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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 7, 1899

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 Daily Edition No  284.
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, April 7,   1899.
th Year
He Will Carefully Consider
the Matter.
Some Stipendiary Magistrates  and Justices  of the  Peace to Hold
Small Debts Courts-
Victoria, B. 0., April 0.��� The official Gazette contains the anuouco-
ment that Alex Robertsou, 13. A.,
headmaster of the Vancouver High
School, has heen appoiuted Superintendent ot Education to succeed Dr.
Pope, resigned.
The following Provincial appointments are also gazetted:
Enoch Shakespero, of Nanaimo, to
be J. P. for Naunimo; Robert Hamilton Mayne, of Ainsworth, to be a
notary public for Kootenay ; and Robert Muitlaud.of Vancouver, to be a notary public for the mainland.
The under mentioned Stipendiary
Magistrates aud Justices of tho Peace
have been authorized to bold small
debts courts, Henry N. Ooursier, of
Revelstoke, and within 1~> mile radius ;
John Hibbert and Enoch Sbakespere
for Nanaimo, and within a radius of
15 miles therefrom.
Mayor H. G. Noolands, Nelson ; S.
S. Fowler, consulting engineer for
the London and British Oolumbla
Gold Fields Co. ; J. J. Campbell, acting manager of the Hall Mines, aud
Oapt. Duncan, managing director of
the Duncan Mines Com winy formed
a deputation who wailed upon the Provincial Goverumeut today urgiug the
desirability of repealing the eight
Lour day legislation piissed during
tlie last session.
They had au interview with Hon
Mr. Hume, Minister of Mines, and
laid before him the case of the mine
owuers whose interests thoy stated,
would he injured if the legislation
were iuforced. Mr. Hume promised
the careful consideratiou of the Government.
The   Seoret Dossier  Had  Nothing   to
do  With Him.
Paris, April 6.���The Figaro which
yesterday published an instalrueut of
tbe evidence gi"en before tbe court
of cassation by M. Paloogne, ono of
the permanent officials of the foreign
office regarding the repudiation by the
Italian Government, and by Colonel
Schwartskoppeu, former German Military Attache here, of relations with
Dreyfus, publishes today a further
installment showing that the so-called
Becret dossier is not connected with
Dreyfus except as regardes a single
document, a letter meutiouirg him,
which is dated after his coudoinuation
and is  therefore unimportant.
London, April 7.���The Daily Chronicle prints the text of threo letters alluded to by examining Magistrate
Bertus before tbe court of cassation,
which Major Count Esterhuzy ad
dressed to President Faure under dates
of October ai) and October 31, 1HH7
and Novembor, 1897, letters which
Esterhazy alleges were dictated to
him by Oolonol Du Paty du Olam.
The first letter complains that he has
been victimized by the Drefyusites and
that tho Minister of War has ignored
his appeal for protection. He goes on
to beg that Faure put au end to the
scandal and says: "If I should have
the sorrow uot to be listened to by
the supreme head of my country, my
precautions are takeu for my appeal
to reach the ears of my heraldic, chief,
the sovereign of tho Esterhazy family,
the Emporor of Germany, Ho is a
soldier and will know how to set the
houor of a soldier, even an enemy,
above the mean and equivocal intrigues of politics. He will are to speak
out loud and strong aud to defend the
honor of ten generations of soldiers.
It is for you, M. le President, to judge
if you should force me to carry the
question into that, region, and Esterhazy, if not good, fears not anything
or anybody. Nothing and nobody
will prevent me acting as 1 say, if I
am sacrificed to I know not what miserable political combinations."
The second letter couched in more
violent terms, complains that M.
l'aure has iguored his appeal and
threatens to publish a photograph of
" paper stolen by Pioquart in a Foreign Legation, which would be most
compromising for a certain diplomatic
Klondike    Output    For    Next  Year
Placed at   18 Millions.
Among the passengers who came
down ou the steamer Al-Ki from the
north ou Saturday was G. B. Swine-
hart, formerly proprietor of the Midnight Sun at Dawson, savs the Prov
woe. He loft. Dawson February 27,
and oame by dog team as far as Dyea,
having a pleasant   trip   all   the   way.
During tbe fi jt week the thermometer ranged from 40 to 65 degrees below
zero, but the atmosphere was dry and
the cold did not seem severe.
Mr. Swinehart says that it is not
true that the river if breaking up. He
says it will be sometime beforo the
lakes break up, and that he was told
by well informed men nt Bonnet and
Tagish that tho lakes aro frozen deeper
this year thai; last.
Mr. Swinehart said that he had
mado a close and careful estimate of
tho output of the Klondike for the year
IN!)!), aud placed it conservatively at
$18,000,000. He says the general health
at Dawson is now good, but he predicts that it will be bad in tho spring.
"There is uo drainage system whatever, said he, "and in the spring I
think there will probably be untold
"I met. about sixty people whom I
know going in over the trail, continued Mr. Swinehart, "Among them
were the well-known Klondike characters, Pat Galvin, Dick Lowe, An
toine Standard, Andy Nelson and
Mr. Swinehart speaks in the highest
terms of the bench claims of the
Klondike, which he thinks will prove
tho ultimate basis of wealth for the
district. Ho expects to remain here
for a few days, going from hero to Ottawa, and then returning north in a
few days.
An Ex-Doctor Who   Pretends He  Oan
Perform   Miracles.
London, April 0. ���The Paris corre
spondent of the Standard savs that a
Dr. Edwards, a mystical healer, is
turning the hoads.of tlm Parisians. His
lodgings at li Rue Cadet, aro crowded
with blind,dumb and deaf persons and
with consumptives and others who
have been pronounced insurable. Dr.
Edwards encourages them to hope for
renewed strength and places his fingers
where pain is felt, simulating that he
is picking it out and casting it
away on tbe Moor.
Loie Fuller, tho American dancer,
is one of his patients. She says she
hopes that Dr. Edwards will save her
eyesight. The healer is about 00
years old and has white hair.
He was born in Rome, and practiced
medicine in Australia until, ho says,
he discovered accideotly his power
to heal all diseases hy the method he
now pursues.
Tho   Mazet   Investigation   Committee
Has a Hard Time of it
New York, April 6.���Council Frank
Moss, of the Mazet investigation committee, while talking with the report
ers today said : "I want to say as little about the headquarters of tba committee as possible. Wo aro Bin)ply
dogged with spies here. Thoy are following me everywhere. I cannot maki
a move personally without its being
3t* Regis Indians  Will  not Oause  any
Trouble���Notes  of Interest
to Riflemen*
(J.,Uttawa, April fi.���Tupper has decided to leave the selection of a French
Canadian organizer for Quebec to the
1'iiucus of the members and Senators
from that Proviuco to lie held next
week. It is not Improbable that tin
choice will fall upon Milton Mi-Don-
ell, M. P. P, for Bagot,
Colonel Massoy, of Montreal, has
been elected president of the OOunoll of
the Dominion Ritlo Assioeiatiou. The
liisloy team sailed from Montreal on
tne :24th of June.
At a meeting of the Hansard stall
last evening. A. Ilorton wub appointed chief of Btnff in place of the
into Dr. Bradley. The debates committee left the appointment of tin*
chief to the stall'. It will be ratified
liy tbe committee.
St. Regis Indians have made representations to the department here
thnt thoy will see law and order prevail) and tbat they are not in sympathy with the few of their number
who orented a disturbance recently at
tbe election of their chief.
