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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 30, 1899

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Array Daily Edition No. 534.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, September 30,  1899.
Tenth  Year
Further Particulars of the
Shipwrecked Vessel.
Captain Skrimshire and His Officers Ex
oeptiona.���Orime Not Laid to Brit-
i.sh Merchant Marino.
Montreal, Quo., Sopt. 90.���-Two hundred iinil fifty scantily clad, baggage
bereft men, women and ohildien were
on board on an Intercolonial special
which steamed into Bonaveutore depot
this evening. They comprised llie
greater number of those who sailed
from Liverpool on September 14th on
board tbe Steamship Sootsinan, bound
for Montreal and were wrecked on tbe
shores of the Straits of. Belle Isle at
half past two on the morning of the
21st. It was not o. ly a tale of shipwreck they- bud to tell, lint one of
death, Buffering and pillage, for fifteen
at least of the Scotsman's passengers
perisbed, All suffered terribly from
cold and privation, and, almost the
worst horror of all the men who were
supposed to succor and assist those
committed to their care, in the hour
of need, tinned on the helpless passengers and with loaded funis and revolvers compelled them to part with their
valuables saved. Oaptain Skrimshire
and his officers were exceptions. The
pasengers ascribe to them tbe role of
hems. For the honor of the British
merchant-marine, the orime may not
be ascribed to men engaged in it, but
to u gang of wharf rats and hangers-
on picked up on the docks at Liverpool
to replace the usual crew of the Scotsman, which joined the seamen's strike
iid the other side. The list of tnose
who perished is:
First class passengers-Miss Street,
Montreal; companion to Miss Duncan;
Mrs. Childs, wile of tho state manager
of the Sign of the Cross Company:
Airs. Dickson; Mrs. Roberts and infant ; Mrs. Scott; Mrs. Robinson, wife
cf the manager of too Sun Life Company of Toronto; Miss Robinson, Mrs.
Dickinson, wife of a former editor of
Ihe Toronto Globe.
Second class passengers���Mrs. M.
Scott, Mrs. "Wutsou Mrs. Talbot, Mrs.
Tnthill, Mrs. Skeltoii, Mrs. Eliza Wat-
kins, Miss B. Weavers.
It will be noticed lira! all who perisbed are women. This is ai counted
lei hy the fact that they were'" occupants of the first boat which left the
steamer aiu-i she struck, and wbiob
was swamped before it could cot clear
of the -.Inn.
'Lin Scotsman Bailed from Liverpool
1 ��� Kept,14. The passage to tie Straits
of l-el e Isle w E > tair one, though
the green new in the stoke hole lessened tho speed of ihe ship so thai
when she reached Belle Isle she was
about a day's rnu behind hei usual
average. Entering the Straits of Hello
Lie on Thursday night, a dense fog
blanketed down on tho vessel, ami
���uncle navigation, a matter of great
caution at all times in tho straits, a
precarious undertaking, The speed ol
the ship was reduced anil sho fell her
way in. At 2 o'clock there was a
s nick underneath the keel of the vessel,
lollowed by another and another. The
passengers were asleep in their berths
and all w, re uvakenod by the shocks,
i in decks, the thick banks of   fog shut
out the sight of the shoie. Passengers
ran hither and thither, lot Cnptnin
Skirmshire and his officers went
among them calming their fears. A
superficial examination of the ship told
the captain that she would be a total
wreck,and that she must be abandoned
in once. A port life boat was lowered,
and in this many of tho women and
children were placed. Hardly was it
clear of the ship when it capsized,
throning tho occupants into the
water. Those who perished were in
this boat. Some were saved, for the
ship had listed to port and several of
the ladies wore washed back on the
'hick. One lady clung to a rnpn for
two hours beforo being rescue I, the
skin being torn from her hands.
Meanwhile disgraceful scenes were
being enaoted on board. Hardly bad
I he vessel struck before the men from
���he stoke bole rushed into the nabins,
and slitting open valises and hags with
their knives, took nil the iiiluablcs
they could .Jay bunds on. Several of
I hem fired shotguns and tried to force
men to leave their cabins,
It is sniri that some of the slcnrage
passengers found ihe firemen looting
rue baggage ot tho first class passen-
B'rs. In more than one instance rings
were torn from the fingors of fainting
anil dying women. Oaptain Skrim-
sunn and his officers, liusv in caring
tor the safety of the passengers, hud DO
'',""' to interfere with the vandals.
Jlien morning came ft was found that
'"n Scotsman lay close in shore alongside a cliff fully n thousand feet high.
A second bout load of women and
I'lildren which had been sent off was
'���lined back and tho passengers trim-
snipped to the rocks alongside the ship.
Until (1::��) tbe officers and somu of the
crew of the Scotsman worked unceasingly iu petting the passengers ashore,
and when darkness and a heavy fog set
in all were safe on tbe rooks. But hera
new dangers of starvation faced them.
The lower decks of thu shin were entirely under water. A quantity of
buisouit was carried as tore, and on
this, with a very little corned beef and
wild berries, 200 people existed for
four days. Some natural springs were
found, but despite this the had condition of food and water brought on
much sickness Many of the passengers Buffered from the exposure. After
much difficulty, some overcoats and
shawls were sen-jred for the women,
nearly every one of whom had left the
ship in her night clothes. The passengers weie obliged to climb ud a rooky
cliff nearly 800 feet, high before they
could find a place largo enough to rest.
Here they staved on the hare rock for
four days and nights. The first day
thev had absolutely no shelter, hut on
Saturday the Captain sent up some
t rpaiilin and blankets. Tnese were
acceptable, as it had rained all night
and was most bitterly cold. A number
of passengers attempted to reach the
light house, which was about eight
miles away, us thoorow flys. To do
this it wan necessary to climb about
1,200 feet higher before a practicable
oath could he reached, and there the
difficulties hud onlv begun. The path
is rocky ami uneven, and is crossed by
bugh cleffH and gullies, which are very
deep. Altogether the distance by land
must have been over eight miles, and
one' gentleman took eleven bonrs to
reach it, and rested only half an hour
on tho way. It was not until tbe 36th
that the Moutford came along and was
signalled by the Belle Isle lighthouse.
A member of the Scotsman's passengers had walked there from the wreck.
8 miles as the crow Hies, but nearly 10
by the road. After bringing these
poeple on hoard, she proceeded to
whore the Scotsman lay. The weather
was blight and clear. As soon as practicable tho boats were launched and the
work began. The Moutford took two
hundred and fifty of the passengers,
and tbe steamship Grecian, which
soon after came in sight, took the remainder, excepting four who decided
to return to England in the steamship
Monterey, the next vessel to appear.
Forty five of the crew also went on
(his boat.
Skagway, Sept. 22, via Seattle, Sept
20.���The stage running between Atlin
and Discovery was held up by a lone
highwayman Tuesday nignt. There
were nine passengers, but none curriod
much money or valuables, aud the
plunder secured was light. The robber
escaped without being molested.
The highwayman hailed the stage,
saving he wanted to ride, and when it
halted he covered the driver and passengers, telliug them if they wanted
to save their lives they would give up
their money.
Cascade, B. C., Sept. 89.���Word lias
been received here of a fire which
occurred a few days ago at the little
town of Brooklyn, on lower Arrow
Lake. For some months past the town
has consisted only of one hotel and a
general store, in which latter the post-
offlce was located. There was not an
occupant for the dozens of empty
buildinps, A few nights ago fire broke
out in the general merchandise store
of B. I'lirris & Co. ,1 t. Maguey, who
was in charge and acted as postmaster,
had barely time to Hive ihe posinffjae
ontfit, the contents of tho store being
a total loss. Several other light and
Inflammable structures on tho same
block also burned down before Hip, lire
spent itself. There was a sin.ill insurance on tho Parris stock.
Madrid, Sept. 20.���The Spanish Cabinet will resign tomorrow, as a result
of irreconcilable tliferenoes among tho
ministers regarding proposals for national defense. The decision was
taken at the Cabinet council tonight.
