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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 12, 1901

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5 Newspaper in the Koo-
* tenays. Established
I    eleven years ago....
A Miner want ad. will
make it known to all
Nelson and Kootenay.
Daily Edition No 959
Nelson.   British   Columbia. Tuesday,   February 12    1901
El* venth   Year
Mr. and Mrs. Fawcett's Ac
tion Against the C.P.R.
Is Now On.
i,rov/St��rBBt8 o{ British Co-
lumbla.   _���    ���"-Hi  ijj,-^--  wiping
out at once of tuc   . *rY &31 0tt
ing   interests.    It   would   men-
smelting and treating   of  British Co
lumbia ores in the United States."
Late Conductor a Popular ami
Honest Official���Eng.
McNabb's Feat.
The case of Fawcett vs. C. .P. *R.
came up yesterday nt the supreme
court sittings and attracted the largest gathering of spectators yet seen in
the court room at this seBSlon. The
action is the most interesting on the
docket from a local standpoint and its
outcome will be closely watched.
Outside of the local features attaching
to the case, a keen legal battle'is
h��ing waged between the solicitors
for the respective litigants, every
step in the proceedings being contested with spirit, A special jury is
sitting on the trial.
Tha plaintiffs are the mother and
father of the late Conductor Fawcett.
Both were present in court yesterday
when the case opened and remained
throughout the day. Their solicitors
are the linn of Elliot tit Lennie, with
Charles Wilson of Vancouver, as counsel. The C. P. R. 's legal representative is E. P. Davies of Vancouver, accompanied by Mr. D'Arcy, the company's claims agent, und II. E. Beasley, foimerly superintendent at Nel-.
Tbe evidence for the plaintiffs was
put in yesterday. A large number of
witnesses were called and testified.
% The efforts of tbe plaintiffs' solicitors
were directed toward establishing that
Fawcett met his death while performing his duties in the ordinary way and
that the defendants' negligence in
permitting a car to go out with defective brakes was the direct 'cause of
the fatality.
At the close of eke plalntl-oV case,
counsel for the defeuce moved for a
non-suit ou the ground that negligence had nut been made out. Argument was heard on both sides. His
Lordship reserving his dcislon On the
point until today.
In connection with the death of Conductor Fawcett, The Miner's readers
will remember that a record breaking
run was made from Robson to Nelson
by tbe train which brought in the
injured man for treatment at the hospital. The train was in charge of Engineer McNabb who brought her into
the city at a speed which was many
minutes below the best previous time,
and wbich has not since been approached. The fast rnn thus made
was oue of the most dramatic episodes
of the accident. The late Conductor
Fawcett was a popular and trusted
trainman, lie had the reputation of
being scrupulously honest and assiduous in the discharge of his duty,
qualifications which had won bim
promotion a short time prior to the
untimely accident.
Recommendations in the Report of the
British   Empire League.
Toronto, Feb. 11.���The executive of
the British Empire leagne which
meets in Ottawa on February 13 in
its annual report, just issued, dealing
with South Africa, expresses a strong
cdnviction that an Imperial conference of representatives from all the
self governing, colonies and the mother country should be held during the
present year in England to consider
the many questions effecting the safety and welfare of tbe empire. They
consider the time was never so opportune. Committee-also favors the establishment of a combination of the
military and naval defensive powers
of the empire, and urges the Canadian
parliament to reorganize the Canadian military force upon broader lines
and in accordance with the spirit of
modern warfare. It al6o favors the
formation of a royal navy reserve in
Canada, the passing of an insolvency
act together with the nationalization
of the telegraph and cable systems.
Manager of Arlington Mine
Passed Away Early This
Why American Capitalists Should Not
Be Allowed a Foothold.
Montreal, Feb. 11.��� The Montreal
Star today contains the following:
The announcement that Mr, James J,
Hllli president of the Oreat Northern
railway, has secured large holdings
with a view to the ultlmute control of
the stock of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company seems to have set tbe
people of liritish Columbia thinking
about the result of such a deal. There
appears to be u general impression
thut if the Crow's Nest coal lands.
''which Includes practically the only
ooal deposits on the mainland In British Columbia fell Into the hands of
Mr. Hill and the Oreat Northern
railway, there will be an end to the
Canadian smelting industry and that
the vast quantities of ore taken out of
the British Columbia mines will In future be Bnieltcd und treated in the
United States.
Mr. John Houston, ex-mayor" of
Nelson and the representative of tbat
town in the province is a guest at the
Windsor. Spouklng to a Star reporter,
Mr. Houston suid, "The acquiring of
the Crow's Neat coal lands by Mr.
.Iannis J. Hill and the capitalists behind htm, is simply the first Step In
securing the control of the C. P. R.
That statement looks like a bit of romance, but it would not be very difficult for the powerful financial interests which Mr. Hill represents to secure a majority of the common stock
of the great Canadian railway.
Though I have no love for the C. P.
B., because In the past It haB been
more than selfish, 1 think the time
has come when every Canadlun should
oppose Mr. Hill and the interests
he represents securing a foothold In
Canada. Even if it means the government ownership of railways, Mr.
Hill and his associates should be
made to keep to their interests on the
other side of tho line. As a resident
of British Columbia, I am opposed to
Mr. Hill securing control of the
Crow's Nest coal lands, and I think
for the Dominion parliament to grant
a charter to construct a line of railway from the coalfields south of the
boundary   would be  nothing short of
Mr. C. D. Mackenzie, manager of tbe
Arlington mine near Erie, died early
this morning at the Cottage hospital.
He was operated on for appendicitis
some 10 days ago.and, though the operation was successful, complications set
in, the doctors for two or three days
past holding out but the scantiest
hope of his recorery.
Tha deceased, who was as honored
for bis integrity as respected for his
ability by all' wbo came In contact
���.���it*-, hini, war a.native of Kentucky,
am! entered the employ of the Dominion government when he first
came to Canada as principal of the
Indian schools of the North West. In
1692 he came to British "olumbia, settling in Kaslo, where he was identified with several industrial and mining
enterprises, and was city auditor for
several years. He was a partner of
the late Maurice Bucke, M. E., and,
on the sudden death of the latter, be
took the position of manager of the
Arlington mine near Erie.operated by
the Hastings (II. C.) Exploration
Syndicate, limited.
His family, who live in Galesburg.
111., were telegraphed for but have
not yet arrived. Under the present
arrangements the remains will be
shipped east for interment in the family vault at Spring drove cemetery.
Cincinnati. Notice of tbe funeral will
be given later.
Of a singularly lovable disposition,
of proved ��������� Integrity and conspicuous
ability, Mr. Mackenzie endeared himself to a targe'number of friends during bis nine years residence in the
Kootenays. He was one who could ill
be spared, and he will be greatly
Quebeo, Feb. 11.���Twelve guns and
wagons in addition to several wagons
which were UBed by "E" and "D"
batteries throughout the South African campaign have reached that city
from Halifax. The authorities are
exoited over the condition of the guns
and wagons, as it was found on exam-
iution after reaching here that nearly
all the equipments had disappeared,
carried off, It is believed, by relio
hunters between Halifax   and Quebec.
Toronto, Feb. 11.���The latest consolidation scheme is one to acquire
and oarry on a number of thu leading
business colleges of Ontario. It is called
the Federated Business Colleges with
a capital of JIOO.OOO. It has acquired
five colleges, one at Oalt. one at London, one at Hamilton, one at Berlin,
and one In tbis city.
Toronto, Feb. 11.���Hon. O.W. Ross,
premier of Ontario, at the suggestion
of a prominent member of the Dominion Alliance, Ih considering a proposal for a prohibitory bill which will
be drafted and submitted to the electorate either at the provincial or municipal elections.
Ottawa, Feb. 11.���Careful inquiry
here falls to find any authority for
the reported retirement of Commissioner Ogllvie of the Yukon. Neither
the ministers nor the department of
the Interior have heard of it.
Toronto, Feb. 11.���The Toronto
harbor commissioners this morning
decided to reduce the harbor dues at
this port from 33 to 30 per cent.
There's something In the want column of IM Miner that will interest
By-Law Introduced to Raise
Remuneration Eight Hundred Dollars.
Aid.   Selous'   Proportionate
Voting Motion Withdrawn.
Business Transacted.
The principal feature of lust night's
cooncil was the question of the mayor's salary. The matter was introduced by Alderman Paterson in the shape
of a bylaw in. which all previous bylaws on the subject were repealed and
the remuneration of the chief magistrate placed at 83,000 per annum instead of $1,200 as at present.
The first reading of the measure
went through without discussion,
and council went into committee of
the whole for the second reading with
Alderman Selous in the chair. This
developed opposition.
Alderman Selous opposed the increase in the mayor's salary on principle. Under the Municipal Clauses
act he pointed out, the maximum
salary a corporation could pay its
mayor was 82,000 and he considered
the maximum was too high for a
small city like Nelson to pay. He
agreed that the sum suggested was not
too much for the services rendered but
in his opinion tbe mayor should wuive
the extra 8800 from patriotism. lie
wished it distinctly understood that
in his opinion the present mayor had
proved himself so far a first class presiding officer and a hard working official, but that bis objection on the bylaw was based exclusively on the
ground that the city could not afford
to increase its expenses in this direction at the present time.
