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Nelson Daily Miner Jul 14, 1900

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 I 1
provincial library     **��
Daily Edition No.  778
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, July   14, 1900.
Tenth Year
canst' of the uprising, in h.H opinion,
was Hit' rumor that tho Powers mv
going to bring about au Immediate
partition of the Chinese Empire
House Disagrees With Senate
on Provincial Judges
Ottawa. July 14.���In the House yesterday Solicitor-General Fltspatrlch
speaking on the Provincial)-udgeB bill
handed down from the Semite, moved
that the amendment to the bill, striking out the clause granting three
judges to Quebec, be not eoncurred In,
He siKike at length against the
amendment and said It was a violation
of the British North America Aet to
refuse these judges to the provinces
for whieli they were asked by the
legislature, and   eoncurrei!    in hy the
bar of the province, composed of Conservatives and Liberals alike. The
responsibility '"' snob cases was divided. The Dominion created liabilities
which the provinces were called upon
to bear, anil the provinces also created
liabilities which the Dominion had to
Those who argued that all power
rested with Federal authority failed to
read sections 99 anil sections Bfl of the
II. N. A. aet together. It was a proper thing for the rejected people in
the Senate to refuse to stand hy thc
mandate and verify   the   will  of  the
-olc as guaranteed to them in the
Constitution, but tlie Commons, elected hv the people and rcsponsihle tu
them, could not afford to do so.
Mr. Kortier spoke strongly iu favor
of the restoration of the clause for appointing three judges in Quebec. Mr.
Hergeruii argued that the judges wi -c
not necessary. Mr. Monet said that
Quebec would have to struggle against
the wrong done hy the Senate.
He said that the action of the Senate was a violation of the system of
Quebec, us framed by Sir ticorge K. |
Darter in l��r.4, ami the constitutional
rights of the Province as embodied in
the B. N. A. aet. Mr. Burgess (Liberal) said that the Conservatives were
opposing the bill in thc hope  that the
judgeships would fall  to   themselves,
Mr. BttnBon protested against the
aetion of the Senate. Mr. Foster
said that the Premier did not want
this matter voted upon on its merits.
It was too good an opportunity for
opening the campaign against the
Mr. Foster nourished a cartoon in
LeSolell dealing with Orangemen anil
on this Viased an attack on Quebec.
Premier Laurier said that if any
friend of his or any newspaper in
Quebec had made an appeal to racial
or religious passions he^was not ready
to support them. lie hail never in
his life done anything that could be
construed in any way to appeal to
racial or religious passions and he
was not ready to support them.
Ue met the Opposition on their policy. He would ask Mr. Foster to
endeavor to silence thc vile sheets
that was making attacks on Mb race
and religion. In regard to the hill
he stood on the platform of Provincial
rights. The Senate had the power
but not the right to change what was
the very basis of our Constitution,
They had a right to oppose the tyr-
rany which the Senate was imposing
upon the rights of the Province and
the will of the people. The House
then divided on the motion to amend
the bill, which was carried by t!8 for
to 23 against, witb a majority of 4.1
for the Government.
The greater part of the evening session was taken up on canal estimates.
Major Drummond has been recalled
to join his regiment, the Scots Guards,
Valleyfleld,   Que.
French   Canadian
Valleyfleld   cotton
,    .Iu)y     14.��� Thc
weavers   in    the
mills have struck
because the management refused to
discharge one English weaver at their
request. The former insisted that all
machines be manned by French Canadians, but the management, which iB
English, will not listen to the demand
and unless wiser counsels prevail it Is
feared that two thousand mill operatives will be thrown out of work,
yhe best element among' the French-
Canadians are urging their fellow-
workers to return to work on the
ground that the management has
endeavored to give justice to all without distinction. The demands if
persisted in will have a serious effect
among the French-Canadian residents
of Valleyfleld.
Arrived In Quebec This Morning With Invalided Canadians Aboard.
Quobee, July 14.���The Parisian with
Invalided Canadians on board was due
in port at 2 a.m. today. The men
will he landed at Port Levis wharf
and given beds. A tender will be sent
for them at H o'clock and a demonstration held at that hour, when there
will lie a voluntary parade of the city
troops. Among tlie invalids returning is Private .1. K. Hue, of the Nelson Killes Company, A Company, First
In addition to the names cabled ou
I'uesilay the following Canadian soldiers are on board the Parisian : Private Michael .1. McCarthy. Fourth
Regiment Canadian Artillery, New
Brunswick, tl Conipany; Private A. II.
Taylor, Forty-third Ottawa and Carle-
ton Hities, 1) Company; PrivateOran-
dnll Creighton. Seventy-fourth Battery. 0 Company; Private II. Harvey,
Hoyal Canadian ltegimeut of Infantry. F Company ; Sergeant F. Vi. Ack-
liurst, Hamilton, 11 Company.,. In
the first cable the name of Private
���lames Kennedy, of the Hoyal Grenadiers, who was wounded at Pnarde-
berg, was given, lint the War Office
now announces that he did not sail.
Toronto. July W.��� The Globe's London correspondent cables the following: London. .Inly 13.���The press
view at Grave's Gallery was held
yesterday. Three new military paint -
ings by the famous artist Mr. Caton
Woodvtlle, attracted particular attention. One of them, the "Dawn of
Majiiba Day, 1900" Is of peculiar interest to Canadians, It represents
the Hoer laager at Paardeherg with
Canadians gathered on the nearby
heights and cheering at the Bound of
"Cease Fire," after their famous dash
which Iirought about Cronje's surrender.
Montreal. July 13.��� The delegation
of British paper manufacturers, who
are here as guests of the Montreal paper makers, were formally welcomed
at the City Hall by Mayor I'refontaine,
after which tbey were driven around
the city. In the afternoon they attended the races at llelair and at night
were given a.diiiner atthe Place Vigor
Montreal. Jnly i4.���La Tribune of
St. Hyacinthe, says that immediately
after the session ends Premier Laurier
will make a tour of the Province of
Quebec, accompanied Minister Iternier.
He will be accompanied by Messrs
Tarte and Fielding on a trip through
Montreal, July 14.���A medical commission will be appointed to inquire
into the mental condition of Avina
Bourassa, sentenced to death for wife
Portage la Prairie. July 14.���Portage la Prarle people spent today In
Winnipeg as their civic holiday.
Winnipeg, Jnly 44.���A Russel man
named Ilrodie, was struck by a light
engine, while walking on the track
near Ncepawa, and died
a   few
Ottawa, Ont., July 14.���The Canadian patriotic fund will be closed
Tuesday next. The amount received
to date' is 8.117,15ft. 110.
Hat Portage, July 14.-- A serious
accident occurred iu thc Mikado Mine
at Bat Portage laHt night. John Mc-
Gulre, a miner working on thc ISO
foot level, stepped into tlie Hliuft and
fell a distance of Ull feet. His leg
and arm were broken and other in
juries sustained. He has a wife and
family at Arnpiior, Ontario.
Winnipeg, July 11.- Vernon Stew
art, an employee on the lion. Thomas
Greenway's farm, was killed by lightning while hauling straw. The young
man had been iu Manitoba only a few
weeks, coming from   Athens. Ontario.
Montreal. July II.���A Star cable
says: " Lord Stratheona will leave
shortly for a cruise off the west coast
of Scotland on the steam yacht Christine.
Hamilton, July 14.���Wm. Cameron,
of Kingston, a tailor, about 7.1 or SO
years of age. was struck by a 'I'. II.
Ss B. train near Albion Bridge, near
llartonville. this morning, thrown
to the bottom of a ravine about (10
feet deep and killed.
Quebec, July 14.���A young man named Deehene, convicted of manslaughter
for having murdered a young girl
at Atauliert L'lslet and at the same
time seriously crippling her sister.
has been sentenced to life imprisonment by Judge Larue. of Montinagny.
A Feeling of Gloom and Foreboding Pervades the
Reverses In Africa and Pekin
Affair Have Depressing
and comments, hut there seems no reason to believe it was In any way due
to this circumstance.
Mr. Astor's lute dinner party iu
London was attended by forty people,
hut the host was unable to appear,
owing to an attack of sciatica.
The difficulties which stood In the
way of Lady Randolph Churchill's
Wedding now seem to have beeu overcome and the event is fixed for July
M. It will be attended by the Corn-
wallls-West family and Winston
Churchill, who has started from Soutli
Africa for England, The affair will
lie quiet.
Triilinlll    will
New York, July 14.���I. J. Allen,
who equipped au ambulance corps ami
hospital for field service in South
Africa, arrived on the St. Haul
today from Southampton. Referring
to the charges made against the
British Army Hospi'il Corps in the
held, in The Louden Times of June :.'7
by Mr. Burdette-Coutts. Mr. Van Allen said the charges were substantially true. With Huberts' army,
men died of typhoid and lack
attendance. Mr. Van Allen thought
the cause of such a condition was the
sudden unexpected amount of sickness
at thc front. The army with RobertB
in the fact of their heavy march had
outstripped the medical corps and the
surgeons were not prepared.
London, July 14.��� Among the winners of small money prizes at Bisley
today in the Graphic Cap Competition,
were the following Canadians: Lieutenant Monroe with a score of 3:.'.
Lieutenant Smith. Ill ; Captain Kirk-
patrick, :tl; Sergeant Corrigan. :il ;
Private Milligan, 30, and Private
l.nngstroth. BO, All were out of a possible score of 3o.
Repealing Their Recent successes in England.
Paris, July 14.���In the first event
for the World's Championship, tlie
110 metres-hurdle race, A. 0. Krnenz-
lein of the University of Pennsylvania
won. McClain of the University
of Michigan was second and F. tl.
Moloney of Chicago University third.
Kraenzlein won rather easily in 1ft 2-b
seconds. Richard Sheldon of the New
York Athletic Cluh scoured a place for
the finals iu the discus throwing
event, which will be decided to.
Richard Sheldon. N. Y. A. C.; J. C.
