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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 22, 1900

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Daily Edition No. 861
^Provinci.i li_arv _31oo =
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,  October 22, 1900.
Eleventh Year
Important Find Reported at the Dayton |L_^_*5__cE
Group Near Kaslo-G-eorge Kane
the Owner.
Tl,0 Dayton group, of which G. T,
K;������. owns a controlling interest,
which is situated about live miles
troni Kaslo, may P*ove to be the lirst
tin mine in the Dominion of Canada.
If tills is tho case it is a most important Hail for not only this district but
f���r the entire Province. The ore taken (nun tbe Vein lias been   treated by
the local assayers ami exceedingly
high values in tin have been obtain-
ed, with Si per ton in gold and
eight per cent, in copper. A quantity or ore lias been shipped to the
government assay olliee at Ottawa and
a report of tlie results is expected
everyday. It is a well known fact
that the Dominion Government has
offered a premium of 850,0-0 to the
flrst tin mine of tlie Dominion and il
will lie a great credit to the Kaslo
mining district if the Dayton group
proves to be a tin producer. The
group consists of four claims and on
one of them a tunnel lias been run lis
feel. The tunnel is in ore all the way
and has uncovered a vein 18 feet wide.
Several crosscuts have been made and
il has been ascertained that the vein
extends through the entire four
claims. The only drawback to tbe(
opening up ��' the mine properly is
th,' need of a good trail.
��� ��   ���
The following are the milling rec-
or.ls for today : Transfers ��� Krom
Charles J. Hitter, of Ymir, to William
II. Wright, of Bossland, one-third interest in Pacific, Wisconsin and Bran-
den, ou Wild Horse Creek for a nominal consideration, Locations��� Lottie
May and Topmost, on Cottonwood
Creek, by T. M. Parr; Orcadian,
Norseman, on live Mile Creek, by 1).
T. Mowat and C. Monroe; Denmark,
mi Five Mile Creek, by ,1. MeLatchie;
Viana, on   Whale  Back Mountain, by
1). T. Mowat.
��� ���   ���
Kamloops, II. C. Oct. 22.��� Besides
the iiipper-golil deposits around Cam-
loops tbe North Thompson river in
this section contains Immense amount
of placer gold. A contract was recently let by a Nelson company to put
in a dredge next spring, giving further testimony to the richness of the
deposits. There is a large, area taken
up by dredging companies hut thero is
still room for very many more. With a
successful plant there is little doubt
that a large profit can be secured, as
the richness of the gravel lias been
thoroughly tested. Averages of 30
eeuts per cubic yard are frequent. E.
C. Kingsmill, recently of Now Zealand, who lias made dredging a study
for years, is in Kamloops and has
secured one or two leases. Mr. Kings-
mill says he considers the North
Thompson river the peer of any gold-
bearing section in New Zealand.
The coal lields of this region arc
also attracting considerable attention.
They offer large advantages for operation, as they are still only half explored anil there has been little effort
to operate them on a large scale.
They are several hundred miles in extent and within a few hundred yards
of the river. Sarel * Young, of Kamloops, own large coal areas. It is
claimed that these deposits are so situated that they can be worked from
the first with little preparatory expenditure of capital. These deposits
could be united with the dredging to
advantage, as there would be an
abundance of fuel always available for
the dredges. The river is comparatively free from boulders and there is
everything in favor of large returns
for their operation.
���   *   ���
Mr. A. l.eitmy, of (Ireellwood,
prominent barrister of that place and
a pioneer of the west, is in Nelson on
business in connection with the fall
session of the Supreme Court here.
In speaking generally of the mining
conditions of the Greenwood district
he said: "At present times are rather dull In Greenwood but at the completion of the smelter there we expect
things to improve. The company expects the smelter to be ready to blow
in about December   1.    They  are   In
have made arrangements for two additional roasters, and judging from
the present condition of the several
mines which are being developed, I
think that a second furnace will be
installed shortly. The smelter would
have been completed before December
1, but the company has been retarded
in getting machinery to their mine,
tbe Mother Lode. It has now arrived
at Greenwood and will be installed at
once. The mine is showing up well,
and already 8,000 tons of ore are placed in bins at the mine, and shipments
are being made to the smelter every
day. Wl.en the smelter and machinery
is in working order the Mother Lode
will be come one of the greatest
mines of the Boundary country. The
lluck Horn at Deadwood camp is doing good work and shipments of ore
are being made to the smelter at
Greenwood. The Great Hope at Greenwood is also being opened up and
much development work is being
done. At Phoenix the Knob Hill and
Old Ironsides are being developed and
are advancing to the front among tlie
well known mines of Hritish Columbia.
��� ���   ���
Frank Iteer, who is engaged in constructing tho tramway at the Chap-
leau mine, visited the eity last evening and returned to the mine this
morning, lie stated that the work
upon the tramway was progressing
slowly at present, owing to difficulties in transporting material. It Is
thought that the mill will not be
ready to operate before November 1,
but the mine will be a producer shortly after that time,
��� ��   ���
It is reported on good authority
that the McVeigh brothers, of Nelson,
have been given the contract for the
hauling of ore to Crawford Hay landing from the Silver Hill mine now being operated by tbe Hichelieu Mining Company. Captain W. J. Kane.of
the Marion, has already been given
the contract for the inhauling of the
freight for the mine from Nelsou to
Crawford Hay, and it is said that
there is a likelihood of him being
given tbe contract for the hauling out
of the ore. The shipping of the ore
will undoubtedly start in a month, as
it is expected that tlie wagon road
from the landing to Hie mine will be
completed by that time. It is expected that the oro will be placed
on the cars al Procter.
��� ���   ���
The work upon the Referendum
group on til-Creek is progressing most
satisfactorily. The present force consists of six men and two miners were
sent to the property this morning
making a crew of eight men. The
work will be continued with the present crew all winter.
* ���   *
There is a proposition In hand to
dispose of the Exchequer property on
Morning Mountain. The deal has
nearly been completed, and there is
to bo in the near future a meeting of
the shareholders to consider the proposition. It is all Knglish company
that is interested in the purchase of
the property.
Victoria to Have Direct Hallway Connection Via Clreat Northern.
Victoria, B. C, Oct. 23.���Tho conference of the city council with
Messrs. llodwell and Wheeler, representing the (heat Northern Hailway,
has been completed, tho terms of the
draft agreement formally ratified and
the city solicitor directed to draw up
a by-law for ratieliation by the electors.
The terms In brief are that the company put on a ferry capable  of cany
gets Sir,,000 a year for twenty years
and a nominal lease of the market
building for twenty-live years for a
station. The (Ireat Northern will connect here with the E. A. N, The proposal meets with general favor. Mr.
Wheeler said ho bad the assurance of
the Ori-
unibia, Montreal and England would go over bis
Increases His Popularity in English
Military Circles.
New York, Oet. 22.���General Puller's speech in Natal in defence of his
plan of campaign a year ago is the
topic among liritisli military men,
says Tbe Tribune's London Correspondent. His frankness appeals to
the best instincts of English character and will secure for him an enthusiastic reception when be returns.
His judgment in making the relief
of Lailysmith the first objective point
of the campaign and in preventing
the Hoer occupation of lower Natal
is now vindicated by unbiased opinion of military men in London,
Ho was a victim of liritisli over confidence, which had forecast a grand
promenade from Cape Town to Pretoria. If he was unjustly censured for
conducting a campaign in a corner
instead of carrying out his original
plan he was rightly held responsible
for failure at Colenso and Spion Kop,
although Colonel Long disobeyed orders in one battle and (leneral Warren
was unmanageable in the other. He
was enabled to partially retrieve his
reputation by subsequent good work,
but there will be no dissent from liis
own manly confession that he justly
lost the chief command.
