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Nelson Daily Miner May 24, 1899

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Daily Edition No.
3? '
Nelson,  British Columbia. Wednesday,  May 24,  1899.
Ninth Year
Sketch of the Birthday Cele
bration There.
The Royal Guests Will Be More Nvuiei-
ous Than Umial���Obueivancea
in  Londou.
the Eoyal
May 23.��� The gathering of
family nt Windsor Oastle
to celebrate the 80th birthday of Queen Viotoria will he the
largest*, with the exception ot the Jubilee gathering,thai lias nsaerohled there
in many years. Not only will four
generations ia succession be present,
hut, there will hn a great gathering ot
children and grandchildren ot Her
Majesty. The return of sunshine today is a happy augury of the success
of tho celebration,
The Koyal borough is already in gala
dress. The country itself is brilliant
with lilacs, chestnut and laburnum
blooms, while tho grey old oastle is
gay with tho Royal standard and British flags. Everything pr,*nts to the
success uf tho gorgeous pageant ot military knights, the Scots Guards,
choral societies and holiday makers,
Despite the busllo of tho preparation
at the castlo the queen
quietly   today.
itl-i n soremiuo um '-.i^-u
: in the quadrangle
has   rested
'lho  programme will
open with n serenade madrigal   snnglv
the choral socieli
the castle at, 10 o'clock in tlio morning,
This will lie followed by the presentation of addresses and rose baskets by
the Royal warrant bidders, parade of
the second regiment of Scots Guards,
tho firing of a feu tin joie, a thanks
giving service in St. George's chapel
aud a performance rf "Lohengrin''
in the evening in the Waterloo chamber of tbe Oastle, in which rhe entire
Govent Garden Company will appear.
Although the offloinl oelebrntiou in
London will not occur until Juno 8,
there will be thanksgiving services iu
tit. Paul's cathedral and Westminster
Abboy, as well as iu many other large
churches, and reviews at all tlie inili
tary barrack--. Dating the day
Queen, for the first time, will use
electrophone to hear the National
them sung in various parts "*
The    Fourth    Annual    Banquet    of
British Schools and Universities.
Now York Mav 28,��� The fourth   annual dinner of tbo British schools and
universities club will be held tomorrow night at tbe Brevoort house and
congratulations on the Queen's eightieth birthday will then bo cabled by
Britishers of tbis and other kindred
societies iu New York. Admiral
Sampson will bo tho guest of honor,
and tbe United States navy will also
bo represented by Onptaina Ohadwiok
and Taylor, and Flag Seoretary Bennett. Admiral Sampson will reply
to tho toast "Tbe Fraternal liond ot
Senpowor." Former United Slates
Minister to Siam, John Barrett, who
has just returned* from the Far Easl
by way of England, will speak on
"Great Britain and the United States,
friendly rivals in the Ear East."
.ussin ��10,
ill and Ar-
coining   ou
odo,���<.��,,* ... ���'���'ctoria
geuln, ilfi,000,0uu
tin* market soou and uoWiimited companies by soores, At least live new
oopper companies and move than 20
new trading and adventure companies,
some with capitals rue ling to mil-
liouo, aro wailing for people to return
lo 1 usiness      All this mighl   be   excel
lent   if we had   Bpare   oredit   lo  loci;
up, but   we   have*   none   nor lms   any
oonntry on   I lie   continent, oxci pi apparently France.   Whatever  happens,
Paris seems able In buy and men sny
that with yoar help if has led Rio
Tintos shares above 60, or more than
BOO per cent premium, What ismore,
it bus one** again piokled onr bi ars
in Spanish bonds, the price of which,
64, is highii- now than often beforo tho
war. All this is wondei ml and wo
may as well give un guessing when
il will end, Thi; amazing Ihiug is
tha. Paris is pinched for ready money
every nionlli worse than we aie, bnt
there will be no (rouble until autumn,
everybody says. :o wo nro disposed to
flush ahead.
There is nothing fresh about copper
this week, lint Ibe ever of nn'tal on
tbe market bus hi * *i almost tbo same
as last week���5,000 tons.
Its Jurisdiction Never Officially Eecognized.
Ho Will Never Submit to the Demand
ef the Uitlnuders.
Johannesburg, Mny 28.���The Vnlkts
Rnncl todny departed from tbe order of
llio day to discuss President Krnger's
franchise mid Bewiinrpliiatsen proposals, A resolution wan adopted instructing tbe Government to publish
the fiaunhise proposal and lo submit
it lo lho Raad next year. President
Kruger denied tln.it ho was yielding
to threats, and said he would never
agree to tbo general extension of franchises demanded by the Utilanders.
The only proposal was postponed pending tho reception of the memorials.
New York, Mnv 28.���Captain Fisher
of tbe y-.le nthetio team, today notified C. II. Shorill, ohairmau of the
giadnalo advisory committee, tbat the
nhallenge fiom Oxford and Cambridge
Universities tn a dunl athletic meetiug
hns beeu foimallv accepted, Mr. Shorill suid that tnove seemed io bo no
doubt that Harvard wonld send n forma! aooeptnm e in a slant lime.
No^tb Waterloo, Muy 28.���TD-rlhaupt.
Liberal, was elected hove today by III
An Opera-iou Ts Inevitable, Bnt Prof* Paj-
eualeckcr Gaarautfon ita
New   York   Times'    Correspondent's
Roview of tho Week's Dealing.
New York, May 28.���Thn Times'
Loudon financial correspondent oables:
The busiuess of our stock exchange
has been comparatively small i-ll week
hecauso tho market, and tho publio
nliko wore looking forward In a holiday
and last, Monday's and Tuesday's markets looked liko falling into utter
stagnation for tho whole nccount. The
last two days have been bettor and
tho stock exchange closed yesterday in
a highly optimistici mood.
.Tho disposition to speculnto in
something, no mntter what, was pronounced. All that thn publio demand
is that the market should bn activo
und going up. By merely keeping
pricos on the advance nn enormous
businoss hns been created in Australian
shines, and buyers do not. care a straw
whut they purchase, All they nslt is
rising prices on which thoy nan boy
nny rubbish as gudgeons holt ga hago.
With all this, om monetary position
is far from comfortable. The Bank of
England gets loss gold from abroad
tbnn tlio enlarged trade requires und
our mnrkot is now working up to
tho usual end of lho nionlli squirm
when credits will bo scarce and dear.
A lending discount house now quotes
2}(, por cent for InllH to como
New York next week. But wo
2 8-1 (! per cent, will bo suro
perhaps the  nud of July
Loudou. May 28.���Truth today, in
spite of semi-oflicinl statements to the
oontriuy, insists that au operation for
cataract on the Queen's eyes is inevitable.    It says:
"Tho Quoeu has just consulted Professor Pagensteoker, of Wiesbaden,who
gum antes the success of tbo operation,
and oniues tbat the Queen will entirely
regain tho excellent sight sho possessed
until recently.
Deals With  Disputes Betweeu   Natious��� 3rcat Precautious  Taken
to Iusovo Secrecy,
3.���The correspondent
Post at  The   Hague
London, May ;
of thn Morning
"The question of international lnw
is likely to be discussed by the conference, Au eminent professor snys that
international jurisdiction has never
been officially recognized despite the
resolutions of peace congresses,nor does
an international agreement biud nations
to enforce decrees pronounced according to such Jaw. The code prepared
for submission to the conference provides that the autonomy of natious is
inviolable, that there is no right of conquest between thoui, that they possess tho right of legitimate defense
and aro subject to tho same principles
of law as individuals, thnt no nation
hns n right to doclnre war u*on another and that disputes between natious nre to be settled by legnl methods."
Tho colonial section of the code deals
with the formation of colonies. It recognizes their right to claim autonomy
or independence, though other nations
may intervene wheu iu their opinion
iho administration is unsatisfactory or
the mother country does uot pay heed
unto colonial representations,
Tho three committees hold (heir first-
session this nt'tornoon, they Lein^ devoted solely to inaugural formalities
and nu exchange ot view, with regard to procedure. They will meet
again on Friday. M. do Staal, hond
of the Russian delegation, and President of tho conference, attended tho
meeting of the arbitration committee,
sitting next to M, Leon Bourheoiso,
head of tho French delogntion. Tho
measures preserve the secrecy of the
deliberations have boeu redoubled.
Only the delegates and secretaries aro
admitted to (lie products of the Huis
Ten Bosch. Both en trances to the
gardens are closod with barred gates,
which are gnardsd by seutrys, and uuder tbo command of non-commissioned
offloOiS in full uniform. Every application-admission is called upon to
oiodnce nn orange colored caul issued
io the delegatus and to give the secret
pass word.
At 5 o'olook iO'iiorrow afternoon,
Queen Wilhelmina will receive the
chiefs of tho various delegations. All
the delegates havo recoived invitations
to a .'.rand receptiou nt halt pant nine
tomorrow evening. Emperor Nicholas
has sent Queen Wilhelmina tho order
of St. Catherine set  in brilliants.
Tho Countess of  Warwick Serves   Behind the Couu tor of Her Shop.
London, May 28.��� The Countess of
Warwick,who recently oreatod a sensation by floating tlm Wurwiok l-.stato
Company, Limited, personally attend*
ed todav at the opening of her shop
for tbo sale of sohonl needlework nt
New Bond street, ami served nl the
counter. Hoi lipponraDOO in this capacity caused u great rush to the establishment,
IS       DOOMED.
and therefore
are ready to ninkn tho liinst of tho present opportunity.
Hitheito   yua   hnve   b'litoii us
Washington, May 88.��� A party of
scientists of the deportment Of agriculture comprising Mr. Charles Men-lam,
botanist, ami Messrs, Fisher and
Stocks, assistants, lo ho joined in a
day or two by Chief Botanist Covlllei
left hero today for Alaska for an investigation of iis agricultural resources, Dr. B, I-,. Pel now, bead of
the Cornell College of forestry and
oilier well known scientists will join
tlio party before the expedition sails
from Portland next week,
Yictoria. Mav 98,���Tbe Steamer
Danube, running from Sea.(to to Dyea,
Is aiboro nt Cape .Madge, The Danube was the I'i-i steamer in tlm uor them trade.    The tog Maud   has gone to
her assistants, Tim steamer Toes will
leave tonight lo lend ner assistance if
needed. Tim Danube is listing easily,
Sbe will flo.1t wilh lho tide and will
continue to Skagway.
A   Prominent   Diver   Considers
Casn Desperate,
Falmouth, Eng. May 28.���A leading
Cornish diver who returned here tonight from lho Paiis takes a pessimistic view nf tbe prospects of saving the
liner. To tbo correspondent of tho
Associated Press he said :
"1 do not anticipate the Paris will
ever be refloated, Sho is pierced by
rooks amidships, her fotebolds are
badly damaged, Tin* bulkheads are
linn-1, dly useless anil even if she was
got off thi rocks I believe sho would
sink. In n v opinion the only remedy
is a false bottom which would tako a
mouth lo oomplete nud, I believe
ihal even moderately rough weather in
the   meantime   would   break   up   tbe
Bblp."   Everything  is  in    readiness
for tomorrow's effort to refloat tho vessel if tbe weather continues favorable,
DID   NUT     LIKE      THE   RULES.
Official Account of the Port
Royalist Affair.
Spaniards Freed Con?ict3 and Lefi,���An
Appeal to British Sea Oaptaiu
for Protection.
London, May 28.��� Particulars have
just been received in London regarding the incident of the hoisting of the
British flag over Port Royalist, Island
of Palawan, of the Philippines group
by Captain Pfoert, of the British
steamer Labuan. He reports that he
visited the sland iu February 1st nud
found the peoplo in a state of consternation. The Spaniards, it appears, had left there three months previously after saying the A-merioans
would take over the Government in
threo days. The Spaniards, it is added, turned the native soldiery adrift
nnd libernted the convicts. The head
mnn, it is further stated, asked Captain Pfoort (o seoure protection from
the Governor of the Sundakan, and
the captain gave them a British merchant ensigu with instructions for the
people to say, if they were molested,
that they wero under British protection, also handing the head man a letter in this sense and claiming a British protectorate over Palawan.
Ou reporting the matter to Sir
Charles Mitchell, Governor of the
Strnits Settlements, the latter com-
muuicnied with the British Foreign
Office, wbo cabled orders to Singapore to haul down the British flag.
The British third class cruiser Archer
was despatched to haul down the flag,
the officials of the Foreign Office saying that Palawan and the adjacent
islands, being portions of the Philippine group, beoame by virtue of oon -
quest, American territory.
Freight Handlers at   Buffalo May Return to Work.
Buffalo, May 23.���Indications continue to point to an early settlement of
the dock troubles. Today all of the
men employed inside the elevators,
who struck out of sympathy for the
grain shovellers, retnrued to work aud
moro work was done in the elevators
than on any day since the strike began. The freight handlers were advised to return to work at onco by Bishop
Quigloy this afternoon, and it is
thought tho bishops advice will he accepted. The grain shovelers have again
opened negotiations with the contractor
Connors, asking for a settlement of
their griovauces, and tho officers of
the union say tonight that the prospects for an agreement are bright.
Contractor Connors was arrested today by a United States marshal on the
charge of importing Cnnadian laborers.
He was at once liberated on bail.
Fronch Fisherman   Wanted Herring at
Thoir Own Prices.
St. Johns, Nfid., May 28.���Tho colonial Government is rigidly enforcing
the (Ishing laws on lho Wost coast
against tho French, who havo heen
demanding    herring    at  their   own
prices, Instead of $i.2b   per   barrel, as
enforced against tbe Ouuadiaus and tho
Americans, Tbo colonial revenue
cnttor Fiona wus dispatched at Bay Islands lo compel lvspeol for tbe regulation and the French, who had threatened to appeul I) their own warships.
finally agreed to ucoopt tbe colonial
at the state department on tbe subject.
Tho Intest advices from Nicaragua
were to tho oll'eet that the negotiations (or the settlement of  tbe recent
customs ditferences wero progressing
with every indication of amicable settlement.
Colou, Colombia, May   38.���A   passenger who arrived   hero   from   Buoas
del Toro   is alone responsible   for   the
the    inior that the   Nicai,iguan   gun-
boa *       Jacinto had been sunk by tlio
Uuited  States   cruiser   Detroit,   alter,
tbo former had lired   upon tbe Anieri- i
cau warships.    He snys the report was I
generally   disci edited     at   Uncus   del j
Toi       "d that it probably came   from
Blueiiw.   ,    whoro   the     Detroit    and |
San Jacinto ure supposed   to  bo.    Tho
officials ot the Amoricnu consulate here
aro without news of   any   such   event
as the siukiug of the San   Jacinto  by
the Detroit.
The Philippine Commission
Doing Good Work.
The Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting is
Held in New York.
New York, May 28.���The 55th annual meeting of the American Medico-
Psychological Association was commenced today. This body is composed
of the medical superintendents aud
thu medical assistants iu the insane
asylums throughout thu Uuited Stutes
aud Canada. President Hurd mude
tho annual address, a paper on "The
role of wound infection, as a factor
in the causation of insanity" rood by
Dr. A. T. Hobbs, of the asylum at
London Ont., created oonsidorable dis-
Several   Persons   Killed   and   Several
Churches   Damaged,
Houston, Texas May 28.���One of tbo
worst tornadoes tbat has ever been
known here pnssod over the oountry
yosterdny. Severnl buildings were
wiecked in severnl localities. At Mount
Plensant the storm struck a church as
tho services were closing. A bolt of
lightning and the wind descended
upon the house simultaneously, wrecking it and scattering the debris iu all
directions. William Kauffman was
instantly killed and somo IC other persons wero injured fatally. Three are
in a dying condition. Tho tornado
struck Stephenville and did considerable damage, wrecking many houses,
but no one was killed. Two churches
were badly damaged. Ono man
wus killed and three were injured and
one fatally injured.
