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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 3, 1900

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Daily Edition   No   449
Nelson, British Columbia, Sunday, June 3, 1900.
Tenth Year
Lord Roberts Describes the Formal Entry
of Johannesburg.���General French
is North of That City.
Eeitz Talks.
Popular Opinion in London That the War is
Practically Over.-Spencer Wilkinson Reviews the Past
Week's Events.
London, June 2.���A oable from Lord
Roberts, dated Johannesburg, Mny 31,
but which was not despatched from
there until yesterduy, has been received
at the War Office.    It suys;
"The occupation of Johannesburg
paused off quite satisfactorily, thanks go
the arrangements made by Dr. Krauze,
the Transvaal Governor here, and order
prevailed throughout tho town.
" Dr. Krauze met me oo my entrance
in Johannesburg, and rode hy me to thu
Government       Olllees,      where       ho
introduced      to   the  beuU   of  the
several departments, all of whom ncced
ed to my request thnt, they would continue to curry ou their respective duties
until tbey oould be relieved of them.
"Johannesburg is very empty, but a
large orowd of people had assembled in
the main sqnnre by the time the Krit
lab flag was hoisted. A loyal.anlote
was fired and throe cheers for tho
Qneen wete given. At the end of the
ceremony tbe Eleventh Division
marched past with tho Naval Bligndc,
the heavy artillery, and two brigade
divisions of tbe Royal Field Artillery.
General Hamilton's command of the
oavalry division nnd the ununited iu
fantry were too far awny to take purt
in the ceremony. The troops looked
very workmanlike nnd evidently took
��� keen interest in the proceedings. The
Ut_ and Wyel's Brigade have been
left in Johannesburg to preserve order,
while the remainder of the force is encamped north of the town ou the Pretoria road.
British troops arc withdrawn rebellion will break out, not for years but
for centuries. For England this
muanB a constant source of trouble
and bloodshed."
London, June 2.���Lord Roberts'
last report of the movement! of the
British troops in the Trnnsviial
somewhat mysterious. From the fact
that General French's report took two
days to reach the Commander-in-
Chief at Johannesburg, it is believed
that either French must be many
miles north of the city or he is having
trouble with his communications
The former is generally accepted as
the most probable and it is surmised
that Lord Roberta1 vague phrase,
setting forth that, "French is now
holding the place which I directed him
to hold, north of Johannesburg,"
means that IiIh position is quite close
to Pretoria.
The additional fact that Lord Roberts' dispatch published today is
dated four hours earlier than the one
given out yesterday, and Unit il tnkes
ln the proceedings no further than
May Slat, leads to the inevitable conclusion that some important movement Is on foot, or that Lord Roberta
himself has not In en aide to keep his
lines clear behind him. Possibly the
new place l��,nl Roberta will be beard
from will be Pretoria, while it seems
that French should certainly lie within
strlklug distance of the capital city.
London, Juue 2.���3.12 p. m.���The
War Office has received tho following
dispatch from I .mil Roberts:
London, June 2.���10:30 a, m.���Lord
Roberts reports to Secretary of Stdte
for War, the Marquis of Lansdowne,
aa follows: "Johannesburg, May 31 ���
0:40 a. m.���French's report of his operations during May 28 and 29 reached
me at 3 a. m. today. He was opposed
throughout bis march, but managed to
drive off the enemy from the strong
positions they successfully held, with
very little loss, and is now holding the
place which I directed him to hold,
north of Johannesburg, Two officers
were wounded and two men were killed
and 29 wounded.''
London, June 2.-3:14 p. m.���The
War Office has received the following
dispatch from Lord Roberts:
"Johannesburg, June 1.���9:26 p. m.
���Sir Henry Colville, in reporting the
arrival of the Highland Brigade at
Heilbron, May 29, states that he was opposed more or less the whole way from
Ventersburg. Eight men were killed
and four officers and thirteen men
were wounded.
"Colville says the Lancashire Battery of field artillery did excellent
work. The naval guus were most
valuable and the troops behaved in a
most soldierly manner throughout the
trying march. Rundle telegraphs
tbat his casualties were al killed and
150 men wounded."
ed to make the E-nperor believe the
meat bill compromise, as adopted, represented a great victory over the
Agrarians in whioh tho Emperor , innocently rejoices.
I.nndim, Juno 2.���The. Cologne Gazette publishes a letter from State
Secretary Reltz, dated April 96, saying: "The British Government promised the British Nation that the cost
of the war shall be defrayed by the
Boers. Bnt as the latter will not be
In a position to pay, Great Britain
must obtain the money from the gold
mines, which will thereby, be mulcted
M half the net profits whereas the
Transvaal never levied a special tax
on gold. The Instigators of the war,
Rhodes, Werner, Beit, and others,
will suffer the greatest loss.
Jn addition tbe British will have to
maintain a garrison of fifty thousand
men, the most of which tlie mines
will also have to pay,   A* booh as the
London, June 3.���Mr. Spencer
Wilkinson, reviewing the events of
the week iu South Africa for the
Associated Press, says:
"The situation can be understood if
we neglect the Pretoria telegrams.
Lord Roberts advanced from tne Vaal
two columns, being himself with the
main body following the line of the
railway, and General French and
Hamilton keeping pace with him a
short march to the left,
On Monday night Lord Roberts
was nt Klip River Station, the left
wing of tlie column being south of
lb. Tuesday night hiBt Roberts was
at (ien.iistown, and the left wing near
Florida, just west of Johannesburg.
On Wednesday last General Roberts
summoned Johannesburg to surrender
and agreed to give them 24 hours delay before entering the town, which,
however, be surrounded with troopr
Generals French and Hamilton wore
kept nway fiom tbe town und pushed
"Thursday Lord RobertB entered Jo-
hannesbnrg and made a formal oo
onpation. He held a review of two
divisions nnd then left a brigade to
garrison the town. As to Pretoria, it
very likely that General Freuoh wns
east of the railway and the remainder
of the army within easy marches of
the Boor capital. Meantime, Lord
RobertB' communications were well
covered and the Free State forces were
receiving punishment.
"On Thursday General Rundle defeated tho Free Staters nenr Seuekal
nud received reinforcements from tho
Third Brigade. The same day tho Free
Staters near Fitohhurg were reported
from Maseru to have been surrounded
by Brabant nnd Rnndle, whioh proves
that General Brabant hns an infantry
brigade which may be Ohermid's.
Now ns to Pretoria. On Wednesday
President Kruger left the city, the
Boer troops were dismissed from the
forts and the town resolved to surrender and made its arrangements,
Tho Burghers were in a panic nud believed Lord Roberts was close. These
facts were telegraphed here by two
witnesses: Our news of Lord Roberta
wns 24 hours old, and there wss nothing improbable in his troops being
where Pretoria reported them to be.
Therefore we were ready to believe
that Pretoria would be occupiod
Thursday. Now it is clear that the
Pretoria telegrams expected the occupation two or three days too soon.
Lord Roberts must now be before
Pretoria, but tbe evidence is not sufficient to enable ub to judge whether
or not he has had serious resistance.
There might lie some difficulty in the
Boers having rcoccupied the forts but,
in all probability, the entry of Pretoria will not lio long delayed.
The Boer military power is now
broken and tlie war Is practically
over, although the complete occupation of the country will take some
President Kruger nitty form a Rand
at Lydeiiburg, which can do no great
harm, us (leneral Buller will move up
to the llelagoa Bay Railroad and stop
Kruger's supplies. So soon as the
British have all the railways, flying
columns will quickly make an end to
all opposition,"
London, Cune 2-���Popular opinion
has proclaimed the advent of victory
in South Africa. The nation has made
up its mind that the war is over: that
the prestigeof British arms is restored;
that President Kruger is vanquished;
that priceless territory has been annexed; that humanity has not been
staggered; and that, led by that little
Sir Galahad, "Bobs,'' Great Britain's
army bos fulfilled the most optimistic
Lorenzo Marquez, May 8.���President
Kruger yesterday was still at Marcs-
dodnrp, about half way between Pretoria and tbe Portuguese frontier, on
the railroad between tbe Transvaal
Oapital and Delagoa Bay.
Boer ooramandos, totalling about
10,000 men, beld on Thursday all tbe
positions and bills around Pretoria.
Another large commando wus at
Skronkshnrst Spruit, about -lo miles
from Pretoria on tbe railroad leading
to Delngoa Bay.
Telegraphic communication with the
Transvaal ia olosed to tbe public.
Feverish excitement prevails here
owing to tbe almost total absence of
news from either side. Tbe ohject ot
the trip hero of Frichie Elotf, president Krnger's son-in-law, and Dr. Hey
man, the President's physician, appears to have been to plaoe a lnrgo
amount of gold in safety.
Maseru llusut,.land, May 31.��� (leneral Brabant has practically surrounded the Boers five miles outside of
Flcksburg. The only side open for
the Boers' retreat is^the Basutoland
border where thousands of Batiutos
under Chief Jonathan are awaiting
Capetown, June -'.���A dispatch to
the Argus of this city, from Delagoa
Bay, says: -'Pretoria will surrender.
President Kruger, according to a correspondent, is said to be at Middles-
burg between Pretoria and Machcdorp,
und he adds that it is expected that
the last stand of the Boers will be
made at Maehedorp."
Those wishing to subscribe to the Dominion Day Carnival fund aro requested to
do so by leaving from 50 cents upwards,
according to the sine of their purses, at one
ofthe banks or newspaper offioes tomorrow.
Tboss wishing to subsoriho to the Dominion Day Carnival fund are requested to
do so by leaving from50centB npwardB.ac
cording to the site of tbeir purses, at one of
the banks or newspaper  ollicos tomorrow
Ottawa, Ont., June 2.���The following cable was received from tbe Secretary of War today: "I have the honor
to report the receipt of a cable from
Major Ogilvie, commanding tbe Spe
ciul Service Battery, dated Douglas,
June 2, reporting the following as
killed and wounded in a night attook
ot Faber's Fnrrn: Killed���No. 382,
Bombardier (Corporal in nominal roll)
W. Latimer, 15th Shefford Field Battery; wounded���No. 404, Corporal H.
M. Brown; No. 420, Bombordier J. Me-
Askill; "B" battery (several times); No.
411, Driver Kane; No. 445, G. H. Ross,
B" Battery (slightly); No. 520, Gunner H. B. Taite; No. 531, Gunner C.
Wollaid, I3tb Field Battery (slightly)!
No, 475, G. F. Fletcher; Halifax; No.
401, C. Jackson, Pictou Garrison Artillery (slightly),
Ottawa, Ont.., June 2.���At a meeting of tbe Cabinet today, Colonel
O'Grady Haley, a Companion of Bath
and a member of tbe Distinguished
Service Order, was appointed Mnjor-
Geueral commanding the Canadian
militia, to succeed General Hutton.
