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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 4, 1900

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 '   .
Daily Edition No. 796
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday Evening,  August 4,  1900.
Tenth Year
British. American and Japanese are Leading the
London, Aug. 4���Nothing direct
from the Allies' operations beyond
Tien Tsin Is at hand, but a news agency desputeh from Shanghai today
says a battle Is expected Sunday with
Ueneral Ma's Chinese at Ynng-T-Sun.
The Russia* aud French oontlngents
according to this despatch are guarding the communications of the Americans, the British and Japanese, who
form the advance columns.
A despatch dated at Tien Tsin. Friday, July 27th, says another despatch
from Pekin of July 21st, has been received duplicating in part the one
sent by another route, but adding tho
information that the British, American, Russian and German Legations
held on July 21 provisions barely sufficient for 14 days and thc ammunition was short. The Ministers had
again refused the proposal of the Chinese (Iovernment that they leave Pekin
under escort of Chinese troops.
Another courier from tbe Japanese
Legation brings a despatch dated
July 23rd saying that bnt five day's
provisions were left and twenty-live
rounds for each man.
The liritish Consul, Mr. Kraser. and
the foreign community are leaving
Chung King, Province of Sse Chuen.
in consequence of an official warning
from Shanghai. There Is no trouble
In Chung King now or in any part of
S_e Chuen, but disturbances are expected when the Allies reach l'ekin.
Christianity     after     receiving     20(10
A cable has been laid between Che
Koo and Taku. The land line between Che Foo and Shanghai is operated by Chinamen and is inefficient,
The line is overcrowded with work
and business is in hopeless confusion.
Messages over the line are public
property. There should be a cable between Chee Foo and Shanghai managed by foreigners so as to give satisfactory service.
London, Aug. 4.���News agency despatches, dated at Shanghai, August
3, say the ferocious l.i Ping Hong,
former Governor of Shan Tung, has
arrived at Pekin with a large following of troops. On tbe march be killed two French priests and many hundred converts. Ll Hung Chang is alleged to have sent a message to l'ekin
to keep l.i Ping Bong there.
Shanghai, Aug. 2. ���l.i Kun Yl,
Viceroy of Nanking, and Shang, Administrator of Telegraphs and of Hail-
ways, and the Tao Tal of Shanghai,
have declared officially that the foreign
Ministers are held by the Chinese
(Iovernment as hostages aud that if
the Allies inarch to Pekin they will
be killed.
St. Petersburg, Aug. 4.��� (leneral
(Irodekoff telegraphs from Khabrovsk,
August Snd, that 14 llotchkiss and 10
other'guns were captured at Hung
Pun by the Russians who, storming
the fortress July 10th, drove 4,000
Chinese before them.
Washington, Aug. 4.���It was stated
last night that the dispatch received
by the War Department from Major
(Ienernl Chaffs commanding the
American troops in China was dated
at Tien Tsin on thc 31st of July. At
thc time it was filed there had been
no general forward movement of the
Allied Armies, the only action having
been a recouuaisancc. probably that
reported by Admiral Itemey iu the
despatch received at the navy Department in whieh thc Japanese lost
several hilled and a number wounded.
New York, Aug. 2.���A Washington
special to the Herald Bays preparations being made by the War aud
Navy Departments to facilitate the
operations of the American forces in
China, not only in the advance against
Pekin but also for a winter campaign,
indicate that the Administration,
while hoping that a condition of
avowed war may be avoided intends
to prepare for it.
General Ludington is arranging for j the Colonial   Secrolarv Tolls Nature ol the
the transportation of   27,000   tons   of] Letters Found at lho Boor Capital,
fuel to Taku. Thousands of small ! London, Aug. 4.���In response to a
campaign Stoves have beeu sent to question Colonial Secretary Chamber-
that point. Heavy winter clothing, lain said today iu the House of Corn-
doors for tents,arctic shoes, etc., have ' inon. that the Government in fleeing
also gone.
buildings have escaped and it seems
probable will uot now be reached.
The flames have reached up Wild
Horse Creek as far ns the bridge
where tbe wagon road to the Ymir
mine ci'osscH, and are now encroaching
upon the thick timber whieh lies on
tbe other side of the creek. The cabin
and buildings at the Snowsllde mine
are surrounded by lire although untouched up to the present.
Thc distance from this end of the
tire to the Ymir mine is about a mile
and a half through thick timber, and
if tbe wind continues high it will
necessitate a brave fight if the mill
buildings are to be saved. A gang of
men are hard at work clearing iiway
around the mill. In order to provide
against tlie possibility of communication being cut between the mill and
the town the local teams were busily
engaged all last night hauling up supplies to last for a full month.
The fire to the north of the town
seems to have died down considerably.
Chas. Dundee has just returned and
reports that tbe Dundee mill is entirely consumed by the fire. The
flames have seemingly passed leaving
the town of Ymir unscathed, The chief
danger now lies in Wild Horse Creek,
which is thickly timbered and
generally swept by a strong breeze.
The Haines are now progressing rapidly up tlie creek towards tbe Ymir mill
where large gangs of men are clearing
the surrounding ground.
It is reported that the Dundee mill
is   insured   for   $11.00(1.
The Assailant of tho Prlnco of Walos Has Escaped From Belgium.
Brussels, Aug. I. ��� In reply lo the
note of the liritish (Iovernment expressing regret that the proceedings
against Sipido. thc assailant of the
Prince of Wales, should   have such an
utterly Inadequate ending, the Belgian 'loveinment says tbat :>s tt strict
observer of the laws, il was unable to
violate them, however strong its desire to proceed vigorously against the
culprit. According to the Belgian
law, Sipido had three days to appeal
to the court of cassation. Living
with his parents he bad legal domicile, and therefore he could not be
arrested for three days, lie profited
by the delay to take flight. The Belgian Qovernment says it regrets tlie
incident, but cannot be held responsible for it.
New York, Aug. 4.���Seven American missionaries from l'ekin witb
their families have arrived here, says
a special to the Journal and Adver-'
tlser from Troitkswask, Transhnikali,
Siberia. They escaped from l'ekin
and were chased across the sand
mountains of the gold desert for four
hundred miles, suffering fearful tortures from the hot sand, exposure and
lack of food and water.
The Russian (iovernor of Transbai-
kall, probably notified by the telegraph company, sent out BOO Cossacks,
who galloped south 4(H) miles into the
desert and rescued them. The cavalry
gave them food and shelter and
brought them here, where they are
receiving care at the hands of thc authorities. Thousands of Christians
have been massacred, they report, and
thousands more will die at the hands
of the Boxers unless the Powers send
large re-iuforccments.
Cape Town, Aug. I.���Lcibhcrg's
commando attacked (leneral Smith-
Dorien near l'otehfstrooni. but was
easily repulsed. Iun Hamilton has
gone to Rustenburg to bring away
lladen-l'oweU's garrison. Seven hundred and fifty additional Hoers have
surrendered to (leneral  Hunter.
Chee Foo, July 2ft, via Shanghai,
Aug. 3���The destruction of foreign
property continues. United States
Consul Fowler estimates that the losses of Anieriuan missions amount to
.1,500,000. The losses through suspension of trade are enormous.
Chinese bring many horrible stories
of outrages upon native chrlstallis
who have beeu murdered or tortured
in order to compel them to renounce
their religion. Several have been
Halaned alive. Two French nuns at
New Chwang were deliberately burned alive, Dr. Ting, a graduate of the
American college, refused to renounce
Government in
from Bloemfontein and Pretoria left
masses of private correspondence
among the archives, which the authorities on the spot were examining.
He had received among other things
copies of letters that have heen written from the House of Commons,
couched In the form of open criticism.
BSklng for Information regarding
martial law, and suggesting that
President Kruger make temporary
concessions and await a reaction in
Knglaud. lu bis opinion the letters
were not treasonable though certainly
improper whilst Her Majesty was engaged iu difficult negotiations. He
proposed to send the letters to the
writers and ask if they desired to explain, and he wonld await a reply
before deciding whether to publish
them or not.
Dundee Concentrator Burned   But the Mine
Buildings Saved.   Flames Abating Now.
The following account of the   forest
Arc  at   Ymir   was  received   by mall
this morning.    The wires were  down
yesterday and for that reason   It was
impossible to get an  earlier  nccoant.
Ymir, July 3.-The   hill   facing the
town last night presented a   sheet  of
llame  which    Illuminated   the whole
town  and   the surrounding  country.
