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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 25, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 864
Nelson,   British Columbia. Thursday Evening,  October 25, 1900.
Eleventh Year
_rovinci.il library .31 00
Important Find of Iron Ore in Ontario.
Political Points and General News
of the Dominion.
Toronto, Oct. 88.���News liaR reached
the Ontario Bureau of Mines that a
gigantic body of iron oro has been
discovered close to Lake' Tnmagili
about 50 miles above North Bay, and
the Canadian I'aeilie Railway and
west of the Temlscaminque district.
St. John, N. B.. Oct. 88.���Hon. Mr.
Fielding addressed about two thousand persons In the opera house here
last evening.
Shedlao, N. B., Oct. SB.���Hon. Sir
Wilfrid Laurier and party were accorded a warm welcome here yesterday morning. In the afteruoon they
left for Monoton.
Toronto, Oct. 25.��� At a meeting of
the Home Missionary Board of tlie
Methodist Church of Canada today, it
was decided to have one delegate to
every thousand members instead of SOU
as at present. At the evening session
Mrs. Alton from Chilliwack, II. C,
gave a brief sketch of missionary
work accomplished in her district in
that part of the Dominion.
Halifax, N. S., Oet. 25.���Rev. E. C.
Burgess, retired Bapitst minister. 88
years of age, was arrested at Moser
Kiver yesterday charged with tlie abduction of Nellie Buck, 18 years old,
of Dorchester. Burgess now resides
at Wolfeville, N. S., but formerly
held a pastorate at Dorchester.
Ottawa, Oct. 25.���Last eveuing the
Militia Department gave out a list
of names of returning Canadians on
the transport Idaho due at Halifax in
a few days. None of the British Columbia men aro in the list.
Ottawa, Oct. 25.���The Agricultural
Department has received a cablegram
from Manchester that the recent shipment of Canadian grapes to that city
arrived in good condition and were
sold by public auction, but the price
realized was not large. It is expected, however, that the shipment will
lead to tlie opening up of trade with
��� Ireat llritain in Canadian grapeB of
fine quality.
Toronto, Oct. 25.���Charles Brown,
owner of a large livery business in
this city and ono of the best known
horsemen in Canada, died last evening of apoplexy, aged lit) years.
pairs of gloves for the British army
in China. The goods will likely be
shipped to Vancouver for transit to
Ottawa, Oct. 38.���Hon. Sir MaoKen-
zie Howell is announced to speak at
Oarleton Place this evening in the interest of Dr. Preston, Conservative,
who is opposing Hon. John Haggart,
Conservative, in South Lanark.
Toronto, Oet. 25.���St. James Square
Church, Presbyterian, has extended a
call to Rev. Alfred Handier, M. A. B.
D., Port Massey Church, Halifax, N.
S., to succeed Rev. L. II. Jordan, resigned,    Tne   stipend is 83,600,
Rockland, Ont., Oct. 85.���Joseph
Guidon is under arrest here charged
with having caused the death of J.
Rochon as a result quarrel between
them.Rochou receiving injuries which
caused his death yesterday.
Montreal, Oct. 25.���Since the inauguration of the movement to remove the debt on the St. James Methodist church, this city, tho sum of
1104,000 has been subscribed, leaving
only 8118,000 more to be subscribed in
order to complete the assets.
Toronto, Oct. 25.���Rev. C. Ruttan,
late rector St. John's Church,Norway,
Ont., and one of the oldest Anglican
Clergyman in Canada, is dead,aged 82
Quebec, Oct. 25.���W. Duchenean,
late manager of the C. l'.R. Co. 's Telegraphs in this city, and one of the
best known telegraphers in this district, is dead.
Toronto, Oct. 25.���The Supreme
Council of tho .ilrd degree of Ancient
and Accepted Scottish Rite of Fi'ee
Masonry, Is in session here. Among
the 60 delegates present from all parts
of the Dominion, is Mr. MoKoehnio,
grand master of British Columbia.
Moncton, N. li., Oot. 25.���Laurier
and party weie greeted by about 10,-
Oon persona In Victoria rink last night
where he defended the acts of the
Liberal Administiatlon.
war. No action was taken on the
Same day Hint the communication was
received. The following day Lord
Roberta visited the regiment and expressed the hope that all would remain
on account of the bad Impression their
departure would make among the other Colonials. Tlie day following, Otter says, he received letters from tho
captains of 'C," "E." "F," and "H"
companies, to the effect that all the,
members wished to return home. A
letter was also received from the; captain of "D" Company to the effect
that 112 of his number wanted to return and 12 were willing to remain.
The result was that all these companies were ordered home, Lord Roberts
expressing regret at the action of tho
men and intimating also that their
service would probably not be required. Col. Otter gives the parade
strength of the legiment as follows:
285 invalided to England, 38 killed
and died of wounds; 2li of disease, 17
transferred, 780 in tbe field. Col.
Lessard reports 118 of his command on
the sick list.' He also reports that the
following have returned to the force
after being Bick: Privates Palmer,
Wilkinson, Eagleson, Wandley, Harper, Simple, McDonald. Henry, acting
Sergt. Baldwin, Lance Corporal Bates,
Privates A. and ti. Richardson, Vine,
Middleton,  Fraser  and   Clondenning.
A Former Trail Young Man
Arrested In New
Fred Yulngllng Has a Record
of Exceedingly High
Boxers Fall Victims to Imperial Troops and German Marines.
Rentin, Oct. 24, via Shanghai, Oct.
25.���General Yinalnaga has arrived
here enroute for Pekin under an
American escort. It is understood
that liis presence is due to a request.
The tiennans are sending supplies to
Pao Ting for the winter garrison.
The Chinese Imperial troops are re
ported to be operating against the
Boxers to the southward of Tien Tsin.
Kiau Chi, Oct. 25.���A detachment of
German marines in a battle near Kau
Mi with Boxers, klllod two hundred
of the latter.
Now that Yuingling has been rounded up in his old pastures, it is hoped
that he will be hobbled for awhile.
Mrs. Yulngllng, after being so
cruelly deserted, returned east, and
now lives at her old home.
Omemee, Ont., Oct. 88.���Hon, Sir
Charles Tupper addressed about 1,000
persons here yesterday while on his
way to Lindsay where he was warmly
received last evening.
Victoria Will Agitate For the Propos
ed Canadian Mint.
Victoria, B. C. Oct. 25.��� It Is altogether likely that a public meeting
will be clalled almost immediately in
order that the citizens may be given
an opportunity to place on record
their desire to see the proposed mint
for the coinage of Canadian gold established in this city.
The steamer City of Seattle arrived
at Williamsliead quarantine station
yesterday. She had one ease of smallpox on board, the victim being a
young man named Huston, a resident
of Juneau, who embarked thero, being
aftlieted with the disease, it Is said,
for about eight days wheu he came on
the vessel. He was taken to the isolation hospital and the passengers
wero landed. It iB understood that
those for Victoria and Vancouver are
to be lauded at Williamsliead for two
weeks, and the Seattle passengers are
to be taken on to tho Diamond quarantine station for detention.
Tlie steamer Cottage City arrived
from Skagway. She brought down-
considerable gold. In all there waB
about 82011,000 on board.
Yokohama, Oet. 25.��� It is reported
from Seoul) that the construction of
the Seoul Wi Jo Railway Ib about to
begin. French engineers have secured
the contract.
Toronto, Oet. 25.���W. F. McLean,
Conservative candidate for East York,
has Issued a card showing his portrait
with the following sentence underneath:    "Just an ordinary   man, like
Rockland, Ont., Oct. 25.���Job. Guidon hns been convicted of manslaughter
for having caused tho death of a fellow workman, Joseph Rochen, iib the
result of a quarrel on Tuesday.
Montreal, Oct. 25.���The local militia
haB been callod out to go to Valley-
fleld to suppress trouble among work-
Ingmen at work on the new buildings
of the Montreal Cotton Company, who
went on strike a few days ago for an
advance In wages.
Ottawa, Oct. 25.��� British War Offloa
authorities have awarded a contract
through the Militia Department here
to the La Liberie fur Hrra of Quebec for a thousand fur caps and 1,500
Vnncouver, B.C., Oct. 25.���Postoflleo
Inspector Dornuin has gone to Grand
Forks to investigate a mysterious postal robbery. Two registered packages, one containing 81,000 from the
Bank of Montreal at Greenwood, and
the other, containing 83000, from tho
samo hank, and addressed to the Eastern Townships bank, were Btolen on
the same night. The inspector thinks
he has a clue which will rosult in tho
arrest of tho thieves.
Tells Why the Canadian   Troops Wero
Ordered to   Return Home.
Ottawa, Oct.   25.���The   Militia   Department hns received a   report
London, Oct. 25.���The Financial
News publishes a despatch from
Brussels stating that a bank is about
to be established in Rotterdam witli
American capital. The principal purpose of the bank is to finance the numerous operations connected with the
American Petroleum Company, and
similar concerns. Tho share capital
will be twenty million florins, one
third of which will be issued Immediately.
London, Oet.25.���The War Olliee announces today that Lord Roberts
hopes to leave South Africa for home
about November 15, and that General
Lord Wolseley has consented to continue to perform the duties of Com-
mnnder-in-Chief of the army until the
end of November.
Berlin, Oct. 25.���Baron Von Rlch-
eliofcn, Under Secretary of tlie Foreign Olliee, has been appointed to succeed Count Von Buelow aB Minister
of Foreign Affairs.
