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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 1, 1900

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Edition No. 641.
Nelson, British Columbia, T
Tenth  Year
111 remit of his inspection of tin,   h,,s,|j.
I lal service heta, ho is perfeotly swtis-
liinl thai everything inii'iii'iil skill oan
BUHgest for thn bi'ii. lit nml comfnrl of
Uio si.k nml wounded lms been clone.
Ilo is Hiitisli.-il that tlm Home million-
tie-i are Bending not nil Ilia nnrseu who
will possibly bo reqnirerl,
greatest Per Centage That
Britain Ever Suffered.
Lnntlon, Jnn, 111.���The War Office
lms issiK-l nn additional onannlty list of
tho battle of Sinon Kop, January 2-1,
nii'l of the engagements nt Venter's
Spruit, January 17 nml 80. The additional list liiiiniii'i'.s 189 men killed, 8(11
wonniii'ii nml fl8 missing, n total of
BOB. With l?l inliliiioiiiii casualties
given I'm Hi" fighting ni Venter s
.���spruit the t ml I -s uiu e ilie hei ii ���
i.ing o<   ��� i  .- a     ���    in 11! . : '.'..'-.    men,
Ocmilh     lieved   That    Buller   Will]
yji  i other Attem.t to Believe
Lad.. Miiith���yituation Today.
Won.  Feb   !.-(- **���   m.).���The
s���M'ciiinitiil lints of  nisiiiilK'S till two
,������,,. ,n    nonpareil    type  in   the
niiniin.   pipers, making 1,800 report-,
���l ilm-im'. lor General Boiler's operations nnrili "I the Tugelo,   The Daily
fhimin'li' esliinntes   tbat, thn total ex-
ceons..000.   iiiv forty jut oent. loss |
,iSpion Kop is grenter than nny Brit-1
isli foree evi r suffered,   except possibly ,
_'t.\|liniiii. The A'liiniiiltv bus   warn- [
pd til Imi' P'ly   navB'   officers   to   bolil
tl���.���iM]us in li'iiiiun'ss for servioe i
His, wiili ii e faot Jrhat able seamen,
not tborongnly experienced, have been
withdrawn from the Channel squad-
ro���_ is |,i,i n in imiinnte nn curly mob-
ili/aimn uf the reserve fleet, espeninlly |
���A' division. At n meeting of the
Armv uml Nnvy Members of the
Home uf Commons yesterday, a resoln-
tiou expressing ahsolute confidence in
whatever thn Government thonght ne-
cssiirv, rniiiiiinnded only two voles.
Inilenri of Hns il resolution wns adopt-1
ed calling for the inimerliate formniion
niii borne defense force Lord Kalis.
imn hns railed anoiln r Cabinet Council wlu.'li mil i'1" i l'"riilny or Sntur-
dav, In consider ll !��� sitnntioii.
dine Town, Jun, 81,��� Kimberley
lii-li, graph, (1 io the Morider River nil
Friday, Jnniiu-y id, thnt nil iho Brit-
l��h subjeets lu the Bnrkley West district had been ordered to tnke nn arms
by innl for thn Horn's, under a penalty
of B87, or tliree months at hnrd lnbor.
Alimit 800 nioii are affected by this.
London, Jnu, 81.���A speoial dis-
pntcb tioni Capo Town snys: One
hundred and fifty Atnericnn scouts
who arrived there with mule trmns
have enlisted on tbe British foroes,
Loudon, Jnn. 81.���Sudden orders
won'ri'oi nod nt Aldershot ihis afternoon for the immediate embarkation
of the Fourth Cavalry Brigade for tho
London. Fob. I. ���Mr. bpenoer Wilkinson, in The Morning Post today,
describing the militnry situation,
takes ii for granted thnt General Bul-
lor intends to iiinko another attempt to
lelieve rmdysmith. He seizes the occasion to ,'xoi'i'ss the greatest admirn-
tiini for the dauntless spirit of tie
Hriiish arniv nnd a regret thut the
main ibing is lucking, namely proper
leadership. He savs: "The whole
manhood of thn nation is moved by ihe
sumo spirit that stirs the troops on th
Tugela. Cannot the Government pluok
np heart to   lead   like men a nation of
Ladysmith, Sunday, Jan. 88���(Helio-
fn-ilinil to Bwnrtz Kop, north of tbe
Tngi'la River)���The news of the pro-
1iaiuniii.il nf lira si'-" reuniting from
Gfiienl Bnller*! failure is received
Uilii tottitnde, We run hold on. The
Unimnii is lii.'illliv, eheirv   nnil   OOnfl-
iV'in Uiaisi' is disappearing and
there is no horse sickness, Thn ruins
-ir. plsnty n( grass, We can hear
General Buller's guns working and it
Is rumored in camp that he is udvnnn-
un. along nunther line. Thn Hoer
Isagersrotiiid here  nre   again   full  of
men, who have returned from Ibe Upper Tagelll.    Tho Hoars have also taken
un a new position on the hills nest
Colenso, where thev are in great force.
K'iiifoiecii'etits me anp'i'i'i.'li i:-!:'-.'..
log from the Transvaal, Strong bodies
of Bohtb are also visible between here
and Poigieler's Drift.
Capo Town, i ncsdiiv, Jan 80.��� General Holler still holds lhe Tugela Drift*
and will possibly renew his attempt
to fni'i'o his way through the Hoer defence before long. In any ease 'Lartj-
smith is capable of holding out for a
long time.
Whai the Governor-General
Will Say Today.
Mr- 'arte Has a Bund New  I xcuse fui
Opposing the Continuants���fie-
count in Winnipeg.
ties for handling trnllio ore being
largely inoreased which will have the
effeot of Canadian uorts being largely
benefited from the inoreased truffle,
Among the nets that will receive attention will be the renewal of the
Bauking Ant, and the regulation of
tlm rate of interest payai'lo in judgments recovered under courts ot law.
A measure for tho taking of the next
decennial census, nnd another for tin
hotter airnngement of the elaetnral
ci'iiiiiiuil oode will nlso be mentioned
in His Kxccllcuey's Speech from tlm
Yesterday   In    the
Government was oommunioated with
diieet. Referring to Colonial representation in Imperial' Parliament tlm
Minister of Pnblio Works said he did
mil expect to die before seeing Sir Wilfrid l.aiiricr, representing Canada, sit-
iinu in the councils of the Imperial
Government, associated with the British Prime Minister and Ibe Australian
Premier,    Ueferring   to tho  disloyalty
cry   against the Prnvii   oi   Quebec,
Mr Tarte declared his native Province
was fveiiili mul would remain French,
hui it, was nevertheless loyal in the
llrilish i Irown.
Lindnn, Jan. 111.��� When  the  nation
lias niii', -: ri signed Itseli tn the fall
ofLmlvs,niiii, there comes from nil
qsirtirs today an indication thnt Gen-
eral Iinili will make another nt tempt
to relieve tbe beseiged place If The
Daily Mail's rennit nl Uenernl Bnjler *
itsiement, thai lm hoped to be in
L-ilystnitli within a week, oonld he
lui|ilintlv relied on news of further
serious lighting would he expected
shortly. Hnt the papers are loath to
helleto what The Bt. .Ian.es Gazette
ohataeterizos as " unwarrantable
boasiinii." Mm, over the VVai iiith*
throws cold wuier on the dispatch By
leaning a stiitei eul thul it has no
Iicwk I'l'iiliriiiniory nt snell a move as
(" ml lulus,, poi ted speech   lidi-
ciiiis Vii today's dispatches from
Urtyamith ami Ospe Tnv.il give a
MtOliB linpressinn thut there is sonie-
lliini' in- n- il.an minor hi nil these ro
porta, So, while nil definite opinion,
inn-i await iiiun,r news il does not
"wiili nil unlikely that another de��-
j*'��'e 'ii ii  will  be made to si oooi
'""'nl ft     Latest  advices  from
l.'i".v-ni!i,. shiming the existence of
letter cnndil nns ibere tlinn was generally him,,i m he ihe e,so,have In on
|n'i'iv,a ���j,i, H , rfnntjon, ,\ dispatch
[rem iln \--,, into    Press represent...
���IT" m Spi ,i ii an s I-,,,,,,, rlnteri Thurs-
,]"\ 'l; "���.   ���'.:>��� descrll inn the  tiis'ht
nii'l ii'i'i.iiaiii limn .-.|,i,,(i Kop, snvs:
*e lied down sudiv lmt In pi rfeel
"r""i I In' King's iio.ui imi,. N col-
���Ml waastriuk nnwn si 'In- mnineut
JMliogrnph n.issnge  ordering tbe re
'"'' '���   was  handed lo  bim    The
���'"'inn- linlntiiR thanksgiving set iocs
���night. The surgeons win, ,.send, d
"���"III were ullowiid in   remove  our
,""'""1   '  sceue ni the top was
"inini. nnd ii wns terrible to witness
.",'; "������"nioliveiiew of t rtlliery.
?���'    "iy our   sir, Icier    I enrci'S    Mere
l"*v enrryhiR , own men.""
n,"""''1   Bnller   telegraph, d    from
J "!"'"'<""<' P, nnder i iy's dnic
,,"'" "el  Thetiiycroli was the offl-
f wiin   ordered   the retirement  nt
;1"" k'i'   General Bnller adds;   "It
im in htm  ihut I heheve his  per-
"U'lilantry N���M,,|   ��� (,,ni,.���|t .i|������.
, '"1'iiih' .Iiiiiii ry 84,und thnt under a
"innl Imisi .pi ,,,,. ,.,,��� , hsdlrnc	
���mi ,'���""" "'"' '""silicons oonrnge
, ' !,,"l''.v tbronghnnt tbe day. No
mmei whn ever for the witbdrawalia,
""moil.    Hitaehahle   to   him,
linn, to drop the past and to plan on
a proper scale the arming nf the Empire for whatever Btrnggld may be in
London, Pob, I. ���Mr Winston
Churchill, in a further dispatch to The
Morning Post, which describes the
crossing of the Tugela. says: "The
ni'inv is exasperated, not defeated.
General Bnller will persevere and all
will coiiie right ill the end."
L nilon,    Feb    1.���The    ('alio   Town
correspondent nf The Daily News says:
" Evidence i�� accumulating that something heiond   the understanding existed b- tween lhe   Hoer esennt vn nnd in
nor   circle  of   the    Afrikander   Bnnri
concerning   wbut   shnnld  follow   the
ripening rebellion   at the nnibrnnk  oi
the war.    Pnilv 6,000 Colonial   liiinh-
nien   nave   joined   lhe    em mv     The
Boers,   however,   believed   thnt   this
number would be mnliiplii.d  ten fi I
Consequently   the Afrikander Bnnd is
now iM,ci'iitcd at   Pretoria aud bloem-
fouleill. "
London. Pell I. ��� A dlsp.tcb to Tbe
Times iiiiiii I'ii'i'u ai'ii/.i'iirg, dn'eri
Hnndnv last, snys: "Colonel Thorny
croft bad a n_irm\ es. ape lasl week,
He went to meet n Hoer II "g of truce
which asked n pirley, hut having become siisnii ions In- mid lhe Hoer t-oin-
miindiuit thnt   lm   wonld    not   p'lilev
I; ill retired and the Boer* tired a vol
ley, the Colonel onlv escaping in con
sequenoe of the had si noting.
London, Feb, I.���The correspondent
of The Tin is m Lorenzo Marquee, tel
egrnphlng lesterdny, savs: "Inionna
lion baa   been received here from   the
Transvaal that the   War  Depnrtn	
convinced 'bnt it woold he iiBeliss to
.1, nu Ladysmith ami thai ihe bombardment will continue Ineffectlie.hns
decided on a change or tactics. Huge
quantities of tmibei nnd sand hags
mid hundreds ol Kara have been senl
from Johannesbnrg and Pretntia for
the nnipose of damming the Klip River,   some  miles    below    Ladysmith.
T"in idea is tn Hood the town and drive
the soldiers and Inhabitants out of the
In,inh proof caves so as to expose ihein
to shell lire."
will"-"1;,'1'''* ���'""lUl''1   throughout
wsi admiral,Ic."
