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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 14, 1901

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 Daily Edition No 961
Nelson,  British Columbia, Thursday,  February 14, 1901.
Eleventh Year
The Stamp Mill Is Not Sue
cessful In Saving the
lined the Waterloo
Camp McKinney there has been
most active demand for the snares.
Upward ol 100,(100 shares and calls
have been purchased by local operators within the past three days. It Is
said that the oro in the winze will
average $40 per ton and that the vein
is the full width of the workings.
Frozen Up Greeks Hamper
Athabasca and Granite
The Chapleau mine on Lemon creek
was shut down yesterday, all the crew
2oming down the hill. The reason
given by the management for this action is that the mill recently installed
on the property has failed to save the
values out of the ore. They are satisfied that the ore is not strictly free
milling and Ih it to operate tbe mine
successfully, a new process of reduction must be determined upon, probably a cyanide plant. In the meantime the company, which operates
with French capital, has stopped work
and no hope Ib held out of an immediate resumption. The news is unwelcome but not altogether unexpected,
rumors regarding the situation having
previously reached the city.
The Chapleau company has something over 8100,000 invested in their
Lemon creek property. Among the
heavy items of expenditure was for
the stamp mill constructed in the
closing months of 1000 and started
about the middle of December. It
was hoped that with the starting of
the mill tbe troubled chapter in the
history of the property would be closed, but disappointment was met
with. The ore did not prove amenable to the milling process and a large
proportion of the values in the ore
was carried away in slimes. Another
factor was that development in the
mine was not sufficiently advanced to
keep the stamps going constantly.
When matters began to go wrong,
Luclen Weyl, who was in chaige of
the property as commercial manager,
cabled the facts to Paris, and M.
Mourgues, the company's engineer,
came out to investigate, lie went
to the mine a couple of weeks since,
and yesterday the instruction to lay
off the erew were read,
Mr. Weyl came down from the mine
yesterday afternoon and was seen here
by a representative of The Miner.
He states that a considerable amount
of good pay ore is in sight In the mine
but that the failure of the mill to
handle the product makes it impossible to continue operations. M. Mourgues remained at the property to make
a thorough examination to form the
basis of a report to the company's
head office. Mr Weyl was unable to
state whether or not the Chapleau
company would lesume work, but
stated that another corporation
would be ready to purchase the Chapleau and proceed with development
The men at the mine were paid
with checks which are to be payable
on the lsth instant.
��� ���   ���
Tbe question of water supply for the
mines in the Nelson district is again
to the front and with a vengeance.
Give Out creek, which supplied the
Athabasca stamp mill, has lived up
to i:s cognomen during tbe last day
or two by giving out to such an extent that it was necessary to shut
down the mill and the compressor.
As a result 40 men came down the
hill Yesterday. It is thought that the
cold spell will not last more than a
few days longer and the creek will
then be running strong again.
The same trouble has been experienced In a less degree at the Gianite
mill. The plant is operated by water
piwer from Eagle and Sandy creeks.
Fjr several days pabt the creeks have
been running light and it became
necessary to shut down ten of the
twenty stamps and reduce the compressor to half speed. Yesterday the
wafer was running more freely as
the result of the slight thaw and it
was possible to operate 15 stamps. In
previous years the winters have invariably been punctuated by thaws which
renewed the sources of the creeks, but
the present frost has been so continuous that water is becoming scarcer
than for years past.
��� *   ���
Green wood, Feb. 12.��� On tbe strength
Of a t'p from,a prominent mining man
Vancouver   Board   of    Trade   Trying
to Secure Amendments.
Vancouver, Feb, 13.���The board
of trade of Vancouver will inform
the Dominion government and request
the other British Columbia boards to
do the wane, that trade in thiB province is imperilled by the faulty insolvency act of the province. They
will personally urge the government
of British Columbia to afford more
protection to wholesalers and creditors in British Columbia by preparing
a new assignment act, adopting the
Ontario Creditors' Reliet act, and
adopting amendments to the Bills of
Sale act, shortening tbe date under
which such shall be unregistered and
rendering such registration imperative
against traders who may wish to give
Toronto, Feb. 13.���At a meeting of
the executive of the Canadian Manu
facturers' Association yesterday afternoon W. K. McNaught, a welt known
manufacturer, gave notice of a motion urging the Dominion government
to extend the preferential trade tariff
on goods coming from Great Britain
through Canadian ports only. This
motion is due to the action of the
Grand Trunk railway iu diverting traffic from Montreal to Portland, Maine.
If tbe motion were put Into effect by
the government it would discriminate largely against the ports of
Portland, New York and Boston, and
build up the ports of St. John, Halifax, Quebec and Montreal.
Toronto, Feb. 13.���To a deputation
of prohibitionists this morning, Premier Ross refused to grant any further
leigslation in the cause of temperance
at present, and asked the deputation
to let the matter rest for two years.
The deputation withdrew and are
holding a meeting thiB afternoon to
consider the premier's proposition.
Premier Ross informed the deputation of the Dominion Alliance tbat
the government would not undertake
to pass a prohibitory law until the
privy council had passed on the legality of the Manitoba statute. In tbe
meantime the government would en*
force the law.
Kingston, Feb. 13.���Before the
Alumni conference last night J. S.
Willison, editor of the Toronto Globe,
said that government patronage was
no great advantage to a paper. He
said for instance that the Toronto papers with an income of 8325,000 or
$350,000 only secure $4,000 or 85,oo�� lu
patronage, and, in return, he added,
"they pay out 87,000 or $8,000 a year
for political matter that people could
just as well do without."
London, Ont., Feb. 13. ���A trio of
safe crackers visited London thiB
morning. They blew open the Bate
of Charles Depper's general store on
Hamilton road, securing only a few
cents. The explosion blew out the
front window and attracted the police
who gave chase, capturing one man
after a fusllade of shots in which no
one was hurt. The captured man gave
the name of Vincent Latimer, Toronto.
Montreal, Feb. 13.���The liquidators of the defunct Banque Ville Marie
today declared a second dividend of 5
per cent, to the depositors. The
first dividend was 10 per cent, and
the shareholders will probably not
get much more.
Quebec, Feb. 13.���The'Quebeo Central railroad is tied up with bhow fall.
No one has been able tb get Into St.
Francois, Beauce county, for four
Toronto, Feb. 13.���A Glasgow syndicate is to building big beet root sugar plants at Aylmer and Welland.
Hamilton, Feb.   13.���Dr. Montague,
es'M. P., Is going to Australia,
Jeffries. Ruhlln and Trainers
Awaiting Judge Hollls-
er's Decision.
Case Will Probably Be Appealed by the Interested
" Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 13.���Present
indications are that the Ruhlln-Jeff-
ries contest will not take place at
Sangerfest Hall next Friday night.
There is now not so much about the
time and place aB about the decision
of Judge Holllser. Sporting editors
from all over the country arrived today and besieged the offices and quarters of Managers Brady, Madden,
Cooke and others, who told them that
they eould not advise them as to anything until tomorrow afternoon. As
soon as Jndge Holllser shall render his
decision the managers will hold a
conference with the directors of the
Saengerfest Athletic Association and
decide upon their plans for the fu
ture. They promise to make a statement for tbe public as soon as possible
In the afternoon.
In the absence of definite informs
tion today, tbe local and visiting
sporting editors, together with tbe
managers and promoters held a sort
of meeting of expostulation during
the afternoon. The newspaper men
held that the pugilistic department in
their line would be dropped from the
papers unless something was done.
It is regarded as possible that the
court may grant what is known as a
modified injunction, which would be
a restraining order against holding
prize fights at the Saengerfest hall,
but not against a boxing contest, such
aB that which is named in the permit
of Mayor Fleishmanu. In this event
radical action ia expected from the
governor as the promoters would then
no doubt postpone the event for a few
days only and continue under the per
mit of the mayor and under the advice
of counsel, holding that they were
proceeding without any intention of
the violation ot the law and that it
would be tbe mayor's part to see that
the event did not violate his permit
or the law.
It is learned on good authority tonight that the decision of Judge Hol-
liser, on which he has been working since Monday,will be very elaborate and unusually lengthy. It is announced that he will deliver it at 11
o'clock tomorrow morning. While
there^aie reports about Governor
Nash having three or four regiments
under marching orders, it is not believed here that any troops will reach
the city this week at least.
The members of tbe Saengerfest
Athletic association as well as the
managers of the contestants insist
that they will not attempt to proceed
if a permanent injunction is issued
against them, and the general opinion
Is that such will be the rendering of
the court. Tbe promoters would then
make no further effort to conduct the
fight until after they had applied to
tbe circuit and supreme courts and if
they are defeated in the eourt of last
resort, they state positively that they
will declare the fight off. Meantime
the prosecuting attorney and sheriff
are vigilant, and the former still has
Jeffries and Ruhlln under bonds, under charge of training for a prize
fight. The cases will be called at
once, if the injunction is not issued.
Chicago, Feb. 13.���The grand jury
ot Kane county has returned indictments against Eddie Croake, lightweight champion of Iowa, young Peter Jackson of Chicago, and Referee
Coster of Chicago. The indictment
charges a violation of the state law
against prize fighting.
Toronto, Feb. 13.���By a standing
vote a joint resolution of condolence
to King Edward over the Queen'b
death and of congratulations to his
Majesty on his accession to the throne,
was passed by the Ontario legislature
yesterday afternoon.
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what Tbe Miner can do
for you,
Ex-Mayor of Rossland Interviewed on the Railway
Says Self   Interest Should
Compel Us to Support
the G.P.R.
Rossland, Feb. 13.���Yesterday's telegraph dispatch regarding the possible
consequences of James J. Hill getting
the charter he is after, has attracted
a great deal of attention locally and
aroused much discussion. A representative of the Associated Press asked
Mr. A. S. Goodeve, ex-mayor of Rossland, if he had read the article and
what he thought of it.    He replied:
"I read the article this morning,and
if the situation as stated is correct, I
think it Is the duty of every citizen of
British Columbia to oppose to their
utmost the granting of the charter
sought for by Mr. Hill and his associates. Naturally when a new railroad
is mentioned as likely to open up any
district we all look upon it with favor
and do what we can to encourage it,
particularly if as in the present case,
it iB known Is an opposition or competitive line. Instinctively we feel the
truth of the old adage 'competition is
the life of trade,' and at once come to
the conclusion that we must benefit
by such opposition. Ordinarily this
conclusion holds good and we must,
therefore, look for some underlying
but sound reasons why it Is not so in
this case.
"In the fi:-st place, who are Mr.
Hill's associates, and what are the
steps, so far aa known, leading up to
the present ileal'.' Tbe American
Smelting tit Refining company is a cor
poralion whose principals are mem
bers of the great Standard OU trust of
America and in whose control Is tbe
smelting industry of tbe United
States. In dealing with tbe mining
industry they will pursue the same re
lentless course as in dealing with the
oil industry. It is a well known fact
that owing to the manipulation of
the Standard Oil trust many proper
ties were forced to close down in the
United States with the result that in
some cases cities with a population
much larger than our own and with
more substantial building have become
practically deserted and thousands of
individuals and many independent cor
porations ruined, When these same
people, headed by Rockefeller, took
hold of the iron industry, everywhere
conld be seen the trail of the serpent
and the same relentless crushing of
the individual."
"What will be the result in this
"Now that these men have turned
their attention to this province, lt
behooves us to watch with jealous
care every move on the chess board
in order that we may not be entrapped into Belling our birthright to this
alien corporation. What is our present
"It is stated in tbe public press that
Mr. Hill (representing the Ameriean
Smelting and Refining Co. backed by
the Standard Oi I Co.) has purchased
the control of the Crow's Nest Coal
Co. This, Mr. Robert Jaffray, president of tbe coal company, denies.
Mr. Jaffray can well do thiB, as It Ib
understood the purchase has not actually taken place, but is conditional on
Mr. Jaffray being able to secure for
Mr. Hill the eharter applied for.
Should tbey succeed in securing this
charter and at the same time the control ot the Crow's Nest Coal, in,what
position would it place the mining
industries of this province? Absolutely at the mercy of tbe American
Smelting & Refining  Co."
"What treatment can we expect?" J
"Already because of the lead stack
established at Trail, they bave refused
to purchase the silver lead ores of the
Slocan and increased the price of refining lead smelters iu Canada by 84
per ton, so that we would be forced to
sell every pound of silver-lead ore to
tbe American trust and only those
high grade properties tbat could stand
the long haul and combine treatment
rate eould hope to succeed. The result would be equally disastrous to the
gold-copper mines of tbe Rossland and
Boundary districts. Every citizen of
Rossland knows tbat tbe prosperity of
our city and district depends absolutely on being able to secure low smelter
"Now what is to become of our In ���
dependent and competitive local smelters if their only practical source of
fuel supply is in the hands of this
alien trust?
"Already when owned and controlled by Canadians, I am informed that
It is difficult to obtain sufficient coke
from the Crow's Nest Coal Company
to keep our present smelters running,
owing to the ConUaeta made with the
Ameriean smelters; this is borne out
by the fact that the eleotric light
company of Greenwood, and Paul
Johnson of the Greenwood smelter
have been compelled to place contracts
for coal with the Gait Coal company
at Lethbrldge, paying for a longer
haul and consequently a higher
freight rate and using a coal not as
suitable for their purpose."
