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Nelson Daily Miner May 31, 1900

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 Duly  E dition   No   740
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, May 31,  1900.
Tenth Year
English Flag Now Waves Over the Transvaal Capital���Roberts Entered
Yesterday.���Ivnemy Abandoned the City and Kruger lias Fled.
Ivntry of Johannesburg.���The Boers are Now Threatening   Portuguese   Territory.
Pretoria, Wednesday, May 30,���British Officers are now at Johannesburg dictating the terms of surrender.
The British advance guard is half way between Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is reported that there is a force also at
All the forces have been dismissed from the forts around Pretoria.
^President Kruger is now at Watcrfallhoven.
London, May 31, 2 a. m.���The Daily Mail publishes the following despatch from the Earl of Rosslyn, who was a
prisoner at Pretoria and who as a civilian appears have been released.
"Pretoria, May 30, 11:30 a. m.���Pretoria will be occupied in about two hours, without resistance.
"The President has gone to Watcrfallhoven.
"The Burgermaster De Sousea is authorized to receive the British. He, with an inlluentail committee of citizens,
including Chief Justice Gregorowski, has been appointed to preserve life and property during the interregnum.
"Everything is quiet but crowds are waiting expectantly in the chinch square for the arrival of the British.
Fearing a possible disturbance and bloodshed among the prisoners of war at Waterfall, United States Consul Hay
Land Mr. Leightwood insisted upon twenty officers being liberated On po|B yr to'go to the men. Their action cannot be
[too highly praised.    I was permitted to accompany the officers.    EveryW.-.ig was quiet."
Capture of Pretoria and Johannesburg
Marks the End ol the War.
London, Mny 111, 8 a. m.���YeBteidny
; at uoon the British   wore  only about
' two hours march from Pretoria mid ths
Boer   military forces had abandoned
the oity.
This Intelligence comes from the
Reuter Agency at the Transvaal onpitnl
aud from the Karl of Rosslyn in a
preBs despatch. The two messages
left about the same time.
At two c/'clock this morning tbe
War Office bad reoeived no news from
Lord RobertB which tho officials would
make publio, but it is assumed that
the press advioes are correct.
MoBt of the London morning papers,
through the courtesy of tbe Daily Mail
print Lord Rosslyn's dispatch and
comment upon it, treating the war as
ended. Sonic of the more cautious
eriticB tbiuk that guerilla warfare is
likely to be carried on for some time,
In various parts of the conquered territory. Although the Boer forces are
dissolving, Lord Roberts apparently
has uot yet taken any considerable
quantities of artillery, arms or stores.
Large bodies of Boers must still be
Somewhere in the Held-"
Watervalhoven or Waterfollhovon is
130 mileB due east of Pretoria ou the
iielngoa Hay railway. It should not bo
confused witb Waterval, ten mileB north
of Pretoria, whore the British prisoners
are. Watervalhoven is a small place iu
��� mountainous country.
The seat of tbe Boer Government,
what there is left o( it, will probably le
Lydenburg to the north.
A despatoh from Lorenzo Marquez,
dated WcdueBday, says: "Commandant Kraus has surrendered Johannesburg to Lord ltobertB,"
By tonight's train from Pretoria,
arr��'ed a few (Ireeks, who say thoy
were told to leave. Pretoria Tuesday.
Tbey affirm that the traiu in which
they left was shelled by the British
and half of the train was cut off. The
remainder steamed away. This incident occurred at Elaiidsfoliein Jet.
Passengers from Pretoria assert tbat
the town is utterly demoralized. There
is a mad rush for tho ooast. Five
train loads of fugitives are expeoted
here to night.
Loudon, May 31.���The Times says
this morning: "The war is practically over. By this time the British
Hag is hying iu Pretoria. Mr. Kruger
has tied, and is ere this half way to
Delagoa Buy. Mr. Hay, son of the
United States Secretary of State, who
holds the office of American consul at
Pretoria, and who in that capacity
took charge of our interests, thoughtfully insisted on a special step for
the safeguarding of the large number
of British prisoners."
London, May 31.���4 a. m.���The Lor-
en/Ii M ai 11iic/ correspondents think the
hordor trouble between tbe Transvaal
and Portugal mny come to a bend ntany
moment. Koomnti bridge is strongly defended. Yesterday tho Portuguese authorities were preparing to resist a
probable engagement. A battery was
sent to the frontier,
The Lorenzo Marque/, correspondent
of the Times says: "It would not be
BUrprislng if a large proportion of the
rebel Dutch sought temporary refuge
on Portuguese territory. Although
the authorities here are reticent, tbey
are not blind to such a possibility. It
is reported tbat a special train from
Pretoria with fugitives was derailed
on the Transvaal side of Koomatipoort,
a number of passengers being killed
or injured.
Lorenzo Marqucz. May 30.��� Wednesday afterooon.���Goods trallic betwoen
here and the Transvaal was only closed
today, the reason apparently being the
the military movements iu progress. A
lioer commando has arrived at Koomatipoort. All the Portuguese troops have
been ordered to be iu readiness to proceed to fhe frontier aud the Portuguese
Meet along Ihe coast hns bcou ordered lo
oonocntrato here.
London, May BO,���The following
dispatch has been received at the War
Offloe from General Buller "New
castle, May fin.���The enemy, haviug
formed a laager east of the  town at
Dornberg, pressed my right rear an-
noylngly ou May 21. I directed a
force under llillyard by WooIb Drift
and Utrecht and another under Lyttle-
ton by Schangadrift, on Dornberg.
These movements have caused the
enemy at Dornberg to retire north.
Hlllyard is'at��� Utrecht and the town
has surrendered. Clery is bombarding
LaingB Nek. The cuemy are much
disheartened and were they not in
such very strong positions, 1 doubt if
tbey would show flght. The railway
was open to Newcastle on May 88th,"
London, May 30.���As Lord Roberts
has heretofore always fulfilled his pro-
dictions, it is taken for granted here
that'the British marched into Johannesburg at noon today. Indeed reports arc current that telegrams have
already been received announcing tbe
fact, ami the serious part of the campaign from the military point of view
is regarded as over.
Any prolonged defense of Pretoria
is considered highly improbable and
many military men anticipate that
General French will capture the
Trausvaal capital within a day or two
by   a sudden   and   unexpected   move.
Public interest largely centers in
President Kruger, and bis capture or
escape. The occupation of Pretoria
would be lurgcly robbed of its value
iu tho estimation of the British if
"Oom Paul" were still at large and
able to keep alive, tbe dying emlwra of
, A Pretoria dispatch says the situation nt Johannesburg shows, as reported by Lord Roberts, order is maintained in the Gold Rcof city. The report that the British were driven back
evidently refers to the prolonged fighting of General French westwards of
Johannesburg. But, apparently, the
British were not seriously checked, as
Lord Roberts does not mention in his
dispatcheB 24 hours later.
London, May 80���A despatch from
Mafeking dated Friday, May So,   says:
It is reported that General Hnyman
king remarked that he was so elated
by the recent occurrences that he felt
ho could "drink the health of Paul
Kruger himself coupled with that of
Mr. Cecil Rhodes." Adding "because
Kruger has been the cause of the present great outburst of Imperial feeling
nnd Rhodes was tho red rag to tho
bull which drew him on."
London, May 30 -It is ofllcially announced that the Hoers aro leaving Natal. General llildyard baa occupied
Utrecht, iu Iho southeastern portion  of
tho Transvaal,
Bloemfontein, Monday, May 28���
Amid salutes anil cheers anil singing of
"GodHave the Queen," the Military
Governor, Major General George
Prcttyman, nt noon formally proclaimed the annexation of the Free
State under the designation of the
Orange River Colony. Tho ceremony
was somewhat imposing and the scene
in the Market Square was inspiring.
Au immense [concourse had gathered
aud the town was gay with bunting.
Tbo balconies and windows surrounding the square wore crowded witb la.
dies, among them Lady Roberts and
the Misses Roberts, tbe Countess of
Airlie, and Ladies Henry Ilentick and
Settrington. Lusty cheers greeted the
concluding words of the proclamation
and these were renewed with ever increasing volume an Lord Aehosonjtin-
furled the Royal Standard and the
bands played God Save the Queen.
All present joined in singing tho National Hymn. The ceremony concluded with chiers for tlie Queen, Lord
Roberts nnd tbe army nud a salute of
21 guns.
Pretoria , May 20, A despatch sent
from Johannesburg last night describes
the town as intensely excited throughout the dny on account of reports tbat
tbe British were approaching, but snys
the excitement subsided in the evening
owing tn thu rumors Hint tbe British
bad been driven back. There arc largo
?h11111 ��� i��� i ��� of Burghers at Johannesburg,
"     I 1     I!.    I   |-| '",   I  '   "     I   'I'll      W��� ���. ...     ��J��.J ���a������,   .  ���.,,,,.,y,,a   u.      ���.,..���-*..,     ..
the Boer Commander, has left his force*) but remarkably good order prevails.
and arrivod at his farm with a ahrap- .      	
nel bullet in his foot. The Boer laager Newcastle. May 80 The following
at Kooigraail, it is added, has moved I proclamation has been lamed by the
farther into the Transvaal and Mafe-, General in command: The troops of
king is rapidly resuming its normal Queen arc now passing through the
atate, 'Transvaal,    Her Majesty does nol war
Major General Baden-Powell, on the upon individuals, but on the contrary
Queen's birthday gave a dinner to the she is anxious lo spare I hem, so far as
officer- of tho relief columns. During possible, the lienors of war. The qunr-
tbe course of a speech proposing the re! which Kngland has is with the
Queen's health, tho defender of  Mafe-   Government and not with the people of
tho Transvaal, provided they remain
neutral no attempt will be luado to interfere with persons living in'iir the
line of march. Every possible protection will bo given them. Any of their
property which it is necessary to tako
will lie paid for.
