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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 3, 1899

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Dail> Edition No. 203.
Nelson, British Columbia. Tuesday, January 3,   1H99.
Ninth Year
Institute Organized and Officers Elected.
The Aims and Objects of the Society-
Necessary Qualifications of a
Good Teacher-
The Kootenay Teacher s Iiinl.il i;to
held its inaugural meeting yesterday.
The society was organized, offloers
elected, and the now institution fairly
launched on its path of usefulness.
Mr, W. Burns, Provincial School In
spector, and President of the Society,
took tho cha.r, some twenty touchers
being present.
Tho proceedings opened with an introductory address from the President,
who explained the aims and objects
of the Society, and its sphere of usefulness, At tho conclusion of bis ro-
murks the organization of the Institute
was proceeded with.
It was decided that there should be
throe classes of members in the Institute (l) extraordinary (8) honorary
and (8) aotivo members. Bxtraordl
nary members are those without sp-c-
ial qualifications, and who must ho
elected by a two-thirds majority. Honorary members must, be ex-teachers,
and urn admitted on showing their certificates and paying the ordinary feo.
This class of members have iiil privileges! except, that, of voting. The
qualification for an active member
consists in being a teacher iu Cook'-
nay. The hope was expressed that
uny resident Ol Nelson WOO can qualify as "honorary"' nienibers, aud who
desire to join the Institute, will present themselves at today's sitting,
either morning or afternoon, for enrollment, After those present had
entered their names on the roll of I he
Institute the election of offloers was
proceeded with, the following ladies
and gentlemen being chosen :
President���W. Hums, Esq., 15. A.
Nelson, Vice-President, W. A. Blair,
Esq,, Rossland; Uncording Secretary, Miss Nmile, Riisslnnd; Corn .
���ponding Secretary and Treasurer,
Miss Hunting. Trail.
A committee of three was also
elected consisting of Messrs J. His-
lop and R. K. Estorbrook, and Miss
The mreiing resolved Unit the next
annual meeting of the Institute should
be held iu Rosshiiul.
Miss Kittle, now not on the permanent Staff, lint for some years a
teacher in this Province, opened the
afternoon session by giving a short
talk on the work done at Battle Greek
Sanitarium, Battle Greek,    Mich,, one
of the leading Institutions of the kind
in America, she also spoke of the in
estimable value to workers of good
health. Mr. Hums then introduced
the practical work of the session with
a paper entitled "Oitr Work" He
spoke of the reason why the F, K. S,
of England continue! to be the highest degree   iu   tho world,   anil argneil
therefrom that the teacher's profession should he eonl iiiually raised iu
excellence, so that it may ever occupy
Its present position at, Ihe head.
He then referred lo the loo ciiniiniili
Opinion that a toucher rei|iiires hut little qualification, and that his work is
very easy, going on In hIiow the fallacy of these floWl, and how poorly
the really arduous labors of the prn>
tension me remnuerated.
Another essential qualification   of
the successful teacher was psychological knowledge. Not, a knowledge of
psychology derived from such ennlile
works uh Ilninillini or Mcliellan���Iheso
arc books t,i be crammed for an examination���what is required is a knowledge developed by Hie teacher himself
by nhHorvitlinu of the individual
ciilliiren, by walching Ihe results following certain methods, ami by noticing how these are varied by Ihe phys
leal environment, The teacher must
not forget Unit he is dealing with immature minds, and should try lo I line,
himself down to such a level as lo be
perfectly intelligible to Ihe pupil, and
ut the same lime to be sympatheiic to
Teachers frequently complained or
the monotony of the work. The
Speaker pointed cut that, this need
not iieceHsarilv be so. A good teacher
would bring iu a Utile nature oc.ou-
sloiinlly, introduce bright lileralin-e,
mid Vary Ihe routine of the day.
One gteat trouble in the profession
at present is the presence of so many
teachers, and, worse still of so many
strangers. This is one 081116 of the
Small salaries, hut if leacheis were
to spend Ihe same lime in qualifying
themselves uh da doctors and lawyers,
thoy would be better paid. Money
���pent 011 education is simply so nun h
capital Invested, and a teacher can
only etpeot his salary to be in  pinpor-
Hun in that, Investment,
"The best toacbiir is he who dtus
least" may sound like a paradox but
it is not.   Teachers have been   known
who covered the board from end to
end, while the class slumbered. Tho
true principle is for the children to
do the work with the teacher acting
as director of ceremouies. The Duke I
of Wellington said he never did a
thing he could net someone else to'
do, and ninny of the most successful
teachers of Ontario have gotten the
name of being lazy, till it was shown j
they were well Illustrating the truth
of that saying. Teachers, however,
should be guided by oircurastances,
No rule can be always followed, for,
while it is true that "a rolling stone
gathers no moss," it is equally true
that "A tethered cow (loos not get
fnt." Attention should also lie paid to
the physical conditions of the work.
Children will not work well iu too
hot, too cold, or vory uncomfortable
The next point is one of the utmost
importance to the school. What stand
should he taken on the moral qnes
tion? Direct religious teaching is forbidden in this Province, but many
moral questions touch closely upon religion. If teachers inciileato the high.
"St morality, they will keep within
tho law, and yet their teaching will
touch closely on religion. Mr. Burns
condemned the antiquated methods of
teaching, such as cramming the pupil's he ids with lists "of irregular
verbs and prepositions, and dwelt on
the fact that wnile the memory should
not be forgotten, it is of the greatest
importance that the reasoning faculties should be developed.
The speaker closed an interesting
address by laying stress on the responsibility that rested on the teacher. A
child is un imitator, and, if the
teacher b- good, the children will be
proportionately benefited.
At this juncture there was a pleasing interlude to the more serious work
of the session whir, a violin solo was
given by Mattie McOandlish, and 11 re
citation by Helen Macdouald. These
were very well given and received and
all the more Bppreoietcd as thoy were
given by little girls.
Mr. .lames Hislop, principal of the
Kaslo school, next gave a very interesting paper entitled, "Where we live���a
study and a parable." Mr. Hislop
is a gentleman who has traveled a great
deal over the world, and his ref irences
ti places aud things be had seen wore
fall of interest.
The next thing on the programme
was a paper by Miss M. 1). Skinner,
entitled "Primary Heading." The
h.-ur however, was so far ndvalicoi!
that it was decided to postpone the
;- per. Mis.; Bkinrver will according!j
open this morning's session.
Among those presciii yesterday were
W. Burns, Inspector, Kaslo j J, Hislop,
Kaslo; H. E.Esterbrook, Trail: J. H.
Soady, Nelson; ,1. E. Smith, Fort
Steele; Miss Green, Ymir; Miss Dp
ker, Pilot Bay; Miss Wickhain. Mrs
I'iercy, Miss N. O'Reilly and Miss
l)i linage, Nelson j Miss Moore and
Miss MoTaggart, Kaslo; Miss Mo
draw, Silverton; Miss Eraser and
Miss Banting, Trail; Miss Noble,
Kossland; Miss Skinner, Saiidon, anil
Miss Moss. Slocan Olty.
The morning session today will begin at. Hi, Ihe afternoon at 9, and there
Will also be an evening   soN.-'inii al 1 n
101 GIBE
Brllain  Presses  Spain   to
Assist in This
Her New Year's Honor List
in;.; the former's congratulations  upon
I the celebration of the  aoadeii y's oen-
tcnim-v.    The letter concluded us   follows)   "I inn very   pleased   to   renew
i to your majesty assurances of my high
[ esteem, and unalterable fneudship,
in all of which I am your good brother." The reading uf tin- letter was
received with ringing cheers for Emperor William. ,   I f-
Fiance and  Bussia  Exerting Influences
to Have Ppaiu Refuse to do
as Asked-
Madrid,   Jan.     '2.
I editorials in tile Mad
-The New
l'o Add to tlm Misery Another Rebellion
Under Tiimitiilze  Una Brok
en Out-
Tacom.i, .Tan. ll.-- Advices by the
Steamship Victoria say that S/echmn
merchants wired to Shanghai desiring
that all shipment! of goods info that
I'nivineii cease The follow Hiver
Hoods   have   destroyed   the   ci-o|is and
famine has resulted, Thousands of natives lire starving. Thousands of ol ier
hungry aud ragged refugees are moving down thi' river in boats only to
find the walls of the (tlly lower down
urn closed against   lliein.   'I'ho Govern-
iiieiit appropriated BO,000 tools for their
crliol' hut less than   one llfth   has been
distributed, it is claimed thai dishonest ollicials have pocketed Ihe balance.    A relief   fund has been started
at Shanghai,
A panic prevails throughout Etaeohuen
Proviiico.Chilin, caused by Ihe rehoisf.
ing of the black ling of rebellion by
the notorious outlaw Yiininul/,c.
After offering to refrain from further
depredations and re eiving a compensation therefore from the Chinese nu-
thin'ities,    Viininlil/n has   reassembled
iiis followers ami started n fresh imii-
Oatholia otusade.     His   reward   in
clniles 100,000 tools in silver, immunity from punishment ami a captaincy
iu the Ohinese army. The Erencli
missionary l-'leury remain in Yinuun-
l/e's hands and hopes of saving him
have been abandoned,
of the hoist-
Khartoum, Jan, S.���Gonetal Bitch-
oner, brother of the Sirdar Lord Kitchener, of Khartoum, lias sinned with
reinfoi'ceniimls lo lake cnninianils of
the expedition organizing at. Ilitlin to
opetnte against Ihe Kbalfa who has
been reading Arab sellleiiieuls in that
aud dignified reminder:
ing of the United States flag in Cuba
and the Philippines, which means the
closing of four oeutuiies of Spanish
colonial history. With snnpressed emotion, rather than bitterness, the pollers exhort the people to have eoufi-
deii.i-, in their representative power,
urging that tbete he the smallest wasto
ot time in reorganziug the affairs of
the country and expressing a special
desire i'i r speedy settlement of the i nb-
inet, crisis The gouoral belief is that
Ssuor tf.i a.-tta will be able to resume
his duties as Premier by the end of
the week and that be will form a cab-
mot to Include Lieutenant General
We-. Ier.
Si nor Sagnsln iat up for four hour!',
yesterday and received successively the
Minister of War, the President of the
Chamber and Ihe Perfect of Madrid,
lie will continue his receptions today.
Official circles here are warmly dismissing the altitude of Great Britain-
owing (o her pressing demands that
Spain sell her cooling stations in the
BeleriC islands and other stvagetie
points, so as to render Gibraltar unassailable,    The negotiations on the sub-
loot havo been ill abeyance owing to
Premier Sagasla's illness but it is believed that Spain, influenced by Fiance
and Bussia, will resist the demands of
Great Britiau.
Majoi-Sereral Gasooyne  and Lord Dun-
rayen are Among Those Whose
Services Were Appreciated.
