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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 18, 1899

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 Daily Edition No. 293
Nelson, British Columbia. Tuesday, April   1S,   1899.
Ninth Year
t.u iillb
The Figaro Continues to Publish the Proceedings
Every thing Goes to Sliov.* That Dreyfus
Conviction ,was  a Pre-deter-
mjged  Affair.
Paris, April 17,���Tlio Figaro, continued its publication of testimony
offered before tlio court of cassation in
the Dreyfus revision proceedings gives
another instalment of Onlonel Pie-
quart's evidence. Oolonel Pioquart
denied that lie had expended 100,000
fiiincs in his inquiriesoonoernitig oora-
niiindant Esterhazy, on the contrary
lie said his expenses uutlor this lie ui
Wi re very small. When the Eclair,
in September 18i)0, published an article first mentioning that secret documents had been eommnnicuted to tlie
court martial, Pioquart supposed it
was a manoeuver of the Dreyfus family
to get the trial annulled, and be endeavored to ascertain the author of tbe
Eolair's article.
From the timo when bo mentioned
this regarding Esterhazy to General
(louse, Pioquart fell, be believed, a
disguised hostility on thn pnrt of
(louse towards himself, lie referred,
in tbis connection, ro the ignoring by
Generals Qonse, Billot and Ue liois-
deffre ot bis proposals that measures
in* employed regarding Esterhazy.
Wben the Matin printed the bordereau
n detective was charged with Iho duty
of watching Esterhazy, and Pioquart
noticed a great agitation on the part
of|lhe Cunimnndunt, who gave the impression of being cu-rected.      ,
Oolonel Pioquoit described nn occasion iu IH'.ili when General de Bois-
ilell're invited him to go for a rine and
discussed the affair with him, The
general at the time exhibited a marked
reluctance to accept evidence tuvor-
nlile to Dreyfus. On another occasion
General Billot having mid Pioquart
tlie contents of n document signed
Maximilian, which be (Billot) regarded as proving the guilt of DrnyfllB,
Oolonel Pluqunrt expressed doubts oi
its genuineness to General (louse.
The bitter replied "When a ministei*
tells me something I always believe
it." Pioquart remarked that tbis was
extraordinary and that the document
must have been sent by Lieulon ml
Oolonel Henry to General Gouse di
rootly, without bis (Pioquarts) oogniz*
insinuations of "in ;nlai-tv"in culling
tor the lenders tins fact would com.
pletely dispose of them ns Mr, Kydd
bad his figures decided upon long before the ten lers were culled for. Tbe
latter follows:
H. G. Neelands, Esq., Mayor, Nelson,
Dear Bir:���Qn belialf of the Merchant's Bank of Halifax we take execution to tho unbusinei * like treatment that is being received by that
bank with respeot to the Olty account.
In July lust the bunk tendered for
the.debentures of the Oitv to Hie ex*
eut of 120,000, at par, "less legal ex-
penses not to exceed 9150, but. their
tender was uot accepled and the debentures wero sold to the Bank of
Montreal at OK'*., cents on the dollar.
It was not at that time considered necessary to disclose the figures at which
tbe bant was prepared to carry the
Cty's account, and i* *vas decided to
ullow the matter to remain in obey-
ance until somo ange had taken
place in the personnel of the Council.
Upon the advent of the new Council
the General Manager of the Merchant's Bank of Halifax for this Province authorized Mr. George Kydd at
the proper time ta make an offer for
the carrying of the City's account
nnd tbis authority was complied with
to the letter by Mr. Kydd in the offer
be has lately made, aud which wus
accepted at the last meeting of the
g As evidence of Mr. Kydd's au-
tbority in the matter we enclose you
herewith for your perusal uud that of
tbe members of your Council the letter dated tho 8ld day of February,
from Mr. Botsford, General Manager,
a portion of which gives the authority
above referred to. On the strength of
t is authority,nnd upon being requested to do so, Mr. Kydd on the -iTtli day
of February submitted his proposition
to the Council, and subsequently learned that his offer was tho lowest, the
oilier three banks ull having proposed
to take the City's account at the same
figure, but higher than that of the
Merchant's Bank of Halifax.
This seems to he u simple proposition, and we are surprised to learn
that uny insinuation should be made
ugainsl the methods on the part ol
the bunk of its looal manager in making this offer,
In view of your ha'-ing vetoed the
resolution passed by the Council in tin
matter, we are writing simply to lay
the tacts before yourself and the members of your Council. Yours truly
Policy of Subsidising Liners Immense Sums Improperly
to be Continued.        ,    Obtained by Boss Quay
Mr-   St   John   Broderick   Defends the
Measures Taken in Samoa by the
Allied Squadrons
London, April 17.���Answering u
question regarding the Clayton-Bulwer
treaty in the House of Commons today, Mr. Broderick said : "Communications regarding the proposed modifications of the treaty have been exchanged between Washington aud
Londou, but no agreement has been
reached. Under the circumstances it
is impossible to present the papers on
the subject.
The first Lord of thn Admiralty,
Mr. George J. Gosclie.n, on being questioned respecting the subsidies to be
paid to auxiliary cruisers said that notice hud been giveu to terminate the
agreements with the Ounard, Whitt
Star, and Peninsular and Oriental
Steamship Oompanies, In order to
place the Admiralty in a position tt*
review the conditions of the ooutraoti
and the selection of tlie vessels, sub-
idized. There was no intention, hi
added, of abandoning tlie subsidy pol
Iny, M. Goschen declined to give particulars regarding the proposed armaments of auxiliary cruisers.
Qu.iy's Friends ia   Alleghauy  are  Going
Back on Him and he May Not
be Koelected Senator-
The Letter   Which   Came   Before   the
Council on Saturday.
The position of the City Couucil
on the bnuk account question was n
matter very freely discussed yesterday. The reports of the proceedings of
the Council on Saturday morning did
not assist very materially In helping
lo arrive ut ll conclusion. However, as
no resolution touching the question
wus moved at the meeting it is pretty
well understood (hut tho session on
Buturday does not count us anything
beyond a sample in what u ridiculous
manner some        Oity       Councils
cuii givo uii imitation of transacting
business. The contentions of the
l''inanee Coiiiiuillee that the whole
proceedings were illegal and mean
nothing ure generally considered bs
correct. Ir, is ulso taken for granted
now thut, in uny event the offer of the
Hunk of llulifiip will be accepled oi a
bgiire; just   us   favorable    be   received
from one of the other banks, Tbe
position that Aid. Fletcher, who <s
buding tlie forces ID support of the
bunk of Montreal takes is thnt this institution should continue to have the
nccount     ui      ibe   old   figures,    This
means thut the city would continue
to borrow money ut the rate of 1   per
cent.    For such gill edged security this
is regarded ns u rate that should not be
considered for a moment as Ibe Oity
Oounoil could get a   better rule almost
anywhere, The new offer or tbe
Bank of Halifax Montreal wus it per
cent, while the Hunk of Halifax wants
���' '*., per rent. The Mayor and Aid.
Hillyer strongly support the peculiar
"land of Aid. 'Fletcher���but they urn
about tbe only ones who do.
It will be remembered that some
Weeks ago the Oity Council met, and
appointed Aid. Fletcher noting Mayor
during the abseuoe of His Worship  al
Victoria.    There   was   talk   yesterday
nf organizing a deputation of citizens
fo wait on Aid. Fletcher to Inform
bini that Mr. Neelands hud returned
and cun assume his duties ul an\
Hme that Aid. Fletcher is prepared to
band them over.
'I'be letter from Maodonald it Johnson   which    Aid, Flelcber objected   to
'"-ing read at Saturday's meeting is
given below. The communication
from Mr. Botsford referred to, was
Written on February :i, and author-
tend Mr, Kydd to quote the figures
thai subsequently enine in lore the Pin-
 '���' Comintiee.' Even if  anyone  at-
tuolum  tho  sllgbtost importance to the
The Ministerial Party   Carries Things
With a   High Hand.
Madrid, April 17. -During tbe election riots ut Bilbao yesterday, 3(1 persons wero wounded, and popular feel-
in* runs high in Valencia und the surrounding districts There win a serious affair iu the town of Portos, Province of Tarragona, where the olliciul
candidates were being bouiou. Tin
municipal officials fired guns at tin
crowd, injuring a number of persons
i lie socialists are preparing to makt
u demonstration ut Bilboa as a protest
against the defeat of their candidate,
wbioh they allege, wus due to tin
'' Scandalous conduct ot police provocu
teurs instigating disorder". The la;
est indication us to rhe insult of tin
* lections are Unit the ministerialists
will win by u huge majority. Tin
Minister of tbe Colonies ill the Sagasta
riibinet bus been elected ut   Sarugossu.
