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Nelson Daily Miner Jun 26, 1900

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Daily Edition   No   762
Nelson, British Columbia, Tuesday, June 26,
-J 1  JU���
Tenth Year
Nelson's Celebration Will Surpass in Interest���Thousands Will Come From
All the Kootenays.
Splendid Athletic Programme for two Gala
Days-Many Handsome Prizes to
Be Contested For.
Trades Procession of Decorated Floats by
Day-Brilliant Water Carnival by
Night���Lake Front Ablaze,
From present Indications Nelson'al
big Land and Water Carnival next!
Monday anil Tuesday, July 2 and S,
will be attended by the largest gathering of people ever assembled in one
town in the interior of British Columbia. From all towns In the Kootenays, with the exception of a few in
the Slocan, the citizens of which will
go to Slooan City, come reports that
almost the entire population is coming
to Nelson, the majority of tlie people
to spend both Monday and Tuesday.
The Boundary is going to do better
than was at first expected. After the
big demonstration at Greenwood on
Friday aud Saturday a special train
on Sunday will carry hundreds nut of
the several towns there so that they
may arrive in Nelson on Monday
morning in time to witness all of the
events here.
Arrangements  for  the   celebration
are now all completed and during the
remaining days of this   week the city
and lake fronts  will  begin   to attain
a   gala    appearance.      The    several
hundred   dollars to  be   expended   on
the   streets and  on tlie   lake will be
used to the best advantage.   The plans
for   the   water  decorations   have   already   been  given to  tlie publio.   It
is sufficient to say here, that Kootenay
Lake will never have  been  attired so
beautifully as it   will be on   Tuesday
night   next.      Hundreds   of   Chinese
lanterns, fireworks, searchlights, etc.,
will add to the scene   made beautiful |
already   with   the   many    decorated
boats.    Of this portion   of
bratiou   the   following   is
official programme:
On Tuesday evening will
brilliant Water Oarnival, which  is certain to become the most popular feature of Nelson's Dominion I lay celebration.   Last year a beginning was made,
and,  although   n   first   attempt,  and
somewhat hurried in its preparations,
it   gave   unbounded   pleasure   to  the
thousands  of  speotators.     This year
the display will   be more pretentious.
Tbe  citizens   ot  Nelson,   recognizing
bow delightfully their beautiful lake
lends   itself  to  an   exhibition of this
kind, aro taking a greater interest in
the event and no pains or expense will
he spared to make it a moving and rapidly changing panorama of great beauty.    Steam launches, sailing boats, row
boats aud canoes will  be transformed
into  masses  of    scintillating  colored
lights,   large   passenger    nnd  freight
steamers wilh  their wonderful search
lights will bring the mountains in the
distance, the  rippling waters up and
down   the lake and  the snow-capped
peaks in all directions into plain view
of everyone, and all the while bands of
music will be playing, and for the time
the splendors ot Venice will be reproduced.   The mountains will send baok
the echoes of the applause of the thousands who will view the Bcene and Nelaon will have been repaid for the time,
the trouble and the expense.   It will be
the last scene in Ihe two days' celebration and will live in the memory of everyone wbo sees it until  it  Bhall have
been effaced  by something grander a
twelveiiiinil.il hence.
The celebration will stsrt on Monday
morning at 11 o'clock with tbe trades'
procession and will continue without
interruption  until  (be   close of tbe
water carnival  on  Tuesday evening.
The complete programme is as follows:
met yesterday  alternoon  and seleoted
the following judges.
For tbe Drilling Contest. -E. It.
Wokea ��nd Bruoe White, timekeeper
to be chosen later.
Fire Department Sports. ���John
Houston, M. P. P., and W. A. Galliher.
Trades' Procession.���Judges to be
from ootside points aud to be selected
Aquatio Sports.���Judges at finish:
Mi. J. 9. Frasor, manager of tbe Rossland brannh of tbe Bank of Montreal,
and T. G. Prootor j starter: Herbert H
For the Water Carnival and tbe sailing raoe tbe judges are to be seleoted
later, those for tbe former to be prominent gentlemen from  outside points.
Tbe general committee yesterday appropriated |60 as a prize for a rifle
shooting oontest. Captain Forln of
tbe Rossland Rifles, has written to
Nelson that be will be on baud with
two teams of lo men eaoh and one
team is expeoted from Kaslo. The
local oompany will also enter two or
three teams.
The Water Oarnival Committee met
last night at tbe offloe of Captain J. W.
Troup and adopted n Bet of rules for the
conduct of the various boats that will
take part in the prooeBsion on tbe night
of the Water Carnival.
The rules adopted are as follows:
First���No boat will be allowed in tbe
procession with less than four lights.
Seoond���All boats to be provided witb
0 A. Worsnop, :'. \ R. Seott, bow,
They leave here Friday and are considered to be strong. They are
confident they oan boat Winnipeg.
The Vauoouver World of last Kriday
says; "Tho crack Alexander^bur last
night proved conclusively that thoy
are a belter crew than the Springer
four, whom thoy again defeated by
two and one-half lengths, Tbe early
part of the race was interesting, but
thu win era had the most speed and
opened up quite u gap as tbey ueared
the finishing Hue. Tbey will represent
the club nt the big Nelson regatta on
July 8."
On June II) the Vancouver World
had Ihe following: "Yesterday afternoon the Bank of Montreal received
8200 from tho Nelsou celebration,
which amount will be handed to the
Vauoouver Rowing Club to defray the
expensea of the club's four, which will
take part in the four-omul race on Dominion Day. The Vancouver men will
have their work cut out in the race, as
word reached tho city lost night to tbe
effect that the crack Winnipeg four
had entered."
Worst Is Feared for Legations at Pekin and
for Admiral Seymour. Allies Suffer
From Lack of Transport.
Another Attempt Made to Enter Tien Tsin
and Kempff Reports Combined
Forces Entered June 23d.
Nelson Baseball Club Arrives  Home
Last Night.
The Nelson baseball team arrived
home laat night at 7 o'clock from
their four day's trip to Spokane,
whore tlioy split oven with the S. A.
A.   C. team,   having  won  oue game
��� ��� --   -   ��� �����-���     /-i/AMnpl-f-T C
the   cele-
from   the
occur the
1 p. m.���Hub and Hub Race for a
purse of $100.
2 p. in.���First Baseball Game in the
Nelson-Spokane-Rossland series for
the championship of the Kootenays.
2 p. m.���Regatta begins wilh the following programme:
Four-oared   Race ��� Local crews,
one mile.    Prizes,  pewter mugs  to
winning crews.    First heat, 2 p. m.
Single Outriggers���Local entries,
half mile.    2:20 p.m.    Prize, case of
pipes, donated by Crow A Morris.
Four-oared   Race���Local   crews.
Second heat, 2:40 p, ni.
Ladies' Singles ��� Quarter mile.
3:10 p.m. Prize, silver soup tureen,
donated by The Miner.
Swimming Race ��� Seventy-five,
yards. 3:40 p. m, Prize, gentleman's flask.
Four-oared Race���Local crews.
Third heat or finals.    4:10 p. m.
Tandem Canoes���Hall-mile with
turn. 4:30 p. m. Prizes, silvercigar-
ette cases to the winning pair.
Double Sculls ��� Lady coxswains.
One-quarter mile. 4:40 p. m. Prize,
silver cream and sugar set 10 coxswain of winning crew.
Triplfi Canoes ��� Half-mile with
turn. 5:10 p.m. Prize, silver match
boxes to winning crew.
Four-oared Shell ��� Crews from
Vancouver and Winnipeg. Mile and
a half straightaway. 6 p. m. Prizes,
silver cups to winning crew.
Barrel  Race���Seventy-five yards.
6:30 p. m.    Prize, silver flask.
A p. m.���Association Football Came
for the championship of the Kootenays between Nelson and Kaslo.
6:30 p. m.���Bicycle Races.
Quarter-mite championship of the
Kootenays. Best two in three, Cup_
valued at $75, donated by the Kootenay Cigar Manufacturing Company;
to be won two years in succession
for ownership.    Open.
