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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 20, 1899

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"-'.�����- '- u'v-'rJ*'1 w.**!
Daily Edition No. 268.
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday, March 20,   1899.
Press of Three   Countries
Speak of Him,
London Papers Differ With Him  iu  Regard to the  Future   of the
Uuited States.
Loudon, March 18.���The newspapers this week, reprinted from the
American papers the interview which
a correspondent of the Associated
Press had with Mr. Cecil RIioiIob on
board the steamer Hapsburg and whioh
was printed on March li in America.
The remarks of Mr. Rhodes on America's imperial future have attracted a
great deal of attention. The Spectator, however, suggest! that the energy
of the Americans may not prove persistent enough for the vast task of
conquest and occupation whioh the
South African statesman sets before
them, addiug: "Their system, though
it produces men of ability, is probably not favorable to the development
of a meteoric genius and without such
a man the work oan hardly be done
rapidly. Eating South America like
nu artichoke, stato by state, is a task
to overstrain any ueople, eveu thu
Americans. The currying out of the
work, too, might bring to n head the
great danger of the United Stales, tho
differences in the ideal ami permanent
tendency between the North and
South. It is true that the state system of America is a wonderful system of empire, but it is ulso a wonderful provision for disintegration. The
North may refuse to persist in a careei
of conquest which wearies it,and with
Canada, may elect to form a Republic
with another deal than governing,
which, although attractive, wears
out the surplus energy of the governors.
"If anyone tells us the United Statns
will expand to the Straiis of Maolel
Ian in spite of themselves, we may lie
liove him, but if ho says, us Mr
Rhodes says, that this expansion sliuli
!*e deliberate, we shall hesitate and
iisk for evidence that thoy wish the expansion to last."
Mr. Rhodes' striking personality
stood out iu bold relief tins week
against the political background of
minor interests. The press of thru-,
countries. Great Britain, Germany
and Franco, was full of him. His
visit to Berlin makes an Important,
onward step in the Anglo*German understanding and French papers realize
this but state that the idea thnt tlie
assistance of Germany might eventually be counted on in a war between
France aud Gnat Britaiu is preposterous. The Figaro sees iu Mr. Rhodes'
reception at Berlin sure proof of a secret convention between Great Britain
and Germany, whilo Temps says:
"Frankly it is impossible to overrate
ils importance. It is iu plain proof <f
Emperor William's desire for a ro-up-
proui'hment with Great Britaiu and
the power and weigh of such a combination cannot be exaggerated." Mr
Rhodes however, has uot yot arranged
a hard and fast agreement repeating
Cupe-to-Cairo railroad. Politically Mr.
Rhodes and the Emperor have arrang-.
ed.but financially their arrangement is
hanging lire and negotiations between
Mr. Rhodes and a German syndicate
respecting financing the German portion of tho railroad have not yet been
concluded, though Mr. Rhodes has
expressed the hope that au early agreement will be arrived at.
It further appears that Mr. Rhodes
expressed astonishment at the German
Emperor's surprising knowledge of the
details of the matter and the German
olllcial quarters in their turu were surprised at Mr. Rhodes' cinidid allusions
to future political projects, including
an Anglo German partition of Porta
gal's East African possessions, which
Mr. Rhodes fully expects Portugal
will be willing to sell to the two powers within three years. At present Mr,
Rhodes is at Amsterdam arraugiug for
the fiuauoial support of the Dutch
Up to now the recoptic n given to
Queen Victoria in the south of France
has been all that could be desired.
There was a pretty sight at Ciniiez,
wheu a deputation of fishwives aud
market, women from Nice attended in
their picturesque costumes, this week
to present the Queen with a. bouquet
of choice flowers and an uddrtress of
welcome. Queen Victoria, ou approaching them, ordered her carriage
stopped aud spoke a few kindly words
of thanks to the delighted fishwives.
Tho Queen held a family council
at Cimiez recently to discuss the Saxe-
Coburg and Gotha succession, the death
of Prince Alfred of Suke-Coburg
and Gotha, only sou of the Duke of
Suxe-Coburg aud Gotha, making such
a step neeestary.
The Duke of Oonuaught, younger
brother of the Duke of Saxe-Coburg
and Gotha, and third sou of the Queen
came from Cairo to Cimiez in order
to take part, iu the deliberations
Trouble    Between   Miners   Did   Not
Surprise  Washington.
Wmhiugtoa,   O,   C,   ttereh   17.-
It is said by of the American Corn j
missiouers that they wore sadly em-
I barrassed in their efforts to settle the
Alaskan boundary dispute by the British Columbia Legislature, which far
from endeavoring to secure a peaceful
adjustment of tho boundary difficulty
had by the passage of irritating legislation done muoh to retard an agreement, With infinite dillicultv the
Joint Commission had succeeded in
reaching an agreement to which all
could subscribe, looking to the settlement of this boundary question and of
the conflicting mining interests generally. Within a week the British
Columbia Legislature hud passed au
act uulifying completely all of the
interests which American niiuerB
had so painfully and expensively acquired iu the new Atlin district.
This caused great irritatiou and was
the subjeot of considerable discussion
bofore the Commission. It was be-
lievod, however, lhat with the ratification which was expected to be negotiated, carrying with it the provisions
for the settlement, of the mining controversies, the obnoxiouR law would be
vacated by tbe superior force of tho
treaty. Apprehensive of trouble in
the event of the failure of that instrument, tho two Governments**���the
United States and Groat Britain--roach-
ed au agreement in the nature of a
modus vivondi, designating by certain land marks the boundary between
the British and American possessions
in the Klondike section down to British Columbia.
Dancers in   the   Opera   House  Barely
Nanaimo, B. 0., March IB.���While
1100 dancers wero enjoying themselves
in the Wellington Opera Houbo early
this morning, some one iu a candy
stoie below overturned a lamp and
tho whole building wns in flames in a
fow minuter. Tho dancers fled from
the building in confusion, one barely
escaping. The flames succeeded in
reducing the Opera House, Grant ,les-
sop's drug store, a barber shop and
Henderson's confectionery establishment to ashes before they were go-
under control. Tho total loss is $20,000,
about half covered by insurance.
Regina, N. W. T., March 18.���
Shortly after 11 this morning, a fir*
was discovered in the Standard printing offloe, The bridgade was prompt] ���
on tha iinnt. but as the struotoro n.*,^
entirely of wood ihe whole of tho interior v.-us quickly enveloped in
lliunes, und nil that could be done, wu*
ti save tbe adjoining buildings ol
Child and Jonder und prevent injury
lo the Regina Trading Company s
store. The Standard office wns com
pletolv gutted and everything destroy
ed. The plant wns worth $0,000, stock
including library $1,000 and the building $1,000.    The insurance iu $4,000.
Ottawa, Ont., March 18.���The trade
returns for the Dominion for eiglil
months ending February 28 last show
Inorease in the aggregate trade of $11,-
643.441, as compared with the sau e
period last yenr The aggregate trade
for the current fiscal vear is $215,070,-
042 as against $203,4:11,201 for 1807-98.
The increase is made up entirely from
imports, there beiug a decrease in exports of $4,961,664, and an increase in
the imports of $10,5112,005. Duty increased by $2,277.0111, or from $14,150,
115 in 1897-89 to $10,427,128. in
St. Catherines, Out., March 18.���
The medical staff of the local hospital,
comprising Doctors Armour, Leitcb,
King, Merritt, Shoanau and Smith,
have handed in their resignations to
the board of trustees and tbey have
been accepted. Dr. .Tory is temporarily in chnrgo until the matters in
dispute can be arranged or n uew staff
is procured. Tho trouble arose ovor
the efforts of the medical gentlemen
to huv-i certain rules as to interior
management of the institution.
which the board of trustees would
uot consider.
London, March 18.���Enquiries at
the High Commissioner's otllce with
regard to trading between Onuada and
tbe Mother Land continue. Addresses
arc asked for reliable Canadian firms
shipping wood palp, mica aud oil manufacturers of furniture uud dealers ill
walnut and birch lops. A Bristol
firm desires the agency of a Canadian
packing house.
Hon. R. Dobell, sailed for Canada
Manila, March 19-8:30 a. m.��� The
Filipinos in force attacked a company
of tbe Washington Volunteers at
Tagnig last night. Two complete
Companies of the Washington and Oregon regiments wero sent to the assistance of their comrades aud drove the
rebels buck in front of the 22nd regulars who also ongaged the enemy.
Two American soldiers were killed
and au officer and 18 privatfS wore
wounded. The enemy's loss was severe.
One Day After New York's
Terrible Fire-
There Are Also 16 Known Dead up to
Date  and   Fifty-Seven
New York, March 18.���Through the
incessant rain today, their efforts hindered by a chokiug smoke that arose
from the half quenched ruins, more
than two hundred meu from the building, police and fire departments
sought, but only with half satisfying
results, the bodies of the persons believed to have perished in yesterday's
terrible fire at the Windsor Hotel.
Most of the time the smoke was so
dense that the workmen oould soaroely
see thoir hands before their faces.
The heat from the mass of debris,
glowing red in places, held the resou-
ers almost beyond its limits. Besides,
the remnauts of the walls left standing were so shaky and threatening
that it would have been dangerous to
allow the workmen to prowl abont the
mass of riveted iron mid bricks.