Jiann'"",   i*'1'"'   W~U   iH   nlll.-i.illv
jmi.,������.,���i ,hll| (h��� BoM ,,���fl���|ll|](,H  a|
l'i    ,","'"'" M   men    killed   and
��     "" '    Mr. Webster Davis, As.
. Hecretarv  of  the  foterlor at
(,���,   ',"!',���  """imnnnied  by  V.   S.
si;,,,, ��� l1",11^'.""" the Htn
ni i
(Special Dispatcbes to The Miner.)
Otlawn, Jan. 111. ���The fift.li session
of the Eighth Parliament of the Dominion opens tomorrow. In the
Speech from the Throne, His Exeellenoy, the (joveiiioi'-uenei'nl, will uo
doubt moke inference to thn continued
prosperity of the country nml the on-
pieeedented increase in trade   returns.
Reference, of course,  will lie miirio   to
the war ill ."Soutli Afrioa und the action
of the Government in sending forworn
two contingents, and thus giving  pi-ao-
licnl   evidence of the unbounded devo
tion and loyalty of the  entire   Domin
ion lo tho Kmpiie.    It may also be an
jcipated that Hie Speech will refer  to
the contingent which is now being recruited under the   inline of the Striith
conn Hotse, and   His  Excellency  will
doubtless refer to the   gratification  of
people of the Doniinioii.jit   tbe   generous offer of the High Commissioner in
organizing nnd seuiling to Hie limit at
his own personal expense a picked teg-
ioieuf of Canada's best liglouig material His Exeellenoy will announce
that Her Majistv sent u communication to the Canadian Government expressing her big approval of the loyally
and patriotism in Ilie sending of officers and men to take part in Iho wars
of the Empire and he will say that
ilns is another evidence of the patriotism added to ihe preference given to
articles of Hritish liiiiiinl'iietnn; in the
Onuadinn tiiii**', winch h.m had the
happiest effeot in cementing and intensifying the  601 til al   rotations existing
hetween Canada and Hie Mother Confl-
try. A hill of indemnity will he presented covering the cost of equipping
and dispatching both contingents. Reference will also lie, made to Ihe measures which from time to time have
been pa-Bed to facilitate the sending of
food -tiiivs to markets, which have
heen the means of Increasing Canadian undo with Hritish markets and
the opinion will be expressed that it is
in the interests of the community
that more cniefiil inspection will he
required in order to maintain 'hat
high character of excellence heretofore
secured for many articles of Canadian
tin nl nee. This will result, in u still
furl hel' increase of Hade. Allusion
will he niiule to ihe reduction iu postage tales and Ilie people will he grati-
tied to 'earn Ihat a temporary loss of
revenue will be made un by the Increased correspondence. The subject
of improved trade with iho West ladies will be it fined to llllll the hone
will he expiessed ihi.t onr trade can be
materially  increased    His excellency
will make ri fin  to   the net   passed
lust session wbiob nnthnr ees the Gov-
ornnr-l'eiicral-in-("ouu il   in   devising
 ins of  protecting  workiugiuen "n
liiilunvs and pnblio works, and more
nnrli'iilnrly for securing for them pro-
, er sanitary i.ioleition. Altuition
will ne called to conflicts which occn-
s.. n.illi arise between wnrMngmenand
their employers.snd while the ditliuil-
���ies ol adjusting these di-putcs by legislation will ki r,ongniwd.vel the hope
will he expressed that the Provincial
Legislation  mnv  ne supplemented  hv
the providing of a tribunal for lhe assisting of n sella ineiii oi disputis hetween workingmen nod their employ-
em. Hatisfaeiioii will, no dnnht, lie
expressed with the large number (f
s.ltlcis Hint have uiken np hum ill Ilie
North Wesl showing thnl ihe efforts of
the ;invi'iiiin, nl lo promote imn ignition  inive  been  successful i   only
in seeui ing H large nni'' use in pontile-
Hon, hut    also   in   the n pat rial ion   ni
Canadians   who,   in   Ies   prosperona
limes, led Canada and   are now i ly
ami anxious tn return, The establishment of n 1'iiil.iuv cnminiss-iini hn-
been under oniigidorniion hy ibe t.ov.
eminent nnd n grent de I   ol   vslnnhle
mini- tion has heen onllentsd,    Whe
i|,,s is completed II will he submitted
I,,, ti moderation nf the House, and
Montreal, Jan. it:.���The miipin'ees
iof the Canadian Pacific Railway from
tin- Atlantic to the Pacific will show
their 1-iyalty to the Pmpire and Hen
remembrance to the Canadian soldier-
at the front,in a very .nbstnntiul manner, A movement, which wits begun
sometime ago among C.P, R.employees,
lies been erystnli/.ed into formal and
definite shape, whereby every employee
in the system, some 11,000, will sub
scribe half a day's pay to the Patriotic
Pond, for the assistance of Canadian
soldiers in South Alricn, and Iheir
families. The movement has been entered uno voluntarily- on thn pnvt of
the men, nnd has been conducted independently of official pressure. The
suliseriptinu, which ill    rough   ligures,
will amount to about ..0.000,-will bj
known as the "Canadian Pacific Rill-
why Employees' Vohiiilurv Subscription to the Canadian Patriotic Relief
!GAME   LAWS  -AMENDED!   Ottawa. Out..Jan. ill.-The revenue
is still on the inorea��e. The figures
for the inonih of JannaiV, which
closes lodav, shows customs revenue to
bo .2,84?'.4?8, ns compared with ?l,
630,860 for January, 1809, iu"rmse
Tlie Dominion Government hns decided to proceed at once with bnilding
of telegraph lino from Atlin to tjnes-
nelle to oonnent with eastern telegraph
system   so ihat   nie>sages can   bo   sent
direot  by   wire   to   Dawson.   .1.   B.
Charleston   left   yesterday    afternoon
with a staff of   nun   to proceed   with
I the work of construction.
Premier    S mliu    Am ounces   His   Pi-
ewer V> FieEiite.it Mo! inley to tbe
Alien Mining Men's Petition.
Montreal, Jan. 81,���H. niid A. Allnn
l-ecivod a cablegram today from the
Captain of the Laurentian, which left
Halifax,   Sunday,   Jan, 81, with  two
(latteries far Hie second Canadian contingent, siding that they had arrived
it ('una St. Vincent, (,'ape Verde Islands, and all was well.
Quebeo, Jan. 111.���The name of Hon.
,1, Sbehvn, member of the Quebec Cabinet without nortfolio, is mentioned
in Liberal circles as n likely successor
io the lute Senator E. ,1. Price, at (It-
taw i
Winnipeg. Jan. ill.���The recounting Of ballots in the Winnipeg by-election was conolnded this afternoon nnd
argument of counsel occupied the court
up lo six o'clock,  when adjournment
was made nntil tomorrow.    There  are
j nearly   800   ballots   upon   which   the
crosses   made   the electors   nre   placed
I nu'side the disc.    These in some   cases
' have been accepted as good by the de-
, pnties and by others rejected.   It is es-
I timated tbat if all ballots thus mnikeri
are   allowed.  Mr.    Puttee,   the   Labor
candidate, will be elected bv ahrnt   II)
majority: should thev   he thrown   ml
i Mr. Martin's  majority  will   tie ahont
j 200.    Before the   recount   proceedings.
the returning offloer gave Mr. Mnrtin
a majority of 40. The greatest inter-
lest attaches to the ease. Judge Walker is expected to give bin decision tomorrow after further argument.
R. Johnson, an loelnndic girl,  aged
I 'ill, employed in the   Great West Laundry, was eanght ill the steam washing
machinery Ibis afternoon and crushed.
The Council of Calgary has aoeepted
i the cable     oiler   of  eight bondholders
I of the   waterworks   company,   lo   sell
nut the system for 188,000,    A Cypress
River dispatch reports  h  fatal Ureal
l.iohn Stewart's house last night.    Mrs
! Stewart, mother of   Mr. Young, ehoul
nil   veins old,   was   hnrned    to  death.
Mrs. Stewart was also   burned   nnd   is
not expected to   live.    The rest of   the
family escaped  withoni clothes to  the
stables, tHI help was brought by n son,
who drove them lo a ueighhot's house,
wrapped in   Idanke'S.    The   house an,)
nil the contents were totally destroyed,
it was a very coin night.
(Special Dispatch to The Miner. I
Victoria, H. C, Jan. 111.���Today,
although I ,vo motions of censure standing on the orders were unceremoni-
ously "stood over," the expected lit ill
day lining thereby  avoided, the session
I was not wholly devoted lo tontine hy
uny menus I'm. lo the surprise oi ,i
considerable number oi the   Members,
j the Cnnl    Mines   Regulation  Hill   was
I brought forward for seoond reading,
ihe result of lonp canons consideration being fully nppnrent in uu
amendment that Hon. Ur, McKcch-
nie promised would he introduced in
committee. The applies to Section II,
the pivotal section of the lull, and
provides in brief that a mining Inspector may give pennits to illiterate miners to work lor a certain time upon being convinced thnt, they understand
the rules of danger although niinhle to
read them���one whole year is ullowed
Io all in which to pass the simple ed-
uoational requirement, The peculiar
amendment of the game Inw was the
other feature of the day. it being decided that beaver shall havo a close
season of two years iu which to recuperate as a race, that no male elk shall
he shot, that docs nol possess at least
twelve points (nlthough Mr Brvden
inquired in passing, who was to hnld
the elk for the hunter while he counted Ihe points), and doe moose, oik and
cariboo, may nor he shot from the 16
of March to the lath of July.
Premier Bemlin, today presented to
the Legislature the answer of b's gov
ei'illieiit to the until ion of the American miner's in Allin to President Mo-
Kinley against tin lien hxcliision
Act. The Premier's .iter to the Sec
retniy of Slide says tee statements in
the petition, that fnnr-flfths of Hie
elniins iu Atlin were nn spooled and
located by Americans and Hint citizens
nf the United Stales lost millions
through the passage of flic Aot Were
exaggerations and misstatements. Continuing the Premier sum : " We would
Cobonrg, .lan. ill.���J. 11. McCnll has
been chosen by tbe Liberals of Wesl
Northumberland in contest thnt constituency against (1. Quillet. Coii'erv-
aliin. Ai. P.. nt lhe next general elections.
Toronto. Jan. III.���.lames Brown,
seciinn man of the Grand Trunk, wns
killed ut tne Batbnrst yards lasl nigh,.
This is third victim to the killed al
lhe same place within the lust three
Montreal, .Inn.   Ml ���Robert  Mnokny
was elecied   nresi lent,    Henry   Miles,
vie, -president, John MoFnrlane,second
vice-president, and E W. Evans,
treasurer, of iho Bonrd of Trade, here
tins morning.
  *1     i��� "'I
Ottawa, .lan. 81.���Tbe Canadian Patriotic Fund to date is 180,081,
Toronto, .lan 81.���Daniel Tremblay,
arrested    I ist   night ou the   charge   of
murdering Ills wife   mul child, in Hay
City. Mich., onnfesalng the   crimes   in
Detective Codity, wns todny remanded
i to await the  arrival nf   United   States
I officials, who will take him   to Michi-
' gun for truil.
Relleville.   Out ,   Jan.   111.���Martin
stiiiehiin,   aged mi.  former warden of
tne   Frmileum',    Into   puyiiinsier of the
17th battalion, died   todny  at   Hun in
Alexandria.   Ont,   Jan.    Ill ��� (llcn-
gniry Liberals iu   convention here Ihis
ihTiiooii, 1111111,lm111n~Iv im ninuled Ju-
j cob T. Sebeli   candidate   for   the   next
Dominion eleotion,   He bus not vet accepted a call,   hut will   issue   nn   ad-
I dress iu a month giving bis decision.
(irnnd Forks, R O., Jan. 81.���Oolonel Johnson, of San Francisco, Onl.,
who hns been engaged hydraulic mining on lhe Snake River. Idaho, is hero
to Investigate the possibilities of work
��� i simiim character in the main Kettle River, in the vicinity of (Jrand
Forks. This is his second visit to tbo
Bonndnry Oountry, Colonel .lolinsmi
authorised the statement Hint be would
organize a company, including among
its shareholders a number of American
capitalists, tor the nnrposeof extracting gold from the Kettle River, by
means of the patent dredge, now in
suocesstnl use in Idaho.   He r.redioted
Hint the   gravelly beds uud   sand   bBrs
would yield at    least   from    If,   tn   2.*i
Montreal, Jan. III.���The Star's special correspondent wiih the Hist conrin.
