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Nelson Daily Miner Feb 16, 1901

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Daily Edition No 963
Nelson,   British  Columbia, Saturday,   February i6�� 1901.
Eleventh Year
umqn MINES
doctors left here this afternoon for the
scene of the explosion. Premier Duns-
muir will reach Vancouver tomorrow
from Ottawa and will proceed immed-
Provlncui Libr-iry g31o-
Sixty Coal Miners  Reported
Entombed and Without
Particulars are Impossible to
Obtain, but Serious Loss
Victoria, E. C, Feb. 15.���Sixty-five
miners are reported entomhed with
no hope of relief, in the Union mines
at Cumberland, B. ���C, the great coke
producing property of Vancouver Island and principally owned by Premier James Dunsmuir. No particulars
are ascertainable. ,
Reporters were not allowed to
use the government wire from Nanaimo to Cumberland and they were also
put off the Dunsmuir rescue boat
which started for the mines tonight.
The reporters are driving the OU miles
overland to the burning mine. The
particulars will thus be very meagre.
An explosion by fire damp is reported
to have taken place, sixty-five miners
being imprisoned at the bottom of
the shaft 840 feet down. An attempted rescue through the entrance from
shaft No. 5 was unavailing owing to
the .flames. Imprisoned men's position is thought to be hopeless.
Vancouver, Feb. 15.���Additional
meagre particulars have been secured.
Partial list of whites entombed in
subject to correction. It is as follows:
W. B. WALKER, foreman.
sons of W. B: Walker; leave widow
and inothci.
SOVLli WHITE, leaves wife and two
THG8. LORD, single.
JAS. HILL, single.
DUNCAN MUNRO, leaveB large
W. SNEDDEN, leaves wife and
two children.
C. BORO, single.
GEO. TURNBULL, leaves wife.
The second attempt to rescue from
No. 5 shaft failed. All the men are
out of No. 5 aa another explosion is
feared. The, force of tho explosion
was so great that men were thrown
iromtbeir feet some distance off, and
flying timbers hilled several mules.
The scene on the top floor of No. 6
abaft bafflesdesprlpMon, the force of
the explosion gutted the mine, blow-
lag, out piece of beams, sawdust and
twisting iron machinery into fantastic shapes.
Victoria, Feb. 15.���A second explosion occurred in No. 5 shaft at Union
colliery tonight, but it had been expected and the men had left the
workings so there were no casualties.
This explosion prevents further efforts
being made to rescue the entombed
miners through No. 5 shaft.
Florence, Ont., Feb. 15.���James
Clarke, a wealthy bachelor who lives
alone near Croton, about three miles
from here, wbb bound hand and foot
and relieved of two (hundred dollars,
a gold watch and several silverware
pieces by burglars on Wednesday
night. No cine has yet been obtained
as to the identity of the men.
Through Lack of Funds Tern
porary Repairs Will Be
'  Victoria, B.   C, Feb. 15.���A special
to the Associated   Press   from  Union
bay where Mines Union Colliery   Co.,
are located, says:
"The town was shaken hy a terrific
explosion at 10:40 this morning. The
source was located at No. 0 shaft
right in town. Crowds soon gathered
at the pit head and willing workers
did anything and everything that
possibly could be of use. Sixty-live
men, about 40 of whom are whites are
known to be in the  mine at the time,
The city wharf question is once
more to the front, the new publio
works committee having taken up the
subject with a view to arriving at
some solution of tbe problem. It is
generally agreed that the present
structure is not equal to the demands
of tbe shipping industry and tbat
further, citizens who use It do so at
more or less risk to themselves and to
the horses utilized in handling merchandise delivered on the wharf.
The matter nas been an issue for
several years. The wholesalers went
into the proposition some time ago
and made strong representations to
the city council. Tbe council agreed
with the merchants, but various contingencies aroee to prevent action being taken beyond replacing the dock
witb new planking. It remains,
therefore, for the new board of works
to take the initiative, and there ia
reason to believe that at the next
council meeting' a recommendation
along this line will be made. Any
action that it decided upon is likely
to be put into effect at onee to take
advantage of the low water.
The difficulty tp he solved* in the
wharf problem is almost exclusively
that of finances. To rebuild the
structure from end to end on a proper
scale means an expenditure of 88,000
and the present aldermen do not see
how they can devote a sum of this
magnitude tor any one item on the
publie works programme. Such a
wharf as was contemplated when the
plans for the J8.000 structure were
drawn would be thoroughly modern
including a warehouse in which
wholesalers could store merchandise
awaiting shipment together with incoming consignments, and would be
calculated to meet all demands for a
number of years hence. , Tbe advantages to be attained are obvious. One
of the least Important is that of meeting the convenience of citizens who
require to meet boats and who would
be under shelter instead Of exposed to
the elements as at present., Aa the
city's finances do not seem to permit
of   carrying   the  enterprise  through
Full Instructions for Those
Joining South African
Men Enlisted Must Be Prepared to Leave at
,   ,    . ,   , ,    . ' this year,   the   aldermen   are casting
and the force of the explosion covered abQut (or ^ next beflt axpedienti and
the ground about  the pit head with a ^  th(j form  rf
1 tf�� **Am      ,.$      flHllllllA,!        III.,)        llli.tUlll,       feV-I IIIII    inn. * "
layer of crushed and broken mine tim
ber several   inches thick. j
The worst is fearedby men of ex-1
perienee. No. 0 shaft is nearly 000
feet deep and the workings are con |
nected with those of No. 5 sbaft a
mile and a half away. Woid was
Bent to that place at once, and a
search party despatched from No. 5
workings. This party was forced to
return after getting near the doors
between No. 5 and 6, from encountering iaf.ter.damp, which travelled so
quickly that all speed had to be made
to avoid being overcome. Kire was
quickly i aging between the two pits.
It probably was ignited from timber
and it is not being considered that
the coal is fired. Meanwhile at No. 6
attempts are being made to reach the
bottom,but the cage only able to reach
about two thirds of the way down,
and at present volunteers are straining every muscle to clear the obstruction in that shaft and to reach the unfortunates entombed. The fan and
hoisting gear is intact. No hope is
bald out for tbe men.
replanking with a few feet additional
width to the dock. By this work the
wharf would be made secure for.
teams while the cxtsa width would
enable pedestrians to reach the landing point with perfect safety. The
aldermen are naturally averse to
spending any great amount of funds
on the patching process, lest a future
council might be deterred from carrying out the more comprehensive programme because of the sums expended
previously in temporary work. The
suggestion has been made that the
plank ordered for the approach to
the c. P. R. yards be used force-decking the wharf and that Baker street
west he gravelled and put into shape
witb the road roller. j
Quebec, Feb. 15.���The legislatute
today adqpted a resolution of condolence on the death of Queen Victoria.
Speeobes were made by- Premier Parent and Hon. J. Fjnn, opposition
leader, after which the legislature ad-
A   special train   with officials and jonrned.
Interview With One of Nelson's Leading Wholesale
Suggestion Bearing
Smelter  Question
on the
Railway Competition.
Active recruiting for the Baden-
Powell constabulary opens nt Nelson
ou Tuesday, the 20th instant, when
Lieutenant G. S. Beer will pass on
the recruits who offer for enlistment.
His district includes Rossland, and
Fort Steele sections. He will be at
Rossland on the 23rd instant and at
Fort Steele on March 1, The medical
officer is Dr. Kenning of Rossland.
The instruoions issued by the department to Lieutenant Beer and other recruiting officers are as   follows:
Recruiting officer will satisfy themselves as to each candidate being able
to ride and shoot, if necessary, by subjecting the candidate to a test. They
will enter on the man's application
that they are satisfied he is a "good"
or "fair" rider or shot, as the case
may be. Candidates must also possess
the following qualifications:���Un-
mairied, strictly temperate, medically
fit, recommended by two responsible
persons, between 20 and 35 years, not
under 5 feet 0 inches in height, nor
under 125 pounds in weight, have a
chest measurement of not less than 34
inches. Candidates will be required
to sign an agreement and to take the
oath of allegiance to the King. Their
enlistment will not be final until it
bas, been confirmed by Captain P.
Fall, recruiting officer for Canada.
Medical officers will only re-examine
such of the candidates who have already undergone examinations and
whose medical report is embodied in
their application as may appear to
them necessary from personal observation. When the candidate has been
re-examined the medical officer will
endorse tbe previous medical report,
if concurred in, or state why he is un
able to approve it. Applications received at headquarters will be forwarded from Ottawa to the recruiting
officer considered to be most convenient to the applicant for use in connection with his enlistment. Candidates
will be notified of the name of the
place, and if it will be more conven
ient to them to enlist at any station
other than that named they should
notify the recruiting officer of the latter station to forward the application
to the Btation where they wish to
present themselves. If this is not done
candidates will be required to fill out
fresh applications. From date of attestation until date of arrival in South
Africa pay will be 24 cents per diem;
afterwards 5 shillings sterling per
diem. Subsistence will be provided
from date of departure for point of
mobilization,and transport from place
of enlistment to point of mobilization
and from there to South Africa.
Further particulars as to forward ���
ing of the men accepted for the corps
are given in the following terms:
Men enlisted should be prepared to
leave for point of moblizatlon the day
followng the date of their enlistment.
They must leave not later than the
day following the last day fixed for
recruiting at their station. The exact
date must lie arranged with the recruiting officer at the time of enlistment, and, as railway accommodation
will be provided for that date, tbe
recruiting officer will see that the
men, entrain without fail on the date
arranged for. When enough men enlist from any one locality they will be
formed into a troop, and it is quite
probable they will continue to serve
in the same troop throughout their
period of service. Recruiting officers
will forward to the adjutant-general
at Ottawa from day to day applications and agreement forms of men
enlisted. Recruiting officers will appoint acting non-commissioned officers to conduct the men recruited at
their station to point of mobiization,
in the proportion of one sergeant to
every twenty men, and one coproral to
every ten men.
The latest applicant for enlistment
In the constabulary is W. Bromley
Davis who has just returned from the
campaign through which he served
with credit to himeslf in the second
contingent. As Davis has the experience of the country which the authorities specially desire, their acceptance
of his serlvcee le praotically assured
and it is on tbe cards that he will be
appointed a non-commissioned officer
when tbe local contingent leaves.
wholesalers. The establishment of a
refrigerator car serivce between Nelson and the Boundary country recently was of material value to the wholesalers who ship provisions. In this
and other respects the transportation
people bave met the increasing demands of the local wholesale trade.
"In other particulars the situation
Is full of promise and we wholesalers
will be exceedingly disappointed and
considerably surprised If trade does
nqt prove livelier than during any
previous year."
"Nelson's immediate future as a
commercial distrbuting center" is a
topic in which every local reader of
The Miner is interested. For this reason the views on the subject.of a
prominent wholesale man who, in the
natural course of things, keeps his finger on the pulse of trade, is well
worth serious consideration. Robert
Robertson, manager of J. Y. Griffin
tit Co., wholesale provision and produce merchants, discusses the topic
from the standpoint of Nelson wholesalers and enlarges on several features
as they appeal to his experience of
business in the districts commercially
tributary to Nelson.
"The present year," he says, "Will
in my opinion be the banner twelve
months in tho h'Btory of this olty's
wholesalers. Unless something altogether unforeseen arises to Interfere
with business 1901 will break all rec
ords in the line of business transacted. We are looking for a large increase in business from tbe Boundary
and Lardo districts, and if the older
sections hold their own or manifest a
conservative improvement, as is natural to expect, Nelson's wholesale
trade will experience a thorougly prosperous twelvemonth.
( 'Business is already beginning to
pick up in a marked degree., In many
lines the retailers stocked heavily for
the holiday trade and these large
stockB are practically worked off so
that retailers generally are placing
orders again. Our own record for January, and I know that other houses are
similarly situated, was many thou-l
sand dollars ahead of the same month
in 1000, and I regard this as significant. A month hence business will
undoubtedly commence to pick up at a
lively' rate and the balance of the
year uulesB I have misread the ordi
nary signs of the times, wUl be a.rec
ord breaker.
"The reasons for thiB predicted
prosperity are apparent to anyone who!
studies the conditions affecting trade.:
The Boundary has revived wonder-!
fully and is now a large consumer
once more. This time the Improvement is founded on the substantial
basis of development all along the:
line. The smelters completed and in
course of construction are not dependent on custom ores. Each institution
has' its mine or group of properties
developed which will secure them
against shutdowns, and thereby maintain a Bteady demand for the staple
articles which Nelson wholesalers
handle. The fact of the smelters-being in operation will stimulate development in their respective sections,
because with a market for ores, the
property owners are safe to proceed
with work. The characteristic ores
of the Boundary are not subject in the
same degree to the market fluctuations
which are said to affect lead ores. All
this spells permanency and it all
means business for the wholesalers
who will provision the country
Everything points, also, to a large
and constantly Increasing market la
the Lardo district. The drawback
heretofore, that the property owners
could not realize on any but bonanza
ores because of tho transportation
problems to be solved. The construe
tion of the railroad through one of the
richest sections of the district seems
co be secured and its completion will
afford an outlet for thousands of tons
or ore which could not otherwise be
moved. To mine this ore means tho
employment of men, and where men
are workedj they must be fed which,
in turn, means business for the wholesale trade. We are figuring that the
sections already supplied from Nelson
will at least hold their own and If
this proves correct business will be de
cidedly brisk.
