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 D,ily Edition No. 835
Nelson,   British Columbia, Thursday Evening,  September 20,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Allies Have Commenced a
Move Against Forces
at Pekln.
Ten Thousand Allied Troops
Will Winter at Pekln and
T11I111. Sept. 10. --Tlir Allies attacked
tho Pekln forts ,'il daybreak. Heavy
cannonading: Is going on.
I'ekln, Sept. 14,���Via Shanghai,
Sept. Id.- -The indications arc tlitit, ten
thousand of the Allies will winter nl
I'ekln. The Herman force will lie the
largest. Some of the troops will probably be distributed in the surrounding city I" relieve the strain. The
Japanese will withdraw the most of
their force tn Nagasaki. Tlie Russians will retain at least two thousand here. A joint expedition to I'ao
Ting has been planned by the Hritish.
the Herman and the French forces,
The Dowager Empress has expressed
her willingness to return to Pekin if
guaranteed protection. The generals
in command and the .Ministers of the
Powers are unwilling to assume such
a responsibility. A number of small
hainh..,,f Boxers have been reported in
the neighborhood recently.
Gen, Chaffee Reports Details to Washington War Department.
Washington, D. 0,, Sept. 30.��� The
War Department has received this despatch: Taku (no date)���Adj.-(".en.,
Washington.���Pekin, Sept. 17.���Further reply to your number .'IS. following aeeepteil here as reliable: Two
���laughters of Atwater and 28 others
murderod at Tayuan, July 0. Olapp
and wife, four others, murdered at
Tai Ku, July ill. Atwater. and wife,
two children, six others, murdered
by their escort near l'enchoi Fu, Aug.
15 Shai Province. Same message reports six persons, Dixon and wife.
O'Curren and wife, single gentleman
and a single lad; as having escaped
Into the mountains from a mission
thirty miles to the north of Taluian.
I hey escaped on horseback and possibly may have evaded   their   pursuers.
(Signed) CHAFFEE.
\dmlral Remey fables Navy Department to This Effect.
Washlntgon, L). t'., Sept. so.��� Admiral Crownshleld, chief of the Navigation Bureau and Acting Secretary
of the Navy, has received the follow
lug cablegram from Admiral   Remey:
"Taku, Sept. io._] have called op-
"" U flung Chang offlolally. Arrived
September is in a merchant   vessel.
"'' "ill proceed at once to Pekin.
"'���sires that I tender bis sincere
thanks for the  consideration   he  has
''' iv|,d from the United   States   liov-
m"'"'"t.    (Signed.) liEMEV."
What British  Foreign Office Says of
Russian    Withdrawal.
f'Ondon, Sept.  30.���It wns explained
today  at  the   Hritish   Foreign. Office
that "it was found  inexpedient  for
'' Powers to accept the Russians
withdrawal proposal as thoy had rail-
hhu' information that the Boxers were
ready to re-occupy   Pekin as  soon   as
thl'Allies retired."
'''"'' "r Dissolution (lives Little Timi
For Nominations,
New York. Set p. no._Mr.   Isaac N.
"'���'' Olblea   the   New   York   Tribune
^'��Uows:    Si,-   Matthew White Rid-
> was fairly ,.,���, down by newspaper
"'���'���������spondents  after   the   meeting of
"'ivy Council at Balmoral, and as
they would not revise their forecasts
Tuesday, September 25 has been bulletined through tho United Kingdom
as the date for the dissolution of parliament,
The date doslgnuted allows tho
shortest possible marlgn for nominations and elections. No nomination
can be made after tho last day of September and the elections will lie Mulshed by October IB, Politics is as
rapid here as It is slow In  America.
The Liberals have not made up
their list of candidates and as there
will not be time tor completing them
an unusually largo number of
boroughs and districts will be uncontested, the Unionists going in without ti struglge. Another Btrlking
proof has been offered that with the
sanction of tho queen public attention
will be centered during the elections
upon imperial interests.
The Colonial Office has announced
thai the Duke and Duchess of York
will visit the south seas in the Bpring
to open the first parliament of United
Australia, This visit is explained as
11 mark of the Royal recognition of
tho loyalty of the colonics^n the battle for the preservation of the Empire.
Lord Salisbury receives credit for ree-
ommdlng this royal journey but without doubt Mr. Chamberlain has inspired the policy as he has also proposed a muster in London of representative colonial volunteers, beaded
by Canada, for a review by the queen,
It is possible that the new parliament when elected may have something more than formal work to do in
the meeting in the autumn, but it is
difficult to credit the current reports
that the Chinese question will require
legislative action in November. The
Foreign Office, in announcing that
Prince Ching and Earl Li a re fully authorised by the emperor to negotiate
with the Powers virtually takes the
whole subject out of current politics
for many months. During this long
interval public interest in the east at
least In England will gradually suh-
The appoach of the elections, how-
ever.has invested Lord Roberts1 bulletins with much of their old fascination for the public, General Mncdon-
ald's success in driving bandsof guer-
rilas across the Vet is the principal
incident recorded In the last twenty-
four hours and it is hailed as a brilliant exploit. The last stage of the
war contains, however, little that is
heroic on either side. The Hoers have
lost heart and have ceased to display
any of their characteristic qualities
and the Hritish battalions and squadrons are mainly hunting down train
wreckers and capturing cattle and
abandoned stores.
London, Sept. SO.���The War Office
lias issued a lengthy report from Lord
Huberts on the subject of the Johannesburg plot to overthrow the garrison and murder the liritisli officers
and of tlie deportation of the foreigners. After reiterating the known
facts of the plot the Hritish com-
niander-iu-ebief in South Africa says:
"Consuls of America. Germany,
France and Sweden, subjects of which
nations were arrested, met and fully
discussed the ease with officials, The
interview was most satisfactory. The
Consuls entirely concurred with the
Hritish action and promised every assistance. ' Lord Roberts adds that lie
forthwith ordered the deportation of
all foreigners arrested in connection
with the plot for whose behavior their
respective Consuls could not vouch.
Otherwise very few foreigners were
deported, except employees of the
Netherlands Railroad who refused t,,
work for the Hritish and actively participated in the war.
Seattle,Wash.. Sept. SO.���The treasure   steamer   ('.    II.    Hamilton   fr	
Dawson to St. Michael with 150 passengers and (500,000 in dust, which
was driven on the Yukon Hats September (tth, (luring a heavy storm, made
St. Miohaels safely, according to the
steamer St. Paul. The latter also
brought news of terrible havoc
Wrought at Nome by the recent storm.
Seven or eight schooners were driven
ashore. Many tents and buildings
on the beach . were entirely swept
away,  and three men   drowned.    The
Alaska Commercial Co.'s wharf ami
Capt. Gelger's at Latrlma are a mass
of wreckage,
Lumber  and   other material for Hie
now round bouse is   being   brought to
the C, J'. 11. ,'ards. and the construction  will   begin   Immediately    upon
Completion of the masonry work. The
masons will then start the work uf
the turntable.
The Striking Anthracite Coal
Miners resort to the
Lord Roberts Reports Nothing
Left of It but Marauding Bands.
This  Morning   Finds   More
Mines in a Crippled
Philadelphia,   Sept.   SO.���According
to advices from lla/elton the strikers
are gaining Home ground in that region, although the operators dispute
this and insist that more men are at
work today than there were yesterday.
A few more men are reported idle iu
the Shamokin district and the story
scut here last night that the strikers
at the Morea colliery, of the Heading
Company, in the Sclinylkil district,
had voted to return to work, was proven to be untrue. Hungarians attacked a mine boss on his way to work
near Shamokin this morning, and
beat him nearly to death with clubs.
Other cases of violence of this sort,
though not so serious, are reported.
The strikers at last succeeded in Inducing some of the workers in the only mine operating in the upper region,
that of the West End Company at Mo-
cana<|ua. to quit work and that colliery is crippled today.
llazelton. Pa..Sept. 20.���Reports received at strike headquarters and elsewhere from various parts of lla/elton
region this morning brought nothing
but good newsjjto the idle anthracite
coal miners. The lirst information
brought here told of a break among
the employes in the Latimer mines,
the first that has taken place there
during the strike.
The colliery was considered an invulnerable spot and the break there
put the strikers in a good humor. The
number of men who quit was quite
small, but the union men are satisfied
that they will make further inroads
in the force there. The next good
news received by the strikers came
from Coloralne and was to the effect
that the colliery there was shut down
last night. The Mcodo strikers
have been trying for four days to
close this place. The Evans colliery
at Heaver Meadow, also failed to start
work this morning because of lack of
men. A few more men went to work
iu the mines at Mcado today than
worked yesterday. The mines at Eck-
ley and Sandy Hun are in full operation this  morning as uusal.
