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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 4, 1900

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 Provincial m    vicl(,via
# "* 'l
Daily Edition No. 617.
Nelson, British Columbia, Thursday, January 4,  1900.
Tenth  Year
French's Position is Not a
Profitable One
guilty of carrying contraband.    Heavy
shipments  of arms and  ammunition
were shipped in December to Macao
and Hong Kong consigned to order, j
It: is surmised that their ultimate destination wiih either the Philippines or
the Transvaal. In any event the
Bundesrath incident jh being worked
to create sentiment in favor of naval
Increase and the passage of the navy
hill is now considered as sure iu spite
of the strong opposition,
; last to leave  Halifax.    Tin
I not yei oertain.
Calgary, N. W. T., .Ian. 8.���Over
$1)00 was collected here in a few hours
torlay for the Calgary contingent to
South   Africa,   numbering,   including
tile police,  about 50 men.
Volunteering is Progressing Very Rapidly
and Thousands of Pounds are Being Subscribed-
London, Jan. 4. ��� (4:80 a. ni.)��� In
complete absence ot any news from the
scat of war the liner attaok upon Mol-
teno is not yet confirmed. Apparently
General French holds nothing within tive miles of Coleshnrg junction
His request? for reinforcements dispels
any present hope that ho will lie able
to seize one of the crossing of the
Orange River. It is probable that
when Lord Roberts arrives Uoueial
Fiench will be ordered to qnit his
present unsupported position ami to
concentrato his command nt De Anr or
i (range River.
As the DailT Telegraph says: General French seems to be in the position
of a man having a tiger cnt in a trap
and unable to kill it for want of a
A dispatch front Dover farm announces that Colonel Pilcher has returned there friini Douglass,
Since Commandant General Jou-
bert's return to the front, the cannon-
ado of Ladysmith hy the Boers has
been much li viler. Between Decern-
her St!, and December BR, four shells
killed one oflicet, three men, and
wounded three officers nnd II men.
The War Office has authorized the
equipment of the new battery attached
to Ihe London volunteer coips with
Vickers' and Maxims and has ordered
100 of these 19-half ponndei quick   fir-
en built immediately. The officers
and men nf the new battery will he
snpplisd from the Honorable Artillery
Company. Eight additional militia
regiments have heen called out. Seven
of these will serve in Ireland,replacing
the regulars sent   to Ponth Africa.
Tho Hon. Sydney Robert Grivelle,
equerry to the Prince of Wales, has
obtained the Prime's permission tn go
to the front. Recently he has tpen
acting as Lord Salisbury's Secretary,
instind of Mr. Schnmbeig McDonnell,
who has gone to South Africa. Among
the announcement* of those who volunteered yesterday '���"tared the names of j
a hundred or mere sons of gentlemen.
Many of them are Si otch. All units
of England anil Scotland report lively
volunteering, tho feature being the
gieat sums of money raised by private
sulisonntinu for volunteer equipments.
Some of the counties have given as
high as 1180,000. It is computed that
the Provinces hnve already raised
nearly 4600,000, while London is raising ��120,000 for the city corps.
Brussels, Jan. 8,���Senator Lejueue,
former Minister of Justice, and now
member of the Council of State,former
Senator Laf'ontaiiie, and oth��r leading
members of the Universal League of
Peace, have convoked a meeting to he
held next Thursday.in favor of appealing to the United States Government
to offer to mediate in South African
He Will Not Wait to Face; Soldiers From all Points to
an Adverse House Fight for the Empire.
(Associated Press Dispatches,)
Ottawa, Ont.. Jan.     8.���The   Cover
nor-Geueral has received the following
cable from Hon. Joseph   Chamberlain,
Secretary of State for the Colonies:
"I congratulate Canada   for the gal-
 __ llant   behavior   of   her   contingent   at
Clear Statement of Cause.-'
That Led to the War- ..,
London, Jan. ii.���Mr. Waldo'.f Astor
has contributed ��1 000 to tho Prince
of Wales hospital fund.
Kimberley, Dec. 36, --The lioers last
night evinced considerable interest in
the Premier mine, using their search
lights This morning they actively
shelled the fort, The Royal Artillery
replied, Our shells were well placed
and dropped amid the smoke of the enemy's guns. Last night's storm ignited some of our military mines, but
there were no casualties.
Mr. Cecil Rhodes has supplied the
Boer prisoners with clothing.
A press dispatch to the Irish Times
after the hattle nt Magersfontein
gives some striking examples of Brit
ish pluck as fellows:
The (lordons, covered tliMinselves
with glory. During the afternoon I approached a trench to see whether it
was empty. AI a distance of :itlil yards
from tho enemy I was surprised tn find
behind each hush a man of tbe Gordons. I inquired why they remained
there since it was reported that a retirement had liren ordered. They said
they were quite happy where they
were, and hoped to shoot a  few Boers.
A corporal of the Seaforth Highlanders was taken prisoner by the Boers,
who took away his rifle and kept him
in the trenches in chargo of one of
their comrades, When the others retired the corporal seized anil drew the
bayonet fiom tho rifle which the Boer
was holding, stabbed his captor, and
took his Mauser and bandolier, lie
afterwards came into our lines safely
bearing his trophies.
The behavior of the isriillery was he-
vond praise. It was simply splendid.
Althongh hnrassed tho greater part
of rhe day hy a ride fire, officers and
men served their guns and smoked
their pipes ns calmly as if there were
no enemy at nil. The acctnacy of their
fire too was extraordinary.
London, Jan. 4.���The Vienna correspondent of the Standard says: "Emperor Nicholas has assured Mr. Scott,
British ambassador at St. Petershurg,
that Great Britiain need not fenr intervention or any sort of difflenlty
from Russia in the present South Africa complications. This may he fairlv
interpreted as an assurance, including
an indirect promise that France will
abstain from creating difficulties for
London, Jan. II. ��� In consequence of
the strum on the army clothing department the War Office has been
obliged to order a hundred thousand
pnirs of shoes at Cawnpore, northwest
Province of British India, a town noted for its leather woiks and n place
where strong forces of British trout B
nre usually stationed.
The amateur golf champion, John
Ball, Jr., has been ordered to Sonth
Africa with the Denbighshire Yeomanry.
London, Jan. B. ��� From a SOUToe
which has many facilities foi gaining
inside news from South Africa n reporter of the Associated Press leu.ns
that Colonel Pi Idler's occupation of
Douglass is regarded as merely the
first step of General Methnen's carefully matured plans to outflank the
Boers According to this Authority, it
is possible Colonel Pilcher, in conjunction with General Babtngton's force
from Modrler River, will proceed to
the rem of these entrenchments which
now prevent General Mel linen from
proceeding to Kimberley. Col. Pilcher has only about forty miles travelling before he achieves this end and if
this understanding is correct an at
tack hy General Methuen and n determined effort to relievo Kimheiley may
ho expected nny day.
St. Petersburg, Jan. B.���The Journal
of St. Petershurg, the organ of Russian Foreign office, expresses the gratification ot the Russian Government
that a'.l the powers have signed the
acts of the peace conference at The
Hague within the stipulated time, and
expresses the opinion also that rut i li -
cation will speedily follow.
The   Miner's   Special   Despatches   From
Various   Ports   of   Eastern
(Special Dispatches to The Miner.)
Winnipeg, Man. Jan. B.���Premier
Grsenway arrived from Crystal City
this evening. All the members of the
Cabinet were here. H is expected
that Grcenway will not wait until
January Hi, which will make his lath
year in office, before resigning, hut
will tender his resignation almost immediately. The ministers are all very
busy iu their departments getting the
business wound up, and express a desire to vacate the office as soou as possible.
Montreal, Jan.:!���J. B. Williamson,
jeweller, assigned today, liabilities,
180,000 The prinoipal creditors nre
American and English.
Toronto, Jan. 8,���Colonel Delumcie,
Queen's Own Rifles, is mentioned as
tlie probable commander of the Bisley
team for 1001).
Ottawa, Jan. ii.���The bje-eleotlons
for the Federal House iu Labelle,
Berthier, Ohnmbly, Veroheres,   Lotib-
niere, Sherbrookc West and Winnipeg
have been fixed for Juuuary 2."), with
nominations on January 18.
Ottawa, Jan. B,���According   tomili-
lia orders   the transport   witli   second i
| contingent will sail with troops in tho
All the Transports  Will fail Before the I following    order:     Montezuma   with
End of the Month���Mobilization Continues.
(Special Dispatches lo The Miner. )
Ottawa, Jan. 8.���Robert Ness, from
Western Township, Quebec, left this
afternoon for Halifax to inspect the
horses for South Africa.
Dr. Borden slated tonight, that no
appointment had been made of a chaplain to go with tho contingent but the
Methodist conference had hiahly recommended Rev.W. E. Lane, of Parrs-
boro, N. S., and it was probable that
ho would get the appointment.
The ammunition to he carried by the
Montezuma is as follows:
Three thousand cartridges filled with
cordite; 8,150 fuses; 3,850 shell, shrapnel] filled ; 1150 shot cases ; 8,800 tubes :
189,000 small arm,and 84,160 pistols.
On the Jiitureutiau, (i.OOO cartridges
oordite filled; 6,800 fuses, 8,700 shell,
sobrapnel filled ; 800 shot cases; (i 720
tubes; 18,000 shall arm, and 10,080
On the Pomerlan, 176,000 small arm
and 29,080 pistol.
Moutienl, Jan. 8.���The Montreal section of the artillery leave for Quebec
tomorrow night. They will be given
a great send off'.
Montreal, Jan. 8.���The C. P. R.
traffic receipts for the week ending De-
comber 81st. were $002,000; for the
s.uue week last year, $1131,000.
Montreal, Jan. 8 ���Fire, supposed to
bave been caused by defective olectric
wiring, tonight did $30,001) damage to
the stock of Bernier & West, drvgoods,
St. Catherine Street, omuke did most
of Ihe damage.
Dundalk, Out., Jan. 3.���Fiie today
destroyed Ihe brick block owned by J.
D. Morgan and the general store of M.
Richardson & Co. Tho loss is abont
$16,000, partly covered   by   insurance.
Faigo, Ont. Jan. !>.��� The Michigan
Central Railway well hero blew up
last night, demolishing the pumping
house and fatally injuring Pumper
Hough. The explosion was caused by
natural gas entering the well.
Port Elgin, Ont., Jau. 3 ���Henry
Bilkers, said to be founder of this
place, died yesterday, aged 75 year-".
Winnipeg. Jan. 3.���E. D. Martin,
Independent Liberal, and Arthur Puttee, Labor, will probably be the only
candidates foi the Commons at the
Winnipeg by-elections on January 25
Both men
some   time
will reserve Iheir energy for Ihe geu.
era! election and tlie Liberals are likewise inclined.
Kingston, Jau. 3.���The local detachment of artillery left this morning for
Ottawa, to join "D" battery, Captain Eaton in command, Tlie detachments fruin Toronto, Hamilton and St.
Catharines reached the barracks here
early this morning. The mooilizntioii
of "O" battery is to bo completed
when tho Wiunipeggers arrive.
First Battalion Mounted Rifles and one
field battery; Laurentian with two
field batteries and one brigade of division staff; Pomeranian with balanoe of
contingent The two former arc likely
tr. sail Jauuary 18 and the latter January 20. Definite dates are to be announced later.