Colonel Haley is (ill years of age and is
on retired pay. He was born in 1841
and got bis commission in IS5S. His
name was submitted by the Imperial
authorities to the Canadian government.
Winnipeg, Mnn��� June 2.���The two
Wiuniprgcrs who were wounded iu tbe
battle at Faber's Farm, as reported
from Soutli Africa, are: II. B. Tate,
who was a medical student in his first
year. He oamo from England nbont
two years ago, where he had previously graduated. He is 28 years of age,
single nnd has no relatives in this
C. Wnllnrd is a young Englishman
25 years of age. He is also a medical
student and well known in this city,
being enthusiastic in field sports and a
general all round athlete. He oome to
this city from England four years ago.
Both joined the Held battery when
men were called for to serve in South
Dr. Neilson has presented a petition
to tbe Legislatuie on behalf of the License Holders Association, asking that
compensation be granted tbem in the
event of the prohibitory measure becoming a law. The total amount asked for would aggregate about $2,000,-
000. Premier McDonald says the petition will receive serious consideration.
Kaslo, Jnno 2.���Aid. T. R. Baxter
of Vancouver, spoke here last night on
behalf of Geutge Kano, and, while
strongly sticking op for Joe Martin,
he rubbed it Into tho Provincial Party,
declaring in offeet that it was practi-
cally moribund. He oreate-.l much
laughter at tbe Provincial Party's expense by saying "Mr. Carter Cotton
has n very large platform for a very
small party. It looks as if the party
will be smaller -till ou June Uth, and
that Carter Cotton will contribute 82ihi
to build roads, trails and bridges. I
i-iine from Vancouver and 1 know the
feeling down there."
Dissolution of Parliament and Possible Retirement of Lord Salisbury Topics
of the day.--Chinese Question Discussed.
Chamberlain Favors Appeal to the Country
and Unionists Clamor for Elections.
Society Women on the Stage.
Foreign News.
Will Consider England and United
States In Meat Inspection BIM.
Berlin, June 2.��� Prince Hohenlohe
the Imperial Cbnncellor, gives the information to a corresponds't of the Associated Press today that the Bundos-
rutli, in drawing up 'tl..1 paragraphs of
tbe meat inspection bill, would frame
tbem in such a manner aa to oonsider
tbe wishes of the American and the
British Governments as much ns the
tenor of tbe law will permit. The Cbnncellor, to the informant, bitterly
complained that he was wholly
isolated in the Cabinet on this
meat question, Oonnt Poaeydowski's
influence having become paramount
even witb the Minister of Foreign
Affairs, Connt Von Bnelow. Unfortunately too. Dr. Vou Luoanns, the
Emperor's private cabinet chief, and
Oonnt Von Powydowski have mani.g-
A Chance for small Subscribers Will
Bo Oiforeu.
Thu General Carnival Committee will
meet in Mr. A. II. Buohnnnn's ofHc *o-
inoi row afternoon at 3 o'clock to consider matters iu couneotion with the big
Dominion Day celebrntiou, By that
time definite word will have been re-
ceiv.il in regard to the several attractions it is proposed to secure and the
work on nrraugements for the oaruival
will begin in enruest. The committee ib
anxious that tbe public should respond
liberally to the "50 cents and upward"
subscription lists which may be found
in each of tbe banks sud newspaper
ofllcca tomorrow. There are live or six
thousand people in Nelson. If one
thousand of these would give 5(1 cents
each nnd five hnndre.bil each, the fund
would be swelled by $1,000 and Nelson
would make for itself a name as an en-
t"i tamer Hiicli na would bring bor before tbe publio as nothing else would.
Let everyone contribute something,
(BY ASSOCIATED rill'.ss.i
London, June 2.���When England
is not talking of peace in South Africa
and the manner of its accomplishment,
the topic ofthe day is the dissolution
of Parliament and the possible retirement of Lord Salisbury. Sir Howard
Vincent writes to the London Times
declaring that the Premier's withdrawal from the field of activity would
be nothing less than a calamity for the
The Spectator surmises that Lord
Salisbury will give up the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs, contenting himself
with being only Premier, and suggests that Mr. A. J. Balfour, the
Government leader iu tbe House of
Commons and First Lord of the
Treasury, should Ik- given bis uncle's
portfolio and be made a Peer; while
Mr. Joseph Chamberlain,, Secretary
of State, should anccced the Marquis
of Lansdowne as Secretary of State
for War, and liecome tbe Government
leader in the House of Commons;
these changes to come lifter tbe dissolution, which the Spectator recommends should occur this year and
insists must be followed by a thorough reconstruction of the Cabinet.
Other weeklies and dailies refer to the
possibility of Lord Salisbury's retirement.
Enquiries, made by the Associated
Press, reveal the fact that there is
not the slightest ground for believing
that Lord Salisbury contemplates
retiring from the Ministry of Foreign
AfTairB, or the leadership of the Party.
He has never mentioned it and his
spirits are equally good, even to tlie
point of. what for bim, is unusual
jocularity; while his interest in home
and foreign affairs is keener than
���ver. So it is safe lo say thnt, if the
Conservatives are successful at the
forthcoming election, Lord Salisbury
will once more pilot the fortunes of the
The Outlook diagnosed the Premier's
recent speeches, whereby he has
gained the reputation of thiaking
aloud, when il described him as looking with pitiful gaze on the burly
U is utterances this week were saved
from being a mere collection of platitudes by the frank declaration that
not a shred of independence con Id he
left to the Boer Republic. This was
Intended to be taken as an answer lo
any peace-seeking message that President Kruger might be contemplating.
Discussion anciit the date of disNolu-
tion is still in the wind. Mr. ('hnnibei-
laiii favors an appeal  fo  the country,
but Lord  Salisbury will   not  I ally
discuss tbe matter until Lout Huberts
so shapes the military aspect of Smith
Africa tbat there cannot be a shadow
of doubt as to the completeness of British Victory.
In the .meantime, the rank and file
of the Unionists nre clamoring
for an early appeal to tho olect-
oi-i. while the Liberals wratb-
fully dispute the morality of sweeping the country on a "khaki platform," or In other words making capl-
taloul of military successes. As the
Government was severely at lacked
over its initial military failure, the logic
of the Liberal protest isquite apparent.
I/rnl Kosobcrry's utterances contained In bis message of congratulation to the Plymouth Mercury on the
occasion of its Pith anniversary, ns
reported by tbe Associated Press yes
terdsy, cmne inll.cr as a disappointment, as they hod been heralded us being a manifesto of his views lad plans
instead of which, lie merely lepcated
the generalisms contained in bis public
The Chinese question is attracting
much interest here. Yet. the ravages
of the "Boxers" and the landing of
British and other armed parties, have
scarcely caused a flutter of excitement,
for Lord Salisbury, the Associated
Press leaniB, does not believe the
latest outbreak will result in anything
serious. That it will bring up acutely
the question of the partition of China,
is a possibility at present considered
too remote for any expression of opinion. The attitude of the British Foreign Ollice may be described as nothing less than phlegmatic. "Everything is left iu the bands of Sir (Maude
MaeDlUI-ld, our Minister," said one
of the offlotahl responsible for the
conduct of these affairs. "He is em-
powercd to requisition the men and
guns ho needs from the China Squadron. All the Ministers at Pokln
seem to co-operate harmoniously.
We know nothing of the local conditions existing there, nud never heard
of the "Boxers" until the other day.
I am inclined to Wlieve we shall not
hear of them again in the future."
The Colonial question which lias
come up prominently during the past
few days, ia tbe reported desire of
Newfoundland to lie federated with
Canada. All the British organs favor
the project, but some of them express
donbts as to whether I he French Canadian Premier will be willing to
shoulder the French share of the con-
Encouraged by the stiocess of tbe
amateur charitable performances of
the past winter, London society women, wearied of other forms of society
excitement, propose to appear on a
music ball stage, which will not only
afford themselves entertainment, but
will give the public a chance to view
their swell and fashionable gowns,
which nre assistants to tbe Sunday
"Park Parade." The idea had its inception with a Mayfair modiste, who
is anxious to display costumes of her
own making. In regard lo the change
the manager of the Empire said; "I
expect that when the new play, ���'Seaside," is produced next week, we shall
have at least a dozen West End ladies
on tbe Btage. Of courso they will not
be expected to speak, but merely show
themselves In the la'est fashions."
Those desiring to anbecribe to the Dominion Day Carnival fund are requested to
do so liydoavine from 50 oents upwards,
according to the site of their purses, at one
of the banks or newspaper offioes tomorrow,
Serious   Riot   In  Konttz - Cape Town
Post Soliloquises.
The street riots In Konitz, aa a
result of the death of Winters, attributed to the Jews, continue in
spile of Ihe active interference of the
militia. Everybody must leave tbe
streets nt a o'clock p. m��� and the
militia have been instructed to use
rilles if again attacked. Captain
Hess and Commissioner of Police
Black were wounded last night by
The semi-ofllcial Post any* the South
African war lias taught two important
lessons. One ia the cohesion of the
I British empire even to tho farthest in-
; dependent colonies, showing that the
Imperialism idea has really taken root
thiinigb the vast empire.
Secondly the  lesson  that Russia  It
nol aching to march into India, NELSON DAILY MINER. SUNDAY, JUNE 3, iqoo
iNelson Daily Miner
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Nklson Wkkkly Miner.
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Subscription* Invariably ln advaaco,
Nelson Min >r Printing & PublishingCo
Telephone   No.  144.
London (Englani'] Offlco, U5 Bloot Street, K.C
Centra1 Press Agency, I.iinilcd, Special Agent..
Nelson Daily Miner
June 3, 1900.
Mr. Houston appended "cheers"
to this sentence. 11 certainly wanted something'to give it countenance,
There are just nine candidates of
that party in the field���Mr. Cotton
of Vancouver, Mr- Kidd of Richmond, Mr. Forster of Delta, Mr,
Dean of North Vale, Mr. Green of
Slocan, Mr, Houston of Nelson,
Messrs. Kinchant and Jones of
Cariboo, and, if they insist upon
claiming him, Mr. Neill of Alberni.
Mr. Cotton himself, the leader of
the party, will certainly be defeated,
and it is believed he is courting
defeat. Can Mr. Houston put his
liiigei on any one of the remaining
eight who is certain of election ?
The truth is, and the whole Province is recognising it today, the
Provincial Party will be wiped out
of existence next Saturday.