McCraeken, University of Pennsylvania, and Garrett, Princeton, qualified for the finals iu the shot putting
contest. In the filial heat of the 100
meters Horace F. Jarvis. Princeton.
finished first. Walter II.Tewkesbury.
University of Pennsylvania, was second, anil Stanley Hoyley. champion cf
New South Wales, was third. Time.
II seconds.
Ann   Arbor,   Mich..   July  14.��� Ex- j
Minister to China.   James B. Angell, (
spoke  to   a  thousand  people in Unl- ,wl
verslty Hall last night on   "The Present Crl.U In China."    The principal' Detroit, Michigan,
Mr. J. Laing stocks,   accompanied
by liis wife and mother will leave
Monday for thc Coast, where they
will spend several weeks.
At the Methodist Church tomorrow
tbe pastor, Bcv. J. II. White will
preach at both morning and evening
service. Subject for the evening:
"The Sabbath was made for man."
B, B. McDermid of the Duncan
Mines lias heen appointed a vice-
president of of tlie National Association of Accountant* and bookkeepers
of North America. This appointment
made at the annual convention
held   last   week   nt   headquarters at
London, July 14.���The coining
the hot weather is not welcomed
tlie Londoners ami a general exodus is
beginning. It is feared that another
spell like that of last year is Impending, Until this weelf Loudon's death
rate has been the lowest in seven
years, only 14.ft in 1,01)1).
The annua] mobilisation of tlie liritish Navy, preparatory to the maneuvers, passed off without incident.
Judging from the plans Issued by the
Admiralty little more will be learned
by this year's operations than resulted
from the fiasco of last year. One of
the main objects is to decide on Unsuitable distance to establish a temporary base for a squudroii blockading
hostile ports, and to thresh out the
old question of the ability of cruisers
to sweep oil' and drive into harbors
the enemy's torpedo Craft.
The meeting of the National Rifle
Association at Bisley is attracting
small attention. Quite tlie most remarkable competitor is young Hide,
wlio is shooting for Hugby in the
public schools contest. lie is just one
inch taller than his rifle, yet he
holds it Steadily, shoots rapidly and
scores wonderfully well. Among the
visitors at Bisley is Colonel Cary Sanger, United States Army, who is engaged iii making a special Investigation of the military systems of Europe
for the United states War Department.
lie inspected all the details and is
quotes as saying that the United
States had nothing to compare with
the National Rifle Association for the
encouragement of rifle shooting.
The most brilliant garden party
of Queen Victoria's reign lias proved
quite ineffectual in dispelling the
anxiety and gloom hanging over Great
Britain. The escape from Kumassle
of Sir Frederick Mitchell Hodgson,
the (Iovernor of the Gold Coast Colony,
and his wife and party, and the safety
of the majority of those who so long
were in danger of massacre at the
hands of the Ashantis. created a
momentary feeling of thankfulness
and jubilation.
Hut this was quickly dissipated by
ttie news of thc disaster at Nitral's
Nek anil the gravity of the news from
China, A week that opened with
high hopes, from all quarters of the
globe where Great Britain's interests
are imperilled, closes with none of
these hopes realized, except as regards
Asliantie and even there an Knglish
column still awaits relief.
In Soutli Africa the Nation has prepared lor though it did not really
anticipate the guerilla warfare. Hut
the disaster of Nitral's Nek creates
dismay. It is no exaggeration to say
the country is unanimous in desiring
the end of the long drawn out struggle. The signs do not point to a
speedy realization of that desire.however.    Therefore it is a small   wonder
that tlie Government has practically
decided to put off the election until
The Hoyal garden party was a wonderful   affair.      Peers   and    peeresses.
Princes and Princesses, leading statesmen, heads of professions and Church
dignitaries Intermingled gaily, forming a da/.zling mass of color against
tlie green background of the Buckingham Palace lawns. After chatting
witli a few guests thc Queen drove out
through the double line of visitors.
probably as distinguished as were ever
formed in England,     I'rinces. Cabinet
Ministers, Ambassadors,  doctors and
lawyers stood bareheaded till the Sovereign was out of the grounds,
Apart from the garden party the
talk of the week has been the Astor-
Milne affair. Mr. Astor's departure
for Marlenbad created no end of quips
Seata for the Trebelli concert on
Monday night are still selling rapidly
and ths audience which will greet
the distinguished songstress will be
one of the most representative ever
gathered together iu Nelson. One of
the features of the advance sale was
the manner in which those who heard
Trebelli at the time of her last visit
hurried in early to secure Seats for
the second concert. AI most, everyone
of the aft people who attended the first
concert have already purchased seats
for the second. That the audience
will be an exceptionally large oue
there is now no doubt. The advance
sale has exceeded the expectations of
the gentlemen who are bringing Mile.
Trebelli here. There in still, however,
a large number of good seats left and
for the benefit of those who have not
been able to secure them during the
day, the Post Olllee store, at which
the plan is, will remain open until
'.I o'clock this evening.
Growing Conviction That the
Silence In Pekin Is That
of the Dead.
Commander of a United States Gutter Be-
came Insane at sea.
Port Townsenil, Wn., July 14.-The
United States revenue cutter McCul-
liich has arrived from Hutch Harbor
with a lieutenant iu eharge.au insane
captain under guard, nnd towing a
disabled steamer.
Thc first day after sailing Captain
Mealy came on deck and after giving
some orders relative to handing the
ship, made an attempt to leap overboard into.the sea. He was seizeil by
several of the Drew and taken to his
cabin, where a guard was placed over
During the night he secured a medicine bottle unobserved by the guard
and breaking it used a piece of the
glass iu severing a bloodvessel in his
left arm. before much blood had
been lost the guard discovered what
had been done and Lieutenant Thompson dressed the wound. Upon arriving here Captain Mealy was taken to
the Marine Hospital and put in a
straight jacket where he will In; retained until the Department call be
communicated with.
The McCulloeh picked np the steamer Nome City 935 miles west of Flattery and towed her to this jsirt. She
had lost three blades from her propeller.  She had 30 passengers   aboard.
Nelson   Wholesale   Merchants'    Association
Organized  Last Night.
The Nelson Wholesale Merchants'
Association, organized last night at
tin* Hoard of Trade rooms, is the outcome of a movement that has been on
foot for some time to form an association among the merchants of thc
city for the advancement and protection of thc interests of the city as a
wholesale centre. Several of the
prominent firms of the city were not
represented as the meeting was called
at short notice bnt they have decided
to join the association. Those present included P. Chapman, II. Robert-
Son, It. J. Hamilton, Frank (libbs.
Louis Hyde. Ferguson, (I. F.. C. Martin and F. H. Stewart. Officers were
elected ns follows: President. P.
Chapman, A. Maedonahl Ss Co. ; vice-
president, H. Robertson, J. Y. (iritlin
Ss Co. ; secretary, H. J. Hamilton,
John Choldltoh & CO. After the election of otliccrs a long discussion ensued on tlie best way to secure certnin
concessions witli regard to railway
rates which are necessary to enable
Nelson    to   fully   utilize   her natural
geographical   position as a wholesale
centre, and the matter was laid before K. W. Peters for submission to
London, July 14.���Though hope still
struggles against thc conclusion that
the silence at Pekin is the silence of
the grave, the official admissions in
both the United States and Europe
that the diplomatists have adopted the
pessimistic views held by the Consuls
at Shanghai, have quieted those attempting to reason against the circumstantial evidence that is becoming
so cognizant.
The Chinese assurances and edicts
appear to observers here to be merely
part of a plan to break cautiously the
news of the tragedy and delude the
foreigners with a tale of Imperial
guiltlessness. But. if the bombardment mentioned in United States Consul GoodenOW'B last message occurred.
It must have been carried out by Chinese regulars. So the plea of Imperial defense of the Legations seems to
fall to the ground.
The situation at Tien Tsin appears
to be slowly bnt surely growing worse.
The allied forces are experiencing the
greatest difficulty in sending forward
The Chinese huve rendered the
navigation of the Taku Kiver most
difficult by diverting its waters. Happily St. Petersburg today announces
Officially that the telegruph between
Taku and Tien Tsiu has already been
restored and that railroad communication will shortly Ih- re-established.
To the other trials of the besieged
people at Tien Tsiu ban been added an
outbreak of scarlet fever. Despatches
from Tien Tsin rejsirt that a number
of ladies there have lieeonie white
haired through the horrors of the
Washington, July 14. -The Chinese
Minister has sent a cable despatch to
Taoti of Shan Tung, telling bim that
tlie American Government is extteed-
ingly anxious as to the fate of Minister Conger ami requesting him to
cable any information he may have on
that point. This is in addition to the
cablegram he forwarded Wednesday
at the request of Secretary Hay.
ifying of Tien Tsin
communication with
Taku forces.
Kong. July 14.���Li Hung
Chang yesterday received an urgent
telegraphic BUmmons to Pekin, It Is
reported that he will proceed north tomorrow, The Chinese agree that his
absence is certain   to   lead
at Canton,
to trouble
London, July 14.���The British Con-
Blll-Oeneral at Shangaai in transmitting to the Foreign Office the message
of the (Iovernorof Shan Tung, already
published, says lie fears there can he
little doubt iu regard to the foreigners
at Pekin.
New York. July 14.- The foil
despatch Is printed here:
St. Petersburg, July li, yj_ p.lrihr
July 13, -The Czar lias received with
great emotion the dreadful particular*
ofthe tragic catastrophe at Pekin.
Tears coursed down His Majesty's
cheeks as he read the cablegram from
Admiral Alexieff, at Port Arthur confirming the horrible details of the __���
sasstnatlon of  M. Deglers,  of whioh
merely a rumor bad already reached
Tlie Admiral declares thut the Russian Envoy was dragged through tlm
streets by the Hoxers. Insulted, beaten
and tortured, and then thrown into a
great kettle and boiled to death, then
the remains were thrown to tlie dogs.