The whole of   Hear   Creek valley   has
been tire swept and entirely devastated.    The Ymir  grave yard   which  Is
London, Aug. 4.���An ollicial dispatch from Lord Roberts dated Pretoria, Aug. 3rd, gives the date of
General Sinith-Dorien's repulse of the
Boers as July BlSt. Tbe despatch
says: "In the morning a Hag of truce
came to Sinith-Dorien's camp demanding bis surrender. Before he could
reply the Hoers Opened a heavy tire.
The Britisli losses were slight. Ian
Hamilton met with slight opposition
at Vitbealanek. Bis casualties were
Montreal, Aug. 4.���0. P. B. traffic
for the week ending July 31st was
|7B?,000, and for the same week last
year 873.-,,uno.
London, Aug. 4.-It is announced
that in consequence of tbe death ol
the Duke of Snxe-Cobourg and (iotlin.
the Shah has abandoned bis visit in
Llstowcll, Out.. Aug. 4.-Young's
carriage works and blacksmith Shop
were totally destroyed by fire thl-
morning.    The loss is unknown.
Ottawa, Aug. 4.���The appointment
���f   Hon.   A.   G,  Jones,   Lieutenant
Governor of Novn Scotia, was   ga/.ctt
ed today.
11 o
II.  Kerr died of typhoid fever   al
���lock last night  at   the  General
Ital.   Mr. Kerr, who Is 88 yearn
ght to the hospital fi	
r-��_t_i��is stsr -��-��
He is a single man.and leaves Bmon
et ��nd brother, C. D,  Kerr,   who m
U,e mill is also brok low,, 1 era, I residing at   Be.ton. >
places, and otherwise damaged  so  as
the destruc
mill which is reported entirely destroyed.    The tramway from the  mine  to
made f"1
to be quite useless and   require  complete reconstruction.   So far thc mine.
ments have not as yet  been
Hie funeral as  no word has   been
eelved from his brother.
Messrs. Hyde and Tltsworth received a full ear of assorted fruits
from the Snake River district.
Rev. Dr. Duval, pastor of Knox
church of Winnipeg, arrived in Nelson this morning and tomorrow evening will occupy the pulpit of St.
Haul's Presbyterian church.
The Exchequer Cold Mining Company have a shipment of ore ready to
make from the Exchequer property as
soon as the Hall Mines smelter starts.
Thc shipment will be about .Ml tons.
"Tbe Newspaper as a Social Force."
will be lb,' subject of Rev. Wm. Muu-
roe's sermon on Sunday evening in
the Opera House. During tlie Bervlce
Mr. Thompson will sing "The Children's Home. "
The regular quarterly services will
beheld in Ihe Methodist church tomorrow. Communion and reception
of new members will be held at the
elose of the morning service. The
services in tbe morning anil evening
will be by the pastor.
An exchange says: "Is the young
man safe'.'" was the title ofa recent
sermon in Revelstoke, B, C. Anent
this the Alberta Sun says: "Y'es, if
be gets to lirst   base before   the   ball.
Otherwise, according to latest league
rules he is out. "
There will he a meeting of the Ancient Order of Foresters at tl o'clock
this evenlnj at the Hoard of Trade
rooms. The nitiatory degree will be
conferred upon candidates under the
direction of Past Master II. Little.
A rich discovery of free milling
gold ore has just been made on the
Paradise mineral claim by Pat Miles
while doing assessment work. The
property is situated on Forty-nine
Creek. It is said that the vein Is
nearly S feet wide.
The work upon the grade of Baker
Street between Hall and Josephine
wus completed yesterday and the laying of the curbing and the stone for
the water ditch was started immediately. The latter work will occupy
several days.
Considerable excitement was caused
at the assay oflice of the Ball Mines
smelter about noon yesterday, when a
small Hre started in the office room.
The fire, which was caused by the explosion of a gasoline lamp, was put out
iu a few minutes by the men
The Nelson intermediate baseball
team will leave in tbe morning for
Rossland where they will play the lo
cal team in the afternoon. Thc team
will consist of J. McLeod, B. Chambers, V. McAstacker. F. J. Whettet,
N. Mallette, captain: J.Wilson, D.
McFarlaud, II. Strong and H.Bowkcr.
Clara Amanda Murphy, the eleven
yeur old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.
J. Murphy, died at the home of her
parents on Stanley Street at 2 o'clock
this morning. She had been suffering for the past two weeks from appendicitis. The funeral will take
place at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon
from the residence, Rev. 11. S. Akehurst officiating.
Uev. Alexander Maetlillivray. pastor
of the Bonner Presbyterian Church, of
Toronto, arrived iu Nelson last night.
lie will conduct the services at the
Presbyterian Church at 11 o'clock tomorrow. The Independent Order of
Foresters will attend in a body and
tbe sermon will be upon an appropriate subject. He is making a tour of
liritish Columbia during his vacation.
He has heen through the Boundary
country and is now on his way home.
He leaves for Kaslo on Monday.
Thc Bradley Machinery and Engin-
ecring Company, of Spokane, have
just been given the contract for the
construction of the extension of the
Li' Hoi smelter at Northport. The
extension consists of a 600 horse power blower engine, a furnace of 800
tons daily capacity and a Connersville
No. H blower. The smelter will then
have an engine with lion horse power
and a smelting capacity of  1100 tons
per day. The work will be complete,
iu about three months.
The following are the Mining Records today: Locations���Bruce, on
lulls Creek by George Thurman ; First
I banee, on Wild Horse Creek by Geo.
Walker| Number Seven, near Erie by
N. N. Nattsteail and Et, Dolby Murk-
bill; Midnight, on Morning Mountain
liy  William Ragless.  Certificates of
work���On Ruby Silver, Red Kagle,
Hold Bftgle to S. Lefebore; on Surprise to Hugh McDonald; on Little
Horn to ,1. Vi. Ruddy; on (lolden
Cross to Owen lloyer; on Edith M. to
L.J. Wlnslow; on Shiloh, to John
at   the
Ottawa, Aug. 4. ��� A militia order
just issued says that flags will be
floated today at half mast until sunset
at all military stations Inconsequence
of the death of His Majesty, the King
of Italy.
The following have been invalided
from South Africa to England: Royal
Canadian Regiment���7SS. I'te. A. Cog-
gins, R. C. D,| 711. C. Thompson, (itl
Duke of Yorks, R. 0. 11. : 7900 Pte. '1'
Moore, Duke of York, K, C. H. : 7S2>
J. Qreeia, 62nd St. .lobn Fusileers;
01,011, Bugler Vi. McMullin, Mth Hussars. Canadian Mounted Rifles, 1st
Battalion���320, I'te. E. Vi. Wallace,
Manitoba Dragoons; 170. 1'. C. Johnson,  Brd Dragoons.
worth, a lawyer at Dawson, has been
arrested for fraud aud forgery. He
was one of three parties who were
supplying information to Hibbert
Tupper to base his ('barges on. The
other two were August Allan and
Sample, of the Klondike Nugget. Allan, who skipped the country, 1b a defaulter and Semplc is a fugitive from
Because 25 Men Are Laid Off at Winnipeg and
Fort William 500 Quit Work.
Winnipeg,Aug. 4.���The machinists,
boiler makers and litters employed by
the C. I'. R. in shops at Winnipeg.
Fort William and other divisional |
points west to the Pacific coast went
out on a strike this morning to the
number of about 500.
On Tuesday last about 2- men were
discharged by the company owing to,
the offloials explained, the present
prospect of hard times and the small
amount of work that would naturally
follow with the reduction in traffic.
The officials pointed ont that with
only half a crop in the Province there
woi^lo i. . onlj half the freight ship
ments and following this shortage
there would be a corresponding falling off in the Imports, in fact they
claimed that the latter was already
Against this the men's case as presented is as follows: "At a meeting
held Wednesday night of a committee
of boiler makers, machinists, blacksmiths and allied mechanics, it was
resolved that the reduction of the
staff was a direct blow hy the company against the union under false
pretences of a decrease in business;
that the company ignored whatever
overtures were made to them regarding better conditions j in the reduction
of Btaff, the company practically aimed at the active members of the union :
that preference was given to non-union
men; that efficiency anil length of
service was totally ignored." These
resolutions were endorsed by each of
the unions and it was on these
grounds that the strike was declared.
During a heavy rain storm yesterday afternoon, a small cyclone passed
about four miles south of Quappclle
completely destroying a large concrete dwelling owned by Alex. Dundas
and killed two of his horses. The
family had a very narrow escape.
Scores McTavlsh Who Made Charges Against
Gold Commissioner Senkler.
