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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 14, 1900

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VI i
Edition No. 651.
Nelson, Hritish Columbia, Wednesday, February 14,  1900.
Tr th Y.ar
Boera Force British to Eetir*
to Rensburg.
Move Regarded Only as a llenaoe, bat it
Orestes au Unpleasant Impression
, 111    \SSIU lATKI) PRBSI.)
London, Feb. II.���(4:10a. m.)���Tho
,.,.wi iiiiiii* dny is the retirement ol
tin- lliitisii from tho Colesborg ilistriot
inaiir heavy Hoor pleasure, and pos-
sibly nfii'i- brisk lighting. Thqs ut a
nine when Lunl Roberts is apparently
nbout to push nn army into the Free
State, Un- Boers make a counter stroke
with nn unknown, but seemingly great
tnroe nut fur from tho. vital lino of
railway osnneoting De Aar nml Orange
River, Military observers do not re*
Kurd tins ns ninrn than u miinuoe, uev-
.rtlielttss tbe Dews produce*! an un pleas-
iiui impression here. Oeneral French
uiRnoeovred the Hours out of Reusburg
iu Dooember. On January 1 it *was
reported thnt be could take ColeBberg
in two days'" with reinforoementa.
Those wire sent hot the Boers also
were reinforced. Since then the
Brllish lmt"- bave been extended oast
nml ui -i .-,i nl the opening of this
week they constituted a (treat horse
qhoe '.'a milos In length. The lines
wero nol continuons, but all Ihe strong
positions wore held. Oeneral Frenoh
when he joined Lord Roberta presum-
nlily took most ot his cavalry. General
Clement.-; Mas left with the infantry
to held the l.oers in chock but Com
niaudant Delaruy with a double turn-
ini; movement hns compelled tho British in concentrate ut. Rensburg besides
threatening Lnnl Robert's communications.
London, Feh, lit. ��� The only point in
tho War Office plans Hint meet- with
universal approval is the uuuouncc-
luini "i the creation of forty-three bat-
tnie-', whioh, us explained, ��re to
consist of 15-poundera of the newest
and most modern type, and tbe further announcement that the reserves of
���tick uml ammunition, which Lord
Lansdnwue lms admitted have beeu
kept fnr too low, nre tn bo rnshed to
the level required by modern improvements, mui maintained there. Tbe
Times, which thinks the scheme not
vory satisfactory, says: "No amount
ol searohlng through its intricacies
und oonjeotnrea can lead to thn disoov-
ery cf nuy guiding principles of a definite object. This is scarcely the way
tn nn et ii great emergency. Lack of
principle nnd a line display of imagin-
ary nre the leading characteristics of
this disappointing scheme."
London, Feb. 111.-The War Offloe
has posted u dispatch from Oolonel
Keltewioh dated Bunday, Feb. 11, to
ths effeot that Kimberley was bom-
bnrded throughout February 8, and
daring tbe morning of February 0 a
email infantry engagement, lasting
two hours, occurred at Alexander's
rontein. The situation otherwise is
Rensburg, Keb. 18.���The Boers are
actively pressing nround Rensburg.
'Hi" Hritish   force  undor  Lieutenant-
olonel Pnge, ooniistlng of n seoton of
artillery uml ISO horse, which readied
Nllugorsfontelu, February 10, has
been oompellttd to fat] back on Bens-
borg, owing to its eastern ffank being
bontlon.Feb, I8.-A private telegram
recoived here says that tho foroe com-
manrted by General Wood has moved
"'' from the southward and seized
Zoutspan Drift, which it now holds.
Roorteons tn tlm correspondent, He
suid he deeply regretted that a correspondent hud heen killed, nml express-
ed bis sympathy  with   Mr.   Lamble's
widow.    Mr. lieiiy wns   then   escorted
to Mr. bumble's grave,and lhe lnttur's
watoh and other personal effects were
liBinlinl over iii Mr. Kouy. The BHUOrt
informed Mr. l.ony tlmt the two Republics hnd 180,000 mnn lighting ami
wore able lo colli inns (he war indotl-
yesterday's retirement of tbe western ontposts included the withdrawal
from Coles Kop nnd nil tlm surrounding
posts. The Hoers plaoed a -Ill-pounder
at Ilaullleld's Nek commanding the
surrounding country and successfully
iilmllcil^ lh"   Hritish     positions.      The
Doers numbered some thousands, nnd
wore live to ono  everywhere where
lighting occurred. The liritisli nm
ohaflUg under the necessity ol a relief
from their posts, some of which thoy
held Hince tho new yenr. The Hritish
now have no oamp west of Kensherg.
Tbey safely brought off' the gins from
(loli'H Kop.
London, Feb. 18.���Tbe wnr  Intorest
centres almost wholly iu Field
Marshall I/iird Roberts, especially
since Genernl Boiler's report of his
withdrawal from Vanl Kraiiz enme
through Lord Roberts, showing thut
all the ilitfnrent operations over tbe
wide field will hereafter be more completely co-ordinated. It is not known
tbut the niilitniy nttuches have gone,
too, but Lord Roberts nt the Modder
River Is another move percluding un
advance. A
A dispatch from the Mntlder River
SUUOUnoOl lhe nrrivnl Iheie of 1,400
refugees (nun lhe Barclay West dis.
triot. They had been ordered nwny
ity tho Boers  because   they refused   to
.imn the  Republicans,   it   is  learned
that _,',00 Hoers were killed or wounded during General MacDonald's reconnaissance. A report names from Durban that   British artillery  forced the
Hoers to BVaonatS theli oamp On Hlug-
wana Hill, smith of  Oolnnzo,    This is
uu important postticst,  '
In Renslmig district, the Hoers nre
meeting with minor successes which
are Having considerable moral effect on
tho bonier colouists. The Hoer invasion of Znluland is causing keen anxiety apart from the faot that it threatens Geueral Hnller's oomumnioatlons.
It is difficult to believe the Zulus enn
long be kept quiet while their cuttle
are commandeered nnd Iheir country
overrun by their hereditary foes.
The friends cf Mr. Cecil Rhodes aro
becomiug alarmed nt his possible
fate, snd have sent an emissary to see
Dr. Leyds, the diplomatic agent of
the Boors in Europe, in regard to the
probable course tbo Hoers would pursue in the event of his capture. Dr.
Loyds snid the Hoers did not intend to
kill Mr. Rhodes, but they would certainly bold him ns n hostage until indemnity for the Jameson mid should
be paid. In view of the developments
since the raid, tho Boers have also
decided to double the amount ol the
indemnity demanded fo thnt Ml.
Rhodes' fiiends would hnvo to band
over $10,000,000 before he would be
A semi-official paragraph is published in The Globe this afternoon, Baying
that Germany does not contemplate
Intervention, The German Government, it is added, does not consider
itself concerued in the future status or
in tho existence of the Hoer Republics.
A revised list of the Hritish casualties nt Potgiort's Drift from February
i> to ?, shows killed 10, wounded 810,
niissiug,  nine.
Jll T
Why tho Boors Havo Been
With a Good  Trouch and Good Gnunors,
One   Oau   Shout  Defiance  at
Almost  Any Enemy,
London, Feb. 111.���The London Daily
Mail bus received a letter from Julian
Ralph, who is at Modder Kivor. 'In
tells in clour language of til. new
problem In warfare, which the English
are now fenced to solve.    He says:
' Hritish defeats ut the hands of the
Hoers are duo to the faot thnt the
methods of modern warfare have been
brought to a pause by thn demonstrated power of the weapons of tooay. Tho
essential qualities of the army of
twenty vears ugo lire no longer tbo supremo necessities Of success. The uinn
behind tbe gun stnnds supreme, more
supreme than ever. Dig a trench and
linn it with   good shots, supported   hy
modern artillery,and no enemy can advance in the lace of this. They mny
be out Hanked or starved, but while
their ammunition holds oiil niuii' cull
mist them. They can fill tbe whole
plain over n radius of -1,01)0 yards with
such it withering blast of shrapnel and
ville bullets thnt no troops cuu sliind
ill the open before it. "
I,ule ndvises fiom Ladysmith are
that fresh meat is plentiful there, 80
oxen being slaughtered daily, it is
also said that the Hoers have over one
bandied gnus between the Tiigoia
River und Ladysmith, the guns being
in almost impossible places.
Rctishnrg, Feb.   Hi.-An  Australinn
newspaper correspondent,   Mr. Reay,
Paid nn Interesting visit  to   the  Boer
':""i'- Sunday to mnke inquiries as  to
'���' lateol his missing  ool league   Mr.
!"; of  The   London   Daily  News,
was captured  by   the  Hoers on
nt the   time Mr.    I.amine,
wus   killed.
ty arrived ut   the oamp  blind-
list us church service was coni-
'"'i'lg-    He sat blindfolded through-
'"";,h" -civic,,.    When  he  wns  taken
"""' Commandant Delarey  his  eves
������� Dnbaudagad,   Delsrey was most
Mr, ij,
Melbourne  Age,
London, Peb. 18.���As the conviction
grows in Great Britain that the war
will be long, efforts for providing for
sick and wounded nnd families of soldiers at the front urn redoubled.    There
is soarcely a woman in England who
in addition to making clothing for the
men is not working for and contributing to some special fund.  Mrs. Arthur
l'ugent's      entertainments     tonight
brought in over ��8,000 for the families of Household troops In   which ber
husband is colonel nf the Scots Guards.
The Mansion House 1 und exceeds
��690,000, the Daily Telegraph Fund
��190,000 and the Daily Mnil, ��77,000.
These nmonnts only oover tho largo
London funds and do not include the
numerous Provincial funds of large
amounts being raised to equip volunteers. Tbo equipment fnr the Yeomanry hospital has just left England
for the Cape.    The ladies   at the   head
of this charity have now concluded to
raise lands to keep the hospital going
for six mouths, nnd hnve issued the
following appear to British residents of
tbn United Stntes:
���'We are venturing to address an appeal to our fellow countrymen who although absent from their native land,
are wrapped   up heart   uml soul   iu its
prosperity.   At this moment when we
see onr volunteers  from every   quarter
of the British   Empire   linked   in one
common bond of sympathy und should
er   to   shoulder   with   English   troops
lighting for   freedom of the oppressed,
will Englishmen,Scotchmen nnd Irish-
not unito   with us   and   Identify
Discussed in the House at
Now   York,   Feb.   18.���England
waiting eagerly for news from Modder
River, according to the latest London j ,"';n ,,
advices,   The foot Ihat Lord Roberts "
is there is person, adds to the grcul In*
teres) in the events which it is believed will  soon  be  reported from  thai
poiut.    A dispatoh received in London
into lust night front Durban snys thut,
the Boors' raid into Ziilulaud is assum-1
mg alarming proportions. Nutal col- I
onistH in London declare Ihat the nu- ]
fives will break awuy und tight the
Boers ou their own uccount, us where :
the Boers ure is the best grazing Inn 11
in South Africa und the Trim-viml,uud
tbey will be able to seize vasl iinnuti-,
ties ot cattle.