Quarter-milestraiglit.open; Prizes,
$10, $5, $2.
Quarter-mile handicap for boys 15
and under.    Prizes, $4, $3, $2.
Quarter-mile handicap for girls  15
and under.    Prizes, $4, $3, $2.
Slow   Race���220 yards.     Prizes,
$S. *3.
Prizes for best decorated bicycle
in Trades Procession, lady's silk
sun shade; gentleman's silk unbrella.
9 a. m.���Caledonian Sports.
too yards Miner's Race.    (Open to
Foreign Ministers Have Left Pekin, According to Reports From Japan.
Armistice   Refused.
At the written request of several miners the conditions surrounding
the drilling contest to be held on the morning of Tuesday, July 3, ure
The prizes will be as follows: First, a $100 trophy and $100 in oash :
second, $50 in oash, The contest will be open lo miners engaged in the
mine from whioh they enter at least HO days prior to July 1. They must,
be seleoted by a vote of tbe men working with them aud their letters of
entry must be accompanied with credentials from the mine superintendent.
Entries must be made to K. 0. Beaton, Seoretary of tbe Carnival Committee, on or before next Saturday. The conteat will be one down hole,
15 minutes, the last drill to be %-incb at the cutting edge and the teams
to consist of two men, tbey to furnish tbeir own drills. The drills may
be sharpened by whomsoever the contestants desire. E R. Wokes and
.    Brnoe White will act as judges.
and lost one,    A   coincidence   is con
tained   in  the stand-off  between  the
two  teams,   as   each   team  has only
sustained one defeat this season.
Tho   boys   all   had a good time   in
they   were    accorded
of   treatment   at the
not  leas tban tbau ten feet
a painter
Third���All boats to have a proper
fastening in stern sheets to tie following
boat' ��� painter to. H^^
Fourth���Eaoh boat and oanoe to be I Spokane where
provided with a suitable dipper for use' the  fineat  sort
100 yarus miner s nA...    ,    ,
bonalidem'uiersonly).   Prizes, $8, $4
100 yards open.    Prizes, $10, $5,
220 yards open.        "     $10, $5.
440 yards open.        "     $10, $5.
Half-mile open.        ���'     $15, $7.50.
100-yard Dash. (Open only to
clerks employed by Nelson grocers.)
Prize, silver cup and stand donated
by T. H. Brown, the jewelei
Standing  Three jumps.
$4. $2.
Standing   Broad   Jump.
$4, $2.
Running   Broad   Jump.
$4. $1.
Putting   16-pound   Shot.
$6, $3.
Throwing 56-pound Weight. Distance, $5.    Height, $5.
10  a.   m.���Junior   Baseball  Game���
Nolson and Kaslo.
10   a.   m Drilling   Contest.      8100
trophy  and S100 to winning team;
850 to second team.
1 p. m.���Wet Test for purse of 8100.
2 p. m.���Second   Baseball   Game in
Nelson-Spokane-Rossland series,
Til*    Carnival  General   Committee
as bailer in oaae ot accident through tak
ing in water or in the event of Are from
Fifth���No sails to be hoisted on Bail-
Sixth���No flrecrackera or bombs allowed on the water.
Seventh���All boats to be lit up by
8:80 p.m.
Eighth���All competitors are required
in tbe interest of uniformity aud safety
to observe the directions given from tbe
patrol boat J. W. TROUP,
Chairman Water Carnival Com.
Tbe committee in charge of the boat
raoes, at a meetiug last night, decided
that the preliminary beats will be rowed off on Saturday next, oommenoing
at3:80 p.m., when llynlup's crew will
row against Winter'sorew. As soon as
that heat is decided Matthews' crew will
row against Procter's. Tbe winners ot
theae two heats will hold over until
Monday for the mini -Hinds. On Monday
tbe semi-finals will begin at 2 p.m , when
the winner of the winuing orew in Hy-
slop vi, Winter will row against Beer' a
orew, known aa the Rifle Corps crew.
Following this will be a heat between
the winner of the Matthews vs. Procter
heat against tbe Hudson's Ray crew,
stroked by McLeod.
When these heats have been deoided
there will be two orews left to compete
bands of the players and public. They
stopped at the Pacific Hotel while in
the city and on all sides made a good
impreBsion as the people of Spokane
considered them the finest lot of ball
players that over struck tlie town.
There ���were large crowds at both
Saturday's and Sunday's games, and
I particularly on Sunday did .the town
turn out en masse to see the Nelson
boys play, as the crowd present that
day was the biggest that has beeu at
the ball grounds this season. They
v; ire most courteous in their treatment of the Nelson team, as on Saturday the ".Spokane fans rooted for the
Nelson nine,'' to use the language of
one of tho local players. On Sunday
the crowd was seemingly impartial,
giving our boys as much applause as
they did their own team.
At the hands of tbeir opponents tbe
Nelson boys received the most courteous treatment, both on and off the
diamond. There was none of tbe 1111-
eeemingly wrangling aud kioking
that is usual at inter.oity gamea,
and the work of umpire Dodd, official
umpire of tho Spokane club, gave universal satisfaction in all bia decisions
in both gamea.
The grounds wero in  excellent  condition for new grounds and tbe Nelaon
bovs were  well   taken care of  during
the game.
Dell Diok, a well known  citizen  ot
London, June 30.��� The British
cruiser Terrible has arrived at Ohe
Eon from Taku with tbe latest news,
whioh is as followe:
Eight hundred Sikhs and 200 Welsh
FuBileers have atYniitnd a junction with
tbe American, German and Russinn
foroes whioh has been out off by the
Chinese, about nine   miles   from   Tien
It was proposed to deliver an assault
upon tbe Chinese force at Tien Tsin last
night. It ia not clear what forces united. II would seem that oue relieving
���Milium which was out off, had been relieved by another, At any rate, it is
certain the allies arrived in aufllcient
foroe Sunday to  attack  the besieging
Foreign opinion here,'' Bays a despatch from Shanghai to The Daily Express, dated yost.irday. ' 'inclines to tbe
belief that the worst has happeuod to
tbe Legations at Pekin and Admiral
Seymour ia well.
"Even If the Legations were safe
on July 19 there is no guarantee Ihey
are now. The situation grows more
gloomy. The entire absence of reliable news from the Capital seems to
justify the worst construction which
can be placed upon it. Bad news
come from Making where tho unrest Is said to bo growing   hourly."
According tn a Hong Kong despatch
dated yesterday, strong reinforcements
of Indian police with three Maxims
bave been sent to Kow Loon on tbe
A Ohe Foo message of Monday's date,
says: "Four cannons havo been added
to the west (ort here, where there are
now 100 soldiers swamped. Cbineae
merchants are preparing to leave the
port, all business is at a standstill."
Tbe Shanghai correspondent of The
Times sends the following under yesterday's date:
'A military correspondent at Taku
says the operations ot tbe Allies are
suffering from the want of a reoogni/.ed
head defensive organization and the
lock of transport."
tho second   engagement, which  waa to
have occurred yesterday.
Washington, June 35.��� The Chinese
Minister hns asked an armiatioa in the
sending of American troops to Chins,
based on the assurance of tho Chinese
Viceroys that tbey oan maintain peace.
President MoKinley, while acknowledging his gratification at tho assurance, has made it known to the Chinese Minister that the United .States
��� .111 mil relax its efforts to got troops to
points where United States officials
and citizeus are ill  danger.
Che Foo, Tuesday, June 20.���Rear
Admiral KemptT has reported by a Japanese torpedo boat that the combimed
forces entered Tien Tain Saturday,
June 23rd, sustaining small loss. They
started on Sunday to relieve the foroe
whioh left Tien Tsin on June 10 and
which ia believed to be surrounded near
According to Japanese reports Admiral Seymour has lieen captured and
the Ministers have left Pekin guarded
by Chinese soldiers, their whereabouts
io the finals on Monday afternoon
The Winnipeg Crew arrived in Ncl-'
son on the Crow's Nest boat early
.this morning and will start their
[practice spins on the lake today.
j E. Halton, who painted the
scenery for Pinafore, has lieen engaged
by the city to superintend the decorations of the'streets for Dominion Day
Csrnival and will no doubt make a
meat successof the work, as he secured
a first prize iu Seattle for work of a
similar charooter.