"The railroad facilities are so greatly improved over those of a couple
of years ago, that we regard them as
excellent. 1 believe tbe C. P. B. is
alive to tbe interests  of the  country
Toronto, Feb.15.��� George Evcrton, a
patient in the general hospital suffering from penumonia, became delirious early yesterday morning and in
the absence of the nurse opened a window and leaped to the ground, abont
30 feet below. He received serious
internal injuries and is now in a dy
ing condition.
Coast Mine Managers Putting Goolie Labor at
Statement Made That Half
the Payroll Can Be
King Edward  Presents the
Colonial Troops With
London, Feb. 15.���King Edward,
accompanied by Qm-in Alexandra,
this morning inspected at Buckingham
place, 350 officers and men of Strathcona's Horse, His Majesty presented
the regiment with the King's colors
and gave medals to the men. A detachment of Guards held the lawn on
tbe west terrace and the Canadians
were drawn up in front of the terrace.
The company included Lord Roberts
in full uniform, General Buller, the
Duke of Connaught,Mr. Joseph Cham-
brelaln, secretary of state for the colonies,. Lord Strathcona and Mount
Royal, who organized Strathcona's
Horse, and many army and court
officers. The royal standard was
hoisted over the palace as the King,
wearing a field marbsal's uniform,
and the Queen in deep mourning, appeared on the terrace, accompanied by
the Duke and Duchess of Argyle.
London, Feh. 15.��� The color presented to Strathcona's Horse is a silken etandard with a silver plate on the
staff bearing an inscription showing
���tbe King presented it to the corps.
Toronto, Feb.   15.���An   interim re
port issued by the liqiudators  of the
.Western   Loan   & Trust Co. today an-i
nounces tbat all   creditors   and hold-
era of debenture stock  has been  paid
lin full and a cash balance   of  Sliii.ooo
remains,   from    which    shareholders
���.will  receive   a   first dividend   of   15
cents  on   the   dollar.    Further  divi
dends will  depend   upon  the success
of several   suits aud sale of  property'
yet remaining.
Vancouver, B. C. Feb. 15.���It will
be remembered that thousands of Japs
obtained bogus naturalization papers
last session to enable them to secure
fishing licenses under the law. Now
these whitewashed Jap-Britishers are
being employed in mines in some sec
tions on the coast. The managers say
that they are breaking no law in employing British subjects. Several
mines on tlie coast have engaged them.
The biggest mine on Texeda Island
has discharged white miners and the
manager says he will reduce a $25,000
monthly payroll by half and get rid
of vexations union laws by employing
J apanese- llri tishers.
Colonel Reed, acting United States
immigraton commissioner, says the
Natal act will have the effect of side
tracking every Japanese coolie immigrating to British Columbia, over to
the United States He says, otherwise
qualified, he is bonnd to pass every
one of them refused by the British Columbia agent under the Natal act
from the steamship to the cars,
bound for the United States There
will be no deportations to Japan. The
States will simply get twice what is
coming to her.
Halifax, N. S., Feb. 15.���The Elder
Dempster liner Lake Superior, with
fourteen Invalided Canadians from
South Africa, including Pte. C. J.
Powell, Vancouver i Pte. G. E. Eck,
Fort Steele, and Ptes. Roberts and
Dickson, Victoria, reached here this
morning. All the men speak well of
their treatment in the hospitals of
England and of the trip from Liver
pool to Halifax.
Wichita, Kans., Feb. 15.���A special
from Peck, a small place 14 mile.,
south says 100 men and women today
raided two "joints" and oidcred the
proprietors out. Being disobeyed
they completely smashed the buildings. Tbe stock of liquor was carried to the railway station and ordered shipped to Wixhlta.
London, Feb. 15.��� Tho Daily Mall
has the following from its Berlin
correspondent: "I learn that the
condition of the dowager Empress
Frederick is more serious than at any
time during her illness. King Edward is expected to visit her within
a few days.''
About  tbat second hand article  of
yours. You'll sell It if you'll advertise
I and is doing  much   to assist Nelson Jit tn The Miner want column.
Capetown, Feb. 15.���The
Feb. 7.
Boers oc-
Cape    Colony,
Toronto, Feb. 15.���The New Golden
Star Mining company has decided to
make two calls on its stock, one call
of on cent, a share payable before
March 15. and the second call of one
per cent, per share payable before
April 1. The directors do not intend
to install additional stamps until such
time as development works sbowB
Bufficient quantity of paying ore in
sight to keep 20-stamps in continuous
operation. Active development work
will be proceeded with on the vein
No. 2 in May.
Frederieton, N. B., Feb. 15.���An
inmate of tbe Alms House here was
choked to death yesterday afternoon
by a piece o( beef which had lodged
in his throat in spite of all efforts to
remove it.
Montreal, Feb. 15.���So littie new
and important legislation was promised in the speech from the throne at
Quebec yesterday that the Gazette,
Conservative, this morning remarks editorially that the province of Quebec
has reached a stage where there is
ground for questioning if an annual
session of tbe legislature is necessary.
It will pay you to read our ad. io
another column. Our blend of tea at
Thirty cents per pound will suit you
Kootenay Coffee Co.
Ottawa, Feb. 15.���Tbe militia department this morning received a cablegram announcing that Sergeant
Craddock, a Canadian Bcout, whom
the authorities cannot Identify, waB
wounded at some place unknown in
South Africa on February 4.
Woodstock, Ont., Feb. 15.���Judge
Pinkie has non suited tbe action in
which the charges of Matthews
against Police Magistiate Field were
made, with costs, for alleged retention of certain fees due him as wit.
ness in police court.
Chatham, Ont., Feb. 15. ���Rufus
Stephenson, collector of customs here,
and formerly a member of parliament for Kent county, and publisher
of the Chatham Planet, died this
morning  of pneuomnia.
About that second hand article of
yours. You'll sell it If you'll advei.
tise it in The Miner want column. Ml
Nelson  Dailv Minkr,  Baipurday,   Phbruray 16, i90ft
The Nelson Miner
Publishoil   Kvcry  Moraine-   Kxcopt   Monday
���hy Tint���
115 Fleet Street. K. C.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agonti-
Dally, por month, by carrier     gjjo
lliilly, per month, hy mull    _'*IL
Dally, pur yoar, by carrier ��!"
Dally, per year, by mail    ���> ffl
Dally, per year, lorelg    Jw
Wookly, per half year  IJ jjjj
Wookly. por year    J ""
Weakly, por year, fnroign ���    �� iw
Subsuriptloiia invariably In advance
All Chock" should no mado payable to thi*
ordor  of   Nelson    I'uhi.ihhino   Company.
I.IMITKH. ^__^^__^______
Elsewhere will he found an interview with one of our leading wholesale merchants. He speaks encouragingly of the year's prospects for the
Nelson wholesale trade, but, it will
be noticed, the prediction is largely
based on the increased demand from
the Boundary country. The revival ol
business there is also traced chiefly
to the blowing in of the smelters and
the consequent mining and commercial
activity. This' statement, lrom one
who Mows is one of the straws that
shows which way the wind blows. It
is, furthermore, an interesting side
light upon the important part which
the smelting industry plays in the
prosperity of British Columbia. The
smelters start up, and the mines,
assured of a rnaruet for their ore, increase their staff of men. Naturally
tbis increases the demand for staples,
aud the merchants benefit correspondingly. Not only the Boundary merchants, however, but the Nelson
wholesalers reap a share of the harvest. This shows how intimately the
welfare of Nelson is bound up in the
smelting industry. We have our own
smelter here, and, of course, its continuous operation is a matter which
directly affects every merchant in Nelson ; but, our interests are also directly affected by the prosperity of the
smelting industry generally.
ThiB but emphasizes what we said
yesterday���regarding the coke supply for our smelters. In a word the
situation is this: If Mr. James .1.
Hill backed by the smelting trust,
gets his coveted charter and so the
control of the Crow's Nest coal company's mines, our smelters will not
be able to operate continuously, if at
all, for lack of fuel. What that
means for Nelson, Mr. Robertson's interview will fully show. Everyone
who hopes to see Nelson prosper
should do what they can to fight Mr.
Hill's railway schemes to a finish.
ity of about 75 tons per day.    Work ii |
to be commenced at   once   on the cor-
tract and   the tramway will   be com
pleted n couple of months'.hence.
Debate in Reply to the Speech From
the   Throne.
London, Feb. 15,���In the house of
commons today the debate was resumed on the address in reply to the
speech from the thione, at the opening of parliament. The discussion
ranged from hospitals in South Africa to arseuicated beer. The principal
subject however, wus tho government
war policy in South Africa. Many
members spoke.
Mr. Labouobere elicited some opposition cheering by the remark: "It
is a noble determination on the part
of the Boers lo incur all risks rather
than submit to a foreign power, and
1 honor them for it."
Lord Stanley, c-onseravtive member
for WestbougBton who was aide de
camp for Lord Roberts in South Africa and press censor, said: "I don't
think anyone can regard the Boers n"
devoid of honor when wc consider the
humanity they have always shown toward tlie British sick and wounded,
but the Boers have a sense of honor
peculiar to themselves. They do not
think it a dishonorable deed to fire
under a white Hag, we do."
"""I.'.")'"'""--"BE    *"���.-*'���;������ .'!��ii--""
Montreal. Feb. 15.���In the preliminary argument on law points in the
Delplt marriage case. In which civil
courts are asked to ratify the ecclesiastical annulment of marriage because two Catholics were married by a
Protestant minister, Lafieur, Counsel
for defeuce, threw a bombshell into
the plaintiff's camp today by arguing
that the courts had no status, in the
matter. The courts had no power to
recognize an euclestiastical annulment. >
Our New Premises on Baker Street recently vacated by  the West Kootenay
Butcher Co. will be ready for us on
or ihe first of the following  week.    For a  few  veeks  we  wi.l  operate  both
stores, keeping  open  our  present one in   the  Madden   Block.    During  this
time we will  offer Special Bargains.
"--MU'a-J"!-*. i      . ,   'I  .a.-1'i    i .D.LMi    ma
Our Stock of Candies and Confectionery of all Kinds,
Fruits, Nuts, etc., is Complete.
We want to get rid of as much as we can so that we may have room foi our new
Stock.    Call at our Madden Blcck Store.
aT macdonald
The Palace Confectionery.
Still   going    at    the
Hudson's Bay Stores
HOMESPUNS 54 inches wide in
various designs, in skirt-
lengths. Regular price $8.50
now $5.
FANCY PLAIDS. Camel Hair Effects, the latest shades. Regular price $2.00 per yard, now
One of These
(irand Mere. Que., Feb. 15.���While
a Great Northern railroad engine was
taking water at the tank here today,
the Jboiler exploded. .The engineer
and fireman, Charles Reberge and
Louis Carnere were badly scalded and
it is thought that both will die.
Paris, Feb. 15.���The intense cold
prevailing here has resulted in numerous deaths in the city and suburbs.
The temperature is 12 centigrade below zero. There has been a heavy tall
uf snow in several departments.
"M, T."   IS DEAD.   .
Crawfordsville,     Ind.,   Feb.     15.���
Maurice Thompson,   the   author, died
early this morning.
It begins to look as though Jija
Hill hadn't a friend in liritish Columbia.    And he was born in Canada too.
The prize fighters are having about
as bad a time of it in Cincinnati ae
Jim Hill is having iu liritish Columbia.
A leading member of the Nelson
Sunday Observance society denies that
Mrs. Carrie Nation, the Kansas saloon
smasher, is to be invited to visit Nelson.
If Kaslo doesn't get that smelter it
Is after now the blow will kill orl
half the population. Here's hoping
the smelter will be built.
The despatcbes yesterday morning
relating to the opening of parliament
in London told us how the Yeomanry,
of the Guard conducted the customary search of the vaults for imaginary
conspirators "with the usual result."
What a deal of excitement would have
been created if these quaint looking
military men had uneartlicd an anarchist or two!
The heavy machinery for the May
and Jennie mill is delivered on tbe
mill site. Advantage was taken of
th good sleighing to move the weighty sections and this was accomplished
before the present thaw set in. The
balance of the plant is still at Granite
Siding and will be hauled to the mine
as it is required.
���   ���   ��
At the mining recorder's office yesterday the transfer was recorded of
the half interest in the Greenhorn
claim on Copper creek hy W. J. Job-
ling to Thomas Gallon.
���   ���   ���
The United Gold Fields closed a
contract yesterday with II. C. Riblet
for the erection of a aeriel tramway at
the May and Jennie mine. The tramway will connect the mine with the
mill site, a distance of some 1700
/cot, and will bare  a carrying capac-
Ono of tlio most beautiful pictures In
Colors. Upon a buckfcround of Pure
Solid Gold rests the Family Record in
tho shape of a handsome volume with
Go<d Clasps upon a cushion of crimson
velvet with a beautiful Gold Tassel.