Ottawa,   Keb.   18.���Major Bolanger,
of the First  Field Battery,   Quebec
takes the place of l.ioulciiunt-Colonol
Drury, iu Bonth Africa. Lieutenant'
Colonel Dmry will oommand the bat'
tery divi i nf the second contingent.
by assisting us   to alleviate the seller
ing of those who are risking their lives
in South Africa?
" America bus generously   given and
is slill maintaining a hospital ship for
oar wounded toldiers, This rannifl*
oenoa is doeply appreciated in our
oonutry, it is not America that we
now appeal to, it is tn those who onn*
uot for various reasons fight nt their
oountry's call.   All   the    bravesi  ol
(Jrint liritnin's sons will shortly be at
the front. We desire their ubsnnt comrades to prove by then liberality that
thev nre mindful   of   the   sufferings nf
those who full bra.ely In  keeping  np
lit,,,n of British soldiers.    (Sgd. *
lil.nl'tilANA   OUHZON.
In speaking of  the appeal to a rep*
of  Ibe  Associated  Press,
who   is   nn mint of the
Lady Curson
London, Feb.    l8.-<0.40   p,  .... I-A   l,���ko ���f   Marlborough   suid :   "I hope
dispatch to The   Evening   News, from   ,, w||]   be clearly l rstnod   thut >
Rensburg says severe tight mg occurred   ,(|  |||it  nlk   fnI    flnnnolal  aid
We    know   whnt
vcrc lighting occurred
during   the'British   red cut, the vii
' tfVSPS i _��_-�����< ���-�����*! -""
heavy losses.    The dispute.
it  is doubtful   if  Rensburg  can  b
Continued on Fourth 1'iigc
Tlie Time for the Placing of a Cuiiiuliuu
Otliocr iu Command of Canadian
(81'lCCIAl.S TO 'I'm: JIINETt.1
Ottawa, Feb. Ill ���In tbe House today Mr.  MoCartby introduced n bill to
make an infringement of a cooviipl.t
a criminal offense, the same us wus lhe
case with lhe trade mark. The bill
was rend the lirst, lime.
Dr. BOrdeu rose to mnke u statement
Speaking tbe other day Clarke Wulkei
bud said that a sou of the Minister ot
Militia bad some difficulty with his
oommunding ufflrer And the public
could look with interest to the outcome of the affair. Dr. Boraon suid
that he received u report, from his son
slating that the story that he had bnd
difficulty wiih his hommanuer wus
without foundation, Major Williams
sent to lbe Minister a similar denial.
Dr. Borden, however, hud waited until he had received the report of the
district commanding oftlcer. Thut
was now lo bund ami it gave a tlat
contradiction, It wis absolutely
without foundation, no diilicuity of
the slightest kind having oocurred.
(Chccis. ) Wallace accepted the state-
incut nud said he   was glad to hear it.
tin the order of dny being culled Col*
one.'Prior called attention tu the departure of General Huttou. He did
not believe Hint the reason given was
the correct one. A good muuy genernls
bail left Cnnndn under n cloud and it
wus said thut this one wus leaving the
country heciiuse of friction. There wns
too much politics in the militia.
Sir Wilfrid Luurier did not think
that this was the proper way to discuss
the question. 'Ienernl Huttou wus recalled by the imperial authorities to
take part in the war iu South Afrioa.
General Huttou had done good service
in the inilitiu nnd he hoped that he
would be allowed to leave with the
best wishes of the people of Canada
Lieutenant-Colonel Tisdule, bow-
over, went on to discuss the mutter
nnd suid tbat the   time hnd   now come
when a Canadian officer should bt
placed  iu    command    of    Canadian
Lieutenant-Colonel Domville referred to Colonel Prior's speech us being
an apology for -Gem ral Huttou. He
said innl tllltton ought lo be allowed
to slide out quietly nnd quickly. If be
had done wrong he should hnve a
state's trial. Prior wanted to try him
after be hnd go-', or to whitewash
him before he left. The press suid
tbut huttou wns leaving under u
cloud. Tbo Press did not say thnt the
ollicers of tlm country regretted the
departure of General Huttou. He
(Domville) had received from Colonel
Vun Wagner a cubic letter which
showed that be bud received worse
treatment than Oolonel Hughes. Some
gentlemen wonted to oover up Huttou s
tracks. Huttou was not only troublesome iii Canada, but if anyone would
link ui the discussions in New South
Wnles tbey would sec volumes regarding him. He went on to show thnl
HnttOU never Stayed very long in a
liltlce ut one time uud approved of   the
idea of putting a Canadian offloer in
command of ihe militia.
Ur. Bproule, Sir Adolphe Oaron,
MoCartby ami Osier all spoke briefly
Mr. McCarthy taking the posltioaU
that the question should not be discussed until the correspondence came
down. Dr. Horden had s'lirl thut no
notice could be given tbe mutter.
About live seconds before Prior urose
he sent B note notOSS the floor to
him. If Prior wns noting al the instigation of nny ono outside he would
by this time huvej regretted it. In regard to   the departure  of   tho   general
officer commanding, at this particular
lime.he wonld say that no crisis would
arise. Men might come nnd men
might go, but the militia of Canada
would go on forever. The time, how-
ever, bud come when, in his opinion,
uml he wns speaking lor   himself only.
Canada   should   not   ho oonflnad to
the one source to druw her generals.
Mr. Fielding moved the House into
committee on u resolution to provide
for the sending of contingents to South
Africu. Iu doing so he merely express
ed the hope   that   the   vole   would   be
unanimous, StrOhnrles Tupper spoke
at length.
Mr. Craig, Conservative, depreciated party capital being mailr out of the
wnr. Hn was nfruid some parties did
mnke political cupittil Olll if Ihe   win.
Ml. Mount disscutwl from the nm
tion. Although hi* had always supported the Government, he was opposed to their policy on this question,
He was against any contribution to
foreign wins of Great Britain. Mr.
Monet made a very eloquent and sign,
inentntivn speech, tin whnt ground, he
asked, do we vote this 12,000,000.
Do wo owe Ibis to Knglund by law, do
wo owe it hv necessity, which owes no
law'/   It bad beeu admitted  Ihat there
wns no low in Canada, tot it. It was
not necessary, for Bngland did mil
need our help. Shu hnd ROldietH Idle
iu her burrncks ut ihn lime. The
real reason wns to establish a prune-
dent on the sole ground of devotion
and loyalty. If it was in he a precedent, lot us boldly face the future
Mr. Davin moved the adjoin niuetit
of debate.   House adjourned at IlillO.
Toronto, Felt. II!. ���There arc now 18
cases of smallpox iit-Torfii'o Junction
and today one developed In the ��esl
end of the iiiv of Toronto, the vlolim
being a cot I Ionian who bus nssoaidted
with the son of the  Toronto  Junction
victims. The modienl henllh officer
is arranging to have nil lhe children
of the public schools re-vnccinaled iu
nil ciiscs where they do uot show
marks nnd in several large s'ores the
,,,,,-1...���.,,,., drive been already vacolnat.
ed. The situation Is one nf some danger because Toronto Junction people
who were afflicted with tho disease
circulated with the genernl public n
couple of weeks before detected.
Victoria, 11. 0., Feb, 18..��� After
yesterday's eventful] scenes, toduy was
devoted li> the Legislature exclusively
to routine, ullhough there was the
preliminary skirmish on Martin's redistribution motion covering a vote of
ceueure. Tlie tlunougb debating of
the redistribution nuestion'J is e*t for
tomorrow, together with private
bills, nud on Thursday -Mmtin and
Cotton will have their personal dispute
to settle, while the House   will   forego
tho oountry's business to watch the
duel. The ooal miner's bill will not
likely reach committee before Friday
when DiniMiiuir will have returned to
his seat.
Montreal, Feb. Iii. ���A teftimoir'al
was In oironlntion today In the business districts, and wns* largely signed,
expressing the deepest regret at the
intelligence conveyed in the publio
press of General Button's desire to relinquish command of the t'anudiiiu
militia and conveying to him n sense
of appreciation of the value of his services not only to tlie force, lint to the
Dominion nt largo. The testimoiiinl
wns sent to Ottuwi last night. The
feeling here is that Huttou wns crowded out of the country.
Halifax, Feh. lo. ���Cecil Allan, a
Winnipeg trooper, wns admitted to infectious hospital yesterday Buffering
from measles
Montreal, Feb. 18.���Mr. John F.
Stnirs, ex-M. P., for Halifax, and
Graham Fraser, New Glasgow, N. s.,
ure in town making arrangements for
Ihn flotation of it big steel und iron
works of the sumo nature us the Dominion Steel Company, to he erected
nt North Sydney. The report is that
Wm. Muckenzie, Toronto, Frank
Hoss, Quebec, and Dan Maun. Mom
real, ure Interested. Senntor Geo. A.
Cox, Toronto, who is a director in
the Whitney Syndicnto is ulso said to
he Interested, Be believes tbere Is
room In Cnnndn for two big concerns.
It is imi yei decided whether tin* company will bn Hoated here or ill Lon
doll, but the depnttlire of Wm. Mackenzie for London next week is reported
to be in connection with arrangements
now making,
Toronto, Feb. 18.���The moulders
who went On strike in Mnsseyllnrris
works abont ten days ago are still out.
Both sides arc determined not in give
Toronto. Feb 1'). -The Globe correspondent nt Belmont, Snnth Africa,
annonnoes the death of Private ,1. 0.
[Poroell, of "H" Company, London,
Ont,, from locomotor attaxla at Orange
Kiver   hospital.
