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Newspaper in the Koo- i
tenays. Established |
eleven years ago*... I
A Miner want ad. will }
make it known to all $
t    Nelson and Kootenay. 5
Daily Edition No 939
Nelson,   British Columbia, Sunday, January 20,   1901.
Eleventh  Year
QUEEN of tmm
The Aged Sovereign of All Britishers Dying in Osborne Castle,
Her Isle of Wight Home.
Prince of Wales, Princess of Wales, and Other Members of the
Royal Family at the Bedside.
Cowes. Jan. 20���Midnight���The Queen of England lies at death's door. She
was stricken with paralysis tonight. The Prince of Wales has received authority to
act In Her Majesty's stead, and thus has been created a practical, though not
constitutional, regency.
develop. The country knows that the
life of the feeble queen hangs by a
Cones, Jan. 20.���2 a. m.��� The
queen's condition is unchanged.
London, Jan. 20.-12:30 a. in.���It is
announced that though there is some
slight improvement, her majesty's
condition is most giave. Mr. C. T.
Ritchie, secretary of state for the
home department, will arrive at Osborne today and it is said that Lord
Salisbury will accompany him. The
Princess of Wales has urrived at Osborne.
Cowes; Isle of Wight, Jan. 20.-2:10
a. m ���The Prince of Wales will go to
London this morning,where, with the
Duke of York, he will meet Emperor
William. Whether the emperor will
proceed to Osborne depends upon the
result of this interview.
London, Jan. 20.���The official bulletins regarding the queen posted at the
Mansion house and Marlborough
house Saturday were read with much
evident anxiety and discussed by the
large crowds around them up to a late
hour in the night. A "slight improvement" was read with some incredulity.
Cowes, Jan. IB.���Midnight.���A local
rumor, purveyed by Osborne employees, directs that tbe queen cannot live
until Monday but this receives no
official confirmation, though it is nd-
mltted that it is serious,and even likely that the queen, if she recovers,will
never regain the use of those vigorous
faculties which have distinguished
her among the women of the times.
(lathered at her bedside are j,the
Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess,
Louise and other members of the
royal family, while Mr. Ritchie, the
secretary of the state for home affairs,
otlloiully represented the cabinet.
Lord Salisbury is in constant telephonic communication with Osborne
House and it is rumored that be had
arrived at Osborne, but this docs not
appear to be true. The arrival of
Emperor William and other members
of the royal family is anxiously awaited. For three days the queen has
been kept strictly to herself. The last
t|me she drove out in Cowes, the rain
beat down heavily upon her.
Even the natives who have grown to
look upon her majesty as an ordinary
body have noticed that she looked
more delicate and shrunken than ever,
the mere shadow of her former self,
yet, with feminine persistence, the
queen forbade those around her to say
that she was ill. She fought off the
ravages of worry, the deaths in her
own family and her increasing years
have brought upon her. For two
nights she dined alone and never stirred from the apartments she occupied
at Osborne. Humbly, for this tiny
woman rules her court with uo uncertain hand, her court officials implored
her to seek medical aid, These messages she steadfastly ignored and
though tonight her condition is admitted most serious there are only in
attendance Drs. Powell and Bald,
Doubtless the Prince of Wales will se-
eure additional medical attendance,
Her majesty lies helpless and almost
speechless on her bed in Osborne
Bouse, surrounded by every comfort '
Fruits, flowers, and all the accessories fo modern medicine are at band.
Osborne house is buried amid a
gloomy park of firs. The winds come
up from the channel and surge
through the trees like a death dirge.
A mile away stands the lodge. Beyond its portals none but the household can pass. By them, without the
sovereign's knowledge, are posted bulletins, announcing her condition. For
all the excitement evident it might
not be known that a "Scottish Laird is
dying in his mountain fastnesses."
Beyond the bulletins nothing official
Is intimated.
The village wiseacres who have seen
her from girlhood, wag their heads
tonight and say It is a bad day for
England. The official bulletins may
be descibed as optimistic. Their
value in describing the queen's ailment may be accepted as merely official essence of the facts. The information obtained by Iteuter's Telegraph
Go., to the effect that it is paralysis
from which the queen is suffering, Is
based upon the highest possible authority. By Monday It is likely that
the truth will be announced to the
nation. The extreme weakness of her
majesty and the loss of all her favorites appear to be at present the chief
cause for anxiety. Stimulants are being freely administered. In the opinion of those best qualified to know the
queen's present serious condition was
precipitated by intense worry over
the losses and hardships suffered by
the British troops in South Africa.
Frequently she has remarked to court
attaches that another war would kill
her. In this connection the Reuters
Telegraph company learns that she
was most seriously ill while last at
Balmoral in the autumn. Word of
this did not become public, but it
appears that she was then almost
dying, although that rigorous etiquette she Imposed prevented her family and attendants from making her
condition known. The present stroke
is a sequel to what occurred at Balmoral. If she survives It, she will
prove herself to be not only the longest lived monarch in England's history, but also the possessor of the
most marvelous constitution with
whluh a woman was ever endowed.
Locally it Ib taken to be a Bad coincidence that Sunday is the anniversary
of the death of Prince Henry of Hut-
tenbury, for whom special memorial
services are always held. The arrival of the Prince of Wales at about
six o'clock this evening accompanied
by Home Secretary Kitchle and the
arrival of the Princess of Wales at 10
o'clock tonight occasioned no signs
of any kind. They embarked upon
the royal yacht Albert and went up
the little river separating (.'owes from
Osborne. Entering the royal carriages, they were driven through the
half gale which prevailed, straight
to the royal residence. Mr. Ritchie
it Ib said waB especially summoned
to supervise the details of banding
over to the Prince of Wales the necessary authority to transact state business. Though no official announcement of this transfer appears to be
constitutionally necessary, it Ib likely
to be made. Fearful sorrow, not
unmixed with expectation, is written
upon every face. The official secrecy
which stops all callers at the lodge
gates, does not serve to mitigate tbe
dread that prevails of the end, whicli
it is expected the next 48  hours  will
London, Jan. 19.���Probably nowhere
else in the world has Queen Victoria's
prostration been so conservatively
treated in the newspapers as here,
where it is of the most vital importance. The papers, like her subjects,
hesitate to speak plainly of tbe fears
oppressing them regarding the queen.
The head lines of most of tbe afternoon papers today were confined to
non-committal words in big type, like
"Her Majesty's Condition." But the
news vendors were doing a tremendous business with every edition. It
waB a gloomy day for London. The
anxiety of every faee.from the east end
workingmen to the frequenters of St,
James' club, comported with the
dreary drizzling rain. London's comments on yesterday's official statement
was that It might mem little or
much. The bulletin of today forced
the conviction on tbe public mind that
it meant much. The officials told the
newspapers that they hoped for the
best, but their manner showed they
feared the worst. Withal tbe intelligence did not surprise the people.
While the queen was wonderfully
strong physically for her ace, the
cares and sorrows not only of the war
but arising from the death of her
grandson in South Africa, and of her
favorito lady in waiting, dowager
Lady Churchill at Christmas, affected
her vitally and the Empire awaited
the news from Osborne with the keen-
I est suspense in the memory of the
queen's subjects.
Captain of Lipton's Challenger  Talks
of Coming Contest.
London, Jan. 10.���Mr. Jackson,
treasurer of the Oxford Athletic club,
speaks hopefully of the prospects of
the Oxford-Cambridge and Harvard-
Yale games In New York. He informed a representative of the Associated
Press that while the negotiations have
not been resumed, they doubtless will
be this term.
George Manoscles, the society sharper who worked New York, and the
hospitals and who was discovered at
Genoa while starting for Constantinople selected Vienna as his last field
for operations, de called himself
Prince George De La Haworle. He Is
charged with stealing from a Russian
Grand Duchess a diamond necklace
valued at ��0,000, hence his arrest
Edward Sycamore, the captain of
the new challenger for the America's
cup, has arrived in London from Glasgow. He has refused to be interviewed but he has at last talked with a
representative of the Associated Press
to whom ho said: "It seems to me
that magnificent opportunities for
sport have been thrown away by the
'practice of taking a challenger to the
other side and using her there only
for the purpose of sailing the races
necessary to decide the onwership of
the America's cup. These boats, of
course, have been built with the object of bringing back the cup and that
must always remain their present
work. Shamrock II. will cross for
that object and nothing will be allowed to interfere with that. When
the races shall have been decided,how
ever, I should like her to bo sailed  to
a few races against the pick of the
American fleet for whatever prize be
offered. Tbe cup contest is sailed
under conditions calculated to give
the fairest possible test. Still it is
conservative that theBe very conditions might tell heavily against one
of the boats. I think ic would be
satisfactory to the owner and designer of the defeated boat and good for
sport to have a trial or two at open
racing. If we are fortunate enough
to win the cup, we would be glad it
our opponents had an opportunity for
revenge under other conditions. If
unfortunate enough to be beaten, we
would prefer an opportunity to try at
something else instead of the certainty of returning empty handed."
In view of Sir Thomas Lipton's
promise to take tbe Erin and possibly
the Shamrock II. to some of the principal American yachting centers, the
challenger is likely to be seen on
more courses than that at Sandy Hook
this fall.
Men Will Be Asked to Join
the Baden-Powell Constabulary.
Enlistment forms Now on the
Way From Ottawa���Military News.
