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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 10, 1901

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 f    u
[    Newspaper in the Koo- *
\    tenays.    Established
5    eleven years ago....
j A Miner want ad. will *
�� make it known to all \
|    Nelson and Kootenay. $
Daily Edition No Q58
\bi.son    British   *. olumbia   Sunhav.   February 10   19'���!
HI 1 tilth   Year
ien's outpost at Bothwell on February
(l but were driven back with heavy
Writes a Convincing Letter Jto
His Brother. Ghrlstiai Proy
Gontlnuance of the Struggle
Means Ruin to Free
Bloemfontein, Feb. 5.��� (Tuesday.)
���The text of a portion of the letter
from Piat Dewet, chairman of the
peace commission, to his brother Christian Dewet appealing to the latter to
surrender, published in the Post today
is as follows:
Dear Brother���I hear that you are so
angry that you have decided to kill
roe, accusing me of high treason.
May God not allow you opportunity to
shed more innocent blood. When I
Baw we were beaten by the liritish, I
wrote to the president requesting him
to consider terms of pence, and rather
to surrender than to ruin the country
and starve the people. I was with
you afterwards for a month, convincing me that it was better to lay down
our arms. 1 did my duty at the battle at Chietmu with l'rinsloo, and
charged the guns when I was shamefully left in the lurch by Froneman
who fled. Convinced that the struggle was hopeless I left my Btaff and
surrendered and was sent to Durban.
You and Steyu in carrying on guerrilla warfare caused me to write to
Kitchener on November IX, requesting
an opportunity to come to the state and
persuade the men to lay down their
arms. There is no Free State government against whom I could commit
treason. Whicli Is better for the republics, to continue to struggle at the
risk of total ruination ns a nation, or
to submit?
Could wo thi*i]t of taking back the
country if it were offered us, with
thousands of people to be supported
by a government that has not a farthing but a debt of live or six millions,
even If helped by you? Do you think
any nation so mad us to have thou
sands killed and spend millions and
then give us the republics and the necessary capital to govern them?
Put passonlate feeling asirte for a
moment and use common sense, and
you will then agree that the best
thing for the people and country is to
give in, be loyal to the new government and try to get lesponsible government and as soon as the finances
will allow of us doing so, govern the
country virtually ourselves, bave our
children properly educated and save
the people as a nation, should the
war continue a lew months longer
tbe nation will become so poor that it
will become a working class and disappear as a nation. I have heard that
yon and others aconsu me of being
paid by the English government for
what I am doing. I can only answer
that there is a Uod and He will pass
ifgHteous sentence. 1 have also beard
that Kitchener's offers to me und other attempts ure considered by you as
signs of weakness on the part of the
When you cornered fifty soldiers ut
llliiawn bank, did the same to four
hundred at Norstorshuok and surrounded a small patrol at Khenoster
river, under a Hug of truce und asked
them to surrender, wub it weakness
or magnanimity on yoiu- part?
The British ure convinced that tbey
have conqueied the land and the people, and they consldei the matter ended, and are only trying to treat those
continuing the struggle magnanimously In order to prevent unnecessary
bloodshed. Believe me when I tell
you that no troops are sent to England, but thousands ure still coming
to South Africa. If you do not consider the Free State von will be insensible and not sensible burghers.
Are you blind? Can you nut see
that you are being deceived by the
Transvaal generals? What ure they
doing? They do not fight one tenth
part as much us we do. The Transvaal is not as much ruined as the Free
State. They arc Inclined to submit,
and are only waiting to see what
you are going to do. Thu moment
yon surrender, fall or are captured,
they will surrender. I pray you
again to consider, before you proceed
London, Feb. 10.���The Weekly Despatch states it hus good grounds for
saying that information is being re-
calved In an authoritative quarter In
London thut Commandant Dcwut late
on Friday attempted to escape along
the Smlthflcld-llethulie road, but was
foiled by a strong body of scouts.
Subsequently Knox intercepted the
movement, whereupon Dewet retreated and wus forced over the llasutuland
About that second hand article of
yours. You'll sell It If you'll advertise
It in The Miner want ooliimn.
Charlotte, N. C, Feb. 9.���Nelson
Humrick, son of the chief of police at
Forest Citv, N. 0.. ������������ shot and in-
.,��-\ n�� iley's barber
lncUA 'J-ibrtry fe3-*-0B E��ell Ham-
'._..'.uLuuy snot. The Hamrick
boys attempted to smash the shop after the style of Mrs. Nation while
Bailey was shaving a customer. Bailey put down his razor and. picking up
bis pistol, used it with the result stated. The lluinricks come of good family. Bailey suys he had to shoot
them in self defence.
London, Feb. D.���A collection of
autograph letters and documents of
William Penn, including his will,
wirtten by himself in 1705, were sold
at uuction today for .858 guineas.
The collection was purchased by a
London dealer after Mr. B. F. Stevens, the United States Despatch agent
and purchasing agent for American
libraries, had hid 350 guineas. The
documents were tbe property of Lady
The Valhalla Was Sent Down
the Ways Successfully
Capetown, Feb. !>.���General French
has occupied Ermelo in the Transvaal.
Sis thousand Boers retired. Thu
Boers violently attacked   Smith   Dor-
The good ship Valhalla was launched successfully at   the  0. P. K.   ship-
i yards yesterday afternoon in the pres
! euce     of   250   spectators.    The   event
came oft without a hitch and the spectacle   proved   decidedly     interesting.
The Valhalla   now   floats   in   her natural element and within   a   comparatively short time will  take   her   place
at the head of the   C.    P.    R.    towing
fleet,    a   position she promises to   fill
i with profit to the company and credit
to her designers and builders.
|    The launching was   announced for 2
'o'cluck   and   came   off   within a   few
minutes of   the   scheduled Hour.    Tbe
time-honored     custom of  breaking   a
i bottle of wine over her prow was   ob-
I served nnd a salvo of cheers   followed
the boat as she moved   gracefully into
I the water.    Quite 250  people gathered
' at the shipyards   before   2 o'clock and
I tbe   majority of   tbem   inspected   the
I craft as she stood   on the ways in   all
' the   glory   of   fresh   paint and   clean
1 woodwork.    The     Valhalla   certainly
' made a   Striking   picture.    From   tbe
1 top of her funnel to   the   ground   wus
i fully 30 feet and the lines of  her hull
I stood   out   strongly,    elevated as   the
I boat   was   from     the    ground.   The
I hull was a blaze   of   red   to  a   point
within a couple   of   feet   of  the   rail
above which the exterior was finished
in white. Flags floated from stem and
stern, the   ensemble   eliciting   hearty
admiration from those present. Shortly before 2 o'clock the steamer   Koka-
nee came down from   the   city   wharf
with   Commodore   and   Mrs. Gore and
a  party of   friends.    At 1140 foreman
Bulger     marshalled     his    men   with
sledges alongside   the   boat  and at  a
signal the crew   started to   drive   the
weilges   which   shifted the   weight of
the craft to tbe cradle resting  on   the
ways.    The   next   step  was to   knock
away the blocks and releuse  the boat.
Everything worked  smoothly   and   at
2:13   o'clock   the   last    support came
"She's off," was the cry from the
crowd aboard tho boat us the first
tremor became perceptible and the
cry wus taken up by those ashore.
Slowly the great hull started lake-
wurds on the thoroughly greased
ways. The Kokaiiee released her
deep-toned whistle and a freight locomotive passing answored with u shrill
ear-splitting whistle. Tho crowd
cheered lustily us tho Valhalla slid
into the lake raising an enormous
wave. The stern sunk deep into the
water nnd then enmc up as tlu prow
came ofl' the ways. The cradle which
had cairled the craft down tbo ways
became detached and was quickly
broken up In the swirling water.
When the boat entered she waslnelln
Ing to one side, but quickly righted
herself and floated ont to the center of
the channel, moving downstream with
the current. Mrs. Commodore Gore
hud the distinction of christening the
tug. As the vessel flouted In the water she broke a quart bottle of Pom-
mcry ovei the prow and announced
"I name thee Valhalla," whoreat tho
crowd cheered again. The boat ran
out a hundred yards or so snapping a
two-Inch hawser as though it had
been a thread. Then the Kokanee
put out after her and brought the
Valhalla into the ship yards, landing
where Bhe will be tied for a few days
while receiving finishing touches.
The Valhalla requires paint und
varnish in places after which she will
be ready to go Into commission. A
weeb'8 work will equip her for service, If lieccsBiu-y, although It Is likely that she will not be used at so
curly a date.
Des Moines, In., Feb. 0.���Mrs. Nu
Don's tour through the western part
of the state today took on a new feature and wus In the sense of a triumphal journey lor the little Kansas saloon smasher. She made a dozen addresses from the platform of a Rock
Island passenger train in the towns
she passed through to come to Dcs
Moines to deliver a lecture. I
International Politics as Seen
Under Present Conditions.
Actions of Kaiser Criticized
Edward Popular With
the Sailors.
view   of
Feb. 9.���A comprehensive
the international situation
reveals only improved prospects
continued peace and harmony. From
the British standpoint, Queen Victoria's death appears to have
strengthened, rather than weakened
Great Britain's position among the
nations. A sufficient time has elapsed since Victoria ceased to reign for
the foreign olliee to feel the political
pulse of the capitals of Europe, and
the briefest examination, commenced
in no spirit of cocksureness, resulted
in a feeling of aafe security at Downing street.
The foremost factor in this, naturally, iB Emperor William's attitude.
Responsible officials here make no attempt to conceal their elation at the
circumstances attendant on His Majesty's visit. They do not shut their
eyes to the dissatisfaction the emperor
has caused among certain sections of
his own subjects, but rely implicitly
on the imperious force of Germany's
ruler to successfully overcome the internal objections engendered. Closer
relations undoubtedly now exist between Great Britain and Germany.
Lord Salisbury and Lord Lansdowne
ure quite prepared to bear Count von
Kuelow (the Imperial chancellor)
satrically belittle tbe effect of Emperor William's visii, but in Downing
street this will be taken as meant
puiely for home jonsuuiptlou, and as
merely more evidence of the siklful
band of the emperor.
The alliance between Great Britain
and Portugal scarcely needed the visit
of King Charles to render it stronger.