Ottawa, Aug. I.���Judge Dugas has
made his report to the Minister of the
Interior ln regard to the charges
which li. McTavlsh brought against
Gold Commissioner Senkler. The
judge says that when McTavlsh was
himself examined under oath by
his evidence it was found that although in his letter he preteuded to
speak about facts iu whieh he was
personally cognizant, yet he had to
declare that be based this accusation
only upon hearsay. The names of the
parties from whom he pretended to
have obtained such Information were
given and everyone of them who could
be found in the territory was brought
and examined, with the result tbat
McTavlsh was in all points contradicted by tbem. and no proof could lie adduced connecting Senkler, or any employee in anyway with ?ny of the
frauds complained of, which frauds
b".. been perpetrated by miners and
private individuals and not by ofll-
cials.  After the fourth or fifth sitting
McTavlsh  disappeared and could be
found nowhere in the territory.
Mr. Woodworth continued to represent him to the end and finally declared that he had to admit that nothing
hud been proven against Mr. Senkler
or anybody else connected with his office. The result of the investigation,
therefore, is that McTavish by his letter has made a false, dishonest and
baseless accusation which in no way
has been sustained, either against
Mr. Senkler or   anybody   under   hi,,,.
A Minister Cave Damaging Evidence Against
Young sifton Yesterday.
London, (Int., Aug. 4���The must
sensational development at the Sifton
murder investigation wus the statement by Uev. VV. A. Cooper, a Methodist minister at Arva. to the effect
that Herald Sifton, the prisoner had
told him the day after his father's
death tbat Dr. McNeill, coroner for
the district, had abstained from holding an Inquest on the condition that
he should receive a thousand dollars
nnd that (lerald Sifton had given him
notes for tbat amount.
Siftoli's reasons,as he hail explained
to Mr. Cooper, for paying the money,
were that he wanted to avoid any
scandal that would be caused by holding the Inquest after arrange,no,its
for the funeral had been made.
This evidence was given nominally
in thu interests of the Crown bul the
Counsel for the defence did not cross-
examine him The probable line of
defence will be to argue some kind of
conspiracy existing among a number
of crown witnesses lo squeeze money
out of Sifton by prefer, ing a charge
of murder. The esc adjourned till
Thursday next when it    is   Uudersl I
that Inspector Murray will offer  f,,,-
ther strong evidence.
Ottawa,   Aug. I.���Information
Ottawa. (Int.. Aug. 4.���The celebrated Eddy-Bessy case is a thing of
the past, as an agreement was signed
between tbe father and daughter yesterday. Mrs. Bessy gets about 322,-
000 in cash and the McKay Wright
property ami Conroy farm. Eddy is
to pay all the costs and retains the
balance of the property.
Sir Wilfred Laurier sends to the
Ottawa and Hull lire relief commission the correspondence passing between himself and Lord Strathcona in
regard to the letter forwarding London's generous aid of ��58,405 sterling
for the sufferers.
Lindsay. Ont.. Aug. 4.���F. M. Walker, living near here, was attacked
by his two year old Durham bull aud
received such Severe injuries that he
died yesterday. Walker was thrown
in the air. badly gored aud trampled
upon. His neck was broken, yet he
survived his terrible injuries over
twelve hours.
Ottawa. (Int., Aug. 4���Sir Alfred
Milner cables to Lord Minto tbe following: "(ape,own, Aug. 3���177,
Hall. Kroonstadt, Tth June; J. Cooper. Bloemfontein, 39th June; 894,
Brand, llloemfonteln, tith July, all
died of enteric fever. Ill, Brown,
dangerously wounded at Reitvlei, 16th
July, (sgd) Milner."
' Toronto. (Int., Aug. 5���The motor-
men and conductors of the Toronto
Street Railway have made a request
to tin' management for an increase iu
wages but have receiveil uo satisfactory answer. They want 20 cents an
hour aud may strike at exhibition
* Montreal. Aug. 4.���Justice Archibald has refused an application to (be
effect that one or two Inspeotor*
should be appointed to aid will, the
liquidator in winding up the Western
been received here tbat C,   M.  Wood-   Loan and Trust Company's affairs, .
Nelson   Daily  Minkr,   Saturday  Evening,   August 4.  1900.
Nelson Daily Miner
D, J.  BEATON,  Editor and   Manager
of  th.
Tlie seen,id   annual   session
Associated Boards of Trade of Eastern
British Columbia came to a close yesterday evening.    There were two days
of it filled with matters of great  concern, which were   made   tbe   subjects
of nearly two score resolutions.    Now
that the labors of  the   Congress   have
heen   completed   and   those   engaged
have had time to take in all that   was
done, they may possibly   realise   that
more was undertaken  than   tbe   brief
time at their disposal   would   justify.
These Congresses are capable of great
usefulness, but they can only  be   useful by inspiring public  confidence   in
the intelligence and deliberation with
which   they   are    conducted.     There
were subjects enough dealt with   during the two days of   the   recent   Congress to keep an average   deliberative
Assembly engaged for a week.    We do
not say that conclusions   were   inconsiderately   reached,   because    for  the
most part the subjects discussed   were
familiar to the. minds of the members
of the various   Hoards; but   from   the
point of view of thc public it can fairly be said that if there   were   greater
deliberation there   would   be   greater
confidence, and the measure of public
confidence is exactly the  measure  of
tbeir usefulness.    We do not hold that
any strong exception will be taken  to
any of the resolutions passed,   for we
believe they were all in the public interest and will be so regarded generally.    The Influence   of   the   Associated
Boards, however, is   chiefly   of   value
because of the   effect  their  judgment
will have on tbe Governments to whom
appeal   is   necessarily   made   to   give
force to it.     It is desirable those Governments shall not be given   tbe   impression that there has been too hasty
claim to recognition will be duly considered.    Tins, above  every   place  in
the Province, is tho proper   place   for
the establishment of a normal school,
and here it  was   that  Col. Haker proposed tbat it should   be   located."    11
will be interesting In this connection to
repeal a resolution passed at the recent
session of   the   Associated   Hoards   of
Trade  of   Eastern   liritish   Columbia:
"Resolved: That owing to  the great
numbers of teachers now being employed iu   our public schools and the ever
increasing   demand   for more   as new
schools and districts are being opened
up. we recognise the need of training
schools,    therefore     be   it    resolved:
that     this      Association     urge     upon   tbe   Provincial    (Iovernment  the
necessity of   a   normal   school being
established   for   the   purpose of   furthering this  important   work   of   our
Province, and in considering tbe convenience  of   the   several   districts   of
the Province we   suggest that the   locality of   such   institution   he   established at Kamloops.   this point   being
near the centre of  the   Province   and
Convenient   to all   points."    The   desire is one case is purely a Bel fish one,
and in the   other is inspired   by a   regard   for   thc     public    convenience.
Which ought to prevail'.'
Vie Have Sold 75 Per Cent of Mi the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
Used in the Kootonay
Juat Received���Oavload
Dominion Ale and  Porter
(lu pints and quarts)
Dominion White  Label  Ale
This is the finest Ale-brewed in Canada.
Dominion   Bulk  Ale
(pints aud quarts)
Teacher's  Scotch   Whisky
I(b 18-gallon kegs)
is still the best
A clerical partisan has been saying
in an interview that he has had a
good deal of correspondence with Mr,
Muloc- in connection with the Yukon
postal service and linds hiin quite
willing "to meet more than half way
the needs and wishes of the Yukon
people." Tbat is very kind of Mr,
M ulock, but what this country
needs is a Post-Master-General who
is willing to go all the way to
meet the needs of thc people.
It is 'allowed us to say this much
from the standpoint of the public of
Yale, Cariboo, and tbe Kootenays.
Those who were privileged to view
the proceedings at close range are
aware that the members of the Congress had a much better grasp of tbe
business done than the disposal
of so many subjects in so brief a time
would naturally suggest. The gentlemen who Comprised the meeting knew
what they were about, and the baste
was more in appearance than in reality. When, therefore, to mention
one matter as an example, the tiovernment at Victoria are assured that
they have the support of the Associated Boards iu determining to appoint
a commission to inquire into the
workings of the various mining laws.
they may rest content in tlie belief
that it represents the approval of the
solid business sense of the community. An inquiry does not necessarily
Involve revolution, or even drastic
changes in the laws themselves. It
may be thnt those laws are fairly satisfactory ns they stand, but it is certain that the politicians at Victoria
would be the better of some authoritative knowledge as to tbeir general
bearing on the industry affected. The
retiring president. Mr. Eraser,
pressed satisfaction at tbe notice lo
appoint a commission, but doubted
whether any radical change would be
advisable at the present time. Thnt
is probably the sense of tbe com,mini
ty at large, but we are supposed to
lie a people of reason and com,no,
sense, and the Legislature is therefore expected to make any changes tbe
inquiry may disclose as necessary,
There should be no hesitation in lop-
ping oft* any law or feature ofa law
that in doing harm to the mining in-
dustry of this Province.
