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 Daily Edition No. 829
'Provincial Library ..uoq^
nelson,  British Columbia, Thursday Evening, September 13, 1900.
Eleventh Year
Vice Regal Party Enjoy Their
Brief Stay In Nelson.
Reception at the Phair Hotel
Last Evening   Their
Lord and Lady Minto have visited
Nelson and departed for tbe East with
a very good impression of the metropolis of tho ICootenayB. They were tho
guests of tin-city while here and before thoir departure expressed to Acting Mayor Irvine, who represented
tho city in the entertainment, their
complete satisfaction with the programme and stated that Nelson would
uhvay bo kindly remembered by them.
Lord .Minto is of a practical turn of
mind and with Mr. Irvine discussed
every feature oi .Nelson's stability,
going into the railroad question as
effecting freight rates, the value to
the lily of such a line lake and the evidences of au up-to-date and progres
give policy as shown by the rook
crusher, steam roller and street Improvements, lie was also impressed
will) the splendid buildings that the
elty boasts and with its tramcar and
gas systems. Lady Minto was also
clinrmod with .Nelson, the perfect
weather ami everything connected
with tlie day. She was overheard nt
the reception losl night complimenting Nelson on the number of handsome ladies who were presented. She
iliil nol remark on the particular
beauty of the men, so the ladies can
imisier themselves just one ahead of
tbe members of the sterner sex.
The programme of entertainment
was ;in eminently sensible one as it
gave the vice-regal party a quiet day
nnil 1II1I not tire them with a constant round of visits to institutions
thai would probably have failed entirely lo interest them. Yesterday's
Miner tuld of the presentation of ad-
(busies by the t'ity Council and Hoard
of Trade, When the ceremony had
been concluded the party repaired to
Hie steamer Moyie. and together
with a   largo   number   of    ladies   anil
gentlemen enjoyed an hour's sail.
Ha' il. M, li. baud wason board and
added greatly to the enjoyment of the
outing, A number of people were presented to the Governor-General and
Lady Minto, who entered into conversation in n thoroughly informal manlier. Refreshments were served by the
ladies on board. His Excellency was
seated with three Nelson gentlemen
111 the bow of the boat when a well
known citizen came out of tbe saloon
niul said:
"III thero, you fellows, the ladies
Inside want you to come in and act as
"A job for yon" said Mr. Irvine to
lie Uovcrnor-Qeneral, and iu the
"arty laugh which followed thc gentleman who was giving the ladies' orders appeared to he very much oon-
rnafHl when he became 'aware that
���"I'd Minto was one of the party he
linu addressed, However Lord Minto
enjoyed it Immensely.
(he Moyie ran up to Five Mile
'""I1 and then down to the ship
.'���'ids. after whieh It landed tbe party
ni the1 city wharf and the guests of
tne city returned   to their cars   where
icy dined alone. At S:;i(l the Phair
"otel was ablaze with lights and
presented a very attractive uppcur-
nnce. Lady Minto was received in
����' parlor by   members   of   thc   local
"''Heil of Women, who were present-
"I to Her Excellency bv Mrs. Wm.
'"���vino and Mrs, ,1. Roderick Robert-
Mr ii " ttddro" was read by Mrs.
���"���'ullocli and   presented   by Mrs.   .1.
"""(-'Stuehs.     Little Mildred   Irvine.
;i"fl''''i' ��f Aid. Irvine, presented
,'���'">' Mmto with a bouquet of   roses.
"'' recipient commented on the great
���nuty of the roses and when she was
''""'���nod that they were grown in
��� ' ""n sh,. was mora Umn  ,,_,_. pleag.
and was ablaze with diamonds. Lord
Minto was in tho conventional evening dress, with various orders on his
breast, ('apt. Graham, A, ll. ('.. was
in full court uniform. Lady Minto
was assisted in receiving by Mrs. Irvine ami Mrs. Robertson, both most
becomingly gowned, ('apt. Graham
announced ihe guests as thoy were
presented. A large number of citizens availed themselves of the opportunity of mooting the Governor-
General and his handsome wife and
the room presented a very attractive
picture. Luring the evening Mrs.
.Melville Parry sang Cowan's "The
Swallows." .Mr. Kydd. ������(Juecnof the
Earth," and Mr.' Uooth, of New
West mister, a martial song. All were
in good voice and Lady Minto, personally paid Mrs. Tarry a high compliment, Tho Nelson Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Wambold,
contributed several selections and before taking their departure Lady Minto crossed the room to where the orchestra was stationed and expressed to
Mr. Wambold tlle great pleasure she
had derived from the music and said
tbat Nelson should be proud of such
an orchestra.
After the reception and during its
progress Lady Minto asked for Mr.
Phair, and when that gentleman was
hunted up. she also complimented him
on tllc taste displayed in the decorations of the room and on the excellence of the supper. Later tlle party
left the hotel with three hearty cheers
and a tiger ringing in their ears, and
accompanied by Alderman and Mrs.
Irvine, I,mil anil Lady Minto. escorted hy the Rooky Mountain Rangers,
the 'li. M.R. band.the Salvation Army
band and hundreds of citizens, drove
to the boat, As they passed Chinatown, the Celestials outdid themselves
in a pyrotechnic and clainorousy demonstration which greatly pleased the
visitors, who bowed and smiled repeatedly to the delighted Chinaineii.
The cars were on u barge and to the
music of the two hands, the cheers
of the concourse of people, the explosion of fireworks and other noises.
the vice-regal parly boarded them.
Before dolug so, however, the Governor-General sent for Mr. Wambold.
who is also leader of the band, and
highly complimented him on the excellent music supplied by the band
during the day. saying it would do
credit to a city much larger than Nelson.
The Lake front presented a very attractive appearance as the lines were
cast oil' and tlie boat started up the
lake. Several launches were decorated with colored lights and other smaller boats were dressed up for the occasion, evoking warm words of praise
from the visitors.
it was after eleven o'clock when
the liual farewells were spoken and
the Governor-General| and Lady Minto concluded their lirst visit to Nelson. They made a decidedly favorable impression ou all who met thorn
and expressed themselves as decidedly
favorably impressed with the Queen
citv of the Kootenays.
Victoria, Sepl. III.-The choice of
Enrle and Prior as candidates at the
forthcoming elections in the Conservative interest is considered the best
which could have been made. The
Liberals are uialving great preparations for tlie contest, which will assuredly he one of the most spirited
ever held in thc city. The Liberals
have not chosen their candidates,
The steamer Willapa brings news
from the west coast that 8305 was
taken out Saturday last at the beach
diggings at Wreck Hay. by three men
who used only the crudest   appliance,
All arrangements have now been
perfected for the proposed tour of tlie
Fifth Regiment Band of Canada and
England, The bund will leave sometime iii October,
The steamer Queen City which arrived from Skagway via the ports
and canneries of northern liritish Columbia last night brought particulars
of the big mail robbery at Port Es-
sington. At the post ollice whieh is
in the group of buildings belonging
to Mr. Cunningham, two sacks of registered mail had been put up, to be
brought down to Victoria liy thc
steamer Queen City, and two days before the vessel reached the town at
the Skeclia mouth.some person or persons stole tlie sacks, which were said
to have contained over Jil.nOO In cash,
cheeks and drafts. The store in
which the post ollice was located was
shown to have been broken into, and
nothing was taken other than the valuable letter mail. Mark Edgar,a half
breed, was arrested on suspicion, but
when brought before the Justice of the
Peace of Essington, no evidence was
found against him, and he was acquitted of the crime.
 '   ','wie   unlit
1,1 -""I stutr<i that it  wu
s   tin; hand-
""st   bouquet   she   had   received ln
''7''1'!' Canada,    The party then   de-
M,,'i to the dlningroom which was
�����" beautifully decorated   for the re-
,.',""'    A"     artistically      arranged
(.; '   1.'' with the word,    "Minto"   in
'." lights   above it,   made   a very
ki. ,,., ��� ul'l"'ai'ance.    Lady     Minto
����<��� strikingly  gowned  in white silk
Two Hundred   Hardy Scots
Will Replace Celestials.
