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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 6, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 488.
Nelson, British Columbia. Sunday, August 6, 1899.
Tenth Year.
Silver-Lead Question Fully
An Interesting ami Thorough Explanation
of tlio Important Subject Given
ut Rossland.
At the joint meeting of tho Boards
of Trade if Booth Kootenay held last
tek ��t Kosslnud, Mr. G.O.Bm l.ai.nii,
of Kiwlo made thn following oiirclnlly
prepared and interesting speech on the
silver-lead question '.
In tho early part of the winter of
1808 im sobjeotof the necessity of
doing t mething to relieve the difficulties under winch the silver-lead indus
tn- of Kootenay was laboring oarua
hetoe the Kaslo Board of Trade, and
I wus appointed upon a oommittee
rotmod to investigate and report upon
the subject. The Diugley tariff had
come into operation di thn 1st ot
July, 1897. Prior to that, cuder the
Wiis'nii tariff, we had entry fur our
ores Into the United States markets,
iiiion payment of a duty of |16 per ton
or \ oent per pound upon the lead con-
tents of tlio ore, and we nlso hud entry
into thnt market for lead in bullion at
the rnta of one cent por pnund, The
Pilot Hny smelter h.'d closed down be-
tore the Dingley tariff was adopted,
and before there was nny oertanty that,
It would be adopted. The Dingley tar-
ill' added |1 per ton to th�� duty upon
ore. making ihe duiv one and n half
ceuw per pound. Thia immediately
otad n great many of our mines. To
a greater or leas extent, load has been
prodnoed in British Columbia for the
past 11 years, Tho number of silveT-
learl claims that have boon recorded
muRt amount to many thousands. Out
of those . hundreds have undoubtedly
good show nigs, and havo in f lot been
developed to tho extent that they
have been cade sbi; ping properties.
But hoiv many of these properties
bave existed and persisted up to the
present time? Out of these hundreds
of claims, comparatively few closed
dawn lor want of oie, and yet very
few exist now as shipping mines.
This, of course, indicates that there
wns some dilliculty in their way. They
would not paj, nud they had to close
riown on lhat account. The majority
of these mines are closod flown on a
question of a few dollars per ton, and
a I'nw dollars additional value por ton
would Bet them working ngaiii Tho
Kaslo board of Trade considered that
the eiention of a home market iu
Ouundr, would in some measure alleviate the dilliculty. Finally, tho duty
devolved upon myself of going to Ottawa, which I did in the winter of
1808. With others, I interviewed committees of Ministers, and Ministers individually, also the various Depart
moats ,in fact, all who had any interest, direct or indirect, iu this question. Thev were loth to make any
promises, and we were at length informed by Mr. Patterson, Commissioner of Customs, that it v as the intention
to imnibdintely begin preliminary negotiations with the United StateB, in
regard to a treaty covering all points
ia dispute between the oountries, and
in conuection with this it was proposed to arrauge tor �� measure of reciprocal trade. We were informed that
tho Administration were unwilling,
Pending the result of these negtiations,
to take any steps to amend the tariff
on lead productions. There were numbers of mino owners in Ottawa at the
time, nud we came to the conclusion
that if under reciprocal arrangements
the duties on lead going itito the
United States oould betaken off it
would anwer the purpose, and the
American market would undoubtedly
Jo tho best ma*ke�� wo could hope to
una, Thero aro only two lead markets,
one the United States and the other
Ihe world. London prices prevail in
ad countries outside the United
btates, that havo trim trade relations
with Gieat Britain. We presented our
memorial to the Canadian commissioners, asking that they would endeavor
to obtain suoh terms" as would make
lead in all forma free, as between
the two countries,and particularly lead
bullion and lead ores.
Mr. J. B. MoArthur went east last
summer and we apuointed bim as our
representative, and at our request
ne appeared before the conforenoe at
Quebec, and in his report, made to ns,
he assured us that the Commissioners
would use every effort to oomply with
our wishes, and it was believed that
tney would oeoure.not only tree admission of ores, but, also free admission of
bullion. Vou bio told that these aro
"onoosBious that will never be obtain-
on. They will be opposed by the lead
mining interests on the other side;
"ley will he opposed hy the lend trust,
"ti'i wo fully agree with that. There
will probably be opposition on both
Nines of the liue against am- proposal
'or reoiprooity. However, as yon all
Know, is. very groat deal of progress
was made hy the Commissioners at the
conreieuce, and a soheroe of raoipro-
n 7 W,M Bot"ally arranged. We were
not asking the Amerioans for sonic
t��..% w,ltn nothing to give. We know
vZ a0,01*"" fn���r". we must give fa-
vo".   Sir Richard Caitwrlght and Sir
; Louis Davies, who no doubt shaped
the polioy of the Canadian commissioners, are men whc have been trying
to get reoiprooity for the last 80 years.
It was only at onr earnest solicitation
tbat lead ores were ever put upon the I
list at all. It was liberal on the part
of the oonimissicners to take tbe stand
the; (lid, ,in deference to our wishes.
Up to tbo last moment of tho session
I of the oonfereuee, ou their adjourn- |
I ment last winter, the matter stood iu |
1 this position, that the commissioners
had pretty nearly oome to the conclusion that it was hopeless to apnly
for free admission of lead bullion or
manufactured lead, but they still
maintained that position, as shown in
a letter from Mr. Charlton, dated from
Washington, on the 14th of January,
and a telegram to tbe Kaslo Board of
Trade from Mr. Bostuok. A mamorial
had boeu obtained from the shippers
of lean ores iu the Slocan ramp, from
Ainsworth and Kaslo, and the resolution of the Kaslo Hoard of Trade bad
been obtained, and Mr. Bostock himself
had copies of them, and so we replied
in him in this way :
"This matter was fully considered
in June last, miners unanimous that
froe ores should be considered, if free
bullion cannot be obtained."
This is how matters stood at the adjournment of the conference. The Toronto Telegram congratulated the Kaslo Board cf Trade ou beiug the one
body that was going to get what it
asked for.
There is now no date fixed for the
resumption of the conference. However, we feel th.it a proper authoritative expression of opinion from this
convention wll carry more weight
than any other kind of memorial tbat
could be placed before the nommis-
The greatest amount of lead overproduced in one year in Canada was some
lli.'Jiin tons, iu 1897, and during part
of that year the mines had the benefit
of tbe Wilson tariff. Last year, although a good oue in many respects
showed a considerable fall. In British Columbia   we   produced about 84,-
000 tons of ore. We aie told that this
could be disposed of at home without
reference to the Ameri"an market.
The Canadian market for lead In all
forms will amount to about 12,000 tons
per annum. By far the greater proportion of this will be in the form of
About three of the high grade mines
in the Slocan can continue to work at
the present time, aud they can pay
any charges that can be imagined. All
the other mines are engaged at the
present time in development work.
Is it desirable that this state of things
should continue? Shall oui piodueion
be restrioted for all time to 19,00 or
300 OOO tone of lea.4., as ����� maximum, or
is it desirable thai we s hould make
every possible effort to open up about
2000 lead mines in  British   Columbia.
1 maintain that there is no basis for
the argument that our mine ownerB
would not benefit and benefit largely
hy the removal of this duty upon lead
ores. The only other country except
Canada that is shipping lead ores into
the United States is Mexico and in
the year that the United States got
19,000 tons from ns tbey got 6000 from
This is our case Mr. Cbairman and
yon may be sure that we are supported
in this contention by all those who are
engaged in lead mining in this country.
Rossland is rapidly beooming the
financial beadqnaiters of Southern
British Columbia. Prosperity in tbe
silver-load mining districts will mean
additional prosperity in the districts
of oommerce and finance, suoh as the
Rossland distriot.  (Applause.)
At the conclusion of the speeoh a
discussion followed and tbe motion
published in yesterday's Miner was
Before Friday's meeting adjourned
Nelson was chosen as the next plaoe
of meeting.
Another timely resolution was the
following re mail serivce:
Whereas, the attention of tbe associated Boards of Trade of Kastern British Columbia has Been directed to
numerous complaints in regard to the
irregularities in tbo mail service in
various parts of the Kootonays and
Yale district, to delav iu securing adequate postal faotilities for new and
rapidly growing raining districts, to
the insufficient salaries paid to the
road masters in towns and cities which
have sprung into prominence during
reoent years; to carelessness on the
part of Btage companies having contracts for the oouveyanco of the mails,
to delays in forwarding mails to points
adjacent to the main lines of railway
and generally to insufficient uud unsat-
isfaotory mail Bervice in the districts
mentioned :
And, whereas, particulars of complaints will be furnishd to the honorable, the postmaBter-genoral, should he
so desire:
Therefore be it resolved, tbat this
association desire to respectfully call
tbe attention of the honorable, the postmaster-general, to the complaints referred to and to urge noon bim to take
suoh steps as will place the postal service in Eastern and Southern British
Columbia on a basis more suited to
the requirements of the mining country which is being rapidly developed,
which consequently demands Bpeedier
and oloser attention from the postofflce
department than old established districts iu the east. Aud the association
desire to particularly urge upons the
honorable the postmaster-general, the
necessity ot providing a daily mail
service communication by railway,
steamers or stages.