While M. Deglers waa being disposed
of the fanatical mob danced around
tbe cauldron,
The Legation officials are said tu
have been tortured Wercely unUV^
death ended their suffering*. Sl _i��.
gi.'i-n and his Legation officials resisted desperately and his brave bodyguard lulled many of the attacking
mob. In the midst of his torture}
tlie Envoy is said   to   have   heroically
proclaimed his faith in Chrlstalnty.
The announcement of thi. intelligence Ui the relatives of the Russian
martyrs in China was accompanied
hy      heartrending     scenes. Count
Lamsdorff received the friends of
the murdered ones at the Foreign
Office and unfolded the Ingic story.
Tlie scenes of frenzied terror aud grief
that followed were unspeakable.
The building of the Foreign ortic*
wus besieged by an exciting throng
and the whole of St. Petersburg is
full of lamentation. Immediately
npon receipt of Admiral Alexieff's report the Czar ordered Hie Cabinet and
Council of State to go into session ut
 '  __il
War Laglo and Centre star said to Have Been
It was reported  in Nelson today, on
I what is believed to Im- pretty gn.nl authority, that the War Eagle   and Centre Star mines at   Kossland   had been
Isold to tin- britisli American Corporation.. The man  whorls said   in have
been working on   the   deal is   Hector
McKac    Mr. Edmund H. Klrby, manager of  tin- War Eagle, Mr  Bernard
Washington, July 14.���'Ihe Hussian
Embassy here has received no information of thc killing of the Russian I
Minister at l'ekin. Thc officials do I
not discredit it. but say tlie Russians j Macdonald, manager of the Le Roi, and
are under the same disadvantage as \ vlr T Mayne Daly Solicitor for the
the other Powers in getting telegraphic   ..    .      .
information from Pekin.    They   think
that if it should prove   true   it   would
were in   Nelson    last   night
and today arc at Slocan Junction fish-
entirely and very seriously   alter   the   '"If-     They   could    not   therefore   bo
whole scene.
Washington. July II.���Secretary
Hay has received an undated despatch
from Consul (leneral GooduoW at
Shanghai, stating that the t.ovcriior
of Hunan has issued a proclamation
favorable in its terms to tlie Hoxers.
Hunan is the Province lying Immediately northwest of Shanghai and between that citv and Pekin.
reached. Nothing in regard to the details of the Hale, if it has been made,
have been made public.
London, July II. William Hates, a
painter aged about tin years, attempted suicide yesterday by tailing a quantity of Paris green. He Is ln a critical condition.
Washington, July 14.���The Japanese
Legation htere has received a despatch
from the Minister of   Foreign   affairs   ,
stating that after thc   (Irrtnau   Minis- '('ronln of tlie St. lv
tar was shot  at   Pekin,   the Herman
marines made nn assault upon the
Tsung Li Yamen and burned down the
building. 'Ihe despatch goes into tlie
affair in detail.
St. Petersburg. July 14.- A despatch
from Khabarovsk, dated Thursday,
July 13th, says an international council of war, held at Tien Tsiu, has decided for the present U> confine the
efforts of th* allied forces to the (ml-
A meeting of the Mine Owners' Association was held at the office of the
London and liritish Columbia (fold-
fields Company last evening. Although
it was a secret session it ii understood
that   the   quest ion    under   discussion
was what part the Association should
now take in polities.    Those   present
Included .1. Roderick Robertson, J. J.
Campbell. lv .Nelson Fell, James
ugene. II. H. Alexander of the Ruth, Bernard and .in
gustus McDonald of the Le Roi, Ed*
miiiiii H. Klrby of the Center Star, F.
Bobbins of the Stemwlnd'er, T. Mayan
Ilaly. Q.C., John L.  Hetallaek of Kaslo. Leslie Hill of   Vancouver,   (i.    W
Hughes of Alamo, and It.  F.   Tulinle
Secretary of Hie Association.
Mile. Trebelli at Opera House Minuty
uijlit.   Seats sow ou sale. M
Nelson Daily Miner
D. J. UKATON, Kditor und Manager
A display of anger,   of which   very
violent and vulgar language is the
chief manifestation, may  nerve  Mr.
lloiiston In bin dealings With civic
ollieials or in browbeating Aldermen
Into submission to his. views, but it
will not do In cold print an an argument for anything. The Miner muy
lie conducted by "an old gentleman
iii his dotage"; luit that in a matter
that can affect Itself only, and has no
bearing whatever on the truth or force
of any particular statement which
may appear in its columns,
Thc Miner litis not Bald thut the
Hale of the electric light plant to the
City wan a swindle. It did not say
that Mr. Tcet-cl, Mr. Malone, Mr.
Oilker, Mr. Madden, Mr. Whalley,
and Mr. Hillyer, who were the Aldermen of the day. were swindlers.
What it did hut was that the deal
with tbe City wan founded in a nwln-
dle, aud it nays no yet. It nayn that
Mr. llouKton wns ut the bottom of the
swindle, ami in prepared to adhere to
the statement at all times and in all
weathers. Mr. Houston knows the
persona named much better than The
Miner doca, ami if he nays they were
partleato the swindle through which
an ele-trlc plnnt wun foisted upon tin-
City at several tiinen itn value it, muy
be that he i�� right, although Tin-
Miner never did more than auBpect
that they were quite too innocent niul
too easy to serve aH Aldermen under
the directions of BOtrloky and onacru-
puloua a person an Mr. .lobn Houston.
Having swindled the City In liis
dual capacity an vendor anil vendee,
the Mayor baa having grace enough to
desire to have the deal appear to lie
an advantageonn one. In bin paper
thin morning he goes Into figures
again, to show that it in being oper
ated at a profit. Mr. Houston has u
great fondnenn for figures, and by long
practice has become quite an adept in
handling them. Sometimes they get
beyond hin Control, and run away
with hia pencil and pad. The other
day he wan endeavoring to show by
figures that the City finances were
sound and wholesome in the highest
degree. At one stage iu his calculation he aald thnt of the SI.'i.Ooo appropriated for the electric light plant,
all hut f 1,745 hail lieen expended; in
another place lie naid the expenditure
mnl'.JtJ In thlH one Item alone
there is a dinerrpancy of Sti.tttii, or
over forty per cent, ofthe whole. We
were further informed that much of
the |7���,00ll now anked for had been
anticipated, and that about 8:111,IHHI or
no would remain to u- expended.   Tbe
figures he gave in detail show that
leas than 94,iKKi would remain. The
great beauty of Mr. Houston's calculations is that one can make out of
them exactly what in required to be
proven; whether the different statements in detail shall agree with them-
selves or with anything cine is a matter tini tritiing to be considered,   Per-
hapn with then,- evidences of tin- gentleman'! peculiar abilities an n tiuun
cler and accountant, tlie citizens of
Nelson may uot put the most Implicit
trust iu his electric plant balance
There ln a strung Inclination in the
City to defeat every one ,,f Hie by-laws
(0 be voted upon next Wednesday,
While entirely in sympathy with the
feeling which inspires it, we ure not
sure tbat no extreme a course would
be advisable. It wonld become un
even lo make a sacrifice to improve
our sewer system and waterworks.
These wc Should have at their liest.
however Irregular and costly tlie pro
oeas of getting them may be. But no
mistake will be made in defeating the
electric plant bylaw.
essential laotor to ttcouruoy, It is
observed thai no allowance Is made
for wear and tear of plant. That
alone Is ten per cent,, of the gross
value, uml tlt��s "I one full swoop the
whole of Mr.  Houston's   prolit    is ile-
Tho Mayor isul hlswit'Bond in trying
to   , It ���lend I lie    .loscphillc -street   tolly,
The is'st lie ttin sny is that the little
ton expensive piece ol macadam leads
to the 1 ity Hall and the bit of prop-
orty there that is owned hy the corporation. That would he tt pour excuse for so largo an expenditure, A
better one la suggested by "Junius,"
who says that it abuU property owned hy the Mayor. Wo can all under-
stuml that. His Worship litis Invarl-
ably proceeded on the theory that a
public ollice is ti private trust, and he
is by no means a clumsy hand In exploiting lho theory for all it Is
Vie Hnve Sold 75 Per Cent ol Ml the
Dflod iii the Koolonay
J   Portland Cement
% Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
Just Reooived���Ciuloud MJ
Dominion  Ale  anu  Porter
(iu pints uml quarts)
Dominion White  Label  Ale
This is tho rinest Ale brewotl in Canada,
Dominion   lii'i.K   Ai.k
A correspondent In another column
makes u very pretty exhibition of tlu-
Mayor In liis great role us financier,
"Junius" should be more merciful,
uud leave us enough of tbe gentleman
to serve out his let in. lie bus probably censed to bo qualified, but its the
city hus not yel outgrown the free und
easy manners of the frontier no one
will tako the trouble lo challenge his
position. Everything done by virtue
of a Mayor who illegally holds oflice
is necessarily Illegal, bul what of thai
in u town in which Johnnle-come-late-
liert huve -igllls which tut olil-t illler
is bound to respect,
If the City Council dispose of tbe
five per cent debentures il already has
ou hand for sale, il muy well become
u question whether nny good purpose
can l��'  served hy   voting in   favor  of
other debentures tllttl   lire to lie issued
at four per cent.
Mr. Houston says the electric light
aystein pays a profit of ten percent.
Unfortunately the gentleman'n calculations are subject to the mosl
violent suspicion at all times and
under all circumstances; but in thin
case the evidence of deceit in too
gross and palpable to make a victim
of any one. We may take the earn-
Inga and expenses for granted, although if ths question wero railed
|D auditor  would  be   regarded as an
For a few days.
Ask   your   Tobacconist   for
Positively the finest Tobacco
for Pipe Smoking in the
(pints nnil quarts)
(In  Id-gallon  kegs)
Teacher's Scotch  Whisky
in slill Hie best
"ORBIT '  Brand and
PRE Ml ER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents fob C��N��o�� ��� JAMES TURNER A CO.. H��wilton, Ont.