London, Oct. 25���Mr. Gilbert Grns-
venor, of Amherst, Mass, and Mi����
Edith Bell, daughter of Prof. Hell,
weie married in Loudon this morning- 	
Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 25.���The
Russian battleship Retvizan, the largest ever built in this country, was
launched from the Cramp yards thlB
afternoon. Tho vessel is .'170 feet in
length and her cost Is 98,000,000,
Canton, Oct. 25.���A vessel having
from ' on board oue hundred passengers has
Colonel Otter Covering the events from been boarded by pirates, ten miles be-
Septcniber 8 to 14, which time tlie re-1 low here. Several thousand pounds in
grettable incidents referred to in the specie were taken
Toronto despatch   yesterday occurred.
Colonel   Otter   in   brief Bays the War
Yokohama,Oct. 25.���C. P. K. Steam-
Fred D. Yuingling is again in -Inlaw's meshes. He was arrested yesterday morning by Deputy United
States Marshall Bernliard, charged
with embezzlement, says the New
York Herald of Oct. 11. Ho was taken before United States Commissioner
Alexander, upon complaint of C. Clivo
Bailey, acting Hritish Consul-General,
charged with stealing 8387.85 from a
brewery in Canada, of which he was
manager. The embozzlement had taken place last year between July (ith
and 18th. Yuingling was committed
to Ludlow street jail, pending tt hearing on October 22nd. Yuingling has
led a life of extravagance for years.
He was one of the moBt talked of men
iu the city and his conduct not infrequently landed hiin in jail, lie
achieved notoriety in 18U2, when he
was named as co-respondent in a divorce suit. "Fred," as ne was called
by his intimates, cut a wide swath
in the Tenderloin. His; father, David
G. Yuingling, jr.,was then a wealthy
brewer, and his son had for a time
sufficient money to satisfy] his extravagant tastes, lie was chiefly conspicuous for his habit of engaging in
street brawls, In which he usually
came off victorious. One of the battles was with a cabman in front of
the Fifth Avenue Hotel, iu October,
1802. He had a combat soon after
witli a man by the name of Webb, in
front of DelmonicO-i later be fought
witli the son of a brewer on the roof
of the Casino, and another time he
assaulted u lawyer's clerk, who had
served legal papers on him.
Thinking that change of BCene
might nltor his mode of living, his
father started him for Australia. He
got as far as San Francisco, and then
returned to this city, lie furnished
the financial backing for a woman
who had a desire to become an actress. She opened at the Fifth Avenue
in a play called "Deception." It was
aptly named, aud proved a failure.
Yuingling's father banished him
from home in 1.00. It was said that
"Fred" had given drafts to his father's cutsomers in  exchange   for cash.
When last heard from Yuingling
was in British Columbia, where he
was married to a young lady, and lived in Trail, 11. C,
When Mr, Bailey was Been at the
Calumet Club, last night, he said he
had acted upon instructions from the
British Consul ill Ottawa, lle knew
little of Yuingling's doings, he   said.
Yuingling was well known in Nelson, as he often visited this city, and
his life here fully bears out the story
told of him above, lie was fond of
spending money, with which he always seemed well supplied. His forin
was a familiar one on   Nelson streets.
The Kamloops Sentinel has some
further interesting details in eonneetion with the case.    It says:
Yuingling was well known in Kamloops, having lived here for two and
a half years, during which time he
acted    as   manager   of    the   Imperial
Brewery.   In   December   1898, he left
for Trail where he also became manager of a brewery. During his real
deuce here Yuingling was Somewhat
of a'"high roller" and cut quite a
dash, He was a very handsome look-
Ing fellow and deceived many by his
gentlemanly ways. It was here he
became engaged to a very estimable
voung lady, whom he later married at
New Westminster, They made their
home in Trail, and all went well for
awhile, till Yuingling thought ho
had enough of married life and Hritish Columbia; so, ono day last year,
he informed his wife that he was
obliged to go away to Ibe   States ou a
six months' business trip. It was arranged that Mrs. Yuingling was to
visit relatives nt New   Westminster,
Of course, Yuingling- "business"
wns to get out of the country, as he
of the Good That Should Result
From the Recent Alliance.
Berlin. Oet. 38,���Emperor William
has today visited barmen for tlie purpose of dedicating tlie Hall of Fame
there. In the course of a speech iu
acknowledging an address, he said:
"It has always been my greatest task
to maintain peace ns far as possible
for my people. 1 believe 1 gave proof
of this a few days ago. The agreement I have made with the most powerful Teutonic state outside our own
nation will, I hope, in the near future be a guarantee for common
efforts in open markets of the world
for our two nations in friendly rivalry
without acrimony."
Referring to his visit lo the town,
which had been delayed by the illness
of Empress Frederick, liis mother,
Ills Majesty said he wjas happy to
Htatc that her condition now allowed
him to leave her bedside but though
his heart was joyously beating.it still
was troubled by the shadow over tier.
Entertained   by   the Town
Gouncll of Gape Town
Olliee asked for information as to how | ship Empress of India arrived here
many of tho First Contingent wero from Vancouver at eleven yesterday
willing to remain till the close of the .morning,
Capetown, Oct. 25.���The town coun-
il entertained General lluller at
luncheon yesterday, lu reply to a
toast iu his honor. General Buller
said that when ho arrived heie at the
outbreak of ttie war lie found the
same spirit of determination to uphold the ilag and defend its rights
prevading the Colonists as lie found
when he was last here twenty years
ago. There was no doubt that if in
1878 Sir Bertie Frero had been Supported in the policy he had been dispatched from England to car.y
through, much misery would have
been prevented in South Africa. Fortunately Sir Alfred Milncr had been
supported. He was sure that the spectacles through which South African
affairs were now looked upon by those
in power in England were consderably
better than they wero twenty years
ago. From that lie deducted that the
sacrifices made and the misery endured
by the people, South Africa would be
a prosperous country under one Ilag.
Enormous enthusiastic gatherings
witnessed the presentation of addresses to General Muller in the afternoon.
In reply General Buller said he had
felt extreme pleasure in commanding
troops who had been trained by him.
lle paid high tribute to the devotion,
loyalty and bravery of the soldiers,
especially mentioning tlie South Africa light horse. He said that after
the war it was supposed that there
would be permanent peace, when all
the people would bo alike under olio
tlag, all Joining in the creation of one
common country. It would be Impossible, however, to  secure permanent
peace unless the very best was shown
by those who had tho best of the Ught-
Hong Kong, Oct. 25.���The Governor
of llong Kong has been Informed that
4,000 villager. In thu Santo Chuck
Kwaishln district were nttacked by
rebels at Pengkok. The villages were
defeated and 8,000 of them killed.
The rebels who lost 400 killed, burned
two pillages containing 8,000 houses.
A force of 2,001] troops went to the assistance of the villagerH and engaged
the rebels on October 22nd. General
Ho, with 2,000 troops, has returned to
llong Kong, having burned the villages of Slinachau Ting and .Yliilnntau.
Nelson Tramway Company Has a Proposition Which Will Be Laid Before
the City Council.
At last night's meeting of the Hoard
of Works representatives of the
Tramway Company were present and
laid before the members a proposition
to light the city' streets. The company has considerable power that is
not being used and can offer it to the
city for tlie purposes of street lighting at a figure that will be much lower than that at which the city can
build and operate a steam plant, At
all events a steam plant in Nelson,
where hundreds ot thousands of horse
power go to waste quite near it,seems
somewhat redlculous. Tlie company
guarantees a thoroughly up-to-date
system of lighting that will really do
lighting and not stop half way, as the
present system docs. The value to
any city of good street lighting is too
evident to require commont. Nelson
is a city that should be especially well
lighted, as it in many instances the
sidewalks are very high and none
too well guarded,
The Tramway Company is operating
in Nelson under a very heavy expend
iture and is providing a splendid   ser
vice.    To reduce the cost of operating
by purchasing its   extra power would
undoubtedly be the means of effecting
New York, Oct. 25.���Tho revival of
guerilla warfare iu South Africa, taya
The Tribune's London   correspondent,
lias lightened np English sentiment
and especially In smart society, which
is divided Into military cliques und
factions. Lord Robert's leniency Is
condemned by Impatient partisans as
a source of weakness in South Africa,
inbezzlcd his employers' funds, j and the opinion is expressed that a
and fearing to gel iu the clutches of general aa cold-blooded as Kitchener
British law ilccided he would make is needed to suppress the lawlessness
for the "home of^thc bravcland free." j now in yrogruss.
Gallant   Men's   Deaths   Due   to
Emergency nations.
In a private letter to a friend received in Ottawa on the 14th instant,
Lieutenant E. VV. II. Morrison writes
of the emergency food as follows:
"It is very sad about young Borden ;
ho wns a gallant ollicer, and would
havo been mentioned in despatches if
lie had lived* As you say, the event
will soften the feeling against the
Minister on the emergency rations
scandal, but it was a disgraceful
thing for all that. To give a soldier
a useless emergency ration is like
throwing a useless life-preserver to a
sinking man. Tlie ration is never
opened, except in eases ot great extremity, such ns the 25th of July,
when we made a forced march of 21
miles to Balmoral in bitter cold. We
had started before daylight witli
hardly any breakfast, and got in at
dusk in a pouring cold rain.