30 Vols, and Guide
Ask   your   Tobacconist   for
Reduction in long distance rates.    Use the Kootenay Lake Company's Lines.
50 Cents to Spokane and Republic.
Clher Rates Proportionately Low.
Positively the finest Tobacco
for Pipe Smoking in the
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
They want the earth at tbe Coast.
This is from The Vancouver World I
''We agree with our contemporary,
Thc Colonist, wlien it stales that the
new Minister of Education might do
Worse than signalise the ten,ire nf bis
office by establishing a normal and
training school for liritish Columbia.
Time and again Th.' World has emphasised this ,,s one of Hie questions
upon which Col. Haker. when Minis-
ter  "f   Education, held   such   strong
urn's, Wllel) the time comes fur,lie
establishment of such an institution.
It is  to   be   hoped   that   Vancouver's
$1.00 with order, balance in
monthly   payments  of $3.00
PRICES $1.25 TO  $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
I have now in stock a line
of all classes of
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill st. PILOT BAY. Yarde, NELSON
and L,AR_>0.
offer   good
time  only.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, por pound I  40
Java ii ml .Moclm Ulead, .'1 poundH  1 00
Fine . unUis, (pound-  100
Hiuilos llli'iiil, _ pound-  100
Our  -|��i'clidHI"���il, li poundH  1 00
Our Rio HoiirU, lipoumlH  100
A  mill  <>lcl>l II SOLICITED.
Sai.K-Roomh :
r\.EI__-Or_. m B. G��
7-H inch (liam. (18.60per 100 feet. For
Immediate delivery in Nelson
J. 0. T. GROFTS,
��. O. Box 676. Notion. B. G
nnd   try  _  bottio.  u  ilo/en.  or a barrel  of
CALGARY   BEER  M it  I"  tin, bent and
rlii'iipe .    on    lln*    market.    Also   try   our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
FRANK   A. TAMBLYN. M.......
Telephone03.   ' linker HI.. Nolnon, II. C.
Mining und Real Estate Agents,
Houses and I. its on IteasonableTerms.
See Our Lists.
Ollice, Victoria Street, Opposite
Phair Hotel.
Nelson Employment Agency
Two   eoolifl.     Waitress.    Two  men
lor buying.
Cuoli (wo,mi,,) and   nurse  girl   want
J. II. LOVE, Agt., Baker St
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Burekn  ."lln. nil Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
A three. tory house on Park street
close to Baker street. Lower
story of stone. House well
built nnd laid out. All modern
conveniences. Magnificent view.
Part cash.   Price $2,-00
Six-roomed hoiiBe and B0-foot corner ou Ward street.   Hented ut
$_!> per month.    Price  1,700
100-foot coruer Stanley nnd (lore.  1,1011
Two   good  building lots on Mill
Street      500
Two bnildiug   lots   ou   Vernon
Street  1,300
Ranch 12 miles up the Inke. 1H0 acres
(60 cleat ed, HO under cultivation) 2,000,-
000 feet of timber, lluildiugs, fruit
trees, etc. Half cash and balance easy
.�����������������������������-. ���������������������������������.���������^
Highest awards at Winnipeg
Industrial  Exhibition.
Sold at
Corner linker and Stanley Streets,
Big Schooner
Beer or Half .ind-llalf only
The only good Beor in Nelson.
Cor. Stanley <u,d silica BtrooU,
Canada Permanent and Wes-
tern Canada Mortgage
head offioe toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgnge.
Apply to G. k LENNOX, Haker St.,
Large Sizo
For Sale By
Western Mercantile nn. Ltd
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
Boom  3,  Turner-Boeckh  Block, Nelson.
Notary   Public,    Keal    Estate,    Insurance,
Mines, Loans.
$150 only for a house and lot, block
21, Addition A.
$1,000 only for ti bouse a_d lot, Stanley Street.
$850 only for a bouse and lot, Robson
Inside residence lots niul house,
Vernon Street; a bargain.
$225 ($25 cash, rest ou time) will bny
lot in block 71) this week ; afterwards
$700 will buy house nnd lot, Front
St., near Oholdleb Ss Oo.'s warehouse.
$150 ($50 cash, rest on time) will buy
choice lot in Bogustown, on car line.
For Rent���House, $12.50 per month.
Molly Gibson shares.
Wanted -Tinnarac stock.
F. 0. GREEN        V. K. Ol.EMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. 0. Box 14f Kelson, B. C,
Independent Orderjsf  Foresters.
A Bpeolaj meeting of Oourt Kootenny
No. 8188 will be held in Fraternity
Hall on Saturday, August 111,, at_p
pi?aR.eet KeT' Alex' M,lcGillivifty���'
The members of (his Oourt will
attend divine service |n the Pre-by
term,, Church ���n .Su_d��y morning
August 5th, ��
All Foresters resident or visiting in
the City are urgently requested to meet
With the brother-of (������,���., Kootenay
at 10 n m. in Fraternity Hall and avail
themselves nf Ibis opportunity to hear
Uro. MacGilltvray, Bdltor of the Kor-
CB\.r\_   _,   J0HN A. IHV1NG.C.R.
1', R. Flem'no, R. h.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Mo-iimii
Allim Uno Tunisian  Aug!
Allun Uno    Numirittin Auk 11
Dominion Line   ..'luubroinan July'28
Dominion Lino Vuncouver Auk U
Bearer Lino  Limlt-tnia   Auk 3
IleavurLino Lake Chum plain Auk Ht
From Now ^ ork
Whito Star Line Mn jostle  Auk 1
White Star Line Oceanic Auk H
Canard Line Ktrurla Auk *
(' ii nu r< I Um. Campania Auk !'
Amorican Uno New York Auk *
Ked Star Line WoHternlanrt  Auk 1
Anchor Uno KurneHHia July '2N
Anchor Uno Anchoriti  Auk "
N.o.u h. Kaiser WUhe.m,aor Grows....Auk 7
N. G. U Lino Allor Auk 11
Allan atate Lies State of Nebraska.... Auk 4
From lite.imi, ..in ���
Cunard Une Ivernia  Auk   4
Cunard Lino UUuria Auk H
PaKHRKCH armDKod to and from all European
points.   For rotos, tlcko h aiiri full information
appl{ to ('�� P�� 1^ OOpOt agent or W. F. Andor-
sou, City Passenger Agonf* Nelson, h. Oi
General j* mint,. G.P.tt Offices, Winnipeg,
Wlndormoro Mlno��.   Corresp * enoe Solicited
TonderH required for 76 feet of shafting and
a 200-foot tumifll at the HlnlHeyo Mine on
Morning Mountain* Bids to bo in by Batur
day, August ith. Full particulars on&ppUoa
tion to KUNKttT G. YVlLSON\
IllrdHeyo Mino.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i o.E
Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
Oorner Viotoria and Kootonay Sts.
P, 0. Bos 609, Telephone No, 611
Great West
Life Assurance Go,
At 8 Per Cent.
Baker Street.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil 0o. Ltd.
Crow's   Nnst   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order cm. l,o accepted unl*-_
:,i'i'iil,,| nnil il   by  rush.
Oflice Corner Hall nnd Baker- Street*
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Room 1, Turner-Roeokh Block.   -
Houses and Building Lots in All Farts
of the Oity.
WANTED-(lood building lots down
town for client.  Also land adjoining
city for gardenlns-
Will pay the highest oash prioe for all
kinds of Hunnnd hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to n
noedle. Furniture, stoves, carpert.
cooking utensils, bought In household
qnantities. Also oast off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Addrew
Silver King Mike, Box 800. Hill
Street, Nelson, B. 0. ��� ..--* J
Nelson  Daily^ Miner,   Saturday   Evening,   August 4,  1900
KERR   &   CO.
Starting- Monday, all  lines of SUMMER GOODS will be cleared at less than wholesale prices.    The greatest bargains in  DRY GOODS and MILLINERY ever
offered in Nelson.    Fall Goods are beginning to arrive.    We have no room for Summer Goods.    See handbills with price list.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Agent Standard Patterns.
