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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 18, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 808
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday Evening,  August 18, 1900.
Tenth Year
Complete Story of Capture of
Pekin Has Not Been
London  Commenting   Upon
Superior Official Intelligence  Received  at
Tokio, Aug. 17.���General Yamngu
ehi wires from IVkln under date o
Aug. 16th, as follows:
"The allies arrived in
yesterday, opening with
the eastern side of the
was obstinately held   bv
The Japanese and Russians  wen
the north of Tung   Chow   Canal.
Pekin early
artillery on
wall whieh
the enemy,
Americans and British were on the
south side. At nightfall the Japanese blew up the two eastern pates of
Tartar t'ity and entered. In the meantime the Americans and liritish had
entered the Chinese City by the Pung
Pien Rate. Detachments of each force
was sent towards tbe Legations and
opened eomiiiunieatlon. All Ihe Ministers and their staffs were found
wife. The losses of the allies bus not
buen ascertained. Po�� hundred Chinese were killed. "
Washington, Aug. IS.���Ollicial confirmation continues to pour in today
that the allied forces have taken Pekin
and that the l.cgationers were safe.
from which the white men Buffer. On
Tuesday they turned the enemy's Hank
and captured many standards and
bngles, killing thirty-five, Including
one ollicer. We lost only one horse.
The Japanese cavalry engaged the
enemy's front at the same time, acting as infantry.
Messengers front the Legations arc
getting through the Chinese lines
daily and reporting to the allied commanders, They say the Chinese
lIovernment iirought strong pressure
lo bear on the ministers in an effort
to induce them to leave the city and
save China the disgrace of the capture
of Pekin. General Chaffee sends word
to Tien Tsun that it is not safe to
send on supplies without a strong escort. The British are sending up
another lyddite gun and the Russians
two more batteries. The Sixth Cavalry have been reinforced by two
troops, and the entire regiment has
gone to thc front.
I have just received news from spies
from l'ekin that Ueneral Li Ping
lleng and the Chinese Imperial (lunrd
are Inside tbe city with 80 modern
Krupp guns, that General Jung Lu
and 10,000 Manchu troops bold the forbidden city, and that 15,000 troops
from llo Han are biouvaced outside
the walls. The total Chinese forces
at l'ekin is 4(1.(1011.
.Shanghai. Aug."is���The general at-
lnek on Pekin began August 15, in the
morning. The enemy obstinately resisted. The same evening the Japanese demolished the Cham Lang and
Tong Chi gates and entered the capital. The other armies entered by the
Tung Qulen gate. They sent a detachment at once to the legations
where the ministers were found   safe.
New York, Aug. IS���Tbe Presbyterian board of foreign missions In this
cily this morning received the following cablegrami���'Che Koo���Definite
news via Tien Tsin, inissioneries I'ao
Ting I''u all killed. (W. O. Elltcrieh)"
Mr. Kllterich is the Presbyterian
Board's member at Che Foo. It is
thought lhat tlie Presbyterian missionaries at Pao Ting Ku number
three and that altogether there were
Lfi foreign missionaries at that place.
London, Aug. is.���While awaiting
details of the taking of l'ekin, the
papers here again comment on the
superior   ollicial    Intelligence   of   the
authorities at Washington,    The St.
JameS Qatette says: The relief of tlie
Legations may now be aeeepled without  reservation.''    The Westminster
Qatette attributes the celcrcty of the
American reports to the fact that the
Americans are erecting Held wires anil
have a staff ollicer assigned for the
purpose of sending news. The following despatch has been received at the
Kiuslan War Office In St.   Petersburg
from (leneral AlexlefT: Port Arthur.
Aug. 12,���Ueneral Fleischer with a
force captured Hal Cheng, Aug. 13th,
after three days fighting. The Chinese losd was Kill and four guns.
New York. Aug. IS.���The Allies
reached l'ekin on Tuesday night and
attacked the city Wednesday morning,
the Chinese having opposed their
oommunioatlng  with  the Ministers,
Says, a ('lie Poo cable to The Herald.
Tung Chow was captured by the Allies
"ii Monday, and they advanced within
eight miles of l'ekin.    The enemy lied
flic night before.   The Japanese took
thc arsenal and   seized fifty   thousand
r��kn of rice.
Couriers from the front report that
after the capture of llo llsi Wu, the
allied forces marched on   Matim, says
a special cablegram to The Journal
and Advertiser from its correspondent
at Che Koo, tinder date of August IT.
Ueneral Tung Kuh Stang with a large
army barred their way, but they
'ought him back nine inllcs
pletely demoralizing Ills n
taking Mntow with trill
Until Ho llsi Wu was reached the
march was terribly hot and dusty, but
ufler leaving torrents of rain had fall-
eu and made thc marching heavy.
The Chinese were preparing enormous trenches at Ho llsi Wu with which
to IIoimI the country, but the rapid advance of the Allies Surprised them before they had the water turned in and
they dropped their  spades  ami   fled.
Ths Chinese army split in three, one
retreating to Peklu, one remaining to
''"-ist the advance ami the Other moving south.
The Allies are led in the advance by
�� squadron of Bengalees cavalry, big
lurbaned Indians who enjoy the heat
Washington, Aug. 17���As a result of
an exchange of cablegrams between
the powers concerning the affairs
at Shanghai, an agreement   has   been
reached by which all the Admirals of
the several powers represented at
shanghai will net concurrently In a
survey, or watching, of tile Chinese
Yang Tsi lleet instead of having
this duty performed entirely liy the
liritish Admiral at Shanghai. This
Chinese Yang Tsin fleet consists of
four cruisers and several torpedo boats
and destroyers.
London, Aug. is.���The second edition of the Daily Telegraph publishes
a despatch from Shanghai which says:
"The allies entered Pekin unopposed and met with a   friendly  reception
from Prince chlng. All hostile elements have already escaped from  the
city. The Imperial Court left for Shen
Si on August 11, with the Manchus.
The Kansu troops have gone southwest with tlie object of drawing off
the allies and preventing them from
following the Court."
New York. Aug. 18���A Despatch printed here
this noon, under date of Delagoa Bay, August 18.
says that General Dewet has turned on the British,
defeating them and capturing 4.000 men. No
details are given, and although tbe despatch comes
from Boer sources It is believed here.
rmy,   and
ing loss.
Montreal, One, Aug. IT.���Austin &
Robertson, proprietors of a Montreal
wholesale paper manufacturing company, made valuntary assignment this
afternoon, liabilities |100,00OS assets
including paper mill at Itockford'
Michigan, estimated at .100,000. The
cause of the assignment is said to be
the failure of tirins and the Merchants
Hank of lloekford.and flic which damaged (he mill there, The principal
creditor is Hie Merchants Hank of Canada.
Kingston, Aug. 18.���At a meeting
of tbe Ontario health authorities here
yestcrdny a paper was read by Dr.
Cassido of Toronto, on tuberoulosls
and Its cure. Dr. Osier of Baltimore.
Md., thought that eating raw eggs
and sleeping in a room with the windows open would cure the disease.
With Thorn Rests the  Responsibility of the
G. P. R.  Strike Settlement.
Winnipeg, Aug. 18.��� William Cross,
who represents the management in
tlie meetings of the committees, was
Interviewed last night as to how the
situation now stood. He said: "Progress towards an amicable settlement
is being made with as favorable dispatch as can be expected. Yesterday
tbe committee of boiler makers met
me and we were in consultation nearly all day. No definite conclusion was
arrived at, Borne minor points coming
under dispute which are to be straightened out after a consultation with a
committee of the machinists, whieh
wiil be held tomorrow morning. I
have decided upon the schedule which
will lie given the boiler makers to
look over and decide on. The boiler
makers left mc today apparently satisfied witli the exception of some details which, as I say, will be straightened out later. I Informed them that
tbey would be giveu the benefit of any
concession the machinists had received and on that they were willing to
With the machinists practically rests
the responsibility of settlement for
the entire body of strikers. Should
tbey come to terms today, it is likely
thut each of the other committees,
providing they are satisfied lhat they
have been giveu equal rights with the
machinists, will call a truce to hostilities and declare themselves satisfied
to return to work.
London, Aug. is. Lord Roberts'
reports that Col. Iloarc, who was besieged at Elands River, ami Ims just
been relieved by Lord Kitchener, lost
11 men killed and BO wounded Includ-
Lleut. Col, Dellslc.
