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Nelson Daily Miner May 2, 1899

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1 t'f'u,
l*o A
Daily Edition No. 305.
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, May 2,   1F99.
Ninth Year
Council  Grants   $500   for
Tlie Money By laws Were Advanced and
Wiil be Considered in Oommittee
at Meeting Tomorrow.
The Oity Council advanced the
money and street, railway bylaws and
put, them into position to be considered in committee of the whole at, a
special meeting to bfl held at 4 o'clock
tomorrow afternoon. A grant, of $500
towards the building of a female ward
at the Kootenay Lake General Hospital was also made, and it was further
decided to givo $40 a month to the
hospital for maintenance of patients
that would Iih properly chargeable to
tho Oity. The Oouncil weut on record
as favoring tho establishment, of gas
and coke worka in Nelson. These
wero the leading features of a long and
busy session. All the members were
The Finance Committee recommended the payment of numerous accounts
amounting to $/82.60 , nnd tho report
was adopted.
W. J. Thompson, chief of the Fire
Department, wrote asking for leave of
absence for ten days or two weeks
in order to attend the meeting of the
Grand Lodge of the Knights of Pv
thins at Victoria this month He was
allowed the full two weeks. It was
Suggested by Aid. Hillyer that all the
City ollicials should have two weeks
!*..*!!'!������.���*,�� rtnri*.,, tl',  -. itfr,
T. A. Gregg wrote asking the Council to take some advertising space
in a railway publication which he
will shortly bring out. The letter wns
A communication from the Nelson
Football Club asking for the use of the
recreation grounds on May (i.nnd sng
gesting that the Oity put a man to
work clearing off the ground to make
it fit to p'ay on. Both requests will be
granted Aid. Beer and Aid. MoKillop ma'cing the necessary motion
The question of the recreation
grounds wns discussed Aid. Hillver
suggested that tho site of tlie old grave
yard would be a good place as it ooiud
be put in shape at, the expenditure of
practically little money. On motion
of Aid. Thomson, seconded by Aid
Beer a oommittee composed of Aid.
Thomson, Beer and McKillop was appointed to look into the whole matter
aud secure  a   deed of tho   park
Dr. Doolittle.'representing the Economical Gas Construction Company,
which is applying for a franchise to
lay gas mains, addressed tho Oounol!
iu support of the application. He said
he was much impressed with the
bright future that Nelson evidently
had before it nud that one of tho
things it needed was a gas plant.
He outlined his scheme as already reported iu The Miner���that within
sixty days after securing a franchise
his company would erect a large coking plant, which would be ready to
supply gas for commercial purposes
in the business section of the City by
tho eud of Ootober next. The Hail
Mines smelter burned about 40 tons a
day and the company hoped to supply
this.' He referred to the good tbe City
would derive from tho establishment
of the plnnt here as $76,000 would be
spent for labor this summer, In order that the gas would not compete
with the eleotrio light plant of t he
Oity, the company wns willing that the
Council should "fix the rate at which
the company would supply gas for
lighting. Dr. Doolittle submitted a
draft bylaw. Aid. Hillyer thought
that a committee should be appointed
to go into tho matter before anything was decided upon. Aid. Beer
suggested that the Council give an ex
pression of its feeling on the subject
as that would enable the company
to commence preliminary work before
all the details were settled. Iu answer to a question Dr. Doolittle said, he
was prepared to guarantee the immediate expenditure of $100,000 in a plant.
Geo. A. Cox and his associa.es wero
ready to supply money necessary for
the establishment of a plant. No exemption from   taxation   wns   asked.
Aid. Hillyer moved and Aid. Thomson seconded that a cmnmittco be appointed to consider the matter. At
tho suggestion of Aid. Beer, in tlie
motion was incorporated nn expression
of the Council's opinion that it is
desirable that gas and coke works be
established in Nelson. Aid. Fletcher,
Beer and McKillop and Thomson
were appointed the committee.
Largely signed petitions asking the
Council to submit bylaws to raise the
money necessary to carry on public
works were read. The matter was
left over until other business was
disposed of.
Macdonald and Johnson wrote, submitting a draft bylaw for the Street
railway. A marked check for WOO was
enclosed to guard against the City losing anything by submitting the bylaw
if  the oompany did not proceed   with
; lhe work.
( Judge Form, president of the Board
ol Directors of the Kootenay Hake
General Hospital, addressed the meeting stating thut iho hospital found
itsoli cramped for funds. A woman's
ward was necessary and  it  was  pro-
, posed to spend $2600 to provide this.
Assistance was asked in raising this
amount. Ta see that the amount was
properly spent Judge Forin asked that
the Council appoint one of its members
to   the    Board     of     Directors.    They
would like a grant of   i?,r>00, or   if   tlio
; Council would give   $12   a   week    the
| hospital would bo   thrown open to the
; indigent   sick   of   the   Citv.      Judge
; Foi in   made   strong   presentation    of
,1110 case.    He was followed   by Mr. F.
W. Swannell. secretary  of  the   Board
who further impressed upon the Council the necessity   of a grant .    Mr. W.
W, Beer   was   the   third   mom bnr  of
tbe deputation,
Aid. Beer moved that the Oity grant
$500 to tin* building fund of the" hospital provided the directors raiso $9000,
and that $40 per month for maintenance of patients chargeable to the
City be also paid. This motion v as
seconded by Aid. McKillop and carried unanimously. Dr. Forin explained Unit this $40 a month would
jusl pay the wages ot tho cook.
The electric street ruilway bylnw
was then given its first and second
rending, It was read to the Counoil
as sul,mil led and provided that the
overhead trolley system would bo used,
I he poles would be properly painted
the cars to be thoroughly up to-dato
and each will have its route painted
plainly o:i it, the company to pay half
the cost of opening up streets where
lines would run and which are not now
opened, single cash rates aro not to be
mere Hum 10 cents, 12 tickets to be
sold for $1 and school children to get
six tickets for 36 cents good only for
so lno] days, transfer system lo be in
force, exemption of taxation to be
given for ten years, work to 1)0 commenced within two months afler lhe
securing of the franchise and work to
lie continued until two miles ,tre enn-
pleted, tho Olty to havo the power to
purchase t|ie system at a valuation of
the plant after the 86th year upon giving one year's notice. Purchase may
also be made at the end of any period
of five years after the 85th year, one
year's ui tico to he given, the franchise
is to bo exclusive for 3b years
but to lapse if tbe line is not opeiated
for a period of threo montbsiluriug the
life of Ihe franchise.
The Council will go into committee
of the whole to consider thp byli'.w ou
\\ rdi" otlny afternoon . , lo clock.
A 1*1 Fletcher then went into the
question of Hie money by laws nnd
made an exhaustive statement regarding the need for moro mouey. He
said :
"In order that the citizens may fully
understand our reasons for asking
tbat these amounts be raised for the
purp >ses set forth and to show that
the Council is not ouly pursuing a progressive policy, which the rapid growth
of the ("ity more thau warrants, and
also to prove tbat the expenditure of
this money is absolutely necessary for
the best interests ot the City, I will
give .; few facts m connection with
* lie matter. I might first explain
Ihe position of the Olty with regard to
Otitreut revenue nnd how it will he
spent. Wben the preeent Council took
olliee, they found that at the first of the
voir the Citv had an overdraft of $586
which together with outstanding accounts and the building of the flume
on the Salmon practically disposed of
$16,000 out of the estimated revenue
for the year, placed at, $55,000, which
left a balanoe of $40,000 to meet all ro-
quiremeuts, Now out of this we have
to provide for i Ordinary running expenses, police and fire departments,
16,000 ; interest and sinking fund on
money already borrowed S!).N!)0; practi
cally, $26,000. Leaving the sum of
$15,000 for tlie neoessary Public works,
water, sewerage and electric light.