Monday, July   16
PRICES SI.25 TO  $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelson,   B. C.
Turner Beeton & Co.
lust arrived from Milwaukee
By-Law No. 71.
A lly-liaw 10 ralBo 180,000 to Improve
the streets within   the   City ol' Nelson.
Whereas a pot I Won has lieen pre-
Bontoil to the Municipal Counoil ol
the Corporation or the City of Nelson,
signed by the owners of al least ono-
tentii of the value of the roal property
(the said Cityi as shown by the last
evisetl assessment roll, requesting
tlie sti'.il Counoil to Inti'o-uou a By-
Law to fttlso tho sum of  twenty tliiui-
siuul dollars (930,000), for the purpose
f Improving tho streets within tho
Ami whereas It is deoinod necessary
and expedient to Improve tho streets
within the City of Nelson lor tho
convenience of the eiti/.ens.
Ami whereas it is oxpedlenl to borrow the sum of twenty thousand dollars (890,000) for tho purpoBOS aforesaid.
And whereas the whole amount of
tho rateable land of tho said City,
according to tlie lust revised assessment roll is One Million Two Hundred
ami Forty-seven Thousand dollars (81,-
:; IT.tiiiii)!
And whereas It will bo necessary to
raise annually by rati- the sum of hour-
toon Hundred and Seventy-one dollars
and Sixty-three emits (81,471.03)
for paying tho said debt and  interest.
Now therefore, the Miiiiicipnl Council of the Corporation of the City of
Nelson in Council assembled enacts as
I, 11 shall and may bo lawful for
the Mayor of the Citv of Nelsou to
borrow, upon tho eredlt of the said
Corporation, by way of thc dobontures
hereinafter mentioned,from any person
or persons, body or bodies corporate,
who may be willing to advance tho
same as a loan, a sum of money not
exceeding In tho whole the sum of
twenty thousand dollars (830,000,00)
and to cause all such sums so raised or
received to be paid Into tlie hands of
the Treasurer of the said Corporation
for the purposes and with  tho objects
hereinbefore recited.
'.'. It shall be lawful hor the Mayor
of .the said Corporation to cause any
number of Debentures to bo mado,
executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding however, tho sum of
twenty thousand dollars (830,000.00),
each of tlie said Debentures being of
tin- denomination of one thousand
dollars (81,000.00), ami nil such Debentures shall la- sealed witli the seal
of the Corporation, and signed by the
Mayor,  thereof.
3. The said Debentures sluill bear
date the 1st day of October, A.D, 1000,
and shall be mado payable ln twenty
years from the said date, in lawful
money of Canada, at tlie otlice of tlie
llnnU of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid.
which said place of payment shall bo
designated   by  tho said   Debentures,
ami shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest and
tile signatures to the interest coupons
may bit cither written, stamped. priut-
cd or lithographed,
���I. The said Debentures shall bear
interest tit the rate of -t per centum
per annum from the date thereof,
whieli interest sluill be payable semiannually at said otlice of the Bank of
Monlrenl in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on the 1st day
of April ami ihe 1st day of October respectively, in each year during the
currency thereof, ami it shall be expressed in said Debenture and coupons to be so payable.
6, It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of said Corporation to negotiate and
sell tbe said Debentures or any of
them for less than par: but in no ease
shall the said Debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sohl for less
than ninety-live per centum of their
face value. Including the cost of negotiating and Bale, brokerage and all
oilier Incidental expenses.
li. There sluill be raised and levied
in elicit year during the currency of
said Debentures the sum of eight hundred dollars (8800.00) for the payment
of interest and the Bum of six hundred
ami   seventy-one and  liii-ioo   dollars
(8071.08) for the payment of tlie debt
due under the said debentures by a rate
sufficient therefor on all the rateable
land in the said Municipality.
T. It shall be lawful for' the said
Municipal Council to re-purchase any
of the said Debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at tlie time of sale
or tiny subsequent time or times, ami
all Debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith he cancelled ami destroyed,
and luire-issuc of Debentures so' repurchased shall he made in consequence
of such re-purchase,
s.   This bylaw shall  lake effect on
the .list day of .luly, A. I). 1000.
Take notice. Thai the above is a
line copy of the proposed Hv-I.aw
upon whioh the vote of tlie Municipality will be taken: for tho Kast Ward
at    tlie   City   Police   Court   Room on
Josephine Street; for the West Ward
at the ollice of tlie Bxchcquer Gold
MlnlngCo. ou the north side of Baker
���Street between Stanley and Kootenay
streets, on Wednesday, the lstii day
of July, ut s o'clock iu   tlie forenoon'
Acting t'ity Clerk.
Nelson, is. ('.. July ui,. itMio.
BY-LAW  NO.  72.
A By-taw tu raise tii.ouo '��'' puroluulnu �� road
wtimii'lunti ii.it." has boon profited I oth;
M ,.,,1,'Uml t lounoilol i Im t !orporatlonoitlH.Oily
���f Nelsun, HlKliul Ii)' lho OWllorSOU  I �� ��"i  .
twin Ol 111', v.ih.o 0    ll... ri.nl V_3V__J^___
A Ijoai-ltm snd Ils> Be  txinduolo. by
th�� NMer- nf si. Joictiliof Honco    ll bT-ltu.
nt.'.ui Unioornoi .,r Mm and Jonoiililnonircoij
 ii" "f ln�� in -t ii -i,i, -in: ,i port toluol Nol-
"V'o snd li in-i,j socosslble (ruin nit ports
i Iii-.iii'ii-c nf -iiniy Inoludw Uiofundsmon i
Inl illi.l  IiikIi.t linoirlliviif iilhoroiiKh l li.ti-l,
adUMtlon.    BusIiiom   uootm    Hookkooiilii. '
BtsnogTSDh] snd r;-|.;�� riling   B, |,, ,,'���,��,
- Mono, \ oosj nmi tiMtruinontah Dmwln.
nic.-l'inin nmi Art Nesdlswork; Callaiheiiloi!
Fortsmu nn1 nartlculsnsDDlv
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
p__lonl topuroluiso ,i rod maUnti plant Mr
Um oonvcnlonco nfinooltlsen*    . ..
Ami U'IOIUI-1   I   s OXDodlOl      lo titll'lll"   I""
wild "u in of st" ilioi.wniu dollars HMOMI I fur
I tin piii'iiii-eniifnn'siilil. . .
Anil whoroas tho wholoamount nf tin rate-
, lamlo] tho snld pity, aooordlni to Uw
lin,i rovbod swot-inoiil roll Is  m Blu t two
imndrod and   tort j -seven   thousand dollars
"iud'whowss It will be iiitiTssnry to raise annually by rata llio i-tini ��f fonr lnin��lt-i-.l iinH
fori "ii.'. and ID-100 dollar* (Mil l��l tor pay-
liiK iiiusnlii .li'iii and iuii.ivsi. .
Sow Uioroforelho MuulolusI Counoil o tho
Corporation of tho City of Nolnon In Oounwi
amouiblod onaots as tollown ��_����.
i it shall nnd may bolawful for tho Mayor
of lho Corporation of tho Oily of No mn lo uor-
r,m upon tho oiodll ut Uio wild Corporation,
U way of itn' Dobonluros horalnnftcr mon
tfonod, from any po.rson or porsons, body or
iiiiiiio- oorpomto, who mny ba willing m ad;
vitiii'cilii'Hiiiii'J iisalniiii, nsiii" of monoy not
oxooodlng in Un. whole lho sum ot nxtnou-
Bniul dollars iM.tXW.onl, and n; uuuo all suou
BiunsRoi-lsiHlori-oolvod lo bo paid mtoilie
liiiliilsofllie'l'tftisll.eriifllio s.i.il, ol'liiiiiiliiin
for Ihe purposes and with lho olyoos iioroui-
"��" n ^imii bo lawful for ths Mayor ol add
Corporation to oauso any nunibor of oooon-
turo. io lie niiiile. executed nnd i��-iu'il for auoli
mini or sums as yboroonlrwl for ino iiur
pom andotiieoi aforesaid not exceeding now-
ever,tbo sum of six thousand dollarn tjtl.noo mil.
eiu-h of the wild Usbenturos ImiiiK of tho ile-
noiiiliinili a of onu thousand dollars iSl.notl OOI,
nmi nil Mich Dobontures shall bo wmlid with
tbo sent ot the Corporation and algnod by tbo
Mayor thoroof,
:i Tiii'snit Dobonturesahall Hoar date Ino
Inlday of Oolouor, A.D. I000, and shnll bo mado
iinynliloiii twenty years from lho snld dalo,ln
Inwfiilmonoy of Canada, at lho ollloo of tin.
Uank of Montreal in Nelnon aforonald, whioh
naid plaoo of payment "hull uo doatgnnted by
thesiild llelii'iiloi'i'K, uml stint)  hnve nltjielieil
to them ooupons for tlio paymont of Interest,
and tliosigiiniiirnsui thelnterostooupons mny
hot il her written, slainiieil.  printed or   lillio
I. Thi snld Dohenturoa shall beai Interosl nl
the rnteiif I por conluin poi aiiiiuiu from tho
dnie tborvof, which Inl ront "hall bo payable
w'liiiniii.iinlly-t lho snld ollloo ot tlm Bans of
Montroal hi Nolson aforesaid, In lawful monoy
of Canada, on Uio tsi day or April aud tha im
day nf Ootoboi rospooltvoly. In inch year during tho uurrcnuy thoroof, and it shnll lie ox<
prosBod lo snid Dobontures and oouiions to ho
ho payable.
