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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 23, 1899

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 Dailv Edition No. 371
Nelson, British Columbia. Thursday, March 23,   1899.
i 1 i - th Yea
1 that the Gover tnient hud not reduced
the expenditures as promised, and
that the   changes   iu   the   tariff were
1 trivial.
5 Sir Richard Cart-wright, after speaking for a few minute-*, moved the adjournment of the  debate.
He Wants to Hear From the
Government at Once.
Japan Doss Not View the Uuited States
With Favor���Reports From
the   Kile.
Loudon. Maroh 38. ���Oonsideral le
dissension is reported between the
Chauoellor of the Exchequer and the
Secretory of State for the Colonies,
tho fornior opposing nnd the latter favoring the African schemes of Mr.
Cecil Rhodes. The Morning Chronicle
snys: "We understand that Mr.
Rhodes has sent the Government a virtual ultimatum asking whether it in-
intends to accede to his request to
guarantee the interest on the Tanganyika section of the Cape to Cairo
Railway, failing whioh he intends
to lay the situation before the chartered shareholders."
London, Maroh 38. ���The Vienna correspondent of The Times discussing
the Chinese questions, says: "Little
love is lost between Japan aud tba
Uuited States. Certainlv Japan is
not anxious to see the Americans oh-
tniu a footing in China, particularly
ou account of America's protectionist
Loudon, March 28. ���The Cairo correspondent of the Daily Mail telegraphs the substance of an interview
he has had with Sir William Garstin,
Under-Secrotaiy of Stato for Publio
Works, in Egypt, who has just returned from a Nile tour. Sir William
says thnt according to the latest reports
tne Khalifa is in great slrai?*., tor food
and ammunition. He only has B.OOO
fighting men and a thousand ritles.
while ho is hampered by nu enormous
following of women and children
Many of his followers are anxious to
desert him and 350 of them actually
did surrender to Sir William Garstin'B
gunboat during the trip.
The Cairo correspondent of The
Times says: Sir William Garstin
considers the possession of the Soudan
south of Khartoum to he practically
valueless to tiny civilized power as lhe
territory affords no field for the employment of capital.
Litigants in Virginia Back Up   Thoir
Arguments With Pistols.
Richmond, March 33.���While taking
depositions at Bristol last night iu
the Rhea-Walker Congress contest
case. General James A. Walker, Republican, former Congressman, 1 eeame
involved in a controversy with W. ti.
Hamilton. Attorney for Democratic
Oougri ssman William P. Rhea. Ham ���
ilton, advancing on general Walker,
was shot in the abdomen, tbe wound
probably being mortal. Walker wns
shot twice in the right shoulder. The
wounds of General Walker are serious,
but not mortal. His wounds are supposed to have been made by a pistol
in the hands of (J E. Davis, Private
Secretary of Conaressman Rhe;*.
Great excitement prevails at Bristol
nml further trouble is feared. Warrants bave been issued for General
Walker anil some of tbo other parties.
The contest between Walker and Rhea
in the canvass last fall was one of tho
bitterest that ever took place in Virginia, pistols having been drawn sev
trnl times between the candidate-
while speaking lo the voters. Tlie
conflict.during Ihe taking of testimony
for the last til) days, have been frc-
queut and oach side has accused the
other of fraudulent pructices. Rhea's
friends say that Walker's shooting of
Hamilton was uncalled for und cowardly. Walker's friends say that he
was being bull dozed as part of a deep-
laid scheme to get rid of him because
he had made nut a strong case of
fraud in tho election last tall.
Party   Leaders in the   Houso  of Commons Cover Beaten Tracks.
Ottawa, March 23���Sir Wilfrid
Laurier spoke for two hours, in replying to Sir Charles Tupper, yesterday
afternoon. Ho said that tbe Government does not propose by its redistribution hill to make it a gerrymander
aot. As for the Senate reform act, the
latter would be first introduced in the
Senate. Tbe consent of tbe Senate,
to make it more perfect, was necessary. He did not helievo in retaliation, hut would propose tn legislate
for Canada from within, and not
from without. He did not agree
with Sir Charles that the Washington
Commission should have terminated,
and not adjourned. What bis Government did was to take the respousi-
bility of breaking the session of the
Commission, and to give time to the
British and Americau Government to
come to some amicable settlement.
Horn Mr,  Faite** followed*  showing
Wichita, Kansas, March 22.���James
W-'Jtopp, a rich merchant und leader
"' iH local Salvation Army, has beeu
UOmfnated by the Democrats as their
candidate for mayor. Mr. Tapp promise* this reform if elected: "Ton dollars fine for -my girl wearing bloomers
on the street. Any policotnan beard
swearing will be discharged and ull
will be roquircd to oarry Bibles. Ro-
ligious services will be held twice
dailv in the city building. Free
street cur service will bo given on
Sunday morning to all churchgoers.
Sunday theatres and baseball games
will bo forbidden. Spitting ou the
sidewalks will bo a fiueablo  ofienoe, "
They Threaten to Ri^ Armed and Fight.
Paris, March 22.���According to an
official statement regarding the oxpl.i-
sion last evening in tho laboratory attached to tho War Department, the
explosion occurred in the course of experiments in mixing gases intended
to light railway cars. Another account
says it was due to experiments made
for the purpose of ascertaining the
cause of tlio Toulon and Bonrges explosions bv mixing difforeut kinds
of powders, and that the experimeuts
show chut the Toulon catastrophe was
the result of carelessness. Seven persons were injured, three of them seriously, by last night's explosion.
F. MoOarty Was Elected Mayor by Forty*
two Majority���Six Alder
Revelstoke, B. C, Maroh 22.���In the
municipal election held here today
Mr. P, McCarty was elected Mayoi
by a majority of 42.
For Aldermen the following were
elected ���
T. Kilpatriok, 2S? votes.
T. J. Graham.  198 votes.
P, B.   Wells.  IR8 votes.
w. F. Orage, i?;i votes.
W. B. MoKeohnte, 178 votes.
W. M,  Brown.  140 votes.
Total votes polled, 440. Ballots
spoiled, 87.
They are Suffering Great OppreaBion aad
Want the Qovernmeat of the Fatherland to Help Them-
Berlin, Marsh 22.���A petition was
received at tho Foreign Office here
today signed by all tho Germans in
Samoa protesting vehemently against
the retention of Ohief Justice Chambers and the further maintenance ot
tbe Berlin Treaty which is characterized aa no longer bearable. The petitioners detail a number of alleged
contraventions of the treaty by Mr.
Chambers, especially towards Herr.
Grevesmnebl, the Chief of Polioe.
The petition and the official repoits
will be sent to the United States Ambassador Mr. Andrew White, in
support of the German oase. The local Anzer publishes a letter from its
Samoan correspondent Herr Von Woltf-
orsdorff, dated Feb. 21. After recounting the oritioal situation, the writer
declares that if the German Goverumeut will not help the Germans of
Apia against the alleged injustice and
outrages of Mr. Chambers, tho Germans will rise armed and obtain the
desired redress. The correspondent
then describes the indignation of the
Germans when the instructions of the
Foreign Office arrived ordering the
resignation of Mr. Obambprs. The
Tageblatt demands the removal of Mr.
E. B S. Maxse, tin* British consul at
Apia, claiming be is the prime cause
of all the trouble.
Uuited   States   Troops   Will   Be Stationed at   Alaskan Points.
Washington, March 33���Captain
Aberorombie and party left tonight
for the west, where they will explore
thn Copper River country in Alaska.
Tho War Department today named
three stations on the Copper River oll-
Anierican route to the Klondike conn-
try in Alaska The stations are Seward, Polling and Slanna. These
stations will be occupied by detachments of United States troops under
similar dutv to that performed by
the Canadian Mounted Police. The
Post Office Department has heen making some inquiries regarding the
Copper River route and will endavor
to make contracts for carrying the
mails over it.
New York, March 22.���The Herald
dispatch from Iloilo snys: A scare is
reported on tbo Island of Negros.
Upward of sixty Spanish refugee
planters have arrived ut Ilolio and
state tbat n native tribe. 20,000 strong,
living on Monlezcos River, 20 miles
south of Bacola. threatens to destroy
the Hyaoiendas and crops. They have
few firearms but many   are  equipped
with spears aad bows The Spaniards
r*p'.iestod arms from (Ieneral Miller
with which to defend themselves and
their property. There is no change in
the situation here The wounded
men are recovering. Reports of lighting on the Island of Negros without
any particulars, have reached Manila.
