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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 7, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 904
Nelson,   British Columbia, Friday Evening,   December 7,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
��    Lih,-;
[It Will Be W. A. Galliher, M.P., and Nelson Will Have a
Citizen in the House of Commons.
Close Fight in Which the Liberal Candidate Wins With
a Majority of Over 100,
Returns received in Nelson up to 2 o'clock show Mr.
Galliher leading Mr. Foley by 115 and Mr. McKane by
405.    The vote stands :
W. A. Galliher  2601
Christopher Foley   2486
John McKane   2196
There are in the district 150 polling places. About 35
if these are still to be heard from. They will not, how-
iver, affect the result.    Mr. Galliher is undoubtedly elected.
, The result of the polling in tho
Yale-Cariboo district yesterday makes
Mr. William Alfred Galliher, of Nelaon, memher-elect of the Dominion
House of Commons. His victory was
Hot as decisive as some of his friends
expected it would he, but the result is
totlsfactory to them and they are losing no timo worrying over dissapoint-
Juents in different polling places. The
One Burprise of the contest was the
��trength developed by Christopher Foley, the Labor candidate. In Rossland ho had a majority over the vote
0_ the other two candidates and a
plurality over Mr. McKane of nearly
300. In the Boundary he polled 250
-votes over Mr. Galliher, who came
next and 400 over Mr. McKane. In
the Nelson district Mr. Galliher lead
him by 100 votes. Crow's Nest points
gave Foley a plurality of about 50
over Galliher and abont 60 over McKane. In the Yale distriot Mr. Foley
ran away behind both Galllher and
McKane. Kamloops district gave Mc
Kane about 40 votes over Galliher and
Galllher about 170 over Foley.
At 2 o'clock today Mr. Galllher's
plurality over Foley was 115 and over
McKane 405. The points still to be
heard from In trie Northern portion
of the distriot will probably all show
small majorities for McKane or Galliher so that Mr.Galliher will do better
SflO. retain his lead of the present
In NeUon at 10 o'clock last night
there were returns from a sufficient
number of places to assure the election of Mr. Galllher, and his committee rooms were thronged with Liberals, Conservatives and Labor men,little interest centering in the other
committee rooms. Mr. Glllher himself, waa apparently the least concerned man in the City. But for the constant handshaking no one in his com-
mltteo rooms would have picked him
<Hlt of the hundreds as tho man who
was becoming more and more assured
with ovory return that he had been
chosen to represent In the Dominion
IlnuM- of Commons, the biggest district in Canada. A few minutes after
10 o'clock he bado his friends good
night and retired to his bed in the
Hume Hotel. When he appeared again
this morning it was to busy himself
for a short time in opening and reading messages of congratulation from
all parts of the Dominion. Then he
breakfasted and went up town and
since that time has been busy with
hiB big right arm grasping the hands
of his fellow citizens, Liberals, Con
Servatives and Labor men alike. There
are no hard feelings in Nolson in any
quarters and every man who shook
Mr. Galliher's hand this morning was
sincere   in his well wishes.
The Conservatives in Nelson, and
throughout the entire distriot,have no
apologies to make. In the face of
almost insurmountable obstacles Mr.
John McKane went into the fight fly
ing the Conservative Btandard. He
has been on the go day and night
since then and overywhere he went he
made votes. John McKane Is as big
�� man today In  the ranks of the Con
servatives of Yale-Cariboo, even in defeat, as he would have been had he
carried the banner to victory. He
took up what looked much like a forlorn hope and with his own unbounded enthusiasm enthused his suporters
and although third in the race is
only a few hundred votes behina the
winning man.
Christopher Foley, too, made a
splendid fight. He had the advantage
in the first place of an organ!.ation of
two years standing and was enabled
through this organization to secure
money sufficient for all purposes. In
JameB Wilks he had an able lieutenant in Nolson and Mr. Wilks Is to bo
congratulated upon tho splendid work
he did for his candidate.
Galliher's Words of Greeting
From Everywhere.
Among the messages of congratulation received by Mr. Galliher last
n ight and this morning are the following:
Rossland���Hearty congratulations.
C E. Gillaan.
Rossland.���We offer you our most
hearty congratulations on your election.    J. B. MeArthur.
Rossland.���Accept most hearty congratulations.    J. B. Saucier.
Greenwood���Congratulations. We did
our best. W. E. Keith, J. R. Browu,
C. E. Miller.
Rossland���Warmest congratulations.
Sorry we could not do better here.
Eholt���Congratulations old man.
Didn't do as well here as we hoped,
but did our level hest. J. S.Patterson.
RcvelBtoke.���Thoy said let her go,
aud you did. May the majority grow
still bigger.    Alex. McRae.
Nicola Lake.���Hearty congratulations. May success attend your efforts
to further the future prosperity of the
greatest constituency on earth. A. II.
Grand Forks,B.C.��� Congratulations.
We eaoh want a mine or portfolio.
Dickson and others.
Toronto���Congratulations to you
and Cariboo, on yesterdoy's election.
Charles Millar.
Rossland ��� Congratulations. East
Yule proved all right.    J. II. Martin.
Slocan City���Shake hands old boy.
We are happy over general results. J.
G. McCollom.
Kaslo���Good, old Bill! G. O. Buchanan.
Kaslo���Congratulations. Shake. A.
W. Goodenough.
Slocan City���We Liberals congratulate you. D. S. McCollum, president
Libcrul Association.
127 Mile nouse���Galliher IS, Foley
0, McKane 9.
North Thompson River East���Galllher 0, Foley 0, McKane 9.
North Thompson River West���Galliher 8, Foley 1, McKane 11.
Grand Prairie���Galliher B, Foley 0,
McKane 18.
Glenemma���Galliher 10, Foley 0, McKane (I.
(These returns are not Included In
the summary at the head of this
column, l
A. J. Marks came in from Now Denver to poll Ins voto yesterday, lie is
a very busy man these days developing the California, on Silver Mountain, back'of New Denver. Since lust
summer 000 feet of tunnels have been
driven on the property, making a total of 1,200 feot. There is oro in all
four tunnels, tho fourth is in 180 feet,
and 275 feet in doptli from the surface. In a drift on it a fine showing
of oro was struck last week. On Sunday another showing was uncovered
in the same tunnel. A raise will be
commenced from tho fourth to the
showing of ore in the third level.
More lumber and rails will go up to
the property this week. The force
will be increased in the spring, when
the mine will be a steady shipper.
Ore could have been shipped for several months past, but the manager
prefers to await the completion of better transportation facilities.
* ���   ���
Considering   the   amount   of   work
that has been put upon the properties
situated in the immediate vicinity of
New Denver, there is not a camp in
the district that can boast of a hotter
showing than this says the New
Denver Ledge. On Silvor Mountain,
while, in a comparative sense, very
little systematic mining has heen
done,yet the fact has been proven that
there are as promising bodies of ore
there as have yet been worked in the
Slocan. This can be said with equal
assurance of the California, Ilartney
and Marion. These are the only properties that have been operated on Silver Mountain this year by companies
with ample means at their command,
and in each instance the properties
have fully proven up to tho satisfaction of the managers. None of these
have yet entered the list of regular
shippers, but all have made satisfactory shipments and have in the aggregate about thirt}' carloads of oro now
on the dumps or sacked ready for
shipment. They also have much
ground ready for stoping and are in
a position to make regular shipments
when they make moro perfect their
shipping facilities. The completion of
the Silver Mountain wagon road will
be all that Is needed. Even in its
present state it is a great boon to
these mines and will enable them to
handle their ore at greatly reduced
The Mountain Chief, the pioneer
mine of New Denver and Slocan^Lake,
is still idle, but the ore is there in
all its richness and quantity and will
some day in the 20th Century resume
operations as of old. With the properties adjacent to it showing up so fa-
voiably it will ho taken off the hands
of the present owners, without n
doubt, aud mado the mine that it
ought to be.
The favorable development of the
prospects in the neighborhood of
these Silver Mountain mines proves
that, when thoy get into the hands of
moneyed men who can open them up
on a larger scale, many of them will
develop into mines of greater or loss
magnitude. The same may be said
of those on the lake shore near tho
Bosun, and those of Goat Mountain.
The work that has been put upon the
dry ore properties of Gout mountain
Is slowly demonstrating the existence
there ot a very valuable body, and il
is only a question of timo aud work
whon Now Denver will be able to
boast of somej-gular shippers of high
grade dry oro. _     _.__��
No. 2 blast furnace at tho Hall
Minos smelter will blow in on lead
ore tomorrow morning at (I a.m. The
ore supply is good   and cuniing   right
��� ���   ���
Mr. W. R. Raiusdell, a prominent
mining man and promoter, who Is
largely Interested with I'. Mums In
several good mining propositions, ar
rived in Nelson last evening from
Bossburg. While there he visited the
First Thought property In which he
has an interest, and a description
of which was given in yesterday's issue of The Miner. He states that the
property Is showing up exceedingly
well. Its development is belug pushed with a good force of men and satisfactory returns are expectod from
now on. Mr. Rumsdoll Is also interested with Mr. Bums in Californlo
and Mexico. Ho expects to visit those
properties In the near future.