5, ii. i.iH bo lawful for the Mayor of bold
Corporation lo nsooUatoand soil lho snid lie
benturetl or nny of llieni for hiss lb in put", lull
In no nana shnll Hie snid Liobanturos ur any of
llieni liu nogollalod or sold furies ibnii nlnet] -
tlvu per ronlumof iholr fsoe valuo. Including
thooiMl of negotiating and snle, brokoragooDd
nil other Incidental oxponsos.
a. Thoro shall be raised and levied in each
year during .the currency of snid Debenture,.
lln'   sum uf   two   hundred   mid  fully  dullnrs
t$2lni for iho payment of interosl nnd tho sum
of two hundred anil one nud III ll��> dollars
i��'jiii.|..i, f,u- the payment of Uia th-ht due mulct-
iln-wild Dobontures by a rote sumolont thoro-
fur on nil Ihe rnletilile llltld ill llio snid   .Mlluiei-
7. It shall bo lawful tor the said Municipal
Council to ro-purohasoany uf tlie snid lichen
lures upon huou terms us muy tie agreed upon
with the lean) holder or holders theioof, or an)
part thoroof, oilier al the lime of snle or nni
sllhseq'iei.1 Cine or limes, uud ull Dcbelltilics
sn re luirehnseil shnll forthwith lie ciineclleil
and destroyed, and no re-issuo of Debeuturen
so ro-purohnitod shnll he msdo In oonaoquonce
of such ro-purolisae,
s. Tills By-Law sluill take offeot on lho alsi
d..y nl July. A. D.llluu.
Take notice. Thai the above is a
true copy of the proposed By-Law upon which the vote of the Municipality
will be taken for the Kast Ward at
the t'ity Police Courtroom on Josephine btreet; for the West Ward at
the ollice of the Exchequer Gold Mining Co. on the north side of Baker
Street between Stanley and Kootenay
Streets, on Wednesday, the 18th day of
Julv. at s o'olook in the forenoon.
Acting City Clerk,
4NCOR POR/""W> *670k
Acting t
Nelson, 11. 15., July (th,
Steady employment will be riven
to   25   fjood   coal   miners at   the
Canmore mines, Alberta.
THE H. W. M'NKILL CO. (Ltd.)
W. P. i.itti.u, Manager.
AU,   KlNllH   0.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Bakek Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful nnd prompt attention
A. R. BARROW, a m i o E
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Stu.
P. O. Box 5-9. Telephone No. 05
Publio notice is horoby given thill ths voUm
of the oloolors will be taken un Die followln.
Hy-l-iws, vis!
By-Law No. 88���A By-Law to ml.O'itJ.OOO.OO
to extend Uio waterworks system.
By-Law No. SB���A By-Law to raise IH00O.00
toixtenilnmi Improve ihe electrto HkIu sj��iem
By-Law No. 7(1 A By-Law to raise ISO.ouaoO
to exleml Ihe sewage RVstOm,
By-ljiw No. Vl-A By-Law to raise 180,000.118
tu Improve the streets.
By-Law No. 7-.' a By-Law to raise W.ixio.iiii
to  purcnSM a roail iii .I. mc plant
(in VVeitnesiiay tho 18th flay of July noxt between ino hOUIts of S o'clock ii.in. and I o'clock
P in.
Tlie votusof the electors for the Kr*i Wanl
will in. taken ai ihe city I'olice Courtroom mi
Josephine s>iroot nnil Uio votes of lho electors
for Uio Wo-i Ward ai the olllee of the Exchequer Gold Mining Conipany on the north side
of linker SI reel between -laiiley and Koolonay .Sl reels.
An)-iiuile or female being of the full Bgo of
Weill) olio years who Is the assessed owner nl
id or of rail property within Hie  Municipal
Take your choice; select
your pattern; show us the
floor; you have no more
Prices and quality always
satisfactory. We sew and
lay ;ill carpels free of charge.
We cart')' a good assortment
of Opaques, and can till
orders for any size blinds,
and will he glad to quote
prices for special sizes.
.> Miaii have i vou: olUiQvooriflrm.nj. or noga
in whfol
..* i  ;i 7.    '""' vi 11" i ' mi i ii i nnil!;
i.-lng he said By-Laws in eaoh ward In ��
ho or she limy lie ����scsscit for land or real prop
liy Order,
, .,             W. Ml, WA880M,
Acting ( ily ( lork und lleliirnii,g Ollicer.
Nolson. II. C. July III,, pmi.
where you enn depend on gottlng tho best
nnnd-ln thi market and any quantity froui
llio. up,   1'rioOH cannot be disputed,
���riiOM- is.
Frank A. Tamblvk, Mgr.,
Bakbb Strjbt, Nelson
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply thc hest LIME
in the country at
50c per Cwt,
Special rates on carload lots.    Apply
Nelson Gofce anfi 6as Co., Ltd.
Baker Street.
Great West
Life Assurance Co.
At 8 Per Cent.
On iipinl Properly.
Baker Street.
Gamble &  O'Reilly,
linker Street.
Two bits nnd  house, 8 rooms, Imtli
rootll niul klt-hei),all modem improvements, n"i>tl  view,   handy  to  town,
18.600) terms.
New euttiiKe, Mill Street, 125 per
New cottsgp, Stanley Htreol, 8:��) per
month.    All mullein I'liiivtniieiict't.
Two  new  cutU(;eH, tlore Btreet, $1��
each,   Apply
Gamble & OReilly, Agents
-AT THK���
Big Schooner
Beer or Half-anil-IIalf only
The only Mod Beer in Nelson.
Cor. stnnloy ,\nd Sllicn Streots.
Room 1, Turner-Boeokh Bloelr.
Houses and Building LotB in All Parts ,
of the Oity.
WANTED���For client, s Rood business
investment from $2,fXH> to 85,000.
Mining and Real Estate Agents,
Houses and 1-its on Reasonable Terms.
See Our Lists.
Office, Victoria Street, Opposite
Phair Hotel, mm
A Kow Conclso Roasons   For Votlno Aoalnst
Monoy  Bylaws.
The following letter receiveil by the
Miner  tliis   morning   is    cheerfully
given room ill these eolunies:
Nelson, July I Ith, 1000,
To the Editor of The Miner.-Dear
Sir: When the present Council whh
eleoted the property owners felt eoiill-
ilent that they would hold the Mayor in
cheek, but Instead, 1 do not think thut
nny siniill town enn show ti worse example of Tamiiinny polities, than   the
citizens were treated to during this
summer, ami It is very questionable
whether the City receiveil more than
mi cents on tlie dollar for u groat doa!
of the worii done,
Now tube the Mayor's organ of the
11tli inst mnl read the tiiiiiiieiul condition of the City as there published,
it is misleading In everything. Take
one item: l.lectrie Light Works, it
states that the proposed 815,000 is all
'expended except 81,745.53, Then read
the tabulated Btatement at foot. Construction expended, 1900s 87,309.73.
Where   is   the   balance '.'    Tlie   other
items of expenditures  come   out of
The same under the head of waterworks,     We are told Hint  the 815,000 I
askeil fin- Ih all expended with the exception   of   8511.80,   hut   it   does   not I
show us ;i statement.   Under the head ���
of sewers he shows out of the 830,000
asked for there will he S14.fl-IN.IKI to
When .lobn Houston was defeated
in 'us the statement given thc publio
was Unit they had in the city coffers
Home 8300 odd cosh, whereas the new
Council found in   reality   a   ilelleit   of
Us lino odd when a proper statement wns
giveu. This system of financing was
Inaugurated by the present Mayor,
and is Increasing e��ery term. He would
no doubt give the city a marble front
if the citizens would mortgage their
souls. Is it not time to call a halt on
this "to hell witli the expense"   style
of running our city.'
Now the present Mayor's pledges
when lust elected were retrenchment,
city Wharf nnd fixing up linker
Street.    Where nre they'.'
Had the money Hint lias been needlessly spent on outside streets, especially Josephine Street between linker
and Victoria Streets, lieen devoted to
linker Street it would lie in
good condition tnday. Did the fact
Unit the Mayor owned the corner of
linker nnd Josephine have any hearing on this piece of extravagance?
. It must certainly appeal to every I
ratepayer that at tlie prem'iit Stage of I
our growth and tlie state of bur streets
and majority of our buildings, that
bud linker Street been stone curbed,
und tile big hole now covered by the
bridge at Ward Street properly tilled
in. and six or more Inches of broken
Stone rolled in to the present roadbed,
that not only Baker Street, hut Vernon Street, and all tlie other adjoining streets, could he put into excellent shape, and improved yearly, at
one-third the oost of Axing part of one
street and Inter on when our city ban
grown larger n more perfect system
of pavement would he in order.
The city wharf is a disgrace, and
had that matter been handled intelligently, the present structure could
have been improved and protected on
the lines laid down by the late Council which would have served until
the city could have afforded an entirely new wharf.
No explanation is given why the
8t5,iKiti .1 per cent, debentures could
not be sold, or bow much it is expected to realize on the 4 per cent.
proposed issue.
Now as a summing up, on the
Mayor's own statement, all that is
left to expend of the proposetl issue is
8-1,000.    Now   every ratepayer knows
Unit this Bum will not, fix linker Street
on the lines of the Josephine maaadam, especially when tlie big gap
ut Ward Street has to be properly
Hut here comes tlie rub. If W0 add
together 814,048 balance on Hewers,
81,748 balance on electric light
works, 8511 balance on water works,
it may leave   a   balance of   04,000 odd
to he expended on streets���that Ih,
provided the debenture money is expended on what it is voted for. which
of course, it would not lie.
I wonder if the taxpayers generally
know Unit our Mayor is not now qualified uml   could   not   qualify for  the
ollice lie holds.
The citizens owe it to themselves
nnd their city to turn down tllOBO bylaws, ns thoy can only assume Unit,
under tlie law the law the money is
not spent. They could then, in all
probability, get  a  proper  statement
and pledges from the Council Unit the
necessary money, and no more, would
he properly expended anil in a way to
benefit tlie whole town.
Lines West of Luke Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains   and   Steamers.