"Do you not favor competing railways?"
"I am aware that in answer to this
it may be stated that we are alieady
In the hands of the C. P, R. and
while I do not propose for one moment
to defend all their actions nor to contend that they are inspired wholly by
patriotic motives, I desire to point
out that they occupy an entirely different position in regard to the people
of Canada and this province in particular than their opponents. Tbeir success is so intimately bound up with
the development of our country that it
would mean suicide for them to do
anything that would retard that development. This is essentially so in
this province. Tbeir only hope of
obtaining a revenue from their already
large investments here is by giving
such rates and facilities for the carrying aad treatment of our ores as
will conduce to the rapid development
of our mining and smelting industries,
theiefore, as true Canadians, we cannot afford at this time to throw our
influence on the side of those whom
I fear, if successful, would use that
success to our injury."
Seamstresses Turn Out and are Ap
plauiled by Students.
Paris, Feb. 13.���Today was fixed as
the opening day for the start of the
strike of tbe seamstresses in support
of tbe tailors. Only a thousand girls,
however, left work. All the work
people of two big houses and a portion
of those of four others struck. In several cases the employers took the precaution not to allow their employees
to take luncheon outside, and free
meals were provided within. Bands
of tailors and seamstresses paiaded
tbe Rue de la Paix all day long bnt a
strong force of police kept the strikers moving. Tnere was much good
natured chaff and no disorder until
bands of students began to arrive as
the evening advanced. These lustily
cheered the girls and the police then
cordoned the strike.
Capetown, Feb. 13.���Piet Dewet,
who arrived in Capetown yesterday to
engage tbe Afrikanders in the peace
movement, has ai appointment for
Friday or Saturday with Mr. Theron,
president of the Afrikander Bund,
wbo is coming heie for the special
purpose of discussing peace possibilities. Mr. Dewet, on bebalf of the
Boer peace commission, desires the
Afrikander Bund to announce clearly
that the invaders can expect no aid
from the Cape Dutch, and then to send
a deputation to Mr. Steyn and General
Dewet to endeavor to prevail upon
them to surrender.
Piet Dewet says he is confident that
Commandant General Louis Botha
will surrender if Steyn and Dewet
would do so, and the surrender will
be practically witbout conditions.
Rossland, Feb. 13.���The carnival
proper opened with a very successful
masquerade. There w<*re 300 maskers present and 1,200 spectators. It
waB a successful and enjoyable affair.
So far in the curling games Messrs.
Hall of Sandon, and Rae of Nelson
are well up in the finals of each event
so far contested. No final results
were secured In the curling   today.
The Large Attendance Contributed to a Great
Braiding the May Pole���List
of Prize Winners and
Toronto, Feb. 13.���Word has been
received here from General Manager
Moxham of the big steel works at
Syndey that tbe new Iron furnace has
proved to be a complete success. The
sulphur which was the doubtful
point in the enterprise, is under control.
The carnival at the rink last night
under the auspices of the Ladies'
Hospital Aid was a great success.
The attendance was the largest of the
season, the maskers were more numerous than previously and the costumes more artistic, while the music
was excellent. The financial results
were not figured out laBt night but
the hospital cannot fail to be in a
snug sum on the proposition. The
ice was Boft but this did not appear
to dash the spirits of the skaters who
went in for the past time enthusias.
At nine o'clock the Ice was cleared
and the braiding of the Maypoie took
place. The participants were Mes-
damc-i Connon and Akehurst, Misses
Cummings and Kynouk and Messrs.
G. Bell, R. Carley, T. J. McCammon
and A. E. Eskrigge. A tall pole
planted in the center of the rink was
hung with red, white, blue and green
ribbons, eight in all. The skaters, moving in and out, braided the
ribbon in a pattern as low on the pole
as practicable, and then by reversing
tbe movement rinhraided the May pole.
The feature was gracefully performed
and elicited rounds of applause. An
orchestra from the Rocky Mountain
Rangers band was in attendance and
played unusually well.
The competition for prizes was
keen, and the judges had no small
task In making their decisions.
The prizes were awarded as follows:
Lady's Costume���Miss S. Tamblyn
as a Roman Princess.
Girls' Costume ��� Miss Tierney,
Queen of Water.
Gentleman's Costume���Mr. Elwell,
Boy's Costume���Fred Perry, Courtier.
Most Original Costume���Mr. Nicker-
son, Mrs. Nation.
Original Costume, girl's���Miss Ferland, as the Popcorn girl.
Among those present in costume
were tbe following: Miss Ferris, jubilee nurse; Mrs. Ingram, snowballs;
Miss Ivy Johnston, dancing girl;
Miss J, McLeod, doliculli suit; Miss
Jessie Hipperson, bo-peep; Miss Scarlett, good Samaritan nurse; Miss Harvey, Queen of Butterflies; Miss Benson, old woman who lived in a shoe;
Miss Sutcliffe, pinafore; Miss Lillie
Gilchrist, Queen of Roses; Misses
Match and Jackson, nuns; Miss Ida
Hanson, Swedish maiden; Pauline
Annable, flower girl; Nellie Annable,
rainbow ; Miss Maisie Johnstone, summer; Miss Flora Macdonald, Japanese
giil; Miss Yates, flower girl; Miss
Noble, Italian flower girl; Mrs. Ro-
bie, black diamonds; Misses Thomas
and Way, "I Don't Want to Day in
Your Yard"; Miss Irwin, spring;
Miss Ethel Ritchie, Welsh girl; Mrs.
Nunn, Charlie's Aunt; Miss McAl-
man, Dinah; Miss Pearl McAlmon,
cook; Miss Ellis, valentine; Mel
Downey, N. W. policeman; W. Hip-
person, folly; George M. Phillips
Snowshoer; J. W. Dover, bluejacket;
Harry Burnett, bride; Perry Wright,
Henry II.; R. Poole, Coxey, 1001; J.
Cummings, clown; K. S. Clark, farmer; Ed Curran, Hungry Ike; W. M.
Irving, Robin Hood; R. James,
tramp; W. Harris, Anglo-Indian; J.
C. Campbell, elown; W. 11. Oibbs,
Canadian Dragoon; C. F. Wilson,courtier; W. L. Risonl, knight; Alex Fin-
nerty, nurse; V. Coxbead, old woman;
H. Cameron, page; J. Baxter, barrister; R. Whittet, coon.
Durban, Natal, Feb. 13.���The Boer
losses when they were attacked by
General French at Ermelo a week ago
are said to have been 40 men killed,
and 200 made prisoners.
Capetown, Feb. 13.���Another  death
from   buboni *   plague occurred today
and two fresh ca<ies are   officially   reported, 	
IM|MH I Nelson  Daily Miner, Thursday,  Februrav 14, 1906-1
The Nelson Miner
PubUahoU   Kvorj* Morning  Except   Monday
���BY THIS���
LiMi-rici) I.niui.iTv.
14S Flimi. Btreot. 10. C.
Uuutjul  1'ius.i Agency, Ltd., Special Agent*
Dally, por utoulii, by cnrrlor     Mo
Daily, por month, by mail    JM
Daily, por yoar, by oarrlor "�� ' JJJJ
tially, por yoar, by mail    0 JH
l��l)y, por yoar, foreign    a uu
Wookly,por half yoar  |1 M
Wookly, por yoar    J JJ
Weekly, per yoar, foreign    J uu
Biil>miilptioiin In variably lu advauoe.
All Oheokn Bhould bo mado payable to tho
ordor of Nklson Publisiiino Company,
It Is not surprising that attention
is once again being directed towards
Mr. Joseph Martin. The most notori
ous politician in Canada has been re
markably quiet for some time, but his
recent movements go to show that the
old amibtion for power is again as
serting itself in his bosom and he may
be expected to be heard from to a con ���
siderable extent In the near future.
Of one thing The Miner is quite certain���the people of. British Columbia
have no_use for Mr. Martin as a poli
tician. He had a chance once in this
province; and what did he do? Did
he display any capacity for successful
and wise leadership? Did he initiate
any useful legislation���did he,in abort
meet the expectations of the people in
bis governmental programme? No;
he proved the rankest kind of a failure. He oame to be known as the
Wrecker���the Great Disturber. Where
there was peace and quietness before
all was turmoil with Martin at the
helm. He tinkered unnecessarily
with settled business conditions, forced through the house drastic measures
affecting numerous large industries,
and raised Cain generally. That is
Mr. Martin'B record in British Columbia. Yet now it is seriously hinted at
in some very influential quarters at
the coast that Mr. Martin may receive
recognition and be placed in a position to have a-voice once again in directing the public affairs of the country. This move, if contemplated, had
bitter be abandoned, if -it were wise
t> give heed to the temper of the peo
pie of British Columbia. They want
no more Martiulsm.nor Martinitc leg
islation. They have bad a taste of
that and a further dose would be
nauseous. The present administration
at Victoria may not be an ideal government. It may have made mistakes;
and perhaps the personnel of the government is not all tbat could be desired ; but we think it will be generally admitted that it is honestly endeavoring to administer the affairs of
the country in a satisfactory manner.
If, as the political wheel revolves,
there are to be changes In the present
government they m'-st not include i:
place for Mr. Joseph Martin. Almost
anything would he better than that.
Mr. Martin is a very able man���everyone will admit that; but he is able
only in the senee that he ia a pugnacious critic. He bas been properly
termed a political pugilist���a man always at war. Such a man is dangerous in any public capacity. Mr. Martin has proved himself a dangerous
man ; and the people have no further
use fur him.
The foregoing remarks regarding
Mr. Martin may be more timely tliaii
most people imagine. Mr. Martin
has been doing some tall intriguing
lately and unless the people arc watchful it ia within the realm of probability that he may Bo direct events as
to once again And himself in a seat
on the treasury benches at Victoria.
Once there, it can easily be imagined
what would happen. British Columbia would onee again feel the Martin
whip and Capital would take fright
and scamper away until the row was
over. Do the people of this province
want another experience of that kind?
The Miner thinks it may answer for
them and reply in the negative.
It was a strange -coincidence which
placed a note found in a turkey���
which came among a shipment of two
thousand from Ontario���in tbe hands
of a yonng lady in Nelson who was
horn near the place where the gobbler "got it in the) neck." The note
was signed by a Miss Alma Palmer;
and the unfortuate thing about tbe
matter is that the greasy epistle did
not find its way into the hands of
Borne young trentleman pining for a
help-mate. But perhaps some enterprising Nelsonite will take the hint
and talk turkey to Mise Alrna.
Tbe Chinese Emperor has asked
Ojrtain of his subjects to commit suicide. The Miner will go further than
that and extend a general invitation
to all the Chinese tn tbis province to
fo Bad do likewise,
And now It is reported that King
Edward VII. is going to Germany ti
visit Emperor William. Verily, thlt-
friendship between the two inonacrlis
is growing into a love match.
If, as asserted, there is spine question about the public wharf being B��fe
for traffic, the matter ought to be
taken up ami attended to. Neglect
might prove a very costly piece of
folly. __
Tho Toronto Globe is displaying indecent verbosity as the paid pleader of
the Crow's Nest Pass Coal company,
Its long arguments would be more
effective if tbey were characterized by
The C, V, R. is to be commended for
Its enterprise in arranging a. double
train service for the convenience of
its patrons, from Robson, when ocpa-
sion necessitates thjs through the boat
from Arrowhead being late.
Nelson is steadily establishing Its
prestige as the gieat shipping point of
the Interior. As the country develops
It will thrive and prosper and become
a very large city. That seems about
as safe a prediction as one  can make.
The proposal tn raise the saUry of
the mayor of Nelson to $3,OOo'is naturally exciting some local interest. The
mayor of any city should be paid a
salary commensurate with his duties
and responsibilities���what the amount
should bo is of course regulated by tbe
financial condition of the city and the
feeling of the taxpayers.
As indicative of the great value and
growth of the pulp wood industry ip
Ontario it is interesting to note that
the revenue derived by the province
during the past year was 913,POO,
compared with $4,828 during 1890. We
hope the time is not far distant when
a similar industry will be found thriving in this province, whicli is peculiarly adapted to support it,
The closing down of the Chapleau
mine is to be regretted, but the faet
that this step was necessary must not
bo taken as indicating that the property is not a valuaole one and will
not uUiliiatjly prove a dividend pay
er. It is only another instance of the
costly mistakes which are made by an
improper method of ore treatment being adopted because of inadequate preliminary investigation.
Miner readers who anticipate that
this paper will some day inaugurate
a campaign of personal abuse against
individuals with whom it might not
unreasonably be expected to have a
difference of opinion, will be disap
pointed. This paper will devote its
energies to an endeavor to give the
people what they want���the news,
with legitimate comment thereon,
and leave the pastime of throwing
mud to some else.
Buy   Only   Union ��� Made   Shops,
workers union..
JactoryN9 88
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
I'llEI'SON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union factory In Canada.
relatives afflicted with the Disease of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for partic-*
ulars, enclosing 3 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. H.
Saunders  tit Co., Chicago, 111.
Our New Premises on Baker Street recently vacated  by  the  West  Kootenay    @*
Butcher Co. will be ready for us on X
or (he first of the following week.    For a  few  weeks  we  wi 1  operate  both
stores, keeping open  our present one in   the  Madden   Block.    During  this
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Our Stook of Candies and Confectionery of all Kinds,
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We want to get rid of as much as we can so that we may have rpomfoi our new    ^-
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The Palace Confectionery,
'"��� *��� '   ' ���   ' ���" >'-
One of These
Our pictures have all the charm of
the person. They are time as \\te,
yet without the faults of nature.