Mayor Fletcher interpolated that
his experience of the mayoralty was
that the mayor's salary did not go to
him personally but to the varioua
applicants for assistance.
Aldermen Irving and tlillett agreed
that the mayor's work was worth 82,-
000 but that an increase jusb now
would be inadvisable.
A motion by Aldermen Irving and
Paterson for a second reading was
carried on the assenting vote of Aldermen Paterson, Irving and Madden,
contra Aldermen (iillett and Selous,
the mayor not voting.
After the second reading Alderman
(Jillett moved that the third reading
be laid over a week. Aldermen Madden and I'aterion moved tbat the
third reading be proceeded with at
once. The division on the amendment
was.yea, Aldermen Paterson and Madden, contra. Aldermen Selous and Gil-
lett. Alderman Irving and the mayor
did not vote. The original resolution
was then carried.
Alderman Selous' notice of motion
regarding a petition to the legislature
for un amendment to the Municipal
Clauses act providing for voting on
money by laws in Nelson on the basis
of taxes paid by the individual then
came up. The matter was placed in
the form of a resolution by Alderman
Selous, but opposition developing on
the part of Aldermen tlillett and Irv
ing, the resolution was withdrawn
without going to a vote.
T. A. Stevenson offered to buy the
ice on the eity reservoir at the rate
of 50 cents per ton for the 100 tons or
so available. The offer was not entertained because It wus feared that
In taking off the Ice, more damage
would be dune than ihu city would
In connection with the signing of
corporation checks a cliauge wus made
whereby the city treasurer will sign
checks In future with the mayor, Instead of the chairman of the liniince
committee jointly with his worship.
Time will be saved by thu change
and as the treasurer is under heavy
bonds, the course is quite legal.
The fire, watei and light committee, Alderman Irving, chairman, presented a report dealing with a number of   important   matters:
1. That an oil filter and six cups
be purchased for the electric light
2. That u 314 Inch nozzle for the
Felton wuter wheel be purchased.
8. That a valve be placed In the city
water main ut the center of the intersection of Falls and Latimer
4. That the electric light pole near
the fire hall be removed.
5. That 11. Stutter be employed at
the fire hull during thu Illness of the
6. TliBt practices of the Are brigade
be under the direction and call of the
7. That a side door be built Into
the Are hull to enable the wagon to
get into the hall.
8. That Mr. Mcl'hce, superintendent of the electrical system, have
charge of the whole system of electric
lighting and employes of the department, thnt he bo appointed inspector
of wiring under bylaw 74, that all applications for electric light service be
reported on by him before being sanctioned by the mayor, that he make a
monthly report with suggestions und
recommendations to tbe mayor, such
reports to  be presented to   tbe  com
mittee and that he make all electric
light connections authorized.
The report was adopted by the
council on motion of Aldermen Selous nnd Madden, with the exception
of clause 7, which was referred to the
engineer for a report as to cost.
A tender for water service supplies
ws read aud accepted with the exception of item of service cocks. This
was the only tender received on time
in reply to the notice sent to the
hardware merchants.
A communication was read from J.
D. Prenticd, provincial secretary, advising the council of the appointment
of Alderman Irving and Jacob Dover
as license commssioners and of Alderman Selous and II. R. Cameron as
police commissioners. The letter was
placed on record.
On motion of Aldermen Madden and
Paterson the council petitioned the
department of public works to so alter the plans for the government
buildings here as to provide for a
clock tower and bell in order to set a
standard of   time for the city.
Bylaw 80, covering amendments to
the health bylaw was finally considered and passed.
This concluded the docket of business. The members present were,
Mayor Fletcher, Aldermen Irving,
(Iillett, Madden, Selous and Paterson.
Message to Financial nnd Commercial
Exchanges of New York.
Albany, N. Y., Feb. 11.���King Edward VI I. of England has taken official
recognition of the action of the tlnan-
cal and commercial exchanges of
New York in suspending business on
the day of the funeral of Queen Vij-
toria. Governor Odell today received
the following letter from Washington:
"From Department of State, Washington to His Excellency,the Governor
of New york,  Albany:       ��� i .
"Sir,���I bave the honor to inform
you that HiB Majesty, King Edward
VII., has instructed his ambassador
here to express the grateful Bense entertained by His Majesty of the sympathy and respect shown to the mem
ory of the late Queen by the closing
of the financial and commercial exchanges of New York on the day of
Her Majesty's funeral.
"Lord Pauncefdte writes under date
of the fifth instant, requesting that
you will bii've tfie'kindness to bring
the King's expression of appreciation
to the notice of the proper public bodies. I have the honor to be, sir, your
obedient servant,
"Acting   Secretary."
Breakwater   to  Be  Completed���Many
Arras Captured.
Manila, Feb. 11.���Bids will be advertised for in a few days for harbor
improvements nt Manila for which
81,000,000 of insular funds hus been
appropriated. The improvements
will consist, chiefly, in an extension
of the breakwater which the Spaniards had nearly completed and dredg
ing the Inside to a depth of 30 feet.
Major Craighill is in charge of tbe
work planned. Ultimately government wharves will eliminate the use
of Cascoes between the shore and the
distant anchorages of the ships.
The American forces have captured
since September, 18 cannon, 1,800
rilles. thousands of bolos and 110,000
cartridges. Besides this, 700 rifles
live been surrendered. The orders of
insurgent officials will no longer be
considered to mitigate crimes.
Vancouver, Feb. 11.���The Lost
Mountuin Mine company have assigned for a large sum. It appears that
some ��of the Vancouver stockholders
are anxious to get the management
of the defunct company Into court
for the purpose of having them explain how the company got into diffl-
culticH when, as is alleged, so' little
wns spent on the properties. To this
end enforced winding.up proceedings
are being applied for. The corapuny
scums to huve been largely managed by those managing the Kellance
Loan company of Toronto. The gen-
eial manager of the mine company Is
general manager of the Iteliuuee eom-
puny for this province, and the man-
nger,J chairman, and secretnry, of
thu Reliance company In Toronto were
directors of the Lost Mountain Mine
(SI'Kt'IAI, TO Tilt*  MIM II.)
Vancouver, Feb. 1).���There were
III) applications made at Vancouver for
places with Baden-Powell's Horse,
but as there were only (10 application
blanks sunt to Vancouver for distribution, B0 young men desirous of seeing service in South Africa were not
even given an opportunity to apply.
According to advices received from
other towns and cities in British Columbia over half of file force of 1,000
mounted police that the Canadian
government desire to raise in Canada
could be raised in thu Canadian} Pacific province of the Dominion.   '
London, Fab, 12.���The Capetown
correspondent of the Standard Bays
reports have been received there from
llelugim Bay asserting that the natives of the northern Transvaal havo
risen against tlm Doers.
And ad. in The   Miner want column
always brings results.
Phenomenal Assays from the
Lenora Mine on Vancouver Island.
News of Slocan Mines���Some
Miscellaneous Mining
Vancouver, Feb. 11.���One of the
richest strikes of refractory ore ever
made on Vancouver Island was uncovered two days ago in the Lenora
mine in the Mount Sicker district,
one of the best known sections of
Vancouver Island. The ore goes
from 8300 to 81,000 a ton in all values,
silver, lead and gold, and there is
said to be much ore that will go
8500 to the ton. The mine is now
shipping 100 tons per day to the Ta-
com'a smelter. The find has caused a
good deal of local excitement, and
the vein of rich ore is pronounced by
mining men to have every indication of continuity.
��   ���   ���
Preparations are being made to resume operations at the Noble Five
mine, says the Paystreak. It is the intention to work through the Last
Chance No. 3 tunnel. The drift on
the ledge in this tnnnel has been
driven to the end line and it is the
intention to continue the w6rk to
prospect their ground. At present
there is difficulty in getting timber
up the tunnel as the Last Chance and
American Boy are working the tram
to its full capacity on their own material.
Being unable to renew their contracts with the smelter companies on
favorable terms, the Whitewater management is stacking the ore at the
Whitewater, and now has nearly six
hundred tons of sacked concentrates
piled in tbe vicinity of the K. tit S.
track. The mine and the mill is
wonting right along, but shipments
will not be made until an equitable
rate can be   secured from the   smelter
������ ���. ���
James Hickey is in from the Glad
Hand group on the east fork of Cottonwood creek. The property is looking well and the owners expect confidently to bave a valuable showing
when the work now planned and under way is completed. A tunnel has
been started at the edge of the creek
where the lead outcrops and this will
be driven some distance. Good depth
will be secured uetween the first'and
lower level, and if the ore holds good
the tonnage blocked out will be considerable. This property and tne
Robin Hood group hold the palm for
development in the east fork eeution.
���*- ,  s
A strike has been made on the Ida
property. The claim is located on the
Morning Mountain mineral belt and is
being operated by a local syndicate
under the direction of Charles Parker, mining engineei. Development
was started recently, the efforts being
directed toward locating thu vein in
place. This has been accomplished and
the fact demonstiatcd that a strong
lead of mineral crosses the claim.
The vein has been opened at four
points and is a characteristic Morning
Mountain leud. Work is to be continued and further bright reports arc
expected shortly.