Building Cottages for Them.
They Will Arrive
Paris, Ont.', Sept. III. ��� Fire in Mel-
drums' Hour mill, situated In the centre ofthe business portion of the town
at, one o'clock yesterday morning,
destroyed three quarters of the business houses. The loss i.s estimated between three and four hundred thousand dollars. Insurance is not yet
Vancouver, 11. ('.. Sept. 13.���When
Hon. .las. Dunsmuir discharged the
Chinese employed in his mines at Union and Extension last spring.and announced his Intention of permanently
replacing them with white laborers,
in some quarters his statement regarding his future action was not considered with such degree of faith as
the occurrence and tho statement of
Mr. Dunsmuir in connectoq therewith
would warrant. Subsequent developments have proved that he was entirely conscientious in his promise and
that he has been consistent iu bis adherence to his action in removing
the Chinese from his mines it was to
give room for a class of labor that
would be more acceptable to the workingmen of the Province.
Recent communications from Scotland contain tlle advices that at
Hamilton, a town in Lanarkshire, a
large meeting was held on the 32nd
Ult., to secure thc names of those who
were willing to go to Nanaimo to
work in Ihe coal mines there. The
meeting was the result of an advertisement in the local papers of that
district, calling for '.'on experienced
men to go to liritish Columbia, and
was largely attended and enthusiastic.
Lanarkshire is tlie centre of the coal
region in Scotland, and from this
county can he obtained some of tin
best qualified and most experienced of
those who are accustomed to digging
black diamonds from the bowels of
the earth.
There was no trouble ill securing
the requisite number of workingmen,
in fact the supply was more than
equal to the demand, Agents of transportation companies wore present, to
answer tbe many questions that were
plied them by the miners, eager lo
know of the great west of whieh tbey
bad heard.and of the far away liritisli
Columbia whieh lies on the vast I'aeilic ocean. Arrangements were made
by which the men will be brought out
almost immediately, and as soon as
they arrive they will be set to work at
their wonted occupation.
These advices from Scotland arc in
a measure confirmed by the fact tbat
at, Ladysniith, a   growing   little town
in the   neighhorb 1   of   Nanaimo in
tlie Wellington coal district, about SO0
cottages are being erected under the
authority of Mr. Dunsmuir, presumably for occupation hy these miners
whom he is said to be bringing from
Scotland. Thc construction of the
resiliences has been proceeding for
some time and the cottages are now
almost completed, and awaiting the
arrival of their occupants.
Thc action of Mr.Dunsmuir induing
away with the Mongols in liis mines,
and employing only white labor Is
everywhere commended as worthy of
emulation by many other producing
concerns in the Province, lu this instance it has been impossible to obtain the experienced men necessary
for coal mining in this part of the
world, and it was compulsory for
Mr. Dunsmuir to seek somewhere else
the miners ho needed. In transplanting to this country so many additional types of the sturdy Scut, whose
thrift and industry arc known and
commended the wide world over, he
will meet with still further approval.
Now that the transaction in its entirety may be  seen   in   its full   light,
Mr. Dunsmuir's enterprise will undoubtedly receive the approbation of
all classes of the community.
Simla.Sepl. CI.��� The plague is again
Increasing,     Over   18,000 deaths  arc
reported  to  have occurred  in  India
Muring the last week.
Terrible Scenes of Desolation
at  Galveston  and
Thirty Thousand People to Be
Cared For on the
Houston, Texas. Sept. 13���Houston
now is the haven of many unfortunate people of Galveston. Trains
have already brought in between ,l(io
and 1,(1(1(1 of the survivors and a motley crowd they are. Men bareheaded,
barefooted, coatless. with swelled feel
and bruised and blackened bodies, and
heads, were numerous. Women of
wealth and, refinement, hatless, shoeless, gowns iu shreads, were among
the refugees. Sometimes there would
be a man. wife and child or two, but
such cases were rare, nearly all of
these who came in, having suffered
the loss of one or more members of
their families.
Galveston, Tex.. Sept. 12.���Another
train load of provisions and clothing,
making tbe (bird within the last _-l
hours, came from Houston tonight,
The steamer Charlotte Allen arrived
at noon today from Houston with 10,-
(Nili loaves of bread and other provisions, The amount of food which has
been sent so far has been large but
there are still iu the neighborhood
of 30,000 people to he cared I'or on the
llalveston, Texas, Sept, IS, 1 p. m.
���Via Houston, midnight,���Efforts
were made this afternoon to pick up
the dead bodies that floated in with
the tide after having once been east
into the sea. This was awful work
and few men were found with suflici-
ently strong nerves to continue the
work more than thirty minutes at a
lime. All the bodies were badly decomposed, swollen to enormous proportions and of so dark a hue that it
is impossible to tell except, bv the
hair, when any hair is visible, whether they are those of whites or negroes,
Every effort is being made lo induce
people to leave Galveston and no one.
no matter what his business, unless
he is in direct charge of a relief
train, can gain admittance to the
place. It will be at least a week before there is full communication.
Austin. Tex., Sept. 13.���Ex-Senator
Woothan. who went to llalveston as
the special aide to Adjutant (leneral
Scurry to investigate the conditions
there has returned home. His report,
which deals .d great length with the
awful conditions of affairs, the sickening scenes of death and desolation,
says: "The situation at Galveston
beggars description. Never weie there
so many sad hearts. Men hcrett of
their wives and children, women widowed, children parent less, it was
enough to touch the stoutest heart.
Although a week ago these people had
happy hoincs and are now homeless
and penniless, they bore, up bravely.
Their faces were drawn from mental
us well as physical anguish, but there
was no whimpering, no complaining.
Everything for their comfort and
welfare Is being done. Many of the
refugees bad tasted little or no food
sine:' the storm. I am com ineed that
the city is practically wrecked for all
time to come. Fully T.'i per cent, of
tlie liiisiness portion of thc town Is
irrepairably wrecked and the same per
centage of damage is to  be  found  in
the resident district. The island,
when I left it yesterday, was surrounded by a sickening odor lhat boded ill
fur the future."
Houston, Tex., Sept. 13.��� B. P.
Cameron, a   lumberman   of   Btowell
I IlltinberS    Co.,     w,vs    I ���,., I     the    relief
party whieh went from Stowell to
Hull vor   reported   to   him   that   there
were over 1,000 dead bodies on the
beach at Uollvor, in Last Hay. and
In sight Of the salt, marshes, which
line the hay. The party succeeded in
burying only Id. The others are lying in wafer and on land, mixed with
tlie carcasses of animals and ull decomposing and giving forth a stench
whieli i.s horrid. Many of these bodies were evidently swept across tbe
bay from llalveston. Others are of
people who lived at Bolivar, It will
be necessary to collect corpses and
burn them to prevent an outbreak of
Memphis, T'eiin., Sept. KI.���A special to The Commercial Appeal from
Cairo. Ills., says the special car of
the Duncan Clark female minstrel
troupe was wrecked at Mound yesterday afternoon and of the 1(1 occupants
nine are dead and six others seriously
injured, some perhaps fatally. The
dead are: Alice Williams. Ollie En-
right. Etta Patterson, Patrick Patterson, Marguerite Campella, Anna Hell.
Hetty Ruby, Etta Howurd, Faith Ho-
Great   Britain   Will   Not   Withdraw
From Pckln.
Most ol the Powers Have Replied to
Russian Proposal.