There will be an abundance of tur-
koy, ham, salads, Jellies, hot biscuits,
home made bread, cake and pies, at
the high tea Monday from 5 to 8 p.
m., by the Methodist Ladles'Aid in
the vacant dwelling on Josephine
Street, opposite tbo parsonage.
Associated Boards of Trade
to Act on Mr. Sifton's
Executive Will Meet in Nelson
Next Week to Consider
the Question.
Thero wil] be a meeting of the executive committee of the Associated
Boards of Trade of British Columbia
at Nolson on December 13, in the
evening at 8 o'clock. The executive
committee consists of the President,J.
Roderick Robertson of Nelso., and
the presidents of each of tho affiliated
boards,who are J.W. ll.Sniythe, Cranbrook; II. Hentley, Fernie; ,1. A. Harvey, Fort Steele; J. Gibb, Golden; T.
W. Holland, Grand Forks; C. S. Galloway, Greenwood; N. J. Hopkins,
Kamloops; G. O. Buchanan, Kaslo; J.
C. Drewry, Moyie; G. V. Holt, Nelson; G. W. Rumhergcr. Phoenix; II.
A. Brown, Revelstoke; C. O. Lalonde,
Rossland ; E. P. Topping, Trail, and
G. A. Ilendeison, Vernon.
The constitution ami bylaws of
the association say nothing on the
subject of proxies, but it is presumed
that if tho president of any board is
unable to attend this meeting that he
ean be represented by proxy from his
own hoard.
The meeting has been called at the
request of G. (1. Buchanan of Kaslo to
consider the following propositions:
' First. Shall the association approve
tlie proposal of tho honorable the
Minister of tho Interior for the appointment of special commission lo
enquire into tlio relations of the public policy of tho Dominion to the mining industry, including the transportation, smelting, refilling and marketing the ores aud their products.
Second. Shall the association take
any special stops toward tho presentation to such commission (if appointed) of facts or agruments or specific
Third. Shall tho association ask to
be allowed to nominate one or more
of the members of tho commission?
Fourth. Sueh other business as
may properly come beforo it.
In this connection Mr.Buchanan has
suggested a draft of two letters as follows:
lion. Clifford    Sifton, Minister of   the
Interior, Ottawa:
Sir: Referring to the published report of your statements made in Vancouver to tho effect that you would recommend to the Government the appointment of a special commission to
eport upon the subjects of mining,
smelting and refining ores,and tho relation, thereto of public policy. Sueh
commission to sit ut a very early
I am directed by the exocutive
coun.il of our association to request
that in the event uf the appointment
of such commission that this association be allowei to submit for the consideration of the Government tho
names of a certain number of gentlemen from nmongst whom tho Government will select at least ono for membership in such commission.
Tho ground of our rcquoBt Is that
from out personal contact with and
Intorest in tho mining and collateral
Industries, and from the frequent
consideration given by out association to the problem to be dealt with
by sueh commission, we are, we
think, In a position to nominate
men peculiarly well quulitlod to Bit
upon such commission.
Hon.    R.    H. Fielding, M. P.,   Minister of Finance:
Sir: On behalf of the Associated
Hoards of Trade of Eastern Hritish
Columbia, I beg to bring to your attention a report published in The
Ilaily Province of Vancouver, of date
of November 25, 1900, In the report
tho Hon. Mr. Sifton, Is reported as
intimating that a special commission
will be appointed by the Dominion
Government to Investigate and report
upon the business of mining, smelting and refilling ores within Canada,
together with all collateral subjects,
inch as the transportation and marketing uf the product and tho relations thereto of tho customs tariff.
Such commission to sit Immediately
and  report  to the coming sosslou  of
parliament with a view to goverment-
al action upon such report within one
There uro some features of the tariff
alTeetingz-tho mining industry whieh
our association has desired to have
brought to your notice before tlie
assembly of the nproacliing session of
Parliament. In the event of the adoption b}. tho Government of the policy
outlined by Mr. Sifton, viz., the creation of a commission to which all
such questions would be referred, 1
beg to enquire if you would be prepared to await tho report of tho commission and to embody the results of
its labors (if the same shall bo acceptable to the Government) iu tne tariff
legislation to bo recommended to Pai-
liament during tho session of 11101.
The adoption of that course would
afford satisfaction to our association
and I think, too, the mining communities which wc represont.
19,552   Persons   Were Helped   During
the Year Just Ending.
New York, Dec. 7.���The 57th annual
report_ of the New York Association
on improving the condition of the
poor has just been issued. It shows
that $20,000 was spent by the relief
department for 111,552 persons.
In the report of the board   of   man
agers, President T. R. Cutting Bays:
"Of some 5,000 oases investigated,
cared for, passed upon and closed during the year, tho cause of distress in
041 instances is set down us lack of
work; in 1,898 instances us illness;
the other causes operating wero shift-
lessncss iu 425 cases; intemperance in
.12; old age in :i07 and desertion in
"Too often when we assign illness,
shiftlcssnoss, intemperance and desertion as the case, we know that the
tenement house itself ia the real underlying evil; that herding largo numbers of persons in contracted space has
resulted in abnormal minds and unhealthy bodies."
Afrikander Congress MeclB Rcfore the
Months of Assembled Guns.
Worcester, Cape Colony, Dee. 0.���
The attendance at tho Afrikander Congress today is very largo. The hotels
are filled to their capacity. The Afrikanders ridicule the idea of trouble.
They Bay they can air their grievances
without resorting to violence. They
are greatly incensed at the posting
of guns In position, commanding the
meeting place. The slopes surrounding the town are crowded with artillery, and troops with riinnun havo
boon posted on Gallow's Hill and
Prospect Hill.
London, Dec. 7.���Negotiations for
peace settlement have not yet lieon
opened, says the I'ekin correspondent
>t The Morning Post, wiring yester
lay. The French.German and Japanese ministers are awaiting Instructions and PriMM Ching and 1,1 Hung
(hang are nwaiting a more satisfactory edict. The Impression 's growing among ineu of all nationalities
that peace Is Impossible, that a ro
sumption of the campaign is inevitable and that partition will be the
only solution. Two American missionaries complain that the Germans
at Clio ('bane loot converts equally
tho other Chinese.
Sir Charles Tupper Will Serve
a  Life  Insurance
Seat to Be Found in Ontario
For the Hon. G. E.
Toronto, Dec.7.���Tho Mail and Empire says: Sir Charles Tupper is to
devote tho rest of his life to the insurance business, as president of the
Crown Life Insurance Co., which secured a charter ut the last session of
Toronto, Dec. 7.���The Baptist mission board of Ontario and Quebec,
lias just received the report of the distribution of the Indian famine relief
fund sent to Rev. John Craig for distribution. It stutcs that lu Brooch
Gugdlat mission, "ono half of the
population has been wiped ont by famine."
The Toronto Executive Lord's Day
Alliauce met yesterday and decided to
vigorously oppose all attempts of Btreet
railways in Ontario to run Sunday
Welland, Ont., Dec. 7.���W. F. Mc-
Cleary was nominate, yesterday by
tho local Conservatives for the Ontario
Legislature. Mr. J. F. Gross was
nominated by the Liberals. The bye-
election is due to the election of former member Wm. German,Liberal, to
the House of Commons.
Toronto, Dec. 7.���The World publishes what is regarded as an authora-
tlve statement respecting the Conservative Federal conference held here yesterday. It says that tho leadership of
tho party may bo put in commission
for a sess'un or two with the idea of
letting a now man come forth. At
the close of the conference the member stated that a seat In Ontario
would certainly be found for Hon. G.
E. Fostor.
Sudbury, Ont., Dee. 7.���Secretary
Matthews Jamieson, of Munroe Sons
Camp No. 2, lost his wuy in the woods
Wednesday and spend a dismal night
up a tree with a pack of wolves howling around him until he was released
at ten o'clock yesterday morning.
Rochester, N. Y., Dec. 7.���A terrific
storm has been raging on tho lake
since last night,the wind coming from
tho west. The steamer Nlplgi.n of
Detroit, on her way to tic up for the
souson, was compelled to put iu to
Charlotte Harbor early this morning
as it was unsafe to proceed further.
The vessel had to run several miles by
Charlotto and thou turn and come
with tbe wind. A schooner also laboring in the storm put into the harbor early this morning.
At 3 o'clock this afternoon the Fire
Department investigating committee
met in the Police Court room to conclude their labors. They will consider the charge against Chief Thompson
of certifying to Inoorreit payrolls, but
as Mayor Houston bus prnelii���ally withdrawn it there will be little to do.
Adj. T. J. Mel.ill. of the local Salvation Army, who Is on his way to
Nelson after raftering through sick
ness, will arrive In the city tomorrow
evening. A reception will he tendered hlro on his arrival at the HarracUs.
Bcfieshmcut* will be served,
* Hamilton, (Int., Dec. 7.���George Ar
thur Pearson,who confessed to having
shot Annie Griffin, his sweatheurt, on
Sunday. Sept. 2.1, while out driving
because she threatened to expose him
f_r making Improper proposals to
her, was hanged at 7:50 this morning.