He was reproaching the other two
candidates for ignoring the Government's railway policy, the sugges
tion being that they were afraid to
commit themselves. It would have
been better for himself if he had
been governed by the fear he attributed to them. He opposed a
Coast-Kootenay railway, he said,
for the reason that it would divert
to the Coast the trade now enjoyed
by the Interior. Yet whenever the
Kettle River charter came up at Ottawa he was a violent champion of
it, notwithstanding it was calculated
to divert the trade of the Interior,
not to our own Coast cities, but to
the United States! And this Humbug has supporters in Nelson who
hope to elect him our member in the
British Columbia Legislature.
In Peace and In War.
OUT out this coupon nnd bring
or send it witb 10 cents in silver
for each Portfolio desired, to
the Portfolio Department of
The Nelson Daily Miner and get
Parts 1 to 18," (Jlimpsesof South
Africa In Peace and in War."
See announcement on another
Mr. Houston is not an able man;
but he can boast of a good deal of
astuteness, and we have no doubt
he knows his supporters in Nelson
as well as the next one. If he did
not, he would not have published
that report of his Thursday night's
speech which appeared in bis paper
yesterday morning. It was not the
speech as delivered. Mr, Houston
took a day to furbish it up, eliminating crudities here and adding
ornamentations there. But even as
published it was the speech of a political mountebank. There was not
even the pretence of an attempt in
it to discuss the very grave situation
in this Province, and to consult as
to the best means to relieve it. The
subject throughout was John Houston, and it was treated with most
loving admiration of itself. Judging from this speech the whole issue
in this election is John Houston;
there is no other question in which
the people are interested. Just elect
John Houston���we were not even
told what would happen, but were
left to infer that everything would
be lovely and the goose would remain suspended at a satisfactory
altitude. This is what passes for
statesmanship with Mr. Houston's
Do we get in Mr. Houston's
alleged American citizenship the
explanation of his hatred of the
English ? At the Opera House the
other night he said we did,not want
English capital, and in the same
connection indulged in his old sneer
at the English people who come to
British Columbia to settle. It is
high time the Provincial Party was
in the throes of disssolution,
when it is reduced to the necessity
of taking up such a candidate as
Mr. John Houston. He has been
abusing the English for years, and
belittling them in  comparison with
It will be necessary for Mr. John
Houston to purge himself of the
suspicion, which is equivalent to a
charge, that he is a citizen of the
United States. If he obtained his
naturalisation papers, as is virtually
alleged, he is not a British subject,
and if not a British subject he is an
impostor as Mayor, and is seeking
to aggravate the imposition by becoming a member of the Legislature. This is a matter that demands
immediate explanation. An American citizen, in his own estimation
at least, is as good as any other,
but no American citizen has a right
to occupy a position of public trust
in Canada.   We  are  British   here,
Mr. Houston is greatly disturbed
over the space which Dr. Hall is
occupying in The Miner, It was
made the subject of much comment
in his Opera House speech. We
do not know whether it will soothe
his distress or add to it, but it may
give point to some further of his
choice remarks if wc tell him that
shortly after Dr. Hall's candidature
was announced the editor of The
Miner, recognising that he and his
party were without an organ, went
to a prominent member of his committee and proffered the courtesies
of its columns, without charge and
without cost, so far as they could
be used consistently with its support of Mr. Fletcher. That is a
bit of news that Mr. Houston may
rejoice to hear, as it is such persons
as he who can detect a sinister motive in the act. Others will see in
it nothing more than an ordinary
courtesy to a candidate and a party
laboring under a temporary and
accidental disadvantage.
Says The Kamloops Standard'
"Poor Dean, there is no Provincial
Party. Foster and Houston and a
few with him claim to be a Provincial Party, and they have all nominated themselves, with the exception of Mr. Houston, of Nelson.
He went to the trouble to introduce
the American system of primaries
in order to get nominated, which is
not, however, to be wondered at,
as he expects to get support, not
from Canadians, but from Americans he has induced to become citizens for the purpose." This is not
quite all true. Mr. Houston, like
the others, nominated himself. He
says now that he did not, but that
proves nothing. At the Opera
House the other night he said he
"announced himself as a candidate
who was willing to go before a convention," but in the card signed
with his name and published in his
own paper in April last he said this:
"At the request of my friends and
political supporters, I will be a candidate at the ensuing election for a
member of the Legislative Assembly." He first nominated himself,
and then called a convention with
instructions to ratify what he had
so. If by false pretences Mr.
Houston has been foisting his
American citizenship upon us we
want to know it, and when we
know we shall act.
Americans,    He would keep Nelson
as it was in its old village days, by'proud of it, and resolved to remain
insulting every newcomer with his
contemptuous epithet of Johnnie-
Come-Lately. He used his best endeavor to preserve the coarseness,
the lawlessness, and the general
immorality of the eaily pioneer days
by opposing the introduction of
churches, sneering at religion, and
insulting those who professed it.
Truly an admirable person to represent the culture, the intelligence,
and the morality of the present
Nelson in the Parliament of th<!
Province I
Mr. Houston confesses to great
difficulty in placing Dr. Hall. There
can no longer be any doubt as to
his own position. At Phoenix a
few days ago Mr. Smith Curtis,
Minister of Mines, openly declared
that he was not responsible for Mr,
Martin's policy, Mr. Martin's character, or Mr. Martin's conduct.
He was running, he said, as a Provincial Party Man ! This puts him
cheek by jowl with Mr. Houston.
Whatever Mr. Curtis is Mr. Houston is. Mr, Curtis is a member of
the Martin Government, and in
embracing Mr. Curtis Mr. Houston
must also embrace it. The Minister is coming to Nelson to hold a
meeting; is it to help Mr. Houston
in his candidature ?
New Goods!
Just  received   from   the
The very latest ideas in���
Card Cases
Pelts, Eta.
Prank JPIetcher.
Stability of Government.
Observance of our Constitution.
Peace, Progress,
and Prosperity,
Agitation, Stagnation,
and Adversity.
Committee Rooms over Neeland's
Shoe Store, Baker Street. Open
every day and evening. All supporters invited to attend.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in   the   country   at
5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload    lots.      Apply
The following atn "ity is perpetrated by The Kamloops Standard:
"Mr. Houston, in his papei, is unable to refrain from attacking Mr.
Beaton, of The Miner. If he looked
ahead he would go easy as, though
his name is Houston now, he is
liable to be Beaten on the qth of
& Gas Co., LI
Baker Street.
A business man with large experience nnd with lirst-nhiHH connections iu Canada end the United States
ilnnircH to form a partnership witb a
gentleman in possession of at least
S70u.uU iiiihIi for tbe purpose of engaging in tbe mining business as promoters of stuck companies to work
meritorious properties in the Lardean-
Slncnii nnd Hiiiiill.iinieen diatriots in
British Colombia, and tbe promotion
of mining deals, eto. Address Mining
Man, Miner Offloe.
" I maintain that the Provincial
Party will have as many members
in the next House as any one of
the other parties or factions."    In
It   is not   every   candidate who
takes the   trouble to exhibit himself
in his character as a humbug.  This
Writing out the report of his speech,  Mr. Houston did the other   night.
There is no occasion for going
into hysterics over that "voters' list
outrage," as Mr. Houston did in
his speech the other night. He |
quite lost his head, if serious, and I
if playing to the gallery ' he must
have had a poor opinion of the intelligence of his audience. Among
the many things he demanded to
know was this: "Who gave these
men the right or power to censor
the voters' list? " The law gave it.
The law gave both the right and
the power. In Ihe Dominion, and
in every other Province in the Dominion, the law gives to any elector the right and the power to censor every voters' list that is compiled. The law recognises this as a
duty, for otherwise unscrupulous
men like Mr. Houston would be at
liberty to stuff it with impunity.
H. & Wl. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real  Estate.   Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lnts 1 to S, block fit), oorner of Hoover nnd Hendry- Streota.
These nre good level lots, oleared of
trees and stumps. Tbe view from them
is one of 'be best iu tbe Oity and tbe
sit hi.I in.i is well adapted for residences.
The opposite block line been reserved
by the Oovernraent for public purposes,
Not less than two lots will be sold nta
time. Terms: Halt cash, tbe balance
in (i nnd 12 moutliB.
Eight-room bouse and two lots on
Robson Street, between Stanley
nnil Kootenay, per month 820 00
Cuff Links
To look well a cuff button .must
be well finished, ef good material
and neat design.
We have them in���
-in a large variety of patterns.
178 Baker Street. Nelson.
Room  3.  Turner-Boeokh  Blook, Nelson.
Notary Public, Kent Estate, Insurance
Mines, Loans.
#2,000 will buy lot with furnished
house rented for |-0 per mouth, and
stBblo reuted fur $1(1 per nioulh. Very
central locution,
$200 cash, lot on Carbonate Street.
$2,tunl will purchase 4 lots and resi-
deuce, Hume Addition.
81,200 will purchase lot on Baker St.
A nioe cottage aud large tot five Mile
Kiinrb at Pilot .Bay, 00 aerea cultivated.
$850 house ond lot on Kobsnu Street.
(12,400 will purchase 14-rooined bouse;
very central locntion aud easy terms.
Oall ut once.
��i(i(iii will bny Oorner on Baker
Street.    Easy tetms.
84000 will bny Corner on Vernon
$250 each will bny A nioe residenoe
lots on Carbonate street.
(20 a month will rent a 8 roomed
honse.   A snap.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
See our
Trimmed Hats
The Variety is Large
The grades from  the cheapest
to the most expensive.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting' at Spokane with
Great Noithern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lv. 1020 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.0.30 p.m.
Lv. 11.16 a.m. KOSSLAND Ar.S 1ft pni.
Lv.   8.45 o,m. NKLSON. Ar. 8.00 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Certificate of ImproTemrnts-
Notice���Venango and Sheuango Mineral i-lniui, Hitimte in tbe Nelsou Mining Division of West Kootenay Die
trict. Where located���On west side of
Kagle Oroett, about 3,000 feet southwest
ot I'di.ri.inn qnartz mill.
Take notioe that I, Chas. Moore, of
Kaslo, B, ('., acting as agent for Thoe.
R. French F. M. O. No. 11.!)05U and
Isaao Erickson, Free Miner's Certifl-
onte No. 11,304 B, intend, sixty days
from tbe date hereof, to apply to tbe
Mining Recorder for a Oertifioate of
Improvements for the pnrposo of obtaining a Orown Grant of the above
And fortber take notice that aotion,
nnder section ,17, runst be uninruenoed
before the issuance of snob Oertifioate
of Improvements.
Dated this Hf.ll. dny of  April, iiuhi.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beor and Porter.
Drop In and see us.
Josephine Street, -
poi}'); WorriJ.
Arthur" gee,
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from S25.00 Dp.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Will pay the highest oash prloe for all
klndi of seoond band goods. Will bny
or sell anything from nn anchor to a
needle. Forniture, stoves, oarperts,
oooking utensils, bought in household
qnantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or writn. Address
Silver King Mike, Box .00. Hall
Slreet, Nelson, B. O.