Ottawa, April (i,���It is understood
that a letter has been reoeived hero
rroni Commissioner Ogilvie, of the
Yukon,stating that Messrs.Sample and
Allen, of the Klondike Nugget, who
arc now hero and attacking every official in Dawson except Soiikh'i-, were
refused tbe olllcial advertising. It is
suid that this has something to do with
their attacking the officers.
H. B. McC.iverin, barrister, has returned from London where he was on
business conuecteil witli fimincing the
TaltU Inlet railway which was chartered two years ago by the Dominion.
Ho says arrangement have been made
to go on with the work of construction
this spring.
Much   Siokness   Among   the    Troops
From   This Cause.
Manila, April 6,���Bad water at Ma-
lolos is causing much Bickness among
General McArthur's men. One hundred and twenty-live men have beeu
prostrated with diarrhoea and dysentery from this cause. Water is now
supplied from Manila and it is hoped
by this means to oheck the growing
list of nick.
She Objects to the Maltreatment of Christians.
Would Remove the Championships to Boston.
Foreieners to be Treated as  Tbeir 0w��
Oouatrymen.���Officials Ordered to
Enforce the Law.
Washington, April (i.��� United States
Minister Conger, at PeUiu, has supplied the state department with a copy
of a proclamation posted at Tien
Tsin, relative to the treatment of missionaries in China. In this edict, issued on tho 27th of the tenth moon, the
Empress Dowager recited her fears
that anti-Christian movements had
taken place in many Provinces and declared that these have all been based
on false sentiment.
She wished the people to understand
that the teaching of Christianity is
permitted in China and that the
preachers are to be treated as good citizens. The Empress declares that
good men, whether Christian or not,
will obey the principles of being honest aud true to others, wherefore, she
desires the people to treat foreigners as
thoir own countrymen, and avoid all
misunderstanding with them.
She commands the viceroys and
officials in the provinces to emphasize
her sincerity by exerting themselves
to suppress all agitation between the
people before any anti-Christian prejudice is displayed.
This is the Accusation  Levelled at the
Canadian   Wheelmen's
Mr. W.    A. Jowett   Receives   a  Most
Gratifying Present.
A very pleasant incident marked a
uniiU social party which Mr. W. A.
Jowett, formerly proprietor of this paper, gave yesterday evening at tho
English church school room to the
members of his choir, it being the occasion of his 50th birthday.
Light refreshments wero served towards tbe middle of the evening, after which Mr. R. M. Macdonald presented Mr. Jowett with a handsomely
chased brass clock, letter rack and
pair of candlesticks. Mr. Jowett responded in suitable terms. This ploas-
int interlude over Mesdames Melville
furry and Goepel and Messrs. Newl-
ing and R M. Macdonald entertained
the company with songs. A daintily
gotten up address accompanied the
,'if ts aud rend as follows:
W. Austin Jowett, Esq., Organist
and Choirmaster St. Saviour's Church.
Doar Sir:���We the members of the
ihoir of St. Siavours', take this opportunity, while wishing you mauy
oappy returus of your birthday, of
ixpressing our sincere appreciation of
.-our successful labors as organist aud
choirmaster during the past seven
.-ears, trusting that we may long have
��� our invaluable services in the
.larmonious aud reverent rendering of
un* Church's services.
We beg yon will accept the accompanying gift as a small token of our
esteem and respect.
The above address was signed by 20
member") of the choir.
drop Will Be Millions  of Bushels Less
Than Last Year.
Chicago, April   0.���The Daily Trade
Bulletin  publishes a Bumnmry ot the
estimates by its correspondents of the
area seeded to winter wheat, and the
percentage of the damage hy unseasonable weather during the past two
months, which, iu cun junction with
late state roportB, indicate that the
condition of the winter wheat crop of
ilm United States is uot to exceed lb,
Whioh even on the increased acreage
would mean 20,000,000 bushels less
than last year.
Woonsocket, R. I., April (i.���Henry
De Wolfe, editorial writer for the
Evening Reporter for the past four
years, committed suicide by shooting
himself today near the grave of his
wife, who was buried yesterday in
Booth Oxbridge, Ho had evidently
been holding a flower plucked from his
wife's grave as ho sat beside the road,
preparing for the futaluct. He was 4!)
years old.
New York, April C���F. Howard
Porter the president of the Boston
'1)9 Meet Club, aud Sterling Elliott,
chief consul of Massachusetts, were
iu this city today. Mr. Elliott said
the L. A. W. work iu New England
was progressing favorably. President
Porter said that from what he had
found out he thought the annual meet
of the L. A. W. at Boston next August
would prove to be one of the best and
most interesting ever held by wheelmen of this oovintrv. He seemed not a
bit put out at tho recent action of the
Canadian Wheelmen's Association,
which suggested the L. A. W. should
show it controlled all of the professional riders in this country, aud
threatening to allow the outlaws to
compete at the international championships if it could not do so.
"We are confident in our position,"
sad Mr. Porter, "and, if tbe Canadians continue to bave dealings with
ihe outlaws, we will request the international association to transfer the
championships from Canada to Boston to be held in conjunction with
rhe L. A. W. meet there. If this
cannot be done, thou we will change
tbe date of the annual meet to Boston
sn that we will conflict directly with
the Canadian championships from
Vugnst 7th to 12th. Only the L. A.
*,V. meets would he conducted nt the
ONirlos River race track tbis year."
His Present Intention is to Keep up
an Agitation For Independence.
Havana, April 6.���The Cuban Military Assembly being dead, General
Maximo Gomez will take up his programme of solidifying the Cuban peo-
ile into a party that shall, without
easing, urge the United States to
withdraw from the Island. His purpose is to mako the people seem to
have but one emotion, but one desire,
the thought of independence and absolute separation from the Uniteo
(ieneral Gomez considers the dis-
lolntion of the Assembly as his personal achievement, aided by the military Administration here and coun-
cuauced by Washington, lie believes
Po emerges from the controversy with
he assembly stronger thau ever with
he better classes. HiB theory is that
he Cubans who before thought him
nerely an adroit guerrilla chief are
low prepared to regard him as a political leader, and that a few days more
will probably see him iu name geueral-
uichief of tbe army.
General Gomez if reinstated, would
*ie of greuter servioe to the United
States iu the disbursement of the $8,000,
00 hut his political programme means
���he keeping up of agitation and disturbance ill the minds of the people
mil the weakening of American authority by producing tbo impression
that everything done by the Americans
is temporary and may sooner or later
ho overturned.
American observers consider any
such agitation as harmful to industrial
revival and credit. Some who are
higher in authority aud who have ex-
'-optional opportunities of knowing the
oharaoter and ideas of Gomez think
ihe United States Government may
have trouble with him yet. His attitude has always been consistent regarding the independence of Cuba and
he iB Htill working for the same end.
IHb character is narrow, resolute, arbitrary, exacting und likely to make
him a constant disturber.
New Orloans, La., April (1.���In the
presence of. a congregation which
crowdod the old St. Louis Cathedral
to the doors, the Pallium, the insignia
of olllco of an archibsbop, was conferred today upou Mgr. Chappell, archbishop of New Orleans, hy the
Right Reverend Edward Fitzgerald,
bishop of Little Hock, und senior bishop of the Proviuce of whieh the see of
Now Orleans is the ecclesiastical bead.
Bishop Dunne preached the Bormou in
English and Father Kuapp in Frenoh.
East Liverpool, Ohio, April 0. ���The
American Potteries Co., the name
givon to the proposed $27,000,000
trust which wns to include all the
potteries of the United States, is dead.
The projectors, it is said, spent $20(1, -
000 .trying to effect an oragnization,
but failed because of other capitalization. They could uot persuade investors to buy stock.
