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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 8, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. S50
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,  October 8,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Isaac N. Ford's Tiews Regarding the Chinese and Political Situations at
the Present Time
Ncw York, Oct. 8.-Mr. Isaac N.
,,;,,, ,r h|s London cable letter to the
Bornlng Tribune of today says re-
garding the   diplomatic developments
u{ the Chinese situation:
Improvement    in     tee
attributed   by well
Lord   Snlis-
]|e   did not follow
the    English    press,
mil,   except  one.
assumed he w
s in t
considered the   main
proposals in their   original form.
��� Distinct
China situation i
Informed men mainly to
tniry's astuteness,
the  advice  of
Every   London   jour
ould  accept the German
feature of the
scheme Impossible and offered the
foreign ministry at Iierlin a chance
for amending it. Europe,America and
Japan, through his intervention, have
made a close approach to a preliminary understanding and Germany has
net heen affronted by a blunt refusal
ufttr her own spirit of accommodation. The truth is perceived that the
Interests of Germany and England are
identical ami that the three Powers,
after taking different roads.aie heading fur a common goal,and their com-
blnsd iniluenee will bring about a
setteinent of the general issue on the
Chinese problem, The McKiuley administration has been sharply criticised by the English and Continental
press, but the diplomatic methods
which it condemned as impracticable j America
bare been abandoned by common con-1 analogous.
pi Inclple of the open dn
England and Japan wl
continued championship of that policy
and there is no evidence that Russia
will close Manchuria against American or European {foods.
New York! let. 8. Some analogous conditions pointed out between the penning
elections in England and the I'nited
Slates arc commented upon by Mr.
Isaac N. Kuril in his London cable
letter to this morning's Tribune as
"The American election is now discussed more intelligently by the English press but without partisan bias.
Several journals point out analogies
between the American and the Knglish contests and lay stress upon the
coincidence that both branches of the
English Bpeaklng race are called upon
almost simultaneously to decide between broad and narrow policies, between the well considered action of a
strong and successful government and
the vagaries and risks of an irresponsible opposition. The general electorate here has decided that there must
be no backward step in the Imperial
policy or national obligation and that
a government which has faced the
storm and stress of war is entitled to
public confidence. The best friends of
1 England believe that
results   will   follow in the
they show unmistakable signs of the
mental and physical anguish suffered
during the eight days in the open
boat. At the time they were picked
np both were exhausted from thirst
and exposure nnd almost In a delirious condition and had no hope of siloing another day rise.
The boat in which they were blown
to sea was a 30-foot dory, heavily laden with provisions, mining tools,
etc. By a strange oversight there
was not one drop of fresh water taken
on board, A strong wind was blowing otV shore when they started and a
few hours later- it developed into a
gale. It was impossible to face it and
Germany, I make the shore and it was found neo-
welcouic her [essary to run before the storm with
the result already mentioned.
Premier Ibmsmuir's Scotchmen
Very Independent,
Vancouver, B. C, Oct. 8.���James
llunsinuir. head of the lii'in of I!.
Dunsmuir .t Sons, coal mine operators, and premier of the Province of
Hritish Columbia, is the victim of a
peculiar strike. During the Provincial campaign last April, in compliance witli thu strong anti-Mongolian
sentiment, llunsinuir discharged all
the Chinese who had been working in
his mines on Vancouver Island and
sent to Scotland for Hill Scotch minors. Half of these arrived last week,
and Saturday morning a considerable
proportion of them struck aud started
oil' toward tbe I'nited States boundary line. All the expenses of their
transportation hither from Scotland
were borne by llunsinuir. They are
very Independent and refused to submit to tlie usual mining regulations.
.sent. The best informed veteran in
the civil service whom I have mot in
England tells me that be is convinced
by protracted experience and long
residence iu China that the Empress
Dowager would never have surrendered tbe guilty mandarins lit the dictation uf  the Powers   and   that   condi-
November elections. The Unionist
started here with the Impression that
the battle could be won without fighting, but Lord Salisbury sounded a
timely warning against over confidence and Mr. Chamberlain by vigorous canvassing, rallied big battalions
in the Industrial centres. Siimlar returns of anarchy and warfare would i suits are expected in America if the
have been prolonged for an Indefinite apathy of voters can be overcome.
JH-riud if the original (iermaii demand [ The English press does not show any
Inul been generally approved. What | preference for either political camp
is likely to happen is the co-operation ', but linancial journals express the gen-
of America, England and Germany in oral belief that an Immense expansion
effecting a settlement on a practical i of American trade will result if the
basis. When that result is brought j election in the United States is oar-
about Germany may be still free to ried by the sound money party, since
present special grievances of her own money has never before been so plen-
and possibly to claim a Province in tiful there and with credit abroad
compensation. America, however, unimpaired, there must be a great
will  ho   in a position   to enforce   the   growth in industry and commerce."
Home beautiful solm and duets that
will bo pleasing features of the production. As "Pooh-Bah" Mr. C. II.
Winter will bo irresistibly funny. He
has a commanding figure and splendid
voice and will make a hit as th pompous "Lord High Everything Else,"
Mr. W. .1. Caldwell and Mr. Edward
Orlzelle are well caste as "The Mikado" and " Pish-Tush, " respectively.
They both possess deep bass voices
and have very good ideas of their
The costumes have arrived and have
been distributed. They are very attractive and the stage pictures will be
very beautiful. There is on hand a
full supply of wigs and everything to
make a complete and accurate production. Special attention will be
given to decorating tho stage and
prosenium arch in true Japanese
stylo. The orchestra will be strong
and will bo fully up to the work.
When this week's work rubs off all
the rough corners the public can be
| sure of a performance that will meet
with their entire approval.
The plan of seats opens at the Opera
House store at 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning. There will be a big demand
for tickets and no time should be lost
in reserving them as soon as the sale
The regular weekly meeting of the
City Council will be held at S oclock
this evening. The report of the Hoard
of Public Works, which meets at 4
o'clock this afternoon.will be brought
before the meeting for discussion.
The question of a city poll tax collector will also be considered. F. U.
C. Peer, who was formerly collector,
lias stated that he will present to the
Council a communication concerning
his dismissal from that position.
Frederick Howard Arraigned and Formally
Charged With a Very Serious
One Week From Tonight the
First Performance Will
be Given.
An English Boer Commander
Surrenders With a
Small Force.
Outcome of a Conspiracy to
Swindle an Insurance
William Muller, who was shot in
the llodcga saloon Sunday afternoon,
by Frederick Howard, will not die of
his injuries and Howard will not
therefore be compelled to answer to
the charge of murder. Muller was
much improved this morning and his
attending physician says he iH in no
danger whatever.
As the story which led up to the
shooting unravels itself, it appears
that Howard acted with no incentive
whatever; that be fired the shots
while crazed with liquor, and would
have attempted to take the life of any
other man bad he met another before
running across Muller.
Howard was this morning arraigned
in the police court on the charge of
"unlawfully wounding William Muller with intent of murdering him."
After the reading of the change Howard was taken tothe eity hospital and
in the ward where Muller lies an examination was held before Magistrate!
Crease. Muller was the only person
examined and his version of the affair
was as follows:
"I recognize the prlsonei who Is
now standing before me as the man
who shot me. When the affair happened I, with four other men, were in
a room at tho Bodega saloon. Tho
prisoner came along and insisted on
getting in. We told him we did not
want him in because he was too
drunk. He used threatening language
of what he would do if he did not get
The Tribune's correspondent in that
city, and tomorrow tbe London County Council will be asked to approve of
special measures, which it is considered advisable to take precautions
against an outbreak in the metropolis,
Johannesburg, Oct. B.���General Bar-
ten is lighting with a lloer commando
northeast of Ktugersdorp. Several
bands of guerillas have reappeared in
tied district recently and more are
''���peeled. Mr. Edwards, an Englishmen, commanding a Boer force, who
became prominent after the Jamieson
r��id on account of a rabid nntl-lli'it-
'sli speech he made, baa surrendered
in Krugersdorp with a small force,
a colonial force has gone south to
Elondsfonteln to clear the llocrs out
of Kllprivcrsbcrg hills. These hills
have been a regular rendevouB for the
burghers lately. The ignorant Boer
Inhabitants here attribute tho fact
Unit the liritisli officials are Belling
"ml distributing food to a desire on
part  to clear out the storeB be-
Doubt Now of the Capture of
Americans lly Filipinos,
Manila. Oct. 5.���Via Hong Kong.
Oct. 8.���The report of the capture of
about do men of the Ninth United
States Infantry on Mai'inedique Island
is confirmed through communications
from McArtllUr and Kemp from Mar-
inedique Island, though details are
lacking. The Vorktown relief column
landed at Torrijcs on the Mai inedique
coast and inarched to Santa Cruse, the
proposed route of Ihe captured party,
without encountering the enemy vr
learning anything detinie regarding
tbe captives except that they had entirely disappeared, Marinediquo is a
small island within forty miles of
t Luzon, and if is possible that the rebels have conveyed the captives to
they give up the country. These
same people Btill readily bolleve and
circulate the most abBurd stories
about the intervention by the powers.
