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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 14, 1900

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 ar ....����a
al Li
Daily Edition No. 626.
Nki.son, British Columbia, Sunday, January 14,  1900,
Tenth Year
British  Government Is  in a Very
Sorry Plight,
Unprecedented Display of Patriotism in London   Streets
Blocked With Cheering Crowds   How
Generals Love One Another-
London, .lan.
by Mr,    A.   .1
18.���Recent  speeches t CJordon steiiinbont whioh bus been lilt
Hiilfniir,   tlm Govern- ed np ns a Bort of house boat,
ment leader in tbe Home of Common., Reverting lo houie politios nnd  the
Iini landed   what linn liemi known  hh Balfour   uinddle, the   extremist view
the Btrougest  Government   of modern if well   explained   In   a  pnblio letter
1 iiiics, in tli" ilongh frnin wbii'b extrl- written   by   Mr.   Henry   Brondhurst,
out lon is both   doubtful ami   difficult. Liberal   Labor   M,   P. for  Leicester,
His light hearted remark*, which were formerly Seoretnry nl the Trades Union
pleasantly aooepted by tho nation when Cougross.   He  says:   "The   iiniuziug
limes were good aud nil was well, are confession  of   ignorance,   Incapacity,
offensive to �� people mourning fnr lust mul almost indifference, made by  Mr,
Boils and deeply nngerod   bj   nuptooo- Balfonr makes the Btontesl hearts feel
dented reverses, Mr.Balfonr, jf ha had that in  the  hands ot the present Gov-
triul, o'lilil nni Iniv.' iiKu-ii successfully eminent tho safety  uf   tbe Empire is
put his countrymen ou edge and when not worth six month's  pnrohnse."
Lord Sulisliiiry   speaks   he  will  have Mr.   Balfour's statement that three
mnoli tn  atone fnr.   As the Saturday corps were placed in tbe Held  without
llevlew,   mm    of  tlm   Government's hitob, bns given the-critics a not wast-
Btannchesl   supporters, puis   It,    'the ed opportunity of pointing ont  Hint
Administration   is  now fm'" to  faoa, though enough individuals to make up
not with the Opposition-but with the three corps are on their way  to South
nation." i Afriba they only  have lhe arlillery re-
The Speotator protests against   mak- qnisite, ncoording to the British regu-
Ing  Mr.   Balfonr  tho  sonpegoal  aud lations, for one corps. while ih cavalry
rt-olares thongli Lord Salisbury is still and  irrmy    Betvioe  they   are almost
lhe wisest mind In the   Empire,   it Is Uqnaliy deficient, proving the very hick
Impossible for him to   continue  much nf   organi-Btion   sn frequently laid nt
louger both Prime Minister  and  I'm the rtonr of the War Office
ti.ii Senretary.   It advocates his icicn
tion at the head of bis   Foreign Offloe London,   .Inn,     18.��� Britishers    pn
aud the  appointment_if   Mr.   Balfonr longer kei>p silence regarding the mis-
iis Premier, the Minimis ol Lansdowne mnnagement of   tbe war as shown  by
being suoi tied  at thi' War  Office, by the stern up-Vniiding of  tbe  Govern-
Mr H. Arnold-Forster. The same ment by papers that for iilon.-t a cen-
paper, gravely reviewing the perlous tury bave been Conservative, What
military conditions of tbe ooontry, ad-1 chleflv marks the change from pas-
vacates   au   elaborate   plan  for home give discontent to the most severe fault
di f.'iisi',  Inoludlng a volunteer army, (lndiim is the  ontsouken nbnse of  the
recruited from civilians and former
Boldlers, which would nol aotually be
culled imt 1 xi'i'p' in case of Invasion,
lint whioh would forin n nucleus tn
enahle tlm standing armj to he sent
ni rn,nl without qualm.
"If wn niii to escape oonscrlpilon,"
sins tin' Uullook, "tin- publio ninsi be
eduoated to take a more rerious dls-
criminating  nml  self-saorlflolug   In-
trust in tint nimy."
in ilu- nniintinii', Lord Salisbury
does not mean to be inaotive. He believes iln' salvation of (.rent Britain's
military system depends on G-merol
Lord Kitchener, in whom he bns lon
Iimi Implicit faith. It has
been planned that if i.onl Roberts mul
Kitchener bring tbe campaign to a
successful termination, tbe latter will
in' brought homo to honors almost
equal to those of the Dnko of Wellington, Hn will Im put into tho War
Offloe nml will Im given a free hand to
hiush away the oobweba which aicclos-
ing nn thn Hritish   army.
Lord Huberts, of course, will not  be
neglected,  but by then ho would he
ton iilil fur luob work iis outlined fur
'���iini Kiti'lii'iicr.    Perhaps,    before this
drill yards when il again became in-
ii'iiiiiiigiid with iliii surging orowd.
Mimv of tin' volunteers escaped
tlironl) side streets nml uthi'v struggled
nlniig in liuliiii Ilie. in two or threes
Uv ih,. iiiiiu tiu'v ranched tlm Thames
embankment Hie detachment had be-
001110 n conglomeration Women's hats
iimi become ns numerous in tlm idnks
as tlm volunteers headgear, So slow
was lhe procession Hint over au hour
wns I'liiisiiiuuii in traversing the mile to
Westminster, Bventunlly, tbe oolnmu
ieiii'lied Nine Biros stnlion, bearing
numberless truces of tlm difflonltles of
the innroh, The publio wns excluded,
Ibe leave taklug being held outside.,
and tlm volunteers entrained und de
parted amidst n oaminglliig nf hand
music, cheering, mul the sinning nl
"AnId Lang Syne," "Rule Britannia '  nud "God Snve the Queen,"
Tbe Lord Mayor, sheriff and councillors, in tbeir state robes ncoompanied
hy many inriies, tio!< nnother specinl
train for Southampton to hid farewell
to the volunteers on board the trans-
port "Briton." The latter arrived
si'un sfter the Lord Mayor's parly,
and were snlnleil with ringing cheers
from n luge assemblage ou the quays,
ns they lioiii'deil the liner
Items of Interest From All
Parts of the East-
London. Jau, 111.��� The movement of
General Fmueh's troop In the vicinity
nt Colesburg this morning is tnken lo
lndioate that General Lord Huberts
has recognised the Importance ot General French's o >joolivc, namely to on-
Inin command of both bridges at the
Orange River and has hastened to send
him roinforoements. It is also thought
tn partially confirm the suggestion
thai General Buller's plans include
synchronous movement in ail thn
spheres nf opeiatloiis,abont 4,000 troops
sailed for South Africa this afternoon,
si. Petershurg, .lan, 18,���Tho Czar
ljas addressed a rescript tn Conn I Mur-
avii'ii'.tlu' Minister of General Affairs,
highly eulogizing the eminent qualities displayed by the Minister in
bringing about, a happy solution In
��� ii 11' 'unity with the Czar's instruction*1, of tim disquieting pnlitloal
events arising from tlm Cretan lusur
lection mil the Turko-Gl-eek war.
generals in the Held There are un-
pleasant stories of favorite service, Jual
n si, iiiiii iii fuel all iho army's shortcoming are ibis week finding their
pin .' in print It is now well known
1 ui General Bnller despises Field
Marshall Roberts and hates General
Lord Kitchener.
The Commander-in-Chief, Lord Wol-
slnv siiaies Buller's feeling and Is himself srnrcely ou soeiiking terms with
Lord liinisdowne. This condition alone
couBtitntes n stupendous drawhaok to
the success of the Hritish. One paper,
usually well informed, declared ii is
quite lilielv thnt General Bnller will
" throw 1111 his command and come homo
to lie a thorn in Ihe side of the Government This Is probahlv un exngger-
-ition hut it is admitted on all sides
that lie is likely to make himself ns
disagreeable as possible to Lord Rob-
oits. How all this will end if the
cnnipni-u drags nn, no one can tell.
The 1. si_n.it nn of Lord Wolsley would
not surprise thos'i who know of tbe loiter workings of the War Office, A
grent victory would probahlv quiet tbe
reeling of discontent. But, laoklug
I that, there si, n.." pending un upheaval
'which bodes ill  for  tbe Government,
in the held.
can be accomplished,   Lord Salisbury |)li(i Wui 0IIil,vin,i ,,,,���,��� of Hie general
will be out of power and   Lord   Kitchener  will  ho  discredited.    Hut   upon
inch a rehabilitation, by means of tne j J|m  ,��� _-j-0(-a,.8 outbursl
vonng and btllllant general, has the ttlot|,m on ,ha  0(.ca8,on  0f the
rt of the British   Premier been set.        ��        rf (||p ^.^ TCllim(l.rH qoUfl
It Is .aid That Some Gigantic, Undertaking Is ou Foot,
London, Jnn. 18 ���It is stated that
a week previous tn the three Hritish
reverses u distinguished body includ
Ing n former Governor, waited on Mn
jor General Ardagh Direotor of the
Military Intelligence Department, and
begged him to accept certain offers and
Intimated that be had under estimated
the opposing 'owes. The general lis
teiit'd and replied. "Thank yon, gen-
tlemen, but you are wrong, we outnumber them at every point and we
have gnt them like Hint." In spile of
this discouraging reception tlm men
repented their offers nnd tbe War Office
offialall seem now likclv tn accept one
of lbs must daring prnjeotB ever niuii r-
tuliin, the full scope of which the As
Boointed Press is nnt nt liberty to dis
close, but which will work independently of the War Office to aohievu one
of the most Important British objectives
The Imperial ieomanrv, after the
first flush of public applause, is being
ganged gingerly. It is dawning on
the miiiiis of all that what Gnat Brit-
uiu in eds is crack -lints uuil rough riders, like the Colonial men aoenstomed
to bush whacking, COW-puilching and
Mention of Lord   Kitchener is Inseparably    connected    with   Khartoum,
when,   it   wiih  Bunnuuci'd this   week,
the lirst trail] from   Cairo had arrived,
[udianapolis, Ind., .Tan. 1:1.���The
Alexandria Athletic Club has decided
to make a bid for the big light for
Mnrnli IB hetween James J, Oorbett
and Champion Jeffries, Uovernor
Mount was informed of the intentions
of the Alexandria people. Re snid
there would he uo prize fighting iu In-
dinnopilis if he could prevent ll
It Is Olaiuicd Tint He Is and That
Huberts Is a Figurehead
Mniiituli.i's Money Matters Muchly Mixed
anil Miultllcil-   A  Miuister
Seriously 111.
(Special Dispatoh tn The Miner.)
Montreal, Jan. 1:1.���The death of
Mr, W. \V. Ogilvie yesterday makes
the third vacancy in tlm directorate of
the Mont real Tranportalioit Company,
of which deceased was a in ember, inside of thn last, four months the
other two directors being I). (). Thorn-
sonjjauri Hi g'i A'cLenu.ir.lioth of whom
died under rOnie what similar circuin-
slatiies ns those which attended Mr.
Ogllvle's death, Mr, Ogllvle's wealth
is estimated at from live to seven million B.
Uev. Dr, Diiilsun, pastor if Olivei
Baptist Chinch this oity and well
knnwii throughout the Dominion Hup-
tisl cirnles, is lying seriously ill at
Knyal Victoria Hospi'nl here.
Tho Klder Dempster liner Mcrriina.-,
whioh sailed from Quebec for Belfast,
Uctoher 16, bus been given   np as lost.
realize thnt they may have to wait
Boras time  for their money, there is
likely to ho a row,
"Tim cost uf maintaining the mil
hiiinry of the Government is between
|BO,000 and 140,000 per month tn
whioh must be added tbe fixed charted, inlerist, etc, falling due each
mouth,     It    will   thus ho seen thai lhe
new  Government  has not the  pleas-
Holes! path to travel, hut will expert'
I'licn ditlii'ultins iii sun."iessfully carrying through the liiiani ial legislation uf
tin' Provluco,''
Ottawa, .lan. IU -  Fred Whlte.comp'
(roller ol   tbe   North  Wesl   Mounted
l'olicu,   bus    r uveii  reports   from
North Wesl iu the effeot lhal I'ooi'
sympathisers are endeavoring to get
Indians to rebel by telling them th
will in South Africa is due In the iln-
sire of Ureal Britain to get hold ol
thi'ii lands. Nu trouble is expected,
But the North West Mounted Holi ie
itii' uu tbo alert, however, to dispel
uny should it occur.
Ottawa, Jan. 18.���Her Majesty the
Queen has signifle. her willingness
to heennie a patron nf the Canadian patriotic fund for the r-dief of her soldiers who go to the front.
Ottawa, .Tan. 18.���Tbe French Lih-
crnl Club bus passed a strong resolution approving nf (he stand uf the Government in sendiug Canadian trorps
to South Africa.
Ottawa, Jan. 18.���Mr. Eltliezei
Roy, secretary of the Pnblio Worki
Department has been superannuated,
Port Coning no, Que., Jan. 18.���The
Hon G 13. Bryson, Senior, died this
morning at 10 o'clock at his residence
here Deceased was in bis 8?lh year
Horn |iA Paisley, Scotland, he emigrated to miiuik Country, Ontario, iu the
voir 1891. Ho was tho father of the
Hon. George  Bryson, Jr,   member  of
the Quebec Legislature.
St J.ihn, N. R. Jan. 14���Tho Liberal Conservatives have captured a seat
in Carleton County fm tho local assembly, Mr Fleming defeating tbe Government candidate hv 120.
