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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 30, 1899

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������ : i!-" tnB b ass:
Dail) Edition No. 226.
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday, January 30,   1899.
Ninth Ye?r
Will Contest the Nelson Seat
in the Legislature.
Gomes Oat at the Earnest Solicitation of
Those Who Consider Him the
Best Man.
In another column of The Miner
this morning Mr. A. 8. Farwell announces himself as a candidate for the
sent in the Provincial Legislative Assembly vncated by the Hon. J. Fred
Hume. Mr. Farwell enters the field nt
the earnest solicitation of a great many
of the electors of Nelson, some of them
former supporters of Mr. Hume, who
now believe that the Nelsou Ridiug of
West Kootenay de erves to be represented by a stronger man than Mr.
Hume has proved himself to be.
Mr. Farwell needs no introduction
to the electors of this riding. He lias
been a resident of British Columbia
for over thirty years. As a Proivncial
Land Surveyor of a great many years
standing, he is thoroughly familiar
with the needs of not only West Koote-
nsy but of the entire Province. He is
a recognized authority of the prsoti-
oal working of the Mineral and Laud
Acts, aud it is claimed, because of
this knowledge, would be a valuable
representative. In his address to the
publio Mr. Farwell does not mince
words in making his position known.
It speaks for itself. He proposes to
go to the legislature ns tvfrieudof West
Kootenay, to npholuvnny legiHlntinn
for her benefit and advancement, nn
matter what source it may eminate
The writ for the election was issued
Saturday afternoon, the date upon
���which it Sb to be returned being loft <o
the returning officer, probably John A.
Turner. Mr. Hume will arrive in
Nelson tonight. He telegraphed frieuds
here Saturday that he would leave
Viotoria Saturday night and would get
into the fight immediately upon his arrival here.
The Miuer is asked by Mayor Neol-
andi to state that while his name may
have been mentioned in connection
���with the contest for Hon J. Fred
Hume's seat in the Provincial House,
he has nt no time authorized any one
to use it nor has he for oue moment
considered the question of becoming a
caudidato. He has been olected Mayor
of Nelson aud will serve his full term
and in any event would not be a candidate in opposition to Mr. "Hume,
whose linn supporter he was at tlio
time of the last election.
All arrangements have been completed for the publio mooting to be
held under the auspices of the Libornl
Oonservntive Association of Nolson
in tbo hall of the Hotel Hume this
evening. Sir Oharles Hibbort Tupper
will deliver au nddress on topios of
the dny. The front rows of seats will
be reserved for ladies.
A Viotoria dispatch says: Pretty
strong lnngnarge was used by ex-At-
torney-Geneml Eberts in regard to
tho Lieutenant-Governor Saturday
night in a publio meeting. Referring
to the dispute as to what took plnoe
about the dismissal of tbe Tumor ministry, Eberts said:
"The Statements the Lioutonaut-Gov-
ernor mads nre a pnok of lies from beginning to end."
Suoh lnugusgo in unprecedented iu
regard to a Lieutenant-Governor, as he
represents tbo Quoen.
A Viotoria dispatch to the Spokane
Spokosman-Reviow under date of Saturday, says: Tho writs are out today
for the ���lection in Nelson Biding.
Wost Kootenay, to fill the pluce made
vacant by tbo resignation of J. Fred
Hume, Minister of Minos It is reported that Hume will not run again,
but will retire from political life and
go into the Atlin couutry. It was
known some time i g l that at the end
of the session he ex, doted to drop out
of the Cabinet, but his resignation
from tho house was not contemplated.
D. W. Higgins, of Esquimau, is spoken of as Hume's successor in tho Cabinet. Higgins has bad his eye on n
Cabinet position for a long time, and
one of his reasons for breaking with
thu last Government was beoauso they
kept him as Speaker aim declined to
have him in the Gab'net, Higgins
was not very favorable to Joe Martin
until quite recently, and this lends
color to thi idea that the growing amiability between the two means that
Higgins goes into the Cabinet. He
would neither deny nor confirm the
story today when interrogated.
Foley Brothers and Larson Will Establish Headquarters There.
Cascade City, B C, Jan. 28.���
Maun, Foley Brothers & Larseu, the
contractors for the Bobson-Penticton
branch of the Columbia & Western
Bnilway, now under active construction have sent notice to those with
whom they do business that "ou'' and
after February 1, all business communications intended for their firm should
be addressed to Cascade Oity, as the
headquarters of the firm would be located there after that date. This will
doubtless serve to briug a large amount
of business here that has hitherto gone
to Brooklyn, tho old headquarters.
The contractors' new office building
is now ready for occupancy, near the
warehouses of the firm and the paymaster hns engaged passage on the
Brooklyn Cascade stage line for early
iu the week.
Says  All Nations  That   Hays   Sprung
From British Loina Will Shire
in  Success-
London, Jan. an.���Rt. Hon. Joseph
Chamberlain, Secretary of State for
the Colonies, speaking in Bimingham
this evening at the annual dinner of
the jewelers and silversmiths, said:
"We now see our cousins across the
Atlantic entering the lists nnd sharing
in a tnsk which might have proved
too heavy for us alone. Under the cir-
onmstances the first business of this
' worst government of modern time' is
to draw closer tbe bonds wl;ich unite
us to the other members of the English speaking raee and to promote their
oo-operation in the great work of civilization which appears to be tho mission of the Anglo-Saxon race."
Speaking of the government's Imper
ial policy, Mr, Chamberlain said:
"Providence shapes our ends and in
teuds us to be a great governing power
oonquering in order to civilize, administer and develop vast areas of the
world's surface, primarily to our ad
vantage, but to their own advantage as
well. As to the result of this mission hitherto, nu impartial witness,
Rear Admiral George Dewey, has said
that one of the mightiest factors in
the civilization of the world is the Imperial policy of England. But, it will
not be longer the Imperial policy of
England alone, for all nations that
have sprung from our loins will share
in the success which hitherto has fallen on our shoulders alone.''
Oue  of   the Towns   Ignored   by   Mr.
Hewitt Bostock.
Silverton, Jnn. 28.���Mr. Hewitt
Bostock gave Silverton the go by in
bin recent visit to Slooan Lako points.
He railed only at New Denver en
Slocan Oity. Judging however from
tbe reports which roach hero as the
tenor of his address at thnso places, the
people of Silverton had lost but little
iu consequence of his having absented
himself. Whatever ho may bo persou
ally,he is regarded here as a poor apology for a representative of the Koote-
ua'vs in the House of Commons.
There has been a good deal of talk
here recently of tho K. & ti. railway
seeking nn outlet nt or near this place
to tho Slocan Lako during the coming
season. However this may be, the O.P.
B. arrangements here aro utterly inadequate for the incoming and outgoing
freight offering. The wharf is far too
small to acoiimmodiito this freight, and
it is constantly and rapidly increasing
in volume. A larger wharf and bettor freight arrangements are much
fat -wm
The Union of Hanover and
Prussia Bothers Him.
Would Not   Attend  a   Silver  Wedding
Because tbe Duke of Cumberland
Had Been Asked-
Salvation Army Out Aftor  Drunkards
and Backsliders.
Yesterday tho   Salvation   Army   all
over Canada bognn whnt thoy   term  a
"throe month's seige."   The   plan  of
the soige in to spend tho  throe months
in devoting special   efforts towards re-
claiming those  sections  of   the  community that are  regarded as being  in
urgent need of their  ministering   sor-
i vices.    The   first  two   weoks   will bo
'spocially directed   towards reclaiming
'drunkards,   the   next    to reclaiming
, backsliders,    nnd the succeeding fourteen davs will be   devoted   to preventing little children  from entering early
in the nut lis of sin.    After  that some
time will be spent   in   "Soldier milking."   The   seige wns commenced  in.
Nelson by the local forces yesterday,    i
Berlin, Jan. 28.���Emperor William's
action at Hanover is regarded as being
of great political significance. From
a member of His Majesty's entourage
who accompanied him to Hanover the
following has been learned. The Emperor had accepted an invitation to attend this week the silver v/edding festivals of the Duke and Duchess of Saxe
Cobourg aud Gotha, but heard with
chagrin that the Duke Of Cumberland, the Guelph claimant of Hanover
and Brunswick, had also been invited.
Thereupon he sent a strong expression
of bis dissatisfaction to the Duke of
Saxe Cobourg aud Gotha and although
the Duke of Cumberland, in the meanwhile, had expressed regrets of his inability to attend, the Emperor remained in high dudgeon and stayed away.
There have been persistent rumors
lately to the effect that the eldest son of
t' e Duke of Cumberland, might on
Monday, ascend the duual throne of
Brunswick if he consents to abjure all
claim to tho throne of Hanover, demonstrates his loyalty to Prussia and
accepts the statue quo by becoming an
officer in a Prussian regiment of the
guards. Tho Emperor, however, seems
to have made hie excursion to Hanover
in order to repudiate any intention of
a reapproachmeut with the former
Guelph dynasty aud by the proclamation of his order providing for the
identification of Prussian regiments of
Hanover with the regiments of the old
Hanoverian army he has made it plain
thnt he considers the union of Hanover
and Prussia to be an unalterable faot.