That Oeneral Duller was offered
the chief command in succession to
Lord Roberts and declined it is not
officially confirmed. Buller's tribute
to Sir Evelyn Wood will be helpful in
keeping him at the post of adjutant
general, where his term will not expire for two years. Wood's deafness
would have been a great obstacle to
success in the field. Oeneral Uuller's
reference to the tremendous strain on
the individual soldier under tire day
after day ought to moderate tho zeal
of the agitators for sweeping and
drastic military reforms. A system
which develops heroism and patience
in tho individual soldier is not so
black as it has been painted.
Will Compete for Honors at tbe Coming Race Meetings.
Now York, Oet. 82.���William C.
Whitney and James R, Keenc have
each placed a consignment of 111 horses
on board the steamship Minnehaha.
They will carry the Whitney and
Keene colors to victory, it is fondly
expected, at the English meetings.
Just which selections have been made
from tho respective stables have not
yet been made public.
Jockey Nash turner will go by the
next passenger steamship. He will
ride under the Whitney colors. It is
said Mr. Whitney's consignment consists of the two-year-olds Luke ward,
Morning Tide, Elizabeth, Prince
Charles   Ilolstein   and    Elkhoru;   the
three-year-olds, Killashandra, Kilmarnock, Delacey and Jean lleraud,
James K. Keene, It is reported,
sends live yearlings, the two-year-olds
Olympian, Cap and Hells and Noonday, and tho three-year-old Petruchio.
O. P. Hill contributes his hurdle
racer Klondike.
A consignment of yearlings, the
property of Eugene Leigh, will be
sent to England on tbcliiiei Nomadic.
Italian Found Dead���Murderers I'n-
known���Robbery the Motive.
Greenwood, H. 0., Oot.89.���The coroner's jury has returned a verdict "f
murder by persons unknown, in Ihe
case of Samuel Foora, an Italian section band, found in the cabin of Manuel Pieston another Italian sect inn
hand with whom Feora lived. At ���"���
o'clock last Wednesday afternoon IV
ora was found with two bullet bolus
from a 3H-calibre revolver In his head,
one of which had penetrated the
btain.    Feora carried   between  81,ion
ing 100  passengers and  eight   loaded  a���,i   J1.3O0 on bis person, and  this is
ears, able to do the trip at the rate of ltn0  supposed   motive   for  tho crime,
The   money   Is   missing.    The   police
have no clues to the murderer.
fourteen miles an hour between Liverpool and Victoria, and eventually
Steveston and Sidney, running once a
day each way; to provide terminal
facilities in Victoria  and   give trans
William   Rowland   Hocking
Has to Answer to the
His First and Second Wife
Are Both Present at the
Delhi, Ont., Oct.  22.��� Conservatives
of North   Norfolk have decided not to
continental  connection   via the Great  oppose the election of   John Charlton.
availing only  one  furnace, hut they Northern.   In    return    Die compauy^ Liberal.
When the second week of the fall
assizes opened at the Court House this
morning William Rowland Hocking
was put in the prisoner's hox to answer to the charge of bigamy, the
charge being prefoned against the
pirBoner by the woman whom he took
as his second wife, Jean Montgomery, it being alleged that he had been
previously married to Winnie Ruth on
the 21 th of February, 1805, at Salt
Lake City, Utah, and that his first
wife was still living aud not divorced
from him. Deputy-Attorney-General
McLean and A. M. Johnson, of Nelson,
appeared for tho Crown and R. ,1.
Ilannington for the prisoner.
The case for tbe Crown was simply
an effort to prove that both marriage
ceremonies had been performed [,in
tbe ordinary manner and that each
was a valid celebration of the marriage ritual, excepting in so far as the
first interferred with the second. The
defense endeavored to show that the
prisoner, when the second marriage
took place,bad every reason to believe
that the decree of divorce which his
lirst wife had applied for had long
since been granted and that he hail a
perfect right to marry again. This
would prove no criminal intent and
consequently no crime. It wasbronght
out by the Crown that the prisoner
had told bis second wife, previous to
the ceremony that he bad not been
previously married anil that Ins parents were dead, while as a matter of
fact they are still living.
The first witness wag Mrs, Winnie
Ruth Hocking, tlie lirst wife. She deposed that she bad been married to
tlie prisoner, that be led a dissipated
life and in 1898 she and be decided to
separate and she with her two children, the issue of the marriage, returned to her parents home at Salt
Lake City. Sometime later, In December of 18(18, she bad written letters to Hocking's parents about divorce but not until April this year did
she take any/'efiiiito stop, and at that
time she entered proceedings. She
did not think they weio yet fully divorced. Mr. Ilannington submitted
tho witness to a sharp cross-cxamina
tion during which some of the above
facts were adduced.
Cristenton, an attorney-at-law of
Salt Lake City, was the next witness,
lie deposed that the ceremony performed in Salt Lake City was regular
and mado the first witness and the
prisonei lawfully man and wife, lie
also stated that bo had been acting as
Mrs. Hocking's attorney in her application for divorce, that on the 21th
of September this year the courts bad
granted a decree, which, however,
was not yet issued and that tl.e marriage was not dissolved until it was
issued and signed by the judge.
Miss Mary Hocked, of Cranbrook,
testified that she was one of the wit
nessos at the marriage of Jean Montgomery to the prisoner in January 18th
this year. Tbe marriage was performed in the regular way in Cranbrook and as far as she knew it was
a valid wedding. It was performed
by Rev. Mr. Smith, pastor of the
Methodist Church at Cranbrook.
That constituted the ease for the
Crown and Mr. Bennington asked for
the discharge of the prisoner on the
grounds that neither marriage was
properly proved anil that tlie Crown
had failed to prove that at the time
of the second marriage the prisoner
was aware that liis first wife was still
alive. On these three points His Lordship ruled against Mr. Hiinnington,
who then outlined his defence and
called bis witnesses.
Tbe prisoner himself was the first
called, lie swore that in December,
18(18, lie received a copy of a paper in
which appeared a legal advertisement
that bis wife was going to sue for
divorce and Unless she heard from him
within sixty days tho ileerec would
be granted by default. He then described liis various movements around
the country. In July, 1899, be wrote
to two friends iu   Salt Lake City ask
ing them to enquire at tlie courthouse
there if his wife bad obtained tho divorce and in both eases bis reply was
that the decree had been granted,
Acting on these letters he had married
Jean Montgomery in perfectly good
faith, lie was fond of her and would
do nothing to cause her pain. The
two letters were found by Ills wife,
to whom he at one time said (bey were
not bis but subsequently explained
them to her.
Jean Montgomery substantiated tin1
previous evidence. She was treated,
she said, by the prisoner as a wife
should be treated, and be bad always
been moat kind to hoi. In cross-examination Mr. McLean endeavored to
bring out something damaging regarding a letter the witness had written
the prisoner that in conversation with
Mr. McLean she bail tried to change
her evidence given at Moyie, where
she had not mentioned the two letters.
Tbe witness with a great deal of
spirit, explained that what she meant
by changing it was that she wanted
to add about these letters. "You
would not let ine go on," she said to
Mr. McLean, "for you evidently did
not want to bear about it."
Tbe jury in the caso consisted of
W. A. Thurman, (foreman) ; Harry
Cane, C. F. Hardy, W. R. McLean.
W. W. Beaton, O. C. S. Patterson, W.
R, Bride, G. M. Phillips, 0. s. Hoer,
Thomas Bennett, J. L. Vanstono and
Arthur Booth.
Court adjourned at 12:15 to meet at
2  p. m. ^^
At the close of the case of Regina
vs. Albi and Albo,late Saturday night
tbe jury found Albi guilty of wounding Herbert McArthur with intent to
do him grievous bodily harm, and Albo they acquitted. The judge named
live years in tho Provincial penitentiary at New Westminster as his sentence.
