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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 25, 1900

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No. 635.
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, January 25,  1900.
Tenth Year
-flje War Office Says it Has
Nothing to Say.
m ,y Experts me Figu.ing Out its
Import nee   'lhe Outlook In
Not Too Bright.
l,._,|n,l.   .Inn.    -.-(���������    '"���'-
fwSlly aftM l3o'olook  Un- Wur Office
.;,������������",,1 iimi nothing further in tho
mv of -isp tches would be given out
doting lim uigbt.
London, Jen. 85.-(4:l_ a. m.)-Tbe
,i_ctnblnge in Poll Mali outside the
ivllt 1 mi'.���. una those privileged to
,������ in ,|,e lobbies, reluctantly di_-
pemdal inldnight after the final word
thnt nothing more wonld be announced, Tin' morning paper, went to press
nUli conjectures ��nd forecnstB of nil
mrtn, striving to guess ont something
from Splon'a kop. Topngrapbioal maps
ut tbat part of the country show that
Bplon's kop is the highest part of
n rooky plateau, running uistwunl for
riRlii miles from the Boer positions,
ivlnii' along tho Tugela, northwest
wart from Splon'a kop, the plateau
nmsgradnallj uu to a great spur of
the Drakenshi ig range. Oeneral Boiler's infantry, to roach the- summit of
Splou'e k"p nuisi orosa a natural
glacis, tlm-e-qunrters of a milu wide,
nml ,'iinili  500 feet op n steep slope.
Ij here seems tn know, not
etna the War Ofllce, what Lord Rob-
..;-:,1- 'une wiih his large reinferce-
mrats ms thousand troops awaiten
bis arrival nt Cape Town, antl since
then 11,000 others hare reaohed there.
Milltaty critics ure nil Imping thnt a
good shiiii'.;' these I-,000 hnve goue to
help General Boiler nud they argne
thai n lew day's wail may make him
utruiin ,'milieu to ovetoome the deadlock,
There are lll.OI 0 troops ui sea and
ilii-in.iw wi-1n111 nu the British Bide
'��������������� i in e. stroj the eqinlibriuni
loweristiug un every lithl of upora-
linn-. Tie Hritish insses uptodateate:
Killed, wounded mul captured, accord-
i-if i" in in ml Buller s lust list, H.'.lil
by covertly hinting thnt they nre unable to restrain the Dutch Colonists
from rising,"
iu' i nn p, Tuesday,  Jan. 88.
IU 110 p.   in. i~-lhe Urnisli field  '.r
nd How inters, shelled tbe bub-
mv'-  1'-.inn, iiii lhe ei'est ul the ridge
i "ni muriiiug,   iiie   ini.iiiny,   under
| "-''"'i'i  cover,   kepi up an effective
iii i . ii is resigned a kopje
"! Miiii-ii ie. i rit.sh took   possession.
v" tiring   the   enemy   gbelteied
"* 'esbj :i Mi.lie Wall ou the slope
'' ' ���!" Which they hehi for hours.
] ���'stt�� they run across tho  rn-
"ie, Ui, British artilleiv poured
"���nn-wii.l und lydite mtu theui, ami the
Infautry tuuk tbe .tone wall. The
Bfitish L-imnuliy lisl wus hiuiiII.
>'��� Jnn, 88.���a dispatoh to tbe
1 nm�� in i���   ,-iu uriniiu's Camp,   dated
���I''1'- ��8,   0:80   p.   in.   lays:
'"' hoera tonay hail more guns  and
111 to light   Rlinosl  inlerinin-
��� ll,'v'ii-"   'iilieneheil   tluiir   ridge,
Berlin, Jan. .4.���The German 1 nrk
Huns Wagner, stun nil nn December I!1
in Sonth African waters, by the British gunboat Fein less, ami ordered to go
to Pun Elizabeth to unload, after
leaving the contraband specified hy
tbe Hritish authorities, hns proceeded
on her way to Delagna Bay, being the
lirst of the seized German vessel-, io
he released.
Beilin, Jan, 21. -German press tact-
id ins nre almost unanimously uf lhe
opinion thai tlm sitiuitioii of ihe Brit-
ish forces around Ladysmith is clesi.er
ate. The Berliner Tagblatt prims a
Brussels special claiming that -ir
Ohm-les Warren has been signally dc-
teaterl. A military writer for the
Kreuz Zeitnng says the movement to
relievo Latlystnith hus failed, ren-
lcrmg the British line of retreat eu-
London, Jan. 34.��� In the absence of
news from the seat of wur, unlay
there  was complete stngnaiton in the
markets here.
Capu Town, Jan. 38. ��� (Tuesday. )���
The Bntish transport Oymerie has
heen despatched to assist the transport
Manchester Corpoiation, reported on
January 18 in lutitude 0!! south, longitude os west, with two of her propellers lost. The Amerioan hospital ship
Maine reception today was highly attended.    Many ladies were  present,
London, Jan. .."i ���The correspondent
of thn Times at Lorenzo Mnrquez telegraphing yesterday and dealing with
"the   lawlessness o!   the   low elass   of
Hoers who are getting beyond the control of the liovernment ami the better
lass of officials who me Honestly de-
glrouB of protecting life and property,"
says :
"My informants are convinced that
the only way to save the Rand from
the fury of the re, els is to out   off   the
retreat of the Hoers lu tho direction of
Johannesburg. The hot bloods among
the Buers are convinced that the war
is line to the Capitalists ami that the
only revenge possible is to dynamite
the mines."
London, Jan 38.���The Daily Telegraph publishes the following dispatch
from Spearman's Dump, dated January 2:1 0:80 p  in. :
"Un Monday f-ir t'h.ul.s Wnrren's
force eiiiinonaileil ami Eusiblded the
Boei posit inn wist of Spioil s kop
near ibe Acton Homes mad A lyddite battery co-operated with the other
ba, teres and Maxims. Certainly the
tire was effeutive, oanslng the enemy
seriiuisr losses, The Boers, hnwevei,
cliini; desperately tn their works from
whioh thev 1111- only beiug veiy slowly
Today the 1 nomy tired their nuns of
tenet", using   also   ihe    captured     IB-
ponnders with shrupuel.    our  casualties today   were less   even   than   those
of jesterday.
The fighting begin abont six In the
morning and ooutinued (ill dusk bul
there bns been nothing liken regular
engagement. The naval big gnna assisted from Potgtester's drift in shell-
inn the Boers' positions. "
'His   advice is  cood   nml   needed  in
ituerioa. Wlii.e strict neutrality ii-
maintained in the official world anil
the good will   fnr  England   is felt   by
he better informed, it is simply mis
lending the people of this country to
suggest, as some correspondents an
doing, that antagonism to Eugland is
confined to a sniull majority of Americans, The sympathy of America us a
whole is, us n matter of fact, no more
with England ut. this moment than
was our popular sympathy with them
in the outbreak of the wnr with Spain,
and the contrast of  offloe  and popular
iilitude is no liRs marked In the Unit-
e.l states Hum it is in Germany."
Buffnlo, K. Y., Jun. 84.���An appeal
for subscriptions in aid of tlie funn
for the widows nnd orphans of British
soldiers, who are perishing iu the
war in South Afrioa, was drafted at a
meeting   held in tbo Tift  House  last
itiiriluy eveuiug. Those present at
the meeting subscribed liberally, W.
H. .1. Cole is netiug us treasurer of Ihe
Modeler River, Tuesday Jan. 38.���A
telegraph message lioni Kimberle.,
says tho Hours vigorously renewed the
bombardment today.
*"    ' "i"s in im almost  unbroken Exchange rumor,  whioh  happened
London, Jan. 84.���(8:46 p.m.)���Tbe
extreme tension, caused by what may
justly he designed the most anxious
pause since tbe war began, hud not
1 n relieved np to the time ol writing, by anything sa.e the Daily Stock
'"in the lii.ikensherg.niany mile.-.
ii". -.ling.contliiued throughout
'''������'���'     ��e Imve not   advanced   uny
��� "W we   throw   up   entrench-
111 ""'"u* Hi" tight,   from   behind
0 musketry duel continuo-l
Ssctly the same position as yes-
,. '" ��� ''sn- '-'���' -A correspondent
"'" """i ��l    Modder   River,   tele-
hil*�� TooBtlay, s��ya:  "The reports
jj', '.ne that ti,,, mnatlonof
;|' -tagersfonteln is beoom-
"���We  bucanie  the camp is
���  soietio fever is spreading
Betiiblea nre wanted,   On  the
I''1"1'""'' the health of the  British
��tfe-Botory,   although  the
'"'i exhausted by the long
"!'"""" ����dthe   trees   have   heen
i   Inseol  pests  and dust
New York, Jan. 84.���Tho World
prints the following liable dispatch
from Belfast: '" It is known hero now
Uml Cecil Rhodes and the British
Chartered South African Company
have received permission to make war
111 their own account. The mystery
surrounding Mojor-Gen-rnl Sir Fred-
riek Carrington's release trnni his
oomraaud in this district, accompanied
by nu unofficial statement that he was
gning to South Africa, is now solved.
Heretofore, for   reasons best known to
themselves, the Wni Offloe officials
have refused to assign General Curriug-
ton to any command in South Africa,
despite his long experience with British troops 111 rhat country.
"Now it, is known lliut (Jeoil Rhodes
and tlie Chartered Company have re-
neived permission to raise, equip and
put iii the field a force of regulars
and the War Ofllce lias loaned General
Carrlngtnn to the South Afiican millionaires to command this foree. No
one can tell   what   the strength of this
[oroe will he 01 where it will operate,
neither will  the   fiiemis  of General
OarringtOll here say whether there will
be a native COlltingsUt with it. The
World uilds that this may be considered
ns equivalent to the issue ot what may
lie culled letters ot marque for private
raiding on, ruiioiis to hi, eoniltnied I 11
land iii-teud of at sea. Il is, 111 u
sense, a ievivnl of the mediaval system
ot uiiistiug the supp.it uf mercenaries
ael ing in almost inueet iniiepeiiileiul-
i-n e ol Ihn Imperial power. How this
lotion will be viewed by the civilised
poers of the world   lemaius to be seen.
New i'ork, Jan. 84,���Tbo Commercial CAble Uompuiiy today sent out the
following notices: "We are advised
tbut tin Hosi 11111-1 er-'iiner.'il al Pre
toria announces tnut all private telegrams for the South Africnn   Kepnblio
Will   he  Slopped. "
London, Jan. __.���(4:10 p. in. I-As
the atternoon ptogressed the excite-
ment on Pall Mali reached a high
pitch. Bul the Wnr Office officials reported Ul 8:80 p.  111.,    the   Oft repealed
statement that "notblug has bean received from General Bnller."
The suspense was Increased by the
helief thai General Buller would never
have published bis intention 10 attaok
the Boers on  Bplons kop unless sniis-
tied that   the assault would lie   carried
South Afrioa, confining himself ohiefly
to u renewal of his indictment of the
'��� policy which led to hostilities." He
ridieuleil "the 1101 inn that n lew Boer
.accesses entitled the Tiunsvaul to lie
lesoribed as u li bi Mass military cower," and declared that the fact of the I
Soets sending the ultimatum no more
disposed of nil tlm other questions than !
the defiance nf the Amerionii Colonists,
in throwing the toil into Boston Imr
hue. disposed ul nil the questions nf
ihe wur  of American Independence.
"It is quite certain,'   continued Mr.