Scranton. Pa., Sept. 20.��� Two important conferences connected with
the strike of the anthracite miners of
the Lackawanna ami Wyoming Valleys were features marking the fourth
day of the strike in this region, Due
of these brought together the heads of
three big companies,the Lackawanna.
the Deleware & Hudson and the Pennsylvania Coal Company, and many individual operators for the final  isid-
eration of plans to force the working
of some of the mines at least. It is
announced that the various superintendents arc not ready to centralize
men at certain collieries and operate
them under the protection of the law.
For this emergency they have bad
some hundreds of men made deputy
Sheriffs and watchmen. The other
meeting of the day was that of the
district executive board at strikers
headquarters to deal with the effort of
the big companies to make a working
stand, all the features of which they
arc informed of, and they say they
will be prepared to off set it.
Victoria. H. C, Sept. SO.���Capt, A.
A. Sears, a widl known C.   I'. N, master,   and   M'ss   Carrie   Phillips,   only
daughter of ex-Alderman  Joseph  E.
Phillips, of this   city,   were united in
marriage at the Methodist Church Is*
evening,    The     honeymoon     will   be
spent in the cast.
Boer Long Toms and Field
Guns Have All Been
London. Sept. SO.���Lord Roberts
cables from .Nelsprnit.on the Pretoria-
Dolagoa Hay Railway not far from
Komatlpoort, the frontier station, under date of Wednesday, Sept. HI, as
follows: "Of three thousand Hoers
who retreated from Komatlpoort before the Hritish advance from Madia-
dodorp, seven hundred have entered
Portuguese territory, others have deserted in various dirctions and the
balance arc reported to have crossed
the Koniali River,and to be occupying
the spurs of Lcbombo Mountain.south
of the railway. A general tumult
seems to have occurred when they recognized the hopelessness of their
cause. Their Long Toms and Held
guns have been destroyed and nothing is left of the Boer army but a few
inaurading bands. Kelly-Kenny is
engaged with one of these which occupies a position at Docrnherg.
than half as great of bis dying of disease.
In a long drawn-out campaign disease is more deadly than the sword,
and we have more now to fear from
fever in South Africa during the continuation of the campaign anr.ihc
military occupation that must follow
than wc ever had to dread from the
Creusot cannon or the Mauser rifle.
Liberal   Nominee   Looking   After the
Hon udary   Supporters,
Greenwood, Sept. SO.���Mr. W. A.
Qalllhor, Liberal nominee for Yale-
Cariboo, arrived in Greenwood Tuesday night from Nelson. He was met
by Mayor Hardy and other prominent
Liberals resident in this city, and organization matters were Informally
discussed. Mr, tialliber will today-
visit Phoenix, where there are several
active workers in the Liberal interests, and later will proceed to Columbia & Grand Forks to get election
matters in good shape in those towns.
This is Mr. Qalllher's first visit to
Greenwood, and he is favorably impressed with the many evidences of
substantial progress that ho sees here.
Sword and Fire Less Deadly   Than in
London. Sept.20.���An actuarial correspondent of The Times takes the
losses of the South Afrieau campaign
and compares them with those sustained by the forces engaged in the
Franco-German and other recent great
His analysis is of more than passing
interest, and shows that the Boer war
has been proportionately to the number engaged Infinitely more deadly
than the campaign of ISTil-71.
The mean strength of the Hritish
army in South Alfred, including ail
forces, whether Imperial, colonial or
volunteers, is taken at 5,208 officers,
and 188,000 men. Official figures are
available concerning the fortunes of
25,IW0 and 803,800 men taking part in
the Franco-German war.
Our Iosscb from lire and sword work
out iii the following figures:
Officers     killed     or     died    from
wounds    380
Non-commissioned    officers   and
men killed or died from wounds. 8,680
These show a percentage of 72.1 per
1,000 iii tlie case of officers ami Hi per
1,(10(1 in the case of non-coms, and
The Franco-German war losses from
flrc and sword work out as follows:
Officers killed or,lied of wounds.   1,050
Non-commissioned   officers and
men killed or died (,f wounds 2ii,i',27
being   equal   to   the   rate of 06.0 per
i,nun officers and 30.0 per 1,000 non-
coms, and men.
Our losses of officers has consequently been   proportionately   higher   than
was recorded   in  the  b'ranco-German
ampaign. while  in the case  of   rank
and tile it was considerably lower.
Hut disease, the terrible band-maid-
of war, steps in to render our total
South    African    mortality much heavier than that recorded of   the  earlier
We tind the following flgnrea in
���An Actuarial Correspondent's" valuable article concerning our losses in
the Boer war:
Officers died   of disease     100
Non-coms and men died of disease. 5,080
gqnal to a rate of 30.0 per thousand
in the ease of officers nnd 31.8 per
thousand iu the ease of non-cominis-
���toned officers and   men.
Iii the Franco-!icrmau war losses
from disease figured out as under:
Officers      in
Men 10,042,
Showing a rate of 8.9 per I.uno for
officers and 14.3per thousand for men.
lu South Africa officers and men
have died of disease at the rate of 111.7
per 1,000, while the rate for officers
and men in the Franco.Herman war
was ,,uly 12,6 per 1,000,
And now for one or two of the sidelights pointed out iiy The Times correspondent,    They are these.    While It
French or German stood a double
chan f being killed  as  compared
with Ills men, In South Africa the
Hritish ollicer has to face a three and
a half to one ebanec.
As regards the men the risks in the
franco-German war as compared with
tin- Hocr war were60 per cent, greater
of bis being killed in buttle, and   lesb
Filipinos Evidently Looking For Democratic Victories.
Washington, I). C., Sept. 20.���A despatch has been received from General
MacArthur which coutirms tho reported activity of Insurgents. Tin-despatch
iu part is as follows:
Manila. Sept. Hi.���Considerable activity throughout Luzon. Fighting
reported in vicinity of Carig and Es-
trella, Isabella Province. Insurgents
estimated at 500, probably much exaggerated. In the Slocan Provinces.
Brigadier-General Young reports
numerous small affairs and has called
for more troops. Country north of
Posig including all of Itiilacau. very
much disturbed and numerous contests with small parties throughout
that district, south of Pasig,including
Tayahaa Province (Luzon) same condition prevails.
Laboring Men Will Probably
Meet Here and Select a
Candidate MaeNeill Expected
In Nelson Tomorrow and
London, Sept. 20.���In the morning
papers appear a letter signed by Har-
rings, Rothschilds, Sheyers and
Hrownshipley and Co., ill which these
bouses offer to receive subscriptions
for tlu' Galveston sufferers to he forwarded through the New York Chamber of Commerce. The Barings and
Brown, Shipley & Co. contribute each
��210 and the Rothschilds and Sheyer
each ��525.
Troy, N. Y., Sept. 20.���John Downey arrived iu this city this morning
from Bradford, Pa., where be had
been working in the lumber district.
While waiting for a train to take
him to liis home ill Nova Scotia he
was buncoed out of 8'��u by a stranger
who claimed to be a resident of Nova
The Rossland union laboring men
have declared most emphatically in
favor of placing a straight labor candidate in the Seld aud on Saturday
evening next there will be held in
Rossland a meeting at which steps
leading to this will be taken.
A big mass meeting was held last
Monday evening in Rossland and the
following motion passed unanimously :
"Resolved, that this mass meeting
of unionists of Rossland declares in
favor of independent political action
on the part of labor and labor sympathisers of Yale-Cariboo."
After several addresses the motion
was placed before the meeting and
carried without one dissenting vote.
On Tuesday labor leaders of other
portions of the district were communicated witli and it has since lieen decided to call a nominating convention
to be made up of representatives of
all the various unions. This convention will probably be held within the
ue*t week or two and it is more than
likely that Nelson will be selected as
the convention city.
The fight in tlie Yalc-Kootcnay-Car-
Iboo distirct is to be a three cornered
affair, notwithstanding the statements uf certain individuals who believe themselves dictators to tlie union men of Nelson.
Mr. A. 11. MaeNeill, the Conservative nominee  for the   Yale-Kootenay-
Cariboo district,   will   visit Nelson to
morrow and Saturday.
Rossland, H. C, Sept. 2(1.���Jules De
Lahar and Miss Ayrcs were married
yesterday morning at the residence of
W. 11. Aldridge. manager of the Trail
smelter. The bride Is a niece of Mr.
Aldridge.     Rev.    Mr.    lledley. of   St.
Georges, Rossland. performed the ceremony.
Chicago.���The Record says today:
"Chicago is billed to witness a great
automobile race next week when W,
K. Vanderbllt'l 'White Ohost' will
meet Alexander Winton's fast gas,,-
line automobile for   a 150,000 purse.''
Chicago. -The Tribune says: Prices
of Hour are climbing higher with an
advancing wheal market and the Chi-
ago householder   is confronted    with
the possibility of being  compelled to
pay more for his bread as well as for
his coal this winter. The new price
in effect today is 81.7(1 a barrel, forty
cents more than was asked a month
London. ���A     despatch     from      the
American hospital snip Maine,  dated
Wei llai Wei. annoiices the arrival
there of two additional surgeons from
America, thus completing tlie medical
staff. The Maine will remain at Wc
llai Wei. Sick ami wounded men
are already arriving en board of   her.