��� ���   ���
Excitement runs high nt Kusknnook
over a rich find of gold bearing quart/
on the hill about. 1,000 feet back of
the postoltice store and within the
town limits. The vuln Is said to be
four feet In width and gold can bo
Henti In the quart/, quite plainly with
the nuked eyo. The original location
was made by Pedro ('hebo.who Is very
enthusiastic over I he find, us aro also
ull the inlinbl ta.nl s of tho   little burg.
��� ���   ���
W. II. Jeffry, consulting engineer
for the Canadlun Goldflolds syndlcnte,
returned to Kuslo yesterday, after a
trip to the east, partially In the Interests of the Kaslo smelter proposi
tion. He stated that the prospect for
putting through the smelter deal wns
very encouraging and that J. C.
Drewery would be In Knslo shortly to
"to Into the matter at further length.
Jir. Jeffrey also announced that the
Canadian Goldfielda would start, work
at once on the Trim Blue group.
Government is Sending Money   to the
Affected  Districts.
St. Petersburg. Feb. 11.���The ministry of the Interior' at lust officially
admits that widespread dlstiess exists
in large sections of the country owing to the failure of the oropii An
official announcement Issued today
says there has been a complete failure
of the crops In the governments of
Kherson and Tomsk nnd the territory
of Smolensk, while similar conditions
exist    in   numbers    of   districts  of
Bessarabia, Kieff, Tobolsk, Laurida,
Podoliapa, and the trans-Biakalla
territories The government has sent
a million and a half roubles for the
relief of the sufferers and considers
that dve and a half million will be
necessary to meet the requirements,
of which about five millions will be
contributed by the government. The
minister of the interior appeals to
private charity in aid of the government.
Capetown, Feb. 11.���Tbe government has decided to notify foreign
nations of the fact that Capetown is
infected with the bubonic plague.
There is no longer any doubt as to
tho nature of the disease. Another
native has died of the disorder, three
additional cases are announced and
fifty persons who have been in contact
with plague persons have been isolated. A temporary military hospital
is being erected.
London, Feb. 11.���King Edward,
responding to the inquiries of the
Lord mayor, Mr. Frana Green, respecting a national memorial to Queen
Victoria, suggests that a small com
niittee should be formed of members
of the present and former governments to consid jr the matter.
With a Paid Fire Brigade Re
auction on Insurance
Rates Probable.
The attitude of the Underwriters'
Association in the mattei of rates for
Nelson is always of considerable local
interest, and the opnions of a well
known insurance man will be regarded as carrying some weight. A. T.
Ettinger of San Francisco, inspector
for the Commercial Union company,
was in Nelson yesterday .and "discussed
the matter from the standpoint of the
companies interested   in Nelson risks.
"1 cannot speak for the entire
board," remarked the insurance
man, "but I believe tht the conoes-
ions which the business men would
secure in rates would more than compensate them for the additional cost
of the proposed fire brigade. The
question has not yet come np for discussion at the underwriters' board, so
fur as I am aware, but I believe thut
the rates would be lowered not less
than ten per cent, if the city of Nelson would establish a paid brigade
properly organized and a lire alarm
system. Another point which I think
should carry weight Is that business
men would derive material benefit
from the additional protection they
would receive. No business man who
has an honest fire can recover the total amount of his loss through the
conflagration, water, stoppage of business, etc., and means wbich would
reduce the danger of fires spreading
must appeal to the business men.
There cannot be the least doubt that
the Underwriters will denl liberally
with the city in event of the board's
views on this point being met, and I
am glad to note tbat steps are being
taken in that direction at the present
Well   Known   Pro-Boer   Giving    His
Views in the Matter.
London, Feb. 11.���Sir Edward
Clarke, tbe former solicitor general,
following up his speech of February
7th before tho Hoi born Conservative
association hns wilttcn a letter to a
friend citing Lord Huberts' iejection
of the opportunity to propose peace
terms in June, 1U0O when General Bui
ler had prepared the way by a conference with Christian Botha who asked
what was offered. Lord Roberts le-
plied: "Unconditional surrender,
the privates to be allowed to go to
their homes and no promise to the
cununnnders or to any who hud taken
an active part in bringing on the
"This," said Sir Edward Clarke,
"put an end to nil negotiations. Ho
the war has gone on. The losses since
then have been 124 officers and l,4M
men killed In action and died of
wounds, 63 officers nnd ;i,h:.-i; men died
of disease and uftO officers nnd 23,037
men have been Invalided home. We
have spent from sixty to seventy millions devastating a country over which
we desire to rule, und we do not
seem a day nearer 'unconditional surrender' than months ago." He
then says he earnestly hopes that
terms acceptable without dishonor
will be offered to tbe Boers.
London, Feb. 11.���King Charles of
Portugal and his suite started for
Lisbon this afternoon at 10 o'clock.
King Edward accompanied tbe Portuguese monarch to the railway station.
Grand Duke Michael of Russia, the
czarowltch, 'eft two hours earlier for
St. Petersburg, Prince Charles of Den
mark seolng him off. Extraordinary
police precautions were taken at the
station to protect him. He presented
to Inspector Thorpe of Scotland Yard
who was attached to his suite while
in England, a mnguidcent diamond.
Tho route of the czarowltch beyond
Flushing is kept secret. The King of
Greece will leave tomorrow.
Branch of  Ontario   Lord's
Day Alliance Started In
Rev. J. G. Shearer Delivers
Eloquent Address In Miners' Union Hall.
A branch of the Lord's Day Alliance
was organized here yesterday as the
result ot a meeting held in the parlors
of Emmanuel   Congregational chuich.
Rev. J. II. White, pastor of tho
Methodist church, presided, and the
principal speaker of the evening was
Bev. J. G. Shearer, the travelling
secretary of the Ontario Alliance,
who went at some length into the
matter of organization, lt was decided to proceed with the formation
of the local association and officers
were elected as follows:
George Gurd, president j resident
clergymen and officer commanding
Salvation Army, vice-presidents;
George Broad ley, secretary; Charles
J. Clayton, treasurer.
A public meeting to complete organization will be held on Thursday
of next week at the Baptist church.
It is proposed to hav�� an executive
committee consisting of a representative from each church and trade union together with one of the aldermen. Mr. Gurd undertook the presidency on tbe understanding that he
would be relieved of the post at an
early date.
Hev. Mr. Shearer addressed a number of union men st the Miners' hall
last night, and proposes to meet all
the principal unions before leaving the
At last night's meeting Mr. Shearer
dwelt upon the Sunday question from
the standpoint oi the working man.
He touched briefly upon the work already accomplished by the alliance in
the interest of the workingmen In the
eastern psrt of the Dominlou, citing
the case already referred to in the columns of The Miner. He also refetred
to cases in Algoma of the demands
of men working in the mines in tbat
district who desired to be freed from
the necessity of Sunday labor, some of
whom quit rather than do bo. He
showed clearly to the satisfaction of
all present tiiat the working men
could not afford from a physical and
domestic standpoint, to dispense with
the day of rest nnd illustrated by an
Improvised chart the wear and tear
upon the human system which cannot
be recuperated except by periodical
rests. The speaker dwelt upon his
association with Mr. .1. O'Donoghue,
the Dominion government fnir wnge
advocate and made the interesting announcement that the same gentleman
was one of the original instigators of
the movement he represented, and remains today one of its ardent supporters. The address was listened to with
keen attention hy the union men assembled, and the feeling waB unanimous that apart from all sentimental
or religious reason tho cause appealed
io them as one of vital importance to
their IntereBts aud at the conclusion of
his address a hearty vote of thnaks
was passed to Mr. Shearer for the interesting snd profitable time they had
Bpent. In reply Mr. Shearer expressed himself us uf the opinion that tho
thanks weie due fioin him for the
pleasure It hud afforded him.
Several questions were usked by the
gentlemen present nnd satisfactorily
answered by the Held secretary. The
proceedings were presided over by Mr.
Curie, secretary of the Lnborers' union.
Rev. Mr. Shearer leavel for Greenwood this morning where he will hold
similar meeting this evening. He
returns to the city on Wednesday
when he will confer with the executive committee of tha Nelson branch
of the alliance nnd afterwards address another mass meeting of the
union men of the city on the sumo
evening at the union hall Immediately after the regular meeting of the
Carpenters' union. All union men
especially and others Interested are
invited to attend.
Ottawa, Feb, II. ���Hev. Dr. Fnllon,
In St. Joseph's church last nlgbt denounced the declaration against Roman Catholics whicli sovereigns of
Britain take at the coronation. Dr.
Fallon said the declaration was an Insult to all Roman Catholics. He wns
hopeful thnt a change would be made
in time for the coronation of King
Edward VII.        	
Willleton, Capo Colony.Feb.il.��� Colonel de Lisle's column has arrived
here. The Boers moved in three columns toward Van Wykslel. Tho
Dutch here say the Doers have decided
If Christian Di-wct's incursion into
Cape Colony Is not successful, that
they will trent with n view to surrender, being tiicd of war.
Are you In want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of,
You'll get It. Ml
Nelson  Daily Miner, Tuesday,   Februpay is, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every  Morning  Except  Monday
���BY TUB���
The outlook for the year 1M1 in
mining operations is most promising
if oue may judge from the statements
made by mining men.