He Does Not Anticipate Elections as Early as
Montreal. Que., Aug. 18.���A well
informed Liberal discussing general
election possibilities, takes the view
that it will be practically impossible
to hold the elections as early as October and strongly inclines to thc January idea. He had a talk with Laurier
before he left on his trip to the Marl-
time provinces, and from the plan of
tbe campaign, the premier talked undertaking it would be out of tbe question for bim to attempt to hold the
elections as early as October. He
spoke of devoting about as much time
to Quebec as be spent in Ontario last
fall, which would mean nearly two
months. Besides this, he hopes to put
iu some time in the Maritime provinces which may or may not be taken to
mean the present trip. Then again,
he spoke of visiting the closer constituencies in Ontario before election day.
If the Premier undertakes all that, be
could hardly accomplish it In time to
get a verdict in October. The premier does not propose to go west of
Lake Superior, giving Mr. Sifton full
charge of the campaign in the west.
Montreal, Aug. 18.���Hon. Tarte,
who arrived at Hiinouski on the Lake
Superior, leached this city this morning, having come up on the mail
special. The Minister of Public
Works refused to be interviewed liy
newspaper representatives, even his
own party papers being included.
Montreal,   One,    Aug.    18.���Henry
Archibald,   73  years  of   age,    senior
member of the firm of Brothlngham
& Workman, died at 1:80 yesterday
afternoon, after an Illness of two
years. Mr. Archibald was bom in
Boston  and came to Montreal in 1848.
Toronto, Aug. is.���The attendance
of visitors at the Toronto   Exposition
whieli opens August 88th promises I"
exceed that of any previous year. Entries in all departments, especially
live stock, are the largest In its history,
Kaslo Mining  Men Protest  Aaalnst  Mineral
Tax Increase.
Kaslo. Aug. 18.���The raising of the
mineral tax to two per cent is loudly
denounced by all tlie mining men in
this city as tending to throw back thc
industry on which the whole country
depends. Its immediate effect they
say. will lie to keep out capital, and
this will mean the retarding of the
opening of the mines, the loss of
business to local merchants and a continuation of the stagnation caused by
the ill-advised Semlin-Cottou legislation. An informal meeting of mining
men and others was held last night to
talk over the subject and a special
meeting of tbe Hoard of Trade was
held today at which the subject was gone into exhaustively and
an earnest protest against the tax sent
to tbe (Iovernment at Victoria.
Great news comes from Woodbury
Creek. The lead has lieen struck on
tbe Sunset mine belonging to the
Woodbury Mines.  Limited.
Invalided Canadians Reach Quebec From
South Africa.
Quebec. Aug. 18.���The steamship
Parisian, witli ten invalided Canadians from South Africa on board, including Private McLean Ginger, of
Vancouver, attached to the South African Police commanded by Colonel
Plainer and who assisted in the relief
of Mafeking. and Private (ieorge Wat-
Bon, of Vancouver, attached to Kitchener's Horse, both victims of enteric
fever, arrived at Quebec at 8 o'clock
this morning and were accorded a
warm welcome by thc citizens of the
ancient capital. They speak ia the
hlghe8t terms of thc^hospital treatment in South Africa and their reception in Kngland. The invalids leave
for their homes this evening. Sir
Charles Tupper. Hon. Messrs. Blair,
Fielding and Davies were also passengers on tile Parisian.
Tlie Heaver Line steamer Lake Superior, with the returning members
of the Bisley team, arrived here this
Smart Set   Finds   Little to  Keep it on the
London, Aug. 18.���Socially the week
lias been very dull and there is little
of interest to the smart set in the
metropolis, The city is still filled
witli American and Canadian
tourists, who for tlie most part
lire going and returning from the
Paris Exposition. Hotels and the
better grade of lodging houses, arc
doing a thriving business and the relax of the Parisian travel is tilling the
cotters of the publicans, even if the
merchant classes arc less fortunate iu
thriving by the wayside.
Senator Chauncey M. Dcpew sails on
the American line steamer New York
today. He has been in consultation
witli British financiers who are substantially interested in the ability of
tho United States to make loans
to Kurope. Thc senator said: "Tin
sudden development of our Industries
and the Immense accumulation of
money growing out of the fact that
Europe Is paying six hundred million
annually for American products, has
not only brought tlie bank rate and
call loansjup one and two points respectively, but the Western banks
are now buying paper In the East
because there is no demand for money.
The fact tbat half the liritish
war loan���all if It had Ih-cii offered
lias been taken in the United State
demonstrates these conditions whieli
have already made New York one of
the financial centres of the world. If
this continues, unit I huve no doubt i;
will, New York will soon lie a danger
ous rival of London iu financing tho
government enterprises of tlie world,
Sydney. N. S., Aug. Is.���Sir Wilfrid Laurier and party arrived here
Thursday night on tlie Canadian cutter Constance. In liis speech he said
his present visit was simply for the
purpose of making more Intimate acquaintance with his fellow countrymen in tilts Province, lie said lie always felt that, as a public man. he
was under a disadvantage in not better knowing tlie diverse elements of
the Dominion. He did not want any
section of thc people of Canada to forget their origin. He did want tbem
to give their whole heart, soul and
energy to make the Dominion a united
Canada. Referring to the sending of
contingents he said he hated war. but
when an insolent foe gave insult to
tbe Hag of England there was no hesitation. We sent our troops and they
fought valiantly for the honor of that
PariB, Aug. 18.���The preliminary
contests in the International exhibition of fire apparatus came oil' yesterday afternoon at Vincennes, some
5,000 firemen, representing many
nationalities,     participating. Tlie
American representatives, Chief Geo.
C. Hale of Kansas City, and the men
of the Kansas City fire brigade, caused
great wonderment by their quick
harnessing and running, together
with their methods of life saving.
They received an ovation and by common consent, were assigned first
place. The contest will be continued
The lirst rehearsal of the Opera Mikado liy the Nelson Operatic Society.
will lie held at the St. Saviours
I'burch School rooms at 7:4.1 o'clock
Monday evening. Over 32 persons
have consented to sing in the chorus.
'The production of Mikado will be one
of the best amateur performances ever
given by the talent of Nelsun. The
chorus will be a special feature.
Considerable worn lias been done on
tbe Arlington mine at Erie. YVorl
of moving the camp, machine and
power house from the east side of the
hill to thc west is about completed.
A shipment of goods for the new
camp wasscnt from Nelson today. Since
the lirst of January the worli has been
done on the west side of the hill, and
at present they have run three tunnels, making a distance of about 3,000
feet, and were successful in striking
the lead every time. They arc now
Shipping one car of ore per day to the
Nelson Smelter, formerly shipping it
to Northport. Thc conipany have
just started the construction of a
tramway from the work, over the
roughest part of the road, a distance
of 3,000 feet. When the tramway is
completed tlie conipany intend to make
larger shipments. When the property
was first purchased liy tlie company in
May. 1899, it consisted of one claim
and a fraction. They now own about
"ilKI acres.
Frederick   Buscomhe,   president
the Vancouver  Hoard   of   Trade,    i
turned   on   Saturday   from     a     trip
through the Boundary  country  ami
the Kootenay district, says the Vancouver World. "1 am quite in love
witli the Interior," said Mr. Bus-
combe to a World representative this
morning, "and have greater hopes
than ever for the future." Sandon,
Mr. Huscombe said, is recovering from
its destructive tire and is being rapidly built up again. Ou tlie whole, trade
prospects are bright, and if the Coast
Kootenay railway were in operation
Vancouver merebanls would reap I
rich harvest. As it Is at present
while the coast gels a good share of
the patronage,travelers fro.n the east
corral the majority of the orders. The
establishment of smelters for the I real ���
ment of low-grade ore will mean a
lot to the development of the country,
The (Iranby at Grand Forks is about
ready fpf operations, and   Ihe Mother
Lode people are showing commendable enterprise in the construction of
a smelter, to treat their own ores, at
(Ireenwood,    costing   about   (150.000,
The rond  to Republic camp  la being
constantly agitated, and the results
will lie that it will be built. There
IS great activity in mining circles iii
Nelson ami Rossland, and in the latter
place   It   is said that 1.ill Mrnincii
will be pul on about I lie Isl September. "Altogether," saiil Mr, Huscombe. "the Kootenay ami the Bonn
dary are great dlstrlots and have tin-
luunse future prospects." (
Says Kootenay Has Always
Suffered In Matter of
The Member for Nelson Got
$200 More Than He Asked For and Wants to
Victoria. 11. C, Aug. IS���Thc remainder of the estimates were passed
yesterday afternoon, finishing thc debate and passage ill eight hours. In
the work on thc consideration of Kootenay appropriations. Smith Curtis
made a brilliant effort, doing through
the grants to other constituencies  he
showed that Kootenay had for years
heen getting the worst of the deal,
paying enormous sums towards the
revenue, of which but a small proportion was returned for opening up the
rich district. In four years only oue
third, or 1500,000, had been appropriated.in spite of the fact that nearly 10
limes lhat sum bad beeu Spent in pub-
lie works of tbe Proviuce. Kldlng
after riding had over one half of tbeir
contribution to revenue returned and
in Some cases almost the whole. He
did not object to other grants, but
Kootenay was becoming tired of being milked. To the ricli district of
Trail he noticed tbat not one cent had
been appropriated. Kossland had not
received Sufficient either, although
through it the riches of the Province
had received world wide advertisement. It was surely entitled to as
much as tlie Blooan. Ho objected also
to tbe way prevailing of giving larger
grants to Government ridings. It is
possible that some additional grants
will be made in the supplementary
On the Nelson estimate of 811,300,
Houston made the following speech :
"I asked for 811.000, but the Minister
of Finance has made it 111,800, Why
he did it I don't know, but 1 should
like to say thnt If he gives mc just
what I ask for there will lie no
trouble. As some of tbe members are
kicking about their trails they might
take the guilil and divide it up amongst
themselves. "
In the evening the Vaacouvcr
charter for consolidation wus railroaded through at Imperial Limited
speed. The opposition members went
home   generally,    and   Price   Ellison,
the Government whip, had hard work
at times to keep a quorum in the
House.   Pour members going out for
a drink made liis face grow red with
anxiety and the drink was perforce a
jolt ii ii ��� 1 run. Thc bill was almost
completed when the House adjourned
and the corporations have again
secured their interests from threatened
confiscation, Tho session will probably end before the inontli is out.