"The transport convoy got mired in
a spruit Bome miles out,and the whole
army had nothing   to   eat  except   lis
emergency   ration.    We had   none, as
wc had found the   Canadian   lot   was |
completely useless, and  left the boxes
unpacked   at De Aar.    An officer and !
live men   in   our   division   died   from |
exposure thnt night, and I don't know j
how many more throughout the army. |
Nunc   of   our   battery died, but seven
nre in the Hospital   at   Pretoria   from
tlie effects of that night.    The   whole j
ration, even to the box and label, was!
su cheap and nasty that wc thought It
had been given to the   contingent   by
some llrin   as   a cheap ad.    Wc   never
imagined it was a   Government   affair
until we saw the row in the papers."
a reductfon in the fares which would
be money in the city's pockets. At all
events Hie city lias the matter in Its
hands, and could make a reduction in
the fares a condition of the granting
of the contract for street lighting.
The company also iutends to extend
and Improve its system and something
dednlte on this score might be learned before any bargain ie made. It is
understood that the company has not
yet announced what it will charge per
light per annum,.but in this connection it would be interesting to give a
few figures which show what other
cities pay for their lights. In Butte,
Montana, originally the cost was 8105
per annum per 3,000 candle power
light. The number of lightsjwas subsequently increased by 150 and the
cost thereby reduced to 8135 per
light. In New York, according to location, the prices range from 8140 to
81811 per light per annum. Sandon
has eight lights and pays 8150 a year
for each of them. It is understood
that Kossland pays g'.i5 but this exceedingly low rate was secured ou account of allowing the electric light
company to supply light to residences
and business houses.
those points arrives via Spokane and
is distributed at the office after -
o'clock every evening. Tho mall for
Kaslo is closed at 6 p. m., and arrives
and is distributed about 10:48 0, in.
This branch includes all lake points
north of Procter and Crawford Bay.
Tho next mail closes at 8 p.m. for ell
points toward Revelstoke, and all
IKiints ou the main line of the Canadian Pacific west of Banff including
Victoria and Asiatic points. The
mail from those points is delivered
and distributed hero about 11 o'clock
each evening. The next and last
mail to leave here is that which goes
by tho Crow's Nest Pass and it Is closed at 12 o'clock every night. This service taKes mail to all poiuts in Canada east of Banff', and to England.
This, with the Spokane service, gives
two of the Inward and two of the outward bound mails every day for Eastern Canada. The mail arriving from
those points is distributed at the office
about ii p.   iu,
Naples. Oct. 2.',.���The Transvaal
Foreign Secretary, I'ostmiister-Gener.l
and Treasurer have arirved here on
board the Herman steamer llerzog.
They proceeded to Hamburg.
The Anivnl and Departure of Nelson
Bine, the change of the arrival and
departure of the Canadian I'aeilie
trains from the summer to the winter
time schedule a corresponding change
has been made lu the arrival and departure of the Nelson mails.
The first mail in the morning that
leaves Nelson, is that for all Boundary points, Including Midway, and
il is closed at the Hostotlico at 7 :.'l(l a.
m. It arrives from those points and
is distributed at the office about II a.
in. For the Slocan district the next
mail Is dispatched nnd it Is closed at
8:80 a. ni. From this district it arrives each afternoon and is distributed about 8:30, The Spokane mail is
the next to depart and it Is closed
at tlie ullicc at 8:45 a. m. This takes
in all points between here and Spokane, and also includes Rossland. It
not only includes those points, but all
mall addressed to any pnrt of the
United States, any point East of Winnipeg, and mall for the Old Country
leaves at that  time.   The  mail   from
London. Oct. 35.���The remains of
Sir Roderick Cameron, of Statou Island, N. Y.i who died at Hyde Park
Hotel here, October 19th, have been
embalmed and will lie forwarded to
New York .Saturdav next.
London, Oct. 38.���Great uneasiness
wiih created in police circles, says tho
Constantinople correspondent of Tlie
Daily Mail, by a report that an American squadron was approaching, and
the censor was Instructed to prohibit
the press from mentioning tho sub-
Vienna. Oct.   25.���Austria-Hungary
has given her   assent   to   the   Anglu-
t.eriiian agreement.
The lirst of the civil canes, McKay
vs. Phillip, which wns opened before
the Supreme Court at the Court House
yesterday morning was continued today, and will not be closed until late
this afternoon. Both the plaintiff and
defendant statu that tbey staked ��
certain mineral claim on St. Mary's
river, in the Fort Steele mining division on the same day, August (6, 18W,
and tlie point is to prove who Is the
owner of ihe claim.  Scvc nouses
were called and the 1. that both
partlea staked the claim on that day
was being substantiated by the evidence. The case of Waterland vs.
Orcenwood is to be tried by jury and
it will be opened at the Court House
at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Nelson Daily Miner, Thursday Evening, October 23, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvory Afternoon Kxoopt Sunday
-nv TUB-
Limited Li uhi.ii v.
11;, Floet Street, E. 0.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agents
Dally, per month, by carrier     65c
I iidly, per month, by mail     30o
liully, per year, by carrier I " jjj
Dally, per yoar, by mall    sot)
Daily, per year, foreign    t) OU
Wookly, per half yoar  |1 25
Weekly, per year.    2 UO
Weekly, por year, foreign    - ou
Subscriptions invariably In advance.
All Chocks should bo mode payable to tho
order of Nklson Publisiuno Company,
The Miner understands it, If the
Tramway proposition meets with favorable consideration the street car
fare will bo reduced. If the company
can sell Its surplus power to the city
it can then afford to accept tho lower
fare. It would seem, therefore, the
oourfle of wisdom on the part of the
Council to make an arrangement with
the Tramway Company.
is the   only recognized
paper   in the Yale-Carl-
Books You May Need
The   Minei
boo district that is not carrying in ltB
advertising columns the card of the
Conservative candidate, Mr. A. H.
MaeNeill. This is because the editor
of The Tribune, the editor of The
Economist and the late secretary of
the Provincial Party are conducting
the Nelson end of Mr.MacNeill's campaign. They are supporting Mr. MaeNeill for what there Is tu it. The
Miner is supporting Mr. MaeNeill,not
because he is Mr. MaeNeill, but because he is a member of the party
whloh The Miner believes can give
Canada the best government. Therefore The Miner iB prepared to make
bed-fellows of those who have hitherto opposed it, but who, having seen
the enor of their ways, have entered
upon the straight and narrow path.
Mr. Houston joined the Conservative
ranks only a short time ago. He was
received with open arms and his assistance in the present campaign has
been gladly accepted. The editor of
The Economist brought his own vote;
that is all, but as every vote counts
he, too, was received with welcoming
cries. He had been looked upon as a
Conservative but in the Provincial
campaign lost summer had followed
the dictates of his master, Mr. Rous,
ton, and, after selling a page of his
paper upon which was published Mr.
Houston's card, kept his silence. lie
wa_ looking after business, and in
this showed commendable enterprise. He is looking after "business"
now, as is also Mr. Houston.
The Miner does not let its own bus-
ness enter into its consideration of
questions, the settlement of which
will effect, one way or the other, the
prosperity of the community. It is
disposed rather to be straightforward, to hew to the line
and let the chips fall where
they may. The night before his
death, Henry George, the great American single-taxer, and at the time of
his death a candidate for the mayoralty of Greater New York, made a
speech to a large audience of working
men on the East Side of New York
City. He had been spoken of during
tbe campaign as the especial friend of
the working man. At the meeting referred to, during his speech, he paused for a moment nnd then exclaimed:
"I want it understood that I am not
the especial friend of the working
man. Let us be done with asking
special favors for any class."
There was a deathly silence for a
moment. Mr. George raised his arm
again and stepped to the front of the
platform, and in a voice that could be
heard by every man in the hall, exclaimed:   "I am for men"
And bo The Miner is for men,asking
speolal favors for none, but advocating that which it believes will bring
the greatest good to the greatest number. Therefore it advocates the election of Mr. MaeNeill, trusting and believing that he will sit on the right
hand of the speaker when next the
House of Commons meets. It may be
ignored by those who are conducting
Mr. MacNeill's campaign in Neleon
but when the votes are counted and
the successful candidate has been declared elected it will have the satisfaction of knowing that it has done
its duty and that too, as it has always
done, without "price."
Will the editor of The Tribune and
the editor of The Economist be able
to :.av as much?
Editor Miner:
Sir,���In your issue of yesterday, 1
uotlco.that Mr. Galllher takes exception to my remarks concerning hiB
meeting here, which appeared in your
iBsue of the 22ud. 1 stated in that report that he had used a veiled threat
("valid" is a typographical error) to
tbe Labor union. Mr. tialliher'B
words, of which I took particular
note and I have since confirmed, were
as follows: "If the Liberal party is
returned to power, even if I am defeated, I shall have the patronage of
the district." I cannot see the effect
of thiB statement as a reason why any
person sliould vote for Mr. Galllher
unless it be that he might hope thereby to have the benefit of that patronage. Mr. Galliher further asked:
"What position is tlie Labor party
here going to be is if they deliberately antagonise the man who has the
patronage of the district." If Mr.
Galliher deliberately asserts that he
had no intention of conveying a veiled threat or bribe in these words, I
am bound to accept his explanation,
with the reservation that I think he
should, as a lawyer, have known better than to use language susceptible of
such misconstruction, not only by his
opponents, but by many of his owd
party, who gathered the same impression as myself.
Ymir, B. C, Oct. 24.