Baker Btreet,
Whittaker's Almanac.
The N, Y. World Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New  Vork Clipper  Annual,
Office Diaries, igoi.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Coium Doyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Call and have
your eyes exnmiri
ed n-h'le W. J
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I., is with us. Cross
eyes completely
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ont pain or an op
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vey hus thousands
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Every pair of
spectacles Bold
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F. McLean's Drug
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Is   as
in our
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Made of the best Manitoba wheat
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Kirkpatrlck &  Wilson
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
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Java and Arabian Mooha. per pound >  40
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-       3
Tbe women of r-Jelson are 23
usually quick to appreciate 3
quality, style, and work- 3
manship in footwear. They XS
haye set tbeir seal of ap- 3
proval on the new style ot
toe, of which we carry a
large assortment in Don-
gola, Vici Kid, and Patent
Kid, for the street and the
Neelands 5hoe
Still   -foing    at    the
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HOMESPUNS 54 inches wide in
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lengths. Regular price $8.50
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FANCY PLAIDS. Camel Hair Effects, the latest shades. Regular price $a.00 per yard,   now
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Please Call,  Examine and
be Convinced-
Corner Raker and Stanley Btreot.
Owrers   having   claims  for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead aad
small Values Gold or Silver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities, names of lo*
cations, etc., to
P.O. BOX, 505. t��m.
B.   0a
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money te loan pb Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. ?.. MSNNOy, take* St
ALU>\RV KIR as it lg the best and
[  on flRo ^market,    Also  try  our
Telephone tf.
WH' cigars"
,'AM��}UrH. sM���a,���.
9*ktrat  Nelson,B.C
LU 171 ber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lak*.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Boom
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
and LAR]-O,
connissRw agent.
Nelson. Cqda-MorslM-JN-.il,
Ib prepared to nego(iatjs Ihe sale of
developed, mines. Has. arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and
Montreal Stock Exchanges. Bharw
S2y/JhJ Jed sold in London on margin.
Will take oharge pf the intereut* of
absentee investors.
Office; Below Blot*, Nelson, B,0. NELSON   DAILV   MINER, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY i4, 1900
I Of my Spenser qultt bereft
Laat Winter sore was bliukcn;
0( Lamb I've but a quarter left,
Nor could 1 aave my Uacon.
They plck'il my Locke, to me far mors
Than Bramah'g patent worth,
And now my loasas 1 deplore  ���
Without u Home on earth.
They itlU have made me alight returns.
And thus my grief divide,
For, oh, they've cured me of my Burn.
Anil eased ply Alcerurldel
But all 1 think I shall not oay,
Nur let my anger burn,
For as they have not found me Oay
Tbey havt not left me Sterne.
���Notca and Queries.
And Felt They Snveil the Honor ot
the American Navy,
Every grnduiitlng class nt Annnpnlls
leaves behind it thu fame ot certain heroes in the Hue ot physical pruwesa or
uiental endeavor. One uf those bei-oei
was George Dewey, a line, iniiiily, at hint
Ic youth, tho pride ot the boxing und
fencing musters and the terror of ull bullies.
In Dewey's class wus a youth of an excellent bent for applied mat hematics, but
so tender of physique thnt he often suffered from the roughhorseplay of Ills elders. Dewey took tho boy under bis protection, and the two became fust fi-lends.
They swung their liummocUs in tbe muni*
watch on their graduating cruise und
when th* ship touched ot Liverpool obtained permission to run up to London
on a day's leave. By rigid economy the
two had scinpcd together a little more
than t'i apiece, und they lunded in the
English capital arrayed in spiek and spun
new uniforms, with the nil' of linuiii'hil
magnates. A round of Bightseelng hnd
reduced their combined capital to two
sovereigns uud their return tickets when
their boyish appetites announced the
hour of noon.
With the cautious economy of his ancestors the Scotsman suggested a chop-
house, but nothing but the best would
suit Dewey, and he accordingly steered
his chum into the finest hotel he could
The two seated themselves nt one of
the tables nnd scanned the menu with a
���magnificent air. The very first Item thnt
caught their eyes wns "strawberries and
cream," and this, with its reminiscence
of home, they proceeded to older.
Now, tbe time was winter, and strawberries from tbe hothouse are expensive
In London, so It was small wonder thnt
the other guests who hnd learned the order looked Inquiringly al these specimens
of tbe jeunesse dores of the American
navy. An Oxford lad who sat next tbem
seemed particularly impressed nnd turned his large eyes upon them In awe. The
strawberries were good, and all went well
nntll the obsequious waiter returned witb
a bill for ��1. The Scotsman nearly collapsed, but Dewey noticed the eyes of the
Oxonian upon him, and, turning superbly to the wniter, ordered two more plates.
The middies left with empty pockets,
but haughtily conscious thnt they hnd
saved the honor of the American unvy.���
Saturday Evening I'ost.
ValnHble Ground Won by a Rose.
The convent of Snn Francisco de As-
���Is, Lima, was founded ou tbo same day
as tho capital 0[ I''*ru, in 1535. The
church was built in the year 1553. This
church has 20 altars and is the most
magnificent in Limn, both interunlly nnd
externally. The altars are extremely
rch and of modern construction.
Connected with this church there is a
very curious historical episode. The first
site assigned to tbe father of the order,
Fernando de la Cruz, for the Franciscan
convent, was outside the city and very
small. The friars applied to the viceroy,
the Marquis de Canete, for a more suitable place, and he offered to give them
whatever ground tbey could Inclose in
one night. Acting on this promise, the
monks collected the necessary materials,
and in the short time allowed they raised
four fences, one of wbich completely
stopped up a street, now called Oallo
Aparicio, and thus inclosed a whole
"mauznnn," or plot of ground 10U yards
square, containing an orchard and a large
pond. The municipality of Limn protested against this act as an encroach-
ment on its rights and demanded thnt the
street should be restored, but tbo viceroy
had the ground in question vnluen and
paid for the same out of his own purse.
���Lima Letter in Chicago Record.
fanru-ent'. Timidity.
A writer In The Ladies' Home Journal
tells an Interesting story of Sargent, the
artist, In connection with his great mural
painting in the Boston Public library.
Sargent had given much time aud study
to his theme, but went to some friends
one day iu a mood of artistic despair, insisting that he had conceived an iden beyond bis powers of execution. He ex-
plaiaed, then gloomily insisted, that he
was going home to destroy the entire
batch of drawings. Tbey pleaded with
him not to do so before they had seen
tbem. He consented, and, spurred on by
their encouragement, finished bis noble
design. But for the Insistence of Sargent's friends we would have lost one of
our most treasured works of art.
Manna a Fangns.
It seems that in tbe present day Arabs
who are .obliged to traverse the sandy
wastes of Arabia depend to a large extent upon "angel's food" both for themselves and tor their camels. Tbe manna
is in reality a fungus which is found in
great quantities on the sand after rain.
Of n gray color and of the size of a pea,
lt has a pleasant, sweet taste, nnd although its analysis shows that it Is by
no means a perfect food, it is sufiicicntly
rich in nitrogenous mutter and carbohydrates to sustain life for a long period.���
Chambers' Journal.
Almost a Death StrogKle.
A large crowd had gradually formed
around the two fashionably dressed and
oblivious young girls, and at one time it
Seemed necessary to separate tbcm.
"What can it mean?" said the stranger
who had just come up	
"It took, me," said the man addressed,
"some time to learn, but, as I mulct-stand
It now, one girl has been six mouths in
Europe, and while she was gone the other one has learned to play golf, and they
are trying to tell each other about It."���
There Is one consolation nbout tb*
noise of a big city; one cannot hear half
that is said to him when he is trying to
think.-New York World.
Manner (i everything with some peoplt
and something witb every bodj.    .   . .   .
Advertlsoniunts Inserted under this head at
the nd '* of ono ouut a word per insortion. No
.i-lviirllHiiiiiiiiil taken for loss than 25 cente.
dltuutlon Wiuiii'il advertlsonunls Inserted
iliicn limes free of ohargo.
FOB   KENT.-Collar.    Apply     Koyal
llurilc of Canada.
FOR BALE.���120 acres of first-class
agricultural and garden land, i'2
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will soil In 10, :.'ti or 40 acre tracts.
Prtoe nnd terms reasonable. Apply
or uililress, A. F. Rosenberger, liiiinii
���I, K.-W.-C. lllock. Nloson.
FOlt SALE,���Second   hand   piano  In
good   order.    Will be  tuned  before
delivery.   Apply R. W. Day,   Turner-
lloock block.
FOR MALE.���Lot  on   Vornon   street,
bringing   In   ground   rent   of 835 a
month. JiiOili).   Apply K.  W. Day.
Randolph Stcwurt'B new map, showing all surveyed mineral, claims. SI. tin
each.    R.    W.     Day,     Turner-lloeck
ROOMS   TO  LET.���Clement-Hlllyer
block.    Apply  Tramway   company's
FOR    SALE.���Two     Smith-Premiers,
one Densmore, one Empire, good condition.    Apply   W. L. T., C?.R; Telegraph office,	
FOR SALE.���Any  amount of space in
this   column,   lt   always brings results.	
TYPEWRITER For Sale.���Williams'
machine, visible writing, neat type,
fast work, convenient case, only In
light use for short time, good value
at 850, will take $:io cash. Can he
examined at Miner office.	
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient, with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley anil Carbonate   Street.
FOR RENT.- All modern house. Good
location. Furnished or unfurnished.
Address A 2, Miner Office.
FOR SALE.���Uouse and lot on  Silica
street, $3,000.   All modern Improvements.   Address A-l, Miner Office.
FOR SALE���Second hand safe. Cheap.
Apply J. J. Walkei, jeweler.	
$100,000.00.-1 want a GOLD mine
netting $100,000.00 annually. Free
milling gold properties wanted. Send
price, terms, full report, etc., to Andrew F. Rosenberger. Nelson, B.
0��� Room 4, K.-W.-C. Block. Phone
WANTED.���Employment by   business
man with 20 years' experience.    Address Joseph Jones, Miner Office.
WANTED.���Every   man    or    woman
who wants   anything, to make that
want known in this  colmun.   A Miner want nd always brings result.
WANTED.���Situation     by    man   nnd
wife, to   cook for a   camp, (experienced),   apply F, W., Miner office.
WANTED. ��� By four respectable
young men, one or two furnished
rooms, convenient to Haker street.
Apply giving particulars of rooms,
llox 577 city.
WANTED.���Old rags, must be   clean.
Apply Miner office.
WANTED.���The  reader to know that
If ho   reails   this,   otber people will
read his ad, In this column.
WANTED.���A stenographer of experience���Address K-2, Miner Office,
the only place in liritish Columbia
where prospectors cun exhibit samples
of their oro to the mining public. No
charges made for exhibiting your ore,
and listing vour propeity. Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, li. O. Phone
have   authentic     edition.    Buy    of
home house.    Outfit free.    S. O.    Miller tit Co., Portland, Oregon.
FIRST-CLASS   Room und   Board,   In
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply on Silica street, two doom west
of Ward.
Is there anything you want?
If there is, make that want
known through The Miner's
Want Page and you will get
it. A Miner want ad. always
brings results.
HELP WANTED.���The Miner  wants
you to help swell   this  column.   A
Miner want ad. always brings results.
WANTED.���Boys to fold   papers   and
sell Miners hi the  morning.   Apply
Miner office.
WANTED.���A girl for general housework.   Apply  Mrs, Sawyer on Mill
and masquerade costumes made and
rented.    Green's    tenement   in   alloy
between Josephine and Hall.
TRAINED NURSE  open   to   engagements.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
There's something in the want column of The Miner that will interest
DO YOU   need   an experienced Bookkeeper   and    stenographer.     Write
W., Miner office.
PRIVATE rooms and   board.    Heated
throughout.    Use  of   bath.    Apply
Mrs. Reilly, one door above Postoffice.
About tbat second hand article of
yours. You'll sell it if you'll advertise
it in The Miner want column.
npHOHPfl & CO. Umttwl-Coruor Vurnou
JL aud Codar dirouu-i, NoIhou���Mutiufuuiui-
urfj of and wholOHftlu douluii. in uorulod waturr**
aml fruit nyrupn. Halo .ufuulr. fur ituluymi Hot
tipriagH mineral walor.   Telephone 1(0.
_1^| N. M. Cum mi n k, Lohhoo���Kv-ury knowi
vnrloty of nofl drink*). I' O Box 88. Toluphom
No. 31. Hoovor ttlreet. Nubian. Hottlorri uf tin
faiuoua UU Leon Hot Bpringti Mluural Witter.
C1ANK & MACDONALD ill. Cane, Jumut
J A. Macdonald)���Arc In tuctH and hu peril.-
teudenu, broken Hill block, corner bakor auu
Ward ULreuui, .\eltson.
