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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 20, 1900

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._l LiVJTarv
Daily l.dttiun   Mo. 631.
Nelson, British Columbia. Saturday, January 20,  1900.
Tenth Year
Great Arc  Closing In
On Ladysmith.
General   Tu'ler  Instructs   His   Men to
Heed wliite rings Only When Boers
Lay  Down Their Aims.
London, Jan. 2u.���1:80 11. 111 ��� Every
linur tlmt General Bnllnr delays his
cominod attaok niakoB his position
stronger. The trnnsp.rts continue to
arrive nt nnrlinn and fresh tumps am
being Benl op tbe line to retnforoe
those nlii'iuly tbere. It appears thnt
General Buller's troops north of rim
Tugela nr.mber at least 28,000 antl
possibly .5,000 -with BO guns. IHh to-
ini forces, forming a nront oat-curve
ninth ami west of Ladysmith, probably
number 40,000. While General Bnl-
ler's forward operntious, which began
nn January 10, develop rather leisurely, the Rons appear to be fully
aware Ihat they must meet a strenuous nssanH. Balloon observers have
estimated thnt 10,000 Boers are using
spado nnd piek in strengthtng their pn-
-.ii ins,which nature hns rendered easy
of defense.
Military critics in toanfa with the
War Office think Hint news that gen
1'iul fighting has beann may be expected :it nny linur. It/is not thought that
one day's lighting Will settle the fate
it l.iidyinsiih, lmt rather that there
will be two or three days 0* oontinu.
ons lighting,
of State any proper person who romes
on pnblio business, hut the ml mission
jrioes not constitute nn official recognition of the visitor, When Mr. White
culls at the Statu Department he will
undoubtedly lie seen hy Beoretary Hay,
but while the secretary may talk freely
with his visitor, that interview will
not in itself amount to an official recognition of Mr. Wliite as n diplomatic
representative of the Transvaal. It
will remain for the State Department
offieinls Inter to pass upon the sufficiency of any credentials that. Mr. White
mav bring to establish himself in that
. 1 ���
London Jan. III. ���Mrs. ft,.air who
sum-ceded Lady Kandolph Churchill
as President of tbe American Hospital
Ship Assoeiation, presided nt a meet-
in;.' of the executive committee today.
Mrs. Joseph Chatiilierlaiii, wife of tlie
Secretary of State for the Colonies,
and the Duchess of Murlhorongh wero
among those present. Plans foi continuing lhe work and assisting linth
the British ami Boer wounded were
Greeted by Lord Minto and
an Immense Concourse.
the militia department, who is at. Halifax, has heen ordered to New Orleans
to inspect the Milwaukee. The Milwaukee was expected to arrive there
________ AND CIVIC
London, Jan. in.���A Durban special,
dated Thursday night snys: It Ib reported bete that Lord Dundntiald has
smashed a Beer convoy.
General Buller is s.iid to he within
13 miles of Ladysmith and General
Warren to lie about six miles to the
Parade and Inspection on Parliament Hill.
Cheered at Every Turn.���Presented With Guidons.
Ottawa. Out., Jan. IH.���The western
squadron composed of North West
Mounted Poline arrived here ahnut
noon and were myallv welcomed by
their Excellencies and Mayor Payment
and citizens. They left for Halifax
this afternoon.
-Steps have
oompany of
the Austral
Toronto, Out., Jan. 1!).
been taken to form a
mounted rifles similar lo
lan Mounted Hides, organized by General Hntton in that colony four vears
ago, is Irregular cavalry, and for scouting purposes.
Trouble at Halifax Over Admission to Dockyards.
md experienced In their trades, and
nnil furnish references on both those
mnn - District officers commanding
will telegraph to the ohiof stall' offirer
it Ottawa the numbers of each trade
recommended by them I'm aooeptance
and await instructions before enroll
Toronto, Ont., Jan. 10.���Stanley
i n. the Mail correspondent, writing   front   Belmont,    December    10,
in - :
"Tl, temperntnre has been 00 de
i "- in the ��ints.'' He tells of a false
alarm, when the entire foree wus cnll-
��� I . nt, iiiiii says :
"There was not much danger of the
Dutch getting the better of us al
Orange River, (or stationed in our
camp were six gnus,two fifteen-pound-
ii-. two nine pntiiiiiers mid two belonging to the i ape artillery."
Toronto, Jan.   Ill���The Mail haH the
i  llowlnu win    speeial:   " Ladysmith.
��� \ Bolemn  thanksgiving servloa  was
held hire yesterday.   The chnroh  wns
crowded, chiefly with BOldlers.   Arch-
n   Bnrker  prenohed an  eloquent
��� n of thanks for the victory of
Jannnry ti.   lie told  his hearers that
probably they   would havo to tight tin-
eiii-i nun more important  hnttle, hut
they   must place  their  trust in   God.
Oeneral White  and   his stall  stood nt
in iini.' tbe Te Demo was being
Mini;,   'ihe  Impressive ceremony was
In l"i w ith the   sinning   of   "find
Ksvt theQneen," by   tho  entire eon
London, Jnn 111.��� A special service
was held in St. Paul's Cathedral this
evening at which BOO City of London
volunteers, the second contingent to attend such a si'iivie. were present.
Lord Mayor Newton and sherills of
London, with the Duke of Coniinughl
were also In nttendnuce. After a service of song Ur. Maude! I Urelghton,
Lord Bishop of London, addressed the
troops ami congratulated them on rising above their ordinary selves lo do
their duty In Iheir country nnd God,
wiili whom rested   the issues of   every
endeavor, The volunteers then repaired lo Lincoln's and (Train's Inns
where they were banqueted. Tomorrow thev taki their departure,
Loudon, Jan. 20.��� The Time! has -he
following dispatch, dated Thursday,
from I'ie'eriiiiirit/.linrg -.
"Oeneral Buller's wagon   train is I!)
miles in length and embraces -mo
wagons .nul 5,000 animals, As some
of the drifts are narrow mid muddy
only one wagon is able to cross at a
time The officers are betting two tn
one that La.lymslth will he relioved
tomorrow (Friday).
London, Jan. 80.���Speaking yesterday at a Conservative meeting in
Bradford, Mr, Williamson, a ninnici
dal councillor, said Hint it was within
his personal knowledge that thousands of Pullet proof shields, weighing si veil pounds snob, were being
manufactured  in    Sheffield    for    the
Thev nre designed to  protect the
tal pints at a rang'
London, Jan- 80,
,, of mn yards,
(Special Dispatches to The Miner. |
Ottawa, Jnn. HI.-The North West
Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rides,
under Colonel Herehnior, were given a
royal weleomo in Ottawa this afternoon by Lord Minto and not less than
twenty thousand persons, when they
gathered on Parliament Hill for parade
and inspection. Ottawa people had
heard by reputation of the splendid
physique of the foree, bnt tho turnout
was a perfect revelation. Without uniforms, without anus or equipment,
elad for the most part in rough-and-
ready garments of plain clothes, yet
tho earns impressed every soldier as tit
and ready for the hardest work the
mpalgn can supply. They marched
roiu the Union Depot lo Parliament
Hill shortly, after noon, and were
drawn up in a hollow Square. It wns
after one o'clook before his Excellency
arrived, and a formal welcome was
pronounced. They were cheered at
every turn and t,vo bunds in attendance made the time puss pleasantly.
Her Exeellenoy in presenting Oolone!
llei'i'linier with three guidon-, express-
i.i her pleasure ill meeting some of the
brave men with whom His Excellency
hnd seen service in the rehellion in
IKHn. She wished all (lod speed and a
I happy return. The guidons hore the
name nf the regimeut, "Canadian
Mounted Rifles." and ill the corner a
familiar legend : "Whn Daur Muddle
wi Me?"
His Exeellenoy then stepped forward
and said he fi It sure without flattery
he could say they were well suited to
eope with the lirnve, irregular troops
ot their foe, He hoped as seonts they
would always lie well to the front.
He referred to the services rendered ny
the   Irregular    cavalry   of   Colonels
French and Honiton in the Northwest
rebellion, The present task was more
severe but no doubt these men were
equally brave and fearless. They were
[ortnnate In having officers ol experience. He wished them good live and
God speed. His Kxeelleney shook
Toronto, Jnu. 19.���The grand jury
returned a true bill against Robert
K'insella for inanslaugter iu connection
with the death of Mx-3, Rodgers, who
was killed in n hack driven by Kin-
sella by tiie vehicle being struck by a
street car. Tho motor ill an of Uio onr
wns discharged, there being no bill
found against him.
Ottawa. Ont , Jan. 111.���The an
nouncement ns to the result of Commissioner (Turn's report regarding
mine owneis' and miners' grievances
in British Columbia will not ha made
until the snh.jeet conies before Council.
Ottawa, Jan 19.���It is understood
that lhe steamer Nuiv.idian, of the
Allan line, wbloh was offered to the
Dominion Government as a transport
lor the Strathcona Horse, is considered
too small to accommodate nil the
troops. The department is now in correspondence with the Elder-Dempster
people iii regard to the Montrose
which is nu excellent steamer and as
largo as the Milwaukee.
Anglican Synod Rejects it ou the Ground
That it Mi_lit Prejudice the Au-
theucity of the Bible.
(Speeial Dispatches to The Miner.)
Halifax, N. s.,,Tim. 19.���The rupture between tho, Imperial und eivie
authorities this afternoon culminated in an open fight when the Mayor
and Aldermen returned to General
Lord William Seymour tickets of admission to dookynrds where troops are
to embark, Friends of the men are
debarred from seeing them oil'ns tickets are given only to military people,
There is a bitter feeling over the decision ol the Imperial authorities.
Toronto, Jan. 19.���At the assise
'onrt todny a jury awarded Robert
Snell, li". Sherbourno street, *"l,i"0H
damages, Snell worked for the Toronto Street Railway, and was on his way
home on June IH last, standing on th.'
���ir   steps.    The   car   passed a   wagOU,
ihich was sn neir the car thnt it
.mocked Snell from his fmtholil nud he
fell lo the pavement, breaking bis col
lar bone and arm. He sued the company for damages, with the above result.
Kingston. Ont. Jan. 1!'. ���Threo
thousand dollars damage was done to
the works and building of the James
Thompson liquoi establishment by
tiro this morning. Insurance unknown.