Within a few days it is probable a
recruiting office will be opened' in
Nelson for the Baden-Powell constabulary. Dispatches front Ottawa indicate tbat the enlistment forms are being forwarded to the officers commanding the local militia companies
and on receipt of these steps will be
taken to receive applications. Until
the papers arrive it is impossible to
stale accurately what the. conditions
of service will be, but it is probable
that the requirements for recruits
will be about the same as for the
Strathcona Horse. Applicants must
be between the ages of 20 and 35
years, good riders and shots. The
usual course in recruiting for a permanent corps, such as the constabulary will bo, is to pick the men whose
physical condition is best suited to
the service and to train them for the
service after enlistment. The term
of enlistment will be four years and
the pay for privates five shillings per
diem with rations and equipment
free. The pay is much more liberal
thai Is allowed for the regular army
and for tbis reason enlistment is likely to be lively. Service in Baden-
Powell's police is certain to be exciting and men who are familiar with
the existing circumstances predict that
the police service is certain to be'dangerous and that the oorps will suffer
severely from "sniping" nntll the
country is restored to order. Major
Bennett, of tbe Duke of Connaught's
Rifles whose offer to recruit 100 British Columbians for the corps first
drew attention to tbe matteiyis slated
for the command of the company
from this province,
A number of changes are anticipated in connection with the local
in'lltla company. Lieut.-Col. Benson,
dlstriot officer commanding, has informed the local officers that tne pros-
peel is excellent for securing an addition to the establishment of the Nelson company of ten men and a subaltern. The extra section will be placed In charge of tbe Maxim gun and
will enable tho corps to man the gun
without making serious draft on the
strength and appearance of the company. Heretofore it has been necessary to detach an entire section from
the company for the work and the
result is to spoil the appearance of the
parade. Within a few months the
militia company is likely to be reorganized. H. E. Mncdonnell is mentioned in connection with the captaincy and several other appointments
are to be made in connection with
the establishment of officers.
without bonds, makes her guardian
of the minor children and gives her
one third of the estate. The remaining two-thirds is to be distributed
equally among Mr. Daly's four children, Mrs. Margaret Brown, of Baltimore, and Miss Mary and Harriet
Daly and his son MarcuB Daly. In the
event of the death of Mrs. Duly before
the trusts imposed upon her by the
will are executed, the four children of
the testators or their survivors are to
become trustees and executors in her
place without security. Any of the
children may during the life of the
trust dispose of his or her share by
will. The estate is valued at 820,000,-
Will of Marous Daly Filed For Probate Yesterday.
New York, Jan. 19.��� The will of
the late Marcus Daly was filed for probate yesterday at Anaconda, Mont.,
and made publio here. It makes Mrs.
Daly  the   sole  exerutor of the estate
Chief Items of Interest in Mining For
the Week.
Rossland, B. C, Jan. 19.���The chief
feature of the week in mining was
the inauguration of shipping from the
Velvet mine on Sophie mountain.
Three carloads, aggregating 90 tons,
have been hauled to the Velvet siding
just below Sheep CreeK station and
will be sent to Nortbport smelter today or tomorrow. The road is in fine
condition and seven four horse teams
are employed in hauling ore from the
mine to the siding, nine miles.
About six tons are hauled on each
load. There is plenty of ore on the
dump and some 200,000 tons ready for
stoping in the Velvet mine that will
average 820 a ton. Some of the ore
goes much higher than this, but it
will average 82o, the values being lfl
gold and copper. The road should remain In good condition for the next
two months and the intention is to
ship 35 tons per day. The Great
Northern is surveying a line into the
Velvet and it is expected that a railroad will be built to the mine early
in the year.
The output of ore has been lighter
this week than it has been for some
time, owing to the Le Roi not shipping for a couple of days because the
smelter at Northport. is not ready.
The total shipments were 5,879 tons.
The Le Roi sent 2,683 tone, Centre
Star 2,160; War Eagle, 630! Iron
Mask, 180; LoRoi No. 2, 180; Giant,
23; and I. X. L., 23. Orders were given today to shut down the Giant and
this has been done. It is not known
to a certainty whether the deal for
its purchase by Gov. Mackintosh for a
London syndicate went through or
not,but the presumption is that it did,
although the principals of the transaction, Gov. Mackintosh and Mr. A.
D. Coplen, deny that a deal has been
made. Following are the shipments
for the week and year: Le Roi, week
2,683, year 9,333; Centre Star, week
2160; year 5,580; War Eagle, week
630, year 1,290; Iron Mask, week 180,
year 495; Le Rol No. 2,week 180, year
427; Spitzee, year 23; Giant, week 23,
year 23; I. X. L., week 23; year 23.
Total week, 5,879; year, 17,194.
Leo   English   Shoots   a  Relative and
Kills Him Instantly.
Vancouver, B. C., Jan. 19.���There
was a terrible tragedy at Vernon, II.
C., last night. Leo English, a youth
of twenty years, shot his brother-in-
law, Thomas Carson, three times
through the body, killing him instantly, wounding William Carson in
the arm. The feud wus of a family
nature resulting In the evil treatment
of Mrs. Carson, English's sister, by
ber husband. English bought a revolver saying that lie feared Carson
would kill him. Carson si ruck English with a club bofore the shots were
London, Jan. 19.���The petition recently presented for the compulsory
winding up of the ufTalrs of the London and Globe Finance Corporation,
Limited, has been withdrawn nnd the
court has ordered the voluntary winding up of the company's affairs to proceed under the supervision of the
London, Jan. 19.���The British brig
John Roberts, Capt. Davles from
Gaspe, Dec. 31 for Rio Jnnerio, has
been wrecked. Two of the crew were
saved and bave been landed nt Liverpool. The John Roberts wns built in
1875. and bailed from Carnarvon,
Pretoria, Jan. 19.���The Boers
have captured a train load of mining
material at Brushsprultt. The passengers were robbed of everything,
The Question as Looked at From the Standpoint of the Men Most Interested
In Its Settlement
During the past week a representative of The Miner has discussed with
several prominent mining and smelt
ing men all sides of the present smelter situation, a question of vital interest to the Kootenay country. The
Canadian smelter men and the operators of the principal dry ore mine in
the Kootenays appear well pleased
with the present situation, and this
mining men believe accounts for its
not being viewed so philosophically
by the chief produeers of silver lead
The estimates of the output of silver
lead ores for 1901, (including dry ores
which at present do not amount to 5
per oont. of the total silver lead output), if not interfered with by legislation, wage disputes,or excessive smelter rates, has been oomputed by conservative smelter and mining men, as
likely to be from 100,000 to 125,000
tons for the aext 12 months, based upon an output of 60,000 tons from East
Kootenay, the balance being from
Sloean, Ainsworth, Lardeau, Nelson,
and other silver lead camps. Last
year upon a much lower output the
American smelters are estimated to
bave taken over 50 per cent, of the total year's product, the local smelters
being unable to smelt locally anything
like that output. Of this year's (1901)
output ot silver lead ores, it
is frankly admitted thnt the loca'. Canadian smelters oaa only smelt a small
portion. What is to become of tbe
remainder, is the problem, now that
the American smelters refuse to take
Kootenay silver lead ores.
It is stated that the Trail, Nelson,
Everett and San Francisco smelters
have entered into an arrangement to
aid one another in keeping up rates
and endeavoring to handle the expected output of 100,000 to 125,000 tons
this year. The East Kootenay ores,
have, in some instances, been shipped
to South America, and it is stated
that 50,000 tons of Kootenay silver
lead ore may this year be disposed
of in Europe, to the owners of which
will be paid the wages and profits of
smelting, which is a clear indication
that the local smelters are unable to
grapple with tbe present situation
and treat Ores locally.
The Canadian smelters have taken
advantage of the difficulty the mines
have had in disposing of their output
in every instance with the exception
of the above referred to dry ores, to
raise their rates, which on a 60 per
cent, lead ore, Buch as is the characteristic ore of tho Slocan, amounts to a
gross increase of 83.24 p-.*r ton, less a
reduction in freight of 81 per ton, or
a net increase of 82.24 per ton.
Should there be this year 100,000 tons
of this ore shipped it would mean an
extra cost of production to the mine
operators of 8224,000 for the year 1901,
which amount will have to be deducted from anticipated dividends, and
so render all mining properties, Including prospects,less valuable and attractive. Some of the readers of The
Miner may be unaware of the combination thut exists between the railroads
and smelters by which It is impossible
for mine owners to obtain a freight
rate direct from tbe railroad and independent of and separate from the
smelter rate. These arc arranged annually, generally In December, at a
secret meeting of Canadian and other
smelter representatives, the meeting
this year being held In Chicago. The
mine operator is compelled to deal direct with the smelter rpresentutive
who quotes (or does not quote) rates
which, however, in all instances art)
inclusive of the railroad freight rate.
The mining man hns no means of
knowing how much the smelter is
getting out of these rates, or what rebates are ullowed the smelter by tbe
railroad. These rebates are known to
be lnrge, and rumor has it that this is
the real contest now on between the
smelters and the railroads. Mining men
arc nil aware that the Kootenay mining Industry bos suffered severely
from increased cost of production due
to increase in wages and to increased
taxation, which Inter, on the basis ot
the estimate of the   product for   lfKII,
will entail extra taxes to the extent
of at least 8100,000 over that of 1900.