Toronto, Jan. 8,���The executors of
tie Red Cross Society of Canada liavi
i!i cided to send an agent to South Africa as speedily as possible to report on
(he needs of the sick ami wounded
and make provision for their relief.
This uclinn is due to the fact that
very soon some 2,400 Canadian troops
will be iu South Africa.
Hamilton, Ont. Jan. 3.���Hamilton's
quota to tte secoud contingent upon
leaving foi Kingston, received a royal
send off by the citizens yesterday afternoon, each man being made the recipient of   |50 from the City   Council.
St Catharines, Out.. Jan. 8.���Members of the second contingent from this
district were royally sent off' bv citizens last evening.
Winnipeg, Jan. 3.���The departure of
"B"   sqnanron,     Canadian    mounted
rifles, has been postponed   until   Wed
uesday next, January 10.
Ottawa. Jau.3. ��� Lieutenant Colonel
Steele, who is to be second in command of the western squadrons, or
what in future will be called Second
Battalion of Mounted Rifles, is in the
city todnv. and leaves for Region, the
point of concentration nf the Northwest troops. Colonc] Steele arrived
from Montreal last evening. On look-
iug over the list of those solecten ns
officers of tho Second Battalion,Colonel
Steele said thnt they were all veterans and weie nianifestlv appointed bo
cause of their lighting qualities,
Kingston, Ont., Jan. 3.���The first
movement of local troops in connection
with the mobilization of the second
contingent took place this morning
when ".V buttery [squadron,[farming
the neuoelus of "D" battery to mobilize at Ottawa, li it :; oitj f^r thr
front amid affecting scenes as Ihe
brave men said farewell to their wives
and children.
Prizes Distributed���Tea, Concert and a
Christmas Tree.
Over a hundred children of both
sexes who attend the St. Saviour's
Church Sunday School had a very enjoyable time yesterday afternoon and
evening on tne occasion of the annual
prize giving and Christ mas Tree.
Fraternity Hall had been hired for the
occasion, and had been prettily decor
atcd with flags aud bunting. About
5:30 p. m the children fortified themselves foi the good time that was to
follow with a substantial tea, being
waited on by a nnmbor of the ladies of
the congregation. After tea had been
discussed, everyone adjourned to the
ball and a short programme wus gone
through. Two Christinas carols wore
sung by the children, Miss Popple
Maodonald recited. Miss Ruth Cord-
ingly played, and Master Louis Johnston, bravely got up iu martial fittiii-,
Ottawa, Jau.3.��� Advicos have been Bang 'xi,e Soldiers of the Queen,"
received from the west that recruiting j All the youthful   performers acquitted
themselves most creditably.  Then came
or     the   Secoud    Battalion     Mounted
Rifles,   including   two  prairie  squad-   ,i,e pX{M   giving,    the   following  ro
have  been in the Held"  for IrollH' hll(1   been   ,'nmP,"t<,'l.    Tll��   f,,u   oeiving rewards in the girl's clnsse
Oonseravtivea   say   they [complement of men   lias   been   secured      ]/irHt    class���Marie    Hortott.     Ivie
and it is oonflderftly stated thnt twice Johnstone,
the   required   number  of   men   could j    *,���,,,,���,���)    rjlnss-Poppie     Maodonald,
have   been   secured.    Meu   who   have <
been chosen are now awaiting word ti
be concentrated at   points already designated in militia orders.
The fire department was   called   out
Berlin, Jan. 3.���The Berlin foreign
office informed the correspondent of
tho Associated Press this afternoon
that Qreat Britain had not yet answered Gorninny's note regnrding the seizure by tho British cruiser Mngicienne
of the German Imperial mail 'teamor
Bundesrath off Delagon Bb.v. The correspondent of the" Associated Press hBS
received Information going to show
thnt    tho   Bundosrutb    was possibly
New York, Jan. 8 -Abraham T.
Buckhout, aged (ID, one of the best
known men of Tromcnt and a millionaire, was found (lend tonight with his
skull crushed in, on the northbound
track of the New York & Hartford
road neir Tremont. It is thought he
fell off tbe plntfnrm of the trniu.
about I :II0 this   morning   iu answer to
la  summons   from   P.    Donato's   fiuit
store   on   Josephine   Street.   The   fire
started front a  defective  chimney end
[was well started when the fire boys got
Ithnte.     They   first   started    on    the
flames below, and then cut through the
woodwork above the window.   Consid-
lerablo damage was done to tho Interior
] of the   building, but,   thanks   to  the
prompt and efficient   work of  tho  fire
! department, it was not gutted.
Although   Mr.      Houston    seems   to
think tho department is  undermanned
and   generally   Inefficient   yet,   when
'called upon, tho lmys always   seem   to
'give   n   first-class  account   of    them-
Bettie Johnstone.
Third Class���Lillian llindo, Florence
I Johnstone and Ivie [tempting.
In the boy's classes   the   prise  will-
Dr. Bordon yesterday telegraphed ; UHIH wore
Victoiia declining the offer of recruits j tfirst Class���Drury Nicketson, Viv
from British Columbia as iho second Iian QrUou, Roy Riddeadale, Oscai
battalion is already up to full strength   Keinpling.
Of establishment. Second      Class ��� Douglas      Petti!,
���:  Blanohard  Johnstone,   Broohen Gum-
Ottawa, Jan. 3���Hon. Dr. F. W. ruins, Hasten Nickerson.
Borden. Minister of Militia, tonight j Third Class���Sigurd Skatbo, Harry
issued an order in which he approves Beasley, Regie Cordingly
of a grant of $150 to officers appointed! The prizes distributed, the "hrist-
to the special service force for South rtas Tree, which was laden with gifts,
Africa, toward defraying the expense was lit up, and Mr. End Burnett, dis-
of the outfits, and an advance of pay of guised as Santa Clans, gave a present
$00. These amounts will be paid as to eaoh ohild present, About kmi the
soon as the   officer's appointments  arc  proceedings ended, and the happy.tired
announced in the military orders.
little-ones depatted homewards,
London, Jan. 4.���The   Berlin   core-
St. Petersburg, Jan. 3.���The latest
reports from Achalalkc in tho Government of Tigles show that six hundred
lives were lost during the earthquake
which visited that district on Monday.
Ottawa, Jan. 8, ��� Dr. Jas. Devine, of
the until Winnipeg, has been appointed
LOST  AT SEA. medical   officer for  western   battalion
London, Jan. 3.���a British dispatch of Canadian Mounted Rifles, A militia I spondent of Tim Daily News says:
announces thnt the British steamer 'order issued today says the Monte-j "Tin German Government is making
Borgysle of Glasgow, foundered off zumn aud Laurentian will probably inquiries Of Berlin manufacturets and
(ape Finlstere last Friday during bur- sail on tho 18th imttaut and Pomcrau- traders as to the extent of theircxports
rlcane, 22 of tho crew being drowned, inn on the 20th. The first two will to the Trnnsvuil, the view being that
The survivors, nine in number, hnve curry all bnt the western squadrons of the German trade with the Transvaal
I just arrived at Bristol. j the Mounted   Rifles, who will bo  the : will increase nftm the war."
One of the Beseiged iu Kimberley Gives au
Interesting Account of the War
Following are extracts from a letter
from Mr. Walter Oarmichael, deputy
registrar ot tie1 Supreme Court ai
Kimberley, to his brother Mr. Norman
Oarmichael, of the Hall Mines smelter, Tiic letter is dated October 1,
Regarding tic situation here, tbe
Free State has openly declared it* intention of standing witli the South
African Republic, and the Dutch organs in the Transvnal arc urging the
Boers to attaok Natal and the Colony
at cme ami not to watt for England to
take the aggressive, and although tin-
usws arrived last, night that the Cabinet has deoided to summon Parliament
lo consider the situation, it Is nol unlikely that war may be precipitated by
any ohnnoe Oiroumsfnnoo. In tic-
Transvaal, Johannesburg is comparatively deserted, both there and in tbe
Free State the Burghers, drilled for
months past, and well   provided   with
arms are gathering and making all
preparations for service, strong foroes
are massing on both Free State and
Transvaal border and feeling on tin-
Dutch side is so strained and the passions of the fioers so inflamed that it
needs but the merest   spark to set   the
whole frontier ablaze from Kimberley
to Mafekiug, In view of ihe news
thnt runs) be daily appearing in your
papers, iu.fi it-i probably* cxnggi -atim-
in one way or another, I Will try to
give yon a correol idea of a few of the
facts and circumstances that have led
op to the nresenl  very strained oondi-
tion of affairs here. The Uillanders in
tile Transvaal, which it is needless to
say compose a verj important section
of the community ami gathered chiefly
at Johannesburg, arc without political
and almost without municipal rights.
The country, before the discovery of
gild and introduction of Eurnpnu cap
11ul. was marly bankrupt and owes it-
preaent wealth and prosperity to their
presence and enterprise. Thcv aro
heavily taxed both directly and by
means of various government monopolies. Under the surveillance of ignorant, insolent nnd   brutal   police   their
lives an-1 property  are  scarcely  safe,
thev are overlooked by a hsavy armament of guns which could destroy the
citv in a short time, They can with
difficulty obtain justice in the courts
of law. They are hardly allowed Iho
right of public meeting At any moment a man may be expelled from the
country arbitrarily. The Government
is corrupt tbionuh and through,  It   re
eently rejected the recommendation of
its own industrial commission that
the dynamite  monopoly from which it
derives an annual inoome of   ��800,000,
should be cancelled.    The chiif justice
vvas summarily dismissed because hi
refused to promise to consider any res
olntlon of the Volksraad, passed perhaps iu live minutes, as binding law,
(or in other words refuse,l to endorse
the idea that the   President    can do ii"
wrong), ami thus the Independence of
the  High Court   was destroyed,   "ii
all sides tl ppresaion is heavy, pergonal, inimicnl. Years ago tbey peti
tloin-d   the   President to redress   then
grievances, their efforts were repulsed
wiih ribaldry, their appeals ties ted
with scorn. The time lius passed when
it could be said that the foreigners are
there only to get Ihe gold and leave
the country. The only defensible argument of the Boers Is their fear that tbe
Citlniidets would swamp the country
and  get  the Government   into  thnir
own bands, but this was safely provided against in the High Commissioner's
Bloemfontein proposals. The fear
thai their country will lie lost to them,
roused by the filibustering raid and
nursed   by   the   Pretoria oligarchy, Is
perhaps natural and excusable, hut the
British Government   has  made  evorj
effort to ilisuniis'  their initiils   of   such
Intentions, but suspicions in oharaoter
aud without honor themselves thej
cannot understand England's word of
honor. The strained feeling on tbo
Rand has been tbe oause of racial dl
vision ami hostility betwoen tbe Dutch
nml English residents throughout
South Africa,   But for Presidenl Kru-
gem' polioy,    this race feeling   having
little to  feed  on  would have almost
died nut: the efforts of tbe High Commissioners and more 1 specially ol   Sil
Alfred Milter, have been directed   towards the conciliation of   Dutch   feel
ing in this  Colony, bul for years this
growing antagonism,nourished by mis
government in the Transvaal and Prei
ident Krugor's hostile policy  towards
the British, has foiled all   efforts  and
unoeasily destroyed  all   peaceful   do-
Continued on Fourth Page.
Nelson Daily Miner",
f uhllsned Dally except Monday.
NrisonMinbr Printing & Pububh.no Oo.