Dux, Bohemia.���An explosion occurred al Thisfrish Gluck mine yes.
terday. Thirty live persons were
killed and 16 injured. Five persons
arc missing.
Glasgow.���Two additional cases of
bubonic plague have been reported
Chicago,   Jacob Schaeffer  has 'hal
lenged   Geo,   sb>ss,,n  t,, play   three
ga s of billiards for   the   champion
ship of the world and ha-, posted a
forfeit of 2200.
Mr. W. A. Galllher, the Liberal
nominee in the Yale-Kootcnay-Cari-
boo district, has been losing no time
since his nomination, lie has spent a
couple of days in Rossland and is now
in the Boundary country conferring
with the leading Liberals of the different communities, He is expeeted
to return to Nelson tomorrow or Saturday.
The Hist election bet recorded in
Nelson will cost cither Mr. John A.
Turner or Jacob Dover a hat. Mr.
Dover bets Mr. Turner that Hugh
John Macdonahl will beat Clifford Sifton iu Brandon, Juke is said to have
several other hats which he would like
to wager on the same proposition.
beg pardon, but can you tell me who
The Tribune is supporting?" "No
sir, I cannot. As near as I can figure
it out they want to see Mr. (ialliber
elected nnd don't want to see Mr.
MaeNeill defeated."
The Vancouver Province says: Hold
Commissioner E. ('. Senkler, of Dawson, left for his home in the north by
the   steamer   Queen   City on Saturday
night. A party consisting of Dr.
Wills. W. Ilillman. (apt. II. D. Holme and   wife   of Dawson, and   T.    M.
McKay, of Ottawa, also went by the
Queen City. (apt. Bulme, who has
just been gazetted  to command  the
newly established Yukon ritles, formerly served in the Argyle Light iu-
fantry and the Queen s Own Rifles.
He is a praottoing barrister in Dawson. Mr. McKay is of the McKay Milling Co., of Ottawa, and is going to
visit his brother, senior member of
the legal linn of McKay A Hurritt; of
Dawson. The party expect to get
down to Dawson in good time before
the ice forms.
The military band will   play several
selections in front of tlie Opera House
this evening. Hi     I
Nelson   Daily  Miner,   Thursday  EVENING,   September 20,  iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
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order of Nki.mon PUBLISHING (Jo.MI'ANV,
Although the list is a long one.Liberal candidates will have to reckon
witli the people in regard to each one
of the broken promises and violated
principles of their leaders in the
present and past Parliaments. One
of those principles on which great
stress was laid was that members
should not accept oHice from the Government, lining the unbroken
eighteen years of Conservative rule seventeen members of Pai��iment had been
appointed to office. The Liberal leaders declared that such a practice was
a subversion of the independence of
Parliament, Mr. Mulock, now Postmaster-General, felt so Strongly on the
subject that he Introduced a measure
designed to prohibit it. Iu tlie course
of his speecli in support of the Hill he
"If the Government of the day can
dangle public offices before their followers, and induce a few, aud perhaps an incieasing number, to aspire
to these positions instead of representing their constituents heie, and exercising an unbiased judgment and a
wholesome Influence upon the Administration of tile day, they become mere
parasites upon the Administration,
and cease to voice the opinion of their
constituents. Not only do they do
that, but, moving about among their
colleagues, they become, as it were,
corrupting agencies within their own
ranks. So it nas licomc. in my opinion, a crying evil, and I'ar'ianoent is
cast down from its high pos:tion. "
Mr. Mulock was then In Opposition,
and as liis Hill was an arraignment
of the Government it was not Buffered
to pass. Hut its introduction was intended to g! ve emphasis to tlie earnestness of the Liberal! in the desire
to further secure the indpendenee of
Parliament by removing this source of
corruption. Soon afterwards tlie Liberals came in. They controlled Parliament, and it was not umeasonable to
expect tfhat oue of their first acts
would have been to tic the hands of
their own and future Governments
with a law that would have given
focre to the principle they had so long
aud so loudly processed. They not
only did not do this, however, but
they continued the practice and fairly
rioted in it. The Conservatives in
eighteen years had made seventeen of
these appointments; tlie Liberals in
four years have made fourteen. Here
Is the list:
tl. Forbes, Queen's, N. s.. judge.
tl.  King. Quoen's, N.B., Senator.
Hccliard, Iberville,   Senator.
C. Cameron, West Huron, Govcr-
.1. Lister, Laiubtou, judge.
John Yeo, Prince, 1". E, I., Senator,
J.   11.   inset,'  lUmOUSkl,  Senator.
C.  Heaiisoleil.   Uerthler,  postmaster.
C. H. Devlin. Ottawa, inland revenue.
Dr. ltinfrct, Lolbiniere. Immigration agent.
J.  Lavergne. Ilruininond.  judge.
!���'.   Langelier. Cjuebeo   Centre, judge'
P,  A. Choijiicltc. Montmagny, judge.
.1. v. Lliis. St. John. Senator,
Soon after taking office the Premier
wrote as follows to placate a discontented follower. Mr. Francois Langelier:
"This is what I propose:   The posi
tion of Lieutenant -il
our disposition at tin
ivcrnor will he at
��� end of Is'.iT, and
if from now till that time you arc not
appointed judge, I promise to place
the Lieiiteii.'inl-liovcnioisliip at youi
disposal. "
It was in this manner the Liberals
proceeded to stamp out that reprehen,
Bible practice of "dangling publll
Offices before their followers."
since last June, and ordinary decency
would suggest that he be treated
with as much respect as any other
private citizen. As to his standing in
the community, we imagine that a
man who has occupied the high positions that have fallen to Mr. Mackintosh, and who lias been so prominently associated witli the most important milling transaction in the
history of tlie Province, is not likely
to be hurt by rowdy attacks of envious and ranCOHrOUB newspapers or
" Manitobnn," in his letter in another column, does not make out a
very strong case against Mr. Hugh
John Macdfteald. In all matters of
public pdBoy tlie Manitoba Premier
has kept his word. He was in favor
of reducing members' indemnity from
1000 to (400, but that is a question of
Legislative economy which no one
man can control. All lie could ever
promise in this respect was to recommend and adovcate a reduction, and
this he did. What he could control,
however, was the number of salaried
Ministers in liis Government. These
lie promised to reduce from five to
three, and that also lie did. He is a
until wlio keeps his word.
By way of The Monetary Times, Toronto, we learn for the first time that
it has been proposed to establish a
Negro colony of one hundred thousand
in Manitoba. The Times,OB naturally
it would do, opposes the proposition,
but we cannot gather trom its article
on the subject where, or how, or by
whom it was first made. The Negroes,
it is said, are to come from Georgia
and Alabama, but whether tlie scheme
originated there or was the suggestion
of our Minister of the Interior or
some of his agents does not appear.
Mr. Sifton's great love for tialicians,
Doukhobors, and other European riffraff would lend color to the suspicion
that this Negro colony was a plan of
his own. Whatever its source, however, public feeling should make Jit
manifest that it must no longer be
Editor Miner:
Dear Sir,���As a reader I am pleased
with your paper; in fact for the last
six months I have hardly read any
other. Tonight, however, I was some
what amused by your editorial on
Hugh John���his never failing to keep
his word. What about his promise to
reduce the members1 salary to 8400'
What about his prohibition plank'.'
which, according to The Miner dls
patches, lie Openly admitted in Parliament "that it was an election dodge
Also his promise to resign if charges
against (ireenway were found to he
groundless. Perhaps tlie latter may
mean to take a chance at Federal politics. Thanking you. Mr. Miner, for
space, and let me add that you should
write up his nose, instead of his d
vinitv, for vou can't fool a
Nelson. Sept. 1!'.
Perhaps enclosed lines written by
General sir GeorgeColley on the night
before he met liis death at Majrba
Hill may interest some of your read
ers. I think the sentiments expressed
by the writer fairly prove that a
Christian soldier is not an Impossible
Lord, ere 1 join tlie deadly strife,
And battle's terrors dare���
First would I render soul and life
To thine Almighty care.
when   grim   d
wreaths robed
Comes thundering o'er the   scene,
What fear can reach a soldier's heart
Whose trust in Thee has been'.'
Nelson, Sept. 2(1,  1000,
Books You May Need
Much unwarranted
with tlie name of Mr,
tosh,    who   was   not
nomination at the   re
liberty is taken
C. II. Mackin-
a candidate for
tenl   Revelstolt
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy  .
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting
Stretch's Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines	
Lang's  Matte  Smelting	
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis..