(IIY   \ssiii 1 \ I I  11  I'lli:ss.>
London, Sept.   13.���Great  Britain's
reply to the Russian proposition for
the evacuation of Pekin was sent two
days ago and as tbe Associated Press
forecasted (Ireat Britain declines to
evacuate Pekin prior to receiving satisfactory guarantees  from the Chinese
Government for the fulfillment of certain conditions. There is a general
disposition here to accept as mainly
correct the statement that all tbe
Powers have now replied to the Russian proposals, that (Ireat Britain
and Germany have declined to evacuate Pekin,that Austria and Italy have
decided to be guided by Germany's decision.and that tlic others have agreed
to a more or less modified withdrawal as defining the attitude of the Powers. According to the suggested compromise arrangement it is proposed
that tbe strength of the garrison of
l'ekin. which is to be international,
is made dependent on tbe progress
and character of negotiations with
China. According to a despatch from
Shanghai arrived today, another Imperial edict dated Tebow, September
8th, has been again issued, urging Li
Hung (hang forthwith to take the
vice regal seat of the Province of Chi
Li to l'ekin. The despatch reiterates
the assertion that there is strenuous
opposition by all the forces iu colonies
to the acceptance of Yun Lu us a
peace negotiator,
(Copyright Hy the Associated Press. I
l'ekin. Sept, '.i. The Japanese have
arrested the assassin of Huron Vim
h'etteler. Ihe lale German minister to
China, and handed him over to the
Germans,    lie has confessed his guilt.
lie was arrested for trying to sell
lo a Japanese ollicer a watch with initials which he admitted was taken
from the    body   of Von     Kcfleler.     lie
afterwards admitted the crime, saying that the Imperial Iiovcriiiueut ordered the commission of the act.
Vice Admiral AlexicIV arrived last
night for a three days visit, and inspection. Colonel Treltoff engaged
five hundred Ho.vers seven miles from
Mucipo. The Hovers were armed only
with swords and spears. The Russian cavalry charged on them, killing
numbers of them with sabres. The
charge was made through the ciirn-
lichls and tlle Russians succeeded in
killing the commander of the enemy's
forces.    The    casualties   among     the
Hoxers is estimated at ^iki. a Russian officer was mounded and two Cos*
sachs killed.
Pekin, Sept. ti. ���Prince filing during the course of private Interviews
with the ministers yesterday Informed
them that while he had   power   to ne- I
got late he could not  act without  Ll I
Hung Chang.    An   urgent request has
been telegraphed  Li   Hung   (hang   to.
come to Pekin,   Marquis Tsang states^
that nothing can be done until the arrival of Emperor, '
Leaves for Holland to Avoid
Eventual   Capture.
Dr. Leyds Says This Will Not
Affect South African
Lorenzo Marquez, September 18.���
Kruger has obtained formal leave of
absence for six months, ostensibly to
return to Europe to work for intervention. Mr. Scliulkberger was appointed acting president to serve during Kruger's absence. Genet al French
has occupied Harberton.
London, Sept. 13.���All the morning
papers publish sketches of Mr. Kruger's extraordinary career. Tbe editorials comment upon bis humiliating
and undramatic exit, which io universally regarded as less perplexing
than, und therefore,preferable to capture. His flight with the bullion is
regarded as putting an undignified
end to his legal pretensions,
New- Vork.Sept. I...���Ur.Leyds interviewed by n Mail correspondent in
Amsterdam, nlllrmed that the South
African war would uot be effected by
President Kruger's departure for
Holland, savs The Tribune's London
correspondent, lie further asserted
tbat as a last resource the Hoers
would probably trek into German Utt-
Washington, Sept.   13.���The follow*
ing despatch has been received by
the War Department from the I'nited
States army ollicer who accompanied
the Hoers in the campaign as military observer:
"Lorenzo Marques. ��� Events have re-
qulred the departure of attaches from
Transvaal; request Instructions."
(Bgd.) Reehinann." This message is
interpreted at the Department to
mean the complete collapse of Hoer
resistance to England. Captain Reich-
manii has been cabled permission to
start at once for the United States.
New York. Sept. 13.���A despatch to
The Tribune from Loudon says:
"The BoerS have decided to make a
formal declaration of guerilla war
fare. General Botha is understood to
have dissented from this course but
OOOOrdlng to a correspondent with
Lord Robert's forces he was overruled
by the other members of the council
of war. The News correspondent in
Belfast learns through a refugee from
the Boerfl that   President    Kruger was
at Nclsprult on Saturday and thut
President Steyn, VHJoen, christian
Botha, PournicrJ aud Dclarey were
with him. Lucas Meyer has been deposed from his command but remains
Mr. Kruger's military adviser. President Kruger is said to lie feeble and
apparently takes very 1 i tt Ir interest I ll
thc military movements, It is believed that his  ultimate Intention is to
take llight toward Koomatiport.
Herlin. Sept. 18.���The German military inanoiievers in accordance witb
plans prepared by Emperor William
have not gone far enough to enable an
analysis of the scheme. The supposition is that a hostile lleet can withstand a hostile army on the shore after defeated the German lleet near Ar-
ciui.'i. The enemy has attempted to
push on quickly to Berlin where however, an army is formed which moves
by forced marches toward Stettin, re
pulsing the invaders. Today the hostile cavalry and infantry divisions are
near Pvrit/.c Pinoinei-anlii. Thc weather has been cool .Hid dry until last
evening when n warm rain set In.
Prince Henry of Prussia and the Emperor have been participating, _____
Nelson Daily Minkk,   Thursday Evewikq,  September 13, igoo.
The Nelson Miner
Publlshod Kvory  Afternoon   ECxoopt Simdny
��� (IV TIIK���
Prosldont and MiiuhkIiik Editor.
Buslnots Managor,
11.-. Floot Street, K. 0.
Com nil  Pro- Agonoy, Ltd., Bpoolal Agents
Pally, por month, hy carrier	
IMIly, par month,by inall,.	
Dally, per year, by currier	
Dally, per your, by mall	
Daily. por your, torolgn	
..     IkiO.
..    Wo
$ 7 00
..   8 00
..    !MW
Weekly, por holt yoar	
Weokly, per yonr	
Weekly, per your, foreign......	
Subscriptions Invariably In udvniico.
|1 US
���1 00
8 IK)
All Ohooks should no mado royabln to the
nrdor o(   Nklson    Pubmbmho   Uom__ny,
The (loop anxiety manifested in certain local quarters to create thc impression thai all is not harmony
anion!,' the Conservatives of Nelson
plves rise to suspicions that are not of
the most pleasing character. If the
wish is not father to the thought,
it is at least in very warm sympathy
with it. Speaking for itself, The
Minor can say that It lias seen no evidence of the truth of the statement,
and tiio Liberal papers outside that
have seized upon it as a crumb of
comfort would save themselves seme
disappointment If they kept their elation within reasonable bounds.
There will he a nice.ine; o! Conserv-
ativi s tonight, to elect delegates to a
convention that is called for Saturday
next at Kevelstoke to nu nutate a candidate for Vale-Cariboo. It mayor
may not be a large one. Sober-minded people do not t,"1 In eostaoies of enthusiasm over thc appointment ofa
few delegates, and we do not expect,
therefore, that there will be 11 race
for the place of meeting tonight, in
the des're to arrive first and cheer
loudest (ind longest. Those who attend will doubtless observe tlieir customary sedateness, both In their manner of going tu the meeting and in
their conduct while engaged in carrying out tlic purpose ol It. U.iL that
there will be a representative gathering of the best elements of the party
and earnest and Intelligent attention
to the business ln hand, it will be
quite safe for all concerned, cither as
friends or opponents, to accept in ad
vance. That business is to take a preliminary step toward tbe nomination
of a candidate who will be the next
member of the Canadian Parliament
for Yale-Cariboo. All that is best
and wisest and most deliberate in tin
Conservative party of Nelson will
gladly take part in a duty of that
for the reason that [Sir Wilfrid Laur-
'er and his party have gone back on
their professions of four years ago.
and instead of having used their Influence as tbe governing power in
Canada to persuade the Home authorities to entertain thc question they
turned traitor to tlie cause and did
their utmost to strangle it by giving
preferential treatment in our markets
without raising a linger to obtain
anything in return. Without even
being asked, they made a complete
surrender of the whole ground. As a
mere example of a broken pledge or a
violated principle it differed little
from a score of others, but unfortunately this is attended with substantial loss, loss that is easily grasped
and mny be reckoned without tl i Hi -
011 Ity.
It is not surprising that there has
been a cooling off of the favor with
which the question was regarded in
(Ireat Britain. If the Mother Country
can obtain trade advantages from the
Colonies without even the asking,
why give anything in return'.' We
shall wait a long time before Australia or New Zealand follows the example set by Canada, but it is not impossible that in these times of fervent
loyalty and imperialism thc Home
statesmen may persuade themselves
that more one-sided bargains of the
kind may be showered upon them.
