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Nelson Daily Miner Sep 19, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. K34
Walter E. Massey May Accept
a Liberal Nomination In
Sir Henri Joly in Quebec to
Move His Family to
Nelson,   British Columbia, Wednesday Evening,  September 19, 1900.
Eleventh Year
Montreal, Sept. 10.���Tbo following
nominations took place In Eastern
Canada yesterday; t'rovlneo of Ontario
Dunilus, Andrew Broder, M. P.
Conservative i Centre WUlington, W.
.inlin Mctiuwan, Conservatives Mus-
kukaand I'arry Sound, George McCor-
mick. M.I'.. Conservative! North Renfrew, Thomas Mackle, M. I'., Liberal.
Toronto, Sept, 10.��� The Liberals of
the city linve succeeded in getting
Walter K. Massey, of the big Implement Arm of Massey, Harris & Co., to
consider the nomination for one of
the city scats. Mr. Massey's oonseni
to consider the matter has created n
big surprise iu political olrcles here
owing tn the well-known Conservative leanings of the tirm up to. n few
years ago, Mr. Massey himself, ten
years ago, being one of the most ardent Conservative sympathisers In tho
Quebec, Sept. 10.���Sir Henri July,
Lieutenant-Governor of liritisli Columbia, is in town. His visit is uii-
ilcrstood to bo for the purpose of moving liis family to liritisli Columbia.
llame, Ont, Sept. 10.���Hon, Sir
Charles Tupper, and Messrs, Maodonald nml Coster were warmly welcomed hero yesterday afternoon. Replying to Hon, Mr. Tarte's challenge
i" meet hint on any public platform
In Ontario to discuss tlie Minister of
Public Works' Paris utterances, Hugh
John Maodonald sniil if the election
were n,>! held until after October be
would be glad to aoOept the challenge.
At present, however, his engagements
prevented him f.om making arrangements with Tarte unless the latter
was willing to accompany him on his
present  political tour.
Ottawa, Sept. It).���The Trades and
Labor Congress this morning endorsed the candidature of Ralph Smith.M.
i' P., for Nanaimo, as a labor member of tho Dominion Parliament. '"
reply Mr. Smith said lie would give
his support to liny good aet of either
st.   Thomas, Ont,,   Sept.   lo.���The
Liberals of Bast Elgin last evening
 Inated Dr. ,1. II. Wilson to oppose Ingram, Conservative M, l'., al
the general elections.
Toronto, Sept. 111.��� The giantl jury
have found a true bill against Donald
( liapman for   having conspired   with
one linear   Thompson to set lire to the
barns of his brother Mordele in Qeor-
gins township, on aocount of revenge
because of some family differences,
and for which Arthur Rlddell, another accomplice,Is now serving a four
years sentence at Kingston.
���Montreal, Sent. In.���Allan. Ilumin-
'"" Hne, Elder-Dempster nnd Manchester Steamship Companies announce an advance of ten per cent.
'" freight rates owing to the ad-
��anoe in the price of coal. The new
���ales me elTeetive October S.
Belleville,Onk, Sept. 19.���Archibald
MeDonnel, aged 00 years, a veteran
of the fenlan raid of 1800, is dead.
���Quebec, Sept. 10.���Protestants and
l;"mi1" Catholics alike have organised
��� J"'"" committee to solioll snbsorip-
"��ns towards providing Rev, Father
!,' I'"",v,'. ""' l!""llin Catholic chaplain
1 "be first Canadian Contingent to
���""th Afric,,, with a suitable annuity
for his ohl age on account of his services to sick and dying Canadians on
tlie battle fleld.
Toronto, Sept., in,. Th,. lumbermen's Association of Ontario have do-
ciileil to maintain high prices for lumber owing to the active demand In the
English market ami the anticipated
shortage of at least three hundred million feet of lumber In Ueoiglan Day,
including eastern Michigan points.
Montreal. Sept. 10.��� T. O. Shaugh-
ncssy, President of the Canadian i'aeilie Railway, leaves tomorrow on
his annual Inspection of that railway
system. The inspection will be extended to the I'aeilie Coast, where Important branches of the railway will
be gone over.
Vankleekhill, (int., Sept. 10���The
cast wall of the new Presbyterian
church in construction here fell this
morning, killing Rev. ,1. MacLeod,
pastor, who was watching the men at
work on the wall, and (lusty Dolorme,
a mason of this place, and fatally inured Henry Holdeii, Vankleekhill, Arthur Doig and Win. Home, Montreal,
ami slightly injured Henry Rome,foreman, of Vankleekhill.
Montreal. Sept. 111.��� W. Tecs .v. Co.,
undertakers and desk-makers of this
city for a quarter of a century, have
assigned,  liabilities 930,000.
Trai.klayimj on Balfour Extension Will
Then He  Completed
And Connection Made With tlie Nelson
and Fort She.ppanl.
The Balfour extension will lie ready
for traffic by Monday. The track
laying from Procter toward Nelson is
progressing rapidly and on next Monday afternoon the line will he joined
witli the Nelson and Kort Sheppard
ai Five-Mile Point. Ballasting and
surfacing will begin immediately and
in a few weeks the entire construction of the road will lie completed, As soon as the tracks are connected, coal and other construction
supplies will lie taken over tlie road,
which will do away witli the shipping of tlie material on the barges.
The work upon the track laying was
commenced but a month ago and over
Is miles of track lias been laid. Over
ITo men are at work on the line between   Nelson   and   Five-Mile     Point
and it is expected  that the grading
anil straightening of the truck will he
finished by the first of November.
Work trains will then lie put on to re-
ballast this portion of the line.
He Prefers the   Netherlands Steamer
to That of Germany.
Lorenzo   Marques,    Sept.   in.���Mr.
Kruger, the former Piesident  of the
South African Kcpulliic. will not sail
for Europe on the German steamer
Hereon Monday September 24.
The Hague, Sept. in. -The   Govern
meiit of Netherlands has been notified
of Mr. Kruger's acceptance of its oiler
to place a warship at his disposal  to
convey him from Lorenzo Manplcz to
St. Paul, Minn.. Sept. 10.���The Old
Time Telegraphers Association opened its meeting in this city yesterday.
Montreal was chosen for the next
place of meeting. The following officers were elected: President, L. B,
MaoFarlane,   Superintendent of   the
1 ti-11 Telephone Co.. of Canada;    Vice-
l'rcsident .1. E. Hutchinson. Superintendent Ottawa Electric Railway : Secretary-Treasurer John Br'anl of New
York.    Following   Immediately after
tho old timers, came the meeting of
the United Slates Military   Telegraph
Glasgow, Sept. IU.- -The Central
Agency, comprising the firms of 0"'
Coats, the Clark Co.,   a.id tlie   Brooks
Co.. today advanced prices three pet	
per pound on knitting, mending ami
tambouring   cottons,   The    increase
equals III I-'-' to IT I-'!   per   cent.    The
second quality, soft nml  glace  reels,
was also advanced at the rate of a
Shilling per gross of .'.on yard reels.
Third Day of the Strike of
the Anthracite Coal
One  Operator Looks for a
Long and Protracted
Seranton. Pa., Sept. 111.���The strike
of the anthracite coal miners entered
upon the third day with everything
shut down in tliis district. Headquarters here this morning received
word that the Mocanqua Breaker in
tlie far western end of the region had
been closed through the office of District President Nichols, who organized nearly every workman there last
night, This makes the tie-up of tlie
Lackawanu and Wyoming valleys
thorough, for not even a washery
about here is doing business today.
The tie-up of the mines has caused
tlie laying olT of every coal train crew
iu this region, and whatever coal is
being moved is going out in the
freight trains. Only three Delaware
A Hudson trains went north yesterday. Three crews are marked out for
tqjjaj hut one is to be employed ir
dumping ashes for the roadbed. The
Erie Railway is almost at a standstill.
No coal is taken over the Honesdale
branch and today the switching crew
at that point was laid oft'. The Erie
.v. Wyoming Valley, the Deleware A
Hudson, and the Ontario .t Western
Laekawiina systems are not sending
a single coal train today in any direction, the strike being wholly ^sponsible for this condition.
Philadelphia, Pa., Sept. 10.���Galvis
Pardee, owner of Latimer and liar-
wood collerles in the llazelton district
in an interview today said: "Under
no consideration will the operators
concede to the United Mine Workers.
It would be a fight to a linish and the
operators will win. So far lis 1 am
personally concerned I have ordered
the mules to be taken out of the II ar-
wood mine and put to pasture. 1 am
preparing for a long strike. My superintendent reports this morning,
that the pressure brought to bear upon my men at llnrwood was so great
Unit only a few came to work today,
and the llarwood mine is practically
at a stand still. At Latimer the men
living at a distance from the mine did
not appear for work this morning.