Il  J.  BEATON, Editor and Managor.
worth!  ho  the par*ios, not the lead-
who   woul.l   he   on    trial.     The
j leader   uiieht wreck his  puny,   it  is
j true, hut just because he might would
be his strongest motive   for pursuing a
straightforward, honest, unselfish policy.    It would   be the   best guarantee
Subscription Rates, ti,0 pBpp]e Q0Tild have under any possi-
D.lly per month by canter S100  bin system  of    government that   their
Seryet*/8*1 ^ public affairs would   be  administered
pery��arbr��nai\'..!'.'!;!!!.'!!!!!.'!!!! 000''" the public interest.
..   GOO j
porvenr foreign  1000 I
Nklson Weekly Minkk.
VV'eokly, w   oatf yoar    I t 25
IK. r rear    100
per year, foreign  360
Sahscripiioii, Invariably lu advance
Mr. Isaac Campbell,a lawyer of good
stand ing   and   repute   and one of   the
best and ablesl of Ihe   citizens of Winnipeg, has   lie.in the Liberal candidate
, in thnt cily   I'm    nearly   a   year   past,
waiting the pleasure of party   managers at Ottawa to ruing on the election.
| Now that this has heen douche retires
Ifrom the. contest,    leaving   the Hold   to
Mr. K. P.    Martin, a   brother   of   the
celebrated Joseph's, and to a candidate
put op til   the    interest   of   the   Labor
  ] party.    This    can   only   he   taken   to
Municipal nominations will ho  held  mean that the result of the Provincial
on Monday next, uud   tbe elections on |elections in thnt citv leaves   un  doubt
nelson, b. c.
Telephone   No.  144.
.       IL  _.	
1900 1900
Office an. Pocket,
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
Accept  Our Thanks
for what has been the most
successful holiday trade we
have had since we came to Nel.
son While each season has
shown a substantial advance
nver lhe preceding one, this
year the increase has been beyond all our expectation, having' more than doubled that of
last. year. Prom a financial
point of view this is most gratifying lo the management; it
shows that the lilies on which
our business is conducted
meets with general approval���
luit beyond this is satisfaction
in the feeling, thai it is au indication of increased prosperity
throughout Lhe oily and Kootenay district,
Thursday following. From Monday to
Thursda) is a short time iu which to
make n canvass, or to become known
to electors who cannot be supposed to
have an intimate acquaintance with
every resident in a city that is growing
with the rapidity we see in Nelson.
The Mayoralty candidates have heen
before the people several days, aim ample opportunity is afforded to study
thier qualifications and fitness tor the
position. But we do not know yet
who the Aldermanic candidates will
lie. if they compel tbe electors u> wait
until nomination day before announcing themselves, they must not be surprised if they fail to be estimated at
their proper worth. Theie are natural
objections to voting fnr persons of
whom little or nothing is known. The
West Ward is probably safe from any
si-iious mishap,for with Mr. Morrison,
Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Byers in the running it can protect itself against the
misfortune of boiug badly represented.
But at this writing only Dr. Arthur
and Mr.Kerland are visible to the electors of the East, and two are not a
complement It would be well II the
electors knew at the earliest possible
time who all the candidates aro to he,
ior there would be all tbe better assurance of an intelligent selection.
that a Banner   onniidnte  would   hive
no chance whatever.  When Mr. Campbell bus to  retire   from   a   contest   iu
Winnipeg without firing a gun  it may  T, ,.     _.
be taken for granted  that Liberalism I
is at a pietty low ebb.  The   absence of
a Conservative   candidate   is  of  little!
significance.   Tbe   local  managers of
that party   are   doubtless well   enough
satisfied to   leave   matters   with   Mr.
Martin for the present.
New and Important
"3800 Miles Acros
Pi-Ice $1.50.
We quite agree with The Victoria
Colonist that tbere must be some better
reason for the introduction of Federal
party lines than tha effect such change
would have on Federal elections. Sir
Charles Tripper, it says, is aiding to
persuade us to make the plunge, in the
hope that the chances of his party in
regaining power at Ottawa would be
improved. That is no reason at all,
and interference based on an expectation of that kind would deserve rebuke. We. have not understood, bow-
ever, that Sir Charles Topper has
made suoh a suggestion. We do not
know what his private hopes or desires
may he, but he has not said that tho
electois of British Columbia should
divide on Federal party lines in order
that he may the more surely carry this
Province in tho next Dominion elec
lion. Certainly he did not say so iu
his speech at Nelson, and we f.incy he
i�� too old a Parliamentary baud to
make the mistake of saying it anywhere.
The change, if made at all, must bo
made for its own sake and on itB own
merits, entirely regardless of its offect
on Federal elections. The latter can
look after themselves; it is Provincial
policy and Provincial interest we ore
concerned with in the consideration
of this matter. At present our politi
cal affairs are iu a condition of con.'u-
sion. No one can make anything out
of thein. The situation is simply a
squabble nf individuals to get upper
most. A gentleman of the name of
Sfrnlin, who stands for nothing on
earth that any one knows of but himself, is at piescut ou top. Another gentleman named Cotton, whose whole
political policy is exclusively and en-
thusiasticallv Cotton, is supposed to
lie working day aud night to supplant
Mr. Senilis. A third named Martin
is endeavoring to undermine lioth, it
order that be may come to the front.
A foutth named Turner is quietly
waiting ti see if those three will not
devour eaoh other, iu whioh cuso his
star would be iu the ascendant. An
other named Iliggins is also an uspir
���Ot, and how ninny more there may he
the Lord only knows. Not one of
these has any principle, any policy,
around which to build up a party ; all
that he has to offer is his own likes
and dislikes, his own prejudices and
preferences. Wo have a Semlin
party, a Cotton party, a Martin party,
a Turner party, n Higgins party, but
no British Columbia party.
To suppose that we shall ever have
wise, enlightened, progressive admin
istiution ns long as present conditions
last is to suppose the impossible. The
men who are squabbling for supremacy
are naturally the only visible leaders,
und they are too intently engBged in
intriguing for their own personal nd
vanccmeut to give much thought to the
Province. There aro in Federal
affairs here, and in Provincial as well
ns Fodernl in other parts of Canada,
the two old historical pnrtles, Libcrnl
and Conservative.    If   Introduced bore
A year ago not only "the gang who
use The Miner''���whoever they may
be���but a large number of respectable
citizens interested in the affairs ,,f the
town, were anxious to obtain some
kuow ledge of the voters' list, hut could
not do so. If they applied to the Clork
they were told to go to the Mayor, aud
when   they   went   to the Mayor   they
were told to go to .    The list  was
iu his pocket, and he would keep if
there until he chose to make it public.
Little wonder tbere was a feeling of
suspicion und nnrasiuoss. This year,
under a Mayor who understands his
public responsibilities and who has
consideration enough to be courteous,
there has been no cause for anxiety or
suspicion: Information concerning the
list has beeu free to any who applied
for it. If Mr. Houston will kiudly
take the trouble to interview himself
for a brief quarter of au hour he may
be able to distinguish a veiy considerable difference between the two   eases.
Our buyers are pleased to note that
their selections have been endorsed by
the public Our stall' of clerks finding
limy liinl the right, slock,   good values
, and fair prices, found their work   easy
I in selling goods.
Errors and misunderstandings may
occasionally occur, strive as we may to
avoid them. If any such have oeciirud
we ask your Indulgence and will consider it 11 favor to have the matter
brought before the management either
by te ephono, letter or personal call.
We thank you  again  and   wish  one
and all a Happy and  Prosperous New j
T&onison Statlonsry Go., Ltil.
Delivered to an any point on
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
DRESSED Ll'Ml-t. .
Mill at PILOT HAY.
Yards,  NELSON and LABDO
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
��� IM,";OHPr RATP ' ">��JTO
Soon New Year   will be upon us
the time for new resolutions,
Just DotThis Down
and hallo; it up
in  your
Great Reduction!
(M&��8fflo $9.65 Per Ton
'' T $6.15 Per Ton
No one man io the Kootennys is
more responsible for the unfortunate
labor trouble., that exist than Mr. Jolm
Houston. Pecnnse of disappointment
and malignity he employed his newspaper to influence the miners ngainst the
owners und managers, and was largely
instrumental iu hi inline on the conflict
that bus proved so injurious to every
industry in this section of the Province. He has been n promoter of dis
cotd from the beginning. To elect this
man Mayor of the City would he to
increase his influence for mischief, and
would be conclusive evidence rhut for
the moment at least Nelson had taken
leave of its senses.
The Best New Years
for your Boys or  Girls  is  a course
of training at the
Business College
Don't wait for the High
School but give them the
high gradeof supplementary
education afforded by this
institution. Classes formed Wednesday,   Jan.   3rd.
Victoria Street, near Citv Hull.
"Nelson Employment Agencv
Two Nurse Girls.
Girls for Housework.
Baker Z*
J. H. LOVE, Agi
Builders will iliui it to their advantage to
fltrure with Bradley & Co. on Painting.
Fraternity Hall
Cor Hall.'.- .1 Kuolrnay Six.
can he rented for Concerts, Lectures,
Dances, Banquets and every kind of en
teitiiinnient. Good ante-rooms, cloak
rooms, Kitchen nnd dining room furnished.   For terms apply
DR. E. O. ARTHUR  Oitv
moatoffloaotous In oheoklDj disease und
preserving h-alth, highly recommend'
ed oy the Medical Faculty and profo---
BJpaa) nurses, One bath will break up
the most Bevere^oold.
Imperial Silverware
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toed for ton years*
Oiiautauqna Oombiuatiou "Writing Desk
and Drawing Board.
The  best  Kindergarten   Combination
ever invehU.il for children or young
people. Fully furnished with Instruction book, crayons, etc, invaluable for
home education.
The Silverware and Desto tire most suitable
(or Christmas presents. Uall and inspeo. goods
at my offloe. Hall .street between liakcr nnd
Agent for
liriii'-ii Columbia.
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
8. D. PIERRE Prop.
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
���tear of Clarke Hotel. mmm>>
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three months will teach you Assaying for
Gold, .silver. Copper. This ilcpurtmei.1 is In
olinive of Prol Bitter, Honor Gruduule of
HoGlU IJniverstts.
live anil learn how, oheaper Hum Tou now
A. R- BARROW, a.m.i. en.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoriu rind Kootenay Sts.
V. O. Box S5D. Telephone No. !lj
From Jan. 1st, 1000. I shall
always get my Groceries
from the
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., Limitki>.-timer Vernon ami Cedar Streets, Nelson, maiiu-
raolurors nf and wholesale dealer. In aerated
waters and rruli irrupt. Bole agents for Hai-
oron springs mineral water,
���.\. M, i.iiiiiiiiins, Leases, Kvery known
viirloiy of sofi drinks, P. (I. Hox 88. Telu-
phone No 31. Hoover stive! Nelson Bottle, s
of the Famous si. Leon Hot. spi-incs Mineral
r\ ner Baker ana Haildtreeta, NeHpn, man-
UXaoturen of " Hoyal Seal " nnd " Kootenay
Dellc    hrund of etgs-TS.
HJ. EVANS & CO. -Bauer direct, No!
��� sou, wi.o."sale d-iu.ers ... liquors, ciKari
cement, tire b ick nnd lucc.iy, wiilor pipe and
steel rails und general eu...mission merchants.