The chief subject under consideration
was the scheme of the Minister of War
Lieutenant General Polavie.pi for an
extraordinary credit to he used iu increasing and strengthening frontier
fortifications The Minister of Finance, Senor Villtwerdo, was unable to
agree with the suggestions of General
l'ohiviejn, and a ministerial crisis fol
The Premier, Senor Silvela, will
therefore go tomorrow to San Sebastian to place the resignation of the entire cabinet iu tho hands of the Cjnccu
Washington, Sept. 2!).���Gen. Otis
cabled today the following report of
the capture of Borneo. Law ton's
troops at Calutupit nnd San Fernando
where concentration is taking place,
offered to cover the country of Mexico,
Bacolor and Santa Rica. Gen. Mao-
Arthnr is ordered to take bis troops
and clear the country west and iu the
vicinity of Poraco, which be did yes-
terduy, advancing on Porao at an early
hour with tho Oih infantry and lifltn
volunteers, capturing Porao and driving the enemy north. Wheaton at
Angeles kept hack the enemy ou his
north and moved tho force westward to
intercept the Pnrao insurgents, but
they retreated hy mountain roads, resulting in clearing the Country preparatory to future operations Our casualties at Porno aro five wounded. Wheaton does not report any casualties.
Captured one officer and several men,
some 20 of  the enemy being killed."
The Export of Live Stock, Grain and Provisions Prohibited.
Boers Say They Will Walk Over the Government Troops
Like Sheep Over the Veldt.���It Will Take 100,-
000 Men for an Even Ohanco.
Johannesburg, Sept. ail.���There is
great excitement here, owing to orders
to tbe Commanders to take tbe field.
Part of the Johannesburg corps will
assemble today. Dispatches have gone
to the frontier.
Melbourne, Victoria Sept. 29. ���A
conference of the military command
auts of all the Colonies except New
Zealand is sitting here to discuss the
equipment and despatch of an Australian force to South Africa. Volunteers
are coming forward largely from all
the Colonies. About 1,400 Victorians
have already volunteered.
Africa about Oct her 7lh, with General Sir Redvera Holler. There appears
to bo unusual excitement in the Admiralty department. Mr. Georga J.
Qoschen, First Lord of the Admiralty,
was busily engaged there for the great-
tr part cf the day. It is rumored that
unexpected complications havo arisen
and that extensive preparations are to
be mafle to guard acainst contingencies.
Capetown, Sept. 2fl.���A despatch
from Qlenooe, Natal, says:
"Telegraphic communication between here and the Transvaal is temporarily interrupted. It is snpposed to
nn7e been caused by a thunder storm.
Ihe camp is free from sickness and
patrols are tegular, especially in the
direction of Dejagers drift on the
Buffalo River, where the Boers are reported to be laagered. Tho greatest
enthusiasm pievailn The second movement of troops from Lady-smith to
Dundee was carefully ooncealod and
expeditiously carried out. The towns-
ueople only know of the niauoeuver by
the presence of troops. It is stated
that Burghers havo requested permission to cither return to their farms or
raid Natal. A telegram from Volksrast
says it is repotted that the Boers intend to take up a position at Schinons
Negte, falling back of Laings Neck if
forced to do so.
London, Sept. 29.���It was said this
evening the batch of South Africa telegrams received at the Colonial Olfice
tin's morning did not contain President
Krnger's reply,as supposed,but referred
Io others matters. The Cabinet therefore was unable to discuss the reply.
Significance is attached to the fact that
Mr. A. J. Balfour was iu conference
with Lord Rothschilds at Downing
street r,t II o'clock.
Loudon, Sept. 89.���The Capetown
correspondent of The Times cables:
"A l^iee State proclamation has
been issued nrobibitiug the export of
live stock, grain and provisions. Col-
iberge and other places in Cape Colon;
near the Freo State are taken to be
extremely disaffected. Tho English
are daily threatened,and some of them
are going coastwards for safety. I
havo accumulated evidence that it is
not mere street talk, but thero is a belief among tbe Dutch that the Beers
can beat England. A prominent Free
Slater says: ''You may have an even
chance with us if you send 100,000
men, not less.''
A Dutch lady of the southwest portion of  the Colony writes  to a friend :
"When Paul Kruger has beaten the
English and taken the Colony, I wonder will he conquer England too?"
London, Sopt. 21).���Indications this
livening tend to the belief that, i/i view
of the Cabinet meeting   tbe Boers will
probably commit an overt act, which
will bring on hostilities before the
assembling of Parliament. All latest
despatches from Transvaal show livli-
est activity on the part of the Burghers. Telegrams from Pretoria announce
that artillery is being rapidly loaded at
the station for tho front, and the mili-
tnry trains have preference on all lines.
The Oupo mnil is delayed in consequence of the large amount of rolling
stock reserved for tho forces A largf
party of Burghers left today for the
Natal border and another for Middh -
burg. Detachments of cyclists are being distributed among "ihe different
command) rs. It is understood ihe first
Pretoria force will leave for the eastern border tomorrow.
Commandant General Jonbert yesterday addressed a crowd or Burghers at
tbe Pretoria station. His remarks
were lustily cheered. The officers ol
tho German corps let for tho front
today, aud the Hollander corps paraded
iu the principal square of Pretoria and
saluted President Kruger.
Berlin, Sept. 29 -The Anglo-Phoebe
tendency of tie German press has in
no way abated by the knowledge that
the German Government not only does
share, but seeks, though in vain, to
repress it. The Neuste Nachrichten
"It would be more correct to speak
out frankly regarring the South African
crisis if tho question at issue ceased
long ago to be confined to tho Transvaal.
"The responsibiliy of the British
Government, will, therefore, bo all the
greater if it should stir up war. By
insisting that the Transvaal acknowledge British sozertainty Great Britain
cnts off every possible road to a peace-
fol issoe,inasmuch as the return of the
Transvnal to the convention of 1884
would be the signal for an interuaion-
al revolution."
The Vossiches Zeituug says:
"England's known might is partly
where smaller nations are concerned.
She does not recoil from outraging tbe
principles of a slate whose population
rank among tbe most civilized peoples,
an.1 wliich may be classed as of the
same stock us her own. "
London, Sept. I!0. ���In a few words,
the position as left by yesterday's Cabinet Council is that President Krngor
has been given another breathing space
nnd that another council will be called
next week, probably Tuesday, to give
final consent to the despatch which
Lord Salisbury and Mr. Chamberlain
are engaged in drafting, and which
will formulate the  British demands.
The official statement that no information will be given respecting mili
lary movements is interpreted to mean
important, movements intended. The
Government is actively chartering
transports in every direction. The ��x-
Igenoies of the transport service are
likely to necessitate tho oontinned
pieoee.enl embarkation of the troops
A London friend of President Kruger
has cabled advising him tc accept the
HritiHh proposals, as there is no desire
nn tho part of England to take away
Boer independence, nud a failure to
comply will mean war.
To this President Kruger replied:
"It.is   impossible to not on the lines
desired    without    losing    Independence. ''
London, Sept. 29.���The spenial correspondent of tho Morning Post in
Dundee, Natal, says:
"Boers are surprised at a rapid advance of the British troops over rocky
London, Sept. 09.���Reginald Barker,
a stock jobber of this city, failed today. He had a largo amount with
Kaffirs which he bad been holding for
a raise. It is reiHirled his liabilities
are 688,000 sterling.
London, Sept. 29 ���Owing to the
reticence of the Ministers there ure various stories this evening. If is asu'it-
ed with some show of authority that
the despatches received necessitate further communications with Sir Alfred
Milner and tbe reassembluge of the
Cabinet next Tuesday, before the new
proposals in* the British Government
can bo definitely settled Officers at
Woolwich this evening believe thut an
army corps  will  lie started for  South
Philadelphia, Sopt. 29.���In the International orioket match between
Crince Rnn,jitsinjhrsEnglish team and
the Gentlemen of Philadelphia, which
began today on tho Morion Cricket
Club grounds nt Havorford, the locals
made a had si art, but manuged to score
a total of I nil for their first innings.
The match began under favorable auspices. The w.'uther was ideal, and
society wos present in force, the attendance numbering about. 2,500.
When stnmps were drawn tho Englishmen had scored 70 runs for a loss
of l wicket, with McLaren and Town-
send, two strong batsmen, at the wicket. Cnptaiu Mason, of tho home team,
won tbe toBs and elected to send his
team to the but. They received a setback, however, when within throw
minutes after play was begun, King
arid Thayer, two of Philadelphia's best
hats, were retired without scoring.