Tlie mine is working with a reduced
force. 1 am informed Hint this morning the marching body went to Color-
aine to intercept the mine workers
Greenwood,  It.    C,    Sept.    10.���The
fourth annual meeting of the Brandon
and Golden Crown Mining Company
was held yesterday. Of a million and
a half shares over one million three
hundred   thousand   were   represented.
The business transacted included the
election of officers and a statement of
the financial condition of tho company
Which was satisfactory. The mine
manager's report gave total ore shipments to date ns 1870 tons, and the
mine developed to a depth of three
hundred feet. Officers elected were:
lion. T. Miiyne Daly, president; W.
,1. Porter, vice-president; W. L. Orde,
secretary, and George ll.Collins, man
aging director.
Victoria. 11. C. Sept. 1!'���The
cabin passengersof the steamer Walla
Walla, who have been quarantined at
WiHiamshead,wlll be released nt noon
Joseph Wilson,who has h  iu bus-
'iness   here    since    1808,   died   today.
Deceased was one of the fir f   ��*��� ��
j     Wilson,    clothiers,   Government
Sl,.,,,.|.     Hi' was a native   of   London,
I England, and (ill years of age.
U. S. Assistant Secretary of
Interior Recruited for
A Discharged Patent Office
Employee Makes Strong
Washington, Sept. 10, ��� Last winter,
during the excitement over the Boer
war, a Patent Office employe named
(Justine Thlelkuhl was found to be
engaged in recruiting men for service
in tlie Boer army He. was warned to
stop, and nothing more was heard of
the matter until later, when it was
discovered that Thlelkuhl was still actively at work. He was dismissed
from tlie public service. Thlelkuhl
has now issued a signed statement alleging that the man who was really
raising the filibustering company was
Webster Davis, then Assistant Secretary of the Interior, and that, Thlelkuhl himself was merely a mask for
Davis. It was not until lifter th
icheme had failed that MBj^JPfs uvm
to the Transvaal to- lA
Conditions there for hiuisl
Thlelkuhl asserts thiiTSsii'.' liavis.
having learned that he was a Boer
sympathizer, sent for him and proposed that Thlelkuhl should insert an
advertisement in the Washington pa-
tiers in Thlelkukl'8 name, asking for
"able-bodied men with military experience to go to the Transvaal."
Davis, of course, was Thiclknhl's SU-
peiior officer at that time. Thlelkuhl
W08 instructed by Davis, lie says, to
turn over all the letters received in
answer to the advertisement to Davis.
���I received in all about 80,000 letters,of which Mr. Davis took charge, "
says Thlelkuhl. "Mr. Davis prepared the advertisement, saying that lie
could tix it so the law could not reach
inc. and he also told me I must not let
his name be known in connection
witli the affair under any circumstances, for if it became known that
he was aiding the Hoers in this manner it would injure liiiu witli the administration"
In addition to the 30,000 letters,
Thielkulil says he received so many
personal visits at the department that
his immediate chief became suspicious
and an investigation was called for.
'���Tlie investigation was taken up by
Mr. Davis," says Thielkulil. "who,
of course, decided in my favor." Later on, as his correspondence and visits continued to attract attention, an
investigation was again called for.
Knowing that this time it would come
before Secretary Hitchcock himself,
Assistant Secretary Davis advised
Thielkulil to resign, and promised to
send him to South Africa. Thlelkuhl
obeyed, he says, and continued to receive applications, getting about Hill)
personal applications from restdentsof
the District of Columbia alone, besides letters.
On December :.', 1800, he says, tlie
Assistant Secretary Informed him that
he, Davis, had concluded to go to
South Africa himself, "in it was necessary foi him to sec President Kruger, so as to arrange for the payment
and shipment of men who had applied
to us. Also to secure payment for liis
time and expense, all of which I have
no doubt he succeeded in doing."
Thlelkuhl concludes:
"My understanding with Mr. Davis
was that he was to see that I and all
the men that went to South Africa
were to be well paid, and that we
were to have shares set aside for us ill
tlie Klmborley diamond fields as well
as receiving other compensation and
expenses, but I have never received
any Compensation from Mr. Davis or
any Other person for my services and
expenses ill connection with this matter, which were considerable Mr.
Davis having kepi none of the promises lie made to me. Mr. Davis expected lo receive a large sum of money
from   President   Kruger  for   our ser
vices in the Doer cause and 1 presume
his expectations were realized. I have
wrtten him more than twenty letters
since December 2, 1800, when 1 last
saw him iu Washington, and since his
return to this country, but I have not
seen him nor heard from him iu any
way since.
"I believe that the Hoers are prolonging the war at the present time
on tlie strength of representations and
promises made to President Kruger
by Mr. Davis of tlie sympathy and assistance of the United states if Bryan
should be elected. Davis' actions
since his return to the country justify
me in this latter assertion.
"Prom the facts set forth herein it
will lie seen that while Webster Davis
was Assistant Secretary of the Interior Department of the United States
he was disloyal to his Government
and I want the people of the United
States to know it."
St. .Johns, Nfld., Sept. Hi. ��� Reports
if marine disasters during last week's
gale continue to pour in from remote
localities. Today's advices show 17
more vessels ashore and 13 lives lost.
Considerable damage was done to
property along the seaboard. Hope for
the safety of four other vessels with
crews aggregating :.'."i is almost abandoned.
To Be Constructed From Cranltc Siding
Before Snow Files.
W. A. McLean, Superintendent of Roads
and Trails, on the Ground.
_,, road from Granite Siding
n WelCanadian 1'acilic tracl; to the
properties on III Creek is to be constructed in the near future, and will
probably be completed before the
winter season. The owners of the vur-
ious properties of that section have
asked the Government to build a oad
and action will be taken Immediately,
W A. McLean, superintendent of
roads and trails for Nelson riding.left
Nelson for that section this morning
to find out where the road can be
built to the best advantage. Government Agent Turner will leave Nelson
tomorrow to join Mr. McLean and
they will spend several days in that
part. When Mr. Turner was seen this
morning he said the road was sure to
he constructed hut just where it would
he built and what it. would cost he
could not say, until he had looked
over the ground..
The distance of the proposed road is
about live miles, a portion of it being already constructed. It is intimated that next spring arrangements
will be made to construct, a road from
Nelson to Granite Siding. The
road into the mining district of 111
Creek.lias been wanted for a considerable time, und when completed will
open up one of the famous mining districts of Hritish Columbia,
Montreal, Sept. 111.���The different
steamship lines running to Montreal
yesterday notified shippers of an advance of ten per cent, in freight rates
on account of the increased price of
coal and othe.' ships stores. The
charge will be made on bills of lading
under the tile of coal primage.
The Rossland Miner of yesterday
says: Mr. W. A. (Jalliher. the Liberal candidate for Parliament for this
riding, is iu the city for tho purpose
of conferring witli the members of
the party as to the campaign, He is
here for the purpose, too. of extending his acquaintance among the people and is generally looking over the
situation, In a talk witli him yesterday he said lie intended to put in a
good deal of time ill the direction of
extending his acquaintance and increasing Hie Dumber of his friends.
Mr. Galllher said he was pleased to
note tlie busy aspect of   affairs   about
the    City    since    he    Was    here    ,l    lew
months Since. Then business was not
as brisk as at present, but now. however, everybody seems to be doing well.
Kosslaud. he said, lias taken a new
start and from now should forge
ahead and become one of the greatest
milling cities. Tlie good reports
which were constant lv coming from
the mines would Indicate thai they
had large and permanent ore bodies
and there Were SUfflolenl mining properties of merit, in addition to Ihe
mines which have already been developed to make Rowland a very prominent city, Its great future, he
thought.' was fixed beyond a per.ol
Heaver 1 it>t- steamer Montfort, pan
I Kinsale.    for Liverpool, at 7:30  a.
' III., Sept.  17.
Union Men Not Satisfied With
Either of the Nominations Made.
Nelson  Trades  and   Labor
Council Meets Tomorrow Night.
Those citizens of Nelson who talk
politics are spending theii time now
discussing the probability of the advent into tlie Held of a labor candidate. It is known that the laboring
men of Rossland and the Boundary
and other portions of the Valc-Kootu-
nay-Carlboo district are in favor of
having a candidate of their own, and
tomorrow night it will be known
whether or not the Nelson Union laboring men will follow ill the footsteps of their brother laborers. The
Trades and Labor Council of Nelson
will then meet and will fully discuss
the situation. This council is composed of representatives of every union in the city and while these representatives have not supreme power
their recommendations usually   "go"
With their respective unions. Efforts
will be made of course lo prevent the
Nelson union men from declaring for
a straight labor candidate, but it is
believed that these efforts will be
fruitless. The Tribune, the organ of
the labor uuious, had the following
this morning:
It can be Mated on authority that
the Labor Unions of Nelson will not
lend any assistance to the movement,
that is said to have been started at
Rossland, to bring out a Labor candidate for lliis constituency.