NOTtOB la hereby given that., meeting of
the creditors ot Charles ll. Maodonald
�� ill he held at the olllces nf Messrs Bowes 4:
VVragge. solicitors, linker si rect Nelson, Il c
on V.ond ���)���. tne Ijth day of Jiimmrv. l'KKJ.nt Ihe
hour of line ��� o'elock in lhe afternoon,
l.iileilnl Nelson, B. ('., the -.'Till  .lav Of   lie-
comber, 1890,
There are no Johnuie-Gotne-Lateliea
this year. Old age must lie impairing
Mr Houston's faculties. Or is it possible that it h bringing him tho wis-
iVmii to discover that to insult the men
whose enterprise ami oapital arc tnuk-
Ing tbe Citv Is not tin- best way to serine election ns Mayor?
The purily nf ihe I.ruu- nnd .Medicines
Administered in Iho pattenl la ihe moil
essential element In the suecossful treat-
inenl ul il'-cn���.    I'ru-cripllnns arc cone
n .mined hy ns from absolutely pare
Dragi in ported condition, and the phy
sieia.i" skill will nni benulllned i.y old
nnd ini|iiili-nl drug-.
Onrstool.sot requisites tor
The Toilet
The Nursery
The Sick Room
I No tick of assignment pursuant io tho "Creditors   Ti.isi   Deeds Ad"   and Amending
NOTlOE   is hereby given that   Charles H.
-Mncdniinid heretofore trading ns K'-ncnii mer-
cluiiii in tho city of \elsiin, H. O. has hy deed
dated tho SOth day of December, I'm, assigned
nil his personal estate, credits nnd oiftiots whioh
may he seized nnd -<>..i under execution and nil
his real estate lo Si. M. BrydgOS lit lhe said ellv
oi Nelson, aocountant,hiIrusl for'he bonolll
oi his creditors,
The .-'.id deed was executed by tho said
Ihniies H .Mned.ii.al.1 and lhe -aid ,s M
Hrydges n-i tho IM h day of December, is!ki.
All persons having olalini usalntl the said
( barlea II. Maodonald are required onor before
Lhe SOth day of Pob-uary, I9w, to send to the
trustee ful particulars of .he same duly vert-
Bed, Inge.her ivi.h lhe-cci.ril es nf anyi held
No] roishoreby further given thai after the
said SOth day of February, num. tho trustee "ill
proceed to distribute ihe proooedsof the irusl
e-inie among ihe parties entitled thereto having regard only to tho olalm-i ofwhlol. ho  has
rcelvednoll indthatho  win nm bo liable
torlhoprocoods of ihe tnnl esbtteo-any part
ilieienf. io distributed to ��ny person of whoso
'���hliin he has mil hail nnliiei.l I lie lime of   I In
Dated al Nelson, li. c, the nth day of in-
comber, ihiki.
s. M. BRVDOBS, Asslgnoo
Board and  Instruction in Assaying, nil for
iwenly-six dollars pei-ntonlh.
Write to the I'rinoipnl,
Now Westminster.
All elasse- of learning maybe hml in this,
he only Colli ge of Us kind iu 'the West.
Tbere Is a title   In the nrliilrs n| man
��lilcli lake., n. tin-  ft I leads OB I.) r,r
nun .    sl.iike-.|ieiife.
Thai you are today in the must likely
pint ..I'the world ill which In nuiko a
fortunef   Why nut sin), ami consider
IT. C   OliKKX, B. A., O. K..PHOVINIIA1,
I1 . Land Surveyor. Surveys of mineral I
claims hinds, o.c. Agent for obtaining frown I
branu.   Ollleo Turnur-Hoeckh block   Nolsou.    QRACKMAN & KfcR MILLING CO
60-62 Brodway,    New York
c,J'ii,>,,',I!1,",<.lc,hri;"rf,lsI,ocul"lin" with deposit
or W.OO [thirty dollars] upward [or 8 per ceut.
margin upward! on stock Exohange.
��� l.lMIl'Kli.- Mini., -fliioel. .\e.son. whulo-
i-ale dealers ...   Hour,   meals,    etc., and   nay
and grnin. Mills ut Edmonton, Vlotorla and
New westudnsier. bUevators on Calgary ��c
Kdiuouiuu Railway.
GEO.   F-   MOTION.      VViioleflale  Hay.
Oram am. . ecu.  special quotations on
c.ioiid ml. loali ICuotBna) points.
A MAODONALD ck CO.--Uor,ior~ Vor-
��� no., am. Juseptuua .s.,eots. H'l.ulosale
grom.rs and Jubboro ... blaluots, gloves, mltis,
booui, riioucrs, maosiuaws nml miners' h....-
\ er.iou oire.'i, .\ei-o.., I.,i(niru-.s, whole-
The urealesl fori unci
��� -i uhiiinns in Slocks
have been nuidothrough
wheat or Cotton,
If you are interested lo know how speculations aro conducted notify ..sand wo will send
V Atl       i i . I . >�� , . , , . tin.,      a. -_-1       _^. .._!...       I     -. 1        ww��***
Mttta Kfocul-H.
market Idler  free oflDlOoUl
BUkNs 4 CO   HonorBlftML  Nelsou,
suers in iiCfll. and cured'
you   information  und
mal cominlsslonB  charged for executing   tA/fcST KOOTENAY BUTCHER CO-
''"��� i �����   ,���SakerBiTvut.Aolsoo,   ft nouaalsne.il-
tl's In fro I. uuil cu.ed meals.
Bought and Sold.
Tena and
Alary Belle
Arc complete    Your patronage solicited. ' H xj )       I 1    AlaTV    Belle      ���
m^rs^n. |Beooctls Improved s^.-i
Safety Fuse
For iho oonvsnlenoo of Pbysleians and
Nui-s s. we have established a Nurs. .'
Plreotory, and In order to hnve II oom
ptete, request nil Nurses in send In or cull
and leave lliolr names ami nddrossos.
uul ni hers worked
iy   tin.-    VVestern
madn (Jold Min-
thc lafest buys on
rough inspection
Dispensing Chemist
Telephone lie,    P.O. Boxnt,   BakorBlroeU
Mail Orders Pr ptly Attended To.
As    Supplied     British    Admiralty
P..\.v.':i riini.e iu
l>KiitiMi,   kiai. istiti:   and MAUI
White Countered
Ghitta Percha.
! Will Not Crack or Break.
Absolutely safe In all  weather
1 -iniii:
ItUlilll III
Mtoom Hie
���sand (lots,good in
��.���'.'< i
.      S.^1
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
Pope's Miners' Safety Matcli
cordially invited
iooo  Noonday    coo Richelieu
Referendum Treasury stuck.
i _
��.(>vcrnnicM,   Haul  Ipnl    nnd     Kullrna.1
bonds quotations tarnished on application for
purchase, sale or exchange.
Jos, ||||1
Uuaiel's   ..,   tia
AgOUlS fii.'U'a
A. OO. t oiia-i- linker and
u auouts, Nelson, wnolcsale
.Ware aud i.i.mi.g suppi.os.
i l'���wdot i'ii
bl.MI.I..,    i,,k,-r   Ctruet, .\e.sou,
I slllo llc.lluifl. ,|,  Il .III Will
I liluinlic.'.fl'uu.l illisuiil.i,
and ii.in.i'K
���iipi'il.     ,
s��..e ,ni.il- tu,,, ���!,-.
Brewers of Pine Lagei
Beor nml   Porter,
Drop  in  and  Bee  us
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, 'i.iiuicsnie Uadeis  n liquors cigars und dry
Filial rt mmW^B��^M>
Cllltnncy SWeCplDg, j cu,'""""'"i"��i.>i>.e..:.. linker.-i...,Ne.s hi.
4-rooiu   lunise   and    Furniture,
lion-.'   and   lot   for   side,   close   to
business part of city.   Price #2,000.
Minimizes   risk   from    flrlng
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your denier for them.
Manufactured by
William liiiiiiieii Sods & Go.
Cambourne, Cornwall, England,
Gonor.il Agent for Cai.a la.
Distributing Agents.
Ward Street, and got in on thenound iloor.
v onespniiileiiee Solicited.   No Wild I'nts.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared lo issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
All work done by us is guaranteed first class.
Leave orders at offlco. W ird S ret, oi.no.lt,
I Ost.illlcO.
Spotone:JFall8_ dT
Northern f?'v.
M oJfon_&_Fori
Red -Mountain R'v.
The only nil ,.���il ,.0���te without
ohange ni oars between Nelson aud
BoMland ami Spokane and Bossland
Lv.  ll.ir>a.m. NKLSON. Ar. r�� 2<> n ..,
Lv. 11 88 II.I.I. HO.SNI.ANU Ar   OO   '    '
Lv,   8 ir.a.,n.HIH>KANKAr.tilr, ,',.,!!���
Train that leavoa Nelson at 0:15 a rr
Passengers for Kettle Ri>rtfBI1d BoUu.i.
gjOreok.oooneot nt Morons witbHtag.
H. A. JACK80N, G. p. & t.a.
Hpcikane   Waal
Agent, Nelson, B. (J
JY   QRIFt-iN   4   OO.    I'liner   Vernon
.   ...in jusuphiuo streets. Nelson, wholesale
Healers I.. proVlsiOUS,OUMd mollis,  bulter and
N^bflPA  fftJK    AND     PLANING
ii ii M'Ll-S, I- mitki.-. nrner Hon I. and
I. ..,.?"."', No!��0"' 'nuniitiiciiirers of and
"J '"",'���> dealers In sash ��..,! doors; all klnda
or faclory work .mule in uidur.
��T-<- i . J"��epliTiiuaiid Iias,-r MireoU.   Agls.
(?ar.Ci!!!^,,,ino,,;,���r."""! """  Wd"  A^����
W.F;,,TiE,ET^EL * OO.   OOfllsr llakor
-".  deal,   s t,""''"' ��� ',l ,Vn"'' N,!lMl"''   wl'��1��-
Don't lor^ct
to try
St. Leon
Hot Springs
After the Xmas festivities.
Sole Lottie, s
Nelson.Soda Watei Faolory,
Names of Those Who Have  Ooine For'
ward-���Mr- Fle'cher Meets With ���
Good Success-
Nelson people avowedly are interested in municipal affairs and certainly
talk a great deal about them, but they
are singularly slow' in gettiug down
to business, The candidates for the
Mayoraltv are in the field, but little
more is known about tho candidates
for aldermanic honors today, than was
known yesterday, or the day before or
the day before thai, and this notwithstanding the fact that the election
takes place this day week. The majority nf the leading men of Nelson are
either singularly modest or take a very
ling tinie in making up  their  minds.
Uuu thing, however, Reom.< oertniu,
and that is that, whatever Mr. Houston, may do, Mr. Fletcher will not run
with a straight ticket of aldermen behind him. He will seek election on
his own individual merits, and. should
any prospective aldermen run in oooo-
sition to nny avowed followers of Mr.
Houston, they will also run on their
own merits and not as pledged followers of Mr. Fletcher. As Mr. Hamilton Dyers said Jyesterday, "Aldermen
should represent the City's Interests
and not the Mayor. "
So fur as is known the aldermanic
candidates are as follows: Iu the
West Ward. Messrs, A. Ferlinid,
Tom Madden and Dr. Arthur, and in
the Fast Ward Messrs. Hamilton Dyers,
Blake Wilson, 0. Morrison aud J. A.