He then gave the death blow to the
hopes of the Guelph party. The Emperor has now established a permanent bond between the old Hanover-
iau regiments and the present tenth
army corps which is reoruited almost
entirely from the Province of Hanover. His Majosty also presented bis
Hanoverian Uplaps with a helmet
badge inscribed '' Peninsula-Waterloo-
Gnrhde. " It is said iu oourt ciroles
that the Emperor for some time past
has beeu made aware of reoout utterances of tho Duke of Cumberland regarding His Majosty which hnve
deeply wounded his self-estesm.
A New York Man Will Serve on the
High Commission.
Washington, Jan. 28.���The President has appointed Bepresentative Sor-
eno E. Payne, of New York, a member of the Joint High Commission to
fill the vacancy in the American representation of lhat body, oausnd by the
death of Mr. Dingley. Mr. Payne
also succeeded Mr. Dingley as chairman of the Ways and Means committee of the House. He represents the
28th congressional distriot of New
York and is now serving his seventh
Atlanta, On., .inn. J8,���Snow is re
ported an general throughout central
and Southern Georgia and Alabama today. In Atlanta nenrly four inches
has fallen. Throu inches has fallen at
Oolumbiis and other points in South
Georgia and about two inohes ,n Macon and Montgomery, Ala.
Rome, Jan. 28. ���Tho Chambor of
Deputies today after a week's debate
approved tho Franco-Italian commercial treaty by a voto of 22(! to 114. Ono
of the speakers expressed the hope that
n similar would bo coucludod with the
United Statos
Senator Frye Speaks on the
Peace Treaty.
Viotoria, B. 0. Jan. 28.���The hockey
match hero today botweon Vancouver
and Victoria resulted in a win for
Victoria by two goals to one. Tho
gamo was well played by both sides.
If the Treaty iB Not Eatifled the United
States Would Lose all Eastern Advantages.
Washington, Jau. 28.���Senator Frye
commenced his argument for the ratification of the Peace Treaty with
Spain in today's executive session of
the Senate. He talked for au hour aud
a half aud again made the only speech
of the day's session. The principal
questious under consideration today
were those relating to the payment of
the claims against the Spanish Uovern
ment, the reasous far agreeing to pay
Spaiu for the improvements made in
the Philippines and the reasons for extending to Spain the benefit of an opeu
door in her former possessions. Senator Frye said that the question of claims
of American citizens agaiust Spain
had occupied much of the time aad
been the subject of anxious thought
ou the part of the commission hut that
there was no practical solution of the
problem in view of the poverty of
Spain and in fact, no policy was compatible with the reputation of the
United States, as a nation whioh knew
how to be generous as well as just. He
said there were about $12,000,000 of
those claims and it was possible the
amount might reach {15,000,000.
Spain had agreed as an offset that the
United States to pay the claims of
Spanish citizens against the United
States Government but Mr. Frye ad
milted that the aggregation of these
counter claims was not large.
Senator Frye also said that the commissioners had felt that they were justified in drawing upou the generosity
of this country in agreeing to pay
$20,000,000 to Spain for the improvements made by the Spanish Government and in couceding them for a
term of years tbe same privileges as
claimed for the United States in the
conquered country. The effort of the
American commissioners to secure control of tbe Caroline islands was also explained, Mr. Frye stating that the
Spaniards had absolutely refused to
discuss the proposition. America's
offer of a million dollars for the islands
had appeared to have no effect whatever. They had eveu declined in tho
most posit've manner to oede one of
the islands of this group as a cable
Referring to the present situation in
the Philippines, Senator Tillman asked Senator Frye if he was willing to
have Uuited States troops fire upou the
Philippines, to which Mr. Fry replied that the firing stage had not beeu
ronchod and he hoped that the treaty
would be soon ratified aud that this
stago avorted. To reject the treaty
meant tho restoration of the stutu quo
to give up Manila aud all points taken
after tho signing of the protocol uud
to lose all tho advantages acquired
through the war in the tar east.
Under That Motto tho Italian Prime
Minister Will Tucklo the North Pole.
London, Jan. 28.��� Thoro is much
interest here in tho Duke Ahruzzi's
North Pi lo expedition. Before his do-
partnro from Rome (juenn Miirgnretta,
his aunt, presented him with an Italian
Hag embroidered by her own hands
with "Always Forward Savoy," a
motto identified with thn family. Iu
receiving the Hag the Prince said:
"This Hag shall wnve over the North
Pole.or I shall not return." The Queen
had difficulty in suppressing her emotion and pressed his hands exclaiming :
"You will roturn Luigi, you will
Rome, Jan. 28.��� Archibishop Ireland, the Amerloan prelate who arrived here yesterday, will forthwith lie
recoived by the Popo.
Thoy Grant an Increase- to Several of
tho Diplomatic Force.
Washington, Jan. 28.���A spirited de-
liale wns precipatited in the Sonato today while tho diplomatic nnd consulnr
appropriation Mil was under discussion. The appropriations ooinmilt'o
was sharply criticised for not providing an Adequate salary for snme of the
consulnr offices and secretaries of legations of this Government in foreign
countries aud the parsimony of the
Government iu   this   respect  was de
nounced as a disgrace. Mr. Hale,
Maine, was in charge of the bill and
despite his protest, several amend
meuts iucrensing the snlnries of diplomatic officials were incorporated in the
measure. The bill was passed, carrying nearly $1,500,000, iu excutive session.
Mr. Mason offered a motion prefaced
bv statements that reports hud been
served that of lato years as high as B0
per cent of soldiers nnaocustonied to
the climate of the Philippines have
died of reason of the climate.
Paris, Jan. 28. ���According to the
Liberto the Massius in��vstigatiou has
revealed acts of imprudence and incorrectness of attitude upon the part of
certain members of the ciiminal sec-
iton of the court, notably their refusal
to hear witusses who applied to he
confronted with other witnesses whose
testimony clashed with their own. The
premier, M. Dupuy, disposed of the
rumors of possible action against members of the criminal section by saying
that the result of the H. Massius instigation, "Will not necessitate further
action beyond the introduction of the
proposed bill.''
Revelstoke, Jan. 28.���Rev. F. Ford,
who met with an accident at Albert
Canyon yesterday, died at the hospital
here at 11 o'clock last night. Deceased
was very popular with all the people
here, and his death has cast a gloom
over the community.
It is Recommended That He he Dismissed
From the United States
Washington, Jau. 28.���General Ea-
gan, Commissary General, has been
found guilty of the charges of conduct
unbecoming an officer and a gentleman
and of conduct to tbe prejudice of
good order and discipline and of the
specifications thereto,and has been sentenced, to dismissal from the United
States army but with recommendation
from the court for the exercise of the
executive clemency. Under tho regulations the court, having reached
the conclusion that the accused was
guilty, had no choice in selecting a
peualty, the regulations prescribing
absolutely the punishment of dismissal
for the offence. Therefore, the only
hope for General Eagan is in that of
Said to Be Causing   Friction Between
Dewey and Otis.
Barcelona, Jan. 28.���The Manila
correspondent of the Diario says ho
discovered that relations between Major General Otis and Rear Admiral
Dewey are most strained owing to the
profound rivalry which exists between
the land and sea forces of the United
States in the islands.
"The administrative morality of the
Americans" says the correspondent,
"is bolow pur." The gambling hells
of Mi nila aro taxed $1200 ench nnd the
police nro highwaymen who make arbitrary arrests and then demand from
$10 or $20 for the release of their
prisoners. The correspondent further
declares thnt. tho Americnns hnve mo-
nopilized nil tho trade and swamped
tho markets with their products rendering competition impossible. As au
instanco of this California wines nre
sold in Manila as   genuine   Bordeaux.
Americans Who Find Fault  With   B.
C. Legislation.
The law recently passed l>y the Legislature of the Provineo of British Colombia debarring all aliens from locating placer claims in thnt Province will
work considerable hnrdship among
AmorioiuiB who hnve spent money in
fitting out nnd making the journey to
Alnskn, snys the Minneapolis Times.
Even thoHe aliens who hnve claims
properly recorded in the office of the
surveyor hnvo been Informed that nt
thu expiration of one yenr from the
dnte of their papers their claims will
revert tn the government, Unless the
bill is repealed tiy higher authority it
seems that the only way for Americans
who hove money invested in British
Columbia to escape nonflsoation will
be to become British Citizens.
Two Minneapolis men, W. H. Strow-
hridun nnd J. R. Hoffin, purchased in
Skugwny, Oct. 12 last the right tn
operate five claims in the Atlin district. Tho Government office nt Atlin
City is closod Oct. 1 each vear, nnd
Messrs. Htrowbridgc nnd Hoffin were
nimble to file their cliiims when the
purchase wns made. Thev relumed to
Minneapolis, purchased outfits, and
prepared to make au enrlv start. Mr.