Morley. "thai bad the Government appreciated   the temper uf the Transvaal j
people and forsoen what wo* coining��� j
what we  nil  know   in these   hlnok, ;
iilonmy days���there wonld   hnve  been
un war.    ll    is dreadful hut line,   that
a want of foresight and decent inform-
atlon led the   Government to stumble
into   wnr    in   ihe   dark.    Lord  Salis
bury's menacing speech of Julv   '-.8, if
applied to a great   power, oould   only
have meant   war.    It   was absurd,   if
the Government   really believed in  n
Dntoh conspiracy,   to  sneud   time iu
negotiations  regarding (he  franchise.
The conspiracy was at, aftertbongbl of
the Governmeut  conjured up to   mask
a hideous ami ghostly blunder."
In conclusion, Mr. Morley declined
to commit himself as to whui would
happen in the future, hut he warned
his hearers net to he duped by the idea
thai the Boers after .defeat would settle down quietly.
With reference to the point nt which
the conflict would eotuu to nn end,
Mr.   MjiTey observed:
"Something depends on 11 chuuoe,
which I hope is remote, bnt is certainly not invisible, of onr heing culled on tn ineel dangers in other quarters,'
1011.1! STATION
Chance for Local Volunteers
to  Enlist.
Formation of the Squadron Now Uadei
Way- B- 0. Oontingo t-Will Likely
Accompany Them.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner, 1
Ottawa, Jan. 84,���In order to avoid
delay in raising Strathconn's Horse the
machinery of the North West Mounted
Pol ire will ne put into operational
once, nnd leeruiting proceeded with
without delay along the same lines us
in the en."' of the rough riders, now Bt
Halifax, Strathconn's Horse will
���nen.     Lord
consist    of    nearly   500    .,,...    ���,..,.
.lis-���, in   the first  place,
and he   lms stated
England Would Dismiss it if Pinp.rly
London, Jan. 3*5.��� The TimoH, inn
speeial article dismissing the runout
speech of Connl Von Bnelow, the German Foreign Secretary, with regard
to a settlement internationally as to
what oontitnted contraband an! what
are the rights of neutrals, snys
"We do not ilotilu tbat overtures for
a lull disonBSion of the snhjoot.it made
in a friendly spirit nun on broad
giounils of public interest, would be
frankly nnd promptly accepted by the
Uritish Government. What better
work could he found for the trlhnuul
created hy The Hague conference than
the work of settling the question of
damages for seizures?*'
was abont 400 ii'eit.
his willingness to increase this to B00,
tu meet the organization require
ments. It is expected that work will
he commenced almost immediately :iii-
nn the organization of the force offered
by British Columbia, which will prob-
nhly include two troops of mounted
rilios. It is expected that many western ronnhriders, who have gone to the
gold fields of British Columbia and the
Yukon, will find places on this force.
ltecruiting   stations   will   he   ul    Re-
ginn, Galgary, MnoLeod, Lethbridge,
Battlel'oid, Medicine Hat, Moosejuw,
Prince Albert, aud Edmonton, and in
tlm I'neilie Province a Nelson, Revol
stoke nnd Kumldops.
Ottawa, Jan. 84.���Reornitlng for
Lard Stratucona's Horse lor service in
South Africa, will oommeucs in Manitoba, Biilish Oolumbin aud tlm Mounted Police posts in the Noith West Territories about Fobrcary I. Applicants
must be good shots, good horsemen,
uiinuirrieil. and between 88 and 40
vears of ttge. Height, not less than live
feet, six inches tall; measurement, n"i
leas than 84.inches. The engagements
will he made nnder the Army Act, for
six months, with liability of extension to one veiir. Pay will be the
same us Monnted Police until arrival
in South Africa ; niter thnt, Imperial
army rates.
more business was dune than 111 any
past sitting Five new hills were introduced and si\ wi-re read n second
time. Among lhe measures read a soc-
iinn time was 11 hill to amend the Kvi-
dence Act, which in effeel is to make
Provincial statutes tbe same as IJomin
ion. There was a lull to amend tbo
County Courts Aot so judges could
hnve u vacation in July, instead ot
inking ;, holiday by Informal Jarrauge.
nn ni auinnu themselves      There was,
nm. n hill lo u nil  lhe Game   Prole,
ti, n Ael", This is u bill of tbe Attur-
nev-i-iei ei'iil. who explained tbat now
there win difficulty in fixing tbe definition of hides and skins exported,
Hi said the present bill was framed to
encourage the tanning industry, he
sides rieiayioR for an Increased num.
hei of y.-urs the extermination ol
Ilelmckcui said tbere was little us' in
perfecting the gume law if il was nm
enforced. He reforrert 10 the remission of the line l-.v the Government of
ihe fishery inspector, meaning Gal-
'nni 1 li, whn hud heen lined [or shooting pheasants ont of si ason, hut who
hnd bis fine remitted by the Government.
Helmcken moved the second reading
Of the Tramway Incorporation Act.
which In explained was nor the same
111, .isiive thai had heen disallowed.
Among siimil over hnsiness was the
Attoruey-Geuernl's and Ebert's bills
amending the Alien Exclusion Act.
l.etii'tive Easily Persuaded Hiin to Return to New York.
New York, Jan. 34.���Among tbe
passengers who arrived today ou the
steamer Kaiser Wilhelni 11, was John
W.   lingers,   of   Pinkertou's detective
agency, lun inu in eli.iige as 11 prist r
T. .1. Hunter, the defaulting auditor
ul' ihe Atlanta >. Wesl Point Railroad
Hunter was arrested ut Tangier, Morocco. The deteotlve snys Hunter was
out of funds ami ,u'ter a little persuasion agreed voluntarily to return to
New York. There is no extradition
treaty between the United States and
have heen started today by   the  hulls. [������, before the news could he published
and il was fully   outiolpotori   that   thn
news of bis snoeoss  or  failure  would
reuiTi London In a   low hours at most
The Oablnel Ministers called al the
War Offloe after lunoh to ask for news.
���';' ���'"'   ��o.-The   nape   Town
I    ,;1" " ���"'��� "' Hie Tunes   telegraph
r�� '"-'lav .,���������
[" ' " na ti
who assert lhal Genernl Warren has
captured Bplon kop.   Anxiety   In   re
gnrd to the next news is visible on all
sides. The War lllll,'e was besieged
at an early hour Ibis morning and the
olnbsand other resorts, liable In receive  early   new,  have   1 11  orowded
with eager Inquirers,   li  is g rally
reongnized tbat the Hoer position,
if evei eaptured, can   only he taken ut
u tremendous cost, a dispatch from
Pretoria, on Monday,Jan, 88, from the
Boer Head laager says: "Four or
live limes during the day the British
replaced their soldiers hy fresh ones.
Tbe Boer casualties tu dale are one
uinn   killed    and   two   men     slighliv
Kimberley. Jan. 88.���Bombardments
have ceased bnt Urn Boers are perpetually engaged In sniping. "Long Oeoll"
is doing exoellent   work uud Mr. Oeoll
Rhodes   has   personally     llred   several
shells from the gun-
London, Jan. 84.���(5:8- p. tn,)-The
seoretary nf the British Bonth African
Co., bus given a curious denial ol 0
;,'..���'.. ni   thai  the  coinpanv is per-
Of   rilljs   ami
wounded,   Our  nieniuo  in excellent ohaslng large qnautttles ot  ri
There has been a large Bhiugh- saddlery  foi prompt deliver;
Denver,Cnl., Jan 84.���The Colorado
Editorial Association, at its annual
meeting here, ndopled resolutions declaring Ihe paper trust tn be nn "ene
mv 10 newspapers,publisher! and readers and therefore to souioty and good
government." CouKress is asked Immediately to repeal all tariffs nn piper ami its component parts, nud the
resolution declares tbat the association
will oonsidei us an em my un.v senator
nr congressman who Falls to do bli inmost to repeal inch laws at tbe pres
nnt sessslon of Congress, nud will oppose ihe re election ol any such mem
vi torin, B. C, Jun n.���A patriotic
petition from 'in young men of Ymir.
who are n-ailv to go to the front uud
hone to be enrolled in the B. C. Bcouts,
wus received by lion Pied Hume 111 a
letter from Provincial Constable W,
<; Forrester, himself a captain of tbo
1 nii.i,li.in reserve, 111 whioh the gentleman says: "All volunteers are well
known to n 1 are   nil   fair  rulers,
crack shots and used to the bills
The petition set forth in effect that
the undersigned residents of Xiutr
heard with s.tislaction thut a hundred
men are to he sent to South Afrioa
ITiim the Province, aud pray lhal Ymii
be allowed to express its loyalty and
ni'sire in serve Britain Thev therefore
pray thai at least some ol the thirty
signers he Included, The ages of signal ��� .nry from 80, that of the ,'iiior of
T ne Mini r, to 18. The average holghl
in live feel, nine iiiehi', und .In-.
 usiirein, nl, iln ���-'.
Halifax    N,   _.,  Jun.    84   -Orders
weie issued lllis lllli'l IU nil tu the ell'-' t
thai  trnopi  will  nol embark  on tbe
transport Pomeranian  until  Saturday
ll,. admits ill" pnrchnso, und
nays tin v were mud,, by himself In Ins
private onpaoltv, bul adds that they
were only for il l_ul* Ill of the lm-
pi 111.1
1 Vlc|
"The  Bondil it ur"
wise the  lirst  deoisive
ter of British. Qenorsl Botha is now
in sale aomiunnd, General Crouje having heen sent elsewhere. "
The same dispiitob,apparently referring In the BltUtttlOll at   Oolenso,  says : : peri il Yeoman
"One of the inrue  Boer  Maxims was |uK impression thnt the nompnny
temporarily   disordered   bul   was soon onncerued iu the purohnse,
I'he liiiiish northern namps
There wns   11 grow-
Buffalo,   N.    Y.,   Jan.   14,      Ih,1 pin-
iinei resolutions pssaed n ntly hv tho
Board of Aldermen came before tin-
Upper House or Board of Conneilroon
this afternoon. Councilman Dnnhar
spoke against;  them saying  that  his
sympathies   were   on   the  other   side.
Iln moved thai the n solutions 1 0 laid
mi the table Indefinitely. Nn one opposed the motion nud the insolations
win- deelnrod dead.
(itiuwu, Jan. 84.��� It li   ri ported to
nlghl   thai   Captain  Frank A   I li m
in,:, 1,1  the 1 lovernor Gem rnl's  body
guard, Toronto, and a son "i   Str Ban
find Fleming, will gei   oharge ,,i  one
11  the   si|i,n,irnn"   on    Htratliouiia's
South Km;, of the Salmon River
Shows Up Very Hich.
Victoria, Jan. -,'I,��� Special to Miner
���'l.'iie greatest Klondike strike of the
year is the new goldfields on the south
(oik of the Big Salmon River, thu
exciting news of which arrived hy
today's steamers irom the North. New
arrivals from the upper oonutry report
the finding ni v: d   thnl   pays 1100
per da} to thu man, working with
home-made rookors.   It is ulso olnimed
that the miners who first located the
new fields .eie murdered by stamped-
ers. The Big Salmon lies to the east
ol the Kloi'rtiko Beotion, und empties
into the H.intnlinqnn near its junction
with the '��� ��� ��� lu fact the Lewes 1 -
formed by tlie waters of tlm Thirty-
Mile, Hootalinqua and Big Salmon
Rivers, Until 1898, il was net known
In lhe mail-making world ihat there
was a snath lurk of the Big Salmon,
which enters the Hootalinqua about
midway between Teslin Lake nud
Hootaltnqnu Post. Prospectors first
struck the Pig Salmon In tbe
Klondike rush nf P-'.is, and it was
ii.ui'lieii lightly ai promising looking
points, The delayed argonauts nl the
AsheinlT and Edmonton trail came Intel, .md lo them is due the new Iimi
The quicker route to  the   new   gold
liehl is by way of   Port    Wriingel   nud
the Teslin trail The Hootalluqna i��
sn swift and so shallow that il is nor
navigable tin- steamboats, nnd it is a
journey uf mouths foi rovbonti om-
eeml .is fur as the 1 uilh toil, ni' Ibe
Salmon, This uew find, which rivals
Oupe Nome In richness, will menu a
new rush over ths Tosl.n trail, on
which the Dominion nml Provincial
Governments have expended so mnoh
in,, n-y.