New York, Jan. 18.���It now leaks
nut Unit. Lord Kitchener is really ulili-l
in South Africa and Lord Hot ells a
:; iivi'head. says a London cable to the ulur young m-i
ti" raid. H happened thnsi The tn !
noiinl defence commit oe met mid de
rilled that Hunt Kitchener was tbe mnn
fnr the  place.    He    wns   Lorn   Palls-
l��� ivs n iuntion,   hut   euiWs  rilffl.
cutties were encountered.   The trouble
l.nrd   Kitchener   wis   Ih"   junior
'V r��
l Lord Salisbury is iievor Inutni up
Winnipeg,   Man.,    Jan.     111.��� Uev
Hugh A. Tuder,   M.   A., formerly  of
"B" squadron  of the Royal Canadian
Dragoons  is  with   General    Buller's
anny at Prere, as chaplain of the Oape
Mounted Rifles.
Mr. V. \v. Thomson, manager of the
Ogilvie Milling Co, left hy special
triii.i today for Montreal lo attend tbe
funeral of Mr. W. W. Ogiivie. The
train left at 11 a. m with Mr.
Thomson us the only passenger. He
travelled in a new sleeping car, "The
Nnrliuniii'," and ho will reach Moll'
treal al h o'clock on Monday morning.
Mr. George Wainwright of the C.
P. K. telegraph ncoountanl department, leaves tomorrow for Halifax
where, by special permission ol tho
Miuislor of Militia, he will sail with
one of the transports forJSoutll Africa
ami on arriving lit his destination will
join his old regiment, the South Nolls
yeiiinnii".    i.ow   with   the    British
amy iu   ail ve   ���" iv' o.    Mr.   Wain
.right is one of Winnipeg's most pop-
London, Jnn, HI.���The announcement that Sir Benjamin West's picture "Tho liaising of La.arus,"
which was hung in Winchester Oath-
cilinl for nver a century, has been sold
for ��1,600 sterling, for New Voik's
new catlnMlr.il has called out numerous
oiiii i.-uns. Tlm chnptu- of Winchester
in his defence says tho picture was
not presented to the cathedra] and that
its new home is much more lilting
than Winchester, where it was out of
harmony with the surornndings.
Such is The Censor Who Allows Nothing to
Go Through.
Objects of the Fund Outlined-   The Queen Becomes a Pat
roness.   Two Transports Condemned.   Halifax Regiment Leaves,
Signs of Trouble Am liir tlie  Red   Men
of tbe Northwest-
(Special Dispatch to Tho Miner )
Toronto, Jan, 18 ���The Ottawa cor-
rcsilnnilent of the Globe says tho Department of the Interior was informed by a cipher telegram yesterday that
tbere is another serious slain of nll'airs
in the northern part of Assinibna, Al-
I erln, KalOBgn, nml Saskatchewan. Indians of ihe northern districts, principally Circes, havo linen taking a great
interest in tbe Mouth Afiiean war
ami have been most mix inns to get
every scrap of news ooverlng it. At
lirst their anxiety to get news seemed
tube merely that of members of a
fighting race who tmik Interest in any
trouble anywhere, hut within the past
fortnight things have hegun, if not to
look positively daim inns, to hear an
unplennsniit aspect. White men adventurers of ihe .mist undesirable typo
have been telling the Creel that the
British Government is doing exactly
what Indians believe the rauadian
Government did in IHW, that i.-, nt
tempting to steal the Boers' lands
upon which (heir fathers lived and
which belong to tbein, just as much as
in the belief, of the (,'ree braves u decade and n half ago, the whole Northwest belnug-d to tbe red men,
i'liu Indian agents and Mi.unto I Police have found the Crocs to be cxciied
by these reports and 111 some cnsi s the
agents have gone to the trouble of trying to counteract the reports hv get-
iin_ Bborlgineei together and putting
the truth before them.
The seriousness of Ihe situation is
not considered to be great bnt Clifford
riiftnn and tbe Indian Commissioner
have telegraphed the Indian agents to
warn tho Indians that mlioondool on
their part will mean the stoppage uf
the Government bounty, and that if
those who are at present gcod Indians,
become bad Indians the policeu en will
make things hot for them. The white-
men and half breeds, who havo bren
doing their best In foment trouble,
will be "run ont of the oonntry."
London, Jan. 14 ��� (4 a, iu.)���The
veil concealing the  theatre tl wur on
which the anxious   eyes of (limit lirit-
ain and the rest of the world aro   rest
inil, is still iinliftci.    It is  impossible
tu doubt that this   absolute   losing   uf
all the channels nf information is due
to tho censorship, the strictness of
which has been redoubled since ".the
landing of Lord Huberts and Lord
Kitchener, ooirorniug whom nothing
lias transpired since tho announcement
of their arrival at Capetown four days
The War Office stated at midnight
that no further news from the front
had been received and none from any
other source has come to hand during
the night.
As usual when news is icaroe the
rumor mongers hnve been luisy. The
latent story floated was thnt the intelligence had reached the* henquarters of
the foots Guards (Jenernl Hullor had
again sustained a serious def_at. Inquiries at Wellington barracks showed
that while such �� rumor hud reached
there it was neither official nor** in uniform deserving of credonce.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner, i
Ottawa, .Ian. Hi.���It remains with
the War Olllcu to accept the utter oi
Lord Strathcona for sending to South
Africa lour hundred mounted men
from tlm North West Territories and
this matter his lordship will attend to
in person. The tender has already the
hearty consent of tho Canadian authorities. Tho approval of the War Otllce
has not yet been given or Ihe ' '.ina.'no
Government has not yet been so Informed, although there is every reason
m believe that it will be granted.
A number of messages of condolence
to Lord Dufferin, on the death of Earl
of Ava,W.re sent from here today.
stois, itin- Royal  Cnnndlans 10011 i
regiment mew in this garrison to leave
within three weeks for Southampton
and thence to go to South Africa. The
Lelnsten will be relieved by un Bug
lish militia regiment, tbe Simm
Lancashire Pusileers, Thii will be
the first time this British regiment
bat been in Canada, There was grent
rejoicing among officers aud men
when the announcement was made
that they were tn leave nud have a
chance to sec active service, The Leiu-
sters havo been a popular regiment in
Quebec, Jan. 1.���The citizens of
Quebec are doing u handsome thing by
their inemhorts of lhe second contingent, The citizens' committee hns arranged with the London and Lancashire for the insurance of twelve of
their members fur |S00 each.
Ottawa, Jan. 111.���Tho Governor-
General has formed a central relief
fund for Canadian troops in Transvaal
and their families. The purpose of Iho
fund is outlined as follows :
i. For the benefit of the widows and
orphans and other dependents of the
officers and ineu of the military forces
Of Canada who may unfortunately lusu
their lives in_ or in connection with
the  war operutions In South Africa.
_. For the benefit of tho Boldiers
themselves or others (whether com*
liatant or nun -combatant) on   duty   in
Sou tli Africu with the authority of tbo
Government ol Canada and their families or dependents who have been disabled by wounds, sickness, eto,
8. Fur benefit ol the wives and children and dependents separated at in une
frum tbost Berving In South Africa,
Tho Governor-General is president,
Lieutenant-Colonel   Irwin,   Secretary,
The report of the medical boaid|and L. M. Courtney, deputy miniB-
which inspected ihe Mon'e/.uma has ler of finance, treasurer. The Queen
heen received. It condemns iho ves- is patron, Bnbsoriptlons may be sont
sel There is only one of iho board in , to lhe officers ol any chartered Oanad-
favor   of    accepting   the   ship.    It   is   ian bank.
probable that the  California and some
other boat will be chartered to  replaco
| tbe vessel    H. A. Allan,  of tho Allan
I line, nud Sinclair, of .the Klihr-Deinp-
ster Company, are here and had a con-
-.u \.     r> i   <-!���_ . i   troops fur   South Africa
! fereuce with Mr   Burden nnd  C.oueral
I 11 ut i,.ii.
The   following  amounts  have  been
I received bv the treasurer of the Cauad- !    Tol'"u,,������ Jon'  I'1-'1''"'   Globe's war
: inn Patriot!- Fund   Association:   Bi_i 1 oorre_rpon.l-._it haa a  li
Ottawa,   Jan    18,���While  the  Wat
Office  does    not  seem   to   have   yet
signified    it-   nooeptanoe   of    Lord
Strathi'onn's     offer  of   four   hundred
it is taken ar-
ertaiu thai they will go
outdid   anything   since   the   Jubilee,
For the first time in   Hritish   history,
the volunteers have been  permitted to
serve Bide by side   with regulars,     lhe
lb"   Associated    Pros, 1 earns   this   1.1PJJJjto tn^dontlnj^^^
'ml   quite   comet,    for   there are lllll   ,.������ ���, |jlm,s ,,���, ,ro0���, were lost sigh' I ���*�������� - ff ,
about 800 miles  between   those places I ,-f,   being   engulfed   Lithe  obeerlug, i'
"ii which in, railroad   has been   built,   shouting, singing mob, The troops fin-
'���mil ihe Nile   dam is   completed,   It "1& ����"���*> SJSjF'Zb.A the Lord   tlm problem was
�����*���   " "'e ��� ' be | ffiffSaSra mai     a's,lt'���"bul | . ho .fll tf^������^&
found it Impossible, Ilie din was
simply deafening nnd tho ohief Magis-
irate had to be oontent  to Indicate bis
gnuil wishes by    smiles   iiiiii   gfstnies
while the volunteers greeted him Willi
oheersand waving their hats on  their
formerly used ' raised rifles,  urn n an hoiculean effort
tho   delacti-
Winnipeg, Man.. .!; i. 111.��� The Tel-
egrii'u. Conservative, n gun,   says:
"'lhe bubble i.' I i.-led. The claim of
tho l.iherils Hid I'M-inclnl affairs
had I i'ii 0 '' IKitnidiil it i dininistered
under tne  Cr.eu.iay   Uuvernment   is
Exciting   Race  iu  Which  the  (lolotiials
Diatinguialie'I Tliomselves,
tween Assunn nnd Wadi Haifa, The
Way the first trnin load of excursionists
arrived n\ Khartoum wus hy disembarking nt Assunn   into   a   river hunt
travelling by water to bnlfaand boarding a military train
n | uiiu technicality   and bis solutinn of I now exposed, when  tbe true condition
W{?_��_2WJS    rn '    ���f things is   placid   under seven- sen,-
...tiny. The new Government finds Itself
shall  while Lord Kitchener being his j with  a  depleted treasury and several
aide.'will be   enabled, under   i over^   of (thousand dollars to he paid
>"t the   conveyance   of   Wounded .old-   ^X^J $ DCh 10 >h_  -�����
'������rs, whioh took them   to   Khartum:,.   "Xent of>n.lilup,Bcrc..in ng, cheer
fbe hotel  there is not ready hut  the fng and singing,
vielteiH wuro i.ccommodatc-il on the old J    Tho column   lad  not covered a nun-
is superior,  tn conduct the cuniiiaign
The   gi'ii'i',1   opinion   is that the idea
is good, 	
Chicago.   Jail.  i:i.-Frank   Cimrick,
-lentarviitlli"   BnlldMS   and     I rades
Fxeliiinge.  fearing hydruphobin,    cniii-
in'itted suicide by shooting today.
Beiisborg, Cape C -lnny, Jan. 18, -A
strung force uf British troops advanced
Ibis morning under cover ol n brisk
arlillery lire and   eucaiuped   at   Tlill-
gersi'iitiieiu on the Boers eastern Hank.
Tim Boer pitiulf retired but subsequently a body of lineis attempted m
Koine the position threatening commun,
Icatlon between the British enoatup-
ment und ESllensbury. The New Zenl-
nuders with a brlllant dash, frnstrated
Ibe attempt They raced and seized
Ihe position   first   und fired volleys  at
ihe enemy, who retired In the dlreo
tiun of Colesburg.
i "One item in particular, the public
I school grunts for the lasl hull of 1800,
i Will appeal to the people as it, effects
! every section of tho Province, The
total amount is between |80,000 und
?lll) 0(10, with no provision for pay-
I nu ui.   und   w beu   tlie   trustee   hoards
Gordo, 1'*.   M.. lain   IB.���Detnlli  of
Ibe bliv./.nrd wluh   swept   over Smith-
western   Now    Mexico,   Tuesday   and
[Wednesday show that it wus the sovot'
.est Storm over experienced in   that, ri-
'glon.    Several fatulities arc   reported.
Globe   under   date   of   Grange   River.
December Mb   1890,   in which he tells
or tin- following Inoident:
"Today we Bpsnl in oamp, taking
out lull share of Ilie Iftbois winch fall
to troops mi the line of communication, Major Oartwrighl has been laboring at tie ' onstrui Hi ; sidings to
relieve the congested little stations
He has hnd Australians and Gordons
as working parties, and  then today It
fell lu otu lot to send men. A fatigue
party of 900 men ut'te soul out under
('apt nn Bin i.i ,_!B ted ut Lieutenants
Mason. Atknive, St,wait, Fellotiei
nml Swift. Tin n wink was really ei
reliant, n mile nnd quarter of sidings
and a solidly built plalfoim stood to
the credit ol the Cnnndiaus nud i afore
thev left ihe station a train was di��
charging '!- enrgo nn thai platform.