Niagara Falls, N. V., Feb, 18.���The
Countess of Minto. wife of  the  Gov*
Status  of Hay-PauDoefote
How a Portland Muu Swindled the Parents
of Amoricaii Volunteers for Service
in the Philippines.
isri:i I ii.  in  i in: _I|M_H,|
Washington, 1). a, Feb. 18,���A
quiet opposition, whose exact strength
cannot ut present be measured, has
de-eloped to the ^rulilicutiou of the
llny-Pauncefote treuty regarding the
Niourngunii nunul. Two serious objec
turns to the tiuuty have so fur been
formulated. Tho first is that Ununited States, nfter going to ull the
expense of building und lnuintainiug
the canal, enn derive no advantage
from it in time of wur. It cannot clo-o
it ni its enemies, und, in case its enemies prove stronger Oil the sens than
Itself, It is extremely probable that
they might close it to the United
States. Suppose, for instance, that
wur���which Heaven forbid���should
come between ihe United States and
Great Brit. , The declaration ot it
would nl a,, ,1, all treaties between the
two con ft -.including this very llay-
Pauucel ,i, treaty, and it would be
entlrnh permissible for Britain to
send bur navy and seize tho cannl
w h en she could undoubtedly do, ��*' I
I'nt ted (States had not fort'
...c only deterrent force in t<
wonld be the interests of theiHil?.
powers, and  anyone who hi""'',"1 ���'���
L. �� .u*      . ippnance
Ok>  conren ,���. time for c.nn^ Mt��
not doubt   thnt.   although   tt,rr,iH   |.v
growl they would not go to v as   solvent such action.    The   secohi-afl'"'
tion is that the  treaty   practica.     >!
mits Great    Hrituiu   as   the   suae,  .j'
of the United States.    All that Britain
claimed  ns suzureigi] in South   Afrioa
was the   right to  oversee   the ttenties
between   the   Trausvnal     nnd   foreign
states.     The    Hay-Pauncefote   treaty
gives her the right to  oversell   treaties
betwsen  the   United   Stntes   anil   two
independent Central American  Kepuh
lies.    Further,   it   is   contended  that
any treaty is unecessary, ns hampering
the Unitde Stntes   with   needless  conditions.   The  Clnytpn-Bulwer treaty,
which   the   new    treaty     proposes   to
amend, expressly provides  that it mny
be terminated by either   party  at  one
yejr's notice after it   hns   run   for   15
years.    The 15  yenrs wero up iu   INM
nnd muuy people in  this   country   can
see  uo  reason   why   the   old    treaty
should not be ended in accordance with
its own proivsion's,
Testimony as to the loyalty of Canada to the Mother Country in the
South African struggle, is borne by
Americans retntnlng from visits to
the Dominion. J. W. Landrum. of
New York, is the latest to speak of the
subject. He says: "There is no
doubt about the entbnsiam and sincerity of tin* support which Canada is giving the Mother Country in her time
nf trouble. 1 formerly lived in Montreal and have just returned from a two
week's stay there. Canadians, however, nre nreadlnlly disappointed and
humiliated, The results of this war
win or lose, will be lusting in Canada.
For years they have heard thut Kng-
land would protect her if the United
States i ver menaced her. Now they
know that Bngland could not semi nu
ut my over here that, could subdue one
oi the States. That hurts (_nnd will
never be forgotten, "
A brand new swindle is being worked Irom Victoria, H. C., liy a man
who claims to sell photographs of soldiers who have recently sailed foi the
Philippines. By some moans he obtained the names of those who recently
sailed from Portland and Seattle, to
gather With the nimea of several relatives. He then addressed each a pos-
lal card from Victoria, of which the
following is a copy :   "Dour   Madam:
Your son sailed Wednesday from Portland for Manila, asked me to tell you
ho would write on arrival. He was
very well. 1 took a tii.e photo of him
iu his uniform ou the deck. If you
would like a   copy I will send il nu re*
eriior-tienctul of Canada, aud a party celpl of nn express mnuey order for 50
from tbe Government Bouse, are here cents. Please answer toj my Portland
slopping ut the Prospect House. This i address. I nm lice on business and
morning the Countess made u trip over will be back in n couple of days. Do
the ice bridge in   a downpour  of rain,   nol semi   slumps.    E, J.  Roy.    I'boto-
i n,,ii,,ii, a on Fourth I'uge,
I'oiitinucd on tienili Page,
In oison Daily Miner
rui.ii,ih.*a imily iixci).ii Miimii-y.
Xlsil HUN.UlNICIt   PjtINTINU   ,'���-    l'i   m 1  mianlV
ti  1. BiDATONt Editor and ManftffOFi
BaasoiupTioN Rathbi
lully por month liy ni_riler I   Ofi
p��r half yoar    -t 5U
purj<wr    7 00
peryuar by until    800
p��r fear forolKn    '1HI
NKLSON \V ______ ly Minkh.
VV'L'Okly, pti half yoar $ 1 2fl
per year    800
por yoar, fort-Inn    2 W
HubKerlp-ion . invariu-ily in advance]
NELSON. ... O.
Telephone  Nd. (44.
.���_*?���: rfaB__BM_������ ..���. i_. _ .j___i.��:'__������**
The Miner will pay $m reward
for information thnl will lead to the
arrest and conviction of an;  person
who steals a copy of this paper
Iron-, the premises ol our subscribers.
Another large mine bus closed down,,
that of ibe Dominion Copper Oompany,
of Phoenix, It Is not large yet In pin-
iinction, being a new Company, hot it
is ono'of ihe largest injthe Province
in capitalisation end] promise,*] and
hud entered vigoronsly into operations,
The manager assigns   us   n   reason the
Bight-Honr Inw.ejThe snspension is
for an Indefinite petlod, and will move
most prejudicial to the business interests of Phoenix anil of the Boundary
oountry _omirally.
No iloiibt there are others fo   follow.
These suspensions ure mnoh too serious to be rlismlHseti with u mere ren-
onl of their happening, and  the men
who are in session ut, lhe Capita] to
protect antl promote the public welfare are expected to aive them their
most earnest consideration, Hot of
the Bight-Honr law incalculable mis-
chief hus come already, and unless
some remedy be supplied soon there
will be moic of it. ll is brooming
more and more apparent thnt the  Leg-
isintuie ntnst act. Keceni experiences
jt, Sandon almost, dispel the last hope
||(,it anything in the nature of a settle-
,���.t can be  arrived   at   between   the
mui  the   mine  managers,   The
Deal"'""' ""'" "' "'" ���*;'<"'11" have P'Of*
the ' '*t"''r services us mediators, hut
iiuii0"' "n**''''8'' Thev think the man-
lm, fl are willing to go as far ns reu-
! in, justice, and l��ir piny ouiiltl tie-
��� naml. but the men hold hack. The
Miner is informed Hint u committee
nf the business men advised a committee of the Unions to advise the miners
to accept the terms of the managers,
und tbat the}- diil so with the promise
to report Inst t-jittiiriliiy. As fur ns
known, no report bus yet been made,
It is understood the matter hus been
referred to the Onion officials nt Hutlc,
Montana We hnve come to this puss
in 1. Hritish Province, thnt in our In*
iliiBtrinl affairs we nre governed by foreigners, operating from n fnieiijii
���state. We are governed by a Federation of Lnbor whose members make a
hero of a innrnerer who is low serving his sentence of seventeen years in
State prison. Is it uot high time the
people at Victorin were awakening to
the -haute and disgrace of the niton
The Union secretary at Mandon is in
receipt of a large salary from these
foreign dictators, a larger snlnry than
he could earn as u miner. He bus what
in common pm lance is culled a soft
job, and is in no hurry to throw it up.
In this respect be is like other Union
officials. It puvs them to keep up lhe
agitation. Th.- mining industry maybe, destroyed, and the miners may loaf
in idleness on their pension! ;  bul they
fare sumptuously, it is better than
work. These men are directed from
headquarters in .Montana, by men who
are aiders and abettors of riot, inceiid
iarisin. und minder. It is lime all tin-
was stopped. II ean he Stopped by our
members at  Victoria,Vlbo have only to
legislate iu   the  loterssl  of the Prov*
ince ami not lot   the   benefit   of   alien
agitators   Tne great hulk of Canadian
miners, if they thought themselves
free to express their honest opinion,
would say Ihoy are sick und tired o[
their wretched squabbling, uml woold
prefer to gel bnek lo work. They are
un honest body of men, who ure will
Ing to'give n lair day's work tor u ���
fair day's pay.    The code of labor eth- j
ies which loiuui expression in the
loeur d'Alenea, and winch designing!
scoundrels are seeking to introduce in
lo Hritish   Columbia,    bus   no  atlrat
lions for them.    Hut iindci a mistaken
sense of honor they think   thev ure ob  ;
ligeil to rapport   the   Union officials,
without suspecting tbal  tbey are lend
mg themselves   to  their   (elfish   pni
pjses.    II ouly requires thai ihese men
shall be enoonraged (o cut  themselves
loose from a eonspiruey thai   threatens
to degrade them, aud this enoonrage*
mem the Legislature can give,
It is not very   reputable,   if  true; but
what iia< Legislature of British Columbia bus to do wilb it will puzzle any
one less wise than Mr, Martin to explain.    Mr,    Martin   Iiiih    two    other
charges against  Mr,   Cotton, one of
brunch of I nisi anil the Other Of fills! fv-
Ing public   records, both very  hud If
true. The breach of trust, is a lnutler
for the victim nnil Ihe courts, but not
for the ^Legislature,    The   third   may
proper I j [he made the subject of inquiry! and should Mr. Cotton be proven guilty,the Governor would be .instilled ln{iuslsting that  be take himself
out    ol'   lhe   Cabinet,   ami   the House
would be justified   In  expelling bim,
Ilut.it may he that the olfenee is not
half us grievous as it is lepieseuted to
be in the simple naming of it.
1 CM I . - ...���
Wu have not the sinidow of �� doubt
that Ihe view tnken of the Until Mines
Regulation Bi11{by Mr. Prentice I.
the sound one. It is a bun Hill ill itself, but is is introduced with the
single purpose nf bniiissing the Iluns-
muirs, which is worse, Ministers
must be ilull beyond   reckoning if thoy
do uot understand thai the  legislation
proposed by it would be quite as un-
lOnstitUtional [as the measure of Inst
session which Die Judicial Committee
of the Imperial Privy Council unanimously set aside ns iillia vires of the
Legislature. Mr. Prentice is ostensibly a 'iiivointncnt   supporter,   but  his
honesty ami Independence of oharaoter
will not perm 11 hlmJ_to oountenanofl
the Ignorance or vindiotiveness which
is responsible for this Hill, lie is too
good n member for tho oompany he
is in. 	
Till Union officials and their organ
in Nelsou cry out In grout alarm if
some raw hands nre put to work in a
mine. Tbey sny tbey are a danger to
their comrades, as their inexperienco
is liable to result iu some tcriihle accident. And, ohnnging their mood, tbey
poke Inn al'the malingers for employing cab drivers, dock laborers and
such like as miners. ' Yet the Unions
have their pickets out to seduce these
men from thoir engagements,and when
thev oapture them turn them into regulation miners, in the i*10lt space of
one night, by the simple prooess of initialing thein'as members of a Union.