Vancouver, B. C, June 25,-The
following will compose the Vancouver
Crew for Nelson's Carnival; F. B.
Springer,   stroke;   H.   Springer,   3;
I Spokane, was especially attentive to
tbe men daring their stay in tbe city
and spared no effort to make tbeir visit
a pleasant   one.
The players came home well satisfied
witb the result of their trip, although
some of them think that they should
have captured tiotli games.
The first game was won by a splendid rally io the eixth inning, when the
local team got a Btreuk of heavy bitting and piled up enough runs to make
the game theirs of a surd y. Sunday's
game was lost through poor hatting on
the part of Ihe Nelaon team, who unfortunately fell luto one of those ruts
Continued on Fourth Page,
Washington, June 25.���The chief development in the Chinese situation today was tbe effort uf the Chinese Minister to secure au armistioe in tbe operations of tbe American troops until l.i
Bung Chang could reach Pekin uud 1
bring about a cessation of disorder.
The proposition is a novel one and ia
bused on the representations of the Viceroys of tbe moat important Province of
Yang Tse Kiang, tbat they oan maintain 1
order without the aid of of foreign
The Minister brought these representations to the attention of Secretary
Hay, who consulted with the President. The In! lot's decision, as convoyed to the Minister, was that, while
the aasuranco of the Viceroy'a for continued quiet was fully appreciated, the
United States Government conld not
bind itself not to send troops where
disorder existed and where tho lives of
its officials and citizens were, endangered.
Secretary Long said st 4 o'clock that,
nothing had come from Admii alKemptf
in regard to the oasnnlties of the first
engagement ol tbe American marines
1 with the Chinese, or on the outcome of
The Boers Supposedly "rapped Break
Through Kundle's Lines.
London, June 20, 4 n. ra.���Lord
Robots' six oolnmns are converging so
as to close jn 011 tbe Free Slaters, although decisive results cannot be expected for several days. A number of
Boers wbo wero supposed to be within
the wide-Hung net have broken
through General Rundle's lines.
The Canadians wero engaged iu the
Honing Spiint light last Kriday. lieu-
oral Ili-wct's men first cut nil a Canadian out pint of mounted niles at dawn.
Two wore killed. Lieutenant Triglis
and four ofllceis were wounded aud
three captured.
Tbe Free Staters then attacked the
mini|i where 50 Canadiaus wore aud two
companies of Shropahiros, though without effect oa the men were well entrenched. I'nited States Consul liny of Pretorin, is going to Maohedorp to see the
British prisoners.
Decided to Submit Improvement By-
Laws to Ratepayers July 18th.
Very little new business eiiinn np
and only routine business was transacted at tbe meeting of tbe City Council last evening. Mayor Honston presided, with a full attendance of the
The labor question wss tbe first under discussion and was quickly entiled.
P. K. Hhaokleton, seoretary of the
Nelson Labor Union,wrote tbe Oounoil
saying that the union wonld withdraw
its petition, whioh asked for an advance of wages for drillers and muck
ers, who aie engaged on tbe ollr
quarries. The communication was received and filed.
Tbe residents of Mill Street asked
that a ilx loot sidewalk be laid on the
south aide of that streot between
Stanley and Cedar streets. Tbe matter
was referred to the board of Publio
Mayor   Houston  reported    tbat  the
Continued ear Wurln Hags. m
Nelson Daily Miner
D. J. BEATON,  Editor and  Manager
A committee of One Hundred in
New York City makes the lollowiiif*
appeal in behalf ol' the starving1 millions of India: " Famine from lack
of rain is now smiting sixty millions
of our fellow beings. At this moment death by sheer hunger and
thirst threatehs one-sixth of that
number. Thousands are Starving
each twenty-four hours. And the
woe has not reached its worst. Face
to face with even such horrors still
stand countless little children, arid
women, and men, whom food will
save. Thank God, relief may almost instantly pass, by cable, from
this land of plenty to that India of
starvation. Accordingly, only gifts
of money are solicited. What, then,
shall we do? What will you _o ?
In the famine districts are charitable relief agencies, efficient, trustworthy, economical. They need
larger supplies. Surely such supplies can be provided, and yet the
customary gifts to long-established
agencies for the up-lifting of the
people of India not be at all lessened. Meanwhile, the Government
of India has organised relief on a
scale unapproached in the history of
the world. The numbers of sufferers officially aided is not less than
six millions. Even that aid is
wholly insufficient lor the awful
need. The death rate is by far the
greatest in the Native Provinces,
where the Government has least
control. In this emergency, the
Committee of Oue Hundred gladly
puts itself at your service,'' at the
service of the cause. Kvery expressed wish of donors will be faithfully carried out, and the Committee, on its own part, will earnestly
seek the best existing agencies for
the distribution of undesignated
funds. Together and at once let us
move to the rescue. From two to
five cents a day will save a life."
We cannot believe that the good
citizens of Nelson are satisfied that
they have done their full share towards the relief of their unfortunate
fellow subjects. Perhaps this appeal, made by men, and to a people
who are bound by the ties of a common humanity, will rouse them to a
renewed sense of the need for further charity. No one would desire
to cast the least shadow on the
forthcoming celebration of our national anniversary, but if we can afford to spend three thousand dollars
in providing two days' diversion in
the pursuit of mere pleasure, we
should feel ourselves equal to the
duty of helping more than we have
in rescuing life in the famine-stricken districts ol India. In these two
days we shall expend money enough
to insure the safety of a thousand
lives, that may otherwise be sacrificed to this demon of Famine. We
are not called upon to forego our celebration, but if we can do this we
can do something more for the
starving in India. Mr. Kydd, of
the Merchants' Hank of Halifax, will
be glad to receive and acknowledge
further contributions.
for the return of a member it is not
intended that the election shall be
confined to a portion of the people
only, and it is the duty of the authorities to see that all shall be provided with the necessary facililities
for exercising their franchise. It
is not expected that staps will be
taken to have the election declared
void,but if the appeal were made the
Courts would have some difficulty
in refusing it.
A Governor Melnnes has been
dismissed, und a Mr, W.W, B. Melnnes has just been elected to the
Legislature. There is another, Mr.
T. R. E. Melnnes, who has been
writing an insolent letter to The
Victoria Times, whose criticism ol
the attitude taken by the Governor
is characterised as "downright as-
sininity and ignorance." It is high
time a snub was administered to the
Mclnness family, who are more distinguished for insolence than for
anything else.
The Colonist publishes portraits
of the members of the new Cabinet.
They are a very decent-looking lot
of fellows. Mr. McBride is the handsome man of the crowd, Mr. Wells
the pious one, while Mr. Dunsmuir
I >oks as if he were quite capable of
keeping them all in order should
they display any symptoms of
��ele urate
We are now booking orders for
Chinese Lanterns
Colored Fires
Flags, Etc
And if you wish to   avoid disappoint-
'-Br* ^'v<' ,1R y��Hr order
Two    first-class    HOTEL
SITES  near proposed
new railway station.
Business and Residential Lots
in all parts of the original Townsite.
Land Agent.
Next Bank of Montreal.
7-S inch diam. $13.50 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelson
P. O. Box 676. Nelson. B. (V
I   hioni ,
Send lowont price and do ���crlptlon to
B C Assay 6 Chemical Supply Co.
Vancouver, B. C.
Room 1, Tnrner-Boeokh Blook,
14-room home, All conveniences, :
lots rlown town.    A bargain.
Houses nil parts of tha city.
Bnker Stieet unproved property
Income 15 per Oont net.
T.Vfoot best residence corner In tbe
oity.   A snnp.
A good list of building lots to select
Wanted.���200n rook men and genernl
hands for work on White Pass and
Yukon Railway. Wages 88.110 per day.