Several   English   Rnilwuys   Plnce Orders With the Baldwin Wonts.
Philadelphia, Pa., May 28.���The
Grand Central Railway of England
has placed an order for 20 locomotives
with the Baldwin works of tbis city.
They are to be freight engines of
the same character und design as the
ones now under construction at Bald
wins for the Midland Railway of England. Another English Railway,
the Great Northern, has ordered a
number from tho Baldwiu works.
Falmouth, Eng., May 28.���Today a
diver reported that the Paris had sustained henvy damage from her bow;* to
a poiut seventy feet aft, but be
thought the principal damage was inside tho double bottom.
Both the Two So'entiato and tbo Parents
of tbe 01'��� 'd Ai.e3ucd for
Tbey Appear Inclined to Adopt Aineiican
Su-j^c.'-i'ous   for   Thoir   Mode
of Government,
Washington, May 23.���Seoretary Hay
has received from President Schurman
of the Philippine Commission a iung
message giving the results of the meeting thus far held with the native Filipino Congress sent by Aguinaldo to
treat with tho Americans. The message was laid before thu President to
night. He wns very much gratified
nt its contents, which wore snid to bo
very enoouraging for the outlook that
something may be   accomplished soon.
Scburmaii snys that the native
commissioners will tako back to their
peoplo the proposition for a form of
Government etc., suggested by the
American oooimisaloners of whioh tho
text was not made public uud will
not be. It was stated tonight on tho
authority of a gentleman who spent
muoh time with the President that,
contrary to reports fiom Manila, there
aro no differences of any consequence
between tbo military nnd civilian
members of tho commission as to the
ojjrso to be adopted iu dealing with
the natives.
Buffalo, Mny 23.���Geo. H. Kiuter
and Elizabeth Kintor, his wife, well
known in Christian science circles iu
this city, weio arrested this morning
on a warrant charging them with
manslaughter in causing the (loath of
Ralph L. Snuuilors, nino yenrs old,
who with his pnreuts had beon visiting ut Fort Porter. Warrants on the
sumo charge woro ulso issued for Mr.
and Mrs. Juuies O. Snuuders, tho pur-
ents of the child.
It is alleged iu >*ho 00mplaint
which was sworn out ugainst Mr. and
Mrs. Kintor nnd Mr. aud Mrs. Snuuders thut the death of littlo Ralph was
caused from double pneumonia nnd
thnt criminal negligence was committed by thoso in Charge of the boy.
It is Baid that Ralph wus tuken sick
throo weeks ago und grew rapidly worse
and Mr. uud Mrs. Kintor woro culled
in, and tho purouts of tho sick child-
absolutely refusod to huvo the servicos
of physicians.
Tbo Priuco of Wales'   Hackneys Bring
in a Round Sum.
London, May 23. ���Tho  annual   salt)
of tho Prince of Wales'   hackneys took
place  today at Wolforton, near Band-
rinuhum, the sent of the Prince of
Wales ill Norfolk, und was successful.
Thero was a largo attendance including the Dnke ot York, tbo Duke of
Marlborough, lb** Karl of Coventry,
Lord lveagh. Lord Marcus Beresford,
Sir Edwaid Bassoon and Sir Thomas
Tho l'rinco of Wales presided at tho
luncheou, at which 1200 persons weio
Lord lveagh paid 1,050 guineas for a
pair of bay geldings. There was keen
competition between Sir Thomas Lipton, the Earl of Coventry uud Sir
Edgar Vincent for the chesnut gelding
Coup de Grace wbioh was finally so-
cured by Sir Edgar for 92E guineas.
Sir  Thomas     Lipton     subsequently
bought a marc for 888 guineas. Altogether Hii horses were sold, uud tho
total sum realized was upwards of 12,-
000 guineas
Odds or Eight to   Five   Are   Laid  on
the Champion,
Now York, May 23.���The Fitzsim-
inons-JefTries tight is lo tako place at
night insteud of in the afternoon of
Juno l). The directors of the Coney
Island Sporting Clnh held a meeting
todny aud decided ou this ohange.
Mr. Brady snid today that 63 boxes
bad been sold, the totil sum paid for
tbem beiug $7,950. Frank Dwyer has
recoived $5,000 to hot for westerners
on Fitzsimmons ot odds of 8 to 6.
Reports of Friction Between Her and
U. ti. Aro Disciediied.
Washington, May 28.���As the latest
telegraphic services f om the American
officers at Bluefioljs and other points
in Niciiii'gca en.oueil uothing to in
dlOOte serious li'totlon between
Unitod Stute- and Nicaragua,
tury 1 *ng suid he
was not'inclined to
Australians     vs.     Yorkshire���Somerset Falls All to Pieces.
Sheffield, Eng., May 23.���In tho
cricket match toduy between thn visiting Australian eleven nud nn eleven
representing Yorkshire, about 15,0(10
Spectators were present. Rum stopped
the play when Yorkshire bud scored
S3 runs for three wioket! down.
London. May 23. ��� Some sensational
cricket playing was witnessed todny
at Lords in the match between Middlesex und Somerset. Tbo latter wero
despatched for tbo ludicrous totul of
88 runs, Heine ;i medium bowler, taking live wickets for 11 runs. Finally
Middlesex won by an innings and
seven runs. Trott, another of Middlesex howlers, took seven of the Somerset wickets in the second innings
for is runs,
-Toronto,    9;     Spring-
Twelve   of   Thorn Will  Bo   Removed
From Thoir   Positions,
Washington, May 23.���In tho cases
of the 22 customs inspectors at Now
York who wero recontly suspended upon charges of negleot of duty and of
accepting tips from coming steamship passengers, The colleotoi ami
surveyor of this port, who oonduoted
tho investigation iuto the charges,
have roportod as to ten of tho mon.
Tho charges wero not sustained. As
lo the remaining 19. it was found that
tho facts Warranted their suspension
from duty. The rocomtiuindntiuiis
havo boeu approved.
i ur
Now  Vo.k.   May
Ian I was given the de
Kid  MoPart-
ismi, ;im*,* Spike
JZnZ nU^mCnm: i Su^an t^ight in tho^th iii
I union. Mny 38 ���Tho Shanghai enr-
re |  indent of    tbo   Daily   Mi'il   says.
l"Sir Ch tries Ems, representing an
American syndic.do, has offered <:i
piiieluru the municipal   electric   light.
j plant ou ooudition tbat the purchasers to extreme n,ea'-ur,?(|-.  raa��� r;���,B-VBd
I givo the right to establish tramways. " J said also no word   had  been  received
Indianapolis, Ind., May 3���The
stato supremo court todny decided thnt
tho statute prohibiting Snmhiy baseball is vnlid, thus reversing tbe decisions of the lower court.    Tho   baseball
At   Toronto-
field, x.
At Syracuse���Syrocuso.il; Worcester,
At   Koenester��� Rochester, 8;   Hurt-
ford. ?.
At Pittsburg���Pittsburg,   2;   Baltimore, 8,
At       Cincinnati���Cincinnati,   ; 6;
New York, 1.
At   Chicago���Chicago, 10; Philadelphia, 11.
At Louisivlle���Louisville, l;
lyn. H.
At Cleveland���Cleveland,  4;
Ingtcn, ���'.
At St. Louis���St. Louis, 0;
Wash -
ted Stutes' people will prohnbly usk for a   rehear
J ���iding a  ruling on that mo
Secretary  Hay I tiou, will   endeavor   to   play  Sunday
^��dh!TUnae��lM^^^ ""���"* "" "��-"�����""���
tiou, will
Vienna. May 88.���Owing lo com**
plications arising nut of the bunking
qneation n joint session Of the Austrian and Hungarian cabinets will be
held tomorrow   under   tbo   pntsidouoy
of Emperor���King Franols Joseph.
I bug Kong,  May   23.���The   bubonio
I plague is increasing.    Tho   olllcial reports thus fai lor the   month   of   May
j show 318 cases a nd 25*1 deaths.
Nelson Daily Miner
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Subacripuon; luvarisbly in advance.
duced. The law itself may bo a perfectly jnst and reasonable one;bnt it
was not called for at the time, and
the manner of its introduction was calculated to create disturbance. As a
matter of fact it did create and is
still creating a great deal of disturbance. Thut might hnve been avoided.
In the first place tho Governmeut and
Legislature ought to have refused to
eutertain tbe proposal of such a law
until there was unmistakable evidence
that the demand for it wus general.
There was uo such evideuce. The demand wuh confined to Rossland, and
to a few busybodies and agitators
even thore. In the estimation of Tho
Record and a few others, Rossland
may comprise the earth, but if does
not; it does not comprise more than
a vory small comer of the one Provinco of British Oolumbla.
In tho second place, if the dru.'nnd
uud the Government had thought tho time had como
to oonsider tho matter, they should
intent ion   well
away of this vast snm which is so
badly needed at home, should be n*-
qnested by iln* people whom they misrepresent to resign tbeir seats in the
At  eighty  years   of  age,   it is not
natural to suppose that her loving subjects   will much longer   rejoice in tho  for it woro  genera
delight   of  celebrating Her Majesty's
birthday and singing  "God Savu  the
Queen. "    As   tho occasions  continue, | have announced their
the loyalty and devotion of British sub-   in advance, in order   thnt   all   parties
jeots   everywhere   deepen, until   now  concerned might hnve hnd   duo   notice
they almost disappear   in   the  greater ; of what was coming.  If this bad   been
sentiment of  personal   affection.    The;done  thoro   wculd   bo neither the unpeople aro blessed in such a Sovereign. ��� easiness   nor   tho   uncertainty   which
She has been un   inspiration   to   them ��� prevails  now, to tho serious prejudice
in holding steadfastly to a public mor- j of the mining industry of the Province,
ality and rectitude which, in too many ; But instead   of   taking   this straight-
other  countries, our   modern civilisu- j forward course, tho  Government  portion has corrupted. mitted the legislation   to   bo  sneaked
Nelson   is   fervently   loyal, and   on ' through   the  House, and sprung upon
this, the eightieth   anniversary of the ! the  Province   without as much as  an
Queen's birth, we   are  displaying  it ��� hour's warning.    That   is   what  Tho
in the manner   most   usually  adopted; Minor  has   condemned, and   what  it
throughout   Canada, only   with  more i thinks all  good   citizens  condemn  as
than  the   usual   enthusiasm.     Todny  strongly  as  it does.    Aud because of
the Oity  is almost   desertea.    In this ��� the surreptitious manner in which the
part   of   the   Kootenays  the Twenty*  legislation was passed, it has  thought
fourth of May is given up to the towns ! it  only    reasonable   that   tho   miners
around us, nnd the   people   of   Nelson : should be asked not to be too   hasty in
go out   among   them to  assist in  the Carrying  matters   to  extremity.    The
celebration.    Ou this  occasion they go , law produces an   entirely changed sit-
The   rule-or-ruin   element    in   this
Oity advise the electors to vote ngainst
all the by-laws tbat   will be submitted
next   Monday,    Rather   than havo tin-
town progress  under the  management
of any persons   but   themselves,   they
would prefer to seo it stagnate.    Those
who can   put   personal   feeling  aside
whon   it   is necessary,    nnd   oonsider
only tho interests of tho City, will advise that all   tho by laws   bo   earned.
The latter   advice   is   the   safe ono to
follow.    Defeat the by-laws and  civic
improvements for  tho   year will come
to nn end, or the Council will   bo   ob-
liged to levy an   extra   heavy   rate   to
meet the necessities  of tho  occasion.
The  prudent   ratepayers   will   rather
lino the cost spread   over u number nf
years, and   tbo eutorprisiug   ono  does
not   want prosperity   arrested by discouraging it.
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in numbers that have never before
been eoualled. But whether at home,
or in a neighboring town, the citizens
of Nelson, if not audibly with the
voice, with heart at least sing the
grand old hymn of loyalty and devotion, "God Save the Queen. "
Alderman Fletcher was quite right
in saying tbat members of a Conncil
must not resign their trust or responsibility merely because they cannot have
their own way in everything. The
public business could never be transacted it this were to become the rule.
Men who ure elected to representative
positions nre expected to do the best
they can, aud if thoy fail in one thing
to address themselves even more resolutely to uuother. That is the proper
rule, no doubt, and to break uwny
from it at every reverse is to exhibit
mere pettishness of disposition.
Where Mr. E/etchg*f twus wrong was
in bis*.application of it. Mr. Beer
could hardly continue in tho position
of Chairman of Finance, nf ta; the uc -
tion of the Council on Monday night,
and at the same time retain his own
self-respect. That aotioo was a positive, and under the circumstances an
irritating and offensive, declaration
of the Council that it no longer hud
confidence in himself or the committee
that had eleoted him chairman. He
���would havo wanted very seriously in
that personal spirit which gives value
to our publio men if he had failed to
resent the indignity put upon him, by
resigning his responsibility as financial adviser to the Council. While Mr.
Fletcher's rule, therefore, is sound
enough in Its gonoral application, it is
not without its exceptions, and we
believe the better sentiment of the
City will be that this iucident of the
bank account affords a very clear exception in Mr. Beer's caBO.
The Miner would be glad if t'*ero
could be any explonation or review
that would permit Mr. Beer to rocon-
sider his detorminutiou, for like all
others who have closely followed tbe
proceedings of the present Conncil it
is persuaded tho City will lose most
valuablo services should he persist "l
withdrawing from active participa^ou
in the work of the Financo Oommittee. But if ho cannot see his way to
this, we bolievo he will drop out wil'i
the sympathy and upprovul of tho better class of ratepayers. A more extraordinary proceeding than tho conduct
of the Council in connection witb the
bank account it would bo impossible to
cite, if the municipal annals of the
entlro Dominion were searched for it.
nation, and it is only fair the mine
owners should bo given a reasonable
time to adjust themselves to it.
The Rossland Reoord says The Miner
was the first to oondemn the eisht-
hour law, and the first to counsel the
mine owners not to obey it. Short as
it is, the statement contains two errors. The Miner was not the tint to
condemn the eight-hour law. It has
never condemned it, and does not
now. The Miuer, unlike The Record,
does not profess to know the conditions that should govorn in tho working of mines or that should regulate
the relations which subsist or should
subsist between employers and employed. Thoso aro matters whioh pertain to the businoss of others, and The
Miner has its time fully occupied in
attending to its own. What it did
oondemn and does oondemn is the
manner in whioh   the  law -was Intro-
The Redistribution Bill is what
everybody expected, a gerrymander.
Not a gro;;s und palpable gerrymander like that of JbS2, however. There
is tho excuse for it that the original
gerrymander had to be undone and
tbe wrong of it put right. But as
The Miner long ago pointed out, nn
arrangement of constituencies of seventeen years' standing cannot be disturbed without tbe violence tbat
characterised the first gerrymander,
That occasion is ouly an excuse. By
the present distribution the Government propose, to gain as many seats
fer their party as they olaim to nave
lost through tbe former one. Call it
what tbey will, it Is as much a gerrymander as the other aud the motive of
it is precisely the same. But it is
more thau a gerrymander; it is also
whut might vulgarly be desoribed as
au election dodge. The Government
count on defent in the Senate. They
provide in tho Bill, after declaring
what shall be done, that n cnuiinii-Hi n
of Judges shall lay down the new
boundaries. Defeated in the Senate
they will appeal to the sense of fairness of the country. They are only
righting au old wrong and to prove
their honesty they put the work into
tho hands of Judges. Wha! could be
fairer than that.' Yet that miserable
old Senate defeats the measure. A
Liberal Government and Parliament
arc trying to do the right thing, and
a Tory Senato prevents them. It is
a good cry, and may make votes.