Loudon, Jan,   2.���The New   Year's
hflqaxa   conferred   hv   Her      Majesty
Queen Victoria, which have been issued mcludes ninny names. Baron
Cromer, former Miuister Pleuipotent-
j tary. of the Diplomatic Service, and
British agent and Cousul-Goueral in
Egypt, recently appointed Governor
of Malta, is created a Viscount, Sir
Phillip Ourrie, British Ambassador ut
Rome, and Sir Henry Hawkins, who
recently retired from the Exchequer
Divsion of the High Court of Justice
aie raised to the peerage. Sir Henry
Thompson, the distinguished pathologist has received a baronetcy. Major
General Gasooyne, formerly commander of the Canadian Militia, is appointed a Companion of the Order of St.
Michatl and St. George. Lord Dun-
raven is appointed a Privy Councillor
for Ireland, and Sir Edward Ohioh.es-
er, K. N., Companion of the Order'of
St. Michael and St.George, in recognition of his services as captain of tho
British first class armored cruiser Immortelle which was stationed at Manila during the war, and which the
Times points out has afforded him
an opportunity to display tact and
judgment, of which he took every advantage. Mr. Sadler, the former .British Consul ut Chicago, is made a
Knight Commander of the Order of
St. Michael and St. George, The
remaining honors are of tbti usual type,
rewards for political services aud merit promotions in the civil and diplomatic, and in colonial services.
Pans Fears the Overflow of tho Subterranean Hiver Hievere.
Paris, Jan. 2.���Heavy rams of the
past mi hours burst the main sewer at
liiemrea, live miles south of Versailles
today, causing a land slide ami Hood-
ing the new works ot the Orleans Rail-
- ay terminus, The workmen fortunately escaped bill their carts sud-
i.euly disappeared under six feel of
water while Ihe engine ind foundations collapsed, Much alarm is fell
throughout Purls this evening because
the disaster reveals the Overflow of the
KiihloiMnne m river llievrc, an affluent of the Seine,    The gale has caused
much damage in Paris, destroying
pallsadings and fragile nlrnotni-os.
London, ,ian.   \i ���Some remarkable
fuels have lle\clo|icd regarding the sni
cide of Mrs. Marx Aveiing last Man ih
It appears that she learned Hint Dr.
Aveiing, the English SOieUtlll leader,
with wlintu she had lived fiiranitmbei
of years, had secrelly married a young
ladv.    Ho admitted   that   this   was ho
ami intimated that he was tin d of her.
Whereupon Mrs Aveiing said Ihe best
lliiiig she I'olild i|o was to Com mi I mi
cide. Dr. Aveiing. it further appears
allowed her to send to n druggist's
slum for poison and went out walking
while she   drank It.    The   prnscciil ion
would have token action iu the matter
bill for 1)1', Aveliug's sudden deiilh on
August -I, hist.    Mrs.   Aveiing was the
daughter of the late celebrated German Son.al.Hi, lender,  Karl Marx.
London,    Jan,    8,���The  Duke   uf
Northumberland     is   dead.     Algernon
George Percy, the Duke of Northumberland, was horn iu 1890��� succeeded
lo the title on the death of his father
in 11-M7. He Wan president of the National Koyul LH'o Insiitnii-iii mid the
Royal Institute, and Vice President of
tho Royal Society of Literature, He
is succeeded by his hoii, Karl Percy,
who win born in 1840, Ihe'deceased
Duke was formerly a Lord of the
Admiralty,    Vice Preiidenl   of the
Board Of Trade, and Lord of tho Privy
New York, .Ian. '-'     The olllcial and
business celebration of New Year's
day in New York city was distinguished by being tin coiiii si January
S for some years. The Ihcrmoincler
registered oniy live dogro.m above ESl'O
'111 I v this inoi mug. '
Redding, Uol,, Jan, a.���The  1 m-
tain region is experiencing all the
woes of Isolation as the result of tlm
heaviest snow Hloriii ever known at
this point, Snow is from two to three
feel deep on the level for leu miles
about, bine in every direction. Tin
Wltei BIB all down ami trains were unable lo niOVe for Home boni'H. A number of small hoiiHiiH collapsed from Iho
weight of hiiow, but no casualities resulted. ���	
War Department Has Not   Yd  Heard
From Cen. Otis.
Washington, Jan. 2.��� Nothing
more has been heard at the War Department from General Otis at Manila. The situation is irritating in the
fact that, according to the experience
of the last few days, it. is not to be expected that any thing more can be
heard from Iloilo for a day or two
at least except in the very improbable
event that the American force has
been repulsed in their efforts to make
a landing, and has been obliged to
return straight to Manila. It is surmised from the reports that Gen.
Miller is proceeding with morn tact
and with less roughness in his dealings
with the insurgents than appeared
from the first impression of tho reports. His purpose apparently was
.to avoid such a formal recognition of
iho���rpsftrge&ts iv;���mAghl tend to em-
harrass the United States Government
hereafter, but ut the sanio time, not
to deal harshly with them if they
can lie brought to see tho rectitude of
his decisions. Therefore the ollicials
are hoping there will be no actual
hostilities between the forces arrayed
against (inn. Otis and his own. but
that at tlie worst, the former will retire from the city without accepting
or rejecting the American overture:,
until they have beard from Agninaluo.
Insurgent   Soldiers Insist Upon   Pay
inim t, of Salaries.
Havana. Jan. i. ��� Tho continuum e of
Cubans in Arms is the most puzzling
question counseled with the administration of the island. The negotiations
lor the payment of the old soldiers or I
lo bo conducted from Washington so
as to relieve Major General Brooks of
this difficulty for the present. Cuban
commanders are holding their men
closely together and under discipline,
(Jen. Davis, Military Governor of the
Department of Pluar Del 'Mo, has
gone lino the matter fully with (ion.
Mari Menooal and other Cuban coin-
mnuders,   They say. that they  expect
the United Stains to pay them and that
they will   not  disband mil :l   they get
an answer,
The majority of the military observers here seem to think that probably
the easiest way out of tke-motter iH
to make ihe payment, making a mortgage on tlm revenue) of Cuba iu tho
form of bonds.
Paris,    Jan    2.��� The   Journal   lias,
trom   a umgo   btdouginc   to  the
suite of the ox-Empress Eugenie, the
statement that upon the eve of her
departure from England, in the early
days of the Eushodu incident, the OX-
Empress took leave of Her Majesty.
Queen   Victoria,    who said:    "Slioulil
war break out between Prance and
England, I would ask (ind to allow me
to die before hostilities begun," Three
days later, it is added, tie Secretin-,-,
of tlie ex-Empress communicated tin-
words of Queen Victoria to the French
Foreign Office,
British Residents  In the Orient imi-
lion the Honie (loverntnenl.
Seattle. Wash,, Jan. 8,���Lord Obos,
Hci-OHloi'il is lulling back In England
from the orient an Interesting petition
given him by the British residents of
Central China. Sweeping wan.sure
outlined, An alliance with the United
States is proposed,to take concerted uo.
lion against the closing of any doors to
missionaries winking and trade now
open   to   Ihe     Empire.    The   EngliHb
ask for full liberty to estubliih Industrial and manufacturing oonaerni in
the Interior and the growing districts,
They want lo open and work mines
on t't|iinlly favorable terms with the
nalives, The petition Olkl that mime
attention he given to the Erencli and
Hussion aotivily in Central and East
ern China, even though it may ho
necessary lo station a British /nival
force iu I be Yang Tho.
Major Marcluind Hi ives a (lift Ernni
English Soldiers.
London. Jan. 8. ��� The Cairo correspondent Of the Times says: Hcfore
Major   Mari'haiid   left      Eashndn,    on
i withdrawing with his expedition, the
Seventh Soudanese Battalion of Gen.
end Kitchener's forces, presented him
wilh the banner of tlm Dervish Emir,
Said Doghcn, against whom Major
Man-hand fought helore General
Kitchener's expedition arrived, Tho
Erencli officer wan  deeply gratilled by
the presentation,
Her  Majesty   Wished    to   Die   Before
Franco and England Would
Open Hostilities.
Gen, Rios,   Spanish   Oommuudnr,  vi
rives at Manila   ami Repi rts
Madrid. Jan 9 ���I leu Rios, the
Spanish Commander, cables thai hi
has arrived  al Manila on   board   the
In       XII   alter   h iving   complex tl
tho evacuation of Viiiavns aud the
northern part of the island of Mm
(hiiiao and after blowing Up II forts
and the fleol of gun I.oats on I i
l.aho. He says that 1(100 Spanish
troops are conccnlntcd at Strumhoiitigti
under    OOintllllUd    uf      Cell.     Mollli In.
The Spanish General also soys thai he
frrro quitting Iho trenches he warned
the Insurgents in the vicinity ol lllilii
ii their troops shot lie Would ray." lln
town The Spanish trunspnrl Mini-
7,1 rial suils for Spain on January 14,
and the Loon Ml. w 111) < lei), Uioh on
board, sad for Spain mi January 18,
Washington, Jan 8,��� Thesii-hi improvement in the ootid I tl on of Representative   Dlugley,   of  Maine, iiiiIi I
this morning,   continued  during ihe
day, and linilghl    Ills family are hope
till thai the   change   for   I be better ll
permanent,   The   fever    has     been
slightly reduced and the pulse iH a lit
tel stronger.  One ol the attending doctors said tonight be   believed   Iho   pa
t to nt had now   a   chain-n   to   reoover,
His condition, however,remains cilili-
German    Emperor    Writes   a    Very
TEDDY" HOSEVELT IS GOV. Erlendly Letter to Oznr of Ruilla,
si. Petersburg, Jan. 8.���At a ban.
tlliot given yesterday lit the Military
Academy of Medicine, Lieut. Gen.
l-i i mi pi Inn in obedience to Iho Czar's
command, read n letter from Emperor
William to Emperor Nicholas, express-
Hpringlleld, Ills., Jan, 8.���Mrs
Lucrels Kent, a widow incl her death
in a manlier horrible in the cxli'i-mi-
One hand was  pinioned   Inextricably
under a heavy fohliii- bed. The body
when found was badly decomposed,
ibOWillg that death had nci'tilTcd several days ago. When found the wo
man's broken band was still clasped in
the bed lis in a blacksmith's vice,
The Woman lived   alone in the house.
London,     Jan,    ���.;.- Mr.    Thomas
Towiisenii Buokullli  Quoou's Oouusol
and   Member   of    I'm liiimi-nt    in    the
Conservative  Interests for Mid Burrey
I Epsom), hiiH been niisid to the bench
of the High Court of Judicature in sue-
cession to Justice Henry Hawkins,
who recently retired from the Exchequer division and was yesterday
raiHoil lo the l rage.
by mmsm
Torture and Barbarous Cruelty Their Sport.
And This in a Country Blessed by American and Other Missionaries-
Loudon, Jan. 2.���Tho 3t. Petersburg correspondent ot The Times
says:   inn onrrggpondwrt ," fee Ncv-'c-
Albnny, N. Y,, Jim    8,���Col   Then
Hoihovo'Ii was Inaugurated an governor
of New York slate at noon today.    Do
spile     Ilia   bitterly cold    weather   nil
i iinrnious crowd of people wore present
to witness the ouromouies.
