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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 27, 1899

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Dail> Edition No. 224.
Nel.on, British Columbia. Friday, January 27,   1S99.
Ninth Ye;
Nelson Skip Still in Everything at Rossland-
A Nelson Lad Won thn Boys'  Ooa*t:ng
Contest���The First Hookey
Rossland, Deo. 88.���(Special)���The
weather was mild today and the iee
sports in connection with the carnival
snffered accordingly. The curleis
had rather u hard time of it, the Nelsou contingent being tbe greatest
sufforers as they have had practically
no practice this winter and certainly
noun on soft iee. W. H. Grant, however, is sustaining his reputation as
one of the best skips in Kootenay nnd
is winning right along. Ho is now
in the last four for the Grand Glial
lenge and meets Beamish today 111 the
semi finals He is also in the semi
finals for the Hudson's Bay trophy
and is still iu the Walkervillo contest.
The All Comers commenced   to play
down for possession of tlie trophy   today and again Grant was tlie only tin
defeated     Nelson   man.    The    scores
Rossland vs All Comers :
Gviramott, of Sandon, beat Russell,
of Nelson, 12 to (1.
Waugh, of Knslo, bent Tamblyn, of
Nelson, II to 5.
Peters OODceded his game to   Grunt.
In the Hudson's Bay Competition,
Hood, of Sfciidou, was beaten by
Waugh, of Kaslo, 1(1 to 11.
Brown, of Revelstoke. defeated
Griminett, of Sandon, 10 to 11.
Grant, of Nelson, beat Carlyle, of
Rossland, 17 to 1
Brown, of Revelstoke, beat Waugh,
of Kaslo,  12 to 6.
The second draw of the Grand Challenge competition   resulted as follows:
Grant, of Nolson, beat Fraser, of
Rossland. Hi to 12.
Beamish, of Rossland, beat Cransto
of Rossland, 12 to 11.
Morkill, of Rossland, beat Smith,
of Rossland, 10 to 2.
Waugh, of Kaslo, beat Hood, of Sandon, 11! to 11.
About 200 visitors from Spokane
arrived today by special trail! and are
putting iu a good time. A large number of people accompaniod the Nelson
Hockey Club which arrived tonight.
Their first game will be tomorrow
evening when they meet the Victoria's
of Rosslaud. Nolson should win. The
team will be:
Goal, Nnnn; point, W. Duncan;
cover, Blackwood ; forwards, Wetinore,
Henderson, Thompson, Perrier. T.
Duncan and B. Archibald accompanied the team as spare men.
In the first match for the hockey
championship this evening Rosslaud
defeated Revelstoke by 7 goals to 2.
Oluus Jeldness won tho ski jumping
ohainpionship of tho Dominion ; Sostal
was second.
In tbe novice ski jumping contest
the winners were Holmes first, uud
Poviiio,   second.
Charles Biloox, a carpenter, had his
leg broken in tho coasting races.
Tom Galon, of Nelson,won tho boys'
coasting race.
Rossland's trouble in regard to election day coming today has been settled.
The Miner of that oity says: Iu order
to do away with any complications tomorrow, when the election for Alderman in the Third Ward had been set,
all of the tour candidates for that
offico resigned in a body. As a consequence uo election need bo held on
that day, aud there will be no difficulty ubout closing the saloons over the
oity during (he carnival.
Tho City Council at its meeting
next Tuesday night will probably ro-
open tho matter by setting a new day
for the receipt of nominations, aud a
time for holding the election if uo candidate be elected by acclamation at tho
time of the nominations.
U. S. Treasury Department is Very
Strict About Personal Baggage.
New York, Jan. 26.���It wns announced yestorday that tho new treasury regulation regarding personal bag
gage would go into effect on February
1. Heretofore wheu persons returned
from abroad have brought with  them
less than $100 worth of personal baggage that had been purchased abroad
it has been customary for tliey not to
declare it at all. Under the order of
Assistant Secretary Howell, however,
passengers returning to the country
must declare every individual article
purohased abroad. A description of
eaeli article must be written ou tho
back ot the declaration by the customs
iu pec tor and submitted to the appraising officer who must fix its value.
The order says that any person failing
to obey this regulation will be held
responsible. It i puanrs to include the
most, insignificant arlicles, such as a
comb, a handkerchief or u shoe Btring.
If the order is c rriod out literally
either the force of inspectors will have
to be increased or passengers will be
delavert manv hours.
London. .Tan. 27.���Tho Madrid correspondent of the Daily Chronicle says:
Senor Melius, the Carlist deputy, who
was expelled from the last Cortes in
May, 1808, for a speech in the Chamber in which be used a scriptural
quotation referring to an unfortunate
nation whose kings are boys, has just
held a reception near Muria. It was
attended by Carlists enough to fill 80
coaches A riot is reported to have taken place atPenaranda do Bracianionte,
ill which a rioter was killed and a
sergeant wounded.
Sir  Matthew   White-Hidley   Says  it is
Better Than a Formal
London, Jan. 20. ���Sir Matthew
White-Ridley, Secretary of Stato for
the Home Department, was the principal spoakor this ovening at a great Unionist demonstration at Blackpool.
Referring to the historical events of
the past year and particularly to the
Hispano-American war, the Home
Secretary said   that while tho absoluie
neutrality of Greut Britain*"had" nt.
been properly appreciated by one of
the contestants, tho English people
had been gratified at the good feeling
which hud arisen between the United
Slates and Great Britain. The results
of the war had been to make the
United States an important factor,
not only in Asiatic but possibly also
in European politics and to bring
America face to face with some nf the
problems and difficulties, which Great
Britain had long experienced.
"This," ho continued "is a serious
event for the great powers of the
world, but it is not likely to bo disadvantageous to the British Empire.
which gladly acknowledges the kindly
svmpathy and the sense of common
objects uow animating alike tho ci ti
zens of Great. Biitian and the United
States aud which feel that the contiu
nance of tho growth of this feeling
must be the peace and prosperity of
the world. The growth of.siieh u feeling is far bettor than lhe formal alliance suggested by somo."
Victims of  the   Paul Jones Oaunot 1 e
New Orleans, La., Jan. 2(i.���L.
Jones, owner of the ill-fated launch
Paul Jones which was lost near Breton
Island about January 6th, with all on
board, aud Mayor Taggart, Indianapolis, whoso daughter was with tlie
party, have returned to this city from
down the river after having made a
Irtiitlcss search for some trace of the
victims of the disaster. They only
found some wreckage, among which is
a part of the stem of the launch. No
neW9 has been received since Saturday
regarding tho tug Dnnllett sent out
in search of Ihe Paul Jones victims
and friends of tho men on board are
greatly alarmed. Violent, storms have
been raging in the section visited by
the tug and it is feared (he boat met
with some mishap,
British     Steamer     Huwksdalo    Goes
to   Pieces.
Margate, England, Jau. 2(1.���Tbe
British ship Ilawkesdale, Oapt, Steele,
from Hamburg for Melbourne, went
ashore today ou Long Sand. The
Margate life boat savod seven of her
crow and tho Clactou-on-Soa life boat
saved 17 more. Three of those who
yy ro on board tho Hawkcsd le, including the pilot, were drowned by the
capsizing of ono of the ship's boats.
She was a steel ship, built at Londonderry in 1800. She registered 17211
tous, hailed from Liverpool and belonged to Iredalo and Porter, of that
m mm
Action on the Peace Treaty
Will Not be Delayed
Generals and Admirals Will be Tried by
Court Martial for Lotting Anieii-
oans Beat Them.
Madrid, Jau. 2C ��� The Cabinet met
this afternoon under the presidency
of the Queen Regent. The absence of
Generul Corea, tbe Minister of War,
was much commented upon and is be-
liered to have been connected with a
Qeoision, not yet divulged, reached by
the supreme military tribunal relative to General Jaudenez, the Spanish
commander, who capitulated at Man
ila. and who has been iu prison since
yesterday, and General Torrnl who
capitulated at Sauitago de Cuba aud
who is absent from Madrid.
The Premier. Senor Sagasta, outlined the Government's intentions relative to the peace treaty Ho said
that information received by the Minister of Foreign Affairs had created
the impression that President McKin-
ley feared the treaty would be defeated in tbe Senate and apprehended au
obstinate resistance upon the part of
the Philippine insurgents against, the
Americans who desire to deprive them
of independence and debase the Spanish Government which nre sufficient
ri asons for the triumph of tho auti-
Annexationists iu the Senate. Therefore, the Premier insisted that the
convention of the Cortes should no
longer be delayed.
The cabinet met again this evening Senor Sagasta presiding. It appears that the evidence before tho
court martial showed that General
Jtudcno-/, had sufficient ammunition
and food to have enabled him to resist longer. The court ordered his arrest whereupon he surrendered himself
attired in civilian dress and accompanied by his sou and several members of
state. General Correa confirmed the
arrest. It is reported that the court,
martial will exonerate General Toral
ou the ground that he acted under superior instructions, but that Admiral
Montojo. who was defeated by Admiral Dewoy at Cuvite, will be tried
for the incompetent condition of his
fleet. Tho newspapers assert also
ihat Admiral Cervera is awaiting his
trial and after that he will not bo able
io lake his seat as a Senator on the
re-assembling of the Cortes.
It is understood that at the cabinet
meeting this evening SenorCasodopou,
Minister of tho Interior, proposed that
tho suspension of the constitutional
guarantee should now increase.
Kossacks Have a Rough   Time Arrest,
ing Striking Workingmon.
London, Jau. 2(i.���The Standard
.publishes the following dispatch from
Moscow: Thore have been serious
striko riots in tho cotton mills in the
St. Petersburg district. The police,
While attempting to raid tho working-
men's bnrracks in order to arrest a
strike ringleader we ���in-ked by the
WOXkingmen, OUl ;. . ...miian being
killed. The Kossacks were then Summoned and they literally stormed the
barracks, lighting thoir wav from floor
to iloor, assailed with bricks and other
missiles and boiling water. The work
men were eventually forced into the
garrets where the Kossacks sovitcIv
flogged Ihem wilh whips and arrested
200. It is said that the Kossacks
flogged men. women and children in
Sail Francisco, Jail 2(1.��� Isador L.
(hoyi ski, father of Joe Chovnski,
the pugilist, is dead. He was 84 years
of a:e. He was editor of a Jewish
paper, Public Opinion,
To What is Duo tlie Present  Situation
in the Philippines
Washington, Jan. 20. ���Tho third day
Of the debate upon the bill for the reorganization of the regular army passed without notable incidents. Its
feature was an hour's spooch by Mr.