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. $!> 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  3 25
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis., 1 75
Kemp's Handbook of   Rooks.... 1 75
Thautwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   5 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism   for
the Steam   Engine  2 25
Hawkins' Maxims   and  Instructions for   Holler Koom  2 25
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  8 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for Engineers  2 25
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 00
Canada's   Metals  85
Time Is Money
For a little money we
will put your timepiece
in such gootl working
order that you will always have the time.
We have really more
time than we need.
At Annable's office, Madden Block.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking out
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Life ok Canada, and all
who cannot sleep soundly for fear
their property will be destroyed by
fire, can have the same covered by
insurance in the Anglo-American
Fire Co.; and any who are tired
paying rent can purchase a house
and lot on easy terms. Vacant
lots for sale; houses for rent; Baker
Street business property on my list.
In fact, I have twenty-three different properties to dispose of during
this Convention.
Office hours 9 to 12 and 2 to 5
until after the General Elections.
Credentials signed by the President of any Chartered Bank accepted.
Of course Victoria wants the mint
that Mr. Fielding has promlsd to establish In Canada. Victoria and Vancouver want everything, and they talk
ns though they really believed they
were entitled to everything. If the
Coast people could only be brought to
a realization of the fact that the Interior of the Province was Inhabltated
how much better it would be for all
o' us. 	
Isn't It Sweet?
The delicate, refined scent we
constantly strive to secure iu our
perfumes has given ua a lusting
reputation with refined people.
Tim true fragrance of the blossoms from which the extracts
are made is tin plainly distinguishable as to be delight fill
to the discriminating buyer.
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. O. Box 220.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Bent and Sale on Easy Terms
Office over Nelson Wine Store.
Hy accepting the proposition of   the   THAT PAD
Tramway Company to light the Btreets pt Writing; Paper won't lost
_,.._.. -j, r,        ,. ��� ... I !<��_���    -oud better place ��n-
of .Nelson, the city aldermen may kill other "hurry up' order with
two birds with the one atone,  A�� IHE MINRtt
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARDO.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Schedule of Time.       Pacific Standard rime.
Effective February Int. 1900
Passenger train for Sandon and way stations
leaves   Kaulo  at 8 a. tn., dally.    Returning,
leaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving al Kaslo
a*. S.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for Nelson
at 6 a. in, dally except Sunday. Returning,
leaves Nelson at ti, in p.m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and all way points. Con-
nects with S. K. & N. train to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
Steamer Argentn haw been laid up foi the
Steamers call at principal landings in both
directions, and at other points when slguallod
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and the
United States.
To aecortaln rates and full information ad*
drea. I
Manager. KaHlo,H, C.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can be accepted tiniest
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hull nnd Baker Streets.
H. & M. BIRD
Agent, fur Eureka Mineral Wool and
A5DCS105   Co.
Insurance, Co. of North America, Mutual II lf���
Insurance Co., of Now York, Quebec
Fire Assuranco Co.
no ft. on Mill Street, next to
corner of   Cedar   .Street... .8   500 1)1)
50 ft. corner Stanley and
Robson, terras       050 00
4-Uoom cottage, bath and
sewer connections, one lot
Mill Street, west of Ward
St., 8400 cash, balance easy
terms 1,800 00
5-Room cottage, Ward Street,
two corner lots,   cash   8575,
balance easy   terms   1,000 00
(i-Roomed bouse, corner of Ward
and Robson, electric light, hot
and cold water,bath and sewer
connections 8-5 oo
8-Roomed house, Hume Addition SO 00
New house on Water Street   18 00
7-Roomed house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, bath, hot and cold water,
electric light, and bewer connections  25 oo
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 'i.oo.
Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun
more Junction Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto-
Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
for  your  eastern  trip is to see   that
your ticket reads via Canadian Paolflo
Trains and Steamers Depart.
Ex Sun
Ez Sun
10 .-00
Ex Sun
1 Steamer for Kootenay Land
' ing   and  eastern  points   via
) Crow's Nest Route.
(Train   for   Rossland,   Grand
j Forks, Greenwood,Midway,eto
) Train for Slocan City,  Slocan
I points, and Suudon.
I Steamer for Kaslo and  inter
(mediate point..
1 Train for Rossland, Nakusp
[��� Revelstoke,   mnin    line   and
1 Paciflic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, RateB and full in
formation call on or address nearest Local Agent, or,
H. W.Drew, Depot Agent l mma B. C.
H. L. Brown, City Agent. J
Trav. Pass. Agent        A. O. P. Agent),
Neltoo Varionnvi.
OAflS.-MEALS a la .ARTE.
Close connection East and Westbound nt Spokane wiUitrains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at;i0:15 a.m
LeaveB Bpokane daily for West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct conj
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duliith with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Railway.
.or further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
- alls & Northern Ry., Kaslo A; Slocan
Ry., Kootei ai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
Geol. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
One Night Only-October 29th
Introducing Our Distinct Novelties.
Everything Now. Novol and Original.
Enjoy Two Hours and a Hall of Glean Fun.
Prices 50c, 75c nnd $1.00,    Seals mow on sale at usual place.
Those who e_joy hunting
Uml here a Hrst-clasi quality of Hunting Goods, not
only Smokeless Loaded
Shells that are dependable
and reasonable, but a full
line of Powder, Shot, Cartridges, Primers, Knives���
in fact ull the needfuls for
a day's shooting.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,     ,    .    ���     *i,us:>,i .o.mi  I   Best, 91,700,000.0
Roard of IHrectoin i   ThomaH K. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ritchie. Vice-Protildcmt
Wiley Smith, H, Q. Bauld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MaoKeon,
Head oilier. Halifax:
General Manager, Kdnon L. PeaHo. Montroal,
Superintendent of Hranches. nnd Secretary, W. B. Torranoe, Halifax,
InRpoctor, \V. F. Brock, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montroal.
Branch tn 1
Nova Scotia-Halifax Branch, AnUgpolsh, Bridgewater, Guysboro. I-ondondorry, Lunenburg.
Maitland (Hants Co.|, Pictou, Port Hawkosbury, Sydney. Bhubonacadie. Truro, Weymouth
New Brunswick���Bathumt, Dorchester, Fredcrlcton, Klnjnton (Kent. Co.), Moncton, Newcastle, Sackvillo, Woodstock. P. E. iHland���Charlottetown, ��u in murn.de. Qnrbee���Montreal
(City Office), Montroal, West End (Cor. Notro Dame nnd Seigneurs Streets); Westmount (Cor.
Greene Avenue and St. Catharines Streot. Ontario���Ottawa. Newfoundland���St. John _
��'iiim, West Id dies���Havana.  United stairs-New York (ltl tixchnnge Place) Republic, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Van
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('orrmpondents t
t'annda���McrcluinJr! Bank of Canada. Boston��� National Shnwmut Hunk, {'hlcaico���America
Natiouat Bank. Han FranclMCO���First National Bank. London, KiiK.-Bunk of Scotland.
Paris, France ������ Credit Lyonnnis. Bermuda��� Bank of Bermuda, t'lilun and Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(lencial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moBt favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Placers  NaVi)   CUt
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
B^ooijis ai)d Offices to E_ei)L
Apply   to
l\(e)soi) Electric TraijiWai) Co,
Corner Josephine and Vernon Streets.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
ki 11 < 1 h of seoond band goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an nin-hm to a
needle. Fornitnre, stoves, oarperta,
cooking utensils, bonght in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
S treat. Nelson. P. O.
Brewers of Pine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Nelson, B. 0.
Turncr-BoecKri Block B__korsti_e.
London Consolidated (Silver Hill)
Mollic (ijbbou.
-hi no.
List your Stocks with us,
a. Saviour's (Knglish) Ciiuuoii���Cornor
Ward find Silica S_b. Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. m.: and on tho IhI and 8rd Sundays
in tho month after Mattlnn; Mnltlnn at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m ; Evcnnonn 7.30. I.itily:
Mattlnsat 9.30 a. m. Thursdayi. and Saints
Days: Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridayh:
KvonKong 7.30 p. m., followed by choir practice. H. 8. Akehur-Ht, Rector. Fred Irvino,
Goo. JohnHtone, Wardens.
Catholic Ciiuhch -Cornor Ward and Mill
nt_Mt_l Mass ovory Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
HencdictioD at 7.30 p.m.   StaSB ovory wook day
at7.16a.m.   Hov.   Fathor Forland Hector.
1 _tK8BYTKKiAN Church���ServicoH at 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday School at 2.30 p.m.
Prayer mooting Thurnday ovonlng at 8 p.m.;
Chrlntian Kndoavor Society meets ovory Tuesday ovenlng a*i 8 o'clock. Rov. K. Frow,
Mkthgd-BT Church���Corner Silica and
JoHcphino Btreets. Berv-o6satUa.m, and 7.30
f). id. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer mooing on Thurndav evening at 8 o'clock: lCpworth
LoaguoC, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Hov. J. II.
White, Pafltor. Residence, JOHcphlne Street,
rear of church.
Baitist Church ��� Service.! morning and
_.enlngntll a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer moot,
ing   Tnurwday evening at 8   p.m.   the H.  Y
NELSON IX)1)GK,   No. 23, A. F. to A
M. moctH huooiuI WodnoHday In ouch
month,   VlHltinR brethorn wolcomo.
Nolxon hnnunpiiii'iii No. 7. Mool* ovory 2nd
nnd Ith Friday of ouch month, In Odd KoIIowh
-Ii-ll. corner Bukor and Kootenay Btrentfl.