Kent in Booth Africa, cables: "Bel
mont, Oape Colony, Jan III.���The Colonial troops ar-- now being given an
important share in operations which
Lord Koheris is inaugurating for tbe
invasion   of   the   Orange   Flee   State,
Knt h Canadians mid  Australians have
been employed upon lines of coniiiiuiii
"iiti'iu, ure being used to aid the Imperial authorities in clearing the northern part of Cape Colony nf rebels, who
are impeding tlm progress of British
iroops, A strong pm iv of Australian
and   Canadians left   Helmont   u   week
ago. live hundred strong, for recou-
nuisance iu Tienoer district. Tho ene-
liny were found in force at Hadenbnrst
on Belt River. Altera smart tight,
in which none of onr men were injured, rebels were cleared and Colonel
Boyd, commandant at Relmont, ordered the establishment   of a  permanent
torce at Kichinonil,    18   miliS west   of
Helmont. A company of Canadians,
I with a monnted force, will be loft to
garrison the post, fioin which un advance will be made tn clear out tbe rebels from Hie district. It may be thai
we are in for some smalt work. All
nre well. "
snv any right" acquired hy tlm petitioners hnve lieen preserved to them,
The legislation complained of epecltl-
cell* exempli all claims recorded prior
lo its passage and provides for lhe
unimpeded working of such claims hv
the boloers although ulii us. A reference 10 the milling Iiims will show
that their whole tenor is. as it necessarily mull be. thai no right i" iioqnir-
ed until a claim is recorded, \s ul-
rendy slated, all such rights nte scrupulously respected ll may In. well to
note this, .is ii casual reader of u petition, unacquainted wiih the Inots,
might   naturally   snppnse    Ihat     such
claims bad been ronfls sted."
The I Invernieeiii hoi s thai men taking out miners' licenses did uoi acquire veiled rights
Montreal, Jsu,   111.���Charles   Bnrpee
nns been appointed   io inci d the Ihio
Senator   Temple, (if New    Bmnswlnk,
...le Altornev,
, ' ''ll". for the Boer head laager,
'     ���*."'���"���.   in   the President's sn-
1 ontriage,
J-n I,   '"'"' ���''���"������'I- -I'icl.l Marshall
���liv,    ,'! '���"''""'"i iws tho represent-
" lh" Anooiatotd Press to say as
London,   Feb.    I. ���A   hluebook   has
been published  containing  a quantity
of correspondence relating to the de-
lenoe of Nntnl. It, contains urgent letters ami telegrams from the Natal Government, from dates as early ns May
last, on to the outbreak ot hostilities
asking reinforcements On August
8, Mr. chamiierluiii wired: "Arrange-
mens to send   2 (HUI   troops arc ill pro- ;
gross."   The    Natal   Ministry     grew
more alarmed and on September n, im-
plored    the   Imperial   (iovernnieiil   lo
avoid ii rapture until further relnforoe-
ineiiis  bad  arrived    Five thousand,
seven hundred men were   ordered (ruin
India, The oorresoondenoe shows that
Sit Will imn Penn Bymoos thonght 4,
Continued on fourth l'ago. |
Ottawa, Jun. 111.���Nelson will be tlie
recruiting station   for  the  Kootennvsi
und one teeth,   or forty men in all.   if
the Btratboona Hone, will he select
ed here.    Allotments   hnvo  been made
to the  various reel idling   points   and
Nelson is   placed   in   the   lirst   rank. |
Colonel    Steele,    Coinmandei'   of     the
Slrnlhi'iinu Horse, who   left   lodny fori
lhe west, snys he was satisfied that the I
lust of the reoroiting force wonld leave
oignrv hv February 18. Heinid oilers!
, from the west were pouring in One
'ai'. hh an  instance   be  mentioned,
wns Hint of Fori MeLcod, at which
I point 90 men were required nod BO
' names    had    already    been      received,
There is no doubt but  that ull along
the lino Iho offers   will   exceed   the re-
quired number us in the case of Fori
MoLemi. it is probable thai recruiting ollicers will i'.' sent to tho various
reoroiting itatloni and Colonel Steele
may visit most of the points himself.
Seafortb,   Ont.   Jnn.   81.���A flow
mill    unit   elevator    adjoining,    both
buildings the property of Mr.    (iiulke.
of Woodhnm     wore   destroyed   l,v this
i    ��� (licit tinges will! lhe seaboard and I morning,     1 bo liuililingH wen, iiismeil
allowing vessels, dniwim;  14 feet,  toIfor 18,700, 	
nnss through from  the he_d  of  Lake -     -
Bunerior to the sea,   The progress und     Meaford, Jsn.81 ���Rev   Mr.Fllmore,
successful iirnsceiitino   Of Hicse   works   aged 89 veins,  Haptist    minister   here,
t is aitraiieil widespread Interest ont bis throat with n butcher knife
ii'nong transporters and there are good while siitl'eriiig from liillmiiuiutinli of
mi ends for believing that   the   fundi-1 the brain.    It is snid bo will die.
Montreal, Jan.St.��� The Canadian ��"���
ciiiv of Civil (Engineers opened iis
iiniiuiil meeting here today. Tin re
wns a spirited ei'iiiesi for pn "idem bo.
tween Dean Bovev, nf Mount, ami
citv Surveyor St, George, of Mnnt.esI,
Ibe former winning hv u majority of
,'i.    This evening   ?u int'inhcrs Of   the
society left for  Boiton on  ��  special
train,  where   II nveiiliim  will   lm
continued  by   the Inspection of angi
Hearing works in ami around Boiton,
cents to   the   yard.    This,   he  nd 'ed,
would realize a handsome profit after
deducting all expenses. Tile tlrsl
dredge, he also Intimated, would ne in
operation within three inolilhs.
The bed of Kettle River has long
Ini n known toj he laden with llakey
gold. In low water, in inns of various
periods,      nslng   the   most    primitive
methods, have made fairly goml wages.
This has ulso h, eu llnir experience
iuthegra.il la in lies Situated lllolig
tin nver bank, .It is well known that
colon cnli be ohisined from hie gravel
taken from the streets ol Grand Forks,
ny the simple pioooss (I "panning "
Tiili is ihe convincing experience thai
appeals to B_��many skeptical new eoiu-
eis. The gold deposits are nol con-
lined to the loner end of the valley.
Placer mining is ��iiii carried on even
soiumet on Fourth oi July Oreek. less
in.in live uilii��� from the ciiv, while
11111 in i wist. Konk and Hmindmy
Creeks, other tilhutarlea of Kettle Slyer iiel'ied millions of dollars to Hie ad-
vi iiiunuis argonauts mil inly sin-
in s     The decision of Colonel   Johnson
in engage in hydraulic operations bus
i roan 'i grail enthusiasm here.
Montreal. Jim   HI.���The   by election
I'm Hui   Ontario    Legislature, iu    Lasl
Middlesex, rendered necessary   by  tbe
death of llodgius. Cnnsprnvtive, results
in the return of Robson, Conservtive,
by   hundred majority   over McHil
Iiiii,is. Liberal,
will no  doubt receive such twos'deration ns iis Importance demands.   (Irai
ifUmtion will be expressed nt the deop.
enlno of onr canal  system cnnnectlng
Toronto, Jnn,   III,���8peaking   in lore
the Young Libera! < 'lull lasl night.
Ho.i. Mr Tin !���'I'M'liinc'il Ins attitude
against sending Cnnadlnn iroopi to
Sooth Africa, He mid thai when th,.
lirst contingent mis spoken of Hon,
Joseph (Tiaiulii'ilam, Colonial Minis
ter, bid ��-iii iiiiiis- published In   Eng
bind, inviting thi- Oolonloi to vnlim
tii". troops, hui failed to semi one to
the Canadian Government i hence bis
opposition to send a oontingenl mi
incrn i fuels published Jin English pup
ers. He favored the sending nl the second contingent, because the   Cnundian
Greenwood, II. ('., Jan. 81,���8. F.
Pariah todny Informed the Associated
Press  noTTespondent   that  tbi   B, O,
mine iu   Sun,mil   Oamp   would   ship
daily, 00   Ions   to the   Trail   smelter.
Ilm ore body on the   MO fool  level has
heen crosseni   lu feel.
Tonight a tremendous bouie   greeted
tie.  performance    al   the   Albamhrn
IT' am   in aid nf thn fond   lur widows
and orphans of snlldon killed in the
Tiansvaal wnr
The  Pri -uteri met In  Nelson thi *
week, Uev  li   Frew presiding as Mod
ernlor,    A i nil, extended to   tbe  Rev
Mr.   Fort!    nt    Alvinslon,    i int .
from ('nnil,n,i k.wns consldored,accept
ed, and forwarded to Mr.Fortune, whn
Will    pi'dblll'll     HI ' epl ll     s| ,.|,|i.   vol
iimi'" (or the progress of Cratihrooii
Ihat il has now become Mlf sustaining uml thai im farther aid frum thu
church funds   will he required.
He Says He Will
Within a Wi
The Usual Lack of NewB fi
Was in Evidence Yest-rt
Generals are Couvei
London, Jan. 81. ���Ihi
correspondent of The Dai]
graphing yesterday,    Bay
Buller yesterday jMontla.
following message from tl
Sir Obarlas Warren's for
express my ndniirntinn Ol
ilnring the past trying v
ally of those regiments
nnd of the aooompliehmen
ilnons march.'
"General Buller told t
tbey ought not to think 1
had retired from their jins
their work was of no av
contrary, in his opinion
gained tho key of the t
smith, in which he hopei
11 a week."
London, Jnu. 80.���(.11
Tbere is almost a foiiiplet
news from 'Rritisb sourci
\triea np to this hour
reliable dispatch of any i
a confirmation of tho repo-
i ra Kelly Kenney, comma.
Sixth Division, has ocenpi
tion about midway betw
French at Rensbug, and I
acre, nl Stekstrom. Froir
ile.lnctetl that a juncture
forces is being made, pi
the beginning of plan of
Bloemfontein. The despair
etoria, datod Saturday,
gives the Boer version of t
tchi reoonnaissanoe referr
dispatoh of January 88,
British losses were two
and ten wounded. The
Press learns that Genera
brigade is still in its orig.
at Potgieter s Drift, sb
part of General Buller's
still north of the Tugela Ki
New Yoik. Jan.HO.���Pop
nine to oiler his   gocd    olll
abont a trine   lietween   Gr
na I the   Tiiinsvanl   Rspnt
i alile to The World from R
has no notified   the Queen
who nskeri him to nso   bis
Ihis    direction.    The     Po
that no   win has caused hi
l Itterneos of mind as   the
i ',v i i'ii   England  mid  the
says     --This war   is   inspi
by ideals of   civilization n
uationi!   interests.    I   can
Lot pray for tho dead. "
London, Jan. lid ���A dil
Durban snys: A refugee,
rived here from .lohannesr
tin- destrut linn of the Boe
lory at thai place ou Jaiiuf
I'      .tie added, is irrepar
New  York, Jan.    DO. ���O.
lervi'.   .nl' r (leiieral Whit
-a.i - ii London oable to The
elate that Ihe commander (
smith   garrison   will   mat
effort antl nt any cost, to ct
out,  if be suspects   that   r
ndl i  i- nliout to reach
tary I   . erts are iuclined t,
thi British  nt   Ladyatnitb
-���'���la.  in   Kimberley,    and
River, will   be   left to wo
llvation nnd hold an
iJ p. nible,  while   the   Cap
aroements are moving   tov
"ml Kreiiili's position.
Pretoria Satorday, .lan.
I'llteli   Ii'iin    ('(ilesbuig,     ("l
������ - Oommandant Dalarry
ij large  body   of   Brltlsli
riiiir-iiiiy. January  K,   ai
nisiiig the British I
ll g   severe   li.sH.