Kemp's Handbook of   Rooks,,,,
Thautwinc's Engineer's Handbook	
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Knginc	
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for   Holler Uoom	
Hawkins' New Catechism of
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for  Engineers	
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
Pocket  Manual	
Stevenson's Practical Test	
Canada's   Metals	
m no
5 SO
Sou Line
iniperia)    Limited
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead ami Kootknay Landing
Tourist Ours pass Medicine Hut
daily for St. Paul; Saturdays for
Montreal and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays lor Toronto. Same cars
pass Revelstoke oue day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:85
15:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:46
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and I'aeilie Const.
Afternoon train daily for and from
RoBsland, ami from Revelstoke, main
line aud Pacific, Const, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7:110 Lv I  ���.,.__  ( Ar 111:30
(Ex Sun)
I Ni
(Ex Sun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main Hue and Pacific
Kootenay Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)      Str Kokanee      (Ex Sun)
10:()0 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta and return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootenay River Route,
Daily    Strs Movie and Nelson    Daily
22:30 Lv Nelson Ar 2:80
Connects at Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest LiDe trains.
For rates, tickets aud full information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B. C, or
Trav. Pass. Agent
A O. P. Agent),
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from 90 Cents  Up.
Hall Block.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents fur Eureka  Itineral Wool and
AsbestoA Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual Lire
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Flro Assurance Co.
50 ft. on
60 ft. on
Victoria   Street,    easy
:>fl ft. on
Victoria   Street,   easy
B0 ft. corner on Stanley Street .
D5 ft. Vic
tori a Street, west	
Ml ft.  Vel
non Street,   west .1,
House  on  Carbonate
Mouse.    Park   Street,
close 1,
linker Street  31
House on Mill Street    -':
House. Hume Addition St
1 House on Observatory
Coal and. Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can lie accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Offloe Corner Hall and llaker .Stroete.
m.KPHONK an.
2 'M
1 25
1 0(1
convention, and who was so far from
desiring to lie a candidate that his
friends were requested not to present
his name. In view of this fact there
can lie no justification for tlie coarse
and offensive remarks thai are Intended as a reflection on his character and
standing ns u public man, lie is nol
before the public, and   lias  not  been
I hereby (rive notice that at the
next meeting of the License CotnmlSi
sioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating'
liquors at the Rossland Hotel, Vernon
Street, Lot 10, Ulook 60, in  the  Cltv
of Nelson, l(. C. J
Representing the Largest
European and  American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83      -       -       DURANGO, MEXICO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnree Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a��d oromnt attention.
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
! iw^WMW^wwwywv^^Y^Aw^^v^wwvwvi i
Players  NaVi)   Qit
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton & Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
HotUWS nnd lota for Bule in a]]
of tlie City.
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Com pany.
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Com
Madden Hlm.k
Ward street
P. O. Box Ut
NulKon, R, (i
>ll\l\ t Intnl. IK,       IMITAII1' l-llll.ll.
Wlndonnere Mines.   Corroep - enoeBol'.otted
and try n Imllle. n 1t07.cn. or n Imrn-t nf
OALQARY BEER u It u II,.. taltand
ehi-api-xt on I In- market. Alio irv our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    nnd     CIGARS
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M..������.
XtlspbOM 03, Baker at,, Nelson, li, 0.
Our Fresh Rousted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows .-
Java and Arabian Mocha, por pound $   40
Java and Mocha Blond, 3 pounds..  1 1)0
Fine Santos, iiamnds ,, 1 otj
Santos Blond, 6 pounds  1. no
Our  KponlnlBlond, 11 pounds  1 00
Our Klo Koast, Opounds  1 <jo
M A |.|. HIIIM.MH ;
rVELSON,        ���        D. C.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of snoond hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
oooking utensils, bought In honsehold
quantities. Also east off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street. Nelson. B. G.
W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty:   Eye, Ear and Nose.
Office:   Baker Street, near Fraternity
Hall.   Telephone No. 44.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money to loau on Straight Mortgage
Apply to O. K LENNOX, Baker St '
(NCORP0R***O t��TOk
Just unloaded���
Another car of
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable.
Special Prices to the
Corner Baker and Stanley Street*
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson <fc Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkayk. Day Train. Abkivk.
HI .8S a.m Spokane 7:10 p.in,
12 :()"> p. m Rossland 5:80 p.m.
9:80 a, in Nelaon 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 6:80 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent. Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Montreal
Allan T.Ino Corinthian  8opt��!
A Hun Lino I 'nrlninu Sept 89
Dominion Lino Vancouver Sopt 15
Dominion Lino Dominion  Septal
Heaver Line I uko McKantlo Sopt 21
Heaver Lino Ijiko Superior. Sept iH
From Now York
White Slur Line (lonnanlo Sopt IS
White .Star Lino Cymric  Sept 15
VVhlto Star Lino Maiextlc  Sopl *
Cunard Lino Ktrurla  Sept 19
American Line Now York Sopt III
Hed  Star   Lino  ICciiHingtou Sopt 111
Cunard Line Servia Sept 18
Cunard Line Lunanla Sopt W
Anchor Lino Auchorla Sept 15
Anchor Line Ai-toria SoptW
N. 0. L. Line Kaiscrin Maria Thorenia.Scpt Id
N.Q. L. Line Alter Sept ��
Allan Hlato Lino Lnurentian Sopt'.l
Krom Bonlon.
Cunard Line Saxonla Sopt IS
Dominion Lmo Now England  Oct IU
Passages arranged to and from all European
polntH. For ratos, tlcko.u and full Information
apply to C. K It. depot agont or H. L. Brown
City Pasoongor Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Oonoral A noiit. O.P.B. Offices, Winnipeg
of Writing Paper won't last
long. You'd betterplsee another "hurry op" order with
MRS. KEILLY, who has taken over
the house on Ward Street just
above the Post Ofllce, will (rive hoard
aud rooms. Several choice rooms still
unoccupied.  Terms reasonable
7-8 inch diam. $13.50per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
J. 0. T. OROFTS, ��� _
P. O. Box     , Nelson, aO
Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Thursday   Evening,   September 20,  1900
Seal tic Sept, 80.���The story of the
uls0Overy of a marvelous deposit of na-
Hvo copper In Alaska, near the head-
waters of White River, a tributary
o(tl,e Vukon, Is told by Col.KrunW B,
Mllea and Captain A. McLean, who
)mvc |utl returnd to Seal tic from that
country. They bring as evidence of
l)lfl liuli, of their statements a bag
containing thirty pounds ol'pure copper nuggets, which they claim they
������g in tho only copper placers they
havo over soon, Their trip, which was
[���ll Df perils and hardships, was undertaken tor the piirpn.se of obtaining;
Information regarding tho section of
Alaska tiny oxplorod, for n syndicate
���f wealthy New Vork and Boston
mining men. They are now engaged
in writing up tin extremely favorable
report to bo submitted to their employers.
In a Peterboro oanoe with two
French Canadians as canoeinen, they
stinted up the White River from its
confluence with the Yukon, July 80.
They lined and puled the entire distance againBt a swift and turbulent
current. They passed l.aduo Creek,
July 211, anil made the mouth of Snag
Crook soon afterward. Krom this
point they could see the Souoloi Pass,
1,1 the north. They took tho south
channel, and in 125 miles had gained
7D0 feet In altitude, Proceeding, they
found���the river cutting an entirely
new channnel through (he woods,��ak-
Ing everything before it. The falling
trees, accumulating driftwood nnd
great landslides gave a weird and
terrific aspect to the Inndcape.
At this point the whole party came
near losing everything, including
their lives. One man was on shun-
ahead, with u towline 160 feel long.
Rounding a sharp point, the" current
tore the line from his hands and,with
the other three men nearly helpless ill
it. the canoe was borne down stream
at a terrible speed. Miraculously the
towline did not catch on any snag or
root. Nad il done so the three men
would have been spilled out and placed at the mercy of the torrent. Willi
supreme coolness the boatmen guided
the canoe hither and thither around
sweepers and log jams. After a quarter of :i mile a Slight eddy was gained
and the canoe landed. It took two
(lays' effort to pass beyond this ilan-
gerouB point.
The journey continued through canyons, rapids and iey torrents. Finally, aboul 200 miles from the Yukon
the upper basin of White River was
The camp of the stampedcrs of ISOS
who went into the Yukon via Cupper
River had then been passed; seven
abandoned sleds were found in the
woods, and the pit for a wbipsaw Indicated that boats had been built
there. At tin- upper basin tlie canoe
nnd outfit were cached and the party
proceeded with packs to a permanent
ennip. twenty miles further on. Tho
first night in camp they were greatly
surprised by a visit from three In-
tlians.the first and only human beings
vet seen. The Indians had but three
pounds of moose meat, a single blanket, a small kettle and two old-fashioned i-illes. They carried bows aud
arrows, the latter tipped with native
Copper. Some were spear-shaped for
shooting fish, others blunt for ptarmigan.