Wood nnd Graves, who came next, exercised greatest caution and the former
made 80 runs, the lnttor scoring 4,1 bo-
fore goin,,' out. Tho remarkable bowling of sTenop and Woods was the feature of the day. The Gentleman of
Philadelphia experienced the greatest
difllculty iu gauging tho ball, the
bowlers   being   aide-1   by   "kicking"
wicker, wnicb rendered the break of
the ball extremely uncertain. The
rapidity ol" tho Englishmen's lidding
compared with their work in the game
with the Philadelphia Colts was plainly notcied, A feiture of tbe game
was tbe fielding of Prince Runjitsini-
tin, whose accuracy in handling the
ball prevented the Philadelphias from
scoring a number of times.
Score���Gentlemen of Philadelphia-
Ryes 9; wide, I; no halls, 2; total.
156. Runs at full of each wicket:
Prince Raujitsiujhis' eleven���Byes,
4; leg byes, 1 ; total, 70 for one man
Berlin, Sept. 29.��� A Socialist member of the Reichstag, Herr Schmidt,
has been sentenced by the Magdeburg
court to three years imprisonment foi
lose mnjeste in publishing a fairy tab
reflecting on tho Empcrior and thi
Princess. He voluntarily relinquished
his immunity from arrest as a morobei
of the Reichstag and stood his trial he
cause the editor. Mic Her, ot tho Social
ist Voltasime. innocently connected
with the seme offense, is now undergo
ing a four years' sentence.
New York, Sept. 29.��� A Brooklyn
rapid transit train on tho Coney Island
road ran into a trolley ear at Grave-
send and Foster Avenues, Brooklyn,today. Two persons were killed and m
number of others injured, One of the
two persons killed haw been identified
as William Clemens of Brooklyn. The
other is a boy about four years old.
Three Rivers, Que., Sept. 29���Tbe
recent heavy rains caused a raise of
several feet in the St. Maurice River
last night, with the result that, much
damage was done. Tho boom at the
St. Maurice lumber company's mill
broke, carrying away a floating saw
mill and about 20,000 logs. At Grand
Mere tbe flood broke the big boom of
tbe Laurentido Pulp Company, nn
Amerioan concern, of which ex-Secre-
torv Alger holds a lurge interest, setting loose 200 saw logs, which went
into the St. Lawrence. The Government hoom at Three Rivers also broke.
adding 50,000 logs belonging to different saw mills in the quota. Tho flood
also did considerable damage to the
contractor's plant at Sbawnegan lulls,
where largo works are iu course of construction for n water and power ooni-
Philadelphia, Pa., Sopt. 29.���Tho
light tonight between Freddie Snyder.
of this city, and Terry MoGovorn,
who recently defeated Pedlar Palmer,
of England, which was scheduled to
go six rounds, oame to an abrupt end
in the second round when the police
Tho Ymir Miner says: "A very
large and intere-ting meeting was held
in the Miners' Union Hall on Tuesday
night to appoint a renresentativo for
the Spokane Industrial Exposition in
the place of J. Petrio. who had to go
east. J. W. Ross, J. P., was voted to
the ch >ir, with K. E. MoKeimn as
secretary. Grant Morris, one of the
finance committee, reportedjthnt there
would b�� about J100 in funds available,
with a little more to come in. There
wero three nominations, viz: W. M.
Manning, O. B. Matthews and David
Keefo, the latter offering to contribute
|100 of his own money were he appointed, and on a ballot being taken
With C. Brown and (Irani Morris as
scnitinecers; it resulted as follows:
W. M. Manning, 86; G. B. Matthew,
18; David Keefe, 2.
Rossland, Sept. 29:���Prof. Frank
Miller will make a balloon ascension
and parachute jump at the baseball
grounds nn Sunday afternoon next.
The lioiso Statesman of a recent issue
has the following to say of this aeronaut's work :
"Porfessor Frank Miller, the aerial
wondor, has been attracting largo
crowds to the Natatorinm during the
past week. He has made three nseon-
sions iu bis balloon, and then, when
elevated to a dizzy height, well up
towards the region of the clouds, be
dropi to earth, his paruohnt.i bringing
him down safely. It is a daring feat
and skillfully performed.
"Next Saturday ho will make u
fourth ascension from the city, corner
Eighth   and Bannock streets.
"Mr. Miller has been 19 years in tho
balloon business, and this is his ninth
as a parachute jumper. If practice
makes perfect then he ought to have
the olond-jninping act down line, and
it is evident from tho manner in which
the people of Boiso crowd to his performances tbat be is a complete success. "
New York, Sept. 29���Jack O'Brien,
of this city, whipped Tim Kearn, of
Boston, into a state of insensibility al
the New Broadway Athletic Club tonight.
The Admiral Stood on the
Bridge Six Hours.
The Naval Parade a Gran-' Success ���Tbe
Greatest Pace nt in. the History of J'ew York-
New York, Sept 29.���No Roman
conqueror returned to his burburio
splendor: no victorious king or prinoo
coming home from a successful war
was ever received with such a magnificent ovation as overwhelmed Admiral
Dewey today us he stood on the bridge
of the Olyinpia at the head of u magnificent fleet of steel thunders of the
deep, followed by n thousand vessels of
peace, each tiered coal black with peo
lilt-, and sailed over the bright wateis
of the upper bay nnd up the brood
pathway of tho sunlit river.
The stately mausoleum of Grant, on
Riverside Drive, paid a tribute to the
memory of tho warrior with a national
salute of 21 roaring guns.
The fleet then anchored and then reviewed tho almost endless procession
of craft.
Toward the end of the parade they
became disorganized and it took hours
for the heterogeneous Hood to get by.
Darkness at last brought relief to the
tired Admiral, who had stood on tbo
bridge for six hours bowing his acknowledgements to the stentorian expression of homage. New York has
never witnessed before anything approaching this wonderful, remarkable
demonstration, The Columbian naval
parade of the dedication of Grant's
tomb and the reception of the North
Atlantic Squadron last fall, all pale before this gigantic ovation to the sailor
who in a Single morning destroyed an
enemy's fleet without a loss of a man
nor a ship. It is not beyond the mark to
say that three niilllion people viewed
ttie pageant from shore and that a
quarter of a million were afloat. People who went down the hay wore lost
in admiratnn of tbe bunting along the
water front. Uu tho East Rivet from
the bridge to tbe Buttery where the
sailing craft lay in grooves, the spars
were covered with such a mass of colors us might be compared to a maple
grown billaido'in the deen autumn.
Tbe tall spars of the Clippers were
oonspioiona for their ensigns and signals. The craft in the harbor wero
decked out from stem to stem with all
the grace aud attractiveness known to
skippers. But the display in the Fast
River was not to be compared with
that of the North River, up which the
procession was to pass, From the
breaks of every pier long ropes hung
with (lii^t-j c f every hue. and stretched
between posts nt the corners, the fronts
woe d iratfld   with the multitude of
gay devices, and there were flags on
die stalls and lines of flags above the
ropes. The vessels at their sides were
dressed from stem to taffrail and some
with flags on their yards, had their
deck houses covered. The wind shook
the ban ers from millions of windows,
porticos and even steeples, and never
perhaps in this generation did hearts
that love it bound so quickly at the
sight of the flag
Very early tho fleet of steamboats,
yachts and tugs which   were to have a
plnoe in the line, began   moving down
the buy to their allotted points, where
the several divisions were to form, lint
iiiBliy   of   them   could   not   resist   the
temptation to first visit   the aunborago
of the men of-wai'.oh" TomlcUi,>UjJ|^��j}i
before II O'olool the ' 'j. v. v.'., WOt surrounded by a perfect mob ot every
known kind of craft, all swarming
with people, circling around or pushing Iheir noses   close under the "hip to
gel glimpses of tbe Admiral parading
the quarter deck
Manila,  Sept. 29. ��� Generals Otis and
Schwsn and possibly Generals Lawton
and Bates will proceed to Angeles today, where Ihey may run ft r with the
Filipino commanders   as  to  the result
of an exchange oi communication between General McArtbnr and the insurgents. A Filipino general is expected with the prisoners today.   Two reo-
onnoiloring partie! came into collision
with the insurgents  near Inuis.
Vionna, Sept. 29 -The None Prate
Pres'e announces that Emperor Francis Joseph has accopteil tho resignation
of the Cabinet, tendered last Batnrday
by the Premier and Minlier of the interior. Count Thun Hohonstein. His
Majesty has entrusted Count (,'hiry
with the task of forming a ministry.