Irving. But this is by no means a
oomph to list and ii is probable there
will bo six candidates in each ward.
In tho West Ward Mr. Scions' name
is prominently mentioned in influential quarters as a possible candidate,
though whether that gentleman will
consent to run in another thing as he
has shown oo desire for municipal
honors, though an effort will be made
to induce him to stand. In the KaRt
Ward the four names given may likely
be taken as tiual, though Mr. Byeis
said yesterday that while he was
thinking of standing as aldermanic
oaudldate, be would give no conclusive answer until today. It is fairly
certain, however, that the names of
all the candidates will he settled today. Mr T. J. Sims, it may tie said,
has definitely refused to run, as lie
finds at present that his business requires  his undivided   attention,   Mr.
Morrison who. as stated, will run for
tho Bast Ward, has had previous "xpci-
lence in municipal affairs in Carmen,
There wns a meeting of Mr. Fletcher's supporters iu his committee rooms
last night, and a great deal of hard,
useful work wns accomplished. The
greatest    enthusiasm    prevailed   and
evervone was confident of bringing Ihe
campaign ton successful issue. The
contest has hardly begun yet, and
nearly all the hard work remains to
be done, hut, nevertheless, tho success
which has so fir been met with is
most encouraging,    The voters seem to
appreciate, after last year's experience,
that it is a good thing to have a man
for Mayor who has no axes to grind.
and one of lb- candidates has altoath
ground axes in the past tit the expense
of Ihe t lectins, and 'here is a general
feeling Hint he may possibly again
haie a second store of those useful implements for the fixing of which he
might like the municipality to pay.
Another meeting of Mr Fletcher's
supporters will be held in his eon nut
tic rooms this evening and a large attendance is requested as thole  is much
Important work to bo done.
Mr John Elliott, who has been paying a visit to (! iIlfOTOtO for his Ilea It li,
is SXpeotetl back in Nelson   next week.
Tho Imperial Bank has Definitely decided to occupy the Bank of Montreal's
present quintet's when the latter move
into   their brick block.
At his residence yesterday Hov. Robert. Eraw united in the bonds of matrimony Thomas Aviso and Annie M.
Kennedy.both of New Denvor.
Mr. I). Ricker, who left NoIhoii in
IMIII to   settle in Brandon was iu town
yesterday bemoaning his foolishness.
Mr. Geo, Muuro, another Brnndoiiito,
was also in town )cstenlny.
T. J. Sims, of the Kootenay Cigar
Factory, drew tbo phonograph at J .1.
Walker's jewelry store be t uight. Mr
Sims was not present nt the drawing,
Geo S. Kallawng, making the lucky
draw for him,
G B. Hltohoook, who wns committed for dial lor forgery by Police Magistrate John Boultbie. of Hossland,
will be brought, up today before Judge
Fnriti to olect as to whether ho will
have a speedy trial or a trial by   jury.
T. Uenall    was   yesterday lined   -m
and costs on a summons for shouting
and causing n dtsluihiince on New
Year's morning in spite of several
Warning! from tho police.    Mr. W. A.
Galllher appeared on behalf of the
Mis" Palmer is meeting with greut
SflOOHM with her kindergarten school,
which she opened the day before yes
tordny. Fourteen pupils were at the
opening, li attended yesterday, and
she expects six more today.    The little
oues are showing great interest iu the
novel form of work.
Police Magistrate Crease will hold a
court of revision on Saturday morning
at 10 a. tu., when the names"of householders who have been improperly
omitted from the voters list can be inserted, while tin. names of those property
holders nnd license holders which have
been left out can lo pot' on. Voters'
lists can bo obtained on application nt
the City Hall.
There will be a meeting tonight iu
Judge Forin's offloe of the East End
Properly Holder's Association to discuss the npproaobing municipal elections nnd tho issues that will bo at
stake. Anyone interested in tho East
Ward is invited to attend. It mny be
thai tho Association will bring out
aldermanic candidates.
Messrs W. F. Tyo, J. G, Sullivan
and Captain Troup went up to Proctor's Landing yesterday to nave a look
at the proposed terminals of tlie line
there. On bis return Mr. Tyo said
ib.it most of the tenders were in, bnt
they would not ail be received I'm' a
day or two, and until then there would
he nothing definite lo announce. There
will be but little hriilge work between
hero and the outlet.
"Molly" McHuirr, of (lie Molly
Gibson mine, is tbe authority for the
story that a mount:,iu lion was shot at
Clubli's ranch near Balfout yesterday by a hunter named Williams, It
wns a hugh beast, measuring ten feet
from tip to tip when laid out after it
had been pumped full of lead, and was
one of tho biggest ever shot in the
Province. It is said that several cougars have been seen lately.
The Connoil of the South Knoten ,y
Hoard of Trade mot last night anil
passed several recommendations to bo
considered by the next meeting of
tlm Board. Tho most important of
these were that the name of ihe Hoard
should be chance to that of the Nelson
Board of Trade, and also that delegates
lie -out to Loudon next June to represent the Board at the Chamber of
The calender that Mr. G. A. Hunter,
local   representative   of   the Manufacturer's   Life,    has   distributed  in   the
City, is one of the most useful that has
yet appeared.   Il is a map ol" the world
show iug   the   British   possessions   nml
the territories in South Africa, "about I
to he incorporated. "   Coaling stations, |
etc, are shown as is also   the route  of !
the  Canadian  contingents,     Another
surprising feature is that while the illustrated part is very complete and
the calendar part is large enough to be
The Rising Comedy Company gave
another performance last night which
was well received by a limited audience. The contortionist was ns marvellous as ever, as was Mr. Lewis'
trunk trick. How Mrs. Lewis gets out
of a tied bag inside a corded trunk,
ohangei coals with her husband and
the latter takes her place, all in a sec
nnd and a half, passes comprehension.
The musical part was loudly applauded, especially Mr. Rising and Miss
tremble's whistling duet,
The Nelson Electric Tramway Company have got out their schedule mm
the oaiS will be run on il today,and, if
it works ont suocesfully, it will be
denflltely adopted. Roughly speaking,
tbe cars will connect with all outgoing
and arriving trains und steamers, and
will make ihe round trip from Railway Street by the Shcrbrooke Hotel to
the Nelson ��fc Fort Shuprurd depot
every half hour. The first car leaves
the Shcrbrooke at T a. ra., and the N.
& F. S. depot at 7:1.1, sinning back
again at 7:80 a. m., and so on through
the day. The last car starts at 0:45
p   m.
Boot and Shoe   Economy
t greatly reduced prices in order In make n  lot ��� Spring Stock.   BARGAINS will be tic order of tin- d.iv. .one. enrly,       *
Commencing today we will offer our immense stock of
5   Don't Porget the i'luce for   j>
^   Choice Groceries, Crockery   S
i?   ana Confectionery,
To the Citizens of Nelson -.
In   response   to   numerous   requests
from   business men,   property   owners
nnd latepayer.s, I offer myself as a cau-
didato for Mayor of tho City of Nelson |
at   the  approaching   Municipal   Elcc- j   ~ ~
Briefly stated, my platform is as foi-   NelSOfl    nameSS   JMlOp
lows :
largest  stock
and greatest varii
vor to assist   in more tlrmlv   estab-    WM^J^m SrfHiis-.i vane-
ling Nelson as the wholesale distri-, Su^tV^*?""^! l>' ��' Harness,Sad-
ing centre of the Kootenay Country    ^fl,tl;;-;%Sp} dies,Collars,Blank-
Wholesale and Retail Meal Merchants
If elected it will be my   earnest   en- I S$?L. /
doavor to assist   in more firmly   estab  ' __���A!
-the position for wnioh she has been |}t*{_&     |\     ets,   etc ,   kept   in
so admirably designed by nature. f Mlffi?             ,i      t-    .              .
m   further,..,:... ot  this idea, I wiil H^            lhe   Kootenay.    A
continue my consistent advooaoy of the ���                  l"ill    always    con-
oonstrnotion  of a   wharf whioh  will vinces.    Hall Street, Nelson.
"f'Tiu'wimiesl.'].'' andto"he1rbtu"im"s''',o:  j. m lijuwkx    jandou. Three Porks, New Denver and Slocan City
terests. i
1 believe that the  City   hns   lunched |
thnt stage when permanent  street im
a fe ������������������������-gBvii
Branch Markets in RoBsland, Trail, ; felson, Kaslo
provements have become an absolute,
necessity and that the cost should be
met, as fur us feasible, from current
revenue and should tho Citizens see fit
to entrust me with the ollico of Mayor,
it will be my aim tn carry out a well
devised system of street improvements,
It will be my policy to opposo the
hollowing of monev unless the same be
used for the increase or establishment
of Publio Works producing a revenue
to tlie Taxpayers,
I am opposed to any increase in the
salary of Mayor, which would necessarily involve ;. reduction in salaries
now paid an efficient Staff of olrioials
or an inoreased burden to the taxpayers,
1 mn strongly in favor of maintaining the Fire Department In  a position I Kh.st.class simper, ,���. ���ii trains Irom
of thoroughlefflotenoy  and   would ad- beVELSTOKE & KOOTENAY l.lx
vise the   adoption   of   modern   equip '
mints including a Fire   Alarm System
IE     *3�� SGOVIL Orders by mall to any branch will have careful aud prompt attention.
niNINU RMOKBIt,      AittTAUY 1'IBI.U'.    ������  -'   - -  . _____���__
Windermere Mines,  OorrospondonosBoVolted
Tbe direct route from
to nil points
EAST   and   WEST.
ORdI 1        Brand and
rKtl 11 try. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aocnts fob Canuds i JAMES TURNER A CO., H*m lton. Ont.
TOURIST CARS   puss Medicine Hat
and the purchase of a chemical engine dall, for 8t Panl Sundays ,,mi Wod.
which would eiiect a reduction in all, n,Jh for Toronto, Fridays f, r
hire Insurance. i ...,���,'   t  i  u...	
;. The Nelson ElectricTramwayCo.Ltd.
\V. N. Bravdnn and wife. Kaslo;
P. F. Richardron, Vancouver; Q, A.
Cailaon and wife, Kaslo; T, W. Oole
man, ,1. u Robertson, Trail; Ernest
Mansfield Bloean City: Thomas Burnett, Vancouver; V. Klwell, T. (J.
Miller. Bennington; Mr. nml Mrs.
Thomas S.  Avison, New Denver.
T. \V. Clark, who for some time has
been manager of V. R. Stewart >fc
Go's, Nelson branch, left last niuhi.
with Mrs. Clark and   daughter, for the
old Country, where  he will reside in
future,   Previous to  his departure he
was made lhe recipient of  a handsome
set of pipes from ihe employes of tbe
company and the following address:
"Dear Mr. Clark :��� your fellow employes, OU tho occasion of your leaving
for England, and In ail probability wr.
may never   meet   again, we   desire   to
express our good will and esteem with
every good wish for your "itluie. and
WS ask you to accept this tangible token of our regard, and trust that you
may live long and enjoy good health
and prosperity, Wishing you and
vour good wife and family a very
happy and prosperous new year, and
a safe journey, yours faithfully,
Thomas Parkinson, John .1. I). Ma-
Beth, (leo. B, Clark, Richard H.
Lowe, Q, Q.  West."