HJ. KVaNS & CO.-Baker btreot, Nel
��� bou���W buletftlo dcaleirj iu hquortf. oi
Karri, cement, lire briuk and lire oluy, vvutui
pipe and stool rail*,, and guucral cummitwloi
WhoiOKulo aud retail deaterti in grain,
liny, Hour, food. Mills at Victoria, New WeaL
minuter; Kilniontou, Alia, iiilevatoru on Cal
gary and Kduionton Hail way. Mauufucturerr
of the celebrated ti. & K. brand curualu.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corner Fron
��� and Hall btreetH���Wholesale grocer*
and Jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, mackinaws aud miuors' sundries.
JJ>i oilloo oorner Uall and bront Streets,
.\elsoa���Itumber, celling, Mooring, und ever)
thing la wood for building purposes. Uot out
prices.   Correspondence Holiuited.
PBURNb & Cc-Huker btreet,  Nulstin-
���   Wholesale dealers lu fresh aud curoc
incuts.   Cold Storage.
VV    Baker btreet, Nelson��� Wholosalo deal
ore In fresh aud cured moats.
btreet, Nolson ��� Wholesale dealats ii
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goodr
MXACHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co. Ltd.) Baker Street.
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware one
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
131 paints, oils and glitm; mechanics' toolr-*.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lyn unite
rpUKNER, BEETON & Co.���Corner Vornon
JL and Josephine Streets, Nelson���Whcle
Bale dealers In liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukei
and Calgary Browing Co of Cal gary.
UDSON'B BAY Co.-Whole.Balc. giwrie
and liquors eto.. Baker Street, Nelson.
/^lAUFORNlA WINKCO.,l,lijiltod-Comoi
\J Front and Hall Streets, NcIhou���Whole
Bale dealers n wines lease and bulk), tun
domestic and imported olgars.
DB. MORRISON, Dentist, has removed to his new offices in the
K.-W.-C. Block.
T Y. GRIFFIN ot CO.-Cornor Vornon am
O . Josephine Streets, Nelaon ��� WholesaL
dealers In provislo*-.   nnd je ts, butter ani
Baker Street,NeIson,
B. C.
Lot 12 in Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having a frontage of 50 feet on Baker
Street and a frontage of 120  feet on Jose
phine Street, with 16 foot lane at  rear, will
be Sold by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the 18th Day of
February A. D. 1001, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts.,
Nelson, B. C.
Terms: $5,000 cash at time of sale,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date of sale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will be received by vendors until
ftlll purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Nelson, B. C.
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce ]
With Which la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid-up Capita^ ^S^^l^ZwS^^^-
B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
HON. GEO. A. OOX, President
London Ottlce: ����� Lombsrd Street, E. C.
New Vork Olflce; 16 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches In Canada and the l/nlted States, Including:
A���"      ��        SKEST' N���0W-��*nrmsT��B   fftoauvn
Savings Bank Department.
Deposits Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Bate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GBAN&E t.HOLT, Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized,
,    ,    m-i.ooo.ooo.eo I Capital Paid-up,     .
itest,    ......   ���i.wt.oee.eo
Heard of Dlnelort     rhomaeK. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President
Wiley Smith  H.G.Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeen.
Head Office, Halifax l
General Manager, EdsonL. Pease, Montreal.
Snperl-itendont of Branches, and Secretary; W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Branches t
Neva   Beotla-HalUax   Branch,   Antigonlsh,
Brldgewater, GuvHboro. Londonderry, Luu-
enburg. Maitluntl (Hants Co.), Ploton, Port
Hawkesbnry, Sydney, Bhubonacadie.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathurat,     Dorchester,
Frodorlcton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Mono-
ton, Newcaatlo, SaolcviUe, St, John .Woodstock-
P. E. Island���Charlottetown, Summerside.
Quebec���Montreal (City Ofllco), Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets): Weatmount (Cor. Green'
Avenue and St. Catharines Street.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba. West Indies���Havana.
Hulled Slates��� New York (16 Exchange Placi
Republic Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson,   Rossland,  Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria,
Correspondents ���
Canada-Merchants Bank of Canada.   Beaton���National Bhawmut -Hunk.   Chicago���Illinois
Trust and Savings Hank.   Han Pranelseo���First National Bank.   -Uiudiin,  Una.-Bank oi
Scotland.   Paris, France- Credit Lyonnals.   Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda.   China aud Ja
nan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.   Spokane   Old National Bank.
(leneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the moat favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The  largest   line  curried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"  Ranges  and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves  and   Banges at  the  right  prices  Ib  the
We  must have  room  for our  Spring  Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing: and Room Moulding in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Josephine   Street,       -       -       Opposite   Clarke    Hotel.
Sarah Cohen, an aged Jewess ot New
York, nml.iv, a comfortable living matching buttons for society women.
The Duchess of Devonshire, the Mar-
chiuness of Londonderry and the Countess of Cudogun seldom miss a great race
Tile eldest daughter ot Charles Kings-
ley, Miss Hose Kingsley, has been made
an officer ds 1'iustruction publlque by tha
t'lviii.-li government.
Mrs. Aubrey Hlcbardaon bas written a
book entitled "Famous Ladies of the
English Court" that la creating some interest In Loudon society. She does not
spare some of tbe ladies.
Mme. Melba says that the truest compliment she ever received was from a little liny in the west, wbo blusbingly remarked, "You can slug nicer than my
pop .'nn whistle ob his fingers."
Miss Alice Berber has been admitted
to tbe bar of the federal court in New
York. She is tha first woman granted
that privilege aud was the first Kusslaa
woman to practica law in America.
l-'nr the third time Mrs. Sarah Storey
has been elected supreme chief ot the order of Companions of the Forest at tbe
recent convention nt Providence. She was
the first woman to be appointed supreme
statu deputy.
Miss Qarrlock, superintendent of the
English army nursing service, accompanied by sevon sisters, who were also
tralued nurses, were the limt regular
nurses to arrive at the seat ot war in
South Africa.
The late Mrs. Mary Brunot of Pittsburg, widow of Felix Brunot, bequeathed
the bulk of her estate, valued at $110,-
OUO, to religious and charitable organizations, the religious beneficiaries being
mainly Protestant Episcopal.
Mrs. Ellen M. Henrotin, the president
of the National Federation of Women's
clubs, speaks fluently French, Spanish,
Italian and Uerman. Ot all of these
tongues she Is said to be such a mistress
as not to speak them with any trace ot
foreign accent,
Mme. Algeria de Rcyna-Barrlos, widow of President BArrios of Guatemala,
Is nbout to go on tha stage as an actress,
Shs must now earn her own living, as
th* $10,000,000 estate left by her husband was seised by creditors when the
president was assassinated In a revolutionary riot,
A recent arrival at San Francisco was
Miss Pauline Drollet, who Is looked upon
by tb* natives in Papeitl, of the south
sea islands, as their queen. As a direct
descendant of a former king of tbe Islands she would now be queen in fact
had It not been for an edict of the French
government In her childhood.
Shooting and theatrical stars are quit*
uncertain.���Youngstown Vindicator.
Perhaps the stars are doing their shooting In South Africa.���Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph.
This Is such a fast age that even the
meteors are charged with being slow.���
Sioux City Journal.
The astronomers who promised tha
public a shooting star show have qualified for weather prophete.���Buffalo Courier. . I
Students of science would do well to
observe carefully whether more leonida
ara seen in prohibition or license states.���
Chicago Record.
Well, even If you did miss the grand
spectacular display of leonids In 1809,
the same show will be along agsin in
lim-St. Louis Repxbllc.
Judging from the few shooting star*
tbat struck the earth's atmosphere, one
might Infer that tbe bombardment was
conducted by Spaniards.���Buffalo Express.
Agulnaldo makes pigs in clover look
Ilk* a cheap puzzle.���Cleveland Plain
What a magnificent district messenger
boy Agulnaldo would have made!���Louisville Post
Luzon society note���Emillo Agulnaldo
Is in the mountains for his health.���Duluth News and Tribune.
While Aguinaldo is running the base*
it would seem that tbe advisability ot
having a good short stop ought to occur
to Otis.���Memphis Appeal.
For Sale���A brand new portable capital. Can be moved anywhere at any time
at a moment's notice. Inquire of Aguinaldo, Luzon.���Syracuse Herald.
It appears that It was not Agulnaldo
who was "hemmed In," but only Mrs.
Aguinaldo's gowns���an embarrassing error, but not unnatural. ��� New York
No maa should be permitted to vote nntll he has sense enough to shut a gate.���
Dallas New*.
That sprightly Journal the Congressional Record will soon resume publication.���
Baltimore American.
More voting machines and fewer political machines are what this country
needs.���Indianapolis News.
A $5,000 office ought not to be described as a "plum." It's a whole orchard for
the sort of men who seek it���New York
It seems to have become a settled belief
In parts of this country that the way to
whoop up a campaign Is to take the
hoops off of barrels.���Philadelphia Time*.
The horseless age must be preceded by
the asphalt age.���Leavenworth Times.
Incidentally the automobile will prove
a potent ally in the good roads movement���Exchange.
To all tbe prophecies ot a "horseless
age" there went np from Madison Square
a resounding "Neighl"���New York Tribune.
The automobile doesn't get scared and
run away, but its tank is liable to explode, and it can be so manipulated as to
give tbe broncho points tn bucking.���New
York World^	
Denver ba* more bicycle* In proportion
than any otber city la tht country.
Ticoma I* second only to New York ia
the amount of tea imported and Is crowding the metropolis closely.
Seattle's public square Is to be the abiding place of a veritable Alaskan totem
pols���on* of those strangely carved symbols of barbarism and superstition wbich
generally grac* th* front of Indian habitation* la "eutlura Abifka.      m NElSQN DAILV MINEk, THURSuAv,  FEBRUARY--M, .WW
(BY-LAW NO. 87.)
A By-law to ruissu  8711,000 for the pur-
posu of puying oil'  ndvance made by
Hank  of   Montreal   ou   Debentures
WHEREAS By-laws Nod. 68, 80, 70,
71, nnd 7- of tiie by-laws of the City
of Nelson being respectivelv a by Invito ntimi 815,111X1.on to extend the watci
we rks system,a bylaw to raise Sis,ouo.-
00 tu I'vlninl mill iin|ii11vi: the electric
lit? lit N.vsti'in.a by-law to raise $-.'0,000.-
00 tocxtciultlie sewui line.system,K bylaw, to raise S-'o.ooo.ou to Improve thu
strcots within the City of Nelson and
a by law to nii.su SO,000.00 for ptuchaN-
ing a rnail making plant Were duly
-las.scil. and ilcbcnturca issued.thereunder for the respective sums nion-
tiniii'il In snid by-laws In all tne sum
of 8711,000,00, hut said debentures so
issuer] remain unsold.
And whurcUH snid debentures so
issued.and unsold were hypothecated
to the Bunk of Montreal as security
for up uUvancu tliurcon of 8711,000 for
.the purposes in the suid by-laws reel ted..
And, whereas n petition has been
presented to the Municipal council of
the corporation of the Citv of Nelson, signed liy the owners of at least
one-tenth of the value of the properly
in thu said city, us shown by the last
revised, assessment roll, requesting
the said council to introduce a by-law
to raise the Hum of seventy nine thousand (870. poo 00) dolliiis for the purposes
of paying off the indebtedness to the
Bunk of Montreal and interest thereon
for which said debentures are so
And whereas it Is deemed expedient
to borrow the sum of seventy-nine
thousand ($711,000.00) dollars (which Is
the amount of the debt intended to be
created by this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount of the
whole rateable real property of the
snid city, according to the last revised assessment roll, is two million,
sixty-five thousand, four hundred
(82,Oils.400.00) dollars.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
rn.so annually by rate the sum of
($11704,00) dollars for paying the said
debt und interest.
Now, therefore, tho Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in council assembled, enacts
us follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful for
the mayor of the corporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of money not exceeding on the whole
the sum. of seventy-nine
thousand, ($7!).O0O.OO) dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into the hands of
the treasurer of the said corporation,
for the purpose und with the object
hereinbefore recited.
2. It H.hall be lawful for the mayor
of the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to  be made, ex
8 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock |
hours of
p. ui.
City Clerk,
Nelson, B. C, February Sth. 1901.
(BY LAW NO 88.)
A Bylaw to raise $-1,000 to pay over
draft due the  Bank of Montreal and
accumulated interest.
WHEREAS, a petition hns been presented to the said Municipal council
of the corporation of the City of Nelson t i��� ������ 11>i��I by tlio owners of ut least
one-tenth of the value of the real
property in the smd city, as shown by
the last revised assessment roll, requesting tho suid council to introduce
n by-law to raise thu sum of luenty-
one thousiiiid($21,ooo.00)dollarsfor the
purpose of paying nil' thu indebtedness
due by the City of Nelson of the Bnuk
of Montreal by way of overdiaft and
accumulated interest.
Wliereas, it is dcemflil expedient to
borrow the snid sum of twenty-one
thousand ($:.'!,OOil.OO) dollurs (whioh is
the amount of the debt intended to be
(���rented by this bv-luw) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount, of the
whole rateable real property of the
said city, itecoi-ding to thu last revised
assessment roll is two million, sixty-
live thousand, four hundred (if-J, (Jilts, -
���lOO.OO) dollars.
