerioan delegates are uow being prepared by Beoretary of State Hay, and
will be ready for submission to tho
President for his approval when he returns * Washington from his southern trip. Tii'eBB Tffllti&c*tions wiil be 11
complete exposition of the attitude of
the Government of tho United Status
on the question of disarmament nnd
Sir Julian Pauncefote has been advised of his appointment us senior
member of the British delogntion. The
British minister to Tho Hague will
also be a member. M. de Staal, Russian Ambassador to Groat Britain,
will be a leading representative of the
czar at the conference and will bo assisted by Professor Maertens, Professor
of lutsrnationnl law iu the University
of St. Petersburg, and probably by the
Russian Minister to Thu Hague.
Following thn policy which it seoms
likely that ull nations will adopt,
President McKinley will accredit the
Minister of tho United States to the
Netherlands as one of thu American
delegates. Ambassadors White und
Tower will probnbly be tho other members of the American delegation.
It was explained by a diplomat having a knowledge of tho present programme of the Russian Government,
that upon the ussomblage of tho delegates a couiiuiltec will be appointed to
determine the subjects to come before
the oouforenco. und the order iu which
they shall be considered. So far as
the proposition for general disarmament of all the nations of the world
is concerned, it will bo tbo dntv of
the American delegates to cxpluiu and
show that the United States, both
from a military und a naval stuud-
poiut, is far below the armament it
should have ; and, besides, it was explained to mn that this movement does
not intend to hamper in any way the
inventive faculty of thn people of this
country, nor is it expected that Great
Britain will do so. In fact the most
Important results which the officials
expect of thn ('(inference will be tbe
adoption of some plan to refer disputes
to geiinrul arbitration, but Ihn United
States will have a plan of this character as well as oilier nations.
Tin  administration  is strongly in
favor of arbitration as lhe means for
tin settlement of disputes between
nations, and while it appreciates thut
there are a number of controversies
that can ouly be settled by war, still
it is belinvod that many questions
which urine and are causes of much
frictiou can bn arbitrated, President
McKinley is committed to International arbitration by his Inaugural nil -
dress nnd Subsequent declarations, but
his administration bus not attempted
to negotiate arbitration treaties bn-
cause of the imminnnco ot war with
Spam and the occurrnncn of wur. In
vinw of tha assnmhliiig of tho conference at The Hague, it is thought
by officials that the time has come
when tho administration can put itself
on record before the world as favoring
London, March 24.��� According to
tlm Home correspondent of tbe Daily
Ohrnniolo Dr. Lapponi, thn Pope's
physician, has been ill for two days.
lie is suffering from an attack of bronchitis and will not resume his attendance upon tho Pope until hn has fully
Thn correspondent further says that
the Pope ignores bis doctor's prescriptions a/id follows his usual occupations, though hn is so feeble Hint it is
doubtful if be will lie ablu to hold thu
next consistory. Thu question of a
conclave is the subjeot of much secret
His Appointment Was Gazetted Yesterday.
Victoria, B. C, March 23.���The official Gazette today contain the following Provincial Goverumeut notices -.
His Houor, tho Lieutenant-Governor has been pleased to make the
following appointments:
William league, J. P., of Yale, to
be coroner for the Province.
Harry McAdoo Graham, of Victoria, to bo Notary Publio for the
Alfred J. Enyirk, of Olayoquot,
to be Notary Public for Vancouver Island.
Alderman Charles Hillyer, of Nelsou. to be a member of the Board of
Licensing Commissioners for that
City, vice W. A. Macdonald, Q. O.,
The Minister of Mines gives notioe
that an individual free miner's certificate taken out or renewed before
May 1, 1&99, is valid for one or more
years from the date of issue; that any
such certificate taken out after May
1, 1899 and before May 81, 1899, will
be valid only until such May 81.
That the foe for such certificate for
such fractional part of the year will
be pro rata proportionate to the fee for
the entire year. A further free miner's cerrificate may be taken out dating from Mny 81,' 1809, at midnight
and valid for one or more years from
that date.
A table, will be issued, showing the
inopoi uouuio rate to be charged for
trnn miner's certificates, whioh are
issued covonug only a portion of a
Mr. Justice Martin made an order
today in the matter of tho Lillooet,
Fraser Hiver, and Cariboo Gold Fields
vs. the Columbia & Western Railway Oompany, changing the venue to
Rossland uud postponing the trial to
May I,
Aguinaldo   Gains   Allies in   Northern
Part of Luzon.
Manila, March 23.���Fifteen refugees
from the Unguium in the northern
pnrt of Luzon arrived here today.
They report that the Filipinos in
the north nre in smypatby with the
Insurgents and are cultivating their
crops carefully with a view to later on
furnishing the rebels with food supplies.
The belief that Aguiualdo's forcee
on Luzon urn preparing for a general
attack on ilm American lines is gaining ground. The concentration of
forces at Malabon and the strengthening of thn rebel positions around Mai-
alos convince the Americau officers
thut, A;; ni null lo intends to mnke a decisive effort. The rebels have destroyed a number of   railroad bridges.
Indianapolis, Maroh 23.���Mrs. Augusta .Schmidt, serving a It) years'
snnlence in thu Indiana woman's prison, has boon paroled by Governor
Mount, but sho declines to aooept
her freedom, She is in prison for the
alleged murder of Osoar Walton, a Cass
county farmer, in IH94, nnd says she
will not leave the institution until the
judge and jury which tried her acknowledge to the Governor thut she was
inni nl. and that they   woro in orror
when they passed judgment on her.
The state officers say it is one of tbe
very few instances in thu criminal history of the state where liberty has
been offered uud refused.
Paris, March 28.���Oflloial advices
received hern from Biskaro, a garrison
town situated 214 milns south east of
Algiers, say the Fournau Lany expedition arrived at Agnides mouths ago,
and thut therefore tbe Europoan expedition iiiinntiiiceil from Algiers yesterday ns having been attacked by a party
of Touarcgs recently, while tho expedition wns on its way to Air, in tho
Sahara, cannot havo been tho Fourean
Limy expedition.