Office with C, W. West s Co., Cor. Hall
and Baker Sts.
City Offluc of the Nelson Soda .Water
Monoy to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to G. L. LENNOX, Baker St.!
Nelson Employment Agencv
Girl for Housework.
Cook (woman).
J. H. LOVE,Agt      Baker S?
I We are Busy But we Like Work ||
There are only a few
Nelson men and women who have not
visited our store during the past week,
These we expect a
visit from some time
this week.
Smallwares Snaps.
10 Dozen Ladies' Vests. Regular 10c; special, 5c
5   Dozen   Ladies'  FastBlack  Hose.    Regular
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There are bargains for
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bargains that they
cannot miss. A one
dollar bill will go
farther at- our store
than at any other
store in British Columbia.
Martin   O'Reilly & Co.
Shipments From the Mines and Gen
eral Mining News.
raenls tot' ihe pnst
week   and  year
Le Roi..
I. X. L.
.4,102 5
.     20.5
Rossland, B. 0., June 2. ��� During tbe
past week there has been the usual
amount ot development work going on
all over the camp. In the Le Roi the
progress made with the combination
shaft will soon place that mine in a position to ship even larger quantities ot
ore than it is ut present doing.
The smelter at Northport, it is understood, is lo be enlarged to double its
present capacity. This will inevitably
be necessary in the near future, as the
Josie, No. 1, Nickle Plate and (Joluin-
bia-Kootenay are all to join Ihe ranks
of Ihe big shippers and will probably all
be on the list before the snow HieB.
Ore tramways and bins have already
been set tip from the first two mentioned. On the Nickle Plate the spur
has been laid out aud work will commence immediately upon it and upon a
750 ton ore bin. A branch to the Co-
lumbia-Koolenav is in contemplation,
and has alreitu, been surveyed. The
output from this a,roup of 15. A. C.
properties alone will tax the capacity
of the smelter, even with tbe planned
enlargement. Ou the last two mines,
the Nickel Plate and the Cohimbia-
Kootenay, development! of some im
portance have occurred during the
past seven days.
The contrnot system on the War
Eagle and .Centre Him is proving n
Burl-ens nmi is boing extended daily.
During this week, und the next fonr,
important headings will be added to
the list already nnder development.
dome ore is being stnped, bnt is being
stored. The ontpnt (or the past week
has fully made np for the small da-
flciency of that before whose corrected
total is 11,275 tons. The estimated
shipments of this week from tbo Le
Roi alone are npwnrds of 4, Io2 tons,
which breaks the records of tbn middle
of last month which was 11,1)55. The
average daily ontput of tbe big mine in
therefore 680 tons. In addition to this
tho I. X, Li. hns shipped one car to the
Northport smolter.
Appended, la a statement of the ship-
Total 4,123
I* Roi 35,0(12
War Eagle 10.603
Centre Star  7,017.5
Iron Musk  1,484.6
Evening Star      350
Monte Cbristo     273
l.X. L     800
Iron Colt       50
Giant       42
Total 50,004
Spo_a_e~Fail8 & Northern Railway (Jo.
Ohanee of Time-
Effective Holiday. Jane 3rd, tbo
Spokane Palls & Northern Bailwuy
will ohnngo time and inaugurate new
servioo as follows: Day train will
leave Spokine at 10:35 a. in., arrive in
Nelson at 8:00 p. nt., arrive at Rohb-
land at 5:30 p. ni. '. will leave Nelson
9 (80 a. in., leave Rossland 18:00 p. m.,
arrive Spokane 7 :lo p. m. Night train
(new service) will leave Spokane 9:45
p. m., arrive at Kosslund (l:3o a. in. ;
vvili leave Uossland at 11 :00 p. m.. arrive at Spokane at 7 :<i5 a. m. Urnat
Northorn standard sleeper will be attached to night trains. II. A. Jackson,
Qounrul Passenger Agent.
��� ������ 1*3.11...
Lawn Sprinkler
The Miner Book Binding plant is
installed and in full operation.
If you have a full set ot "Glimpse
of Soutli Africa" briny them to The
Miner office and have them bound.
The cheapest, simplest, and most desirable device for
sprinkling lawns ever made. With ordinary pressure it will
cover a space of from 50 to 60 feet, and is the only sprinkler
on the market that can be moved from one location to
another without shutting off the water or welting the person
handling it.    They're only 40 cents each.   .
Vancouver Hardware Co., ml
Mara Block, Nelson-
An adhesive porous wall finish for interior work in every description of
Building.    Twealy-five tints to select from.
For sale only by
Lawrence Hardware Co.
WE   HAVE   SOLD   75%   OF   ALL   THE
Used in the Kootenay.
Dominion Ale and Porter
(in pints and quarts)
Dominion White Label Ale
(pints and quarts)
Ibis is the finest Ale brewed in Canada,
Dominion Bulk Ale
(in 16 gallon kegs)
Teacher's Scotch Whisky
Nelson,   B. C.
NKI.NON   H. 0*
A Board lug and Duy'HdHwl oondnt'leri by
Iho HlrtUirH of Bt��� Jos-pli of 1'cacn. ILImhiIu-
iiU'il at Urn corner of Mill and Jomiphlnc Btneti.
In ono of iho bent ronidenllal porllotiKof Nol
non, nnd Ih cattily ncconHiblo from all part*
of tliocity,
Tho OOQlM of Ptiidy InclntloK tho fmiriamnn-
tal and higher brnnohce of a thorough Kngllwh
education. 1111 i 11 < cnurtto��� Book ken plug.
Stenography and Typewrit ing. Scinnoo oourwe
���MuhIc, vocal nnd Inatni mental; Drawing,
etc.- l'luin and Art Needlework; ('alUtlhenioH,
For irriiiH an 1 (.articular* apply
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   G.   TRAVE3,   Manager'
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mall receive careful and prompt attention
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
Hundreds visit Nelson's New  Recreation Place.
The tram cars were crowded yesterday afternoon with those wh) visited
the new park at the Unjust own end of
the street railway. It was a lieiml il'nl
afternoon, a little too warm, perhaps,
to hustle around up town, lmt jnst ex-
itctly right for an hour or two in the
xhadeof the big trees at Lake Park.
Several hundred people were there and
enjoyed the cool breezes and the very
excellent music of Herr Steiner's hand.
The park promises to become popular
���with its music on Saturday afternoons,
its boating and its opportunities to
breathe the pure air of Kootenay Lake,
Tbe Tramway Company has by no
means finished with the park jet. The
track is to lie extended so that visitors
T��iU not have to walk any distance to
��� each the water front. There will
be a dancing pavilion, 60x86 feet, and
bath houses erected at once, and tenders will he asked for the erection of a
summer hotel on tbe park property
just east of the .stream which runs
through the park. A restaurant, where
ice cream, cake, ootl'ee and light
lunches may be served will also he
provided at once. The Tramway Company is determined to make the park a
most attractive plnce nmi will spare no
t xpense to bring about this end. All
of the improvements mentioned will
be made at the earliest possible mo
Those wishing tojsnbscribe to the IDo-
mioion Carnival Day.fund are requestedjto
do so by leaving from SO cent* upwards,
according to tbe mno of tbeir i mi , at ono
ofthe banks or newspaperoffices tomorrow.
Some Good and Bad Scores Made Yes-
The First shoot in the Canadian
Military Rille League match took
place in Nelson yesterday. Two teams
are entered in Nelson and both of
them used the range yesterday afternoon. II. Bint made high score in
team No. 1 and Dr. Synionils in team
No 2.    The Individual scores follow ;
200yd�� WtlydH DOOyda To'l
N. T. MoLuoil.
. .211
..   ..���1
20Oydn 5t
0 yds Mil ydn
2.1        17
17 0
13           5
6           2
18 7
28         22
13           II
15           0
12           0
1 made out
ii. r.i_coLood zi
The above scores wen
possible score of 105.
of a
There wi.a a, crowd of young bloods
loose on Friday night and during the
early hours of Saturday morning, and
by reason of that fact several merchants mourned yesterday. The young
bloods had imbibed rather too freely
and had reached that stage which can
only find relief in tbe doing of some
damage to other people's property.
They started on the Hazel wood Dairy
signs and when they were finished
with them Messrs. Lowe and Elliott
were in need of the services of n sign
painter. Proceeding down Nicollet
avenue they stopped at tho West Kootenay Butcher Co.'s. store and broke
In the screen windows. Further along
they did more damage, leaving a trail
up and down both sides of the street,
Chief Jarvis says he has secured the
names of the individuals and will have
them before Magistrate Crease tomorrow.
Spring chicken nnd nil tbe delicanias
ot the aonson served to you when you
visit Florence Pork Hotel nt Roberts'
Kuiirh, two and a bulf miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Be sore yon are right, then go nhoad.
You can't he wrong if you deal with
Niokerson, watchmaker Hnd second
hand trader. 167 Baker Street, Nelson,
B. 0.
Messrs. Crow & Morris, the tobacconists, give a tioket with every 25 cent
purchase, which entitles the holder to
an interest in n case of pipes, a box of
25 cent cigars, or n single pipe. Drawings are held every Saturday night and
the lucky men have their ohoice of all
the large assortment of pipes in Crow &
Morris' big show cases and of tbe several brands of 25 cent cigars. Tbe Crow
& Morris store is the one with the open
front and you can't miss if if you walk
down Baker Street.
7-8 Inoh dlam. $13.50 per WO feet. For
immediate delivery lu Nelson
4, 0, T. CROFTS,
P. 0. BOX 676, Nelson, B, 0,
To the Electors ofthe Nelson
Biding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District ������
iuNTi.KMKN As ihe nominee of the
Conservative party I beg to offer myself
as a candidate at the ooming geuernl
election to represent you in the Legislative Assembly of this Provinoe.
The time bus arrived when all parties
are fully alive to the fact that the future
welfare of onr lYovince demands a
sound, fair and honest business adminis
tration aud tbat auy great popular
Party must appeal to other nnd
biglior considerations than those of individual fear of joss, or hope of guiu.
I consider it the duty of every member
elected, to be a I'rovincialist to the extent of the best interests of the Province
llrst, last and always, and to support all
good legislation with that object iu view
In asking you for your support, I will
state that I am opposed to hasty legislation of any kind, but particularly witb
respeot to our Mining Laws, as tendiug
to jeopardize business interests and to divert capital: for instance, twioe the Legislature has passed Alien Exclusion
LawB and they are now for the second
time Bceking to repeal them after having
done considerable mischief and damoge.