KERR   &   CO.
Canadian  Boat Wins the  First of tho Serlos
of Cup Races.
Montreal, Aug. 1.��� The first of the
Bcries of International yacht races for
the Seawanahaka Cup between Minnesota, of the White Hear Club of St.
Paul, and Ked Coat of the Royal St.
Lawrence Club, was sailed on Lake St.
Louis yesterday afternoon and resulted
in easy victory for the Canadian boat.
The course was a trlangular.one and
one third mile, each leg three times
around making twelve miles. Red
Coat won by six minutes and twenty-
one seconds in time, and nearly one
leg or considerably over a mile in distance.
The wind was what might be called
a full sail breeze and there was little
or no sea. The crews were, as follows:
Ked Coat���(I. Herriek Duggan. tiller;
.V. Aligns, main sheet: 0. limit, midship; F. Sherwood, jib. Minnesota:
C. M. Griggs, tiller; J. I.. Wann.mai,,
sheet; F. E. Douglas, midship: Sam
Hun, jib. The lirst leg of the triangle
was a beat to windward and it was at
this work tbe Canadian boat excelled
for at the buoy she had gained fifty
seconds. The second leg was a broad
reach at whieh Minnesota did better,
reducing the lead by IB seconds, there
was only one leg out of nine in which
she gained, with the _ exception
of the last when skipper Duggan
had thc race well in hand. The
third leg was also a broad reach.
but Minnesota lost '.'-' seconds on it.
(In the second beat to windward Minnesota took in a reef and Ked Coat
substituted a small jib as the wind
had freshened somewhat. But rounding the buoy for the reach Ked Coat
replaced a large jib while Minnesota
carried a reef half way ll,rough that
reach before letting It out. From
then out Ked (.'oat increased her lead,
completing the second round "> minutes,
if, seoonds ahead and finishing the
race 6 minutes and 21 seconds ahead.
Theonly chance for Minnesota seems
to be in a drifting match. Tbe time
was: Ked Coat, start 1.80:80, finish
-.13:58, elapsed 1.44:48. Minnesota,
start 1.20:10, finish 8.80:18, elapsed
1.51:29. Bed Coat won by six minutes
and 21 seconds.
He who has
lost his sight
best knows its value.
Hundreds suffer loss of sight.
Timely attention might have
prevented it.
Examination free.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Patenaude Bros.
Watchmaker., Jewelers and Opticians,
Advertl.omonUi Inserted under thin head at
tho nit* of ono cont a word per in-orUon. No
-dvcrli-cment taken for less than 25 cont-.
WANTKI)���Man and  wife to cook at
mine, whore  _(l men are employed.
Address " ti," Miner ollice.
LOST���A  bunch of keys.   Insurance
lag attached.   Kinder  please return
to Thco. Madden.
WANTKI)-  Position as Cook or general    housework.      Address    "M,"
Miner ollice.
WANTED ���To   rent   a   ten roomed
bouse, or ten rooms in communicating  houses, furnished  or  unfurnished.
Address " Rooms." Miner otlice.
LOST -On -Illi inst  a crocodile Icatb.
cr cigar case.   Monogram .1. II. I...
silver.    Hcwm-d  Hf'i.iM.     Apply   Miuer
POR SALK   Thoroughbred  Airedale
puppies;    best,   blood    in   An,erica.
Address Bo_ 184.
TO   LET���Honse   to   let    across   the
lake;  stove,   and   partly   furnished.
Apply O. Ncwling, Baker Street.
Victoria, B. C. Aug. I.���The (Iovernment has expressed the policy of
dealing with tbe Mongolian question
by general measures, but this was
yesterday overruled in the railway
committee when the Opposition secured the insertion in the Vancouver
St Westminster Railway bill of an
anti-Chinese clause along the lines
reading to test the Natal Act. Mr.
Clifford, a (Iovernment member, was
subsequently added to Ibis committee.
The C. I*. R. today intimated to the
(Iovernment tbat tbey would trans
port free from eastern points a carload of pure bred stock to be auctioned at the New Westminster exhibition this fall.
The liquor license bill occupied
most of the day's sitting, being in
the coiMuiUee stage.
The Highland Mining Company, of
British Columbia, Limited.
In pursuance of a requisition in
writing of Shareholders of the Company holding in the aggregate live-
eights (5-8) of the whole nun,lie,- nf
shares of said Company issued, ihe Directors of The Highland
Mining Company of British Columbia!
Limited, hereby convene and call an
extraordinary general meeting of the
shareholders of said Company, to be
held at the ollice of tbe Company at
Ainsworth, liritisli Columbia.on Monday the :.'()th day of August, A. D.
1000, at tbe hour of S o'clock p.m.
Business: To approve a resolution
of the Directors of the Company to
dispose of the assets, rights, powers,
privileges, and franchise   of   tile   saiil
To authorize the execution of all
necessary documents to carry out said
Dated at Ainsworth,  II. C, this   III,
day of August.  11,(1(1.
Bv Older of the Hoard of   Directors.
T. ,1.   I.KN'DUr.M,
A Kat l'ortagc despatch says that
Jake Uaudaur, the champion oarsmai,
of the world, announces that be will
retire from the aquatic arena after
this year and leave the championship
to be contested for by younger men.
Oaudaur is .2 years of age, but strong
and healthy looking, lie considers
young Tcn-Kyck the coming worlds
jJH Lines West of Lake Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains  and   Steamers.
Depart from                           Arrive at
Nelson                                  Nelson
Steamer    arrives   at Nelson
from the east, Crow's Nest
branch    and  intermediate
points 2,30
7.1(1 Train leaves Nelson for Rossland and intermediate
points, and via Rohson for
north, Revelstoke,the main
line and Pacific coast points.
7.110 Triirti leaves Nelson for Sandon and intermediate points
nnd via Slnonu Lake route
for north, Kevelstoke, tho
main lino aud Pacilio coast
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland   and intermediate
points l(l._5
Steamer arrives at Nelson
from Knslo and intermediate points 11.00
15.30 Trains leaves Nelson for
Rossland, Greenwood nud
intermediate points.
10.00 Steamer loaves Nelson for
Kaslo and way points.
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland and Greenwood
and intermediate points,
and from Revelstoke, the
main Hue, aud Pacific coast
points 18.45
Train nrtives in Nelson from
Sandon and intermediate
points,and from Revelstoke,
the main line and the Pacific coast points 10.30
22.30 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Crows Nest branch and all
poiuts east.
Wholesale  Houses
rpHOHPE He CO. Limited���Corner Vernon
J_ umt Cedar rilreetrf, Nelson���Mannt'tieUir-
er.. el' and wholosalo dealers in aerated waters
and fruil syrups. Sole agents for Halcyon Hot
Springs mineral water.   Telephone IK).
Truv. Pass. Ajconb
A   U. p, Agent,
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A  Fort
Mr. W. A. Hinos of Manchester, Iu.,
writing of bis almost miraculous
eiwape from death, s_yB: "Exposure
after measles induced serious Inug
trouble, whioh ended in Consumption.
had freqnent ���hemorrhage! aud
coughed night and day. All my doctors said I mast soon die. Then 1 bo-
gun to use Dr. King'B New Discovery
for Consumption, which completely
onred me. I would not be without it
oven If it oost 15.00 a bottle. Hundreds have used it on my recommendation and all say it n��ver fails to ouie
lliront, Chest and Long troubles."
Kegnlar size BOo and SI.00. Trial
bnttleB free at Canada Drng and Hook
Tho Josephine Mining Company, Limited. (Foreign).
A Special Meeting nf the Josephine
Mining Company   (foreign)   will  in'
held nl the offioes of the Company, at tbe
Law Offices of Maodonald & Johnson,
linker Street, Nelson, liritish Columbia, on Monday the '.'nth day of August. A. 1). 1900, at the hour of 11
o'clock in thc forenoon.
Business: To authorize the sale of
tbe "Josephine" mineral claim to
Ernest It.  Woakes.
To authorize the execution of all
necessary documents to carry out said
sale. ,
Dated at Nelson. B. 0., tins Ith Of
August, A. 1). IIKMl.
Sheppard R'v
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nolson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at   Meyer's   Falls   with
Stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with  stnjre   daily
for Grand Forks and (ireenwood.
l.i.-vu. I) iy Train. Anmvi:.
10.88 a.i�� Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:06 p. m Rossland 6:80 p.m.
0:30 a, in Nelson 8:00 p.m.
Night Train.