Madrid, April 17.���From the ro
I urns this far the Government may be
expeoted to get 285 out of 41(1 seals
Two hundred nnd forty-three minis-
teritsists huve been elected, including
180 Silverlists nnd thiity-tbree Fo
luviejuists.   The opposition returns in
elude .Sli Liberuls, 80 Cuinu/.ists, U
Tetutanists, i.i Republicans,live Romer
ists uud four Oarlists, Senor Sngusin
bus been returned by a small majority
lor his birth plaoe Logrono, oapital ol
ihe Province of thut nuiiie, after a
sharp ennlest with n Republican, For
ihe tiisl lime since 1888 Senor Romaic V
llobledo failed to get, u seat. Senoi
Kniilio Costelur, Ihe distinguished
lie|iublic:in statesman, wns defeated
al Murom. Tlie Socialists have been
defeated but they polled an increased
The United States Need a Regular |
Force to Bold the Philippines, ,
London, April 17,���The Dimes  coin- j
menting editorially toduy upon Major- -
General   Lawton's  retirement    I'mm j
the Laguua de Buy   district iu   Luzon [
finds ib it nothing surprising or   dis
oouraging,   "BrltiBh   Generals    have:
often had fo do the same thiug," snys
lln* Tunes, "in similar oironmstances,
A much graver matter is the   reported i
discontent  of  Hie   American   troops, I
but here also all   countries   pursuing a
foreign policy have hud the same dim
nnlties lo contend witli, and no  doubt
the U, S. will find il advisable   to en- j
list a regular foroe for tlm purpose  of !
holding the Philippines,   Foreign pos- j
sessions cannot be held by volunteers, "
London, April   17.���The parliamentary Secretary of   tin*    Foreign   Olliee,
the right Tion. William St. John Brqd-
ariok, replying   iu   tbo House of Com  :
,11011s   todny   to Mr. Mic'ii.nl   Davitt, *)
Irish Nationalist, said tin*,  malinger oi
r.he German plantation near  Apia was I
irresled by   the Senior   British Nuvul
l lllicer on sworn   evidence thnt be" was |
leen directing the natives who ambushed   the   naval   landing   parties.    This
iction,Mr. Brodcriok added,was taken
without the   naval   nffloer  having  an
ipportnnity of    eoniinunicaling   with
ln< Home Government.
In   conclusion Mr. Brodorie      said :
'Wo  aro   informed thnt he was bund-
id over to the Commander of the Gor*
nun war  ship   Falke   on the promise
Mint bn would be detained   on   board  I
Mr, Broderick said authority bud been
,'iven   Hie   British   representative   ur i
ipia to join if he should deem  it   no- !
���isuhlc   iii a joint proclamation  with !
be other   consuls culling upon the in* !
nibitnnts to   abstain   from   hostilities
.ending   the  arrival   of  the Samoau!
'iiinmissioiiers       Hut,  be   lidded, Her!
Majesty's commanding officer would he
bound lo take meusnros for the proteo- j
"ion   of   British   lives   und   property, j
ihould these be threatened hy either oi *
'he rival factions     Mr. Broderick suid i
he telegraph  reports roe.lived did not
itl'ord sufficient materials in which to :
judge the cause of the   recent   boslili
ies, but so fur ns ascertainable the nc*
ion of tbe Tlnited Suites und  British
nival commanders lind been caused bj
sonic    aggression     against     British
-nlij.'cts or United   States   citizens   or
their property which   they were bound
in ilit* nd.
Londou,    April   17.���The   House  of
Oommons this evening passed to u sec- i
mil rending   ihn   bill   recently   intro- |
limed   by   Mr    Joseph  Chamberlain,
leretary of Siutn for the Colonies, empowering local authorities to  advance
money to enable ocoupants   to acquire i
iwncrship of sniiill booses on the prill- ]
oiple of tlie  Sum ll Holdings' Act."
St, Johns, Mid.. April   11    Joseph
Chamberlain,     British    Seoretary  of
"lute for the Colonies,    has written to
'he New Foiindlniul   Customs   department   requesting    information   upon,
matters     concerning     tlie   smuggling
from St. Pierre to  Newfoundland nnd .
('amnio.    The     customs   ollicials   are i
compiling the particulars asked, and i
tbe Colonial Scoretory's inquiry seems
io indicate that, the report of the Royal
Commission   upon   the  Fiench shore i
question is nol likely to   be   presented |
to Parliament for some weeks yet,
Philadelphia, Pa. April li.���Some
startling fuels were brought out today
in the trial of ex-Senator Quay on the
charge of conspirnoy to defraud the
state. The prosecution are endeavoring to prove that Quay had for a number of years used the money deposited
by the State People's Bank to his personal advantage. Expert accountant
Meyer Goldsmith who had examined
tbe bank's books was on the stand today. He testified that during the year
ISOil-IM and 96 the stute deposits ranged
from $4-10.000 to $2,000,000 und during
the same period Senator Quay's loans
from tbe bunk run as hieh as {886,000.
No interest bad apparently beeu paid
by Quay on the loan Iu tbe following
vour the s'ate deposits varied from
1400,000 to |625,000 and Senator Quay
wus loaned $141,000. Tho bank nls'o
bought for Quay during this time
stock aggregating in value $500,000
but no payment of interest by Senator
Quay on these transactions wns shown
by the books. In 1807 the stute deposit
was ill tho neighborhood of 1560,000.
Quay's louns aggregated (185,000,
ind the bank purchased stocks ro the
i-nlue of $14)1.000 for Quay nnd no interest was paid on either the loans or
tho stock transactions. According to
-be books of the bunk, it wus shown
bat of this last deposit by the state
it $540,000; tw-mtv -per cent, was nsi ,*,
liy the bunk without interest, (200 -
000 was set aside for the Use of Qnnv,
md tbe interest on the balance was
���iiiiiputed and divided between Quay,
8, J. Haywood nnd C. H. McKee and
lashier Hopkins of the People's Hank,
through whom Quay transacted nil bis
b isines8 with tho bank. He committed suoide some timo ago, and it, is
from Irs memorandum book which fell
���nto the bunds of tho stute authorities
hat the above figures are taken.
Harrisburg, Pa., April 17.���The
itibery investigation committee toil iglit, recommended the house thut
.iroooodings be instituted in the courts
.igainst nine persons, (named) for corrupt solicitation in connection with
the balloting now going on for U. S.
���senator and the consideration of the
iloCarroll jury bill. The house postponed further consideration of the report until tomorrow.
Harrisburg, Pa., April 17.���State
--Senator Magee of Pittsburg who bus
steadfastly voted for Quay for V. S.
-Senator, auuounoed tonight that be
would not vote for the ex-Souiuor to
morrow, nnd tli'it other members from
Alleghany county hud also enst their
niHt vote for Quay, He predioted
*.i>uay would lose twenty supporters tomorrow and said thu prospects are
.n-igiit for tbe election ot a Senator.
.ilized the "seriousness   of   the OOCtt-
sum." Tbe Tammany leader retorted :
"Not   very   serious,    I  am not   go
j ing away, I am going to stay hero un-
| til the circus is ovi r. "
"You an* nut going to Europe?"
said Mr. Moss.
"1 nm going to be here to see how
long you are going to .stay. Y u cun
have me any day you want,' replied
the witness.
"I am glad we  shall   nol   interfere
I with your trip," said Mr. Moss.
"You have interfered witli it pretty
much, " wns the retort.
Mr. Croker declared he bad nol
j said lie would never resign from the
leadership of Tammany Hall, He had
merely stated that he would remain
iu Tammany Hall as long us he lived
Mr. Croker suid he' bad not paid his
last year's personal tax nf $50,000 because the mortgage on bis real estate
amounted to more than the tuxes.
;,' "What personal estate did yon hnve
when you went to make your affidavit
in tlie tux olliee," asked Mr. Moss.
~ "Nothing" said Mr. Croker.
J "That is what I meant when I asked
you the question. Perhaps it is au objectionable term, but were you not
broke when you came buck from England?" suid Mr. Moss
"No sir, I was not," replied tbo
witness, nnd bo added, "I brought
buck some English money with   inc."
"You wont a municipal gas plant
deal, don't yon?" suid Mr. Moss.
"Yes" said Mr. Croker.
"With contracts carried ont by members of the organization?"
5 "Yes "
"Tammany right olean through?"
"Tammany   right   to   the  ground,''
was the emphatic answer.
"You want the whole business'*"'
Mr, Oroker bad never beard that
when the Third Avenue Railway
Oompany received a permit to open
the street und install their eleotrioal
equipment thnt there was a large payment made by some oue connected
with the interest of Tammany Hull to
himself, to Mr. Freedman, to any commissioner, or to any lender. He knew
nothing about such a payment.
"Have, ymi during the last year received lurge sums of money from individuals which wero not your profit, or
earnings from any business?" asked
Mr.   Moss.
"No" said Mr. Croker, and he repented bis answer.
Mr. Moss said that ho had some
questions that hud been drawn up by
lawyers who woro taking an interest
iu tbo matter of judicial assessments
hnl 1,., ivo,i"i,i rlof-****: tbeiu until a furore time.
"Mr Croker bas said he is going to
stay with us and we can give him :*
little rest" said Mr.  Moss.
"I think, Mr, Croker, we will subpoena you for the time being for 1*
week from today, aud if there be anything to ohange our plans we will 'el
you know beforo that." The commit
too adjourned till Friday morning at
botes if m emu
Are Needed in Case of Pen
der vs. War Eagle.