Vet the continued stay here of that
ruler is believed to be likely to bring
the peoples of Portugal and Great
Britain in closer touch thus rendering
easier the work of their lespective
governments. So far as the diplomatic phase goes, the Associated
Press is officially informed that nothing new has resulted from the King
of Portugal's stay in England. The
mutual responsibilities in connection
with Delagoa Bay were too well understood previously to need further
discussion. Thus Portugal, England
and Germany are believed to be more
closely united than ever in their history, united by a compact, that In the
opinion of leading British statesmen,
is stronger even than the Dreibund,
which is yearly becoming more of a
tradition than a working agreement.
The only feature of the recent inter-
notional happenings regretted at
Downing street, Is the emperor's dee-
oration of Field Marshal Lord Robot ts
with the Order of the Black Bogle,
It Is thought Ills Majesty went almost
too far in view of the hostile comments the German press is In the habit of showering on Great Britain's
Soulii African generals. "Still,' say
the officials, "Emperor William nevei
doos things by halves."
Neither in China, nor in other parts
of tho world do Russia and France,
In the foreign office's view, give any
Indication of counter action ugulnsl
this activity of British diplomacy.
Lord Salisbury Is said to rely on Emperor William to keep In touch and
harmony with the czar.
So long as this is feasible France
is not expected to take any serious
initiative. Moreover, according to
dispatches In the British press French
Anglophoblsm seems to have abated
since the Queen's death. Austria und
Italy ure put down us suro to do nothing contrury to Emperor William's
wish. It is easily seen thnt Emperor
William Ib now the dominating figure
In European affairs. To this Great
Britain has no objection. She hns
made it possible and trusts to benefit
by It. Relationship between the reigning families of Europe Is not held to
be of much account in the chuneeiler-
ieB, but bo far as it goes, It Is believed
King Edward VII'b personality will
tend to Improve Its degree of potency.
More Important to some cabinet
ministers tbun the European situation, Is tho belief that u solution of
the Nicaragua", cunnl dispute enn be
arrived ut without the slightest friction. With the exception of China,
this   wus   the   only   serious   cloud on
Great  Britain's diplomatic   horizon
previous to the Queen's death. Now
It Is hoped It will disappear. The
exclusive announcement hy the Associated Press yesterday that Great Uilt-
aln Ib about to make a counter proposition to the United States on the bus-
Is of the United States amendments to
the Hay-Paunoefote treaty wbich are
likely to necessitate extended negotia
lions, not a word of which Is known
in England, may ho safely described
us a pound of Salisbury and an ounce
of Lansdowne. The ugeil premier's
foreign policy has been somewhnt
justly defined as a mixture of mica
witb bearlsm nnd fatalism. Lord
Lansdowne Is said to bave taken up a' yon,
rather aggressive standpoint, insisting on the observance of the ethics ol
treaties, but the Sume spirit of compromise which it is hoped will be
shown by the United States prevailed
within the British cabinet, Lord Salisbury ae usual gaining his point. .
Whether the cabinet iB unduly optimistic in thinking the United States
will consider or agree to the counter
propositions, time alone will show.
As a foreign office official said,
"Nothing is ever settled by one despatch." ,
Simultanously with the accession of
King Edward (whom incidentally
golfers refer to as the first sovereign
who has played golf since .fames II.)
the waters of the Nile hove been turned buck. Sir John Aird cabled this
week, "The last channel has been
closed at Assuan. You can now walk
across the Nile." This will solve the
problem of supplying corn in Efypt.
The excellent piece of dam construction will have to withstand a severe
strain when the Nile rises with the
next floods.
Another American was accorded
for I what is considered to be a high honot
in England, when Mr. Edwin A. Ab
bey wus elected a member of the
Athenaeum club, ufider the provisions
of the rule empowering the annual
election of persons of distinguished
eminence in science, literature and
the arts.
In the above connection, it is interesting to note that two celebrated Van
Dyck portraits sold at the Peel auction
in 1000 for 24,250 guineas have been
boneht by the Berlin museum from a
London dealer,thus being lost to England and causing the London Times
to bewail the depleted state of the exchequer which prevented the National
gallery from acquiring them.
The husband of Mrs. Forester who
purchased* Lody Warwick's dainty
Bond street millinery store some time
ago, is a son of Loid Forester, one
of the two peers privileged to keep his
hat on In the presence of the King.
Lody Warwick was so immersed
in social.und educational work that
she had no time to superintend the
King Edward's bestowal of the Victoria order on enlisted men of the
navy for services in connection with
the funeral of Queen Victoria has
caused somewhat of a shock to the
officers of both the army and navy and
a corresponding enthusiasm among
the rank and file. It. is quite without precedent and h'r.s done more to
popularize King Edward with his
sailors than could any other act. Th
officers ure beginning to see the King's
motive in according the Bailors an ex
ceptional honor.
Some of the army officers are bitter
ly complaining of an innovation since
Lord Roberts took command of the
forces by which they are obliged to
wear uniform whenever thev go to the
wur office. Whatever his purpose,
Lord Roberts in this woy and many
others, Is trying to down the prejudice of the majority of officers against
appearing in public in uniform. Soon
officers' uniforms nre likely to be as
common in London streetsos privates'
uniforms ure now.
Handsome  Gift to  Retiring
Mine's Record.
Work on Yellow Jacket and
Alice Mines -Mining
German Press   is   Still   Unreasonably
Berlin, Feb. 0.���The Anglo-Germon
relations and their surmised modifications, owing to Emperor William's
visit to England, form just now the
ull engrossing topic. Since Ills Majesty's return all Germany hns been
engaged in the discussion. The dee-
orating of Lord Roberts with tho Order of the Black Eugle and Emperor
Willium's reply to King Edward's
speech, in which the Emperor said
he wus h iiioreil in wearing a British
uniform and that tho emperor's army
would likewise feel it an honor, have
especially aroused keen criticism,
which is prlvutely expressed muoh
mine freely than in print.
The Krauze Zcltung's comment yesterday afternoon is today making the
rounds of the German press. Many
Conservative nnd ugrurlan papers
merely reproduce It without comment.
The KreU28 Zeltung said:
'We fall to see why this Boer destroyer (Roberts) should receive such
a unique murk of Emperor William's
distinction, and also why the emperor, after being horribly Insulted several ,veins ugo by the officers of his
lliltlsh regiment should now show
them marked uttertlon."
The bitterly unglophobc Deutsche
Tuges /.eltung (In spite of the fact
thut the agrarians, now less than
ever, wish the emperor to feel wroth
with them, when tbey aro preparing
In defeut the canal bill a second time
nnd simultaneously demand prohibitive cerenl duties foi their benefit)
says   it enniiot  doubt   the   Emperor's
behavior  In   England is based on the
Idea of closer Anglo-German friendship, which is Intensely unpopular
with the vast majority of the nation.
But whatever comment is made is In
cautious terms. Tho National Zeltung
(National Liberal) calls the Krcuze
Zeltung's article an untaxing utterance, and claims to doubt tbe report
of thu decoration of Lord Roberts
with the Order of the Block Eagle.
The Cologne Zeltung, the lending
Centrist organ, weighs tbe chances of
the Russian or British raporoachmont
for Germany,carefully concluding that
the beat policy for Oermuny's interests Is nn entente with Grent Britain
from the Cntholle standpoint particularly, und nlso that an understanding
with Great Britain means tho furtherance of more liberal political Institutions.
E. T. Haultain, until lately gen
manager of the Yellowstone,
came into town yesterday after in
stalling his successor G. V. Bopkins,
lute manager of tbe Bullion Ext rae
tion Works at Silica.
Before leaving a   very pleasing epi
sode occurred.    The staff and men   at
the mine gave Mr. Haultain a supper,
wbich was.presided   over   by A. Cam
eron, accountant of   the Yellowstone.
After the supper   J.   T.  Vogler, fore
man of tbe mill, on behalf of   himself
and those employed at the mine,   pre
sented the retiring   manager   with   i
very   handsome   gold Waltham watch
and an   illuminated   address,   expressive of the regret that   all felt at  bi
Mr. Haultain, wbo is consulting engineer for the Arlington mine near
Erie, of which he is in charge during
C. D. Mackenzie's illness, has opened
un office as consulting engineer in
rooms 8, 9 and 10 in the K.-W.-C.
The Yellowstone mill, has now been
in Bteady operation for a year, crushing 835 tona during January, which
brings tbe total crushings for the
year up to 9,305 tons, an exceedingly
good record for a 10-stamp mill, "'he
average percentage of extraction for
the whole year bas been a trifle over
75 per cent.
��� ���   ��
The repots to hand from the Yellow
Jacket mine on Champion creek are
of a satisfactory nature. Tbe sawmill
at the mine is turning out lumber
rapidly for tbe mill and other buildings. The stamp mill is on the
ground and Ib being set up as quickly
as possible although the task will entail upwards of six weeks' more work.
Development Is being carried on vig
oroualy and the property continues to
improve as the workings are extended. Thomas James, manager of the
Onondaga Mining tit Milling com
pany, has returned from a trip to
Syracuse, N. Y., where he was called
in consultation with the directors.
By the time the stamp mill is operating the Yellow Jacket will represent
un investment of 8100,000, but there
seems to be no reuson to doubt thut
the property merits the confidence
manifested by tbe company.
��� *   *
While on his East Kootenay trip T
G. Procter inspected the work at the
Alice mine which lie is developing in
the interests of the York-Manchestci
syndicate. Development is now lurgu
ly confined to a tunnel designed to lap
the vein at a depth of 2.10 feet. The
lead should be encountered nt a distance of 500 feet of which 210 feet has
been driven. In connection with this
a shaft has been slatted from the upper levels to fnrnlHh nlr to the long
tunnel. A curlond of clean shipping
ore is sacked at the mine and will be
moved when tho roads ure In better
shape. At present tho Alice mountain is bare of snow.
��� ���   *
E. R.Woakes, engineer of the Queen
Hess mine, informs Tho Miner that
the report of the accident ut the property lust week wus much exaggerated.
A miner struck a small piece of loose
powder or a cup and a slight explosion followed In which he waa practically not Injured. From this occurrence arose tne report of a fatal accident.
Knsknwin. 'lamina snd the big salmon
districts in all of which tne miners
nre doing well, but supplies are short
In Tanana and much suffering is anticipated.
King's   Message  of Thanks   and
1'iesident's  Reply.
Washington. Feb.   9.���The   text   of
Brackman & Ker Given Substantial Damages Against
Important Point of Practice
Settled in Chambers
the telegram of acknowledgement
from King Edward VII. to President
McKinley is as follows:
"I desire to express my high appre
ciation of the respect shown to the
memory of Her late Majesty by your
attendance and thut of your cabinet
at the memorial service at Washington. I am deeply touched by this and
other special marks of sympathy received from tbe United States.