A Noisy Supporter of the Ex-Premier
is Under Arrest.
Ashcroft, B, C.,Oct.22.-F. M. Med-
burst, for some time agent for tbe
Canadian Pacific Railway at Cranbrook
is under arrest and is now in jail at
tills place. It is alleged that some
irregularities existeil in bis accounts
while at Cranbrook.
Those who attended the famous Liberal convention held last spring at
Vancouver, will not soon forget Mr.
V. M. Medhurst, who is referred to in
the above despatch, lie is a curious
looking young man with a remarkable
development of the lower jaw. He
appeared at the convention as a rabid
Martinito and immediately proceeded
to make himself heard, lie talked
incessantly, in and out of season and
no matter what other speakers might
be bowled down, Mr. Medhurst continued talking. He soon earned the
nickname of "the man with the  iron
Nanaimo and Kamloops Each Has a
Mystei ions Disappearance.
Nanaimo, Oet. 22.���Andrew llaslam,
proprietor of the big sawmill here,
left Nanaimo ten days ago on the
steamer Alert, towing a scow load of
liny, for a lumber camp a hundred
miles up the coast. He was due back
here last Saturday. Word was received this morning that lie did not reach
the lumber camp,and grave anxiety is
felt as to his fate, llaslam is one of
the most prominent lumber men of
the North I'aeilie Coast, and was formerly a partner of John Hendry,Boyal
City mills, New Westminster. If
tbrere is no news tomorrow a search
will be started along the coast.
Vancouver, Oct. 22.���A special from
Kamloops says that George Roths, a
well known eiti/.en who recently rented the l.eniieux ranch on tho North
Thompson, has disappeared, a_d has
not been seen for a week. There is a
strong belief that robbers have murdered Dim and thrown bis body Into
the river.    Search parties are out.
Washington, D, C,   "ct.   22.���Hon
John Sherman, who for a period of 10
years   occupied   a   prominent place in
the   Legislative  ami   administrative
branches of public iilTairs in the
United States, died here at ii:l">
o'clock this morning of brain exhaustion. Funeral services over the 1 c
malnH will be bold in   this city and at
Mansfield,   Ohio.   Interment  will  be
in the family plot at that place ami
will occur In till probability on Thursday.
Two Imperial Decrees Found-Boxers Were
Promised Rewards and Urged
to Fight.
Kobe, Japan, Oet. fl.���Tbe following Imperial decree, issued on June
21, clearly shows the complicity of
the Chinese Government with the
Hoxers 111 the recent disturbances 1
"Ever since the foundation of the
dynasty, foreigners coming to China
havo been kindly treated. In the
reigns of Tao Kuang and llsien Feng,
they were allowed to trade, and they
also aHked leave to propagate their religion, a request which tbe throne reluctantly granted. At first they were
amenable to Chinese control lint for
the past thirty years they have taken
advantage of China's forbearance to
encroach on China's territory and
trample on the Chincse'people, and to
demand China's wealth.
"Every concession made by China
increased their reliance on violence.
They oppressed peaceful citizens and
insulted the gods and holy men, ex
citing the most burning indignation
among tbe people. Hence the burning
of chapels and the slaughter of converts by the patriotic braves. The
throne was anxious to avoid war, and
Issued edicts enjoining protection of
the legations and pity for the converts. The decrees declaring Hoxers
and converts to be equally the children of the state were issued in the
hope of removing the old feud between the people and the converts,
and extreme kindness was bIiowii to
tlie strangers from afar.
���Hut thoHo people knew 110 gratitude
and Increased their pressure. A dispatch was yesterday sent by Du Chay-
lard, calling on us to deliver up the
Taku forts into their keeping, otherwise they would be taken by force.
These thieats showed their aggressions. In all matters relating to international intercourse we have never
been wanting iu courtesies to them;
but they, while styling themselves
civilized   states, havo   acted   without
regard   for   right,   relying   solely   on
their military force.
"We have now reigned nearly thirty
years, and have treated the people as
our Children, the people honoring us
as their Deity, and in the midst of
our reign we have been the recipients
of the graei.ius favor of tho Empress
Dowager. Furthermore our ancestors have come to our aid, and the
gods have answered our call ; and never has there been so universal a manifestation of loyalty and pat 1 iotism.
Witli tears have we announced the
war in the ancestral shrines. Better
to do our utmost and enter on the
struggle than seek sume means of self-
preservation Involving eternal disgrace.
"All our officials, high and low, are
of one mind ; and there have assembled without official summons several
hundred thousand patriotic soldiers
(I Ping���Hoxers). even children carrying spears in the service of the
country. Those others rely on crafty
schemes; our trust is iu Heaven's justice. They depend on violence; we, on
humanity. Not to speak of the righteousness of our cause, our provinces
number more than twenty, our people
over too,000,000, and it will be diffl-
1 cult to vindicate the dignity of our
The  decree   concluded   by   offering
heavy rewards   to   those   who  dlstin-
I gulshed themselves in battle, or  subscribed funds, and threatened punuh-
I ment to those who showed   cowardice
! or acted treacherously.
Another decree published   about tho
saUK' time   expressed  the   satisfaction
with   whloh   the throne   received   Yu
l.u's report of successful engagements
at   Tien   Tsin   on tbe I7tb,   18th   and
1 I (ith of June; and gave great praise to
I the Hoxers. who  had   done great ser-
| vices without assistance either of men
j or  money   fiom   tbe    itiUn.    "llreat
favor,"   says   the    decree,   "will   be
Shown them   later on, and   (hey must
continue lo show their devotion."
Hroek, Conservative;   East Middlesex,
.1. Gllaon, Liberal.
General and Political News
From all Parts of the
Ottawa, Oet. 22.-Thc Inland Revenue Department gives tho following
results of analysis of cream of tartar,
,��� ,a and chocolate for sale in different parts of the Dominion: Out of 05
samples of cream of tartar taken, 88
per cent.have been classed as genuine,
as against'.I percent, in 1887, 80 per
cent iu 1880 and 88 per cent, in 1898.
Sixty-three per cent, however, of tlie
samples of eroain of tartar classed as
genuine are yet low grade,for the reason that they contain more than ten
per   cent,   of   calcium   tartrate.    The
examination of 27 samples of non-
sugared cocoa and BO sugared cocoas
and chocolates failed to show anything of an unwholesome nature.
11 a mi I ton. Out., (let. 22. ���II. V.
Latham, ticket agent at the Hunter
Street depot of tbe Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway.has absconded. He is short in bis accounts to the
extent of over four thousand dollars.
Ottawa, Out. Oct. 88.���W. A. Marshal. 10 years of age, was instantly
killed on Saturday by being buried in
a falling embankment,
Toronto, Oct. 22.���The University of
Toronto has decided to allow all students on active service in South Africa their year's examination.
Toronto, Oct. 22.- The following
nominations took place Saturday in
Ontario, North Oxford, J. (i. Wallace,   1 onservatlve,   and    Hon.    Jan.
Sutherland,  Liberal ; Toronto East. A.
E. Kemp, Conservative! Centre, W. R.
Peterhoro, (Int., Oct.. 32.���Hon. Mr.
Mulock, whom (he Liberals of West
Peterhoro designate as minister of labor and postmaster-general, addressed
a meeting in the interest of Medallion on Saturday evening.
Toronto, Oct. 22.���Hon. Sir Charles
Tupper reached here Saturday and addressed a meeting of East York Conservatives in the evening. In an interview he declared himself confident
that tho Conservative party would
carry the country. Regarding Hugh
John Maedonald's speech iu the west,
regarding the duty on agricultural implements, favoring their removal,
etc., Sir Charles said the Conservative party stood for protection to all
industries and   was   in   complete   ao-
 'd,which would indicate thai   Hugh
John vvas iii error   when he   made his
statement regarding (he matter.