The Boei account!
Tngela River an
Next Census Will Show Au Increase
of 60 Per Cent.
British Columbia is growing. Professor Odium, of Vancouvei, says
the population is increasing rapidly.
"At the last census,'' said the Professor to a reporter, "Hritish Columbia
hud less than 800,000 people, Indians
and all, hut I think Ihe next will
show thai uur population has Increased
nl least fiO por cunt. During thi last
live or six years, towns have increased
from n uopiihition of it hundred awny
op into the thousands, while Vancouver, which had 111,not) in 1891, has Increased her people from thirty to
thirty live thousand. In our city there
nre now under construction buildings
running from smnllei sums nptof'00,-
0U0 oaoh, The new Roninn Catholic
Caihedral will cost when completed
|100,000, and the Klondike Block will,
when completed reaeh about; $80,l>t>().
Proceeding to speak of the growim;
trade of Vancouver, Mr. Odium reminded the interviewer that there aro
more people around the Pacilio than
ds with oorpnral Kronen,   sou of' tj,8 Atlantio ocean, and consequently a
Montreal,   Jan.   19.���The  Anglican
Synod of the diocese of Montreal spent
its session this morning entirely in n
discussion ns to whether tlie church
should adopt the revised edition of the
Scriptures in its services. Borne
clergymen advocated the change, as
the English language had changed considerably sinoe the time of James tin-
First, and the revised edition more
clearly expressed the original Scrip
lures. It was opposed on the ground
that the ehango might prejudice the
authenticity of the Bible in the eyes
of members of the church, a motion
to permit the clergy to use their
discretion was voted down and the
ohu-'nli will adhere to the authorized
Kingston, Ont., Jnn. 19.���Lust year
the Kingston V. M. ('. A. olcaied off
.11,000 01] iis building debt, starting
the new oentury with duly a -mull
dob! of $1. HOP,
Montreal, Jan. 19.���Rudolph Forget,
President oi iln- Royal Eleotric Co,
says there is gor.,1 ground fur a story in
financial oircles here, that the Royal
Electric and Montreal Street Railway
will l.e amalgamated shortly. The
deal is regarded as a must important
mi" among financiers,
1 luwn, Jan.  IK.���A   number  of
Cumuli,ins, ineluding Iwo experienced
units, hnve arrived here and have
ed their services tot scouting pnr-
They hnve paid their own ex-
'i'i'-'- innl sav thai there mo hundreds
i    thers anxious lo follow thorn.
of the passage of the
given   in  the   following   two  report
from Commandant  Viljoen's enmn
the Upper Tugela, via  Lorenzo
lim-/, Jan. IH:
"Jail. Ill��� Buller s second move was
a reconnaissance iu   loroe,   with  uu
armored train and a large body supported by cannon, toward Colenso lust
night. A heavy bombardment ensued,
and   thereupon  the British   returned,
having wounded one of our men. Nn
reply was made, This move was n
t to cover extensive   movements up
Bpenrinnn's Camp, Friday evening,
���'a" 10.���Sir Ohiules Wnrrcn and Lord
Dundonald are continuing a caul inns
1;' mice,     hourly     expecting     battle.
Tboto has 1 n   slight artillery   tiring
new, nt Ladysmith  nnd nt Chteveley,
The natives report Hint the kopjes
are tull of Boers
Ladysmith, Tuesday, Jan,    III.���(via
^i"mHums Camp).���Mr, Geo   War-
iii'-lnii Stevens, special   correspondent
: Iks I "iiiinn Dally Mail, died yester-
11 ' ntetlo (ever and was buried al
'"I Inlgbt,
' Rton, Jan. 111.-The State Do-
���""'��� nl has   not   been advised   fiom
Jjy official suirce  that Mr. Montague
!" consul of the Transvaal Re-
-OndOO, is   comiiiu In Wash-
�� dlplomatln repreaentatlve
;l"''I'laii-vnnl  Republic   I��� advance
''   '"   "min- the  olllciulsdn not care
 ""'*' the derision  of the Depart-
!"""' us to his claim for recognition.
J1"1'uiu Is to admit to the Beoretary
tho river.   Kaffirs on
Tugela have been warned hy the British lo leave their kraals, as tlie linht
will cninini'iice shortly."
The s'coiiil dispatch runs thus:
"Jan. 17.���The night wns iinbroken
save (or slight rifle encounters between
outposts, which led lo nothing, At
daybreak the eneniv was located as before. Hn bail not brought a single gun
aciiiss the tiver.    But from the   ridges
of Swartsikop a battery mid n half of
siege guns opened   ou   onr   position at
fin. m.   Tbo bombardment  was prob-
obi,-, Ihn most Itightftil over witnessed
on land. Frequently live heavy naval gnus fired  simultaneously  at, one
sohranzc (entrenchment). "
London, Jan. 80.���The Standard publishes the following, dated Thursday,
irom Spearman's farm :
"It Is reported that the Boers opposite Oolenso, on finding  that  General
the uinn who hud raised the well
known scouting foice referred to above
and each soldier saluted his thanks fur
the honor lone linn.
Mayor Payment, of Ottawa, also
bade a pronounced weleomo and wish-
ed them good look, Tbe parade was
dismissed   with   cheers   for Ihe Queen
and (inveriioi General.
The reception which  was noaorded
the North West troops ill this citv to-
day must have been most gratifying to
Ihe visitors. A more enthusiastic welcome was never extended by Ottawa
any body of men, The re-
ml with
Montreal, Jan. 19.���8, D. Vallleres,
one of the candidates for alderman in
No. 1 Ward, makes a most serious
charge against his opponent, that of
attempting to brihe bimjjto ret in Under oath he has declared that Alder
mnn Prennveau offered bun |6U0 to
leave the field, acoumpanying ihe offer
of money wiih the assurance that he
would endeavor to have Vallleres
elected two vein's hence for the same
seat hy acclamation. Two witnesses
have made onlli nnd deolared they
heard Alderman Prenoveau make the
statements attributed to him by Vallleres.
citizens b
this side of tliejeeptlon did not by any '*'"<��"���
the parade  mi  Parliament   Hill,   bnt
was kept  all  the  afternoon,  Bparks
Street boing almost, impassable with
crowds wbiob assembled to get a good
glimpse of the mounted polloemen and
others who made up one of the finest
halt dions   that   could   lie   selected   in
Canada,   Wherever a cowboy or police
uinn was to he seen, a crowd surrounded him and there was nothing too good
Some officers put; up at. the
(Tub. Corporal French, of
cers inn
for him
French's scouts,was Introduced p
to,who also talked with all thooffl-
1 n number of  the men.   Lnur-
ier and Sifton   also oonvi
large number of the ollicers nnd   men. i
The lirst train left about tin clock for j
Halifax and the second   followed   half
nn linur Inter. There was a large crowd
at   the depot    to   bid   those   on   board
Their slay over  iu  Ottawa
piciii-nut  break
great trade will be sure to centre at
Vanoonver. Ho says Hint a North Pn-
ci lie line of steamers between Vancouver   and   Hakodate   and   Neuinuio, in
northern Japan and Cnrea, is an enterprise that will be carried into effeot in
the very near future. This linn will
also connect with Port Arthur nnd
Vladivostok, in Russian territory.
Tho northern parts oi the world,
the professor says, are now having
their innings, and be adds that one
cannot overestimate the future of Canadian trade with those populflos eastern countries. He says Hint the Can-
niliiin Paelfio's steamers run more tu
the south, mid as they aie Iho finest on
the Pacific, they will bold their own,
and deservedly so.
Cairn, Jan. III.���News was received
here tonight that Ostium Digna,principal general of the lain Khalifa, has
been captured. It has been known
that ho was IB the neighborhood of
Tiibak (T'ukai i six days ago, and expeditions were organized from Siiakini,
under Captain Burgess, with the re-
aull that Osiniin Dlglin wns tnken in
the bills yesterday,    He Will arrive at
St. John, N. B., Jnu. 19.���Attorney-
General Hon. A. S. White nnd the
Premier, Hon. II. R. Emurson, have
ehunged offices. Mr. Emerson remains
Premie] with the olflco of Attorney-
General, and Mr.While takes the Com-
missionership ol Public Works. H. A
MoKeown, M. P. P. for St. John,
outers Hie Government without office,
making an additional Minister. Mr.
MoKeown was to have been Solicitor
Oeneral, hut the defeat of ibe Government candidate in ("arleton probably
warned the Government  not   to open
another constituency.
Montreal, Jan. HI.���Lord Sliathcoini
is not expected to roach Mont leal until February IB.
Toronto, (Int.. Jnn. Ill,���At a hull-
qnel "t ilu Methodist Sociul Union
last evening Mr. Chester Masaey pre-
senieil ;i resolution favoring the giving
up el social engagements for a period
ot one month iu each year, to apply tn
the whole Methodist Chnroh oi the Do.
minion. October is suggested, tlm
whole month to lie devoted to the
awakening of a sound spiritual sense.
i)r. Carman, general superintendent,
approved of the resolution mul the
union passed it unanimously mid tec
nmmonded its endorsation by the
���'hiiri'li generally.
Secretary of   the   Miners'   Onion Iln
Been Arrested.
Twenty-live non-union miners arriv.
-d in Sandon the other day to  work at
the Payne mine, ami got up practically
to   the   mine   before   the   local   union
officials were aware of then   presence,
As soon hh they heard of il. about "JO
anion men started oil' to try anil persuade them not to go tu wink. Finding
persuasion useless they tesorted to
threats, and their lender, n Coeur
d'Alener, according to an eve witness
who was in Nelson yesterday, began to
abuse Mr. llnnd. superintendent of the
Payne, in the most violent aud obscene
lerins. Mr. Hir 1 kepi his temper,
lint thought it ���     ���' to nl h Super
intend a' ! ins i'j for poll ' protection,
ns stilted in yester_.iy n luing's specinl lelt-gtn-n from Vh It i In. Mr. S. A.