Detroit, Mich., Sept.29.���Mrs. Clara
Rbeiner, aged 114, last night attempted
to murder her three children and commit scloide, She gave the children
morphine, out her wrists and then
turned on the gas iu the room thay
were in.     When discovered two of   the
j children were'dead. By hard work the
oldest   child   and   Mrs   Rbeiner  wero
I resuscitated.   Mrs.   Rbeiner  failed to
'col the arteries in her wrists, and tho
I physicians at St. Mary's   hospital   say
she will recover.
Mrs. Rbeiner made   a   statement  to
! the   ollicers,    admitting     killing   the
children, anil said slm wished sho was
jwitbtbein.    febe  confessed   to having
bad domestic troubles.
w K
N''.larm     Tlailw     MiriPP ��t �� distance of less than a mile there-1 :pir)CnOOOU30030*QQQOQOQQQ6Qli
IN ,48011      JJdliy      IVimei    fro:,,, on,,,,:,;,,,,-    island, 'or taking ,. ...M. ...... ...wwwww   ^ ^^ ^���^-V- I
or obtaining warmth,ths maker should Mr????5?v^99v??��??????999?  E2 -��. ii
1 ilItied ;,,i,l> uxcopt Monday.
' , 1 SON MlXKH l'm.vrlNO & POBLISUIKO On.,
I). .1    HKAfON. Keillor and Manager,
Si.'iscnii'Tio.v Rates
I, ily per oi.nth by cantor 8 l co
perhalf year    "'��
per j-oer  t'1"0
per y-ar by mail    000
per yo     forolKu ���  1') ^��
Nklson Wkkkiy Miner.
Weekly, no  nulfyeiir $ 125
p. r your     2 00
l���r year, fordtfn    23��
Subscription! luvariably in ailvnnco
ilelson MimrPrinli'ig&PublishlngCo
lit��LSON. B.C.
Telephone   No.   144.
The Vancouver World stands to its
guns in battling for" straight party
government in this Province. It refuses to budge, and wo are bound to
say that it occupies strong ground. If
gooil for other Provinces, it should be
good here, for the conditions are not
different enough to make an exception
of British Columbia. The case of
New Brunswick has been noticed. If
we are to be governed by examples,
there is less reason why we. sdiould follow this one than the half dozen
others. Federal issues are not involved
iu onr local elections, and in theory,at
least, it does Bsom the most rational
course to pick out our best toon.
whether Conservatives or Liberals, and
put them in charge. Iu launching
Confederation this was tried in Ontario. The leaders on both sides came
together and formed a Government.
But the arrangement went to pieces at
the end of the first Legislative term,
and thereafter the people divided oil
the old party lines, These are not tin
most cogent of reasons, but they satisfy The World, wliich says :
"By all means let us havo party
politics. It has already been declared
for by the Conservatives, ami so far as
Tbe World is conoerned, such men in
that party as we we know to be lunest
and upright, possessed of probity nnd
ability, abo.'c suspicion ot wrongdoing 01 political iniquity, and who
have the best interests of the country
ni heart, held similar views, nnd to
these we accord cordial but independent support, !So far as Liberalism is
concerned, especially m this Province,
there is an urgent, immediate nnd
absolute necessity for it reconstruction
That there are ninnv good men and
true in tho ranks of Reform throughout British Columbia,goes without saying, but unfortunately there at present
ovists a breeob and a chasm which
will require to be bridged over at the
earliest possible period, if such a victory as was gained on the 88rd of
Juno, IShli. in British Columbia, is to
be repeated."
If it were a matternf example only
or mainly, The Miner would hesitate
loug beforo recommending that the
plunge be taken. Or if it were possible to make tho practice conform ever
so closely to the theory, we should
still hesitate. In the conduct of our
Provincial affairs Federal concerns are
not a factor, and 11 colorless Administration composed of capable and trustworthy men would best meet the circumstances. It is with 1111 entiro disregard of what thev do in Now Brims
wick, or Ontario, or any other Province that. The Minor is becoming more
and more convinced of the expediency
of adopting puny distinctions. We have
novel been able to understand that
Tnrneriam was bad hni a year ago the
ppople distrusted   it. or   something ns-
BOciated    Wlti     it    nnd   t   rued   il out,
We   have  since   h id   M trt inlsm   and
in, .    I, ive   (' 'to  1 -M,      Th re    r   1 n
don        so.;,.       i,
I'l 1 'I  II    |\        ,, '   . 1   a   I ���
i.        ,vill s
coul inue 1 I; ivn p rsou .1 gove; n en
thai Is, gov, no,loot by Borne m istoi [ i
Individual around whom u pirty ill
l'ii in. Wi think i he Province requires
snmetbing of n higher order than this.
The   parties  are not Immaculate, bul
the repii'ation ol a party H a Bnfor tie-
pendenoe than that of an individual,
if the present were a Liberal Government, II would have fell the constraint
Imposed by the knowledge thai In a
sense it represented the Liberalism of
tho Dominion, and would have recognised the necessity of keeping on its
good behaviour. The consciousness
would   have  been n guarantee   against
recklessness, such as is entirely absent
in the ease of personal government
1st, Select a locality in the neighbor
hood in which   there   is   tbe   smallest;
quantity   of   vegetable   matter, dead-
wood, branches, brushwood, dry leaves
or resinous Ireeu.
"2nd, Clear the dace in which he
is about to light the Are by removing all
vegetable mutter, ileal trees, branches,
brushwood,and dry leaves from the Boil
within ;, radius of ten feet from the
lire :
"8rd, Exercise every reasonable oare
ind precaution to prevent such fires
from spreading, and carefully extinguish the Bftme before quitting the
"Great care should be exercised to
see that burnt matohfeB, ashes of pipes
and lighted clears, or burning gun
wadding, or any other burning substance, should be completely extinguished before the sportsman leaves
the spot.''
ol all kinds accurately prepared with, . .
at lowest
possible prices.
Night Bell to the office
ASSORTED,   English
3  FOR 25 CENTS.!
French Soaps.
Regular 3 for 50, Now 6 for 75.
6 FOR 50C
��   I    ���
Next,lour (o Lawrence Hardware Co.
Prescriptions carefully prepared at
any hour oi' the day or night.
Telephone No. 145.
Mail Orders   Promptly   Filled.
P. O. Box 226.
������������-��������������� 4>A44--k��*��-f-f >���������������������
and Provisions
Malone & Tregillus New  Brick  Block
where they will be pleased to meet
all their old customers and lots of
new ones the first of next week.
Watch for our announcement in
next Tuesday's Miner.
i \
What is trie difference he
twecn   Tetley's   Teas
other brands ?
Builders will find it to  their advantage to
figure With Bradley & Co. mi Painting,
25 Per Cent.
Off Fish in
Just the same as between
the Athabasca mine and any
one of the hundreds of wild
cats that have been exploited
in the past years. Experience
has proved the value o( ihe
one;    the  others   Might be
no il no-
���I sure returns
1    "" rantecd
Tetley's is the only  pack
' by
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St.. Nelson.
Telephone 13.
in Ladies' Underwear
Ladies' Heavy Wests, .'!">e, :i for $1.00.
Ladies' Union Vest-. 50c.
Ladies Extra Heavy Vests, 75c.
Ladies' Vests, $1.00, Speoial Value.
Ladies' All Wool Vests, regular $150
I'M' $1.25.
Ladies' All Wool Vests, regular $1.75
for * 1.50.
Children's Vests, all sizes ami Priees to
suit any one.
Notice to Contractors
Scaled tenders will bo reorived by tbe under-
<i(tnea un to Thursday, October 5th, '09 Cor the
construction nf n two s ory brick block Cor
Ihe London & B, ('. (ioldtiukln on Baker street,
Hans and Rpeofflcations can bo seen nt the
architects ofllcc. 'I be lowest, or any lender
not necessarily aocopted.
2500 MINERS.
To work in the MplalllforoiiB Milieu of RrltiRh
Columbia. ��t tho following prices per
il'i.v of eiK'lil hours:
Hand Drlllors (3.00
M lohlno Men    3,fi0
Minors In aiiafu  s.fitlloflflo
Carmon  tloQlo  3.00
-hovcllo'8 2.00
Labn era       250
Blunkflralth".  SSOto Sl.ili
I'lmbonnun ...  3 60 >o i< 00
Ann y In THE SILVER l.Kvli     INKS as
(|('I.\TI(>\,   inn!    . Hi'l    h i   lu   Iu..