THE   I \lti:i.HKI.K   TELEtlRAl'IIV
Rossland, Aug 5.���The Boards
of Trade of Kastern British Columbia closed a vory successful convention today. The delegates visited some of the mines this morning and
were entertained by W. H. Aldridge
at the Trail amelter at noon, leaving
on the evening train for their homes.
Before  adjourning  Important  rosolu-
Tlicrr I-, a K'.orlous hiii-i rliilnly about
cuiulurlliiK n paper hi Ibc ���ulrrl<>r Uiai
nial.i-i, It �� v��T> lunrisllim pniie.s. ''''<���
<'. I", U. K-lrscrnplM lirliin nbcml IU<- uncertainly by bavlag icnMIIra wlrri Unit ��<>
down nliru anjllilnx out or tbe ortllmiry
ocean, i.u-i night ilie electric atorui <li��-
nbt.'it nn- wires leadlug Into ibe Kooleii
���TH. "Tlie Miner" In Without IU msiibI
mioiiIj ��r telegraph ntvrt llil* morning.
Ar eir.u-l, however, ban been liuiile to glve
�� Rood iiNHorimenl of miscellaneous nevus
ami we hope Ibe reader! Will llml pinny
to luleret.1 tbem. Tbe uilrenlHi nieitlH thin
uiorutng make Interi'MIng milling.
Large Gathering at the Phair;
Last Evening.
tions were passed asking the Goveru-
mi nt tor better mail faoilitles, provision for holding sup'onie aud county
oourt sittings better educational facilities for tbe Kootenay and Yal', tbe
proper representation of th Proviuce in
Loudon, for butter roads and ou many
questing of local interest. No definite
aotiou was taken regarding the Eight-
Hour law. A ooramuttee consisting
of Messrs. Frtser, Robertson and
Daly, was appointed to draft u memorial upon the subject, It does not appear what the committee is to do with
tbe memorial wheu it is drafted as it
was not authorised us the expression of
the convention, felson was selected
as the place of meeting next year.
Tho delegates are all pleased with
their visit to Rossland aud express the
belief that much good will come fiom
the work of Ihe convention.
The directors of ihe Kootenay Hospital have made gn at, and Btrennous
efforts to pluce that valuable institution on a b'oad practical and inoiiern
basis. It had a small beginning in tbe
early days of Nelson nnd as the place
grew so rapidly its rosources have
heen strained to the inmost. The directors some little time ago brought
forward the plan of building an addition and resolved upon a clan to raise
the ueoessary money. At a meeting ol1
the directorate Mesdamea. J. Laing
Stocks, and J. Roderick Robertson
offered to act as the special collecting
committee and they pursued their
work in Buch an able conscientious and
benevolent manner that in a short
time raised the splendid sum of $21)00
and over. Previously to their splendid
effortB another committeo consisting
of Judge Fnrin and the Secretary Mr,
Swannnll waited on (he City Oonnoil
and asked its assistance to the Directorate aa a worthy object. There was
generous response that the Council
would give $o00 conditional upon the
sum ot ifaOOO beiug donated by the outside contributions of the citizens.
This sum as mentioned was secured
bv Mesdames Stocks and Robertson���
and the Council has paid over its
contribution of $500. The building
committee are now actively at work
and Kelson will among its many other
institutions boast of an adequately
equipped hospital.
Too much praise cannot be given for
the zealous faithful work of the matron Miss Crease and her able assistant
Miss DesBrisay in their professional
work in oaring for the patients, who
have been compelled through illness to
seek the assiastanco the present hospital lends���by their untiring efforts no
small aid has been given to the move
for a general hospital worthy of
Dr. Hall has been hitherto the medical attendant and has attended to his
duties ably and well, but to plaoe the
hospital on a cosmopolitan basis Dr.
Rose of the Royal Victoria Hospital,
Montreal, haB been appointed resi-'
dent Burgeon and will assume his
duties ill a week or ten days.
Dr. Bnller the cerebrated Montreal
physlplan who visted Nelson tho other
day remarked that onr hospital had
been very fortunate in securing the
services of such a oompetent young
man. There will be a consulting staff
formed by the several physicians of
the City. Oniiously enough while the
idea of enlarging the hospital the present direotors unearthed the original
plans of a hospital as hoped for by the
early promoters. These were;unknowu
to the former and are now beiug
nearly followed in the contemplated
One of Iho highest and noblest duties of life is to look after the sick aud
suffering and when it is realized the
hundreds and considuriug thu rapid
growth of marvellous Kootenay the
thousands of youug men who have left-
home and are in a new country battling for a prosperous life. Minors
who like sailors have uot the advantage of home comforts men in all walks
and professions, all human aud liable anytime to illuess. So many in
tbis part are iu advnace of their families���then noes tho work of an efficient hospital serve its great and grand
purpose. Surely the people of Nelsou
must he congratulated in the efficient
and progressive hospital directorate
and they should give it every help and
encouragement possible in this moBt
important work.
New York, An*. 4.-The London
correspondent of The Herald says:
"Loudon iB within sight of a serious
water famine, acoording to the testimony ot unbiased experts. It is already rumored that the supply of the
East End whicn ia Bervert from the
River Lea, is about to be out off dur
ing tbe greater part of iho day and
night, with what consequences to the
teeming population of the east end may
be easily imagined. Th.i major part
of London'B water supply, however,
comes from tbe Thames, which, acoording to the latest report, is practical (trying op.
A Magnificent Gold Watch Given to 11-
Tliomson as a Tokon of tbe Bout
Wisu.68 of His Friends-
It was a very representative gathering that, assembled in the dining loom
of the Phair hotel last night to do
honor to a departing friend. Tbis
morning Alderman Henry B. Thomson leaves Nelson for the Cariboo country where he will hereafter eugage in
business for himself. In 1895 he oame
to Nolson as manager for Turner, Bee-
ton & Co., a position whioh be retained until the first of tbe present month.
During bis four years' residence here
no man has made more friends and
held them more firmly than "Big"'
Thomson, His has been a familiar
figure on the streets and in the deliberations of the Board of Trade and
City Council his opinions have always
received oareful attention. It was
with genuine regret that the citizens
of ^eison heard of the intended departure of Mr. Thomson and the gathering last evenicg, representing as ic
did, every interest, in the City, must
bave impressed upon Mr. Thomson
the faot that he leaves here with the
very best wishes of a host of warm
friends Tbe speeches of the evening
were filled with expressions of regret
nt his departure, sincere hopeB for his
future success aud warm opinions for
his sterling character.
Nearly a hundred sat down shortly
after 9 o'clock. In the abaenoe of tbe
Mavor who is out of the City,'Aid.
MoKillop presided. The guest of the
evening sat at his right.
The inivted guests were Mayor Neel-
anrts, W A Macdonald, D M Carley,
F Fletcher. H R Cameron, Theo Mad-
son, F A Tamhlyn, P F Emerson, A
M Johnston, O A Waterman, B Sot-
cliffe, P Lsmont, Alex Peters, A N
Johnston, A R Sherwood, A MoKillop,
A L McOulloch, T G Prooter, John
Houston, Thos J Sims, G. Frank Beer,
P J Russell, A Gamble, Dr Doolittle,
David Morris, P Griddle, E E Phair,
Blake Wilson, .las Lawrence, L Ernest,
W A Tburmnn, A C Flnmerfelt, John
McKaue; Rev. Mr Frew, Rev Mr Ake-
hurst, Dr LuBau, Harold SalouB, G V
Holt, H J Evans, A H Buohanau, J M
Lay. Norman McLeod, Johu Elliott, J
A Turner, Fred Irvine, O W West, R
Winerals, R Roisterer, W F Teetzel, W
A Galliher, P Wilson, A Ferland, Wm.
Wilson, J A Kirkpatriok, Chas Wilson,
H Bvers, Chas Hilljer, Harry Wright,
,1 K Strnchaii.D J Beaton, W J G Dickson, A H Kelly, Vernon Thomson, E
O Arthur, H J Sims, D A McFarland,
E W Matthews, F W Swannell, A J
Marks, Steve White, S S Fowlner. H
V Rudcl, Geo Kydd, W G Lillie,T Lil-
lio, O Morrison, H P Pollook, W J
Goepel, S Tyler, O St Barhe, Jaoob
Dover, J Fraser, J Roderink Robertson, George Tujstall, P. W. Peters,
and others.