With regard to the Eight-Honr Law, 1
am opposed to auy change in tbe law
as it now stands. Shorter hours for all
olasses of labor is no new idea, but iu
ray opiuion the priuciplo should be such
as to appeal to all Sections of tbe Community as being not only a necessity end
beneficial to all, but in keeping with the
general qjlvance ment ot our civilization.
I would advooate the amendment nud
strict enforcement of the Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Act, so as to more effectually proteot the lives of workmen.
With regard to the Mineral Aot: I
would endeavor to have certain sections
moro clearly defined, for the purpose of
avoiding litigation ; and with regard to
co-ownership, to introduce nu inexpensive aud speedy mode cf making a co-
owner bear his share ot assessment or
relinquish his interest.
I am in fnvor of nn amendment to onr
School Laws so as to give Cities the control of the Schools in their midst.
A fair Redistribution Act should be
passed as soon as possible.
I would advocate the bringing into
force of the Torren's Aot, provided it is
madeoptionnl ; as the cost in a great
many cases will bo excessive aud out of
nil proportion to any benefit to bo derived,
I would urge the speedy construction
of a Court House in Nelson, equal to
the requirements of this distriot,
I would strongly ndvocato increased
(���rants for Roads, Trails nnd Bridges
wherever such will upbuild and dovelope
our Province, more especially in the
Mining Districts, nnd all rucIi expenditure to be plnced iu capable nnd experienced hands to bo dealt with iu a
systematic way.
Our undeveloped naturnl resources
should receive more attention, nnd he
more widely advertised in ordor to attract
With regard to cheap foreign labor I
believe, where the remedy is nn Imperial
matter, in view of the stand our Province
nud Country has taken iu thopiesent war
giving both lives nud money, tbo desired
end onn he gninod if properly sought,
without bringing about a serious misunderstanding with tbo Dominion Government nnd entailing deplorable ngitation
as we require pence ond prosperity in our
AffverttHOinontH inHortod under this hot���t at
the ruUi of one omit a word per tnaor-ou. No
itilvertlBtituent lulton forlotw than 25 oenU.
ro RENT.���A    furnished    room    in
house    on   Silinia    street    between
Oednr und Pine.   L. J. Conkey.
WANTED.���Lots, or honse and lots,
payable in monthly instalments. Morion. Miner officii.
WANTED.���Comfortable room with
board, iu a private home by a young
man.    Address F. (>., Miner Olllee.
MAN   AND   WIPE���Want   situation.
Good cooks.  Mining oamp preferred.
Address L, Miner ollice.
WANTED.��� First-Class Dining Room
Qirl.    Apply Hotel Home.
FOR RENT.��� 7 room furnished house.
Modern oouvenienoes.    Apply to Mr.
Johu, Royal Hotel.
WANTED. ���A first-olass  general  servant.   Mrs. Taylor,  corner Ward and
Wholesale Houses.
non and C  '
h!-iTBn.���Corner Ver
       3ti-oelH, Nolnon, nmini
ftioturen, of and wholesale dealers lu aeruted
waters and fruit xyrups. Sole agent- for Hal
oyon Springs mineral water.  Tel 110
Yourself and Friends
are   invited   by .
.  ���W. M. Ounimlns, i*mioi),   Kvory known
"   "   Box 88.
variety-of soft.drinks. R O. Box 88. 'I'tilo-
phone No. Sl. Hoover Strool, Nolnon. Bottlers
or^ the haiiious SL Leon Hot Springs Mineral
.������litlitlfactureru of tlie
Koyal Seal niul Kbotonry Hello t 'lirai ������   Kac
tory and office, Baker Strest, Nelson, B. C.
HJ- EVANS & QO.-Bauer Siroot, Nol
��� son, wholesale dealers ln liquors, cigars
content, lire brick and tiro clay, water pipe and
stool rails and general commission merchant*.
Aid, KINDS-Of plniti   sewiDg  done.
Blouses nnd children's olothes a specially.   Mrs,    llui'.i'ii,   Opposite Opera
J A- M'DONAl.D - Madden Block,
��� Nelfoii, B. ('.- Krults, ico crotini,
4i. I). Chocolates, high oIiish confectionoiy,
lee Crciuti parlors.
LlMiTKii.��� w.io.uriiilu and .eutli ueuloin
In grain, hay. flour, food. Milln nt Victoria,
New YVotUmirMter. Kdmonton, Alia. KlovtU
ora on Calgary & Kdmoiiton ita.lwuy. Mimu-
faeturora of eolobratod B & K brand corealn.
Bauer  street,   NVUiii.   <Uoor_rt3   K.   Mo-
turn';,   old   stand.,   Flour,   Food,   (.rain, Hay
and   Produce.   Car   lota  a   Hpecialty.     Cor
rcHpondunco solicited.   Phono 2(1.
,      .as. A'. ,    ..���,,..., ������- __
T it it it i>il"   piTiiiirndi'iiis.   Broken Hill Block, Cor. Baker
1.11II111 tl     ttlld Ward aU|  Noi���on, u. C,
Service for the year 1900 will
be commenced JUNE 10th.
The "Imperial
takes you across the Continent in four days without
buled train, luxuriously
equipped with every possible essential for the comfort and convenience of pas-
Ask your friends! hardware*
A MAODONALD & OO.-Oorner Vor-
��� non and Josephine titreots. wholottalo
uroo���rs and jobbora in blankets, gloves, mitts,
boot���, rubbers, mac���tnaws and aliners' sundries.
&   MAODONALD   (H.   Cnno,
Macdonald)-- Architects and 8u-
Omcc conior Hall   and Front -treols,
.   I Nelson, B. 0.   Lumber, Coiling, Flooring and
It  ac; r_ cnllfl ve**tl-   everything  in  wood   for  building   putposr��.
it is a ounu iran    Dot our price*   Correspondence solicfiod.
P BURNS A CO-'lakcr Street, Nolnon,
���   wholonalo do���tern iu fresh and cured
nioaui.   Cold storage.
V��    -BakerStreeUNelMon.   Wholwaledoal'
ere ln rich and cured moat*.
 _..   HARD1
iTKn^Bokcr Street,
��� bo'y.
I.IMITKH ������UK _         	
WhO have travelled On   it Or  "aJ.deftlorHlnhaidwiiroiitid mining supplies,
., Nelson,
Tray. Pan. Agent
A  a. P. Aro-H,
Charles St. Barbe
.Stock and Share
General  Agent.
i plumbero'and Unimiith'ti riupplio*.
nare painU and uUh.
TURNER,   BEETON   A   OO.-Oornor
I     Vernon  and JoHOplilno titroeis,   Ni. .-.on
wholOHalo     ___       .
goodri.   Agonic for Pabttt Hrowlng Co. of Mil
warktte and Calgary Brewing Uo. of Calgary*
lualent In liquors  olgaro  and dry
HUDSON'S BAY OO.-Whole-alo gro-
r*   rrr.es itiiiiliii uorn, eta, Haker si., Nolrtou.
where vou can depend on getting the beat
hrandHintho market and any quantity from
nv. up,   Prices cannot be disputed.
Frank A. Tamblyk, Mgr.,
IUkhk Street, Nblson
Two lot- nntl limiso. 8 rooms, bath
room ami Ititclifit, nil hiimIcih im-
provt'iiii'iit.s, jftHul view, liamly to
town, |S,S00.   Terms.
Now Cottage,   Mill Street, 8M  per
mini III
Now  Cottage,   Stanley  Street,   ISO
por month.   All modern eonvenieneen.
Two  new OOttagel, Chore Street, 81 fi
Gamble b O'Reilly.
A stents.
\f comer rrout and Hall Htrect*. Nclison.
\s Imli'siili' dcaloni in YVlne.< (oaeo and bulk*,
and DomcHtic and imported Cignm.
JY- GRIFFIN  A  OO-Corner  Vernon
.   and JoHephino -troeu*. Nelwn. wholcuale
dcalom in provhiionn, cured meat-, butter and
The Heme Art Society of Decorative
" " Wort
of New Tork, to view anTExhibitionlof
Silk Art Needle Work
.-ind arrange for a series of lessons
Irom   May  _8th   to   June   nth
Hours   io  to   12 and  2 to 4  '
Hume Hotel Parlors.
Art Lectures Mondays, Wednes-
days and Fridays.    Lessons and
Lectures free of charge.
I MRS. KENLY. Artist and Teaoher,
The teacher will inform each lady
joining the class where the Silks
and Linens can be obtained.
Belding's Art Silks and Linens
used  exclusively in these classes.
With the Compliments of
Fred Irvine 8 Co.
During the heat of the
If yon want lo keep cool pet a few of
Big Schooners
10  Cents.
The only good Beer in Nelson,
I run opposed to nny clique or fnotion
of political npitiitorH whose principle nim
is to riiiluii i"':-i nnil iI'timl the humnCRs
of tlie l'/ovinco for purely personal ml
Tnn cement.
I strongly condemn tho notions of tI>o
Lieut.-Oovernor ns hcinK an invasion of
the prinoiple of responsible Rtivernnient
nmi B misuse of his power under onr
Yours rospeotfnlly,
NeltoD, Ut_ M��y, 1900.
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, of
the finest I lavanu Tobacco.
Where jjood Cigars are sold
they can  be bought.
The Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union  made.
Kootenay  Cigar
Mfg. Co.
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
Is hereby given that I Intend to apply
at the first meeting of the Hoard of
Lioenite Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, held thirty dnya after the tlnte
hereof, for leave to transfer the lioense
now held by me for a saloon known as
the Athnhnsca -aloon, situate on the
sonthenst oorner of Baker and Kootn-
nay -treets, Nelson, B, O., being on
Let 1. Block 12, in Nelson aforesaid,
to Patrick J. Russell in trust for the
Athabasca Hotel Company, Limited.
Daren this nth day of April, 1900.
W'itncM;  F, K, Wllwo.
Room 1. Turner-Boec-h Blook.
Real Estate & Mining Agent
I I room   honse,  all   conveniencee, 8
lots down town.    A bargain.
Houses in all parts of tho oity.
Baker   Street    improved   property.
Jncomo IS per cent net.
75-feet best resldenco corner in tbe
oity.   A snap.
A good list of building lots to seleot
GenornJ Agent for Southern H.O.
for the
Birkbcok Ioyostuient, Security k Savings
0o., of Toronto.
Money Loaned on .Straight Mortgage.
Real Estate and Insurance.
TO   R_N1\
2 ���l-ltoiiinrtl Cottages.
2 Lota on Otwervatory St., $275 Cash.
The Tobacconist
Bock, Henry Clay, La Espan-1
ola, La Carolina.
The finest Imported Cigars to be had in Nelson.
Fine line of English and Egyptian Cigarettes and
Tobaccos and   Smoker's  Supplies  of   all    kinds.
The Tobacconist.