Strowbridge went to Seattle to meet
Mr. llolfiii nnd there learned of the
pnssnge of the nlien bill. These gen- j
tinmen will lose not. only Ihe money
spent in outfitting hut also the money I
paid for thoir claims. j
Germany and the States are
Quite Friendly.
Those Who Endeavored to  Cause  Strife
Between the Countries Were
Berlin, Jan. 28.���After divine service at the palace on Emperor William's birthday His Majesty received
the personal congratulations of each of
the Ambassadors. He greeted the
United States Ambassador with espeo-
ial cordially and conferred with him
for quite a long while. During the
conversation the Emperor expressed
great satisfaction at the fact that the
United States aud Germany were "Evidently understanding each other better thau formerly aud that efforts of
persons who for their own putposes
sought to stir  strife had failed."
The correspondent of the Associated
Press has interviewed Mr. Wbyte regarding the statement that the Uuited
States wants Germany to recall the
German consul at Samoa, Herr F.
Rose. The Ambassador said: "The
statements are incorrect. The truth is
that both nations are awaiting full information. Each side directly declines
to believe that mistakes have heen
made all round but just how far each
is responsible there is no means of telling until the dispatches arrive at
Washington. The two governments
have discussed the matter in the most
friendly manner aud each avowed its
readiness to dc whatever ia just and
right including the disavowal of any
acts of one or more of its agents which
may be shown to have been contrary
to the treaty or to the community of
the nations concerned.''
The Papers Have Adopted a More
Friendly Policy Towards England.
London, Jau. 28.���Frauoe as the incendiary factor in European politics
has subsided. Tbe diplomats in London aud Paris are conferring daily,
which in conneotion with tbe hints
of the Home Secretary, Sir Matthew
White Ridley, in his speech at the unionist demonstration nt Blackpool ou
Jnnuury 0, gives a color the story
that a great treaty is being made by
which all tho disputes between Great
Britain and France will be settled.One
report which finds credence is to the
effect that Great Britain gives Franoe
tho Congo Free Statos as compensation
for her demands in connection with
Madagascar and New Foundland aud
to placate her for the conquest of tho
Soudan. Whatever may bo the reason,
the touo of tho Freuoh statesmen and
press toward Great Britain has shifted
to one of conciliation. Tbe last French
paper published at Cairo to attaok British rule has ceased go doing, aud it is
supposed thut the French Government
subsidy has boeu  withdrawu  from it.
Nelson   Mau   Married   to  a St.   Paul
Youug Lady,
Tho Minneapolis Tribune has the
following which will bo of interests
lo Nelson citizens : Miss Ruth Stick-
ney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B,
Sticknoy, and Benjamin Hodge, of
Nelson, B. O., wore married Wednes
nay evening, January 18, ut the bride's
home in Summit aveuuo. Rev. Samuel G. Smith performed the ceremony. The decorations were yellow
and green carried out. with wild smi-
lax, ferns aud palms and quantities
of yellow rilibnu. The bridal party
formed under a canopy of the emilax
studded with eloctrie, jots. The brido
was attended by her younger sister,
Miss Kmilv Sticknoy, as maid of honor her four bridesmaids were Mies
Jean Stieknuy, Miss Lillian Millard,
Miss Mabel Horn, Miss Julia McClelland. Carl Taylor attended tho bridegroom ns best man. The brido waa
given away by her father. I iiurz'a orchestra played tho Lohengrin wedding
march us the party assembled. Tho
brido wore while ivory satiu with
long train trimmed with tulle, and a
heavy veil of tulle. Slut carried a
bouquot of lilies of tho valley with
Mi earners of win In satin ribbon.
Thn maid nf honor uud bridesmaids
were gowned similarly in frocks of-
yellow organdie over taffeta trimmed
wilh yellow satiu ribbon,mioh carried a
bunch of yellow jonquils. A wedding
supper followed the ceremony. After
the supper there was dancing Mr aud
Mrs Hodge let iu the evening for au
extended wedding trip. Thoy will
lie at home in Nelson, B. O., after
the middle of February,
Nelson Daily Miner'
Published Ilaily excenl Snrdny.
ei. on Miner Printing- I'uhi.isiiino Co.,
D.J, BEAI'LN', Manning Director anil
AU. COMMUNICATION^   totheKdilormust
be iccompinled by thi name and address
of the wi Iter, not n scessarlly for publice-
11, but. as evidence of (rood faith.
Bupscbiition Rates,
Dally per month by can'or S 100
per month by mai.    1 Oil
oer half yer  by ini 11    5 00
per year  10 00
per year foreign  13 00
NKI.SON Wkekiy Miner.
t 1 25
..   2 00
..   3 00
Weekly, poi half year	
per voar	
per year, foreign	
Subscription, nvarhibly in advance.
Notices of KirlliK,   Deaths, and Marriages
nserled for 50 centH oaoh.
Advertising rt tea made Known on application
Nelson Miner Printing & PubllshlngCo
The campaign is on. The Returning
Officer has beeu appointed; the Opposition oandidate has been named, aud
Mr. Hume will arrive in the City tonight to personally superintend the
canvas. At this writing it has not
been annnounced who the Returning
Offler is, but it is believed to be Mr.
John A. Turner, who celebrates his
appointment by actively canvassing
for the Government candidate. Mr.
Turner is a Liberal; Mr. Hume is a
Liberal, and the controlling spirit of
the British Columbia Government is a
Liberal. Two years ago the Dominion
rang with dismissals of Government
offlcinls for offensive partisanship, the
offence often consisting of a more or
lass mild interference in elections.
The Liberals at Ottawa laid it down
as a principle that Government officials had no right to take a more active part in elections than to cast their
votes. The principle was right, and
the civil servant who did more took
his official life in his hand aud had no
reason to complain when it was adjudged to be forfeited. But with some
Liberals. Liberal principle is for use
only wheu   it  pays.
Since the last appeal to tho
electors of the Nelson District
events in this Province havo
���worked a complete chauge in the political situation. The issues then have
been swallowed up in the greater is
Bues of today. Tho candidates may be
the same, but everything else has al
tered. The independent elector, the
man who appreciates and respects the.
privilege involved iu the franchise,
will rofuso to pledge his vote until he
fully understands all that the chnnge
implies. The ignorant and partisan
voter, tbo man who prizes tho franchise only because it gives nn nddi-
tional voto to the party to which he
belongs, will hnsten to pledge himself
according as his prejudice dictates.
It is desirable for many reasons that
tho result of tho coming poll should be
tho intelligent and deliberate couvie-
tion of the electors of the District-
It is more thun a contest between the
individual candidates, Much will de
poud upon it. It will in all probability decide whether the new political
methods introduced with the present
Government aro to be continued.
Oue word more. The peisonality of
the candidates is not to be considered.
They stand for opposite principles,
and the conscientious elector who feels
his responsibility will allow nothing
but those principles to determine his
The Globe that it  is tbe schemers and  apparently   in   store for us and which
ire pullers who  sway the people, not  such a step would invite,
the people who sway the schemers aud ���
Wo publish olsowhero a paragraph
from The Toronto Globe on the Senate.   A  second Chamber  iB designed
as a check on hasty, ill-considorod, ill-
conceived legislation, It will hardly
be doubled that, such legislation is
possible under onr popular form of
Government ; In Ciiiuidn we know that
it is, and that is sufficient as n reason
why one should be maintained in this
cnuutry. The ideu no doubt took form
nu The lilobe  suggests.    It  was to be
a protection against violent manifestations of popular projudiee and passion.
We Agree with The Globe further when
it says that the people nowndnys are
less to bo feared than tho scheming,
unscrupulous politicians. II. is precisely against these hitler that a Semite
is necessary, for often it is Iho schein
lug poiticinus who lint only rule in
Parliament but who influence the pon-
plo. We cannot, speak of thn exact
measure of it, but we have in British
Columbia at this very moment nn
example of demagogism ill the Legislature IWflying public feeling. That it
influences a majority wc can not toll,
but it is relied upon to carry for tho
party in power the three scats in Viotoria that aro uow being contested.
Should it be sncccHsful, nnd it may, the
scheming politicians will rule triumphant.
Tim people will bo right ninety-nine
times out of a hundred when thoir
reason only is appealed to. But whon
the appeal is to their passions and pro-
judini'H, whieh iu these more modern
tlmos is Hummed up in tho ono word
partisanship, no oue knows hotter than
wire-pullers. Four-fifths of the partisans will follow their lenders, let them
lead where thoy will. Iu the House
last session the entire party at the back
of one set of lenders rallied to the support of the   Yukon   Railway   Bill.    If
A democratic newspaper in the democratic United States, fond of toying
with little p iragraphs about the British nobility, publishes the following:
"The Prinoe of Wales pays at the rate
of   $1,750   per   1,000   for   his   cigars.
tho question hud been submitted to the These precious weeds are seven   inches
country,   four fifths  of   the partisans long."   Our contemporary did not get
would have oust thoir votes, uot in fa- it   right.    The   cigars   are   seventeen
vor of the Bill, hut in favor of the lead- inches   long,   and   cost   |175,000   per
ers who introduced it; its defeat would thousand. His Royal Highness smokes
have been due to   the remaining fifth, aud gives  away   a thousand   of  them
to all the partisans  on   the other side, | every week,
and to the great   mass   of independent
voters who do their own thinking.    A
second Chamber  is   necessary   against
this influence   of   the leaders, against I
this power which  can   compel a piirty j
to swallow anything that is   adminis- j
tered to it.