Hut on the other baud, those allowed
to remain near the line of miiri'b must
respeot anil maintain neutrality. Tlie
residents of any locality will be held
responsible, in both their persons and
property, for any damage done to the
railway or telegraph, or for any violence done to any member of the British forces iu the vicinity of Iheir hollies.
Diamond Jubilee Wins. Slmomlalc Second and Disguise II Third.
London, May 30. Tbo present generation will never efface tho scene when
tho Prince of Wales' Persimmons captured Ihe blue ribbon of tbo turf but
today's demonstration, when Persimmons' own brother gave the Prince of
Wales a second Derby, wr-s almost its
equal. Kor a nionicnf,*wilhin tidy yards
of tbo post, Siinondalc's wonderful
ntriilo seemed to threaten the favorite's
chances,   His  head reached Diamond
Jubilee's girth but Ihe hitter's splendid
form enabled bim to maintain a short
half length lead until, iu tho midst of
mighty cheers, be passed the post a winner,
Tlie crowd then went wild with
cheering. Hats, Hags, sticks, etc.,
flew in the air as the Princess of
Wales stood np in the royal box B���tiling he! acknowledgement of the applause, while the Prince of Wales and
Lord William Beroaford pressed forward to lead the winner to the enclosure. Then the little jockey, Jones,
was taken lo the royal box and, amid
renewed cheers from the crowd, received the personal congratulations of
the Princess, Tod Sloan, the American jockey, was also much congratulated on bis excellent showing, ami
Mr. Keene oxpresscil to a reporter of
tbe Associated Press bis satisfaction
at winning a place.
The surging thousand* so pressed on
Diamond Jubilee's quarters as he got
hack after the race that hccoulil hardly get along. As the Prince of Wales
took the reins and led the winner
from Hie course to the weighing room
and tbe welcome "all right" was
shouted, the storm of cheers was redoubled. Tbe Prince of Wales' arm
must have ached with the congratulatory handshakes which he received
from the delighted crowds which
broke out into hearty singing of
"Rule Brittannia" and "God Save
Ihe 'Queen."
Diamond Jubilee's time was 2:42,
This equals Persimmons' time, which
is the record for the Derby,
Alter a couple of preliminary rno��i>,
the second of which was won by Doris,
with Sloan up, the way wns cleared for
the 1 lerby,
There were fourteen starters. The
betting previous to the start was: Din'
mond Jubilee 0 to 4, Simondalo 100 to
(I; and Disguise II 8 to 1. Chcveniiig
made most of the running to tlie
straight, where Disguise drew up to tbe
front but gave way to Diamond Jubilee,
who, stalling oil' the challenge of Simon-
dale, won by half a length amidst
cheers. A length separated .the second
and third horses. Bonn Rosa was
Among the well known persons observed iu the vioinity of the Prince of
Wales' party wure the Dnko of Devonshire, Lord Rothschild, tho Mnrquis of
Londonderry, the Dnko of Portland,
Lord liussull of Kelowen.Lord William
Beresfnrri, Karl Cndogan anil tho Karl
of Durham. Their greetings weie tho
heartiest when Diamond Juhileo was
announced to have won.
The popularity of the Prince has
never been moro in evidence than today. Tho Prince and I'rinceHS of Wales
were again most enthusiastically oval
ed on leaving Epsom, where immense
crowds of people were awaiting their
The Prince of Wales this evening
gave tbo customaiy dinner party to
the members of tbe Jockey Clnb. His
guests included tho Duke of Can-
naught, tbe Duko of York, tho Duke
of Cambridge, Prince Christian, the
Duke of Devonshire, the Duko of Port-
laml and Karl Cadogan.
Toronto, Out, Mny 80.���The Canadian HI eel Coinpnu} held a meet ing here
today and decided lo creel n plant "between PortOolborne and Welland with
a capacity fni mnniifncliiring 1,000 tons
of ore daily. The site wai selected on
acooilnt of the natural gas district which
it is estimated will save several hundred
dollars daily in fuel.    The ore will   be
brought from Lake Superior,
First Day's  Session Passed
off With a Wonderful
The Diocese of Kootenay Has
Been Formally Established.
Indications That Nelson Will
be Cathedral Town of
Tho Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay bus made a, record in the mailer
of transacting business. More business was done at the session yesterday
than is usually done at the Synod of
New Westminster in two days, and as
a result today's session will be a comparatively easy one. The most important business transacted was in the
matter of the  establishment in this
Diocese of n Bishopric, Archdeacon
I'eiitrealh announced to the Synod
that a delegate, whose name for the
present will be withheld, bad offered
$500 ns a grant fo the Episcopal Fund,
payable in two years. The Arebilca
con also announced a contingent gift
of 8." ill towards the erect inn in Nelson
of a Bishop's  residence.   The  motion
dealing with the eleotion of a  Bishop
was presented   by   Archdeacon   Pent-
roatb, It was considered in committee of the whole and with a few slight
amendment.-* was pa_��e_ bj   the Synod
without a dissenting vote. The action
was Immediately sanctioned by Bishop
Dovt end therefore became a law at,
once, which law is the first canon of
the new Diocese.
The first ovont yesterday morning
wns tho celebration of Holy Communion at 9:15 o'clock, Bishop Dait
being the celebrant and being nssistod
by Rev. 0. T. YnteB of New Denver,
Rev. W. A. Bobbins of Greenwood
aud Rev. B, P. Plewelltng of Kam-
loops. A opening service was than
held in the church, after which adjournment was taken and the first
session of tho Synod opened in the
Hunday School building at 10 o'clock,
Bishop Dart presiding, with Rov. Mr.
Akohnrst temporary secretary. After
Iho roll call of the clergy and the
report of the lay credentials committee
aud the lay roll call, tho Bishop declared the Synod properly constituted.
Rev. Mr. Akaburst was selected as
clerical secretary and Dr. Bently of
Slooan. lay secretary, and after further
formalities Bishop Dart delivered his
address. Tho bishop dealt witb the
work of organization and offered norno
very good advice to thu clergy and to
the Iny delegates. He nlso dealt at
length witb the question of missions
nud thu work among tho Indium,
Chinese and Jnpniiose.
Following tlie Bishop's address a committee was appointed and instructed to
report today, in the matter of demising
means of securing  the necessary funds
for tho establishment of the   Bpieoo-
Archilenron I'entreiitli then  presented
a statistics! report, showing a total of
22 churches in the new dioceseof Koole-
nay, 3,842 baptised members, H7S communicants, 186 baptisms during Ihe past
year, 58 eonllriualions, 48 marriages, 45
burials, 12 Sunday Schools with 414
scholars and 41 teachers, olferings nt
tho vniious parishes for fheyear 118,783,
nearly all of the church buildings insured, grnntB received for the undivided
diocese from tho S P. (i. amounting
to ��2,045, from the Colonial aud Continental Church |1,200, nud BSpecial grant
of $260 from tbe British America Cor-
I" nil ion.
Some routine busmen:* followed undid
noon Ihe Synod adjourned to the
Qttee_- Hotel where they wero served
with lunch by the ladies of the church.
At an afternoon session, after Archdeacon l'ciiticaib's announcement of
the two donations referred to above,
J. M. Lav of Nelson was elected treasurer of the Diocese; J.J.Campbell,
auditor! K. A. Crease, registrar, and
and an executive com ni it tee as follows:
Clergy, Dr. Paget, the Bishop's nominee! Rev, li-  Beor, Rev.  0. W,   Bed-
ley, Hev. (!. V. Yates, with Archdea-
Con lVntivath and   Rev.     II. S.    Akc-
hurst, ox-ofllolo memben, Lay delegates, Messrs,  (Ieorge  Johnstone, the
Bishop's ilnee; T.  Maync Daly, T.
W. Sterling anil J. F. Armstrong.
The Bishop will later appoint a chancellor, or legal adviser.
After the transaction of further routine business the Synod adjourned until In o'clock this morning.
Hilling tlie afternoon session an adjournment wns taken aud Wadds Bros.
took a photograph of the members of
the Synod. Last night service wns
held in the church aud a very eloquent
address was delivered by Dr. Paget.
At today's session the most Important business will he the consideration
and adoption of the constitution and
by-laws and the selection of the place
for the Synod of 1901,
Those present at tho Synod arc:
Clergy, Bishop Dnrt, New Westminster; ArcbdeacoD Penlreuth, Vancouy-.
er; II. S. Akeliurst, Nelson, H. Beer,
Kaslo; W. Clark, Trail; K. P. Flewol-
ling, Kamlonps; T. Oreen, Kelowana;
W. II. Hedley, Fernie; C. W. Hedley,
Rossland) T. H. Lambert, Vernon; O.