Mr. Melnnes apologised to Prentice
this morning for the Insulting expressions of yesterday when in the House.
He bad stated that the Provincial
Secretary was not res|Hinsible for
what he said. The incident occurred
late at night, and the members today
think that the apology should be
offered in the same place.
The bill to relieve South African
volunteers from damage under thc
milling regulations through absence
passed Its third reading, tbe Government not accepting Ifelmoken's suggestion that grants be made to them of
their claims mil and out.    The special
Commissioner fm- Atlin  Is anneunoed
to leave next   week.
Windsor, (Int., Aug.   18. ���Conservatives of Windsor "ill hold a   rally on
September I Oth.   Sir Charles Tupper,
Hon. (i. K.  Poster and Premier   Hngh
John McDonuld will speak. Nelson   Daily  Miner,   Saturday   Evening,   August 18,  iqoo.
�����T   i T\   '1       ���__"._..,���*. It may mean an early dissolution,  al-
Nelson Daily Miner thoughtheabsence of thl,.e _r .our
Ii. .1. BEATON, Editor and Manager
i un- local contemporary
stmiin'il Itself ibis morning in the endeavor to
pet up an excitement over the fact
that the liovernment have been asked
to carry ont their promise to appoint
a Commission to Inquire Into the
working ot onr mining laws. What
was intended to be a sensational >li*-
patoh was ^'iit on fnnn the Capital.
nnd the publication ol this wns reinforced by editorial commente ol a
distinctly carmine hue. The wicked
mine owners nre at it again, so it Is
declared. Tbey nre not content to lie
still and be trampled upon, as good
mine owneis nre expected to do, but
are Impudently protesting that the
laws afiecttng them and their industry need looking into. In venturing
to suggest the expediency ol doing
this they convict themaelvej as base
agitators, who have so little regard
for the peace and quiet of the torn-
munlty that they would actually
expose nn Injustice to themselves,
should a Legislative inquiry discover
that there was one In existence. Altogether, it would appear, they are
behaving most abominably.
What hns actually happened is  that
the President and other delegates representing the   Associated   Hoards of
Trade ol Eastern British Columbia are
communicating to the (iovernment the
resolutions passed at iheir recent Congress.    This they were   instructed   to
ilo. and    they   nre   doing it.     Among
I hose resolutions was one   rending   in
part as follows:     "That this meeting
strongly approves of   the   proposal   of
the Government to appoint a special
Commission to Investigate  the working nf the Mineral Acts.''     It   was   a
purpose   formed   by the   Government
themselverf;    the    Associated     Boards
approved, and their approval ia  communicated  according to  a   resolution
that   so   directed.     It   seems   that  a
number ot mining companies have also made representations to the effect
that the purpose  ol the (iovernment.
endorsed by the Associated   Hoards of
Trade,  has their   warmest   support.
There is nothing  of   a  particularly
evil character in all this; nothing, in-
deed, that should disturb tbe equanimity of any peaceably  disposed citizen.    If the working of our  laws   are
not to be Inquired into, the sooner we
stop making laws   the better.    There
is no law on   the   statute   book    that
should claim Immunity from  remark
or   criticism.    We   elect   Legislatures
for the express purpose  ol   exercising
the closest supervision over   all   laws
already passed,as well as over the con
ditions that   require   new   ones.     I'or
some time there has   lieen   a   general
complaint that the  conditions  affect
ing the mining industry of the   Province an- not as  satisfactory  ns  could
be desired.    They arc  regarded   with
hi   much   dissatisfaction   that   great
difficulty is experienced   In   inducing
the Investment  of  new   capital.   No
longer ago than yesterday a letter was
reoelved in Nelson from n gentleman
at   present    in    London,    nnd   who   Is
prominent in financial and   industrial
circles in this country, in   which  the
Statement was made that " no   money
for mines in 11. ( ��� can be raised   here
on any   account."    As   long   as   that
can be said of us there   is   something
seriously wrong with our management
of affairs, tor no one  has any  doubt
that we have minerals   to   mine   thnt
offer n generous return nn the capital
necessary   to   develop them.    If the
trouble lies with the laws relating to
this industry, il is important that we
should know it. The Government came
to a wise determination In  declaring
that they would apiHiiui a Commission
for the purpose of ascertaining.
and the mine owners and the
Associated Boards of Trade demonstrate a keen appreciation of
the public Interest In supporting them
in their decision, Lei us have all the
light nn the subject thai it is possible
to shed.
Ministers, who are on the far side of
the Atlantic, mny be taken as an assurance that the order fur the campnigu will not be given at once. In
the menu time Mr. Sifton will have
his opportunity to feel the political
pulse of British Columbia. The gentleman is clever, and can make a
Bpeech that is at once wordy and
plausible. But a more tricky politician is not to be found anywhere in
the Dominion. The Liberal managers
are not to be commended for wisdom
in selecting him to pull this Province
into line. His eloquence will scarcely
dispel the feeling of distrust witli
he is regarded. As the boy on the
street would say. the people out this
way who keep their eyes aud ears
open are "on to him".
Mr. Honston has peculiar notions as
a member of the Legislature. He tells
the Finance Minister that his appropriations for work ia the Nelson Hiding are not expected or desired to exceed the amount demanded by himself. The Minister Is supposed to be
the judge in eases of this kind. He
listens to representations lhat are
made to liim, and then decides according to the funds available and the requirements of the public service. If
Mr. Turner has put down more than
Mr. Houston asked, it proves that Mr.
Houston does not know as mnch of the
wants of his Riding as a member
should; and, in suggesting that th��
excess lie distributed among other
Ridings, lie was guilty of an impertinence to the (Iovernment and made a
display of very   mistaken   generosity.
Several commanding officers and
others in authority in South Africa
have lieen so careful in cabling our
Canadian casualties thnt there is room
to hope the report of Mr. A. S. Lee's
denth by a Boer bullet li'ay prove baseless. He is described as Corporal l.ee.
of Nelson. No information of his pro-
m tion had lieen received here, as far as
known publicly. The absence of it
tends to strengthen the hope that a
mistake haa lieen made, and that our
Mr. Lee is still among the living.
Should it prove otherwise, however,
there will be deep regret among the
many who knew him in Nelson as a
splendid specimen of the Anglo-Saxon
Our Stock of
is complete. All the
new ideas in Scribblers
and   Exercise   Books.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee, Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, pur pound |   4G
Jam ami Moclui Ulend, 3 pounds  1 00
. Ino Santos, I pun ml-  1 oo
HftntoH mend. 4 pounds  1 00
Our  tiper.ialHlpnd, ll poundH  1 00
Uur Hlo 1'..ii i. 0 poundn  l oo
A Turn. oim. _ ' ni u iim.
O-ELSON,        -        B. C.
Acting under instructions from Cecil Ward, Messrs.
Charles A. Waterman & Co. will offer for sale the
whole of the Household Furniture and effects contained in Mr. Ward's residence on Kootenay Street,
next   to   Crickniay   Hospital, on  the   afternoons  of
Wednesday and Thursday,
August 22nd and 23rd.