Madoc, Ont., Dec. 7.���Millard Hn-
lin, nephew of James English, tho
County representative for Madoc
Township, was iostantly killed while
pulling down an old grout house of
Mr. English yesterday, Geo. Williams,
a brother-in-law of tho latter also assisting, escupod with there broken
Toronto, Dec 7.���A movement Is on
foot among the doctors of this city to
form a Medical Association for the
purpoao of protection. Doctors claim
that now patients aro In position to
lix the ratos of pay and havo an idea
that the courts will usually sustain
them in the noii-paymcut of doctor's
Halifax, N. S., Dec. 7.���The Allan
liner Tunisian.with 111 invalided Canadians on board, arrived here this
morning at 12:15. Among the Invalids was Trooper Mulloy, tho blind
soliiler. whose speech at Liverpool
before sailing,was cabled tu the Canadian papers by tho Associated Press.
He Is a native of Winchester, Out..
and la blind for llfo, having been
struck by an explosive bullet In the
left temple, knocked out the left oye.
cut part of tho nose away, and destroyed the sight of the right eye.
Ottawa, Dec. 7.���Thoro are now
three VteMoiM In the Senate, one by
death, Senator Mclnnes, and the other
two. due to non attendance for two
sessions,of Senator Frank Smith, Conservative, and Senator BfMOr, Liberal. Tbe names mentioned as likely
successors arc W, Dobtou, late  Liber
al whip, who ia willing to accept a
.Senatorship if the electors of hia old
constituencies Lincoln and Niagara do
Dot want him at the byc-electlon, aa
a result of the protest which be Intends to make, and A. Tweed, ex-M.
P., Hamilton, Dr. Lanerkln, ex. M.
P., South Groy, and James McMullen,
ex-M.  P.,  North Wellington.
Ottawa, Dec. 7.���The names of M.
K. Cowan, South Essex, and W. S.
Calvert, West Middlesex, are mentioned as likely Liberal whips in succession to Gibson, and F. T. Frost, In
the next House.
Toronto, Dec.7.���Ex-Premier Hardy
was last night presented with an address and cheque for 817,00(1 not 812,-
000 as erronoeously reported in laBt
night's despatches. Announcement
wub made that the amount would
reach 820,000 when the liBts were
Montreal, Dec. 7.���With .17 candidates, all Liberal, elected by acclamation, two elections to be hold later,
there is little interest being manifested iu the remaining 35 constituencies
being contested in the Province of
Quebec today. The Conservatives to
a large extent manifest little oi no
desire to elect more than a dozen or so
of their supporters, Ooing content to
allow tho Liberals to sweep tho Province.
Ottawa, Deo. 7.���The members of
the Government from Ontario, aloug
with several of their supporters from
that Province, held a meeting yesterday, at which, it is stated, it was decided to meet the wishes of the Conservatives of Ontario In the matter of
protests, that is to say the Liberals
will be prepared to make protests just
as soon as the Conservatives arc ready
with theirs.
Montreal, Deo. 7.���Mr. William
Patterson, of Neweastle-on-Tyno,
well known to Canadians in connection with thu proposed fast Atlnntio
line, is in the city today. Regarding
the fast line, Mr. Peterson said he had
spent enough money on the project,
which, however, ia a necessity to
Canada, aud which can best be realized by the Canadian Pacific Railway,
thus rounding its great system.
London, Dec. 7.���In the House of
Commons yesterday the speakers on
the Liberal side devoted themselves to
bitter attacks on Mr. Joseph Chamberlain. At last he arose to reply but
was given bad treatment by tho
House. Irritated beyond control by
frequent interruption! and disturbances, ho called one of the Liberals,
amid tbo excitement, a "cad." Thu
Speaker called him to order and Mr.
Chamberlain withdrew tho epithet,
apologizing for its use. After defending the publication of the Ellis correspondence, he was cut off by tho midnight adjournment. The Opposition
will move un amendment to the address setting forth grounds for an
early announcement of the Government's policy.
Among the other leading features of
the opening session was Mr. Balfour's
announcement that no member of the
Cabinet had ever said that he had
even dreamed that the Hoer Republics
would remain permanently under the
Crown Colony form of goverment.
That restricted phase of liberty, declared Mr. Ilalfour, will only be necessary as u temporary expedient. Sir
Henry Campbell-Bunnerman'B arraignment of the Government was long and
satirical. He doclared the Liberals
were perfectly agreed that the Boer
Republics sliould bo annexed to Great
llritain but said they wanted to know
definitely what tho Government proposed to do In the future before voting money. All loquests for iuforma-
ton elected frem Mr. Balfour nothing
moro than generalizations. Sir Henry
contended, therefore, the Opposition would oppose the progress of the
vote on supply.
At a late hour the Government laid
on tho table of the House of Commons
the supplementary war estimate. Tho
utmost secrecy Is maintained regarding It. but reports say that It asks for
thirteen millon pounds for South Afrl-
oa and three million pounds for China.
Sir Charles Dilke, It Is said, will
propose an amendment throwing a
part of tho cost of the South African
war on the Nclherland Railway and
the underground mining rights of the
Transvaal Government.
Mrs.W. A. Maedonald who Is at tha
botpital,   Is Improving rapidly,
i X
Nelson Dailv Miner, Friday Evening, December 7, vooo
Published  -Very  Aftornooii   Except Sunday
145 Fleet Stroot, K. C,
Press Agency
Vancouver has got Maxwell,but the
Mint is still in tlie air.
Ltd., Spoclal Agents
Daily, per mouth, liy OMrier	
Daily, per month, by mail	
1 lull.. pur your, by carrier	
Dally, pur yuar, by iiuul	
Daily, per year, foreign	
. 05c
. f 7 00
.. 5 00
..   �� 110
Woekly.pcr hull year	
Wookly, per yoar.........	
Weekly, por year, roroign..������������	
SuSoripHO-8 invariably in advance.
81 25
.    2 (JO
.    3 00
All Checks should bo mado WabJetOtho
order of NKI-ON Puulishino COMPANY,
Although   The Miner   hoped   for   a
different result,   it   is   not   surprised
that  Mr.    Galliher   was  elected.    As
soon as it was known   that the  gene
ral elections in   the East had gone for
tne Oovernment   and   established the
Liberals  in   power for   another term,
the newspapers in Yale-Kootenay that
had   been   supporting   Mr.   MaeNeill
threw up   their  hands and said there
was no use in fighting it out, the constituency would go with the mojority
and stay on the   winning   aide.    This
was   equivalent   to a surrender,   and
the effect was bad. The leaders of the
Conservatives,     however,    were   too
courageous    to    give   up   without   a
struggle,   and when Mr. MaeNeill retired, for   reasons that   to   him   were
too imperative to be disregarded,  Mr.
McKane   was   named   the   oandidate.
It was a forlorn hope, but he had   the
pluck to face it.    If,   instead of three
weeks he had  been given six, Mr.McKane would have carried the constituency ; he made friends and gaiued support   wherever   he went.    But   under
all the circumstances success   for   him
was impossible.    He  made   a   gallant
fight, but against the odds   that   prevailed it was unavailing.
Mr. Gallihcr conducted a vigorous
campaign, and was himself a presentable candidatoj but he owes his election, not to hiB own abilities or to
the principles he was supoosed to advocate, but rather to the verdict of the
constituencies in the East. We h _ve
too many electors in Yale-Cariboo
whose politics are simply to be on ihe
winning side, and we have too many
newspapers that are actuated by the
same principle. They see nothing
higher in a contest between two great
political parties than the material advantage that may come from association with the successful one. That is
the only principle they can understand, and the only one to which they
are disposed to attach any value.
When they gave up the fight on receiving word ot the Government's success,
they encouraged many others whose
convictions are of the accommodating
sort to throw their support to the candidate of the winning Bide. Tbe time
was too short tn enable Mr. McICano
to overcome this tendency to throw
principle to the winds for the sake of
being counted with the winners, and
the reBult is that the Government
candidate is returned by u handsome
Mr. Foley had the support of his
own class, aud of thoBe others who
find It to thoir Interest to stand in
with them. They make no pretence
to political principle, excepting as
their own interests may be affected.
It is not the country but themselves
that they care for. We see from the
returns that they are a power in
Southern British Columbia, und one
that will have to be reckoned witli.
Many will see in their strength a
menace to the peace and prosperity of
the community. Nothing is moro
needed in this portion of the Province
than a campaign of education.
Whether it is possible to give steadiness to the public mind,and to induce
a spirit of soberness, we do not know,
but the need for it is becoming more
alarmingly apparent every day.
The "consensus of expressed opinion" in regard to the Fire Brigade
investigation, of which mention is
made in our morning contemporary,iB
doubtless gathered within a few feet
01 the editorial chair of Mr. Houston's
paper.       _________________________
Vernon, Kamloops, ami Revelstoke
voted for principle and gave Mr. McKane majorities. Nelson and Rossland voted for self. I'he newer towns
of liritisli Columbia have a good deal
to learn nf tlie higher aims of
After giving his powerful suppnrt
to the candidate uf tlio party whoso
convention he attended a short time
ago, Mr. Houston bestows his blessing on the Conservatives in this
morning's issuo uf his paper, casts a
beseeching smile on Mr. Oalliher,and
makes a pathetic effort to force himself back into the bosom of the Labor
party. Mr. Galliher may have some
crumbs to distribute, hence the smile,
and the vote yesterday convinces Mr.