Fruit hi i pi ie i b I ������ | art of the train
load, and Captain Barker bought fresh
aprlci t- for Ins men, who had worsed
with Iln greatest enthusiasm, and Wo
are given to understand that we havo
broken the record for navvy work.
"Just as the work was being com-
1 a train drew up and from it
stopped no less a personage that Lieutenant-Colonel   Gironard,   director   of
Halifax, N. 8.,  Jan.    IR.���A cable Itailways,  Nona of our men knew who
has 1 n received .mm the Wur  Office   h" w��*'   ('��T"��il1 K"rk*" l!"' hiH ^^
Exoellenoy the Governor-General, <},*i00;
I A, M. Stewart, prnceeds "f an enter-
taiiiincnl al Morden, Man., ��100; 3, A.
Gemmile, Ottawa, |100; E, B, Eddy
& Co., 1100i Globe, Toronto, first payment, $7.000 ; milking weekly total of i
���7. NOU
Information was received today at,
tho Mounted I'uiiee Department thut I
the Northwest iquadron would start
from Kegina on Monday and arrive
mul llul lav Friday morning at 8 a.
m, Tl ey remain at Uilawa for several hours.
Halifax Jan. HI���The Winnipeg
iiUOtn of Muunted Hides arrived at -
o'clock. The men aie all iu good health
except one named Byrne.who is suffer'
ing from erysipelas and be was taken
to the hospital,     Une   hntsn   was   sick
hern also,   The  men and horses were
detrained al Richmond ami   were   met
by Lieutenant Oolonel living, captain
Wynne, Cnplain Ourran, and Dr.
Jones, Thev proceeded at onoe to their
qoarlers at lhe exhibition grounds. ,
No more than 100 people were present
ns few knew at what time the train ,''
would arrive.
ordering  the  first  battalion   of Lein-
i.-mulntiwl on Koiuili 1'iigo , NKLSON   DAILY  MINlfR,  SUNDAY, JANUARY  14,   1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
I'llblinlli'il l/iuly oxcenl Mulliluy.
N-LBONMtrtBR Pitlvri.vu {_ IViiuriiinq Ho.
11  !   BEATON, Editor and Manager,
Morning Edition,
Hilly por month by oon tor _   (la
por half your    ;; jn
por yorr    t uo
peryuarb. mail ',nn
per yi'iir forolirn    ; oil
Srii-riiii"i'in\   I'atks,
Plvontng Kiliiinii.
I'ullt per iiiulil li lit 1 niTier     .   . s     | ,
por halt 1 em'   '.'i'lii
per your ..  .', en
por ) oar lit until :i .mi
por year oy mail foreign.1 . "'."ii
Ni [HON YVkkkly MlNKH,
Weekly, per half year s 120
P-r your  2 ou
pur your, foreign...  2 60
Bubsorlptloni Invariably iu advauoe
Velopllll nl   nt' the   I'l'iivinee   should I n
eiiuntiiiined, nni hindered or embarrassed with oiisiiu'ii's. Our London
otitic boos with truer vision, porhnpa,
than wci do ourselves, nnd if there are
obstructions  to progress  our  ii��isii.i
Kirs    llhullld     |||     nine     ll.ive     till 111   I'll
I' " Sell' !'�� ' ,'rl 111 ill t. I
Slltllllll     I...    ,,     ll     II,...,,I. ii-     lu
Unit vt e in i d do M iii rater hi
Houston, wliu ��ns thu iio.i
ili.illlty for the ni'i-ii-inn.
ni to ���������
I liu.l'llt's
���..IsonMln :r Printing & Puhli-liln���_o
NELSON, ii. C.
Telephone   No.  144.
who nre on the spot avp apt to
lake liinsaed views of questions of n
pnblio nature whioh tor nny reason nr
no reason hoenmn mutters of oontrn.
versy, It, would ofton be hind to tell,
no doubt, where disinterested miss
ends mul prejudice begins in the consideration of many of these, hut we
funny there mn few of us who could
truthfully decline that prejudice is
never permitted to intinde itself. Kor
several months _ controversy has been
taging over the Eight-Hour law, and
in taking sides It may be that most of
ns have been influenced, perhaps nn
eonseiotisly, by some local conditions
that hnve appealed nnre or less
Rtrongly to our self-interest. The
Miner can say with truth that it line
endeavored to exclude every consideration except the simple one of fairness
and rtuht, but possibly it. has been
nffectcd by others. The men on the
one. side who hnve welcomed the law
nnd bent all Iheir energies to tbo endeavor to make the most of it for
themselves, nnd the owners on tho
other side who oonoeive themselves in
juted by it, would he more than human il their views were characterised
by absolute impartiality. And it
wiiulil be unite natural if interest 01
prejudice played some part in dividing
lhe r<���-t of US.
But over In London, six thousand
miles away, there can be no little in-
llnuneog or prejudices that operate lo
bias the judgment. It is very rarely
indeed that distance, whether of time
or of longitude, is not n positive advantage ;n reckoning up the real merits
of auy question, We have no donht it
is an advantage in the case of The
Colonial Goldfields Unzette and its
judgment of the Eight-Hour law.
That journal hns been taking occasion to reivew the mining situation in
this Province, and what it says will
command lhe respect of reflecting
men here.    We quote as follows:
"With regard to the British Columbian mining Industry, a retrospect of
tlie year's progress is fnr from enooui-
aging. The prospect of a revival of
interest In this industry, among Eng
lish investors has been completely
spoiled by the misehievous legislation
"f the Bemlin liovernment which came
iuto ollice lust year. The Eight-Hour
Labour Law has stirred up discord hetween employers and employed, and in
some    districts,    notably   the   Slocan,
mining operations have been suspended
as a result of   lhe   Act.    The   motives
which prompted the introduction of
this measure nre best known to Mr,
Seniliu and his colleagues, but it is a
notorious fSCl Ihat there wus no demand for legislative interference hetween the miners and the mining companies, und ihut the law has worked
untold harm to the mining industry.
Looally it- effects on trade have been
disastrous, and it is Impoelble to estimate the lasting mischief it hns
wrought by shaking the oonfldence of
American, Canadian, and English investors. It is to be hoped that the
law will sunn hu repealed, and that |
capital nnd labour will Ottoe more hoi
uble to woik in harmony, The Alien
Law wa- oonoelved In a dog-in-the-
manger spirit, nud hns not only in-
dieted n severe blow to tbe trade of
"Victoria and Vancouver, but has
greatly retarded the development of
tbe Atlin goldfields. Incidentally,
too, the  measure,   aimed us  it   wus
against Americans, was responsible in
mine degree fnr the unbending attitude of the United States on the Alaska lioondniy   question.    'Let   'em   all
come,' is that best suited to tlm development "f n new mining country, provided that the 'aliens' uio Inw-nhiiiing
nnd Industrious, No exemption ooold 1"
taken to the American miners in either of these respects, and their exoln.
aion from British Columbian soil hns
done the Province more hann than
If this is a tail presentation of the
matters referred to, ana wn hardly
think it will be said that it is not,
surely the Legislature   should take the
earliest opportunity tu consider whelb'
it the evils cannot   be   icmedied.    We
understand   the Legislature exists  for
the purpose of promoting  tin geoora
public Interest,   Tho
It cannot be snid thai Mr. Houston
has mnde n good beginning. Ilu had
himself sworn in Immediately after
the election i before there onnld be
anything like an olflolal declaration of
the poll, ami before  many In tha ('itv
knOW  he  llllll   lll'i'll    eleeteil.      'I'll    put   it
moderately, this was nn exhibition of
indeeent liaste      Ills next step wns   lo
close up the slot niaohiues, Tho thing
itself may have been proper and expert-
idem, but it is doubtful If Mr. Houston had any more authority I" or rl i r its
being done than uny citizen on the
������lre"t. The slot maeiiiiies nre under
the ilnii't it in and control of   Hie <'nu II-
eil, and not "l Mi. Houston. Tbe
OoUIIL'll bad ii etigiii-i tl thein. and
was deriving revenue from them i it
wns for it, so say whether they should
be closed. Thn new I lon ril of Aldermen would probably have decided
against them,nnd with every necessnry
promptitude, Mr, Houston bid only
In wait three or four days, when the
Council would have tn nicel. and action could be taken in regular from. If
this Impudent assumption of authority
is not rebuked, the new Mayor will
lend the new Council n pretty dance
before ihe year is out,
Says the Rossland Minor;
"Il is said thul Mr, P. Burns, the
meat king of the Kootenays, is erecting a residence in Onlgtry Ihat. it is
snid, looks like nil Ku_li��l> castle,
Wonder if he is doing this on the e.\-
Ha lent per pound which he is charging iu Rossland more than be does in
other places. Tliis extia cent per pound
in a year would build a castle good
enough and eoninioilioiis enough to
honBO the (loveriinr-l'i'iicral. It is
not right that must of the burden ot
the bnilding of the P.urne ensile should
full on Hosslanil. At least half of the
enst should he borne by Nelson, where
Mr. Bums,has even more admirers, t crimps, than he has here "
Nelson is  paying   its  share  of   the
cost, a share   quite   us   great ns Ross- '
land's,anil it does it without grudging.
The people here are getting lair   treat- '
ment   iriuii   Mr.    Bnrus,   as  they   no
doubt   do elsewhere.     'I lint   he is able |
to build u  line residence foi himself is
much to his credit us n shrewd, careful
business man,   nud as Canada  coutin-
ues to produce   more  like him it  will
grow   in     wealth     nnd     importance,
There cannot he too   iiiiiny  P.  Ilnruses
in any country,
Liberia Hnrrnssed By the An
of l b'i'iiiaiiy and I'luncn,
London, Jnn, 18.���Advices tu the As
anointed Prase Irom Liberia indicate
thnt (lermnuy is emulating France in
lur endeavor io grab territory and is
working strenuously to person le or co-
erne Liberia luto accepting a Herman
protentornlo. Tbe latest ii'tempt has
token the form of a demniid by Hen
Hnmpelineyer, the Gnrtnun Consul at
Monrovia, who has jusl returned from
a visit to Berlin, for immediate reparation for the alleged nml'reatment of n
I li iniiiii subject in I8W7, The nose is
thnl  of  u   German   planter,   named
Koch, who, lefusing in obey n civil
summons, was taken to thu courts by
force. He claimed damages; the mat
ter v as taken iu B< rlin, has since been
pending between tho two Governments, and though nol settled by the
Libiriiiii   eouits,    Herr   Huiiipelmeyev
threatens to tak severe measures,unless
lb rv Koch's laims are paid. The
l.ii'ciiaii officii, s fully believes that
hot franco nnd Germany wish to lake
.idvniitnge nf Great Britain's war to
force thorn to accept protectorate. Tbe
iinfnrliinali' little Republic is shut
off fin.ii cable eommuiiication wiih the
rest nf Hie world ami is anxious lo
learn tbe feeling existing in Washing-
toll towaids it as there is a growing
sentiment towards requesting an
American or British protectorate in
Order to put an end lo the lun russii.g
We gnther from the reports in the
Const papers that Mr. Joseph Martin's speech in the House the other day
was in nil respects a most extrndorni
nary one. Dining its course lie in turn
challenged Mr, Cotton, Dr. McKech-
nle, Mr. Ralph Smith, and the Premier to resign, promising that he would
himself do the same and Oppose anyone
nf them in his own constituency, and
thnt if defeated be would retire for
ever from public life iu Hritish Columbia These be brave words, eminently suited lo tickle the ears of the
Rii'iimlliiigs Hut ini'ii ut sense and
understanding do not heed them. Such
challenges as these me not accepted,
and the people who make cur members
do not de-ire   thnt  they shall be.     i lur
Legislatures, unfortunately, have too
little dignity ns it is; if their proceedings nre to be further degraded by pergonal contests of this kind the sooner
we look about for some other luelhnd
of conducting the public business the
Tho purity of tho Drugf. and _.fodlo_n_n
ndministered to tho pal lont is U_u must
PHHontlal element in the F-uoconsful treat*
mont t��i d-ROBBO, Pre��or_pt.6n_i nre com-
i><unaed by us from absolutely Pure
In-iiKs In perfect condition, ai-d tnopliy
t-iriiin's skill will not bo nullified by nlil
and Impotent drugs.
Ourstoo b of requisites for'
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
Aro eomploto    Vour patronage nolle!tod,
Nurses'   Directory.
Kor the convenience of Phystolans nnd
Nun-*'*-., we have established a Nurses'
directory, and in order to have it compete, request all Nurse- to send in or cull
und leave their names ami  addresses.
Dispensing Chemist
Mail llnle
P.O. Uu- i-.'i.    Bakor Street
m Promptly Attended To.
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Mr. Mnrtiii snys that from the beginning he was in favor af a dissolution, but was overruled by hie nol-
leagues: they preferred In  gn nn   with
their meagre mnjority,   and  certninly
they gut through Iheir Ill's! BCbbIoO
with Hying colore. Hut it wonld hnve
been hotter-policy tn have disM-hiil,
he thought, and so mlvinaleil mat
e.iiirsii. The result of the by-elootionB
I he tne- us iirnnf that  the Government
Wonld have been   handsomely   snstnin-
; ml.    The   doubt    will   always   n iiiitin
I whether the Lientenent-Qoveriwr  was
justified in dismissing Mr. Turner,
hut when that coorie was adoptod n
fresh appeal would have been butter
than to iindertaUe the ninnag.iiii nt ol
nlTairs with a slender nnd iinn rlain
majority. Stability is lhe essence of
all good government, In holding nut
for ll dissolution Mr. Martin proved
himself to be a better Purlin ntaiian
tin.ii his ciilicngnes, and in maintaining that the country was with them
he showed himself a battel politician,
imlu.-Uitf:   He
Now that il li ovex the HOggflStion la
made that the Mayoralty .���unt.'st in
Vancouver wan a trial nf itrenRth between Mr. Cotton and Mr. Mm rin II
BO it wan a mnch mixed Mini, out of
winch it In no1 poeeible to make heed
nr tall The Piorinoe wai the only
paper thai oppoeed Mr. Garden, who
wan the Cotton oandtdate, but The
Province only the other dny called Mr.
