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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 1, 1900

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Daily Edition   No   741
Nelson, British Columbia, Friday, June i, 1900.
Tenth Year
Rousing Fletcher Meeting at
Opera House Last
The Three Candidates Ad
dress the Electors of
A.  Macdonald   Delivers
a  Most  Eloquent
The meeting held nt the Oporn House
last evening iu the interests nf Mr.
Frank Fletcher was very largely attended and was one of the most orderly politioal meetings ever held in N.��� I -
Bon. The three candidates Mr. Frank
Fletoher, Dr. Hall nnd Mayoi Houston
sud W. A. Maodonuld delivered addresses and all were given splendid
bearings and were enthuiaaticnlly re-
I,  I'liivnd. John    Toye    was    chair
man, aud a most acceptable one.
Mr. Fletcher opened, nud began
with a history of the Province politically during the pnst two yeais and
ending with the selection hy the Lien-
tsnant-Govornor of Joseph Mm tin to
form a government Mr. Martin was
���milled, Mr.Fletoher said, against tbe
wishes of the people of the Province,
and when he was without n follower
in tbe honse. He had to go into the
by-ways nnd hedges to seek the men
who now form his govurnmeut, nud it
wus by these men tbe Provinoe wns
being governed to-day. Tbe speaker
referred to it as a sqnatter government
and prophesied that on the lltb dny of
June Mr. Martin's right and title to
the offloe he now holds wonld be forever destroyed. Mr. Fletoher expressed
the opinion that bnt for Mi. Mnrtin
the present campaign wonld have been
conducted on party lines. Mr. Mnrtin
had, split the the Liberal ptirty and u
majority had refused to follow him.
It was not his platform they objected
to, bnt they objeoted to the man himself.
Mr. Fletoher then briefly referred to
his opponeuts iu the present fight
There wns no questior, he Biiid, as to
where Mr. Houston stood, but it was
hard to find out just where Dr. I lull
stood. Mr. Houston was the enndidate
of the Provincial Parly. By Mr. Houston's own figures there were but 15
Provincial P. rty candidates in tho field.
Of these 15 meu only three were well
known throughout tbe Provinoe, Fots-
ter, Cotton and Kidd. Suppose nil ot
the Provincial Party candidates were
eleoted, Mr. Fletcher asked, could they
form a Government wheu the House
oonsiBted of 38 members? On the other
hand, the speaker pointed ont, there
were .38 Conservative candidates vitb
the chanceB veiy niiioh iu favor of the
election ^of a majority of Ihem, and
therefore a Conservative Government.
Mr. Fletcher poinled out the atlriuitigo
of electing ono who would be n member
of the party in power nnd of tbo eleclion
ot men who would set together nud give
lo the Provinoe a stablo Government
Referring to Dr. Hull. Mr. Fletoher
siiiil he was running ns nn Independent
Liberal. He hnd been inferred to nt
times as being a Mnrlin cumlidi.te but
Mr. Fletcher said ho hnd not been nblo
to Inenli" him. Ah the doctor wns to
speak later, however, he expressed tbe
hops that be would be able to locate
Mr. Fletcher then referred to the
eight-hour law. It hnd been brought
Into the House nnd passed before anyone knew anything of it, nnd all of
the damage arising from it had been
done because the Government hnd not
the courage to enforce it. If it had
been enforced at the time provided
ill its passage there would have been
little trouble, the speaker believed,
and the country would not have suffered'ny It as it had. Mr. Houston
has accused him, Mr. Fletcher said.
of Insincerity In connection with his
expressions In regard to tills law.
This, he claimed, Mr. Houston had
no right to do. He had taken the
stand that when this Act was put
upon the statute books It should have
been accepted and the men put to
work under the best conditions possible to arrange. But the eight-hour
law was no longer an issue. There
was no set of men, the speaker believed, who would be foolish enough to
attempt to touch the lnw or the penalty clause. If a good, sound Government) were elected, Mr, Fletcher expressed the belief that there would be
no further occasion for labor troubles
of any kind. Provision could be
made for amicable settlement of all
disputes between labor and capital
uiul no Qovernment could refuse to
deal with the laboring man, when he,
the laboring man, believed he was
not securing his just deserts.
Referring to the Chinese and Japan
ese labor question, Mr. Fletcher said
there was another nationality equally
objectionable. He referred to the Italians who came to make whatever
money tbey could nt any wage, and to
take thnt mouey out of the country.
He believed that legislation iu this regard wns equally as desirable as legislation nlfeoting the Chinese and Japanese. If elected he promised to do his
best towards having tiails aud camps
looked after, anil when a prospect
showed the earmarks of a mine he believed Unit assistance should bo given
towards its development in the way of
roads and trails.
At the conclusion of bis remarks Mr.
Fletoher was loudly applauded.
Dr. Hall was next introduced by
Chninuan Toye and was given a very
good reception. He referred to the
event which led to his announcing
himself a candidate and showed that
be never bad, us aocused by Mr.
Honston, been turned down by the
Liberal Party.
"I am willing now" said Dr. Hall,
to hnve a Liberal convention culled
in this city, and to go before it as a
candidate aud if I am not endorsed I
will withdraw and forfeit my $20o deposit, provided Mr. Houston will withdraw if 1 am endorsed.
This statement wus received with
prolonged applause, but wus not responded to by Mr. Houston. Dr. Hall
then attacked the rooord of the Turner
Government, with whioh party he
said Mr. Fletoher now claimed affiliation. He referred also to bis introdnn
tion in the city council of the nine-
lioiir resolution for city work.
At the conclusion of Dr. Hall's address, Mr. W. A. Galliher, who was in
the audience, asked leave to ask the doctor a  question aud this was granted.
"Dr. Hall," began Mr. Galliher, "I
want to ask you, if when the House
meets and a vote of want of confidence
in tbe Martin Government is introduced, how you will vote."
"If when the House met and I was s
member of that House," replied Dr.
Hull, "and Mr. Martin bad 10 votes on
such a resolution I would vote to give
him an opportunity to carry on the'
legislation outliued in his platform,
tint if be swerved an inch from what
he has promised I would be the first
man to vote ngainst him."
Mr. Hail's answer satisfied at least
the Hall men in the audience and Mr.
Galliher did not press the question
Mr. Houston wsb then introduced
and his friends ill the audience gave
him a very warm welcome. Ho defended the Provincial Party and
claimed for it men with as much intelligence as could be found ln any
of the other several parties, and men,
who, if elected, would be able to do
as much for the Province and their
respective constituencies as would
members of any other parties. He
prophesied that after June II not 30
days would elapse before both Joseph
Martin and Lieutenant Governor Mc-
Innis would be shorn of their power
nnd relegated to private life. In referring to the matter of advertaing
the Province in the old country, Mr.
Houston said he would not do that
but would udvertise it in Canada.
"Canadian companies are better for
this Province," said Mr. Houston,
"than English OOmpanles. It takes
the average old countryman about ten
years to make up bis mind that British Columbia Ih a good country to
live in."
At the conclusion of Mayor Houston's
remarks, Mr. W. A. Maodonald was introduced. Mr. Mocdonald's speeoh was
the speeoh of the evening. The speaker
wns eloquent and convincing and when
he concluded he was loudly cheered. He
advocated party lines in Provincial politics rs the only remedy for the ills
whioh this Proviuce had fallen heir to
during the pnst few yearB. He pointed
out to tho audience that their interests
could in no way be sorved by tho election either of Dr. Hall or Mr. Houston,
bnt that only through the election of
Mr. Fletcher nud a mnjortty of those
Continued on Fourth Pave.
Lord Bishop Selects Nelson
as See City of New
Saint Saviour's Church Will
Probably  Be Pro-
Episcopal Synod  Closes a
Most Successful
The most important business transacted at the second days suasion of the
Synod of Kootenay was tbe selection
of a See oity for the now diocese
of Kootenny. When the matter
oame before tbe meeting Bishop
Dart was unanimously requested
by all the delegates to select Nelson
for that most coveted honor. After
some consideration His Lordship announced that he had decided to grant
their request. By that decision Nelson has now become the Cathredral
City of Kootenay and has added another
step to her growth in Importance.
Arrangements are now under way for
the erection of a Bishop's house in
the near future and St. Saviour's
church will be chosen as the Pro-
After the adoption of the minutes on
motion of .1, F. Armstrong, the constitution and rules of order of i he Diocese
of New Westminster were adopted;
any alterations to take effect on their
The Archdeacon of Columbia read
the report of the committee on the
Bishopric Endowment Fund, It stated that a delegate from Nelson had
promised to proeure ��� a lot 100 by 120
feet for tbe site for a See House, and
that steps would be taken to provide
a residence in Nelson for tbe future
Bishop, if some indication were given
that this city would be chosen as tbe
See City, It recommended a scheme
for the collection of $20,000 in the Diocese and Eastern Canada, for the Eu
dowment Fund. A resolution was
adopted to appoint a Standing Committee to arrange for a canvass of the
Diocese and that Mr. A. C. Gait of
Rossland be the Treasurer of the fund.