Efforts were concentrated on clearing
away the debris, removing weak
walls, drilling the chimneys i.n.l other
parts, the blastiug making the wny
safe for tho men digging in the ruins
for bodies. No more bodies were taken
from the ruins today The latest estimate tonight is 16 dead, till missing
and 57 injured. It is believed the men
will be able to proceed with the gruesome search tomorrow with some assurance ot satisfactory results. Several
fire engines bud kept their stations all
night long throwing heavy streams of
water on the ruins. Occasionally a
muss of Hanie wonld struggle up from
some unnoticed spot like u great bubble
uud burst away ns the stream* were
played on it. Through thn day explosions of gas punctured tho continual
pumping sound of the enginos. The
scene of devastation in tho immediate
viciuitv of firo can senrely he imagined. Broken and blackened windows,
wrecked doors, smashed railings, dirt
und geucral debris surrounded almost
every house. Thousands of spectators
pouring from every streot and from
overy transit liue that passed near the
scene of the great holocaust, aud from
private carriages as well, packed the
thoroughfares surrouudiug ull day.
passi ig as close to the ruins as the restraining police lines would permit,
and straining their eyes in hope of
catching sight of some ghastly spectacle. One hundred policemen held
buck tbe crowd. Warren F. Lelaud.
the proprietor of the Windsor, had
somewhat recovered today, but is still
in a feeble condition. He is as yet unable to account for the origin ot tho
fire. It "'as learned t iday that Eld-
ridge Gerry had the building and the
furniture that bolongod to the hotel
fully insured.
St. Louis, Mo., March 18.���For five
minutes today darkness settled down
over St. Louis and vicinity, smoke,
and clouds combining to make a pull
that rend* red lights everywhere necessary. Thero was almost a panic
among tho jail and city hospital inmates for a time. the. fear being general that another tornado like of May
27, 1800. was about to visit the city.
A dispatch from Rob Roy, Arkansas,
reports a tornado there, killing one
man and injuring several others.
Madrid, March 18.���A cable message
received from General Rios, the former commander of the Spanish troops
in the Philippines, says the situation
of the Spaniards at Manila is so critical that they all desire to return
home, the Americans rendering their
sojourn iu the Philippines impossible.
The steamer Luzon left Manila yesterday for Cartagena taking a number
of Spanish soldiers and 120 ollicials.
Havana, March 18.���Dr. Powers,
of the American church Missionary
Society, is about to ask the church for
a donation of $10,000 to be used in the
erection of orphan asylums in Matan-
zas and Havana provinces. Dr. Powers believes that Cuba is the greatest
field iu the world for Protestant work.
Cleveland, Ohio, Maroh 18.���At a
meeting of   the   executive   committee
i of the Lake Carriers Assocutiou held
hero today, it wus  decided to advance
j wages of sailors five dollars per month
! for  the coming  bodsou.   The advance
j will be general.
Berlin, March 18.���The gravos of
the victims of the revolution of March
1898 were deocrnted today by large
orowds of people. There were many
policemen on hand but there was uo
disturbauee ef the peaee.
New Military Bill is Not of
His Liking.
Would Dissolve the Reichstag aad Order
a New Election���Viotory for
Berlin, Maroh 18.���The unexpected
Reichstag crisis, which has overshadowed everything this week, has
brought forth tho fact that the Reichstag, judging from the words and
manner of the Minister of War, Geu
eral Gosslier, was led to believe that
the Emperor and the Buudesrath were
satisfied with the military bill as fixed
by the budget commissions report,
granting everything demanded iu the
shape of re organization of the artillery nnd cavalry and an increase of
the army peaoe footing, exoept that
only seven thousand men were granted out of the 23.000 asked for. This,
however, is really not the case, so far
us the Emperor is concerned, and it
was only after the Minister of War
suddenly announced that the report
was considered insuffloieut that it
wus discovered His Majesty insisted
upon the passage of the bill iu its original shnpe, or elBe the Reichstag
would be dissolved aud new elections
ordered in this issue.
Those who ure close to the Emperor
have repeated his saying on tbe subject, which leaves no room to doubt
His Majesty's attitude. But he is virtually alone in the stand taken, since a
majority of the Bundesrath made it
(dear to the Imperial Chancellor,
Prince Hohenlohe, on Wednesday,
that their governments were satisfied
with the bill in tbe shape reported.
He further declared that a dissolution
of the Reichstag for such a trifiin**
matter seemed undesirable and injudicious, the Buudesrath beiug constitutionally the final arbitrator iu the
matter. The Emperor risked being
discredited if ho carried out, his intention of dissolv iuk the Reichstag and
it also seemed Clear mat tho result of
an election wr iild not bo more favorable to tho Emperor's wishes. The
popular vote, represented by tbe majority rejecting the inorease in tbe
peace footing of the army on Tuesday's vote standing 209 to 141,outnumbered the votes rejecting other proposals by almost two to one. Nevertheless, it was very hard to change
tho Emperor's mind and it was only
after it was shown to him that by the
additional resolution the Government
would be assured a few years hence of
what it contended for, that he consented. Still the Emperor felt that the
Reichstag's action was a personal defeat aud his mortification was correspondingly great, for the influence of
the court military party for weeks has
been strongly exerted in the direotiou
of not yielding in this matter. Tbe
triumphal shoutings and spoutings of
tlieOppositiou ou Tuesday when it
became evidout that the Government
and the Emperor would yield to utterance of a like nature in the Opposition
presB have helped to intensify His Majesty's mortification. It iB said that
he feels dissatisfied with Prince
Hohenlohe, General Von Gosslier and
Count Posadawsky Weinhar, for what
ho considers the uuskilfull manner in
which the matter was manipulated iu
tbo Reichstag aud the lack of Bupport
of the Government in the press Before the decision of the Reichstag was
arrived at, the correspondent here of
tho Associated Press heard a gentleman of the Emperor's surroundings
sav : "This has been old Hohenlohe's
py'rrhus victory. The Emperor is
tired of him and he will have to go at
the first fitting opportunity.''
New York Church Where Women Will
Not Wear   Head Gear.
New York, March 18.���Calvary
Methodist Episcopal church has a re
ligion-social problem on its hands that
will interest churchgoers everywhere.
This notice haB beeu posted in the
church vestibule : "All persons worshipping in this church are requested
to remove their head coverings." Of
course tho notice points directly to
the feminine members ot the congregation, many of whom are not content
to discard thoir expensive head gear
in church hours. Others w ill take up
the movement as the pastors generally
agree that women should remove thoir
hats iu church. Whether tho fair contingent of Oulvary Ohuroh will obey
the notice is a question.
Madrid, March 18.���The Cabinet at
today's session approved the credit for
the payment of the interest on the Ou-
bau debt,
Loudon, March 18.���The Indian
Governmeut Bill imposing countervailing duties on bounty fed sugar, has
caused a flutter" in radical Oobdenite
circles. It is frankly and avowedly a
protectionist measure. Secretary of
State lor India, Lord George Hamilton, in the House of Commons declared
that the object of bill was to prevent
indigenous trade of India from being
undermined by subsidised foreign pro-
duets,   This, the Hadleals point out,
is pioteotion pure and simple and they
express fear that it may be the thin
edge of the protection and that it may
be eventually transplanted to Great
Britain with quite as muoh reason us
in its introduction in India.
Cambridge, Muss., March 18.���A
new satellite of tbe planet Saturn bus
been discovered by Professor William
H. Pickering at the Harvard Observatory. It is three and a half times as
distant from Saturn as Lapatus, tho
outermost Butellite hitherto known.
The period is about seventeen months
and the magnitude fifteen aud a half.
The satellite appears four plates
taken at the Arequipa station with tho
Bruce photographic telescope. The
Inst discovery among the satellites
of a Saturn was made half a century
ago in September 1848 byj Professor
George P. Bond nt thnt time director
of the Harvard Collego observatory.
Ottawa, March 18.���The Yukon Valley Prospecting and Mining Company,
Limited, of Chicago, have designated
William James McLean, formerly of
Winnipeg, as its agent and manager
within the Yukon district and authorized to represent the company aud to
accept process in all suits and proceedings against the company for any liabilities incurred by the company, and
has by license dated loth day of March
1899, beeu empowered lo enrry on
miniug operations iu the Yukon dis-
triot and Northwest Territories with
tlie privileges of a free miner.
Paris, Maroh 18.���President Loubet
today reoeived the members of tbe
diplomatic corps, who tendered him
thoir congratulations and those of their
respective governments. Prime Mill
ister Dupuy, M. Delcass, Minister of
Foreign Affairs, aud the members of
President's, military uud civil household were among those presonted.
The Austrian Ambassador Count
Wolkenstein.ou behalf of his colleagues
felicitated the new President of the
French Republic, who iu response,
briefly thanked the diplomatists for
their expressions of friendship for
France and himself.
Hour March 18.���In the Senate
today Admiral Qauevaro, Minister of
Foreign Affairs, replying to questions
upou the subject stated that Signer
Martiuo had violated his instructions
as Italian Minister to China by presenting au ultimatum to the Chinese
Government regarding the concession
ut San Muu Bay uud had therefore
been recalled. The negotiations between Italy and China are now entrusted to Sir Claude Macdonald the
British Minister at Pekin and Italy
had undertaken uot to use force unless efforts failed.
Loudon, March 18.���As Rudyard
Kipling perceived a moral dauger to
the nation in the great jubilee triumph,
so the Spectator this week sees a
moral danger for Kipling himself
when he comes to fully know the
world wide homage his genius aud influence called for, wheu tbe news of
his seemingly approaching death was
announced. Accordingly the Spectator preaches a homily on "The Glare
of Publicity" aud its insiduious moral
London, March 18.���Dealing with
tbe report that au arraugement has
been arrived at between the three
powers on the subject of Samoa, the
Morning Post today says: "It is a
mistake to suppose that the whole
question is in a sure way to satisfactory settlement. This is impossible
while the Beriln not remaius in force,
and as the present would be a most
undesirable moment to make a change
it may be assumed that thiugs will
be patched up for a while."