Board 81 per day. Work every flay.
Pay monthly in cash. Fare from Van-
con ver tail with 85 rolisin after working 30 days. Apply to M. J, Honey,
contractor, 80 Inns of Oourt or A. O.
'Ross, .435 Cordova Street, Vaneodver
or on the work.
There will be widespread appreciation of Lord Salisbury's concern
that so many missionaries in China
should take such pains lo put themselves in the way of beinj^ killed.
These killings are not mere murder,
as some may suppose. In China
th�� work of missionaries is regarded as an instrument by which secular government may achieve its object. The Chinese are not so much
concerned by any religion that may
be taught as they are to keep
their country from falling into the
hands of strangers and aliens.
A district in Cassiar was disfranchised by reason of the inability of
the authorities to get the ballots
forwarded in time for use on election day. The disfranchised voters
ware only about a dozen in number,
but it is a question whether the failure to give them the privilege of
the ballot does not invalidate the
*lccliun.    When a writ   is  issued
Tenders'will he reoeived by the undersigned np to the 15th of- July ��� next
for the sinking of n shaft on the Maud
S. mineral claim on the North Fork of
the Salmon River. Plana and specifications will be mailed on applies! ion
to tho undersigned.
O. G. HOBSON, Secretary
Now North Fork Mining Co., Ltd.
P. O. Box 11115,
Jnne 1st, 11)00.        Vancouver, B. O.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortoaoe
head offioe toronto,   ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to O. L. LENNOX, Bakor St.,
We  are uow doing  Inisinoss in : 5
Next to Nelson Hotel, where we hope to see  all  our
OLD customers and many NEW ones.
Give us a call.
Telephone 10. P 0 Box, K nnil "W
K. O. GREEN        F. 8. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box Nf. Nelson, B. C
Lines West of Lake Superior.
Departure   and    Arrival   Time   of
Trains  and  Steamers.
Depart from                            Arrive  at
Nelson                                     Nelson
Steamer   nrrives   nt  Nelson
from the east, Oiow'h Neet
brunch    and   intermediate
points 2.811
7.10 Train leaves Nelson for Rossland ami intermediate
poiuts, and via Rohson for
north, Revelstoke,the main
lino and Pacific coast points,
7.110 Train leaves Nelson for Sandon and intermediate poiuts
and via Slocan Lake route
for north, Revelstoko, the
main line and Fncino coast
Train arrives nt Nelson from
Rossland   and intermediate
points 10.86
Stekmer arrives at Nelsou
from KbbIo and intermediate points 11.00
16.80 Trains leaves Nelson for
Rossland, Greenwood nnd
intermediate points.
10.00 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Kaslo aud way poiuts.
Train arrives at Nelson from
Rossland and Greenwood
and intermediate points,
and from Revelstoke, the
main line, and PaoiBo coast
points 18.45
Train arrives in Nelson from
handon mid intermediate
noints.and from Revelstoke.
the main line nnd the Pnt-i-
fio coast points  10,80
22.80 Steamer leaves Nelson for
Crows Nest branch nnd nil
poiuts east.
"ORBIT"  Brand and
PREMIER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
i JAMES TURNER A OO.. Hamilton. Ont.
Trav. Pass, Agoot
K. J. (30YMC.
A  G. P. Ago-t,
Big Schooner
Beer or Half-nml-llalf only
The only Rood Beer iu Nelson.
I'or. Hlanlny mid Billon Streets.
Turner Beeton& Co.
i i
Just arrived from Milwaukee
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
G., and Dawson City, Yukon
Our  Clearance Sale of
la still  on and will  be coiitlnueil until all  is sold.
A consignment of Linen Crush and White Duck .Skirts, delayed in
transit, just opened'dp, and we offer them
at these low prices:
Regular Sl.25 Linen Skirts at. $ .75
Regular   2.00 Linen Skirts at   1.50
Refrrtlar   2.50 Crash Skirts at  1.75
Regular   1.50 White  Duck Skirts at  1.15
Regular   2.00 White  Duck Skfrts at   1.50
���J | |       i���������������������hi      ��� j     i,m���.   m-mmm-wmm-*���m_m*i__m
We Have Sold 75 Per Cent ol All the
Portland Cement
Fire Brick, Fire Clay
���_,_.__���- and Sewer Pipe
Uaed m the Kootenay '
Juat Received���Oarload
Dominion Ale and Porter
(in- pints and quarts)
Dominion  White  Label  Ale
(pints and quarts)
This is the finest Ale brewed In Canada.
Dominion  Bulk  Ai.e
(in   l', 'Mlln,   ki'gs)
Teacher's Scotch   Whisky
is still the best
nkwon, it. 0.
Advert IjomontH InKorlod nnilor this hnaA at
too ralfl of 0110 oenl. a word por liiHrrllon No
ad v<iri.iHoin��iii, taken for loan than H conl*.
TO   LKT.���HmiRo  to   let  iiermm  the
lake, move, etc.   Apply 0. Nnwling
Baker streot.
A. R. BARROW, a.m. L o.E
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotoria and Koolonay BW.
Telephone Mo. IIS
V. O   Box CM.
POR   SALE.- Sectional   holler   (op
right) 5 Home   Power,  all   fittings
almost new.   A bnrgnin.    Apply J   Q
Love, Bakor Stroet.
FOR RENT.-2 rooms in WeTTBTock
Apply at office of O. W. West * Oo,
ALL KINDS- Of plain   sewing done.
Blouses nnd children'a olotbeg a apec~
laity.   Mrs,    Ilogen,   Opposite Opera
If You Get Y
STORES, you will do all
your kicking on the ball.
You will have no kick at
the price or quality.
! EL _
The Nelson Coke &
Gas Company is
now prepared to supply the best LIME
in the counlry at
50c per Cvvt,
Special rates on carload lots.    Apply
Baker Street.
If You Smoke
Smoke  the
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
PRICES  $1.25  TO  $4.00.
Lawntnet Hardware 60.
Nelson,   B. C.
General Ak<-��'' f'"' Houtbern B. 0.
for the
Birbeck Investment,
Security* Savings
Co., of Toronto. . .
Money I/mne.l on Stmiirhl ^^tg>l
Keal Batata and Insiirauce.
utb_��, i''""ll!rc'T'���f,n,i':���"&.''Sk
palntem. wallrc h, out of lown. ��.��.
men: IRuUaesWi ,        ,i���(iiin_
Contractu token for dliunon.1 cor. MTU**
J. II. LOVB, Agt., Baker St,
I ^_L"_BW_B!a__IOBl_..���
O. P. R- Pmt Steward Moe, who has
been oyer Okanagau Lake on a trip of
inspection retained last evening.
The water   in  tbe  lake  is 14 feet (I
iaones above low   water mark, having
risen five inches in tbe laat two  days.
Tbe steamer Ymir, which  has  been
laid oil' for repairs since last Thursday,
resumed bin regular rnn last  eveniug.
W. A. Oulliher arrived in Nelson lust
night, having just returned from Vic
toria. where he went from Vancouver,
Dr. Arthur returned homo last night
I nun  a  trip  to  the  Coast, where he
spent several dBys iu Vancouver on Masonic business.
Mayor John Houston arrived home
from Kossland yesterday. He stopped
over in that city ou his woy home from
the Coast. ���
Charles Wf.terman, who accompanied the baseball team, ilid not return
yesterday but will remain in Spokane
for three or four days.
- A petition is h ling pnpared for presentation t:> the citr oounoil, praying
for the annexation of the Hume Addition, it was too late for the meeting
Judge Forin left last eveniug for Fort
Steele, where His Houor will holds
sitting of the County Court, and on
his return to Nelson lie will hold Chambers Wednesday, July 1.
Word has been received from Rev.
Robert Frew, who is now on the Continent, that he has been ut Oberaiu-
uiergua, where he witnessed the
world famous "Passion Pluy."
The legal long viiention commences
ou July 1 and lasts until August III.