"asiisitii-   ��ran    two    nj
.("iiniii'd.   Oeneral    timid
ieii\y   lighting   itnoa   day
-ii in great foroe -ndi
nrroinid the    Huer po-ition
-.hui.mnn hastened to  the
'.. iicral   (irobler.    (I.ui
in '"turned this evening
'hat   tin    British   were   re
Ihat the Boen maintained
i  a-     The   Boer   inm was
U* and one mnn   sever
'���I     Tlie Hritish loss is not
must bave been heavy    Th.
...ilimi..s.     The      n|
' reei are retried qnlel
Kimberley,    Friday,   .Ian
bombardoent, wl.
-onlay, was rns
morning, Tha Huer* sen)
Into  nil   parts   ol   Kimberl
were n rani ea-nalties.   A
pl. .ti ii ' ins,, to n   hearse,    .
ling to the eemetery a
Nelson Daily Miner
I ubllsood lanly exropi .Monday,
li   '.   BKATON, Kdilorantl Manager.
Some opinions arising onr of a supposed muddle into winch the by-laws
of tbe City hnve got themselves were
expressed in yesterday's Miner In a
department that is nol charged with
the expression oi opinions We do not
Know bow grave tho situation may la.
The (.'itv may or may not he without
by-laws; bnt at the worst we do not
think there is the -lightest occasion for
excitement The instances nre numerous when muuiepalities hnve discovered that, by oversight or accident i t
���mine other cause, by-laws that were
���opposed to be and intended to be in
full force and effeot had ceased to I"'
operative. Tbere wa- a simple remedy,
although not always as readily avail-
ble as in the present case. 1'hey went
to the Legislatures to oiiiitirin the bylaws and to legalise any thing done,
act performed, or proceedings taken in
pursuance of them. That rem -ly is
available to us. and at once,'for the
Legislature is in session. If the doubts
are grave enough fo demand sucb action, let b Bill be drafted to make
good lhe by-laws that are supposed to
b" iu force, and on the pleii of urgency
the House will speedily transform it
into an Act In the mantime harm
will not come to any of ns unless we
go out to seek it.
Tbe statement is mnde llint the Mayor is the flr��t to advise thai the appeal
in the Traves ease, which appears to
be tbe origin of all the trouble, should
be dropped. This is not correct, as the
same advice was tendered in this col-
ntnn of The Miner several weeks ago.
The opinion it had then it has now.
and in this instance it can approve the
view taken by th" Mayor as being the
most sensible under the circumstance.-.
pl iud tie idea aud urge that it be car-
led out. Something less ambitions
ban tins will do. Let Rossland send
over in two or three oi half dozen
troopers a- its contribution to the forty
to he recmited in Nelson, and it will
be let oil without another word.
uu i��uu nr\ n> /-*
50 Cases
New Drugs
and Tledicines
Received ihis week,
fresh from the manufacturers.
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone Mo.    P. O. Hut 215.    Baker Snvol.
Mail (Inters Promptly Attended To.
< mice an I Pocket.
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
There was ninch criticism of Boiler's
message that Wnrreu intended to make
a night attack on Spion Kop, the War
Department heing blamed for giving it
ont. The Department, indeed, seems
to have regnrded the indiscretion ns
serions enough to warrant an apology,
ior it took pnin�� to explain that the
reference to the night attack was not
intended for publication nnd was sent
to the newspapers through clerical
carelessness. An eminent military
authority 111 Loudon does not understand why these precautions should be
thought to be necessary, as the ceusot
could easily prevent intelligence of
that kind getting hack to the Boers.
In tbat case one wonders why more
news of operations and movements in
Natal and Oape Colony is not published. If there is nothing in the tear that
the Boers may profit by it, it is needlessly tantalising to withhold it from
the Biitish public.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill at PILOT BAY.
lards, NELSON and LAKDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
New and Important Jx /uno wuAs <A> 6nj>rv, a^ cuA/
Book IIJ .    / f*     '
Hal.l.nie's "3800 Miles Across Olinrda." ��� *tT   fHAA'lAA       &iA,tstCt-uJ    ftAS
Price.1.60. ',J}/)f/).flf? /) /
CANADA DRUG &      '   "
Nelson Employment" Agencv        NELS0N WINE 00-
WANTED. ' "'here you can depend on Retting tho best
Waitress.   Girl tot.Housework        \^&h&l^^it&i2��r'*��.boa>
Situations wanted bv Laborers,Cook   1 '       '
Waiters, etc. '-*H_*n___.
J. H. LOVE, Apt     Baker F'iBakek Street' Nelson
���I.IVG It It 01, lit.       fOTAM l'i lllll.
Windermere Minos.   Corresp -rteccoSol'-lted
1NSOHPORATF" *������___*_
We have just received
a carload ol choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Great Reduction!
(ANTHRACITE)   $9.65   Pcr Ton
' $6.15 per Ton
It is quite |ios��ible that Buller and
Warren and the rest nf them know
more of what they are doin^ and can
do, more of the 0).|iortiiiiities and necessities of the situation, than the
average newspaper strategist in Canada. This remark is suggested bv yesterday's news. Two days ago we eon-
eluded that the case of Ladysmith was
hopeless. Today Ladysmith say* she
is in good spirits and can hang out;
and from several different sources, but
especially from Holler himself, comes
the expression oi a belief that within a
wink his army will raise the siege.
This will suggest to the newspaper
strategists that a little more modesty
would not be unbecoming, and foi itself The Miner veiy frankly accepts
the rebuke.
llleiiliuii .iud Hallidlu systems.
I.a_H'*m..'k und Wilcox, etc.
A"",J"' J. O.T. 0R0FTS, M.i.MR1
**&��&��? NELSON. B. C.
Or to Pbbouuson & Crofts, Vaneouvei
} My $12,000 stock of BOOTS AND SHOES must be sold f
> inside of 30 davs. &
BoxJSS,   Phone* 0fttco,l'7; Home, US.
Insurance; Real Estate.
Direct railway oommcnioatlon   with 1
the Interior would   be of   greater   ad-1
vantage   to    Vancouver,     The   U":|   MONPY    TO     I  f"|AM
thinks, thsn it will  ever derive   from I '    s/"    ,, '      I ^     tUHI'
B 1(00111 llliier
tbe trade with the north. _herefoiel
it gives strong enoduragement in tbe'
Canadian Hacitlo iiiiilim ilu��� ��� who aie j
supposed to have iu conteinplslinn the !
building of a through linn to eounect !
Uidway and Vancouver
The Director of the Btperimratn]
Farm at Ottawa re(|uests The .Miner
to announce that the Department Of
Agi 11 uinn. will make another free
distribution of the best quality of cereals for seed. We are glnd to do this,
but fear the Intelligence will be of lit-
tie value to Kootenay, where farming
operations are not conducted ou a
veiy large icale
modem con' 1
!.'<l 117.40 1
T Ilea.a Htm
.', Ittmiii lieu-..'
Kxp.'ti   until I a'!    lain
I'Gl.lt'lK.s nn .-ul 11r.hu
.111 inn -lice"       $.-l.i��m
I.SH ,
lot  of  sM.M.l.l'nx
( all ur pnone,
AdierllM'ini'iili. InnorlM under thl_ head ut
lhe nil-'nf one t'i'iit u weril per  iii-erllon.   No
advsHlsenis&l iiiken forl.--- ihun BSoents.
.SITUATION WANTED���As   cook   01
housekeeper in   experienced woman
P. 0. Eos iiw.
Iu IM'!', according    to Dun's   report,
there were i,2H7 bnilnest lal lures In
Canada, with total   liabilities   of $10,���
i'/in,6"D. of these 'ii>> were manufacturing, Boo trading, ami 111 miscellaneous Io 1898 tbe failures were 1,800,
aud iu 1HH7,   1,809.    This   Indli Itei   a
���eusihie improvement of tbe general
Commercial situation within the past
1 wo years, wiih the tendenoy -'ill on
KIKMSHKI) liimM,    nml   imard   in
private fanniv, (r, per week, Carbonate Street, :ird titmr east of   Josephine,
wanti'ii    Hv imii ih, 1, nghly I".',
petent. position as nnrae  to Invalid,
or bonsekeepei     Victoria Epmloyment
linie.iu. Winnipeg,
TO LET���Nicelv furnished   rooms  on
Hiliea tSleel.live dOOTS BBsl   of Meth-
titll-l   ( 'lllll'l'll.
WANTED.��� Bovs  and   girls to  strip
itiiiiir.'ti l' ;ttv cents a tinv. ,11111 as
"null more ss thev enn earn, Kootenay cigar 3ompany,
Ladies' Pine Shoes,
Mens Fine Shoes,
Children's Fine Shoes,
The Best Goods from the Leading Factories, at your own J
price.   Don't fail to call today.
toffi*F'J���*Ca SPECIAL SALE
Ladies' and dents' Clothing clean; I SIGN WOBK _ <_Dt__-i__i tv -"-UJjJjJLllXljft I
dyed, altered and repaired. ��KK * SPfiCI*UTY
Atlantic S. S. Lines
���ei- iiHl.ll,  .1 s.i-.,
liiill.ii'i-Hwiii Bad It 10 Until advantan m
-mrs wiih Hnuiiev k Oo, in, i'.,i���ii���i  "   l0
From 1'oriliiDtl. Me.
Ailnn l.lne "Ijnireiilliii,"  Jim. 31
Iiimiliilen i.ine "I'ninbroiiiiin" ...'.Kfli.  II
Allan l.lne "I'MrlHinn**  Fob.lt
Dominion blue "vanoouvor" .'.'.'. Feb. 17
, ,..,,,    ..     ,, From Now York
Mi Uhiie Nr,. Line "Toutnnle" Feb, J
rL-1llcr_-ii;..*V .'"',l!"*;,'-il"' "Arohorla"  Feb.!
-  *-lU*,'niin  gi.Virlh lleriiiin Lloyd "Saul." Kiib. S
  ' Anieri.'iin  l.l������ "Si.   Pniil" :....Feb,7
���      Jed Sim   1,|,���, "\V,.,.t<.rnlBiiir  Feb. 7
tiiiinrd l.lne "l ������ia" Keo. 1(1
alien stats Line "State of Nebraska' .Maroh 1
From Hoslon
TO   LET.' Furnished   room.     Anplv
B. ('.  P.,  Miner Offloe
Mr. ('. H. Msrkint'ish nggests   that
Kossland shnnld raise antl equip a trooti! ���,������T"-
���w��*r" "" ��h ���  .1. ?nforhtk Sfcs_L*r
Africa, and The Miner und others   ap    tntn to 1)   A   McKnrlinid. Citv.
nP| ��� ���> 1 . .Allan Slats Mm. "Stnio'of Nebniskav.'il��ri''li 1
I here is a Llearing Out Sale in npnt^';: T':rK��^^
O ���_-����.       ���"'-IIV.        Ill       V-JC"     IIS    I   <**"''*- blue "Uke nnmrlo" Jan. 31
Fl      . �����*_'---.__���       Heaver I.I Montroi.e".      . Feb. 7
urmshings on at O'REILLY'S.
I aawiK;^ i.rrnnni^i lo and from all Kuroiioan
IKilnta KnrralOH. tiokotsand hill informal loo
iiniil) n( I'. It, depot asent or (I K. Boa��ler.
1 Ilr 1 a   1 ���!,,:,-1 Avenl, Nel-nn. II.���'
,    W. P. V. CUMMI.NOH,
Oeneral Aaant, C I'. R. OIIIom Wlniilptii
i,  1900
Here are Ouly
Mora Thau Dou-lo
Want to Go-
Forty   Vacanoios   and
That Number
,.,.,.*  going to the  froii'
,��������� been greatly eifdi
the yonng men of Nelson,
sniviee have  been   (linn
Lieutenant Heer.    -eater
?rM9e��.rnnnn     _--**ver,    the   exelte
||HV "' ,1 eliiiuiN when The Min-
����t ''������'"'l"",1-"���'���, i���  ������������...><_.._  that
, aonepted from Nelson,
1'|���, pfospi
ha. fnr ���>��''"
ini; many
mul i'i'''1'
1 npon
or posted a bulletin
40 in''" w0"
Id la
Hki wild tire
anxious   to
The news   i'i"
*"""M"' "Town"early, oonred in
f iTse. LiXant Bee. foioing
; t��� 1la tbut unfortunate officer to
f"1". i i- retreat Into his inner
b,'"t     ,        he entrenched himself lie-
ft!  eloph-iie,   a  safe seolnsinn
h,l,rt''' ',1,1,!. r,'(..se.l to enierge.    As
fuet. tnoogh  daily expect-
er has received UO
.0 uocept n emits,
.,-, e'.it   icy   nn nils
Ir is possible, moi--
, ,1 iy, rmtxiR  offlt-er
who will   piek   and
am detuchment.