H \ p C| '    C nnn
red i
Fruits and Vegetables.
Full Stocks carried ;it Nelson
and   Rossland.     Mail
Orders Solicited.
September In the ETootenays baa been
a delightful month, warm and dry.
There is reason toexepeot that October
will be also dry. Upon the mountains
tho oouditlons are  favorable (or  the
spreadinn   i>C   fires, anil as   there   will
probably be much prospeotlng daring
tin- month, ami nut a little Ashing and
shooting, it is desirable to exeroise the
greatest oare in camping out, Tuna-
oonrage preoantion, the Are rangers of
the Dominion have Issued the follow-
inu BDggestions:
"The greatest oare should be oxorois-
ed between April Isi and October 81st,
mid If a Hie Is   liiiulo in   the f'urest, or
Nelson Cleaning aud Dyeing
8, D. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
ini.i ���r 111, i.. Hotel. -.i.is��
Nelson Employment Agencv
10 earpojiior' 81 por d&y, inn railroad nun 15,50
pur day, mon (or wngon road 12.60. free
li'iiie-poiiiiiiiii,  machine    n.   muokorn,
nolpeiM, wr.itross.
Nurse wants Hitiuition.
J. H. LOVE, Agt      Baker f;
ntlnue until October 15th,
i��e are now offering- Greater Bargains than ever, to clear |
e Balance of the Sandon Stock.    ��� y
���  .   ^./%%45,
Black Casliraere,
Colored Moscow Cloth
Canadian Yarn
Regular Price 75c. Sale Price 40c
" "    75c.    "       "    40c.  ��
40c. per pound.
You can buy more goods for the money at our Store than at  |
any other store in West Kootenay.
A. Ferland & Co
wwwwww^^ m.
unknown to any of the group, tlmt
were amotfg tlm pedestrians. There
was any amount nf eviiience that the
City is ".rowing ��ery lapidly. It is
generally taken for granted now that
the population has reaohari the six
thousand mark.
A Cabinet Minister, a General Manager of j LOCAL    AJ\| D    PERSONAL
a Bank and the Mayor of a Great
Oily are in Nelson,
There was quite a gathering of
prominent people at the Pliair Inst.
night, bul they wero very reticent poo-
pie, and the efforts of a Miner reporter
to hunt thnni up and ask thorn what
they thought ot the country generally
were only partially successful. The
Honorable Sir Henri Joly rie Lotbin-
iere, K. 0. M. (J., Minister of lulaad
Revenues in tho Doniiuion'Oahmot, arrived in the oiiy last nijzlit with Lady
lie Lotblniere. Sir Henri is on his tirst
visit tii tho Kootennys, nnd is return-
inu; east. Over the Crow's Nest, line on
his way from the coats. He Is learning many things ho never thought of
before.and when the question ot an ad -
rlitional grant towards a Government
ImililiiiR in Nelson eomes up at the
niixl session of Parliament he will
probably give it his hearty support,
fur before he leaves town he will have
been impressei with the importance of
Mr. B. S. Olanston, general manager
of the Rank of Montreal, is also among
the guests at the Fhair. Mr. Clauston
lias been making an iixfert'M trip in
Britii-'h lloliinibia, iiceonioun ed hy Major llllll   MlH.   As-elll'V.   I !' Otta A.I.       Il''
is  one   ot   Umiada's moBi   pioniinent
linaii'ier- ami   has  had a ureal deil to
,|,i witn t      " en    -   ������ee-s        the    ! auk
I'    ;    1 id     ill
linn ie   wo'ld. . Hi
N eland rodiiv, and will learn something
nt' the stability of the Qviohu tJity ot
the Kootenay s.
Ufred S. Au'irewB, Mayor of >'iinui-
pig, also put his signature on the register of the Phair. Mr. Andrews is a
very young man to oceuuy such a
prominent office hi a oity of the size
and importance of Winnipeg Tins
i-i his second term, and on the nooasinu
of both lis election.! lie has received
larger majorities than any other mayoralty candidate Unit ever ottered himself to the electorate of the "hull's eye
of the Dominion." Rumor now connects his name with political honors,
as ho is slated to contest one of the
Winnipeg soais in tho local Legislature
in the interests of the Oppnsiti in, Mr.
Andrews is one of ihe prominent Conservatives of the Prairie Capital, and
would make a very good run if lie
olfered himself a-' n candidate As
annonnced in the police court on
Weduesdav, Mr. Andrews is here in
his capacity of a lawyer to look after
the interests of H. 1<\ Porker, who is
under arrest for the embezzlement of
Jell from the Par-mis Produce Company. The c.aso eomes up on Monday
uioruiuR, when Mr. Andrews will appear with  looal counsel  on  behalf of
the accused.
I''. .1. Bradley & Co are now raakius
a specialty of sinns and ornamental
paint inn'.
A  "Breezy Time" Company  Tickled
a Large Audience  Last Night.
It was an uproariously merry crowd
that witnessed the performance of the
"Breezy Company" at the Opera
House last night. It was a conglomeration ot specialties tlnown together
to create laughs, and it suoceeded admirably. The house was a big one,
standing room being ut a premium,
Tile programme was divided into three
breezes that wero chucked up fell ot
specialties that greatly pleased. The
musical part of the performance was
especially good. The principal parts
were taken hy McDowell, who was a
capital farmer, Mr. Melviu, who did
some really clover work in some scenes
iu his muddled up part, and who proved himself to be nn artist of ability,
Mr. White, who took tho part of an old
maid so widl that most people mistook
his sex. Miss Hoyue, who, although
suffering form a severe cold, which
iniule her voice unpleasant, earned out
Ihe description of her part given on
tile play hills as "a budget of fun'' by
dmng some bright w irk, and several
olliers who contributed largely to the
success of tho rfcrl'ormaneo.
The company has decided to stay
ever another dnv, and will appear at
the Opera House again tonight, when
the performance will he given in its
entirety. Ii is a (dean show, that
should draw  mother l'dl house.
See ihe ie      '.';is la u      bi fori   'living
'Ise.heie No generator over oh in-
icv. The la'est linprovemeiii Prices
i'oiIuhmI.    Q    k    Taekahurv,   Agent,
corn [ Ward   111.1 linker she ts.
A   letter   received   yesterday iu this
City   by    Messrs.  Elliot'    iV   Morrison
tolls of  a proposed   trip  around   tec
world. Karl M. (III eliuan, a young
Nova Sootian, who started on the Hlh
of May last, on a tour of the world on
a bike, will bo in   Nelson on Die 1st of
October,   Oreolman left, Trnro without
a ecu 1 of money,and will conic through
the United Btatea, New BruUBWlok,
Quebec, Ontario, Michigan. .Indiana,
Illinois, Wisconsin, [own, North and
South Dakota to Manitoba, He viill
ciiuie itloug the 0, P. R. to (.'row's
Nest. Puss, aim through the mountains
to Nelson. Prom here he will go to I
Vancouver and thence to Japan, I
Ohlna, Australia, New Zealand, Africa;
ami Europe, and back to Nova Scotia.
Oreolman expects to travel sonic ."ill.(Kill
miles and will he away 1 to 5 years,
making expenses en route selling son-
veuirs Creelmaii rides a Red Bird
hioyole, manufactured by tho Qoold
Bloyole Company, Brantford, Out.
There   is   more    demand    now   for
houses of a good olass than there ever
has been before, At the smnn time
there are mole residences of n uond
class going up than at, any time before. A group of peonle who havo
been in Nolson for a year or no assembled on n Bilker street corner yesterday
and the conversation drifted to the
topio  of   the largo number of   people,
Mr. Haver, Presbyterian missionary
of Ymir, was i'   .own yesterday.
Mayor Neelands tried ins magistra-
teruil hand on a drunk yesterday and
fined him ten dollars aud oosts,
Metaorological report for September
38th: Maximum, 67.'5; minimum, ;it)..">;
rainfall, 0.00, barometer, 27.88.
The infant sou of Mr. and Mrs. Heu-
rv E. Carr.of Ymir.died yesterday and
will be buried today at that place.
'Ihe band of the ''Breezy Time"
company gave the Miner office a serenade yesterday upon their arrival in
the Oily.
The two dollar road tax comes due
today, and the collector starts out
bright and early Monday murniug to
collect it.
Tho piece of marble polished for exhibition at tlie Spokane Exposition is
on view in the office of the Hotel
Hume.    It takes a splendid polish.