QroSvenor, of Ohio, whose utterances
rightly or wrongly, are frequently
supposed to reflect the views of the
Piesident. Mr. Grosvenor declarod
most emphatically that the present sit-
nation of the Philippines was dun to
the open opposition in this country to
the ratification of the Peace Treaty.
He announced that the future of the
islands was a matter for Congress to
decido and for the President to an-
no .nice, a policy which would be for
him to usurp the authority of oongress.
The Joint High Commission
Dealing With it.
It is  Not Thought  Probable   That
Luty  Will be   Cut
in Two.
Washington, Jan. 20.���Tbe High
Joint Commission held a session toduv
and adjourned until Tuesday. The
subcommittee on reciprocity and the
Behring Sea held sessions. Attention
to the lumber feature of the Anglo-
American uegotiatious has beeu renewed by the preseuce here of a number of Michigan lumbermen and public men interested in that industry.
It has led to talk of a compromise ou a
$1 lumber rate and the Canadian
lumbermen anl officials have beeu
hopeful that somo suoh compromise
would bo effeoted. As a preliminary
to this, efforts have been made to
bring thu lumbermen ot Minnesota,
Wisconsin, aud other states to a common understanding ou the compromise. These efforts have been unavailing thus far aud an official conversant
with tho negotiations, statod today
that ho did not think any compromise
was possible. Without it, he said,
the lumber controversy was practically
eliminated from the Anglo-Americans
negotiations. The delegation of tho
Michigan lumbermen who came to
Washington last night to suggest to
the .A.n;i!o-Aniorioan Commission that
a duty of $1 a thousand on Canadian
timber be agreed upon as a compromise in the matter of reciprocity will
hardly succeed in their mission.
Representative Tawuey, of Minnesota, who was associated with the late
Representative Dingley in the consideration of the lumber question, both
in the committee on ways and menus
and in the commission said this even
ing that no compromise of that smt
would be made. These gentlemen, he
said, are owners of pine stumpago in
Canada, now owning uothing iu that
line in the United States. They want
to bring their lumber into tho United
iitates free or at a reduced duty and
made their fight to this end before tho
committee ou ways and means nnd
were defeated. Thoy have exhausted
the timber lands owued by them under
a tariff of $2 and now they want to
Op permitted to turn around and abandon that tariff for their own bonolit.
Their assertion that if the Canadian
logs are not allowed to come in froo or
at the reduced rate, 27 mills on the
eastern coast of Michigan must be
closed has been shown to be falso.
Some of them doubtless will be closed
but not all, or nearly all. "My belief
is," continued Mr. Tuwney, "that tho
Canadians are weakening on (ho proposition to include timber in there reciprocity scheme. Mr. Dingley had
thom whipped in that matter."
Mr. Tawuey continued the report
that the timber question is the only
one remaining to bo settled by fbe
commission and that when an agree
inunt, or an agreement to disagree is
reached, thorn work will practically
be at an end.
A delogntion of Michigan lumbermen, headed by ox-Governor Richard
A. Lovel, of Saginaw, Thus. Pitts, of
Ray Oily and Chas. Mould of Cheboygan, have arrive I here to protest to the
President against the proposed iip-
p liniment of Representative Tawuey
to the vacancy on the Canadian Joint
High Commission oansed by the death
of Representative Dingley. Mr
Tawnoy is well known as an fldvooo ���
of the |S duty on lumber, while Iho
delogntion favors not more than $1 and
they fear Mr. Tnwiiey's appointment
would insure the retention of tho
higher rate in the reciprocity negotiations with Canada,
A Montreal Lawyer .on the Side of
the Aliens.
Victoria, Jan. 24.���There is amplo
Opportunity, according to Frank Weir,
a Montreal lawyor now interested in
Atlin, for alions who already possess
certificates to gel hold of all the claims
thoy want in Atlin under section four
of the act. Hy this section certificates
held on .January lb are valid with ro-
gard to olainis 'recorded' prior to that
date. Therefore, any of the many people in Seattle who had certificates
and bought and recorded claims prii r
to Jannarv 18, can uot be prevented
from working them, for there is nothing in the law to prevent recording a
mere transfer. At, tbe same time, too, j
by dating transfer back to some time
prior to January 18, aliens now holding certificates can evade the law, for
the only persons who could break this
contract would be buyer or seller, and
there is no way of finding out otherwise This pr ictically means that
aliens could, if the present owners
wished to sell, get hold of every claim
in \tlin located before January 18
by being a liltl" n- s.
May Not be a Candidate for
Nails and Screws in a Bag Supposed to
Contain Some Money.
Reading, Pa., Jan. 26.���Herman
Kretz, former superintendent of the
United States mint iu Philadelphia
has been called npou to explain tbe
finding of a bag filled with nails,
screws and pieces of lead in the silver
vaults at the mint at Philadelphia.
The bag wns of tbe precise weight of
:0I1 silver dollars, the amount of silver coin which the weighers at the
mint supposed is to contain. The fact
that it contained sawdust, lead to its
close examination and the discovery
that the original contents had been removed.
Hundred* of Oases and Many Death?, aud
no Effoit Made to
Stop it-
Little Rock, Jau. 2(3.���Dr. N. C.
Dunavaut, president of tho state board
of health, speaking of the smallpox
situation tells of a terrible state of
affairs at Salem, Fultou County. Dr.
Dunavaut yesterday returned from
that place whore he made a thorough
investigation. Ho says that there
have It'h : '."ost 400 pas��s of smallpox
iu the locality within tbe last two
months aud that a number of deaths
have ocenrrod. Ho found people
walking about the streets of tho town
broken out with the disease, pock
marked and pitted and others falling
ill every day. The local physicians
contend that the disease was not smallpox and little effort had been made to
check its ravages. As a result the
disease has become scattered along the
lino of ihe Memphis and Fort Scott
and Cotton belt railways and many
neighboring towns are uow infected.
The disenso was first brought to Fultou country about two months go by
returned soldiers.
There is no Improvement in tlie
Colon aud Panama Strikes.
Colon, Colombia. Jan. 20.���Matters
in connection with the strike of dock
mon aud railway employoos bore and
at PauamaJJaro growing worse, rather
than hotter. The steamer Allianco,
which arrived hero last Tuesday is lying idle and all business is paralyzed.
There have been no freight trains from
Panama today. Several Panama laborers, who wero recently brought to
Colon to join the strike have returned
to Panama. This afternoon a deputation of Panama strikers arrived at
Colon with a view of strengthening
the mutual olainis. The militia weie
ordered to charge a mob of Spaniards
attempting to prevent passenger trains
from leaving Panama. Police nre
riding on all tho switch engines.
Former Attorney   General   Garland of
tho U. S. Drops Dead.
Washington, Jan. 20.���Former Attorney General Augustus H. Oarlaud,
was stricken with apoplexy whilo addressing the United States Supremo
Court at 12 :25 o'clock this afternoon
and died within ten minutes. The
blow came unexpectedly, changing the
usual calm and dignity of the court
into temporary confusion when tho dying man was carried from the chnni-
iier in a futile effort to alleviate his
condition. Mr. Garland had just re-j
slimed an argument iu a case which
had begun yesterday. He had read |
from a law volume and had Followed
with the sentence: "This, your honors, is our contention," whu.i the fu-
tal stroke came.
A Government Vouoher Accepted al
Hume Hotel for Board of a Government 0ffiei.il
Victoria, Jau. 20.���Hon. J. Fnd
Hume, Provincial Secretary, is tLe
latest member of the Proviuoial Legislature to resign his seat. Just before
tbe rising of the Legislature today the
Speaker announced that he had received tbe resignation, tendered, it
wis said, because Mr. Hume had become disqualified by a sale from In.,
store to a Government official. The resignation was banded iu ou Wednesday.
Mr. Hume will retain his pjrtfolio
for  a time at least.
The announcement of Mr. Hume's
resignation will not oome wholly as a
surprise to the electors of Nelson. It
has been understood fur several days
chat be was disqualified, but not because of a sale made from a store to a
Government ofUoial. The disqualification is said to arise from the fact thai
a Government voucher was nccepie.".
tor board at tho Hume hotel from a
Government official. Whatever the
cause mav be, however, the fact re-
minus that Mr. Hume has resigned
and that within the next 80 days,
probably, tho electors of the Nrlsi n
Riding of Wei Ki..:tenay will be. culled  upon to chose his successor.
The Miner was informed last niglil.
upon what appears to be good author
itv, that Mr. Hume would not be a
candidate for re-eloction; that he had
determined to go into business in tho
Atliu district and that he had, iu
fact, already made preparations for removal. From another source, how ���
ever, it was learned that Mr. Hume
would certainly be a candidate. There
are two stories aud readers may take
ho:r choice.
Hat Portage Boy Doesn't Show Up
Well at Poughkeepsie.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., Jnn. 20.���The
throe events ou the opeuing days programme of tbe National Championship
Skating races brought out some fine
sport although a soft track prevented
very fast time being made.
Wm. H. Robinson, manager of the
races, says that tbe National Skating
Association has uever got togetlisr a
finer lot of amateur s than are enteren
in these races aud certainly every raie
this afteriinon was an interesting contest. Then, too, the men are to be
evonly matched which was uot the
ease Inst year when McCulloch, the
Canadian, skated away with nearly
all the prizes. McCulloch has a pupil
in the person of Bollefenill, of Rat
Portage, of whom considerable was
expoted, but ho failed to do better
thau qualify tn the live hundred metre
race. Tho feature of this race was
a snappy contest between Thomas, of
Newburg, and McPartland of the New-
York Athleie Club, for first place,
which was won by Thomas by only
three feet. It was a winning day for
Ihe Newburg contingent and the rooters of that town yelled themselves
hoarse, not only when Thomas won.
but when McMillan another of their
townsmen, crossed the line first in
the one mile novice race
United States Will Advance $11,000,000
to Pay Cuban Soldiers.
Havana, Jau. 20.���A rumor has beeu
in circulation during the last few
days that tlie United States will lend
|8,000,000, to be applied in part payment of arrears of pay claimed by the
Cuban soldiers. It has provoked some
strong criticism, tho argument being
that if the customs were in the bauds
nf iho Cubans the first thing done
would be to pay the Cuban soldiers in
full and that therefore, tbe United
S(a(es. holding ample customs receipts
as a security could aud should advance
more thau $8,000,000.