A. Mouret, Knderby; Dr. E. C. Paget,
Revelstoke; C. A. Procunier, Fort
Steele; \V. A. Bobbins, Greenwood; S.
R. Rhodes, Ymir; C. T. Yates, New
Lay delegatos. ��� T. W. Jordan, Na-
kusp; C. lv Smitheiingalo, of Slooan,
representing New Denver; Dr.Bentley,
Slocan; E. A. Cruaae, Fied Irvine,
(ieorge Johnstone, Nelson ; O. Parkinson, 0, Moore, Kaslo; T. W. Coleman,
Trail; T. W. Shirley, A. H. Oriohton,
Kulowna; T. Beak, Fernie; W. H.
Bollock-Webster; R. R Hedley, Fair-
view; T. Morley, J. M. Lay, T. J,
Sims, representing Enderby; J, Slod-
den, A. O. Uanible, Vernon; O. B.
Paget, Revelstoke; R. L. (fall.rait li,
J. T. Armstrong, Fort Steele; Dr,
Bohone, Qreenwood; ,1. F. Bnrne, E.
Mallnndine, Ymir; Major W. J.
Cooper, Qrand Folks; F. W. Peters,
II. Bird, O. D. J. Christie, ^presenting t iolden.
Winnipeg. Vancouver and Victoria Are
Hoard From.
Mr. A. II. Buchanan, chairman of
the general committee iu ehargu of
the big "Land and Water Carnival''
received word from Winnipeg yesterday that that city would send to Nelson on Dominion Day its crack four
oared crew to contest with crews from
Vancouver and Victoria. Word was
also received from Vancouver that a
crew could be had from that city and
Victoria. It only now remains for
the citizens of Nelson to go deep
enough into their pockets in order to
advertise Nelson to the outside world
OS the leading city in the interior of
British Columbia and ns having citizens full of push and energy.
Messrs Buchanan nnd (Ieorge V.
Holt spent yesterday afternoon in visaing the business men witb their subscription list and last night had about
S'.'oOn iu sight. If Nelson it* to do better than she did last year, and bring
within her gates more people than she
has ever entertained before, this
amount must be swelled considerably.
Messrs. Buchanan and Holt will continue their efforts today.
due of the attractions being considered at (he present time is to be
known as "Ihe Relief of Bogustown. "
It will be a sham battle, in which It
is expected the Kaslo, Rossland and
Nelson rifle companies will take part.
The Rossland and Nelson Maxim guns
will he brought into play and Nelson
visitors may leave for home with a
very good idea of what warfare really is.
Toronto, May 110.���Crown Land's
Agent Margueh in a letter to the Telegram says the forest fires now raging
in the Ruiuy River distriot are tbe
wo'st in hlstoiy. Millions of dollars
worth ot timber are being destroyed.
Fire rangers and lumbormen have been
at work for a week, bot are unable to
check the tlames. Rain is the only
thing wbich oau stop its progress. The
Crown Department has no fear of
Parry Hound and Nipissing lieing attacked as the districts have been oover-
ed by heavy rains.
st Catherines, Out, May 80, -d.W.
Atkinson, of Toronto, a fireman on the
(I. T. IL, was killed this morning at
Menittou by a collision of freigbt cars
occasioned by the parting of a train
while going down a heavy grade. Several cam ami the lender of tho locomotive were wrecked.
Montreal, May !t0.���The total nmonnt
of the Canadian PaeiOc employee* contribution  to  the  Patriotic Fond  baa
I hem lemitted to tbe tieasurer, aud  is
l|18,0��8,fji KELSON DA1LV MINER, THURSDAY, MAY _i, rgoo
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ox Minsk I'iiintino & I'iiiu.isiiinh Co
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Nelson Daily Miner
May 31. 1900.
In Peace and In War.
CUT out this coupon nnd bring
or send it with 10 cents in silver
for each Portfolio desired, to
the Portfolio Department of
The Nelson Daily Miner and get
Parts 1 to IK, " (Jllmpsesof South
Africa In Peace and In War."
See announcement on another
page. 1
these Governments what their policy of administration shall be, as he
did ill Atlin last year, lie is more
than suspected of intrigues to advance the political fortunes of his
own family. These are inconsistent
with the supposed rights of Ihe people, and it is necessary that they
should be publicly repudiated, Nelson can elect but one member of the
Legislature, hut in that one we can
add our protest to others and thus
help in vindicating our right to responsible government. We do not
think it can be disputed that the
election of Mr. Fletcher would contribute most to this result. He is
the only candidate who has .shown
himself alive to the situation, and he
is in .sympathy with men who will
be in a majority in the Legislature
and who will be actuated liy the
same sentiments as himself, These
are the issues which we have to
consider, and they are vastly superior in importance to any mere question of a personal character. Have
we the intelligence and the sense of
responsibility to rise to the occasion
and prove ourselvps equal to ihe
duty of coping with them?
New Goods!
Just   received   from   the
The very latest ideas in���
Card Cases
Pelts, Etc.
WE    RISE    TO    THE
Candidates have their personal
friends, men who will allow their
friendship to blind them to their
true duties as citizens at times of
an election. It is hard to quart el
with this, although it might often
result in a sad state of affairs if
elections were to be determined by
friendship alone. The true citizen
will allow neither his personal likes
nor dislikes to influence him in the
discharge of a public duty. These
he will put aside for the moment
and consider only the issues, the
interests involved, and act accordingly. He holds the franchise in
trust for the State, and, faithful to
that trust, will resolve to exercise it
for the good of the people.
Each of the three candidates in
Nelson has his personal friends,
whose impulse is to sink their
political convictions and vote from
sentiment. They should rather
consider the material interests of
the Province. The election of a
member of the Legislature is something more than an act of friendship. It is perhaps a vain appeal,
but they should consider which of
the candidates is most likely to
assist in giving legislation that will
best advance the public good. That
is the on", great duly attached to
the exercise of the franchise. Let
us elect the best man, irrespective
of all personal feeling', whether of
prejudice or partiality; the best,
that is, in Ihe sense ot standing' for
those principles and measures that
Will  best   serve  the public interest.
The Miner has all along maintained thai ihe first necessity of the
situation is to give stability to our I
Government, and to restore confi-1
deuce in a progressive, businesslike
administration of our affairs. It
holds the same opinion still. The
Province has suffered severely for a
year past from an agitation that has
disturbed business and has rendered
capital exceedingly timid. The first
requirement is to correct this, and
the only possible way to do it is to
elect a Legislature that will set its
face against further agitation. This
done, it will be necessary to inquire
whether we are to have responsible
Government in British Columbia, or
whether we are to be subject to the
caprices of a Lieutenant-Governor
who is fast usurping all authority
in the Province. He presumes to
make and unmake Governments
according to his own will and pleasure,   He presumes   to   dictate to
From long experience Mr. Houston and his paper should know tbat
a clumsy falsehood is a waste of
mental energy. The Miner never
said tbat Mr. Fletcher was an unfit
person to be elected Mayor of Nelson. There is evidence enough of
this in the fact that when his candidature was announced it supported him. No one for or in behalf of
The Miner ever asked or desired
free water from tbe City. For failure to carry out its undertaking
to supply water power to The
Miner oflice, entailing very considerable damage, we believed and believe still that the City owed us
compensation, and said as much.
That, however, was not asking for
free water. The Miner is not seeking unworthy favors from any person or corporation, and it can tell
Mr. Houston tbat if his paper is to !
travel the straight road as unerring-1
ly as it does he will require to
amend its ways very considerably. '
The Nelson Cokc"&
Gas Company [is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in   the   country   at
5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload    lots.      Apply
Mil Coke Has Co, Lt
Baker Street.
The idlest rumor of the day is one
that puts Lord Strathcona into the
Laurier Government. There is nothing in tbe British North America
Act to prevent an election to the
Canadian Parliament of a member
of the British House of Lords, but
such an election would be one of the
strangest anomalies ever heard of.
A British Peer cannot be a member
of the British House of Commons,
for that would be an invasion of the
liberties of the people; but he can
be a member of a Colonial Parliament, for the reason, we suppose,
that Colonists have no liberties to
invade. The position is so absurd
there is not tbe slightest fear that
any one will challenge attention
to it.
Instead of imagining evil stories
about The Miner and giving them
to the public as truth, Mr. Houston's
paper would be better employed if it
were to explain what Mr. Houston
has ever done for the cause of labor.
He has shouted for the Unions, it is
true, and professed all sorts of
friendship, but as he has made more
out of ihe Unions than the Unions
evergot from him there is a suspicion that his very violent professions of friendship were made for a
Mr. Houston should at once put
his great influence into operation to
obtain from the Dominion Parliament legislation specially providing
that in case of his election to tbe
Provincial Legislature he may also
become a candidate for the House
of Commons. As there is no one
else in Nelson who knows anything
or can do anything, it will be an advantage to have him our member at
Ottawa as well as at Victoria and as
Mayor at home. If Mr. Houston
wants the earth it must be given to
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.c.b.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootonaj HI*.