(Sgd.) "EDWARD Ryand I."
President  McKinley   sent   the   following reply:
"His   Mujesty,   King   Edward   VII.,
"I am gratified by   Your   Majesty's  which has occupied
message. The tiihute of the American
people to the memory   of   your   Illustrious mother waB   general and heartfelt.
(Sgd.)      "WILLIAM M'KINLEY."
tit   Ker Mill-
attention   of
our days,   was
Lord's Day Alliance Respects
the Opinions of Individuals.
There's something   In the want column of The Miner that will   Interest
About that second hand article of
yours. Vou'll sell It If you'll advertise It In The Miner want column.
Robberies aro Frequent and Provisions
Running Short.
Victoria, Feb. 0.���The steamer
Amur, arrived from Skagway, brings
the first Nome news since last fall.
The mall currier reports that there
haB been cold, desolate weather with
considerable sutferlng and much want
at Nome, a large number of robberies
and petty crimes, and the robbery of
ouches wns frequent. Fearing that
the government of Nome would full
Into the hands of crooks the proposition to Incoiporato the city was defeated.
An automobile service began operation between Dawson and tho creeks
on February 2,
0. Amos, of Nome, was among the
passengers by the Amur, being the
first arrival from that district. lie
mnde the trip from Nome to Dawson
by dog team. He suys the mines of
Nome are proving fairly Biitlsfaciory
but there are no new attlkou. Prices
for food are  very  high.   He  visited
The services to be held here today
by Rev. J. G. Shearer, field secretary
of the Lord's Day Alliance, promise
to be most interesting. There seems
to he a misapprehension of Mr. Shearer's mission, which he will remove
from the minds of his hearers in the
course of his visit to Nelson. The
Lord's Day Alliance does not exist tor
the purpose of compelling people to
observe Sunday by religious exercise
nor does the organization endeavor to
nictate In the slightest degree what
the individual should do with his
Sundays. On the contrary there is a
strong feeling permeating the alliance
that the hours of rest on the seventh
day belong to the individual to dispose
of as ho may desire, provided always
that the Individual does not interfere
with the masses. The alliance exists
for the purpose of preserving the Sabbath as a day of rest inviolate, leaving to the churches the tank of influencing the public iu the matter ot
religious observance, Discussing this
point Mr. Shearer says: "I personally hold very strong views as to the
proper observance of the Sabbath,
but if an attempt was made to dictate to the individual as to his course
of action, 1 should he among the first
to take the plntform In oppoBition."
Il'iving disubused the public mind
uf uny misconception on tills point, it
will lie of considerable interest to note
whut the alliance hus accomplished
in the direction of preserving Sunday
a duy of rest. In Ontario where
the alliance has 130 branches anil a
membership running into the thou
sands an aggressive programme has
been followed where attempts have
been mnde to infringe on the Sunday
obsrvniice. An Instance of this is the
euse of the Calcium Carbide works at
Mcrrlton. Ont,, This industrial enterprise could not fill Its orders in the
ordinary working hours and Instructed 25 of its employes to report ft r duty
on Sunday. The workmen nppenled to
the nlllnnee for assistance nnd a letter
wus udiliesscil co the piesldeut of the
company courteously urging him to
abandon the Idea. The euiiimuulen-
tlon failed to huve uny effect, and the
alliance took further action. The
statutes on the subject operating In
Ontario do not apply to eoiporutloiis
so It beenme necessary to reach the
company through the men The latter
were agreeable and prosecutions were
Instituted which resulted ufter a tight
In two courts in the company abandoning tho Innovation. Similar experiences   have   been   encountered   In  _     	
dealing with corporations throughout' \tuu j,, ������, (MC nlost Interesting case on
Tne case of Brackman
ing Company, Ltd. vs.
the supreme court for fo
concluded last night when the special
jury empanelled on the case awarded
th�� plaintiffs 81,270. The last of tho
evidence was submitted yesterday
morning. Charles Wilson, counsel for
the defence.addrcssed the jury followed by S. S. Taylor fur the plaintiff.
His lordship then submitted to the
jury a preliminary question as to
whether the sending of the letter of
acceptance hy the Rrackman tit Ker
Company to Oppenhelmer by registered mail, was a usual ami proper custom having regard to the relationship
of the parties and the distance they
lived from each other. The jury ufter
a few moments'deliberation replied in
tbe uffirmutive. His lordship then
further charged the jury on the question of the alleged trade custum or
usage of supplying ears by the seller
of goods ut the point of shipment,
and pointed out most emphatically
the proper meaning of the words
"free on board" which is the f. o. b.
of commercial language. Fire additional questions were then submitted,
briefly as follows:
(1.) As to the alleged custom.
(2.) Whether Cppenheimer on Nov.
10 refused to fulfill the contract?
(1.) Whether Oppenheimer on the
15th of Novermber had loaded a car of
hay at Chewcluh for Hrackman tit
(4.) The price of buy during the
pendency of the contract?
(5.) The amount of damage If any,
sustained by Brackman tit Ker?
The jury after al:out an hour's deliberation returned, answering questions No. 1, 2 nnd 8, In the negative
und assessing the damages at 81,*'70,
whereupon his lordship entered judgment for Iliad,man tit Kei in this
amount, with costs. The foremun of
the jury Mr. N. T. Macleod stated
tbat while the jury In deference to bis
lordship's explicit directions hud decided that the term -free on board."
compelled the buyer to furnish the
ears and pay for the goods ut the point
of shipment, still wished it known
that they were In the habit of dealing
on the basis of this alleged custom and
would In the orJiuniy course of business expect the seller of goods to fui-
nisli the cur.
In chambers yesterday morning a
nico point of law was decided by Mr.
Justice Irving. Application hud been
���nude by W. A. Macuimald in the
matter of Cameron vs LawsoD to set
aside an order mnde by Judge Forin
as locsl judge giving leave lo issue a
writ for service on defendant out of
the jurisdiction on the ground that
nnder rule 1075 of the supreme court
rules Judge Fori ii only had jurisdiction In actions brought in this county. Mr. Justice living dismissed the
summons following u judgment uf
Mr. Justice Martin who held that
reading the rule und the net of Interpretation of the statute together with
the word "action" must be given a
wide meaning uud would include preparatory proceedings. Tbe point Involved is of very considerable Import
anoe to local practitioners. The up-
plication was made by VV, A. Macdonald, P. B, Wilson contra.
The case of Fawcett vs. C. P. R. set
down  for  tomorrow morning   prom'
the province, und the Alliance hns
Invariably been nneceusfnl in securing
for the laboring men concerned, a duy
of rest on Sunday. In the contest
the principle ut stake has been to prevent any employers of labor from compelling men to work on Sunday save
where the enterprises are those of necessity or mercy. Furthermore a liberal Interpretation is taken of the exceptions.
When asked ns to what the alliance
expected to fight In the Kootenays,
Mr. Shearer pointed out that he had
only been in the country for a few
days and could not be expected to
huve grasped the situation. He hinted that Sunday lubor In tbe mines
might he considered, hut was careful
to draw attention to a cardinal principle of the alliance which was that
the general organization only enden-
vored to establish the broad platform
of Sunday observance, leaving the local brunches to deal with such matters
as required iitlcntlon In their respective localities, the point being tbat I j{allltul)
the branches   were   In tbe best   posl- '
tion to grapple with problems of a
local nature.
the dueled from a local standpoint.
Pittsburg, I'll., Feb. U.��� The five
story brick build ing nt D8rd Struct
und Alleghany iiveutie occupied by
Armstrong llros.' cork factory, wns
omplctcly destroyed by tire today together with the foundry and machine
shops of Tot ten nnd Hogg's iron nnd
steel foundry company on "-'(th street
adjoining the Armstrongs. The luss
will rencli almost 1780,000, with Insurance covering the uiuiiniil fully, of
which Tot ten .v Hogg lose 85110,111111�� and
Armstrong the balance. Great excitement prevailed because the employees
of the cork.factory, numbering 1,800,
were all at work. Fortunate]*) the
several lire escapes nnd the firemen's
lailili'is provided ample menus
the snfoty of nil.
Topcktt,    Kan,,   Feb.  B.���Button,
whs purged of   Its
Met/., Fob. I).���A ooiii t mnrtinl hns
sentenced Lieut. Roucger of tho 17th
Infnntiy to I-' years' penal servitude
for shooting ('apt. Adams dead while!
arrangements for a duel following a
quarrel were pending.
today. Tho purging process WIIU*
compllshed by a Tiniid of ut least n
thousand determined citizens who
took the law Into their own bands
and attacked the "jolntists" of the
city. Three places were put out of
business nnd lltitton Is n illy town for
the first time In 15 yenrs.
And ad. In The   Miner want coluinq
always brings results. ���MiNaraiNNMWHBtfHMMMMMi
Nelson  Daily Miner, Sunday,   Fkbrurav io,  1901a
The Nelson Miner
Published   Every Morning  Except   Monday
���BY THX���
LtMiTK.ii Liability.
The protests which hnve been uttered by a certain portion of the press of
the province  against   schemes   which
are said to be   hutching   calculated to
rob British Columbia   of the   fruits of
her industrial development   u.id benefit   United   States   corporations,   are
timely   and   will   meet with   general
approval.    Every patriotic   citiz.en   of
this country will not deny thut as far
as possible we should adopt the   principle   of   "Canada   for   Canadians"���
that is, shut Canadians should reap to
the   fullest possible extent the advantages  which  are  legitimately   theirs
from the   exploitation  of the rich resources of Canada.    No one will   deny
the justice   of   that  contention.    The
people of Eastern   Canada have awakened to a realization   of   the fact that
in the past they   have   suffered to   an
incalculable   extent   through viewing
with apathy the operations of   United
States speculators; and recently legislation has been enacted looking to the
better   protection   of Canadian   interests.    Signs are not   wanting that the
people  of     British     Columbia     will
shortly be called upon to   give serious
consideration to this question of   taking steps to prevent the encroachment
upon their interests by designing United States   speculators, who, under the
plea of developing the country, aim at
milking it   of   its   rich raw   products
fot their own benefit.    British Columbians will stand   shoulder to shoulder
on one common ground in the event of
such an assault   being made.    The air
is full of rumors  of the approach of a
railway war of great  magnitude.   On
tbe one   side   stands   J. J. Hill,   and
against him is the C. P. R.   The merits of the vatious contentions put forward by the great rivals will no doubt
be fully explained -, but  observing the
conflict from afar, as it is in its present phase, the sympathy of the people
of tho west   will   undoubtedly be   extended to the gieat Canadian   institution.    That opinion   may be   changed
later   on when all the arguments  are
presented and a verdict   awaited,   but
the feeling in the west at present is as
we   have   indieuted.    The C. P. R.   is
a   much-criticized    corporation,   and
perhaps    some   of   the  adverse  comment   is  justified -,   hut   it.   hns done
so    much     for    Cnnuda,   it    is    so
great     a     purely     Canadian     insti
tution, and one conducted   with   such
marked   ability   that   British Columbians will oe loth to turn from It and
extend the hand to rivals wbo are not
in any way   identified   with our   national   growth.    That   Canadians    in
the west have only too easily been de
luded by   the   promises   held   out   to
them by their  shrewd Yankee cousins
is   manifest   if   one   will   look at the
citieB   of   Spokane uud   Seattle which
huve  thrived  by the  exploitation  of
Canadian territory.