Nelson. A. II. Clements, C. P.; 1). McArthur,
R. 8.   Visiting brothers always wolcomo.
oveninKnt 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer moot
Ing Thursday Gvonlng at 8 p.m. tho n. Y
P.U. Tuosday orenlnu at 8 o'clock. BtraiiKers
onrdlally woIoo"��ed. Rnv. Q. J. Coulter Whito,
Salvation Abmy���Bervlo ���  overy evening
at 8 o'elooh In barrno_n on V otqrl     street 1
Adludaut Kdgeoouibo In charge, ��
j_SI__. x- �� O. V. Koolonay IkxIko
SB No. 1(1, moots ovory Monday nl.ht,
"���* at tholr Hall, Koolonay stroot
8ojoui_ln��r Odd Fellows oordially Invited.
John A. Mcllao, N.Q. D. W. Ruthorford, V.G.
Fred J. Squlro, Por. Sec.
NKLSON  L01JOK   No.    S6, K. ofP
.mools In K. of P. hall, Oddfellows blook
Jujvorv   Tuesday ovonlng at 8 o'clock
,"|A il visiting knights cordially  Invited
F. J. Br.iii.ky, O. O.
J. A. Paqukttk, K. of K. and a.
NKLSON L. O. L. No. IBM moot, in Fraternity Hall on first nnd third Friday ovonings
of oach month at 8 o'clock. Visiting mombers
cordially invitod. it. Robinson, WTM.: Wm.
('mwfonl. R. 3.	
NELSON AKRIK No. 22, F. O. K., moot*
every seoond and fourth Wednesdays of each
m onth. Visiting membors cordially Invito
Charles Prosser.  Secretj*ry.
.NCORPOR*-.0) 167^
80NS OF ENGLAND, moots
tho first Wednosdny evening of
eaoh month nt Fraternity hull,
cornor of linker and Kootonny
stroots. Visiting brethorn cordially invltod
John Watson, Socrotary.
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Baker and Stanley StreeU
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson dc Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson vith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective   Sunday, October 21st, 1900.
Train No. 33 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:48 P'm'
Leave Northport      0:5�� �����>"���
Arrive Kossland       7:80 a'm'
Train No. 34 (Night Train).
Leave -Rossland    11 :U0 p. m.
Leave Northport     18 ���*������ ll1"'
Arrive Spokane      7 108 a.m.
H. A. JAOK80N, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wai-
Acent, Nelson. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Dominion Lino Dominion Rjjl 1(.
Dominion  Line Cambroman  _���,.���
Allan Lino Parisian
Allan Line Tunisian.
Nov 11
Meetings Ith Thursday of month. Fratorna
hall, J A Irrlng C H,  P, B, Flowing. R.B,
an jjnv'l
Beaver Lino l.ako Superior ft.v I
Heaver Lino Lnko Ontario... .;��� ., vnrk
From ����� _&'{
Whito Star Lino Teutonla ���_"\,
Whito Star Line Gormnnio WJL'j
Quuard Lino Campania woviu
Cunnrd Lino Ktrurin  vnv 7
American Lino St. Paul  BH j
Hod Star Line Kriosland R"'1
French Lino 1* Touralno  fl"J. 3
Anchor Lino Furnessla iCi ,g
Anchor Lino Kthlopln NJ''6
N. O. ULlno Lahn....... fl" 3
Allan State Lino Sardinian fl^'norton
Dominion Lino New England  Nov T
Cunard Lino Ivornla..... ������������������������ ��� .-, '_5mi*_
Passages arranged to and frmflL__H��
noiiitH.   For rales, tlckocs and fullJ"'"���"" ,
apply to C. P, R. dopot agent or H. L. _">"���
C_y Pft8"��nK��r f"pl: _WMMWGS.    , m
General A lent, C.P.R, Offices, Wlnnlpf.
7-8 inoh diam. ��13.60per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Mel**
'���0-T-.?8.F_& ,����_��,��*
__________m__m__m Nelson  Daily Miner,  Thursday   Evening,  October 25, 1900
(By John Dickinson Sherman.)
"Hello. Ja-k Chivington! Hello,
fhlvtwln!   Hello 1   Hello 1"
A voung fellow had just got out of
a cat iu front of the A.-itomira ho-
* J* At this curious sort of hail he
turned-and Baw a neat automobile
road wagon rushing by. The man In
it was waving one hand excitedly and
with the other slowing down the
Machine. Tho woman w th him was
mokln. buck, her face alight with interest The young fellow's glum face
broke into a smile of pleased recogui
Hon, and as the other man made a
skillful turn and biought his mauhlne
up to the curb, he stepped forward to
ahuke hands, saying: -.,...
Hello, Tom llutterworth 1   Olad to
lee vou old man."
���What in the name of all that's
curious brings you so far away from
hnme on Christmas Day?" began the
nan In the wagon, giving him some
nrtof cabullBtlc hand grip. "And
what makes you look Be glum? Hope
nothing's gone wrong. 1 say���hold
on���I've forgotten my 'Manners.
Hal Hal Mis�� Manners, allow me to
present to you Mr. John Chivington of
New York, one of the famous ' Chiv
twins' of whom you've heard go much;
my classmate at college, and my very
good friend."
"1 am pleased to meet you, Miss
Manners," said the young fellow,milling his hat and clasping a hand that
was small and warm and very neatly
gloved. "And I am proud to be introduced by such a past master of the
art There's only one thing wrong,
a.d this is that I'm the other twin."
"None of your nonsense, now old
fellow." broke In Tom. "I know
your tricks and ways. You can fool
every body else, but you can't put it
over me. I'm the only man that ever
could tell you two freaks apart.
You're Jack and I know it; and Jack
goes. Now, give an account of yourself, and do it quick. I want to know
all about it."
"Well, I've been West on business.
I've been delayod all along the trip,
and ended up by missing connection
here this morning. So I'm stranded
here in Chicago on Christmas Day,
when I expected to be at home. Isii'i
that enough to make a man look
"No, sir, it isn't. Now, look pleasant, please, while I tell you what
you're going to do. To begin with,
anybody should feel happy to be in
Chicago and even more bo on Christmas Day. Next, you get into that cab
and follow me home. We're going to
keep Christmas in proper style at our
house today. I'm just tickled to
death to have a chance to show
effete East how the Wild and Wooly
West celebrates. My better half 1b
up to her neck this very minute in
all sorts of schemes, and we're going
to have a houseful of pretty sisters
and cou.lna���of which the young woman here present is an average 'fair'
"Tom, I'm shocked at you. Please
remember that I am an engaged man,
and the most devoted lover iu sill
these United States, nut excepting Hawaii,Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines. Besides, a stranger at a family gathering is a regular kill-joy. Oo
away and leave me to my misery."
"Yes, I know Jlm'B tied fast to the
apron strings of the beautiful llessie
Lee, but Jim cuts no ice here. Get into that cab and come along.''
The young man was in the midst of
protesting that he couldn't and
shoulda'tand wouldn't go, when he
happened���just happened���to catch a
glance from Miss Manner's eye.
Whereupon he became confused in his
argument, was ignomlnously overborne
by hia friend Tom, and ended by getting into the cab and following the
automobile down Michigan avenue.
_ ���<�� SL SLSL SLSLiSLsSL ________ _____3___ ________ SLSLSLSLSLSLSLSLSLSL^
/<��>��� ^- C�� W> 5PW5 ^3_r- ��T-8? T'-SST- ST-^ ^"-^ *TV ^��r��'^"-��r��>*. -S-^
Lamps *__ Clocks.
DURING our Slaughter Sale, preparatory to our removal into the quarters
now occupied by the Canada Drug and Book Company, we have sold
at very low figures a large number of Articles from our Extensive Stock.
Lamps and clocks take up a large amount of room, and we have a lot
of goods at the depot which we must make room for, and during the next two
days we will cut the prices of our Lamps and Clocks to figures that will place
them within the reach of the family with the most modest income. We have
them in all styles, prices and makes, and so many of them that you will have
little difficulty in securing just what you want.
While this Special Sale is going on, wc will ��\
continue the Slaughter of all other Articles in our m
Jfl store. Wc are determined to open in our new m
J? location with a Brand New Stock, and to do this ii\
JJJ we will Slaughter Everything. m
Rubbers and Creepers...
These are necessary this sort of
weather, to keep you from slipping
and Insure Safe Walking. We
have them to suit all.
The Shoeists
Wholesale Houses
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
"Ladies and Gentlemen," said
Tom, rising from his chair and looking aiuum1 at the merry faces about
the Christmas board, "fill up your
glasses again! I have another toast
for you���a long one,and a strong one,
one to make you see double. Ready?
All right; here goes'.
"Once upon a time old Mother Nature was in a jovial mood and proceeded to lay herself out to have some
fun at the expense of us poor mor
tals. So, when it came time to send
a stork to a certain chimney, she sent
two. Legend has it that the bundles
they earried were J so exactly alike
that even the Btorks got them mixed
up on the way. At any rate, when
the doctor and the nurse opened the
bundles they made haBte to tie a red
flannel rag about the neck of the contents of the first. Thereafter, aa I am
creditably informed, it was a ease of
red flannel or confusion with everyone except the mother. Here the
unit ner love taught in some mysterious
way to tell her twins sons apart. Hut
the father, after giving medicine several times to the well twin and spanking the temporarily angolic twin,gave
up the job in despair. In revenge he
named the lirst bundle James Adams
and second John Agnew, that they
might both write their names J. A.