P. O. Box 66(1, Telephone. No, 96
WE want the watch that doesn't
give satisfaction���that never
did give satisfaction. That's tho
watch we're after, because we know
we can make it crivo satisfaction.
We can make it keep time RIGHT.
We've had over 20 years' experience and know our business thoroughly.
178 Bakor Street, Nelson.
ij��   Yourself and Friends
?��   are   invited  by . . .
1    The Home Art Socielr of Decorative
| Needle Work
: 1 of New York, to view an Exhibition of
1   Silk Art Needle Work
and arrange for a series of lessons
from   May  28th   to   June   13th.
Hours   10  to   12 and 2  to 4, in
Hume Hotel Parlors.
Art Lectures Mondays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays.    Lessons and
Lectures free of charge.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
Houston Block,
Ageut for Phoenix Insuranco 0o.
of Brooklyn, N. T.
Fur Sale or Lease���Large building
on Vernon Street, suitable for warehouse, factory or large boarding honse.
Several good houses for rent.
Choice hits for sale.
Notice of Application for License,
I hereby Rive notioo that I intend to
apply to tho Board of Licensing Com-
imnaiomirs of the Oity of Nelson at its
next Hitting for nn lintel license for
the premises situated upon Lot 111
Blook (1(1 (north side nf Vernon Street
between Ward and Josephine) in the
Oity of NoIboii.
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson
A private Hospitnl, Medloal, Surgical nmi Obetotrioal cases nnrsed in the
House. Private room $20 and $18 a
week. Beds in ward fly a week.
Nurses sent ont to private houses nt $15
a week. Apply to Tbe Misses Crick-
MRS. KENLY, Artist and Teacher.
The teacher will inform each lady
joining the class where the Silks
and Linens can be obtained.
Belding's Art Silks and Linens
used exclusively in these classes.
With the Compliments of
Fred Irvine & Co.
Scotch   i Whisky
Turner Beeton& Co.
lust arrived from Milwaukee
We are now doing business in
Next to  Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see all our ��
OLD customers and many  NEW ones.
Give  us a  call.
Telephone 10
P. O. Box K. and W.   J
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Capital  i'iii.|.ii|,.
Incorporated 1869.
��l,��K.\oio.oo I   -mi.
New llrun��wlr_-Hatliurnt
_i_etBAOk���rjl��, wmi>i,.iiH'k
(City Olllee), Montreal. West Knil K'or, Notre lMmo nnd Helxneur* Htreota); Wosl
1    Avenue nnd Ht. 1 nilm    BtreeU  Ontario���Ottawa.   Newfoundland
< n'in, Wral lu<llrn���Havana. I mini Malta-Now York 111! -xchanse I'laccl Hon
.     *I,70��,OOQ.OO
Hiiiini ��r niirriiin:   Thomas K. Kenny,  President;   Thomas Ritchie. Vico-Pnuldent.
Wiley Hum li   It. O, Bauld, Hon. II. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hod. David MaoKeen.
Bead oilier. Halifax 1
Qonern! Manager, Kdson L. Peano. Montreal.
Superintendent of llrnnchoH. and Secretary, W. 11. Torrance, Halifax.
limpecUH-, W. K. Hrock, Halifax.
lDHpcctor 1). M. Stuwart, Montreal.
Branehe* t
Nova si'.iiin   llnlifux lirani'li, AntlKonlnh, HrldKowater, Ouynhoro. Ixjndondcrry, Liinonburg.
Mall 1.11. I (Hunt* C!o.l, if clou,   l'orl llawkosliury, Sydney. Khubonacadle, Truro, Weymouth
N*w iiru��.wi*__H,iM,nrwi    Hon-hettlcr, Kroderlctnn, KliiKHton iKci.i Co.l, Monoton, New-
.1*,.IS. IhIi.miI   rin,iIn!irinv. 11.: niiiiiii'i.nl,-.   Qnebec���Montreal
atlnoiint ICor.
 id���St. John's.
(10 -xchanjte I'laoel Kopuullo, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
rii i.inlii   Mi-n-limi iBank of Canada.   Boston-National Bhawmut Bank.  Ililrafo��� Amerlon
Nntloual Dank.   Han rr��nrl��rn   First. National Hank.   London, Eng.-Hank of Scotland.
r.i, is.  Irnn,,- -Crodlt LvonnalH.   llrrmnria   Hunk of Bermuda.   China and Japan   Hong
Kong.and Sliunnlinl HanklnK Coriioratlon.
(ieneinl Banking Business Transacted; Sterling; Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.  G.   TRAVES,   Manager".
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
R. P. Bithet & Co-, Ltd-,
Agents   lor British Columbia.
A. B. URAV, Box 3.1, Nelson, Kootenay
See our
Trimmed Hats
The Variety is Large
The grades from the cheapest
to the most expensive.
Josephine Street, - - Nelson
Frank Fletcher.
Stability of Government.
Observance of onr Constitution-
Peace, Progress,
and Prosperity,
Agitation, Stagnation,
and Adversity.
Committee Rooms over Neeland's
Shoe Store, Baker Street. Open
every day and evening. All supporters invited to attend.
Boom  3,  Tiiriior-Boeckli  Blook, Nelson-
Nolary Public, Real Estate, Insurance
Mines, Loans.
Some fine Residences, conveniently
situated, Modern Improvements.
8200 ensh, lot on Carbonate Street.
$2,000 will purchase 4 lots and residence, Hume Addition,
81,-110 will purchase lot 011 Baker St.
A nice cottage ami largo lot Five Mile
Hunch at Pilot ^Bay, 00 nores cultivated.
��850 houso and lot on Kobson Street.
$2,400 will purchase 14-riioincd house;
very central location and easy terms.
Oall at once.
84000 will bny Oorner on Baker
Street.   Easy terms.
84000 will bny Corner on Vernon
$2fiO each will bny 5 nice residence
lots ou Carbonate Street. '
Honse to rent, famished, Front st.
Oertifioate of Improyemrnts.
Notice���Venango and Shonango Mineral claim, iiilimlii in tbe Nelsou Mining Division of West Kootenay District. Where located���On west side of
Eagle Creek, abont 2,000 feet sonthwost
of Poormnn quartz mill.
Tnkii notice that I, Chas. Moore, nf
Kaslo, B. 0.. acting as agent (or Thos.
R. Frenoh F. M. O. Nn. Il.DOflB and
Isaao Erickson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 11,304 B, intend, sixty days
from tbe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Reoorder for n Certificate of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And farther take notice that action,
nnder section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of snob Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated tbls 25th day of  April, 1000.
Builders will And It to their advantage. �����
Aaura witb Bradley it Co. 00 Painting,
T"Hnw��i��u NELSON DAItV  MINER. THURSDAY, MAY 31,  1900.
A new importation of spring lamb arrived in town yesterday as 11 large dock
of lambs were driven in from Washington for P. Bnrua & Co.
A special drill of the Kootenay Rides
has been palled for tonight. The matter of the part the Rifles will lake iu
the Dominion Day celebration will lie
At the Fletcher ninsi meeting tonight to be bold at tho Opera Honse at
8:1)0 ladies are invited to be present
and the two front rows of first floor
seats have been reserved for tbem,
The Finance Committee of the Dominion Day Carnival Association, finding it impossible to cull personally on
everyimo for contributions to the fond,
would ask those desirous ot contributing! to eubsoribe to the lists now open
in the four luniks in the city and in the
offices of The Miner and Tribune,
Thore were two musical   filatures   of
the entertainment on Tuesday evening,
in honor of tho Hev. Mr. Robson, thii^
gave great pleasure to the andieuoe,
One was the rich, niusicinl vuioe of
Mrs. Tburinan,too seldom heard in tho
city, and the othor the artistic playing
of Miss McOoonou, who is being recognized as an accomplished pianist. They
wero both rocoguisaid oh genuine treats.
A meeting of the electors of the Nelson Riding will be held Ibis evening in
the Nelsou Opera House. The meeting
has been called by the supporters of Mr.
Frank Fletcher and will bo addressed
by that gentleman and others in his behalf. Candidates Houston and Hall
have been invited to attend and have
accepted the invitation. The meeting
promises to be nu exceedingly warm one
aud all electors should turn out.
Word hns been recoived from Mr. S.
S. Taylor,who is in Vancouver attending the Supreme Court there, that ho
haB been successful in obtaining a verdict in the following oases: lu Uruteh-
field vs. Harbottle, Harbottle's appeal
was allowed; Kerr & Co. vs. Odd
Fellow's Building and Investment Co.,
Kerr's appeal was allowed; nnd iu
Brackman & Ker vs. Oppunheiinor,
llriioKinaii & Ker's appeal was nllowed.