And H'lioruas, it will be necessary
to raise iiniiunlly by rate the sum,of
$1,8011.00 foi pitying the suid debt and
Now, therefore, the Municipal oo\in-
cil of the corporation of the City of
Nolson in eoui.cil assembled, enacts as
1. it shnll und may be lawful for
the mayor of the coiporatlon of the
City of Nel on to borrow,, upon,, the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from nny person or persons, body or
bodies corporute, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a.sum
of money not exceeding the whole,
the sum of twenty-one thousand (821,-
miii.mi) diillais.iind to cause all sums SO
raised or received to be paid into the
hands uf the treasiuei of the said corporation, for the purpose and with
the object hereinbefore recited,,
2. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of the suid corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for suah sum or
suips us may bo required for the purpose and obioct uforcsaid, not exeeej-
ing, however, tho sum of twenty-one
thoiisiiiid($:.'!,000.ou)dollars;each of the
said debentures of the denomination
of one thousand doliars($l,000.00) and
all such debentures shall be sealed
with the seal of the corporation and
signed by the mayor thereof.
3| The suid debentures shall bear
date the first duy of April, A. D,
Hlo), and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, in lawiul
money of Canada, at the odlee of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shaU.be
designated by the said debentures,
and shall   have attached to them cow
H'lio la It tint woives such marri'luu.1 tapestries
Io dyes that daule If Die eyea but sranf
llli'lmr of hue ami "I design are these
Tliau (slirk'S .Tyriun.
Yonder Is cloth ol noli] more royal aright
Than that- whereipn King Hpnry Francis r.et
When they put by the mallei! guge of fight
For friendship's silken net.
That russet there Is of s glossier sheen
Than e'er was,donned by merry Hobin Hood
To lead his lada who wore the Lincoln green
Through Sherwood's ahudowy wood.
And yonder scsrlct brsver fsr appesrs
Tliuti that.which decked tho pennons ot the bold
Who, urged the lines ol the embattled spears
Through the red wars of old.
Who Is this weaver In theae wondrous dyes
That works such magic In tho hours of gloom f
Oo, snd perchsnee tonight you may surprise
September at her loom.
���Woman's Home Companion.
ccuted   and   issued   for  such   sum or  P��ns for t,le Payment of  interest, and
sums as may be required   for the pur-   tlie^itruatures to the interest ooupons
pose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of seventy-Dine
thousand(871',000.00)dollnrs-eachof the
said debentures being of the denomination ot one thousand(81000 OOldollars
and all such debentures shall be healed with the seal of ' the corporation
and signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
Hull, und shall be made payable in 20
years, from, the said date, in lawful
money of Canada, at the ofliee of the
Hank of Montreal in Nclspr) aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,and
shall'have attached to the coupons
for the payment of interest, and the
signatures to the interest coupons may
be either written, stamped, printed or
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of live per cent per
annum.from the date thereof, which
interest shall be payable semi-annually at the said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on the first day of
April and the first day of October
respectively, in eaqh year during the
currency thereof, and shalj be expressed in.said debentures und coupons to
be so payable.
5. It shall he lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to. negotiate and
sell the. said debentures or any of
them for less than par; but in no case
shall the said debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five per centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiating und sale, brokerage and other
incidental, expenses,
6. There snail be raised and levied
in each, year during the currency of
said debenture's the sum of thirty-
nine hundred and fifty dull...������sfS3,i'50.'-
00)for the payment of inteiest a-d the
sum of twenty-ejgnt hundred aim forty four dollars (S2..S44.00) forthe payment of the debt due under the said
debentures hy a rate sufficient therefor on nil the rateable land in the
said municipality.
7. It shall he lawful for the said
municipal council to re-purchase any
of tho said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or
nny part thereof, either at the time
of sale or any subsequent time, or
times, and n.l debentures so re-purchased, shall, forthwith be cancelled
and destroyed, and no re-issues of
debentures, so repurchased shall be
made iu consequence of such re-purchase.
8. This by-law shall take effect on
the date  of the final passage thereof.
Pone., and   passed   in council at the
C.'ty of Nelson on the        day of
, A. D, 1001,.
Take notice that the above is a.true
copy of tho proposed by-law upon
which the vote of, the electors.of .the
Municipality will betaken: Forthe
East Ward at the City Polioe court,
on the east side of Josephine street,
between, Baker and Victoria streets;
for the West. Ward at the office of
Ward Brothers, on the north, side of
Baker street,, between Stanley and
Kootenay. streets, in the City of Nel:
son, oa. Tuesday, the nineteenth,daj-
ot  February,   instant,  between, the
A puzzled look sat ou the shrewd face
of the village gliatucb, or professional
matchmaker, as be slowly mnde bis way
through the bazaar to the house of Soman Gopalabrlstinn, a well to do merchant, between whoso son Hurl aud
pretty, little Choti Tugoi-c, the daughter
of tne zemindar, or principal land owner, ha had been arranging a marriage
It would appear that when everything
was .all but satisfactorily arranged a
third, party, a wealthy money lender,
bad Intervened, and with a considerable
bribe, had tempted the gbatuch tu break
off, the match, In order to marry his own
(the,money lender's) son, ns III looking a
youth, as he wub ill humored, to the
zemindar's daughter.
"1 shall be obliged to make use of my
wits to rearrange this matter," soliloquised the gliatucb as be approached
the merchant's house. "It will uot be
an easy affair, but the money lender's
bis fee, which 1 already feel 111 my grasp,
shnuJd, be an incentive to n Gne piece of
diplomacy." So, assuming a grave demeanor, the gbatuch entered the merchant's house, where, having salaamed
and seated himself cross legged on a
mat, be awaited the opening of the conversation.
"W3l, ghatuch," snid the merchant,
with a smile of welcome, for he considered the marriage of bis son to the zemindar's daughter a good alliance���
"well; ghatuch, you have brought the
marriage contract, I suppose V"
"Alas, no, worshipful sir," replied the
gbatuch. "I regret to say that I have
beep greatly misled in my information
concerning the zemindar. In the first
place, the girl Choti has a cast in her
right eye."
"Is if possible?" exclaimed the merchant.. "How did-you discover, the blemish?"
"As I said before," replied the ghatuch, without directly answering tbe
question, "I have been misinformed.
She is also a little lame. She has a
limp, when, she walks, worshipful sir,"
"Good ghatuch." said the merchant,
"It would never do to bring such a poor
creature^Into our family, even, though
she be the zemindar's daughter."
"Besides, there is,a whisper," continued, the ghatuch, lowering the tone of his
voice, "that the zemindar Is losing his
"Enough! Enough, ghatuch!" cried
the merchant. "Say no more. It is
fortunate, indeed,.that. you,. made these
discoveries before the contract wos signed. You may return me my retaining
fee, worthy; ghatuch."
, This- came as an unforeseen incident
to,the..,worthy, ghatuch, who had spent, If
he, had. not forgotten, the fee, and who
may be either written,stamped, printed or lithographed.
4., The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per centum
per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall be payable semiannually at the suid office of the Bank
of .Montreal in Nelson aforesaid; in
lawful money of Canada, on the,,1st
day! of April und the 1st day of Oo-
tober respectively, in each year.dur-
ingjthe currency thereof, and shall be
expressed in said debentures and coupons t<> be so payable.
5, It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate,and
sell' the  suid   debentures  or. any., of
them for less than par; but in no case had neither the,means, nor the inclination
ih nil the said debentures or any of, to-repay the, same; so again calling, his
them be negotiated or sold for less wits to his aid he gave the merchant to
nun ninety-five pei centum of tbeir understand, that, having in view a far
tace, value, including the cost of ne- more advantageous match for his son-
got in ting and sale, brokerage and the daughter, in fact, of a rajah, whose
other incidental expenses. j name he was not then at liberty to men-
0. There shull be raised and levied tion���and by that means was granted
in each year during the currency of permission for, the account to stand over,
said debentures the sum of ten linn- So, with many, salaams, and protests--
died and fifty dollars, (81,0S0.00)for the tions of-eternnl fidelity to the merchant's
payment ot interest and tbe sum of Interests, the ghatuch went on his way
seven hundred and fifty-six (8750.00) to the. house, of the zemindar,, congratu-
dollars for the payment of the latlng himself, on the esse with which
debt due under thesaid debentures he. was escaping his difficulty.
by a rate sufficient therefor on all the j ��� ��� ��� '�� * * *
rateablo land in said municipality-      I    Arriving af -the. zemindar's house,  he
���I. It shall be lawful for. the, said found that dignitary bad just finished
Municipal council to re-purcbase any the morning reception of his ryots, or
of the said debenture*? upon such tenants, and was at once received in
terms as may be agreed upon witb the private audience..
legal holder or holders thereof, or ahy ' "Ah, bai, ghatuch!" said the zemindar,
part thereof, either at the time of.sale motioning the former to a seat close at
or any subsequent time or times,   and. hand,   "You come about the marriage of
all debentures so repurchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed,
and no re-issue of debentuies so repurchased shall be made in consequence of such re-purchase.
This by-law shall  take effect on
my daughter,,, im.doubt. Have you arranged., everything witb, the, estimable
merchant? Have you brought my present, good ghatuch?"
"Illustrious sir,"  replied the, ghatuch,
'that is, after all, I am afraid, not a do-
the   day of the final   passage thereof,   sirable..match,   for, your   well   favored
Done  and   passed   in Council at the  daughter.    I have been greatly deceived
City of Nelson on the day of , in my Information concerning, our mer-
, A.  D. 1P01,| chant.   To begin with, I have it upon
NOTICE. | the best, authority, that he is greatly In
Take notice that the above is a.true debt and. likely  to lose all his money;
copy   of   the   proposed   by-law   upon   thcreforj>��,tb,are is no.pres.ent.   Then bis
whicli the vote of  the electors.of;. the  ,on> " turns out, is a young    man of
Municipality will   betaken:   Forthe  evil couhte-jjifnce. and eijually bad. habits.
East   Wurd   at   the City Police court, j who"���
on the east side of Josephine street, I "Come, come, friend, ghatuchI" Inter-
between Baker and Victoria streets.'. P?sed the zemindar* "How is It that it
for the West Ward at the office of was,onIy bu(;two days since you assured
Ward Brothers on the north side "of me by Kara, Siva, Vishnu, and.so forth.
Baker street, between Stanley and ""at he was handsome, and intelligent
Kootenay streets, in the City of N��dr enough for his parents to seek for him
son, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day Hie hand of the daughter of a mnhara-
of, February, between the houra.of 8 jah?"
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, February 5th, 1001.
Bakkb Street.
h ol Estate and Insurance. Agents...
Three lots and bungalow,.5 room*
and bathroom, with all modern,improvements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover Street, near, Josephine.    Easy terms.
Lot 0, Block 5, Bogustown, with*
roamed house, new, 8950.
Mill Street��� hot and 6-roomed house
with, bathroom, modern conveniences,,
plumbing complete, 81900:. w rent foi
$25 per month.
Most noble zemindar," replied the
wily ghatuch, "I admit I was misled..
The merchant hns a nephew living upon
his charity, whom,! mistook for the son.
He is good looking, but, of course, too
poor for us to take Into consideration.
Now,.I have in mind for your daughter a
youth of manjj. talents, particularly engaging manners and fine external appearance,, the son of our esteemed capitalist. Badsha Das."
e son of Badsha Das, the money
lender!" exclaimed the zemindar. "You
do not mean the boy Pinto Badsha,
whom, 1 have heard spoken of as tha
worst, tempered, little rascal In the village���a nuisance and a terror to all tha
other.children?" .
"Excellent sir," protested the.gbatuch,
"ll who am descended from Brnhmil aud
therefore unable to lie, I solemnly de-
ciare, tbat all such reports are evil gossip,
I set about by those persons who do the
youth great Injustice oo account of tbeii
unpaid debts to his worthy father. Alas,
sir, that such calumniators of tbe just
should go unpunished!" And the gbatuch
turned up tbo whites of his eyes in pious
"What examinations, them, bat tb*
youth passed?" asked, the zemindar.  .,
"As to examinations, sir," replies) the
ghatuch In n tone and manner as If that
were a mnttcr of little Importance,, "so
far ho has not attempted any, but there
Is no doubt that he would carry all before him were be to compete with other
scholars. I can iillirm that be studies
most diligently in bis own houso under a
worthy Brahman's supervision, most
excellent zemindar."
"Tbat is, indeed, a different report of
thu youth to that which I hnyu heard,"
replied tho latter digultary,, "for. It wus
said that, he was an Idle, good far nothi
lug boy, who spent the greater, part of
bis time lu hunting and tormenting his
younger brothers and sisters. I confess
that I do not like tbo proposal."
"Noble sir," continued the ghatuch,
assuming n more confidential manner,
"when 1 add to the assurance, 1 wbo am
descended from Brahma, that those reports are all false, tho additional promise of a handsome present for yourself;
perhaps your high excellency will be
pleased to consider tbe mutter Id a mora
favorable light."
To the cautiously observant ghatuch
the effect of the Inferred money peraua-,
simi upon tho zemindar was soon apparent, for after protesting that the matter of a present bore ne weight with him
whatever ho at last agreed that if the
question of caste were satisfactorily settled, that no ill omens were manifested
and that tho present took tbe form of a
good sum of rupees he might be disposed
to think well of tbe proposition.
Overjoyed at tho success of hit efforts, the ghatuch, with a succession of
low salaams, then took bis departure,
feeling assured that the money lender's
big fee wus already due in his hands.