The marvel iH that decent, honest
miners can snhniil to associate themselves with such fraud and humbug,
Turner Bbetgn&C^IhIjdson's bay
Just arrived from Milwaukee. 	
i * K
<:-.   "     "' .Pa
"   "-'";i
iWdOHPORATF" -.1370.
n��� mi iii. 111.111,     *.<��i tm Funi.i��'.
Wlnderuioro Minos.   Correup  - otooSol'cltwl
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C-i and Dawson City, Yukon
Great Reduction!
$9.65 perSTon
$6.15 per Ton
We have just receivad
ti carload ol choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Bilker St., Nelttou.
Telephone 13.
fjfi~< 9\ ��� ���*^**-k**^**^��*-?'��__*:_r-'-_. ������__*. *__^ *__, ������__r*'*8-'* ���*_���_, ������_?���' ���*__. *;_?���-?"��� ���__, **^* *-__. ���*__"��� ���___ ���*���__ ������__.������__���*<-_������*__��� *__. **_r* ���*__. **v^-
In it |KWnilili> that nut :il Victoria
tbey iln not realise tln> uttandal ol leg-
Islaiing in lbe fnoe Of such a npeotar-ln
ns was presented on Monday. A
Ministerial member moves tbn adjournment of ii ilnlmte, and to save the
Government from defeat is obliged to
vote against his own motion! These I
turns ami trii'ks mny serve t" tinuisp
plnbead  politicians,   hut  sober   mnn
with a respect for  onr  I'ailia otaiy
institutions   and   with    Intelligence
 tt'iih tn appreolate them   feel  pain-
fullv humiliated. If Mr. Senilin has
not tho grace to step ont, His Honor
shnnld apply Ins hands to two portions
of his garment!! ami pitoh him ont.
50 Cases
New Drugs
and riedicines
Received this week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Telephone US,    P.O. Boxm    Baker Stroet,
MnllOrdi n Promptlr Atlondod To.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Women's Cotton Wiappers
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Women's Cotton Blouses
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****��*^*___?'-S'^'__t'-^S'^'-S'-_&���_��'-.a.*_^*-__. ���_?*^*S*__-'-_>'_S,-t5���*_&*-___*��� ���fr-S*'^ _B*_8_*_ft '^���^���^���^���_g^y
'^���00'0^'00-00-00'0^'^-0^-0^-0000^-00'^'00^-00'^-00-00^-0^^^^-\0\ ^01 ^00.^ ���'__?���'__?��� ���00:00'&'
Mining SlfiiM
iiouj.nt and Sold.
5000 Bij,*- Horn Treasury.  A snap
1000 NoOhday    600 Richelieu
Here's a good buy :
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
in lriHtiillnients 7Jio., I^o per month.
I louse and  Lot in business portion of town, $^500.
II. A. F
I can now supply you
with one of those. . .
$15.00 per week. 150 outfits just
received. Price $3.00 and $4.00.
Issued here.    Call or phone.
MISCELLANEOUS     , C. A-PR0SSER,   Manager.
AdvertlieniontaInserted nnder tiiishctuliit
ttin rut', of ono ci-iit 11 wonl piir ItiieritoD.   No
iu]vi-rtl. union! liiken forlo-H limn SSoenta.
FOK SALK.���A good Boarding Boose,
II    I lOUSe S  1S.00     -ttimtril I'orucr Jogophltie  anil   Vor-
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11   *t Ottag*e    10,001 tore,   ('a)t nt prerDleea or addreaa Post
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Nelson Employment Agencv
Nona,   None Qlrl,   Chambermaid
Help 1 pf nil kintl-, tuiiii-hi-ii.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker ��'
FURNISHED   BOOMS,   with    both,
Hist hoii8n above linsiDOKs  College,
on Virturiii Street.   Prlrate family.
RallderawUl llml It to tlielr advftntajte 10
ll-iiro with Brodler k (Jo. on Painting,
Blolchurtand IlulliiiiL' uyitonn,
Daboook and Wilcox, eto.
A"plJ"'J*0.T. CROFTS,,,, m.i ���
Or to FHROU-SON & 0R0PT8, Vancouvi'i
3-trood Companies 3
���London & Lancashire Life Abs. Co.
Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporation.
Plitcnix Fire Insurance Co-
Baker sircut,
LOST.���A   wiilkini.   stirk.    Made nnt
J of  cedar batk.    MisHine from Knynl
A   snitnhio   reward  will
Apply to K. ],. Osier.
ai lasi we hnvo i_ot tn the bottom of
tbat Color .do Beandal, .Mr. Cotton got
hinifli'K into lliiunclul dlffionltlea, anil
bout  hi- creditor*  liy   Hkippina   out.
Board and  Room.
I-it.I CllJSS Board ;uid Room;
Todd's nlil stand, In rear English
Church. Table Board, $4; Board
.-unl Room, $5 and 'S,v.-,o.
I WANTED.���The oare nf offloe,   limine,
111 jiiiiitnr work  of   uny  disotiptlOO
I by a reliable  persou,   Aihlrees MAC,
Miner Olllnn.
11_.\ ui ;i*;
comfortable    room   in  n��*v
corner Ball and  Hoover,   for
Whore jam can dopond on Kettlna tho bent
tminiisiii iiig market and nnj' quantity from
uiu. up,   Prtoo" oannot be disputed,
'I'iiiim; 08,
Frank A. Tamblvn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Painter,   Etc 1
Chimney Sweeping.
Have you seen the new three dollar yearly Accident and Disease policy issued by the Ocean Corporation? Includes $1500 travelling
railway policy and weekly pay-
ments for illness caused by Small
Pox hirI twelve other common
General Agt.        0pp. OddfellowB* Bldk*
Bake.- St., Nelsou,
Houses for sale and rent.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
Establishment's. 1). PIEBBfl Frop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing clean.' I
1   dyed, altered and repaired.
B��nr nr i'i ,,-!,,. Hnlrl. KKI."��>
Professor   Experience
.   Is the Head-Master al the
Nelson    Business    College
Under ihe famous Budget Sysl  n
pupils acquire business knowledge
by actual experience ill business
FUBNIBHBID ROOM,   ami   board   in
private family, $<i per week. Carbonate Street, :tnl iloor east of   Josephine.
WANTED.���Hoys  and Kirls to  etrip
tobaooo.    Fifty ceutn a day, and   im
mm h more a�� Ihoy  onn earn.    Kootenny ClRiir 'Jompany.
There is a Clearing Out Sale in Gents
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S. NB-LSON DAU.Y MIN E R, WEDN ES DAY,   I <_-*__ RU A_&Y  14,  .900
mn* J
. .. 1
nl rim Who Robbed Dr, LnBau's
,j,���,,. _oiil-uoo_ aud Others
In Be Tried-
following oases oome np in tbe
0 a���nr|   vesterdny,   Mr.   Justice
Mnrtin presiding!
lu the ease of Lawrenoe
,..,���,-1  The   1 it'll    Mi"UHt
plaintiff did not nppeur the action wm
,ll_ralsB0d with noBts.
M|. yy \. (inlliber iippearod for the
plaintiff nnd Mr. B, M. M��crto__lrt
|01 (be defoudant,
h| ,||0 ease ol Alexander against the
u , ,., uioonil Railway, application
mna0 on behalf of the plaintiff
f0| i,nlllii���,���,intent of trial on account
of tho abRPtloo of a material witness.
ll it Alexander, Evidence was call*
J iu liohalf of the defence, and after
j,',,,,,,,,,,,,!. His Uirdship allowod ad-
jontniiienl until Saturday. Mr. W.
\ iiaiiiii't represented the plaintiff
,',,;,! Mr. B. P, Davis,   Q. 0.,   tho  de-
Ihe wise of Cppouhoinior against
Braokninn & Ker was not concluded.
It win a salt i" recover 18,000 dam-
Bge8 for broach of contract. For tbe
plHintiff ware Mr. P. IClliott and Mr.
Wilaoii, Q, 0., of Vancouvet. Foi the
���. ��� ,ni \,r s. s. Taylor, Q. 0.. of
Taylor .V rlaniiiugton.
,1, -, nli Sullivnn innl Thomas tiiinnoii,
tin, two tii'it "bn robbed the house of
Dr. I.illnii were senteuced today by
Judge Martin, They were each given
,evuii voare at hard labor.
,1.in,i - Tinner, Fred Hose "and J. W.
Ro��er* who were charged with ioh-
hi UK the shoe store of Wm. Ebbs were
iin.ir-iinl today. Turner pleaded guilty
ami will be scnteiiood tomorrow.
Him. nnd lingers will bo tried noxt
Toronto, bird cnge perch   and   nttiioli-
ment; F. J.    Hurhrtnge,  llrnveiilinist
plnten i>i.'...'-,   (1.    In nits   nnd    tt.   G,
llriniinn,    Nnnilinio,   (ruction   pulley ;
M. K. Hobbins, Victoria, IV u , steam
engine ;t I.  A.   Kobcrtson, Westiuounl,
catch  basi.ni J.   H. stone, Toronto,
lump burner or burner iillncliinent; F.
Tousiununl uuil P. I.tirnnge, St. Ily-
aclulhe, pegging mnchimi,
Alf. Jeffs who is ul the (ienernl
Hospital with a broken leg slill continues lo improve.
In the Police Court yeslerduy things
were rather slack, Olio culprit wns
arraigned for being drunk nud disorderly and wus lined ffi nnd costs.
Tbe Golden Sunset claim nit Wild
Homo Creek was transferred from
William Uuinmiiigs, of Unsshind.to W.
11. Jackson, of Hosalsutl, for a nominal
The nnnitnl drill   pay of the   Nelson
rillo oompany, amounting to $11110, baa
been received iiv Lieutenant Beer, and
will be expended for thn benefit of the
company  in general.
Tho Firo Department wns culled out
bud night and made a .puck run to
Ward St reel opposite the Hume Hotel,
only to thnl the alarm bad been
caused by u ohimuey on lire,
F. W. Peters, A. (I. F A. of the 0.
P, H., went to Slncnn Oity yesterday
iu company with W. K. Mojnnes,
general freight agent of the mad. Mr.
Midlines will leave today for the   east.
Those who will   defend tbo  eoloie of
the l.aorossn-llntikoy club  of   this city
at the   IC ------1:> 11,1 Bonsoeil aro :   Muiin,
goal; Archibuld, point; .Ina Thompson, cover; Blnokwood, Perrier, Wet-
more and Qreenlees, forwards.
Nelson is to hnve another first class
meat market and ,1. L Porter iH to he
ut its bend. Mr Porter bus secured
quarters iu Ilm Turner. Beeton building on Josephine Street and promises
to bo ready for business tomorrow.