Park Hill, Ont., Oct. 22.-Slr WIL
frid Laurier ami party addressed a
large crowd of electors of Middlesex
counties here Saturday evening, after
which be loft for the cast.
Ottawa, Oct. .'.'.-Sir Charles Tupper arrived hen* this morning, Ho
leaves again for Toronto anil other
points in Ontario.
Ottawa,'(kit. 22.���Fred Peters, (4.
1'., formerly Premier of Prince Edward Island, now practicing law in
Victoria, II. C, Is in the city. He
says the Liberals will sweep Hritish
Columbia, adding that if Colonel Prior
is elected in Victoria it will lw due to
his personality only.
Fort William,Ont,, Oct. 88.- should
the Conservatives fail tougrec on either Mayor Marks or A. C, Hoyee as
candidate for Algoma, an effort will
be malic   to   unite   on   the     name   of
lion. J. C,   Patterson,  ex-Lieut.-Gov*
ernor of Manitoba, to oppose a. E.
Diincnt. (he former member, who Is
again running iu tlie Liberal interest* Kkl.ok Dailv Miner,   Mondav  Evuwino, October ._, igco
wy.'_....o   �� i.   ���_
The Nelson Miner
Published Evory Afternoon  Kxcopt Sunday
��� HY THK���
Limited Liability.
US Fleet Streut, E. C,
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agonts
Pally, por month,by carrier	
I Lilly, per month, hy mail	
ILtily, per year, by carrier	
Pally, por year, by mall	
Daily, per year, foreign	
..    05o
.8 7 Oil
.. a oo
..   1100
Weekly, per half year  Sl 25
Weekly,por yoar.......    8 00
Weekly, per year, foreign    J uo
Subscription! Invariably in advance.
All Check" should be mado payahlo to the
order "f Nki.son I'liiLlsillNO COMPANY,
be lu-iter promoted than by a trade
policy that would nurse  its  resources
nf every kind and to the best advantage'.' How picayune in contrast with
this splendid prospect are tbe wretched little objections to an insignificant
tax on foodstuffs!
It is believed that Mr, Galllher
would give a good deal if the "Hurrah!" of the campaign in the East
would extend Itself to Vale-Cariboo.
Thai Liberal veteran, Mr. II. II.
Cook, lias turned against the present
Liberal lenders. Next to express his
dissatisfaction .is that other Liberal
veteran, Mr. John Charlton, lie refuses to stand as a Oovernment candidate, and if elected will go bach as an
Independent. In a recent speech be
regretted that tlie French of Quebec
did not assimilate with the Hritish.
and on the principle that forewarned
was to be forearmed he thought it
would be wise to keep a Hritish regiment at the ancient capital. Those
are strung views for tbe mild, moderate, peace-loving Mr. Charlton.
There is an impression here and
there, which Liberal newspapers are
endeavoring to strengthen, that if returned to power the Conservative:
would withdraw the British preference. The Miner does not understand
that this it the policy of the party.
No one authorised to speak for the
party lias even intimated anything to
that etfect. They are not opposed to
the tariff differential in favor of Hritish goods, but desire to add to it a
differential in favor of Colonial pro-
duets. They want to give the policy
nf a preference the character of completeness, which it does not now possess, if returned to power they would
continue the present Hritish preference in any event; but they have that
active and practical regard for the
interest of Canadian producers which
compels them to regret as a blunder
the action of the " iberal Oovernment
in conceding a preference without
even making an attempt to obtain a
Similar advantage for our own people.
It is argued against them that Canada already lias free entry into the
liritisli market, by which is meant
that we were paid in advance a good
price for our preference. It is true
our goods go in free of duty,   but that
was no ' cession   to   Canada.    So do
the goods of the l'nited States, and of
Germany and France and every other
country on the face of the earth.
Britain's policy of free trade was
adopted, not for the advantage of other nations, but because it was thought
to bo in her own interest. We got
and are getting literally nothing for
our preference, for we are on precisely
the same footing as the lest of the
It is not proposed to cancel our eon-
cession. That will stand, whatever
happens. Hut there is a strong desire
for that broader Imperial policy which
will include Greater Britain in the
arrangement. It is as an Imperial
rather than as a loeal policy the Conservatives are advocating a reciprocal
preference throughout the Empire.
Three years ago. when the Imperial
sentiment was strong.it is believed the
British people would have listened to
a proposal of the kind if the opportunity had not been spoiled by the
hasty and ill advised action of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier. That sentiment is
strong yet; indeed,it has grown in intensity, and if the question were
frankly put to tho people at home
there is good reason to believe they
would endorse it with enthusiasm. It
is the politicians and the few whose
business interests might he prejudicially affected who arc hostile or lukewarm j the great voice of the people
would be for it if they were mnde to
understand what it meant. There is
indifference, of course, but that is owing to the fact that the question has
never been seriously presented or seriously discussed among them. It only
need, that it sliould be. As Tho
Miner remarked a short time ago, the
hat tie would be half won if Canada
iii Hiis election were to pronounce emphatically for Imperial preferential
I mile.
Il'.w many of   us   have   stopped   to
consider the enormous gain it would
he tu I Ireat I'.i'itaiii \s colonia 1 empire
il  (he    I..1.mies    were given    II    prefer-
cure in the liritisli market? The lut-
est official emigration   returns for the
L'nited Kingdom are those of August.
The total emigrants of British origin
during that month were 81,700. "f
these 13,308 were English. 1,034
Scotch, and 1,340 were Irish. Of the
British total no less than 14,478 went
to the L'nited states.the great rival uf
the Colonies in all food products,
Canada received 3,300, Australasia
1,305, and South Africa 1,001. Clap
on a differential of a small percentagi
that would   scarcely   lie felt, and   tin
development of the colonics would in
80 stimulated that those thousands of
British subjects who now drift oil' tu
swell the population of rival and not
always   friendly   countries   would   be
in the Empire. Would not that
be worth all it would cost'.' What is
Imperial policy but the development
and growth of the Empire.' And bow
^ould  that   development and   growth
No Oovernment ever succeeded to
power on more definite or explicit
promises than did the present Ottawa
Government, and none was ever more
reckless in breaking them. Men are
to be judged by their record. If they
have deceived or betrayed us onee, it
is always a safe assumption that they
will do it again if given the opportunity. From the record of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's (lovernment, it would
not be safe to depend on anything
they say. We would lie poor specimens of free ami Independent electors,
to return a supporter of a (lovernment
whose promise is not worth a pinch
of salt.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy. . $r> Ol)
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 SO
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines  2 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting  2 2.1
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 1 7!i
Kemp's Handbook of  Books  1 7r,
Tbautwine's   Engineer's  Handbook   5 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism   for
the Steam   Engine  2 25
Hawkins' Maxims  and  Instructions for   Boiler Room  2 25
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity  2 25
Hawkins' Handbook of  Calculations   for  Engineers  2 25
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  1 25
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 no
Canada's   Metals  85
Down in tlie Eastern Provinces the
Liberals are carrying on a campaign
of "Hurrah!"' They appear to be
well supplied with money, and are
spending it freely in getting up demonstrations to the leaders. And then
the organs follow on with most sensational reports, calculated to inspire
the party with high hopes and any
amount of courage. They make a
brave showing; but the silent voter
is not Impressed, and when it comes
to marking bis ballot he will decide
that tbe country is better and safer
without Mr. Tarte and his Quebec
We are glad to see that the Liberals
have secured space in Mr. Houston's
paper, and that they have provided
themselves with an editor. Perhaps
they will now explain how Mr. Tarte
and Sir Wilfrid Laurier expect to
carry nearly all the Quebec constituencies, if not by arousing racial and
religious prejudices'.' They have no
doubt observed that Liberal leaders
and newspapers elsewhere have deprecated these prejudices, and have ac
eused Conservatives of stirring- them
up. We have not seen anything to
support this charge, except it be the
very strong and general dissatisfaction with tbe conduct of Mr. Tarte
ami his Premier in connection with
the contingent. 'I here is evidence on
the other band of much playing on
these prejudices among the French
Canadians of Quebec; but if this is
denied, on what else do they rely for
their sweeping victory InJ tnat Province? And if themselves guilty of
this base pi act ice while charging it
as a crime against their opponents
why should they not be called, as
they arc. arrant hypocrite.?