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and which confesses its inability to
meet tho necessary expenses nf keepin*?
np the roads and trails, that are of
vital importance to tbe people and a
source of direct income to the (Jo'-ern-
mont, voting tho sum of one million
dollars towards building a cable that
will ouly benefit the Province indirectly and never be n source of revenue
to any extent, is too absurd to be discussed, if it wero not for tbe fact that
tbo present Government has already
passed legislation that is but little 'ess
absurd. Any member fiom the mining sections of the Province where
roads aro so badly needed who votes tn
sustain tho Government in   tbo vo, iug
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the signatures to the interest omipoiiB
in-iy in* either written, stamped,
pi nti'il or lithographed.
t. The said Debentures shall bear in-
tu; ��st at the rate nf five por centum
per annum from the date thereof;
which interest shall he payable semiannually at said office of di** Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Uanana, on the 20th day
of January and the 20tta day of July
respectively, in each year of the currency thereof, and it shull he expressed
in said Debentures anil coupons to be
sn payable.
5. It shall lie lawful I'm- Ihe Mayorof
said Oorporation to negotiate and sell
thesaid Debentures or any of them
for less than par : but in no ease shall
thesaid Debentures or any pari, of
then/lie negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-live per centum of their
face value. Including the cost, of negotiating and sale, bmkerage and all
other Incidental expenses.
ti. There shall be raised and levied
in eaeh year during the currency of
said Debentures the mini of Seven hundred and lifty dollars(8750.00) tor the
paymeut of interest, and Lhe sum nf
Five hundred and furl v dollars (1540.00)
for lhe paymenl. of the debt due under
the said Debentures by a rale sufficient therefor on all the rateable lands
In the said municipality.
7. It, Bhall he lawful for (be Biiid
Municipal Oouncil to repurchase any
of the ���-.*i i< 1 Debentures upon such
terms as may bo agreed upon with the
legal holder'or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at the lime of sale
or any subsequent time or limes, and
all Debentures so re-purchased shall
forthwith bo cancelled and destroyed,
and im re-issue of Debentures so repurchased   shall   be  made   in ennse-
���"', lenee of such re-purchase.
8. This By-Law shall take effect on
the first day of June, A.D. 1890.
Take Notice, That the above is a true
copv of the promised By-Law upon
which the  vote of the Municipality
will be Uk for the  Kast Ward, at
the Fire Hall,on Josephine Street; for
the West Ward, at Lhe office of the
Exchequer Gold Mining Co., on the
north side of Baker Street, between
Stanley and Kootenay Streets, on tin-
east half of Lot 9, Block 11, on Monday, the 20th day of -May, instant, at.
8 o'clock in the forenoon.
(lity Clerk.
Nelson, B. 0., May Kith*
Corporation of the City of
1IY.LAW  NO.   13.
A By-Law respecting tlio establishment of
OokeandG a Works in thoCity of Nolaon,
Tlio Municipal Counoil ut the Olty of .Nelaon enacts as follows:
1. W. H, Pearson, W. H Poarson Junior, I,.
I.. Merrlfleld nml J, T. Woscolt, lioroinaftoi*
cnlied the Company, are hot'oby granted the
right, subject tn the turiuB, conditions unit provisions iKTniiiiifiur oontainod, whioh tonus,
conditions and provision* nml tlio due fulfil-
ment thereof nn* in be taken a** coudiLioi*ia precedent I * tho enjoyment nf tlu* rights nnd
privilegesberobygranted, in oreot, construct,
maintain and operate (ins Works within the
limits of the City of Kelson, and in lay down,
relay, connect, disconnect and ropair nil pipes
along, through nml under llio stroois, alloys,
grounds, bridges and thoroughfares of tliu*-niii
Cily of Nelson, that mny In* nooessary fm- sup-
plying gas tn rlio consumers thereof, nml erect
nny pillars, lamps or other works, and do nil
other thing*! which tho Company shall doein
nooessary for supplying gas in iln* Inhabitants
or Corporation nf llio Raid City-of Nelson afore-
Bnid, and doing as littlo damnge ns amy In* in
tlie oxecutlon nf tho powers hereby granted.
2. Tho Company beforo oreotlng suoh pillars,
lamps nr other works nml lining such other
things whioh tho i ompany Bhall deem necessary for supplying pis In the Inhabitants nf
thoCity, shall make application In iiie City
Counoil for permission sn tn do, naming die
stroet or streets, alloy or alloys, or other plaoe
along, through or under which they desire to
erect suoh pillars, anipsor other works or do
such other things which the Company may
deem neoesnary, ami before proceeding En any
way with any of such worltd shall recolvo tlie
approval of the city Council.
tl. The laying down or roiaylng of any pipes
or mains along, through and under the stroots,
alleys, grounds, bridges ami thoroughfares of
sniil city iintl erection of any pillars, -lamps or
other works and the doing r nil other things
whioh th*** Company shnll deem necessary shall
not lie commenced untlla plan theroof showing
the location, position and style of such pipes,
pillars, lamps, works iimt things ttte Company
deem necessary, shall have been Bubmittod to
ami approvod hy tlie Cily Enginoor. Ami tlu*
looatton, position nnd style of such pipes or
mains, pillars, lumps, works nml other things
shall conform to nnd agroo with the plans approved by tlie cily Enginoor,
l. The Company shnil within sixty days from
the final possngo of this By-Law (unavoidable
disunities of lhe sen nml Hit* not preventing!
commence to construct, eroct nml establish
Coke and Qns Works mnt buildings adequate
to tho supply of gas within the limits nf the
saiil City of Nelson, nml such construction,
erection ami establishment shall lie curried on
continuously and dillgontly until such works
and buildings nre completed siilllciently lo
supply the domaud for gns, and within six
month- from the final passing of this By-Law
Bhall proceed as the Olty ISngineor amy direct
to lay tho roqulslte length of mains of nn adequate diameter, unit .-hull on demand simply at
nil times lluneTi-olil lo ull persons ns hereinafter ineiilioiieit imi adequate amount of gas, of
good quality, nt the houso,shop,establishment,
works or resilience of the person requiring the
same. Ami tlie Company shall mthin the
period of two yenrs from the passing of this
By-Law oxnend.upon the oonstruotion of the
Coke nml (Ins Works unit Hie laying nf mains
aforesaid, not loss than tho sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.(10), or forfeit tho
rights granted under this franchise.
5. Tbo prioe of gas-supplied by tlie Company
for lighting purposes shall in- controlled hy the
City Council, but shull in nu ense without tlie
consent of tho Company bo loss tliun 12,00 per
thousand feet or more than 18.00 per thousand
feet, ami shull supply us much gus ****** muy he
roauirod for lighting Ihe strecls within the
limits aforesaid within fifty led uf uny main
luld by tho Company, nnd shall supply the Corporation with gns fm* power purposes if required at a prloe not to exceed U.00 per thousand
feet. Uus for oooking or heating purposos snail
bo supplied ul nut more than 12.00 por thousand
cubic feet of gns, anil gus required fur power hy
any arson or oorporation other than the City
Bhall bo supplied at nut more than $2.00 por
thousand oublo feet. ,,       ������.
(i. Tba Oompany shall, subject tn the provisions hereinafter contained, on domand, introduce into ami through the walls or enclosures
of a house, shop, establishment or residence of
nny person requiring the same, a proper service
pipo wilh slop cock umi furnish n gus meter if
reauirod for accurately measuring the Bupply
of gus to tin* person requiring tho sumo ut u
fair market Price, not exceeding for all the
sum of Slfl.OO. ami shall keep such service pipe
and gas meter in proper order and ropuir, provided that Itshall not lie compulsory on tho
Company to furnish or introduce thu sumo ns
aforesaid to nny shop, house, establishment or
residence ut a ilislnneo uf morellinn fifty feel
frum i heir mains, save as hereinafter men-
?nproTidod that any person desiring a supply
of gns If the place wherein suoh gas Is required
be distant more than fifty feet from any main
may require the Company to supply such sor-
vice pipe, flop cock mill meter for the price
above mentioned In addition to u sum not exceeding 11.00 a fool on eaoh foot of distanoe
over und nbove the snid llftv feet
8 With Hie permission of the City Oounoil
nnd'ceoriliii** to plans approved by lie ity
Kngineer aim under his supervision the Companv may if found necessary make any Bowers
lit muy im neooesoryfor carrying off the
wusbings ami waste llqvlde winch may arise in
lie iiiukiagof gus. and for tho purpose afore-
s ,1 inay remove ami raise all n.alerilil in such
su-ects nml bridges and they may In such
SSjots do all other apts which the Company
shut from time to time deom ucecs-nry for
su lying gus to the Inhabitants within the
fl , s specilleil ia lho second section hereof,
doing as'little damage as may be in the oxecu-
lion of tho powers lioroby ffranUd find making
compensation Cor any damage that may bo done
in i Ue execution uf suoh powers.
!(. Nothing heroin oonuiined shall authorize
orompowor the Company to lay down or place
uny pipes or other works into through or
againtri nny building or any In ml nol dodicatod
to public uso, without the consent of Lite own-
era or occupiers thoroof,
id. Bofore the Company prooood to open or
break up any street, bridge or pavetneul thoy
siuili give tut in- City Knginoei or other author-
Ity under whotfe control or management tlio
Bame may be, notloo in writing of their Inton*
tion to opon or broak up tin-saint'.not less ilmti
three clear days oefo o beginning such work.
oxcopl in niaeR of emergency arltuug fiom defects in tin* ptpea or other works, when Immod-
into notlco shall im givo11. No pipo, main.
gowor.pUlar-) lamp or other work or thing Bhall
bo used by the Compam for any purpose until
they obtain from the city ftngineor a certificate
In writing thnt tho rah.o hns heen erooted or
constructed to his satisfaction.
il, Whon the Company open or broak up tho
road or pavement of any street or hrldgo. they
ahall wilh all couventent speed, com t He to the
work for whloh tho same Khali bo broken or
opened up, and Bhall mi In tho ground, rolnstato
and make good the road or pnvemonl ro oponod
orbroketfup ami carry away tho rubbish occasioned tboroby and shall nl all times whon
required while ny Bitch street or navomeut
shall bo broken up, cause u Light suflloionl for
tho wurning of paasongors to bo sot np und
main tain od ovory iilgul during which sumo
shall lie oponod or broken uo.
18. Tho Company BhaU bo liablo for and shall
Indemnify the City for all damages arising ont
of tlio construction and operation of their Raid
Cokoand Gas Works, Including therein tho
construction and keeping in repair of overy
main, sower or uny other work in respeot of
this Hy-Law mid tliooonvoyingof gas or sewage through such mains au! sewers,
lit. If nt unv liine in the opinion uf llio Citv
Council tho profits on tho gas sold in tho City
he oxeessivo the Company shall submit to
arbitration tho question of lho pricos charged
for gas supplied and shnll produce thoir books
and othor papers for inspection and the pricos
of gas Buppliod for all purposes shall bo reduced as the City Counoil shall dlroot, acoording
to tho rate deoided hy arbitration, hut not in
any oaBo to rodueo lhe Company's profits under
15 por cent, por annum on tho gas business,
Buoh arbitration to he conducted under tho
provisions of tho Arbitration Act, being chap-
tor!), iMiy.of tho British Columbia Statutes aud
omondlng aotH.
14, The City shall have tho right on tho oxplry
of ten yenrs from tho dato of tlie passing of lhe
By-Law to take over and own the aforesaid
Coke and Qos Works on a valuation to bo determined by nil lit ration; the City nnd the
Company to name each an arbitrator, and thoy
to narao a third, and in tho event of ihem disagreeing on a third, tho same to bo appointed
by tho Chief .lii-.t ioo of the Province, suoh arbitration to bo conducted under tho Arbitration Act, Chapter !), ISiiT, of tlio British Colura-
bin Statutes or its amondmonts, such valuation
to ho based on tbe value of the plant al the
time of transfer nsa going con corn, and iho
value of tlio Coko business established, but no
value shall ho determined ns inuring to lho
Company by their possessing tho franchise to
distribute gas throughout tlio city.
16, The location of Buch works to be approved
of by the city Council,
17. Tho rights, liberties and privileges mentioned in this By-Law, subject to omubo 1*4,
shall he exolusively enjoyed save as to tlio
Coko works, by the Company for a period of
twenty-five years.
17. A contract embodying the provisions of
this By-Law and a covenant on tho part of the
Company to eon form lo and fullll all the mat-
tors and provisions hereby roquirod of them
shall be drawn and shall he executed by tho
City and tho Company within sixty days from
the passing of this By-Law.
18. In tills By-Law the expression "City" shall
menu lhe "City of Nelson"; "City Counoil"*
shnll mein "The Municipal Counoil of I ho City
of Nelson"; "Citv Kngineer" shall moan "Tho
Engineor of the City of Nelson", and tho word
"Company" shall Include, refor to and be in
ovory way binding upon tho Company* their
and oach of their heirs, executors, administrators ,iml assigns.
street) between Stanley nnd Kootenay streets,
on tho east half ot Lot 9, Hloek il, on Monday.
the 29th day of May, Instant, at 8 o'clock in the
City Clerk.
Nelson, H. C��� May 16th, 1800,
Tako Xolieo that the above is u true copy of
tho proposed By-Law upon which tho voto of
tho Municipality will bo takon, for the Bust
Ward ni the Fire Hall on .losephinostreet, for
the West Wardot the olliee ot the Exchequer
Gold Mining Co. on north side of Baker street
otweon Mauley and Kootenay streets, on
Monday the 20th day of May at eight o'clock in
lhe forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson B.C., May Uith, 1800.
Corporation of the City of
By Law, No. 30.
A By Law to raise 315,001) lo extend and improve aleotrlo Lights.
W HERB AS, A Petition has been presented to
the Municipal Council of the Oorporation of
lho City of Nelson, signed hy the owners of at
least one-tenth of the value of the real property of the City (as shown by the last Assessment Itoll), requesting iho suid Conncil to Introduce a By-Law to raise fifteen thousand
dollars ($16,0U0) for the purpose of extending
and improving the Eloctric Light Works Bys-
tem hud Plant in the City of Nelson.
Anu Wiikkkas, it is oxpediont lo borrow
thesaid sum of lifLeun thousand dollars (jlfl,-
OWJ for t he purposes aforesaid;
And \\ nereas, Lhe whole amount of the rateable land of the said City, according to the lust.
revised Assessment Koll is eight hundred and
Six thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
t$3%.s;o wi.
And Whereas, it will ho necessary to raise
annually by rate the sum of Twelve hundred
and ninety dollars ($ 1,290) for paying lhe said
debt nnd interest.
Now Therefore, tho Municipal Council of the
Oorporation of the City of Nelson enacts us
1, tt shall and may bo lawful for lho Mayor
of the Corporation of tho City of Nelson to
harrow, upon tho credit of Lhe said Corporation, hy way of i.h�� Debenture* hereinafter
men ioned, from any periOn or persons, body
nr bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance tbe same as a loan, Q sum of money not
exceeding In the whole the sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000), and to cause all suoh
sums so raiied or roeei- ed to be paid into tho
hands of the Treasurer of the suid Corporation,
for'lie purposes and with the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. Il shall he lawful for the Mayor of tho
sold Corporation to cause any number of Debentures to ho made, executed and issued for
such sum or sums as may he required for the
purpose and object aforesaid, ool exceeding
however, the sum of Fifteen thousand dollar--;
(815.000), each of the said Debentures being of
the denomination of One thousand dollars iSl,-
000), and all such Debentures shall be sealed
wilh the soul of the Corporation and Bigned
by the Mayor thereof.