This sale will present an excellent opportunity for
those desiring to secure handsome furniture and
furnishings.    Among   the   articles  to   be  sold   are :
Antique Furniture Table & Household Linen
Dinner Service Breakfast Service
Tea and Coffee Services Venetian Glassware
Handsome Pictures Flower Vases
Axminster and Turkish Heavy English Curtains
Carpets Valuable Collection China
The house was but recently furnished, and everything contained therein is practically new.
Two afternoons will be devoted to the sale, commencing at 2 o'clock each day.
Wholesale Houses
THOKPR A CO, Limited-Cor.ir Vernon
and Oediir Streets, Notaou-Manulaolur-
ei-of and wholesale dealers In aerauxl waters
um! fruii fgrrops. Bole aseula (ur Uaiujron Hoi
8iirlnK�� mineral wnler.   Tuluplio w.
N. M. Cuaniline, Uemw K\er) known
variety of soft drinks. POUoxW I oispnone
No. Sl, Hoover atriei. Nelson. Imul' not Ino
I_iuoum su Leon Hut BpiliiK�� Mineral wsler.
C1ANK 8c MAODONALD (11. Cane. Jetnos
I A. Macdonaldl- Ari'liilurUi and SUperlB;
tendonu. Broken Hill lilock, comer Bnker and
Ward StreoUi, Nelson.
OO.���Manufacturers or tlie Hoyal Sua
and Kootenay Belle Cigars. Kaclory aud
ollice, Baker Street, Nelson.
HJ. RTANS A CO.���Bkkor Street, Nol-
. nn���Wholesale dealers lu lli|iior��, ei-
Kar��, cement, lire brick and lire clay, water
lilpu and i-leel ralln, and uouerul commission
PBtflTS AND confectioner*
J    A. H'DON ALII-Madden Block, Nelson-
.   Kruiu, ice cream, "O. B." chocolates,
hllfh class confectionery.   Ice Cleam I'arlurs.
Wholi'Mile and retail dealers in grain
hay, floor, feed. MillH at Viotoria. New West
miuHier; KdmonUiD, Alta. Klevalors ou Cat
gary and Minimum Hallway. Mftnutacluror.
of tho celebrated B. ii K. brand cereals.
Economy Is Wealth
You  cannot   make  money  easier  than
by    saving   it   on    FOOTWEAR.
We fit your feet and your pocketbook
also.    You can  only judge the value of
our low prices when you see the splendid
footwear we give you.
Call today  and  economize.
������������ *-���"���-*
The 8hoeiBts
iV^WVVW**^^*^/^^^^^/**************/******^^**' ���
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
c   j���r     ________\______________t     ____    __\
Wi*TE^W^0WWVV M_la*3^
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful _��4 nrotnot attention.
I have now in stock
of all classes of
. line
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
A MACDONALD & Co.���Corner Kront
��� and Hall btrwtri���Wholesale Krocorn
and jobber* in blankuui, tfloYOrt, milt*, booU,
rubber*., macktnawu and mlnum' -limine. ���
Oftice oorner Hall and Kront Street*,
tieleOO���Lumber, ceilintf. IbwriiiK, and every
thlDK i" wood for building piu-po. c--. Uet our
prloeH,   Correspondence solicited.
1->  BURNS A Co.���Baker Btreut, Keleon
.   ���    WholeHalo dealers iu fresh and curod
meaU.   Cold StoraKe.
Haker Slreet, Nelson���Wholesale deal
ore in fredh aud cured meatu.
J Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale deah.iit in
hardware, minors' supplies, sporting good*,
M'LACHLAN BROS, (Successors lo Van
couvcr Hunlwaro Co, Ltd.) linker Sli cut.
Nelson- v. holesale dealers tn hardware ami
mining supplier-, plumbers' and i nwuii h-' sup
paints, olU and Klhfls; mediae ten' tool*
Agent, foi Ontario 1'owder Works; dynamite
rpUftNKR, BJEBTON & Co.-Corner Vernon
__L and Johcphtnc Street*. Nelson -Whcle
salo dealer* in liquors, cigars, and drygoods.
Agent* for Pabat HrewiugCo. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Hre wing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesale growrlo-*
and lUiuorn etc., Haker Street, Nelson.
C^ALIt'OKN'lA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
j Kront and Hall Streets, Nelnon���Wholesale dealers in wineg (case and bulk), and
domestic and Imported cigars.
J Y. GRIFFIN k CO. -Corner Vornon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Whole��aIe
dealers In provisions, cured meaU, butler and
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Sir Wilfriil I,mirier ih down by the
Bounding wn on the East, and our dispatches yosterday Intimated thai liis
Corslcati lieutenant, Napoleon Blfton,
has his face turned towards the Pacific
Other Ministers are In oilier places,
p.}l cjihibltiiitf more ur lcse  activity.
���AT THE���
Big Schooner
Beer or Half-and-ltalf only
The only Rood Beer in Nelson.
Cor. Utanlov and Hill��� Street*.
We  are now doing business in
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see  all our
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
5 Telephone 10. P 0 Box, K and W
H. & M. BIRD
Agent! lor Eureka niner.l Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
A three-story house on Park St.
close to Baker Street. Lower
story of stone. House well
built and laid out.   All modem
��� conveniences. Magnificent
view.    Part cash.    Price 18600
House on Hall, next to the corner of Mill Street. All modem
conveniences. Easy terms.
Price     1701
Lots :i and ii, Block 86, Vernon
Street.     Price     moo
1/its 1 tod, Block 44K A bargain 	
Lot IK, Block 12, Victoria St.
west      050
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
w___tn  "I iTJKnESf**- _ai"�� "���>'  ��<"
WINES,    LIQUORS,    nnd     CIGARS
Tnlophoim 98.  llHkiT .1., Nelson. II. C.
Millie KBOkX.       flOTAET M��UC.
Windermere Klaaa. Conwp ��� enesSolWtwl
To get ready for Fall Stock
we are going to rush off
balance of Summer Goods,
and will  make a start with
For the rest of the week
the whole lot at following
Prices 6oc, 70c, 75c and
Sale price   25c
Prices     $1.00,     $1.25,
$1.50,      $1.75     and
Sale price  J5QC
Corner linker aud Stanley BtreeU
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker,
Policy Writing Oflice for the .Etna
Fiiik Insi'kam'k Company of Hakt-
Kiiun antl Ihe CiiNNKcnci'T Fihk lN-
si'UANCK Company o_   Hahtfohii.
Straight   Mortgage,   at  8  per  cent.
Wanted���Molly (lihaon Slock.
(leneral Agent  for the Ghkat Wkht
Likk A.hi'hanck Oo.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd-
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order enn lie accepted unleM
accompanied by each.
Oflice Coruer Hall end Baker Streeti.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Room 1, Tnninr Hoeekh Blook,
Houaos and Building Lots in AU Parte
of the Oity.
WANTED-Oood building lota down
town for client.   Aluo land adjoining
city for gardening. 	
"I^LVER K_HG-1_m
Will pay the highest oaiih price for all
i in'1" ol n'l'onii band goodi. Will bny
or '"Ml anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, etovei, oatpert*.
oookiug otenalli, bought In bonaehold
qnantitiea. Also cert off clotblnl.
Call and eee roe or write. Addree*
Silver King Mike, Bo* 800. H��U
Btreet, Nelnon, B. 0. Nklson   Daily  Miner,  Saturday  Evening.  August 18,  1900
What D.
T. Strobock Says of the Future of
That District.
"Once more the old Hot Springs
camp Is coming to the front and ere
many Bcasons Ainsworth will lie tlm
silver-lead camp of the Kootenays,"
said 1). V. Strobeck, who has just
returned from a In days' trip up there,
to a Spokane Chronicle reporter,
tinning, he Bald: "There 1*
development being done In the camp,
especially at thc headwaters of Coffee,
Krjio anil the two forks of Woodbury
creeks. Several of the properties are
taking out ore, most of which is high
grade and will be  shipped during the
"At the Star mine the No. 3 shaft
is now down 85 feet. The last no
feet Is all in ore. A drift has been
started soutli at this level and about
one ton of clean ore is taken out a
day, which assays 50 ounces silver,
tin per cent, lead and seven per cent,
cupper. These are about average
values. Judge D. P. Hatch of Los
Angles, Cab, one of the owners is
personally superintending the work,
which is being done liy contract. A
wagon road will be built to the. mine
this fall so shipments may be made
during the winter.
"A. A. McKinnon, who has charge
of the Hector, Informs me that be 1b
to start a ..011-foot crosscut tunnel at
once, which will tap the ledge ut a
depth of of 838 feet under the ore shoot
where tbey are now taking out and
shipping from.