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lenvoH Bandon at 1.15 p.m,, arriving ut Kt-Mo
a* 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and Rivor.
Str. "International" leaves Kaslo for NelriOn
at 6 a. in. doily except Sunday. Returning,
leaven Nclrion at MO p.in., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainnwo.th and all way points. Connect-, with S. F. _fc N. train to and from Spokane at Fivo Mile Point
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Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane withtrains of the
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Direct connection at St, Paul without change of depot with all trains for
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Leaves Spokane daily for West at 7:45 p-m
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uection for Victoria and Vancouver
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For further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of .Spokane
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2 And His Peerless Gompany.
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital l*al-l-iij>.     ,    .    .     ftl,��Mft,0��0.00 |   Itrnl 91,700,000.0
Ruuni of Directors. ThomaaK. Kenny, President; Thomas Ritohte, Vice-Prosideni.
Wiley Smith, H. G. Huuld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. David MucKoon.
Hi.1.1 oilier, llaUinvt
General Manager, Ed-Oii U Penxe. Montreal*
Superintendent of Branches, nnd Secretary, W. R Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. _, Brook, Halifax.
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Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Rent and Salo on Easy Terms
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The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective Sunday. October 2\m. 1900.
Train No. B8 (Night Train!.
Leave Spokane    10:�� l'"1'
Leave Northport      B ISO ft.m.
Arrive Kossland      7:80 a.m.
Train No. 84 (Night Train).
Leave Rossland,    11:���� Pm-
Leave Northport    I3s45a._l.
Arrive Spokane     7:08 a.m-
H. A. JACKSON, Q. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wa��-
Aftent, Nelson, B.C
Atlantic S. S. Lines-
Allan Lino Niiinlilian
Allim Line Corinthian.. ���
From Monln'id
 1 1   in  "'\ G
lloiiiliilon   Lino  Viinroiivor v ,   'l
nonunion Line Dominion _ ; .'..
Denver Line l.nko Cliuniplitln [*���)%
Beaver Lino  LakoUoRantte o'-ivS*
From No*,)"J".
Whito Star Lino Majiwllc S_ 5_
White Star Lino Cymric  '" :,,
White Star Lino (Iccanic "' ��� i',
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run,nil I.lno Unihrin  ;.',. ',.
American Lino 81. LoiiIh
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N.U.L. Lino Trior JHB
French Line Iji HroUiifnc ��__
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Allan statoLluo California.
Allan Stato Line Uuirciitlan
....Nov 1
. del'.11
." Oct.'-f
From Boiton.
  Nov ���
(lit B
Dominion Lino Now Ennland
Cunard ljino.axo.la  ��� ..
PuKKan-d arrived _ and '���m,"'1_^''���, V.
pointH.   For raUiH. llcko.u and full infer.nation
apply to fa. P. IL depot anont or H. I.. Brown
City Pi^nger A^cnt. ^M_��08.   ,
General A cent. C.I'.H. Offices. gfanlpW
7-8 inch diam. $13.50perl00 feet.   For
immediate  delivery   In   H81""
*PP_     _ -T.
Nelnon, B.Oi
J. 0. T. 0ROFT8,
'___;___" Nelson Daily Miner, Monday  Evening, October _*, igoo
Sir llibliort Tupper made his lirst
upoecli on liis Eastern trip at Calgary
l���8tWBek,    Here is a portion of it:
��� II givOB mo particular pleasure to
come, lo Calgary to mldiess a meeting
l��� ii,.|ialf ul' Hie Conservative candl-
Mr. Ii. -��� Bennet. I emi bring
.rnuil tidings of great joy. Ill
sh Columbia we shall make a
i sweep. (Loud Cheers). The
Liberals there aro in great straits.
Mr Maxwell, supposed to be the Simon Pure of Liberalism,   bus   accepted
,, inat'uiii from the tirits and   Labor
parties. As a Liberal be supports a
revenue tariff i as a Labor party man
single  tax (laughter) i anything  (or
votes; principles don't matter. 1 don't
Intend to Indulge In niHli predictions,
hut since the government has taken
the colli tiluu. of dissolution, 1 take
ex-l.icut.-liov.   Melnnes' opinion,    lie
wrote the other day to a gentleman at
Lnrilner   that   hu    was   confident   the
Lauricr Government would not be sustained. (Cheers.) Our party is lined
up i" good fighting fashion, and has
never boon beaten when united, and
the claims re the great prosperity of
tlie country should not disturb us.
This prosperity lias been world-wide.
and what has placed Canada in this
position is the preparatory work of
the Conservative party. Cheers.) Tupper said tlie heroism of Canadians in
South Africa washed out the stigma
attached to the early dispatch of
troops. Sir Wilfrid Laurier was first
in the jubilee procession, but last to
sen.I troops. Bernier is now saying In
Quebec that Laurier could not help
it; he did not send, but only permitted the troops to go. Another question
of Importance was corruption, lie
quoted Alexander Mackenzie re tlie
rapacity of otlicu seekers, also Tarte,
who of Laurier said in 1887, that he
was given to Baying all the untruthful
things he could in his own defence.
''The man I have taken the most interest in is Clifford Sifton. His own
parly repudiates him. R. C. Miller,
editor of the Pembroke Observer, who
said the Yukon administration was
scandalous, was silenced by being
ininle mining recorder at Tagisll. lu
180. the Winnipeg Liberals carried a
resolution of confidence in Laurier
anil Sifton, after a big row, by 07 to
ilii. The president Of the Vancouver
Liberals, on April 1, 11)00 Bald: Purge
the party of men liko Sifton. (Cheers.)
I hail a fair reputation to risk, and
having heard the sickening details
from men who had taken! their all into the Yukon, and had returned to tell
of Instances of iniquities Buffered at
the hands of rascals appointed by
Clifford Sifton, I Imped for a fair investigation and formulated charges accusing the minister of serious offences
in appointing unscrupulous officials,
that his partner, I'hilp, obtained concessions in which Major \Yulsh and
Clifford . ifton were interested. I
pledged my future. Oliver voted for
me but now supports the government.
However, the Yukon investigation is
not dropped. (Cheers.) It will proceed not under the auspices of Laurier
and Sifton, but under a Conservative
government,and they say 1 have erred
on the side of moderation. I wanted
to discuss tlie question with Sifton,
and Bent the following telegram on
October 10: 'I speak at Brandon Saturday night and will be glad to meet
you on the platform there, and to
discuss the Yukon charges and your
maladministration.' 1 received the
following in reply: '1 am billed to
speak at Cartwrfght on Saturday, and
if you desire to meet me you can do so
there. Clifford Sifton.' I challenged
liiiu to meet me in tho heart of his
own constituency, he ought to have
had the courage to accept. Brandon
la a large place, while Cartwright is a
small one. I'hilp has sued Sir Charles.
-*iit l will go for tne responsible minister, Ogllvle (an uncle of tbe minister's wife) was pain a salary of S.,0(H)
per year before and $11,7110 after the
investigation. The commission was a
limited one, and no provision was
made for witnesses' fees, or for the
protection of witnesses. On the 1th of
April,   Sifton   said   there   was no re-
{)ort, whereas on February 80th he
lad a report that the investigation
had broken down and that the .Maedonald royalties looked supiciouH. As
a matter of fact he was conducting
secret correspondence with Ogilvie.