8. Tho snid Debentures shall  bear date  tho
Wthday of July. A.D. 1899, and shall he made
payable in twenty years from lho said date, iu
lawful money of Canada, at the olliee of the
Bank of Montreal in Nolson aforesaid, which
said place of payment shall he designated
by ihe said Debentures, and shall have at-
taohed to them coupons for the payment of interest, and tho signatures to the interest coupons may he either written, stamped, printed
or lithographed.
1. The caid Debentures Bhall hear interest at
I ho rale uf live perctntum per annum from Ihe
date thereof, which interest shull be payable
semi-annually at said office of the Bank Of
Montreal ut Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money
if Canada, on the20th day of .January und the
ioth day of July respectively, In each year during the enrrtney ihoieof, and it shnll he expressed In said Debentures and coupons Lo be
so payable,
5. It Bhall be lawful for Lhe Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate and sell the said De*
hentures or any of them for less than par ; but
In no cast shall tlie said Debentures or any of
th iu ho i egotiateJ or sold for lehs than ninety-
llvo per centum of their faoe value, including
the eost of negotiating nnd sale, brokerage and
all other incidental expenses.
li, Thore shall be raised and levied in each
year during the currency of said Debentures
the yum uf Woven hundred and fifty dollars
(760) for the payment of Interest* and the sum
of Five hundred and forty dollars 15101 for the
payment of the debt-, under the said Debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land in the said Municipality.
7. It shall bo lawful for tho suid Municipal
Oounoil to repurchase any of tho said Debentures upon suoh terms as may be agreed upon
with t he legal holder or holders t hereof, or any
parL thereof either at. the time of sale or uny
subsequent time or times, ami all Debentures
rio repurchased shall forthwith ho cancelled
and destroyed, and no re-issue of Debentures
so repurchased shall bu made in BUCh repurchase.
8. This By-Law shall take efleet. on the 1st
day of June, A.D.,1800.
Corporation of the City  of
By-Law No. 10,
A Hy-Law lo raiso $30,000 Ul extend tho
Water Works System.
Whereas, A. Petition has been presenlod to
the Municipal Council of the Corporation of
the Oity of Nolson, signed by the owners of at
least Obe-tenth of tlie value nf the real property of the said Cily (as -luiwn by the last Assessment Koll! requesting the said Council to
introduce a Hy-Law to raise lhe sum of Thirty
thousand dollars i$:tn,o<Nij for the purpose of
extending the Water Works System of th*
said City.
And Whereas, ii is deemed necessary and expedient to extend the Waterworks System of
lhe City of Nchon for lhe convenience uf the
iiti/.ens and for lire protection.
And Whereas, it is expedient to burrow the
said sum uf 'thirty lliou and dollars (80,000)
for lhe purposi b afure aid :
And whereas, the whole amount of rateable
lend of tbe said City, aaoording to the in-d revised Assessment Hull, is Bight hundred and
six thousand eight hundred and seventy dollars
And, Whereas, tl will bo rOQUtslte lo raise
annually bv rati' the sum of 'I wo thousand five
hundred and eight)' dollars (2,680.00) for paying
the sui.l debt and Interest,
Now, Therefore, the Municipal Council of
tho Corporation of tho City of Nelson enacts as
follows :-
1, It shall and mav le lawful for tho Mayor
of tbe Corporation of the City nf Nolson to borrow, upon tbo credit of the sad Corporation,
by way of i he Debentures hereinafter men
lioued, from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing to advance tlie same as a loan, a sum of numev nol
exceed big in tho whole iho sum of Thirty
thousand dollars (S0.000.00J, und to cause all
such sums so raised or received to be paid Into
the hand- of the Treasurer of the Corporation,
for the purposes and with Lhe objoeLs hereinbefore recited,
2. Itshall he hi wf ul for t he Mavorrf Iho said
Corporation Lu cause any number of Deben
lures tube made, oxecu ted and issued for such
sum or sums as may bo required for the pur
pOEeand ObJQCl aforesaid, not exceeding, bow-
ever, Lho sum of Thirty thousand dollars (30,-
000.00), each of the suid Debentures being uf
lhe denomination of one thous ind doll ira il,-
000,00), anil all sin li Debentures shall be sealed
with the seal of the Corporation and signed by
the Mayor tnereof.
S, Tlie said Debentures shall bear dato the
20lh day of. July, A.D. 1899, and Bhall be made
payable in twenty years from the said date, in
lawful money of Canada, at the olllco of lhe
Bank of Montreal tn Nelson aforesaid, wh'ch
said place of payment shall be designated by
the said Debentures, and shall have attached
to them coupon-, for tho payment of interest
and Lhe signatures tc the Interest coupons m y
be either written, slumped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said Debentures shall bear interest at
Lhe rale of llvo per centum per annum from
the date thereof, Which interest shall be payable semi annually at said otllce of tho Bank
of Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
money of Cai ada, on the 20th day of January
und the20thday of July lespeouvely, in each
year during the currency thereof, and it shall
be expressed in said Debentures and coupons
to be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for lhe Mayor of said
Corporation to negotiate and tell the said Debentures or any of them for less than par; but
innooaseslnilli.be said Debentures oi any of
them Le negotiated or sold for less than ninety-
flye per centum of their face value, including
the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage
and all oilier Incidental expenses.
(1. i here shall he levied and raised in each
year during lhe currency of iaid Debentures
the sum uf Fifteen hundred dollars (1,600.00)
for the payment of Interest, and Lhe sum of
One thousand and eighty dollars (1,080.00) for
the payment of the debt duo under tho said
Debentures bj a rate suffloleut therefor on all
the rateable land in the said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for tho said Municipal
Council to repurchase any of Lhe said Debentures upon such terms as may be agreed upon
witli tbe legal holder or holder, thereof, or anj
part thereof, either al Lhe lime of sale or any
subsequent time or times, and all Debentures
so re-purchased Bhall forthwith he onncelled
and destroyed, and no reissue of Debentures
so repurchased shall be made in consequence
of such re-purohase.
H. ThiH Bv-Law slnll take effect on lhe 1st
day of Jui.o, A.D. 1800.
Take Notice. Tbat tho above is a true copy
of the proposed By-Lawupon which the vote
of tbo Municipality will be taken, for thu Kast
Ward at the Ure Hall on Josephine Street; for
the West Ward at tne otllce uf the Kxehcquer
Cold Mining Co. on the north side uf Haker
Street, between Stanley and Kootonay
Streets, on the east half of Lot 9, Block U, on
Monday, the 29th day of May, instant, ut 8
o'clock tu tiie forenoon.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B.C.   May Uth, 1809.
0:30 am.���Train leaves O. P. U. station
for main  line and  intermediate points via Slooan
Lake route dailv.
8:00 am.���S.S, Moyie leaves for Kootenay L'd'g und way points
Monday, Wednesday and
9:10 a.m. ���Train  leaves  N. & F.  S.
station for Kossland,   Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. S. International arrives
from Kaslo and way pi tints
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.��� S. S. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
4:00 p.m.��� 8. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday,
4:30 p.m,���S. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
daily except Sunday.
5:80 p.m.���Train arrives N. & F. S.
station,    from   Spokane
Rossland and way  points
6:50 p.m.���S. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay L'd'g and way
points, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays,
0:40 p.m.���Train leaves 0. P. R. station for Robson, Trail,
Rossland, etc., daily.
8.80 p.
Tako Notice that the above U a truo cop**** of
theproposod By.Lawupon which tho voto of
the municipality will Uo taken, for tho Kuhl
Ward ut lho Fire Hull on Joscpliino Stroot. for
tho Went Ward at tho oflico of the Exchequer
Oold Mining Co, ou tho north  Me ot Baker
-Train arrives C. P. R.
sLution from main line hdcI
intermediate points via
Blooan Lake route daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives 0. P. K. station, from Kossland, Trail,
Hobson, etc., daily.
Transportutlon Companion aro requcHtcd to
givo notlco to the Minor of any alterations In
tho time of urival and departure from Nelson.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, but have no regular times of arrival ad departure.
Provinoial Land Surveyor.
The fliner
Will issue
about the
middle of June the Handsomest
and most Carefully Prepared
Presentation of the Resources
of the Kootenays that ever left
a press.
Sixteen Pages,
Containing views of Nelson and
all the Slocan and East Kootenay towns, and the mines tributary to each,
ioo Half Tones
are now being made from photos of the towns, leading business houses and hotels, and
leading citizens.
This number will offer exceptionally favorable means of
making themselves known to
the people of this district, and
also of bringing their names
prominently before the outside
i  world.
Price Ten
Cents Each.
Leave list of names with ten ?
cents for each one at this office and we will f|
do the addressing and mailing.
Corporation of the Oity of JTOtKS' ���
BY-LAW NO. 12.
A By-Law respecting au Eleotrio
Street Railway In the City of Nelson.
Whereas, Thomas J. Duncan and
���Francis \V. Peters, both ot the Olty of
Nelson (representatives of the British
Eleotrio Traction Oompany, Limited)
hereinafter culled the "upplicnnts,"
have applied to tlio City of Nolson for
tho right of constructing, equipping,
maintaining and operating street railway lines m the City of Nelsou, and
Whereas, the applicants have applied
for the authority, right and privileges
to build,equip, maintain and operate
aud from time to tune remove ami
ohange a double traok or single traok
railway or tramway, with all necessary
sidetraoks,switches and turnouts,polos,
wires, oouduits, aud all appliances
for the runuing of ears, carriages nml
other vohiolos ou, over and along the
streets or highways of (ho City of Nelson, and
Whereas, it has been (loomed advisable to grant the request of tho said
applioauts, subject to the terms and
conditions and provisoes hereinafter
contained, and ou lhe distinct agreement thut the fulfillment of (he said
terms, condilions and provisos in BO
far as the saint! are prior in point of
time to oonstruotion and operation of
such railway hue or portion thereof
shall ho conditions precedent to the
oonstruotion and operation thereof,
and in so fur us tho terms and conditions hereinafter contained rolnto to
tho operation, conduct und management of said railwny lines or system, or
any purt thereof, the same and the fulfilment of the same, shall in all oases
be oonditions precedent to the continued enjoyment of the rights and privileges of tho applicants under this By-
��Now, thoreforo, tho Municipal Council of the Oorporation of the Oity of
Nelson onuots as follows:
1. Subject to tho  fuliiimoit   by  the
applicants of the terms, conditions and
provisos   horoinafter contained, whieh
terms, conditions   and   provisoes  und
the due  fulfilment   thereof   aro  to be
taken, as hereinbefore stated, as conditions   precedent   to the  enjoyment  of
tho rights aud privileges hereby granted, the applicants are hereby   given
aud granted the   exclusive   right   und
privilege to   construct   and   maintain
complete aud operate double uud single
truck railwnys or tramways, and from
timo to time to change a   double  to  a
siugle track railwny or tramway,   and
vice versa, with   the   uecessary   sidetracks,     switches,     turnouts,     poles,
wires, conduits, nud all appliances for
tho   running   of  curs,   carriuges  and
other vehicles adapted to the same on,
over, and along   any of tho streets  or
highways of the City of  Nelson,   aud
to run thoir   curs, tako, transport and
carry passengers   and   freight  on   tbe
same, by electrio power or suoh   other
power as may   ho  found   practicable,
but   such   power   other   thau   eleotrio
power shall, before being used, bo first
approved of by the City Oouncil.
2. The lines of suid railway aro to
be built, equipped nnd operated subject
to the following regulations, and tbe
applicants are to conform thereto:
(a) Tho upplioants before entering on
any streot to construct any lino of railway shall make application to tho
City for permission so to do, naming
the street, or streets, across or ulong
which they desire to operate their
works, and before in nny way proceeding with the work shall receive tho
approval of the Oity Oounoil.
(h) The oonstruotion of any lino of
railway on any streot or highway
shnll not bo commenced until a plan
thereof showing tho location on streot,
position aud stylo of track, rond bed,
rails, poles, wires, and all other appliances shall havo been submitted to aud
approved by tho Oity Engineor.
(o) No approval either ot the City
Council or the (/ity Egiueer shall have
auy force or effect if tho railway line
for which the same has beeu given has
not beeu fully constructed and in operation within twolvo mouths from the
time of such approval.
(d) The location ou streets, the position,style and gauge of all the tracks,
road bed, rails, poles, wires and all
other appliances shall conform to and
agree with tho plans npproved by the
Oity Egiueer, und the gauge shall bo
tho standard gaugo (4 foot, 8k inches).
(e) No uew lino or extension of existing line shall be opened for trallic
until tho applicants have obtained a
cortificute in writing from the City
Engineer that tho same has boon constructed to his satisfaction, subjoct to
appeal from the decisiou of. thoCity
Eugiueer in tho event of refusal to
grant such certificate.
(f) Tho ovorhoad or trolley system
is to be adopted.
(g) All poles erected shall bo so
placed ns to mterforo as littlo as possible with all othor uses of said streets,
aud both material and workmanship
of said poles shnll be of first cluss
quality, and on all .traded streets snid
polos shall be painted; nnd the nppli-
cauts shall have tha use of all electric
light polos owned by iho Oity for
street railwny purposes, provided the
same aro properly braced and protooled
by the applicants, with the approval
of the Oity Engineer,
(h) The conches and cars to bo used
on the said lino of railway shnll be of
tho most* modern style nnd construction, suitable for tho safety aud comfort of the passengers;  shnll whon   in
population of ia.ooti,
then ut such intervals between u a. m.
ami ll p.m. as the city Engineer with
the apptoval of the Oity Oounoil, may
from time to time determine.
(j) The tracks of   said   railway liu *
shall be laid, on streets improved and
graded so that carriages and other
VOhioles may easily travel over and
across at any or all points thereof with
the least possible obstruction nnd on
streets not ooustruotedaoooidiugtoany
established grade, tbe said traoks of
sa'd rialway lines may he temporarily
laid, but shall be so conslructed ns not
to interfere with or obstruct the crossings of nny streets intersected bv suid
line, und on such streets bet ween suoh
intersections the said railway shall be
laid so as to impede ns little ns possible trallic (hereon, ami according to
plans approved of by the Oity Engineer ; and as soon as such streets are
graded, the said tracks shall lie altered
to conform (() such grade, at the expense of the upplioants, and tne said
tracks shall then bo laid so that carriages nnd other vehicles may easily
travel over or across them,
(1c)  Upon strtols which are not   vol
Improved nnd opened up by the Oity of
Nelson,   the   traoks of   said   railway
lines may be temporarily laid   according to plans approved   of  by the  Oity
Engineer, and may be thereafter altered by the applicants, and   the Olty   of
Nelson   Will assist the   applicants   by
paying   one-half   the   OOSt  of clearing
trees   and   stumps   anil ditching   sicli
portion of the  streets   us   may   be   required to bo so cleared and  dilched, or
ai the option  of  the Oily, such  work
muy be done by ihe Oity, and one-half
of the cost thereof shall be defrayed by
lhe upplicnnts, and   should   the  upplioants require to do   such work in connection with tbe opening up of suoh
streets the City will give the applicants
the   free use of earth und rook  on   the
streets, which they may need for ballast or otherwise,   and'which  in  the
opinion   of the Oity Oouncil is not required by the Oity for stroet purposes;
but suoh material is not to be taken so
us to bring the streets below tho grade
as established for such street or streets.