"The Indians could not understand
�� word of Knglish," said Colonel
Miles at the Hotel Northern last
night, "and it took a long time to
find out from what direction their
copper came, tine of them pointed in
On easterly direction and made signs
Unit the   distance   was   two   'sleeps.'
h.v signs be described the topography
and declared that there was hiyu'
copper, That night live inches of
snow fell, so we waited and fed the
Indians three times the next day. We
started on the following morning. 2
"We readied the place after untold
hardship, fording iey streams and
trudging on with blistered feet, and
campea for the  night.   After break-
'out the following morning tlie Indians showed us to the placer copper
ground anil picked copper nuggets out
"f :i perpendicular bank twenty-five
"'el high, Further up stream, where
the bedrock was exposed, we gathered coppe,. nuggets from its crevices.
Hut soon we came to an Immense
'edge, beyond which tlie Indians said
we would Und no more copper. And
BUch proved to be the case.
After staking several claims we
returned,and by August .111 were safely
u��ok on the Yukon, having made the
Wpdown stream in our canoe in
"nee days."
Miles and Mel.can describe the
'"""try as being the roughest and
'host broken they have ever seen.
They were within ninety miles of St.
Ellas, but could not see ' it owing to
Intervening mountain range,
miles  awav,
Mount   Wrangle,   sixty
*Wli signature Is on ovcry box of the genuine
^uaxative Bromo-Quinine **>���*
they saw plainly. This mountain is
known as an active volcano, but they
saw no lire or smoke
About thirty pounds of heavy copper nuggets and ii beautiful specimen
of poaoook copper ore arc their souvenirs of the trip,
Miles and MoLean will go back to
their discovery this winter over the
lee with dog tennis. They arrived
yesterday morning on the    Humboldt.
Work    Will   Start   At    (luce   on    Big
15, P. Wheeler, manager of the Mineral Hill Mining Company, whose
headquarters are at Conconully, Okan-
agan Country, is in the city buying
supplies to start opernl iuns on the
property of the company In the Blmll-
Kamccn, says the Spokesman-Review. The company intend to commence at once the running of the 2,800
foot tunnel into Mineral Mill lo tap
the ore bodies at that depth and the
work will he pushed through as fast
as money and n complete plant can
do It.
Mr, Wheeler is an old-timer In the
Simllkumeon and owns property that
he believes will yet make a'great
mine, lie was one of tin- many that
stampeded to Qrantle Creek in the
placer excitement of ism-,, Nol finding gold in the creeks as plentiful as
had been promised ho took to the
mountains in search of quartz ledges.
His search was finally rewarded in
the discovery of rich clipper deposits.
His account of tho discovery is interesting.
"One day when I was out in the
hills around Friday creek, a tributary
of the Slmtlkameen, 1 found some
rich bornitc lloat. Returning to camp
in the evening I showed sonic of the
heavy purple stiitl' to my partners,
who looked wise and pronounced it of
no value. I was more hopeful however, and si  after brought specimens to Spokane and bud an assay.
The return was 71 per cent in copper,
#1" in gold and KI ounces of silver per
-Hut at that time the Slmtlkameen
as a quartz district was unknown, Il
was also almost inaccessible even to
prospectors. Copper bad been found
before Ibis on tin- south furl; of the
Siniilkauicen. but little attention had
been paid to it on account of tlie isolation of the camp,
"It was not till four years later
that I secured partners, found a lead
and located the Gladstone claim. Associated with me were 10. E, Alexander. ,1. Li. Spatb and ('. lteekmyer,
since deceased. We began active development by running a 105-foot tunnel into the mountain. We did nol
find any vein but only small, irregularly distributed pockets of the rich
bornitc. Some of tin- owners became
discouraged and sold out for a few-
dollars. Further development Improved the showing, but others also sold
"The showing that wc bad, however, had convinced me that there
must be a source of this rich ore. and
I commenced a t borough system of
surface prospecting by running open
cuts, stripping the rocks and sinking
short distances. At last, after several
more ycoi's work. I found what promised to be a permanent deposit, and
with one year's assessment work I uncovered what proved tube a seven-foot
vein of the bornitc. An average taken
across the full width of this vein at
IS feel depth gave II per cent, in copper. S'.'.'itl ill gold and four ounces in
"The vein has a northwest by
southeast trend, dipping at an angle
of lid degrees southwest. The ore
body lies between well-defined walls
of granite ami diorite and carries a
good gouge on the banging wall with
a perfectly free footwall. It appears
to be evenly mineralized from wall to
wall, and it carries a good per cent of
bornitc ore that assays Sii."i per cent
copper, Sit' in gold, and lo ounces of
'"Since my discovery a parallel vein
bad been discovered   anil   gives   good
promise of equaling it in value.
"Friday Creek   apparently has   the
highest grade copper ore in the Simil-
knuieon. Copper and Kennedy mountains are also making good showings
in the development. The entire belt
gives great promise, and 1 predict for
it n great, future. Associated with
me in tin1 ownership of the Gladstone
are L. I'. Hole of Spokane and .1. I..
Spath of Fairfield. "
Wholesale Houses
1     ,   i"'.' f* (  '��� b od-Oor��or Vernon
���,.������,���' ,l ���?���? M,''|:''K Nolson-Manufaolur-
S��Lffi* "lipleaaloclottlora it, aoralod waters
s   i ,     ."���'   W   8,ol�� W" for Halcyon Hot
Hpi mgs mineral win,.,..   1y|,,,,|���m��� m
AJ KLsiiN   miiia   UA'I'Klt   FAOTORY-
v,ri..u r���''���/""'"iiiis. Lossee-EvoM known
VI it Jul soft drinks. P0B0X8& Telephone
ir.,',; ,' "���V!,'i"1',';'1" NolBon. Bottlorsof tho
Unions' si. Luon Hot Spring* Mineral Water.
Thorough English, Oalislbcnics,
Music, French, and (ierinan if required, Pall term commences 3rd
September,    For particulars apply t"
Josophlno -it.
Room 1, Turner-Hoec-kh Ulock.
Houses aud Building Lots iu All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTED-(loud building lots down
town for client.   Also land adjoining
city for gardening.
">�� renedy that
cares n coM H ������� <"�����
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Schedulo of Time.      Pacific Standard i'inie.
Ktl'eelivo Kobrtinry 1st, ItlOU
PattHongor train for Sandon and way stations
loavus   Kaslo at 8 a. m., daily.    Returning,
loaves Sandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving at Kaslo
at 3.55 p.m.
Oporatlng on Kootenay Lake and Hlver.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for Nelson
al II a. m, dally oxcopt Sunday. Itoturnlng,
loavos Nelson at (l.lll p.m., calling at Honour,
Pilot Bay, AlnrwOTth and all way points. Connect* wlfli S. K. & N. train to and from Spokane at Five Mile Point.
8toaiitet- Argents leaves Kaslo Tuesdays and
Fridays al tin. ni. for the head of navigation on
tho Cpper Duncan Hlver; reluming leaves
Hall's Ijiniling Wednesday-, and Saturdays.
SloatnerH call at principal landing- in both
directions, ami at other points whon signalled
Tickets sold to all points in Canada and lho
Colled SlatOH.
To ascertain r.tow and full information ad-
tlrosu I
Manager, Kaslo, U,V,
V/> A. Maodonald) Architects und suuerin-
tolldoilW l.roken Hill Ulock, earner linkerl" I
Ward hi nans, Nelson.
K l",'',l',l':N,AY rl(,AH MANUFACTURING
*v ; (i. Manufacturers of the Hoyul Seal
.tii.l KOOtouay Bello Cigars. Factory aud
Ollloo, linker Mi-col, Nelson.
commission MERCHANTS
I J. KVANS & CO.- linker Street, Nol-
.11-. sou Wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars, cement, flro brlok and llru clay, water
pipe and steel rails, unit goneral commission
J    A. MTIONALD-Maildon Hloek. Nelson -
.   I" rails, u-e cream, " tl. H." chocolates,
lugli class confectionery,   leu Cream Parlors.
II \\ holosale and retail dealers in grain.
hay, Hour, feed. .Mills al Victoria, New Westminster; Kilmonton, Alia, McvaLors on (Jul-
gury and luiiuoiiioii Hallway. Manufacturers
uf the celebrated H. & K. brand coruals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Front
��� and Hall Slrects-Wholesttlu grocers
anil jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, msokinaws and miners' sundries.
Xl Olllce corner Hall and Kront Streets,
Nelson��� Lumber, ceiling, i i,mi n,.;. and every
thing in wood lor building purposes. Got our
prices.  Correspondence suhcite.il.
PLU'KNS & Co.-Hakcr Slreel, Nolson-
���   \\ bolesalo dealers iu fresh and cured
inouu,.   Cold Storage.
llal-cr Slreet, Nelson-Wholesalo dealers in fresh and cured meats.
Slreel, Nelson ��� Wholesale denials in
hardware, minors' supplies, spurting goods,
VI 'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Von-
ATX. eouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson-Wholesalo dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supple ���.