,,ived   hero    will     not
fiiiifl wbicl
a ninttM o:
._;.:   1 111., I'I 11''-
lisilieil" Inn'--  ��'
Binline get- 11.
over, ill"! " "���' '
nny i��'��*" ';''"'
organize the New
Heeruits    ret
lmt also
merely bo from Nelson proper,
���   J   "oiiiidiiiv   and   Blonan
line of   tlm
are   also   re-
from Rossland.
ioint!,  Hi" nther  nearest
Station snnth of the main
C P R IMw* 1''"rt htliel,?'
Bimloops aud Viotoria,
���rnftins stntiotOB.
There will he no difficulty whatever
in netting the required complement.
Ti,.d,lli,'.iHv will Me in picking the
1��� \t least sixty have otlered their
witf- personslly, not to mention
a.���wof written snpHoations innlnd-
iogeneftoma gentleman who wished
to enlist in "8trathnona 8 bronco-busters or prairie-prowlers." Apnlwants
must lis live foot six inches tall, .14
inches rminil tli�� chest, oi sound coir
Stitntion nnd good riders aud shots,and
Hero i- likely to be a lively competition Were the men are tiually picked.
Lastnlsbt the chances of enlistments
formed the chief topi J of cnnversation
round (own, and in a fortnight's tune
many familiar laces and husky forms
Hill be missed from the streets 0r Nel-
A Nolson Mnn Says it   is a [laid Place
to Take.
"It wonld he very creditable for a
man to Ret to the top nl Spion Kop in
tines of peace, with no one trying to
keep bim down," sain Captain  West,
of tlm tin,' Hayls, jesterday, "but, to
attempt it when there is a fellow at
the top with a rife, Hymn to keep
him down, is to my mind, an aot of
sheer madness.'' Captain West served
with ilia Marine Brigade in the Trans
mul in 1881, nml was mixed tip in
iminy exoltinu struggles, Ho is acquainted wilii every foot of the country aninntl which Buller's forces are
en-ngt'il ,'iml says it is very rnu_li and
haul te I'nvi-r. The attack on Spion
Knp miM have been a brilliant and
oonrageons pieoe nf work as the Rritish
troops, tn reach the top, hud to climb
almost perpendicular rocky walls. Cap-
tain Wssi tines nut sen how Buller can
roach Ln.lvHinitli by the rnnte he is
now ntloDtiiiB. lmt be has faith in
British troops In do anything they nre
told to do Captain Wesl tells some
stories ci Boer characteristics which
show them to tie a very barbaions
let*. He siivs one nf their 1111111*0-
ments after battle is praotioing rifle
shooting ut iIih wounded lyinvr in the
fir-Id. Be says thev would rather kill
1 wonisieti ninn than bother looking
a*ter him iu the hosptial,
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Pence
had hoped to open their school today,
but the finishing touches have not yet
been concluded on the building and it
will be n few days before tbey will be
ie��d) fci the reception of pupils. An
announcement of the day of opening
will bo made on or before Sunday next.
All Kosslanil is taking an interest in
tho hi�� winter carnival, wbiob takes
place from the 18th to the 17th. It
promises to bo bigger and better than
1 ver. The 0. R K. announces tbat it
will sell return tickets at single rates,
on tho tar-fa, llilh, 14th, I..1I1 nud Kith,
good for return tip to the Intn. This
will make the leuirit faro from Nolson
Ull. _fi.
There is ice nt last and tonight the
local hockey season will be opened at
be skutiug rink when lhe two local
teams will meet. There has been
much speculation aa to the lelative
nieiits of the two teams and interest
in tonight's name runs high. There
are many good players in both teams
and tin game, which will he called nt
11 o'olook,Should be an evenly contested
Mr. W. ('. Smith has just returned Irom Taconia. where he re-intoned
the remains of his son. W. I). Smith,
familiiuly known among his friends
as "Doc." Uece.iMid was well and
favor ..lily known In Taeoiini, where lie
had liven for IH yours, He had been
hnri.d here eiclit mouths iiko, but his
iw-t wish was tout be should be tiimlly
interred in his old home in Taconia.
the funeral there was largely attended
Are you going to the  Rink?    If so you
will probably need it pair of Skating Shoes.
And can supply your needs on
short notice,
il you will  come early.    Bring
your Skates
and   hnve   them   put   on  tree
of   charge,
+aaaa*si��a^^����n^sv^inv>i*_s*i*i* i*i��i*i*i*i*i*i�� ***^l^yltl*lV��**^^^^>******"**^**v���^��^MA�� ��>a* a ajw^y^y^^^ aaaa ���
Mr, Charles Parker yesterday
the first payment 011 the Juno
**llifii iiii.oiinted hi :<."i(IU.
Mr .Iniiii Follnshpe has been granted
(���fititi'Hies of Improvements  on   the
J-"**1 I'tiM nnd Wuverlev claims ou
(���"r'Y-Niiui Crook.
Two "vugs" appeared in the Oitv
rout-, Oonrt yesterday. John Morgan
���SMwmaiided fnr three days and  An-
tcni" Miismiii Was _iveu four bouts to
get out of ton p.
John Peterson, Of Kaslo, committed
m trial fnr stealing a watch, will be
jmyhl np before Judge Form to elect
wn-tlicr In- will uo liotore a jury or
'���ve 11 speedy trial.
Mrs .1 K. Robertson desires fo nek
nnwiiHlup niiitrilmtiniiR of socks lor tli?
"���� Afrioa soldiers from Mrs. Tho-
���*n Allan, Mrs  Dnnosn Maodonald,
Ml Mount and Miss ilopps.
rhi. lull enstoms returns lor Jaiinarv
��t-not yet  r-nnpili-d. lint the   Imports
bs month are:   Dutiable goods,
'''too   goods,    DSrOlO,    Total,
Duty eolln. ted, |i5,00)1,07,
Thn Australian Hpecialiy Oompany
���jnit'li appears here on Friday and
Butunlnr iiinhts.hiis been giving'eiilen-
m wtiitaoilon in the Roundarv Oonn-
���ry, where the papers describe some of
l|i-leatures as heinx of a very high
It i�� hoped that the steamer NelBnn
"II lie laiinthed today, her repairs
nwiin; I,,.,,,, ennipleted. (Jwing to the
"woy iu.l, of Ireight over the Crow's
���W Pass her services are badly need-
����� inst now,
Polios Magistrate  Crease   yesterday
''"'"���nii'.'ti James MaoGregor for trial
SJ*'oharge of having stolen money
��'"" Messrs Hyde & Titsworth's safe".
'"will be brought up before Judge
"nt, todny to elec; as to the manner
01 his tn,,:,
Mr",'l"""McWcliie, W.G. Bob-
,-,'"';""' Unlnmon Johns have secured
imi. 1 "' ���'nprovnments on the foi-
Th. mi..1 n" "i'naled on Kagle Creek
ti, i  J, ���'''"'���npliet. Gerald   F
""���, Bellerophon
R��y��l Arthur
The Miner was the only motniug
paper in Hritish Colombia which had
the Queen's Speech at tlie opening of
the British Parliament telegraphed
to if. The morning papers In other
cit.es copied it ftom tho evening pnp-
ers published in the same cities, but
Tho Miner had it sent especially to
Nelson. Aud it is sate to say that no
other paper, morning or evening, published in the Province,has suoh a complete summary of the Speech from the
Throne, to lie presented to the Dominion House today, us that which appears in this morning's Miner.
James Sullivan and Thomas Gannon
have been languishing in jail for some
days charged with the burglary of Dr.
Lallan's house. The police had a
fairly strong case against Gannon,
but tioihitig but cirounistantinl evidence against Sullivan. The chief had
been watching Sullivan closely, and,
as 11 result of what he noticed, yesterday ho stupped him. and found a bullet wound between bis shoulders. The
men saw the game was np and confessed every thing. Dr. Lallan inspected
(he wi niuii. and is of opinion that the
bullet is in the mini's lungs and will
be a hard matter to get out. Tho man
does not appear to bn in any pain.
Mr. B. W. Musson, superintendent,
has presented his animal report of the
Exchequer mine for the past year. In
addition it may be stated that Mr.
Mussou made a brief verbal report of
this month's operations yesterday to
the director-, in which he informed
them that liming the past 80 pays tlie
work had been confined to development, no stuping being done. A drift
iu now being run on the vein east and
west at the 110 foot level, and Mr.
Mussou says that the ore there, espoci
ally in the east drift, is the best hitherto encountered in the mine. The
management has also shipped 1.000
pound) of ore to Mr. Pellew-Hnrvey, of
Vancouver, for a test as to its adaptability by cyanide or chlorination.
Mrs. Brougham is meeting with
great goooess in San Francisco, where
she is singing under hor old stage
Dame o[ Miss Frances Graham. The
Chronicle, iu reporting a performance,
says: "There is much to commend
in the staging of tho piece, and its
costuming as   well, nnd,   dually, there
is one feature of the performance that
has a value of its own and is worth all
tho rest of tho show put together. 1
This is the singing of Miss Frances
Graham, a contralto of unusual gifts,
who makes her tirst appeaiHiice in
tbii production. She has a truly fine
voice, limited in power, 'nit of a pure
and rich quality, she has temperament and style, sweetness and good
method, and is a great acquisition to
tho Tivoli forces 1 look forward
with pleasure to hearing her in something tbal gives her greater opportunity, though should it not be forthcoming, it is to be hoped hIio may bo permitted to introduce something thai
will exhibit her truly remaiknble
powers. "
E. E Vincsnt, Calgaiy, ; O. Parker,
lie: -I'liid : Colonel Evans. Toronto;
Henry Roy, Rossland ; M. Bloomlinld,
Montreal; Mrs. and Miss Bennett, Bin-
ean City ; Edward MeMaster, Vancouver; \V  C. Perry, Winnipeg.
There is a Clearing Out Sale of Gents1
Furnishings on at O'REILLY'S.
-f Nelson Opera House
3    Nights Only    3
| Ross, Lee St Taylor j
Friday and Saturday Evening's,
February j and 3.
1 Matinee at 2:30 Saturday Afternoon
! Greatest Novelty Act in the World
Victoria Street, Nelson,
(Opposite the Posloflice);
���DEALERS   1N-
Correspondence Solicited.
To lie hound linnd and foot for yeara
by the cliaiiiH of discus" is the worst
form nf slavery. U-orgS D, Williams,
nf Manchester, Mich., tells how such
a slave was made free He says: "My
wife has heen so hepless fnr five years
that she cdiilri nut turn over in hed
alone. After nslng two hnttles nf Else-
trio Bitters, she ia wiuiderfully improved and nhlo lo do her own work. "
This supreme remedy for female diseases quickly cures nervonsnesH, sleeplessness, melancholy, headache, hack-
ache, fainting and dizzy spells This
miracle working medicine is a godsend
to weak, sickly, run down people.
Every bottle guaranteed, Only BO
..���ni Sold by Canada I'nig & Hook
Florence,    Willliet,
and Invincible.
mng are the inland Revenue
Hn ...     '"' -Isii'iarv,   H��)0. at, Nel-
S��iSi roralihefi  liv   dennty Collector
�������� swsnnell!  Spirits.   W.OO-.8O1
�����!...'*���'''���   'oliacco.t-78.7ri;  raw
lol'aceo,   IHI). 10; cigara.   VMM;
Total, 14,541.7-.
;-  uinni'fd
Persona wishing to purchase
a very fine Watch arc cordially invited to visit 1'at-
BNAUDB BROS1, establishment. Watches of all the
best Swiss and American
manufacture! are represented.