The Nelson Hardware Company yesterday vvcic unpacking a new cous'ign-
tnout of goods. It consists of u full
line of builders' hardware and granite
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Wnl-
laek died iu this City yesterday. He
u ill be buried today at ii o'clock.
Rev. Mr. Frew will conduct the ser-
��� ic s.
Mr. Cenrae Johnstone, Collector of
Customs,was leeeivina congratulations
of   Ii s Erie ds yesterdm on  account of
' uti , , 11 his fitmil   tif        onne-
nig   nby   i..,.
The eases of K. C. Treves and of the
Hamilton   Pow ler   Company   aiminst
the Oitv of Nelson will betriid ni Nel
sin   instead of Vancouver, us has been
previously reported.
A meeting was held yesterday at the
residence of the Rev. Mr. Frew, af
which a men's league was formed.
Another meeting is called at the same
place for next Monday
Tbe excavation for the basement
story (if tbe London B. O. Goldfields
block has been started, and will soou
he ready for the stone masons to begin
laying tho foundation.
The French Theater Company, who
play 3d a week's engagement in Nelson
lastsiiEoii, will open this season on
Monday next m a new repertoire of
plays with a stronger company.
Work on the street railway is progressing rapidly. Tracklaying is being
kept up close to the graders. Tho track
is no laid to the corner of Baker and
Stanley streets. The ties are down as
fur iis Victoria sttcet, with the graders
a block ahead.
Messrs. Emory & Walley havo completed their fall stock of goods and
have in a lull line of gents' furnishings. They report sales somewhat less
than usual, but oxoect business to be
brisker next month. They havo laid
iu a linieli  larger stock than last year.
A little item in The Miner goes a
long way. Yesterday the nuisance exile ing from the stagnant water in the
rear of ilio Broken Hill block was
pointed out, aud by noon tho City had
scut a man to run the water out. Another instance of the power of the
Bicyclists wlio persist in riding
down people on the sidewalks and
coasting down hill on the walks will
get into trouble. Chief .larvis has a
list of names of persons who have been
seen riding thus recklessly, and il seen
again at it they will be summarily
dealt with.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper
will be celebrated at the morning service iu tho Presbytcriun church on
Sunday. Rev. Mr. Frew will preach
Hie lust sermon of the present course
iu the evening at 7.110. Subject,
"Cheerful Men. "
Pnss'ingers who get on and off the N.
&. P. S. trains "up the hill" would
greatly appreciate somo sort of accomodation in the way of a platform, At
present Indies are handled on and oil'
by the brakemau or conductor.and it is
quite a distance from the car stops to
the ground.
J, Frost Forbes, who has been employed by The Miner for some months
past, has "left for his home at Olympic,
Wash. On the eve of his departure he
was presented with a silver match box
hy his associates iu the office, as a
testimonial of the esteem in which be
was held hy them.
One of Dr. Porin's window fasteners
has been iittnobed to a window of the
-tin i it Movie, and ('apt. Troup 's delight d with il success. 1| seems to
,,ll "a long fi 1' want,' a (I there
Should be a fortune in it for the inventor. Dr. h'orin has n handy working model which is well worth seeing.
More complaints have hcon onroinn
in about the blasting in   the   reek   cut
n   ihe   park   reservation   in   Ihe East
end of Hie City.    Yesterday Chief Jar-
vis went out In sic about it, and found
that   occasionally   wl i  blast   was
fired showers of small stones would
drop upun the roofs of Ihe dwellings in
I hat vicinity, There has been Do
damage done, or no one injured as yet,
but different families have been very
much frightened, To find and open a
new quarry would cist the city considerable money, About tho best way out
of it would he lo emply men competent to blast out the rock without
scattering so niuel: of it'ovor dwelling
Morrison ifc Caldwell, tho popular
grocers, wilt remove tho slock ot groceries on the Inst of the week from
their present place of business to Ma-
lone ifc Tregillus' brick block. They
will only occupy these quarters for a
short timo until the new brick block
which will lake Ihe place of the old
building is finished. Their old store
building will lie moved lo the back
part ot the lot and a new two-story
brick building, 80x80, will oooupy the
ground. This building will be erected
especially for Morrison it Caldwell.
They will he ho back at the old stand
in the new building hy Thiinl.sj. iving
where they will have all sorts of turkeys, chickens, cranberries, etc,, etc.,
for sale at tho siime reasonable prices
which have ever distinguished them.
Pliair���Arthur Edgecombe, St. John:
G. T. Filford, Brookville; W. T
Smith, Greenwood J J. Hewers, Greenwood; Ward Spiuks, Vernon; A. H.
Morkill, Rossland; W. A Harvey.
Poorman; Prank Watson, Spokane; Alfred J. Andrews. Winnipeg; T. J.
Jamusnett, Spokane; J. Tingling. Sil
vcrton; C. T. Cross, Silvertou; F. W.
PergBon, Vancouver; E. A. Patterson.
Silverton; P. J. Pinnunane, Greenwood; Major and Mrs. Atherlev, Ottawa; E S. Clauston. Montreal; Sir
Henri Joly do Lofbiniere, Ottawa:
Lady Joly de Lotbiniere, Ottawa; J.
E. Miller, Vanconvei ; Chns. Dundee,
Rossland; Henry Taylor, Vancouver;
,T. R. Jones, BossbnrS,
Hume���P. Birks, Montreal; Lnnis
Clyhorn, Toronto; J. Sydney Roe,
Montreal; H Martin, Hamilton ; J. J.
Sonthentt. Victoria; R. M. McOnire.
Molly Gibson Mine; A. G. Tuell,
Medicine Hat. A. O. Egbert, Ains-
worth; J. T. Gushing, Chicago; F. A.
MoRac, Seattle; Mrs. J. O, Bolanten,
v'ew Denver; Jas CCniiinghani, Spokane ; ,Tno. Elarguisou, Spokane; J. T.
Btowel, San Francisco; .1. Kirkpat-
rick, Sail Francisco; J.Fyfe, Rossland;
.1. P  Bevis, St. Louis.
The  sign   von need can  be most attractively painted   by Bradley & Oo.
The fcyes Feed
the Brain.
Parents who neglect their
child! i's eyes are more
cruel than
5 !  fil *
t "7
the Chinese,
who encase
the feet of
their little
ones.  One
dwarfs the feet���the other
stunts the mind.
When we adjust glasses
study becomes a pleasure.
Patenaude Bros.
Nelson, B. C-���
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee of Best
Quality, as follows :
Java in id Arabian Atooha, per pound 8   10
Java and Mocha Blood, 8 pounds   1 oo
Flno Santos, i pounds  l 00
Snnto., Blond, 5 pounds  I 00
Our Spoolal Blond, 0 pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, 0 pounds 100
A TltlAL or lint SOLICITED.
rVEsLsorsi,      -      b. c.
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager,
Sieam Tug ''Angerona,''
Big Schooner
Beer or
The Best Glass  o\'  Beer in
Nelson is at the
Cor. Silica & Stanley Sts.
E. J. Curran. Prop.
^UUllUUUUUllliUiilillUlliUlUliLUUUU^UUliUUllUUiiUUliaililUliUUUliaiiUiiii    Atlfiiitip    R       S 1116 S
I Bring the Children to Us
Whea fitting them ftr school
our chi'tlreu'u .'. .'.
I'le.iM' parents by their d ora In lit v
and please the  children  because
lliey ate of tic latest style.
Prices to Suit the Purchaser.
�� From Montreal
t   Dominion Line  ���Vancouver" ..Oct   7
��   Dominion Lino "-..��� ttsinan"..  Kept. 30
t   Beaver Une ,,l,;ik.j Superior"  pot i
t   Beaver Line "Lake Huron" Oct. 11
'. .*. t ( Allan Line "Bavarian** (,,;-   g
t! Allan Line "Parisian" Sept. 28
SCHOOL bnOb | wwg^Hm:^t0^'-       ',���
fc ] white Star Lieu UlajutsUu   mi,,.-,
i 'tin.iril Line "I' iimnni.t'       ' lot.   ','
Cunaril  Lim   "Kuurin"         H' PI- :;"
C I Anchor Line "Kthopla". i-'opc.:w
' All'.nSiut" i.ine ������Nuinidlan" Oct  '���
American 1 Ir.o "St. Paul" Sept, 21
From Uoator
Dominion Line "Now England" Sopt 27
Dominion Lino ''Canada"..
