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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 6, 1900

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ai Library _31o9
Daily Edition No. 849
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,   October 6,  1900.
Eleventh Year
Only a Few of Them Contemplated by
Those On the Inside-Weekly
London Letter.
London, Oct. 0.���As a Conservative
majority dally becomes more and more
assured, speculation as to the personnel of the next Cabinet grows rife and
all sorts of guesses are published.
None of these, however, seems Inspired. All take it for granted that
sweeping changes will be made. This
conclusion, however, the Associated
l'reas Is unjustified. The fuet is that
Lord Salisbury, always uncommunicative, has not broken the habit of his
life for the benefit of close friends or
even fellow Cabinet members, but
from a peer high in Conservative
councils, the Associated Press learns
thut tho make-up of the next Cabinet
will be so similar to that of its predecessor that it will come as a startling surprise. The Marquis of Lans-
dowue, who, next to Mr. Chamberlain, is the object of more attacks
than any other Cabinet member, can
have the War Office portfolio if he
desires, and he will probably accept
it, as he has Implicit belief iu Lord
Roberta and is anxious to operate
with him in reforms which he has
been contemplating for some time,
but would not commence with Lord
Wolseley, late Commauder-in-Chief,
and (leneral Sir Evelyn Wood, Adjutant-General, with whom his relations
were greatly strained. It is untrue
that either Lord Lansdowne or the
Duke of Marlborough huve been offered the Lord-Lieutenancy of Ireland,
and it is quite improbable that either
will have such an offer, though Earl
Codogau does intend to retire, much
to the relief of the leading Conservatives iu Ireland, who are bitterly oppose to Mr. Gerald Balfour's (the
chief secretury) the Earl Cadogan's attempt at non-partisian government.
Lord Salisbury will resume the
Premiership and the Foreign Olliee
portfolio; at least everything he has
said to fellow members of the cabinet
points to his doing so. Probably the
only really important change made
will be in the admiralty for which the
Right Honorable Robert William Han-
bury iii being favorably considered,
though Lord George Hamilton who,
formerly as the head of the admiralty,
could have the portfolio again, but he
prefers to remain at the head of the
Indian olliee. The Earl of Shelbourne
at present Mr. Chamberlain's assistant, has been selected for preferment.
He is regarded as one of the strongest men In the Government, and may
have a seat in the Cabinet in place of
Right Hon. Walter Long, president of
the Hoard of Agriculture. If he docs
he will add one more lo the long list
of Lord Salisbury's relatives controlling Englands' destinies,as he married
the Premier's daughter. Toe vigorous personal attacks upon Mr. Chum-
bcrlain continue and seem to gather
bitterness as the reality of defeat
dawns upon the Liberals. The lion
V. J. Stanhope's reverse at Hurley is
construed by the Conseratvives as a
direct rebuke for his bitter denunciations of Mr. Chamberlain, but Mr.
Stanhope adheres to his attitude, reiterating that he is ready to prove in
the courts that Mr. Chamberlain only
."white washed" Cecil Rhodes in the
llouso of Commons because another
member had letters in his pocket incriminating Mr.Chamberlain with the
raid. This member though not named by Mr. Stanhope, the Associated
Press learns, is Mr. Abel Thomas, a
Liberal, who represented East Carm-
martheushlre in the lust Parliament.
Meanwhile Mr. Chamberlain is apparently unmoved and is serenely sending messages to the nation and stumping the country, putting all his vigor
and strong personality into the campaign, iu marked contrast with the
other Cabinet ministers.
While Mr. Chamberlain is practically tho only interesting figure in
the struggle in England, there arc in
Irelaud several men and issues stirring up the country into such a chaotic condition of party lines as nevpr
occurred before, and it would excite
the greatest interest were it not for tlie
fact that England is occupied with
her own trial contests. It is claimed
that Mr. Timothy M. Ilealy has split
the Irish party to almost as great a
degree as did the late Charles Stewart
Parncll,and the bitterness injected into
the fight equals that of the historic division. The Freeman's Journal declares that any one voting for Mi.
Healy's candidates is "without an
atom of self respect," and describes
his conditions one of "secret calunm-
ny and villification." The paper
blames him for the loss of Gnlway,
Raying: "Galway has disgraced the
national solidarity, broken once more
by tbe treason of renegade home rulers, and the Hag of union has been
planted beyond the Shannon." On
the other hand the Dublin Independent supports Mr. Ilealy, and Cardinal
Logus has also come out with a declaration in his favor. As a result of
the split Londonderry and I a'way
have changed their colois and other
constituences arc likely to follow.
Lady Roberts   Writes  That
Lord Roberts Is In Excellent Health.
Toronto, Oct. 8.���Dr. Rycrson, Canadian Red Cross Commissioner to
South Africa, has received a letter
from Lady Roberts, dated Pretoria,
August 2, in which she states that the
health of Lord Roberts has never been
better; that he Is in wonderful condition, both in body and mind, and
that thure waB no truth in the rumors
"f his ill health.
cient wages to resist the temptation of
stealing In order to maintain the
stylo expected of them in their positions.
Kingston, Ont., Oct. 0.���The Methodist mission board fixed the appropriations for missionaries at these
figures: Ordained married men, 8(100;
ordained, unmarried, $3.11); unordain-
ed,unmarried, ��11(1(1. In British Columbia married men nre given an adanvee
of (75, and 8'-'5 to the other classes.
Manitoba, 8(ir>(>, ��:!0(1 aud 1300. Newfoundland, MSB, 1850 and I8��6.
Smith Falls, Ont., Oot. 8.���Chief of
Police McGowan was brutally assaulted by a carter named Payne here
yesterday, wiiom he was attempting
to arrest, receiving a heavy blow from
a piece of iron on the head. Payne
was, however, overpowered and placed
in jail.
Hellvellu, (Int., Oct. I).���John Bow,
one of the best known residents of
this district, is dead, aged 811 years.
Toronto, Oct. o.���The grand jury
yesterday criticized In severe terms
the financial companies who do not
pay their responsible employees sulll-
Shcrbrooke., Que., Oct. IS.��� William
Drysdale, for the past 'M years a member of the firm of Hick, Martin and
Drysdale, wool dealers, with offices lu
London, England; Meloburne, Australia ; Syndey, N. S. W. ; and Duncd-
in, New Zealand, died yesterday, aged
43 years.
Toronto, Oct. fi.���The trustees of the
Massey estate have just paid (50,000,
a portion of the 8100,(1(1(1 bequest of
the late Hart A. Massey.to Mount Allison University (Methodist) Saekville, N. 11.
Windsor, Ont., Oot. ��.���Typhoid
fever has become alarmingly prevalent
in Windsor. There arc said to be
nearly a hundred cases in the city and
new ones nre developing daily.
which It is estimated, drove two thousand people to other places, the population of the capital, has increased by
1,11)1, and now stands at ;>s, lis-.
Montreal, Que., Oct. 6.���The following nominations took place yesterday:
Province of Quebec���Shefford County,
('. 11. Pnrmlee, M. P., (Liberal).
Province of Ontario���West Ontario,
Leonard Burnett, M. 1'., (Liberal);
South Renfrew, J. Ferguson, M. P.,
Belleville, Ont., Oct. 8.���Thomas
Sullivan, this city, has wiitten a letter to the electors of West Hastings,
announcing himself as a candidate of
the People's Party for the House of
Commons at tho general elections.
St. John. N. 15., Oct. 0.���Hon. Foster hiLH asked time to consider the
nomination of the Conservatives for
St. John City.
Lord Salisbury Said to Have
Replied to German
London, Oct. fi.���Lord Salisbury,
the Associated Press understands, answered Germany's last note today, accepting its proposals.
Washington, I). C, Oct. fi.���The
American answer to the French note,
which Is the pending phase of the Chinese negotiations to be disposed of,
has been pretty well defined, although
it will remain for the return of the
president and a cabinet meeting to
give their formal duliniteness. Already, however, intimations have
been conveyed to some of the foreign
renresentativus that the government
may not be able to concur in the introduction of arms; into China, and
also that there may be serious constitutional reasons requiring at least
two of the French proposals to be submitted to the American Congress before they can be acted upon affirmatively. These two latter propositions
relate to the establishment of a permanent legation guard at Pekin aud
to the permanent maintenance of a
line of communication from Pekin to
the sea. The permanency of these
plans appears to involve a possiblity
of territorial occupation, though of a
limited character, both at Pekin and
along the road from Pekln to the sea,
and it is understood there will be constitutional reasons making it desirable
to submit them to congress. .
Klondike Will Soon Be Connected With the Outside World.
Ottawa, Oct. C���An otllclal assessment return of Ottawa shows that in
spite of the disastrous lire last spring,
the lightning message Hashed to Canada's farthest north from liritisli Columbia's mercantile metropolis.
The last letter from lla/elton is
dated September H. It is from one of
the foreman of construction. The
writer says:
"Wc are now SO miles from the other gang, working our way; we are
making easily two and one-half miles
a day, and presuming the other gang
is making tlie same rate of progress������
and they have an easier route to travel than we have���allowing for all
kinds of accidents, we should join
hands with them before October 1."*
It is understood that the inauguration of tlie new line will take place
probably on Monday next.