We have already expended $2000 Oil
water works maintenance owing to the
severe Winter, Now it must be cleat
to ever,- citizen that this amount is
barely sullicient for streets and side
walks alone. Now dealing with the
sums asked for separately I will take
tho water works bylaw $80,0000, It is
moved beyond ipiestion that at Iwn
periods of the year spring and fall
that there is not sullicient water in
Anderson Creek to supply the Citv.
The tlow as gauged hy the Olty Engineer last fall at the low stage was
400,000 gals in 24 hours this last spring
only !10(),(llll) gals, and we know what
occurred then, and I may say nt that
time it was only through the leniency
of tho local insurance representatives
that nil insurance risks were not cancelled Since, that timo water connections have increased nearly 20 per
cent, this places the ipiestion of water
-shortage at those periods beyond any
doubt,and to show you tho amount of
water necossary per bead of population
I quote the following cities: Spo
kane, 160 gills. ; Seattle, 125; Vancouver, 1R0; Victoria. 100; Toronto, 120
Hamilton, 180. To produce a permanent Bupply it is  proposed to lay  a   14
inch pipe    properly buried   along Cottonwood Crook   at   a   cost   cf  $36,000
which will provide   a supply of 1,1100,-
0(H) gals per 34   boors. The balance of
' tho   money   will   be   expended in extending     the   mains.    The   next  bylaw is   $15,000   for   sewerage.    There
should he no question in the   minds of
tlie ratepayers about the   benefit to the
City  generally   sn a good sewage svs-
tem.and hy expending the amount asked for the most of the built up portion
of the town will bn connecved. including 8000 feet ill   Addittiou   A.    It   is
I veiv essential that   this   work   should
I be done,   moro   especially   in view of
[the number   of   buildings    under con-
I strnctioh, and in order   to   protect   tho
; health of lhe   City and   keep the reputation it enjoy ns a residential City,
j Willi reference'  to   the bylaw for eleo-
] (Concluded on Page 1)
Struggle lor Supremacy en Flag of Truce Sent to Gen-
Persian Gulf.
eral Antonio Luna.
Possession Will be Taken of the Mouths
the    Eiveis    Euphrates
and Tigris.
The People Welcomed the  Conquerors ���
Captain Rockefeller has been Reported   Missing*
Berlin, Mny 1.���Tho Frankfurter
Zeitung publishes a despateli from
Bagdad, Asiatic Turkey, asserting
that Croat Britaiu has already tafceii
steps to counteract the eifoi'ts of tho
Rnssinu expedition,consisting of seven
ollicers and 14 engineers which recently completed a survey for the extension of tbe Tifiis and Kars railroad
from a point on the little Zab river,
northeast of Bagdad, to the Persian
Gulf. According to the advices in
question, n British gunboat has been
sent to the Persian Gulf, presumably
with tho object' of taking possession
of the mouths of the rivets Euphrates'
and Tigris.
Manila, Mayjl. ��� 8:26 a. in.���General
MoArthur has sent offloers to Genera]
Autonlo Ijuoa, tho Ftliuino commander, under a flag of truce, carrying
money and provisions for the Amerioan prisoners in his hands, and ask-
in-; for au exchange of prisoners nnd
the names of suoh us he may have.
It is reported that the insurgents have
two ollicers nnd Hi others, nnd it is
sup->-*sod that among these are Lieut.
J.'C. Gilmore and 11 men of the crew
of the gunboat Yorktowu, who fell into the hands of the Filipinos last
Major Bell, with a squad of scouts
bas captured the town of Macabebe,
about four miles south west of Calumpit. the people ringing bells and
shouting "Yivas."
Prospect That the Territorial Question
Will Bo Settled.
Buenos Ayres, May I.���Tbe Congress
of the Argentine Kepnbiic opened today. In his message President Rocas
said that a settlement is in prospect
for tho territorial question, under
which peace will be assured and the
Government enabled to develop the resources of the country and promote the
colonization of Patagonia The Government,  Ureoidont* Rmm    ,,A.liV.,    -..*<mi1<!
pursuo the policy of eeconomy and pre
pure for the gradual conversion of the
paper currency. The President advised the formation of a strong mo-
tallic resolve in the National bank.
HAS       SAILED     FOK      MANILA
Cable     Steamer    Quarantine   Leaves
Bound For the Philippines.
New York, May 1,���The United
Stares cable steamer Hooker passsed
out of quarantine this afternoon,
bound for Manila to connect by cable
all the Philippine points in tho Philippines. Tho Hooker was formerly the
Panama nno of the first, captured in
the Spanish war. Lieutenant John B,
Mansfield is in command and with him
goes a full detachment from the sig
nal corps.
Senate Reforms, Redistribution Bill and
Railway Subsidies the Chief Matte S'��� Coal Oil Duty.
Ottawa,May 1,���It is reported today
thnt there will be no reduction in the
coal o'l duty hut that some regulations
will bo changed so as meet to some
extent with the views of those who have
been pressing upon the Government for
a change in the regulations,as well as
for a reduction in thu interests of consumers.
The premier stated in tbo house today that tho only new business to bn
introduced in the house was 'a Senate
reform resolution, a redistribution
hill, the railway subsidy resolutions,
and the supplementary estimates.
There were some minor matters, hut
nil would be brought down before the
business now before tho houso would
be completed.
Washington, May 1.���General Otis
reports from Manila that Captain
Rockefeller of the 9th infantry has
been missing since April 28. On
the day be was commanding a battalion near Caloncau. He visited the
OUtpOBtS at !):H0 at night and has not
heen seen since. It is believed that he
lost his bearings nud was captured hy
the rebels.
Conservative Members Question Ministry Regarding Change.
London. May 1.���In the Houso of
Commons today, Mr. Douglas Harry
Ooghiil conservative member for Stoke-
on-Trent, nskod the ministry if the
(Foreign Oflice bad instructed the rop-
resentative of Great Biitain at Washington to make representations to the
Government of the United States as to
the great injury caused to vr.nous
branches of British trade by tho existing American tnritf, and to urge the
advisability of withdrawing a tariff
so unfavorable to Great Britain.
In reply, right Hon. Wm. St. John
Broderick, Parliamentary secretary
for the Foreign Office, said that it was
not usual to make representations to n
foreign power upon a tariff policy, except in connection with specitic negotiations. The Government, he said,
did not consider nt tho present moment instructions such ns the member
suggested would bo likely to result to
the hunefit of British commerce.
An Unknown   Mnn Crushed to Death
by a Train.
As a west hound train reached ,.
ooint a short distance this side of
Oranbrook on Saturday night the engineer noticed a man walking ahead
on the track. Ho blew tho whistle
and the muu turned round and took a
long look at the eng'ne. The engineer expeoted to see him step Off the
track, but wns horrified a moment
later to seo the mnn stretch himself
along one rail It was then too late
to stop the train oi oven slacken the
speed. The remains of the bony,
frightfully mangled, were picked up
after tho train had passed it.
Cost of Gas Reduced   Fifty   Per Cent
in New   York.
Now York.May 1.���Tho New York
Mutual (las Lighting Company today,
gave notice that tbe price of gas to all
customers has been reduced from $1.10
to   (io   cents   per   thousand feet,    The
Consolidated Gas Company also announced a similar reduction. At the
'office of the Mutual Company nn reason was giveu for the big cot. The reduction had been entirely J unexpected.
Phair���Alex Feuwick, Glasgow,
Scotland; D. C Johnson, Everett,
Wash; E. D. Mnckay, Vancouver',
Mr. and Mrs. Webster and son, Vancouver; O. W. Kiley, Athabasca; D.