A correspondent directs attention
to the neglect of the public officials in
Nelson to take the oath of allegiance
to King Edward VII. If we are correctly informed the officials in other
parts of Canada have^been   re-sworn.
In the launching of the new tug
Valhalla of the local C. P. R. fleet
yesterday afternoon a further splendid addition has been made to the
company's facilities foi handling the
rapidly increasing lake carrying-
am '""
mu 'L.L.I     I 1 aj
The Associated Boards of Trade are
to meet In Greenwood on February
28th. lt is expected that there will
be 40 delegates in attendance. The
inference should prove a very important one and the result of its deliberations will be awaited with interest.
Is it Common Sense
to pay from $50 to ��65 for a
Sewing Machine
���# when half that amount will get one ?
3 m THE  ��.
1 Nelson Clothing House |
\3 Great Slaughter Sale for the (i
Returned South African volunteers
now located in Nelson are asked to
note that the provincial government
has ex'ended an invitation for them
to be present at Victoria at the opening of the legislature and join as a
guard of honor to the lieutenant-governor. The government will pay hll
One of These
J��        If you have any idea of buying a machine
���# it will be dollars saved you to investigate the
I From 10 to 25 Per Cent
3   =������*
|N order to make room for Spring   Gonds  T have
merits of the
Whittaker's Almanac.
The    N. Y. Woi   Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New   Vork Clipper  Annual.
Office Diaries, 1901.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Corian Doyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
High arm, Vibrating  Shuttle, Lock Stitch,
I Light Running, fitted with Complete Set of
8 Attachments, and carries the Hudson's Bay
^ Company's Guarantee for Five Years,
111     UlUtl      tW    lliuiav   .�������        ��� 1,   - O ^
decided to sell for the next 30 days, all goods in
stock at greatly reduced prices. A.l heavy
goods away down, cost not considered. And in
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and Caps and
Boots and Shoes, I will give from 10% to 25% discount and all Rubber Goods at cost.
Now is the chance to partake of the best bargains in above mentioned goods ever offered in the
Koolenays. My stock is all new and up-to-date,
and the sale is genuine. Sj now avail yourself of
the best opportunity to get good goods] at less than
wholesale prices.
I have now in stock a line
ot all classes of
Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak, $30
Drop Head, $32
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
Hudson's Bay Stores
Crow 6 Morris I
Tbe movement which has   been   ln-
auguiated looking to  the   betterment
of tbe mail service  for Southern liritish Columbia   should be pushed   with
vigor.    It haB   been suggested   that a
new postal division should be created.
Thu matter should at once be brought
to tbe attention of tbe proper   authorities; and The Miner suggests that the
question be taken   up   by   the Assocl-
iited   Hoards   of Trade at the   annual
meeting   which Is to be held this year
nt (Ireenwood on  February   88th.     It
will always remain a puzzle to intelligent men why the  powers that be are
so dilatory about giving proper attention to the rnpldly-developing districts
of the country in the   way of   providing iiueiiiiute facllltcB  for the tranBuc-
tlon of husineBB.  Is It that there Ib too
much red tape?   Or   Is It because  we
do  not   kick   enough?   Certain   lt   iB
that we   suiter   at   the hands  of  the
governments for many   weary months
before wo   get   a measure of   justice.
Flora de Vlneda
Vallens 6 Co.
Two choice  cigars, well  known
all over the world.
Will   give   most   enjoyment'^to
people who know a good
j Tki Qim Gim Store
General Dewet Ib living up to his
reputation as a blood-thirsty villain.
The details of his shooting down in
cold blood of a peace envoy huve jnBt
come to light. It was an atroolous act,
nnd onu calculated to Bhatter any
remnant of sympathy which may
have been left among civilized people
for the cause of tho lloerfl.
* ^^sW^^*w **"^P *^*^F^^*w *^^Lp ^^^ w9^ "^F^ *^r^ Wr^* *^r^
"A Naming Voice"
I�� Ul6 UllMof mi inlt'i'i-Miihtf Uitlo book
thut hIiowh how
is 1AJHT iiml how tt liny bo
it Ih Hont Kouroly Boalod i plain on*
volopu Pruo, on rocuipt of /( "lump for
Wo are Hu: loading KpocluliHtri In
curing nil oiihoh of Kldnuy and liludder
Trouble. Hexmil WcuUm--- and I in polo it cy, sj'piiiii.i, Qonorrhoaa, Muiii
Lohhch, i.ict'i and HUlt'turo, quickly
And ptriniimnlly. Wo havo cured
tlioiii'imilh ul thtilr own boniOrt. All
lottorH kopt niiii-ily rlviito und an-
ttworud tn iiIhIii Unif 9 envelope, (!on-
HiilUiLlon by mull fr e. Wrllo today.
Bta 0, Ohioago, 111-
Put UsIOn
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superiority of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your  wants  perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck & Wilson
A British Columbia lacrosse team Is
to be sent to Australia. Nelson will
be Invited to seek represenntion on
the team. We ventnre the assertion
that the Canadian boys will givo their
Australian cousins a pointer or two
in the matter of athletic agility in
the various matches.
A moral wave ia aaid to have struck
Vancouver. It will probably provt
to be but a wava-aDd thus hi.tory
yi.M repeat itHlf.
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Publio, Conveyancer.
83, Mo buys H-room house on Carbonate
st., central location.
831(1(1 bays good bou.ic on Silica street,
near Kootenay.
81,Mo, good house near hospital.
8:1,0(10 buys good house with large   lot
in Hume Bilditinti.    Kasy terms.
8(1(1" buys two   lots,    KKlxU'l, on   Mill
:i-room   houHc,     Stanley at 8 H 00
H-room house. Mill   st    Ill III)
7-room house, Hume   ndilli'-m     :*o 00
Canada Permanent andWes
tern Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to U. I.. LENNOX. 1 aker St
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby   given that   John
Leask and Francis C.   Rankin, carrying on business in the   town of Cranbrook iu the Province   of British   Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
under the firm and  style of   Leask   tit
ltankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date   the
7th   day  of  January,   liiiii, made  in
pursuance   of   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and amending  acts,  have
granted and assigned   unto Creighton
Ross   Palmer,   of Cranbrook,   liritish
Columbia, clerk, all  the   personal estate, credits and   effects   of   the  said
John Leask aud  Francis   G.   Rankin,
and of each of tbem (both partnership
and  private)   which   may   be  seized
und Bold under execution and all their
real estate and   of  each  of   them  in
truat to pay the creditors of  the  said
Leask tit Rankin, ratably a .id   proportionately   their   just oluims   without
preference   or   priority   according  to
law. i
The said deed of assignment was executed by the Baid John Leask ana
Francis C. Rankin, on the 7th duy of
January, l'.im, and by the said Creighton Ross Palmer on the 9th day of
January, 1001.
All persons having claims against
the said Leask tit ltankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 30th day i f January, mm, full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the natims of the securities,
if any, held by them.
And notice Is hereby given that after tbo said 30th day of January 1001,
the trustee will proceed to distribute tbe assetB of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto, having^
regard to the claims only of whioh he
then shall have had notice and that
he will not be responsible for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
claim he shall not then huve had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Saturday the 88th day ot January, 1001, at two o'clock in tho afternoon, at the oflices of W. F. Ourd,
solicitor, llaker street, Cranbrook,
1��.   0.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 11th day
of January, 1001.
Solicitor for the Trustee.
China Hall
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tttilors and Dyers.
Suits Made to Order, Gleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
P. O. Box 834
Telephone 261.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Brewers ot Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Nelson. B. 0.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights and
Trade Marks obtained in Canada
and all foreign countries.
Room 3, Bank of British North
America, Hustings Street, Vancouver.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of second band goods. Will buy
or sell uny thing from on anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oaiperta,
oooking utensils, bought  in household
anantittes. Also oast off clothing.
all and see ma or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hail
Street. Nalann.  P. C
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Ui.oo.
I, V. O'liiUflHUU, Prop-
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -    $10.75
No order can ho accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Olllce Corner Hall and Baker Street*,
Our pictures have all the charm of
the person. They arc true as life,
yet without the faults of nature,
Baker Street,
Could wo read the heart-* uf women, what a
vast amount of suffering would bo expound,
Kkmalk Wkaknkss has produced more In-
vnllilH amoiiK women than any other cause
Havo you any ot the following HymptomsT
NervouBnodd, WuukneHH. Baoknclio, Headache,
"All Uoue" Fooling, Hot Flushes, Variable
Appntlte, hVRtloHHnost*, No Ambition. Uimlly
Kxniioil, Painful Periods, Bearing-down I'iiInh,
Louehorrhoea, Pimples on tho Fsce, Pain, in
1.I10 I-oIiih, KyimHiink���. No Vital Knorgy, etc.
WE Can Ouhk You. It inuUorn not who hoe
troatcil and failed In ourfngyou, Connultation
by Mail In Absolutely Freo, nnd if ourable wo
will toll you ho. Don't let surgeons operate on
you. \*iio oan ouro you without outtlug. Our
Nitw MKTnon Tkkatmknt Ih mild una plead-
ant. Family Doctors have treated you for
vim���, and yet you are not oureu���they only
Iioln you from tlmo to time. Let us ouro you
at Youn Own Hour by our Now Method
Troatmont. HunilroilH aro botng cured. Why
not you I Wo will mall you our Symptom
Hknk almply for the asking, and wo will tell
you freo of charge what we think of your
I'limi. llemcmbor, your letters are kept striotly
private and oonflaentlal and are aniwerod In
plain sealed envelope. Write at once, onclon-
log ttamp for renly. Adams Ds% W. H.