On the pages, under different headingtj,
are spaces in which to write the name
and date of birth. On either side is a
beautiful scroll on whioh to record
marriages and deaths. On top of the
picture are the words, "Family Record," in the richest lettering known to
printer's art. Under this are spaces
10c lather'B ana mother's pictures, in
the lower part of the pictuieisa beautiful home scene. The dear old -grandparents, the handsome, stalwart husband, uud happy young wife, the loving daughter mid baby boy- ihe Idolized grandchild aie all gathered
arO'ind the table, while K-and father
roads a portion of Clod's Holy Word.
A truly beautiful scene. Underneath
are the words, "Ood Bless Our Fm-
ily." Around this picture are ehfht
spaces for photographs of other members of the family, each space enclosing
a gem flower piece. Klpowhore 6n the
picture are scattered creeping vines,
buds and blossoms in rich confusion,
the whole resting on, and thrown Into
bold relief by tlio gorgeous background
of Solid Gold which produces a picture
of tizzling beuty. ���
nUCil I -3 Our regular price Is ����
cents, but to anyone who sends this adv.
we will send out- for 25 cts. Our price
to agents: 12 for $1 -75; SO fpr $6.00; 100
for $11.00. We pay all charges and return money for unsold pictures. N. C.
Jaokson, Filiuore Oity. bought 375
Records for $41.75; sold them forhnlf-
price, Cfirlri. eai'1- it. Ave days, makintr
{62.60 clear pr- At Can you do better,
Wo have .0.0(10 testimonials and want
yours.   Address
Home Novelty Mfg. Co., (Department 381 Bj
P. O. Box 518, Chicago.
Buy   Only   Union - Made   Shoes,
Whittaker's Almanac.
The N. Y. Woild Almanac.
Canadian Almanac.
New  xork Clipper  Annual.
Office Diaries, 1901.
The Great Boer War. By
A. Conan Doyle. Cloth,
The Eldredge B. Sewing
Machine. (Ball Bearing.)
Canada Drug and
Book Co., Ltd.
K.-W.-C.  BLOCK.
The . .
Is   as   much   interested
in our
as the bread-winner.    There is sat-
stactio n and economy in using it.
Made of the best Manitoba wheat _
and by the best workmen,   insure j*-;
its quality  and  by  the  latest im-      "
proved  methods which  insures its
Call and have
your eyes examined while W. J.
Harvey, F.O.M.O.
I., ia with us. Cross
eyes oompletely
straightened without pain or an operation. Dr. Harvey has thousands
of testimonials
from lending oiti-
zens throughout
Canada and tbe
United States who
have not only
been relieved, but
entirely cured,
after having suffered for years.
Every pair of
spectacles sold
under a positive
guarantee. At H.
P. McLean's Drug
Store until Saturday, February 10
Hours, 10 to
and 2 to 5.
With plenty of our
nice, clean ware in
your kitchen, you will
find housework easy
and enjoyable. It lasts
for years, and is a
pleasure every day.
Besides, "things taste
so good" when they
are cooked in it.
<���/ *
3 dozen Black Sateen Blouses,
well made, beautifully tucked.
Regular price $i .50 and $1.75,
now $1.35.
2 dozen Mercerized Sateen Blouses,
the latest make, tucked. Regular price $2.50 now $2.00.
Please Call.  Examine and
be Convinced-
Corner Baker and Stanley BtreeU
1 Here'sWiiereWeSrilne 1
mZZ ���   ~ ��� ��� __ mm*
Kirkpatrlck fe  Wilson
Thin stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PHERSON CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union factory in Canada.
Do you want sonic fine stationery���
letter paper and envelopes���with the
name of your home or "Nelson, B,
C," printed thereon? The Miner oan
supply you. 555
Our Fresh Boasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows:
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound %  10
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 poundH  1 00
Fine SantOH, I pounds  1 00
Santos Blend, 5 pounds  l 00
Our gpenlalBlend, 6 pounds  1 00
Our Rio Roast, B pounds  1 00
Kelson*     -     b, c.
When it comes to shoes for boys
and girls, it's our hobby to sell the
best looking and the best wearing
shoes for the least money���shoes that
will stand the hardest knocks, take the
most wettings, and still stay soft,
tough and flexible. They're the shoes
we handle for growing feet.
Owners   having   claims   for
sale containing say
Less than 10 per cent Lead and
small Values Gold or Silver
are requested to forward particulars as to approximate
quantities ol ore in sight, assay values, amount of development work done, transportation facilities, names of locations, etc., to
P.O. BOX, 505, NES0N.
B. C
| Neelands Shoe Co. J
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
1 have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, SashDeors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARliO.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto. ont.
Money to lean on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. I.. UfiNNOX. Eaker bt
oalSary^r dr& ��e MK
oheaneflt   on    to   market.    Also   try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS     and    OIQARS.
Tetaphooo BL HrtwUt. Nelson, B.0
connissioN aoent.
P' ��" "tl.626* 5a1le Address: "Groasdalle,"
Nelson.  Code-fltoreina & Neal.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of
developed mines. ( Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and
Montreal Stock Exchanges. Share*
?.07M*?ht jnd Bold 1d London on margin.
Will take charge of the interest* of
absentee investors.
Office; Below Block, Jjelson, B.O, NELSON DAILV   MINER. SATURDAY, FEBRUARY i6, 1900
"""J mm yyn
*h�� Indian Chief Waa Not 80 SaTOiiO
���� Be Looked.
Many years ago a number of Peoria Indians organized a show company and
made a tour of the east. They were
mostly half breeds, and all were thoroughly educated In English, but it wus stipulated by the management that they must
talk only iu their nutive tongue, and
when they got on their war togs they
looked savage enough indeed. Among
the company was Will Labadie, well
known In Galena, and one evening he
was standing in the corridor ot an eastern hotel, dressed In his chief's robes and
looking every inch the savage man of fiction, when he was approached by an elegantly gowned lady, and the following
conversation ensued:
"Yon big chief in your own country?"
"You go to Washington to see great
white father?"
"You cannot speak white man's tongue.
You speak no English?"
"No, madam. I regret to say that I do
not understand the language."
The poor womau wns greatly surprised
and embarrassed, but perhaps not so
much as a bevy of girls on a later occasion. In almost every town some of the
audience would remain behind to get a
better view of the awful Bavages. One
night Labndlc had taken his seat in the
orchestra box after the show, and four or
five young ladies who were standing near
commenced to comment on his personal
appearance. "How would you like to kiss
him?" said one of the maidens with a titter. "Oh, girls, let's all do it just to see
how it would feel to kiss a real Indian!"
exclaimed one more daring than the rest,
whereupon Labadie turned calmly to
them and said:
"Ladies, nothing would afford me more
pleasure than to give you a practical illustration of the oseulatory accomplishments of the red man."
There was a chorus of little screams, a
swish of skirts, and the tusater was empty.���Galena Republican.
Advertisements inserted under tnls bead ai
tho rah; of ono cunt a word per Insertion. No
advertisement token for leas than 25 cent*.
Situation Wanted advertisements inserted
three times free of charge.
ITOB   RENT.���Cellar.   Apply    Koyal
Hank of Canada.
FOE B'ALB.���ISO acres of tirst-class
agricultural and garden lund, 12
miles from Nelson on Kootenay Lake.
Will Hell in 10, L'O or 40 acre tracts.
Prioe and terms reasonable. Apply
or address, A. l''_KoKenbergcr, Room
4, K.-W.-C. Hlock. Nleson. 	
FOR SALK.���Second   hand   piano  in
good   order.    Will be   tuned   before
delivery.    Apply K. W. Day,   Turner-
Boeok block.
Ak   Odd   and   Pathetic.   Scene   From
Life In the Metropolis.
It occurred on a Third avenue "L"
train. The car was well filled with men
and women on their way down town,
when a policeman got on at the One
Hundred aud Twenty-fifth street station.
He carried a baby in his arms. The officer took a seat opposite a theater party.
"Oh, Isn't that a pretty bnby? Have
you arrested him?" exclaimed one of the
young women.  The policeman blushed.
"No, ma'am," he said. "You see, he's
a foundling���picked up by a girl in a
hallway, miss."
"Shame," Bald one of the men.
"He bas silk ribbons in his hood," his
companion observed,
"And a silk slip. Oh! who could be so
eruel?" exclaimed a younger girl.
"Where's he going?" some one asked,
aad the policeman answered:
"To Bellevue. Then to Randall's island If he ain't claimed right away.
They'll give him a name, you know."
Here the baby began to cry, softly at
first, Increasing It to a wail thnt would
not be silenced. In vain the young women tried to quiet the child. The policemen shifted him uneasily from one shoulder to the other.
, In the cornel- of the car sat a woman
with a small child. She was poorly clad,
but In her face was the kindliness of
motherhood. She came forward.
"I think the child is hungry," she said.
"Give him to me."
Resting her own child In her lap, the
mother held the little foundling in her
arms and drew about him a faded shawl.
The cries ceased, and a silence fell upon
the theater party. When they left the
train at Forty-second street, the baby
was still quiet.
"He's asleep now, I think," the laborer's wife told them. One man slipped a
roll of bills into the policeman's hand.
"Por her," they said, nodding to the
woman In the corner. "To Bellevue, eh?
Too bad."���New York Journal.
���obliy as a Conrt Crier.
A Springfield lawyer has a son about
10 years old and a daughter about twice
that age. The boy has been around the
eourthouse a good deal with his father,
and the young woman has a steady beau.
The other evening the young man passed
the home, and the young woman desired
speak to him.
'Bobby," she said to her little brother,
on't you please to call to Mr. Brown?"
���Bobby knew the state of affairs, and he
nrried to the front door and called out
the usual loud monotone of a court
"John Henry Brown, John Henry
Brown, John Henry Brown, come into-
' Mr. Brown came In, and Bobby withdrew to a safe place.���Ohio State journal.
War Ho Was Cautions.
Maude���George, 1 think I oughtn't to
imarry yen, for I don't believe you love
latent all.
H George (ardently)���Why, my darling, I
i?im passionately, desperately, madly in
lave with you. I worship the very-
Maude���You talk well enough, George,
hut those letters you wrote to me when
you were away were so cold and distant
they frose my heart. One would think
you were writing to your washerwoman
about her bill.
George (slowly)���Maude, I���was���engaged���to���a���girl���once���before, and
when she sued me for breach of promise
all my letters to her were���read���out���in
>���open���conrt.���London Answers.
We have to thank Gasa, In Palestine,
the gates et which Samson carried away,
for gas* or gauze. Gaza means "treasure," and precious to the fair is the tis-
��� sue which eovers without concealing their
charms. Voltaire, wishing to describe
some intellectual but perhaps dressy woman, said, "She Is an eagle In a cage of
���la Lock.
"What, yon want more money for your
tailor? I gave you $50 for him only ���
month ago."
"Yes, but, uncle, It was just my luck���
the fellow didn't come then with his bill."
���Fliegeude Blatter.
.    The most grewsome and ferocious of all
I the tribes of South America are the Kn-
I shibos of the Amason, who always devour their captives.
Foil BALE,���Lot  on   Vernon   street,
bringing   in   grouud   rent   uf 895 a
month. IKOun.   Apply R.  W. Day.
Randolph Stewart's new mup, showing all surveyed mineral claims. 11.50
each. R. W. Pay, Tumer-Hoeck
ROOMS   TO  LET.���Clement-Hillyer
block.    Apply  Tramway   company's
FOR    SALE.���Two    Smith-I'rcmiers,
one Densmorc, one Empire, good condition.    Apply   W. L. T., C. c\R. Telegraph office. 	
FOR SALE.���Any  amount of space in
this   column.    It   always brings results.
TYPEWRITER For Sale.��� Williams'
raucliiue, visible writing, neat type,
fust work, convenient ease, only in
light use for short time, good value
at $50, will take 830 cash. Can be
examined at Miner office, 	
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and" Carbonate   Street.
FOR SALE.���House and lot on   Silica
street, 82,000.    All modern improvements.   Address A-l, Miner Office.
KOR SALE-Second hand safe. Cheap.
Apply J. J. Walkei, jeweler.	
FOR KENT.���A seven roomed modern
house.   Good location.  Unfurnished,
822 per month.    Address   A-2,   Miner
FOR SALE.���A snap, 7-roomed house,
bath, pantry, nt corner of Silica and
Cedar street, 81,785.    For full particulars apply at office.
What eaa't be enred pnts money Into
Ike doctor's ��ocket.~Chloago News.        j
FOR SALE.���Two lots and H-roomed
house, bathroom, cellar, etc. Large
kitchen range in place, cost 83,500.
House piped for gas all sanitary iro,-
provements. Full particulars apply
office. R. W. Day.   83000.
FOR SALE.���Lot 3, lllock 4,   sub-dlv.
182, 50x120. 8250.
WANTED���A   pleasant   room, neighborhood of Silica  street,   furnished
or unfurnished.   AddreBS, Mrs. Seton,
Miner office.
HELP WANTED.- We must have at
once a number of reliable persons
and families in this locality to work
for us whole or spare time, good
wages paid. No canvassing. Write
for position today. People's Syndicate, Dept. A., 130Yongest., Toronto, Ont.
WANTED.���Situation     by   man   and
wife, to   cook for a   camp, (experienced),   apply F. W., Miner office.