Vancouver, II. C, Oct. ��.���It is but
a matter of days when the great Klondike will be connected by telegraph
with the rest of the civilized world;
when from the great Centers of capital
will be Hashed the momentous messages which will mako or mar men,
lion Id millionaires, and move vast
sums of money from the old world to
the new. No more anxious waiting;
days of doubt and fear that New York
or England may have cooled down be-
ore the tardy message reaches the
great money markets of the world, for
a proposition can be made at Canada's
world-famed gold diggings to far-off
England and the answer received iu a
few hours.
J. B. Cbarlcson, superintending the
work of construction of the all-Canadian line, left Ottawa on Tuesday
last for Vancouver, and so timed
himself that he might bu present
when the ends of the wires were joined ; so ho may, himself, on behalf of
thu Canadian Government. Hash over
the wire Canada's greeting to the
At any time now the two ends of
the wires could be joined, as the line
constructors are only waiting the arrival of their chief to complete the
circuit. It is said that Mr. Charles-
on, on his arrival here, will Invite a
number of friends to be present at
the momentous ceremony of touching
J tbe telegraphic key which  Is   to  free!
Chatham, Ont.,Oct. 8.���Mrs. Isabcll
Garner, Chatham's leading philanthropist and most wealthy citizen,
died here yesterday of paralysis, after
live month's illness.
Vancouver's Island Is Once
More to Be a Bone of
Vancouver, Oct. 8.���Thco. l.udgate,
who acquired a lease to Headman's
Island in Vancouver Harbor, for the
purpose of building a mill thereon,
and who was hindered in his enterprise by the city of Vancouver and the
Provincial Government, who both
laid claim to the ownership of the
island, as a precious piece of scenery,
and who afterward in a fit of disgust
at liritisli Columbia in general and
the city of Vancouver in particular,
moved to Seattle and erected a handsome mill there has again been heard
Mr. Ludgnte says lie is going to
stand by his guns, and he demands
that the suit pending between the
Province of Hritish Columbia and the
Canadian Government as to the legality of his lease to Dcadinan's Island
be proceeded with, as he intends, as
soon as this can be settled, to build a
duplicate of his Seattle mill in Vancouver's harbor. If. however, the case
should go against him, Mr. Ludgate
says he will turn his back on Hritish
Columbia forever and increase tho capacity of his Seattle mill to twice its
present dimensions. Macllonnell, Mr.
Ludgates lawyer, on being spoken to
regarding the mill stated that Mr.
Ludgate was anxious to compromise
tlie matter at once, but failing the
eoinpromi.se desired, that the trial be
brought on immediately. Mr. Mac-
Doiinell said he would move directly
in the matter in a few days. Dead-
man's Island is a pretty piece of scenery enjoyed by West End residents,
and as the workingnien chiefly live in
the east and the well-to-do residents
in the west, Mr. I.udgate's recent
light for his rights divided the eity
into two factions, aud shuuld the
matter be again brought up, it is
thought that Mr. Ludgate for the
second time will be a big factor in
politics, as the Dominion elections are
drawing near, and one of the candidates in the Conservative Interests,
Mayor Garden, wns mainly responsible
in compelling Mr. l.udgate to desert
Vancouver for Seattle.
change to He Hade Tomrroow Will
Improve it Much.
Between ~ and B o'clock tomorrow
morning tbe local telephone service
will be changed from the old to the
new switchboard, ami Nelson will
then have just as good a service as
any iu Hritish Columbia. For two
weeks they have been installing at the
office entirely new fittings und Hie
work upon it will be completed tonight. Everything installed is of
the lair i ami most, modern make and
the management now guarantees tlie
best satisfaction to subscribers. The
work of installing the new llttiugs
has been under the direction of G. Me
Cartncy of Vancouver, who is foreman
if tlie construction department of the
ompany. The majority of tlie leads
throughout the city have been overhauled. Mr. ,1. C. Bodge, district
superintendent,and who has now been
given complete charge of the local
olliee, said this morning that everything possible had been done to make
it the best service that could be given
and that it would be equal to any
service in the Coast cities.
Seveu large   cables   connecting jhe
olliee with the city whes have been
put in. The cables arc connected with
the new cross board by lino fuse wire
so as to prevent any damage being
done to tlie system by lire. Other precautions to prevent tire have also been
taken. Although six new switch
hoards have been installed arrangements have been made for the installation of additional boards,as the subscription list becomes larger The improvements at tlie otliee have cost the
company over 85,000.   L. li.   Hodge,
who was formerly manager of the local branch here, will be transferred
to the oHice at Greenwood.
Toronto, Oct. fi.���The executive of
the East York Conseravtlves has decided that W. F. McLean. M. P..
(Conservative) is the strongest candidate they can secure and will leave the
nomination stand, despite that* gentleman's determination to resign.
All Individual Coal Operators
Offer an Advance of Ten
Per Gent.
Rcranton. Pa., Oct. 8.���In compliance with the agreement of the Individual Coal Operator's Association,
covering the Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley, to give an Increase in
wages to their striking mine employes,
the following notices signed by each
operator in the Association and post
ed for himself at the mine controlled
by him was issued this morning:
"This company makes the following announcement to its mine employes. It will adjust its rate of
wages so as to pay its mine employes
on and after October l.aud until further notice, a not advance of ten per
cent on the wages heretofore received.
Note. ��� It is understood in the foregoing thut the powder will be sold to
miners for 11,60 per keg and that the
difference between this rate and the
old rate of 8-. Vr> shall be taken into
account in figuring the net advance of
the price noted above for this class of
work. "
This is identical in form with the
notice posted in the Hazelton region.
This notice was nut up at not less
than sixty mine openings during the
morning but nobody went to work.
Inquiry at the offices of several of tlie
operators revealed the belief that the
strike could not continue much longer,
probably not over another week, as
by that time the miners and laborers
would thoroughly undeistand the situation and realize just what the increase means. It was also learned
that the rate applied to ex-cry condition of earnings that held before the
strike was declared, and this meant
that the allowance for "dead" work
and hard places would stand.
Coming to Nelson Next Wednesday
For Fire Department Hoys.
Alba lleywood and ills Comedy Company will appear at the Nelson Opera
House next Wednesday evening under
the auspices of tlie Nelson Fire Department members. Tickets will be
on sale this evening at Teet/.el's drug
store and Lillie Hros. shoe store and
the plan will be opened in the Post-
ollice store ou Monday morning.
From the advance notices it would appear that the attraction is to be an
excellent one and fully deserving of
generous support.
Capetown. Oct. 8.���The Presbytery
of the Dutch Reformed Church, by
a vote of 33 against four, yesterday
adopted a resolution strongly condemning Great Britain's policy in
South   Africn.
R. W. Hannington, of Taylor _
Ilauniiigton. yesterday received a telegram from S. S. Taylor who is lit
present at Ottawa in eonneetion with
the case of the Merchants' Hank of
Halifax vs. Houston and Ward, staling that Chief Justice Strong was seriously ill. nnd owing to this the case
j would not be completed before October '-'5. Mr. Tayloi will return to
Nelson about tin' lirst   of DOXl month,
A Finnish Representative Visits British
Columbia to Secure a Place
of Settlement.
(SI'Kciai. to Tin-; MUVElt.)
Victoria, B. C.. Oct. fi. -M. Km
rikki, a Finnish journalist, is in the
country on a rather Important mission, He represents a large number nf
his countrymen, who .-ire desirous of
removing to a country where they
will be free from Russian control and
is here with tbe object of Interviewing the Government us to what can be
done looking to their locating in this
Province. Mr. K'urrikl'i bus been to
Queensland, Australia, looking into
the adaptability of that counrty as a
home foi the Finns, but he was very
much disappointed iu what he saw
there, and will leport adversely to his
people. Several hundred had already
gone there but found things very
unsatisfactory. Wages are low in
the extreme, and they found it difficult at times to obtain the ordlnnry
necessaries of life. Should his interview with the Government prove satisfactory, a suitable location will be
chosen and arrangements made for the
emigration of large numbers of Finns
A dispatch from Nanaimo says that
the Wellington workings will be
abandoned tomorrow, and all the machinery will be moved to Ladysmith.
Water is already flooding tlie workings. The output now is only two
ears a day. The Esqulmall and Nanaimo repair shops will also go to
With characteristic Seattle enterprise, The Post-Intelligencer, bound
to be ahead of everyone else.publishes
a nice little yarn about a telegram
received in Seattle from Skagway, direct by wire. As it was expected
that the all-Canadian line would be
ready this week, it was quite easy to
make up a nice little tale of how Seattle got the first ordci over the wire.
Unfortunately for the T'.-l.'s" enterprise, Supt. Wilson, of the C. I'. II.
telegraphs at Vancouver, states that
no message has come through and the
story is simply a fake. The telegraph
tariff between Vancouver and Daw-son
has been fixed at s?l for ten words,and
-.'o   cents for each additional word.
The number of pupils in attendance
at tbe public schools during September was tlie largest in tlie history of
the city, reaching a total of 3,528,
The average daily attendance was ::. ���
Mr. Justice Mai tin, commissioner to
the Porcupine District. and Mr.
Louis J. Seymour, secretary to tiie
Commission,    returned   home   by    the
steamer Victorian yesterday morning.