Martin    Q    "horne'l    beast,"   Who   had
gone flbotit all bin life RorinR his
Friend fl. it oppoied Mr. Garden,
imt  evidently  not far Mr.   Murtiu's
Hitki'.    In NeiHon the liwne v.;-- i leit-i i
Here  w*  voted   '<> defeat  or roetnin
OTICK i- horoby (riven that npplicatlon
Will l>e madO I" Ilie LoflJH>atiVO   A--III!
I blj of tie- i'n,\ hioaof Brinish Columbia, nl IU
| next BOW-lon; for bh Act to Incorporate 11 Com
i puiiy with powor iiM-eni-iniei build, i quip and
I operate tramway* in thu Dintrintu uf Kootenny
I (unl Yale, in the Provlnoo 0- i.riil-li Colvmbl'ij
tn run and operate hitch tram ways by olcctrlc.
I steam or othor power, an mny bo mn-i cc nil-
| cat or c-t_i.vot.loni; td oreol and operate ti !������-
KfDph nnd telephonH lines In rind botween all
ttio. iti' -. town-, vl'l-gcfi and Rettlentcutn In
-.Oil hiMtriel- of KOotCn IV ami Vale, wiili pow
er-iti connect with othor llnua thnt may opornto
In or outnido of KUoh dlBtrtctn; to supply etec
trie, -ten in, aif, wntor or o her powor io otbor
(in I-mat en-, ni.nm'ael m ie . or ludlt Idlialfi
tifiippij IIkIiI to other corporationH, manufao-'
11nil-- nr Individuals; io ncqulru and hold water rii-M-1 a* the purpose ol gonoratlng jiowor,
wholher lor iln Ir own use or tho i ro nf other
corpora tion", n niiufnctorlci1, or Indivldunh
to fiirni-li and supply wntor to othor corporation*, iiiainilaeti.i-ie-nr in.liv iihml-in -;i;.l I i
trli tn: t_. acquire nnd hohl 1 mil. hor i Ighl  .
right* nt Wit . Mill I other propel 1 \ mul ea-eiin hi -.
ftll' the pUl'pOfCf "(  Hie ('ntiip . n\ ,   with llll   IK'e-
L'-wary nowon* in ihat behalr; in ncqulre all tlm
,i- -< I-. h'.Hi' IliftO-, |irl. lie.11 - .Mil! hn-iiie- - nl I 1)0
Nelson Kloctric Tramway (.ompany, Limited;
to acquironll the it.-ei . frnnchHCx. prl. Illgi h
ami bunlnCHK nf the Itomland ami Sophie Moun
lain filled vie Hallway t'nmnnny, Llmtlcd; to
reoolvo aid.either b\ way of baniH or otherwise, irom any mumclp.ltty in nattl Dit-irlcts of
Kootenay or talo; t" obtain exemption from
taxation and othor prii lleffos fron am municipality In wild DlntrlcU of kootenny ami Yale.
I uml all other  itMiial, m pwarV or Ineldontal
pOWOr*. ami pl'lvlll k'e-. n- llun   In-   In <-e--,u\     or
Incidental or conductlvo to Clio  atUiinment  of
, Ilie abnVO ObjCl U . or any of them.
Dnlodnt thoCityof Nelnon this  \>\  <lav or
: Doccmhor. A, lv. 1800.
Solicitor* for th,- .iff'., mttt,
U| ��� ^(j
nnir.. an 11', i-l'i't.
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Day Books,
Office Supplies.
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T-ionison Statioii_ry Co., Ltd,.
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British Columbia,
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7 I.ooni (ton i
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nn u, nil ii",
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IllstrillllllllK   Aurnls.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Mcliuiliilc of TIiiiii.       l'licillu stKiiilmil I'linc.
KAsi.ii tv SLOCAN HY.
I'n - iri|_. T Ir.iin  for Siuiiloiiiinil Wiij-��nuioll-
leavei  Kulo m 8 n. m., ilnlly.   it, u ,-
li'iivuHSiiiiilonm, 1.18 p.m,, iiiilvliiK ui Kn-Vii
ui B.A0 p.m.
ilpi-rnllnK mi Kiiiiiiiii) Ijik.'iniil Itlvor.
Wr. "im,.ri.minimi iciivoh Knsio tor Nelson
nt I! n. in. ilnlly nxii'iit Hiniiln)' Iti-iiirnli.i'
I.'iiv.'h NoIkoii nl. I.:m |i.m��� (.'iilllnK nt llnlfour,
Pilot Uny. Aliinwiirili nml nil way point* (un
i-'-'i - wiili Mir. "Albc-tn" io n> il frini. Hon.
inrV Furry, lil.ilm. ilrowtth S K..�� N. lo nn.l
fnini Minkii'ii'nl If Ivo Mill' Point.
Htr    Albert..'' Iaiumik NulMn fnr Bonner^
K'rry, In. ,'., nnd ~>ulnrili,)- i,t 7 n,,,,.
mooting Hioiinio" "liiloninilonnl" from k���.|,',
ni I'l'ni  Uny.
Hut iirnliiK. loilVM llniiiiiT'ii Furry nl H ���_ 111
WndDOMajni nml Siinilny��.
Illri'i'l lent H'iiik iniiiii. nt BonneFl Korri
with Qnal Niir.liirn lliillwny for ���.| point..
1111-I nml wi'Ht.
Str. "Iniornnlloiinl" lenvis K11-I11 fur l.nnl,,
nnil Arflimlnnl ��.I.'i p.m. \Vo,1iii.hiI,i)�� m,,) |.r|
,ln)^. Blr. "AlbOl-t*" lt_T0a Kn-lu lur I,,,,,,,,
inn' Ar_iiiil.ini 8 HI p.m. Sun,Im.
Stoamoraoall nt prlnoltnl i...,11.,,- in i,���n,
iln uii tun., nml at othor polnti whon .laindlod
Tli'kuU-ulii 10 nil p,,11,1-in  luiuiili, in,,) t|,,,
I'ni'.'ll Stllll'-.
ToM_nrt_lnr ��nnii full Infomuillftn, ad
ilruHO :
Hiillhll'l' lll\ INu,
Mnnimor, KhhIo. il. 0
Spokane  Falls d_
Northem P'v
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R v
Red fountain R'v.
route  withoul
I'll     NelSi'll    II   ll
111,1 linssl,lllll
The only    all    rail
change of cms betw
Itiisslniitl and Spok.-in.
l.v.  9.16 a.m. NELSON, Ar. 6.20 p.m.
l.v. 11 2a n.iu. HOSSI.ANII AiltlHI, in.
Lv.   818a.m SPOKANE   .t.8 V i.m
YrniD ilmt leaves Nelsot si H 1.1 n
mski'i- clnBe oounectloDK ol Rpokant1
���ill OoiiHt l'niniH.
Passeniefin lo' KptlleKiv-     ,i ��<,,.���
nry Oreek.eoniieci ..  \i,.   ���,      ijiSi
Spi..i,n,'   U'ni
Attenl   \.|-"ii   n C
We have just received
a carload Ol choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St..  Nelsou.
Telephone 18.
Wholesale Houses.
i HORPE &. CO.,
nun nnd Cedar
Limited, -Corner Vor
'treats. Nolson. niniio-
liiniiii'i'Mif and wholuaale denlora in norm ml
n-utoraaudrruii -.y rup-. ttolpnRsnli tor Hal-
i'.v"li BprlnRfl iniiu'iul wntor.
W       \  .\l im
iiii.kk, i.us-..., Kii'i'i known
varlo j of H���fi ,innkM. )>. o. Hnx IB Ti'to-
pboneNn :il HooverStroel Nelson Bottlors
ol ilie Lun,,ii- Bt, Loon Hot Springs Mineral
"in or.
A.    -������-   ...   :..   .-.   ..   ...   .'.
������������������-��.������������..  ���������..���..������������
..   .,   ........   .. ..
K hue tin' must  completely
-quipped  Job Offloe in
the Ki "li'ii'.ys, ami uio
HJ- EVANS & iO.-B_norHireot.Nol
�� Mm .vim u-.ii,.il .no's tn li,pin _, oigars
iniiiii, mv ii iok nml itrot'i.j, water pipe and
moul i,n -   nil ii n, in, , ..mnnssiiiii r, n .i.i.s.
_ Ken Milling Co.
in street, Nuukju, wnolo-
ir.    i eals,   i'ii'., and   nny
l.'ltiii'iili.ii,   V irliirin  uml
M- iiitois on l'uli;,iry Jc
l.l.Mll'l-.n.    r'n
I Nil,
'    Ifclillll.        M|||!
Now \\ tuti.i UiNiei
l'.iliii"ii  Uidlwu]
AMAoDuNALD <_. CD    Uor.ier   Ver-
���   no    .u���i   ,,..,.,,ini,,'  btreoui. wboloualc
tfi-o i-rsuudjubljemiii bUn els, glove-, mil:_,
1 s.  rubliers, uiaoalnawe mul  t-' sun-
wliuiu-talti  iir-iiei
CwlU tftuntg-u.
HaKur dtreeu Nolson,
h in tic-.li mul ourod
ii.tKi-r eirvul   *N (L.1--OIJ.    \\ huiot-iiluilual-
pfia fro ii nod cured meau,
r ninjobi Nuli-on,    wnolo-
ii li inlwari! aitit   miiilpg HUpplic-,
tl liii-iiiUnV BUppUOA
1.IMIII.D    i;.,k
plum bur*
.1,1-, ,ii
Will",, mi,i .iuM<i.hiiiu eilroei_. Nelson
wiioioMitti iii-iiieih iu tuiuui's olgan nnd ilry
gooda, .\Ki-i.i-for i'..i>-i. Brewing Co. of ,vn-
on, Ki'u ,i,,u i .u���ni') Brewing Oo, of l-i_gaiy,
HUDSON'S BAY CO.-v\holi_ale ki"
"'��� 'n_ .11.,i 11,| ..u.i'., linker au, NoIhuii.
mul -osopbloi
Hint, I'., ill  |ui,\ IslOl
a. cO'-t'irner Vernon
etreeu, Nolaon. n/holooalo
���. riir.'il inentH, Ontter unit
therefore prepared lo
the Beet Work, nml m
nirk bottom price.,
Iiiiii   mil
il"   il   nl
-       . ��� A   .   	
.������.���������������...  . , _444t<���������������
w      '.'        ' '   '
lYilLLS,   iimi i
I1..1I  mi, ,��� ..  Nel	
Ull lll'-ii... .iiniui
ui Lu im i work i
' ( ul'iler I , .-ni iiii.I
Imiii. iiiiimiineim.T:. of niul
in wiili in il 'linn , nil kinds
.������lu in oi .lor.
ii.- JiMjulune and Hater etreeu. AKt-.
fur Cn i in n ('ui niilu uml Wellnnil Aool) lin1'
i.n- Machine Co,
A. R. BARROW, *.��.!.cu.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
i rn iiui Vlotorla and Kootona. au..
''��� O.B01 MB, Teloplione No. I L'i
1 ivil   BnglnMr_|   and Provincial
I.and Surveyors.
P.O. Box IU t-elsoD, B.C,
r-teiiiE and hwMM
Chimney Swecploi,
l Iiiiim's, OITicei mul Sim, s Cleaned,
All work done by ns is i^nar-
nnteed Brnl cIbbi.
l-mvo orders al oflloe   ,v ,1,1 ,-i t 011. opiHwIt
I'li-lolllie. .dH^av
i .-*, V 1 _.
I L_
.,  P H* *-' A T   I'"���up*" a linn uiitl almost veneration
_. X  J. -_-X_.__l   I'ur the: r  1 lull,, i'    t',1 K(.   W|���,   |mve
���      . INE  0W1"G  TO JUPGE
it.,    1, v>    I, ������  Judge
The expected developments  In  Mr.
I,,vj���,,'s .tempt tu "list Alderman
Morrison "1 not in terlalisH tester iy.
Mi. Irviug's petition wns duly pre-
p.,,.,.,1 lind In good order, but yesterday
morning It was found that .Indge Forin had gntie Iii Kosslnnd and BO 00
,i,|h cnnld be taken. The petition
will be presented him on his return,
probably Monday, and a date for the
honricg the matter will thou be fixed,
il .Indue Porln decides to hear it.
His friends, however, chiini Hint he
mil doollue to hear the petition.as bo
took a personal active part  In  the  ro-
 ,t  elections.   This course will   he
generally applauded, ns tho Judge not
only voted, but personally canvassed,
11,, nlsu held meetings in his
ofllce nf Hio property hold-rs in lhe
Haul Wiird for electoral purposes,
While Judge Fnriil wns pctfeclly eii-
litlod t" lake an active part in tho
municipal campaign if Im felt so disposed, his disinclination to snh-e-
qiii'tith"adjudicate upon matters arising
therefrom will be readily understo id.