Colonel Henry, who wears the decoration nf the Star of India and who is
reorganising the police department
bus introduced the system of
"'''"ticllntlon  by finger marks and in
Alaska   Miners   in   an Open   Boat at
' regulation  of   labor
ill   an Open
Seattle. Oct. 8.���Eight days   at   sea
In an open   boat with  plenty of  food
but not a drop of   fresh   water is   the
painful experience of   Samuel Dutton
and   John Bauer, two   Alaska miners
who started   out from   Nome September   111 to   round the   cape   on a pro8-
1'hey   were   caught
storm, were  blown
I sea
* way intends to register every nil
�����   This plan will be of great as-1 _ <���� _ trip.
glance i��� the distribution of  passes, :tllL'  *-"-,,,u   s     .       ,,,        ,���__onHtage
out to
A week from tonigh', the second attempt of the Nelson Amateurs to produce light opera will be offered for
public approval. The first effort,
"Pinafore," was a marked success,
and the second, "The Mikado," will
undoubtedly be much more successful
if Saturday night's full rehearsal can
be taken as a criterion. Among the
popular light operas it is doubtful if
one more easily staged than "Pinafore" or one more dielliult to stage
than "The Mikado" could be chosen.
But tbe difficulties are being overcome
Us they present themselves and with
this week's hard work an even performance will be given that will reflect credit on those tailing part and
provide the public with an entertainment that has not been equalled in
Nelson. Hcrr Steiner's unquestioned
ability as a conductor shows itself in
tbe musical perfection of the principals and chorus. The chorus is a
strong one and the volume of sound
produced does full justice to the
The wisdom of the committee in
choosing the principals is now very
evident. Much will be expected from
those wdio took part in " Pinafore"
but there will be several who will
make their first appearance in Opera
In Nelson. (If these Mrs. Parry will
make a decided bit. Her singing will,
of entires, be II Btrong feature but her
acting will be scarcely less pleasing.
Shu has a natural grace and vivacity
on the stage that makes her quite at
home as the lending eneof the "Three
little maids." Mrs. Davys as "Katl-
sha" a character part, will be splendid. She has an excellent idea of the
part and sustains it admirably
throughout, Miss Bensusan will make
a very acceptable "Pitti Sing" although the part, is not large enough
to do her justice. Miss Johnston, as
"Peep-llo." a still smaller part, completes the "Three little maids," and
will do her little well.
As the captain in "Pinafore," Mr,
George Williamson scored a great sue
cess, but there will be few who will
be prepared for bis work as " Kofi n." He is a natural born comedian
and It is safe to say that the audiences will be kept in a constant state
! id laughter every minute he is on the
His singing is also very plcas-
In. He gave ufl to understand that ho
would break the door in if admittance was not given. Olson then went
out to tho bar und after Olson was
out a little while the prisoner came
into th'e room. The prisoner sat down
at the table and I told him he
was not wanted there, lie sat there
with bis right hand on his inside left
coat pocket. I asked him what ho
had his hand there for. He said he
would show me. He pulled a revolver and I reached over and grabbed
him when 1 saw what was coming.
The man before me is the man that
did tbe shooting, and he shot me.
When 1 grabbed him he tired three or
four shots, the first one hitting me
in the groin of the left leg. The
proprietor of the saloon then came in
and twisted the revolver from the
prisoner. I leallzed at once that I
was hit and tiled dreadfully. I could
] not say whether the prisoner made
| any threats during the time the sboot-
| ing was going on. 1 have known the
prisoner there or four weeks, and as
far as I know wo were tbe best of
friends. 1 gave him money at different times so that he could   use   it  for
gambling purposes; some of  which
he gave back.    1   do not   know   what
made him do the shooting."
Howard was perfectly sober this
morning and asked anxiously as to
the condition of Muller. lie would
make no statement as to the shooti.ig
but declared that he and Mnller were
always the best of friends.
Chicago, Ills., Oct. 8.���The Tribune
Bays:    The prosecuting   authorities of
tills county last   night  laid   hands on
what they regard as one   of   the most
startling crimes of   the country's history.    Charges of   conspiracy, back of
which are  allied insinuations of murder, are   lodged   against   three   men,
two of   whom are already in custody.
These men will   have to   answer  the
allegations   of n carefully laid plot to
swindle   an   insurance  society, a plot
which it is said, progressed with   tbe
growth   of   a   yeai    into   the   actual
death   by poison, it is thought, of the
insured person. According to the theory  on   which   the   prosecution   will
proceed,   the   deail   person,   a   young
woman of Chicago, was original}' one
of the quartette of  conspirators.    She
had expected that the death was to be
feigned and that   another   dead   body
was   to play the   passive   role   of   her
corpse;   instead   of   that, real   death
came to her.    The person whose death
ailds a new phase to   what   otherwise
would   have   been a simple  insurance
swindle,    was   Marie   Defenbacb,    88
years old, and tbe two persons arrested   upon   bench   warrants   isfcued   by
Judge   Gibbons   ore   Dr.   August   M.
Linger and Frank II. Smiley.   A third
person, for whom a warrant has been
issued, is not   yet under   arrest.    The
alleged conspiracy   has   been   investigated with searching care   by   a   private detective agency, by tlie Chicago
City   Attorney and   detectives of   one
of tbe insurance companies and by the
state attorney   himself.    Yesterday it
was decided   to cause   the   Immediate
arrest of tlie suspects.
Last April Miss Defenbacb applied
to a New York Insurance Company
for a $111,(1110 policy. This was refused, but luter one of g.'i.OOO wan taken
out. On or about August lutli last,
she also seeui'od in a Canadian order
the amount of $5,111111. At the same
date she took out a policy in an American benefit order for $'-',1)110. Two
weeks afterwards she was dead, leaving a will which directed that part of
Transvaal and the Free State Badly
Torn Dp By the Strife.
Washington, Oct. 8.���An interesting
picture of the Transvaal and the Orange Free State in August after the
wave of win had passed over the
country is given in a report to the
State Department from I'nited States
Consul Stowe at Cape Town, dated
AugUBt II last. He had returned to
the Cape from a trip through the two
Republics, lle says that for hundreds
of miles all the wile fencing is down
and can not be used again. The posts
have been burned for fuel and must
bo replaced with iron posts owing to
the scarcity of timber. The plowing
in progress is limited, compared with
former years.and there will be a large
market for American cereals. By
March, 1901, agricultural machinery
will be wanted. Men' and live stock
will continue to be Imported,
Johannesburg had only three days'
supply of meats when Mr. Stowe left
town. While the* Hoers who returned
are anxious to get to work, several
months must elapse before things settle down to a norma] basis. The I lovernment is building a new line of
railroad from Harrismith to connect
with the Orange Colony system.so that
the Netherlands railway with its '.'no
per cent, dividends will no longer
havo n monopoly in the Transvaal.
There will be a big demand for bridge
material and electrical machinery
and supplies. Lord Huberts has appointed an advisory committee to assist him in the reopening of Johannesburg and secure tho return of the
mining population,which the prosperity of the town depends upon.
titles, removed from office and turned
over to various trial boards for further penalties. Prince Tuan by the
terms of the decree is to be tried by
the board of clans. Copies of the decree have been received here. The
foregoing corroborates the offioial advices received last week from Director
General Sheng by Mr. Wu, the Chinese minister at Washington, and by
the latter communicated to the department of state.
The members of the local Masonic
lodge are contemplating holding a
grand ball in the near future, the
proceeds to be devoted to the building
fund.   A committee on arrangements
has been appointed.
Anthracite Coal   Mine
StrIKe May Then be
Called of.
1'i-esslon of illicit liquor Belling.
Ne* Y"'��. Oct. 8.-Thc report of   a
until tbev were rescued by the steam-
Centennial, which arrived   her t"- | 'J;;-;^   ,_ ,���..��� nl,���, tl, ,���., BUch
., -ood "Ko-Ko." Mr. John Loel.orc B
lL.el voice will   be heard to good ad-
us   "Nanki-1'oo.
1 day  with    tbe    unfortunate
-, V,V1,_ 'aboard.    Notwithstanding   Hint   they
'����   case   of   plugue   in   Wales   has! were carefully nursed   after their WS-,��"_
����Md some  alarm  iu   London, says cue   by the ollieers of  the Centennial  vantng.
erted   numbers.    The society
these insurance policies should be
paid to Frank II. Smiley her "affectionate husband," and that her body
be cremated. Her death was attended
by tbe most horrible agony. The attending physicians refused to iHsue a
certificate of death, but the coroner's
jury, after the body had been embalmed, found a verdict of de.itb from
11 i" Idysentry, The next day the body was
cremated. Without much delay proceedings were begun to recover the
value of the Insurance policies she
had left. Tills was resisted by tho
Insurance companies with the result
has that tho fraud was discovered.
Emperor Kwang Su Designates for
Punishment Nine Leaders,
Pekin, Oct. II, via Shanghai, Oct. 7.