�� j    Passages arrangi 1 to and from all hloropean
- points.   For raiea, tiokota and full istcnoatlon
- apply to C. P. 11, depot agent or <���   lv Boaaley,
Oity Paflsengei Agent, Melpon, !'��� i
\V. P. I'. CUilMIXQS.
<     General Agent,CP. B. Offloea  Wini.iic    i
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Mai'kets in Rousland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon. Thrce Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders b>  mail to any brancli will have careful and prompt attention.
Vim o in save money by
Inlying your
Plate, Sheet and Ornamental
Glass from
R. H. WILLIAMS, NBL80N, Agent lor
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Every Man
tfr^o^i-?*?' �����<��* .*8��SSS9SS8S��se98S*��9��s-1iSSSSSS3SS��Si��SeSSSS?
I'm a Stranger
Exclaimed an apparently relineil lnrly as sin ������ !��� red n ���!��� store
nnd took n peat, by the a 'iinter and I'm lcioki g for a. reliable
place to deal. I am not at all acquainted with the West in
prices and have been recommended to rotue here, vv ere I
would reieive honest, treatment. This U M. DeaBri ay's isn't
it? The clerk Informed hi-r that it was Then sh proeee ed,
���5 lbs, tea, 8 lbs. Coffee, 1 box Pate son's Oieatu o la Biscuits, ele., ete . too numerous to mention.
This goes to show that our reputation stands hi ah. the q a!-
Ity of our gmds equally high. While our prices are very low
iu comparison.
likes to dreKs in Fashionable and
Nice Kitting Garments if he ,'nu
do so at a reasonable price. My
Full nnd Winter Samples are now
Complete iu Suitiugs, Overcoat,
and Fane) S'eniiiigH, Uive tn, ������
cull and I ��iil quote you pi r: s
that will u itouisb jou.
Rooms I and il
Uemuiiis llillvor block
<2^>-^Are You a Strange?
g    I'iiic (ii'oi.i'ri-.-s
oceries XT    l\      I)   ' O   i\    Aberdeen        ^
f>   Tea 6 Coffee. Jl. l/GSDriStly (\ LO.Block.Nelson  f:
ft cnanoe lor ief iimg
Golden Crown
��2 ... Baking  Powder ... g
Two   One   lb,   Taiis  for 25  Cents>
Telephone Call, No. io.
Post Office Box, K and W.
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS L,OndOn,     Ellg.
"ORBIT"  Brand and
PREniER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
'  Aocnts for Canada i JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
W.  J.   a. iJiCK^ON
Choice residential lots   and   good
business lots for sale.
Over two hundred   lots   in   Addition A are on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
for sale.
Business property a specialty.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Fresh   and   Salt   Meats.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Mill nt PILOT BAY.
lards, NELSON and LARDO,
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Mail Orders receive  prompt
and careful attention.
Markets   at   Nelson   and   Ymir.
Do You Want a House or
A. large list to select from lu all part* of ihe
Now if the Lime 'o socurea howc at a rigbl
I'rotni itng mineral olatms and well deyelopod
iniiiih.r propertied forsalo.
Willi P, I,  Oblhb,
Real Estate, & Mines,
Capital Paid  Dp 111000,00
���Hum 1,300,00
M.S. Rowland, I'r.'J.   T. It.Mirrill. VloePrtM
Win. KiiiiiKiiy,   Wm. Hendrio,   Unlit   .lutlruy
T. sutborlatid Staynot,      Eltoa IIouorH.
Hum! Hilled, Toronto.
1). U. WII.KIK, Qoneral Manager.
E. il a V, ; ispector,
iinuiriii'H iii nil principal clltei and i��n ni
in   Ontario  and iiu, in ,-
Drnneha   in     Manitoba,    Northweil
Terrltorlei and iirin.ii Colnmblu.
WlNNTPBO,   t'oill vi.i-. |���\   I'UAIKlr. Hkamiiin
Man.   1 aiiiaiiv, I'kim i- Ai.r.i.iir, KUMONTON
STUATI1CI.NA, N. W. T..   VaM,.1-VKII.   N I IJjON.
KHVEurrosot, B. r.
Agonta in Oroai Britain-Lloyd's Bonk, Ltd,
19 l.iMiiinnl iitroot, London, with whom mi y
may in- iti poaltod tot traniifer by lottor or cable
lonny purl of Canada,
Lpttore of CroUll Iw lonAlaaknCommor-
out < o. payabla ut St, MIohaol'g, Alaaka, and
pur,1 or s;;^!!';:"11 '""^ avaUaU�� ��n *>��
Savings bank Dopartmonl Deposlta of $1
and upwanls niM-iv, ,1 an,I mi,,,,, ,iii1)WI,,   ���
poMctaroa- Muniolpal and other dobon
turos parobased,
Money Ordantaaued payable at any Hunk
HuUim Under 8m. 8a; |i>i io ���������� 11*^
ilO to ISO, 12c; tSd to 100, I Ic *   '      lW '
������*��������� ������>���������"���>������������������������������ ������ ��������� ��
Slocan City locatlooa since ^cdi.
Sept. 15.��� Eagle, O. M. Gelblnit,
head of 'Juil North Fork <>f Lemon
Sept. ID ���Yellow Jacket, N. F. Sic-
Naught, 1st North Fork of Lemon
< reek. nilj. Copper Jacket; Copper
Jacket, .lame* UcNaught, same
.Sept IK.��� BoDiiei', H. C. Tlinlinin-
son, between J��t mid 3nrl North Forks
uf Lemon Greek, formerly Owl; Dreyfus, W, II. Crawford, same, formerly
Baltio; Baldwin, J. T. Beaooheene,
same, formerly Uniterm.
Sept. 20. ���;September, Fnlina ADgrig-
non, bead waters of Springer, adjoins
November: November, Alex Stewart,
same; Advertiser, (Jraut Thoburn,
near mouth of Dayton Creek.southeast.
Sept. 'Jli ���Silver Tip. Louis Decker-
man, -Ith South Fork of Lemon, formerly Green.
Sept, ^-ii ���Ham's Horn, V. N Kills,
south side of Ten .Mile, formerly Holly
Vurileii; Oraxy Jane, Thomas Benton,
last South Fork of Lemon, ;i miles nn;
Lady Franklin, Mark Mauley, Gilbert
Einkle, same; King David, Faul
Hauck, north Fork of Springer, lying
north of Gladstone.
��� ��   ���
Conveyances since  Sept. 1-lth:
Sept. ill. ���Bassett, Wm. Harris to N.
F. McNuught, Ja; 2-H Hunger Fraction and j.j Superior Fraction, Wm.
Harris to N. F. McNaugbt.
Sept. 11). ��� Fido and Silver Bow.
Ernest Raokliffe to J.G. MrCallum,!...
Sept. 23.��� Sarstiohl, San Jose, Em-
melt, Own Roe, Henry Reichart to
Nolan & Hitt-le.
Sept. 2ii. ���Neepawa, James Marino
to A. D. McGillivray, }.,.
Sept. 28 ���Waterloo, W, B. George
to R. A. Thompson, '\x.
��� ���   ���
Lucky Jack"and;Scotch Thi'tle.
Advertisements are appearing in the
Eastern papers  for 3, ��0U  men to work !
in the metalliferous mines  of  British '
Colinubia. The advertisement is signed j
by the Silver-Lead Mines Association,
Sandon,   and   the   following   scnle  of
prices is offered :  Hand drillers, $8.00 ;
machine men, $1).J0; miners in shafts, j
18.50 to $4.00 ; carmen,   $3.CO to J8.00 ;!
shovellers,!^.o0; laborers, 13.60) blacksmiths.   $8.50 to $4;   tiiubertnen, -$3.B0
to $4.00.
t- euiint, and vouches foi tbe above
facta Two other strikes me lepoited
today, one in the Winnipeg mine, Wellington camp, six feet of solid pyrrhot-
ite ore in the crossodt from the shaft.
in the tint-o hundred foot level, the
other on the surface of tbe Golden
Crown, adjoining, made by a railway
cutting It is 36 feet wide and identical in character with that of the Winnipeg, which average.! from $00 lo $70
in gold.