The committee appointed was Rev, H,
S. Akehurst, H. Beer, O. F. Yates and
C, W. Hedley, Hon. T. M. Daly, Messrs
R L. Galbraith, A. 0. Gait, Robert
Wood, J. D. Molson, F. W. Peters,
and Geo. Johnstone.
Archdeacon Pentreath presented a
financial statement from the Treasurer
of the New Westminster Diocese relating to the Diocesan Fund, which was
referred to the Executive Committee,
A discussion then ensued on the desirability of making Nelson the See
City and St Saviour's church the Pro-
Cathedral. Many earnest speeches
were made and the Bishop was urged
to consider the advisability of giving a
decision in the matter at once. His
Lordship said that he would give his
decision in the afternoon.
Ou the motion of Rev. C. F. Yates, by
a standing vote, a resolution of congratulations to Lord Roberts nnd the army
of tho Empire wan punned end subsequently telegraphed to the Governor
Genernl, the Synod rising and singing
God Save the Queen.
The Synod then went into committee
of the wliolejuiil paused four artioles of
the niiiisliiiition, which were subsequently passed by the Synod as smend-
ed. Adjournment was then had for
lunch provided by Rev. II. S, and Mrs.
Akehurst, assisted by several ladies, at
the Queen's Hotel.
The Synod reassembled at 280 p. m.
and His Lordship announced that he
had decided to make Nelson the Pee
City of the ^Diocese, but that he could
not bind his successor by a temporary
arrangement as at present. The announcement wbb reoeived with great applause.
The balance of the constitution and
rules of order were passed and became
On motion of Mr. F. W. Peters a resolution of congratulations to tbe Queen
from the first Hynod of Kootenay refer
ring to the lojnlty of all   parts  of the
Empire wns passed.
Ou motion of Rev. Dr. Paget tbe S. P.
G.<vasoougrntiiliitcilou itsbicetitenuiiry,
Votes of thanks were passed,und his Lordship adjourned the Synod after expressing his great thankfulness for the
lieurtinesB und unanimity of the Synod
nnd pleasure at the great step iu advance made by the cburoh.
To-morrow afternoon the Tramway
Company will opeu to the public its
new recreation grounds at the Bogus-
town end of itB line. The park is
prettily situated on the lake shoie, and
will present a most attractive appear-
anoe as the company is spending a
great deal of money and time in objuring up and improving the grounds. A
bandstand has been eieoted with
olnster lights nt each comer and
eleotric lights havo been placed all
through the grounds. Benches have
been placed in convenient nooks and
swings have been erected for the benefit of the ohildren. Tho park is well
supplied with shade trees and there is
an excellent stretoh of sandy boaoh upon which, later on, hoat and bath
bouses will be erected for the use of
those who desire to use the bathing
shore, and for those who are fond of
the wnter. Just across the creek from
tbe swings tho company will put a
tennis ground so tbat enthusiasts in
that line can he taken euro of. Different attractions will be added from
time to time and the company will
keep a force of men at work improving
the grounds until the park is in perfect order. In the creek at the park
excellent fishing la to bo bad aud good
oatohes hnve been made in the Inst few
days. Tho company hns finished the extension of the tram line to within ashort
distance of the park and tbe cars will
make a few trips to day. On Saturday
morning tbey will commence regulnr
runs to the end of the line, and it is
hoped thnt the public will take advantage of the new park. Profossor
Steiuer will be on hand with bis band
nud will give a conceit from two until
five o'clook.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company has determined to put a slop to
the practice of hobos stealing rides on
tbe freight barges between Nelson and
Kootenay Landing. tin yesterday's
trip of barge No. Is. towed by tbe tug
Ymir, the captain discovered a number of toughs on board, and upon arrival at Kootenay Landing he reported
the matter to Superintendent Troup
at Nelson who instructed the captain
to bring the stowaways back to Nelsou. At the same time he notified the
Provincial Police of the matter, and
when the barge arrived at the slip
here Chief Constable Bullock-Webster
was on hand to place the men under
arrest. They gave the names of James
Wren, Johu Purdy and Bernard Ryan.
The trio were immediately taken
before Mr. E. A. Crease and charged
with riding on board the company's
barge without, paying their fare.
The Dominion Railway Act is very
severe upon offenders of this class.
Supt. Troup stated that If the
prisoners would promise not to offend
again in the same way lie was willing
to withdraw the prosecution. The
Magistrate, with whom was associated
Mr. E. J. Mnllandiiinc, J. P., of
Creston, administered n severe lecture
to the men and told them that If ever
they came before him again on the
same charge lie would give them the
extreme penalty provided by the Act.
The prisoners thanked their worships
for their leniency and left the court
greatly relieved.
No Doubt ln  London  That
Transvaal Capital Is
Ottawa, May Sl.���Tho Prime Minister, who is the exooutivo head of the
North West Mounted Police mBde n
statement of the condition of the foroe
todny, which waa oonsidored very satisfactory. The impression has been
that owing to the recruiting for South
Afrioa, the Btrength and effioienoy of
tbe force has been impaired. This is
not so.
"Lust year there were," said
Sir Wilfrid, "In the territories 500
mounted police, at present thero nro
547 men, exclusive of officers. Owing
to ths war in South Africa 18 officers
and 100 men left the force but in spite
of this by careful rcoruiting wo have
47 men moro than last year. In tbe
Yukon last year there was u forco of
260 men, owing to tho war and men
leaving for the mines there are now
about 175 meu there. This iu not a
normal force and there will bo an inoreased number kept there in future.
The amount wo ire asking for the
foroe this year is ��ju:i,7i><>, which is the
same as last year. This is 8700 a year
per man and horse, which certainly
is not larga."
Tbo Prime Minister oxplained that
the force of the North West Meuntsd
Police were divided into sevon oom-
inaiidn in the north-west, tbe principal
of whioh wns at Itegina. There uro
(101 horses owned by the polioe.
Lord Roberts Describes the
Occupation  of   Johannesburg.
Victoria, May :i().���A great rifle
tournament will be held in Victoria
on June Sl, :;:: and 13,
On the Island political meetings are
held every evening by both parties.
Martin is losing ground everywhere.
The entire Opposition ticket will be
elected in Victoria without much
No Late Despatches���Casual
ties Have Been Very
London, May 1)1.���The Dally Mail
says it has received a cable despatch
this afternoon from its oorrsapoadent
at Pretoria, confirming Lord Ronslyu's
deapatOh of yesterday announcing the
fall of the capital of the Trnnsvaal.
London, June 1,-3 a.m.���Belated despatches from l'reloi in confirm the reports of tbe depart nre of Kruger with
the Cnbiuct and staff officials ou Tuesday, and tbe selection nt a meeting of
cii i'.'.ens of a committee lo administer
the city provisionally.
Since those telegrams left Wednesday nothing has reached Lorenzo by telegraph from Pretoria. Possibly the
wires have been cut, although Ihe Wnr
Ollice has uot received a wo.d nl.,ml it.
No one iu London harbors tho idea tbat
tbe Boer cnpital is not already in the
hands of the British or about to be
The possession of Johannesburg at
all accounts, as Lord Roberts has telegraphed, is a fact, states Attorney
Smith did not depart with President
Kruger but remained in Pretoria.
The present seat of the Boer Govern-
���tent, according to a despatch from
Lorenzo Marques, is probably shifted
further east.
The Boers lately confronting Lord
Roberts appear to have gone east,
also toward the Lydenburg region.
The defenders of Laings Nek when,
their position becomes too warm, will
probably go straight north. When
this concentration takes place there
will be twenty thousand men out, for
a time, with scattered bunds of guerillas also,
Ths despatches from tho headquarters
of Lord Roberts give an estimate us
to tbe number of liners who were fighting Generals Fieach nud Hamilton,
Monday, but tbey all agree that the
Boers retired and tho British casualties were slight.
Muob rolling stock nnd seven engineers have been captured by Lord
RobertB alone. The principal losses
in the fighting have been sustained by
the monnted infantry, bnt the casualties are trifling.
Generals Fiench and Hamilton are
engaged to the west of Johannesburg.
Tho enemy fought a rear action retiring fight from the soutli to the north of
the town with pompoms aud artillery
iu tho morning, and withdrawing their
rifle men through the town. Wo captured II engines and over 100 wagons
We succeeded iu cutting the line in
three directions and imprisoning all
the rolling stock in Johannesburg,
Four thousand fresh troops will embark for Soutli Africa in tho next few
Loudon, May SL��� General Ilrabant's
loss of III men is striking evidence
that the annexation of the Free State
by no means implies  Its   pacification.
So thoroughly Is the country imbued
with the belief that Pretoria lias fallen,
that Mr. JosephClinmlicrlnln, Hanking
Ibis morning at a meeting nf the University of Birmingham, proposed a
message to the Queen, congratulating
her npoU the capture of Johannesburg
and Pretoria, which was sent to the
afternoon newspapers.