In this they wil be   disappointed, and
among other things Canadian electors
will be asked to do a few months
hence will be to put our own country
right on the question and help disabuse the minds of the liritish people.
We can restore the subject to the
position it occupied four years ago,
and tbat was vastly more favorable
than the Liberals, with their treason
to it, will now admit. They keep repeating that the leading men of (Ireat
Britain will not consider the matter
for a moment. Just now, in the light
of Canada's surrender, they probably
would not; but let us declare at the
polls that preferential trade is a sound
Imperial policy, and return men to
power who, instead of betraying,
will be constantly earnest in pressing it, and we shall probably discover
that there are many who will be
glad to entertain it.
INleW    piolises
For Fall.
There are many important public
questions in regard to which there are
differences of opinion between the
two political pintles of the country,
and during tlle pending campaign
they wi1! DO doubt ho hotly discussed
both through the press and on tlie
platform. One of these will be the
question "f Imperial preferential
trade. In some quarters this will
probably he regarded as more acade-
inie than practical, the opinion being
advanced dial while it might he considered desirable in Canada tlie people
of lho I'nited Kingdom will not even
dismiss il. Thai is lis it may he.
hut   it    H ill    not     he    dillieull   to recall
thnt four years ago it was thought
to be sufficiently live ns an issue to
Command a good deal of attention,
nnd Interest in subjects of that kind
does not usually subside with time.
It wns considered to he important
enough and practical enough to draw
from Hir Wilfrid Laurier, who was
then sl riving with all the power of
his silvery eloquence to win sufficient
votes to make him Premier, n strong
declaration in its favor and a promise
thnt if returned to power he would do
his host tn obtain it. At that time It
wns thought to have passed the academic Btage nnd lo have entered (he
region uf practical politics, nnd there
has heen nothing in the developments
of the past four years to   cause'   it   to
It ll qtlltO 0 live   u,iiosiii.11   if  only
In passing through Winnipeg the
other day, on his way to Quebec for
Lady Joly, the Lieutenant-Governor
said that thc political situation in
liritish Columbia had quieted down
ami become settled, explaining that
this wus due to the fact that the peo
pie had every confidence in Premier
Dunsmuir, There are probably thou
sands of electors who would vote
against him and his (Iovernment if
they were given tlie opportunity, but
His Honor is unquestionably right in
saying that there i.s a general feeling
of confidence in him and it and thut
this confidence hud brought about i
most gratifying condition of affairs
The people believe in Mr. llunsiuuir's
honesty, and they know him to be a
mun of good business ability, possess
ing a generous supply of hard common
serse. He is not going to please
everybody, but be will do the best he
can foi the Province, and that after
all is the   main tiling.
it is expected that Lieutenant-Governor Patterson, of Manitoba, will be
retired on October 1st., and that soon
after he will he offered the Conservative nominationfor Kent. Mr. Patterson bus a wonderful knack of getting
himself elected, and should he contest
Kent there is a very good chance indeed of one Western Ontario constituency lit least being wrested from the
Liberals. He is more at home in liis
own county of Essex, however, and
it is not Improbable that his re-entry
into active polities will be made
through one of the two ridings into
which it is divided. That there will
he (( re-entry may he taken for granted, for a Iish out of water is an example of contentment itself in comparison with Mr. Patterson out of pol-
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Office :   linker Btreet, near KratcrnitV
Hull. Telephony No, __.
INCOR PORrTw��y�� -67ft,
Just unloaded
Another car of
A general meeting of all Liberal-Conservatives of the Nelson
District will be held at the rooms
over Neeland's Shoe Store, on
Thursday, the 13th inst., at 8
o'clock p.m., for the purpose of
selecting delegates to attend the
Liberal-Conservative Convention
to be held at Revelstoke, B.C., on
Saturday, the 15th inst.
All are invited.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
<n|.l.i-l l'n lil-up.     ,    .    .     si,!is.-..n:ii..Mi  l   iti-si, $1,700,000.0
r'.nml ��r l-ln-riiir-:   Thomai HL.Kenny.   President;   TliomoH Kitchlo, Vico-I'roHldenl.
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Goncrnl Miuingcr, Kd..on L. I*enno, Montreal,
Buperintondonl uf Brandies, nnd Suerulary, w. Ii Torranco, Halifax.
Inspector, w. r. Brook, Halifax.
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-trniirliri. I
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KoilK and _hanKlnii ItanklllK Corporation.
Oeneial Banking; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Cr.JIt, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
;&vts fru <fo A\t_VA/f(\ 6fAi>r ^rUc4
��  ��-������'��� - -  4a^$&_e,
I    ___--- IIMI
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Corner Tlaker and Slanl-y BtreeU
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard RY
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \>ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's   Falls  with
stafje daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with sta^e  daily
for Grand Forks and (ireenwood.
Lkavk. Day Traiu. Arrivic.
10,8fl a.m Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12 :<l_ p. m BoMland 5:3U p.m.
9:30 a, m Nelson H :(X) p.m,
Nitflit Trnin.
0:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 n.m:
11:00 p.m HoHsland 0:.'i0 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Aennt, Nelson. B.O
nnd  try a boltlo, .-\ domn, ur n  burn] or
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ohenmut   on    tnq    innrki'i.    AIko   Iry   our
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Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
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Nelson Eminent Agency
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cullers.   Cooh iu,iiii.iM).   vVaiter.
Sltnatlom wantcil by nurses, labor-
Bra,  f It s.
J. H. LOVE, Agt., Baker St
St Joseph's
Next term cnminenccH '3rd
September.   Por particular, apply tn the
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Prom Montreal
Allan Lino Corlnthlnn  Sout ii
Allun l.lno I .irlnlun, Sopl, W
lloiiiinitHi  I nr   Viuioouvor Sept Ifl
Dominion l.lno Dominion BoptjjO
Beaver l.lno Lake Meaantto s"i''2'
Beaver Lino Uiko Buperlor Bool -���
Krom Now Vork
WhiteStAT Line (iormiinio 8c|il II
Whlti! Shir Lino i:ymrlc..  Sopt ��
White Star Line MiiIvhLIo  Sopl*
(lunnril Lino Minii.i Sepl Ij
Ainoricnn Lino Now York Sopl I.'
KM  Star  Lino Koii-liiKton Sopl II'
Ounard Lino Borvla Scpi I;
Onnard Lino Lur-unin Sopl ft
Anohor Lino Anrlioria Sopl IjJ
Anohor Lino Aktoi'la P'P.S
N. G. L. Lino KaUorln Marls ThoroHla..Bopl I;
N. O. L, Uno Allcr So.' ��
Allan Slalo Uno Lauroutlan Sopr-1
From Host on.