Rev. J. G. Shearer, traveling organizer of the Lord's Day Alliance,
delivered a very interesting lecture on
"Sunday ObHervance" in the Congregational church on Sunday afternoon.
The eloquent lecturer is reported to
have strongly condemned Sunday
newspapers. In doing so he does not oc
cupy a unique position. Many worthy
people condemn Sunday newspapers.
But they do so without properly
understanding the situation. It is
contended that the production of a
Sunday morning newspaper implies
the desecration of the Sabbath
through men laboring on the seventh
day. That is not true to any material
extent. It would be true if said
about tbe production of a Monday
morning paper, for this reason���most
of the work done in preparation for
the publication of a morning newspaper is performed before midnight.
The reporiorial staff has been engaged
all afternoon and evening gathering
tbe local news, tbe major portion
of the type has been set, the editorials have been written, and, in short,
but very little remains outside of the
press work for the early morning
hours. It will be seen, therefore,
that the production of a Monday
morning paper necessitates the major
portion of the work being done on
Sunday; and, of course, to that extent
the Sabbath is "desecrated." The
same cannot be said about the Sunday
paper. It is really a paper prepaied
on Saturday afternoon and evening
and circulated on Sunday morning.
Perhaps it is complained that the
Sabbath is desecrated by the distribution of the paper to subscribers or.
Sunday morning and the placing in
their hands of a secular publication.
Well, would the cessation of this
practice render the community more
pure or be more conducive to Godly
conduct on the Sabbath day? We do
not think so. How many people
content themselves with reading
nothing but religious publications on
the Sabbath? Not many, we think;
and the number who do not are not
such very bad people either. If the
matter is looked at faiily and dispassionately it will be seen that this
howl about Sunday newspapers is a
piece of poppycock, based on ignorance of the true conditions surrounding the publication of a Sunday
morning paper, and inspired by a
desire to curtail to an unjustifiable
degree individual liberty. Let ue
suppose for the sake of argument that
the Sunday morning papers cease publication at once. What is to be done
with the Monday morning papers, the
production of which necessitates
much labor being performed on Sunday? Surely this gross desecration of
the Sabbath day will not be viewed
with equanimity by those who now
raise up their bands in horror at the
spectacle of a Sunday paper! Will it
be argued that in order to properly
observe the Sabbath we must do without both Sunday morning and Monday
morning   papers?
We   pause for a reply.
The skating carnival to be held to
morrow evening at the rink under the
auspices of the Ladies' Aid should De
well patronized. The proceeds will be
devotedato a moBt   worthy purpose.
The Miner cannot publish the communication from "Coldfeet" except
over the writer's signature. This
paper cannot be used as a vehicle to
roast Nelson's civic officials hy anonymous correspondents.
There is absolutely no truth in the
runnr that Mrs. Nation has been engaged by James J. Hill to go to Ottawa and work for the pnssnge of the
railway charter he is applying for.
Besides, Bhe has a fight on her hands
Recent reports which have reached
the coast cities tell of more suffering
at Nome, that inhospitable stretch
of beach improperly called a mining
country ou the Northern Alaskan
coast. If men choose to put their
hands into the fire they deserve to be
burnt. Nome is a fake of the rankest
kind and always was.
The brief interview which ia published in another column with A. T.
Ettinger, of San Francisco, regarding
fire insurance rates will be read with
interest by Nelson business men. The
advantages of a paid tire department
in any city the size of Nelson are obvious and it would appear that the
time has arrived when earnest consideration should be given to the question of establishing one.
Mr. Chas. A. Gregg, foimerly editor
of the Victoria Globe, and a well-
known British Columbia journalist,
has accepted the position of editor of
the Nelson Miner. Mr. Gregg is the
right man foi the position; full of
energy, clever, a hard hitter andj a
forceful writer. We shall look forward with renewed pleasure to our
Nelson exchanges.���Kamloops Standard. ���
One of These
Whittaker's Almanac.
The   N. Y . Woi  Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New   Vork Clipper  Annual
Office Diaries, 1901.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Coriin Doyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
One of the most extraordinary cir-
cuinstaDcds in connection with the
stirring events of the , past few years
is the change which has taken place
in public opinion, not only in Great
Britain but throughout the world,
regarding Emperor William of Germany. Only a short time ago he was
scoffed at and ridiculed everywhere.
He wus In some quarters styled the
"mud monarch." Now he is looked
upon us one of the ablest statesmen
in Europe, and his recent ostentatious display of friendship for Great
Britain has won for him the respect
and esteem of the millions of subjects
of King Edward VII. It will perhaps
bo found that the Influence of his
illustrious grandmother had much to
do with his change of attitude towards Great Britain.
At a special meeting of the council
of the Trail Board of Trade held on
Friday evening last a resolution was
passed asking that the Associated
Boards of Trade at their annuul meeting to be held on February *.��Hth at
Greenwood should urgo tho Dominion
government to encourago the establishment of a leud refining works by a
grant for a term of years of a bounty
of S3 par ton upon all lead of Canadian origin smelted and refined in
Canada.   .
A very interesting story comes from
Montreal to the effeot that William
Ogllvie, governor of the Yukon is to
be replaced by a western man. If the
change is made it will occasion great
surprise. Ogilvie is a very able man
and has done much in the way of improving conditions In tbe Yukon.
His removal would be learned of with
ftry general regret,
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
K.-W.-C.  BLOCK.
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoes,
, Factory N? 881
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PIIERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union factory in Canada.
The Gait Coal office has
removed to the Ward Building, on Baker Street, two
doors west C.P.R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hand.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265,
lis it Common Sense
m to pay from $50 to $G5 for a
I Sewing Machine
w when half that amount will get one ?
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized,    .     .    Htll,00��,e��l>.oo | Capital Paid-up,     .    .    .     ��'i,OttO,��l��.M
.iilii.ii.   ����m."'���i      But,       ,      .       .       ;      .     ,     Hll,7l|ll,llil!l.llll
Board of Dlreetorii     Thomas K. Kenny,  President-,  Thomas Ritchie. Vice-President.
Wiley Smith. H. G. Banld, H-jn. David MaoKeen.
Head Olllce, Halifax i
General Manager. Kdson L. Peaso, Montreal. . '
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Branches I
Neva Scotia-Halifax Branch, Antlgonlsh,
Bridgewater, GuyBboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg. Maitland (Hunts Co.), Piclou, Port
Hawkeabury, Sydney. Shubonacadie.Truro,
New BruiiHWIrk ��� Bathumt. Dorchester,
Freilorlcton, KinKnton (Kent Co.), Mono
ton, Newcastle, Saokvllle, St, John.WoodKtock*
I-. E. Iil-uul���Charlottetown, SuDiuierside.
2        If you have any idea of buying a machine
���f it will be dollars saved you to investigate the
t merits of the
J   ...IMPERIAL...
2 High arm, Vibrating  Shuttle, Lock Stitch,
W Light Running, fitted with Complete Set of
X Attachments, and carries the Hudson's Bay
M Company's Guarantee for Five Years,
Quebec���Montreal. (City Office), Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and Seig-
neum Streets); Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue ai,d St. Catharines Street.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba, West I adieu���Havana.
United suites-��� New York (10 Kichunge Plato
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson,   Rossland,   Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Corre-ipondenls t
Canada-Merohantn Bank of Canada. Boutoii-N'ntlonnl Shnwmut 'linnk. Chicago-Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank. Sin Francisco���First National Hank. London, Eng.-Bank of
Scotland. Pan*. France���Credit Lyonnais. Bermuda��� Bank of Bermuda. China and Japan���Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.    Upokune-Old National Bank.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought.
and Sold, tetters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special;
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
I    /Mf      WOMEN'S TASTE. 1
Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak, $30
Drop Head, $32
I Hudson's Bay Stores
The women of Nelson are
usually quick to appreciate
quality, style, and workmanship in footwear. They
have set th;>r seal of approval on the new style ot
toe, of which we carry
large assortment in Don-
gola, Vici Kid, and Patent
Kid, for the street and the
a   3
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON. Secretary.
Neelands   Shoe
Put UsiOn
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck fe  Wilson
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to (i, I.. LENNOX. 1 alter St
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can bo accepted unlesi
accompanied by cash.
Office Oorner Hell and Baker Street*
Pursuant   to   the    "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is herebv given that John
Leask and Francis C. Rankin, carrying on business in the town of Cranbrook in Hie Province of British Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
under the firm, and style of Leask &
Rankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date the
7th day of January, 1901, made in
pursuance of the '-Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts, have
granted and assigned unto Creighton
Ross Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, clerk, all the personal estate, credits and effects of the said
John Leask and Francis (1. Rankin,
and of each of them (both partnership
and private) which may be seized
and sold under execution and all their
real estate and of each of tbem in.
trust to pay the creditors of the said
Leask tit ltankin, ratably a .id proportionately their just claims without
preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was executed by the said John Leask anu
Francis C. ltankin, on the 7th day of
January, 1901, and by the said Creighton Ross Palmer on the 9th day of
January,  1901,
All persons having claims against
the said Leask tit Kankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 20th day (if January, lliill, full
particulars ol their claims duly verified, and the natnu-s of the securities,
if any, held by tlui;:.
