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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 17, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 628.
Nelson, British Columbia. Wednesday, January 17,  19����-
Sounds of Firing Heard from
His Direction.
t'rnin Pieteraaritzburg; "There is
nn news from the front but heavy firing wus lit-iird tpflay in tlm iliri'i'tiiiii
of From It is probable Unit General
Bullet is engaging the enemy, A rumor is ottrrent here that n portion of
tlie British force is near Ladysmith."
-I��� -,-��
Lontlon, Jan, 17 ���A dispatch to tho
Dally Moil from Plalertnaritzriurg,
iliitcil Tu.'.silny, Buys: "There wns very
heavy firing in the north yesterday.
I believe the Boeis ore contesting Ueu-
prnl Boiler's passage oi tlie Tugela,
Ilt-i-.iltzirs were evidently hnsy ns the
��� ��� i i- , .,-t-i hi'' ���-- ihi heaviest ��� et
t.t  nl in Natal. "
The War Office Announces That There Is
Nothing Fxciting-New Zealaud-
eta Agaiu to the Fore.
London, Jan. 17.���(12:80 a.m )���The
Wnr Offloe anuonni-es at midnight
iimi no speoial news wonld be issued
pick of western soliders and   tho west
is luotnl ut them.
All Want to Belong to the
B. C. One Hundred.
London, Jan. 17.���The Times pub-
lisli.-il the following from Pietermnr-
i/.t. nr_, -luted Tuesday. "Very heavy
artillery firing was beard yesterday in
the direction of Springfield."
London, .Tan. 17.���The correspondent
of the Times at Lorenzo Mnrquez. telegraphing Monday, Jnn. 16, says: "I
nth informed of the host authority that
six days ago, Mofeking was holding
ont as plnckily ns ever. Tlm garrison
hail plenty of rattle and oanned
Handsome Contributions Recoived Yesterday���Winnipeg Koyally Entertains
Departing Troops.
London, Jan. 17.���(4 a. m.)���Kven
rumors nre no longer telegraphed
from Natal, The conclusion deducted
from ihis silence from the military
experts generally, is thai no deci-ive
iiluw has been struck either way. as In
such nn event there would be no necessity for sili'tii-e.
The South African conciliation com-
inittee, quietly formed to represent the
peace minority, ennnncee itself to tha
country today, and asks for support.
Among the members ate Lord and
Latlv r*oleridgo, Mr. Herbert Spencer,
.ii Hubert T. Held, Mr. li. J. Shaw-
Leveret, Sir. Frederick Harrison, Mr.
Stephen Gladstone, the Countess of
Carlisle nml many other uotable per-
sons. Mr. Leonard Coorney, Unionist
nn -ml., -r nf Parliament for the Bodmin
division of Cornwall, is president of
tin- committee,
The manifest affirms that as the wnr
was begun nu,iii it.sunderstoiiding
i'i. both siilt s, i. pacific settlement is
1 tissilile.
There is no indication that such
nn arrangement wonld be tolerated by
inv considerable portion ot the public.
National emotion is now in a B.ate
uf (lisquinto over tlm reverses to Krit
i-li   arms.    Dissatisfaction     with   the
I'liiiiiuit ut' military business is Intense
and there is almost a universal determination to see the tbiug through to
the hitter end.
The War Office has tssne.l orders for
tho furmotion uf live new batteries.
Seventeen moie militia battalions
will lie embodied In tlm course uf ii
fortnight. All the regulars are now
out of the country, except fourteen in-
i.intr.v battalions aud eleven cavalry
The Yeomanry committee announces
iimi ii hns aecepted three thousand out
ol iln ten thousand which it wishes to
raise nml siill nns twenty thousand np
plications to be examined, The Daily
l lironicle asserts that the committee
was goaded Into this statement by ibe
reports thnt there was no hope ot get-
tlug (lie lull number.
The War Office has wired lo conn-
1'iiniii.ii tli.' departure from Egypt of a
number of officers,Who were previously
ordered to South Africa. The Daily
Chronicle, commenting upon this and
Othor news related to it, says there
are nome enriona reports iu circulation,
apparently with some authority behind
them, which point,   to the stoppage   of
iln- dispatoh of further  reinforcements
wiii-u the troops now mobilized shall
embarked.   The new oavalry lui-
Capetown, Jan. Hi.���Sir Alfred Mil-
n.-r, the Governor,has proclaimed martial law in the districts of Hupetown
min Philipatowu.
London. Jan. 17.���The Pietcrmnrizt-
hnrg correspondent of The Times, telegraphing, Tuesday, Jan. 10, snys the
DelaRoa Boy correspondent ot the Natal
Times assorts that *ix big Ornsote guns
and fifty Ions uf shells weie landed
from the French steamer Oiroude
about tin- middle of lust month nnder
the nose of two Hritish war ships and
were dispatched to Pretoria, causing
much rejoicing at the ease which con-
trahand of war can rim the blockade.
The Bwazi Queen mother, sinoe the
death ut Kin- Hiimia, bus killed all
the chiefs who were ever iti England
or Capetown and is now plotting with
the Boers. The situatlou may fairly
be considered grave nml it would be
w il '-.-nl reginvenle of Gi.ergkh.is
in Swaziland immediately.
(Specinl Dispatches to Tbe Miner.)
Victoria, B. 0., Jan. 18,��� Great ex
citemetit is now prevailing   here   over
the raising of mounted scouts for South
Africa,    Already   some   two  hundred
applications for enlistment in the corps
have been received hy   Major   Benson,
D. 0. C,, nud Lieutenant-Colonel
Gregory. They have been filed for reference, for us yet neither officer hns
authority to do recruiting. This inoiu-
iug n telegram wns received from Sergeant Thomas, at Dawson, offering s.n-
vices, and saying that a nuuilier iu the
Klondike wanted to volunteer. Tbe
enthusiasm up-country is the same.
Vernon telegraphed I" Price Ellison
asking that the quota allowed them,
be doubled, Oeane received a who
from Kiiinloops that ���fi horsemen volunteered there. Dr, Monro telegraph
ed Deanti offering services as surgeon
to tho corps. No reply has yet been
received by Mr. Senilin in regard to
the aooeptanoe of his oiler.
Ottawa, Jan. Hi.���C. W, Boolt, Winnipeg, son of C.Scott, of Ottawa, sends
ibe following interesting bit of news
in a friend here: "We hud a splendid
I rip and bad a K.iml lime. 1 must tell
yon about our little time ill St, lJnul.
We were there all day Sunday and
when going to lnneb we saw in front
of an ollice, on oue of tbe main business streets, a  large sign,  printed ou
cotton and strung across an office window, announcing that this was the
headquarters f r subscriptions in nldof
the Boers, also Boer buttons for sale.
Well, we immediately made uii omentitis it ought to nome down, and ns
allot' sizing the place np. we determined t�� wial until evening. Our train
was lo leave at i o'clock. We went to
supper about six, passing our sign
again but there were too ninny people
on tbe streets so wo had supper aud
came back and eventually managed,
with knives and scissors, (one at
each end o{ the sign) to accomplish
nur object, leaving ourselves only 10
minutes to catch tbe train. We wanted to bring tbe sign into Canada with
us and would havo, if we bud bad a
few minutes mote time. "
Tbe Cabinet was in session all dny
when the estimates, to be presented
Parliament at the approaching session,
were under discussion, It is expected
that they will bo ready to be laid on
the table of the House as soon as the
Speech from tbe Throne Is disposed of.
On account of a number of Ministers
leaving lor Halifax tomorrow, the
whole dny was taken np with oounoll
J. K. Booth is preparing for n
greatly Increased traffic on Parry
Sound & Canada-Atlantic Railway.
General Manager Chamberlain left today for the west to procure a ccunle of
new steamers for gruin traffic on the
(Iroat Lukes next Reason.
Proposes to Give Chinatown
a Thorough Cleansing.
Tenth Yeai
ed this morning by falling over a I iw
railing in the men's room, down two
stories to the street below. His head
was smashed to a jelly. Captain Gib,
sou was a recent applicant for the position nf Chief of the Winnipeg Brigade.
Suspected  Gase of Rubbery and  Murder.
A  New Railway Scheme Comes
Up for Consideration,
(Special Dispatches lo The .Miner, i
Tiuunlii, Jan. III.���Tho lllobc's Ol-
tawu dispatch says: "Word has he_n
received by lhe Interior Department
that tbo Indians in the vicinity of Edmonton nre not excited about the Boer
war. Tbe Indian agent there says,
in his report, that be bus visited five
ngenoieB and found tlm red men ignorant of the existence of war. The
situation at Bnttli find, however, was
different A few days ug,i a report to
the North West Mounted Police department showed the police and Indian agents have ovulated the Crees
down aud no trouble is expected.
Henslmrg, Cape Colony, Jau. IB.���
Monday.���The bill commands a trad
of country east of the main position oi
the Boers and they bud determined lo
make nn attempt to seize the height,
They advanced cautiously, directing
their Ilie at a small wall held by the
Yorkshires and compelling the latter
to ko? p close tinder cover. When the
Boers rushed the wall, tbe Yorkshires
fixed bayonets nnd charged, Just at
thai moment Captain Maddonk, with
u Riuoll party of Now /.calenders, escaped over the wall und charged
Straight fur the enemy, who tied, followed by   a   withering   Urn   nt   close
range.   The   Boers literally tumbled
over each oilier in their hurry to es-
oape, bnt the persist en I fire of the British inflicted a heavy less Desultory
tiring continued for s.itiie lime, but
the attaok we�� an utter failure and
Boers retreated lo shelter uf small
kopjes at lhe base of the   bill.
Mniitieal, Oue., Jan. Hi.���At. a meeting of ibe Church of England Synod
here I.'day Bishop Bond referred lo
the Transvaal war. concluding by saying he hoped the Queen would live to
seo her arniR victorious In a just war.
The Synod rise to its feet as ho concluded.and snug the National Anthem.
i-'inii' is not  to leave England at  pres-
i ni.
Moddor River, Jan. 18.���Tbere was
a brisk exchange of shells this morning, the Boors returning our Ore for
the Ural time in severnl days. The
British entrenchments are being con-
tiuually strengthened and extended.
Heavy rains have fallen recently und
ihn lord of Rsitbrelt River are all Impassable, It Ih reported that it will lie
necessary to rolny the rails almost the
entire dlstanoe from Modder River to
Kimberley,    the   Boers   having   used
1    mils and sleepers in building Iheir
��� 'ories   slill   reach   oamp   that the
'''ne Slaters   desire   to end   the   war.
���'' luteal is thai a oounoll was held
recently nl Bloemfnnteiii, at which
I,'"I'||' Bteyn and General Cronje
W9re Present, It was then stated tbat
' 'he Hritish begun the attack by
J��outtr,v IT the Free Htaters would re-
1 homo.
Berlin, Jan. HI. ���In the Reichstag
today an Interpellation, signed by II. rr
Mueller, National Liberal, and all lhe
members of tbo RelohstOg, except Unsocial Democrats and Imleneiulniits.
was Introduced,   It  was as  follows!
"What steps have the Federal (Ioverninent taken in regard  in the seisnre ol
Herman Ships by agents of the I .urli h
Government ':"
In view nf the excited Condition uf
public opinion, concerning u,,, Sci-/,- .
ures, the Interpellation will probably
speedily be answered. Pros comment (in the subject continues bitter
against Great Britain.    Several reports
nre iii circiilntiiin that Emperor William lias been asked by Russia and
Belgium to join  In uu Intervention
movement While these rumors are
not entirely without foundation, the
Emperor remains convinced that (.rent
Britain would not, accept mediation al
this singe, and on political und por-
iniiiii grounds, be holds iilonf from am
such plan.
Ottawa. Jan. 111.���The North West
Mounted troops will reach hero on Friday morning and will start again in
the afternoon. Thoy will In. reviewed
hy Lord Minto nn Pnrlinuieiit Hill.
At noon today tbe Canadian Patriotic Fund stood as follows: Amount
previously acknowledged, 118,716,(Wi
Canadian Pncille Kuilwny Co., 115,000;
Grand Trunk Railway Co., 115,000;
Mm. H. H. Bligh, Ottawa, *.. Total,
.<���.', i_ll. till.