Denver, Sept. 8ft.���Bory MeGillivray
and Joe Oarnonean, of Victor, Col.,
won tbe first prize for double
hand work in the rock drilling contest
and the world's championship. Their
record of 88 5-8 ii.ches,made iu 15 minutes yesterday, was almost equalled
today by Herman Audragg and Edward Ohambertofl, of Cripple Creek,
whose recoid tvas 38 6-8 inches.
The former world's record, made by
Hupps aud Lingien, of Ouray, Col., in
\KH~i, was ;l? 11 lU-inchen.
Wanted,   immediately,  six Rock
or Cai   Foremen,    Wages $6o lo
$75 per month. Two years' work.
Wire Hugh Mann, care McKenzie,
Mann & Co., Savanne, Ont.
Fire,   Life,  Accident  and   Sickness
Real Estate and Loans,
7-R00111   House $2,250
50-Foot  Corner       300
106-Foot Corner       600
Rossland, B. C, Sopt. 29. ���A most
remarkable series of strikes on properties of the Briitsh Columbia Copper
Company, Dead wood Camp here, following up the strike of thirty-seven
feet of solid chalcopyrite ore on the
Primrose alflim by the railway cutting
the same, that of ninety feet of rich
ore iu tho north drift of the Mother
Lolde, the big mine of the camp.
Yesterday five feet of solid ore was encountered on the corner of the main
shaft at a depth of 283 feet, going 30
per cent copper. The British Columbian Copper Company is mainly owned
by Jlew York capitalists. Raul John-
s'oii, a noted smelter expert, is superin-
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C-, and Dawson City, Yukon
��;ko. d.hij.ler       mhiiki ��ut hhi.
Boots and Shoes.   I
Saturday, Sept. 30.
Pitt ft Webster's
unrivalled Company of
Comedians in that
Musical Comedy Surprise .  .  .
A Breezy Time
Entirely rewritten and
turned up to date.
Introducing' our distinct .  .  .
Everything New, Novel and
G-"The Oat Serenade."
0   ''The Tennis Quintette."
C-''The 3-Legged Sailor.
and a
by the Entire Company
as interpreted by America's Fou   hundred.
KV.HIY 11VII IIODKK   '.',!>   . Hill' OF
Don't fail to hear the Band Concert at Baker street bridge I lie day
of the performance when the celebrated female cornet soloist Miss
Mattie Smith is introduced.
repairing a specialty.     : Prices i 50c, 75c and $1-00
Miner's Shoes  made to  order.   Satisfaction guaranteed.
Miller & Marshall,
International Registry Company does not only look
after you while away from
home, but pays you $15.00
per week while laid up
through Scarlet, Typhoid or
Typhus Kever or Smallpox.
Only $3.00 per year. Call
before too late.
Advcrtiso-nonl* innuiitM under tfttfl head at
the rat* of 0110 cent n word per Insertion. No
advertisement tuken for leas I ban .j.t ceiits.
Lc^onHpfiven Inaborthftiid and typewriting.
M. Wakeman, Box 663,
FOUND���A bunch of   keys, twelve In
number. Fonnri ou Cottonwood Greek
by Milton MoClnndlsh    The Barae ran
be bad   by onllinp at tho Minor offloe.
Agents,  Nelson, B.C.
OflflG  Cut (til- ci:t um retain.
mjC<|U to    ui,   wilh luuiiA ol
U>v war H'':.n*t ex|ir��u <>tiic��
T        ami wt- will (.end thii watch
l :.������'������ T.-.r yon to exiuiilLi'.   It ia un
In-n-facr, Knld-t'lAtcd.   dust I'rool
castt. iwruiiionH'ly Bomrad, flu*-)
with American moait7Jowuled
���tern wind nnd wt movement,
lady's or pcnfi  "lie. It li &
RIM tlmo piece, citml In ftp-
I ��� n nn. Ui   iv ?".''���  "j watun.
'Hid  In Jutt the ttilntf   Ux
tnidliie  purjirno*.     If,  on
cuKifiiloxiLii.ltiativti Tim am
convinced    thin     watch   I-
'���������' fi. far mors thin we oak,
.iay the express   ofetit  t '��� H8
iiiul oxiireu r\\*T*r* and It II
roan.   Terry Watch Co.,
N M Toronto, Car*
CltUH/44 flMHs t&ijd/ frrnJot^
Real Estate
Fire & Life
Nelson   Greenhouse.
D. ricCreath,  i��rop.
Finept  Assortment  of   FlowetR   Ever
Shown iu West Kootenay.
Orders filled on short notiee.   Inspection invited.
Greenhouse nn Front. Street, one block
enst ol Government wharf.
Our G"o':i mi Exhibition and For Sale
at   Vniisto e's   IhiiK  Store
Leave orders there.
Bon Ton Restaurant.
I have on my list a
a large number of Lots.
Also Dwelling' Lots.
Some o\ which are
listed above par value, ���
hut occasionally a man
comes along who is
stuck for some money,
he probably sees something that he is sure
he can double his
money on in a few
days, and says if you
can sell my lots in (he
next io clays I will
take so much for them.
Now I have 8 lots just
in that position and if
you want a Snap just
See Annable before
they are gone.
1 can loanyou money
to build if necessary.
Merchants    Lunch,   12 to 2.
25   cents.
Dinner,   5 to 8.
Meals at All Hours.
meal tickets, s5.50 for s5.
open day and night.
FRITZ   HONOLD.      ���       PROPRIETOR.
Great Reduction!
,.^h';,^, $9=50 Per Ton
Special  rates for carload   lots and
for outside points.
$373 will purchase 2 Lots on Carbonado St.
$400will purchase tbreo lota   n Davis' Addition, Including corner,
$300 will purchase two lots in Addition A.
Opera House Block.
5,000Bhates Ution (pooled) lie
Klmiii    "     Fiilrmont  "    te
��� Blaokoook Mining Company 20c
Mining and Real   Estate   Brok.T
Turiiei'-Uoeckli Block, Nelson.
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of English Church. Table
Board, $4 oo. Room and
Board, $5.00 and $5.50.
(King of Beers
Gold Medal and Diploma of Honor
Vienna International Exposition, 1898,
awarded   as   tribute   that   their   Boers   tire
On   sale    by   the   trade   in    Nelson.    Ask   for   it!
The Nelson Electric Tra m vva y Go. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C DUNCAN, Secretary
H.  BYERS   & CO
Powder,   Caps,    Fuse,   Shovels,    Picks,
A large   consignment  of  all  kinds of   Heavy   Hardware
just   arrived.
U4+4+4+4+*+4++*>*+ *������������������������������-���'��� ���������������������������������1���^^m*
| Bargain Columns. I
s �� a
Some Unusually Good Bargains Offered   By  Our   En-   ���
terprising Merchants.    Changes Daily. J
���^���������������������������f ������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������>��444f>^ t
90c. to $7.50.
Large Size.     Pretty  Patterns,
Martin O'Reilly ft Co.
From a Steamboat to a Dnby's Ratt|,
Everything: has a value al my store
SetweHn WnrdandJ Bephin^Streets
25 Per Cent Off
J. A. (Hiker,
. . . GET  YOUR .
For Preserving,  From
Morrison   &   Caldwell
A.liirEOoonsianmtn'iof Mould'nr?,   We are now prepared
to mould  P.ctut'O Frames many size or stvle,
...L. P08UE...
lEiir^iiiii* In
���.., _.,.��� F'^sh and Cool,   The B>st Goods in
HEAVY TEAM the   Mm.ke|   ������   Draft   or    in    m$
IT A'DATTCK!  : '\1:inB-V0"l'c',"�� l'"1' Draft Beer.  Also
IliilllNXilOlO,   " 'nes, Liquors and Oiffara   mid our
i priees are never disputed,
EXPRESS HlltVKSS,   1 .,.,���.���   ,.,,,,���   ~��
.���i��K���4K��>s. NELSON WINE CO.,
whips, etc,       I Baker Street, Nelson
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ucneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m '-t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits ind on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
g       /&   ,**��;.;, am
&%��.: f.   i��-fl |S��*:5    Rfi-'^' SaE!^ i^   S5'*   &*^\
iimx*M   t \*j& iWa i    I' $*JJ luaea &l.-m I    '* *
NfiLSON, B. C.
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
ho Stoves &
Which we are offering1 at
Kootew Electric SdjjIf id Constrnction Co.'
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for ...ines,  towns,   etc.    Electric   Fixtures, LampsBell.". Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Jo-ephln. 8* NELSON, B. C.
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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