Depart from                            Arrive  at
NcIhoii                                   Nelson
Steamer    airivea   at  Nelson
from the eant, Ciow'h  Nest
branch     and   intermediate
points 3.11(1
7.1(1 Train loaves NelHon for Kohh-
laud and ltiteruiediatn
poiuts, nnd via Rohson for
north, KevelHtoke.lhe main
line nnd Paoiflo coast points.
7.110 Train leaves Nelson for Sandon and intermediate poiuts
nnd via Sloeau Lake route
for north, Kevelstoke, the
main line and Pacific const
Trnin arrives at Nelson from
KosHlnud  aud intermediate
pointH 10.35
Steamer arrives at Nelsou
from Kaslo nnd intermediate points 11. (>0
15.30 Trains leaves Nelaon fnr
KosHland, Greenwood and
intermediate pointH.
Hi. 00 Steamer leaves Nelnoo for
Kin.in and way points.
Train arrives nt Nelson from
KoHHland nnd t Ireenwood
und intermediate points,
and from Kevelstoke, the
main line, and Pacific coast
points IS. 45
Train artivoH in Nelson from
bandon and intermediate
points,nnd from Revelstoke,
the main linu and the Pacilio coast points 111.80
32.30 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Crows Nest branoh and all
poiuts east.
W. F. ANDKI180N,
Tmv. Pass. Agent
A  (1. P. Agouti,
Brewers of Fine Lager
Deer and Potter,
Nelson, D. C.
Wholesale Houses
rpHOIII'H A CO. Limited Curlier Vermin
JL and Oedar .trouts, Nolson���Manufnolur-
ers of unit wholosalo (Ionium ln aerated walors
unit fruit syrups.   Snle agonlH for Halcyon Hot
Springs minora! wnlor,  Telephone 00.
N. ill. Co his,  Umgoe��� Kvury  known
variety of soft drinks,   poiioxxs. Totophono
NO. 81. Hoover Kneel, Nolson,    Hnlllemif llio
Unions SI. Leon  Hot Springs Mimical W'uler.
00,���Manufacturers of tho ltoynl Seal
and   Koiitoiiuy    Hello    Cluum.     Factory   anil
olllee, linker Slroo'   '
, Nelson.
If J. KVANS & CO. linker Slreel, Nob
i. son���Whole-ale iIouIith hi liquors, oi-
Kiii'H, commit, lire liriok niul lire elm, wilier
pipe and ��leol rails, and general commission
J    A. M'HONALIl   Miultlen Hloek, Nelson
���   .rults, loo oroaiu, "0. II." onocolatos,
high clans conflict lucory.   leo (,'ronni Parlors,
J * w holosale ami retail dealers In grain,
liny. Hour, food, Mills ni, Viotoria, Now Westminster; Minimi.ui. Alia. KloVHlom on Calgary nmi Kdinoiiioii Railway, Manufacturers
of tlm celebrated B. & K, brand cereals.
tl HOC Kit I liS
AMAC1IONALH   A Co.-Cornor   front
���  ami Hall Streets���Wholesale grocers
ami joliliors In  blankets, kIovcs, mitts, boots,
rubbers, niaekliiaws I minors' sundries.
CTANK & MACDONALD |11. Cano, JanioH
J A. Maoilonalill- Architects and sujiorin-
tendems, llroken Hill lilock, oorner linker and
\\ tird Slrcols, .Nelson.
Ollleu corner Hall anil front St reels,
Nelson���Lumber, oelllng, flooring, and ovory
11,hi. in wood for biiilillnn purposes, Gel our
prices.  Correspondence solicited.
1~>   HL'KNS & Co.   Bnkor Stroot, Nclson-
.   ���   Wholesale dealers In fresh and cured
inoath.   Gold SioniKo.
Hnker Street,, Nelson-Wholesale dealers ill fre.h and cured meals.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Bureka rtlnoral Wuol und
A.tticblo.s   Lu.
Real Estate,  l:ire  Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Twelve lols, la-inn the north half
of lilock Kid, one lilock above
Nelson OKiL 82,000
T��o  good  building lots on Mill
Street        NX)
Fifty-foot lot on Vernon Street,
near Thorpe's factory     1,600
Lot on Victoria Street, near Minors'    Union       (150
Three-story house on Park st.
close to linker St. All modern
conveniences    2,500
Seven-roomed house on Mill St.,
one block from Stanley SI      .   1,000
Ranch at Nine Mile Point, 77'.; acres,
10 nens cleared, house nnd outbuildings, garden, etc.
Room  3,  Turner-Bottckh  Block,  Nelson-
Not at.\    Public i    -H'ul     Estate,    Insurance,
Mints, Loans.
$15(1 only for a house and lot, block
21, Addition A.
11,000 oi'ly for a house aid lot, Stanley Street.
|850 only [or a house and lot, Robson
(1,000 will buy choicest residence corner in city, 511x120 feet, up to 15th.
$225 (t*2'i cash, rest on time) will buy
lot in lilock 711 this week; afterwards
$t,(KX) will purchase valuable corner,
Vernon Street,-fur a tew days.
$150 (|50 cash, rest on time) will buy
choice lot in  Iiogtistown, on car line.
Molly (lilison shares.
For Rent���House, $12.50 per month
M'LACHLAN BROS. (Successors lo Van
couvor Hard ware Co. Ltd.l linker Street.
Nelson Wholesale dealers In hardwaro and
in i mni'. supplies, uluuibers' and tinsmiths' supplies,
i i paints, oils anil Klsss; mechanics' tools.
v-i'tu   foi   ii mi Powder Works: dynaiiiiie
fl" UKNKH, IIKKTON A Co.-Corner Vernon
A and Josopbtno -troets, Nolson���Wticio
sato dealers in lii|iinrs, cigars, unit dry koimIs.
akoiiIs for .abet HrewiiiK Co. of Milwaukee
anil Calgary Browing Co of Calvary.
I'llSll.VS HAY In.    Wholesale urocrle-i
ami liquors etc., linker Street, Nelson.
J Front and Hall Streets. Nelsou -Wholesale dealers in wines lease nnd bulk), and
domctic and imported cigars.
J Y. GRIFFIN A CO.-Corner Vornon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholo alo
denters in provis'ons. cured moots, butter mid
Cascade Water and Light Co..
NOTICE is hereby given that the
fourth Ordinary (ienernl Meeting of
the above named Company will be
held nt tlie Offices of The London and
British Columbia Gold Fields. Limited,
situate on Baker Street in tlie City of
Nelson, liritisli Columbia, on Wednesday, the lstli day of July, 1900, at 3
o'clock In the afternoon for the fol-
lowing purposes, namely:
To receive and consider the annual
statement of accounts niul balance
sheets and the reports of tlie Directors
and Auditors thereon i to elect Directors niul other otlicers in place of those
retiring, and to transact the other ordinary business of the Company.
Dated at Nelson, B.C., this 5th day
of July, A.D. 1000.
Large Size
For Sale By
Western Mercantile Co. Ltd
If You Smoke
Smoke  thc
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle,
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Mi ml n .il
Allan Lino Corinthian  July 14
Allnn  l.ino I'urisiun July SI
Dom.nton Line apply ftgti. for Str n .nit'..July 11
Beavor Lti.o Dominion .July 31
Beaver Line Lake Megantio July IS
Boaver Line Lake Suportor         July 80
Prom Now York
Canard Lint- Campania July i.
Cunard Mno Her via  July '21
Whlto Star Line Toutontlo luly IS
White St'ir Line (.eriiianic July 25
American Uno St Paul July is
Red Star Lino FrlwlaSid  July 18
Anchor Lino   Astoria July U
Anchor Li iu- Ethiopia July 21
North (.._.. I,in. KniKcr Maria Theresa..July 17
Allan State Ui o (Statoj Latirontian luly u
Prom Boh ton, Han
Cunard Lino Snxonia July it
PoaaagOM arranged to nnd front nil  Kuropean
points.   Porratea^ tloke sand full information
apply to C. r. 11. depot agent  or W. K. Anderson, City PoaHoncror Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Genera) fi vt-nl,. C.I'.H. Oftleos, Winnipeg.
Great Reduction!
(ANTHBAOITKI   $9.65  Per Ton
$6.15 Per Ton
NELSON, B, ('.
M.in nnd wile for ranch, Onrpentors,
Wil il rt ssch.
Help of till kinds furnished,
J. II. LOVE. Agt., Baker St,
.._^^^__\_^^^^^'^^Z_.__\.^^^__\:^00___.'^ <B_\'**-*0>m
Looking for Bargains
Did You Say?
If you want them in Dry Goods, Men's
Furnishings, House Purnishings,
Etc., don't   overlook   us.
Wc havo them.
jjj Fred   Irvine  &  Co. |
vS^^-^���'^���'-_5��� 00-00��� 00-00��� 00-00��� 00'-��-00��� 00 00��� 00-00-00-00-00-00-00:>>���'
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill kt PILOT HAY. Yniiln, NKLSON
ami LARDO,
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Complete in every respect,
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it,
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day $1.00.
J. V. 0_A-GHI_H, Prop-
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*^t2t- ��������������������������� ^____V_-'
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mail to any branch will have careful a��4 oromot attention.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorpora.ea i.6o.
Capital i-ui.i-r,,..     .   .    .     ��i,��w>,gio.oo |   Beit ��i.?aa,l
Hoard or Director. 1  Thomon K. Kenny,  President;  Thornim Ritchie, v,,, r.,-,.,.���.,;
W il, J Mi,HI,    11. 11. Iluil.l.  Hum   II. II. hnll-i. M.I..I'.. ll.in. I'.ini M ,rl.,, .
H.-mi 0111,,. Halirai 1
(IciiiTiil MiuuiK'T. Kdson I,. PeaM, Muntriiiil.
tiuptiriiitomluni ol Uranoheh and -ecrt'tar}', \V. It. Torranr,'. Halifax.
Insiiniur. W. V. Ilronk. Ilnlifux.
JUKpL'i'tur 1). M. Btewart, Monlrenl.