This, coupled with the increase in
wages, which, based upon the employment of 4,000 men, amounts to over
8000,000 per year, oi a total increase
in cost of operation of the mines, over
former conditions, for the year 1901
(supposing the mines operate tbe entire year) as follows:
Increase in   taxation 8100,000
Increase in smelter rates  224,000
Increase in cost of operation,
including increased wages,
coit of mill buildings and
other construction work, etc 600,000
Total  increase 8924,000
It has been stated that millions of profits have been made
by the Kootenay mines. During
the past two years, the present owners state, tbey would like to have
seen these profits, which, in fact,
have not been made during that period. It is perhaps interesting to r3-
fer to the reasons given by the Ameii-
cad smelters for refasing to take
British Columbia ores. These are
stated to be, tbat thu railroad rates
in British Columbia are so much in
excess of the rates obtained at competing points in the United States,
that it does not pay the American
smelters to treat British Columbia
ores that hare to be hauled over the
B. C. railways. This view of the
situation appears to be shared by Mr.
Gooderham of Toronto, tbe wealthy
banker and distiller, who is reported
to have expressed views condemnatory of the present British Columbia
railroad rates. Inquiry elicits tbe
information tbat all roads are
maintaining similar substantial rates.
It is well known tbat at a recent important meeting held in Sandon between prominent silver lead mine
owners and Mr. Braden, of the American Smelting and Refining Co., that
Mr. Braden stated he was prepared to
take any amount of silver lead ore at
reasonable smelter rates, if tbe railroads would meet them by reducing
tbeir freight rates. It is, however,
difficult to believe that the railroads
could for a moment entertain such a
abort sighted policy as combining
together to crush and paralyze the
mining industry of this country.
The tacts as gleaned above are
conclusive tbat the local smelters bave
seized upon the opportunity afforded
by the temporary withdrawal of Mr.
I Braden's companies, to raise the net
I combined smelter and freight rates a
net 82.24 per ton on tbe 60 per cant,
lead ores of Kootenay.
As a result of the Sandon meetlag
above referred to concerted actios between the mines is probable; this is an
effort to offset such combinations as
are working adversely to their already
heavily handicapped lndustiy. Practical men agree that If tbe existing
Canadian smelters can handle ores at
a profit (and their seeking ores again
this year is a proof thereof),the mines
can do likewise for themselves by erecting their own plants,as it it confideat-
ly stated that the question of dry ore
supplies will lie solved in the near
future. The smelting of the copper
ores, which output���if the large
Rossland and Uoundary companies
operate their mines at their reasonable
capacity���should amount lu 19(11 to
from 750,000 to 1,000,000 tons, la not
affected by the increased rates Imposed upon the lead no per cent, ores aud
the negotiations for the purchase of
the Trail smelter by Mr. Gooderham
doel not affect the lead question except indirectly, as lend ores are treated as well as copper at the Trail smelter. The silver lead industry has had
so many set backs, what with
shrinkage In the price of their
products, silver and lead, In 1893,
increased cost of production, and
extra taxation, that mining men are
aghast at this henvy further rate
imposed on them by the smelters.
If a four per cent, tax Is imposed,
ns is suggested In some quarters, on
jres exported, with a rebate of 2 per
oent. allowed on oren treated.In Canada, many of the mines would have to
close down, for It Is conceded hy all
capable of giving reliable information,
that thn capacity of Canadian smelters oould not treat one half of this
year's anticipated output. In addition to this, mining men say that any
serious increase in the assessment Act,
in which is included the mineral.tax,
cannot full to still further injure tho
mining Industries, /
Nelson Dailv Miner, Sunday,  January 20, ipp,i
The Nelson Miner
Published Every Afternoon  Except Sunday
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Limited Liability.
145 Fleet Street. IL C.
Central Prsas Agoucy, Ltd., Special Agents
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All Cheoks should be made payable to the
order of Nelson Publishing Company,
"The Queen of England lies at
death's door," waa the message flashed last night beneath the leas and
over land to every portion of the
globe. It was a message bound some
day to come, but one which, if the
prayers of all the universe were heard
and answered, would bave been postponed for many years. To those
whose ruler Victoria has been for
three score years the message carries with It more than a message
of impending death of any other
ruler could oarry to that ruler's sub
jects. Victoria is more than Queen to
Britishers. She is tbe embodiment of
all tbat a good woman is and for this
is loved and revered by all her people. And to tbe people of other nations the message will tell of a grand
life going out. and of the end of a
reign which has carried freedom, enlightenment and Christianity to all
quarters of the globe. It will be a
message which will stir more hearts
than any message since the metallic
wires first placed themselves at the
seivice of mankind. From the battlefields of South Africa, from far
away Australia and Mew Zealand,
from India, from Canada, from England, Ireland and Scotland, and from
all portion of the earth where her
subjects are gathered, the prayer will
go up this morning "Ood Save tbe
Queen." _______���-__
" The first bulletin received in The
Miner office relating to the condition
of Queen Victoria was received at 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon.   It read .
"Osborne, 6 p. m., Jan. 19.���TV.
following official bulletin has beer issued: The Queen's strength has been
fairly maintained through tbe day,
and there are indications of a slight
improvement in tbe symptoms tbis
evening. (Signed) James Reed,
R, Douglas Powell."
This was followed at 6 o'clock by
tbe bulletin appearing on the first
page of this issue. Tbe one reproduced above was the first indication of
the serious illness of ber majesty. On
Friday afternoon there was published
in The Miser a dispatch telling of rumors of serious illness but these wera
denied by members of tbe government
and of the Queen's household. There
had been similar dispatches received
in the past but la every case tbey had
afterwards pro-red to be either unfounded or exaggerated. Therefore
little attention was paid to yesterday's reports. The bulletin first received yesterday afternoon indicated
something serious however. It was
the first time In many years that tbe
health of the queen demanded a daily
report to her subjects, and tended to
confirm the rumors which gained currency on Fiiday but whijh were so
promptly denied. The icports received
lust night set aside all doubt and today will be one of anxious waiting
The little Englanders arc not gaining in popularity in Oreat Britain. A
London dispatch mentions that among
the Christmas gifts sent to prominent
people was one received by Mr. Henry
Lubmiche.ro. consisting of an outside
page of Truth, with the head of Mr.
Krnger substituted for that of Truth,
and inscribed below: "May your
Christmas dinner choke you and the
New Year see you in hell." Commenting on this In his paper, Mr. La-
bouohere says: "I am really grateful,
because It was witty."
Nelson settled her municipal fight
in a sensible way. Tbe people picked
out "John" Fletcher for mayor, and
five good men for aldermen, and then
said, "these people go." That settled It. There was no election, no
contest,nothing but universal acquies
enee,���Cranbrook Herald.
Is it Common Sense
to pay from $50 to $65 for a
Sewing Machine
when half that amount will get one ?
| THE  |
1 Nolson Clothing House 1
If you have any idea of buying a machine
it will be dollars saved you to investigate the
merits of the
High arm, Vibrating Shuttle, Lock Stitch,
Light Running, fitted with Complete Set of
Attachments, and carries the Hudson's Bay
Company's Guarantee for Five Years,   ���
Four Drawers, with Top Quartered Oak, $30
Drop Head, $32
Hudson's Bay Stores
Si. LoUis
To be had wholesale at Nelsoav.
It;.   V.   Rifchefc    &
CO. j Ltd.
A. B. GRAY, Bak<" �������� ^lBoa
Kootenay Agent.
Any really fair critic will acknowledge that the pictures we make lead
the picture-making industry in this
vicinity hy a great deal.
Baker 8tn*et.
EU, FATHER, or any of your
relatives alllicteil with the Disease of Drunkenness ? We have
a sure cure which can be given
with or without tho knowledge
of the patient. Kend for particulars, enclosing 2 cent stamp
for reply. Address Dr. W. II.
Saunders  & Co., Chicago, 111.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka rtlneral Wool and
Asbestos Co.
insurance Go. of North America. Mutual Ufa
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Firs Assurance Oo.
Mrs. Snowden's residence on Robson
street and three lots fenced and laid
down to lawns,fruit trees and garden.
Summer snd winter hen nouses,
woodBheds, etc. Also the furniture,
linen and crockery. Pure bred poultry, etc. Pull particulars on application.
New house on Water Street   15 00
4-Roomed cottage  on   corner of
Ward and Gore Streets 12 00
6-Roomed house on  Mill Street.;
new; all conveniences 825 00
Atlantic S. S. lines.
From Portland, Me.
Allan Lino Tunisian Jin 19
Allan Line Numldian Feb
Dominion Lino Cambroman Jan 2
Dominion Line Vancouver Feb
From St, John and Halifax
Beavor Lino Lako Ontario Jan 25
Beaver Lino Lake Champlaln Feb 8
From Boston
Dominion Lino Now England Jan 30
From Now York
Cunard Line Umbrla  Jnn it
Cunard Line Camp nla ..JiinSU
Whito Star Lino Majostlo Jan 28
White Star Lino Oceanic. Jan 30
American Lino Krhmlumi Jan 23
N. G. L. Aller JanSf*
Passages arranged to and from all Kuropeaa
points. For rales, tickets and full Information
apply to C. P. R. depot agent or H. L. Brm
City Passenger agent, Nolnon, B, C.
General �� vb*>i.. C.P.R. OfHoen. Wl-ir.lpra;
D. J. DEWAK, J. P.
Notary Public Oonveyanou.
Cottage, 7-roonis on Mines Road,,
near Stanley St., 81,1)50 <*nny terms.