Chivington and thus still further inflict a suffering community. Their
mother dressed them alike, and thus
equipped these twins Bet out upon a
career of comedy that was very cIobb
to tragedy.
"When they burst in all their glory
upon an astonished college world
there were high jinks. They passed
their examinations as one man, the
indignant professors refusing to waste
time on the same fresnman twice.
VVhen the true inwardness of the situation became understood there was joy
unfeigned In old South hall. One
tuition fee for the college and the
other for beer money I One twin to
call on the president for religious advice and the other to simultaneously
cut the chapel bell rope or spike shut
a recitation room door or to perform
without possibility of detection any
deviltry that the rest ot us could concoct I Two souls with but a single
body, two hearts that beat as one���
even to taking turns at recitations 1
"Later on these marvelous twins
won for the United StateB of  America
-kit .iin.tur. la on every box of th* genuine
Uxative BromoKhiioiM -abut*
Ik* mMdjr Mm* ��_r�� �� mm M ��_���'*�����
the great and glorious victory of San
Jaun���for when they charged Bide by
Bide up that historic hill in the ranks
of the rough riders, the poor Spaniards though that all our museum
freaks had been turned loose ou them,
and tied iu a panic.
"And when Jim, the other one, met
his beloved Bessie Lee he never dared
go to see her except when Jack here,
was safely out of town. But 1 grow
loquacious. Here's to The TwIub���
for they're a jolly good fellow!"
e ��� *
"Why do you claim to be Mr. Jim
when Cousin Tom Bays you are Mr.
Jack?" murmured Lucy Manners'
voice in the twin's ear as they silt
down to rest outside the ball room,
where the Christmas festivities were
drawing to a hilarious close. It was
a dim and shadowy nook, and a bunch
of mistletoe hung suggestively near.
"In self-defense," answered the
twin.    "Now, if 1 were Jack���"
"If you were Jack!" repeated the
girl after him. mockingly, HaBhlng
mischief out of alluring eyes.
"I'd do this"���here he swept her
under the mistletoe���'nnd this"���and
he kissed her on the lips.
��� ��� ���
"I love you,Lucy, will you be my���
oh, I forgot���" and the Chivington
Twin came to a dead stop and looked
as foolish as might be expected of a
lover pulled up shot In the middle of
a speech like this.
"Forgot what���the point?" laughed
Lucy Manners, her face all alight with
delight and mischief.
"Why,   I've  got   to   confess   flrst^
Lucy, I'm the othe twin.    I'm Jack."
"I should hope so I I don't want any
heartbroken     Bessie     on     my    conscience."
"I mean I'm���I mean it was really
Jim that first time���that Christmas���
"Horrors! Then we've never heen
introduced!   Sir���"
"Now, Lucy, don't; I���I���will you
marry mo, anyway?"
"Goodness! How do I know which
"Hold on, now, dearest. I'll tOU
you all about it. Jim came straiglit
to me and Bays he: 'Jack, I've just
seen the dearest little girl In the
world���oxcept my Bessie���out in Chicago. If I weren't head over heels in
love already I'd try for her myself.
Tom Butterworth swore I was you,
an���and I kind o' started thlngB for
von. Oet a move on you, now, and
write to her; I'll coach you all right.'
And I did write, and then 1 came to
see you last summer���and you know
the rest. Why, what are you laughing at?"
"Oh, Jack,the conceit of you twins.
I've never been fooled '_ a minute. 1
know it was Jim that first time, but 1
���1 wanted to see what you were
like. You dear gump! Bessie Lee
and I were roommates at Ogontz, and
I knew how to tell yon apart long before I ever saw either one of you. No,
sir; I won't tell you Bessie's way���
not yet. But I've got a way of my
own���bend down so I can whisper���I
love you. Jack,"
Gamble & O'Reilly _
Baker Street
Real Estate and insurance Agents.
6-Roomed House and Bath Room
together with Kitchen Range
complete with hot and cold
water, Observatory St., Magnificent view,   rent   including
water rates  $���
.���Boomed   House   corner   Cedar
and Carbonate Streets ISO. 00
(���Boomed House Hume AdditionSiri.no
4-Roomed Cottage Gore St I18.B0
.-Roomed House Corner Mill   &
Hall Sts., from Nov.    1st ���80.00
Rents collected. Loans made. Agents I
British Columbia Permanent Loan <fc
Savings Company.
m ONE.
Eight pages of summari-ed  and
classified news-
Eight pages of practical agricultural and live stock articles.
Eight pages of interesting fiction
and magazine features.
3 Sections.      24 Pages.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balance ot 1900 free with subscription for 1901.
Bank of
British Columbia*
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
A_two-story   dwelling;   7 large rooms;   front and   back
"* stairB;   halls;   elobets; bath room; sewer connection ;
about four blocks   from post-office  W.000
$700 cash, balance monthly.    A first-class buy.
Five-room cottage; sewer connection; 25-ioot lot; a block
from tram line, in Addition A        750
Kasy terms.
Two good 85-foot lots, near the street car barns; only....       ��00
50-foot corner, Vernon  Street     3,500
25-foot lot, Carbonate Street         -50
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4-Room Cottage     IB 00
3-Koom Cottage     15 00
4-Koom Cottage     U 00
To   let  on a yearly lease, tS-room house, corner of  Cedar
aud Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas and electric light.
���ACENT   FOR���
Fire Insurance Promptly Placed.
1HORPH & CO. l,l_iltu<l-_or_or Vernou
und Cedar .troetw, n.i.olMiuiufaclur-
of uml whoiuHulu ilruln i lu _ur.l.<l waUirs
and fruit Hyrtipn. _ole ukuuLh for Halcyon Hob
.pringa iiilnui-l water.   TulcLdionu so.
N. M. Cuinijiiiiri, 1,oh*oo���Kvury known
variety of ��ofi drinkx. l' o Hox as. Telephone
.No. 31. lloovur .ireet. Nelnon. lloltiui. of the
f.iiioiiH _L Loon llol .SurlDK" Mtnor-I WuUtr.
C1ANK & MAODONALD (II. Cano, Jamo.
/ A. Maedonald) ���AJrOtUtebtl aud HUlwrln-
teiiduiiu, llrokuu Hill llloek, comer HuL.i and
Ward tilrtieLH, Nul>.ou.
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, Miu.r .iruot, Nelson.
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P. O   Rox -SO. Telephone No. OH
V. O. QRKBM        V. 8. UI_MKNT8
Civil Engineer, and Provincial Land
I P. 0, Bos Uf lalsoo, & ti
. Nelson  Dailv  Miner,  Thursdav Evenino,  October  45. iqoo.
Sunday School Teachers Meet
in the Presbyterian
A Series of Interesting Papers
Receiving Attention
The lirst Siililitith School convention
of the Presbyteries of Kamloops ami
Kootenay under the direction of the
synod of Hritish Columbia was open-
ed   ni  the   st.   Paul's   Presbyterian
Chinch of this city at an evening session yesterday and; after having a
forenoon and afternoon session today.
the convention will conolude by an
interesting meeting this evening.
The convention up till this afternoon session has been a decided success and it is now intended ;to make
thej gathering an annual affair. It
<vas BUggested at the morning session
not to make the convention in the
c.iining years denominational, but to
Invite all ehurohea to send delegates
and hold a large union convention. It
was resolved that steps should be taken to hring this about. A committee
will be appointed to interview officials
of the other churches and see if the
necessary arrangements cannot he
made. It is not known when or where
the next annual meeting will be held
but it will be settled upon as soon as
the matter can be discussed with th
officials of tho other denominations.
The attendance at the session wns
fail and a deep interest was taken
by those present in the papers that
were delivered on the various appropriate subjects which had been previously selected. Kev. M. D. McKee, of
Slocan City, president of the convention, presided at eaoh session most acceptably, and Rev. J. A. Ferguson, of
Sandon, acted as secretary.
This morning's session which opened at 0 ::i(i with devotional exercises,
was a most interesting one. The first
address delivered was that by Mrs
M. D. McKee, superintendent of the
Sunday School at Slocan City, on the
subject: "How to Interest Parents
in the Sabbath School und Secure
Their Help in Teaching the Children. "
In her report she touched on the neglect of parents to their children, us to
Sabbath School work, and urged them
to take more interest in it. Tafitors
should also look after this work in
their visits to the families of their
parish. It should also be the subject
of ^discourses from the pulpit. Children's day should be emphasized nnd
everything possible should be done to
bring parents und children in close
touch with this good work.
Mr. I''. M. Chadbourn. of this city,
then lead a paper which he had prepared on "Tho Sunday School Superintendent and His Methods." He
pointed out that the superintendent
should not do the teaching but their
time should be taken up in instructing the teachers in the best methods
of imparting tbe truths to the children. Thoy sliould see that Classes
w.rc not interrupted in uny way nnd
that the best of hurmony sliould prevail. Muiso should he an essential
part   of   each   session of the   Sabbath
School. Superintendent! should provide for as much  entertainment for
the children us possible,such as socials,
picnics, etc.