J. C. MacLareii, eldest son of David
MucLurel',   the   well    known   Ottawa
Valley lumberman and capitalist, wus
ut Johannesburg when the war broke
out. Mr. MeLiueii, who is only _u
yean of age. Instead of retaining to
Canada, thought he would like to take
B band iu the light, and bo is now-
known us Trooper McLaren, of Me-
Union's Mounted Infantry, which is
with General. Buller at the Tugela.
There is nothing to add ta the arrangements for the dispatch of the contingent. Hon. Mr. Borden Hayrt Lord
Str.ithcona will have the choice of
ollicers   for   bis   contingent   and    the
Militia Department i�� only requested
ibe loan of its machinery for raising
tbo force.
Toronto, Ont.,   Jan. 10.���The Globe
correspondent, writing from Belmont,
December 1(1 says: "One result of tbe
departure of tbo Monsters is that Colonel Otter has become a station commandant. Ho is now' installed in a
little ollice |n (he railway station aud
has bis quarters in a furloru nnd de-
seited hotel, where tbo owner is u pris-
onei, charged with rebellion. Colonel
Ruolian lias taken ovor tho command
if the regiment, and with bis staff is
also installed in the hotel. Tbe cum-
nuny ollicers inmain in tents for teu
days. We have been in this country
nnd De Aar, Orange River, and Belmont have been our stopping pl-ices.
Montreal, Que., Jan. Hi.���Mr. I. ('..
Bbanghnessy, president oi the O. P.
R., announces that the company has
forwarded its ebe.iue for (15,0(10 to J,
H. Courtney, of tbe Finance Department, Ottawa, as their contribution to
the Patriotic Fund in connection witn
tbe South African war.
Opposition   Members  Still Talk on the
Speech From lie Throne.
Winnipeg, Man., Jim. Ill ���The Flee
Press wns informed n few days ugo, by
u mnn calling nt the ofllce, that the
reports of tho contemplated attaok by
Fciiinns from the United States, were
not myths, as far as Winnipeg aud
Manitoba am concerned. The man
said be wus enjoined to secrecy and
could not give details, but be claimed
lo bav ' positive knowledge that, the
Fenians would iniik.i Winnipeg ono of
the lirst poinls of attack.
I'ondon. Jan, it.-Tim Exchange
holograph Oo., bus recoived the following dispatch, dated  TueBday, Jau. 16,
London, Jan. 17.���The Durban correspondent "f Urn stun lard deals today
Willi the numerous reports that the
Free Slaters have tired of the war mul
will  abandon  the struggle as soon ns
Ih" British cross tho border, It prints
a great story with relerence to a journey of President  Kruger's   smi in law,
EloS, in Delngoa Buy,   in  a German
According   lo   Ibis   Elnll'   hns  been
making   urrungeniciils   for    President
Kruger's escape through German  Da-
inaraliinil, in the evem of lhe  capluic
of Pretoria.
Winnipeg, Man., Jan. 1(1.���Th.-sec-
nml battalion of Canadian Monnted
Rifles, recruiii'd entirely from the
North West Territories, passed through
Winnipeg today, ill tWO specinl irains.
The lirst nrrived at 'I p. m and left
at ,i ii. m. (in board were 19 officers
and All men from Reglnu, and ISO
horses. The tecond special, with about
800 men on board, from Calgary nnd
other Alberta points, did not arrive
until 8 p. tn, and remained.till 10 p,
ni. During the stops math, here mnn
and ollicers were  escorted to   tlm drill
ball whete luncheon wns provided by j
tho city,   Cheering crowds  welcomed I
Ibe arrival and farewelled tlm dnpar-
turn of both trains al tin- depot. The
North   West  Battalion  comprises the I
(Specinl Dispatch to The Miner. |
Viotoria, B. O., Jnn 1(1. ���Strong
opposition speeches wore made in tbo
House tndBy by McPbillips, A. W.
Smith, Booth and MoBride. Although
Finance Minister Cot'on Iiiik been
daily expected to defend ibe Government from tbe Opposition arraignment of the Speech from the Throne,
neither be nor any supporter of the
Government oonld today be tempted to
���ontriliute to the debate. McPbillips
continued his speech from yesterday,
challenging the c.itintituiioiiality of
the Alien Exclusion Act which prohibits aliens from holding placer clnims
in tbe Province, lie held that it was a
direct infraction nf the B. N. A. Act,
touching us it. did tlm question of Immigration, Wllioh is entirely under the
contini of the Federal anthorlti m.
Mr. Smith said bo understood a number   of actions  were to  be  entered
ngninst the Province for damages nris
ing out of Ibe passage nfcthc act.
All talk Ul the Legislature this after
noon centres round the ntroeinns l.iiin-
loops Standard incident.   Mr. Setnlln's
description of the attack on   the   Lieu
tenant-Governor, as the  moat  blaok
gnurdly specimen of newspaper writing thut baa taken place  in tbe  Prov
IttOfl, is generally endorsed. So ulso his
bis view tbut it would hnve been better hud the matter not been brought up
iu tin. House.    But   that, having   been
done, there Is no doubt that tho Government will Ink.i all necessary steps
to protect Die representative of Her
Majesty from nny fintber insults of
the kind.    This will probably bo   done
by making nu example nf thu present
offenders, who will probably  bo pro-
cfi'dt-d iiguiust for lose in.i,-   I--
Victoria, B. G.    .Inn.  in.���The  City
Oounoll bus been requested by Tapper,
Peters &   Potts, un behalf of a   syndicate not Identified, to postpone completion of the by-law to aid the Victoria-
Chilliwaik Railway   project  miiil another scheme for securing   quick   connection with the Fraser  Valley can be
laid    before    them.    This    syndicate,
tbo letter of application Males,will ask
the city to guarantee  the Interest  on
tbe sum of (1,000,000 at  four per   out
per  annum   for   a period of _()   years.
They   will    undertake   to   relieve   the
city from tbo responsibility in connection with the guarantee of in teres! for
the Victoria & Sydney Railway bonds.
They   will   cany   out practically   the
details of  thu   transportation scheme.
now  being   considered, by  providing
railway and  ferry   communication between the City of Victoria and Centre-
ville via Sydney and Point Roberts,
The city Health Officer reports that
the unsanitary condition of Chinatown
makes that quarter n likely lodging
place for tbo bubonic plague and he
nsks that Legislative authority be ob-
tuiued to make the Chinese quarter
clean at the expense of tho residents
themselves. Ho would entrust the
work to nn independent commission of
three men. Dr. Frusci says: "Notwithstanding thn vigilance of the
quarantine officials it would not surprise me if it cast of buDOUic plague
should appear in Victoria any day.
We have, in that part of our city
known as Chinatown, tbo proper con
dltlOUB for tbe dreadful disease to
flourish In, Ii his been found impossible to apply the various sanitary bylaws of the city or health act of the
Province tn Chinatown. Tbe danger
of the introduction of Ibis disease is
so real, aud our ability to copo with it
tinder present conditions so hopeless,
tbat 1 earnestly suggest that you at
once ask the Legislature for special
powers to denl with the sanitation of
The steamer Danube, which  arrived
from Bkagway this morning, brought
news tbut fears are ontertained at
Skngway for the safety of Fred H.
Olnyson, who left Dawson ou Decetn-
. ber 7 for the Coast. Ho was lust beard
I of at Minto, which he loft on December le in company with Olson, a Do
minion telegraph* man, anil a third
man, whoso identity was not learned,
but to whom suspicion bns lieeu attached, for it is now believed that the
missing merchant has met with foul
play.   Will H. Olayaon, a brother,  on
the llth Instant received word that the
police al Ti-.gisb bad ariested tbo suspect and that he hnd iii his possession
two revolvers, (1,000, and n spun nf
1 orsei Clayson bud from (2,000 to :',,-
ono iu cash when be left Dawson.
Olsen had drawn (800. Il was report-
ad before tin- Danube sailed thu! the
body of a man bad been found in lhe
snow this side of Minto. It is sus
peeled Ihat this is the body of Olson,
The news was brought by the Danube thai D-    W,  Seniplc. editor of   the
Sunday Gleaner)  who fled from Daw
son ptu  save; arrest* for oontempl   of
Klondike conns, had reached skngway
after a rapid trip. He was ten days
from Dawson lo Skngway. A few
months ago   Sempie was   lined   (1,000
for oontempl of court on ncconnl of an
artlole  published In  his paper.   The
day Offer   paying   tin-   line   he   again
published   two  attacks   on    Dawson
judges and courts    As -. result a sum.
j tnuns was Issued for  his arrest.    He
made tracks,    He  Ural  started  down
towards Circle Oily, then   doubled   "ii
bis traoka and returned to Dawson.
There he  bid  in ajoabin for a) week
<ilid at nightfall b'ft with a dog team
for Whit. Puss, lie ib coming lo Vic
tnrin, be say-, to appeal Ibe case
Montreal, Jan. 10.���The MoIboii'h
Bank bus given two thousand, and the
Bank of Nova Scotia live thousand
dollars, to. the Patriotic Canadian
Ottawa, Jan. III.���The Immigration
branch of the Interior Department
has made complete arrangements for
tbe settlement of fifty Toledo (Ohio)
families nexl spring in tho Canadian
Ninth West.
Ottawa, Jan. in.���Sir Charles Tup-
per, who reached here last night, says
lli-n nn bis western trip lie made 611
speeches and spoke oil Oil average of
two bouts ut .-itch meeting, lie was
merely practicing tor the coining session.
Montreal, Jan. hi.���Tin- heirs of thu
late W. W. Ogilvie this morning gave
out a statement that the death of the
owner oi the largest milling business
in Canada wonld in no way affect the
continuance of tbe vast enterprise. As
yet, it is too early to give even a general I'uiline of the re-organization
which will neoessarily follow Mr,
(Igilvie's rienili.
Brentford, Out,, Jan. 10.���Alica
Ann Hurt, wife of G. Acres Hurt, ex-
Collector of Inland Revenue, died lust
night in her T'.'nd year.
Ottawa, Jan. 10.���Archbishop Begin,
of (jnobee, arrived at Ottawa this
morning, The nature of hi., visit could
not be ascertained, but there is a rumor here today to the effect that be
had heen summoned to tho oapltal by
Monseigneur Faloonio, pupal deleg te,
in connection with the recent article.-,
in La Seniuine Kelugiense.
Whitby, Out., Jan. Hi.���Tbo judicial enquiry Into the cases of corruption
reported by the judges in the trial of
election protests in South Ontario, was
continued today. This time tin-
judges considered the cases of men
who bad given c.r received bribes for
voting for John linden at bis election iu November, l-sus. Four men
weie found guilty of accepting bribes
and of bribery. Two cases wero reserved and two dismissed. The judges
were Osier and Rose, who were trial
judges, The oases ngninst Benjamin
Palmer and Captain Sullivan were dismissed.
Wi Ilium Morris was fined (200 or
six months iu jail for bribery, and
Patrick   Sullivan,     William     MoOor-
miok.William Stewart and Bryan Lin-
ton were each lined $;>illl and   costs  or
one month in jail.
Hamilton*! .Inn. 16.��� Rev. John G.
Shearer this afternoon tendered m the
Hamilton Presbytery bis resignation of
pastorate of Erskinc Church 10 ink"
tbe Held ns seen iniv of the Loid's Duy
Alliance, The Presbytery accepted his
resignation hni decided to keep lu^
name un iho roll.
Montreal,   Jan.    16,   The Board of
Managers of the Montreal Hospital baa
received from  James Boss,  Mr, R, B.
Angua and sir William McDonald, ih,-
.-mn ut (6,000 each, to be used in meet-
lug the   ixponao  Incident   to tbe ereo
tion ol n new building.   Lord Strath
oona, who has already given (10,000 for
lhe purpose, has  shown biacontlnuud
Interesi   by   offering   to give    (I 01
mure, provided iiii  equal  sum is  Bub-
scribed by i in h "i nun- p'-isons.
Winnipeg,      Jan.      16 Detective
A niii.-   Minim,    for   ni'inv year--   0OU
nected with tbe w lunlpeg force, died
iins afternoon,
Montreal, Jan.   lO.-Oaptaln  PhlUp
Gibson, of No z fire nation, was kill
London. Jan. HI Tbe ontiro special
lervice squadron is going lo Booth Al
ina, w In-ii relieved at I Kbraltai by
the ehiiiiiii'l squadron. A portion of li
will be detailed to convoy the new na
vol brigade, being formed lor servloe
ut tbe front In Oape Colon;. NELSON  DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17, 1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
1 iibll.-1-o.i Daily oxeopl .Monday.