��� In an imperial decree. Issued al
Tai Yuen Fu, capital of the Province
of Shan Si, dated September 35th,
Kmperor   Kwang   Su,   denounces   the
Boxer  movement and   designated for
punishment nine.ringleaders. He acknowledges bis own fault and rebukes
himself, but be places the chief blame
upon   the   Princess   and   nobles   who
participated   in   the  movement  and
protected It. Prince Tuan. Prince
Chung, Prince Tsai Lion. Prince Tsai
Ylng, Duke San Rang, Ying Nieii.
president of the censorste and Chao
Shu I'hio, president of tbe board of
punishment, are all deprived of their
Shenandoah. Pa.. Oct. s.- President
Mitchell this morning issued a call
for a convention of mine workers of
the three districts comprising tbe anthracite field to meet in Serantoii ou
Friday next. The text of the convention call is as follows:
' "Temporary lleadqiiaticrs, United
Mine Workers, Hazelton, Pa., Oct. 8.
���To all mine workers and mine employes of  the anthracite region:
"Brothers���In view of the fact that
the mine owners have posted notices
offering an advance in wages formerly paid, and believing it to be our
place and duty to consult your wshes
as to our future action,we deem it advisable to ask you to select delegates
to represent you in convention. You
are therefore not Hied that a convention will Ik- held at Scanton, Pa., beginning Friday, October 1:;, at 10 a.
111. The basis of representation will
be one vote for each hundred persons
on strike, or if desired, one delegate
may represent as many as five hundred mine workers, but no delegate
will be allowed to east more than live
votes. Each delegate should have credentials signed by the chairman ami
secretary of the meeting at which he
is elected and whenever possible credentials should bear the seal of the
local union. "
li__T*ft_fiiteiit Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Mondav  Eveniwo,   October 8,  1900.
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvury Afternoon Kxcept Sunday
��� IIV TIIK���
Limited Liability.
1(5 Fleet Street, K. <'.
Colilrnl  Press AKoncy, Ltd., Special Agents
Pally, por month, by carrier     65o
lluily, per inuntli, by mull      fiOo
Dally, per year, by carrier $ v oo.
Dally, per year, by mail   BOO
Dally, per year, foreign    t' ou
Weekly, per half yoar  Sl 2.1
Weekly, per year    '1 00
Wool*ly, per year, foreign    3 00
SuliscripUons invariably in lulvunco.
All Chocks should he made payable to the
order of Nki.son Pl'lil.lslli.Nii CoMl'ANV,
The Lancashire mills are suffering
because of a cotton famine. The visible supply is far Bhort of the requirements. It is expected of course that
there will be serious loss to mill owners and operatives in consequence of
this condition. Discussing the matter
in The London Times, n correspondent refers to the great famine at the
time of the American war, when the
folly of depending on foreign countries was made so apparent. "Why, "
he asks, witli some Impatience, "do
our Colonies not benefit by the lesson'.' We should be independent of
anyone country for orr supplies.'
The meaning of this is that the Colo
nies sbouldtake up a new and strange
agricultural industry in order that an
linpoitant manufacturing industry in
tbe Mother Country should not suffer
loss. What encouragement have the
Colonies ever received to do this? It
would be worth a good deal to the
cotton mills of Great Britain to be
assured of a plentiful and regular supply of the raw material, but if anyone
should suggest that a price be paid
for it, these very millmen would be
the first to raise their hands in a
sort of shocked protest.
If (treat Britain is anxious that
those Colonies suitable to the industry hould engage more extensively in
the cultivation of cotton, or ramie,
which is superior to cotton, let that
nation do as any other wide awake
nation would and give the Colonies
the encouragement of a tariff preference. The letter of this conespondent
raises in practical manner the whole
question of preferential trade within
tbe Empire. We are told that (Ireat
Britain will never listen to the offer
of reciprocal preferential trade. She
will gladly accept all the preferences
the Colonies may extend to her; but
she will give no preference in return,
for the reason that to do so would involve laying violent hands on the national fetich, free trade. That, aa
The London Times itself declared,
appropos of somethng else, is "an
impossible condition."
It should not be impossible, and it
is certainly not unreasonable. The
Colonies aie aa much a portion of the
Empire as the Mother Country, and
they desire to remain a portion. Together they are members of one family, living under one flag, and acknowledging oue and tho same sovereignty. Their domestic legislation
concerns no one but themeslves, and
they are privileged to make it whatever will best conduce to their own interest. (Ireat Britain is the greatest
consuming market in the world. No
one can dispute that if the membeiB
of her own family were given a preference in that market, the outlying
portions of the Empire would develop
enormously and British power and
prestige would be strengthened accordingly. A small tax ou foodstuffs
would help Canada and the Australian
Commonwealth; a small tax on cotton
wo d encourage sonic struggling Colony tbnt is now more a source of
weakness than of strength, and enable
It to develop a resource that would
make it both prosperous and powerful.
What Is legislation for but to help
our own and ourselves? With the
adoption of preferential trade the
Lancashire mills, not depending on
foreign supplies, would soon be assured of permanent operation. That
is the policy a strong and Influential
party In Groat Britain is now advocating. It is the policy of tlie (ana
dian Conservative party, and in the
end It is the policy that will win. It
will win because it Is the policy of
common sense and self-interest.
Canadian electors can speed its coining
by declaring for it in the approaching
hindered their adhesion in 1898 was
the fact that their own postal rate
inland was twopence, and therefore it
would be impossible to charge one
penny to England. It will involve a
large sacrifice of revenue to Hiaugur-
ite penny postage throughout Australia on January 1 next, but tlie Press
and several of the Governments are
prepared to make the saerillce, and
the spirited action of   the   Hon. J. (1.
Ward,   Postmaster-General   of   New
Zealand, in establishing universal
penny postage has forced the hands of
liis neighbors.
Mr. llenniker Heatou has received
the following cable message from Mr.
Seddon, Prime Minister of New Zealand: 'Wellington, Monday.���I am
much gratified to be able to give
effect to our penny postage legislation
with tbe people of the home country.
Oui people rejoice with yours. Am
pleased our satisfactory Budget, lias
given satisfaction in England. We
have since had further positive proof
iu New Zealand of continued prosperity.' "
Among our people on the other side
of the world Mr. llenniker Beaton
figures largely in connection with
penny postage schemes. In Canada
the man who devoted his life to this
reform has to give place to Mr. Wm.
Muloch, who coolly appropriates all
the credit.
Books You May Need
A theory of the British constitution
is that Parliament shall always enjoy
the confidence of the people, therefore
it is that it may be dissolved at any
time. The New York Times, one of
tho ablest and best of American newspapers, is disposed to regard this principle as "enlightened and liberal";
but it is open to criticism "from the
fact that the time of appeal is entirely
at the pleasure of the Ministry, which
is thus enabled to employ certain
methods to turn the popular vote to
its favor." The objection is well
taken. We who live under the British
system of government would not care
to have the principle changed; but
there is a tendency to evil in its practice,and it may grow into a grievance
that will demand a drastic remedy
To avoid this our public men must
educate themselves into the high re
solve that the privilege must not b
We think sober reflection will con
vince the Government nnd Legislature
that the doubling of the mineral tax
was a mistake that needs rectifying.
To impose a tax on the wages paid
to miners for producing ore, as the
present regulation virtually does, is
something that no principle of industrial economy can justify. To do it at
a time when the whole Province is
straining itself in the desire and
effort to restore confidence iu our
mineral wealth, and to attract capital
for its development,was an act of surpassing indiscretion. If any member
of the House imposed upon himself by
imagining a similarity of conditions
between the mining and the lumbering industry, his ignorance is too
colossal to make commiseration worth
Canned or Fresh
Just now the fall fruits are eBpecial-
attraetive.    Vou  can   buy here the
Nero  are  two extracts taken from
The London Times of recent date:
"Mr. Hennlker Hoaton, M, P.. has
received cable advices to the effect
that the question of inclining the
Australian Colonics in the Imperial
penny postage scheme will probably
be settled very shortly In a satisfactory manner. The sole' obstucic which I
best of
Peaches, Apples, Grapes,
for fall canning or for present eating,
Our lino of cauned and preserved
fruits will continue to be the very
best, so you ore free from the necessity of putting up fruits if you prefer
Fresh  or Canned  Fruits  as You
Want Them.
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. SS on
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting !i BO
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   .Mines  S 70
Lang's  Matte  Smelting  3 23
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis.. 176
Kemp's Handbook of   Rocks  1 TS
Tbautwine's   Engineer's   Handbook   B 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism   for
the Steam   Engine  3 SB
Hawkins' Maxims   and   Instructions for   Boiler Boom  - SB
Hawkins'   New    Catechism   of
Electricity  3 38
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations   for   Engineer:.  2 38
Machinists'     and       Engineers'
Pocket Manual  l SB
Stevenson's Practical Test  1 "II
Canada's   Metals  8fi
Houses and lots for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal     Eire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
C3a__reBe?c!t      See ANNABLE
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No  order  can be accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hnll and  linker Streets.
Kirkpatrlck ft  Wilson
nml   I ry  a  bottle,  a dozen,   nr a  barrel  of
OALGARY   BEER   as   II Is   the  best uml
ciieunesl,    on    tho    mnrket.    Also   try   our
INES,     LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
Toloplionn W. Baker It,, Nelson, 11. ('.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls anil Northern Railway.