Furniture for 12-rooms for 8450 and
���he rooms can be rented at 830 per
month. There are three rooms let at
810 per month eaoh.
House and two lots, Vernon Street,
82,500. This property is paying 140
per month,
Seven-Room House, Goad location,
825 with water.
House in Hume Addition, six
rooms, 820.
Houses from 88 to 850 per month.
I.nniin on improved property,
struight or monthly payments.
A new supply of office stationery is
what you want now. Telephone 144,
Tbe Miner Office, and we will call on
Our Fresh Boasted OoffeeBestof
Quality, as follows :
Java and Arabian Mocha, per ponnd It-. M
Java and Mooba Hlond, 3 pounds  1 00
Fine Santos, 1 pounds  1 00
Etantos Blend, o pounds  ] 00
Our  KpoolalBlend, 8 pounds  100
Our Itio Roast, 6 pounds 100
xVELSOrf,      ���       O, C
Cottage corner of Hall and Silioa
Street*   815 00
Fourteen rooms, en bloc, or one-
half number;   Hall Street	
Store, Hall Street, per month.... 825 00
7-roomed hsuse, modern convenience*  15 oo
B-roomed bouse, modern conveniences  10 00
Victoria Street���7-roomed house,
modern conveniences.  30 00
, Lot 20x120 and 8-roomed house with
bathroom, pantry, and electric light,
corner of Carbonate and Stanley Sts,
Assume loan, 81400: cash, 81000; bal
���nee, 8600. Equal payments, three
aad six months.
Lot 8, Block 23, 30x120 Nelson Avenue, Bogustown, 8200.00
tot 12, Block 24, 30X120, Davles St,
Bogustown, 8225.00  '
lot 31 and 32, Block 2,60x120, Hume
Addition,   with  house   on same, 82,
Lots 21 aid 22, Block 31; house on
eaeh lot; all modern conveniences;
bringing in 828 per month, eaoh; Car
Donate Street; 84,000.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's  Nest  Coat,   $6.15
Anthracite,   -    -   $(0.75
No order can be accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall and Baker Streets.
Brewern of Fine Lager
Besi* and Porter.
Kelvnn. B. O.
Will pay the highest cash prioe for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, oarperta,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and set roc or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 80D, H��U
Street. Nel-on.  P. O.
7-8 inch diam. $18.50psr 100 feet.   For
immediate delivery   in   Nelson
Great Slaughter Sale for the
Next 30 Days.
PronflO to 25 Per Cent I
���ss*sa*_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_*_��ssssssssss*^ 4BM*
We are
To Our New Store
in the K.-W.-C.
N order to make room for Spring Goods I have
decided to sell for the next 30 days, all goods in
stock at greatly reduced prices. A.l heavy
goods away down, cost not considered. And in
Clothing, Gent's Furnishings, Hats and Caps and
Boots and Shoes, I will give from 10% to 25% discount and all Rubber Goods at cost.
Now is the chance to partake of the best bargains in above mentioned goods ever offered in the
Kootenays. My stock is all new and up-to-date,
and the sale is genuine. So now avail yourself of
the best opportunity to get good goodsjat less than
wholesale prices-
Mining Engineer
and Manager.
P. O. Box 301 Nelson, B. C.
Bedford-McNeil & Oloughs
Gable Address:
Parker, Nelson, B. 0.
Charles Parker 8 Co'y.
Members Rossland stock Exchange.
Slocan, Nelson, East Kootenay, Rossland, and Boundary.
Working Mines for Sale.   Dovcloped ProepocU to Bond.   Reports by Own Kngineeia.
Ladies' and Gents' Merchant Tailors and Byers.
Suits Made to Order, Cleaned, Dyed, Altered and Repaired.
Josephine St., Opposite Clarke Hotel.
Mail Orders Solicited. P.jO. Box 034
Wholesale Houses
rpUORPK & CO. Limited���Corner Vernon
JL and Cedar dcroeu, iWaun-*- Munufuciur-
oi'rj of and wholesale dealera in aeruted waters
aud fruit nyrup��. bole agentu for Haioyou Hot,
dprin-gB mineral water.  Telephone tiU.
J3, N. iU, Cummins, Lessee���Every Known
variety of soft drinks. 1' O Box oU Telephone
INo. 3L Hoover Street, Nelson, bottlers of the
famous at. Lt=uu tiottiuriuHs Mineral Water.
ClANfi & MAC DON ALU (H. Cane, James
J A. Maodonald)���Aruhi beets and superiu-
beudents. Uroaeu Hill block, corner baker and
Ward Streets, nelson.
HJ. EVA.NS 6s CO.���Baker Street, Jsol-
��� son���Wholesale dealers in liquors, oi-
Kara, cement, hre brick and tire cJuy, water
pipe and bteel rails, uud general commission
Whoiesalo iud retail dealers in grain,
hay, flour, teed. Mills at, Victoria, New Westminster; iuiiiiuj.i,,... Alia. Elevators ou Calgary and Edmonton ilailway. Manufacturers
of the celebrated if. & ii., brand cereals.
A MACDONALD & Co.-Corner Fron
��� aud Hall streets���Wholesale grocers
ana jobbers lu blankets, gloves, mitts, boots,
rubbers, macklnaws and miners' sundries'
: Crow ft Morris
Flora de Vlneda
Vallens 6 Co.
Two choice  cigars, well known
all over the world.
Will   give  most   enjoyment  to
people who know a good
Bakbb Stiiebt.
J.1 Ulllcc uuruur ilall mid trout t-tuuuu,
.NiMMon���j.iuuuur, uuIIihk, Uu-jrlllg, mill ovary
thuiK iu wood for buiitiing uurpouo*'. Hot our
prioou.   CoiTOHUouduiioo Holicllud.
PBUUNS & Co.-Bakor Htruot, Kohon-
.   wliolesalo dualom iu fi-onli uud cured
inoaUi.   Cold UtoriiKv;
Hulioi' alruol,, .Nulnou-W holumUu dual,
or. lu frut.li and on rod iuuuU.
J Btrool, Nolson ��� Wholimle dcalam in
tiuidwaro, uiluui-ii' HUupliou, Kpurtluu- good.,
M'liACHLAN BltOS. (SuccosKorB to Vancouver 1 lard ware Co. IjUI.' llakiir niruoi,
NeiBon���VVholHBalo dculoru in hurdwaro and
mining aupplioa, plumbum' and Uiuunltlw' supplied.
Jl.1 paints, oils uud gluss; mechanics' tools.
Agentu foi Ontario Powder Works; J-fn��mlto
rilURNER, BHKTON & Co.-Cornor Vernon
X and Josoplnuc tdtruots, Nelson���Whcle
sale doalors In liquors, cigars, and dry goods
Agents for Pabst Browing Co. of Mllivuukm
and Calgary Browing Co of Calgary.
DpSpN'S BAY Co.-Wholesalo grooirioi
and liquors etfl., Baker airoot, Nelson.
* font and Hall Street*, Nelson���Wholesale dealers u winoi loaso and bulk), and
domestio aud Imported cigars.
LU in ber..
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Bough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish!
Coast Flooring) and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT BAY. Yards, NELSOM
Baker Street,
NELSON.   -   -   B. O.
But can supply
your wants in
all lines. Start
the New Year
with a new set
Blank Books
Office and Pocket
Diaries for 1901.'
CanadaDrug aud
Book Co., Ltd.
Put Us On
Your List...
We will see that you
are not disappointed
in superioiity of groceries, promptness of
delivery, or reasonableness of price.
From tempting breakfast foods to richest
materials for dainty
desserts, we will fill
your wants perfectly.
Kirkpatrlck 8 Wilson
China Hall
A man is known by the company he
keeps, a woman is known by tbe room
she keeps tor company.
The Guest Room
Toilet Set	
Is an important part of the furnishing.
If rightly selected it may bo a* ornamental as any piece of furniture in th*
room. Do you entertain guests this
week? 8ee our Toilet Sets in the window today.
Pint Door West of C.P.R. Offices.
A. R. BARROW, a. m. i. o.b
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Corner Victoria and Kootenay Sts.
P. O. Box 559. Telephone No. 95
F. O. GBEBH        V. S. 0LEMBNT8
1'w.uvKsioNs, PBoDuciii & g,m;iTs   GREEN & CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
Y. GKIFFIN & CO.-Corner Vornon and
Josephine Btrool*.  Nolson -Wholesale
ira   1-n    nrnvlilnna   nimiul    ...   I ,.   \...x, . _ .
de��low In provision.oured 4i\fa, battwand
Could we read the hearts of women, what a
viwl. amount of hmII'oiiuk would bo expoMd.
r KHAiJt Wkaknkbh ha> produced more in-
yaliilH amoiiir women than any other
ill.,'..       !���....      ......      ...        II...       ,..,, ......        ..
......... ��.���u,iK   wuiiiun  man  any ouier caUHO.
Havo you uny of tno following nyiiiptomst
NorvousiioHii, Woaknemi, Uackaohe, Heailaoho.