Im iii. iii charge nf Iln I ��� ��� Inolal police offloe here, lefi on Thn-day for
Sao.Inn in i.   .       ���' '. .i, i   ,!."    in-
stria lions,
Private rti��pi l,h ��� fri n Sandon *t	
thai   mi   rn w   ,. ,ii. ni ��� occurred
yesteriln   nave lhal Mi. fcfaylei re.
t-oy nl lhe   .Mile i������'    Union,    had been
arrested nnd placed under 11,000 bond"
lor unlawful ns einbly,
>111In' ti
Winnipeg, Man.. Jan. 19,���Premier
Maodonald has aocepted the Lisnten
nnt-Colonelenay of tbe now lied ''out
Regiment now iu process of organization in this city.    There nre   HOW   B91
men drilled for tbe new regiment,
Biniupion, Out., Jan. 19.���Ber I Meaner, oonvioted on live ahargesof horse
stealing and one of burglary, was  to- j oondition
day sentenced by Judg
seven years in Kingston  penitentiary
bed   oiil-maii'ii'iivi
rod    Ihcm.
,|' the   Tugela   oil
good bye.
must have been a very
in iheir journey.
There is a   rumor
Crossed   to Hie smith Ol
Monday and   set   lire   to all the houses  ,��������� jH ������,,., |v ��� n,���������.
in   Hie   village.
Chieveli'V   advanced   HI
before them  to the trenches on
in line wiih  Colenso,
cm i.-nt   tonight,
Hun   Colonel
f\M   the  loroe  from -jteelo may he kepi bank to go In coin-
���   Hours ret ired   ���ml���| ���!' .Siraihcoiia's   Horse.    Colonel
a hill   Bteele will   nol   say   iiiivtl.ing on   the
nfnntry M,,i,ioi-t . .   ,
���    Captain Westluirbs, chid engineer of  Inipantal manner
versed  with a |Boakim tomorrow.
New    Ynrk.    Jan.    III.���Tho   annual
[linnet oi the Holland   Society of New
Ynrk wns held  at   the  Waldorf A stor
lust night.    There were   present   some
three hundred ami fifty representative
citizens, including delegates from St
Georges'. SI. David's nnd other English nnd Seidell Societies. It was expected Hull leteieiice would be made
by many of thn speakers tn the Smith
African war, but this question was
either avoided entirely or Irmitod in an
Jan.    hi ���The   Canadian
Patriotic Fund As-'ii'iitioii treasnrei is
advised that the Bank ol Montreal and
dm "tors propose to give 110,000 to lbs
t iimi'inm Patrlotio Fumi.
Ottawa, Jan. 19.���The Militia m-der
Issued today says: '"The Imperial
War office me   preparing  lo accept
qualified b] Ing smiths, snililh is   and
wheelers for service in South Africa -it
Imperial rates of pay, Any desirous
of being enrolled ns qualified artlfldt i
ol the above trades should apply at
once to the officer commanding the
litary dlstirot In which thev reside,
ami *i!"t'iiini-i> Injured nnd
Passengers Shaken Up,
Buffalo,  N,  Y . .bin    III.   Two henvi
trolley cars on the Buffalo nnd Look-
pori line clime together today during n
heavy log.   The aooldent oconrred jnst
outside the dt} limit    while   the   ottTS
wore moving   rapidly.   Motormnn   \
R, Connors was Injured Internally and
will die    Motormnn C F. Hoover had
both legs nroken and  is   in  a  serious
while      Conduct,us     I lei'
MoGlbbon  to|Hoffman  and ll.   G,   Weppner were
badly braised, and the passengers were
badly shaken uii. Both oars were
w rooked,
Berlin, Jan "' Bmpemr William
in,, ordered lhal a special repori be
prepared for blm In the ��� use ol Prince
\ on An ni" i;'. recently ooortmartlal-
ed in German booth Afrit s tor kill-
inn " inhordlnatt without provocation, and senl to Berlin foi sentence _
These men must be of good oharaoterj canla, New Ifork,
Havre,        Jun. 19,     Arrived    La
Champagne, Now ', i tk,
Queenstown, .inn. 19.���Arrived���Ln*
nllnuoil "a fourth I'agu. *___-_���
Nelson Daily Miner Q,
, ubUstt-d imily except Monduy.
Kft_BO.lMTl.BR Pkimtinq & fiiw.iHiiiN- Oo,
11  I   BEATON, Editor and Manager,
Morning Edition.
11 lly por munlh by oarxlor	
per hull year ,..
pur yorr.,	
poryu_liy mail	
vor ynu- for���l_n	
mut'-r   whctlii-v  the   ooensinn   is
table or tmsiiitable, we sin;_, "God
j Sikh tin. Queen" with nil tbo fervor of
I genuine loyalty     Hui   we   never net
beyond tbe first   verse of tlie   National
Antluiii.     It   is he-iHi-i'sn   few Of   ns
jUnnw   thin there nre othersV   Wn  are
jnfruiil this ranst li-   put  down aa  tlie
explanation.    A  gentleman  ul  n bnu-
|qnot two niRlitB n'-'ii snpgestsd tbat, in
.iew  of  the  situation   of  tliiiif?n  in
South Africa, the   stirond  vnrae would
ho tin' must B-vpropriate nf all nf them,
mul  when  thi' eouipany   stood up  to
give tuneful expression to their loyalty
they staggered  mi in 11 brave effort to
sins it: hut  it  soon  became  evident
they did not know the words:.    A Nelson assembly should not In* caught Unit
-elson Min sr Prlntl_K_cPu_ll_lilii���(_o  way again, nml to  ��nve  tli.'trouble of
Nel&on Wkkkiy Miner.
iVunltly, p, r Ii Uf yoar . 1 25
P-r year    2 00
per year, foreign  J 80
HuinciiiiiWiiii Invariably in advance
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.   144.
The Minor will pay $10 reward
tor information thai will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
from the premises of our subscribers.
much  anxious  bunting we give
here, in thn   hope   they   will be
on the very next oooasion :
"tl Lord, onr God, arise;
Soatter her enemies,
Aud mnko them fall.
Confonnd their polities,
Frustrate their knavish tricks.
On her our hopes we fix,
God Save thn Queen."
The petition of thn Kosslnnd mine-
owners, preseuted to the House two or
three days ago, Is said to have stnR-
tinred 11 majority of the members. 11.
wns nn Influential petition, signed hy
nil the Companies of uny nut 1; operating in that district,twenty foiiv in nil,
und lepresi'iitniR ninny millions of
capital. We do not. know why it surprised the members. The foots relating to the Eight-Hour amendment
were clearly but temperately put. but
there was nothing Hint hnd not been
snid before, Iu the ltossluml camp
operations hnve been curried 011 as usual, hut any one in the least nt-qunint-
eil with the circumstances must bave
known that tho Companies wero not
satisfied with the law and would not
accept it ns irrevocable. Perhaps the
members were under tlie Impression
they would not curry tlicir dissatisfaction to the length of formally protesting against it, and when confronted
with a petition of such influence many
of them realised for the lirst time lhe
exoeediug gravity of the situation.
The petition is mi admirable presentation of tbe not unl position of
things resulting from tlie legislation
of lust session. It was not known thnt
any one had sought suih legislation,
Thn owners burl not, 1101 had the miners.  Why such a law should   have been
passed under the oiroumstanots is in-
comprehensible, The conditions existing nt the time were, ns fur as known,
entirely satisfactory, nnd the relations
hetweeu the (.wnets and the miners
were of the most pleasant, character.
No year iu the history of the Prov.
ince opened with fairer promise than
did lS'ltl, hut this law spoiled everything. Bad feeling wnR created lie
tween employer and employed, where
harmony bud reigned before; minis
were shut down, and cnpitul, ever
timiil, took flight. There is uo doubt
as to the evils that have resulted I'toin
How can those n.ilq be reinedied.'
The petitioners sisk that the law he
either amended or repealed. Thev
give a reason for some action on the
part of the Legislature that no men
sensible ot their responsibility to the
'���oontry can afford to ignore. Many uf
the mines of thu Kooteiinys, my   these
petitioners,  oannol  be operated nt  a
profit as long as this luw is in foree.
The owners must either ilose down or
reduce wages.    They  cannot very well
afford to olosn,   for that would mean
tin- loss uf much capital, and the legislation bus created such a feeling of
strife   that   tlie   miners   will nut now
voluntarily submit to a reduction.
Thoy have put themselves in the bands
of the Union leaders and will abide
the  oonsequences,   Bo far as the man
are Concerned, that wonld appear to be
the situation. Tho whole mutter,
therefore, is thrown linok 1111 lhe l.egis
lntiire. The members must take ne
tion; there is nn escape if thev me not
to sen the mining industry of the
Province overwhelmed in disaster, The
position of things is loo simple tn admit of misunderstanding or misuonoep-
tion.   Ibe industrial situation is lnnl
now ; it will lie worse if nothing be
done to relieve il. Fnr the reason
stated the men will not, miive, therefore the Legislature must. And it rnu
do it with absolute coiilldence of giving satisfaction all uroiind. Although
the men are holding ont, wn believe it
Is ti fnot beyond dispute thai foiu-tiftlis
Of them would glinlly go liiuk to tin-
old conditions. They would rather
work than strike, if left to tnetmselVM
They are anxious   to   earn   the largest
wages chey can get, nni bave no objection to the ten-boui day if tbat
sin mid be n neoeMory condition in at
tuining wind they most desire,    In the
fm e of nil the _iroamgtan.es ihe Legislature-will be guilty of criminal in
difference to the publio good it it refines to ink" such lotion as may he
necessary to restore the harmony  it so
wantonly destroyed nnd niiikn tlieinin
ing industry of the Province onoe more
They are having some difficulty in
the House in properly designating the
Vniu'ouver members. Thero are four
of them, nnd it may be said by the
way that for all the good they are
there might ns well be none. The
rules of the House will not permit n
member to refer to another by name;
it must be by his constituency, A
speaker was referring 10 Mr. Martin
ns the junior member for Vancouver,
when Mr. Cotton corrected bun hy explaining that Mr. Macpberson ranked
first, himself second, Mr.Martin third,
nud Mr, Tisdnll fourth. Mr. Martin,
therofore, is not junior member, T3ut
what is he? II would He inconvenient and altogether too novel to refer to
bun as the member of the third degree. Remembering Dr. McKeohme's
poetry of a day or two before, Colonel
Baker suggested "fallen angel." Bnt
in that enso tin- 'lifliulty would be iu
designating Mr. Cotton.