The reign of terror in tlie Yukon,
even at the present, i�� awful, and the
minister's poweis are absolutely autocratic', all appeals go to Clifford Sifton. 1 know of my own knowledge
of appeals in certain casus being compromised, owing to inordinate delays
in decisions. Tlie Anderson lease was
up before Parliament. The lease was
of two and a half miles on Hunker
Creek; and was granted by Sifton to
Anderson, who was) ready, so it was
said, to put in expensive hydraulic
machinery. When the lease was granted, Anderson immediately assigned to
the .Klondike Commission Co., and
they are working it now, just as ordinary miners do. The day of reckoning is at hand. The Conservatives
will win,and we will probe and bring
not only men employed by ministers,
but tbe ministers themselves, if necessary,     into    the      criminal    courts.
k-_��___:___:^:g :g.g'g.g.^.^.��^.^.^.>-y.^g; _L_L'_L;S,'g,
\l,        The GREAT CUT PRICE SALE which (f\
V&i we inaugurated the first of this week is still (f*
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BJf&Sr     See ANNABLE
'   ��� Nelson Daily Miner,  Monday Evening,  O-.ohkr 2a   io��a.
Mr. Mansfield Has Not Yet
Received His Money from
Mr. Ernest Mansfield iliil nut gel
out uf jail' today as lie e.peeted. Fate
seems tu lie against him. Saturday
was a short financial day ami lie had
lu wait until Monday in order tu secure the. money he is looking fur.
yesterday a wind storm came up ami
all the telegraph wires Into Nelson
wore blown down. This morning they
were still clown anil the cable which
Mr. Mansfield expected to reach a Nelson hank did nut come. He therefore
expects tu spend.tonight in cell No.
This morning Mr. Mansfield was ill
the hest uf spirits, lie had hail another good night's sleep, had enjoyod
11 splendid breakfast and was husy
I,lowing through the Iron bars of
his cell clouds of Smoke, the odor
of which filled the corridors anil
made envious prisoners in other cells
whose thoughts alone helped them tu
while away the time.
������It luulis like another night in
jail.'' said Mr. Mansfield to The Miner man. "The fates seem to he
against me. They're having trouble
with tlie wire.-. I understand, anil 1
can't hope for the cable I am looking
for today, Hut so lung as the weather
is disagreeable it doesn't make any
particular fli(Terence. I am warm
and comfortable here and only my
friends call upon me. 1 don't have t
entertain any poeple I don't care fur
and taking it all in all, I am pretty
well satisfied. If the weather wns
good uf course I wuuld rather be out.
but while it's bad I am quite well
nil here."
Mr. Mansfield received Saturday ami
yesterday a large number of messages
frum friends both ill England and
France offering him assistance if lie
needed it. to all of which messages he
returned his thanks. He also received many callers during yesterday and
this morning.
much lu alienate whatever support he
might otherwise have obtained among
tin. members of the Union, Probably
aware that a majority uf his hearers
were union men. he nppruached the
question uf   the   contest   between Mr.
Foley and hlnisolf witli considerable
caution. As be proceeded, however, he
threw caution tu the winds and came
out witli what cannot be characterized oiIhtw'im' than as a distinct and
extremely Indiscreet threat. After
the general manner ot candidates he
professed an Implicit confidence that
his party. Unit is tlie Liberal party,
wuuld be returned tu power, lie wus,
however, less confldont about his own
return. Hut, he explained, whether
Mr. MaeNeill ur Mr. Foley were returned.with a Liberal Oovernment in.
he. Mr. Ualliher, wuuld infallibly
have tlie patronage of the district.
Then came the threat, whieh though
couched in valid language, as palpable
enough, as it as doubtless meant to
be. It was tu the effect that if he wus
defeated by tho defection of the Labor party, his patronage would be certainly cut off, and he would mete out
some measure of reprisal, These statements were received amid dead silence
which certified to the dissatisfaction
of the audience with such methods.
When later on .Mr. Oalllher uttered a
paneygric on the purity of the Liberal administration it did nut fail to
occur to his hearers that the example
uf campaign methods, thus exposed on
a public platform by a Liberal candidate.was nut a good illustration of his
point. Such arguments are doubtless
often used in the course uf a campaign
by the election agents uf every party,
but it is happily very rare that a candidate openly and publicly makes use
uf   such obvious bribery.
Geological   Survey   Department Gets Ore From the
Venus Mine.
11. W. Brook, of tho nonunion tftw
logical survey department, arrived ii
Nelson on Saturday from Kossland
The principal object of his visit here
was to obtain specimens of the uranium ore which has been discovered at
the Venus mine. Yesterday he visited the property in company with Mr.
Fred Burnett and secured several line
specimens which he will take to the
head olliee at Ottawa, where they will
be given thorough examination. The
result of the examination will he published in the official report by the
government. Mr. Brock did not care
to say anything about the new find
in   advance of  the official report.
"It is a mineral thut we have heen
expecting to find here," said he.
"The ore at the Venus is a rich nnd
satisfactory lind. It is probable that
it will be found in another state as
the vein advances downward."
Mr. Ilioek has this year been getting data for his otlicial report on tlie
land between Kossland and Kettle
Kiver and fiom the south boundary
line to the head of Kettle Kiver proper. The work of the Kootenays has
now been completed, and the report
will be published nt ns early a date
ns possible, probnbly early next
spring. Mr.Brook expects to leave tomorrow for Ottawa.
of ties to the land of exile. The great
mural wave has overtaken them���In
The boys don't know who fixed the
cold deck. Chief Stubbs sprung the
Official black jack when he made the
rounds on Thursday,giving notice that
the games would have to eloso. The
chief had the top hand and the boys
passed up.
When the sporting editor of The
Paystreak got wind of the scandal he
Immediately proceeded to interview
the mayor on the matter. The mayor
confirmed the rumor but did not give
his authority.
"Who is hack of this play? Is it
the chief of police, the police commissioners, the city council or the
Provincial authorities'."' the mayor
was asked.
lle saw ns coming and played buck
by asking if that wasn't a leading
question. It was, but wc wanted to
get u Hash of his whole card.
There was a very good attendance
at Mr. W. A. Galllher'a central committee rooms un Saturday night when
en massing arrangements were completed.
lluiing the evening Mr, Oalllher
innilc a short address in which he
said :
"llnring the past two days I have
made a trip to Ymir and there I met
with encouraging results. On Friday
evening I held a meeting in the town
anil there 1 was given a warm, hearty
reception by a lnrge audience which
parked the hall. Saturday afternoon
I visited the Ymir mine and there
held another meeting, on my arrival
the men greeted me most heartily. At
the mine there aie 24 votes and the
must uf them have promised to cast
them fur your humble servant. In
thai district there nre many French-
Canadians, und with hut a few exceptions they nre solid for our cause. I
:i111 satisfied thut when the vote is taken that I will be given a good round
majority. The majority of voters of
that district are strongly opposed to
having a Labor candidate in the Held,
and judging from the present condition uf affairs, but a few voles will be
given to Mr. Foley, the Labor candidate, Taking my two duy's trip 1
am exceedingly pleased.
"Since you have called this meeting
to organize for a thorough canvassing
uf the ratepayers uf this district 1
wish tu Btrongly impress un you that
you must carry on tlie work with all
the energy possible, The victory of
the Liberal party depends mainly un
lliis and all should enter Into the light
lis if they meant business. Each uf
you have something lu do, so reach
out with victory in view, and triumph
shall be tbe result of earnest work. If
you lind thai a man will nut say who
lie is fur. mark his name frum our list
fur he is surely against us. (Cheers. I
Yuii are capable men and can do most
efficient work if you get Into tlie held
at once. The Conservative supporters
have been there before us. and they
are meeting with good results, so
this is all the mure reason why you
should get Into the field and get to
work in dead earnest. They say if
the Liberal party is returned the.
our victory is  certain,   Don't  be ��,
sure of that but let ns show the peo
pic that a Liberal candidate can be
elected   in   this    constituency   if
chose lu do so. (Cheers, i As soon as
I inn free from the fall session uf tl
Supreme Court here. 1 will be un ti
loud incessantly. "
The   Ymir    correspondent   uf  The
Miner w riles:      At Ihe Liberal    li 1 -
log held in Ymir on   Friday Inst. Mr.