Sun Francisco, March 28.���The fight
between Kid MoOoy und Joe Oboynski
tomorrow night at the Meohpnio's Pavilion, will be rnferned by John L.
Sullivan. McCoy is fnvorito, the betting standing at 10 to six in his favor.
Reserved seats hnve already been secured to the amount of over flG.OOO.
Chicago, March 23.���Albert Griffith,
the Australian pugilist, known aa
"Young Griff0," was dcolared iusanu
todny by a jury of physician*. He
went to Jefferson asylnm. Littlj
hope ot his recovery is entertained.
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In two particulars at least the British Columbia Legislature, in tho sessiou recently closed, has given The
Colonial Goldfields Gazette cause for
hearty commendation. It was decided
to raise a loan of uearlv three millions, and the Minister of Miues has
been given a portfolio all to himself.
These are expected to have a stimulating effeot on the mining industry
of the Province. Let us hope our
contemporary's pleatant anticipation
���will be realised. It is expected, of
course, that much of the loan will be
devoted to thf development of mining
regions that are now in a condition of
stagnation owing to the want of proper transportation facilities. The
Gazette has no doubt of the success of
the loan. The Province, it says, is
one of the most prosperous and progressive iu tho Dominion, and its credit
Stands high. This hardly agrees with
tho claim of Goverumeut supporters
here, who declare that the lute Government ruiund thn public credit.
This is so far from being thu case thai
our London contemporary believes a
three per cent, loan would at least bn
as succfessful at tho present time as
the two and a half loan issued by
the Dominion Government iu ikiiT.
Of the new portfolio it says: "The
decision ot the Government to create
a distinct Department of Mines has
not been arrived at a moment too
soou, for it must bn abundantly evident that tho activity now being displayed in quartz aud placer mining
throughout tho Province is sufficient to
demand the undivided supervision of
oue official. In the past the mining
industry has suffered through lack of
efficient organization, and it is to be
hoped that iu future the Minister of
Miuss will be able to effect reforms in
various directions. The publication of
mouthly statistics should be the first
matter to receive attention, and for tbe
information of capitalists and mining
engineers the Government ought without delay to authorize a ooinplete geological survey of each mining district.
Private enterprise bus already done
a great deal to develop thn lntnnt mineral wealth of tho Province, and with
the more ready and generous assistance
from the Government which tho
announcements above referred to seem
to Indicate, thn mining industry of
Birtish  Columbia  will,   we huvo no
doubt, speedily bucomn established on 0
permanent  and  businesslike   basis.''
were of the utmost importance iu Ihe
case of the Crow's Nest; they are of
no importance at all in this case.
The incidental advantages loomed big
when the Government found it neces-
ary to make much of them in defence
or justification of their policy ; they
disappear as completely as a mist in
the morning when found inconvenient
in the advocacy of some other policy.
Yet nothing is more certain than
that e-ery incideutal advantage in connection with the building of a Corbin
railway into the Boundary oouutry
will accruo, not to Canada, but to
the United States. It is not pretended
that it is a development road; no one
iB so fatuous as to claim tLat it will
develop or help to develop a siugle
square mile of Canadian territory. It
proposes to cross the line just far
enough to get the ores of that region,
which it will carry off on American
rails, in American cars, manned by
American citizens, to be treated in
American smelters. Tliese wore incidental advantages which it was most
necessary to preserve iu connection
with the Crow's Nest, aud to a Rreat
extent they will be sacrificed if an
American railway be permitted to tap
the Boundary country. We undo to
day what was done at so much coBt
The Duke of Devonshire is taking
oharge of an Education Bill which the
Government hope to put through this
session. Replying to a Manchester
deputation that waited upon him a
few days ago. ha said that the Government had no idea or purpose "of exercising such supervision or control
over secondary education as might tend
to crush out individuality." It is a
pity Canadian Ministers and public
men do not look at it in the same
light. Here our education system
destroys individuality | nupils are
moulded in n maobiue, and turned out
���\s like us peas iu a pod
There is probably truth in the cabled report that Mr. Chamberlain and
Bir. Goschen take opposite views of
Mr Rhodes's African schemes. From
a Little Englaudnr Mr, Chamberlain
has expanded into an expansionist
of tho first order, while as Chancellor
of the Exchequer Mr. Goschen is
bound to look after the pounds, sin
ngs, and pence. Mr. Rhodes is pi
moling a railway for which he de
niuiids a Government guarantee. A
guarantee involves responsibility, and
Mr. Goschen is true to Ins post in regarding it with suspicion. But iu the
present tamper of the British it is
altogether likely Mr. Rhodes will get
his way, and thn dissension which is
the subjeot of the cable will blow over
and be forgotten in a short time.
Coffee Mill,
Scales, large and small,
Ioe Cream Freezer,
Show Cases,
Paper Racks,
Pickles, Sauces,
And a miscellaneous lot
of other goods.
':;Apply jTr love,
Where is
For a four-storey brick blook In Greenwood,
ii. c. Plans mni RfiCciflOAlh n- at Wallace &
Mlllor'fl sii-iv, ������������Kim Prupusala will lie ro-
ool\t-ii for tlio wii lu nf tho work und materials
or l*i lln* (111*, ii :i. * n> (��r sum*, ui* to Mi mlfty
ai noun. Ai**n :*i". PV. 'Ilm low******! ui- in y
t**n*!ci-no1 itucugsiirli*, n.-tiupied.
It is on the South Side
of Haker Street and is
filled with the very
latest, things in Hoots
and  Shoes.
The political organ Iiiih to bn exceedingly und unceasingly wary, if it is
to avoid Hiiags. The Victoria Times
has been referring al length and  an-
provingly lo un urlicln iu Thn Toronto (Hobo, praising the good works of
thn Liberal Government at Ottawa
during their nearly three years of
offloe, The Globe inukeH out u line
case for its friends, and The Times
docs quite right to chuckle ovor it.