A. Onro, Gibson, England ; J. E. Poupore, Nakusp;,John McVeigh, Nak-
usd ; .Too Brimtin, Nakusp,
Hume���E. E. Williams, Spokane;
W. O. Bell Toronto; W. Williams,
Toronto; W. A. Dewai, Toronto;
Thomas Blako, Manchester. Bug. , Ed.
Ohcsley, Robson ; Wm. MoNabb, Rob-
sou ; II. Byeis. Oity ; O. H. Crames,
St. PauljR. E. Lyons, Ottawa; Geo,
Berscombe, Vaneouvor; J. Henry and
daughter, Ainsworth; H. G, Brace,
Buffalo; D. Simpson, Vancouver; W.
E. Wolfe, Berlin; Geo. Schumncher,
Berlin ; W. Hallworlh, Toronto; Daniel Palmer, Toronto ; E. O. Davidson,
j Trail; E. Rammelmoyer, Silverton.
Inquest  Held   on     Bodies of   Twolve
Persons Burned to Death.
Now York, May 1.���Coroner Hncca
and a jury today began nn inquest on
the boilies of the 12 persons who lost
thoir lives in the liro ou April 7 at the
residence of tho late Wnllnco O. Andrews. Polico Captain John S. Don-
ohuo, in whose precinct tho lire occurred, after testifying that Mrs. St.
John, one of the victims, had received
anonymous letters threatening to burn
her obilrden with acid, was asked if
he believed tho tiro the work of an incendiary.
"Wo have investigated tho ease thoroughly" he replied, "and can find no
motive. The domestics were on good
termB with eaoh  other  aud   we could
learn of no enemies that Mrs.  and Mr.
Andrews had. "
He declared that the existouoe of an
organized band of incendiaries in his
precinct was an impossibility, Oapt,
Donobue said 'ho anonymous letters
were not written bv the discharged-
servant ns had at llrst been snspentnd.
The jury found ihat the death ot victims was due to'a conflagration, that
the conflagration was nooideutal and
duo to onuses unknown.
Philadelphia.Pa,,May I.���The Right
Rev. John Shanahnn was today consecrated by Bishop of Harrisburg at the
Cathedral here. The Bishop was required [to JJprofess his belief in tho
various articles that have been particularly attacked, aud especially the doctrine of tlio incarnation.
Headers of Tho Miner will observe
that tho Associated Press servloe this
morniug is not as full as usunl. The
wires weie working badly yesterday
evening, and about midnight refused
to work any more at all. the result
being that The Miner was lift with
but little more than half of its usual
complement of the world's news.
The Miner's fish editor is now engaged on the following, from Tho-N'ti-
nimo Free Press: "Mr. T. P. West-
wood, wharfinger, has boen catching
a peculiar species of fish from Hirst's
wharf during the past few days. The
fish is a smnll one and considerably
resembles the mackerel. Init it is not
spotted tbe same ns that fish. Many
contend it is a black cod. which is frequently caught nt Port Rupert, while
others claim the lish has been caught
in these waters for years. To setile all
disputes we will try one for breakfast
in the morning through tho courtesy of
Mr. Westwood."
She Intends to Take in   the Hoang-Uo
Valley as Well.
Berlin, May 11��� It is tho belief in
political oiroles here that now thnt
England has relinquished the open door
policy in China and giveu her adhesion to the sphere of influence pol
*cy ffrere. G*-r ���-.ny nrcoet folio**** suit.
The Tagesblatt today savs "the first
consequence of the Anglo-Rossian
agreement must bo that Germany, too.
must doclaro the Hoang-Ho valley bo-
longs to her sphere. It wonld ho a far
reaching error were Germany to confine herself to the province of Shanghai Tung.
Both Nations Will Uphold Integrity of
Chinese Empire.
St. Petersburg. May 1.���Tin Anglo-
Russian agreement with reference of
spheres of influence in China is not in
the form of a convention but is set
forth in a note, duplicate of which has
heen exchanged between the Russian
Minister for foreign affairs, and tbe
British Ambassador to Russia. The
preamble states that both countries
ngr,io to uphold the integrity uud independence of tho Chinese empire,
Unitod   States    Authorities    Eventually
Capture tlio Chiefs and Several
of the Bucks
Victoria, May 1.���News of au exciting encounter between whites and Indians on tho trail to Klukwan nnd
Bouldor Creek in Alaska is reported
by the Danube. The party attacked
were the Haines trail committee who
had raiseil fun is, looated camps and
started to opennsummer trail to Klukwan and thence t i Boulder Creek. The
natives took exception to the intrusion of tin; white men and aboul 200
stroug well armed, started to drive off
the workers who retreated into ibe
Mission. The Unitod States authorities were appealed to, with the result
that tho chiefs and several bucks are
now prisoners at Haines.
A. G. Rcppinstall, lain watch inspector Midland R. R. and other roads
aud who is also an experienced optician has accepted a position with Mr.
Jacob Dover.
The Granite mine on Eaglo Creek
continues to look well. An average assay recently taken across the voiu in
No. 2 level south gave returns of
|895 to the ton. A similar sample
from No. 2  north went $57.
The enrly closing agreement of the
retail merchants of Neison cainn into
effect yesterday.  While it entails some
slight lnoonvonenoe on shoppers,they
will soon fall in with it, and a large
body of Merchants aud clerks will be
able to have their evenings tree.
All stores will close at tl ;:!(j, with
tho exception of the hardware, Which
will remain open  half an hour longer.
The German  Papers Wish
War to Cease-
Official Eepoit of Conference  at Manila-
���Damage to  German Merchants
Commented  ou-
Berlin, May 1.���The newspapers
of Germany commenting upon the latest news from the Philippines ex
press the hope that tho United
States wilt now end tho hostilities in
the Far East. The Vossisnhe Zeitung,
basing its comment upon private advices from the Philippines, says that
tho continuation of war is inflicting
grave injury upon general commercial
interests, and gives details of a number of cases in support of this assertion, the journal says that the German
consul at Iloilo made a list of everything belonging to German citizens
there that was destroyed or injured
iu the bombardment and submitted it
to the Major General Otis. In reply
the Consul has received from General
Otis the statement that thn United
Stutes would not pay the damages
claimed, as Iloilo, at the time of tho
h mbirdtnent was stiil in tho possession id' the Spaniards.
Other German merchants of Iloilo
who made representations of the same
character to General Otis received similar replies. The paper adds tbat these
and many more claims will probably
lead to protracted negotiations ac
Washington, M..,- 1.���The State Department has received a report by
Oable from President Schurman of the
Philippine Commission of a conferenco
that was held at .Manila on Saturday
between the niembeis of tho Commission and the representatives of Aguinaldo. Ibe text ot tho despatch was
nol made publio, hut it was stated
lhat Mr. Schuruinn s report agreed
precisely wi'h thut of the Associated
Press statement of the proceedings
in the conference as cabled from Mau-
ila. It is declared at the department
that the proclamation   issued   by   tho
hilippine .commission just before
the beginning uf last campaign presents the maximum concessions to bo
made to tho insurgents by lhe United
Stales Government The United States
Government ts willing to accord tbe
natives un opportunity to test thoir
abilities, tor the Philippine commission proposes to allow them almost
complete control of their local  affairs.
The experiment is already in progress al some points in the Philippines
outside of the island of Luzon. ��Sn far
as tho reports indicate, these experiment*! are working well, and promise
lo have a good influence in shaping
the attitude towards the United Stutes
of a considerable element among tho
Filipinos which has been suspicious
of our intentions.