!):4r, p.n, Spokane 7:05 a.in:
II ;(>() p.m Rossland 0:80 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, O. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Agent, Nelson, B.O
Spring ohicken and all tho doliosoirs
ot the soason served to you whnn you
visit Florenoe Park Hotel at Roherls'
��>noh, two and a half miles up the
river.   W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Gamble & O'Reilly,
Cl.l.   E��OI    P��OV,��OI._   L.MO   S-��V.YO��-
Ri.l  Ear.r..   U.-..N01.
And G.��.n.L A.ihti
II. ..,-  Co-i.oT.o Lo��N�� Mad.
Baker Street, Nelson, B, C.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
KA-1,0 A ..1,0-AN KAII.WAY
Hchodulo of Time.       I'nolllfi Standard lime,
Kiti-tlvo February Irt, 1000
KA-U) A BliOOAl. BY.
Passenger trnin for Bandon and way station.
loavo- Kanlo at 8 a. ,���., dully, ltuturiiiiivc.
loavoH Handon at 1.16 p.m,, arriving nl Kaalo
at 8.65 p.m.
Opnrallnn on Koolmmy Ijikoand Hiver.
8fr. "International" IsaVOS KaslO tor Nolson
at II a. m, dally excopt Sunday. Itrtiiriiing.
loavos Nolnon at (i.Wp.n,,, railing at Balfnur,
Pilot Bay. Ainsworth and all way points. ( <>������
noctH will, H. V. A N. '.ruin to and from Spo
kiino nt Five -Iliu Point.
Steamer Argnnla leaves Kaslo 'I iiesdays nnd
Fridays ul II a. tn. for the lieud of nuviKulIon on
tho Upper llrneun hiver; returning leuve-
Hall's Undlug Wednesdays ami Hat unlays.
Bteamenoul ��t principal landings ln boti,
direction-, and <_t other points whon signalled
'1'lckoln sold 10 all points In Canada and II"
Toiwcortai- rates and full Information nil
_-anm_nr. Knslo, P.I
__. N. Sl. Cummins, l.esseo���Every known
variety uf soft drinks, I' O Uo_ _. Telephone
No.31.Hoovertitreet, Nelson, bottlei-of the
famous ..l. I.eon Hot Springs Mineral Water.
CO.���Manufacturers of lho Hoyul Seal
und Kootenay Helie Cigars, Factory and
olllee, linker street, Nelson.
I I J. KVANS & CO.���Bakor Street, Nol-
XI.. sou-w iioioaale dealers iu liquors, ci-
guro, eeinenl, lire hrick und lire cluy, water
pipe and btoel rails, und gouural commission
J    A. M'DONALD-Madden Block, Nelson-
���    .'rliils,  ice cream,  "ti. B." clioeolulcs.
ulgti class conleelio. cry.   Icu Cream Pui'loi'S.
WllU.-s.llu   illl.l   i> I. l _ j    i (ni ].��� iv.   ill   Hi am,
ni dealors in gv
tiay, Hour, food,  -Mills ui Viotoria, New \Vu__i-
uii-UHier; Udoionton. ahu.   IClovatoti. un Uul-
gull .Mi' I J.-ltnulUuli l.uihv._y.    Manufiiul mvi
uf Hit. celebrated B, A K. brand cereals.
A MAODONALD & Co.-Corner Kront
��� aud Hull streets���Wholesale grooflcfl
uiiu jobbers in blankets, gloves, mittck boots,
rubbers, maoklnaws anil ii.im.r_.' Hunrfrics.
A. Maodonald)���Architects and ouperin-
-Undents, Broken Hill Blook, corner linker and
Ward Streets, Nelson.
Ollice  corner   Hull and   (front  HtreetS,
volson���Lumber, celling, Flooring, und every
tiling in wood for building purposes, (jot our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
1">   BURNS & Co,   Haker Street, Nelson���
���    Wholesale dealers in fresh anil cured
uioatb.   Cold Storage.
\1TB8T    KOOTKNAY    BUTOHBR   10.-
|V     linker Slreet, Nelson��� Wholesale deal-
ors in fie_.li and cured meats.
M'LACHLAN BROS, (Successors to Vancouver Hard wore Co, Ltd.. Haker Street,
���Nelson W Itolesale dealers in hardware and
���'.iiiiii:.; supplies, plumbers1 ami tinsmiths' supplies.
paints, oils uml kIhss; nioohanto8< tools.
Agents foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
X1 URN Kit, BEETON & Co. Corner Vernon
and .lo..ephinu Streets, Nolson���Wholesale dealers in liipiors. cigars, and dry goods.
Agents for Pdbst Brewing Oo, ol Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
If UDSON S HAY Co.   Wholesale mrooorlei
1.   and liiiuors etc., Haker Streot, Nelson.
) Kront and Hall Sl reels, Nelson Wholo-
nalo dealers in wines lease and bulk), and
dome, lie and imported cigars.
J    Y". GRIFFIN & CO.   Comer Vornon and
���   Josephine   Streets,   Nelson ��� Whole-ale
dcfllora in provisions, ourod meats, butter and
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Conipany is
now prepared to supply the hest LIME
in the country at
50c per Cwt,
Special rates on carload lots.    Apply
Baker Street.
Economy Is Wealth
You   cannot   make  money  easier  than
by    saving    it   on    FOOTWEAR.
We fit your feet and your pocketbook
also.    You can only judge the value of
our low prices when you see the splendid
footwear we give you.
Call today  and  economize.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
gv__- ������������������������-__r_.
Branch Markets in Ronsland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Order* by mall to any branch will have caretu. a~l oromot attention.
Wc   are now lining  luisivn..   iu
Next to Nelson Motel, where we hope to see  all  our
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
Telephone 10. P 0 Box, K and W   \
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
_=.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Bakes Strbbt, Nelson.
Orders by nmil receive careful ami prompt a Mention
...STORAGE ...
Storage space to rent; good, clean and cool;  at   reasonable
rates.    Apply to
Tlie Nelson Electric Tramway CO., Ltd.
Room g, Macdonald Block.
Brewem of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Nolson, li. C.
Nki-on H. C.
i   A nmriiinic nmi Day Bohopl eondootod by
lho .'���iKiin'H of Ht, .io*. ph or Poaoe. Itlmltu'
ilod nUliocnrnrror Mill unci JoMphlni hItihiIh.
ii: ono of Uio beat raildonUaJ imrtloiiMof NaT
il  nmi Ik easily hccchhIIiIo  lioin  all pnrl-
,if llio I'll)'.
Thu ammo of . Itnly inoluilo- Mir riiiiilainaii-
i and hlghor branohei or �� thoiininh Kii��n��h
i .liicjilton. HuhIiiohh conmo - Boouaeplng.
.-luiioifrniihy uml TypowrllloK. HoIiiikw oourno
.S'. oc"' al"1 Innlnmiontal: llniwinn.
oto.���Plain and Art Noodlowork; CallBthonlcn,
. or tornui ao'l oartlculara apply
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Falil-ap.     .    .    .     . I.iik."..o:o.ihi |   ii. , ���l.TM.tM.t
Foiir.l   of   IMri rl.ir. :    ThOIOAj K. Ki'nnj'.    I'rr .ilrnt;   TliOllinN   Hltchlfl,   VloO rroaidont.
Wiley Hinllli. II. U. 11..11I.I. Hon. II. II. Kullii, M.!,.('.. Hon. I'_, el MacKooo.
lln.I Olllee. Halllkxi
(Ienernl MiitmKir, BdaOD I.. l'e.i-e. Montrfinl.
Hupurlnlenileni ol llnim-lx-. uml Hecri'tnr), \V. II. Torrance, Hallfai.
IntipiKior. W. .. Ilrnek. Halifax.
le.|i eli 1 1). ,M. -U'Wiu't. .Munlrenl.
111 .in. In - t
Nova Mrolla-lllillr-X llrnneh. Ami:, mi ������).. limine- :.l. r, (ln\. In.in.  I .niiilnmli'iry. i.n Iniiif.
Mniii.imi iiini.i ��� i'n 1. I'litoii, I'cni Hawkwbnry. Bydney  btiubcnaoadlo, Tniro. WaynipulE
Nrw HnlllsKlrl. Illlllllir-. Iliinlii-lil. Kleil, lielnii, KIliK-'on iKcnl Co.l. MohcUni. Now-
i'.a��tlo. -i-i'kvlllo. WoihIi-toek. P. ... I.lnnil L'harlOtUloWII, . llliilnel. Iilc. gnelH-r Montrciil
(Ully Ollli'iil. Miililreiil. W e-l Knil (Cor. Nolle li.niie .mil Belgnaun HI it elm; Wi-tinounl iCor.