During the interval no courts sit and
the Registrar's Office only remains
open from 1(1 a. m. to 2 p. in.
The Ontario Powder Company has
now six buildings iu its plant nt
Five Mile Point as it has recently
added a carpenter shop. They are
now turning out about a ton of dynamite per day.
The funeral of Evelyn f.ucy Sherwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Sherwood, took place Sunday
afternoon from St. Saviour's Church.
Rev. II. S. Akehurst officiated at the
service and also at the cemetery.
Word was received here yesterday
morning that the ��� 'Boston Bloomer"
baseball team would arrive in the city
from Spokane June >9, It is expected
that they will play the local team
during the Dominion Day celebration.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational Clnireh will meet at the
residence of Mrs. McBetb. on Silica
Street, at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
A 4ull attendance of the ladies is
requested as there is important business to be transacted.
In the oonise of another day or two
a 'Post Ottiee will be established in
Pogusinwn. Mr. Nightingale has re-
oeived bis appointment as Postmaster
from the authorities nt Ottawa, and is
prepared to take charge as soon as the
necessary preliminaries are completed.
The stamp books issued by the Post
Office Department, containing 12
stamps each enclosed in waxed paper,
are now on sale at the Nelson Post
Office. The books are very convenient, a special feature being that the
stamps enclosed are In no danger of
becoming stuck together.
Messrs. Ewart & Carrie called for
new whole or separate tenders for the
superstructure of tho Kirkpatrick-Wil-
mm -Clements building ycsteiday, ns
the former ones received wore not satisfactory. The lime' for the teuders to
be,in will be until 12 o'clock next Friday, when the contraots will be at
once let to the successful contractors.
The members of the Congregational
Church will meet at the residence of
Mrs. Newltt, on Cednr Street, tomorrow evening to discuss the plans
and specifications of the new church,
which are being drafted by the architects, Ewart & Curric. It is desirable
that there be a full attendance of the
congregation as it is an important
question to settle.
Mr. Melville Parry, Manager of the
Confederation Life for Eastern British
Columbia, returned to Nelson Sunday
night after a two mouths' trip through
the Cariboo, Princeton and Nioola Districts. Mr. Parry was on a visit to the
different agencies of his company in
thote districts and found business remarkably good. Upon his return he
got into line with the Water Carnival
Committee, of whioh be is a member,
and will devote all of bis well-known
energy and talents in that line toward
making the oarnival an unqualified success.
Robert Qreig of Toronto, who has a
grocery establishment at tbat plaoe, arrived in tbe oity last evening from
Winnipeg. He states that there is a
poor outlook for a good orop of wheat
tbli fall thronghoot the wheat dlatrint.
whioh snrronnds Winnipeg. They
have only had a few showers this
sin win and the orops in many places
will be a oomplete failure. Since last
Hatnrdny Hour bas advanced 81 per
barrel and tbe prioe of wbsat has also
advauoed. Merchants are not placing
orders and there Is a poor prnspeot (or
tb* trade ot tbat section this fall.
A high board fence is being rapidly plaoed around tbe recreation
grounds and will be completed-inea
day or two. Two grand stands are being ereoteil, one to tbe east and the
other to the uortb of the grounds.
These, which will have a smiting capacity of over 1500, will also be comnlet;
ed in a few days, and everything will
be in readiness for the games duriug
the Dominion Day celebration.
Henry Roman, a laborer who was
employed at the Ymir Mines, was
brought to the General Hospital late
Sunday night suffering from a severe
injury. While working in the shaft
of the mine Sunday forenoon,the ropes
whioh were oonneoted with two large
iron pulleys beoame tangled and Roman's body was oaugbt between the
pulleys, which came together with a
heavy foroe, insulting in his. present
Architocts Oano St, Maodonald' hnve
just finished the plans niul specifications
for a residence for John Rodway,
which is to be ereoted on Mill Street.
The building wbioh is to be two
stories high will oost $1800. On tbe
first door will be five rooms while on
the seoond  will be  four.     It -will be
Ited with the latest beating and
plumbing appaiatns. The work upon
the building will be started im-
Hume: Robert Greig, Toronto; John
MacKennie, Winnipeg; Charles Plowman, Knslo; F. H, Chlsholm, Toronto;
J. C. McLean, Vancouver; James Innes,
Guelph; J, D. Jones. Montreal; W. M.
Harrison, Montreal; F. R. Stewart,
Vauoouver; G. F. 1 lattlett, Sandon;
S. J. Cross, Vancouver; F. S. Clement,
Whitewater; Dr. Wm. E. Gomm and
wife, Sandon;  A. McLennan, Kaslo; C.
F. Whitcher, Stabstead.
An excursion for single fare will lie
run from Nelsou and Kossland lo
Greenwood for tbe Dominion Day celebration, which will be held there June
211 and 80, For those wishing to return
on Sunday the regular weekly schedule
will he operated on thnt, day from
Greenwood to Rohson, and from thai
point regular trains will be run from
Nelson to RosBland.
Two old journalistic obnms, Mr.
Innes, ex-M. P., of the Gnelph Mercury, and Mr. MoLagan of tbe Vancouver World, have been visiting Nelson, tbe formor the picture of health
and tbe latter recovering from a long
illness, much to the gratification of bis
friends. Mr. Innes went ont last
night on his way home over the
Orow's Nest, and Mr. MoLagan leaves
for Robson and tbe nortb this morning.
Luck seems to have turned against
D. Petrie, who, several days ago
was committed to the Provincial jail
to serve a term of three montliB for
stealing poker chips from the Klon-
dykc saloon. Yesterday he was
taken from his cell and tried before.
Magistrate Crease on the charge of
stealing a watch from a Chinaman
named How Wong, lie pleaded guilty
and was sentenced for four and three
months with hard labor.
Phair; Mrs. Banning, Miss Sticking,
Miss Jean Sticking, Miss Cook. Miss
Totter, A. B. Sticking, Dr. Greve, St.
Paul; J. 0. Walker, Chicago; R. N.
Dickman, Chicago; H. Michaclson,
Montreal; F. J. Walker, Winnipeg; W.
H. Adams, Spokane; T. R. Ella, Vancouver; Alexander Dick,  Hosslaud; R.
G. Hellman, San Francisco; E. F.
Hums, 8pokane; A. L. McHugh, Spo.
kane; H. Galee, Miss Brown, Grand
Forks; H. Allenberg; Spokane; A, C.
Stirrett, Vancouver; R.A. Forbes, Robson.
Tho C. P. R. steamers on the Arrow
Lakes are now running through from
Robson to Revelstoke for the first time
in Beveral years. The Columbia has
risen to a great depth, and is now H
fect above the low water mark at
Rohson. The railroad Hue between
Arrowhead and Revelstoke Is deep
under water at several points necessitating the Btenmers making the
trip. The Columbia is now only five
feet below the Revelstoke bridge.
In IrttU, when the river was at tho
highest point ever reached, the water
was only three feet higher than at the
present. -
As next Sunday Is Dominion Day
patriotic services will undoubtedly be
held in nearly every church In the
city. It has been decided hy the
members of the Congregational Church
that they will-observe the day by;
holding patriotic services Sunday
evening. Rov. William Monroe will
deliver an appropriate address. The
Nelson quartette will also be present
and render several patriotic selections
while Steincr's orchestra will render
special music. The congregation . of
the Methodist Church will also observe the day and Prof. E. Odlnm is
expected to deliver an address upon a
patriotic subject. There will alBO be
special music rendered.
Is envied by all poor dyspeptics
whose stomach and liver are out of
order. All snob should know that Dr.
King's New Lifs Pills, the wonderful
Stomach and Liver Remedy, gives a
splendid appetite, sound digeatlsn and
a regular bodily habit that ininrai
perfeet health and great energy. Only
25 cents at Canada Ding and Book
There was au injunction granted
yesterday morning restraining La
Pol'nte St Oroft from using that part of
Josephine Street, between Vernou
Street and the lake, for brickyard purposes, and from using the clay on Josephine ^troet for bliokmakiug. Tho
application was on behalf of Kwong
Wing Chang, a Chinese merchant, the
owner of the corner lots on each Bide
of 'Josephine Street, who is erecting
two-frame buildings thereon. Attorney S. S. Taylor applied for the injunction. The case was held before Judge
Korin.nl the Court House.