(Joining lar West, the Toronto paper
says: '"'When it became evident that
wn were at the gateway of trnmon-
dous development and activity in Brit-
ish Columbia, tbo problem arose how
this development could be helped while
at the Bamo time thn incidental advantage! of it aoorued to older Canada
and not to tho United States." This
was leading up lo thn Glow's Nest
road. The Kootenay had to bo furnished with railway accoiimiodution j
without this its development was im-
posiblo. tint it was also nccessury at
tho same limn to tne that the inci
denial advantages of that development
should not accrue to tho United States
but to Canada. To insure this tbo Government came to the aid of the Canadian Pacific Company, and the Crow's
Nest linn was built.
In an adjoining column lo this Thn
Times has nn article strongly advocating the Corbin cburtnr. Thore is uo
talk ill it of preserving lo Gniiada tlm
inoidental advantages of a railway
built under a Oanadiau charter.   These
Tourist Cms pass Revelstoke daily
to St. Paul; Tuesdays and Saturdays
for Toronto5 Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston.
WtlO hai   H'lii   rnv   ("In-ill*-,   "ml
BAmploa of Overcoat Buttlntrs,
Trouioni unci Panoy VeaUnffH
inynthoy aro olegaut Tho prlcoa
urn right,    kii nnd Pintail oan
not In- rxi Ollod in tjiiimlu.
LndtOS1    Tailor iiukIc  lultfl   11
To Kosshmd, Trail,  Kobsoo.
B,40p.ro.-LeavtM��� NKL80N��� Arrives-10.3) p in
Kouli'iiny take��� KiihIo Kouir.
Exoept Sunday.
4  p.m.���-i-eaves-
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Stevens \T
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on  the
h 30th,
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Come to Observatory .street,   -ind
house west ol Stanley.
kiHilriiay l*l*i-i* lloulc.
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8 a.m.���Leaves���HKLJ30N���Arrives- 11.50 pni,
Makes oonnootlon ut Pilot Bay wlthStr, Kt
kiiiiuc in buih dirootlons.
Ht.uiuiuirH un their rospeotlvo routes oal ni
prinoipul i .:inillii|**w Iii imiti tfiroouons in* 1
other points whon signalled.
Main   line iiiiii   iiih riiii-iiliiir rolniH   .in
hiociui Lakft Mult).
li.lltl 11. ni.-I,i*u.voK- NKl,HON-An-lvii*--H 21 p. in
AHOKit'i-AiN Rates
umi full Information   by addressing noaro t
local agont, O, IC. Hiu-.li), City Tlokol Ag't,oi
it. w. DRMW, Agent, Nolm
Tnvv. I'iikh. AkoiiI,
I lint. I'u. . Anoi.l
Vuiii-oi.v i
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Boarding School
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Victoria, B.C. Senior, Primary Classes and Kindergarten, conducted by
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The ouly all rail routo without oliaug
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Spokane anil Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:56 "   BOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30am-SPOKANE   "   6.30p.m
Triiin that Iiihvch Nelson nt 8:40 a.in
makes close connections nt BpokliDS tin
nil Pacific Const Points.
Piwseni*iirs tor Kettle River aud Boundary Creek .couueot at Marcus with Stage
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Dairy Itnnoh near city���Oirorn wanted.
llmiHO lo lot on si inilev Htroot.
Motley   to   Loan���Real   Estate   and   Chattel
MiirtgaKiiH. .
WiuiUxl-MlniiiK Shares, NcIhoii, Ymir and
ALEX. STEWART,   miniSi1okkb
am��� TsriiW.kM.k4 BIMk, V��iM*i >��� NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1809
Mr* Gosnell Tells an Interesting Story.
Tort Steele, Moyie, Femie and Oranbrook
are all   PushiHg  Right
There is considerable interest fait in
Kelson regarding East Kootenay. The
Miuer last livening interviewed Mr.
11. 10. Gosnell, who returned on tin*.
S, S. Moyie from a trip over the 0. P.
R, to the Crew's Nest Pass. Mr. (jos-
nrll went us far as Fernie and took
the fltage to Fort Steele enronte,
"There is," he snys, "evidenoe of
p.'ogress on all sides, bat a oertain
amount of uncertainty exists ��t Fort
Steele and Cranbrook, with respeot,
particularly, to railway matters. Tho
gient question auitating the minds
of the residents of both towns jb where
tlm branch to the North Star mine
will leave the miiiu line, and how it
will affect their respective interests
There are several points of departure
inggested, at Oranbrook, at Fort
Steele Junction, and at Wardner. and
as many different routes. The peop'e
at Fort Steele feel quite confident that
it will ro their way 8Dd be extended
to Windermere, and eventually to
Golden, tbe line to the North Star
joiniuf* a branch. They nre also in
hope that a line will be built iu from
tho Boundary.
"Just what will he dona nobody
knows, and tbe it keeps a good many
guessing, The line to Windermere is
110 doubt suggested by tbe promising
outlook in that looality from a mining point of visw and the route is certainly a fuvornble one. Tho strikes
there have been unusually good, aud
already people are going in, preparing
for the boom this summer. There is
going to be a good deal of activity
thero. Fort Stoelo nt present is
quiet, but hopeful on acoouut
of its splendid natural Bit-
It is reported that the stsauier
on the Kooteuay from * Bonner's Ferry will not be continued this
summer. At Cranbrook business is
very lively, owing largely to travel
Trains from both ways meot there, and
stay over night and consequently creates a demand for hotel aeoommoda-
tiou every alternate uight, it being
usually very difficult, to seenre rooms.
Building is active. A notable feature
of the travel is the number of com
mercinl men who take in Cranbrook
nnd Fort Steele, It is safe to say thai
no other places In British Columbia
aro so thoroughly canvassed. Fernie
is progressing steadily and promises
to become a permanent, well built
place, with a population qraninouHur-
ale with tlie pay roll. The output
nt the coal mines is steadily increasing, and Mr. Fernie says that within
two years they will be shipping at
the rate of 2,000 tons per day. It has
lieeii decided lo build 250 more coke
nveiis this summer, and the material
is already on Ihe ground.