All Gone' Kooliug, Hot Fluehes, Variable
Appollto, IMunuiora. No Ambition, Eaellr
Kxoltod, Painful Periods IloariDudown 1'alM
Louihorrhooa, Pimples on tho Face, Paint In
the Ixiins Kyesi Bunkon, No Vital Bnergr. etc
Wk Can Cuuk You.   It .natters not who hu
trt"iic'.l,^"d.tulle''1,*ourln,Jyou* Consultation ���
y.M'i Is Absolutely Free, and if Durable we
win toll you bo. Don't lot surgeons operate on.
you. Wo can cure you without ontUng. Croit
NkwMbthod Tkbatmknt Is mild and pleas-
ant. Family Doctors have treated yon for
years, and yot you are not oureu-lhey only
holp you from time to time. Let u�� cure you
at Youk Own Home by our Now Method
iroaiment. Hundreds aro being enred. Why
not you! Wo will mall you our Symptorh
BUnk simply for the asking, and wo will toll
you freo of oharge wliat we think ot your
oaso. Kemombor, your letters ate kept Btriotly
private and confidential nnd are answered In
plain soalod onvolope. Write at once, enoloa-
Inn stamp for reply. Address lilt, w n.
S&MM& * C��; 8la. ��� Chto^tT'lS
Montion this papor. ���w^  ~~
P. O. Bos Ul M.laon, B. O,
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, out.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. U, MSNNOX.   Bake*   bV
Melioa ^C^Bll^^liiiattMaWHasbti
J?. Nelson Dailv Hiker, Sunday, January 20, 1901
The Ball Next Friday Night Promises to Be a Great Success.
The committee in charge of the arrangements for the ball, to be given
next Friday evening at tbe opera
house by the Nelson Operatic Society,
ate working hard to insure the great
est success of the season. The opera
house will be especially decorated for
the ball and no pains will be spared
to malte it most attractive. Mayor
Fleteher and Mrs. Fletcher will act as
patrons of the affair and will probably receive the guests. Wambold's
orchestra of eight pieoes has been especially engaged for the dance and
can be counted upon to furnish the
best music to be heard in Nelson.
Two or three new dances will be
plajed during the evening. An attractive programme of twenty danoes
has been arranged with four extras.
The members of the society and orchestra will do their beat to make the
dance a success. The c*iolr rehearsals
at St. Saviour's' and St. Paul's
churches have been postponed to a
later date so as not to prevent any
ohoir members attending the ball.
Tickets can be had from any member
of the committee as no invitations
have been issued.
Normal D. Stewart of Nelson, Receives His From Ottawa.
Norman D. Stewart, of this city,
has received the medal issued by the
Canadian government to the volunteers who served during the Fenian
raids. In 1870 Mr. Stewart turned
out as a private in the ranks of tbe
Fifty-First Stonewall Rifles under
Captain Livingstone. The corp's
best service was in connection with
the repulse of a body of 300 Fenians
at Trout River southwest of Montreal.
The militiamen were supported by a
small seotion of regulars from the
Quebec garrison, and marched to meet
the invaders 200 strong. When the
parties met the Fenians fired but one
volley which did but little damage to
the Canadians. The Canadians replied and the Fenians took to their
heels. The Canadians chased them
for a considerable distance, killing If)
of tne Fenians and capturing most of
their arms and equipment. After
this service the Stonewall Rifles were
nnder arms for some time but were
not called upon again to meet the
Queens���Wm.    Crawford,     Sandon;
II. Jackson, Sandon ; D.   O.  Carmich-
ael, Sandon; Ueorge Doyle,Athabasca;
W. A. Wtlmot,   Veraon;   Miss E.   M.
X        Barrls, Moosejaw.
Phair���W. Hargreaves, Winnipeg;
John G. Sullivan, Trail; K. J. L.
Boss, Seattle, Wash.; E. F. Thompson, Toronto; C. E. Smith, Montreal.
Hume���J. J. Southcott, Victoria;
B. M. Stewart, Rpssland; Hugh li.
Ollmour, Vancouver; W. H. Smith,
CMc*go; W. E. Bole, Sloean City,
David J. Dyson, Winnipeg; C. F. Caldwell, Kaslo; Mrs. Jennie E. Harris,
Kaslo; Geo. Rumpel, Berlin, Ont.
Grand Central���J. N. Brayton,
Kaslo; J. A. Preston. Silver King; A.
D. McDonald, Sandon; S. L.Williams,
Rossland; James  Scanlan, Northport.
Mr. Frank Harman, of tbe firm of
Harinan Bros., Kamloops, in bis letter to W. G. Harvey, F. O. M. C. 1.,
of Toronto, now in Nelson, makes the
following stntments. "Before applying
to you for treatment my eyes were
giving me so much trouble and causing so much pain that I had quite de
sided to give up ny business as a
blacksmith, as the glow of the forge,
aad banding under horses was so
hard on them. 1 had consulted the
best eye doctors on tbe Pacific coast
and they could give me no help but I
am pleased to say that by the aid of
the spectaales you prescribed for me I
am able to work all day at the Hie
and tbe finest work without incurring
the least inconvenience and am entire
ly free from the head and eye aches
and general defects of sight from
which I formerly suffered. I bave
been wearing your glasses for nearly
three years and cannot express tho
thanks I feel."
No Discovery in medicine has ever
created one quarter of the excitement
that has been caused by Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. Its
severest tests have been on hopeless
victims of Consumption, Pneumonia,
Hemorrhage, pluerisv and Bronchitis,
thousands of whom it lias restored to
perfect health. For Coughs, Colds,
Asthma, Croup_ Hay Fever, Hoarseness and Whooping Cough it is the
quickest, surest cure in the world. It
is sold by Canada Drug & Book Co.
who guarantee satisfaction or refund
money. Large bottles 50 cents and
11.00.    Trial bottles free.
Advertisements inserted nnder this head at
tbe rate of one cent a word per Insertion. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
FOR   RENT.���Cellar.   Apply    Royal
Bank of Canada.
TRAINED NURSE  open   to   engagements.    Mrs. Seton, Silica Street.
WANTED.���By an experienced woman, plain sewing and fancy
stitching of any kind. Also a good
experienced nurse. Mrs. M. S., care
FOR SALE.���120 acres of first-class
agricultural and garden land, 12
miles from Nelson an Kootenay Lake.
Will sell in 10, 20 or 40 acre tracts.
Price and terms reasonable. Apply or
address, A. F. Rosenberger, Room 4,
K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson.
WANTED.���A   lo-ioomcd   furnished
house.    Apply at Room   4, K.-W. C.
WANTED���Young man wants work of
any kind. Handy with tools, understands care of horses,   also  furnaces.
Address, R. F. S.. Miner.
given privately by a lady to ladies
and gentlemen. Lessons In English
given to French speaking people. For
terms, etc., write S., Miner Office.
LOST.���On Thursday night, between
Jacob Dover's jewelry store and Dr.
La Bau's residence, a large gold wish
bone pin. Finder will be rewarded.
Return to Miner Office.
PROSPECTORS having promising
mineral claims for sale are requested
to call at The Prospectors' Exchange.
Phone No. 104, Room No. 4, K.-W.-C.
Block, Nelson, B. C.
WANTED���Free Milling Gold Properties in British Columbia. Phone No.
104, K.-W.-C. Block.   Andrew F. Bos-
enberger, Nelson, B. C,
THE NELSON Soda Water Company
will be obliged If householders having their empty syphons, or patent
screw top bottles, will communicate
with them by telephone or post card
as the syphons and bottles are required for the holiday trade.
FOR RENT.���A    warm,   comfortable
bouse, seven rooms, water and bath.
Apply. "D," Miner Office.
FOR SALE���A new bouse, ten rooms,
very convenient, with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
Buy   Only   Union ��� Made   Shoes,
This stamp used by the JOHN Mc-
PHER80N CO., Limited, of Hamilton,
the only Union Factory in Canada.
When your head aches, your eyes,
get sore or spots are seen floating before them, you cannot read or if so
with difficulty, or for any error^ of
refraction, cross eyes or defects* of
Vision, and tbe fitting of speotncles
that are absolutely correot.consult W.
G. Harvey, F. O. M. 0. I., at McLean's drug store, until Sat unlay,
January 20.  Hours 10 to 12 and 2 to 5,
German Syrup is the special prescription of Dr. A. BoBhee, a celebrated German Physician, nnd is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and Lung
troubles of the severest nature, removing, as It does, the cause of the affec-
ton and leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition. It is not an
experimental medicine, but lias stood
the test ot years, giving satisfaction
In every case, which Its rapidly increasing dale every season confirms.
Two million bottles sold annually.
Boscha'a German Syrup was introduced In the United States in 1868,
and It now sold in every town and
village in the civilized world. Three
doses will relieve any ordinary cough.
Prlco 78 oents. For Sale by W. F.
i�� cuke a coin in ora ��**
M Take Laxative Bromo Quinine _*_���'_*_���_!
i each box.
Rheo,Ithe Palmist, Is Scoring a Great
Suooobs���Hundreds Visit Her.
All day long yesterday crowds were
waiting in the parlors of Rheo, the
palmist. It seemed as though everybody was restless to have their palms
read, and one after another the long
string passed through the consultation
room, the majority emerging with
broad smiles on their faces. Many
were turned away, unable to see the
noted palmist. There is nothing of
tho gypsy   about  Rheo's   remarkable
Pursuant   to   the    "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that George
Bremner, carrying on business on
llaker Street in the town of Cranbrook
in tho Province of British Columbia, under the firm and style of
George Bremner & Son, as general
merchants, by deed of assignment for
the benefit of creditors, bearing date
of the loth day of Januar/, 1001, made
iu pursuance of the. "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts has
granted and assigned unto Robert Edward Sherlock, of Lethbridge, Alberta,
North West Territories, merchant, all
his personal estate,credits and effects,
which may be seized and sold under
execution and all bis real estate, in
trust to pay the creditors of the said
George Bremner & Son, ratably and
proportionately tbeir just claims without preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was
executed by the said George Bremner
and the said Robert Edward Sherlock on the 10th day of January. 1001.