Ill <   made U    bold  bid  for  the support of the    local   Labor    Onion.     The
manner uf  the attempt, however, was
eminently   Injudicious   and  will  do
Members of the House of Commons
in tlie eighth Parliament of tho Dominion uf Canada (just dissolved by
proclamation)were.looted on June 23,
1800, the composition uf the House
Liberals 117
Conservatives  s'.'
Independents     -
Patrons     3
Vacant seat.     -
Total 213
The lirst division in the new Parliament, September s. Is'.ni, was by
Provinces, as follows.
Gov, Op]>.
Ontario  -IS 4:i
Quebec  49 Hi
Nova Scotia    Hi in
New ir.? frwick     r. Il
Prince I."Utvard   Island..    2 3
Manitoba     2 4
Hritish Columbia     1 2
Tin- territories    2 l
Total  122        as
Government majority, 34.
The Nelson operatic Society Given a
Splendid Time in Kossland.
It was a weary party of Nelson
Operatic Society members who returned to the eity about three o'clock
yesterday morning, The train was
delayed by an engine and the front
part of a freight car being oft' the
track near Nelson su the party had to
remain at Robson, where, however,
they thoroughly enjoyed themselves
on the hunt. In speaking of their
liossland trip only the warmest words
of praise fur ibe milling town people
are heard, owing to the lnrge number uf people carried, just sixty, nnd
tlie incessant ruin while the society
was in Kossland, the trip was not a
linaneial Buocess but ut the snine time
the audiences were large and decidedly
enthusiastic. Tliursdny night's performance wus the Lest of the week
and when the curtain went down the
people cheered. On Friday night
Mrs. Davys and Mr. Williamson in
their seetie in Ihe second act. excelled
themselves and were loudly cheered.
The Rossland people were charmed
with the performances and the Nelson
people were mure than charmed with
their t rent men I. The gentlemen were
put up at the excellent club, and
throughout the visit the club members did all they could to see that
everyone was comfortable. The ladies
were the guests nt several luncheons,
tins and suppers, and ull Friday night
a mosl enjoyable dance wus tendered
the Nelson people in the Opera House.
On Saturday some of the mines near
the   eily    were    visited     by   different
parties who were must hospitably received by the managements. The
Rossland people were very anxious
thai another performance Bhould he
given on Saturday night and Ihe mnn-
ager of the Opera House, Mi. Fabling, kindly offered tlie use of the
house free. Mr. Pauling's kindness
throughout was one of the features of
the   visit.
IIcit Steiner. whu has been in Nelson during the pnst two years, and
who lias during ihnl time made many
friends, leaves for Spokane un Wed-
nesday ur Thursday of this week.
From there he  expects  tu  goto  Sun
Francisco,   where   he   will  follow   the
voeatiun of li musical Instructor.
W. Orr Patterson Greatly Distinguished Himself in South Africa.
Private J. P. Rae, of the lirst contingent, who returned to Kosslnnd on
Tliursdny night nnd was given a right
royal reception, in conversation with
a Miner representative said that W.
Orr l'atterson, who enlisted here, nnd
wns given charge of a Maxim gun
squad, greatly distinguished himself
at the Waterworks engagement, l'atterson had already won a name for
himself by his coolness and great display of nerve nnd his comrades had
grown uceustomed to seeing his Maxim in the most dangerous plnce whenever the Boers were being interviewed. At the Waterworks engagement
Patterson wus with a squad of twenty
Canadians who got into such u hot
box thut five of them were killed und
six wounded. The bullets fairly hailed on^thein nnd the mules attached to
Patterson's gun stampeded straight
towards the Hoer firing line. Putter-
son could have slipped off und left the
gun to its fate, but he hud all through
the cumpaign shown that he had considered his gull ns much more important than his life, so he stayed with
it and with a cool head and steady
hand so directed the wild mules that
they dashed between two Boer guns,
almost ran over some prostrate Hoers
und kept them going until they got
far enough behind. After a long detour, Patterson, who lind been given
up ns dead, turned up in camp with
his mules dead beat nnd his gun wagon so shattered witli the heavy fire
thut all the spokes had to be replaced.
He was himself without a scratch nnd
wns most enthusiastically received.
His bravery wns rewarded by "special
mention" und he wns later given n
commission in the Imperial Army.
Miner renders will remember Hint Mr.
Patterson contributed some very interesting letters to these columns at the
opening of the campaign.
City Stone Crusher Goes Out of llusi-
ness This Morning.
Tbe main shaft of Ihe rock crusher
broke early this morning when work
was started nt the city quarry. 'The
rock crushing will now.be stopped and
cunnot be resumed until supplies are
received from llrantford, where the
machine was purchased, and this will
require a Considerable time. The accident will necessarily delay the macadamizing of linker Street. About
two weeks ago the city was offered a
crusher by the Slocan Sampling
Works, which have their plant nt the
foot of Poplar Street on the lake
front. The crusher has been used only
to be tested, and^ it can be purchased
by the city for 8300. The proposition
to purchase it bus been placed before
the board of public works, and il is
probable that they will make u favorable report to the council this evening. If it is purchased it will he installed at once und crushing will be
resumed without delay.
-II. P." Writes to Mr. T. R. Ilftrill-
inan. uf Viineuuver.
The following letter has been received by Mr. T. K. Sardinian, editor
of the 13. C, Mining Exchange, Vancouver :
Warm Iluths, S.A., August, 1000.
The Editor of the B, 0. Mining Exchange, Vancouver, H. C,:
Dear Sir,���1 beg to thank you for
yotu kind thought in sending me the
very interesting number of your paper
which describes the kindly sympathy
expressed by your country ut the news
of OUT relief in Mufcking. I have also received a very large number of
letters and callers frum well-wishers
in the colony which 1 am endeavoring
tu answer, hut as many mails fur me
as well as from me have been captured by the enemy, 1 fear thai a number uf kind sympathisers will have
thought me wanting in courtesy und
gratitude in nut writing tu them. I
trust that you may be inclined there-
tore tu help me make known to them
the reason for my apparent neglect,
as I have been most anxious to express
my heartfelt gratitude nnd thut of the
garrison uf Mafeklng, for all the gen-
eiouB good -feeling displayed towards
us. 1 remain, yours very kindly,
to CI in:  i COtn in iim: da.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet..
It I Ins Struck   Sandon   and the Town
is Closed Op Tight.
According to The Sandon Paystreak
there is weeping and wailing und
gnashing of teeth in Slocan's big
milling camp at Ihe present time. The
Paystreak says:
Second dealers in Sandon nre nt a
discount now. Their occupation is
gone. No more little stacks of reds
and blues pass buck and forth at tin
behest of the fickle goddess of for
tune. No more the roulette wheel
burr nor the furo king reigns where
dead game sports bet 'em to the raft
ers nnd Lucky Ikes double shoot the
turn. The seductive gnme of black
jack no longer entertains the young
man brave and "Hekery" nnd "hit
the   kitty,"   "I'm   fat," "smashtl
 ,"   "Hint's   the  baby,'   are hut
a   mournful     memory   of    the    day
gone by.
It's all off now. Chips that pnss in
the night are valuable only ns souvenirs, and the agitation for the free
and unlimited coinage of poker checks
is only a nintter of ancient history.