Oreont Avonno and Ht Catharinoa BlrooU oninrlo Ottawa, -rwroandlaart si.John'n
cuiim Wrm ladlea���Havana. I nii.il autci   Noti York 110 i tobang* I'lacci lUipublic, Waah
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
��.111. -11..1..1. ni. 1
4'aaaila-Morcluinl''falik of Cnnniln.   Iloaliin    Nntlnnal Hhaoiniil llnnk.   (klra(��   Anirrlna
Nulional   llnnk.   Han   PraHCl    rlial   Natl .1   Hunk.    I _.    Hunk of   Hfolland.
I'url.,   I run..    tK-.llt   I.) iililnil-.    Ill-rllllllla    llnnk nf l|. , miei i.    I hlna aid Japaa    Hon*
Kong and Bbangbal Banking Corporal	
Ueneial HankliiR Hui-lncas Trnn..ncted; sti-rllng HIIU of KxchanKe   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Accounts received on tbemtMl fitvurulil. Icihih.    InlcicHt nllowml  on ap��:liil
depotlti and on Baring Hunk aooonnU.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C. Nelson  Daily  Miner,  Saturday  Evening,  August 4. iooq.
Fancy Black Dress Goods,   regular 50c  a
yard; now per yard	
Black Striped Crepon Goods, regular $1.00
a yard; now per yard	
$ .75
Fancy Waists, Silk, regular 50c a yard; now
per yard	
Fancy Waists, Silk, regular $1.00  a  yard;
now per yard	
Fancy Foulards in Dress Lengths, regular
Si.50 a yard; now per yard	
Ladies' Silk Gloves in black, white and tan,
regular 75c a pair; now per pair	
Ladies' Silk Gloves in black, white and tan,
regular 60c a pair; now per pair	
Ladies' Silk Gloves in black, white and tan,
regular 50c a pair, now per pair	
Ladies' Parasols, steel rods, pearl, horn
and silver mounted handles, regular $1.50; while they last, each	
Regular $3.00; while they last, each...
Regular $5.00; while they last, each...
At prices that will interest you;  a 50c Corset for
25c a pair.
We are clearing out all our Thomson's Glove-
Fitting Corsets, regular prices $2.50 and $3.00 a pair,
now $1.25 and $1.50 a pair.
Gents' Furnishings.
Three Dozen Men's Top Shirts, with or
without collars attached, regular 75c,
Five Dozen Men's Top Shirts, starched
fronts, regular price $1.00, now	
Five Dozen Men's Top Shirts, starched
fronts, regular price $1.50, now	
Men's Cotton Underwear, regular 80c and
90c a suit, now all one price, per suit...
Men's Balbriggan Underwear, regular $1.50
a suit, now	
Martin   O'Reilly   &
Tha Vancouver Province  of July :.'l
suys:���Vltv few of the  thousands  in
British Columbia who know Mr, D.
Mnrk Carle; as the dignified editor of
the Economist, uml director of the
politics of Nelson (with Rod Tolmic
as liis understudy) have ever heard of
Carley, the "kinn of thc tramps."
It wus many yean ago that ha enjoyed this distinction���indeed long before iliu romantic experiment with the
fares of royalty us associate ruler of
people of the Btsherines.
At that.date Carley was in.1 the great
and shining light in the temperance
army that he lias since become���lie
rather prided himself even on liis al-
oohollc capacity, and liis ability to
avoid the contagion of work.
About tliis- time, the exact year matters mil. lie found himself in st. Paul,
Minn., when the authorities in Hint
Imrirli wen' In the vortex of a moral
wave, that I" the utter consternation
of the hoboes resulted in an order for
all persons of the genus tramp to gel
out within twenty-four honrs or suffer
tlie dlresl penalties of n rigorous  law,
Tl rder was duly promulgated, and
a few limit's later al i   the  toughest
collection of broken gamblers,   sal	
hangers-on, and generally no good] -
pie thai have ever been brought tn-
getlu r were Inspecting box cars nl thc
railwnv depoti all anxious to secure
transportation outward without money
and without price.
While they were thus engaged, Car-
ley's eye tell upon a poster annouac-
Ingthal men wero wanted to work on
a new extension that i ri.tiii railway
company was putting through from  a
town smile few hundred   miles away,
anil   which   poster   proclaimed
transportation in  the  starting
tained: fnnn another u shirt and a collar until lie himself had a fairly decent suit of clothes, together with
82.80, the total capital of the crowd.
Dressed In his new joint stock company raiment he lost no time In looking up the labor contractor whose
poster had given him his great idea.and
Informing him that he had a party of
forty men willing and anxious to go
work on the new extension, obtained
u pass for the party out to the base of
upe rat inns,
that   the   gentleman   would   use   his! eision of last year that  import   duties
1 on manufactured iead  should   be   in-
inttuence   in getting   him any further
creased to a parity with the duties levb
business    that    might    pass     ^t|ed��Hp0n'oai--*i_ne-"of "manufactured
way. He hoped, too. that the gentle
man had been satisfied with the accommodation. He also urged upon
him a box of the excellent cigars that
he had been good enough to say suitt
his taste. They were accepted and
soon after the train with the hobo
squad passed on its way.
What   the   railway   company   said,
���i.i what the! LOCAL AJND   PERSONAL
goods and we ask particularly that
the duties upon dry white lead now
admitted at B per cent and litharge
now admitted free be increased to a
minimum rate of 'JO per cent.
The delegates concluded to have the
next session of the Association in
Greenwood, one week after the Legislature opens.
The train started, and thc assembled
hobos were just ;.coiigratvilating   their j the railway company
new leader on the success of his schem-  ''-
ing when a stop was made. The hour
was 11:80, and they were nearing the
state line where Sunday travel was
not permitted.
Here was an unanticipated difficulty.
Sunday in a rigidly moral hamlet,
without "money was not a pleasant
prospect.   Carley felt the  responsible
when they got that bill
hotel man said when he heard from
he never went
back to Inquire. Although, perhaps.
he was a little curious on the subject
he was not sufficiently interested to
take unnecessary chances. He was
not at that time especially partial to
the ultra-moral towns anyway.
ite-e of his new position, and   rose "to I
.i I
the emergency.
"Let me alone and trust me," he
said to his ragged batallion, '"I'll pull
you through some way."
As he walked up the village street
the way suggested itself to him. and
ael inn followed fast. Selecting the
beBl hotel .in the place he entered it and
demanded to see the proprietor at once.
Thai worthy had gone to bed, but
was called to the office. "I've a party
of men here," the king of the tramps
infnriiicil him. "going nut to work on
the new extension, and I shall have to
pnl them np here over Sunday. I
want thc best room you have for myself, ami you can fix thorn up as many
in a room as you like."
The proprietor washed his hands obsequiously with invisible water and
imaginary soap, as he Inquired how
many there were in all. He was told,
and the berthing of the motley collection of "winkers" proceeded at
��� nice. Bunday passed uneventfully.
All tared well, while Carley drank
that good wine and smoked the most fra-
niint   grant cigars   all charged,   of   course.
The Associated Boards ol Trade Meeting Glos-
w.niM be provided and -.'
to men willing to toll,
The word "work" had been sufllclenl
to cause the majority of tho leisure-
loving batallion to turn from the pos-
ter with a shudder, bul to Carley it
gave a graiul Idea, and ho -.mis nol
slow In putting his plan In execution,
Rounding up his fellow   hoi s,   he
Informed them that he hnd n scheme
by which all ami sundry might gel out
of St. Paul without payment of farcs
snd also without recourse to the blind
baggage. How he was going lo operate diii not especially concern them.
snd as they hnd nothing lo lose they
naturally hailed him us .-t deliverer.
laypald to the room, Monday came, and after storing away their breakfast thc
men tine by one wandered away, not
caring to be on the premises when the
0X] tetl   crash   came.     It   was   then
lhat the fineness of the scheme came
Into evidence, Btrolllngup to theho-
tel clerk, the salf-appointed labor
contractor requested that the bill for
the party should be made out���not a
single bill, but a bill in duplicate.    K
ivasdone ami the proprietor presented
il with all due   deference   to   a   good
ousl er.   lie glanced it over.
"Yes," he said, "that seems to be
all right. Now, I'll keep this one. and
,l���.   other   I'll    "'ark   0,    K.." as   he
First of all he pn cded I like an  pt led  to  do.    "You   send  It to
Inspection of thc company   and nn as- the head office of  the  road   In   St.