London, Muy 31.���Lord Cecil Manners, who is acting as a newspaper
OorrespO���deOti wus among tin- prisoners captured by Hie Hoers during IjOrd
Rolierts' advance Mny IP.
London,   May 31.���The  War  Offloe
bus   received   Hie   following despatch
from Lord Roberts, under date of
Qermiston, May B0:
"In answer to u Hag of truce I went
to Johannesburg this morning, the
Commandant  came  to  see  me.   He
begged me to defer entering tile town
for -1 hours, us there were many
armed Burghers inside still. 1 agreed
to this, as I am most anxious to avert.
the possibility of anything like disturbance inside the town, and as
bodies of the enemy are still holding
the hills iu the Immediate neighborhood, from which they will have to
be cleared off before hand,
"Bundle reports that he attacked a
large body of Boers near Senekai on
May UNtb. He said his casualties wera
not heavy.
"Brabant roports that on May asth
two of his_ patrols, consisting of two
offloeru and forty men, were out off hy
the enemy and taken prisoners. "
London, Mny B0, 11:02 a. in.���The
War Office has received from RobertB
a despatch, dated Oermistou, May
80tb, 0 p. in., saying :
"Tho brunt of the fighting yesterday
fell upon Inn Hamilton's column, 1
havo sent him, as already mentioned,
to work mound to the weat of Johannesburg iu support of French's cavalry
which wns directed to go north uear
the road lending to Pretoria.
"I have not heard fioin French yet,
but Hamilton, in a report which has
just reached me, stales thnt at about
one o'clock in the afternoon he found
bis way blocked by the enemy, strongly posted oa some kopjes nnd ridges
three miles south of the Hand. They
had two heavy guns nnd several Held
gum-and pompom- Hamilton's force
forthwith attacked. The right was led
by the Gordons who, after capturing
one extremity of the ridge, wheeled
round and worked along it till niter
dark, clearing it of   the enemy,   who
(ought roost obstinately, The I04th
led on the other.flank and would not
be denied, but the chief sliiu-e in the
in lion ns in the casualties fell lo tbe
lbii'iluiis. whose e.allani advance excited the admiration nf all.
Hamilton is now nt Florida, duo west
of Jolianiiesberg, and French is B mile
further to the 0011110181. The Gordons,
the cavalry, tbe mounted infantry aud
the Seventh Division are holding tbe
heights of town.
The Eleventh Division, with batteries
"11" and "G," of the heavy artillery are
south of Johannesburg. Hamilton
speaks in tbe highest terms of praise of
the manner iu which llruro Hamilton
and Colonel Spencor, of the Shropshire
Light Infantry, bundled tbeii men, under Sniith-D.uleu's direction.
General Rejoicing Over the
"Good News From
Celebrations in All the Big
Gltles-The Day in
Capetown,   May  81.���-General  Bundle hns defeated a Boer   commando lit
Seiiekcl.       His   casualties     were    .VI
Toronto, May 111.���At the annual
meeting of thu Central Methodist District yesterday Robert Jones of El-
mgton took occasion to criticize the
Masonic order. He said he never was
a Mason and never wonld he, bnt from
information he bad gained from hooka
and from ministers he thought that
masonry was the most sinful Institution on the face of the earth, with
no excoption whatever. Neither 'Jlan-
Na-Gael nor Ku Klox-Olan was ns bad
as tho Masonic order. Its reform was
required immediately. Weie ministers
to belong to suoh an institution aud
and take the piofane and blasphemous
oath, is he uuderstisal it, they would
be exceeding tho devil in sin.
The Boer Envoys Decline an
Invitation to Visit
Ottawa, May III - Au evening paper
aays: "Reports of a speech tlelivered
by Hon. Dr. Borden at HI. John, N. Ii.
recently, credit the Minister wilh saying lh.it the Canadian Mililin waa lo be
convert ed into a iiioiuitetl corps."
The Department nlllcials ridicule the
assertion that the Minister made any
such uascrl'.ou. What, in their opinion
he did any was that iiiiniiiled corps
would be established at certain cent res.
A scheme is Under coiisiileratimi for
the establishment of auch a corps in
the Northwest and probably two or
three other places in Kustcrii Canada.
In connection with this scheme up.
plication bos hern made by the local
militia for the establishment ot n cor|is
at Ottawa.
Ottawa, May .'II Isn-d Minto has re
ceired the following ruble from Ixuil
Milner: "Cape Town, May 'Ji Regret
lo announce the dangerous din, , of
Private IL Ilium nl Niiaiiport nnd
Private (' C. Thompson at Winberg,
Is.I Ii of the ltoynl Canadian Regiment.
Hlgnetl, Milner."
Private Thomson is of the fit li C. A ,
Victoria snd Private Ilium is of "A"
squadron, Montreal.
Toronto, May 81.��� Despatches from
all points of Canada tonight show
there is rejoicing everywhere over the
capture uf Johannesburg and tbe surrender of Pretoria. In this oity tbe
celebrution has beeu continued ainoe
midnight Thursday. To-day wns ��
punlio holiday.
Ottawa, May Bl, There was general
rejoicing in the oity last night over tbe
news of the Biirrenderof Pretoria. The
jubilation reached tho House of Commons
At midnight tbe fire alarm bell rang
for over live miuules and awakened the
whole city. At lirat it waa feared there
was nnutUAr groat fire, but soon the
news spread and the excitement was intense .
At 2 o'oloek this morning when all
Ihe agricultural it ems, except one which
was held over for geueral discussion,
were passed, Mr. Fielding moved the
committee should rise to enable tbe
members to lake part in the general festivities over tho taking of Pretoria,
This was tho signal for Mr. Logan leading off with "God Have the Queen," in
bich ull joined heartily. This being
over Premier Laurier led with the national anthem, in which nil took part.
Thu enthnsinsm wus intense and the
House adjourned.
Toronto, Mny 31.- Peoplo were going to bed last night wheu the news of
tbe surrender of Pretoria firat reached
ihe city. Iu a few minutes tbe whistle
of every factory aud steamer in the oity
were tooliug. Church bells followed
suit sud crowds began to gather.in the
streets. At midnight prooessions wore
organized nud paraded the oity. Yonge
Si i, ei was jammed aud impassable for a
dozen blocks. Flaga were hoisted,
" God Have the Queeu '' sung io the
streets nud fireworks let off. Bands
weir out and is every conceivable way
the people ihowed intense satisfaction
over the good news.
Winnipeg, Man., May 31.��� Winnipeg celebrated the good news from
Johannesburg and Pretoria. A half
holiday was proclaimed und tonight
there was a monster parade together
with Illuminations and fireworks.
C. P. R. land sales for the past
month "ere M,O00 acres for the sum
of 1111,000, compared with 3(1,4117
acres for 81'.'.',,'.i'.".' for May,  Isuo.
The Legislature adjourned without
transacting any business this afler-
DOOtt, the members desiring to Join in
the   celebrution over   the  good  news
from the Transvaal,
Boer Envoy* rear It Would be a "Short
Cut lo St. Helena."
Hamilton, Ont., May 31.���r)r, Rng.
sell, of ihe insane asylum, while in
Washington reoently, hud an interview
with the Kocr envoys. He Invited the
envoys to visit Canada.
"I'm afraid,"a said Mr. Fischer,
"Hull Oalllda would lie a abort cut to
Nl.    Helena.''    Dr.     Russell   said   ho
would  guarantee protection  but the
envoys were afraid to  visit n HrltUh
colony.      The   Hints   were bitter   ���t
Canada for sending soldiers to   South
Owen Sound, Out., May ,11.- Kdwin
Percy was yesterday chosen by a unanimous vole of the North Grey Liberal
Association, to he the Liberal standard
bearer st Ihe next eleclion.
iMson Daily Miner
I'ubllsliod llaily oxcopt Monilay.;,
0 J.  llKATiIN. Editor and Manager.
Dally por mouth by earlier t
per half year..
per year	
peryuarby mall.,
por yoar foreign..
Nklson Wkkkiy Miner.
I 125
Weekly, per half year	
Per yoar	
poryoar, foreign	
Subscription. Invariably ln advaaoei
Nelson Min ir Printing & PubllshlogCo
Telephone   No.   144.
London I England] Ollice, 115 Fleet Stroot, E.C
Central Press Agency, Limltod, Special Agents
Nelson Dally Miner
June 1.1900.
In* Peace and In War,
CUT out this coftpon anil bring
or send it with 10 cents in silver
for each Portfolio desired, to
the l'ortfulio Department of
The Nelson Daily Miner and get
Pails 1 to IK, "(lllmpBesof South
Africa In Peace and in War."
See announcement on another
" In our opinion," says The New
Denver Ledge���and a very good
opinion it would seem to be���
John Keen is the best man ever
put forward to represent the Slocan
it Victoria. He is a surveyor by
profession, and knows how and
where trails and roads should be
made. He has had many years
experience as a Government official,
and was strong enough two years
ago to hold his position when the
poils system was epidemic. He
has no store to pull trade to, and
would not allow sectional feeling to
interfere with his duty to the entire
community." A good man to
What can Nelson possibly hope
to gain by the election of Mr.