Pensncola. Florida, Jan. 20.��� Barou
and Baroness DeRarra, who were yesterday arrested hero, are still hold in
detention. The officers intended to1
take them to Jacksonville today, but
B deputy marsball arrived from New
York with a requisition for the pair
from the English Government, they
being charged with having fraudently
obtained ��8,000 in England. President
McKmloy has been asked to grant the
requisition.   |    .... 1
Manila, Jun. 2(1.���The Mabini Cabinet yesterday insisted upon the lilera-
lion of fbe Spanish ci\il prisoners, in
commemoration of the proclamation of
thi Filipino republic und also donated
money to the native clergy. A decree
lo that effect was signed. The Spun-
ish clergy, however, remain prisoners.
An elaborate programme has boen ar
ranged for the formal ratification of
the constitution.
Nelson Daih  Miner
^11 illsbod Daily except Surday,
Pubmhiiiso Co..
;ing  Director and
it is not supposed to be everlastingly
tinkering with the boundary of constituencies. No doubt the presumption is that they are not to be disturbed excepting when a census shall render it necessary. That is the presumption, for Parliament is supposed
ti know its own mind and to have arranged them properly in the first
place. There is a unit of representation, ascertained by dividing the population of Quebec by its stationary
sixty-five members,    The constitution
Daily per month by oan'or I l oo provides for a  census every  ten years,
and if it shows any changes iu the pro-
D. J.   BEArCN, Man-.
Kilt or in-Chief
AM. COMMUNICATION   to the Editor must
be iccompinted by tlij name and address
of the witter, not necessarily for publica-
11, but uh ovidence of good faith*
SiTPSCKipTioN Rates,
per ninnih by mat    1 00
ner half yur   by nu II    5 Do
per year  10 00
per yoar foreign  13 00
Neuson Weekiy Miner.
Weekly, pot half year ? 1 25
per year    2 00
per yoar, foreign   3oo
riubse.ripiio.in nvartably in advance.
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum,  by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thome,
H. Rider Haggard.
Linnet*        -      Grant Allen.
Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Notices of Births,  Dsaths,
nsorteel for 50 cents each.
and Marriages
Advertising n tea inudi Known on application
Nolson Miner Print? ig&PubllshingCo
A private member of tbe Provincial
Legislature, Mr. Macpbersou, lias
introduced a Bill to exclude laborers
who are employed under contract made
out of the Province. The Victoria
Unionist says that " undoubtedly
there is a good deal to bo said in favor
of the idea. " There is absolutely nothing that can be said in favor of it. It
is narrow; it is vicious in its tei>
portion Parliament is required to arrange for it accordingly. It thus
comes about that Parliament is notes-
pecfod to alter boundaries, or in any
way to disturb the arrangement of constituencies, excepting after each decennial oeusus. But this does uot say lhat
it has not   the power   to   do so; it   is
onlv a   presumption   that onco  fixed   Deeds That Won the
they reuiain as   they   nre until the result  of   a  census   demands a change. Empite, W. H. Fitchet.
Chief among the papers that  aro egging tbe Senate to tako a different view  Whittaker's    Almanac    1899.
of the matter   is   The   Montreal   Star,
and it is doing the Seuate a  veiy poor ���
service.                                                     1
Whether there will be a   redistribution Bill this coming   session   is   an- j
other question.    There is no excuse for
it. unless the Government shall  liniiii-
unless the Government shall
tain that they have   the right to undo
the wrong of the great gerrymander of
1882.    But that was so   long   ago that
the present boundaries may be said   to
have become   established, and tbe fact
that   they   carried the country in 184)6
it is contrary   to public policy, ; ahowg t,mt   th      ha���   overcome   the
Office and Pocket
Diaries, 1899.
and it is unconstitutional. The Miner
has uot before referred to it for the
reason that, being private legislation,
it never for a moment conceived it nos-
sible that the Government would permit it to "0 through. It bas passed its
second reading, however; aud in tbe
old days, wheu Parliamentary procedure and practice were understood to
mean something, a second reading was
taken to signify that the House was
committed to tbe principle of the
measure. It may not be so in this case ;
it is pretty bard, indeed, to tell what
is so and is not so in a Legislature
that openly parades its superiority to
precedent. But if there is the least
danger that the Bill will pass, those
responsible for the legislation of the
session should be warned that they aro
permitting u most unwise thing.
The Legislature bus granted railway
charters right aud left; it is still distributing them with profuse band.
Scarcely a section of the Province but
is looking for its railway, and it is
generally understood that in addition
to the work already under construction
tho season of 18111) will see several hundred miles of new railway in process
of being built. Nelson is especially
interested in the extension of tie
Crow's Nest road from Kootenay
Landing to this city work on which
is expected to begin in tho course of a
few weeks. If this Bill should become law. railway construction oveiy-
where throughout the Province would
be paralysed. Not a contractor would
be permitted to go outside tlie Province
to employ men, or to come into the
Province with men already employed,
Thu Crow's Nest: extension would
have to depend on the few hundreds
who could be picked up bore, when as
it will require many thousands if tl e
road is to be completod within tie
lime allowod by the Government,
Other railways, owing to the same disability, would require many years lor
their completion, while the people on
all sides are crying for their immediate oonsttuotion, All because the British Columbia Legislature passed a law
against admitting railway laborers
from Manitoba, Ontario, or Quebec,
That is thn impolicy of it. Pages
might be written on the pernicious
churacter of it, but it will bo sufficient
to point in a word to the exlraordiuaiy
spectacle of one Canadian Province
legislating against other Canadian
Provinces. The demagogues of the
House may pass the Bill, but the Gov-
crnnr-deneriil-in-Ooniicil would never
Ihink of allowing il to go into effect.
It would have to be disallowed, and
thai very promptly,
disadvantage. A redistribution now
would mean that thov desire to returu
ovtl for evil, and that for the "hiving
of the Grits" of long ago they are prepared uow to "hive tho Tories." A
measure of the kind would doubtless
prove most embarrassing to tbe Senate,
which did not balk at the first gerrymander ; but it would be more and
worse than this, for it would be in
violation of a Liberal principle, that
the boundaries of constituencies should
not be made the playthings of a partisan majority. Liberals have contended that the business of redistribution
should be taken out of the bauds of
Parliament and entrusted to a Commission of Judges. That is what ought
to be done, and if consistent that will
be the measure submitted next session, should there be one nt all,
has taken over the practice of
Dr. H. E. Hall and is prepared to do all kinds of Dental
Work   by latest methods. . .
Broken lllll Block Baker 81.
We always thought Dewey was a
line fellow, and now we know it. He
has written to a British editor a letter iu which he says: "After many
years of wandering I have come to the
conclusion (hut the mightiest factor
in the civilization of tlie   world is the
Imperial policy of England." More
Americans than Dewey will realize
this as they knock about and learn
thiugs of other countries than their
NOTIOB is hereby given that I have deposited In Ihe ofllco of the Registr.ir-Goiii'rul of
titles, Vlolorla, plans showing a proposed dock
or wharf and warehouse und approaches I hereto nnd site to float, a boom over the Wost Arm
of Kootenay Luke in from of lot lor block) 62a,
in lhe city of Nelson, a1 d the location of the
same, together with u description of tho proposed sites, and 1 have deposited a duplicate
Of "ticb in the olliee of the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works, at tho city of Ot
tiiwti, Ontario.
Notice i�� further given Hint, after the expiration of one nionlll from Ibis date 1 will apply
to His Exi-elloney tbe Govnnior-Genorul-in-
Couneil for approval of such plans and description and of the works therein referred to.
Dated alNolson the lllll day of January 1899.
They are poor friends of tlie Keuaie
who, by arguing that a redistribution
of constituencies at this time would
be unconstitutional, encourage it to
throw out any measure of that kind
Ihiil Ihe Commons may pass next session. For there is very grave doiil "
whether a redistribution would L8
iiliconslilutoniil; rather, there would
seem to be little doubt flint Parliament has the powei at any time to
arrange and re-arrange (Im constituencies at. will. Wlial il has not. tlie power
to do,  excepting    after (inch   decennial
census, is to alter the representation;
and it has lhe power lo do that only
when tin census shows Hull a Province
is entitled lo a greater proportion, or
that, another bus fallen behind and is
entitled to less. Bul to say that Parliament may not at any time alter
the boundaries of a constituency is to
claim mine thau tbe constitution would
seem In warrant, ami if Ihe Senate
should permit itself lo In led into a
contrary belief it, may drift of ils own
iireord into an attitude which tho
oo in try will find it Impossible to endorse,
vtinii Is Rhodes After ?
Tho British people do not realize
that they owo the reconqnest of the
Soudan to Lerd Rosebery. Before Mr.
Gladstone came into office in 1898 he
was for giving up Egypt, but Lord
Rosebery stopped Unit. He would
only take office, under Mr. (lliulslone,
on condition that Egypt he retained.
Later, when Uganda became vital to
us because if. was on the high road to
Cairo from the Cape, Mr. Gladstone
was hostile to onr acquiring that territory. Rosebery threatened to leave the
Cabinet unless Mr. Gladstone changed
his views on this subject. Mr. Gladstone preferred not to lose Lord Rosebery again. Lord Rosebery in 18115
let Baron do Conrcel. then" French
Ambassador to Groat Britain, know
that there would he war if n French
expedition occupied any of tho territory on the Upper Nile. ���Cecil Rhodes.
Ill   for  Ini.
The Toronto Globe announces that if
Turte were a corrupt man he would
"pay" Tho Mail and Empire to atlnok
him. We are rather of the opinion
t lial the bet Ier wny would be to give
Hie Globe a coal mine   or so lo defend
him.���-Toronto Mail.
I   Mi Im; ill' llll'ls.
It is a fact, dial Hieyfus was sent
into exile by a secret trial ; it is a fact
thnt Zola who protested against the
secrecy was driven mil, of Franco by a
trial equally ludiorous in ils injustice; il is a fact thai proof has lieen
given thai the evidence which convicted Dreyfus was forged ; It is a tact
Unit the forgery was done by army offloers of high standing; ii Is a fact that,
one of tboso officers either anioided or
was murdered by his superiors rather
than (bat   further   revelations  sbonld
come nut ; il is a fad lhat even then
Dreyfus was refused a new trial; il is
a fact that two Nation il Administrations and several individual Oabiliet
Ministers have fallen in the turmoil
over the effort of   th ��� iii'inv    leaders lo
arrogate superiority over ihe civil law ;
ii is a fact, ihat ihe President of lliu
highest conn of Franco resigned on
childish grounds in lhe hope to dis-
credil lhe ennrl's desire In liave a new
tril of Dreyfus,���Ottawa Journal,
Painting and
Fancy Work.
