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Nelson Daily Miner Aug 27, 1900

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 Dally Edition N.
.rov.ncial Litrai'j
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,   August 27,  1900.
Eleventh Year
resume  work  this   week  pending  a
settlement   of   the   wages   dispute by
"Under un Order-in-Council. 831 men
of the Mounted Police are entitled to
receive the medal for Borvlces in the
North West rebellion, but it is Impossible to say how many of these are
'still alive.
Provincial House Will  See
Prorogation About That
Strike Investigation Results
Unfavorably for the
Vietoria, Aug. 21.��� Tbe committee
Investigating the ealling out of the
militia iluring the fraser River Btrike
beard the labor unionist story Saturday. Prom this it Is apparent tbat
tbe union endeavored to hold up the
dinners, putting pistols .at their beads,
for shares in the profits at risk of loss
uf the season. The union, however,
overstepped itself us the Japanese got
twenty cents, while the strikers
eventually went fishing for nineteen
cents a fish,
Secretary Rogers of the union states
that Pinkerton men were employed by
the eanners, hut that one ollicer betrayed to the strikers all that W8! being done lnoludlng a plot to incite the
strikers to acts of violence thereby
furnishing an excuse for calling out
thc Soldiers under whose guns three
then .nni Japanese should go fishing,
and by force of numbers drive the
white fishermen out of a husiuess
north a   million dollurs annually,
The general hearing of the witness,
however, detracted from the weight
of his testimony. The union officers
appear also not to be bonatiile tishor-
men, but agitators from elsewhere.
The report will be made today.
Prorogation may not come before
the end of the week as there is a lot
of unfinished business including the
i'.iiii.-M' labor aud Immigration acts.
Resolutions to Ottawa in regard to
bringing the Natal Act into force,to increase the salaries uf judges aud for
the establishment of a mint will come
up today.
Plra Bun Causes Heavy Loss In that Oily���
Political indications.
Winaipeg, Man., Aug. 27.���The
Manitoba Underwriters have offered a
reward of 8500 for the arrest and conviction of the lire bug responsible for
the recent conflagrations in Winnipeg.
One week ago an attempt was mado
to burn thc Frost & Wood implement
warehouse, but thc blaze was discovered in time. Today the building was
.gain Hied and badly gutted. Thc
l"��s will be heavy. In the building
were stored a quantity of grain exhibits collected by tbe C. P, R. for
exhibition purposes.
Report has it that II. S. Southnm
of The Ottawa Citizen has purchased
The Winnipeg Telegram. Mr. South-
am haa been here several days.
T. A. Taylor or A. ,1. Andrews arc
mentioned as likely to receive the
Conservative nomination for Winnipeg
at the general election. A. Vi. Puttee
��ill again contest thc seat as the
Labor candidate.
Very heavy rains fell In eastern
Manitoba today.
Winnipeg had another incendiary
���ire early this morning. Thc blaze
occurred about 1 :S0 a. m. on the
premises of the L'nion Cigar Factory,
at the corner of Main street and Paoiflo avenue. Mr. ltrlekland, tbe proprietor, says no one bad been on the
Premises since Saturday, and cannot
account for tbe origin of the (lames,
"is loss is estimated at (5,000. Thos.
Deegan'a furnishing store was damaged about 89,000 by water aud smoke.
The adjoining stores of Peace ..Co.,
tailor*; Wcllband, boots and shoes;
Matthews, the jeweller, and Alos
Thlstle'i confectionery were Slightly
damaged by water.
Itoms of Intorost In Regard to tho Gomlnn
Three Rivers, Aug. 27. ���Sir Adolph
Carron, the member for Three Rivers
uud St. Maurice Counties, is threatened with opposition from his own
camp, the local Conservatives having
intimated that they intend bringing
out a candidate, in spite of the fact
that Sir Adolph had already announced
bis intention of running again.
Toronto, Aug. 27.���Dr. Oriotihya-
tekha, of the Independent Order of
foresters, has definitely decided not to
allow his name to be placed in nomination by tlie Conservatives of this
city, an effort having been made to
Induce him to run for one of the city
llrauiptou, Ont., Aug. 27.��� The Peel
County Liberals have again chosen the
sitting member, Joseph Wcathcrstouc.
as tbeir candidate at the forthcoming
general elections.
Beaverton. Ont., Aug. 27,���North
Ontario Liberals have chosen Duncan
(irnham, elected as an Independent
Liberal at tho last election, as a candidate for the general elections.
Dunmannon, Ont., Aug. 27.���West
Marion Liberals have nominated R.
Holmes, the sitting member, who succeeded thc late Mr,Cameron,appointed
Lieutenant Governor of North West
Territory, as a candidate for the next
general elections.
Ottawa, Aug. 27,���Another Cabinet
Council meeting wus held Saturday,
and Messrs. Fielding and Davies left
for their homes down east with Mr.
Blair to follow in a few days.
Halifax, N. S., Aug. 27.���The Conservative convention at Kentville
unanimously nominated Barclay Webster to oppose Dr. Borden for King's
County,  N, S.
Kingston, Aug. 27.���A meeting in
tbe interest of D. D. Rogers, M. 1'.,
Independent Patron candidate in
1'rontcnac, was held at tbe court house
Saturday afternoon. There was a
good attendance of farmers. The
principal speakers at the meeting
were: Patron President Mallory of
Cobourg. and Mr. Rogers. The chair
was occupied by Edward Milton of
Pittsburg township, who announced
tbat the meeting was called to ratify
the nomination of Mr. Rogers as the
Independent candidate iu Frontenac.
lie claimed the farmers bud been
hewers of wood and .drawers of water
for 21 years. "One party is just as
bad as the other, its party, party,
party everywhere witli them. We as
farmers want some of the plunder too,
if there is any. We have a man who
works in the interest of the farmers
and it is our duty to return him again.
I don't care what they call Rogers as
long as he looks after the interests of
the fanners and its jour duty to return him again." Mr. Rogers' nomination wus unanimously endorsed.
Tn�� C. p. r. strikers at wlnnlDog Have Agreed
to Arbitration.
Winnipeg,   Man.,   Aug. 27.���The ('.
' ��� R. machinists have agreed to arbitration and It Is expected  they will
Now Westminster, shamrocks and WlnniDcas
Wero Winners In Yesterday's Games.
Quebec, Aug. 27���Lovers of Canada's
national game attended iu large numbers yesterday afternoon to sec a very
interesting game between the New
Westminster stalwarts and CJiehec.
A great many strangers enjoyed the
game as did also many of the returned
invalided soldiers. The weather was
ideal. The game started at 3:30 sharp
and lasted an hour and a hat',
The players were as folDws: New
Westminster���Cheyne, goal; Cray,
point; (ialbraith, cover pdriti Sncll.
Ted Ford, Peel, defence; Turnbull,
centre; Oifford, Latham, Lynch.homc
field) Oddy, outside hone I Peel, in-
home. Quebec-Moran,'goal: Longhead, point; Copeman, cover point;
Early, Doyle, Pernors, ihfcncc ; Nolan,
centre; NcNumy, Owen McCornnnck.
home field; Butler, outtide home; Mo-
Corral, inside home, tefcree 0. 'infield, Quebec
Quebec won only the 13th game, the
last to be played. Tic games resulted
as follows: 1st, B riins. j 2nd I 1-2
joins. ; 3rd, 2 mins. 4th, I mins. |ffth,
2 mins.; Oth,3 mins i 7th.B mins. ;.th,
2 mins; Oth, 11 1-2 mins.; lilth, 1
min. ; llth. 2 mins.; 12th, 2 mins.;
13th, 13 mins.
Montreal, Aug. 27���The senior lacrosse league match played between
the Cornwnlls and Shamrocks was uncommonly olose, each team having
won three goals up to nearly the call
of time, when the Shamrocks captured the seventh and the match. The
following Is the suihmary: 1st, Shamrocks, 30 sec. ; 2nd.Cornwall. 13 mins.;
3rd, Shamrocks, 211 mins. ; Ith, Sham*
rocks,7 mins.; 5th,Cornwall,24 mins. ;
6th, Cornwall, 13 mins. ; 7th, Shamrocks, lo mins.
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 27���Winni-
pegs won the Manitoba lacrosse championship defeating the St. Paul team
by 0 goals to 3.
Hot Wavo scorches That City���Returning
Soldiers Greeted Warmly.
Montreal, Aug. 27.���A hot wave has
struck Montreal in earnest and the
past two days huve been the hottest of
the season. Two persons were removed to the hospital, having been overcome, but the cases arc not serious.
Eighteen of the Canadian soldiers
Invalided from South Africa, arrived
here by the Intercolonial from Quebec
and were given a splendid welcome.
A battalion made up of fifty men and
three officers from each of the city
regiments, with two bunds, under
the command of Lieutenant-Colonel
Labcllc, met them at the station
where a tremendous crowd hud gathered, the soldiers were provided
with carriages and driven through
the streets to the drill shed where
those who did not belong to the city
were put np for the night. Everywhere they received most enthusiastic
greetings from the crowds which lined
the streets.
Thos. Sinclair, for many years a
factor in the Hudson's Hay Co., died
In St. Lawrence Hall after a long
Wants to Fight Klthor Fltzslmmons or Jeffries on Friday Night.