(1) Ordinary carriages and other vehicles may travel, on, over and   across
tho said tracks, and it shall bo a  lawful for ull nud   evory   person und persons whomsoever  to travel   upon   nnd
uso tho   suid   tracks   with their carriuges,   or    olher   vehicles,   loaded    or
empty, when and so often us thoy may
please, provided   thoy do   not  impede
or interfere with the cars of the upplicnnts running thereon, and subject   at
all times to the right of tho applioauts
to   keen upon tho    said    tracks   with
thoir cars when meeting or overtaking
uny carriage or  other vehicle thereon.
The cars of the applicants shall bo entitled    to    the   right  of way on  said
tracks, nnd auy vehicle,    horseman   or
foot passongor upon   said tracks   shall
turn out on tho approach of uny oar  so
us to lenve tho said   (racks   clear; duo
winning being given at   the   intersection of streets  of Ihe approach of said
cur by Ihe ringing of gong or hell,
(m) Slid applicants shall ut nil times
maintain   the   ties,    stiingers,   rails,
turnouts,   curves,     sidetracks,   pules,
wires, und conduits in a suite of   thorough   efftoienoy and   to   tho  satisfaction of the City   Engineer,   uud  shnll
remove,   renew nnd replace   tho  same
as  circumstances   may    require,   and
ns the Oity Engineer may direct.        *
(n) Snid     upplicnnts   shall     at  all
times   keep   so   much   of   the   graded
streets oooupied by  their said lines of
railway us may lie between tho rails of
evory track and between   the   lines  of
every double   track   and   for the space
of eighteen (18) inches on tho  outside
of evory truck in good repair,   cleaned
of snow, ico and other obstructions, und
shall cause the snow, ice nnd oilier obstructions to bu   removed   us   speedily
ns possible,  tho snow   and   ice   to   be
spread over tho balance of the street so
.is to affoid a  safe   and   unobstructed
passage way for   oarriages   and   otber
vehicles.   Should  the  Cny   Eugiueer
nt nny timo consider that the suow  or
ioe   so  obstructing the said  portions
of the said   streets has uot   beeu   properly or ns speedily as possible removed
from or about tho tracks  of  tho  said
railway linos   or   not  properly   or  as
speedily   as   possible   spread over  the
said streets, be may   cause tlio same to
bo removed or spread ns aforesaid, and
charge the expense thereof to the applicants, who shall   at once pay the since
to the   Oity.    If,   however,   the  City
Engineer is of tho  opinion   thut  such
snow Or ioe -should be removed entirely
from the stroels so as  to afford a   sufo
passage for sleighs aud   other   vehicles
the said applicants sliull at once do  so
at their own expense and charge, or in
caso of   thoir   neglect the City   Engineer may do so nnd ohnrge the expense
to them, and thoy shall pity the   same.
(o) Tho Mayor, the   Ohief  of Police
or tho Ohief   of  tbo Firo   Department
of  the said Oity may order a   .suspension of the running of the cars on   the
said streets used by  the   said   lines of
railway, or uuy of them, as he or they
muy   (Vein   necessary during any   fire
on such slreet or   Streets,    in   ease   of
lire, the Ohief of the Pire   Brigade, oi-
all ollicers of the Oity,   authorized  by
(he Mayor, muy   cut or pull down nny
wires, polos, siriicturos   or  apnliances
used to operate the cars on said   lines,
or any of them, or incidental   thereto,
and neither the City nor such ollicers
shall be liable for any loss   or   damage
resulting  from   the outtlng or pulling
down thereof, but shall only bo liable
for the aotual cost or expense ei repairing or replaoing ihe same.   The mem-
right lo buy tickets at the rate not exceeding six (II) for twenty-live (3o)
com.;, lo ho used only on school days
between the hours of eight n. in. and
live p. in A tioket shall he deemed
a fare. A class of tickets must be sold
to bona fide workmen at the rale of
twenty (80) for one dollar, the sumo to
lie used only by workmen when travelling on tbo curs between the time the
curs commence running in the morning and eight a. m., and between II ti.
ni. and ,*::!!! p. m., such lickcts to lie
sold only at lhe olliccs of the company
within the City of Nelson, lo bona tide
workmen, who must state their names
and occupations, nnd comply with
other     reasonable    conditions.   The
(���lasses ot tickets above named, excepl
workmen's tickets, shall be kept for
sale on tlie cars of the applioauts ut ull
times,    in   ense of   failure   to   supply
such tickets for purchase by  passsen-
geis, then said passengers shnll be Oar-
ried free until such tickets aro provided.
���I. The applioauts snail have tin*
right to charge and collect from every
person mi entering nny of their ears
a fare, and any iierson refusing to   pay
uny such fare may be removed from ihe
ear. Tin* rate of fare fur each passenger travelling ou any one oi tin* said
lines shall not exceed leu OOlltS, including ordinary band baggage, except
on night oars as above provided; provided that no faro shall  bo required of
a child under five years of age while
travelling under tho care of another
older person, and provided thnt when
tbe same passenger travels over two
or more streets or lines in tho Olty,
thoro shall be but one fare lor lho
whole distance so travelled, und the
applicants when desired by passengers
shall issue transfer tickets nt the point
of oonneoting or crossing line to uny
passenger who has paid one faro on
any line operated by the applicants
in tbo City of Nelson, which transfer
oheok shall entitle the passenger so receiving tho same to a pissago on any
oonneoting or crossing line operated
bv snid appieitnls in said City. A passenger shall bo entitled to as many
transfers for ono fare ns shall be necessary to allow one continuous trip or
passage ovor the lines ot the railway
from nny one poiut on tho said linos
within thejOity of Nelson to any other
points on their said lines within the
City, and suoh transfer chocks shall
be usod only by the person receiving
the same, and shull bo usod within
ten minutes, or upon the next avail-
able oar departing upon a oonneoting
or crossing liuo upon which it is to
be used.
b. Tho property of tho applicants,
consisting of real estate, used iu the
operation of thoir railway, und necessary for such purpose, road bed (which
shull include also the rails, poles,
ties and any purt or share of the pavement which bus been constructed hy
tho applicants) shall bo exempt for | may on givm
the space of tou (Hi) years from municipal taxation, and no taxes or liconses
shall be levied or collected from tho
ipplioanls during snid period upon said
property or for operating nud carrying
on said railway.
(i. Whenever tho City of Nelson decides to pave any street or highway
traversed by any of such railway lines
the upplicnnts shnll nt the same timo
pavo in a similar manner, or in snob
other manner us may be approved by
the Oity Engineer (provided that such
pavement shall not bo of a moro ex-
penssive kind than that adopted by
the City) those parts hereinafter referred to, nnd in case uny streets in
which the applicants shall lay a railway truck shnll have beeu paved previous to lho time of laying of snob truck
tlie upplioants shull upon laying their
truck repave tbe sumo nnd kcop in repair the same as hereinafter provided.
Tlie parts referred to shall bo:
In ease of a single track; between
Ihe rails and eighteen inclios on each
sido of them.
Iu oase of  double   track ;    between
I tho upplioants unless appealed from
I as hereinafter mentioned, Ul repair
j und construction shops, olliccs, onr
sheds or barns und general buildings
(excepl pn.ver bouse* iis**il bv Ibe un-
plloants in the operation of their mil
wav shall be within the limits of
K. The applicants shall be liable for
and shall indemnify ihe Oity for all
damages arising out of tbe oonstruotion or operating of their railway.
ll. The Council may, after the year
1000, by written notice served upon the
applicants, or uny one of them, or nny
one oi' their officers or agents resident
in the City, or any person whom they
shnll by written notice to the ('ity
designate to represent lliem, rn receive
nonces or nrooess, demand the construction of any now line or lines
witibn Ihe Oily limits on any slreet
or si rents as hereinafter provided.
Line or lines must be designated as to
route and   terminus, and must   extend
from line or lilies already iu operation,
At the dale of such notice there   musl
be un averagi tual bona lide resident
population  of   at least 600 persous of i
above live   years   of   age, fur each half
mile of proposed  line, living within a I
distance  of one quarter of a  mile  on
ca.'b si'ie thereof, and not within oue-
eighth ol a mile of   any   parallel   line j
already in operation. Hint is; an   aver- |
age of five hundred for each  quarter
square mile, measured as   above,    The
applioauts shall oonstruot and   operate
siicli new lino or  lines within   twelve
months from such notice.    A bona lide
commencement  must be made  within
SUoh reasonable time as may   be   fixed
by Oounoil when giving notice.
1. Tbe applicants shall within four
months after the final passage of this
By-Law deposit with the Oity Treasury
two thousand ($8,000) dollars (o lie retained by Iho Cily ns security for the
payment of any damages flint may ro
suit to tho Oity from tho commence*
ment of the building of such railway
aud a failure to complete suid two
miles as hereinbefore provided, and in
ease of suoh failure to oomplete thesaid
two miles within the time hereinbefore
limited Ibe Oily shall repay to the applicants the snid sum of two thousand
dollars and interest nt the rate of five
per oent pel annum, less any damages
payable as aforesaid. Upou comple-
tio of such two miles of railway suid
sum of two thousand dollars shall bo
repaid to said upplicnnts, or their assigns, wilh interest in thu meantime
ut tho rate of five por cent, per annum,
u. If the applicants oomply with
the provisions of this By-Law nnd
shali operate the suid line or hues of
railwny in aooordnnoe with the same,
tbey shnll be entitled to enjoy the.
rights nnd privileges granted under'
this By-Law exclusively for the term
of thirty-five (85) yenrs, and at the
expiration thereof tho Oity of Nelson
one   year's   notice   of
tors boiug unable or failing fo agree
upon the said third uihirrator for one
week aftor their appointment or tbe
appointment of the one of them wbo
wus lust appointed, then suoh third
arbitrator shall lie chosen aim appoint-
the led by tho Chief Jnsitoe for the time
i being of the Supreme Court of the
Provinoe of British Oolumbla, or in
the event of the Ohief Justice being
sick, absent from the Province or
Otherwise unable or refusing fo acl,
Iben such third arbitrator shlll! he appointed by the senior judge of such
court.   Tlie decision or award of any
two of tilt said arbitrators shall be
filial, SUOh arbitration lo be in ether
respects governed by lhe provision'
of lhe Arbitration Aef chanter !i of th
British Columbia Statutes of lb!)7, or
its nniendiiieiits.
14. Any person or D0WH8 win.
jslnill iu  any   way or manner wilfully
obstruct Ihe free passage nt oars on
[and along   the   Iraolt   or   tracks   upon
any of lhe applicants lino of railway,
j shall be liable upon   conviction'   before
the Oity Police Magistrate, tbe Mayor
lor any Justice or Justices of Iho I'eue**
; having jurisdiction to a fine not exceeding twenty dollars anil costs, for
|each offence, and in default of pay-
moot of said line and ousts, In in
Imprisoned in unv police station or
lock-up house in thesaid Oity for a period not exceeding twenty-one days,
unless such penalty and costs shall
have been sooner paid,
15, The Oity will uot, during the
currency of tbis franchise, grant any
permit or franchise to nny other person
or persons or corporation foi the operation of a street car system m the City,
or iu any way autborisso tho construction of ii slreet railway system hy nny
other person or persons or corporation.
Ki. Tho Oity hereby consent to
tbis By-law being ratified bv tbe Legislature of (he Provinoe of British Oolumbla, and so long as the upplioants
comply with the terms of tbis By-law
will not consent to nor approve of oi
confirm, or in any othor way assist
any other party or company or corporal ion in obtaining from tho Legislature any rights or privileges to enter
upon or occupy any of the streets of
the Oity of Nelson for the purpose of
operating a street railway system.
The cost of legislation is to bo uairt
by the applicants.
17. All provisions of this by-LaW
shall appply to any extension of this
railway beyond the limits of Iho Oity
or any lino or lines acquired, owned,
controlled or operated with or adjoining ii ("ity line or lines when such
Streets or routes come within the limits of the Oity of Nelson.
IS. All rights and privileges under
this By-Law mny ho transferred to
nnd become vested in a oompany to be
formed und organized by Iho apnli-
onuts and their associates and siicli
transfer, nnd all benefits and obligations arising under
of the said Oorporation,
Debentures   hi
of th(,
"ly ,,,
���;���  of ii.
I iupo.se*-
before iv
*���>��� the Mn
.    W���\*
ereinaflei*    ,,,,.,*,
from nni person or persons   I,
bodies corporate, wh
to advance flu* same
of nioiiey nntcxcicii,,,,;':,;'",!;,.^!1","
000.00), and to cause all su,*| ,',���'"'���
raised or received fo be , , , ?",?"
hand- of ihe Trias,,,..' '
Corporation, foe ibe
Willi the objects herein
->.  ll shall be IhwIiiI li
llio said Corporal lue ii,
ber  of   D benl inc.-   I,,
cutod and issued for -,,, |,
as limy  In* icqulri il
'���'��l   ohjoel,  ,*,|..,,.s,.,���|   nut  exocedi,,
however,   lb,* .sum  of Ten  ilim..    .
do��.'��mm*), caei, .,r,;;,.'i m!;:1
ben lures being ,*i then,*,,,.,,,,*,,.,*,' ,
Cm* thousand dollars ($1,000), (u���i ,,'���'
such Debentures shall In* seal*-!
lhe soul of the Corporutioi
by lhe Mnyoi* thereof,
���'!. Tin* sn'd Dobeutiiroi
date the 20th ilny of July
and .shall In* made puyalil
years from ihu said dati
money of Ounntl
sonny num.
made, exc
1';"" "rsimiu
"'  H'e  purpose
in   In
llllll III,.
e   ell her
a*  lllho.
1*011 ty
, *H  Uu*  olllco   of ||i(,
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforos,
which said nine ' paymenl   shall I,.'
designated by the said Debenture,,
-Imii have attached to tbem
for Hn* paymenl nf Interest,
signal ure coupons iiiiii* li
written, stamped, [iriuted i
*i  The said Debentures shall  i,rll.
interest ���(, the rate of five pur cem,,, ,
I"'1'  annum   fr    ibe du;,*  thereof
which inferos! shall be payable semiannually at said office of the bank of
Montreal In Nelson aforesaid, in lawful
mouey of Oanada, on the 20ih da*
January and the 20th day of ,i���iv
speclively, in each year dining'
currency thereof, and il shall he
pressed in said Debentures and
to be SO payable.
5. Itshall be lawful for tho Mayor
of said Corporation to negotiate aud
sell the siuil Debentures (
them for less than par; hnl
shall the said Da ben tur
*' nf
i e-
i; any   of
in no case
, 'os or any part
ol them be negotiated or sold fi
l ninety-live  p,*
face value, includi
of lb
 -  -   this Bv-Law shall
their intention so to dj assume owner- he transferred to the said Company
ship of the said railway and personal * which shull thereupon become und be
property in connection therewith, of liable in the place of (he applioauts
every kind und description, upon pay- I for the proper currying out and fulfilment of this By-Law.
19, Nothing'in this By-Law shnll
be construed as giving tho apnhcnuts
any rights to utilize or dispose of p.iw-
er for any other purpose than the operation of their railway or incidental
thereto, or to permit any porson or
corporation supplying them with
power to havo any such rights.
20. A contract embodying (ho provisions hereof, and a oovannnt on tbe
pnrt of (he upplicnnts to conform to
and   fulfil   all the matters und provis-
ment of the full value of the sumo, including the value of uuy pavement
made or dono by or at the expense of
the applicants, to be determined by ar-
bitration, nud iu considering "such
value, the franchise, rights and privileges granted uuder this By-Law,
and the revenue, profits and dividends
derived or likely to be derived nre uot
to be tuken into consideration, but the
arbitrators are to consider only the actual value of the actual and tangible
property, plant, and   equipments  nnd
ng the enst of negotiating and sale, brokerage and all
olliee Incidental expenses.