Mrs. I'', a. Tamblyn, Vernon si., is prepared to
lulu- pupils In painting on Satin, mass ami canvas. Also lessons given III iill liraiiehcii of latest
raney work. Orders UXOOUted promptly and
nl rcasiiiHilili' price..
Start the
New Year
As You
Should. !!
Subscribe for
and Advertise in the
Kootenay's   Greatest
Better Than Ever.
Reliable Min-
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Sup
plies, Mining Drill Steel.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
Official Directory.
For One Week Only,
Stocktaking  Sale.
We are offering Wall Paper this weel'  at Special  Low-
Rates in  order to clear out. ...   ��� ��� ��� ���
Remnants Below Cost.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  Ltd,
Nelson, B. C.     _____^_
Governor-General . -        Lord Minto
Premier        - - Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Member House 01 Commons, Dominion Parlla
muni. West Kooiemiy Hewitt Rostock
Dep Col. Inland Hovenne F  V Swannell
Lieut-Governor        - HnnTRMoInnes
P��| "    ���      - , Hon Chas Seinlin
Attorney-General . Hon Jowpli Martin
Minislirof Finance - Hon FO Cotton
Minister Mines and Education Hon .1 F Hume
Pies Executive Counoil Hon DrMeKivl ,,ic
Moiniier Legislative. Assembly tor Nelson Kid-
ing - Hon J F Hume
Mayor      -        -      Hamilton Georgo Noolandi
Aldcrmen-Chas Hillyor, H B Thomson   J
Frank Boer, Frank Fie to her, A. L MoKlllon'
J. A. Kirkpatrlck, '
��",? Cl?,rk 1 ,   , '          ' J K Btraohan
Police Magistrate R A Crease
Clilof of Police A,   FMcKinnon
Chief of I ire Doparlment .     W J Thompson
A1"1,',1,1";./., " John Hamilton
Heali1I1 Officer - .       I)r. u���,ul
Oft? Engineer - a. l. OTOullooh
City council meets every Monday, 7:;io p in al
cily hall, cor Victoria and Josephine st
Dr. EC Arthur. Dr. G A B Hall, Goo John
stone.   Principal-J.   Host ley   Soady   B  A
President J Roderick Robertson
Sccylreas. - y w, Swannel
Cox. Wait) & Bafcer Ste.
Carload  of the latest furniture on the market
just received.
Upholstering   a   Specialty.
Undertaking and Embalming in all  its  branches.
We have our own Hearse.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. 1 _U(i
As we keep our Tobaccos in Imili our Excise anil Customs Bonds we are
able to carry n lnige an J assorted stuck,.   ,
Capital Paid Up      ....      IX.000,000
Host  1.200.U0U!
H. S. Howland, Pros.   T. II, Merrill, Vice Pies I
Win. Riunsiiy,      Hugh Ryan,      Kola J iIIYiit, |
T. Sutherland Stayner       Ellns Rogers.
Head Oftlco, Toronto.
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspeotor,
Urnnclirs III nil principal rlllrn anil town*
In   Onlnrlu  and ;i|iiii��r
ItrniiclKH    In      Mnnlluuii,     Norllinml
Tt-rrllorlt-K anil HrllM, i oliimulii
Winnipeg, Man. Poiitaiik La Pkahuk, Man,
HlUNiioN, Man. Oaluauy,   Aim.  PhlNCK ALBERT, Sask. Khmiin iii.v JAlla.
vancouvku. B.    0.   Bouts     Edmonton,
Nelson, h. <:.  Rkvkihtokk, b. o.
Agent* In Great (Britain���Lloyd's Bunk, Ltd.,
72 1 .innIn,id street, London, wlln whom uioi-ey
may he deposited for transfer hy letter or cable
to any part of Canada,
Letters ot Orrdll issued on Alaska Comnior-
clnl Co. pnynhlo nl. St. Michael's, Alaska, ami
Dawson Olty,
Drafts Sold, available at nil points In Cun-
da, Dulled Slates and Europe.
Letters of credit Issued, available in nny
purl, of the world.
Savings hunk Department. ���Deposits of yi
and upwards received and intorcsl allowed.
Debet turcs Municipal and other debenture! purchased.
Money Orders Issued payable at any Bunk
Rales Tinier tin, He; *I0 to $'.'0, l()e;
$20 In $80,12c; HO to IN, lie.
J.   M-   LAY.   MANAGER.
ti:'M lllll.
8:00 am.
Train leaves O. I'. R, station
fur ii��� 11 in line a- tl intermediate points via .Slneiiii
Lake route daily,
General Teamsters.
_A im d	
Alt* for B, C. Oil Co
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lenjjlh
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
N.H. Movie leaven fin- Knot
enny IAI'k nml way points
Miiiulav, Wednesday and
0:1011.111.- Train leaves N. St P. S.
station [or Uosslund, Spokane and way points daily,
10:06 a.m.���S. S. Internationa] arrhes
from ECaslo and way point-
ilaily except Sunday,
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Casio ami way points daily
except Sumlay.
4:0ti p.m. ���S, S. Kokai  leaves for
Kaslo  and   way   points,
daily, except Sunday .
4t80p.m, s. s._ international leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
iluilv except Sunday.
5i80 p.m.--Triiin arrives N. & B\ s.
station,     from    .Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:50 p.m. s. S, Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and wny
points, Fuesdays, Thursdays ami Saturdays,
6i40 p.m.���Train leaves 0, P, H station for Robson, Trail,
Rossland, elo, daily.
8.80p.m.- Train arrives 0. l>. i<.
station from miiiu line mil
intermediate points via
Blooan Lake roiiie ilaily.
110:1)0 p.m,. Train arrives 0. 1'. It. sta-
I Hon, from Rossland, Trail,
Robson, etc., ilniiy.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
star,   Heroulos, Surprise nnd others
1 ply on Kootenay lako tn nnd from Nel.
wm, inn imve no regular times of arrival ami departure.
Transportation Qomnantoi are renuostod in
Mo,izl:;;'i<r,l,h",MI,v',;of ftn"pp ,
Ihol.ltuoof irrlval and doniirluro from Nelson.
Medical Supt.
John A. Turner
W. A. Jowett.
F. W. Swannell
J A Forin
Dr. G. A B Hall
First Jailer
Second Jailer
Third Jailer
Senior Guard
Capt. N. Fitastubb-i
Geo. Partridge
Jos. L-vbbe
Fred Jarvis
John McAlinnn
Government Inspector of Agencies VV J Goepel
Gold Commissioner         - John A. Turner
Mining Recorder-Tax Col -       R F Tolniie
Collector of Customs       - Geo. JohnKtone
Provincial Assessor John Keen
County Court Judtte ���            J A Forlr
Registrar             - ETHSImpklna
Inspector of Schools         - William Ilurn-
I Spokane; Vlcl
'. Winnipeg; V
l all   Enster
orln;  Rossland "I
Vancouver and    V9 n.m
stern   Points. )
I  Nakusp:   Slocan  Lake,    San- t
{     don;   Vancouver,    Winnl-    [8 p.m
l      peg, Main Line, O.P.R.      J
I  Rossland;   Trail, Robson and 1
\        Points on C. & K. R��. Jo
Kaslo and L,.*o Points,       4 p.m.
Kuskonook  mid Creston
Monday and Friday 7:110 n. 111
okfick nouns.
Lobby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; General
Delivery. N a.m. 10 8 p.m.; Registration, 8.:��i
a.m. lo 7 p.m.; Money Orders and Savings Rank
U 11.111. to 1 p.m.; Sunday I hour ill) tn 11 a.ml.r
J. A. G ilk Kit. Postmaster,
Cmiicii OF Knci.anii-M.11II11 11a.m.: Even
Softg. 7 I'll p.m. every Sunday. Holy Coiiimiin
Inn on 1st und llrd Sundays in Ihr. month nflel
Matins) on '2nd and 41 h Sundays, at 8 n.m
Sunilny School al '/.'M p.m. Rev 11. 8. Ake
hurst, Rootor,   Cor Ward and Silica streots.
PllKSBVTRRIAM Ciiuiicii Services at 11 n.ni.
nnd 7.:iu p.m. Sunday School at 2.311 p.m
Prayer mooting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.!
Christian Endeavor Society meets every Men
dny  evening   at 8   o'clock.     Rev.  It. Frew,
Methodist Oatmoa���Oorner silica and
Josephine Streets, Services at ll a.m. and 7.30
11. in. ; Sabbath School, 2.30 p.m.: Prayer meet
Ing on Friday evening at 8 o'clock; Epworth
League 0, K��� Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rev. John
Robson, Pastor.
Catiiiii.ii- OHUROH -Muss al Nolson. first
and I bird Sunday at 8 and 10.00 a.m.; Honedie-
I inn ut 7.31) to 8 p.m. Rev. Father Ferland
Haitiht  Ciiuiten - Serwiios  morning and
evening nl 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; Prayer meet
ing Wednesday ovenlng at 8 p.m. the 11. Y.
P. V. Monday evening at 8 o'clock. Sirangi-m
iiirdiiill) welcomed.   Rov. C. W. Roso, Pastor
SALVATION AiiMY-Servic n overy evening
it 8 o'clock in hurra, eksnn Victoria stroet.
id 111I11111 Edguonmhe In charge.
NKLSON LODGE, No. 23. A. F. & A.
M. meets socond Wednesday In ouch
month.   Visiting brethren Invited.
O. I.. Lknnox, Socrolary.
I.  O. O.   F.     Kootenay  Lmlh-"
No. 10, meets every Monday night,
nt   Iholi   Hall,   Kootenay  street.
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invited,
K 0 Arthur, N, G.   John Vanstone, V. (I.
Fred J Squires, Sony.
NSiLSON'H   OI'KKN    NO,   211
SONS   OF    ENGLAND,    meots.
second and fourth Wetlniwlny oft
Won in I. al  li  of P. Inill, Mae
Dnnnlil lllock, cor.   Vernon   and
Josephine streets.   Visiting brethren oordlally Invflod
Oiuh. H. FARROW, Secretary.
COURT KOOTENAY, I O.F., NO. 3138 meet,
si anil 3rd Wednesday In each mouth lu Iho
h of P Hull. F W Swanell, 0, D. S. C. It.; J It
Green, C.It.; J. I'urklss, Seoy.
Steamship Line
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone 88.
Allan Line
I 'll,III,,i,,||    L|
MUSIC   LESSONS,     On   i 'gun    n��
guitar, by Mrs, W. J. Astloy, Robson streul
two doors west of Btanloy.   P. 0. Mux ISO,
rooms to  UCT-Furnlshud ���u.d anfurn-
Parliament may have the power, but U^Uwr&SUNmSumST *J*������������'
The News of
the World
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Scavengeilug.