Iixpert Watch Repairing a Specialty
lluvlnu hist returned from the Kiudcrn Market-, whore I have been pnroheslng
Spring Cnail- which are now in transit to Nelson, and lo make room for Iho same, wc
will for the next ten days do awny with Ihe ordinary prolll nnd sell goods at lu per
eeiii advance on wholesale cnut, this lOporcen! being just HUltlclenl io pay frcighl
charges. This is an opportunity not often presented to Uio public. Here nre a lew
saiu|ile prices :
lire-. floods, regular lirico Uo, sale price	
Dress Omuls, re. ulin- price .1. snio prico	
Dress (lo-iils. regular price fl 80, sale price	
muck t'repini. regular price S'-'W, sals prlco	
Blnt'k I'l'ciioil, regular price & 00, sale prlco	
llla.k Push do Soio (Mil I. rcgul r pr co $1.30, sale price .
lll.iuk Sunn, regular price IL-H. salo prico	
I'i'illts. regulsr piiee 0c, sale prlco      	
Ij.dles' Silk Ulotl* -. r gtllar price |S. sde prico 	
Ladies' Vol' et mouses, rcgul ir pr cc $-*>. salo price	
K,iu')' (luliii- flame . regular prioe I'-'lcsale price 	
Utile-  Klc.lrlc Si'iill-oiils, ��1  	
A lew l_t(M -'Jackets and Capes	
SI .110
"C00NTOWN 400"
The Premier Colored Organization of America, in
15 Ui\\t Golorefl Artists
Pretty Girls.
The Black Bostonian
The Ooontown 400
Jubilee Singers.
 .3.-. 0(1
 at les- than cost
il ��� Tie Event ol' lie Season!
P.rev Wnnkcts. regular price ti, Sjloprice     	
Mcti-'''weed -ui s, rigu ur pr co 81.. salu prico	
Hen's tSewo Suits, ruguliu price-ci. sale p icu	
Men's (Ivi'l'i'.iiils   regular price, %\i. sale price	
Men's l.'isliis, legldui |i ice fS, Hide price	
|1,  :.,,'.i   llllllnn  IIOOlS
ljnli -'lliing,,lii Ijii'od   llools
Ladle-' Alu-k-i Overshoe	
��� I
Admission   50c,  75c, and $1
I Single
I Fare
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Row-land, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to _ny branch will have carefu! and prompt attention.
TheNelson ElectricTramway Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For pruv and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ol
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
J T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Patenaude Bros.
Fraternity Hall
l-or Baker A Ko��lr����y *��������
dm in. rented for Oono-ri-.  l^i;"<"-
Kl lfc,n.,.i..H ami every-in*l��  ""*
nioniH, Kitcl.c" ��nd dining room f��i-
ni-lit'il.    Vot ti'iinpply
I DB. B. O. ARTHUR Oily.
Browfln <if Bine Lager
Beer nnd  I'oiUt.
Drop in and hcc us.
13th Felxto Feb. 17th
Agents and Pursers -Revelstoke and South, Fernie
and West Sell Tickets Feb.
12th, -t.th, 14th, 15th and
16th, limiting going portion
to date of sale, and return
portion good to leave Rossland  up to   February   1 Sth.
Nelson, 11.C, Jan. 29th, kjoo.
Kor i ai.' ami full Informal iun  , -1.1 t ,���    nonr
out local HKfi'i, or
O, K. HKAHLKY  Oltr PnaHonifor Agcnl
11. w. liiiKW. aki.ih, Nolaon
w. F. ANDKK80N, E. J. COYLK,
Trav. I'km. Ag.ut,        A   fl, P.  Al_u.t,
Nslsin Vaascasir
Herculean Equilibrist; $5,000
to produce his equal. A puzzle to  the  medical profession.
Champion of Them All
Europe's Marvellou��* Premier Juggler and
Aiuorloa'a Greatest Ragtime Artists.
Bert���THE    McCLEARYS���Viola
fromlor Comody 2i.lusicnl Wondei..
Tho VVondor of tho ldtli Conlnrv
And a   Host of Other Specialties.
Matinee Saturday Afternoon.
Admission    50  and   75  Cents.
JV\ining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
5000 ii'ig Horn Treasury.  A snap.
1000 Noonday    600 Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
on installment*! TJ^n., one third down.
House and   Lot in
tion of town, $3500.
business por-
Hou-e  and   lot   [or  pule,   clone
business part of city.   Pdoa Sii.ooo.
H. A. PE
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Thl'uo lnonllin will touch you AKwivinir
Ool.l. Sllvtir, Ooppor,   This ili.|inrtiiii'iii .1
'J'.""1?,': .?'  |,rof'  OWOt,   Honor  (lir,,l _   ol
.Vtr(ill) I.iiIvoi'mIij.
Live and loam how, otaoaper Hmn rou nan
Hoard ami lnnl met ion in A-siyi
twclit)'*l.v dollars pernmnlh.
Wrli.toilif Prfnolpnl,
Now V\-|'-[inln_l.'i.
All oliiH-,ii�� of I,-.,, mn,; may bn had In lhl��.
_��� Oftly I'ollcu. of in, w���_ in tbo Woit. ' BULLER HAS I
He Says He Will
Within a W
The Usual Lack of News f
Was in Evidence Yi-st-r-
Generals are Couve
I..union, Jun. ill.��� Th
correspondent of The Dai.
graphing yesterday, sny
Buller yesterday (Monda
following message from tl
Sir Charles Warren's for
express my admiration o
dnring the past trying \
ally of those regiments
nnd of the acoomplishmen
dnoua march,'
"General Buller told i
tbey ought not to think
had retired from their pos
their work was of no av
contrary, in his opinion
gained the key of tbo I
smith, in which he hope,
in a week.''
London, Jnn. DO.���(.:!
There is almost n cotnplet
news from ^British sonrci
Africa np to ibis bout
reliable dispatch of any i
n confirmation of tho repo
era Kelly Keuney, comma
Sixth Division, hns occupi
tion about midway, betw
French at Kensbug, and ���
acre, at Stekstrom. Froir
deducted tbat a juncture
forces is beiog made, pi
the beginning of plan of
Hloonifoiitein. The despatt
etoria. dated Saturday,
gives the Boer version of l
tein reconnaissance refen
dispatch of January 2K,
British losses were two
and ten wounded. The
Press learns that Genera
brigade is still in its orig
nt Poigieter s Drift, si
part of General Buller's
still north uf the Tugela R:
New Yoik. Jan.110.���Pof
nitre I" oiler bis   gocd   otti
ubout n truce   lietwcen   Gr
nnd the   Transvaal   Reput
��� aide to The World from R
has so nntilied   tbe Queon
who asked him to nsu   bis
this    direction.    The    Po
that no   war haH caused hi
bitterness of mind ns  the
1 in mi   England   and   the
says:     "This war   is  inspi
by ideals of   civilization v
nation ii    interests.     I   can
but pray for tho dead. "
London, Jnn. 110 ���A dil
Durban Bays : A refugee,
rived here from Jobaiuiest
tin- destruction of the Boe
tory nl thai plaoe on Janiir
���loss, it is added,  is irrepar
New York, Jan. DO.���(J
served under General Whit
-ays h London cable to The
elaie that the eommaiidtr c
smith garrison will mull
effort and at any cost, to ct
out, if hu suspects that r
surrender Is about to reach
lary exports are inclined t
the British at Ladysmith
_ela, in Kimberley, and
River, will bo left to wc
own salvation nnd bold as
M possible, whilo the Cap
'ornaments arc moving tov
era! French's position.
Pretoria   Saturday, Jun.
patch from   Colesburg,   Ci
us Commandant Delarry
ij large  body   of   British
Hnn-diiy, Jnnnury   16,   in
them, ��� .losing the British i
��� :   ml,ring   severe   loss.
C'lSlinltles    were      two      111
wounded.   Oeneral    Grow
heavy   fighting   since   dny
Hritish in gieai foroe end!
mrround the Hoer posirion
jchoeman hastened to the
if I lenera] Grobler. Gem
man returned Ibis evening
thnt the British were re
that the Boers maintained
i ii- Tin- Boer loss was
lightly and one uinn sever
��� "I. The British loss is nul
must have heen heavy.    Tin
unlit    continues.   The   ni
foroei are reported quiet.
K'niilii rlev,    Friday,   Jan
ai" bombardment, wl.
nil day yesterday, was res
���morning, The Hoers sent
Into all parts ol Kimberl
wi re several casualties. A
plodcd close lo u hearse, v
pro ding to the cemetery a
Cunliinii'U from Kir '.  Poki
000 men would I* enough to seenre I
luteanty of Natal  and tbisj view   was
apparently concurred in by   the   Natal
Inter ing tbal froi
��� _    ' either th    i reason r
PTMAPtTARTV   TIT-1'  ,7V   '���' r "" ' :' '  ' ' ''     in   nny wa,
ItjjlVlAX-JiAi-ljl   n_j_. V I   stinted  nni .-   ��� -       - . ,
,-ir   i'i>' .-ii   '1 mi -mi'   1!" il. I.i  nrnl
bitterly i rraign-
C    ���    ''-   " re i;l"s-ii'ss
.,.,: dnplicity,' whioh he said nronsed
the Rrst misunderstanding with the
Boers, and I     i     I nn
md  !��� i.y   ul
a lew   ni, n,"   t. Bnltod   in   the   war,
ii midst  Ooi   'itiou     cere and   Mini -
terisl in i.i murs,   Sii   in
thai.having regard for the a. in
oredil   aim to Great   I ritain   in
the mini - ol '��� ��� inni t I y the i v. i.i-
,��� mn ted wilii the -I : esi u raid, u
was the iiati' ii ih" Governmenl to
talii iu tnreud   and pursue
the inquiry 1" iis fin il e d. I he P-ir-
lia'i., ot,', v Committee of Enquiry, he
further asserti d, . ns   n  - -annal and a
to       Hi and then
i ���.. . ion t nl the rni I was i i
ial v. i:'n the ���" mpll :r. ol Mr Chamberlain. Mr W iii.-.in St. .Ii bn Bro
rierick, Undi Si en nu i I Fi r, loi
Allan s, e],,s, ii the day a debate, II"
ii.'i, ��� -.- i l:i a rally tbe indietn i
bi  ' ii n,   *hi  ll       ci,ar. n i ���-,��� :
; . nnoral"   nt Bueh a time a-   the
London, Feb. I��� Accounts of the
battle of Spion K"p ���'ontiiiiie 10 lilier
in. All testify to the leiriiie Boer
tire. Several estimate that the intal
losses of (funeral Buller's turning
movement will amount approximately
to 1,600. When reinforcements arrived
the tro.ips were much oramped on tbe
lop of Spion Kop. Preparations were
mad" below to seoure tbe pi sition,
gnus were ou the way and engineers
had been ordered up to strengthen the
entrenchments. Colonel Thornycrofl
aas n...t aware of this when be ordered
ihe retirement, and he actnsllv mel
tho artillery coming nn Heneral
Wixidgate was wounded abont 2 o'oiock
iu tbe afternoon Even then be protested thai he w-is no right, und hnd
to be held down on the streteher. Ii is pc -i.* No i
Boer commander in
reported  that  th
firat insisted on  the   release  oi   some
Boer prisoners before  he conld   permit
the Enelieh to collect   iheir wn. n
A curious   incident is  relmed   of  the
lighting on   Jaunarj    ^4.    One ni   the
Lnncnsters, while liring from n   pron
position, had his bead taken
hv a shell.    To tne amazement
defended the raid, fr m whieh the
i Invernraenl ba i snffi roil n oi e I b n
:',!���;,. |y, l . - lien I I id I ud
been ore, |j itnl d, I ������ sidi n Ki .-��� r
"bad    i most   ri tbe   , ml , f his
tether with  his  own burghers   i     ic
count "i Ins treatn em of   thi   I
I,.,,,  njf.lers.   The House then adjonrned,
f hisl    Berlin, Jan.8L���The German pnners
comrades, the headless  trunk  quietly Print  long  reports of the   proceedings
rose, stood upright a  fe�� seconds, and  "> the British   Parliament, bnt for the
,].,,, ��erj oust    part    withont    iment    Lbe
  Boersen    Courier,      however,     says:
..    I ""The attempt nf Hi"   Speech   (torn the
Berlin, Jan.. :il.-Ur. I..V.I-   mijiIk- i T|,10!ll,   ,,,   _.,. ,i'���,   the war upon   the
B er    will  nm deceive  any body out
side of Bngland.''
terer, Mr. Williams    The dinner over,
Mr. Kilo t spol.e   mi the aims   and oh.