(i. There .shall be raised and levied
ill eaeli year dining ||u* currency of
said Debentures the sum of Five hundred dollars ($600.00) for the payment
of interest.and the sum of Three hundred and sixty dollars ($800,00) fm- the
payment of ihe debt dm* under tin*
said Debentures by a rate sullicient
therefor on all the rateable land in tin*
said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the snid
Municipal Council lo repurchase any
of the said Debentures upon such terms
as may be agreed upon with the legal
bolder or holders thereof, or any pint
thereof, either nt the time of sals or
any subsequent lime or limes, and all
Debentllies     so     repurchased    shall
forthwith be cancelled and destr
and no re-issue of  Debonturi
purchased  shall   lie   made
qusnee of such re-purchase,
8. This By-Law shall take effect on
the first day of .June, A. 1). 1890,
m conse-
wnrks connected with and necessary to ions hereby required of  thorn shall   ho
the operation of the said   railway, itr- drawn  and   shall   bo executed by the
chiding such   pavement, if   any,   and City nnd the   applicants   within   four
aftor the end of tho snid term of said months from tho passing   of   this Bv*
            *    shall have T
thirty-five years, tho City
the right at tbo end of each succeeding
five (a) yours to take over, assume nnd
purchase the said lines of railway and
railwny system, and all Ihe plants, appliances and othor property connected
therewith, upon tbo terms  hereinafter
both sets of rails nnd   eighteen   inches ; mentioned provided for as  to   arbitra-
operation bo always sufficiently lightod (burs of lhe Police or Eire Deportments
and heated,   and   shall   havo   painted of  tho City of   Nelson, when in   uni
on conspicuous parts thereof iu largo
plain letters, so that the sumo may ho
readily soou by.dny or night, the route
or Btreot on which tho snuio nro to be
(i) Each car is to be iu ohurgo of a
uniformed conductor, who shull oloarly
annouce tbo names of cross stroets as
tho cars reach them. Conductors
shall only receive and discharge passengers ou the right or curb sido of
the cars ou double truck routes. Oars | privileges
aro uot to bo overcrowded (a oomfort-
able number of passengers for enoh
class of cars is to bo determiir ,1 by the
City Engineer nnd approved of by   tho
form, and   the   poltoemeu and dectec
tivos exhibiting n budge   ure In bo curried free of charge on all of the   street
curs operated by the snid applioauts,
(p) The lino of railway of the applicants, for the conveyance of passengers, shull be operated daily, aud
should the said railway ecus.* to be
operated nt nny time fur a period of
two (8) months in uny one your, the
applicants shull lose all rights and
h -roliy granted under fhis
by-law. Suoh failure to operate tho
said railway linos during the said uor-
iod mentioned is not to cause u forfeiture of tho franchise and   privileges
on each sido outside of both traoks and
between each insido of both trucks
oommouly known as tho "devil"
The parts referred to ns aforesaid
shall be kept constantly in good repair
in* the said applicants, who shall also
construct nnd keep m good repair
orossings of similar nature to those
adopted by the Oity within the
aforesaid ut tho intersection   of
81. In this By-Law the expression
Oity" shall menu the Oitv of Nelson
"Oity Oounoil" the Oity Conncil of
the City of Nelson; "City Engineer"
tho onigneer of the City of Nelson,
and the word "applicants" shall include,   refer   to nnd bo in  every  wny
tion, nud the notice required in such I binding upon Ihe apnHaoDhj their and
case shall be one year, nnd until such euch of their heirs, exeoutors admin-
assumption   and  purchase   the rights | istrators.  and  assigns,   where  name I
and privileges are to be extended to the
applicants   beyond   tho said period   of
thirty-five years    on   and subject  to
the terms and conditions   heroin   contained.
12   Aitor the   expiration   of  fifteen
limits j (!'">) years of the snid   thirty-five yenrs
every I the Oity   of   Nelson   muy 'for  fifteen
railway track and cross street. In Iyears thereafter, at any time, on giv-
case the Oity Engineer considers that ing one year's notice of their inten-
the paving or repairing of pavement I tion so to do, assume tbo ownership of
on streets within the lines above men- the railway or all real nnd persona'
tioned has not been properly or suffloi- 'property in connection with the work-
onlly.loue, the Oity may (tiled that tlie j mg thereof, of every kind and descrip-
wori; may ho done and completed un-: tion as a going concern, upon payment
der tho directions of lhe Oity Engineer of the full value of tho sumo, inolud-
and in such cases all expenses and ing the value of the pavement made
charges In which tho City has been put,) or done by or at the expense of the np-
shall be forthwith  paid   to the Oity by plioonts, lobe  determined by arbitra-
the applicants, it being the understanding that uny question ns to
whether repairs nre necessary or have
been properly dono by tlio Oity shnll
be subject to Iho decision of tho City
Tin* City shall upon reasonable notice
of their intention so to do, havo tho
right to take up and replace the streets
ira*, ns* d bv iho railway line for the
purpose of altering ibe grades thereof,
constructing, or repairing pavements,
sewers, drains or oouduits, or for lay*
ing down or repairing water or gas
pipes, and for all otber purposes within the powers of thn Oorporation, the
same being replaced by and at the expense of lhe Oity   without being liable
fur any compensation or damage thnt
muy be occusioned to the working of
the railway or the works connected
therewith, and SUOh work shall not
be unnecessarily delayed   but  shnll be
tion, nnd shall upon the expiration of
suob year's uotico pay to the appli-
oants, in addttion to the aotual value
of tho aotual Hnd fungible propertv,
plant equipments and works connected
therewith and necessary to the operation of tho railway n further sum of
live years' prospective profits in eon-
nootion with the business as a going
loin cm, and such five years
five profits sho
culating tho uv
way three years previous from the (fate I
of such   assumption    und   three   yenrs I
from nnd nfter the date of such assumption and such prospective profits so   to !
bo paid shall be deemed   to include all
rights,   benefits  and   advantage  onn-'
furred under tho franchise  granted by
this By-Daw,
and mentioned in connection with the
word "applicants," wherever the
same occurs in tbis By-Lnw, nnd shnll
nlso wherever referred to be binding
in overy wny upon a companv to bo
formed and organised by the applicants
nnd their ussociutes.
Done nnd passed iu   Oonucil at,   the
City of   Nelson   tho day   of
 A. D., 1899.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of tho proposed bylaw upon
which  tho  vote  of tho  Municipality
Wl 1 bo taken ; for tbe East Ward lit
the Pire Hall, on Josephine street-
for iho West Word nt the Offioe of (ho
Exchequer Cold Mining Company, on
North side of Baker Stroot between
Stanley nnd Kooteuay street, on Monday the 39th day of May at eight
o clock in the forenoon,
Oitv Clerk
Nelsou, B. O., May Ki, 1899.
Tako Notice, That the above is a
tiueinpy of the proposed liy Law upon
which the voto of the municipal 11 v will
be taken, for the East Word, al the
Eire Hall, on Josephine Street, for the
West Ward, at the oflice of tbe Exchequer Gold .Mining (' in the noil h
sine of Haker .Strict, between Stanley
and Koolenay Streets, on the cast half
of Lot 9, Block 11, on Monday, the 80th
day of May, instant, nt 8 o'clock in the
Citv Clerk.
Nelson, B, C��� May 10th, 1898.
inch live   years   prospen-  n ��- n    i       ~
di he arrived ut by   enl-; OOl'UOratlOn   Of   tllO    OltV    Of
vcrugu profits of the rail- | J
By-Law No, if.
!   A.?y rf * l�� raise $10,000 for the
; ereotion of Public Buildings.
Whereas  A   Petition   has  he��n pre-
The decision of tho Cty Engineer ! 5fiS^#M?Tl^
..uonr^"'"-''"^\,,T,,t^i Sss* &.����!���."�����"?$VjaSft
ppenl from tho decision
Oity Council.)   Cars  shall  bo stopped | hereby grunted, if the same should re
at ovory cross stroet clear of suoh oross * suit   from   failure   to obtain    electric
streot for taking up or lotting off pus
sengors; provided no oar shall be required to stop at such cross streot unless signalled by a prosnu or persons
desiring to bonrd such car, or by a person or persons on such cur desiring to
be let off. Cars are to commence running on nil routes not Infer than (i :80
a. m., aud to run until II p. m., and
each day at least 1ft  cars shnll bn  run
power, or from nny other canso for
wbioh tbo upplicnnts uro not in uny
wuy liable.
8. Single cash fares are not to be
more than ten (10) cents euch. mid
fares on any ours operated after 11 p.
m.. are not tube more than double the
ordinary maximum siugle fare. A
class of tickets must bo sold at not
less than twelve (18)   for one ($1) do!-
eaoh way on each   route, and  whon  a lar.    School children aro   to huve  tbo
nr take up   streets  of   the
rights   to   be   exercised
mission and under
Oity Engineer.
7. The applicants shall commence ' then such dispute or appeal shall bu
'tlio actual building and equipping of settled by arbitration and such arbitra-
their linos of railway in the Oity with- * tion shall be conducted bv three arbi-
in a period of four (4) months after , trators, oue to be chosen by each of the
the final passage of this By-Law, nnd parties hereto aud tho third to bo ap-
suoh oonstruotion shnll ho thereafter pointed by tho two so chosen ns afore-
curried on continuously and diligently : said. In the event of either party
until tbe applioauts shall have oom- hereto failing, neglecting cr refusing
plated at least two miles of their line ' to choose nu nrhitrntor for fifteen
Of railway in the Oily of Nelson, nnd days after being requested in writing
Should any ipiestion arise ns fo whether by the other pnrty to do so, then tbo
said railwav is being conslructed con-! party who lnnkos suob request shnll
tinnously and diligently the Oity En- appoint the arbitrator for and iu be-
gineer shall have the power to decide half of tho party so failing, neglect-
upon said question and bis do ing or refusing as aforesaid,nnd iii the
oi'sion    shull    bo      binding       upon
such   there be an i.,,^!,! .i*.,,,. uie oeoision nf      And,   Whereas,   It  is  exnedicni   t���
With the per- i the City Enginoor, with respect to the   borrow (he snid sum of T
the direction of the * currying   out   of  any portion or  por-   doll,*
tioils of the provisions of this By-Law  said
And, Whereas,
if the
-   Ten thousand
is ($10,000) for the purposes afore-
Th�� whole amount
rateable land of the  said  Citv
according to the last revised Assessment Ho I, is Eight hundred nnd six
thousand, eight hundred und seventy
dollars ($800,870.00). *
And, Whereas, It will be requisite
to .���.use annually, by rate, the Slim of
Eight hundred and sixty dollais ($880)
for paying the said debt and  interest.
Now .Therefore, the Municipal Council ot the Oorporation of tho city of
Nelson enacts as follows :���
1    It shall and may be lawful for li
ng or retusing as utoresnid.niid in tlio  Mayor of the Corooeatlnn nf ?*,. , ������
further event of   tbe said two arbitra-. of kelson to bolriw! upon��fch��S
Corporation of the City of
Hy-Law No. 38.
A By-Law to raise $15,000 to extend
the Sewerage System,
Whereas, A Petition has been pre-
Stnted lo the Municipal Council of lhe
Oorporation of the Olty of Nelson,
signed by the owners of at least one-
tenth of the value of the real property
of tlie said City (as shown by the last
Assessment Roll), requesting tlie said
Council to introduce a By-Law to raise
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
($16,000.00) for the purpose of extending the Sewerage System of the said
And Wherereas It is deemed expedient** to borrow the Bald sum of Fifteen
thousand dollars ($15,000.00) for the
purpose aforesaid.
And Whereas Tbe whole amount of
the rateable land of the said Oity, according to flic lust, revised Assessment
Boll, is Bight hundred and six thousand eight hundred and seventj dollars ($806,870.00).
And Whereas, It will le requisite to
raise annually, by rate, the muu of
Twelvo hundred and ninety dollars
($1,80(1.0U) for paying the suid debt and
Now, Therefore.Tlic Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Olty of
Nelson enacts as follows :���
1, It shall and may be lawful for the
Mayor of the Corporation of flic City
of Nelson to borrow, upon the credit
of the said Oorporation, by way of the
Debentures   hereinafter   mentioned,
from any person or persons, hodv or
bodies corporate, who may he Writing
to advance the same as a loan, n v.un
of money not exceeding in lhe whole
the sum of Fifteen thousand dollars
($15,000), and lo cause all such sums so
raised or received to le paid into the
hands of lhe Treasurer of the said Corporation, for lno purposes and with
the objects hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall lie lawful for the Mayor
of the snid Corporation to cause any
number ef debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or sums
as may he required for the purpose
and object aforesaid, not exceeding,
however, the sum of Fifteen thousand
dollars ($15,000), each of (he said Debentures being of the denomination of
One thousand dollars ($1,(1011.(111). mid
nil such Debentures shull he sealed
with the seal of the Corporation nnd
signed by the Mayor thereof,
il. The said Debentures shall hear
dato the 20th day of July, A.D. i.SIIII,
and shall he made payable in twenty
years from the said date, in lawful
money of Oanada, at the offloe of lhe
Hauk of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
Whieh said place of piynicnf shall be
designated by the said Debentures,
and shall have attached to them jou-
pons for the payment of interest, und NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 1899.
Leading Characters Were We1! Suited liy
'1 heir
liolos, and Give
joyable fc'how.
Harry Lindloy had a much better
play to present to theatre goers last
evening than on the previous night,
and as a rosult the performance was
highly creditable and well pleased the
fair sized audience ihat was in attendance, The piece seleoted was "T *e
Wages of Hin," a, powerful drama thai
gave tho members of the company
full scope io display thoir abilities,
Tho drama was a rather sad affair bin
Mr. Lindloy himself infused i>no.*:,li
comedy into it to produce a laugh
evorytiiiio ho opened his mouth so il
was not altogether too sad. Miss
Flint as Until Hope was the lending
oharaoter and sho noted her part in a
manner that hit little to he desired.
Her work wns the bast in the line thnt
bos beou seen in Kelson for many a
day. Miss Beck iu the cockney char-
actor of Mrs. ijlaggs wns capital ami
pleased the audience immensely, bhe
proved herself to bo a first class char
actor actress. Miss Natol us her daughter Juliana, made a very pooeptablero
mantle young lady, Kir. Talbot was
the lending man, Ho ilopieicd lhe part
of the villainous husband in a highly
creditable maimer. In fact he did it
so well that everyone was glad to see
him killed in the last not,. As the
"Hev. Mr. lirand," Mr. Young wus
vory good. Mr. Lindley as "JSiod"
wnsjuot too prominent but lent n welcome touch of comedy to the otherwise
morose story of thu misfortunes ot n
wronged wife. Uu Bedat made a
handsome aud oredltnble' love sick
This evening that charming story of
"Littlo Lord l,,iuiiilleioy" will bo told
by tbo company. If they do as well
ns thoy did last evening tbe performance will certainly be well worth witnessing, Littlo Miss Ethel Lindley
will appear in tbe title role, a pint in
which sha has long since proved herself most effloient.