Information as to tho   Fate of an Adventurous Photographer.
Washington, April (I. ���Genoral OtiB
has sent a despatch   to  the   Adjutant-
i (Ieneral replying to inquiries made iu
regard to ono Huber. Senator Perkins, of California, had informed  the
1 department that it   waB  believed tbat
Huber had been killed by the insurgents. The reply of General Otis today
"Huber, hospital corps, insurgent
prisoner, pasBed beyond tbe Hues without permission seven days before hostilities commenced having a camera
and rovolver. He was arrested near
Malolos becau*-e armed and taking
photographs. He was in civilian
clothes, and chinned to ho a British
seamnu. He was in fair health on
February 10, when money was furnished him with the promise of more to
follow. Ho and three other prisoners
arrested beforo hostilities commenced
were at Malolos 10 days before the
capture of that city. It is believed
that all are alive.''
Everything Told   About Them   Except
Their   Names.
Washington, April 6.���The American commission as a wholo is regarded as an exceptionally strong body,
being made up of men well known,
Not only in public and political life,
but in tbe world of letters aud international affairs. They nre all fine
lingnists and men of scholarship and
those attainments helpful in a congress representing the nations of the
world conducted under the diplomatic
usnge, which makes French the accepted language.
Will Try to Get the Pope to Mediate a
Royal Conjugal Dispute.
London, April fi. ���It is reported iu
Brussels, aooording to tho Berlin correspondent of the Standard, that Cardinal Peter Lambert Cossens, nrollbishop of Mechlin. Belgium, haB gone to
Rome to petition for the mediation of
the Pope in the matrimonial differences
between King Leopolds daughter,Princess Louise of Belgium aud her consort
Prince Philip of Saxe Coburg.
Brussels, April ti. ���Tho secretary
of tbe Belgian Royal Geographical
Society,Capt. M. Dufief, says the statements that the Belgica has discovered
new laud in Woddele Sea, and volcanos
and open water fin- south are purely
imaginary. He expects Captain De
Gorlaehe to spend the bad season at
Pnuta Arenas, Patagonia, or at Melbourne, Victoria, and to start again
for Victoria Laud in October. But In*
added everything depends upon the
funds available for the Antarctic expedition.
hospTtalTin ^DANGER.
Montroal, April (i.���Montreal City
Hospital is in dungor of collapsing
and the inspector has recommended
tbat all the patients be taken out of
the building.
Another Step Towards the Realization of
the   Oape-Oairo    Eailway
Loudon, April 0.���The St. James Gazette this afternoon unnouuecs tbat
Mr. Cecil Rhodes has obtained a guarantee from tho German Government
upon the capital of Germany's portion
of the Capo to Cairo railroad. German financiers have provided the capital, aud Germany has agreed to
guarantee a certain portion of the
(rermau cross line Dur OS Salaam. 2b
miles south of Zanzibar, which is to
tap the Cape to Cairo railroad.
Porto Ricans Will Be   Matte   to Serve
in the Ranks.
San Juan, April o ���Governor-General Henry, of Porto Rico, has ordered
tho formation ot a battalion of ioo men
to bo made up of Porto Ricans, onlist-
ed iu military service in this island.
The offloers will bo detailed from the
regiments of tho Americau army ou
duty here.
Mont Elimar, France, April 6.���
President Umbel has arrived here to
spend a few days at his native place
which is gaily deoorated, tbe Btreeta
being spanned by triumphal uri-hes.
He was met at the railroad station by
the Premier M. Dupuy, and a great
crowd of people.
Threo representatives of prominent
American roads, wore in the City
yesterday looking after the interests of
their respective lines, aud incidentally
looking up any oue who was likely to
be able to divert any considerable busiuess in their direction. The
gentlemen were Mr. G. H. Wil-
hums, truveliug agent| for the Great
Northern, Mr. W. II. (dim, traveling
agent for tbe Chicago Great Western,
and Mr. II. S. Collins, general agent
of the North Western line, with headquarters at Spokane. This is a uew
office, reoently established owing to
the great and growing importance of
Kootonay, and this was Mr. Collin's
first visit hero.
After spending the day here, the
three gentlemen weut ou to Kuslo by
the afternoon boat.
Message on Herschell's Death
Gratefully Keceived.
Published Throughout the English Press*
���Friendship   Between NationB
Again Proved*
New York, April (i.���The New York
Chamber of Commerce has reoeived
from the London Chamber of Commerce an answer in reply to resolutions passed bv the New York body
relative to the death of Lord Herschell.
The English organization's letter
read in part: "I am desired by my
couucil to stato that this voluntary
testimony from your chamber, published as it bus beon, throughout by the
English press, has not only been received gratefully by public ^sentiment
on this side of the Atlantic, but has
also served as a great consolation to the
bereaved family of the distinguished
statesmen to whom tbe toxt of your
cablegram was at once commuui-
"I am further dtsiredjto tbauk your
Chamber for having once more demonstrated tho friendship which exists between tbe commercial classes of our
two great nations." The letter is
*,ignen Thomas F. Blackwell, chairman.
He Refuses to Comply With Extortionate Requests of Russia and France.
London, April li. ��� The Cairo   correspondent of   lhe Daily Mail says:
"Emperor Mcnelil; has refused the
request of the French Government that
he should order all exports from Abys-
siuia to pass through the French port
��� if Bas Jibuti! The Negus also re-
fusos to assist Russia iu ncquiring Ra-
beita from Italy,and declines to allow
Russia to re-organize the Abyssinian
army wilh Russian offloers, although
in the hope of securing these conces-
���lious. Russia sent bun valuable pres-
viits iueluding 00,000 rifles, '.1,000,000
cartridges, and several   machine guns.
Hard Fate   That Met Some   Workmen
in Guatemala.
New Orleans April 6.���T. C. Leaoh
and I. A. Kirkpatrick two of thu
Kansas City party that weut down to
Guatemala, as they say, to work on a
railroad, but were urrested as filibusters and compelled to leuve the oouutry, say thnt seveu of their comrades
were similarly arrested and that thev
have reason to believe that oue of
them W. Harris wus shot by Guatemalan soldiers aud that the six others
John Roberts, James Dalyrimple, W.
Johnson, Churchill Guthrie CharleB
Brett and G. Flouruey are either con-
lined in a Guatemalan jail or have
been shot hy the authorities. They
say that tbey appealed to Americau
Consul Denis at Puerto Barrios but received no assistance from him.
The two men wont before tho Uuited
States grand jury hore toduy to preB-
seut a complaint against the labor
agents who sent them and have been
sending others down to Guutemala
nominally to work ou a railroad, only
to bo treated as filibusters and arrested
and imprisoned.
The Three PowerB   Will Each Appoint
a High Olliuial.
Berlin, April 0.���An agreement bus
been reached between tho threo powers, Great Britaiu, United State*
and Germany on two piopositious,
The appointment by each power of
a high olllcial to investigate uud regulate the conditions prevailing at
Samoa, and tin* making of unanimity
necessary in all the decisions of these
high offloials.
Tho newspapers hail the result of tne
negotiations wilh satisfaction,
The Copper River Expedition Leaves
Seattle on the J Uth.
Washington, April 6.���Aoting Secretary Meiklejohii stated today that owing to the numerous stories of destitution and suffering in Aluska. whioh
are being received at th* department,
orders have boon issued to Oapt. Abor-
oromble, commanding the Copper
River expedition to hurry his departure us much as possible. A telegram
received today from that officer, states
that this expedition will leave Seattle
on the I2lh instant.