London, Jon. S, A  fearful gale Is
���weeping  the  u li h ��� ih uinel and Iho
seas me lerrilllc.     'lie- ilnlyhcnil liar
bin' Is full of shipping ami some of the
vessels have dragged their auchiii'H ami
gone    ashore.    There     are   numeroiiH
wrecks uloug the uuust,
Vermya at Soul, the Corean capital,
relates terrible crimes by the -��� ti-Kus-
sinu party, who, since the departure of
the Russian !ii anciers nn . ,;ill instructors, have wrecked vengeance by
vile deceit and barbar.ms cruelty uJ
the Corean ex-Dragoman of the Russian Embassy, the oflieial who safeguarded the removal of the Corean
Emperor to the Russian mission
house. The official, bis wife and other
Coreans wore mercilessly tortured
with a view of compelling them to
confess to a false charge of poisoning
the Emperor's colfoe, in or.lor to shield
the real culprits who are among tho
high officials. The ex-Dragoman was
dually brutally murdered, mutilated
publicly and made sport of in a savage
ami disgusting manner. All this the
writer says, in u country blessed with
American aud other Christian mis*
sionaries and ��� 'her ', \r-iericuu Officials
occupy iuiliib.irial positions in the
(lorenn Government,
British Authorities Said to   Havo   Issued a Warrant.
London, Jan. '1���The Daily News
siij-b this morning:   In  a roundabout
nanuer we hear that the British authorities at the request of the French
1 lovornment have Issued a warrant for
li arrest of M. fimile Zola now
know n to be In England.
Loudon,   Jan.   *'. ��� It is  understood
hat the visit here of President lgesin,
> (,'nsta Klca, who arrives   iu London
li January    H,   will   be olllcial.    The
- r.-oi'iitneiit nie arranging  for  his re-
i iii iiiii     and     ciitcriaiumciit.       The
t'resldeul   during   his stay   here, will
. cat Queen Victoria   ut Osborne,   Isle
of Wight.
Toronto, Jan. 'J.���.Mayor John Shaw
wan today re-elected to tho mayoralty
of tins city, defeat ing George MoMor-
neb and E. A. Mcdonald. At H o'clock
this evening, With several subdivisions
vei to heiii- from. SIiuw'h niujority
was SMI.
A. w. Ron, of Toronto, J. B, Mo-
Arthur of Hosslaml and C. H. Morris,
uf Hat Portage, representing a Toronto
(Syndicate,are reported to hove purohas-
ml the Inwnsite of Upper (Irand Porks,
which ll about a mile and it half from
the lower town of Grand Korku proper, The owners of the property worn
Charles Hay and Neil MoOallum, it
iH claimed that, the consideration for
Iho property was |?l),tl()l). Mr. Rohh is
known iih an enterprising operator,
and tho new town, which it is said
will be renamed either Columbiu or
Yule, slu old be one of importance,
Mi, George Partridge,head jailer of
ihe Provincial Jail, who figured prominently iu a hoxlllg contest at, the recent Firemen's smoker, has received
a challenge from Joe Eilznutrick of
the Tncniua Athetotic Club. The dial
eitger wishes to box Mr. Partridge 10
rounds, for points, and wishes to bet
|fiO on the result, the winner to take
two thirds of Ihe gate receipts. The
suggested time and place, is It) days
from now ul the Eire Hall. Mr, Partridge has not yet decided whether or
nol lo accept the challenge.
Next year tuny wituesH Iho inauguration of a railway ferry service between the Island and the Mainland or,
more strictly speaking, (he exten-
hinn of the system already oslliblishod,
so as to take in Violin in. The Colonist Iiiih no warrant from Iho E. & N.
people to indicate what lis policy iu
thin reipeOl may be, and Dm lotnurk
above mudo in only based   upon   facts
already known to the public   Theim*
pOTtana of such a service to Victoria
can hardly be nvoi-Hlulril   and we hope
there will be mob a oo-operntion between all  parties Interested as will
bring about next year a Horvlcc twice a
day every day between this olty and
Vancouver. ��� Victoria Oulouist, NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAY.  JANUARY 3,  i8g��>.
Nelson Weekh Miner
I'll dished Daily except I? ardor.
ei. on Miner Printing tfuBusmna Oo.,
1). .1. BEATCN, Mun-.gint' Director and
Abb COMMUNICATION! to the Editor must
bo iccompuiiod by tlu inuuo and address
of the wilier, not urceosarily 'or publica-
11, but us evidenco of nood faith.
Supscuiption Bates,
Daily per tnonlb by carrer $ 100
per month by mill     1 00
per half yet-r by mi il    5 00
per your  10 00
per year foreign 1800
NBL60N Wekkiy Minkb.
Weekly, pel liulf year t 125
per year    2 00
per year, foreign    300
SubMirlpiiom nviiri-.ibly in advance
NoticeH of liirtlifi,   Dmths, and Marriages
nscrted for 50 cents each.
Advortish.g r< ten inadi Known on application
Nelson MinerFrlniinge: PublishlngCo
to inv: itnsi its.
Copy liir < ImiiKc- o Advertisement must
lie Iii Ihe OKI c by 4 o'clock p.m. lo
Insure clutiiKi
The   end-of-the-century question   is
till di;tv.r''i"" onr Coast contan rnr-
tained should he defeated hecanse of
this prostitution of Ministerial position and lufluenoe, The course taken
by those papers may have been the
only proper one; at auy rate, we are
not quarrelling it. But it will he quite
in order to point out to them that Mr.
Ogilvie, Administrator of the Yukon
and nn immense favorite of the two
journals named, has exposed him ���
self to the same sort of critioism as
that employed with such disastrous
effect against the Turner Government.
In a prospeous recently published in
Loudon, that of the "British Canadian
Gnldflelds of the Klondike, Limited,"
ho is said to have furnished tho promoters with a private map on which
he has marked a number of places not
yet taken up and which he knows to
be rioh, advising that "claims upon
them he staked for the Compnny as
soon as possible. " The Company de-
olare in tlie prospectus that thty propose an "exploration party shall be
diapatohed to certain districts with regard to which Mr. Ogilvie has given
to the founders exclusive information,
and to there secure possession of the
most desirable properties already indicated by him."'      -
There is much more of it, but this
will do. Now, if Mr. Turner and Mr.
Pooloy were wrong, what shall be said
of Mr. Ogilvie? Considering all the
circumstances of his position, his connection with this enterprise must be
held to be more scandalous than that
of the two Ministers Do the papers
mentioned think this, or   is the crime
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum, by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Tho.ne,
H. Rider Haggard.
Linnet,        -      Grant Allen.
Britain's-Roll, of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
Fights For the Flag,
W. H. Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Empire, W. H. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
Established I87tt.
The Brackman h Ker Milling
Company, Ltd.
Beg to announce that they have opened a Branch House in Nelson and
will Carry a Full  Line of
Hay, Oats, Mill Feed, "Rolled Oats, Graham
Flom, Etc.
TEMPORARY WAREHOUSIi):��� Turner, Beeton's  Warehouse  on C,
P. R. Siding, below Gray's Planing Mill.
CITY OFFICE:���Room 6,   Aberdeen   Block,   Baker   Street.
Write foi Quotations in Car Lois.
Victoria,  Vancouver,   New  Westminster,
South Edmonton, Nelson.
Give Thanks
aries. Two of them, however, have
arrived at a conclusion. A week ago
or more The Daily Columbian of New
Westminster put this query: "At
midnight, December 81st next, how-
many years will have been completed
since the birth of Christ���the event
which is assumed to be the starting
point, the zero, of the Christian era?"
To which the Colonist Victoria, answers; "1889 years, eighteen centuries
und ninety-nine years. One more year
will be necessary to make nineteen
centuries." This is entirely satisfactory to Tho Columbian,and it proceeds
at once to joyously welcome The Colonist  as a convert.
It would lie interesting to know the
Victoria paper's method of computation. Wo shall not be surprised if it
transpires that it was calculating
from the December of the prosont year
instead of that of the last, the nearness of tho just passed New Year's
causing the confusion. But as quoted,
there is no doubt both are wrong. Aud
it oarf.be said, further that, in the only
sense material to the point at issue,
the birth of Christ has nothing to do
with the question. Tho exact date of
that event may have been several days,
or months, or years, before or after
the 1st of January of the year Ono
of the Christian era. Tho chronological lecord was not exact in those days.
And the Christian era was the invention of a monk, Diouysius Exigous,
���omewbere about the year A. D. 58S,
It is this Christian era we havo to
consider, not the precise date of the
birth of Christ, which gave rise to it.
There was a first year to it, which
was the year One, and it began on the
1st January. It ended on the 81st of
December following, whon the first
year was contploted���not necessarily
the first year after the birth of Christ,
which need not he considered, but
the first year of the Christian era
which was invented by that monk several hundred yearn afterwards and
which all Christian countries have
since adopted, Immediately after midnight of that first Hist of December
the second year began, knnwn as the
yuar Two; and Ihe days and years con
tinned tO roll by until the first century
wbh completed, on the 81st December,
100. The second century, therefore,
began on 1st. January, llll, and the
Twentieth  century  will begin on the
1st January, 1901, No amount or
kind of discussion caii overcome IhiH
very simple < alciilalioii.
The Columbian has probably heard of
Ireland, and of its   Legislative   Union
with Great Britain.   We have not the
Act of   Union   before   us, and   do not
know if it speaks of centuries; but it
is well known thai the Union was lo
take effect, at tin beginning of tho
century next after the passing of tho
Act, and it accordingly look effect on
the 1st January, 1801, Here is olllcial confirmation of Urn foregoing calculation, and whenever or wherever
nooeisary there will be further olllcial
confirmation two years lumen. Perhaps
by that time our Coast couteinporarii s
will have a liullwr understanding of
what they are talking about.
Office and Focket
Diaries, 1899.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
0Vg> ���'������������,��������� -gg^g
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, Few Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
To the many who favored
us with  their patronage
during-  the   past  season
we desire to express our
deep gratitude,at thesame
time   asking   their  kind
consideration forunavoid-
abledelay in filling orders
through   non-arrival    of
part of our Xmas Goods.
We   have  on   hand a
small lot of Turkeys  and
Geese of which we  wish
���to get rid, in consequence
of     the     present     mild
weather.    They are now
in   prime condition and
till disposed of
We Offer Them
15 cts. per lb.
13 cts. per lb.
this Morning
only in the political opponent? We
take tlm facts of this case from The
New York Engineering and Mining
Journal, which has an article on the
subject, the last paragraph of which
it is well worth while to quote: "We
herewith inform investors thai no wild
pointer (this has special reference to
a statement by Mr. Ogilvie, that he
knows of his personal knowledge there
are ��20,000,000 worth of gold iu sight
in the Yukou placers)���that no wild
pointer like this is a safe basis for a
company with a capital of ��275,000,
nor one hundredth of that amount. We
also call the attention of the Canadian
Government to the impropriety of this
exploitation of Mr. Ogilvie. and the
amazing statement in the prospectus
that Mr. Ogilvie has given to the o-jni-
pany valuable information by permission of his Government, and has
agreed to advise and assist tho company generally, with the solo stipulation that   the   undertaking  shall be
I n
conducted   in    accordance     with   the
views of the Canadian Government.
If tlie Canadian Government .is to favor private interests iu this manner,
we wonder what the miners of the
Klondike will have, lo say about it.