Ilrinnlii . I
\uv�� k<-<>ii_ llniifnx llranch, Antlgonlgh, Hiiilitewater, Onyaboro. Lontondeny, [.-nonburp.
.Mniilnhii iHiir.lM Co.l, IMcton, I'orl Hawkonliury, Sydney. Bnubonaoadlo, Truro, H lyinoiitli
New Krnanwlrk���UattnirHt, Dorcneeter, _redoricton, Klnoaton iKeni C0.1. Uonoten, New*
cantlo. Suckvllle, Woodatook. I*. K. lalead���Charlottctown. Umnttiendde. Qurtwr Montreal
iCity Otlice). Montreal. WeHt Knd dor. Noire Iluniu end Sel^neum Sir, etalt �� immount (Cor.
Greene Avenue and St. ('-MinrincH Street. Ontario��� Ottawa. Newfeaadlaad si.Joiin'n
I'uiia, iir.i ladlea���Havniiii. 1 miiii Hiaira-New York <it; i:,.ii.,nk.,. Plaoel Republic, Waah
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('on-tupo-MlmlM 1
��'imml��    M'-n-huni- Hunk of ('unu'lu.   Bottlon��� Nationnl Khawmul Hnnk.   4h1ra|o- AmerloA
Nullum.1   Bunk.   k��h  ft'r��urlHro��� Klrnt Nalioniil  Hunk.    i<hi��i..ii, i:n-.    )!..  .. of  Scotltimt.
I'arlH.  Pruee���Oradtt LyonnuU.   Brrniuil��-Haiik of Hen nud a,   * lilun nuil JapKD- lloug
Koug and tituniKliai JiaiiltuiK Corporation.
Oeneial lUnklng Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the must favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Having Hank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
...storage ...
Storage space to rent; good, clean and cool; at   reasonable
rates.    Apply to
Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway CO,, Ltd.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
1       WAR!      WAR!      WAR!       ��
���THfc I have declared war against prices.   Genuine Clearance Sale commenced this (Saturday) morning, July M4h,
and continues for 30 days, to make room for my Fall Goods.
Two hundred and fifty Suits of Clothing at cost.   300 Miners' Shoes at cost.   Men's Furnishings.   Fine
Shoes, Hats and Caps.   Four hundred odd Pants.   In fact, every article in the store from 20 to 50 percent
Born, on Saturday. July   14,    to
wife of Mr. S. (>    11-ultain. a  daughter.
Allan Line steamer 'Parisian''
waa reported 7 p. in.. 12th. and
reached Quebec this morning.
Arrangements ha-.,- been   coni
with the   !-i>.,_au.-   team bj    Mai ig
Waterman   for   gam.-*   to    be
here on the .1st anil  .".'nil
Dominion Line steamer "Horn
passed   Cape   Race    the    morning  of
the   Uth   and   in   due   in (Quebec thi-
evening    and     Montreal      tomorrow
"An   Unfortunate   Marriagi
be Rev. H. C. Sutherland - subject   at i
the   Presbyterian   ( liur.it    tomol
Mr.   Grlzelle   will   sing   "The  Good
.Shepherd" by Odar,!o Harri       In    the
morning   the   pastor  will   deliver an
address u> the Suiela;. Schoolchildren   i
The StanforJ tossers arrived in   the
City from  Rossland   this  morning  at
7:35, and were met at   the   station by
Manager  Waterman   and   escorted
the Phair Hot.-!       At I :M this afternoon   they   will   crows bats   with   thc
local team at   the recreation grounds.
On account   of   the rapid   falling of
the water in the Columbia River, -m:
aa the washout on th.- ' otumbia River
bra_ch   has   been replace.i. tit,- trains
once more run into Arrowhead.     The
lake      steamers      also    *top  at   the
latter   place   instead   of    running   to
The Nelaon syndicate, which bathe Hector at Ainsworth under bond
for 91-,000, is considering a Bcheme
for further development Last week
it shipped a carload of ore to Trail
There are two ledpea on the claim.
Both are four feet wide, aini one haa
been stripped for 300 feet.
The Liquor License Commissionem
held a meeting yesterday and ratilied
the following transfers of licenses
Nelson "Hotel, from Steve White to
Clements & Belaterer; l.iu- Pot sa
loon, from T. M. Ward to John Llnde-
idad; Athabasca saloon, from .1 Nee
lands UJ P. Russell, trustee.
Tbe lawn social held la.-t night on
Mr. Stevens' lawn under the auspices
of the Ladies' Aid Society of the Con-
gregatlonal Church was a great aue-
eesa. Quite a number were in attendance, and the new church fund
was given quite a comfortable lift by
the sum realized. The I Itlzen'fl Hand
played on the lawn durier   tlie   .-v.-n-
Yeaterday The Miner told of the
manner in-which L>r. La Rau'S dog
beat* its way home on tie- tram ear
to dinner. Since its first stolen ride
the dog haa became Infatuated with
the tram car and decline- to walk
either down town or home again. It
rides home to both lunch and dinner
and back down town again. It can
hear the car three blocka otf and is
always ready when it puts In an appearance.
Captain Gilford is looking well after the preparations to resume work
at the Hall Mines A crew of tu, nt
���ten Waa sent up yesterday and an
other gang will l��e sent up tomorrow
and probably some will be nent on
Monday. But a few days and the
work upon the mine will Im- commenced In earnest. Tbe new foreman.
Daniel Morrison, of Rat Portage,Ont.,
formerly of the Trojan mine of that
place, arrived in tin- city la-t .veiling
with his faun''. He will take charge
of hia dmtiea Monday.
At the Mining Recorder's office the
following transactions were recorded
today: Certificate-of Work: On Violet, to Wm. P. Haker; on Fourth of
July, to Philip White: on Mastodon.
toC. H. Green. Locations: Merchant.
on Hall (reek, by K. W Bacon,Ymir;
Alaska, on Stag Leap Mountain, by
11. F. Embree ; <s,ui Paul, on Whiske.
Creek, by A. Sostad; Mars and Jupiter, on Porcupine Creek, by Vi. V. Edgar and James MeQIIlj Alberta, on
Morning Mountain, by the Athabasca
Hold Mine, Ltd ; Last Chance, near
Haywood, by N.   McArthur.
The Rossland Miner contain! ths lol
lowing:  "The report   comes from To-
ronto that   the   Dardanelles   managi
ment has decided   to   Issue debentures
In order to   raise   monej    to
the property   and   at    the   same time
leave   the   balance   of   the   treasury
stock intact.   The   Dardanelles  Mining and Milling Company was  Incorporated in ISM with a capital  of   81.-
000,000, and J00,000 shares   were  then
placed in   the   treasury.     Hon.  Edgar
Dewdney, A. L   McLatn  of  Spokane,
W. II.   Adams,   sir   Charles   Hibbert
Tupper, .1. B. McArthur. I)  W Moore,
Hon. Fred Peters,   Lieutenant-Colonel
8. W. Ray and A. McLalne   were  the
first directors.   The company did quite
a little work on the  Okanogan   claim
and legal   work   mi   the   Dardanelles
and Diamond Cross claims, which are
all within about four miles of Mefiul-
gan Station, on the   Knslo   St   Slocan
Railway.    The   properties   was   purchased from the locators  for tino.noo.
The company has not had   the best of
luck, but in time it   is   hoped   a good
mine will be opened up and the shareholders will be repaid.
\Vc arc still overstocked with SUMMER GOODS and must unload.   We have told you this ^
1irtt.iv but desire to repeat it.   ln order to clear our shelves and counters we instituted on Satimia\
morning the biggest CLEARING SALE OF SUMMER GOODS ever advertised in Nelson.
RLOUS^S   Twenty-five dozen, every one marked with the regular price in plain figures will be sold at exactly half price.
-One lot of five dozen Cotton Blouses, good patterns and fast colors; regular price $1 ; to go at 25 ceilts each.
Two Special   Lines
onPQFTS   nnd   MISSES'  WAISTS���We  have given  vou  some wonderful  bargains in this line before, but we now o
e,A       ,-.__.. These  two  lines  are  not  complete as to sizes, but in order to clear them
before, but we now offer you greater inducements
an  ever.    Two lines oi Corsets and Waists, regular price QQ and 75 cents
t we offer them at the very low price of 25 cents each.
VESTS~Five dozen good Cotton Sleeveless Vests;   regular price io cents each;   to be cleared at 5 cents each or six for 25 cents
����-����� ^^#^##__^-4M__-_Mf
?A* ^r ?,�� ?,<* ?,$ ?a* im im ^
Muslin Blouses; regular price S2j t0 be cleared at 90 cents L'acn-
d izen    Cotton    Vests,    half-sleeves;     regular
IS   cents;     to   be   cleared   at   two   for   15  cents.
congo,   horn, and  silver-mounted   handles;   regular price $4;
Five dozen Ladies' Cotton Vests;   regular price 20 cents each;   to be cleared at 10 cents.
LADIES'    PARASOLS    ^no ''ne ot* Paras0'si black durable silk and wool tops,   steel  rot
while they last $2 each.
CHILDREN'S   STRAW   HATS    We have eight dozen of these, ranging in prices from 30 cents to $1.25.    All to be cleared at half price.
GENTS' FURNISHINGS" Ue nave tried hard to get rid of our stock by selling at close price, but we find that prices must be again reduced.
Men's Colored Shirts; regular 75 cents; to be cleared at 25 cents each. Men's Colored Shirts; regular price $1; to be cleared at 55 cents. Men's Summer
Underwear, from 40 cents a suit up.    Five dozen Four-in-Hand Neckties;  regular 60c, 50c, 40c and 25c;   all to go at hall price.
These are but a few of the many bargains we have.    The sale  is a thoroughly genuine one, as all our sales   have  been.    We   will   make equally  as low prices in
Dress Goods, Ladies' Tailor-Made Suits, Tailor-Made Skirts. Wrappers, Prints, Muslins, Ginghams, Piques.