London, April 6.���Charles Frobman
has engaged the Earl  of Roalyu,   who
recently adopted   tho stage as u profession, to appear iu Now York in  "HiB
j Excellently, the Governor."
LNBiSOII      JJ��L1J\    MiTl'wr gjsted on the Bill as itwas. TbePrem-
 .    ier,however,felt constrained to promise
tbat representations wonld ,be made
to tbe Proviuces coucerned, and that
they would be urged to provide for appeals to judges in the case of names
omitted or improperly registered. It
, was on the strength of this promise
the Senate refraiued from carrying an
amendment to tho Bill to the effect
Before adjournment   over Easterjhol-
idays, the leader  of the Oppositiou in
the Senate asked the   Miuister of Justice if this   promise   had   been   made
good.  Mr. Mills was obliged to answer
that he did not know what   communication bad taken place,but would make
inquiries   and    inform   the   Chamber
later on In the session.    The   Legislature of one of the Provinces to   which
the promise applies, Manitoba, is now
sitting.    The   session     will   not  last
more than two or three   we6ks longer,
aud if no representation has been made
it is not likely the Government would
at this late   hour consider a request of
the kind.    In   Manitoba they bave one
of the worst franchise laws on the continent.    Tbe compiling of tbe lists  is
entirely in   the bauds of  Government
agents,   often   appointed    on   account
of  their   unscmpulousness.    There   is
and the revising
officers, who are as a   rule as unscrupulous as   the   agents.    Between   them
they make the   lists, and   thev   make
them in the interest of the party   employing them.    In Nova   Scotia   it  is
nearly as bad ; at any   rate there is  no
appeal from the   lists.    Was the omission to make good   the   promise of the
Premier intentional, and was it a part
of a scheme,   of   which   the  proposed
redistribution   is   the later and   fuller
development, to carry tbe next election
by hook or   by   crook?   Many old Liberals have beeu   brought up to   regard
such practices as extremely   dishonest,
and they are naturally very much concerned.
l-ublisaeU 1 ally except Monday.
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l��. J    BEATON', Editor nnd Manager.
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..���Ison.Mi" *r Printing & Publishing-Co
We offer congratulations to The Victoria Globe on a prosperity tbat justifies it so early in life to eularge to
eight pages. It began barely two
mouths ago as an humble four-page paper, and so cleverly has it been conducted that in a field by no means unlimited it is obliged to double its size.
Victoria cauuot be such a slow going
place as it is represented to be. And
it is certainly astute euougb to know
a good thing wheu it sees it.
The Victoria Colonist is doing good
���ervice in so persistently   maintaining
that British Columiba does not get a no appeal from them
share of Federal expenditure iu proportion to tbo revenue it contributes.
Taking past railway subsidies, as its
text.it publishes au article from which
we have pleasure in giving the following extract: "If the Dominion was
warranted in extending aid to the d*��
gree above mentioned to **he railways
named, there are several projects in
this Province which ought to be liberally subsidised. The trade ' returns
show British Columbia to be the third
Province in point of foreign commerce. This being the case, our
claim for aid in the construction of
railways is very stroug -for uot only are
we contributing sufficient to tbe revenue to make it reasonable to ask assistance in this way, but every dollar
expended in the Province will add to
the revenue. We have pointed tbis
out so often that it is hardly uecesarv
to repeat the argument; but the fact
ought to bo constantly kept before
the public mind that the people of this
Province contribute now and will continue to contribute for years to come,
/astly more per capita to the revenue
of the Dominion than those of any
other part of Canada. It is demoustra-
able that from the standpoint of rtv-
enue aloue it will pay the Dominion
to invest money in railway subsidies
in tbis Proviuce. Let any section of
the Province be taken as an example aud let its capacity to supjiort population be considered. Then see what
has resulted in other parts of tbeProv-
ince from railway construction, and it
will be found to be clear beyond all
poisibility of doubt that the investment
of railway subsidies will be directly
financially profitable to the Federal
treasury. No matter where the line
may be located, provided a portion of
the Province is (elected, where any one
knowing what the conditions are
���would advise railway construction, aud
the result will be tbe same. It will
hold true of a railway to the north
������nd of the Island, of au all Canadian
line to the Yukon,of tbe British Pacific of a line to Omineca, of one from
Kamloops, Ashcroft or any point ou the
O. P. R. to Oariboo, of a lino running
(long the western slope of the Rocky
Mountuius from Teto Jauue Cache to
the Crow'B Nest Pass Railway, o a
line up the Similkameon valley, of a
line from Penticton to the Coast.and of
others that may be mentioned. If
the Dominion Government decides upou a policy of railway construction, the
repraseutatives of British Columbia
ought to have little difficulty iu making out a stroug case for this Proviuce.
We go further aud say that it is the
duty of the Government to adopt such
a policy, especially in relation to this
Proviuce, which is contributing so
much to tbe prosperity of the Dominion and cau uuder a judicious policy
of development be made to do so much
If the other newspapers of the Province were to back up The Colonist
more than they are doing, perhaps,our
representatives at Ottawa who go
dowu to Bupport the Government
might be encouraged to display a little more boldness aud energy in insisting that British Columbia shall have
her due.
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Mayor Prefontaiue Objects to Shutting
Dowu   the Consuls.
Montreal, April 6.���Mayor Prefon
taiue, M. P. at a diuuer tendered hi m
there spoke strongly against tha closing of canals on Sunday, saying it
*.va just as absurd to suppose that
steamer would sleep on Sunday in
���nul-ocean as to ask for the closiug
lown of the Canadian canal system
during that day. He also favored the
ieorgiau canal scheme and hoped it
would be soon seriously grappled with
by the Government.
5 & 9 Clement Block.
Toronto Out., April ti.���The Mail
says: W, Louut ex-M. P. will shortly
succeed Judge Robertson as judge of
the high court and also that John
Lougbrin M.P. P. for Nippissiug is to be
appointed stipeudnry magistrate for
John Robertson M. P. P., for East
York is today to undergo operation for
Provincetown, Mass., April (!.-���The
feafurejof this forenoon's sessiou of the
southern New England Methodist con-
foreuce here was the passage of a stroug
resolution calling for an amendment
io the constitution, forever prohibiting
ibe practice of polygamy and disfranchising any one guiity of it.
During the session of Parliament a
y��ar ago a new Franchise Hill was
passed, adopting the voters' lists of
thi Provinces as the lists to be used
in l)ominion| elections. (.'ons'Tvntive
leaden in both Houses raised objections to this course, and others outside
who were not Oomervativei did the
(ame. It was objected that the Dominion ihould have a uniform franchise
of its own. This was fundamental ;
but the majority in the Commons
would not listen, and it was ignored.
Coming to details, it wan objected
that in some of tho Provinces no pin-
visions was made lor appeals from
the lists as OOmpiled by ('oveinmont
agents or officials. This was recognized as Important, if not serious,
but rather than depart from the simple
principle  of   adopting   the Provincial
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Cunard  Line���Campania April 2"!
American Line���Paris  April It
Anchor Line���Kthiopia April 22
Allan State Line���Mongolian April 19
From Bosio
Dominion Line���Dominion April
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^�����^i*���^s^^*^^*^I?iife"^ ^i*ki^.vi ^ni-^Us, *^!lJ^ll��i NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY, APRIL 7,  1899
Important Session Held Yesterday Afternoon-
$60,000   ARE    NEEDED
The Water, Sewerage and Eleotric Light
Systems Will be Put in an
Efficient Condition*
Tlio Board of Works, consisting of
Aldermen P. Fletc)i3r, H. B. Thomson, Charles Hillyer and City Engineer A. L. McCulloch, had a prolonged and most important session yesterday aftoruoon in the City Hall. The
all essential subjects of the wator service, sewerage system, and olectrit*
light service were the matters of debate, and the Boaid were unanimously
of opinion that these services are nt
present inadequate, that they should
be extended, and that large sums of
money are needed for that purpose.