Houston ? The candidates of his
party, all told, number but nine,
and if all were elected, which is an
impossibility, they could neither
form a Government nor influence a
Government. Mr. Houston would
be left to kick up his heels in Opposition, and though the occupation
might prove an agreeable one to
himself, there would be little profit
in it for his constituency. Mr.
Fletcher is the candidate of the
winning side, and we would be foolish not to elect him with the circumstances as they are.
We should not like to say that
Mr, Houston is bad at all, and it
pains us to hear him admit that he
is in the declaration that he is not as
bad as his enemies claim. It is not
a question of badness, however, or
of virtue or of purity. Just now
what we have to consider is whether it would be a wise act on our
part to elect him to the Legislature,
The election of a Legislature is a
matter of business, of the extremely
practical sort. For it depends a
good deal on the Legislature whether the business affairs of the Province run smoothly and to the advantage of the people. For too long a
time there has been a condition of
disturbance which has operated
most prejudicially to the public interests. This disturbance was
caused by an agitation in which
Mr, Houston took a conspicuous
part, and there is very grave doubt
whether his election would tend to
allay it. There is serious apprehension, indeed, that it would have
the opposite effect, and for that reason the wiser heads of the constituency have come to the conclusion
that it will he better to leave Mr.
Houston out and elect Mr. Fletcher.
They prefer Mr. Fletcher because of
the knowledge that he is with the
steadier clement of the Province,
those who want political rest and
industrial prosperity.
In exposing Mr. Houston's wholesale appropriation of candidates in
order to swell the list of P. P.'s,
The Miner in each case accepted
the classification made in Mr. Cotton's own paper, The News-Advertiser, of Vancouver. According to
this list, made by the leader himself, there are ten P. P. candidates
all told. Rut he claims Mr. Neill,
of Alherni, who declares that he is
running as an Independent Liberal,
the same as Dr. Hall in Nelson.
If, however, Mr. Houston knows
more about Mr. Cotton's party
than Mr. Cotton himself there is
nothing more to be said, even
should hr claim Mr. Turner as a
Mr. Houston is in the happy position of being his own reporter,
and when he goes abroad he has no
difficulty in finding lousing meetings to address. If they do not
present themselves in the flesh, it is
easy to produce them in his mind,
and his paper will do the rest, At
Creslon the other day he had the
whole countryside with him ; there
was not a man to say nay to his
principles or to his pretensions.
When the returns of the voting come
back it will be interesting to observe the discrepancies between the
ballots and the claims of the reporter.    	
Mr. Green says Mr. Houston
would be a creditable representative. Perhaps he would be; but
that was not the opinion of Mr.
Ralph Smith, who went away from
Nelson the other day with the expressed conviction that Mr.
Houston would be a very difficult
man to get   along with at Victoria.
New Goods!
Just   received   from   the
The very latest ideas in���
Card Cases
pelts. Etc.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company [is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
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5oc per cwt
Special rates on carload    lots.      Apply
Nelson Coke Has Co,, Li
Baker Street.
Yourself and Friends
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Tie Home Art Society of Decorative
of New York, to view a_��_x_ibitio_!of
Silk Art rteedle Work   1
and arrange for a series of lessons j3j
from   May  28th   to   June   13th.
Hours   10  to   12 and 2 to 4, in
Hume Hotel Parlors.
Art Lectures Mondays, Wednesdays and  Fridays.    Lessons and
Lectures free of charge.
MRS. KENLY, Artist and Teacher. 1
The teacher will inform each lady
joining the class where the Silks
and Linens can be obtained.
Belding's Art Silks and Linens
used exclusively in these classes.
With the Compliments of
Fred Irvine & Co.
Close connection East and Westbound ut Spokane with I rains nf thi'
trains of the Spokane fulls nnd Northern Railway.
Direct connection ut St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto,'Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at 10:15 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m.
West-bound trains make direct connection for Victoria and Vancouver,
Portland, San Francisco, and all points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Dululh with
themagnillcent steamships North West
and North-Land of theNortheru Steamship Company L,ine, operator) in connection with the Great Northern Bail-
Vor further information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Fulls & Northern Uy., Kaslo & Slooan
Hy., Kootenai Railway & Navigation
Co., or to
Ueol Pass, k Tkt. Agt.   OomV.1 Agt.
St. Pali), Min       Spokane. Wash
Mr. Smith Curtis is already one
of the deadest ducks in the Province. Hia Portage la Prairie experience never permitted him to
realise what it was to run up against
a man like Mr. Mackintosh, and the
shock of the discovery has been too
much for him.
Tliere are exactly nine Cotton
candidates in all the constituencies
of the Province, of whom two, and
possibly three, may be elected.
Among the defeated Mr. Cotton himself will be one and Mr. John Houston will be  another.
Mr. Houston protests that he
is not as bad as his enemies say lie
is. That is the best the unhappy
Mr. Martin can say of himself, and
it is not B very great deal, is it?
If you have not yet made Mr.
Fletcher your choice of candidates,
lind resolved to vote for him as the
salcM man for Ihe place, it is about
lime you did. The election will be
held on Saturday of next week.
Mr. John R. Cosligun writes The
Miner to say that the report that lie
was nominated as a Conservative
is a campaign lie, circulated for the
purpose of injuring him.
See our
Trimmed Hats
The Variety is Large
The  grades from   the cheapest
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Is there any other public position
in  light  that  Mr. Houston would1      "1""' *" "*""��>���""'I
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TITE want the watch that doesn't
" give satisfaction���that never
did give satisfaction. That's the
watch we're after, because we know
we can make it eive satisfaction,
We oan make it keep time RIGHT.
We've had over 20 years' experience and know our business thoroughly.
178 Baker Street, Nelson.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Turner Beeton& Co.
/*- NKLSON^^
lust arrived from Milwaukee
We are now doing business in
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see all our
OLD customers and many  NEW ones.
Give  us  a call.
Telephone io P. O. Box K. and W.
Houston Block,      -      -      -      Nelson.
Agent for Phoenix Insurance Oo.
of Brooklyn, N. T.
i For Sale or Lease���Large building
mi Vernon Street, suitable for warehouse, factory or large boardiughouse.
Several good houses for rent.
Choice lots for sale.
Notico of Application for License.
I hereby give notioe that I intend to
apply to tho Board of Licensing Com-
liiiHsinnorH of tlie Oity of Nekon at its
next flitting for an hotel license for
the promises Hitnated upon Lot 16
Blook <MI (north side of Vernon Street
between Ward and JoHephine) in the
Oity of Nelson.
Fraternity Hall
for Hull it .1 Knulriiny Bin,
can lie rented for Concerts, Lectures
Dances, Banquets and every kind of entertainment. Qood ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen and dining room furnished,   For terms apply
DR. E.O. ARTHUR Oifcy.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  I'nlrl-iili.     .    .     .     ��I,��KJI,070.00  I   Kent *I,IM,*M.M
11.,.ml or Dlreetonu   Thonuut K. Kenny,   I "n- ill. m ;   Thomas Ititchie, Vlco-Prosldonl.
Wiloy Smith, H. tl. Iluuld, Hon. II. H. Fuller, M.L.O.. Hon. 1 nn id MaoKoen.
lira- oni,,. Halifax i
General Manager. l��dt,on L. Pease Montroal.
Superintendent of lirnnchoH. and Secretary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax.
Innpoetor, W. K. Brock, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M. Stewart, Montroal.
Ilranrhes 1
Xova HcollA-Halifax Hmnch, Anthroi���|b, Bridirewnter, Guyslioro. I,ondondorry, Lunontiurg.
Miiiilnnl (llnr.is I'n.i, Melon, Port Huwkenbury, Sydney. Snubcnacnillo, Tiiiro, Weymouth
.Vcw llruiiHWIek���Bntlinrst, Dorchester, Frodoricion. KliiKHton (Kent Co.), Monelon, Now-
caHtle, Siickvlllo. Woodstock. I". E. iHlanil���Clinrlottctown, Huimncrnido. <|m-l,rrMontreal
iCily Ollice), Montreal. Wont Knd (Cor. Notre Dame nnd Selirnoui-i* Strcota); WeHUnoant (Cor.
(Irceno Avenue and St. CntharlnoH Slrcot. Ontario���Ottawa. Ne��r��uiidlnn.~St. John's.
tulia. Went Indies���Havana. United stales���Now York (111 Kxchniigo I'lnco) Hopuulic, Wash.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
rurrmpiiiHlriilH I
t'anndn���Morchants Bank of Canada.   Boston-National ihawmut Bank.   fiMeafo-Amerlea
National Bank.   Ban 1'rinelneo���First National Bank.   London, Kn��.-Bank of Scotland.
Paris, France���Credit Lyonnnls.   llermnda-Bank of Bermuda.   < liinu and -lanim    I Ioiik
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorahle terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   G.   TRAVES,   Manager'.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Frank JPIetcher.