A report, which is to be illustrated
hy a number of photographs, is being
prepared by the commission and until
il is iii the bauds of   tbe Government,
the  llnlssion has little to say of the
workings of tlie commission.
Ye.-tenlay'.s issue of the Provincial
Gazette contains notice of the appointment of John D. Silibald, as
magistrate of ltevelstoke;.!. ,I.Logan,
a member of the Vancouver board of
licencing commissioners, vice F. R.
Stewart, resigned; II. C. Akroyd and
W. C, Brown of Vancouver, as Notarises public, and the following collectors under the Revenue Tax Act: F.
C. Campbell, of Trout Lake, for tho
Trout Lake Mining Division; Geo.
Sunnier, of (oniaplix, for the Lardeau
Mining Division; John T. Edwards.
of Kamloops, for the north riding of
Yale Electoral District.
Dues on square timber nnd saw logs
cut on Dominion lands in Hritish Columbia have been reduced to Shrill,
witli th.' exception of Oak,tbe dues on
whieh remain at S3.
A section of land in Hope district
has been set apart as an Indian reserve.
The Movie Water Co.has been incorporated. The object of the company
is to supply water to the town of
Placer claims in Cariboo can be laid
over from November 1 to ,)i n.' 1,
liy payment of dividends to shareholders, the capital of the Nelson City
Laud and Improvement 0o., has been
reduced to 813,110.50.
I). S. Davies for himself and other
shareholders of the Sunset Gold
and Silver Mining Co., (Foreign), has
entered an action against .lames M.
Dunn A Co.. in which he claims a declaration that lie was induced by
Dunn, representing himself to be the
secretary >>f the company, to buy 11,-
noo shares in 'he company on May 8,
!���'.'':. upon the representations! made
by Dunn thai the company owned an
undivided half of the Sunset mineral
claim, being lot D70, group I, Kootenay district, and a,'declaration that
the saiil undivided half Is the company's property. The plaintiff also
claims judgment f<<r the amount paid
for the shares, |2,200 and that tho
shares may be cancelled, and the register of members rectified. He also
asks for an Injunction restraining the
company from enforcing any call in
respect of the shares and for damages.
ON Till' (il-   A TRAIN.
Two Men Fight a Duel Under Terrible
St. Louis, Mo., (let. fl, (in the top
of a Chicago & Alton passenger train
moving at rale of lo miles an hour,
W. HurUe. of this city, and an unknown man fought a duel to the
death yesterday. The two men were
beating their way to Chicago. After
the train left East St. Louis, the
.stranger drew a revolver uml demanded Burke's money. Burke refused t<<
comply with the request and grappled witli his antagonist. During Ihe
struggle which followed tlie unknown
man shot llurke in the side but the
latter finally managed to push him
from the top of the coach, lie was
picked up with his skull crushed in
and Otherwise   horribly    injured   and
barely alive,
Seattle, Wash.. Oct. o. - The steamship Centennial has arrived in port
with ir.'.', passengers and 1160,000 of
treasure from Nome Nome is demanding more supplies and from a
business standpoint it is scarcely
considered ( Id bo in better Condition.
phenomenon transpired during tho
survey at that point. When tho line
was being run. along in the early
days, the course of lho needle wus de-
Heeled, it was supposed afterwards,
by the metal in Mount Haker and the
survey was Inaccurate. This mudu
the line several miles out of the way
before tbe mistake was rectified."
St.    Louis,    Mo,,    (let.   fi.���The Notional   Tobacco   Worker's   Dnlon   of
America have decided to take up the
Ugh!    against   child, labor.    Its   plan
will bo to take away the union label
from ail factories which give employment t" any i    under the age of   10
years. Tobacco factories all liver the
country will be given until May 1
next to recognize tbe order.
W.    I'.     Anderson,   local   passenger
agent of the Canadian  Pacific, left for
a trip over the Crow's   Nest Pass last
Chicago, net. 18.   a  spi eial   I.. the
Record from New- Whatcom, Washington, says: "In the present dls-
pule of   tlie   International   boundary
line location near Mount linker, il is
staled on   authority   that   a   peculiar
Rome.  (let.    0,     The    Tribune    publishes a despatch    from   Taku.   dated
net. i, which says that in tin1  attack
nn the Shuan Hai Kwan forts a mistake   occurred   between the    Russians
and the French who tired upon each
other iii Hie belief that they were assailing the Boxers, Several .vere killed ami wounded OU each side.
Lorcnco Marques, Oot 8,   Mr. Kru-
ger'a   grandson,    Elofl   will   sail  on
October  10    to prepare a   residence   ill
Brussels for the former President of
the Transvaal. The latter will sail
on the Dutch cruiser Geldorlund a few
days later,
la. H__H
Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Saturday  Evhwing,   October 6, iqoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon  Kicept Sunday
���BY TIIK���
Limited Liability.
US Fleet Street, K. C.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Spoilal Agent*
Dully, per month, by currlu
liaiiy. per month, by iiiuil ���
Dally, per yoar, by oarrjer..
Ball;, por year, by mail....
Dully, por year, foreig	
.. (i5o
,, 500
S 7 OU
.. 5 (X)
..   II 00
Weekly, per half yoar  |1 jjjj
Weekly, i��r year.......	
Weekly, per yeur, foreign......	
Subscriptions invariably In advance.
i i,i
3 00
All Check- ulioulil no mndo payable to tho
prdor of Nelson 1'l-bi.isiunu Company,
Tbe Vancouver World is trying to
decleve its readers, for it is saying a
great many things it does not believe
in the hope of helping Laurier candidates iu this Province. It publishes a
long list of things which it says the
Government at Ottawa have caused to
he done, all intended to retlcct credit
on the Liberal party and to commend
them to the renewed contldencc of the
people. But strangely enough they
are almost without exception wholly
unfounded or misleading. It will he
worth while to run through the list.
The first to the credit of the Government is:
"The settlement of the school   ques
Those who are most intimntoly concerned with it declare that the school
question Is not settled, and the Premier and his friends are uncomfortably
conscious that there is much truth in
the declaration.
"The reduction of the tariff."
This is unmitigated impudence.
Taking the average of the duties on
all imports during the last four years
of Conservative administration and the
four years of the Laurier Government,
and the difference is less than three-
quarters of one per cent.���a calculation made by Hon. Mr. Foster shows
it to be less than a third of one per
cent.    That is no reduction.
"The granting of a preference to
Great Britain,"
Under the circumstances the people
will hardly be disposed to put this to
the credit of the Government.
"Sending of Canadian volunteers to
South Africa. "
Yes, when driven to it by the Canadian people, whose indignation at
the Premier and Mr. Tarte had an
ominous sound to it.
"Tlie establishment of penny post
After fifteen or twenty years of agitation by Mr. Ilenniker llcnton, a
member of the Imperial Parliament.
"The vigorous development of transportation facilities."
There has been vigorous development
of transpoi tation facilities these last
twenty years.
"The establishment of the postal
note system."
Copied from Great ltritain and the
I'nited States.
"The placing of the Intercolonial
Railway on a paying basis."
Only on paper, in actual results
the railway is not paying, and never
"The abolition of land grants to
railways. "
This is something new. It was not
the policy in that charter to the Yukon Railway. When was it adopted?
"The opening up and establishment
of liberty, law. and order in the Yukon, without cost to the Dominion."
It is a habit to establish law, order, and liberty wherever the Hritish
Mag Hies, but it is usually done without the scandals attending the government of the Yukon.
'The abolition of the monstrous
Franchise Act."
The Franchise Act was cumbrous
and expensive, but it was not monstrous. It was a better Act than the
present   one.
���The attempted repeal of the Infamous Gerrymander Act."
In order that ono equally infamous
might be   substituted.
"The establishment of a perfect system of cold storage for the transportation of onr produots to Great Britain "
The cold storage ssyteui was devilled and established by Prof. Robertson, of the Agricultural Department,
under the Governments of Sir John
Thompson, Sir Mackenzie Howell, and
Sir Charles Tupper. The finishing
touches may have been given under
Sir Wilfrid Lauricr, but nothing
'"The reservation of Dominion lands
for the settler and not for tho speculator."
There have been no material changes
in tlie administration  of our public
lands since the present Government
came in. The claim made sounds
well, and is put forward In the hope
that it may decieve a few innocent
votcrB.     _________________
"The Liberals under Sir Wilfrid
Laurier,'' says The Wcenwpoa Times)
have done more towaidH securing a
recognition of Canadian claims to
greatness among the nations of the
earth and towards increasing the good
feeling that existed betweon the
Mother Country and her Colonies."
The Times is much too intelligent to
believe such stulf as this, aud it
should be too honest to give exprcs
siou to il. For several years before
Sir Wilfrid came on the carpet events
were mailing for Canada's opportunity,and the Queen's Jubilee was the occasion for its demonstration. Tho feeling or sentiment, which has taken on
the name id' Imperialism, hud been
growing, and then burst into llower.
Under the enthusiasm of the occasion
it would have burst into llower if the
editor of The Times bad been Premier of Canada. Sir Wilfrid Laurier
owes infinitely more to the ripening
of the sentiment than the Sentiment
owes to him. All that has taken place
was coming in any event, and it was
coming because the people of the United Kingdom were awakening to the
magnificence of that Greater Britain
which they had been seeing more or
less darkly in their dreams. Sir Wilfrid's connection with it consisted entirely of tlie happy circumstance of being in a front place when the time
came. He did not create it or producu
it, any more than did the earth quake
when lie was born.