The solution of the water supply
question was felt to be the laying of a
steel pipe line from Cottonwood Creek
about Give Gut Creek to the reservoir,
the supply now obtained from Anderson Creek being totally insufficient.
This expedient, in the opinion of the
Board, will settle the water question
for years to come. Tha probable cost
of the pipe, aud of making several necessary additions to the wator system,
will be in the neighborhood of $!!(),-
000. The City Engineer had uot had
sufficient leisure to present a detailed
estimate of the cost at yesterday's
meeting,hut will have one ready for tin*
regular Council meeting next Monday.
The question of the extension of
the present sewerage system was also
considered, anil suhstuutial additions
were deemed necessary. The Board
decided to recommend tho Council to
extend the sewerage system to Kootenay, Silica and Victoria streets as soon
as feasible. It was estimated thai
$15,000 will he needed to make this
system efficient.
The Electric Light plant also is in
great need of Overhauling, and it was
estimated that another |l5,000 will in*
needed to perfect the plant and complete the tlunie���all the lumber for ihe
latter is on the grouud, nnd the City
engineer stated that it would uot cost
more than $1,500 to put it togftli;*r.
The figures iu connection with the
cost of the plant up to date were Roi'o
into.and the ("ity Clerk stated that between $-1*1,000 uud $45,000 had been
expended, including ,he purchase
money paid for the plant. The eleotric
light debentures realised between $;!!).-
000 und $40,000, so, in round nunibirs,
the City is now $5,000 iu the hole in
respoot of electric light construction.
This state of alliairs was anticipated
by the Council when they allowed the
construction of the flume to go ou, bin
they considered it inadvisable to stop
when the matter had once gone so fur
These uecesary improvements decided upon it becomes necessary to consider the question of ways aud means
By the municipal act a City is pi r
mitted to borrow up to 20 per cent, of
its assessed valuation, which, according to last year's valuation,amounts to
$000,000. According to conservativ,
estimates the valuation for the cum nt
year will ho $1,200,000 at any rale.
The City's present indebtedness is
$11,000, and tho proposed uew money
by-laws will bring it up to 1176,000,
whioh is is well within the statutory
limit. It is proposed to raise tin-
money by means of three by-laws to
be submitted to tho people, one for
$510,000 and two for $15,000 each.
It is not anticipated that any serious
opposition will be raised to the pas*-
age of these by-laws, as the money is
absolutely needed for permanent anil
revenue creating improvements. Future comers will reap much of the benefit of these undertakings, and it is
only fair that thoy should help to pay
for them whon they nrrivo.
Tho Board of works also decided to
reooniinoud tho City tnkiug over the
scavougiug business.
A Drunken Mau, A  Frightened   Wife
and a Very   Indignant Husband.
Thero are some undosirablo characters parading the stroots of Nelson to
which the attentiou of tho police
might well be turned. As yet nothing
of a vory gravo nature cau be laid at
the door of any of thoso individuals
but the other morning an incident occurred that might havo been very serious. As it was a Indy was badly frightened and reoeived a shock thatshe will
not soon forgot.
A well knowu citizon was accompanying his wife to tho 0 *!!(> train. On
Baker street they passed a man who
was standing at the corner of Wind
and Haker stents. By the time they had
gone a block the lady remarked that
the man was following but the husband thought nothing of it,and as they
hail but a few minutes to spine hurried on. When tliey were near the
Bberbroolte hotel the man shouted to
them to stop and ran after thorn.
Btlll the husband paid uo attention, as
he bad no time to talk to a drunken
man. When the pursuer reached them
the lady stood aside to let the man pass
bnt instead of doing s.i he drew fi piece
of foolscap paper from his pocket,
oapght the lady liy   tho  arm and said.
I arrest you in the name of the
Ween." and endeavored to oarry off
nil prisoner. By this time the' bus-
Dana l ire was up and he most heroically rescued his better half who was
naturally very much alarmed.
It U certainly timo that ladies can
walk along tlie streets of Nolsou witb-
',���"' 'being inbjeoted to such treatment,
"ad th�� husband uot been present aud
the man persisted in his crazy notion
it is hard to say jnst what might have
New Denver ami  Silverton Are   After
a Baseball Match.
They are having a merry time of it
at Silverton and New Denver. The
towns are ouly four miles apart and
each has quite made up i's mind to
have a much better Queen's Birthday
celebration than tbe other. The Nelson Baseball Club seems to be the chief
bone of contention. Manager James
Neelauds of the local team, has received a telegram from both New Denver and Silverton and each assures him
that it has secured the Sandon team to
meet the Nelson team as one of the
main atraotioua at each of tho celebrations. Just how the tangle will
bo straightened out is a question.
The Nelson Club is meanwhile standing pat, aud will accept the best offer.
The bidding for the game has reached
the respectable sum uf $125, both towns
promising to pay the expenses of the
teams in addition to putting up the
prize, Ono day's canvas in New Deu-
ver resulted iu $400 being collected
and a much larger sum thau this will
be devoted to prizes. The programme
will include a huh and hub nice for
the Kootenay horse companies, a lawn
tennis tournament aud u drilling oon-
test. Silverton, too, will be quite in
tho running and put up a programme
as varied. I1* is unfortunate that the
two towns cannot come to some understanding regarding a joi"t celebration,
oue half of the programme to be given
iu one lown ill the morning and the
rest in the other in the afternoon.
Both celebrations will hardly prove as
successful us cither would   wish.
Artistic  Concert   Promised   for  Next
Monday   and Tuesday.
Thero has already been a brisk demand for seats for the two concerts
to be given by the Chicago Ladies'
Quartette in the Opera House on
Monday und Tuesday evenings of next
week. The organization has the reputation of being strict ly lirst class and
muBinal Nelson will no doubt bo liberal with its patronage when a treat is
in store.
The quartette appeared in Anaconda,
Mont., a week ago tonight aud the
Standard of the next day had this to
say of the concert.
"Tho Chicago Lady Quartette is one
of the must harmonious musical organizations that has ever come to Anaconda. The songbirds appeared lust
evening at, the M.E. church to an audienoe tbat not only tilled the edifice,
bnt which had great difficulty in finding seats. Never has sweeter music
been heard in Anaconda than tbat
which was lust evening rendered by
the ladies of the quartette. Their
voices are sweet and clear, the no'cs
ringing*eaoh and everyone like a bill
through the church. Truly it was a
grand treat for those who atteuil-d
and it is the hope of all who wire
present last night, that the Ohior.go
Lady Quartette will include Anaconda
in ils itinerary in the future.
goliau spent the night in the local
tombs. What the charge is, is not
kuowu iu Nelson as yet.
The committee of the Board of Trade
which is dealing with the proposed
map of Nelsou district to be issued as
an advertisement have decided to issue
one 24x3(1 inches to cover that portion
of the Province south of Nakusp and
from the eastern boundary to the
Boundary district. A folder will also
probably, be issued.
Mr. J. H. Love.local agent for the
International ti. St N. Company, received notice yesterday that the
Steamer Alberta will arrive in Nelson
from Kaslo today, und leave for Bonner's Perry at 7 o'clock oil Saturday
morniug. Ho has as yet received no
time card, aud doos not know how tho
steamer will run in the future.