L. Acton, the company's stenographer, also loft for England 1 >st night on
ii few months' trip for the benefit of
his health.
i Montreal and Boston
it will  be  mv consistent policy   to     B Revelatok
safeguard the taxpayers against any
nt tempts on the part of corporate bodies, carrying on business in Nelson, to
encroach upon the rights of the Citizens.
In my opinion u BUffioieilt amount
of monev should be expended upon the
Parks of the City so that they will pro- , (IM ^
vide the Citizens with recreation
grounds and opportunities for healthful
On all municipal works mv policy
will be to employ bonn-fide residents Of
Nelsou and tn maintain the publio
standard rate of wages
I believe that   the Public Schools in
Nelson should be nnder tho control   of i .-,, ,
the City and that eery   effort   should I OH 00] v
be made to establish a High   School in
our midst.
In concluding 1 wish to say that in
the event of my election I will consider it my duty to shuro with the
Council ihe responsibility of the Olvio
administration believing, as 1 do, that
lhe assumption of entire authority by
one individual ,s subversive of al) con-
stltnllonal     Government,      whether
Mnnicioal or otheiwise. Yours respect full v,
Larjre number Choice Building  Lots adjacent   to  the
line of their Tramway.    For price and terms of sale apply
Ex. sum"1 fro"lH"bhU"'Hol--l^a'Siin |at the office of the Company, Macdonald  Block,   Corner  ol
7. in Lv.
,v.       NELSON Ati'.io.up fosephine   and Vernon Streets
v.daily .NFLSON daily Arr.'Jl. HI  J        ' -r     r
Ill compliance with the request of a
large number of citizens, 1 hu1'.. consented lo offer myself as a caudidaic
tot  alderman   n. the West  Ward,   if
elected 1 shall do my utmost to protect and further the intr-res s of the
City. Owing to unavoidable circnni-
statieis 1 shall not be ill  Nel-ol. daring
the week,ami consequently will be unable to make i. personal canvas. Hoping to receive your support I remain,
yours obediently,
Morning train connects f- v all points
Evening train connects to and from
Main Line and points north, and lex.
Sun.) front all points in BOUNDARY
str. Moyie Dnily,
NELSON        Arr. 16.20
Connects   Kootenay    Landing  with
Crow's Nest Hraiich trains both ways.     VTPT0T?TA
Kx. Sun.       Sir. ECnkanee,     Ex. Sun
lii.oo Lv.        NELSON        Ait. 11.0)
Saturday  to   Argents,   and relun
leaving Kaslo tit
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Turner Beeton & Co.
sJooanpoinou LIQUORS,   DRY   GOODS,   ORE   BAGS.
Kx. Sun.
9.00 Lv.
Kx. Sun. i
Ar. 14.20
4 Ins NELSON to ROSSLAND ii��4
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
K,a-rules ami fail Information oddreai near
.'���a lucal agent, or
���j K. M'.asi.kv city Poaonger a��c���i
it. w. DltBW, Agent, Nulw a
-V. K. ANllKltMIN, EC. .I..OYI.K,
���iiuv.iwA.,,,....      a ��.PvAb��a.  r   WIRE ROPE AND ROPEWAYS  J
FOR machinery Atlantic S. S. Lines
llli-l.li.it nml llullnlle .-y-lini-
Hut,,," k mi.I Will
No i lit: is bonbr riven ii���.i i'ii|,ii,-,,ii���i,
Will  III- Ullllll- Hi tin-  I.Cflll-lullYl'   A". Ill
lily ,,f tie- Province nt Br.��l��l. Columbia, n IU
iHixi HMlon. for an Aot to InoorpuratQ h *'i���>> �� - �� . ���*-.,, r-K,r^,M^r-
|,u, ,y wlt.li piiiv-r loi-iiii-ti.i.t. I, iillil, "|iil|iio,.| QAS "ml OIL tlMOHNtb,
oporat*Iraniw,.yiIn th. litatrlcU-o/Koofoti-j   FLEXIBLE METALLIC TUBING,
nml Y,il.\ in Hi" Province "' '.rll,-li . nhnilili
Krom Portland, M<
"I aim ill no."          .  . lift'. '-'
Mian l Ina   ParM in" Jan, i
Dominion Una "CainbroBaan'' Doo,
l ,oiiiio,,.,, , inr "Vanoouvor1 .inn,1
Knmi Ni-��   Voi'
VVIiltr  Slur l.llli-   '  I'. UtOllIc [)M
North II,,,,, ,11 I.I..mI .Ian
 irloan l.i 'Bt Paul Da,  1
W lull-   .-III,   l.llli-       l   I Hill. .           .1.1,1
Hod Star I-u ���- *W oatornland1 Doo,
Ciioar.l l.lij'- ' 1  0.'a ot".        .. .lull     -
, An, liur I.In,' ' Ah-          -. Hi-' .   >
Patenaude   Bros.
Por Fin   Clocks
and Watches
We have received a lol of
Ilea nihil ( iiinii ('look <  ul
remarkably low Rgores,
The lire timekeepers ami
will make useful presents.
Patenaude Bros.
Watchmak rs,
and   Opticians.
Nelson.    ���    B. C.
���        to run at,d oiiomto inch tram wny�� In olootrln,   aiu.Iv o. T rt rn   riDnLirnci Anchor Line   Ancho'la, |,.-....
O-      i steam or oil,it tumor, ,,-t,,.,. In- -toconoml-   """��      J . U. 1. UilUl lb, M I M I A11'"' >;"''' l-'1"' '��t��U��ol Nobraaki . Jan, -'���
Ml or aonvonlonti to oraol  and onorato tola i'u,i���i-.i l.,n,- ��� .'i..,,,,,,.,!,.'.        . Dtp
NELSON- B. G. ���	
Igraj.fi ami tolopH. Ilnoalnnnd boiwo'sn all BKALKV nun ic
IIhoollli-i, towni, vlllagon ami leltli'mouUi in       Uakar sin-,-1.
I rooi lloatOQ, Mu
s. w  Knglatd" Jan.  I
PoMgaaarranged t���ni,.i fr.������ nil Baropoati
prlooonnool with othorflnoa thai ina) onorato  Or to FKIIOUHSON At n< ��i-~r.->, \ aiicnivcr  \mt��u,    Kor n,n-. ticKot- i������l full infcriimtum
1 la or oat-Ill,-of-inh ili.tii.i--; li I ��� I v  - ��� 1 ��� ��� PMntutrt-na   ivn   in��MT* i.|,|,ly loC. I'. U,,I..|.���t au. in or ('���   K. Hoa��lr;.
i trie, hiauai. air, walororo liorpowor io otbot kwuj��ki��i�� am�� ��um >��� ��� city paaatngai AJT��nt, Nelrnn. B <
lull.oral'on-.   niniiiH .. ���"��� ������      or  laillMiluals ' cctiMATES      PLANS      REPORTS. v^    ''   '. ' ' *?_"'*".;
I to supply light UiorcorporaUonH,  nufao   tSTirviAits..    r-Lans.    Htr-unio. tJeniml AganL O P. R. OffioM Winnipeg
I lori.is or hiiilviiliinl-: lo aoqulroand hold wnl  \ ���-__������   _______________________________________,__������__,
| or right" for I ho |,ll llio-l' ol  mi,oration I'ou.   .
whouiorforthoirown nioor tbo i u otior
Every Man
conmrntioai,    I, uiiiifn, 1011,>.   or   hull. alia. -
tofarnlahandnipply wator to oil,.a- oorpor
lloii", niiiliilfai'toiH'" or iliili. iiliiul- In -ai.l lii
ti-ii-lfl.; to aoqulro and hohl land, Umbor right ,
riuht" of way unilolla-rproperty olidoaaomoitl .
for tho purpoacn of tho Coinbnny, with all noi
,-ssury nowopi in Mint bolialf. to aoquitoall tho
nssots, inuirlll-.iv. prlvlloao   alal l.ll i HoftltO
Nnlaon Klootrlo Tmmwny Coti.pnny, Llmttod;
to aoqulro all Ha- aaaota, fmiichlsoi, prlvlllg, -
anil lni"loi w of lhe Itomlaud mot tSopblo Mono
lain KlOOlrlo Halloa, Company, Limited: lo
receive nlil.cillior l,.\ W01 of home- Or Other
Vflsq, froiii miv tonii'li'ipalily in mid Hi-tri.-l" of
Kooieiiuy or Vale: to obtain pxomptlon from
luxation and oilier privilege* from ,ui> luunlcl-
t'lilliv in "iilil lii-iilri-of Kootenay ,u,,l Vein,
and nil olhor iimnd, nooowanry or in. iii.nial
poworannd prlvlipBteaan may he nocewMiry or
llieiiiellllll or ,< Ill, lhe lo  Hie    111 taillloellt    of
the above ohjootii, or any of ihom,
llxle.l HI llie.'lly of   NOlaon   11.1-   I   '   illiv    of
Docombor, a. Ii,. Im.
MArnoNAl.li \- JOIIN80N,
'���.,'���,;,.>,/,., iki \/t ���...,/.  tlcments lllllycr Hlock
likes to dress it, Fashionable soil  idcap,  Pii
Mice PittiDR ��tin ini-iitm if he .'an
,|o so al a reiiHoualilc prioe, Ms
fell end Winter Samples ore now
complete io Huttings, Overooati .���   Bakbh Si km i
nml I'lincy Vestings,   Give mi      _________
call iiitil I  will qnote you pn   -
Unit will i.hIoii.hIi you. lHlllMH
Ladles'Tailoring iu. all   its IJIIUul 1(1
branches, a specialty.
wla-le   yOU   . at,   il. I" II. 1 on   Kittiin-   the   U
i,rand- In lln mar;,.' am: any quantity Iron
a,.not la- <li-pntril.
'mom is,
Frank a. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
It, tho onlj n
Mil A. ��    I'
h il ,l,i r
t HilY,   A.nio
\. I
Ro.im.i i and 11
M I xin i i RNITURI CO.
Appl. WlallO  Block.        Baker-1. eo,, lvootena)
Oi   .t  rVdd ,��� on BlUca  Mroet,  i-j.-i
C. A.PROSSER,   Manager.!     /^^ fty^U^   ^   ZinA   ComJ^tts "Mu C$$.
7    j /     -ML
will   upon her   Kindergarten  ami  Primary
Mioul in I Im Kii(.ll"li Church Hohonl Hooin ���o
2nd Jaa,
Kor leriiiH partlruliin. apply In
Ml  "   I'M.M I   ':.
at tho roldctiii, ot Mrs, J. H. Hoboitwiii, link
iritrest, w����t.
4��^t _
^___^J_^_W/W5C -w *^s 'fcv N
! npoo the Fi.'c State nsalhst which they
1 have   lnnt;   nursed    rloer     grievances.
Where the passions  of  Hie multitude
lure concerned'let him who will watoh
I the flight of birds," Barring this
morning's affair, there is very little excitement here, few people have left
Kimberley, a good dpal of revolver
practice is going ou in hack yards but
" otherwise business goes on as u��ual.
Higus. He is always ready to make jf j$ should happen that we are besieg-
promises of redress, when in I8!)0 he Lfl, you rnny uol hear from me lor
teoepted the aid ol the High Comtnis- gometitne, bo have written thin to keep
-loner to quell the revolution and by yen kohh:
moans uf that aid secured the arms  ol
ihe Uitlanders he at onoo  proceeded ���.,I1Vn.���v .ptmw harm
to fresh   nets   of   oppression   and vn.  !    NliV  BUUNDAK*  flMli OAHU.
lenoe,    he   has   promised   to    observe ��� 	
On Saturday  Next the  Train  Service
Continued Prom First Pago.