Tlie transport Indiana is leaving
Manila now for Negros witn one battalion of the First California regiment
under Colonel Duboae.
Peace Jubilee   Committee Want to Secure Him for a May Celebration.
Washington, Mareh 33.���A committee of citizens, who are arranging for
a Peace Juhilee in Washington next
May, called at the Navy Department
loday to secure, if possible, the attendance of Admiral Dewey onj that
occasion. Their application waa made
directly to Seoretary Long. They
stated that the proposed Peace celebration will he exceptional, it is to
he practically national in character and
this would justify the request that
the hero of Manila Bay be summoned
to attend. The Secretary replied that
he would confer with the President
on the subject. It would be a question, he said, simply as to whether or
not the occasion would justify the
Admiral in leaviug his duties at Manila.
New York. March 22.���When W. A.
Brady aud Martin Julian meet to decide where Fitzsimmons and Jeffries
will fight they will consider a new
proposition from C. C. Bennett, a Chicago promoter, who had offered a $25, -
000 purse for the men to battle for.
Mr. Bennett's $600 forfeit has beeu
seut to the Police Gazette office and Mr.
Brady, who has had some cone
spondence with him, is anxious to dis
cuss the details of tho bid with Fitzsimmons' representative. He soya
that he is anxious to have the fight
take place where the largest purse can
be obtained and if Bennett's offer is
more advantageous thau those uow
under consideration, it will be accepted. Bennett proposes to have the fight
tike place in au amphitheatre erected
for the occasion in either Illinois, Indiana or Missouri. He is now in Kansas City looking for a suitable battle
ground in that loculity.
San Francisco, March 22.���John Epperson, Jookev and part owner of the
horses Texarltanu aud Bessie Lee,
was stabbed to death by James J. Gilh-
gan, a horse rubber. The trudegy occurred at a saloon opposite the Oakland
track at Emoryville. Tho men had
been enemies for a long time. When
thev met a quarrel ensued, whioh soou
led to a fight. Gilligau was getting
decidedly the worst of the encounter,
when. be drew a pocket knife and
plunged the keen blade into tho jockey s jugular vein, causing a wound
which' proved fatal in a very short
timo. Gilligau was arrested as he was
leaving bis mother's home. He admits he killed Epperson, but claims
he acted in self defense.
Bridgeport, Conn., March 22.���The
trial of Dr. Nancy A. Guilford, the
mid-wife, on a charge of murder iu
tho second degree may now be said to
be fairly begun. Nine witnesses in
all were examined np to the time of ad
journment this afternoon. In tbe
main thoir testimony was of a technical character, dealing with tho finding of portious of Emma Gill's body
in the yellow mill pond aud the various events connected therewith.
From the Spectator's standpoint, the
trial today was very tedious. All the
witnesses wero minutely examined by
counsel for tho defense and obliged to
go into great detail. Mrs. Guilford
stood the trial better than expected.
She seemed very nervous, but her
health is improving rapidly.
Windsor Hotel Ruins Retain
the Victims.
No Bodies Were Found Yesterday, But a
Fragment of   Charred   Flesh
Was  Uncovered.
New York, March 32.���Forty-nine
persons, besides the 15 dead, who are
suppeised to have beeu in the Windsor
Hotel fire, are unaccounted for. No
bodies wete recovered todny, but
shortly after 6 o'clock tonight a fragment of charred flesh was fouud on tho
Fifth Avenue side of the rnins near
where other bodies were found, but
deeper down. At this plaoe also were
fouud several pieces of underclothing
and a metal flask, the latter marked
with the initials, "O. M. O." A bank
bonk of the Niagara Bank (Oity not
given) bearing the name, C. M. Col-
burn,   was found nearby.
The list of missing is now as follows :
Anglin, Mrs. Mary, of New York.
Bradley, Mrs. N. K., of Pittsburg.
Boyoe, Flossie, aged 8, of New York.
Briish. Mrs. H. G.
Clare. Mary, aged 38, chambermak
Dcsch, Charles, borough collector
of Beabright, N. J.
Dunham, Augustus.
Egau, Miss,   patron of hotel.
Fletcher, Miss.
Fuller. Miss Margaret, of Pittsbnrg,
aged 17, neice of Mrs. Andrew Carnegie.
Gnion. Warren, elevator boy at
Hoffman, Miss Dora, of   Baltimore.
Jose, Miss.
Johnsou, Mr. and Mrs. A. B., of
Ncwburvport, Mass.
Lelaud. Frederick, aged 4H, clerk.
Lanuy, Mary.
Lowrie, Miss Maggie.
Lynch, D.
Moret, Virginia, chambermaid.
Morgan, Annie Taylor.
McCarthy,-Miss Catherine, aged 25,
mauicure in hotel.
McCarthy, Henry.
McConnell, Kate.
McDermott, Marv, servant.
McDonald, Mrs. Isabella, of Toronto
MnNulty, Miss, aged 55.
Nellie, Annie, known as Annie
Nelnev, Henry.
Ormstorm, Bridget, servant.
Parry. L. H., of Massachusetts.
Patterson, Mrs., wife of Judge
Patterson, of Colorado.
Simmons, Leland, wine steward,
aged 55, cousin of Warren F.   Leland.
Sinipkins, Miss Clara.
Simpkins. Miss Dora.
Soy, Marv, laundress.
Stokes. Mrs. James H., widow of
General J. H. Stokes.
Thomas. Anne.
Upham, Miss Annette, daughter of
the late State Senator Upham of Vermont.
Worth, Miss.
Rome, March 22.���It is understood
that the Chiue<*o Minister has informed the Italian Government that China
absolutely refines the demand made
by Italy for a concession at San. -Mun
Paris, March 22.���In   the  Chamber
I of    Deputies     today   tho   allegations
; made against Barou Von Mohrenheini,
j the former Russian   Ambassador hero,
j iuconnoction   with   the Dreyfus case,
| were tho   subject   of an interpellation
of the Government.    Tho Promier,  M.
! Dupuy,    indignantly   repelled all   the
! insinuations against, "The representative of au allied nation, whose services
to France had never been   forgotten."
He   vigorously   protested  against   the
; aotion of the newspapers whioh   origi-
I nated tueh seaudalous falsities,
Mr. Deane is   Confirmed   in  His Stat
By tbe   Court.
Kamloops, March 23.���The North
Yale election contest trial was continued this morning. The petitioner
called several witnesses to prove bribery, corruptiou and intimidation, but
tailed to establish a single charge.
Tho petitioner has made no gains,
Deane still holding bis majority of
four. This afternoon argument was
heard ou the question of the validity
of the election, in view of the fact that
the official who anted as collector of
votes was not a duly appointed officer. Judgment with costs was given
against (I. B. Martin.
injured   limb   was set,   but Mr.
will be laid up for several weeks.
Bmitli Curtis of Rossland, another
passenger, had his kneecap injured
somewhat The other passengers were:
C. h. Hoffman and H. Bolster of Spokane ; Robert Young of Winnipeg, and
Alfred McMillan of Rossland.
This is the first serious accident that
has occurred on this line   thir   season.
When the passengers arrived at Cascade they signed a paper setting forth
the facts in the case. As soou as the
stage oompany learned of the aooident
everything possible was ordered done
for Gill.
The Horses Rnu   Away And the   Passengers Were More or Less Injured.
Word has heen received here from
Cascade City of a most unfortunate
accident which happened to one of
the vehicles of the Columbia Stage
Company, as a result of which one
man in now lying at the Hotel Cascade with both bones of his left leg
hroken. Tho stage, in charge of Driver Rogers, left Hall's bridge, seven
miles from Cascade, where horses are
changed, late in the evening. When
about three miles flora Hall's in proceeding down a steep grade, iu pitchy
darkness, the driver in some way
lost a line. While reaching for the
brake a sudden lurch threw him out.
Then the horses started at a break
neck speed down tht steep iucline. As
they ran all but one of tbe five pas-
sengos jumped for their lives. The
oae -who stayed on the stage came out
unscathed, as the horses stopped in a
swamp at tho bottom of tbo hill.
One of those who jumped for Bafety
was James Gill of Kettle Falls, who,
as he leaped, waif thrown baok bv the
rocks and two wheels passed over his
left leg, breaking both bones. He
was taken to Cascade and Dr. H. B.