At tho City Pollen Court yesterday,
T. E. Foulton was fined $20 and costs
for carrying a concealed weapon.
It appears (be man got drunk ou W'ed-
no-day and flourished a revolver in the
Tremont Hotel, whereupon he was arrested. The gun was added to the
store of weapons belonging to the
A meeting of the Library Association was held yesterday evening in Mr.
E. A. Crease's offii c, wheu a committee was formed to arrange for details
of a ball, to be given in aid of the
Association on May 11 next. The
committee consists of Mesdames Day,
McCulloch, and Arthur, and Messrs,
R. R. Hedley und E. A. Crease.
Tlie building to be erectpd by P.
Burns & Co. on Baker street as announced iu The Miner some weeks ago,
will shortly be commenced, the plans
now being in course of.preparation by
A. K. Hodgins. It will represent an
expenditure of $35,000 and a*' a cold
storage plant will be installed in the
basement it will do away with the necessity for the building which tbe
oompany contemplated erecting on
Front streot.
That the Nelson fire brigade is a very
pnnulitr organization was amply clem
onstrated by tho large audience that
gathered in the opera house last evening. The bouse was completely flllod
and the smoking concert was a huge
sucoess. The programme was a popular one from start to finish and almost
every number wus encored. Chief
Thompson whose popularity was evidenced by threo hearty cheers for
him, made a neat speech during the
evening thanking all those who had
contributed to the success of the concert. A goodly sum was netted for
tho funds of the Brigade.
Say John
Come in and see our New Line oe Shoes.
They're just what you want for this weather
of all kinds���Won't cost you a cent to look at
'em. Bring* some of your friends along too;
we'd like to get acquainted with them.
The Easy Shopping Store.
Mining  and   Real   Estate   Broker,
Turner-Boeckh Mock, Nelson.
Money to loan for building purposes.
MininK Shore* for Sale���Dundee, Monarch,
L'tica. Fairmont. Also Republic and Camp
McKinney shares. A few hundred dollars invented niuy biiufiyou thousand*.
Property for bale in all parts of the city.
HouseH to rent.
HeterolDKicnl Itt'iinrt,
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdich.
DATE DAY 111(111-    LOW- SNOW      HAK-
EST EST      KAI.L   OMK'I K]<
Mar 31 Ki-idav 48.0 80.0 0.00 27.8'*
Apr 1 Saturday 11.5 30 0 0.00 27.".')
Apr 2 Sunday 51.0 33.0 0.00 28 0'
Apr  3 Monday 42.0 32.0 0.03 27.I-1
Apr 4 Tuesday 51 P8.0 0.07 28.15
Apr 5 Wod'dny 5H.0 31.0 0.01) 28.05
Apr  (! Thufadas 00.o 311.0 0.00 ?8.3i
New Denver's uow English chni-h
will ho opened on May 14.
Three large hulls at whioh Nuli-'-n
will triii tlm light fantastic am now
on tho tapis.
Thu Firemen wish, to return thin its
to thoir friends who assisted to iunl<e
th'iir smoking concert last night a si o-
A baso hall mutch, Fire Brigade Vs.
tho Oily team will take plaoe on Stin-
day afternoon. Great interest is hei g
taken in the struggle.
Mr. H. H, T. Himltaiu. engineer in
charge of the YfJlowstono mine, li .'t
hy yesterday afternoon's boat on a
short visit to Kaslo.
Mr. II. Hunyun leaves in tho inor i-
ing for Nakusp. where ho will put t o
finishing touches to the upholsti* y
work ou the Steamer Minto.   ���
The managers of practically all ti.e
principal mines of tho vicinity have
been notified by tho inspector to
comply with tho eight hours' aot.
In pious Rossland a by-law has recently heen passed which forbids any
ono to shave another person for money
on Sunday. This law goes into effect
next Sunday.
Reports from the mountain) are to
the effect that slides are coining down
in groat numbers on account of the
warm weather. Traveling is blooming dangerous.
Mr. J. T. Sims has purchased the
lot adjoining tho one on which his
residence on Stanley stands and the
house will be moved to tho oontro of
the two lots.
Another big rock and mud slide
came down on the N. ifc F. ti. track
yesterday this side of Waneta, and the
iiflei-iinoon train was dolayed eight
hours iu consequnnce.
Mr. K K. Phair received a telegram
last evening from Mr. John A. Gibson,
announcing the letter's marriage at
Bpokano yestorday. Mr. and Mrs. Gibson will arrive in Nelson in a few
The charming weather this week
has oiiciiui-Hged ninny disciples of Isuno
Walton to search the haunts of the
elusive troul but as yet uo big baskets
are oven reported. In most oases the
anglers have gone without a bite.
Tho recontly elected officers of the
West Kootenay Briok and Lime Oompany am W. W. Beer, president and
chairman of the Board of Directors and
T. (r. i'roctor, managing director and
secrctnrv-tmasurer. The other dimi*-
tiiis are VV. II. Dowsing, 11. G. Neelands, and \V. A. Maodonald.
A vory interesting puzzle competition took place at tho Phair   Motel last
evening.    Several   ptomii t   citizens
took part, but only a few of ihem were
Hiiecossfiil in   unruvelltng the different
problems set before them.
Ohief McKinnon received a telegram
yesterday from Kuskonook to arrest a
Chinaman   who was a   passenger  for
Nelson on   the   Stcaiimr   Moyie.    The
chief effected tho   urrest aud the Mon-
II*- YOU UKK WllltlC,
tllineeesHary work. Ihe old fashioned Iropll'-
ments nnd old fashioned methods are no ul
enough for you.
Hut if ynu desire to make matters oasiur for
youraeM nnd help, come in und look over the
wo are showing.   Eaoh wtiolols tho   est of
its kind both In quality and denlt'n and cur
prieoK are not high.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
iinportorH of
Shelf and Heavv Hardware.
The Danger
Your eyes may bo warning you overy
day of their weakness and their Inability to work Without help. The
oj-uh nro the 'Idall.v bread makers" for
mOSt Of US.   Tbey  lire prlccleSH   lo   ull
Don't negloot thorn.   Timely attention
will Have fill ure inlHery.
f)  ijromn houioand9 lots on OftT��
�����       bomit.t) Htreel	
P)  Houso and 2 lota on Billoa stroot
���9 r> room house and 2 lota noar Park
y)   llntiNu ami 2 loin on Joaophino s!
jf   HoUBGaild It lots On Vernon hU*i!L-|.
W   iloiiHoiiiid 2 lots on Lake Hlruot.
776   U
It'll I &
I It'll I
f 00-foot liil on Milker stroet.
jl 3 lotson Robson itront	
t I lots on Hoover street	
B 8 lota on Ward stroot      M" "A
J: 9 lots on Latimer streot      ���i"il f,
fl [1 lot* on Carbonate st. resldonoo     m* 71
<J  iloi Carbonate streot      W0 i!
Jl 2 lot** in Hums Addition       M0 u
J. allots In Hume Addition a snap
8 J. L VANSTONE, Mining h
Real Male Agents
linker HI
Nelson, B. O
23-Jewel riovements
in stock at my place.
Hear the Latest Musical Clock
First-class board anil room, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Carbonate, in rear of English church, heated
by steam. Table board *?4; room and
board .*5 and $6.60.
A collection of tine Belgium Cutanea
for sale.
Trimmed and Uutrimnied Millinery,   Matchless   Selection of
Fashon Creations for Spring and
Summer.   Attractive  Prices.