-L> paints, oils and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
rpUKNKK, HKKTON &t;o.-Corner Vernon
X and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whclo
sale dealers in liquurs, cigars, and dry goudH.
Agents for Pahsl Hrewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.���Wholesalo grocnrle
nml llquon etc., linker Street, Nelson.
J Front ami Hall Streets, Nelson���Whole-
sale dealers in wines lease and bulk),'and
domestic and imported cigars.
J Y. GRIFFIN & CO.-Comer Vernon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers in provinions, cured meats, butter and
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell ft Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
Shadows of
a Great City
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
NcKiui, B. G.
St. Joseph's
Kcxi term commences 8rd
September. For uartiou-
lars iinply to tho
A Tempting Table
If you havo difficulty in milking* a
pleasing1 variety in your liill of faro
from day to day.
Come to Our Grocery
and liMirn lniw easily and eoonomloally
it cllll be (lone.
Here are a few things that will liein
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrick b  Wilson
LUipber ���
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill r.t PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSON
and LABDO,
The End of
The Season
Finds   ns   with   a   few   pairs   of    Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. Yon may find your sixe in the
lot if yon call early.
Tho ShooistB
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle,
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
AlfentA   fur  Hritish   Columbia.
A. II- OKAY, Bux Sal, Nelson, Kootenay
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
A Wise Investment
A (urnaoo will prove ono
of lho boot things you hava
over bought. Not only will
you bo sinoof greOrtor comfort, imi also uf groator
We'll put in u furnaoe that
won't cost much, and wc can
Insure you full benefit fronr
it. Muoli huui from a Utile
fuel in tho groatest aeoom*
plishment of the umnufuc-
Now iri (ho hcKl tiu:o to
have one put in.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
< uplfat   l';il.I-ii| $l,!(H.-,,o;o.(HI   |    It. si Kl,:tMi,umi.H
Hoard ��r inrn-duN:  Thomas E. Kenny,  President;  Thomas EUtonle, Vice-rroMldoui.
Wiley Smith, H. G. Bauld, Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. DftTld MiieKeon.
Head oilier, Halifax 1
Goncnil Manager. BSdbon Ij. PeaMi Montreal.
Buperintendenl of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. K. Hruek, Halifax.
Inspector I). M, Stewart, Montreal.
ItrimrheH I
Nova BooUa��� Halifax Hranch, Antigonlsh, Brldgewater, Quysboro* Londonderry, Lunenburg,
UaiUand(Hants OOjJi Piotou, Port Hawkeehury, Sydney. Bhubonaoadle. Truro, WeymoutS
Wow Brunswick���Bathurat, DorcheBtor, Bredertcton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Blonoton, Now*
castle, Saekville, Woodstock. I*. K. ImIhiiiI���CharlotteiOWn. smmiierxlde. Uurhrr���Moulreal
(City OfflOO), Montreal. Went Knd (for. Notre Dame and SeiKueurs StreeU); Wi-hlinount (('or.
Greene Avenue and si. Catharines street, oiiinrio Ottawa. NntiniiiMiiinu; -St.Johns
���ui>n, Wesl Indies���Havana, nutod Htales���New York in; Uxohange Plaoe) Kepubiic.WaHh
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
CorrfHpoiHleiifM |
<'Hiin��ln���Morchanls Bank of Cnnada. Boston��� National Shawmut Hank. VMc-ngo���Amorlea
National Hank. San Francisco������ First National Hank. Loiiilnii* Rngt - Hank of Scotland.
I'nrlH, France���Credit LyoniniH.   Bermuda��� Hank of Bermuda.   Chtiin nnd Japan���Hong
Kong and Shanghai HankttiK Corporation.
Qeneial Banking; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
I{ooijis and  Offices to F{eni.
Apply   lo   ihe
Fsfelson Electric TraniWay Co.
Corner Josephine  and   Verijoi).  Streets.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent nnd Broker.
WANTED���A furnished  bouse.   Will
offer good rental.
Straight   Mortgage)  at 8 per cen',
Wanted���Molly Gibson Slock.
General Agent for the Oheat Wbbt
Lll-'K  Absuranoh *'l>.
WANTED���For Hpot Oaah���Two ceo-
trnl    lota   Hiiituble    for    lesidenoo..
IjUltsUANT to the"Orodltora'Trail Dooda
Act," and Amending Aoui.-and the Trus-
lecw' ftnd Kxecutorn' Aol, Hucti"nn Kt to Wi
Notice is hereby iriyen that I, as admlnutra-
tor of tho Qfltata of Thom.. Kichnrdson. in hit*
lifotimo of lllociU.wuot, in thu County of
Kootonay, liotol keoport doooaud, havo tllcil in
tho Vancouver HoKt-try of the Buprome Uonrt
of Itrllisii Coluinliin, n doolaratlon that tho
wild unUlte Ih larafflolenl for tin' payini-nl In
full of tin.' dobta nnd liiibilltlcH of thu Mild
Thomas EUonaFdHon:
v\ll iicrsonw bavins olalmaagainnl Ihcc^lnio
of the wiid Thoma. Hirlni-ilHon, who have nol
iilroiuly Qlod wiiii mo full partioular. of lho
sumo duly voritlcd. togothor with lho parttou-
lurn of ReonritloB, if any. tu:M by them, arc
roiiuireil Lo do so lioforo t hu l-l day of I letobor
Notico is horohy fui-lhoi-KivoM that, aflor tlie
1st day of Octobornext iliu administrator, as
trustoo, will prooeod to dislrilmio thu prooooda
of Lho trust osLate among tlio parties entitled
thoroto. Iiavinu regard only lo the claims of
which Iio'lIiou has notice, and Unit, ho will not
be liable for I ho proceeds of lliclrusl c-tate. or
any pari thereof, so distributed, to any person
of whose claim he had nol nol ice at Ihe time of
the distribution.
Notice is hereby Kivoi
creditor* of thesaid'l'li	
be held in lho Court llouso at Kurt. BtOOlo
H.C., on Monday, lho 21lli day of Kcplenihcr.
A. 1). 1000, at Ihe hour of one o'clock iu the
afternoon. .   .
Dated al Port Steele, B. 0., this nth day of
AtlKurll. A.I i. i:mi.
Ofllcliil Adniinl.-lralor.
Dress Your
Dressing Table
from (mi* superb stook of
Toilel Articles. There i�� nothing you
want that wo haven't k<>--
Toilet Waters.
There are man; pretty
things for tfifts among them.
Baker Street, Nelson.     1'. 0. Box 2M.
thai a mooting of tho
.mi..   Richardson will
Nelson BQlifint k&w
Waitress, Chanfbermald. Woodcutters,   Cook (woman).   Walter.
Sfttiatlons wanted by nurses, laborers, coohh.
J. tl. LOVE, Agt., Baker St;
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLIN,  Prop-
A. R. BARROW, a. m 1 ok
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box Mtf. Telephone No. U3
I Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Thursday   Evening,  September  20, 1900.
Mr. W. A. Maodonald, Q. C, returned from Greenwood lasl evoning,
where he was on mining business,
.1. M. Harry, who formerly conducted n restaurant aud bakery, ai the
corner of Hall and Vernon streets,
will opon a grocery store shortly, In
the satin- locution,
A "V" is to be built ut I'm run. for
the Columbia a Western Railway at
tin curly date. W. P. Tlornoj who is
now doing work near Honnlngton
K11IU, will move his eamp to Parron
E, R. I'unly. local ropresontatlvo of
tin- Bradstreel company, Ioiivcb for
Calgary lliis  evening  by   lho Ci-ow'b
Nest, lie vv ill return n Weok from today by way Revelstoke, transacting
businoss in each important town.
John Svaboda, who lately purchased
tin- Ashcroft property ut tin- corner of
Bakor and Hull streets, is erecting a
small store at the corner of the
Niieels. lie Intonds opening a cigar
and toabeco business In  n week or so.
The New Westminster Columbian
has the following: According to the
Poundkceper's report for August, the
canine population of New Westminster is 305. It's not many, bul in
this case every 'lay in the year lias
its dot,',
p. W. Peters ami W 11. MoInneB,
genera] freight agent of tin- C. 1'. B,
lines west of Lake Superior, left Nelson last evening for a trip through
the .Slocan district, (in their return
to Nelson they will visit the Boundary country,
Mr. Drewery of Rossland, '1'. G,
Procter of Nelson ami Mr. Itlaokstucl;
of Toronto will leave Nelson this
evening for Movie and other mining
ramps of East Kootenay. Messrs,
Drewery and IllackStock will reach
Nelson from RoBsland this evening,
Mr. P. Smith, of Kelly Bros., Winnipeg,masonry contractors, arrived in
Nelson last evening, to look after the
contract for the construction of the
bridge over the Columbia River at
Robson. Mr. Smith left this afternoon for llulison to look over the
ground where the bridge is to Inbuilt.