���$+���������������������� �������������������� ���������������������������
treaties, hut his inteiition nre di-hnii-
est. Time and lime again, in spirit
and in letter,lie has broken the London
('onv.-ntiou, while it is tlie highest degree probable thm us far hack as l*!d
he was intriguing with Gerroany
against. Qreat Britain. His aels and
intentions are aimed directly at Eng-
lands' supremacy in South Africa, his
dream is the extension of a Dutch Republic throughout South Africa and
the abolition of British supremacy.
Surely in the face of all this the British Government hns shown the utmost
forbearance, but little tlu.nks have
they gut from the Boers, for its niag-
naiiimity has only been treated as a
sign of weakness and confident in their
own strength the Boers nre at this moment massed 5,000 strong on the frontier of Natal.
Uutii lately we ridiculed the idea of
an attack upon Kimberley, hut today
lb situation is decidedly inlei. sling.
The reason indeed is not far to seek.
Kimberly and the Orange River bridge
may be regarded as the chief keys of
the northern Province If the Boers
could blow up the bridge and take Kimberley it would effectually prevent attacks from the western side of the
two States, and facilitate pillaging in
the divisions of Herbert. Kimberley.
Harkley, Vrvburg and Mnfeking.
Furthermore the Pree State regards
the diamond fields with covetous eyes
as land which oueht to belong to then;
and for which they were Inadequately
recompensed, and with feelings of
hatred on the town of Rhodes, so that
to take the town ami destroy themines
would he reveuge peculiarly sweet to
them. Everywhere the sentiment is
tbe same,"\S"e have beaten the English
three times before and we are goioii to
do it again," and ignorance and nrro- j
gance are mixed in dangerous proportions. Indeed it may he said that
hardly any but those at the head of
affairs understand what war with
Great Britain will mean. There is
just now a considerable force of Boers
ar n spot n few miles on the other side
of tlie border, well outnumbering mir
troops here, mounted, drilled and
well armed, straining at tlie leasb.
eager to gallop over and make an attack. We (the official we) obtained
some information Iron an Englishman
yesterday, a Preo State Bnrgber and
liovernment contractor. nnd forced
much against hisj will tn assist bis
i Government, having been commander-
ed, who came in to settle his affairs,
He sayB the younger burghers are anxious to make the dash at once, they
ask, what the use is of waiting till our
troops are reinforced. They were to
have matte an attack yesterday but
were delayed, hut are certain to do so
one of these days, only the old burghers restrain them, who urge them tn
wait the command of the President.
Steyn will hold back till the British
Liovernment shows its hand,and meanwhile is keeping tight hold of his dogs
"f war.
At the same time the authorities
here are making every possible preparation to secure the place and it is u
pleasure to watch the quiet and complete manner in which the ni range
ments are being carried out. Although
the force is not largo, hardly over six
or seven   hundred, the   poiltinn   is   a
Will be Considerably Improved.
A new passenger time card  on   the
Columbia & Weslernjrnilroad.^nrrauged
for the convenience of people in going
to and fr in the Boundary country and
Nelson, will lake effect at midnight
Saturday, January 6, The morning
train will leave Nelson and Rossland
nt 8 a. m.. West Robson at 10:20 a.
m.. and arrive at Greenwoid at 4.10
p. m. The eastbound train will leave
Greenwood at l :80 p in., arrive at
West Rebson at ? :50 p. m. nnd at Nelson and Rossland at 10:-io p. m.
Changes have been made in the
names of two stations, Gladstone having been changed to Coryell and Niagara having become Fisherman.
Superintendent V. P. Guteiius, said
that the company had built a new station at West Robson, including a dining room, and that the latter would
shortly be opened to affoid passengers
from Greenwood an opportunity to eat
i sapper on the way.
In speaking of the roudiitou of
I freight traffic Mr. Guteiius said :
"We have almost cleared up the
freight blockade ou the new line, having cut down to 42 the number of ear-
luads for the Boundary Country which
nre waiting at West Robson. We are
now handling 82 cars of freight daily
and, when we have caught up with
lhe business, enn get freight through
from Nelson to Greenwood in -is hours.
After the tunnel is opened to traffic iu
Februray the time will he cut down to
:jii hours. The opening of the tunnel
will also cut down the passenger time
about an hour, making the trip from
Nelson or Rossland to Qrenwood occupy about seven and a quarter hours. "
No description of Phoeni�� Camp
would be complete without reference
to the Dominion Copper Co., in which
i Mann it MoKenaie, Robert Jaffray, I
Hugh Sutherland nnd many other!
prominent Canadians   are   interested.:
' It is a close corporation nnd there is no ;
itock for sale.
The properties acquired bj thisthiee-
niillion dollar company are the heart
of Phoenix. They are the Brooklyn,
Stemwiuder, Montezuma, Idaho, j
Standard nnd Rawhide Three of
these nre now being worked witli satisfactory results. The claims, nil of
them, are known by ol.l miners and
experts us being among the best and
richest in the oarnn or in tlie Bound-
dnry. Considerable development work
was done on them by the former owners and this is now being continued by
Prank Rohius, M. E., the superintendent.
On the Brooklyu over 1,200 feet of
sinking, crosscuttiug and drifting has
heen done, aud tho Stemwinder has
over 500 feet. The Idaho has a 110-foot
shaft and Ihe Rawhide a 400-foot tunnel. The surface showings on all these
claims is immense, and the development on the first two lias shown up
some tine ore bodies. At present a B-
dnll compressor plant is in use, but
this year one of 80-diill capa ity will
he iustalled to operate nil the properties���Phoenix   Pioneer.
Nelson Opera House
Holiday, Jan.  ist
The Molly Gibson mine ou Kokauee
Creek has begun ore . shipments. Tbe
first shipment of a carload of ore from
the mine went down December ISO.that
being the date of the completion of a
new wagon road to the mine. Shipments will come down regulariy in future and 300 tons of ore is sacked.
Shipments are being made to the Hall
Mines   smelter here.
"We have good ore in four tunnels,"
said Mr. Brnoe White. "The mine is
looking in splendid shape. We have
latelv struck "a fine body of ore in No.
2 tunnel at a depth of 300 feet I ex-
ect to ship 1,000 tons of ore this winter.
Comedy and
Vaudeville Company
will open a
in   the   Nelson Opera
House, on
Monday, Jan. 1st. 1900
lt����\ 517
has taken place the business will be couducted under the same management, and our many customers will be pleased to know that they Will
be met and dealt with with the same comtesy  as has hitherto prevailed.
The class of goods which has been hamlled by nnd built up such a
reputation for the rir.n of M. DEB HR1 AY & CO. will e minim hy be
kepi lust.ok, and as our customers will . ot io nsk.d to ileal with
Btraneersthe reputation o' the old llrm will be maintained throughout.
Commence the year aright by dealing with the old reliable
Wishing von ail a very Happy New A ear.
vou will know us an
The Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M. DbsBrISAY & Co.
Stap e and Fanoy Groceries.
\i isi>\ b. <
w i it Kit si
Detroit. Mich., Jan. 3.���The $fi0,-
000 stock of Morgan, Puhl & Monis
manufacturers of regalia and military
supplii s was destroyed by fire today.
Tho Parisian Laundry Oompany also
snffertd a logs of $80,000,
Municipal Elections' Act.
Take Notice that I shall on Saturday
the fith dav of January instant, at 10
o'clock il. m., at the fity Hall, Nelson, B. O., hold a Court of Revision,
to hear anil determine all question of
voters complaining lhat their names
have been improperly omitted from
the voters list of the Municipality of
the City of Nelson.
Dated 3rd January, A. r>., 1900.
Police Magistrate.
They   will produce
Comediettas   and
high   class
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, ��1,500,000, Reserve, 11,250,000.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
(icneial Banking Business Iransacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hank accouutsr
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Insure your life
Mil 11
St. Johns, Ntid., Jan. :!.��� The public revenues uf Newfoundland for six
months ended December 81, werefl,-
01:1.000, being |880,001 over lhe ligures
reached during the corresponding pei-
iod of 1898, This is the largest showing ever made in the history of the
Colon v.
Rio Janerio, Jan.   11.���The  Government has resolved   to impose an additional tax of 10 per  cent,   on   imports
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
...L. POGUE...
Harness and  Saddlery
The learllug shop. Largo
Mock. Best "Storted stock
on hand. IlarnesH, Col-
l.ns ot best makes. Baddies. Blankets, Belli,
Whips, Bri.shi'H, Combs,
Prices satisfactory.
Call and see.
Cor. Ward and Baker
Insure yout house, house furniture
and pianos   with   J.    E.    Amiable, j ��� ���
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity NOTICE is hereby given that an appli
Fire Insurance companies.
fairly good one for   defence, the   guns]
are   well   placed   on   mine  elevations'
and'although invisible from the  road,
to any spy,command a wide range.    A j
town   guard   is   being   formed  mulct
the control o{  Colonel Kekowich,  who
is at pres?ut   iu   command   of  all'.be;
forces, Imperial and Colonial, on   this
>ide; it was called   into existence yes-
terday.   This morning early, all of ns I
along his road were Jwaki'inil by tbe
confused unisi of shouting and yelling, nnd of loud spoken '.voids of command. Naturally everybody rushed
out in various stages of disuttire, lex-
r'-pt perhaps a few who were too busy
calling on ili" mountains to cover
them), some armed with revolvers.
sti.ks, pokers, water jugs or anything
that happened to present itself as 11
handy weapon of defenoe,in their rush
to investigate the cause of their Hide
awakening, It proved to be a hand of
about 600 excited natives ei.'h supplied
with 11 spade, wbi.-h a number of them
were brunilishing ovet   tl.eii In .ul -   in
11 wild and threatening manner, while
all were yelling war whoops at the top
of their voics, and "the Boat! are
coming, "iu their native tongue They
lia>l bean brought from the compound
to raise earthworks on a slight rising
a few hundred feet from here where
a redoubt, fort niul ritle pits me being
.'iitistrueteil, in fact wherevfr a furor-
able point can be found forts are being
raised,   and   guns   placed   with   great
rapidity, A lookout has been placed on
the roof  "i the Sanatorium on the top
of tin- hill, oonilstlllR of a platform on I
Whioh a telescope is mounted witli   an!
awning  over   it,    Here 11 man   stands j
all day and commands a fine view over 11
the surrounding countty   as   far as the
border,   while    the  powerful  search
lights at the mines sweep the veldt bv
night. Refugees here from both Transvaal and Kree State praise the splendid
equipment of tlie liners, the season
having beeu a good one, forage is
iileiitifnl. e.iltlH abundant, und the
burghers are armed to the teeth wiih
gnus nf the best and latest nuikes ; on
all sides the plaint is heard "and Eng
bind, as usual, lues behind aud is unprepared." The gravest question is
'Will iho Colonial Dutch riser" Lord
Loan believes they will remain loyal,
but many good judges hold a contrary
opinion, there is a general impression
here that they will await the result of
the til��t engagement anil he guided by
that. As a matte! of fact we have
lately found out that the Doers of this
district have Obtained a laige number
of rilles from the Holder secretly. A
general rising is scarcely contemplated
(bough a few may trek from here   and
I The unlive question is also much din-
0UMed; will    Great    Hritatn   be   able
im. prevent their Joining in?