St. Paul dispatch iu Sunday's
Spokesman-Review: The Groat North-
em has paid into the State Treasury
a fee nf (7,600 for increasing its capital
slock by flu.0110,000. The application
slates tho purposos of tho increase to
First���For tho acquirement of tlio
lirst mortgage bonds of the Bpokane
St Northern, to the aim not of |2,H12,-
000; debentures of the same road
amounting to (381,000* and shares in
stock now outstanding, amounting to
Second���For the acquirement of tho
first mortgage bonds of lhe Nelson St
Port Sheppard road to the amount of
$1,084,000; shares in the stock of the
same road to the amount of $ 1,500,000.
Third���For the   acquirement of  tho
first mortgage bonds of the Columbia
& Red Mountain road, to the amount
of *2ol,000; shares of stock in the
same company amounting to $364,000.
Fanrtb���For the acquirement of the
first mortgage bonds of the Red Mountain railway, amounting  to $217,ouu
and shares amounting to $190,000,
Fifth���Por the acquirement of tho
first mortgage bonds of the Eastern
railwav of Minnesota to tho amount
of $7,500,000.
Viotoria,  May    1.���The     Provincial
Government after bearing both sides
of the question from deputations representing Columbia and Grand Porks
respectively,  decided   today    to   grant
the application of Columbia for Incorporation.
Tho children of the English Church
are practising three afternoons a
week for tho coming enertainmeut,
Whiob promises to bo oue of the host
ever giveu in Nelsou. It will consist
of minuet, lanco and fancy drills,
feuciu* and sword exorcises, and many
other iutorestiug features,
Nelson Daily Miner
Published bally except Munday.
Xkihon Minkk Pkintinii & PUBLISHING Co.,
1). J   BEATON, Editor and Manager,
SanscitiPTioN Kates,
Doily per in:nth by carror ** 1 00
per half year   600
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Neison Wkkkly Miner.
Weekly, pel half year ** 1 23
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per year, foreign    2 50
Subscription; Invariably In advance.
Renders of The Miuer were doubtless filled with indignation when informed of the extraordinary position
of school affairs in the City, which
has resulted as a consequence of Ministerial neglect. Two class rooms
are so overcrowded that the trustees,
after vainly applying to the Department at Victoria, have concluded to
close thein, and to keep them closed,
as stated in the letter of the Secretary, " until accommodation is provided. " And while this is considered
necessary by the trustees, who :r>.
presumed to have the best knowledge
of the situation, two rooms in the upper story \are lying idle beause the
Government have neglected to com*
pleto them. This neglect, too, has continued in the face of repented repie-
seutations. The Government have
boen informed that the rapidly increasing attendance has rendered additional
accommodation necessary, but to all
appeals they haye remained deaf.
They have been asked for additional
teachers, and to that, too, there has
been uo response. No notice has been
taken even of a request for a small
sum required for incidental expenses.
The trustees have beeu endeavoring to
make their wants known to the Department, and tho Department has not
heeded them.
Mr. Joseph Martin has been acting
Minister of Education, hut he is too
busily engaged with ' his client, Mr.
Ludgate, in grabbing an island at Vancouver that belongs to the Proviuce
that pays for Mr. Martin's services as
a Minister to attend to such little
affairs as Nelson's schools. When not
thus employed ho is engaged'in making partisan appointments, ono of
which was that of a political favorite to the position of Superintendent of
Education. Tho introduction of politics into our educational affairs may
please Ministers, but from experience
here so far the influence on our schools |
is not of a character calculated to
give joy. Mr. Martin uud his superintendent will probably bo recalled to
sense of their duty by the action of
the Nelson Trustees, whioh partakes
of tho nature of a strike. It seemed
that nothing less would appeal to
might justly honor him. Wo may
not agreo with him, but it is folly
and worse to deny his merits. He is
ono of tho greatest of living Canadians, who has dono his country service
that entitles him to the admiration
and honor of ull its people.
There was something else than this
robuke in tho proceedings of the day
that strikes the attention. The occasion invited laudatory remarks on the
late Sir John Macdonald. Sir diaries ; TJT7"0 1*1 "Doy-in-nct
Tupper referred to his part in the great j VV Clll X djjul O
work of federating the Provinces,
('Sir John Macdonald" he said, "true
to that which was always his polar
star, the greatness of Canada, did not
hesitate for a single moment to unite
with his most determined opponent iu
endeavoring to bring about what ho
thought would further tho progress
aud best interests of the country,"
Always in Conservative speeches, the
credit is due to Sir John Macdonald
for joining with his most determined
opponent and through this the credit
of Confederation is his too. But how
about tho determined opponent;
George Brown, true to that which
was always his polar slar, the greatness ot Canada, did not hesitate for a
single moment to unite with his most
determined opponent in endeavoring
to bring about what he thought would
further the progress and best interests
of tbe country, That is as true as the
otlier. Perhupi if our political leaders
were more generous in dealing with
their opponents, they would themselves
fare more generously with tho crowd.
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The Greenwood Miner is not sure
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Corbin drop his application for a charter. There are threo theories; one
that the O. .P R. and Grand Trunk
combined, another "boodle," and the
third that Parliament, "was subsidised by the O. P. R. powers." It
does not appear to have heard of Mr.
Oorbin's absorption in beet culture
which was the chief influence, according to his own testimony. But what
shall bo thought of a paper that can
gravely suggest that Parliament wns
bought up by tho Canadian Pacific.'
It must have unlimited belief in tho
soldi Inoss of Canadian publio men.
Our politicians aro uot immaculate,
but members of Parliament have not
yet boeu known to sell their votes for a
price. It is au imputation which no
respectable newspapor should make.
. k BOOK CO.
General Broker.
A Sir John Macdonald class of political and economic scieuco was founded
in   Queen's   University,   Kingston,   a
fow days ago.    In connection with tho
ceremony   tho   honorary degree of  L.
L. D. was conferred   upon Sir Charles
Tupper.    Tho occasion was in no sense
a political oue, yet   the   two  greatest
leadors   of   the     Conservative     party
since Confederation   were thus distinguished, there being   a large and bril-
linnt assemblage present to participate
in the function.    Sir   Charles   Topper
was presented to tho Chancellor by the
Rev. Dr.    Barclay,   of   Montreal,   one
of tho best and ablest of the Presbyterian clergy of the  Dominion, which is
saying a great deal. The reverend gentleman said of him  that   if   the   esti-
inato   of   his  political    friends   wero
to bo taken, a mere   University honor
would bo a  superfluous addition to his
character, out i, fhnt of his  opponents
*wero to be believed lie is a   most  disreputable individual. "I have my own
conception of Sir Charles Tupper"   he
continued,   "formed independently   of
both of thein, and   in   my   conception
of him, if he will   permit   ono   to sav
so, ho is not au angel   (laughter) ; also
in my conception of   him   he is not���
well   you   will   oxcuso   mo using   the
word in the presence of ladies and gentlemen.    (Renewed laughter),    In my
conceptiuii   Sir  Charles   Tupper   is  a
man,   and   a   man   whoso   work   and
worth any country might justly honor.
(Applause.)    His     career     from    the
beginning has been a career of marked
ability and steady industry, of uiitiag
g 112   perseverance,    of       indomitable
pluck,   of   singular   devotion    to  his
country's   service,   nnd   of   wise  and
far-reaching benefit to its development
and prosperity. "
We quote Dr. Barclay,a clenr headed
nnd impartial man, us a rebuke to the
frothy and intemperate partisan who
can see no virtue in un opponent.