The Ministerialists are already assured of their old majority in the
Hritish House of Commons, and in
the remainder of the pollings we may
expect a more generous return of Liberals. The constituencies that were
considered safe for them have been
held back to the last. The Irish Nationalists, who arc playing a game of
their own���and it is not one that is
exciting a great deal of general interest���will probably return to Westminster in their usual strength.
Out of the four hundred aud fifty or
live hundred members already elected
tothe liritisli House of Commons there
are three Laboritcs. What these can
expect to accomplish in a company
where their presence cannot make itself felt is beyond ordinary comprehension.
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T__!'II0K_ 88.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy..
l'eters' Modern Copper Smelting
Stretch's Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines	
Lung's   Matte   Smelting	
Miller's   Ciualitatlve   Analysis..
Kemp's Handbook of   Hocks....
Thautwine's Engineer's Handbook 	
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine	
Hawkins' Maxims and Instructions for  Boiler Room	
Hawkins' New Catechism of
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for Engineers	
Machinists'    and      Engineers'
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Soo Line
Imperial    Liijiited
East  and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
AiiiiowiiKAi) and Kootknay Landing
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat
daily for St. Paul; Sstuiflays for
Montreal and Huston; Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto. Same cars
pass Revelstoke oue day earlier.
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:35
16:80 Lv Nelson Ar 18:45
Morning train daily for nnd from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and i'aeilie Const.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, nnd from Revelstoke, main
liuc and Pacific Cosst, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7::!l) Lv I Nelson 1 Ar 10:30
(Ex Sun) f Wtl8on \ (Ex Sun)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points.
Revelstoke, main Hue and Pacific
KiiotivNAy Lake Kahi.ii Routb,
(Ex Sun)      Str Kokunee      (Ex Sun)
10:00 Lv NelBisn Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta sud return,
leaving Kaslo st 211:00k.
Kootknay Hivkh Routk.
Daily    Stis Moyie mid Nelson     Daily
_l80 Lv Nelson Ar 2:30
Connects at Kootenay Linding with
Crow's Nest Llue trains.
For r��le��, tiokels and full information  apply to Depot or  City Agent,
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unmix iiiiiiini, .'\<n n.oiie.n, jiriugewaier, uuyaooro. Londonderry, L,unenDurg.
1 Co.), Pictou, Port Hi-wkeiibury, Sydney. Snubonacadlc, Truro, Weymouth
k���Bathunt, UorcheHtcr. Frcdorlcton, Kingston iKent Co.l, Moncton, Now-
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Whey Smith, H. O. liauld, Hod. II. H. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. David MaeKeen.
Urnri Office, II1111 hi x:
Gonoral Mnnagor, Rdson L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of llmnchos. and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Iiwpoctor, \V. F, llrook, Halifax.
Inspector 1 >. M, Stewart, Montreal.
Iti-nurlim I
Nnva Hrntla-Hnlifax Branch, Antlgonttdi, Hridgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry. Lunenburg.
Mallliind (Hants Co.), '"  '
New HruiiHWlck
castle, Saekville,1
(City Olliee), Montreal. Wont Knd (Cor. Notro Dnme and Se'ig'neurs StreetoirWoatinount (Cor!
Grecno Avenuo and St. Catharines  Street.   Ontario���Ottawa.   Newfoundland���St. John's
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Cnnnda���Merchants Bank of Canada.   Bo,Ion-National Shawmut Bank.   Chicago��� Amerloa
Nalional Bank.   San Franelurn���First National Hank.   London, Kug.   Hunk of  Scotland.
I'oils, Fnince���Credit LyoiuialR.   Bermuda   Bank of Bermuda.   i:hlna and Japan���llotitf
Kong and Shanghai llnuklng Corporation.
(leiicml Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
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Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
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Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
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Sheppard R'v,
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The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls with
stage daily for Republic,   and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave, Day Train. ARnrrt.
10.36 a.m Spokane 7:10 p.ui,
12:05 p. m Ronelund 5:30 p.m.
9:30 a, ni Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Rossland 6:80 ��.�����
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. * T.A,
Spokane   WMb
Airnnt, Nelson. B.C
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Montreal
Allan Line Tunisian  Oci'J
i><>uiiiiii>ii Linn Caiubroinan "A1:
Hoavor i.lno l.nko Ontario J1?'.;
Beaver Lino Luiltanla ��������� ��� _V'J
From Now l orl
WhltoStar Lino Ocoanic ��"l,S
White Star Line Teutonic  %UJ
Cuonril Lino Campania ocl,;
Ounard Lino Ktrurln  "?,l
American Line St, Louis  .O"1,*
American Lino Now York Oc'.S
Anchor Uno  KI Miopia -O0',;
Anchor Lino City ol ltomo Oc',1?
N. G. L. Lino Kaisor Wliholm dor Gokho. .. Oot a
N.G.L. Lino Lnhn _���?
Fronch Lino Lo Gn*co|?ne _?',!
French Liiiu La Touralno  ���vi
Allan Stato Lino Oaliforniau ������ _*���
From llcnton;
Cunard Lino Ivornla got J"
Dominion Lino Now England ��� ��� ocl'"
PasnaifcH arrangod to and from all Knropean
point*. For ratos, tloke.a and full in(orni��ll��"
apply to C. P. R. depot agent or H. L. Brows
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Oonorel A iront. C.P.R. Olllces, YViiiniput
7-8 Inch diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelw*
J. 0. T. OROFTS,        ��� ,      ��� n
I'. O. Host     , Vol""". p _
F. O. GREKN        F. 8. OIjKMENTS
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Una
P. O. Box U% ����l��n> & ft Nelson Daily Miner,  Saturday  Evening,  October 6, 1900
Tn Hun Franolaco there is a wee mite
nf �� baby that has already become en-
tan.led In wore of Uncle Sam's rod
than it can lie freed from In
M' "'long day. The baby 1. �� China,,, waif, brought to America for the
"opposed purpose  of   heinB   sold   into
slavery as
soon as she prows to be old
Inongh���for the baby is a girl, with
tiny black   eyes   that   look  like   shoe
buttons-ami l;"u'�� Sam is   determined \o send   her   back   to   China.    But
how?   That   iB the question that   has
!_,���   bothering   his   oliiclals   at   the
Golden Gate.   They    can't   send  the
babv  liuelt   acrosB   the   l'uclflc   alone
and they cannot compel nnyono to aet
as long-dUtanoe   nurse   for   her.    Ho,
for the present and until Uncle Sam's
officials  can   And   a   Chinese   woman
who is making a trip to the   Celestial
kingdom���which will not be tor   some
time unless  the   Chinese war   Bhould
end suddenly���Uncle Sam will bavo to
keep liis Httle charge-   wrapped   up in
red tape.    The baby's  name Is   Wong
Yut Ho, aud she is not two years old.
Nobody knows juat who she   is.    She
came to this country   on   the arm of a
Chinese   woman,   who   said   she was
the child's aunt.    The aunt's name is
Si Lin, and she is the wife  of   a Chinese merchant at Virginia   City.    She
saiil the child's parents had both died
in China, aud that   there were no relatives left there   that  could   care   for
Which was a very pretty and touching tale but the officials did not believe it. There are many "aunts" who
briug Chinese nieces to this country
for no other purpose in the world than
to find a market for them as soon as
they reach a marketable ago.
And, besides, the Chinese immigration laws do nut make provision for
the importation of "nieces" and
"nephews," genuine though the claim
of relationship may be. The law provides that only Chinese who have lived in this country and have gone back
home for a visit, and merchants, students, teachers, officials, tourists and
those bom here of Chinese parents
ainy be eligible to roside iu this country.
But what were they to do with her'.'
They could not start her back across
the Pacitle with uo one to caro for
her,and tuck her away in a berth and
feed rice and milk to her any number
of times a day. And there was no
provision made by the law whereby a
special attendant could be employed
to make the trip. Queer, isn't it,
how oareleos lawmakers can be sometimes?
Miss Donald Cameron, the young
..hi,.11 of the Presbyterian Chinese
mission, came to Uncle Sam's relief
while he looked around a bit and
took Wong Yu Ho as a prisoner���a
prisoner of the great Uncle Sam; for
all Chinese who arc denied admission
to the I'nited States are kept as prisoners uutl a way can be found to send
them back home.
And Wong Yu Ho lias been through
the courts���where she dug bur lists
into her tiny eyes and yelled aud
tried to pull the hair of the stenographer.
She didn't pay much attention to
the judge aud the lawyers, and left
them to their own sweet ways while
they argued and contended and quoted law aud examined witnesses and
attempted to make each other shoulder
tlie responsliblities until they got
Wong Yu Ho���and themselves���all
tangled up in more red tape.
Hut they could not discover a way
in whieh Wong Yu Ho could be got
rid of until they should Und some
Chinese woman who was going back
home for a visit and would undertake
to care for the little waif. So Miss
Cameron took the baby to tho mission,
and fed her copiously from a big
howl of rice und milk.
When she gets back to China���if.in-
decii, some way Is not found to keep
her here and out of the reach of the
"aunt" and those who are suspected
of harboring designs of selling her to
����me rich Chinese merchant���she will
eeiue to be the mission pet and will
become once more, only a very small
atom in the composition of the Sleeping lilant of the   Orlont.