In respect to Canada's participation
in tho Boer win there is a perceptible
difference between Sir Wilfrid Lnurier
and Mr. Tarte on the one side and the
muss of Canadians on the other. It
was briefly und pointedly expressed by
Mr. Pope, member of Parliament fur
Compton, Province of Quebec in a
speech made the other day. "But tbe
rest of us," he said, "did not hove to
read tho law or lhe constitution, or
anything else, hefore we offered to go
to fight the battles oi the [Umpire."
Tho purity nf lhe Drugs mul Modictnea
(uimi'ii ii'-cii io Uio patlot-i i*** Iho most
OBflootialolomont in tii" Hiiocowfui trem-
raontof diseiifSQ. Pre-orlptlont. nre t'oiu-
11 Mimuti by us from ���_->*-*ol.u.'ly Pore
Drugs in nortoctcondition,ai.d thephy
Blclai-'-i .-kin will not bo nullified by old
and tmpotoi I drug .
Our stocks o( reciulaitw for
The Toilet
The Nursery
The] Sick Room
Aretcomploto'   Vour patronage solicited.
Nurses'   Directory.
For iho ooDvonlonca <>f Phytlolam nnd
Nm',j-is, Wfl havo estAblir-hod a Nuraos1
Directory, and in order to imvt. it ..oni-
pie_e_ roquoal all Nm -������*. in Rood in <>r call
iiih) leave their namne mul addroMOB.
Dispensing Chemist
Tolophono 11.1,     'Ml. Ilu-. 22.,    linker Btroot,
Hall Order* Promptly Atlondod To,
Oui-Freali Roosted Coffee Best of
Quality, us followi:
.luvu mul Arabian Mooha, perpound 9  n>
.hui, 11111I M'li-lin 111,-ml. :i pounds     ,  .        1 1.1
I-'Ina Bantofli I poundi  1 mi
_nnto�� Blond, .'1 i'iiiiiuIk  Mm
niir  BpeololBlend, 0 poundi     100
ilui-  Km ltii',-l, ii pound*    11)0
a 111111 iiitin it >ui 11 mn.
_ doors east of oddfellows
block. w. baker st.
rSiEi-SOlM,        -        B. c.
iliiiiudiiitiH   nm   v.ry,    very     loyal.
'Iliore in no gnin-iiirlng   thnt     It doeii
Ail\ei-ti--i'iiii'i.l - In ,'i-|i-l   iliiili-r IIiIh Im'uiI ul
tin- mi ��� ol nm- '-'-ni :i word por In-nrtlon,  Nu
aavortlaomcnl taken fur In-'-  imn B-oenbi,
WAN 'l'i-. 11 I" rent 11 (nriii-lied Iioiimi,
alow iu. for one month or  one year.
No children,    Apelv thin oliu-e.
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eru Improvement!! on Viotorln Street,
Splendid rental   property,   Equipped
with nil modern oon.enlinnea,   A Hnr-
gain,    AihlrisH (I.   I1.  C.,   Miner Dlllce.
TO   I'I. NT.     i- n,e   ulliie   or   store   iii
rear nf Athnhnnon  Saloon,   nonnoled
1 iv 1 in-. Company.    Apply on premi-ee,
fi ill sai.i-. \ new cottngo i-iiniiiiii.
Ing nix i' 11 nn-. iiiiii. iinili room, nom-
ulii" pnntty, nlo-eta a new shed ti.xiii
Twu i"i-. fin* m location In tho city,
Bel mn in troll in na, Imported row .
I'te. An fm -inline, conaiatlng ol new
Knrn Plnno, purl",- mite, nldeboard,
steel run,-I', (eel op) 1 nrpctn, bedroom
mil and all else nortnlnlng lo n well
fnrnlahed bonae, Muni be "old aa own
ei la leaving tho cltj Rohei 1 Inco,
oare Nelaon llntilwnrn Co,, Honae ii
'iiinileil on lots HI nnil I'., hh' li 1)8
Mill Btieet,
lilt BARBER, heiiii.t Iuik opened
on offloe with Dr Morrlaon, drown
uml bridge work 11 ipeolnlty,
1 You are Pretty I
lii-uie vein- life
Hard to convince if one trial here does not
satisfactorily show you that il always pays
to trade at the
Red Front Grocery
��� ..���..���.. .4.
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure voir house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Amiable,
agent Victor) -M i.treal a d Lquity
Fire Insurance companies.
Navel Oranges 25c. per doz.
Japanese Oranges 75c. per box.
Mushroom Ketchup 115c.    bottle.
Hotels, Restaurants and Hoarding Houses will find it to
heir advantage to get our prices on Tomatoes, Corn, Peas,
aiu.1 Beans before buying elsewhere.
Morrison & Caldwell.
W The Red Front Telephone 134.
Great Reduction!
|<mm $9.65 P^ Ton
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8 C.W.WEST & CO.
TK.l.H'UONE 88.
'���amain sal.
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A Piano thai improves under
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Day Books,
Office Supplies.
A Piano that has not only-
won a reputation, but a Piano
that is constantly accentuating that reputation, nothing
being left undone by its
makers to advance the ln-
instrumeut musically nnd to
keep up the high standard
IMU CO.,M.ic"A- ���SSEB' Ma��^'
New and Important
lUMimr's ":_SI)II Miles Aeinss Cani'ila."
Price 11.60.
Delivered to an any poi it on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
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(NC;ORPORATF'*�� -97^,
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelsou.
Telephone 18,
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., L.Mrmi.-i-oni.T v.,-
nun ami Undor Slrcclh. Nelson, niiiiui-
laowrora or uml whuleaals dealora In aaratod
watonand (rail lyrup*. ijnli'imuulu for llui-
oyon gprlngn mlnoral water.
��� ,n. .M. V.11111111111H, uiHM.t, Urery Known
nino'i of sou drinks. P, 0. Box US. 'lVki-
phoooNo SI. HoovorStreet, Nelson liuiilns
uf lhe h'uiiioiis bt. l*on llol SiiriiiL-s .Mliirrul
Mill at PILOT P,AY.
Yanls, NKLSON and L.VRDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Hoard uml Inntructlon III Assiiyii,���, nil for
I im-i nty-six ilollnr- pormonth,
!   Wrlio to the Principal,
New Wesiniinsler.
I   All rlnssc!- of learning may lie lnnl In this,
��� lie only Toll- kh of il- kind in Hie Wesl.
_ _. .     ���	
Nelson Employment Agencv
Thren nxperlenuetl QlrUfor Lnundry.
tiirls fur lionsework,
Qlrl for Store,   Nnrne Qlrl,
J. H. LOVE. Apt      Baker
HJ. EVANS Ul _0.-H__nr_ireel. Nel
���    KOtl, ivlio.esaledeiliel's ill liijilO ���-, I'lK'U's
cement, lire n iek and lire el iy, water pipe and
steel rails anil ���' ll.-ral coiillnissioli incii li.uil..
l.lMIIKli.     I'rnlll   .-3,1-Oel.   Aetsuii,   ivnole-
1111,1 nay
lorm und
u-.v i:
no,;;: sit";:;- ,-���;,."-, :��.,��"��,���: ffl ���F _____ ?!_��_____ "'.';���,.;';,
UVa ati.l h'ltrn now, obOapST Uiun to.. n> "
A MACDONALD & CO -Ooraor Ver
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urn . rs and Jotibers 111 bliitlkttUj, Kioves, init'.s,
liools,   robbel-n,  iinieKillaWs and miners' sun-
P BURNS A CO   '".iMT.si.eei, Nelson,
m   ---11  1,   .. 1.-   dealers in fiosli and cured
iiinalo,  O-ld.torage.
-li.iiicr Btreet, .Nelson.   \1 liuiur4iiuilc.il-
I ers in fro li and cincd inuals.
lliiusi'  mul  lut   f i' pale,  close ii
imsiiii'ss piii'i nf city,   Prloo .2,000.
l.lMliKli linker oiiuul, Nelson, wholesale dealers in hardware and intnii'K auppilen,
lilninlicrs'iuid linsiiilln's supplies.
salt' 1 amis ana oils.
Nelson Gleaning and Dyeing IT0^^���^^^ ASS
���p  ,   ...  , -��        r    wholesale dealon In Ubuura olKara umt dry
a   1,   uilm. ,.,, ., wa, iteoaudUainary Mrewln_ .0. of t:al_aty.
^. 11. l'i 1,1! I; li, I'l-nn.
' 1IU15
GEO. SKA L iER & CO ''atli,'s'and r,0",s'(M^^^ \ HU���2X".S8&*��"��&��
Hi      nunruinn I ' " dyed, altered and repaired.
30 CiJ\,160.62 Brodway,   New York
"""""'l,rk" '' �������*�����     I Y GRIFFIN A CO-   0or_o.  v,,,,,",
1 tJ-    and ,l.ise|,hlno rlreels. Nelson, wholi
dealers 111 provlsiuns,ciinul meals, miller and
1 bo made through auooulallo-i win, doi	
" "i|iinii) ilo[Iai>|up�� - '
Fraternity  Hall
lur llnkci'.V liiiiil,,,,,, M|n,
fv ,.��        I 1 iof{:mirl|lliiii> , loll, us" 1,�����,,!,. |���... ,���:r ,',,,, lorllnhrrAB a.  HI n.
KOntlATl  *_   |n"|rirA\f(f.n il,m,','l,l,,',>vl,r'|l'mMl''1'1'-xl'l'1'''i:'- ' wnlwrented ror Ouncerte, Loetures
)\ .  I     .1   I       llllll til     The��roati'sifiiriiii,.'��ii-,i',.i,,vi,ii,iideii,n,iii.h pMJtw, lliiiii|iiils mul ivmy hind ot en
i/vuuvu _���  iui-ji"! vu|, iiiniiohs 111 siocks, wiie.u ���r r,  i ni iiinin-in.   Good ante-rn ���, oloal
Safety Fuse
If you are inlerealed i" know bow ipoonln.
As   Supplied    British   Admiralty
White Countered
G-utta Percha.
I lions oro conducted notify in nud wo will sond   'iialii'il
yon ii.fni'iiuiiii.ii nml innrkel letter free of I
1   r-uiil I'otiiiiilssioiis oharged for oxooittlna
1 ordon.