Direct connection at. St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal] New York
anil nil points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at!10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West nt 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con'
nection for Victoria anil Vancouver
Portland, Ban Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the sensor of navigation East
bound trains connect at Duluth with
the magnificent steamships North-West
and North-Land oftheNortbern Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with the Great Northern Hailway.
Por further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Kails A Northern Uy��� Kaslo &  Sloean
Ky., Kootei ai Railway tc Navigation
Co., or to
Qeol, Pass. _ Tkt. AkL    Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
OCT. 15, 16 & 17
conic OPERA.
INleisoi) Operatic Society
Plans open at io o'clock tomorrow morning
in the Opera House Store.
PRICES : $1.00, 75c and 50c.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The  largest   line  carried   by
any firm In Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges   and
Cook StoveB.    A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only  place to buy
Stovos and   Ranges  at  the   right  prices  Is  the
The Florence Hot Blast *
Heating Stoves
To   Burn  Crow's   Nest and  other   Soft  Coals.
The Florence Hot Blast is made Particularly
for these Coals. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Baker Street, Nelson
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital ralil-np.     ,   .    .     WMSS.oio.oo |   Brut, ��i.7iM),Boo.e
"iiarii ur Dtrrauni ThomasELKenar, President; Thomas ltiiehie, V_wfte__t
Wiley .Smith. H. O. Bauld, Hon. H. II. Fuller, M.1..C, Hon. David MaoKeon. "nuuoiu.
Ilrnil water, Halifax 1
Goncral Managor, Kdbon L, Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Brenob.ee. and Secretary, W. fl. Torrance, Halifax
Inspector, W, K. Brock, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M, Stewart, Montreal.
Branr.lir.it I
R_8 *"sll��-Halifax Branch, Antlitonlsh, Hriduewabsr, Quyshoro. Londonderry, Luiionbui.
MaiUand lllunts Co.), I'lctoti, Port Hawkesbtiry, Sydney. Shubenacadlc. Truro Weymouth
.New BrunHWlrk-llathumt, ilorchcstor. Krotierlclon, Kingston (Kent Co.), Monctoii, Now-
_!lel__t���_ " ootUock. P. K. lnlMliil-Churlottetown, Humincrsiilo. tt-rbrr-Musslroal
JClty Olliee), Montreal. Wert Knil (I or. Notro Danio and Sul|<iieur�� .Slreetn); Wostnioiinl ICor
Oreuno Avenue and SL CathnrinoH Street. Ontario��� Ottawa. Nr�� roiin.llnnu - i John's
tuba, We��t 1 mil.-* Hut ..11... United Nlulrn-Now York (IS Kxchango Place) Kupublic Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
raniitln-Mcrchnnt* Bank of Canada.   Boston-National ahawtnut Bank.   ritlcago-Amerlon
National Bank.   S.n Fr.nrl.ro-First National Bank.   |.���, n, Kng. - Bank of  Seolu���,1
Pari., France-Credit L/onnals.   Bcrmnda-Bank of Bermuda.   Chlu and J.pnn-Ho_
Kong and Shanghai Bunking Corporation. -�����   .iun��
deneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
i_00171s ai)d Offices to PteijL
Apply   to   the
INleisoi) Electric TrarjiWai) Co.
Corner- Josephine and Vernon S.reeia.
MNIVtl IIBOliS St, lHOTAKY l-l sis.lt .
WuidormorB Mines.   Correap * enooSol'clUvl
,..H- ,8*v,i��i'ii�� IKmii.imiiI liiiuiicii-Cornor
Ward and Billon sin. Sundays: llnly Communion ���� in.; and on Hie Isl iinil.'lrrt.Sunday*
In the month iirWMiittin*: Mititln-nt Muni;
Sunday Bchool8,80p.ni; Kvonaong7.80. Iiiilly:
Mutilnsui !i.:w a. m,    Thursdays and Saint',,
l)ays:  Holy  i himi i.in  111 u. in,     Friday*:
hveiiMiiiKt.81) 11. in., followed hy ohplr onto-
t co.   II. 8, Akeliursl.  Hector.    Kroti Initio,
Qso, Johnstone, Wardens,
Catholic Crurob���Corner Ward ami Mill
streets Mass every Sunday at 8 and 10.IKI n.m
Benediction at 7.*) p.m.   Mim every week day
al 7.1.1a.m.   Hov.   Father Knrlaiitl Butilur.
I'ltKHiivTKitM.v I'liuui 11 Borvleeaal II a.m.
and 7.:��l p.m. Sunday School al, 2.311 p in.
iniyrr meeting Thursday evening at 8 p.m.:
Christian Kndeavor Sorlet
day evening ��<i s o'cloci
MCTliODIST (Tnntrsi-Corner Silica and
Josephineistreou. Services al 11a.m. and 730
p.m. 1 sahiiiiihschool, 8,80p.m,i Prarormeeting on I lillisdiiy evimiiiic at 8o'ol00kl Kptvnrlh
LcwiiuC, K��� Tiinsday al.8a.in. Itev. J. H.
White.   Biwlnr.    Heslilenee, Josephine Slroot.
rear of ohoroh.
Baptist Ohoror ��� Bervloea moriiinsc ami
evitniiiKat II a.m. and 7.811 pin.; Prayer moot.
Vf, 7..l"""s;'li>y BVSpiOg  al  I   p.m,   Ihe H.   Y
I.U. luesdayoveniiiKal 8 o'clock. Slranifcni
cordially wrfco-ied. Ttov.O. J.Coullor While,
8ALVATI0S AitMV-Scrvlc �� every ovonlng
_."ootoch In harracks on V otorl street
A.ijiMaiu hiltacoiubu In churKu,
' meel* every Tuos.
Hov. It. Krow,
Boom 1, Turner IIticckli Block.
IIuuiieii and Building LotB in All Parts
of the Oity.
Flvo, nix. novon and eltsM. room houitoH for
wale, twenty per cent bolnw cost.
Gamble & O'Reilly
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tekn Canada Mortoaok
head  office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. K JLENNOX, Baker  St.
of WrltlsiK Paget irpa'l last
loniT. You'd tMilUirplnro another "hurry up' order with
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of seoond bond goods. Will bny
or sell anything from an nnohor to a
needle. FnrnitDre, stoves, cat perm,
clinking utensils, bongbt  In boneebold
anantities. Also oast off clothing,
all and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hull
Street. Nelson. B. 0.
UMGORPOBi*"'*,*) i_7(K
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Corner Haker and Stanley Street*
Spokane Falls dc
Northern R'v.
Nelson  dc, Fort
8heppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane With
Great Noitliein, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson \< ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's   Falls with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
I.kave. Day Train.        Abrivk.
10.35 a.m Hpokane 7:11) p.m,
12:05 p. m Kossland 5:80 p.m.
918O a, 111 Ne]_n 8:<K) p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Hpoknue 7:05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Kossland 6:80 a.ui.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wash
Agent. Nelson, B.C
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allan Lino Tunisian  t_,_
Doinlninn I.Inn llainlironian ���'<" ��
Heaver Line Luke Ontario  "'",'
Heater Lino   LiMllalila "91 '���
Krom New >or��
White Shir Line Oceanic  i,i,{ i
White HUr Lino Teutonic  Qot'J
Ciinanl Lino Campania t^'1 !l
C'unanl Lino Ktrurla  "'���, >l
American 1. :i. Louis  pot J
American Line New York    Ocl llj
Anchor Lino  Ethiopia pots
Author Line City of Itonto Oct I.I
N. O. L. LinoKalser Wllhuhn tier Uossc .Oct I
N.U. U Lino Lnhn <_*!
Kionch Line Iji CascnKiie  O0��}
Kreneh Line Lu Toiirainti 0('' '1
Allan atato Lluo Callfoinlau "��'"
jfroin Boston.
Cunnrd Lino Ivurnla Oct IS
Donihilon Lino Now Knitlatid  OOl W
I'.' ���ur.. . itrranKed to ami from all Kuroyciin
points. Kor ratos, llcke.snnil full Inforniatiiia
apply Io C. P. K. ilep-it nuont or II L. Brown
City PassellKcr Airent, Nelson, B. C,
Gonoral A mob C.l'.H. Oillcos, Winnipeg
6ee Can Fit You.
lie has  one at   the   heat  and   largest
Kail and  Winter stocks iu
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
opposite Queen's  Hotel,
Baker (Street,
7-8 inch diam. $1,'). 60 per 100 feet, Vol
immediate delivery in Nelsos
J. 0. T. OROFTS, ��� _
K O. Hoi      , Nelson, V "���
K O. GKKBM        V. 8. OIjBMENTH
Civil Englnoers and Provincial Land
F. 0. Box 1/1 Kelsoot B. U Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Monday   Evening,   October 8,  1900
Rev. William Munroe Points
Out Us Evils and Its
was in attend'
last  evening.    Rev. William
in  discussing the   subject of
'\Vur as a Great
A large congregation
B���ce at the Bervlee
the  evening
sii'ul in parti ,
..U'e who live in peace and quiet Bel-
(,om ,���tU,.e what war Is. Wc hear of
he ravage of armies and the depopu-
,.lti_ 0f countries, but it merely Blip-
plte8 ���s with a topic of conversation.
rumors of battles, the news of
of forts, the Blnklng
the slaughter of men
used our leisure than
A   tendency  to
the destruction
���[   ships anil
have slither am
disturbed our repose
n,ht is  one of   the primary Instincts
0f all animals.   The tiger  has it,   so
Within  the  bounds of his
national   life, Govern-
nnte   resort   ti
has ma"
community or
nieut restrains passio
I0rce. lint here it has stopped. Gov
eiiiiiiont which restrain the citizen at
him loose, arms him with
uml encourages him
mils. The stall' uf the Times is reported    to   be    vein iilly opposed     to   II
change of ownership, but, Mr. Walter
Ik desorlbed as willing to dispose of
the proporly lor 11 large sum, nml the
chiei obstacle is s.-i'ul to lie the right
of several Bmall stockholders, who
litivc received bequests. These stories
are neither eonliriiieil nor eoutrailiet-
ed by Mr. tliirmmvorth, and Mr. Walter. Iliiiinsworth's nieteoriu enreer in
English journalism brings even tho
Incredible account of the fusion of
The Daily Mall nml Times within the
range of posBtblli ies.