Mr. W. A. Macdonald proposed the
toast of the guest of the evening. He
gave expression to the nuiversal regret
felt by all the citizen at the departure
of Mr. Thomson. He trusted that Mr.
Thomson would neet with every suo
cess in his new sphere and tbat before
many yearB elapsed he would return
to Nelson wilh his pookets full of gold
nnd ready tn settle down once again to
help build up the great City that Nel-
Bon was destined to be. Mr. Macdonald read the following address. :
of the Oity of Nelson.
The Citizens of tbe Oity of Nelaon,
learning with deep regret of your contemplated departure from their midst,
oannot let the occasion pass without
bxpressng to you their sincere sorrow
at your going away.
Your force of character and your devotion to the City's welfare we are
convinced, have been important fao-
tors in making Nelson what it is.
We, one and all, wish you on limited
snccesB in your new and responsible
position. That vou will suoneed and
enjoy permanent prosperity iB beyond
any question.
The citizens, therefore, with, all
good wishes, ask you to accept the accompanying watoh and chain in re-
membranoe of them and of tbe City,
where you have achieved so much and
left so many friends.
Signed on behalf of the citizen" of
Nelson, tbis 5th day of August A. D.,
(Signed) A. L. M'KILLOP,
The watoh with whioh Mr. Thomson was presented was the most beautiful and cosily one that could be secured in the City. It might be described as having "all modern improvements. " It was suitably engraved. A solid gold chain and locket with
a crescent and star of diamonds accompanied it.
When Mr. Thomson rose to respond
thero was a scene of great enthusiasm.
Thoso present rose to their feet and
cheered loudly and long.
Mr. Thomson expressed the greatest
thanks to those present for the kindness they had shown bim. He was
not a speaker, he said, and felt totally
uueqnal to the occasion, ho had prepared a vary good speech which he had
intended to have printed nnd distributed. Hut his trials and tribulation
in endeavoring to get one of tbe City
priming offices to publish it were too
much for him and he had to give it
up and full back upon a faulty tongue.
He had always received the kindest
treatment from the citizens of Nelson
nud were it not for tbe faot that ho
felt that he.mm.ld improvo Hs business position in leaving there was no
place in British Columbia in which ho
would rather live than in Nelson. Ho
had aeon it grow trom a struggling
hamlot to a oity of substantial dimensions, It was no longer an experiment aud he looked forward to tho
ti.ne���not long distant, when Nelson
would be second in importance and
size only to Vancouver in British Columbia. He again thanked his friends
for the handsome present and the expressions of goodwill that had been
so heartily extended to him, As Mr.
Thomson resumed his seat the enthusiastic cheers again broke out aud lasted
some seconds.
' The next toast was tbat to the Mayor
and Council and officials. Aid.
Fletoher first responded. He said he
belonged to that unfortunate body of
men wbo had to cany the "white
man's burden." He was sorry that ho
was about to say goodbye to one who
bad carried so much of the burden. He
expressed the hope that Mr. Thomson
would soon turn with a large bank account to again take np his residonce
here. Aid. Beer next spoke. He made
a very happy speeoh in which he said
that the Council was losing one of its
best members; Aid. Thomson filled a
large space that would be hard to fill.
City Olerk Straohan nud Oity Engineer
McCulloach also responded briefly.
The toBBt list was then handed over
to Mr. George Johnstone. He paid a
high compliment to the guest of the
evening. He proposed the toast of
"Our Sister Gities." This was responded to by Mr. A. O. Flnmerfelt,
of Victoria. He was a friend, he said,
of Mr. Thomson for several years and
always found him a man of sterling
character. He also spoke highly of the
prospects of Nelson���he had seen the
Oity grow from a small place aud oon-
fidentlv looked forward to the time
wbeu Nelson would bo one of the largest cities in the Province, certainly the
largest in the Interior. Mr. John McKaue of Rossland, also spoke to the
toast. He said that there were a great
many people in Rossland who would
gladly come to Nelson to do honor to
M-. Thomson. He said that thero
were a few growing cities in the Interior that were going to out do the Const
The "Learned Professions" were
duly responded to by Key. Mr. Frow,
E. A. Crease, Dr. Arthur, and Mv.
John Elliott. Then followed "Tho
Press" and "The Ladies," the latter
being ably championed by Mr. Archie
Johnson, Varicus seclections weie sang
during the evening hy the male quartette composed of Messrs. Thompson,
Caldwell, Prosser and Hardie. Their
voioea nre evenly balanced uud they
were liberally applauded. Mr. John
McKane also sang. Just at the midnight hour the banquet oame to an end
and then Mr. ThoniBon was surrounded by bis friends and bid a regretful
He Will Attempt to Fill   Joe   Martin's :��� hoes.
Victoria, At gust 5. ���(Speoial).���As
a result cf tho Pioinior 's visit to New
Westminster, Alex. Henderson, M. P.
P., hns accepted the portfolio of Attorney-General. Thia however, does
not htlp the Government as Henderson
cninot escape deteat when he goes to
the constituency for approval. At
home bulb Government aud Opposition
supporters  are opposed to him.
A crioket match between the representatives of tbe officea on the south
side of Baker street and those ou tbe
north side took place yesterday afternoon. The northern people proved
themselves the better players to the
tune of 84 to 78, the match being deoided on the first innings although the
south sido men had two innings. The
soore was as follows:
FutsT Inning.
Sword, run out  13
Williamson, b Elliot 12
Hoathcotc, b Elliott  15
Williams, cSlm��,bv:iliol 0
D. 3. Hardio, b Brown... 1
b Elliot  22
Geo. Johnstone, b Elliot. 1
F. Flotchcr, c & b Elliot. 1
Goepel, not out  1
St.Barbe, b Elliot  H
J.   Hardie,  c Elliot,   b
Brown  1
S. Shaw, b Brown  0
Byes  3
Beconu Inntnu.
cSlms.b Forbes 10
b Brown  15
c     Hardio,    b
Brown    1
did not bat... ���
b Forbes. . 3
not out    3
b Forbes    5
b Fortius    3
b Forbes    0
did not bat  ���
b Brown    0
did not bat..
73 Total  4b
First Innino.
Wnlksr.b Williamson  13
Sykon, c Johnstone, b Fletcher   3
Forbes, c Hardie, b Hwoi-ii  25
Elliot, cand b Williamson  3
Brown, a anil b Williamson.....  4
NoreroHs.b Fleteher ,  2
Blms, 0 Hardie, b sworil  6
Galliher, b Sword  4
Jarvis, b Sword   6
Matthews, caml b Williamson  1
Christie, not out  6
(JonmKO, b Williamson   7
Byes  5
Meeting of the   Silver-Lead Mines Association  at Sandon.
Throughout the Slocan generally a
| more hopeful feeling ia beginning to
��� exist. Considerable building and
work of vurinu i kinds iB being done at
many of the mines which indicated
that the mine owners are hopeful for
a solution of the present labor troubles
in the near future, when work will be
resumed on a larger scale on the principal miuea.
At the Payne aud Ajax mines large
new bunk houses are being ereoted.
The lvanhoe mine, owned by a Detroit
company, is to have a 1(10 ton concentrator erected at once, also an aerial
tramway, about a mile and a half in
length. The Piulayson system of locomotion has been chosen for the tram.
At Silverton most of tbe men have
left the town for the hills where they
nre prospecting and doing assessment
On the Wakefield tbe contraot system
has come to a sudden stop owing to
the action of the miners' union, which
demanded a guarantee from the
management that tbe miners should
miike $:i,50 a day while doing contraot
work. This was refused and tbe men
quit work in obedience  to   the nnion.
The meeting of the Silver-Lead
Minos Association at Sandon caused a
great deal of interest throughout mining circles everywhere. Muoh business of importance is said tn have heen
transacted at this meeting, at whioh
all the leading mines of both East and
West Kootenay were represented.
All kinds of rumois have been flying
around Sandon since the meeting.
One of tho strongest is that car loads
of miners are now en route from Nova
Another minor lias it that a number
of tbe mines will be shut down for a
year. However, so far nothing definite is kuown. Tbe Sandon Pay-
streak says:
"At a meeting of the Silver-Lead
Mines Association at Sandon on Tuesday of this week, the lead duty question was dicussed by Mr. OampbeU of
the Hall Mines smelter, Mr. Buch
anan, of Kaslo, and tbe meeting generally. The following resolntion was
'' Hew lived : That it is the sense of
this AsBociation, that the largest possible amount ot relief would be given
to tbe lead mining industry of British
Columbia hy a reciprocal arrangement
wilh the United States by which lead
in bullion and in oie wonld be admitted free of duty into the market of the
United States, and that we sball oon-
tinu ��� to urge upon the Canadian Commissioners to the international conference the paramount importance of
using every effort to secure suoh an
"That pending the conclusion of
Buch a treaty, or in event of tbe final
failure of negotiations for such a
treaty, it is the sense of tbis Association
"(a) Tbat lead smelted in Canada
and refined abroad, shonld be admitted
free  into Canada.