New York, Aug. 27.���James J. Cor-
hctt, who is to do battle with Kid
McCoy before thc 20th Century Club
on August 30, announced today that
he is willing to meet Hob Fitzsimnums
Friday, August 31, whether he wins
or loses his match with McCoy. The
only stipulation Corbett makes is that
the tight Bhould take place before the
20th Century Athletic Club. Corbett
adds that in ease Fltzslmmons does
not eare to light, tlie proposition is
open to Jeffries. Corbett stated that
he would deposit 82,5(10 today to bind
a match with cither of his conquerors.
W. A. Brady, manager of Champion
Jeffries, said today in regard to Fitz's
challenge to Jeffries: "1 have covered
Fltzslmmons deposit of 82,.riOO to make
a match with Jeffries for thc championship and will meet Fit/, today to
decide ou the time aud place of mect-
Today the mining records were as
follows: Transfers���Louis Larsen to
John Comfort, one-half interest iu
Manile, consideration 8100 j A. J. McMillan to the London and llosslund.H.
C,i Ltd., entire interest in tlie Pulaski Fractional for a nominal oonsld*
.ration; Wm. Tonilinson tosame company, entire interest In Morning Star
and Fractional, for a nominal consideration; James Donovan of Trail, to
thc Eric Mountain Consolidated Mining Co., Ltd., of Spokane, entire interest in (lilford and Frity of Nausen
Fractional, for a nominal consideration, Certificates of Work���To John
Comfort, on Manila: to J. A. Taylor,
on Alhambra and Marguerite; to \V.
A. Council, on St. John; to K. 11. Dun-
lop, on Dunlop; to Wm. l'ugslcy. on
Hiawatha and Minnehaha,   Locations
 B. C. Queen, on Anderson Creek, by
,1. Duhameli Maple  Leaf and Orange
Blossom, near Ymir, by B. Peters,
Roberts Had an  Extensive
Engagement With Boers
Stubbornly Opposed Advance
of Pole-Carew and
The plans for the new station ofthe
Canadian Pacific arrived from tho
head otlice at Monlrenl this morning.
Ilids for construction of the building
will he culled for al once, and everything will be done to curry on the
work as rapidly ns possible. The
plans returned with but few changes
from the original. The building Is of
the latest design and will bo among
the prettiest stations of the Western
division. Not only the ollieials of the
line but also the ollieials governing
the steamboat service of the lakes.
will have their olllces on the second
floor of tbe building.
London, Aug. 27.���The following
despatch was sent today by Lord
"Belfast, Sunday. Aug. 20.���Engaged the enemy the greater part of
the day over a perimetre of nearly
thirty miles. Lyttleton's Division
and two brigades of cavalry, all under
Buller, operated southwest of Dal-
manuthu. French with two brigades
of cavalry moved northwest of Belfast,
driving the enemy toLckenyly, on thc
Be]fast- Lydenberg road.
"As soon as French reached Lek-
enyly, Pole-Carew advanced from Bel*
fast in support. Thc enemy in considerable strength opposed Buller's
and Pole-Carew's advance. He brought
three Long Toms and many other guns
aud pom-poms, quick firing guns, into
action. The fire until dark was hot
and persistent. Bullet hopes his casualties will not exceed forty, Pole-
Carew has not yet reported.
"The Boerfl are making a determined
stand. They have a large number of
guns, the country is difficult and well
suited for their tactics aud is less
favorable to cavalry than any we have
hitherto worked over."
(ieluma Farm, Aug. 27.��� (leneral
Pole-Carew came into touch with the
BoerB at their main position at Kala-
muth on Saturday and shelled a plantation east of Belfast, The Hoers replied with long range guns, (leneral
French, on General Puller's Hank, exchanged shots with the Hoers, but no
damage was done. An artillery duel
occurred on the Hritish front also, the
twelve-pounders bombarding the Hoers'
position, the latter displaying great
enterprise in handling their gnus,
which were strongly placed. The enemy
evidently intends to contest stubbornly
the ground between here aud Mache-
The War Otlice has received the following   dispatch   from Lord Roberts:
"The Boer! have been beaten buck by
Hruee Hamilton at Winburg. (leneral
Olivier has been captured."
 J     I
One of Buller's Regiments Gets too Fir Away
From the Main Body.
London, Aug. 27. ��� Lord Robert*! has
left Pretoria and has fixed his headquarters at Wonderfontein, the second
station west of Machedorp, where
thc bulk of the enemy's army are supposed to be. Wiring from there Aug.
24th, be says:
"Buller reports the Hoers laid a
trap for his cavalry Aug. 23, opeuingl
with several guns at fairly short
range. The Knglish guns silenced the
Boers, but when the firing ceased and
the pickets were being placed for thc
night by sonic mistake the companies
of the Liverpool Regiment advanced
fifteen hundred yards into a hollow
out of sight of the main body, where
they were surrounded by tbe Hoers
and BUtfered severely.
Capetown, Aug. 27���Lord Robert!
arrived yesterday nt Belfast, a few
miles west of Machedorp, where he
met Sir Redvers Puller, (leneral Pole*
Carew and (leneral French. Everything is now ready for the advance.
Ed Smith, the proprietor of the shoe
shining   stnnd   at   Haker   and   Ward I
Street,   lost   a  pocket book last week |
containing 811,     lie advertised his'
Ins* In The Miner and on Saturday a|
gentleman turned up with the lost
wallet and tbe money. It cost Smith
2.1 cents for hi��� ad in The Miner and
he got 811 out of It. That's thc way
he figures it, anyway.
There will be a meeting of the Rifle
Association at the Armory tonight at
8 o'clock to arrange for a tournament
to be held here in thc fall. A full
attendance is required as the details
will be arranged tonight.
Because of his inability to get his
bandsmen together Leader Luppy of
thc City band has been unable to arrange with the tramway oompany to
play at Lake Park on Wednesdays and
Saturdays and the H. M. li. band will
complete the season.
Invitations have been received to
the formal opening of thc new Keen
Hotel at Sandon.which will take place
on Thursday evening next. A dance
and supper will be given and card
tables will be provided for those who
do not care for dancing.
Jacob Dover has just completed the
manufacture of two medals and three
charms to be given to the winners of
the N'elson Gun Club contests. The
medals are the first manufactured in
the Kootenays and are a credit to the
manufacturer, They arc of beautiful
design and the workmanship is excellent.
In order to keep on hand the necessary umount of crushed rock, for the
steady carrying on of the macadamizing of Haker Street, men will be eu-
gaged to run the crusher on a night
shift for the next week. Those necessary will be three wheelbarrow men,
an engineer and oue man to run the
crusher, and two bin men. The first
shift will start this evening.
Dr. Hall captured tbe gold button at
the Nelson Gun Club's shoot Saturday
afternoon with a score of 10. Alex.
Carrie took the silver button with 15
kills, and the bronze medal went to
George Steele with a record of 15.
They are entitled to wear the buttons
until they are won by some other
member. Whoever wins them most
frequently iu seven shoots will become
the permanent owners.
The steam drill which has beeu in
use at the city quarry for the past
week is giving the best of satisfaction.
The agreement between the Trull
Machine Company, from which it was
obtained, and the elty was that it
was to be purchased after a week of
satisfactory work. The matter will
be brought before the Council this
evening, and will undoubtedly prove
in the favor of its purchase. The
price of the complete outfit is 8375.
The Nelson Intermediate baseball
team defeated the Rossland Stars yesterday afternoon in a well played
game by a score of tl to 7. The Nelsou
boys put up a good snappy game and
promise to become high class players
In a short while. The make-up of the
teams wss as follows: Nelson���McLeod, c.; Chamber!, p.; Campbell,lb.;
McAstocker, 2b. ; Mallette, ss. ; Whit-
tet, 3b. ; McFarland, If. ; Strong, ef.;
Henderson, rf. Rossluud���Leighton,
lb. ; (loninan. 3b. ; Harris, 2b. ; Mc*
Creary, c. ; MoUkin. ss. ; Clarke. If. ;
Furlong, rf. ; CoiteUo, p. ; I'owoall.ef.
The Tenuis Cluh is giving its final
tournament of the season beginning
this afternoon. The tournament is a
club affair and the mutches will la*
arranged by drawings from the entry
list. The drawings were being made
this afternoon, and will be announced
at   the   courts   late In   the day.    'Ihe
preliminary and  semi-final   matches
will be played during thc week ami
the finals ou Saturday. The club has
decided lo end the season with a ball,
which will be given at Fraternity
Hall next Tuesday evening. Sept. lib.
Tickets can be had from any of the elub
committee, Messrs.Selous, Hevan,Crickmay, Humble and Brown. The music
will be furnished by Steincr's Orchestra and thc programme will be announced later.
At St. Saviour's Church yesterday
the Harvest Festival was celebrated
by Special services iii thc morning and
evening. The altar was decorated
witb fruits and (lowers and was symbolic of the celebration. Special
music was rendered by the choir
whieh hns of late shown a great improvement both in attendance and
singing. Ml thc morning a Te Ileum
by Norris and Hennct. the Anthem
"Oh Taste and See" by (loss aud a
Kyric by Mendelsohn were artistically
sung with a general ctreet thnt showed
careful study on the part of the
singers. At the evening service
Smart's   MngniIleal.    Fclttui's     Nulic
Dunmlttisand Barnby'a Anthem, "Oh
Lord How  Manifold," wore sung by
the choir which Is to be   congi al ulnt
ed upon the able rendition. Just before the close of the service Miss Ben*
Busan snug Mendelssohn's "<>h for the
Wings of a Dove." Ml!! HeiisuMin
hns  a  charming   Mprano   voice   and
sang the beautiful number wilh great
feeling and expression. |
No Truth  In  Reports That
War Is Declared by
Nor Have They Invited Great
Britain to Retire From
the Field.