And notice is hereby given that after the Baid 20th day of January 1901,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto, havingi
regard to the claims only of which he
then shall have had notice and that
he will not be responsible for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
claim he shall nut then have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Saturday the 20th day ot January, 1901, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at tho offices of W. V. Uurd,
solicitor,   Haker    street,    Cranbrook,
u. c.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 11th day
of January, 1901.
Solicitor for the Trustee.
China Hall
Telephone 261.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poiter,
��el��on. B. 0.
'opyrigbts and
Trade Marks obtained lu Canada
Our pictures havo all the charm of
the person. They are true as life,
yet without the faults of nature.
Baker Street.
Caveats, Designs,
Trade Marks obi
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings Street, Vancouver.
Will pay the highest oaab prioe for all
kinds of second band goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
oooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see ma or write. Addreas
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hall
Stnmt. Nelaon.  P. D.
Pursuant   to   the    "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acta.
Notice is hereby given that George
liremner, carrying on business on
llaker street in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner & Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of tbe 10th day of January, 1901, made
in pursuance of tbe "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts has
granted and assigned unto Robert Ed-
waid Sherlock, of Lethbrldge, Alberta,
North West Teiritories, merchant, all
his personal estate,credit�� and effects,
which may be seized and sold under
execution and all his real estate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner tit Son, ratably and
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment waB
executed by tho said George Bremner
and the said Robert Edward Sherlock on the 10      'ay pf January, 1901.
All persons h .ving claims against
the said George Bremner tit Son are
required to file wi'li tbe aesignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
2M,h day of January,   A. D. 1901.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 28th day of Janunry, 1901,
the assignee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, bavin-; regard
to the claims only of which the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not be responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons. Arm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim he shall not then
have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28th day of .Ian-
uay, A. D. 1901, in the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C , at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 1901.
Sollc'iW for the Asslgne.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand af
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Tsrds, NBLiO*
and LAR1 O.
Could wo rend the hearts of women, what a
vast amount of miffering would be oxpot-od,
Kkmai.k Wkaknknh hah produced more Invalids among women than any other ciuiho
Havo you uny of the following DyinptoniH}
NorvotisneHd, WeaknesH, liaekocho, Headache,
'All Uoue" Keeling, Hot Flushes, Variable
Appetite, ReHtlerisness, No Ambition, Easily
Kxcltod, Painful Periods, tiearing-down Pains,
Lcuchoi rlioea. Pimples on tho Face, Pains in
the Loins, Kycs Sunken, No Vital Knorgy, etc.
VVk Can Curk You. It in nt tern not who has
trailed and failod in ourlngyou. Consultation
by Mail is Absolutely Froo, and if curable we
will tell you so. Don't let surgeons operate on
you. V\e can cure you without cutting. Our
Nkw Mkthod Treatment is mild and pleasant. Family Doctors have treated you for
yoars, and yot you are not oureu���they only
help you from time to time. Let us euro you
at Your Own Homr by our Now Method
Treatment. Hundreds aro lining cured. Why
not you I Wo will mall you our Symptom
Blink simply for the asking, and we will tell
you free of charge what we think of your
case. Remember, your letters are kopt strictly
private and confidential and aro answer-ad in
plain Hoalcd onvolope, Write at once, enclosing stamp for reply. Addretw l��R, W. ���.
��AI)NIIK*��   *   <C,  ��U   t    Cfcfcw-.,   IU.
Mention thtiwr > ^^
connissioN agent.
p. O. Box 626. Cabio Address: "GrMiaalla."
Nelson.   uode-Morelno a Noel.
Is prepared to negotiate the aala st
developed mines, Has arranged far
dealing ju shines ,,n the Londoa nai
Mi ntreiil Stock Exchungea. Baaree
')0"Kh,; and Hold in London on margia.
Will take cliniKu of the intereeta ot
absentee investors.
Olllce : SeloiiH Block, NelsOD, B. O.
Owners   having   claims
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values Gold or Sliver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities,- names of locations, etc., to
3. C
��h����.��mi->.i��ii��.i>)ii>,i>.i>>,i>,i>���h ;
j Crow ft Morris;
| Flora de Vlneda
Vallens 6 Co.
Two choice  cigars, well known
all over the world.
Will   give  most   enjoyment  to
people who know a good
liar store 1
Bakbb Stbeet. I
��*|I it
and ���"���"
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B. C.
By the week from $5 to 96.
By the day Ki.oo.
-AimmSMmmsmWEmAEmmimmAM Nelson Daily Miner, Tuesday, February 12,  1901
A Reason Why White   Gardeners Cannot,Compete With Them.
T)r. C. J. Fagan. provincial health
officer, left this'afternoon for Ottawa,
says the Vancouver World. He will
interview the government in regard to
several matters affecting quarantines
in the province, and while away for
about a month will also attend a meeting of a tuberculosis conference
which is to be held *n the east in a
few daya. Speaking of the circular
recently issued by himself, regarding
the purchase of vegetables from Chinese, Dr. Fagnn said that while its
suggestions were bearing Home fruits,
jft there would be a good doal of
difficulty in the way of stopping the
system of buying goods from the Chinese. He had asked a gardener in
Victoria why the white growers did
not work hard to get the held at once,
and reply was that there were difficulties not usually considered. In
Victoria, a large number of houses
kept Chinese cooks, and in these cases
the Chinamen would buy from their
own people all the time and from no
one else.
Do you want some fine stationery���
letter paper and envelopes���with the
name of your home or "Nelson, B.
C," printed thereon? The Miner can
supply you.	
The Nelson contingent of curlers'for
the Bossland bonspiel left last evening
for the seat of war.    Following is the
-way the rinks will play:
D. S. Stanley, John A. Turner,
C. Morrison, Dr. Forin.
J. H. Wallace,        II. (lomleve,
Prank Tamblyn,s, Judge Forin, s.
S. G. Campell, (i. C. Hodge,
C. G. Mills, J. A. Fox,
G. E.McLaughlin, A. T.  Walley,
John Rae, skip.     W. Richardson, s.
The bonspiel opens this morning at
8 o'clock and if the Nelson rinks are
fortunate they will be playing most of
the week. The prospects for a liberal
share of the trophies to come to Nelaon are regarded as excellent. The
rinks, it is claimed, will average up
better than the two rinks which represented the Nelson   club last winter.
Putrefying food in the intestines
produces effects like those of nrsenft,
Dot Dr. King's New Life pllle expel
the poisons from clogged bowels, gently, easily but surely, curiDg 'Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Ileadashe,
Fevers, all Liver, Kidney and Bowel
troubles. Only 25 cents at Canada
Drug tit Book Co.
You should'nt send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
W. J. Harvey, F. 0. M. C. I., professor of ophthalmology, doctor of optics, and scientific optician, of Toronto, Ont., who ' -for the last few weeks
has been practising with II. P. McLean, has extended his visit to Saturday, February Kith. The doctor will
still continue to give free examinations to all peisons suffering from
defective vision, and all corrections
for such defects are sold under a positive guarantee of satisfaction.
Do you want some fine stationery-
letter paper and envelopes���with the
name of your home or "Nelson, B,
C," printed thereon'.' The Miner can
supply you.	
The most miserable beings in the
-world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
th Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Eat ', Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve yon. Try it. Por sale by W.
F, Teetzel.
You shouldn't send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
Until you see what The Miner can do
for von. 	
-Ma   ....'��� , ==
Bears' Claws.
We have a number of Bears'
Claws suitable for mounting
as watch charms or brooches.
When properly mounted
they make a very attractive
piece of jewelry.
The supply is limited.
The Jewelers-
Successors to T. H. Brown.
Established 1895.   Here to Stay.
Our Celebrated Bread
delivered daily to any
part of the town. . . .
Try Our Scotch Short Bread,
Scones and Oat Cakes-
Telephone 210. P. 0. Box 0!).
Some Home Made Bread
Is as beavy as lead,
But mine is as light as a feather;
If you buy it and eat it.
You will alwayB greet it,
For you can stand nil kinds of weather!
relatives afflicted with 'the Bis
ease of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for particulars, enclosing 2 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. H.
Saunders  & Co., Chicago, 111.
I* The Palm i
Tea and Coffee Parlors,
K- VV- C- Block,
Phone No.
<9 vf/^rrnri^
Vkla ���Ignuture It on every box or the goimlno
Laxative Bromo Quinine t*-,iM��
the remedy tbat enrea a c��V) In W> da*T
Porto Rico Lumber
Co,, Limited,
We have just received a large
order of Lowuey's Finest Chocolates and Bon Bons, and guarantee all' of our customers fresh
gnods aud FULL WEIGHT at
reasonable prices,
Choice fruit always on hand.
We also carry a Hue line of
Tea and Coffee Parlors in cou-
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W. Q. Browne, pro-,.
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete stock of Coast Floorliift
Celling, Iimldo Finish. Turned Work. Bash am
Doors. Special ordoi- work will receive prompt
attention*   Mull orders solicited.
j), J. DEWAR, J. P.
Botary Publio, Oonvejanoer.