Stanley Smith was summoned by speo-
1 1*1 meiuuger from Stand VotUt,   The
Tho Victoria Board of   Trade   Decides
In Favor of the Charter.
Viotoria, B. C. .March 22 ���After two
days of warm discussion, the resolu
tiou opposing the Corbin charter,
passed last year was rescinded by the
Victoria Board of Trade this afternoon, and ono endorsing the charter
was passed. Tho influences which led
to this result were the aid of the personal following of E. V. Bodwoll,
Corbin's solicitor, and tho many individual threats sent to merchants,here
from the Boundary district that Victoria trade would be boycotted if the
resolution was not carried. As the
opinion expressed is diametrically opposite to that expressed last year, it is
likely to have but little weight in determining a conclusion at Ottawa. It is
by no means tbe unanimous opinion of
Victoria on the question, which is opposed to the Corbin charter,but is sini
ply the product of a packed moeting
and the threatenings of a small section
of the community.
Oan They Be   Built Cheaper in   Scotland Thun in the U. S.
Glasgow, March 22.���A statement
by Charles Cramp, of Philadelphia, a
member of the well known bhip building firm, now bore, to the effect tbat
on account of lower wages ships were
built here !I0 per cent, cheaper than
in the United States, has aroused a
vigorous denial. It is slated m opposition to Mr. Cramp's views that
American workmen accomplish twice
as much as Clyele workmen iu the
same time, and three cargoes of American Bteel just received here show that
building material is cheaper in the
United States. The increased cost of
ship h����ildlng in the United States, the
Scotchmen maintain, is duo to the inordinate profits expected by the Amerioan builders, who wifh to become
millionaires in a few years. The profit to Clyde builders is set down as
not more than from three to 10 per
New York    Aldermen   Wished   Flags
Hoisted on the   24th of May.
New York, March 22 ���At a meeting
of the Board of Aldermen yesterday,
Alderman Harrington, (Tammy) introduced a resolution calling on the*
Commissioner of Public Buildings to
hoist the national, city and state fb gs
on all public buildings on May 24, iu
houor of Queen Victoria's birthday,
Alderman Kenneck, moved that the
resolution lie on the table. His mo-
tiou was adopted without debate.
London, March 22��� The inquest on
the remains of the woman found apparently strangled to death on March
6 in a house on the Tottenham Court
Road, London, resulted today in a verdict of wilful murder against the man
known as Briesenick, and his female
oompanion, supposed to be his wife,
whose arrest in Berlin was announced
on Monday last. Briesenick, whose
re il name is said to bo Freitz Metz,
and Fran Briesenick are now understood to have brought about the death
of the victim hy an illegal operation.
The victim has been identified as
Sophia Richard, a Swiss chambermaid
aud the medical evidence confirmed
the abortion theory.
Akron, Ohio, March 22.���The Erie
Limited, while running 60 miles an
hour, early today jumped the track at
Rittman, 10 miles west of here. Engineer Logan was killed and Fireman
Barney Wuid was dangerously Injured,
Fivo coaches including two sleepers,
were thrown into the ditch, the engine
aud three cars being demolished. The
following passengers were Injured I
Frank C. Wilson, Cincinnati, leg broken aud badly bruised about the body :
H. Little, caught under car aud internally injured. Many others were
Blightlv hurt. Tho wreck was caused
by the breaking of the driving rod on
tbe engine. ~
New York, March 22.���The slowest
voyage ever mado by steamship from
Newcastle, England, to this port is
that of the Wilson lino freighter Sa-
lero, which arrived yesterday. She
left Newcastle. January 16, was tossed by the tempest for two months and
with her bunkers nearly empty was
forced to put into the Azores on February ai for coal. "She was unable to
coal up until March 5, whon she resumed her voyage.   Time 02 days.
Government is Adopting
Harsh Measures*
Four New Official Members Were Brought
in to Uphold tlio Government in
Voting on a Bill*
Kingston, Jamaica, March 22.���Tbe
discussion by the Legislative Assembly of the measure providing for an
increase in the tariff, rendered ueoes-
ary by tho Colony's financial crisis,
was indefinitely adjourned last 'Wednesday after hostile action of the
elected members of the Assembly,
whoso opposition made the passage of
the bill an impoBsiblity. Today the
Governor, Sir August Hemming, issued a proclamation dissolving the
Assembly and stating nuder the advice
of Seoretary of State for the colonies
he would augment the official element in the new Assembly to force
tbe Tariff Bill through. The present
constitution of Jamaica has been in
force for 15 years but this is the first
time the Government has availed
itself of the power conferred on it to
dissolve the Legislature and add to
the nominated members of the Assembly.
The Governor, Sir Augustus Hemming, re-convened the Legislature
today, ut the same time bringing in
four new official members to out vote
the Representatives. The Jamaica
Association has convened public meetings throughout tho country and it
has cabled to Mr. Chamberlain explaining the gravity of tho situation.
Considerable excitement prevails and
it is said that thore will be trouble if
tha Government persists in its present
Penna Grove, N. J., March 22.���
Ov*ir three thousand pounds of smokeless powder exploited totlav at the Du-
pnnt powder works at Carney Point,
near here and opposite Wilmington,
Del., instantly killed threo workmen
and injured a number of others
slightly The shock from the eXalosion
shook the country for miles around
and in this town heavy panes of glass
were broken in many houses.
London, March 23.���The dispatch of
Lord Cromer, British diplomatic
agent in Egypt, embodying the reply
eif the Sirdar, to questions . egarding
the useless slaughter of Dervishes at
the battle of Umdurman and tbe demolition of the tomb of the Mabdi,
announces, in addition to what has
already been cabled, that the skull of
the Mahdi after the rest of his remains
had been dispersed was reburied at
Wadv Haifa on the Nile.
Loudon, March 23.���The Daily Mail
announces its intention to publish a
Sunday edition simultaneously with
the Bunday edition of the Daily Telegraph. In making the announcement,
it says it thinks a Sunday edition unnecessary, but iusamuoh as the Daily
Telegraph has begun, the Daily Mail
dties not intend to bo left behind.
New York, Maroh 22.���Horace Wallace, a theatrical manager shot and
killed himself in his room in the Putnam Houso here todny. A letter left
by him contains the wish that his
denth may be attributed to an overdose of a drug taken to allay pain aud
to get a much needed reBt. This is
tho ouly solace he can offer to his family in their affliction.
London. March 22.��� The Brooklesby
trial stakes at third day's racing of
Lincoln Spring meeting today was
won by Hulcot. Styria, with Sloaue
up, was second, aud Crow Tenter
third. Fourteen horses ran. The
betting wus nine to four against Styria.
Londou, March 22.���The Rev. James
A. Spurgeou, brother of the celebrated minister of the Metropolitan
Tabernacle in Londou, waB found dead
in a railwav carriage this evening on
arrival here of the Brighton express.
It is supposed thut death resulted
from apoplexy.
Valparaiso, de Chill, March 22.���The
British gunboat Badger arrived here
today en route for San Francisco with
tho exhumed remains of Admiral
Spotts. of the Falkland Island, the
British colony in tho South Atlantic.
Berlin, March 22.���Tho Emperor and London. March 22.���Sir Thomas
Empross today observed the birtbduy ; Liplou, the challenger for the Amer-
of the late Emperor William, praying .ica's rup, has decided not to attempt
at the Imperial Mausoleum. They ! to Bail tlie Shamrock across the Atlan-
afterward unveiled the monuments ou tic under her own rig. He will tow
the Hiigea Alloe. I her with his new steel yaoht the Erin. NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, MARCH 23. l899*
Nelson Daily Minerb
Published Dally exoept Surrtay.
NK1.SON   MlNKIl  1'KISTINU St 1'l-lll-lHHlNQ CO.,
I). J.  BEATON, MaimKinn  Dlreotor anil
AU. COMMUNICATIONS totheKilltorinnst
oo looompanied by tha name and address
of tho witter, not BJCelBftrlly for publication, bul aa evidence of Kood faith.
Supsciui-tion Rates
Dally per month by oanier ��� t^
per monlh by mat    100
oor half you   by mall    5 00
por yoar  10 0
por year foreign  13 00
Weekly, poi half year 9 1��
per year  2 oo
per year, foreign���  ^oo
Subscription * Invartubly in advance.