It is not the people, therefore, that
are to be dreaded, so much as it is the
Behemers and wirepullers who pi iy upon their passions aud prejudices. The
Globe may go so far as to admit this,
but will reply that the present Canadian Senate takes care only to oppose
the schemes of one party, and that being partisan it fails in its whole duty
and ought therefore to be abolished.
But that does not follow. Better to
have a Senate that will oppose the
schemers and wirepullers of one party
than to have no Senate to oppose those
of either. Better to avert half the
evil than none of it. With p. partisan
Senate, the country is at least protected against the rash legislation of ono
party ; let us hope that with the increasing honesty and independence of
the electorate the Senate will cease to
be partisan and will offer itself as a
protection agaiust the rash legislation
of both parties. In the meantime
there is something gained in keeping
the half in check.
There was introduced into the Legislature at Viotoria the other day a quite
harmless looking Bill, marked by excessive modesty on the face of it, and
containing hut one clause. It reads as
"1. Wherever,'by any statute, the
Lieutenant-Governor hns power to ap-
Doiiit a member of any board of directors or of any other board or publio
body, and any such appointment has
boon made, the term of office of such
person so appointed shall terminate ou
the thirtieth day of Juno next, and the
Liouteiiant-Qoveruor-in -Council may
appoint a successor for a term of one
year from said thirtieth day of June,
anything in such statute to the contrary not withstanding. This section
shall not apply to any appointment
which tbe statute authorizing tho
same provides shall be made for a term
of oue year only.''
Tho Miner does not protend to know
how far-reaching iu its effect this mny
lie intended to bo. On this poiut we
prefer to quote the opinion of The Victoria Coloniat, which, although an uncompromising enemy to the party in
power, has intimate knowledge of the
situation and is manly and straightforward in itB opposition: "This is
the most wholesale piece of spoliatiou
ou record. It is also another exhibition
of the cowardliness of this Administration. The desire is to inaugurate a
clean sweep, hut the Government has
not tho pluck to do the thing manfully. It thrusts the Legislature forward und makes it do the dirty work:
When June !i0 comeB, the Government will claim that they have dismissed no one, thnt the offices have
simply become vacant by the operation
of law. und sot to work to fill the vacancies with their friends. Thoir
friends uro to stay in office for a year,
for the act so provides, so that no matter what sort of inonpablos may be appointed, no matter how they msy prostitute their positions for political pur-
poBOH, the appointees of the Government will bo safe in pownr for a full
year. If the outrageous character of
such legislation is not evident to
.���my one wh.i reads tho Bill which will
be found ,in our Legislative report
there is no use iu milking any argument agaiiiHt it."
There have   frequently   boon   rather
Alarming advances  towards iho adoption of Ihe Hpnils   systom   in  Camilla,
that prenioiOOS   system   of   American
growth; but this is   the first  installed
on record of ils recognition by an English-speaking   Legislature,   Truly    it
can be said that thiH Province,   which
is distilled   to   be the   grontest of   the
Dominion, has fallen   upon evil   days
Wo   do   not  know to what extent the
people   are   beginning   to realize thiH,
but unless they soon manifest a disposition to protest   against it   thoy  will
find themselves   involved   in evils the
consequences of which   will be felt for
many a day.    The snfo and respectable
British system of   a   permanent  Civil
Service   iH   to   bo sot  aside   for   Hint
spoils system   which   for   two generations and more has boon tho disgrace of
Amorican   politics.    And   a   Minister
of the Crown, from a  public  platfoim
in the capital   of   the   Province,   has
bccil inciting to rebellion by declaring
that ho would   resist   the right of   the
Crown to   disallow    local   legislation.
Those are but,   un earnest of what  we
may expoct.    Mr.   Hume is coming to
uh in thu name   and in behalf  of  this
pnrty in   power, Seeking our   oiidorsii-
tion; if wo give it, wo ninko ourselves
parties to tho degradation   which   is
It in Ibe Schemers Who Want Watching.
Most of Ihe theories about a second
Chamber seem to take their rise in
a belief that the interests of tbe State
are continually threatened by violent
manifestations of prejudice and passion on the part of the people. That
does not describe tbe state of affairs in
Canada today. Our chief danger arises
not from the mob but from schemers
and wirepullers who do their work in
the lobbies of Parliament and other
dark places. We know of little, if
any, of the bad legislation of this
country that is to be ascribed to the
much-feared "tyranny of the mob."���
Toronto Globe.
Provincial Bights and Dominion Wrong*.
The London Advertiser asks if the
legislation proposed in British Columbia to exclude from the Province
workmen from other parts of the Dominion, is not "carrying Provincial
rights too far?" There does uot seem
to be any right about it, constitutionally or morally, and if necessary the
Federal authorities must intervene to
save the Province from tbe consequences of such outrageous action.���
Ottawa Free Press.
A New Meaning to it.
A correspondent in the London
Times puts a new interpretation on
tbe famons saying of the Duke of Well
ington, that the battle of Waterloo was
wou in tbe playing fields at Eton. He
points out that at that time outdoor
sports, such as crioket and football, to
which tbe Duke is commonly supposed
to have referred, had little vogue and
little hold on either boys or masters.
The Duke's reference, in the correspondent's opinion, "was solely to that
portion or corner of the playing fleldB
in which the school fights used to take
plnce " There is a certain air of prob
ability about the explanation, but it
will hardly find general acceptance in
the present day, when school fights are
not looked upon with as much favor as
they were in the dayfl of our more
pugnacious forefathers.���Montreal Gazette.
Free Speech Without Muskcls.
The impunity with whioh some
prominent Cubans are criticising the
acceptance of office by their compatriots
under American administration will
be a wholesome lession for them. To
gain the right ot free speech and at
the. same time to lose the right of revolution will no doubt seem iuoongru-
ous, as in their type of politics these
two rights mean about the same thing.
Under our rale they may criticise
all they please so long as they don't
change suddenly from words to musketry. The animated moderation
which is tho rule of political discus
siou in Anglo-Saxon countries will be
the first thing they will have to lenrn,
and if they can, they will be fit for
self-government. ���N. Y. Commercial
New Books.
With Kitchener to Khartoum, by Stevens, $1.50
Doctor Thorne,
H. Rider Haggard.
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Britain's Roll of Glory,
D. H. Parry.
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W. H. Fitchet
Deeds That Won the
Empiic, W. Fl. Fitchet.
Whittaker's   Almanac   1899.
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Josephine stroots. Visiting brethren cordially Invltod
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10uo;Llberty ����������
General Agent, O.P.R. O0e��. WWOpeg. | um.g .�������.il..uMi BlMk. NilM* ����� *
Nelson Athletes Return Almost Empty Handed.
strata   this   before   the season is over.
Tbe Junior team from here was defeated on Saturday by the Sandon
team, tlie scoro heiuy six to nothing.
Sandon thereby won the championship. The hockeyijsts returned yesterday aud speak in the highest terms of
tho hospitality extended them at Koss-
lnnd. A banquet was tendered the visiting hookeyists on Saturday night,
Mayor Goodeve of Rossland presiding.
It was a very enjoyable affair.
Rosslaud will please remember that
Nelson will have a blow-trot of its own
on Dominion Day and that it will endeavor to make up in summer sports
what it lacks in those of winter and
bring   book   to   Toad   Mountain    tho
Me ��rs 01 ii- jfs Not a Question!
""'   of West
Kootenay District:
His Curling  Brought   Him   Very   Near
Several Prizes.��� ^he Hockeyists
Get Nothing-
Rossland's 'winter carnival of 18il!l is
over aud will go down into history as
a big success. Tho people of the progressive city were most energetic and
enthusiastic in carrying out tho carefully made plans aud the large number pf visitors from other places contributed largely to the success, and
greatly enjoyed themsolves in so doing.
There were four days of solid sport
and the only fault visitors have to find
is that there was so much going on
that there was no time to rest. But
that is not a very serious fault whon
one goes away to have a good time.
The reoeption oomniittee put everyone
on good terms with himself and madi
all the visitors feel perfectly away
from home whioh is much preferabh
to that proverbial "perfectly at home"
that is regarded as tbe acme of hospitality. Nelson sent a large contingent
of people, BOine of whom participated
iu the sports and tbe others enjoyed
themselves as spectators.
Ab far as competing with Rosslnuii
at ice sports is concerned Nelson is uot
a brilliant success. This oity tackled
the mining town at almost everything
athletio on the programme and quit
just about where it started. But thin
is not to be altogether wondered at.