London, March 18.���A despatch from
Ottawa says that in conuectiou with
the agitation looking to tho exchange
of the British West Indies for the
Philippines or other American posses-
Biions there is a scheme iu Canada to
submit to Parliament a bill to exchange the Leeward Islanda with the
United States for an Alaskan atrip.
Toronto, Ont. March 18.���A Canadian Pacifio yardman, named Robert
Cole, was crushed between the eugine
and passenger coach in the Union Do-
ptit yards hero this morning uud instantly killed. He was a married muu
with a family.
of Trade Replies
Mr. Peters.
The Town Has Several Grievances Against
the Oompauy���Is Not Mentioned
in   Folders.
Editor of The Nelson Miner:
Sir���In u recent issue of your paper
Mr. Peters is represented as saying
that thore huB been no discrimination
iu favor of Moyello as against Moyie;
tbis being so, may we ask why Moyie
is not named on any of the Company's
tables or m-ips, notwithstanding that
it is, and will be the biggest shipping
point on the lino with perhaps two exceptions���Cranbrook and Fernie?
We have more buildings and a larger
population than any place wost of
Cranbrook (save possibly Oreston).
Wo have already shipped about 700 tons
to and from this place, coasisting of
ore, lumber aud produce. We have
two mines actually shipping and shall
shortly have threo aud probably four.
We have also u saw-mill, brewery,
newspaper, five hotels, two general
stores, post office, school, church, etc,
etc. Yet with all this we are not only,
not vouchsafed a stition, but are not
SO much as mentioned on a table or
map issued by the company I We
leave the public to judge whether this
is discriminutiiig in fuvor of Moyelle
or uot. Mr. Peters speuks of Moyelle
as a very pretty site for a station:
Sa far as that goes, we claim, without fear of contradiction, that Moyie
is at least as pretty ; but we should
havo thought that a station would be
chosen on account of tho amount of
business to be dono aud not merely on
account of beauty. Moyie will ship
500 tons to Hoyello's one, and iu fact,
will probably t .; much ?.s all the
mine stations i^tween Cranbrook and
Kuskonook put together. If there is
no discrimination whut are the rules
which guide the company in the location of these stations? Why, for instance, are stations located ot Swansea where there is one family ; Moyelle
whore there are two families ; Toehty
where there is no one at all, while
Moyie, the principal shipping point
on the line, is not so favored?
Further Mr. Peters refers to the
convenience of Moyelle as a shipping
point for the mines ou the opposite
side of the lake. The owners of the
Aurora group (the only properties
with any considerable work done upon them) state, "tbat Moyie is the
natural, most convenient, and most
economicnl shipping point for them."
These properties aro situated directly
opposite to Moyie aud are ouly half a
mile distant.
Tho people of Moyie desire only
what is jest and fair and surely everyone will admit that the places whioh
offer tho most business are those
where stations should be ostabliBhed
first. A station aud agent with telegraphic accommodation would materially assist and promote business here,
to the udvautago uot ouly of the peoplo but also of the company, and these
concessions would bring back to the
company, in increased business, many
times their cost in a few mouths. Our
prosperous towusite must be more
profitable to a railway company than
three or four half starved abortions.
The existing arrangements mentioned by Mr. Peters nre, of course, better
thau nothing and are possibly the best
tbe oompany can do for the present;
but, nothing loss than a duly established station und agent can be recognized
as roullv satisfactory.
On behalf of the Board of Trade of
I have the   honor   to   bo, Sir,   your
obedient servant,     A. T. OLARK.
Hon. Secretary.
Moyie, B. O, Maroh 15.
Montreal, March 18.���James Ross,
commodore of tho Royal St. Lawrence
Yacht Club, was the first member of
tho club to order a boat to defend the
Seawauhaka Cup this yoar and Mr.
Duggau will start work on it immediately.
Rome, March 18.���Thero is no truth
in the report that the Pope was operated ou again today. During tho day
be reoeived several persons in audi-
San Francisco, March 18.���Mail advices from Manila contain the following : Tho Americau, a daily paper
published bore, siivb" Ex -Corporal John
W. Hayes, of Company D, FirBt California voluuteors, a traitor and deserter, has found his just end. HiB body
now lies in a trench dug to bury
the enemies of his country who fell in
battle, Hayes cunie with his regiment
to Manila lust October. He married a
Filipino and two days later deserted
to the insurgent lines. This was tbe
last Ins regiment heard about him until yosterday, when lu burying the
dead insurgents they came across
body riddled with bullets with
clothes of a first lieutenant of the
Gibraltar, March 18.���As the United
States cruiser Raleigh sailed from here
for New York this afternuon, homeward bound from Manila, in order to
be put out of commission,   she hoisted
! tho Spanish ensign   and   fired a salute
I while passing the Spanish squadron
commanded   by   Admiral Oamara,   off
| Algeciras. The Spanish flagship Carlos    1,1111111.i   thereupon    hoisted    tha
| Americau ensign and returned the aa>
I >
s I
Nelson Daily Mher
Published Daily except ir' inlay.
D. J.   BEATON, Managing  Director and
The tenth or twelfth "most import-
nut session since Confederation"
opens very modestly. His Excellency
is made to congratulate the country
on the prosperous conditiou of its finances : regret is expressed thut the
Washington negotiations hud to be
suspended for a time ou account of a
serious disagreement on the Alaskan
Boundary question: the promise is
made that the House shall be put in
possession of tho official figures of the
prohibition plebiscite; Mr. Mulock is
gratified  by   a reference  to  Imperial
penny postage nnd the reduction of the
domestic rate: a short paragraph is
given to the Yukon, which is self-
supporting, nnd t'icn follows this: "A
measure will be submitted to you for
the better arrangement of tbe electoral
districts throughout the Dominion,
as also of several enactments of less
importance." That is all If litis
were to be the programme the session would prove almost uninteresting. But two facts are powerful in
kecpiug up expectation; the first is
thut Ministers invariably reserve something concealed in the Government
sleeve, aud the second that the Opposition often have more to do with
the shaping of the character of a session than Ministers themselves.
It is one of the most barren Speeches
since Confederation, whatever tbe
session may be. If we take ont the
promised Redistribution Bill, there is
nothing left but milk and water.
However, this Bill uloue promises to
afford eutertainmeut. Hint it should
l'e brought down at this time is significant of lively times. The Miner
holds to the view expressed some
time ago, that the House of Commons
has the right to arrange the boundaries of constituencies when and how it
pleases, whether immediately before
or immediately after a census. But
it is only after a census thai u rearrangement is supposed to be necessary
There will be a census in 1901 : why
go at all the trouble and excitement of
a redistribution in 1899? Is it to
repair the wroug of 1882': That has
repaired itself, for in the seventeen
years the country hns absorbed and digested the gerrymander of those days.
A redistribution uow can only mean
another gerrymander nnd a gerrymander now means an early genera)
election. There is littlo doubt Ministers intend that the present sessiou
shall bo the last of this Parliament,
nnd that they wish to go to the country with the advantage of a redistribution that shall be made distinctly favorable to themselves. Iu doing this
they are adopting those Conservative
methods in denouncing which they
soared to such moral heights a number
of years ago.
Tbe Senate ia expected to resist a redistribution at this time, believing
that it is uot in accordance with the
spirit of the constitution. It is probable that Ministers anticipate this resistance, aud are already reconciled to
it If they cannot put through a
gerrymander, they can at least make
an election cry. Evidence is accumulating that the policy is to ohallenge
the Senate, aud then go to the country
ou the cry of Senate reform. The
Seuate blocks tbe way ; let us mend
it or end it ; if we cannot do either, it
will be impossible to tnke auy forward step, and the country may as
well be banded over to those old Tory
fogies and reactionaries. That is expected to take with the country. As
a preparation for the campaign, Nova
Scotia und Ontario Legislatures will
pronounce for Senate reform, and
effert is being made to persuade
Quebec to do likewise. It is rather
cleverly devised, but we should hardly
expect the country to prove so simple
as to be taken in by it.
Tbe Kooteuaiau, Kaslo, is forward
with a plan of redistribution for this
Province. It would divide it as follows : Victoria City, Vancouver Is-
laud, Vanoouvor City. Kootenay,
Yale-Cariboo-Lillooet, and Westminster District, embracing the present
Burrard outside of Vancouver City.
Each would have between 20,000 and
2o,UOO of a population.
Some weeks ago, in au article on
the Aluskun Boundary, The Miner
said*. "The shortest, simplest and
altogsther most satisfactory settle
ment of the whole question would be
the purchase by Great Britain or Can
ada of the disfiguring aud unnatural
strip running down the const und shutting British Columbia oft from the
sea. But in their present craze for
expansion the Americans would hardly
listen to a proposal of this kind." The
extract got drifting about, and was
appropriated by Tbe London News.
It comes buck to the Province credited
tn that papor with a comment by
Tho Halifax Chronicle The Chronicle
suggests a trade, giving half of a degree in from the Ulit meridian iu
exchange for the strip.   But   there   is
another proposal. It is said that a
member at Ottawa will introduce a
resolution reconimeudiug the Imperial
Government to exchange the Leeward
Islands. Let as hope the poor, little,
forsaken paragraph has been drifting
to some purpose.