^m\ W!\    WWM\WWM\M\m\MWMWM
I have now in stock u line
of all t'liisaes of
Atlantic S. S. Lines
AJJftn Line "Corinlhinn'
AIIbii Uno "PnrlMian"...
Dominion J<liio|ai>ii|y .Ktn.for i
-    - -       .fj(    -  -    -
From Montreal
 Junn !'
 Juno  16
 ,-rr., .-���.. r.tr.nnnic] Juno 9
Dominion Lino "Dominion" June 16
Hoav.r Une "Lake Metfnntlo" June H
IJoftv.rUne "Lftltt: Superior"  June Id
From Now York
White Stiu-Lino   "Ooennln" June 13
White atnr Line "Teulonlc" Juno 20
ruui.nl Lino "Klrurlit" June 0
Cunanl Lino "(?umj>..nla" Juno 16
North oniiiiii   lilnyii   "i.jij.ii" Juno 12
North  Oerninn  Lloyd "Travo* June 16
Anchor Line "Kthlopla" Juno 16
American Line *'Ht. jiOiiir." June 13
Hod Ht*r Line "Frlcsland"  Juno 13
Allan Htnto Line "Hardinlan" Juno 16
PaHUffM arrmmred to and from all Kuropean
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Notice to Contractors.
Sealed Tenders will be reoaired until
13o'cloo_( noon, Monday, Jnne 11th
next by the undersigned for the ereo-
HOTi of n three story brink block for
Kiikpatriok & Wilson and A. H. Ole-
ment. A deposit in the form of a
marked oheqoe payable to the order of
the owners for the sum of 5 per oent.
or the tender most accompany each
tender to insure consideration, other-
*"_ *t will not be entertained.
The lowest or any tender  not  necessarily accepted. |
Rooms 7 and 8 Aberdeen Block.
F, (1. URKKN
P. R. (''.EN-NTH
Bnfflneers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors,
P, 0.8e> IU Nelaon.WJ J
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C., and Dawson City, Yukon
District. -
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Comer Vloterla end Keot*W "^ NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 1900.
I V. O'Laogblln has nptiiiuil bis
tote! on Vernon utreot, which is to
[own ���� 1Jotel KoBslnud.
this year I" fl1118 tllB Enterprise
jhiniuenta have been 740 tons, the
mtoii 800,and the Blaok Prince 00.
Ladies' Hospital Aitl will hold a
llnK   tomorrow    afternoon   at   11
i|<   nt   the   vestry   room   of the
fcyterlan Church.
n't forKct to visit one ofthe tanks
of the newHfiuper otlleos to-
���ow niirt put yonr naiiie down for
lilts or more for tha oarnival fund.
A. B. DookBtnder, returning
ir for the Sloonn Riding, passed
[gh Nolson yesterday on his way
ttilwon and Deer Park, where lie
tn arrange for tho eleotion.
new  asphalt pavement at the
of Montreal oorner  bus  been
[ed and there tl now an excellent j
itllt   on    Kootenay    and    Baker
its.   ill   front   und   on the side of
week   ago   yesterday    James
nee picked np on Baker  Street a
Mi a solid platinum   head stud-
th diamond chips.    Ho wore  it
week and yesterday it was claim-
Mrs. H. W. F. Pollock,
���v. John Robson  will   preach  his
ell   sermon   this   evening     end
���row   at  6:4(1   o'ulock   will leave
Mrs. Kobson for Vanconver where
���ill take np his new   oharge.   At
99LervH'i'H in the   Methodist   ohnroh
jH morning   Hev.   J.   C. Spear will
Mr. Mnnroe has provided a
il programme of music for his
m iu the Opera Houso tonight.
Kteiner and Mr. Werner will
I "Ava Maria", by Sbubert, a
udonal march, a voluntary to be
|ed, aud "The Holy City." The
is cordially invited to both
ni; aud afternoon seivioes.
Slooan Drill of June 1st says:
n leaving tbe hall after last
s meeting, John Keen met witb
jHHrow esoapo from serious injur]
lniK offjtha high sidewalk to the
of the buit.ling. He fell heavily
ohest against a big boulder, and
e breath completely knocked out
Mr. Keen was considerably
up and tirnised by his fall."
Clements and Kobert KeiBterer
���day purchased from Steven
the furuiahiuRS mid good will
Nelson House. It wns a cash
I'lion and Mr. White was hnuded
k for tbe purchase prioe yester
day afternoon. Mr. II, R. Cameron
put through the dun I. Mr. Clements
has taken chaise of the hotel sud will
remain as maimer. Some time ago it
was reported that a aule of the hotel
had been made to Mr. R. lv Smith.
That deal fell thiougb, however, but
as Nelson business projeota do uot
long rii boKgliiK for a purchaser, Mr.
White had little difllculty in finding a
Inner. Mr. und Mrs. White will
leave for thu east iu a week or tea
A lire between Hondryx and Cedar
Streets, just above Hoover, lit last
night by a man clearing some lots,
oansed a great deal nf uneasiness on
the part of residents iu the ueighlior-
iiiioil. A brisk wind was blowing at
the time und tho uneasiness was not
without canso. Such tires as that ono
of last night hnve often resulted in the
wiping out of a town, and it would be
well for the authorities to compel a
great deal of care on tbe part of those
who light them.
Comes from from Dr. Dr. D. B,
t'argilI of Washita, I. T., He writes;
"Four bottles of Electric Bitters Iiiih
eured Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which
bud caused her great Htttierlng for
years, Terrible sores woule break out
ou her head and face, and the best
doctors could give no help: but her
pure is complete and her health excellent." This shows what thousands
have proved���that electric bitters ih
the lieHt blood purifier known. It's
the supreme remedy for eczema, tetter, salt rheum, ulcers, boils and
running sores. It stinlulutes liver
kidneys und bowels, expels, poison,
helps digestion, builds up strength.
Only ,10 cents. Sold bv C'linuilu Drug
& Book Co.
We are pleased to announce that
Mr. J. O. Patenaude, ot Patenaude
Bros., who has been East for his
health, and also for the purpose of
taking an advanced optical course
of study, is now ready to attend all
those sulTeriiitf from their eyes.
Our Optical Department is better
than ever, and a call will be sufficient to gain your confidence.
No charge tor testing'.
Patenaude Bros.
We arc now doing business in
Next to  Nelson  Hotel, where we hope to see all our
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give  us  a  call.
Telephone io P. O. Box K. and W.
Turner Beeton& Co.
a^-, NELSON^-a.
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Our  Clearance Sale of
Is still  on anil will  lie 00���tilt���ed until all  is sold.
A consignment of Linen Crash ami White Duck Skirts, delayed In
transit, just opened np, ami  we offer tliein
at these low prices:
Regular 81.2.1 Linen Skirts at 8 .75
Regular   2.00 Linen Skirts at   1.50
Regular   8.60 Crash Skirts at   1.75
Reg-1 ar   1.50 White  1 luck Skirts at  1.15
Regular  8.00 White Huck Skluts at  1.50
Notice of Application for License,
I hereby Rive notioe that I intend to
apply to the Board of Licensing Commissioners of the Oity of Nelson at itB
next Bitting for an hotel license for
the premises situated npon Lot Hi
Block 8(1 (north side of Vernon Streot
between Ward and Josephine) in tbe
Oity ot Nelson.
Fraternity Hall
Cor Bnltcr .t Kool��uay him.
can lie rented for Concerts, Lectures
Dances, Banquets aud every kind of entertainment. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnil dining room furnished.   For terms apply
DU. E. O. ARTHUR  Oity.
A Cushion
For Your Feet
Rubber Heels make walking a pleasure, give you
a springy, elastic step, and will add  many years to
your life by doing away with the constant jarring o( a   J
solid heel.
The best kind, neatly attached, 75 cents a pair.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
__ /~y   AAAAAiA.   __a __
W^C" ������������������������ "Q-P9
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Bandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  Fiilfl<ap,      ,    .     .     #ii.��k.v��;<mh,   |   Rent, $I.JM,��M.M
Rounl of Direr tor* t   Thomu K. Kenny,   Prasldentl   TbOtDU Hitch io, V.ce-I'nwidenl.
Wiley Hmlth,  II. G. Butild, Hon. EL II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. David MaoKeon.
limit Oftlcr, llallfuxi
General Manager, BdtaOD L. l'eftHO, Montroal.
Hiiporlntcndctm uf DraneliuH. and _5ocretury, W. It. Torrance, Halifax.
[napOOtOTi W, _\ Brock, Halifax.
Inrtpector 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Dranrlim t
Nova Scotia- Halifax Hranch, Anttgpnlsh, HridKowater, Guyaboro. Londonderry, I.unot.bun.,
Maitland (HanU Co.), Pietou, Port HawkoHbury, Sydney. Sliubonacadie, Truro, Weymouth
New Brunroi 1 fd M:ii Inn ui, DorCMStor, Kroiloriclon, KliiKHton (Kent Co.), Moncton, New-
fit' lie, :-;,-u'k\ illr, Woodstock. I*. i;. blfJlA��� Charlottetown, Sumiiiortddo. ��|nritrr Muniirul
(City Ortlco), Montreal. WOat Knd (('or. Notre Dame and BoiKueurn Hti-eotn); Wentmount (Cor.
Ureene Avenue and St. Catharines Street. Ontario��� Ottawa. Newfoundland- SL John's,
Cuba, We��i I��Uten���Havana. Ilmlrd HUtlM��� Now York (1(1 Kxchango Place) Republic, Wtuh.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vanconver East End, Victoria.
�� nrrt'si>oiitli ii(n i
4'nnnda���Merchant* Pank of Canada.   BohIor��� National Shawmut Bank.   Chlrago-Amerloa
National Bank-   Han Fran ditro���Ki ret National Hunk.   London, ling.   Hank of  Scotland,
fart-., France-Credit Lyoimais.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China and Japan���Hong
Kong aud Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Wc arc in readiness with a bright, new and well assorted stock of Dry Goods to make June a record breaker in business.       April and May were two good  business months, perfectly satisfied with the business  we  did, but June we are prepared to make the big summer month.        The public are pleased
with   the  goods  we  handle,   our  prices  suit  everybody,   with   all   in our favor we must   do   the   business.
Your   attention   to   a  few  Specials:
10 DRBS8  PATTERNS,     All  new
New Goods, worth 87. Ull this week
beautiful designs, this week lo per
cent, off regul&l prices.
I,ACE CURTAINS, :t yds. lonp,
at "lie.'
g 1*1 yards worth 11.78, this week
Sl. 25.