For many yours Sir Charles Tupper
has been one of the best nbused men
in the Dominion. His enemies would
not admit that thero was any good in
linn, aud the smaller minded of them
even declared that he was positively
evil. Yet a sane man who has no ob-
ject in distorting facts says that his
career as a Canadian public man has
been so  admirable  that any oouutry
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Mrs. Waite Dies on Hospital
Su 11111:117 of Evidt-nce  Giveu  by Judge
Forin, Dr. Hall, Miss Crease autl
Dr,  Wilson.
Hied of pneumonia wis the verdict
of tho coroner's jury yesterday after
all the olrpmustnnoea surrounding
the death of Mrs.  Lin7.11 Waite on   Bat-
unlay evening had been gone into.
The management of the Kootenay Luke
General Hospital was also acquitted of
all blame, Although the deceased died
a natural death, the oiroumstanoes surrounding her last hours wero unfortunate nnd unusual.
Mrs. Waite oame hero from Knsl-a
nook in the charge of Dr, Wilson. She
was carried off the boat and plno.sl io
a wagon and Dr. Wilson drove her
straight up to the Kootenay Lake (jen-
eral���Hospital, As is tho ease with ull
similar institutions, the hospital
lias-certain rules regulating the admission of patients. One of these is that
an order Signed by tho doctor and two
directors is necessary. Dr. Wilson uiSg-
lecttd to provide himself with thn necessary order before going^ to the hospital, and tho nurses wero un ible to
grant his patient admission. They ul-
si informed him that there was no adequate accomodation for women patients there, and Rave hiin thn address
of another hospital where bis patient
would   probably   be    admitted.
This was useless as tho woman had
no money.
Dr. Wilson bad his patient driven
down town again,and kept the wagon
waiting whilo be endeavored to
lind means of forcing tlie hospital to
receive her. In the meantime the
pool woman died, though it is bnr fair
to say thnt the disease had reached a
stage when such an ending wns inevitable. The doetoi ia very wroth with
tho hospital authorities, and thinks
they should have admitted Mrs. Waite
He endeavored to see the Gold Commissioner in the matter, but the later
no* being in lie telegraphed to tlie
Mrs. Waite, who was a member of
tho unfortunate class, came originally
from Chicago where she has a husband
and Json living. Tlio funeral takes
place this afternoon at*8 :80 and staris
from D. MoArthur it Co. 's, undertaking parlors.
Tho iuqnest wns held yesterday afternoon at the Fire Hall, und n considerable amount of evidence was taken. Following will be found a summary of the proceedings:
Dr. G. A. B. Hall, stated: "I am
tlie medical officer ill charge of the
Kootonay Luke General Hosiptnl, I
was communicated with by telephone
by the matron, Miss Crease, saying
that a party had applied for admission
of a lady suffering from pneumonia. 1
replied that we had 'no nOoomodation
for women, and would therefore bi
unable to admit her. In about ten
minutes, perhaps 15 minutes, afterwards I was telephoned from I'pfltzel's
Ding Store by Chief of Police McKinnon who said tho woman was out-
sido in a rig. Ho said sho was in a
critical condition and could not bo left
to die in tlie street, and asked me to
go down to Teet/.el'.s I replied that
I was examining a patient in the
office, and asked him tn come up
which he did immediately,! then went
with McKinnon to sen the lady, On
arriving at the Drug Store we were
told that some minutes previously the
patient bad been taken to tbo hospital,
thut Judge Forin bad given nn order.
I returned to tho office for my stethoscope   and   went   to    tho   hospital.
Wben 1 nrrived Miss Crease informed mo that the patient was dead. *
Women are not admitted unless the
one small room is vacant, and then
only in emergent eases. The one room
into which women are admitted sometimes, was not intended for a ward,
and at present is occupied by a
By Judge Forin: "I think the
result would not have heen different
bad she been admitted wben first
brought to tbe hospital by Dr. Wilson.
Miss Crease did not communicate with
me by telephone about 1 o'clock "
When recalled he sai.l: "I did not
know    the   oondiliou of   the   woman.
when she was first nt tho hospital. 1
only learned her serious condition
when telephoned from Teet/.el's. "
Miss Crease, matron of the Kootenay Lake (lenerall Hospital said : It
W'as between seven aud eight
o'clock Saturday! evening when a
man a stranger to mo, told mo a sick
woman was outside, waiting to le admitted. I told him we had no place to
put a woman, nnd as he hud no admission order, I told him to sen Dr. Hall.
He said the woman was dyin*>, I telephoned Dr. Hall to ask what. I should
do. Dr. Hall told me tbe patient could
not be admitted as we had no place
for her. I told tbe man where the
olher hospitals were. Ho thou left
saying lie would see tho Government
agent, taking the patient with him.
Later he returned with an admittai ce
order from Judge Forin which I accepted. When they brought her up Iho
stops tbe sot her down upon tho veranda, and ono said hn thought she
was dead. I felt her pulso which was
very feeble nnd flickering. I think
sbe was deud before being placed in
bfd. I am not able to admit patients
without an order from Dr. Hall and
signed by two director!!. In emergent
cases I telephone particulars to Dr.
Hall and obey instructions. It seemed
to be about an hour from tho lirst to
the second visit. Her clothing consist
ed of a flannelette night gown, under
shirt and piece of flannel across the
Hy Dr. Wilson: "I have never ad
milled a patient without an order,
written or telephoned."
Judge Forin said he was   lln* -president   of the board of   directors of   the
Koolenay Lake General   Hospital   and
I went,  on   to   explain   tbe  regulations
governing tho admission of patients.
Hi* then said : On Saturday evening a messenger came to my house saying thero was a, von sick woman down
street (ho used the word dying). I
| went down immediately to the corner
beside Teetzel's Drugstore, where I
saw Dr. Wilson who had the patient in
an express wagon. Knowing there was
no Accommodation for a woman ar the
[ hospital, I aRked Dr. Wilson if tho
; woman had any money. He said no.
Dr. Forin came along and said : What's
this? He also asked if she had money.
Dr. Foriu felt her pulse. I said:
'She looks as if she were dying.' Ilr.
Forin said : ' Not too bad.' Dr. Wilson said sbe was under a stimulant.
Dr. Forin told mo who she was,
and to get her out. of the rain. I wrote
nn order to admit her to  the hospitals.
By Dr. Wilson: "The bylaw governing admission applies to the male
sex, as we have no   woman's   ward,"
Dr. Wilsnu's evidence was as fol-
llows: "On the 2Uh of April,about I)
p. m. I visited the deceased at Kuskonook by request. She was suffering
from pneumonisa. She was living
alone, the neighbors coming to see hor
from time to time. Sbe was frequently alone (or hours nt a stretch.
I On April 29th I recommended that she
be removed to Nelson hospital, and us
nobody could be found to nnoompny
hoi, I eiiinn myself I could not telegraph, Nelson there being no olliee at
Kuskonook. On arrival at the Nelson
hospital, she. being in an express wa
gon, on a stretcher, I applied for admission for n sick lady, but was refused bv tho nurse in charge.
She informed me women were not
admitted ar all. I insisted on her admittance, at the woman was dying
and it was a public ins itntion. Miss
Crease said that Dr. Hall's reply was
not to admit her. Not being able to
find the Government agent I met the
Chief of Polico who went to look for
Judge Forin. We stopped near Teet-
zel's Drug Store. While there two
men camo along and asked who it
was. and if she had any money. One
of them felt her pulse and said it was
Strong, and'bolli left. I do not know
them. Ono returned in a lew minutes nml handed mo a note and said
it would admit her. We drove to the
hospital and patient was taken in. She
\\n�� dead before being placed in bed.
Sbe was upon a mattress and cohered
witli blankets and quilts. I took her
straight to the hospital as I thought
that was :ill thai wonld be necessary.