A   Prolonged   Sitting   of the  Comity
Court Yesterday,
Only ono case wns tried yesterday by
Judge Forin, and that ocoupied tlio in-
tire day and part of the night. In fact,
tho jury woro uot released until 11 p,
lu. Tho ease was Ker vs. Beer Bros.,
u suit which is of some importance
and has attracted considerable attention. Tbe plaintiff was suiim for $185,
tho amount remaining due liiui nn tbe
contraet for tho erection of the Victoria Block. The defendants counter-
claimed for damages for 'd-murraee
ut the rate of #10 a ilny for 60 days,
or alternatively for th * amount of rent
they lost by the building not being
eompleti d on time. The plaintiff in
rebuttal put in evidence to buow that
the delay, if nny, was caused by the
negligence of the defendants, wbn by
not pushing other work in connection
With the building made it impossible
for the plaintiff to pioceed. The slowness with whioh the rock work, which
had to be blasted at Ihe back of the
building wns proceeded with, was particularly complained of.
A great deal of evidence was tukeu,
muoh of it being somewhat contradictory, but wheu the jury went out at
10:80p, in., they only took SO minutes to make up tbeir  minds in  favor
of tho plaintiff, Accordingly .lodge
Forin gave judgment for tho plaintiff
for $186 and cosls, und dismissed tbe
counterclaim with cisls. The .jury
consisted of A. H. Clements, foreman,
and S, G. Campbell. J. Neelands, A.
K. Lott and F, J. Squires. Mr. SS. IS.
Taylor, (J. C. appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. VV. A. Maodonald, Q.
C., for tho defendants,
Tho mine owners of tlie Conor
d'Alones propose to co-operate with
the state authorities of Idaho in pro
serving order, and will immediately
htart up nil the mines in lho district,
says the Spokesman-Review,
This was decided upon nt a meeting
of the owners held in this city yesterday. Tho following mines were repre.
sentod: Tiaer-Ponrnian, Standard,
Hecla, Mammoth, Helena Frisco,
Black Bear, Com, Morning, Vou Like,
Bunkor Hill <fc Sullivan, nnd Empire
Stato (Last Chance). Tho dooisiou
was unanimous,
Tho wnges paid atj Burke. Gem and
Mullau are $8.50 a day for all men
working underground. Tho wages at
Wardner aro $8,50 a day for minors
and $!) a day for muckers or laborers
Threo buudrod and fifty men are already at work at Wardner, and tlie
other camps cau give immediate wook
for 1,000 men.
The mine owners present at the
meeting was held at* the oflico of Fiucli
& Camubell.
their work in romnrknbly short time.
Thoy look liko winners,
I Tin* regatta t.i lie held by tbe Nelson
Boat Club will lie on June Hi, instead
ef the *"iih as announced,
The  Nelson   Junior   Baseball  team
goes to Kaslo todav In wipe the ground
of that Oity with tbeyoungsters  there.
When Ibe eylisls path is ennipleled
and tbe arniv of wheelmen grows.a hi-
cycle club will be organized iu Nelson,
Owing to the unavoidable absence
of their leader iln* smelter band will
nol go to N*iw Denver as tbey hud
Silverton's first class programme of
sporiB will attruot a large number of
i\(ls*(in people today. The horse raoes
are proving a stroug drawing card.
The 11.-st Nelson man tn make a
inline run in ibe baseball matoh at
'.sew Denver todny will  be   presented
Willi a bus oi' emais. or a go j,l briar
pipo by W. A. Tliiirinaii.
Yesterday lhe Nelson* Soda Water
Factory bethought tbem oi' ibe ilnrsiy
Miner staff, wbo will g**i no holiday today, and snui down a most uo-
ueptable present of half a dozen bottles e! rel'nshing "soil" drink.
The valuable bracelet, lost by Mrs.
,1. Uiidenek Robertson on Ibe night if
the Library Hall was returned lo hei
yesterday.. It was found on the street
in front of the Opera lio, s*. whore
..Mrs. Kobortt ii must nave dropped it
on her way home,
Messrs, W. W. mid O. Frank Boer
have given up tbeir residence ut the
foot of Hall s, eei and h.'.ve taken temporary quarters at tlm Humo. Mr.
ami ..iis. W. W. Boer leave this week
nu an extended trip to their home in
iln* Maritime Provinces.
Yesterday afternoon Professor Harvey, the oculist, was oharged before
Police Magistrate E. A Oroaso with
having violated tlie Trade License bylaw. Oiiy Solicitor Galliher prosecuted, and I!, W. Hannnigton appeured
for the defense. The trial of tlio onso
wus adjourned until tomorrow.
Thoso of Nelson citizens who remain
in town today tn celebrate Hor Gracious Majesty's birthday mny enjoy u
ride ou the oyole path, the work ou
whioh has progressed far enough to
allow of a Short ride that will give
cyclists au idea of what tbey mny expect when tho path is oompleled.
"Josh" Billings, advance agent of
the Bittner Theatrical Company, camo
iuto (owu yesterday and states that
his oompany will show here for a week
beginning May 80, Tho company played hero for a fortnight last November
and their acting was much appreciated. They uro certain of a wai m reception on their return visit.
O. G.Griffin, manager of tho Canada
Powder Co's. plant opposite F'ive
Mile Point vas in the City yesterday.
The plant is now in shnpo to run
'���ut three tons of powder a day and
the oompany is enjoying a good business. It is supplying the powder being usod now on the Columbia St
Koolenay and Lardo linos.
Local football players received a
telegram from Kow Denver yesterday
asking them to send an Association
twain today. Tho Nelson club had not
intended to send a team, but as there
appeared to have been some misunderstanding rather thau disappoint Now
Denver, offOrtS were being mndo yesterday to get a team together. It is
probable that a scratch eleven will no
down lo New Denver today, and give
Ihe boys there a game.
Tbe uniforms for tho South Kootenny Rifles have at lust arrived, or nt
least portions of tbem. The jackets
and trousers were received yesierdny
by Oaptaiu Hodgins, but the headgear
is still somewhere on the road, and
the belt equipment is reposing in store
at Victoria wailing for a permit fo
"liable ihem to be issued. The jackets
���ire black, not green as had been e*,*-
peeled, as nre the trousers. They
aro very unostentatious, tho only
adornment being a red stripe, and
blaok braid and buttons.
Work and worry make aye
faster than years. Whatever
makes work easier and worry
less, smoothes back the
wrinkles and lengthens life. A
splendid help to this end is	
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From MontroH
Allan Lino- Lnurontlan Iune8
AHimi Lino���Numidian Fune 10
Dominion Line���Dominion  June 8
Dominion Lino���Cambroman  June 10
Hunvor Lino���Luke Ontario June 1
From New York
White Star Lino���Malwtio May ::i
Cunard Lino���Luoaiila June u
Amerioan Line��� farta May Mi
Anchor Line���City of Rome June S
Allan .State Line���Slate of Nebraska.. ..June U
l'Vom Toulon
Dominion Line���New Bng1 ind May :;i
Pa* ages arranged Lo and (Voui all Kuiopctn
poiiiU For rates, tiokots and (-���" in.knti.Mio i
a��))lytoO.P. R, dopot agent or U. 13. Beacley
Oity Ticket Agont  Nolson, B. U
5(5)   General A sent, O P. R, OSoej \\ ft��lE93*
���:i,i:< ruiiAi. EXPBUT.
From the Eleotrionl SLindardisingTc n: ig rod
and 'i l.'i.ik iiisiiiiiii,., London, Liuoo! tho Olty
&South London KlootrloRailway; witli Mo . n.
Scot, l.i'o.., Kensington, Chief eluc.Hci.-.ii io
Mo ������.(*,. Wiukin tiros., Northampton, it'o^iecd.
M'l.SOV. It. V.
MINIMI iii01.1 It
W'lHlcriiico Mines,   Correnpoiidor.oSo'
And think that there will be no hot weather
this year, because we are having a few cool
days. The warm weather will come with a
rush, and find you unprepared unless you get
your Summer Shoes and Oxfords now.
Our lines are fresh and complete. Come
get first choice.
Aberdeen Block.
Just received a large consignment of all  Wnds of
Mantel Clocks.
We have the finest BLOUSE SETTS, BEAUTY
PINS,   BELTS and all kinds of GOLD and
lies'   Blouses
at $1.00
at Si.25.
al $1.50.
at $1.50.
at $1.75.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Baker St.
Not Cheapest
But Best
Plitiir���,T. E. Poupore, Nuknsp; ]i\
H. Hutnhins, Toronto; A. A. Cross,
West Superior; E. Griddle, London
P, .T. Bntos, Spokane: J. 15. Arthur,
Knslci;0. Lemon, Snndou; J. Tasse,
Montreal; G. B. Chandler, Snckville;
R. Bmiiiinii. Vancouver; C. K. Mn-
Liii'liliiii, Winnipeg.
Hume���B, D. Jiukens, Rossland; A.
Mourner, St. Pnul; E. W. Turner,
Toronto; ,1. W. Boer, Kaslo; D. Gavin, Jr., Vanoouvcr; O. IT. Taylor,
Montreal; Miss E. M. Harris, St.
John, N. B. ; John Bull, Slooan Oitv;
Ed. Billings, Bittner Theatre Oo. ; E.
O. Davison, Rossland; E. B. MoMar*
tin, Vancouver; *1. 1). Young, Vio-
toria; Joseph W. Wey, Viotoria: H.
T. Tilley, Toronto: J.W. Wilson. Rosslaud; K. ,0 WiitcTsnn nnd wife, Rosa-
liuid ; Miss A. A lln way, Rossland,
Insist upon g'etting the
Early Breakfast
Brand of Eggs ,
from your Grocer and
you will always have
tlie very best fresh
stock. Gathered di-.
rect from producers by
Parsons Produce Co.
Two Carloads just received. Try our Prices,
then try our Goods. We guarantee everything v.e
sell in the Paint Line.
Agents in Nelson for Cabot's Creosote Stain.
Gamble &  O'Reilly.
House and two lots, with aoven rooms, oi
Carbonate street, near Cedar stroet, $2500.
Eo.ir*Hng House with 27 rooms on Vernon
HtteoL for sale or rent, yood business proposition,
Now house, suitable Cor dwelling or boarding
house, 13 rooms and basoment, heated hy ,ui-
nncu.   I"'or rent on Ward and Silica streets.
Who is your Hatter ?
,  .   .   NECKWEAR, UNDERWEAR, fee?
If you are not sali ficd ili.tt you are doing as well as
you can do, both for ..iyle (".nil price, why not see what we
can do for you ? Our S ock i'* all New Fresh Goods and
Piicos are Modcmta.
We have Station's, Roelofs and other American
makes of Soft Felt Hats, and are Sole Agents in Nelson
for Coaksey's SiilT Hi* is.
Underwear'of Hn.'li h Tti German Manufacture.
Mail Ordeis i*-.".i.e c< reitil and prompt attention.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Box i48, Neison. Emory & Walley
I have seven Lots that I will sell
separately or all together, four of thrm
nu Nelson Avenue, where the Street
<'. lb are expected to run, and the others
.���'ii* nlso well Hii Hilled.
Terms one-tliiiil cash down, and
balance in *'l and (I mon at 8 per ceut.
Other Choice Lots.
Money to Loan.
Fire Insurance at Lowest Rates.
Mining and Real   Estate  Broker
Turner-Boeckli Mock, Neison.
Fancy Dry Goods, Silk
Shirt Waists and Dress
Skirts always to be had at
Mrs. McLaughlin
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us,
B  C.
A'soa large list o( llio best Kcsidontia
orty in tho city.
Mr. S. S. Fowler left yesterday afternoon on a visit to Kaslo.
Mr. A. A. Cross of West Superior,
Wis., is a guest at tlio Phair,
The usual tlruuk was lined $6 and
oosts yesterday iu tho City polico
The courts oi' tlio Nolson Lawn Ton
nis Club will be opeuod for tlio soason
If he is not in his oilice today you
will And him at Silverton, Now Denver or Kaslo.
Mrs. P. .1. Russell and little daughter leavo this morning for a mouth's
visit to Victoria.
Tho hose n el team that goes to New
Denver today had a fiual praotice on
Baker   street  last  evening  and    did
Remarkable   Accident   to Ilwnoo Kail-
way St Navigation Cn.   Train.
Astoria, Or., Mny 211. ��� The train of
**ho Dwaoo Railway & Navigation
Oompany broke through the oompany'a
docV in  Ilwaoo this afternoon, while
bucking up to the -warehouse with
freight and]} passenger cars for the
sloainnr Ilwaco. The train hnd reached a point about half way from lho
shorn pikI of tho dock when thn underpinning broke and Ihn engine fell
through "and was entirely submerged
in eight feet of water. Tho combination baggage and passenger car, containing Hi passengers went through
the trestle with the engine, and was
only prevented from falling into tho
water hy the protrusion of a pile
through tho door, which held it suspended with ono end elose to the
water. Five passengers, with the engineer and fireman, were thrown iuto
the wnter, but all woro resenod wit h
but slight bruises.
Agents (or Addition "A" and "Hume" Addll'o *.
The British Columbia Permanent Loan and
Savings Company, who give tho most reacon-
iibio tonus to borrowers, allowing Prinoipa] to
be paid offat any tlmo without Charging any
8-amble & O'Reilly,
Before going*, call at DesBrisay's, where you will
get promptly and profitably outfitted. Goods packed in
cotton sacks and re-packed in gunnies ; or packed in
boxes, if preferred.
We can fix you up in any style, and all you have to
pay for is merely the goods. No extra charge for packing
or delivering.
Largest and best selected stock in  town  to  choose from.
Prices right.
Spokane J^JM^A
Northern R'v.
HeJson__ &  Fori
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
i ini us iiiiii iiii Puclflc Standard Time.
Kast Hound
Leaves III
Stal ionf
Arrive Daily
8.0(1 a. ill.
8.98 p.m.
H.:i.' a, m.
Smith Kork
,1.211 p.m.
ll.lli) a, m.
2.2.i p.m.
il. I.'* a. m.
\\ nltowator
2.10 p.m.
!!..��.* a. in.
Hear Lako
2.1X1 p.m.
1(1.12 ii. m.
1.45 p m.
10:8S a. in.
Pa; ne Tram
10.80 a. m.
Cody Junotlon
1.2) p.m.
10. In a. in.
1.15 ,)..n.
Arrive Ilaily
Leavo Daily
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Leavu Daily
11:0(1 a. in.
11:15 "
Arrive .Daily
Arrive Daily
11:10 a.m.
11:25   "
Daily Leave
ul lti*|Mirl,
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdich.)
DATK            DAY          11 lllll-
FA 1.1.
May 10  Tuesday    53.0
May 17   Wed'day   59.0
May 11' Thursday   01.0
27 05
May 10  Friday       57.0
27 .ft)
May 20 Saturday   Ot.5
May 21   Sunday      (11.5
May 22   Monday    73.0
27.90 j
The Miner is on
sale at   the
lowing news stores
at five cents
Gilbert Stanley
Nel ho ft
'i horoson Stationery
Co        Nelnon
Caiimlu Drill' & Hook Co.      NOIBOO
Hold Huinc News B
and       Nelson
Hotel Phair NewaSI
ind       NelftOQ
Humphrey & Pittocl
1*. Campbell
O. Y. Nelson
New Denver
J. F. Delnncy
Linton BroB.
Blooan ('ity
J. I. Mcintosh
Blooan Newa Co.
\\. Parker
Thomson IlroR.
Hotel f-'iiokiine
M. \\. Simpson
W. II  liter
Lamont & Youhk
H. T. Macdonald
U. U. Ilrwil,
If so read all the "Fishing* Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported   direct  from   English   American  and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
The only ull rail route without ohang
of cars betweeu Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Kossland.