Herr F. Steiner's Muuicipnl Baud has
become eflllioled witb the Nelson Company of the Knoteuny Rifles and will
be the official band of that organisation,
Military uniforms have been ordered nnd
are expected in time for tho Dominion
Day celebration. The officers of the
band are; President, (ieorge Beer; Vice
Prcsidert, C. A. Waterman) Secretary,
Sid Foster; Treasurer, T. It. Mills; Lender, Here F. Bteinor,
On March 0 last Mr. II. A. Tncka-
I berry of the Spokane Falls & Noil hern
road mailed in the Nelson post oflice n
letter addressed to .John A. Turner at
that gentleman's London address. Ou
March 11 the letter went to Kaslo, ou
March 17 it arrived at LaidO, on May
I, it left Lardo and was sent to the
dead letter office at Victoria, reaching
there May SI. On Mny -li it was sent
back lo Mr. Tnekabury and received
by him yesterday. Tlie letter was
plainly addiessedto Mr. Turner at bis
address in London, England.
The reception to tho members of the
Synod of Kootenay will be given in
the Fraternity Hall this evening at s
p. in. and it is hoped tbat in spite of
political meetings aud business there
will be a large attendance of townspeople to give a warm welcome to this
tbo first meeting of Ihe Synod of the
new diocese. Amongst those who have
promised to assist in the I'literliiiuiiieut
are Mesdames Melville Parry aud ('coil
Ward, Miss Ben Susan and Messrs.
Loohore and Williuninon.
Important changes in the running of
pastenger 1 rains will be made hy the
Spo-auo Palls & Northern on the new
(i" ard whioh goes into effect next
Hunday, Effeotlve with the new time
BOhodnlo will be inaugurated the double train service. The regular
lar passenger train northbound, which
leaves Spokane under the present
schedule at 10:10 a. m., is scheduled
to leave nt, 10j35a. m��� and will ar-
' at
rive ill, Nelson at, k p, ni., same a
present schedule, thus shortening tin
running time twenty minutes. Reluming, this train will leave Nelson
at 0:30 a. m., instead of 8:4.1 a. m, :
Kossland at 18:05 noun, instead of
11:1.1 a. ni., and will arrive In Spokane al 7:10 p. ni. instead of 8:80 p.
in., as now in offeof The new train,
whioh will have a standard sleeper
and a full iluy equipment, will leavo
Spokane for the north at li)::in p. m.,
and arrive at Kossland at 7:80a, m.
The southbound train will leave Rosa-
Jond at II p, in. and arrive at Spokane
at 7:08 a, in. Tho sleeper on this
train service will he placed at the depot at 8 o'clock each evening for the
accommodation of passengers out of
The following were the transaction
at the Alining Recorders Office  yesterday : Transfers���A. B. Churches to
W. (I.H. Moneypenny the  Oipsy and
Swift chums on l'end d' Oreille River
for a nominal consideration.   Andrew
Larten to B. O. Nelson a third interest
in the Star Fraction on Eagle  Creek
for a nominal consideration,    Fro^ W
H. G. Moneypenny to  W.   R.   Foster
the Gipsy claim, on Pend d' Oreille
River  for  a  nominal   consideration.
Andrew Anderson to Johu Austin; a
third interest iu the Htnr Fraction for
a uoininnl.fee, and to Nels Lowring a
third interest in  the same for a  like
consideration.   Margaret Squire to W.
II. Pollard the Bobs claim on Morning
Mountain, for a nominal fee.   Jas. W.
Smith to It. McLean the Victoria claim
on third north fork of Porcupine for a
nomine!  consideration.     Assessment
Certificates���Maine, to Ledru Vande-
biigart; Sheep Bunch   No.  1  and No.
2, to  A.  Biitgimlt;  Frankfurt, to H,
McAlpin; Eagle, to H.   Suxton;   Oban
and end [radium, to Win.  McArthur;
Dewey  and Suttro to Robt.  McCor-
maok; Hold Vein,   to  J.   J,   Driscoll;
Hawk Eye, Englo llird, and Eagle,  to
Joseph Sturgeon et all Annie May to
Saul Johns et al;   Locations���Annie
May, 8 miles west of Nelson to A.   L.
(lordon;   Ruth II, G. R. G. O'Di-iscoll
ou C. & K. Ky.,8 1-2 miles south of
Manager Charles Waterman is busy
making arrangements for tbo tiip ol
the Nelson Basobnll Olnb lo Rosslanl
next Suudny. He has made nn arrangement witb the C. P, K. for n
special Irani which will leavn Nelson
at , :l.i a. in. The fare for the round
trip will be .f:i. Ill nnd uh ninny ns possible should take advantage of tbo low-
rate and go over to root for the Nelson boys.   When the Rossland team
came to Nelson several weeks ago thoy
were accompanied by a large crowd ol
Rossland enthusinsts nnd Nelson should
by all menus return tho compliment.
The Mrs. Jonckes Company gave a
small audience a fairly pleasant hour
in the Opera House last night. II. wfl]
not hurt them to be told a little lionl
ely truth, however, and t but is that in
a cultured British community it is|con-
nidered bad form to visit annoyance or
disappointment nt a small bouse on
thoBe who attend. This was offensive
ly apparent iu the conduct of the two
women especinlly.j.Of the merits of Ihe
enterlniuinent it may be said that
there is right here in Nelson a heller
pianist than Mrs. Baker, a better violinist than Mr. Shane and a sweeter
soprano singer than Mrs. Jenclics, who
has, however, a Hoc voice, finely cultivated.   Mr. Sluilt/., the baritone, was
mlinieiili|e throughout, nnd was the
only one of the company that gave unqualified pleasure.
Be sare yon ore right, then go nhead.
You can't be wrong if yon rienl with
Niokerson, watohmaker and second
hsnd trader. 367 Baker Street, Nelson,
Mettle. Crow & Morris, tlie tobacoon-
ist?, give a ticket with every 25 coot
pin chase, which entitles the holder to
an interest iu a case of pipes, a box of
25 cent cigars, or a single pipe. Drawings arc held every Saturday night and
tiie lucky men havo their oboice ot all
tlie large assortment of pipes in Crow &
Morris' big show cases nnd of tbe several brands of 25 ceut cigars. The Crow
_ Morris store is the oue with the open
front and you can't miss it if you walk
down linker Street.
Vielims to stomaoh.livet aud kidney
troubles ns well ns women, and all feel
tbo results iu Iobs of appotjte, poisons
in tho blood, backaohe, nervousness,
headache aud tired, listless, inn-down
feeling, But there's no need to feel
like that. Listen to .1. W. Gnrdner,
Idavillo, lud. Ho says: "Electrio
Hitlers uro just tbe thing for a man
when he is all lun down, and ilnu'i
care whether he liven or dies. It did
more to give mo new strength and good
nppetltu than anything I coold take. I
can now cat nnytbiug nnd have a new
lease ou lifo." Only fiOo at Canada
Ding it Book Store. Every bottle
Whnn yon want to eu]oy nn outing
vsiit the Florence Park Hotel, two nud
one half miles up tho river. Excellent
menls served. W. M. ROBERTS,
To the Electors of the Nelson
Riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District :
'Skntlrmen���As the nominee of the
Conservative party I beg to offer myself
as a candidate at tho ooming general
eleotion to represent you iu the Legislative Assembly of this Provinoe.
The time has arrived when nil pnrtios
are fully ulive to the fact that the future
welfare of our Provinoe demands n
sound, fair and honest business administration aud thnt nuy great popular
Party must appeal to other nnd
higher considerations than those of individual fear of loss, or hope of gniu,
I consider it the duty of every member
elected, to be a l'rovinoialist to tbe ex-
tont of the best interests of the Province
first, last and always, aud to support all
good legislation with thnt object iu view
In asking you for your support, I will
state that i am opposed to hasty legislation of any kind, but particularly with
respect to onr Mining Lawn, as tending
to jeopardize business interests and to divert oapital: for instance, twice the Legislature has passed Alien Exclusion
Laws and they are now for the second
time seeking to repeal them after having
done considerable mischief.and damage.
With regard to the Eight-Honr Law, I
am opposed to any change in the law
as it now stands. Shorter hours for all
classes of labor is no new idea, but in
my opinion the principle should be such
as to appeal to all Sections of tbe Community as being not only a necessity nnd
beneficial to all, but in keeping with the
genernl advance incut of our civilization.
Nothing Like
Having the Best
���Especially when it costs no more than other kinds ;
and if there is one point that we wish to emphasize
more than another, it is that we handle only the
BEST   '"  Shoes,   Slippers,  and  Rubbers.
Ladies' White Goods
Advertisements Insorleit under this head at
the, riiLo of onu cent tl word per Insertion, No
ntlvol'llseinciil, tnkon for hiss t.lmn ���iccnU.
SITUATION    WANTED. - A   young
girl   with good  reference requires n
situation   ns    governess   or    mother's
help.    AWlHW P. O. Box 100.
FURNISHED ROOM-To let on comer
of   Stanley   and   Cnrbouate   Streets,
throe doors above Royal Hotel.
Extra Quality and Special Prices.
Corset Covers at 35c, 50c, 75c, to $1.50.    All good values.
White Skirts, tucked, trimmed with embroidery and lace, at $1.50,
$1.75, $2.00, $2.25, $2.50, up to $5.00.
Night Gowns, lace and embroidery trimmed, at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75,
$2.00, up to $3.00,    All extra special.
Ladies' Drawers and Chemise, nicely made, with  lace trimming, at
50c, 75c, $1,00, up to $5.00.