An Eastern Critic is Severely Brought
to Task.
Miuer readers will recollect a portion of an interview which the Toronto Globe had with D. Spencer of
Brantford uud reproduced iu these columns some days ago, in which Mr.
Spencer deplored the immoral state of
most of the Kootenay towns and rejoiced in the evidences of refinement
be fouud iu Nelson. The New Denver
Ledge reproduces the extract and the
editor moralizes on it us follows:
* So there is wealth and wickedness
ull around us. This is horrible. We
were under the impression, judging
from the way we have beeu losing ads
lately, that poverty wns rnmpaut, and
as the B. C. Goverumeut had with-
drawu their constabulary from so
many towus we thought wickedness
around these parts had become deceased. However, if a tenderfoot like
Spencer can discover these things in
the Slocau they must exist. He says
temptations are many in the Slocan
and moral reformers aud missionarits
ure needed. The gentleman must have
rubber-uecked a black jack game in
Silverton, beeu asked to drink in New-
Denver or looked through a red cur-
taiu in Saudou. As a rule if a mun
prospects for tbe float of hell he cun
tiud it, even iu the effete east. We do
not think that the people of the Slocan are any worse than tbe mill ruu of
ordinary folks. Some of them are not
very flossy ou the ouside but inside
their hearts are sprinkled all over with
free gold of human kindness and sympathy. Many of them are practical
Christians. They do not spend much
time in church howling their complaints to Jesus, but if you are hungry, sick or broke touch some of the
boys and see how quick they will respond to your appeal. It is our opiu-
ion that the Slocan is a very law-
abiding district. We have not had to
kill a man for many moons, aud in
some pints of this silvery district the
churches average more than oue to
every 100 Inhabitants. Mr. Spencer
was evidently at home amongst the
superior people of Nelson as he culls
them. From the way he puffs that
town he must hnve been highly entertained by tbe aristocrats. As lie does
not cull it tough he must have fnilcd
to traverse the piauo end of Baker
Fun-limit to the (Trillion. Trust Deed Arts
and Amended Acta.
Velrrolo-zteiil Keport,
by A. H. Hokl
Mur 13
Mar 7
Mar 15
27 !H
Mm- 16
12. j
:'? DO
Mur 17
Mar 18
5.1 5
Mur l!l
Sun lay
NOTICE IS   hereby uiven that Samuel J.
Mighton, of Nelson, li. C��� heretofore carrying
on oueinesg ns Tobacco Merchant at Nelson, B
OT, has by deed dated the 10th day of March,
A. D..I89b, as-signed  all  his personal estate.
credit-'and effect*, which may be seized and
sold under execution, and all hi.-* real estate, to
Hugh H. Cameron, of Nelson, B. C,  Agent, in
trust for the benefit of his creditors.    The hftid
rleed  was executed by   tne said  Samuel J.
Mighton and by the said Hugh R. Cameron, on
the 10th day of March, A. D., 1899. and all per-
| sons having claims against the said Samuel J.
j Mighton are lequired, on or before the 10th day
' of April. A. D , 1899, to send to the Trustee full
1 particulars of the same, duly verified, together
: with the particulars of  the security  (if any)
, hold by then.
���    Notice is hereby further given that after the
I Raid 10th day of April. A. 1��.. 1899, the trustee
I will proceed to distribute the assets of the
' tru>t cs'iteamongst those creditors who are
i entitled thereto, ��nd whose claims have then
! hern lodged with him. having regard only lo
the el-timsof which he then has notice, and
that ho will =iOt be responsible after said date
for the assets <��f the said trust estate, or any
pari theteof,   o distributed to any person or
uorsom, -inn or coi poration of whose claim he
nnd not notice at tho nine of distribution.
Notice is hereby given ihat a meeting of the
orodltnr* ol thesiid^ainuolJ, Mighton will be
ho d ut lhe law nftlcu of Mardouald fi: Johnson
on Baker atteet, in the City of Nelson, on Mou-
day thc20thda-y of Mareh, A. 1).. 1399, at the
hour of two o'clock lu the afternoon.
luted nl v"Wnn. B, C, this U'th day of
March. A. K  -Mt\
r.' : :;or- for it..-said TrU*t*e
ere is
It is on the South Side
of Baker Street and is
tilled with the very
latest things in Boots
and Shoes.
Who has seen my Cloth- ��nd
Samples of Overcoat SultlnffS,
Trousers and Fancy Vestlngfi
Bays tbey are elegant. The prices
are right. Fit and Fini-h inn
not Ih? excelled in Canada.
Ladles     Tailor-made  suit.-  a
5 & 9 Clement Block.
Tourist Curs puss Rovelstoka dallj
to St. Paul: Mondays [or ToronU.;
Thursdays tor Montreal and Boston.
To  Rossland, Trail,  Hobsoo,
6.11)p.m.-Loaves���NELSON ���Arrlves-lO.Up III
K.iiili n.*i>   Luke- kailo B.tutf.
Stk. Kokaskb
Except Sunday. Except Bund  *
'  p.m.���Leaves���NELSON���Arrives���11  a..i
kon'cliuy  Kiwi   I'niili'.
Stk. Moyi*:.
Mon.. Wed.. Fi*i. Tuo>. Than. s.U
8a.in.���Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives--6.5-j  v il.
Makes connection al Pilot Hay with Su*. Ki
kanee iu bolh directions.
Steamers on their respective rouses cal   ft*
principal Landings  in both directions an
other points when signalled.
Main  Mm* ami intermediate Points *i*-.
Slocan  I'll}. Hall).
li.3B a. lu. Leaves���NKLSON���Arrives-8 Si p. *u
AsoKHTAtK Hates
ami full information    by   addressing neare-
local agent, C. E. Beasley, City Ticket Ag't, or
K. W. DREW, Agent, Ncho	
Trav. Pass. Agent,      Dist. Pass. Agel.1
Nelson Vaiu*o*.i\ ������
Is now prepared to till orders
for Luncheons, Dinners or
Evening Parties.
Melton    Mowbray    Pies.     Chicken,
Veal, nnd Pork Piis.   AU orders
promptly  attended   to.
Ward St.,   -  Opposite Hume Hotel. I""*"*   ""���-'
Dealer in   BOOTS &1
SHOES.      Repairing;
work a Specially. The
Cheapest     Place      to
Deal in Town.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
Spokane  Falls &
Morthern R'y.
Wei son  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
���H��?! Mountain R'y��
The only all rail route without chang
of cars between Nelsou aud Bossland and
Spokane and Rosslaud.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   ROSSL'D   "     3:10
"    8-30 a-m. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Traiu Hint leaves Nelson at 9:40 i.n
-Dukes close connections at Spokane toi
all Poolflo Const Points.
Passengera for Kettl*.* liiver tiud Bouudary Creek,connect nt Marcus withKtuge
C. G. DIXON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Agent,Nelt-uii. B. C,
New Cash Store
'Having leased the premises lately occupied by Lillie Bros.,
we will open Monday, March 20, with a First-class Stock
of Staple and Fancy Dry Goods and Gents' Furnishings.
Stock is fully assorted, consisting of Dress Goods (in all
the latest shades), Silks, (A full range of Taffetta Silks for
Blouse Waists.) Muslins, Prints, Hosiery, Gloves, Laces,
Ribbons, Small Wares, Towelings, Table Linens, Table
Napkins,     etc.        Everything     New     and     U-to-date.
Doors Open at 7 a.m.  - Terms Strictly Cash.
Martin O'Reilly & Co.
Stand Two Doors West of Bank of B. C.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
WHOLESALE A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
Sewing Machine Sale.
As we are short of floor space, we are selling the
balance of our New Williams' Sewing Machines at
the following prices: 3-Drawer Improved, $28; 5-
Drawer Improved, $30; 5-Drawer Improved, Drop
Head, $35. There are only a few machines left.
Drop in and get a bargain before it is too late.
Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
Some Pianos are Sweet in Tone
Some Pianos are Responsive in Touch
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.
Few Pianos are  sweet in   tone,  responsive
in touch and chaste in design.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
Play upon a IMason & Risen Piano,
Examine even the case of a Mason & Risch Piano,
And in it you will find all the requisites ol
a perfect instrument.
Inspection li-jVi-letl.    Correspoi��*icnce Solicited.
Thomson Stationery Co. Ltd, IT
Havana Direct
A shipment of choice assorted Cigars. They are
the best value for the
money In the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
Boarding School
For Girls	
(iyppeswjk. Moss street,
Viotoria, B.C. Senior, Primary Classes and Kindergarten, conducted by
Miss  Green  and
Miss   Dawson.   .   ���
Boarding and Domestic nr-
rnugeineiitt* under the management nf Mrs. Green.
Ladies or girl-** w siting lo attend   any   school   received.
Highest references. Terms
on n|i|i ication.
First-ilass hoard and loom, Todd's
old stand, corner Ward and Oarhon-
ate, in rear of English church, heated
liy steam. Table board $4: room and
board $5 and $5.60.
A collection of fine lieigium Canaries
for side.
Bird Cages  Bird Cages
We have just received a con=
signment of Brass and Japan=
ned Cages, which we are sell=
ing At Exceptionally Low
Prices.       .....
Humphreys & Pittock.
fresh Fruits, Candies,  and all  kinds
of Soft Oriuks.
Canadian   and American  Papers always on Sale.