The dealers, boosters, chuir-wariners,
pluggers. cappers, professional ruli-
brnecks, markers, rlmmers, crimpers.
Short card men, Montana sleeve artists and other members of the sport
ing fraternity will have to turn their
backs on the classic shades of the Silver City and   with   heavy henrts  nnd
drugglsu refund tho monoy If It (nils to euro.,
���iiu,  K, \V, tiiovc    .imturola on each box.  tear stained eyes hit   the  long  array
At 3:3H this afternoon. W. R, Hocking, tried on a charge of bigamy was
found guilty and sentenced lo three
years imprisonment. An account of
the proceedings will he found on the
lirst page.
Mrs. Brougham is this week closing
her present engagement nt the Tivoli.
San Francisco, and after a much
needed rest will leave for New York
to enter upon a thirty weeks' engnge
ment with the Gran-Savage Knglish
Opera Co. Mrs. Brougham's success
in San Franolsco has been most pronounced, all the musical critics having suiiiething nice to say not only uf
her singing hut her acting. Her
friends in Nelson would be glad if she
could spend a portion of her holiday
A. II. Gracey, mining engineer for
the Imperial Development Syndicate,
Ltd., returned from the Lardeau district yesterday after a visit to the
property on Fish Creek, which the
company have just bonded. He slates
that be is perfectly satisfied with it
and thut the company is also satisfied,
During his stuy there he layed out
the work which is now being carried
on. At present the working crew is
small but in less than two weeks the
force will be increased to 12 or lfi
men and they will carry on development all winter.
Ottawa, Oct. 38.���N, T, Stinson,
sitting member during the last Parliament for the counties of Richmond
and Wolf, bus been appointed collector of customs at Sherbrooke.
Whitby, (Int., Oct. 22.���Leonard
Harnett, former member for Smith
Ontario, Liberal, has declined re-
Montreal, Oot. 22.���The Conservatives of St. James division und St.
Mary's division huve nominated respectively T. l'ugnuco und ex-Aid.
Curpcnticr, to contest the riding in
their interest.
Huntingdon, yue.. Oct. :.':;.���Con-
servutives this morning nominated K.
N. Walsh, of this plnce, to contest
Huntingdon County.
uml ib-
Edit or Miner:
Sir,���With your kind pe
I will trespass upon a Btnal
of splice in your next edition
sue u formal invitation to the board
of alderman and any othor official
who may he interested.tu tuke a walk
after their deliberations in the council chambers, sny between 0 and 10 p,
in. from Josephine Street to Cedar on
Vernon, nml tuke thereby nn oceulni
demonstration of the gross state of
durkncsN which exists within the
named distance. Some men they say
love darknoss rather than light, which
may he the case with Aid. Wilson
and others, but the "kicker" among
a large number of residents nnd ratepayers would certainly like to be excluded from the "list.''' I personally
saw a lump placed un Hall   Street anil
also one on Oedar street  and Vernon
some time ago, nml   report bus it that
they have been seen burning.
An attack was lately made on C, F.
Collier of Cherokee, Iowa, that nearly
proved fatal. It came through his
kidneys. His back gut su lame he
could not stoop without great pain,
nor sit in a chair except propped by
oushions, Nn remedy helped him until he tried Electric Hitlers which
effected such ."wonderful change that
he writes he feels like a new man
This marvelous medicine cujeajback-
ache ami kidney troubles, purifies the
blood anil builds up your health. Only
mi cents al the Canada Drug & Bunk
Co.'s Store.
Seventy-live yards blenched table
linen, regular 7.1 cents.spcciul 55 cents
per yard at Kerr & Co. 's.
Be Wise in Time
Never would so little money buy so much goods. Our
Mark Down Sale last week created a sensation. The lower
priced goods in several of" the lines quoted you have been
cleared out. The sale must continue, however, and this
week we will give you better qualities than ever, at almost
as close  prices.    A  great   drive   in
Ladies' Jackets
in Beaver Cloths, Kerseys, Covert Cloths and Broadcloths,
made in the latest styles and handsomely finished :
A    $7.50 line will be sold at  S _  ,")()
A     9.00 line will be sold at  ()()()
A    11.50 line will be sold at  7 50
A    15.00 line will be sold at  J) ()()
An  18.00 line will be sold at  11   50
A second   drive in
Ladies' Tailor Made Suite
A box of Lowney's candles is just
the thing to tuke home nftci the theatre, If you don't prefer Lowney's
we have (lannngs "(I. 1!.'' chocolates
which nre delicious. As fur fruit you
can't find any better than the display
at .1. A. Maedonald. Palace Confectionery,
Ten pieces plaid   dress goods, worth
40 cents, special 25 cents per yard at
Kerr & Co. 's.
Visit Florence Park lintel at Rub-
crts' Ranch, two nnd a half miles nr
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
A line of stripe opera flannels in Ihe
new shades. See them uf Kerr &
Co. 's.
Tailor Made Suits, six only, special
ST.iill at Kerr & Co.'s.
Your Eyes Hurt
On yon know tho difficulty?
It is*tin_e you consulted someone) who does know.
We'd like to ilnd out for you
We will tell you what your
ey���S need, and fit them for
you so you cat) enjoy reading
and working for years to come.
It will pay you to come and
see us.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
NKI.SON LODGE),   No. 28, A. F. & A
���M. meotc wocond Wednesday in each
month.   ViriUin_ breLhcrn welcome.
Nelson Enci-n.jjnii.nt No. 7. Meets every 2nd
und 1th Friday of each month, in Odd Folio.vn
Hall, coiner Haker nnd Koolonay nU'eot"
Nelson. A_ H. Clements 0. P.i I). MoArthu.,
II. y.   Visiting brothers always welcome.
I. O. O. F. Kootenay Lodge
|= No. Ki, meets ovory Monday night,
at their Hall, Kootenay tttroot
doicmroinff Odd Follows cordially Invited.
John A, MoHao, N.O. I). W. Rutherford, V.G.
Fred J. Squire, Por* Sec.
, meets in K. of I. hall, Oddfellows hlock
JNeverv   Tuesday  ovonlng at  8 o'clock
-^sjAll visiting knight* cordially  invitod
F. J. Hkaih.ky, C. 0,
.1. A. PAQUBTTB, K.of It. and S.
NKLSON L. 0. L. No. IffiB mcoU in Fraternity Hall on f'rst and third Friday evening*
i,f each month at 8 o'clock. Visiting members
���oiitially invited, it. Robinson, AVTM.; Wm.
Crawford, U.S.
NKLSON ARIUK No. 22, F. O. K., moot*
evory second and fourth Wednesday*, of each
in onth. Visiting members cordially invito
Charles Proswir. 8oori.ti.ry. _________
tho tlrst Wednesday evening of
each month at Fialorniiy hall,
corner of Haker and Kootonaj
streets. Visiting brethorn cord-
lall) invitod
John Watron, Secretary,
Hooting! 4th Thursday of month. Fraternft
ball, J A Irving 0 B.  P, R. Fleming, H.B,
We still have a line we will sell at $5.00 per suit.
To go to the other extreme, we want to mention a very
fine line, superior quality of goods and excellent finish,
whieh we are selling at $10.00 per suit.
We have some big surprises,  too,  in
In addition  lo the above bargains we are making an
offer in
Fine Wbite Wool Blankets, soft finish, made from specially
selected yarns, fancy colored borders, in six, seven and
eight pound weights. See our leader in extra quality ol
all wool, eight pounds, 68x86 inches, at $4.75 per pair.
at all prices and qualities. One line we would call your
attention to is a fancy printed covering, new designs, at
.$1.00 each.
The above are a few of the bargains given in our
effort to get tne money we told you last week we needed
and must have. We got a lot last week, but are still
compelled to sacrifice in order to get more. Don't miss
this chance.
Martin O'Reilly
1% Co.


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