Work promptly done. Chimney Sweeping
Box m.  Leave orders at M. DtsBrliay's.
1 <
.,   , From St. John
Psrlslsn Keh. is
io- Vaneouvor Eeh t<
aii������ ii.    u    ,,, Kn"" Portland
Allan Line   Niiiiilillnn |,vh.   I
From New York
White Star  Linn   Ma|ostlo        i>|,   w
Clinaid Linn   Aiiranla       F, h    i
American Line   HLLonll     ' Vgh  t
Anchor Line   Anihorla  Eeh 11
Allan Slaiel.lne   Slnte of Nehraska'.'." Feli t,\
 Illnlon]    Canada ^.|K_
PiissngeHiiiTiiiigeil lo und from all E'lropeiin
SSSft, ,'",';r!1,"',"- "��*���'�� anl full Informal l,���,
, i"1^,," '���.H,'lepotugHil. or C. E. Ileasloy
City Ticket, Agent, Nelson, 11, 0, *
u��   n , .       WILLIAM STITT,
Mo)   Usuoral Agent. O.P.K, Ottloes, WlunlBSg.
nelson lodge, no. io A.o.H.w.. meets
avary Thursday In the I.O.O.E. hall. G C
V\ lllaiiiH, M,W.: W S Smith, Roo.Seo.; J. .1.
h'sei'll, I'lnaiieler; F. J Siiulro. Receiver, and
I . M. W.
Nli .SON L.O L. No. linn moots In tho Mm:
liiiniild block every Thursday evening al 8
0clock. Visiting iiiemhirs coidliilly Invlled.
John love, W. M.; F. J. Ilradley, It. S.
NELSON   LODGE  No, M, K. of   P.
%meotS In Casl.le hall,  McDonald block
JHnvory   Tuesday  uvonlng at 8 o'clock.
'^/All visiting knights  cordially Invited.
It. O. Jov, O. 0.
(8li||) OKI), Riihh K.of It.amis.
NELSON LODGE, I. O. (I. T. Meets In
Castlo Hall, McDonald Rlook, overy Monday
evening at 8 o'clock. Visiting Templars coidliilly invlled, John TBLfORD,
chief Templar.
J. F, JaoohHon   Sco'y
IM ll     KKTATt,   IMl   n-llllMI    IIIIVI
 Eepublio Stooks for Sale.	
i .000 Bryan and sowaii oota
HKKI Maxwoll ....ilola
IIHHI   Miinrno  Sets
800 Standard 6ets
1000 Little Cariboo I Boundary I Sotl
��HKlTnlodo  li cts
UKKCLIborly I] ot��
Ofllse I ursrr Uomkb Bleek, N.1...U. M> 0 NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, JANUARY 37,  1899.
Presbyterians Adopt a Name
For the Church.
txibnting to the support o? a uiiasiou-
ary to work rtmong the nun s near
Nelson c.iuie up for dismission nml i,
was decided to leave ir, to the LaciieV
Missionary society with the reenin
iueuiiatiiiiith.it money le rnisud tor
such a purpose. After the meet ing
those present repaired to the Sunday
school room where tlie Indies served
refreshments nml brought lhe evening
to a eloso is a very  pleasant manner,
The Congregation is in  a  Splendid Ool-
dition���Manag-vs El otei   and
Reports Bead.
Hereafter the Presbyterian church in
Nolson will be culled Bt, Paul's. This
was decided upon at the annual meeting of the congregation held iu the
ohuroh last evening. Officers for the
ensuing year wero also elected and reports on the worV of DSilK read. There
was a representative attendance. Rev.
Mr. Frew the pastor, presided.
A short service proceeded the meetings, which being called to order,
elected Mr. A. Stewart its secretary.
Dr. Arthur, secretary-treasurer of
the Board of Managers, first read his
report. It showed that financially,
the church was in the best condition and the figures produced reflected
great credit on the loyalty of the
members to the church. Through the
various sources of revenue the total
inccme of the church last year was
$5,324 which is au exoellent showiug
for the congregation. The year was
commeuced with cash on hand $57.
The collections during the year
amounted to $1842, $1000.50 was collected on account of the building fund
and sundry receipts amounted to $75.
The ordinary revenue of the church
was therefore $8,975 aud against this
���were paid out, on account of building
fund, $1,984.48, stipend, $1100 anil
contingent expenses, $449.00 making a
total of $8,4H4.03. At the end of 1898
tlie liabilities were $1,439.80 and the
assets were, building and furniture
$3,800, lotB $1500, cash ou hand,$491.17,
totulliug, $5,791.17 aud allowing a
surplus of assets over liabilities of $4, -
851.38. To show the great improvement over 1897 the figures of thut year
were given, (lie revenue from all
sources being $7liK.35 and the expenditure $710. Lust year tho congregation
built an addition to the ohuroh which
cost more than the original building
und now find themselves with a very
comfortable and pretty edifice aud in a
sound financial condition.
Mr. Frew in commenting ou the report, OOngratulated the congregation
upon tho splendid showing it had made
nnd stated that another encouraging
sign was thut, while a largo addition
had been made to tho church last
year, it was now quite crowded again.
Dr. Arthur said that tlie managers
would now probably have to consider
building still another addition. Tho
report was adopted.
The meeting then considered various suggestions of the Iiiniid of Managers among them n substantial increase
to the stipend of the pastor. Dr. Arthur put the motion which carried
unanimously, the congregation deeming it but a fitting tribute to the energy and zeal of Mr. Frew, who, during Idh comparatively short connection with the congregation, has advanced ils interests in every way. Au
increase in salary was also granted to
tho organist.
Mrs. A. I... McCulloch. president of
the Ladies Aid Society, rend a concise
and well prepared report, on the work
of the society for the year jnst closed.
Tho society lias done remarkably good
work, raising during tho year. $989.90
for ll)e work of the church. The assets of the society are $1,281.40 nml the
liabilities $587,114. Cash on hand is
$131. The report was adopted with ap
platiso, Mr. Frew congratulating Mrs.
McCulloch on   the  showing   and   Ihe
exoellent report.
Mr. F. M. ciiailiiourn, superintendent of the Sunday school reported thai
$135 bad been collected during the
year. The average allondanco wns 71
bul. there has been a constant increase
and now tho average is 90. Mr.
lining reported on the work of the
Young People's sooiety of Christian
Messrs. Chus. Wilson, A. L.   McCulloch,   and   Thorburi)   Allen   were appointed   trustees   of   the  property   in
pluco  of   Messrs.   McOnlluiii
nnd Gillies,
The question of naming tlie cliuicli
then name up and St. Andrews, Bt.
Paul's, Knox, Trinity and Nelson
Presbyterian Church, were suggested.
A ballot   wus   taken and Knox   lind u
plurality of votes but not u majority,
Another ballot resulted, tit. Paul's,
33; Knox, 91, St. Paul's wits thin
adopted unanimously,
Mr. Frew rflfld the MlliODI repoi t
which reviewi d tlie work of tho year
and expressed the pleasure of the elders ut. the satisfactory showing of the
The retiring managers, Messrs.
Hamilton and Wilson and Dr. All bur
were ro-eleoted,   The question of con-
The unjust   Redistribution   Rill   ly
wh oh   Bonui ary   (reck District wns
made a portion of the Rossland oonstit-
U ucy is responsible  tor an aniiiiiulo; s
���siate of affairs,   whioh   works a great
hardship to this section of   the  conn-
fry.    The Boundary   Creek   district is
supposed to be a   portion of the   Rossland constituency,   but  so far as the
expenditure of money is concerned it is
still under the control of the   Government agent  at Vernon,    We  havo not
one word to  say   against Mr. Leonard
Norris, the  Government   agent.      He
is,   l.o.vever,   a   public   servant,   and
while   he   is anxious to do justice   to
Boudary Creek district. Ins  hands are
tied by the slrougcr  influences  in Hie
vicinity of Vernon, The district lying
south of   Pentieton   will   in t  receive
proper cms deration until it h s representation and officers of its own.    tjn-
til such  representation   is   grunted, a
Government agent   for   this    district
ought to be appointed  and money   up-
propriatated to meet the special public
>equiruraents of our important mining
district.    It   is   unfair    to Boundary
Creek to ask it to depend on a Government   agent   residing   in   a   different
constituency for its share of appropriations.   A still greater hardship would
be inflicted on the district by   placing
it under the  control  of  tho  Government    agent   at   Rosslaud.    Rossland
and Bouudnry Creek are separated  by
two   or   three   precipitous   ranges  ot
mountains, and it would almost be impossible  for  a   Government agent at
Rossland   to   keep in touch   with   the
requirements   of    Boundary      Creek,
even if he were  anxious   to   do   so.���
Boundary Creek Times.
s Not a Question | S��E
^����������� ���������������������������������������� ���������������^
As io nun much you paid for
your shoes, as it is what did you
get for your money ?
Value in Footwear ��s what
is making" now customers tor us
every day. Why not become
one ?
Mr P. Chapman, general manager
for A. McDonald & Co., will arrive in
Nelson next Saturday evening.
Victor C. Coshead and .Miss Alice L.
Strong were married last Wednesday
evening, the ceremony being performed by Rev. John Robson. H. A. Mr.
and Mrs. Oozhead will reside in Nelson.
Tim drunks were arraigned in the
rolice court yesterday and assessed
t,,i- usual amount.    One of  tliem could
not stand the assessment and was put
to work scrubbing and cleaning up
about the City Hall. He will work
out his fine.
Tlie ladies of Nelson are reminded of
the annual meeting of (ho Nelson local Council of Women to be held this
if.nriioou iu the Presbyterian church
hall at 11:15. The mem.iers of the ex-
QOlltivo committee will be I'loeted. A
large attendance is requested.