Nelson has a variety of winter thai
comes and goes intermittently-���coming at the time that wiuter sports are
arranged for and going wheu they an
to take place. The odd weather this
winter has beeu of but short duration and neither at curling nor hookej
have Nelson players had an oppor
tunity to fit themselves for competition with clubs that enjoy almost constant cold weather. But when it comes
to anything artistic Nelson is to tin-
fore. Thomas Lillie captured tho first
prize for tbe best gentleman's costume
at the big carnival. Tommy T. Galon,
won tho first, prize in ihe boy's coasting raoo. These two firBt prizes represent the only contests in which Nel
sou came out ahead.
Iu curling the   riuks from here  did
not expect   to   do   a  great deal as tlie
players have   had   practically no practice this winter aud  some  who  went
have uot been curliug for   years.    Bul
wbntevor hopes they had  wore dispell
ed by the   very   soft condition of  the
ice which rendered really good curling
impossible.    The rink  skipped by   \V.
H. Grant,   of  Nelson,   however,   dirt
very well, coming up to near the finals
iu nearly  every event.     In the Graud
Ohallengo  competition,    tho most important in the bonspiel, Grant won bis
first throe games, losing to Beamish ol
Rosslaud in tho semi  finals.    Beamish
aud Morkill will play off tor   the  trophy wheu tho ioe gets good.   Theother
Nolson   rinks   wore closed out in  the
first draw.     Iu  the Walkerville  oon-
test Grant  was again the only Nelson
skip to get  out of tho first draw.    He
won three gamos   in   the  competition
and   in   tho   finals   lost  to Grimmett
of   Sandon.     Grant    secured    second
prize.    Skip Peters wbb   tho only Nelsou man after  the   All Comers trophy
aud   ho was   closed   out   in  the  first
round, Wuugh of Kaslo, boing the ultimate winnor.    Skips Tamblyn,   Peters
and Russoll went after the Consolation
cup and all tho   oonsoliitiou   they   re
ceived was ono moro defeat each.   The
oup stays in Rossland, the finals for it
taking place  when   tho   ice   is  good.
Grant again roachud   tho finals in   the
Hudson's   Bay   cup   and then lost,  to
Brown of Revelstoke.    He got  second
prize.    The   Tuokott   contest   is  Btill
undooided but no   Nelsou   rink   is  in
tbe fight t->r it.    It is unfortunate that
Mr. Grant did not win one  of the trophies after doing so well.    Iu his rinli
wore MesBiu   T. Lillie,   .Tames  Law-
renoo   and   B. Whalley.    Most of  the
ourlers returned   home  yesterday  and
report having   had   a   splendid   time.
The Victorias   ot Hossland won  the
sonior hookey   championship by   beating the RosBlnnd's on Saturday  night
by two   goals   to   none.    NelBim  was
closod out iu its first match  on Friday
night.    Tho  team doos not feel soro at
their   treatment,   and   havo   no   oom-
plaints to make but,   the   fact remains
that they by uo mentis received fair decisions iu their gnu o   with   tho   Vic
torias.    If  tho umpire had  boon   proficient   tho  Nelson   team would have
won as they scorod   the greatest number of games and tbe  Rossland  Miner
says that ono gamo given   to  the Victoria's was   not   scored.    Tho  Nelson
team is confident   that   it in nt least
8 lalps left dangling on the belts of the
Rossland braves.
Service Conducted in tho Church of
England Yesterday.
The funeral of the late G. B. I. Gumming took place yesterday afternoon.
Kev. Mr. Akehurat. conducted the service which took place in St. Saviour's
church at, 2 till) o'clock. The cortege
moved from the church to the new
cemetery where the interment, took
place in the plot set aside for the
Church of Euglaud. Rev. Mr. Ake-
hurst read the impressive Kpiscopal
service at the grave. The poll bearers
wero Messrs. H. B. Thomson, P. diddle, Allan Snrgeaunt, J.L. Pocock, A.
M. Johustou and Norman Carmichael.
On the casket was a cross of Mowers
sent by several of the friends of deceased. The general osteem in which
the late Mr. Gumming was held was
exemplified by the number of people
who attended the funeral aud genuine
furrow is felt by all those who knew
iiim on account of the sudden demise
of one so young and of such a good
.ritured disposition.
P. A. McPhee, ore buyer of the Trail
smelter, is in the city.
Horace W. Bucke, barrister ot Kaslo,
arrived in the city yesterday.
The Imperial Bank of Canada has
opened a branch at Listowell, Out.
���T. D. Gillies, of the Victoria Colonist, is in Nelson in the interests of his
\V. F. Anderson, traveling freight
agent of the C. P. R., is back in Nelson from Rossland.
Police Magistrate E. A.   Crease  baa
s guests his two brothers,   Dr. H. G.
0 .'ease and F. J   Crease  of   Rhodo Is-
Mr. P. Thomson, of Vancouver,
member of tho firm of Thomson Stationery Co,. Ltd , arrived in Nelson
mat night and is at the Humo
Carpouters will begin work on the
electric light fluiue today. City Engineer McCulloch lias now taken charge
.if the work aud Engineer Doyle has
been laid off.
Barbers of Victoria, 36 in number,
presented through Mr. Deane last Friday, a petition asking the Provincial
Legislature to pass an act compelling
ihe closing of barber shops on Sunday.
C. Lawrence is the newly appointed
storo keener of tho Canadian Pacific
Hallway in this city. Mr. Lawrence
will care for the steamers in addition
to his work in connection with the
Ou tho charge of carrying concealed
weapons an Italian was oonvieted before Magistrate Crease Saturday and
iined %2b and costs. The weapon in
[uestion was a Smith & Wesson revolver of !ia calibre.
If the weather is at all favorable the.
carnival to he given at the Crystal
Rink Wednesday will be the biggest
oveut of its kind of the season. Skaters are taking great interest in it and
some splendid costumes will be seen.
Oue of tho first local entertainments
o bo given in the new Opera House
will bo an exhibition of Madame Jar-
ley's wax works under the auspices of
ihe Ladies' Aid Society of the Metbo-
liBt, church. Tho date has not yet been
lixed nut it will probable lie some time
during the latter part of February.
Tho caso of the Dominion ot Canada
vs. the Nelson Electric Light Coin-
,iany, Ltd., came up before Magistrate
Urease Saturday morning, As announced in Saturday morning's Miner
the plaintiff sues to collect the inspection registration feo for the year ending Jane 110, lHill). Hearing of tho
caso was adjourned until Tuesday.
Owing to tbe expected early completion of the flume and the consequent
Improvement in the EleotriO Light service electricians report a large demand
for fixtures iu private houses. Citizens generally are anxious that lhe
inauguration of a system of streel
lighting should be ouo of the first
moves whim the plant or i supply sulll-
cient light.
Within a vory few days it is expected that, tho postal authorities at.
Ottawa will announce the opening of
mail service on the Crow's Neil- Pass
road. Postmaster (lilker says be un
derstnnds the delay has been caused be ���
cause of the road's inability to carry
the mails. Tliis, however, has now
been overcome and the lailroatl ollleiala
slate they are ready to undertake the
An economical man in Now Denver
has been caught using his incandescent light us a foot warmer during tbe
chilly hours of tlie night, says the Sil-
vorton Silvertonian. He argued (but
the coat was the same whether he
burned tho lamp or not. But after tbo
night he awoke with sharp pains
shooting through   his   pedal   oxtromi
ties, to find bis blankets Bmolderlbg
he   has   discontinued   the    luxurious
By March 1 Kootenay will be able to
purchase dynamite manufactured within her boundaries, H. J. Miiiii'Iiohhh,
of Iho Canada Powder Co.. states that
by that, time the mill now being erected at Outlet, opposite Five Mile Point,
will be in operation, The wharf and
buildings are now well under way.
With the capital suid to be behind
the   venture  will
the new   oompany   tbe   venture
the  equal  of  either of the  Rossluud prove conclusively whether or not it 1b
team. ��nd  will  endeavor to  demon.- * Wfta* investment in tbe Kootenays.
GENTLEMEN-The seat for thi
riding being again vacant by the ie-
signation of tho Hon. J. Fred Hume,
at the earnest requeBt of a large number of the electors of this constituency,
I offer myself as a candidate to represent you in the Legislative Assembly.
I advocated iu my last candidature,
and still propose to support, the building of useful roads, trails, and bridges,
in the district, and was pleased to see
last year the cm: meuceitient of some
public works of that nature. I regret
to find that practically all such improvements in this Riding were
stopped upon the acceptance of office
by tbo Hon. Mr. Hume. With regard to
public buildings, appropriations were
made laBt session for additional school
accommodations, and a Laud Registry
Office in Nelson. As to the former
the sum voted has been expended iu
a dilatory manner greatly inconveniencing the Trustees, teaching staff and pupils. As to the latter no attempt has
been made to supply the grave want.
It may be remarked when in Opposition the Hou. Mr. Hume strenously
pointed out the inconvenieuce of having to register all documents affecting land, in Victoria, and advocated
the buildiug of the office in Nelson,
I submit the legislation already
passed during the pretent sitting of
the Provincial House of Assembly is
against tbe interest of our miuing industry. The Alien Bill prohibiting
aliens from working in the placer
mines of the Province is even now hav
ing a retarding effect, ou the development of onr metalliferous mines. It is
interpreted as the introduction of the
t li in edge of the wedge, towards, prob-
bly next session, introducing legislation to prohibit aliens from prospecting and developing the minoral resources of Kootenay. I may add that
tho miners of Kootonay view with
alarm any radical changes iu the mining laws as calculated to prevent, the
introduction of capital, thereby contracting tho field of labor.