London, Aug. 27.���There is absolutely no truth in the despatch from
Che Foo of Aug. 21th saying it was
rumored on good authority: "That
Russia, Germany and Japan had declared war on China and had invited
(Ireat Britain and the I'nited StateB
to retire" from that country, ln-
qulries made at St. Petersburg, Berlin
and Tokio show the report Is rejected
nt those capitals us unworthy of
Thc Shanghai correspondent of the
Times wiring Aug. 24th, says: "Li
Hung Chang has receiveil a message
from l'ekin that tbe Japanese alone
will occupy the Imperial palace. The
Jupunese Government has renewed its
assurance that it will protect the person of thc Knipress Dowager aud the
Emperor, Mr. Morgan of the China
Inland mission, who^ has arrived hero
from Si Ngau Fu, reports that thirty
seven foreign missionaries aud thirty
converts have been massacred at Tal
Yuan Fu.
"The Japanese (Iovernment has notified Earl Li that negotiations will be
Impossible until plenipotentiaries acceptable to the Powers are appointed.
Japan suggests thc Viceroys of Nankin
and Wu Chang and Karl Li. If these
are appointed, and China expresses a
willingness to make a full indemnity,
.Lilian is ready to assist to its utmost,"
The Hritish Admiralty, according to
The Daily Mail, is buying large quail-
ttttes ol American coal for the use of
the Beet in home waters and the Mediterranean. Another despatch from
(leneral Yamagtiuclii. dated Pekin,
August Id, says:
"The city is now cleared of Chinese
troops. The Japanese cavalry despatched to Mataan reports that the
eh Inese Imperial family left Pekin
Aug. llth and set out for the west,
after a short rest at the village of
Mansan. escorted by (ienernl Ma, 500
horsemen and 20 wagons.''
Toronlonlans Walled for Hours al Union Dew.
for Their Reluming Heroes.
Toronto. Ont., Aug. 87���About 500
people, Including the pipers of the
lsth Highlanders and a number of the
members of that regiment gathered
on the platform of the Union Station
this morning (o welci,me the Toronto
men returning from South Africa. It
was thought one soldier would arrive
by the early train from Montreal and
the crowd waited two hours for thc
for the second section of the train
which was late. No member of either
contingent arrived, however, and enquiry in Quebec by the railway ollieials brought ont the fact that the veterans were still there. It Is expected
they will arrive tomorrow. No formal welcome has been arranged.
Montreal, Aug. 22���The remains of
9, X. Lnl'ierre. a Montreal hotel
keeper found dead in a hotel at Hannibal, Mont., arrived Ibis morning.
His friends here SUSpeot foul play and
claim that a sum of money that wan
known to be iu his possession bus disappeared,
Toronto, Aug. 27. ���,1. T. Wilkinson,
of The Vancouver Province, is here,
on his way to the Paris Exposition.
J. II. Meh'eggie nf Harrie, (Int., a
prominent bunker of that place, S|M'iit
yesterday   in   Nelson. He was   iic-
oiiiiipaiiied   to   the     west   by    Messrs
0 lerhaiu and Hlackstnck of Toronto,
The party have visited the Province
to look after the mining interests
which they hold In this country, . __.
Nelson Daily Miner j^
1). .1. BEATON,
ludgment may  Beera expedient.
Commission   are    composed    of
judges, bankers,  and others   who are
Editor and Manager j.supposed to possess special knowledge
of business and municipal    iTairs gen-
an assessment system that Is not   like   hluflOlulflQlJ       EHPPluB
Several times within   the  past year
there have been discussions In OUT City
Council, on the the street, in our busi-
m sso_l,v_.anil wherever men meet and
exchange   views,   as   to   the   relative
economy  of  day   labor aud  contract
work.    Thc common sense ol the question has always decided   in   favor   of
contract work; but the Council,moved
by   something   higher   than   common
sense, voted that much of   the   public
work of the   City  should   he done   by
labor employed by the   day, under the
supervision of hired foremen.     It was
not believed that under this system as
much would be obtained   from the expenditure,    but     it   would    keep   the
peace with a labor section in the City
that was inclined  to be turbulent and
domineering, aud submission   to   this
species  of tyranny was  thought to be
better than perfect fidelity to thc public     trust    with     which   our     representatives in the Council had been Im-
They have had much   of   thc   same
kind of experience in Winnipeg. They
have their labor agitators in that city,
tun. and they have men in representative capacities who pander   to   them.
The result has been that a considerable
quantity uf corporation work has been
done by day    labor.    Whether   owing
to the prickings of conscience or some
other cause,the Chairman of the Board
of Works there made minute and careful investigation of the   whole   question, and the result of   his   inquiries
has just been submitted in the form of
a report to the Council.    The   inquiry
was confined to about a   dozen   pieces
of sewer that wero beinf* constructed.
The city engineer had made   an   estimate on all of these, and tenders  had
then been obtained, but in every   case
thc work bad been  undertaken hy the
Corporation    itself,    with   day   labor,
under the direction   of   foremen   employed   for {.he   occasion.    The   facts
disclose that according   to   the   engineer's estimate the work should   have
cost J.O.i'i'.i.*, ; if let   out   by   tcader   to
"good    reliable   contractors" the cost
would have been   832,001;   under   the
System actually employed the cost was
$26,201,    Tbe tenders exceeded the engineer's estimate   by (1,300,   but   the
actual cost, uinler day labor, was greater by 8",..',1.1. and exceeded the amount
for which thc work would   have   been
done by   "good   reliable  contractors"
by the very considerable snm of (1,2117.
That is, about twenty percent, of thc
honest value of the work was dissipated in the desire to   pander   to   a   few
noisy agitators who   are   supposed   to
control some votes.
No business man of the least astuteness ever supposed  that day labor was
'as economical as contract work.    It is
to   the   interest   of   contractors   to be
economical | a foreman aud his gang of
men   have   Seldom   any   other   desire
than   to   put   in their day as easily as
is consistent with a show of industry.
It   is   not    in nature that  the average
man will work as well for a civic corporation   as  under thc eye of the man
on   whom   he    depends   for   his   pay.
The   honest laborer  does not care the
value   of   a   button whether he works
under a corporation foreman or a contractor; he will put in a good, honest,
faithful day  in any case, and the contractor's dollar   is  just as good as the
corporation dollar.  It is the dishonest,
i-liirUin;: laborer and   the agitator behind   him   who demand  that corporation work shall be done by day labor,
and   it   is weak or designing corporation   representatives    who   yield    to
them,   The ratepayer whose money Is
sacrificed   In   thc   wretched   game between the two   is not considered, aud
we are not sure that he deserves to be
unless   he    lias   the   spirit to   protest
Willi   his vote when   given the opportunity.     	
Ontario has an assessment hv.tcm
that has beei utructed on something closely approaching a scientific
basis, bul it lias grown and grown until now it is thought to have become
Bomcwlial complicated, in , sequence of tiiis opinion the Government have appointed a Commission to
inquire into tbe whole question of assessment, and who will recommend
yuch chungeo or  amendment*  s*  in
unto anything else on thc face of   the
earth; its lines are  as   unscientilic as
they well can he. the only clearly de
lined and distinguishable feature   being a desire to raise   the   most   taxes
with the least expenditure   of   effort.
The Government at Victoria cannot do
better than follow the example set by
the t Iovernment at  Toronto,    and   appoint a Commission with  instructions
to go into the matter fully and   devise
an entirely new system,based on principles of equity and common sense.
Nelson  Daily  Miner,   Monday  Evening,   Auousc 37,  iQOfl.
J. E. ANNABLE, Manager.
 A Theatrical Event.
Four Nights Only-Commencing
Wednesday   Next,  August 29th
First Appearance in Nelson of thc
Australian Comedy Company
Direct from lite Antipodes.
At great expense this company has been orga.lzed in Australia to lour Canada
and South Africa.    Wednesday next, August 20th, will he produced
a special adaptation uf Alphonse Daudet's famous work
Wholesale Houses
rpHORl'M & CO. UiutUH_~(Jum.r Vornon
Jl. aud Cedar Street.-., NoIhuh��� l.Iui.u_uo.ur-
errj of and wliolewilt: ileulorn iu aonttud water*
and fruit nympn. Sole agOntS for Halcyon Hot
aprinnH mineral water,   rolophon*. no.
N. M. Cummins, Lessee���Kvery known
variety of soft drinks,  p o Box 3*. '1 otophone
No. 31. Hoover Street, Nelson.   itulUu. of the
famous SL. Leon Hot SpihiKS Miner,,! Water.
C^ANK A MACDONALD (11. Ciuio, James I
.     A. MucUonuld)���Architects anil suilorin- I
i iimi, -uis, Broken Hill lilock, corner Haker and
Ward Streets, Nolson.
CO.���Manufacturers of the Hoyal Seal
unit   Kootetuiy    1 *,-11.    CIkuis.    Factory  ami
ollice, Bakor Streot, Nelson.