Depew Company to Ereol Shops at
lim.vi.'. I'utairii.
Buffalo, N. Y.. Jun 84.���Mayor
Ramsey, ol Duuvlllc, Ont., was in tbo
en, iiil.r. and inspected III" shuns if
the Depew Manufacturing Co. The
company is anxious to establish a
branch In Canada for tha manufacture
of agricultural Implements, The
Dnnvllla mayor was ���,,-i favorably
Impressed and it 1- altogether probable
th.it the oraiioh establish nl will   be
local d ui Danville, uuoul 800 hands
lo be 1 inplnv, ,1
ntn**y. or the invasinn of Re- are In confusion.   People are obsorv-     London
Jail. 84. - Mr, John Morley,
Yi as the   signtil for  a led trekking aimlessly iu nil oireelinns.   addressil
iigi.iti.m    'I hey win'   (j.uni, ting on   Onptn-n   Mahan's ing at I'orfar. moils bnl
"""I'lin.v it,,.
ina his constituents   Ihis even-
I'   the   war   in
*  unpeal to muguuii.ity ,uttitu,ie the St   James   Gu/.uttB   laysi(to the preseul   BSpeol   '
ill.UP, WILL 1:1; FORMED,
Baltimore, Md., Jnu. 84.��� II was an
liiiuneeil today tlml the meeting of capitalists WbO    Will Sllhsel'ili.l   |80.COO tO
form aii   American  Association Base
hull I'luh iii Pull 1 iii,,r,-. will he lu-hl on
ii idaj. The snhii notions will he
inn.1 iu nu Friday, afni en 1 li eti d uml
im-orp,11 nuns named,
Morn Petitions Pr,-eiii.d--Duv's Work
in the House.
(Special Dispntoh to 'I he Mlnei
Viet,.rill,    P.    1' . Jun     84 - Al    the
sittings  ,.f   the 1.. gi iiiiim 'ins after
 n Hon   In il 11 nn." pn -'in. .1 s rs
��� iiinn sn,,,, ,1 in live hundred miners
ni Nelson, asking thnl the Eighl Hoor
law be enforcod Im its, tititety, and
thi   evening he ret 1 Ivi .1 a 1 npj   of a
lesolnlion In lhe same effeot Iron, Dili it 1 1;. Wnstein Ped. i.itlon 11 Uinn .
a   L, liiiii-i.ui. president,
Tndny'i   1"Ing nt Ibe House wns 111�����
sh,ifi ' yet, , oly lasting one I1001 snd
twenty   minutes,    hut   111,   that   nun
hington, D. ��' . Jnn 84, - Gen
oral '"is today cabled tbe Wai Depait-
in. ni fm n Manila, thai Llentenanl
Utookley, llsl Infantry, lms heen miss
ing since the Hth Instant    Hn was ,,M
1, i-i.iiii no 1 iug duty   111   "I.ill-oil.    near
.--.111 Ti.ni.i-, Bataugsi and was evidently captured by the Insnrgi al
Si     Johns,      NUM..    Jun.     84.-  Tbe
1 1 ., loam 1. Osl .une, Captain
Rotte, in.ui London is days, for Pluiu
deli.inn iu ballast, hai an Ivod hero
With iiiiiehineiv 1I1-. 1 Id' il, mul shorl nl
1 1       She     met     with     .1   SUCCI --1""   ol
w Itil - Ing    'I"-   Atlantic,
Shi will 1 ������ bore ��� in 13    n pan lug,
New Jfork,   Jnn   84   -lead.   -
j 14.48
Bul lb n.
Nelson Daily Miner
r-ii_.lii.nt_d uaily exe_.pt. Monday,
li   )    Mb-ATON, Kditor i-nil MunoKer.
hia nbilitiuR. The p.ithn nf thi** dernn-
l_ iguu ute uo. uiisulilum bone, with
Monnni. Edition.
aly pur rnooUi by confer	
per hitlf year	
per yufr	
per y_nr by mail	
por v< nr foreign	
Weekly, peril Uf year	
p_r vour	
por your, forul_tt_	
-_.n-U-Oriii.lnt_. itivarinhly in advance
. ? 1 _..
2 (Hi
,    2 50
1900 Bachelors'  Club
V.lson A.in ir Printing-: Publi8hini,Co
nelson. b. c.
Telephone   No.   144.
The Miner will pay Jim reward j
for information thai will lead to the
arrest and conviction of an1 person
who steals a copy of this paper
Irerr. the premises of our subscribers.
Tlm City Coimi'il hns no mnre riplii
tunny Ilini contractors slinll pay their
carpenters $8 50 a Jay than they have
tu , ilu i that shopkeepers hIiiiII pay
their clerks $80 a week or pabllahers
lli"ir ,-.litn,s i'.\,my thousand a year.
Tin' Miner would be uinn tn see our
carpenters Ratting .10 a day, lmt it
nr.i -i he in fair, open competition and
without coustraiut oi compulsion of
any kind. We aie yielding ourselves
to vicious principles in encouraging
departures from the oil and only Bate
law ni supply ami demand, Artificial
aids to proBpeiity nre doomed to failure, :,ooii,',i- or later. In pandering to
tlie spirit that in abroad, the people of
Nolson, ol the Kontenays, nf all Hritish Columbia, nro building the foundation of troubles thai will vex us griev-
,niily some day.
nil Pocket,
Whittaker's Almanac1
Cash Books,
Day Books, J itlanti
Office Supplies.
Of Nelson
Second Monthly Meeting
Thursday, January _5r.li,
Member* "ill
d, 'I
w   i"
li. Mi
11will, n. '���*���'   I
li'll ,|, I-     .ui, ll,
,\ii\ ��� 'iiisi-'ii,-His in.,.rici iu.dor this head at
iIn- nit-' i f ��� oenl a word i<cr hiMirtlon,   No
advertliieui-nt taken for lost, than 2fioeute,
WANTED���Freliohmmi  of   education
desires to exchange lessons in French
tor lessons in h.nglish    Apply   0. L,e-
iilinic, Box >18.
i uulilii
Will tli
. \ s r :
��� i  '
hii-iVith    Spare     linn
set of bonl.s.    Apply |fll>
i, ,,1-iuni'i    in
iug this  olHoi
I Alliin l.lne "1
< Dominion I."
Allan I.i"" ' I
! Dominion i Ino
Sn'lNew and Important |g
li is worth remarking that fifty-six
per cent, of the ten consumed in the
United Kingdom is giown in India,
and thirty-live per cunt, iu Ceylon.
Like percentages will probably hold
good for the Colonics. This means
that the Empire is drinking its own
tea. If we bad reciprocity or preference with Great Britain it wonld not
be many years before the Empire was
living on its own food stuffs.
There is a nic,' little row "ii aitioiig
the Liberals of Vancouver, Although
the row itself is purely local, there
are circumstances connected with it
that give it a Provinial character.
The tronlile wns exposed at a meeting
held in that city a few niuhts ago. It
would seem that Mr. lin-Mek and a
very faithful ami obedient follower of
his, named Kerr, decided some time
ago to mime a number of Liberals in
Viinconvei who. with other members
of the party from certain centres of
population, would assemble in Viotoria
to confer with Liberal members of the
Legislature as lo matters affecting organisation and policy. The occasion.
in fact, was intended to have the
character and assume the importance of a Provincial convention. If
called in the regular way there would
have heen nn objectiou to this; hnt it
appears that in carrying ont his no
Btruotions, Mr. Kerr oonfined the Vancouver representation to the extreme
partisans of the Bostook variety, and
that other leading Liberals were not
only ignored hut were kept iu ignor-
anco of what was going en. It was to
be a Bostock convention, ami In the
purpose of it was clearly seen a design on the pint of thnl eminent statesman and his friends lo ,'apture tho
machine and tak" entire control of the
party management.
At the meeting referred tn Mr. Joseph Martin look vigorous exception to
tlm action of Mr. Bostook nnd his
friend. Representative conventions
were not called in ihat way. but aside
altogether from tbe Irregularity ,,f
the procedure was tlio more heinous
offenoe of overlooking him. A protest
from Mr Martin would not necessarily
he a serious affair, for the gentleman
has all his life been accustomed t,, protesting against everything that he did
not himself propose oi create. Hnt on
this occasion he had the very envnesl
BUppOrt Of Mr. Mel,;,i_iill.nl The World. !
which gave to the mallei- a ,|uite <IitTt'- ,
,'ii'ui complexion,   Mr  McLagun, too,
had been Ignored, and be resented   it  ���
in doing so be bail   the sympathy of a A Piano that improves under
number of other   prominent   Libeials  usage.    More   musical  than
who were present,    and   all   of   whom
had been e,|uitlly slighted   The discus.
sinn   wns a It ,1 one. and   in   its  effect
will be understood as a rather forcible
tebuke to Mr. linstock   for  presuming!
to use the Liberal party of   Hritish Co,
Itimliin as a means to his own personal l
Mr.   MoLagan,   of Tho    Vancouver
World, says   that the   eleotion Of
British   Coluinbin   members nf Parliament was largely a iniit'er , 1 accident,
It i-i a relief to know   this, as   one   is i
permitted to entertain a higher respect   Haldanc's "3800 Miles Across Oanrdi
for those   whn   are   Blipposed   tu   have | Price #1.51).
elected them. Wc should imagine from
the report of the Bpeeoh which Mr.
MoLagan's paper publishes that one of
the products of those accidents was
Mr. Maxwell. Nothing thnl can be
said, however, shall persuade us that
Mr, Bostock is the result of an accident. His election was due tn the
most careful and studied design, to
which practical effeot was given ill
the judicious expenditure nf a very
considerable sum of money.
"ll,,,, III, ItlUlll"	
risi.i," Mi 1
Vancouver"  Kelt 1
krom Ne"  \ <�� i
White Slue Line "Ti',,1 mir" Fell "���
in-Iiiii- i ii,,, ".\, uhoriii" ...
���ll, lii'i-in in Lloyd "-ni,I,- 	
i, Un,. ��� ~    '-i ul". ' oh ,
i- l.lne   ii ,-i'-   hiul" 1   i,
Cmi -fi-    i e   l.u, mi '.'
All.,,, CUttUl   I.UI      'n..:      ,1   Al     ���  -      ..      '..
i'l'MllI SIO
Dominion I.in   ' X. u  Knginn-" l-v,. i
i-i s| j0hti. \". H.
11,'uve.-I.i,ii-"l.iiir Ontario" Inn "fl[au olll
���T. - >
, - r   r il   fi,
i in ei  plen.-e
i-i.in i. City.
���OST.��� >, i,l, '-., -    is .ni      i ft', I f   i
im- . ii- ' onl linn l.    a reward ,,l tli
ivil] he iiiiiii I"    li" ie   Iiiiii   i   L'   ��� i'n,
i.i tin' i In- '��� mi
, UK r-AI-ilv   House aim I.,'I.   All mon.
cm i niveau lit* ou V'u tor In Stri bi.
-���spleii'ii't rental prnpeny, ISqnlppen
wiih all modern convpimtii'os A bargain,    Adilr, ss (I. I'. ('., Miner Ullice.
I I1 N'T,    !��� ine  oltlce  nr   store  in
1-    I'   \      'i      - in      ne l| -,, ,l
,     ,.     ,,"' ...Ires.
n ;
Canada mm &
BOOK 00.