91,580 buys (l-room house with 7nx7!i
lot, on Latimer street. The house
cost 81,7B0, exclusive of lot.
House and lot renting for 8000
per annum, will Bell for 83,!ifi0.
8:i,!i.ri0 takes 8-room house on Carbonate street, near Josephine street. This
Is excellent value.
83,100 takes good house and lot on
Silica street near Kootenay Btreet.
Very central location.
Houses to Let.
Loans, low rates, on improved property.	
Wholesale Houses
XU1UUVE & CO. Limited���Corner Vernon
and Cedar oLreuLa, Nelson��� Aluiiufaciur-
lii'ri of and wholesale deuiurs in aerated waters
and fruit syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon Uol
Springs mineral water.   Telephone b0.	
_J3l N. Al. Cummins, L-osseo���Kvery known
variety of soft drinks. 1' U lion. 88. Telephone
N6, 31. Hoover btreet, Nelson. Hottleroof the
famous at. Leou Hot Springs Miueral W.��ler.
C^ANK & MACDONALD (H. Cane, James
J A. Macdonald)���Architects and superintendents, Broken Hill Hlook, corner Haker and
Ward Streets, Nelson.
HJ. KVANS & CO.-Baker Btreot, Nel-
��� son���VV holosale dealers in liquors, ol-
���4ur��, cement, tire brick and tiro clay, water
pipe and steel rails, and goueral uommissioir
WhoiesiUe uud retail dealere lu gruin,
nay, flour, feed. Mills at Victoria, Now Westminster; iOdmonbon, Alia. Uilevaiors. ou Calgary and Edmonton Railway. Manufacturer^
of the celebrated B. & R. brand cereals.
A MACUONALU & Co.���Corner Fron
��� and Hall streets���Wholesale grocer*
and jobbers ih blankets, gloves, mitts, boobs,
rubbers, mackinaws and miners' sundries.
_1_N Olllce corner Hall and r-iont. Streets,
Nelson���Lumber, ceiling, flooring, and every
thing in wood for building purposes. Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
P   BURNS & Co.���Baker Street, Nelson���
���   Wholesale dealers iu fresh and cured
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in fresh aud cured meats.
Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale denims in
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LA-CHLAN BROS. (Successors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.) Baker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
paints, oils and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; lyn unite
TURNER, BEETON & Co.-Corner Vernon
and Josephine Streets, Nolson���Wholesale dealers in liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pabst Brewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON-S BAY Co.-Wholesale B-roonrie;
and liquors etc.. Baker Street, Nelson.
CALIFORNIA WINK (JO., Limited-Corner
Froit nnd Hull Street**, Nelson���Wholo
sale dealers' n wines lease and bulk), and
.lomesl.k; and Imported oigars.
JY. GRIFFIN &, CO.-Cornar'Vernon and
��   Josephine Streets, Nelson���Wholesab-
dealers in provision   ured,. ae ts, butter and
About tbat second band article of
yours. Vou'll sell it if you'll advertise it in The Miner want column.
" Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Dun-
more Junction Tuesdays,  Thursdays,
Fridays and Sundays for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal nnd Boston, Mondays and Wednesdays   for  Toronto.
S.aue cars  pass  Revelstoke  one  day
for  your  enstein  trip is to see
your licket rends via Canadian Pucilic.
Porto EicoLumber Co.,
Head OBloe���Fi-iuli-*** "nd Vmnon St.. Nelson
OFFICE; 8, 9 and 10, K.-W.-C. Block.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotorla and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 689. Telephone No. 9s
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P   O. Bon Uf V��l*Tin   B. O
Trams and Steamers Depart
Steamer for Kootenay Landing   and  eastern  points   via
Crow's Neat Route.
Train  for   Rossland,   Grand
Forks, Greenwood, Midway ,etc
Train for Slocan City,  Slooan
points, aud Sandon.
Steamer for Kaslo aud  intermediate points.
(Train for Rossland, Nnknap,
Revelstoke,   main    line   and
Pitclnic CoaBt PointB.
For Time Tables, Rates and full in
formation call oo or address nearest Local Agont, or,
Ft. W. Drow. Dopot Agent \ Nelson, B.C.
II. L. Brawn, City Agent. /
A  a. P. Agont.
V��niwn��i i
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
Ex Sun
���j��i.w��j��a^ fl��T' ."it
n.nl   I rv   "���  bill 11".  ��  """'ii.  or �� barrel Ol
nil OABY BEER ���� It '8 ">���> b08t *ffid
PRANK *! TAMBLYN, M.......
Telephone ��. B��k��8t. Nolwo.ac
Atlantic S, S. Lines
From Portland, M.-.
Alliui Lino Sicilian Fell 111
Allan Lino Tunisian WAV f
Dominion Line Dominion S'SIS
Dominion Line Ciuiibromii.ii r OS 81
From at. John
Boavor Lino Luke Megantlo ' Foti IS
Beaver Lino Lako Superior. Fen W
Beavor Lino Lako Ontario March I
Beaver Lino Steamers call at Hallf IX ono
day later. ,
From Boston
Dominion Lino Now England Feb 2;
Cunard Line Snxonla   *,|^-"\*S
Cunard Lino lvornla ...MarpnB
From Now Yort
Cunard Lino Umbria  Feb HI
Cunard Lino Ben-la v.1"'1',2'
Canard Lino H'trurlo,   March 2
Whito Star Line Mnjcstin ��00 2U
White Star Line Oceanic f oil 87
American Lino Ht. Louis I* op *g
American Lino Now York '."J'sl
N. Ci.L. Lahn ii1'"11.*,'
N. G. L. Kniser Wilholln der t!rosso..March 8
Anchor Lino FiirnosHla.-. ..1 ObJH
Allan Htato Lino Stall of Nebraska... .March I
Pivssagos arranged lo arid from all European
w. r. F . V.U.Vli-iH-l��CT.
General ��irn-^ C.P.K. Offices, Wlnnlncir.
7-8 inch diam. $13. fiO per 100 feet.   For
immediate delivery   In   NelMB
Miners, Attention!
��    TRADE
MARK   ��
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been improved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running.
! The Canadian Bank of Commerce !!
With Which is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up   Capital,   $8,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   82,000,000;
Aggregate   Resources Over 805.000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. S. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, E. C.
New York Office; |6 Exchange Place.
And 68 branches in Canada and the United States, inctadlng:
ati.in gbkrnwond ne1.80n sandok
c'hanhrook        kamloops new westminster  vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rosbland Victoria
YUKON DISTRICT���Dawson and White House.
UNITED staTKS-New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Skaowav,
Savings Bank Department.
De-mult s Received and Interest Allowed.  Present Kate 8 Por Cent
Nelson Branch.
I ^^���^^'^"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���'->ii��h->i��< I
GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The  largest   line  carried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges  and
Cook Stoves.   A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves  and   Ranges  at  the  right  prices  Is  the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Dyers.
Suits Made to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. P. 0. Box 654
We must  have  room  for  our  Spring   Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing; and Room Moulding in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Josephine   Street,       ���      ��       Opposite   Clarke   Hotel.
Baker Street.Nelson,
B. C.
Lot 12 in Block 2, in the City of Nelson
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block.' Said
lot having a frontage of 50" feet on Baker
Street and a I rentage ot 120 feet on Jose-
phin�� Street, wi-h ifffoot lane at rear, will
be Sold by Public Auction subject 10 a reserve bid, on Monday, the 18th Day of
February A. D. 1901, at ihe hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, r>n the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts
Nelson, B. C.
Terms: $5,000 cash al time of sale,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
berore 30 days from date of sale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will he received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Auctioneers. Nelson, B. C.
Auction Sale 1
Improved Real Estate ��� . .
. . . and Household Furniture
Acting under instructions from T. H. Graham
the undersigned will offer for sale a very desirable
7-ROOM COTTAGE on Robson Street, together
Tuesday, February 12th. at 2 o'clock p, m.
The cottage is designated as No. 176 Robson street, near
Stanley, and is built upon a lot 50x120 feet, It is fitted
with hot and cold water, bath and all modern conveniences,
and the lot is fenced, containing a lawn and a garden.
The property and furniture may be inspected on the
morning of sale.
TERMS, on the real estate : one-third cash, one-third in
six months, and balance in twelve months.
TERMS : on the household furniture, cash.
For further particulars apply to
Chas. A. Waterman & Co.
Call and have
your eyes examined while W. J.
Harvey, F.O.M.U.
I., is with us. Cross
eyes completely
ftriiiKliteueil without pain or nn operation. Dr. Harvey hns thousands
of tcHtiiiHinialB
from leading citizens flu ��� .iiL-h .1.1
Canada anil the
United .Suites wbo
huve not only
been relieved, hut
entirely cured,
������Her having Buffered for years.
Every     pair     of
spectacles     Hold
under a punitive
Hiiitt'iintie,   At 11.
F. MoLean's Drug
Store until Saturday, Kilirnary 111.
Hours, iu to 12
sail - to 5.
With plenty of our
nice, clean ware in
your kitchen, you will
find housework easy
and enjoyable. It lasts
for years, and is a
pleasure every day.
Besides, "things taste
so good" when they
are cooked in it.