It  is   thought   the Federal political
pot is uearinj* the boiling point.   Ministers were expected to meet on Saturday last, to decide on   the date of tlle
general   elections.    If   a decision was
readied   they have   not   yet   given  it
out;   but   that   is not   to be taken   as
evidence   that   the question  was held
over   for future  consideration.      It is
probable   the day has  been fixed, and
in the meantime Ministers will engage
in preparing their own forces for the
fray and in obtaining such advantage
as they can before the secret leaks out.
They are in need of all the advantage
that   can be got   to   come their way.
The Laurier Government may not have
been guilty of any monHtrous political
crime, but they have demonstrated beyond the possibility of misunderstanding or misconception that their party
is one of organised hypocrisy, and the
country is aching to   be rid of   them.
They were full to the neck with prom
iaes and   pledges before they got into
power, and onee in they broke nearly
every one of them and   gave a violent
twist to the few they did not.    Canadians do not love hypocrites,
T...����. Au.u.t 30th,     ff��*ite
ThcMosl Notable of Comedies VUJtt
ThoKuunV'fiomo-y' HlS Nl2��tUUt
HI, KVANS A CO.-Bukor Street, Nol-
. son���Wholesale dealers in liquors, ol*
Kar., cement, lire brick and tiro clay, water
pipe and hlcel rails, and general commission
TO    BE    FOLLOWED    BY    A
Saturday's Piece Will Be Duly Announced.
In a letter to a gentleman in Nelson,
Dr. (Joldwin Smith nays: " My accident is limited to a fractured arm and
a general shock, which iB naturally a
good deal felt at my age. I am in '
excellent hands and doing well." He
celebrated his seventy-seventh birthday last week. It is a question whether
it is he or Sir Charles Tupper who Is
Canada's Qrand Old Man.
Prices $1, ,5c ai 50c. Seals n Sals Saturday
FRESH       EGGS      FRESH *
Arriving daily at KIHKl'ATKlUC Ss WILSON'S.
Guaranteed Strictly Fresh Ranch Eggs.
35c Per Dozen.
(Burns' Old Stand.)
Telephone 10. P 0 Box, K and V?
Placers   NaVi)   CUt
All Tobacconists Keep It.
A. M'DONALD-Maddcn Block. Nolson-
_r �� l-'i ti il -. ico cream, " U. 11." chocolates,
high class confectionery,   lee Cream  Parlors.
Wholcsale and retail dealers ln grain,
hay, Hour, food.   Mills al Victoria, New Westminster; Kdmonton, Alia.   iilovalors on Cal- [
gary and kdmonton ituilway.   Manufacturers
of the , ol,-In ui,���<! ti. A K. brand ceruuls.
Only five dozen, and good
value at prices marked, $1.35
to $2.50.
A    MAODONALD   8c Co.-Cornor   Front
���   aud  lla.lt  btrects   Vi liol, sale   grocers
aud jobbers iu blankets, gloves, milts, boots,
rubbers, inackinaw*. aud minors' sundries.
You   can   take  your   choice
while they last for
JA oilice corner Hull ami fcroot Mini-,
r��ulnon���Lumber, coiluiK. Ilooiing, and evury
ihiiiK in wood for building purpose*,   Uot our
l'litv-.     I'oiTi -(uUiilt lire   -iilii ll.it
PliUHNS A Co.-Bakor Street, Nolson-
���   \\ lull, -���iii- dealer* iu trwU uud curod
iiu'uih.   Cold siuuik*'.
Bukor Street, Nelaon���Wholesale deal-
era Id fresh mi' 1 cured meat*.
^-^|lIAlU)\VAHli & MINING   SUl'PUKS
________     m__i___._. _ whole wile   dcalaii.   iu
iUUpUcH,    -|kh I in,;    UOOdH,
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C.
hardware,  minors'
M'LACHLAN BROS.'(Suocotwom to Van-
cou vor Hunt waru Co, Ltd.) Bakor Sl 1 >����� 1,
Nelson- Wholesale dealers in hardwaro and
nniiiiiK Bttpplt-tt, iilumborh' and t iiiHimi)���--' nup-
NKl_dON   HAUDWAHR   CO.- Wholesale
I .nni ���*. oiln and KlhMs; uiechaniuH' tool*.
Agent* foi Ontario 1'owder Works; dynamite
rpURNKR, BKKTON & Co.-Corner Vornon
X and ,i<> I'lihiMi- Streets, Nulson���Whclo
salo doalers iu liquors, cigars, and dry good*..
Agents for 1'absl Browing Co. of Milwaukee
and Calgary Brewing Oo of Calgary.
Our Stock of
is complete. All the
new ideas in Scribblers
and  Exercise   Books.
Mail Orflers PromDtly Fillefl
HUHSON'S UAY Co.-Wholesalo groo. rlo<
ami liquors etc., Baker -trout. Nelson.
C.M.II-ilRNIA WINK CO.. Limited Turner
Kront and Iic.ll Streets, Nelson���Wholesale dealers in wines Icoso ami bulkl, and
domestic and imported cigars.
Oorner link, r ami Stanley Btreeta
JY. GRIFFIN _ CO.-Corner Vernon nnd
.   Josephine Streets,  Nelson ��� Wholcalo
dealers ln provislous, cured meats, butler and
Spokane Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
NKLSON LODGK,   No. 23, A. F. A A
M. tn .Mile ueoond Wednesday  in each
month.   Visiting brothorn welcome.
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
No, 16, moot* evory Monday night,
at theli Mall, Kootenay Btroot
Sojourning Odd Follows oonlUUy Invltod.
, John A. Mclter. N.U.   I>. W. Itulhurfonl. V.Q.
| Fred J. Squire, l'er. See.
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -     -    $9.65
No order can be accepted unlem
inn inni .-iiiinl  liy cash.
Oflice Corner Hall nnd Baker Street*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
a*g-��*��->>+*>-*��*> *s*i>
Branch Markets in Roasland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orderi by mad to any branch will have careful *r*4 sromot attention.
N.-lmi l-.iM .iiii|ini.-iii No. 7. Mr.-i every .nil
and nh Friday of uach month, in Odd Fellow*
Hall, coiner Baker and Koolet.ay _treot_.
Nolnon. A. 11. i l-iii.-iii , C P.; I). MeArlhU'.
H. _.    Vi. iliiiK lirolliers ulw_y��� wrli-oiiie.
NKUJON   UllJUK   No.    itt,~K. otp
. 11H-. i   in K. of 1*. hall, OddfcllowH block
r-.-M-i,    in, .I,, %   evonlng at 8 o'clock
fjMl vixiUiiK knight* cordially  invited
F. J. Dkadi.ky  C. C,
J. A. I'i'Ji I i 11 . K. of K.iui.l H.
NKI.SON U (I. U No. 1H!B moots ln Fraternity Hull on iii and third Friday evening*
of euch month at 8 o'clock. Vintting nii-inln-i -
cordially invitod. EC Hoblusoii, W.M.: Wm.
Crawfonl. It. a.	
SONS OF KNUl.AND, moot��
Hr i and third WedneHday of
oach month at Fialernlty hall,
oornor of Hakor and Kootenay
HtrooU. ViidUng brethern cord-
lull) Invitod.
John Watson, Socrotary.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage, daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train. Akbive.
10.35 a.in Bpokane 7:10 P-��',
12 i06 p. m Rowland  5:3�� P-m-
9:80 a, in Nelnon 8:00 p.m.
Niuht Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 1 05 s.m:
11:00 p.m KoaBlimd ��:** "���"*���
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Waab
Alton.. Nelson. B.O
COUKT KOOTF.NAY, 1. O. ��., No. ��l_fc-
MwtlngH 1th Thurwlay cf month. Fratonml
ha'l, J A Irving C. It.   V. U. Fleming. 11.8,
9. 0. GHEKN        F. S. CLEMENTS
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box 1.1 Malnon, B. C.
7*8 inch iliant. $1 It. 60 per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelaou
i. 0. T, OROFTS,
��. 0.9o* 676. NeUon, u. c
PRICES $1.25 TO $4.00.
Lawrence Hardware 60.
NK1J30N AKHIK No. il, Y. O. K., meets
cvoiy second and fourth Wednesdays of oach
in 01th. Visiting membors cordially Invlt
Chailos Pressor. Socrotary.	
Kootenay Railway and NaT.
Company, Ltd.
Bohodulo of Time       Paoiflo Standard 11m��.
Kiroctlvo Fobrunry 1st, 1IW0
Passongor train for Sandon and *ai,"*��u10"f
loaves   Kaslo  al 8 a. m., J-"-     ��-��-""'i����-
loavos Handon at 1.16 p.m.
at 3.66 p.m
8. bAVloi'H'H IKnoi.ihhJ Ciiuiiuii���Corner
Ward -ml Sllloa 8U. Sundays: Holy Com.
inunlonH a. in.: and on tho 1st and 3rd Sundays
In the iniiiih after Mattins; Mattins at II a.m.:
Hunday School 2,30 p.m 1 Kvensong v,::n. Dally:
Mattins nt 0.30 a. m. Thursdays and Saint's
Dayst Ihly Communion 10 a. tu. Fridays:
Kvensong .30 p. m., followed by choir practice. Hi b. Akehurst. Koctor. Frod Irvino,
(leo. -I"Im- nn,-. Wardens.