It appears that The Tribune has
been misinformed, for so far as The
Miner could learn this morning there,
is no one who can state on authority
what the unions will do. James
Wilks, the recognized labor leader in
Nelson, is The Miner's authority for
this Statement. Mr. Wilks says that
until tomorrow night. when the
Trades Council meet, nothing definite
will be known as to the future action
of the Nelson union.
It is generally understood among
the union men ill Nelson that a labor
candidate will he chosen no matter
what action the Trades Council of
Nelson takes. If such a candidate is
chosen union men say he will secure
almost the solid support of the laboring men of Nelson, no matter what
some of the hading   union   men   may
President of Canadian   Pacific in Nelson Next Week.
President T. Ii. Shaiighnessy, of tho
Canadian Pacific Railway, in now on
his annual trip of Inspection of the
road. He Is expected to reach Nelson
next week and will spend a day or
two iu this district.
London. Sept. in. - -Through a telegraphic error in the recent transmission of the despatch announcing the
gazetting of a sergeant of Strathcona's
Dorse as the receptlent of the Victoria Cross for bravery in South Africa,   the   name    was   made to appear
Arthur Lindsay" whereas it should
have read "Arthur  Li nsay, "
Liverpool, Sept. in.���The Stormarii
cut the Gordon rustle iu twain in a
dens,' fog Tlie Oordoii Castle sank
immediately, her boiler exploding.
The Storman Hotted for an hour. Her
boats saved a few of the Gordon Castles passengers who were transferred
to the steamer Itorregard la Norwegian I and taken to I'emhroy.
The "Mikado" rehearsal to have
been held tomorrow night will be held
tonight so Unit   participants ntaj at
lend the Edith  Miller   concert at Fraternity Hail tomorrow night.
������������IB] Nelson Daily Miner,  Wednesday Evening, September 19, ia����-
The Nelson Miner
Published Kvory Afternoon Kxoopt Sunday
��� ItV TlllC���
Limited Liability,
Prosldont and MhiiiikIiik Editor.
Business Manngor.
11;, float Street, K. c.
Central  t'rcss Agency, Lid., Special Agents
Dally, por month, by carrier     '��-"��o
Daily, por month, by mail     60o
Dally, por yoar, by carrier 5"""
Dally, por yoar, by mall,...  ,r> on
Dally, pur year, forotgn    " CU
Weekly, iter half yoar  $1 -���'��
Weekly, per year    -' IHI
Weekly, per yoar, foreign     3 110
Subscriptions Invariably In advance.
All Check-- should no irudo payable to the
order   of    NKI.SON     PUBLISHING    L'o.MCANV,
others,   while   prospects
opi I up   successfully.
has proved   of
that   capital   is  eomlng
aro   being
The (listi let
such undoubted   value
in   readily,
and there is little dilllculty In getting working funds. In Sandon itself
there Is the greatest activity consequent on the rebuilding of the town.
Kaslo also is feeling tho effects of the
revival. The many recent strikes in
tlie Lardcau-Iliincan district, and the
activity in development there, are
greatly aiding business in tho town."
That is a better note than the despondency of the past year. The same
cheering news comes in from all directions���restored confidence and active
preparations for the resumption of
business on a larger scale than ever.
It is said   that   the   Indians   of the
Northwest gave to the  late sir  . ohn
A. Maodonald the name of "Old Tomorrow." They are more Complimentary to the son, whom they cull
"The Man Who Keeps His Word." It
is high praise, and no one deserves it
more than Mr. Hugh dolin Maodonald, the man who is resigning the
Premiership of Manitoba to throw in
his fortunes with tlie Federal Opposition. The people of Canada admire n
man who keeps his word. Too many
of our politicians arc so much given
to expediency that they will keep a
public pledge or promt 0 only when it
does not prove inconvenient to their
own or their party's advantage, Mr.
Maodonald was never known to break
his word, lie goes on the principle
that u public man should be honest
with the people; that lie should make
no pledge he does not intend to carry
out, and that when once made it be
regarded as sacred.
Mr. Macdonahl is now making a
tour of the Eastern Provinces in company with the leader of the Opposition, and everywhe a he is hailed as
the man who keeps his word. 'The incident to which he chiefly owes this
distinction occurred in connection
with the question of prohibition in
Manitoba, lie is not himself a prohibitionist, and be has been honest
enough to so declare himself whenever
the occasion made it necessary. Manitoba had twice voted on prohibition.
und both times In favor of it by ovcr-
whelmnlng majorities. There could
he no doubt lis to the desire of the
people in regard to that question. At
n convention of the Conservative party
to formulate a pol'.cy in opposition to
the Groenuny Government this matter
came up, and it was decided to embody iu the pany platform a promise
that if returned to power they would
give prohibition to the extreme limit
of the Provincial ju Isdlctiou, As
leader of the pari.v..Mr. Maodonald expressed the opinion that the people
who had twice voted for it we -c entitled to this measure of respect for
their convictions, lie would say that
much, although not himself a poblbl-
tionist. It was suggested that the
party might adopt it as part of their
platform, hut that in ease of victory
at the polls it need not he strictly adhered to; that.in fact, the party could
trifle with the question as Sir Wilfrid
Laurier and Mr. Green way hud done.
To this Mr. Macdonalil stoutly demurred, vowing that if adopted and
they were successful lie. as leader.
would feel himself iu honor hound to
implement the promise. And implemented it was. as is now well known.
The people gave Mr. Macdonahl a
majority, and Mr. Macdonahl has
given tiie people the prohibition
promised them,
He kept his word. He was doubtful of the wis.loin of such legislation;
but the people demanded it and the
party whose leader he was agreed to
give it. ami rather than break the
promise to which he was thus committed he would retire from public
life. He would not trifle With tlie
people who trusted him. Such is his
record, and it is little wonder he is
being received with honor wherever
he appears.    Canada   would be blessed
in such a leader,  and  the holiest and
sincere of both parties   will hope that
one day he may sit highest   in   power
��t  Ottawa  and   continue to he ae-
cluimeil the man who keeps his word.
The Coast newspapers that are so
gleefully demanding to know wdio
would wish to return to the disastrous
financial conditions of the lust years
of Conservative administration might
infer from a study of the Hgures that
there are many who would he glad to
do so. The total Federal expenditure
for the fiscal year ending .lime, 1896,
was 841,702,383. Sir Wilfrid Lauricr thought this was much larger than
a country like Canada could aitord,
and promised if returned to power to
reduce it by three or four millions.
The expenditure for the year ending
last ,I line was 853,718,810. instead
of a reduction of three or four millions, the Liberals have increased it
by over eleven millions. They lire not
men who Itccp their word.
During the four years they have
been in power the Liberals never
moved a hand to relieve the lend industry of Hritish Columbia. Now
that the elections are coming on, we
shall probably have a promise that if
again returned they will clap a heavier duty on lead products imported
from abroad, and thus give a measure
of protection to the industry that
will insure its prosperity. Hut we
have seen what a Liberal promise is
in their treatment of the Chinese
question. Throughout all Hritish Columbia they are known as men who
do not keep their word.
Soo Line
(imperial     Liinifcei.
East   and   West
First Class Sleepers on all trains from
Tourist Ours pass Medicine Hat
daily   for   St.   Paul)      Saturdays   for
Montreal and Huston; Mondays and
Thursdays   for  Toronto,    Same  cars
pass Revelstoke one day earlier,
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar 10:X>
[6:80 Lv Nelson Ar LS:lfi
Morning train daily for und from
Rossland, and for Revelstoke, main
line and 1'ucilic ('oust.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Rossland, and from Revelstoke, main
Hue and I'aeilie Const, and daily
(except Suudiiy) for und from Boundary points.
7:80 Lv 1 N .   ,.  I        Ar 10:80
|Ex Sun)        J Nelson }        (Ex'Snn)
For and from Sandon, Slocan points,
Revelstoke, main hue and Pacific
Kootenai Lake Kaslo Route.
(Ex Sun)       Str Kokanee       (Ex Sun)
10:00 Lv Nelson Ar 11:00
Saturday to Argenta nml return,
leaving Kaslo at 20:00k.
Kootknay River Route.
Daily    Stis Moyie and Nelson    Daily
22:80 Lv Nelson Ar 2::i0
Connects ut Kootenay Landing with
Crow's Nest Line trnius.
For rntes, tickets and full information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, B. C, or
g       Thursday Evening, Sept. 20.      g
iThe Edith Miller g
Concert Co.
(NCO R PO R#**01670k
Will appeal
in a Splendid Programme
Songs and Ballads.
Just unloaded
Another car of
-   1.00
Representing the Largest
European and  American Manufacturers
Truv. Pass. Agent
A   (1. P. Agent,
All but the professional politicians
will hope that there is no truth in
the latest rumor as to the date of the
Federal elect ions. October or early
November is a favorSble time; to
bring on an election in Canada iu
midwinter is a cruelty. Itut perhaps
worse than that would be the injury
to the business interests of the country by prolonging the excitement to
February. The Liberals profess themselves confident of the result; why
not dissolve at once and have the
thine; over?