I Beaver Uno "Montrose"  Fob ,
Passages arramsod to and from nil tturopuan
points, For nil,is. ticket... uml full ilifriiimll'li
applytoC. P. It, dopotagnni or U I'I. Boasloy.
City PassongOl A-i'iit. Nclsnu. II.I
BARBER, Dentist  bar
���   with   Ur    Morrison,
and htidge work a specialty.
w. I'. P. CU
Geooral Auont.C P. It. Onto
An ounce of prevention is
worth   a   pound   of   cure.
l.ooU  in
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Nelson, ii. C. ���
iniii-.liiiK nml Hns" School ciiiliineil In
i-lel-s (if tit. Josopll Of I'i'ili'l!      Itiss'ln-
 I ili.',-���i-,���-,',if -Hill nml .liisi-iili-ni'slii-i'l-,
in uiu-ul Ilie lie-1 ii'siileiitinl  portions of Ni'l-
snii. ami is i as! y ftccos-iblo from  till parts
of the city.
The inur-,' of suniv in,'hules tlit- fiuiilniiu'ii-
Hit nml  Illgllor lirmiclli'S Of :, tllnroilgh hll_ i-ll
education.    Uiisinrs-   course]    Bookkeeping,
.tonography nnd Typowrlttng.   Poloncc course
Musi,,, Vocal uud  Instrumental;  Drawing,
ell.-. -Plain nnil Art Noodlowork; Calisthenics,
Km- iL'inis ami particular, apply io iln- Slstor
Wnnlreg w,Re RQpE AND R0PEWAYS
Blolchurl mul Hallldle Byetoms,
Uilbcili'k nml WllCOX, ell'.
A""b ���"��� J. OiTToROFTS, m...-, k.
VVe havejusl received
a carload oi choice
It ,|ior Btroot,
Or to Fbrgus_on ,">��� Gitovrs, Vancouver
Spokane Falls &.
Worthern R'v,
Mill at PILOT HAY.
lards, NELSON and I.ARDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
Insure your Ufo
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R v
Red R^ountajn R'v.
The only all rail route withoul
chanffe ut' cues between N'elsun a il
Rossland and Spokane and Rossland
Lv.   8.16 n.m. NKLSON. Ac. 5.2H p.m.
t Lv. 11 _r> a.m. ROSSLAND AililHI |,m.!
Lv,  816 a.m. SPOKANE Ar.6.1h p.m j
'X'raiu that Icuvch Nelson at 9:16 arr
makes eloBe conneotious at Spokane tel
all  Const Points.
PasBeuKers tor Kettle River aul Round-
arv Crock,connect at Marcus withStng'
11. A. JACKSON, G. P. &T.A.
Bpokane Wash '.
AKonl. Nelson. B. C
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St.,  Nelsou.
Telephone 13.
Wholesale Houses.
0. A- PROSSER,   Manager,
THORPE & CO., L:aiTBD.-Cornor Vor
nun mul I'etlur StrO-tB, Nelson, tnatui-
footUrors Of and wholesale dealers ill fteriitetl
waters aud trull syrups.   tioleaKO-ta tor Hat
oyon SprinKs lain,'nil wiitei-.
v .\I. i -mnn11its.. Less, t, bvery known
variety ot mtt .innks. P. O, Mux RS. Tolo-
phoneNo 81.  BoovorStrool Nolson  Bottlom
of the I'iiiiiiHi.s si.. Loon lliii Springs Miooral
\\ liter.
MIMNU BSOKBK,       IfOTABY l'i It Mr.
J. EVANS ik OO. -Bat.erairoot.N8l
jii, whO-O-ttUUdoaior.) in li_lUOn_. i.*i|_;i_r-.
oonient. Are i> ick ami drool >y, wator pipe antl
Btooi rails -nul gunoral oommtstilon men aaale.
i.i.Miii.n. - Front dU'oott -scisun. wiioic-
Mil*.: dealelt. iu linur. moult-, oto., unit hay
uml grain. Mills .a Edmonton, Victoria ami
New VVoHtmlnDier. BUovutors on Calgary &
i-.iiinniiiuii ItnUway.
others ami lasts longer,
Mason ft Risch
Tho iuciileiit ailils tn Die _eii"ral lin-
wililernu'iit. A little quarrel is liable
to lireak ont in auy party; thai in ii
nnil wuulil lie DOtbitlR, Hut in tll'a
I'roviocn the entire political litUBtioil
is niaile up ot dliaeDBions. Every man
of proiiiinenee has his party, anil
every section uf the country ami every
separate industry or Intereal has its
own distinctive policy, There nre
inure parlies and divisions m parties
than a moderately  notlvn    iohM
shake a stick al. Tin rosull is an
aiimunt "1 cunlm-ieii lhal  i-   Dositlvolj
oppreMi.fl    Every faotlon   ami   ever)
si'parale Interest ar,' polllnfl lur   them
selves ; tie' pul'lle Knell is the last  tiling
thought el. li I- bowllderluR, bnt it
is also litineutahli'
A Piano iimi hns not only
won a reputation, but a Piano
ihai is constantly accentuating thai reputnti.n, nothing
being lefl undone by its
makers  to  advance  the In-
insii iiiueiit   musically   anil to
keep up  ihe  high standard
Thomson Stationery Co., LI
NELSON, li. C.
Insure youi house, house furniture
and  pianos   with   J.    IC.    Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
Kite Insurance companies.
Great Reduction!
per Ton
$6.15 per  Ton
HAltli COAL     CJQ CC
lANTIIll.M I'l'Ki   a>_7.*U��J
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Schmiulu of Tltue.      I'nciiic Btandft_vl LHrao,
I'ftKHeriU'T Irniii for SattdOD ""il \vnj* stillion*-
loaTOfl ECaalo nt 8 a. tn., * i ��� i i 1 >. Rotumina,
leaves-Sandon at i.ia ii.��n��� arriving al Kaulo
m H-3p,m.
Operating on Kootenay Ijikcnn<i Kivor.
ytr. "lnu-n atloual1 leaven Kaslo for Nelson
nt ii a 111, dally except  Sunday    Returning,
li'iiv.1- NflMiti al   l,:Wl p.in., calliiiL; ut  Halfoni*. |
I'iloi Bay, AhiKWorili and all V-Aypotnie  Tun  ;
noota wiih s r. "Aihu la   to wa trow i.<m
iktV Furry, Itlnlio, 1K0 with S. K. .t N. io anil ,
from StOkane ai Five Mile Point
Sir Alboria" Leavea IsulBon for Bonner's
K-irry, Tuendaya nml Saturdays at 7 a.m.,
meoiinK Steamer "InternaUon_uH from Kaslo
at PI ol  Hay.
Returning, leaven Bonner's Forry al K sum.'
\v-'iin-iiiij-- and Sunday*.
Din-it ennnootloni mtiflo al Houtut- Ferrj
wiih (.r.-ui Norihvrn Itaiiwui for ad points
nasi and W---.I.
l.AltltO lH'Nt AN   DIVISION
Str  "International"loaves Kaslo for I ardo ���
nnd Argentaal 8.41. p,m, Wednesdays ami l-rl
days.   str. "Albe'in" leaves Kaslo for Lardo
and Ar_r"Miia in B00p.m.Sundays,
Bienmors call at principal landings tn both
directions, and al othor points when hixnailrd
lioketSsold tO all ptdnl-sln Canada and the
United States,
To ascertain rates and full Information, address :
Manager, Kaalo, R, 0 |
, Windermere Mines.  Corresp
denoeSol'olted ��� Boots
I dries,
,��   0.
A MAODONALD & CO-   Comer   Ver
���   no.i andi JusupUmu streets,  wholesale
i grO' prs aud Jubbeft. in blaii
rubbertt) maoklnawe
glovos, mitt
and minef-t1 sui
'1 lie direct mule From
Im all Point.
EAST   and   WEST
Fil-t-tllis-, SI, e|i,'l.s- mi  nil   trnltlh 'liitll
PBUKNS A. CO -BakopStreot, Nolaon,
���   \\ huit's.iic uuitit'i's in li't'sli iintl ourod
1 iiiu,,iK.  I'.1,1 storage,
bukoreiroul .vis,,,,.   Uhuiuriuu<k'.,l
urn in fro h nudourod niouts,
i.i.Miii'.u   imkiT .-.,,.-ci, Nol*--,   whole-
,.k- lll'.ilul's ill ll U'thv.-l
lihllllllLT..' ,111,1 lillSlllll,
i,l iniiiii'K auppllou,
TOURIST CARS pnsn Medicine lint
tlnily i,,r si. I'li-il, Smidaya nnd Wed-
ncaanya fur Toronto, Fridays fur
Montreal nnd Boston.
S.-inii' ciis piiss Hi'vt'lsiuk,' one day
sn,,,, units uuu uii��.
TUHrvtR,   BEETON   &   OO.   ' "
vu-,,���..  ni,,, j.,.,-, linn, alroou.,   .-*���
WllUlO-ttlo lloaluiH 111 l,i|ii���is i':niii'H anil ill>'
K,i,���ls. .ikui.I. (in- I'..lis Hi'i,Hiii��� I'll ul .IH'-
uu   Kit-a. il    .H-.il >  ll , ,, I   ui'n    nt
HUDouN'o ti.tY  UO.      'Hoi 
l'iu'ius iiiiii il,|,li��r.s, i; i:., linker ii., Ni
JY   GRIFFIN   4.  CO.   Cn.nor   Vi
.   mul jutfuplilno .-,ii,', is. Nolson. who,,
iumIlts hi i,ru\Mons,ourodmoms, ,,, ih
Wlii'ii   nut   at    Niiin,iup.   ih'-   nili'-i
night, it capttbls of refloetlng at nil,   tne  rnarkel
Mr. Martin  mnsi   hnve renll-od  thai  cordially invited
hn in at lust reaping some nf the whirlwind  iimi   iinM grown  ii"iii the wind
Mining stocks
I'nii'.'.lii .mil Sold.
Tena and      and others worked
Mary   Belle  $  *��� p^."1
J l anadfl liolil Min-
ing Co., is one of the safest buys on
rhorough inspection
��� DclJllV      Ui                                 A      NKI.-'ilN l.llllllK.    Nn LM. A. V. k A
Tti     ��� i  ���     1 /*M    1 1    ' xY)I.iiiitI--'���ii1 Uiih ,-nii)   ll li
British  Columbia, ^ * vi-'"���'	
'I'n 'Hal from Ki'lisun, KuhhIiiihI.
Ex. Sim. Ex. Sun,
1^1    MILLS,   l.iMin-l'  i ui'iii'i'  I',,.