Complete   Electric Equipments  for  Electric  Power   Transmission  and
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block, NELSON, B- 0.
. ... ,*.��**.��. �������� MHPMi
N��li9h Dailv Minub, Tumpav, Fepruarv fa, ipoi
A branch of Hie Molsun's hank is to
he iistablisheil at Ferguson, fiays the
Vancouver World.
Born, on Sunday morning at their
residence on Water street, to the wife
of Hector MacKenzie, a daughter.
J.    II.    MauOill, an   old   newspaper
man of the coast cities   is   in Nelson
He may locate   in   Kootenay  peiman-
The sale by auction of the Houston
block, which was to have occurred
yesterday, lias been postponed until
next Monday.
The Waveiley Social Club gave a
successful masque ball in the opera
house last night. The attendance
was large and the music excellent
The mayor called out the flic brigade to the Athabasca saloon yesterday
afternoon. The department made
good time on the run and drew a
crowd of several hundred spectators.
A concert under the auspices of the
Sisteis of St. Joseph will be held in
the Opera House next Friday evening.
The programme will be rendered by
the children of St. Joseph's school
and will be a most interesting one.
The Chinese new year is on the
cards for Saturday next. The event
is always celebrated joyously in
Chinatown with much feastiug and
drinking samsuey. This year's proceedings promise to he as lively as
Steward Fred Conway of the steamer Kokanee secured a series of splendid views of tho launching of the tug
Valhalla on Saturday afternoon, The
photos were taken from the Kokanee
and represent three stages of the
proceedings. The detail is exceptionally good.
Manager Amiable of the Opera
House has booked Richards tit Prin-
gle's Georgia Minstrels for the 20th
instant. They are a big combination,
with some fifty per pie, two bands
and everything else in proportion.
They are considered quite the best
company of the kind now on tbe
Notlce of appeal was served yesterday on Galliher tit Wilson, plaintiff's
solicitors, in the suit of Manly vs.
Collom. In the first hearing of the
case before the supreme court last fall
plaintiff secured a verdict in the action which involves the ownership
of the Native Silver fraction claim
adjoining the Arlington on Springer
At the carnival tomorrow evening
the rink will he cleared of all save
skaters in costume at U p. m., and
these are requested to wear masks.
The judges will be Mrs. W. W.
Beer, Mrs. W. J. Goepel and Dr. Arthur. The piizes which will be given
are now on exhibition in J. J. Walker's window. There should be a big
crowd at the rink tomorrow.
R. B. Hlythe, a clergyman who
fought through the Transvaal war
with the Royal Canadian Artillery
lectured to a large audience at the
Congregational church last night.
Blythe wasja sergeant in the regiment
and wore his kharki service uniform
with the gold chevrons and gray puttees last night. His lecture was interesting nnd elicited rounds of applause.
MRS. J. B. M'C.niE DEAD���
A respected resident of Nelson passed away yesterday iu the perBon of
Mrs. James li. McGbie who died at
her husband's residence, corner Cedar
and Vernon streets after a lengthy
illness. The deceased lady was a native of St. Andrews, Manitoba, aud
had reached thu age of .14 years. The
funeral takes place on Wednesday afternoon, Rev. William Munroe, pastor
of Emmanuel Congregational church,
While a Miner representative was In
the olllce of H. E. Maedonell, contracting freight agent of the Cj P. R.,
yesterday, a telephonic message was
received from the manager of the B.C.
smelter at Greenwood asking for a
rate on a shipment of coal from Lethbrldge. Owing to the Inability of the
Crow's Nest people to supply the
demand In II. C, thu order was placed, the Greenwood people consenting-
to pay the higher rate.
The C. P. R. is now in the midst of
the dlflicult navigation season on the
Arrow lakes, the tiouble buing caused by ice which forms there several
inches thick. The steamers have never failed to get through the Hoes yet,
but their arrival is usually from an
hour to two hours late, and this may
be expected to continue until u thaw
breaks up the ice. A barge specially
built and equipped fur tho work la
used as an ice Breaker, and with this
it is impossible for the steamers to
make   better   time   than   half   speed.
A Kootenay Indian named David
has discovered that tho game laws of
the country nre made to be observed
and not to be broken. It was reported to the provincial police here that
David was selling venison at Clubb's
landing, and Constable Young went
up to investigate. He found the facts
to be ns alleged and arrested David,
bringing him to Nelson. Tbe game
laws permit Indians to shoot deer for
their own immediate use, but does
not allow them to dispose of the meat,
and tbe red man was convicted. He
was allowed to go on payment of the
costs with a stern warning. A quantity of venison was seized and sent to
the general hospital.
Chlef Thompson   is confined   to   the
hospital with   a   threatened attack of
Wlien oonrt opened yesterday morning Mr. Justice Irving administered
the oath of allegiance to His Majesty-
Edward VII. to His Honor Judge
P. E. Emerson of the Office saloon
is seriously ill with a return ot the
trouble from which he suffered last
summer. lie has been confined to his
home for a week and expects to leave
shortly for the south.
The senior hockey club proved too
Btrong for the intermediates last
night and the game arranged developed into a practice with the players
divided up. Tho Nelson seven is in
excellent shape for the games at the
Rossland carnival this week. Tonight
the team practices from 7:1r. o'clock
to S. when the skaters have the floor.
At 9:80 the game between the militiamen and the tramway staff comes off.
On Wednesday the carnival is on the
cards and on Thursday night after
skating the C. P. R. team plays a seven representing tho wholesale   clerks.
The arrangements with the city for
the franchise of the Electric Dispatch
and Messenger service having been
practically completed nothing now
prevents the installation of the system save the non-arrival of the plant
for the call department. The company has an order with an eastern
firm for 100 boxes to be installed at
once on delivery here and this will
entail the stringing of some five
miles of wire. Six weeks after the
arrival of the outfit, the system will
be complete so far as it is intended to
go as a starter. Five or six messengers will be employed on the start,
and the management promises to give
a first class service.
Joseph H. Carter, the new C. P. R.
official in the passenger department,
reached Nelson last night in company
with E. J. Coyle.assistant general passenger agent. Mr. Carter has been in
the employ of the Canadian Pacific for
a number of yeais and comes to British Columbia with a splendid record
as a railroad man anil citizen generally. He will take charge of the passenger business in the Kootenays ai.d
Boundary as district passenger
agent. This post is entirely a new
one on the road, having been specially
created with a view to meeting the
exigencies of the service in this section of the province. Mr. Carter
leaves today for a run over the lines
within his jurisdiction.
Laxative Bromo-Quinine removes thu cauee.
Phaii���A C. F'lummerfelt, Victoria;
J. Fred Ritchie, Rossland; H. J Gamble, Vancouver; A. J. Drewery, A. H.
MacNeill, Rossland; M. W. Coleman,
Slocan City; W. S. E. Barnardo,
Erie; A. Hubbard, Ottawa; A. Whealler, G. 0. Buchanan, Kaslo; E. C.
Phair,St. Paul; Aithur Terroux, Montreal; J. T. Carter, Winnipeg; E. J.
Coyle, Vancouver.
Hume���T. M. Davis, Sandon ; J. H.
Maitland, Vancouver; G. E. Fish,
Spokane; W. J. McMillan, Vancouver;
F. Edwards, Toronto; Mark Manly,
Slocan City; F.McGuigan, Sandon; H.
J- Stewart, Silverton; D. W. Moore,
Trail; J. R. Gilford and wife, Hall
mines; W. N.  Bravton, Kaslo.
Designer Watson Insists That the
Work lie Hastened.
Glasgow, Feb 11.���Owing to a serious protest upon the part of Mr. Geo.
L. Watson at the delay in the construction of Shamrock 11. the Dennys
have put all their available workmen
on the job and the building of the
America cup challenger will be pushed night and day without pause. Mr.
Watson Insists that she must be
launched during the last week in
March so that his elaborate plans for
trial races can be carried out. Great
quantities of materials have already
been shaped and fitted in readiness
to being put in their places. There is
considerable doubt, however, In
some quarters as to whether the shell
can be ready for launching at the time
mentioned. A dredger is worklug in
the river Leven preparing a launching berth and a channel down to
tideway on the Clyde.
Often children are tortured with
Itching and burning eczema and other skin diseases but Bucklen's Ainlrn
Salve heals the raw sores, expels in
llammaliuii. haves the skin without
a scar. Clean, fragrant, cheap, there's
no salve on earth as good. Try it.
Cure guaranteed, Only 25 cents at
Canada Drug tit Hook Co,
If yon don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beoausa you've never tasted it.
Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. ('.
I., about those headaches, crosfl eyes,
or the fitting of spectacles that ate
absolutely correct at McLean's Drug
Store until Saturday, February II.
Hours 10 to 12, and 2 to n.
Montreal, Feb. 11.��� The trial of the
Delplt case In which E. Delplt seeks
to huve the civil courts alllrm the decision of the ecclesiastical court's sentence annulling bis marriage on the
grounds that both parties . eing Catholics, they could not be married by a
Protestant minister, opened this
morning. Counsel for Delplt asked
for a postponement and counsel for
the defendant accused him of seeking
to have the trial come before Judge
Matbleu, who baa already given one
decision in the case favorable to the
plaintiff, instead of having the trial
take place before the present Judge
Archibald, who Is n protestant The
judge gave the plaintiff's counsel till
tomorrow to show why the trial of
the case should not be at once proceeded with.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablots. All
���lmgKlHla refund the uionoy if it falls to cure.