���/PIIISUU ,* ��*.. mm. C Cktr.g-, la
Mention mispapr
Pursuant to the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given tbat George
Bremner, carrying on business on
llaker street in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm nnd style of
George Bremner St Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of the 10th day of January, 1001, made
iu pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts has
granted and assigned unto Robert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbrldge, Alberta,
North West Teiritories, merchant, all
his personal estate,credits and effects,
which may be seized and sold under
execution and all bis real estate, in
trust to pay tha creditors of the said
George Bremner tit Son, ratably and
proportionately tbeir just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was
executed by the said George Bremner
and the said Robert Edward Sherlock on the 10 'ay of January, mill.
All persons h ring claims against
the said George liremner St Son are
required to file wi'h tbe assignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities If
any held by them, on or before the
'!-th day of January.   A. D. mm.
And notice is hereby given that af-
ler the said 28th day of January, nml,
the assignee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
to the claims only of whioh the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not be responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim he shall not then
havo had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28th day of Jan-
uay, A, O. mill, In the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C , at the hour of two
o'clock In the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 1001.
SoHc*'**"" for the Asslgne.
LU ni ber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Door*,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring* and
Finished Lumber.
Mill nt PILOT BAY. Tarda, NELSOH
and LAB).O,
conmssiON AGENT.
P. O. Box 626.   Gable Address: ���'Crooso'alle,"
Nolson.   Codo-Morcing 41 Neal.
Is prepared to negoiiate tha sale of
developed mines. Has arranged far
deuliiig in shines on the London aad
M ntienl Stock Exchanges. Sharea-
houghb and sold iu London on margin.
Will take charge of the interests or
absentee investors,
Office: Selous Block, Nelson, B. O.
The Gait Coal office has
removed to the Ward Building, on Baker Street, two
doors west C.P.R. offices.
A full supply of Gait Coal
now on hand.
General / gent.
Tel. No. 265.
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B. C.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotorla and Kootenay Bta.
P. O. Box 609. Telephone No. 9t
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Bos Ul Malwn B. CI Nelson Daily Miner, Sunday, February io,  1901
���jfefcttiding the Maypole���List of   Prizes
to Be Given.
A special feature of the carnival at
���the Bkating rink on Wednesday evening next under the auspices of the
Ladies' Hospital Aid will be the
braiding of the Maypole, the first rehearsal tor which took place yesterday
afternoon. The event is a novelty and
If well performed, as promises to be
"the case, is most charming in effect.
In other respects the carnival will be
conducted on advanced lines. Skaters
in costume will be required to hand in
names and character to be eligible for
prizes. All skaters will be allowed on
the ice between 8 nnd 9 o'clock. At
the latter hour the ice is cleared for
the maskers exclusively. The general
admission has been placed at B�� cents,
while for maskers the rate is 25 cents.
The prizes, us appended, will doubtless excite a keen competition : Lady's
best costume, Scotch pebble brooch ;
gentleman's best costume, sterling
silver stamp box; girls' best costume,
finger-purse, with silver initial; boy's
best costume, knife; most original
costume, (lady's or gentleman's)
brass clonk; most original costume
(girls or boy's) gold pin.
German Syrup is the special prescription of Dr. A. Uoshee, a celebrated German Physician, and is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and Lung
troubles of the severest nature, removing, as it does, the cause of tbe aft'ee-
ton and leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition. It is not an
experimental medicine, but has stood
the test or years, giving satisfaction
in every case, which its rapidly increasing sale every season confirms.
Two million bottles sold annually.
Bosche's German Syrup was introduced In the United States in 18(!8,
and is now sold in every town and
village in the civilized world. Three
doses will relieve any ordinary cougY
Price 7�� cents. For Pale by W. F.
Tbis signature is on every box of tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine Tablets
the remedy tbat enrea a cr-'M t* qem-s day
Established 1895.   Here to Stay.
Our Celebrated Bread
delivered daily to any
part of the town. . . .
Try Our Seaton Short Bread,
Scones and Oat Cakes*
Telephone 210. P. 0. Box till.
Some Home Made Bread
Is as heavy as lead,
But mine is as light ns a feather;
If you buy it and eat it.
You will always greet it,
Tor yon can stand nil kinds of weather!
REV. J. G. SHEARER, Traveling
Organizer of the Alliance, will visit
Nelson next Sunday.
Sunday, 11   a. m.
bytcrian Church.
-St. Paul's   I-res-
Sunday, 3:45 p. in ���Mass Meeting,
Congregational Church.
Sunday, 7:30 p. in,���Ilnptist Church.
Ceylon and India Tea
Because of their PURITY and CLEANLINESS
British grown teas are becoming more popular every day.
Don't drink impure and doctored Japan or China tea any
longer. Insist that your grocer furnish you with the
delicious, palate-pleasing teas of
t *^**>^*%y*>*M*M*^*^-^i^v*>V����yv*vv>i��vvyyw*�� ����/**/v***^iv%*vw'i/v��w*wvs
H. & M. BIRD
Agenti lor Eureka ninerul Wool and
Aflbetitiis   Co.
Insurance Go. or North America, Mutual Lift
Insurance Go., ol New York, Quobec
Fire Assurance Go.
Mrs. Snowilen's residence on Robson
Btreet and three lots fenced and laid
down to lawns, fruit trees and garden.
Sunimor end winter hen nouses,
woodsheds, etc. Also the furniture,
linen and crockery. Pure bred poultry, etc. Full particulars on application.
Now house on Water Street   in 00
-4-Roomed cottage   on   corner of
Ward and tlore .Streets  12 00
4-Roomed house on   Mill Street;
now; all conveniences 825 00
Baker Street.
h ���I Estate and Insurance Agents.
Three lots and bungalow, Ji rooms
and bathroom, with all modern Improvements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover Street, near Josephine.    Easy terms.
Lot 0, Mock 5, Dogustown, with 5-
roomed house, new, SUM).
Mill Street���Lot and H-roomed house
with bathroom, modern conveniences,
plumbing complete, V1D0O: or rent for
|SS per month.
A Snap! For Sale, $2000 Cash
g% miles from Nelson, on Kootenay River; 7/%
acres; % mile river frontage; 8 acres cleared; goo*..'1
garden; apple trees bearing (io); strawberries and
other small fruit; 6 buildings; good house, stable, \
barn, root house; large hennery and runway; line
fenced; plenty of timber; creek; light wagon, and
rough timber. Also household effects���cook stove,
bedding, carpets, etc., and a quantity of carpenter's
tools. Large float, and when in place steamers will
stop in front of house.    Clear title.
R. W. DAY, = = = Agent.
1 Miners, Attention!*
L#7nAAjH4jn\4  Aft/ iHti^-uJ ���
fifty/ ^v +0 ttfi^A  */��w ^ft^J
relatives afflicted with the Dis
ease of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for particulars, enclosing 2 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders tit Co., Chicago, 111.
Owrers   having   claims   for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values Gold or Silver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities of ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities, names of locations, etc., to
P.O. BOX, 505, NESON.
B. C
Wholesale  Houses
'lUiUUPJfi fie CO. IjiuiiLed���Coruer Vornon
JL and Cedar rilreuLs, >.elHOii���Manufticlur-
iii'fi of und wholesale duulora in uerated wai-orb
and fruit ayrupn. Sole agents for iiuluyou Hoi
dpringrj mineral wuter.   Telephone OU
J3l Ni Al. Cummins, Lestiee���Every knowi*
variety of noti driuka. P U iiox. 88. Telephone
No. 31. Hoover bu-eet, Nelson, liotllora of the
I'.uiuMis tit. Leon Hot Springs Mineral Water.
C1ANK & .MACHONALD |H, Cane, Jaroot
/ A. Muedouuldj���Arclutet-.ts uud Kuperin-
leudoutu, iU'oui'ii H ill ldueiw, eoruor buker auu
Wuru streets, nelson.
U t J, KVANti & CO.���Bakor Street, Noi-
XJl* sou���v. Au'leuale duuk-is in liquors, oi-
Kui'd, cement, hie brick und lire clay, vvutui
pipe rind bteel rails, und gonerul comunsbioi
JJ Whoiosule iu.d retail deulers in gruin,
hu>, Hour, feed. Mill.-, ut Victoria, New wut>l-
minster; Edmonton, Aita, Elevators ou Cui-
gar> and juiiuonum Hail way. MunuttiCturei>
of thu cuJeurulcil ii. & K. bruud ceruuls<
The Palm i
Tea and Coffee Parlors,
K VV- C- Block,
Phone No-
Wo have-just received a large
order of Lowtiey's iWst Chocolates and Bon Bonn, and guarantee all of our customers fresh
goods aud FULL WEIGHT at
reasonable pi-ices.
Ghoice fruit always on hand.
We also carry a Hue line of
Tea and Coffee Parlors in connection.
PHONE NO. 254.
r. Q. Browne, prop.
and try a bottle, a dozon, or a barrel of
QALQARY BEER a�� lt Ib the beat and
cheapen!, on the markot. Also try our
AjMAODONALD fit, Co.���Corner Frou
��� and itail -streets��� V holesalo grueei>
uud jobbers iu blankets, gluves, milts, boou.
rubbers, mackinawi*. aud miners' HundriuH.
J3I Olllce corner Hull and trout HtrooU,
,\elson���liUniber, celling, lluoriug, aud ever}
thmg in wuod for building purpObOH. Out oui
prices.   Correspondence 6olicitcd.
1_>   BUKNti & Co.-I3akor dtruut, Nolson-
.  ���    VV'huloHule dealers in fresh and cmed
meai>i.   Cold BtOrttK����	
llaker btreot, Nelson���Wholesale dealers lu frenh and cured incuts.
J street. Nolson ��� Wlioh'sule di'uhus In
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting goods
'LA-UHLAN BROS. (Buccossors to Vancouver Hardware Co, Ltd.iJJakor Street,
Nelson*��� V\ holesalo deulers in nardwure un-il
niiiiiiiK Hiippltes, plumbers' and tinsmiths' sup
plies. _____���
NKLHON   HARD WARE   CO.- Wholesale
paints, oils and k'"'1-; meohanlnH' tools.
Agents foi Oniiirlo 1'owdor Works; dyn unite
rpURNKR, DK1CTON & Co.-Cornor Vornon
X    and Jufuphhio  Streets,   Nelson���Whrlo
sale doalors in llgupra, Olgars, und dry kU(J('h
Agents for Pabst Brewing Qo, of Mlfwaukoi
and Calory RrewInK Co of Calvary.