Bai<ino  Powder
pOR a third of a century the in-
A valuable qualities of Dr. Price's
Baking Powder have been familiar
to American housewives, who have
found its use invariably a guarantee,
of light, sweet, pure and wholesome
The renown of Dr. Price's
Cream Baking Powder, in these
closing years of the nineteenth
century, is not only continental but
world-wide. Its unequalled qualities are known and appreciated
Always makes the perfect biscuit,
cake and bread.
Note.���Baking powd��*l made from alum and oilier
harsh, caustic acids are lower in price, hut
Interior iu work and injurious to the stomach.
In one corner of the pavilion in the
City of ParlB in the Exposition
.rounds is a strange exhibit. All
around the room, In frames, on transparent sheets of glass, are the photographs of men and women who have,
evidently, something wrong about
There are evil faces, cunning faces,
brutal faces, few good-looking, many
simply wretched. There arc two pho-
totrvahps of each person, a full front
and a profile. Under each pair is seen
a card with lllled-up blanks.
They are said to be photographs of
criminals. It 1b the exhibit of the
Betrtillon system for the Identification of the enemies   of  society.    Tbe
photograhps ure valuable for this purpose; but the Insignlticaut looking
cards, filled in with measurements,
mane the perfection of the device.
What is tbe real result of the Uerttl-
lon system'.' The inventor of it calls it
a merciful device that promises to
lead, in the far future,to "anonymous
convictions, the safeguarding of family reputations."
Its teudeuey is to punish the wrong
does, not once for one crime, but many
times for the one crime; in fact, as
many times as he Is called up, on
suspicion, before the bar of justice.
In Paris, any man accused of any
crime or misdemeanor, be it even a
breach of the peace or an insult to a
policeuiun, if he have not influence to
get off befoie the committing magistrate, is hustled to the central depot,
there to be investigated and wait
He may be Innocent, but the first
thing that happeuB to him there is to
be marched up high into "the tower"
of the anthropometric service, to be
measured, photographed and identified by moles, scars, beauty spots
and other accidents. He may be
released the next day or within a
week or month, without a stain upon
his character.
The stain will always rest upon his
record nevertheless, because he has
been photographed, described and
classed. Now see the injustice of it.
True the outside public has uo right
to consult these records. The police
always have the right.
And let this man be arrested again,
within one year, or five, or ten, and
the first thing discovered of him will
be that ho has been photographed,
described and classed before. A grave
presumption is set np immediately. It
has nothing to do with the present accusation, of course; and the man was
discharged that first time without
the stain ou his character.
Nevertheless the record is there. He
has already had to do with justice.
Now he is suspected twice, once for
the thing of which he is accused today, and again for that thing against
which he justified himself a year ago,
or five, or ten. It ought to have been
wiped off the slate. It has not been
wiped off.
Such iB the ingenuity of the system
there is no chance to escape its damming Identifications. liased on the
principle that no two It .ves in a forest of 100,0110 trees are exactly alike
in all their measurements and markings, it confidently relies, for identification of tbe Infinitely more complicated human body, on a system of
comparisons that one by one eliminate
all but the individual who responds
to its data.
A hundred may have exactly tho
same diameter of head, from back to
front, from side to side. Not all of
the hundred will have at the same
time, the same measurement of the
right leg from  knee to  ankle,   Still
fewer of such will have the Bame arm
measurement from shoulder to elbow.
And so it goes on, elimination to
elimination, until card after card of
the immense collection is thrown
asido us not applicable, and one single
card is left���the card whose measurements apply in every case.
This is the man. In vain he will
deny it. They know it is he; and
when, to cap the climax, they say to
him: "You ought to have a small
sear on your left hip, four centimeters from the pelvic joint, and a hairy
mole on your right shoulder," he has
nothing to do but to give in.
Mr. W. A. HinnH of Manchester, Iu.,
writing of his almost miracnlons
escape from death, says: "Exposure
after measles induced serious lung
trouble, whioh ended in Oonsnmptlon.
I hail frequent hemorrhages and
conghed night and day. All my doctors said I must soon die. Then I began to use Dr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, which completely
onred me. I would not be witbont it
even if it cost $5.00 a bottle. Hundreds bave used it on my recommendation and all say it nnver fails to oure
Throat, Obest aud Lnng troubles."
Regular size BOo and 81.00. Trial
bottles free nt Canada Drug and Book
Advertisements Inserted under this head al
the rate of ono cent a word por insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
FOR   SALE.��� Cheap,     steam   yacht.
Apply tleo. S. Heer, agent, city.
WANTED.���About Nov. Ut., a position as Stenographer by a younp
lady. Speed 140 and upwards. Experienced typewriter. Apply to Business College, Mrs. Rattray.
LOST.���Scotch   Terrier���Black   back,
yellow head, collar and tag.  Return
to Mr. Lennox, at olliee, Haker Street
residence Mill Street.
KOR RENT.���A furnished bedroom
on Baker  Street, West.    Apply liox
130 Post Office.
FOR RENT.���New seven room house.
High   Street,    Hume   Addition,   200
feet fiom   City  line, City   water  and
bath.    Possession   given   October 0th.
Also   furniture   and   stoves for   sale.
Apply to Charles W. Dill  or   to   Mrs.
llullick, owner.
LOST.���Fox terrier bitch, 10 months
old, black antl tan head, black spot
on tall answering to name of Spark.
If any information is obtained, ail
dress, C. W. Young, Provincial Police
ollioe, Nelson.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher.
Pitman's system taught in 20 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer," Miner
KOR     RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
chants' Bank of Halifax.
FOK RENT���Furnished rooms.  Oocxl
attendance,   riecond   door   east   ol
Olty Hall.  _
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   board  in
private family, .50 and |0.   Table
board ��4.   Carbonate Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
If Brown
Said So,
It's Right
That is, if you are
speaking of Jewelry or Watches, because he knows what
he is talking about,
riiners' Shoes
Prices. . .
The test of Wine, Quality!
On the   English and  French  markets
Pommery commands the highest prices.
The only wine used at the Ascot races
this Year.
Children's School Shoes that will stand
all kinds of wear. Strong", reliable
Shoes, that will prove a solace to the
father's purse, 'lhese are the kind we
have to show you.
Wholesale  Houses
'piIOHl*K Sc CO. Limited-Corner Vornon
X mill ( _<litr -iiri'i-. .Si-1--UII ���Matiufaciur-
urn Of and wholwalQ (tutuon in uerutcd wiiUin*
und fruit tiyrupt. Bolfl uronti for Halcyon Hot
tJpringH mineral water.   Telephone 60s
N. M. Cummins, Loaeoo���Mvegy known
variety uf .oft drinks, 1�� o box 88. Telephone
No. 31, Hoover suvt't, Nelson* boitlernof the
.AtnOUfl tJU Leon lloi .spritiRn Mineral Water.
For the next 30 days, to make
room for our fall stocK we
are going* to sell all our
Fine Shoes at
20 per cent
on all present   prices.    As
generally known we carry
the best that   money
can produce.
First Come First Choice
Four Hundred
Pairs to Go....
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY   Ynrtle, NKLSON
and LA B 1)0.
j. aJsayward,
Agents for Eureka nineral Wool and
Asbestos  Co.
immii.iti.-i, Go. of North America, Mutual Ufa
Insurance Go., of Now York, Quebec
Fire Assuranco Go.
50 ft. on Mill   Streot 8   800
50 ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terrnH '.      BOO
25 ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
tern���      250
50 ft. corner on Stanley Street,.     050
'.',!, ft. Victoria Street, went       050
50 ft. Vernon Street,   west   1,800
8-Roomed   House   on   Cni'liotiato
Street $25 (10
7-Kooined   House,    I'ark   Street,
close to ltalcer Street  3(1 00
7-ltooine.l House on Mill Street.  25
8-Hooined Houae.Hume Addition 20 oo
Furnished lionise on Observatory
Street  35 00
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Apartodo No. 83
two-story dwelling; 7 large rooms; front and back
stairs;  halls;   closets; bath room; s<*wi*r connection j
about four blockfl   from post-office	
8700 oash, balance monthly.    A first-class buy.
Ive-room cottage; sewer connection; 35-foot lot; a block
from tram line, in Addition A	
Kasy terms.
wo good 85-foot lots, m-ar the street car barns; only. . ..
(���foot corner, Vernon Street	
i-foot lot, Carbonate Street	
Boom Cottage	
���Room Cottage	
Room Cottage	
���Room Cottage	
o   let   on a yearly lease, ti-room bouse, corner of   Cedar
and Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas and  electric light.
Fire Insurance Fromptly Placed.
C1ANK Sc MAChUNALD (11. Cane, Jam.*
/ a. Maodonald)���Architect! and rapeeav
Uindents, l.ruk.n Hill Muck, .oritur linker and
Wuru bltreoU, Nelson*
CO.���Manufacture of the Hoyui Heal
aud   Kootenay    Bella   i Igars,    Factory  and
ulllcu, itakcr struct, iNi'Uon.