Tbe following transactions were recorded at the Mining Recorder's ollice
yesterday : Certificate of Work ; Bonnie, Miners Delight, Henry Price;
Dominion, Joseph Astley; Juno, Ayr,
Con. Robinson ; Fidelity, Bunker Hill,
Sullivan, William M. Griffith; Lord
Nelson, T. M. Rixen; Britisher, Red
Bird, R. J. Elliott; Suneyside,
Apache, Manervey, John Grceuliill.
Transfers: From Frank Simpson to
Kdmuud Chape, entire interest in
Referee, for a nominal consideration.
From T. M. Rixen to John Jones, one
quarter interest in Collingwood, for a
nominal consideration. Locations:
Little Minnie, on Lost Creek by Geo.
D. Bell; Tip Top Fraotion, on 49
Oreek by R. S. l.cnuie; Stall'a, on Wild
Horse by T. T. Olark; Germania, on
Morning Mountain by J. L. Stanford ;
Britannio, on Morning Monntain by
D. T. Mowat.
AH dootors told Renick Hamilton, of
West JefTerson, O., after suffering 18
months from rectal fistula, he would
die nnless a costly operation was performed; bnt he oured himself with
five boxes of Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
the snrest pile cure ou earth, and tbe
best salve in the world. 25 oents n
box. Sold by Canada Durg and Book
Well, the latest drop at the Wullace-
Miller Go's Store was the drop of tbe
plate glass to the floor. But tbat did
not prevent the big rush last night for
their Jnne snaps.
Dnnclrig at Lake Park Pavilion every
Wednesday evening   ram or shine.
Spring ohicken and all the delioaoins
of the season served to you when you
visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberta'
Hunch, two and a half miles up tbe
river.    W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
Because the eyes tire -easily,
some folks say they are not well.
In most such cases there is eyestrain.
Neglected eyestrain is sure to
produce sickness.
Have your eyes examined.
Know their exact condition from
an expert.
Consultation free.
Patenaude Bros
Watchmakers, Jewelers and Opticians,
St. LeonMlneral Springs
The propei ly on Upper Arrow Lake
known as'the St. I .eon Mineral Springs
property consisting of about 475 acres
of laud with hotel buildings and valuable Mineral Springs, and a large tiact
of standing timber, ;may bo purchased
on reasonable terms. Absolute title
and possession oan be giveu at onco.
Pull pail ieuhirs will be mailed ou application to
Vendor's Solicitor, RevelBtoke.
Is the only proper   one to use In
repairing delicate mechanism.
We   Never   Use   Any
We Invite your trado ami promise
T. H. Brown,
Notioe is hereby given that nn extraordinary meeting of the shareholders of tbe Oasoade Water Power &
Light Company, Limited, will be beld
at the offices of tho London & British
Colombia Ooldfields, Limited, Baker
Street, Oity of Nelson, British
Columbia, ou Wednesday the 5th day
of July at !l o'clock in  the  afternoon.
The business to be entered upon at
tbe said meeting is as follows:
(a) For tbe purpose of considering
tbe giving of a further mortgage of
,t:-J, lino, to be charged npou all the
assets and property, both real and personal ol the company of whatsoever
nature or kind and upon all the income and also npon the undeitaking
of the Company generally, and if de-
oided upon, to authorize tbe execution
of the said mortgage to scenic the said
sum of fj. :ion, with interest at tl per
(b) To consider and accept, shonld
it be so decided, the resignations of
tbe directors of the oompany.
(n)   And, in the event ���   the acceptance   of snob   resignations,   to  elect
directors in the place of such retiring.
Dnted at Nelson, B. C.,this I nth day
of Jnne, I DUO.
II. ALERS iiankkv.
where Ton onn depend on getting the beat
nrmnilh In i tin market and any quantity from
10*. up,   Prices cannot ba dlapnUM,
Pbank A. Tahblvk, Mgr.,
Bakir Stbht, Nbuon
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand of
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings. Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Ooast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill st PILOT BAY. Yards,' NELSON
und LARDO.
Are Your Feet Right?
Arcjlhey dressed in the latest
style? If not, call and see our
stylish footwear at popular
Our   Ladies'   Patent Leather >
Shoes are just right
RJdr* Patent
.ire rums
The SlioeistB
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Porks, New Denver and Slooan City.
Ordori by mall to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Eureka  Mineral Wool
and Asbestos Co.
Real Estate, Fire Insurance and Private Funds
to Loan.
Room 3.
NEL80N. B. O.
Brewen ol Pint I_ik<t
Ban nmi Potter,
NiiIhod, H. 0.
Stock afli Store Broker.
Oertifioate of Improvements.
Notioe��� Vonsngo nnd HbenanRO mineral nUini. altnate in tho Nelaon Min
lag Divinion of West Kootenay Di��.
triot. Where located���On went side nf
Knuln Creek, about 2.000 feet aontli-
W'Ni of the I'oormun quartz  mill.
Take notice tbat I, ObM, Moore of
Kanlo, H 0., Hi-linn an agent for Thoi.
It. Pienoh, I''. M C. No. 11,1106 Band
Ieaac Krinknoo,, Froe Mlnei'a Certifl-
niln Nn. 11,1)04 B, Intend, sixty days
from the date thereof, to apply to tbe
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvement for the purpose of obtaining a Orown Urant of tbe above
And further take notioe that action
nnder Motion 87, moat tie commenoed
before the IMuanoe of hooIi Certificate
Of Improvement*.
Dauri tblii 3Mb day of April, 11)00,
We wish to extend our thanks to the people of Nelson
for their valued patronage during- the past three years, and
also to express the hope that it will be continued to our
successors, Messrs. McLachlan Bros., who we are satisfied
will leave nothing undone to please and satisfy all who favor
them with a share of their business.
Very gratefully yours,
Vancouver Hardware Co., Lth.
Having purchased the business of the Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd., we hope by strict attention to business and
an up-to-date stock to merit a continuance of the pleasant
business relations enjoyed by our predecessors. It is our
intention to enlarge our stock to meet the requirements of
this progressive city.     Please note future adverlisemenls.
McLachlan Bros.
Place Your
Orders  for
Streamers, Banners,
Signs and Mottoes
When   turned   out   liy our   artist   nre  works of  art.     They will ndil to the
apnea ranee of your display.    Poor work will detract fr  It,   \\V will aaatat
you in determining what you want,   iiive us plenty of time by placing your
orders ut once.
F.   J.   BRADLEY   &   CO.
Corner Josephine nnd Victoria Streets.
Nelson, Brltlah Columbia
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
rapitai Pniii.nii.    .   .   .    ��i.mx.-,��t<mh> 1  u.-i, ��i,Tee,eee.e
Koanl ��r Dlrrrlwal   Thoinaa K. Konny,   Ihvrtlilent;   Thomiw Ritchie,  Vlio I'raaldtinl.
Will j ."mil li   II. U. n.iiilil, llou. II. 11. Culler, M.I..C, lion. David MaoKeon.
Ilrnil oiiim, Halir-i 1
Genernl Malinger, Kdson I.. Penno, Monlrenl.
SoiM-i-iiii.'o.l.-oi nf llnmehiM. and Becrutnry, W. Ii. Torrance, Halifax.
In l��� . 1 in . W. K.  I.. Hnllfux.
limped or II. M. Hlewnrl, Montronl.
ItrioirIm-h I
Nova drill In 11 :<li fi v Branch, Anllnonli.il, Hi ill:;,- -. ..ii -r. 11 in -Inn 11. l.iiiniiimli-i I . , I.iii.-nIiiii i-.