Every year n large number of poor
sufferers whose lun^s are sore ami
racked with oougUB are urged to e;�� to
another climate, Bul this is costly
uml not always sure. Don't bean
exile when Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption will cine you at
honie. It's the most Infallible medicine for Coughs, Colds, uml all Throat
anil Lung diseases on earth, The lirst
dose brings relief. Astounding cures
result from persistent use. Trial bottles free at the Canada Drug & Hook
t'o. Price "iii cents anil Sl.(in. Every
bottle guaranteed.
A Careful Reading.
al   hand
thut   a   thoroughly
ruggifit should hnvi\
Wq   have
plenty <>f fine, fresh
drug's)   pi
���uly  of  good   hclpi
and  pli'n
y  ut   time  to   give
your prescription careful rending and careful compounding
so us to insure the best results.
The test of Wine, Quality!
On the   English and  French  markets
Pommery commands the highest prices.
The only wine used at the Ascot races
this Year.
Ihiidi'  lets
deadly weapons,
i��� tho  work of  spending   misery ami
death.   Thus  encouraging slaughter,
man becomes the worst enemy of man.
"In war death reigns supreme.
What a scene must a battle field present! Thousands engaged in dealing
out death and destruction. A thousand
gaping wounds exposed. Bleeding
forms, helpless upon the ground, amid
the trampling of horses and the brutal
insults of an enraged foe. Wounded
perhaps a score of times by tlie bursting shell 01 the leaden hail, the men
must sutler untold agonies. If they
live to he carried olf the Held, it is
often hut the prolongation of the torment. Conveyed in uuoasy vehicles
over rnuirli jolting roads to be lodged
in wretchedly equipped hospitals
where the variety of the distress
baffles all efforts of humanity nml
skill, t'rowtled together in sickly climates, confined to scanty aud nn
wholesome diet, contagion spreads
:iin.mi' them till the ravages of disease exceed those of the most inhuman, fiendish enemy.
"The basis of society���gootl will to
all men, is ruthlessly set aside in
war. Everything may be lawfully
done to him wc have a rlglit to kill.
It is Impossible to blend the principles of humanity and the principles of
war. They are the antipodes of each
other. The fundamental rule of humanity is to do good. The fundamental rule of war is to inflict injury.
Humanity teaches men to love their
enemies. War commands men to carry disaster and ruin among the de-
fen i.'lcss.    We arc   bonified when we
read of the savage bedecking himself
with scalps, but he who wades
through human   blood  is  equally  a
"What is the chief business of war'.'
It is to destroy human life.to feed the
gaping oannon's mouth, to mangle
limbs, to gash and hew tho body, to
plunge the bayonet Into the heart of
a fellow creature, to strew the earth
with bleeding frames. It Is to turn
fruitful fields into deserts, to level
the cottage of the poor anil the mansion of the rich, to scorgc nations, to
multiply widows anil orphans. We
cannot turn this into glory. Man
hound hy the ties of brotherhood to
his fellow man, commanded by an inward law and the voice of Hod to love
and tlo gootl, through hatred or selfishness indicting such agonies anil
shedding auek torrents of human blood
���here is an evil before which all
other evils fade into Insignificance,
"Tho only security against the
calamities of war is a steady ailher-
aiicc to the fundamental teachings of
Christ. If nations despite or neglect
principles laid down by the (ll'eilt
Advertisements Inserted under this head at
the rate of one eent a word per insertion. No
ndvorilseitienl lakes fur less than SO oinittt.
ter,    from    Nov.    1st.
Close   to   (own.    Kent I
I),  llo.v 074,
Rent for win-
130.    Apply I".
WANTED   Dressmaking    apprentices
wanted,  Salary paid.   Hudson's Hay
WANTED. ��� Evoiy  woman in  Nelson
to  visit    Mrs. Enfield's    millinery
parlors, aud   see   her   stock   of   hats.
The hest in the city.
FOP.   SALE.���Cheap,    Btetun   yacht.
Apply 1 Ieo. S. Beer, agent, city.
WANTED.���About Nov. Is!., a position ns Stenographer by a young
lady. Speed l lu nml upwards. Experienced typewriter. Apply to Business College, Mrs. Rattray.
FOB   BENT,���A   furnished   bedroom
on Baker   Street.  West.     Apply liox
1:111 Post Office,
LOST.���Fox terrier bitch, in   months
old. black and tan   head, black spot
on tail answering to name   of   Spark.
If any Information   is  obtained,   ad
dress, ('.  W.  Voting.   Provincial Police
office. Nelson.   	
SHOBTHAND A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 30 lessons.
Apply at oiiee "Stenographer," Miner.
I llliee.
chants' Hank
Cellar.    Apply
of Halifax.
FOB RENT���Furnished rooms.  Good
attendance,   Second  door  cast  of
City Hall.
FIRST CLASS room  and)  board in
private family, if-Voil ami III.   Table
bnuril 8-1.   Oarbonate  Street,
house east of Josephine.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java und Arabian Mocha, per pound..
Java and Mooha Blond, > pounds	
Fine Santos, t pounds	
Santos lllonil, 5 pounds	
Our  S'peeiiiinliinil, II pounds	
Our Rio Roust, 0 pounds	
A TKI.4I, OKIM'K sol s< s I I ]>
Salesrooms :
2 doors east of oddfellows
block, w. baker st.
INlELSON,        -        B. C.
t to
l nn
l oo
l 00
1 on
Teacher, war is inevitable. In the
linal issue of things that man will he
seen to be the best patriot who Is the
hest Christian."
Hugh RXameron
Fire and Life
h. f. Mclean,
Baker Street, Nelson.     I'. 0. Box 288.
LU i)i her..
Delivered lo any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have ;i complete stock on hand ol
Hough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSON
und LARDO.
Some Rubbers have very little rubber in them. Indeed they are very trashy stuff. We don't handle
anything but the best brands,the kind we know will
bring customers back lor OTHER Footwear. You
can DEPEND en our Rubbers. We have them at all
prices and in all styles.
Wholesale  Houses
j. a/sayward.
H. & M. BIRD
A-, ni- fur Burtka nincral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance. Co. of North America, Mutual Life
Insurance Co.. of Now York. Quobcc
Fire Assuranco oo.
50 ft. on Mill   Street S   500
.",11 ft.  on    Victoria   Street,    i-lisy
terms     ram
:.'.", fl. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms      ~-r'l)
"ai ft. corner on Stanley Street..     050
'.'.I ft. Victoria Street, west      050
."ill ft.  Vernon Street,   west   1,300
B-Roomod   House   on   Carbonate
Street 8�� <��>
7-Uoonieil  House,   Park   Street,
close to Baker street  :t�� nn
7-Rooincil House on Mill Street 85 im
s-Kooineil House. Iliinie Addition 30 00
I'lirnislieil House on Observatory
Street   85 Oil
W    PAtlFIC
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
Propertios for Rent and Sale on EaBy Terms
Office over
Nelson Wine Store.
Soo Line!
(ijiperia.    Liiji iled
Humor Siiyn That Alfred llurmswortli
Would Buy,
New York, Oct. H.���Mysterious
rumors respecting the sale of The
London Times have been current for
several duyR, but have not yet boon
confirmed   says   a   despatch   to   The
rihunc from London. The projected purchaser Is Alfred Hnrniswiu th.
who Is sighing for fresh conquests,
lie Ik credited with a scheme to recast
the leading journal,reducing the price
from three pence to a pence, and experimenting in various ways with It.
'J'l'c temperature lias fallen in Meet
Street since this rumor reached the
ears of the owners of   the penny jour-
Ji�� ���Wtar(, |, on ,,vory ,���,, of the t���nulnt
Laxative Bromo-Quinine T"bloU
' "**** tl��t mtn a COM t�� ���*��� *���*
"Hills of Sale, Act.'