Next, to Nttlson Hotel,   ,pj?ffi
Tinware and   - Graniteware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelson. B C
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
(Jumps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lowe* Prices
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nnthiiiir but fresh and wholesome incuts and supplies
kept in stock.
.Markets at Xelson and Ymir.
PRINCIPALS--H;ff<^Wfc, camb. eng.
Boarding and Day School.      Present   Numbers 44.     Preparatory   class
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principals,        -        n7, Georgia St., Vancouver,
Steamship Lines
From Si. Jolui
Allan Mno-Cullfurnlan April   *.'
Dominion Line���Scot-mum April  9
From Portland
Allan Une���Ca.-ililian April  8
From New York
White Star Lino���Britannic March 99
(.'iinanl   Line��� Unibrla April  1
American Line���Paris March iw
Anchor Line���Anchorla March ii
From Bolton
Dominion Line-Now Kiiglnnd March 89
Ha��Ka*jesarrKii*-cil toand from all Kuropean
points,   for ml ok. tickets and full information
apply too. P. ft, dopot agont or c. K. Beasley,
City Tlckol Agent, Nelson, 1), C.
Mil   Gonoral Agent, O.l'.R. Offloes Winnipeg.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage al the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
, telephone No. 8s.
Improved  Property
1!..ii-*c .mi 1 lot on Victoria streot,  near
Presbyterian church JJ}~
Houho and \tot on Victoria utroot  'J^'
Houho and Lot on Victoria Btreot  jgH
lion-0 mni 1.ni on Violiirin  street  JjBH
HoiiKO and two lots on Carbonate stroot.. UW
Husiness Corner on Vernon street.  1,JW
Dairy Ranch nearolty-Oircrs wanton.
House to lot on Stanloy street.           ,   ,,. ,,���,
Money   to  Loan-Heal   KstAto   and   ChattU
WauUd-EUntng Shares, Nelson, Vmir and
-MM* Tanar-Boa-ik* BlMfe. �����>��*���� ������ NELSON DAILV MINER, MONDAY, MARCH 20, 1899
Citizen No 3 Urges That a Block of Land
in an Isolated District be
career us Chief of Police. Here I had
been for years a man trying to c1i>*1j;b
policemen, and 1 became oue of the
most important of them. It Rives vou
a remarkable feeling to lie the Chief
nf sncli n town. Ynn oan very readily
imagine yourself a king, for you
come very near being boss of all you
Tlie question before the citizens of
Kelson of how best to rid tho City of
Die standing disgrace, on the East end
of Haker street is creating a very
lively interest*. The letter i'i The
Miner on Friday morning, over the
mim de plume "Citizen'* brought an
other communication from "Citizen
H" on Saturday aiul[ this morning the
third "Citizen" gets at the root of
the question by suggesting a e.ouise for
the Oity Council to follow :
Editor of The Miner:
Sir���Referring to the communications that liivw* appeared in The Miner
oouoerning ibe removal of the notorious East linker street bouses to a more
suitable locality, I would say that being a oomparative new-comer iu your
midst. 1 am appalled, not alone at the
audacious publicity of these i laces,
bin at a City Council thnt has the as-
siu-iiucos to countenance such a condition of affairs as thoy exiBt here, and
expect a community of respoctablo people to tolerate it.
There is not* in the United States or
in Canada a mining camp whero this
evil is so flagrantly displayed as in
Nelson ; tbe fallen women themselves
admit this. Where can you find another municipality in Canada whioh
bus cultivaterl a modern Sodom and
Gomorrah right iu the heart of tbe
town? Where children are brought
more or less in coutact with and are
taught to look upon this thing as a
matter of fact?
Can the effect be otherwise than
demoralizing? Respectable strangers
uie often deeply mortified when walking on Baker street, our main thoroughfare, to suddenly find themselves
���without warning���within the borders of the half-world. Outoasts of society should be isolated from, not
brought into direct contnot with re-
speetable people. The authorities say
there is no other place to which those
bouses can be removed. What would
bo tbe difficulty m obtaining a couple
of blocks in Bogustown?
Another spot is that at the foot of
Wost Baker street, where there are
several acres of land at present occupied by Chinese gardens. This laud
belongs to the C. P. It. and could possibly be leased if not bought; it will
never be used for residence or business
purposes, neither will it become a
public thoroughfare. Let the Council
see to it that a committee is appointed
to look np another location for these
houses; the women to be then given
!i(> days notice to close their present
abodes or to move to the place designated. Should they refuse a system
of heavy fines would be effective; and
it certainly would aot tnke, as some
eouucilmeu (who seemingly, wish to
evade this question) maintain, six
months to get this undesirable element
off Enst Bnker street. A disorderly
house can be rniilod every day in the
week and every week in the month if
necessary to enforce and carry out t ho
commands of a City Council that menus
The Oity would not necessarily he
obliged to purchase the properly of
these women iu order to oust them
from their present quarters. The police court would effectually dispose of
thnt question. City Councils are created for the purpose of looking nt'iir
the interests and welfare of the mniiio-
rnlty tbey respresent. What does tbe
Nelson City Council propose to do
with the question at isbuc?
Nelson,   March 19.
For Illegally   Setting   in    Parliament
He is   Assessed 18,510.
According to reports received in Nelson yesterday C. E. Tisdale, member
of the Provincial Legislature from
Vancouver, has obtained a judgment
against Hon. J. Fred Hume for $8,819
for illegally silting in Parliament
Tisdale also bas a judgment against
himself obtained oue by Fred Bus-
combe for $1,01!), on the same grounds
it is believed.
Souoca Kotchum   Tells of  His Experi
ences as Chief of Police.
A year ago Seneca Ketchuin was a
modest printer working on the New
West Trade in Spokane, says the Spokane Chronicle. Now, as editor of tho
only Skagit County Times, bo is uot
only the wise until of the aspiring
town of Sedro-Woolley, but is fast becoming one of the noted men west, of
the Caseailos. No small part of the
reputation conceded to Seneca is due
lo the fame of his tales of achievements
ilming a term of Chief of Police of
Nelson, R. 0. It wus in June of
1897, while he was Ohief, that several
holidays came in quick sucorssion,
says the veracious P.-I. Thev included the Queen's Jubilee and the Fourth
of July. Thoy were celebrated in wild
western fashion, In fact, tho celebration became so intense that tho whole
Oity Government was incapacitated
fiom business for a week.
"The Mayor began the celebration,"
said Editor Kotchum "I fouud
him around one evening celebrating
iu a fashion that was altogether too
Wild aud western even for Nelson, so
I arrested him.
'"What I'said he, 'you arrest* me?
I'm Mayor of Nelson and you re onlv
the Chief of Police.    I discharge you.'
'"Oh, no! don't do that uow' I
said. 'I won't bo discharged. I refuse.    Come along.'
"Well, I took him around for a time
until his ardor wore off somewhat.
Then we went into a refectory and
Hqqnrod our Hfferencos. We concluded
that we would lolebrnto together. The
Oity Clerk couldn't do anything without the Mayor, so he played poker j
policemen  couuldn't     get   along
without mo, so they quit work The
machinery of tho Government wns
"topped. I think that if tho Queen
bad known what was going to happen
the would have postponed the Jubilee.
"I have had some pretty wild ex**
t>erl��no��s, but uoue of thaiu  bent m***
FOR SALE.���Household goods, including line parlor rug, luce curtains,
door draperies, etc. Must be sold at
once. Apply mornings at house west
side of Stanley street, second door below Carbonate.
P. J. Russell left Saturday for Cranbrook and other points east.
��� Col. Bray ton. 0. P. H. towns,to agent,
ia lying seriously ill in Nelson.
Mr. A. II. McNeil, barrister of
Rossland, is in the City on bis way to
tlie Coast.
Mr. 0. (i. Dennis, one time Gold
Commissioner, is at tlie Phair from
New Denver.
Miss McDcniiott, of Manitoba, is iu
Nelson to take the place of head milliner in the establishment of Mrs. McLaughlin
Michael Clark, cook at the Madden
House, and who has been ill for several days was removed to   lhe hospital
ou Saturday.
Aid. G. Frank Beer left Saturday
for the Lardenn country where he
has big interests, Ho wiil be absent
until abont April 1.
The Board of Directors of tbe Nelson
Free Library Association will meet
this evening at. the residence of Mrs.
J.  Roderick Robertson.
W. H. Grant returned to Nelsou last
night from a visit through the Slocan
County and will leave this morning
for tbe Boundary district.
Melville S. Parry, general agent for
the Kootenays of the Confederation
Life, returned to Nelson Saturday
from a trip to Rossland, Trail, etc
Mr. 0. O. Chipman, Commissioner
of the Hudson Bay Oompany, and A.
M. Mouat, inspector, arrived iu Nelsou last night and are at the Phair
On Saturday J E. Amiable, closed a
real estate deal with Rev. 0. F. Yaios
of New Denver, for the residence of
Charles Clayton situated in the Hume
Charles Hillyer has gone to tho Coast
and will be absent two weeks. His
absence and that of Aid. Beer will
leave the City with but four Aldermen
for the next two weeks.
Rev. Silva White, recently of the
Middle Church, Winnipeg, and who
has many friends in Nelson, left Winnipeg yesterday for New Westminster
to assume a pasturate thore.