I,,,,i-rniiii" 1, mini lnnl   and
Imn,is.mul,uinn f>in>l>lnid on nppl
1 inireliase. sale or OXl li.mii,'.
t-ooniB, Kltchon nnil dining room I'm-
MILLS, i.iMiTiu loinei- hioiit and
II,ill Blroem, Nnlson. inaiiilliietili'ci's uf ami
wliiileHalediiiilcrsllisiiBliai.il doors; nil kinds
of lueioi-y work inailc lo order.
For term, apply
I'll. B. 0. ARTHUR CJlbv
V he,- .luseolilne anil llall'.-|- 8I1LCIS. AKis.
for Dalelii.n llaruido and Wollunil AoetJ'II ""
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A. R. BARROW, a.m.lce.
Will Not Crack or Break.
I'oi-nci- Vlotorla uml Kuoleliay 8U.
1'. o. lios run. Tolophono No. M
Absolutely .afe In all weather
> (1
a ?__-l'_,U_-RISTIEiWAT'5'���"��'"-ERS  ft��'ta���l Lan"Surveyor,
GENERAL BROKER     _-,__���  , _,,.
r,.  , ., , . GAS "ni1 OIL ENGINES,
Fire, Life, and Accident Ins iFLEXIBI-E metallic tubing, .
Collections Solicited.
BRAI.EY ill uric
Uakoi Btroot,
Minimizes    iisl;    Iinili    lirinj;   It, ���
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your denier for them.
Manufactured by
William Bennett Sons k Co.
1. .null.mi in-, Cornwall, Bngland.
Qonorol Agonl for Otnn liu
Bkltoom Roup
 in iimi-
I Or to I'-Kuin-sHiiN- ,v fiiiii-iH.Viiiieimvei'
-'���'-���������" j estimates,   plans,   reports.
1 �� n, 1   l.uu   win,   ;
.Ml c.Mla -mill I'll,   .     .
I lllllllll   II, II  ,
 lli'X Ml,    I'll,
t! nm
p. �����. ��.m 1 ����� v, k, eimiEim
Civil   EnRineera   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
I", II, llox I I.I N'olHOn. H ''���
Nki-uin, 11. r.
*    lliillilll'       I    lla|   Shool   I'Mlldlli-led   liv
'   '��� '      "I    -I   -In 'I'll of  1'O.ICO      ll |..  . 1,1       ������
iiiMiaiii. ,���i,���,,,iMm,i���,i.1,,,,  ,,,,,' ivirs.
'I f-lhfl   l'l'-l   l'-lillllll,ll    'ttUIIH III
V,^ i " "  ion ' 1
.  'J I"''"i'i i' "f -ln.lv 'lull I lliof I ���
' l   ���"���  '"-I";,' f 'i nu, m, Knu   1,
"',' ,    mi 1 ,,,-m,    11 _,.0R|������
' '.,""���.: H'Ih "l"l lypowrlthiK,   Helem-oi   111 ,
1,1 ,"   ,i'""   nnd  Inmniii uii llrawliiu
��� i'.   Plain and An Keodloworii: Callnihoiil 5
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Palr|ier,    E**c"
LAWRENCE  HARDWARE CO. ' K^rtor_u._ndpartiouiai.appirtothoBiiter
Illulrll,,,! !.,���      ......... Hll, ,i,l-l, >>-
Hi    11,1,',! 111!'     Altl'lll-,
Private Hospital Chimney Sweeping'
Ollice, Ward St, opp. Opera ll"""'c
'" v' <- Hurry'ilatoroaldoneo,
lliiine Adillllon,
1 ______________���____���
Tliey"ovo Bought "ut 0. Q   Giiffln aud
and Will Start Necessary Buildings at Once.
Nelson's position as  the  undisputed
commercial  und    railroad    centre  of
_0���thein British Columbia is now reo-
',���li/,,l not only in this  Province   but
,,.,, iu .astern   Canada.    In   addition
t0 her other advantages, Nelson is also
becoming   n   manufacturing   centre,
though of course such industries nre ns
.et it. their infancy in this new coun-
,1V    The most   reoent  move  in   this
rlireotian   is   tho  establishment  ot  a
lor��e powder manufantory hero   Mi.O.
q orifflu,   undir  nume of tho Oniiiu'a
pow(-er Companyhas for some time past
,.,,, mauufnoturing dynamite for min
ing and  railroad  purposes  here  at a
spot opposite five Mite Point. Though
doing a good business Mr.   Griffin  has
been  npornting   on    a  comparatively
small scale, and yesterday  sold out his
business to a   more powerful  concern,
the Ontario Powder  Works  Company,
of Kingston, Ont,    Mr. Daniel Smith,
who bns had 2fl   years  of practical ex-
porience  of  which 14 were   with   the
Hamilton Powder Company,   is mnnn-
ret of the company  and  his partner,
Mr. C A. Maopheraon, looks alter the
linnncial end of the concern.    Mr. Mc-
Pherson hns hnd 11 years experience in
the powder business.
Mr 0, C. Griffin, who is a print i-
cnl min m all departments of the bus-
Iness, will be retained In the employ
ol tlm Ontario Powder Works.
Mr. Smith was interviewed yesterday bv a Miner representative hh to
his projects here.   He snid :
"Yes. We have bought nut Ml".
Griffln and the papers were signed this
morning, We will start the erection
of tin- necessary buildings at once on
tho shore of  Knnlenay  Lake, opposite
Five Mile Pnillt, the site njw occupied
iv the Canada Powder Company, Mr.
(.wlnn's business    Tho liuildiiinH will
i, instructed   by day labor from  my
own designs. They will oonslst, for
the present Of a warehouse, SMlBO, a
nitrating building 16x40, and an engine room nf the same dimensions,
mngar.lncs, t tn,   The    pack   house al-
that a car containing dynamite had
beeu attached to the passenger train.
He nlso snid lhal the passengers hnd
complained to the conductor about it.
The storv seemed improbable, hut inquiry wns made yesterday of the Customs authorities nud il appeared thnt
tho car in question contained mixed
merchandise, chiefly oranges and lem-
ons. but no dynamite. The passengers
were probably victims uf n somewhat
���enseless practical ]oke.
Tli.' concert in Hnsslnud in nid of
the Mansion House Fund on Thursday
night netted {800.10,nearly ns muoh ns
the Nelson concert. The entertain-
ment, whioh wns given by local nnin-
leui talent, was repcat'd last uiidit
in aid of The Sisters' Hospital. The
Miner was connected wiih the concert
room hy 'phono for a while, and the
entertainment Boomed o.rtainlv to deserve the success it attained.
���I-      4-
Hoy Kee was a desolate looking
Chinaman when be appeared at lhe
City Hall yesterday morning to ask
for a warrant for nssuolt again Bt a
compntriot rejoining in thn name of
Wong None He had a badly burned
head and band aud his clothes were
torn, all of which damage he claimed
was inflicted by the aforesaid Nong.
The chief subsequently arrested Nunc,
who will be tried this morning, Sumo
ot the delinquent's frnnds afterwards
tried to get. him nut on bail, claiming
that Nong and Kee "only playee-
plnvee, alleo saniee boys," but Police
Magistrate Crease was obdurate.
The niiimal report of the societies
eonnei'ted with St. Paul's Presbyterian
Chnroh  shows   a   revenue  from  all
iiiics of 14,813 89, In future Mr.
George Kvdd will have tbo control of
tH nich month to provide musical talent [or the chnroh services   MessiB. P.
Lament, .1. Mount aud W. N. Ironsides were elented on the Hoard of
management, Mis. Robertson reported
thnt the Women's Missionary Society
had raised ijms.sri, and Mis. Miller
thnt the Ladies' Aid had paid off the
balance of |800 due on the manse lots.
The school roll showed IHO scholars,
and thn Hoy. R. Frew reported that
the church membership amounted to
H. J.Tilly. L. Matshaiiton, Toronto;
Aii-h. Cameron, Saltan; C. R. Row-
man and wife, Thomas 11. Burnett,
Vancouver; E. J, Molntyre, Niagara;
Charles C. Griffin, Ontario Powder
: -m
Inspector of Public Schools Bums
Makes His Annual Report.
Thu Twenty-eighth Annual Report
nf the Publio Schools of Hritish Columbia has been issued. Of the shcools
in bis District Inspector Burns, of
Nelson, says in part; "In consequence
of the establishment of additional
schools in outlying districts, it will
sunn be impossible to visit tbem all
annually.and I would, therefore, bring
Ladies' Underskhts from 25 Cents up.
Good Black or Navy Blue Top Skirts from $4.00 up.
25 per cent, cut on any Blouse in the Store.
-r_r-?�����*������?,. .��r-r��r-?,t*,t���?,? *(?���*���_!���
Perfect Satisfaction or Money
f Houston Block
Nelson, B. C.
rend) there will he utilized by us, mid j beforehand to your notice thn nece
,1, .,;,,, hnildings will be increasfd sity thai must shoitly arise either for
as the demands of the tr.nl.- require. L division of this Inspectorate, or loi
Tlm machinery, which cornea chiefly the appointment ot an As-istant Iu-
���  , treal lind Kingston, hns been soector. in order thai  the work of su-
,TV     T tTTTTTTTT'tTTTTTT    ���?-��    T        T        T        T       .T        T        T        T        T        T        T        T        T        T        T        T    ^JT";
tiurchnsud and is ou the road, aud we|porvislon may be done efficiently. As
,._,,.-t io be turning mil powder iu j ��� large p.rcentnga of the teachers em-
���l,m,l ,,��� months. Our plant will ployed nre without previous experience
havo a capacity of about five tons a in teaching, the ordinary duties ol nn
day which oan be readily inoreased to Inepectoi in visiting schools nndei
N Jen ,t needed, charge of such teachers are  materially
"i mv Kingston plant has a  capacity ; inoreased by the need of actual mstroo-
nf about five tons   a  day, and we have ; 11_.11   uml   Illustration   in  niethoiis  of
OF Abb-
.. men on our pay roll A similar
number will be employed here. About
i tirei I hnve nothing to say, except
that thoy will bo reasonable. As to the
powder, it Will speak for itself when,
 r tested,
"Iiiiii going east in a day or two.
nnd, mi my return, will oren an office
in Nil-nil of which Mr. C. A. Mao-
I'liii-snti's brother will be in charge.