"The Buckeye and the Highlander
are both closed down at present. It is
thought in both cases 'for a purpose'
However, Maxwell Stevenson, of Philadelphia, owner of the latter, is expected In a few days, and it will then
no doubt be started up again. The
tunnel which is being driven on this
property means much to many other
mines besides tbe Highlander, ftB it
will tap at great depth the veins on
the Albion, King Solomon and Little
Donald groups.
"The drift on the Tariff vein from
the Highlander tunnel is now iu 535
feet and a crosscut has been made to
both walls, which are about 30 feet
apart. This shows much clean ore on
both walls besides several feet of good
concentrating ore. This drift is about
1.10 feet below the old workings and
has drained the lead so that no more
pumping is required.
"The King Solomon Mines Company
at Woodbury Creek has a petition out
for a post olllee at their camp. Their
working shaft Is now down about 17fi
feet, The company is erecting several
buildings, among tbem two two-story
ollice buildings 88x88, In one of
these a fire proof vault 8x1(1 feet, two
stories high, has been erected. One
carload of furniture aud oHicc fittings
has arrived.
"Mr. Connor, Mr. Spaulding and
several other of the owners of the
Liberty and Launa groups are at present watching the development of
their properties ou Woodbury Creek.
"The Kootenay Air Supply Company Is surveying a line from Loon
lake to Cedar Creek, ll distance of
13,300 feet, along which they will lay
a five-inch main. It will cross the
Little Donald group. Spokane and
Trinket, 37, .lunette, Ida 0., Skookum
aud Libby. The company, which has
taken over tbe Highland group, will
use air from this Hue to drive their
deep tunnel, which they are starting
from Cedar Creek.
"A wagon road is to be built at
once from the end of the present one
on Cedar Creek up to the Highland
mine. A contract has been let for a
large concentrator, to be completed
before Jan. 1, mill, at the mouth of
Cedar Creek. A train is now being
surveyed from the mine to the mill,
and it will be in running order in
time to supply the mill.
"Thc site for the mill is all cleared
and levelled off ready for the masons.
The mine is being put in working
shape. About 100 men will be employed hy thc first of tlie year.
"On the Illinois the contractors report a change in the ground the past
few days. Much iron bits been encountered, which is now turning into
galena, and that with tlie twisted
character of the vein and water leads
them to believe they nre near tbe
cross lead they haye been drifting
Nelson Opera House
J. E. Annable, Manager,
One   Solid  Week
Monday, August 20th
Used in Millions of Homes���40 Years the
standard. A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder,
Superior to every other known. Makes
delicious cake and pastry, light, flaky biscuit,
griddle   cakes ��� palatable   and   wholesome.
Nom���Avoid baking powders made from
alum. They look like pure powders,
and may raise the cakes, but alum
is a poison antl no one can eat food
mixed with it without injury to health.
Clara Hanmer
And her excellent company
in a grand repertoire of
latest dramas and comedies
Monday   opening bill
Man and
Six  Big Specialties
Between the Acts.
We Have Sold 75 Per Cent of All the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
U'ed in the Kootenay
Just Received���Carload
Dominion  Ale and  Porter
Dominion White  Label  Ai.k
(ia pints and quarts)
This Is thc finest Ale brewed in Cuuac
Dominion   Bulk   Ale
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
(pints and quarts)
I In   15-glllluii   Uegs)
Ih still the best
NELSON, ll. ('.
Popular Prices!
Seats now on sale at usual
PRICES  $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawme Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
���.iilti.i and 1 i.uii". Unions Trouble Ripe at
Vancouver, Aug. 18.���The officers
of the Sixth Diiheiif Connaught's Own
are Indignant at the threatened action
of   the   Trades   and Labor Council, of
Vancouver, to oxpell from the labor
unions all members of the militia.
They say that there arc forty Or fifty
union men in the ranks, and among
the most efficient men in the regiment.
The officers do no wish to express
their private views for publication.
Colonel Worsnop said as an officer his
mouth was closed, lie was asked if
nothing could be done by him if, as
reported, soldier citizens were to be
expelled from labor unions because
they were soldiers.
Colonel Worsnop said Unit "the
result of such contemplated action
was not his lookout." Major Bennett
said be could not express himself as
an ollicer. but he thought it no harm
in suggesting that the Trades and
Labor Council should, if they considered the Imperial or Dominion laws
governing these things were wrong,
set themselves about making representations to the proper authorities in
au attempt to have the laws changed.
Capt. Gardiner Johnson stated tbat
If his commanding ollicer  could   not
speak there was much more reason for
his keeping his mouth shut.
"Don't you know," he said, "that
a soldier, if he is insulted, jeered at
and spat upon, must bear it as best he
can under orders and act us nearly as
possible according to the life of Christ'.'
That is under orders, and I am under
orders. As a citizen 1 should very
much like to give you my opinion, but
1 fear that I cannot act in the double
role under the circumstances."
Lieut. Tate expressed the same sentiments,     lie   lidded,    however,    that
should the contemplated action of the
unions result in their losing forty or
tifty first class soldiers he believed
that their places could lie filled and
the standard of the Duke of Oon-
uaught's Own kept up.
Toronto, Aug. In.���One of the deaths
reported at thc city ball yesterday
was that of ,lames Kendrick. laborer,
aged Ull. He died from the effects of
the heat.
Henry Allen, an Irishman of good
family but dissolute habits, died today from the effects of heavy drinking. Deceased wan a graduate of the
Trinity College, Dublin, and civil
engineer by profession. lie bad a
handsome estate in Ireland. He had
for a long period devoted most of bis
Utile to the study of end id and the
Montreal,  Aug.   18.���There   can
.Quebec, Aug. IH���The latest news
that has been received here of the
the Matda, sunk In the channel of the
��t. Marys River, is that the leak iB
patched but the cargo will have to be
lightened before the boat can be rals-
M.   Tbli will take a couple of days,
no doubt that thc Paciiud and the
Quebec ring "I Liberals have declared
war against Tarte. Solell publishes B
rumor that Tarte was to leave the
cabinet and join liourassa in an anti-
Imperial campaign. l'utric says it is
a shame that l'lieiiud should so ill-use
a friend and colleague of Laurier.
Pttcaud replies that l'atrie has not denied the rumor and tells Tarte if
he publishes a denial Solell will
print it.*
Quebeo, Aug.   18.���Ono   hundred invalided   Canadians   arc  expected   on
the Parisian tomorrow.   A  handsome
reception has been arranged for them.
Computation of  How Manv Thore Are,
I In-lr Nationalities.
From The London Mail.
At the present time, when the fate
of Europeans tn all parts of the Celestial Empire is attracting the attention ami anxiety of the whole civilized world, it is nn interesting query
how many Europeanc���or, rather,
"white" folk���there arc altogether in
the various parts of China.
The information is not at all easy
to get. for when a country stretches
thousands of miles, and it takes a
traveler four months to proceed from
the coast to the far interior, even by
constant traveling, it is plain that
such statistics are extremely difficult
to obtain. Hut one famous foreign
newspaper, the Deutschcr HeichH-An-
zeiger. has been at some pains to get
particulars of what figures are available relating to the known "foreigners" in the towns known as the
"treaty ports," and from its researches we are enabled to give some
idea of how far our own relations and
countrymen surpass those of other
nation's iu their colonizing and trade
in the Chinese Empire.
Thc figures apply to some Bevcn or
eight towns ou the seucoast of China,
open for trade and business to all nationalities.     In these  figures   we   Hnd
that there arc, in round numbers!
English, B.BOSi Japanese, 8,440j American-, 2,835; Russians, l.ti'-'l; Portuguese, 1,433; French, i, isa; Germans,
1,13-1 ; Spaniards. 448; Scandinavians,
844 j Belgians, 834; Danes, 1,78: Italians. 134; Dutch, 106, miscellaneous,
Ull. a total of 17,198.
It thus appears that Englishmen
form more than a third portion of all
the foreigners in China, and this fact
alone will show us what a stake we
have in the most costly stake in ull
���human lives���in the events now oc-
curing in the Celestial Empire. A
genernl massacre of all foreigners in
that land (and this iu by uo means
Improbable, nay. it is even very likely
to happen, if the l'ekin " foreign
devils" arc all murdered) would mean
that we in this country should have
to mourn the loss by a terrible death
of torture and trial of no fewer than
5,503 brave   Englishmen  and women:
Our trading arms In these towns
number 401; while Japan's arc  105;
and she is second, far. far behind us.
Germany has 116, and is third. Then
there ure 70 French trading firms in
China and 19 Russian, Isn't the comparison redlculous, after all? What
stake have France and Russia put together compared with England and
Japan even'.'
Kingston, Aug. 17.���Kev. Father
Twomcy, of Tweed, has accepted a position in the Emigrant Department of
the Dominion (Iovernment in Ireland.