There will be a practioe of the Nelson Musical Society at 8 o'clock tbis
evening in St. Saviour's Church. Tbis
will be a special practice to prepare
for tbo sacred concert to take place
W. A. Macdonald, Q. O, returned
to Nelson Siiliirdiy after a week's visit
at Rossland and other points. He ir--
eeivwl word upon his return of tbe si r-
ious illness of Ins brother, Dr. Maodonald, of Brandon
The little son of Mr
F.   Brougham, whose
despaired of on Friday and   Stiturd
bus passed the   critical
and   Mrs    V*
life was ale *
point   find   1-
probably   re-
th.'iugh very weak, will
cover speedily now.
Mr. John ShieldB, for some time
resident of Asbcroft, left Toronto
few days ago for England, intendi
to interest capitalists with reference
the development, of that district
British Columbia.
Martin O'Riolly & Go's., new tl
goods store will bo opened to tbe pi
lie at 7 o'clock tbis morniug with
big line of new goods. Friday and
Saturday were spent in arranging
the goods and the store promises to
present a vory neat   appearance toduy.
The bicycle season started in Nelson
in earnest yesterday. Thero are a
great many more bicycles in town than
one would imagine and there aro al-<o
several good cycle paths. The road to
tbe ti. F. & N. depot was used extensively and liy nightfall a good patl
had been worn down.
Mayor Neelands wns out Saturday
for tlie first time since bis recent ill
ui'SB. He is still quite weak but is
rapidly convalescing. In a few days
he wiil be able to take the muui.'iiml
careB from tho shoulders of Aid.
Fletcher who has beon acting Mayor
during the past three weeks.
Thero has benn an orchestra formed
in Nelson lately consisting of tlie
following talented artists: Herr Steiner, 'cello; Monsieur 0. Leblanc, vnlin;
Mr.    F.    (!.      Pninlon,   piano.    These
gentlemeu will in future furnish musio
for lhe Opera House and are open to
receive engagements here and all other
parts of the Kootenay.
An infallible sign that tbe fishing
season is at baud is Ihe large and complete stocks of lisbing tackle and per-
quisities that the Nelson merchants
are now displaying. It is a little
early yet for many anglers to bo out
but some aro too enthusiastic to wait
until spring is more advanced and several good catches are reported.
A large number of skaters availed
themselves of the last opportunity of
tbe season to indulge in the pastime at
the Crystal Rink on Saturday evening
when iho Hull Mines Smelter Band
supplied the music. During the summer many improvements will be made
to the rink, among them a double roof
Which will keep the ice good next
winter during a month of mild
"I toll yon, advertising in Tho
Miner pays, " said J, .1. Walker, the
jeweler, to a Miner man the other
day. "The first day I had my ad in
yoiir paper people called in the store
'and made purchases who had passed it.
for months past* without looking in.
When tbey came iu the goods sold
themselves but it was Tho Minor tbat
sent them in. " And thero are others
who can say the same.
Tho lakes are still covered with 10
inches of ico, making navigation impossible. Oaptaiu Troup thinks the
Wi will b�� ruualai batwien Arrow
head and Robson in about two weeks.
At present passengers for the main
line go to Slocan Junction, whore
theie is a very comfortable hotel, ana
leave tbe next morning for Nakusp via
Slocan Lake. If tbey choose, they
may go to Nelson and remain over
night, coming back to the Junction ou
the early morniug train.���Trail Cretk
Duncan McBeth. the conractor. well
known in Nelson and elsewhere in tho
Kootenays, arrived home Saturday
night and spent yesterday shaking
handB with his many friend**!. He has
just returned from the "fl iwery bauks
of the Bay des Ohaleur." where he
spent the winter and incidentally some
money, He says tbo first were good
aud the ouly drawback was that the
winter was decidedly cold. On his
way home Mr. McBeth was snow
bound for several hours in the State of
Wisconsin a few miles   from St. Paul.
There was a gathering of Dominion
Express Co. officials in Nelson yesterday. Mr.G. Ford, superintendent ofjtlie
Western Division, W. J. Kirkby, route
ag'uit at. Vancouver and R. Holme,
route agent at Londou, Out, all
dropped in at once. Mr. Ford is on
his way to the Coast with Mr. Kirby,
but will bo in Nolson for a few days.
Mr. Helme will return diroctly east.
Since Mr. Ford's last viBit he says he
sees very much improvement iu Nelson
and is very much iinprcBsed with
the town. His advice to people who
are now in Nelaon ia to "stay   hore."
Nelson theatre goers must bear n
disappointment. Thn management of
the Opera House last night received
word from Charles Astor Parker, manager for Miss Thropp. that the company would not be here this evening
and would not therefore be seen in "A
Doll's House. " It appears there was
some trouble at the other end in regard
to the contract, which Mr. Parker
claims was not received by lnm. In
his letter, Mr. Parker says he can play
in Nolson in May if suitable dates can
be arranged aud this will probably be
done. Those who have purohased
tickets will hnve their money refunded.
Bristol, March 18���Good progress has
beeu made during the past week ou
the new cup defender at the Herress-
hoffs workshops, and tonight all of the
11 steel plates are in place and six of
the bronze underbody plates are in position. A good idea may now bo had
of the form of the boat. Sbe is certainly the cleanest craft of any that
the HorreBshoffs have turned out. al-
through her bow is long and sharp
and she has considerable of an overhang. Her dock length will exceed
that of the Defender by over six feet.
The steel gaff was finished and work
has beeu begun on tbe steel boom.
Madrid. March 18.���The Paris Republican, says it believes it to be certain tli *i ilm Duke of Arcos, ibe former Spauish minister to Mexico, will
be the appointment of Spain at Washington.
To achieve the greatest success
one must use the best means and
materials athis disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builde.'s
cannot expect to do good work unless they have s^ood tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Importers or
Shelf and Heavy Hardware.
Out of Sight
Are You ?
will    fit    you
Patenaude Bros.
FOR SALE���Household goods, including line parlor rug, lace curtains,
door draperies, etc. Must be sold at
once. Apply mornings at bouse,
west side, of Stanley street, second door
below Carbonate,
MUMC LESSONS. ��� On piano organ
���.illn.r, by Mrs, W. J. Antloy, Hebron nil
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Ilox 180.
strictly Pure Cream Tartar Baking Powder
made in the Province Ask your grpoi r for it.
Encourage B. 0 -produotlon, nil other things
being equal. BTBMLER & BARLE, Manufacturers, Viotoria,
MUSIC LKKSiONli-HinKlni*** anil l'luno, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver, Observatory Hired, two
doom west, of Stanley.
WANTED���A woman cook) nurse kepi. Apply Mrs. B\ Fletcher, Slllen street.
FOR SALE���Plrtt-olass sot of tinners1 tools,
'rlco moderate.    Apply P. 0, Box 113. Nelson.
FOB SALK-10-ft. Peterboro canoe, ��t*tol
law centreboard, bronie rudder, and nail, $30,
KUlult Mil H*l* bunt ttlUUi
If You Never Had the Grippe
Don't cultivate it. Better pay $10.00 a pair
for your Shoes than go through it ���its cheaper. But you can't pay so much as that here.
If you Grip on to a pair of our $3.50, $4.50 or
$5.50 Slater Shoes you'll not have the Grippe.
Some of the Choicest Jewels ever received in
the Kootenays arrived yesterday and are now
on sale. I make a specialty of fine watch
Jeweler. Baker St.
The West Kootenay Brick
& Lime Company, Ltd.
Capital $50,000.00,   divided  into 50,000
shares  of $1.00 each.
DIRECTORS���W. W. Beer Esq., W. H. Dowsing Esq.,
W. A. Macdonald Esq., H. G. Neelands Esq., T.
G. Proctor Esq., all of Nelson.'
UANKERS---The Bank of British Columbia, Nelson,
B.   C.
SOLICITORS���Messrs. Macdonald & Brougham, Nelson,  B. C.
OFFICE���Proctor's Building, Baker street (west), Nelson,   B. C.
Issue of 5,000 (10 per cent, guaranteed) Preference
Shares. Also 7,500 ordinary shares of $1.00 each, payable as follows: 25 cents on application, 25 cents on allotment, and the balance when called for, no call to be made
until three months after 22nd February, 1899.
The subscription list for this issue will open at io a. m.
on Monday, March 13th, and close at 3 p. m. on Friday,
March 31st, 1899. Applications for shares, accompanied
with the amount payable on application, should be made to
the bankers of the company (where prospectuses and forms
of application can be obtained) or at the office of the company. Copies of the memorandum and articles of Association of the company may be inspected at the office of the
company's solicitors.
Paints,   Oils,   and
We ask the Painters to test the quality of
our goods, and our prices.
Nelson Hardware Co.
In lhe lead again this spring.   Tht'ir  Stock of Groceries is complete, both
Staple and Fancy.
Their shelves are heavily laden with nil the delicacies in Canned and
Bottled Goods. They.are noted not only for carryiujj the Fancy Stock of
Ne'son, Imt also for cnrryiiiK the Stock Suitable to Supply the Wants of any
Kitchen or Canil). They carry by far the Lai-Rest Stock in Nelnon, and defy
competition.   Tnoir prices are uniform, taking no advantage   on Any one
nrticle above another.
Don't forget to try our Tea, also the New Brand of Flour. The price of
this flour will be very low, and quality guaranteed.
M. DesBrisay & Co.
Did You Get That Hat?
If not at Emory & Wallcy's you need a new
one. We have all the latest Styles and Shapes.
Get one while they last.
Emory & Walley, Sr
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions. . .
We have been appointed so'e agent?*
for Kootenay for UWIBT & CO..
South Omaha, and will carry a fall
stock of meat*! of their manufacture
at Nelson	
Mull orders will be filled at prices
ruling on day order is received.