Tho privilege formerly existing of a
free minor who had inadvertently air
lowed his license to lapse, being reinstated in his rights upon the pay-
mont of a small fee, was heartily endorsed by mo; aud the withdrawal of
this privilege by the Minister of Mines
was an arbitrary act which has already resulted in loss to miners, pros-
peotors and others, and is calculated
in the future to operate disastrously
t.) those interested in mining.
I am opposed to the hasty passage of
mining legislation without giving Ihe
mining communities tho opportunity
of considering such measures, Such
hasty procedure is unusual in this Province and detrimental to the best interests of our groat mining industries.
t oonsidor the parsimonious administration of public affairs inaugurated
by tho present government, is calculated to seriously endanger elneonoy of
tho civil sorvice and hamper the transaction of publio business,
I advooatu a change in tho mineral
ant to compel all partners in a mining
claim to bear their share of Ihe assessment work, or forfeit their interest.
I am in favor ol' farther extending
the public school Byi oni, and placing
greater powers in tho hands of the
school trustees in organized localities.
thereby increasing the efficiency of the
While opposed to a large portion of
the legislation intrortno id by the pros
ent Government, I am indopondanl
and intend if elected to support in
Legislative Assembly measures, no
matter by whom introduced, which are
for the benefit of the Province and will
especially give my support to whatever may assist, in developing and tend
towards tho prosperity of the Kootenay District. I wish to deal fairly
and openly by the doctors and think it
right for mo to add that I am a Conservative aud if in tho future party
lines should be drawn, I will be found
allied with the supporters of that,
Yours Faithfully,
Nihiou, Jan, W, im.
As to how much you paid for
your shoes, as it is what did you
gel for your money ?
Value in Footwear is what
is making new customers for us
every day. Why not become
one ?
-;������������ ������������������������������������ �������������������:
6-Roomed Stone House
4-Uuoiued PlutiLerwd Houtte   -
920 00
$12 00   ^
Aberdeen Block B
4-Kooined  C'ottaKO neur   Stanley
street, $750.
6-Roomod Si one C'ott��i?o 81300.
Large Double House |200U.
Did You Ever
Stop and consider the prices vou are  paying  for  Eatables.
If you didn't it's time you did. .
We want to remind you that the reason we can sell
below our neighbor is simply because we buy in larger
quantities.        .......
We carry the largest stock, therefore we are in a position at all times to fill your o.ders, no matter how large.    .
New Laid Eggs Arriving Daily.
M.DesBrisay & Co.
Aberdeen Block,
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowe? Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothin�� but fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $1,175,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
AntlRonlsh, N S.
Bathurst, ��, b.
Brldgewarer, N. S.
Oharlottotown. l\ K. I.
Dorchester, N. H.
Prederioton. N. ll.
Oujsboro, N. 8.
Grand Forks, B. C.
Htilifnx. N. S.
Kingston, N. B.
Londonderry, N. S.
l.unenberg, N. 8.
Mnltlnnd, N. B.
Moncton, N. B,
Montreal, P. Q.
Montreal, West. End
Montreal. Wusimount
Ninininio, B. O.
Nelson, 11. C.
Newcastle N. B.
PiOtOU, N. 8.
Port, Iliiwksbury, N. 8.
Iter.land. B. O.
Snckvillo, N. B.
Kliubeniiciulio. N. S.
Huininorside, P, E. I.
Sydney, N. 8.
tit. John. Nfld.
Truro, N. S.
Vancouver, B. C.
Vancouver, East End
Victoria, B. O.
Woyniouth, N. 8.
Woodstock. N. B.
Ymir, B. C.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the m i ��t favorable terras.   Interest allowed on special
deposits 'nd on Having Bank accounts.
Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vanconver East End,
Victoria, Grand Forks, Ymir.
A Savings Bunk department has been established in connect ion with tho Nolson branch ol
this bank. TlopositH of ono dollar and upwards received, and current rate of Interest allowed.
at prosont 8 por cent, por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
.ARTHUR R. 5HERW00D... 3
Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
Two Lots on Mill Street.    $300 Cash. z\%
I The Birkbeck Investment, Security |
I and Savings Co. %
S=   advance money on Improved Real Kslate.    Repayable in 5 and =3
jt^ 8 years by monthly instalments, ^
Patronize Home Industry
 AND   SMOKE___��
Union   Made   Cigars.
The Royal Seal
Is acknowledged to be
Cigar On
Our  Other   Brands   are
about   the  Best Clear
tlie   Western   Market,
so  Well   Known    they
need   no
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Post Office Box 126, Nelson, B. C.
Our Motto:  "Good Goods for Good Money."
E^ <>' I l<'������'. VHTOKIA 1T.( ON' BRIDGE !
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in  and see   ut.
B. C.
Now finally known as
Fisher Station, O.N.P. R'y.
West Kootenay Valley, B. 0., on line
of O. N. P. Ry., and
Neleon & Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Creston may
be had of GEO. M'FARLAND, Agent,
Nelsou, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
$���������*���������>������������������������������-��� ������������������������^
X Short Order Meals i
I At Any Time���Day
7 or Night.
A First Class
Dinner Served
From 12 to 2.
y ������������������������ tTTtTTtTTTTTTTTt,
��� Y. HOSHI        ���        Proprietor. I
r ''
Great West   Life
Assurance Co.
Money to Loan on straight
mortgages at 8 per cent, on
improved properties.
H.   R.   Cameron,
Newly Furnished Rooms
At the Oatney Block, Baker street.
Bath and electric light. Prices reasonable.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 85.
1(1(1 niroH 1:,ml. .iciiiii Improved, valued ul *!.'���
por iiurr, only ono Imlf liour'ii ride from
Hpoknno, on Iho a. F. St N. railway, nonr tho
town of Door I'uik. Al--.. mh i��oronof nlcofruit
Unci only 11 inlliw from Vancouver. I i.e..on tho
North Arm, viiluod nt $20 {tor aero. Will take
purt will and part Improved Nelaon property
without Innnnl,umnon.   Adure.u
M. MARKHUON, Bloonn Oltf.
-fl _ TO AKOTIC. 1^^ j
and Dardanelles, Rambler Cariboo
and Noble Five have all been traded
Tin 1- Long Mtim��� Summer* ui
DayleM Winter* ��� The (intherlng
Dnik and the Breaking; Dawn���Th*
Luxury of a Sleeping Bag.
There is such a perverted Impression In
tho popular mind about the nctuiil arctlo
conditions that I always find itdillicult to
impress my listeners with a real knowledge of polar phononiona. Tho surroundings nre, of oourse, wild enough to satisfy
tho most savage longings, but It must not
be Inferred that the tomporuture of tha
air Is always below zero, nor that the land
Is completely buried by perennial snow,
nor that the son Is always covered by
paleocrystlo ice Hoos or mountainous ice
masses. During thn low arctlo night suoh
conditions are fairly constant, but for
much of tho your the gonial rays of th*
sun are felt.
Our headquarters (the first Poary expedition) In 1891 were pitched on the
northwest oonst of Greenland, near th*
seventy-eighth parallel of latitude, which
is about midway between the north pole
and the Arctic circle. In this latitude th*
seasons are briefly as follows:
A long nlghtless summer day of nearly
four months and an extended dayless winter night of nearly four months. These
periods uro separated from each other by
a season of advancing night during th*
autumn when the sun gradually recedes,
but reappears for a shorter period every
suooeoding day, until It finally remains
bolow the horizon on Oct. 25. In th*
spring there Is a similar period, but It is
the dawn of the coming day. The sun
renpponrs on Fob. 14. It first remains
only a few minute*, but each sucoeeding
day It rises higher and sweeps more of th*
southern sky, until about May 1 It re-
luuins above the horizon, and then th*
long arctlo day with Its silvery glory begins.
The speciflo effects of cold and darkness
and light are difficult of analysis, more so
among the members of our party than
among the native peoplo and animals.
The effect of isolation, of ohango of food,
clothing and habits of life, Is so potent
that any physical or mental peculiarities
must necessarily Include these elements.
Tbe withdrawal of hoat is so gradual
that the animal organisms have an opportunity to protect themselveB. During tha
summer (the only time when the extreme
north is accessible) the temperature and
some of the metoorologlcal conditions are
much like our March und April weather.
Incredible myriads of birds In summer
plumage, fresh from the temperate zone,
now congregate on tho off lying Islands
and moss covered rocky cliffs, but with
the first warning of the polar night, as th*
sun drops below the southern sky, they
quickly emigrate to a more congenial
land, leaving apparently lifeless the cold
shores which have been animated by theii
wild shrills of love and joy Thoir powers
and tnstinots aro such that they have only
to seok the lands which are best adapted
to their manner of living. Many of the
forms of sea life are able to do the same,
but men and all other land animals must
mmum and beoome adapted to the changing conditions.