Valdosta,   (in,.   April    17.���RobertI
Miller supposed lo be a plumber, orig-
nullv from Toronto, but  lately   work- |
ing ui Birmingham Ala., and Jaoksou ���
ville, Klu , committed suicide by   cut- j
ling his tbront with   u piece   of   glass
here today,     He arrived here lust night
from   .Inckiionville.    His    net ions   at-
triictod the ul lent ion   of   the   chief   of
police, and he was looked up pending
un examination Into his.coniliiion. This
morning he deliberately oul his throat
with n piece of window glass, Ciasl
night he asked the jailor lo notify bis
mother in Toronto if anything Imp- i
pouud to him.
Now York, April 17.-At Philadelphia���Philadelphia, ii, Washington,
At Baltimore���Baltimore, 8, New-
York, i.
At New York��� Brooklyn, I, Boston, I
At Louisville���Louisville, 8, Chicago, 0.
Al Cincinnati���Cincinnati, 8, Pittsburg, 7.
London,   April   in. ���Herr Pollack,
the well known engineer nnd eleotric-
Ian, has discovered, says the Vienna
correspondent of ilm Daily Chronicle,
ii means of telegraphing 60,000 words
per hour over a single wire.
A   Terrible Catastrophe is   Hut   Narrowly Averted.
London, April 17.���Tbe British   Metropolis narrowly escaped a oal ity
today   which  might   rival   with   the
iVmsdor Hotel lire in New York Oity,
Hyde  Park , Courl,    Allien   Cute	
of thii finest nnd most fashionable
docks of residential Huts   overlooking
iiii*    famous  Hotteli    Row,    oaught
lire at bulf pusl nine tins morning,
lhe building which is 11 stories
high, wus built by the notorious ,!uhez
Spencer Hainan*. The fire broke mil
in   the lower   part of the building und
spread up tbe elevator shaft, with great
cupidity, Tim flames involved the upper stories before the occupants were
aware of the   danger.    Then the alarm
wns raised, the affrighted servants
dropped from tbo top windows to tho
verandahs mi flu* ninth floor.
Tbo defective  arrangements  of  tlm
London Are bridgade were again  dam
iinstrnted, us the fire escapes were   too
short to rciicb the people in Hie   upper
slories, who escnped with the greatest
difficulty, while the fashionable residents Of   tlie   lower   stories   streamed
out of the imii,ling currying wbnt tbey
could of their  belongings.    The tin s
were not under control until I o'clock
when the upper part of the structure
was gutted. It is considered lucky
that the fire occurred indnyliglil.otherwise it would huve resulted in loss of
lite. All flic Boors were supposed to
be lire-proof.
���Solicitors Must   Huve   Agents in Eaoh
Town Where There is a Registry.
Tlie following are three amendment**
to tbe Rules of Court, which come into force on  May  I. :
Every District   Registrar shall keep
in bis    olliee a book 11 be culled.    Tin
Solicitors'   nnd   Agents'     Hook,"   in
j wbioh     each   Solicitor residing   else
| where lliun   in   the   town   or  city in
which the Registry is situate   nnd not
having an office there, may specify the
name of an agent, being n Solicitor of
I the   Supreme   Court   and   having   nu
| olliee in such town or city,upon whom
1 ull writs,  pleadings,   notices,   orders,
appointments, warrants,nnd other documents uud   written communications
wbioh do not require personal  serviot
��� upon Ihn nnrly to be   alfeclid thereby,
| shall be served.
All writs, pleadings, notices, orders,
' appointments, warrants and other documents and   written  communications
j whioh do not require personal service
i upon tbo party   to 1 Hooted thereby,
shall be served upon bis Solicitor when
residing in the town or olty in which
; the Registry in which the proceedings
1 nre conducted is siiiiuie or, if his
j Solicitor does not reside in   such town
or cily and tins not nn otllce therein,
I then   upon the agent,   if   uny,   named
ID "The Bolloitors' and Agents' I look, "
: unless    tin*   Court of   a   Judge   before
whom nny such proceeding is bud shall
give anv direction as iii   tin*   Solicitor
| upon whom any such writ, pleading
notioe, order, appointment,warrant, or
oih'i documentor writtenoommunioa-
I lion is In be served,    Where any Bollo
j it<ir has nol caused   guob  entry   to be
* mude in "The Solicitors'   nnd Agents'
I Book," Iben   the   posting   up of   any
such writ, pleading, notice, order, ap-
i piiintmeni, warrantor other doouinnnt
, or written eoinnmnieiilion for such So-
; licitor, in tbe office In whiob the pro
, nestlings   are   being oonduoted,   is   to
I he deemed siilllcieut service, unless thn
I Court or u Judge, us Hie ense may   be,
: directs otherwise,
Notice of any   ohange of   agency
I must be served upon the Solicitor for
the other parties in the action,cause or
proceeding, and in default thereof, service lis in the lust-mentioned rule
shnli be valid,
Iticliiiiil Oroker Will   Stay und See the
Matter Through.
New York. April 17.���At the resumed session of the Mazet Investigation
committee todny Mr, Moss remarked
that it was evident   thut   Mr.   Oroker
St. Louis April 17.��� Chris Von Der
Ape tiled suit In Hie circuit court, todny for (60,000 damages againsl frank
lie   I Ins   Robinson    nnd   Edward  0.
Hooker,  the new   owners   of   tbe   St.
Louis Baseball Olub,   Every   club  in
the National League  is also  mado a
purity lo the suit and $25,000 duinugns
is asked from each oue of them. Thu
allegation in tne petition Isthataiom-
11,111:11 i(,ii existed iu tbe league to forfeit
thn membership of tbe Bportsmens'Pnrk
nnd Club fur tbo pecuniary profit of do-
, fendants,
Account of the Day's Proceedings in ths
Supreme Court Now  Sitting
at Victoria.
Victoria, April 17.���The troubles
over the Attorney-Geue.-ul declining
to pay the amount claimed by Steno-
rapher Jones for work djue at the
Kootenay assizes were agaiujiefore the
court today. In Pender vs. War
Eagle, Mr. Belyea for the plaintiffs.
applied to JuBtice Martin to make
Jones comply with the order of the
full court that a copy of the transcript
of the notes in the case bellied with the
Registrar at Rossland, and also that
oue be delivered to the plaintiffs legal
advisers on payment of tbe usual fees.
A copy was seut to Mr. McLeod, the
plaintiff's solicitor by express O. O. D.
with charges on it of (1U9, whereas
plaintiff claims tbat $47.50 is all that
is due. The matter was laid over till
tomorrow to sen if a settlement oould
be arrived at in the meantime.
In the Delta Municipality vs. Williams, judgment has tieen given for
the plaintiff for (1,081.14 nnd interest
on (968.86 at six per cent, from Julv
27, 18HN.
In Reddy vs. Martin, applicotion
was mude t( oday by Messrs, Drake,
Jackson and Heliuckeu on behalf of
the C. P. R. to oanoel a lis pendens
against lot 8,008 near Cranbrook. This
is part of the railway right-of-wa>*.
Martin, who owned the property,
agreed to soil it to Reddy, but he
claims that the matter fell through.
He afteiwaidi soM to the O. P. R. and
then Reddy brought action against
Martin for specific performance of the
contract und tiled a lis pendens. The
bearing was udjouruod.
Astoria, Ore., April 17.���John L.
Sullivan,whose company appeared here
tonight was compelled to hide to prevent arrest. The church people of the
oity swore out a warrant for the arrest of Sullivan on a cnarge of violating tbe law by appearing iu a boxing
contest on Sunday. Manager Selig of
Fisher's Opera Houso was also charged
with (he offense of conducting a iben
ter on the Sabbath. The warrant for
the in rest of Sullivan wus plaoed in
the bands of Constable Winkman aud
ihat officer tried to serve it. Sullivan,
however, bad been told of the offioars'
coming und he was not to be found.
While tbe performance was Btill going
in John L. stole quietly out of the
singe entrance and mude his way to
his special train which was scheduled
lo pull out at 11 o'clock tor Victoria.
Officers were at the depot to arrest
him, but ho took refuge in tbe engine and thus eluded his pursuers.
.Mr. Sullivan donned the garb of un
engineer ut tbo depot und waB at the
throttle wheu the train pulled out.
Hong Kong, April 17. ��� The villagers
of Tai Poo Su, one of the newly acquired plaoM in the In it isb territory on
I lie Hung Kong mainland, who broke
out in rebellion ou Friday, burned
some of thu British mat sheds und
tben retired to tbo hills and fired upon
tin. British troops who were sent to
quell the disturbances. Tbo British
returned tne Urn, scattering the Chinese and killing some. The British
suffered nu cnsuulities As a result of
Ilm conflict tbe governor of Hong Kong
went immediately in the Cruiser
Brisk und hoisted the British flag in
ihe Kow Loon extension. Tbe Chinese seut a deputation to upologize for
thn disorders.
St. Paul,Minn., April 17.���Governor
Lind today sent u message to the Leg-
islnture urging some action being taken toward thu spoedy roturu from
Manila of the Uith .Minnesota volunteers. He states that ull appeuls to that
end addressed to thu President and to
the War Department havo boeu ignored, "Save In a few individual coses
(lint were influenced by partisanship. " Hn asserts that tbe volunteers
un* lining held contrary to law, and
Hint lie has been notified by Colonel
Ames that thu regiment desires unanimously to return home.