And if the Ottlcial Administrator of
the Government, is to exploit his official position in such a way, it is not
difficult to foresee the fine orop of
scandals which will come out of it,
and indirectly on the Government that
permits it." Altogether it has a very
bad appearance. It will be interesting
to know what The Daily Times aud
Tho Province will have to say of it.
Newly Furnished Rooms
Mr. Hugh J. Maedonald wns the
first to give dislike of polities as an
excuse for resigning his seat in tho
House of Commons, Now comes another, Mr. Guitu of Bona venture, who
has sent his resignation to tho Speak
er, Ho gives no reason,but it is an open
secret that he has no love for tho life
nt Ottawa, and much prefers the quiet
and llmplioitv of his simp at Maria.
The    public   need    not get.   disturbed,
however; there  is  not  the slightest
probability that  voluntary   retirement
of member) will become epidemio,
At the Carney Block,
Bath and electric light,
Baker street.
Prices reason-
Start the
New Year
As You
New Year ^Ifts,
A full line of goods specially  suitable  for  the   New
Pocket Diaries for 1899
In   Choice   Bindings, Bill Wallets, Purses, Writing Cases,
and all   kinds  of Leather Goods.
Office Diaries for 1899.
Thomson   Stationery   Co.  LTd,
Nelson, B. C.
Tllllllkn,   iHfilll}
The Daily Miner has no reason to
apolgize for its appearance or get-up,
or Ihe people   of Nelson lo be lisllliined
of their up-to-date  little daily, which
is 11 dandy iu all respects going to
make up a live daily newspaper.���
Duiiy Columbian,
The Turner Government suffered,
and perhaps righleoiisly, because of
the I let that two members   of   it, in-
eluding the Premier, were associated
ss promoters in various oompany enterprises, They allowed their names
to he exploited by company adventurers in London, Thai, at least, WHS a
Charge aguinst them, and it 110 doubt
had Ul effect wilh hundreds of vnt-
erH, Two newspapers, The Victoria
Daily Times and The Vancouver I'm-
vincn, were foremost in al lacking
Mr. Turner on tnls ground; nud they
are now foremost in supporting the
Government that litis succeeded the
one which they ho Htt'eiiiiously, ami,
indeed,    with   much bitlermiSH, maiii-
Tnlk Tliiil He H il Heed,
These things are matters of onlouln-
tioti V011 have a certain ainoiiut ot
strength, vary geat strength, hut peculiar strength, because it is mainly
naval, but still very great strength,
Hut this strength may not, be ei|iial lo
more than a cerlain effort, and if you
know tint Unit effort iH impending it
in not a wise preliminary to waste your
strength on a matter of secondary nn
uorlaiice. The whole question has to
be considered together', The merchant
may litid that in hoimc tilings he has
been huccchhIiiI, because he has not
been able lo bring a stinicteut   amount
of capital lo bear on the undertaking
of those other things, Hut he may have
exhausted all bis capital on the work
that, !::'" �� edotl, or he may have reserved all li ih cap 1111I for work that
he knew was impending upon liiiuand
of which lie know that all that eupi-
lul wiih neccHiiry for its success.
Therefore 1 say lo von that iii judging
the Buttons of your (loviirnmenf in
foreign affairs il in \vr,i important
that yon should judge it rightly, lie-
caiise yon weaken your country if you
judge it. wrongly : ami judging those
ad ions von should look at Ihe general
result   of .be whole,    iinil see whether
the Government have rnhde a lining,
Suitable, and miuViiitll use of the great
powers winch ion have entrusted to J
thou- hands,   The  more our  Umpire
extends, the more oiir Imperial Spirit
gl'OWS, I lie more we must urge on nil
Who   have lo judge   ilial those   IhingH
are mutters of business ami must lie1
considered upon business prlolples,��� !
Lorn Salisbury ui   the Constitutional
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Henry Clays.
From   Alexandria,  Egypt���Hadges   Nessim   Egyptian
From Rkims, France���Pom'mery Champagne, Quarts and
. NELSON ���-
Painting and
Drawing Lessons
Given by Mil KKNWICK. Km- terms,
eto, ailili-cHH P, o, in- Thomson Stationery Oo.
TIME   CAftD   NO. 2
iivet- ihe practice ol
.   Hull noil   is   prc-
lins taken
Dr.   II.   I
pared to do nil kinds ol Dental
Work  by latest methods. . .
Broken lllll llldi li . linker HI.
Inking unr.i i I mil i.Vloili
IM,    IKtIS.       I'lX-IHl-    (II-
I. III.. Hcpl.-llllH-l-
i-.'iiiit  Herlillail
vvkht Bound
first Olttii
I,niif(-��� Dully
n.:w ft, in.
h.iVi ft. in.
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t ii.-.'n a. in.
I0:.H U, III.
10.119 a. in.
II.U il. in.
Aeeiru Dally
I .ei. vi". Dully
IlKIUa. w.
11:10 "
11:24 "
Ani>. Hill
���tM) o. ir. k
Tlmo t'nnl Nn 2
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Bnutli Fork
llniii- l.iiko
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I,If, inn.
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umo "
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���10YAL   SEAL
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i iii'in
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Notice of Application For l/ii|iior LIOODSO.
Tata not ten that I, Chorion Olnotii will apply
1(1 tlm (llllll Ciilninliclnnci- (it   W  "I.  Kn ill-lull,
II. I!, thirty (I i)Hllf|,-|-  ilnle,   Tin'   it   lienli-n l.n
- li li- i   in   liili.il  ill. my   It'll .'I.  Ideal, (I   ill.
Hlrdiir, on lot I, liln di fill. In lln  W'l-Hi Ivuiileiiiiy
Hui.-il nl :,-cl in.. II. c. lln    I6lll liny of He
tnuakni', IWH. OKI
(llllll el Nmtllny
'I I,mil     li     I   -  iiln-l-v  t'n
��� ii mlii Hi'iiir A H"iik - n
Hutu1 Hum,' Niiwi .iiniiil
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( . I-'. Ni Jhi.d
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HIikiiiii Ninv-i I'd.
.1. I. M,-luluih
Slucilll Nulls ("0.
W, I'lii-km-
TIl'llMp-llll    Itl-IIH.
Illllcl   SpdlllllKI
M. W. sliiipnin
M,   ,\l,l|.-|-HIIII
('. VV. lllll
V   I    Ml
New 111 ii'., i'
IIiimi'Iku-i 1
Kloemi City
Slooatl Crumli k
Ctiicililo Cliy
and   News   Agents   on   bouts  mid
trains out of Nelson,
(A little late for X'mas,
but in time for New
Years)���Fhuii Puddings
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Wishing you all happy
returns of the coming
New Year
Hudson's Bay Co.
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can own a home of
your own?
Loans m'1' made on the security ��f
improved Real Estate, not more than
Sixty pop cent, of the appraised cash
value being advanced,
The rule of Interest is 8J per cent
pet- niiintiii. Interest is stopped on
each SfhKI of the principal returned.
Illustration, showing the cost and
time required to pay on a J1,0(X) loan
nl, Ihe following monthly payments :
(if 1,(11U
Tlmo KiMjuli-od.    C��hI.
-in mi
ii (HI
llll IHI
Slllllll INI
llllll) IHI
iimhi iki
1000 ihi
our  monthly puyniunt
sparing off a mortgago
Yr'ri, M'tliH. liyii,
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ll.ill GO
il  to liu the   -ui'i-'i  ami oatdeHt way
Then I ���- ii)uy tio ropnld In full ��r la part
lit liliy.tilllu u illiiitil luiiimi.
Gamble A O'Reilly
BAKER St(   -    Nelson. B. 0.
Tho following are tlm prices of groom-ins, provisions,etc., as quoted by eur
liical dealers, It is the intention of
Tho Miner to havo those prices corrected every week by trustworthy dealers, so (hut residents of tho city aud
others mny he informed as to the cast
of Uyhlg in tho city:
PRjlvlo't Hungarian perWlbiaek,, l M
Lako of tho WihkIm        " .. IM
Bnow Kiiiku per so in mick   ill
Wheal por ton 82nn����loo��
limn pur ton  2H00KI22OD
lll-oilliil fci.'il pin-toil  MOOmlOO
i 'urn (oraoko
I till H
tiiiiiiiiiiii per it) tt,H	
Killl.-il imlH ili.t KIHIIiwuiK..
I lny (liuliiill pin- ton	
I 'nl li I nr   por 100  11, I	
Beets por lb	
Oapbnge per lb.	
Hill  pel   111	
Hiiiiiion (Hiiinkeiii per it	
Oyiton iplyniplanl pin- qt	
I lynlnrH IKiiMlw-ii) pur tin	
Cod pee II,
17 IKI'iMII (Ml
2D 00(490 in
104    SO
111 OO02i Ot
Halibut por tb    1210
: .111,11 j, por Hi
I'lirm rroilace.
IChkh nor (I07.      is
Butter (Creamery)      26(9
Huttor I Dairy I        2041
I 'lli'ei.e  (( '11111111 In 11)  HJ(ft
(JIiuoko  Hwlny)       204
Ham 1 \ morlpan) por iii	
Hum iCiiiiiulliio) p, |>tb	
iiiii-oii lAtnorloan; por Hi	
Iliii'on     in;,11 in in por lb       Ilia
lliieiiii li'iiilmll pur Hi       lout
itiu-iiii ilongoluar) por lb ,	
sIiiiiiIiIiiih por lb	
i.ni-ii per lb  ...
itui-f por lb       so
Mm pur lb       una    ID
voiiiporlb     ina   is
I'' ik pur lb        mjo    11
spring ciiii'kons uiioii  son so
Turku)   pur lb  200 2.)
t'ei-Mi pel-Ill  100 18
lliiclm per lb  iHaj 20
i.i'tiioim lOaltfornla) per dot     li     40
Di'.iiiiiu,. iciiiifoi-niii seedlings)     10     60
Apple" , ,  OS
i'iiiii'hI-iiiiiII ki'ooii)        08       08
Oil   01
Application Tor Liquor   License
SOI Kill, In boicliy hIvoii Unit I. the under-
lynou, 1 iiiiii 11 K. l.uiuiin,  i.ii,-ii,1 10 apply to
Ihe It I nl'   l.leele Inn   I' mi    , ,      of llll)
City of Ni-Ihiiii. II. C., iii, Ihulr niixl. hIIIIiik on
I iu llili ilny of ,ln ir,-, A. 1). 1800, for a rotall
llipiin-  lli-umc In Mill llipior by lulnll In llio
room on Wiini itroot, IiiiIiik iim luoona door
from II ier Of I In km-und Ward stroots,!