"The C. P. B. saw mill at Coal
Creek, which is a large and well
equipped establish Went is running
steadily, sawing about 40,000 feet a
day. Fernie has two goi d hotel , and
two only,that beiug the limit of the li-
censes issued, and two churches. A
lockup is being built. Thore are U8
children ot school age and the appropriation of |2000 for a school, not yet
begun,is not considered in anyway adequate for the requirements, Complaints are made of illegal liquor
selling, and the authorities^ are being
appealed to capture the "blind pigs"
which are quite numerous in the old
town. It is understood thnt u Miners
Union will shortly   be formed there.
"There was n heavy fall of snow
mi Sunday night last throughout the
district and now sleighing is good
again. Prior to that all tie snow
had gune, and the roads were breaking
"There is uo doubt" Mr. Gosnell
says "that Kast Kootonay, which has
so long lain dormant, Will during the
next few yi ars experience a very
marked development in common with
the whole of Southern B, O. Already
tlie Crow's Nest road is henvilv
taxed with freight, and it will in all
probability be necessary to double-
truck it within   two   or   three   years
"Some trouble" he says, "is going to
hi* experienced with mudslides along
this end,and it will take BOOnsldeMdle
foroe of men during the spring lliuw
looking after it. Oreston, ou the
way, is the newest town to boom.
A lurgg force of men is there working
on tho Bedlington and Nelson road
and the usual activity prevails in supplying temporary nooomraodations,"
Mr. Gosnell leaves for the Const today, via Kaslo.
The Pound Keeper's   Berth is Not Always a lied of Roses.
a It has heen frequently remarked that
ninny nf the small boys of Nelson ai"
urn stinlly imiudent, not to say tough,
and an incident which occurred yesterday would certainly seem to boar ont
thnt impression, This time it was
the pound keeper who, iu the exercise
ot his olllcial duties, had a difference
of opinion with two of tho small hoys
aforesaid, in which, it would appear,
he enme off decidedly second best.
It seems that the poundkoeper dis
coveted a cayuse wandering nimleslv
aboul tinar the comer of Ward and
Houston streets, which he promptly
captured, and, putting ii-new ropn
round its neck, was about to lead it off :
to tho City pound. Thereupon a
small hoy appeared  and   claimed  the
norse.    An argument ensued, and   the
urohin, finding   the   offlolal obdurate,
whipped   out a  knife,    cut   Ihe   rope, j
lumped on his   pony, and   endeavored
to make off.
the  peundksspsr    caught him   in I
time, and got him off the horse;
when. In! iu the moment of victory a
second urchin appeared mounted oil a
second cayuse, and whipped up the
oaptured animal aud drove him off in
triumph, leaving the poundkeeper
Willi nothing but a cheeky youngster.
Wheu the collector of wandering
cayusi's and untagged dogs endeavored
to impress upon the boy the enormity
of his offense, nnd tho necessity of his
paying Ibe amount of the pound tine,
the latter, quite, unnbnshed, boasted of
his relationship to a prominent civic
personage, and, advising the pound
keeper not to "Got too foxy," ian off,
and there Ihe incident closed at least
for the time being.
K. O. Beatou the Recepientof a Handsome Locket. From Nelson Citizens.
Mr. Kenneth C. Beaton, who has
boon connected with Tbe Miner for
tne past four months leaves this morning with Mrs. Beaton for Minneapolis
where ho will resume his former position on The Tribune of that Oity. On
the eve of his departure he was made
the reoipient of a very handsome present from friends he has made while iu
Nelson. The present-.it ion took place
in the Phair Hotel last night and
there wero present A. ti. Farwell, F.
.1. Starkoy, W. A. Jowett, S. J.
Mighton, E, A. Crease. E Mi Bridges,
E. Butoliffe, A. N. Johnatsn, H. R.
Cameron D. .1. Beaton. A. Maodonald (Winnipeg), VV. A. Macdonald, Q.
O., H. B. Thomson, F. W. Peters,
,T. A. Gibson. E. E. Phair, M. S.
Parry, Alex Slew-art. F. A. Tamblyn,
Dr. E. A. Doolittle (Toronto) aud W.
W. Beaton.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald was in the
chair and presented the guest of honor
with a handsome gold locket, suitably
engraved on one sido and a diamond
on the other. Mr. Beaton responded
Numerous speeches aud toasts followed, among the speakers being
Messrs. Farwell, CreaBe, A. Macdouald. Thomsou. Peters, D. J. Beaton,
Jowett, Cameron, Kelly, Dr. Doolittle,
Johnston, Mighton, Sutcliffe, W. W.
Beatou, Parry and others.
Kenneth Beaton, n name sake of the
guest nf honor, enlivened proceedings
with many excellout selections on the
bag pipes. At midnight three cheers
were given for the departing Mr. Bea-
tin and the National Authem brought
the affair at an end.
fallon, aud also at ij p  in. at the   Sal
vatiou Army Hull.    All are invited.
A Board of Trade has been organized
in Moyie Oity, and the following gentlemen have been elected officers:
if, P. Fnrrell, President; Karl Noitzel,
Vice-President; A. T. Clark, Secretary ; and T. J. Smyth. Treasurer.
Ottawa, March 28. ���A caucus of the
Opposition party was held this morning, presided over hy Mr. Monk of
Jacques Oartier, for the purpose of
discussing plans which are already being carried into effect with Sir Charles
Tupper in the direction of the reorganization of the Conservative party.
Samuel Barker, of tbe uewlv-elected
organization for Ontario, and
Henry Dalby, who is to attend to like
offices in Quebeo, wore present for
the purpose of gaining the views of tbe
party. A resolution of condolence
was passed for the family of tbe lato
Hon. J. A, Wood.
Kincardine, Out., March 28.���John
Perrin, u highly respected farmer,
residiug at Lome, about four miles
from this place, died yoasterday under
distressing circumstances. He went to
the bush to take out some wood. The
horses returniug without him, the
family was alarmed, and noticing
blood iu tbe harness, immediately went
in search. He was shortly afterwards
fouud lying dead with a huge gash in
his foot from the axe with which he
was working. His death is supposed
to have resulted from the shock and
loss of blood.
MeteroloRtcal Beport,
(Observations taken by A. H, Holdich.