Rome, Apiil   17.���Tbo Tribuna   asserts that thn pupal internuncio nt The
lliigu-t bus been ordered to absent bun
���elf from the city   before the   meeting
of the peaoe conference on May 18.
Assuming that thu stutumunt of  the
I Tribuna   is   correct   the   instructions
I to the   internuncio   are the  vitioan's
I protest ugainst   non-represeututioii   at
tin* peaoe conference whioh thn Italian
Government insistod   upon as a oondi*
lion precedent   to   Bonding au   ltaliuu
Nelson Daily Miner
P'.ililiKiu a ijaily except Monday.
NKLSON Minku PmNTOJO & Hubi.ishino Oo.
D. J    BE.M'ON. Editor nml Manager.
Subscriitiiin Rates,
linlly per m.nlli by can-'or ���* 1'"-I
per halt year.    Sffl
per yoar  lol~)
pery^nr by mail    fi'J',
per yo*\r foroitfn   W 00
.$ 1 2,i
..   100
Weekly, poi half yoar	
por year, foreign    2 5'i
.-ubscrlialoni Invariably in advanoe.
Notleos of Births,   l).;aths, and Mun-iiige.
Inserted for Ml cent* eaoh.
AllVKlfl ISINd It \ I'K '- Dally, *! per incli
nor month ; Weekly. 3I.5U per luoh per innitl.
li percent disoount on yearly oontraou*
Tran-iont adi crllsuieiils Uonal nnd Olpsrl 1"
e nUpn line tor first, and 4 oeateper line fi��
��. bsoquenl lluertlODS, Want mis. one con
pci   word   oa*h   insertion.   No   redUOtlOII  01
these rates,   iooounts rendered monthly,
.ulsoii Mln :r Printing & PubllshlngCi
Tbe speciul meetiug of the City
Council which was held on Saturday
last was uot creditablo to an intelli
gent and progressive City like Nelson
A half dozen of school boys should
have known better. There was no ir
regularity in the proceedings which
terminated iu the resolution to trans
fer tbe City's bank uccouut. It was
(luite proper for the Finance Commit
tee to make inquiries among the banks
as to tbeir rates ;it was quite proper to
make a recommendation based on the
iuformatiou thus received, and it was
quite within the right and the duty Of
the Council to adopt the recommendation if it accorded with their views
So far everything was perfectly regular. If the letters from the bauks were
received and read at different times,
there was, as we all know, good rea
son for it. Mr. Kydd had once before
been buncoed by members of the City
Council, and he did not propose to be
n victim a secoud time; he therefore
held his letter until the time came to
consider it. There was nothing improper in this, on the contrary, it
was high testimony to his discretion,
and as no law, rule, or understanding
was violated by it, it cannot by any
conceivable construction be held to vitiate the action of the Couucil. It
may serve as a pretext for obstruction
by men resolved on obstruction, but
no oue with a grain of sense attaches
the least weight to it. Down to the
passing of the resolution, therefore, au
thorising the transfer of the account,
everything was perfectly proper and
Then followed the farce. Tbo Mayor
exercised his riglit, to veto the resolution. We nesd not stand on his man
ner of doing it. ns His Worship does
not profess to be versed iu municipal
or parliamentary procedure, and he is
nouo the worse man or citizen for
that. He did veto it, and that is
sufficient. And next he called a special meeting to consider tho veto ami ro-
consider the resolution. This was the
first blunder It wus for thoso opposed
to bis action to take steps against it,
if not satisflod to accept it. He and
bis supporters should have rested con-
t ut with the veto until challenged
But by calling the spuciul meeting
they put themselves in the position of
the assaulting party, nnd woro therefore obliged to take the lend. The
faroe was heightened, however, by no
one taking the lead on either side.
Tbtre wus a vote on the veto without
u motion to vote ou, ami a vote on a
resolution which had been passed at
the lust regular meeting of the Council,
without a motion to reconsider it! Six
grown up, bearded una, aotlng solemnly m thoir capacity us members
of the City Council, took part in this
screaming lures. For all legal effect n
could have, they might us well hnve
voted on u resolution passed nt the lust
sessiou of the French Chuinhor of
Deputies, or on the declaration of tin*
ulmimim thut, tbo moon will be full
in a few days. There is this excuse
for the members of tlm Blnanoe Oom
inittoo, thut thoy were acting on the
defensive uud merely repelled nttiick
from whatever quarter it i-iimo. Hut
bow His Worship could bo so imposed
upon as to suppose that bo wus engaged in serious business is beyond
tho reach of ordiuury imagination,
The votCH of Saturday's meeting
have no more force or effect than lust
summer's winds. There wns nothing
to vote on. The Mayor might invite
a vote on his voto, bnt no proceeding
hud beeu taken to challenge it; thut
would come up at the next regular
meeting iu the usual coursa. Tho rnso
lution adopting tbe recommendation of
the Finance Commit te whs not before
tho mooting, for no motion hud been
mndo to bring it up, and therefore it
was impossible to vote ou it. That resolution stands today, and under the
authority conferred by it, thn Finunoc
Committee may transfer the account
to thn Merchant's Hunk of Halifax
whenever tbey please, The Mayor's
veto tails to the ground, tor noting
under bad advice he liimselt asked to
have it, sustained mid it was not. It
is therefore ns dead us '.iiieen Anne,
and by the hands of its own friends
Aid.   Fletcher,   who   was and in   the
prime mover in tliese discreditable
proceedings, simply overreached himself. He killed the veto, and the resolution to transfer the nccount remains
absolutely unaffected.
We may laugh nt Hie farcical proceedings, but tbey hnve tbeir sorious
side. They bring discredit on the City.
It is humiliating enough to think that
tho Council cau engage in irregular
procedure throughout nn ontire sitting, but it is worse when we know
that the deliberate purpose of it is to
perpetrate a job ut the expense of the
ratepayers. No one is disposed to be
too severe on the Mayor who is well
understood to be as clay in tho bands
of Potter Fletcher. This latter gentleman, however, bus denlt u blow at his
own reputatioH ns a municipal representative which will require his best
behavior during the next eight
months   to repair.    And although in n
Wall Papers
We have received
our Spring Stock ot"
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colon nys	
Blouse Waists
quite   a
strictly   legal sense tbe situation ns it   *i q/-.        p   j ,
remained after Hie last regular meeting    XClKJ        XabbXjLlLO
To Select From.
bus not been uffected, il will bo neces
sury for the full Council to clear tin
atmosphere of the foul smell   produced
by these  *-*.*'       ���:��� ,.t   proi liugs.     As
an eucouii.^; i... in to ibis, the Finance
Committee may rest assured thut they
hnve the respectnble sentiment of tbe
City nt their buck.
Sample Books  sent
on application.     .   .
It is worse than we thought, Here
is the report, in a Toronto paper of the
conversation in the House on tbe mm-
inoredAlasknn boundary modus vivendi.
Sir Charles Tupper asked if tbe report
were true:
Sir Wilfrid Laurier replied that
there was uot tbe slightest foundation
for the report. There was uo modus
vivendi under consideration,
Sir Charles Tupper���Nor proposed?
"Nor even proposed or discussed,"
replied the Premier, adding that nothing bnd been done since two years ago.
���I'ben a provisional boundary was
agreed upon for tbe passes leadiug
from Dyea and Skagway.
Yet three days afterwards tne Prem-
iei inked to be allowed tu qualify his
statement to the effect that there was a
proposal, that it was under negotiation, but that it was not sufficiently
ulvanced for submission to Parliament,
t'bis is oue of the most important in-
ernntional mutters that Cauada has to
o with, yet it is in process of discus-
ion without the knowledge of the
I'rime Minister.
General Broker.
Seven-Roomed House **2o00
Two Six Koomeil Houses, well finished and
Rented for Sou a month  3ooo
And definite Contract given.
Fire,  Lue, Accident
and Sickness  Assurance.
The Miner is in full and complete
viiputhy with tbe position taken by
iio Board of Trade and people of
loyie, iu their differences with the
lanadian Paoiflo. It believes with
Ir. Clark, whose letter wo had pleasure in publishing in our last issue,
lint it is "an intolerable injustice
that a Company heavily   subsidised by I
* he people should be allowed to demand
h icksbeesb nt all, "   meaning   in   tbis ,
*,ise thut   they   should   bo allowed   to*
'peoulate in towusites.    They envy tbe ,
* ite in tlm mouth of the enterprising
settler, und if tbey oannot take it
lioiii him thev move their station in
he hope of ruining him.    Tbis -,.,ml.l j
not be allowed, and Parliu      n should
. mploy its strong arm to previ ut it.
Who hns seen my Cloths nnd
Samples of Overcoat Suitini/s,
Trousers and Fancy Vesting**!
s-iysthcy nre elegant. The prices
aro right. Fit nnd Finish enn
nol be excelled in Canada,
Ladie-    Tailor-made suits  a
S & 9 Clement Block.
The Nanaimo Free Press bus com-
1 leted its twcnty-lifth year of pnblioa-
tion, It, begun us a Bemi-weekly, und
ia due course expanded into a Daily,
nnd thus continued down i i the pres-
��� ut. The management tnu lestly con-
i.rutulntc themselves mi the
snady progress made during Hie qunr-
Iur of a centnry, iu which Tin Miner
i egs most cordially to join,
All Contractors figuring on   buildings ll.
will nquire
Should consult
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Who carries the InrKot i-tock of Plate (Jlnss
in the Province.