UDaoN'S UAY Co.- Wliolcmlo frrooerlet
and liqiiurs ulc, Bakor Hlraui, Nil un.
C*tALlFOHNIA WINTu^lJmllocl-tlornei
J Front and Hall atrocli. NcIhoii���Whule
sule dealers n wines iciiku and bulk), and
duuiOHlio and iniiiorliid cigars.
TY. 01HFF1N & CO.-
.  ,	
_    Corner Vornon and
JoHophiuo Btroetfli Nolson ��� wholesale
dealoru In pri-.v'^iu i ureil ..u fcs, bulUiranil
Telephone BJ.
ItekerBt   Nolson, II, C
7-8 inch dinm. !|13.50per M0 feet.   Poi
ii nn n*i li Ui*  ili'livcrv    In   Neli."
i. 0. T. QROFTS,
''. (i. Box
Baker Street,Nelsoi,
B. C.
Lot i:
in Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having a frontage of 50 feel on Baker
Street and a trontage of 120 feet oiTjoTi"
pliin" Street, wi*h 16 foot lane at rear, will
be Sold by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the mil Day ol
February A. D, 1901, at ihe hour of tuo
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts
Nelson, B. C.
Terms: -65.000 cash at lime of sale,
one-ha'l of balance of purchase price on or
be'ore 30 days from I'ate of ��ale, and oilier
one-half of said balance, on or beti-re 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will he received In vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application in
M        Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been gj
% pro\-��d and not found wanting. g
%        Ntf Cfliss-holes.   No running j
Auctioneers. Nelson, B. C.
^>��>^tet*>*��*>*l u*>i.��il��li*��i.��>K|��'H��w<yw-��''-��'l��''*>'l*��,'-��''��',-��,>|
1 The Canadian Bank 4 Commerce
With' WKich Is Amalgamated %
The Bank trf British Columbia.
Paid up  Capital,   SS.Ot^.OOO;   Reserve   Fund,   82,OtiO,<WD;
Ae-eres-ate Be.sources Over 885,000,000.
. COX, Iresiden t.       B. S. WALKER, General Mannger.^
And 6
London Office: t'-t L oinburd Street,  E. C.
New Vork Offic e; I.-S Exchange Pl��f*.
branches in Canada and the United StatohV including:
. Nklson Sandon
,  New Westminster   -Vancouveb
' Rossland y'ictoria
YUKON DISTRIOT-Dawson and White Horse. 	
UNITKTI STATKS-Nkw York, SanFranoiS��"o, bEATTLE, Portland, Skagway,
Savings Bank Department.
Dciiostt-gRcccived and Interest Allowed.   Pr��:sent Hate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRAN0E V. HOLT, Manage*-.
With plenty of our
nice, clean ware in
your, kitchen, you will
find housework easy
and enjoyable. It lasts
for years, and is a
pleasure every day.
Besides, "things taste
so good" when they
are cooked in it.
W 4; 4r
(lold, Silver-Lead   and  Copper Mines wanted at the BXCHAK'GE.
FREE MILLING SOLD properties wanted at onee for EasfaJrB
Parties havliin; -mining* property for wile arc requested to sc����<l
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE, for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors wh'o have promising mine- "al
claims in liritish Columbia.
rrnspectors and mlniD(f men are requested eto muke the EX".-
CHANGE their beadouarteri when In Nelson.
All samples should be sent bv express, KREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address all communications to
J    TolophoneNo. 104.   P, O. Box 700. NELSON, B.C..
��^^*/��,VV*lf��'>^^^iit 'VV^*wv*t^'^^v**t^VVV*^V**A<VVVVVV%V*i>^V-vv*VVV **4
P. BURN5 & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Ma rkets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful a*-*** ���oromt't attention.
Auction Sale \
Improved Real Estate ��� . .
. . . and Household Furniture
Acting under instructions from T. H. Graham
the undersigned will offer for sale a very desirable
7 ROOM COTTAGE on Robson Street, together
Tuesday, February 12th, at 2 o'clock p  m.
The cottage is designated as No. 176 Robson street, near
Stanley, and is built upon a lot 50x120 feet. It is fitted
with hot and cold water, bath and all modern conveniences,
and the lot is fenced, containing a lawn and a garden.
The property and furniture may be inspected on the
morning of sale.
TERMS, on the real estate : one-third cash, one-third in
six month?, and balance in twelve months.
TERMS : on the household furniture, cash.
For further particulars apply to
Ohas. A. Waterman & Oo.
For wood or bard or suit coal.
The  largest   line carried   by
any linn in i lunula.
" (i&QsI   Cheer"   Range*   nnd
Cook Hto.vj.u3,    A {���r��ui|>lt'te line.
Call nnd lie convinced that the only place to liny
Stoves  and    Range*  at   tlie   right   prices   in  tbe
Protect Your
Best   Faculty
and    ave
Your   Sight.
W. J.   HARVEY.  gdbJ^dsmflttt
anil Btiontidq OjSi 1,0'f Toro&lMr^h vVialTEWBjadaebB.. 1 ��� I" "���'��� H��f, Km
HmoBttotalbBadW,,*'","V*'-"*"* *" ,*i''hJKii.l Uu a I '.or ��ujr Hrrorot
Kiifracllon of 111* i*vs will  hi kIv.ii �� rr*������.��.��IWJ�����        f mlMtMan.
UDUn 10 l�� IH "'ill II108. _���������.������-���������TTT?^^
West Kootenay Batcher Co.
Large number of Choice Builtluig Lots adjacent to the line o( tlieia
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at tbe office of the Company, MacUwald Bl#ck  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V, MASCW, Sefretar-f,
Fresh   and    5alted   Heats
FLsh and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
��. -r        l -i V��* tateful and prompt attention
"Dr& rs by mail recei Ye caTe,ul "**" t""" r ^
���       ��� ,,,..,��� ���!��  for   Electric   Power   Tiansinission   and
QmjMn Electric Equlpmen ��   1o p, u
iLiifhtiiiir for Mines, Tov '""' ���   ' . . .���
4 Bells, Teleph. fes' Annunciators, etc
Houston JHk. NELSOH,B.O. i.
Nelson   Dailv Miner,  Sunday,  Februarv jo, 1901
I        THE TOWN
The C. P. B. announeefi a slight reduction in fares from the KootenayB
to coast pointa.
Are you in   want?    If   you are, tell
the people, through   The   Miner want
column, what   you are   in
You'll get it.
At the Methodist  church   today the
pastor will   preach   in   the   morning,
At the evening   service   Rev. .1.
Morgan will preach a sermon on
hath Observance.
The Scranton correspondence school's
air brakecar went east yesterday aftei
a trip over the Boundary division
where stops were made at Kbolt and
Smelter Junction.
Miss McMillan of this city is leaving for a three weeks' trip to the
east. On her return to the west she
will locate at Victoria to assume a
position with Hutchinson  tit Co., Ltd.
Consult \V. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.
I., about those headaches, cross eyes,
or the fitting of spectacles that aie
absolutely correct at McLean's Drug
Store until Saturday, February !>.
Hours IU to 12, and 2 to B,
A Nelson man who was in North-
port ou Friday gives particulars of u
fatal accident on the Spokane Falls VS*
Noithern road on the preceding night.
A south bound fieight met a switch
engine drawing lime rock from a
quarry south of Northport and in the
ensuing smashup. Engineer Lindberg
of tbe work train was killed. Lindberg was well to do. owning valuable
real estate in Spokane and Kalispell,
Laxative Bromo-ljniiiine removes the cause.
P. McVeigh returned yesterday from
Lemon creek siding where he placed
an order with .1. B. Winlow's mill
for 160,000 feet of timber for stringers, caps, ties anil plank to he used in
the construction of tho wharf at
Fred Howard charged with wound
ing his wife Annie Howard, with intent to do grievous bodily harm, was
hrought before Ilia Lordship Justice
Irving yesterday afternoon. The prisoner pleaded guilty and was remanded
for sentence.
The intermediate hockey team
crosses sticks with the seniors at the
rink on Monday evening. The game
starts at 8 o'clock and concludes at 9.
On Tuesday night the militiamen
will again play the tramway stall at
0:10 o'clock.
For the past three or four days a
Pinkerton detective has hecn in the
city endeavoring to locate F. W. Atkins, the defaulting ex-sergeant of
police of Victoiia, whom he bad
thought was in Nelson. He spotted a
man he thought was Atkins, but
speedily discovered his mistake. Atkins is said to have joined Vu
er's forces in South Africa,
is living in Victoria.
Rev. J. S. Shearer, B. A., traveling
secretary of the Lord's Day Alliance
for the Dominion, arrived in Nelson
yesterday afternoon and will today
address three meetings in this city.
This morning at 11 o'clock, Mr.
Shearer will deliver an address at St.
Paul'8 Presbyterian church, not the
Baptist church as has been advertised.
This afternoon a mass meeting will
be held at the Congregational church
at 3:4!i o'clock and this evening at 7.30
Mr. Shearer will speak at the Baptist church. Mr. Shearer is an eloquent divine and is thoroughly in earnest in the work he has undertaken.
His addresses lire very interesting and
his meetings today will undoubtedly
be largely attended.
Every year a large number of poor
sufferers whose lungs are sore and
rucked with coughs are urged to go
to another climate. Hut this is costly
and not always sure. Don't he an
exile when Dr. King's New Discovery for Coiisupmtioii will cure you at
home. Its the most infallible medicine for Coughs, Colds, and all
Throat and Lung disease on earth.
The first dose brings relief. Astound
ing cures result from persistent use.
Trial bottle free at Canada Drug St.
Book Co. Price ii0 cents and 81.
Every bottle guaarnteed.
Do you want some   line stationery
letter paper   and   envelopes���with the
name   of   your   home or "Nelson,   B.
C," printed thereon'.'   The timer can
supply you.	
To the Editor,���In all the other
provinces I notice all the barristers,
counsel, mayors and city councils
have taken the oath of allegiance to
the King, and I ask through your columns why the loyal City of Nelson is
behindhand in these matters. The
actions of our officials are jeopardized.
Nelson, B. C,   Feb. 8, 1H01.
Twelvo years ago W. J. Sullivan, of
Hartford, Conn., scratched his leg
with a rusty wire. Inflammation and
blood poisoning set in. For two years
he suffered intensely. Then tbe best
doctors urged amputation, "but," he
writes, "I used one bottle of Electric
Bitters and IH boxes of Bueklen's
Arnica Salve and my leg was sound
and well as ever." For Eruptions,
Eczema.Tetter, Salt Rheum, Sores and
all blood disorders Electric Bitters
has no rival on earth.    Only 50  cents
His wife
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what you are in want of.