1 ahull he mi the road most of the
i ns I (thnll   have the Kingston   ns
Well a- thu Nelsou works under my
Mr. Smith a-hhil f- at since coming
In ti ho ha i ii.nn I the powder markot
about iwint ns Inrgo as be bad expi ct
i I, niid tlm
nl there was a splendid opening  hen
teaching and conducting tbe school to
the greatest advantage Until all onr
teachers are compelled to have Normal
School training, it is evidently au important part of the Inspector's duly
to do litis work ns much as possible,
lint it can only be lone at Ihn expense
of considerable loss of time.
"I have found, ivith few exceptions,
the teachers striving   to do   their best
frequently undor great disadvantages
The most   prominent   nC   those   hind
raucas nre,   the constant removnl of
pupils from one  District   to  another;
the carelessness   anil   Indifference of
parents in regard to the ohll.ireii's al
ti nl nice,    since   any   cause,   however
inter Shoes
Lined   Slippers
Continual, until thoy nre nil roT___  Coma
early and gel tho bc-s. holeotlon.
igbt thut (-VorythiiiR abow- trivinl, ia oouhitlered  to  bo Bnffloient
Mr !���'. .1 Flnnoane, manager of the
Rank ol Montreal in Greenwood, is iu
Hi" City,
ii. McArtbnr & Co., yesterday rati n carload of fancy chaiis and
ilnskd from the East,
1 Chinese missionary iH expected in
'-' i .,'xi month to take up missionary woil; among  his coiinlryniun here.
The nhalu gang was very profitably
employed yesterday in clearing the no-
cntnulntod mud off the  Vornon  Btreel
:,WWvvvv/^.v*-.vw^^ |
| Tlie Highest Priced Wine in tlie Market
Sold retail at the same rates as the ordinary standard wines.
! Veuve Clicquot Champagne���^
Knot may Agt. Nelson
TllO air _ol chilly  yesterday evening
mill au old timer predicted the iinined
���al Iveill   of a cold spell.    It is to be
hoped his prophecy will conic true.
Mr . T.    ,1.    McCainninn,     of     Del
''     grocery store, bus been   taken
11 with typhoid fever, and was rentov.
1,1 tn tlm Kootenay Lake General Hos-
lninl yesterday,
I'll-Ul i wood Hockey   Club   pln.yH
the Kosalund Victorias today, and th:'
'���'   land   Hookey   Club  is sohednled
Jinn   In   play   the     Nelson      Lacrosse
Uuekey team, but unfortunntely   there
is no leu
The wel and soft v outlier   has made
Utliiier mi,ei so miry, that it has be-
 ' Impassable [or tennis     Yi'Mlei'dny
u-ant; of ten or fifteen men wen senl
"a to On what was nossiblo towards
'wing ll up,
Acting (loid c"iiimiHHilnner  Qoepel
lei'day   lusiied  oeriiflofntes of Im-
i'i"',iiei.iii��� |nr ||,���  May Flower, Lake
"jaw and Unwii city mineral claims,
i'tUlltotl li| tin, hem of Kokanie t'liu'li.
!   " i"",' Hun belong   to   tlm Kokanie
"  "i' ' orapany, of Vancouver.
"" t'lmrsdny evening  n gentleman
hnd I n n pnsseiiger   on   tbaf af-
1 iii'ii'ii s iiM,a irmn  Northport  oame
'" '"" Miner offloe ami oomplained
reason for keeping pupils Hon sohool
for days in even weeks, and the nil-
Willingness of trustees in several assisted schools   to simply Hie   nn.essary
school requisites and accommodations.
"In several schools 1 have found the
pupils   promoted  nt rdlng  to limit-
ability merely to rend   and write, and
without any regard to tboii advancement in other Mihji.cts. lleuce, when
thev try Ibe High School enlrance e\-
aiiiinaliou there is nothing pnssihle
but a lamentable failure. It would be
will for teachers tu bear in lniml that
a knowledge of every branch is requisite for a complete education, In concluding these general remarks, I would
say that it has been my constant endeavor to impress on Ibe ���eaehers
whom I hnve visited that their chief
aim must be tnj give their pupils a
pracliciil education, and 1 have desired
them to cany lliis thought Into the
teaching of every subject in tho curriculum. "
Turner Beeton& Co.
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Illn-i-.i! Ina
KAM.ll S Ml"" \N  BAILV AN
Bank of
_ ,    _ ~.    , ,    , INTRKI-ATIONAL NAV. __ tiuui, uu
British  Columbia,""" 12Ses * B��8^""
L,liUJ,*,u        vyW-tiAixxMi-u..     Paisongor train ror Sandon and way atotli
WT1T (.All -OftVOII    IvuhIk   nl   K w, in.,   il.illy.     Ucltirnli
NELSON. '��� ��� '���
'RmIo "it T-. mTTelbr.   '""'."V-'l.T,;
sio.iioii iii hi'' I'-'"., inivlng ��t Ks lo
Persons wishing to purchase
tt very fine Watch are coi
dially Invited to visit 1 at-
bnaudb Bros'. ��t��WI��h-
ment. Watches ol a" the
best Swiss and American
manufactures are represent-
Kxport Watch Repairing a Specialty
Patenaude Bros.
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
_._^_ . ���������-��� ��� ��� ���-^.V*'
Branch Market*, iu Roitsland. Trail, Nelson, Ka_lo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan   City,
Orders by mill to UJ> ��r.nch wHI Have Mfrtu! und prompt. UentKin.
jcYkau, cu.
iu """��� .<�������>.�� ,..1,,-,... mm
, ut :i..',i"i ti.in.
Is now prepared lo issue    "J-iiknatmnai, nav. & thai;, co,
i      i OpomUngon Kootontv; i_jikon.ii>i Kivor
** -"" **-- Sir. .������Intiiniiitidiml' Iqavon Koalo for NolnQn
ni ii a. in, dolly QXOOpI Bund&yi tluUiriiln-.;.
lciivcrt Ni'i-nii ai I.:, i p.ui., ciiiiiio: iii Balfour,
niot Bay, A.hnwort-1 and nil v.uy imititn. Uon
neota with Mir. "A-boita" to and froir Mom
ner'i furry, Idaho, also with h. i>'. & N. to and
from Bpoftn ii KlveMUo Point.
hit Alberta" t_eavo_ nelson for Bonnor'i
Korry, Tuoadayi and rjatordayn at 7 a.m���
iih-i'IImk Bleamer "lntornallonal" fiom (.n lo
:it I'lioi Bay,
Eteturnlng, loavon Bonnor'd Ferry ut k , mi
\\ i-'iiM'-iiuy* and Bund ay a,
hliiMi oonneeUonn inane nt Bonnoi    r*crrj
wiih Qroal Ntiiiiit'.ni Kiiilwuy (mi* all pi
.mul, mul Wi   I.
Hir, "International" loavu** Kaalo fur I   rdo
and ,\r__"i'in ni B,_0p,m, Wedneedayi and Krl
unrHu  du>-.   Btr, "Alborta   leavei  Kaelo for l_ardo
rj .[..I w   i-ni' Argentaai B_00p.m.Bund _) .
iiteameni oall   il prlnolpo) laiidlngn In i'-1*!
d I recti on i,and al ntnoi polnl    wlion nlgn    - d
Tlokei    old lo all point* In Canada and Die
United BUiU
To ascertain ratos ann full Lnformalloi     a
* ** ��������-������"  i -   -i
Drafts and   Letters of Credit
s^'on Skaguayf U.S., Atlin, B.
lCM and Dawson City, Yukon
! District.
Oponod hor Kl'Mlorgarton antl Mmarj Koliool
111   ll,."   t  lll'li'.li I    llll't  It       i-llll.ll   UOMtll  MM  'J'l   Jan.
I'Mi'lrnti"- and purl irolai- Apply lo
-,l   tlm   i-i-<lili'iii-i- nf  Mn.   J.  ll. Ilol,, rt-oo,
lllllkl'l-Nll-l'i'l, Wl'hl.
Broweraof l-"in��- imKi
Boor nml  I'iii'trr,
Drop i" nnd we nn.
...L. POGUE...
Hanii'im nnil  Baddlory
'Ih.- Iinillnn nhop. I."''
.look. Houl   ��� i"1"1  '': ,
nil   I,mill      lliirin> ���   ' "I
|���,_   ol   1"   '   '""'���' ���������''if'
,11,..     BlnnkoW,     Hnl'.
Vi hlp>,  llrii-lii-. < oinn
i 1.1.-lnry.
l'i i.     il
CalUm      ,,,,,.
Cor. Wnnl  tina   b��mi
��� NELSON WINE 00.,
HIIUKC BBOUKB.     ..iii.utv i-initr.
-.Vii'i'frini-ii' UlnOS.   OOITMP    ''i:l.r.illoi ��� lilt ''
��� Aepoml rn. ���colUiW-tJi; ''
��� i  nn. nny <nun.in> I'
. ii Im ni puUMi
wlion   :���
in in,i-In in
I",, iii-.   l'i.
���i-iHi-.r M,
FHANK   A.  'lAMIll-VN,
Baker Strbbt,
Nki.min NELSON    DALLY   MI-i\E*R, SATURDAY   JANUARY   ap,    igpo
Count  Von    Buelow   Addresses  the Reichstae-
Some Miaundem&ndiug As to What Constitutes Contraband of War���The
Right of Search.
Ferlin..Tan. 19.��� Onnr Vnn Buelow.
the Oermon Forii^n Miuis-er. speak-
ins of the seizure of German steamers,
said todtiv in the Reichstag:
"In the present position oi practical
international law no protest can be -"c-
tained against the arrest of three Ger-
man steamers, either on tho hiph seas
or at Arten. nor against the examination of their papers. On the other
hand, the conveying of the Bondesralh
nnd Heizoa to Dtrtan without adequately founded unspiclon and the discharge of the cargoes of the Bundesrath ami General do not anpeav to have
I e.-n justified hy international law,
'\v, endeavored at the beginning to
induce the British Government to
adopt in reference lo neutral ship*
In,-.mil ior Delngoa Bav that theory of
international law which pn raised the
greatest security for the trade of neutrals daring the war. Great Biitain
��� injected   to  this theory, which   holds
the ilocnment wns drawn np by the
late Turner administration and was filed in a pigi - boli thi ' ��� i ilo-- ���
eminent nnd amhodisd into a statute.