Kev. C. W. Hose, pastor of the Baptist Church, bns been prevailed npon
to remain in Nelson uuotlini' week and
may appear in the pulpit of the church
noxt Sunday, notwithstanding the
fact that he prnuobed his farewell sermon last Sunday.
Mrs. Dr. Arthur entertained at a
skating party at tho rink yosrerdny
atterii.iiin uud proved a most delightful
hostess. A large number of Indies
aud gentlemen weie ptesent and a
most enjoyable time wns spent by all.
The ico was iu splendid condition.
There wus a sinnll run-away on Baker Street today. The kingbolt of n
sleigh htoke and tbe horse ran, carrying the shafts with him. The sleigh
was left on the pavement in front of
the Bank of Halifax. The horse wns
caught und returned to his owner bo-
tore any damago wns done.
It is but a mutter of 11 short time
now holme the hill division of the
etreet railway system will be in oper
ation. Tbe appliances required hnve
been completed ami as soon as they
nre in plaoe operation up and down
the hills will commence. The cars
then will be absolutely safe.
Tho following transfers of  mineral
chiimti were made at the recorder's
ofllce yesterday. A two-thirds interest
in   the   chum   known     as   Highland.
situated In  the southern  extension of
Hall ami passed the  following   resolo-1 'ho   Kedlaud    claim,   between   Eagle
tit... which will be properly engrossed I ""'' �� {'r^' w"   .r*ins_.-ri_d   from
1   '    '     ��� Augustus Zollner of Nelson, to  H.   s.
1111,1 ' '" 'he family of the deceaeed : hillkiml lu���i Herman Weiderman, both
Wherein, 11   has   pleased  a   Divine I of Nelson.
'There   is   just- about ns little cansc
* *^^*VVV*��V^V*A>V**��V-^^-VVvV^<VV�� .VWVVV*WV*W ��*VW'*'',-��*>^***_**l**-��*--****W*t'
id the fficl that you need and
can   buy  ..ui  of   our stock
the best all-the-yeai-round
foot wear n. be had in this city,
at prices  that will  suit you ?
Come and inspect our stock.
We   will   not   be   undersold.
Bring Your Repairing.
Remains Escorted  to  the  Grave  by
Members of, tbo Minors' Union.
The funeral of the late W. I).   Mor-
phy t'.ak  place  yesterday   afternoon
from the  residence of  his  father on
Stanley Street,   The .Rev,  Mr. Ake-
l,iu-t et Saint   Xavier's  Oburcb offloi-
1..I ami 11 number of people acconipan-
ieil the family tu  the   City ceruetery,
where the interment  took place.   The
iters  weie:   Mohsis.   William
l-.m-i, iieerge s   Proseer, U.H. Mnnn-
h-in. B, Macdonald,   H.   A.   Bleivett
ami 1 mules Ford,
��� Mine] 1 Union,   No. HO, W.   F.
.Al . nu 1 ul Miner's Union Hull und at-
Iho nun ial   111   u   body.    After
the obteqeies tbey   returned to  Union
Providence to lemove from onr midst,
iu the llowoi ol Ins you'h, our beloved
brother, William I). Murphy  nnd
Whereas, In the death d suid brother
tin- Union mourua the loss ol nn so*
live brother, faithful and true at all
tun,- 111 the principles of our organisation,  III, retell' he  It,
ItCRolved, That the members of this
Union I., ieby extend their heartfelt
Bymnathy to the grief strickeu parenle
iimi family ol tleoeased, in this their
hour nt bereavement nud sincerely
itic-t tlnu these oxprissloni ol aonow
1,"l! .''*' ' will assist them iu hearing
on innler iheir allliction with rcHigna-
ti'in ami fortitude,
I'���" 11 finther Kesnlved, That copies
"f lliese rn��iintloua be sent to tbe patents of deceased and published in tbe
daily press,
M. K. MOWAT, Pres.
JAMBS \YIl_K__, tjoc.
Ptofessoi   \ inter   V.   0_oper    at
Opera House.
Professor   Vinter  F.   Cooper,    the
Wind phrenologist,  gave an  interest*
BR ' nti rtainuient at   the Opera House
a��l eight.    He   suls  assisted   by Mia.
Professor Cooper   opened  the
'"t'rtsinn t  by   giving some  selec-
"-mi 11 large pbiiiiogiapb which was
"'" stone, He then gu.e a short
Mure on phrenology and uaed a
(���"'.'I many argoments to prove thnt it
wosnot a "Science of bumps." as so
miitiy people 1 elieve, but was based
' system of scientific ruonsure-
in nt-    Aocotding to Cooper the   din-
*"". "mn part of the crnnium oo-
- It< m lhe opening of  the ear de-
" '"- ti." development of the tunc-
11 ��Mted in  the bruin immediately
henoath  that part of   tho  skull.     He
1   " ht��ted good use of phrenology was
; 'Jrouah u knowledge of that eci-
���moe it could be determined as to what
Wonts should be developed in n child.
'"���'"ling to  this  theory it would bo
ureal use in  determining the  prn-
���-11111 or   business that a young   man
mould  adopt.    H��   illustrated  HIb reus hy showing  Fteveial  skulls nnd
'���"ter ,-a.t. 0f grent  me0i   Napoleon
"��� voltslre being  among  these.    At
"'  "Otiolnsion   of   the   lecture  Mis.
��r look up n collection among  the
which unmoored about   300.
for a smallpox scare in Nelson as tbere
could be," suid a gent, leiniiu from
Spokane to a Miner mun yesterday.
"The disease which is so prevalent in
American cities'at- tho present time is
of the mildest type, is lmriily ever
fatal and does not leave the murk upon one's faoo or elsewhere. Whatever
you do don't worry abont it nnd don't
allow your friends to worry. "
It.bas been suggested bv several citizens that au effort might bo made to
enfoioe tho snow by-law to the extent
at least, that the main streets of the
Oity shall be cleaned. The by-law
provides that nil sidewalks shall be
oleanod of snow und utiaches a penalty
for failure to observe the law. It bus
never been enforced, but might be, nt
the present time, to very good advantage, Borne of tho down town streets
are in very bud condition.
All players of the Nelson Hook.y
team are requested to attend a practice
at the rink tonight. This -will be the
last practice before the game at Ross
land, which will bo played Thursday
evening. As large an attendance as
possible is therefor requested. The
team will leave Nelson Thursday
morning nnd will be composed of the
following: S. Neelands, goal; Vi.
Duncan,   point;   H.   Howiien,   cover;
T. Duncan, D. Rutberlord,  Cook and
Pullen, forwards,    Mnn in, spare muu.
Visitors t<; the meeting uf the Baptist Young People's Union   last   night
enjoyed an exceptionally good program composed of speeches, recitations
and vocal music.    Little  Miss  Felicia
Burt, n four-year-old,  earned a huge
amount of appluuse because of the
mauner in which she recited. Special mention might ulso lie made of u
solo and recitation by Miss Smith and
a duet hy tho Misses l.ulii nnil Edna
Ellis. At the close of tbe programme
those present adjourned to the church
parlors, when refreshments were serv
ed, the mooting concluding With *'���
singing of "Urol Snve the Queen.'
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents'
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
Now  thul
Patterson, R, IC. Cameron, H. K. Monro!, Greenwood.
Grniid Central��� Joseph Higgins, Silver King mine; ,1. Miller, A, P. Mor-
lison, Toronto ;,lohn lOhoin, Washing*
tun; John 1). Mel,end, Kuslo: R, Lock-
hurt, Kobson ; Thos. L, Kuminerly, F.
W. Uruy, Toronto; Frank Campbell,
Silverton; l_. Kilgulloii, F. Parker,
Ferniu; M. O. MoOraig, Hull, B, C. ;
W, T. Beadles, James ileum, Sui.no;
C. O. Hobsoii, ymir.
������������������ �����������������������������������������������������������������������������. ���������������������������������������'���.��������������.���������������
I Ross, Lee St Taylor j
Victims     to     stomach,    liver    nnd
kidney      troubles,     us      well     ns
women,    und    all     feel    the   results
in   loss    of    appetite, poisons   ill   the
blood, backache, nervousness,   head-
nolle, nnd tired, listless, run-down
feeling. But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to .1, VV. Gardner,
lduvillo, tod. lie says: "Klcetric Hitters are just the thing Por a uinn when
lie is all run down, anil don't euro
whether he lives or dies. It did more
to Ki*'*' I*-"" new strength and good
appetite than anything 1 could take,
I can now eat anything, and lmvou
new louse on life." Only 50 cenls at
Camilla   Drug  it  Hook  Store.    Every
bottle guaranteed.
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite tho Postoflice);
������DEALERS  IN	
Correspondence Solicited.
ii is universally ac-
ilnii my paten) appll-
j ances positively cure RUPTURB,
and ure GUARANTEED to |_ive
invite tlie very worst cases���infants,
children nnd adults*���no mutter how
lnnl yon may be afflicted.
I will pay ymir I'.-ire  botll ways il
yon can force the Rupture down in
any  position   with my   NEW   RETAINER on.
Size and age immaterial.
See what onr leading* Physicians
Ottuwa, December 20th, 1NSW.
T      I have inucli   pleasure   in   testifying
II to J, I,.    Armstrong1**,   ability   in   the
T mechanical   treatment  of Heruia or
*�� i linpture.    He   hue    very   suecenHfully
��,'��,'��n�������.i��H��i,��.,+,i��,i��.i>.* m"9"<}"9i'9"^)"9"ii"9"<!*"C"tt-*"^"^
Fine Watch,   Clock   and   Jewelry
repairing.    Work   and   ij-oods
guaranteed  positively.
t as poi as a
The Old Established and Well Known
Situate at Procter's Landing;, on Kootenay Lake.
Contains fifteen rooms, furnished complete. Fir I
class bar room and bar fixtures. Two acres of grounds.
On water front, and close to wharves and pro;-u_.J
For price and full particulars apply
Patenaude Bros. \J       t. Q. PROCTER,
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yiirds, NELSON and LAKDO;
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
^.���.MMI����. .���������...4m*>.����*.-Xl..n*>***.....H. .H.*H^|'re""t^  patients of  mine  rauRiog in
age irniii 11 fi'.v months to tin yearn of
, ���~��������� ^��� ' n_e.    Must     nt'   theHe    pntieute   were
lattHoted with very large, nnwanageable
: Hernia, which fnilerl In be relieveil hy
all tbe trustee triad. The principle of
this patent eppllnnoe seems to he per-
I feet. The hv" 1 is directed UKninst
ilie u.'iit of   1 .,iture only, anil  Ban
ne innnipi'.i    . to   tetiiin   alternately.