Ho,   It. W, Uruvo.-i (Iguamro I* on each box.
(BY-LAW NO. 87.)
A By-law to raise 879,000 for the purpose of paying off  advance made by
Bank  of   Montreal   on   Debentures
WHEREAS By-laws NoS. 08, 69, 70,
71, and 72 of the by-laws of the City
of Nelson being respectively a by law
to raise S15.00O.OO to" extend the water
works system,a bylaw to raise $15,000.-
00 to extend and improve the electric
light system,a by-law to raise 820,000.-
00 to extend the sewerage system,a bylaw to raise 830,000.00 to improve the
streets within the City of Nelson and
a by law to raise 86,000.00 for purchasing a road making plant were duly
passed, and debentures issued thereunder for the respective sums mentioned in said by-laws in all tne sum
of $70.(100.00, but said debentures so
issued remain unsold.
And whereas said debentures so
issued and unsold were hypothecated
to the Bunk of Montreal as security
for an advance thereon of 870,000 for
the purposes in the said by-laws recited.
And whereas a petition bas been
presented to the Municipal councilof
the corporation of the City of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least
one-tenth of the value of the property
in the said city, as shown by the last
revised assessment roll, requesting
the said council to introduce a by-law
to raise the sum of seventy-nine thousand (879,000 OOldollars forthe purposes
of paying off the indebtedness to the
Bank of Montreal and interest thereon
for which said debentures are so
And whereas it is deemed expedient
to borrow the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (87ll.00O.0O) dollars (which is
the amount of the debt intended to be
created hy this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount of the
whole rateable real property of the
said city, according to the last revised assessment roll, is two million,
sixty-five thousand, four hundred
(82,005.400.00) dollars.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
ra.se annually by rate the sum of
(80794.00) dollars 'for paying the said
debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in council assembled, enacts
as follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful for
the mayor of the corporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sura
of money not exceeding on the whole
the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (8711,000.00) dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into the hands of
the treasurer of the said corporation,
for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
sums ns may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (8711,000.00)dollnrs;eaoh of the
said debentures being of the denomination ot one thousand (81000 OOldollars
and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the corporation
and signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, in lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,and
shall have attached to the coupons
for the payment of interest, and the
signatures to the interest coupons may
.e either written, stamped, printed or
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent per
annum from the date thereof, which
interest shall be payable semi-annually at the said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, ou the first day of
April and the first day of October
respectively, in each year during the
currency thereof, and shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to
he so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or any of
them for Iosb than par; but in no case
shall the said debentures or any of
thi-iii bo negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-live per centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and other
incidental expenses.
0. There shall be raised and levied
In eneh year during the currency of
said debentures the sum of thlrty-
nini- hundred and lifl.y dnlliirs(8'l,05(i.-
oil) for thu payment of Interest and the
sum of twenty-eight hundred and forty four dollars (82,844.00) forthe payment of the debt due under the said
debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on all the rateable land In the
said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
municipal council to re-purchase any
of the said debentures upon such
tonus as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or
any part thereof, either ut tbe time
of sale or any subsequent time or
times, and ail debentures so re-pur-
chased shall forthwith be cancelled
and destroyed, and no re-Issues of
debentures so repurchased shall be
made In consequence of such re-pur-
H. Tills by-law shall take effect on
the date   of the final passage thereof.
Done   and   passed   In council at the
City of Nelson on the        duy of
, A. D.  1001.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
which tho vote of the electors of the
Municipality will betaken; Forthe
East Ward at the City Police court,
on the east side of Josephine street,
between Baker and Victoria streets;
for the West Ward at the office of
Ward Brothers, on the north side of
Baker Btreet, betweon Stanley and
Kootenay streets, in the City of Nel-
I son, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day
of Fciu-iiaiy,   Instant,  between  the
' ���'        ��� '���' i
hours of  8 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. Cj Februarv 5th, 1901.
(BY LAW NO 88.)
A By-law to raise $21,000 to pay over
draft due the Bank of Montreal and
accumulated interest.
WHEREAS, a petition has been presented to the said Municipal council
of the corporation of the City of Nelson signed by the owneis of at least
one-tenth of the value of the real
property iu the said city, as shown hy
the last revised assessment roll, requesting the said council to introduce
a by-law to raise the sum of twenty-
one thousand(821,000.00)dollarsfor the
purpose of paying off the indebtedness
due by the City of Nelson of the Bank
of Montreal by way of overdraft and
accumulated interest.
Whereas, it is deemed expedient to
borrow the said sum of twenty-one
thousand (821,000.00) dollars (which is
the amount of the debt intended to be
created by this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount of the
whole rateable real property of the
said city, according to the last revised
assessment roll is two million, sixty-
five thousand, four hundred ($2,005,-
400.00) dollars.
And Wherens, it will bo necessary
to raise annually bv rate the sum of
81,800.00 for paying the said debt and
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in coui.cil assembled, enacts as
1. It shall and may he lawful for
the mayor of the coiporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of money not exceeding the whole,
the sum of twenty-one thousand (821,-
000.00) dollais.and to cause all sums so
raised or received to be paid into the
hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for the purpose and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for suoh sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of twenty-one
thousand(821,000.00)dollat-s;eachof the
said debentures of the denomination
of one thousand dollars(81,000.00) and
all such debentures shall be sealed
with the seal of the corporation and
signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, in lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,
and shall have attached to tbem coupons for the payment of interest, and
the signatures to the interest coupons
may be either wrltten.stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per centum
per annum from the date thereot,
which interest shall be payable semiannually at the said office of the Bank
of Montreal in Nelaon aforesaid, in
lawful money of Canada, on the 1st
day of April and the 1st day of Oo-
tober respectively, in each year during the currency thereof, and shall be
expiessed in said debentures and coupons t" be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or uny of
them for less than par; but in no"case
shall the said debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five pei centum of their
lace value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and
other incidental expenses.
6. There shall be raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said debentures the sum of ten hundred and fifty dollars, (81,050.00)for the
payment ot interest and tbe sum of
seven hundred and fifty-six (8750.00)
dollars for the payment of the
debt due under the said debentures
by a rate sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land in said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Municipal council to re-purchasc any
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, cither at tbe time of sale
or any subsequent time or times, and
all debentures in re-purchased shall
forthwith bo cuncclli'd and destroyed,
and no re-ISHue ol ilcbeutuics ��*o repurchased shall be made In consequence of such re-purchase.
8. This by-law shall take effect on
the   day of tho final   passago thereof,
Done nnd passed in Council ut the
City of Nelson on tho day of
, A.  1). 1001.
Take notice that the above Is a I rue
copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the electors of the
Municipality will betaken: Forthe
East Ward ut the City Police court,
ou the east side of Josephine street,
between Baker nnd Victoria streets;
for the West Ward at the office of
Ward Brothers on the north side of
Baker street, between Stanley and
Kootenay streets, in the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day
of February, between the hours of 8
o'clock a, m. and 4 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, February 5th, 1901.
k oi Estate and Insurance Agents.
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and bathroom, with all modern improvements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover Street, near Josephine.    Easy terms.
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Mill Btreet���Lot and 0-roomed house
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ia LOST and how It may be
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��>9><9����'>w��m"99"���"��'#"t<i��iii i
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to I
Winter Carnival
Curlin? Bonspiel
Fbd. 12-16,
Eight Curling Contests
Under the Auspices of the Koote-
nuy Curling Association.
Hookey Tournament
For Senior, Junior  and   Ladies'
Championships of B.C.
Ski Bao.��B Skating Kau�����
For   Provincial   Championships
and for Men and Boys.
Cutter and Dog Races
$3,000   In Trophies ana Prizes   13,000
Rates of Single Fare for the Round Trip
On All Railways.
HP* For further pticuarlars see posters and programmes, or address
pm. Secy.  Carnival  Committee,   Rossland,  B. 0.
< |��^^^/*^^^*^^v^-^^v*^-^/*^i>v>'*^^vvv**vv-vv*v**ivvvvvv��vvvvvvvve
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In all your purchases does not by any means prove that you
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Nelson, B. C.
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���r-g ��� ��� ������������������-eg. a
Branoh Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slooan City.
A  \ armng Voice    ' j 0rderi ��� mM M     b    h  ,��� h oromnt attention
thotltloof unlntoroHtlnK llttlobook  I ' ������"���hi w-xa nromot attention.
E*v-W*-***N>*-*)*W'*A^ ,
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Investor B0LD  P''��l��u*'ti-'8  wanted at once for Eastern
slStSorl ^t^l^^^0^ZtmTeat0d t0 80Dd
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rnA1vr,0XCJj'T.B^1   ml!'l"'?  rcn,a,;��, raT*��stcd   to mako  tho  EXCHANGE their headquarters when In Nelson.
All samplc-B should lie rent by express, PREPAID
Correspondence solicited.    Address all oommnnicutlona to
;,   Telephone No. 104.  P.O. Box 700. nelson r n    '


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