Hall   BtruOiH,   .N'-l-,���,    lililliilliii'hllL'l.s  ���
wliolonaio iii.iii is iu sa-ii i, ii doors; nli
800 Lv,        NELSON Arr.11.40 of factory worn mado io oidur.
is. in Lv.dally NELSON dally Atr.2_.10
Mnrning l rsln cnnn*)flts for
Evening train connects ti
Is now prepared lo issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
��_.!::^M,\ln^r.Vniu,H..i;i._1^ .:..-���'_'���V"i'1 '������;:7 ��''���' V:-ii.v.'v.nrii.';Vm,r,;:x'
ovorv Tuesday ovonlng al s o'olook Sun.)'roni nil | its in lllll M'AICl
All  li-llmi: luii-lil-   ini-.lially   lovllod   OOUNTKY.
ill points
nil  Iiiiiii
in,  .losi'iiinni'uuu ii.ihr aittots,
'     n'iilai  Uu
nolilno i 'i
fur l
nli, nml Wollnnd Ac
I, -  0, i-
O, JliV, Hnt I:. ���n,l H
Mii'llliK-   '.'ml  .111.1    llh    linn  ,I   |
Imii, .1 A Irvine r. It.   W, n alio
n.i. Bias
It. -,
A, M.
iooo Noonda)    600 Richelieu
Heferendntri 'I ronsiiry Block, Sold
ho has been Indnstrl illy sowing 101 on installments TJ^o., ouu llilrd down,
yours tiist     There were an  pro_urtl< ���
orpasilonshe would  nol  pander lo,      M]lii.  .,,���,  ,,.,   ,..,.  m,Ci  ,.|,,,,.  ,,,
11   Hi,.r ���   nreieut    popnlnrity   In  lni��ines�� part of city,    Prl.e JU.OIIO,
tie 1      .- peclnlly Barnei 1   ��a-  ho  lu ,.,,, ~,
i-iiltivniniK Hi" _"nil will ol the Inlior
lilK olnM,     It wiih n 111, ' 'in.   of 11
boring claw be wonl   tn  Nimnln
addroM.   Qolte    Innooontlj    nud   nl ,���������.,,, u .,.,, ..,.
mng| Booidentally, he lm- becoi isso- '"'  "' '" '
olntert  with   Mr-   Donsnmlr,   ugnlnsl " 	
whom the laboring ulosi bns nn untea.        Ml] Q   UT A 1\1"P V'SJ
M���able    proindlco,    Por three hours        lVlI-O  J__-.ai> Jj I O
Mr  Mnrtin   sttempted i Idress  Drii/^to    Une niti.1;      V
meeting, and was received with howls KllVdl-C     11 \jS\j\ Id I       Bd.
������,, b|IHI ,��� tbe v-.y -ii-ii lor  wl  |nl..m||;        ���..M,n,,. Dig
ihOM-   Ioiik  years  he  lms  prostituted I 11  Addl'.ion. '
If you have nol had
I.  11. II.   P.     K nny  bodge
N���. in, itsovory -Mnnilny nl.hi
iii   ili"lt  Hall,  I'tH'ii'iiny itf-01
ii.liniriiliil/ Oilil follows roriliiilly Invited,
ii siia-.v. N.u   John Si-iili'j, v. ii.
H'ri'il .1 squlri.���, Boy
NKI-iON l.u I. Nu H��i. ni'i-i-in tlio Mm'
I nld   blook ovory Thinwlay ovonlng m s
ii", in. li    Vi.iiin* inoiiilicM eonllally liivllod
JohnTovo,\V, M.i K, J. Ilrndloy, It. 8,
:::;':. II. A. PROSSERJ
D, J. CI
AN], I.t  S
Dally. sir. Moyle Daily.
���_l.no Lv. NKLSON        Air. I7._()
'   (loiuieeis  Kootenny   Landing with
Crow's Ncsi r.i-ii,.ch i nuns imi h wave.
l')x. Sim. Sir.  K'.kniiini.      Kx  Sun   P. _.-BWW
Bnturdny  to  Aigenta  nml relurn I        GREEN & CLEMENTS
leaving Kaslo al 20k,
Ex, sun.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Cornor Vlototiaand ICootons. Bis,
V, O.Box-W. Toloph  ''���'"
I". H, II.KHlMI*
MH,U)ON*8   l.l'l-iKN    NO.   -'11   II.IHI  I.V.
MiN-    nl     KNUI.ANII,   mooU
Drill   nml    third   Wo in ilo)   uf
oaoh   nioiitli   ai   11.urn,i-j  null,
nil IU 1-   ul     11 ikor    llllll    KiHitfliiil
nm.   vi-iiiiiu i,i-i-iii,iii cord      I"'i hi- and full hirorniallon mldra
lllll)   II,Hiul.
.inn . wai on, I'i rotary,
���l ivil  Engineers  and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
Ex, Sun. : I', ii. Bos ii,", N.'ls  H '���
Ar. II..(I ��� !
4 ins NELSON to HOSSLAND lira 4
Which will Koouro to yon llS.ltfl por wook If
I iiiliiilnnali  a    I" ' il' li SMALLPOX.
I -.--. '���'.,,nl 11.00,   I-. i horn,
m;i,-iin akiiii-: Nn, .'.'
ev, ij nocirnd and (minli Wi
li   "li'h.    V1sillli_    iinnili.-l
1.1 I:. Wiiti. fceoroUiry,
r.  ii   IC, in"'
tin   I   i>    nf ,,irti
cordially   Itivit-
I'-t iiri-nl llgOltt,
r K. iii.ASl.KY City I'n'ningi i Aki'iii
It, w. nilKW, a��iii���, Nul., ii
I ml. I',,--   A.ri'l,        A   tl, I'.  A.',.'
Nel.   i, Viinrri \   i
Baraaln Sa
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Pal.).or,    Etc*
Chimney Sweeping'
,Office, Ward St. opp, Opera House,
_��r ____
i. B- ��'AbL
vplosion of Powder
��� injure- >.*f Fxpl
-:, ' Them Will Be
tm-; 1 i
, bli _���
l_ ,,i| founded rumor
.', n 11 yo-terrtn' to the
. Wlii re "ii the Ni Is n &
|j,10 mi einplove hud
. , 1, ,_,-,, nut by the toe
,,      n    Hil'lH'd 1    llllh'i
the Ira ���-.    1 tiv. sli
|]   1    while a II'11II     WUS
. In, to a mine lie
, , ruilmnd acoident,
limt nnd the story of
������,- h"iv they ro, eived
mid in the follottins
iv, ,1 lust  evening
i'n di
Ilie ti
,1;     I III    till"       '"'111
Iti li   nm-    mile   from
I    o'eliiuk    i.'dai .
feet lielow the snr-
Upper   and   Nick
win-kiln.- there at the
.  losing   their   lives.
in the face of the
mv  v.. re  preparing  to
,-  placed  a   oandlu
ii.i/.ine in   order to   thaw
Suddenly   thu ilynn-
,, win i' Upper  was  only
ia ty,    ll is   face  mid neck
(vel ii- nul  nnd bruised by flying
,,���.,,,  nnd  iii   was   powder  burned
, I     icgnitioil.    The grent-
,- wns done to his eyes, both
of which wers -really injured, and
it is [p.irril tli.it i1"' injuries may re-
suit in total blindness.
I, wns fifteen feel away at the
time, 1 I '-'ii- knocked insenible nnd
badly bioissil nbonl the legs ami back.
11,. es   Beigle   crept
tn tin' snrfnci. secured a oandle and
retnniwl In rescue his oonipnnion,
whom l-r fotuirl fcelinn his way out on
bin hm i titifl knees.
Tilt- ri 11 rtntmto miners were a pi ri -
[nlsight ns tliey approached the town
baud in hnml B0M1 were injured,
both iimi 111 il ii" qnite blind, Beigle,
whrf Mils 111 nrll li-s Iimi than Li]i er,
Innate ci jiiriide the din-
tail'-.-.' 11 m.il- into the town, where
iifll il issisliuici" w.is 1 once proour.
"' I iri nuw "sling ns easily as
rati I" ���.- ��� -. 1 -led  under   the   cireum-
NfflUOl -
���OF ALL-
Heavy Winter Shoes
Warm   Lined   Slippers
Coiitlnuos until thoy aro all nolil,
early mul got tho boat -oloctioa.
��� -'i*/VAA/"^.,i'>^Vii,Vii^A^'W*\AAVVV.V'*/i.^^
*_n ��� i*. . "s,. "on. .�����_.. 55,. ���__,
.^���*-<*B "������***��� "**���*. -*s"��*: ���*** -"*���"*? f^B
.���__-���.'���_,. "__.. "^ . -__.
_ -mre. --__" -���_�� -
ll   1
I   the   Authorities   Are
llllllg T i.ings.
l'i"  bill in,   11 1 Ileal   health   officer,
1 hi ' 1 11 Ii in r signed by Mr,
f" il health jflicer   of   Spo-
taw, und Mi 1 , -t ir',-, the mayor,
stiini.' thnl ih. r,- are hut OB cases ot
-" : 1   Spnknne,
from ilifToriint [nirts of Sooknue and.
��"Dr. Lullnii pointed cut, probably
meaim then" will be _00 or :l'ili cases
,p' - i ��� I "it.- is  under coutrol,
"""li Mnn Iiii I; 11  have infected 'sev-
hi'fi re .. ing isolated.
i-iili ul ul Spokane, and one
who is i-M-.iiiii.uu welt acquainted
ll"'r' '���'������ i'i' thai there are at least 800
'���'M*'" -i"1 i'ii-. nml that the author
'"'""���" '��� i hn ��  uu  :,n  n��  them
Bn-p.fr this I,,,,, |���     i, .-.-nt   arrivals
from Spnknne eriiii-is-.o the   authorities
there sir, _��], ,,���. ,|��� ,,- supineness and
ipgiirding  ihe  spread  of
'''      '-��� wlii-li they urn seeking   to
The    . p l,i s...nn-Review
ibli authorities to task
"I.I su In ui   can he gathered
"��� ��* eiiiir-" is approved  by  tbe
' ���
John   .Johnson     lms   disposed   of   a   ���W*VW**v\*^VVVVWW^
one e ,','hfh   interest     in   thn   Morning
Star claim on Koknnue Oreel. to Pedro
Oherbo end .1. Meunariuo for $1100
Mr. Mayber. formerly chief olerk inr
Marrin O'Heilly iV Co., will open r,
dry goods store Oil the ground floor of
the Madden block, us soon as he returns from the East, where he is now
engaged in purchasing stuck.
Messrs. Tii rney and MoPhail will
flu isli lip Ih ur enntrnet today when
the .in opposite Otobinnn Creek,
known us the summit ont, will be
e, niplemd Thev hnve been working
mi liiis ent for ili'iut two mouths,
II is stilled that   if   he   receives   an
Ihority to leorult a certain number  of
men   for Hm  I bird  i-uni ingeiii.   Lieutenant  Heel  will put  lhe men   through
u competitive exuuiituition in riding
nnd shouting, and will send un those
is hn   come out on   top.
The next reciuil for the front l'r ne
Nelson will he Mr II M, T Pyni,
,vim bus recoived a cnhle from London
staling thnt his application to join
Strath'nun's Horse has heen favoruhlj
received hv Lord Strathcona and for
warded to Ottawa Mr. Pym formerly
serveo with the Boyal Murines.
The oihei   dny   a   new sleilr wus be-
nn -le- ���. in ."i 'Ic ' I'.Ki v.     The
.in      us       IJ   -is ill   lies     i i.,c nil    the
.-eiface imi now ut u depth of eight
feel if has ii id, ne,I out to two t. el
iiiii u half, 'J he ,) ariz is cxlremclv
rich, fi'e geld being visible throughout. Sinn' lich specimens aie being
brought into town.
The fire Biignde was sumntuncd to
the odd Fellows' building yesterday
afternoon, nnd responded with its usual promptitude They monnted over
the dame, block und several of the
roomers were observed rushing madlv
to the scene, hoping to save tlie remnants of t.heir goods and chattels, It
was, however, only a practice call.
James Kelly, committed for trial for
abduction, yesterday elected to he
tried by jury at the next assizes. An
application- tor bail wus also made,
and an order granting $1,000 bail with
approved sureties was made. The
bondsmen, however, did not aame up
11 the scratch, and it seems probable
thai young Kelly will have to await
his trial in jail.
The ladies of Hritish Oolnmhin are
asking for contributions of socks for
our soldiers in Africa. When bo much I
depends on keeping our soldiers able
to march It is of the first importance
thnt the feet should be oomfortnble.