Now, a few days afterward, all un-
conscious of the dismal fate In store for
her, little Choti Tagore, flying a kit*
from the roof of the zemindar's bouse,
attracted tbe attention of a group of
boys out iu the road, among whom were
the sons of Soman Uopalabrishna and
Badsha Das respectively. "You see her,"
Biiid young Pinto Badsha, pointing out
Choti to his playfellows. "She Is to be
my wife, and 1 Intend to beat her well,
because 1 think that Is the right way to
treat girls."
"How would you like to be treated In
tbat way yourself?" at once asked young
Ilnri Uopalabrishna, who had a long
standing feud with the other boy. "If
she were my sister, I would beat you
well In return." "You would? I should
much like to see you do it," retorted the
other, with a laugh that merged Into a
Among boys everywhere, such a position being reached, a personal encounter,
becomes the sole court of. appeal,, and,
soon, amid a cloud of dust, the two were
thrashing away in a fashion that meant
some bodily barm. Down went Pinto,
bringing Ilnri at the. same, time to the,
ground, where they rolled over and over
until Ilnri, securiug his adversaryj.com-.
polled him witb loud lamentatious to, sua
for mercy,
"What is all this.?" called out. toe voice
of the zemindar, appearing from his compound and. surveying tha. struggling.
youths. Harl rose instantly and stood,
panting, for breath, witb. flashing oyes
and dilated nostrils, as handsome a
youth as one would be likely to se�� in
"Why have you been beating your
playfellow?" sternly demanded the j-em-.
"He said he intended to beat the-little
girl on,the roof when she came to be his
wife,.so I beat.hlm to.sep. hoyv he,lil(ej|,.
It," came the explicit rejoinder.
"Oh, indeed!" replied the zemindar,
"And who mayvyau be^pray?"
"I am Harl, the sou af Soman Oopala-
brishun, tbe merchant," answered the
"You the Bon of Gopalabrlshnat" repeated the zemindar������ In. amaze-Bent ,��tg
he viewed "with" approval the manly form
of the boy before, bim. "There, surely
must he some mistake."
"No, sir; I am Harl Gopalabriahna,"
reiterated the boy, "and that Is Plhto
Badsha whom I, bave beaten."
"Come with. me,", said', the zemindar,
"for, I must see ynur parents about something of, great importance.. And as to
you," he said,, turning, to. the crying;
Pinto Badsha, "If, I ever find you in my
compound, you shall get a worse beating, forin spite.of everything tbs,worthy
ghatuch may say I am now certain that
you are a cruel young, villain,"
And next day, without the ghatuch's
assistance, the contract was signed by
the respective parents, for, thee marriage
of Huri (Jopalabriskua, and Choti Tagore,
wbo in due season lived together many
years In great, happiness,���New York
Herald.             '
A Lit lie Tot.
J. Adam Bede, says the Omaha Nonconformist, seldom writes poems- that
jingle, but he writes prose poetry that, is.
worth, reading.   Bead. tbi*;...
"She Is only a little .tot.. Three.or
four summers hare touched ber lips- with
wisdom and left the sunlight in-her. clustering hair. Her spirits are as blithe
and buoyant as a bird and her thoughts
as light and airy as. the skyblown thistle
down. She clings, to your hand In the
morning and Is eager for, your, home,
coming when the shadows fall, being
often found peeping through tbe pan-,
els of the gate, where- her. greeting-: Is
ingenuous and sincere. She is the new
woman, with the world.. before.,her., aud.
with her toys and playhouse she Is waiting for the future, and you press her
to your bosom while she waits.
"Yet a few years aud other hearts he
hers. And then,, too,, other caresj will
come, but to you, though tbe home, nest
has been long deserted and. many years,
have flown, she is still the little-burst of.
delight, and, though you are a ceuturj,
old, your heart Is a hundred' years
young. And then you, understand bim.
who said, 'Suffer little children to come,
unto me, and forbid them not.'. For,
best thing on earth is a little tot, "
..Pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust
.1 Dooms Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby givao that John
Jjsaak.uiid Francis C. Bankin, currying, on business in Uie town of Cran
brook lu the Province of British Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
,under..tl)S firm, and style of Ixiask tit
Bankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit.of creditors, bearing date the
rtb day of January, lliOl, made in
pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Aot" and amending acts, have
.granted and assigned ui.to Crelghton
Boss Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, clerk, all the pursunal estate, credits and ell'eets of the said
John Leask and Francis (i. Bankin,
ABO of each,of them (both partnership
und private) which may be seized
and sold under execution and all their
real estate and of each of them in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
Leask St Rankin, ratably n.id proportionately their just claims without
preference or priority according to
The said doed of assignment was cx-
eontod , by tlio said John Leash aim
Francis C. Rankin, on the 7tli day of
January, 1001, and by the snid Creigh-
ton Ross Palmer on the 0th day of
January. 1001.
I All.persona, having claims against
the said Leask tit Rankin ure required
to file with the trustee on or before
-the 20th day of January, luul, full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and tbo natures uf the securities.
If any, held by them,
, And,notice ia 'hereby given that after the said 2��th day of January 1904,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto,' having
regard to the claims only of which he
then, shall have had notice and that
he will not be responsible for the assets pr any part thereof so distributed, to any person or persons of whose
claim be shall not then have had no-
;. A meeting of the creditors will be
bold on Saturday tbe 2��th day ot Jun-
.uary^lQOl, at two o'clock In the afternoon, at the offices of W. F. Gurd,
solicitor, Baker street, Cranbrook,
$.  O,
i Dated,at Cranbrook, this 11th day
Of January, 1901.
Solicitor for the Trustee.
I Coal and Wood.
Agent* Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's- Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,   -    -   $10.75
No order can. ho accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Offlne Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
TmjiPHnNK as
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poiter,,
Hal-mn. B. O.
Cavoata, Designs, dopyrigbts and
Trade Murks obtained iu Canada
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings Street, Vancouver,
great mm
Will pay the, highest oash price for all
kio.dB.of:second band goods. Will boy
or sell, anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
oooking utensils, bought in honsebold
quantities. Also cast off clothing.
Cull, and see me or write. Address
SU����r King i Mifee, Bo* 800. H����
3t*��e.t., Nul-ao. Pi ft
Baker Street,
N1SE.9&IT.   -   -   B;C,
n -    1/aV,1
I--'   /i
Close  coiinooltou, East  nod, Wert...
Iii'iiiiil ul, Spokane wiiliti-nins of tho
trains of Urn Spuauatio Falls and North-
em I (nil u ay.
Direct eii'nnoction atBU Paul; with.
out cbiiugo af dopot with all trains for
Ohicago, Toronto. Montreal,.New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 1005 a-m
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7<45 pun
West-bound trains.make direct,ooni,
ueclion. for Victoria and. Vancouver
Port land,.San Francisco, and.all puinta
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation Bast
bound trains connect ot Duluth. with
the magn iilcont steatusliins North .West
andNortli-Landof theNortbetw Steam-.
ship Company Line,, operated in cam-'..'
ui'cUou wifli the Great Northern Boil-
FoKfiirtli ,'iniiintiou, mans, foldr -,
era, etc., apply to any aaent.ofSpokaiW,
Falls & Northern Ry., Kaslo & Slooan,
Ry., Kootoi ai Railway & N^yigatioB.,.
Co., or to
Geul. Fuss. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. W*ab
Kootenay Railway Mfcfflftt
Company* Ltd..
hortest and uuickest route to the East and all
points on tho O. It. and��. and Northern
1'aclllc Hallways in  Wnvhln-ctoa.
Oregon, nod the Bouibera
Passenger train for Sandon and wajstt
leaves  Kiuflo at t a ni., dally,    Relui
leavca Sandon at 1.15 p.in,, arriving at :
a' 3.nJp.m.
Operating oo Ivoolensj Lake and lUverk
8 8. Kaslo loaves Kanlo dally at,8 a mi. leave/
''Hot Bay dully at 0:16 a in: arrJvon Kusi
daily at 11:16a m.   Returning, leave;
nook dally at 1S-101> mi leaves Pilot I
ul 2:'M) ii in; arrivos Kaalo daily at l.p in.
8.*-!. International leaves Nolson.daily at 7
a in; leaves Pilot Bay dally at 9:19 a in; arrives
Knslo daily at Hi:l5 a ni. Returning-,-'leavtss
Kaslo dally at 1 p in; leaves Pilot Bay daily, at
2:30 p m; arrivos Noison dally at, IS'luS '
B. & N. and K. V. Ryu.
Passenger truln loaves Kuskonook for Spokane daily on arrival of BteumerWiBlb, connecting ui Bonner's Furry with Uroat Northern
flyer, oast bound.
Loarcs Spokane for Kuskonook dally ��t.0:25
am,making direct connection at KusHuook
with steamer Kaslo for Nelson and Kaslav
Steamers call at principal landings la both
ii-i'Ci iou.4. and ii oilier polaia wins elaamHai,
Tickets sold I oul) points in OiaS^Sartoe
��� at prl
directions, and at oihei
United States.
To ascertain rates and full lnfomaUoa address i
-".tMUMir, Kaalo B . O
G. K Tackahury Local Agont. '
A., R., 0#RROW, a. m. l o.b
Provincial Lanyd.-. Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O, Box 669. Telephone No. 96
F(. a-GBSIHfc;      ���*"��� 8. OFsBMBNTS
Civil Engineers and, Provincial Land
P. O. Boi Ul Nelson   B. n
Pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and Arnendlnif.Acta.,
Notice is herehy (riven that George
liremner, carrying on business on
liaker street in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British. Columbia,, under tbe firm and, style. 61
tleorge Bremncv tit Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for"
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of tbe 10th day of Japuar ', 1901, made
iu pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act"   and   amending  acts.has
Could we read the hearts of n-omen, what a
vast amount, of suffering would be expo-ed,
iKMiui Wuh.mbb has produced more in-
.-:���-,- -,- ,��. ��eiin.ueHN, iiaoKaciic, Henilache,
AH Gone Peeling, Hot Flushes. Variable
Appetite. Restlessness, No Ambition, Easily
��.?ftS&l��y&U&i-Wrg Bonrlng-down Pains,
Lwib-orihofe, Pimples on the Pace, Pains in
2HK2ftS��?r ��,m*-��ers not wlio has
treated and failed in curingyou. Consultation
*?��.*{?���' ""AbSolBtely Free, and If curable wo
WU'telljrou *��.  Bout let surgeons operuto on
SPt J��e can "Hi" )'ou without, ruttlug.  Our
fnnVMKTHon Tbeatmbnt Is mild and pleas-
Family Doctors hove
treated you for
"I want to get a ring for a lady," said
the customer.
"Sweetheart or wife7"'asjted,,tl;t?-clerk��.
"Both," replied the customer.
"Say,, now, I'm all'at sea!" snid. the-
clerk.. "If it was fpr, a sweetheart, I'd
show you something handsome in this
case: If. for a wife,,I'd send you fartbw.
down the aisle for something less expensive; but when a man combines th* two--- Are.yo.ri in want? If you are, tell
say. you'd better look over, theL entire, 4he,peo|��lB, through Tbe Miner want
^^l^S^HA��.^��.^��^^^ y��*"��*  ������� want  of.
yoai��,and yet you are not oareu-they only
help you frofM time to time. Let us ouro you
irt_YOoB,OwH Homk by our Now Method
I roatroont. Hundreds are being cured. Why
not youf We will mail you our Symptom
Blink simply for the asking, and we will toll
you free ot charge what we think of your
case. Remember, your letters aro kept strictly
private and, conlltlontlal: and are answered in
I'm not competent to give you sot ad-
Flc��,"-Ofctoi���� P��K. ..r_T-
ilaiasealed envelope. Wrlto at once, encloses stamp for reply.   Address  l>lt, w. H.
SA.!'���,l*^���*i���.>,*  ""��� SUk-  ��;   Chleagk.  III.
Montfoo this psp<
his personal estate.credits and effects
which may be seized and sold under
execution and all his real estate, lb.
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner tie Son, ratably and
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to.
The said   deed of  assignment was
executed by the said  George Bremner '
and  the  said   Robert   Edward; Sherlock on the 10       ay of January. 190l'
All persons h..ving claims against
the said George Bremner tit Sonare
required to file wi'h the assignee full
particulars of their claims duly veiifl,
ed, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before*the!
Sfth day of January,   A. D. IDOlf
And notice is hereby given that' after tbe said 28th day of Januiry. 1901
the assignee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among" the
parties entitled thereto, havln-f retard
to the claims only of whioh Ihe assignee shall then bave had notice.'and'
that the said assignee will not be re- '
sponsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of"
whose debt or claim he shall' hot then
have had notice. Mt"
A_meeting of tbe creditors will bo .
held on Monday the 28th day of Jan-
?uy' Aa ?'"01- in the premises of
the, said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C, at tbe hour of two
o'clock in tbe afternoon. ���
Dated   at  Cranbrook this. 14tb  dav
of January, A. D..1901, '���
 Soli<"t-H,.for the Assigns,
By the week from $5 to 96.
By the day ���1.00.
j. v. iTMragsn--* iw
a 1
' ae
,-, Wl
, rare
! A
.You'll get it.
About that second hand article of
yours. V0U 'II selLlt if you!ll .a-elver.
tin " in The Miner- watU o^na^
L Nelson Daily Miner, Thursday, February 14, 1901
Funeral   ServiceB    Over   Mr.    C.   I).