11  I.  BEATON, Editor and Manager.
Morulng Edition,
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poryt-nrliy mail  ���'-.���''
pi't-yetir bi'mull loi-.-i-ii., Uol
Nelson Wkkkiy Minkk.
>*�� eekly, pel' half yoar 1 1 2,"i
p^r year    2 00
por yoar, foreign    i Sd
-itilwuirlpiiloiH Invariably in nil vtvnoe
cl'AleJn tronW.8 In the anlutiitory,
hy Edward Boyce, President ..if the
Pedoi'ntiOTi, i - cm Hi sentence i " l_a-
liur bolni_ tliu producer of nil vro.ilth
is entitled in nil ii prodvicos, but 'lie
privileged class upheld by Hie pnliti-
nlans have robbed it nf nearly nil it*
product, thus Corciun it Into a condition of helplessness and dependonoe."
Wi- net tn someihiug cleanly in communications i'n ni r-loo.in Oity nml
Nelson, dealing witli the troubles bore,
t'rmu tlm Btaudpoint of the miners, of
oonrso, Inn wiili nil tlm fairness nml
modemtlon that could bo expei tod.
���Jelson Min ;r Printing & HubllshlngCo
Telephone   No.   1.(4.
There will be n miniature general
eleotion on tin- SGtll uf thin linnitli.
Theio ari seven vaoanoies iu tbo C'tini-
lniins, some of loiif; nud BOme nf shorter -inn lim:. and after much studying
uf the si^iiH the Government havo determined tu bring the whole seven
events off on the one day. The. vncmuoy
or longest stnndinn is Unit uf Winnipeg, whose late member. Mr. Jamie-
son, died just about, a yeni ago. During ihe lon.. reign uf the Conservatives there were many vaoanoies,
tluongh dentil, resignation, nr other
cause, aud not, infrequently the Government of the day delayed tbe by-
elections until ihe conditions appeared
most favorable to tho candidate ol
their own party. At least, that wns
iho contention ol tho Liberals, who
stormed nt the praotloe uml rteuounoed
it as an unworthy trick, until finally
it heoame an artiolo of Litieml  polloy
that, all vacancies should be filled with
the loa-ii. possible delay.  It is a curious
commentary ou the indignation ihus
upended that Winnipeg has remained
longer unrepresented than any i-iinstit-
uenoy iluring the period of Conservative ml v
Another article of Liberal faith was
thnt members of Parliament should
not he appointed to plaoea of emolument. This was done on niiineruus
occasions i.y Conservative Govern-
in9_ts, aud su reprehensible wns the
practice regarded that Mr. Muloolt, the
Postmaster-General, Introduced a Rill
when in Opposition to put a stop to it.
Yet two Of the seven vacancies are
owing tu this cause. Tbo member tor
Bertbier, Mr. Beansoleil, was appointed Postmaster of Montreal, and Mr.
Kinfret of Lotbiniere was appointed to
a (Justnius Lnspeatortbip. Tho Liberal
Ministers of tho day are BCOUsed of
having viulatwl every principle they
lirufesseil while in Opposition, Thai
is perhaps too sweeping,fur it is baiely
Iiossible thut some louse ones lire lying
around still intuct. But there is strung
presumptive evidence iu support of
the aennsation 111 the fact that two of
their principles nre discovered in a
hopelessly damaged condition within
the limits ot such a simple matter ns a
low by-elections.
Tho trouble in Winnipeg has been
thut the party was divided, and the
people ot Ottawa wore waiting until
tho factions could .�� reconciled. M..
Siiton undertook the good work, lint
his Interference made matters worse
than ever, it cost Winnipeg disfranchisement for a year, but under the
new LilierallHin that does not signify,
And now when circuiuHtnuees force the
election, tho Liberals aro afraid lo put
up a candidate. The contest is left to
Mr. B, U. Mnitiu, u very disaffected
meinU'i of the piirty, tho louder of iho
revolting faction, nud brother of the
disturbing Joseph who is just now
making matteri lively for Mr. Bemlin.
win. him fur opponent 11 Labor eun.ii
date named Pnttae. Tbe other vaean-
1 del uro���W.-it Ontario, a Liberal hive,
which wns represented by Mm late Wi
James D. Bdgar- Berthier, bom
which M. BeaOSOlell stepped Into tho
Muutreol PoatoflM ; Lothiuleie. which
gave to tho fjuslom's service ll v 'I
lent Kinfrel ; Sherbi'ooke.Ounservutivi',
vacant by thu death of Mr. Ives; Chum-
hly nnd Vereheres, funnel Iy represented by Mr. Oeoti'rion, of tho Government, whose death was deeply regretl-
,<1, nnd, lu.t. l.ttlmlle, thosial which
Mr. U.iniaHna vaceteil iih a protest
iiguiiint Iho action nf the Ooveriimeiit
In Mending the llml Onnii'lian oontm
���ant     All thesn aro Liberal   ciilistitu-
snotH eaoeptlng Bberbrooltt,   Bit Wll-
lu.t i.iuiiiei is ie in., in (jnabaoi nol
wishing to lose prestige ihrangh tbe
I.ink uf a seat; and his .lilt to Sher-
hrisike would iudnate Hint In- I" nol
���Willi.ml hope nr inrryitig It
The law moans well, but there are
times when it works hardship! it has
even been known in commit injustice.
Mr. Irving, an AUl.-riui.iiii- candidate
in the l_nst Ward, complained that une
of his ballots Iimi been unfairly reject-
nil Tin- matter was brought into
Court, ami thn Judge held thai the ballot was a good une anil must be counted, When counted it puts Mr. living
a tie with Mr. Morrison. It transpired, however Unit Mr. Morrison was
refused a bullet thai came within the
sumo category ns Ihe rejected Irving
ballot, yet the Judge declined tu entertain ir. If it hnd been counted ns
well ns thn other, ns it had ortunl claim
to be, the will of the majority would
have been established, fur Mr, Morrison would still have retained his lend
of one. This will the judgment of the
Court disregards nnd even defies, ana
the majority candidate has to undergo
a secoud ordeal in having his claim to
election pass: d .mm by tlie "Returning-
The Winnipeg Tribune asks if the
late Hon. George Brown was it Liberal.
If Laurior and Tarte and Sifton are
Liberals, then certainly George Brown
was not. Nov win Mackenzie or Blake.
Tho purity of l-ho Drugs nnd Medtolnes
ndmluUterod Lo Lho nation, is tho most
osaontiololoinenl In tho Biiocossfu) tro.ii-
nionl of diaeiwo. Prfl-oriptlona are com-
pjunaod by us _rom absolulo-j Pure
Drags In ported condition, _u.a tnopny
si.iiui's .-kilt will not bo nullified by old
nml Impotent drugji.
our stocks of rect-UHitetj (or
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room,
An._r*mii>li*i.*'   Vour patronage -.ollcited.
Nurses'   Directory.
Kor the i-tinv.Miitiitii nl Physlolftna unit
,\'ui-> ,:, wo havo osUibllali-d a Nurson
Dlreotory, ami In order bo havo ii 00m-
ploto, requosl .til J-ursos to��ond in or call
mul leave tholr iinmna and  addresses.
Dispensing Chemist
opl  116,     P.O.Bot&H.    linker Stri-
Mnil Orders I'rompllv Aii.niil.-'l To.
Every requisite for the
Scholar and student.
Urn Moray Co,, Lit,
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared lo issue
Drafts and Letters of Credil
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
Jii.�� Wonderful Adventures or six
Virginia Slaves Who \\>r�� Whirled
'l'l.r...i_H 11.4* Ooeun's l-'nuiu to 1.11,-
erty .....l iu l'-,.riun.-.
in 171.15 n colony of six runaway slaves
I'.'iino to the Stockbrldgo vnlley, the lirst
ui' Uml nice over Been in Madison county.
Tin' history of these six slaves in full of
romance, tot they wore no common men.
'I'h'-y lnnl seen nil parts ol the world
where n ship could ride nt anchor in n
harbor, -Ml could speak several tongues,
Inn none could read or write. All wero
Blnves from Virginia mid had been bound
out hy tholr master for -1 years on a
whaling vessel that wns owned by a coiu-
pany iu New Bedford, Muss. Tbo ship
lnnl slnrteil for the south sea, to bo gone
tm it cruise of three years.
When iilimit oil utiles out nt sen from
New Bedford, the lookout discovered ti
largo whale and ordered these six sailors
in no iii n small bout und follow the
whale. When be come to tbe surface, oue
of the sailors, who was au expert, threw
a harpoon ut Ibe whale. Instead of striking him just back of the bend, which is
the usual way, the harpoon struck the
whale about teu feet from the end of the
tall, which is of a libroua nature aud
r.iusetl no loss of blood to tbe Whale.
Then the great monster shot off with
wonderful rapidity toward the middle ot
the ocean, carrying the boat, anil that
was the Inst the captain o�� that whaler
ever saw of his six sailors.
This narrative, as related by Paul Cuff,
the sailor who threw tbe harpoon, reads
like a tish story, but tbe circumstances
connected with it afterward proved its
truthfulness, as it was corroborated in
lull by all the other sailors. After this
whale had eone about 00 miles in a
straight course at sea, carrying the sailors behind it In a small boat and some of
the time going at the rate of dl) miles nn
hour, it turned its course back toward tbe
shore and then turned agnin back to sea.
Sometimes tbe whale would dive down
BOO feet and rise with great fury and
boat lhe ocean to a white foam. At times
he would spurt a volume of water 'JOU
feet iu the air.
"All this time," said Faul Cuff, "we
were riding over tbe sea in great splendor, harnessed to tho biggest tish In the
world and making the fastest time on
record." They saw and passed great
merchant ships bearing their country's
(lag, but they bad no Hag, no country, uo
home. They passed an English inuii-of-
v.ni- that gazed with amazement nt the
singular sight. They thought It wns the
devil Incarnate hitched 10 a dragon and
lii'ed u broadside at them, but their
cannon bulls passed a mile behind the
Bailors, so rapid was their course. On
they went like a comet shooting its fiery
Hume across the sky.
Alter riiling ill this style for almost
three days up nnd down (lie ocenn bitched to n whale's tail by a slender cord the
grent tish took a singular turn ami a
lucky ono for the six sailors. lie steered
his course southwest nud by accident
Btruck lhe buy and outlet of the Hiiritini
river, on the coast ot New Jersey. The
water was deep, and be followed its
course for two miles. His nose struck
the piers of a bridge that cost .-.7,11110,
und it fell with a crash into the river. The
whale then struck an oyster sloop nnd
shivered ihat to atoms, drowning three
sailors. On he went, but the water soon
became so shallojv that be landed on the
Bhore, and in three hours he was dead.
By this singular accident the six 11c-
groca became the owners of tho whale.
They sold it to nn English oil merchant
in New York city for $ 12,01.10 lu gold who
did not kuow they were slaves bound out
in tlie marine service and not entitled lo
the whale uudcr the laws. His title,
however, proved good, for the company
in New Bedford never beard of the
transaction in 20 years. The whale was
really worth about $80,000 and was the
largest ever found on the Atlantic coast.
After receiving Iheir money tile slaves
made un equal division, which gave them
S'j.uiii) each, and, through lhe advice of
Iheir leader, l'aiil Cuff, they set their
faces toward lhe western wilds of the
Unit' of New York. When they reached
Albany, they met a Pequod Indian who
wns returning from piloting some mis-
slonarles to the Btockbrldge valley. Tho
Indian gave them 11 line description ot
tbe country, and they induced him to return with them for n Stipulated price.
lie .lid so nml lived witli them iu I his locality until be died. They bought on
contract with ihe Oneida Indians about
200 acres of laud for each at a nominal
sum. A ll. ward the lilies were con-
linned by the State of New York. They
nil lived to n Hue old nge, and all were
highly respected.
All of I hem died here except one, who
i.tiiiiied io New Bedford after a lapse of
r,u \ .111 - mid ilicd tbere about 40 years
ago,   Tin' remains of the others are laid
to   t.'st  side   hy   side   ill   the  old   Indian
graveyard at Valley Mills, ami then- l��
nothing whnlever lo murk their graves.