8100,000.00.-1 want a GOLD mine
netting 8100,000.00 annually. Free
milling gold properties wanted. Send
price, terms, full report, etc.. to Andrew F. Rosenberger. Nelson, U.
C, Room 4, K.-W.-C. Block. Phone
WANTED.���Every   man    or    woman
who wants   anything, to make that
want known in this  colmun.    A Miner want nd always brings result.
the only place in British Columbia
where prospectors can exhibit samples
of their ore to the mining public. No
charges made for exhibiting your ore,
and listing vour propeity. Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Blo'ck, Nelson, B, C. Phone
WANTED.���Employment by   business
man with 20 years' experience.    Address Joseph Jones, Miner Office.
WANTED.���Hoys to fold   papers  and
sell Miners in the  morning.   Apply
Miner office.
FIRST-CLASS   Room and   Board,   in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply on Silica street, two doors west
of Wnrd.
LOST���At    Operatic   ball,     handkerchief with po'nt lace corners. Finder will oblige   by   leaving   at   Miner
TRAINED NURSE   open   to   engagements.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
WANTED.���A stenographer of experience���Address K-2, Miner Office.
Is there anything you want?
If there is, make that want
known through The Miner's
Want Page and you will get
it. A Miner want ad. always
brings results.
"���pHOJil'E & CO. Limited���Ooruer Vernou
X. and Cedar -streulM, Nelson���Munufautur-
uni of aud wholesale dealers In aerutuU waters
and fruit syrups, Solo agonts fur lluicyou riui
Springs nriuore.1 water.   Telophono lie.	
V] KLSON   &UUA   �� aTi-.k . i- Airiuui
U3I    N. Al. Cummins, Lushou��� Kvery known
vuriety ol soft drinks.   1- u Mux st*.  TululJliont'
No.-11. Hoover btreet, Nelson,   bottlurr,ul  tlu-
r.tmuuH Hi. 1,01111 Hot spi IngH Mineral IV.in
CIA NIC tt MACUONALU 111. (June, James
J A. Muedouuldl���Areltrteclti uud tmiwrin-
Leudeiiis, Uruteu lull Uloca, uoi-nur i-ttKur uuu
Ward streets, .-.erson.
HJ. KV&.NS St CO.-Baker Street, Nel
. sou���Vvholenulu dealers lu liquors, ci-
Ktti'o, cuiuunt, lire brick uud lire clay, wiu.ui
pipe aud steel mils, uud gouural cuiuiulsuioi
W'holesale aud retail dealers in grain
nay, flour, reed. Mills at Victoria, New Weal
minster; i&ruionton, Alta. juevuior-s ou Oul-
gury and lulniuuuiii Railway. Manufacturer-
of the celobr-aleu 11. tt iv. lu-uud cereals.
A MAUL-ON ALU st Oo.���Corner Fron
��� and Hail streets���Wholesale grocer.
and jobbers in blankets, gloves, mitts, boote
rubburs, luucklnaws aud ruinurs' suudries.
JJ4 Olllce corner Hail and from Sirccta.
Nelson���Lumber, ouliing, flooring, and every
thing in wood lor building purposes. Oet oui
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
IJ BURNS tt Co.���Baker street, Nelson-
A . Wholesale dealers in fresh and curoi
meats.   Cold Storage.
Baker Street, Nelson���Wholesale deal
ere in fresh and cured meats.
Btreot, Nelson - Wholesale dealaia In
hardware, miners' supplies, sporting good...
WANTED.���The  reader to know that
if he   reads   this,   other people will
read his ad, in thiB column.
HELP WANTED.���A chance for a
hustler. There is an opportunity
for a yorihg man or young woman to
make money with The Unique
Monthly, Depew Building, New York.
This monthly, which was formerly
The Penny Magazine, has now become
the standard half-dime magazine of
the world. It wants one agent in the
Nelson vicinity and will give exclusive territory to the right person.
Resides paying big commissions to
its representative, it senas a present
worth more than the price of The
Unique Monthly to every subscriber
that Sb Secured by the representative.
Better address at once The Unique
Monthly. Depew Building Mew York.
WANTED.���Old rags, must be   clean.
Apply Miner office.
HELP WANTED.���The  Miner  wants
you to help Bwell   this  column.    A
Miner want ad. always brings results.
��� ������"�����������1
Baker Street.Nelson,
B. C.
Lot 12 in Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having a frontage of 50 feet on  Baker
Street and a frontage of 120  feet on Jofe
phine Street, wi'.h 16 foot lane at  rear, will
be Sold by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the 18th Day of
February A. D. 1001, at the hour j-jf,Awe
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on the Northeast corner of Josephine and Baker Sts.,
Nelson, B. C.
Terms: $5,000 cash at time of sate,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date of sale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will be received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Nelson, B. C.
We  must have  room  for our  Spring   Stock of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding in the City
Sign Painting nnd Interior Decorating a Specialty
There'B something in the want column of The Miner that will interest
DO YOU   need   an experienced Bookkeeper   and    stenographer.     WtUo
W., Miner office.
have   authentic     edition.    Buy    of
home house.    Outfit free.    S. C.    Miller & Co., Portland, Oregon.
PRIVATE rooms and   board.    Heated
throughout.     Use  of   bath.    Apply
Mrs. Reilly, one door above Postofflee.
WILL PAY 85 a month for piano.   No
children, best care, also  wanted   to
buy a bed room set.   O. B. Frederick,
and masquerade costumes made and
rented.    Green's    tenement ��� in   alley
between Josephine and Hall.
M'LACHLAN BltOS. louccossors to Van-
oouver Hardware Co. Ltd.) baker Street,
Nelson��� Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies!, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.  PT-~>
"\J ELSON HAKOrtAKlii UO.- VV noluouli
X^l paints, oils and rIhss; nicchani^' tool*.
Aftenbr for Ontario Powder Wovks; lyn imiu-
riMJKNKIi, BKKTON & Co.-^Uoruur Vernoj
X and Josephine Streota, Nernon���Whcli
sale dealere in liquors, cigars, uud dry goods
Agents (or Pubst Brewing Co. of Mllwaukti
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
A QulBt Story of Victor Has* >���!
Loots Philippe.
In the reiirn ot Louis Philippe Victor
Hugo was a frcqucut and welcome guest
at the Tuileries. Here is one ot his anecdotes of the time as told in Victor Hugo's memoirs:
"A few daya ago the king said to Marshal Soult (in the presence ot others),
'Marshal, do you remember tht liega of
Cadiz V
" 'Hather, sire, I should think so. I
swore enough before that cursed Cadis.
I invested the place and was forced to go
away ns 1 had come.'
" 'Marshal, while you were before It I
was inside it.'
" 'I know, sire.'
" 'The cortcB and the British cabinet offered ma the command of the Spanish
" 'I remember, sire.'
" 'The offer was a grave one. I hesitated long. Bear arms against Prance?
For my family lt is possible, but against
my country! I was greatly perplexed.
At this juncture you asked me through a
trusty person for a secret Interview In a
little house situated on the Cortadura,
between the city and your camp. Do you
remember the fact, Monsieur Marshal?'
" 'Perfectly, sire. The day was fixed
and the interview arranged.'
" 'And I did not turn up?'
"'That is so.' iiSSSy
" 'Do you know why?'
" 'I never knew.'
" 'I will tell you. As I was preparing
to meet you the commander of the English squadron, apprised of the matter, i
know not how, dropped upon me brusquely and warned me that I was about to
fall into a trap; that, Cadis being impregnable, they despaired of seizing me,
but that at Cortadura I would be arrested by you; that the emperor wished to
make the Duke d'Orlenns a second volume of the Duke d'Enghein, and that you
would have had me shot instantly. There,
really,' added the king with a smile, 'your
hand on your conscience, were you going
to shoot me?'
"The marshal remained silent for a moment, then replied: 'No, sire. I wanted
to compromise you.' The subject of tht
conversation was changed. A few minutes later the marshal took leave of the
king, and the king, aa he watched him go,
said with a smile to the person who had
heard the conversation: 'Compromise!
Compromise! Today It Is called compromise. In reality he would have shot me.' "
UDSON'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grocerle
and liquors etc.. Bakor Btreet, Nelson.
/���^ALIFOKNlA WINK CO., Limited-Cornei
V-/ Front and Hall Streets, Nolson���Whole
sale dealers n wines (case and, bulk), am
domestic and Imported cigars.
JY. GRIF-FIN & CO.-Corner Vornon am
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesali
dealers In provinio-�� ure) ae ts, butter um
Do you want some fine stationery���
letter paper and envelopes���with the
name of your home or "Nelson, B.
C," printed thereon? The Miner can
supply you.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Capital Authorized,
Incorporated 1869.
.    .    $.-t,��u��,soo.oo I capital raid-up,     .   .    .     ��-j,ano,��o<l.��ii
Kelt, mi,7tw,o��n.oo
Hoard of Directors     rhomasK. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ritchie, Vice-President.
Wiley Smith. H. Q. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKoon.
Head ���thee, MaUfaxi
General Manager. Kdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Branches, and Secretary, W. H. Torrance, Halifax.
Nova   Bcotla-Haltiax   Branch,   Antigonlsh.
Bridgewater, Uuysboro. Londonderry, 1,1m-
enhurg. Maltland (Hants Co.), t*iotou,Port
Hawkesbury, Sydney. Shubenacadie.Truro,
New    Brunswick ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,
Fredericton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Mono-
ton. Newcastle, Saokvillo, 8t, John.Woodstock-
I*. K. Island���Charlottetown, Summoreide.
Quebec-Montreal (City Olllce), Montreal
West End (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Streets); Westmount (Cor. Greene
Avenue and St. Catharines Street.
Newfoundland- St. John's.
Cuba, West ladles���Havana.
United Mates���New York (1G Exchange Place
.* uconver,
Republic, Wash.
Grand   Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson,   Rossland,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Canada-Morohants Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut 'Bank.   Chicago-Illinois
Trust and Savings Bank.  San Frouelaco-First National Bank.   London,   Eng.-Bank  of
Scotland.   Paris, trance-Credit Lyonnais.   Bermuda-Bank of Rtnunaa.   china nnd J a
pan-Hong Kong and 8hanghal Banking Corporation.   gpoliane-Old National Bank.
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Litter* Of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received ou the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manger, Nelson, B.C.
Josephine   Street,
Opposite   Clarke   Hotel.
I The Canadian Bank of Commerce! \
With Whloh la Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
Paid up  Capital,   88,000,000;   Reserve   Fund,   J2,ooo,00Oj
r,^�� ��,.��� Aggregate   Resources Over 805,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, President.      B. 8. WALKER, General Manager.
London Office: 60 Lombard Street, R. C.
,   . ���.    New Vork Office; 16 Exchange Place.
And 88 branches In Canada and the United States, Including:
Atlin Grkrnwooo Nklson Sandok
I'kknik Nanaimo Uohhi.and Victoria
XiJKfi1lI.,iH13i-?OT-D*��'r��0�� **"> WRITE HORSK.
UNITBD STATKB-Nraw York, HanFRanciSco, Beatti.e, Portland, Skagway,
Savings Batik Department.
Deposits Received and ���Interest Allowed. Treient Hate 8 Per Cent
Nelson Branch. GRAN&E V. HOLT, Manager.
A Transaction In Whloh  the Mumub
Man -Was nadir Beaten.
There was an auction sale In the little
house, and one after another the widow's
few possessions fell beneath the hammer.
Presently the auctioneer took up a large
bowl which happened to be full of sugar,
and the poor woman, anxious to save its
contents, hastened into the next room to
find something In which to put it.
Just as she returned the auctioneer
cried, "Sold!" and the purchaser Insisted
thnt the sugar was his. The widow
pleaded for the little that was much to
her, but the man was obdurate, and murmurs of Indignation arose from the
crowd. Angry at this demonstration, the
man turned,, and his eye rested on Mr.
"Mr. Wise," said he, "you are a lawyer.
Am I right or not? If you say 1 am not,
I will give back the sugar. If you say I
am, I am entitled to It, and I'll keep it."
"My friend," replied Wise In his gentlest tone, "you put a delicate and unpleasant responsibility on me. Hadn't
you better decide the matter for yourself?"
"No," replied the fellow curtly. "I
know what your opinion is going to be,
and I want you to give lt so that this
whole crowd can hear it."
"Then," said Wise, "I advise you that
the sugar is yours. The widow cannot
take it from you.   She has no redress."
"Ah!" cried the man, turning to the
spectators.   "What did I tell you?"
"Stop!" thundered Wise, whose manner
at once changed. "I've advised you at
your persistent request, as I cue prove by
these people. It remains for me to tell
you that I charge ��1 ts. for my advice,
and I demand immediate payment. If
you trifle with me in the matter of payment, you will most certainly regret It."
The man turned scarlet and, fumbling
In his pocket, produced a guinea, which
the lawyer handed to the widow, and the
crowd yelled Its approval.���London Answers.
The Fool Fox.
"When the pursuit of wealth tempts
you, my son," said the sage, "remember
the fable of the fox that hungered for
some wonderfully fine grapes growing in
a garden the only entrance to which waa
Airongh a hole in the wall. It was so
small that be bad to fast three days before he could crawl through it. After he
had got inside and filled himself he was
too large to crawl back through tbe hole,
and was compelled to fast another three
days before he could make his escape
from tbe garden. 80 he went out as poor
as he went in."