CATiioi.it CmjiicH -Cornor'Ward nnd Mill
g at Kaslo
Operating on Kootonay Lake and River-
Str. "International" leaves Knslo for Nel�����
at I) a. ni, daily eicopt Sunday. BeWnlWi
loavos Nelson at 11.10 p.m., oalllng at Balfou.,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and all way point*. �������
nocts with 8. F. A N. train to and from of0
knno at Flvo Mile Point.
Bteamer ArgenU leaves Kaslo Tuesdays an .
Fridai s at II a. m. tor tho hoad of navigation oo
tho Unpor Duncan River; returning leaves
Hall's landing Wednesdays and Saturdays
Nelson,   B. C.
VtKr.Oi'l Sl., N���l...ON. WANTED.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
Barley Drill iharpmer.  KMjwmltta,
Cink  iwoninii).    Ii'imisler.     Fnriner.
Wnitri'HS,   Cliiiniberinuid.
J. II. LOVE, A*t��� Baker St
ItfMtfl Mafrtivury Bundiiy nt Hitml 10.(K)
IU>nw.lcUon _t 7.;t0 p.m.   Mixhh overy woeL nuy
ut',.l.i 11.in.   Hrv.   Kill hrr  Kcrland Hcclor.
PitKHBVTKUAN Chuhcii���HorvlcoRat 11 a.m.
and 7.30 p.ti. Hundny Hohool al 2.90 p.m.
1 'niTrr meeMu Thumdny oveninK ll1 8 p.m.;
CnriHtlan Kncfcavor Bocluty meetH ovory Tucs*
day I'viMilnK |. I o'olocL. Rov. It. Krow,
Mf.tiiuD1ht Chukch��� Corner Silica and
JoHOphinoHlroiK   Service* at 11a.m. and 7.S0
fi. m. ; Sabbath School, 2,30 P.m.: Prayor mool-
n(( on Kriday ovonlnK at 8 o'clork' Kpworlh
league C, K., Tlfttday at 8 a.m. Hov. Jobn
i;.ih."in l*a*ttor.
Baitibt Chukh -L Servicen morning and
""" " meet.
.... ti. Y
~-_.    StrunKert.
^ ���       -. Coulter White,
Balvatiow Ahmv Servic fi ovory ovonlnK
nt K n'oloch In bftPncltK on V otorl itreet
AUJudwt ifidgfcomi* la obamo,
Haitiht CiiUVCii ��� Servicer,  morning a
evening at II a.m. _ml 7.30 p.m.; Prayor mei
tng   ThiirwUy ov��iln({ at 8   p.m.  lho M.
P.U. Tuewlay ovetlnir at H o'ctoek.    8traiiK<
onrltaily weloo-����d Itov. U.J. Coulter Whl
StoamorH oall at principal landings in doi '
directions, ond at other point* when H-Bn'VVhJ.
Ttokoto Bold to all point, ln Canada and U����
Unitod StatOH. ______ .___���_ .��_.
To asoortain ratoe and full InformatlOB aa-
Manager, Kaalo. B.C,
Brewers of Fine LaRer
Heer and 1'oiter.
Kel.OD, U. 0. Nklson  Dailv Miner,   Monday  Evening,  August 27,  ig^yi
Bnwnt I* K��tlrln0 '" " GrlPI"��d C��n(,iUOn WUh
Few Followors.
, ondou, Aug. 37-Lord Roberts has
left Pretoria for the first time In several weeks and sends a dispatch from
ffonderfonteln 112 miles east of the
Oapital, describing the progress made
l,v Pole-Carew and French in pressing
back Hotha'a army.
Tlie good impression produced hy
tUis Information y&tcrday was soiue-
wi at dampened by a later message
from the Commander-in-Chief, stating
another little mishap had occurred to
_ part of (leneral Buller's force, enraged with another of Botha's commandoes ou Thursday. By some mistake, two companies of a Hritish infantry regiment advanced far beyond
the firing Une after an engagement
was supposed to have ceased and were
surrounded by the Hoers, losing nearly 100 men killed, wounded and prisoners.
Dewet. however, is said to be retiring across the mountaiu passes to the
Orange Hiver Colony in a very crippled condition and with   only   a   few
Sir Charles Warren has just arrived
in Loudon from Soutli Africa and is
In a communicative mood. The gallant general is by no means inclined
to sit down quietly under the criticisms passed upon him and opened liis
campaign by speaking freely about
Spiou Kop. on which he has already
addressed a long and detailed explanation to the War Ollice.
He does not ndinit the responsibility for the occupation of that position
which he says he did not approve, but
on the contrary suggested to lleueral
Buller an alternative plan, which was
the ono eventually adopted by the
(leneral. At thc same time, (leneral
Warren suys. when ordered to take
Hpiou Kop he did so, and the troops
could have maintained themselves
there until the Hoers had abandoned
the attack, hud not Colonel Thorney-
eroft unaccountably given the order to
retire during the night.
Fur this movement (leneral Warren
says that he was himself in no way to
blame, It is evident that there is
likely to be a rather sharp controversy
on this and several other points between some of the rival generals and
their supporters when   the
is finished,
possibly before.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Montreal
Allun Lino Tunisian Sen I H
Allun Une  Nuuinlii.n  BeptlA
lhjmin.un Linu (.'mnhmiimn St-|.l, 1
Dominion Mno Vtuioouror Hope lfi
Beaver Line LwdtanJa   Sopi 7
Beaver Une Lake Uhamploin Sept.ii
Krom New York
White Star Lino Oe.*iinte   Sept. 5
White Star Une Teutonic  Sept 13
Cunard Une Umbrta Sepi l
Cunard Une Oatnpania. Sept 8
American Une Ht. Paul Sept 5
American Une st. Louis Sept, 19
Red Htar Line South wurk ���-������ Septfl
Ked Star Line Wesiernhind.    Sept.12
N.G.L Line Kaiser Wilhelm der Growo. .Sept 4
N.G, Uliino Uhn Sept 11
Anchor Une KurnoHsla Sept 1
Author Une (lily of Home Sept 8
Allun iJUUi Liut State o_ Nebraska  Sept 8
From Boston,
Cunard Line Ivernta Rept8
I'lWttanen arranged to and from all European
points. Kor niLcs, Uoke.s and full Information
���M'l.ly to (!. P, K. dopot went or II. L. Brown
dty hueenger Agouti Nelson, B. C.
General fi cent.. O.P.R, OffiOM, Winnipeg.
%**jr%r%r%rw_%vvvtw*i*vvvtv��%vt*>r%tv%%v%^^d >
Send your hiulncM.llrect to Washington,
,    tavei time, eoste lots, better service.
I My offlr. elm. to tJ. fl. Patent Offlca. FREE preUmln-
1 ��7 ���xamlutloni aide, Atty't fee not doe until patent
\ ACrUALEIPEBIENCE. Book "Howloobtaln Patent*,"
, nc��� Mat ft*.. Patent* procured through E. O. Biggeri
,  .*.t_.��   ipndul    notice,   without   charg.,   In   tho
��� 't**,*******'***��*��*********A******>*>>*********A**��**��^*****^^ ,
Economy Is Wealth
You  cannot   make  money  easier  than
by    saving    it   on    FOOTWEAR.
We fit your feet and your pocketbook
also.    You can only judge the value of
our low prices when you see the splendid
footwear we give you.
Call today  and  economize.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
4f   /&  /fi<4U^-r^M^ p^l<A^.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
1 have a complete slock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors,
Inside Finish,
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber*
Mill ot PILOT HAY. Yards, NELSON
and LARDO.
-AT THE���
Big Schooner
Beer or Half*a_d*__aU only
The only good Bee. in Nelson.
COT. Stanley una allien Btrools.
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Urafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin,  B.
XV and Dawson City, Yukon
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Eureka nineral Wool ��nii
Asbestos Co.
Real Estate, Plre Insurance.
Private Funds to Loan.
Lots Hand 10, Hloek 50, Addition
A ; shack 16x2-1; poultry home
11x88; fenced lots.   Pice *  �������>
Lots :i and 4, Hloek 8(1, Vernon
Street.     Price     1800
Liis ll and I, Hloek IIS, next to
oorner Mill nnd Cedar Streets..     600
l_,ts 1 to G, lilock _4F. A bargain 	
Lot IS, Ulock 12, Victoria St.
west  , w��
Lots 1 to S, Block BO, cleur.d. These
lots face Block 40, which is reserved
for public purpose) by tbe Uovern-
ment.   Cheap.   Easy terms.
A furnished house on Observatory
Street, clone to tbe tram liue, $:io per
The Mln��r is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Canmu Permanent ano Western Canada Mortoaoe
AMI. tonlFn����S Straight Mortgage
Kelson   ��,K LENNOX, Baker St.,
Ollbort Stanley
Thomson Stationery Co
Cnnndn Drug SHook Co.
Hotel Hume Nowh Stand
Hotel Phair Nowb Stand
II. Campbell
C. K. Nelson
J. F. Dolanoy
II. A.  Bradnlmw
Slocan Nowh Co.
Thomson Bros.
Ijiiuont A Young
II. A. King fc Co.
Now Denver
Slocan City
and News   Agents   on boats ant?
trains out of Nelson
Baker St.
DIroot Import* Moo
All the I ending brain!
Try NAPOLEON Chowing Tobacco.
Room 1, Tornnr-Hoeckh Block.