All persons having claims against
the said George Bremner & Son are
required to file wi'h tbe assignee full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the nature of the securities if
any held by them, on or before the
Soth day of January,   A. D. 1001.
And notice is hereby given that after tbe said 28th day of Jamiiry, 1901,
the assignee will proceed to distribute
the assets of the estate among the
parties entitled thereto, havin; regard
to the claims only of which the assignee shall then have had notice, and
that the said assignee will not be responsible for the assets, or any part
thereof, so distributed to any person
or persons, firm or corporation, of
whose debt or claim he shall not then
have had notice.
A meeting of tbe creditors will be
held on Monday the :28th day of Jan-
uay, A. D. 1001, in the premises of
the said debtor, Baker street, Cranbrook, B. C , at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon.
Dated at Cranbrook this 14th day
of January, A. D. 1901.
Solicitor for the Assigne.
Pursuant   to   the   "Creditors'   Trust
Deeds Act" and   Amending Acts.
Notice is hereby given that John
Leask and Francis C. Rankin, carrying on business in the town of Cranbrook lu the Province of British Columbia, as tailors and men's outfitters
under tbe firm and style of Leask &
Rankin, by deed of assignment for the
benefit of creditors, bearing date the
7th day of January, 1001, made in
pursuance of the "Creditors' Trust
Deeds Act" and amending acts, have
granted and assigned unto Creighton
Ross Palmer, of Cranbrook, British
Columbia, clerk, all the personal estate, credits and effects of tbe said
John Leask and Francis G. Rankin,
and of each of them (both partnership
and private) which may be seized
and sold under execution and all their
real estate and of each of them in
trust to pay the creditors of tbe said
Leask & Rankin, ratably a nd proportionately their just claims without
preference or priority according to
The said deed of assignment was executed by the said John Leask ana
Francis C. Rankin, on the 7th day of
January, 1901, and by tbe said Creighton Ross Palmer on the nth day of
January,  1901.
All persons having claims against
the said Leask & Rankin are required
to file with the trustee on or before
the 26th day of January, idol, full
particulars of their claims duly verified, and the natures of the securities,
if any, held by them.
And notice is hereby ghen that after the said 26th day of January, 1901,
the trustee will proceed to distribute the assets of the estate among
the parties entitled thereto, having
regard to the claims only of which he
then shall have bad notice and that
he will not be responsible for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person or persons of whose
claim he shall not then have had notice.
A meeting of the creditors will be
held on Saturday the 26th day of January, 1901, at two o'clock In the afternoon, at tbe offices of W. F. Gurd,
solicitor, Baker street, Cranbrook,
B.   0.
Dated at Cranbrook, this 11th day
of January, 1901.
Solicitor for the Trustee.
readings. Her fee Is 81.00 for a life
reading, and the truths she tells you
are so startling and they come in such
qulok rotation that one certainly gets
his money's worth from this standpoint alone. She also tellayou what you
are best fitted for In life and whether or net you will be successful; if
you should make business changes;
if you will travel; if you will he successful in lovs affairs if absent
friends will return; so, from a financial standpoint, one gets his money's
worth and Rheo gets the money. Parlors at Mrs, Reilly's, Ward St., next
Postoffice. Hours 10 a, rn. to 8:30 p.
in,   Fee 91,90
In the County Court of Kootenay Hold-
en at Fort Steele, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that on the
fifth day of December, 1000, it was
ordered by J. A. Forin, Esq., judge
of the said court,that James Ferguson
Armstrong, official administrator of
the County of Kootenay be administrator of all and singular the goods,
chattels and credit of William Flobeck
of Trout Lake City, miner, deceased,
Every person indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to the undersigned. Every
person having in possession effects
belonging to tho deceased is required
forthwith to notify tbe undersigned.
Every creditor, or other person,
having any claim upon or interest in
the distribution of the personal estate
cf the said deceased is required within thirty days of this date to send by
registered letter addressed to tbe undersigned, his name and address and
the full particulars of his claim or
interest, and a statement of his account, and the nature of the security
(if any) held by him.
After the expirat'on of the said
thirty days the administrator will
proceed with the distribution of the
estate having regard to those claims
only of which he shall have bad notice.
Dated at Fort Steele this 17th day of
January, 1001.
Official  Administrator,    Fort   Steele,
B. 0.
Miners, Attention!
MARK   fgi
Gutta Percha Water-proof Fuse has been gj
proved and not found wanting.
No miss-holes.   No running;.
Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Amalgamated
The Bank of British Columbia.
head office-toronto.
Paid-up Capital, - - $8,000,000
Reserve Fund, - - 2,000,000
aggregate resources over $65,000,000.
London Office: a�� Lombard Street, E. C.
S. Oiwnoron Alexander, Manager.
New' York Office; 16 Exchange Place.
Alex, Laird and Wm. Gray, Agents. .  ,
1 '.'       *������-   f. i>   ...:,'',
Hamilton, London, Toronto (8 offices), Ottawa and 34 other places
Moimuui. Wmrnpia Dawson, White Horse
Amu Qreenwood Nelson Sandon
('HAifB-MOK        Kamloops New Westminster,  Vancouver
Fernie Nanaimo Rossland Victoria
New Yobe, N. Y.
SAn Francisco, Cal. Seattle, Wash.
Portland, Ore.        Skagway, Alaska
Bankers In London.���The Bank of Scotland: Mosura. Smith, Pajne & Smiths.
���'     " New York.���The American Exchange National Bank.
Agents In Chicago���The Northern Trust Company.
"       " Now Orleans.���The Commercial National Bank.
Savings Bank Department.
Interest Allowed en Dcpoilts.  Present Bate 3 Per Cent
! Nelson Branch. GRANGE V. HOLT, Manager. I
Minimi -meKEK, nsrim.ii runic
Windermere Mines.   CorremondenoeSollolled
Your eyes need attention, and it
its a most imperative duty that you
should have them attended to at
once. Do not wait. Do not wear
half fitted glasses. Do not buy
glasses from a passing peddler.
Go where you can receive careful
attention now or at any time that
there is anything wrong with your
Watchmakers and Opticians.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to ear branch will have careful m-d oromot attention.
Large number of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Mac<looald Block corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
A. V. MASON, Secretary.
1 >'*A*A^^*%*iV^^^^��^iVW^*-^i*'i^*V'^^*ltvwvv��%��vvy^v��>��,
Don't have wet feet when
little money gets you good
Rubbers. We have them
for all sizes of feet ....
The Shoeists
to brace up the system or retain the good health
you already have, we would advise you to
every morning for breakfast.
Lentals make nice soup.
Groceries.  Crockery.
Nelson, B. C.
The Royal Bank of Canada.
Capital Paid-up,
Incorporated 1869.
SI,9RS,OT0.M  I   Bent,
Hoard or Directors 1  Thomas B. Kenny,  President;   Thomaa Kitchlo. Vloe-Prwidenl.
Wiley .Smith   H. G. Bauld, Hon. David MaoKeen.
Head Office, Halifax 1
General Manager, Ed.son L. Pease, Montreal.
Superintendent of Hranches. and Secretary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax,
Inspector, W. F. Brock, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M. Stewart, Montrea.
���tranche* t
Nova   Scotia-Halifax   Branch,   Antigonish,  Qaebee���Montreal,   (City   Office),   Montreal.
Biidgewater, Uuysboro. Londonderry, l.un- West End (Cor. Notre   Dame and Seig-
enburg. Maltland (Hants Co.), Pictou, Port        neure Utreeti):  Wostinount (Cor. Greene
Hawkosbury, Sydney. Shubenacadic,Truro, Avenue and tit. Catharines Street.
Weymouth. Ontario���Ottawa.
New    Branawlek ��� Bathurst,     Dorchester,   Newfoundland���St. John's.
Frederlcton, Kingston (Kent Co.), Monc   (j���kau Weal India*��� Hinn.
ton, Newcastle, aackville, Wtodstook. **"* ���","5^v  ?!��"���   ..
P. B. I��l.Md-Charlottetown, Summeratd..        ""^umMT **" M *X'**a*' ***��
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver,
Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correapondeala 1
Canada-Merchants Bank of Canada. Barton���National Shawmut IBank. Chicago���Illinois
Trust und Savings Bank. Han franelwo���First National Bank. *U��d����, Bag.-Bank of
Scotland, rail-, -prance���Credit Lyonnals. Bermuda-Bank of Bermuda. I'hlaa sad Japan��� Hoiig Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 65 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
will  be changed to
"Zbe IRo^al Bank of Canafra"
from and after
the  Second day  of January,   1901.
General Manager.
Halifax. 1st November, 1900.
The little things that
make your housework
easier are the things
you are best pleased
with buying, We have
the odd things that will
give pleasure and rest
to the housekeeper.
Everyday Necessities, sod
The Price is Bight for Each.
McLachlan  Bros.
��� VVV��V^^VVVV**^VV*VV\''^^''^r''��VV��VV*VVV*V**l>'*^^-'^^��^��\VV-V**^*^-��
Oolil. Silver-Lead   nnd   Copper Mines wanted at the EXCHANGE.