Hiu biillmngslluateaon loi,12, block 1, (.itiyi
NiiIhoii, 11, U,
,   .   , ., L , UOIIT. K. LKUUN
I i��l.-il Ul li day of Deo. X, 11., Um. NELSON DAILY MINER. TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 1%*
I    Tho !������
It Was a Hard aud la t Game aud Pleased Several Hundred
The hockey match ysterday resulted
iu  a victory for the Rossland team by
four to   one.    Although   defeated   the
Nelson club has no reason to feel   disappointed    with aits   showing   as  it
was hardly to   be   expected   that  tho
team could go on the ice with no practice whatever and defeat  tho Jtossluud
players   who  have   had ice  for  some
weeks   past. But   they did what  they
promised   to do, viz. put up  a strong
and fast game that   made the match a
decidedly rapid aud excitiug oue.   The
attendance   was largo,   the   fact   that
there was ample accommodation in the
new riuk for a big   crowd,   eucourag-
iug several huudred spectators   to turn
out.    The   sheet  of   ice is a large one
and   is   surrounded    by    walls  high
enough to keep the puck in bounds and
provide   against   anything  disastrous
resulting from body  chicking.. When
the ice becomes better and the lighting
facilities  are improved tho hockeyists
will be very well provided for.
The Rosslaud team showed the effects
of practice and they had the advau-
tage of weight on their side. Their
team play at times was good and all
their games were scored from combined rushes ou the Nelson goal. Iu
- tefttt piny SsUon """ poor and it is
to this department that the men will
have to pay particular attention in
practice. They have the spofcd aud
strength uud wheu the proper finishes
are put ou their work the team will be
able to put up a muoh better game
than yesterday's. They were slow iu
following up���except, of course those
who lingered offside���aud the sight of
one man in the enemy's quarters with
out any support was a oommou one.
For the Nelson team the men, individually did well Roll, i" goal, distinguished himself by many brilliant
stops. Tho defense work of Black-
Wood and W, Duncan was first cI-ibs,
the latter being a particularly vuluahlo
mau at cover point. Wettnore, on tlie
forward li��e, who made his first up-
pearauco with the team, played a
Bpleudid game and was responsible for
the ouly game that Nelson scored.
The other forwards played up well but
all laokod team play. Lrnhoy, El wood
and Ohestorton for Rossland, did great
The game was entirely freo from
rough work, was exciting at all stages
aud greatly pleased the spectators who
showed their appreciation by constant
The teams lined up as follows after
the usual half hour's delay l
ds. W. Galliher was chosen as
iu aud G. A. Hunter secretary,
oport of a committee appointed
nt a previous meeting to interview
prospective candidates for alderinauic
1 honors was made by Mr. Neclands.
Iu addition to those who had already
agreed to run othor names were suggested and two committees, one for
the West Ward and oue for the East
Ward, ware appointed by tho chairman to speak with the latter. The
West Ward committee consists of
Messrs. Neclands, Miller, Morris, Mc-
Arthur, Laniont; East Ward, Messrs,
Elliott, Amiable, Belamy, Korr.
A ooiiimittee on headquarters, consisting of Messrs. Neolailds, Morris
and Hunter was also appointed. This
committee lost no time in getting to
work und in an hour after the adjournment ot the meeting had concluded its
labors, selecting the premises above
The City Council meets this afternoon at !i o'clock iu regular  session.
James Neclands, brother of H. G.
Neelands, is down with typhoid fever.
Sittings of the County Court, sus
pended for the holdiays, will be resumed today.
Yesterday being a holiday there was
uo police court, and if there had been
there were no prisoners  to try.
Every voter of Nelson who iutonds
to support H. G. Neelauds for mayor
should attend the meeting to be held
in DesBrisay's old stand tonight.
D. C. McKeuzio, representing the
linns of GuHimings and Sellers and
A. H. Lougheed & Co., Toronto, is in
Nelsou ou a business trip
Goal -
- Point
Cover   ���
W. McCreery
��� M. Lahov
J. B. Elwood
C. Chesterton
T. H. Rea
W.   Davis
G. Bell
D. Blackwood
W. Duncan  -
J. Thompson \
T. Duncan
T. Oowau
M, Wetmore J
Refereo���W. W. Beaton.
Umpires���N. F. Kendall and Melville Parry.
Timekeepers���J. W. Spring and
Robert O.irley.
The game opened briskly and neither
side had auy distinct advantage at any
time during the first half. Brilliant individual runs and decidedly close
shaves on both goals kept the spectators in a constant stato of oxcitemout.
After fourteen minutes play a combined Rosslnud rush gave the puck to
Chesterton and ho was quick to avail
himself of an opportunity to score.
This was the only game scored in
this half.
Early in the socond half tho super
ior weight aud better training of the
visitors assorted themselves aud they
had tho host of it, although Nelson
scored tho first game in this half, HI
minutes being required to do the trick.
After that Rossiand put the home
team ou tho defensive aud scored three
games in three, eight and four minuted, respectively, Chesterton being
aocouutable for two und Mcllride one
of them. After the lust gamo wits
���cored thore was only two minutes
more play and nothing   exciting   hap-
{toned   during   that   time  except  the
ireaklng of a lamp glass.
The Rossland team lelt for home on
the 0.40 train.
Mr. II. G. Neelauds' campaign for
the mayoralty began last night with a
mooting of sovoral of his supporters at
the Hume Hotol. A good start was
made and as a result of the deliberations headquarters will be opened this
innruiug at DesBrisay's old stand on
Baker street. Thoy are the premises
recently fitted up by Alio Johnson us
a suloou but not now operated us mob.
The bur will bu boarded up and the
���mall rooms usud as outnmlttee rooms
and tho oilloe of the secretary of the
cumpaign committee. Homo one will
bo placed in charge of the headquarters
from early moriiiug until lute iu tho
eveniug   u itil   olectiou day.
This evening the first geuernl meet
iug of Mr. Nnelsntl's supporters will
be held. Several uuuins of desirable
candidates for aldermen will bo placed
before the meeting and three in each
ward selected by ballot. It is do sired
that everyone friendly to the eaudiduey
of Mr. Noelands bo present nt the
meeting and those also who are interested iu seeing a good aldermunio
ticket placed in the field. With a
largely attended and representative
meeting it is recognized that Ihe best
men will bo seleoted and this is tho
end those most interestoii havo in
The mooting held last night was attended by  about   80  friend)  of  Mr.
Mr. H. Macdonell, contracting
freight agent for the C. P. R. left last
night on one of bis periodical business
trips through the Bouudary couutry.
The very dangerous stute of some
of the side walks was partially alleviated yesterday morning by the putting
dowu of sawdust on the most slippery
Mr. Soady, prinoipal of the Nelson
Public Schools, will he glad if the
boys who have promised to help him
in gottiug the SOnool room ready, will
turn up at 2 p. Hi. today.
Mr. G. F. Motim, who has acquired Mallette ic Co. 's, business,
speut yesterday in putting his new
premises to rights and will be ready
for all comors in the morning.
A reduction of $;J. bt) iu the fare over
the 0. P. R. between Nelsou and Victoria and Nanaimo, i-nnio into force
yesterday. These cities are now common points with Vancouver.
The school starts again tomorrow,
Wednesday, at I) :80. New sea s,
capable of seating 114 children have
arrived during the vacatiou, so there
will be amplo seating arcomniodatiou.
A gentleman staying at tlie Hume
Hotel last night lost an otter gauiulet
between the Hotel aud Teetzel's drug
store. To auyone leaving the lost ar
tide at the Humo a suitable reward
will bo paid.
There will be a conversasrioue this
evening in the Nelson School House
nt 7 p. m. under the management of
tho teachers of Nelson. Music will bo
rendered and light refreshments
served.    Everybody is welcome.
The Post Office presented a very unwonted aspect yesterday Mr. Migli-
ton's lease has terminated, Ira stock
was removed and the shelves were
bare. He does not intend to go into
the retail business elsewhere.
The change in the schedule of the
Nelsou & Fort Shcppnrd train service
comes into force today. Henceforth,
the train will leave the lowi r station at II :-lo a. m. and the upper station nt 10:45 a. in., couuoetiug at
Five Mile Point, with tho Kaslo
boats at 10 lOB, a. m.
Mrs. J. E. A. Armstrong entertained
a uuniber of friends at her residence
on Saturday night. The party assembled to bid the old year farewell and
to give tho new comer a hearty welcome. A guild programme of music and
games was enjoyed as thoroughly us
was the sumptuous supper provided for
the occasion.
A Tent of the Maccabees will be
Instituted next Friday evening iu the
Knights of Pythias Hall. All Sir
Knights now belonging to the order
ure cordially invited to give their
names to the organizer and become
member! of the new lodge. Further
Information may bo secured ut the
I Ilium Hotel, Room 40.
Any'pemon having information as to
tho Whereabout 1 of the relatives of
Henry Gratton, who died in Cascade
last week, will confer a favor by communication with McDonald & Flood,
proprietors of the Grand Central Hotel, Cascade, B. 0. Deceased was a
Frenchman aud a carpenter by trade
having formerly worked in New Denver und other Bloeun towns. It is
supposed that he had an uncle in Montana.
and six hands round���who evor needed
money  in conducting   a   newspaper?
Kind   words   are the medium of   exchange that do  business for the editor
���kind words and church social   tickets.    Wheu  you   see   an   editor with
money, watch him.   He'll   be  paying
his bills and disgracing the profession.
Never givo money to an editor.    Make
him trade it out.    he likes   to  swap.
Then   when   you   die,    after   having
stood around for years and sneered   at
the editor and his little jim   crow paper, be sure   uud have your wife  send
for three extra copies   by   oue of your
weeping children aud when she   rends
the    generous  aud    touching   notice
about you, forewarn her uot to send lu
cents   to   the    editoi.     Money   is  n
corrupting thing.    The   oditor  knows
it and what he wants is your heartfelt
thanks.    Then he cnu thank the printers aud they can   thank   the   grocers.
Take your job   work   to the job   office
and then come   and   ask for half rates
for church   notices.    Got   your  lodge
letter heads and stationery printing out
of towu,   und   then   flood  the  editoi
with beautiful thoughts  in resolutions
of respect and cards   of thauks.    They
make   such  spicy   reading, and when
you pick it up filled   with such   glowing and vivid mortuary   articles,   you
are so   proud   of   your   little local paper,
But money���scorn the filthy thing I
Don't let the pure innocent editor
know anything about it. Keep that
for sordid trades people who charge
for their wares. The editor gives
his bounty away. The Lord loves a
cheerful giver. He'll take care of the
editor Don't worry about the editor.
He has a charter from the state to
act as a door mat for the community.
He will get the paper out somehow,
and stand up for the town and whoop
it up for you when yon run for office,
and lie about your pigeou-toed daughter's tacky wedding and blow about
your big-footed sons when they get a
$4 a-woek job,   and   weep   over  your
To  Every Onel
��- Cottage in good locality $14.  -
^ Shack      -      -      -      -    *6.
"It takes money to run a newspaper."
What an exaggeration; what a
whopper. It has been disproved u
thousand times; it is a clear ease of
airy fancy. It doesn't take money to
run a newspaper. It can run without
money. It is uot a business venture.
It is "a charitable institution, a begging concern, a highway robbery. II.
Godfoiy, a newspaper is a child of the
air, creature of a dream. It can go on
and on and on, when any other
concern would be in the hands of a receiver, and wound up with oob webs
in the window.