Miiitliiinl tMiii.l rn.i, 1'i'i'iu, IJort Hawkeubnry, Sydney. Hhntieniii ...In-. '1. um Weymouth
Sew llrmiiwlrl, llu!hnr-.t, llorelientur, Krwlorlolnn, KIiikMoii iKetit Co.l. Mi.n. inn, New-
eaaUe, Rjiekvllle, Woodstock. I". K. I��lanil���('liarlottctnwn.riuiuinerHide. <in,i,.<- Montreal
iCity OlMcel, Montreal, Went Km) (Cor. Notre Itamo and HolKii.urx Htreetnl; WeaMnotiiil lllor,
Creene Avenue and St. t'alliarinei Btrcet. talaris��� Ottawa. Newfoundland Ht. JoIiu'h
lulin, Weal Indira���Havana. Hailed ��Ule��- Now York (Hi Kxi.haiiKe 1'laeel Uouunlle, WaHh
Atlin. Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
('anuria-Mornlinnt* Hunk of (*nmuln..   Huiton-Niiiloiml Hhawnitit Hank.   Chirac*���America
National llunk.   Ban PraaclM**���Flixt National  Hunk.   London, Knj[. - .Unit or  Hcotl'ind.
I'nrlt,  t'riiiici    < 'n-ilii  Lvonimtri.    Itrnuiida   Hnnk of ltcnniHla.   China and Japan- lloiitf
Kontc miii Hhanghal BaiikitiK Corporation.
(leneial Banking: Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Utters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts receivod on tho most favorable U'rnis.    IntcrfHt allowed on special
deposit h and on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
... STORAGE ...
Storage space to rent; jjood, clean and cool;  at   reasonable
rates.    Apply to
The Nelson Electric Tramway CO., Ltd.
Room 9, Macdonald Block.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful anil prompt attention
.     V
""'""Wp" pin11*?1 "��� NELSON DAILY MINER, TUESDAV, JUNE 26. igoq.
Continued Kroni First PuKO.
of poor kitting thnt sometimes overtakes the strongest; teams. It wusnu
off-day and the Nelsou butting average
suffered in oonBequeo.ce.
The fuot lhat the home ti'iiin went
up against the Strongest team in this
district and split even with them on
their own grounds is a matter of congratulation and the boys deserve great
praise for their work,
Continued From First I'ago.
Health Offioer had director! his attention to the prevalence of typhoid fever
which he attributed to the dnirymen
washing their milk cans in small
streams whioh might be impure.
A bylaw to raise $15,000 to exLend the
waterworks system was re iutroduoed
and the Oouncil went iuto committee
of tbe whole with Ald.MoKillop iu the
The oommittee made the time of the
debentures 20 years with tbe rate of interest at 4 per ceut. It was rend a third
time in the Oouucil and left for a final
consideration and pnssiug until tbe uext
meeting. Tbe same proceediugs were
transacted in connection with tbe bylaw
to raise $15,000 to extend tbe eleotric
ligbtsystem, the bylaw to raise $20,OCU
for street improvements, the bylaw to
raise 1*20.000 for the extension of tbo
sewerage, and the bylaw to raise JO, 000
to purebase a rosdniaking plant. It
It was decided that the bylaws would
be submitted to the ratepayers on Wednesday, July 18, between tbe hours of 8
a.m. and I p in. Tbe poll for tbe east
ward will be beld at tbe polioe station
on Josephine Street, while that for tbe
west ward will he held at tbe oflice of
Exchange Gold Mining Oompany on the
north side of linker Street.
The Council went into committee
of the whole, with Aid, Irvine in tbe
chair, to reconsider the by-law to
regulate the sidewalks, streets and
the traffic thereon. After afew clauses
were read the committee rose and
reported progress. The by-law was
eft over to be brought up at the next
regular meeting of the Council. It
was decided that in tbe intervening
time the by-law be referred to a
special committee consisting of Mayor
Houston and Aid. Irvine, who would
meet and go over the by-law with the
City Engineer to revise it.
By-law No. 71 to govern the erection of buildings, to regulate the
placing of|ivires nnd fortbe prevention
to fires was introduced by Aid. MoKillop, It wus read for the first time
and then the Council went into Committee of the whole with Aid. MoKillop in the chair. On motion of
Aid. Arthur the by-law was left for
adoption and passing at the next
��� The bicycle path question was
brought up and the City Engineer
reported that the path from the city
limits to Honey man's foundry had
been destroyed by teams. It was
thought nothing could be done until
bicycle legislation was passed by the
On motion of Aid. Arthur the Council was adjourned until Tuesday,
July 8.
In a warm discussion on the improvements of streets, Aid. Arthur stated
that he wns opposed lo tbe by-law
r using $:!u,n hi fur the improvement of
thoroughfares. Mayor Houston stated
tbat he thought the by-law would pass
with a large majority, as all the business men un Baker street had protested
every Spring and Fall on account of
tho slate of the streets, and thnt the
people of Nelson in general were enterprising ami if it were not for tbeir enterprise the city would not he what il,
is todny.
Windermere, June 2'3. ���A newspaper
Is to be established at Peterborough,
the metropolis of the Windermere
mining dintl irt during the next few
H. 0, Nenvo, M. (". M. I��� mining en
giueer, bus resigned his position as
manager of the Koolenny Land and
Exploration Oompany, Limited, of
BoailtOd, This corporation owus one-
half of the townsito of Peterborough
and 510 aores surrounding the same.
The Canadian I'aoillclUnilioiidlownsthe
other half. Mr. Neave will devote his
entire attentiou to the Windermere
mines in the future. Mr. Nenvo is n
mining engineer of some 25 years' prnc-
tioal experience, 15 yonrs in Sontb African mines.
William Hupt lias commenced work
on the Silver Thread mine on Law
The Paradise Group is now winking
In full blast. This property is considered without any exception the most
gigantic proposition in the Northwest.
It le situated on Spring Greek, a tributary of Toby Greek.
On the Monarch and Mascot, situated
Ota the North fork of Toby Creek,
owned by Messrs, J, O. Ellis and
fttet   Crltchley    of     Peterborough,
an eight-foot ledge has been uncovered for over l.liOOfeet and maintains
its width until covered with wash.
Eight inches of high grade ore has
been uncovered iu the present workings, averaging 8180 to the ton. In
other workings on the upper portion
of the ledge there is eight
inches of carbonate ore, assaying 88
per cent, copper and 150 ounces in
silver. At the foot of the hill on the
lower portion of the ledge a paystreak
of solid gray copper four inches wide
lias been struck.
Work has been resumed on the
White Cat Group, Boulder Greek.
G. Troyer has secured the contract
for sinking on the Black Prince on
Boulder Creek from F. M. Chadbourne
of Nelson.
John McLatchie, P. L. S. of Nelson,
is surveying the Headlight Group,
situated   on   Jumbo Basin,  for F,  M.
Phoenix Group, on Horse Thief
Creek, has an extraordinarily large
showing of high grade ore which has
just been uncovered. The property is
under the direction of It. S. Gallop,
representing Montreal capital.
It is understood that a rich strike
has been made on tbe Silver Tip.
Toby Creek. This property is under
bond to a French syndicate.
Isaac Group, on Number Two Creek,
is being developed on au extensive
Diamond (Iroup, on Spring Greek,
continues to improve with develop-'
ment work now going on under the
direction of P. Stratford of Peterborough,
Pilgrim (Iroup. situated four miles
from Peterborough, will probably be
in a position to ship this coming fall.
Greenwood, B. C��� June 25.���P. Murphy and J. Elwood of Gamp McKin-
ney, and O'Brien and Hamilton, two
messenger boys awaiting trial in the
city jail, witb tbe assistance of a brace
ind bit, bored tbeir way out through a
cell early Saturday morning. Murphy
aud Elwood were oharged with plundering the St. Louis Hotel at McKin-
ney. The two boys belonged to the local messenger service and were charged
with stealing cigars from a lucid firm.
Great Britain Has Been Generous to Her
Military Heroes.