Cunnrd Uno Snxonln Rep ;'
Dominion Lino Now KliKlnnd  Del u��
PQesagei uraoaed to ami from nil Keropean
polnlH. Kor rnlns. licko.H ami full Infonimllon
apply to 0. I'. It. dopot. nKonl or 11. L. Brown
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W. P, K. CUMMINUS,    ,
Goncrnl , .out. C.P.U, <)lllco��. Winnipeg
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7-8 inch dinin. 918.00per 100 feet.   F"''
immediate   delivery    ��>   Bel*0*
I    f ���
Nelson Daily Miner,  Thursday   Evening,   September 13,  1900
the 1
alveston hoeror.
Into the Gov
Contributions   Pouring
ernor of the State.
Austin, Tex., Sept. 111.-Governor
Savers today made tbe following
Sttitomont to thc Associated Press on
,1���. Mood situation: "Conditions at
Gnlveston arc fully as bad as reported.
Communication, however, has been
reestablished between the island and
|hl. mainland and hereafter the transportation of supplies will be lessdif-
lloult, The work of clearing tbe city
|B progressing fairly well and Adjutant Scurry, under the direction of the
mayor, is' paf.'olllng the city for the
purpose of preventing depredations.
���|'|���. most eon.se vative estimate of the
m������l���.,' of deaths places il at 3,000.
Contributions from citizens of this
State and from other Stales are cora-
in.r in rapidly and liberally and it is
confidently expected thai within tlic
next leu days the work of restoration
by thc people of llalveston will have
begun in good eoi Hist and with energy and success. Of course the destruction of property has been very great
not less than ten millions of dollars
-bul il is hoped and believed that
even this great loss will be overcome
through the energy of the    people."
Iiiuing the day contributions have
fairly deluged the (Iovernor. upwards
nf Sliio.iinO having been received. Governor Savers today began receiving
reports from various points along the
Oulf Coast, whieli would indicate that
there has been great damage done to
property for Bevoral hundred miles
and that tbe list of llalveston fatalities and Buffering wil! be largely augmented.
Down  the coast from Galveston, thi
town   of   Dickinson   was   laid   waBtc
and live people killed.    The   towns of
Alvin,     Altalonia.    Texas   City,   and
Uoroksbtre are wrecked and   hundreds
are destitute.   Richmond  is so  badly
demolished thai it will  require weeks
to dear tho town,    Missouri City and
Stafford, just opposite   were   entirely
demolished   and   tne   few   remaining
people at these places   have  no homes
to diver   their l.i    I .     Hay   City,   in
.Matagorda County.i.s reported   wreck
ed witli much loss of   life   though   no
oltlial report   lias  been   made  to   the
effect,    I'.'iiton.     Rollover,    Bolivar
point,   Quintans,    Sugarland,   Belleville,   Wharton,   I'liirview,   Missouri
city, Sartarla,   Arola and El  Carapo,
arc all reported heavy sufferers,   both
in   point   of   property   destroyed   and
lives lost.    Owing to the fact that the
telegraph service   is   still    badly crippled (Iovernor Saver's   cannot   ascertain the exact number of  dead at   the
points named but it is  approximated
(tt live hundred.    Reports   which have
reached   the   Governor   show that tlie
railroad telegraph,and telephone companies have suffered enormous   losses.
The   (Iovernor    was   informed   today
that quite a number of tugs from New
Orleans  and   other   available   points
li.iil either arrived or were en route of
llalveston   and that by   Saturday   tbe
transportation problem would be solved so far as getting   people   from   the
Island to mainland was concerned.
First Move on the Construction of the
Railroad to Republic.
Grand Porks, ll. C, Sept. 13.��� T.
W. Holland of Grand Porks, who was
recently successful in securing the
passage by the Provincial Legislature
of a measure Incorporating the tlrand
Porks & Kettle River Railway Company, has organized his engineering
parties. The survey of the route between Grand Porks und Carson, B. ('.,
a point, on the International boundary, commenced yesterday morning.
As soon as this work is completed tin-
survey will be extended soutli through
the Colville reservation to Republic.
Track-laying, It is expected, will be
s.acted within two months.
A Tempting Table
Calumet, Que., 13.���11 is estimated
tbat the out of lumber In Perley's
.sawmills here this season will be a
record breaker and total fully 880,000,-
Advertisement* Inserted unrior this hoad at
tho rate of one cent _ word por insertion.   No
tulvorLlHonioiiL taken for lens than 2.1 cents.
VERMONT.���Wanted by Moses w.
Leech, Information as to the whereabouts of Merritt C, Mallory, which
is his mother's maiden name. Address
Moees W. Leech, Everett, Wash.
FOR     SALE. Mendelssohn      Piano,
Cabinet Sewing Machine (Singer).
Apply (leo. Gurd, Room I, Turner-
Hoeckh lilock.
WANTED. ��� Immediately, small
house, cottage or part house, about
ten minutes walk from Opera House,
state particulars, "MILLS" Miner
W, R. Bellamy Has a Big Project lie-
fore liim.
W, U. Bellamy, M. E., arrived in
town from Nelson on Friday, says the
Kamloops Sentinel, lie leaves shortly
on a trip up the North Tbomspon River to the main falls about ISO miles
distant, where be proposes to locale
the site for a big electric power plant
to operate an electric railway between
Hint point and Kamloops. Mr. Bellamy states that his project is backed
''.v eastern capital and that there is
abundant justification for the undertaking. There are large and rich galena deposits in the vicinity of these
falls, further there are the coal fields,
and large tracts of excellent timber.
grazing, and agricultural lands, in
the development of which an electric
railway will materially assist, lie
anticipates too, that the dredging
operations, which will soon be under
way, will provide an extensive addition lo the trallie. The project, if
carried into effeot, will certainly
mean a very great deal for Kamloops,
Mr. Bellamy's efforts will be followed with the keenest interest by all of
our citizens, There is abundant evidence of the existence of great undeveloped natural resources iu the valley
"f the North Thompson, and the pro-
Posed railway should lend to their
early development��� It is well known
tliat practically incalculable motive
power can be obtained from these falls
to operate the biggest kind of an electric power plant.
GENTLEMAN   and   wife   want  two
unfurnished rooms in private    family, with board, or privilege   of light
housekeeping.    "H" Miner Oflice.
WANTED���General    housework     or
chamber work.    Address "C" Miner
MISS BUSIIFIEL1). Graduate   Nurse,
(���pen for engagements. TelephoneU0,
WANTED���A    good   girl    for general
housework.    Apply Kossland  Hotel.
Vernon Street.
WANTED���Apprentices to learn dressmaking.    Apply  Martin  O'Reilly iS
POR RENT���-Furnished rooms.  Good
attendance.    Second   door   east   of
City Hall.
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, $5.60 mid III.    Table
board  Sl.   Oarbonate  Street,   second
bouse east of Josephine.
FOR   SALK   CHEAP-  Large   house
nnd 10 acres opposite Nelson.   Fowl
house.     Running  water.     Apply O,
Newling,  linker Street.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. $b (ill
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting' B SO
Stretch's   Prospecting,  Locating
and Valuing   Mines  - lb
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  2 2b
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 T.">
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks.... 1 lb
Tbautwine's   Engineer's   Handbook  ��.  fi all
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    for
the Steam   Engine  2 28
Hawkins' Maxims  and  Instructions for   Boiler Room  2 2b
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  8 28
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineers  2 2b
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 28
Stevenson's Practical Test  I  ml
Canada's   Metals  85
Ottawa, Sept. HI.���The annual convention of the Canadian Medical As-
Molatlon opened here yesterday morn-
"'_ with a large attendance. This afternoon President Dr. R. W. Powell,
of this elty, read his annual report.
'"'��� Ryerson Is present ami has prepared a pap,.,- ������ surgery as observed
111 Hie South African war.
*hll ���JnatON hi on every box or tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine
"* WW* ������t vnrw n����H A �������� ��������_���
Houses and lots for sale in all parts
of tlle City.
Victoria-Montreal Fire Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
BlMrSr      See ANNABLE
Coal and* Wood.