It takes wind to run a paper; it
takes gall to run a newspaper. It
takes a SOlllHltttinH acrobatic imagination, ami half a dozen white shirts
and a ruilroad pass lo run a newspaper,   But  money���heaven    te  Betsy
snriveien sout iviiuii ii. IH reWWefl Irnm
your grasping body, nlid smile at your
giddy wire's second   marriage.    Don't
worry about the editor, he'll   get   on
The Lord knows how,   but  somehow
���Emporia Gazette,
SomcpeopIcthink that a Hardware
store is a poor place to look foi-suitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will he found the most useful and appropriate articles for presentation pur-
pones. Their value is not, fleeting.
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment iu selecting n lasting gift.
Importers of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware,
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
��� I in lllr.Hnxl  IKnli rn In Iqnlp.iirnl.
ii Miir Heaviest Railed Line.
II hiii a iiiti-k liiilliittl Bon.ll.i .1.
II I'roHHfN No Hand llf-nnrrlM.
II Iii lltr only Line  Kuoiilni   Luxnrlit m
i lei.  ii,i,ii,. i��u.
II In Nolrd for Ihr 1 onrir.j ��r li* Employe.
II In the Only Llnr Serving Mini*  ou
��� iH lllllr   I'lnii.
Attractive Tours during Season ol
Navigation on Great Dakes via Duluth in
connection with Mngiillloent Passengei
Sliiuiiei ii Northwest und Nm Ibhunl.
Kor in iiim. I I'-li (in imii eiiii i i'Ii-1 (i liiriiiiiiulli.il
null on or iiililn-iiii Agent c, li. ,v :i. By,, 'UK
S. Nuv. Do., N & K. 8. Hy., or
II. A. JAI'KHON General Agent
Hltilklliir,   W��
r. I. wini\i %. 41. r. A T. A���
M l-.i.il. m,.��
NiiiiiT uf ,\|i|iliriitiuii for liii|iiui' License.
Take nottoe that I, ttobort (Prey, will apply
In I lie I lul'l riilnllli . llllllOr   lit   VVoHl.   I. niili'lnl),
11, tl,. thirl.)- days after ilutn, for n llnotiHo to
mill li'imie In   retail at my hotel, located ut
M,milium Milling, ill \\ e ,1  k in.leii ", ill>itrlot.
tlOBEtVT I'ltKY.
I'" i eii ut -;el��� ii ii. n. ('., Ill i-i null dnr at De
Miinl.ur, I HUH.
MUSIC   l.KSSONH. -  On   iiluiiii   organ    01
guitar, by Mm. vv. j. ahiidv, itotwon street
I wu doom wind, of Stanley.   P. 0. ltux IN,
WANTED  A position as rnananir und book
keeper for nn hotel,    llux Inul good experience
mni nm idvo kooiI roforenooj.   Apply Miner
Aberdeen Block
Thanking our many customers for
their liberal patronage during the
year 1898, and asking for a continuance of the same during the year
1899, we wish you one and all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year.
g^ 1 House
W- 1 House
E 1   House
10 Rooms
S Rooms
7 Rooms
ii Ronnie
5 Rooms
B       SEE ANNABLE       |
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowe? Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated |S*>.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Heed Office: Halifax, Neva icetla.
Miillliinil. N. R.
Moncten, N. B.
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, Went Kid
Montreal, West mount
Nanaimo, 11. C.
NelHon, B. C.
Newcastle, N. B.
I'l.'.iH, N. a.
Peel Huwlmbury, N. 8.
lto ' I,mil, B. C.
Bnckvlllo, N. B.
Sliillielmc.iille. N,8.
Siiinmerni(li), P. K. I.
Sydney X. S,
Si. John. Ndd.
Truro, N. H.
Vancouver. B. O.
Vancouver, Bunt End
���Victoria. B. CI.
Weymouth, N. s.
Woodstock, N. 11.
Ymir, B. C.
AnliKnnii.il, N %.
iimlinrsi, N. h.
Ilrldgcwa'er, N. 8.
(lharloltetown, P. B. I.
I lorchedter, N. B.
icrcderioton, N. B,
(lii)uti(iro, N. 8.
(I nn nl Korku, B. C,
Halifax. N. 8.
KiiiKHton, N. B.
Londonderry, N. e.
I.uneaberg, N, 8.
General Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
���nel Seld, Ls'.crs ef Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
\ccounts received on the in ������'favoralilr terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits 'ml on Having Bunk accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Ressland, Vancouver, Vancouver East Eml,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Miivim/i Bank doeartment has been r ,|ulili l-.cil in connection with the NeNon brunch of
thin bank. T>upoh1|n of one dollar and uuwardn received, and current rale of InlercHt allowed.
nt ureHont 3 per cunt, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
^ARTHUR R. 5HERW00D... 1
21 Seal Estate ana Insurance Agent.                        Z2
^ Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash.
�� The Birkbeck Investment, Security 3
| and Savings Co.                I
X^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and   3
^j 8 years by monthly instalments.                              j^
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co.
$6.25 Delivered to any
part of the city.
WANTKII-'-An Intelllglht boy tomudy law.
A|l|)lr to li.lIliil* l.unnle. .nll.ilu.rii, nl.i., Nel-
���on, 11. 0.
Charles St.  Barbe,   Agent,
Office with Charles A. Waterman & Co., where
���rdaw will b* r��ceiv��d.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   us.
B. C.
West Kootenaj Valley, B. O., on  litie
of C.N. P. Hy., and
Nelsou & Bedlington Hy., now  under
Information regarding Sirdar may
be had of GEO. M'PABLAND, Agent,
Nelson, or from
Sirdar Townsite Co.,
(AIMM. MFIME., M Min. Assoc Ooriwiu.1
Opposite Phalr Hotol,
Extended cxperionoo In Chllo und Oermai
South Africa. A;.'.;iy:. nnd analr8li of ore
Reports and valuation, on mineral prepertle.
i'"ili-i-i'niiiinl i.iievnjliiKniid nine 91am kept
lip liy cniill-not.
If not, kindly notify us, and
we will call for and have them
promptly attended to. Satisfaction guaranteed or money
Patenaude Bros.
Vfr.l ..r B. ��f B. I.
or   West   Kootinay  Iuhiiik iWnaua
I'luiM ItliAii l.Mta ��nii iiait A   MIL! raoM
iiik i; Ainu Thau.
TAKE notice that I, Wilfrid Francln Hreug-
linin,    K,  M. ��'. No.  JIM,   aijont  for Cbarlee
I-'ink ley Miiiimiiii,.. I' M. ('. No. ikioa, In.
I mni, 'i.i > <lii)', from tlie (Into hereof, to apply
to the Mining- Hei-oi-der for a Certificate of lm
in-ovi-mi-iii < for Ihr purpono of obtaining a
('town Grant of the ntiove claim.
And furthur Inko notice that action, under
, i ,1;, nm t  lie i-oiiiiiirnced before ho ln>
M  ni. e Of Klicll (llirlilll'lltl- ()f  11111-1 < IV r J.i.-l ill H.
Dated thlu loth day of lii-c.einber. 18118.
W. V. Iil'.i ili'illlAM.
riiriicn (ik ICmii.anii   Matin  11a.m.; Grvn
HiniK. 7.i'0 ii.m. every Bundar,  Holy Ooniniun
Ion iiii lit nnd llrd Bunaftyfl tn the month nftei
M.iilim; on '2nd and 4th SundnyH, al. I a.iu
Sunday School at 9,80J).DJ.    Unv.  U.S. Ako-
hiiri-l. Itocliir.   Cor Ward nnd Sllloa Htroetv.
I'm Hiiv'i'KKIAN I'lii'iuii Horvhieiiat 11 a.m.
nnd 7.110 |i.m. Hiinilu)- Hi-lionl at 't mi p.m.
l'niyor uikiiIIiik Thurnday evunlng at I p.m.j
'   1.1 el leu  MudtlllVOr Society lllieli, I'ViilJ    Mm,
day ovunlug at II u'olocV, ltov. It. Vrew,
Mkiiiiiihkt OnURCIl Corner Sllloa and
Jonepntne BtreeU,  BerrioHftt na.m. and 7,30
11. in. I Siililiiilh Hchool, 2.110ii.m.: I'rayer meat-
in,���,, 11 I'leiii) evening at t odouk; Dpwortii
1,1-iiKiioC, HI., T' ilni hi 1:11 in.      Iter, Jeha
ItnliiKiii. I'liHtor,
i'atikii.iii O.HOROH- Miikh   at  Nelmin, Ur��l
mni II1I11I Sunday nl Hand 10.01)a.m.; I nil.
linn ul 7.IHI to 8 |i,in, ltov. Fiilhor I'm Inn,I
llAi-riHT Cinilicii - iiei'. Ii eii iiiuiiil.K an<
cviMilnKiitllii.iii.iuid7.SII |i ni . i-iiiiei   ni.it
ini' .\ eilni" .Ini evening at 8 l    [he ll.   V
P, U. Moiidny I'M'iiiiu' ni 8 o'clock, Blrangcri
cordially welcomed.   Iter, C. W. Hone, l'a.tor
: ii vi iiiik Aimv���Borvlo ��� every evealnr
at 8 o'clock In barra.okHOB Tlolnrla nnii.
Adlutant Mlllnor la charge.
Subscribe for The Ml��W NELSON DAILY MINER TUESDAY, JANUARY 3. '899-
total since Deo, 10, 1898, 888}$ Ions.
Total from Bilverton wharf for 1898 is
reported at 1067^ tons; from the Bosun wharf two miles north of Silver-
toii, IKi-l'o ; from Enterprise wharf, six
���___-_.._,-... W miles south of Stive-ton, 100 tons.
Kill) T NAY t These flgnres will, then) is not tlm
iivuiiiiuii   ��� slightest rloulit, he   much   larger iliir-
Mining Stock Quotations.
omplled hy If. 0. MoOullooh, mining brok-
Nolson, li. C. l". 0. box ltl5.|
ing 1899 than tliey were in 1808.
The mnobinery for the Oomstook concentrator has nrrived here and is being
taken up to the works.
Name of Company Value.
Nelson, Slocan nnd Ainnwori.li
American Hoy 10tl
Al liiiliui.cn KX.)
Arlington Con 1 ou
Dundee I no
Dardanelles 1 tw
Dellle 1 iki
Klsio 100
F.xclicuuur 100
Fern O. M. Co   25
Gibson 1 50
Hall Mines  ��1
Idler 100
London Hill  25
Nelson-Poorman   25
Kii-.lo Montezuma  1 00
Noble Five 100
Rambler Con  loo
Keco 100
Slocitn Stur  ,  ..   .'ill
Two Friends    30
Wonderful  100
Washington 100
Truil Creek
Butte 100
Caledonia Con   ��� ��� ��� 1 00
Commander. 1 oo
Deer Park 100
Enterprise  l 00
Eureka Consolidated 1 00
Evening Stur   1 00
Georgia 100
Good llnpo 100
Grand Prize    1 00
Giant 100
High Ore 100
Iron Musk 100
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo 100
Lily May ji 00
may dower, toO
Mcnila 100
Monte Orlsto 100
Mugwump 1 oo
Novelty 100
Phoenix 100
roornuin 1 00
Red Mountain View 100'
RoBsland 1 lomestake 1 oo
Kossliiuii Ked Mountain 1 00
Bllverlne 100
Silver Bell  100
St. Khno 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph l 00
War Eagle Con  100
West Le Koi Josie 100
White Bear loo
lphaBell 100
Cariboo ICampMoKl 100
Waterloo (Camp McKl 100
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Chiinne      25
Gulden Cache 1 00
Ooo. M. & M.Co 100
Old Ironsides 100
Smuggler   loo
Tin Horn    25
Van Anda 100
Winchester   25
Fire Mountain 100
1 20
1 25
The Pliuir���II. J, Pennon, Mrs. W.