Houses and Building Lot. in All Parts
of the Oity.
WANTED-flood building lotK down
town for client.  Also land adjoining
city for gardening.
Will pay the highest cash price for nil
kinds ol second hnnd goods. Will WJ
or Rell anything from mi anchor to i.
needle, Furniture-, stoves, .<WP"*A
cooking utensils, bought in bOBNboM
qnantitirs. Also oast off Olotb-I*
Oall una see ml or write. Andrew
Silver King Mike, Bos 200. "��'��
Street, Nelson, B. O.
4 "Bobs" "Hymn Before Action"
*| " The Absent-Minded Beggar" "A Song of the English"
4 " Recessional" " The Native-Born"
Now offers his complete works in prose
and verse at a low price and on easy-
terms.   But the offer must
be taken quickly.
Each volume bears the author's autograph and sign-token.
This is the only edition with the biography by Prof. Chas. Eliot Norton.
Decorations by Mr. Lockwood Kipling, thc author's father.
Bound ��������� dark green English cloth.
Printed handsomely on good paper and illustrated.
The regular price of KIPLING, in good
binding (copyright editions), is $1.50 per
volume���$24.00 for a complete set.
The price of this edition is $1.00 per
volume���$16.00 only.
For a first payment of $1.00 the  16
volumes will be delivered FREE to your address.
Then you pay $1.50 monthly for io months.
Call at Tiik Minek Office and inspect
the books and leave your application.
If you can't call, cut out this coupon,
sign, mail to us with $1.00, and the 16
volumes will be delivered promptly.
Plain Tales Krom tho Hills
(Including Prof. Norton's Skch'li)
Soldiers Throe; story of the __dt,bj>i;
lu Hluek ami White
Under  Ihe   Deodais:   The   Phantom
Rickshaw;  Wee Willie Willklo
Doparttni utal   Dltltoa;    n_ii.ui    ond
Barrack ItOOln Ballads
Ufa's Handicap: Being Stories of Mine
Own PoDplo
The Nan! hka
Many I,.volitions
The l.iKhl That Failed
Tho .lui'Kle Hook
The . eeond Jungle Hook
The Seven Seas
Captains Uouragoous
Tlie 1 lay's Work
Krom Sea to Sea; Vol.1
Ktoal .eatilSea;  Vol.11
Stalky Sl Co.
'I'm: Daily Minkh, Niellos, B.O.!
Please send mo the works of ltudyard Iviplinf* (atilhorl/.ed edition!,
hound in eloth, complete ln 10 volumes, for which 1 usreo lo pay you
$1(1.00. I enclose $1.00 aa lirst payment, and will send you $1.50 i>er
mouth hcreafler until llio full sum is paid; Tho hooks lo remain your
proporly utilil paid for iu full.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated i860.
< .ipllal   Pnld-op.      .     .     .      ��I,��H_,070.0-   I   *<����� ��l,J00.000.0
11,11ml ul   Ulrrcloni   Thomas K. Konny,   I'rcsidcnt;   Thomas Ilitchle,  Vico-Prosidciil.
Wiley Umlth, 11. O. Uauld, Hon. 11. H. Kullor, M.I..C, Hon. L'uvid MacKoen.
Head  lllll,,���. Hal Max :
Ocncrnl Manager, Kdson 1_ Pease, Montreal.
Snporlnlenileiit ot llrauches. and Secretary, \V. B, Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, \V. K. Hrook, Halifax.
In- 11 , 1 im D, M. Stewart, Montroal.
Itriiiii-lii-H t
Vina Rrolla-Halifax Hmnch, Antlnonlsh, llrlditownter, (luyshoro. Londonderry, Lunenburg.
Maitlimd (Hants Co.l, Plctou, Port Hawkeshury, Sydney. Shuhenaciulie. Truro, Wcymoutli
.���, Hrunsxlrk Halhurst. Donliester. Kreilerlclon, KiliKston (Kolll Co.l, Monctou, New-
_uUa Saekville Woodstock. I*. K. IsUiid-Charlottetowii, Summersidc. Quebec-Montreal
,-ilv otiirei Montreal. West Klidd'or. Notre Dame and SolKiiours Streets); W eslinount, (Lor.
(Ireeno Avenue and SL Catharines Street. Ontario-Ottawa. _e��r..uli.llaad-St. John s
Cuba Hesl ludles-Havana. Hulled Hlale��-Now \ ork (1(, hxchange I'lacel llepuhlie, W oali
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
t'orrespoudeiilM t
I'nnnila-Morchants Hank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Hank.   I'blrnRo- Air.prlos
snional l\iut_.   Han Francisco-Kind, National Hank.   London, Knu. - Hank of  Scot land.
rarls, France-Credit Lyonnals.   Bermuda- Hank of Ilcrmuda.   China and Japan   Houk
Kong 'and Shanghai llankliin Corporation.
(Icneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterllnf; Bills of Exchanico   Bought
and Sold, Letter* of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most faVOMtMe terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Hank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
I^ooips ai)d   Offices to _f(ei>t.
Apply   io   ihe
l^e.soi) Electric Trai^Wai) Co,
Corijer Joaephiiye ai,tl  Vernon Streets.
Soo Line
Imperial    Limited
East   and   West
l-'iist ('Iiihs Sleepers on all trains from
Arrowhead and Kootknay Landing
Tourist ('ins pass Medicine Hat
daily tot St. Paul; iSutuiilays for
Montreal uml Boston; Mondays and
Thursdays fur Toronto. Same cats
pass Kevi'lstokc one dny earlier,
7:10 Lv Nelson Ar in:__
15:80 l.v Nelson Ar 18:15
M1.1 Min;' train daily for anil fron>
lliissliiml, and for Revelstoke, main
line and Paoiflo Coast.
Afternoon train daily for and from
Kossland, and from Kevelstoke, main
lino and Paoiflo Coast, and daily
(except Sunday) for and from Boundary points.
7::<0 l.v 1  ������.���..  ( Ar 19)80
\ Nl'"""    :
Por and from Handon, Slocan points,
Kevelstoke,   inaia    line    and    racillc
(Ex San)       Str Kokanee       (Kx Hun)
1 ti:' Kl l.v Nelson Ar 11KX)
Saturday to ArgentA and return,
leaving Kaslo at _ll:00k.
Kootknay Kivkk RoDTB.
Daily     Htis Movie and Nelson     Daily
22M l.v Nelson Ar 2:_0
Connects at Kootenay LandinK with
Crow's Nest Line trains.
Kor rotes, tiokets aud full information apply to Depot or City Agent,
Nelson, ll. C, or
Trav. Puts. Aaont A  ( . P.  Aiicr.t,
Nali 01 Vsnooo.rr
A. R. BARROW, a mi. ok
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Oorner Viotoria and Kootenay SW.
P. O. Box G6B. Telephone No. N Sl_.os  Daily Mixer.  Moki>a>   Eveniug*   Arccs.   2.. 1000.
"It*. ...      w 1-ste�� Totiloht
��� ������ Hall.
.   -
...    ,   .  .. .    . ..
-    **���____&�� aud
ta* ���,��_ it, imt v>d��. ; ta��
����� were put to work, ana"   -"
..      ��� oompleted II a tew *���� ���' ^ ^ 	
,. . BooneywMonee B��r�� oefare  r^vrE1,:Tp__i*.K>_ a* h ��� ----������-���
. " " 	
t_%_Wmmmm}mmar%ti  '-..- tt
tbe nfti of _nc enri ��. v ore ;��� i
toCTtsrjwaaeti; taken ta _oa u_*i. K owiLk.
""'"      _,.     --.   .. :     mornlne     About   a   Br_�������   ���     ���,,.;"     j-,,        .-.'������-
:_=_: -^��� =
1.....  .   ���   ���    _ lows   W   ""' ���  ���*."
" '     , ,.        Her   out*   ��'   ����� 1 VTVll���T.    ������������-- \il
trrma. wbwb raw*
ply ��� ���(.'. S    'MiW
b. '���* ������ '   ��� J tf_t_t__     __,_
red at ���       . ���     Two laborer, �����-..��� _ a     lu ���_������
-.-.i  ;���_.   ���'��� tl    �����  : g ��� _rtu__   ;. .ti   fined  !-'���
;-. '    ,_���
ftremes   (boot  two      j,    ....    .....   fuxur,.   more  ea.u-n,
���'"'-'        '"       ���   ��� e brought ist
'���'���������   ,;"   ������*   '" .-���-������   I     A company bu  " "">** st"*t
��� ' '   ' e_   ���  read    ��� ���������    '. ��� .-���    I .-���������   FHLS1   C   -'.--   i ��� n
���'  !    nriva
TO BEST   N-��  :
- reel   ��������� Own t \v_.-d an. ,
_ _ I
bonafce Street "J
A Last Glance
At These Chances
Ion.'- '
FOB   SALS. .      -
���aiUioa   :;���-������>���
b-.ui*.     Kuncinc   ��M
NfwV'nt:   ttkk*-' ~ ���-'
Ma_nf__tnri__ Jewellers and
_. .''_<;.	
been author! red to  examine and pur
'���Las',    propertj       '.'���'������.    ar.   VF.    D.