The BlSUtOS in particular are a war
like Hi lie, all well armed   and mount
ed, and would like little better than to
descend from their  mountain   fastness I
fro 11 Austria and Portugal and HO per
n-mt on imports from trance and Italy
to take effect March 1. Several of the
foreign ministers have protested
against the differential duties.
Vienna, Jan. 8.���The final bout of
the Master , Chess Tournament was
played In this city today, Maroczy
won the lirts prize, but owing to an
adjourned name the destination for the
piizes cannot bejjdetetminert at present.
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee of Best
Quality, as follows:
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound I   10
Java and Mocha Blend, 3 pounds  1 00
Fine Santos, 1 pounds  1 00
Santos Blend, .'> pounds  1 00
Our Special Blend, II pounds  100
Our Rio Roast, I! pounds  100
fVELSON,        - B. C.
Corporation of the City of
Public Dottcc i- horob) given lo tin Elector*
of ili<- Miiini iti.tlitv nf LhoCtt) of Nelson that
! require tin- presence *��f tho mid oloctor* al
the council chamber in tho oil) ofHcoi on Vic*
inn.i street in tho City of Kewon on Monday,
tho eighth da} of January, IOOO, at IS o'clock
inn in, for i in* purpOM "f electing porsoni to rep-
rcitent them in ihe Municipal Council oa Mayor
ami A Mormon.
Tho inodool nomination of candidates shall
beofl followi:
The candidates-mall ->����� nornlmitcd in writing; lhe wrltlog -hull i��' imusarlbud by Iwo
volera of the nmniclpulltv its proposer and
���ucondor, nnd shall bouolhorodl ithe Itoturuins Officer at an) I hue uotwecu lhe date of tho
notice nnd ���-' ii.ih. (if tho day of Iho nomination ;
niul in ihe uvonl of n noli being nucoaaary such
i ml I win bo opened on the mil day of .January,
MKW, al H o'clock In tho forenoon and kept open
Hull] t n clock in I lie itfii'i ii-Hhi. ni | hi- following placed, viz :
Portho MM Ward K\ the Phair Hutol Sara-
Rooms; tjcrogg* Block, on the east side of
JoHophlnoHtrcot, bolwcou Baker ami Victoria
Kor tho Weal Waul- Al tho ofllce of tho
Kxohoquur Uonl Mining Company, ou tho
iititili side of Baker Btroot, between Stanley
Strcol ami Kni��t--nn\ Btrect, in llic City of
of which every porson i- horoby required to
like notice had gov( ni hlmsolf accordingly.
The qualification* by law required to bo pos-
ocMied li) tho eiimliilntes for tin: office Or OfllCCa
mi iii loucd abo> o oi o a- follow a
The pofaoiH nuallflod t<> he nominalod for
��� mi elected as tho Major of the alt) shall be
such pontons dm aro in ilo Hril Ish subjects of the
full aire of tweiiivnim years,and aro not di*
tmalinud under an) law. and Imvo been for the
six months next preceding the day of nonilnn
Hon lhe roglstorou owner in the Land IteglHtry
Ofllce of hind or real properly in ihe Cltynf tin*
[UMcarfcd \ahie on the ftt-i munlolpal ossosa-
ineni roll nf mil- thousmd dollars or more over
nnd above any registered Incumbrance or
charge,and who nre otherwise r1111 > qualified
as munlolpal voiors,
The persons qualified m be nonihiiited for and
oloeted oa Aldonnon of tin- city -Imll he ouch
porsons as are male British sub]cots of the full
ago of twenty*one years, and nre not disquall<
fled undernU) law, and nave heen for the six
months next preceding tho day of nomination
the rwlstorod owner in the bmd itoglstry
ttitheof land or real proncrt) in thoCIt) of tho
FumcMod value on the la^t mnnlctpal us��o��w.
111*-111 roll ol flvo hundred dollurs over aiK*
above an) leglalorod Incumbrance or charge.
nnd who hit othorwlso (|unlitle.| as municipal
(tlven under iu\ hand al the Citv nf KollOO,
hi Die PrOVincOOf IlilliMi - oluinhh.,, the SWtll
dm (lf Ih.. ruber, laDD
llHuritillg Otlleei"
AiHcrliscments Inserted under this head at
the rat-'of one cent a word per lusi-rllon. No
advertisement taken for less than 25 cents.
nooKKr.fc.PKK  of   l��r|.'o  expeneDoe
dusires ovetiintj <��� 11;-1..-.��� 11.��� ��� j.t at iiutlit-
Ids, ot   keeping Bmall net  of books.
Will cIohp Looks for yenr,   rtr.    Apply
ut thin iitlice.
WANTED.���Rooms hii.1   board in private- family, in  roo.i  neiRbborbood,
by ludv i lid two chilrlren   i.nil   nuTSe,
Address, G. H. B., Portoffloe Box BOK,
HFfUATlOir WAlffKl). ��� Uining
room work or rlimnhiTiiiaid, or witli
pleasant private family, No objection
to limn..' tn tlie ''Dmitry. DxrierlenoBd,
Address, "A" Miner Offloe.
DR. BARBER, Dentist lain  opened
au office   With   Dr.    Morrison.    Crown
nml bridge work a Hjx'cinlty.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Bahsdvla of Time.      Paotfla Btandard rime.
Passenger train for Sandon and way nut lonn
[OAVei   Kawlo  at 8 a. in., dally.    Hcturnli.K.
leaven Sandon al   1.15 p.'..,, urnviiiK at KiimIo
at 8,45 p. m.
l)|ii-iailiiK on Kootenay Ijikennil lilver.
sir. "International' leaven KhhIo for Kelson
at II a. in, dally oxcopl. Sunday. Heturnin,;,
lunvuH Notion at l.Wp.iu., ealll.iK at Unhnm
I 'Hot. Hay. AliiKworlh and all way points, Con
r.eeiH wiih Sir. "Albe'la" lo and from Hon
ner'v Kerry, Idaho ilao with S. K. & N. to and
from Spokane al Klve Mile Point.
Sir Alberta Loaves Nelhon for IlonnerV
Kerry,  Taetdays   nnd   Sati.rdnyM  at 7 a.m.,
iiieetii.K stiamcr "International from Kaslo
al I'llol Hay.
Hemming, loaves Bonner's Kerry al. 8 a. in.
Wsanofldays and Sundayi.
Dtreot eonni'etio..H made al Honner'H Knrrj
with (Ireat Northern Hallway for all pnini,
ej.it and went.
Str. "Intoruatlonal" leavoK Kiiulo for Lordo
and Ai.-''iiin atH,l.ri p.in. We.lt.i'HilayH and 1-rl
.lay'. Sir. "Alliertn'' leaven KiihIo for Lardo
and .,i-K-i-ni.i nt 800p.ui.Sunday-,.
Stcail.erflir.nll at iirlnrltuil landlnKi In holh
dlreotloliH, anil al other polnt>i when HiKimlled
Tloketf lold Ul all poliitu In Canada and the
Unho.1 StateH.
ToHMortalnrauiHaml full Information, ad
'IniH. :
Mananer. Kaalo. A, C
cation will be made to the LetfiNla
the Assembly of the Province of British Colombia at its next session,tor an
Aot to incorporate a Company with
power to construct, equip, maintain,
and operate telephone ami telegraph
lines within and throughout the Province of British Colombia, and to construct, ni I't.a.nl maintain such and so
many poles and other works and de-
vioes ;ik the Company deem necessary
for making, completing, supporting,
using, working, operating and maintaining the system of communication
by telephone and telegraph, and to
open or break up any pjrt or parts of
the said highways or streets hh often
as the said Company, its agents, officers or workmen think proper, and for
the purposes of the undertaking to purchase, aoquire, or louse, and hold and
sell and dispose of lands, buildings or
tenements within tlie limits nforosaid,
and to purchase or lease, for any term
of years, any telephone or telegraph
line established, or to be established, in Biitish Columbia, connected, or
to be oonneoted witli the liua which
the Company may construct, and to
amalgamate with or lease its line or
lines, or any portion or portions thereof, to any com puny possessing, as proprietor, blv line of telephones or telegraph communication connecting, or
to be oonneoted, with the said Company's line or lines, and to borrow
money for tho purposes of the Company, and to pledge or mortgage any
uf the Company's assets for that purpose, and to receive bonuses or privileges from any pet son or body corporate, and with nil othel usual,necessary
or Inoldeutal right*, powers or piivii-
eg.-s lis may be iieccssnry ol incidental
to tbfl attainment Ol the above objects,
nr any of them,
Dated this  iBtb .lav  of December
ism). .1. K. BROWN,
Solicitor for the Applcmnts.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and    Salted   Meats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful ami prompt attention.
We wish yon one
and all
In tho mattorof tho"Compantoi Winding Up
Act. 18U8, and in tho mutter of tho "NotBpa
Poorman Gold Mining Company, Llmltod/1 in
liiiu illation.
Notice ih horoby Riven that at an oxtrnordln<
ury Kincru) mooting of tho Nelson I'oorman
(tnlil .Mii"ii.' i "ni|.,Mi\. 1 .Miiii.'il, held Novom-
liei 17th, lH'.H.i, duly conveneii. u Hpecjul reKoJu-
tton requiring the said oompany to hu wound
up wiiMtluly parsed; whioh resolution at a sub
rteqnonl tjxiraorofnorjgenera] moetUig of tho
said company! ulsoduh oonvonod, und in m on
Dcoembortitn, 189D, wasduly oonflrmed.
Al such I.Hi in.-t.' i.ni.-,| in. .-i nu: lhe nppoint-
ment- ol William Murmy Hofiford nf lhe City
Of Vancouver Province oi Bnt'lh I'oluiiililn,
um lh|Ui'iutor and Charles C.  itmnietl  of tho
���amo place as tn8peotor( for the purponof. of tho
V\ Indlng Up were roatlrmed.
Notice (^ also given [purtuant to "companies
Winding l'p Aot, iwh" sootlon 10), that the
creditors of and other* having el'iiniH upon tlie
-aid company, aroreqalrod onorbeforathelOth
day Of January, A. I)., mio. tom-nd their naineh
nnd addreiMcs, the partlonlars of 'heirdeht* or
claims and tho nature of theieourlUes, if any,
held hy them to William Murray BoUford,
MorohanU' Hank of Halifax, Vnnuouvcr, B, C.,
the liquidator of tho mud oompany,
NotfoeIs further given Unit after anon lant
mentioned date the said liouhlutor win procottd
lodi-hihuto the OJUOta of I lie h,\'u\ eompFtny
amoiiK the pintles entitled thereto, having ro-
gard only lo tliu claim- of which he ��� 1ml! then
nave nouoej
Datod at v*anoou\or. ii Oh Doc, 0lh. ih:����.
oshouxK pLunkett.
Haoklnnon Building, Qranville Street Van
rouver, II. C.
Solicitor for the tmid !-,-,,,,.l,.i..i.
shait'hold. rs tn tho wild  comiwiiy   nro re-
quHtod to forthwith forward their ibare ur*
Uflcatos to lhe -aid liquidator In order thai  Iho
diitrlbutlon aoouring thoreon may be ineedily
A Merry Xmas ���
and a Happy New Year.
P. O. Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
GooKino stoves & Ranges
Which we are offeringQat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware.
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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