I left the beat about 6:46. Sim was
in a dying condition between the boat
and tlie hospital. Afler the death I
I went to lhe Government agent's
house and was told that he had nothing to do Willi lhe matter. I Iben telegraphed particulars to the Attorney
(Ieneral. Under the eirenmslances I
think it ��ns proper to take her out of
tho boat. I did not wish to leave
her. I did not know that the General
Hospital bad no women's ward." The
vm-'lii I. of tbe jury was thut. "Tho
said Elizabeth Waite came to her death
of pneumonia, and that ni 'blame
therefcr is attachable to anyone connected with the Kootenay Lake General Hospital.
J "The -jury tiud that the reason of the
refusal of admittance to the hospital
was that this institution is not provided with a woman's ward and beg
to submit that it is a matter of deep
r<*gret that thi' otherwise eftioion' institution should be restricted iu Us
operations and usefulness by a lack of
funds sufficient to provide a ward to
which women can bo admitted, and
strongly urges upon the Provincial
Government to make a special grant
to enable the board of directors to construct such a ward."
our lawyers are so modest they cannot
benr without blushing to see their
mimes in print. And, besides, it is
"unprofessional" to advertise.
ii eteorol ORicnl llcport,
(Observations taken by A. ll. Holdich.
DAY         HIGH
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A pr 25
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Apr 211
Saturday  10,0
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112.0     0.l.'5
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PiMt-ing,   TH1S WEATHER
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Hot Air, Hut Water   and
Steam Heating.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Mr. ,1. Barasch leaves for Slocan
City in the morning.
Yesterday was another blank day at
the City Police Court.*
2 Tbe liRlit of tbe aurora Ihorealis was
visiblo in the sky last night.
Football practices will be continued
this week in view of tbe match
against Kossland   next .Saturday.
The Fraternal Societies ball takes
place tonight at the Odd Fellows
Hall. The function promises to be a
great success.
The weather this year seems determined to differ unfavorably from that
of ordinary years. Yesterday May ushered itseilf in with a snowstorm,
The Miner staff was pleasantly reminded last night of Ihe fact that it
was May day by a most acceptable
present from Relsteror St Co, in the
shape of a 4-gallOU kvit of "hock"
Brigadier Howell, chief divisional
officer Of the I'ocilio division of the
Salvation Army will visit Nelson.
Wednesday May .'I, and will speak aud
sing nt a special service convened tor
the occasion.
Tlie Metropolitan Opera Oompany
will spend a dav here on Thursday en
their way to tho Crow's Nest Pass
fiom Hossland. They will take the
opportunity to piny "The Chimes''
here on Thursday night.
Tho work of driving the piles for
the Nelson Sampling Works was completed yesterday, and tlio construction
of thn building begins today. Mr. O.
M. Hosendale, ore buyer lor the company, has already secured sullicient
ore to keep the works going for a couple of months, so rhe plant will start
np directly tho machinery can bo put
in place.
Ohserver A. H, Holdich reports thar
the average maximum temperature
for April wns 52, H dogieos.nnd the average mitiimUrn temperature 114.2. Tho
warmest day wus the 2-ith, whon the
thermometer rose to 63.6 degrees, nnd
the coldest the loth when it sank
28.5. Tho total rainfall for the month
wns 1.48 inches.
Yesterday one of Nelson's leading
citizens received n letter from the
outside, inquiring as to the names of
some of its practising lawyers. He
reads tin- local papers, but they give
him no information.    Thnt is  becauso
Procrastination is
the Thief of Time
and Sometimes of
of Happiness . , .
Your headache may be caused by
some defect in the Eyes. No charge
for Testing. Wa charge only for
the Glasses.
t> We have a 60-fnol Lot, on Baker streot
JA for silo Ono of of tlio best snaps ill
$   Iho City.
,*       VANSTONE k WILLIAMS,       I
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\j Insurance Agents. Gl
i>l 4i:iisiu:i> 1870
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At Prices to Suit Your Pocket.
A large consignment of the. newest ilesigus in Ready-to-wear
Clothing just reoeived.   Onr goods nre nil  new and  fresh.
No old stojk or shoddy suits nt Emory & Walleye.    We have
also just opened a full line of John  13. Stetson Hath.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory &  Walley
will please bear in mind that
on and after
E I st OF
our store
every evening except Saturdays.    Kindly assist us by   placing your orders as early as possible.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc
Write for Quotations On Car Lots Nelson, B. C.
j. A. ROGERS ��� General Manager
Manager fur Western British Columbia,
John Parsons, Vancouver
Manager for Yukon District,
CLUB, MiLNB. Dawson.
Manager for Southorn BrIUah Columbia,
l'. j. Russell, Nolson
RiiANciiEH-Vancouver, A. F. Ralph, Man-
| agor; Dawson CUty A. (i. Cunningham, Manager: Atlin Olty, .f. A. Fraser Manager; Nelson, P. J Russell, Manager,
H ocVs carried ut Victoria, Rossland, Cranbrook, Greenwood and Revelstoke.
The laigest handlers ot Uu ter and Kgsr* In
ilm Can idlan Northwest.
Qamble &  O'Reilly.
Houso and two lots, with seven rooms* on
Carbonate Btreet* near Cedar Btreot, $25u*u.
HonHlugHout-'o with 27 room* od Vernon
Btreet fur sale ur rent, good business proposition.
New house, suitable for dwelling or boarding
house, 13 rooms and basement, heated by fur
naeu    For rent on Ward and Silica streets.
Also a largo list of tho best Restdentta  Property In tho city.
Agents for Addition "A" and "Hume" Addition,
The British Columbia Permanent Ijoan nnd
Bavings Company, who give tha most reason*
able terms to borrower-, allowing Principal to
bo paid oir at any time without Charging any
G-amble & O'Reilly,
If so read all the "Fishing Tackle" advertisements and then come and buy
your  outfit from
The Lawrence Hardware Co
who carry the most complete stock in Nelson.    All our
goods imported  direct  from   English,   American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
When You Ask
For a^sss^^-
see that is made
by the
Kootenay   Cigar   MTg  Co.
and avoid taking a cheap imitation
which is now on the market.
There are some very fine ones in stock that will
be disposed of at cheapest prices. We are receiving new shipments of Plants and Cut Flowers
Frank A. Tamblyn
Baker Street
Special Values in
Table Linens,
Table Napkins.
Bleached Cotton,
Pillow Cotton
Will soon bring up the big Trout. We
will outfit you with the best of everything in the Fishing Tackle line. Our
stock speaks for itself.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Extra value  in Bed Spreads.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
The Canadian Mutual Loan & Investment Company advance money
on easy terms. Low interest. No
shares required.
kilning ami Keal   Estate   Broker,
Tui-ner-Boeckli Block, Nelson.
A   large   and  fine   stock   of  Sailor
Hats and Children's   Bonnets just arrived at
Mrs. McLaughlin
General Broker-
Hole! for sole$0,000, leutiuR tor $100
per mnutb.
linker slreet property for Bale lit $8,-
IIOil, renting for SIDO per month, leaned
tor 5 yearn.
Twelve Lots in Hume Addition, cheap.
A 12-ronmed House for rent, convenient to Haker Btreet.
Money to loan at 8 per cent. Fire and
Life Assurance.
8pokane Falls de-
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R^y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only ull rail route without chang
of cars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Rossland.
r*eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"    11:55 "   EOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6*30 p.m
Train thut  leaves  Nelson at l):40 a.m
maki'S  elose  connections at Spokane foi
all Paoifio Coast Points.