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
For family trade.    The best,
purest, and most palatable,
A Sandon correspondent writes t��� >
The Colonial Ooldflelds Gazette, London! "With tho rapid opening up of
t''e Lardcau district, the resumption
of operations In almost evory mine
around Sandon, and the proposal to
undertake n targe amount of new
work, the outlook for the slocan was
never h bright as it Is today. Condition* throughout the district arc ox*
���'client. The mines around Sandon
arc either working, or are to resume
shortly, aud new exploration ami nil
increased output arc planned for many
United States exports to Canada
during the fiscal year ending June,
1800, the last under Conservative] administration, amounted in value to
869,087,821. During the year ending
June last they were (05,034,348, Here
is an increase of over 846,000,000 or
nearly 80 per cent., notwithstanding
tlie preference that was intended to
encourage liritisli lit the expense of
American trade. Not much wonder
the American newspapers are friendly
lo the Laurier Government.
Mrs. Enfield has received a
fine and well selected lot of
English and American
HATS and
Which she offers at the lowest prices ever offered in the
Hats from 90 cents Up.
Hall  Block.
Apartodo No. 83      -      -       DURANGO, MEXICO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Special Prices to the
A United States quartermaster in
charge of military works at Galveston
and vicinity, wires his Department at
Washington: "1 fear Galveston is
destroyed beyond its ability to recover." The loss of life and property is
appalling iu its immensity, but the
daily press reports do not indicate
that the disaster to ^the town itself is
irreparable.    It   will   not be like   th
average American community if the
people of (ialveston succumb under
their affliction.
Books You May Need
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 8r> (III
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 0 .10
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing   Mines     2 7,1
Lang's   Matte   Smelting     3 38
Miller's   Qualitative   Analysis..    1 78
Kemp's Handbook of  Rooks...,   l 78
Tliuiitwinc's Engineer's Handbook     8 80
Hawkins' New Catechism for
the Steam   Engine     2 -M
Hawkins' Maxims and instructions for   Holler Kooin    2 88
Hawkins' New Catechism of
Electricity    2 86
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations for Engineers    2 2,1
Machinists' and Engineers'
Pocket Manual     1 2.1
Stevenson's Practical Test     1 (KI
Canada's Metals      h,i
m   tat    AAAAAAAA JPL Si
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnree Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful ����J arotnot attention.
Corner linker and Stanley Street*
H. & M. BIRD
Agents tor Eureka Jlineral Wool and
Asbestos   Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual i.iro
Insurance Co., of Now York, Quubcc
riro Assuranco Co.
.10 ft. on Mill   Street 8   BOO
80 ft.  on   Victoria   Street,    easy
terms      SOO
2.1 ft. on   Victoria   Street,   easy
terms      2.10
80 ft. corner on Stanley Street..     050
21 ft. Victoria Street, west      1150
50 ft. Vernon Street,   west   1,300
S-ltoomed   House   on   Carbonate
Street $25 00
7-Koomed  House,   I'ark   Street,
close to linker Street  ,'10 00
7-ltoomed House on Mill Street. 2.1 00
8-Booraed House, Hume Addition 20 00
Furnished House on Observatory
Street  3.1 (1(1
Coal and* Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order  can lie accepted  unless
accompanied by cash.
OlTlce Corner Hall nnd Hnkor Streets.
W.    REINHARD,   M. D.
Specialty:   Bye, Ear and Nose.
Ofllce:   linker Street, near Fraternity
Hall.   Telephone No. 44,
P. 0. GREKN        V. S. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box W5 Kelson, B. G
and try a bottle, a dozen, or a barrel of
OALGARY BEER as It ii thn bust and
I'houpcHt on t.be market. Alio try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    ami    CIGARS.
PRANK A. TAMBLYN. M.��.,���.
Telephone 09. Baker tit,, NoJuod, ii, g,
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
Spokane  Falls &.
Nelson  <fc  Fort
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
Plaijers   l^aVtf  Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting- at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern I'aeilie,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson w ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls
stage daily for Republic,   and
nects at Bossburg with stage
for Grand Forks and
LiBAVB. Day Train.
10..'15 a.111 Spokane.
12:115 p. m Rosalond.
0:30 a, 111 Nelson..
Nifjlit Train
9:45 p.m Spokaue.,
11 :(I0 p.m Rosslmid.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Wash
Airi'iu.. Nclnim, H.I'
7:10 p.m,
...5:80 p.m.
. .7:05 a m:
...0::i0 u.ui.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Krom Montreal
Allan T.I110 Corinllilnn  g00! g
Allan Mho 1'nrWiin ffPf f?
lloinininti Uno Vancouver g6P ,���'.
P,.11111111111 Line    '.million j>'!P,'n
Beaver Una I nko MoKnutlo 2"1' "i
Beaver Lino I-uko Suporlor ������ -"''J!"J
Kroin Now ^ oik
While Hlur l.lno Ueriunnia *'Pf if
WhltoStar Lino Cymric. gfPfSS
Whlto Star 1.nr- MaioKtic *��pJ ff
Onnard Uno Ktrurla SBPr ���,
American lino Now York gJP   ;
lied Hl.ar  Lino Kensington S01',  i
Cunard Lino Horvia g1'1,.,"
Canard Uno Lnnanla g(,|i H
Anchor Lino Anrlioria g"1' go
Anchor Lino AftoHa ;"Srl   15
N. II. L. Lino KttiHorln Mario Thorenlo..So|' J
N. (1. L. Uno Allrr gJP'S
Allan Slab) Lino Ijiuicnlian n   ?���,,
Cunnrd Lino Saxonla Win
nonunion Lino Now England ��� ��� ��� u   ,.'
I'iihhokoh arranged to and from all Sar"!???!
POlflt* For ratos. tloko.H and full Informal on
apply to 0. P. It. depot agent or H. L. Bro��n
City PiiHHoiiKor Agent, NcIhoii, B. O.
W. f>, V. OUMMINfi?,   ,    ,
Oonornl t mint. O.P.B. Offices, Winnipeg
MRS. RBILLT, who has taken over
the   honso  on    Ward   Street   JlU��
'oat OfTlcu, will Rive I"""'1
Several choice mums nti"
Turnis reasonable
above the Post Ofllce, will t?ive
anil rooms.
7-8 inch diani. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in M"1*>B
'' fc T' J'fofSSi ��<**�� Nelson  Daily Miner,  Wednesday   Evening,   September 19,  1900
colonial coidflolds Gazotto Has Some
pleasant Things to Say.
the   wi
llrsl  w
who huppoi
Commonds Assootated Boards ol Trade
For Wlso Recommendations.
,|'l���. Colonial UoldfleldB liuzcttc ol
September 1 has the following! In
���,,,.< ,��| week's lesue we gave a re-
Bumo of the ooilleronoo recently held
|iv ,|���. Associated Hoards of Trade of
Pustorii British Colnmbln at Nelson,
,jhlB m,h it full report of the pro
n'oilliiirs haH reaohed us, and pi-csurn-
nblvothor journals, In pamphlet form
" ,| ���,. heartily i tmond the Infiuen-
Hiil hoilv above referred to for their
,,!h.,.|,ri'se in keeping the Press of this
country acquainted will, their opln-
a Important questions affeoting
,,.|i;nv of the Province, The
ivlsh that will occur to any
Columbian mining director
to read the little bro-
vvill he that lie might possess
tiienower to dlsmlsa every member of
H���. provincial Parliament, and to
place tlie government of the country
in the hands of the delegates who attended the Hoards of Trade convention. During the past two years, wc
Imve grown so accustomed to the futile debates In the Provincial Parliament that we have gradually und al-
mosl unconsciously acquired the con-
v'ctlon that liritisli Colombia ls.de-
f0|d of capable, practical business
men. The report of tho proceedings of
the Hoard of Trade delegates reminds
im that wc have been misled. In British Columbia It would seem, the in-
competent men arc sent to Parliament, and the practical, business men
slay al home. The former shout
themselves Into notonoty.and the latter arc scarcely heard of. They ex-
,st, nevertheless, and the dlssovery of
their existence should -prove a source
of encouragement to the liritisb investor, who. ivltli callous Indifference,
had almost abandoned the hope of seeing mining matters sensibly dealt
with by a Hritish Colnmbian Government. If the best men stay away from
Parliament, they can make their
voices hoard, and the joint Influential
representations which they have made
in ther capacity as members of the As-
ssoeinteil Hoards of Trade cannot bo
Ignored by the legislators at Victoria. The Association comprises the
Hoards ,>f Trade of South Kootenay
I.Nelson i. Kaslo. Kiissluntl. Movie.
Urand Porks, Fort Steele. Cascade.
Ilcvclstokc, Trail, Greenwood, Phoenix. Vernon, and Kaiuloops.