A notice was tiled today at the iiiin-
intf recorder's office of tin- dosing of
the deal of the Juno group on Morning Mountain for 820, to M. s. Logan of Rossland, from the owners.
consisting of il. F, Aitkin, .1. N.
Ness. Thomas Rendall and David T.
Since Mr. Macilonald of lane ,v Mac-
donald, has been notified of hie appointment to superintend the work of
the construction ot the new poBtofflCO,
he lias received no further Instructions. It was tin- intention of t lie
Government to erect tie- building this
year but it is not likely that anything
will be done until ncxl  spring.
.lames Macdonald who hud tin- contract for the construction of the
wharf for tin- Highland Mining Company at Ainsworth. returned to Nelson
this morning. He said that the wharf
was Completed last eight and lias la-en
pronounced satisfactory by the company. Rapid progress la being made
in getting tin- inn ton mill   installed.
K s. i��� Bardie ami Charles II.
Turnbull of Edinburgh, Scotland, arrived in Nelson lust evening, coming
by way of New York and <'. I'. 1!..
this being tlie lirst BtOpslnCC they left
their native soil. Mr. Bardie is the
senior partner of   Bardie A Turnbull,
brokers. They are the agents of the
London ,v B, I'. Goldficlds Mining
Company, They are both shareholders
of several properties in British Columbia, and while looking after their
private mining business tiny are also
making a   pleasure   tour   of   Western
Canada,     lu speaking of tl mlition
of the money market oi th,- old country Mr. Bardie ut .1 that the capitalist! were led,Iiu;: their money at present hut if the difficulty ill South Africa  is set,led    al    an early date there
will la- lots of money tor   Investment,
The Winnipeg   Tree    Press   lias   the
following in regard to  the   death  of
one who will   he    recalled    l.y    all    0X-
Wlnnlpegers and  commercial    men i
Till-     news    of     tlie   death     of     lloue/luK
Alexander McDonald, a   popular o -
menial man of this city, was received
witli universal regret yesterday among
a  wide   circle  of  friends,    Deoea I
hud been suffering foi some time witli
Brlght'adisease, and went to st. Boniface hospital aboul a week ago, when
he irrcw rapidly worse until his death
late Saturday night, Having lived in
Winnipeg since 1882, "Doug*1 as he
was popularly called, was one of its
best known citi/.eii- lu the early days
he took an active Interest in lacrosse.
and was for some time Held captain of
the Winnipeg lacrosse team, While
not so actively Identified witli sports
of late years, lie has always   followed
with keen Interest the lacrosse, hockey and curling competitions of each
year.and Was a popular number of the
Granite Curling Club, lie has been
secretary of tin   IVInntpep Caterers'
Association fur several years, licensed was born at Ncafortll Onl IS years
ago, and was a son of the late llev.
Dr. McDonald, for many years IV
terlan minister ai that   pilot      .lames
McDonald, of  Neepawa, and Robert,
of Detroit, both former Winnlpeggera
arc brothers of deceased. The former
arrived in the city late last night.hav-
Ing received the unexpected news of
his brother's death early yesterday
morning by wire.
The Montreal Herald says: Mr.
William Mackenzie.of the firm of Mackenzie iv Mann, who was ill tho eity
yesterday, gave sjme particulars at
the Windsor Hotel regarding the progress of the Canadian Northern which
he and his partner have just returned
from Inspecting, Mr, Mackenzie predicted thai by the fall of IB01 the firm
would have an unbrokon steel line extending from I'orl Arthur to the Sas-
ketehewan, 000 miles in Length, The
rails would be laid this autumn ISO
miles west of Port Arthur and 1150
mile, cast   of   Winnipeg, leaving   100
miles to I omideted next year.    The
contract for tho connecting link of 100
miles has been sub-let and many hundreds of men are at work, so there Is
every reason to believe that Port Arthur and Winnipeg will be connected
by the Canadian Northern In about
a year's time. At present the Canadian Northern enters the City of Winnipeg by crossing the Red River on
what is known as the eity bridge, but
the company will of course build a
bridge of their own in the not distant
future. They enter Winnipeg between the Canadian Pacific, and the
Northern Pacific, but Mr, Mackenzie
says this will all be changed, but the
time is not yet. ripe to discuss Hie terminal plans. Mr, Mackenzie says that
no doubt the system will be extended
to Edmonton, but he declined to discuss the Pacific coast part of the project.
This is what the Spokesman-Review
lias to say of B. C. politics: Hon. C.
II. Mackintosh, formerly resident
manager for the Brltlsh-Amerloa Corporation at Rossland. left yesterday
afternoon over the (I. R. it N. Co.'s
line for tin-coast. In Cnnada.as well as
in the United States, a general election is on the tapis, but the ex-Lieu
tenant-Governor of the Northwest Territories seems to have dropped out of
Canadian politics. His defeat by
Smith Curtis at the last Provincial
eleotion was severely felt by Mr.Mackintosh, I'p to that time it had been
fully intended by Blr Charles Tupper
and other Conservative leaders that
Mackintosh should be their candidate
in the high constltuecy of Y'ale-Koote-
nay-Cabrloo, But when Smith Curtis
beat him Provincinlly a few mouths
back the Governor practically gave up
polities, and his name did not come
before the Conservative convention
held at Revelstoke Saturday. A. II.
McNeil, a Rossland lawyer, was chosen as the Conservative candidate. It is
perhaps just as lucky for Mr. Mackintosh that be is not tin- candidate,
for ii is said I hal 140,000 is an underestimate of what the campaign in
Y'alc-Kootenay-Cariboo will cost.
There is no doubt but what his experience as a member for that riding
helped toward tlie recent assignment
of Hewitt linstock, wlio a few years
ago came out from England witli several hundred thousand dollars.
Nelson llns No Telephone   Connection
Willi    Denver.
The statement in The Tribune this
morning that NeltM could speak over
the telephone witli the eity of Denver, Col., was wrong and The Miner
desires to correct it before Nelson
business men holler themselves hoarse
in an effort to get tlie Colorado capital. Spokane has recently been connected by telephone with Denver, but
it by no means follows that because
Nelson can speak witli Spokane that
it can also speak with Denver. It will
be- some time yet before the "hello"
of the Denver man will be rushing
along the cupper line   in    British   Co-
1 Ida.    (if the   Spokane-Denver eon
action tl,,- Spokesman-Review of last
Tuesday says:
With the completion of a new   tele-
ph  line between llutte   and Denver
and Ogden, which is announced tn be
finished today, direct communication
will be opened between tllis place mid
the latter two cities, the Inland Telephone A Telegraph Company already
havings line connecting wiili    llutte.
This line completes the circuit between Untie and Denver and enables
tlie residents of the latter eity lo talk
'lear through to the coast by way of
Butte if I bey want to. llutte was
c.iipled onto the 'phone exchange of
Salt Lake last fall, ami some time before that tnc line of wire extending
to tin- west was carried over the divide and made a part of the slender
I bread of copper that runs on to Spokane and eventually to all points on
the I'aeilie Coast.
There is a gap between Denver   and
Omaha thai has not yet   been bridged
witli   wire.     When   this is   done   the
two oceans w ill be connected by telephone wires and the human voice will
run   a   race   witli   the   electric   spark
a, TOSS tl ontilient.     (If course there
Will not be much conversation between New- York ami San Francisco
lor awhile. Tlie distance is so great
that a million noises mingle with the
voice along tlie route, and before half
Ihe journey is passed    words have lost
their meaning, some day science will
sl.p iu ami   ennslruct   a   Single   wire
llfoss the western hemishperc, but tlie
demands of business do not require
this at present. It is thought, however, that there will lie a good deal of
talking done between Butte and Den
ver, as the current of business is flow
lug up from tlie Colorado city in a
strong tide for the past year.
Large Audience   Expected   tit Fraternity  Ball,
The Edith .1. Miller Concert Con
pany appears in Fraternity Hall this
evening. Arrangements havo boen
made to seat comfortably over 800
people and it is believed tho hall wil
be well filled.   Miss Miller.  Canada's
leading contralto, and her associates
Come to Nelson after a season of splcn
did successes along the main line of
tlie C. ,P R. and at the Coast. Everywhere they have met witli very largi
audiences and the press in tlie severa
towns speak most highly of them
Miss Miller hereslf lias been declared
by American papers to lie one of tin
best sopranos iu the United states
and as a Canadian Is certainly entitled
to kind treatment at the bauds of
her fellow country people. There
will be no reserved seats tonight, Tin
hall will be opened at 7::itl o'elocl
and the general admission will be $1
The programme begins at 8:30,
French Company Continues to   Please
Uig Audiences.