Head - Offices - Winnipeg.
Branches Vancouver, Vktoria
Nelson, Rossland, atlin Lakr
Taoisii Lake, Greenwood, B.C.
and Dawson Crnr, N. W. T.    .    .
H.  .1.   RUSSELL,  Hanager.
Nl-LSON, B. C.
Patronize 1 lome I n-
dustry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And   oilier    Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   and see   us.
B. 0.
For Sale &sm
House    and    Lot
on Stanley Street,
Between  Mill and
Latimer    Streets
It is a Snap.   : : :
Baker Street.
General Teamsters.
Apis for B. C. Oil Go.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   83.
or   CANADA.
Capital Paid up $12,000,000
Kost l.aoo.ooo
11. s. Rowland, Prim.   T. It.Merritt, Vice Pre*..
Win. Ramsay,      HiikIi Hyatt,      Hobt.Jafn-ay,
T. Hnl licrland St.i-.ynur,      Kllim HoKor-t.
Head Olllco, Toronto.
I). B, WILKIB, General Manager,
K. HAY, Inspector.
Itriiiirlii". In all in-iii.-i-.it! ilili-** and Iowei
In    Ontario   mitl  l|n.*l��ee
lliiiii.-li*-*.     Ill       -llnoll.il.il,      N,irlli-i,i-**(
Territories and llrlll��li .'oliiiiiiila.
Winnii'ku, Portage i.a Prairie, Hhandon,
Sim-mi EDMONTON, N.  W.   T.     Vanoouver,
Nelson, Kkvelstoke, 11. c.
Agontl in Ureal Ilrltaln���Lloyd'** Hank, Ltd.,
T2 Lombard .-trcct, London, with whom monoy
may be deposited for tranHfor by letter or oable
to any part of Canada.
nkihon BRANCH.
letters of Credit IhhuoiI on AlaHkaCommor-
clal Co. payablo at HI. Michael'**, Alaaka, and
Dawson Olty.
Draft*, sold, available at all point* In Can-
da. United SluteHand Eurouo.
Lstton of credit innuon, available in any
part of tin* world.
Having! bank Depnrlment--Deposit! of SI
>ui(l upward*- recuivo-u and Inboront allowod.
Debet t.nroH-Municipal and other debeu-
UllTH purchased,
Money OrdcrH lanuod payable at any Dank
Knten-Under $10, 8c; $10 lo $30, 10c;
120 le $30, 12c; $3n to $60, 14c.
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kind   of day and nlghl  Scavcngerlng'
Work promptly   dono.     Chimney  Sweeping
Box W. Uars MM ��> M, DssMwf-h
ti p
Further Explanation of the
Reported Trouble.
Oompany iB Bringing Dowu Ore   an Fast
as Possible���Kaslo  Transfers-
General Mining News.
There is urent indignation iu and
around Silverton ou aooouut of misrepresentations made in connection with
tho Comstock miue. The Miner ou
Saturday published a fetter from a
gentleman conversant with the circumstances, in replv to the injurious
statements, and now quotes further iu
the mine direction from the Silverton-
ian; The true facts of the matter,
gathered at first hand from the otfl-
ri-ila, are these. The mill, as constructed, was to he paid tor in four
payments, the third one of which
was to be paid on the completion and
turning over of the mill, to the company. When that time arrived, last
Tuesday, the company objected to the
way the penstock was put in,
claiming that a few oilier slight
chauges were needed, aud proposed to
withhold a few huudred dollars of
tbe payment uutil sucb alterations
were made. This, Mr. Mitchell, the
contractor, consented to and accepted
the balance of the paymeut. Iu regard to Mr. Mitchell stealing a inarch
on the company and locking up the
mill, he did this through arrangement
and turned the key ovei to Mr
Thomas, who is superintendent for the
Comstock miues. As for the mill nol
saving ihe values it has giveu fan-
satisfaction so far aud there has been
no disagreement over that question,
between the eompauy and the contractor. The laying off of th? miners in
the miue is owing to the face that the
company has already mined and lying
ou the dumps a large amouut of ore
that they wish to net out of the way
before mining any more, but we are
assured by the eompauy that the slim
down at the mine is ouly temporary
anil tlitU a lar*4�� force of miners will
be put on shortly. As for the statement that every thins: bas been shut
down and all men discharged, it visil
to the property will convince any one
tbat it is employing a good many men
aud teams and has no appearance ol
being a deserted camp. Oue carload
of conceutrates were seut out to the
Trail smelter this week ami three carloads are awaiting transportation at
the null, but the roads have beoonil
so bad tbat they are actually dangerous
and it is doubtful if this ore oan be
got down before the road is made
passable for wauons.
Later.���We learn that the oompanj
is making a big effort to get down a
few more carloads of concentrates I e
fore the roads play out entirely. They
have had the mud slide cleaned out.
having had a force of men shovellim;
all last night and the teams ore
bringing the ore down to the wharf
ier shipment, as fast as possible
* *   #
The Mail and Empire, iu its weeWv
review of The Toronto mining market, says! Several reorganizing
Bchemea were consummated during
the week aud a number of changes in
the personnel of well-known companies are uow under way. Noble Five
was in sood demand on Saturday
among Western buyers. Fouteiioy.
Camp McKinney, is also another
stock which is meeting with Western
euquiry. Republic stuck jumped from
*?'! to 98-80, and a further advance is
anticipated. Minnehaha reutaius active. Sailor, of Camp McKiunev, is
being asked for by *>i��.ikaue investors.
KathniulWn and Novelty are iu good
demand, both beiug popular purchases
anion;; small investors. Hambler-Car-
ihoo is tipped for a further advance.
Old Ironsides is receiving the attention of iuvestors. A thai asea is advancing, and is lwiug disposed of to Wnst-
em buyers around 68 Dardanelles is
recovering and looks all right. Golden
Star was much stronger, aud tit present prices is being readily picked up
t   #   ���
Mr. Wm. Hunter, uf Silverton. is
purchasing many uiiniuK interests in
that section Among his purchai.es 1-
a quarter interest iu tins Sellers Group
a good Oolfey creek property, aud he
Ml secured lately the controlling interest in tbe Adirondack, near Three
* *   *
The uew Board   o    the   Gold   Hills
Exploration   and   Development   Com-
, my of Toronto   is composed   as   follows:   Sir  James   Edgar,   J. B. M*
Arthur. F. A     Hilton.   J. G.   Howes.
W. J. Don-jlns. John   Fey. J. K. Mm
hinuick.   Herbert   M      Price.     Wm
-���trnchan. D   L  I.ockerby. D.  L. Vat-
her,   Judge   Hardy,   H.    M.    Parent,
Hon. D.  Farquharsoii.   T.  W.   Loiter
C. J. Swal-ev, J   H. Thompson. F. H
Chrysler.   Geo.    B.   Casey.   M. P., J.
G.    Riordan.    Owing   to  bis  onerous
'lutisi   as   Speaker   of   the   House  of
Commons   Sir   Jauios   Kdgsr declined
re-election as President, and then nominated Mr  J. & McArthur in a highly
eulogistic     speech      That   gentleman
was   accorded   the   honor of a  unanimous election.
* ��   *
It is reported that a ileal hat been
completed by whioh tin Congo group,
the Keel Mountain gold property on
which such rich strikes were mads last
fall, has changed hands, sayi the Sii-
vertonian Me*-srs Hope and Kam-
liiliUlinjIl have obtained control and
will undoubtedly push work in the
early spring with ihe same vigor as
they* have done during the last year ou
the Emily Edith group for the New-
British Columbia Development Cur-
! oration.
* ���   ��
The Ontario ts Slooan Mines Development Oompany, wbiota owns the
Cauadisu Group."between Sandon and
SilvMton, will put  their stook ut thi
market at once. The company is capitalized for 1480,000, in oue million,
five hundred" thousand shams of 30
cents par value each. The treasury-
consists of 500,1100 shares of which
3O0.IKH) shares are to he put on the
market at 25 cents.
*   ft   #
Mining Transfers.
Easter is Almost Here.      HATS! HATS! HATS!
Where no consiieration is named in transfer**
the nominal sum of 21 Is to be understood.
The following is a  list  of transfers,
assessment and locations for the   week
ending March 17 :
March 11 ���
��� N. T. Johnson   to   John Emdal,   J.3
in Magnet.
Gold Commissioner's permit to transfer portion of   work   done ou Charleston to apply ou Kiugstou.
March 18.���
H. P. Johnson to Chas. Caldwell, '4
iu Monte Carlo, International, Cariboo. Fractional Fraction, N. S. Fraction, North Slope. South Slope. Evening Star aud Northern Liglif.
March 16.���
A. 13. Walker to   A. E. Buzzetti, all
interest iu Fidelity.
March 16.���
Thos. G. Proctor to Henry Roy,
James Alexander Macdonald aud Joseph J. B. Gos8elliu, 1-5 iu Indication, $1500.
G. C. Hearing to Heury Roy aud
James Alexander Macdonald, }2 ->n
Virgiuia Dare and Gold Bug, $500. ||
March 18.���
Fair Chance���Bv Johu W. Sweeney.
Beduin���R. H. Kemp.
Copper Star���Elleu Tuiuer.
Mollie���E. L. Smith.
Delhi���K. M. Keuyon.
DeLamar���C.  A. Freeman.
March 10 -
Certificate of Improvement by Mat-
tie J, Fraser���Golden Gate.
Lieu of work on Silver Bell hy
Wlieuller and Martin
Maguet���By  A. W. Johnson.