These local trade organizations
know exactly the requirements of
their districts, and of the mining industry generally,and we should like to
see tlie Government adopt their recommendations cu bloc, since they are
all calculated to Ameliorate existing
conditions, and to give a fresh impetus to the principal industry of the
Province. Wc cannot, review the
whole of tlie resolutions passed, lint
everyone in the old Country is agreed
thattit , resent the official Information published in regard to mining
progress in the Province is meagre
and Insufficient. We therefore cordially support the recommendations
thai quarterly statistics of the mineral output be published by the Government, that the Agent-General's
office In London be placed on a more
satisfactory footing, and that a collection of mineral socciiucns lie sent
lo"lbc Glasgow Exhibition. It is satisfactory to know that the liritisli Columbia tlover eni. on its own Initiative, has declared its intention to appoint a commission to inquire into the
working of the various Acts affecting
the mining industry and water rights,
We fully agree with the President nf
the convention that "Nothing has
done more harm to the Province of
late years than the hasty anil Ill-considered legislation on these subjects,"
and wc hope with him that "a rational and conservative policy of Inquiry
liist. and action afterwards,  instead
of action first and consideration afterwards." is henceforth to lie pursued,
ihe liritisli Columbian mining Industry has arrived at an Interesting
'hige, It is attracting the attention
of Knglish investors more than it has
ever dona before, and a little sympathetic support . from the Provincial
Government would hasten the arrival
of tile better time which everyone
connected with British Columbia mining so much desires, and which the
industry on its merits so richly deserves,
Provincial Hoard of Health Issues
Regulation! Concerning the Plagues.
Tlie Provincial Hoard of Health, of
British Columbia, has issued a set of
regulations for the detection and
fieitmenl of the disease known as
bnbonlc plague. They are as follows:
All   sick   Chinese   or   Japanese
or by some i elation or person having
charge of the person so dying.
i.    in   Rural   Municipalities,    the
Medical Health Ollicer or the Chairman or Secretary of the Local Board
of Health must be notified within six
hours of such dentil; and in outlying
districts,    the   Government   Agent   or
Provincial Constable  shall 1 itiflod
within twelve hours after such death,
or as soon after as possible, Certificates as lo the cause of death must he
signed by the Health Officer in Municipalities, anil in outlying districts liy
the Government Agent or some person duly authorised by him,
.",. Any person violating any provision of these regulations shall he
liable, upon summary conviction lie-
fore liny two Justices of the Peaceful'
every such offence, to n line not exceeding one hundred dollars, with or
without costs, or lo imprisonment,
with or without hard labor,for a term
nol exceeding'six months, or to both
line and iiiiprisoiimcnt. in the discretion of the convicting Court,
Could not express the rapture of Annie
I''.. Springer, of 1126 Howard St., Philadelphia, Pa., when she found Hint Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption
bad completely oared her of a bucking
cough that lor many years bail made
life a burden. All other remedies ami
doctors could give her tin help, but she
says of this Royal cure - "it scum removed I be pain in my chest and I can now
sleepsonndly, something I can scarcely
remember doing before. I feel like
sounding its praise throughout thu universe." Ho will everyone who tries Dr.
King's New Discovery for any tioiiblu of
the thro&t, ohest or lungs. Price 50 ct.i.
and 81. Trial bottles free at Canada
Drug and Book Store; every bottle guaranteed.
AdvcrtUomonts inserted under thtsheadat
the rate of one cent a word per insertion. No
ailvorlirietni'nt taken for Iohh than 2o coats.
LOST.'���Pocketbook containing papers
belonging to li. \V.. Willey, including ;i Free Miners' license in the
above name, [toward if returned to
Vanstone's drug store. 2
LOST    On    11th    inst.,    P.rindlc   Hull
terrier  pup,   white     breast,   about
three mouths old.    Reward for returning to P.  10.  Wilson.
POR      SALIC ���Mendelssohn       Piano.
nearly   new.    cheap.      Apply     Leo.
third, Itooin   l. Turner-Boeekh Block,
h'Olt IIKNT���Kinnished looms.   Good
attendanco.   (Second   door  east  of
City Hall.	
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, |5.50 and $(i.   Table
board St.   Carbonate Street,   second
house east, of Josephine.
or Wrilttiff I'ftpor won't last
long, YouM bolter place another "hurry up" ardor with
Houses and lots for sale in all   parts
of the Pity.
Victoria-Montreal     Fire    Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company.
Maililcn mock
Want Ktront
Canada Permanent and Wes-
TERN Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage
Apply to O. It, LKNNOX, Baker St.
Will pay the highest cash price for all
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or sell anything from mi anchor to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, caiperte,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 200. Hall
Street. Nelson. B. 0.
'mist send or   give  notice of their ill
"ess t���   the   Health   Office   or    Police
Constable in the   district where   such
1 hiuesc or Japanese reside.
,-,��� Physicians lu attendance on sick
Chinese or Japanese shall notify the
Health oiiicer or Chairman of the Local Hoard of Health of Municipalities;
"i', if in an outlying district the Government Agent must be notified, Such
notification should state the cause of
Illness and the condition of the
glands throughout the body of the
sieli   person, nnd should he 'delivered
" the Health Ollicer, Chairman of the
Local Hoard of Health or Government
Agent, as the case may he, at the earliest possible opportunity.
3, lu City .Municipalities the Medical Health Ollicer shall lie notified
within six hours of the death of any
' niiiesc or Japanese, by the person on
_ ""S(i   premises   such death occurred,
1 hereby give notice that, at, the
next meeting of the License Commissioners for the Nelson district will
apply for a license to sell intoxicating
liquors at the llosslund Hotel. Vernon
Street. Lot Hi. Block 00, in the City
of Nelson, B, 0.
,1.  V.  O'LAI'OHLIN.
Thorough    English,    Calisthenics,
Music,   French,   and   German   if   required.    Fall  term   commences Bra
September,    For particulars apply t"
Josephine St.
Wholesale Houses
MMIOiipk fc 00, Llmttod-Coraor Vomon
,.^,'���f       i 1',l"l' BtaliiU, Ni,|soii-Miiinifnul.iir-
h oi iiui wholoaalo doalom In aoratod waters
an    ndi syrups,  B luronU for Haloyou Hot
BprlngB uilimml water, Telephone 00.
vT,7i���i, i��� r, "."!"""������ Losaoo-Kvory known
\,, i; j ut soft, drink-,. I'lllloxs.1. Telephone
, ,'""��� HopviirStijMii,Nelson. Bottleraof the
famous St, Leon Hot Springs Mineral Wider.
C1A?K,.* MAODONALD 111. (Jane, JaniOH
J A. Mncdiimihll Architect,,, nml Mipurlll-
leinleiiiH. Ilnikeii Hill Hind,, corner linker and
Ward Mi-inns, Nelson.
CO, .Miinulncliiior* of lho Koynl Seal
aid Kootenay Hello Cigars, Factory and
otiiee, bnkor street, Nelson,
I I J. KVANS & ro. .-Duller Btraot, Nul-
11. son���wholoaalo dealers- In llipiurs, cl-
Kurn, conical,, lire brlok anil lira clay, water
pipe and Mod ralls.aild goniiral cumiiiiaaion
J    A. M'llONAl.ll   Madden Hlock, Nolaon-
���    tru|t8,  ico cream,  "G. H." chocolates.
liiKh class confectionery.   Ico Cruiim Parlors.
\\ liolesiilu ami retail dealers in griiin,
hay, Hour, feed. Mills ul Violoria, New Wost-
mlnstorj Kdmoiilon, Altn. Klovalora on Calgary unit Kdmonlon lliuluiiy. .Manufacturers
of tho eelehrated H. tc lv. Iiruiiil coroaln.
A MAODONALD & Co. Corner Front
��� and Hull Streets-Wholesale grocers
and jobbers iu blankets, gloves, mills, boots,
rubbers, mackinaws and miners'sundries.
Xl Olllco corner Hall anil Kront Streets,
Nelson���l.umher, ceiling, Mooring, and every
thing In wood for building purposes, Get our
prices.   Correspondence solicited.
1}   UUHNd & Co.-Bakor Street, NoUotl-
,   #    W liolesale dealers iu  frestl anil cured
lileats.   Cold Storage.
Ilakor Street, Nolson-VVIiolesalo dealers in fresh and cured meats.
J Street, Nelson ��� Wholesale denials in
hardware, millers' supplies, sporting goods,
M'LACHLAN BROS, (Successors to Vancouver Hard ware Co. Ltd.) linker Street,
Nelson���Wholesale dealers in hardware and
mining supplies, plumbers' and tinsmiths' supplies.
NELSON   HARDWARE   CO.- Wholesale
points, oils and glass; mechanics' tools.
Agonts foi Ontario Powder Works; dynamite
fTlURNKR, BKKTON tsCo.���Corner Vernon
A. unit jooophlno Streets, N'elson Willie
sale dealers tn liquors, cigars, and dry goods.
Agonts for Patist Hrewing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Hrewing Co of Calgary.
UDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholesale KTOOoriOa
and liquors etc., Bakor street, Rolson,
C1AUFORNIA WINK CO., Limited-Corner
J Kront and Hall StreeK Nelson-Whole-
sale dealers in wines (case and bulk), and
domestic and imported cigars.
JY. UUIKFIN 4, CO.���Corner Vernon and
��� Josephine Streets, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers in provisions, cured meats, buttor and
Commencing Monday
Sept. 17th
Russell 6 Drew's
Theatre Co.
Change of Play Each Night
TJi�� Blunnturo 1�� on every box of the gonolno
Laxative Bromo*Quiniae Tablet.
""�� remedy that cure, o ��o*d h, one Uny
Rnom 1, Turuor-Boeokh BlooU.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTED-Good building lots down
town for client.   Also land adjoining
city for gardening.
Wludermero Mines.  Corresp ��� oncoSoroitod
Silver King
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
NelsoD, B. 0.
St. Joseph's
Next term oommenoea 3rd
September. Por nartiou-
lara apply to the
A Tempting Table
If yon have difficulty in muklng a
ploaafiig variety in your lull of fare
from day to day,
Come to Our Grocery
ami learn liuw en.sily anil I'conoiniriilly
il enn hi- done,
Here are a few things Hint will help
Breakfast Cereals of all descriptions
Fresh Fruits arriving daily
Choice Butter and Eggs
A full line of Cured Meats
Also our Teas and Coffee that
cannot be excelled.
Klrkpatrlck fe  Wilson
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Eough and Dressed
Mouldings- Sash Doors.
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
ami LARDO.
If You Smoke
Smoke  tlie
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
NELSON, B. ('.
R. P- Bithet & Co-, Ltd-,
AkciiI.s   lor  British   Columbia.
A. B. OR A'/, Box tali Nt-l.on, Kootenay
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C.| and Dawson City, Yukon
The End of
The Season
Finds us with a few pairs of Men's
and Women's Summer Shoes
on hand, and these we have marked down
very low. You may find your sixe in ihe
lot if you call early.
Tho Shoeists
A Wise Investment
A farnaoQ win prove one
or die bout things yon have
ovor bought*. Not only will
you hv Hiiro of Ki'ciitur comfort , hut. also of grout or
Wo'll put iu a furnace that.
won't oosl much, and wo can
iii'-M i. you full bonollt from
it. .Much beat from u littlo
fuel la i he greatest accomplishment of tho niiiiiiifiuj.
Now jh tho best litre to
have one put In.
Baker Street,  Nelson.
We Have Sold 75 Per Cent of 4U the *
2    Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
and Sewer Pipe
U8ed in the Kootenay
Just Keceived���Oarload
Dominion  Alk and  Porter
Dominion  Wimtk   Label  Ale
(la pints and quarts)
This is tli.- finest AK- brewed in Cani'di
(pints run! quarts)
w     Dominion  Bulk   Ale
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
Iln   ls-fallon   kegs)
is still tin- best
NELSON,   It. ('.
I^ooips ai)d  Offices lo l^ei>t.
Apply   to   ihe
ISlelsoi) Electric TraijiWaiJ Co.
Corner Josephine and  Vernon Sfcreels.
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
WANTED���A  furnished   house.   Will
offer good rental.
Straight   Mortgage,  at H per con',
Wanted���Molly Gibson Stock.
General Agent for the Qbbat Wi:st
Likk   AB8CRANOB v'o.
WANTED���Knr Spot Cash���Two reu.
ti-al    lota   suitable    for    lesldoneei,
I)I'HSUANT to Iliu-Cri'ililiir-"l'rii-1 Ili'iiln
AoL"and AiulwIIhk Aot��,Bnd LhoTnu
Loan' and BxNUtoni Act, SooUoai ttl lo ��i
NoUofli horeby kIvui, Hint I.asadmlDlalm-
lor of the oatato of Thomafl Rlohardaon In hiw
1 ir.-ti 1 ii.- uf llli'<'llliiH'iit:t, iii 111" Counly of
Kootenajr, Imtnl koopor, docooaod, havo illi'il in
thu Vnncouvor Hejrutr; of thoSupromoi our!
of itrhisti Coluraoia, a doolaratlon Lhal tin,
said Mtato I- ln-ufih koii for tlie payment In
full of tho debts and   I1.1l.1i1: ie    of   tho Niid
Tbomaa Klohantaon.
AUporaoDt havlnaol(ilmin|J��ln��l ihoextato
of the Hiilil 'riKiniftri Hiehii'iUon. who hale nol
already Hied will, 1110 full paruoulara "I Lho
name duly voriilml, togetbor with tho partlou
law of lOOUlitloa, if any, liold hy I hem. are
required to do ao before the lal day uf October
Noiice |h hereby furthor given thataftor the
l��l day of Oelolier next tho iiduiini-lnilor, a^
trusloo. will proceed lo dHrlbiito Ihe prooooda
of ihe iin-i ,  1.,I,- ��� t,: -i"   partloa ODtttlod
thereto, having regard only lo the claim" of
which he then nai notice,and Hint ha will nm
be liable for Ihe proe I- uf the tniM elate, or
any part thereof, mi dtatrlbuted, lo nnv pcr.ion
of wlitu'i- claim Iiu had not notice at lho time of
Hie dtstrihul ion.
Notice la horeby given lhal a mooting of lho
oredlton of theaala Thoniaa Ulohanli-on will
ho hold In tho Court Hoiibi al Knrl Slide.
B.C., on Monday, tho mih day of Bopteinber,
A. I). 111(10, at the liour of one o'clock In lho
aflornoon. .   ,
Haled at Kort Steele, II. I'.. I his 18th day of
August, A.I). IIMI.
" J. V. AHMSTIttlNd.
llflli inl Ailmlnl-triilor.
Dress Your
Dressing Table
from our Buperb stocli of
Toilet Articles, There Is nothing you
want that we haven't got.
Toilet Waters.
There are many pretty
tilings for t.'ifts among them,
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. 0. lio.v 820,
Nelson UloyMt Aentr
Waitress.     Chambermaid.      Woodcutters,   Cooli (woman).    Walter.
Situations wanted by nurses, labor-
ITS.    < Us.
J. H. LOVE, Agt., Baker St;
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
J. V. 0'J.AUQHLIN, Prop-
A. R. BARROW, am 1.0. e
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Viotoriu and Kootonsy Sts.
P. O. Box m. Telephone No. 0} F*i
Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Wednesday  Evening,  September   iy   1900.
Lulu-  Ontario,
ai 1 p.m., yes-
aceountunt  of
in the city UrI
connected   with
Beavor line steamer La la- Flur
arrived at Liverpool, at 3 p. m., \
Beaver line steamer
sailed from Liver] 1
Mr. Jordan who is sufferini
typhoid fever was taken tn i he '
HuHpituI this afternoon.
Men an- wanted at J. \V. Stewart's
camp at Robert's Ranch. There is u
scarcity of laborers in the city now,
Archibald Camera
the Vellowstone, wn
evening on business
the company,
Mr. K. Ha vie y, who Is connected
with the Southern Railway <>f Ireland, ami who lias been making a
pleasure tour ^\' Western Canada,
leaves Nelson this evening for tho
Rev, s. Rhodes will conduct the services of the Engl lab church at the
Baptist Mission rooms in llnmu Addition, at 7:45 o'clock this evening. His
subject will be "Evolution and the
Fall of Man."
A quiet wedding took place at \>
o'clock- this morning at the Methodist
parsonage, when Rev. J, II, White
united in marriage Miss Ethel pott
Walker and B. V. Crawford, both of
Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford will
reside on Cedar Street.
Mr. H. (1. Mcl-eod has returned to
Nelson from Calgary were he went to
attend the Calgary annual fair. I!
says that during the first two days of
the fair there was a coin iuiial down
pom* of sleet and that the fair WOS
then closed up and postponed to September 37.
Notices were issued yesterday to the
stockholders of the Venus mining
property, stating1 that a general meeting would be held in Neleon, September 37, for the consideration of the
purchase of a stamp mill. It is expected that the mill will be in operation
in three weeks.
A reception party in honor of RJ. c.
Smith, of Patenaude Bros., who has
just returned from an extended trip to
tlie principal eastern cities, was held
at the residem f R. A. Weir of Rob-
son Street, last night. There were
quite ;i number of friends present.and
a delightful evening was spent.
In Victoria yesterday Mr. William
Howard IJullock-Webster was united
in marriage to M .1 V Emmeline
Pe l��ou of Vancouver, ihe wedding
took place in St, Uarnobas church and
the ceremonies were performed by
Dean B. <������ Milter. Mr. ami Mrs. Bui-
lock-WebBter left for Seattle ami after
remaining there a few days, they will
come to Nelson,
W. II. Dowsing who was appointed
to look after the Nelson mineral exhibit at the Spokane fair left for
that city this morning, lie takes
samples of ore representing from 70 to
00 mining properties of this district,
Last year the exhibit represented only
Iiu properties. The ore of the older-
mines Is much better than last year.
which     shows     that   the   mines    are
greatly Increasing In value.