House Cleaning Time
We can assist you in (he annual
overhauling by Painting, Paper-
Hanging, Kalsominiog and Interior Deooratiug, Estimates
cheerfully given.
.i iseplilnc st.
Opp. Clarke Hntcl
aim 01
Men,  Miners
I can   bund   mould,   set.   uud   burn
brick,   ami with help  can make from
80,000 In 40.000 ner week. Will go
lo uny townsite iiii Hobson & Pontic-
lion Railway, or surrounding District.
Will make bv contract for above
parties or others. Or will mould for
lirickniuker ut a pi ice ner 1000,
,H)1 IX NIOOLSON, Nelson.
Is now prepared to till orders
I'm- Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties,
Mellon    Mowbray     lie.-*.     Ohlcken,
Veal, and Pork I'ie.*..   All orders
promptly   attended   to,
Ward St,,   -  Opposite Hume Hotol.
Since opening' our stock of
Waists, Skirls, etc., this mon
number of the ladies of Nelson hnve culled and
benefitted thereby. However, we have still a
large variety of patterns to select from, and no
matter whether you intend purchasing-* or not
we will be pleased to have you call
ber we have the Latest Patterns
Blouse Waists at from 50c to $5.
in   Ladies'
have just opened up a constituent of
California Pickles ami
which wi
I be glad to
Two Lots and House with 11 rooms on SUlcn
streot betwoon Josepblno and Hull v reels,
beautifully   situated.     Prion   %\:m.
Terms |1,800 Oiwhi   balanco to
bo   arranged,
hot und House Latlmor Btreot, near Josophlno,
stroet, Prloe $1,1x111.   Terms S.'-oo cosh,
biilliiiui* on morlKiiKO.
Lot mid Store on linker struct, kooiI locution.
Price %s,\m.
lot on Baker streot, near the corner of Cedar
stroot, (MO,
also a largo lint of tbo boat Kosldontln  Properly in tin. city,
Agont* for Addition "A" and "Hume" Addition,
The Hi-ltt-li Oolumbla Permanent l.oun nml
Baying) Company, who give llio moat reason*
uiiii��� terms to borroworx, allowing Principal to
bo paid offat any tlmo without Charging any
Gamble & O'Reilly,
Do you know that you can save money, and, what is doubtless of much more moment to you, have greater satisfaction
in the decoration of your home by personally  selecting  your   Wall   Papers.
������������������������������������������������������ ���*������*������*���
I WALL      PAPER. %
I ���
Mixvu JJicklcs.      (Gherkins,
���Xhoto Qtlmto, both ^tocct
anb Sour,
|3cppcr gaiicc, gUb %),\i
(EMU Stucc,
California illipc (Olibcs.
Many things require consideration, the
lighting of the room, the furniture that
is in it, the woodwork. The paper on
do wilh the harmonious   blending"  ofi
your wall has more I
all these than has pe
to be seen, but SEE OURS before buying.
11 these than has perhaps anything else.  See all that are
Hudson's Bay Stores,
West Baker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Thomson Stationery Co. LTd,
C. C.    i
lb , .vers of Fine Lugei-
Beer and Porter.
Drop  in   and  see   us.
Groceries,Provisions,Mining Sup- "elson.
plies, Mining Drill Steel
B. f
A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as larjje a pat-
ronage al the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8v
You are thinking of buying anything in the Jewelry Line we
would ba very pleased to have
you call around and see the really excellent stock of
Jewelry and Diamonds
that we have on hand.   There are Jewels here that
will interest you.    Diamonds, for   instance,
have just been increased in value the world
over, but as our stock was bought before the raise, customers will benefit by purchasing  from us.
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
Aleuts Baker Street.
Sandon Organization has Disavowed Them-
Union at Sandon Wired Offering to Send
Men, and Ten Miners are on
Iheii Way.
Tlio AthubiiRc.ii strilco lms fallen flat,
and the Striken* now nre a vory sorry
set of men disavowed us they have
been by somo of tbe lending labor men
of the Kootenays. It will bo remembered that thoy -struck, not boeimse
then \vn(*es were boini* rednoed or
beoause tbey were asked to continue
working at a lower rnlo of wages than
the brethren in other mines, but because tho management desired to reinstate the former system of a 10 hour
shift for $11. no the government having
decided to suspend the action of the
eight-hour law. How the mon first
agreed and how many of them alter-
waids went back on their bargain is
already known to readers of The Miner
Developments yesterday showed how
completely the men were in the
wrong in listening to bad. counsels
and acting on the impulse of Iho moment. The Miuers'Unioii at Sandon bave
been hoard from und they emphatically
disavow the action of the ���\tiiah.iseii
strikers. Tho Union consider that
i bey were wrong in striking as no re-
dnotion in wages wns being made and
1 hey wero only being asked to work
the regular number of hours at the Uu-
ion wages. The Sandon Union telegraphed offering to send up as many
union miners as were wanted, thus taking an unmistakeatilo stand in the
matter. Mr. 0. \V. Riley,the foreman,
telegraphed back for ten miners who
will fill nil thf vncancies. The Snn-
dou Miners' Union aro to be congratulated ou tho position tbey have taken
which will greatly strengthen their
hold on public opinion as it is considered evidence that tbey are willing to
consider a caso on its merits aud are
not anxious of "hogging"  it.
It is hard not to be sorry tor some of
tho strikers who were undoubtedly
intimidated by the others���in fact several have asked to be reinstated���foi
though many of them were undoubl -
edly good miners it is extremely unlikely Hint any of them will ' ever
again bo able to got another job iii n
$1*1.50 cnmp in this Province.
Successful Concert Under the Anspioes
of the Presb*. torinu   Ladies Aid.
A full house and a choice programme
do uot always go together but when
they do nn enjoyable evening is the re*
suit. The happy com bi nation greeted
the Presbyterian Ladies Aid last even
ing when the concert was given in th
Nelson Opera House. It was a higl
class programme from tho openim
strains of one of Handel's trios to the
dying notes of tho National  Anthem.
The audienoe was a largo one
which insisted on supplementing the
regular selections with several encores
and the concert ended just as it should
���with the peoplo wishing there hud
been more of it.
The opening selection wus a trio by
Mr. Brougham, piano, Mr. Harris,
violin and Hon- Steiner, 'cello, Hun
del's Largo iu C, nnd Cibulku's, "An
Dieh" were played in a tnnelv musical manner. Then Mr Kydd snug
Abt's, "Good Night My Love" and
Pinsutis' "yueen of tiio Eurth,' It
wns ipiite nu ordeal to sing two such
selection in such quick BDOoesaion, but
Mr. Kydd acquitted himself admirably,
He has a very sweet tenor voice thut
never fails to plenso. Hon- Steiner wns
next on the programme, playing Reiver's Hungarian Concertn with a
skill that but few possess. He is d
'celloist of whom Nelson may well
feel proud. His execution is very fine
and the broVlth of tone that he develops
from his instrument betokens the
true artist Later on in the programme
be played Qolterninn's Adagio. Mrs
Melville Parry wns down for the 'Jewel
sung' from Faust, Herr Steiner played
u 'cello obligate. Tho charming selection was beautifully sung and Mrs.
Parry wus neeorded un enthusiastic encore. Mr. Harris followed with a well
played violin solo. A great trout was
Mrs. Brougham's singing uf Sullivan's
"Tho Lost Chord. " She wns i00om-
panied by Brougham, piano, Herr
Bteiner 'cello and, Mr. Haines, organ.
The pure timbre of her exquisitely
trained voice und h��r perfect enunciation brought out ull the chnrms of the
beautiful composition. The nccom-
p'.inimont udded to the pleasure from
tho selection. Mrs. W. A. Maodonald
scored a decidod triumph. Sho was
encored for hor singing of Hawloy's
"Beoause I Love You" und tho encore brought an enthusiastic recall.
The   Nelson   Jeweler   Feted   by  His
Friends in Montreal.
Tho Montreal Herald ot n recent date
snys -. A very pleasant event took
place in lloamiiu's Hall, St, Catherine
stroot, Wednosony, in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. Jacob Dover, who are abont
to leave for British Columbia, their intended future home, Mr. Dover is n
Wholesale jeweler und property holder
of Nelson, B, 0 . nud wns recently
married lo Miss Rav Aronson, (laughter of Mr. I. Aronson, clerk in tho
Montreul Police Court.
A surprise pnrty was arranged hy a
number of the relatives and friends of
Mr, and Mrs. Hover, including several
Masonic brethren of tho bridegroom.
Among those present, besides the par
ents und brothers of the bridegroom,
were Mr. nnd Mrs. N. Dover, Mr.
aud Mrs. 1. S Robinowitoh, Mr. I.
Robinowitah, Mr. Dqdds, Mr. nnd
Mrs. Foreimiiicr, Messrs. Rankin,
Evans, Inglis, Conway, Stone, Suprey,
(las. J. and II, Cohen, ,1. Huston uud
Leo. Refreshments nud social chat
were indulged in.
The Montreal Star also snys: Mr..