"Yes," said the ambitious young man,
"but why didn't the fool fox take a lot of
grapes to the hole and push tbem out
through it? Then he could have carried
away enough to keep him fat for a
month."���Chicago Tribune.
Why Ho Wai Excused.
At the Dublin city sessions one morning a juror prayed to be excused, and
said he had a doctor's certificate that he
was not fit to serve. He handed up a
closed envelope to the recorder, who
found It contained a letter from a well
known Dublin medical man. Amid great
laughter in court, the recorder read this
letter aloud:
"This man has been asking for a certificate that he is unable to serve as a
juror. I don't know whether he Is a
knave or a fool, bat he has little brains,
aud he reeks of porter."
Not Contavlouo.
The reminiscences and recollections of
W. 0. Grace, the veteran English cricketer, contain one good story, a joke made
by Tom Emmett, a famous bowler.
One Saturday afternoon Emmett was
bowling for his club, but the fielders
dropped catch after catch with such systematic persistence that he lost his temper, threw the ball on the ground and
"I'm not going to bowl any more.
There's an epidemic on this ground, but,
thank heaven, it ain't catckin!"
Rev Fortune.
"My face Is my fortune, sir," she said.
And lt was no fairy tale, either, for she
was a bearded lady and drew sixty per
from  the  dime  ntmeum.���Philadelphia
klMfe ���aunununuBuMntumWul
(BY-LAW NO. 87.)
A By-law to raise  ST'.),00(1 for the purpose of paying off   advance made by
Bank   of   .Montreal   ou   Debentures
WHEREAS By-laws Nor. f.6, 09, 70.
71, anil 72 of the by-laws of the City
of Nelson being respectively a by-law
to raise 815,000.00 to extend tbe water
works system,a bylaw to raise 815,0110. -
00 to extend nnd improve tlie electric
light system.a by-law to raise 3-.'(),U0().-
0(1 to extend the sewerage system,a bylaw to raise 180,000,00 to improve tbe
streets within tile City of   Nelson and
a by law to raise96,000.00for purchasing a road making   plant   Were   duly
passed, and debentures; issued thereunder for tlie respective stuns mentioned in said by-laws in all tne sum
of 876,000.00, but said debentures so
issued remain unsold.
Ami whereas said delieutnres so
issued ami unsold  were hypothecated
to the UtrnU of Montreal uh security
for an advance thereon ot  (76,000 for
tlie purposes in the said by-laws recited.
And whereas a petition has been
presented to the Municipal council of
tlie corporation of ihe Cltv of Nelson, signed by the owners of at least
one-tenth of'the value of the property
in the said city, ns shown by the last
revised assessment roll, requesting
the aaid council to introduce u by-law
to raise the Hum of seventy-nine thou-
��nd(870,00000)dollarfl forthe purposes
of paying off (lie indebtedness to the
Bank of Montreal ami interest thoreon
for which said debentures aro so
And whereas it is deemed expedient
to borrow tlie sum of seventy-nine
thousand (S7U.000.oo) dollars (wliicli is
the amount of tlie debt intended to be
created by this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, tlie amount of the
whole rateable real property of the
said city, according to the last revised assessment roll, is two million,
sixty-five thousand, four hundred
(82,065,400.00) dollars.
And whereas, it will be necessary to
ra.se annually by rate the sum of
($67(14.00) dollars 'for paying the said
ttebt and interest.
Now, therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in council assembled, enacts
as follows:
1. It shall nnd may be lawful for
the muyor of the corporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who may be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of monej' not exceeding on the whole
the sum of seventy-nine
thousand (S7il.000.00) dollars, and to
cause all such sums so raised or received to be paid into the bands of
the treasurer of the said corporation,
for the purpose and with the object
hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall he lawful fur the mayor-
of the said corporation to c-Mise any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of seventy-nine
thousand($7(1,000.OOldollars ;each of the
said debentures being of the denomination ot one thousand(S1000 00)dollars
and all such debentures shall' be sealed with the seal of the corporation
and signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the sard date, id lawful
money of Canada, at tbe office of the
Bunk of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,and
shall have attached to the coupons
for the payment of interest, and the
signatures to the interest coupons may
be either written, stamped, printed or
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent per
annum from the date thereof, which
interest shall be payable semi-annually at the said office of the Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada, on the first day of
Aprrl and the first day of October
respectively, in each year duriug the
currency thereof, and shall be expressed in said debentures and coupons to
be so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for the mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or uny of
them for less than par; but in no case
shall the Raid debentures or any of
them be negotiated or sold for less
than ninety-five per centum of their
fRce value, including the cost, of negotiating and sale, brokerage and other
incidental expeiiaos.
6. There shall lie raised and levied
in each year during tlie currency of
said debentures the sum of thirty-
nine hundred anil llfly dbllars($3,9S0.-
00)for the payment of interest and the
sum of twenty-eight hundred and forty four dollars (83,844.00) forthe payment of the debt due under the said
debentures by a rate sufficient therefor on nil the rateable land in the
said municipality.
7. It shall he lawful for the Raid
municipnl council to re-purchase any
of the said debentures upon such
terms ns may be agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or
any part thereof, either at the time
of Rale or any subsequent time or
times, and all debentures so re-purchased shall forthwith be cancelled
nnd destroyed, and no re-isHues of
debentures bo repurchased Hhall be
made in consequence of such re-purchase.
8. This by-law shall take effect on
the date  of the final passage thereof,'
Done   and   passed   in council at the
City of Nelson on tho        duy of
, A. I).  lliui.
Take notice that the above is n true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of the electors of the
Municipality will betaken: Forthe
East Ward at the City Police court,
on the cast sido of Josephine street,
between Buker ami Victoria streets;
for the West Ward at the office of
Ward Brothers, on the north side of
Baker street, between Stanley and
Kootenay streets. In the City of Nelson, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day
uf   February,   instant,   between   the
hours of   8 o'clock a. in. and 4 o'clock
I), in.
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C., February 5th, 1901.
���   NELSON.
(BY LAW NO 88.)
A By-law to raise  821,000 to  pay over
draft due the  Bank of Montreal and
accumulated interest.
WHEREAS, a petition has been presented to the said Municipal council
of the corporation of the City of Nelson signed liy tlie owners of at leaBt
one-tenth of Ihe value of the reul
property in the said city, as shown by
the last revised assessment roll, requesting the said council to introduce
a by-law to raise the sum of twenty-
one thousand(831,000,OOldollars for the
purpose of paying nil' the indebtedness
due by the City of Nelson of the Bank
of Moutteal by way of overdraft and
accumulated Interest,
Whereas, il is deemed expedient to
borrow the said sum of twenty-one
thousand (821,000,00) dollars (which is
the amount of tlie debt intended to be
oreated by this by-law) for the purposes aforesaid.
And whereas, the amount of the
Whole rateable real property of the
said city, according to tho last revised
assessment roll is two million, sixty-
five thousand, four hundred ($2,005,-
400.(1(1) dollars.
And Whereas, it will be necessary
to raise annually by rate the sum of
Si,806.00 for paying the said debt and
Now. therefore, the Municipal council of the corporation of the City of
Nelson in coui.cil assembled, enacts as
1. It shall and may be lawful for
the mayor of the coiporation of the
City of Nelson to borrow, upon the
credit of the said corporation, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
from any person or persons, body or
bodies corporate, who inuy be willing
to advance the same as a loan, a sum
of money not exceeding the whole,
the sum of twenty-one thousand ($21,-
00(1.00) dollais,and to cause all sums so
raised or received to be paid into the
hands of the treasurer of the said corporation, for the purpose and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. It shall lie lawful for the mayor
of the said corporation to cause any
number of debentures to be made, executed and issued for su3h sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and object aforesaid, not exceeding, however, the sum of twenty-one
thousand(S21,000.00)dollars;eachof the
said debentures of the denomination
of one thousand doIlars($l,000.00) and
all such debentures shall be sealed
with tlie seal of the corporation and
signed by the mayor thereof.
3. The said debentures shall bear
date the first day of April, A. D.
1901, and shall be made payable in 20
years from the sard date, in lawful
money of Canada, at the office of the
Bank of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid,
which said place of payment shall be
designated by the said debentures,
and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of interest, and
the signatures to tlie interest coupons
may be either* written,stamped, printed or lithographed.
4. The said debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per centum
per* annum from the date thereot,
which interest shall be payable semiannually at tho said office of the Bank
of Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, in
lawful money of Canada, on the 1st
day of April and the 1st day of October respectively, in each year during the currency thereof, and shall be
expiessed in said debentures and coupons t�� he so payable.
5. It shall be lawful for tbe mayor
of said corporation to negotiate and
sell the said debentures or any of
tbcm for less than par; but in no case
Rhiill the said debentures or any of
th;:m be negotiated or sold for less
'nan ninety-five per centum of their
lace value, including the cost of negotiating and sale, brokerage and
other incidental expenses.
6. There shall be raised and levied
in each year during the currency of
said debentures the sum of ten hundred and fifty dollars, (Sl,050.00)for the
payment ot interest and tbe sum of
seven hundred and fifty-six ($750.00)
dollars for the payment of the
debt due under the said debentures
by a rate sufficient therefor on all the
rateable land in said municipality.
V. It shall lie lawful for the said
Municipal council to re-purchase any
of the Raid debentures upon such
terms as may he agreed upon with the
legal holder or holders thereof, or any
part thereof, either at the time of sale
or any subsequent time or times, and
all debentures so re-purchased shall
forthwith be cancelled and destroyed
and no re-issue of debentures so repurchased shall be made in conse
quence of such re-purchasc.
8. This by-law shall take effect on
the   day of the final  passage thereof,
Done   and   passed  in Council at the
City of Nelson ou the day of
,  A.   I), lufll.
Take notice that the above is a true
copy of the proposed by-law upon
which the vote of tlie electors of the
Municipality will betaken: Forthe
East Ward'at thu City Police court,
on the east side of .Josephine Htreet,
between Baker and Victoria streets;
for the West Ward at tbe olflce of
Ward Brothers on the north side of
llaker street, between Stanley and
Kootenay streets, in the City of Nel
son, on Tuesday, the nineteenth day
of February, between the hours of 8
o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. m.
City Clerk,
Nelson, B. C. February 5th, 1901.
Baker Stiieet.
K ul Estate and Insurance Agents.
Three lots and bungalow, 5 rooms
and bathroom, with all modern im
provements, electric light fixtures
complete, good locality, good view.
Situation, Hoover Street, near Josephine.     Easy terms.
Lot 6. Block 5, Bogustown, with 5-
ronmed house, new, 8950.
Mill Street���Lot and 6-roomed house
with bathroom, modern conveniences,
plumbing complete, 81900: ?r rent for
$25 per month.
PINE  NttOLts.
Here where the pine tree to the ground
Lets alip ith fragrant load
liy footsteps fall without a sound
Upon a velvet road.
0 poet pine, that turn'st thy gaze
Alono unto the sky,
How aoOly on earth's common ways
Thy aweet thoughts fall and lie!
So sweet, so deep, seared hy the sun
And smitten by the rain,
They pierce the heart of every one
With fragrance keen as pain.
Or if some pass nor heed their sweet
Nor feel their subtle dart
Their softness Mi!':, the noisy feet
And stilla the noisy heart.
0 poet pine, thy nredles high
In starry light alit.de.
And now for footsore passerBby
They make a velvet roadl
���Lewistoa Journal.
I had beef spending a week in New
York with my father aud was returning
to Chicago alone, business detaining my
parent In the east for some time lunger.
"Now, Nelly," said my father as ho
saw nre to my soat aud tendered me a
supply of books and papers that would
have lasted me to Honolulu, "you will
get to Chicago as comfortably as if 1
were going along with you."
1 had a lower berth���No. S���and to nil
appearances the berth above was to be
A parting kiss, a hurried pressure of
hands, a brief glimpse of waving hands
and handkerchiefs and the train was
soon speeding ou its wny westward.
I began to long for some one to tall:
to and almost regretted that fate had
not provided me with a vis-a-vis, even
though a stranger. However, 1 saw a
little awakeuing that promised a possible break in the monotony. In a compartment next but one to mine, on the
opposite side, 1 saw a gentleman whom
I had not noticed before fixing a table
in position, ns if for writing. He glanced
across at me now and aguin with a calm
Inquisitiveness that somehow suggested
to my mind the probability of a closer
intimacy between us inter.
I was a little disconcerted at his frequent glances in my direction, for I
could not tell what they implied. To
avoid recognizing his glances 1 turned
to the newspaper again and made such
a good pretense of being absorbed in it
that I was really startled when I saw
him presently standing close to me. looking straight into my face over the paper.
"I beg your pardon," he said in a soft,
musical voice, witli his hand toward the
seat on which I was sitting.
I grasped the situation at once. There
was something under the seut he wanted.
He was the man who was to occupy the
berth above me and who was entitled to
sit on tha seat facing mc.
I immediately rose to my feet aud
from under the seat he dragged forth a
small leather bag, and with a gracious
bow and "I thank you, madam," conveyed it to the table he had opeued out and,
taking therefrom a bundle of papers aud
writing materials, was soon busy with
them, covering page after page with a
facility that gave me the notion he must
be either a newspaper corrcspondeut or
a novelist.