Stability of Government-
Observance of our Constitution-
Peace, Progress,
and Prosperity,
Agitation, Stagnation,
and Adversity.
Committee Rooms over Neeland's
Shoe Store, Haker Street, Open
every day and evening. All supporters invited to attend.
Room 3,  Tarner-Boeokh Blook, Nelson.
Notary Public, Real Eatate, Insurance
Mines, leans.
Some Urns Residences, conveniently
situated, Modern Improvements.
$200 cash, lot on Carbonate Street.
8-,000 will purchase 4 lots and re.-i
deuce, Hume Addition.
81,200 will purchase lot on Raker St.
A nioe cottage Bud large lot Five Mile
Ranch at Pilot .Hay. 00  acres culti
MM) houso nnd lot on Robson  Street,
|2,400 will purchase 14-rooined bouse;
very central locatiou and easy terms
Oall at once.
R4000  will   buy   Corner   on    Baker
Street.    Easy terms.
WOOD will   buy   Corner  on  Vernon
$250 each   will   buy r> nioe residence
lots on Carbonate Street.
House to rent, furnished, Front st.
Oertifioate of Improyeniruta.
Notioe���Venango aud Shenango Mineral claim, situate in the Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay Dis-
triot. Where located���On west side of
Kngle Oroelf.aboot 3,000 feet sonthwost
of Poorman qnart/, mill.
Tsko notice that I, elms. Moore, nf
Kaslo, IS. 0.1 acting ns agent for Thos.
R. Frenoh F. M. C. Nn. II,SORB and
Isaac Erickson, Free Miner's CertiU-
enlii No. 11,1104 B, intend, sixty days
front the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements for the purposo of obtaining a Crown (hunt, of the above
And further take notice tbat aotion,
miliar section 37, must be oommenoed
before the issuance of sooh Oertifioate
of Improvements.
Dated this 25tb day of  April, 11)00.
Poij'fc Worn).
Merchant Tailor,
Josephine Street,
Suits from $25.00 Up.
Bollder* will find It to their oiivant-RO lo
flsure with Bradley & Co, en Palutinu,
A. H. Buchanan and Grange V. Holt arc
Hard at Work.
Messrs. A. H. Buolianan nnd Grnngo
V. Holt, respectively chairman of the
Carnival general committee and finance committee, have raised up to
date $2,225. This is tho result of the
labor of two days and does not cover
all that it is hoped will be available.
Several of the business men have not
been seen and others have deferred
���iibsoribiiig until a later date.
On Monday that portion of Ihe public which will not be visited by Messrs
".noli muni and Holl will be given opportunity to subscribe any amount from 50
cunts upwards. In each of the four
banks and in tho Miner and Tribune
offices subscription lists will bo opened
and those who feel thut Ihe big demon*
striifioo will afford them ilfly cent's or
one dollar's worth of pleasure are expected to drop in aud aid in the creation of a fund of sutllcient magnitude
tj carry out all of the plans of tho
various committees. If there are,
however, any people in the city who
would like to donate and who contemplate going away or nre afraid they
may be broke on Monday, opportunity
will be provided them to make their
deposits today as the newspaper offices
and hanks will be open. They will be
open tomorrow also. But the big move
will be made Monday and each of the
four bunks aud two newspaper olllcts
will use every effort to swell the fund.
The Miner staff has bet the Tribute
staff that there will be more money
taken in at the Miner office than nt the
Tribune office nud it behooves the
friends of the Miner to "get a move
The following is the list of donations
up to dnlc to the Carnival fund:
Oity of Nelson $ BOO Co
K Roisterer & Oo     &> no
Hank of Mootreal      25 (X)
Lxmdou & B 0 (ioldflelds      25 00
P Burns & Oo      25 Oo
K T II Simpkius  2 50
Alfred (i. t>ox ,,  2 50
J B Bliss  2 50
(ieorge Kilcliie  2 00
it II Williams  2 00
Total |2,275 00
The water in the lake has fallen nix
inches during the last two days.
William Kotoh of the Slocan country
is Inking to the Slocan a carload of
very fine horses purchased in Washington State. They uro to be used for
freighting purposes,
J. W. Petch, who was committed for
theft of a pocketbook by Magistrate
Crease, was brought up before Judge
Fori- yesterday for election. He
asked for a speedy trial and pleaded
guilty. The judge allowed him to
take his liberty and suspended sentence.
Nelson Electric Tramway Co..
H. J. Evans & Oo	
Lawrence Hardware Co..
Fred Irvine & Co	
D. McArthur & Co	
P.J. Russel	
Lilly Bros.
ur i5 n
25 00
25 00
25 00
25 00
25 01)
25 00
25 00
25 00
25 00
25 CO
25 00
25 00
WF Teetzel	
J A Gilker	
Turner Beetou & Co	
Emerson & Neelands	
Mrs Mallette	
Kloudyke Hotel  25 00
Glue Pot Saloon  25 00
Chapleau Mines  25 00
J A Say ward  25 00
California Wine Co  25 00
A Macdonald & Co  25 00
Johu Choldich &  Co  25 00
J Y Griffin & Co  25 (X)
8 White  25 OO
The Western Mercantile Co... 25 00
Manhattan Saloon  25 00
Clarke Hotel  2S On
Morrison & Caldwell  25 00
Malone & Tregillus  S."i 00
Queen's Hotel  2.1 00
W G Robinson  25 Oo
Thos Madden  25 00
Silver King Hotel  25 00
E E Phair  25 00
Sol Johns  25 DO
Hotel Hume  85 00
Thorpe & Co  25 00
F R Stewart & Co  25 00
Bank of British Columbia,... HO oo
N S & P Mills  20 00
Duncan Mines  20 oo
Kirkputrick & Wilson  20 00
Nelsou Wine Co  20 Oo
West Kootenay Butcher Co  20 00
Wallace-Miller Co  20 00
Galliher & Wilsou  20 00
Taylor & llanniugton  20 (10
Imperial Bank  20 00
Kootenay Cigar Mfg Co  20 on
ISnioli noil. &   Ker  20 00
A R Sherwood  15 00
W A Thunnan  15 00
H Selous  lo Oil
Kootenay Coffee Co  lo 00
H R Cameron  lo 00
Gamble &0'Rielly  10 00
Prootor & Dowsing  10 00
Canada Drog and Book Co  10 00
Patenaude BroB  10 00
Vanoonver Hardware Oo  10 00
Maodonald & Johnson  10 00
S Neelands  10 00
Thomson Stationery Co  10 00
George Bell & Co  10 00
HBird  10 00
Gilbert Stanley  10 00
C D J Obristio  10 00
John MoLatchie  10 00
H G Neelands  10 00
Emery & Walley  10 00
Kerr&Oo  10 00
G. B. Matthew  10 00
D McLeod  10 00
O W West  10 00
Ward Bros  10 00
A Feiland   10 (10
H F MoLenn  10 00
W P Tierney  10 00
J A Turner  10 00
J'A MoDouald   10 00
TheoMadson  10 00
Orossett & Fergaeson  10 00
Martin O'Riolly & Co  10 00
Kootenay Eleotrio S &0 Co... 10 00
J A Irving & Co  10 00
Dr.  LaBan  10 00
PEDoolittle  10 00
J W Troup  5 00
Nelson Furniture Co  5 00
J C T Orofts  5 00
Hebden & Hnbden  5 On
A MoKillop  5 oo
A S Farwell  5 00
Bank of Hnlifax  5 0(1
A H Clements  6 (X)
Crow  t Morris  6 00
JJWalker  o 00
C Jiszkowicz  5.00
E R Wokes  B 00
Mathieson It Grnhiini  5 (X)
A H Kelly  B 00
Nelson Gas & Coko Co  B 00
EC Arthur  5 'HI
WRJarvis  BOO
William Wilson  6 00
Ewart& Carrie  u 00
J H Vunstone  B 00
Judge Foriu  5 (XI
E A Crease  BOO
O Newling  6 0��
Arobbold & Pearson  8 00
O L Lennox.  8 00
SHHSvinonds  2 M
The Carnival committee on land
sports has been called by Chairman J.
J, Malone to meet this afternoon at
I o'clock in the K. P. Hall to make all
preliminary arrangements for the work
of the committee. The members of
committee nre W. J. Thompson, C. A.
Waterman, W. P. Dickson, II. Byers,
T. M. Mcliae, W. A. Galliher and T. J.
The special train which will convey
the Nelson baseball team to Rossland
next Sunday will enrry a large number of faithful rooters who have announced their intention of accompanying the team. The train will leave
Nelson at at 8 o'clock in Ihe morning
and will handle passengers to and from
way points. The fare is $3.10 for the
rouud trip.
In conversation with a court official
yesterday a Miner man learned that in
the election of 1870 there were only
.seventeen recorded voters iu the whole
district now comprising East and
West Kootenay, who returned two
members to the Legislative Assembly.
At present in the same district there
are about 12,000 voters. In South
Kootenay alone there were ut the last
election about 430 voters. For the
coming election there are about 1,700
on the voters' liBt. The comparison
is interesting in showing the great
growth of the Kootenay country.