There mis 0 a small slnb at (he bead
.,r i.ne grove of rude form und chiseled
hy   nn  unskilled  bund.    The  Inscription
rend ns follows! ".luck Morgan, a runaway skive, who chased the whale." Then
followed 0g0 nnd dull-, but lhe slab bin
long   ne " tii'il'leroil away.
1900        1900 Waverly
Office an I Pocket.
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
0. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
New and Important
Ilulilanc's "3S00 Miles Across tjam-dn."
Price .1.50.
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three inoiilhs will loach you Assaying for
Gold, Silver, roiirter. This department Is In
clini'iie of Prof. Snter, Honor Graduate 01
McGUI Univei-siti.
Live nnd learn how, ohoaper than von now
CANADA mug &
f in'rig Stocks
Bought ana Sold.
Tetia and       ;ilu' others worked
ii/i t>���,,~   by   Ihe    Western
Mary Belle cyanada Gold Min.
ing; Co., is one of the safest buys on
the  market.    Thorough  inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday    600 Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Bold
on installments T'.^o., one third down.
House   and   lot   tor   Bale,   close
business purl of city.   Price 82,000.
Board nnd In-truotlon In Assaying, all for
twenty-six ih'llnr- |,er month.
Write to the IVhioiunl,
Now Westminster.
All cliisKO- ef 1 'arnlng in
In-only Coll geof iis Unid i
iv bo hud in lliis
1 the West.
S po ka neF��i!8_&
Northern f:
Nelson &  Fort
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West   Baker  St..   Nelson.
Telephone 13.
The only all rail route without
change of cms between Nelson a d
Rossland and Spokane and Russl.uid
H;      l^n/.GCn.** I">    Lv.  0.15a.m. NELSON. Ar. 6.20 p.n
A      I   11.1 .SN I.i K,   !>��� U-26n_m. RO__LANDA_800_,i-
.     il.     L l.l'VrJIJJJ-Ll'j  LVi   s.ii. 11.111. SPOKANE A..t'.l.|i.n
Great Reduction!
$9.65 per Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
Insure your life
Tlm Ilrnt nnnilinr m Tlie Miner h
ItlgMtne, tl��" iiOitinl "r_iin "if tlm
We.t.rn FednriitKili "f Minert., linn
l.e.ill iMHII.'d Km l'liilllls|iii'ii- tlnie
i�� n portrnil (it Iln- hern, I'huI <'or
nnrnii, n OotDI d'Alenas rtntnr who
VVM .iiiivit In.l ..r murder mid is now
,'iviiiK Ills term (if seventiioll yesril
In tlm Htuitn prison. Tbe llrnt Bitten
pag�� am tnken up With profane and
ObM-DI iiinttur  mlatliiK   to the Cueur
Ilil'lil.." W III  llml  II   In   Hull ��� i.ilv.iiiliiKe  In
IlKHre wiih llni'llin k Co. Oil I'nliillni..
Some Tiny S|.........
Miss I'I In- Ann Wost of Nnnliiflii'l,
Mnss.i in ihe possessor of the most re-
in.ni,:,Mi- 13 dozen spoons iii ihi�� country,    They  were linni-hl  lo Ainei'len liy
Mi-t. West's father, who wns 0 sen enp-
nun. icvcrnl yenr. ago. Tln-y nro Kast
lu.iimi workmanship, nnd tholr minute
dimensions mny bo realised when li ii
1 ii Mid Uml ihe IZdor.on perfectly formed
hi is me Uepriii 1111 ordinary cherry
mono. The cnrvotl ctaorry stone wlilrli
l,. 1 them Is one of the most wonderful
oxnmplos of skilled handiwork In exist-
,.,,.,..      It    b    cxqlllsltoly    enrved    nml
mouuto- mi n tiny silver and Ivory stand.
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure your house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Annable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Fire Insurance companies.
Train thut leaves Nelaon at 11:13 a.n
makcB close oouneotioua at Spokane In
all Coast PointB.
PaasenRors for Kettle Hirer and Boundary Croek.oouuoot atMarons with Stan-
H. A. JACKSON. G. P. &T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Attent, Nelson, B. O
Wholesale Houses.
non ..ml l-'edur
I.'''   _���.-_���.'���>-:.'."__'     -V,'     i'.'.-l'     ''     ���-'      ���'.
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
i'.^k-^.-, ;���'���_, :���
�� ���.: .'ix-P^-
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As   Supplied    British   Admiralty.
White Countered
Gkitta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
mmts luiohi i.   -.01 tut rini.M.
NVInduviniiiii Mm'  ���   OoRt-P    IsnOoBOllolttd
WINI-KHMKUK. _.. ('. .
11 1   * r.-i.iii.'j  *-�����
Wiint would mixed bathers in England
think of Blackpool nn It wns 11 century
When ladles went to bathe, n boll wns
rung to iitiii"ini'f the fact, nnd nny gen-
ti,-mini discovered on the parado nttor
ii I, ,1 . aiindod was lined n hottla oil
urn.- Winn Hie ladles iimi boon bathed
tint] completed Iheir tollot. ihe ball win.
mng n 1 "i iiii"'. nnd tin gentlemen
iimi iheir nun.- -London Cbronfole.
Idle Is Hindi' no nol "f __'*-���'��* laorlfloei
,r,imii ".init little iiiiii.", in which Hiniie-.
nml kindnesses nnd small obligations iiiv-
m hiiliiliinlly nre wbat win nml preiSl'Te
the heart and ncitrs eomfori.���>lr B.
Alisululelv sale  in all  weather
i)  01
Minimizes   risk   from   firing fug?
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
William Brant Sons k Co.
(.'aiiihiiuriK', Cornwall) England.
Ouimml A-enl for 1'm.i hi.
Iliitlllillllli-   Aki'IiIm,
|B) have the mimi. oomplololv
equipped  Job Offloe In
the KiintiiiiiiyH, niitl nn.
therefore prepared t" turn  out
the Best Work 1 we d_ il at
nick bottom prices,
���.���?-_-- .^:_;...
LimitbD-���Owner Vor
_ .ilrvotH, NuIhud, matin-
raoturoi-i of and wbuleealQ dealora in Mimtdd
watonaudfrali i/rnpt, Sol*agents for Halcyon Bpringfl iniiicnii water.
���-\. fii. cilintniim, I^hh. t. Kvery known
vnrio) of ��oft drinks. P. O. Ilol 88. Telo-
phone No 31.  Hoover Street, Nolnon   Hottlcm
of Hi.- I .in,,m . Bt. Leon Hot H|irhn_ti Mlnnrnl
HJ. EVANS & OO.   li.ii-.-i��� s  Nol
���   Hon, wliotuftiludetilnri. in Itquom, elgari.
eemeiit, lire l.i-lek nnd Uro e-lny, walor pipe nnd
SlOOl lull    4111.1 KollOI-Ill ,iilllllllt,lll   IllllltK.
l.i.MiiKi..-jrrontbirixii, Nei_oo, wnoio-
wilo detilcrt. In ll-jiir. iiiohIk, elc, and nny
iiiiilKi.ini Mills ul Kdinonton. Victoria and
New Westminster, Klovnlorn on l'al|_ary &
Kitnionton llitilwiiy.
A MACDONALD & 6o.-_or.ier Vor
���   not. ami  .., -.-i>lu.,,���  HlreoUi,  wtioloMale
& moors uml jobbers In liliinkotH, kIovoh, milt-.,
notn, rubbers, nniekinuwt. and mlnoiti' -un-
P BURNS 4 OO -linker Streot, NcIkou,
.   v. i.hi,- .tu   tloaiort. in frot.li an.l curo.1
iin-uU.  I'ultl t-tonmo.
I. > l.< i .-I i r, I. Nil nit,    YVTiolen-leiluiil-
or�� lu fru-h nml curod int-.ti...
I.imiiki. linker OLi-eul, Nolnon, whole-
i-alodealun. in h.irdivaro and nilnlpg HupplloH,
|ihiiiil>eri.'aiiil i in .mn i. ���, Huppliot..
uno -ttinu. at.u ollt..
VL-riiOtt auu .1.. ,, linn- .-ur,-,, \.-'.,ui
wIioi.im.i1u doalo.i. In ih|u,,i-, cigar* and dry
Koo.lt.. \i,, .i i,,i i'.t, .it,-wti,,: i u of Mii-
wn, kee iiinl .,ai|(ar) Urewlngtjo, of i,,Iki.i>'-
HtJD..oiVii BaY oO.   ������    '    Kio-
   ll-j'l.'l   ,.��� e., Illlk, 1     ,., N,-.. -ii.
JY   GRIFFIN   A  OO.   Crncr  Vornon
���   anil .ii,htt|ttiliio Dlreebl, Nel-un, whot.in.do
III provlnloi.H,euru.l moi.lH,  Ulllter nnd
11,01   J-
_#...-! AND DOORS
IMl'lKli   l oin.ir  1 l-oiil   ami
loon   iiianiiiacliii-ol-H of and
wh.ii.iHi.ie dealers In mio.ii . .1 doors) all klndn
til fit, I,ii     wtii-K mi.nl,   to Older.
11'       ' Ll        ���       |ll Ill III,,.- .1,11
for l ait'ln.n I'tiinlile anil  "
loi-   U.t, Int,,   I  ,,.
- Cor.
H , II I      \i rll   i if
A. R. BARROW, am. ..ci.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Vlotorla ami Kootenai him.
1'. II. BOS _9U. Toloplionn No. WS
r. c. ���in i \ v. a. �� i.i.mi'. > ���*
Civil   EtiKlneerA   and Provinclnl
Lund Surveyors.
I', O. Ilox IIS NelHim. II. ���'���
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,   Painter,   Etc-
Chimney Sweeping.
Ollice, Ward St. opp. Opera Mouse NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 17 tooo
Rumor Ik Bite as to tho Destinatioa of
tho Contract, but the Local Men
tire Still Waiting-
One ut Hie most intern" 1 iUK of local
tonics just now ih tb�� destination of
the ooutraot for the construction of tbo
1,'iilrnnd friini hero to Procter's Liiml-
Mii: which the <.'. P. B, has decided to
liiipii/.n hh Balfonr. Apart frum tbe
contraotors wlin urn bidding nn Hie
job, nearly nil th i Nolson merchants
nr.- Interested nn the amount of fcmde
which Kelson will derive from tho
bnilding of tlm mail will depend very
niiii'li nn who nets the ooutraot.
Rumor hns bcun very busy lately
stating Iiinl the contract wns let long
ngo and that tho whole matter is cut
imii dried, though this wonld argue n
breach of faith on the part uf tbe C.
r. B, whioh fair minded liersons will
lie loath to admit without definite
proof. It \vnn stnied mi apparently
good authority a few diiys ago thin
Carlson & Co., wero tho successful
competitors, but Mr. Carlson stated no
longer ago than Inst Sunday thnt lie
Iui.I lnnl no iiiiiniiitiiun that bis tender
had heen nocepted, The local contract
nrs tor the most part observe a diaoreet
Hilence, hut it is learned that their
private bellel is that Btunrt & Welch
have been   awarded the job,
[f this cunjecturo be correct, it
will be locally received with universal
regret ns ii will mean that Knot.-nnj
will receive the least possible lienelit
from ibis piece of construction. The
c P, K. are obliged, by the terms of
their dinner, lo let thn contract to n
British subject. Mr. Stuart is a Hritish siil'ject, so hn fillN the bill, but he
resides un the other side, his property
i-. on Ilie other side, he pnys his taxes
ou the other side nnd he spends his
mouey on the other side, Tims he is
n Brittsli subjeol only in name. Apart
from this, he represents the big railway contraotors, Foley Ai Larson, who
are from the othor .ide. So if Mr.
Mnnrt and his linither-in-law. Mr.