One thousand pairs nf socks ore wonted by February IS), ami I hose sent
from Nelson must b" smi t,, Vancouver not later than February 8. Already
many pairs have been promised ill j
N-Isnn. What is preferred are baud-
knir, soft, lindycl, yarn, as oolors are
dangerous in case of wounds Money
to boy wool nnd have them knitted
will he gladly uccepleil. Mrs. Roderick Kobertson nud Mrs. ,1. I, Stocks
have kindly consented to receive noil-
iiibulions. either of socks or money,
and the Dominion Express Company
have heen good enough lo oiler lo forward ih, in to Vancouver free of
The Higbest Priced Wine in the Market
ill retail ai the
\. B. GRAY
Ki'iienav Agt, ,'s
igne _*
ASK   FOR   IT !
-i     R.P.R-THET&CO.
ill I In i   Ke llni'giil'i I'll  unl  I'limii , "cltool
in Ilie Kllglislil-lmil'll Si I , II en'-.'il .I.ui.
Kiir irnn- nml |.:in iculars uppl- i"
Al    lim   l-l -iilen,-,-  i.f   .Mrs.   .1.   It.  Hobi iTson,
Bnkor Sin-el. VV, -|.
Brewers of Fine Lager
I',.-, i- nnd  Porter.
Drop   in   and  sei   us.
3. C.
, *��r<x .  -**^3>. . *^^ - *jfe . *-f, . ^*J%  .   "<-G_,    ^n\ ���
���-.--��������. ���;.">��� '-"^ ��� ' ���.*". - 2ft
-_a> -*3gi __B __B _*_�� -����sS "-It. -*-W -��&'"> -"-ft- �����_,-��� -"*��* ��� "���_���> -"SB- ���" -fc "���'- _> -*t   '-'.--: - -".: 1,- ��� .':,-��� ���*!���)> --����J - i
��� a" ��� fi*-us"- __����� ��� f0"00 '00 ' f* ��� 00 ��� 00' ��0 ' im-'   _�����' ��� _a_",ao> '* f '00'00' ,.^>' ��� ,---...-*-- '/�����,">��
Flannelettes : :
Good All Wool Grey Flannel
Toweling, extra quality :
Ladies' Black and Navy Top Skirts
Ladies' Mercerized Underskiits
5 cents per yard
20 cents per yard
5 cents a yard
$4.00 up
$2.00 up
2!    Ladies' Jackets for $3.00, $5.00, $5.50, $6.50;  worth, double
Mali Adlai wiesiled us announced in
the Opera House lust night before a
fair andlonce. Frotn a Bpectaonlarl
tioint of view the show was spoilt he-
cause ,,' nu, Tuik's palpable superiority to his opponents. Eld. McMillan
and Tom Oaunon are both strong men
and scientific wrestlers, but lhe Turk
threw them bath twice in li minutes
less than the liieir without exciting
himself much. Cannon, however, did
some very pretty wmk in cleverly ,x-
conie I trienting biu-sclf from nwkwaid positions, Two local men, who were in
have tnken a throw ont of the Turk,
did not put iu au appearance, The
mulch wus ],re,'ceded hv some wrestling between two small hoys, and a
verv exciting, namely contest they pnt
un, The smnller won both bonis cleverly. All the wrestling was in the
(iraeeo-Koniail style.
I "lies to move   Into his
v"" "���   Madden block   on
\ mlit
IVnS lined    Ihe QOStf
���   City   Police O-ort
I'   -  H
itorekeeper for tlio
,.!..-,..,������ into Nel-
 s moves Into his
Un.!  >' of Palis end
wii'ii'i . |n  i   i.���:,,v.
" nf   improvements  was
"Itn Alhon  I,. Keller,���,
' ' ���'  ' ''I n Rover Creek.
p(|Tl��'l'-!-'i|,|;i 1 li-,,
STROHMPOTTKR-At the Methodist
Pars.,mice, on Wednesday, Jan, 84th,
by Uev. Mr Knhson, Knink R,
Btrohm,   North poi t,   to   Bertbn   M.
Poller, Slocan Uity.
All..n ii. ll ids, Vancouver: .1. P.
folium, Well, shy. Mass : YV .1. Ir-
wlu, Vnnnouvni: W.F. Bmyth, Ai-lare;
11. (1 K. Miek' n/ie. l'lt.rhnrn; l-.in-
cst u. \. ilsnti, I'l'iirlphiiis ; Gunige W,
Law8011, Toronto! Mr. and Mrs. Hark
Noll, Porto H cu; .1. l.'audin, Victoria:
G, H. Kamsiv, Vancouver; I), li.
Skeu, Revelstnke.
 , -
A    UL,11  |;|;,,,    ||
li-tilir,  .
- i. Book Oo rcceiv
i-lllli   ves
In today,
i(���,\'..";.;. "'t of vi
me   was   issued v,is-
    '.Milium    DuviM  and
""' roiing, both of New Den-
n,   in   charge <,r the
oatiio '.   """'��� "" Moinlng Mnnntnin,
a'ternonn            ""' '"'��" .vestcrilay
'  I        in.    a
Beer   requests   thnl   all
of tlm ', "'��   Nelsnn  <* my
���� ,,,':,' """   Knngen
Ived will he issued
"    I'Vl'lllllg,    hh ll
I'd wi"
:*,:'"lnn.   for some  lim
1 ll' f  I).   MoArthi
'"'l bis onnneoilon with
���V11  l��  tntnr nflne
1,1 I"" own store on Stun-
Montreal,   Jnn, 4.��� Traflio   nn   the
C.P.it. fnr the week ending Jnn   *_ 1st.
was 11104,1100. For the snme week last
year, f.48,000,
Comes from  Dr,    t'.    B. Cargtle,    of
Washita, I .   T,     lie writes:   " Pour
hollies of I'ilectrio Hill,'is have cured
Mrs. Brewer of scrofula, which hnd
caused her suit, i inn lor years Terrible sores wonld hick nut on her head
und t     and    tlie best    ilncl,us   enulil
give no help ; bul hi r cure is complete
uml Imr health is excellent," This
shows what thousands hnve proved���
llml Klnctrlo Bitters is the best blni d
purifier known, i h's the supreme
remedy for eczema, tetter, sab rheum,
ulcers, boils nnd rnnnlng Bores, li
Hliiiiuliiles liver, kidneys and bowels,
expels nolsons, iicliis digestion, builds
up the strength Only 00 cents, Sold
by Onnadn Drug & H ,ok Store,
Ladies' Suits (Skirt and Jacket) $8.00;
Ladies $1.50 Blouses
Ladies' All Wool Black Cashmere Hose
A good line of Ladies' Corsets
Table Linen
Table Napkins
Large-size good-value White Bedspreads
worth $12.50
for $1.00
25 cents pair
for 50 cents
20 cents a yard
75 cents a dozen
Houston Block Nelson, B. C. $
Bennett's Improved
9   _./  ,i     Safety Fuse
, ���.
(V ' '  J. l' ,
v   (JttV
p burns & co        Prospctors, Attention!
Wholesale and Retail Meat. Merchants YounKo���CrYm
HRA.) OPPICB Nl-l.i*.l)N. IJ. C.
t��-g- ������..������������ O -
Branch Markets in Rowsland. Trail. Nelson. Kaslo jit���
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slooan City
Orilcr. by mnll to imv hr_nch will hnve enrefu: and prompt attention.
'   ilha will lorn li i""  A-iiyln- for
Qold, Bllvor  roMlior.   'i I"   noi nrlnu ,	
., .,   I',, i.  Butor,  llonoi   U
Mi'OIII i nl omltl,
l.n, anil lot.rn now, .huapur Hi,mi iou mo��
,1"'" I li HiiMiiii, nf   K���N|���.
inn h : ���"' -' man nnnierl i',.,,.,-.
''       i;'l  JMll,     11,'   WOK
- , vt -il   fir  nt.nllriB
(oniui '  li  IIS
",(l ���'" hl�� pBiion.
Persons wishing lopurchnse
a very Rne Watch are cordially invited to visit I'at-
I'.n.m in; Bros1, establishment. Watches of all the
Ik'si Swiss mul American
manufactures are represented,
PAINTERS ���"'"��
skin woiiK a Specialty.
n""fl-.irhWnri...l". ft -ft nn P-lmln- """
whi-r,' vim ,���" dopond on k,'IUi,k Iho bn_l
,,i-,iiii-in il,-' i,,i,ri,,-i i,i,< mi) qunnUty froni
loo. up,  rru���s mi,.i,���i bo ,ii iputod,
iiiom: 98,
Prank A, Tamblvn, Mgr.i
Baker Strbe i . Nkwon
Board and In Irnollon In   i   aj Inn, ,1! fur
LiviMit)   Ix ii"lli','s por month
VVrlm in iln- Piinolpal.
Sow wi ii itor,
All ,'ln wo   "i lonrnlng mas bt had In thi i,
I a onl) i oll<   ��� "i ii ��� kind rn iho VVoit,
An    Supplied     British    Admiralty,
White Countered
Gutta Percha.
Will Not Oraok or Break.
Ah s. il ii i -. ly safe in all weather
'lim wali-li wiih
Expert Watch Repairing n Specialty
PatenaUde   BrOS'Mrs.   McLauehlin'8,J.H.LOVE,Ao't     Baker��
Nolson Employment Agency   /:/
Ten muter,   Tie   Mnk��rs,   (iirin   for   (jtj
Hnunnwork, I.iihihIiv innl Bioto.
' i
m,   .. L POGUE...
Barnesa and Baddlery
Tho li idlwi  liop, l_ir| ���
loi I.   Hi  I  ��l   i'"I.
on  hand    II m, Col
I.'I'M   III   !���'-!    ,', '
ill. 1 liuik' i  .      Ii.-ll .
Whip    lim   .���    Comb
, ti
d i      i-   laolorr,
Dull III	
I   ,,l       \\ Hill     llll'l      llllkrl
Poi)_,_ Miners1 Safety Mate
Miiim/i-   risk   from   firing   fuse
I.i. i, thing in recommend it,
Ask your dealei foi them,
Manufac tun d bj
William B.im.tt Sons k Co,
Cambourne, Cornw all, England.
Oonoral Agool for Oam l��.
DWi.rlh '    ���
Fraternity  Hall
I ���l- lllllli'l- .1  K.ml,-Mil) His,
iiii hi, ri'iili'il  l,,r Concerts,  Loci iu ���   .
11.hi -i >, 11; a i -��� 111 ��� - T -     ��� ,| nny Iui.I'
I. ih,inn   nl.    i,,, ,i mile t'noilia,   i   -    h
i is, ; .'' linn nnil,liniii- room  fin
'li.-lii-il.   i-,��� ii'i-iiis apply
nu. k. c. AUTiuai on v
BE B_0._
m_T 10 HE
Intercepting   oi'  Employed
Laborers Must Cease.
Uouipany Applies lor an Injunotiou Against
Union Men Keeping Lahorers
from Goiiisr to Mices.