An assortment of Hard Felt Hats from the Celebrated makers, Cooksey & Co.,London, England,
for which we are the sole agents in Nelson.
We have also a full  line of  Fedoras   from   the
different makers,inall the Latest Styles and Colors.
Emory & Walley,
The Hub Furnishing House.
Shipment of Fancy Groceries
just arrived including ....
Van Camp's Macaroni and Cheese,
Pork & Beans, Sweet Potatoes
Just added another Brand of Tea  to our   already large assortment.    It is   impossible  to
buy Tea from   us   and  be   dissatisfied.    We
carry the Choicest Brands only.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Grain, Hay,  Feed in ton lots at Carload Prices.
Front Street
T. Rails T. Rails
8 lb.
12 lb.
Drill Steel, Blacksmiths' Coal,
Ore Caks, Powder, Cai>s and Fuse. *W��
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
When You Ask
For a^-s^^-"
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
PRINCIPALS   K. Pwo%��i��#BBWS:, oamb. enq.
Hoarding and Day School.      Present   Numbers 48.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to   Parents, etc.
Summer Term begins April 10th.
For Terms apply to Principals, -        1171 Georgia St., Vancouver.
Mrs. McLaughlin
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
B.  C.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. C
To Loan^*
Great West Life Assurance Companv.
At 8 per cent. CIS
Improved Property.
Agent, Bakkr Street.
General Teamsters.
for B. C. Oil Gc,
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresii
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone 88,
Niagara   Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Baker Street
Time Curd in eflfoot January  3rd,  1808
BOtttfa Ii'ikI* North      a
l(i*iul diiwn                           Kt'iiil up
lliml  l.VK. II.'IO Ii.lll.   KiihIii     '*.*.'* p hi.   ll.ml  Ai*
"     7.-UI   " AlnmvortlW.lO	
*��� mm " I'llui Hay n.:to "      "    "
"      " is 1,1 "   Hiilfour   (1.IKI	
*���     Ar ll.l.i " 6 Mil" I't. 6.10	
"      '��� 10.90 "    NoI-miii   Mo "        "   Lt
Oonnooti With N. & V. H. Uullvm;** Imln for
Bpokano, leaving Klvi* Mllo Point at 10*06 a.m.
Btoamen lo��ve Kiialu rit j* wluir* at foot of 3rd
Hlruul.   Hulijucl Uic'iiumo without notice.
mini.!* iiuviNii, Manager
! T>
3        I in-w
Interesting Account of the
Trout Lake District.
ton, Nakusp; Mrs. E. H. Haslom, Fort
Steele; Rev. J. G. Dunoau, Fort Steele;
Win. McMillan, Trail; H. Nicholson,
Montreal; W. G. O'Lauphlin, Winui-
neg; 0. F.  Smith. Rosslaud.
Dallas, Texas, April 6.���The most
sevore winter drought that the state
has known for a quarter of a century
is broken. Every inch of Texas is
soaking wet. Already rain worth
millions of dollars to the farmers and
ranchmen has fallen.
Useful   Advioe  to   Prospectors- ���Silver-
ton') Olaims as a Shipper.--
Metal Quotations.
The Trout Lake district today
stands on thu verge of ono of the biggest booms the Province has ever
known. But unlike other districts that
have been boomed prematurely it will
stand ready as soon as the railways
are completed through the valley to
justify all that has been said claiming
it to be one of th�� largest and richest
mining camps in the Province. It-
will rival in a year's time, the well
known claims of Slocan to bo the richest silver lead camp ou earth. We
havj just as rich silver mines, already
proved, and we have infinitely larger
ore bodies. We have in addition to
Bilver-lead properties, gold and copper prospects, that as far as surface
showings are concerned can lay claim
to high position in any mining
camp. There has not beeu discovered
in British Columbia a property which
can claim a higher gold return for a
six-ton shipmeut than tha Lade group,
which ran $220 in gold to the ton. and
if the latest strike fulfils its promise,
the averago of f'JOO received will be a
record which no mining camp iu the
Proviuce cau parallel. As for copper
nlmost every property in Trout Lake
coutaius this mineral to a more or less
oxtent, raugiug from two to seven
and one-half per cent. On one property, the J. A. H. discovered last fall,
specimens of copper ore wero obtained and some are now to be seen iu
the ore cabinet at the Topic office,
which assayed 55 por ceut copper.
This record would bo hard to beat in
any district.
Our chief drawback has beeu lack
of cheap transportation, but now there
is not the slightest shadow of a doubt
but tbat uot oue but two lines of railway will be under construction just as
soon as the snow is off the ground.
This will place tho mines of the district in au exceptionally favorable position as regards freight rates and will
materially aid in making the Troul
Lake district all that the Topic has
claimed for it.���Trout Lake Topic.
* *   * '....
A practical fact worth   knowing   is
that any miner or prospector who
has a blowpipe,alcohol lump and a few
drops of sulphuric acid can iu a few
minutes determine whether tellurium
is present iu ores. All that is neces
sary being to break off a small piece
of tbo oie, place it in a porcelain dish
previously -warmed so as to avoid
breaking, applying the blowpipe until
the ore is ut uu oxidizing heat, tlinu
put one or two drops of the sulphuric
acid on tlio porceluin dish and allow
to mix with the ore���the reaction
will immediately follow, if tellurium
bo present, by beautiful carmine aud
purple colors. The metal fuses at
about COO degrees, aud is distilled nl
a very high tomperature. Its vapor
is golden yellow and has a very brilliant absorption spectrum, while the
electrical conductivity, like that of
selenium, is largely influenced by the
temperature previous to beat,increasing after exposure to Ugh*
* *   #
This week but 40 tons of oro was
shippod from Silvorton'a wharf. The
Vancouver Group sent out 20 tons
oousigued to the Trail smelter, making
320 tons of oro sent out by this mini*
siuce the first of tho year, and which
has netted the owners close to
$40,000, not a bad figure for a mine
(hut is only undergoing tho process
of beiug developed. On Tuesday another curlimd of Emily Edith oro was
shipped to the smelter nt Traili and
this being Ihe third cur fur tbis year.
The Emily Kdith is a big concentrul
ing proposition nnd but little effort is
being made to Heperate and suck for
shipment tho clean om enoonntered
Our ore shipments fur the first three
months of the year total 1088 tuns nil a
high    grade   galena,   Bllverton  now
holds second place us un ore sliippin*'
point in tbe Blooan, but we expect before the year 1888 passes away I hut
the   Hilvurtun    mine*-    will givo   even
those uf Sandon a battle royal for
first plaoe on the list.��� Silvcrtoniiui
* *   #
'ieorgn MuDonniii superintendent uf
the Noble Five mine, wus in tho Oity
yesterday. Like most mining men
iu the Kootenays be dues   not see that
uny good will result f'rum tlm Government's uight-hour legislation, He
stated that tho mine owners uf the
Slocan had deoided at a meeting bold
lust week tu   close   duwii rather   thiili
pay |8,80 a day for eight honrs work,
Development on the Nnble Five is
being prucccded witli rapidly and tho
ore continues tu be rich.
New   York,   April   (I.���liar   silver,
fill*1;,; Mexican dollars. 47. %
(.upper steady,    brokers.   $18>e;   exchange, |18,
Lead, dull; brokers', $1.10; exchange,
Tin,    firmer;   Straits,     $24.40      tu
$24.00; Plates, steady,
Spelter, steady i  domestic,   $(i. oo to
$o. oo.      	