The day wore on; morning grew to
noon and noon to night, and, excepting
the slight intervals for meals, when he
would return all his papers and writing
to his bag, lock it and disappear for a
brief interval, he never allowed his pen
to rest.
There was one peculiarity about him
that Btruck me as not a little remarkable.
He always kept his left hand glared and,
having not much else to think about,
that gloved hand grew to be an object of
considerable curiosity to mc.
Why I should trouble my head so much
about a stranger passed my comprehension; but, fight against the influence as 1
might, the man with the glove exercised
an inexplicable fascination over me.
That he failed to return the compliment
wns evident, for, although he often
glanced over at me. he made no further
attempt to disturb my privacy.
A slight diversiou occurred after passing Altoona. A thunderstorm of exceptional violence broke across the valley, and the lamps had to he lighted. At
the next station a couple of drenched
male figures boarded the train, shook
themselves free from the hurricane of
rain in which they had been caught and
settled quietly down iu a compartment
at the other end of the car.
What a face was bis of the gloved
hand, as it bent close to (he glass aud
peered out into the turmoil! He saw
roaring furnaces, scarred hills and rag-
god ravines, m- 1 was much mistaken,
and when at 1.; ! I retired into the curtained gloom of u... lower berth thut face
wns the object thu I my bruin carried
into the darkness with me.
I could hear- the other beds being mnde
ready, one after another, and at lust
there was a sound of whispering voices
near me, and 1 knew that the nttendnnt
was assisting the uinn with the glove
into the berth above me. Then gradually tho silence of night crept through the
car, the lights were lowered, nnd each
passenger was left aloue with his or
ber own thoughts.
So completely hnd I mastered my fears
that I was on the point of falling off
into a peaceful sleep when a groau in
the bertli above me���a groan of agony.
If ever I heard one���set my heart palpitating with fresh terror. My eyes stood
wide open again. Parting my curtains,
I looked through the car, where all wns
still enough, but at the far end 1 saw,
fully dreBsed, the two men who had entered the train at the station after Altoona.
Now more alarmed than ever, I held
my breath with fenr. What could it all
mean? Was something dreadful portending, or were a few trifling circumstances that hnd no connection or significance playing nightmare tricks with
my brain?
Just then a sight dawned on my excited eyes thnt almost made me shriek.
In the Interstice between tlie bed above
and the side of the car I could see something, I knew not what, protruding. My
eyes were riveted to the object, and as
the object grew and gradually drooped
lower and lower, I could bcc that it was
a human hand. The hand of the man
with the glove, but now gloveless. The
second and third fingers were wrapped
round with a strip of linen, darkened by
��ouking�� of blood! As I looked 1 could
set drops ef blood collect at tbe linger
tips and fall in slow sequence, drop after
drop, upon my bed.
What was 1 to do? Call for the attendant nnd have the man nwukeued or
let the matter take its course?
Presently another agonizing groan
from the wounded man told me that he
hud awakened, and, to my intense relief, I saw the bund hastily draw up.
My first impulse was to throw the
clothes from the bed and dress, but a
more reasonable feeling supervened, and,
scarcely knowing what 1 did, I took a
newspaper and spread it across tht
stains. But thnt was not sufficient to
exorcise my fears, and I stored fixedly
nt Ihe paper thut concealed the marks
until in the moonlight 1 found myself
reading, iu a mechanical, semiconscious
way, the words I buw .priuted on the
At first (he words were meaningless,
then they began to assume form and
coherence, snd fiuully I found them
burning into my brniu. In the column
spread out before me was an accouut
of a terrible tragedy that had taken
place iu New York the day previous to
my leaving that city. A man had murdered a woman out of jealousy under
circumstances of peculiar atrocity. In
the struggle between the murderer and
his victim the knife with which the
deadly deed hud been done had been
wrested so fiercely that the ends of two
of the murderer's lingers hud been cut
off aud had been picked up by the police. The man in the berth above was
the murderer! With this maddening
thought surging through my bruin, the
wonder was that 1 did not scream. But
1 kept silent, slowly realizing the grave
responsibility of my position as 1 lay
there with a fellow creature's life at
my mercy. My duty was plain. To allow a criminal to escape justice was to
become an accessory to his crime. But
had 1 the hardihood to denounce bim?
Would not the Btigmn of notoriety forever nfterwurd be mine? How did I
know that the crime might not be In a
measure a stroke of swift justice that
mun is sometimes maddened iuto committing under strong provocation?
The down was just stealing In through
the windows, and, as 1 put on my wrapper and crept stealthily to the dressing
room, there was not a soul to be seen
except tbe mule attendant, leaning
against the door at his owu end of the
car, looking sleepily out. Tbe man with
the glove was as still as tbe rest of tbe
passengers, whether he was sleeping or
After long reasoning 1 came to the
conclusion thnt the conductor was the
proper person to consult with. The conductor passed through, but I did uot stop
him. My courage failed me. Then 1
returned to my seat and found the beds
cleared away. Where was the man?
I cast my eye apprehensively around the
car. but he was nowhere to be seen.
The conductor entered the car again.
I signaled him to approach and waa
about to tell him what I bad seen when
somehow my tongue refused to shape
the fatal words of accusation, and 1
simply inquired of him what time tha
train would reach Chicago. At that
same moment there Unshed across my
mind the thought that It waa within the
range of possibility that 1 was mistaken
in my suspicions. Out fingers were common enough. Ves, but not that look of
weird terror and hate aud desperation
that 1 had read In the man's face as be
1 had sat gazing out of the window the
previous night.
It was time for me to act. The next
time the conductor passed through the
car 1 followed him aud was about to
speak when, to my amazemeut, 1 saw
the man with the glove seated between
the two men who had boarded the train
after we had left Altoona. 1 let the conductor go forward into the next ear and
turned back to go to my seat, getting
another glimpse of the man's face as 1
passed. It wore the same look of guilty
horror that I had seen upon It the night
before, with nn additional pang of hopelessness thrown into it.
I saw the situation. The other men
were detectives, who had been telegraphed ahead to arrest the murderer, and
they had quietly secured bim while I had
been out of the car wondering how to
A few weeks afterword I read the report of the man's condemnation.���Chicago News.-
A Story From Rea-,1 Life.
This little story enmes from real life.
"Certainly she knows thnt she's not
my owu dnushter," said the fine looking
old gentleman in answer to an inquiry.
"I told her thut as soon as she was old
enough to understand. Thought it was
best.   Now she's going to be married.
"I've always thought that she was left
nt my house by mistake, for there was
a rich man of the same name living up
ou the aranue, and she would have had
a finer home there. But I owe everything
tu the little witch, and she thinks just as
much of us as we do of her. When we
took her in that night off the step, we
found a string of beads about ber neck,
fastened to a chain by clasps, mother
and.me thiuking they were glass.
"Oik* day a lady called and said she
believed the heuds were diamonds. I
laughed at the idea, but mother took
them to a jeweler, and he said every
bend was a fine solitaire. They were
my start.
"Sell 'em? Indeed we didn't. She'll
wear 'em nt her wedding nnd more with
'cm. I was working then at common
labor for $1.D0 a diy. My dobs took a
liking to me nnd offered me a cbnnce to
join him iu n contract if I could find
some ready money. Mother aud me took
the diamonds to a banker, and he let me
have the money ou theiu.
"We made n good thing on the contract. I kept right on thnt line, doing
honest work, and now I'm whnt people
used to call rich. The girl has hud
everything thnt a good girl wants, she's
happy as a lark, she has made us all
happy, nnd 6he's going to live right in
this block after she's married."���Detroit
Free Press.
Fanerala In Pern.
According to social usage, women In
Peru cannot attend funerals, and they do
not appear at weddings unless they are
very intimate friends. When a funeral
procession passes through the streets, tbe
collin is carried upon the shoulders of tbe
pallbearers, who are followed by an
empty hearse drawn by two, four or six
horses, according to the means of the
mourners and their desire for display. All
the male members of the family and
friends of the deceased follow on foot,
with a line of empty carriages behind
them. As long as they are In the presence
of tbe dead it is considered a proper and
necessary evidence af respect to walk.
After the body his been committed to the
(rare those who attend the funeral ut
brpaj^bt bout ia ��viU|��t>      ,. _ __ __,
Pursuant   to   the    "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that John
Leask and Francis C. Rankin, carrying on business in the town of Cranbrook iu the Province of Uritisli Columbia, as tailors and men's nut litters
under the firm and style of Leask tit
Rankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date the
7th day of January, 1001, mude in
pursuance of tiro "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts, have
granted and assigned untQ Creighton
Ross Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, clerk, all the personal estate, credits and effects of the said
John Leask and Francis 0, ltankin,
and of each of them (both partnership
and private) whicli may be seized
and sold under execution and ull their
real estate and of each of them in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
Leask tit Rankin, ratably a,id proportionately their just claims without
preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment wus executed by tne said John Leask ami
Francis C. Rankin, on tbo 7th day of
January, 1001, aud by the suid Creighton Ross Palmer on the nth day of
January, 1001.
All persouB having claims against
the said Leask & Bankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 20th day of January, 1901, full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the natures of the securities.
if any, held by them.
And notice is hereby given that after the said 26th day of January 1001,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of tbe estate among
the parties entitled thereto, having
regard to the claims only of which he
then shall have had notice and that
he will not be responsible for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
claim he shall not then have bad notice.
A meeting of the creditors will he
held on Saturday the 26th day ol January, 1901, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at the offices of W. F. Curd,
solicitor, Baker street, Cranbrook,
B.   0.
Dated at Cranbrook; this 11th day
of January, 1901.
W. F. (JL'RD,
Solicitor for the Trustee.
Closo connection East and West-
bound nl Spokane withtrains of tbe
trains of the Spuk.-inn Fulls aud Northern Railway.
Direct connection nt St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily ioi WeBt at 7:15 p.m
j West-bound trains make direct conj
jneotion for Vlotoila and Vancouver
j Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
! During the season of navigation East
! bound tmins connect at Duluth with
j the magnificent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNorthem Steamship Company Line, operated in connection with tho Great Northern Hail-
tor further information, maps, folders, etc., flpply lo any agent of Spokane
Falls tit Northern Hy., Kaslo St Slocan
Hy., Kootei ai Kail way St Navigation
Co., or to
Geul. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.   Oom'cl Agt.
Kt. Paul, Min       Spokane. Wash
For domestic or steam use.
A full supply always on
hates to all railway and
lake points.
General Agent.
Tel. No. 265.
Office ��� Two doors west
C.P.R. offices.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete Ktock of Coast Flooring-
CeilinK. Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash ana
Doors. Special order work will rocolve prompt
attention-   Mall orders solicited.   -
Porto Eioo Lumber Co.,
Head Office���Fiiidr^x nnd Vmnon St.. Nelson.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Blairmore Coal,    -    $6.75
Crow's  Ne*-.t  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,    -    -   $10.75
No order can be accepted unless
accompanied by cash.  ,
Office Oorner Hall and Baker Streets.
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Nel��nn. B. O.
Caveats, Designs, Copyrights ami
Trade Murks obtained iu Ounoda
and all foreign countries.
Komii 3, Bank of British North
America, Hastings Street, Vancouver.
Will pay the highest oasb price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will hny
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperts,
cooking utensils, bonght in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see ma or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hall
Street. Nflloon.  P. O
Baker Street,
NELSON,  -   -   38. C.
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" nml Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given tbat George
Bremner, carrying on busiiess on
linker- street in the town of Cranbrook
in the Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner tit Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of the Hit h (lay of January, 1001, made
in pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" und amending acts has
granted und assigned unto Robert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbrldge, Alberta,
North West Territories, merchant, all
his personal estnte.credita and affects,
which may be seized and sold under
execution and all his real estate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George liremner tit Son, ratably aad
proportionately their just claims without preference or priority according to
i iaw.
The said   deed of   Assignment   was
j executed by the said   George Bremner
und   tlie  said    Uobert   Edward Sherlock on tho IU       ay of January, 1901.
All persons h.ving claims against
tho said George Bremner Sf Bon are
required to file wi>h tbe assignee full
purticulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
Uxth day of Januury,   A. D. 1901.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 38th day of Jaiiutry, 1901,
the assignee will proceed to distribute
tbe assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
to the claims only of which tha assignee shall then have had notice, and
that tbe said assignee will not be responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim be shall not then
huve had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Monday the 28tb day of Jan-
uay, A. D. 1901, in the premises ot
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C , at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 14)01.
Solir'anr for the .Assigns.
H. & M. BIRD
Agent, lor Eureka funeral Wool and
Asbestos coinsurance Go. of North America, Mutual Life
insurance Go., of New York, Queues
Fire Assurance Go.
Two good, level lots on   Nelson
avenue,   Bogustown 8375 00
Mrs.   Snowden's  residence  on
Robson street
50-foot corner on Latimer St... 135 00
Two 35-foot  lots  in   Blook   40
Latimer*   street 500 00
Cottage on Stanley  street 815 00
4-1'iioiried cottHge  on   corner of
Ward and Gore Streets  12 00
New house on Water Street....    15 00
A. R. BARROW, a. m. l o.B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 659. Telephone No. 85
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box Ht W��l*<nn  B. <"���
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day ���1.00.