Mackenzie Was Largely Attended.
The remains of the late C. 1). Mackenzie were sent east lust night for
interment at Cincinnati. Ohio. The
last tribute of respect from the deceased gentleman's friends in the city and
4|strlot was of an impressive nature,
calculated to emphasize tho measure
of esteem in which the late manager
of the Arlington mine wus held. The
Wipers from the property arrived at 2
o'clock In the morning. At 4 o'clock
p. m. tho cortege was formed at the
undertaking parlors on Vernon Street
and proceeded to St. Paul's Presbyter-
Un church. The Odd Fellows, forty
Strong, led the way. Following was
the hearse, aeooinpanied by the pall
bearers, Messrs. S. B Fowler, consulting engineer lor the London St 11.
C. Gold Fields, Bruce Whito, manager
of the Molly Gibson mine; George
Kydd, manager of the Royal llanlc;
Captain Duncan, manager of the Duncan Mines Ltd, ; Hamilton Hyers,president of the 11. Byers Hardware company, and O. O. Buchanan, president
Of the lluuhauun Lumber company of
Kaslo. Behind the hearse were the
mourners, intimate friends nnd business associates of the deceased. Then
came the Miners' union under Secretary James Wllks. The crew of the
Arlington were it this section of the
Cortege whicli aggregated 70 men,
A contingent of a score or more prominent mining and business men accompanied the procession to the church.
At St. Paul's Hev. H. Young of
Ymir, who officiates at the services
held at the Arlington, and llev. William Munroe, pastor of Emmanuel
Congregation church this city, received the body which was placed within
tbe altar rail. The choir was in attendance and sang nn appropriate
Selection as the procession entered.
The service was brief. Rev. Mr.
Young made a short address in the
course of whioh a manly reference
wbb made to the late Mr. Mackenzie's
position in the community.
After the service the procession was
formed and marched to the city
Wharf where the casket was placed
aboard the steamer international.
:% It Is stated that the great English
i(rro of Vlckers, Sons und Maxim have
Instituted negotiations for the purchase of the Midvule Steel Works
and the Cramp Shipbuilding Yards of
Some of the great English, shipbuilding flrras should consider the advantages offered by the Maritime provinces of Canada for the establishment
of shipbuilding yards. The Montreal
Star very truly points out thut there
might be more profit in establishing
new shipyards in Canada than in
bpying old ones in the United States.
It is true that Canadian shipyards
could not expect to get contracts for
warships from the United .States government, but Great Britain will probably (five out as many contracts for
ngn- warships as the United States,
and a very extensive business might
be done in supplying foreign powers
| with warships. Steel can be made
more cheaply at Sydney, C. B., than
at any pther point in the world on
tide water, and shipplatcs could be
cheaply transported from Sydney to
St. John or Halifax, which have fine
[harbors open throughout the year.
[ The magnificent harbor of Sydney
itself is open nearly the whole of the
year, and shipyards could be located
close to the steel works.
The remarkable geographical position of Sydney harbor, between 800
land 900 miles nearer to Europe than
(Philadelphia, and. at the same time
[nearer to the chief ports of South
| America, Africa, and Asia than any
port on the Atlantic coast of the Unit-
led States, would make it a most fa-
tvorable location   for   shipyards.
If the report that the British war
office has decided to fortify Sydney
harbor and make it a great coaling
itation be true it would Increase tbe
Wantages whicli tbat harbor offers
>r shipbuilding.���B. C. Review.
Buda   Pest,   Feb.     13.���There   waB
[serious   street fighting here today be-
I tween men out of work and the police.
About 1,200 gf tbe former attacked the
labor   bureau,   smashed   tbe windows
i and attacked the police who attempted
' to disperse them.
"When a child I burned my foot
frightfully," writes W. H. Ends, of
Joneville, Va.,"which caused horrible
leg sores for 30 years, but Bucklen's
Arnica Salve wholly cured me after
everything .else failed." Infallible
for Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Soreb, Bruises
and Piles. Sold by Canada Drug &
; Book Co.    25 cents.
An ad. in The Miner  want   column
I always bilngs results.
I This signature is on every box of the genuine
I Uxative BronH^inine wnet.
I** rmwa> tut nm ��� MM %] tmJmj
Ladies' Night Dresses, 75c to $1.00.
Corset Covers, 20c. to $1.75.
Lace and Embroidered Underskirts, 75c to $12.00.
White Cambric Muslin, Nainsooks, Victoria Lawn, Indian Linens, White and Colored Organdies, Dimilies, Fancy Muslins,
Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques.
The Balance of our Stock of Ladies' Tailor-Made Costumes, Jackets, Capes, Skirts, at Reduced Prices.
A Big Shipment just received.     Some Choice Bargains in the lot.
FRED    IRVINE    &    CO.
Ottawa, Fob. 13.-!The annual meeting the liritish Empire League convened In the railway committee oi
the House of Commons tbis morning.
Colonel Denison, the president, presided. In his speech Mr. Denison ad
vocated strengthening Canadian defences by strongly fortifying Halifax,
Esquimau and Quebec, and placing
guns at Charlottetown, Vancouver and
along the St. Lawrence and otber
vital points.
We have In stock choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan. We
blend them to your taste. All prices
and qualities.    Kootenay Coffee Co.
The most miserable beijws ia the
world arc those suffering pfchi, Dyi-
pepsla and Liver Complaint. Moat
thou seventy-ilve per cent, of the pep-
nlc in the Dominion are afflicted
v/ith these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveneis, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
th Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Rat -, Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for yon.
Established 1895-   Hera to Etay.
Our Celebrated Bread
delivered daily to any
part of the town. . . .
Try Our Scotch Short Bread,
Scones and Oat Cakes-
Telephone 210. P. O. Box 89.
Some Home Made Bread
Is as beavy as lead,
But mine la as light as a feather;
If you buy it and eat it,
You will always greet it,
For yon can stand all kinds of weather'.
Agents lor Eureka rilneral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insurance Go. or North America, Mutual Lire
insurance Co., ot New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
Two good, level lots on Nelson
avenue,   Bogustown W75 00
Mrs. Snowden's residence on
Robson street
."ill-foot corner on Latimer St...  525 00
Two 25-foot lots in Block 40
Latimer   Btreet  500 00
Cottage on  Stanley   street 815 00
4-Roomed cottage  on   corner of
Ward and Gore Streets  1? 00
New house on Water Street   15 00
The Gait Coal office has
removed to the Ward Building, on Baker Street, two
doors west C.P.R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hand.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
We have a few inexpensive Fancy Clocks of
neat design and good
We guarantee every
clock to give satisfaction.
The Jewelers.
Successors to T. H. Srown.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always la
We carry a complete stook of Coast Flooring
Ceiling, Inside Finish, Turned Work. Sash and
Doors. Special order work will receive prompt
attention-   Mail orders solicited.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Hood OfHoe���Hendr^T and Vernon St., Nelson.
Telephone 261.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Fublio, Conveyancer.
House, 6 rooms, stone foundation,
good lot near car line, 61050. Good
value at 91250.
Bouse in Hume Addition, stone
foundation, large lot, good location,
82000, easy terms.
Large house on Carbonate and
Tosephine streets, 82250.
Property that rents for 8000 por annum, 83250. This is the best investment I have.      i
A rare chance to get Al Baker St.
property that will pay 20 per cent returns.
Houses to Let in all parts of the
^ Loans, straight and  monthly   payment*.
OFFICE) 8, 9 and io, K.-W.-C. Block.
Soo Line! Miners, Attention!!
Also TOURIST OARS passing Don-
more Junction Tuesdays,   Thursdays,
Fridays and Sundays for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal and Boston, Mondays and Wednesdays   for Toronto.
Slim* cars  pass   Revelstoke  one  day
for  your  eastern  trip is to  see
ymir ticket reads via Canadian Pacific.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
(l Steamer for Kootenay Landing aud eastern points via
Crow's Nest Route.
Train for Rossi an r1, Grand
'Forks, Green wood, Midway ,ete
Train for Slornu Oity,  Sloean
Ex Sun
Ex Sun 1 points, and Saudon.
16:00   | Steamer for Kaslo mi inter-
Ex Sun ) mediate points.
Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
Revelstoke,   main    line   and
PaeiHic Coast Points.
For Time T.'ibles, Rates and fall information call ou or address nearest Local Agent, or,
K. W. Drew, Depot Agent \ Nolson, B. O,
H. I.. Drown, City Agent. /
8. J. COYLg,
A a.TV. Agent,
Spokane Falls 6l
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave DAT TRAIN Arrive
8 :(H) a.m Spokane 6:40 p.ro.
11:50 :i.m Rossland 3:10 p.m.
7:00 a.m Nelson 7:16 p.m.
0:45 p.m Spokane 7-00 a.m.
11.00 p.ui Rosslnnd .....7:00a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. tt T.A.
Spokane W>*��o
Accent. Nelaon. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines-
From Portland, Me.
Allan Line Sicilian Feb IB
Allan Lino Tunisian Fob 23
Dominion Line Dominion Feb 18
Dominion Lino Cnmbroinan Feb 27
From St. John
Beavor Lino Lake Mou;antlo ' Feb 16
Heaver Lino Lake Supotior .Feb 22
Bonvcr Lino Lake Ontario March I
Beavor Line Steamers call at Halif ix one
day later.
From Boston
Dominion Lino New England Fob 27
Cunard Lino Saxonla Feb 2*
Cunard Lino Ivemla March I
From New York
Cunard Line Umbria  Kebia
Cunard Line Servla Feb2t
Cunard Line KtruxU March 1
White Star Lino Majestic FebDD
White Star Lino Oceanic Feb 27
American Line St. Louis Feb ft)
American Lino Now York Feb 27
N. G.L. Lahu VebtO
N. 0. L. Kaiser Wilhelm der Grouse. .March 6
Anchor Line Kiirnessla Feb 23
Allan State Line Slat-) of Nebraska March 2
Passages arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, 1 Icku.s aad foilJaformation
apply to C. P. II. depot agent or H. L. Brows
City Passenger Agent, NelBon, B. C.
General �� 0-eik. O.P.B. Offices, Wionlpw,
7-8 inch dinm. $]&50per 100 feet,
immediate delivery In *
f. 0. T. SROFJk
And ad. lo Tbe   Miner wast eolnron
always brings results.
MARK   g;
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been
proved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
111 ���ina   ��� ���-.���us������ miii
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Gold, Silver-Lead   and   Copper Mines wanted at tbe EXCHANGE.
FREE MILLING BOLD propc.tles WBnted at once for Eastern
Parties having* mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
Telephone No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. G.
���. frtsW-V'WWNsV-)-*'-**'**'-*-^^ '
Complete  Electric Equipments  for  Klectric   Power   Transmission  and
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
i Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of thei
Tramway.    For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON, Secretary.
W* iH
NiueN   Daixy Minkr, Ihurbfay, Februarv 14, 1901
'-���'���   ���"    ���"!
Messrs. Elliott & I.ennlc announced
yesterday that application will be
made to tho supreme court for a now
trial in the case of Fawcett vs.
C. P. R.
Principal   Soudy states   that the attendance at tbe Central sehool is linger at the present time than at the close
of last session.    The regular   work i
now proceeding smoothly.
Several of the overhanging verandas
on Vernon street between Ward street
and Josephine have been removed
and the result is a marked improvement to the appearance   of the street
H. E. Ucasley is discharging the
duties of superintendent of rail and
steamboat divisions of the C. P. R.
operated from this point. He will
remain in charge during Captain J.
W. Troup's absence in the east.
On account of so many members of
the Terpsiehorean club attending the
Operatic Society's ball on Thursday
evening the regular meeting of that
club will be held on Friday instead of
Thursday. A full attendance is requested.
E. Ferguson & Company have commenced business in the Hume block on
Vernon street as wholesale wine, liquor and cigar merchants. Mr. Ferguson was for a number of years with
H, J. Evans & Co., and is popular
w.th the trade.
Plaintiff McLaren in tho suit of
McLaren vs. Billings has made a new
record for the Kootenays in the matter of remaining in the witness box.
He went into the box when the trial
commenced on Tuesday afternoon and
remained there steadily until court
adjourned last night. The case promises to last until  tomorrow night.
Vamoosed, (Heated Out and Quit.
"My first suspicion that coffee was
slowly killing me came from reading
in the newspaper the experience of a
person suffering from the poison contained in coffee, and how he had been
relieved by leaving off coffee and taking Postum Food Coffee.
"I had for a long time, suffered
from palpitation of the heart, indigestion, biliousness, and intense headaches and neuralgia.
"If I did leave off coffee for one
hour beyond the usual time in the
morning, I had the most excruciating
headache for the rest of the day, but
I made the change from coffee to Pos
turn without the slightest inconvenience, by first having the Postum prepared with a little coffee mixed in it,
then the next day a little less and the
next day a little less, until in less
than a month I was having the Postum Simon Pure, and the cook got so
she could make it so strong and delicious that I enjoyed my Postum better than I had ever enjoyed the old
fashioned coffee that had been undermining my health and rendering life
a burden.