DATE          DAY        moit-
Mar 17   Frldav       60.0
21.0     0.00
Maris Saturday    63 6
27.0    0.00
Mar 19  Sunday     (9.0
31.0    0.00
Mar 20   Monday    87.6
26.0    0.21
Mar 21   Tuesday    29.6
21.0    O.OO
MarM   Wed'day    25.0
11.0    0.08
Mar 23  Thursday  42.0
20.0    0.00
5>7 65
1       ffllrv A
Mr. R. S. Kinghorn, manager of Ihe
Vancouver Hardware Co., returned
lnsl evening from a trip to the   Coast.
Conductor McKay of rite C. P. R. is
erecting a residence on Vernon street,
west of Kootenay. Ewart & Carrie
have prepared the plans.
A number of local Orangemen left for
Rossland yesterday to attend the opening ceremonies of a new Orange Lodge
which is being organized in that Oity.
The band of the Hall   Mines Sim Iter !,
will be in attendance   at  the  Crystal
Rink this   evening, where   the ice   is
in   excellent   condition    The   admission will bn 25 reins us usual,
There will be a special meeting
this evening of ibe South Kootenay
Board of Trade, when Mr. \V. A. Galliher will be vested with power to
represent the Board during bis approaching visit lo Ottawa.
P. E. Emerson has given The Office
a complete overhauling and it now
prcse.its a very neat appearance iu its
new spring dress, An art gallery
that is well worth seeing, has beeu
added to tho list of attractions.
The Benson is coming on, and the lacrosse players of Nelsou think it is
time someone took the matter in
hand, especially now that Rossland
has organized, A meeting of lacrosse
players should take place at    once.
Mr. Robert Kerr. Traffic Manager of
C, P. R. lilies west of Winnipeg arrived in the (.ity last eveing and will
upend the rest of the week here. He
was necninpiinied by Mr. E. J. Coyle,
District Passenger Agent, Miss Kerr
and Miss Woods, of Vancouver.
The Nelson Company of tho South
Kootenay Rifles will hold its scmi-
wot klv drill this evening. The enm-
piinv will assemble at the armory behind Captain A. E. Hodgins'
office on linker street at 7 :-(5 p in.
A full nttoudaneo is requested.
Already there are numerous enquiries for desirable locutions at various
points iiii the lake, and the Indications
ure that a larger number of tie iple
than ever will either camp out or erect
summer cottages on cool spots along
the lake shore during the hot   months.
Jacob Dover is not eroding a uew
house as reported yesterday but has
purchased the residence now occupied
by Kev.  Mr.    Hobson   and  will   niako
Improvements to it which will prdoti
cully transform it into a new house.
Ewart Si Carrie, architects, are preparing the plans.
The Miller composing roo n was sud-
ilenlv illuminated lust night. Investigation revealed the fact that tlie unusual brilliancv was due to a gasolene
lamp of novel design which a traveler
had brought in It is claimed that
the lamp furnishes a 100-oandle power
light, al lhe cost of ,'���* cent   per   hour.
The new I. O. t). F. block on the
comer of Kontnnnv and Baker   streets.
is uow nearly fluished. When
completed it will not, be monopolized by one society ; among others,
the Sons of Kiighmd will meet there
on and after April 1st, instead of in
tbe Knights of Pythias Hall as heretofore.
The Methodist Ladies Aid Socioty
are going to give a concert nn the
evening of April 12 al thu Opera
House. A feature of the entertainment
will be nn exhibition of physical culture drill, given by some 24 voting
Indies of tho Olty, under the direction
of Messrs. Forster and J. O. Morrison
The best musical talent of the Cily
will assist.
Adjutant Langtry, matron of the
Sulvatiou Army rescue home of Spo-
kune, will be given u weh-ome at the
Salvation Army Barrooks tonight, The
services on Saturday evening, and all
dav *-*iiii(1uv, will be coiuluc'ed   by the
Adjutant.' On Sunday nl n n m, the
Adjutant will give un address on the
rescue work of the Army amongst the
Straight as a Die
To achieve the greatest success
one must use the best menus and
tiinterials ,-tthis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builders
cannot expect to do good work unless they have good tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importer,-- Of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
Four roomed cottage on Kootenay Lake, opposite Nelson. Enclosed fruit and vegetable garden,
well stocked with large and small
fruit trees of all kinds. Henhouse
etc.   Apply
Haker Stroet,
MUSIC LK880NB. On liit.ua utvie
guitar, Iij Mrs. W. J. A'lley, ftnh.on -
i.wo iimiri westof Htahloy*   P. 0 Box inn.
i IOS-KKH HAICIMI l"'WI)KU. lln- only
Mildly I'u,** Cream Tartar linking powder
mini** in Urn I'roviiiOS Ask your Krm-* r fur ll.
Kncoiiriigi! H I'   urislili-tiiiii.  nil nlhi'i* llilng*.
talng equal.  BTBMhER & KAlti.K, Manufacturers, viotoria.
MU8I0 LEH80N8 Hinging and Piano, by
MrH. Sydney Oliver, Oliscrviitory street, two
doors wesi uf Btanloy.
FOR salio  Plnt-olass sol nf tlnnors1 tunl.**.
Prlosmodornte.   Apply P.O. Box 118, Notion.
pint  sai.Iv-iiift. Poterboro  canoe, stuoi
fun ri'iitri li*i,*r*l, liriiii*-*,*. rudder, nml sail, 980.
I'.iiiutt umi itiiie limit house.
FURNISHED ROOMS to ronl with private
family.  Apply this otllce.
A LIMITED amount of private funds to loan
on mortgage upon Improved city property,
Apply to Bluett nml l.ennle, solicitor*., Nelnon.
WANTKI) -Slllliillonii*- bOUSSkeepor, Apply
nt. Minor offloe.
'I'll l.KI' -From or iilioul  April   I-.I,  olghl
khiiii iiini*.e. fiirniHiieii. liuiii room, oiootrlo
liKiit, pintio, workshop, nml targe garneti Cor-
nor of Tails and Hoover street*.   Apply K. I'.
Wlmlley. Nelson, 11. 0.