Hiuiii' tinu' iij_,i the iiuiiiiiKi'uii-iii ol
the Enterprise mine, on Ti n Mile
(Jreek, inntnictt-1 the British l.'oluinliin
Kraploymeilt Arhiicj ill Vancouver, in
eiigtiK- nun in work ui tl '��� mill'- lor >;;
u ilny of eight liouts. The etforts of
lie agenoy were sueoessfiil in so i ,i ns
it signed eoutracts for the ampl ivnient
of in men to work nt tbe mine. When
the eoutingfciit of men nrriveii it Si)-
vui'in several roembera of the Silver-
tun .Miner's L'.iiun circulated among
the men and made to them stalemeots
whioh resulted in their refasing tn go
in work nt tin' Enterprise. Thi rights
of men to work nr not, ;,- they please,
is not_(lonieri hy nny. bnt the notions
ol the Silverton Union, niter the
members of it had been successful in
keeping the men from L'oing up the
hill, wore most reprehensible. They
drew up a statement, and published ir
broadcast, making misleading stale-
ini'iits. The emit,uiis of it cull bo
judged from tbo following   telegrams:
Nelson, Jnn. 34, 1900,
A, M. Benttie, Esq., Vancouver, B.C.:
.Some ui' men hired bv you publish
following statement: "We publicly
ileiiounee the notions of J. Roderiak
llobertHon in bringing ns to the Slocnn
nnrler absolutely tnl-e and misleading
representations Mr. Robertson or bis
ngent, A, M. Beattio, represented t,, us
tbat there was absolutely no lahor
trouble oi stiike existing in the Slooan anil that the management of the
Enterprise mine and its employees
were in harmony, ami perfeot accord;
tbat the standard nnd prevailing rate
of wages was ,:i per day," >'t,\ A- we
gave yon instrnotions to folly Inform
all applicants [or work regarding bo-
tuirnte statu nl affairs wo shall he
u'.iligoil by ymr wiring us tonight,
without fail, a contradiction,
"Vancouver, ,lnn, 84.
.1. R. Robertson. Nelson, 1*. i".
Yonr telegram received, Statement
as to misrepresentations here not collect. Men were told in this office
that mine owners and miners bnd disagreement ro Eight-Honr legislation,
Miners contended for $3.60 per day of
Bight In,nrs anil   the   mine   owners   1
represented were only willing to give
|8rerday of eight hours, ami tbey
each signed agreement to thnt effeot,
Tney were all well aware of tho faot,
it being common talk on tbe ("oast.
ilave Iiiiii many applications _inne you
left, win ui do you want next contingent?   Writing.
j.,, .. per A. M   ia-.uiu
JJTbe notices issued by the various
Miner's Unions, of which tli" nxtraol
in Mr. Robertson's tolegram is but a
sample, havo been tolerated by tho
mine owners lor months ami this led
thu Silverton Union to show no hesitation in entirely ^ignoring tin truth.
However, there is an end to nil
things, nml Mr. Robertson hn- decided that an end musl be nni la snob
scurrilous reports nnil, on the advloe
of the solicitors of tbe oompany oper
iimg the Enterprise, ui winon Mr.
Robertson is the head, an injunction
will ho Immediately applied for ro
Hlraiiiing ibe Silverioii Mim-iV Union
fioin Intercepting meu emplovod at
the mm,'. Hitherto the energies of
tbe miners have In-ill i,ml,in ,1 In per-
snadiug men emplnyod outside of the
Province not to go to work In tbe
mines and th.-v have rolled on tbe
Masters nml Servants Aot. whioh
makes void oontraota formod outside
the Province,   to  see  them   through.
But now   they    have gone   n   step   ton
far and have Intorforred with tbo fnl.
lilmi'iit of contracts mud,' in ii" Pro.
Inoe Nol only the Union, as n whole,
unt tbe Individual members, whn por-
snarled those from tbe Oosal not to go
to work, will cm,' before ths courts
uml the reign ot Intimidation,   Inang-
iiruli-il    1 iv    III"    Unions, W ill    r wlllj
Th imn   tn  ��� ���  Instltntwj   by tbi
Kntsrprlse   management  will   be  Ibe
lirst of   It-   kind   ever   ln'ni'1    in   the
I'mviiu"    Its result will  bo  r red
with inteii'Mi ns ii will probably ha.fl
n mosl Important effeol on the future
notions of tbe various Miners Unions
In endeavoring  to Interfere with  the
flllllltll, III  Ol   '-'HlHili 1    i lit, Hal    llili, in
I   faith   I - "i"i ii iti -     and
They   Will   Bs  Traced In Hritl ih Oi
iiimiii.i by Mountain Mnn
The plan "f re formation ta the
British Colombia mining dli It-loon bai
im skened  a   grsal  deal  11   Inti ������ ��l
iiiiinii- mining nun,  ns il  ||    ,i    i.nlii'.'il
departure  from   the mettai u  hitherto
jinr- I in   d"i"i iniiiii'-    i
,,f tin- , ���, i ,i division i i i ii. i |y
tho iiisiru-i- wi r,- divided npon sn u-
liitrary   llue-of latitude nf  Inuglturls
This liKikud Well ' ",,        ,    W Inn
it hnd to i" worked oul In praotlos  ll
Cabinet Committee to Look
Into the Matter.
Mine's General News Ljndget
Fiom Eastern Canada.
wn- often un almost impossi
di-iin,   these I'oiuidniics.     K
s_i_til.ii _ ol ihe new arrangement, Mr
Valleau,   formerly    commissioner    in
ijiiiiun.'ii. said thnt he  actually  could
tell      Hui    ly      here  the limits of .
his division lay,    He knew where  the'
et-liter was, nnd   in a general   way   In*
knew ot its   extent, but it   was  quite1
impossible   for   him   to   tell    exactly
..,'.. it hi- jurisdiction   ended.   Where
the  tusk   for  the    commissioner  was
siu-ii a   dillii'iilt one,   it   on- ensilv be
nm!,-r- tood   how   confusing    it    must
have heen to the miner,   or iirns_ieetor, '
rvhn hnd nc-ithei time- nor   inclination
i" hotber with the leobuionllties of the
The department of mines, re defining
nn- I nni ies proceeaed upon a to-
tall! different plan    Instead nf oonsid
nni- d-grees and meridians, it foi Mason. Contribute to the Patriotio Fund,
lowed the heights of land by which]
nature lms divided the Province into
certain districts Bv this system the
country is naturally divided into thus,'
sectious which are drained by certain
Btrenius und tl ,ir tributaries, nnd
even tli" must ignorant ptosoeotor oan
determine by the general configuration ol tli" country the division in
��lu, li Ins olnitn rn- prospeot Ilea To
draw ill" boundary of smue ol these
ili\ isious upon ilu- mnp w
a very meandering line, bul in j .r::. - -
ticu ii simplifies matters verv munh,
more especially for the olass must interested in milling nnd pinspeoting
and this is the greal object which
Hon. J. Fred Hume, with the assistance "I tin- Provinoial Mineralogist,
Mr, Robertson,   hns bad in view.
Alterations have been made in the
naming of Ilie divisions in ouly two
ii.i1.ii B, Tbe division of which Bid-
la ' loi la is the iiutiu il center wns
hitherto known us Victoria division,
train the faot that il was mi ministered
by tho officials of the Victoria mining
division. There was no other reason for
the duplication of tbe mime of Viotoria in the classification, and it resulted in endless trouble und oonfu
������iini. If has llieicl
Hello Coola division. The name of
Oaiiboo has been substituted for that
Of Kitdiheld, but beyond these the old
designations stand.
boih in maintaining efficiency and in
recent improvements The liquidation
will not for tlm present, and may not
in lmillionth', eflf.ct the iMiui ng of tne
works. Thu oompany lms enough
orders on band to keep it busy until
September and new work will be also
unci pled.
+l,����l��li����l����* ��*���..����������,��ll��������"*l'��,l��n+��t,*t��>H
,^_vi in     ��*"**i _% I  CO
...     OnLLO
ar- rapl ly Increasing In
^nw   TEA
Montreal, Jan, 24.���Il is understood
ili.it lion. L, .1. Forget will likely become u member of tbe Canadian Pacific directorate in succession to tne late
Sir George Kirkpniriuk.
Because   it
uny Tea in i
I'nl   up   in
in   flavour  and  the quality is far above
It's  a  high   class   lea at  a  low  price.
Ib  packages,    Once   used   always   used.
(Special Dispatches to The Miner, i
Ottawa, Jan, 24.��� A sub-oommitlos
ol lhe Cabinet, aumprislug Sli l.ioliavd
old result in Oartwiight, .Messrs. Fielding, Blair,
Patterson and Sir I,huh DavIes, lms
heen appointed i" consider tho quus
tion ol putting nn export duty on
nieklo ore which bns been pressed on
the Government from time to time,
by those interested in tha matter, As
th" Provinoe of Ontario has led the
way for Provinces generally to denl
with t'uis question, it is scarcely probable that the Dominion Governmenl
will decide iu fnvor of an export duty.
Export duties, unless under extraordinary circumstances, are lint likely lo
lu- resni te I to. However, the matter
has heen pressed upon the (-loveianient
heen named and has got numerous supporters and
therefore must he disposed of one way
or lhe oilier.
Ottawa,   .Tan     24.���The    drawing
room of   the   Russell   House   wns the
scene or a  pretty, though   quiet, wedding at half pusl   two  o'clock this afternoon, when Miss l-Jdythu A. Forbes, ;
daughter of the  bin  Andrew   Forbes, j
wns married to  George  Murphy,   son
of   Dennis    Murphy.     Rev.    Fn'ber
Whelan ollieiaud, the best   man h: ing ;
Leonard ForbeB, brother of the  brides. |
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd. j
B. C.     SJ
Successors to M. DesBrisay & Co.
-Mkllt M
>.��������.i��..��_�����&���*:.- ��^,������������������������������ �����������'����''-ti--'''��,i-��'-->**_i',��)'��->>>->'����_#,MJ
We are showing a
First-Class Line ol
Was the  Usual   Little Rumpus
There Yesterday.
Paris, Jun. 24.���As a result of the
nccusntion of, tbe Public Prosecutor,
M. Bnlot, at the trial ol the Assumptions! Fathers, before the Correctional
tribunal, that the Asumptionists were
ri s| onsible for tbe elootion of M.
Jean Charles Bernard, Socialist member for tin- second district of Bordeaux,
there was a scene in the Chamboi of
Deputies today when M. Bernard called M. Bnlot a Imr, aud the Minister
Of Jusitoe, M -Munis, who rose to explain, wns similarly stigmatized. The
president of tbe Chamber of Deputies,
M. I)i-i liiiuel. asked the House to censure 11. Bernard, Baying that the day
wli.n ih- Chamber allows a minister
to he insulted with Impunity no dis-
,'iis.sini) i��� possible. Amid protests
from the Kighitst, M, Bernard was
censured, M. Laseis, anti-Semite
member for the Condon dlatriot of the
c-is, wh,, lntends| to challenge the
Government on the High Court prosecution, here shouted, "tho publio
prosecutor is a mere minion of the
law." M. l)e��,liaiinel enllcil M.Lnsies
to order nnd M. Bernard cried, "Now
the in-s will i< eiiiiniii'iico."' M Des-
channel begged the Chamber to listen
tn V M. in- statement nnd put an end
in tbe "scandalous proceedings."
M Munis said in, hnd letters of M.
Bernard and M Ohiobe, RoviBtonlst
members for the first division ol Bordeaux, showing the assumptionists hud
sided iu their election.     Ann,I   uproar
M. Lasies exclaimed, "'ion are a inn
dit ami a nannille." M. Desobaune]
called in him i" withdraw Ins statement ami M i.i.-eis said he bogged tbe
Chamber's    pardon,   but   mnntlalned
the tt i nt )��� of Ins nni irks. This increased ine nni,uIt. dm nu. which the
Chamber censured ,M   [_aseis. The dis-
Sherbrooke, Que., Jan. 24.���Tomorrow, Thursday, is election day in
Sherbrooke County, to elect a successor
to the late Hon. W. B. Ives. Both
parties ar,- making a hard light, meetings being held nightly for tho last
week and addressed by lending members nf each party. The candidates are
Hon. John Mcintosh, Conservative,
and G.  A.   Lebaron, Liberal,
Grand Falls, N. B., Jan. 84.���The
1-iiberal Conservatives of Victoria iu
convention here yesterday, nominated
.1. M, Richards, of Kdniundstoii, to re-
Dlacc Hun. John Costigan, who has
separated himself from the party with
Wbiob be has been so long connected
Hon. G. E. Foster was present and
Paris, Out., Jan. 24. ��� Arthur E.