Jlis Donor the Lieutenant   Governor, Ullilei  the provisions of   Section
of the   "Hills   of Sale Act lis ei
liv Section 2 of the Hills of   Sail
Amendment,   Act.   1800,"   has
pleased to alter tbe place for  t
istrnlion of Hills of Bale
inainiler ��'f the County "I
as follows, namely: ,
Kor   that   part   of   the   County   ��
Kootenay Wng the territory covered
by the North  Riding   "f Last   Koote-
nay Electoral Diatriot: .
__e olliee  of  the Registrar of tin
Count v Court at Oolden. ,
For'  that   part   of   the   County    <>f
Kootenay  being the territory covere
by the llevelsloltc Hilling of the
Kootnay Electoral District!
The  'olliee  "I'   the   Registrar
County Court at Revelstoke
Sucii   al tern tion   to   take
Provincial Secretary
Provincial    Secretary's    Olliee
September, ww.
i' rog-
"for Ihe  re-
if the
.licet   on
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul| Sntiiiilnys for
Montreal and Boston! Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same ears
pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar Ws85
Ij-llt) Lv Nelson Ar lo.M
Morning train daily for and from
Rossland, und   for  Revelstoke, main
line and Pacific Coast.
Afternoon train OB.  Wr anil
Rossland, and from Revelstoke
lino ami Pacific Const, nml
(except Sunday) I'"!' lino "'<��"
dary poiuts.
����&,, | Nelson  j &��_)
' For and from Sandon, Blocafflpolnte,
Revelstoke,  main   hue   and   Piunnc
Kootknay LAKB-KabLO RoOTB.
(Ex Sun)     StrKoknnoe      (BxSunJ
10:00 Lv Nelson
Saturday   to Argania
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay RlVBR RoOTB.
Dally     Btrs Movie and Nelson     Daily
"���'���:��) Lv Nelson Ar ���si
Connects nt Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line triuuH.
For rates, tickets aud full .uformii-
lim, jpply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, H. 0., or
W. K. ANDKHSON, ft 1. C'0YH'r,,,,
Trav. Pass. Auisnlj        A  O. P^jflgjJVff
M. I. O.E
nml  return.
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Knotonay SU.
P, 0. Box 589. Telephone No. 93
A   two-story  dwelling;   7 large rooms j   front and  back
stairs:   halls;   closets; bath room ; sewer connection ;
about four blocks   from post-office  S-.
87i:o cash, balance monthly,    A first-class buy.
Five-room cottage! sewer connection: US-foot lot; a block
from train line, in Addition A	
Easy terms.
Two good 36-foot lots, near the street car barns; only	
50-foot corner, Vernon   Street     il,
35-foot lot, Carbonate Street	
B-Hoom Cottage  8}"
���l-ltooui Cottage	
3-Room Cottage	
i-ltooin Cottage	
To   let   on a yearly lease, li-room house, comer of   Cedar
ami Victoria!  all plumbing;  gas and electric light,
15 on
16 on
13 un
rpilOlll'K & CO. Limited���Conor Vernon
A uml Cedar Streets, Nelson���Mitnufueliir-
el'a of and wholesale dealers in uenileil water*
uml fruit ���> i nih,. Sole furaota fur llnleyun Hut
Springs mineral water.   Telephone UO,
N. Mt Cummins l'Chr_o���Kvury known
variety of fufLilnnkn.   1* o Hox *&. Telephone
No. ;ii. Hoover streot. Nelson.   Bottlem of tho
fatuous si. Leon Hot Uprluga Mineral Uutor.
MACOONAI.U 01. Cane, Jum.rt
nil HHpuriu-
i - iii!i'i,i ���. broken Hill Block, coiner linker and
Ward Street*, -\olnon.
A. Al.u'iiMii.uiii    Ai i t ; ������ i
XV   UO.~Mnnufuelururrt of Hie Koyul Seal
u Royal
Kite lory   and
anil   Kootenay    Welle    ClfffUU
olliee, Uakur street, NcIkoii.
HJ. KVAN_ St CO.-Raker Street, Nel-
��� fOn���Wliolefiile dualer* in UqUOfS, ol*
Kara, cement, lire brick and lire clay, water
pipe and uleul  railri, and  gPaenU OOUtmUelOO
miii'i-liiuil -.	
A. M'DONALO -Madden Hlock, Nulson-
FrujlH, ico cream,  "U. R." chocolate*.
tnj.ii i'l,i"'- confectionery.   Ico Cream  l'arlor*.
VVholcsule aud retail dealer* in grain,
hay, Hour, feed. Milln at Victoria, New Wurit-
ininsicr; Kdmonton, Alia, _lcvaiorn ou Ciil-
Kary aud Kdmonton Railway. MauufaeturerH
of the celebrated R. 4c K. brand eeroalri.
MAODONALD   Sc  Co.   Corner   Front
_    and   Hall   streets -\\ holesale   grooen
Httii joboorH in   bliinkcis, k'1"V >'-��� nun.-,   t>ooU,
robbei-ri, mackinawM and nunora* sundries*
OHlce comer  Hall uml  .rout Streets.
i\olnon���Lumber, oelltng, floodng, and every
i liin��; in wood for iiuihiiiiK purposes.   Oel our
priceH.  Oorrespondenoe eouoltedi
BURNS Sc to.    Raker Street,  Nolwn-
Wholeeale dealers tn fresh and cured
niualh.   Colli Siorat*e.
Raker Street. Nelnon    "
et-H in frOflh and cured iiioiiIh.
Wliole.sJilo deal*
AWRKNCK    HARRWAItK   CO      Haker
on ��� WholfMilu
Winers'   BUpplles,   rtpurting   koo^Ih,
Fire insurance Fromptly Piaceil.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
__-__������ ���������������ttt "^___ *-_
Xj  street,  Nolson ��� Wholesale dsalais In
M'LACHLAN  HROS.  (SUOCOSSOW  to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) linker Street.
Nil-nil    \\ holenalo  dealers  in   hardware anil
iiininiK -ui'i-lir-, plumbcrn' aud  I m-nni !i-   rtup*
Xl     paintH, oils and RlhVt', moohanlos' tool-*.
akciii�� foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
iBURNER, HELTON Sc Co. Corner Vernon
and Josephine  Strootn,  NoIhoii -Whole*
.alo dealers In liquors, Cdgars,and ��� I��� > k I-.
Agonts for Pabst Brewlna Co. of Mlfwaukeo
and CalKf*ry Brewing Co of Calgary.
HUDSON'S RAY Co.    Wholesale groocrlei
and liquors etc.. Baker Street. Nelson.
CALIFORNIA WlNECO..Llinite<l-Corner
ni Wholu-
l.ulki. and
\^J    Front  and  Hall Streeln, Nelson    Wholesale dealers In  wiinw. (oase and
domoHtic and iiuporl'^l cigars,
���   Josephine  Street
dealers In provinlons
OKf. ���
Corner Vornon and
.  Nelson ��� wholesale
i-;: 11--1 incuts, butler and
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* hy mall to any branch will have careful a��d Bromot attention.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
St. Joseph's
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Bakhr Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful ^ind prompt attention
Ni'xt term ootnmenoea Brd
September.    Fur partlou*
lar.i apply to Urn
        SR. SUPERIOR.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. O'UUGHLIN, Prop. Nelson   Daily  Miner,   Monday  Evenimg,  October 8, 1900.
Big Strike Made on Sunset
Group Near Whitewater.
A rich liody of ore wns encountered
nt 111 o'clock this morning on tbe east
upraise of tbe Sunset group Hitunteil
near Whitewater. Assay tests were
made at onee and the returns Bhowed
from 7r>:i to l.TTH ounces per ton in
Kohl values, .1. C. Drewry, managing
director of the Canadian Gold Fields
Company whiaii is developing the
property, and who Is in Nelson today,
received this news by wire at noon
today, Mr, Drewry visited the property on Friday and it was known then
that a rich body of ore was in sifjlit
but it was not uncovered until ihis
morning. The vein is over two feet
wide anil has been traced over son
feet. The copmany will now run a
tunnel from tbe Whitewater claim
and tap the new vein  at   the   340-foot
��� *   ���
The Puritan mineral claim on Lemon Creek, now stands among the richest claims of that section. A sample
of ore taken from the main lead on
the property was brought to Nelson
on Saturday and the assay returns
Hhow as high as S-'T in gold per ton.
The lowest returns obtained were 813.
Although this claim was located some
time ago it was re-located early last
spring and development work has
been carried ou since that time. A
sliaft has been sunk a considerable
distance. The property is owned by
John Itlelly, I). S. Hardy and Ivan
Warren, all of Nelson. The work
upon the property has been stopped
for the winter season but will be resumed early next spring.
��� ���   ���
W. 11. Wall, superintendent of the
bridge department of the Canadian
I'aeilie, who returned to Nelson from
Sloean City on Saturday evening,
brought news of a rich strike on the
Ottawa mineral claim situated on
Springer Creek. While the men were
doing development work last Friday,
a large lead exceedingly rich with
native silver was encountered. The
claim as located in 1898 but very little development work was done until
this season. The claim is owned by
Thomas Mulvey anil C. Fielding, of
Slocan City. They intend running a
level along the lead which has just
Deen discovered.