City Clerk Straohan has not yet succeeded iu employin a pound keeper
and is still worrying about tho dogs
whioh run allirge. Dug taxes were dim
Jan. 1 and arc payable at the CityClork's
office. There is no provision in the
ordinance requiring that owners of dogs
shall be visiled by a collector and City
Clcik Straohan says that those who do
not pay their taxes in the very near
future will be prosecuted,
Work oil the electric light flume is
progressing rather slowly. It, has been
found that neither Gray's mill or the
Salmo mill can ship the lumber as
fast, as the city was given to understand it could be Shipped, It, is hardly
the fault of the   niilis,    however,    but
rather beoause the lumber to be used in
the flume must be abi-olutoly without a
Haw and many of the logs while apparently sound are found to be defec
live after one or'two cuth have been
made. It is expected that enough lumber will be on I lie ground by Mondav
to enable the carpenters to begin
Prof. II. Montgomery, of Toronto,
was in Nelson yesterday, leaving last
night for RosBiund, Prof. Montgomery is mineralogist and coologist of
Trinity Universi'v, and is ulso interested In British Columbia properties,
He is president of the Minnehaha
company, Cainn McKinney, and has
recently paid a visit to the company's
property. He believes thai the Minna-
iiuliii will make a big dividend-payer.
He visited several of the mines in
Boundary Crook and was greaiiy Interested ill tbe Wonderful variety of
ores to be found there, He believes thai
Boundary Creek is going to be one of
tho greatest mining districts in lhe
Thirteen Of enr Old  Sobool Boy Oom-
mits Murder.
Albany, Mo., Jan. 86���T. B, Hunter,
teacher in the Adams   school,  IS miles
north of here,   was yesterday fatally
stabbed by a III year old pupil named
Charles Ayres, whom ho was whip
ping. Tlie boy is in jail here, 'Ac
cording lo a slaleinent of the pupils
Hunter was punishing Ayres by bold-
inR a switch close In his race, bonding
it, back anil allowing it lo snap against
him. The swiich almost brought
blood every lime. Suddenly the boy
Rogers whipped out a jack-knife und made n
slash  at  the  teaohor's   throat,   The
blade struck near lhe left car and was
drawn half round Die neck, cutting ll
frightful gash, The children all Med
from school after the slabbing and
Hunter was left for some tune wifhiuil
Siiiiicpeopletliink that a Hardware
stoic is a poor place In look forsuitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will he found the most, useful and np-
propriute articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not fleeting,
Every di y I be receiver of one of these
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tl-lbviitird Htone Hon��u S'.ii mi
1-Roomed Plastered House  - (12 00
l-Roomcil  Coctaxe  near  Stanley
mreel. $::*>.
6 Roomed Stone Cottage $1300.
Law Double House S209O.
Aberdeen Block ��
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Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
Poes Yolir
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Good1   Tiijie? . . .
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Pataaaude   Brothers.
S. J. Mighton,
Offices, Aberdeen
Block, Nelson.
Household Furniture
For Sale.
I am leaving the city and
by Friday next everything
must be disposed of.
Call at my residence next
to Miner Office.
Wo have purchased the express
nnd drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as huge a patronage at the bands of Nelson citizens as wus accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at I). McArthur's or
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F.Xl'lllCHSLY   FOR   Mil. HltAlIKK.
Oarlinvillo, Ills., .Ian. 86,��� Ool,
Robert O. I iij-.-r ...11. loi'lnrnil lioro at
iiiu Optra iiiniKii lust night, Just he-
fore im appeared bis manaserinformed
liiiii Hint iMiuiiiucr BrnokOi nf the
Opera limine hail uisupppflred with nil
tin' reooipts, except those from ibo imx
oflloo, mni reserved soots, The colonel
proooodod with his lectors, bat remarked.! "If thorn Ih mo lioll, tlioro should
be oue,"
lllll hitch Intnl. Muni! Impi-iivi'il, valued nl $!-'>
por tii'ri', only niii' Imir lionr'ii ridfl from
.S(n,limn, nn itn, s. k. a? n, railway, noar tin'
iim ii nf boor I'aik. AlroMj noma of nloufrull
i,mil unly H imIIph from Vturnout or, lu '..nn the
North Arm, nilni'il lit |I0 por lii'iu. Will lulu'
part in^li mni purl Iwpron <l Ntilhiin properly
wllimnl Im'IiiiiIh'Ni'i''''.   AiHi'uhh
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k <!o.     Niilwm
land       NVImm
Now Denver
Blooan city
Slooan Crossing
UUOftaO Olty
and News  Agents on boats and
trains out of Nelson.
Did You Ever I
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West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps Bupplied on shortest nut.ice and Lowes Prices
Mall Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing lint fresh and wholesome meats ami supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nolson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
intlfonish. N s.
Butlmrat, N. b.
HriilKiiwii'i-i-, N. S.
rliiil'liilli'lown. P, E. I.
Dorenestor, N. B.
FYoderlotOli, N. H,
lltlj kIhii'ij, N. S.
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Newcastle, X. It.
Plotou. N. s.
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Ito'lund. II. 0.
Saokvllle, N. B.
Shabennoadio, N.S.
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Sydney, N. 8.
St. .Iiilm. Nflil.
Truro. N. S.
Vancouver, B. O.
Vanoouvor, EimtEnd
Vtotorla, n.c,
Weymouth, N, S.
WoodBtook, N. B.
Ymir, B. O,
Ueneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the tii ���' ,t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits ind on Saving Bunk accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Savings Hank dopftrtmont hoa beon established In connection with tho Kelson branch ����r
thll bank.   Deposits Ofono dollar nml upwards received, and current rate of Interest  allowed,
ill, present 8 per oent por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
E                       Real Estate and Insurance Agent. n_
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tho Plonoor ttuKUtarant, Rotmon. 11. 0,
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Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Post Office Box 126, Nelson, B. C
Our Motto:   "Good Goods for Good Money,"
Brewers of Fine Liiger
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C.
Now finally known aa
Fisher Station, O.N.P. R'y.
West Kootenav Valley, B. O., on  tine
ofO.N. P. Ky., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry., now  under
Information regarding Creston may
li.' had of GEO. M'FARIAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.
0RE8T0N,  B. G.
X x
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ham,   F. M. O. No. JIM,   naont  for Churl*)
KtngBloy Mil ���. !���'���  M. 0. No.  iiqia, u,
I, nil. nlxty ilnyn from tho date lioroof, to ftbpl)
in tlm Minink Reooraer forn Oortlflcftteof itn-
provemonUii for tlm purpoHo of ohlalnlnii n
I rnwn (ll'iuil of Iho iibovu clulln.
Anil further liikti uotlco tluil. fiction,  under
M'i'llon 87, must tin coiiiiiiencod before ho I--
KIIIUICO of Hllllll (lortllioiltftof ltil|iliAi'lnrln|.
linlA'd this lOth iluy of Ducniiibiir. llilld.
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Until nnd Bleotrlo light.   Prices reuson-
r'V%.*������%'<*.%<��>. '��Vev%^ev%.'%'��   '1000 feet of workings, and   the   inau-
i J agemeut baa decided   to drive n cross
' ��� ' .out tunnel. 1401)feet long,in the spring,
which   will connect with   the   No    1
J. : Rbaft uf what will he the   No, 0 level.
-,~r AnrriTi'iiT a >t ? The mouth oi  this   tunnel  is  Bituate
|\(jfij J.XjiN.rL Y   5 jnet below the wagon road   and  about
i "   ��� ouu or 600 feet   from   the  mill,   with
ev%.'%'%'%'%'%'% Tk- "*���%������*���'^W-^k^   which n will he connected   by a gravity tramway,   This tcimel   will   take
Mining Stock Quotations.
oinpiled by II. II. MoCullneh, mining brok-
Nol-oii. li. t'.. 1'. O. box 115.1.1
Nnnir of Company Value.
N( lsim, Slocan nml Alnswonli
American Hoy 1 (mi
Athaiift-ca ] 00
Arlington Con 1IX)
Dundee 100
Dardanelles  . l oo
Dellle 100
Klslo 1 00
Bxolieauer l no
Fern O. M. Co    25
UitHOII loll
Hull Uiues ��1
Idler loo
London   Hill    25
Ni'l-on-Poonnan      25
Ka-ln Monicznmu 1 00
Noble Five 1(10
Rambler Con 1 00
Kuco 1 ixl
Slocan Slur    50
Two Friends  SO
Wonderful  100
Washington 100
Trail Creek
Biittu too
Caledonia Con   100
Commander.  too
Dei-r Park 100
Enterprise 100
Eur oka Consolidated 100
Kvcninit star 1 On
Georxia 100
Good Hope 1 00
Grand Prize  1 no
Giant   100
High Ore 100
Iron Mask 1 00
Iron Colt  100
Jumbo 100
Lily Mny .',00
May flower 1 (X)
Monila 100
Monte Crist o 1 00
Mugwump l no
Novelty 100
r'hoenix 100
Poorman loo
Rod Mountain View l oo
Rowland  Homestake 1 00
Rossland lied Mouiitaiu 1 00
Silvuvine 100
Silver Boll  100
8t. Klmo 1 00
Virginia 1 (X)
Victory-Triumph  100
War Eagle Con  1 00
Went Lo Itol Josle 1 00
White Bear 100
Alpha Boll 100
Cariboo (Camp McKl 1 00
Waterloo (Camp McK) 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channe     25
Golden Cache -. 100
One. XI. & M. Co 100
Old Ironsides  100
Bmugglor loo
Tin Horn    25
Van Andn  1 00
Winoneator   26
Fire Xlountaip 100
1 20
1 2.-,
3 20
1 50
over a year to drive, out < hen com
pleted it will probably he used as the
main working tunnel of rim mine.
The development work has heen prosecuted in a workmanlike aud systematic manner which retteols |.>re it o nl t
mi Mr sj. i"S. Kowlei. ihe engineer nt
tlie company, and mi Mr. \V. A. Turner the foreman. Tlie rule nf employing none hut skilled workmen has been
adhered to with most satisfactory results. When your correspondent visited the mine, Ihe foreman. Mr. Tin -
n r, was sick, and Mr. Hidden, Mr
fowler's assistant, was in charge.
A force of about I'd men are now employed at the mine, though when ihe
work of sloping begins this number
will he materially increased. I'lie
mine is provided with oomfortabli
quarters for the men and all necessary
buildings, while the handsome new
offices which are in course of erection
on the property are now Hearing completion.
New   York.   Jan     20.-
BliJ^, ;   Mexican   dollars,
brokers' {16; exobange,
110. tn
st rong
$16.36.    L>ad.   strong ; brokers' $4.10
exchange  $4.35 to $4.86.    Tin,   easier
Straits, fia.'lri to $35.50.    Plates, firm
*   #   *
Ymir Jan. 36.���There aie
mines, if any. in this Province
systematically   developed     I ban
Ymir, though little has been given to
the public about tho mine, in fact
your correspondent was the first representative of the press to visit it. The
mine is developed hy three tunnels,
the lowest of which, No, il. is about
800 feet. This tunnel is connected
with No 3, 100 feet above, hy a winze
No 2 tunnel has been driven in
about 1100 feet, while about 800 feet
of cross cutting has also been dono in
connection wilh Ibis tunnel. One
hundred and ten feel above this is a
blind tunnel, about 700 feet in length,
known as the No. 1 level. These two
tunnels are connected by a shaft and
vertical raise. A shart called tbe No.