WANTKI) Hy thorough!; ootnpetent and
experienced iiwly, position us iious-*kei.*por in
largoHiHt-riiiBHhotel,0.P.R. preferred. Kef-
ernnoes exchanged. Address Miner ofllco,
WANTKI) Mun lo run pinner, I'ooil wagm
for llrst* lu*i�� limn. .1. A. Huywiinl. Nelson, H.C.
WANTKI)-At ono*, skirt unit wnltit miikors.
kino apprentice*to the dion-niuklng. Apply to
MUh McMillan, Viotoria block, utwiain; lame
somas* ut Dr. L* H����'���.
Say John
Line oe
for  this
Come in and see our New
They're just what you want
of all kinds���Won't cost you a cent to look  at
'em.    Bring some of your  friends  along too;
we'd like to get acquainted with them.
The Easy Shopping Store.
Money Doesn't Count.
1 must clear out my present stock lo make room
for New Spring Goods. My Seven and Twenty-
one Jewel Watches will be the first to g-o at
Bargain prices.
I make a specialty of fine Watch   Repairing.
Jeweler. Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided  into 50,000
shares of $1.00 each.
DIRECTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
HANKERS���The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,  B. C.
OFFICE���Proctor's Building,   Baker  street  (west),   Nel
son,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares.   Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, pay
able as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31st, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Associa
tion of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Fishing Tackle.
We are opening up the largest and most
complete assortment of Rods, Reels,
Lines and Fi.ies in the city.
Nelson Hardware Co.
We have more goods displayed in onr store on Baker street than most
stores carry at any time, but that is nothing. Our large warehouse on
lhe water front is filled to its utmost, saying nothing of our basement in
the Aberdeen block, 50x125 feet, and filled to overflowing.
We carry this stock, which you can easily see is the largest in Nelson, because we are in a position to buy in quantities, therefore enabling
us to give the public the benefit, which wc do.
Call or write for prices, and remember our goods are guaranteed.
Sole agents for the celebrated "Three Star" Flour, Blue Ribbon
and Monsoon Tea.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
w��*~"' WHERE
Did You Get That Hat?
If not at Emory & Walley's you need a new
one. We have all the latest Styles and Shapes.
Get one while they last.
Emory & Walley, ^
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions.
We have been appointed so'e ��gont*t
for Kootenay for .SWIFT & CO..
--'outh Omaha, and will carry a full
Htock of meals of their manufacture
at Nelson	
Mail orders will bo tilled at prices
rulinK on day order is received.
Head - Offices - Winnipeg
Bbahcbks Vancouvbr, Viotoria
Nelson, Rossland, Atuh Lakji
Taoish Lake, Omen-wood, B.O,.
umi Dawson Onr, N. W. T.   .
^ ""uUHA*i!Ji��>-
V.  J.   RUSSELL, manager.
N1-I.30N,  B. C.
Patronize 1 iome I
��� in
dustry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   other   Union
Made  Cigars   of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Breweis (if Pine Lager
Beer and Porter,
Drop in   and Bee   us.
B. r
To Loan^>
Great West Life Assurance Company.
At 8 per cent, c&
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Stree*. .
General Teamsters.
ar b. c. oil co
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length*
to order. One car of Fres'i
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telophoue   88.
Capital 1'niii ui* ��� |ii.oou,m
ltlwt, I.W0.WJO
II H. II.1wl111.il, IVi**..   T. II.Merrill, Vice Prat,
Win. Ramsay,      Hugh Ityan,      llobt.J��ITray
'I'. Sutherland Hiaynur,      Kllim Itogem.
lliiiul Offlod Toronto.
11. it. wii.kIK, General Manager.
K. HAV, Imipeclor.
Urnlli-lli-*. In nil |��rllirlpiil rltlr. nml Ian-..
In    Onliirlo   mill   (turbrr
llriuH-lir.t,    In      Muii 1111 Im.     N��rtkw-Mt
Tcrrllorli-M nnd llrllli.li Columbia.
WlNNMT.I.,    I'lllllAOK I.A   I'KAIItlK. HllANIMiN
Booth Edmonton. N. \v.   T.    Vancouver
Agenta in Great Britain���Uord'i Hunk. 1.1..1.,
73 Lot-nbard BtrooU London* with whom money
iinij* Iii! dopoelted for iriuiufcr by lottor or oable
to uny pari ot Canada.
Lotion of Credit IhhiidiI on AI-vdcAt'omujcr.
iul Co. oayabla ut ti). Illonaeri, Alanka, and
Dawson CMty*
lipifl- Bold, available at all polnln In Can-
da. l-ii*ii*(i Htateaand Bnropo.
Lottonol oredit unta. available In any
inn t of the world,
Having! bunk l)i*i*iirtiiieiit-l>iipoi*ltn o( fl
ind upward* received and iiilorcnl allowed.
Doboi in"*** Municipal and other deben-
liiii*- iiuri Im-i*'l,
Honor Orders lmed payable at any bank
!:..!*���    UiiiIit   ���10.    Ho;   tin    to $20.      10c*.
t2n lo $.'��', Uo; *.'��> to '. ;���, lie
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All klndn ot day anil night Meavengerlna.
Work im iniitli* done. Chimney Jweepl^e
Box US.   I*ave orden at M, MeBrUer'.. >
H11 1    11
What Companies Operating
From Nelson are Doing.
A Rather Pessiiuestic View of tlie Present Boom in Oopper Producing Propertied*
The Duncan Mines Oompany is now
considering estimates for the erection
of a 20-Htamp mill uud tramway oil
their properties oil Eagle creek���the
Granite and Royal Canadian groups.
Ton stamps will he erectd at once, and
the balance Inter in the Benson. The
horse which had beon encountered in
the main shaft has heen worked
through, and the oro body has heen
struck again iu the No. 3, north Intel.
a   *   a
A. H. Kelly, managing director of
the Exchequer Gold Mini ig Oo., has
returned from a visit to the property.
He reports that everything is looking
well. The management intends to put
on two more men next Monday, when
there will he three shifts at work
driving the tunnel
* #   #
At the Ymir mine only 10-stamps
art dropping during the day, aud five
during the night. The reason for
this is a shortage in the water supply.