Agonts Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order  can bo accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
Offloe Corner Hall and linker Street*.
A. R. BARROW, am i a e
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Hts.
P. O, Box B5B. Telephoue No, ��5
If you have iliiliculiv in making a
pleasing variety in your bill of rare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
and learn bow easily and economically
it can be done.
Here are a few things that will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
Pan Points
Tin Pans are not all
alike. There's the difference in the tin, in the
ironing, and in thc making. All the points that
go to make the difference
between good and bad
quality arc embodied in
tin pans.
We Have Tin Pans of
Every Kind and Size
made from extra heavy
stock, and warranted to
wear well. All onr Hardware is equally meritorious.
R. P. Rithet & Co-, Ltd-
ARenla   far  Hritish   Columbia.
A. B. ORAY, Bin Bill Nel.nn, Koot_n_y
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Allin, D.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
We have an assortnient of the
best, quality of perfumes that will
surely prove an enjoyment t(i the
ladies. The natural fragrance of
sweet Bowers, bottled and sold for
a right  price.
White   Rose.    Lilac.    Heliotrope.
Sweet Clover. Carnation,
These perfumes are sold in bullc
or bottled, and arc guaranteed.
Baiter Street, Nelson.     I". o. Box 336.
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
KOOfflAY CIGAR!...!)
NKLSON, 13. 0.
Room 1, Turner-Boeokb Hloek.
Houses aud Building Lots in All Farts
of the Oity.
WANTED���Good building lots down
town for client.   Also hind adjoining
city for gardening.
By tlie week from $5 to $6.
By thc day St.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLIN,  Prop-
Thorough English, Calisthenics,
Music, French, and Herman if required. Fall term commences 8rd
September,    For particulars apply to
Josephine sl.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A   furnished   bouse.    Will
offer good rental.
Straight   Mortgage,   at   8   por  cen',
Wanted    .Molly (SMwon Stock.
General Agent for the Oukat Wkst
Life Absubance Oo.
WANTKI)    For Spot Ciiflh-Two GO*
trnl     lotH   suit libit!    for    lewiileucet.
1>1*I-SUANT lo tlH'-Crw-ilnix'Triihl 1'��<��1h
1 Ad," nmi Aiiu'ikHmk Act*, nnd tlto Tru*
loos' itml Bxeouton1 An. Bwunni st to w
Inoluat. a
Notion is horoby Riven that 1. aa ftdmlnUtra-
lor nf thu MtatO of Thomtfl KiilutnlViHi, In hln
llfotlmo of Uloctllownot, iii ihr County of
Kootonay, hotel keeper, doeeasoa, have Mini in
iliu Vancouver tteglHtr; of tho SupremoCourt
of Hriti-h Columbia, n declaration itint tho
paid Oftate [fl itisiiftlrlunt for tho pnyim-nt in
full  of iho  rli>htH mill   li.ihiliiir-   of   tho Haiti
riioinuH EUoharason.
All iiorsonn Havinsolalmsagalmit timtwiuto
of tho said Thomoi tilchardwn, who have not
alrendrfllod with mo full portlonlam of tho
name only vorlflotL together with the particular! of HocuritloH, if any, hold hy tln-in, aro
required to do so before the Ul day of October
Notice in horofay further given that after tho
i-i day of October next iho Administrator, m
trustee, will proceed to dlHlrihuto the proceeds
Of the trust until tc fimoiiK I lie parlies entitled
thorotO* having regard only to (ho rlalins of
which ho then tiiin not ice. ami that ho will not
he liable for thu proceedm of I he (runt tjntato, or
.iiiy pari thereof, so distributed, to anv person
ufwhone claim ho hail not nol ice at tho Limes of
Lho distribution.
Notieo Is horoby ui ven that a mooting Of Mi"
creditors of Ihomud ThninaH KIchardHon will
!>'��� held in ihe Oourt Houso ut Fori BtOOle,
IU'.. OH Monday, Iho Zllh day of September,
A. M. VMM), ut the hour of one o'clock In tho
Dated at fTort Stoole, B. 0., this i:ithdayor
AuKUht, A.I.. LOOQ,
Ofilcial   \<I i.i mi 11.11 or.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Anply to O. U LKNNOX, Bakor Bt,
PRICES  $1.25 TO  $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60;
Nelson,   B. C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co,
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a     _____m_______-t-________A      3____i    __>
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a��4 oroniDt attention.
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from QO cents up.
Hall   Block.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka  nineral Wool mnl
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Oo. of North America, Mutual Lite
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
Thursday & Friday.
Sept- 13th & 14th
Now I'lays. New Players. New Seen
ery, Now Specialties, Nothlny but
the Best.
Thursday eveninK  the great Madison
Square Theatre success
Friday evening   the   New  Military
POPULAR   PRICES: ��g & 5<> tents
No extra,   No Iiik'*""-
Sent* now on wile.
Throe-story house on Parle Street,
near linker Street. To he sold cheap.
Part cash.
Building lols and residences in all
pacts of the city ((ml Hume Addition.
Two Story House, six rooms, furnished complete, on Observatory Street
close to thc Tram Line. ��11...00 per
Seven room house on C'arhonate St.
All modern Improvements; 92b per
Of WrilhiK Puper WOtl'l I���"1
long, _ot_d hotter placo ��n
other "liun-y up"oreor wiui
Soo Line
frpperia-     Liipited
East   and   West
First, ('hiss Sleepers on all tniinH from
A iiituwiiKA hand Kootonay Landi.no
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St,. Paul; Saturdays for
.Monlrenl and Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same ears
pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:88
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar IK:If.
Mm in ne train daily for and from
llnsslnnd, and for Krvelsto. e, main
line and l'acilic Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
UoMulnnd, and Iron. Revelstoke, main
line aud Paoiflo Cnnst, and dnily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7:110 l.v I   s , I Ar 111:80
...    .,     , _   Nelson   { ,.,    .,
Ihx Sun) j | (Kx Sun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revidsloke, main line and Pacific
Kootknay Lakk-Kami... RotTTB,
(KxSun)       Str Kokanee       (Ex Sun)
I(I:IK) Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Armenia and return,
leaving Kaslo nt 8H:-llk.
Kootknay Rivkk Roi'TK.
Hiiily Sirs Moyie and Nelson Daily
22:30 Lv Nelsou Ar 2:80
Connects at KooLcnay Landing with
Crow'I Nest Line trains.
For rotes, tickets nnd full itiforiiia*
linn apply lo Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, li. ('.. or
Trav. Piwh. Axontl
A  (I. P. Agent,
V��mocu����t Nel&on Dailv Miner, Thuk_.��ay Eveninb, September  .j, 1900.
Dominion line steamer Caraln'oman
arrived at Liverpool, TueBday noon,
Sept.  11,
Mr. Harry Ward of Ward Urns., left
for Spokane today, where he will have
his eyes treated by a specialist of that
Tinto will he a meeting of the Finance Committee of the City Counoil
tomorrow evonlng, when the monthly
accounts will be passed.
The Nelson lacrosse team Is contemplating extending an Invitation to the
\\'innlpcg team to visit Nelson during their trip to New Westminster.
.luhn s. Hooper, representing A,
Stewart's Monumental, Uranite A Marble Works of Victoria, lias arrived in
Nelson, and in the future will make
Nelson liis headquarters.
Dr. Ewing of the construction department of the Haiti,ur extension left
Inst evening for Toronto. He will also visit his parents at Seaforth on liis
E. Parr, inspector of thc innsounry
works of the C. 1'. R. lines of the Pacific division, with headquarters at
Revelstoke, is in Nelson.today inspecting the work on the round house,
Mrs. Wilson, who lias been at the
Hume Hotel for several weeks.making
a specialty of removing superflous
hair, lias decided to remain In the
city for a week or two longer.