He leaves for his new position on September 7. Before leaving he will visit the Government experimental farms
in the Northwest and the Pacific Coast
to acquaint himself with the conditions
of life and the resources of both the
Territories and British Columbia.
Soo Line
liiiperia.    Liipited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead anu Kohthnay Lanihno
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Huston ; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto, Same cars
pass Revelstoke one day earlier,
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar lO-.Xi
16:80 Lv Nelson Ac 16|46
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, and for Kevelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train dnily for anil from
RobsIbihI, and from Kevelstoke, main
line and Paoiflo Coast, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7���:��) Lv ) ���_, ,        t Ar HhllO
(Ex Sun) [Nelson |        (Bx8an)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points.
Revelstoke, maiu liue and Pacific
Kootknay Lakh Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)       Str Kokanee       (Ex Sun)
l(I.K) Lv Nelson Ar 11:1X1
Siiturday to Argenta ami return,
leaving Kaslo at _(l:lMlk.
Kootknay RlVKR ROUTE,
Dnily    Strs Movie mid Nelsou     Dnily
22:3. l.v 'Nelson Ar 2M)
Connects at Kootenay Lauding with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
Kor rotep, tiokets and full Information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, U. 0., or
The   busiest   ami    mightiest   little
thiiiK thnt evnr wns made is Dr.Kinn's
New Life Pills.    Kvrry pill is a miEiir-
ooated-ooated globule ol bealtb, that
obsngSS weakness into strength, list
I.hhiibhh into energy, htainedfng into
mental power. They're wonderfnl III
building up the health. Only Mc per
hoi. Sold by Canada Drug St Book
Trav. Pans. AgtiDti
A U. I*. Aiii-i.i.
Vi.ni .iivit
i ivWV^vVWWW>_MMvViA_AA/^M^^MrWwvWvVWvWVMI i
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
.'ftp I In I  l*iil.l>up,     1    .    .     llttUsfTtsM I   Beat, *ii;ih.,wmi.��
Hmini or iMniim-:   ThoiiniH K. Kenny,   President]   TltomiiH KiU-hle, Vice t'realdeuL.
Wiloy Hinlth, II. 0, Bauld. Hun. II. II. Poller, M.L.C., Hun. PftVld MuuKuun.
����� .ni oilhc. iiiitiriu 1
Genernl MftHaMT* KiUoti U, PtAMi Muntrttnl.
Bopariuteodenl Of Bnuiohoo. and Sueri'lnry, W. li. Torrance, Halifax.
liiMpoi'lor, W. Y. ItriM-k, HhH.i.x.
In  1 -i cm.1 I). M, Stew tut, Montreal.
i;r:nii In - I
Not* _k-ttja-HwHfrl Itronrh, ABttBOntflh, brldgow&tfV, GonbOTO. I-iomlont.erry, Lunenburg.
Mullluml (HiinlH (.0.), I'lrlim, I'ort. liuwku-lniry, Sydney. HhiilHJtiiiciullR, Truro, Weymouth
>.'.��   ll run-M Irl*    li.ii Inn   l.    Hoirhrsl it,   Kmlnrlctnn,  Kin.c-'<>ii   (Kent   I'o.i, Moncton,   New-
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Kniin Mont real
Dominion l.lno uiijily nut, for _Ir iinmu Auit IK
Dominion l.lno Dominion Auk 18
Allun l.lno Corlnlliliin Aim IX
Allun Uno I'uiiiui  AllKil
Hrnver Uno Lako Mi'unntio  Auk Ii
BeSVaruM l-nko superior  Auk Jl
From New York
White'Star Lino Teutonic  Aiik IS
WlilloStur l.lno OjnDrlO  Auk SI
Willie Slur Line (liTinnnlc Ann _!
Ounard Line ymbria ��� Auk I
I'nniinl l.lno Lm-iinln Auk g
A inerlcan Lino SL UhiIh Auk il
Red  Snir Line Nonnllntnl Aiik IK
Anrhor   Lino    A"lorl��  Auk IK
Anrlior   Uno   Ktliinpiii Auk*'
N.d.L. I.. KalBor Wilhelm II Auk I"
N. 0. L Lino Travo Auk 1"
N. (I. L. L. KidHorln Murlii Tlier_.ln.... Auk 111
Alluii Male Una Luimuiiiuu Auk IK
From Boston, Haaa
U.innrd Uno Suxonla Auk IS
1'uHnaKOH urrnnKod to anil from all Kiiroiirnn
lioinlH. For ratflu, tlcke.w ami full Informal ion
apply to 0, P. It. dopil nKent or II. L. Brown
Cily ruHHonuor AKont, Nelaon, B. Q.
ooneral _ sent, O.P.B. oiiiooh, Winnipeg.
Brewers of I _ne LaRer
Heer and I'oi tcr,
NrIhod, B. 0.
9. 0. GKKBN        Y. 8. Ol_EMENTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0, Box 1.5 alalmn. B. 0.
tkkn Canada Mortgage
Money to loan on Htrninht MortRapfl.
Ai.ply too. U LENNOX, Baker  Ht.,
..aitle. Siickville, Wwnt-tiH-k. I . I.. InIhiiiI rlnulolli-lown. .-Miiiiuiemiile. Out -her Monlro&l
H 'ity Olllee), Moulri'iil. West F.ml f( 'oi. Notre Duine mnl HelKtiourN Street*); Wenliuount (Cor.
(Ireeno Avenue anil . t. Calliiirlni'i  HlrooL   Ontario   Ottawa.   ���_ , _dla_d   HI. John's
< uliii, vi ,.i luill, -   Havana. I iult-*l . Iiilm   Now Yurk Illi KxeluuiKU I'laeel Kopuhllc, waab
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Gsntipnd rail t
��it iinsl ii Min li in' ��� 1'nnl of Cnnmlft. I.onIoii -Natlonnl Hhawnmt Hnnk. 41. tragi.��� America
Nutiontil It-ink Han Irsuicl*. o- Ki��I NiiUntml Hunk, l/iinilitn, Knu. - Hank of tfcotlanri.
1'iirl", trnin. Cn'tlil I.yonmilK llrriiiuiln Hiuik of Hcnn tula. �� lilnn nnil Jnpnri Hon*
KoiiK iimi HlmiiKlinl lUnkfnn ('orporution.
Ueneial Banking Uu��lneftB Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounth received on the moat favorable termi,   tntereet allowed on special
depoeltl nu.l on Baying Hank iiccuunU.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
...STORAGE ...
Storage space to rent; good, clean and cool; at  reasonable
rates.    Apply to
The Nelson Electric Tramway CO., Ltd.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
7-8 inch ilium. ll&Mper H*l feet, I'oi'
immediate ilelivcrv in Nelncu
J. o. T. CROFTS,
��.O. ii.,. 67S. Nnl��nn. B. 0
W.    REINHARD,    M. D.
Specialty I   Eye. Ear and Nose.
OfflMI    linker HI reel, near l'"i nlernily
Hall.   Telephone Nn  11.
NOTICE in hereby  given  that  the
p.'irtiiei'hiiip formerly existing between
lllchard li.   Lowe niul   Unhurt   A.    l.i
Unit n�� agenta fnr the Betelwood
Dairy ih dissolved by mutual oouent
ihlh 18th day nf August, I mm. Robert
A. Elliot! will continue to carry mi
tbe business of the llazelwood Dairy
and Collect nil bills  and   pay   all   ac-
eiiuiiiH and assume liabilities,
Mils, iiKlI.I.V. who Im" taken "ver
the liiiime nn Ward Btreel jin-i
above th�� Post Offloe, will nive board
and niniiiH. . eveinl oboicl rooms still
unoccupied. Terms leiiKiiiinl'le
Hy the week from $5 to gfi.
Hy the day *i.oo.
J n
Nelson  Dailv Miner,  Saturday^Evkninq,   August  18. iqoq.
WE ll.WI
Men's Fine Shirts, starched fronts;  regular 75c;   now	
Men's Fine Shirts, with or without Collars;    regular $1.25 and  $1.50;   now
Men's Summer Underwear;   regular 80c a suit;   now	
Men's Fine Fancy Striped Balbrggan Underwear; regular $1.50 a suit; now
Men's Fine Wool Underwear, unshrinkable, summer weight;  regular $2.50
a  suit;    now	
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, light weight;  regular $;voo a suit;   now..        \ ,5Q
75C Men's Ties;  regular 50c and 75c;   now all one pri
What Mr. E. Nelson Fell Has to Say Renaming Dividend Rumor.