'���'- ��� .-:iter, of Spokane; \V. g   |
Spol !>!.'���. and \v. F. Green, of Chicago.    Tbetc gentlemen arrived in Uii-
  . solution oi miw   elty on Saturday, and are : ��� ���   ��� .-
bonaU    ' '��� dram rat-   j,jr   .uiiable   property in which their
'.       ��� .��� -      ai    '      '   sulphuric acid,   money mi$_M be   invented.   Tbey left
By turning -   er  tbe   drum   it   ��� -.   ,  -    ���       ...   - -   ��� ,-        . irill make
openi % tbe acid   i_Ui  the   ���__ extended trip to New l>euver. San
don. Ki.lo and other  mining centre*.
The 1 ������:'.-���  :��� ��� 1     Tbey hare  -^-v.rrai   pi perties already
��� il    "���������.'. '��� ilume ot   ;., view.
'    ' '-' t,,(:      1'r.hablv   no   latter    day  p'.av   h_j
' ader, gi��ea it an  _.use,. ���    .     . ..   . ^h/,:n^ ...,
expan bargi   v.!,sation    ^.^    sappbo   has       Tiie      VTe are nnw prepared ���.   ���    ���
n* adaptation whieh wiU be preaented S^^pH* fe2i,T_!2__
a moat effed .....   �����________! *.______  _^*o__!l*-   ��
������    nemeraou  remoa,   eu-     Bend u- --���-- ry ion we i> ..
'������  '���:';"- ���   t  :.--..   w,   are going  to have the  retoodH  01   make U  up id n*-w and
��PP*n _��� ������:.     Of  1 :-.-    pUy   U K.-eneh
-     ���-    te'a aeamy  tide, and foi-1
tbe >y>jk   a_   closely &&  poatible. | >pw      . _1 ft *!'
��� ng out all the atronf points.anu   ypJTPnQlJQP       OrOS.    w'
���   manuv.-ript   ii-.  ao  artistically I   ' -.
eonatrncted, and _o  carefully wrlttea NELSON"  B.C. ^||
:.-   to   be   ���_..���!.',-���,   modest    A strong
���    will   present   tbe    pit-.e   ������-
Fanny l>e(irand,or sappl.o   at  hhe   is
better Known,   win   be   portrayed   by
George Elliot, a leading  lady of
���-tancing   in   the ea.t. and who
wil!   appear   nere   for   the first time.
The wno.e 'jast is in the hands of cap-
i-  ���    actora   of   repute   in   their   re-
ax-   lot. ?,iq1 rpceived another large-ship- (f\
\\c haurjust recenui c un the
mCnt of Fall Goods and twerew them  ..
n,a,L    ?f��irmav s���emwemust clear (>
where the public im y ^  T^(" k    To do this . \
��� .,_,.     o��*1 "" .    . _ .".
UO���    .1 ...t.-   . ~-   a-,                    ��� \W
'_ \i_
bJard  9-   <                 - W
bout* eat   ;  J '-' "��� L ' *'���
"     ��� ��� -���       I  not    ' ���������     .'fineiw,.   .,
���   t   natead ��e  are going  to have the  renjfKjel  ������        ke it   up  in net
eand thoroughlv mora'. ��� u^-u. uat*- -"- ���-
���       .    1       \\ e bu .        .    . ind - m 1
ho tnat hat oeen writ*
1 b et Thomp
son ���-������ '-..-'���-..
e tonight b*. tweea
- - ��� ���    ;. 1    ���   01
tar and 1 set    n   fire
front e hi        The -
Ut   h
���������    ,r   hodt   .let's  Annus! RegotU �� Orwt
Boat   f'ul/'s   annual ����k   ��v.-_._   ���   ....
r.-gn'-.H afternoon waa ��pecti*e   llaea, and  the  play will be
ne ul -���-'���-'���-   l tiaged In ti- e.aborate manner, as  no
the ���   und wa* car- expense baa beenapared to  make this
���   ��� .i. ii 1 the well '-'"-- beat production that hat been seen ,
We MaKe Watches
Into Timepieces
40c   (fl
50c   f\\
���  ������ ishap
ri..- ���!,- days ���'p'^rt.
In the fin. ���    f  the I ror-owed raw.
which ted t.-.rou_b-
out.   '-'������'..       ���      crewa  itroked  re-
'.'   nter   and   hord,    a
>'e;*)L ::.it seasiin.
Hume: Ernest   Itanafleld, Kaalo; H.
__ Smali and wife.    Vancouver: J. E.
ns. Kit .���-'���!; : Mrs.  Dr.   Camp-
 = j ih
If you are kthered with a wttoi 5   .*.
tbat jou c&iuiot depead on for time. J   \W
bring it to us k  *
We guarantee to make a time
piece of any properly cunstructed
..  .   _.     withjbell,   Bo-U��d;   Mta   '���    "���*-^����
. .*,. v-v.ry  ;i,.,ir;,,.    Winnipeg,   F.   F    J- u
ahont  half  way| Vancourer;  John   Doe.  ���'   ��    ^���'-
_ner K.i,kau_e.
' g '.ot. apparently left
her   > parsed   cloM   to   the
\*j_\i- uno,:.* full   .team.    It was there
tha-. thi (Or Winter*!
boat got 1 ��� ��� tit of the steam
er"!   ' loablpped l.er rudder
an-] amping the tx^at.
half   '        . 'er an. put
ting   bei ��� y out of tlie race
Vancouver:   F
1    Pi -���,,���. Detroit;C. F, __.tth,Boae-
land, J.   A. Tepoorten. Vancouver ;G
VV. Dawson, Toronto,
Phair:   Frank   Bobbins, Nortli Star
mine: VV. M.   Kedpath.   Spokane;   f
Frank Oliver, Boealand; I'aul
Johnson     and   family.   New     York;
- Milliard. Kossland ; J, 'KU.ru.
Vanoott*/er; H. II. Jameson,  Victoria;
A starlliuK incident of irbicb Mr. .lobn
Oliver, of Pbilailelpbia. was tbe subject
��..ll.._.u-      "I vug    J,
most UIe_Wl>Jl WW. 1 ,,.._.
.Imost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue c<JBt
d. pain continually iu buck and aide, do
appetite gradually growing weaker day
by day. Tbree pb>HJcian�� btid given me
up. Fortunate!* a friend adviBed trjiug
Electris littt.rB:'and to my gr-atjoy
in,.I fi-pnive tin- Qral l"'ttle made a de
tirasap ���",.-. event of the   c.    T.    Cross,   Silverton:    VV.     Ward
Been  were  spinkn. Vernon; F. J.   O'Reilly,   sil-
by all wbo wit*   Verion:T. It. Ella.  Vancouver; J   VV.
-   ' ���  thecareles!   Stewart, Spokane; John McKane,Boa��*
maimer   In   which they handled their  i.in,i;  g,   h.   Welch, Victoria; C. T.
boat.    Tin   othei   events and winner!  Crltchlow. Montreal.
-.-.--  a   '������   ows:
eti la,    Mrs.    Morley
and Mil.   Gnrd.
Tandem canoe race, Jorand and Far-
well. I
1 Ian Campbell.
Omnlbul race, II A. Stenart and
w   .1.  Heaven,
Gentlemen double _cnlla,( lady cox -
11 .1 Astley and .1. VV. Kurd.
M. Kalis,  Mr    and    Mr*.
Cigar and Umbrella race, V  A Mac-
t anoi Tournament    W    .1    Heaven
: ���       1.     '.'    '! ',-.::
Tub raci   Inn ' ampbell.
Mi    Procter'!   bonseboat   and   the
t    1*. B, bouscboat were moored at thi
���   .'. l.iu f. t in- judge.
Mr   A   11     But tbe   flub
"Hi-i tbem. Mr.
i- ��� ������ ��� entertained tbeir
��� nd~ aboard their boat and tin,
Buchanan and Mrs, Troup were at
home mi the * 1'. 11. boat to a lar^e
Iiniin.. r of 1 ton After tbe rai
Mr-   llui trl buted tbe prize*.
to the winnern aboard the same  boat.
Mr. Harold Hi as starter   in
all thi
Two dozen Blouses;   regular price 75c and $1.00;   to be sold, each,
Five dozen Blouses;   regular  price  Si.25, Si.40 and Si.50;   to be
.--old, each, at	
Four dozen Blouses;   regular  price   $1.75  and   $2.00;   to be sold,
each,    at	
Three dozen Wrappers, good  fitting  and  good   patterns;   regular
price S \..o, S2.50 and $3.00;   to be sold at Exactly  Half Price
Ont dozen Ladies' Summer Skirts;   regular price $4.50; to be sold,
each,   at      $2.25
These articles must be sold.   That is why
we are determined to sacrifice them at the above
������������������������ ���������������
Martin O'Reilly St Co.
Houstor)  JHockj Paker Street.