At the Mining Recorder's Office
yesterday the following records were
made: Transfers���lllend, Emperor,
St. Mary and Ella from John Swansou
to Frank Dick for a nominal consideration. From Charles A. Swanson to
Frank Dick, the Port Natal and
Ling claims for a nominal consideration. From Katie McCoy to James
II. Hume, in the Little Joe claim a
sixth interest for a nominal consideration. From S. M. Brydges, a third
interest iu the Kingston claim to T.
J. Sims for a nominal consideration.
Assessment Certificates: Flossy K.,
Bimetallic, King Solomon to E. J.
Dyer; Kington to T. J. Sims; Kent,
(lent, Twilight and Snowllakc to A.
B. Campbell et al. Locations���Hunter V, by A. A. Vernon, on Big Four
Mountain; Brown Bear, by Henry
Bennett, on south side of Sheep
Creek. .., :;  '   "���
Tbe busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr.King's
New Life Pills. Every pill is a sugar
coated-couted globule of health, that
changes weakness into strength, list-
lessnesa into energy, brained-fag into
mental power. They're wonderful in
building up the health. Only 25c per
box. Sold by Canada Drug & Book
Spring ohicken nud all the delicaoies
of the season Berved to you when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Ranch, two and a half mileB up tbe
river.    W. M. Roberta, propiietor.
Bo sure yon are right, then go ahead.
You can't be wrong if yon deal with
Nickorson, watchmaker und seoond
hand trader. 257 Baker Street, Nelson,
B. O.       	
Messrs. Crow Ac Morris, the tobacconists, give a ticket with every 25 cent
purchase, which entitles the holder to
an interest in a cuse of pipes, a box of
25 ceut cigars, or n single pipe. Drawings are hold every Saturday night and
the lucky men havo their choice of all
the lnrge assortment of pipes in Crow _
Morris' big show cases and of the several brands of 25 cent cigars. The Crow
& Morris store is the ono with the open
front nnd you can't miss it if you walk
down Baker Street.
We are pleased to announce that
Mr. J. O. Patenaude, ot Patenaude
Bros,, who has been East for his
health, and also for the purpose of
taking atl advanced optical course
of study, is now ready to attend all
those suffering from their eyes.
Our Optical Department is better
than ever, and a call will be sufficient to gain your confidence.
No charge lor testing.
Patenaude Bros.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds ol seoond hand goods. Will bny
or soil anything from an anchor to a
uoedlo. Forniture, stoves, oniperts,
oookiug utensils, bought in household
qnnntities. Also oast off clothinit.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200, Hall
Street, Nolson, B. C.
To the Electors of the Nelson
Riding of the West
Kootenay Electoral District:
jentlemisn���As the nominee of the
Conservative parly I bog to offer myself
as a oaudidate at tbe coming general
election to represent you in the Legislative Anson,bly of this Province.
The time hns arrived when all parties
are fully alive to the fact that the future
welfare of our Proviuoe demands n
sound, fair and honest business administration aud that nny great popular
Party must appeal to other and
higher considerations than those of individual fear of loss, or hope of gain.
I oonaider it the duty of every member
elected, to be a ProviucialiBt to the extent of the best interests of the Province
first, last and always, and to support all
good legislation with that objeot in view
In asking you for your support, I will
state that I. am opposed to hasty legislation of nny kind, but particularly with
respect to our Mining Laws, as tending
to jeopardize business interests and to divert oapital: for instance, twioe the Legislature has passed Alien Exclusion
Laws and they are now for the Becond
time seeking to repeal them after having
done considerable mischief: ami damage.
With regard to the Eight-Honr Law, I
am opposed to any change in the law
as it now stands. Shorter hours for all
classes of labor is no new idea, but in
my opinion the prinoiple should be suoh
as to appeal to all Sections of the Community as being not only a necesBity and
beneficial to all, but in keeping with the
general advance meat of onr civilization.
I wonld ndvooate the amendment nnd
strict enforcement of the Metalliferous
Mines Inspection Act, so as to more effectually proteot the lives of workmen.
With regard to the Mineral Act: I
would endeavor to have certain Bections
more dearly deflued, for the purpose of
avoiding litigation ; and with regnrd to
oo-ownership, to introduce nn inexpensive and speedy mode ct making a co-
owner bear bis share ot assessment or
relinquish hia interest.
I am in favor of an amendment to our
Bohool Laws bo as to give Cities the control of the Schools in their midst.
A Cushion
For Your Feet
Rubber Heels make walking a pleasure, give you
a springy, elastic step, and will add many years to
your life by doing away with the constant jarring of a
solid heel.
The best kind, neatly attached, 75 cents a pair.
Ladles' White Goods
Extra Quality and Special Prices.
Corset Covers at i^c,
35c. 50c, 75c, to $1.50.    All good values.
tucked, trimmed  with embroidery and lace, at $1.50,
5, 82.50, up to $5.00.
1.50, $1.75,
Gamble & O'Reilly
Two lots and house, 8 rooms, bath
room  and   kitchen*   nil   modern   Improvements!   good    view,   handy    to
town, $3,500,   Terms.
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New Cottage, Stanley Street, 830
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White Skirl
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WANTED.���A first-class   genernl   servant.   Mrs. Taylor,   comer Ward aud
B. C.
A fair Redistribution Aot should be
passed as Boon as possible,
I would advocate tbe bringing into
foroe of tbe Torrent Aot, provided it is
made optional ; as the cost iu a great
many cases will be excessive and out ot
all proportion to any benefit to be derived,
I would urge the speedy construction
of a Court House in Nelsou, equal to
tbo requirements of this district,
I would strongly advocate inoreased
O rants for Roads, Trails and Bridges
wherever suoh will upbuild and develops
our Provinoe, more especially in the
Mining Distriots, and all suoh expenditure to be placed in capable and experienced hands to be dealt with in a
systematic way.
Our undeveloped natural resources
should receive more attention, and be
more widely advertised in order to attract
Willi regard to oheap foreign labor I
believe, where the remedy is an Imperial
matter, iu view of the stand our Proviuce
nud Country has taken in tho present war
giving both lives nud money, the desired
end can be gained if properly Bought,
withont bringing about a serious misunderstanding witb tho Dominion Government and entailing deplorable agitation
ns we require peaoo and prosperity in our
I am opposed to nny clique or faotion
of political agitators whose principle aim
is to embarrass and retard the business
of the Provinco for purely personal nil
I strongly condemn the notions of tho
Lieut-Governor ns being nn invasinu of
the prinoiple of responsible govommont
nnd a misuse of his power under onr
Yours respectfully,
Nelson, 11th May, 1000,
Is hereby given that I intend io apply
at the first meeting of llio Roard of
License Commissioners for the City of
Nelson, held tbiity days after the date
hereof, (or leavo to transfer the license
now held by me for a saloon known ns
the Athabnsca Saloon, situate on the
southeast comer of Baker and Kootenay Streets, Nelson, B. C, being on
Lot 1, Block 12, in Nelsou aforesaid,
to Patrick J. Russell iu trnst for tbe
Athahnsoa Hotel Company, Limited.
Dated this 11th dav of April, 11)00.
Witness:   P. E. Wilson.
ALL KINDS-Of  plain   sewing  done.
Blouses and children's clothes a specialty.    Mrs,    Hogon,    Opposite Opera
forty ...Fan...
cents  Lawn Sprinkler
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House and lot For Sale
Bath, Hot and Cold Water,
Good Locality.
Office with C. W. West & Co.. Cor. Hall
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City Oflice of the  Nelson   Soda ^Water
Kootenay Railway aud Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Opc rilling
Schodulo of Time.      Pnclflo Sinndanl I'lnio.
EffeOtlVO February lfi, 1IIU0
Passenger train for Sainton and way stations
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Operating on Kootcimy Lukoanil Kivor.
Str. "International" leaves Knslo for Nolson
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Pilot Bay, Ai���{wort- mml all way points. Connects with S. F. 4; N. tram to and from Spo-
kano at Five MUn Point.
Sir. "Albert-" leave* Knslo for Lartlo and
Arguntuat 8:110 ji in Wedni-wilnys
Steamers cull nt  principal landlngH in both
iHrccllonii, nnd nt oilier points whon Hignallrd
Tickets sold to all points in Canada mid Die
United Status.
To nscortaln rates nnd full Information ad-
dross :
Manager. Knsln. B.C.
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hy the
to be inaugurated
June 10 from Vancouver,
June 11 from Montreal,
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via (how's Nest route to
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(teamen linen.
Vancouver Hardware Co., m
Mara Block, Nelson.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
!-l ..,.-     -.         -. ...       __:
Bo on lookout for full de
tails of new service nud ap
ply for particulars to,
C. K. DKASLEY  City Passenger Agent
K. W. DKKW, Auoi.t, Nolnon
Truv. I -H8. Agout A   II. P.   Agt-i.t
Nelscn V���nocuver
The Miner Bonk Binding plant is
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If you have 11 full set ol "(ilimpsc
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NKIJ.IIN   II. ('.