Public interast in the mat'er is rather
diminishing, ns it is generally considered that, no matter what the judge's
decision may lie,there will be no alteration iu the Council as at present
swrii in. While there is no rule on
the Bubjeot, it is the general practice
in such cuses to give the preference to
��� he aspirant who has already had experience in munlolpal matters, and
l hen1 is tin apparent reason why precedent should be departed from in the
present instance.
come over thnu-unda ..I mill s of land
mn " ��� .'in to s ml be. dc ii. r Ala-
je.iv s   iini.s   nud front   ihu common
Mr, Horry Wiulield   Tells  n��   Expert
cii' i s ir (!s jury
Mr  i from
li I'll i" < ilg if, ii is ��� i Ml. ii a friend
here desi cibiug the preliiniuiivy work
tho reel oils are being put through he-
fore going in lim front. They are evidently being worked pretty hnrd. Mr,
Wiulield   also   wishes,     through    the
inedii f   I be   Miner,   to thank all
those inii'i'isi -it iu the "splendid send-
off" he n hcil in Nelson. Following urn extracts from 1,1s lettei showing the idinsyneriicics of tlie unnained
prairie war horse -.
"I was lhe last voliin'eer accepted
mid SO was just in liino. We are kept
nil the gallop or   double nil day, lull    I
am managing to get through il without leiiii; reprimanded. My first at-
letupt to iiuiiiiit mv war borse was rewarded by a jab in the mouth which
loosened Ibreo of mv teeth and considerably enlarged my lower lip. Before
I could git. my left foot Into tho stirrup lie executed some of the must extraordinary equine feats I have over
seen nnd ended by striking me with
his left ibis near lore foot) roll on the
face, forcing me to lhe ropes about six
yards off' 1 rose nnd shook myself
nml then mounted him, but neither
wbip nor spur would Induce this re-
frnotory brute to join the troop, sn 1
took him in the open nml galloped the
life onl of him. The IliXt day he was
'fired.' and I now have a chestnut
mare, quite ns lively, a lino fencer and
mine intelligent, so I nui satisllel.
"We leave hern on the 18th direct
for Halifax, where, 1 understand, we
leiiiiiiii for a few days l.efme embarking."
Lettei tn 'Ilie  Miner from the   Scene of
Aotion in South Africa.
is in
Mr, John MoKnne.of Rossland
the City.
Mr. A. M Johnson, of the law firm
nf Macdonald it Johnson, bus returned
from u  trip tn the Const.
The ".mil: m ol tho Kelson Pnblio Library wishes to uaknowledge a
gift of bunks from Mrs.  flaw sun.
nn Friday night an infant daughter
was born to Mrs. G. K Taeknhury.
lloth mother nud child nre doiug veil.
The Rev. T.Croshv, pioneer mission
nn to the B, C. Indians, will nreaob
in ib" Methodist Church to .ny, both
illuming und evening.
Mr Gen. A Hrint'T has sold his
house on Carbonate Street to Mr. 11.
A UIO", manager for George I ell i. Co.,
The purchase price wns ._.100
\ number of new magazines hnve
heen ordered for the Publln Library,
an t there is also a ounniiiy of last
yenrs'oiiblicntioUB which which be sold
' hi au.
The date nf the   next sitting  of   the
Sup'.' ic   Court   in    Nelson has   been
changed to Tuesday,  February   18     It
i- expected that   Chief Jnsli
will pn sul".
In future all half
iiniH to tlm Public Library will fall
due on .lune 80, nml the yearly on December 31 Those who start their
��� ihsnriptions at Intermediate dates
will be charged proportionate rates.
Che Anderson Produoe Coinpanv,
I.in iieil. ol Winnipeg, bus opened a
brunch in Greenwood and will also
a branch in Nelson in tho near
fm nre. The flrra is wholesale nnd
cheese, game, fruit, vegetables, etc.
The first cony nf Tho Greenwood
Holy Tunes has been reoeived at this
nice, it is n very promising look
ing publication, with plenty of telegraph, leeal and mining news and the
typographical work is a credit, In the
ollice of publication Long life to the
newest daily.
Owing to   ninny   business   arrange'
in ui- in entry through, Ernest  Mansfield will  not   leuve for   England   till
I'Hb   instant  and  will catch   the
:  anlo  Bailing from   Now  York  on
llh Instant,   h,.  i,-ft for Ihe Bio-
Subscription Hates Went into Force on
Jnnunry I,
Following ore The Miner's new
rules. Eveuiug edition will be_in publication about tin 1st of February.
All subscribers who have paid iu ad
vancn for morning editiou to be delivered nt the $1 per month rate will
receive the evening edition also dining tho time now paid for without e.x
ra charge being made therefor.
By mail to any part   of  the   United
States or Canada, ."' per yenr.
Foreign, ������?; oo per year,
Delivered by   carrier,   (in   cent<  per
month,$3.60 for six months and   .? pei
At-'ri'it Ki'iiiti'.iiiY I. 1900
Bv null (Domestic) <58.n0  per  year,
|2.00 for six months.
Bv mail (Foreign) |G.60 per year,
as -6 im six months.
By ciriier 46 cents per month, 19.60
for s \ mi nibs. ��6 per year.
By   mail    (Domestic)    14   for  six
MoOoll months, .1.60 pei yenr.
Bv carrier, both editions frr  ifl   per
month, $8 for  six   mouths, or*CIO per
any aqbsorin- |year
Morning Edition, Ml per inch per
month, or l.'i cents per inch per day.
Evening edition, ���*'.' per inch per
month, or in ci nts in r inch pi r day.
Advertisements to run in both editions, *l per inch per month. '.'l> cents
per inch per dav.
Tlie above rat IB are ''or disoliy nil-
Parliameiitarv, legal, cor-
p.rations,trnnsionl mul "want.'* "for
sale*1 nnd "lost" advertisements take
a rata of their own but proportionately
de-ling  in  butter, eggs, Lotions.transient nnd "want,
'*nu   "-lird,v     where   he   ixpecls   t,.
purchase a well kiumn property,
Mr,Harrison annonnoea that 170 neo-
-' I the reding room oflhe Public
rniy he.   week, mid thai 111,*, luniks
Have been lent out since .Janr.uryl   The
1 "i  larger nnoomraodatlons is bang greatly felt, the   reading muni be-
'�� "Hen uncomfortably   crowded.    A
" *��� nimv new subscribers to lhe   I.i-
���"' have come iii already this  year,
V'l, 1). A. Poss. of   Winnipeg,   and
"nan of the Board .if Works nt' Ihe
"" Capita]   was in Nelson vester
','-'   "a   ronto   to  the   Const,   having
'.'"' ��er tbe Crow's   Nest line.   Mr.
1 -pressed himself as greuiiv anr-
"' at Hie ||M of Nelson nnd' much
I""1"'"*-"'   with its   pel'inmient appeal-
was   given   information
A Temporary Bnilding Will Be Erected Immediately.
Sister Teresa .nil her colleague,
who aro about to open n school for
yonng nhildren and git Is bore, have
taken   a   bouse  on  Carbonate Btn ot,
next to ilr Hawkey's, where they are
prepared to give lessons as required,
though    il    Is   nut    large   ennugli    for
school pnrnoses    'lhe Blslet's are hav-
temporary   building enpted at
A Inn,': Innkcil fnr loiter l'liini The
Miner's correspond'nt with the Canadian contingent bus been received. It
"u.-   begun   in   bnii'il   the  Knrdiuiiin
tt I lie lit        tn -il  ilntt ii  tn    tt lite    was
at a premium, mid finished nnd posted
in lie Am- The former portion ot ibe
loiter is devoted tn a description of
linn recoptiou at Queben mul ul' the
ooiiditioii s on board ship, much the
���auie iii character us appenred in other
correspondence published in numerous
impels several ilnys ago. The letter
iui.I i inns :
Captain (now Lieutenant) Ilodgins
looked well after his three men, but
being uccustunu'd tn shift fur themselves they never bud any klok coming, Sixteen men were picked far Iho
Maxim gun inn nl' tlm regiment, Pri-
\.lies I,ce nnd I'ateiMiii being ohiisen,
Ibe iinly representative from B. C.
und Winnipeg which goes tu make up
"A" Oompauy, O.pt Hell uf Ilu, Scuts
Guards, Gen. Hut ton, A. I). C , being in charge nf the Maxims. Two
iii number, W. .I.Dickson wns promote
to in- Lnnce Corporal in "A" Com-
pnny.the B, (.'. contingent forming the I
right bait' <i "A" Company; Winnipeg left half. The sight in Tallin Hay
when we gut m on Wednesday, November 39, it l'i midday was glorious,
Tabln Mountain showing up well and
tho buy being full of transports, a
sight seldom to he seen. A tremendous ovation Irom Die Gordons iu iheir
troopship ns we passed them steaming
tiirougb ibe transports, sireens nnd
whistles blowing all over and a dense
crowd on Die wharf welcoming us as
we moored alongside the Loch Jetty at
(i p in. At s a. iu. Thursday, November 80, the regiment disembarked and
marched tbrongb densely winked
streets deooratcd wiih flags and bunting, getting a tremendous ovation
from our colonial cousins. The glitter nf the Maxim guns (our men nt the
drag ropes) seemed tu catch the popular fancy of the crowd who surged
round them making their progress
fairly hard work. Mules will be found
ut the base 01111)1 fnr Mnxims when
possible. Arrived nt Green Point camp
tents were pitched nlong side of the
Highland Light Infantry and Cape
Gnri'i.-nn Artillery. Military camps
being all over town. Cavalry, Guards
und Highlanders, as well ns the Aus-
tralinu regiment, The regiment got
leave for Iho evening and Capetown
was sunn full of them, our camp being
only four miles out. Kvery Cape-
tnwnir did his best to give us a good
time, nnd we had it.
Fiiday, Dec'inner 1, wo struck tents
after breakfast und at midday wn fell
in to march tn tie station, a hasty
meal on parade being served out.
Headed by tin pipers of the Highlanders, and artillery hand we marched through Ibe town to the station,
tbe reception given us eclipsing everything. Entraining at 2 p.m. the lirst
half nnilor Colonel Hnchaii steamed out.
nt 3:80 p. tn. and the second half battalion at fi p. in. midst u tremendous
scene of 1 xcitenii nt, Color. 1 Oiter
being in the second bull 1 am writing in the train having hnd ou board
ship time but nu place lo write nnd at
I Capetown nn time, as ncdlcs* to say
ull were busy. Eight men are in each
c uiparlineiii which is separate in it-
si if. Ai different stations we Btop for
tea mul bread alio tinned meat At
every station there is a warm recep
lion for us. Wo are en rants for I)��
Am and thenc to the front, here wo
expect to bo right in iho thick of the
tun in a couple of days. We am passing through Colonial Dutch settlements, in oonsequeuoe of which British pickets are on nil thn bridges to
prevent spies blowing them 1111
-Saturday, December 2; sleep wns
rather out of the question as we just
have sitting room, our accoutrements
��� aking up all suare corners We have
passed lenr full trnins of wounded
British going down lo Capetown and
suiiie Hucr prisoners ns well who look
uiu,ut as dejected as can bo, deciit and
meanness strongly   depinted on  their
laces. News has just renched nn 2 p.
111. that lb bonis after uu get tn our
destination we shall be in action, in
any case w ith the Maxims.
Dickson, Lee and Patterson am nil
in good health nnd 111 common with
the realms it in tbo best of spiiits und
will give a good account for Nelson.
Yours truly,
_V'��AfV*����-*-_*VV'��/V-*��V>A.W'-*-<**V^ VWV'V'WVV-\VVVVWWv--WVW. VV.
Our January Clearing Sale
Commences MONDAY MORNING and. continues until they arc
Come early and get the host selection
LILLIE BROS. - The Shoeists.
C.vv-./i/'vwiywwv-v1./!^^ ''*-^-^-'-'���*^A/���*^*lV�����'���v^.vvvv.^
^iiiiit mifiiiiit iif iifxifiiiiifiit \.m./. ../../../../... ..a.a./ ../../ & LU M B E R
!_"* We uro overstocked in some lines uml before slock   Inking   we 5
2 have decided to reduce some lines at prices never before  heard '
*_- td in Nelson.    A few of the prices given   below  will   convince _**���
rj                                they uro genuine Bargains. y
! _I Bleached Table Linen, opeci-il, 00
\0 in wide, Xic. yd.
'.'_' B'eached   Table    Linen,    extra
f$ quality 6Be. 00c., *>1.00 nnd t_.2o
'. _J Pino Quality P ire Linen Table
f5 Napkin., 1 IHI,   1 26,  1 .VI, 200,
���"J. 2 60 .-incl 83.00 per do'/.-11,
;_** Good Quality and large ii/.e Com-
���*_- loiter for 1.00, 1 25,  1.50 . IK)
r****} up in $".00 apiece.   Everyone
'-_��� a bargain.
f$ All Wool While Blankets good
quality   und    huge size  from ,_���
.'. ri up. 5
Qood Heavy Flannelette 6, 8, 10, _��
12!.;, 15, 18, and 20c. yd. ^
Ladies' Wrappers ut T.'ic. $1.25, __
2.00, 2.60 and $300 each ��
A     few     Ladies'      Underskirts _-
and Blouses In  Fancy Striped *t
Mercerized, regular price I._o _**.
uml fS 00, will clear at 2 00 and __-
.*2���".o. -J*
i.nilios' Corsets   from   60c     to ��������_
.n no per pah-. _*r
���'  Nelson's water  and   1
ystems by Olty Engineer  MeOnllooh,
, j "'I'giiiin wns rociived in tinvn
e���ay "tilting thut iho uu, 1 {,, ti���,
,' ;' Seattle Mining, Company vs.
if Mas been dismissed with 'costs.