"(b) That import duties npon foreign lead coming into Canada should
be increased to a parity with the
duties levied upon other lines of manufactured goods.
"(o) That tho bounties already earn,
ed by Canadian smelters nnder the
'Act for the encouragement of Bilver
lead smelting, 181)5" shoul.l be immediately adjusted   and paid."
Tho prospects for the recovery of the
survivor of the oxplosion at the Slocan
Sovereign, aro growing brighter. So
fur the injured man has not been able
to give unv lucid account of the disaster, and until he more fully reoov-
ers, the particulars will nof be
As previously mentioned the two
mon bad a contraot for T0C feet. As far
as oould be learued tbe first blast tbey
made exploded prematurly, killing one
and severely injuring the other.
Magistrate Crease yesterday heard
the case against W. Moore who was
brought up on bail charged with obstructing Polioe Constable Hardy when
in the execution of hia duty.
W. A. Galliher prosocuted and W.A
Macdnald, (j. 0., defended. The magistrate in giving bis decision said that
taking all the circumstances iuto the
cBBe, he did not think the evidence
waB suftinient to warrant a conviction.
He therefore acquitted the prisoner,
bnt cautioned bim as to his conriuot
remarking that it was not the first
time he (prisoner) had beeu before
him. The magistrate laid speoial
stress on tho aot that had the constable
been wearing any easily distinguishable badge of office or uniform probably this regretablo inoidont would
never have oocmred. Ho thought, tbat
this was a matter which tbe oity authorities shonld give careful consideration to,
W. H. Vobs. Montreal; D. Oonon,
Fort Steele. E Nelson Fell, Nelson;
B O Kiugsbury Spokane: J. Mo-
Kane RosBlaud ; J L Marks, Victoria;
P D Richardson, RoBsland ; G O Dn-
fresne,Athabasca mine; L H Thurston,
Slocan City; OW Riley, Athabasca;
A O Flumerfelt, Victoria; G W E
Gennflt, Waterloo; O P Jackson and
wife. P S Prioe and wife, Rossland;
Mrs McAndrewB and daughter, Portland.
Hume���G 8 Sterling, Toronto; A
H Molntvre, T A Garland, Portage la
Prairie; J M Coombs, Wninipeg 1 D W
Moore, Trail; O O Rowan, Srrath Omaha ;; W D Scott, Ottawa; J A Mc
Kinnon. Henry S Thorburn, Silverton
W B Cray, Hamilton; E J Patoh.
J A Harvey, Fort Steele; J McLean,
Kaslo;   Mr.   and    Mrs  P  E Bowles,
Miss Bessie   Jleli i  Oakland,, Gal. ;
Wm 8. Haseltiue   Romo,   Italy,   H O
Haseltine,   Rome, Italy. NELSON DAILY MINER, SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 1895.
Nelson Dailv Miner
1 ������  illBhed Daily except Mondaj.
Ki son Miner Phintino & im-iu 18H1 ia Co.,
li. J   UKAl'iiN, Editor nnd Manager,
Subscription rates
Dully por month by c&rrer I 100
per half yoar    5 00
per yeer  10 00
per yoar by mail    6 00
per year foreign  W 00
Weekly, pe  naif yoar 9 126
p^ryear..    2 00
por year, foreign    2 60
I ubncripiloni invariably in advauoo.
Mclaon Mln ;r Printing 4 PubliBhlngCo
Tho Hoards of Trade delegates who
have been in session at Kossland the
past three days are correctly desciibed
by The Miner of that place as a representative body, and the most influential that has yet convened iu this portion of the Province. Boards of Trade
are themselves representative ��� and influential bodies, comprising as they do
tho leading business men of their respective localities. The Rossland convention was composed of delegates
specially selected to represent the views
of tne Boards appointing them. Although personally, it may be, not
more able or in any seuse more tit
than many of those who delegated
them, yet by reason of their choice
they were empowered to speak for all
the Boards on all the questions that
were introduced for discussion. This
fact gives to the meeting an importance that entitles its deliberationa to
iho very profound consideration of all
o'.asaes and interests in the community.
An attempt to belittle its work
would never ocour to any otbor than a
weak or jealous mind. And such au
attoiup* could only result iu covering
the person or newspaper making it
with ridicule. We need not say anything of the disloyalty to local interests that is involved, as unfortunately the community have become too
accustomed to the fact tbat there are
both persons and newspapers wbo do
not scruple to foul their r wu mists if
it will contribute in the least to the
gratification of their malice.
The effort in this caae is more calculated to provoke laughter. I i trying
to make light of the oouvei: on the
members of it are divided into classes,
oue of them of a nondescript variety,
ft'iother uud smaller one of business
men, and the third aud smallest a mere
mine operator, of no account whatever.
The classification is intended to sho t
that the convention was not a representative business one, as it ought to
have beeu if it were to carry any
weight. As a matter of fact they
were all business men, men of large affairs, deeply interested in the commercial and industrial prosperity of the
Province. Even tho bank manager
whom this extraordinary critio puts at
the bead of the business list is entitled
to take rank in it, although most persons would be disposed to place him
lower down if his occupation alone
were to be considered. Tbe people of
the Kootenays do not live on banks or
by banks, but banks do live on the people of tne Kootenays. The oue business of all others which is regarded as
of vital importance to Southern British
Golumbia iB mining, yet tbe representative of this interest is contemptuously
excluded from the business list. But
for mining all other businesses would
quickly languish, as any one but a
splenetio individual would know.
There is much solid ignorance besides, however, as business in this orit
lcism is restricted to tradoover ft joi n-
ter. That seems to bo the utmost oon-
ooption of it that is possible.
Mr. Henderson as his successor is an
immense stride in the same direction
It is impossible to believe that be
can he ele'ted, or thnt tbe Government
expect lie can bo elected. But BVf-n
if tho unexpected should happen, Mr.
Hendersou enn bring no strength to
tho Govemmmt; while to see such a
man rewarded with Cabinet honors
would be ccitaiu to create disaffection !
iuquartcrs full of meusoe to the stability of Mr.Semi u's Administration, It
is pretty safe to conjecture, however,
that the choice of tho New Westminster member is an acknowledgement
that the Government have reached the
end'of their tether.
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
.toves & Ranges
.Which we are offering at
Tho Government havo found n roan
oouragcous enough to offer himself up
as a sacrifice. The portfolio of Attorney-General has been offered to the
wobbling member for New Westminster, Mr. Henderson, and the gentle
man has accepted. If this were pie-
oisely what Mr. Bemlin and Mr. Got-
ton most desired, tho offer would have
been made the day Mr. Martin's resignation was accepted ; tbe fact that
it was deferred until this late date,
ar>d until uftcr overtures hud been
made to a leading member of the Opposition, is conclusive evidence that
Mr. Henderson's accession is the last
desperate resourco of a desperate Government.
The announcement is the briefest and
we oan only oonjecture what new
oomplexion, if any, the situntion has
assumed. It may be that the Government have nut on a bold fnce and pro-
fess the greatest confidence. But tho
oountry will not be deceived. In taking un Mr. Henderson tho Government
aro riding for a fall. It was probably
he or nobody, aud in the latter event
there would be nothing left but igno-
miniouB dismissal. Mr. Semlin pre-
feired to oome a cropper while going
at a full pace, aud therefore Mr. Henderson iB to face defeat iu New Westminster and the Premier gives a reasonable oxcuse to ask for a dissolution,
Mr. Martin's downfall was the beginning   of   the end ; the selection of
Whether the senate acted wisely   in
rejecting the Teslin Lake railway char
ter last year is a question that is fairly
open to discussion.    We   can   have our
differences  of opinion on   that point.
without subjecting to susoicion  either
our intelligence or   out   honesty.    But.
uo one can contend   thnt tbe operation '
of the railway, if   built,   would   have j
beeu     ut   the   mercy   of   the   United
States, without exposing a   great  deal
of ignorance or that species of   disnon-
esty that delights in misrepresentation. :
It is   the   latter   thnt  influences  Tho
Toronto Telegram, which seeks to gain ;
popularity by its attacks on any entc-r- j
prise in which Messrs.   Mackenzie and
Mann are  engaged.   Bnt  it   is ignorance  in   a   local    contemporary   that
quotes   the   misrepresentation of  Tbe
Telegram.   Under    the,    Washington
Treaty Canada has tbe undoubted right
to the free navigation   of   the   Stikine
for commercial purposes   It is entirely
gratuitous to assume tbat the Washington   authorities   would   have   insisted
ou vexatious   regulations,   and simple
stupidity to conclude that any   regulations would have been permitted   that
would render that  privilege nugatory.