T*eavo 9.(10 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   ROSSL'I)    "     3:10
"    8-30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6*30 p.m
Train that leaven Nelnon nt l):*IOn.m
makes clcme oonneotiona at Bjiokiine foi
all l'liciiic Cont*t PointH.
Paseeogers tor Kottlp Hiver aud Boundary Ocek,connect at MaroiiB withStage
O. G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wash
A��etit .Nelson, B. C,
LOSr.���A watch charm, consisting of small
ciiurravt'd k<jM locket and gold wliinLle. Finder
suitably rewarded on leaiin^ articles at IhN
\v a N T ED.  t; i ri for   general   housework*
Apply Mrs, WaldiO, Vernon Streot.
Miner Offloo.
ENGLISH GRADUATE is open for engagement as superintendent ; two yeaiH' experience in this country. Addresth A. B��� Miner
-Furnished   shaok,    Apply
YOU BALK.���Furniture  soffioient fer ."our*
loomed bouse,   Apply to Annablo,
Keeps a full line of Royal Seals and other Union
made Brands of the ,
Kootenay Cigar Mfg Co.
Factory Prices
KOK RENT.���The premises al present occupied oi The Miner ufflce,   Possession 1st of
jinn..  Apply on the pK'mlrtCH.
MUSK 1.i:*i.ji).NS. - On piano ori<a*i o'
Kullur. by Mr.-*. W. J. A.tloy, Bobson Htroet
two door-* *��c*^l of Htnnluy.   P. (). Hox 1W1.
KOK BALE ('hi newsptpara at25 cout-s po
[00, Jii��i Urn thing to iiut under carpet!
Minor offloo,
WANTED A hoy not younger than 15 to do
li'Mit work and learn a tnule. Apply Mine*
A FINE OPENING���In business for a person
with moderate eapital. Proprietor wanLM tc
^c". o"u on OOOOnnl of leaving for Iho old conn
try.   AddrOM "A. ti.," thin oltleo.
WANTED���Every man. woman and child n
N'el-ion to -end copies of The Minor'** Spec! 1
Koolenay  Number W friends  in   the  K.. it
LeVVO i.aiii**- wilh teii'eents for eacil ono
this olliee and we will do (he rest,
TO KKNT   Anollleeand bedroom, fnmish
ed. Immediate possession may bo had. Ap
ply Harold Batons.
8.Tytler is now prepared io give Lessons (either
private nrclassl in oil and wator coloi. Hketcll-
(ng from nature. Kor terms apply 8. Tytler;
Baker Bt, West.   P. O.Bo*x67i.
KOK KKNT 'I'wo roomed olllco next lo lhe
Opera lioiisu on Victoria 8t., |16 por month
Apply -'-In,, oinco NELSON DAILY MINER, WEDNESDAY, MAY 24. 1899.
A NOTICE.   FINEORDEREDCLOTHING Arrived and Open for Inspection
Will Accept Three Dollars
for Eight Hours.
Th** Silver King Miners Will Not Hold
Out for $3*50���The Position Is
Most Satisfactory.
It -was learned in tho City yesterday
on reliable authority that tho minora
engaKOd at the Silver King mino had
made up their minds to accept $3.00
per day for eight-hours work. The
Miner's informant vtas one of the meu
ongaged at tho mine and a member of
the local Miners' Union. Word *was received from Saudon also to the effect
that the men have decided to take $3.00
per day under tbe new conditions.
It appears that the action of the
owners in making public their intentions and clearly presenting their side
of tho case has led the men to view
the matter trom a broad standpoint.
None of the men want a strike and
tho consequent irreparable injury to a
country that is just opening up. They
therefore see that they can serve their
own interests, and also the interests of
the country,by accepting the offer of the
owners and work for $3 a day. This
of course means that there will be no
trouble and that things will go along
as usual. There has been a feeling of
confidence in tho City for the past
few days and the public will be prepared for the above statement which
is just what was expected. It means,
if the statement is borne out by future
events, that the gravest crisis in tlio
history of the Kootenays will be safely
One of the men here who is doing all
ho can to urge the miners to fight
the owners, aud strike if they cannot
secure $3. i"iO for eight hours work is a
"has been" out of employment. While
following his profession he became
well qualified as a talker and is using
all tho eloquence that formerly bored
customers to bring on a contest between capital and labor. The better
class of miners repudiate the man in
question and they feel that they would
be better rid of him.
That the local Miners' Union is
disposed to act reasonably regarding
the enforcement of the law was evidenced yesterday when a representative of the Union interviewed several
mine owners in the Oity and told
them the Union was prepared to go into the question with each mine individually. The owners were invited
to make an appointment for a conference at which the whole matter would
be thrashed out quietly before either
side made a move to antagonize the
other. This is another reason for
believing that the threatened enmity
will come to nothing.
A meeting of the new directorate of
the Fern Golc* Mining & Milling Co.
was held here last Monday at which
the following officers were elected :
Mr.George Kydd, President; Mr. F.
W. Peters, Vice President; Mr. R. M.
Brigstooke, Secretary. The other directors of the company are Mr John
Campbell of Nelson, Mr. F. O. Innes
of Spokane and Mr. Phelps Johnson
of Montreal.
Tho head office of this company has
just been changed from Vancouver to
Nelson at the request of the stockholders and the capital has heen increased
by the oreation of 200,000 additional
shares, 100,000 of which was recently
offered to the shareholders at pur (2b
cents). Of this 100,000. there were
79,984 shares taken up, the balance being divided among those shareholders
who applied for any excess stock that
might not have been taken up by those
shareholders to whom it was offered.
Work will be started at the mine this
*   #   *
The Duncan Mines. Ltd., are getting in fresh machinery. They havo
just installed a now two-ton skip in
the Drummond shaft, on the Granite,
and a big new double cylinder steam
hoist arrived yesterday at the station,
lho hoist, which was supplied by
the .Tenckes Machine Company of Sher-
brooke, Que., is capable of raising
4,500 pounds from a depth of  COO foot.
New   York,    May   23.���Bar
61 ^i   Mexican   dollars,   i%}4
cnrtfficates, (il to (12.
Ooppor, dull; brokers',   $18.60;   ox
change, $18.50.
Lead, quiet; .brokers', $4.25; exchange, $4.45 to $4.47}-2.
Tin, quiet, but film ; Straits, $25.(15
to $25.75 ; Plates, quiet; Spelter, quiet;
domestic, $0.75 to $7.
Now York, May 23.--Special cable
and telegraphic despatches to Brad-
streetH indicate the following changes
in available supply lust Saturday:
Wneat���United StateB and Oanada
east of tbe Rockies, decrease 1,215,000
bushels, afloat for Europe, decroaso,
100,0000 bushels. Total supply, decrease, 1,310,000 bushels.
Corn���United States and Canada
east of the Rockies, decrease 2,952,000
Oats���United States and Canadn.
east of tbe Rockies, increase 30,000
Geneva, Switzerland, May 23.���Dr.
Moise Vautier, president of the state
conuoil is dead.
As the aunouceuieut Iiiih been made
that the Government of British Columbia purpose torciui! the Amendment
to the Metalliferous Mines Inspection
Act, making eight hours a working
day for those employed underground
in metalliferous mines; Seo. 18.���"No
person shall be employed underground
in any metalliferous mine for more
thau eight hours in every twenty-four
hours;" the undersigned as representing ono of the two parties mainly
affected, consider it advisablo to make
public their views on the situation
created by this uncalled for legislation,
and to indicate what their line of action must inevitably be.
While the undersigned are determined to respect and adhere to tho laws of
tlie Province, it may be pointed out
that this law is far reaching in the
injuries it must inflict upon tho mining interests of the Province, and ou
the amount of wages earnod by the
It means reducing tlio hours of labor
in the mines l'voin 80 hours a day to
111 hours, as many of tho mines aro so
circumstanced that three shifts cannot be worked io advantage. This
means a reduction of 30 per cent in
tlu amount of the production of many
mi es, and a reduction of 20 per cent
iu the development work being carried on in the mines preparing for
production and a reduction in the supplies used in tne mines.
The most nmioable relations existed, and still exist, between tlie em
ployors and employed at the mines.
The men were earning good wages,
equal to any being paid in camps in
the United States, and higher than
those paid in many,and they wero rendering good   services for tliese   wages.
If anv discontent was rife at the existing state of affairs, it was not generally known. It is therefore deeply
to be regretted that the Legislature
has see fit disturb tlio existing harmony, to interfere witli tho crowing
prosperity of the mining districts,
to reduce the wages earning power of
the men employed, and to interfere
with tho free light of'contract hitherto enjoyed.
As to the future, after tho 1st of
June next, at the mines renresented
by the undersigned, the standard rate
of wages that will lie paid to skilled
minors for an eight hours working day
will be three dollars (#3.00), and other
labor will necessarily be also paid for
according to the time worked.
The Hall Mines, Limited.
Tho   London   &     British    Columbia
Goldfields, Limited.
The Athabasca Gold Mine, Limited.
Tho Ymir Gold Mines, Limited.
The Duncan Mines, Limited,
The Loudon Hill Development & Min
ing Company.
The   Exchequer   Gold   Mining   Company.
The Dundee Gold Mining Company.
Mollie Gibson Mining Company.
Yellowstone Mining Oompany.
Nelsou, B. C, May Hi, 1899.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.
General Teamsters.
Agents Imperial Oil Co
Dealers in Wood and Lime.
Are You Going
To Atlin or Dawson City
If you are call and get posted on
the White Pass & Yukon Route.
The best, safest andcheapest route
West Haker Street NKLSON
At Office of The Duncan Mines Limited
The shipping Point, for Goat
Mountain Mines on tlie Crow's Nest
Pass and Bedlington and Nelson
The Centre of one of the Finest
Agricultural and Fruit Growing
Districts in West Kootenay.
For information and Price Lists
apply to L. A. HAMILTON,
Land Commissioner C.P. R.,
Or to F. MAlCaNDAINE, Jr.,
Agent,  Creston, IL C.
GEO. McFARLAND, Agt., Nelson.
Wc have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made up at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
*���"���*���-*��������������� ������������������������*���������������
Winter lingers in the lap of spring, but Gardens  must be
attended to, and we are Headquarters for
Garden   Tools,   Lawn   Mowers,   Garden
Hose, Lawn Sprinklers, See Cream
Freezers, Bird Cages, Screen
Doors and  Windows.
�����������+��� ���*������������*>
The finest lot of Crockery, Glassware, etc., that has ever been
brought into Kootenay.    We have the   Slock  and   our  prices
are below competition.
Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons, in any quantity.    Ccme early  and  see  the
display.    Don't forget we carry the largest stock   of  Groceries
in Nelson and our Crockery and Glassware Department is upstairs.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson
P 0. Box K 6 W
Telephone 10
Baker Street
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
*^W�� ***��***V*%*V*%*%*%%-%*%*'%**%*'
J. Roderick Robertson, -.
General Manager     |    -..-p.   cnXT    R   r
S. S. Fowler, E. M., f   iNbLM)IN,   B.C.
Mining Engineer
You realize the necessity of protecting your house
with good paint, but you do not realize the necessity of protecting yourself against poor paint.   It all
looks alike iu the can, but one kind comes eff, the
other stays on;   one kind soon looks shabby, the other
keeps new.   The kind that holds on strongest, looks new longest, ia
It is the result of a quarter of a century's paint-making experience ; the product of the largest paint factory in the -world.
We sell it.
Shelf & Heavy Hardware.
Public Notice is hereby Riven tbat
the votes of the Electors of the Municipality of tin Oity of Nelson will lio
taken ou Holiday tlie twenty ninth day
of May instant between tlie hnnr of
8 o'olook a. in. and 4 o'olnok p. ni,,
on the follow-in*- By-Laws namely:
Bv-Law No. :iS. ���A By-Law to raiso
���$15,000 for tlio extension of the sewerage system of tlio City of Nelson.
By-Law No Iii).���A By-Law to raiso
$15,000 for tbe extension and improvement of tlio Eleotrio Light system
plant and works, of the City oi' Nelson.
By-Law No 40.���-A Bv-Law to raiso
$80,000 for the extension of the water
works system of the City of Nelson.
By-Law No. 41.���A By-Law to raise
$10,000 for (lin erection of publio
buildings in tlio City of Nelson or
extending and improving the present
By-Law Nn. 42.���A By-Law respecting an Eleotrjo fc-t'uet Railway 111 the
City of Nelson.
By-Law No.48.���A By-Law respecting tlio establishment of Coke and Gas
works in tlio City of Nelson.
Tbo votes of tlio okctors in tho East
Ward of the City will be taken at the
Firo Hall on .losephino street, and of
those in the West Ward at the oilico of
the Exohequer Hold Mining Oompany
ou tbe north side of Baker Street he-
Iween Stanley and   Koolenay   streets.
Any niali* or female lining of the
lull ago of twenty ono years wbo is
tho assessed owner of land or of real
property within tbe Municipality shall
nave B voto either conforming or negativing the said By-Laws or any or
either nf them, ou each Ward in wbioh
lie or she may ho assessed for land or
real property,
By Order,
Oity Olerk and Returning Ullicor.
Nolson, British Columbia, May 17,
1K!I!). ���
General Broker-
Hotel for suit* $0,000, renting lor $100
per month.
Baker street property for sale at $8,
1000, renting for 8160 pel month, leasee
for 5 years.
Twelve Lots in Hume Addition, cheap
A 12-rnnmed House for rent, convenient to Baker street.
Money to loan at S p^  ceut.   Fire ami
Life AHsnvance.
Diamond Core Drill
Contracts made for development of
properties. Shares taken in part payment.
Nelson Employment Agency
50 Men for railroad,
Girl for out nf town,
Blacksmith wanta Situation
Bakor wanta Situation.
Carpenter wanta Situation.
Cooks waul situation,
J. H. LOVE, Ag't      Baker St
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
S. 1). PIERRE Prop.
Peter G-enelle. & Co.
Headquarters for first
class Building Material.      We     make    11
specialty of
Well Seasoned Flooring, Rustic and
Ship Lap.
E. O. BEER      Agt.
Ladies' .and dents' Clothing cleaned i
dyed, altered nnd repaired. ) ^     J,      Q-,    DICKSON
Rear of Clarice time
A good Copper or  Gold Properly
partially deveio| ed,    Apply
Mining Broker,
Nelson, B. C.
Choice residential lots   and  good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred  lots in Addition A are on lhe market.
Hume Addition and city property
or sale.
Business property a specialty.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries
tYllLLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en  nelson, b. o,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized  -  -   -   -  $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Ui>, ��1,500.000, Reserve, ��1,250,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Suiteraenu, showing  the progress made by Uiis Hank in the
past ten years: 1SSS 1808
Cr.pltal Pi-id  Up  1)11,000,000 % 1,500,000
B��9t   aoiuioo 1,260.000
I teposibs  a.��62,000 8,176,000
Oii'onktion  093,000 1,887,000
Ln.ns  8,885,000 8,55*1,000
I.i. bilities ta Publio  4.0?3.000 0.900,000
Total Acsets  5,288,009 12,787,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letiers of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbe in   ���***, favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits ~uC. on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Savings Hunk department has lieu established in c o.mootlon wilh the Nelson branch ef
I his bank. Deposits of one dollar and upwards reeeiv*. J. and current rate of Interest allowed,
at present 3 per cunt, pur annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Turner Beeton & Co.
Victoria, JS.C.     VaijcoUVer, J3.C.     Loijiloi**,  Et?r
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowes Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing but fresh'and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines,  towns,   etc.    Electric  Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  be   forwardc
cither personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor Kootenay & Baker its.


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