D. Moore, Mrs. Wilinot anil .1. E
Jackson, Spokane; J. R, Mendenhn.il,
The Hume���Miss MoTaggnrt, B.
Moore, J, Hislop, Knslo;0, A. Wine,
Oroi D MoLeod, Brooklyn; P. S3.
Wright, Vinii-oiiver.
JJ The t^iieuus���H. G. Goodeve, Winnipeg i G   B, Dean, Bnndon.
Mill!   Hip !  Illll'l'illl!
Why are Canadians invariably sue
cesstul when they no abroad? Are we
to deny some credit to onr hardening
winters that brace up mind and body
and iiive a man heart for event enterprises? No apple is of much account,
that has not had the lioarlireath of the
north blown over it while yet it lingered on   the hough.    It   is much   the
j same with men. The Northerner opposed to the Southerner generally wins,
So a health to the good   old   Canadian
, winter.���Victoria Daily Times.
1 25
Heterologlcal Iti'iniri,
(Observations taken by A. H. Holdicb.
Dec 27 Tuesday 33.0 15.0 0.10 27.50
Dec 28 Wed'day 25.0 46.0 0.00 27.80
Dec "!9 Thursday 27.0 18.0 0.00 27.85
Dec 30 Friday 25.0 14.0 0.00 28.00
Dec 31 .Saturday 18.0    ' 15.0 0.05 28.110
Jun   1 Sunday 2(1.0 -   15 0 0.20._ 27.00
Dec 28 Monday 22 0 17.0 0.58 27.50
Loudon, Jau. 2. ���Bar silver, quiet;
27 6-18. per ounce.
* *   #
Tlie Nelson aud Kootenay Copper
Syndicate havo had an option on the
Magnolia and Oopperopolis mineral
claims for the past SO days and now
the bond has been signed and the first
payment made, The next paynwnt is
due in DO days. The exact price
has uot transpired but is in the neighborhood of 105,000,
These claims, which belong to George
Bitter, form an extension of the Big
Copper, the show mine of Copper
Camp, about seven miles west of
Greenwood City. There is au enormous ledge, of hematite of oopper oxide
on the property, in u porphry and lime
formation, anil enough work has been
dune to ensure u Crown grant whan
Hplicil for, The ore carries 10 per cent
copper, small values in gold, and a little silver. Mr. H. Brehch, the syndicate's representative in this country,is
now iu Greenwood City, and is sotting a force of men to work.
* #   *
Mr. J. E, Mitchell, manager of the
Charleston Mining Company, has arrived In tho city froni Winnipeg,
where lin has been spending the last
live weeks, on route for the mine. He
intends to put a force of live or six
men Immediately to work on the Keystone, one of the chums in Ihe Charles-
Ion grunt). This group is the uotheru
extension of three well known White
water minus, though it is not ou the
same lead. Considerable work has
already been done on  the property,
anil it is intended to prosecute development work Steadily all the winter.
The 00111 puny has plenty ,if money
in the treasury, and all, or nearly all,
the stuck is held in Winnipeg.
* #   #
Development on the Wakefield mine
on four Mile Creek near Silverton is
being pushed in a systematic and comprehensive way. and aboul 46 men arc
ke|)t Ituadily at work. The ore is a
high grade galena, and shipments are
being regularly made.
Work on tlm Monument group has
been suspended fur the winter, the
men refusing to work owing to the
great danger from snowsliiles, that ex
ists there. There iH no truth in the re-
port, which has been widely circulated,
that Mr, Henry Orousdaile has thrown
up the bond which he hail takeu on
the property.
��   ��   ��
A big strike was made the other
day on Ihe Pathfinder chum, which is
located aboul   three   miles  from  Ni-
again. The owners expect to have
a gang nf millet's ut work shortly, and
thorough development will be prosecuted.���Ousoude    Record,
* ���  *
Says the Kosslanil Record! There
are some Interesting feature concerning the local mining stuck niltrkol
during the yeai- jus! closing. The
first of this year War Bkigle shares
were 00 cents,   six mouths ago  they
were   13,00     anil    today    Uli.OtJ,     Iron
Mask I'm' Ihe same period was llll and
Hii and (1, Virginia has iiilvanceil lor
the firit six months from III cents to
44, ami the last held its own, with a
recent  file   of two   n-iils.     A year ago
Deer Park stook was quoted nt iu;u
cents, and six mouths back al, Jll)g
Oeutl,    It   is   now   SO cents.     Dundee
��� has declined from iii cents to SO,
Monte Clirislo from HI six mouths ago
to   Hi',,   now,   and   Iron   Colt,   from
January i, ihuh, to Jannnry I, ihihi,
has fallen from hi to io��� ^ cents.
* ���  #
Recent ore shipments from Bllverton
Hie uh follows: Dec. 10, I HUH, to Dec
SO, IIUH'U Ions ; Since Dec. W, Vancouver , ot) i Wakefield) w \ total 80; grand
Waldemar   Wallach &  Co.
P. O. Box 724, Rossland, B. C.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Tourist Oars pass Revelstoke daily
to >Sl. Paul; Mondays for Toronti.i
Thursdays for Montreal and Boston;
Fridays tor St. Join . N. li.
To K OB si (iu d and  Main  Lino pr!ht>
MOp.m.-Leavw���NELSON���Arrlvos-10.3Jp \\\
KiMitrmi.v Lflke- kii**ln Itmitc
Except Suuday, Ifixoopt 8und iv
i  p.m.���LoavoB���NELSON���Arrives���U  fc.nc
Koolonny River Itoute.
8tr. MOYIBi
Mon��� Wed., Prl, MonM Wed., Ki
7 ft.m.���Ijeaves���NELSON���ArnvoH���6,30  v ��'���
Miikcs oomiootloii at Pilot Bay with sir, k,
Ltanee in imih dlrootlons.
BLeameraon [heir reftpeottve routea cal   nt
pvluolpal Landings in nnth directions an     I
other points whon signalled���
Trains  lo anil ftwiU   tMoctlll City, mi   <l
mni Blocnil   l.n U*'  I'oliiU.
(Sundays Excepted)
U ;i. in.- Leaves���N ELdON���Arrives- -3.20 p. m,
��� Ascertain Rates
and full Information   by  addressing neuroi i
lotiiil agenti Oil) 'Ilokol Agont, Nolson, or
John HAMILTON, Agont,Nelto
Tiav. Pom. Agent*!      DlaU Push. AgOT.t
Nelson Viuiconv 11
WHEN.. .
t'ne ii 'irst qIobs lino In traveling botwoon
Mlnnoapollsi Bt. Paul and OhToiujo, nmi
ih.- principal towns In Central VVTioonnlit
Pullman PaIaoo Bloepuig and Ohalr Can
Tlie DiningCtiruriri1 operated in the Interest o(
Iu patrons, tin- most cli'K'wii sorvioe over
Inauguratedi   Meal* aro served n in i iirij*.
To obtain Urol olaafl Borvtou your ticket should
ruiul viii .....
���:���     THB WISCONSIN     *
:���     ChNTRAL LINtS     +
Direct oonnootloiMnl Ohloagoand MUwaukofl
for all hjtinturii points,       .       ,       ,
Koc run Information oallon ymir noarost t.ioke'
llKi-Ill, (ir wrjli) , , ,
JAH. A. ('MICK, Or JAS, O,  I'dNK,
Ul-ncml A|(e;il. (Irneciil Pan-*. AkciiI
-ill! si.hi, sirccl, MllwttUkoo,
Portland  Ore,
TAKE NOTIC1S tlinl I, V. 0, Rook-
HIT, will   apply In Hie Cold   < 'iiinmis-
Istoiier of Wosl Kootonny, li. <',, thirty
I dll.VH iil'lef iliilc,  for   ll    liceliHe    In   Hell
ilii|tiiii- liv relitil in in.v lieiel, liiciited nt
fc)irdar, 18 milos troni   Kuskonook,   in
tlie Wosl Kiiiiieniiv dislriot
Haleil nl   Nelsnn,   li.  0,,  Hum lllll illlV
Of Dec,  1808.
Will   ESTATE   AMI   INMKIMi.   Ii.m
.-llll Mil  TO LO �� Si *T li PKIt IKSiT.
,l\ll DI'WAB    -
i-i:m au: imi iiihimm 11 mis.
Valuable Baler Street and other ex-
collenl property for aale.
oniee i iii-u. -i -i:���.( id, niork. .Vel.on, it. <:
CD. J.Christie j
A   11 Ruoined and a -1 Roomed  ���
House. i
���44-4-f ��������� ������������������ ��������������������� ���*�����������
| * NELSON CAFE  # |
|     OYSTER HOUSE,     t
������������������mimtWHmwJ' I The   Dominion   Permanent
t Short Order Meals
I At Any Time���Day
T or Night.
J     'I he tiest Cook.
> The Best Attention.
��� i he Best Meals.
I Y. HOSHI        - Proprietor.
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Advance   money   at  terms   to J
suit borrower. ���
O.D.J. Christie,   Agent i
Fancy Dre.su Goods at Reduced Prices.
Mrs.  McLaughlin's,
.lorri'.iM: ST. KELSO*
NOT1CK in licicby Klven that an application
will bi! niiide to the I'urlidiiient of (iiinmla, (it
tho next session ilii-reof, for nn net, to Inoor*
liorate a oompany to oonstruot, inuliiUiin mid
oporaton linoorilnesof tolographIn the Districted Yiiiuiuul KnHt nnd west Kootenay, in
tin-. Provtnoo of British Columbia, and to make
nonneotion with the lino or lines of nny lolo*
irraph company In tho United istntc. of Amort*
mi, or -.villi any telegraph   or trlcphono com-
puny which Ih now or hereafter mar ho empowered to carry on business in tho dutrlots in
question, oi- In any other portion of iho Province of Biitinh Columbia, with power to ��ell
in- lease the oon)Pany's line or lines to nny suon
compai y or lo atnnlgamato the undortnklnK
of the oompany with thnt. of nny other such
'���"iiipiiny or oompanies, or to onter into nny
and nil Buoli oontraots, affroomentsor arrange-
montsfor Iho transmlsilnn nnd oxohiingo of
mes^agosand dlHtrliiution of ratos nf ohargo
with nny othdi- Milch oompany or (-(iinpiiliii-N ns
may bo doomed aooessary or expodlont for the
purposes of the oompany unto tie incorporated
;i- afore nld.
tinted lit Vletolill, II. ('., tho ICInl  of llecelll-
bur, ih:i8.
llilDW'HI.I. fi UVFV,
Holli.ltoi-H fur tho Applicants
0:20 a.m.���Train leaves N. & F. S.
station for Rossland, .Spokane and way points daily.