���            I mm une he   look   a   hut.    Paul,    >"��   know,      They   attend   to
tin best iu tin llcctive wardrobe,  all  these  matter*."   The proprietor
From another a decent   coat   was  ,,b-[bowed most  obsequious)?, and  hoped
ed Yesterday Afternoon.
The second annual meeting of the
Associated Boardsof Trade nf Eastern
BrlilshColumbia, was brought to a close
yesterday afternoon after a most successful session in which many resolutions were carried that should ultimately prove a great benefit to this
part of the Province,
When the convention opened yesterday morning at In o'clock the delegates were confronted by an order
sheet containing about i."> subjects.
With the exception of two or three
topics these A'erc disposed of before
the final adjournment.
In addition to the resolutions described in yesterday's Miner the following business was transacted.
An amendment was made to the
resolution passed last year recommending the Legislature to place the expenditure ou roads and trails under
the charge of a hoard of commissioners elected by the people. The amendment contained the suggest ion that
the local board of commissioners
should have power tn allow claim
owners to perform work on roads and
trails under their supervision, and
that the claim owners have a right to
record such work as assessments upon
their claims to an amount not exceeding 8-!<M> for any one claim.
In regard to the Inequality of representation in the Legislature, from
the Interior of the Province it was
resolved, "That the Association petition the Legislature to redistribute
the eonstituties on an equitable basis
anil further to pass a special act which
will at once give thc Boundary district at least one member."
A resolution was carried urging the
freight officials of the C, I'. ft. to
place the districts of Vernon and
Kamloops on an equality with other
districts in getting their products
to   the   markets   of   the    Kootenays.
It was also resolved thnt. the associ-j(
ation desired to Support any movement tending to the curly construction
of a railway from a point on the
Crow's Nest l'ass railway near Sand
Creek In Kast Kootonay, following
the valleys of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers to a point at or near
the town nf Golden,
In regard to the leatl s lting trade,
the following  resolution was carried
The Nelson Board of Trade entertained the delegates to the convention
of tne Associated Boards of Trade at a
banquet held at the Phair Hotel last
evening. Nearly GO people were present. Orange V. Holt, president of the
local hoard, presidetl during the evening. The programme for the evening
consisted of addresses, songs and
Frank Bailey arrived in town laBt
night from the Similkameen. He is
interested in the town of Similkameen City, just platted at the mouth
of 20-Mlle creek, half way between
Keremears and Princeton. The famous Nickle Plate group
Marcus Daly, which is now
developed, is on 20-Mile creek, besides numerous other fine properties. Mr. Bailey thinks the prospect
for the future of the Similkameen is
decidedly bright.
Hev. Dr. Spencer,of lliantford.Oiit.,
is expeeteil to preach   in   the   Baptist I
church on Sunday morning.    This   is
not his first visit   to   Nelson   and   no
doubt many who met him   before,   as I
well as others,   will   be  glad   of   the'
opportunity   of   hearing   bim.      Uev.
John Maolaurin, D. I)., is expected to
occupy the same pulpit Bunday   evening.    Mr.  Maolaurin was thirty years
and 11. t'. mines are also steady  shippers.
A meeting to organise an amateur
athletic association in Nejson has beeu
Called for Monday evening at Fraternity Hall but has been postponed until Thursday evening on account of
thc hall being engaged for another
meeting. A thorough canvass of thc
city has been made and Mr. Hyslop,
who is working up the scheme, has
secured the names of 147 prospective
members. There should be a large
attendance as now the movement has
been started the project should be carried through to a successful termination.
Hume���1'. B. Conger, Granite,Mont. ;
.1. 9. Creen, 11. (1. Brown, Uev. Alex.
Macdillivray. ,1. J. Loekerby, Toronto; Lawrence Depew, 9. W. Hayes, C.
P. Pennewell, Detroit, Michigan;
Frank Bailey, Similkameen City; A.
Wachtmelster, Sweden; G. 0. Bradley, James M. Wade. Spokane.
Phair���Rev, Dr. 11. De Val,  Winni-
IpegiT.  Lyman. II.  Lyman. Brooklyn,
| Ma6s. ; F. N. Forest, Bvron N. White, I
owned by  _    , .,  .,  t. .*,,.     . _,
,  -   Spokane; 1'. C. __gan, Winnipeg; Mrs.
belllfc"i L. II. Fraser, Kaslo; C. E. Smith, G.
O.  Buchanan.   Kaslo.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
I: illicit Stanley NolrtOn
Thomson Stationery Co       NoIhoii
Canada IlilIK .'. lliiuli   I i). Nil'nil
Hotel Hume News Stand      Nelson
11 nl il Phair New- Stand       Nolson
li. Campboll
C. V. Nolson
J. F. Dolanoy
H. A. Uradshaw
Slocan News Co.
Thomson Bros.
I_imout A Young
H. A. Klug A Co.
Now Denver
Slocan City
trains out of Nelson
.. missionary to India and his address,
will be of great interest owing to his | an .  News   Agents   on  boats  am!
knowledge of that great   country  and
also because be Is an eloquent speaker,
W. B. Wilcox of Phoenix is one of
thc delegates who attended the Boards
of Trade convention. Mr. Wilcox is
8.  Saviour's [ENGLISH]  church���Corner
Want and Sllloa Sts.     Sundays:  Holy Com-
of the Phoenix  Pioneer, one of   'ounlon 8 am.; and on tho 1st and 3rd Sundays
, ��� , _, '      ,        | ln tho month after Mattins; Miiltln-nt 11 a.m.;
the loading weeklies nf the Boundary , Sunday School 2,30 p.m ��� Kvensong 7.30. Ilully:
.,,.,_....,   nmi  is nn   ��i-h__l__.    In   r..     Mattins at9.30 a. m.    Thursdays and Saint's
country, anil is an   enthusiast   In   re-   ������-���, Ho,��� colm,llln|on ,u u'm     FrlilajH-
card   to the   mineral   possibilities  of   Kvonsong7.30 p. m��� followed by choir proc-
" , , ., ,..      i Uoo.   U.S. Akehurst, Kootor.    Frod Irvino.
that section.    In   conversation with a  ����� ia____. ��r���.'-_. """��� ",'"��,
Miner reporter, he sr.id;    "Of course,
vou know that   Phoenix is where   the   Bonedictlon at 7.S) p.m.   Stan overy weekday
i      . tt.ni __,���  oi���        ti.     Ct'.15a.m.   Rov.  Father Forlnnd Hector.
Geo. Johnstone, Ward'
Catholic Chuhcii-Corner.Ward and Mill
streets Mass every Sunday at Sand 10.00a.m
great mines are   that have  given   the
Boundary district its best advertising.
iu-SIiyt-HIan OiiuKCH���Services at 11 a.
and 7.30  p.m.    Sunday School nt _:��rp.
Prayer meeting Thursday evonlng at 8 p.m.;
Ihe mines ou thc Phoenix spur of the | Christian Kndcnvor Society moot* overy Ttios
of I
- _-_iW. oveninK   n't S  o'clock.    Hov. II.'Frow
are now sending out over 31 III t Pastfij, ��� *" '""'���
tons of ore dally.    This is about oven- i , ^i!_i.^��'w�����,rc<>"���   Silica   and
, johi jiiiin-' Mr.')-.... H_rv_..(>.. at 11 a.m. and 7 30
lv divided between the Trail and p.m.; Sabbath School, 2.:t0i>.n_.; Prayer moot-
Brand Forks smelters. At present Og|^X5.fsfSHt-JflSS
U,e big properties,, the ��^
syndicate lu   Phoenix,   the llld   Iron-   ovonlng at 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.; Prayer inuot
7, ,   i.     i     mn    , , ���      i Ing   Thursday ovenlng at 8  n in    tho H   V
sides and  Ivnob   lllll alone   are   ship- ' r_. Tucsdnv evening at 8lo'clX   -Iran'-ors
ping ItS tons of oro dally, which will  wrtially wolce-,,-,. llov. O. J. Coulter White,
be doubled or  trebled in two or three I    Salvation Aii��iv-8orvio s  ovory ovonhic
���a1-!!.!0;.^^^!?!'-^..0" v ��K>rl     street
And this Association reatlli ins  Us de-] weeks.    The Winnipeg, (lolden Crown  Adiudant Edgeoombo|'���ohame.'
linker Bt.
I ih ni Importation
All the loading Bram'
Try NAPOLEON Chowlng Tobsceo.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor.
469 nelson b c.


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