FKBH MIUjINU (IOIjI) properties wanted at once for Eastern
Parties having- mining property for sale are requested to send
samples of their ore to the EXCHANGE for exhibition.
We desire to hear from prospectors who have promising mineral
claims in British Columbia.
Prospectors and mining men are requested to make the EXCHANGE their headquarters when In Nelson.
All samples should be sent by express, PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Address all communications to
Tolephono No. 104.   P. O. Box 700. NELSON, B. C.    }
WV��-V��-W**-V**irW��*V*�� %\%\>rW*\%Y<+r\\*>A+/*AAV**+*+\%+\+%++ 1 *m
Nelson Daily Miner,  Sunday, January 20, 1901
Captain Gore leaves this morning on
a flying business trip to Portland,
Mr. G. F. Beer has Bevered his connection with the Chapleau mine and
leaves today for the coast..    .    .
Mr. Will Irvine, of Fred Irvine &
Co..leaves this morning for a business
trip to Montreal and New York.
W. E. Uoie.formerly superintendent
at Camp Mansfield is in the city. He
has been in the Slocan City district
for several raonthB.
Miss Mabel Cameron, who has been
the guest of Mrs. S. S. Taylor for the
past thr^e weeks, leaves this morning
foi her home in Edmonton.
Hugh B. Gilmour.M. P. P., of Vancouver, was in the city last night for
an hour or two. He met Mrs. Gil-
mour. who haB been in the city for
several days, and went west on the
evening train.
At the Methodist church today the
pastor, Rev. J. H. White, preaches
morning and evening. The evening
subject will be: "Manly Decision."
An attractive musical service will be
rendered by the choir.
The Methodist parsonage will be
released from quarantine today, after
having been under the aiedical officer's ban for five or six weekH. Rev.
J. H. White's young son, who contracted scarlet fever, is quite recovered.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Florence Crittenden home mission
lakes place on Monday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock in St. Paul's Presbyterian
church. The business is the annual
election of officers. All ladies are invited to attend.
A meeting of the members of the
Nelson minstrels will be held at the
opera house on Monday evening. The
minstrels will reorganize for the
winter and put on another show which
promises to outshine any previous entertainments of a   Blrailar nature.
Among the guests at the Hume today iB J. W. Williams. He states
that his brother, J. Mallinson Williams, has formed a couple of syndicates in England to operate BritiBh
Columbia mining properties and that
the initial steps toward getting the
new corporations under way are already in hand.
George Gurd returned yesterday
from a visit to the Kaslo group near
Cody, which he is operating in the
interests of an eastern syndicate. He
brought a couple of samples of the dry
ore product of the property which are
splendid specimens of dry ore. Development work is being carried on
at the Kaalo, and the prospect up to
the present is favorable.
This evening at Emmanuel church,
Rev. Wm. Munroe will preach a
special sermon to young men. Subject, "The Doubter." The choir
have arranged the following music:
Anthem, "Bow Down Thine Ear";
solo, Mrs. H. R. Cameron j anthem,
"Praise Ye the Lord." This is the
regular monthly young men's service
and a cordial invitation iB extended
to everyone.
The Sunday Gold Mining company,
of Waterloo, Que., has acquired a
tract of mineral land near Erie, and
it is presumed that they will commence work on the ground in the
spring. Their purchases inelude tbe
No. 1 Fraction, the Yvonne, J. R.
Tarte, Nana G., Golden Rod and the
Flora Belle. The claims were bought
in by Walter R. Llndley of Waterloo,
who transferred the whole lot to the
company at 810,000.
W. Hastic Adams, manager of the
Rambler-Cariboo mine, was in the
city yesterday after a business trip to
Rossland. He states that affairs are
moving along satisfactorily at the
property. The recent change in the
officers of .the company Ib that J. B.
McArthur of Rossland resigns the
presidency and is succeeded by A. F.
McClaine of Seattle, Wash.
Tomorrow will be the ninth anniversary of the institution of Kootenay
Lodge No. 10, I. O. O. F. and the occasion will be observed with fitting
ceremonies. At tonight's meeting
the past grands of the lodge, together
with other past grands resident in
the city, will take charge of the floor
work which includes initiations and
conferring of degrees. Visiting
brethren aro invited to attend.
C. F. Caldwell, manager of tho Nelson iSe Slocan Prospecting Company,
was in Nelson yesterday. The company is operating the Pontiac property
of the north fork of Woodbury creek,
and a shipment of two cars of ore is
now at the smelter. This is the Brst
large shipment of high grade gold-
silver ore produced in the Woodbury
creek country, and the resnlt of tbe
test will be awaited with very considerable interest. The Pontine Buffers
with other properties in the section
from the heavy charges for transporting ore to the waterfront, but it is
probable that regular shipments will
be made.
Monday night's council meeting
will be devoted to a great extent to
the reception and consideration of the
reportB of last year's work. The auditor will submit a comprehensive
statement of the civic finances. J. P.
Bliss, oity elctrieian, has prepared a
list of the electric light users and water takers. Dr. Laliau is to show
what hfts been done toward securing
the health of the city under his direction as medical health officer. City
Clerk Strachan will probably review
the year's principal work for the benefit of the new council, while the city
engineer's report, submitted at the
last meeting of the old council, iB on
the programme for reconsideration.
rangement at the hall, will be here on
Wednesday. E. G. Cook who has been
here for some weeks representing
Brady in looking after the arrangements savs that all plans have been
approved and that Jeffries will Boon
come west to do his training, ne asserts thut more than 820,ono worth ol
tickets for the event have already been
sold. Ruhlin quit his arrangements
here tonight and will spend next week
at his old home in Akron in training
and will then return hero to remain
until the fight comes off.
Ice :
West Pointers Decided to Abolish Haz
ing nnd Calling Out.
West Point, N. Y., Jan. 10.���The
congressional investigation of West
Point military academy has borne
fruit rather unexpectedly. Tonight
when the congressmen were hurrying
through their inquiries the cadets of
all four classes held a meeting In
Grant Hall and unanimously decledd
to abolish hazing of every form as
well as the practice of "calling out"
fourth class men. Tnis Is exactly
what General Dick and the other
members of the congressional committee have been trying to impress on the
cadets who have testified their feelings beforehand.
Clerks in Dead Letter Office Worked a
Dishonest Game.
Wahington, D. C, Jan. 10.���Several clerks iu the dead letter office of
the Postofflce department have been
dismissed|on charges of having bought
packages at the dead letter sale,
knowing in advance their contents
and falsely representing tbeir character in the catalogue. The clerks dismissed are R. C. Wallton, Mrs. L. E.
Brown, C. A. Gert and C. Hardin, the
last named being the head of property
division. T^^T!
n Good Condition and Enthusiasts
at Work.
The ice is holding good at the rink
and several good games were played
yesterday. During the aftornoon the
matches were.
O. Newling A. L. McKillop
C. E. Miller, J. L. Stocks,
John A. Turner,     P. E. WilBon,
F. Tamblyn, s. 12.  W. Mckenzie, s.,lfl.
R. Williams, C. F. Green,
Dr. Hawkey, H. Bird.
Dr. Arthur, R. M. Bird.
W. W. Beer, s., 8. D.W. Stanley, s. 12.
Last evening rinks skipped by
Messrs. Mackenzie and Richaidson
played a closely contested game, the
Mackenzie fink winning by seven up.
On Friday afternoon an excellent
game was played between the following rinks:
A. H. Buchanan,    W. Oliver,
H. Bird. C. Morrison,
Frank Fletcher,     J. F. Weir,
W.Mackenzie.s. 11 D. S. Stanley, 8. 5.
The American Cereal Company has
been anxious to get into the cereal-
specialty business for some time. Not
long ago they made a direct offer of
81,500,000 for the Postum Cereal business, which was the third offer made.
���Grocery World, of Philadelphia.
British-Boer War Pictures!
The end of the war is now in sight.   Everybody will now want
Statures illustrating the various battles fought in South Afrioa.    We
ave st great expense published nine large snd beautiful pictures, on
henvv, superfine, calendered paper.
Battle of Belmont, Charging the Boer Guns at Elandslaagte. Attack
of Royal Canadians at Paardeberg, Charge of Can. French's Cavalry on
the Retreating Gen. Cronje's Army. These pictures are 20x24 in.
Sample and teiins 25ctsench; all four for 80 cts: J 1.75 per doz;
J6 per 50;  SI I per 100.
Battle of Tugela River. Battle or Splon Kop, Gordon Highlanders at
Battle of Belmont, Bottle or Margersronteln, Surrender of Cronje at
Paardeburg. Those wctures are 88x28 iu. Siun-des and terms40c. each;
all five for $1.60; $3 per dozen, J12 per 50, $24 per 100. Very handsome : printed in (I to 11 colors.
onin money. Enormous siicctss. Tho pictures ai-e
RED HOT SELLERS. Veritable mortgage raisers. One
Agent sold 08 in one day. We will send n Complete Outfit consisting of
all the nine dltrerent pictures ror only $2.   This sum you may deduct
when you have ordered for |2I) worth. Absolutely no pictures sent free.
Don't waste time and postage In writing for lower prices. We pay all
charges. We take back all unsold pictures and refund your money.
Cut tbis out and send today and begin to make money.
Home Novelty Mfg. Co. (Dept. 381 A) P. O.
Box 518, Chicago.