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the  Skier* of  VI. Jrfepli of IVnre.    IM.   ,i,j
ntrii ui Hiacornerof Mill nmi Jomphlnt iuMts
in one nt the lirxl ra-den������I imilintiH of Nol-
win,  nmi  i. en��llr  aoco_dMe  fnnn   all nnrli
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linker aud Ward Streets
Lar^e number Choice^ Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN Secretary
. >mmr- 9a_aM
This iSpace has been purchased by Dr. Hall's Committee to be
Used by them in the interests of Dr. Hall until Election Day
To the Electors of Nelson Riding, West Kootenay District
Equal Rights and Eight
Hours for all.
Gentlemen, ���In response to numerously signurl requisitions asking mu to
bo a candidate for the Provincial Legislature at the fortbeomiug eleotion, I
have consented to enter the contest as
un Independent Liberal.
I have the honor, therefore to solicit
ynur votes and influenoe, and if elected I slial I do my utmost to seoure for
tho Provinco honest, economical and
progressive government.
A brief outline of some of the principles which I think Bhould be embodied iu the Legislative Aots is given
I have the honor to be gentlemen,
Your obedieut servant,
G. A. B. HALL.
1. Tho priuciple of eight hours constituting a legal day's work should be
recognized and strictly enforced.
2. Steps    Bhould    immediately   bo
taken through   the proper  channels to
previut  tho  immigration    into   this
country of Chinese and Japanese labor
a. Two dollars and a half per day
should be tho minimum wage of unskilled labor throughout the Province
on all government works.
4. A fail wage bill should be introduced requiring the payment of standard wages on all works to which tbe
Provinoe contributes subsidies or aid
in any form.
5. The establishment of a labor
bureau under tho direction of a Minister of the Crown, whose duty it shall
be among other things, to collect labor
statistics, and   to act   as   a   mediator
Exclusion of Chinesejand
Japanese Labor.
between employers and workmen in
all oaseB of actual or threatened
strikes with power to call and examine witnesses and compel disclosure
of all material facts in connection
with suoh disputes.
(i. I believe that trunk roads should
be built and maintained by tho 'government and encouragement given to
miuers to extend those roads. Such
work should ba directed by competent
government engineers, Where trails
are required to single or small groups
of olaime the cost of such trails, if
built by the claim owners on the approval and under direction of a government inpsector or engineer, shall
apply as  assessment  upon the claims.
7. Government ownership of all
telograph systems anil railways where
practicable by construction or purchase.
S. The establishment of technical
schools   for   metalIfleroOB   miners   in
Z Efficient and Permanent
f      Civil Service.
connection with smelters at different
points in the Province.
I). To draw tbe attention of capitalists aud investors to British Columbia
as a desirable centre for profitable
mining operations by snitable advertisement and by the nppointment of
n special agent at London and elsewhere whose services shall be free and
equally available for all owners of
British Columbia properties.
10. To encourage the establishment
at Suitable points in British Columbia of
Steel and iron works.
Shipbuilding yards.
Additional   smelters  and   re-
I fineries
11. The retnining of the resources
! of tbe Province as an inset for the
i benefit of the people, and tnking eft'ec-
i tive measures to prevent the alienation
'of tbe public domain, except to  actual
c The   introduction    of a
*      Fair Wage Bill.
settlers or for boun fide business or industrial purposes, thus putting nn end
to tho prnctioo of speculating in the
12. The taking of active measures
for the systematic oxploration of the
Province, including a government survey of tho province by sections and
tho preparation of accurate and cheap
maps in accordance with such   survey.
Vi. Tbo interests of the Province
oan be best served by a permanent
civil service, appointments to which
should be made by reason of merit nnd
not of political influence.
14. All unoccupied lands in the Province should bo open to bona fide settlers at fair prices which shall be decided npon by a government land agent
or valuator, and better laoilities should
be given for acquiring small areas for
establishment of market gardens and
15 Whore mineral claims are held
by joint owners and where one or
more of such owners refuses to contribute towards the nnnunl assessment
work, provision should be made in the
Mineral Act for the sale of the in-
i terest of such delinquent  owner.
in. The abolition of the deposit by
oandidates for tbe legislature.
Redistribution of the constituencies
on an equitable basis.
I will advocate the appointment of
a conciliatory - Board to consist of
representatives of Labor. Business
aud Capital, to whom all disputes
between Labor and Capital will be
The  establishment  of a
Labor Bureau,
oould only find ten oandidates to take
the field in its interests, notwithstanding that it bad appropriated
every plank it found, sound or rotten |
it made no difference to men in desperate straits. Besides all sorts of
political nostrums, sugar-coated, were
carefully prepared and dealt out to be
swallowed by a gullable public. They
won't take .lobn! The electorate
know that the alleged Provincial
Party has not a ghost of a chance.
The,, few candidates in the field will
realize on the 9th of June that a
political cyclone struck them.
Mr. Houston told in his paper yesterday morning that there were 300
men present at the meeting held in
the Houston committee rooms Wednesday evening. This statement is
on a par with ninny other statements
contained in The Tribune from day
to day. There were less than half of
mill present at the meeting and a large
number of tbem were men whose
names are not upon the voters' list.
Continued from First Pago.
who of the same party could
the Province be given stable government and regain the confidence of the
outside world. He showed that if
elected,Dr. Hall or Mr. Houston would
be with a small minority and would
not be in position to do tor the province
or the Riding what could he done by
Mr. Fletcher who would be a member
of the party in power. He appealed to
his auditors to lay aside personal
friendships and to cast their ballots for
the man whose election would best
serve the interests of the proviuce and
the Nelson R;ding.
With three cheers for the Queen the
meeting adjourned.
The Miner has laid down the dictum that .Mr. Fletcher is the''only
candidate who has shown himself to
be alive to tbe situation" and that
"he is in sympathy with the men
who will be in the majority in the
Legislature and who will be actuated
by the same sentiments as himself. "
It is time the electors of this riding
aroused themselves and asked i "What
is the situation," and next, "what
arc the .sentiments of Mr. Fletcher."
To read the list of nominees for the
Province and notice the significant
gaps and carefully "stuffed gaps" in
the different columns, it is plainly
evident that moves are being made on
the political chess board of this Province that are worthy of the professional bands that are playing them.
The deep laid scheme is simply this,
that where a Labor candidate, a
Provincial Party man or a Liberal
can lie played against a Martinite. it
is being done in the expectation that
while these different factions cut
each others throats a Conservative or
a Turnertte may be slipped into office.
A signed and sealed agreement exists
between the Conservative and Turner
crowds that the two parties will join
hands anil unite to overthrow any
opposition from the disjointed ranks
that may oppose them, How many of
the electors of West Kootenay want
to see tin- Turner Party returned to
power? Mr. Fletcher's sympathies
are with 11 to be" coalition government. His backers are nearly all
opposed to ihe Eight-Hour law and
this said law is one that the Turner
Government absoluely refused to legislate on. The same may be said on
Ihe subject of Chinese and Japanese
exclusion, Mr. Fletcher speaks tremblingly .J the ������deplorable agitation"
that might ensue if this matter is
pushed to a decided termination.
Thus we see that bis sympathies are
strongly with the parties who "will
be ill the majority in tbe House," or
rather who he earnestly hopes, will
be in the majority. Not only has
this plan of the Conservative Party a
Provincial significance but also a
Dominion. The coming expected Fall
elections are to be Influenced by the
struggle   of  June   the   nth,   and   tbe
return of Mr. Fletcher to represent
this constituency means lending, it
may be a blind, but a willing hand
in the furtherance of the wide extended scheme of the Conservative
party throughout tbe Dominion. Tbe
return of Mayor Houston, a Conservative at heart, to the same position,
puts the power in'his not unwilling
bands to do just as he pleases, regardless of his party's wishes if it came
to this great issue. Dr. Hall's position as an Independent-Liberal gives
bim carte blanche to affiliate himself
with any party in power that by p o
per legislation will bring a reign of
prosperity and progression to this
Mr. Houston insists in putting
Ralph Smith in tbe Provincial Party
list in spite of denials from tbat
gentleman himself. Mr. Smith distinctly stated in his very eloquent
address in Nelson tbat he was not a
member of any party and did not intend to act with any party. He was
an Independent Labor candidate, be
said, and as such, if elected, would
seek to aid tbe laboring man in tbe
matter of legislation. He was most
emphatic in his assertion that the
laboring man could host serve his Interests by voting for a strictly Independent candidate. The laboring man
did not want a man to represent bim
who was in any way tied up with any
parly. He must be free to act as he
saw fit and with whioh ever party
seemed Inclined tn best care fur the
interests of the people he represented.