The weather is showing signs of
breaking now, and the management
anticipates that all tbe 40-stumps will
soon be dropping, there being no shortage of water when the frost breaks
* *   #
The concentrator at  the Whitewater
miue is working steadily, and the concentrates will be resumed  next   week
The state of   the   roads   has lately in
terfered greatly with the shipments
* *   *
The lead stuck at the Hall Mines
smelter will be started up as scon as
the new water jackets arrivo. Thesi
have been ordered for scuie time and
are daily expected. The smeller has
Secured the entire output of the Queen
Bess mine,near Three Forks,for a considerable period, and this ore, which
is a galena, can bo smelted to great
advantage by mixing it with some of
the Silver King ore that carries considerable silver but praotically no copper. The big copper stack will probably bo blown in about May 1st, when
a prolonged run is expected. The
roasters aud the reverberatory'furnnoes
are closed down at present.
* *   *
The big dam which the Dominion
Mining aud Development Company.
with hoad offices at this city, is putting iu at Cascade City is now Hearing completion, all the hardest work
having beeu done. It is uncertain as
yet when the machinery will bo installed, but the management expects
that ore long everything will be in
working order. When completed the
electric plaut is expected to develop
20,000 horse power.
* ��   #
Kucouragiug     reports   are   received
from the Queen Bess mine near Three
Forks, which is being operated by
the Queen^Bess Proprietory Company.
The mine is shipping at the rate of
000 tons a month, aud the shipments
for the preseut mouth ure expected to
he tho largeBt ever made. The roads
have beon vory good until recently
but they nre becoming afl'ectod by the
soft weather. Unwinding is, however, still feasible.
* *   *
Iu an interview granted tho other
day, the Spokesman-Review quotes
Mr. \V. A Oarlyle, consulting engi
neer for the B. A. .0, us saying: "In
the Le Roi mine, on Iho fiOO-foot
level, un entire new ore chute has been
opened up for a length of 80 feet, showing for that distance a vein of solid
ore 07 feet wide, averaging $-1(1 lo Ijlil)
to the ton und at present the face is
one mass of solid high grade ore. The
discovery of the new chute 800 feet
west of the shaft, adds greatly to the
value of the mine. On tho 7011-foot
level ulso Iheie bus recently been
found a solid chute -l"> feet wide of
high grade ore, und lhe level is opening up magnificently as it is pushed
toward lhe west.
"On the 800-foot level the showing is most favorable, nnd altogether
Ihe mine probably never looked as well
us al present. The present output of
800 tons a duy will he maintained until tho new hoisl is put in the timber
Bhaft from the Hluck Hear tunnel, uf
tor which the mil put will be much increased. ''
e  tt   e
Speaking of the Coliiiuliiu-Koiitonuy
mine. Mr. Curlyle suid: "Since tho
new year, in driving thu No. 4 tunnel, a good chule of ore, one to live
feet wide,carrying values of from $16 to
f80O per toll, has been opened up for a
distance of 200 feet and nt the western
end of this ore chule n rinse litis been
made to tunnel No. 8, HO feet above.
uud this raiso has shown almost a
continuous ore body, two to six feet
wide, that has given daily average
assays of from |:I0 to |60 in gold. It
now looks ns if n line ore chute of llrsl
class ore bud been blocked out* above
Ibis tunnel. Other faces aro in me,
some of which are giving favorable
assays, and Ibis mine now promises to
be a heavy producer. "
* *   #
New York. March 88.��� Bar silver,
59 Mexican ; dollars, *I7.
Copper, dull ;lu*iikeis1. tWA to 117'^ ;
exchange, till-1., to (IV,.,.
Lend, dull, brokers, if 1.20; exchange,
|4.40 toiR-12,*1.*.
Tin, steady; Straits, ���211.(16 to
* *  *
Tho phenomenal advance in the
oopper market during the last few
months, nays au exchange, is attracting
general attention, just as the rise in
w bent a year ago excited universal interest, and it is worthy of commeut
that the same class of speculators are
engaged iu the manipulation of tho
copper market ns were interested in
the )/raiu deals. Moreover the causes
which have produced the remarkable
activity iu both caseB are strikingly
similar, and the conditions precluding
the successful continuation indefinitely
of the operations now being conducted
on such a gigantic scale will be found
to be the same lhat interrupted the
course of the during operators who created havoc with the wheat marker.
An unusual demand for copper was
created by the expansion of the electrical industries and other applications
into which the metal entered. This of
itself would have greatly influenced
the market, but the prevailing craze
for trusts and combinations and corners at the tune led manipulators of
industrial securities to invade the
field, with u view of commanding the
market. These operations soon became generally known, and the resell
wus an advance of values nil along the
Hue. The importance of the movement wus exaggerated by the public,
and there was a general rush for copper securities of any kind nnd nil descriptions. Old mines which had
been shut down for yours were reopened und their securities floated,
new compauies were formed and every
means known to the stock manipulator was resorted t.i for the purpose of
producing additional paper for the
speculating public. As a result it is
estimated by conservative experts, that
the market quotation of copper securities traded in at the present timo
represent an advance of at least 75
per cent, upon the highest possible figure which could be secured for all the
properties of this class under the most
favorable conditions in actual com-
meroial operations. The ultimate
result of such inflation of the value of
industrial securities must react upon
the industry generally.
*   ��   *
The control of the St. Elmo mine, iu
Rossland. is reported to have been
sold to New York men ou a basis of
(50,000  for the property.
Easter is Almost Here.       HATS! HATS! HATS!
New York, March 2Ji ���A meeting
nf tbe New York Yacht Club was held
tonight. Tbe sum of $1(1.000 wns appropriated for the use of the regatta
committee during the year 1800. Ten
thousand dollars of this amount wns
n special appropriation in view of the
international races that are to take
place in the fall.
Pekin, March 2!i ���Sir- Claude M
Maodonald, the British Minister who
is leaving for England for a brief rest
started today for Wei Hai Wet t '*
British fortified post on the Sbang
Tung peninsula. In his absence the
first secretary of the Brili-h lebation
Mr. H. O, O. Ban Ironside, will he in
charge of British interests  lime.
We are Acknowledged Throughout
Kootenay ���_��~
As Efficient,
And   Up-toDate   Watch    Makers.