Tho polar bear ohangeB his fur during
tho summer to protect him from the expected cold next winter, but life is to him
an awful strug^lo during the long night.
Nevertheless he early develops an ability
to fast for prolonged periods, whioh Is a
faculty possessed by all the other arctlo
land life. The nearly complete oovering
of tho sea by the winter Ice deprives him
of his accustomed source of food; hence
ho must eithei hibernate or find his way
far out over a lifeless sea of ice to the
open water, where varying fortunes may
put him In possession of an unwary
meal But with all bruin's Ingenuity and
hard earned adaptability long periods of
famine are always before him.
The native people, like the animals,
have evolved a system of life and adaptation to thoir habitat which could not be
much Improved by civilized aid. They are
able to withstand long periods of famine,
like the doer and bear, with no apparent
injury, exoept a loss of bodily weight.
Their cutaneous circulation is always profuse. The muscular outlines are largely
obliterated by an envelopmont of flbro
fatty tissue like that of tho 6eal and walrus. The Intestinal capacity is greatly Increased to afford greator surface for th*
absorption of nitrogenous and fatty foods.
I shall always remember our camps
while traveling over the trackless wastes
of snow during this period, particularly
the stormy scones. We undressed in the
open air, crept into our sleeping bags and
with a rare delight strotched out upon the
virgin fields of snow for a long sleep.
Thore was nothing but tho high blue sky
above us and often thore woro many hundred feet of snow und Ice beneath us. At
first, after reclining, we were nearly stiff
from cold, but this was soon followed by
a glowing reaction, when we woro oon-
���clous of bounding streams of heated
blood sent throbbing through tense artor-
luB. Wo folt doubly the wild pleasures of
primitive life, as wo beard the roaring
Riorum and felt the snow charged winds
blasting ugainst our protected bodies.
Such storms always brought us to Bharp
oonsoloiisncHH of tho superb animal comfort, as comforts go In the arctlo. All of
this served to enhance our admiration for
tho wonderful mechanisms of tho human
body. Nothing could bring oue to a keener
realization of this than our experience.
To feel tho heart force heat und life to tbe
surface while resting over and sometimes
under a blankot of protecting snow Is to
feel tho electrlo glow whioh for the want
of a better term wo call lifo.
In conclusion I wish to emphasize the
fact thut it 1b not tho low temperature of
Mining Stock Quotations.
uinp.lr-.l by H. G. McCulloch. mining brok-
Ntlson. B. C. P. O. box 465.1
\'��me of Company Value.
Nelson, Hloean and Alniworlh
American Boy 1 0(1
Al tnihasca 1 00
A rlington Con 1 00
Dundee 100
llimlK, elles 100
l-'xchenuer 1 *^
Fern G. M. Co    25
Hall Mines  ill
Nrl-on-l'uornmn     25
Kaslo Montezuma       100
Noble Five 1 no
Rambler Con  i oo
Hoco 100
slocan Star     50
Two Friends    30
Wonderful  100
Washington 1 (10
Trail Creek
Butto 100
Caledonia Con    100
Commander 1 00
Deer Park 100
Knterprise 1 00
Eureka Consolidated 100
Evening Star 1 00
Georgia 100
Good Hopo 100
Grand Prize  1 00
Giant 100
HighOre 100
Iron Mask 100
lion Colt 100
Jumbo 1 00
LilyMay 600
Mayflower 1 00
Monlta 100
Monte CriHto. 100
Mugwump 100
Novelty 100
Phoenix ioo
Poorman 100
lied Mountain View 100
Rossland   fclomestake 100
Rossland lied Mountain 100
Sliverine 100
Silver Bell 100
St. Mmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 1 00
War Eagle Con 100
West Lo Kol Josle 1 00
White Boar 100
Alpha Bell 100
Cariboo (Camp McK) 100
Waterloo (Camp McK) 1 00
Cariboo Hydraulic Con 5 00
Channe      25
Golden Cache 1 00
Tin Horn    25
1 20
1 40
3 20
1 50
New York, Jan. 28.���Tbe Franklin
Niitiumil bunk of this city will, it
is said, probably go into voluntary
liquidation about March 1. This is
not through any insolvency, but according to Director JanieB, on account
of tbe bank not making profits sufficiently largo to warrant continued existence. Mr. James said today the bank
was too small to successfully compete
with other bunks in its immediate
vioinity. He added that the bank was
in good financial condition. This action of the Franklin Bank was not unexpected in bunking circles of this
oity. Ellis H. Roberts, treasurer of
the United Sates, was president o* the
bank until his appointment to Washington.
General Teamsters.
Berlin, Jan. 88.���The German press
is publishing extracts from the testimony of General Miles at Washington
and points out that this "Unimpeachable testimony is good material to use
against the Uuited States in the
question of American canned meats.
The Oolonge Pepuli Zeitung calls the
testimony an "Efficient weapon."
New   York,   Jan.   28 ���Bar   silver,
69%; Mexican dollars, Hlg '< silver certificates, 59J4 to 60}$.
*   *   *
Mining Transfers.
Where no consiieration is named in transfer
the nominal sum of fl Is to be understood
Jan. 21.���
A. O. Moors   to   Fred   Coyle.   % i,
Jan. 24.���
J  M.   Martin   to   John   Bell, % in
Jan. 26.���
P. A. Paulson   to   Harvey M. Paulson all of Iron Hand.
Sberriff sale of Bis",aick, Hatnnn
Bird nnri Mount,,in Goat, to recovci
tbe sum of J8A6.46. Plaintiffs��� D
Peters, D. MoBeath, F. W. Stninwitz
L. J. Conkey, .1. G. McLean and Join,
Bell Defendants���Gluts. Sampson nnd
F. P. Sherwood.
*   *   *
The   Locations.
Jim. 24.���
Peoria���Luke Swetzer on Lucky Jim
Gulch, transferred from   New Denver.
# *   *
Silverton,   Jan.    28.���Silverton   on>
shipments during tbe past week were
us follows: Wakefield, 120 tons; Vancouver, 20; total, 140 tons. Previously
reported as shipped from Silverton
during January, 28ii tons ; making n
total shipment this month so far
12!) tons.
It. is announced that, the Com stock
concentrator will be in operntiou this
coming week which will add another
to the list of tbe properties regularly
shipping from the Silverton wharf.
It is also announced that the Galena
Mines Ltd., are offering for sale their
propet ties here by tender, Whatever
may be tbe state of things under
ground tho surface showing ou these
properties is excellent. There is a
belief prevalent that they have not had
justice done to them in the underground woiking or them.
Those working on the adjoining
ground���the Noonday group���are
greatly encouragod by the development
which has taken place during the short
time that they have had this property
under their management. They arc
already Racking 140 ounce ore aud aro
looking forward to having a large and
valuable property and this would appear to bo justified by the present conditions.
* *   *
"Von can't keep a good thing
down," said A. H. Kelly, of the Exchequer, to a Miner reporter on Saturday. As he declared himself he smiled
a smile that means five cents a share
to evory man who hold Exchequer
stock. For Exchequer is on the boom
again. It Iiiih jumped from 10 to 16
cents, not stopping midway for 24
hours even. The showing made by
the mine itself, nnd also by the Athabasca, is responsible for the upward
teudencv in   tho   slock.    Tho   Exohe-
tho arci.io from which explorers Buffer.    It   quor ih to bo floated   on   the   Toronto
is tho long and lnt.eiiso darkness and the
Inability to carry sufficient food and ncous-
tomod aids to porsonul comfort. lint this
Is easily counterbalanced by tho noute passions of life as they uro brought out by
the prolonged noonday splendor after resting In the long darkness. The white
lights and dark shades entering into the
soul make life a long dream���the spirit
now effervescing, then smothered again,
almost frozen, only to be tluiwod out for
an ascent Into un atmosphere of heavenly
purity. In my judgment polar grandnoss
lifts the mind's horizon, and, as a whole,
tho experience affords a wild, weird and
pootlo existonoe long to bo rememberod.���
F. A. Cook, M. D., In Medleal Record.
A Decided Gain.
Hobson���How did you enjoy your trip,
Bugloy���Had a delightful time; gained
180 pounds.
Hobson ��� One hundred and thirty
pounds 1    I don't believe It.
Bagley���Don't your Well, horo it oomea
down tbe street. Just wait a moment
and I'll iutroduoe vau ���ll_li��ui Ufa.
Subscribe for The Miner
market and from present indications it
will certainly be a "go."
��   *   #
A Rossland dispatch under date of
Saturday last says: Brokers have been
kept fairly busy the past week, mainly
on account of eastern Canadian buying
and also orders from London. Of local stocks, Evening Star on the report
of tho striko advanced a cent and a
half, and is firm at 7. Commander
met with good demand at 12. Deer
Park bus again advanced from 11% to
19. The management says the mine
will now ship.
Iron Horse rose to IH%, an advance
of I cent. Iron MaHk at !)!i. Jumbo at
42, Monte Cristo at UJtf, Virginia at
47, and Abe Lincoln at 16 are all firm.