Laing, who for some years was engaged as clerk and bookkeeper by J. Law-
lus.iii. private bunker at St. George,
was arrested by Provincial Detective
John Murray, for theft today. The ac-
used, who was a well known resident
of ,'."i. George, was active lu church
circles, and as lie had always heen held
in liigh esteem the uews came as a
grpal sin ck to the community, T.aing
was taken to Paris where Magistrate
W. G. Powell remanded him aud he
was taken to the Brentford gaol. Law-
r.-isoii estimates he hns lost In the
neighborhood of $10,000*
Toronto, Ont, Jan. 24.���A head
on collision, which cost the lives of
William Ilulton and Henry Meek, occurred on the Grand Trunk line two
miles east of Port Union shortly before
!i o'clock last night. The light freight
engine in rhuriic nf driver William
linn,in and Fireman Henry Meek, left
Whitby bound for Pori Union. When
rounding a curve a short distance east
of ins destination, a glaie headlight
on an approaching t'nin shone suddenly before him and before tbe un-
fortUUBte driver , ould ro no,re than
shut off steam, the engines lnnl come
together with tetrlflo iori'c. Both engines were burled fioin lhe track uml
several freight cars were also wrecked. Meek ami Hulton were almost instantly killed aud   lhe tliemaii on   the
east  bound  train    received   injuries.
The accident wns din, to   Hutt,ill's ills
obeying orders.
London, Ont, Jun. 24.���The -12ml
convocation of the Grand Chapter
Royal Arch Masons, of Canada, wns
held here today. The grand Z, Mr. G.
Reld, of Hamilton, in his address referred in the prosperous condition of
the order nud touched at length on the
subji ct of tha war and the loyalty
shown by Canada and other Colonies
in sending contingents. Tho Grand
Chapter unanimously voted ,*:HH) to tbe
National Patriotic Fond,
The following superintendents of
districts: Manitoba, Allan Stewart,
Mi'iden; British Columbia, J. Cbip-
man,Kaslo, The proposition to amend
the constitution so us to double the
present entrance fen was   voted down.
Toronto, Out., Jan. 24 ���Rev. John
Dinnick, retired Methodist Minister,
died today aged (12. He hns resided
in Canada for 10 vears.
Qnehoc.     .nm. 24. ���Prime    Minister
and Provinoial Treasurer Mnrohand
delivered tonight his budget speech.
He claims for the first time in many
years there was an equilibrium in liu-
anees and. exclusive of trust funds,
there wus a surplus of .88,1100 over
expenditures, and, including the tru-t
iniuis. a surplus amounting ti over
115,000, As to fiscal year 1000-1001,
lm estimated the total receipts nl (.,-
870,801 89 and the total expenditures
at ---I -85,488.14 which would leave a
surplus of 148,908.7-
liondon. Ont, Jan. 114.���Nomination
ni candidates for representation of the
Kast Riding of Mid,II,'-.A in the (In-
tario Legislature took plane today,
Thomas. Robson, a farmer of ndorton,
was nominated  by tbe Conservatives,
oussion thou proceeded   with comparn- \mA Dr. MoWil is,  Eon  Miraioari,
live quiet, M  Cbicbe denying that he wai nominated by tho LilieralH
wrote a  letter to tbe Assumptionlsts 	
saying   he owed bis election to   them.       Walerlord, Out., Jan. 2l-.lohn Mar-
Stratford,   Ont, Jan. 24.-Hon,   P.
K. Latohford,Minister of Public Works
for Ontario, visited the citv today and
delivered  an  oddre-s   at the opening
meeting of the Order of 0.   M.    11.    A
of which he is .-olicitoi.
Later another storm  broke    M. Bernard  ..ill- d   M   Munis ii ilsildorei uud
tbe Chamber, al   M    Dsschaunel's request, voted ins b mi" rarj   ��� (pulsion.
M.   Bernard  rofused   to bodge.   The
session was suspended  and a  squad of
soldiers, headed   by tho Oolonel  com
mending   the  Guard   ut    tin    Paints
Bourbon, wns mnrnlied Into the chain
lur.   The Oolonel summoned M.   Bernard to withdraw, ami the latter   pm
testi d bul obeyed, ihoutlug ns  bs left,
11 \ tv��� |i    it, pui in   ii, mint., '   while
ins friends responded with "Vive Her
������.ti>i       rii.   Chamber  then  resumed
in   t. in e :mn if  ordinary   I
Heveral othor deputies, having protest
ri ut   remarks  madn by  tbe  pnblio
toi concerning thorn, tin Pn m
in.    M    Waldock-Houssea,
nun, 'I lhal the   l" till' nt loll   III ids   by
-���ti f   tin-  di inn Ies   were  perfectly
,',. imi. h ��� added, he w sa us
lon I ' ��� d in Hi" vloli in ������ ol tin- protest*
against a magistrate who simply read
pn pun it p in i - l la proti sis, hs south i     a: i   in i;'   i   I a- al Oil news.
ii ��� 11-1 reports nnd be t onld nol allow
ni \ nmptionlsti trial lo io dragged
Into tbe i 'lunula i for ill n nsston while
ii miis snd pi.���!. ��� ling M. Gourd,
i ���   i: i-ui in in.   member t"r
Hm seeiimi division ni Lyons, ssked
thnl in,   tu.no i   i-i-  Iran tortmd  Into
ii ���     i .'iil.it  I am nf   no llltl i pl 11,ill.ai
M   Waldeok Knusscan refused and ask,
 t' rrs ii a-" n  i" i
thi   ��� n ' 11   ths  inn    Ths
 terlal cheers, vol
��� i om mi nt tm n
iiiiaiiii 11 On Uu ini ui, in
ng In      ttual vote ol 11 nfld
I    Ill   Hie  ( ,"M'I nil,, ||j
St. Petersburg,    Jnn.    24. ���Atrange
unnts arc being completed fur the   is
tnbliBbmenl of a Russian Consulate  ir
11 'unndu.
tin. hind man of tbe lata  Calvin Mc
Mitchell, committed suii nie by banging The MUSS of bis- rush action is
unknown. *���
Montreal, Jan 14.���Thirty four
Chinamen appeared In the Pollci Court
todny charged   will,   gambling ul tun
tan.     Ail pleaded guilty.    The keepers
wero fined |80 and frequenters  were
l.-i ,,tr <>n suspended ssnti ncs
Bleven thousand dollars more of
im.n, \ stolen fii'in the dslnnal Renqne
Ville Marie by Accountant Lemiens,
was 1,-iiieii todny. R, Hn,alum, stock
broker, soknowedged In ihn Polios
Court today to having received about
ono  hundred   thousand  dollars  from
I,, inn iiv      Tin   In  tin- Iiiiii a, ii. ii.
in whlcb ii wns used was about eleven
Montreal, Jnn   ;i    Ths gri
tercel i- being shown   in |oliti'Hl , ir
c|c��. iii the r It ,,r tbe political onn
iisi in Bbsrbrooks    Iho latest   return
finm tin' various dlstrioM ol th uu-
iry.mHii" al Conservative headquarters,
me miv satisfactory and  sin.w thai n
heavy vi.te will be polled    fur Mr   Mc-
Intosh,   tim  Conservative  njndldste
Th at  hns I,,-, n   ('.ui-i'iviitive   slOOS
i m,i, deration
i"H 1*1!' I! DIRECTORY,
8, Baviocks iiaiuisiii Cnuacu Corner
Want nnd Dillon btn, Hundnys; lli,l>- Communion su iu.: iiinl rn, i In- 1st mn! 3rd Sundays
in Hie month uiier Miinins; Mnltln ul 11 u.ui.:
���iiiiiln. School 4,30 p.m t Kvi nn T :m. I mill':
Mul in- it 11.311 ii. in.    Thursdays mul Snlni's
linpn Holy  Communion I" a   in.    Fridays!
11 pn ,.30 |.  in . full,,w,.,i i,) ohoir ina,-
1     H   -- Akohurst, lloclor.   Fred Irvlm-.
,,,,, John-ton*, vVnrutins,
in int. -ie i  Ward nml Mill
���i. 11-M.i-., i, i, .siiiiiin, m bai,d io,oou.ui
i nlliiii.,I  1.3011.111,     M.|.-,'l,i\  iM'eli il.u
ll i.i   u.ui.    Kev.   rutin r  lei-lmiil'K	
I'll! s|i| |i in ,\ I'm in ||    Siriire. nl  || ,1 in
llllll    ".HI    |i 111.       Smiiliu    m |������,]   ���|    _;|n   p. m
I'   ',- ��� I"" ling 'lliiir-il.i,   e, inii,��  iii  3
( iiteiniii 1.1,u,nnil Horlnt] mi, i-evirj   Mini-
t.)  ovonlng  at I  D'olock,    Rov. It. Km��.
Mi hiuiii i    im in ii  Corner  Billon   snd
.in . ehiiii- -in, i.,   Borvlooi ,n ii a .ui. I ;.:m
|i. in ; Belli .it, Bol I, 3.30p.m.! I'rnyor moot
logon Kii.i.ii  ovonlng nl 8 o'cloukt Kpworth
I    .   I lle-llll)   at  S <| .hi. U.-v.    Jlllin
Itnl   I'u-tiir.
iinii-i  rin in ii     Bor-lcw morning and
i-ti-iiingni ii ii.iii. iiiiii ;.:m p,m,j Pmrur moot
Ing  .\..ll..-,|ai   im k   M   H  p.m.   II,,.   II,   v.
I'.l    Monilii) eM-iiin-ai s o'clock,    Bti -,r.
on -liidlj wi'iiiimiii.   Kor, C. W. Hoto, Potior
'iMiti.ii ammv  Borvlo ��� ovorj ovonlng
ni   -ni null  in  bnrrnok4 on V*atnrl      'n.t
\ii 11 .rn i.ii,:.ii'iuiiiii' tn r-hanre
Knik-stiiii unl    .In.i    .1      \    I      R|d
dell, Montreal, hiu been .i|-i t Inted pro,
visional llqnlilatt i nl Iln Canadian Bn-
gins .\ la" ii in-live Works Irs .t. rl here,
The itirectnrs decided In go Into liquid
���ni' ii Pi n i to the in ����� tnsiisgi tnt ul
taking hold, the com, in nss not pros.
porous nml lunch capital m. aipendad
N.ils'on Cleaning and Dyeing
"..���D. I'lKKKK Prop.
I..i,lies' mul Gents' Clothing deans I
dyad, alti red nnd repaired.
Mr���r ,,r. larks .....i. ._i_ii\l
Gooklna Stoves & Ranges
Wliich we are offering at
ia_i_?oj.T��ii-S o_r
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
P. O. Box K. and W.
Telephone ,io
l"or the next   TWO   WEEKS   (only)   KIRKPATRICK   &   WILSON
otter the  Public the Greatest  Reduction in
Ever before advertised.    A call will convince you.
Baker Street
No. i8.s
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Autlioiized   ���   -  ���  ���   $2,o(i��,ooo
Capital Paid Dp, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o.OOO.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(leneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, l.-ncrs of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
(Vccinints received on the moat favorable terras.   Interest allowed un special
deposits and on Saving Hunk aeoouuts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
The Nelson ElectricTram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent  to tin*.
line of their Tramway.    For price and terms of sale  apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block,   Corner ol
Josephine   and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
A 1,1.   RINDS  Ol"
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
Order, by mall receive careful and prompl aHentlon.
. %W**


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