Welch, get the ooutraot, aliens, and not
Canadians, will derive the chief benefit fioni iliis piece ol work. Color is
lent in Ihe bullet that this outfit bns
I'di successful by the fact that Mr.
l-'i'i.-y arrived in Bpokane on Mondai
Mr, \V. F. Tyo was expected in Nelson last night, nnd it wns though! that
the award of the contract would then
he publicly made, Hn did not arrive,
however, nml the local contraotors are
*till Mailing, dny by dny, lor thn olll-
���inl coniiiienceiueiit. Thnt this ciiimut
to long delayed is shown by various
circmnstauces.   On Monday afternoon
a 0, P, B. survey ptnty Of twelve
li ii here for Balfonr, and advices were
received last night to the effeot that
they were engaged in ereoting n oamp
preparatory to oommenolng operation-),
���Mr. Thin. Mnilstin, of this City, snnt
them linen big touts by yesterday nf-
lerunnn's limn, and thorn is nu ilinild
ilini active operation-! urn beginning.
Tim announcement of the award of
the contract cannot lung be delayed.
nnd iiiiiii it is aotttfllly made there
will still ho a hope that tbe just claims
of tha viiriuus firms of Canadian oon-
iiin-tiirs have not bean Ignored,
Profussor MoEwen  Gave a Wonderful
Exhibition Last Night.
Lasl  Bight's   performance   at .ho
Opera Homo was universally oonoeded
to in- the hi-Ht of ail tlm good  perform-
!UI ' ���  that   Mr   MiiK-vnn has given in
N'lsiiii.   it. wns Intensely, not to say
feauiiugly, Inii'.y in plaoes,   unit wns
ni-" most interesting to tlm student of
holugy ns  manifested iu mesmeric
;|��'l   li.vi'iiniie experiments.
1 lost ml. resting of tlm lusts was
hypnotism, or rather oatoleps.v, hy tel-
:"- whose  luooess fully bore onl
1   McEivon's <-<>iiti>iiti<.ii   that  given
II ""ii'ii'ii lobjeot, ihe  hypnotic state
'"inn"! by suggestion coupled with
 I'lilrnlnd cu-npitrutinti   of   Ihn
1 '���'���'��� ��nd nol by nny seml-superna-
III 'I power posansssd by the bypnritlst
11 appnremly the common belief,
A h'i"iiii"iie hmi  heen erected on tbo
' '::''��� Mr. MoBwen picked out six
"''I'cta, and then, aooompanled by a
""""'Uli'i', priieeuiInd to thn l*linir Iln-
He then oalled np the subjects
""" hy uno ,������r (in, phone und ennvny-
1'" 'hem the snggestlon  that their
liW would  become   rigid.    Every-
jl'lnt. worked as if Mr. McEwon hnd
""'" ihe stage himself, Thn snb.eots
' > 0"8 fell   buck   in  a  onlnloptin
"'"" Into the arms of n committee
 "B feafly for thorn,   and   sn   ie-
",no,l "mil the professor's retain,
i""  them  through various tests
""owing tho reality of tholr ootid I tion,
'"��� Uio im-ceii of the wonderful taper
11 W'lHiittnstnn by the applause  Of
tno nudionoe,
1,1 "Mii'i'iineiii, which provoked in-
"" "icriin.'.H was the suggestion to
v""' the subjects, one a very lull and
l0ll,�� very short,   thai   tbny   wnm
Wtltely mother and  baby.   The
"""''*' 'ed ami caressed Ihn latter with
'"'""si lOlloltodo and spanked him
''���J.01*' 'V when   he   was   greedy   and
���""'''I'   Alter thai exhibition nono nan
sny that a man does not know how to
nurse a baby, A not her very interesting experiment was the hypnotio statu-
my. A number of subjects had recalled tho dnvs uf theii extreme youth,
nnd were squabbling ami having lots
of inn over a ml. supposed to contain
soppsnds.'enoh being armed with n clay
pipe. Suddenly tho suggestion of being turned to stone was thrown out,
and nncli man wns instaneously arrested in thn position In which ha happened lu be, and there remained until
thn spell was broken. Many ot the positions were impossible to maintain in
the normal state and afforded a oon-
cliisivo proof of Mr. MoBwen's power,
while tlm effeot was striking,nut to say
Tonight, which is Mr. McEwnn's
last appearance heie, the lialluon as-
eensiuu will be given which is said to
bn intensely funny by those who have
seen it, Another exhibition of hypnotio statuary will also bo given.
Lnts of Recruits Am Anxious to Oo to
tbe Front,
Patriotism has ita drawbacks, at
mast so thinks Lieutenant G. S. liner.
Uii is overwhelmed with applications
from men who nre anxious to go to
tbe South African war with the
Mounted contingent that are to he rais-
nl in liriiish Columbia, Over fifty
men have applied, and nil want all
kinds nf possible and impossible Information, aud all aro anxious to impress
their peouliai qualifications for the
Lieutenant Beer, in spite of a telegram and four letters to Colonel Prior,
has as yet received no authorization to
accept recruits nor indued any answer
at nil. Helms received numerous applications lioin professional and business men who do not wish tlioir names
made public until they know whether
tln-y will he able to go or not, and (ur
two or three days past he has refused
to accept any more names until ho
gets nn answer from the military au
ilunities. Among those who have
volunteered, and who all desoribe
themselves a- good shots and goml
horsemen, are the following:
Messrs. C. Pilcllford, .1. .Scott, \V.
Boutb, Issnac Holden, A, S. Brown,
(ox sergeant Manitoba Lragoous), A.
S. Baukine, (ox-sergeant Halifax Garrison Artillery), A. W. Mackenzie, 11.
Congdon, (ex N. W. M, P.), B. H. 0.
Johns, 11. (I. Cooke nnd W. Cooke
(professional horse breakers and
BCOOts), A B. Macdnnalil nnd Joseph
The Kelly Case Thoroughly Ventilated Yesterday.
Police Magistrate Crease was occupied fro i lun. m. until li :l!0 p. in.,
yesterday inking the evidence on the
chin gn brought ngninst .Inin.'S Kelly,
aged hi, fm abducting a yonng girl not
yel il. Chief of Police Jarvls prose-
onted, Mr. W, A. Maodonald, Q. 0,,
appeared for the defence and Mr. 8.
S. Tayljr, 0. C, represented the parents uf the child.
S.T'be girl's evidence, briefly, was that
she wns enticed dowu to the Opera
House   and   wns   frightened   by Kelly
and a boy named Johnstone to accompanying them. Thev w.inl to a house
nf ill fame, where Kelly tried tu gnt
her n loom, but the knni-ir of the
bouse would not take her in, and they
went to tie Tretnont Hotel, whom a
room was prooured, wber.i ihey spent
tlm night   Tlm keepsr of the disorderly
linusn was culled, nnd she testified tn
Kelly nnd the girl ciiining there. It
wns represented to her thnt the girl
wns frum Ho-sl.ind and the child snid
she bad left her parents The witness
told her that thnt wiih not a place for
her nnd gave her n dollar,tolling her 10
gel u bed al the Tiemnnt    Mr.  Mtilnne
iithi of Kelly engaging a room, nominally fflr bis mi nt. nnd thai was nl) hi
saw of Ibein.    The nulieo nre   satisfied
that the proprietors of the Tremont
am iu unwise to blame, us they had no
idea the girl wns in the hor.ie, she being hrongbi up to the room by a sole
out mi    Thoy  also gave the polioe
nil the assist ,nee in I heir power w Inn
It was first suspee'ed thai Urn child
was there, Ilr. Hall testified thai nu
indecent nssnnlt   hnd   1 II   attempted
nn the girl, The chief told of finding
thn g rl in the dining room of Ihe Tremont Hotel next morning, Tbe magistrate eventually cuniiiiillul Kelly for
trial, ami he is now lodged In the
Provlnolul Jail,
Our January
Commences MONDAY MORNING and continues until they are all sold.
Come early and get the best selection.
LiLLIE BROS. - The Shoeists.
" Mr. Pettyplece, well known in western journalistic circles, is in Nelson.
He intends tn go tu Ferguson iii the
Lardenu Country, in a day or two nnd
will sturt n paper there.
"A lady liviug at L'dgar, Illinois,
writes asking that The Tribune be
sent to her address. She says she
wants tu hem tbo latest war new'R. "
A paper must be in a bad way, when
it has tu boost of subscribers of thnt
degree of intelligence.
Owing to the trial of the Kellv case
in the City Hall yesterday hardly
standing room wan available all day
lung It was a striking instance of
the insufficiency of the aocummfidation
there Ordinary civic business hnd
to be to a largo extent, suspended.
The steaniei Neison bns to bn laid up
for n few days fnr repairs. This is
particularly Inoonrenlnnt nt this juncture, as ihe 0. V. K. just now is hauling mure freight over the Crow's Nest
IJas- thau it bus ever done except, at
the time when tho boundary road first
The plans and specifications of a
branch line of the C P. R. up Ten Mile
Creek through Camp Mansfield down
Kasln Creek to Kasln, have been forwarded to Montreal, and this line will
certainly be hnilt next summer. The
new road will pass near all the properties ill Camp Mansfield and within a
mile and a hull' of the Molly Gibson,tn
which point an aerial tramway can
easily be cuustructed.
Mr. Bruce White returned yesterday
[rum n visit to the Molly Gibson mine
on Kokunee Creek. Ho reports that
86 men are now employed at tbe mine,
which is showing np exceedingly well.
Leads of gold bearing quartz aro being encountered, and it. looks as if the
Molly Qibsoil will snun be shipping
g.ihl uro, as well as silver-lead Another shipment of high g-a.ln ore wns
made to the Hall Mines smelter on
The Nelson Gas & Coke Company's
works ore a busy place just now, over
no men being cinpiuyid in construction
and Installing the   machinery,   The
last carload of this is expected this
week and is being put iu place as fast
as it arrives. Thu trusses are all up
and the corrugated Iron roof is being
put nu. The stack foi the boilers is iu
place, ami the condensers, soubbers,
ami purifiers arc in piocess nf Installation,    The bottom of   the gasometer,
which is uii feet in diameter, will be
completed ready for lowering Into pn-
silinn Unlay.
Tho leader ol Ilie Smelter Hand has
been dismissed, nnd the baud is temporarily non-existent but will be reorganized as a city Band with tbe tame
membership at a praotioe to be held
tomorrow evening. A story has gained credence In certain circles that The
Miner nied Its Inflnenoe to firing about
the suite of affairs mentioned, because
the band   ttiuk part   in   Mr.  Houston's
procession on eleotion day and subsequently played u dead niaicli under
The Miner's windows This is absolutely iinirue. None oonneoted with
this paper know of the change referred
to mil il alter it ban taken placo.
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Allan l.ino "Nn
.-Minn Line -Cu
Dominion I ine
Dominion, Una
Kline Portland, Me.
ilalai." Jun. ii
''"���''iiiii' Jnn. '.'ii
"Iitiinii Ion" lun. *_;
'Cumbrotaan" Fob. :i
Krom New York
\\ hlto Star Uno   Ooo nil
North Gorman Llejif "Lohn'
Mi'.irieuii   I,in,: ��� N.w  Yuri;"	
K' ii SI u   Line "l-'ii,  lninl"	
I'uiiiu-ii Lino "Ktrurla"	
A nchor Lin,' "K ii.,|iiu_ 	
All.hi Stnto I.in-- -Statu ul Nebraska'
Ounard Line "Campania",
..'Jan. 23
...i,in. -.'i
...lull. _l
..Jun. _l)
Jan. 30
Jun. _:,
.Jan. 27
Passages orrangod to uml from all European
point*. Kor rates, ticket, and full Infcriniulon
iinplytoO.P. H.ilupoi.i.g.ni or i: K. llcisley,
Uhy Posaongoi Agent. Nelson, lit'
W. P. 1'  CUMMIN'OS,
Ocnertil Agent. C P. H. Offices Winnipeg
Wholesale and Retail Meat. Merchants
<_-_!- ���������.��������� .-g_v��
Branch Mai'ketsin Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, ISew Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will havo carefu! antl prompt attention.
Persons wishing to purchase
a very fine Watch are cordially invited to visit Pat-
enaudb Bros', establishment Winches of all the
best Swiss uuil American
manufactures ur_ represented.
Expert Watch Repairinga Specialty
Patenaude Bros
nil   BARBER, Dentlsl  has opnad
an officii* wnii  Ur   Morrison,   frown
nnil I'liilge work n ipeolalty.
A liiini-iliim and Daj Boliool oni.diiotoil by
ion, nnil u taali)  aooaml-lo from nil part*
" Thocoiii-traof -ni'ly InoladM tho nindatiion
Iiii iiinl higher hn hen of " lhiiniii-h "-ngil-h
education,    llu-iii.'--.   onurno    M i-eeping.