.1 Dover, wholesale jeweler of Nelson,
B. 0., who wus lcrcotH**- married to
Miss Buy Aronson, of this city, wns
ho pitably entertained by his'many
Montreul friends to u farewell banquet
on Tuesday evening, Mr. Dover and
brido leave for tho West tomorrow.
J. J. Walker, the enterprising Baker
streot jeweler, yesterday received nu
assortment of the finest rubies that
ever caino into the country. His big
nd nn another page will" interest all
A Well Known Oharaoter Drowned in
the Elko River.
Word bus been received m the City
of tbe dentb by drowning of "Slough
Grass Bill" a well known character
of East Kootenay. Ho had boon working at tlm Kootenay Valley Company's
mill ut Elko and word of tho finding
of bis body was seut to Mr. T. G.
Proctor, who is Interested in the coiu-
puny. Some two months ago Mr. Proctor was at tho mill nud commissioned
"BUI" und another muu to go to
Fort Steele for supplies. At Fort
Steele Mr. Proctor run across thorn
and found that they were in high glee
���having a real good time before io-
turuing to tbeil work. Next morning
ono man turned up us bright us u new
dollar but " Bill" was nowhere to bo
found. A diligent search failed to re-
veal his whereabouts. Mr. Prootor decided that be bad cither skipped the
country or bad been drowned. The
latter lms just proven to be the trtub.
Bill had made up his mind to cross
the river and bad walked along u road
leading to it. The road run down in -
ro the ice, having boon made by teams
tbat woro hauling ice.and consequently
led to a hole. Into this "Bill" walked.
The unfortunate man's real name is
not known In the City but he was
widely known oil Tobacco Plains by
the cognomen of "Slough Grass Bill."
Mr. (t, McL. Brown,executive agent
of tho 0. P. R in British.Columbia, is
paying a visit to Nelson.
Mr. S. D. Pierre, who has been in
Victoria, atteiidiug the fnneral of bis
mother, has returned to tho City.
Mr. H. B. Williams of tho Queen
Bess mine leuves this morning for bU
post utter spending a fow dnys in tin-
Messrs. Bruce White aud C. J. Wilso i
leave this morning for Prinoeton.
i'lile, on mining business. They expect
io be away somo time.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Miller lenve in
the morning for Montreul AfK r
transacting their business thero, the.
expeot to make nn extensive holiday
i rip through the Eastern States.
Mr. J.  Roderick   Robertson, general
manager  of   the  London   und   B. (
Goldfields Company, is expected   bat
��� ii Nelsou next Saturday, ho has   bee*
in Loudon for the past two months.
Now buildings nro going up in ol
directions. From one point nlom
iho corner of Stanley end Sihcn streei
no less than nine houses in difl'erei;
stnges of eroctiou were observed yet*
Tbe fronts of the stores of VV. 1*.
fccizel & Co, Fred Irvine & Co., nn
the Nelson Hardware Co., are donnni;
n spring attire of lily white hue will
red trimmings which greatly iuoreasi-
thoir appearance.
Tho largo staff of men engaged ii
constructing tho roadway up Silic.
street is making rapid progress nnd
the residents in that vicinity ure con
gruiulating themselves that it wil
ho no longer necessary to skip from
rock to rock in ascending to thei*
Among the guests (it the Phai
Hotol are tho following: D. 0. John
son, Everett; Miss Annie Cameron
Port Hill; E. Nelson Fell, City; V.
K. Michaels, Spokane; A. F. Herriok
Spokane; F. E. Bell, Winnipeg; .1
A. Allou, Winnipeg; D. 0. Moon
Winnipeg; M.  Mansfield, Toronto.
Morso and Royal bave opened an nt
tractive grocery store ut, the oorno- Ol
Bnkei and Hall streets. Mr. Mors,
is recently from Spokano und Mr
Boyal has been connected with Hyde St
Titsworth, tor three years. Both an
prnctical grocers and will uo doubt
get n good shnre of the City's trade.
Tho South Kooteuav Rifles will hold
no drill tonight as hereafter thero will
lie but one drill a week nnd thnt on
Friday nights. This change should
mean thut every drill will bo well ar
tended. The uniforms are expeoted
io arrive in tho Oily in the course of
n few duy-i. Tbey hnve been expected
to nrrive in n fow days for somi
months now so thero is nothing particularly now in this statement.
Tho arrivals ut the Hume vesterdny
and Sunday were: Q, B. Matthews,
Ymir; W. 0. E. Koch and family.
Now Denver; W. H. Snndiford nnd
family, New Denver ;A. Fusk, Slocnn
City;'II. J. Sullivan, Toronto; W.
Hunter, Silverton ; ,1ns. Bowes, Silver-
ton ; H. McCutchoon. Nnkusp; W. B.
Crandon. Cranbrook; F. W. Bailey.
Sandon j D. W. Moore ;, Trail; Rev.
John G. Dunoon, Fort Steelo; C. M.
Walker, Winghani, Cut.
The West Kootnnny Lime nnd Biick
Company have received excellent reports from tho builders who have us* d
the limn thnt is being turned out. It
is uu excellent quality none better
having ever been used hero It is ex
pected that it will ulso prove to be a
good finishing lime. Tests nlong Hns
line being mude now. Both the Nelson nud Balfour  brlokloyers  ure now
going full blast and tvo making bricks
ut the rute of '2(1,0(10 a week. The output will bo increased when the weather
A small boy wns struggling with n
uiultiplicutiou sum, und   the   teacher,
noticing bis woe-begone   countenance,
n-ked him what was tbo matter.
"Oh,toucher,"the youngster replied,
"I wish 1 wis a rabbit, for they nml
���iply so easily"���Sporting Timos
New York, April 17.���A despatch
from Hong Kong to tho World cou-
tnins the following:
"Wo are weak, you nre stroug" suid
Dr. Gnllicnno Apnirple tbe bend of the
Filipino Junta here, to me toduy,
"But we have nn ullv nnd yon have
none. We have 70,000 stands of arms,
11,000 troops in tho field, und sufficient
ninterinl to luuke cartridges to supply
our troops for years to come. Our ally
is the climate of the Philippines,
our bullets ennuot kill one of our
men, where disease will kill 20 of
yours once you begin your advance
iuto the interior,"
11 ��*I**,.r,11,1*41,-ill ll-'liort,
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdich.
April Tuesday
Apr 12 Wed'day
Apr 11 Thursduj
April Friday
Apt-15 Saturday
April! Sun.Iiiy
Apr 10 Monday
S8 0
50 9
52 0
LOW- SNOW      11AU-
KST      KA1.I,   OMKTKIl
88 (I
o in
and those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates on
Roofing b
Wo make n Specialty of
Hot Air,  Hot Water   am
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd,
Import un-; of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Optical Parlor
in B. C.
For Ladies
j Mining- ami  Rem   Kstaie   Broker,
Tii;-:ici--Iliii*cKli Block, Nelson.
Men* - :���-:���;>��� (ui bull ii *-- im ,. una,
j    Miuii.K -Shares for Bole���Dundee, Monarch,
I Utlca,   Fairmont.    Also  Republic nnd Camp
! Mi-Ki ii**.    h.'ivi-     i f* *\ i.   ">'-.'(! dolliu-B in-
vi-*. *      ,\ brills .*��. *! -.
and Gents
Houses t*.
of tlio city.
Don't stop to think of where lo liny your slinca when in need of u psii', but
ciiincdirect lo Lillie's Shoe Store mid we nre quite sure
you will go Hivuy satibflecl
Aberdeen Block.
Trimmed nud Utitrlmm"d Mil-
liuiuy,   Miitjli.e.*,.*.   S. .i.iimof
FiisliiouCientions.fiir Spring nnd
Summer.   Attrnctive  Prices.
Mrs. McLaughlin
Are You a Judge
Of Fishing Tackle?
If so Inspect the different stocks in
Nelson and we will sell you an
Nelson Hardware Co.
is much easier to settle than the 8-hour-qnestion.
Just call at the store opposite the Office Saloon and
you will find an assortment of all kinds. Regatta
Shirts, new, neat and nobby. Negligee in Silk
Stripes and Light Flannel.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory & Walley
The Other Up=to-Date Furnishers.
Oh You Dirty Thing
Cried a  little girl   to ;in untidy little boy on the
street the other day,
ask your mother to tell your-father   o call   at   DesBrisay's for  two  bits
worth of their new Soap.    My mai.ma says she is going to do  her  own
We have made ;.
study of the eye anc
guarantee satisfaction
No guess work.
washing now, that soap is so good  nnd it   doesn't   hurt  her  hands  lik
oilier Soaps, and besides it's so che *p.    They bought a carload of it,tha
is why they sell it so cheap.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Grain, Hay,  Feed in ton lots at Carload Prices.
Front Street
*****     Simps in   House  I .olk nml  Business
,*i   Hands in till purls of the i*ily.
��io.m:v fa I.OAX
jj ,|. j, VANSTONE,    ll 11. WILLIAMS,
Mining Stui.kw.
Customs Brokers.
Real KhUUu and
Instirui 00 AK��'nt*,
(*��>-����S����^����^^^^^S-WS��^ t
Take notice flint Lee Eoo has this
ilny sold his liiuiidiu-y trasiuesB to Knm
OIlODg. Auv hillH UKiiiimt Lap Boo
must be presented by April 2'lnb\ for
payment. Knm Ohonu will not bo
rusponsible tor any Recounts against
Lue Boo.