Tbis HALF-PRICE  SALK will continue until  the evening of Saturday, July 2r.    It is money and room we are after.    We must have both.     Early fall shipments
arc already on iheir way to us.    ln order to find room for them we must get rid of our summer goods at any cost.
Martin   O'Reilly   &   Co.
Mile,     rbo .1 it    pert  Home  i.'ouda;
ii|lrt.   Um* now on uJ��,
Spokane Fails A
Northern R'v.
A  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
.Ian.. -   McDonald    ha��
which have been polled out nl the  I
P. B.  wharf.    There wi Npl_tO_l
npon the alCloUn
will l>. commenced Mondaj mon
1.   11    1:    wn   ���!..   newly   appoint'
1 -.--ii_.-r agent ol the   '    P. I!..
arrived from thi The only  all   rail   route   between:
U "   ���               - all points east,   west   and   soutli  to
todaj Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
���">!"                                   theC. P. B points- connecting,'at Spokane with
at Toronto and tt'li Great Northern,  Northern   Pacific,
The   funeral   of   Thomas   O'Brien, and 0. R. & N. Co.
whoee  body was   found   In   I Connects tit Nelson v ith  steamer
Thuraday mornlnj                             to- for Kaslo  and   all   Kootenay   lake
morrow morning at   10 o                 ier points.
the  ;iii-!.i'.-  ������:                             Or- Connects at   Meyer's   Falls  with.
All mem- stage daily for Republic,   and  con-;
���*��***VS*^V��**��*��SSVVVV**VW��**^V^*'VVVVVV*VVVV��V^^^^^�� I
.ect> at Bossburg with stage  daily  ^VMMM*��������M��MMMMVMM^MW��MMV^WMMM��^VWMWMMWMV%��%%j
neetat   I tur Grand Forks and Greenwood.     |  	
tend the funeral In a body.   Interment    _k4vi
House Slippers
For Your Wife
We have a splendid line the easiest
she ever put her feet into. Get
her    a   pair       only    Si .50.
Uevi pry Goods Store
All Summer Goods
At Reductions
10   to   25
trill take place   at   the   11 -     I0.35a.ni
plot ut tl  12 U5 p. in
 '   /ia, in.
A LIFE AND DEATH Kit HIT Ninlit Train.
Mr. W. A. Hine* of Mancbenter, Ij .    '_ ������"  p.m Spokane     ..  7 06 s m
writini!   r.f   li:^     almwt     iriraculon-   11 00 p.m.        .BoHland.   .    .'i ���" a.m
wnane   fn.m duiTh.   -.it-     "E_po��ore       H. A. JAC'K.SON, G, P. A T.A.
Hf.>r   nu-:*-!*-*   in'it - ��� i    lerloni   \on.
trouble, whioh ended in d nsamption.
I    Imn    fre<|nent    hemorrhage!    and   f��. K. TACKABURY,
fiint'h-d ni.ht uii'l i'.iv.    All   mv   ������                   Apent  Nelson. B.I
Ion Bid I most noon die.     Then 1 be-   ���          ~~~*~**
7 10 p.m.
."�� ���'." p.m.
8:00 p.m.
Spokane  Wasn
I have now in stock b line
of all claasefl of
Per   Cent.
Baker Street, Nelson.
K'iii tn n-f Ur.  Kinn - New   1 l��OTerr
for Conaomption.   whi^h   completely
i-nrwl in".    I wooid not   I" witboot it
BTen if it   n it I I bt ".������.      Hnn-
dredi hare oted ft on mr recommeoda-  omcewituo.  w.  \\.st *  Co.,  Cor.
iii.it iii.it all -.iv it DnTer   failR   to run- Hall and Baker Streets.
Thrnnr.    Cheat   tind   Lonfi   troohlra."   r;..ii.i ��   .i    v i    . _   i. t_  .
l. mil' ''���'.' of    til,: >i-Mull   Ni-la \\ at.-r
Ket'iilar   -:/������     '      nnd    -    00       Tn nl
hottlea free at Canada   Drng and   Book   Factory.	
Stun-. ~    ������������������������������������������������������
Canada Pkkmank.ni and Western Canada Mortgage
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Tlie tt rr I o.    I.ti       I I I
tbeir l.i/ clearing sale ���>'   from lu to
per cent ton r (Sat
nrday, i
Mun-v to Irian OH Slnii_ht Mortgage,
Bpnng oblcken and all tbe delioaciat  Apply to O. L. LENNOX. Bakn  St.
nf ii:.- NBMon ->-iviri to vim   \\ii^n von   Nelson.
vi -it Plorenoe Park Hotel tt   Roberta'
We invite you to look over our stock in
these lines. Vou will find it complete
and prices low.    See our show window.
Adverti-cment* in^rMy.  mirier tni-hendat
the n_t*�� of on- omt a word per Ltworttoa.   No
HfivcTt.-c-iueiji Ukfii furl'.��� Ihatl UOOOUL
Kain'h. two and   a hulf  ml lei   op   thi-
rivi-r.    W. M. Robert.,  pi iptlator.
K.i-v li'ini-
Fine  Piano  for  aalp.
Addreaa   "(.,''  Muni
"Bi.nr, rirbon tfa is nn.Truons.'
7 8 inch ilian . $19 60per Ho feet.   K
immediate  delivery    in   Nslm-ii  TOR  BENT���For  two  monlba, ^i-
appljr. loom   furniahed   house      Addreaa
��. n. Bo�� 67��. Nelum. B r,
The Cottage Hospital, Nelson -Bee,
A nrirate Hoepltal, Hedtoal
" Houae,    llox 70, Po-lofHce
TO HKNT   Furnished room, one minute tioiii Baker  Street,    is.. Miner
'Pitai, HMHMI,   ^Hr(^i���    p.,    , ,   ,
cal and Ubatetrioal caaas nnrswl in the
Boom,   Private room  |M and lis ���
week     Beda    in   ward   *l.   n   week.
Nnr��i"i sent out to private boom-sat |1C   oQK  dduit
I:,"'���"���    *WlrtoXhe   Misae.   ftrick- I     Apply a. nl.,,,.  of O W. UV-, & Co.
House   to    let   ,'irr..*s   the
Uke, atove, etc.   Apply 0. Mewling,
Haker plrcet.
-'.' room- in \V,-t Hloek.
I. 0. UREKN        F. H. OI.KMI.N'I
Because the eyes tire easily,
some folks sa_ they are nol well.
In mo.t-u.h cases there is eyestrain,  civ" Lnzinctrs ��nd Provincial Land
NeglecteJ eyestrain is sure to
produce sickness.
Be wise.
Have your eyes exaniir,i\1.
Know their exact condition from
an expert.
Consultation free.
Patenaude Bros
Watchmakers, Ji weleia atd Ojiticiann,
A   Hrat-elaaa  aalesman    vaolrd   U
'���l reaenl   us   in   Nelaon,   If. (',. nnd
���.lam.   P   n ���'"'ty '��*   lh<"  Mleof   Hiir.lv   Kinil
���    ��� M x ' '   H|H""' "��� ' I'""-   Ornamental Treea and  hbnht
hu-vek kino m.kk -  te���::;:;;"":';" "'Jj'" ������ we
Krow      N.ilti-lies   il      siot-k     ispn-uillv
will ptiy the  lii(ihe���t enah priiii for all adapted   lu     Url iii   Oolotuliin       ill
kind* ut seoond luiml goods.    Will buy Block gunrnnteed free rrom li inlfh ot
or  noil  unvtliuiK from  im iumIioi to a nny  kind, and  nccoippanlid   hy Gov-
needle.    Fornltare,   atnves.   oaipertii, ernmenl    certlflcntn    of    Inaoectlnn
DookiOR ntenaila. Isinnlit   In bouaihnld Write for terms to the
'intimities.      Also   east   off   clot! inn, 1'F.I.HA.M KUBBEKY COMPANY
Oall   and   aee   me   or write.    Ariereas TuroDtn   Out
Bllvn  Kin*   Mike,   Box  .GO,    Hail j    N. B.-We have other teirilorl'einot
-treet, Nelson, B. <J. covered.    Applications tollcltid.
St. LoUis
Tu lie b.d wholesale id Nelson.
R- P. Rithel &
Vancouver  Hardware Co.,
Baker Street,  Nelson.
m��M��\H\\\\\MMV��VH ���
We are now doing bitBiooai iu 5
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see  all  our
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
i Telephone 10.
I >wwwwvw��wwwVVVVVV,
P 0 Box, K and W   i
Wanted.-.uno roek in, ��� ���I)f|
hnndH fnr work on White 1
Yukon Railway.   Wagei ��8.80 per dav
Hoard 81 per day. Work every tiny'
lJay monthly in rnah. Kure from Van!
conver *.tl wilh  _!, rehnte after   work
A. B. GRAY, Haker St,, K^lffl^.ttJ^'.,^*
Kootenay Agent. : H���".  ��B Oordova Street,  Yanco'uvor
joron tbe work. or
I general ��� "N"'1').' K!" '"'"'liy alvon Hint thirty dnyn
.���' ���" i ril, ������";������'�������"��' l Inieiin i��� apply lo IheOhftf
aaa  nnd      i iini^ue ,.,.���f i���������|B , ^'ur^ ftj-a.peolnl
i,.VTi'",''"',"'"' ",v,r)   ��>vajr tlmbur from
.,1.1 Vi'""'"Kdi'-iTllH-il iunil..: BoKlnniiiKiit a
'{"",l'1"" '. ho north .-Imro of tho We��l
,..,      (;',^"��!'"ny  Lake, uml ���i���,m  II mili'H
������ii"   vu..''">'"' Nelaon, and ninrkod-Joo
i ...      ���i._' <yroori"  tlumoo wont 7(1 ehalnH,
. 'ill '""���'.".""."'"''"���'���IbeiieeoartllDelialna,
��� nee so i , lOohalna, thenoo wc��t in chain-,
lllTOl    "0U �� '�� PlBCe ��f ��">>l"eI"!<"


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