INDIAN Hll-k'S. 27 1-2 Inch width
in nil the new similes, worth TBO. this
week 5Bc
MlLLINKllY.   We boast of having
the most stylish in the   City.    A   few
expensive   Hats   left.     Trices   cut   in
two t<i clear.    See them,
PARASOLS, tMoves, Corsets. Hosiery, Tailor-Made Suits. Linen and
Pique Skirts and Wrappers.
PINK SHIRT WAISTS, this season's make. Hood value at 81.00, this
week 7.1c.     Sizes from :i'.' to II.
DRESS MUSLINS, r, pieces, worth
12 l-'.'c. our prioe 8c. yd.
12.1 vds. Muslin, worth lie. special
12 l-2c.
BILK BLOUSES, A few samples
worth 81, clearing at 13.78,
Blaok   Figured   Lustre,   clearing   at
BLACK and Colored Underskirts.
WHITE GOODS. We show a beautiful line of white wear.
SILK BLOUSE8. The Newest and
Most Stylish llliiuses showing in Nelson.
LADIES'   and   Children's    Under-
vests extra value and special price.
A nice line of Children's White
Dresses, start in price 08c. to*l8.00,
Our stock is complete in all lines, new goods coming to hand weekly.    Everything we keep is new, choice and select for y
represented.      Prices the lowest in the City.      Motto "Good Goods, Cash, One Price, Small Profits, Quick Returns."
ou to  choose  from.      No goods  mis-
KERR  &  CO.
This Space has been purchased by Dr. Hall's Committee to be
Used by them in the interests of Dr. Hall until Election Day
Vote for Dr. Hall
To the Electors of Nelson Riding, West Kootenay District
Equal  Rights and Eight J
Hours for all. 5
Gentlemen. ���In respouso to numerously signed requisitions nsking me to
be a candidate for the Provincial Legislators at tbe forthcoming eleotion, I
have consented to enter the oontest as
an Independent .Liberal.
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
yonr votes and influence, nnd if eleot-
ed I shall do my utmost to secure for
the Province honest, ecouomionl and
progressive government.
A brief outline of some of the prin-
uiples which I think should be embodied in tbe Legislative Aots is giveu
I have tbo honor to be gentlemen,
Your obediont servant,
G. A. B. HALL.
1. The principle of eight hours constituting a legal day's work should be
recognized and strictly enforced.
2. Steps should immediately bo
taken through the proper chnnnela to
prevfiut thd immigration into this
oountry of Chinese and Japanese laborers.
!i. Two dollars and a half per flay
ahould be tbo minimum wage of unskilled labor throughout the Proviuce
on all government works.
4. A fnir wage bill should be introduced requiring the payment of standard wages on all works to which the
Provinee contributes subsidies or aid
ln any form.
5. The establishment of a labor
bnrean nnder tbe direction of a Minister of the Grown, whose duty it shall
be among other things, to collect labor
statistics, and   to  act  as   a   mediator
Exclusion of Chinese and
Japanese Labor.
between employers nnd workmen in
nil cases of actual or threatened
Htrikes with power to cull nnd ex-
amiuo witnesses nud compel disclosure
of ull material facts iu connection
with snob disputes.
I!. I believe that trail- roads should
be 1.mil and maintained by tbe government and encouragement given to
miners to extend those roads. Suoh
work should ba directed hy competent
government engineers. Where trnils
nre required to single or small groups
of cluims the cost, of suoh trails, if
built by tho olaim owners on tbe approval nnd under direction of n government inpsector or engineer, shall
apply ns  assessment  upon the cluims.
7. Government ownership of all
telegraph systems anrt railways whore
practicable by construction or purchase.
8. Tho establishment of technical
schools   for   metal If lerous   miners   in
Efficient and Permanent
Civil Service.
connection with smelters  at   different
points in tbe Provinoe.
H. To draw the attention of capitalists and investors to British Columbia
as u desirable centre for protitablo
mining operations bv suitable advertisement and by the appointment of
a speoial agent at London and elsewhere whose services shall be free and
equally available for all owners of
British Colombia properties.
10. To eneourngo the establishment
at suitable points in British Columbia of
Steel and iron works.
Shipbuilding yards.
Additional   smelters and   re-
The   introduction    of a
Fair Wage Bill.
11, The retaining of tho resources
of tbe Provinco as an inset for the
benefit of tho people, nnd taking effective measares to prevent tbe nhenntion
of tbe public domain, except to  actual
Bottlers or for bona fide business or in
dnstrial purposes, thus putting nn end
to the practice of speculating in the
12. The taking of active measures
for the systematic exploration of tbe
Province, including a government sur
vey of tbe provinoe by sections and
tbe preparation of accurate and cheat:
maps in nooordance with Bnnb   survey.
18. Tbe interests of the Province
oan he best served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to whirl.
should be made by reason of merit and
not of political influence.
14. All unoccupied lands in the Province should be open to bona fide sel
tiers ut fuir prices wbioh shall be de
oided npon by a government land agenl
or valuator, and better luoilltles shonlri
be given for acquiring small areas foi
establishment of market gardens and
15. Where mineral claims are held
by joint owners and where one 01
more of suoh owners refuses to eon
nil.nie towards th.e annual assessment
work, provision should be mado in tbt
Mineral Act   for the   sale   of   the in
i terest of snnh delinquent  owner.
1(1. Tbe abolition of the deposit In
candidates for the legislature.
Redistribution of the constitnenoie>
on nn equitable basis.
I will advocate the appointment ol
a conciliatory Hoard to consist ol
representatives of Labor, Business
and Capital, to whom all dispute
between Labor and Capital will be
The  establishment  of a
Labor Bureau.
(The Miner is not in any way responsible for any
of tbe sentiments expressed in these columns. The
matter is prepared by Dr. Hall's friends and occupies space purchased by Dr. Hall's committee.)
His Reply to Mr. W. A. (jalliher's Question.
In answer to Mr. W. A. Galliher's question as to what would be the Doctor's
course in the event of a vote of want of
confidence in the Martin Government being
moved, the Doctor's reply was straightforward aud manly. He said; "In the
event of Martin having 19 members when
the House meets if his (the Doctor's) vote
would either keep tlie Government in power
or throw it out he would not dare to say to
the people of half the Province that the
Government they had shown confidence in
should be deprived of that confidence."
What would you do John? No doubt
there are some Martin men among your
supportets.    Enlighten them.
flostly   Hade up of Cheers, Laughter and   Applause.
After revising his speech made at the
Thursday night meeting, Mr. Houston
published it in his paper yesterday morning. It shows that during ihe speech there
were 33 outbursts of laughter, 48 outbursts
of cheering, twice there was tremendous
cheering and seven times there was applause. Each outburst of laughter must
have consumed 30 seconds, which makes
16 minutes of laughter. When an audience
of 500 people cheers, a speaker is usually
interrupted for about 60 seconds, which
would make 48 minutes for cheering. For
tremendous cheering twice and applause
seven times five minutes must be set aside.
Therefore, during Mr. Houston's speech of
less than an hour 69 minutes were devoted
tO.laughter, cheering, tremendous cheering
and applause. Will some one please say
when Mr. Houston found time to deliver
himself of his speech?
A vote for Dr. Hall is a vote for a change
from bad to good government. Good
government is what this Province wants.
It must have it if it will prosper;'if its
mines are to be developed and if Capital is
to be obtained to aid in this development.
Good government will come with the return of Dr. Hall and other candidates of
his like.
A vote for Frank Fletcher is a vote for
Turnerism. Do the electors of the Nelson
Riding want another reign of Turnerism?
A vote for John Houston is a vote for
Cottonism and a return of the kind of
government that has mismanaged the
Province during the past few years. Is this
Miners with a wide paystreak of gray
matter in the upper stopes are investing
heavily in Hall stocks realizing that they
will pay good satisfying dividends after
June 9.
Houston���"I believe every man should
spend his money just as he likes." (Cheers)
Voice���"What about ihe nickle-in-the-
slot machines?" (Silence, everyone listens
for John's answer.)
Houston���-(A la Horatio Nelson, turning a deaf ear to the audience)���"I didn't
hear that." (Prolonged thunderous applause from boozerino rooters.)
Mr. Houston's friendship for labor is
well shown by his advising people to buy
cheap clothing made in eastern sweat shops
instead of paying a fair price for that made
by local tailors at living wages.
That the Conservative machine is
frightened by Hall's long lead in the race
for Victoria was clearly shown at the
Thursday evening meeting when Mr. Macdonald devoted a large proportion of his
lime to making a piteously frantic appeal
for Liberal votes.
and Good Government
The Silent Undercurrent of Boer
Bloemfontein, Thursday, March 22.���
To be iu a conquered oapital, to witness tbe liuhts and shadows of conquest Mil sulm bi'ou, to feel the jubilation of the army thrilling you and
yet to note the semi-occnsiouul cold
draughts of sitllenuess or protest from
the enemy���these are sensations new
to most of us, and almost so to me.
The only conquerors I ever iniirched
with before were Turks, who elbowed
-reeks aside���nnd that is not nearly
he same at being with tbe British iu
lloei-ili.tii. Some of us bad a quiet
week, loafing and feeding after tLe
breathless pace Lord Eoborts led us
and the shortness of food that wont
with bim. Otheis of us havo been out
on little expeditious, mouding railways
or "bill-sticking," as we call the distribution of the Field Marshal's proclamation inviting the Pre* Staters to
lay down their arms. Aud some of ns
are even yet being shot in petty slur
mishes on the surrounding veldt.
it has been quiet in Bloemfontein
ever since we came.
Even :iO,(KK> foreign troops in and
around this flowery, leafy capital seem
uot able to make it anythlnif but
quiet. An editor lias been arrested
for past mlscouduct, and a few silly
folk nave followed him to jail or else
been warned for wearing Free State
buttons, and for being too openly disgruntled by our coming. One who
nils escaped molestation thus far is a
shop girl, who will not wait on the
soldiers, who arc pouring out their
petty earnings in a cataract of silver
in every shop and apparently upon
everything that their money will purchase���useful and useless alike.
We hear that there is a great desl of
Boer spirit left in the little place; but it
hides itself in the houses, and is a great
deal more quiet aud ciroumspect than
the open delight of the people of English stock who lived here through the
war, and, as one ot tbem told me, had to
control their faces as though they were
masks when they walked the streets,
est tbe liners should read in tbeir features some suspicious ptiggestion of enmity or of jubilation over tbe suoo- sues
f tbe British arms.
The Boers nsed to toss white feathers
into the carriages of the British families whose men would not go out to
war for tbe Dutch. Then, again, a
'lack list of pro-British "misbe-
mvers" was kept, and a woman who
nerely waved I e- hn-H in tokeu of
'farewell" to a train load of  British
prisoners bouud for Pretoria waq told
that tbe act was recorded in the police
books, and that she must bo very careful after that. A great number of
Englishwomen got blank marks ln the
polioe book, you may be sure.