Mr. E. Nelson Fell, of the Atlia-
basca mine, wns Been by 11 Minor
representative this morning in regard
tu ihe report that mi September 1st
ihe Athabasca mine would pay a
Dividend of live per cent., amounting
tu $25,	
���'1 ,lu nol know where the statement ciime from," siihl Mr. Fell. "It
was certainly nut authorized, 1 hope
that we will he able tu declare Buch
u dividend, bul nt the present time I
cannot say that we will he able tu do
mi. The statement was premature,
unauthorized anil may ur may not
prove true."
A Most Delightful outing Home tor Those Who
Desire  It.
The new- ('. P. 11. house buat which
is now completed and   ready   fur  occupation has heen visited by   a   large|
number ol Nelson people all of whom
declare ii t" be an ideal outing home.
The boat is completely   furnished   in
every respect.   The four  state   rooms
with iheir four double and four single
berths are equipped   with everything
une would desire in   a   bed   room   at
home.    In the dining mum is all that
a dining  room   requires,   silverware,
glassware, etc., and the room itself is
sufficiently large to accommodate any
party that could travel on   the   boat.
The kitchen Is complete, too, and,  in
fncl  there   is   nothing  lacking  anywhere.    All of the rooms are carpeted
ami the hallway is laid with oilcloth.
Upstairs you lire In the open air.witli
an awning to shield yun from tlie sun
and a hiunmock If you would lay down
and read and rest.    No mure   delightful plaee. to spend   a   week   or   two,
could be imagined,provided,of course,
the boat is anchored in  some   one   of
thousand  beauty  Bpots  of  Kootenay
Lake,    Ni
uf water 0
W, A. Macdonald, y. ('.. arrived in j
Nelsun this morning after a viBit of
two or three weeks to Manitoba points.
There was nothing new this morn-
ing us to the threatened strike of the
laborers employed by the oity. All
tlie men employed were at work and
everything was going along smoothly,
Mrs. A. 11. Bechner, of Pilot Hay,
came to the General Hospital last
evening to undergo medical treatment.
Slie was operated on this morning and
is now doing well.
A shipment of 4,01)0 tons of galena
concentrates, occupying 10 cars, passed
through the city yesterday to the
I'uast. The shipment came from the
St. Eugene mine, and will be sent'.tu
Antifusta. Chilli, to be used as a flux
in Braeltlng operations In that country,
At tlie l'.aptist Church tomorrow the
pastor. Kev. II. .1. C. White, will
preach in the morn ing on "The Family of Jesus," and In the evening his
subject will be "One Thing Thou
Laekest." This may be the last Sunday Mr. White will preace in Nelson.
Sid Foster, employed by J. II. Ro-
I ble, merchant tailor, left this morn-
' ing for Ottawa, where lie will start a
merchant tailoring business of his
own. He came to Nelson about a year
ago and lias made many friends who
regret his departure for the East. For
several months he has been a prominent member of the military band,
A letter received in Nelson recently,
says that "Corporal Dee of Nelsou"
was shut through the head by the Hoers
and lulled. As nothing of an official
nature, or from any other source haB
chronicled the death of l.ee it is
believed by his friends here that there
is some mistake and that Lee Is still
in the land of  the living.
In answer to a wire Rent yesterday
to A. L. Lang. Portland, Ore., asking
about tlie combination hose and chemical wagon which was purchased from
(Ieorge Hell, accountant of  the  Imperial Hank, is back from his holiday j
spent in Winnipeg.
Thc   sitting of   the   County   Court. I
which was to have been  held   at  the
Court House in Nelson on Sept. llnl has
been postponed   until   Monday,   Sepl.
The Eagles baseball team of Spokane
arrived in Nelson by tlie Rossland
train this morning. They play the
local team at 3 ::in this afternoon and
again at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon.
The City Hand, under Leader .1. C,
Luppy, will, weather permitting, give
another open air concert this evening
at Ward and Haker Streets. These
concerts have become quite popular
and are always listened to by a large
number of people.
The frame building on Stanley street
formerly occupied as the city office of
the Canadian Pacific and which was
partially destroyed by lire a few weelts
ago, is to be repaired at once. Contractor I leurge McKarland was given
the contract yesterday. It is estimated that the cost for the   repairing   of
the building will be about8900.
Today the mining records are ns
follows: Locations; Meaford, on
Sandy Creek, by \V. II. Swerdfeger:
Jumbo, on Sandy Creek, by .1. L.
Stamford. Certificates of Work! on
North Star and Never Sweet, to Ada
Campbell; on Pole Cat, Ground Hog
and Goffer, to A. Hmler; on Dividend,
to John Howell. Transfers: Edward
Peters to C, 1). J. Christie, l-il inter
est in Birthday claim near Ymir. for a
nominal consideration.
Tn speaking of the death of David
Nicholson, fireman of the Str. Inti
national, from typhoid fever, the Kaslo Kouteniaii says: "The cause of
death was typhoid fever and again
the Kooteni;mi makes an earnest re
quest to the Nelson health authorities
to investigate once and for all the report that a deatli dealing sewer   omp-
.1. K. Strachan, elty clerk, wired to
11. 1). llelincken, M. P. P., Victoria,
yesterday in an effort to locate I.ord
and Lady Minto. He received an
answer this morning saying that It
was not known in Victoria where the
Governor-General was-, and lie wns advised to communicate with parties at
Skagway. Mr. Strachan wired to the
Qovernment Agent at that place today, but has as yet received no answer,
lie also mailed a letter addressed to
Lord Minto. Skagway. with instructions to have the communication forwarded. The letter contained a pressing invitation to His Excellency to
visit Nelson on his return trip to the
Young Manderson, who kept a grocery store on Hall street and who left
Nelson a few days ago and was arrested in Spokane on Wednesday night
on a charge of disposing of his goods
with the intent of defrauding his
creditors, was brought to Nelson last
evening by Chief .larvis. At ! o'clock
this afternoon he was given a preliminary hearing before Magistrate
Crease   al   the   Police   Court.    There
was nu attorney present to defend
Manderson and Chief Jarvis acted as
attorney on the part of the Grown. J.
T. Fife, of Fife .< Co., was the lirst
witness, lie said that he had sold the
prisoner goods tu the amount of over
(ISO for whieli he had not received
any money. Mr. Morrison, of Morrison .. Caldwell, testitied that the accused owed the company to which he
(Morrison) belonged 9203.
that   agent   some   time
��� ago   by  the ties into the Kootenay river near
city, word was received this morning
that   tlie   engine   was   shipped   from
i where, perhaps, iii all the i Chicago last Monday. It should arrive
of Canada is there   a  body i here in a few days.
tiering to the   man   of   the I    There Is a great deal of  speculation
reel and lly or he uf the gun such in- hL.re a8 t��� the appointment of a sue-
diieeinents as are ulTered anywhere on I cessor to Captain FltzBtubbB, of the
Kootenay Lake and nowhere are there provincial Jail.    Inquiry nmong tlie
 re delightfully secluded places than I Qovernment officials finds them all in
can be found here. And it is to give j ft stnte of Ignorance. It is believed.
visitors the opportunity of seeing all however, that there Is one Govern-
this, under must pleasant conditions, ment official here who could have the
that the C. P. tt. has caused to be offloe If he desired It, but It Is thought
built this house boat.    It is to lie rent-   he would sooner be where lie is.
ed to parties and at a tigure which
makes it within tlie reach of everyone
who can afford an outing. The boat
Itself will rent at SS per day. with a
minimum charge of 8:10.    It   will   be
Mr. J, B. McArthur, who is greatly
interested in properties in the Slocnn
district, arrived in Nelson this morning from Knslo. lie reports that there
was quite n sensation cauBed   in   that
feet wide, and containing  clean   and
concentrating ore of high values.
Rev.  Win.  Munroe   will   nreneh   on
"Athletics"   tomorrow
towed to any point that can be reach-1 diH,ril.. yesterday over  a good  Btrike
ed from Nelson at the regular towage mada  (m   vVooilbnrv   properties  nenr
charge of 50 cents a mile, with a min-, K_sli.    Th_ ,eafl wftH {()_���d ^ ,|c tpn
imiiui towage charge uf 9_.    All   that
those who cm the hunt have to du   is
to stud; il with   eatables  and   drinkables.      Nothing else  is  required  by
them unless they desire a servant and  ""'   BUDjeet
this the C. P. 11. official,   will   under-  evening   at   the    opera   House.    The
special music for the evening will   lie
I a baritone solo,   "Calvary,"   by   Mr.
Thompson ; soprano solo,    "The   Holy
City,'' by Mrs. Caldwell   and   nn   instrumental voluntary by Miss Wilson.
I A cordial    Invitation   is   extended   to
I all,    The evening service   will   he   at
7:30 and the morning at II o'clock.