I nnheslliitiii-iy recommend Mr. Ami*
strong to ,. -iiisiilertition of the pro.
tension n* i| I lie public.
HI). ..)' P. WRIGHT, M. I).,
102 KlRin Street.
John Montgomery,   O. M.Williamson,
I.  ,.. _. K   Borgeryof   M. D. OH.
MoulKomery and Willinmson.
Physlolane and Snrgeone,
Ardoch.N. D,. Dee. _tlth, IWU.
I ,'an nnbeetltallngly reeoiniueiirt ,1.
1.. ArinstroiiK's patented appliance
as one that hue given me perfect satis-
faction in the treatment of Hernia liy
-nioh means. I believe it to lie us ��ci-
entitic us it is pORxible for su.'l. appliances to be mane,
Hiitienlfl of niuii', on whom several
styles of tnissi's have been tried und
failed In their object, found, when fitted wilb lhe ArmstronK uppliunce, thnt
they could do all kinds 01 work.liftlna
heavy loads, etc., with safety, und
without experiencing any discomfort
or pain. In adjustment it is simplcltjr
in itself.
The profession  would do well to Investigate its merits beforo fitting their
patients with any other.
December 15th, 1.-U.
I have much pleasure in recommending to the attention  of   the pmfdsiion
II Heroin supporter, the invention of
.1. L. Armstrong, of this city.
After repeated trials of the instrument I am satisfied that it ia the
most ������il.'-.1 -'.t truss in the Dominion.
As regards mode of application and
results, it stands aloue 10 this conulry,
embodying the principle of ft_ad support, not to sny ptessure in the treatment of hernia, recognizing a�� it does
that the requisite pressure is [afforded
by the wall of the utidomen. Vour*
trulv, C. B. CHURCH, M. D.
I have the privilege of referring yon
tn several of the most reliable ladles
cured hy my appliances, inclodiug the
wife of a prominent minister of the
gospel, wife of a prominent lawyer,
wives ol tWO merchants, and others,
including 11 LADY 88 YBAKS OLD.
and mother of one of our most pionil-
nent merchants. These ladies have
not worn any Support from une lo font
years, ami most of  them threo~vears.
Baker Street, Nelson.
��.i��.i��ii��p��p��"��"��".*-"���"���"���" -���'.*���_ "���"���"���'���
'Viifhington, Ij. C���  Keb. 18.���H. O.
latent   lawyer,   Washington,
'  i reports  tbe  following   patents
(1  !"   ut" United Wiat.es Patent
-annary BO,   intio, to inventors
'- nt the  Dominion  of Canuda.
"will mail a copy of specifications
" "rawingsoi any   patent upon re-
'.'I"1 "1 I" tents.    Hon.ago ttiimps will
�������icoepted,   Q.   Von   Almu, Kil-
;N""I,V.   IJ'iiit    picker;  T.   (Jrockutt,
���'""If"u!, locniuotivo Hunger;  T.   Do-
"">���   Sarnie,   apparatus for   *nanu��
'���"���'���uuil* iron uud stoel; F.  Downing,
Hnme���0. W. McAnn, Kaslo;.!. T.
Wilkinson, Vancouver, of tho Vancouver Province; D. J. Young, Kiiflo;
R. W. Higgur, Harry Tipping. Hamilton; B. W. Craig, Criiigtnwu, II.
MiohnlHon. Montreal; W. A. Blair.
Vancouver j 0. H. Hairri, Toronto ; P.
.1. Trnesdale, St. Html; L. Dlngman,
Winnipeg; Kred T. Suytlcr, (,'lticngo;
S. K. Sliiimerniiiii. Toronto; H. T.
Lowery, Now Denver Ledge; P. D.
Fortier, W. J. Hogg, Kossland; F.
Creen, Toronto; W. B. Oroy, Hamil-
toan; ti. 0, Roman, Omaha; James
Boveridge, Vnnconvor.
Phnir���P. J. Hickey, Sandon, HC, ;
W. H Allan. Kaslo; ,1. H. ('ray, Kaslo; K. B. Fraser, Silverton; M. H.
Cowan, Nelson; A. K. Kennedv, ln-
roiito.E. F. Burns, Greenwood; A.
MoOullooh aud wile, Ureenwood; Jennie Peterson, Wm. B,   Lemout,   Win.
City of Nelson Local Board of Health
Vaccination   Notice.
Notice is hereby given thut it is the
duty of tint parents nf every child to
cause such child within three months
nf its birth to he takeii.to some medical practitioner, duly appointed or nu-
ihorizi'd under the regulations of the
Provincial board of health, for the pur-
I rose of being vaccinated.
Notice 'B also given   that   from   and
niter tbe fifteenth day of Pebrnary in-
stunt, no child will be allowed   to   nt-
i tend any public or   private   school   in ;
I the City of   Nelson, unless such   child i
I shall produce to the principal or teach- .
I nr of lhe school  a  c .rtiflcate   showim
I Mint   the   child
P. BURNS & CO.-?
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
t_.g* �����-*����������������� -"a*.*)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Nelson Eleetr icTram way Co,Ltd.
Large number Choice Building   Lots  adjacent
Testimonial)! from must refpact-
able residents of Victoria, H. C.
(which lill too much space), vi/:
1.. Goodacre, Baq., Queen's M.tr-
kel, Purveyor to H. M. Navy.
II. Manstll, Merchant, Govern'
ment street.
lv. Ilonilriiy, Esq., C. !*������
J. C. Klliott, Esq., Sec. Board of
Fire Underwriters,
J, Giscombe, Miner, Fori   Street.
I will be at tbe Hume Hotel
Tuesday and Wednesday, February
jnth and i ist.
Call Early.
A physician will be in attendance at <11 i'1*- ^"ll-
the pnblio schools daily  from 1! o'clock  Josepllille
o iii. until -I o'clook p,   in.,   for the/
0  the
has iieeu su-eBB-fully I line of their Tramway.    For price and terms of sale  apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,   Corner   ol
.nd Vernon Streets.
rf  vaoomatma   .m.nren., T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary   Provincial Land Surveyor
Every obild presenting Itself for vac-
oination slionld bo aooornpanied by one
���f iis parents.
Children whoso parents are enable
to pay the vaccination foe payable to
the medical practitioner, will be vuc-
,,..n,���H I'ri'ii of ciuir!_i' on aplioatton to
oinatea ire" m '.""'-        ' .,   ,in.l];,,, Danoes, Banquets and every kind of en*
the nhysioians attending at  tnepnouoi; .' ���        .._..��
schools, or to Dr. I.iiHan the oity men
ioal health offloer,   By order
i   K   STRACHAN, Kooretary,
Nel.on   B  c" February 7tn, 1900.    , DB. E. 0. ARTHUBP, City. | NELSON,
Fraternity Hall    REISTERER & CO.,
Cornor Victoria sad Ktrf,!,'imj m_,.
I'. O. linx MB, Telephmie No. 'C
I'm Ital.i-i- .V Kooleiiay sis.
can !>e rented   for Conceits,    Lectin e-
tel'tainiiient.    Good iinte-roiiins, cloak
rooms. Kitchen and dining room fur*
I nlshed,    For ternipply
I. t'.dUBX
I  s. i i.r.ttt.M_
BrewerSOf Fine Lager
Beor mid Porter.
Drop  in   itntl  sec   ne.
b. a
Civil   Engineers   and ProvincUl
l.nnd Surveyors.
I', tt, Ilo-115 s-l.-_.l_.__
Ttuiiblyn and Rue Win iu Tirst Draw in
the New York Life Grant! Challenge  Contest,
is run ti. in  1111: M1NEH.)
Rossland, B.(*., Peb. 18.���Tbe Rosa-
land Midwinter Carnival opened ans-
ploionsly thin morning at fl o'olook by
tho I'oiiiiiieiiceiiient of tlie norliug hon-
spi.-l ��t the skating-rink, Tbo Ice wns
in excellent condition iintl Ihe five
rinks were in full play nil day, Many
visitors aocoropanied tbe Sandon  and
Nelson   teams   who   arrived   hero   on
Monday nlghl nnd muuy of tlm Incom*
ets experienced  some difficult; In  so-
eiiriiiR rooms. In most of the oitj>
hotels rooms had heen engaged well in
iiilviinen innl the rooms were  till   ocon-
pled lust night
'Che   lir.-t    competition    -tinted   wns
for tbe New 5fork Life Grand Challenge trophy. Kinks today had played
off In this competition with the following result for the lirst uuil socond
New Sfork Life Grand Ohallenge-
Nelson���D. Stanley, .1   Pox,   3.   II.
Wallace, P. A, Tamblyn,  tsklp), IS,
Kossland ���.1.    K. , Allison,    Vi.     T,
Oliver, C, 'I. Ross, A. II. MaoNelll
(ski[i). B,
ShihI 111���<i. 11. McMnrtin, Rev A.
M, San lord,. 0. .1 ,*** Robertson, . M- L
(liininiftt, iskip), 8.
Rossland���G, s. Wbnlen, J, Luwn,
L, B. DeVsbre, II B. Smith, (skip;
l i. 	
Sandon���H. II  Pitts,J. Crawford, J.
li Main, W. li. Wilson,  iskiin,  I'*'
Rosulinid���Kev. Ij. McG, liiindiei.
Ur. Campbell. V. MnL, Forin, ,1. M.
Beamish, (skip), '���'.
Suiitlnii���II. II. Pitts. .1. I'niwfjid,
J. O. Main, W. <i. Wilson, (skip), 10.
Kossland���(;. S. McLean, .1, Lawn,
Ii,  li. lleVebre, H. II. Smith,  (skip), li.
Rossland���D. Msoble, W. McQueen,
A. B. Barker, I). B, Bogle, (skip), 14.
Sandon���N. Q. Onvanagb, Col, Pier-
son.   A.   I-:.   Hill,   Alex.    Crawford,
(skipi, I-.'.
Nelson.���U. Porter, T. Liilie, A.
Carrie. J,  Rao.   (skip), 18,
Rossland���J, B. Morkill. (i. 0.
Hodge, W. M. Wood. D, I-.. Kerr,
tskipi. li.
l onl inn, tl fi'noi First Puire.
This afternoon tbe party took a tide
in a private car over tho Canadian
soenio line. Tomorrow the Conntess
will probably go to Buffalo, where she
will lunch with President Carlyle of
the Interiiutioiinl Triietion Co.
Moutreiil, Peb. Kl. ��� Thousands of
dollars ii,una-,��� was dona to merchan-
���list* in cellars on some of the west
end streets by the Mood eanscd by nn-
n-nully heavy fall ot rain dorini- lhe
put I- lmurn.