Notices of Births,   lLiathn, and Marriages
inserted for 00cents eaoh.
AdvortlHi ig n tos luadl Known on application
Nelson Miner Prlntbig&PubllshlngCo
Copy Tor 4'liungrH o
*   l.��lv,i*il*..'iii<
be In lln* Oilier*
hy   4  o'clocl.
���ll.   lo
Inmire rlmnRr.
would be deprived of the services of
representative creditable to it not
less by reason of high character than
by skill and experience as a public
man. We are sure the general wish
thronghonl Kootenay will be that there
is no foundation whatever for the Fort
Steele rumor.
If Great Britain and France have
settled their differences in the Upper Nile region, as reported, they had
butter now move on to Newfoundland, and tuko a whack at that mix
ture of nuisance und grievance that
for gonerntions has kept our cousins of
the ancient colony iu a condition of
perpetual torment.
A feeling of uneasiness has prevailed for several weeks past, among citizens not conversant with the f.icts,
on account of reports that tne Canadian Pacific Company was discriminating ugniust the Hall Mines smelter. These reports huvo been industriously circulated,and color was giveu
them by the fact that the Canadian
Paoifio itself is engaged in the smelting business and was, therefore, a rival. If true it meant that the great
railway corporation was determined
to drive the Nelson smelter out of the
field. That would be a serious loss to
the Oity, ai tbe Bmelter is by many
degrees tbe largest and most important
industry we possess.
There will be genuine relief in the
assurance, which The Miuer ou the
best authority was able to give yesterday, that there is no truth whatever
iu these reports; leports. we regret to
havo to add, that must have been circulated with some malicious intent.
But whether lhat or innocently, the
effect was the same ; they were doing
harm to the Hull Miues Company, and
through it to the City. The injustice
to the Canadian Pacific may not bo
worth the reckoning, us that corporation is rogardod by many as a convenience for indiscriminate abuse. The
important thing is that there iB no
griovunce in connection with the smelter. It is being uccorded perfectly-
fair treatment, and more it does not
ask. It iB under capable management,
and does not foar competition with
any other similar enterprise on equal
terms. These the Railway Company
is extending to it, so far as shipping
rates aud facilities are concerned, and
as long as this condition lasts there
is nothing to complain of. If there
were less disposition to regard the
Canadian Pacific as an ogre, and morn
to bear in mind that it is a business
enterprise, conducted on business
principles, there would be less readiness
to believe that it would deliberately
proceed to cripplo its own sources of
Kipling says in one of his poems
that the Soudanese soldier is never
s i dangerous as when dead. I n rd
Kitchener is evidontly of the same
belief, and that is why, "with all
possible considerations ot humanity,''
ho permitted him to bo killed at Khar
toum. British generals iu these days
do not wink at useless or purposeless
slaughter even of those Biwage Dervishes, n fact that might have penetrated those supersensitive huinnnitar-
iauB of the British Parliament whose
inquiries eliotod that reply which was
submitted to the House two nights ago.
McteroloKlrul Iteporl,
(Observations taken by A. II. Holdich.
I Mar 16 Thursday
j Mur 17   Friday
j Mni* If Saturday
i Mar 10   Sunday
\ Mar ?0   Monday
Mar 21  Tuesday
Mar 2!   WYdUay
37 8
29 9
27 90
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It is on the South Side
of Baker Streei and is
filled with the very
latest things in Boots
and  Shoes.
Coffee Mill,
Scales, large and small,
Ice Cream Freezer,
Show Cases,
Paper flacks,
Pickles, Sauces,
And a miscellaneous lot
of other goods.
Apply j7r L0YE,
For a four-ntorej brick block in Greenwood,
.11. v. PitH.s ami ��]toclficHitru ��� nt Wallace &
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! ool\ nd for Iho wli'tic of the work nnd materials
or far lhe litlFureni i:*rt- of same up io Uiixlay
I m noon, April Hid, isi:, Tho lowobt offthy
! t U'ter no  iieuusmu'i.y aucopiod.
It may lio that Col. Haker intends to
resign his seat in the Legislature, as
appears to lie generally believed at Fort
Steele, hut the reason for tho step
can hardly be the oilw given by The
Prospector. That paper HayB: "His
narrow escape from defeat ut the last
election, and Ihe total defeat of the
late Turner Government has weighed
very heavily on the Colonel, and from
recent lotters received hy Tho Prospector from tho Coast, we learn that
Col. linker has, in* will resign at an
early date. Cur informant says that
his authority fur this report is that
the Colonel hai. openly stated that he
is going to resign. We are not surprised at the report. It is just what
hai been exported hero, for it is woll
known that the Colonel's ambition
received a crushing blow at the defeat of his Government"
Members of Parliament! or Legislatures do not as a rule resign because
their party may have Buffered a defeat
at tho polls. If that wero the custom Governments would have a joyous time of it. as there would be no
Opposition to heokle them. If Col.
Baker has determined to retire from
publio life, it will ho for some other
ruason than the fact thut tho Government of which he wus a member
Buffered a revorse in tin,* last appeal to
the people. A professional politician,
living by his trade, might take such
a courso, but it has not been understood of Col. Haker that he offers his
services to tbe pnblio only on tha condition that he shall be provided with
oflice uud salary. His private afTaiis
may render retirement nescessary,
but we imagine lhe "crushing blow"
administered to bil "ambition" last
July has vory little connection wilh
his reported resignation.
The House would he a loser by his
-withdrawal,     and   his    constituency
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mado In the Provinoo Ask your nroc**i- for it.
Encourage B, 0 production, all oilier tliiiiKH
bolng equal. BTEMXER St F.Altl.K, Manufacturers, Victoria.
Tourist Oars pass Revelstoka daily
to St. Paul; Tuesdays and Saturdays
for Toronto-, Thursdays for Montreal
and Boston.
Tt) Hossland, Trail, Hobson.
li.iO p.m.-Leaves���N KLSON -Arrivee-10.3) p 111
Kootniny Lake- Kaslo Komr.
Stk. Kokanbk
Evcept Sunday. Except Bund ;>
I   p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrive*���11  o.n
koulfiuiy Klvi-r tteute.
Stk. Mom:.
Mon., Wiiil,, Kri. Tuetf. ThUFB, 8ttU
8a.m.���Loaves��� NKLSON--Armda"8.50  p ni.
Makes oonneotion nt Pilol Hay with str. Ki
kaneo in imtu directions.
BtoamorHon their respective routes cal w
principal Landings in both directions un >.
other points when signalled.
Mulii   LIiii*  mid   Inif ritii ill:ii<   Point*   vin
Blooan my, Daily.
0,86 a. m.-LcaveH- NELSON���Anive8>8.80 p, m
Ahoeutain Rates
and full informal ion    by   ftddreaiing noara t
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Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
?ed Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
of oars between Nelson and Kossland and
Bpokane and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   BOSSL'D   "     3:10
"    8.30 a.m. SPOKANE   "   6.30 p.m
Train  Unit  leuves  Nelson nt 0:40 ii.m
makes close oootoeotions nt Bpokane (oi
nil Paoific Coaat Points.
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Allan Una-OMtllllU) April   *
From New York
WhlUi Star Une-llrltnmilo Mnroh W
Ounnrd Mne���Umbrlfl April 1
Amoilciui Line���Park Mar<-n'-!
Anchor Mno-Anohiirla Man* ��*
From Boston
Dominion Mne-N'ow Kn��livnd March 18
Passages lllT&nged to and from all Kuropeiw
polnln. For ralos, tlokots and full information
apply tOO. P. 11, depot agont or C. K. BouhIl*)*,
City'I'lckot Agont, Nolnon, B, C.
5451   General Anient. C.P.R. OffloflB Winnipeg.
We have purchased the express
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Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
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Wantod-MlninK Shares, NelHon, Ymir an"
������ee taner-SMakfe Meek. *���"��������� ���' NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY, MARCH 23, 1
Boundary People Not Very
Enthusiastic About It*
A 0on-6s]iondsnt to Tho Miner From Boss-
laud Tells of   His  Observations
in tho Boundary Oouutry.