The   right    to   navigate   the  Stikine
means the right to navigate it, qb toth
tho Treaty Powers fully understand.
Emory  & Walloy   \Vould   Make Room
For Fall Stock.
In today's Miner is the new advertisement of tbe Hub Furnishing
Housn They yesterday in ngurated a
bona fide clearance sale, and are offering big reductions nn clothing and
gents furnishing goods. The reason
for this new denartci" nn the curt of
tbis enterprising firm is tbat they
hnve coming from the eastern markets
a large stock of new fall styles in men's
olothiug, and must reduce slock to
make room for tbe coming invoices.
In order to reduce their stock ihe requisite amount in the short time before
them, they havo found it wise to reduce prices. Their advertisement will
appear in every is<mi of Thn Miner
until the sale clo'es���a new offer of
big hnrgains overy cay and careful
buyers may find it frifltable to watch
their advertisements.
As well as pleasure. The possession of a stock of
Hyure 2)ru08
With a knowledge of how to
compound them enables us to produce a remedy for the prevalent
complaints. Pettingell's Specific
has no superior as a Vanquisher of
the "Pains that summer brings."
It works a cure and helps nature to
build up the system.
Bi ewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us
B. C.
Fire,   Lifi,  Accident  and   Sickness
Real Estate and Loans.
To Let.���Several  Houses of
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For Sale.���Real Estate in all parts
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Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
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WHOLESALE   Ma" 0rdrSPeda.ity.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Neison, B. C.
4, -juLmO <Um6 a*+A/,
��� ^ /h*JiwLj/ Co wtUJLwy
What is the difference between Tkti.ky's Teas and
other brands ?
Just the same as between
the Athabasca mine and any
)tie of the hundreds of wildcats that have been exploited
in the past years. Experience
has proved the value of the
one;   the others   Might be
good,   but     Is   it worth
your while experimenting
when you can get sure returns
by investing in the guaranteed
article ?
Tetley's is the only package tea sold by
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Hume Addition and city property
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Male   of the   Very   Best
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French corsets.
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Our Fresh Roasted Coffee of ltcst
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Our gpeolal Blend, (j pounds  100
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jVELSON,        - p. G.
fhe Largest Outfitting Stock in the Kootenay to be Cleaned Out at Less than Manufacturers' Pric
All Contractors figuring on   bttUdiligfl the
will roquiro
Can now got. IlKurcH from
R. H. WILLIAMS, NBLBON, Agent l'or
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carrlOB tho largest Htock of Plato Ulan*
In the Province.
nn Hi"
well  now ;
wns 1       .
loiiK "' '''"
Onililss flies
nt wliich m<i
,,.-|OS III
uv US'
rl,   1 -iuK   ivi-n   iiu�� , I'Ut
rnuntlen nnrnbaM of flin
,iu,v aie beoomuig some-
^-na&nelnof T St
littln   brown
iv tl e
flles  wbioh appeat abont
���,   ������ year,   These flies be-
,iv of "Trionptera" or
. 'those flies- the larvae
either  raovnble
. ,,.,.. , rllK,  i.bnut v-.th them,
1   '"'       ������   --  anchor to large
enter   at  their
r��K-  1
1 oU03 Hint tliuv
., , 1   lonvo   or
tnkou   the trouble
nf   Oaddes  (lies
p Anyone who has
'������^ViUob? X* by tbe won
SSTfiSA whioh prompts   hese
lar"w.',h vnrioos   materials  and  so
,|,!l        \V,r u-:"l>t and bulk ns to
r:r-';-t.;;���::'���::,r,.,�� <m,nPh to
fun1' "  ���   ...     hi'iivy  enoogh to
they are never attained? A modern
writer haa compared ideals to Unlit
houses, for lighthouses are not mule
to live in but " to shiueou us from afar
when the hii.i of our life is durk mid
stormy, perhnpB to remind ub of a
haven of hope, ns we drift or fink in
shipwreck." To the humble minded,
to the generous, to the idealist, to the
lover of nature, 'o the angler who is
a true disciple of Isaac Wulrou 1 con ���
mend myself. From them I will
learn iu what aud to what an oxtent
I have failed, how in repair it y faults,
nud nlso I shall receive (i;i fart have
received) u Binall modicum of
praise and nnconriiKemeut, which,
though uud iser ed, is nevertheless
highly appieolnted.
,,r iieotion,
i In
tVrce Ot lh" current
and  yet not too  heavy to bo
lf by th.m with comparu-
tho rivor,
driinuPd nt
"Material ont of whioh thise oases
nro formed  vnry,
urnuss, otiinM D':r."'J""J^0ii     as  leaves,
Some  larvae  use
then Band.some odds and ends
0( ve^table matter ^!ole(J of pl   ta
A friend of mine
twins and any
ffitanWeTVarion.  experiments
i" '"'���'"'... <��� ^���cihly   removing u
���,,., ii,,. pffoit 01 tore
KiMafthe *��lis  called by  nn
oln'sl from its   case.    It   lort   in    un
:���,,'neat the case tlio creature would
bco ,/r or later ,-rawl baok Into it
L���  itsrelativo  position
lag iluis reversed,
de enough It would right
lv turuiuK round lnBide, if n6t,
nt   off tli�� tail   "'id   u*   th
m��,(wliioh is  closed up) ami make n
1 t��� it   When tho   case   was
of   the   water,    tho   ouddis
one  of   any ma
rnsu 1.
wus i
lv sin
11 WO
towards the
If   tbe   cas ���
new front
tnki" nnt
��ni   i  make   a   ne - - ���-    . .    .   ,   ,
WUI hi d   my friend   had
induced Some oil these insects to
onsoK nf colored glass bends.
iual-rt-fl divide the family of
oontern into t wo, uamclv sodg>
wTloaparera. There are two kinds ol
,rm,���il���s among the myriads uow
seen in Kootenay Inko; the oue kind
has ���! Kstieral oiunamon color inoltmnR
nn the body uud yellow on
rhi.i kind 1 would class
aperers thnngli 1 am not
it is   identical with :mv
to 1
hi r
i  the
BpeciOH found in
kind - '-' ��m M i
tiintuisbed hy ii
nn   ill-   wi
England.     Ihe   o'lier
IgO   nud    enn lie die-
pale  y olio visit spnt.s
  i ins   (lv   is   HXtutly
like a llv iu Envlind called the grau-
mini only the I'einnles lack the bluish
(irnou egg saok which is u peculiar
ohnracienstio of the graun'om,
Lhhi Sunday I went nut lu'e in the
alteriionn lo ibe head of the rapid water    The fish were rising well   nun   I
"Come, it is late and time to go
hum" We have dallied too long iu
the church uf nreen forest ar.d turquoise sky. No windows here bnt tho
many fined windows of Hope: no
Brches bnt the vault of Love. Aud
Faith, that mystic half-light, where
is our Faith?
'"Would but the Desert of  the Fountain yield
One  glimpse���if   dimly,   yet  indeed,
To whioh the fainting Traveller might
As springs   the   trampled   herbage  of
tbe field 1"
So little to build the   va>t  chimeraB
of eteinitv on I   Bnt I  am in a  hurry
to be at home. "
"Yes we are always in a hurry when
once wo have set our faces homewards. What is life after all, but
angling all the time, casting our flies
on many waters, and then creeping
home silently to rest when the day is
"Your basket is heavy yot you carry
it lightly. If it contained fewer fl��h
1C would fiel heavier. Life's work
well done mukea a light load to carry
home "
"There is a hand oar coming along.
No room for us on it bnt doubtless
thoy will find room for my basket.
Strange that in life plenty of people
pass ns on the rond ready and willing
to relievo us of the results of our labor
aud help us along."
"Never mind, it is pleasant anyhow
(o bo going home, when the day's
work is done, when the bright nun-
light is dimmed, when the soft twilight
has departed, when tbe pall of night
has fallen and wo walk only by the
light   "f the stars. "
"And there's uo doubt nbout i ,
thnt, when one looks over tbe pine
tops, through tbe gloom, where we
believe there slimes the light of the
distant city, and thinks of tho ivrotn-
is��d ���calm, quiet aud iuuocence' that
awaits the tired nngUr in the far off
home, one OflURUt help wishing lv
might be sent  for with awift horseB,"
ions of the little
made I got six
an hour nnd also a
white fish. Some
inii;l"rs have mistaken these for gray-
ling bnt iln-v are easily riisitnguished
fr.im ibe grayling by the shape nnd
number of tnys in lh�� dorsal tin.
trb"! mine imitnt
brovn flies I had
good irnnt in nbout
nnmbet  of  small
free from such people but it is just us
well to remember to lock ihsi d ors
well tomorrow when you take the
family down to see the procession.