01   the order.    A prominent tent-
iii"   was   the   cure   of   sick   brethern.
Not only were tne iiiiiipieiiateil looked
ii11,f bnt   no   member mis nil,,wed   to
into ai rears I ecu se   sickness  | re
vented In- paving   In-   dues.    In such
ia*'! ibe society Btepped in thus ensuring the v i''"M hei poliov,    He warned
i a   li .nl  li   ' ,   .'. hi h   ��� ndi rtnki -   its
in k bi in hi.-, tl ;.i tin v sin nni   he
careful alivai     in   a annum   a   strong
sich   ini'ii.    The   society   was   purely
Canadian   in   its  territory and had   a
in ng in ii. Id ia   li s conmrv   wbo li
it intended ti       , u       'I ben   -en  . ������
��� ii .ml ..'. in   'foil,no,
i ������ - lid Hi  imp rtnm u 11 the  wi stem
coll II in  was ir ei I/."! min bopet) Ihat
ii j iini nent 13, ('. i rgan /..���(��� would be
Hr. Syraonds replied for the "Army
and Navy, and Mr. B. .1. Steele foi
"Onr Order," soggestina that tbe organizer he a man thnt knew the weal
und its conditions. Mr. George Kind
drew attention to tbe fact thin the Society had ii.aii- im investments in
Hritish Oi I in   ia    Ml   Blliol   ri plied
tnsl thnt wa-   i tin objects of bis
,i-it In re, it being a rule of the executive nol t" Invest unless one of iis
n i niiir- hnd a personal knowledge o.1
the field ol investment snsgested,
mpiini tl en i i-i"'is, o, sinej. h
' M i.ui Snvi     ��� i,  >  n.
.i mo ii ��� h - i'i"-' -i iere ihi ���-. ���
���'. ���. . High '': el' Hunt r EHii t,
Hi .i-i':. George Kydd, T. J.
Sims, R J. I eele, J. Fleming, E K.
.���-iiii' lin ii. O, Hun, Dr. Symoiids, Rev.
ll, Frew. R. siiiieiiini, A. Carrie, W,
' Morrison snd J, Laidlnw.
There   is   a   Clearing    Out   Sale  ii)   Gents3
FUrijishiijgs ci) ai 0'_frElLLY*S_-
Wholesale Houses.
'     HORPE &. CO , I.imiikii. -iiinnr Ver
1      lan ii   Ceil.,!'   streets,   Nets",   mini '-
'iielll ii- nl  .n.l nil ,i -ale  ilea.ill's  lu   ii    a ���'I
\i,,i.i-,. ..i frul' -.uii'-. _oleagents for H-i"
, >,,ii Spi ins'- mineral water,
-N. M (Tammies, Lew-,   Kverv Kuown
vnrie . of -nfl minks, p, (j. Hi,x 88 Tele
phone No 81. Reovor Street Nelson lloitlers
,,f iln- Kiiiiuins .-i. U.U111 lloi Springs Mineral
ure rapidly Inoroaslng in
Be .use it is " iii flavour and ilie quality is far above
any lea in thn market. It's a high class I'ea at a low price.
Put   up   in   ,'_���   niisl   i   lb  packages.    Once   used  always   used.
ijsiivi ivi io.-ni_iiM   iv.iaii,niii, io   _  _ I   ' *l r*l Til
H<J.EVA,s^,o,.i;;r,;-,a,;.v;i | The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.!
leiiii.ut, lire li ink nml liri'il.j'. ii.ili-r iiipeinid    ���> I
steal nin - onl -��� ie i..i euiiiiiiisstiii riliuiis.    tf Successors to M.  UESiiRISAY __ OO. T
... |
O     1.1MI1KI
Kn>ni siraoU .\uinuu. w bolo-
|i denial - i (I u . .. .- ife, Btc, an��i ii��>'
nnd kHuii -MUi.it Kdnioiitcti, Virturla ��'iil
Sew  We.     li - ���       l*.:    Htur* ou r,.l.-.:y  fi
1 irst-Cl;
AMAuDuNALO os OO --oriier (."or-
��� no uno .ii.su,iiiiiic ��l cm.-. wliole-iilL*
vroners aadjubbem in nl oi %_t_i, i_lovc8, mins,
liuols, rubburs, iiiiickiii.iu.-, mill iiuuuis' sundries
������Thi!   hfta.y losses the Germans  have
siisisined iii the Transvaal setviaes are
dne   to   tbeir rashlv   exposing   ilieni- i
selves, hut thev have now adopted   the I MURK INTERNATIONAL TROUBLE
taotics required by  the  topography of     stookhnlrn, Jau.   81���Premier   Eric
lhe   land     Recently    (i-rimm,   liutcli
nini hounilinavinu voluntiern have lu-en
merged in Rni r lefiinienls ho that such i
|(H--s    ill     the   future     Will   he  illlliossj. j
The Rev. R. belt Frew had a pleasant surprise on rotnruiiiR to his rooms
yesterday afternoon, Ho found
there a large and verv handsome easy
ohnir presented to him by the members
o! his Bible class.
PtiU-fsli A CO -'ius-er -Mrtel,   Nelson,
���   uliuie-iili'  iiLiuer.s in fre.h and curtsi .
ilueiU.   (.'-Id-tni'iice.
-baker Slrcut. .Sclion.   M Iioie-nlede.il :
, r- in fro li .unl uu isl aiu.us
Gustav Hnnlrmi is distinctly hnpel'ul
that the differences between Norway
and Sweden will soon be dispelled In
ii-i interview with the correspondent
of the Associated Press today, be said
he was tally convinoed that the worst
wa- over ini'i tbat tho Norwegians.
hi ah politician!* and people, were la
ginning to realize thnt their demands
roulil not lie granted if the Union was
to ne maintained. He knew from
persona] experience while traveling in
Norway, tbat tbe Norwegians eim r-
tain the friendliest feeling foi Sweden
anl li" wa- positive if u political hot
bead should, iu the future, propose
anything tending towards the dissolution of the Union, u   majority  of  tin-
New York. .Ian. 111.���The Evening
World prints a delayed dispatch from
Lieutenant Winston Oburehill, dated
Spearman's Camp, .Tannery 87, li p.m.
Xtsjys: "The action on the summit
nf Spion Kop wus one of tbe most
tierce and furious conflicts m Hritish
military history. Guided by Tbotny-
crofts, the tioops SUtprised the Boers
there, and carried the trenches with
the Imyourt nt .'I o'clock ill the morning,  There   was   little loss.    At   oiue
the troops entrenched hastily, bnt tbeINorwegians would oppose bim
-round was broken by rocks and un- Sweden, tbe Premier added, was quite
suited for entrenchment At dawn willing to most her partner half way
heavy Boer shelling began. General and bad a treaty offered to settle tin-
WiKidgute was seriously wounded at question of a foreign minister on equal
the beginning. Urgent demands for re- j terms. Regarding tin- aliened Russian
inforcements were sent by tbe com- spies reported tn bave been seen about
innndei who succeeded Woodunte. Tin Swedish fortifications, the Premier
reinforcements were sent, strengthen- dsolarrd the Government has thor-
ine the defense. Thornycrofl wns an ougbly investigated tbe matter and
isiinted brigadier, commanding the I found the supposed spies wen- only
whole force on top of tte lull. A bit- Russian workmen Therefore, there
ter  and    bloody   struggle    followed was do cause for alarm,
ihronglinnt   lhe   day.    the   Hoers eon-I	
(���.���titrating every man and gnu   on   the;      ......... ........ .    .T , v , ,i ��� r
smnmit of the bill, and attacking with       IRISHMEN WJLL 8TA_ oi r.
greatest  spirit.   The  British artillery     London, .ran.   81.���It  is  announced
was unable to   cope   with th�� superior: that the united Irish party,   nt a tin et -
Which we are offering* at
J.i.MllKli inker slieet, Nelson, wliole- I
-ale dealers in Ii tr.tiviiri! ami mining supplies, j
eiii'iibLTs'iind tluauillh's supplies.
TURNER, BEETON & CO.-* orner
\'eniou aiid JiMcuihino E-tre-auh NoUon
wholesale cietilt-it* in iiquoni tigurs and dry
k'u.ni*-.   Ageut-forPdtWbBrowing Co. uf Mil-
w.i, kee and Ciiljcury Browing Co, of 1'..1k��ii }'���
UDSON'S BAY OO.-Wholesale Rro-
oenesaod UquorSiO-a, Baker-it,, Nelson-
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
JY GRIFFIN _, OO.-Coroor Vernon
��� ami ,lose|,liii,o olreuls. Nelson, iiiioiesale
dealers in provisions,cured inems, batter and
MILLS, LnUTBD���Ooraer Front and
Halt otreeui, Nelson iimniilnctumrs of and
wholesale dealers in snsh eu d doors; all kiml-
of fnetory work iiinde lo ordur.
loim range finer gong, und daring the
afternoon if hpeame evident tbe infantry would lie put tn an end before
another day. It was itnpORBihln to
drag Kuii* to the suinniit of Bpion Kop
withont elaborate preparations,  m to
Iiil' this afternoou, di
e,,i:,,,'iiv" pari in the
House of  Common*
inuiid    FitzManrice'i
eld 'l  to take no
division   in   the
npon    Lord   Ed-
amendment   to
the address in reply la tii" Speech from
the  Throne.    I. Is explained that   tho
fortify the   mils enoogh to proteot the  Irish rue-niters of   Parliament will al
defenders ftom nnassailed lire.   There    stain from   snppoiting   Lord   IMmnnd
fore Tbornycrofi's der-isinu to abandon |FilnManrice  beonnse   the  amendment
it was wisu and neeessai.v. The troops
then marched hack to camp in regular
<irder. Evnry etl'ort is now being
made to snnror the wounded, of whom
many still lie on thu .summit. Tl 6
official list will give tbe losses. The
defenoe of tlm bill by the English Infantry, particulnrly Ihe Lancashire
Regiment, wns a glorious episode. The
whole army is prond of it.    The   He,, r
contains a declaration   favorable to the
pri Bi eiiii.iii of the war.
Real Estate,
Fire Insurance,
Life Insurance
Small   House..
Small   Cottafi.e.
,$ S.oo
,    10.00
no Josephine und Boaer .���st.eeis. Aki--
for ('u.ciii.n Ciruido und Wellund Acotylene
On   Mnchinu Co.
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i.c.e.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria und Kootenay StB.
P. 0.1.ox 559. Telephone No. OS
Greenwood, Jan, 89.���W.   T    Real-
General >ii|ieri.iiei nini it   tbe Vernon
Ourapani. Spo-
and Nelson   Telei liuin
knne. has Ineii in the nity nm)   I'nund-
i.rv ('I'untiv, md  tvbile  preanmhly on
positions before Ladysmith ate perhaps ., _,,���,-  ,,.   inspection, it is nnriersiood
linpregnaale  to attaok, bnl the troops, ,j,8y have heon log over the -una
art resol'ed to bave another try.   The  tion ��ith a viow to n   ��ery   considei
pnblio imitate th ;ni,iinnilv ,.f   the  :,h|,  extension nl  their ies) tin,   -vs.
trooDs.    Spion Kn)i ,s   not a   disaster
Neither _uns were lost.OOl' iiiiwiinmled '���
prisnners -nade It was simply u
bloody ucti'in. in wbiob lodgements of
the enemy's entrenches were effected,
but -.hii-h proved untenable The
Iloers were sometimes within IIII yards
.if the British line. They hare ulin
suffered Their loss must bs greater,
compared to their Strength, than nurs.