Yarmouth,   N.   8.,   Feb. 18.-Clay-
ton Sullivnn, son of Angnet Sullivan,
of this plaoe, was accidentally shot
und killed by his uncle, George Hevcr-
Idge, while ont dnik shontiug, this
morning, at the home of the latter
where the victim was visiting.
Montreal, Peb, J'!.���The ooortofrn-
view this morning, in the suit of N.
ft M. Oonnoly, Qnebeo, to recover
money advanced iho Cordage Con-nun*
ets Co., to carry in the mannfaotnre ol
binder twine iii connection  with  the
ceniral prison of Toronto, oonfirmed
the judumciii of the Superior Court
awarding 138,884 to the appellants,
Brockvllle, Peb IB.���Kichnrdson
lieillow. 100 years ol ige, the oldest
i,-ideiit r.f Eastern Ontario, died lasl
Digbt    He  oame   here   from    Couiiiy
Wioklow, Ireland, no fears ,-iko.
I iiiiiii vi ll<-. ' nn . Peb 18, The ofllce
of tlie Monck Reform Proas wns damaged   to   ll xt.nt   of   110,000   this
morning by flu.   Jemst Mont'-, who
owns th.- bnilding, loans 1700 by the
lagarsoll,   Ont.,    Peb     18.���Baby
<*   in s wns Inn tied   to death here   this
morning at   let  parents' home    she
snd her live-vim old liiteT Were playing with in.it'Ij.-- ami otie nt these
enught lire, letting ihe ihildreiis'
clothing on lire.
Si. Thomas, t Ini . Peb, 18, ���Wm, J.
Hunter died tbts morning it Chatham
hospital from Injuries received In i
nit-ht while swltobing oars
i ittawa. Peb, 18.���Thi resoll "I tbi
'Hint itiariiiii ni the three Oanadlsn
volnnteers of "A" and -��� i:" oompas
ies lms been   reoelved  si   the Depart
men! of Mlitia.    The   affair turns out
to be verv -Unlit    "it" was admonish*
ed tin, other wae reprimanded  snd the
third _oi sight days.
Victoria, B, <*.. Pub.  18,���a    Went
WOttb Sure!, editor of The Kiimloops
Standard n.-nl G, Sheldon Williams,
its Victoria correspondent, worn served
to appear Friday for libel on Limit.n-
ant-Govornor.MoInnes, Sard will employ it" eoiiii.-el nnd If lined will refuse
to pay, preferring jail. He says having ii| oliglzed, he has done all he enn,
ami present  proceedings  are [erseou-
tiou.     He   claims   Ilm   letter   was Iho
composition of three men In Victoria
and that Williams is not responsible
for Hie part which caused the present
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 18,���Lienten-
ant-Colonel Steele,commanding Strathconn's Burse, passed through Winnipeg
today, i'liroute to Ottawa, The colonel says he is greatly, pleased with
tbe force as organized. He says he
ciiiiii! not answer thousands ol applications received tor positions Willi the
Strathoona contingent,
t lonlinuod fnsii first l'i
is doing,    and   all    Ameiicaiis   living
here   can     testify   how   grateful   this
ountry is to them."
London, Peb, 18.���The fact that
General Boiler's dispatch revising the
casualties to tic British troops at Pot-
glers' Drift is dated from l.'hievclcy is
taken in some ijuiirters us hii indication thut General Iluller has removed
his headquarters to that place. There
is nothing to indicate whether or not
be left any large force at Springfield.
London, Feb. 1 :i.���In the House of
Commons today, Mr. Thomas Hedder-
wick, advanced Libera], gave notice
of a resolution culling attention to the
foot that the Colonies ure without representatives ill tbo Imperial Parliament. The resolution was set down
for a month hence, but it is not likely
that time will be found for its discussion.
The Under Secretary of State for
Poregn Otllce, Mr. Win. St. John
Broderick, was asked whether the
Government had received any commune ation from Germany modifying
the declaration mnde in IHIlo by the
then minister of foreign affairs, Huron
Von Blebcrstein.to the effect that (Jer-
innny's only policy was the maintenance of tin* Transvaal us an independent stuto in accordance with the treaty
of 1884. He replied that no communication had been received from the
German Government relative to the
oonvention of Is-.! which he added, as
a matter of fact, was terminated by
the state ol war. 'Jin- 1. under Secretary of State for tiie War Otllce, Mr.
George Wvndham. dedniBtely set at
rest all forces of the Government Interference m the prerogative of Commander-in-Chief Field Marshall Lord
Wolseley, to selcot the generals commanding in Sooth Africa. Replying
to a question, Mr. Wyndlmni said
commanders in the   field were selected
by Lord Wolseley subject to the approval oi tbe Sue:etary of State for
War, and added that every supplementary list was taken np. Mr. Wyndham
daring tbo course of a speeoh, again
Intimated thai au attempt would he
made to democratize the army whioh
lie said be thought i ugbt not to he clos
oil to officers who did uot enjoy an
incline of from ��160 to CoOO b year.
Mr. Wyudham also said it was a scandal iind a danger to (he Empire that
young men could nol enter the caviihy
unless Iheir fathers were able to give
ilieni ��800 a year. The Under Secretary (nrther stated ihat it was not in-
leii'ii'd k raise volunteers in Ireland,
London, Fit' 18. ���An undated dis-
patch from Mafeking via Oaberones,
I'Vhruar.v B, says: Colonel linden-
Powoll has received a communication
from Lord Roberts, promising relief
would bo sent in a few weeks. The
food will last   i ne garrison i- ns game
BS    'Vir,      The      lan is    have    ivmes.-eil
their Intention   not   to   light,   hut   to
starve u   out.
Continued Prom Hirst Pago,
grapher," Several complaints soon
found their wny to the Post Offloe Department concerning tho photograph
thnt never oame, The Investigation
developed, not only that Roy had fie-
frr.ntie I the persons who sunt him
money, led remained out of the Department's reach in Victoria.
Cards for the marriage of Lillian
Pauncefote and Mr. Robert Bromley
will be issued with in the im.\t few
days. This Interesting event, iis already announced, takes phieo Saturday.    February   84,     at     St.      John's
Church, the Bishop of Washington offl-
einting,assisted by Kcv. Dr. Alexander
.Miickuy-Smitb, I). I*. Lady Bromley,
the mother of the gloom-elect, hn- already arrived at tho British Kmlmssv,
where she will be joined this week
by her husband, Sir Henry Bromley ;
Mr. Bromley Wilson, and Miss Esther
Bromley, who have sailed for America
cu the Oceanic Lady Bromley is being enteitniuetd in a quiet
and totally unofficial way during these
early days of ber visit which serves
tn show the genuine popularity of her
future daughter in-law, who has spent
most of her life in America, and is universally beloved and esteemed. The
departure of the Ambassador and family, unless again postponed by some
unforseen cironmstanoe, will take
place in April, aud is n subject, of
much regret antl onuses additional iu
forest to gather about rhis marriage of
tbe young (laughter of tho house. The
Ambassador and Lady Pauncefote will
givii then last formal dinner party, in
honor of the Secretary of State, Monday, February 12.
Tbe following pensions have been
granted to Canadians, Original���William Johnson, Balmoral, Manitoba, Sii
a month. Additional���lohn M. Daig-
iieau, Sherbrooke, Quebec, from ,*n
to $8.
Returning  'Klondike!-   Tells   of   Capo
Nomo Fields.
Fort Plain, N. *_., Peb, IS.���The
following is a portion of a letter received here by Ervin Miller, a returned Klondike., from lhe postmaster at
Nome, Alaska, the latest gold producing Held :
"Imagine a strip of sandy beaoh
which will pan from i'in to ?o00 per
day. The water from the ocean is used
to wash out the auriferous particles
nud there is a chance for everyone. Of
course there is a stiip along the beach
about Kin feet wide thnt belongs to the
(ioverninent for a roadway. Bnt this
can be leased from the interior depart
incut and is being worked hy those
who are in need of ready money for
the necessaries of life. About eight
months ago a crowd of -,000 miners
enmo in dead broke. They had lost
evoiylhing thoy bad in the Copper
River oonntry and to them tbe free
geld on the   beach was a Gonsend.
'I buve never seen anyone who
wauled to work, clear up less than $25
n day. There are times when rich
pockets would be struck and the labor
of a few hours wonld pay .500. Tbe
best time to work is in tbe winter
when the ground is frozen, bnt even
the climate is not so severe ns in the
Klondike and the minors work to belter udvnntage. Up in the hills mines
bave been discovered and have been
worked foi several seasons, Oue of
them employes eight men and hns
turned out. over (880,000 net."
There   is   a   Clearing   Olii:   Sale  liy  Geijts3
F!tfr_)is_tii)gs oi) al O'REILLY'S.
Wholesale Houses.
SON, 5. C.
THORPE & CO-, l.r.MiTKD   Horner Vor
lio" u   >  lanii*
,1 a,     in aerated
,    ;       i,. i oa, oil agents tor Unl-
l' prltii     am "a it *'!". __
vui.i,  ol ,  P. O. Box 88.  Tole-
,,:... ,. \��� si,  ii ,-ci-i   uol  Nolson, Bottlers
11 the Famous SI I.              Iprlngs Mineral
IJ J- EVAN I ���',��� 3, u.-.M-'i.i't.Ni'l
. in, ,-. ii Iii ii itinra, duiii-H
i    ... \, ... nor pipe aud
- .���   rnl   to a, a   . i salon merchants.
I.i.miii.i>. ��� Ki'iiiu street, Nolaon, whole-
Mil,id. ill. r... in Hour, omuls, ole., iiiiiI hay
mui main. Mlllsat Edmonton, Vlotorla ana
New Wi'-in in-:,ir. Elevators on Calgary k
Edmonton Hallway.  ;
A MACDONALD __ QO.-Ooraor Ver*
���   i  ami Josephine .���streots, wholosalo
wooers and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts,
Boots, rubbers, maoklnaws noil miners' Hun-
,li Ies.
PB'JtilMS 6. OO���HakorStreet, Nolson,
, ��� nholosule detUoi'S in fresh nml cured
in, its.   Culdeti
i; il:, rStreet Nelson.  W noleaaledeal
or- in fro-li and tar,,! meats,
I., i: : i, Hafcet Slreot,Nolson, whole-
nalodcaloi In hai Iwan aud mining supplies,
plumbers'nnd tinsmith's supplies.
talc I .-ini   ,111,1 u.i-.
vernoii and Josophino btroeUB, Xc'son
wholesale dealers hi llquora olgara and dry
goods. AgentiforPabac Brewing Co, of Mil-
waukee and Calgary Brewing Go. of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY CO.--Wholesale gro-
uui-ie*unil LtqaorflteU-.! i-akurtst.. Nolson.