Blonogranhy nnd Typowrltlng,   Hel.- I o
MiinIi-   Viifiil uml   IihIi It-ali   Unliving,
,.i,-.   Plain and A.rl Noodloworki CalUlhcnloi,
.linigii H|iinkn, nf Vernon, Is i�� the
Mr. ('. W.  Mi'Aim. the newlv ele.ileil
mayor "( Ka��lo, iH re_|litetea al tbe
Mm. A. .1. Btophens, ot Ottawa, ih
visiting her daughter, Mrs, Thorbotn
Allan, on Viel.iria   Street.
Aii official oar arrlvod al the twone
,,!��� the wreak on tlm O.P.R. near Ores-
tun yesterday, to Inspeot tlm damoge
iimi.i. Three oan are Mill there badly
wreokedi and it, has nol yet been de��
niiinii whether or not nn attempt win
tin made to saye them.
The Highi Reverend Bishop Donten-
vill in expeoted i" reaoh Nelson tonight or mi Thursday morning,   Ho li
on bin why to lOiii'iipo frnm New Went-
mlnstor, Thorn will he no lieiieilii'lion
(if tllO hloHHi'il Hiierilllli'lil. ill lllll I'lllli-
nlie Oliiiroh tonight iiii nei'oniit of tlm
unn-arrival in Unio, of His botdlhip.
I'oi-ieriiH iiiiii iiarlloulari applj lo Uio Slalor
Btiporlor.         ^^____mm_
Collections Solicited.
The direct route from
lllllll llllillts
EAST   and   WEST.
l-'ii.ii-( lasa Sleepers on nil irnitiM from
TOURIBTOARS post ModlolneHnl
daily for Bt, Pan), Sundays and Wednesdays i'i- Toronto, Fridays f ��� i
Mimlreni nti.l Boston.
Ranie in ������ pass Rovolstoko oneday
NOTICE is hereby given that an application  will he made to the Legisln-
thn Assembly ot the Provlnoe o( liriiish Colnmbin at its next session,tor nn
Act to Incorporate a Company with
power to ooustraot, equip, maintain,
ami operate telephonu nnd telegraph
lines within and throughout the Prov>
ineo of British OolnmhTa, nnd to oon.
s'ruct, ereet,und maintain snob and so
many poles nu<l othor works and devices ns the Company deem necessary
for making, completing, supporting,
using, working, operating nml maintaining the system of I'onn'umientitui
by telephone nml telegraph, and to
open or break up nny pari ot purls of
the suiii highways or streets ����� often
ns the suiii Company, its agents, oiii-
eiirs or workmen think proper, snd for
the pnrposes of tlm undertaking to purchase, acquire, or lease, uml Imhl and
sell mul dispose of lands, bnllnings or
tenements within tho limits aforesaid,
mul in purchase or lease, for nny term
of yitrs. nny telephone 0T l.'leuiupli
line    established,   or   to he eslulilish-
eii, iii i'i-it ii Columbia, ounnented, or
lo ho ciiiinccUiil wiih lhe linn vvlmli
thn Company may oonstrnnt, mul to
amalgamate  wiih  01 lease its line or
lilies, or uny portion or portions thereof, in nny oompany possssslng, ns proprietor in v linn of telephones or telegraph ('oitiiiiiiiuenl inn conn.-'ling, or
to ho eiilllloeleil. with lll.'sui.l Citlll-
pnny's   lino   or liuiiH, nml   In   borrow
mousy for tho pnrposes of the Com-
i.iii., nml to tiieiige or mortgage sny
of ihe Company's assets tin- thai pur.
pose, uml to receive hoinises nr privileges from any peisnn or hodv norpnr.
ate, iiiiii with nl) utliei iisinii,nscessary
or iiiciileiUnl right", poW-TS or privileges iis may he usoesssry nr Inoldentnl
tn thn uitiiiiimi'iit of the nliovo ObjOOtS,
or uny or them.
Uni.'ii this ii'iih fluv  of  December
is.il>. .i. it. BROWN,
Bnllattor tot the Apnimants.
Tn unl from Robson, Rossland,
Ex. Bun. Ex. Sim.
s.nii l.v.        NELSON An.ll.in
is.in Lv.ilaily NELSON daily An.--.ln
Morning tralu connects f. i nil points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points liiuth. and iex.
Son.) rutin all points iii BOUNDARY
Daily. Str. Mn-. ie Daily,
24.0- l.v. NKLSON        An. 17.2U
Connects  Kootenay    Landing  uilli
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
l.O0TKNAYI-AKi''-KASI.i> KtH'l |-;
V.x. Sun. Sir.   KnUunee.      Ex, Sun
16.00 Lv.        NELSON        Ai-r. 11.0)
BANKERS AM) UROKliRS. Snturdoy   to   Aigentn   and return
I /~i/~.    'saving Kaslo al -Hk.
ICONsoi., s'iock BXCHANOBui.tiii.        niVi | v NE1 SON
60-62 Brodway,    New York 4 bra nelson to rossland _rs4
for rntO-i and full Information address noar
LOTS OF MONEY        "'Vr,.^....��� ,-, ,.
0   h. HI-.AS1.I-..   < 11 j  1'11-,-,'iiKi'i'Agenl
.'iiii he niiltle Ihrnngh ipoOlllallon Willi dopo il "��� W. DllKW, Agon I, Nel-t n
nf 130.00 (Uilrtydollan.1 upward ior 3 por cent.   IV. F. ANHKUh.n. B.J.OOYLB,
iniirgln ii|i.Mirtl| on Stock Bxohango. Tcav. I'nst.. Agent,        A   0. P. Agtn.l,
ThiiKreule-,1 fori uiu-. hnve heen iniulelhrnugh Nl'l""n VWcnvu
_pooulatlon<i In Btooks. whoat or Cotton.
Ex. Sun.
A r. II.-II)
If yiniiiie Intorested to know how inooulii
l.l.iiiH iire.-uiiilurled notify ll"nud we will ht-nil
ynu liiftiiiinilioii nml iiiitrkei h-lter free of
Usual i-oii.iiiis-jons ehnrgeil for SXOOUtlng
VI-l.-'IlN 1,01)0K NO. :'.\ K. of I-
i���-1- Iii K, nf I' hull, n.lilf, Hi,.- Mn,;.
IVnn I in-liny e.eiiittg nl h ot-loe-
All ii-illnK kiil-hi-   iur.lli.ll>'   Invited
l.iivirii.i.ei'l,   llool-l|iiil    mil     ll-llr.niil      ~"w" (I   im   K  .if II nnil H
i.i,,,,!. i|,i���i niuii- niuii.h i applloallmi for       ' "' ll  '""'-l	
inirehi.s.,. -t.t- ne .-Mhtinge.       COURT KOOTKNAV,   I.  U.   F., No,   8I3S.
������"���"-*���"""""^���*"""-^-^������������-    \|,,.|,nK.   _,,,,) ,it,,|   in,   | Itur-iliiv.   Kritleriiiil
hall, .1 a Irving 0. It.   W. B. bhaw, ll. B,
Nelson Employment Ageucv
r   j a i. it  ii. f     i.imi. n.tj  i.mige
WANTED. ���%_���!_.���_     ������". I'. '-'"l-'-l'IJ -Mi'iiil") nlKhi.
Tie Makers, 7r    ���,  ,, ,,  ��r._,i. u ...,> ������<������..-
Rsperioneed Girl tor Stow, Bolonrnlns Follown oordUUy invited.
uiriifiir   Houseivor-,   Nurse Glrli      aHhaw.N.a   John Scolm. V. a,
CONTttAOTfl   TAKKN    lull    DIAMOND Fred J aqulron,Bp
I'lllll-.   llllll,I,INII.
.   ,        M-.l.-nN   I..U.I.. No. llV.I_llte.'l. in   lhe   Mm
1 ni,I   Itiitt-k   ton   Tlmndl)   '. Kit!   1
,,,],��� I.     VI iiiiii  iniitiliet. , ,tr,l,.illy  liivlteil
.1 Tovi. ��. Ml. J. lii.tiil.'i. ll. 8.
J. H. LOVE. Au't      Baker
Nulson Oleaningand Dyelnp
s. li. PIERRE) Prop.
Ni I -UN H   UL'KKN    NO.   :'H
hiiNs   hi     BNUI.AN'D,   i i
llr-l   nml     'lnnl    M.iini   'In)    nl
em ii nn,iiiii  iii   I mtornliy hull,
i     i,l    lltker    nml    Iviiiilelil.y
,,.,,,.,,,.,,.. ���   mn:  I I'eni  i-nrd
Ladies  and (.cuts  (. lollntit,' Cleans I ,,.,], ,
dyed, altered and repaired, '    " u """"">���
8ATI8FACTION   OUARANTEED Ml     i      Mill    Nn. moot;
.,,. i   ....... , ......\    evil,    "iini     finn'li "A e.lne- ' ,,     of mil
<l.,.r  ���<  .Inrl.r   ^ VUIUW        " lOOrdlftllj      ll.vU
.1   It.   Wn.'.    Mflli.lH
...L. POGUE...
i on
Harnsii and Bi-ri.tiory
Tho hiiiiinK nhop. I.iii*nf
ilook. Hi-i Hinoriofl i'n i.
nn tmntl 11 ni im h . i !o|
l.ti-H <>i ln-i mako��t Bad
<llr-.. lO.Hiki l', U.'ll ,
\V)ii(w,   |ini-hr ., CuiiiIn,
i'i ��� ���    aUifaotory,
dill nnd i oo.
( ui'.   Wui-il   iiiifl    linker
Fraternity  Hall
i ill I ' I IKOTOItY,
<.,. iiii... .v _,,i.i. .in. -i- s.   s.u        i.i    u|   i m 11 ii   r	
,���.��� |, i   ,-,,,. ,.,������ ,u   i..���,,,,,,��� w .nl .- ���:    lllon    i       H in-   llolr C	
can he rented roi i nnoerls, Ijoolurrs. ,������,,,��� , ,,���,���,
linn.'es, Ilu i ii | nel:, and every kind Ol on In tho I nhnfun Mnllln    Mnll i.   i  II
I.i iliiiiiiiieiil.    Good nnte-1'OOniS,  flunk Hundny HHinol S,_l p.m    I Iliilll
..,..,.t.u  k ,tei,,.,, tm.I linn.,.,  ,.,���,���,   in, Hnliln   itn       linn it")    ma    ilnl
I'ltiillls, hlli lli'll lllnl lUlllllg   lie.Ill   lilt- ,,���       ,,n|             i
���iihIii.I.    I'm- I.'I-iim n|'|ily Kvonxnii .  10 n  in., followed b)        i" ��
tin  It r  Aii'i'iii'it   en .- '��� ���    "       -' ���''"��� ���'��� " ���   ' ' ' Irvhio,
"'- ''��� '    ���'" "" "   ' " _ i loluwlol      tVn    ���
0ATH0i.li   ' i" in ii   I'onu    Ward   mil Mi
1-,-s r-��   as Aouikir nu '���' "" ���" ���'' ",""1 '"'" ''"
^ ,'      |        '.,      l ���- .      Kuli' i'   l'ir|:in.| I  ���
llh'lt hel I .mil   lliilllille .-i-l,lli  .
7 llnltltl lion '
lllnlllii   Ihtilil.
'.Room Hun"!'- all nni'1""' I'oiivenleiii'OH  SIMIOO
ilUiuni ll-ll".'    "*"
where you mn  ih'iienil on  gelling  IhO  host
i.i..ml- iii ill-  intirkel nnd  tiny  i|tiiinllii  f	
10c. u|i,   I'n, ib eiuinol he dlsiuiU'd,
���l-IIIIM- 0,1.
I-'kank A. Tamiilvn, ligr,,
Uakkk StRKT, Nelson
I'ltl    IIYTKI ,    II il.III.
,, i   , u   p,n --  9 ii" |, iii
l'i.. j. i iii. I'I IlIK Tl
tUATCDTIIR-QfMI   BBQ   t'hnillnn every Mon
Ili.li.nik uml WllooK  I-.