1 shaft, has been sunk a distance of
1(10 feet from the surface to ihe upper
tunnel, with au adit no feet below the
surface This latter formed part of
the work done by the prospectors who
originally .iwneii the property. A second shaft, known as the Hncklnnd
Shaft, has also been sunk on the vein
from lhe surface lo the No. 1 level.
The Kocklainl shaft is 165 feet deep,
und a stalion has been made and a
level run at tbe HO foot level. All the
tunnels have heen driven in on the
vein, ami are in ore prnofionlly their
entire length, and no lillie or no dciul
work has had lo he done, and there is
on the ���!innp about 70(10 Ions of ore
taken out iu the course nf development, No sloping whatever has been
dune vet.
The feature of the mine that most
Strikes the visitor in the size of the
ore bodies .Ml the workings described above aro on the Ymir vein, hut
there are two distinct oreelinlcs. The
oilier or main ehnlo, is lenticular in
plane and varies from six to 40 feet iu
width. The width of lhe vein is
clearly shown up in No. 2 tunnel hy
means of cross nuts, and the Immense
extent of this ire body is patent to the
must inexperienced observer. Tbe
oin is a while quartz   (tarrying galena.
pyrites and zinc blende, the values he-
ing principally in gold. While the
values of   lhe   ore are known   only   to
the management, unless nppearimoos
aro exceptionally deceptive Ihe quartz
IH by no means low grade, and appear
to ho equally well mineralized through'
oui. 'ibis oho to bus been opened u|i
to a vertical depth of 850 feet, tlie No.
I shaft, Whioh lias heen Hunk ou Ibis
chine Iroiu lhe surface having been
driven lo a depth of 40  feed below No.
II tunnel. When ,imr correspondent
visited the mine tbe work of sinking
this shall  was   being   active]?    prose-
cuicil, and ii will he  continued   until
the   (lib    level   is reached,   a   Vertical
dentil of 060 foot   being thus chained,
The inner chule on which Hie
Rookland shaft has been sunk contains
ore of a different character In ihrn in
the main chute, being a blue quartz
carryit'H more pyrites, less galena and
practically no blende. 'Ih" oie in Ibis
chule varies in width from It) to 13
feet, and Iiiih been opouod up lo a
depth Of "70 feel, No II tunnel being
still in lhe iiiiiiii chule llllll so Iiiih nut
been driven far enough lo la i Ibis inner chuic ll Is noteworthy Dial the
mineral is muob oxidised iii No i tiro
n 1 nnd to some extent in No, !?,tho'i'h
the oxidisation disappears hy the time
No   :i is rendu d    The vein is uiidoul t-
edly n I rue Assure and lies in   a   slulc
forma I ion.
Altogether tho   mine   Contains  over
The mine is connected with the new
40-st.imp   mill by an   aerial   tramway
3160 feot in length.      A noticable  feature of the tramway, which was   supplied hy   tbe   California  Wire   Works
Oompany, is the way in   which   labor
suing   devices   have   been adopted at
ill points.    Tbe   buckets are filled  by
au automatic loader, and   on reaching
the mill ore bins they   dump   and   re-
c'iosh   themselvesy  automaticall.    Tbe
tramway was started up. in your   correspondent's presence about   2   o'clock
un Monday   afternoon,    and   appeared
to   ho   admirably adapted for the purposes for which   it  wns built.    It was
constructed   by   Mr. Frank Twnmhly
On   reaching   the mill   tbe  buckets
dump their contents into a bin capable
of containing 100   tons of  ore.    When
everything is in  full swing the  gates
of (his bin are open   and the ore slides-
down over   a   grizzl y,   the fine   stuff
passing through nnd the   coarse   g i,  g
into a Gates crusher, actuated   by a 24
inch Pelton motor,    after which it rejoins the fine in Iho 200 ton bin below.
The oro thus crushed   to   the requisiti
degree of fineness falls through the gad
of the bin into   a   car placed below to
receive it.    When full Ih ��� car is pushed along tbe   rails   to  the big 600 ton
bin behind Ihe   butteries, into   which
its contents are   emptied.    Thus  onci
the ore is dumped into tbe bin at  tin
bead of the  tranrway,   if   is   brought
down to the   stamps   without   further
bundling,   gravity   iloiu; all Ihe work
with the exception ef pushing tho   cai
from the second   lo   the third and lasi
bin of iho mill.    Immediately in froiil
of Ihe big bin are ran :ed the stamps-
four   batteries   each     containing     in
stamps   weighing   about   '.'"ill   pounds
apiece.     When all is   ready the receivers behind the stamps   are pushed out.
and Ihe stamps are dropped.    In drop
ping, a rubber collar   strikes   ,i   lever
and ihe  lever   revolves   the,   feeder at
the bottom of the bin  ind causes a circular iron plate to   make a partial revolution which whisks a oertain amoun
of ore .into the mortar at each drop  ot
be   centre   one of each   live   si amps.
The s'amiis crush   Ihe   ore until it   is
mffloiently   fine   to pass through   a 41
mesh, and then   the   fine ore, togetbei
- nli the, meicury which   is previous]',
laced in the battery are   carried   ov. r
the plates by a slow   stream   of   waor
w here the free gold   and  the  mercury
fi rill an amalgam, the   balance of  the
pulp being carried into the   classifiers
Here the pulp hy reason of its varying
sneoifio   gravity   divides    itsolf    into
(iice grades, the coarse,   the line, am'
the very fine, tho slimes being  cani d
away into the slime lank. Three duels
C( nvov the   three   sizes of pulp on   tn
three vuiinevs,    tlie one   receiving   the
coarse pulp, being filled   with a corrugated rubber   hilt, and lhe  other  two
wilh Smooth ones.
There are three six foot vaniieiS to
each battery, 12 in all. On ihe vim-
ners the concentrates are separated
from the refuse and conveyed to tlie
eiincciitrate tanks below. On tho lowest floor is a ilo-horso power boiler
which serves to heat the mill, and also
lhe coils which aro place! in two tuns
near tho battery, so dial in coin
weather warm waler can be obtained
for tho batteries, thus preventing the
chalice of a freeze up. All (he machinery is driven bv water power derived
from a large flume 420 (eel above Iho
six    fool    Pelton    wheel.    When   your
correspondent visited the mill, the machinery was not working, uud though
il had been set in motion for a short
time a few days earlier no ore was run
through. The men are now employed
in giving a few finishing touollOri to
the building, and lhe mil! should sfirrl
up in earnest iu a few days now. The
null which w.is designed by Mr. S. s
Fowler and constructed hy Mr. F,
I'v omlilcy, is tlie Inrgesl nml mosl
compleie stamp mill in Urn   Province,
ll Iiiih boon put up in Iho most thorough and substantial  manner aud is n
Credit In all colieeriied. The nuicliinerv
comes from Hie (iales ('oinpanv of I'lii-
A OOminOfliOUS assay olliee is also
being creeled, where the amalgam will
bo retorted   and Ihe gold    melted   Into
the marketable form  of gold  bricks.
All electric light plant has heen installed bv Mr W. P. Dickson of Trail
which lights lhe mill and offices, and
also lhe No. II tunnel.
Home Eastern papers need mining
oxp.'iiH mi their staff, When tbe ordinary eastern reporter endeavors to
write mining news he sometimes turns
out something  fearful and wonderful
For instance, here is an Item from
the Kingston, Onl., Whig: One of Hie
most    Important   strikes   yet made   in
Rosslaud camp has  just i n made in
the Virginia    mine.     \t    the   800-fllOl
level a 38-foot ore ohute has been found
panning out |180 a day. "
Heicrologlanl Report,
iy A. II.   Iloldleb.
I1.1TIC             HAY
.Ian 1.1   Kililav
88.0     0 21
J.n 21   Saturday
8A.0    ".Oi
27 II1
.!. ll 22   Snmliiy
21 0     ll (III
2s, l \
' :i  Monday
31 n
2(1 (1    0.25
Jan 24  Tnomlii;
3il.(l     0.1)2
J  ll 2.',    W'ed'day
:i:i,n   nm
J ni 2ii Thursday
34,0    0,00
"Kveutually at the villu��e itself,"
She replied.
He thanked her, and with steps reluctant would have advanced, but she,
reddening and puling alternately, denied
hi in progress except over  her 11 thulium*
"Please stop I" sbeoommanded, "Are
you aware, that this is private property?"
"1 uould hardly imagine it was public " said ho.
idie lln:,bed angrily.
"You are trsspusslng," sho continued, "uud are liublu to be prosecuted."
"And porsuoutod, if tho notioe board
Ucn not," be added.
"The notice board does lie. Borne
tourist"��� she began impetuously.
"Then I suppose I am not trespassing," be quoried.
''Voii will seel" said she fiercely.
"Hut surely u trespass without dam-
icie is as harmless as a throat that cannot he carried out?" ho asked.
"The game"��� she startod to say.
"Is rnmurkable for its absence," he
"Tho���the"��� Hhe wus at a loss.
"I picked this clump of mountain
ash," he suggested kindly.
"Ah, nijiii ing the iio.inl  You oan be
It was a delightful, hot afterncjn,
and under tbe trees Elyeium itself. The
path ran through a tunnel of foliage,
b'-tween which glimpseB of the rivsr
p.uallel were every uow and then betrayed by natural vistas, li you happen
to know the road to Lonore, before the
path to Ashness Bridge forks off, in
fact tbe delightful stretch that lies at
Bakes' Foot, you will have a scene like
to it as two peas are to one another, but
for Derwentwater you must, of course,
substitute the rapid, shallow, shingling
The road wan inches deep in dust,
and that of tbe whitest, and the boots
and stockings of tbe knickered, Norfolk
jacketed traveler oould scuroe be distinguished from the dusty way itself,
and be looked, bad there been any to
see, as though he floated in the air, bereft of foot and ankleB.