At the olose of the n o ning service
in the Methodist chnroh. the Sacrament or the Lord's supper will be administered. In the evening "The law
ofHiueaty" will be discussed. All
nre welcome.
The Kootenay Rifles will p rale lor
chnroh service this morning, ar, lO.iln
sharp, under oommund r.f Lieut
Beer, and will proceed to St. Saviour's Church, accompanied by the
Smelter baud.
Last evening's ruin ouujbt a whole
host of people who wero ont ou tin
lake endeavoring to snare Ihe eluslvi
trout. Good, baskets are rep.rted daily
now A large party left last evening
to speud toduy at Bounington Falls.
The editor of The Midway Ad-
vanco, Mr. \V. H. Norris, is retiring
from active journalism, tor the preseni
at least, owing to decliuing health,
His confreres hope the rest he seeks
will bring about nis spooily and com-
I ple:e reoovory.
W. D. Scott, who will look utter
Western Cauada'sjiuterosts at the Paris
B<poBitious arrived in the Oity lasi
evening and is at the Hume. He If
heie to hurry up the collection of ihe
specimens or oro and will meet Mr. W.
F. Robertson hero tomorrow.
A party'of tourists compose! of Mr.
nud Mrs. P. B. Bowles, Onkland, ("a-
ifoinia, and Messrs. Win. S. and H
0. Haseltone.Sof Romo, Italy, '-egister-
ed at the Hume yesterday.-; 1,r.Bowlis
is a very wealthy onpitahac. The
party is en route south after an_exteud-
ed tour to Alaska.
The valuators   appointed by the Oity ,
to appraise th ' value of the land taken I
and  the   dar   ae   to    adjacent   lands
through the I u Min,' of the waterworks |
flume and leservoir in order   that   any |
oiler of settlement   can be made to tbe
OOmpany owning   the   land, completed
their outdoor wo:k yesterday and will
draw up their  report tomorrow.    It is I
understood that   they   will   place  the j
figures below $750 the amount   already
offered by the City and just half wha* |
the company claimed. I
Mr  Jennings, reuornl   ngont of  the j
Hamilton   Powder   Company   wns   in
own yesterday a ''1   approved   of   the'
site sele 'ed by the   looul   ngeut,   Mr. |
George 'iuni al, for the new magazine
to he   er'Otii above  Five Mile   Point
Vt. Jennints irtoedod   to  Oranhrook
to look after a c< u raot  for rive cars of
i owder  which   tbe oompanv   hns   re-
oeive for the work on the   North   Star
branch.    Owin^    to   the   hasro  with
to buy SHOES
can   depend
one hundred
Especially the   knowledge
that are reliable���that
for good service���is worth
the theory of BARGAINS.
Put your money into Reliable Goods, and you will
lose no sleep over it.
LILLIE BR05.r^5^^rGAbJ;rdce�� Block-
The Wall Paper House of tne West.
Kodaks & Cameras,
Thomson Stationery Co.
Ltd., NELSON, B. C.
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
Because we   haven't   been   saying-
lately about
our stock is not as complete
as ever. It is ; and the reason we have been
so very quiet about it is because we are doing
an immense business in this line. We handle only
the best brands.
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of English Church. Table
Board, $400. Room and
Board, $5.00 and $5.50.
IV3.   DES6R1SAY   &   CO.
ABERDEEN   BLOCK, -        -        - NELSON.
B. 0
House Cleaning Time
We e:m assist you in the animal
overhauling by Painting, Paper-
HnnKing, Knlsomining and Interior Decorating Estimate-
obeorfully given.
.f.wephlllfl St, Opp  Clarke Hotel
Miniug chnrter for sale.  Apply Alex.
Stewart. *
The fish rrso very short nnd I pricked ii number that I ili'l not bind.    Poa
sililv  the small  hooks may   have bem
wiBweraUe   In 11   great measure for
Tlio    world   Willis ftVong   and   time
croups  slowly.   Julniost   imperceptibly I
on the workers in   life's vineyard.     It
is now some tour  mouths   since   these
nrtlolefl ^,-ero commenced and, as far ns
1 am able   to judge, they have beon   a
pleasure 10 the writer, a   cerror to   the
printer, nnd wearisome   to the majority of   their renders.    While   humbly
apologising for the many shortcomings
thai I have teen pniliy of In this  column   I would with   all   due deference
pnu t out tl a  thi-ri nre threoolnsses of
Buglers who may chance to read   these
lines.   First   of   all I   will deal   with
those whom I have  neither the  power
or thn inclination to interest. These are
they to whore the word augling issyu-
nnyinius with ontohing   fish,   by   fair
iminiiB or foul, wbo look   upon   anyone
who  takes tin   interest in tbe  history
UMri huiiils of fish,   in thi   scenery, insect ami vegetable  life   tbat surrounds
the  water  inhabited   by   fish,   ns   an
oooentrio  or  mental I;   weak individual.   To such ones  even   the   beauties
of old   Isaac's   "Complent    Angler"
would ho   darkened.    With these,   the
spurious anglers I acknowledge that   I
have Ignoininlonsly failed ; and gladly
will I leave them where the  jingle  of
Rosses aud tho varied hues of alcoholic
beverages of the saloon,   whore the ab-
snrbiiiK attraction  of tho niokel in the
slot machine, where the unpoetionl nnd
frequently    discarded    ouspidor    will
Rive them that joy that the mystery of
the forest and tho ceaBoless murmur of
the ilvor cannot give.
Then thero are the great-minded and
great-sonled, masters of literature and
mast��� of the nrt of angling who de-
spiN.11 and even resent the impertinence
of anyone presuming to write on subjects that 1 hoy, the maestros, have
fully lisped, or indeed to write at
all. Unfortunately we are unable to
jmlue of their abilities or skill for
they persist, as to the former, in hid
[ng their lights under bushels, and, as
to the latter, in giving mere verbal evidence of the number of victims tha
have fallen to their rod and lioe. At
thosime time I will willingly con-
'���eils lhat they are all that they represent and trust thoy may continue long
to enjoy their own self estimation.
Should Dan Godfrey desire to add to
his force when in Nolson, he wil find
some excellent trumpeters here, really
hist class performers���on their own
These mighty oiiob, of course, ignore
me so from   them I pass to   the  third
"If I might be judge," wrote
Walton, "Gorl never did make a
(,1>lm. quiet innocent reoreation
There nro some in Nolson, not a
iroat number I admit, who rightly ai.
"reciaii, tho true mouning of this say-
��og. 01 courso we none of us pretend
W be inuocent.or at all times calm and
l��"'t. Hut thoso who possibly bear
we greatest nnmber and deepest dved
���""Won their white garments are por
'"!' "'I to have their Ideals,
1 here ,lte tnogB that com,spou,i t,
, ' ["gbBrft sense of perfection. They
"Pross what we might ho wero life,
"' world, ourselves,    all different, all
llf., ��. Ai1(1 tllon8h unattainable, is
'"�� therefore to be a failure  because
A   Nelson   Firm   Glurily   Admits   Its
Great Value   to Them.
That intelligent and well direr terl
advettisiug pajB has never been disputed by business men. It is possible
to advertise iu such a way that no returns may come to the advertiser, but
the advertisers who r.se the Miner's
columns are all intelligent advertisers,
and as a result the Miner's advertising space is always fully contracted
In lnsf. Sunday's Miner the Walluce-
Mi'.ler Oo , e arted the advertisement
of their removal sale, and as their's is
a genuiue removal sale and the prices
they are offering are bargains their
run nis 10111 the publicity given their
sale through onr advertising columns
have been remarkably large. On Friday, with the results of but four days'
advertisements known to him, Mr
Miller came into the Miner ollice and
volunteered the cheering information
thnt his firm's sale for the fonr and
one-balf days of that week were in
size and amount double tbe sales for
the entire previous week. That is a
record of whioh tbe man who writes
tne ads for tbe Wullaoo-Miller Co.,
aud the newspaper that prints them
may both be justly proud.