The process of attrition niii-f ulii
niatoly settle the war. The Hritish
troops boar the   worst   cheerfully   nml
iini-. Tho Greenwood Miner has us.
eertiiineii mat it i- lhe intoution nl
ih.- Vernon & Nel��on Telephone Uom-
nany, lo extend its lines as far as
Camp MeKinii"!. via Rock Cieek, aud
from Kock Creek in i olster, Washington, where Hie system ��ill connect
nitli ihat nf the Inland Telephi ne
Company, which will build up from
Ki'liiii'lie tn (Iln -1.. nnd I Ister, [t is
understood, loo, thai n it the intention of 'he lattei company to extend
in lines Into the Okanogan  Country
tho nation most remain calm, dignified i taking in Loomls  I iro and olbi r !��� luts
and determined
Nothing  Particularly    intoreiting   in
the Bpeoials yesterday,
London, Jan. ill.���The House of
(loniniotiH resumed today the debate on
the amendment "f l.nrd Edmund l-'nz
Manrlce, Liberal, to tbe address in
reply to tbe Queen's Speech, winch i-,
virtually n vote of oensure on his
brother, the Uarqnii of  Lanidnwnc,
Senretary (if Stale fnr War
'i Thero was an utter lack  of   Inti n II
in the  debate  in   the  Bourn ol Oom-
monH. At no time was lhe House well |
tilled. The speeches were tnademic,
traveled in deep worn nils and did ml
touch u|-iii lhe lutiin, in which alone
the'public is mooh interested. The
only hIh.ii Of animation during the
Whole session, was when Sir Robert
Tbresbie Beid attaakod the Booth African (.'oiniii it tee, drawing tnrth cries
iniiii the Irish   members of "publish
tbo   Hnwlislev   letters.   '    .Mr     A     .1.
Balfonr replying to tbe suggestion of
Hir John Henry  Kenmtway, Coniorva
live inemhei from lbe HnntOII division
of Devonshire, snid be regretted thnt it
wonld be contrary to precedent to
onr tail the debate,  as tbe ainondtuenl
wus a vote of ceiisurs, npon which   the
fete ol the Oo.ernmenl di pended.
Replying  to tne oriticisu o(   Mi
Franoin S. Steveiisoii. Liberal ineinli r
(or tlm Wye disttibt il Suffolk, Ihe
Uovernim iii Leader, Mi A, .1 lint-
four, siild nothing hud ilm- lur oeein r
od to (���onvince him tbal ibe Information given by the Intelligent Depart
ment regarding the Hoer kiiih was ei
roiieous. Mr. (,'hnrles Buxton, Liberal
member for the Middle division it
Lanarkshire, referred to tin liberties
tirought uguin��t th" (,'liaiicelli r Ol Iln
K-ehequer. t-iir Michael   Hicks   Beach
of importance, Thi propi >d extension
in British 0 Inmbia and in Washiug
ion ten Itory, ri -i������ eiively, will i oil
nul priuticaiiy the whole interli r, and
eiiable thein to reach almost everj
I'oiiil i 1 any i nportonce. N-,,
the Vernon & Ni i- n < omp ii
���ecured tbe ooutrol ,i tbe Victoria K.\
change, ii is nndetsti i that Nana) iu
Iniid Victoria will be connected over-
land, uial \'n't',nn uml Vancouver bj
cable, With im exi ��� ptinu ol tbe Co
lii'iihia Telehi nn Co   p inj   . i d
irict, ilm Vernon S Nelson is now supreme in the I'rovin ��� i oth on tbe I--
laiui an I Mainland.
And leain Bookkeeping and Office
Practic. by the famous Budget System, ,n ilie
Nelson Business College
Evening Classes Mondays, Wednesday s nn! Fridays.
w. mBiEB siTnucii.
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    PaiqUr,    Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Office, Ward St. opp. Opera House
1. I. lilll.K.V r. ��. CUtttBNTs
Civil   Engineers   and  Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, 0. Hox Ho Nelson, B C.
Corporation of the City of Neison.
Annual   Iiutallalion  ol  ��� i Hi era  Last
The Nelson  Court 11   tbe Canadian
Order ol Foresters,  i the youngest
hui by no meiin- the hast it-i.ri-lnin,
lodge in tic I'm. held Its tn-t annnal
Installs! ii i> of ulin' ni Fraternity
Hail lasl ni���lii I he very wi rsnlpfol
lliu'b Ohiei Rangi. Hi erl Blliol was
present on behall ol   'lis   High  I'onri,
uml lll-lillleil the Officers.     ll    uuil'    be
mentioned   here  Ibat   Mr.   Elliot  has
I cell IIIl'Ii Chief   K.infer ol ll ���
I i -i ri ii   veai-  i i     "i !ii.' twenty   li
ll.is   hi 'II    '11   .   ,!    lelli e
'I ne follow!ti| weie  nsfiillcd
("i the i in nni   i lev,
Ohli i   lim,u" i���: A. Unn      ���       Chi. i
Raoger, li   J   Bli ele,  I Inaucl i
inn. iiiiii ii.iii|ii'iaiili recordn .���
lury ]   Kee.   II     i.     i rev .   i.huplnltl
IV.   Mori ud :  .1
l/ii'iiaii, Junior Wi od ��� mil. i B,
llnmplin liesdl       I.     I..
trai     n,   junii I   Hei die |   il    Mills,
(Jnndni    i
���   the  11' tliren
nn -' in it il'ni n i" a vii v tasty i old
linen 11. viiii ii   i me wi li knoM ii   ci-
Corporation of the City ot Nelson.
ate sealed ti nrti rs will lie re.
I'eivid in- itie Mayor and City Oonncil
��� i Ni .on np till moil nn Mondav,February lath, i'.ino. for unitr-rim lor tin
11 nstrnction nl o wharl ai the fool ol
Hail Street, nl .Nelson, British Colombia,
111 I a squared timber nnd plunks.
approximating 100,000 feet hoard meaB-
11 For piles, approximating 18.800
lim nl feet
CI i For bolls, drift bulls, and
naeni rs,
Bi unifications ami conditions of ten-
di ring and nontraol may be een ou
ipplicntion   ai   ihe ,,!;;.. of   lhe   I 'ny
ii -a .n r. City Hail Josephine Street,
l.a.'il   H ll''er lllll!   I e ; ni|i allied by
au accepted bank  check  or  certificate
ol il.;.',-n.mail.' pavuM    tn tbe I 'crimr
ni I'   the i in nt Nelson, ��� nnnl  to
IS per ci nt. ni the amount of   ine ten-
 I'tV       fl   I       ||ie      ,1,,,.   fulfil!
n em i i thn nnnlrni ��� whioh shall lie
forfeit! d If tbe nsrtj di i Km - io enter
inti ' rttrni i u bi n coiled upon to do
so, oi n iii i ui- in supply the mnteriaj
ei iiirinti'I for, Tne cheeks of the nnil ii niiei'i is n iii 1,,- i, turned io
llii'in npOII t II ' Slii n    ot    the    eon
Ha    '
���| ic low. t or any tender not   necos.
a, iii  un .I.
.1    K   .-THAI MAN. Citv clerk.
Nelsou. ii. o.. January 89th, iinki
Sealed tenders will lie received bv
the Mayor and City Council ot Neison, np till noon on Mondav, February
mn, iiiuo, lor the construction ot ii
wh if nl tlm foot of Hall btreet, at
Nelson, Hritish Columbia, the corporation supplying all mnti rial.
Dinwitfiis, specifications, and conditions nf tenderiug nnd contract may be
seen on apt'li ation at Ihe ollice of the
City Engineer, City Hull, Josephine
Hlreot, Nelson.
Each lender must he noconipntiied
by an aeci pted bank check oi certificate
ol deposit, made payable to the Corporation of the City of Nelson, equal
to -'a per cent, nf the amount of the
tender, as n security for the due fulfillment of the onntraat, which shall he
forfeited if tbe party declines to entei
imn contract when cnllen nimn to do
so, or if he tails to complete the work
contracted for, The checks of the unsuccessful tenderers will be tetnrned to
them upon the execution of the contract.
The lowest nr nny tender not necessarily accepted.
J. K. . ������'ii.\ciiAX, city Olerk.
Nelson.  B.C., .Iiiniiinv -lltll, ilinn.
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
0 .
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
-'ni.l.al  r.iM-ii;*.
Incorporated 1869.
91,935,070.0-0  I   Krsl.
���'mini  of  DlwctOMt   Thomiw K. Ivrnnov, President\   Thomas  Ritchie,  Vice-nresii.rnl.
Mlobaol Dwyer, -vVUey Smith, H. G. Bnuld, Hon. H. H. Fuller, .M.I-.C. Hud. David MaoKeen,
ll.atl Office, ilallfavt
Oeneral Manager. Bdbon __. Peane. Montreal.
Supprfntendeni of Branches. W. li. Torraitco, Halifax.
luspeetor, A\'. P", BroeK, Bail/ax.
(Secretary, I'. M. Stewart, .Muntical.
Corporar.ion of rite City of Nelson.
Separate senled   tendon will hn re-
ceiveil l,y lhe .Mayor anil City Council
01 Nelson up till noun on Monday.Peh-
riiary ath,   IOOO,
ih Por mnosdamislng 3,000 lineal
feet more or les��, of Baker .Street, Nel-
son, British Columbia, tbe corporation
supplying tbe obrhing,
(8) I'm sn|,|ilyin_ the enrhinu.
Sin 1 ilieaiioiis  uml eonditinns of tendering ami contract   may   bo si n
ani'lieiitioii   n|    ti,,, nffloe   ,,{ ,||(,   (;j|v
Engineer, City Hall, Joseplilne Street, >
I in Ii lender must he ROOOmpanlfld liv l
an  accepted   bank cheek or certificate,
ot deposit, niiule   i'iiviiI le   to  lliii Oor-
I'lilllli'li of tlie Cilv of  N. No,1.1,|,iii|  1,
��� . ; er nni of tbe amount  of th�� ten-1
d.-i. ns n seonrity for the fnllillment of
ihe connect, winch   shall  be forfeited I
ii the pany iieeinies in enter Into enn-!
tract when called npon to do so, or  it
he finis to complete the work or to sun-
ply tho material  contraoted   for,   The
clucks  of   the  nnsDooessfnl  tenderers
will he returned to them  npon tbe cx-
.' niii'ii nf ll iinliacl.
'ibe lowest or any tender not neoes-
-iiriiv in a-, pted.
,1.  K. STKACHAN, City Olerk
Nelson, B, 0., .lununry aiith. iihhi.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
I'lit-rcspi.ndi-ills i
Ciiiiniln-Vlci-chnnls o,irk if -niimlii.   Huston   Nstton-il Shswmut Hunk.   Chicago-Anient'!
Nni 11 .1   Kitnk     -im   t'r  l,r.l_c��   Kiist   Ntiliu ill   Hu   k.   Londlltt, In-.    11 in!   ->f   Scollii'iil.
I'aris, 1 runi'i���l reilii   l.j, niial-.    It. I lililila    11 ,i,k uf H, iiniiilu.   , In,,a ami Japs n-l
Kiui-nml Shan  hat ' an on-('oi'p'ii'alinn.
Oeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, L-Hers of   Credit, Etc., Negotiated. i
Acfi.i.it- .cci'iveil on the most favorable terms,    Interest allowed  nn special
tl.'liosits and (>n Saving Bank accpuuts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
P. 0. Box K. und W.
Telephone io
For the next   TWO   WEEKS   (only)   KIRKPATRICK   &   WILSON
offer the Public ihe Greatest Reduction in
Ever before advertised.    A call will convince you.
Baker Street No> l8s
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
Orders hv
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
���y until receive c.-irci'iil  and prompl a'teiition.
ST. JOSEPH'S JSCHOOL     I     ifiKtfK"
.s..',���.rrl,Vi'.""" """ ""'i' '"'"'s '.PPl.v lu 1 lie Hl-l.-r
...L. POGUE...
Hai-nesB and  Saddlery
The loadlngshop. t-irm
lock, liosi iworlcd -n"i'
��� .a   liana.    Iliiiaiss. ('"
lal's   ill   la.I    lllllkt'-. B ail
I dla��,    i.iiiiili.'is,    Iini!-'
Wliip-.   Ilril-li's. Culllle.
elf        "i I!-...H
I'ri'is siill-f.ielory.
Call llllll    l'i'.
Cor,   WHnl   and   Hel""'


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