Nelson, April 17th.
If so read all the "Fi: hing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported   direct   from   English,   American   and
Canadian M ttnufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Sheir and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
Eggs from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
B. C.
General Teamsters.
Ante to Tc. Oil Gr
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fres >
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone)   33.
Niagara  Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Baker Street
General Broker-
Hotel for sale $6,000, renting for $100 per month.
Money  to  loan   at  8  per
Fire and Life Assurance.
Spokane Falls dt
MINING it.10I.I it
Windermere Mines.  Correnpondonco Solicited
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
When You Ask
For a^s*-*-**^^*-
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
Northern R'y.
Nelson dc  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohaug
* of cars between Nelson and Eossknd and
; Spokane and RoBsland.
'���eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5*30 p.m
"    11:55 "   E0S8LD    "      3:10
"    8*30 a*m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p-m
Train thut  leave*-   Nelnon lit 0:41) u.m
milked oIuho ooiiiieetiniiB at Spokane fol
nil Paoifld Count PointH.
Piini-eii-**;r** for Kettle River aud Boundary Creek,couneot at Mareim with KtnKo
O. G. DIXON, 0. P. &T.A.
Spokane   WhbIi
Af-ent.Nelflon, B. O.
MUSIC LKSSONS. -On piano organ or
guitar, by Mr*. \V. J. Antley, Kobgon street
two doorw went of Stanley.   P. O. Box 180,
MUSIC LKHSONS-Hinging and Piano, by
Mth. Sydney Ollvur, Obmsrvatory Htreot, two
doors wont or Stanley.
FRANK A.  TAMBLYN will   have a choice
assortment of Cut Flowers for sale hefore   the
approaching Balls.    A large number  of potted and bedding Plants will he in this week.
Frank A. Tamblyn Baker Street
OfFIOES mid llooniM to rout, newly ilecoi
uted unit pulmcd. Apply Tlionwon MtAtlonor
Co., Ltd,
A youiiK luilj, ,**i,iii, i, n: anil faithful will
be open Lo un uiiKUKelnent ai HtonoKrunhtr and
typewriter In two or throe weeks. Uncxcep-
tlonublo refereneeH. AitdroHH, HtiitliiKKftldry.A
11 (', Miner olliee.
POR -SALIC���Old newnpupem ut 25 cenU per
100. Just the Ihlni* lo put under cnrpoU*.
Minor olllco,
WAN'I'KII-A good, strong youth to loam
Iho Upholnterini*; and Furniture bunlne**,*.
Apply Nelson 1 urniture Co., Corner Hul-��*
und Koolenay stroets.
WANTKIl   A boy not younger than 15 lo do
light work anil learn a trade.   Apply Mine
Olliee. u
flotation of Debentures Was
a Success.
from ore   taken    from    it.    Aoaotdinq
to the engineer's oaloulntious the 1600-
foot ttuinel being driven on tbe Noble
Five iH within BO feet of the lmlgo    A
long tunnel is to be run on the An-
toine to tap the lead al great depth.
The work will be started at ouee.���
Denver Ledge,
A Pour loot Ledge of Rich Free Milling
Quartz Hua Been Uncovered.���
Metal Quotations.
,\ representative of The Miner yes-
icnliiy interviewed Mr. H. K Oroas*
ihiile, general   manager  of   the   Hull
Mines Co.. Limited, who has recentli
returned from a prolonged visit to
the old country. Asked as to the in
ten tion of the oo Ull nny Mr. Croasdali*
replied 1
"There will lie no ohange in tlie iiul
icy of the npinpan.v. We shall con
tiinio to develop the mine ill the sunn
systematic manner which has been
pursued I'm the last eight or ten
"Was the recent flotation of debenture stock, a success, Mr. Oroflf-
daileV"    asked The Miner man.
"Yes. The entire issue was not sub
scribed,but the majority was taken up,
chiefly by shareholders. The issue
wns not underwritten, Enough money
wns raised to perforin the objects we
hnve in view."
" As far as   yon   could   judge, what
is the feeling   in   the   London   money
market   towards  British  Columbia?
was tho next question.
"Well," replied Mr. Croasdaih*.
" they look   rather   askew   at   British
Columbia just at present, You Bee,generally speaking, no money has been
made in London out of British Columbia, while some have lost money. It
tbo Le Roi begins to pay dividends
again, it may make a differ Mice.
Montreal is much more favorably dis-
posed towards this country than London,and it is nu Important money centre. Montreal people have made mom y
here, notably in the case of the War
Eagle. War Eagle stock is largely
held in Montreul. "
Mr. Croa.-daile further stated thai
the big oopper blast furnace would
start up towards the end of the month,
Mr. R. Hedley superintendent of the
smelter, was also seen, and in reply
to questions, he stated that the lead
fnruace was running smoothly, the
new water jackets, manufactured by
the James Cooper Mfg. Co . of Montreal, giving every satisfaction. These
bitter tit perfectly, and are a comph tr
sneces-*. Silver-lead bullion is being
turned out dally, nnd shipments will
be made very shortly.
A vory important strike was mode
on Saturday ou the Venus claim west
of the Athabasca on Morning mountain. Men have been employed foi
some days oleaning away the snow ami
opening up several small veins known to
exist. On Saturday work was resumed
lower down the hill, and a vein fom
feet wide wns uncovered, which bas
been opened up in places for several
hundred feet. Some extremely rich
specimens hnve been brought down,
and a sample assay, taken across the
lead, gave returns of considerably ovei
$100 in gold to the ton. The ore is n
free milling quartz. The hill is very
steep, and the vein runs up and down
the hill, so it will be possible to economically develop the property by tunnelling in on the vein, thus avoiding
any dead work. The property is under
bond to Dr. Doolittle, who represent**
a Toronto syndicate. The terms an
���fil,000 iu cash, aud the balance in
-took, it being intended to stock the
property if it turns out well. The
lirst payment ou the bond is due on
Mayl, and the second nud final pay-
��� lent on September 1.
April 6.���
Sunset���A Allien to E, E. Hopkins,
Same���10. li. Hopkins to W. F. Hopkins, .'..,,
Same���W. 1*\ Hopkins to O, E. Peterson, ;,4.
Dexter, independence���H. O'Don-
uell to Chris MoDouuell and F, W.
Emerald, Blaok Hawk, Toronto���W.
Baker io same.
April li.���
Oregon,- '., ; Muncie, '., ��� L. W.
Bailey to ,1. Keith, |176.
Anglo-American���L. Raynham to
W. Waldie.
April 8.���
Franlclaud���J. Haiuor to J. Long V
April 10.���
Mary Bell, Tena W. II. Seaman n
.1.   R.   Humor,     ,,.
Same���Sain* lo ti,   II.   liruee,   '���.
Albemarle Fraction -1-'. L. Mercer
to Londo nl ii    I.* ;, r*. 0. Ltd.
Guinea nnd Suuiuuii- Fraction���O.
E. Dearosiers to J. fotrie flOOO, '3.
April 11.���
liqundor, Rio Grande��� B, 10. Gillespie to Boss Thompson, $108,60, J��,
Republic���A,   Powys to .1. Uuhamel,
April 13.���
White Star.���J. Dean ndmr. for es-
tate of S. l'\ Oollinsworth to J. T.
Price and A.   Burgess,  '.,,    J,"i0.
Ajax, Gold Drop (fr), Lookout   (fr)
��� K. Greene to A. Stewart.
April 18.���
Rainy Day, Rainy Day No. 2���L
Lew to G. H. Green and W. H.
Kiltie H.��� P. Corliss to Bainev
l-'ahy, $100 *k'.
St. John���.1.   Desireau to   P.   Desir-
euu, $300.
April U.���
Turooise���M, Kealey to 10. S. Topping.
Henry Clav���A. Sostad to J. F. and
,T.  10.  McFarlaue, J-JOO,  U,
We can supply  you.    A  full   line  ol   French
Suitings just arrived.
H. a Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale
To clear a few lines al hall'lhe usual
price.    All in 1 >ivss Lengths  ol   7
yards each and no two ali'*e.
8 Pieces Figured Dress Goods at 40c. regular price Toe.
7 Pieces Figured Dress Hoods at 85c. rcg'tlar price $1.25.
Hi Pieces Figured Dresu Goods al $1.00 regular prioe$l,7B
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets al wholesale Cost  Price.
A- fei^laWp  & CO,
Wo want to tell you about our Kpriug Styles   tl*,:,
week of wliich we have ,i
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come and see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kooteuay District. You will alwaya
find our lines up-to-date   and   at   popular
I a^a%i* wa^9
General Law-ton's Expedition is Evacuating  Luzon.
New York, April IT���Tlie World's
Manila cable says:
J Major (Ieneral Lawton,    at    Oavitc,
today authorized tbis statement:
"Tlie present prospect is that 100,000
troops will be necessary to pacify tin
Philippine islands. "
General Lawton'a expedition li s
been ordered to Manila aud will return
there immediately,
All the territory be captured will be
evacuated and nil the launches hi
seized will be restored to their original
owners���that is to say, tbey will be
giveu back to the persons from whom
Aguiualdo's soldiers took them,
After giving the opinion that 100,001*
men will tie required to subdue tho islands, (ieneral Lawton explained the
situation as follows:
"The difficulties in the way art
those of fighting guerillas in a tropica;
conn try 8.