This creat'-'l great amusement iu the
A feature of this afterm on's session
which caused greal sati-fuction was
the refutation of a statement by ex.-
--, iker Higgins. whoa few days ago
Hsplaiu-'i his defection from the Government by saying that he found the
ministry abandoning their pclicv and
seeking a coalitino with the Opposition. Everyone onderstood this to re
fer to tlie overtures which it is well
known were made to Harrv Helmcken
to become Attorney-General. Tbe
Premier at this time ri se and stated
that in any negotiations which he had
with Helmoken it was thoroughly understood that should he enter the cabinet there was to be no deviation from
ihe known policy of the Government.
He asked Helmcken to oorAhorate
him at the time, but the litter failed
ro do so. Today, however, be substantiated th_ Premier's statement so that
Hiccins' alleged reason- frr going tn
the Onnositimi fall n  ihe _.--"iiiid
v. ith a cargo of flour for the Transvaal
government has been taken as a prize
hy tbe British third c'a��s '-miser Pe-
lorus, near the Isluun of Invak. Delngoa Bay, and ha- been sent to Durban
with a  priz" crew on board,
Loudon, Jan.19. ���A Daily Telegraph
disp.ttcb from ���spearman's farm or
camp, as the correspondents now de-
scrib" ir, dealing with Lorn Dv.nd. n
aid's movement tu the west of General
Warren's force, alr.-ady cabled, ��ays:
" His sneceea give-i na control of an
easy entrance to Ladysmith Onr gnus
continue to bombard the Boer lines,
the Boers replying hut feebly. General Warren is   advancing   steadily."
law, soggesting   that   reliel   ine,��sures
sbonld he   introduced  by the Govern-
! ment He advocated placing land aside
! to produce revenue for educational
! purposes, condemned the cancellation
| oi voters'lists at Victoria and New
Westminster, and advocated the build-
] iug np of the north end of Vancouver
| Island.
MePhcrsen (Vaneonvei folbwed,
referring at leugtn to the railway policy of the late Government in regard
tn the Colombia & Western, B. 0.
Southern and Crow's Neat Pass, H.
-cored Colonel Bakei fcr iiii connection
with the Ciow - Nest Coal Company,
and the late Government tor allowing
the Crow's Nest Co. to obtain snob
valuable coal land al a nominal pre..
ami also eharg.-d the late Government
with allowing the. Crow's Neat Coal
Company to pay o lly half  taxes   on  a
London, Jan. in.���The Daily Mail
publishes tbe following dispatch, dated Thursday, from Spearman's   camp:
"It is rumored that the Boe.s have
evacuated Colenso, in order to reinforce their troops here. Heavy gun
tire was heard from Ladysmith this
morning. General Buller's order instructs the raeu to heed the white flags
of the Poets on'v when thev lav down
th' ir arms    I'  -'i-1  i"-t- ns tl
Ladysmith. Jan. IT. via Spearman's
Camp, Jan. 1ft.���Everything is quiet.
The position is unchanged and there
i:- very little bombardment. The welcome sound of the gnus of the relief
columns wus heard yesterday from Colenso and Springfield. The heat is ic-
tense but there i< no increase of sick-
net*. I**���"
painters and
i-ikim: h
r\nn>    Q_A I
tu*  ripidly lucre ising In
Buil<i-r-win flnd it  t
fl_nir- wiih Rp-tl.fv __ V-<
th"ir n'iv ��� ���
��� rn PRlnilrttf,
Atlantic S. S.
Lines I j
F'nn   l-ir'l
A; ,,ii i in   "Nuuil- an" . .
Allan Lii.o   L'aufornt ,u-	
Dominion 'ine  "Humii ton"	
Domiuieii Line.  "C'uiiibiouiiin".
Krom N,-u
White Slur Line "O-eani."	
North German Llojil "l-oh-,"   . . ..
liurieaii Uu" "N- w York"
H.-.1 st.-.r  Line "Krie-UiHl"	
Ciiuard Line "-.-run-'"	
��� iiclior Une " K ii p; ���'
Allan State Line -Stat-of Sebr-.t-k.,'
C'uuard Line "CampanUi*'    - ���
Pa-v-age- iirninged to aD't (ri)Ul ail European
points.   For rates, ticket.- and full information
I aopljtoC.P. R, depot ag'-nt or (_'  E.  Beanie)
City Passengei Agent, Nel-nn, B.r
\\". P. F. CUMMIXQS".
ftenfirHl   \tfen!   ��    H   tt   I'Hi,--,    vl'lnnlrfg
J.ll      "
Jan 2
,ia- -.-:
Feb.   a
.I.ui Jl
Jail -Ji
Jan JO
.la . 3u
Jan. 2j
Jan. -j;
an) lea
Put   up
,1  ihe
mil   i   lb  packages,    Once
quality is  far
i ea iu a low
used   always
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
**,.-  |
- -
ft #-�� T
'5 !
'\ V
tbat goods on neutral vessels consigned j valuation of ."  whereas they had
from a  neutral port to a neutral port I a capital of over $3,000,000.   Col. Ba-
are never coutrband.    We left the mat- ' _er WCJ-ainen*   that   the company   had
ter open for future  discussion   because None  nothing  wrong    in   purchasing
it was  impoitimt   to us to practically  land   at   |1   per   acre, that   being tbe
settle the existing  point.- ot difference Gorerntneoi piice,
and because the theory i_ not yet   nni-      un division which   followed the ad-
versally   recognizer]." The   standpoint  dreee ��* fplJ '"" the speech it was car-
which  we  have adopted in regard  to ned by the Government, 18 to IU, Mnr-
the  confiscation   of our ship" Is  based  tin being absent
ou tbis conception   of the law, which,     Irving (Uassisi   is  abont  to  -    ,-
we as-nrne, coincides with the general on the Alien   Exclusion law  and  ��<k
interpretation of the civilized world.     for ita iepeal.   Brydon  will  al��   ad-
""Taking   np this   standpoint    we drat the   Hi n--  on   the   Coal  Mines
foithwitb lodged  a  strong protest in Regulation Act    Seemingly ths
London against the   proceedings of th- ��� be an all night session,
British naval officers.    We  demanded:1    Ou the conclusion   of   Baker-
Firstly, the  immediate  release  of the ��o MoPberson. tbe question of the pre-
Bundesrath  Herzog and General.    The I tantation of  the addr^ s wa- pnt   and
The ore shipped over the Kaslo &
Slocan railway for the year 1889 was
."i.700,2_4 Donnds, which i-hows a de-
��� r,'as* of 16,609,891 from that of 1898,
say- the Kaslo Kootenaian. This decrease can only be accounted for by the
,-rtect which the Fight-Hour law had
in the closing ot the mines, for the
first five months the shipments were
equally as good and for some months
bettei than in 1898, but -inoe May ihe
output has been very small. The exports of the ore cleared at the port of
Kaslo lis- a'.i-o fallen iu vale  to   .!:;,-
Capital Mil L'p, $1,500,000,
Reserve, Sl,2.*.o.ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
lieneial Banking Business '.ransacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, i.uers of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Vienna. Jau 19.���Emperor Francis
Joseph today aoccpted the resignation
of the Ministry "t Lit Von Wittek.and
entrusted  to   Dr    Von Koerber,   whn
was Minister of the Interior in the
Claiy administration, the task of
forming a new Ministry.
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
First l Ins- S eepers on all trains from
TOURIST C-VRS pass Mi-dicine Hat;
[daily lor St. Baal, Sundays and  Wednesdays  for    Toronto,    Fridays    furl
| Montreal and Boston.
Same cats pass Revelstoke one day j
: earlier
To acd from Kobson, Rossland.
: Ex. Sno. Ex. Sun.
I  8.00 Lv. NELSON Atr.ll.4n
18.40 Lv.ilaily NELSON daily A_T._2.10
Morning train .-.iinei-tsfm-nil points! Large number Choice Building   Lots  adjacent   to   the
in Bufsdarv corsi'KY. ! line of their Tramwav.    For price and terms of sale   apply
evening train  cmiuect-s t,, nnd from i        ,        ���. ...     ��' mi        i i   ni     i      r* .
Main Line and points north, and (ex. at the office of the Company, .Macdonald Block,   Corner ot
OTD-Jtky*"P��taU to B0CNUAR1f Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
Daily. Str. Movie Daily,
__.0_ Lv. NELSON        Arr. 17.20
Oonnects   Kootenay    I_iniliug   _ith
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Intprest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Nelson ElectricTramway Co. Ltd
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
latter  two  -were   itleased  yesterday.
Secondly,compensation for the nnjtiet- i
ified deteution   aud   losses  therefrom.
The dnty of compensation has bean ad- j
mined in principle and  Gieat Britain
ban  declared    her  readines-   to   Rivej
all   legitimate   satisfaction.    Thiidiv, !
v.-.- laid stre��i on the nece-tity ot in j
strocting the Bnti-h navnl ofDoera not
to molest  German  vessels  cut��ide  of
tbe vicinity of tbe seat of war, I
ally from Aden northvrarda, and Great
Britain ha* given instrocti"ni- tbronah
which tbe stoppage   of vessels and th-
search of vessels will  not   be ei.
at Aden  or   a  -irailar  distance   from
the .-eat of war.    Fonrthly. w ��� |   Inted
out tbe high desirability of  not   stopping German mail steamers, and Great
Britaiu   issoed   instructions  that snch
Teasels  shall   not be stopped or "--an b-
nl on   mere  suspicion     The   instrnc
lions  lemait.   in   force until other ar
rangemeiits are reached.    Fifthly,   we
have proposed that all cout, nti'.n�� and
iincsti'in* li"t "therwis^ settled -ball be
submitted to an arbitration tribunal to
be promptly  -rauntoaad.   Oreal
ain ex; re--i"d th" bopt Ihat   arbitrutoi-
would nut be re,|nir-d,bnt declan-l her
williniine���  fur arbitration  In ordei
to as-_-ss the claims for riamiig'��    I'm
ally, the British   Governnieiit   baa u
pre���ed   its   regret   fnr   the    Incident!
which have OOUUIN-
Th.s    In-t    -tatement   cansed   loud
ih "iing in the Boom
carried. Then ih' main qneation of
the tpeech wa< pnt, read hr-r. s.-.-ond
and third time mid curried a- a whole.
notwitbstandini i ��of ihe np-
- ���: n, -whoclaimed it ihcnld be pot
"lac-e by clause.   The Speaker di
against them and a* number of  mem
isof tbi .       .-     them-
- iv- i vigor - -.    P   I ������" - Ing  -    ;-ir
us to suggest t'u.it th-y l-.iv ��� ti-.,  B
in a body to ib �� tbeii ��� lea] pn ������ il.