We  carry a most complete stock of everything required in an'Assay
Office and Laboratory,
Morgan Crucible Co., Manufacturers
B. O.   FOR
of Battersea Crucibles, etc.
F, W. Braun & Co.'s "Cary" Combination Furnaces and Burners.
Vancouver,   B  C.
We  must  have  room   for our  Spring   Stock  of
and in order to do so we will give special quotations for the
for the next 30 days.    We have the finest line of
Picture Framing and Room Moulding: in the City
Sign Painting and Interior Decorating a Specialty
Josephine   btreet,       -       -       Opposite   Clarke    Hotel.
Baker Street,Nelson,
3, C.
Lot 12 in Block 2, in the City of Nelson,
with stone and brick block thereon, commonly known as the Houston Block. Said
lot having a frontage of 50 feet on   Baker
Street and a frontage of 120 feet on  Jose
phine Street, with 16 foot lane at   rear,  will
be Sold by Public Auction subject to a reserve bid, on Monday, the nth Day of
February A. D. 1901, at the hour of two
o'clock in the afternoon sharp, on Ihe Northeast comer of Josephine and Baker Sts.,
Nelson, B. C.
Ternis: $5,000 cash at time of sale,
one-half of balance of purchase price on or
before 30 days from date of sale, and other
one-half of said balance, on or before 60
days from date of sale.
All rents and other earnings of said
property will be received by vendors until
full purchase price is paid. Further terms
and conditions will be made known at time
of sale or upon application to
Protect Your
Best   Faculty
and Save
Your   Sight.
I.. Professor of Aphtholniologr, Dootor of Option
. ... ���.     jt
and Sclontitlc Optioinn, of Toronto, has given sight to thousands that were eufhrlni
almost total bllndnoss.   People allHi-tod with Weak Eyes, Hoadiiehet*, Pains in tho Hea&, *.,.��
Crossed or Diverged, Douhlo or Indistinct Vision, Loss of Musoular Power, or any Error of
Hefiacl ion of tho Kycs, will bo given a freo consultation.      ......       '
Glasses flttod lo nnj* sight under a positive gunrnntoo of satisfaction.
AT M'LEAN'S DRUG STORE until Saturday, January 26th.
Hours 10 U) 12 and 2 to 8.  '
Eminent Dootor Orders Grape-Nut*
An old physician in Washington,
D. C, comments on the general practice government employes have of taking with them for luncheon buttered
rolls and a variety of non-nutritious
articles of food which they bolt down
and go on with their work.
Ultimately dyspepsia and gastric
trouble ensue, and in all such cases
where he has been cnlled to abandon
all sorts of food for the noonday lunch,
except Crape-Nuts, which is a ready-
cooked, predigestcd food and a concentrated form of nourishment. This
is eaten with a little fresh milk or
cream which can be secured from the
vendors who pass through the buildings during the noon hour. The doctor Bays: "Kor many reasons I would
prefer not to have my name used publicly. Do not object to your furnish ���
Ing same to any honest inquirer. I
have been prescribing Orape-Nuts in
numerous cases for about a yoar and a
half and am pleased to say my patients hnve reason to he thoroughly
satisfied with the results. lam myself
a strong believer in Grape-Nuts and
shall continue to be so long as the preparation gives the results I have obtained thus far." The doctor's name
can be had of the Postum Cereal Co.,
pti., Battle Creek, Mich,
Another Good Hockey Game Arranged
For Nelson Team.
Manager Sam Neelands of the Nelson hookey club received a telegram
from Rossland last night informing
bim that the Rossland seven would
come to Nelson for a game on Tuesday night. The local players practice
Monday night for the game which is
sure to be one of the fastest and
most exciting of the season. The
Rossland players are clever hockeyists
and have had more practice than tbe
Nelson men, to counteract which the
home players know the ice and thu
experience of one hard game already
with a visiting team. The game
starts at 8:30 o'clock sharp and is sure
to attract a crowded house.
On Friday night 300 enthusiasts witnessed the Nelson team getaway with
the Sandon seven quite handily. The
loual players lined up with Neelands
in goal, Archibald on point, Jeffs at
cover point, and Wetruore, Nace, Per-
rier and Thompson on the forward
line. Sandon led off with a goal after
a few minutes play. This was their
only tally until well into tbe second
half when they scored again. In the
meantime Nelson kept the puck in the
visitor's territory and scored seven
goals. The visitors were distinctly
outplayed and in spots the game was
very fast. The Sandon men proved to
be game and sportsmanlike players and
aro assured of a warm welcome on the
occasion of future visits to the city.
Spokane Mining Stocks
Yesterday's Spokt. ne quotations as
received from The Miner's special
BlaokUil UH
Butte & Boston  2%
Deer Trail Con  2%
Evening Slar	
Gold Ledge  2%
I.X.L 21
Iron Mask 38
Lone Pine Surprise  8
Mountain Lion	
Morning Glory  1)4
Morrison  6
Princess Maud  2%
Quilp 23 X
Rambler-Cariboo 30%
Republic           49
Reservation  5%
Rossland Giant  4H
Sullivan 13
Tom Thumb 15%
American Boy lOJi      9H
Conjecture  3Ji      3!��
Dewey  4 3
Miller Creek 3 2
Gold  Standard ...8
Sales���Butte and Boston, 2000, 2000,
at 2H i Deer Tail, 600 at 2%; Gold
Ledge, 5000 at 2%; Lone Pine, 2000 at
1% ; Morning Glorv, 1000 at 8, buyer 00,
1000 at 8, buyer 60; Rossland Giant,
5000 at 4%.	
LookB as if Cincinnati Would
the Rig Event.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Jan. 10.��� Mayor
Fleishmann, who has been in New
York the last week is expected to return tomorrow and x\\\ be advised
MoDdaythat the Siangenest is proceeding with the arrangements for the
fight here February 15th between Jeffries aud Kiihliii. Manager linuly,
who represents the Saingerfest Athletic club as well as Jeffries in an ar-
Auctioneers. Nelson, B. C.
Me the Difference j
In  the   expression  of ^
the one that wears the ~i
shoe that fits. :~3
We   have   provided 25
shoes for every type of ~3
feet. :
Mail  orders receive ���
prompt attention. :
I Neelands  Shoe \
I     Company
"I was troubled for several years
with chronic indigestion and nervous
debility, "wiites F. J. Green, of Lancaster, N. H., "No remedy helped me
until I began using Electric Bitters,
which did me more good than all the
medicines I ever used. They have also
kept my wife in excellent health for
years. She Bays Electric Bitters are
just splendid for female troubles; that
they are a grand tonic and invigora-
tor for weak, run down women. No
other medicine can take its place in
our family." Try; them. Only 50
cents. Satisfaction guaranteed by
Canada Drug & Book Co.
If yon don't like Bine Ribbon Tea it's
benau e you've never tasted it
Thin signature ii on every box of the genuine
Laxative Brotno-Quinine T��blotB
tho remedy that cures n eoM flu �����ofl 4aj
I rv^W#v^*H#H#W##H#*v#��*f>*#W��*H
"A Warning Voice"
Iu tho title of 1111 interesting little book
that BhoWB how
Id LOST and how it mar bo
It is Rent securely Hoaled in plain envelope Free, on receipt of 2c stamp for
We aro tho leading specialists in
i:minj?*lt caHuaof Kidnoy and Bladder
Trouble. Sexual Weakness and lmpo-
tency, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, hiilxt
L0S86S, Gleet and Stricture, quickly
n.id permanently. Wo have cured
thousands at their - ��� n hotiifs. All
letters kept strictly ivaln and an-
. tvered in nlair nealca envelope. Con-
..iiliniIon by mail free. .. rite today.
Sta. 0, Chicago, 111-
I ln*>n*>'t*'f)����i''>i'���ll����l��ll��ll#��l>l)|
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   5alted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The   largest   line  carried   by
any firm in Canada.
" Good   Cheer "   Ranges   and
Cook Stoves.    A complete line.
Call and be convinced that the only place to buy
Stoves   and   Ranges   at  the   right   prices   is  the
Complete  Electric Equipments  for
Electric   Power
Lighting for Mines, Towns, etc.    Electric Fixtures, Lamps,
Bells, Telephones, Annunciators, etc.
Houston Block,
P. 0. Box 626.  Cable Address:
'Groasdalle," Nelson.
conmssioN aoent.
Gode-Morelng & Neal.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchanges. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
sums CAn/ 4.tU>h &%
"ORBIT" Brand'and
PK.tl/VlIfblV. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents fob Canad*. ��� JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton, Ont.
CROW &  MORRIS,  Sole Agents, Nelson, B. G.
I have now in stock a line
of all classes of
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited,
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete Block of Coast Flooring
Celling, Inside Finish, Turned Work, Sash and
Doors. Speolal order work will rccoivo prompt
attention'   Mall orders solicited.
Mining Companies   needing the services of a   millwright to erect   stamp
mills, concentrators,   cyanide  plants,
| or any   other mining  machinery   can
secure a competent man at address he-
low. W. P. LEMON,
Constructor and Supervisor,
Grand Central Hotel, Nelson.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head OfBoc-EendiT aud Veinou 8t., Nelson.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day Si.00.
?��%?��&   ��*2   i��e   market.   Also  try  onr
WINES.    LIQUORS     and    OIQAR*.
Telephone ��. Baker Ht  Nelson. B.C,
barrel Of
the best and


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