A third success is to be recorded for
the R, E, French Company at the
Opera House last night. ".lust lie-
fore Dawn" was all that Mr. French
had claimed for it and was splendidly
performed. Mr. Pluiumcr. Mr. Scott,
Mr, llrooks and Mr. Morris were exceptionally good and Miss Ouida Marion was seen to much better advantage than in any of the other performances. Miss Leota Howard was good
as usual, and Mrs. Eva French played her Binall part exceptionally well
and won the waini applause of the
audience. A few words with reference
to Mr. L. Morris will not lie amiss.
lie had been a popular figure in the
previous French productions, but had
not the opportunities in those that lie
had last night. Last night lie was
splendid. The character of Mik
O'llara, the Hibernian Miner, could
not have been in better hands. Mr,
Morris is a young man w ith a bright
future if he sticks to tlie stage. He
carries nothing too far ami never fails
to please.
Tonight    the    company    will   play
"The Shadows of a Great City."
Pliair���.1. M. Young, Toronto: Mr.
and Mrs. R. II. Lavcrs. Sydney, N. S.
W.J .lohn MeK'anc. Rossland:' A. E.
���lames, Moosomln; N. F. Townsend,
R. Reddlck,  Rossland.
Hume.���E. L. Thomas, Winnipeg;
Charles 11. Turnbull. Robert Bardie,
Edinburgh, Scotland; E. B. Mi-Master, Vancouver; A. O. Egbert, Ainsworth; F. A. Webster. Toronto; T.H.
MoKeggie, Barrie, Ont.; J. R. Gilford
and wife, Hall Mines.
"Y'ou're only half-way up, Rill."
hoarsely whispered tlie burgiar who
was to stay outside and watch.
"You've got to climb to that second
story winder. "
"I'll climb up to that second winder." breathlessly whispered Hill
in response, "wen I git my second
wind. "
"I didn't see as   many   plumbers as
I expeted in tile Labor   Day parade
"No.    They insisted   on   riding
automobiles. "
The Edith Miller Concert Co.in Fraternity Hall. Thursday   evening next.
8,000 pictures at cost at H. 0. Novelty Co., Baker Street, with Hazel-
wood Dairy,
The   Edith    Millet-   Concert   Co.   in
Fraternity     Hall,    Thursday   evening
.1.11(1(1 feet, of picture mouldings in
latest patterns to select from, bring
In your pictures at once to lie framed,
as we are closing this line out ut cost.
I!. 0. Novelty Co., witli llazelwood
Dairy Co.
The Edith Miller Concert Co.. in
Fraternity Hall, Thursday evening
Pictures framed at cost of mouldings
for .", days only, at II. ('. Novelty Co.,
Baker Street, with   llazelwood Dairy,
Tlie Edith Miller Concert Co. in
Fraternity Hall, Thursday evening
One Novelty coffee pot .villi filter
complete, one colored lltohgrnph of
Lord Roberts 18x20, one colored lithograph of Lord Kitchener   18x30, and a
.sample of our best coffee for SI.no for
.". days only at II. ('. Novelty Co.,
with llazelwood Dairv Co.
TO < 1 "I    >   I'OI.II   ���>  <>*K  "*��
Tukn Laxative llromo Quinine Tablet*. All
clruggUtM rotund Ihe money If It falls to cure,
is..   K, W. Urove'n nlgnsturo le on each box.
100 infant safety swings at Sl.oo
each for .", days only, at II. ('. Novelty
Co.. witli II a/.el wood Dairy,
The Edith Miller Concert Co. in
Fraternity Hall, Thursday evening
colored lithographs of Lord Roberta
and  Kitchener at 80 cents each at 11,0.
Novelty Co.
Spring chicken and nil thedeliosolM
nf the season served  tn ynu   when  you
visit Florence Park Hotel ni  Roberts'
Ranch, two and   a half miles  up   the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Civic Address Tendered   to   Westminster Lacrosse Hoys.
The following is the civic address
presented to the New Westminster lacrosse learn al the recent reception
tendered to them :
To tlie Members of the New Westminster Laorosse Team,   champions  of
tlie World:
Gentlemen,���On behalf of the corporation and your other fellow-citizens of New Wetsminster, we have
been requested to express to you some
thing of our proud apprcciaitou of
vour triumphal progress through
Eastern Canada.
Thai a team picked from the residents of a comparatively small place
like New Westminster has been able,
in a game making such demands upon strength and aotivity, upon pluck
and Intelligence,that lacrosse makes
that such a team lias been able, not
only to hold its own, but to lower and
lower witli a rush, tlie banners of
the best teams which the large cities
of Montreal. Quebec and Ottawa could
bring ngaiost it, is certainly sullici-
ent to make us still prouder than we
have been of the name and funic of
our Royal City.
It is true that your victories have
been won in playing a game���ill a
matter of recreation, not of business.
None the less, however, you have
advertised our city, and turned to it
public attention to an extent aud in a
manner that cannot fail to bear fruit
in the business sense; nor are the certificates from tlie point of view of
health and morals which your evident
possession of linn muscles, clear eyes,
quick intelligence and unlimited staying power have given to Westminster
things not to be overlooked or lightly
considered, Nor is it to lie forgotten
that those very qualities which have
made you victors in these games are
the same which, displayed on South
African battlefields, have sent the
name of Canada to the front of the
Empire's roll of honor.
Once again, in the name and on behalf of tlie corporation and your fel-
low-eiti/cns.we assure you of our most
hearty congratulations on your
achievements,our best wishes for your
future success in life, as in laciosse,
and our warm welcome home.
,l. (I. SCOTT   Mayor.
F.  R. O LOVER City Clerk.
A startling incident of which Mr. John
Oliver, of Philadelphia, was the subject,
is related by bim as follows: "I was in
a most dreadful condition. My skin was
almost yellow, eyes suukeu, tongue coated, pain continually in buck and side, no
appetite���gradually growing weaker day
by day. Three physicians had given me
an. Fortunately a friend advised trying
'Electrio Bitters:'nnd to my gnat joy
and surpriso the lirst bottle made a decided improvement. I continued their
tiBe for three weeks and nm uow a well
man. I know they snved my life nnd
robbed the grnve of nuother victim. No
one should fail to try them. Only 60
cts., guaranteed, at Canada Drug aud
Hook Store.
Comforts for Cool Nights
Are You Warm
Frosty nights call for warm covering, and yon .should be
Our COMFORTS are inl1 ol warmth, and yet not
oppressive in weight.
We have their) al all prices, from the Cotton Filled ones at
$1.00 10 the DOWN  COMFORTS at
They are all large, generous sizes, and the patterns are
most attractive, in good fast colors. Many of them are
Sateen covered.
Martin O'Rell lu & Go.
Houston Block.
I Miss Edith J.Miller I
Give the Eyes a Chance
Canada's Leading Contralto
And Her Company.
|     ADMISSION      -     -     ���
���"5 No Reserved Seat Plan.
$1.00    I
^ (���> ^t> ?t> ff > (f > ft!1 fty ft> (t> ^> (t> (t> * ft^ ft> 'f > ff > 'f Mf !^ ft> '���> ff ^ (f > 'f I1 f0 ^
n all nice?. In all Innils, the eyes should bo ,
permitted lo give tl cir owners unhampered
Ik Yoi- Wort.n ITayf. Yoiu Kykh Sbbve!
xou in inn Bust Way
You should sic thai they are correetly fitted
with  proper glance.   Our;attention  Insures'
you Batluaotory  slghi.   Our lenses  lit your j
eyoa und our frames lit your fueo.
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians1
25  Samples Underskirts
at wholesale prices.
For Ladies and Children.
and Drawers at 50c
Combination Suits
Good value.
Kerr & Co.
Baker Street, Nelson,
g The Celebrated
Ganong's G. B. Chocolates
Having been granted tho SOLE AGENCY In Ni-Ikoh by Messrs.
Knuwli'i- & Macauley, General Agents for U.U.
We have just revolved '.'nun Ihs. of these famous goods, ami can
guarantee them as the litiest in all Canada.
Also just  in  today, a fresh consignment from  Chicago nf
Lowney's Chocolates and Bonbons.
Adverllsomonts Inserted under thlHhcadnt
tho ruin of 0110 cont. a word per Insei-Llnn. No
ndvortlHotncnl Uken for Iohh than 115 conls.
WANTED���First  (.'lass confectionery
clerk.   Good   wages to capable person.    Address    W, P.,  .Miner Office,
LOST���On    14th    inst.,    Ilrindle   Hull
terrier pup,   white    breast,   about
three months old.���Reward for returning tu P. K. Wilson.
KOIl     BALE.���Mendelssohn     Piano.
nearly   new,   cheap,     Apply   Geo.
(lunl, Room   1, Turner-Doeckh Block,
l-'OR HKNT    Kuinislicd rooms,   (inciil
attendance.   rJecmul  door  east  of
Citv Hull.
FIRST  CLASS   room   nnd   hoard  in
private family, 16.60 and $u. Table
iiuarii 81. Carbonate street, second
houso east of Josephine.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Btsalejr
Thumson Htatlnnory Co
Cutuidii Drug&Hook Co.
Hotel Hume News maud
Hotel l'halr NowsHtand
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