A  ] ".ine��l nt 19 A'i tn X ai it
Toronto,    Ont.,   Jan.     19.���E.     L
Dickenson,    barriitar,   of   Wingbam,
was ncmiuated  for the Commons bT
the Conservative cf   East Huron at  a
convention held in Hrnssels tooay.
Cro-'s Ne-t I'.i.i- ch trains both wavs.
Kx. Ban. S"-.  K- kiiiiee.      Ex. Sun
IOOO Lv. NELSON Air. 11.(0
SatOI-day   to   Aieent��   and return
| leaving Knslo i,t SUk.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Ex. Sun
9.00 Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. 14.41
i is 4
New York, Jau. 19.���At ibe Broadway Athletic C'lob lonigbt "Kid
Broad, of Cleveland, defeated Joe
Bernatern, i i tin- city, m what waa
��� ne ��� f tlie baldest M-round gc-s tbat
������"ti' oh i i.i' ��� in tne clnh house.
For rate- nnd full information rnidres- near
c-it local agent* or
0   K. BEArLKY  Citj- Pa��-engcr Ageni
a W. DIUEW, Agei.i, Nebsn
Trav. H__-s. Aaert.        A  ll. P. ARcr.t
v_i.... -"__**, ���   r
Al.t.   KINDS   OF
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
tn.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street,  Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt a'tention.
V* Vm. i. ���-���- -oond Wed:
\f^ in- ii li.   Vltltlng bret
o. M. A. F. t A
nc-any  in each
��� nued from >
ada.nr-ed t" the attack In akirtniablng
order, followed   by   anppnrta  ami  re-
cur   cavalry    - I    the
;...i E   ���
-��� have ' ��� "ii eon-
it b ot
nri,. larga '��� laf< ���
Qeneral Boller'a advance, mid th.-y
ie m bnrriedy eeaeaated the liter
.. and the .--.-���- op] aita tbe
village and s. .nt. r-i before on, ibrap-
ovl. By evening n ������ of tbi enemj
w.i- ��� ft trltbln ���
Th, l'nti.h fori a then i. torni
Cbievetey "
Hamiltcn. Ont, Jan. 1!�� ���Mrs. John
U t'oiinnr. Of Hainilton. was bejoeath-
ed 110,000 in cash and twenty five
acres of Und in Wilrain_iton, Delegare,
Iy Miss Julia Nel-oo. an aunt.
NKl.-ns    L'I'liK   No     ii.  K.    of I*
Knit U in K. of I>. hall. Oddfv.iow- Wix-k
,.-\,rv    I j.-irti   evumiiK ��I   8  ocliKrk
All -,-;���.in. knights cordiallr   invited
I.. Scott C. C.
O. Joy, K.of K. snd s
COURT KOOTES'AY,   I   0.   F. No.   313S.
no.  2nd .*nj   1th   Ihur-d.iv.  KrHtern&l
ti..l. -i A IrvingC. K.   IV. U.shaw. ll. B,
Qnelph-Ont, Jan, 10.���Robert   tie-
Kim,   BbeTlfl of   Wellington Oonnry,
dnsl today.
���   11 --.red l'nr   Monop-'li-ing Two
Ureal   Department*
BpMial Dispnlch t,, Th.- Munr. i
Victoria. Jan.  IB.���Tbi t3o��etBlBenl
was under fir" thi- nft, rnrnn. th, , m
tor- l-'iug Pooley, late President ,,f tbi
Council. EU-rt". Ib'p Atternev-i lan-
eral. and Harry Helm, ken. the -in- t
rueiuber for   Viotoria.    Tin-   di-:
of Qonall, late Bioviiiciiii librarian,
and i.i Dnit. lata Inap-Otot ol  Mim-
at Nanaimo. wa- OOOdamn
I,i The -n ��� ,-ssiul notation of the
Brltlab    ��� olombla  loan   lo   London,
whii-b has bam M f 'h" poioti upon
whiih i I'tton   pltUDM blmaalf, wns at-
i ti * nod by ti ��� l'".' oa ��� ' 'i
th" machinery under way OO banker*
aud agent" which the lute Torntl
Munstrv Inatltnted In London 0 I
t. n ii!-" ��� .mie in fur attention lot bli
mottopo-iaatlon of the two great department* . f the i ii'V.-riinieiii. that of
finance nnd pnblio Wl rk-
Dnring hi"   speech. l',."l<y. Ibl
I'resi.l, m i I tht I ��� ii'' 11, Ml-   that   In
defend ing lb*   otncvii 11-    LlqOOl     \   ���
wbiob was paseed hy the Bemlin
eruuient. one ol the linvsrnm-1'
niissior.ers of F.si|iiiinalt   dlttrlOl   said
l-indnn. Jnn ." -A dtmpatch to tbe
Daily Telegraob, datad Thursday,
from Bpearaan'a   camp.   ���!���    -.
oi the marob, '.wing la tbe
'inwieldly tinggage column, Including
all tbe tents and (beep over bad r,ad��
in   wit  weather    Tbi
llietl   g' "-S OH   t"  -,
nrriv.,1   in tbe
, tun..
day and Friday ��� ��� md began
the en ��� ��� ��� ���        r-ui 1
ni���!������ Ilnea '; tn a h-�� f"r their ���
which n;ijm- Btlj
tamed from tha   �����-��� bj  mailing tbe
high    ridges   ,,f   tli"    -I r \
i I ��� It   no |
-. ml |f    i'i   t>-.     ��� io " -.  ���
II there is a    ,
foot mill    ������       i
,! i    from   '     "���'!   and    i
Mi DOI N.arlr all Ihi   I
Warr-1 bnt   I ���   o a
li la .eiiaiu'.T _rnnfving to Ihe nob
lie to know of on      ncei    in the land
wl    in i. t afraid to   r,-  noerooa to
II 'i -i.tT.-i iug     The pro] iii
- t Dt   King - N. ��   Dtacovery  f.,i
uglis   and I'uld-. have
_;\, n a way , \. r !��� 11 million trial
'  tbil gte ll . and   have
lhe -iti-f.i'-n, ii , f koowlog it has   allied   tbnoaands  . f    i
Aatbmo,    Bronebltla  H  in
- md ,i,l    di-.-a (   the   Tiiroat,
and  lionga .it. -ur, Iy m,, d i v
1 ii ihe I'nnail.i Drug A;   I'    ,
-   - ���        trial I ottle   li. .���
���   - -i'i*]     Bvety ' ��� ���
"1" .nar.int.-.d. ,r price refund"!
-_"��^^V '��� ��� '- 'Very Moml.iy niKlr
���' ,-    ���'     .-   M ,.!.   K,.',-i. 1}   ---���, -
.S-Journlugi)dd lellow- eordisll) invited.
O Shaw.N.O    Job . -���".���>. v. ii.
i- , : .' - .    r- -. -��� >
NKMON I. ii 1.  " to thi  M ,
Donald   Wocl  even  Thursdsj  ,, ��� i ing at a
clotk     ��� ��� llalll   larlti d
:���ic. \v. M . r. J. Ur,.:..:. R. .-.
M.I.-"\ -   QfEKN    N".   Ill
-,'���.-   nl     i m,i wl.
tlr-r    . l,vy   of
Jf  hall.
jr-    - l-.li]   II  1II-.I.
.lun - wirami Been lary,
NKLSON aitRIE  S     ..   T. O. K
lad fourth W    . |
Visiting   members cordially   u,\.i
-,   n '.,rj.
our sale of
is still going on at 2 one Ih. tins for 25c.
O. Box K and W. Telephone 10. Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
I'llilt'll DIKE-TORY.
Gookina stoves & Ranees
-    -. n| rin a. 11  1
I W'npl  ���       - - ll        ' "in
1 imini"- "' tbe 1-- 1
*' ill .1. . Matllii   .-11 ...ii". .
-���m.l - .
i Matiln- ,��i !���:��' _. m a)
H,,i>   i ommai "n 1 - .��   t:.     fridaya;
I.i . I.-'  s : ^- 1'   in .  folio
N. 1 ���. 1 it,  Kector    Fred Inlm-.
ortnern R v, ���
i-,ii". 111   1 ������' ,   11   1   :,]-: tVard ..     m
���1 - 1 and
. -I< .1 ,T
it7.Ua.rn.   Ilev.   F_th*r rarland R<
Which we are ofteiinirnat
Spokane  Falls <__
Qtrman I ark Uam
Kelson   A.   Fori
Sheppard R v
Red Mountain R'v.
Tl,,   ,���',">    iii ���   ',,Itbnui
��� -1, en   Mela m ., ,1
-nn.- and le nl n !
l.v.   ' * 1 ; SON,  \, S .��� p.m,
Lv, ll _.*��� a in. KOrlMLAND Ai IU0t.ni,
Lt   1161 nt -I'i'Kam: ar.fl 1 ���..-,,
'frnin  that  leave  Nel-nn at H 1', a rr
mnk' ��� ��� i.-cti "ii> al Hisikate f. i
1    .-t Pofota
Pl   -.     ��� - r�� f.- ti, ftl. Iti-rrunil I',' nn !���
���r< i'i, ���-,,-.,I,-. -t et Mare-na with Bla*
II. A.   I M K-tiN, O. IV A TV
S|Kik.ine   Wl t
11. K. TACK .BURY,
AkciiI Nrlsun, II 1
v II lum.
.   ��� I p ID
RtT,  ;:   K.-i
I'i:. -!U .Ull-N t'Hl R| ii
*   -
\w mOOIM     ( r       t    1
11 1 in   mi t.sc
��� ���
l.otwm. I
im. run 1 u. !-��� h
i 1   M
��� 0 dl__ll| ���**.!-
- M \   v    ' I 1 ������      *. ��������� SI \
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Baraain sale t o*


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