The third and laBt address of the
morning session was delivered by
Mrs. A. 11. Men/.ies, of Kaslo. on the
subject: "Qualifications of Sunday
School Teachers anil How to Secuie
Them." Her paper had been well
prepared and was received with great
interest, She divided bei subject into three distinct points, character,
knowledge, and methods. Kaeh she
developed fully, stating that a teacher
should be of a good Chr'.staln  char-
iicli v. like the work.and love the children. As to knowledge sue said that
a thorough study of the lesson should
be made and that no lesson helps
should be brought to the class rooms,
Tbe best methods for teachers to follow was not only to take un Intel 'Ht
in the children in the class room but
look utter them anil take an interest
in them during the week. Teaching
should be done mainly hy Illustrations, Eaoh address was well discussed by those present and the main
point:: were made more emphatic
The opening session last evening
was well attended and a Strong interest was manifested. After the opening exercises a committee was appointed  to suggest  nominations for
ollieers for the Coming year anil they
made their   report   ut   this   afternoon
ReV. .1. A. I.ogan. of Kburne, was
lo have delivered the lirst address
but being absent it was delivered by
Rev. M. II. McKee, of Slocan. lie reviewed the work of the pust year, and
ulso  pointed   out   various   ways  und
improved in the future. Rev. R. Frew,
of Nelson, gave a most interesting
address On "The Bible Class and How
to Teach It." He told of the necessity of Bible study and how helps
should be secured by the teacher to
obtain facts from the lesson. The
main point of the lesson should he selected and then other facts grouped
about this central thought. He illustrated this idea by taking a lesBon
and showing how to develop it. At
the afternoon session the first paper,
which had been prepared by Rev. Joseph -McCoy, of Vernon, on the subject:
"How to Retain Hoys in the Sabbath
School and to Lessen the Hap Between
the Sunday School and the Church."
was read by Rev. Hector McKay, of
Kbolt, und was exceedingly clever and
discussed with great interest. Mr.
George Hradley, of this city, read an
article on "The I'se and Abuse of
Sabbath School Helps." During the
latter part of the afternoon session
Rev. (!. VV. Fortune, of Cranbrook,
conducted a question drawer, in which
there were many questions to be answered. The programme for this evening session which will open ut 7:110 is
us follows: address, "Importance
of Impressing Right Ideas upon the
Children," Rev. 1). I.. Gordon, Fer-
nie; address, "Relation of the Session
Managers and Members of the Church
to the Sabbath School." Rev. YV. tl.
W. Fortune, Cranbrook ; closing exercises.
Tlie delegates present are: Rev. A.
U. Menzies, Mrs. Menzies, Kaslo;
Rev. M. I). McKee, Mrs. McKee, Slocan ; Rev. YV. G. "W. Fortune, Cranbrook ; Rev. 1). I., fiordon, Fernie;
Rev. II. Reid, Fort Steele; Rev. II.
Young, Ymir; Rev. J. A. Ferguson,
Sandon ; Rev. II. McKay, Eholt; Mrs.
Hay, Rossland; Mrs- Kinns, Trail;
Mr. II. Kenshaw, Kort Steele J Mr.
1). Murray, Midway; Mr. J. Trotter,
(Irand  Forks.
Doctors Hall and Hose have been
cho.en physicians for the May and
Jennie group on Forty-Nine Creek
They were selected by a vote of the
tweny-threo men at present working
on the property.
All those having costumes, wigs und
other properties of the Nelson Operatic Society, nre requested to leave
them immediately at the l'ostoflice
store. All accounts should be sent in
at once to Mr. Melville Parry.
Un account of the Sunday school
convention being held iu tlie Presbyterian church, to which the membeis
of the other churches have been invited, there will be no prayer meeting in
the Haptist church this evening.
Mr. Joseph Morris, of Crow and
Morris, is in Nelson from Rossland
for the day. Mr. Morris says when
he left Rossland snow was falling
very heavily. Tf it has continued
until now," said Mr. Morris at noon,
"there must he about a foot and a
half there by this time."
Mr. James Connachor, a brother of
Mrs. Horace Hume, arrived in Nelson
lust evening from Paris, France,
Where he went to attend the Exposition. He wns quite pleusod with
what he saw. he says, but roportB the
Exposition us a financial failure. He
spent seventeen days in Paris aud before sailing for home spent some time
in England.
Mr. II. \V. C. Jackson, one of Ross-
land's good grits, secretary of tlie
Rossland Liberal campaign commit
tee, secretary of the Rossland Hoard
of Trade, secretary of the Rossland
Carnival, secretary of the Associated
Hoaids of Trade of Southern Hritish
Columbia, sccietary of the���, well,
he's over here conferring with Candidate Oalllher as to the best method to
capture tlie constituency.
There will be a rousing meeting of
the Conservatives in the Opera House
tomorrow night. Candidate MaeNeill
will be present and will deliver his
first address io a mass meeting.
Among the other speakers will he
Mayor Qoodeve, of Rossland. who is u
gifted speaker. Eater in the campaign
tlie Conservatives wil] probably have
another big mass meeting to which
Mr. tlalliher will be invited.
The Times of Victoria says: A. E.
Mnc Hughton, who was manager of
the New Westminster team on their
recent tour through the East,and who
was in the city a few days ago, has
received a letter from the secretary
of the Montreal club announcing the
intention of the Easterners to come to
the Coast next year. Should arrangements prove satisfactory, the Mon-
treals will cross sticks with the Win
nipeg men en route. There is a probability of the Natlonls coming ulso,
in which case some great gnmes will
be played in (his part of the country
next season.
The Hall Mines smelter yesterday
paid to the lessees of the Bondholder
group, a cheque for twenty-two hundred dollars (82,-00.01)) for a carload
containing seventeen and three-quarters (1T%) tons of ore. This is net
after deducting freight and treatment.
The values per ton in silver were over
two hundrd und eighteen (21S) ounces
per ton, and; over seven (7) per cent
lead, and only one (1) per cent zinc.
This very high average keeps up the
credit of the granite belt of the Slocan.
The Bondholder group is situated
on the divide between Ten' Mile and
Springer Creek and the controlling interest is held hy Mr. R. C. Campbell-
Johnston. The vein from which this
ore was stoped is a most continuous
one, being traced through the Iron
Horse on Ten Mile Creek, through the
Enterprise group, a baby company of
the Loudon & H.C. (ioldfields, through
the Mabou, Ohio and llertie R., all at
present under bond to the Arlington
Mines, nnd which report Bays will be
put on the London market shortly;
then through the Bondholder group,
und on through the Murillo group.
On every group this vein has carried
very high values, and the mining men
in tlie know predict a most successful future to these mines.
��   ���   ���
Greenwood. B. C, Oct. 25.���The
past week four carloads of ore were
sent to the smelter from the Athlestan
mine, in Wellington camp, Shipments will be maintained throughout
the winter.
The management of the Marguerite
mine, in Deadwood camp, contrary to
expectations, does not propoBe sending
out any ore until the pyritic smelter
now under construction nt Boundary
Falls is completed, when all the ore
from this mine will go there. At the
mine croBBcutting from the main shaft
to two parallel ore bodies at the 100-
foot level is in progress.
Ore shipments from the Mother Lode
mine, in the same camp, to the Hritish Columbia Copper Compuny'H smelter nt (ireenwood amount to over SOI)
tons. ShipmentB will be muintnined
until the 3,000-ton ore bins nre completely filled.
It is reported on reliable authority
that shipping will shortly be Btarted
from the R. Bell, in Summit camp,
The mine is owned by the Miner
llraves people and Jack Hanly. Mr,
Hanly bus been In charge of the de
velopment.of which about you feet has
been accomplished. The ore will go
to the Oranby smelter.
John Dorsey has bonded the Hlue
Hell, in Summit Camp, from Thomas
Stack, Chris McDonald and W. Shuw,
on a basis of 840,000, nnd the J. S.
from II. Jernld for 827,000. The Blue
Hell bus ubout BO feet of development
nnd the J. S. ubout 00. Mining men
conversunt with the cluims speak
highly of them. Mr. Dorsey, it is
snid.is negotiating with Spokane parties for the sale of the properties.
Reports from Bolster, at the foot of
Copper mountain, in the Myers Creek
district, are most favorable for a lively camp this winter. The long tunnel being driven on the Review is
within 00 feet of tlie ledge. The
company has heen steadily prosecuting development for nearly two years.
Spokane and Greenwood operators
are interested in the undertaking, and
on the completion of the crosscut tunnel are prepured to fully equip the
mine with u suitnhle milling plunt.
A crosscut tunnel to tup the Buck-
horn ledge at a depth of 400 feet is
being run. It will require fully 400
feet of work to encounter the ore
body, which has been partially developed by prospecting shafts and surface
crosscut. The Buckhorn group is noted for its high-grade   copper-gold ore.
Ing been staked 20 years ago and
crown-grunted about 14 yours ugo. It
hns u strong continuous ledge averaging 810 to 815 in free milling ore on
the eastern cluims of the group and
almost any amount on the western
end, where the ledge carries free
gold. An old-fashioned mill was
placed on the group some time ago,
and this has proved one of the greatest drawbacks to the property, us the
plunt would not save values. The
owners have planned un extensive programme of work, including the orec-
tlou of a modern stump mill.
AdvcrtlHomontH lnscrto. tlndor this head at
the rato of ono coal a word por liiNorLlon. No
iidvortlHoinoiiL Lakou for loss than 2b oonts.
FOR   RENT.��� Cellar.   Apply   Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED--Hood     General     Servant.
Mrs. J. K.  Robertson,    West   Baker
SHORTHAND and Typewriting   done
at the olliee of B.  C.   Riblet,    Front
Street, 2nd door west of   Hall   Street.