Mr. Houston is a Provincial Parly
man, tied hand and foot to Mr. Cotton, and bound to act, If elected, with
tbe <'ot ton men who nre elected to the
next House. Mr. Fletcher is an out
and out parly line Conservative and
in the event of his election would
line up with bis party, lie does not
run even as an Independent Conservative. He is, too, the nominee of the
capitalists and the men who have
been most strenuously opposed to the
Bight-Hour law and cannot surely
claim now the friendship of the men
who have benefitted liy the enactment
of that law. There is but one candidate in   the Nelson rilling   who is all
that Mr. Smith claimed would make
the best friend of tbe workingman.
Tbat candidate is Dr. Hall. He is
strictly independent, belongs to no
party and owes allegiance to no man.
Be will, if elected, be in a better
position to serve the interests of the
working class and all other classes
than either Mr. Fletcher or Mr.
Houston, lie is the man Mr. Smith
referred to and those who are inclined
to follow the advice of Mr. Smith
must support Dr. Hall, and* they will
do it, and so effectively that on the
evening of June (I both Mr. Houston
and Frank Fletoher will find themselves at the bottom of the count.
John Houston said some time ago,
"that he had always helped the Conservative Party." There is nothing
strange about that. It was tbe party
he belonged to. Why did he not stay
with it? Simply because tbey bail
not risen to bis grand idea of government���ONE MAN RULE. If tbe Czar
of Russia only knew that a man of
such advanced conceptions of government could be bad be would send for
him at once and appoint bim Governor of Siberia where be would have a
good Held for tbe promulgation of bis
ideas. John would like to rule over
serf's but "Britons never shall be
slaves." .lobn did nol find the material he wauled to work- on in tin" Conservative Parly so he conceived tbe
idea of a new parly to be composed of
the recalcitrants of all parties ami
with ibis nucleus went out on the
commons   to   look    for Ihe wandering
mies wiib no political home, in whom
be offered protection, Yes, "snob
protection as vultures give to lambs,
covering and devouring them." lie
seeks now by every possible means lo
obtain tbeir voles In advance libs own
political asperations, Well later on
Cotton came along looking for a man
after his own heart anil finding John
said: "Follow me, I have a great
scheme. My party is to be known as
the Provincial Parly. That will take
fine. We will sweep the country."
Portfolios no doubt were arranged
and John took in Cotton with all his
planks. But the nomination day
came and the alleged Provincial Party
and Good Government
Vanoouver, May 81. ��� Voters list
oase oomes up Friday or Saturday,
court adjourned on aooonnt of Pretoria.
Sherbrooke, N. S., May 31.���Thirteen houses were destroyed at Port
Ililford by a forest Are which broke
out yesterday.    The  men   were   away
from home and the women, in endeavoring to save the property, were cut
off ou what is known as Reid's Point,
where a tugboat arrived in time to
save their lives.
Toronto, Ont., May 34.-The World
nays Conservatives from one end of
Canada to the other are united on Tupper. The last of tbe disaffected and discredited element has been squashed out
of tbe management of the party in Ontario and general harmony is well within sight.
It is almost certain that Hon. Hugh
Macdcnald, aa soon ss the elections are
announced, will join Tupper iu the
New York, May 31.���Copper, quiet,
broker's 18 3-4, nominal, exchange
1(1 3-4.
Lead���Dull, broker's 38; exchange
3971-2 and 403 1-2.
Tin���Firm, straights 889.60 and
Plates���Market quiet.
Was tbe ball that bit G B. Stead-
man of Newark, Michigan, in the Civil
War. It cause! horrible Ulcers that
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Then Bnoklen's Arnica Salve cured
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Boils Felons, Corns, Skin Eruptions.
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Drug & Book Store.
Delivered to an any point on
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I have a complete stock
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Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
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Java and Arabian Mooha, per pound $   40
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a tuial obdf.m solicited.
fWELSON.        - B. C.
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A private Hospital, Medical, Surgical and Obstetrical cases nursed in the
House. Private room $20 nnd |15 a
week. Beds in ward $12 a week.
Nurses sent ont to private houses at $16
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An adhesive porous wall finish for interior work in every description of
Building.   Twenty-five tints to select from.
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Law��� Hardware 60.
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TH��RPE&co 1,        WATERS
phono No. si   11,, ' ��� 0, ii,.,- S "SPm
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v,
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting" at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  con
nects at Bossburg with stage  daily
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Lv. 10-20 a.m. SPOKANE. Ar.6.30 p.m
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A. R- BARROW, a.m. i. c.e.
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ThomHon Bros.
I.;i ni'>ni .',   Vim ni:
H. A. King ft Uo!
Slocan City
and  News   Agents   on  boats  and
trains out of Nelson
7-8 ineh diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
f. 0. T, 0ROPTS,
P, 0. Bex 676, Nelson, B, 0,
lorymdofficio, BakerBtro
WsolXo '*
H.J^^S&go   ,,T,lrW]-v
Mount lire briok _,,_ ���;��,'-." Uquors, iSL
"tool mil�� and gonorol SSils-M1 PtaiQ
"���"'��" merclun^
I^Sfe "":" ""-oKcSri
BRACKMAN- KER Mil i nu-_-
in grain, boy, flour, rood <'" "yWi
New Westminster, l-dmum,,,   ,���' Mcl��rt��.
fncturoi-H of pelebrated II & |<   ���,,'!' S,"����-
___      ~ '  " ��� ��� --_.      untQ- Cflfr-lli
lion's old Htimil.l Klniir 'v.,.,'\"T .'��� *���
mm Produce, Crir lo��� _ ,��__ fi'"' S"
res|ioiidenee willelleiL   I'I ,-S     !'   c��'
���   non nnd Junephlno sKUfcT��?i'f
fe    m"'mttckinawa ���ASMS
Nolnon, 11. 0.   l.iniilior, Coiling 1.
everything In wood for buflot
(let our priooH.   CornwpondBiioo B0II0E
luorlin ui
"V rui|KN-s.
P  BURNS - CO-HiikiT Slreet, |M~
���   wholesale dealers In fresh mi cured
inoate.   Old storogo.
-Bator,streot.Nelson. ffEoit5uid_J
erH in fro-h and oured raoa���
l.lMiTKli-llnki-r Ku-i-.li, Nelson, wliole-
���ale dealers In hardware and raining suMfe
plumbers'and tinsmith's supplies,
sale pollits mid oils.
v onion mid Josepnlno Streets, Ne'joo
wholesale dealers In Ifquors ritrars and drr
goods. AgeoUtor Pahst Brewing Co. of Mil-
wadkeeandOolIgary BrowlngCo, of Culwir.
UDSON'S BAY CO. Wholeale kto-
corie.i anil liquors, _it\, Maker Al, .VeUu,
eoritur I'Yoni itml Hull BTreols, Nelson.
Wholesale dealers iti Wined (case ami built),
nnd Domestic nnd Imported Oignra.
JY- GRIFFIN A OO*���Corner Vemoa
�� and Josetuuno Streets. Nelson, whol&ale
dealers in provisions, cured mcat>:, butter and
During tin' li.nl ��f the
If you want to Iteop cool tret a lewol
Big Schooners
10   Cents.
The only good Beer in Nelson.
Boom 1. Tnrnei-Boeckh Block,
Real Estate & Mining Agent
14-room   limine,  nil   conveniences,��
lots down town.    A bargain.
Honse-H in ull parts of tho oily.
Baker    Street    improved   property.
Income 15 per cent net.
75-feet   best  residence corner ia the
0iAKood8fi!ftPof  building late to select
a. rTsherwood
General Agent for Southern BiO.
for the
Birkbeok Iiiventiiient, Security & SWS"
Co., of Toronto.
Money Loaned on Straight Mortage.
Real Estate and Insurance,
2 ..Roomed Cottages.
2 Lots on Observatory St., 8276tJM_
Atlantic S. S, Lines
Alton Linn "Tunisian"  .,./�������_
Allan Linn "Nunn. I"" ','.';;,|..|,n,iniol IW_|
llomlnliiii Unolamily agWJj ><>�����      j���ne ?
Dominion MnO "\ nncnnyoi      M���y ii
IIimvit Une "I/nsltanln ���������:���;,���""      ...lunol
-i-Yor Una "takeCbampWn-^u, ywlj
WliltoSlnr l.lno "Toutonio"-, '""M��$
White Star Lino "GorrnanK   ....MM'*
Canard Lino "Ivorna   junel
Cnnnril Lino "Luoania Jin)'���
Anchor Lino "Anrhoriii ������������������  JoMJ
A oh��� I.S "C'ilj-or Itoim;,  "   JM��
A fori���.. Lino 'NawYoi�����..,.���-������ ; M���y��
Bed Slur Lino "pg���_?.�� "������-���K_
North Uorim.i. Llwd n^'b%i��"a.._J__
All,,,, Bt��MW_2_�� �� ffiS nil K_��ffl
.?S?��"8..S_fuoikoS?��nd full
int. Nelson..Bi_Ju
, p. F. t'LiilMi^'mnipM
,��� srrnnged to tfJMfflSm
For r��to��. ticket" aig ran      B^���
_>piytoc.p.K,_opo%n w 0*
dlfyPassongoi Aj;ont,Nel ,   ,
points.   .
apply to C. r
* iMiBim____i


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