UJ. KVANS Sc CO.-Itakcr Street, Nol-
��� mm v\ I-.... !,.��� dealers in liquor*, ci-
Kuro, cement, tiro brick ami llro clay, water
l��i|i_ and ��� i .-* i reilt), ami ymurul coimuiHaion
J    A. M DONALD   Madden Block, Nelson-
���   Km|ts,  Lee cream,  "O. 11." chocolate**.
intfti olaa ooufeotiooery*   Ice Ommo Parlor*.
Wholesale and retail dealers lu Kraln,
hay, H0UF. feed,    _L1U_ al Victoria, New Wt_t-
uilnster; tCdmontoo, Alia,   i-luvaiont on Cal-
Hary and lv'i ni ni,  Railway,   Manufacturers
ul the celebrated li. & K. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co.���Corner Kront
��� and Mall M reels \V hulcnale grocers
and jobbers in blankets, gluves, mills, boot*,
rubbers, niackinawb and miners nundries.
Olliee corner Hall aud Kronl Street.
iNuJson���Lumber, oeiluiK. Mooring, and every
tbuiK in weed fur building purpotWH.   Get uur
prices.  OorrespondenM solicited.
i)   BURNS Jt Co.���Haker Mlnsel, Nol ��on���
���   v, '   ���'..<   dealer! in frotdi uml cured
lUQfttt.   Oold .sluroKe.	
WK.-iT    KOOTKNAY     HUTCH Kit    CO.
Baku street. Nelson���WhoiMal* doul-
eta ill frcwli and cum! nit-lit*.
j tstroot, Nelsson ��� Wholoale dnlan In
hunhvuro, minora' luppUoBt Hporlintc hoo*1".
Ml.ACHI.AN  BROS, (Sucoosxom  to Vancouver UardwaraOo, Ltd.ilinker titroci,
( Nelson     '��� holenlQ dealani In  hardware and
i mining   ui'|.h<     plumbc-lV und UiiHniithn' hui>-
NKLSON   HAHDVVAltK   CO.- Wholoaalo
luiltit*. oil* and Klai"<; mechanic*' UjoIh,
AftentS fui Ontario J'uwdcr Worku; dynamite
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
__i  S3S    _____________   m_\%  m
Branch Markets in Kossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have careful a��4 oromnt attention.
aJtm,yc4 /jil+ms ��wU/ ______^_|_^ *y
m c*Jc<\f ^��u^���iHirru__\^_^
I.It.   (HtS AMI  I>KY (lO(lI)S
IIUKNKIt. IIKKTON & Co.-Corner Vernon
and Josephine Htrootw, Nolhon���Whclo-
.ale dealer! in Uquon, ciKarx, and dry goodii.
AKt'iilf. for Pabst Brewing Co. ot Milwaukee
nnd CalKury Browing Co of Cal��ary.
II UPSON'S HAY Co.���Wholesale grooeric^
1    and Uquon olc. Haker .-Ti.���, t. Nclnon.
CiAI.IHHtNIA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
/ Kront and Hall Btroou, Nelnon���Whole-
-ale dealer* In winen leawo anil bulk!, and
domonlic and llil|iorled clKarx.
Y. OUIKKIN _ CO,-Cornor Vornon and
. . Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesale
���alen. in urovlnlotif, cured meat*, bultor and
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
St. Joseph's
Next trrm conimencen .'inl
September.    Pot partial-
Ian apply to thu
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the ilay 81.00.
J. V. O'LAUGHLIN, Prop- Nelson Daii-v  Miner, Saturday Evknikg, October 6, 1000.
Work upon the Referendum property
on 40-Creels will be started early next
week, This property whloh consists
of three claims, the Referendum, Katie and Golden Cross, is owned by
the Referendum Free Gold Mining
and Milling Company with head
offices ut Kossland. Mr, Charles
Parker, who is the official engineer of
the company visited the property today and laid out tho work that is to
be done ai once. The work will be
done by contract and'will bo carried
on during the winter season. Already
lull feet "f shafting has been sunk,
with considerable drifting on the
lead. The present work will be started at the ion-foot level, and it is intruded to run this level over 1(111 feet
on the vein. The ore is free milling
and the assay returns show that it is
of a high grade anil similar to the
Athabasca and I'oorman mines. Tlie
vein is from two to three feet wide
and is marked by well defined slate
walls. Mr, Parker stated this morning that the property had shown up
so well that it was the intention of
the company to install a five-stamp
mill as soon as the necessary arrangements can be made.
*   *   ���
Of the awards in the mineral exhibits, the Spokesman-Review says:
The judges of tbe mineral exhibit
of tho exposition completed the awarding of prizes last evening. Hritish
Columbia headed tlie lint for the state
prize and captured a little more than
half of all the awards made. There
were 38 prizes given. Of these Hritish
Columbia secured SO, Washington 18,
and Idaho, (iregon and Montana one
In making their report the judges
found that, as a whole, while the display was not so large as last year, the
arrangement and display of samples
was much superior, They also said :
"Photographs, maps, mine models
anil assay eerticliates havo been very
prominent and are a most desirable
feature of such exhibits, adding very
materially to the attractiveness of
the displays.
"The preservation of such an'exhib-
it as an intact whole, so far as possible and its permanent and continuous
display for the lieneiit of the eity aud
the miners and investors sliould be the
first duty of tlie exposition authorities. "
The prizes awarded   are as follows:
State or Provincial Collective Exhibit-First, Hritish Columbia; second. Washington ; third Idaho.
District Exhibit���Kirst, Rossland,
B. C. ; second, Nelson, it. ,C. ; third,
Index. Wash.
Individual Exhibit���First, Hritish
America Corporation, Rossland; second, I'nited States Marble Co., Valley. Wash.
tioid Nuggets���First, Ymir district,
11. C, no second.
Free Gold Ore���First, Hill Nye
nunc, Jackson County. Oregon; second. Ymir mine, Ymir, B.   C.
Silver lire���First, Horn Silver mine.
Okanogan County, Wash; second.
W. A.   Coplen,    Slocan District, It. C.
Silver-lead (ire���First Slocan District. H. C. : second, Ainsworth, H. C,
Copper Hie���First, Index District,
Wash. : second Gladstone. South Fork
Copper-Gold    Ore���First,     Rossland
District, B.C.; second. Boundary District. II. C,
Ornamental Stone���First, United
states   Marble   Co..      Valley.    Wash.
Best Arranged Exhibit���First, Nel-
s..n District, H. ���'. ; Bccond, Chicago
mine, Sandon, B, C.
Exhibit of Iron (ire First. Vigilant
mine. Valley, Wash. : second, Silver
King mine,  Valley, Wash.
Exhibit of Building Stone���First.
I'nited Slates Marble Co., Valley.
Exhibit of Slate - First, United
States Marble Co., Valley, Wash.;
second, Stevens County Slate Co., Spo-
Exhibit of Zino���First, Earl mine.
Ainsworth, li. C. ; no si nd,
Exhil.it uf Antimony First. Antimony mine, Thompson, Mont.; no
Exhibit of Molybdenite���First,
Washington mi nc, Twisp River.Okanogan Connty, Wash. ; second Happy
Hill mine.   Okanogan   County, Wash.
Cabinet Exhibit lirst. E. |(. Van
Osdel. Spokane, Wash. ; second, W.
A. Coplen. Slocan.  H. ('.
Technical Exhibit First. M. A.
Ilolman, Ainsworth. B.C.; no second.
Kaslo. It. ('.. Oct. ii. An offer of
SIOii.llllil cash was refused by Ihe owners of the  Victoria group on   Meadow
Creek  in   the   Lardo-Dunoan,   This
property, which is owned entirely by
Kaslo people, was under bond for 130,���
don last year to Toronto people, but
was not worked by them because,
winter coming too soon, they were
not able to get into it. Since then
nothing bus been done, and this cash
offer, coining tlumigli Charles Caldwell, being  refused by  the owners Is
thought to indicate a possible resunip*
tion in the near future.
The King Solomon Mining Company, which bought the property of
the old Canadian Pacific Mining Company on the shore of Kootenay Lake
at Woodbury Creek, is doing extensive
dcvolopment. It is building a large
office building and a residence for the
manager, and also applying for a
crown grant of the water front. There
are 25 men at work in the mine, and
more are to be put on immediately.
Work is being pushed in No. II and
No. 4   tunnels.
The directors of the Valparaiso Mining Company gave an excursion to tlie
mine on Sunday. About :io people
availed themselves of the opportunity
and visited the property. The mine
is only about a mile from the mouth
of Goat Creek and can be seen from
the lake. Manager Grothe showed the
party through the workings. The
company is working only four men at
present, but intends putting on a large
force and developing the property
thoroughly. The tunnel is in 300 feet
and has cut the lead at a depth of I3S
feet. The lead has been drifted on for
30 feet each way. The lodge is 1(1 feet
wide, and can be traced over eight
claims, two of which belong to the
Valparaiso company. Although the
entire ledge is mineralized the pay-
Streak is only five feet wide. The ore
is free-milling gold and could qe
worked on the grounds at very little
expense. A ton of ore was shipped to
the Hall Mines Smelter at Nelson aud
returns of 8?'-' in gold and Sli in silver given. Another trial shipment of
a ton is ready at the lake shore.
��   .   ���
The following are the mining records for today: Transfers���From M.