,      """I'-'iiv took pro dintis   tn   en-
I";""1"1 agreement   cunenrning tlie He-
(i     '""' other mining nlal ns.   The
,,���;"""' ".'"��� that   the   ngr.oti t    bad
��� '"i mn ii by fratjd ���,���i ,i,���t jt WIIS
���,,,���,. or "���,"'1' MMona.   The defend-
,  '   i'ldginitiit   bore,   and Ins
im ,'���',,'!!"���" bnvt' ,,,,h"1(1 by ,|in
'"""""���t lu every particnlw,
il i'ii'V'i^1*',"''' '��� ln-1-htail to   Mr.  Arch
'" late Caps capers,   in   which
.',���|S'*r*' Pnl.l��h...l   or   Ihn   wildly
���,!       '"".". ri"'"!'lion given   the   Cnn-
,, .;, contingent.   At one paper puts
' '"'""isis are mightily won 1
"J Aikins    Ninguiiir or oolleo
*   but   thev   ohnrisli
iiik n
unci  the corner   nl   Joseph!) ml
Mill si toots, just behind ihe site where
the  permanent  school   bolldlug will
stand,   Tbe   building will   be 80x8
teet, divided into livo class rooms, ami
will he substantially bnllt,   H will be
nl,Ic    In   mono,urnilulc over 100 pupils.
and, when the school building proper
is completed, it will be nsed as a gymnasium. The cost ol the building
when finished, henleil nnd lighted,
will be over #1,0110.
When Ih" Bisters   were   here   lici'me
thev canvassed a number of looal people with the most satisfactory results,
ai out .ti,not) being promised towards
the bnilding fnnrt, of which 1800 '
now 011 deposit In the Hank of Montreal,    Others who hive not   vet   1 n
asked fur contribution! will probably
he approached  ns the bnilding pro
1 Is.
The   Sisters   aspect   to    open   their
school in February, and anticipate,
uml  will  make  preparations  for,  al
least  100   Jiupils.    Si   it Will   h"   seen
thai they made no mistake when they
I selected Nelson. LeHons In music,
I stenography, typewriting and book-
! keeping ��ill he given nny wl n nare In
itulii' them, as welt us lu ukildri u ..'
n I tending the lohoi I.
-__ ����-,
���I      Any Ladies' Jacket in the Store     e
'X ������������������
I    Hartin  O'Reilly
1 & Co.
:-$  Terms Cash- Baker Street &
__& %%*
Delivered to an any poi 1 011
Kootenay  Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand ol
Mill at PILOT HAY.
Yards,  NELSON and I.AKDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Atlantic S, S, Lines
Alliui l.iiii'    \ 1 in   1
1 iln    n U
UOIllil  .    -    I..:.' |...,,       1
111 I,    I,    ,
w alto Miir I.ui.    ' - j,,,, .17
North tn im ui 1 ' .1;,.,' "���;',
tiiirii. nil Uiu  ��� Vc,i 1
licit S| ,1   Lin,   "Ki.. j,,,, -,|
Cuuaril l.lai     1 j������   n
Anchor 1.  ' I     ui   ,'
Allan -i no 1,1 ii     ��� .    uf :
Cumin] Line ' t'liiniiiii
I'n IMIKOB .ui'.iii-.' il lonnil fi
poinl 1.   fnr rate   tlcki     mil 1
itiiiilj '���'!'. I'. It, depot iki 111 or <���  K. ]l
I'uy I'n   ��� i . 1; .-,_, 1,1. -..    .       1
u    f. I-   .
liiinontl Aki'hi. i  i'. li. uillci    VVbtulr-cg
Young Men, Become Your
Owu Assayers-
Throe monthi will touch you Arauying for
I Gold, silver. Copper.   Thlo dopartinent )���- hi
ohanto nf  I'nn1.  Butcr,  Hunnr Qrnduata of
McGill I/nlvowlti,
I    Live and loarn now, choapor than tou now
1 live.
1    Board uml Ioi.truoUon in A__taylr*g, all for
: iwt'iiiysix doUnn, pormontli.
I    Wrlioto Lhe Prlootpal,
Now WeatminHtor,
All olasfio^ of learning may be had In this,
; homily Collrgoof ii- kind In Iho West,
Turner Beeton& Co.
: 60-62 Brodway,    New York 1""u",*���K"
The iliriTi routi from
tn.an 1
EAST   and   WEST.
FtrBt-(   hiss  SI, epel - ul     ;        I I'lllllR  lliilll
REVELSTOKl-_ Kuii'i i:\AV i.in,
TOURISTCARS pass Medicine I Lit
daily tor St, I'm ul. Suml it     m_  Wi il-
nusil.'iy-   f.ii-     T ul.,,     l'i ,1 11:-     f. 1
Montreal und Boston,
Same cms [miss Revi'lsloki; one tiny
Tn ind from Knbson, Rossland.
Kx. Sun. Ex, Sun.
8.00 l.v.        NELSON Ar_.ll.-0
is. Kil.v.il.iily NELSON daily Arr.22 10
Moruing t ruin 1 otinects 1 1 nil points
Evening ti'iiin cnnuects to and from
Main Line nnd points not th, and ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. -11. '; Dnily,
24.00 Lv.        NELSO'.' Vrr,
iiiiiiiiiis  Ki Landing with
Crow's Nest llinuch tt tins both wayE.
Ex. Sun,       Str   Kokanee,     Ex  Sun
lii.nu Lv, Mil.SUN        Air. 11.01
Saturday   la   Amenta   and return
Ex. Sun.
Ii-im Lv,
Ex. Sun.
Ar. I I.ui
"There is but one small ohanan to
save your life und that is through nn
operation." wus the nwiul proi|ieel Net
before Mis. I. B, Until of Ll Ridge.
Wis , by her doctor after vainly trying
tn cure her uf n frightful ome of itnm-
niii trouble and yellow jaundice. He
dii.n'1 eiiiini mi the marvellous power
nl Electric Bittori t_> cure sloinooh and
Liver trouhlea,  bill she heard of II,
look seven bottles, wns wholly eiueil,
avoided ilirgeon'i knife, now weighs
more aud feed better thim ever. It's
pmltively guaranteed to oure 81 mtoh,
Liver nil. Kidney   U-OUblei nud   never
disappoints,   Price60c, nt ihe Oanadn
Ih ug A Booh Store.
LiouoRS,  dry   goods,  ore  bags, o,;::;: , , ,,.,.
X i���,,i,i .piui.ti inn- nn 111 !i, ,1 mi nppllcatli
oon bo iiiiule through speoulallon with doposlt . , . vi.'i.i.v, nn_ai ivii i,^a
or ��-����� <hi liiitrty .1..H..I-1 .ivwt.r.i |.n :< por cent. 4 his NULSON toKOSSLAHLJ hih4
margla upward] ontitocli Bxolmngo.
��.,.,.,. , , ,    ., , Kill'I'lll,'. I.li'l I    ���:   il.fnnii.ll ioil   lulill   I,e.,r
I lie ureal e-l furl lines have hei li lllailel lirntlKli    ,,tt I.,,. ,1 	
upooulatlons In Stooks, Wheat or Cotton. '     ;  ,",'',     , _.   ,..,    ��� ,      ,
I!   I'). lll..\-!.l'.*i    City l\li-l!ll|{er A���enl
If you mv iiilei'.-le.I  lo know  hOW  flpOOUls. ,,   Wi |,|;KU', Ai:,-,���.N,
ii.in��iirui:<iuiliii'ieil notify lis nud wo will -end. ���. ,.  ,.., "*" ,.,,,. ,.
yuil   iiifonniilitin   ami   market   teller  free  of   w.K AMHI I.... t H'l I.I
eliurue Trav. Pass. A_oot,       A  O. P. Agor.l
Nel.ro Vane, . t   I
Usual oommlsslons ohai-goil for rxooutlng  _^��^_��^....���.��
purohiuOi siilu or exchange,
11 rim.I
,n  for
i.ui        Ml ETINOS
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
��� NKI.-iin    I OIIO K   Nn.    _5,   It.       '  I'
6 SJ ;,;, i   11, tlddfi Un ���   block
~     '},.,.   ; , .'       It     8     O'Oll
V ��� . , .:'.���    i orol illy   un in I
i    r.
i, Jov, K. nf It.and B.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i    Advcrlliouiculs lii-erie'l iiiiilii  thishoadal cOUItT KOOTKN'AV,  I   "���  K��� *.o,
tho rat. of ono oont a word por liiwrllon.   No u��ctlnKi                                 '     ' '":l1
: lulverllheiiiiinl litluii fur te-   llnui .'.i emit-,. nRj|    ,   \|     ,           |               . BllaW.  It. H
WanTEIJ.���A luinsH furnished or  un  , m9Wh     Kootenoj   I
furnished,    with   hath   mum.    Rent -Z_3fi_t                                 i.ti. i
nioderati'.     Apply    li.    ('       I 'uuipliell T7
���lohiisinn, BoJournlnnO                              nvlted.
i; Bhn i  N.i.    :'''
DR    BARBER,  Dentist   hus   npeiied
an offloe with  Dr.   Morrison,   drown \,i   ,���                                   m��i
nml l'iiil_e work a ipeolalty, Donald  I                ''"���                 -  ;' ,"
 - I  n'elml,      '-                                                              "v"'"1
- jtduiT.it'. w   ii    I   I. Hradloi  It 8.
Person!)��iihing topurchstn
,i veil  fine Watch   nre ivi-
dlally Invited to visit Pat-
enaudb Bros', establish"
ment. Watches of all the
Inst Swiss and American
manufactures are represent*
a.-,-....*... -is.*) Nelson Cleaning aud Dyeinp
Branch Markets in Rottsland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo Establishment.
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City. uM^^SSaSidm
Orders by mall to an.' branch will have carefu' and prompt attention.
I   I  '.       Ml      .'II
ill        ISl.l.lM'       lie i I
ll .
S     I I     I'I It'll XI''   I'liili c n l
!5'0-l' md  K ...'��� nt)'
��l/  /iMUWLs frV'f   fits
Kxperl Wniih Repalringa Specially
Patenaude Bros
dyed, altered and repaired.
I ii. i. ��r nark* Natal. IRIMM
i Fraternity  hall
��� '���> n ii" i .t Kootenai -it.
NKl.-'i .    ll i i     ,,     i      ,
ovor)   ���" ���" ""
month - i   oonllally   Invll
J It. Wra,    Bi
, hi n    ITOKY,
si, tiAvim i  '   Comot
can he rented  for Uoiicerts,  Loituies.   vVanlani "   ��� ',""'
Diio.'es, Banquet i and every kind of en
i, i luiniii'iit.   ih ii ul iiiite- i'ikmii-', cloak
iniini'.n - .  ii.
In linn." ' ' U,?-"1"
rooms, Kitchen and dining ri i fm    Mntiii :"' "',''
nlsbed.   Por tenn< apply
Uu, UiUnv Cwkv <hk.
M       ii . ���   ' i rldai
Kvi'in una ' l""r I"'"
DR. K. 0, ARTHUR  (.l.v   ,,',,    m
pi i mi ri
,,i liiootm in)   Mine
WIRE ROPE AND R0PEWAY��> ���       '
lllll' lull    lIKl    II  Uliil,,    SI    I.'lie
i   ,i���:
Miiu '
lepenil on   Kl'lllna   the   '""I
rttel and nu)  'I""
I'l-lee- I'llilli'il I"' 'll-l'lU'll.
Prank A. Tamblyk, Mgr.,
Bakir Sthkbt,
"u'.ul-.'n'i'li-'"m.."^.''! ';r.iiVi'r..7y_.|.1i��nHty fror
ine. Dp,
Brewers of Kim1 Lager
Heel  llllll   Potter.
Drop  in  and  see  iih.
NEL80N, B.C.
ll.it  1.  ."'I W lim-   '"'. liiJ'ni,'  I i
I ,.,������, ii I'at.a in.     let. .Inlui
GAS   I  OIL   ENGINES,       i <
ll- nil
Inli 'i
��t���.ti i,. t   n rn   nnnprnn lan .Vein      i) s-
���"'       J* CT. CROFTS, MlMi:;;;
Silt 1
lll.lll'l ll
I' till'
rtri'ot   M ' '
lieiM'.i nl        i in,   SI
IIS Ol N |
r l
I;, 1.1 . H
111 IC IIK.lklK ...TAU1  l-l lllll HI   ' 11^   "HH K     V PTOflft;      R    fj
im    <   iii en ii. uiu. > i uiu. |i,im Hirool,        I. IjXJOUI M i   IJ.  U.
iver    v'('
, .1,,,     M DO it "i
KNQ1NEERS ami ai.i.m.s.
H^<.iiiiiH.iiHHi<iHIHB^BHI<<<i^^l NELSON   DAILY   M1NE.R, SUNDAY   JANUARY   14,    1900
Happenings of the Week in
French Chamber.