A norrespondent at Rosilnnrt, who
Iiiih just returned from the Boundary
country, says that thu attitude of u
Uii'iil paper towards the 0. P. K. is
well understood there and is utterly
without effect 011 tho public Its
hostility is well known to ha tine
to the personal uinis and schemes of
its Amerioan owners. On the subject
of the Corbin charter he says :
"I have been through tho Boundary oouutry as far as Greenwood on
business and while I linvo seen n
great deal in outside papers, especially
in Amerioan papers about the people
being strongly ami enthusiastically in
fnvorof Corhin's charter being granted
ynu hear verv little about it there, Iu
Greenwood this is especially noticeable, where last your a delegate wus
sent to Ottawa. Of course, the people
who have interests, and particularly
in real estate, are favorable to getting
ns many railways as possible. Railways create a boom for tho time being.
but sensible people within their heatt
realize that one railway like the 0.
P. R. whioh has the interests of the
country at heart���benauso tlio C. P. R.
is peculiarly a Canadian railway eud
tho development of tne oouutry is its
interests���ia really better for it than
railways which are simply there to
get what trade there is and carry it into
its own main arterieB in another country. In a general wny lhe idea of
the more ruilways the better is a good
ono, but not always souud when the
ruilways lead awny nnd build up rival
towns in a neighboring state nt our
expense. Thore ib also another feature
thut is apt to be overlooked, t understand the 0. P. R. is fighting the Corbin oharter as creating unfair competition and for the reason thut after
building a very expensive railway
over tho buck of a mountain to give
the district railway communication,
it should be protected for a time nt
least against opposition. There is
probably a good deal of force in that
from a railway point of view, but to
my mind the most important feature
is the smelting industry. If nil the
ores or n groat part of them are to go
out of the i ouurty what have we left ?
Now, with a huge smelter at Ous-
ende, on Boundary Kails, the O. P. R.
can handle tbe ores of lhe country for
several years to come but iftlicy nre
curried away and divided up in the
United States among the diflurent
smelters, it will pie.-int our o*u
smelters from paying, t believe above
all things in a policy of smelting ores
in the country, nnd if we oan get no
reciprocal favors from the United
States, if they place an embargo on onr
lend, and in every other way (leal
with us commercially as a hostile nation, then 1 sny deal with them us
they deal with us. As I was going to
point out, economically it is a great
mistake to divide up ores for smelting,
The larger a Smelter is and the more
ore it cuu ger the more cheaply it can
operate and the better prices it can get
������the greater success the industry will
be, From this point of view ulone I
believo it would be n great mistake to
enoourage too soon more railways,
the main object of which is to carry
our ores to United States smelters.
Besides it is a mistake to suppose thai
more railways mean competition in
rates. It is not so in Winnipeg, or in
Nelson or anywhere else. It means
butter facilities perhaps, bur there are
othor considerations us well nnd the
interests of the whole of the Province
���r of a Dominion are greater than
those of any particular community
People complain of the 0. P. R. and'I
hnve uo doubt that thut corporation,
foolishly sometimes, lakes all the ad -
vantages it, cun get but it is the fault
Of Parliament if they are allowed to
overreach tho public. The way to do
is to Burround thf, privileges or concessions to a railway with such restrictions nud conditions as will t'nllv
protect the public The position of
The Nolson Miner is, in my opinio , n
very sound ono and thut is lo critic**/.*-
the 0. P. R whore it, deserves it but
protect it wheu its interests become
identical witn those of the whole onun
try. us they undoubtedly are In this
instance. What I iuivn said abont
the smelling business is well illns
tinted in the caso of Pilot. Ray, Nelnon, Northport, and even Trail, in the
difficulty of getting sufficient ore to
run continuously, while at the same
time ore is beiug shipped out of the
Mr. Robillard Has   Given Up the Idea
of the Trip to Paris.
Mr. J. Robillard has becomo reconciled to the idoa that he will not represent British Columbia at the Paris
Exposition. He has applied to The
Miner for u position as reporter and
to show his literary ability bus handed in the following nrticle which he
hearted. "Jerry With a Little Rit of
Horse Sense:"
Some peoples in Nelson think I am
orazy. Well I don't know nothing
about it. Sometime I think I am a
let tie rattle. The most lenrn man
buvb, if you don't want to soe nny fools
when you will go in your room,
bnko your looking glass.
Ther one thing that I pasitife, I
was reared well when I was a little
imbe. My Mother was ouly IB year
id and strong and benlthy, nnd 1
think to my estimating that she have
the reel-good senses, and mv Put her
was a kind of Pnpmean. We could
not eat at his table only wheu we had
���aadi our first communion.   One day I
said Him iiii I though! I could sneak
nt Ins table and I sat down and my
Mother givo me a broil smile. But mv
good Father told me lu plaino French
lnngnes to go to the kitchen. You will
ciimn back when you will have whiskers. So I hud to much Bense to revenge cm my Father on I revenge on
the cat. Next dav the toni cut jump
on the tnble und try to tuso mv pea
soup 1 give him a gentle ship and I
advise him to go and eat with my
Father beoauae be bove whiskers.
W. A. Galliher,   Oity   Solicitor,   Will
Take a Few Weeks (Iff.
All the members of the Oity Council
now in Iho City wero present at a
special meeting held yesterday afternoon. W, A. Galliher, Oity Solicitor,
wrote asking for u month's leave of
absence as he intended to go to Ottawa. He stat'id that the City's bus-
iness would be attended to bv his partner, P. E. Wilson. On motion of Aid.
Thomson and Eirkpatrlok the request
wus granted,   Mr. Galliher will rerrc-
sent the Nelson Board of Trade at 0I��
tuwu in endeavoring to secure a Government building for Nelson,
Two bids for tlie burial of paupers
were read, one from D. McArthur St
Co., for |4.45 for n rough coffin aud
if 1. ai) extra for a shroud when neoes-
sary und the other from the Nelsou
Furniture Oompany for |7 and $8 ex-
tra for shrouds. The former was accepted. Tho figures do not include
grave digging.
The sanitary inspector was instructed to examine the Chinese laundries
of the City and report upon nnisanees
complained of in oonusotion with
them. The report will be the bnsis of
u revision uf ihe present by law governing tlio condition of wiiih houses.
x'he Oounoil again went. Into the revision of the by laws, to puss upon
them finally bofore the solicitors took
thorn over.
Mr. Fred Ritchie, of Rossluud, arrived in Nelson yesterday and is at
tbe Phair,
Mrs.lT. M. Ward entertained a number of friends at n progressive euohre
pnrty yesterday afternoon.
Jaoob Dover is having plans prepared for a resideuoe which he will
build ill Nelson this summer.
Yesterday's Minor recorded the snle
by Gamble & O'Rielly of Blook C.
Block G was tho property sold.
The special musical service to be
held in tho Ohuroh of Eugland has
been postponed until tho Uflth   inst.
Work bus commencml on u summer
cottage winch Mr. E. P, Whulley is
building across the luke from   Nelson.
Mr. A. L. Ferguson, general agent
of thu Great West* Life Insurance Oompany, at Victoria, is in Nelson, at the
Mr. Archhold, M. E., of Archbold
and Pearson, arrived in Nelson yesterday from England where he has
been for the p.ist four months.    -
Mrs. Win. Gamble, who bus been
the guest of Mrs. W. A. Macdonald
during lhe winter, leaves this week
for her home iu Duuville. Out.
Tbe South Kootenay Board of Trade
will liave a special meeting on Friday
night when W. A. Galliher will l*e
given power to represent Hie Heard
at, Ottawa.
0. Newliug is laying out his property across the Kootenay Lake in villa
lots and the prospects are that quite a
number of summer cottages will
shortly be erected there.
East Kootenay bus added another
name to the list of people enjoying the
hospitality of Oapt. Fitzstnbbs at
present. A innii has been brought
over from Oreston to serve two mouths
for using indecent language on the
Mr. W. Oarss, of Orillia.Ont., otherwise known as "Muekinuw Oarss" is
in Nelson looking after bis trade.
Mr. Oarss in the manufacturer of thu
celebrated "Curss Mackniuws" which
are sold so extensively in all portions
of Canada.
Mr. Robert Kerr, traffic manager of
the 0. P. R. lines, west of Fort William, accompanied by Mr. E. J. Coyle.
Dlstriot Passenger Agent, will arrive
in Nelson tonight, Mr. W. F. Anderson, Traveling Passenger Agent, will
meet lhe p.iriy at Nakusp.