March 13.���
Bear's Paw Fraction���By Dolf Johnson.
Match 14 ���
Dream���By Roderick McLeod.
March 15.���
Certificate of Improvement ou Vancouver���By Dominion Mining Development and Agency Co.. Ltd.
Deserter���By D. W.  Moore.
Lieu of assessment work on Jeff
Davis���Bv Josnah Fletcher.
The ladies of Nelson will all have their new
Spring bonnets and your old suit will look
shabby. Call around and let us make you
look new in a new Spring Suit. A full line of
spring and summer goods just received.
H. n. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
The Editor of The Miuer.
Sir���I must thank yon for yonr
kindly editorial respecting the piper 1
sent to the Canadian Mining Ins'itu e
on the establishment of Soieui e
Classes, both here iu Nelson and in
oilier mining camps as well.
I am in hopes that onr Provincial
G vert.ment will be able to JJinnd a
hand in establishing such classes. I
am promised the good will of the
Minister of Mines and of another
prominent miuinp legislator, Mr. J
M. Kellie. in the matter: but it is
easy to see that a newly appointed assembly nifty readily find difficulty in
making appropriations to any object
"sprang upon" them as suddenly as
this idea of miue was. when they mny
be at a loss how to shut the months
Of others whose ut-eds may l*e more
apparent. But the time will surely
come wheu this matter, as well as
other preliminary education, will be
recognized as a necessity, aud if the
Press of B C., will help, it will not
be long before we shall see at least the
nucleus of Science Classes in all the
busy and prosperous mining camps
that are aud will be the very lite of
B. C. in the future. But it is to the
Press that we must look more thau to
individual effort, aud then I think
the labor will by uo means have beeu
in vain.
A. H   HuLDlCH.
Nelson. March 19, 1899.
FOB SALE���Household goods, including tine parlor rug, lace curtains,
door draperies etc. Must be sold at
��� met*. Apply mornings at boose, west
side of Stanley steert. second door he-
low Carbonate.
J   Y.  QRIFFIN   &  CO.
Q    Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "QRIFFIN BRAND" our Specialty.
t? Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, Eggs
     Write us for Prices. 	
Nelson Branch.
p. burns & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
CTD*" T��������������������� '-'-GCCP
Branch. Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Eetail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lot*,       -       Nelson, B. C.
INlelsoi)   Tent  ai)d   AWni-OS   Factory
Canvas Goods. Tents, Awning, and
Fancj Striped Curtains for Verandahs and Windows.
Theo. Madson,
Judge Foriujtetniued on Friday from
holding County Court at Fort Steele,
where there was a lurge docket. He
report! thi t everything is prosperous
in that s.-etioit. and that Fernie more
particularly ii a regular hive of iu
dustry. "Tub mining newi from White
Grouse Mountain tip Goat River is
very promising" said the Judge.** Large
bodies of high grade copper ore have
boon uni'overed. and some very tine
specimen*-, were brought into Cre-stun
when I was thr ugh   there."
Hume���D. W. Moore, Traill Miss,
Hand, Los Auge'.e***: J. T Cauley,
George 0. Wurmard, Hamilton; O,
W. Riley, Inner-soil: Cyrus V McAr-
thur. Spokane; F. J. Donaldson, Sandon ; George H. Marki'.l. Cuuiaplix;
George C. Rowan. South Omaha; &
A Mighton. Sandon ; L Q. Hender
son, Vancouver; A. S.
Francis * *. R. A. Creech
F. Parker. Winnipeg; A
VanoouTer; Qns Dunne
Pbaii���J. F. Skell.
Ford, Winnipeg; W. R. Angus, To-
routo; Miss Legertoa Sau Kranrisco ,
Thomas Btaibird, Fort Bteele; R. H.
Porter. Robson: Meutio Inzicker.
Chicago; A. H. Grace***, G. A Fariui.
Oro:  J. Whitman, Strainer Trail: O.
G. Dennis, N��w Denver; O C    Cbip-
maii. Winnipeg;A   M. Mooat, Winni
peg . W. F. Tve. A. C   Dennis. Trail;
A. H. McNeil. Rossland;   A    S.   Mr-
1' oald. Slooan Oity.
��: Real Estate and Insurance Agent. ^
eI Tlie Birkbeck Investment,  Security f
I and Savings Co. 3
^    advance- nu-ney on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and   -55
S= ' 8 years by monthly instalments. -^
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. k B. PLUG
��       OfFAN   MIXTURE
A�� we keep our Tobaccos in bolh our Excise and Customs Ronds we m
able to carry a huge and assorted stock.
r^^^-^^rT^ C. D. J. CHRISTIE
>    MIST RE  SOLD AT 0HCE.    / ,. . ���   .
f, R| General Broker.
eaUiy \
Aruiith, San
,   Sandon ; H.
J. Hopkins,
Toronto;   G.
t. S-Rootn Modern House In best locauijr Jt
/ in thceitv.  PriaeMSOO, esay terms, f
i {
i Hi  RENT. /
t t
f, Sovvrai g>*o.l I  nml 3 Itooin Cotuui.-- f
Real Estate in aii Parts of the
Fire, Life, Accident
and Sickness   Assikance.
Boose :>ti*l I 1>.*U on Oartxwaic -* r* 11
Hot Spiings. Ark., March 18 ���The
* :* r.**r's jnrj 011 the riot of Thursday
uight, 111 whioh riv*. men were kille<l.
this evening rendered a rerdicl agaiust
Slieri:T Robert William,. ;Uid Deputy
Sheriff! Ooffej Williams. K D. Spears
aud Will Watt, holding that the kill*
iug* were not justified and commuting tbe -.'. ov*.* men to jsil to await the
grand ,ur-j'�� setiou.
I ,
/       njAoairtmesshdowii.      f MflTxTPV    TO    THAN
f   Hoiir.s*\mil^)t*inaUv*��rt.-of the nty.   i lYlVjll U 1 IU        i_l\J t\X\
\ J AWi-dern Block.     .    .    .
j   U VANSTONE. WmMt,   t     CRESTON,
J   H. li. Wll.L!\M<. (qsd> i Bnbr.   i 	
i West Kootenaj Valley, B. 0��� on line
t of C. N. P. Ry.. and
I Nelson k Bedlington Rj*., now  under
/ Hnl bbii \m,
t Baker St., Nelaon, R C
For .1 four-!.*or****** bri.'k block in tlrwnvood
It. c. I'Ui.- .o.il ��pecHk*Uon- a*. W-JWe &
ililler. etPte, VtM-.n. l*n���'Ix��.^l- ��*.;; u. r,.
Qet*tred tor the whole ot the work and tn.it. r.,.1-
or for the diffcivn: p��rti> ot SUM up to Mond-t**
et noon. April 3rd. UW Tha '.ow-nt ot ir.j
leader set *���*u*Ur aeeeyted,
Information regarding Creston may
be had of OEO. >fFARLAND, Agent
Nelson, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
CRG8T0N,  a   C.
New Spring hats of All Descriptions  to Suit
All Tastes	
Stitson's, of Philadelphia,   and  Christy's,   of
London, are Our Leaders. .... ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
Groceries   and  Crockery.
We have just received a large assortment of
Direct from  the  Factory.      Prices 25  per
cent,   cheaper  than   in  the  past.
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall.
*      Gamble & O'Reilly,     a
Civil Engineers & Provincial Land Surveyors.
(Mineral Claims Surveyed and Ci own Grants applied for)
Real Estate, [nsuraooe and General Agents, Notary Public, etc.      ....       	
oludes un Accident and Fever Policy, which gives you
-JdolHl pet week while laid Up or $1500 iu case of death for
the small premium of $3 00 per year.
GAMBLE & O'REILLY, Agents, Baker Street.
All   Communications relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
�����������/�����>���%--����������� ���%%-%%-%*w%*-v%.-v%.
J. Roderick Robertson, ^
General Manage?
S. S. Fowler, K. M.,
Mining1 Entrineer
$675   PER   TON,    DELIVERED*
All orders nitist be accompanied by cash and should   be    forwarded
cither personally or bv mail to the office of
General Agent Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
A Lucky Strike
For Ihe d and Prn-tiy iiiiikei-t*. The p. ople of NeRon and surrouudingt h .ve
long heen trying to Induce 9 me sensible merchant to put tn a stock ol
the celebrated
So well  known  to all go d   bread  makers hb
We feel satislU-1 that all i tei-ivted udotif** this line will fed highly pleased
to know that M. IVsll isay & Co.. tlm leading me chanU of this city, have been
appointed sole agents for Nels 11 The pr ce of this Hour is uiunh lower than
auv other 1 nd quality gun * nutted.   Ask forSStarat
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Autliuiizcil   ....  $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, -.howlng   Ihe progress made by thia Bank lo tlie
past ten years: 1888       '       isus
Cnpitnl  Paid   Cp        $ 1,000,000       11,600,000
Best  200.000
pepo��lt*<  2.882,000
Circulation  003,000
J-"'""*         8,83.\noo
Liabilities t*i Public  4.():is.iMki
Total As*, i.   .r)*istHiiio
Oencral lianking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the DI     I favorable terms.    Interest allowed  on  special
deposit i   nd on Saving Bank nccounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Fossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
ihi-w' '"iL.Ii!1!!5 <u'P"''mf"' h"* '.'"'ii o-tnblMiod In .011111*01 Ion win, n���. Se\m, branch of
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. crowSVsTl
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Can be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
C. A. BICELOW, - Manager.


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