JY GRIFFIN & CO--Cornor Vornon
��� und Josephine Streets. Nelson, wholesale
dealer-* in provision*-*, oared meats, butter and
_�� MILLS, LiMiTKD���Cornor l-'mnt and
l|;iil Btreeis, Nelson. inanuf_tctu_ton of und
i h       i- In sash _i d doors; all kinds
ia i.   tor   w oi li " ido io order.
ca .r.'-a.
WANTBD.���For   three   people,   two
rooms witli hnard in central  pert   of
town.   With bath preferred,   Address
B, Miner Offloe,
Spokane Falls <&
Northern R'v.
Aiioiliei' frosli conslgiiinonl of our f
Brand of Mocha antl .lava <'oiler, reputed by Lhe bosl judge, of the above artlalo to bo
nosRossed of the hlghosj quality and flavor.
As It Is sure to ploasoevon tliu most Cnstldious.   I'orsalo only by the
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd..
Successor-.' to M. DbsBrisay ,'i; Co. I
i >.'>"���">"���">"���*'��������.'���������.'���>�����*-:��' . "Q��< ���*..-!��� ���'.>'.<��� J'^��'***0"^**^"#��#��^^
We are showing a
First-Class Line of   k
Which we are onrering-'"at
Shelf & Heavv Hardware.
0 ~
Etc., Etc., Etc.
13th Feb. to Feh. 17th
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated !-H6o.
���Tap-tol rahl-iiit.     .    .    .     _H.985.OtO.fH- |   RcmI $l,;oo.flflO.(Hi
���**nunl of l-_r-'-*_..rs:   ThoniM EC Kouni y, Pr-Utldont:   Thoman l.iir*|ii., Vice-'-'re-iiih'iH.
Michael Dwyer. Wiley Smith,  II. Q_ BnUld, lion, II. tl. Full) r, M.L.O., Hon, Davht MacK_<-n.
Bead OOleei ItuUl-ixi
Oeneral Manager, Kd.-on U Pcd-se, Mnnlr   ���'.
Huperiiiteiiih-iii ��f Branobef), W. Ji. Torranco, Flallfax,
Inspi'itor, w. K. Brook, Halifax,
Beerctary, 1>. M. Btowart, .Mont real.
ItruiK-'"-. I
Nova Mrotln   Ihillfax I.ranch. /Lntlgonhih. Hi-i.L. '��� ii r, Quynboro. [jOn-<1oniler_7, Lunonbarff.
Maluand (Hani- Oo.h Ploton,  Port iln.vke-bury,        i ibenncadie, Truro, Weymouth.
New Brunswirk-Hiithui>t,  Etorchestor, Prodorieton, Kin-   (Kar.i Oo.l,Monoton, NV\.-
castle, Sack ville, Wnodf-toek. r K. isiutiil-Charlottctott'ii, summowldo Qnrbee Montreal
(City Ofllce). Montreal. \. est Kml iCor. Kotro iMmo nd Suigiii un. Streets); -Veatmonnl ICor,
tireeno Avenue and Bt, Oatharinoa Street. Ontnrln Ottawa. V-..rout..llan.l-8t_ Jonn'ft
. uba. Weal iinili".-Havana. I iiiied Mule**   Now Vork tli Exchange Mlaco) Hepublio, Waih,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, NelsAn, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria,
I'.nndii���Merchnnls Bunk of Ciutiula.   �����.._����.��� -National :-li iwnnii Mnnk.   ,iilrn���o_Ami*rU'n
Niitltiiiiil Hank-  ����n Fr.aeMca   Plr-I Nutlbnul bank.   I,,.mini. ,���.����. - Bank of !*coilanil.
P��rl��, Fr.nrr-Cralii I.yoiiimiH.   Iln imiila   Bank of Bermuda.   , lii.iu mul Jup.n   lloi
Kong and Shiingltai HankliiK (torporaTluii.
(leoeial lUnklng Business Tran.-Hclcd; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
r-nd Sold, Letters of  Cr.dit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most f.ivoialili'in ins.   Intnrest allowed on specinl
deposits and on Saving Bank acoouuts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
**__-' -t'��a tom _-r_ EL.
Age: e k s���Rev-' ������������_���-_���������������������������������- * * _o��t �� -._ ��� a _ *_����,. _ HHUfiitHiHt
elstoke   hi        outh.   Fernie f .,,-���   ..---.        _ ���
,""- ��� JtjSjj 3u;.<nq Aq Atstioui aujABS   ��
LicketS  Feb. J   .noqu ||_ no_ ||.-i oj p-__-id on i|!,\\ om pub sn aas dub m 9U103   \
i -1   ,       , ,, l-       . -. t.      .... l   m ��� *
Kenabnrg, Feb   18  -Hobklrk's   and
Biwtnrd'd Nek, which   the   Boew tonk
11,.������ _-1.,,, ,,i   Saturday, have   i n re
oci npled   I f   thi   Bi it'sh.    'Jh.-   Boers
Mil,'  -111 III ll
Rt 'i tnrg, i'*i'i'. 13, -i Evening, i���
Tbi i i have a am driven In the
British outposl ou the weitern Sank
toilov, all iititp,-!- nt Bustard's JKek,
Robklrks, Windmill, ami othor points
retiring to Uneder'i farm. Tbere were
lever a I casualties, but details hnve
not yel I n i lived.
The Miner is on tale at the following news stores al five cents per
i liniii-iMi .- ��� ,  nam
Me'sort  &  Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Wwmtain R'v.
Tin' only all rail route withoiti
change of cars between Nolson nil
Bo   ! unl mul Spokane and Rossland
l.v.  0.16a.m, NKI.soN, ,\r S.30p.m
Lv. ll*_."i a.m. ROSSLAND Ar.8.00_.m.
Lv.  8.16 a.m. SPOKANE Ar.0.1. p.w
'i'rniii Hint leaves Nolson at 0:16 a.n
mnki'fl clime OODDeodODS nt Bpokane fi il
till Coast Points.
PaimeiiKH.H for Kettle Biver and Boundary Creek,connect hi MnrcuB witliStnic
11. A. JACKSON, 0. P. ..TA.
Spokane   Wash
Ai'ent. Nel-oii, B. C
2    * 1-   ii-     ii-.   ". I���--,-,,r, ..)
:,' .: [5tn   ana ��� -sciood ismh -"n .vixo _iptn              n.. o
'oth, i mi ii '. im;- portion J
to dal    ,. ..: , and   return |
I ��������� ��� leave Ross- ���
I           p ti February   i8th.
���Jelson, 1 !         |th, iqoo.
as  uu 1   e
NOS1IM   V   >iCld��Vd>iHiX
ion Fiddrett nonr
(ini in -,��� i .
' ' Pawonger Affonl
���      .'''in. Selwn
W r. a-.   ; ;,, 0YLK,
a   ... i*. AgOLt,
1 Vhd-t'iv r
_TV ( o
C uiada l��riii_: \.:niii_ Co
Hotel Humct Ni _|
Iloti i riii.ii  ���������
l��. Cfimpbol!
(* K. Nol on
.1   (���   h-
II       V    I!,   ,
".i-w     I   (j,
I litxri  oil   I.i.i-.
.. young
ii. .\. King ft rn
Nol mn
Ni J on
New Don vor
BIoom city
\ litirnn V-T
Kilt l()
i .1 oon wood
and News  Agents  on heals ant?
trains out of Nelson
Our Fresh Roosted Coffee Best of
Quality, as Follows i
Java and Arabian Mooha, per pound
lava and Mocha III,nil. a poundn
. ii., BanUm, I iiinintiM
s.aiiin- Hlond. .'i pounds
'tar  Unci .iiltli ml. ii pounds,
iiar 1'io la.a-t, i; poundft  ., f.'.
A TBI 11, lllllll k lOMMTEII.
OJELSOIM.        .        o. c.
f IC
1 in
1 till
1 I.I
I 00
Atlantic S, S. Lines
...     , . Vmw I'orllanil, Bis.
.���,.(, ia
Al ���     ,  .''   K,'l)*''|
Di l.ino        i, i, r"   .   .,      r;.\t',;
Dominion l.ino "Dominion" .March 3
from 8U John, N. B,
Boiivi i i ���      .;    ��� i,,,.,, :
J!l ivor 1 l-'.-i.. i j
, , .                              I'l'inn Roston
''" I la.--  ������        ���   . , ;             k, I,, ti
., 1-1oni No-  York
( 'main  !,.a ��� "I   I, Koo III
1 I'.t I'M                                     |.-,a.  r
V. In,   - .                                            |.-..V,,
At,,.imi ��� |,,,.|, r.
,', '     " fob: n
���- t'l'ti ti
lL I' I   !...   ..\l i|i-|| |
  u European
,   . .      Ill, ll 1,111
I'm��� i . - , '���
rt neg
Turn   this   around   and   see   what  is puzzling  the
people  of  Nelson.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail rweivecareful ntion,
FOR    . , ,LE.
A   -"'"l     I" a.in, ni
the lown of 1 .    i ��� ,   Wjn  H,||
nut in n l.ai [nil i cows,   noise,
slelgb, milk wiiRnu, ttHiis,   nnd  every!
iliiii_ beloDRina to n lit i class   Dalrv
Friinin lli.n.-a. nn,i   HoblO     Applj   Boj
102, Fernio, 13. 0,
A Boardln-j Slid Day School  ,���i,,i |,, '
",'s|~';'' i "i HuJo-tenl oi !���      |,
nlodstthecornororMinand.il n     .,,
"""'.���ortl,,.' !������., ,.,..i ,M   ���/,���;    ir
-r'.'l.o'.ll,." ,tt""  '^   "' -I-
Pnoooursoof ntudv Inoludn n,, r,,,���i,,
,',���[  ""'" ��**flAt. ���**'" irorki iiii then
, -urirlor."'"'""' tu0miu> ��PP'r i�� tl"- Wster !
.. L. POGUE...
I OH ���
ElameH rnal  Saddlery
Thi londlngshop,,Lsrgo
lock. Uo��l ���������-" rt od -t'"''
on  inn rt.   Harness, ''"
i rs ot t" i  nitikc-, nn"
llllW.       I lallkrlK,      Hel1"
v. hips, Bruslios, CoiiiIh
la a,    .ail-fiictor)'.
< '.11 nml -re.     .   ��� .   ���
io,-.  Ward   mid   U-kor


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