Passengers for Kettle Kiver and Bound-
| ary Creek, couueet at Murens withStHK<*
O, G. DIXON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Atrenl,Nelaon, B. O,
HININO ltlIOkl.lt
Windermere Minos.   CorrespondenceSolicited
MUSIC LB880NB. ��� On piano onjan or
Kullur, hy Mrs. W. J. Astloy, Kobson stroot
two doors west of Stanley.   P. 0. Box ldo.
MUSIC LESSONS-Slngtng and Piano, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver, Observatory stroet, two
doors west of Stanley.
OFFICES and Itoo'ns to rent, newly dccoi
m. il nml painted. Apply Thomson Stationer
Co., Ltd.
KOH SALE���Old nowspapers at 25 coots por
100. Ju*-t tlio thin**; to put under carpets
Miner otlieo,
WANTED���A boy not younger Mian 15 to do
lllfht work nml learn a trade. Apply Mine*
WANTED���Small  cottage   and lot.   AlUHt
hu cheap for cash.   Apply post olllco box 165.
A FINE OPENING���In Imslno's for aporson
with moderate capital. Proprietor wauls to
���ell onl on iiceountof leaving for the old country.   Address "A. S.," this ol'.lctj.
Letters From Windermere
District and Kaslo.
Thousand Dollars on the Bond on Venus
ou   Toad    Mountain���Salmo
District Notes*
This property iR situated on Toad
���Mountain directly west of the Atha-
bnsoa, and it vill he remembered thut
a rich strike was made on it a short
time back. Tbe property was bonded
by Dr Doolittle, representing Toronto
parties, for $G000 cash nnd a block of
shares if the propurty is stocked,which
it will be if it turns out u success.
The balance of the purchase price is
due on September 1.
A Tip to Ur. Hume.
Windermere, April 27.���(Speoial)'
Fred West hns come down from the
Union group on Windermere mountain
nud reports 13 foot of oopper ore in
sight which assays 411 per cent copper
and that they are now engaged in
crosscutting the vein and expect to
start shipping at an early date.
W. G. Mitchell limes will arrive
in Windermero about 1st May and expects to start w.irk on the Pretty Girl
group net an early date, Mr, Innes is
the manager -jf tho New Golden Syndicate of London, England, which
controls 80 different properties throughout the Windermere district* which
they intend developing on a large
O. A. Brown expects to start work
soon on his group of claims on Toby
Creek which is a gold property and assays on an average $16 to the ton. It
is a smelting proposition and has a
ledge of 40 feet in width. It resembles the Boundary Creek propositions
in many respects. The Reindeer owned by Ben Abel hns a foot of grey copper in sight. It is situated noar Win-
The Golden smelter will probably
be blown in at an early date to handle
the Windermore ores.
Selkirk Hotel, Atlialmere, will be
opened about 1st Mav. It is owned by
Kempton Bros. The Athnlmere saw
mill  will be operating about May ,".
J. M. R. Fairbairn, 0. E, and P.
L. S., will open an oifiee at Windermere, Mr. Fairbairn is well known
throughout the Province as n lirst
class engineer.
John Boorman will make a trial
shipment from his group of claims on
Windermere mountain early in Mny to
the Golden smelter.
Starbird aud Colletto will resume
work on the Red Line and White Elephant groups on Horse Thief Oreek
���which they have uuder bond for J100,-
Sinclair Craig will put a foroe of
men to work immediately on the Jap
group on Boulder Creek, tbis is an immense silver-lead proposition. It is
expected that by the middle of May
that SO properties will be under devel
opment work cu Toby, Horse Thief
nnd Boulder Creeks alone.
Kaslo. April 20. ��� (Speeiall���The Lo-
viathau mine opposito Kaslo is showing np well and would appear to be
full of great, possibilities. Latest assays, from the recently uncovered 10
foot seam give vnlnes of $1.50 in gold
$7.68 in silver and *?4.50 in copper or a
total of $13 per ton and as $ib is considered pay ore the prospects of the
mine boiug on a paying basis at nil
early date ure good. The Leviathan
company owns 11 claims extending tor
ovor three miles on it well defined iron
cuppod l*��dge on Kaslo mountain and
within threo miles of Koolenay Luke.
*   *   *
Messrs. M. II. Billings and Thus.
Bennet, of Salmo, have been visiting
the Capital and from them Tbe Colonist got some interesting items of the
locality and its doings.
Heavy machinery is being introduced that will take months to reach its
destination, and perhaps uot arrive until the snow fnlls again, unless the
Government does what may reasonably
be expected ol it in tho way of building roads.
Messrs. Billings and Bennett are the
pioneers of Salmo, being the fiist men
to realize tho wonderful possibilities
of the place. The Yellowstone mine,
of which they were Ibe locators, thoy
disposed of to G. R. Mickle of Toronto,
and the latter again transferred il to
John McLaren and George F. Full-
ford. The prioe paid for the mine,
which it is considered doubtful If $4(10.-
000 would buy today, was $60,000.
There was $20,0(11) worth of develop*
ment work done on it last season, and
us tho owners are men of large in-
OOme development Ibis year wiil be
on an oven larger scale. There are
forty men working on tho property
nud twenty-live others on the trail taking in machinery. A four-drill compressor is being taken in and just as
soon as thero is a road from Salmo to
Sheep Creek u stamp mill will be
erected. Sheep Creek to the south of
Salmo on which the property Is located
has still other rich mines namely the
Goeing and tho Galena Lady each of
which has four men working on it;
the Salmo Consolidated the Tinner
property, tho Little Giant and the
Big Duluth. On the Annie Roone.v
it is intended to mine another 100
feet. North oF Salmo much of tho
same activity is to be seen that is going
on to tbo south of tbe ulace.iho Johannesburg being one of tbe most* notable
claims. Messrs. MCcArthur and Bradford have tho just closed a deal with
an American syndicate for the sale of
five claims on Bushy Mountain, und
work on these will be commenced in a
An important, industry of Salmo
is its mill, which engages 26 mon nnd
ships to Nelson, Rossland and to the
mines adjacent five carloads of lumber
every week. Traffic to Sheet) Creek,
Lost Crock and Pond d'Oreille is now
via Nelson and Fort Sheppard. Tbe
whole district is boiug retarded in its
growth through want of good roads,
nnd this is a fact the government
Bhould take cogni/.ace of at as early a
date as possible.
#   *   ��
| A cash payment of $1000 on the bond
on the   Venus  waa   made   yesterday.
Now that the Minister of Mines can
devote his full time and attention ro
liiu outies of tho olliee, it will not be
unreasonable to expect more satisfactory work from that important department than bus heretofore characterised
il. Tlie complaint is general that returns buvn not been issued with anything approaching regularity, and
that information regarding the pro-
,-ii'Ss of the mining induxli-y when
BUpplied Is too stale to be of uny practical valiie. BritiBb Columbia, ami
more especially lno Kootenays. is now
the scene of notive mining operations.
Foreign capital is largely invested,
ami investors have a right to know
what is being done. Tbe development
of our mineral resources is a com para
tively new industry, while tbo area
over which these interests extend is
broad. However, thero is no insurmountable difficulty in the way of supplying authentic returns at least
monthly. The Minister of Mines has
facilities tor compiling such infomation
which no private individual or organized body, such as boards of trade or
miners' institutes,has at command. Iu
all other mining countries official returns are regularly supplied, aud tben*
is nn reason whv British Columbia
should be an excepliou to the rule.���
Kootenay Mining   Standard
Ton ii.ni* Bitterness.