Houston that the Labor party are
worth cultivating after all. There is
nothing to bo obtained from the Conservatives, and be dismisses them with
a cheap blessing. Mr. Houston may
not always know on which Bide his
bread is buttered, but if agility in
turning corners will procure it for
him he will got a taste of the butter
if it is only on the edges.
��� ���   __J^r\l____/ ______/   ������
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Kirkpatrick fe Wilson
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R. W. DAY,
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If you do not  receive  during  thp  next
(by mail) one of our
Baker St., Nelson.
P. 0. Box 226.
The Nelson district Is not to be congratulated on its sharo In the election. The candidate of the party who
have built up Canada,and laid a broad
and deep foundation for national
prosperity, is left to the rear of
both the other candidates. This
speaks as little for our intelligence us
.or our gratitude.
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NELSON,     -     -     B.
The ola complaint that pelagic fishing la depleting the seals in the northern waters of the Pucillc is once more
heard from Washington. It may be
a pity, if true, but polajio lishing is
lawful and there In little use in crying over it,
Close   connection   East   and   West-
bound at Spokane withtraim of the
trains nf line Spokane Falls and Northern Rail way.
Direct connection nf St. Paul without, change of ili.|mt with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokano daily for East at_10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound I rains make direct con[
nection fur Victoria nnd Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on tin. Bound,
During the season of navigation East
bound trains eonneot at Duluth with
themagnillcenfHti'aniships North-Went
and North-Land of theNorthem Steamship Company Line, operated iu connection with tho Oreat Northern Itailway.
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern liy., Kuslo ft Hlocan
Ky., Route) ui Hailway & Navigation
Co., or to
Genl. Pats, k Tkt. Agt.   Cnm'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokune. H'nuli
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HuildinK loans made; money advancod
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The Sttoeists
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Real Estate and Insurance
Mutual Life Assurance Co. of Canada.
Anglo-American Fire Insurance Co.
.Standard Loan Company.
Kents Collected.   Conveyancing Done,
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,     ,    .    .     WI,!ik.,ii.o.imi I  Rent, si.IM.WM
Board or Dlrerlorsi  Thomas K. Konny,  President;   Thomas llilclili. Vli. -rrwlilwii.
Will. Smith. 11. G. Bauld, Hon. H. U. Fuller, M.L.C.. Hon. David MaoKoen.
Head Offlce, Hal-Taxi
General Manager, Kdson !.. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent ot Branches, and Secretary, W. 11. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F. Brook. Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
���tranches I .
Nova Scotia-Halifax Branch, AntlgonlKli, Bridgowater, GuTsboro. Londonderry, bSM*_"r
Maltlunil iHnnt- CoJ, Plctou, Port Hawkesbury, Sydney. Sliubonacadie, Truro, \iey_ow
New Br__iiwleli-_-th_rst, Dorchester, Frcderlcton, Kingston iKent Co.l, MoiicUm. MJ
castle.Saokvllle, Wiodstook. I". I.. Island���Charlottetown, Suiiimerslde. UIMS ������DB
(City Offlool, Montreal, West End (Cor. Notro Dame and Seigneurs Street-); Vt'isstmount ����
Groene Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario���Ottawa. Sewfoanrtland--Hl. Jjw
Cub* Weil ladles-Havana. United Slates-New York (16 Kxohange Place) Kopubllc,����
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, YH-
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents I
Canada-Merchants Bank of Canada.   Boston-Notional Shawmut Bsnk.  C-JgMW J_*_
National Bank.   San Francisco-First National Bank.   London, Km.-Hank of ���"".   .
Paris, France���Credit Lyonnals.   Bermnda-Bank of Bermuda.  China and _apaa-ii��
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. ..
(loneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Bom1"
and Sold, Letters ol Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Aocounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on ��p��cl,l
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter ��oj
and Chapter 104, the name of
be changed to
Zhe TRo^al Bank of Satiate;
from and after
the  Second  day  of  January,
Halifax. 1st November, 1900.
General Manager.
. Nelson Dailv Miner,   Fridav   Evening,  December 7, 1900
I Directors of Free Library Ask For Assistance From Public.
1 Tliere is a probability tliat, unless
[the citizens of Nelson come to its aid,
[the Public Library will be forced to
���abandon the freo reading nnd recrea-
kion rooms   which   huve   been   for   a
long time   of   such   great   benefit   to
any   citizens.    The   attendance     at
;hese rooms has   been on   an   average
over 100 a day, so it   can he readily
een what a loss the cloBing up of the
rooms will entail   upon tlioso who nre
unable to provide their own reading
matter. It will alsn he a source of
greut regret in another direction, ns
these rooms linve furnished a place of
v Hinuseiiicnt for many men who, having no homes, would bo without any
Jlaee to spend the evening except nt
fpblic houses. This fact ulono should
mppenl to those who have comlortablo
homes of their own. For u long time
the project of tbo Library being taken over and maintained by the City
has been mooted but to no avail,
and tor a many months the directors
have beon successfully carrying the
institution in tbe hope that this
would be done, but all efforts in that
dirotion have been unsuccessful.
At a meeting   of  the  directors yesterday   the   treasurer   reported    that
me   were   not  sufficient   funds   on
to  carry   the   Library   through
present month,and for that reason
tbe directors   now appeal to   the public for assistance   iu   tbe maintenance
flf-the   institution,   as they   feel   thnt
tbey cannot contribute further   to   its
Import.    It   is   absolutely   necessary
__t funds should be obtained at once
khe   subscriptions   to   the   roaga-
lines and other periodicals must be reid this month. If this is not
HHbe the reading rooms will be without the proper supply of reading matter. This being the case it is hoped
that the citizens of Nelson will come
jffterally to the aid of the directors
%ho have worked faithfully nnd long,
andjilso given much, to keep the
Library on its feet for the past two
I IChose who desire to contribute may
do so through the Librarian, Miss
Williamson, or any of the directors,
who are as follows: Mcsdames E. C.
fiithur, J. R. Robertson, 0. F. Beer,
fl. Bird, P. Lamont, 11. Langford and
���L. McCulloch, and Messrs. O. F.
W/ff. George Kydd, E. A. Crense, R.
���KBedloy, 11. Bird, (',. V. Holt, J.
H. Bowes and Fred Irvine.
Tbe cause is a most worthy one and
the appeal should result in many sub-
n&tial subcriptions.
Adverttsomoats lnsortod under this head al
tho rate of ono cent a word per Insertion.   No
ml v ,ti i,��� ��� ii ���ei ii taken for less than 25 oents.
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED.���Plain     sewing.       Dressmaking    shop    preferred.    Address
l.akeview Hotel.
LOST.���Pooketboolc    containing   828.
liewnrd   if   returned to Eramett   C.
Ilrown, Miner Olliee.
WANTED.��� Girl for housework,   best
wages paid.    Apply   Mrs. Kchormer-
born. Water St.,    near   O'Nell's  Grocery.
Here's the Heater
FOR    SALE   or   Rent���Two    Smith-
1'iTiiiior,   one   Remington   and   ono
Umpire tyewrlter. Apply W. L. Tebo,
C. P. It. telegraph olliee.
Mrs 10. II. Thompson, (late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Block. Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Baker
and Josophlne Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   nnd   Board, in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   un   Silica   Street,   two   doors
west of Ward.
FOR RENT.���A two-story,six-roomed
dwelling,   bath   room   etc.,    810.00
Apply S.   M,   Brydges,   Mara   Blook
over Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
FOR SALE���A new bouse, ten rooms,
very convenient, with nil modern Improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
TRAINED   Nurse,  open   for  engagements.    Surgical,   medical,   and accouchement.    English   and   Canadian
diplomas.    Apply, "E" Miner   Office.
PRIVATE Board   and Room.    Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
olllce,  Ward Street.
NELSON LODGK No. 23, A. F. & A
M. meets second Wednosday In oach
month.   Visiting brothorn wolcomo.
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodgo
No. 16, meets every Monday night,
at  thoir Hall, Kootonay streot
Sojourning Odd Fellows oordlally Invited.
John A. McRac. N.O.   I). W. Rutherford,
Fred J. Squire, Por. Sec.
. Ruthorford, V.G.
tho first Wednesday evening of
oaoh month at Fiatcrnliy hall,
corner of Baker and Kootonaj
streets. Visiting brethern cord-
iull. Invited
John Watson, Secretary,
NKIeSON  L. p. L. No. lfflK meets in Fra-
" Ida. ov
���-tig _it_..
it. Robinson. WTM.:   Wm.
ternlu Hall on first and third Friday evenings
-i month at 8 o'clock.   Visiting inonihers
of one
cordially invited.
Crawford, R. S.
That Will Double Your Comfort and Divide lour
Coal Bills.