Tho Phair���D. .1. .luhnsun,  Kverott ;
,i. I*',.  Puupure,    Nuknsp; It. S. 1'eurcn,
Fernie; A, B. Eoyeskl, Birdiai; T.
Martin and wife, Golden I J, CI Mo-
SweeneyiRevelstoke! M'HN MoSweeney,
Kevelstiiko; Mrs. A. li. Winkers, Hev-
elstnke; Miss. K. Winkers, Revelstoke I
Dr. G. ti. Gordon, Bossland.
The Hume.���W.   P. Ryan, Toronto;
John     Darner,    jr,.    Toronto!   .lames
m Douglus, Edmonton! it. J. Hamil-
Washington, April 6.���Ex-Secretary
Sherman has now so far recovered
from his recent attack of pneumonia
that he is able to be about his house.
The -iondition of Mrs. Sherman has
also improved to the degree that she
is able to walk.
New York, April 0.���Felix Brown
said to be the iuveutor of the foghoru
now in use all over the world and of a
machine for cutting loaf sugar, died
iu Elizabeth N. J., today. He was
78 years old.
Bournemouth, Eng., April 6.���The
town council this afternoon passed a
resolution instructing the mayor to
call officially upon United States
Ambassador, Mr. Ohoate, to welcome
him here and express hope of his
speedy restoration to health.
Stockholm, April 0. ���The Riksdag has
voted 2,388,000 crowns for the purchase of rifles, and 2,200,000 orowns
for tbe improvement of tho Swedish
rurKiiuiit to Ilic t'rtMlitort* Tiusl Dcetl Acts
and a mended Acts.
NOTICE IS hereby given that Samuel J.
Mighton, of Nel-son, B, C., heretofore carrying
on bushier uh Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, li.
(.'., has by deed dated the 10th day of March,
A. I)., 189-j, assigned all his personal estate,
credit-* and effect-1, which may be seized and
BOld under execution, and all his real estate, to
Hugh ll. Cameron, of Nelson, B, C.�� Agent, in
i rust for the benefit of his creditors. The paid
leed was executed by tne said Samuel J.
Mighton and by the suid Hugh It. Cameron, on
the 10th day of Maroh, A. 1)., 181*9, and all persons having claims turaiuBt the said Samuel J.
Mlghton are lequiml.on or before tho 10thday
>if April. A. D , 1899, to send to the Trustee full
particulars of the same, duly verified, together
wiili the particulars of the security (if any)
lield by them,
Notice is hercbv further given that after the
-aid Kith day of April, A. 1>., 1899, the trustee
will proceed to distribute tho assets of the
i rust estate amongst those creditors who are
QQtiUed thereto, and whoso claims have then
uecn lodged with him, having regard only to
���hecl'iinsof which he then has no'iee, and
thai he will not bo respon.-iblc after said date
(or the assets of the said trust estate, or any
part theteof, ^o distributed to any person or
persons, Arm or corporation of whose claim he
bad not notioe at the time of distribution.
Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the
creditors of the said (Samuel J. Mighton will he
bold at the law otllce of Macdonald & Johnson
on Maker sticet, in the City of Nelson, on Monday tK*20th day of March, A. D., 181K), at the
liour of two o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Nelson, Ii. C, this 10th day of
Maroh, A. !>.. 1809.
Solicitors for tho said Trustee.
West Kootenay Valley, B. 0., on line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Xelson & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Creston may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Oreston Townsite Co.,
General Broker.
-Uiven-Kouiniil Houho f*tt00
PwoSIx Roomed KoiiBoe.well finished ond
Rented for fSO a month    noun
And definite Conlraot K'von.
Firb, Life, Accident
and Sickness Assurance.
li now prepared to fid orders
for    Luncheons,    Dinners    in*
Evening Parties,
Melton    Mowbray    IM���.    Chicken,
Veal, nnd Pork Pies,   All orders
promptly  attended   to.
Ward St.,   -  Opposite Hume Hotel.
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
oi cars between Nelson and Rosslaud aud
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p-m
"   11:55 "   ROSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8*30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6*30 p-m
Train Unit lenvoH  Nelson at ibid n.m
makes oloie oooneotions at Spokane foi
nil l'uoille ('unlit Point*,
I'liHsengiTH for Kettle River nnd Boundary OrneiiOonneol at Moroni with Hta-cn
0. O. DIXON, (1. I'. kT.A.
Spokane   Wash
Agent,Nelson, B. O,
We can supply  you.    A full  line  of French
Suitings just arrived.
H. a Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
The Chicago Lady Quartette
will nrrive here on Sunday  ni-j-ht's train from
Spokane and will siug it tlie Opera House ou
Monday & Tuesday Evening
They will be assisted by
Miss Bolkcom, Queen   of Impersonators.
Admission 50 & 75 Cents.
Seats on sale at Canada Drug k Book Store.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Onmps supplied on shortest notice and Lowe*? Price*.
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Turner Beeton & Co.
Carload   of   PABST   BEER   Just   Arrived.
A Large Stock of ����������
Liquors, Cigars & Tobaccos,
Dry  Goods and  Ore Bags
*r~-���Always on Hand.
Wholesale QnJi).
H. By ers & Co.
Headquarters for    ...    .
Large consignment just arrived direct from England, and another en route.
Ru Book,
etc., etc,
Cheapest and Best in Market.
Pine Line of Guns and Ammunition Always
���������In Stock.������
TonrtorH will bo rwoivnl hy tha untlui'HlKiuui
up Ull April 10th for mipplyliiK thn KmiU-nny
l.nkn Oonornl HOtpttM for n, period of hIx
iinint li   wilh tho follnwiiiK i',"'"1.
Meal, Milk, Hn-ifid, Di-ukh, Klrowood, (Jrm-or-
lus. T'-ndei'H for tho (Jrouory mipply iiiuhL bo
m-nmiipRiilud by prlco Ulbh Tho LOWMt or any
tuudurnot mm '���������������������! ii\ uccopted.
Hoc ru Uuy
Dealer in BOOTS &
SHOES. Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest Place to
Deal in Town.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions   to  Suit
All Tastes.	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders   	
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries  and  Crockery.
We have now on Display in our window a fine
Assortment of
Every piece having the maker's name stamped
on it.    We are selling at very low  prices.
fiyamlne ant) be Convinced
Kirkpatrick  & Wilson
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must he accompanied by cash and should  be   forwarded
oither personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
IVIILLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.  GRAY,   ip. o. box ei> nelson, s. c,
1 * ��������  ��� '   *   ���* *   '��  * 1 1 1 �����'
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   ���   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,256,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement,  showing   the progress made by this Bank in the
past ten years: 1888 1808
Capital Paid   Up  �� 1,000,000 $ 1,500,000
Best  200.000 1,250,000
Deposits  2.802,(XK) 8,175,000
Circulation  003,000 1,887,000
Loans  3,835,000 8,554.000
Liabilities to Public  4,038,000 0.900,000
Total Ass-tH  5280.000 12,737,000
(Ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, 1..*tiers of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit)   nil on Saving Bunk accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Kossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Savings Hi,nk ili*|,iu-lini*iil, lms boon utabltahed in iiiiinocllon wilh llio Nolnon branch ot
ui!n bunk. I)o]ionlm nf ono dollar mill upwn riln ror.olvoil. und cui-ront riUo of iulerott allovroil.
,1 proiont 8 l��or oont, por nnnuin.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
pTburns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
e^-g* ��� ���������������������-s^
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
I ^ARTHUR R. 5HERW00D... "
it: Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
:   The Birkbeck Investment,  Security
and Savings Co.
advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and
8 years by monthly instalments.


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