Count Wachmeistcr, of Sweden, Is
registered at the Phair ami will spend
a few days iu the city visiting his
friends, Tl e Count lias been in Hritish Columbia for about six months
and is connected with the Star mine
near Alnsworth. lie came to British
Columbia on the advice of liis physician, being in poor health at that
time, lie speaks warmly of the
healthful properties of the Kootenay
atmosphere as he is now in vigorous
health and Intends shortly to return
to Sweden.
There was a meeting of the directors of the Imperial Development Syndicate last evening when the act ion of
the officers in bonding the Northern
Light group on It) Creek was ratified.
Men were sent to the property this
morning and work will be continued
all winter. There are many good
properties in that section and claims
areoeing located nearly every day.
Only one thing is needed to bring this
mining section to the front and that is
a good wagon road from Qranlte siding to the properties. The distance
is five miles, and three miles of the
road has already been constructed.
The Vniir Miner, says: A great
many persons in Nelson and other outside points have the absurd idea in
their upper stope that no property can
lu secured in Vmir camp for less than
forty or fifty thousand dollars, and
that a person with five or ten thousand
dollars need not approach the camp.
This is a mistaken idea. Properties
and good one-, can be secured here
for as reasonable amounts as in any
other part of the [Coot en ays, and the
investors will get better value for
their money than in any other district. We are Looking for all those
fellows with from live, or even one.
thousand to unlimited amounts to
Come in, and we arc satisfied wc can
give them their money's worth.
An accident happened at the gas
works at ii o'clock last evening which
resulted in the escape of a large
amount of gas. The men who an- engaged in Levelling the new yards for
the ('. I'. II. were blasting out a stump
which was riot fur from the gas tank,
when a portion of one of the slumps.
weighing over .'mi pounds was thrown
over 70 feet in the air. ami lit on top
of the gas tank, It made a crack 18
inches long and six inches wide in tin
heavy   iron sheet.     This allowed   the
gas to escape at a tremendous rate,
but was Immediately discovered by the
employees of the gas company and tin
crevice was stopped after much difficulty, A considerable amounl nf difficulty will he encountered in repairing the tank. The total damage will
amount to about 5100,
Mr. William Burns, public school
inspector of the Kootenays, returned
to Nelson last evening after an extended trip to tin- schools of the north
and Crow's  Nest   Pass.    In   speaking
of the   condition   of   the   scl h Mr.
Hums says that they have Improved
exceedingly since In ��� I^st visit. |ft,
found that better U aching methods
were being adopted, and thal n rapid
advancement  was  being raadogenor
additional rooms. A new school is
being built at Moyle and one was es
talhished this season at Kimberloy.
When ased as to what was being done
by the Provincial   Government  as  to
turning over the schools of Nelson
to the city, he stated that a bill had
been drafted concerning this and had
passed its tirst reading,   hut  nothing
could be done until the next session of
thu legislature,
The Nelson   intermediate   Baseball
team have been successful in arranging a match with the Rossland Stars,
to be played at the Recreation
grounds at .1 o'clock' next Sunday afternoon, The teams have played two
games, each winning one ami a strong
light will be put up.next Sunday as
each team is in hopes of holding
the championship for this season.
The mining records today are:
Transfers from Thomas A. Howard
of Rossland to Samuel Newswander
of Kaslo, entire Interest in M. S.
claim on Wild Horse Creek for a nominal consideration. Locations��� Hi la,
on Morning Mountain, by Thomas a
Stevenson and D, Herb. Certificates
of Work���To H. K. Bellamy on Royal
Oak; R. G. McLeod on Entrance Nyp-
son; to C. C,  Knutson, on   North port.
At a meeting   of   the   committee  ofj
the Nelson operatic Society yesterday j
it was decided to produce  the  Opera
Mikado   on   October     15th,
Metropolis Burdened With Exiles
From South Africa.
London just now is the home of a
company of foreigners of almost all
nations,whose presence in South Africa is not desired by tlie military authorities. Several hundreds of these
outcasts have been sent from the
Transvaal, Orange River Colony, Cape
Colony by Hon! Roberts and Sir Alfred Mliner. They were offered a
free passage to their own homes by
the Hritish Government, and the majority haVe already reached their
A few, however, refused to fjo. and
they arc now iu Hoiidon, worrying
the Colonial Office to take them hack
to South    Africa,    They simply won't
go back home, despite  all offers, and
it seems as if   they will eventually go
lo swell the ranks of aliens who have
already settled down here,
A deputation of three of their number has visited the Colonial Office to
place their case before tlie authorities.
They were referred to the War Office
where their reception was anything
but satisfactory from their own point
of view.
They   were   eloquent   and   earnest,
and assured tlie officials   that   Johau-
10th "and' nesburg, Pretoria,   Bloemfonteln, and
17th.  The costumes will be secured iu
Winnipeg   and will be very elaborate.
Herr Steiner is making   splendid progress with the rehearsals.    Next week
rehearsals will commence in the Opera
House when the  stage   managers wi
drill the principal   and chorui
"business" of the opera.   Th
painter has his work well in hand,
The anlmatograph and  musical entertainment, under the auspices of the I
the Cape were the only places in
which they could hope" to live���and
live well.
Their appeal fell on deaf ears. They
were Informed that if any of them
had a grievance he had only to go to
the n'H country's Consul and it would I
scenic righted. Hut this was not what they
wanted,so they returned to their lodgings near the Tower in a very uiiami-
able frame of mind.
Afterward, an Express representa-
Ladies1 Hospital Aid Society, for tlve saw a prominent Government offl
the benefit of the hopital fund, will cml> wh0fc in repiy.to an enquiry oi
be held at   the Opera   House Wetlnes- | the subject, said:
day Sept. 36. The committee on ar- "These people have been turned out
rangements is sparing no pains to 0f South Africa by the military and
make the affair a grand success. |political authorities, and we 'don't
Paul's famous animatograph has been Intend to let them go back,
engaged, and when it presents its pro- -��We have offered to defray their
gramme on Wednesday night, it will expenses home, and give each one t'l
be the first time that the pictures have for his pocket. Several hundreds ac-
been shown in Canada. The pictures cepted our offer, and have been sent
urge selection of the   home.    The rest refused.
are taken froi
Transvaal Republic and will include
scenes of General Cronje on the march
to Capetown under escort of the City
Imperial Volunteers; Arrival in London of Naval Brigade from Hadysuiith,
Captain Hamilton leading; Scenes on
the Modder River; triumphal entry into Bloomfonteln, etc. For the musical
part the best local talent has been
The Rdith Miller Concert Co., in
Fraternity Hall, Thursday evening1
Pictures framed at cost of mouldings
for .'�� days only, at B. C. Novelty Co.,
Baker Street, with    llazelwood Hairy.
Big House Expected at Fraternity
Hall Tomorrow Night.
The indications are that the Edith
Miller concert in Fraternity Hall tomorrow evening will be one of the society events of tlie season. There is
every prospect of a big house and as
there is no question as to the excellence of the artists themselves the entertainment should be in very way a
splendid success. During the present
tour of the Edith Miller Co. big
house?: have been the rule and every-
whcie audiences aud press have paid
the highest compliments to the singers. Miss Miller herself Is Canada's
leading contralto and has been pronounced by Now York papers to be
one of the greatest, of American contraltos. Messrs. Adams and Campbell
and Miss Forsythe are favorites wherever they have been and should prove
favorites with Nelson audiences.
The Edith Miller Concert Co. in
Fraternity Hall, Thursday evening
5,000 feet of picture mouldings in
latest patterns to select from, bring
in your pictures at once to be framed,
as we are closing this line out at cost.
It. C. Novelty Co., with llazelwood
Dairy Co.
The It. 10.
French Company Drawing
Big   Houses.
The H. E. French Company scored
another success at the Opera House
last night and thoroughly pleased a
goodly sized audience. The attraction was "The Silver King" and in
tlie hands of the French Company it
lost none of the charms which have
made it so popular throughout America. Ii Is difficult to select anyone of
the caste deserving of special mention
for the reason that all were good.
The company is vevy evenly balanced
and all engaged seemed intent upon
giving to the public the best possible
Tonight the company will present
"dust Before Dawn" a powerful melodrama.
"Why they refuse 1 can't say. All
we can do now is to wait for their
Consuls to take action. One thing is
certain, they won't get back to South
" Please understand, many of those
who are staying on here are not
strictly refugees. They are men who
have given trouble to our author!tlei
during the war, and Lord Roberts de
termined to send them away to pre
vent them from doing further mis
"I don't think many of them wil
prove blessings to England or any
other land. At any rale, they are
very shy of giving their own country
a chance to judge of their worth."