It is safe to say that there are no
firms doiug business in Nelson that
would not immediately increase the
amount of their advertising oould they
be assured of the results attained bv
the Wallace-Miller Co. While the
Miner is not inclined to say that ir,
can do as munh for any firm it must
say tbat it oan soe no reason why it
should uot be able to do so, with as
much assistance on tbe part of tbe advertiser in the way of bargains ana
intelligently written and timely adver-
rihomnntH as has been given by tbe
Wallaoe-Miller Company.
To reduce stock and make room for a large shipment of new Fall Goods now en route, and to realize money
with which to discount our bills for Fall Stock, we have begun a bona-fide Clearance Sale,
and are  offering  bargains   no  man  can  afford  to  overlook.
251 Discount 00 Men's Suits and Hats!
This is no "Mark Down" Sale���no fake���but a genuine discount from reasonable   prices.
Big Reductions in Furnishing Goods!   Special Reductions in
Summer Underwear and Regatta Shirts.
Now is your time to buy, and the place to buy is at the
$.    Ward Street, S. F. & N. Block.
Emory & Walley, Proprietors.
Mr. G. Curtis lias received instructions from tho Rev. G. Yates to prepare plans for a rectory at New Denver.
Tho mosqnitois have grown beautifully less during the past week much to
the joy of campers along the lake
Raspberries, both red and black,
are very plentiful a short distanoe east
of Nelson on the in mnlniu sido olose
to the lake,
A Masonic lodge has been installed
at Ymir. Dr. Quinlnn and G. L.
Lennox conduoted the installation proceedings on Friday evening.
Quito a fleet of Indian oanoes visited
town yesterday, eaoh loaded with a
couple of adult Indians and a miscellaneous assortment of papooses.
Balfour is fast beooming the Brighton nf Nelfoi Siturday to Monday
will be enjoyed there this week end by
several well known oitzens. Tbe trout
may suffer.
It is with deepest regret that The
Miner announced the death of two little citizens, barely a year old, obildren
respectively of Mr. G. 0. Hodge and
Mr. Titsworth.
Rev. Mr. Lawrenoe will oooupy the
pulpit of the Baptist Ohnroh tomorrow
evoning. It will be Mr. Lawrence's
lust serinrn in Nelson as he retnrns
home this week.
Cirouses, as a general rule are followed around tbe oountry by a gang of
piokoookets and other light fingered
gentlemen. Main's circus claims to be
which the City demands that the
magazine should be built it will have
to be of wood, to be followed later by a
stone and brick building.
Tomorrow the cirons will come
to town. The small hoy will be in his
glory and a large number of adults
old enough to know tetter, will watoh
for the parade in the morning, just as
they did a few decades ago, laugh attire antics of the clowns, feed peanuts
to the elepl ants, drink pink buionade
and otherwise thoroughly enjoy themselves. Tbe circus is a good ono and
those who attend will get the worth of
their money.
'4.   N?TT
Any Spectacle
is no more adapted to your
face than any coat to
your body.
The fit of the frame is as
important as the fit of
the  lenses.
We make a specialty
of both.
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, Ice Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and  Windows.
Patenaude Bros.,
Nelaon, B. C.
Mm Electric Supply anl Construction Go.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc     Electric  ^"'
tures, Lamps, Bells. Telephones, Annunciators, etc
Josephine St ""^' 0^
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
Yards, NELSON and LARDO.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
l'L'KER   OF
VI'iO will imrohtiHO IQholofl l^)l�� on Kobhoti
Bu. near Stanley ^t.. wb'1 'hook llieroon.
9M0 will purolioHO ('hoicu IteHldonce Comur
en Mill Ht, 100 ft. fronUKu, 120 It. dcmi.
H7S will purchase 2 LotHon Carbonado at.
5,1100 HhatoH IIIluii Ipo'jlod). lie
10,100    '      Fairmont  "    lo
��� Biac!ceo<:k Mining Company 20c
Mining and  Ileal   Estate   Broker
Turner-Boeckh Mock, Nelson.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. 1). PIBBEB Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
Custom   Wokk   a Specialty.
Repairing Neatly Done.
Hear of Clarke Mold,
FOI! ;ir>.00.   A ( ompleto (amp Outfit U#H
1 iisi.'-, maitniNioi, b)au.kefa>
htove and npcetwary coosiug uUMiuUw, tUfc   A\f .
Bay I'o.'nolUco.
ii- "U I'li.-hrii; triii iiv].--. maitrowM, bl
. fitove and npc "  '     "       ''
1 mutmTA
�����������������������������-����������������������������������������������� I
i x
4 4444444 ��������������������-������������������������������
the    n.anill!' lii'-nl     :C:iiii.--
At. 8:16 B m. a rpeoial train nulled
into Vniir from Kelson with men for
the Ymir mine. Teams ���were wailing
to take tlie men to the mine, 1 understand thnt there were two large wagon
loads taken nji It seems that tlie L.
& B. 0 ;Gold Fields are determined to
work their property in spite of the
Famous English Tobaccos
Windermere, Ang. 8 ���The Fraser
and Chambers syndicate ol New York
made the first payment on the Paying
Teller aud Dividend groups, sitnaud
on Moulder creek during the past week.
The original locators of the property
are William Honpt, T. N. Taylor,
llutry Mathers. Development wont on
an extensive scale has already commenced. Preparations are now being
made for a wiufr camp the ore is
gray-copper and argentiferous galena.
and undoubtedly one of tbe greatest
propositions in the northwest.
McLean and Keith have located a
verr promising proposition situated in
Ihe Immediate vioinity of theDelptiine
mine north fork of Toby creek during
the past week.
Preparations for li wintei camp ate
now being made at the Hed.l.iue. group
on McDoiinld oreek, Development
work is now being pushed on a large
scale under tbe foremaUBhip of H.
h. Amine.
D. K. McLean the wll known mining man haB unbounded faith in the
Bed Line, Hitting Bull, Dividend,
Paying Teller. Delphine and Alps
groups. Mr. McLean being very conservative in his views his opinion goes
along way among the capitalists.
H. E. Foster has taken up the bond
on the B. (J. and Chilberry having
made a payment on the :il st instant.
Banks Bros, expect lo stait work ou
the Alps group on or  about the 10th of
A well known, practical, mining
man of 'ill years Standing in British
Columbia mining camps returned to
Windermere on the 28th of July and
states that the Windermere district is
without any exception the most promising diBlrict in the northwest.
Pat Dooley and partners have located a group of claims situated in the
immediate vicinity of the famoua Bed
Line group, Macdonald creek it ia understood that they have an exertional
tine showing.
William Honpt et al have uncovered
an immense snowing on a group of
claims recently located by them, situ
atod on Boulder crei.k.
Development work is progressing
very favorably on the Paoenix gionp
on the Jumbo fork of Toby Oreek.
Tbe Alps group situated on Boulder
oreek over the summit from the Sitting Bull group, consists of three
olaims namely: Alponse, Alps, No.
a Pat, has a showing of solid ore averaging all tho way fron, W inoheB to
four feet in width aud is owned by
Barks Bros, and H. M. Crick.
The mining recorder is kept very
busy and has all that he oan do to keep
up "with his work, this being the bcsi-
est year ever known in the N'rthenst
Kootenay district.
Construction work has already commenced on the bridge across tne Columbia river at Athalmer," north end
o! Windermere  lake.
Thero is a scaioity of miners at the
Sitting Bull on Boulder creek.
J. B. MoL-eod, is developing the
Breadwinner on Boulder creek.
,las. Whittle! representing the C.
P. B., returned to West Kootenay on
the 2nd instant After making an examination of the principal propositions Mr. Wbittier has great faith iu
the  future of the Windermere camp.
* *   *
A largo party of mining men returned to Nolson yesterday trom 4!) creek
aud Bird oreok where they have been
examining some mineral properties.
One of the prospects whioh attracted
particular attention was tbe Whitewater which is owned by Messrs. Davys,
(ioopel and others. A considerable
amount of work has been done on the
property, a small Huntingdon mill
called by one gentleman who examined
it a "ooffeo machine," has been erected aud about 100 tons of ore treated.
However, the mill only managed to
save about fl-"> to the ton of gold (the
tailings alone average nearly $14 to the
ton) and doubtless high values will be
obtained from a proper stamp mill.
About 4U(l tons of good looking ore is
now on the dump. This property is a
free milling gold proposition and the
vein is exceedingly rich.
A geutloman representing a London
syndicate has heen negotiating a deal
for it and probably the bond will be
executed tomorrow.
A Rossland man who has a bond on
tho f )phir on Bird Oreek returned with
the same party. The width of the
ledge has greatly Improved but the values of the samples bo brought back
with him have not yet been assayed.
The rock on the Ophir is a curiously
deceptive one. It is a shist interspersed with ([uart/.ite and very fine
iron pyrites.
Over 80 assays have beeu made and
show exceedingly high values in gold.