John Nicholson stole u bag of shorts
from .1. F, .Tnoobson and will spend SO
days in the county goal to think the
matter over. He ciime before Police
Magistrate Grease yesterday niornins
and the evidence connecting him with
the crime wns sufficient to secure conj
George Young, janitor at tbe Nel
sun Publia School hurl his faco seriously Burned this week. Shortly aftor
tilling the furnace with coal be opened
the door to stir up tbe tiro and a puff:
of (lame si ot out burning his beard
and eyebrows off ana narrowly escaping bis eyes.
Curlers took advantage of the good
ico at the Stanley Street rink lust
night. Rinks skipped by Frank Tamblyn and ,T. H. Wallace played a very
interesting game, Wallace winnii g
out, 14 to seven. The rinks were: Mc-
Ken/.ie, Starkcy Cameron, Tamblyn;
Gilchrist, Beer, Forin, Wallace.
A correspondent writes to The Miuer
complaining of the disgraceful state
of tho premises in the rear of a business house on Baker street. As there
are a great many back yards in Nelsou
that are sadly in need of n cleaning
it, would not be fair to direct attention to any particular one.
Ovor twenty new pupils havo been
enrolled at the Public School this
month, The enrollment is constniilly
increasing and the question of over
crowding is becoming so serious that
it cannot be put off much longer. Already each teacher lias from 66 to (10
pupils whioh is about a scoro mere
than ono toucher should be asked lo
handle. Inspector Burns wus in Nelson this week uu:l is now inspecting
the school nt Rossland.
Although this is not exactly lacrosse
weather it is nevertheless about time
the Nelson club was thinking of reorganizing. The Rossland club has
Jnst    elected  the following  officers t
Hon. President, J. S. O. Fraser; President, Ross Thompson; First Vice
President, Mayor A. S. Uoodevo; second Vice-President, J. M. Smith
Treasurer, A. B. Mackenzie; Score-
tnrv, J. P. Paxton j Executive Committee, 0. E. Raoo, H. W. Clark
Ohepter MoBride, Mr. Tyo and Ed.
To Tho Editor of The Minor:
Sir��� Speaking of oertain publio
questions, concerning which tho average old timer seems to tuke only B tepid interest, but which has created a
decided agitation among a dozen or
so of inexperienced individuals of
Puritanic proclivities, who, having
lately urrived here from an obscure
county or two in the Province of Ontario, seem morbidly desirous of resurrecting idea and cutsonis that yearB
ago wero laid away iu the tombs of
the good old Pilgrim fathers, and of
transplanting these ideas in the town
of Nelson, and asking the Oity Council to establish laws for the compel
Bory observance of the same. It is in
refereuco to this tbat I wish to make
a few   remarks.
Thirty years ago, when the writer
was u fesitve boy of seven years, it
occurred to him that in the particular
part of Eastern Canada in whioh he
lived, a large percentage of the people
there were of that peculiar mossback-
istic, mnke-him-tako-his-medioiue-
aud-be-good persuasion, whose radical
and mis-directed efforts to coerce
or correct, a town into u strictly moral
and model one, usually hud the effect
of casting a pall over an otherwise naturally gay aud happy community. I
say, that it occurred to this festive
youngster that he had better take a
mope for himself; and to flee to a far
and distant land where he could manufacture mud pies on Sunday���and do
what he pleased with them. For aside
from compulsory methoas employed by
those fannticdisoipUnarians to instruct folks on a sure and safe route to
Paradise, and inoidentially to prohibit
the shaking of dice for cigars or beer,
I cannot forget the Bteru, dumps-producing expression of connteuanoe characteristic of these staid enforcers of
morality and propriety. I cannot, I
say, forget that appearances as well
as circumstances had much to do with
imbuing and infnsing into my young
mind the idea of making n firm and
permanent get-away. Within n year
or two afterward, or as soon as I was
big enough to step from one railroad
tie to another, I migrated westward.
The west that once was; Hut which
now alas, is west in name ouly, For,
like the North American Indian, the
pioneer is destined, seemingly, to passively submit to the machinations of
that Eastern bugaboo, who hns stealth
ily pursued him 'cross plniunnd mountain, determined ns ever   to   iiiocnlnte
him *with alleged   principles  of righteousness whether he desires or not.
But. we sometimes read of people
being driven to desperate measures;
nnd in order to olt'-stniul tha onslaughts of Ibe Sunday Observance
Societies. Ibe moral reform clubs,
etc., whose members are almost wholly
made np of und re ruited from recent
Eastern arrivals, the old-timers may be
compelled, for self-protection, to organize the "Kootenay Tenderfoot Exterminators;" a society whose creation and object needs no explanation,
but whose title should be regarded as
an omen of warning by the invaders.
And iu this connection I would say
that all who have been residents of
the Kootenay for at least five years,
and who wish to retain their foothold
and liberty, become, without further
initiation, members of tho "Kootenay
Tenderfoot Exterminators;" and
that their identity with this organization be known aud recognized by the
wearing upon the lapel of the coat of
a celluloid button, about the size of a
silver dollar, and bearing the inscription of a skull and cross bones and the
letters K. T. E.
Nelson, March 2a, 1899.
Phair���F. S. Forest, Spokane;
Fred Ritchie, Rossluud; J. W. Mellon, Victoria ; R. 0. Walley, Nelson ;
W. 0. Hebpuru. Nelson ; G. Stillwell,
Nelson; R. J. Inglis, Montreal.
Hume���R McGnire, Molly Gibson
Mine; A. 0. Ewart, Victoria; L. A.
Ferguson, Winnipeg; Adam Appell,
Portland; H. Byers, wife and family,
Straight as a Die-
To achieve the greatest success
one must  use the   best means and
materials athis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builders
cannot expect to do g*ood work unless they have good tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
importers of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
If You Never Had the Grippe
Don't cultivate it. ' Better pay $10.00 a pair
for your Shoes than go through it���its cheaper. But you can't pay so much as that here.
If you Grip on to a pair of our $3.50,.$4.50 or
$5.50 Slater Shoes you'll not have the Grippe.
Money Doesn't Count.
I must clear out my present stock to make room
tor New Spring Goods. My Seven ;uul Twenty-
one Jewel Watches will be the lirst to go at
Bargain prices.
I make a specialty of fine Watch   Repairing.
Jeweler. Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided  into 50,000
shares of $1.00 each.
DIRECTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.
B.*\NKERS---The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,   B. C.
OEFICE���Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31st, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Paints,   Oils,   and
We ask the Painters to test the quality of
our goods, and our prices.
Nelson Hardware Co.
We have more goods displayed in our store on Baker streei than most
stores carry at any time, but that is nothing. Our large warehouse on
the water front is filled to its utmost, saying nothing of our basement in
the Aberdeen block, 50x125 feet, and filled to overflowing.
We carry this stock, which you can easily see is the largest in Nelson, because we are in a position to buy in quantities, therefore enabling
us to give the public the benefit, which we do.
Call or write for prices, and remember our goods are guaranteed.
Sole agents for the celebrated "Three Star" Flour, Blue Ribbon
and Monsoon Tea.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Did You Get That Hat?
If not at Emory & Walley's you need a new
one. We have all the latest Styles and Shapes.
Get one while they last.
Emory & Walley, K
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions.
Wohave been up-pointed so'** aki.hu
for Kootenay for SWIFT St CO..
-'outli Oinuhii, and will curry a full
Btook of meats of their manufacture
nt Nulson	
Mall ordors will be tilled nt prloat
ruliiiK on ilny order i�� reoeived,
Head - Offices - Winnipeg
BiuNc-usa Vancouver, Victoria
Neuon, Hossland, atijn Laer
Taoism I.akk,- Ohkenwood, B.l*,.
and Dawson City, N. W. T. .
P. J.  RUSSELL, manager.
NliLSON,  B. C.
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   other    Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.
Brewers ol Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and Bee   us.
B. r
To Loan^*
Great West Life Assurance Oompany.
At 8 per cent, Ofi
Improved Property.
Agent, Baker Street.
General Teamsters.
Apits for B. C. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengtti
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   83.
Capital Paid np ��� t2.w1.1m
item ��� 1,200,000
ll. s. Rowland, Pree.   T, It.Merritt, Vine Prat.
Win. Itunihiiy,       IIiikIi Ityan,       ltobt.Jaff*ray
T. Kullifiliiiid Sinyner,      Kilosltoger*-*.
Head Olllco, Toronto.