Is made in several sizes, all
constructed on the same principle���the principle that gives
prodigality of heat with parsimony of fuel. Come and examine them. The Draw Grate
is a decided improvement; no
trouble to get the dinners
and waste coal out.
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and  French  markets.
Morrison b Caldwell
Finest line of
Staple and Fancy-
Groceries, Provisions,
Canned Goods,
Fruits, Vegetables, etc.
McLachlan Bros.
Fight Between a Deer   and   Cougar���
Hunters' Description.
JPrand Forks, Dec. 4.���A. B. Jones
anil John Sell,-.vho havo just returned
from a hunting trip up the north fork
of Kettle Kiver, tell of witnessing nn
unusual battle, the participants being
��� 'large buck and cougar. Their attention was attracted to the scene nt the
jBOment when the cougar launched
himself upon the buck from the limb
of a tree. He landed squnroly upon
th* buck's shoulders, almoBt thowlng
him to the ground. The deer recovered instantly, however, nnd a battle
royal commenced.
Throwing hia head hack, the buck
drove two prongs of his antlers into
tho cougar's body.and then with sawing forward threw him to the ground.
Iieaping backward he waited with
lowered head for a second attack. The
busters ran forward until they were
within 30 feet of the combatants, but
SO Intent were they In settling their
fend, they paid no attention to the intruders. The lmok bad not long to
watt for a renewal of the contest, for
with a roar of pain and rage the cougar sprang upon him. lie was deftly
caught, on the buck's antlers nnd
burled high In the air. When he
struck the ground the buck was upon
him, striking savagely with his fore-
fs.t, which cut like knife blades, and
driving his antlers iigniu and again
JBtto bis foe.
MUnally they separated, but only for
e.se.onil, for the cougar, by this time
blinded with blood, and almost dlsem-
bowleil. orawled forward for tho   final
death Btruggle.    This   time, however,
the hunters Interfered, and   shot   the
cougar through the heart.
.'The buok walked up to  him, struck
him a few times with  his   feet,   and
then after sniffing at him and satisfying   himself   that     the cougar    wab
{dead,   slowly  withdrew.     The   hun-
; terB, with that   Bense of rough justice
'which prevails   In the hills,   suffered
[ the   buck   to    escape   unmolested   by
them, agreeing that nn animal which
| eould  put up such a tight had earned
the right to live.
Tbe cougar was skinned, and the
hide brought to the city. It measured eight feet, three Inches from tip to
tip. The hide was so badly torn by
the buck's antlers nnd feet that It waB
useless for mounting, and the only use
to whloh It was put wbb to secure
17.50 bounty, which the Government
pays for the death   of these   animals.
TO �� I It* A COI1I IN ���NB DAT
, Take Laxative Hrnmi Quinine Tablet*. All
IrugiUt; refund tha monoy If It (alia to cure.
|H,   K.W. Grove�� ���lgnitureUon eaoh box.
NELSOU LODOK No.__, K. of P.
ootn la f.. of P. hall, Oddfellows blook
e'orv Tuesday .evening at 8 o'olook
11 visiting knights cordially  Invited
F. J. Bradley, O.C.
J. A.P.tQUKTTK, K. of K. and 8.
Until Jan. 1st, 1001, these Solid Gold
Plate Buttons containing photo of
yourself or friend will be given away
with each dozen of our best Cabinet
Photos. Our reputation for artistic
work is well established but pay a visit,
to our studio and you will be convinced
of our ability to pleaBe you.
Baker Street.
Our Specialties:
Best Creamery Butter and
Fresh  Bogustown  Eggs.
Wholesale Houses
rpllOHl'K fc OO. Ltiuitwl-Cor_er Vornon
X and Cedar _treoUi, .Nelson���Manutaulur-
tn-e, of and wholesale dualurn in aorutod water*
���lint fruit syrutM. bole aguuls for lleue. uii Hot
bpi'lligs J11 e i.. ��� i.. l well el.   Tul.phone e-e.
In order thut the Oovernment may
be in possession of definite information wilh which to supply those Keeking Investment! in this Province, I
am Instructed to Invite particulars
from those who have properties for
Hitle, and who may feel disposed to
forward such particulars to this olliee
for the purpoie in question.
In view of the proposed early re-or-
gunisutlon of tlie Agent Oeneial's
Offlce in London, England, thu desirability of having ,,,, ,��,. a Jut of
farms and other properties for sale,
with full and uccurute details, is obvious. Properties submitted may Include farms nnd farm lands, ii'ulus-
tiinl or commercial coneerna, timber
limits, water powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate investment.
It is not uro|X)Hed to recommend
properties to intending Investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the classified lists and nil available information connected therewith, and to place
enquirers lu communication with the
The fullest particulars are desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities la which tbey
are situated, and the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded to those desirous
of making sales.
Secretary. Bureau  of   Provincial   Information.
Jul    N. At. Cummins, Lessee���Kvury known
Variety of soft drinks.   Pu liox So. iolophone
Nu. -1. lluovor e-lroul, Nelson,   hulllurs of the
famous at, l.eeeie lltel .S|iiii,k- Mliiurai Water.
CIAS': It MACUONALU III. Cane, June. ���
J   A. Maedonald!���Archttocui and superintendent-, broken 11 ill Ulock, oornur ilakuf and
\\ ard .-i i ,���.!, miIsoii.
HJ. KVANS ��_ CO.-Baker Struct, Nol-
��� leu w holunalu dealers lu llquurs, cigars, content, in . brick and lire olay. Walor
. ipu and stuul raUs, aad gunural commission
LMorrison Sl  CaldWel)
NKLSON AKJ.IK No. 23, F. O. &. meet*
every second ana foui ��h Wednesdays of each
in onth. Visitir.^- mt-mbere oordially invii-
Charles Pronsftr, Ueoretary.
Nelson Encampment No, 7. Moots evory 2nd
and _th Friday of each month, in Odd FcIIowr
Hall, comer Baker and Kootenay stroot_>
NoIhou. A. H. Clements, C. P.; V. McArthiu1.
R. S.   Visiting brothers always wolrvmn*.
COURT KOOTKNAY,  I. O.   F.. No.   lift.
Meetings  4th Thursday of month.   Fratorna
hall. J A Jrvlnn C  R.   P. R. Flomlng. R.S,
8. Saviouhs IKngubh] CRURCii-Corner
Ward and Silica SU). Sundays: Holy Communion 8 a. in.; and on the 1st and 3rd Sundays
tn tho month after Mattlns; Mattln* at 11 a.m.;
Sunday School 2,30 p.m ; Kvensong 7.30. Daily:
MnttinsatO.30 a. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Days: Holy Communion 10 a. m. Fridays:
Kvensong 7.30 p. m.t followed hy choir practice H, S. Akehurst, Rector. Fred Irvine,
Quo. Johnstone, Wardens.
Catholic Church-Corner J Ward and Mill
BtreoU Mast, every Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m
Benediction at 7.30 p.m.   Mass every weok day
at 7.15 a.m.   Rev.  Father Ferland Rector.
Phkhiivtkrian Church���Services at il a.m.
and 7.30 p.m. Sunday Srhool at 3.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting Thursday evening at 8 P.m.;
Christian Kndeavor Society meets overy Tuesday evening a* fl o'clock. Kev. K. Frew,
Mkthgdist Church���Corner Silica and
Josephine Stroets.   Sorvlcos at 11 a.m. and 7.30
f), m.; Sabbath School, 2,30 p.m.; Prayer moot-
ngon Thursday evening at 8o'clook: Kpworth
League C, K., Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. J. H.
White, Pastor. Resfdenoo, Joeephino Street,
rear of church.
Baitibt Church ��� Services morning and
ovenlng at 11 a,m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet.
Ing Thursday evening at 8 p.m. the H. Y
P.U. Tuosday evening at 8 o'clock. Strangers
cordially welcomed. Rev. G, J. Coulter White,
Salvation Army���Servio b overy evening
at 8 o'eloch In barracks on V ctorl street
Adludant. Kd._*oomno In rhanra.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Bohedulo ol Timo.      Paolflo Standard 11ms.
_!l-ollve February 1st, 19U0
Pawiongor train for Sandon and way mat inns
hiavi.H Kaslo nt. 8 a. in., daily, RetumhiK,
liinviiH Sandon a I. LU p.m., arrlvllia at Kaslo
a'. 166 p.m.
Operating on Kootonay Lake and River.
Hi r. "International" leavos Kaslo for Nolson
nt 6 a. en, dally exoopt Sunday, Returning,
loavos Nolson at A.I0p,ni., calling at Ilalfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and all way pointa. Connects with S. K. ft II. train to and from Hpo
Irano at Five Mtlo Point.
Steamer Argonta has boon laid up foi the
Btoamors oall at prlnolpal landings In both
directions, and at other polnte when signalled.
Tickets sold 1 o all point-in Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and fnll Information address i
U.naaer, K.sln.R 0.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day ti.oo.
J. V. O'LAUGHUN, Prop.
Eight  pages of summarized and
classified news-
Eight pagea of practical agricultural and live stook articles-
Eight pages of interesting fiction
and magazine features.