Frenob Are Delighted With the  Occniia-
tinu of.1 Town iu the _ahanv.--K_-
dak Fiends Beware.
Paris, Jim. Iii.��� Politically the week
has lacked interest,the Chambers were
opened, but thus far their proceedings
have been chiefly formal. Thr nu-
tiouiilist'iii'Pss'hi.istH.in reunnUU' '.tin'
re-eleotion of M. Dencb_nel i" the pres-
idenoy.of theOhiuubt'i- of Deputies ns a
rebuff to the Government because M.
Bilason was the candidate of the ux-
irenie ladicals and the Government
is nothing if not radical. M, Des-
chaiiel, however, lefusetl to consider
himself a party to this spirit and in
his opening speech,warmly commended ns nn appeal for pence and foi the
co-operation of all parties to enhnnnc
the grandeur of France, the periling
disenssion in the Chamber of Deputies
of the Government's acti-'ii In the
conspiracy trial.
The Colonial party is intensely pleased at the news of the French occupation of Thcossis, Insalah, In tho Sahara, on tha southwestern Algerian
frontier. The French have long complained that Insalah was the centre
from which the Touareg Aiabs raided
oaravani and Algerian villages, while
the massacre of more than one Sauarau
mission was organized thorn. The
ouly question is whether Marocco will
acquiesce in the occupation which the
press wishes tbo French Governmeut
to maintain. The occupation party
���was attacked outside Insalah but do-
liated the assailants with heavy loss.
The Government has not quite settled
thu details of its naval reconstruction
programme, but only another council
is probably needed before the bill svill
be submitted to the chambers.
M. Lockroy, former minister of marine, intends to submits counter pro-
Position to the chambers demanding
thnt 4ilii.(i()0,(Jii() francs be spent, not on
big Ironclads, as the Government proposes, but on tlm contsiuction of fust
cruisers, which could prey on Great
Britain's commerce" in the event of
Asa nsnltoftha Successful experi���
nieiits with carrier pigeons, on board
the French trans Atlantic line, tbe
Minister of Marine,M, de Lnnssen, has
asked the company to furnish plaas
in order to carry out tests during the
mining naval manoeuvres in the channel. An endeavor will be made to
keep tbe squadron in cnmniunication
by special pigeon service, Tbe company say that out of experiments nn ill
voyages, only one  proved n fuilure.
The amateur photographers visiting
tho exposition will meet with obstacles
to the freedom of "snapping" enjoyed
in the United StnteH and Canada. In
order to take a camera inside tbe
grounds a permit is necessary ami only
buildings and groups nan be taken
Shots at individual exhibits will be
many different ways, lhe humorous
tests were runnier than ever and
many people in the audience laughed
until they were sick The dog tight,
over which the subjects heoame frantically excited, was uproariously comical aa were also the rowing race and
circus. When one of the contestants
in the race fell out of his wash tub,
which he thought was a shell, several
spectators leap 3d overboard from the
deck of a steamer, (chairs) and swam
to the middle of tbe stago to rescue
him. In the circus scene one of the
subjects mounted a table and gave a
wonderful exhibition of bare-hank rid
ing. On account "f iho cancellation of
this -week's dales Mr, MiKwen will
appear tit the Opera House on Monday.
Tuesday and Wednesday nights and
when it is said thai the entertain'
meats will bo np to the standard already achieved, nothing need be added,   Tomorrow morning a subject will
be put to sleep ill DesHrisay's window
nud will be awakened at the Opera
Hoiiseiii the evening.
( unliiniu.l from Flr.it l'.i_e.
off and with n pick was showing his
men how he wished a certain bit of
work done In his shirt sleeves be
wus introduced aud wns coiiipliincuted
on the work of bis parly and when
he hud got to cinnn lie learned that
the big man who had praised him
was a hero of the Soudan wnr.
"But for odd oircunistnuces, we
should be a step Further fui-vurd to the
battle ground of Belmont Piohably
out destination would have been the
Modder River, but a Boer raid, of
which von probably have all particulars, even now bus interrupted the line
hetween Uras Pan an:! Kuselin Siding. It wns 11 disgusted regiment
which marched upon this camping
ground yesterday afternoon.
Private dispatches to brokers here
this afternoon say General Warren
witli 10.001) men has reached Lady-
smith and relieved thai plane, None
of the newpimers bave received reports confirming the rumors.
1 !:ug tl ' ' i" io1' 11 bull ���'.! ai us to
cnnirnsiiiuii. i he essentials for selection wet" two���marksmanship ai.d
physique; all othor things wen; for
naught, In the ranks aro men of money
who have thrown aside position and
luxuries to indulge iheir love or adventure and /eil in the Imperial causa.
About ZOO of the contingent are enrolled in the permanent military force of
the Dominion, where the system ot
national defence is a combination of
the British Militia and volunteers,
ouly more so. Every man who joins
the Canadian militia has to learn his
business during three months of hard,
practical training; then liegetsacei-
tilienin ul competency, and drops buck
iuin civil life, except that a Used number of drills must be mil in annually.
Rifle shouting is encouraged with a
liberal hand, and some of tbe deadliest
iiiiirkstiicn 111 tlie world aie among
this contingent. And I hoy are not nil
strangers to South Africa. Une man
with whom we talked was a private m
the British forco that held Potchefs-
troom with two companies of Infantry
and twenty-five monnted rifles,against
Commnndaut Cronje and his army for
three months. He knows the Transvaal thoroughly ; he has si en service in
I'tirniah, nnd row lie has volunteered
lo light agaiiiM the   Boers once   more.
tie wants satisfaction for those incredible hardships at Poteliefstroom, where
Cronje deliberately kept lhe starving
garrison for days in ignorance of the
armistice, And he means to pay otT
the debts, if possible.
Very   Favorable   Irpression   Made on
Their Fellow Colonists.
The follow insula from the OapoArgos,
published  nt Capetown,    December   1,
and handed to The Miner by Mr. Arnh-
bold :
The Canadian contingent received
orders lo fall iii about noon, the commanding ollicer having previously intimated his readiness to depart. Notwithstanding the early stint,
which was commenced about 13:80,
the residents of Green Point and Bom-
erest-road were prepared, and from
many of tho residences un abundance
of bunting was flying. As the men
approached the road also"tbe news
went round like a Mash, and soon the
rente to town was lined hy an enthusiast io crowd. Farewells were waved
from the bnlconies, which did not pass
unnoticed by lhe men t.or by thn otb-
1'i'i's    Headed   hy   a   bugle band   and
Washington,   .lan.   18.���Secretary of
State Hay said tonight that tl e British
Governmeut had released (he American
goods ou the Dutch steamer Maria
and they were now in Delagoa Buy.
Tbe goods   consist   of   Hour and other I inarching to lhe skirl of   the   pibroch,
provisions -which the English  anthori-1 which dl.1 not seem in   the   least  un-
To the W-it.r'B Edge Early Hiis Morning.
Cause of Fire Unlit own.
The steam tug Kaslo caught afire at
8 ;80 this morning aud was burned to
tbe water's edge. 'Ibe tug wus lying
at the O P. H wharf and as lisnol ii
little fire hud been left iu the mate
and it is supposed the fire originated
in the frame work around the smoke
stack. Two men were aboard her ut
the time, but have no idea >��� here Ihe
fire started, She was valued a' 110,000,
Tho KiibIii was hnilt by James 1'u
chuniin and Hubert Vmll in I Nil I ul
Balfonr, and wns sold bv them to Bra-
den Bros, of the Pilot Buy ""smelter.
For the lust two months she has heen
used by the C. P. K. in towing freight
barges from Kootenay Lauding,
Nelson's olllcient lire department
wem on the scene in au inoredibly
shcrt time but could do little but look
on as the fire had got beyond control.
Very   few    spectators   were   present.
FOR   SALE   . ���.���.,.
v now (.Ottawa Q>.n [titling six rooms, hull,  ���
bath  mom.   I'Oniplo'o niuii j-, I'lii-.i-   ii   new   i
-lull i"\i" I'woi i . ii ��_i i.i. ni I'm in iiii'i'iiy. ��f   still remains in the mind of uiuny us to whether the year  1W0 or the
,f_,.i,-i_'iV^ ral' lm Is the eomraenoeini-nl of another century.   Let them figure
1H��.\ 571
unite, nt, in,na, ��� t'i'i i.uiKu (sot uiu carpel-1..
lii'di'iinui -ui!,'- nml nil rl- pertaining lo n well
fui'iiMinl iniii-'ii.   Must bo sold ns owner In
le ,\ i'i.: li il i: ...
���i ON Glflen llur Iwiu'i' fn
i Ini'ii i Iota, Iti uml IT, lu vli lis
Mil    i    ���
Nelson Opera House
3    NIGHTS    3
Monday, Jan. 15th
ties seized as contraband of war intended for the use of the Trnnsvaal
A Man Wants His Mining Properties
to Be Properly Worked.
Akron, Ohio. Jan. IX ��� Samuel J,
Bltohle, of this city, has begun snil
for |1,SOO,000 in the common pleas
court   ngiuiist, Judgu -Stephens   HurkiI,
N. P, M-Intoib, Charles W. Bingham
uuil   iither   direntora   of   tho     Anglo-
American Iron Co. Ritohle, who orig
inally discovered the valuable deposit,
of minerul   in the   Sudbury distriet of
Ontario, has been In  constant   llttga-
linn lot yeatl with tbe Cleveland iimi
tulists who were interested   with   him
in developing the Held.    The HUil   filed
today alleges that   the defemlunts  are
in Kiiitrol of the Anglo-American  Iron
Company, who also control the Canada
Copper Company, which has properties
in the same neighborhood. Thev have
neglected   and refused   to   operate the
minea ami nulls of the former company while pushing thn property ot
the latter. The Anglo-American Iron
Company, bo says, could earn -800,000
a year and he asks tho judgment in
behalf of all shareholders except the
defendant directors.
Capetown,   Tuesday,   Jan.   ii���The
Dnkn of We'tminster, who recently
succeeded tn the title and one of the
greatest ('"tales in Great Britain, lias
changed his plans und will start foi
England to'noriow. It is his intention, however, t.i return to Booth Africa with the Imperial Yeomanry.
Mi 1'weii Delights a   Largo   Audi
enae at lhe Opera Houho.
A full bouse   greeted   Mr.    McKwen
last   night   when   he  closed   his   lirst
week'H engagement In  Nelson.   The
entertainment was one of the noil ol
the week and was thoroughly  enji
A Capetown  paper of  Decembai   i
contains the following  regarding   the
arrival of the Canadian contingent,
It is  not extraordinary,   even after
the surfeit of mililaiv Spectacles Cupe-
town Inn bad in tho past month, that
populni enthusiasm broke out afresh
in the way it did yesterday over the
passage of tho Canadian contingent
through our Btieets Oape Colonists
are mightily proud of Tommy Atkins,
singular or collective; they pill "IT any
call of business lo stand abont the
sidewalk and oncer a battalion of regulars on iis way to camp or train
But tb.v I'herisii n deeper affection
and uiiim i veneration for their brother
Colonists who have 001110 ovei thou-
sunds of miles of land and ocean lo
stand beside Hir M_je_t*i 's furies and
front the common foe. Fii-t New
Zenland, then Australia, and now
Canada ; tbe outlying posts of the Empire have cheerfully sent of their mini-
hood, and it. is the all round recognition of this Imperial unity that
prompts the people of  Capetown  In
their exuberant greeting of the Colonial troops,   Canada, to most, folk, is a
vague geo.rapbioal term ; thev reenll
enough   Of   school-days  to   know   that
somewhere across the   North  Atlantic
there is a Canada, nml that is all.
How iniiliy enulil say off-hand, nnd he
sure about il, Unit lhe territory known
us British North America iB some R,
ono miles (mm ocean to ocean i that In
its largest lake the British l"liiiuls
could be easily drowned, nnd thai in
sobor   faot   Great  Britain   owns   mote
territory on the continent of North
America thiin belongs to the United
siuies?   Vet these are statements true
to the letter, ll Is from this vn-l it
ginn that the nonlitigeiil has enine, nml
every Important portion ol Ilie I in
million   is   represented   from    British
Columbia on the Pacific slop' to bleak
and stormy Nova Seoliu on the Atlantic.   The    foive    numbers    1,0881  ll
could easily have heen tell 1 i ni.-s
stronger, hnd Hie Imperial mil Inn it i.-
-ii   desired.    The trouble was   to   pick
tic best ui -ii, uml the oontingenl  w��
only completi'd after a process of  earn,
lui selection iimi left many a thousand
sore hearts In Btalwait bodies, offered
in all good will and
common to tho Canadians' ears, the
contingent passed through the two
lines of enthusiastic spectators and
took the route as (arranged, tho regiment was in two divisions, between
which came the two .Maxim guns, accompanied by their Bqnnds, and these
immediately attracted atten'ion, the
physique of the gunners and their soldierly appearance being much admired.
The second detachment was headed by
the Cape Garrison Airillery band, the
whole line extending from the llospi-
lal road do.Mi into Waterkant Street.