The license commissioners met yesterday but no business was transacted. Tins is the first^ occasion in a
long time that there has been no applications presented for licenses or
Tlie fall session of the County Court
was closed yesterday afternoon by the
hearing of the ease of the Crown vs.
Manderson. Manderson was given
one month imprisonment from the
Kith day of August.
Mr. T. .1. l.endruin left Nelson yesterday on an extensive pleasure trip.
He will lirst visit Nan Monica. I'al..
and after spending several days there
he will leave for New York from
whieli place he will extend bis trip to
London,  England.
Gladys Campbell, daughter of Dr.
Campbell of Kaslo,lost a valuable ladies' watch at the corner of linker and
Ward streets last, evening. If the
watch is found the owner would be
pleased to have it returned to the
Hume Hotel.
A man who gave his name as Frank-
Heck, and who was serving time at
the Provincial jail under the name of
William Jones, is under arrest charged with stealing a sum of money from
.lames Harris yesterday afternoon at
the Sherbrooke House. Tllc case is
being heard before Magistrate Crease
at the police court this afternoon.
After the 15th of October, when the
Imperial Limited service of the Canadian Pacific is discontinued,the train
service of the Nelson district will be
changed. The official time table has
not been made out but it is understood that the trains leaving and arriving at Nelson will give a later service than the present schedule ii	
A general meeting of all thc Liberal-Conservatives of the Nelson district, will be held at the room over
Neelands' Shoe Store at s o'clock this
evening, for the purpose of selecting
delegates to attend the l.ibcr'il-Con-
servative Convention to be held at
Revelstoke, Saturday. Sepl. 15. The
business is exceedingly important and
a large number should be in attendance'.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational Church desire to express
through tlie columns of The Miner
their gratitude to all who so generously assisted In making their concert of September  7th.   such a  signal
sin ss.   The] programme  throughout
was of unusual merit and the society
feels deeply indebted to the contributors, who devote both time and talent
to make tlie entertainment iu every
way successful.
Mi*. VV, ,1. Astley, who was in
charge of the decorations and illumination of the bonis at the farewell reception to the vice regal party, at the
wharf last evening, is to be commended for the way in whieh he executed
his duties. Tlic display was magnificent and well appreciated by every
one. The members of the committee
on arrangements of the entire reception, also deserve much credit for I be
manner in which affairs were conducted.
The following are the mining records for today: Certificates of Work
To Erie Mountain Consolidated Mining Company, on Princess No. ! : .1. P.
Swcdberg. on Gold Leaf: Michael
Egan, on Kllintc; E. C. Arthur, on
Rapid. Transfers From Alfred Hykes
of Kossland. to Richard VV, Day ,,f
Nelson. one*quarter interest in Transvaal claim, on Toad Mountain; 11. VV.
Day to Percy chapman, one-quarter
Interest in Transvaal, for a nominal
consideration. Locations���Effle L, on
Sproule Creek, by II. Mason;Lion, on
Falls Creek.by ,1, II. McKernan.
II. Marpole. general superintendent
of the C. P. R,, vv ho has jusl return
ed tj Vancouver, from the Kootenay,
where he hud been un u tour of inspec
tion, accompanied by II. J. ('amble,
chief engineer, interviewed by Tlie
Vancouver World, said he was pleased
to note the signs of increasing prosperity which were visible through the
Kootenay. This was especially true
of Nelson and Rossland, where business was In a very satisfactory condition. Veiy large quantities of ore
were being delivered at the Trail.
Granby and Hall Mines smelters, and
this was to be very much increased
within tlie next 30 days. The present
prosperous movement was only the
outward indication of the fact that
the country had passed the experimental stage. The era of production
has begun and the goodly heritage
Hritish Columbia lias in the mineral
deposits of the interior have now that
Ihey are thoroughly proven, begun to
yield results that will he hound to increase rapidly. The settlement of
the labor difficulties and also the cessation of political disturbances were
factors that had contributed to tlie
general improvement. All the country
now wanted was a period of rest from
all disturbing' agitations. Of tne
company's lines. Mr. Marpole said
tlieir tour of inspection found everything going on well. "In fact," said
he, "that is how they are kept going
on well, by constant watchfulness
and frequent inspection." The company lias no new work in hand except the depot and round houses at
Nelson, whieh is to be the Kootenay
divisional point.
Tlie Cowan Coal Co. has commenced
operations on their property at the
eastern end of the Crow's Nest Pass
and are now working three eight hour
silifts. Machinery is also being put in
place. Marketable coal is being taken
from within ten feet of tlie surface
and all indications point lo remarkably good deposits. The conipany has
opened negotiations wilh tlle C. P. II.
witli a view of tin'road using their
coal for steam purposes until the
mine is opened up in such shape
that shipments can be made in large
quantities to thc outside market. Mr.
Maynard II. Cowan is on the ground
superintending operations during tlle
absence of Mr. S. VV, (!ebu. who is at
present in Montana.
The Madison Square Theatre's success in New York City,"Hazel Kirk."
will he the opening- bill of the Clara
Mathes Company at the Nelson Opera
House tonight. The Clara Mathes
Company returns to Nelson stronger
than upon its last appearance when
it made many friends among the theatre goers here. The play tonight is
une of those which have become
standard articles throughout the country and tlie story it tells appeals to
the emotions of all who witness It.
Tomorrow evening the company will
produce the powerful military drama,
"South Africa." or "The Heroes of
Hum." Tlle company has been off the
oad for several weeks because of sickness in tlie company and is deserving of support for Nelson theatre
Bad Storm
In Ontario
Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 13,���Reports
from Crystal Beach, a summer resort
on tlic Canadian side of Lake Erie,
say that every dock has been destroyed
by the terrific storm of Tuesday night
and all boats from Buffalo and many
sea yachts anchored there, were completely wrecked. The damage is very
heavy. The wind attained a velocity
of "-' miles an hour, but beyond blowing down a number of trees nnd the
wrecking of awnings and chimneys
and the destruction of a tower of one
of the Pan-American buildings in tlie
course of erection, no serious damage
is reported.
Montreal, Sept. 13.���According to
meagre reports received here the tail
end of the Galveston cyclone appears
to have struck Ontario at an early
hour Tuesday morning.and it is feared
has done immense damage to fruit
and other farm produce as well as to
out.-building, ete. Telegraphic communication has also been interrupted
and until it is restored the exact
amount of damage will not be known.
The Vancouver World of last Friday says in regard to Miss Edith Miller: "A large and fashionable audience was present, to hear the Edith J.
Miller Concert Company. Miss Miller
made a favorable impression and was
repeatedly encored. She was in excellent voice, and it would he difficult t
say whieh of her many contributions
to the evening's entertainment found
most favor. Her rendering of Break
Break, Break was exquisitely given
while Co wen's "The Promise of
Life." was charmingly sung. Robert
('. Campbell the tenor, has a sweet
and clear voice of fair range. His
numbers were all good, especially
Blumenthal's "My Queen." Ills singing of "Her Majesty" aroused the patriotic enthusiasm   of   Ihe   audience.
Stanley Adams, a g I  looking young
man, with a well modulated baritone
voice, divided the honors with Miss
Miller, liis hesl numbers were "Th
Wearin ii' the Green," and "When
Katie Tuned the Old Guitar. " As
encore he gave the "Rosary" very
effectively, The duet "Haste Crimson Morning," by Miss Miller and
Mr. Adams, was beautifully rendered.
Tho closing number, "Queen of the
Night." by Miss Miller. Mr Adams
and Mr. Campbell gained the entire
approval of Ihe audience. The accompanist of the evening was Miss
.lean Forsyth, who is a pianist of abil
ity and did her part  admirably,
concert would bear repeating."
The Governor-Genera]  Makes a Definite Promise Regarding Sinclair.