Whatever may be Baid of England's
treatment of the men who light her
battles in the ranks, it oannot be
charged that she has refused to reward
the successful commanders of her armies, says i he Chicago Chronicle. The
Duke of Marlborough, known also to
history es John Churchill, might he
celled a general of one battle���that of
Blenheim. But "it was a famous viotory, " the poet has told us, nnd for this
alone he received the royal manor of
Woodstock, upon whioh Queen Anne
subsequently erected tbe msgnifioent
Blenheim Palace. At tbe same time
the nation's gratitude was expressed in
the highly practical form ot a perpetual pension to himself and heirs forever
of the very respectable sum of ��4,000
per annum. In addition to these splendid gifts, says the Gem, the Huko
made some tolerably good pickings out
of his campaigns, as will readily be-admitted when it is stuted that bis widow,
tbe ambitious "Sarah," to whom he
bequeathed only part of hit fortune,
left behind her at her death the by no
means inconsiderable sum of ��3,000,-
0IX). The Marlborough "peipetual"
pension, it may be added, was actually
paid right up to the year 1881, when it
wss commuted for ��107,780. Up to
this date tbe English nation has paid
the Churchill fimiily the very respectable sum of ��7811,000. exclusive altogether of interest.
Although his monetary "pickings,"
being strictly legitimate, were of considerable less value than those of hia
illustrious predecessor, tbe Dnko of
Wellington bad nevertheless bnt little
to complain of in the rewards shower
ed npon him by a grateful country.
Beginning with Talavera, for which be
received a "three life" annuity of
��2000, he subsequently bad an addi
tional ��2000 tucked on to the first for
the distinguished services wbioh terminated with tbe storming of _Dindad
In the same year, also (1812), a
further annuity of ��l(MKl was voted iu
order that he might more becomingly
sustain the dukedom of Wellington,
to which be had been raised from plain
Arthur Wellesley. This pension was,
however, commuted for a lump sum
of ��40(1,1100, while the final grunt of
��300,000 voted for tne victory of
Waterloo closed the mutually satisfactory account between the gallant
Unite and the land for which he bad
achieved so much.
Great Reduction!
JMulWk $9.65 per Ton
orow^nkst $6i1g per Ton
TKUtrilONK 88.
The Empire and
The Soldiers
These arc KIPLING'S two great themes. Round them he
A weaves, with the witchery of genius, his matchless stories and
m   songs.
m His complete works in 16 volumes contain 17C> stories, 137
m stirring poems, 88 letters of travel, and three immortal books���
m "Captains Courageous," "The Light That Failed," and "The
���>�� Naulahka"���one volume each���all breathing of the Empire and
the Soldiers.
Read Kipling and you will know Tommy Atkins���you will
���&   know the Empire.
now  places   his  complete   works   (Authorized   fc.dit.ion)   within  easy
reach  of all  its  readers.    The offer below will hold good only while
few  sets  last.    Do  not  delay  or your dollar may be too late
The Authorized Edition
Each volume bears the author's autograph and sign-token.
This is the only edition with the biogTaphy by Prof. Chas. Eliot Norton.
Decorations by Mr. Lockwood Kipling, the author's father.
BOUND ,n dark green English cloth.
PRINTED handsomely on good paper and illustrated.
Special Offer
The   Regular price  of KIPI.ING, in  good binding (copyright editions), is $1.50 per volume���$24.00 for a complete set.
The  price of this edition is $1.00 per volume���$16.00 only.
For a First Payment of $1.00 the  16 volumes will be
delivered FREE to your address.
Then you pay $1.50 monthly for 10 months.
CALL AT THE MINER office and inspect the books and
leave your application.
If you  can't call, cut out this coupon, sign, mail to us with
$1.00, and tlie 16 volumes will be delivered promptly.
1 Plata Talcs From tbe Hills
(1 ih-Iu.iiiilc Prof. Norton's Sketch.
2 Soldiers Three; Btory of the Gads- |
by's;  In Blaok anil White.
'3   Under the Deodars; The Phantom
Kickshaw;   Wee Willie Winkle.
4 Departmental Ditties; Ballads and
Barrack Kooni Ilalliuls.
5 Life's Handicap: lleing Stories of
Mine Own People.
ii   The Naulahka.
7   Many Inventions.
K   The Light That. Failed.
11   The Jungle '.look.
3   10   The Second Jungle Hook.
3  It   The Seven Sens,
Vi   Captains Courageous.
13 The Day's Work.
14 From Sea to Sea: Vol. I.
15 From Sea to Sea: Vol. II.
10   Stalky & Co.
B. C.
The Daily Miner, Nrlboh, b. O.i
Please send me the works of Rudvnrd  Kipling (authorized edition), bound  in E
cloth, complete in  1(1 volumes, for which I agree to pay you $1(^00.    I enclose $1.00 E
3   ns lirst payment, and will send you $1.50 per mouth hereafter until the full sum   is paid. ;
3 The hooks to remain your property until paid for in full.
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points enst, west and soulh lo
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson villi steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls   with
sln^e daily for Republic,   and   connects at Bossburj* with stage   daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
I.HAVR. Day Traiu. AuitiVK,
10.80 a.m Spokane 7 :10 p.m,
12 iOB p. in Hosshind 5 :!H) p.m.
9:80 ii, m Nelsou H m p.m.
Night Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7 :ar> n.m:
11:00 p.m Kossland 6:80 a.m.
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Asrent. Nelson. B.C
Merchant Tailor,
Baker  Street,
Opposite the Queen's.
Great West
Will pay the highest oash price for all
kinds of seoond hand Roods. Will liny
or sell anything from nn r.nehoi to a
needle. Furniture, stoves, ontports,
cooking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also OBst oil' clothing.
Call and see me or wrlto. Address
Silver King Mike. Boi too. Hall
Street, Nelson, B. C,
Nelson's Newest Hostelry. Com-fj
plete in every respect,
It has just been opened and the
public is invited to visit it,
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day ���i.oo.
Take notioe tbat Kwung Yuen no
louger peddles vegetables for me, and
nil acoounts must be paid to me or
Chinamen having baskets bearing inr
unino. 1,11M.
Nelson. Jnne 24tb, 1900.
Office With 0, W. West & Uo.,  Cor.
Hall and Baker Street*.
City Office ot  the Nelson H0,ln Witter
At 8 Per Cent.
Oi Improvefl Property.
Baker Street.
At 5-Mile Point
The best Summer Hotel on Kootenay
I .like Always eool und sliiuly, with
beautiful walks and splendid scenery.
One ot the best spots for fishing on the
hike. First-class table and bur. Best
of attention.
R. P. PERKY, Manager.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
Sohodulo of Time.       1'aeIHo SUii.larcl f**
Kllcctlvo Fobruary Im, "*���
ut 3.55 p.m.
Operating- on Koolonay UfaIW��^g&oo
Str. "International" loaves KmIo ror"	
at 6 a. in, daily onoepl Bun lay.  K��g_g_.,
loavoe Noison at M0 p.in., calll K �� �� ,.������.
I'llottlay, Ainsworthand all wa) l�������� Hp0.
nect* with S. Y. A N. train to and rroiu
kane at Fivo Milo Point.     nl���.qTON.
LARDO-DUNCAN  P��V���l_nl0 a'"1
Str. "Albciti" loavos Kanlo tor i*m
ArR-unln at 8:110 pm Wodiiesdnys ^y,
Summers oall at nrliiclpa   laud *",    jiM
direction.!, and at Other points "'���"",,;'���,������ tlie
TlckoH sold to all point* in Ganana ��
United States. . . ��� i-Mnnatlon ��d'
To ascertain rates and full Inrorroai
M��naaar. nam"'
Large Size
For Sale By
Western Mercantile Oo, Ltd
. A Bonril.na ^"^fl^W-
the Bistort of SfcJoMbhof Peawnlne8uoets.
atod at Iho corner of MU1 and J oaep        ( ���,|
sicin1 liy and Typewriting  Be M
ota-Plaln and Art Noodiowu���,
6,For terms uniarticular* apply
Wktaw. Mines.  Corrssp ��� *******


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