��� ���   ���
The highest assay of gold ore that
has ever been made in the citv was
made by Fassett of the exposition ore
from the Bill Nye mine in Jackson
County. Oregon, says the Spokane
Chronicle. The ore assayed 807,116.52
to the ton. While this is from a picked sample, and docs not in any manner determine the value of the ore
body, as such values could not be
found in any quantities, yet as a feature it is interesting to show the
amount of free gold rock can con tain.
��� *   *
Tl e returns from the Granite and
Queen Hess mines for the month of
September were given out by Mr.
Woakes of the Duncan Mings Company, this morning. At the Granite
Hill tons of ore were crushed, producing bullion and concentrates to the
value of 87.IIUO. Owing to an accident
with the compressor the mill ran only
lli'-J days. It is now repaired and
everything is running in good order.
At the Queen llcss, '.ill tons of ore
were shipped giving a net value from
the smelter of (4,500. A short stop
was made dining  the mouth.
��� ���   ���
The following are the mining records for today: Transfers From Rob.
ert Qua to G. W. Taylor, both of Nelson, entire Interest in Newsboy claim
on Roaring Creek, for a consideration
of WOO; Walter .1. Hughes to II. 1'.
Mclntyre. both of Yinir. entire Inter-
eit in Lost  Hoy, on Wild Horse Creek.
for a consideration of V60,   Locations
��� Lost Hoy, on Hungry Man trial, by
J. L. l'urily; Isabel, on Anderson
Creek, by E, s. Olosford. Certlfioatei
of Work���On Northern Light Extension and  Northern  Light Fractional,
b,' Imperial Development Syndicate.
Born���-On Sunday, Get. 7, to the
wife of Mr.Bruce Miller White, Front
Street, a son.
Beaver line steamer Montfort, passed Cape Magiulelin. inward bound on
Saturday morning.
Miss Yates, who has for some time
past been the guesl of Dr. ami Mrs.
Lallan,leaves in the morning for New
De liver.
The regular monthly meeting of Ihe
Joseph Shear, a laborer, was arraigned before Magistrate Crease at
the police court this morning to answer a charge of disturbance which
he caused on Lake Street last evening. The aeused pleaded guilty aud
was lined 8:.'o and costs.
Rev. William Munroe is now making arrangements to establish gymnasium apartments in the' basement
rooms of the now Congregational
Church. An athletic club is being
formed and over twenty young men of
the city have stated that they will become members of the association.
The postponed banquet to be given
by the members of the Nelson Quoit
Club will he held at the Waverley Hotel at BiSO next Thursday evening.
The committee on arrangements is
preparing an Interesting programme
and a general good time is expected.
It is expected that several members of
the club will deliver short addresses.
Colonel W. N. Brayton, and Mrs.
Drayton, of Kaslo, were in Nelson
yesterday returning from a visit to the
Spokane exposition. Mr. Brayton
holds the position of land agent of the
Kaslo and Slocan  Railway Company.
lie was greatly impressed with the
fruit fair and has many flattering
things to say about it.
JameB Campbell,who has been inNel-
son during the past few months died
of pneuomnia at H o'cloc this morning at the general hospital. Mr.
Campbell was about M years of age,
and had no relatives in the west. IIis
parents live at Exeter, Ontario, and
they have been communicated with.
Funeral arrangements will be made
after hearing from the relatives.
Tomorrow and Wednesday there
will occur at Spokane the first international golf contest ever played in
the West. A Hritish Columbia team
will be pitted against Spokane players. The British Columbia players
are: Judge Forin, Nelson; Dickson,
McNaughton, Cowan, and P. McL.
Forin, of Rossland. and Dr. Carruth-
ers of Revelstoke. The Spokane team
will be as follows: T. K. Binnie. II.
M. Hoyt, F. II. Mason, .1. C. Williams. Morton llamsdcll and G. G.
II. R. Harrison, while delivering
milk throughout tho city yesterday
morning, met with an accident which
resulted in the breaking of one of his
ribs and the injury of one lung. The
accident was caused by his donkey becoming frightened at dogs and running away, capsizing tho rig and
throwing Mr. Harrison to the street
with much violence, lie was removed
to his house in a cab and Dr.Symonds
at once attended the patient. Mr.
Harrison is much improved today.
The Nelson Checker Club was reorganized on Saturday evening, and
the contests for the season between
chosen sides of the club will be opened shortly. The old ollieers were reelected and are, President, J. II.
Wallace; Vice-President, John Watson; See-TresS., William Irving.
Sides will be chosen having the president for the captain of one team and
the vice-president as captain of the
other. Arrangements are being made
so that the first game of the contest
can be played off on Thanksgiving
day, Thursday, October IS. It will be
between Mr. Wallace and Mr. Watson.
The clnli is now looking for a suitable
room iu which to have their quarters.
The following is supplied hy the
advance agent ot Gorton's Minstrels,
which appear here on Friday and
Saturday evenings, next: It is a line
performance, clean, new, lively, attractive, without a dummy in it,with
all good workers. It is refined, elaborate and clever; they arc all good
and of splendid reputation. They
seem very ambitious and try to outdo
each other in their work to please the
audience. One of the most pleasing
features of these minstrels is the
freshness of their jokes. They are
musical and good dancers,all of them.
Gorton has a quartette that would do
any college glee club good to listen
t >. So too with the specialties which
are apt, not too long, none old, but
pleasing. The company this season
has been carefully selected and they
are all nearly equally deserving and
Ilinne.���James T. Gates. Victoria]
U. II. Henderson, Victoria; G. W.
Hull, Toledo, Ohio; j. w. Van Dyke,
Lima, Ohio; W. W. Moore, Winnipeg; II. A. Small, Vancouver) W. N.
Rrayton, Kaslo; II. J. Thomas, London, Kng. ; J. Herkman, I'hoenix; J.
J. McKav. Vancouver; Ernest Mnns-
lleld, Kaslo; W. K. II. Carter, Yellowstone mine; C.  F. Caldwell,  Kaslo.
Phair. ��� H. Thompson, Toronto; J.
E. Holmes, Woodstock;.!. 0, Drewry,
RosslAnd; 10. E. Chipman, Kaslo; J.
Walker, Kaslo; J. C, Ryan. Kaslo; J.
E. Snniin. Rossland; J. M. Young,
Toronto;   C. A. Molsou, Salt Lake.
Evcllh, Minn., Oct. H.���Seventy
thousand live hundred pounds of dynamite, In the powder magazine at
local Masonic lodge will be held next the Spruce Mine, about half a mile
Wednesday evening at tlm MnBOnlc \trom town, blew up this afternoon,
hall on linker Street. \_   _���je   ���������   hundred feet square and
 . .       twenty -live feet deep   marks the   spot
to it iii. A Klin in iim: smi I where the   magazine stood.     The loss
Take Lniatlvo Bromo Quinine Tublett,  All' J���   _e   town   |g estimated at Mo.ooo.
ilniK ."Isrisfitinl thiwiiiiiii'V If II falls U) nu-ii'i . , ,
lie,  K, W, Grove's HgOBtON l�� on uaoli box. ��� At   lenst   HOO were more  or loss seri
ously hurt from being thrown down
by the shock or hit by shattered glass.
An unknown man was seen near the
magazine a few minutes before the explosion occurred and has not been
seen since.
New York, Get. s.���John Rumoher,
champion amateur sculler of America,
has announced that he has decided to
become a professional. It was known
that he has had more or less trouble
with the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen, and that his friends
thought he had been unfairly treated.
Rumoher says: "Durnan, my partner,
who is now in Canada, and myself,
will row any two men in the world
for any amount. I think Ten Eyck is
going to turn professional and should
he do so Durnan nnd 1 will row him
and Lewis at any time or place for
the world's championship."
London, Oct. s.���Sir Thomas Lip ton
in the course of an interview that appears in The Daily Express this morning denies any attempt to corner pork
in Chicago, lle says: "I have never
yet tried to corner food. On the contrary my object has always been to
lower rather than to raise food prices.
What happened was simply this. I
received a large government order,
compelling me to keep a big stock in
reserve. My buyers in Chicago bought
extensively nnd consequently I hold n
rather bigger stock than usual. It is
legitimate business to execute my eon-
tracts and the execution will not
affect the American public at all. I
object, to corners on principle."
London, Oct. S.���Lord Roberts, The
Daily News announces, will leave
South Africa during the last week in
October. The authorities have decided to limit the number of colonial
troops who are to be the Queen's
guests iu London to .11111.
Montreal. Oct. H.��� The following
nominations took place Saturday:
Sherbrookc, II. A. Lebaron, Liberal:
West Durham, R. Berth. M. P. ; West
Hastings, S. J. Young. Liberal; East
Bruce, II. Cargill, M. P., Conservative; Two  Mountains. Ethier.
Ottawa. Oct. S. ��� In Conservative
circles the _impression prevails that
the Government will announce the
dissolution of Parliament either tomorrow or Wednesday. In Liberal
circles, however, no indication is
apparent as to when the lovernment
will reach this decision.
Waterville, Que., Oct. S.���Mr. A.
Galet, who was tendered the nomination by the Liberals of Coinpton
County, in opposition to R. II. Pope,
M. P., has declined to accept.
Visit Florenoe Park Hotel at Boherts'
Bancb, two and a half miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Boherts, proprietor.