3 Sections.      24 Pages.
Balance ot 1900 free with subscription for 1901.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
rders by malt to nny branch will have careful a��d aromot stteni|nn.
Our/Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, (is follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound $  40
Jara and Mocha Hlund, 3 pounds  1 00
le'lnte Santos, I pounds  1 00
Santos Blend, 6 pounds  1 00
Our  Special Blond, (i pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, 6pounds  1 00
A TRIAL Oltlll'.U Mil II 11 Kl>.
ISJEL-SOIM,        - B. C
Gee Can Pit You.
11. has  one of  the   best  anil   largest
Fall and Winter Htocks in
the Frovlnee,
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Hal/.ir Street
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office tobonto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. I.. LENNOX, Baker St
Turner-Boeckh Block Baker street
WANTED���1000   Athabasca.
Of Writing Paper wont last
long. Vmrd better placo another "hurry up' o-dorwlth
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
V\ holosale uud retail dealers lu grain,
'i.e.-, flour, n<i,l. Mills al Victoria, New VVtxel-
iiuiiMi-r; iMliiionueii, Alia. h_evalors ou (Jul.
gary and h-Unouuiu Itailway. Mauulaclururs
ut the ooluurauxl 11. Sc 1- brand cereal*.
MACDONALD   ft Co.-Cornor   Kron
and  Hall  alreels���W holoaaJu  grocers
ami jobburs lu blankets, gloves, niitts, boots,
rubbors, luuckinaws aud uiiners' sundries.
J_l oiUoo corner Hull and .rout Stxuuui,
.Nuliion���Leuniour, celling, flooring, and overy
tiling lu wood tor building purposes. Uot our
prlces.   Corrospondunoo sohcllod.
P   BURNS & Co.-Baker Street, Nelton-
���   Wholesale dealers lu fresh and cured
- Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS passing   Dun-
more Junction Daily for 8L Raul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mondays    and    Thursdays    for    Toronto.
Same curs  pass   Revelstoke   one  day
for  your  eastern   trip Is to  see   tha
your tinket reads via Unnadiun PuciUc.
meals.   Cold Storage.
lleikeer Street, Nolson- Wholesale deal
ors In fresh and cured meats.
Slreel,   Nelsou - Wholrsale   dsalais   lu
eiuppUuB,  sporting goods,
hut-ware, minora1
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Huocesson to Van-
oouvor Hardware Co. Lul.) Baker Slreel
Nelson��� Ubolusalu dealoni In hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' und tinsmiths' supplies. *
NKLSON   HAHDWAHK   CO.- Wholosale
palnls, oibi and glsss; moohanliw* tools
Agonts foi Ontario I'owder Works; njn imile
rpUKNKR, HKKTON H Co.-Corner Vernoa
X. and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whclo
euilo dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods
a.i-iii ��� for I'abst Brewing Co. of Mllwnuki-r
und CulKHry Brewing Co or Calgary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.   Wholesale
and liquors etc.. Baker Streeu
) Kront and Hall Street*, Nelson-Wholesale dealers n wloos (case and bulk!, and
domestic and Imported cigars.
Y. OltimN _. CO.- Corner Vernon and
Josephine Stroets,  Nelson ��� Wholesale
ealors In provisions, cured meals, butter ami
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  C.   7RAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mall receive careful and prompt attention
P. O. Box 626.   Coble Address:
connissioN aoent.
Croasdslle," Nelson.   Code���Morelno & Nosl.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchange!. Shares
nought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
P. 0. Box Wl Sslson, B. U
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l0B
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotorls aud Kootensy Sts.
P. O. Box 66B, Telephone No. ��5
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
.���      ,,      ��� Krom Portland, Me.
Allan Lino Persian  Dec 0
Allan Line Tunisian  ).,.  __
Allnn Lino ��trs. rail at  Halifax ono dnjr liter
lleileilliliei,     1.111,'     | le ee, 11,. I< el | ,,.,    -
Dominion Line Caiuhrotnaii Dee II
,.     .   _   _ |r"��n ���*"��� J��*>n. N B.
Beavor Line Lako Superior       Iloc 7
Beaver Lino lake Ontario ' Doc 11
Beaver Line sirs, call at Halifax one dav later
-n...   _.     ..     ��. * ">"' N��w v��rk
White Star Line Teutonic     Dei' o
WhlUiBtar UneOennanlo  Deo 11
Cunard Uno Ktruiia  Dec S
I'm einl Line Lucanla  .....Dec Is
American I.lno New York  Dec IS
Keil   -Itar l.lne I rlesland     lie.,- i ���
N.O.I* Linn I ��)in       I>oc 11
French I.lno Ia Oascolgne    l)ec IS
Allan niiiin Line Sardinian D��o8
_        . ,,     ��� From Huston
Cunard Lino Saxonla Dscs
Dominion Line Commonwealth , Doc 13
rMMM arranged to and from all Ruropean
points. Kor mi<e-. llckca and full Infiirinallon
��PPlj. W> 0, F. K. dop-,1 agont or II. L Browa
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, II. c.
W. F. K. CUMMIN08,
Oeneral �� rant. CP.lt. Offloes, Winnipeg
Trains and Htestnere Depart.
5 .fJO / 8te,imer f��r Kootenay Lacd-
llniiv I IDK <""1 eastern points via
uauy    ) (Vow's Nost Route.
8:00 1 Train for Rossland. Grand
Ex Sun (Forks,Greenwood,Midway.eto
_K�� 1 Train for Slocan City, Slocan
Ex Sun ) points, nnd Sandon.
16ti0 j Sieitiiu-r for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Run ) mediate points.
18-e(0 ) Train for Rossland, Nnkosp,
Daiiv t ltevelstoke, main line and
"*"'    ) l'sciflic Coast Points.
For Time Tables, HAtes and fall information call on or address nearest Local Age,it, or,
R. V,. Drew, Depot Agent \ Nolson, B. O.
U. L. Brown, City Agent. I
Trav. Pass. Asset        A. t��. F. Ageto,
Nelmo ���-Drouvar
Spokane  Falls  Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl  Fort
Will pay the highest oash prioa for all
kinds nl seoond band goodi Will boy
or sell any thing from an anchor to a
needle. Kornitnre, stores, oaiperts,
oookinR ntensils, booght In household
qnantities. Also oaat off clothing.
Oall and see ras or write. Addrew
Silver King Mike. Box W0. Hail
Street. Nelson. B. O.
8 Inch dlam. $13. B0 per 100 feet.   For
immediate  delivery    in   Nrlssa
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediat
points; connecting- at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lako
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
**KX) a.m S|,i,kiini. 0:40 p.m.
11 :-n i in Rowland :i:lt) p.__.
7:0o_.m Nelson 7:16 p.m.
U:*5p.ni Spokane 7 :0O a,m.
11.00 p.m Kossland 7KX)a,m.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. _. T.A.
Spokane  Waaii
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
J. O.T.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-i White Pint- lumber Always lit
,. ^f.�� cnr.rT S roniploUi rtock of c_wt rioorin-
CoillnK. In.lil,. Klnl.!,. Tumixl Work. -Mil _n'
Porto RicoLumber Co.,
Head Offloe-Uandrj _ sod Veinou 8t., NoImw, t
Nelson  Dail.   Miner,   Fridav  Eveniha,   December y, 1900
Dr. W. 0. Doherty, superintendent
of the Oeneral Hospital, has recovered
from his attack of typhoid and is able
to be up iiejuin.
The steamer Kootenay of Arrowhead I-ilte lias been laid off for alight
repairs in preparation for tlio winter
run. The .Minto is at present taking
the run.
Mr. ll. tl. Peters, of the Venus
mine, who was operated on at the
City Hospital ft month atfo, has recovered sufficiently to return to the mine
and went up today.
Mr. Robert Irvine,of Kaslo, supciin-
tundent ot the Kootenay Navigation
nml Railroad Company,and Mr. .lames
Wautfh, who is also connected with
the company, are in tho City today.
They are here to purchase furniture,
carpets, etc. witli which the steamer
International will be refitted. Sometime ago the boat was overhauled and
repaired and when completed it will
be us well furnished aB any boat on
the Lake.
Dr. Arthur received a telegram
from Mr. Hewitt llostock of Vancouver, yesterday, stating that the latter
had been notified by the Hon. Mr.
Tarte that the plans and specifications
for the new postoffice in Nelson hud
been forwarded to this City from Ottawa on Dec. 5.
The sale of the tug Marion of the
Lode Star Mining Company and the
new machinery, was today held by
Sheriff Tuck The tug was purchased
by John Campbell for S50 and the payment of a few outstanding bills. The
new machinery was purchased by C.
W. Husk, owner of the Angerona, for
Notwithstanding that considerable
excitement prevailed last evening owing to tho election, the local police
ollieers report the town as being very
quiet. Only one drunk wiib arrested.
It was repored that P. J, Russell was
releived of ft good over coat during
the time that the excitement prevailed at the Athabasca sal.on. Outside
of this nothing was reported.