I). It. WILKIE, General Manager.
B, HAY, Inspector.
KrillM-Ill-*. Ill nil l.rln,-||��ul rltlm llllll IOWDN
III    Ontario   nnd   Quebec
itiiin. in -    III      Manitoba,     Nerthwest
1111 in.iir*. anil itrlil-ii Columbia.
Winnipeg, Pobtaob La 1'kaihie. Brandon
Man. lAiiiAiiY, 1'hince Aliikkt, Edmonton,
Bourn Kdmonton, N. VV.   T.    Vancouver
A^ent-* In Great Britain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street, Ixmdon, witn whom money
mny be deposited for transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Ijctter.** of Oredit issued on Alaska Commercial Co. payable nt 8t. Michael's, Alaska, and
Dawson Olty.
Drafts Bold, avnllablo at all points In Can-
da, United Statesand Kurope.
letter** of credit Issuoa, available in any
pnrt of I lie world.
Savings bank Department���lloposlts of $1
and upward** received and interost allowed.
Debentures��� Municipal and other debentures purchased,
Money Orders Issued pavable at any Bank
Ilotcs-Uniler 110, 8c; (10 to |20, lOo;
820 to (30, ISO! (30 to ��S0, 14c.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kinds of day and night Soavongerln**-*-
Work promptly dono. Chimney .-Sweeping
Boxm   Leave orders at M, DseB-rte-W'i. NELSON DAILY MINER THURSDAY, MARCH 23. 1899.
Recent Amendments to the
Metalliferous Mines Act.
Annual Meeting of the Brandon and Golden Crown Co��� Geaeral Mining News-
The not to ninciul the Inspection of
Metalllfernna Mines Act is already in
���affect. The ohanges that hnve been
made in the act make it tho duty of
the mining inspector if he regard) the
mine to he defective, to forthwith pint
up ut the mouth of the mine, or ut
some other conspicuous place, a copy
of the notice that he considers it is defective, and shall order the same to
he remedied.
Owners of mines must give notice
to the Minister of Mines and the inspector, of any serious accident.
Section 13 of the act is repealed, nnd
iu its place is a new section, reading!
"No person shall he employed under
ground in any metalliferous mine
for more than eight hours in every 24
bubdivisiou 1 of s*ction 96 i�� amended by adding that "Not less tban TS
cubic feet of air per minute shall be
made to pass through such mine for
everv man and beast employed therein. "
Sub-lection 2 is amended to provide
that explosives must not only be
stored, but thawed in a magazine
provided for that purpose.
Other amendments provide that "All
permanent buildings for housing boilers, engines and machinery shall 1 e
erected at a distance of not less than 50
feet from the mouth of any mini.*,''
that "Slides or conductors for shafts
which are at least 100 hundred feet
deep, shall either be iron shod or all
iron" ; that "All vertical shafts of a
depth of at least 50 feet shall be pro- I
vided with a crosshead and guide,
aud such crosshead shall descend as
such shaft is sunk, so that a: no time
shall it he a greater distance from the
bottom of tlie shaft than 80 feet."
that " No stope or drift shall be carried
on in any shaft which shall have attained a depth of 2tiO feet, miles- suitable provision shall have been made for
the protection of workmen engaged
therein, hy the construction of a bulkhead of sufficient strength, or by leaving at least 16 feet of solid ground between said stope or drift and tlie workmen engaged in the bottom of such
shaft," and that "A chain ladder, 20
feet in length, shall extend from the
bottom of the wooden ladder to the
bottom of the shaft."
owns  the   Aloha group   consisting
the   Aloha,     Aloha   fraction,   George
Hurst,  Burlington,    Greenwood,    An
archist fraction and   Banner Fraction.
The group is in the west central end of
camp lying between and adjoining tho
Anarchist   and   Sailor groups.    These
claims   have   just   heen   surveyed and
the company is making   application to
have them   crown   granted.    The   de- *
velopment has   been   principally   con-1
fined to the George   Hurst   claim   aud
is in   the   nature   of shafts and   open
cuts.   Tbe    management,    however,
intends   to   commence   work   on   the
Burlington,    where   there ia a   strong
| ledge,    thought to   he   the   Anarchist
lead, which is one of the etiongest   in
the   camp,    and   runs north   from the
Anarchist ground into the Burlington.
It is also thought that both the   Granite and Sailor ledges can be  uncovered
on the ground owned by the company.
The officers of   the Camp McKinney
Gold   Mining   &   Milling   Corupnay,
which   is   a   local   organization   are:
Ralph    Smniles,   President;    Thomas
McDonnell,   R. H. Palmer  aud O. \Y.
H. Sanson), directors, aud W. B.    Pat
ou, Secretary-Treasurer.    The   capit
ization   is   "$1,000,000,    with   800
shares in the   treasury.    The   flotation
was one of tbe   most   successful   ever
undertaken in the| town and the treasury shares have been   well   subscribed
for iu   Spokane,   Vancouver,   Toronto
and locally.
���Easter is Almost Here.      HATS!HATSIHATS!
The. ladies of Nelson will all have their new
Spring bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer goods just received.
H. fl. Vincent,       ���        rni/cD
Merchant Tailor. J.  A.  UlLlVCK,
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of  Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders.   	
Pat- .iff,
ital- i M.
1,000  ��
J. Li. Parker & Co., ot Rosslaud recently purchased the Noonday at
Princeton, ou the Similkameen river.
j It is on Copper Mountain, and adjoins the Sunset, owned by the British
America Corporation. Assays gave
a return of 4fi per ceut. copper. Development work is being rushed.
��   ���  u
A cablegram from Hon. C. H.
Mackintosh, managing director of
the British America Corporation, announces his arrival in Loudon last
Batniduy, It is said that his visit to
England is to result iu the active development of some reservation properties which the Governor has under
option either for himself or for the B.
A. C. Prominent among these are
claims on La Fleur Mountain.
-^i��iK**^-*S-?S*��-*#*S-*t^ ^j-"*-^*-*-*^**-.    -
J   Y.   QRIFFIN   &  CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "QRIFFIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Eggs
 Write us for Prices	
Nelson Branch.
��� P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick& Wilson,
Groceries   and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
W. A.    Macdonald, Q.    C.    has re
turned from Greenwood   where   he attended   the   annual   meeting     of   the
Brandon and   Qoldan   Crown   Mining
Company. The report of the managing
director present at  the   meeting,    was
most satisfactory   in every   -(Articular.
Work is progiossing in the sinking   of
the   main   shaft   which   is   a  double
compartment   one,   4x8   feet   in     the
clear,    timbered    throughout,   and   is
now sunk to a depth of 164 feet.    Tbis
shaft will be  sunk  to a depth   of   BOO
feet and levels will he  established   at
250   and   800    feet,    where     crosscuts
will be run to tap the main   lead.    At
the 150-foot level a 05 loot crosscut was
run and at 32 teet   a drift  5(1 feet was
run in the   vein.    At a distance of   42
feet along   thi* drift   u   diugoual   up-
laise   was   made, 80  feet   in   length,
to the 100-foot level.    This upraise disclosed   a   magnificent   body of ore between   the   two  levels.    The working
force employed at the   property   averages 12 to 17 meu, including   foreman,
miners,     blacksmith     and   engineer.
The   plant   consists   of    a      50-horse
power boiler, a 80-borse power   standard Lidgerwuod hoisting engine und a
140-gallou   Kuowles   vertical   sinking
pump, together   with   a   full   complement   of   accessories, including a 400-
foot ���'.! inch wire   rope,    buckets, piping, ateam drill, etc.
The di lectors have ordered a live-
drill compressor plant complete, which
will be installed within the next
month. In the meantime the work of
. sinking will be carried on by the steam
The officers elected were : Hon. T.
Mayue Ualv, <^. 0,. President; W.
.1. Porter, Vice President; George H.
Collins, Managing Director; W. L.
Orde, Secretary-Treasurer, with Andrew Kelly and Hon. J.N'. Kirchhorler
ot Brandon, Man., \\. A. Macdonald,
(}. C , Nelsou, B, C., James Russell,
of Greenwood City. B. C , W. A. Miller, of Spokane, Wash,, and James
Currie, of Nuiieau, Currie St Co.,
Montreal, along with the officers of the
company form the board of directors.