Now, half way down the road, the
traveler,   who was young  and fairly
good looking, though  perhaps not endowed with that facial strength of character which is the Uuar delight of authors who are feminine, happened upon
a   stile   spanning   the graystone  and
mossy wall that separated the wood beyond from tbe road.   It was a famous
stile, somewhat like a pair of steplad-
ders,   with three rungs by  whioh to
ascend from the road and two to ascend
into the wood on the other side of the
wall. Tbe traveler asoended, and peroh-
etl upon the happily placed platform at
the summit of the stepladder and pondered some, and while he pondered hs
mopped his  brow and gazed upon his
boots besides, giving  the lie to those
who say that "one oannot do two things
at once"���this for one who has refused
to close the door at my behest and I in
a draft most thorough.   Then be struck
a match to light a cigarette���I know it
ought to have been a pipe, but it was a
cigarette���and drawing it along an adjacent poet, saw, for the first time, ���
notice thereon. It said:
Uy Order,
Agent's Office. J.  SMITH.
A very ordinary notioe, but one which
had heen the subject of much merriment a while back, when " 'Any-yon-
Juggins" had eliminated the harmless
O aud interpolated the direful E forth*
aniusoment of his consceurs and confreres.
Tho effect it bad upon our traveler
was not that which henoeforward, for
all I care, may be described as do-
faciensis tripperii. He had no desire to
drop in "not" between the "will" and
tho "bo," neither did he change "person" into "peer," but he did allow his
feet, which had been resting on rung
two of tho roadsldo ladder, to chauge
thoir position to rung one of that of th*
After tbe first step tho way was easy.
So appearod to be the grass path
which meandered among the trees in
curves most sinuous, a path that looked
���as all forbidden paths look���seductive, and, moreover, by far the most delightful in tho whole dlstriot.
Our traveler looked at his watch, at
the up and down of tho road, and not a
soul was in sight to deter him. H�� slipped to the ground, aud in a brief spac*
was in tbe thicket.
On and ou pressed he till the blacking was restored to the boot by the dust
banishing grass' ageucy. The cigarette,
smoked out, was replaced by a second,
aud then he came to a halt at the brink
of a cunning little tree mirrored, tree
surrounded lake, whoso clear waters invited���nuy, almost commanded���immersion, with the thermometer taxed
to its utmost heat recording limits.
finds were singing, the hikelnt rippled, and with delicious splashing a
Watorfallet threw itself in wuntoii abandonment into the embrace of the all
absorbing tarn.
Delicious spot for bathing, but a spot
wasted, impossible. Ou tho further side
was ono who gazed at our traveler, th*
Intruder, with eyes beautiful and provoked���one nttited in kerchief of lawn,
bodice and skirt of print aud in other
dainty tilings.
"A pretty girl I" said he mentally.
"A wretched tourist I" sho roflected.
Tho   path  wus  winding,   like to ��
maze, but surely magelike  it led to an
.eventual goal?   It wuuld do no burm to
ask.    Tho  traveler  meandered on and
found  himself  in a spaoe  but three or
four feet from iny lady of the lake.
His cap was off.
Said he, "Will you kindly toll me if
this   path   comes  out    any where   near i
Imprisoned tor that," she replied with
"Surely a flue"��� he began.
"Our Bench is landed property," said
She, "aud we loathe���er���tourists."
"Obi" be murmured, disconcerted.
"Only the other day my father, who
Is chairman, was most  severe ou one
who carved his name upon a tree, and
you have brokeu a branch."
"A twig," he ventured to oorreot.
"The same thing, "said she defiantly.
"Miss Smith"��� he said in tones imploring.
"Don't address me as'Miss Smith,'
fir," aud sue spoke in touts most
haughty.  "Such familiarity"���
"Well. Edith���if you command It,"
be murmured abashed.
"How dare you I" she oried.
"I dared not���till, vou commanded,"
said he.   "And your name brooch supplied tbe information."
There was a moment's silence.
"You must give me your name and
address," she commanded.
"For you to issue a warrant for my
apprehension? No, 'theprisoner refused
to give his name and address,' " he replied.
It was an awkward position fora girl
who only did her father's duty.
"It's most ungenerous of you," ah��
exclaimed.  "Just because you're a man
and happen  to be stronger than I am,
you will evade justice."
"Never," he answered firmly.
"You will run away, and I, impeded
by skirts, am  helpless to oatoh you,"
she continued.
"You could lift"���
"Why don't  you make good yoni
escape?" she interpolated with haste.
"Am I not your prisoner?" he asked.
"Do you mean to say you will com*
quietly to the lodge and face my father?" she inquired.
"As quiet as any lamb," be asserted.
"Well, it's this way," said Bhe.
"It is customary to grip the prisoner
by the arm," be suggested.
She paid him no attention, and in silence they strolled toward tbe lodge.
"If you will excuse me for a minute,
I will see if my father oan attend to
you now," she said when, arriving al
their destination, she had led him toths
drawing room.   "Please sit down."
Surely prisoner had never been treat-
ad with so much consideration.
In a minute or two she returned
somewhat confused.
"My father will return soon," sh��
"Then I must wait," he replied.
"Oh, don't you mind?"   She seemed
"Not in the least," said h*.
Sbe rang a bell.
"Do you oare for tea or would you
prefer"��� she asked.
"Tea, please," said the prisoner.
And ten was brought.
"I think I saw a picture of this honsi
in this year's academy," said  the prisoner, tea and toast in band.
"Did you really notice it?" she said
with pleased surprise. "I painted it,
and Mr. Barry bought it Mr. Barry
owus all this property."
"Indeed! He must account himseli
most fortunate to havo so zealous a
guardian as yourself. Thank you���hall
a cup."
Then they talked of many things���ol
books, of paintings, of poets' songs, till
the sun lost some of its youthful vigor,
and thsy wandered iuto the garden, and
there th* conversation was of othei
tbiugs perhaps more human than that ol
hooks and paintings, but none the less
pleasant, and at last they happened on
a mutual enthusiasm, and they enthused
until th* sun just dropped behind lofty
Graigavar, aud a sudden ohill fell upon
the jailer, and she cried:
"My father will b* back in a few
minutes. Hadn't you better���escape?"
"And we were getting ou so well,
too, "said the prisoner, with half a sigh.
"Yes���I mean 1 think you have boon
imprisoned long enough," she murmur-
"Oh, not" replied th* prisoner gallantly.
"You have���indeed you have. Pleat*,
please go. My father might adjourn, or
something terrible, and yon, with nobody to bail you out, would have to go
to pris��� Oh I I am sure Mrs. Jones, tbt
oonstable's wife would never make you
comfortable. Dogol Do go I" she pleaded, with hands that were clasped in
"But how about your duty to Jtlr
Barry?" he asked.
"Bother Mr. Barry I" sbe exclaimed.
Then, with gravel flying and the
sound of muob crunching of small
stones, cam* Major Smith, tbe agent of
the Barry estate, and he, seeing thorn,
pulled up his ponies with greut suddenness nnd, leaping to tbe ground, ml
vnnood, crying: "Ah, my deur fellow,
bore you are I I'm di lighted to welcome
you to your own house uf ier so long un
absence. I went to the station to meet
you uud fouud  your  luggage only���if
we don't count a ineisage   to the   moot
that you hud got out at Ahnravar uud
were walking. Should have been back
long ago if that confounded rusuul Uu-
veu hiulii't stopped me to nsk iur a ro
ilimi.inu of rent���said bis roof wus fulling iu. So I went to see It und found,
as usual, it was all nonsense. Edith
been aumsiug you, I hopo?"
"I met Miss Smith in the wood,
.and"��� explained the traveler.
"She knew you from your pboto-
gniph, " .Major Smith suggested. Miss
.Smith blushed.
"Tho photograph is uot In the least
bii like the original," she protested.
"Nobody ever rticognizoo it asm*,"
isaid tbe young man uubluabingly. "It
is said to be a speaking likeness all tb*
Bhe rewarded him wilh a grateful
"People hev* said to me," he continued, " 'Who is that ugly devil ou youi
wife's escritoire?' aud I"���
"Your wife?"
"Haven't you hoard? I'll Ull yon all
about It. Oh, it was quite a roinuuoal
It's a beast of a photograph, don't you
think so, Miss Smith?"���Temple Bar.
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at Bottom Prices. ... .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
. g ���8 ���a
For Next io Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40,  44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Groceries and Crockery
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S.-S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Subscribe for The Miner
WATED���Everybody to subscribe tot
.and read the Nelsou Ouiiy Ml ier.
$6.75  PER  TON,   DKLIV fiH  D
Orders   received  at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Ma' kftts in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaelo,
3andon, Three Forks. New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have rnreful and prompt attention.
JC. D.J. Christie j
X     To Let for 8 months���6-Boom-
I ed Cottage with  bath 1   uloely
5-Bo mi OottsRe ��� $l."i(H)
8-Bonm House      -     -       12 50
���2-1, ii Ourner, lwohou��ei ��� 11600
2. Lot Corner . - fioo
60-Piiot Lot, Vernon st-,   -   180>
Aberdeen Block,
All imrllim  lirn   OftUlloncill   hkio" <i   bin Ink
lliioii Mining nml  Milling rnmimny,   I .bun 1.1.
rtionk CorilnoiiU'i Nun. w, 149, lit, sMand jMO,
In favor Or I,. K. Muni.; No. Pit  In fuvnr of I,.
I'd. tmiii. iiiiii No. 818 In favor of 8. 'I'. Arthur,
sii.i tiiriiiii'iiuiHwore iibiiiiniiii by fraud mni
wilt not. tin rsueomsu,
V. T. KELLY, Boorotarjr,
Tbe York County Loan & Savings Co., of Toronto.
Bubnorlboil Capital, 18,000,0001 Total Assots
I'niii Deo mm, eiikuwuM; Not Bantings for '117,
110,(180.88, .iimiiiiii Phillip*, Pros) A. T. Hunts ,
vim-I'i'oki v. itntiin, Troesurori ic. Hurl,
('. I''. mtOAIUIlJIlNT, Hupt. for
Kootenays, Rossland) B, O. ���
O.L. MILLS, Ag't for Nelson.
Agnuli  will o*ll Mul oxiiUUn Ui�� lyuUiu.
8pokane Falls <fc
Northern R'y.
NkSson  & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohaag
of oars between Nelson and Rossland and
vipokanu and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELB0N Arriie 5.30 p.m
���'   11:55 "   BOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    830a-m.SPOKANE   "   6-30p.m
Triin Unit b'livoii N.'lflini nt IHD 11. in
malum olOSO noniinotioim nt Spokane fol
nil I'lioiflii ConHt Polnta,
raHRoiiKerH for Kettle Rim Mid Bound
nry Oioek.ooiiniiot nl Mnrons witbHtngr
O. O. DIXON, (1. P, &T.A.
Spokano   Wash
A Rent,Nelson, 13. 0.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt of
iu <


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