FOR SALE. -Florence Park Hotel and
Boherts'   Ranch,   situated on   lake
shore, 2}i   miles from Nelson.    Apply
II. R. Cameron,
LADY, cheerful, active, desires   posi
tion   as   housekeeper.     Useful com
panion, nursery governess or mother's
help.     Willing   to   leave town.    Good
references.   Address "H" Miner Office
FOR SALE.-Two good business lots
in the town of Phoenix, 50 feet
frontage, original cost 11,000, will sell
for the same figure on tlie following
terms: One third cash, balance in six
and twelve months, Address F. II. II.,
P. O.  Box Ids, Nelson,  B, C,
Nelson Opera House
October 12th & 13th-
A Show ol Unusual Excellence
I inii|ir,in AorObStlO Marvels
JACK SYMONDS,    Of Syinonds-lliKihos-Rastus
nD. fox. iiu with lho Eccentric i.oos.
PRED80HM1DT Swool Timor
hank 0OODMAN      -    Pleating Oomodlun
CHAS.   VAN Ualliialst
J. IIARVi: URicos ���        Premier Basso
Gorton & Lee
The Princes ol llluh Class Musical
Comedy and
Are You Right?
You can be sure of ymir minutes
il' you provide yourself witli one
of our iieeurate and reliuble
t hnelceeporfci.
Don't run���get a good wateh to
run for you.
Alaruitucturlng Jewelers.
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Schodulo of Timo.       Puclflo Standard I'lmo.
Klt'eotive February lrt, HWO
PasHongor train for Sandon and way stations
leaves   Kaslo  at 8 a. m., dally.    Returning.
leaves Sandon at 1.16 p.m., arriving at Ktwto
ut 3.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and Rlvor.
Str. "International" leaven Kaslo for Nelson
at il a. in, daily except Sunday. Returning,
loaveH Nelnon at (1,40 p.m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainnwo-th and all way points. Connects with S. K. & N. (rain to anil from Spokane at Five Mile Point
Steamer Argenta has been laid up foi Hie
Stoamore call at principal landings in both
directions, and at other points when signalled
Tickets sold to all points In Canada and the
United States.
To ascertain rates and full information ad
drees, i
Manager, r|0,.��R_[ 0.
Provincial Board of Health
Regulations for the Detection and
Treatment of a Disease Known as
Bubonic Plague.
Approved by Order of His Honor the
Lieutenant - Governor - In-Counoll,
Dated the 6th Day of September,
1. All sick Chinese or Japanese must
Bt'inl or (jive notice of their illness to
the Health Offleer or Pollec Constable
in the district where sueh Chinese or
Japanese reside.
2. Physicians in attendance on sick
Chinese or .Iapane.su shall notify the
Health Officer or Chairman of tlie Local Hoard of Health of Municipalities:
or if in an outlying district, the Government Afrent must he notified. Suei
notification should state the cause of
illness and the condition of the frlands
throughout the body of the sick person and should he delivered to the
Health Ollicer, Chairman of the Loeal
Hoard of Health or Government Agent,
as the' case may be, at the earliest
possible opportunity,
S. In City Municipalities the Medical Health Olliee shall be notified
within six hours of the death of any
Chinese or Japanese, by the person on
whose premises sueh death occurred,
or by some relation or person having
charge of tlie person so dying.
4. In Rural Municpalities the Medical Health Officer, or Chairman or
Secretary of the Loeal Hoard of Health
must be notified within six hours of
such deaths, and in outlying districts
the Government Agent in- Provincial
Constable shall be notified within
twelve hours after such death, or as
soon after as possible. Certificates as
to the cause of death must be signed
by the health officer in   niunicitalities
and in outlying districts by the Government Agent, or some person duly
authorized by him.
li. Any person violating any provision of these regulatlons.shall be liable upon summary conviction before
any two Justices' of tho Peace, for
every such offense, to a line not exceeding one hundred   dollars, with or
without costs,  or  to Imprisonment,
with  or   without   hard   labor,   for   a
term not exceeding six months, or   to
both line   and   Imprisonment,   In  the
discretion of the convicting court.
0HARLE8 .1.  PAGAN, M. 1).,
Secretary Provincial Hoard of Health.
Hy Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Victoria, 11. C., September 8th, 1000,
NKUIIN LOIIUK, No. 23, A. V. & A
M. moots second Wednesday in eaoh
month.   Visiting brotliorn wolcomo.
I. O. O. K. Kootenay Lodge
No. 10, meet* ovory Monday night,
at  tholr Mall,  Koolonay stroot
Sojourning Odd Follows cordially Invltod.
John A. MoRae. N.U.   I). W. Rutherford, V.O.
I-rod J. Squire, Per. Sec.
Nelson Kncnmpiiiont No. 7. Meets overy '2nd
and 4th frlday of each month, In odd Kollmis'
Hall, coiiinr linker und Kootenay ItrooM
Nelson. A. II. Clnmonts, 0, P.; 1). McAilhu/
R. H.   Visiting brothers always welcome
NKLSON  LODOIC   No.   'it,, K   ofP
unlets l:i K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
_!__��� !_ *_K ?vmil"k- at 8 o'clock
'tJAll visiting knights cordially   Invltod
,   .   ��� _! ���': 'blilil.KY. C. 0.
J. A. Paqiikitk, K. of It. and H.
Prices; 11,00, 73 and 50 Conts.
NKLSON I,. O. L. No. KM moot* in Fraternity Hall on lirst und third Friday evenings
of each month at, 8 o'clock. Visiting members
cordially invltod. il. Robinson, W\M.: Wm.
Crawford. It. S.
every sooond and fourth Wednesdays of oooh
in onth. Visiting mciubors oordlally invito
Charles Protustr. Secretary. I
I        __OLACK       |
****��� -^****;
(Dress Goods]
| mmmmmn.,,. |
E�� -^-��*>
|E These Goods are of the very finest quality and 2
S=  have Just arrived.    We have always had the reputa- 2
|E  tion of handling only ihe best to be  had  and  those ^3
JE: are better than we have ever had before.    The prices ^
S~ have been cut to the utmost limit in  order  to  meet 3
Sr  the demands of the economical shoppers.
| Just Look at Them!
_**** ������
5_i __t
1 mwmwmmw 1
9__\ -^
_**" ������
_____ ���**�����
___*" -^
j~  French Crepe;Cloth, a great bargain,   at,
��_ per yard yrjfj   3
��f_  French Wool Creponne, at, per yard,....
90C. $150. 200, 250 1
��~  French Silk and Wool   Mixed   Creponne,
B at, per yard Ktf 25   3
tr   French Silk Creponne, finest   quality,   al,
%        Per >'ard $550 |
��E  Black Satin  Victoria,   smooth   finish,  at, 3
B per yard 75Q   |j
��~  Black Mosquiveitte,  satin  finish,  al,   per
E yard 75C "nd *_.()()   I
J~ These goods are all bright and new, being   this   3
B  fall's importations.and this is   the last  opportunity   _j
��= you will have to secure them at the above prices.
1 mmwmmmm |
J Martin O'Reilly J
**��� ^3
To Our Customers |
...AND THE... ^
Public in General.
VtV v./ \lt gj
WE having this day disposed of our  Business,   lo  Messrs. ^.;
Win. Hunter & Co., we bespeak for them  a  continu- &���
ance of that very liberal share of patronage winch has been ex- l_
tended us during our business career in Nelson.    We can only g
assure you that those traits which has built up for us and maintain g;
the reputation for Honest and Reliable Dealings,  will   be  con- ^
tinned throughout by the new firm.    We therefore   lake  great 5;
pleasure in recommending them to all our old  customers,   and fe"-
also to as many new ones as may honor them   with   their  pat- ��?
ronage.    Thanking you one and all for past favors, we are _i
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.      S
To the Public. g
Having this day taken over the Business of The Western g
Mercantile Company, Limited of Nelson, we beg  to  ask  for a &
continuance of the patronage  which   you   have   heretofore  ex- &
tended to them.    Our aim will be at all   times  to  supply  you _���
with the best goods at lowest possible prices; being in   a   posi- fc';
tion to buy goods in   larger  quantities   than   any  linn   in   the c��
Kootenays, wc will therefore give you the benefit of the margin, g
The same staff which has waited on you   in   the  past   will ��|
continue to do so, aud they will spare no pains in   making the g!
dealings both pleasant and profitable to you.   To those who ��,,;
have not honored the retiring firm with a share of their patron- gj
age, we would ask you to come and have at least a trial  order, S
when you will be convinced our prices are the lowest,   and  our S!
goods are the best. &
__r f
Wm. Hunter & Co. |
Successor to g;
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. _f:
Staple   ai)c_   Faijci)   Groceries. !?���
I hcrchy give notice that at the
next meeting of tin- License Commissioners for the  Nelson  district win
apply fur 11 lleensi! to sell mtopcioatinir
lliiuurH at tlin Rossland lintel. Vernon
Street, Lot IB, Hlock ms, in the Citv
of Nelson, B, C. '
Erewci'H of Fine LitRor
I ,i' 1 anil I'm tit,
Kelson, B. 0.


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