II. Gilliam, of Nelson, to A. I,. Davenport of Spokane, entire interest in
Omega claim, near Erie for a nominal
insideration ; R. W. Hacom of Ymir,
to G, W. Taylor of Nelson, }\ interest
iu Birthday, Ivory King and Wood-
tick, near Ymir. for a nominal consideration. Locations���Dorothy 11.
on Salmon River, by William Connolly; Aberdeen, on Wolf Creek by
Frank Cnfried; True Blue, on Sheep
Creek, by II. McAlpin; Black .lack,
in Rover (reek,by M. O'Brien; Evangeline, on 40-Creek, by II. ;\V. li. Kil-
patrick and Harry Woolaver.
The C. P. R. has decided to repair
the Columbia .t Western line. Fity
men will be required to do this work.
Allan line steamer Tunisian, passed
Fame Point at S :4(l yesterday morning and was due at Quebec at li a. m.,
Owing to the great amonnt of sickness whieh now prevails throughout
Nelson and vicinity, every ward both
general and private,is taken up at the
General Hospital.
Architects Cane and Macdonahl are
preparing plans for elaborate fittings
for the Canada Book & Drug Company's new apartments in the Kirk-
patriek-Cleinent-Wilson block.
Recorder Harry Wright, in making
his report to the Provincial secretary
at Victoria for the third quarter ending September III, stated that there
had been recorded at this office during
the quarter. 32 births, I'd deaths, ami
111 marriages.
"A Call to Service." will lie the
topic at the Baptist Church on Sunday
morning. The text for tlie evening
will be."No Man {.'arcs For My Soul."
Rev. G. ,1. Coulter White will preach
at both services. Gocd music will be
rendered and a cordial invitation is
extended to all.
"War as a Great Evil," will lie the
subject of Rev. Wm. Mumo's sermon
at the Opera House tomorrow evening. There will also be an interesting service at 11 o'clock in the morning. At tin1 evening service the choir
will render. "Awake O /.ion.'' Everyone is cordially  invited.
Hoik the morning and evening service tomorrow at tbe Methodist
church will be conducted by the pas
tor. Rev. .1. II. White. At the evening service Ibe second of a series of
sermons on The Prodigal Son," will
be delivered by Mr. White. Good
music will be rendered at both services.    All will be made welcome.
Then' was a very successful rehearsal of "Mikado" at the Opera House
last night and all indications now
point to a most successful production.
Tonight the whole opera will be g me
through and it is most Imps rtint
that every one taking part should attend. The sale id seats win commence at ten o'clock Tuesday morning when the plans will be open at
the I'osiotliee store.
Mr. .1. E. llalton, is nearly through
with "The Mikado" scenery and pending the doing of similar work elsewhere, be has a few days which be
would like to   put   in   making   water
color sketches of sceoery around Nelson for adornment of parlor walls,  or
for sending to fricndM abroad. Mr.
llalton makes line, spirited sketches,
full of life and highly artistic.
Republican Leader Narrowly Escapes
Serious Injury.
Chicago, Oct. 4.���Senator M. A.
Ilanna was the target for a Ill-pound
chunk of ice last night at a Bepubli
can meeting. The missile was dropped through an aperature in the tent
directly over the speaker's stand. It
did not miss Banna's head over two
inches, and had it struck him would
have knocked him down aud probably
fractured his skull. The police who
surrounded the speaker's stand were
astounded for a moment, and then
made a rush for the street. Senator
Ilanna retained his composure and
quietly seated himself,while Congress
man ,1. S. Mann went on with the
speech-making. The police found the
place where the ice had been placed
on the sidewalk, but could get no
trace of the person who threw it.
They sai I it was probably the work
of some mischievous boy who had se-
ered the ice lit a neighboring saloon.
Senator Ilanna left the tent escorted
by a double row of police.
Philadelphia, I'a., Oct, tl.���Calvin
Pardee, of Pardee & Co., issued the
following statement from the main
olliee of the firm in this city  today:
"A mob of upwards of 3,00(1, many
of its numbers armed with clubs, in
the presence of Sheriff Harvey and a
large force of deputies drove off our
men at the Lattimer mines today from
their work anil we deemed it best to
suspend work there until further notice, and have posted tlie following at
our mines: 'Notice���Tbe Governor of
Pennsylvania and the General Communing tbe National Guard of the
State, stationed at Shenandoah, having failed to send troops to aid Sher-
iIV Harvey in preventing the marching of mobs anil assaults on and preventing our employees from pursuing
their usual daily work in the mountains of Lucerne County,and the Sheriff also having failed to do this with
his numerous deputies, and it being
impossible for us to prevent further
injury and possible loss of life to our
employees in their homes or going to
and from their work, we deem it best
to suspend work at our mines this
day until further notice.' '
London, Oct.6.���At 5:30 p.m. today,
47H members of Parliament had been
elected as follows: Ministerialists,
321; Opposition, 157. The respective
gains of the parties had not changed
at 2:35 p. m., when 471 members had
been elected, the returns were divided
as follows: Conservatives, 271; Unionists, 47; Liberals and Laborites,
89, Nationalists, ill.
London, Oct. ii.���A disastrous fire
occurred at the Cartridge factory of
the Vickers-Maxim Company. A
large stock of shells ready for shipment was destroyed. The fusilade
caused by the explosion of the shells
caused the greatest consternation.
There were no fatalities.
London, Oct. li.���A special despatch
from Glasgow says another case of
bubonic plague has been discovered in
a part of the city hitherto free from
the disease.
Phair.���George Sumner, J. C, Hodgson. Montreal; R. lv. Hope. Hamilton ;
.1. C, Drewery, Rossland; Wm. Meln-
ncs, Cranbrook; Chas. Thies, Spokane; A. W. Hey wood, E. Heywood,
Chicago; G. W. Hinton, Vancouver;
.1. M. Miller, Rossland; Colonel Foster, Ottawa; A. Land, Winnipeg; II.
W. Kent,  Vancouver.
Hume. ��� II. .1. Elmer, Moyle; E. .1.
Smith, Kaslo; W. A. Rae and wife,
Winnipeg; CharlcB Plowman, Kaslo;
.1. B, McKilligan,     Victoi ia;   E.    Do-
bcrer, Vanoouver; E. C Johnson,
Portland; John    F.   Bolden,   T.   II.
Bridget, Sloean City; Charles Fans,
Slocan City; II. Harvey, Vancouver;
D. F. Dickson, Winnipeg; .lames
llalton, Shcrbrooke, line.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts'
Hunch, two and a half miles up the
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
TO II HI)   ��   <<��SS.   IX   O.VK   SKI
Take. Laxative Ilroiuo (Juinlno Tablet*. All
rlruKsd-t- tcfiiii'! the mono)' If It fall* tn euro'
Iiu,   K, W, Grovs'i ���Iguiuuro la on oaoli box.
H.  Haviuiih'h [KnuijsiiI  Oburor���Corner
Ward and Silica MIh. Sundays: Holy Com.
miinlon Ha. in.: anil on tho Ul uml :ird HtinrinvH
lu tho month urtor MatlhiH; Mullin- ai 11 a.m.;
Hlltnlny School 2..T0 p.m j EvoOMDg 7.3(1. Dully:
Mull In at 11.30 a. in. Thursday* and Saint's
Days: Holy Communion II) a. m. Fridays:
BvenssopgJ.SO p. ID,, followed by choir practice. II. S. Ui Im11 i. Koclor. Krixl Irvlno,
(Ieo. .lob list ono, Wardens.
Catholic Choroh���Corner: Ward nml Mill
sl reels Mass every Sunday nl Hand Hl.lma.in
II licl urn nt. 7.30 p.m.   Muss ovory week day
ul 7.1.1 a.m.   Hov.   Father Fortnnil Iteclor.
I'm -en nuan Cni'iiui- HorvlcoMKt II a.m
and 7.30 p.m. rlundny School nl 2.30 p.m.
I'rayor mooting Thursiluy ovonlnK at 8 ji.ni.;
Christian Kntloavor Society meets ovory Tuesday ovenlng a* S o'clock. Kov. 11. Krow,
MktisijIurt Ciiukgii���Corner Silica and
Josephine Streets.   Services at 11 a.m. und 7,30
! ii. ni. ; Hahtmth School, 2.30 p.m.; Prayer moot-
Insr on Tliursdny evening at Ho'clock: Kpwnrlh
1^'iuruoC, H.,Tamer stla.m. Hov. J. H.
White, l'u '.". ItiiRltlence, Josephine Street,
roar of church.
i Hactist CIIUHCIS ��� Serviced morning and
ovenlng at II a.m. and 7.3(1 p.m.; Prayer meet.
mi: Tliursdny ovonluK nt H |i.m. the n Y
KU. Tuesduy evening at 8 o'clock. strniiKers
or'llally wefco*����d. Rov. O. J. Coulter White,
Salvation Abut���Borvlo ��� orery evening
at h o'olooh  In  bamolu on V otorl     atroct
1 AdJudanl Kdgroembe In charge.
Highbinder Accused of Killing Chief
of Police Main Admits the Charge.