Children's  Dresses in white, with yoke and embroidery trimmed, at
75c, $1.00, up lo >f>.(.oo.
MAN   AND   WIFE���Want   situation.
Oood nooks.   Mining camp preferred.
Address L, Miner Otlice.
WANTED.��� First-Class  Dining Room
Girl.    Apply Hotel Hume.
FOR RENT.���7 room furnished house.
Modern oonvenionoes.    Apply to Mr.
John, Royal Hotel.
LOST.���A    child's   gold   locket    ond
ohnin.      Smull   diamond   iu   locket,
Return to Humo Hotel.
We nre pleased to announce that
Mr. J. O. Patenaude, ol Patanaude
Bros., who has been Kast lor his
health, Uld also for the purpose of
Inking an advanced optical course
of Studv 1 is now ready to attend all
those suffering from their eyes,
Onr Optical Department is better
than ever, and a call will be sufficient to gain your confidence.
No charge lor testing.
Patenaude Bros.
The Miner Book Binding plant is
installed nnd in full operation.
Ifyeil have a full set ol "Glimpse
of Soulh Africa" bring them to The
Miner ollice and have them bound.
I mould advocate the amendment nnd
strict enforcement of the Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Aot, so ns to more effectually proteot the lives of workmen.
With regard to the Mineral Aot: I
would endeavor to have certaiu sections
more dearly defined, for the purpose of
avoidiug litigation ; aud witb regard to
00-ownerBhip, to iutroduce nn inexpensive and speedy mode ct making a co
owner bear his share of assessment or
relinquish his interest.
I am in favor of an amendment to our
Sohool Laws so as to give Cities the control of the Schools in their midst.
A fair Redistribution Aot should be
passed as soon as possible.
I would advocate the bringing into
force of the Torren's Aot, provided it is
mado optional ;  as the cost iu a great
many cases will lie excessive and out of
all proportion to any benefit to be, derived,
I would urge the speedy construction
of a Court House iu Nelson, equnl to
the requirements of this district,
I would strongly advocate increased
11 ranis for Roads, Trails nnd Bridges
wherevor such will upbuild and develope
our I'roviuee, more especially in tho
Miniug Districts, nnd all suoh expenditure to be placed in oapablo nnd experienced bauds to be deult with iu a
systematic way.
Our undeveloped natural resources
should receive more nttention, and be
more widely advertised in order to nttract
With regard to cbenp foreign Inbor I
believe, where (be remedy ia an Imperial
mat I it. in view of tho stand our Proviuce
and Count ly llllS taken in Ihe present war
giving both lives and money, tbo desired
ond can be gninod if properly nought,
without bringing about n serious misunderstanding with the Dominion Government and entailing deplorable agitation
as we require pence nnd prosperity in our
I urn opposed to any clique or faction
of politicnl ngitators whose principle aim
is to embarrass snd retard tho business
of Hie Province for purely personal ad
I strongly condemn the aotiona of tbo
I.ii'iit. 1 lovernoi as being an invasion of
the principle of responsible government
and a misuso of his power under our
Yours respectfully,
Nelson, 11th Msy, 19(10.
WANTED.���All   wnshing   not   called
for within 80 clays will be sold. Mrs.
Honle, Homo Laundry.
The daily service between
by the
to  be inaugurated
June 10 from Vancouver,
June 11 from Montreal,
cents  Lawn Sprinkler
FOR BALK���A National Cash   Register,   Total adder, now nnd   in   first-
class    condition.       Apply    Kootcuny
Cignr Manufacturing Oo.
WANTKD.���A first-oluss   genernl   servant.   Mrs. Taylor,   corner Ward and
ALL KINDS-Of  pinin   sewing   done.
Blouses nnd children's clothes a specialty.   Mrs,    1 logon,   Opposite Opern
Smoke Our Cigars
They are made in your midst, of
the finest Havana Tobacco.
Where good Cigars are sold
they can  be bought.
Tlie Royal Seal and Kootenay
Union  made.
Kootenay Cigar
Mfg. Co.
will give quickest time between ocean nnd ocean
across tho American continent.
vin Crow's Nest route to
and from Kootenay Country. Improved service on
all Kootenay local rail and
steamers lines.
B. C.
Gamble & O'Reilly
2 Lots, House, H rooms and   atti
all  modern improvements, #1670
cash or $1700. terms $700, $1000
easy   monthly   payments   to   suit
Ranchc on Columbia river, 320
acres, 2 1-2 miles from Burton
Cily, one mile frontage on river,
good opportunity for anyone
Wishing1 to start a farm.
Gamble b O'Reilly.
Is hereby given thnt I intend to apply
nt   the   first meeting of   tbo   Hoard of
License 1 '��� ������ 1111,1 ���   11 1    for  the City of
Nelsou, held Ihirty days idler the date
hereof, for leavo to transfer the license
now held by me for a saloon known ns
tbe Athabnscn Saloon, situate ou tho
southeast corner of bakor and Kooto-
nny Streets, Nelson, B, 0., boing on
Lot I, Iilnck IU, 111 Nelson aforesaid,
to I "ni 11 '��� t. J. Hussell iu trust for tho
Athahnsoa Hotel Gnmpnuv, Limited.
I illicit tbis 11th dny of April, 11100.
Witness:   P.  K.  Wilson.
lie nn lookout for full details of new service nnd apply for particulars to,
C. E. BKASLKY Cltj- Pnniongor Ancnl
H. W. DREW, Agoni, Moli-on
Trav. Pass. Agent        A. O. P. Agon,
Ni-lm-n Valiocuvcr
The cheapest, simplest, nnd most desirable device for
sprinkling lawns ever made. With ordinary pressure it will
cover a space of from 50 to 60 feet, and is the only sprinkler
on the market that can be moved from one location to
another without shutting ofl tlie water or wetting the person
handling it.    They're only 40 cents each.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Mara Block, Nelson-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ev_5-*4>*t*-�� ���-__<*)
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Schodulo of Time.       Pacific Standard I'inie.
Kllcctivii Keliriiui'y 1st,  IINUI
Passenger Iroin for Sandon awl way stations
loaves   Kaslo  at 8 a. m., daily.    ItclurnliiK,
loavos Sandon ol 1.15 p.ui��� nrrfvliiK at Kaslo
at���'vi 11.111.
Operating on Kootcuny Lakiinnd River.
Str. "International" leaves Knslo for Nelson
al, II a. 111. dally except Sunday. ItuturnliiK,
leaves Nelson at ll,l(lp.in��� calling at Halfonr,
Pilot Hay, Aiiiswortli and all way points. Con-
iiccls with S. V. & N.I ruin to and from Spokane nt Five Mile Point
Str. "Albert-" leaves Kaslo for Lurilo anil
Armenia al. 8::��l p 111 Wednesdays
Steamers call al  principal IninliiiRs In 1hiI.Ii
dlrcclioiw, and at other points when kIkiiiiII��I
Ticket* sold to all points in Canada ami Ununited States.
To OHCortnln rates and full information ad
dross :
MawiKor. Knslo. R.O.
Will pny Ihe highest onsh price for all
kinds of second hniid goods. Will bny
or sell anything from nn nnchor to n
needle. Kornitnre, stoves, carports,
cooking ntonsils, lionghl in honsohold
quantities. Also cunt off clothiritr.
Oall aud nee me or write. Addiess
Silver King Miko, IJox 200. Hall
Street, NoIhoii, B. C.
House and Lot For Sale
Bath, Hot and Cold Water.
Good Locality.
j. bannFrman.
E- P. WHALLEY, J. p.
Office with 0. W. West - Co., cor. Hall
and n<ikcr Sts.
City Ollice of the  Nelson   Soda JJWater
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka Mineral Wool and
Asbestos Co-
Real   Estate.   Fire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lots 1 to 8,'bloolt 60, corner of Hoover nnd llcndryx Street".
These nre g>ood level loii, cleared of
trees und stumps.    The view from I hem
is one of tho beat in  the Oily  nnd  the
Situation is well Adapted tot  residences.
The opposite block has been reserved
hy tho Qovernment tor ptfbllo purposes
Not lens than two lots will he sold ntii
time. Terms: Half cash, the balance
in (t nnd Hi months.
Eight-room house nnd I wo lots on
ItoiiHon street, between Stanley
and Kootenay, per mouth 8211 no
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, N'elson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
WE   HAVE   SOLD   7S//   OF   ALL  THE 2;
-2     Used in the Kootenay.
J   Steel Mining Rails,
Blacksmith Coal.
Sewer Pipe, Etc.
Our Fresh Roasted ('ofTee llcst of
Quality, as follows :
Java nnil Arabian Moclin. per (minid |   ��,
.lava anil Moclin lllnnil, II pounds      1 no
Hoc Hnntos. I iiounds....;
Hantos Blond, 4 pounds ........,,,'"! 1 00
I liniiirids '.        1 00
" 1 00
Our  Himcliiliilond
Our Klo IImii-i, II pounds
A TBIA- MM it xiil.li ��� 11.|��.