"One by one, and day by day, all
the old symptoms disappeared. A
feeling of tranquil strength and even
temper replaced the tormer unnatural
conditions. Sleep was complete and
"The change was so complete, and
radical tbat 1 could not doubt the
ca-ise, which lay simply in the withdrawal of the poison, and the addition
to my diet of a nourishing, health-
giving, liquid food, Postum.
"I can give the names of many per-
sons who have been benclitted by the
change from coffee to Postum, and am
never tired of making converts. How
many times we hear people complain
of this and that obscure symptom of
d sease, and wonder what can be the
matter with them. In nine cases out
of ten it is due to nothing in the
-world but coffee poisoning. I am
sure if all those who have ails of one
kind or another, serious or trilling,
would try the experiment that I did,
there would result an enormous aggregate of improvement in health, and
coffee would take its proper place
among the other poisons."
It Is well for people to know that
cooks who first undertake to make
Postum boil it too little and therefore
do not extract tbe flavor and food
value. It is delicious it prepared according to directions, (and that is
This letter is from the cashier of
one of the largest insurance companies
In the world, who requests that his
name be withheld from print; given
to enquirers by the Postum Cereal Co,,
Ltd., at Battle Creek, Mich.
The Finest Jewelry Store In the Kootenays
That is the verdict of all who have visited our new premises at the corner of Baker and Stanley Streets. We
are proud of them. They enable us to show to better advantage than ever before our large stock of Jewelry
in alls it lines. We want the people of Nelson to call and see us. We want them to come whether to purchase or not.    We will show them our goods with pleasure, and extend to them a heart)- welcome.
Our stock of Diamonds and other Precious Stones is complete. Our Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Ladies'
Belts, Toilet Articles, Cut Glassware, Souvenir Goods, Lamps, Fancy Chinaware and Novelties of all kinds
will interest you and we want you to see them.     And in all of these you will find bargains.
Rev. .1. Q. Shearer leaves this morning for Greenwood where he will
speak on tho question of Sabbath observance. He will be in Rossland Sunday and Monday, then going north
to Revelstoke and thence to the coast.
In the conrBe of his inspection of
the electric lighting system of the
city, Inspector McPhee has found tbat
a number of unauthorized incandescent lights were in use. These were
promptly removed unless arrangements
were made to  pay   the usual charges.
James Van, the prospector who had
a gun in a street scrap the other
night, was fined 810 and costs yesterday morning. The gun episode was
not brought into the matter as the
police did not regard it as significant.
Frank Howard will be brought before Mr. Justice Irving this morning
for sentence on the charge of wounding his wife. Tho prisoner pleaded
guilty to the charge earlier in the
sittings and was remanded until His
Lordship had time to inquire into
the facts of the case.
The C. P. R. is running an extra
train nightly from Robson to Nelson
for the benefit of Rossland and Boundary passengeis. The boat from the
north is unavoidably late because of
ice on the lake and without the extra
train passengers fro*n the other side
of the river would be subjected to a
long delay.
The now craft Valnalla has made
her first trip. The run was a short
one, only as far as the C. P. R. dock
where she coaled and ran back to the
shipyards. The machinery worked
smoothly and with a few finishing
touches tbe tug will be ready for active work. Captain Alfred Taylor of
the tug Ymir is said to be slated for
tbe command of the new boat.
R. Irving, general manager, and .1.
H. Gray, chief engineer, of the KbbIo
and Slocan railroad, are in the city
today on business in connection with
their road.
Jaspet H. Phair leaves this morning
to assume tho duties of quarantine
officer at Rykets on the international
boundary line. He has received his
appointment from tbe department of
the Interior and an important feature
his work will be to examine passengers from districts infected with
smallpox and to insist on the custom-
aiy safeguards of health and vaccination certificates.
A quiet wedding took place at Emmanuel Congregational church last
evening, the contracting parties being
Miss Ada Alice Spear ^and Walter
Bennett, a popular employee of P.
Burns & Co. The oride was assisted
by Miss Jessie MacDougal and William Dodds of Kaslo officiated in a Mke
capacity foi the groom. The nuptial
knot was tied at 8 o'clock bv Rev.
William Munroe, in the presence of a
party of intimate friends. After the
ceremony the bridal party were entertained to supper at the residence of
the bridesmaid, where the happy couple will reside for the present.
A curling game tobk place at the
rink last night nnder dilficulties. The
ice had perspired so freely during
the mild spell as to render it possible
to get the stones over the "hog" only
by a great expenditure of muscle.
However, as the players had wagered
a chair for the general hospital on the
result the game was proceeded with
and resulted as follows:
J. Dover, Principal Soady,
A. L. McCulloch,   Geo. Kydd,
G. 0.  Buchanan,   W. W. Heer,
H. Cameron, s. IU. A. G. Gamble, s. 9.
After tbe game the winners decided
to donate a chair to the institution in
honor of their victory, Mr. Buchanan
of Kaslo taking the initiative in this
The funeral of the late Mrs. J. B.
McGhie took place yehterday afternoon from the family residence,corner
Cedar and Vernon streets. The cortege
proceeded to the Congregational
church where Rev. William Munroe
conducted a brief service. The pall
bearers were Messrs. C. Hillyer, H.
Houston, Hector McKenzie, Angus
Shaw and G. Gray.
Allan McLaren was charged at the
police court yesterday morning with
attempting to commit an offence
against molality, the witnesses in the
case being small boys. The prisoner
was committed for trial. McLaren
Ib a miner from the Coeur d'Alenes,
aud has worked lately in the mines
round Rossland. He had only been in
the eity a couple of days when arrested.
The residents of SIocbh City interested in target practice have formed
an association and applied to thu militia department for 30 rifles. An excellent range up to l,!i00 yards is
available near the city and when tho
authorities approve of the requisition
for arms the range will be laid out.
The new association applied to Secretary George M. Phillips of tbe local
association for particulars of organization methods.
Lately starved in London because he
could not digest his food. Early use
of Dr. King's New Life Pills would
have saved him. They strengthen the
stomach, aid digestion, promote assimilation, improve appetite. Price 25
cents. Money back if not satisfied.
Sold by Canada Drug tit Book Co.
It will pay you to read our  ad.   in
another column.   Our blend  of tea at
Tbirtv cents  per pound will suit you
Kootenay Coffee Co,
Mr. J. A. Macdonald, proprietor
of the Palace Confectionery,announces
through today's Miner that he will
move into his new store in the premises recently vacated by the West Koo.
touay Butcher Co., next Saturday or
the first of the following week. For
two or three weens Mr. Macdonald
will run both stores, keeping open
his present one in the Madden Block.
During thiB time he will offer at reduced prices goods which he desires
to get rid of sn.that he may as nearly
as possible open in his new store with
new goods which linve already arrived
and which are arriving daily. The
new Palace Confectionery storb will
be the equal of any in the coast cities
and much superior to anything in the
interior of British Columbia. The
fixtures will be handsome ones and
several large mirrors will add to the
interior decoration. Mr. Macdonald
is to be congratulated upon his enter
Laxative Broino-Quinine removes the cause.
Phair���James R. McRae, Sandon;
W L. Bowerns, St. Paul; J. Murray,
Vancouver; C. H. Hutcbins, Toronto;
J. H. Brown, Sherbrooke, Que. ; N.
H. Stark, Waterloo, Que; T. Stewart,
IMoosejaw ; F. L. Christie, Sandon ; J.
E. Mitchell,   C.   D. S.   Browning, W.
F. Dullois, Slocan; J. Johnston aud
wife, Toronto; R. Irving, A. R. Hey-
land, J. H. Gray, Kaslo; E. Alallan
daine, Creston ; C. D. Geer, Spokane
W. P. Bassett. Victoria: F. Cowan
Rocsland ; .1.    N. G.  Abbot, Rossland
Hume���J. MoCreath, Greenwood ; A,
Mundet, Montreal; H. B. Smith, Rossland ; J. W. Harris, F. Elwell, Hon-
nington Falls; W. D. Mitchell, J. II.
Strickland. C. F. NelBon, W. H.
Gibbs. New Denver; R. J. Kirkwood,
Slocan;   VV.   N.   Brayton,   Kaslo;   J.
G. MoCallnm. Charles Plowman, Slocan; G. H. Ramsay. Vacouver; W. McLeod, Winnipeg; E. E. Knowles, Ains
worth; J. D, Rameav, Winnipeg; C,
V. Caldwell, Kaslo,
Programme Which Will Be Rendered
on Friday Evening.
The pupils at the school directed by
the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace
give a concert in the opera bouse tomorrow night, and from the programme, which follows, a most enjoyable
evening should be spent:
1. Welcome���Misses Burr, Ilarwood,
Ferland, Emerson, McLeod, Desulnler
and O'Loughlin.
2. Chorus���"Harvest Moon."
3. Duet���"Come and Dance With
Me"���Misses Sturgeon and Gore.
4. Recitation���"How .Hmu.le Minded the Baby"���Miss L. Garland.
i. Chorus���"Goin' to Meetin'."���
Kindergarten Class.
0. Piano Solo���"Vesper Bells"���
Miss Hazel Gore.
'. Recitation���"Flo's Letter"���Mies
Zillii.li Emerson.
8. Chorus���"Soldiers in the Park"-1
Masters Gore, Sturgeon, Kinnehan,
McDonald, Nelson, Davidson, Archv
ambauit, O'Laugulin, McAatocker,
and Madson.
1. Piano Solo���"Chariot Race"���
Miss A. Sturgeon.
2. Spanish Drill���"Club Exercises"
Gymnastic Class.
3. Recitation���"Drifted Ont to
Sea. "���Miss L. Garland.
4. Chorus��� "Mermaid Song" ���
Twenty School Girls.
5.���Duet���"Village Festival"���Miss
and Master Sturgeon.
6. Action Song���"Scarf Drill"���
Swiss Exercise Class.
7. Cantata ��� Characters : Minnie
Myrcle (Miss IS. Emerson), Bessie
Woodbine (Miss M. Larson), Louie
Fairthorne (Miss Vina Luse), board
ing school misses; Toby Skillet (Miss
H. Gore), post boy; and a chorus of
8. Dialogue���"Gratitude"���Miss and
Master.Gore, '
B. Chorus���"Gently,    Gently  Sighs
the Breeze.''
"The Maple Leaf Forevei."
As long as men want to drink tbey
will get liquor. And so long as
homes are cursed with females of the
Nation stripe men will be found who,
strange as it may seem, prefer the saloon and the society fonnd there to
the home and the companionship of a
"loving  woman."���Seattle Argus.
Japan teas���"Spider Leg, "Panflr-
ed," "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and economical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
If yon don't like Bine Ribbon Tea it's
benanse you've never tasted it
Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.
I., about those headaches, cross eyes,
or the fitting of spectacles that aie
absolutely correct at McLean's Drug
Store until Saturday, February 0.
Hours 10 to 12, and 2 to S.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of.
You'll get it.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if It falls to ouro.
Vtn. TU, W. Orwa ��� nliniRturft In nn  niuih box.
"A "darning Voice"
Ih tlie tit.lt! of nn interesting little book
that shows how
iu LOST and how it mar be
It Is Bout securely sealed t plain envelope Free, ou receipt of /c Btampfor
We are the leading specialist* In
curing fli cases of Kidney und Bladder
Trouble, Bexuol Weakness and Impo-
tonoy, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea. Night
Losses, Oleet and Stricture, Quickly
nnd permanently. We hare cured
thousands at their own homes. All
letters kept strictly rivate aud answered in plain mmkc envelope. Consultation by mail fr c. Write today.
Sta 0, Ohioago, Hi.
Winter Carnival
Curlin? Bonspiel
. 12-16,
Eight Curling Contests
Under the Auspices of the Eootc-
nuy Oiu ling Association.
Hookey Tournament
For Senior, Junior   and   Ladies'
Championships of B.O.
cki Hluv-s
Skating Kaon
For   Provincial   Championships
and for Men and Boys.
Cutter and Dog Races
13,000    In Trophies ana Prizes    S3.000
j Rates of Single Fare for the Round Trip
On All Railways.
EST* For further pticuurlars see posters and programmed, or address
Secy, Carnival Committee,  Rossland,  B. 0.
H-^tVi^rVy-^tV^yT-vVWWV <*^W -AMt-WUVVVVW-^^vW ���
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell Boots, Shoes
and Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
i l'>��*^^��'��^^^��^A��V*>��%^^>^^��>��>t^��>��V��A��^��^^��V��MVVMVVMVVVMMVV��'V��
From now until the end of the month we will sell Watches
at the following prices:
7-Iewel Empire Movement, Nickle Case       $ 6 25
15-Jewel        " " " " '���-.    7 75
17-Jewel       " " Adjusted Nickle Case.' 16 00
7-Jewel Wallham Movement, Nickle  Case     6 75
15-Jewel " " " m        8 50
17-Jewel P. S. Bartlett Movement    10 00
17-Jewel Royal Vanguard Model Movement   20 00
21-Jewel  Crescent Street Vanguard  Model  Move-
25 00
21-Jewel   Vanguard . Movement,    Finest   Waltham
Movement   .j0 00
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
tig. ������->���->>������ .-I--SJ-*.
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trailj Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by malt to any branch will have careful a��4 Dromr-t attention.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
Suit* Made to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Bepaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail O-rdcis Solicited. p_ q_ jjox 534
1^11.:;..:.:*.. .v.iv,i.-*;���'.,"..w....; .


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