Vancouver, II. ('., Oct. li. -Hip
Luck, the highbinder accused of flu'
murder of Chief of Police Main nf
Stevenston, has pleaded guilty and
has also implicated two other Chinese
in the crime. Tlie prisoner was unrepresented by counsel, and the presiding judge did not at lirst wish In
accept the idea of guilty in such a serious case. He bad tlie interpreter explain to the Chinaman that when
white men were tried for murder it
was usual for them to plead not
guilty, the consequences of tbe crime
being so serious. This was all explained to the prisoner, who only replied: "1 can only plead guilty; the
three of us killed Main. "
The  Crown   prosecutor   asked  that
the plea of guilty be accepted.
Washington, n.C.Oei. 0.��� The Japanese Minister has left the Secretary
of State a copy of a telegram dated
October I, received from the Japanese
Minister for Foreign Affairs, to this
effect: "The Japanese Acting Consul
at Shanghai, reported mi the :.'sth
ult.,the publication in Chinese papers
of an undated imperial edict, the purport of which was as follows:
'Though wc have accompanied her
majesty the Empress Dowager to Tai
Yen and settled lliere.it is not our intention to remain there pcrinacnlly.
In as much as Chang An was the sent
of the ancient rulers of China and is
defended by nature, we order the acting Governor of Shen Si to select a
suitable site for the Imperial palace
in the eity of Si Ningan and to pin-
vide everything necessary for our
journey thereto. He should bear in
mind the hardships wc are now exposed to and refrain from all extravagant preparations.'
London, Oct. II.���A despatch received from Lord Roberts, dated Friday,
Oct. 5, says: "The number of prisoners captured or surrendered iB daily
increasing and must now aggregate
neaily Hi,(Hill men. Commandant Midler has surrendered to Cleary and
Commandant Dirksend anil others are
on their way to Pretoria to surrender. A iletachniccnt of the London
Irish endeavored to surprise a party
of Hoers near Hultfontein. October 4,
but had to retire, after three hours
lighting with six men wounded. The
Hoers suffered heavily."
Ottawa, Oct.  0.���A Cabinet meeting
was held this afternoon.   Nothing was
given  out.    Something  is looked  for
This signature) is on every box or the genuine
Laxative Bromo=Quitun@ Tablets
the remedy that oiirt_i n -.���'���   1 f*: one day
Close connection East anil Westbound at Spokane with trains of the
trains of the Spokane Falls nnd North-
ern Railway,
Direct connection at St. Paul without change of depot Hit b all trains for
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for Enut nt 10:15 a-m
Leaves Sjioknue daily for West at 7:��� p.in
West-bound trains make direct con
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, San Francisco, mid nil points
on the Bound.
During the season of navigation East
bound trains connect at Pulutii with
tlieinagnillcenl.steamships North-West
and North-1 .ii iii I of the Northern Steamship Company Line, uperated in connection Willi the (licit Northern Railway.
I'm- further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply lo any agent of Spokane
Falls & Northern By., Kaslo & Sloean
Hy , Kootei ai Railway <t Navigation
(to,, or to
deal, Pass. A Tkt. Agt.   Com'cl Agt.
st, Paul, Min      Spokane, Wash
Are You Right?
You can he sure of your minutes
if you provide yourself with oue
of our accurate and reliable
t iniekeepers.
Don't run���get a good watch to
run for you.
Manufacturing Jewelers.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Kent and Sale on Easy Terms
Office over Nelson Wine Store.
Provincial Board of Health
Regulations for the Detection and
Treatment of a Disease Known as
Bubonic Plague.
Wlndernioro MIiich.   Corronp  ��� onooHol'.eltnit
wiNTnKit\tF,T?p;. ,< n
WA.NTKD-Dressiniiliing    apprentices
wanted.  Salury paid,  Hudson's Huv
Stores. '
Approved hy Order of His   Honor the
Lieutenant-Governor - ln-Councll,
Dated the 6th Day   of   September,
1. All sick Chinese or Japanese must
send or give notice of their illness to
the Health Officer or Police Constable
in the district where such Chinese or
Japanese reside.
:.'. Physicians in attendance on sick
Chinese or Japanese shall notify the
Health Ollicer or Chairman of the Local Hoard of Health of Municipalities:
or if in an outlying district, the Government Agent must lie notified. Such
notification should state the cause of
illness and the condition of.the glands
throughout the body of the sick person and should be delivered to the
Health Officer, Chairman of the Loeal
Hoard of Health or (lovernment Agent,
as the ease may be, at the earliest
possible opportunity.
3. In City Municipalities the Medical Health Office shall be notified
within six hours of the death of any
Chinese or Japanese, by the person on
whose premises such death occurred,
or by some relation or person having
charge of the person so dying.
4. In Rural Muniepalities the Medical Health Ollicer, or Chairman or
Secretary of the Local Hoard of Health
must be notilied within six hours of
such deaths, and in outlying districts
the (lovernment Agent or Provincial
Constable shall be notified within
twelve hours after such death, or as
soon after as possible. Certificates as
to the cause of death must lie signed
by the health officer in municitalities
and in outlying districts by the Government Agent, or some person duly
authorized by him.
5. Any person violating any provision of these regulations.shall be liable upon summary conviction before
any two Justices of the l'eaec, for
every such offense, to a fine not ex
feeding one hundred dollars, with or
without costs, or to imprisonment)
with or without bard labor, for i
term not exceeding six months, or ti
both line and imprisonment, in tilt
discretion of the convicting court.
Secretary Provincial Hoard of Health.
By Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Victoria, II. 0., September 8th, 1900,
I        NEW BLACK       J
^��� ���      ������ ������-���:���=������ ���3
**"~ ___
��<��� -^m
Dress Goods!
I mmtssiimmf! .1
E��_ ���-���
S�� These Goods are of the very finest quality and 2
������_ have Just arrived.    We have always had the reputa- ^
*Z-  tion of handling only the best to be  had  and  these 3
g~ are better than we have ever had before.    The prices 3
!��  have been cut to the utmost limit in   order  to   meet 3
����  the demands of the economical shoppers.
i Just Look at Them!
b mmmm 1
�� _3
S~  French Crepe'.Cloth, a great bargain,   at, 3
��S Per yard 75C 3
j��  French Wool Creponne, at, per yard,.... 3
�� 000. $150, 200, 250 3
S^   French Silk and Wool   Mixed   Creponne,
|E at, per yard $325  3
_��^ __9
t~:   French Silk Creponne, finest  quality,   at, 2
��_ Per )'ard $550 3
S~   Black Satin Victoria,   smooth   finish,  at,
l| per yard 75(J   |j
��r  Black Mosquiveitte,  satin  finish,  at,   per 3
| yard 75Ond#1.0()  1
*�� These goods are all bright and new, being  this  3
��_  fall's importations,and this is   the  last   opportunity   3
jS you will have to secure them at the above prices.        3
y��� �����
| mmwmmmm |
| Martin O'Reilly |
"Bills of Sale, Act."
His Honor the Lieutenant���Governor, unihii the provisions of Section II
of the "Hills of Sale Act ass enacted
by Section 2 of the Hi I Is of   Sale   Aet,
Amendment,   Act,   1800,"   has   been
pleased to alter the place for the registration of Hills of Sale "for the remainder of the County of Kootenay,"
as   follows, namely:
For that part of tho County of
Kootenay being the territory covered
by the North Hiding of Fast Kootenay Electoral Dlstrlot: ���
The olliee of tlie Registrar o"f the
County Court at Golden,
lor that part of the Connty of
Kootenay being the territory covered
by the Revelstoke Riding of the West
Kootnay Electoral District:
The olliee of the Registrar of the
County Court at Revelstoke,
Such alteration to take effect on
the lHt day of October,  llino.
.1.  I). PUKNTIl'H
Provincial SooretarJ*
Provincial    Kecretary's     Office,     Stli
September, 1900,
To Our Customers
...AND THE...
Public in General.
\l/   Vf7    ill
WE having this day disposed of our Business, to Messrs.
Wm. Hunter & Co., we bespeak for them a continuance of that very liberal share of patronage which has been extended us during our business career in Nelson. We can only
assure you that those traits which has built up for us and maintain
the reputation lor Honest and Reliable Dealings, will be continued throughout by the new firm. We therefore take great
pleasure in recommending them to all our old customers, and
also to as many new ones as may honor them with their patronage.    Thanking you one and all for past favors, we are
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
To the Public.        |
Having this day taken over the Business of The Western ��"���
Mercantile Company, Limited of Nelson, we beg to ask for a W-
continuance of the patronage which you have heretofore ex- t_
tended to them. Our aim will be at all times to supply you g
with the best goods at lowest possible prices; being in a posi- gj
lion to buy goods in larger quantities than any firm in the ^
kootenays, we will therefore give you the benefit of the margin.
The same staff which has waited on you in the past will
continue to do so, aud they will spare no pains in making the
dealings both pleasant and profitable to you. To those who
have not honared the retiring firm with a share of their patronage, we would ask you to come and have at least a trial order,
when you will be convinced our prices are the lowest, and our
goods are the best.
Wm. Hunter & Co.
Successor to
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Staple   and   Fancy   Groceries.
__( r_
I hereby give notice that nt the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Nelsou district will
apply for a license t��� sell uito.xicatini;
liquors at the Kossland Hotel, Vernon
Street, Lot It), Block 66, in the Cltv
oX Nelson, B. C. *
Brewers of Kinp LaRor
r.eei nml Potter,
Nelson, B. 0.


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