Most of tho speeches in the House
of Commons this sessiou so far have
been characterized by it violence of
lone that is not seemly and does not
promote careful discussion or the enlightenment of the public. It is Ihe
same w:th tho newspapers. These ou
both sides of politics are very violent
iu their language. If wo may believe
them both, there never went unhung
n worse lot of wretches than the men
who are now at the front of Canadian
politics. As a matter of fact, onr public men, no matter to what party they
belong, are very decent fellows, who
live well regulated lives and are honored and respected by those who
know them best. Would it not bo a
good thing to have a little loss bitterness? We can tell those people who
indulge in reckless invective that if
they think they are strengthening
themselves or weakening tbeir opponents bofore the public thereby tbey are
much   mistaken.���Victoria    Colonist.
Continued l*'r*,m Pncte '
trie light oonstruotion we hail the experience of last, winter which certainly
injured the City to some extent,and in
order to make sure of lights during
the coming winter it is necessary to
expend the sum required, The completion of the Hume on the summit
will bring in at Ihe lowest calculation
100 miner's inches,this together with
a dam at foot* of Cottonwood Lako
which would give quite a storago at
the low stage of water and which cau
bi greatly increased if required in
tbe future by a second dam���will givo
sullicient water lo supply 11.000 lights.
At the power bouse it is necessary to
put in ii new wheel and other machinery. The dam above the power
house requires Improving and a sluice
way made to relieve tbe sediment
which is filling it up.
"These improvements together with
lhe purhnse of land now covered by
(lam, which was never acquired by the
Eleortio Co. will requirt the sum asked
for and will place the electric light
plant in a position to properly light
tho City and earn nn increased revenue.
"Tbe raising of this loan of $65,000
means an increase in ii,'1 interest and
sinking fund payable bv Ibe Oily
$5690, But ut the snmetiini- it wiil
not increase tho City taxs one dollar
for the current year, and in view of
the rapid growth nnd increase iu the
earning oapaoitv of both water and
eleotrio light plants, it is purely n business proposition. And uo individual
who has the City's property and fu-
lu re at. heart will hesitate tor onn
moment in backing tho Council iu
these undertakings,"
The eii ctric light, sewer nnd water
Inlaws were rend a llrst tune. Aid.
Beer 'thought that $6000 wus   not
enough to raise for a public, building.
lie would support a bvlaw fer $1",,-
Aid. Hillyer thought it wiser to lot
matters stand as they are now and
put up a good building next year.
The question was discussed fully and
the feeling of tho Oouncil seemed to
be thnt the best building passible to
fo erect with the available money
would be supplied, The bylaw was
read the lirst time. Tbe four Inlaws were then road a second time,
and will be considered in oommittee
of the wholo tomorrow. Aid. Beer
asked if morn lights could not be put
on the streets. He thought tbe merchants who keep their llights burning
all night should be charged nigl t
rales. After a light discussion on this
subject the Council adjourned until
tomorrow afternoon.
#   BUY IT    *
The Miner is on sale at the following- news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stunlev Nelson
Thomson Stationery Oo Nelaon
Oanafla Drpg& Hook Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume SVws Stand N'dson
Hotel I'hair News Stand Nolson
Humphrey & I'ittook NVKoti
1��. Campbell Ymir
O, K. Nelson New Denver
J. V. Dolum-y Uoriuborry
Linton BroH. Hloean City
J.I. MoIntOrth Silverton
fineordereoclgthing; SPRING CLOTHING
Wc have a fine assortment of woolens always
on hand. Goods made np at the shortest possible notice. As everything is kept and made
on the premises satisfaction is assured.
H.  n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale
To clear a few lines at half the usual
price.    All in iiress Lengths   of  7
yards each and no two alU'e.
8 Pieces Figured Ibess Goods nt 10c. legnlur piicu 7r>c.
7 Pieces Figured Dress Goods utGOe. tegular prioe $1.25.
10 Pieces Figured D*-essGoodat   $100 regular pri.*.t4-, 75
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
We want to tell you about our Spring Styles  this
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come and see our Styles and Prices before
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
the Kootenay District. You will always
find our lines up-to-date  and   at   popular
A, FEI^LANp   & CO
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied ou shortest notice and Lowes- Priceo
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats nnd supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Nelson and Ymir.
h. byers & co.
iteai/y ai)d Shelf Hardware,   Paints,   Oils, Etc.
Hose, Sfceai)i Packing & Wire FJope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill  Steel,   Gur-
ney, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
IE Real Estate and Insurance Agent. 3
I The Birkbeck Investment,  Security 1
% and Savings Oo. 1
5= FOR   SALE���Corner,   50x120 on   Mill  St.; 5  lots  in z��
EZ Block 44; Corner Block of 6 lots on Observatory St. 13
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Nelsou Gleaning and Dyeing
S. I). 1*1 Ell UK Prop,
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleaned
dyed, altered and repaired.
IO in* ol' I l:u !,,   Ilol, I
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer und Porter.
Drop  in   nnd son   ns.
B. r
We, tlie nndersigued retail merobantn
nf tlie City of Nelson, hereby agree lo
clone our respective plaoes of business
at seven o'cloek each evening, except
Sntnrday nights and the nights priced
ing Statutory and (!ivic holidays, and nl-
hii to keep uiir places of business closed
on Sundays and all legal holidays,
Thin agreement to take eirect May 1st,
P. Barns A Co.. Went Kooteniry Bat
Co., J. A. (Hiker, O. O, Hobs, II. N.
Eendrioksoa, J. I'\ Weir, D MoArlhnr-
,1, .1. Walker, Fred .1. Squire, A. Ferland, Nelnon Furniture Oo. Geo. F.
Motion, F II, Loring, Patennude Bros.,
A. G. Hliow, Hyde St Titsworth Oo.,'
The". Madson, Fred Irvine & Co., Martin O'Keilly & Co., Emory & Walley,
Wailaoe St Miller, II, M. Vincent, J. A.
Irving At Co., Kirknatriok & Wilson, M,
PcBrinay & (Jo., Morrison St Oaldwell,
Lillie Bow., Thomson Stationery Oo.,
Ijd., Neelan.l Hhoe Emporium, .1. B.
Wray, T. J. Scaulan, Hudson Bay Co.,
Jacob Dover.
A good Copper or Gold Property
parti.illy developed,    Applv
Mining Broker,
Nelso 1, B. C.
West Kootenay Valley, B. O., on line
of O. N. P. Iiy��� and
Nelson St Bedlington Ry., now under
Information regarding Creston may
bo had of GEO. M'FAHLANU, Agent |
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
Special Sales This Week
in Jardiniers and Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries  and  Crockery.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
**V*W�� t%fWkV%^%%*l%%i%.
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
_   .ET &. CO., LTD.,
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries
MILLS,   Enderby and Vernon ,...
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en  nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,6oo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative  Statement,  allowing   the progress made by this Bank iu the
past ten  years: IStSH 180S
Cnpitnl  Paid   Up.'  $ 1,000,11(10 | 1,800,000
Krai  200.000 1,280.000
jji-pn.-it-*  2,802.000 8,175.000
Oiroulation  008,000 1,887,000
Loans  ll.K-n.ooo 8,854,000
Liabilities to Public  4.088,000 9.000,000
Total Ass**ta  5ad0.Ui 10 12,7:17,000
(Ieneral Banking; Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits   nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Hossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Savings Hank department lms boon established In connection with tho Nel-on branch of
this bank. Deposits of one dollar und upwards received, and current rale of Interest allowed.
at present 3 per cent, por annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Another carload direct from
Pabst Brewing Co'y, Milwaukee h
Capacity 2,000,00 barrels
per annum.
Turner Beeton & Ca
NELSON. Agents.
Complete Electric Equipments for Electric Power Transmission and lighting for mines, towns, etc. Electric Fixtures, Lamps, Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Josephine St NELSON, B. C-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should  bej forwarded
cither personally or by mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.


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