War Eagle has advanced from $!l.20
to $8. 86.
Of Republic shares, one firm alone
disposed of the following blocks at
figures quoted : Twenty thousand Jim
Blaine, 44J^; 26,600 Dora 2 to !%
and B6.000 Lone Pine at 28 to 114.
A local demand has set in fer Bodie
at 8).;, Liberty at 2% aud Butte & Boston tit 10.
Interest   is   awakening    in   Slocan,
Queens���J. Feldmau, Vancouver;
Colin C. Brown, Rossland ;C. E. Mansfield, Richford, Vt. ; T. B. Falton, W.
G. Clark, George McPhee, W. J.
Thompson, Sandon.
Hume���John Dromgole, London; S.
M. Wharton. Spokane";T. B. Hill, Vancouver ; James Jameson, Nakusp M. P.
Thompson, Vancouver; P. A. McPhee,
Kaslo; Horace W. Bncke, Kaslo.
Phair���J. R. Pollock, D. M. McKay, Spokane; H. H. Lockbart, Cranbrook ; Abe. J. Black. Montreal; Eric
Lemiens, Slocan City; S. S. Fowler,
Nelson; J. D. Kendall, C. Kendall,
Vancouver; E. M. Sandilands, Sandon;
W. F. Anderson, Nelson.
for B, C. Oil Go.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthricite Coal.
First Class Fir ��
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   83.
Meteroluglcal Keport,
(Observations taken by A. H. Holdich.
.Ian �����
Jan 21
Jan 25
Jan 26
Jan 27
Jan 28
Jan 29
Si,in, | 11.1 icilimk that a Hardware
store is a poor place to look forsuitable
Disabuse your mind of that idea. We
have a line of goods amongst which
will be found the most useful and ap-
nropriftte articles for presentation purposes. Their value is not fleeting
Every day the receiver of one of these
will have reason to praise your judgment in selecting a lasting gift.
im por torn of
Paints, Oils, Shelf Hardware.
Plumbers' Supplies,
Miners' Supplies
poes YoUr
Clock Keep
Good  Tiijie
��� ��� ��� ���
Then send us a post card
or call and we will do the
Patenaude   Brothers.
Geo.    Holbrook,
City Scavenger,
All kinds of day and night Soavongerlng'
Work promptly done. Chimney .Sweeping
Box 232.   l,i,av,'. orders at M. DesBrisay's.
MUSIC LESSONS,-On piano organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W. J. Astloy, Hobson street
two doors wost of Stanley.   P. O. Box 180.
ROOMS TO LET���Furnished ni.d unfurnished. Also a low vacancies for Ublo boarders.
Mrs, Kenny, Carbonate street.
A PARTY having (wo or thrco lolsuro hours
a day would like a set of books lo keep. Apply w. II. It. Miner Office.
premium of *3.00 por year pro-
lal Kogislration and
TIIK small .
vldoH you wilh International
a policy for $1500 in ease of deatti or $15 per
week iu esse of HitU'cring from typhoid, ti pbus,
HCiirlet fever or smallpox. Gambia & O'ltoilly
Capital Paid up     -      -     -      -     *2.000,000
Rest  1,200,008
H. S. Howland, Pros.   T. It, Merrltt, Vice Pres
Wm. Hamsay,      Hugh Hyan,      Kobt Jaffray,
T. Sutherland Slayner       Ellas Roger..
Head Office, Toronto.
D. R. WILK.IE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector.
Bruehei In all principal rules anil t��w��
In    Ontnrls   and ittut-litr
Branebm   In     Mnullobii,     Narlhweit
Territories and Krltlsh < nlnmbla.
Winnipeg, Man. Portage La Prairie, Man.
Brandon, Man. Calgary,  Alta. Pmncb Albert,        Sask. Edmonton,        ;Alta.
Vancouver. B.     C.   South      Edmonton,
Nelson, B. C.   Revelstoke, B. C.
Agents In Great | Britain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard stroet, London, with whom money
may be deposited fur transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Letters of Credit Issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable at St. Michael's, Alaska, and
HawsonClty. ,    ���
Drafts Sold, available at all polnta In Can-
da, United States and Europe.
Letters of credit issued,
part of the world.
' Letters of credit issued, available in any
Savings bank Department���Deposits of f 1
and upwards received and Interest allowed.
Debei turcs���Municipal and other debentures purchased,
Money Orders issued payable at any Bank
Rates-Undor $10, 8c; $10 to $20, 10c;
$20 to $30, 12c; $30 to $50, He.
S. J. Mighton,
Offices, Aberdeen
Block, Nelson.
_Carnival I
On Wednesday evening, Feb.
ist, there will be a Masquerade
Carnival at the Crystal Skating
Rink", and the following valuable
Prizes will be awarded:
For Lady's Fancy Costume���A
Sterling Silver Fern,   value $20.00.
For Gentleman's Fancy Costume
���A Sterling Silver Shaving Set.
For Most Original Comic���A
Bronze Figure (Setter).
THE Britisn Columbia Permanent Loan and
Savii gs I'omptiny Iohiib money on real estate
fir building purposes, Loans can lie paid off
at any lime without bonus. Inl.eroHtcensoH on
each $10(1 (Ki of prinoipul paid off. Gamble K
O'ltelily, Baker street, agents.
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at Bottom Prices���   	
J. A. GILKER, ��� P. 0. Store
For Next io Days
Line of Tea Sets of Dishes
Containing 40, 44, and 56 Pieces at
20 Per Cent. Discount.
Groceries and Crockery
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Orders   received at  Frank   Fletcher's    Office,   Corner  of
Kootenay and   Baker Streets.
W. P. TIEBiNEY,       -       General Agent
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan Oity.
irders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
CD. J. Christie!
6:30 am.���Train leaves C.P. R. station
for ninin line and intermediate points via blocmi
Lake route daily.
8:00 am.���S.S. Moyie leaves for Koot
enay L'd'g and way points
Monday, Wednesday and
0:40 a.m.��� Train leaves N. St P. S.
station for Hossland, Spokane and way points daily.
10:05 a.m.���S. 8. International arrives
from Kaslo and way points
daily except Sunday.
11:00 a.m.���ti. ti. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
4:1)0 p.m.���S. S. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way points,
daily, except Sunday .
4:30 p.m.���8. 8. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:30 p.m.���Train arrives N, St F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way points,
6:50 p.m.-8. S. Moyie arrives from
Kootenay  L'd'g and way
Soints,   Tuesdays,   Thurs-
ays and Saturdays.
6:40 p.m.���Train leaves O. P. R. station    for   Robson,   Trail,
Hossland, etc, daily.
8.30 p. m.���Train arrives C. P R.
station from limit) line ai d
intermediate points via
Slocan Lako route daily.
10:30 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. station, from Hossland, Trail,
Robson, etc., daily.
Steam tugs Kaslo, Angerona, Red
Star, Herculeb, Surprise and others
ply on Kootenay lake to and from Nelson, hut have no regular times of arrival and depnrture.
Transportation Oompnnlos are roquoHtod lo
aIvo notice lo tho Minor of any nlloi-iillons in
lttlmtol tnlval ami ilooai-tui-o from NeUon.
To Let for 3 months���
ed   Cottage with   bath
;   nicely
5-Room Cottage
$15 00
3-Room House
12 60
2-Lot Corner, two houses -  $1600
2-Lot Coruer - -        500
50-Foot Lot, Vernon st-,   -   1300
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson & Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
Aberdeen Block,
��������������� +�����������������������������������������������������������������"
All partloN uro caullonod ngiilnxt buying
Itooo Mining: nml Milling Company, l.iinilnl.
Stock Ccrllflcali-M Noa. IU, M8. 211, 215 and 211),
in favor of L. K. Hunk; No. ?4" in favor of L.
I'otortion, and No. 218 In favor of S. T. Arthur.
Said certificates wore obUilncd by fraud and
will not bo reduometl.
F. T. KELLY, Secretary.
The York County Loan & Savings Co., oi Toronto.
Subscribed Capital, 13,000,000; Total AhsoIh
Paid Dec. 1897, *4��o,109.92; Net Earning* for '117,
H0.W0.M, Joseph Phillips, l'res; A. T. llunto ,
Vlon-l'ros; V. Robin, Treasurer; K. Burl,
C. F. BROADHURST, Supt. for
Kootenays, Rossland, B. 0.
O.L. MILLS, Ag't for Nelson.
AgtnU  will oall and explain tb. syntoin.
The only all rail route without ohaig
of oan between Nelson and Bouland and
Spokane and Rossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSOU Arrive 5-30 p-m
"   11:55 "  EOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6-30 p.m
Train that leaves Nelson at 9:40 a.m
makes close connections at Spokane toi
nil Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers tor Kettle River and Bound
nr v Creek, oonneot at Marcus with Stage
O. Q. DIXON, G. P. tt T.A.
Spokane  Waah
ARpnt.Nelaon, B. O.
Purchased and payment made as soon
after receipt of ore as
samples can be assayed.
Quotations given
upon the receipt of


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