Hugh Mel'herson, who received two
or three broken ribs in a tight last
Monday night, and who ifl now slowly recovering al tho General Hospital,
laid information against Daniel
O'Leary a laborer, charging him witll
assault. The case will come before
Magistrate Crease at the Court House
next Wednesday morning when it is
thought that Mel'herson will be able
to appear.
The bazaar of the Congregational
Church which was opened in tbe new
K.-.W-C. block yesterday has already
realized for the church fund a handsome sum. The attendance today was
much larger thun yesterday and it is
expected that a large number of the
goods will be sold. A good dinner
will be served this evening by the ladies. Music will also be rendered. The
fair will he continued until tomorrow
Another race occurred between the
steamerB Kaslo and Knkanee on Wednesday evening and this time the Kaslo easily left tin) other behind. The
boats came together at Ilalfour and
called at the various ports together
until they reached Woodbury Creek
Landing. Krom there tho Kokanee
steamed out ahead and the ollieers of
both boats knew that another race
was on.and was to be ended at Kaslo.
a distance of about in miles. The Ku-
aknee did fine work, but from the
start tho Kaslo of the K. It. T. A X.
Co., gradually gained, and only a
short time elapsed before it was in
the lead. When the steamer Kuslo
landed at Kaslo it was over two miles
ahead of tlie Kokanee. This is the
second race that the two boats have
had. the Kokanee winning in tlie lirst
which took pace last week. Ono more
will show which will hold the broom.
Tho Kaslo is a new boat and is
geared muchjiiglier than the K'uka
morning Jackson aud McDougall went
to Ymir.
Another explosion of glycerine occurred at Hall Siding Inst Monday.
Dan McDonald, who is working with
liis brother on the Leo group was the
victim, lie had just taken tbo powder cut of the thawing box and was
blowing out the candles which were
being used when tie explosion occurred. It is supposed that some glycerine dripped out of the thawing can
and that tho Same of the candle was
blown against it and ignited it. McDonald got the effects of the explosion in tile face which wus badly cut
up. lie isia Nelson now being treated.
At the time of the explosion McDonald held in liis hand the stick of pow
der he had taken from the thawing
box and is now thanking his sturs it
did nut explode also.
A short time ago a special writer
visited Montreal for the purpose of
securing material for several magazine articles, One was ou the Canadian
Pacific. To obtain this he interviewed Sir William Van Home. The next
Bubjeot on his list was the paper pulp
industry. He applied to a Canndiuu
paper company, nnd met with the re
ply: "If you want anything on that
subject, sec Sir William Van Home,
He is nt the head of the largest paper
pulp concern in the country." The
third item culled for information
about the new coal and iron developments nt Sydney,Cape llreton. A visit to Montreal resulted in this response.
'���Iletter see Sir William Van Home
lie has the largest interests there."
The special writer finally returned to
New York. A commission fiom u
prominent weekly figured in tlie mail
awaiting his return. It called for an
article on a new Cuban commercial
syndicate, ono recently organized on
a stupendous financial scale. The letter from the weekly paper ended with
these words:
"This information, in all probabil
ity, can lie obtained from Sir William
Van Home.  He heads the syndicate.
In a caHe of criminal libel that was
beard not long ago, a lady had gone
into the witness-box on behalf of the
plaintiff, whose counsel wns examining her. "Now. madam," the lawyer
began, "please repeat the slanderous
statements made by the defendant on
this occasions just as you heard
them." "Oh. they are unlit for any
respectable person to hear!"    was the
emphatic answer.   "Then," said the
examiner,   coaxingly,    "suppose  you
just whisper them to the judge."
Ephriam Geehuw (of Hay Corner,
complacently)���"I know bow the fel
ler must have felt that bust the bunk
at Monte Carlo"
SI Oatcake (shocked)���"Ton hain't
been play in' checkers fer money, hev
you, EphV"
Ephriam Geehaw���"No; but, b'gosh !
I put pennies in a slot machine when
I was in tew town, yisterduy, till the
gol darn shebang wouldn't give down
no more gom!"���Puok.
Miners Suffer   Through Accidents   iu
Thawing  Powder.
Archie McDougall and Harry Jackson, employed on a property near Porto Rico Siding, were seriously Injured
by an explosion of glycerine Wednesday evening. The tin can iisedin tlie
box where the powder Is thawed Waa
on the forge filled with water which
was being heated. McDougall was at
the anvil ami Jackson was pumping
thu bellows when the expli.siini occurred, it If supposed some glycerine
had dropped from the powder which
had been thawed and was in tlie bottom   of   the   can.    Hy   the   explosion
Jackson's fnce was badly cut   tl ml
of his nose torn off and   his amis and
breast injured.
McDougall was   cut   about tlie back
In   five   different   places,    llotli   men
were able   to   walk to the aiding and |
word was sent   to Ymir for   a  doctor i
who arrived later on a hand car. Next'
Judge���"The charge agalttat you  is
drunk and disorderly.   What have you
to MtyV"
Prisoner��� "3 was fishing, and "
Judge (eagerly)���"What luck?"
(The prisoner talks   volubly for five
minutes,;wliilc   the face of   the judge
gradually haidens.)
ludgi���"Discharged  on  charge  of
drunkenness and held for perjury."���
Town Topics.
Hume.���John Q. Wilson, Fergus;
li. w. Ewcii, Montreal! Prod Pullman, Spokane; ll. T. Tllley, Toronto;
0. II. Bowman, Vancouver: C. J.
Pelt, Sloean; P, Elwell, llonnington
Pulls: S. Woods,  Rosslund.
Phair.���II. W. 1). Arinstiong.Toron-
to;,lohu Gunn. Robson; Violet SI.
lair,  Pall    River.   Mass. :   P. W. Hub-
belt. Spokane; A.Whealler, Kuslo; VV.
R. Bamsdell, Uossburgi Mr. and Mis.
Robert Irvine,  .lames   Waiigli,   Kaslo;
A. J. Gamble,Vancouver; D. C. Johnson, Everett, Wash.
"I Buffered such pain from   corns   I
could hardly walk." writes ll. Robinson, Hillsborough,   His., "but Buck-
len's Arnica   Naive   completely   cured
them."   Acts  like magic on sprains,
bruises, cuts. sores, scalds, bums,
boils, ulcers. Perfect healer of skin
diseases and piles. Cure guaranteed
by Canada Drug ,V  Hook Co.
THE '1.1 I.K   01  THE TOWN.
The talk of the   day   In   Montcal is
tbe opening of the magnificent new
building erected on the best site of
the principal  street  bv The  Pamily
Herald ainl Weekly Stn'r.    The Pamily
Herald's   contemporaries are paying
It tile highest UOtnplifflOntS, The tlew
building is said to be the lines! newspaper building in the world. This is
saving n gond deal for Canada, The
Family Herald and Weekly Star bus
made gigantic strides.
The Greatest Insurance Agency in the
Most of the members of Lloyd's
carry on business us brokers or underwriters on their own responsibility.
Asa corporation Lloyd's assumes no
financial liability for the failure of
any of its members or subscribers,
Hut it admits to membership only
men of reputation and means, who
must deposit a pecuniary guarantee iu order to become an underwriting and non-underwriting
member annual subscriber or un associate. An underwriting member must
deposit wtih .the Committee of Lloyd's
B.UOO or ��0000 on which he recieves
interest nnd which may be returned
to him three years after be ceases to
be an underwriting member. Ho pays
an entrance fee of ��4000 and an annual subscription of :JI) guineas. An
annual subscriber pays no entrance
fee, but an annual subscription of
seven guineas; an associate member
pays tive guineas.
There were in 1771 only 70 subscribers at Lloyd's. There are now
nearly 1,000.
The subscribers Intbe_olden time, us
now did not confine themselves to marine insurance. They were willing to
take a risk on almost anything.
There is still preserved ut Lloyd's a
policy on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte for one month at a premium of
three guineas per cent. Hank deposits
are insured in Lloyd's; also race
horses, and the lives of threatened
monarchs. A noted case was the covering of a lisk on a glass bed packed in
twenty cases for a certain sultan.
Lloyd's insured the Prince of Wales'
jubilee stamps, guaranteeing that the
issue would be successful. The voice
of a prima donna bus been insured.
A trndesmun in u London street who
bus an impression that a monument
may fall on his shop, has taken out a
policy at the nominal premium of two
shillings and six pence per cent. Gate
monoy for cricket and _ football
matches; animals of all sorts ashore
and ii.lbeat aie subjects for insurance;
policies against twins is a favorite
form of insurance. A well-known underwriter is said to be always ready-
to lay a thousand to one against
twins. Lloyd's issues Insurance
against burglary. Elephants are insured regularly. The life of the great
Jumbo, who came to New Y'ork on a
Monarch line steamship, was insured
in Lloyd's for the voyage to New
York. He was not insured when the
life was knocked out of him by a locomotive on an American railroud
whose tracks he was crossing. A celebrated singer recently took out an insurance in Lloyd's on the life of
Queen Victoria. She paid a big premium on account of the age of the
Queen. The reason the singer did this
wus not because she cured anything
more than moBt folks for the Queen,
but because her contract to sing
would have been abrogated by the
Queen's death, which would have
plunged England into mourning and
prevented the singer's appearance in
"l,l',a-      ,   	
in an indiscreet ono in the suit
brought by Earl ol Durham for the
annulment of his marriage on the
ground of his wife's insanity, testimony boing produced in court to show
that the Countess of Durham's; dementia had been precipitated bv the
sorrow and exasperation caused by tho
violent flirtation curried on under her
very eyes between Lady de Grey and
Lord Durham. Thut it was nothing
beyond mere flirtation is best shown
by the fact that the Countess hns managed to retain until now the warm
friendhip and regard of the rrinccss
of Wales.