The presiding genius of thin military capital uf this new colony In,
of course, the Field-Marshal. Lord
Uoberts lives in what is called '���The
It was hastily left behind by ex-
President Steyn when that political
mlsilt felt nu urgent Impulse to set
up another capital in his top hat at
Kroonstiiil. The residency is a very
presentable executive mansion, with a
distinct air of rulership about Its exterior, and a sort of otllcliil atinoN-
phere indoors which you cannot mitt-
take.���Julian Ralph, in Daily Mall.
WiiHliingeon, June 2.���The British
ambassador has applied to the State
Department for the extradition of Julian B. Arm. d, u reputed son of Sir
Edward Arnold, ��ho is held in arrest
iu Ban Francbco on a charge of b.e. eh
of trust and embezzlement, committed
iu Kngland.
Sing Sing, Juue 2.-W. G. Miller,
the Franklin Syndicate swindler, arrived at the piison before !):!!<) this
afternoon. He was then given a bath
and bis hair oropped by tbe barber,
after which he donned a suit of prison
clothing. On Monday Warden[J(hc-
son will assign Miller to bis cell where
he will remain for ten years.
Nelson's Newest1 Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been  opened and the
public is invited to visit it.
By the week, from $5 to $6.
By the day Juki.
Delivered to an any __!���,
Kootenay Lalfe     0i
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Yards, NELSON and UK-!).
Great Reduction
HAKD COAL     _>��  ��,_ ,_   I
(ANTHRACITE)   $9.65 Per Toill
OKOYV8  NKST  _ A ,r _   I
coal      566.15 per Ton!
Houston Blook,      ��� (Ms
Agent for Phoenii Itiaurance flo.
of Brooklyn, N. Y.
For Hale or Lease���Large Iniildiu.
ou Vernon Street, Bill tabic  (or .ntj-l
honse, factory or large boardlngboSS
Several rrmiil houses fur relit.
Choice lobi for sale.
Author of   M 1,H*1.   l.in il Ff.nn.leroy."
��� ��� ��� 1 am reading THtt NEW YORK TllfBS
>ATUIlUAY IIkvikw weekly with thu greatest
I'Hs-.uc    lu it v in uith: i>erton with lees time
> give lo literature than '.he large literary out-
tit of (he day requires, It auumei the propor-
Ifnl of a boon. The I_ondon Saturday Review
nd Tup Nbw York T*mks Saturday H��*
.'KW  really  form  my chlt-f Journallstla sus-
The New York Times -Saturday Review, tl
��1 amiu'ii. Send your name for free sample
C?jb*S** xAbAfo&sfl^L**/
Author of �� Tlir Man with tbe Hoe."
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.tit li I oould subscribe for only two literary
.flkllu Titi. New Yokk TtUBI Saturday
-.view would be one of them. It should be
���i--h( ht and a profit to ever hook lover, be
nn nut Uor, a iiubltKher. a seller, or a buyer.
The Ni w V"ik Tlm* 1 Saturday Review, tl
'i   unnum.    ticnd your immu  for  free sample
itltor of   Tin  i.imII��'k* Home Joarnnl.
* * Nnth.riK mo full and so satisfactory
()!������ way of a literary taper has ever been
successfully carried out In this country as
HB Saturday Hbvikw of The New
'iiu Time?*. It Is now indisputably the
]'������! Wilton a pemon Interested In books or
entry matters must have If he would keep
'vised. EDWARD   ROK.
"he   New   York  Times  Saturday   Review,   fi
1   unnum.    Send  your  name for  free sample
From  All** Helen  <.��...1.1.
" * ��� While l am glad to write a line or
vo ln appreciation of Tir; New York
iMBH Saturday Review, I fee] that the
il..ill. a) hnrdly needs such commendation,
���  lis  work  speak*  roi   Itsolf,
i Itr  New   York  Times  Saturday   Review,   tl
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;z >vfSsiV-
I'rliH-ctoii'n   Profesmor of  I_nfrllah.
��� * ���It gives me pleasure to stale that your
BW York Timer Saturdat Review la
Hind n long-felt need In modern American
teniry  criticism, T.   H.   tV.   HUNT.
The New York Times Hulurday Kevlew, fl
. 1 .111111:111 Send your name for freo sample
Author of  "i.n.-iuiy   l.nnilniarkfi."
���   *   ���   1 am so dependent upon Tub New
nun    rum*  Saturday   Review   that   I
bv ���   Il   sent   lo   me   wherever   I   may   he.   on
ihei   side  of   the   Atlantic.    It  seems  to  tell
ic everything  I  want lo know about current
nokl and their makers,  and when and In the
ay  I  want  to know  It.
The  New   York  Tlmos  Saturday   Ruvlew,' tl
er annum.   Send your name for free sample
PronilflVfH  Author anil  F tilt or.
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,ng tho Winter. I miss ninny things to which
I huvtr- been accustomed " In the States," hut
i do not miss The New York Times Saturday Review. Why not? BccMIM I have
.novlded ni) self with llint weekly publication,
without which, ns n writer rnd a lover of
hooks, I shoiihl indeed bo n castawny on a
-liKtnnt  l*le of the sea. NOAH  BROOKS.
The Now York Times Saturday Review, 11
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ProfenHor of Ki._rlUh nt Cornell.
��� ��� ��� The New York Timer Saturday REVIEW has become quite Indispensable
to me In my professorship. Its criticisms are
soundly based and altogether what one desires
In the way of a succinct characterisation of a
The New York Times Saturday Review, tl
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Author  of " The  Choir  InrUlhlr."
��� ��� ��� The New York Times rU-n'H-
day Review has created for Itself a peculiar
and controlling place. The serious reader Ig-
norea It or overlooks It to his own loss. Admirably planned and ably edited It li at once
a guide and an Inspiration.
The New York Times Saturday Review, II
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/W��^j(:ct^^W *
Forty Yrrm hllirai Imi, Aalor Library
��� ��� ��� The New York Tihbs Saturday Review seems to havo won a conspicuous place. This fact cannot be too widely
mado known to all who would keep abreast
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with somewhat the eager expectancy of an
Argosy  of goodly  spoils.
The N<- v  York Times Saturday  Review,  tl
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Jkii flc*��+*<d<<
Author  of **Wake Robin.**
* * * 1 look upon The Now York Times
Saturday Review as the most Important
enterprtaa undertaken by a dally newspaper In
many years. It gives literature and art their
duo prominence, and recognises them as great
factors In a people's life.
The New York Times Saturday Review, 11
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VdLibJZ  LV.. AnXwj
Author of "My  St inly  Fire."
���   ���   ���   I think you have achieved a distinct
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Tha New  York Times  Saturdny   Review,   tl
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An l 1'ili.r.ii Woman Poet.
��� ��� ��� The New York Times Saturday REVIEW Is a weekly pleasure, for It
keens me so fully advised of all that Is going
on ln the world of letters. I admire your falr-
nesB and your hospitality.
The New   York   Times  Saturday   Review    ||
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Author of
Wild.   Uiilul,II,,,,,,!   \v�����
la   i'liwcr.'
���   ���   ���   Permit me to ��oy Hint, In my oplninn
Thus   New   Youk  Timks   Batuiii'ay   h_'.
VIEW   l��  doing   mcro   for   literature   anil   art
than any publication of which I  know.    pUr.
therniore,   I   bcllevo   that   your   uarfulneae   I,
lust  bc��lnnlng.    Repeclnlly  le  thie true  In   the
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The New  Tork  Time, Saturday  Hevlew,  fl
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Editor of Hin i" ,'��� Weekly.
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commendation. It la tho find loin, I U.t loll
In my copy or the Batunlar TlUKS. n."l 111
Tery rarely happen, the! I do not trad III
through from !>.-, innluk to rod II li not onlfl
ll.tereetlng to n.e a, a wilier ot book. .;,'������
an editor of ��� weektv publication, but I haul
found It of extreme value In tl.�� i>unuII ol air I
dutlos a. a Truetee of the Yonkera Public (.!��� f
The New York Time, Baturda) ���Hin III
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Author of " Ihe I.ii(b or Ihe I l-rrf-S
���   ���  ���  Till  New  Yobk Tiukj Mr_f
day Review I, to me eery n.u.ii i"��'_|
erary oluh. where I hear new" a'MU' *""���
and the people who write them. If ��� mr utm
no literary friends or associate,, l.t mm mil
The New York Timks Sayi-mhi Ri-I
view; It h, has many such, let Mm mill
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The New Tork, Times Ba.urday l'""_jj|
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4t*. //tr*�� /^3w
An   Author niul n PiiliM""";
���   ���   ���   As far as I an. I.'n i'..��.l.'�� >�� W
the Information that hue been '���"
reading  public   from
I  In   :' 11
ivo inn.      iuioil     iiiKii     nt...    ���������     ,,_.,,_ ���.���.a
New York Timeh Batiiiihay M*'"��l
ccrnlng   the   literature   of   Ihe  rlnv   .�����> "" I
more comprehensive, betier l'i"l"",";"��� i, ���
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attempted by any newspaper on ellberawa
tha Atlantic. ,    , .. ,o
The New York Times Keloidal W���_3
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Prof.a.or of Kn.ll.h -< ��"'"?"*. I
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rled and Inteiestlng nto'WJ 1 ";���, ��� I
Yobk Time" B\tuiiiviy ��-tV ,'"i' ..<��'����� I
very li:.ely. as In the ease ol ����� " ��� ,���, M I
cut and mark half a doxe thlnm in
In my claasioon^or de����'lK.'li|r|IAnP,no
The New  York tiroal Keloid"!  ';',''^i,lt
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JUlju, ��*^Jf+~
tongue. Its reports or. in.. ���;������;���-, ���f
I think I find, the primary virtu.se.
accuracy, and falrness;^Qi;iu (.n|T Tyt.ER
Thi New York Tln.es Sat"
por annum. Bend your H��m��
copy.  .
//u��^ vu��Ay*
Anlhor of " l-"<" "  '      U_��
e    .    ���   TUB   NEW   Yollh      ,",���, lioet*
DAY   KEVIEW   le coniluele.   ��   "'.�������� cl art)
a  genuine  criticism,     t  d -     ",.rtl,,n.. '��� ���J |
between  a  review  ���!'�����"���.  I li.*"1'"   '
has already  ach eved au"
w" Sn ever-widening te'JSy'^AN "������
The No'V
per annum,
Send your n"""'
1 iitfi
hor or ������llli-hnr.l ";.;���,,i*
A reliable literaly i'"'' ���, f-rwart
muy. ami ���>,."t';, TiiK N*w,i-S
HKVIB"'   ...'mrra.nf
lute   necessity,
weekly   with  eni.eni''1'


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