Why not send them home, whether
they want to go or not'.' We have a
clear and valid reason' for deporting
them from South Africa, and it was
certainly not intended to have them
added to our alien loafers in London,
of whom there are already more than
enough. If they had the rudiments of
common sense thev would accept the
liberal offer of the Government, go
home for a year or two and sneak
hack to South Africa when the country is settled���a course that many of
them have doubtless adopted in theory
already. Whether we shall be able to
keep them out for all time is exceedingly doubtful. ��� London   Express.
One Novelty coffee pot with filter
complete, one colored lltohgraph of
Lord Roberts 18x20, one colored lithograph of Lord Kitchener 18x30, and a
sample of our best coffee for 81,00 for
S days only at B. C. Novelty ('<>-.
with llazelwood  Hairy Co,
The Edith Miller Concert Co.in Fraternity Hull. Thursday evening next.
The conjugal troubles nnd duplex
divorees of our eminent pugilists seem
to Indicate n praiseworthy desire to
get into "the smart set. ""���New York
��� ��   ���
Long and earnestly they had argued
in the grocery about tho way.ln which
the world would he destroyed, For
(our,long, weary hours these'residents
o( SawvUle had set forth their theories.
And finally they had asked the opinion o( old Abe Hartley, who, among
them all. had remained silent.
Taking his pipe from bin lips (or on
brief moment, he answered: "Hwill
probably be talked to death."
Without a word, the debaters led
the way to the eider barrel, Abe
bringing up the rear. ���Indianapolis
��� ��   .
"Our ticket," said the politician
confidently, "will sweep the city,"
"I'll vote (or it, then," replied tlie
citizeni "the city certainly needs
sweeping. "���Philadelphia   Record,
��� ���  ���
"I want you to make a correction."
said the imperious lady, sweeping into the editor's sanctum, "In your report o( our meeting yesterday vou
speak of the delegates elected as 'Mrs,
General SklpbacE ami .Mis. Drown.'
Vou give Mrs. Skipback her title,
why not me'.'"
"Oh, you are Mrs. Brown?"
"Yes, I am .Mrs. l'resi,lent-o(-the-
unperlal-Tltle - and - Trust Company
Brown, "���Philadelphia Press.
Give the Eyes a Chance
n nil iitfOH, tn all landi*. tho ores should bo
perm [Hud tc give tl Olr uwiiith Utlhamporod
Ik Yor Would Mavk y/oufl Eyes Bbrvh
You in thk Hkkt Way
You should Ht'c thai they are oorrootlv flltod
willi proper glOBttSi Our'nllmil ion Insures
you satlBXOOtory hIkIiU Our lenses lit your
eyes and our frames Ut your fuco.
Patenaude Bros.,   opticians
i .i
They are nobby and rii^ht
up to date.
rect from Germany, are the
most stylish ever shown in
MILLINERY    Hats   are
selling at sight. They are
the latest, and suit everybody.
Kerr & Co.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Comforts for Cool Nights
Are You Warm
Frosty nights call  for  warm covering, and you should be
oppressive in weight.
full  of warmth,  and   yet not
We have them al all prices, from the Cotton Filled ones at
$1.00 to the DOWN  COMFORTS at
They are all large, generous sizes, and the patterns are
most attractive, ill good fast colors. Many of them are
Sateen covered.
Houston Block.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
< apldii   ral.l-np.       .      .
louoii ui' Directorsi
Wiley Smith, n.o. Bauld
Incorporated 1869.
91,0851070.00  [   icrsi.      ......    91,700,000.0
'homosB.Kenny, President; Thomas Ritchie, Vice-President.
Hon. II. II. Fuller, M.L.C., Hon. Dttvid MacKoun.
Ilrad Office, llnlirav:
General Maunder. Kelson L. PefUto, Montreal.
Superintendent of Umnelies, nnd Secretary, W. B, Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W, K. Brook, Halifax.
Inspector 1). M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova BeotlA���Halifax Hranch, Antigonish, Bridgewater, Guysboro. Londonderry, Lunenburg,
'Mubcnaoadte. Truro, Weymouth
ostle,Saekville, Wooii.-tofk.  i*. 1;. Ul��n<l���Charlottecown,bomnienlde. 4iiici��rc���Monircai
Maltland (Hants Co.), Piotou,  Port Bawkesbury, Sydney, Bhubonaoadle, Truro, Weymoul
Nf�� itMniH.t iri.   Mat hurst.  Dorchester, Erodoricton. Kingston (Kent Co.), Monoton, New
(City Offloe), Montreal, West Knd (Cor. Notre Dame and Seigneurs Street*); Wentmount, (Cor.
Graone Avenue and si. Catharines street. Ontario���Ottawa, Newfanndland���St. John's
cubit, West Indies���Havana, United atatcs- New York (it, Kxchaugo Place) Kepublio,Waeh
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
Correspondents 1
Canada���Merchants Rank of Canada,  Boston���National Bhawmut Hank. Chicago���America
National Bank'   Han Francisco���First National Manic.   LoiHlon, Bnav-Bank of Scotland.
Purls France   Credit  Lyoiinuis.   Itrrmuila-Hank of Ilcruiudo,   China nnd Japan   Hook
Kong and shanghai HiuikiiiK Cui'iioration.
Qeneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, lite, Negotiated.
Account h received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
fc>*���* ��� *����� ���*�� ������������� ^"-^ ex-** sJ^s;^ ^^ 5r^sr^r'-^s^.^^ 8t*i"S&
2,000 pictures nt cost at II. 0. Nov,
olty Co., Uaker Street, with Hazel-
iv I Dairy,
100 i iifunl safety BWI tiffs at 31.(HI
eaoh fur ", clays only, at II. C, Novelty
Ce>.. with llazelwood Dairy,
* Tlie   Edith   .Miller Concerl
Fraternity   Hall,   Thursday
Co.   In
At   Pernle and   Cranbn
4i  th,
sclioolu were M"t! enlarged by two
Little   Hi'ss-
is stupidity?
Cousin fjizbeth���Oh, little Bess, stupidity is a state nf mind other people
think we are in when they can't understand what we say.���Indianapolis
Colored lithographs of Lord Roberta
Llzbeth, what and Kitchener at B0 cents each al B.C.
Novelty Co,
TO < I III;   i  COLD IN iim: ii 11
Take. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablet*, ah
ilniKKlnN rofiinil thn money if It full* tn cure.
Mo,  K, \V, Urovo'a ulgniitum l�� on oath uox,
Spring chicken ami nil tbedelloaolM
of the season hiuvmI to yon when ynu
visit Florence 1'nrk lintel ut Hoherts'
Hunch, two anil a half miles up
river.   W. y. Roberta, proptietor.
Non-Assessable and Non-Personal Liability.
������������������������������������������ i
Capital $250,000, in Ten Cent Shares.   Four Claims, All Crown Granted,
With No Debts or Liabilities.   One Mile West of Rossland.   Over
600,000 Shares in Treasury for Development.
The properties of this company are situated directly west and 600 feet
lower in elevation than the famous Le Roi No. 1 and Le Roi No. 2, that are
now shipping 10,000 tons a week. The Workings consist of a shaft and Two
Tunnels, driven to tap the ore body on three separate and distinct veins. No. 1
Tunnel on this vein is in over too feet, and No. :> Tunnel on this vein has
reached a depth of 11 2 feel, with three and one-half feet of shipping ore in
sight, and forty feet of the ledge to cross-cut. The ore is identical with the
Le Roi ore, the High-Grade Gold-Copper Ore of the camp. The No. 3 Vein
has been opened in five places for 2,000 feet, which dips to the I. X. L. adjoining, which is now shipping the highest grade ore in British Columbia. Several
buildings arc on the ground, with two blacksmith shops and large boarding
house, etc., with water and timber in abundance.
Our assays have averaged from $5.00 to $800 in Gold. Copper and
Silver; and the shipping facilities are the best. The Great Northern Railway
runs three times through the ground, three smelters close at hand, and reduced
charges of $4.50 per ton for shipping and smelting, and we are now ready to
start shipping ore.
The shares in this Company have been strictly pooled, and we will issue
Pooled Receipts only until the Pool is dissolved. We need money, and will
send you 100 shares for $7.00, 1.000 for $00.00, 5,000 for $275.00, and 10,000
for $500.00.    Address
JAMES LAWLER, Managing Director,
BOX  645,  ROSSLAND,  B. C.
Or Money can be sent care Bank of Montreal.
References :    Any Bank or Business  Man in the City of Rossland.
Investlgate-Send for Prospectuses, Bn?lncers; Reports, Etc.
jr.   - .-..��.. ...v...     I..PVIU,    LIU ���/
^\V-^ ^B^ A'aajfe A'al alaS !^��fc ^���g^ ^- & -^- ^. ��� "*��� ^ '^VSaia^
���09.00 00^'00^.00-0^-00-00>-00.00.00:^.^^'^^s^^^f^^0fp^-


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