Two J. l'.s Exceed Their Jurisdiction
Aud Ho tloes Free.
Some Justices of the Peace do not
know exactly where their powers end
and owing to this ignorance on the
part of two J. I'.s in Sloean City, John
Bulko, Jr., nine yenrs old, will leave
for his home at Slocuu tomorrow at
the expense of ller Majesty's Government in British Columbia. A month
or so ago the youthful llulko unlawfully did steal some property, to-wit:
three ducks, thut belonged to some
one else. He was arrested and appeared before Foley, J. I'., aud Hull, J.I',
of Sloean City aforesaid. To maintain
the dignity of; the law und to iuci-
dently protect the other ducks of the
town the J. l'.s sentenced Bulko, jr.,
to spend the next two yenrs ut the
reformatory ut New Westminster. Ue
wus brought to Nelson and has since
been an Inmate of the Provincial goal.
Davis, Bowes & Ward took up the
case and applied to tlie courts for the
release of the youngster on the ground
that the Justices of the Peace exceeded their duties in sentencing llulko to
the reformatory. The application
was made to Mr. Justice Walkem this
morning and the release of the boy
ordered. He is now free and will go
home tomorrow.
LOST.���Will   the party   who found   h
wagon   cover   near    the   .Methodist
Church please return it to Talyor Feed
& 1'roil uen Co.
WANTED.   -An     office     boy.    Apply
Davis, Bowes & Ward.
Foil BALE.���A good,paying boarding
house business. Apply after 5:30 p.
m. to Carbonate Street, 2nd east of
An attack waH lately made on C, F.
Collier of Cherokee, Iowa, that nearly
proved fatal. It came through his
kidneys. His back got so lame he
could not stoop without greut pain,
nor sit in n chair except propped by
cushions. No remedy helped him until he tried Electric Hitters which
effected such a.wonderful change that
he writes he feels like a new man
This marvelous medicine enies'back-
ache and kidney troubles, purifies the
blood and builds up your health. Only
50 cents at the Canada Drug .t Book
Co. 's Store.
The B. C. Novelty Co., has received
a consignment of very fine oil paintings of the scenery of Kootenny and
the Selkirk mountains. They will be
on view and on sale commencing Sat
urday morning.
Just received at J.    A.   McDonald's
a shi|rmcni of "Gentleman In Khaki,"
"Lord Roberts," "Muller " "Kitchener." nnd the "Tartan Plaid" candy
boxes, whieh when filled ivlth our
choice candies, cannot be equalled as
a irlft for the fail ones.
TO < I in   A  i (il.li I* riM   i, ii
Tnko Laxative Hroino Quinine Tablet*.   All
means by   which  the   work  dM K\VlM^j^8&M**
E. Dcnzel of the International Exploration .. Mining Company received a letter yesterday from J. F. Hold-
en, manager of the Tamnraek group
of mines, located on Springer Creek,
near Slocan Lake, nnd ubout four
miles from Slocun City, announcing a
strike upon that property of remarkable richness, says the Spokane
Chronicle. The extent of the find is
not yet known, but Mr. Dcnzel will
leave tomorrow for the camp to innke
a personal investigation of the ledge
which has been found. Mr. Holden
also reports a good find on the Ottawa
claim, nn nil joining property.
���   ���   ���
Midwny, B. C, Oet. 25.���Consldcr-
nble importance la attached hy all
those Interested in claims on Mona-
chee mountain to tlie sale of the Molt-
achee mine hy Mclntyre ds Lusk to R.
Dunsmuir nnd It. P. Rithet, capitalists of Victoria, ns it is the intention
of the new owners to install machinery and put a large force of men at
work at an early date.
The pioperty Is situated on the
mountain of tho same name and is
reached by going west from Midway
up the main Kettle River. The Mori-
achec is In every sunne a pioneer, liur-
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Ranoh, two nnd n half miles up
the river. YV. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Alice, Romance, and Condor Mineral Claims, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of YVcst Kootenay District :
YVhere located:���On Hall Creek,
about two and one half miles from N.
... F. S. Railway.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Archie Main-
waring-.lohnson. as agent, for Duncan
Mines, Limited, Free Miner's Certifi
cute No. B303B0, R. B, Needham, Free
Minor's Certificate No. B45368, and C.
K. Kilbourue, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1145.1511, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply* to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining Crown Urants of the above
Aud further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must, lie   commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 16th day of   October,   A.
D.,  1900.
Situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District. YVhere
located���On Wild llor.se Creek about
Five Miles from Salmon River
TAKE .NOTICE that I.Archie Main-
warlng-Johnson, aoting as Agent for
Duncan Mines, Limited. Free .Miners'
Certificate No. B80895, J. 0. Dunlop
Free Miners' Certificate No B871.'
and R.W.dibson, Free Miners' Certificate .B80679, intend sixty days from
the date hereof to apply to tile Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims
And further take notice that action'
under Section 37. must he commenced
before the Issuance of such  Certificate
oi improvements.
\1||t''i'.un"S:'''Ul  dfty0f 's��Pt<'mber.
A lit' 111 KM AI N\V A l: I \(; -,I()| | NSON.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
WANTED���(lasmaker. Man    with experience    preferred.    Apply   Nelson
Coke and (las Co.,   Ltd.
WANTED.���To   rent, a   four or  five
roomed cottage witli lire place    Apply E. R. P., Miner Olliee.
FOR RENT.���Comfortable front room
to let, (furnished), with private
family on Stanley St. Seasonable
terms. Apply at Mr. Seunliin's Grocery Store, Stanley St.
FOR SALE.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts'   Ranch,    situated on   lake
shore, SJ.   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II.  It. Cameron. 	
WANTED.���Eveiy   woman iu  Nelson
to   visit     Mrs.  Enfield's    millinery
pailors, nnd   see   her  stock  of   lints.
The best in the eity.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught In 20 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
FIRST  CLASS   room   .and   board  in
private family, J6.50 and ?li.   Table
board  84.   Carbonate  Street,   second
house east, of Josephine.
Your Eyes Hurt
Do you know tlu* difficulty?
It is'time you consvlted Borne-
ono who does know.
We*d Like to llml out for you.
We wi 11 tol 1 you what your
eyes need, and lit them for
you so you run enjoy reading
and working for years to come.
It will pay you   to   come   and
see us.
Manufacturing; Jewelers.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Qualify, as follows :
Jnva anil Arabian Mocha, per pound 9   ("
Java and Moclin Blend, 8 pounds  1 1)0
Pine .anion, i poun.H  1 00
SantOH Blend, i ponndH  1 00
Our  .poniulUlond, ti pounrix  1 00
Our Klo ItouKl, ti pounds  100
flee Can Fit You.
lie has  one of   the   hest  and   largest
Pall and Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's  Hotel,
l!;il_i- Street
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley
Thomson Stationery Co
Ctiniuln. IJniK _t_--K)k Co.
Hotel Hume Nowh Stand
Hotel Phair Nowh Stand
I��. Campbell
C. K. NuIhoii
J. F. Delaney
it. A. Bnuuhaw
Sloean Nowh (Io.
Thomson Bros*
Lamont & Young
H, A. Ittug fc Co.
New Denver
Slocan City
and  News   Agents   on  boats  ane?
trains out of Nelson
Send your htulnt>SM direct to \v ;isb in t;i <*u,
m-vt-H time, costs loss, better lorvlco.
My officii cl-io to TT. S. Patent Office. FREE pi rllmtn-
iii v eiamlrntioni mud.. AUy'n fee not due until patent
ACTUAL EXPERIENCE. Book "How toobUtn PnUnU,"
etc,, wat tree. Patent* procured through E. 0. Bigger*
receive _pectt>l   notice,   without charge,  In   the
UlnitrivU. monthly���Eleventh year-termi, $1. a yew.
En n i n n r n n Lal��o| c. *���Snow *c��-
fi SMiGrHS 91b FSt- n-w
Be Wise in Time
Never would so little money buy so much goods. Our
Mark Down Sale last week created a sensation. The lower
priced goods in several of the lines quoted you have been
cleared out. The sale must continue, however, and this
week we will give you better qualities than ever, at almost
as  close  prices.    A  great   drive   in
Ladies' Jackets
in Beaver Cloths, Kerseys, Covert Cloths and Broadcloths,
made in the latest styles and handsomely finished :
A   $7.50 line will be sold at  5?4 50
A      9.00 line will be sold at  () (K)
A    11.50 line will be sold at  7 50
A    15.00 line will be sold at  {) ()()
An  1S.00 line will be sold at  _ _ 50
A second   drive in
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits
We still have a line we will sell at $5.00 per suit.
To go to the other extreme, we want to mention a very
fine line, superior quality of goods and excellent finish,
which we are selling at $10.00 per suit.
We have some big surprises, too, in
Lafe'TailorMade Skirts
In addition to the above bargains we are making an
offer in
Fine White Wool Blankets, scft finish, made from specially
elected   yarns,   fancy  colored   borders,   in six, seven  and
eight pound  weights.    See our leader in extra quality 01
all wool, eight pounds, 68x86 inches, at $4.75 per pair.
at all prices and qualities. One line wc would call your
attention to is a fancy printed covering, new designs, at
$1.00 each.
The above are a few of the bargains given in our
effort to get tne money we told you last week we needed
and must have. We got a lot last week, but are still
compelled to sacrifice in order lo get more. Don't rm-S
this chance.
Martin O'Reilly
*% Co.


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