. Mi linn.,   i      l llf     I 	
GAS "i"1  OIL   ENGINES,       '��� ' uiu.i i r.��
In i vim c m-tii i in ti 11.1 wn     t      !>. in. I - il'l'oh Sel    ' Hli.m.i I'rayoi i	
A,.���K ,1, t   mm  minnmn ' '   '    '  ' '      Ilov. John
A"pl>"' J. C.T. CROFTS, m i M i  '
' ll.e n -,-i l I, I        I |(   'Oltl
III  \i i.Y III mi;     M L'I QAM     U    P    . iei,,t,-���i n , tn .rn I i n e it.    l'i,."   ine-l
lllll.       -Heel. l\ XlllOU IN ���      D,    U.      Illg   .Vl III      Hn'    H      V.
..... ... .- li' inliliign
(III., I- l-.liiite.si in \ ( inn i-.,\ iiiiii,uve Ilill) wel I    li.i.i.U   lto��i    I.   .i
i-.N<ilNi--.l-.liH AMD aiiknth. i>.  a���m.   :,i.i.is even -vsalos
ill    li.elilill    III    hiiiiinki   on   Veil.ii        -Inel
ESTIMATE*-.     PLANS.    REPORT8. | i_.U_��nl Hdgsoei  ��> .-h_rg.-. _U_H_I
CANADA   AYT)   THE TJ   H l,'skiD8f��r a receiver for the road 1 also  asking  for   an   injunction  against
"��� 1,1-.,
How Eat-b Country Is Interested in Keeping tbe Other's Friendship.
(From the Now York Stocsholder. i
Few of uttr people realize the extent,
resources and development ot oor
neighbor���our neatest neighbor, we
maj Bay���Canada, lying right at our
doors���its uietropoli:-, Montreal, within 13 miles by rail of our Greater
Ji��\v Vork. Not is it known generally
that Canada in area slightly exceeds
io extent the whole of the United
States. Then tbo extent of the trade
between Cannda and the United States
is greater than between Canada and
(irent, Britain and steadily increasing
in volume. Bordering on our domains
lor 3,1X111 miles, from tho Atlantic to
the Pacific, with uno great hue of railway, the Canadian Pacific, stretching
tin- entire distance, being the largest
continuous line of railway In existence ; within ten days' of Japan ou
tno west and seven days of Europe on
the east, our neighbor is attaining an
importance that is worthy of our highest respect aud consideration.
Bound   together  by   tbe ties of geographical affinity, and bv the commercial and financial  interests inseparable
to such proximity, it is stin-ly   becoming lor these two Anglo-Saxon  countries to   cultivate   relations   mutually
harmonious, enduring and iu consonance wtib   tbo   civilized  character  of
both.    We oan  pass over  the  border
Without  knowing scarcely whelliei we
arc in the domains Of Her Majesty the
(jueen, 01 in tbe United  States.    It is
true there  bave   been   at   tinn's   some
slight differences of local Interest arising between  Canada  and the   United
States, for  instance   the   Lynn   Canal
matter at piesent,   but these havi been
amicably adjusted to the mutual satisfaction ot  the   parlies  concerned   and
honorably   to  both.    Nor i*   it   likely
that there   will   be uny   occasion  for
rumble   between] these    two    nearest
neighbors,   tbat cannot be  settled in
an equitable manner.
Tbe scope for tbe development of
trade between these two extensive
countries, lying' side by side tor thousands of miles, is very great. It would
lie Impossible to attempt   to  calculate
what this inter-trade will  amount ta
We have made greater strides than
Canada, but Canada is now moving
along tbe same lines to populousness
and prosperity,and is showing remarkable progress Canada is highly favored under Us union with ('rent Britain.
She has all tho powerful protection of
the Crown   and it does  Uot cost her   a
penny. Canada regulates her trade
With Great Britain just as Independently as she does with any other nation, and provides her own legislature,
She has really protection and lnde
pendenoe co-existing. Our facilities
for putting Canada's products iii all
markets reached by our steamship lines
are excellent, and Canada avails of
these advantages in no small degree
Canada is a wonderful country in minerals, in lumber, in (liberies, in stock-
inising, In agriculture, in furs, and
the development in the fiolds bus
scarcely begun, and the territory is as
yet sparsely settled, but population is
seeking its boundaries largely and the
coming year must show a material increase
As a country of natural beauty and
diversity Canada may well lie. said to
lie ui 11 -pa���1 -il. aud for the hunter and
tourist it is a delight Think of "Hi
pound tmut und deer with untleis .',..,
feet from tip to tip, to give some idea
uf Canada us a bind fur the hunter nud
llsherninn. Its varieties and beauties
of SOeneiy, waterscape and landscape
mingled in Nature's must lavish per-
fection,culminating in those falls���the
wonder of   the     world���make   Canada
in this  respect,   nniurpasaahle,  some
claim   unapproachable.    As   these two
countries conn, to know each oilier bet
lei. und   Understand   oaoh   other more
aud more,   the ties that  unite them
commercially,    tinaiicliilly, gongruphi
cillv,   will   Inonase   in   number   and
strength, and the most friendly relations will I slablishi'il   OH  an eiului
ing basis between thorn.
Canada has need for u��, and we have
imcd im Canada. Bar Interests will
im promoted by Intercourse with ns,
and our interests will be likewise   I -
tared by dealing with b.-r. Interchange
nf products Is   lilr.nuly   large   bnlw	
Us, some   1180,000,000   '< yenr. mul this
li bound in inoreaie, Montreal, beautiful and historic, with its ijunrti-r of
11 million Inhabitants���half  English,
hall  French���half ancient,   half   mud-
ern���riling from iho broad si Lawrence to tlm slopes "i Mount Royal,
greets cordially our own great metropolis and fladly la the welcome wafted
buck. Tbere 1- no telling what Ibe
. 111 iitudi n uf the future may be aa 1
Canada and th>> United Slates, but the
present inn.'1 -rarely bringing them
. law 1   and oloter together In oommer
1 ial and llminelnl relatione, and Inspii
ing the   oittsenl "f   the tWO   countries
wiih a higiu 1   regard tot oaoh  other,
10   asking   for   an
the movement of tracks oi the coin- Another Disastrous Conflagration in
puny.    An  examination   into   the ac J the Far "Northern Town,
counts of the Union Trust Compnny of Victoria, Jan. 10,���(Special.)���Word
New Yoik is also domonded. Charges has been received lu re that Dawson
of fraud ami conspiracy ate made city has been'isited by another disas-
against the Union Tmsl Coinptmy, and torous Sre, It took plooe on Wednesday
the Seattle & International Railway,
in the mortgage foreclosure, wherein
ibe Seattle Lake Shore & Eastern
Railway Company was sold to satisfy
the luur-eafie of the Union Trust Company.
of hist week. It is estimated Unit tbe
business portion Buffered to the estont
of a hit If a million dollars, No particulars are yet to band.
Nelson Opera House f
l_H.��-.5_.��..fc���e>H.>_,��>..��__.��-.�����.. ��<�����>������ .<�����.������-��_���
3    NIGHTS    3
aro rapidly Increasing in
A KEN. UOKV l'i.I'D.
A Big Rush
of   au    Aticinnt at tin
Method of Settlement.
Frankfort, Kv.. Jon. 10.���Ex Congressman Diuid (.;. Colson Bhol and
killed Ethelbert Scott, Luther Demnree
and Charles Julian and slightly
wounded James Golden and Harry Mo-
Ewing in the Capital Hotel today.
The killing wns the resultof a renewal
of a feud hetween Colson and Scott,
which grew np hetween them while in
the array last year. Julian nnd Cold-
en were by-slinders and wer" shot by
accident. Colsi n . s a ol In the in in
bat not seriously hint. After the
shooting ho went to the residence of
Chief of Police Williams near by, and
gave himself up. Liter a warrant
was sworn out by Clint Fogg,who wit- j .,.1(. vjvtll.,]iv
nes:-ed the killing. Fogg says Colsi n
shot first, Scott, who was the first
killed, was a nephew oi ex-Governor
I Bradley,   Domaree was assistant post-
Expected There Next
Tho Yukon Sun, published nt Dawson City, prints a long interview With
"Mr H. B, Foley, of that city, who
hnd just returned frum a visit to Cape
Nome, of which so lunch is being
heard now,    He snys in part. :
"Mr. Foley freely expresses the
opinion that Nome is the c-litre of the
richest placer raining tegioti on
earth. During bis sojourn there he visited tho principal ereiks, hut admits
that he was unable to gio.m much m-
f< r uiu u "��� net nil' _ ��� ��� ��� tn e s I
lie lau m-isH uf Ilie i .Ni., As tu tne
local diggings, he is satislied from
what be saw and beard, that they are
very rich. At the time of bis departure from tbe district operations tbere
ceased, hut many were
preparing to resume operations,   their
intention   being   to  pitch   tents
master at Sheliyvillc and a prominent
Republican politician, and Julian was
nue of the wealthiest farmers of this
country. Tbe trouble between Scott
ami Colson, which began in the army
last year, resulted in Colson being shot
by Scott, and it lias been predicted
since that one or both would be killed
should they meet as they did today.
Accounts of tin- killing differ and it is
impossible to give details further than
Hint while Colson and a party "t friends
were standing at suutbwest corner Of
lobby, Scott came into the hotel aud.
when near Colson, tbe tight begun.
Scott, after being sV_.it. winked backward toward the stairway and fell
down the stairs dead. His body rolled over against tin- barroom door and
as it did su Colson, who bad followed,
shiioliug at every step, Bred uno or
more shots in tbe puistrato form,
Demaree, who wns killed in thn general fnsilnde, was shut twice, one ball
piercing the heart and the other either
penetrated the heart or went directly
under it. Those in the immediate
Colson parly declined to talk about
the affair and, while it is generally understood that several others were engaged in the shooting, no names are
Monday, Jan.
Famous Scottish Mind-
Reader  and   Hypnotist.
Because   it is   uniform
any Tea in the market.
Put   up  in   ,'_   and  1
in   flavour  and  the  quality is far above
It's  a   high  class Tea at a low price.
lb  packages,    Once   used always  used.
Tie Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Succc-sui's to
M, DesBrisay & Co.
r�� 1: i.i�� . B. ��-.
.������..�����-a.. ��_>��������-���. _���_������<
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporate! iHoy.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Fait) Up, SI,5( 10,000, Reserve, ll,25o,ooo.
lie M  vi  Scotia
Hypnotism by Telephone,
Hypnotic Balloon
Washington, Jaj, 16.���Secretary
LonganilHt.il' Admiral Bradford an-
penred before the Senate committee on
naval affairs today lu ndvocacj of tha
construoton of it Pnoiflo onblo by the
tio.emment.   The   Secretary's   state'
i ii was general aim related  entirely
io tbe feasibility of the plan and iis
advantage over doing the work by i>ri-
vate enterprise, Hear Admiral Bradford detailed the operations of the nol
liei Nero, which is now engaged in
malting h preliminary survey of the
proposed line west of Honolulu, Ac-
cording to the reports made of tho pre.
iimi mn y work, tbe proposed oable
wns entirely practicable. It is to run
from San Frnnolsoo to Honolulu,thonou
liy the Midway   Islands und  (Juain   to
Dingala Bay. [sianda "f Lnaon, with a
spur for Dommerotol purposes to Yokohama.
iheir digging, and thus prosecute work
nil winter. When Foley arrived in
Norue there were proximately 4,000
people there. He is satisfied, however, thnt not to exceed 1,000 nr 1.-0(1
remained [or ibe winter. As already
stated, provisions weie sonice. Of the
several trading concerns doing business
in thnt Held, the A. A. Co. only had
any supplies left. At the time of
his arrival Hour was being Bold at $'.'
pet saek. During the brief period of
his stay, a trifle more than three
weeks, tbe price hnd risen to |s nnd
the nilvnnee of the prices of provisions
generally corresponded to that of
"The placer ground of known or
supposed value, says Mr Foley, was
all staked. Most of it, however, was
expeoted to he thrown open tor relocation,as it was officially announced Hint
the validity of only one power of attorney in the hands of each person
would he recognized. He therefore
estimates thut not only will nil those
who remained have an opportunity ot
locating one or more olalras, hut that
there will be locution open for many
who come early this winter or next
spring. He anticipates ii 'stampede'
to these diggings siieh ns has never
been witnessed, Was told by 'Lucky'
Baldwin, of California, Hint 80,0-0
wonld go from that state alone. In
Seattle ami en route everybody was
ngug for Nome news, whilst no inter-
e<t ut nil wns manifested in Dawson
mattors. He estimates tbni ns many
as 78,000 or 100,000 people will visit
these diggings during the next nine
months. It is Impossible to secure
transportation on the ocean steamers,
ns there mo already  more  passengers
hooked on the different lines Hum
oan bo carried, All available craft is
being pressed into service for the coming sens.in."