Satisfaction   Guaranteed
or mon;     refunded.  . .
Patenaude Bros.
Baker Street, Nelson.
The ladies of Nelson will all have their .pew
Spring bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer goods just received.
H. fl. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
J   Y.  QRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "ORIFFIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Eggs
     Write us for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
vis ZZ\r TTfTTTTT "Vii.'-D
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay; Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lot��,        -        Nelson, B. C.
AU Contractors figuring on  buildings tlmt
will require
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who run-ion tho largest QtO0k nl I'lutc lilacs
iii tlio Provtaoo.
i List Your Real Estate /
5 With Us. 5
Wehiive 16,000.00 Outside Cnpitnl waiting to invi-hL ill nny
kiiii'ik in Nelson Real Estate,
H-Kootn   House,    bulli   ami   nil
conveniences |Bfi.00<
,). L. VANSTONE, Mining Broker.
IIH,WILLIAMS, Custom Broker.
Ileal folate Agents,
Baker tit.. Nelson, B. 0,
Nelsoi)   Tei)t  ai)d   AWijirjg   Factory
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows,
Theo. Madson,
g The Birkbeck Investment,  Security i|
|e and Savings Co.                3
^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and   -^S
til 8 years by monthly instalments.                              -^
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. PLUG
As wo keep (inr T..liac('(iH ill IkiIIi inn-Excise  nml   Customs Bonds  we  1 ic
iilile to carry a laige and assorted stuck.
Frank A. Tamblyn
'Baker Btreot, will have, throughout
thOBUtnmer, an amorttnonl of tho
Choloost House plants ovor reoeivod
hi Nolson 1    Now shipments overy
Two LoU and Houso with M rooms on silica
utroot bi'iivm'ii Josophlno and Hull i.roets,
beautifully   situated.     Prion   13,600.
Terms 11,600 oasli, balanoo (o
im  arranged.
Lot and Houso Latimer street, near Josophlno,
strool. Price **1,0U),   'forma 1500 cosh,
balance on mortgage.
Lot and Store on Baker street, good location.
Prloo 18,000,
Lot on Bakor stroot, noar the aorqor ot Codar
hi root. 1800,
Also a largo U*b ot tha boat Rosldent'rl Property in the olty.
Agents fur Vililillon "A"nml "lliiinu"Addition.
The British Co'umbla Pormanenl 1*0*111 and
Savings Company, who give the most raiuon*
uiiii* terms to borrowow, allowing Principal to
be paid off at any tlmo without Charging nny
Gamble & O'Reilly,
���'���������"������imii lo iik* Creditors Trail ������������������<i Acts
-   llllll     lllli'IMll'll   Iris
NOTICE is hereby given that Sumuel J.
Mi-rliton, of Nolson, B. ('., heretofore (tarrying
on business as Tobaooo Morohant at Kelson, 11.
P., Iiiih liy dcoil diiuid Uu* Killi  ilny of March,
A. 1 >., mil-. assigned nil his personal osidto,
oredlt-iandetToob*.whloh may be soizod anal
sold uiulor I'xooiitliui. nii'l all his real osliili*, to
Hugh it.Camoron. of Nolson, 11. (-.. Agent, In i
trust forthe bonent nf nlsorodllors.   Tho mid 1
I 'li-ml   whs   I'xci'llli'd hi    lno  said   San.nol   ,1.1
Mighton ami liy Uirsaiii iiur.ii ii, Cameron, ou
the lptn day of Maroh, a. Dv 1811*0, ami all persons having Halms iiniinsi the said Samuel ,i. j
.Mill In nn aro lOqUlrea.OD in* before Iho lot h ilny :
of April. A. li. 181)9, to send to tho Trustoe full '���
particulars of tlio samo. duly voiiflod, together
with tho particulars of ilm soourlty lif any)1
hold by tliO'll,
Notice is hereby further given that after the
mild mill day of a pill. a. l) . 1800, tho trustee
will prooeea in distribute iho utwqjj of tho
trust estate amongst those orrdltors who are
until Imi thereto, nml whoso claims have then '
been lodged with blip, having regard only to j
thool'ilmsof vvhi* li im then hns notioe, and
thnt lio will not hn riisjinnsililn after said ilato
for the assets of I ho said trust estate, or any *
pan iheieof, -o distributed in any person or
putton**, lii'iii or corporal inn nf whose claim he
Imii not notloo ill the nine of distribution,
NotloC Is hereby given lliiil a meeting nf Iho
orodltors of Llio said .Hnuuiol .1. Miulilou \\ ill he
he'd at the law Ofltoe uf Maodonald tn Johnson
on linker Hheel, in lhe Cily nf Nelson, on Mon-I
day thoIWUi day of Maroh, A. D., 1889, nl Iho1
hour of two o'elock in the afternoon.
Dnleil nl Nelson, 11. ('.. this llilh day of
March, A. I).. 1809.
Hnllultom for the said Trustee.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and   Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. 6ILKER, - P. 0. Store
kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from  the  Factory.      Prices 25  per
cent,   cheaper  than   in   the  past.
Kirkpatrick  & Wilson,
China Hall.
All  Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MlLLSi    Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY,   ip. o. box 6i> nelson, b. c,
        KOOTfcNAY  AGENT
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, thowing  ihe progress wide by this Bank io the
past ten years:
Cnpitnl  Paid   Up..
Liabilities t*> Publi
Total  Ash t-*	
$ l,(KK),tHX)       $ 1.500.1KH)
200,(100 1,250 000
b 281100(1
(> 000,000
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Boiieht
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts reoeived on the n,   t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on speoial
deposit!  nd on Saving Sank accounts,
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. orowSVstW.
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Oan be delivered at any
time in auy Quantity.
G. A. BICELOW. ��� Manager.
Goneral Broker.
FOR 8ALE West Kootenay Valley, B. C, on li)
Real Estate in nil Parts of the ot' ��' N> Pl **?���' *nd
Firs, Life, Accident
and Sicknhss   ASSURANCE,
Aberdeen Blook,     ,    ,
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Creston may
be h.ui of OKO. M'FAKCAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co,,


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