Sai.khkikimh :
Ten acres, with  li w honse close to
Nelson.     Fine   situation   for  kenp|nK
[otiltrr.    Good fowl bouse,    Apply X
Box 033, Post Oflice, Nolson
Cull and sec J
onr s
nnd inspect our
hllll'k  Ol
which yon will lind lo be of the licst, ipmlity nnd  nt, more rt-aonnblo
prices than yon can liny elsewhere in the eily,
linker and Ward Btfl
Larpc number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner a
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary ��� 11 m�� ���.-���in' | _���__���
This ;Space has been purchased by Dr. Hall's Committee to be \
Used by them in the interests of Dr. Hall until Election Day |
I '/iji/lAiWVrV��Vi^^*��*��A^v>*^
To the Electors of Nelson Riding, West Kootenay District
Equal Rights and Eight
Hours for all.
Gentlemen. ���In respouee to unnier-
onsly siRued requisitions asking me to
he a candidate for the Provincial Legislators nt the forthcoming election, I
have consented to enter the oonteut as
an Independent Liberal.
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
your votes and influence, and if elected 1 shnll do my utmost to secure for
the l'rovinco honest, economical and
progressive government.
A brief outline of some of the principles which I think should be em-
bodied iu tho Legislative Aots is given
I have the honor to be gentlemen,
Your obedient servant,
G. A. B. HALL.
1. The prinoiple of eight honrs constituting n legal day's work should be
recognized and strictly enforced.
2. Steps Bhould immediately be
taken through the proper channels to
pievdut the immigration into this
country of Chinese and Japanese laborers.
11. Two dollars and a half per day
should be the minimum wngo of unskilled lnhor throughout the Province
on all government works.
4. A fair wuge bill should be introduced requiring the payment of standard wages on all works to which the
Province contributes subsidies or aid
in any form.
6. The establishment of a labor
bureau under the direction of a Minister of the Crown, whose duty it shall
be among other tilings, to collect labor
statistics, and   to act  aa   a   mediator
Exclusion of Chinesejand
Japanese Labor,
between employers and workmen in
all oases of actual or threatened
strikes with power to call nnd examine witnesses nnd compel disclosure
of all material fnets in connection
with such disputes.
li. I believe tbat trim, roads should
be built and maintained by tho government and encouragement given to
miners to extend these roads. Such
work should be directed by competent
government engineers. Whore trails
are required to single or small groups
of claims the cost of such trails, if
built by the claim owners on the approval and nnder direction of a government inpsector or engineer, shnll
apply as   assessment   upon the claims.
7. Government ownership of all
telegraph systems and railways where
practicable by construction or purchase.
8. The establishment of technical
schools   for   uietallflerous   miners   in
Efficient and Permanent
Civil Service.
The   introduction    of a S
Fair Wage Bill.
The buying public are just getting warmed up to the
fact that our Clearing Sale is genuine. To increase the
good will that is now existing, we put the prices down lower
than ever. We are busy, and if selling good goods at
sacrifice prices will do it, we will be kept busy.
Ladies' Mercerized Under Skirts
Regular 4.50;  to clear 1.75.
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits
Regular 12.50: now half price, 6.25.
Lace Curtains, 3}. yards long
Regular 1.25; sale price 75c.
36-inch White Cotton
Regular 8c; very special 5c.
Men's Balbriggan Underwear, 50c suit.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
e Houses,
THORPE & CO. I.m,,, ���
waters and(ruh II"  ,<llV,!'"l,!r'
oyoaBpifrin. mlafflg-.i.y^
Nelson soda wat_d J.
, -S W. Hun"".. 1, TER FACTOBV
variety ���f god drlffiWjv��_liwai
- uawr^Si-?���
phono No. 31.
'"������ Minora!
ltoynl Soa] ilM,|  |<__T,
lory andoffloo, Baker
war..  vK.
connection with smelters  nt   dilToreut
points in the Piovincp.
9. To draw the attention of capitalists anil investors to 13ritish Columbia
as a dosirable centre for profitable
minim." operations hy suitable advertisement nnd by tho appointment of
a special agent nt London and elsewhere whose services shall be free and
equally available for all owners of
British Columbia properties.
10. To encourage the establishment
at suitable points in British Columbia of
(a) Steel and iron works.
(b) Shipbuilding yards.
(0)   Additional   smelters and   refineries.
11. The retnining of tho resources
of the Provinco ns an mset for the
benefit of the people, aud taking effective measares to prevent tbo alienntion
of the pnblic douiniu, except to  nctunl
settlers or for bonn lide busincsa or industrial purposes, thus putting nil end
to tho prnetice of speculating in the
12. The taking of active mensnres
for the systematic exploration of the
Proviuce, including a government survey of the provinco by sections nnd
the preparation of accurate nnd cheap
maps iu accordance with such   survoy.
18. The interests of tho Province
can he best served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to which
should be made by reason of merit and
not of politicnl influence.
14. All unoccupied lands in tho Province should he open to hona fide settlers at fair prices which shall be decided upon by a government land agent
or valuator, and better facilities should
be given for acquiring smnll arens for
establishment of market gardens and
16. Where mineral claims are held
by joint owners and whore ono or
more of such owners refuses to con-
trinnte towards tho annual assessment
work, provision should be inndo in the
Mineral Act for the sale of the interest of such delinquent  owner.
1(1. The abolition of the deposit by
candidates for the legislature.
Redistribution of the constituencies
on an equitable basis.
1 will advocate the appointment of
a conciliatory Board to consist of
representatives of Labor, Business
and Capital, to whom all disputes
between Labor and Capital will be
The  establishment   of a
Labor Bureau.
Truth Sadly Lacking ln tho Columns
of The Tribune.
Truth is a pleasant virtue and one
that, sad to relate, docs not flourish
or blossom forth in the heated political air of a bard fought campaign.
What does Candidate Houston hope
to gain by listing three candidates.
Murphy Of West Vale. Wells of North
East Kootenay. and Neill of Allierui,
as Provincial Party men, when they
hnve distinctly declared tbat they are
running on the Independent Liberal
ticket? Another instance of wilful
misrepresentation is that of placing
Candidate Hall's name out Of that list
where it rightly belongs. Dr. Hall
lias plainly stated where he stands,
bntli in public and in private. Those
who beard Mr. Smith, of Nanaimo,
when he referred to the Influence an
independent possessed in tbo Legislature must have boon convinced that a
member standing in the position of
either Mr Smith or Dr. Hall would
have inure Influence than any member
of a small disjointed (action  such as
Mr, Houston represents.
Mr.    Houston's   paper in Tuesday's
issue says:
way  short
Govern men!
Martin has fallen :
nf  bis  promise   to
candidates   in every eiin-
yet In 11k classification in
it credits Martin with
In tlie issue of Tuesday morning
The Tribune refers to the manner of
Candidate Hall's nomination as the
Independent-Liberal candidate and
speaking of him as making a "sympathetic canvass." It has been said
that some men' imagined themselves
as editors of the Horace (ireoly rank
"wliu possessed unlimited gall and
whose pin-headed brains were devoted
to sounding their own praises." Hut
this is an example where no self
praise is needed, an enlightened
patriot, the Mosesof the Kootenuyites
holds up to our view, one. who would
dare enter the political arena, even
though requisitioned to by his party,
in opposition to the champion convention-packer and caucus slull'er of this
much divided city. Tho Tribune but
voices the feelings of the candidate it
represents when it condemns strongly
anything like a regular honorable
nomination. Should this be permitted
to go on. the hour might come when
voters would protest in no uncertain
tone against the dictatorship, very
popular in Caesar's time, of one man.
who nominates himself as candidate,
brings out a catchy platform and prepares his forces to stutv conventions
two months before the first meeting
of the party of which he is the great
"I   am,"    The  Tribune's candidate
reminds one of that meek, non-assertive, historical character, who. when
the people sought to give him a high
olllee on account of bis great abilities
and   microscopic    self  esteem,   they
found "staying   at    home and sawing
I In' siijii- issue
82 candidates out of 38 to be elootod, i wood." There are others who have
bni wiiai is more extraordinary, It apeoial gifts along this lino and boast
only gives 15 candidates to the "Prov-1 of   it.   They  should  be content with
of i their   one   successful     specialty    ami
iiniiilCitluii.Houston Party," out
Which we venture to say there won't
I"'    live    elected.      How    do you expect
to get   a   Portfolio John?   To which
Party would you Hop.
We take exicption to the placing of
Dr. Ball's name, in the Martin list,
The doctor Is the Independent-Liberal
candidate, the worklngman's friend.
the   iiiiiii who   stands for the best in-
ti'ivsts ,,f  this constituency and the
l'i'"\i    al   large.    What does ,lobn
Houston   stiiinl for?    What he always
stood for, "John Houston."
it.     They    should
ir   one   successful
slay with it.
It remains clear thai if Candidate
Hall's nomination was Irregular
when he consented to run as an Independent-Liberal after being asked to
in n requisition signed by T.*i members
of his own party, then Candidate
Houston's  nomination    was    highly
regular and proper when he. who wns
worthier, nominated himself, called a
convention, Informed   the members of
bis decision and called fur rooters lo
veil fur bim.
Our  Clearance Sale of
Is still  on and will  be continued until nil is sold.