You'll get it.
W. .1. Harvey, F. O. M. C. I., professor of ophthalmology, doctor of optics, and scientific optician, of Toronto, Ont., who for the last few weeks
has been practising with II. F. McLean, has extended his visit to Saturday, February Kith. The doctor will
Btiil continue to give free examinations to all peisons suffering from
defective vision, and all corrections
for such defects are sold under a positive guarantee of satisfaction.
If you don't like Blue Bibbon Tea it's
because you've never tasted it.
The final game in the race for the
Consolation prize in the curling club's
tournament took place yesterday af-
tornoon between the Hodge and Lillie
rinks. The latter won by four points
and are thus entitled to receive the
silver flasks presented for competition
by the tramway company. The members of the winning rink are: J. A.
Dewar, O. Kydd, John A. Tinner and
T. Lillie, skip. Last night a scratch
game was played as follows:
.1.  Laurenson, Harry Wright,
J.  H.   Wallace.       C. E. Wilson,
N. T. MacLeod,     J. II. Fox.
J. Mackenzie,s. 11.  VV.  Richardson,s.4.
Take Laxative Bronio Qulniue Tablets. All
druggists refund the money if it falls to cure.
250,   IC. W. Orivfl ��� siirnn.l.iim Is on eaoh bo*.
Berlin, Feb. 9.���A despatch from
Field Marshal Count von Waldersee,
dated Pekin, Friday, February 8,
says: "Cleve's column returned to
Tien Tsin on February nth without
any untoward incident. Von Tiotba's
column is icturning. It has arrived
at Sing Ho, 10 kilometres north of
Pekin. A .lager company, detachments of cavalry, mounted infantry
and artillery have gone via Nan Khow
to Yien Khing, 12 kilometres northwest of Pekin to investigate fresh
murders of Christians iccently reported. "
Phair.���G. II. Botsford, Portland,
Ore. ; Mrs. Gregory and daughter,
Spokane; Howard Chapmun, Victoria;
J. F. Collom, Alameda, Cal; J.-C.
O'Brien, Halifax; G. N. Miller, L.
Boss, Toronto; K. B, Blyth, Victoria;
O. T. Von Ethlnger, Portland; Mrs.
E, V. Otto, Kaslo.
Hume���John MulTct, Erie; R. H.
llummill. II. B. T. Haultain. Yellow-
atone mine; M.S. Logan, Rossland; J.
R. Miller, Montreul; A. Dick, Nanul-
mo;   R. 0. O'Connor, Medicine Hat.
An ad. in The Miner
always bungs results.
want   column
$600 FOR $1*00-
A Profitable Investment.
Jno. Blakely of W. Lebanon,
reports that he got more value
81.00 worth of Grape-Nuts food
from WOO spent in noted hospitals,
trying to get well from stomach trouble. Be says: "After all my experience I bid to come home thinking
there was no cure for mo. I was bo
weak and nervous I could hardly walk,
and for three years I hadn't a good
night's sleep. I was run down until 1
onlv weighed 120 pounds.
"I commenced using drape-Nuts
nbout a year ago and now I weigh 108
pounds und can do as good a day's
woik as any one. When I go to bed
I sleep all liight peacefully and am refreshed in tho morning. I use Grape-
Nuts food every day and know It Is
the greatest blessing that over was
sent to suffering humanity. 1 believe
if it had not been for this food 1
would have been under tho sod before
this." There is a reason. No food
In existence contains, In a concentrated form, the elements that will rebuild the nerve centers and the brain,
as drupe-Nuts, und the beauty of
the food is that il is perfectly cooked
at the factory and by the process of
manufacture is pre-digested fn a natural way. therefore requires but trifling power of tbe stomach  to digest
He Did Not Loot Lu Sen's Residence
in Pekin.
Marseilles.Feb. 0.���Archbishop Fav-
ier, the. head of the French misBion
in North China and the vicar apostolic of Pekin, will sail on his return to
China tomorrow. In the course of
an Interview had with hiin today, he
affirmed that the accusations brought
by the family of Lu Sen, Chinese minister of foreign affairs, wbo was executed by the empress dowager becuuse
he would not sanction the iinti-fiu-
eign movement, that the bishop looted
tbeir house of money and valuables
aggregating a million fuels the day
after tbe siege was raised aie absolutely untrue. He further said that.
Immediately upon his arrival at Pekin he will place himself at the disposal "of the allies and furnish a complete reply to tho calumnies. If, however, It be shown that any Christlun
without his knowledge or order, injured any Chinese family, he will
deem it Ills duty after investigation
by tho allies to make every reparation.
(BY-LAW NO.  87.)
A By-law to raise 870,000 for the purpose of paying off   advance made by
Bank   of   Montreal   on   Debentures
WHEREAS By-laws Nos. 08, 09, 70,
71, and 7-i of the by-laws of the City
of Nelson being respectively a by-law
to raise tl5.000.00 to" extend the water
works system,a bylaw to raise 815,000.-
00 to extend and improve the electric
light system,a by-law to raise 820,000.-
0(1 to extend the sewerage system,a bylaw to raise 880,000.00 to improve the
streets within the City of Nelson and
a by law to raise 80.0u0.00 for purchasing a road making plant were duly
passed, and debentures issued thereunder for the respective sums mentioned in said by-laws in ull tne sum
of STii.iioo.oo. but said debentures so
issued remain unsold.
And whereas suid debentures so
issued and unsold were hypothecated
to the Bank of Montreal as security
for an advance thereon of 870,000 for
the purposes in the said   by-laws  re-
cite(1- . .     t      ,.
And   whereas   a   petition has been
presented to the Municipal council of
the corporation of the City of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least
one-tenth of the value of the property
in the said city, as shown by the last
revised assessment roll, requesting
the said council to introduce a by-law
to raise the sum of seventy-nine thousand (870,000 00 (dollars for the purposes
of paying off the indebtedness to the
Bank ol Montreal and interest thereon
for whicli said debentures are so
"And whereas it is deemed expedient
to borrow the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (870.000.00) dollars (which is
the amount of the debt intended to be
created by this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount of the
whole rateable real property of the
said city, according to the last revised assessment roll, is two million,
sixty-five thousand, four hundred
(82.005,400.00) dollars.
An! whereas, it will be necessary to
ra.se annually by rate tbe sum of
($0701.00) dollars for paying the said
debt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in council assembled, enacts
as follows:
1. It shall and may be lawful for
the mayor of the corporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of money not exceeding on the whole
the sum of seventy-nine
thousand ($70,000.00) dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into the hands' of
the treasurer of the said corporation,
for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the pur
pose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of seventy-nine
thousand ($70,000.00)dollars-each of the
said debentures being of the denomination ot one thousand(81000 00)dollars
and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the corporation
and signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
1001, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, in lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Hank'of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,and
shall have attached to the coupons
for the payment of interest, and tbe
signatures to theinterest couponBmay
ue either written, stamped, printed or
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent per
annum from the date thereof, which
lntorest shall be payable semi-annually at the said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in law
ful money of Canada, on the first day of
April and the first day of October
respectively, in each year during the
currency thereof, and shall be expressed In said debentures and ooupons to
be so payable.
15. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or any of
them for less than par; but in no case
shall the said debentures or any of
them ho negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-live per centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and otber
incidental expenses.
II. There shall be raised and levied
In eaoh year during the currency of
suid debentures the sum of thirty-
nine hundred and fifty dollars(��3,950.-
0(1) for the payment of Interest and the
sum of twenty-eight hundred and for-
nrs of
8 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, Februarv 5th, 1901.
Washington, Feb. 9.���The solicitor
of the state department, Judge Pen-
Held, has reconsidered his decision to
hear further oral arguments in the
case of the contacting Venezuela Asphalt Concessions and bus consequently withdrawn the permission grunted
the counsel for the New York and
Bermudese company to appear.
Washington, Feb. 0,���Senator Berry
today introduced a resolution in the
Senate requesting the president to
Inform tbe senate whether the United
Stutes minister to China joined the
represent ut Ives of other powers at I'ekln in demanding the execution of
Prinoe Toan or other Chinese officials,
und if so hy whom he was authorized
to join in making such a demand.
London,   Feb. 0.-King
Edward, it
Is semi-ofiiciallv asserted, desires it to
be known Unit the Duke of Cornwall
and York will not ba created Prince
of Wales after his visit to tne colonies.
ty four dollars ($2,844.00) for the pay
ment of the dent duo under tbe said
debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on nil the rateable land in the
said municipality,
7. It shall he lawful for the said
municipal council to re-purchase any
o( tho said debentures upon such
teiuis as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or
any part thereof, either at the time
of sale or any subsequent time or
times, and all debentures so rc-pur-
chased shall forthwith be cancelled
and destroyed, and no re-Issues of
debentures Bo repurchased shall be
made in consequence of Buch rc-pur-
8. This by-law shall lake effect on
the date   of the final passnge thereof.
Done   aud   passed   In council at the
City of Nelson on the        day of
, A. D.   1901.
(BY LAW NO 88.)
A By-law to raise 821.000 to pay over
draft due the- Rank of Montreal and
accumulated interest.
WHEREAS, a petition has been presented to the said Municipal council
of the corporation of the City of Nelson signed by the ownus of at least
one-tenth of the value of the real
property in the said city, as shown by
the last revised assessment roll, requesting the said council to introduce
a by-law to ruise the sum of twenty-
one thousand(821,000.00)doHursfor the
purpose of paying off the indebtedness
due by the City of Nelson of tne Bank
of Montreal by way of overdraft and
accumulated interest.
Wnereas, it is deemed expedient to
borrow the said sum of twenty-one
thousand (821,000.00) dollars (which is
the amount of the debt intended to be
created by this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount of the
whole rateable real property of the
said city, according to the last revised
assessment roll is two million, sixty-
five thousand, four hundred ($8,065,-
400.00) dollars.
And Whereas, it will   be   necessary
to raise annually   by rate tho   sum of
81,800.00 for paying the said debt and
I interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in coui.cil assembled, enacts as
1. It shall and may be lawful for
the mayor of the coi poration of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
ot money not exceeding the whole,
the sum of twenty-one thousand (821,-
000.00) dollais.and to cause all sums so
raised or received to be paid into the
hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for the purpose and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of the said corporation to Muse any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of twenty-one
thousand($21,000.00)dollai-s;eachof the
said debentures of the denomination
of one thousand dollars (SI, ono. on) and
all such debentures shall be sealed
witb the seal of the corporation and
signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the said date, in lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,
and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and
the signatures to the interest coupons
may be either written,stamped, printed or lithog-japhed.