J, V. QWGHUN, Prop. Nelson Daily Miner,, Saturday, February 16,  1901
Downed   Phoenix   Team   ut Rossland
Carnival After Close Game.
Rossland, Feb. IS.���In the hockey
match played this evening between
Nelson and Pheouix Nelson won by a
score of 4 to ?. The game was closely contested* and us the teums were
very evenly balanced wus not a very
fast one.
: The junior hockey match between
the Rossland and Nelson teainB wus
won by Rossland by a score of (i to 5.
It was a close and exciting game.
In the four cups in tlie curling contests, Walkerville and Tuckett, Oliver
and Hudson's Bay, the first two were
won by Rossland and the other two
by Nelson. There remains the Grand
Challenge cup, which lies between
Rossland and Nelson und will be played off in the morning.
The 20-round glove contest between
Billy Armstrong nnd Andy King was
won in the third round after it had
lasted one minute and 20 seconds.
Armstrong proved to be too speedy and
too hard a hitter for King, and after
the first round forced the lighting.
He had King groggy at the end of the
second round and it was the bell that
saved him. In the third round Armstrong went after King fiercely nnd
knocked him down and King took till
the count of six before he could rise
to his feet. Then King was forced
against the ropes and after some fierce
short arm fighting Armstrong landed
a left on the jaw and a right in the
stomach, felling King to the floor
where he remained until counted out
by Max Karler, the referea from Spokane. The fight was witnessed by tbe
largest crowd that ever attended a
fight in the Kootenays. Time was
not called for the fight till 11:20.
Considerable money changed bands on
the result, betting being  about even.
The Jeffries-Ruhlin Fight is Announced Not to Take Flace.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Feb. 15.���Plans
for the meeting of Jeffries and Ruhlin
In the ring here tonight were officially quashed this morning following
the injunction issued yesterday.
Messrs. Brady and Mudden drew the
forfeit money from the Atlas National
bank. No time or place was even
suggested for a future meeting between the heavyweights. Both malingers Issued cards announcing their regret at inability to bring off the
Chicago, 111., Feb. 15.���A special
from Cincinnati says Manager Brady
on behalf of Jeffries today accepted
the offer of a purse of 85,000 for a
wrestling match to take place in Chicago between Jeffries and Ruhlin.
In regard to the offer from Denver of
a purse of 810,000 for a meeting between the two men, Brady said the
only conditions on which be would go
to Dcnve- would be the offer of a
purse of 8. 00, the money to be deposited in a bank before the contest
and to be forfeited in case the contest
should be prevented by legal means.
Capetown, Feb. 15.���Mr. Albert
Cartwright, editor of tbo South African News, who was arrested Feb. 7,
obarged with seditious und defamatory articles published in his paper
and a statement to the effect that the
British commander in chief had secretly instructed his troops to take no
prisoners, was held yesterduy for
trial.    Ball was fixed at ��2,000.
If he'd had Itching   Piles.    They're
��� terribly annoying; but   Bucklen's Ar-
nicn Salve will cure the worst case   of
'��� piles   ou   earth.    It   has cured   thou-
| sands.    For Injuries, Pains   or Bodily
Eruptions   it's   the   beat Bulve in   the
world.    Price 25c.   u box.    Cure   guaranteed.    Sulci   by   Cunuda   Drug     .v
Book Co.
We have in itoek choice teas from
India, Ceylon, China, and Japan. We
blend them to your taste. All prices
and qualities.    Kootenuy Coffeo Co.
You shouldn't Send out of town for
cards for yourself or your husband
until you see what The Miner can do
for you.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those suffering from Dyspepsia and Lrver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in the Dominion are afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour* Stomach, 'Sick
Headache, Habitual Costiveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Waterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin, Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
th Mouth, Coming up of Food After
Eav ���*-, Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and, get a bottle of August
Flower for 75 cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. Teetzel.
'   An ad. in The Miner  want   column
always brings results.
Ladies' Night Dresses, 75c to $1.00.
Corset Covers, 20c to $1.75.
Lace and Embroidered Underskirts, 75c to $12.00,
White Cambric Muslin, Nainsooks, Victoria Lawn, Indian Linens, White and Colored Organdies, Dimities, Fancy Muslins,
Plain and Dotted Swiss and Piques.
The Balance of our Stock of Ladies' Tailor-Made Costumes, Jackets, Capes, Skirts, at Reduced Prices.
A Big Shipment just received.    Some Choice Bargains in the lot.
FRED    IRVINE    &    CO.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line   carried   by
any firm in Canada.
"Good   Cheer"   Ranges  and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves   and   Ranges  at   the   right  prices   is   the
D. J. DEWAE, J. P.
Notary Publio, Oonvejattuer.
House, fi rooms, stone foundation,
good lot near* car line, 81050. Good
value at 81250.
House in Hume Addition, stone
foundation, large lot, good location,
82000, eaBy terms.
Large house on Carbonate and
losephine Btreets, 82250.
Property that rents for 8900 per annum, 83250. This is the best investment I have.
A rare chance to get Al Baker St.
property that will pay 20 per* cent returns.
Houses to Let in ull parts of the
Loans, straight and monthly payments.
Three Things
For 10c. in silver, we will send
by mail a packet of the new
Steele-Rriggs,"Exquisite Musk-
mellon" which has a small seed
cavity and a very thick, solid,
finely-grained flesh. Also a
packet of the Steele-Hriggs
Golden Hubbard Squash. Also
our large beautifully-colored
catalogue. All by mail, 10c.
Toronto, Canada'* Greatest Seed Houhc.
relatives afflicted with the Disease of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without the knowledge
of the patient. Send for particulars, enclosing J cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders tit Co., Chicago, III.
This signature Is on every box ol the genuine
Laxative Bromo-Quinine �������>���*���
tt# Manor that era*, a ��i�� t* smn **$
Watches for
Railroad M-:n
Watches for
Mining Men
Watches for
Business Men
Watches for
Professional Men
Watches for
Laboring Men
Watches for
Their Wives
���Sweethearts  or   Daughters
If Brown Said So It's Eight.
The Jewelers.
Successors to T. H. Brown.
Established 1895.   Here to Stay.
Our Celebrated Bread
delivered daily to any
part of the town. . . .
Try Our Scotch Short Bread,
Scones and Oat Cakes-
Tclejihono 210.
P. 0. Box Oil.
Some Home Mude Brcud
Is as heavy as lead,
But mine is as light as a feather;
If you buy it and eat lt,
You will always greet it,
For you can stund all kinds of weather!
Onr pictures have all the charm of
the person. They are true as life,
yet without the faults of nature.
Baker Street.
OFFICE: 8, 9 and JO. K.-W.*C, Block.
Telephone 261.
First Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
*M Soo Line
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Dun-
more Junction Tuesdays,  Thursdays,
Fridays and Sundays for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreul and Boston, Mondays and Wednesdays   for  Toronto.
Same cars   pass  Revelstoke  one  day
for   your   enstein  trip is to see
your ticket rends via Canadian Pacific.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
- .qq ) Steamer for Kootenay Land-
no-w /->DK and eastern points via
""���"*    ) Crow's Nest Route.
8:G0 /Train for RosBland, Grand
Ex 8un fForks,Greenwood,Midway,etc
9:00 I TraiD for Bloean Oity, Slooan
Ex Sun J points, and Sandon.
16.-00 ) Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Ex Suu j" mediate points.
18-40 ) '^ra'n f��r Rossland, Naknsp,
n ., \ Revelstoke, mBin line and
ulmy    J paeiflic Const Points.
For-Time Tables, Rates and full information call oa or address nearest Local Agent, or,
R. W. Drew, Depot Agont. \Nolson, B. C.
H. L. Brown, City Agont. /
A (J. P. Agent,
Spokane Falls jfc
Northern RY
Nelson A Fort .
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's  Falls  with
stage daily For Republic,   and connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
8 -00 a.m Spokane 6:40 p.m.
11:50 a.m Rossland 8:10 p.m.
7:0o n.m Nelson 7:16 p.m.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:00 a,m.
11.00 p. in KosBlaud 7 -.00 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. ft T.A.
Spokane Waal)
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mo.
Allan Line Sicilian Feb 111
Allan Lfoe Tunisian Fob 23
Dominion Line Dominion Feb Kt
Dominion Line Cambroman Fob 27
From St, John
Boavor Line Lako Mcgantic ' Fob 15
ttoavpr Lino Lake Suporior Feb 22
Beaver Lino Lake Ontario March 1
Bcuvcr Lino SLoamorH call at 1 lalif t x ono
day later.
From Boston
Dominion Lino New England Keb 27
Cunard Lino Aaxonla Fob 23
Cunard Lino Ivornia March 0
From New York
Cunard Lino Umbria  Fob IB
Cunard Lino Swift Fob 23
Cunard Lino Ktruria March 2
Whito Star Lino Majestic Fob 20
VVhito Star Lino Oceanic Feb 27
American Line St. LouIh '..Feb 20
American Lino Now York Fob 27
N. Ci.L. Lahn Fob 2(1
N. G. L- Ivaiser Wilholm derOrosHe..March 5
Anchor Lino Furnet-Mia .Feb23
Allan si at i' Lino BUiti of Nebraska March 2
Parieageri arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, tlcko-is and full information
ii Iijik to C. P. R. depot agent or H. L. Brown
City Passenger Agent, Nelson, B. C.
Gonoral * wit C.P.R. Off-oes Winnlwv,
7-8 inch diarn. $13.60 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nel*n*
ti. O. T. CROFTS.
1 -t  Pot
And ad. In The Miner want column
always brings results.
Miners, Attention!
���J�� "'CROWN   BRAND"
��=��    TRADE:
MARK   g;
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been ��
proved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running;.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES,  Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
NO. 4 K.-W.-G. BLOCK, NELSON. B. C. 2
Gold, Silver-Lead and Copper Mines wanted at tbe EXCHANGE.   J
FREE   MILLING   UOI.I)   properties  wanted at onee for Eastern   <
Parties  havlnjj  mining-   property for  sale lire   requested to send
samples of their- ore to the EXCHANGE fur exhibition.
We  desire  to  hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in liritish Columbia.
Prospectors   and   mining   men   are  requested   to make   the  EXCHANGE their headquarters when in Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.    Address ull communications to
Telephone No. 104.  P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. c.
��� -v-wvvv'V^'-^^MVvv-r.'wv**^^
Complete   Electric Equipments   for   Electric   Power   Transmission  and
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block. NELSON, B- 0.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of thei
Tramway.    For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block  corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON, Secreta7.
I ,-�����
Nelson.   Daily Miner,  Saturday,   Februarv 16, igoj
NEWS or        1
Peter McVeigh, of the firm of Pou-
pore & McVeigh, railroad contractors,
left yesterday for the coast. He will
be absent for a month on construction
James Wilks, secretary of tbe Nelson Miners' Union, left yesterday for
the coast to be absent some weeks.
Milton 11. Mowat, ex-president of the
union, is acting secretury.
It is requested that all members of
Nelson lodge No. 25, K. of P., meet
at 3:30 sharp at Fraternity hall on
Sunday the 17th to attend Divine service. Visiting brothers cordially invited to attend.
At the Methodist church tomorrow
the pastor, Hev. J.II. White,will preach
morning and evening. Subjects for
consideration: Morning, "Businesslike Religion." Evening, ''The Great
Argument for Religion."
On Sunday morning Rev. Wm. Munroe will preach in Emmanuel church
on "Sacred and Secular." In the evening the subject will be, "The Grum
bier." Good music will be rendered
by the choir.    Everybody welcome.
t iMtw!>4>4^^
The Finest Jewelry Store in the kootenays
That is the verdict of all who have visited our new premises at the corner of Baker and Stanley Streets. We
are proud of them. They enable us to show to better advantage than ever before our large stock of Jewelry
in alls it lines. We want the people of Nelson to call and see us. We want them to come whether to purchase or not.    We will show them our goods with pleasure, and extend to them a hearty welcome.
Our stock of Diamonds and other Precious Stones is complete. Our Watches, Clocks, Silverware, Ladies'
Belts, Toilet Articles, Cut Glassware, Souvenir Goods, Lamps, Fancy Chinaware and Novelties of all kinds
will interest you and we want you to see them.     And in all of these you will find bargains.
On Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock
the Nelson lodge Knights of Pythias,
will parade, accompanied by the Uniformed Rank, to Emmanuel church.
Rev. Wm. Munroe will preach the
annual sermon. His subject will be
Active preparations for the commencement of work on the Lardo
wharf are now under way. Three
oars of timber consigned from Win-
low's mill passed through Nelson
yesterday and today Poupore tit McVeigh, who are interested with Mc-
Arthur and company in the contract
will ship twelve teams to Lardo.
James McDonald will superintend construction and his pile driver is now it
Kaslo en route north.
The quartery official board of the
Methodist church at its regular meeting on Thursday evening last, extended a very cordial and unanimous invitation to Rev. J. H. White to return
as pastor of the church for the next
conference year which commences in
June. Mr. White replied in feeling
terms, expressing his deep sense of
the kindness of tbe board and congregation, and his great pleasure in remaining for another year should the
stationing committee so direct.