A steam drill wa.i started to work
this morning at the city quarry on
Victoria Street. The machine was
purchased from the Moe Machine Company of Trail, and It arrived in Nelson yesterday.    The cost is something
lake to
secure d
r them.
Line nti
nlllcr, Paris
an. passed
Fame 1
olnl at
p. ni.   Aug
will IV
ich Monl
real this eve
���r 1 .ine s
earner. I.ah
���   Su
or, Inward, passed Cape Magdalene at
0 a. in. Aug. 17.
Dominion Line  steamer, Dominion,
passed Cape l'aee al  7   a.    m.    Aug.   lo
and is duo at Quebec al 7 p.
evening  and   al    Montreal    t
Mr, ami Mrs. A. II. Iluchaiian who
have been spending a few weeks with
iheir son-in-hivi. Mr. A.II. Iluchanan,
manager of I lie local branch of the
Bank of Montreal, will have on Monday for their botno in Montreal,
wharf where the steamers Kokanee
nnd International duck. This is the
fourth or fiftli death from tyhpoid
among steamboat men from those vessels and there are one or two eases
still being nursed. Thc sailors do not
hesitate to lay the blame to a Nelson
sewer and the authorities there had
their attention drawn to the  matter
Moreover Dr. Eiigan. the secretary of
thc Provincial Hoard   uf   health,  was
communicated with some time book.
lie declared that the matter required
Immediate   attention.    The   Nelson
health officer must look Into it."
According to a despatch from Vic
torln. Captain FltzStubbs, warden of
the Provincial Jail at Nelson, has
been superannuated, lie will be
allowed 875 per month. Captain FltzBtubbB hns been in Western Canada
for nearly 40 yenrs, nnd during the
past 27 yenrs, excepting a few intervals, ho hns been in the service of the
Government. For many yenrs he
occupied the position of Oold Commissioner and chief magistrate among
the Indians of the north, liming the
time he held the latter office lie hnd
many close and striking adventures,
but, it is said, that in his dealings
with the Indians, he was the most
successful man ever holding u,.,t ]ll)Si.
tion in war-like times. In May, lmil.
he was stationed by the llnvies Qovernment, ns Qovernment Agent in the
mining  camp,   whieh   has now grown
Into the large and prosperous City of
Nelson. The captain said Ihis morning:      "At   that   time   there   was  no
Nelsun. imi only a few scattered tents
uf prospectors situated h  anil Ains-
ing is| worth   was   really   the Capital of thll
that the drill   must I porated sails- district,"   In  January.  1808, he WU
(actorlly   one   week.    Mr.   Tuwer.   of   appointed   warden   of  the   l.ovinctiil
Trail, accompanied the machine, and Jail, which position he has held until
is operating it today, Aside from a now, The captain received a letter
few hitches the machine is giving I from Victoria this morning telling
good satisfaction, | him of thc action taken.
iver 8300,   and  the  understand!
Phair���T. 11. Ella. Vancouver! J. A,
Macduiiel, Rossland; Miss L. El.
Hughes, Ainsworth; J. R. McArthur.
Knslo; C. 1). Rnnd, Spokane: A, E.
Rand, New Westminster: K.J. Sharpe
and wife, Winnipeg; Mcnnu lnzicker.
Spokane; II. H. Zoecklor, Chicago; 11.
French, Spokane.
II nine���J nines M. Cooinbe. Winnipeg; S. H. North. Victoria; Y. Vi.
Fraser, London. Ont. : B, 0. Boswell,
Hoiiiiiiigton Falls: 1.. T. Mewburn.
Hamilton; R. A. Reeve nnd wife,
Toronto; J. Mai-ray, Winnipeg: J. VV.
Pautail. Spokane.
"That is already right becoming all
the time line weather, and I Bhould so
necessarily washday hold,"
"But, exactly by the washing has
one yet fine weather desirous." "1
not, because by line weather must 1
wheel." ��� Fligende Blnetter (literal
��� i   ���
"Where did you Sunday, old ninn'.'"
"I didn't Sunday; I Snblmthed."
"Went to church morning nnd evening. "���Detroit Journal,
��� ���  ���
"I don't care a hang," remarked Earl
Li Hung Chang,
"How much they   may   talk   about
But I wish they would try to stop calling it 'Lie.'
And   pronounce   the   lirst     syllable
���Lee.' "
��� ���   ���
Teneher    What is all Island.
Johnny   A body of  land  entirely
siirruiinded by wnt'ships.���Answers.
��� ���   ��
"Do you enjoy reading Dickens'.'"
"Very much." answered Miss Cayenne. "Mis works contain so many
odd nnd villiniious characters to whom
it is a pleasure to compare those we
dislike."���Washington Star.
��� ���   ���
Snid that  Cunning old   fox, Li Hung
"These foreigners give me n pahg.
It's religion they die for,
And Conquest they sigli for.
On the banks uf the Ynngtsc Kiang,"
��� ���   ���
"What is an international episode.
"Well, il Is either a wedding or a
wnr."- Indianapolis Journal.
house on Vle-
, No
live I
from city
lussessiull A
ng. :.",
Apply  9.
J.  lira.II
���y -
illi n.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
Wan the ball that hit G B. Stead-
tnan of Newnrk.Micliignii, in Hie Civil
War. It cause 1 horrible Ulcuis tbat
no treatment helped for 2(1 years.
Then Bookleo's Arnica Salvo cured
him. Cures Out". Bruises, Burns,
Bolls, Felons, Corns, Skin Krnptions.
Bent Pile cure nn earth. 85 cts. n box
Cure guaranteed. Sold by Canada
Drug ib Book Stole.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
Spring ohickeu nud all tho dolioaoins
of the season served to yon when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, Iwo and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Patenaude Bros.
Manufacturing Jewellers and
We are now prepared to make anything in the line of Jewelry, such as
Rings, Pins. Chains, l.orhets. Seals,
etc. Send us old jewelry and vie will
remodel or make it up in new uud
up-to-date styles.
We buy old gold nnd silver.
Patenaude Bros.
Permanently removed by the
electric needle. The manager
of the Chicago Electrolysis
Co., a graduate electrician, is
in Nelson for a limited space
of time. Persons afflicted
with (his blemish should not
fail to take advantage of this
opportunity of being cured.
References given. Room 18,
Hume Hotel.
Sunday, 3 p. m.
At Recreation Grounds.
Nki_io_ II. C.
A BoardliiR anil Dny Hi'hool conducted by
lho Hister* of Ht. JohoiiIi of l'unoo li Ih ���Ittinted at thecorncr of Mill .in.i Josephine itreete
In ono of tho best, residential portions of Nolson, and Ih obhII)' occossllilo from all parts
of tho cily.
Tho courso of study IhcIhiIoh lho fundaiiiati-
tal anil higher branches of a thorough Knullsh
iiiiiuaiiiiii. iiii..iiii... course ��� BookkeeSbie
Btenonaebj and Typewrit ln*. Boloooe oonmi
-Music, Voca and Instrumental; Drawing
nto.-l.aln and Art Noodluworlc; Calisthenics!
Kor term, an* nan Ionia��� apply
Nelson Bmjloyiil Apncy
Waitress.    Dishwasher,    Porter for
hotel,   Girl for hotel.
Nurse girl wants situation.
J. II. LOVE, Agt., Baker St.
I have a complete stock on hand oi
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LAKDO.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \��tth steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connect., at Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkavk. Day Train. Ajuuve.
1(1.815 a.m Spokane 7 :10 p.m,
12:11.-1 p. in ltossland  5:110 p.m.
9:30 a, m NcIbod 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 am:
11:00 p.m Kossland 0:110 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
A. R. BARROW, a.m. i o.k
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 558. Telephone No. ��B
Advertisement* lnsortod under thin head at
Uio rate of one oont a word per insertion. No
advertisement taken lor less than '15 oenU.
WANTED���Young lady or gentleman
to 1111 position of trout, Must be able,
to furnish bund. Address "T," Minor
WANTED���September 1st, a furnished lions", with modern conveniences, in a desirable locality, for sl*
months or longer. Address P. O. Box
"ill7, Oity.
Wanted���By a  woman, a position  ns
cook in  a minimi camp,     Address
"Conk,'' Miner ofl__o.
TOR  BALE OHDAP���Large house
and II) acres opposite Nelson. Kowl
house. Running water. Apply 0,
Newling,  linker Street.
TOR 8AI.E���A paying Grocery nnd
Fruit    business.      Best   part   Mniu
Street, Oranhrook. Property can ids"
be purchased. "Business, Nelson
an experienced   woman cook.   1
vate family or boarding house,
dress "O," Miner oflice.


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