While the vice regal party was enjoying the short outing on the Moyie
yesterday afternoon Aid. Irvine laid
before the Governor-Genera] the ease of
the man Sinclair, serving a term for
embezzlement in the New Westminster penitentiary, The destitution of
Mrs. Sinclair, who is suffering from
severe illness, was pointed out and
when the facts were pointed out His
Excellency assnrred Aid. Irvine that
as soon as he returned to Ottawa he
would go into Ihe case and have Sinclair released. It will he a couple of
weeks before His Excellency returns
to tlie capital ami when he reaches
there the release of Sinclair will
speedily follow. Lord Minto said the
facts as pointed out "were sullieient
without it being neeesssary to forward
him a petition re-stating them.
Lone Highwayman Holds up a Tn
and Secures About 810,000.
Denver, Colo.. Sept. 13.���Burlington
train No. 1, known as the "Overland
Flyer," was held up by lone highwayman at'.'o'clock this (Wednesday)
morning live miles east of Halghler,
Netbraska, near the Colorado line.
The robber Secured about 15,000 in
cash anil probably twice that much in
diamonds and watches and then made
his escape by bringing the train to a
stop, lie went through both sleepers
but did not molest the chair ears.
The railroad ollieials offer 91,000 for
his Capture   and posses   have   started
out in all directions.
Ashcroft. II. C, Sept. HI.���This
morning, while lying asleep and Intoxicated across the track near here
George Knappll a rancher ami resident of this place,  was   run over by a
freight train, crushing his limbs in
such a manner as to necessitate amputation of one leg and an arm.
Knappll has been taken to the Kamloops hospital.
Phair.- .1. II. McLean. Kossland;.!.
II. Ilanisworth. Victoria; Dr. and
Mrs. W. A. llendryx. Los Angeles: C.
P. Vales. New Deliver; I). II. Ihvight
and wife. Spokane:   A.   (I. Pritehanl.
Ti ma: A. W.   Wright, Sandon;   11.
(Irasshoff, San Francisco| N. Lewis.
Montreal ; W. II. Angus. Toronto; T.
C. Thompson. Fernie
Hume. ���W. (I. O'LaughHii. Winnipeg; Henry Boy, Kossland;.!. It. Giff-
oril, Hall Mines; Mrs. Chapman. Kaslo; W. I). Ilamsay. llrnntfo.il: W. V.
Hunt., Bonnlngton Falls: c. II. A.
Grant, Montreal-! J.B, Eager, Toronto; M. Mauley. Spokane: II.A. Small.
Vancouver; li. Ilrown. dr., SI. Paul;
0, B. Crecke,.Minneapolis, Minn.
TO I I 111    A   I Ol II   l\   UM    III!
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.  All
druggists refund Ihe nione> If II fBtu In run'.
ix,   K Vi. Orovo'tf signal urn In UU tuv.li bu_.
San Francisco. Sept.. 1 '���).��� The light
scheduled last night between .lack
Moffat and Tommy Ryan ended in a
fi/./.le. Ryan would not go on because Moll'at was four pounds over
weight and Al Neill of thiH city was
substituted,     lu   the   third   round   he
dislocated   Moffat's  shoulder  wiih a
heavy   right   aud  was given   the   de-
. .CALLS   FOR . .
. . AS    WELL    AS . .
We have tlicni at prices ranging from $1,50 lo $5,00,,
Martin O'Reilly St Co.
MoUstoi) piock3 Jlaker Street.
���^���^���^���*�� ���>*.-^-'��i.-*_��-'^.-'^. '^:��i^'-'^-5r:^.-5^:'��^-S^'*K ^^ ^>5"-Svi
Non-Assessable and Non-Personal Liability.
Capital $250,000, iu Ten Cent Shares.   Four Claims, All Crown Granted,
With No Debts or Liabilities.   One Mile West of Rossland.   Over
000,000 Shares in Treasury for Development.
Toronto, Sept., 13,���Archibald
Campbell, the well known Liberal
member for Kent County since iss;.
has declined re-nominal ion despite the
fact that he has been presented with
a nuniroiisly signed petition asking
him lo run again. It i.s thought Mr.
Campbell has another constituency in
view, likely West Vurk. vv'hero lie will
try to   defeat lion. Clark Wallace.
Spring obicken and all the delloaoiM
of the season served to you   when  yon
visit Florence Park Hotel nt Roberta'
Haneh, two and a half miles np the
river.    W. M. Roberts, propiintnr.
LOST���lletween lluine Hotel and Host
lllllei���a   child's    gold   and   enamel
watch.     Reward,     Mrs.   Hi-.   |i   (i,nip-
bell,  Hume Hotel.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
The properties of this company are situated directly west and 600 feet
lower in elevation than the famous Le Roi No. 1 and Le Roi No. 2, that are
now shipping 10,000 tons a week. The Workings consist of a shaft and Two
Tunnels, driven to tap the ore body on three separate and distinct veins. No. 1
Tunnel on this vein is in over 100 feet, and No. 2 Tunnel on this vein has
reached a depth of 112 feet, with three and one-half feet of shipping ore in
sight, and forty feet of the ledge to cross-cut. The ore is identical With the
Le Roi ore, (he High-Grade Gold-Copper Ore of the camp. The No. 3 Vein
has been opened in five places for 2,000 feet, which dips to the 1. X. L. adjoining, which is now shipping (he highest grade ore in British Columbia. Several
buildings are on the ground, with two blacksmith shops and large boarding
house, etc., with walei and timber in abundance.
Our assays have averaged from $5.00 to .$Soo in Gold. Copper and
Silver; and the shipping facilities are the best. The Great Northern Railway
runs three limes through the ground, three smelters close at hand, and reduced
charges ol $4.50 per ton for shipping and smelting, and we are now ready to
start shipping ore.
The shares in this Company have been strictly pooled, and we will issue
Pooled Receipts only until the Pool is dissolved. We need money, and will
send you 100 shares for $7.00, 1,000 for $60.00, 5,000 for $275.00, and 10,000
lor $500.00.    Address
JAMES LAWLER, Managing- Director,
BOX  545,   ROSSLAND,  B. C.
Or Money can be sent care Bank of Montreal.
References :    Any Bank or Business  Man in the City of Rossland.
Invcstlgate-Send .or Prospectuses, Engineers' Reports, Etc.
\V_5 _^_^ _^ _^ _^_^ :-8_S _S_2t ^'g^ ^' ___'____' ___ ____��� ^ ________
' 0-- 00 ��� 00- 00 ��� 00- 00 ��� 00- 00 ��� 00- 00 ��� 00- 00 ��� __00\^^^^^^1^1^1^1^1*2^-
Victims to stomach, 11 vet antl kidney
troubles an well ns women, and all feel
the results in loss of appetite, poisons
in   the  blood, backache,   nervousness,
headache mid tired  listless, run-down
feeling. But there's no need to foel
like that. Listen to ,1. W . Gardner,
Idaville, Ind. He snys: "Elecirio
Bitters are just the thing for a man
when he iH nil run down, und don't
earn whether he lives or dins. It did
more to Rive me new strength and
good appetite than anything I conld
tuke. I can now ent anything and
hnve ll new lease nn life." Only all
oents   nt   Cunada   Drug vV Hook Store.
Give the Eyes a Chance
Brewers of Fine Lager
II,'Cl and I'ol tt'r,
1)1101' IN AM) SEE I'M,
Nelson, I- 0,
in all 8i!i!H. in all lands, th*eyesshouldb_
permltHB in kIvu tl olr owaen unhampered
.r.r.,;���'_;���. v>^ *ou�� ����� 8��bv_
Vou Bhould sec tbat they arc OOITOoU. (Hied
wiih prpuor kIiuwch. our:attention Insure,
you satisfactory hikIiU our lenses in your
eyes 'ind our rruiuus III your face,
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Kough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yurds, NELSON
uml LARDO,


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