Joseph II. Carter, the newly appointed district passenger agent of
the C P. R., returned yesterday from
his trip through the Boundary country. He will now be located permanently in tbe city. E. J. Coyle of Vancouver is also in the city.
J. G. Sullivan, C. P. R. construction
engineer for the Pacific division, left
yesterday morning for the east with
his family. It is understood that his
mission is in connection witb the various enterprises to be carried on in
this province during the coming summer under the auspices of the construction department.
The Nelson Socialistic Educational
club will hold an open meeting in
the new Miners' Union hall on Sunday afternoon at three o'clock. Tbe
question of "Man's Selfishness as the
Social Evil of the Present Day" will
be discussed. All persons interested
in reform subjects are invited to be
present. The N. S. E. C. is a society
of recent formation but has developed
with amazing rapidity. It is purely
educational in its piesent prupose, but
may be expected to take a hand in
municipal affairs in the future.
Water   Supply  Improving
Mill Resumes Soon.
An Old Pisa Knows Good Bait From Poor-
A good old family Doctor down in
Edenberg, Miss., says he is not
afraid to tell the truth about coffee
and its effect on him and the remarkable change produced by leaving off
and taking Postum Food Coffee in its
He used coffee for many years, and
says, "Of late years I have been so nervous that I dreaded to perform an
operation, and my eyesight had bothered me considerable. 1 think about
two years ago I first heard of Postum
Food Coffee,and gave it a trial. I am
not quick to bite at humbugs, but
the change in my physical condition
brought about by leaving off coffee
and taking Postum Food Coffee was a
complete surprise. I began to eat
well, sleep well, and in just three
roonthB eyesight was restored, my
nerves strong, headaches disappeared
and my chronic catarrh of thirteen
years standing was cured with little
or no treatment except the change in
coffee. I am today stout, ereet, and
weigh 30 pounds more than I did before giving up coffee. I have an extensive practice and have had very
satisfactory results among my patients where I havo induced them to
leave off coffee and take Postum in its
"Coffee is ruining and destroying
thousands of our young Americans,
and it is a pleasure to know of a nutritious aud palatable breakfast beverage that rebuilds the nervous system rather than tears it down, as the
old coffee does.
"It may interest you to know that
we had much the same experience as
many others when we first began to
prepare Postum. We boiled it in a
deBultory sort of way for a few minutes and the product was not satisfactory. Turning to the directions we
discovered the fault and from that
time we have followed those directions, which are simple enough, with
the most batisfactory results In point
of flavor and nod value.
"With my best wishes for your continued success.   Dr. A. G.   Alston."
William McLeod, a non-coraimssion-
ed officer, wbo served in the second
Canadian Dragoons, was in the city
yestrday. He returned recently to
Winnipeg and is now in the service
of the C. P. R. McLeod had the distinction of making the first capture
effected by the second contingent. A
couple of commandants were reported
to be circulating among tbe burghers
of the llloemfontein district and several parties were detailed to look for
them. One squad headed by McLeod
caught the trail and took the two
Boer oHicers with a number of Mauser rifles and 800 rounds of ammunition. Soon after this exploit McLeod
wai bowled out with enteric fever
aud spent two months in hospital.
On convalescence he was invalided to
England unci returned to Canada several weeks ago.
H. .). Dale, reprsenting tbe Canadian Manufacturers' Association is registered at the Hotel Phair today. His
mission is to interest local mine owners in the objects of the association
which are those . of conserving the interests of Canadian manufacturers.
The association's methods of working
are various. One is to keep a close
watch on proposed legislation in order that bills introduced might be
carefully levised by the parliamentary
committee and its probable effect considered. In this way, it is asserted,
the association is warned and prepared to oppose unwise legislation and to
suggest improvements and assist the
passage of desirable legislation. A
tarllV committee also exists for '^the
purpose of taking up general grievances in tariff matters. The further
aims and objects of the organization
will be explained by Mr.-JDale during
Mb visit to the city.
James Cronin, manager of thej St.
Eugene mine at Moyie, was in the
city over night en route to Trail
where he has business in connection
witb some ore shipments to the smelter. The St. Eugene mill is still shut
down and has been in this conditiou
for the past four weeks. The scarcity
of water is the piesent 2ause of the
stoppage of the mill. When the flume
from Sunday creek to the mill was
completed last fall it was believed that
all danger of shortage in tbe water
supply was removed, but the long cold
spell upset all calculations and the
property is now confronted with the
same conditions as existed last summer in the dry spell. When Mr. Cronin left Moyie, the conditions were improving and he anticipates that the
mill will start at the first of the
week. A contract has been closed by
the St. Eugene people for the sale of
six months run of the mill for delivery in Germany. The concentrates
which will aggregate 100 tons per day
wben the plant is operating to its full
capacity, will be transported across
the continent to Portland, Maine,
transhipped there to Antwerp and
then forwarded to one of the German
reduction works. The terms of the
contract ensure to the mine returns
equal to those received last year from
the American smelters.
Mr. Cronin takes ground in opposition to the C. P. R.'s stand on the
coal question, arguing that the Fernie
fields are capable of producing double
the present output if desired.
His views on the future of the mining industry are advanced. "Give
us," Mr. Cronin says, "abundant
smelting facilities on the Canadian
side of tbe line, a Canadian refinery
and a Canadian^manufactoryjto handle
the lead product and you equip us
with the means to enter the marts of
the world ou an equality with other
lead producing countiies."
Laxative Broino-V.uinino removes tlie cause.
Will Be Opened at Lask���-Probably
End of Next Week.
The land registry office opens here
on March 2, and Registrar McLeod
returns to the city at the end of next
week to complete the arrangements
for the opening of the books. An
appointment to the office of clerk is
expected before the end of the month.
The furniture for the building has
been ordered and the Nelson Saw &
Pinning Mills are now getting out tbe
fittings, which include the counters,
etc. The carpenters will be in the
building shortly and haste is being
made to have everything shipshape for
the opening of the office. It was thiB
necessity fo* baBte whloh led to a
small crew of prisoners from tbe jail
being placed at work taking up tbe
frozen pipe at the foot of Stanley
street on Thursday,
Sergeant-Major Richardson of the
r>th Canadian Artillery in Town.
A number of the members of the
Nelson Rifle company called yesterday
on F. Richardson of Victoria, who is
registered at the Hotel Hume. In
civilian life Mi. I.'iehardson represents
a Glasgow, Hoptlitild, house of fur
nishcrs, but it is as oei-gcant-major of
the Fifth Regiment Canadian Artil
lery, and one of the twenty best rifle
shots in Canada that he is best
known. Sergeant-Major Richardson
has been a member of the llisley team
for several years and will shoot in the
big matches again next summer. Dining his career of 17 years as a marks
men Richardson has won 07 cups and
medals for shooting, not to mention
cash prizes which accompanied the
trophies. The Fifth Artillery has the
distinction this year of sending three
men to Bisley, Sergt. -Major Richard
son, Sergt. Bodwell and Private Fleming, and is the first regiment in the
militia to secure such an honor.
W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C. I., concludes his practice at McLean's drug
store on Saturday, Keb. lti. The doe
tor has helped veiy many Nelson peo
pie to better sight, and will no doubt
remember Nelson on his next tour
through the West.
Japan teas���"Spider Leg, "Panfir-
ed," "Sun Cured,"���have a place in
our stock. The new "Ceylon Green"
is fine flavored and ecoaomical. Kootenay Coffee Co.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
d-ru-nt-it* refund the money If lt falls to euro.
Mo,  X. W, Grove > -d-putureU on each box.
Judgment Reserved in McLaren vs.
Billings���Other Cases Tried.
The case of McLaren vs. Billings
was concluded at yesterday's sitting
of the supreme court before Mi. Justice Irving. Mr. Davis, for the defence, in his argument, made one of
the most forcible addresses ever heard
in the Nelson ejurt house, pointing out
that suspicion and surmise were not
sufficient to enable the plaintiff to
succeed and that the court would have
to be satisfied by such evidence as
would convict the defendant Billings
along with Bennett and Perks, the
chief witnesses, of perjury, fraud and
conspiracy. This being tbe oase the
action must fail.
Mr. MacNeill for the plaintiff, replied at length after wbich His Lordship reserved judgment, Intimating,
however, to Mr. MaccNill that he
thought the plaintiff's case lacked in
West vs. Ituchanan was tbe next
case taken up; 8. S. Taylor. K. C,
for plaintiff, C. W. McAnn, K. C��� of
Kaslo, for defence. This is an action
to recover 8823 for logging,the defence
being a counter claim for damages
equal to the debt.
From present appearances the supreme court sititngs will not be concluded before the end of next week.
The entertainment given in the
opera house last night by the pupils
of St. Joseph's school was most sue
cessful. The programme was sjplen
didly Arranged and the children
participating evidenced careful train
ing together with considerable na
tural talent. The opera house was
well filled.
Are you in want? If you are, tell
the people, through The Miner want
column, what vou are in want of,
You'll get it.
Phair���Mrs. Gray, Kaslo; J. 8. Carter. Winnipeg; E. J. Coyle. Vancouver; H. J. Dale, Toronto; W. Gunn,
Robson; J. O'Regan, Sandon*. E. M.
Sandilands, Sandon; A. E. Rowland,
Toronto; James Cronin, Moyie; J. H.
Ashdown, Winnipeg; R. W. MacFar-
lane, Ymir; M. C.   Grimmet, Sandon.
Hume���J. M. Doyle. Revelstoke; H.
D. Carman, C. A. Carman, Toronto;
T. H. Rees, Winnipeg; J. T- dun,
Toronto; S. R. Fernin, Montreal; W.
11. Croy. Hamilton; W. M. Anderson,
Lemon creek; A. Mundet, Montreal;
A. Traverser, F. Pullman, Spokane;
R. Winkleman. Tacorna; J. N. Andrews, R. E. Allen, Slocan City; E.
W. Turner, Toronta); C. B. Hume,
Revelstoke; P. E. McGillivray, New
Westminster;   D.   W.   Moore,   Trail;
E. W. Turner,   Toronto;   C.  F. Cald
well, Kaslo.
Toronto, Feb. 15.���Senator Allen   is
not vet out of danger.
Sometimes a fortune, but never, *f
you huve a sallow complexion, a
jaundiced look, moth patches and
blotches on the skin, all signs of Liv
er Trouble. Rut Dr. King's New Life
Pills give olear Skin, Rosy Cheeks,
Rich Complexion. Only 25e. at Canada Drug St Book Co.
Captain J. J. Malone, of the .uniformed rank K. of P., .desires all
members of the corps to parade at
Fraternity hall at*2 o'clock sharp on
Sunday afternoon to attend divine services at the Congregational church.
Review order uniform will   be   worn
Consult W. J. Harvey, F. O. M. C.
I., about those headaches, cross eyes,
or the fitting of spectacles that aie
absolutely correct at McLean's Drug
Store until Saturday, February 9
Hours 10 lo 12, and 2 to 5.
Rheo will leave Nelson on Monday,
today being tbe last opportunity for
readings. She will receive from 10
a. m. to 8. p. m.
If yon don't like Bine Bibboa Tea it's
because you've never tasted it
DR. MORRISON, Dentist, has re
moved to his new offices in the
K.-W.-C. Block,
May to
Winter Carnival
Curlin? Bonspiel
Eight Curling Contests
Under the Auspices of the Kootc-
nuy Oniling Association.
Hockey Tournament
For Senior, Junior   and   Ladies'
Championships of B.O.
Ski Sac r
Skating Kaon
For   Provincial   Championships
and for Men and Boys.
Cutter and Dog Races
$3,000   In Trophies ana Prizes   $3,000
Rates of Single Fare for the Round Trip
On All Railways.
1ST For further pticuarlars see posters and programmes, or address
Seey.   Carnival   Committee,   Rossland,   B. 0.
ywvwyyww�� -Myv^M-Wr-^ySft-**-*-* vwwv��v��wv vv\'��>v*��-W'-��v��
Now Is Your
During this month we will sell Boots, Shoes
ana- Rubbers at greatly reduced prices, and we
would invite you to come in early and secure a bargain.
The 8hoeiats
#A*AArV\%l!mAV*Am**Vm*m>tn*r**rm^ I
From now until the end of the month we will sell Watches
at the following prices:
7-sIewel Empire Movement, Nickle Case $ 6 25
15-Jewel        "             "             "         ��   7 75
17-Jewel       "             "          Adjusted Nickle Case. 1600
7-Jewel Waltham Movement, Nickle  Case  6 75
15-Jewel         "               "             "         <<     8 50
17-Jewel P. S. Bartlett Movement  to 00
i'7-Jewel Royal Vanguard Model Movement  20 00
21-Jewel  Crescent S.reet Vanguard   Model  Movement   25 00
an-Jewel   Vanguard   Mov~.ment,    Finest   Waltham
Movement  -j0 00
1Mesale and Retail Meat Merchants
%*&> ������>������������-)��� -a-J)
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Orders by malt to any branch will nave careful a-M oromot attention.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Byers.
8aiU Hade to Order, Gleaned, Dyed, Altered and Eepaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders. Solicited. p, o. Box 634


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