A good strike bus been mudc on the
Qnoen and lion linke claim., situated
on K'.k.inee   (reek, about il   mile  and
u hull   rutin   Kootenay  River,   While
working OU the Queen claim Inst w.ek
Mr. A Gray uncovered two feet of
clean ore, and upon billing samples ns
-avi-il In Nelson, received returns ol 00
PBI0ES 35 & 50 CENTS-
Children 25c.
ii'inis received on the i
......  ^_fcu;..i!cu.
���ii favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
nil on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanalmo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Nelson EleetricTramway Co.Ltd.
Large number Choice Building*  Lots  adjacent  to  the
Delivered to an any poult on u     ottl*ei]. Tramway.    For priceand terms of sale  apply
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,   Corner  ot
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
per cent   rino, ns well nu Rood  .nines
PITIFUL   HOMECOMING, In gold, all .or and learl.   The  proper-
Barcelona.   Jan,    10, - The   Spanish ties nre splendid!]' located (or shipping
sieaiiH r. i.nni Mil, lias aa the wnRon roini running np Roka	
iriuii   tbe    Pbilllpplnoa Greek  lo the    Molly    Gibson   mine
arrived here
with former
their lomtlli
\ majority of thorn
nre In n lamentable plight, The town
nntboilttei and Red Oron agents, met
there nnd ga.e nssistnnce to tbe -offeror*.
Bpaui.li prisouers nnd crosses tbe claims. Tim property m
owned by Mr a. iii.iv. of Roknn.u
rink. Mini fain   li. C   MoMorrls,  of
���,, i-,,ii, uml work will in iiiinii-ii on
iIhiii throughout tbe winter,
New   York,    .inn    10.��� Chnrlea  I-.'.
Pennon, of' Ittawn, Ontni lo, n pn
gor of the runariiir Utrurln,   was  nr
restod hereon   Dooember II  lasl on a
charge ol  imoRgllng n seal ��-iii Mint
Into tbo i-itiinliy. nml was neqolttotl - i
ih.-  olinrga   yesterday  before   Judge
Thomas, In  the   United   States Clr
i int i oiirl.
Tin in, ���inn  in ���A dynamite factory
ui Avllgllnno,   11 miles from hi re, ra
plodtd today with the rami! thai HT*
buildings were  tednoed to  ruin- nnd
niniiv "tin i hoMon were badly damng-
.���.I.   'I'l-ii  bodli   havo   i n  reoovon rt
from ii"  mine,   Several pel inns  wi n
ininii'ii iiiiii iiiki-n in hospital
ill- i.ni: was s.wi-.ii.
Mr, .1. It. l.illv, a   I llilli-lll   i ili/t-n
ul l.nnnllinl. Mo . Intel) l> "i n wonderful ilt-in, iini' - from n ii.__1.1i.11 di nth.
in i,-ihn- i i ii in- says, " I wns taken
with Typhoid Kevin-, lhal ran Into
I'n .ii.il.. My lungs became hardened, I ��.i- BO in alt I could mil .--ii
up in Intl. Nothing helped ine. I
pxpi i i'ii in ii '" die nf fonsomptli n.
when I heard ol l'i. King's New ih.-
cove, v.   i Ine  bottle gnvn gronl relief,
i conlh 11" nee ii nnd now mn well
mul ntioiiir,   i i nni say loo much In
ii- praise.     This marvellous i Heine
i  i ii, -IIM--.I ami i-ulokes! cure In the
win hi I'm all 'I'll...nl -mil Long
Ti, ulilo, Uegiilnr iIrm M i '-nis ami
11,00, Ti i.'i Imtllei f.-.- ni Canada
brng .V Hunk sioie. I'.vi-iy bottle
gum nnteetl.
London,   Jnn     10    Bnrl    Mnnv.ru
i. Min.-v William Herbert   Plorti ponl
Is .llllll,
n���  was   horn   Mntnh   17th,
in thi; OOURT8,
Vtiis.    .Inn       10,     A   lull     in
equity, on behall of the New vm-k mnt
i iina.iiiiii ���too-fauldars ol the Seattle
Lake Bhore and Bastern Railway Com-
jiiiny,   tins I i   nliii in  the  United
(States Oltontl Conrl il Bsattlt, against
thr geattle���- LntaraaMoiial  Railway,
NELS��N       IRON *
Ir mil Iln." CMllBRSOl Ii.ii IK-��.rl|.
II    it. i      .....I     i.-i.t.ii.
in a srn iii.iv.
,\.l\, I : i  < it,- III    n,     H.-il   Until i    IM    In..'I ni
,,f im ,i -tint i" i  Inw rllon,   Nn
(i.l.rrtlM'iiti-hi iiln it rol li      lim ' 'nl-.
Ki ill SALE     \   new ��� ottni nun
��� in , imii, i ith room, i-iMii
pli p. pantt). nlosi i i new ihod II HO
Two i"i i (li ii in the city
.-, i nut in i in" tn as, Imported rn*' t,
, I, aii imiiiiui��� consisting o( new
-niii i
Mill at PILOT HAY.
Y.u-ils, NELSON and l.AHDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
The Highest Priced Wine in the Market
Sold retail at the same rates as the ordinary standard wines.
Veuve Clicquot Champagne���^
A. B. til!AY,
ICootenny Agt, Nelson
Brewers of Fine Lnger
Beer end Porter.
Drop in and see us.
B. C
>ran. r ii
I      will bv.
borvby irlvsn thut HppUosUon
Hftdfl tO the l.i'Ul-liitU t*  .\--nn
Wy of Urn Pm. int.*- of Brtllih i olucnbln, nt it-
iii\t MMtion; fnr nn An to [noorpomtQ a I mn
patty with pnwi'i* in-���"ii-tni-'t iniiiii,��t|iii|titn'l
oporate tmuiwnyii in tha hUtrioU of Koouinay
nml Ynlf, iii tin* Province o   'triil-h <olviubt<;
t-i runt.' ��1 operntti moli munwsyi bi Qtootr_<_
Hiriiiii nr niln-r p iv i-r, tiKinny In- itio-t rroiiotni-
<*;ii or oonrsnlem: io oreo( and opornu tela
i*.'.ii'��i nnd telophoni* llnw in and boi woeci r]
the I'll I   P, tOWtl   ,   vi'l._,'(���-   mul   -'-111' mriil-   111
mi i .lai rii i. of uooicii ,\ nnd Yalo, with pow-
i-1 in nn i nc i with othor until thai niajoptirsta
in or ouUldo ol inii dl LiioUt to nuppl] al��Q
trio, -t ni tu. nir. wntor oro horp iwor io othoi
corporal on .   mi nni*:n tm H'H    or   iiiiii. idmii��;
tomipply Huh' looiborrorpomUonN nimitif.tr
tnrlt'M or lintlviihiitN: io io qulN nnd lioltl wntor rtiihu for tha purpOM) ol gonornUni power,
whelltor for tholr own um or tha ���-������ or othoi
i in pm'it ion-. i. .ii iiti.i tpi h - m Itidlvldtiali
lo nirnlnh and mipply wator io othor oorpor-i
lion-, miiiiiihn Lorli    01 llldh liluoU iii -.u.| io
irirU; i" .ii'.ni'i  <ini in.;.i Und, tnni-n iiiiii-.
rltfhUof way nixloll ��� mdi t-< nn nl .
for tho puriKKw ol tho V tuny, -.\iili nil nn
��� .ii > imw 'in tint i bohnlf; In Hcqiiiio nil tin-
ifwotM, fi.nn In-.--. |.n\ I loan .in-1 im-i in ot il..<
Si Ii mi I i'  ' ��� li  l raitiv n |  * nmimnj. Llttilli il;
to noqnlro all tha .* ��� ��� i    t Ih-hm, prlvtll-g*ii
mul hn ltn     nl I ho He inil -..j.ini' Mouti
lun  Kb ' nn   IUII I.mul-.i. to
n . olvo fWd.ell.ior b] wns ol Ikiiui di nlh< r
wlw, froi iy n ii til in   in   , .i in trli In of
K00t_ lift]   Ol   S  ll      IO I 111 til ��� lllpj ion   from
i.i i .I mo nnil "Un ��� in Ii III rt 11 en tn) iniinli I
pnllt) In  nld 1)1 irlcl   el i n ij nml > nil
mill nil otli< i ii n.ii. nc ��� ii'. ei in> ��ii ntal
1'iiui'i nnd l'i iv III ri' lllftl In< in-. ������ .11 \ oi
im Idviital or ��� nml in ti . i ��� 11,,   nllnli ii ol
I In   ftllO. 0 "I  f | lo-iii
I iiiictt :.i il.ii ll) nf N. i on  Ibb  M  -i...   of
I lull. I.  A.  Il .  [Ml
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   c.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street,  Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt a'teiition.
i ���
l\ Oi
our sale of
N Mill going on al _��� one Ib. tins for 25c.
Box K nnd W. Telephone 10.
Baker .Street
We arc showing a
I irst-Clasa Line of
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
KAMI.ll ,. j-lm-AN  llAII.WAV
Bohsduls of Iini,-.       I -fin,- .-:,..,.!,.. ,t 1	
K 1.8I/J ... HI/U'AN i:v.
l'_Ht...riLc,-r 1 min fm tendon nml wurstatloni
IniVM   Kiiflu   nl  �� 11, 111..  tlitll..     Il.-litritiii-
I.'IIH- S11111I11I1 || I 1 . |, ���,,.. niiiii,i_; ul K*-l.i
1'   I .m 1'...I.
(I||.-l 1. IlIK nil K.Wll || ,)   |.���-,. ,,,,1 |!n, ,
Htr. "Iiiii riiiiiiiiiinl   IrariM Kiula for Ni   on
ni ii 11 nt. linn-  '"."-11   Bund ijf.   H.111111111-.
ImvM Nolaon ut  i.:"i p gulling nl 11,if,,,,,
l'i),,1 ll.11. .Mn.\n,nli .mil   ,|) ��,,) ,  ,     , ,,,,
tilth Bir, "All    In .mil from lion
1111 - K-l-rr. Id il 0, il_o�� h 1 \ ���-, 1 , ,,,.i
1   ������    poi    -   ii Kin Mill i' nr
fir      All'fiiit   l-.itt-     Sol tm for  Hunt,,1 .
l-i'ii)'.    I Ul   llnj      'i.'l       I ,,     ul   7 run.,
""'In- --i'ii r     Inii , 1,1,11,,1 ,i   1...... ... l.>
nl  I'llnl   Mn).
ll.'iiniiliiK. Ii '.��� Room 1 I', m ui I , m
U'f*llifrMln)t ni���l Blinds)
I'ltt-i 1  H-i n.'ti   111 i.i,- .,' Ilnnni 1    Ksm
\MIh (1 i-t'iiI Ntir.liuii  liutluiti   lui   nl  mints
,11   I   ul.)I  \1"    I ,
Ktr, "IntiTiiuHiiiiul  I, it 1 ,���    K:, !,, f,,r 1 ,inin
Kin.  PI     ...-  1.  M,i,., 1, :i;;^" jiM
-I., I nnil'. .  -   'i lip)   1.mul-.    I,, hi,.tun   ,.,,,< ArK.'hi.. 111 ...i|i 111 .- In)
nut-   a11.1 nil ��� I ���   1 ��� iiiniiiiii!  1" 11 ��i-II        I '   ���>JI ��t j ill luiulInK'-Iii I't.ili
1 - in-  m,i-< -"f������" :;:::r :::,\::;;;\jy ,���. ���.',;::��� 'a";?,:.
Ot I     ll   11 IHK    II"     ' I'Y       U'tl'i'l'l     lin ,       I , I MOM*,
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Gookina Stoves & Ranges
Which we arc offeringQat
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Mill Btiool
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Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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