4. The ssfu debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per centum
per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall be payable semiannually at the said office of the Bank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in
lawful money of Canada, on the 1st
day of April and the 1st day of October respectively, in each year during the currency thereof, and shall be
expiessed in said debentures and coupons t" be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate aud
sell the said debentures or any of
tbem for less than par; but in no case
shall the said debentures or any of
tbem be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five pei centum of their
face value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and
other incidental expenses.
0. There shall he raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said debentures the sum of ten hundred and fifty dollars, (��1,050.00)tor the
payment ot interest aud tbe sum of
seven hundred and fifty-Bix (8750.00)
dollars for the pnyinent of the
debt due under the suid debentures
by a rate sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land In said municipality.
7. It shall be lawful for the said
Munleipal council to re-purehasc any
of the said debentures upon such
terms as may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or uny
part thereof, either at the time of sale
or any subsequent time or times, and
all debentures *> > re-purchased shall
forthwith be eai.*:* lied and destroyed,
and no re-Issue ot 'Lbentuies so ic-
purchased shall he made In consequence of such re-purchase.
8. This by-law shall take effect on
the   day of the final  passage thereof,
Done and passed in Council at the
City of Nelson on the day of
, A. I). 1901.
Advertisements Inserted nnder this head at
the rate of one cent a word Der Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three times free of oharge.
FOR   RENT.���Cellar.
Bank of Canada.
Apply    Boyal
��� ���
FOR SALE.���120 acres of first-class
agricultural and garden land, 12
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will sell In 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts.
Price and terms reasonable. Apply
or address, A. F. Rosenberger, Room
4, K.-W.-C. Block, Nleson.
8100,000.00.-1 want a dOLD mine
netting 8100,000.00 annually. Free
milling gold properties wanted. Send
price, terms, full report, etc., to Andrew F. Rosenberger. Nelson, B.
C, Room 4, K.-W.-C. Block. Phone
the only place in British Columbia
where prospectors can exhibit samples
of their ore to tbe mining public. No
charges made for exhibiting your ore,
and listing vour propeity. Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C. Phone
Winter Carnival
Curlin? Bonspiel
Ft 12-16,
Eight Curling Contests
Under the Auspices of the Koote-
nuy dm ling Association.
Hockey Tournament
For Senior, Junior  and   Ladies'
Obampiooehips of B.O.
Ski Baofs Skating Kaon
Provincial   Ghnmpionsbips
and for Men snd Buys.
Cutter and Dog Races
FOR SALE.���Secoud   hand   piano   in
good  order.   Will be tuned  before
delivery.    Apply R. W. Day,   Turner-
Boeck block.
FOR SALE.���Lot  on   Vernon   street,
bringing   in   ground   rent   uf 825 a
month. 82000.    Apply R. W. Day.
Randolph Stewart's new map, showing all surveyed mineral claims. 81.50
each. R. W. Day, Turner-Boeck
WANTED.���Postition of   any   kind-
would prefer machinery or construction work.   Address Mc, Miner Office.
$3,001)   In Trophies ana Prizes   $3,000
Rates of Single Fare for the Round Trip
On All Railways.
tgy* For further pticuailars see posters and programmes, or address
Secv.  Osroival  Committee,   Rossland,   B. O.
i T-TWYWww^xyTVWvwi, <*���*���* v*��M*vt*��**>wwvv\vwyvMvVi
WANTED.���Employment by  business
man with 20 years' experience.    Address Joseph Jones, Miner Office.
WANTED.���Position   as    waiter   on
steamboat  by an experienced  man.
Address A, S. Miner office.
WANTED.���Good Btrong   willing woman   wants  situation   as  upstairs
girl in hotel. Address (!., Miner office.
WANTED.��� Position      as     general
house servant  by woman.   Address
K.i Miner office.
WANTED.���Situation    by   man  and
wife, to  cook for a  camp, (experienced),   apply F. W., Miner office*.
DO YOU   need   an experienced Bookkeeper   and    stenographer.     Write
W-, Miner office.
WANTED.���Every   man    or    woman
who wants   anything, to make that
want known in this column.    A Miner want nd always brings result.
ROOMS   TO  LET .��� Clement-Hillyer
block.    Apply Tramway  company's
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell Boots, Shoes
and Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
The Shoeiats
FIRST-CLASS   Room and  Board,   in
private  family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply on Silica street, two doois west
of Ward.
WANTED.���The  reader to know that
if he   reads  this,  other people will
read his ad, in tbis column.
FOR   SALE.���Two    Smith-Premiers,
one Densmore, one Empire, good condition.    Apply   W. h. T., C. r-.R. Telegraph office. 	
and masquerade costumes made and
rented. Oreen's tenement in alley
between Josephine and Hall.	
FOR SALE.���Any amount of space in
this  column.   It  always brings results.
TYPEWRITER For Sale.��� Williams'
machine, visible writing, neat type,
fast work, convenient case, only in
light use for short time, good value
at 850, will take 830 cash. Can be
examined at Miner office.
Take notice that the ubove Is a true
copy   of   the   proposed   by-luw   upon
of   the
which the vote of
the electors of the
Municipality will be taken : For the
East Ward at the City Police court,
ou tho east side of Josephine Btreet,
between Baker and Victoria streets j
for the West Ward at the office of
Ward Brothers on tho north side of
Baker street, between Stanley and
Kootenay streets, in the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day
of February, between the hours of 8
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, February 5th, 1001.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
which tho vote of the electors of the
Municipality will betaken: For the
Hast Ward at the City Police court,
on the east sldo of Josephine street,
between Baker and Victoria streets;
for the West Ward at the office of
Ward Brothers, on the north side of
Haker street, between Stanley and
Kootenay streets, In the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day mjmam _���_,
of  Fobruiuy,   instant, between the NBUBPNi
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows:
Java and Arabian Mooha, por pound I  40
J lira and Mooha Blond, 8 pounds  1 00
Pino Santos, 4 pounds  1 00
Santos Blond, 1 pounds  1 00
Our   KiHlcinllllniiil, II ihiuiiiIh  100
Our Rio Roast, 6 pounds 1 00
a tsml oiii>rk biii1iiik1i.
Hai.khhoomh :
-       B. C
WANTED.���Oeieral    housework    b;
good working   woman.    Will  was!
and   iron.    No   objection  to  leaving
city.   Address W. Miner office.
TRAINED NURSE open   to  engage
incuts.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
HELP WANTED.-The  Miner  wants
you to help swell   this column.    A
Miner want ad. always brings results.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient, with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
WANTED.���Postlon    as  assayer    by
young  man holding B. 0. assayer's
I'ertillcate.     Experienced,    references
furnished.    Address  S, Nelson Miner.
HELP WANTED.-We must have at
once a number of reliable persons
and families in this locality to work
for us whole or spare time, good
wagcB paid. No canvassing. Write
for position today. People's Syndicate, Dept. A., 1B0 Yuuge st., Toronto, Ont.	
Why is it that I cannot read
like others at night without
getting my eyes tired and
inflamed ? Why ? Because
your eyes are defective, And
unless you wear glasses that
error  the defect will  become chronic and
incurable.    Ninety-five per cent of eye trouble can be cured
by wearing glasses.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Capital Aulliorlieil,
Incorporated 1869,
.    .    iD:i,iMMi,oau.wi I Capital Paid-up,     .   .    .    $��,aoo,to->.M
Rent XU.loo.ituo.ou
���sard of DtrocMra    Thomas 10. Kenny.   President;   Thomas Kitohle. VIoe-Presldoiil.
Wiley Smith. II. G. Dauld, Hon. INvlil MaoKoou.
Head onii-e, U-tliruxi
General Manager, KiImhi L. Peaso, Montreal.
Superintendent of Rrauchos. und Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Branches t
Nova Scotia-Halifax Branch, Antlgonlali,
Brldgewater, Uuvaboro. tionaomUirry, Lun-
oiiuiirn. MiilUniiii (HiiiiIh Co.), I'uitiiii, Purl
liawkuHtniry, Sydney. tthubeuaGtulie.Truro,
New Bruu��wlclt ~ Bathurst, Dorchester,
KroileiieUin, Kingston (Kent Co.l. Muni"
ton, Newcastle, Suck villi*, SI, .lull n.WoodNtook*
I*. K. Inland -Cluu-loltclowii, Sunuuorslde.
Quebec-Montreal. (City Office), Montreal
Wont Wnd (Cor. Notre Dame aud ScIb-
imiii'H sireoiHi; Weslmount (Cor. Green1"
Avonue and St. Catharines Street.
Newfoundland���St. John's.
Cuba. t����I ladles���Havana.
t inn .1 Miiten-New York m Kxohanae Place
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson,    Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canada-Merohiu*    Bank of Canada.  Wonton-Nattonol Shavmut [Bank.  ehleate-Illliiol^
Trust and Savings Uank.   Man tKranclMo-Kirst. National Bank.   Loudon,  Baa.Viank ol
Scotland.   -Paris, Vranee-Credit Lypnnals.   Bermuda-Bank of llerniiida.   China and if
uaa-HonR Kong and Shanghai Bunkum Corporation.    Hpokune-uld National Bank.
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters ot Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable tpruis.   interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bonk accouuts.
Geo. Kydd. Manager, Nelson, B.C.
KOII HALE.���House   and lot In  good
location. All modern Improvements.
Address A 1, Miner Office.
Kill RENT.���All modern house. Good
location. Furnished or unfurnished.
Address A 2, Miner Office.
WANTED. ��� Aotlve steady young
man for porter at the General Hospital. Apply between 11 and 13 a ni.
Monday to Mr. Hwuniioll, Room 0.
Turner-Uoeckh Block.
WANTED.���A   few  first class  Btone
masons   und   stonecutters  on    the
liulistiii  bridge.    Union   wages  paid.
Apply at the work.    John Uunn.
DR. MORRISON, Dentist, has
moved to his new offices In
K.-W.-C. Block.
OFFICE 11, 9 a��d 10, K.-W.-C, Block.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 65 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
will  be changed to
"TEbe TRo^al Bank of Canaba"
from and after
the  Second  day  of  January,   1901.
��� ,.e ���        , General Manager.
Halifax. 1st November, 1900,
We must  have  room  for our  Spring   Stock of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the I
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding In the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a specialty
Josephine   btreet,      -      .      Opposite   Clarke   Hotel.


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