7:15 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
7:30 a.m.���S. S. Alberta leaves for
Knskonook and way points
Tuesday, Thursday und
8:00 a.m.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g and way point.'.
Monday, Wednesday and
0:00 a.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station for Slocan City, daily
except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���S. S. Koknnee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday,
2:20 p.m.��� Train arrives C. P. R. station, from Slocan City and
way points, daily, except
4:00 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves foi
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday.
4:30 p.m.���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo aud way points,
daily except Sunday.
5:35 p.m.���Train arrives N, & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
0:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and w.-ij
points, Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays.
(1:30 p.m.���S. S. Alberta arrives from
Kuskonook.-ind wav points
Tuesday, Thursday and
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves C. P. R. sla
ticii forRobson.Rosslaud,
and all Main Line points,
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. It. station, from all Main Line
points, Rossland and Uoli
son, daily
Steam tiifrs Kaslo, Augerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and otln-i-
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nel
son, hut have no regular times of or
rival and departure,
Transportation Companies nre requested n
Kivc notice to tho Miner of nny alterations Ih
tlie time of urlval and departure .from Nelson
I   Noiice Is hereby given thai the undorslgnod
will, after i li.  expiration of thirl} days from
i iliiu.i.it���-. apply in ihe Honi'il <>f Licensing Coin-
mlsi.|i mi-is fin- lie- In.v nl' \i-t< iii ill I hell- next
silt inn On i cell ir, for I he ki hi Inn to lilin of a
II ., in neii Hounis by i-i'inii iiii ihe pionilioi
known ns lliti Viotartn llii'-l unit slinnted on
lol., 7 nnd K in liliicl; l.'i on I lie -mil Ii side of Vie.
torlaslrool In lln snidt llj ill Ni-l-nn,
Haled nl, Nelson, II. ('., thlsOthdny of Denon
her, isns. ��5
NELSON i.oDok, No. an. A. r. HA.
M. meets second Wednesday In (inch
month.   Vlisit.ing In i-i In --ii Inrluid.
(1.   I..  I.KNNIIX, l'n,-:tl��r).
I.  (I.  0.   f,     Koolen��r  I/kI .
No. 10, tni-i-1,1 ,vri7 MiiinViy ini,.).  .
at   I licit   Wall,   Koolfiuay  ���i--ri,i
���InnriilMK (lllll KolloWi . i.rili illj   iBVlkud.
A. II. Olomants, N.Q.       Krud J Wqelm, ice.y
NKLHilNH   qiJKBN    No,   Sil
ENOLAND,  mcois
HON* '  OK
neeond nnd font-Ill Wednnydiil' uf
K.of I'. Hi, II. dm
Steamship Linos
Proin St John
Allan l.lnu- Parlslni Ian.  "
Allan Line���Parisian  Ian.11
Prom Halifax
Allan Line���Parisian Jan. u
From Portland
Allan Line���Laurunllan Jan. 21
Ki-oin New York
White Sim- Lino Jan. 11
While star l.lno Ian   It-
Canard Une-Auranla Ian, "
rmuii'il Line   l.'ioliiia Inii.il
Aiii-linr Line-K'n-iii'sHla Inn. II
Anchor Line   UthlOPla Inn.'>
Aniei-lcnn Line   rtl.l'nul  Jan, I1
Allan Lino  Btato Nehrnska Ian. m
Cabin, si.'i.iki. jf.iii, Ibu, ��7n (BOand upwards,
inioi'inediate, i3S.m)oii'l upwards
BtOOrnKOi S'^2..rill and np\Mil'dH.
Passontfers Uokotod i lii-nuuli to all polnu. I'i
Qrent Hi-itnin oi- Ireland, and at special) v low
rates to all parts of the ICuroiieanoontlieiil.
Prepaid passagosarrangod from nil point)
Apply to O l'. It. City ticket Agent. Nolson,
oi- to
DM)  Ooneral Agent, O.P.lt, ClfHees, mnnlpog
8 Unfinished Worsted Coats
(t tn wvnv wiih odd trousers is the
8 ciirii el. thing this season.
m And   wli.it   is  (-(iircct,   can   he
n Found here at any time.    We
B have a large stuck of clothing,
n lint we (lim't Keep il  lciifr.   The
f. iu-i-ivals of   this  week   will he
(f gone  by  next.     The  style  and
S cut of the gar ots catches the
�� eve .-mil the quality of tho goods
91 the judgment, and makes otts-
n tonierB of all who come to see.
V  0. STORB.
Groceries ai)d Crockery
'S^flCISll/iJ   To our many Customers for  their   Liberal
I i SO IE A3   Patronage for the Past Year; Wishing you
all a Bright and Prosperous New Year.
Groceries and   Crockery.
Ainas is uver
The New Year Has Come-
There may lie something yon have
forgotten,    Perhaps  we  have  it.
('(line and see.
VV. F. TEETZEL & CO. Nelson, B. C,
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager j .,r.   - ���,. .    _
S. S. Fowler, E. M., , INbLSON,  B. C.
Mining Engineer J                                8fl3
$(i.75   PEK   TON,   DELIVERolD
Orders   received   at   Frank    Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay  and   Baker  Streets.
General Agent
CAl'ITAn PAID UP   -  (8,000,000. REST,  ���  $1,200,000,
II. S. ROWLAND, President, T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President
St. Onthttrlnes.
Kii((ii mouth nt -.
^       jjj  iiuiitiid Block) oor. Vui-iioii an.
*--:$-?~��!0/   Josopliiiifl Hii-ui'tM.   TUluug broth*
roil lucdt.ill) ilivltcd.
Cam, H. I--.IIUIIH-.
COt'll'I'KtitiTIONAY. t.OiP., NO.BlUjMUU
l.i mid :ii-d \\'o(lii(>H(liiy ii, i'im-Ii iiiuuih in tlm
li of I' Hull. F VV Hwiuioll, (J, ll. i*. V. K.| 1 R
(li'iii)ii.(!.ll.: J. rurkldri.Hvoj-.
NELSON liOlldK, NO. 10 A.O.U.W., moi-tH
ii.-ri-y 'I'liiii'Mlny In lln- l.ll.O.K. Iiiill. H 0
W Illl.'iiim. M.W.:   VV  HHinllli, lU'O.Hi'o.jJ. ,1.
Ilrim-nll, l-'in -ii-i .  I-'. J :l,|un���.  It, , rl.nr, aud
I'  M. W.
NtGIiSON L.O.Ij, No. IW niootiilii tlm Mao
luiiinlil liliick i 'dry 'IIiiiiwIii.v I'VenliiK id. II
(i'cIik l< Vlhltliik Kiiiinlici'rt cocdiiilly liivlti'il.
John I'ovo. W. SI| R J. Ilradliiy. It. H.
SKI,; (IV    I.OIIMK   No. US, K. ol   V.
(inn-.Mm  III Cic.il"  llllll,  Mclliiiinlilliliii'k
.]rj"\-ery   TuaMoAy   QVOffltlg ��t   a n'clunk.
7.MI v-IhIi 1>ik luiiKlit-  (-(irilliillr Invllcd.
it. a. Jdv.c. 0,
(H'Ail Oltii. Iliiaa It. of ll. and 8.
NKI.SON lidlMIK, I. 0, 0. T. Mrn-tH In
fJit-.Mii Hull,   Mclldiiiild  lllook,  nviiry Mnlidii)1
I'VI-llllIK   III. H   OOlOOk.     VIhIHmk  T"in|,l;, I .  	
diully Invlti-il, JiniN 'I'Ki.riiHD,
chiof Tomplftr.
J. b'. Jaooowou   bi-uy
General Teamsters.
ipiti (i. ou gp.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
I). It. Wll.lvIE, (Jeneiiil Manager,     K. HAY. Inspector.
iiriiiiiiii-K 111 outnrloi
RlMISX Nmiiaiia  !'\u,i.h ITOBONTO, 81  Wol'gtOD   81,  K. I Ht, Oatiiaiunii
I'l.HliUH Poll I t'lll.ll-'KM.; . ....   v. 0   .. Hi"   'I'll,,M ill
ll.ll.-l- KATl'i.KIAIH.: I ll" ' '"-^ ��nW * ��""'���'��     V\'i. II ANI*
Iniihiikiii.i. s,u-i,-i s-i-k. maiiik     I      do       Oor. Ynnnii & Uloor.l WooDITOOR
iii-iiiii-iii��in i|in ini-, liiuiiiiiiiii, NorlbwoKl TcrrltorlM un<l iiriiiHii i'oIiiuii.ih.
WlvMI'KII,   Mild. I      PoimtlB I,A I'llAIHIK. Mllll. I  IlKANIMIN, Mllll.
t'Al.llAHV.  AII1I11. Pl'INOIC At.tlUHT, Sllall, lOiMilNTON.        All)ta
NKLSON,  II. ('. Ilia I-.I.HIOKB, 11. 0.
Killing iimli Dapnrlinont -Oapoaltt of II mid tfpwiirds rorelvod uml Intoreil allowed
AgoiitH hi Uroiil lirii.iin   l.idid-,. iiiiiiU. 1,1,1., fij Lombard utroot, London, with whom money
 y no in poalloil 1 "i- tiiii^iiT ti\ lottor or cable to nny o! thoaboTooninoboa.
Lni turn of Urcdll Imuadon slnnka Coioaieralai Co, payable ut Ht, MiohaDl'a   \in-i.u  and
D-ilvsiiii I'lty. '
in-iifiH sold, iivniiiiiiii'iit nil pntnti iii Canada, United States and Europe.
Monay lli-ili-i-K ih-.iii-.il tmyiiblo nl nny llnnk In C.iiiudii.   HiitiiB-Undm- $10, 80I *10 to U0 lOei
m In 180, ISO! 180 lo |A0, I lo, *        ' *    w *   '  uo'
J. M. LAY, Manager.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sty
Tolophouo   UU.
The Great
Prom 1 he  nmnufftbturer
to Hie icliiilei- ilii-et't,
 utiH oloie  pi'iueH   Hud
|icl'.Mindl ieN|n)iiniliility,
nyiiiK  I'l'imi   tlip  niiiiiiihic-
itiii-i- in- maker of goodi
IIIUIIIIB eveiylliiiiK  to tlie
liuraliiiMi1, fur It m in It-
Hi'lf 1111 liiKiitnnce tigaltllt
Infmior Groodi and JCxor-
liil.niil I'liei'H, wliile tlm
eilNloinei- i-riiiiH tho Iui-
ineilinte lienelll,
oly Hi,.el;.,I',li'ivelt-y, Itinp,. lit- ,.(-,,.-., Sen.'l'   l'|���s,   LorgnottM,  Loilketl,
Neeklel.'., '.cutlet in \ khI OIiiiIiih, WnlelieH, ('IiicIin, Sleilinu'Nilver mid  Hll-
l'ir I'lllti'tl  Willi',  I pei-Kinntlly hi'leeled li'inn Hie iniinenxi' itookl ul tlie differ
rill I.ICllll-ll'N.
Buy from J\COB  DOVER and Save Money.


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