Pieces of rock that would scarcely
strike the stranger as being mineralised have inn over MQO in gold An
English gentleman who bus seen the
proporty considers it to be one of the
most promising ones iu the Nelson district. A 80 foot tunnel has been driven
iu it and though of conrse it is hard
to say to what depth the present vein
may run there is hut little douht tha*
Mr. Macdonald has struck a good
thing. The width of he ledge Is at
present about 10 feet.
* #   *
Mr. M. S. Davys came down from
the Sil er King yesterday. He says
tbat thoy are sending down to the
Htneltor regularly 200 tons of ore per
diem. Some of tbe best looking ore
that ever came out of the mine is now
being shipped, native copper can easily
be seen sticking out. ot it. The mine
is singulnrly free of any outward disturbance, masters and men working
together in perfect acoord.
* ���  ���
Ymir, Ang. 5.��� The writer of editorials for the Ymir Miner must have a
"bee in his bonnet" or else is laboring
under a hallucination. He states in
bis paper of the :ird inst. that the
Ymir Mine management is going to
nave a store, hotel and what not nt
the mine. This statement ho makes,
bo he states is according to tumor.
<fchere is no truth whatever in the
statement. Tho London and British
Columbia Cold Fields aro in British
Columbia to mine not to go into the
rtercan'ile or hotel business. Such
nsnsensioal reports will  if  published,
Rossland, Aug. 5.���Tho ore [shipments for the week ending August 5th
fiom Rossland camp were approximately, 4.06S tons, the shipment for
week was as follows: Le Boi, 2,112;
War Eagle. 840; Iron Mask, 160; Centre Star. Uiili. Total, 4,t|02.
The   train   from   Kohson   last night
hrought to the City two women charg- | v*
ed with selling liqnor   without   a   li-  Jj
rinse.    Tbey were lined $100 and costs   q
and 1600 and   costs   respectively.    The  ^
iroW and costs resp
more expensive lady di t not pay her
tine and went to gaol where she will
tamaiu three months it she does not
pay up iu the meantime, The other
paid ami went free to escape the alternative two months.
CAPSTAN (Navy Cut)
Nelson   Greenhouse.
D.  ricCreath,  Prop.
Finest Assortment  of   Flowers   Ever
Shown iu West  Kootenay.
Orders tilled ou short  notice.   Inspection invited.
Greenhouse on Front Street, one block
east of Government wharf.
Our Ooods on Exhibition  nud For Sale
at  Vanstone's  Ding   Store.
Leave orders there.
With F, I.
Real Estate, Mines,
Stocks, Etc,
Vacant and Improved Property
for   sale.
Call  if you   want   to  buy or sell.
Snap to-day.
Telephone Call, No. io.
Post Office Box, K and W.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Big Schooner
Beer or
The Best Glass   of  Beer  in
Nelson is at the
Cor. Silica & Stanley Sts.
E. J. Curran. Prop.
minim. ItltORt.lt,      NOTARY PUBLIC,
Windermere Mine-;.   CorrMpondencs Bol'oitod
The Suit you'll he proud
of AU the Style you can
stand ; all the Wear you
want. Come and see the
assortment I am showing
in Suitings for this and
the summet season. The
prices will astonish you.
b. c.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at live cents per
Gilbert. Stanley Nelron
Thomson Stationery (.'o      NcNon
Canada Drug &Book Co.
Hotel Hume Nowh stand
lotel Phair Ncwh Stand
Humphrey & PittOCh
I*. Campbell
O. F. NelHon
J. K. Uelanoy
U. A. Bradahaw
Slocan News Co.
Thomson UroH.
Hotel Spokane
M. W. Simpnon
Lamont & Young
John  1 Myden
James Hamilton
Samuel Price
H. A. King & Co.
and  News   Agents
trains out of Nelson
New Denver
Slocan City
on   boats   anc?
Is the cause of many a hatch of bread having to he thrown
int" the sewer, and a \v. man's time and labor KOnewitb.lt.
If yon weren't so prejudiced, yon could have just as good
BUCOe.S with your hi cad as your neighbor,
We advise; throw prejudice aside, and for your next baking
try a sack of
Thousands aie using it with success; why not you? If it
doesn't fcuil you, you don't have to pay for it.
M.   DESBRISAY   &   CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Bransh. Markets in Rowland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
LAIWBERT & BUTLER,  London, Eng.
be had at all Tobacco Stores in Town.
Turner Beeton& Co.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail to the ollice of
General Ajjenl Cor   Kootenav & Baker Sis
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Al; i    Lint--(i.lifor dim Aug 17
Al'iit  l.ir.e- B.UHi'ian... AUg 10
!lu:uii,ion I iue���IJOU iniun.. Aug 12
Dominion Llne-l'mibroiiiiui  Aug 18
Reaver Llne~Lftkc Ontario Auk!)
Beaver Lite- Lake Huron Aflg it;
Prom Now York
White Star Line- Germanic , Aug 10
Gunur*! Lino- Campania  Aug 12
Aiiiciieutt IjIdo -Si. 1'ftul Aug 10
Anehor IJne-AnchoHa Auk 12
Allan 8'ale Line���Mongolian Auk nt
From Boston
Dominion Line���Deibyflhlro Auk w>
PatwagiM Hrmngcd to anil from all European
points. For ratea, tiokota and full lufcrmaiion
applyloC, i'. it, depotagpnt or c K. Beaaley
DltyTicket Ag'-nt, Nekon, ii. U
i     General A cent-CF II. OftUm* Winnipeg
One   Story Frame Cottvigv,
stone foundation, gocJ
cellar.    Also stable
Two  Lots,   corner Josephine
and Latimer Streets.
Price, $2,500.
Terms, $1,500 cash;   balance
on mortgage.
Apply :
From now until the end of the season we me selling
���ToBBPHTNE Street.
Nelson Employment Agency
Miic'-ers.      Railroad Laborers.      Waitress
Girl for HoUKCwork.       Hotel Porter:
J. H. LOVE. Ap't      Baker St
Bon Ton Restaurant.
Merchants'   Lunch,   12 to 2.
25   cents.
Dinner,   5 to 8.
Meals at All Hours.
meal tickets, s5.50 for s5.
open day and mght,
JmmMM�� > ��MnMM��MtMMt>Mmrt<>
j Bargain Columns. *
ft �� 0
Some Unusually Good Bargains Offered   By  Our  Enterprising Merchants.   Changes Daily.
... .A few more left....
10 be sold at cost.
Martin O'Reilly b Co.
From a Steamboat to a Baby's Rattle
Everything has a value at my store
VICT  .m     *TFBET,
���'.. (wren \V nil and Josephine Streets.
We are  now  offering   Special   Bargains  in
MEN'S SUITS.     saMSbd WOES TED SUITS at $15.
EMORY & WALLEY, Hub Furnishing House.
%fDs%^RANr% at Humphreys & Pittock's"
Bring Vour Job Work lo
the Miner Ollice   ....
Corner  Baker  and  Ward Streets.
Cucumbers at Humphreys & Pittock's.
25 Per Cent Off
J. A. Gilker.
East End Grocery.
UlnKer Ale.
(anger   Beer
< liiiiiiltiiuiie.
<l 1:1111 Kudu.
.lulre   S111I11.
I'liaiiiiiatfne   i'lder.
Celery   MarhiinarlllH   and
Cantelopes at Humphreys & Pittock's.
Montserrat Lime Juice |
Hot Weather.
Morrison & Caldwell.
The Doctor Orders It.   What ?
Riesterer's Lager Beer
J 11st the Thing in Hot Weather.
We carry the   Finest Stock of
~n�� CARPETS ��^
In the City.      Call and See Them.
Ice Cream Soda at Humphreys & Pittock's.
���1.-. ci:m>.
Children's Linen Suits, $1.00.
A few more Light Colored Muslins,
at 5, g and 12^ cts.
Nelson Cafe.
Merchants' Lunch, 12 to 2, 25CTS
Pears at Humphreys & Pittock's.
No, 83.
...L. POGUE...
BurguliM In
!:\l'itl>.s iim;m>.s
PACK IUIt\l>��.
Willi's, KI-.
Fresh and Cool. The Best Goods in
the Market on Draft or jn Bottle,
Bring your cans tor Draft Beer. Also
Wines, Liquors and Cigars���and our
prices .ire never disputed,
Frank A. Tamblvn, Mgr.,
Baker Street, Nelson
Fresh Pruits at Humphreys & Pittock's.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Fresh   and   Salt   Meats.
Mail Orders receive  prompt
and careful attention.
Markets  at  Nelson   and  Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   ....   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000,   % Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m ��� >t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposit] ��nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
p��om/��to���. vxeo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.


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