Tina Biftnnturo ifl on ovory box of the gonuloe
Laxative Bromo-Qiiinine Tabieu
thi rtmody that curve a coM _q one dftf
She WirrrJot Be Known   in the Court
of Saint James.
A London despatch says Lady de
Grey, wife of the only son and heir of
the enormously wealthy Marquis of
Ripon, will henceforth find the doors
of Queen Victoria's Court closed
against her���this in spite of the
friendship of the Princess of Wales,
which she has enjoyed for many years
The action of the Lord Chamberlain in intimating to the beautiful
Countess that she can no longer ap-
pcur at drawing rooms, court bulls or
any other State functions, Is not because of any misconduct, but on account of the strict rule which the
Queen hns established In connection
with titled women who embark in
The Countess (a sister of Lord Pembroke, who, us Loid Steward, is chief
of the Queen's household, while another of her brothers married the
daughter of R. T. Wilson, of New-
York), has within the last two weeks
opened an afternoon tea resort in
Orafton Street, Piccadilly, in partner
ship witli the well known hotel manager, KHz, with the object of rendering herself financially independent of
her husband, and of his parents, who
seem to have become tired of paying
the debts which she is constantly
heaping up.
Lady du Groy was wedded when
quite a girl to Hie late Bar] of Lons-
lalc, the moat profligate and drunken
peer of his day. She was forced to
leave him soon after the marriage,
and two or three years, subsequent to
his shocking death she, after being
jilted by tlie handsome Sir Edgar Vincent In consequence of her enormous
debts, conferred her hand and her liabilities upon the homely Earl dc Grey,
who may be remembered In Washing
ton as secretary of his father's special
mission to tho United States in connection with tho Alnbniua claims.
Since then Lady do   Grey has figured, not in an evil role,  but assuredly
*__. 0" ��� _f ���____ ___: _��:__!; &-__; S~'S& &ii/^ ��~'&^; ��_;& _______��� .r^Tir-r
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have in our Opera House Store, ^articles suitable for Christmas
Presents for young and old���gay and grave. We have got to move from
this store, and we are going to sell every article on the premises.
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This moi niug's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
BlaOktail iu y
Butte & Boston  2%      \%
Crystal  4>_ 3
Deer Trail Oon  2% 2X\
Evening Star i  (i;_ !!
Gold Ledge  2 1 J_ I
Gnlilen Harvest     r"n % I
I. X.L 203. 16
lion Mask 31 25
Jim Blaine  8,'_ 3._ !
Lone Pine Surprise  IX li:,i
Mountain Lion 26 20
Morning Glory  6 5%
Morrison  3%      2%
Noble Five  3X ������
Princess Maud  1 %      IX
Palmer Mt, Tun 20 10
Quilp 24 20
Rambler-Cariboo 26}. 25
Republic    (il
Reservation  5 3X
Rosslund Giant  2X 2X
Sullivan 15 14
Tom Thumb 12 K)1^
Waterloo   3 2X
Winnipeg  5
Conjecture  4}��
American Hoy  9J-_
Trade Dollar 8
Rainbow  o%
Hercules  8jj
Juno  5
Miller Creek  2%
Wonderful  IX
(fold   Standard  9X
Liberty     X
Snlos���Gold    Ledge,    2000   at
Hercules, 1000 at 2. ��� , Deer Trail, 1U00
at 2.i.
Putrefying food in the intestines
produces effects list, those of arsenic,
but Dr. King's New Life I'ills expel the poisons from clogged bowels,
gently, easily but surely, curing Constipation, Biliousness. Sick Headache,
Fevers, all Liver, Kidney and Bowel
troubles. Only SB cents at Canada
Drug & Hook Co.
German Syrup is the special prescription of Dr. A. Hoshee, a celebrated German Physician, and is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and Lung
troubles of the severest nature, removing, as it dons, tlie cause of the ail'ee-
ton and leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition. It is not an
experimental medicine, but has stood
the test ot years, giving satisfaction
in every case, which its rapidly increasing sale every season confirms.
Two million bottles sold annually.
Hosche's German Syrup was introduced in the United States in ISliS,
and is now sold in every town and
village In the civilized world. Three
doses will relieve any ordinary cough.
Price 7!i cents. For Sulo by' W. V.
If you don't like Blue. Ribbon Tea it's
because you've never tasted it.
WANTF.il. -A glass   showcase.    State
price and particulars, P, 0. Box S-1.
V��   Daulton,
Royal Crown Derby,
Royal Worcester,
Haviland Limoges,
German, J apancse and
w   Austrian Fancy China-
\b   ware.
w The nicest assortment in Nelson.
A full line of Our Usual Holiday
Articles. Dolls,Toys, Fancy Goods
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making early selections.
Ganada Drua and book Go.
_^V-_zl ____'^,__ -S-S'.-3'-2;_2_3 -S?_?^'-S'SUS'-^5U5-USUS**: ___:___*_
'^S-^S-AW'   00-00. 00-00-  90-00-00-00-00-00^- 00-00- ^-00- 00-190. A0>-00^',^'.r0i-1
We have just received a large assortment of Stamped Linen Novelties in
Slipper Holders,
Cushion Covers,
Pillow Shams,
Photograph Holder,
Tray Cloths,
Center Pieces,
5 o'clock Cloths and
Side Board Covers.
Belding's Embroidery Silks always kept in stock.
Special attention is drawn to our
Table Linens and Napkins. We
import these goods direct from the
manufacturers in Ireland, and have
the latest designs. Ask to see our
Cloths and Napkins to match.
Intending purchasers will find it
profitable to get our prices before
Kerr St Co.
linker anil Ward Streets,
H. & M. BIRD
Agentf for Eureka rtlncral Wool and
A-llee-e.tee.     Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual ILIfe
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Cu.
Three lots in   lilock 47, Hogustown,
(85.00 each.
Three lots in   lilock 3.1, Hogustown,
8101!.00 each.
50 feet on Mill Street, S.100.00.
A   good   business   in   the   city,   in
thorough   working     order,    for   sale
u-Roomed house, corner of Ward
and Robson, all modern conveniences   $25 00
New house on Water Street   18 till
Cottage on Water Street   IS Oil
7-Roomed house on Robson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences  25 00
.���Roomed cottage, corner of
Falls  and   Hoover   13 00
nnd try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrol of
CALGARY BEER as It in tho best and
cheapen on tho market. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.'Offlce Comer Hall oml Haker Street*
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B,
CM and Dawson City, Yukon
Coal and Wood.
Agents. Imperial Oil Oo. Lid.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6,\5
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can be accepted uiileu
accompanied by ciush.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M���....
Tolnohono OS. n.kpr 811  Nolson. II. C.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at   Reasonable  Rates.
Bak��r Street. Nelson.
Brewers Of Fine I-agor
Beer ami Poi tor,
Nelson. Ft. C.
Fred Irvine & Co.
Arriving Dailv
4. Arriving leeeiiv    ,-,
The New Straight
front Cor��et. We
Have Them.
Merchandise has its place in the Preparations for the Xmas Season.   The attractiveness
of the Goods to be found in all our Departments will make brisk selling for the next three weeks.
Christmas Dolls.
Our new line of Dolls is now
on display. While the quality is
of the highest, the price is so
modestly low that you will be surprised at the size of the doll you
can get for a dollar or two.
Jointed Dolls, Kid-bodied Dolls,
new French-shape Dolls, Blond
Dolls, Brunette Dolls, g to 27
inches;  35c to$  8.50.
Silk Waists.
Nothing but the finest Taffeta,
Liberty Satins and Liberty Silks,
from $3.50 to $15.
The great demand for Furs this
season was recognized by us very
early���in time to make selections
when they were at their best.
Whatever there is for ladies to
wear, made of Fur, will be found
in this department at very low
Winter Gloves
You lose most of your handkerchiefs, the laundries wear out
the rest, and your handkerchief
case needs constant filling. We
have them from 5c to $7.50 each.
And Mittens in great variety.
The very latest style in Gloves is
the Suede, Castor and Mocha.
These Gloves are nice for cold
weather, as they are much warmer
than dressed kid. We carry these
lines in black, mole, tans and
greys, $1.50 to $2.00.
Eiderdown Comforts.
The cold snap which we have
just experienced, suggests what
we may expect when the winter
sets in in earnest, so get your
Comforts now and be ready.
Prices, $1.50 to $55.00.
0 Sole Agents Q
1 For I
a       Unite 1 ie 1 Patterns   X
Fred Irvine & Co.
Special Care Taken f
In Filling all Hal| V
Orders. 5


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