The general character of the ore is
a pyrrhotite and copper pyrites in a
silicious gaugue. There is a large
quantity of ore on the dump ut present. By the time the railway reaches
Gruenwood City this mine will be on
a shipping basis and tbe directors
have every confidence in being able to
make the mine self-sustaining within
tho year. It looks as if the Golden
Crown will be the lirst dividend payer
in the leveral camps surrounding
Greenwood City.
* #   it-
New York,  March   22.���Bar   silver,
59; Mexican dollars,   47.
Copper, dull; brokers, |17's ; exchange, |16k to $17'*,.
Lead, barely steady; brokers, $4.20;
exchange, $4.41) to 94.4%.
Tin. firm: Straights, $28,115 to
123.85; Plates,   linn.
# *   *
A Greenwood despatch says: W.
B. Paton of this town has returned
from Camp McKiniiey, where he went
accompanied by the engineer of the
McKinney Gold Mining & Milling
Company to muke preparations for
immediately starting work on the holding of the company of which he is the
���eoretarytreasurer.      This    oompany
The Nelson and Vernon Company Will
Greatly Extend its system.
George Hodge, local manager of the
Nelson aud Vernon Telephone Co,,
has returned from a trip through the
Boundary Country where he ,vas looking after the interests of his company.
All the telephone wires strung iu
tin* Boundary country are now owned
and operated by the Nelson and Vernon Telephone Oompany, which corporation also has systems on Ihe Coasl
and iu Kootenay In order to secure
service with Spokane this concern
connects at the bonmlnry line with the
wires of the Spoknne and British Columbia Telephone Company, which
built the first line north from Sm-
kane, some three years since. The latter line consists of one wire, while the
former uses a metallic circuit through
out The activity in mining devel
opnient mid railway building this
year in the Boundary country has
resulted iu much more business than
the present telephone facilities are ad-
equnte for, and as a result some new-
hues are projected and will soon be in
course of construction.
H. W. Kent, general manager of the
Nelson and Vernon Co., with headquarters at Vancouver, is now in the
Boundary country on a tour of inspection. Iu addition to installing local exchanges at Greenwood and .Grand
Porks, the material for the first named
being now en route, the Vernon and
Nelson Co., will make improvements
all along the line from the boundary
lo Greenwood, the present terminus.
Arrangements have been made with
the Inland Telephone and Telegraph
Co., which now operates a metallic
circuit, north from Spokane, to build
38 miles of a similar copper metallic
circuit to tlie town of Russell, at the
boundary line, one and a half miles
from Cascade, where connection will
be made with the Vernon nnd Nelson
Co's, present Boundary district line.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Hossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo,
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
cheaper  than
the   Factory,
Prices 25   per
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale aud Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lot",       -       Nelson, B. C.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
-%*���%-�����-�������� ���%���%���%���-%--%%���%��������%���%�����%-
J. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
Nelso!)   Tent   ai)d   AWi)ii)g   Factor!)
Canvas Goods, Tents, Awning, and
Fancy Striped Curtains lor Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
$6.75   PER  TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should   be   forwarded
either personally or bv mail to the office of
General Ajjent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Out of Sight
Are You ?
fc Real Estate and Insurance Agent. E3:
E The Birkbeck Investment,  Security ^
g and Savings Co. 3
^    advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and   3
^z 8 years by monthly instalments, z*^
All Kinds Of Smoke.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
B.   GRAY,
Enderby and Vernon.
IP.   O.   BOX   611
will    fit    you
Patenaude Bros.
As w-f keep nur Tobaccos in both oui
nh!e to carry a large nml assorted stock.
T. & B. PLUG
B. <
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   82,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative statement, showing  ihe progress mide hy this Bank iu the
past ten years: """' *"""
Cnpitnl Paid   Up...
Liabilities to Public
Total Ass'ti*.
iii 1,000,000
I List Your Real Estate
With Us.
We have $6,00000 Outside Capital waiting to invest in any
snaps In Nelson Real Estate.
Excise and Customs Bonds we i ve
: I'nrsiniiil lu tin' < i-riilior- 11 ii-i It.'i'il Acts
nml Aiui'iHli'il Acts,
$ 1,800,000
x.iim  ��..-,o- -.-  --  12,737,000
(ieneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms,   Interest allowed on special
deposit!   nd on Savin*,' Rank accounts,
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Ravlugc Bank department 1ms been Ml&blUbed In conneotlon with tho Nelnon branch of
this bank. Depotlu ofono dollar and apwardi renoivodi ind current ruto of lulomt wtoww.
ul prcHciiL.'l pur cunt, pur annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
(i  8-Room   Home,   bath
tt       conveniences	
th   anil    ull
Two Lola and House with U room** on s.iiica
street between Josephine and Hall s reels,
beautifully    situated.     Price   1*1,.'-00.
Terms $i,5*w ei*.ii, balance to
be    arranged,
Lot anil Bouse Latimvr streei, near Josephine,
streei, Price $1,000.    Terms $000 cash,
bulaneeon mortgage.
\jot anil Slur
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
�����������*���**�����.*�����'�����'*�����������*��*��������� esesl
I on Haker streei
Price 88,imo.
, good location,
j ljo\ on Baker street, near Ibe eomer ot Cedar
street, SHOO.
I Also a large list of the best  Resident's) Property in the city.
| Agents fur Ailditioii"A"aiiil"lliiiiiu"Addition,
Frank A. Tamblyn
 Haker Street, will have, throughout
the HUiuiiier, an assortment of the
choicest House plants ever recoived
in Nelson. New shipments jivery
Tbo British Oo'umbia Portnanonl   Loan and
BavinffB company, who givo tin: moflt reasonable tormi to borrower*, allowing Principal to I |"!r,1"'01
bo paid off at any tlmo without Charging uny
G-amble & O'Reilly,
NOTIOE Iti hereby given that Samuel J.
Mlghton, of Nelson, II. C. heretofore earning
on business as Tobacco Merchant at Nelson. II.
0 has by deed dated ihe lillli day of March,
A I) IKS) *, assigned all his personal esUle,
credit's and elfeels, which may be seized and
sold under execution, and all his real estate, lo
Hugh It. Cameron, of Nelson. II, O.. Agent, in
trust for the benefit of his creditors. The inld
.Iced was executed bv tne said Samuel J,
Mighton and by the said Hugh it. Cameron, on
the 10th day of March, A. 1>.. KM'.), and all per-
���onehavingolalms aralnsl ihe suid Samuel J.
Mlghton are inquired,on or before the loth day
of April. A.D. 18B9, to send to the Trustee full I
particulars of the same, duly verified, together
with lhe particulars of  the  hccurlly   lif   anyl
"Notice Is hereby further given thai after the |
said Hllh day of April. A. II.. 1898, the trustee
Will proceed to distribute the assets  of  the i
trust c-tutc amongst  those creditors who are
entitled thereto, nnd whoso chiinis havo then
beon lodged with hlni, having regard only lo
theoMmsof which he then icis nol Ioe, nnd
thai be will not be responsible after said dale
tor tho assets of tbo said irust estate, or any ;
pari tbeicof. *o distributed In any person or j
Demon, llrm or corporal ion of whose claim he
' '     iiii notioe Bt the time of distribution
CRESTON, B. C. crow.SVsTtjne.
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
C. A. BICELOW, ��� Manager.
OoDeral Broker.
lleul Estate in nil Parti ol the
Nolice'is'liercby given that a meeting of the
creditors of the said Hnmiiel J. Mighton will be
he'd nt the law offloe of Macdonald K .lohiison
lieu ai mo m*> >,,,..,. ... ;-."��������������� -* �����������*������-".
on Maker sheet, In the (ity of Nelson, on Mon
day Ibe'.IMhday of March, A. I).. 1809, al thu
hour of two o'clock in the afternoon.
Haled  at   Nelson,  li.  ('.,  this   loth  day of
March  A. I).  181*.
Hollcitor, for the said Truites.
ki-, l.ni:, Accident
and Sickness Assurance.
| Went Kootenai Valley, B. C, on  line
ot'O.N. P. Hy., and
Nelnon k Bedlington Ky., now  under
���    ��� -.. .jgardingi	
be had of GEO. M'FABLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
MONEY  TO  LO A.N Creston Townsite Co.,
, Aberdeen Blocki     ,    ,    . J 0BB8T0N,  B. O.


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