On entering the town the. crowd Increased, us did the eiitulisiiism, and
nil along the route shops, stores, und
workshops ,vero forsaken by men and
women anxious to Hike part in tbe
farewell, The march continued along
line SI ri ,1 .mil down Wale Street, but
il wns not until Adderley Street was
reached, where a large crowd hnd
already gathered, that the height of
the enthusiasm wus reached, After
the many disappointments of the
week, the long unliciputed was granted
al last. Must of tbe large houses had
heen gaily decorated wiih hunting,
,iiid every balcony was draped. Every
point of vantage was Immediately ink
en up by large crowds, und the mounted police around tbe rornor,   immorii-
alelv lined np. The pent up patriotism
was lei loose, and Ihe vociferous cheering Wus kepi  up till the whole   eolitill-
gent bad parsed down and entered tbe
railway J aril,
Thn Canadians ceitninly look a ter
viieuiiie lot of men, nml fm average
height, perhaps oxoell an] yet landed
here. Thev nre almost to a mnn dress
id iii   khaki  und me armed with tbe
I 'Metford and short bayonet   Their
equipment is most complete, although
it was nntlccnblo that they did not
wear lim khaki putties so general
with those engaged In   tho campaign
No nu,ir   lint toil nn   eini lui-iit   on   the
efficiency (f the regiment could be
imii!.' than in point out thai it was
only vi-', I'liiv morning that tlm men
disiiuii ni,ed. mul the military authorities havo nlready dispatched them to
the fn,ni
Windermere, Jon. l0.~The original
order for the electric light plant for
the town Of Peterborough has hod to
be countermanded on account of tit ���
large influx of orders of liuhts from
Increasing population, a much larger
plant is now being obtained. Peterborough will soon have one of the finest electric light installations in the
Kootenay country.
It is understood that the Canadian
General Electric Company. Ltd., ot
Toronto has secured the contraot for
the Peterborough electric  light plant.
R. Elliott, M.   1)., formerly   of   Sil
verton, B. C., has located ut Peterborough,   A large up-to-date  hospital is
now   being  erected, aud   Dr.   Elliott
will  be the resident physician.
Peterborough towu lots nre going
like hot cokeB.
It is rumored that an immense strike
bus been made at the Bed Line mines,
McDouuld Creek,tributary Horse Thief
Soveinl new hotels nre lieing erected
at Peterborough. In faot the town is
going ahead in regular West Kootenay
The Delphine mine, north fork of
Toby Creek, is looking butler than
ever. Kegolur shipments will he
made hereafter, commencing in the
early  spring.
The   population of   Peterborough   !si
double   that   of   tbo other three town-
sites combined, namely,   Windermere,
Athulmero and  Canterbury.   According to present Indications there will ha
rush into this enmp during the pres-
cut year.
Den-er, Colo.. Jan. 111.���Frederick
Q, Bonfils and H. H. Tammon, proprietors of the Evening Post, were
both shot In their ollice at noon today
by W. W. Anderson, a prominent locnl
attorney. It is not believed either
wbb mortally wounded Thev were
able to walk to carriages thai curried
them home. After the shooting Anderson walked out of the ollice uiiiiio.
lasted but biter wns arrested. The ex-
net cause uf the shooting is not known.
Anderson went to Ibe editorial rooms
of tho Post ami entered tbe Office ol
Bonfils and Tammon. Polly Pry, a
well known newspaper woman, was
ulso in the room. It is understood
that Anderson objected lo something
hat had appeared in the Post and Co
niiiudod retraction and that both lhe
editors attempted to put him out of
the olllre.
Barcelona,   Jan.     111.���The    Preach
steamer Nenstrla, Captain Bagols, from
New York, nee 87th,  for  Marseilles,
wiih a cargo of wheat, arrived off Ibis
port tonight wiih her cargo on Iln1.
She signalled for assistance. The
cruiser Marques de La Eiiseiuiibi proceeded lo her aid und extinguished lhe
llanica. The ninounl of damage is unknown.
Famous Scottish Mind-
Reader  and   Hypnotist.
Just   One   Great   Long
Hypnotism by Telephone,
Hypnotic Balloon
Etc.       .Etc.,       Etc.
Lmoh/.o   Marque/.,    Jan.    ID.���Tbo
encrts here hnve   decided   Against   the
Pretoria directors of ibe Transvaal Nn
tional Hank who sought the ejection of
ihe manager appointed bj the London
l.oreii'/.o Marques, Jan. I'I. ��� 'I'll'
Gernian cruiser Sihwiill"', bin arrived
h    Hancock, Spokane ;   J,  M, Mac
LAST SATURDAYS FIGHT'I'l-m-M. Winnipeg! Geo,   A. OaapMl,
I Victoria I ('. Parker. Portland; Mi -
|m. Mcl.oed. Miss .1 Mcl.co.l, Kn.lo;
P. Messer, Chlosgo-Walter C. Adams,
Slociin City II, K. Kirkpiitriek, Mont
i reiil; Daniel Suiilli. Kingston-. H, H
C&kett, Ureal hulls. Mont ; II W.
Robson, Spokane; A. Desllrisiiy, Victoria.
Belated   Possimiatlo   Report  Anivca at
Vic'ii;: viv Bruiieli.
Vienna, Jan 18.���Tha Ncue Ernie
I'li's-e published todaj n dlspntoh from
Brnssoli saylua news bus been reoolrod
tbere from Pretoria to the effect Hint
ilu Boeri hove stormed all the heights
nnmmi i.iidvsuiith nnd iimi the capitulation of the piece is hourly eipent-
i'l li is noanlbli thut this may refer
to the fighting nf Hntorday last, Jnnu
nrv fl, when Iho liners captured lhe
Britl��h trenches three times und were
noble  patriotism thrlno driven ou* at tho  i il   of the
for s,,viee iu the Queen's behalf, bayonet and io the feci t  the  Boers
��� ��� 'npi.ii     l rltlsh   posit I II dav
by ull present.   Mr.   McEwou's won-     There is probably no othor volunteer long, only being  driven out   ot it
derful    poweis    were  exemplified   in I military   force iu  iho world  reuasem-' night.
kelson Employment Afiou.v
Two woodohoppiTS    (iirl for House
Nurse will.
Situations    Wanted    by  Waltro
Chambermaids. Waiters.   Lnborets,
CORK  Dltll,I,IM).
J. H. LOVE, Au/t     Baker >.'
Children 25c.
it    olll
...L. POGUE...
-~ FOR���
* Harness aud  Saddlery
;  The loading shop  Largo
| --to.-k. Best Ksorlod at-nek
on lmntl. HfttnoBV, Gol<
[nn ot boat nmUuK, _.-.<.���
die*. Blwikets, Hulls,
Whips, Bruthos, Combs,
Prtcoa aatlsfaolory,
(.'nil mul i.ee.
Cop. Whim,  und   l.._kcr
In tlie inn Her el 1 lie' ('inn l"i ni'- W'imlill- Up
Ait. IS'.'iV uml in Iho iiinUiT ut the "Nolaoi
Poorman Gold Mlntog Company. Limited.*' in
.Viliri' m lu'i'el'v given tlm! ut un rxtr.uit'ilin-
my _,in'i'nl tni'i'tiiiK of itic Ni'l-oii Pooruin
i.ulil Minlii-Company.LlintU-d, lu-lil Novom*
lint ITili. ISO, duly in-.vi il. h iipicial reunite
Lion requiring tho salj*L ooniptniy to n- vroaiid
uu im- duly |i.i-si-tl: wl.irli resolution ul u sub
M'i|iiiiit exti'iinrilitiiiry _i'ii* r.il uu'i-Hhk of the
-nil company.nt-ndub oonvou-d. nun held on
iii i'1'iiitn'i'.'itii, tstiti, womanly confirmi d.
Al -urlilit-l meiiiiiiiii'il nnlOtlhg ill" Appoint
lileiil- ot William Murl'.ij' Unl i-'ili'il ul Ilie lit J
of V(iiu'uiiviT I'l'iiviiiri' nf Hi'il sli Columbia,
iu liquidator and Ctiarlai c. Bonnoll of thn
���.nun' placoai biBpootor. fur tlie parpoaesof Un,
\*. iniiiii- mi wore confirmed.
Nuii.'i'i-nl-ii-i\'ii (pursnunl lo "Coiniiiiulrs
ivimiiiiK rp Aii, ik'.'K" Miiiiiii nn. iiiiii the
I'Hililurs cf nnil ul hers having ''I'liini, uimti I lie
-niii company, arorequlrod unnr before tin* lOili
day nf January, A. li.. LOOO, to send their namei
null inlili'1-.-i'-'. the nn ii iiiiliii - "i hi-ii'iii'iiis ii
clitiin-iiiiil the nature uf lliei-eeuriiies. if an).
hold by thorn to William Murray Botntora,
Mcrihiiiii-' Bank nf U.ilifnx. Vanoouver, 11. (..,
i In- Itqiilitator uf Iho -iii'i oompanv.
Nottoel.further given that ufier .-ucli lust
incut linn tl ilui e the aald li'iuiiluuir will prooovd
UidUtrlbut- ihe ii���et- oi tlm s.dil oompnnj
iiiiniii-iiie iniiiii'-I'liiuli'il ihi'i'cii), having m
_iiiil mill tuthe ilulliiMir wlilch lie  -hull  l lion
Dated at Vanoom ori H c. Decfllh, 1890.
OSHOKNK I'l.l'NUllI'l.
Maokliiuon Uutldlog.Qranvllte Mrcct.. Vim-
nuliir, H. U.
Bollcltor fnr i lie "iiiil Liquidator.
sli'ireliiililiii- lu ilm ���iiil ouinpany uru re
,iii,'.ii'ii to forthwith forward their Mbaro cer
niii nil- in i he -:eil liquidator In order tint He
<I-| liliillinii .in iniiiK Ihi'iiiin liiiiy lie r-prrtllly
t.l i ii-1 nl
NOTICK ii- hereby given Unit nn nppli-
CBtion    will he Hindi'   to lhe LeglelH'
ihn AHNctiihiy of the Province of Brit-
i-h Colombia nt its next -teealon.tdr un
.\'t to  Incorporate a Company  with
power I" construct,   (ipiin,   mnintnin.
mul operate telephouu mid telegraph
linee within and throughout ihe Prov-
I nee of Brttllb I'ollinililn,  'mil  to    run
h.inn  cu et.iiiiii maintain inch and io
in.'iiv pule, nml   other   worka  nud tic
vi.'.h as the Company deem ueoereary
for milking, oompletlnu, .apportion.
ii-ini!, working, operating und main-
mlnlng the system of noraniiulcatlou
hv lolepbono mul tnlegtaph, nnd to
ui" n or break up uny purl or putts of
ihe mid highway! or titroeta'in often
ns the sunt Company, its agont-i, ofti-
��� ei ��� or workmen think proper, uml for
the purpose." oi tbo undertaking to pur-
ciiii-c, acqnlro, or leaie, nnd hold uml
si li und di -i��i-e of hinds, bnilnlnge or
tilieinellts Within lhe limits llfol'esuid,
mul lo pun bit ie or leimo, for nny term
of yean, uny telephone  or  teleuraph
line      eKtnbllulled,    nr    lo  he i stlllilisli-
ed, iii liiiii-ii Columbia, connected, or
to be eoiiiii'cli d ��Ith ihe line which
the Company may aonetrnnt, und to
iiniiilliiiinuie with oi h use its line or
lines, in uny portion ur portions there
of. in nny company pouenlng, ns proprietor, in v lim. of telephones or tele.
ei   .ii ciiiiiiiiiiiiieiition   oonneniinu,  or
to   lie    Clilltlel'll'il,   Willi     Ihe Slllll     ('nni.
puny's line or linen, und to borrow
money fnr tlm pnrponm of the Com.
pin'., nnd in plodgii or mortgage nny
uf the Company'! nssets for that nnr-
I" I, uml In ici cive bonuses or privil
c_i's from .my peisoii or body eorpor-
nl'-. iimi with nil ot lift iiKiiiih m ci -Hiiiy
or im nil nml i iclit-.   poweri or pilvij-
cges ii- nml he uicessury oi Incidental
iii ill" attainment ot the nbove objecti,
"I' nny of ll.eiu.
Dated this  ictli day  of  December
IMI'.I. ,1.   ll.   UltOWN,
SJollcitor fur tho Applcmutri,
Eemalns lu tho mind of any person or persons, man, woman or child
'lun n c.iii nul hnve he. u selling lhe best goods for the least money,
ll hns been figured i nl
��     RAHBHs
. li
. jo., Ltd.
VV  v look fiirtlid  ivli.n imii ��� em ties bus proven thut we 'end   both  in
ij'in't'   nil   i'n-  .    N I'tip pronil   lin  did, Kn, 1 or unite.
Successors in M. DesBrisay & Co
.11 sl,v   11. <'.
u#<M '>4_*>e"��"<"<>"��'.��i.��iM i
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Aiitlioiizeil   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Caiiital Fivid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Mead Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(leneial Banking Business .transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable termB,   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hunk accounts. ,
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanainio, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Tmir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
TheNelson ElectricTramway Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Including Saegrnm's j, 4 ami 7 year old Rye
in barrels. Gnoderham & Worts' Rye in
cases. Seagram's Star '83 Rye and VVhite
Wheal Whisky in cases. Walker's Club Rye
m Cases.
Kooti nay A|,'t. Nelson
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Al.l.   KINDS   Oh'
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
our sale of
is still going nn al j one Ib. tins for 25c.
P. o. box l. and w.
Telephone 10.
Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line oi
GookiiiQ stoves & Ranaes
Which we are olTeriiu>*rat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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