"With my brigade I could force my
way from one end of tin* islands to
the other if 1 del not have to hold tin
territory I traversed, But leaving
garrisons behind would soou eat up thi
whole force.
Manila. April 1,' .���During :'au absence of Major (.Ieneral :, ntou's expedition to the Santa Ci usirio,', in
the southeastru side ol Lacuna de
Bay. tin* iusnrgenrs bav beeu oon-
oentrating at the nor, ern end of the
lake, neai Pasig, and American scouts
report that serveral ;* ousaud arej already there. (Ieneral Law ton's expedition is uow ou its way i
Two hundred and hfjv Chinamen
from Santa Cruz bave arrived here.
They left the town owi*!|* to their
fear that the rebels on reti ruing would
wi��ak vengeance on il ��� i for favoring the Americans.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest nol ice and Lowes   Piiei-i
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and suppll**-
kept in stock,
.Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
Hleav'y ai)d Shelf  Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
I-Iose.  Steam Packing  <&  Wire  Hope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Trnax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill   Steel,   Gur-
nev, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
Special Sales This Week
in [ardiniersand Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wiison,
China Hall
Groceries   and   Crockery.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
���%**w% <%\.^. <v%. -**-*���*> ���%-*����� 'A %*���%������%.
J. Rodkrick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M-,
Mining' Eng'ineei
R. P. KiTHET & CO., LTD.,
Wholesale SVSerchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS,    Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,    ip. o. box 6d  nelson, b. c,
StE Real Estate and Insurance Agent.
B The Birkbeck Investment,  Security |
% and Savings Co. ��
^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and ^
j^r 8 years by monthly instalments. 3
I Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
The full Dam ber of 40 stamps \vi*n
dropped nt tlie Ymir mill Inst Satin*
Hay. nnd 85 during the night.    This is
lio first time all the stamps have been
used together There has heen tion
hie with the water, but now there i.-
���111 ample supply to keep everything
couig. The tramway brought Sown
loo ions of ore from the mine ou Saturday, whieh is a reeord so far. Although the running of the mill has
been so interrupted in the past, ship
ments of bullion have already been
BETWEEN THE 1:1   . '  1 'AND
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
e.-'z *������������������ ����������������� -s>^i;
Branch. Markets in Rossland. Trail. Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, 81,51)0,(100, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, showing   the progress made byjihis Bank in the
past ten  years: 1SSS 1808
Capital  Paid   Dp  $1,000,000 $1,600,000
Best     200.000 1,250,000
Deposits  2.802,000 8,175,000
Circulation  OO'.i.OtiO 1,387,000
Loans  3,835,000 8,551,000
Liabilities to  Public  4,038,000 9.900,000
Total Ass-i<  5288.000 12,787,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received, on the ni    t favorable terms,    hit nest allowed on special
deposits   ml on Saving Hank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Ravings Hunk department baa beoa established in connection wilh the Nelson branoli of
this bank. Deposit*! nf one dollar and upwards reoeived, and current rale of Interest allowed.
ai present 3 per cum. per annum.
Steamship Lines
New York April 17. ���Bar silvei
50% : Mexican dollars 4? ,;.
Copper, -teaily. brokers #1 ���*���*���', ti
$is*,; axdhange !!���**���''���.
bead ipiier und steady; brokers'
|4.io; eiohanne B.88J< to $9.85,
Tin firm ; plates quiet
The working force ou the Bosun
has been increased to 3b men. Further additions are contemplated.
A contract has been let for 100 feet
of development work to be put upon
the Sarah Jane olaim, ndjoiuing the
Bosun to the northeast
it is reported that the Northern
Belle, now named the Slooan Belle,
is to be reopened with Jack Campbell
us foreman. This property was worked
two years ago,
The shaft on the R. D. Fraction,
adjoining the towusite.uear the Bosun
is down ��i feet. At this depth the
ledge lias been orossout and la proved
BtrODR from wall to wall.
The Queen Citv has been greatly
unproved in appearance with the
work put mi it ' lately by Messrs.
Thompson et ill. A strom: ledge carry-
Ing a good copper-gold-silver ore is
Oue hundred feet of tunnel work is
���*, be driven ou the Neglected, work on
Whioh will be started this week.
This property lies between the R. D.
Frnctionjmii the Bosun nnd has a very
promising showing Five hundred
dollars worth of wur,;. is to be started
*,n the Turn-*, (ii it Mountain, in a
few days1 tune.    Tins propeity bus tin*
i;,mt Mountain   ledge   showing upon
it.    High   assays   have   beeu returned
Tourist Cars pa.-*- 1. . ��� - .... da.il)
to St. Paul; Tuesdays ,! Saturdays
for Toronto\ Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston,
THROUGH   TICKETS   TO   AJTD    I..:"   A 1,1.
To   Rossland. Trail.   Robsoo,
���H0p.rn.-LeaviM-NKL3ON-Arri-fe8-10.30p ui
kutitf'llav   l.lll.,'    KulO Knillr,
Bxcept Sunday Kv*e*..t Simd iv
4   p.m.-Leave-   NKLSON���Arrives-U   a.ir
k,i���li'lia>   River K.tult*.
Stu. Movik.
Mon.. Wed., IH Tue-. Thurs. s.n.
Sa.tn.   Leaves   NKLSON   Arrives   i*,.**i   p.m.
M*ikes oonneetlon nl Pilol Bay wiihsir. Ki
kani't* in both directions,
.-*;,*.oners nn their  r<-;**<   *,*. ���  rentes eat   al
principal Landings in both directions an     t I
] other points when stfnialled.
-tltiln   Him*  anil   lu(,*rnnidlate Points   �� ni
SI,nun   I ake.  Dally.
���'..;<" a. ill. -Leaves   NKLSON -An :>.*���- -s.Jnp. m.
land full Information   by tddrerainR naare *
local is-etc. i*. K. Beasley Cily Tickri Ac';, or
K. \v. DREW, Agent, N**'-.*
VV. F. 4JJDKR80N, i   J.t OYLK,
Tray, E>ass. Agent,      In-.. Pass, Agekt
NVlsou Vancom.'ri
From St. Joh
.   .    .Apr*.;
From New York
 April 19
 April 2*1
 April 11. ;
.April 2.'
April 1!)
From II - e
Dominion Line���Dominion  ....April
Passages ,irr.in*-e*l to and from all K*i;   *,* ,
points.   For rale-, tickets anil toll i' form , Ion
apply to C. P. R,dopot agent or C K. beasley
City Ticket Agent. Nelson, B, ('.
5l5i    General Agent C.P.li. Offices Winnipeg
Allan Line   Laurent van
Dominion Line- Vancouver
White *st���r Line���Teuionie
I'an.inl  Line���Campania	
American Line���Paris .   .
Anehor Line���Kthlopia	
Allan state Line -.Mongolian..
or  HOUSEHOLD  iiltMiiiti;  AND   ni:
. >o\Al. EFFECTS
Actin* on instructions from Mr. K. S, And
rows, who i- a limit leaving tho oity, wo shall on
at8p,iu.i ^ell by Public Auction, absolutely
wit him t reserve, Iho en tire conic isot iii- resi-
donoe,3rd bou"efrom simi-y >n*uet on Carbonate .-t.. noxt door to M lyor N'oelands' residence, oonstsl Ing of:
1/iiye extension oak dinlnv table, oak liiok-
DAne and desk, in igniflo< nl oak side board, sol
dining room en lira I   soiid oak, oak b.ill rack.
drawing rooi tairs, sofas and brio-abrac, '.'
Hne solid oak bedroom seu, I *-xtra fine Wilton rugs, I ut 11 ni'i stair o irpots. lace curtains,
kitchen and heating utovcs, linoleums, hath,
ri frig< rator, Patent kitchen table and many
other household articles too numerous to mention.
All these articles are!in exoellent condition,
��� Jul; in use less ilnnrt year. This is an excellent opportunity to gel urood furniture at your
own price as Mr Andri ws has pul no reserve
on anytliingand the quality oi the goMls Is
ahead of anything we have ever offered for
sale here.
Goods on Viow afternoon prior ti and on the
morning of sale. Sale at 2 Jo'O'Ock sharp.
Terms cash.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Chinese ai)d Japanese Matting
Japanese Ifugs
This is the Cheapest and most
effective class of goods for house
Turner Beeton & Co.
Wost Kootenay .Valley, B. O., on  line
of c. n. p. H>-.. a&d Nelson Cleaning and Keying
Nelson ft Bedlington Ky., .now  under
Kootenay Bloctric Supply aii ciuMin Co,
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines, towns, etc Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc,
Josephine St NELSON,  15* <-���
li. l'IF.KKE Prop.
Information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO. MTAKLAXI), Agent"    Ladies' and (.���cuts' Clothing cleaned
Nelaon, or from ,     ,     ,       ,      ,        ���?   ,
dyed, alured and repaired.
ORESTON,  B. O. ��� , Bear ��f CUrtw Rotel, >hmi\
S6.75   PER   TON,    DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash aud should   be    forwarded
cither personally or hv mail to the olliee of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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