A consignment of Linen Crash and White Duck Skirts, delayed in
transit, just opened up. and  wo offer them
at these low prices:
Regular $1.85 Linen Skirts at S .75
Regular   ^.00 Linen Skirts at   1.50
Regular   2.50 Crash Skirts at   1.75
Regular   1.50 White  Duck Skirts at   1.15
Regular   2.00 White  Duck Skirts at  1.50
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Spokane Falls A
cuiiio.nl, tin, briok and BroolarSBl*l
J. %2*?W$��&k is*
BRACKMAN - KER  MlLI tun n���
1.1M1TKI1.��� Wlldll-MlUl in?,   ,,,7*, 90"
in grain, bay,  flour, food   -
New Westminster, Kdi
��� onCnlnai')��� s. Ednionl
Tho following is from a Toronto paper. It is worthy of the consideration
of every laboring man and is iu line
with the policy of Dr. Hall:
"As a result of my visit as well as
extensive reading." said Mr. flute, in
reply to a further question, "I have
great faith in conciliation as a method
of settling labor disputes. I think it
is the only reasonable and business
way. In n matter where the business
of the world may bo said to involve
the question of capital and labor it is
extraordinary that just at the point
where differences arise, and always
must arise, that there should have
been no greater effort made to trout
such differences upon a business basis
and by permitting the managers of
capital und the recognized leaders of
capital to moot und try to adjust those
differences, I believe it to be entirely
practicable, and I do not regard it as
an assumption upon tho part of labor
at all unreasonable that thoy should
be permitted to present their grievances through men capable of doing
so. Capital combines and is combining In greater volume from day to
day. Capital and labor must unite in
production, Is it unreasonable that
while capital places its interests in the
hands of its ablest men or is supposed
to do, so, thnt labor should uot be allowed to do the same."
"What chances do yon think an individual worker has to get any Improvement of his condition if he presents his ease individually'.'" was
"Not mie chance in a thousand,"
Mr. Chile replied, "The only hope of
labor is in organization, moderation,
putting their ablest and most moderate men lo the front and recognising
the principle of conciliation of the
rights nf others as well as their own.
Any legislation that may be introduced upon the very important matter
requires Ihe most careful consideration and study, but   1   think it   quite
within the bounds of probability that
a measure oould be Introduced where
conciliation was the recognized basis
of adjusting all disputes thai would
tend greatly lo the settlement of labor
disputes and to a very large degree reduce the number of strikes,"
and Good Government
An adhesive porous wall finish for interior work in every description of
Building.   Tweaty-five tints to select from.
For sale only by
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
vf 4J -flsOvr -i&iLArinsu, to  fo^L /
OKdI I       Brand and
HKbiVll bK Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents pon Canada ��� JAMES TURNER A CO., Hamilton. Ont.
General Agent for Southern B.C.
for the
Birkbock Investment, Security 4 Sayings
Co., of Toronto.
Money Loaned on Straight Mortgage.
Ileal Estate and Insurance.
2 l-Rooinrd Oot/t-g-S.
2 Lots on Observatory Bt��� $275 Cash,
NK1.HON   H. ('.
A Boarding ami Day'SohopI contliir.i��l by
Urn sisiiTH of Ht. Joseph of Pesos. Itlssltu-
ni eii ni Mm oorner ol Mill and Josephine streets,
in one uf Ihe IiiihI, residentlul portions of Nolnon. nmi 1h ciikIIv ueeesslhlo from all parte
The oourno of study Inoluctes the riiiuiiunon-
tal niul blghor linuicnos of a thorough B���IS������tl
education, Bdilnoss course-Bookkeepuur,
Btenozranny and Typewriting. Bclenoe eourso
��� Munto, Vocnl and Instrumental; Drawing,
oto.���I'laln and Art Needlework; Calisthenics,
Kor tornn an1 nartlculara apply
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allan Mno ������Tunisian" May  20
Allan Lino "Niniildlan" Juno 2
Dominion Lino [apply aKte.forstr.nanioj May 2I>
Dominion Lino "Vancouver" Juno 2
Iloaver Line "Lnsltanlii".. May 25
Denver Lino "Lake Chainplain" Juno 1
     _.     _, From Now York
White Star Line "Teutonic" May 23
White Star Lino "Oornnillc" May ."HI
Cunard Line "Ivornla" May 26
Cnnnnl Lino "Lncanla" June 2
Anchor Lino "Anehorla" May 20
Anchor I.  "City of Homo" June 2
Aliiorloun Lino "Now York" May 30
Hod Star  Line "Kensington"  May :��>
North Gorman   Lloyd  "Hanlo"  May 2!'
Allan State Lino "State of Nebraska ,. ..Muy 20
Passages arrangod to and from all Kuropoan
point*. For raton, tiokota and full Information
apply to C. P, H, depotagont'or O K Beaaloy
City Passongoi Agent Nolson, B.ll
Hononil Aoronl,. C P. B. Offlrw  Winnipeg
7 8 inch diam. $18,80per 100 feet. For
iniiiieilinle delivery in Nelson
i. 0, T. CROFTS,
P. 0. BWi t76, Nolson, 0, 0,
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lv. 10-20 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.O.IK) p.m
Lv. 11.15 a.m. ROSSLAND Ar.5 LB p m.
Lv.   H.46 a.m. NEI-30N, Ar. 8.(10 p.m.
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Asrent. Nelson, B.O
Still W?
,���';;; ���'.^'>-C
faeturflrBofcWbrated B& KbiSJ^'1
nmi   Produce.  Ciii
rospondenoo Bollolt
nn HO,
. ���..r'.,'V.,.',1,J';"V''l"m!.�����>t��, wh_-_
Kroocrs and Jobbers In blankou, ctoim"
Coou, rubbers, maoklnaws nisi miners'.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
Money to loan ou Straight Mortgngo.
Apply to G. L. LENNOX, Baker St.,
Mnsical Treat if i Season
The seats will be placed on
sale at the usual place on
Monday at 10 o'clock.
Admission 50 cents.
Reserved seats 75 cents.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Girl for Honsework.
Cook (woman).
J. H. LOVE, Ag't     Baker S'
Civil  Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P. O. Bor 145 Nelson.Rtl
where you can  depend on  getting tho best
llk\ up,
ths market and any quantity from
Prices cannot bo disputed,
Frank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
Raker Street, Nklson
Did yon see
New Schooners
Fresh nnd cool.    Oh! Myl
Try one.
The only good Beer in Nolson.
Brewers of Fine Lnger
Beer nnd Porter.
Drop in and see us,
Fraternity Hall
Cor Baker A Kootenay His.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures
Dances, Banquets and every kind of entertainment. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining room furnished,   For terms apply
DR. B. 0. ARTHUR  City,
Jus A, Macdonald]  Arcuii
perlntendents.  iirui;
nnil Wan! al.H., Nolso
III. Ohm,
-, ��� I" anil Su.
Hill Block,Cor,Biita
iiAi.'i' oornor Boll and KostltSi
Nelson, 11. C. Lumbar, Collins, Mooting ud
evorjiliinir In wood Inr liuiliiiiiK PUlKm
Uot our prices.  CorrespondentsoUolUxl
���      U liul. ",i .���      (loillt
moaU,   ("I'M KLoriiKU.
Baker Btrwt, Nelwn.
9 in fresh mid cured
-Bakor Streot, Nolson, Wnoleaueuu
er�� in fro-ii unit oared meats.
Limitkh���Baker Btrocti neuon,
kilIo dealer, in hardware and mining
lilumbur*'nnd tinsmith's suppUog,
irul uil.i.
huIo paint
Vernon und Joeephin i BlreoU,
ili'uW'iH in Ifquoni
kihhIh.   Agentwfor Pabsi Brewlrig Oo, of Mil
wai'kee and Oalgary Brewing Co, of (ftlwry,
wholesale dealora in liquor* dnn ami dry
' '1
iquors, on*., linker Bt* Nelson,
HUDSON'S BAY CO.  WholH?jpo-
oerlet uniriim
inrner 1 ronl
Wliolesale doalors
mill lliunestie nmi
WINE CO. Un>__
nmi ll.ill StrecB, Nntao.
in Wini'. loan ami liulkl,
tiiintrlnt I'iniirs.
I'urniT VornoB
butler mil
J.   and JosopblnoStn".'Nolson, whoU��le
dealers In provisions, cured ineiil
Great Reduction!
$6.15 Per Ton
Bought and Sold.
Keferoiiiluui Treasury Stuck.
Hnmptor Htor.ks 5,000,
KiohliBU 1000.
Big Hnru 5000.
Peoria 0000-500.
Ginnt. ,
For Bsla-0-Boom Home, H��M ��'
ilition, 9860.
14-Room   House, cneapi
easy;  close in.
IlltOKKH. WAItl'ST- 	
poiji't Worn).
Merchant Tailor.
Josephine Street,
Suits from *25!00JP1
Room 1. Turuei-Bonckli Block,
Real Estate & Mining
14-room   home,  "I ""
lota .low., tow...    A bjMs n
Houses in all parts of tne "W^,
.Street    mnirovert  \"��i
tone iu i"����"  ,
Inoomo IS per cent net
75-leet  best  residence cornel
"TgooW'ol building
lots to I


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