Z    V���� ����V_m_-ww.,     ,  - _j,,
Numl*r Two. Big Four, Ntimbe,
Five, Number six and Lu��y Bevei
Mineral Claim-: .itnate in the Nelson
Miuini! Division ol the We. t Hoot, nay
Diabrid Where located : On monntatn
between Bovet Creek and tie Koolonaj
Take nutice that I. Kenneth L. Burnet. actiDB as agent lor Jamei B. Wi��
Fre* Miner's Oertificat* No. B..1.-'-;,
mdArchlbaln Pa.terjon, Free Mine"*
u";!Sed _,"_ta"-."iollow.:  !*2^*3Sg��i��' JiliwIinSSd, TOd.ji
most dreadful oonditton.   My bkinwas|(.ertiht��te ><������ ���?**.       ,       ...   .,.���
Certineate ..��, _,�����,...,,._..
from date hereof, to apply to the   Min
ing Recorder for a   Certiti.ute  of   Itn- J
proveruentb for the purpose of obtaining $
a Crown (.rant of the above . Itiinis. t
And farther take notice tbat   actioD, J
under section :I7, mnn   be commenced )
before tbe issuance ol such Certificate i
nd surprise tin- firat ������ "-��� made a ae- > beiore id. i���..u.,
tdc-d improvement.    I   oontiuued tbeir  of Improvements.
ise for tbree weeks and am  now a well      Dated  this  l'.dh  day of  July,   A.I1
\-....m (i.ev uhid mv lile and I i',Hiu.
���--,.. ,    ,,,-1,v*t.--r
.-I -I .no    ......    .
use for three weeks aud am _
man. I kunw they suvid my life and
robbed tbe (frHve of another victim. No
dm should f��il to try tbem. Only 60
its., guaranteed, nt Canada lung aud
IV. k . tore.
Bprtng chicken anil all tbe delicacirf.
nf tne Uaaon served to too when yon
visit Florence 1'urk Hotel ��t Roberts'
Kmii-h, two and a half miles up the
river.    Vi. V. Huberts, proprietor.
I;  A al ' aptaln Tronp'a
fr<,!n   the   * ".'i*t    last
���  '
1    r,  tt'lnti : ol thi    ltank ol   Montreal,  lift    nn    -hi imlii-.   evening   for
lli ��� lie will  upend  a three
weeki vacation.
The Jo team ol Nel-
.   1   ;        iingstera ' 11 i --
played game with
!'���  o.  11.
t'. 1.  I;-     -     funnel
' an I'm it,,- and It,
|l   Mi can        '    - ." - '     ���   I    i>l)ei 1 ���
nftci nn ex-
Work u] v Canadian
tug li om ��� ii-'  ��� ���:���     Foi I he
past two weeks do worli bw been
.,.��� I'ernianetHly removed by the
electric needle. The manager
of the Chicago Electrolysis
Co., a graduate electrician, is
in Nelson for a limited space
nf time. Persons afflicted
with ihis blemish should not
fail to take advantage of this
opportunity  of being cured.
References given.    Room i8,
1 fume I lotel.
Bltoate in tbe Nelson Mining Division ol West Kootenay Dlttriot Where
located: on Morning Monntain. adjoining tin- Aigonia mineral claim,
Take notice, that. 1 Robert Scott
Ltntiie, as agent for tin- Atbabascs
(luld Mine, Limited, rue Miner's
ceriilii-u. ��� No. Bill .14, intend 80 day*
from tbe date hereof, to apply to ti ���
Mining Recorder for u certificate "f
Improvement!, for the puipo*. of obtaining n Crown  Grant  oi tbe   above
And furlher take DOtloe that action,
nnder section l!7 most be oommenoed
before tne iainauce of stub Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated   this   18tb day of June A. D.,
R. B, l.KNNIE.
Nelson Business College
Fall Term Begins Monday, Sept. 3rd, 1900
The proper place to acquire a thorough, working knowledge of BUSlneSS Education, which
is essential to business success, is in an institution
where competent instructors devote the whole of
their   time   to   imparting   this   knowledge to  the
The practical work of this school is already
well known to some of the people of this thriving,
progressive city. We are keeping abreast of the
demands of the limes, which call for first class, well
qualified Bookkeepers, Stenographers, etc.
Young men and women will find it profitable to
attend this school.  Day and Evening Classes
always in session.
Private lessons in Penmanship, etc., may be
arranged for at hours to suit the convenience of
those unable to attend the regular classes.
Rooms 6 and 7 Victoria Block, Josephine Street.
Close connection East and Westbound at Spokane with trains of toe
trains of the Spokane Falls and Norwi
ern Railway, _,   , ...:,\,.
Direct connection at St. P��uJ wijn
i out chance of depot with nil trams I i
Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, New t
and all points Weal and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at lOtB *���*
Leaves Spokane daily lor West at 7:45 p-tn
.Vest-houml train* make direct con
neotlon tor Victoria and Vaocouyer,
Port land. San Francisco, and all |����i"
on the . mind. .    .. ., ��.,.
I   During the-e*aon of naylgaHon -
bound tosln* connect at Duluth witn
|��Ba   Hi;il.l.V. who has taken over
,!���.   house on   Ward   Btreet Just
above i he Post Office, will Rite bojrd
and rooms.   Several obotoe room, -till |
unoccupied. Terms reasonable
MAWOT.    ItKltKi' A    ,\\:i    JULIUS
(AMAH   .MINKI'.AI.    i I.AIM-.
HlTIA I K IN T__NK_K**i Mimsi, Ihvi-ion 01
Wl.K|   KoOTRNAI   UtSTHICI    V. iiii-.k   l.i
i \ i ki,     Aii'ii  i    1 I It i    UlUKI   -m i ii   io
N kiaov Nl ��n  nil   II.M   MI5KS  Wai.o.v
rpAKK NOT1CKthai I i  I   '. - ��� ��� . utlngsi
1    ...Tut du K. ('. Arthur, Krti Mini r'iCoi
iiiiiiiii. So. niT.Tiri. A. II K,i   . K,,,  Mineri
CerUlla_u Nn ii.';.'.i*i. .,i���i .1 l1 Iloiconi, KrM
Min, i - i i-iutlinii- No,  i Tt MIH,  Intend, ��l*l|
iluj. fnnn ilii-iiu'i hereof, to appl) tc tho Min
IngItooordsr fori ' iinprovomont..
f,,rtli<- inni���i-i nf obtAlnUiK ' niwn OraoUi ol
thi above ,-i_iin,*.
And fiiMlii-r i.-.i I'.', .- that action, undrr
w-,-1 Inn ::: nm-i t. rominenoeij bofora Ihe 1*
nuutoe "l -l"ii' im nn -i'- - ,,f I ii. ,.-,,-., ii.i-i.t-
DMi-iI 11,1. lv. ,-i,:.    . .;,,) ���f July, A. P.
Nunut. I bound trams connect ��i ^'"      \yc-t
Hxr                   �� -~m .r. \s .O,    1 >UB8UAHT lo the ". redi.or*-' Tn,-i D��d. I ^'^'f^u{^"^^!y_ Stem.-
V  rkll      SITIOKC    1      Ad," and Aim-iidlni* Act.-, nni Hie'I rn- I nnd Nol tll-l JUld (if thcNol I In   n
[ UU   4^111v/ivv ���.,.. aml Sector-' Act, scciinn* ki to .., sl)i   rjompanv Line, operatsa m "
i��>!��.<e: . ..__...,_,.._. I_���.ii,���, wUh tha Great Nortbet-n it"'1
Smoke   tlie
Royal Seal
Kootenay Belle.
uno. _. ��. "'I ship Company Line, upei-iiw.  -      .,_
NJtl'cr i- hereby irlvet, lhat I.��admlnletta-! nectiou with the Gi-eat Hortbero
lordf theeiitateof ThommRlohardeon. tnhla  way. .        ,,      ���������-   fold-
, lifetime of   lllwlllewaci. in  the Count!   of!     j> ���. further infurmntioii, maps,  '
Kixiienaj'. hotel keeper, dMousl. have tiled in i ���lmlv lo anv aBentotoPP,1""'
the Vioii.iivc- iu��.-iry of theBUpremeOourt  ers, etc., apptj io an.    k )ii(.h���
of  British Coluinbia. a deBhiratlon  thai the i Kails A Noilhern H> ��� "���"!""���..:.,���, i,,n
mi il e-utc u in.uftir-icnt for tin- payment in i b_    Kootci ui Hallway A navig"!
I full of the debts and   liabilities of   llio Mild   ..' '���
1   l in una     l!i.'tiunl   -hi.
j    All iMjr-crm havhtit oUllDl Kg&loil the MtfttB
of t h- 'ml '111r -ii i .!��� Hi' ii .���<:- nn wlio liavu not
lit ready tiled with me (ull partloulan of the
MUM wOly verified, together with tlir purticu-
Ibt-h of necurilicH, if any, held liy iheni. nre
nqttlnd to do hO before tho 1-t day of OoiobOT
N'otiru ll hereby further given that after lho <
IM ilny of October next the administrator, nn
truritoe. will prot^ed to dintrihute tho proceed.
NKLSON, ll. <'
Oo., or to
Hugh R. Cameron
Insurance Agent and Broker.
date, or	
o anv versoii I _�����,��_
...     al Ihe lime of i ���,,;,,.,-Writim* Ollice fur the -1''1  ���
iii.-oi-irihuiioii. | rolloj VvnunRw ' H. haht-
Sollcels herahy Kivcti that a inciititiK of Ihe I l'mli [NBtlBANOK I.OHPABJ  '' is.
���_,..._. ���, ���.___!_ ���ri,���.. pi__���_i-_. -in I K(il||) .nd |ll(. OoNWKOTIopT F'BB
trufi.ee. will protired to rtiotrihute thr proceed,
nf the tru-*t erttate among thc parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the claims of
which he then has notice, nnd that he will not
l>e liable for tbe proceed-, of ihe trust estate, or
any Mil thereof, so distributed, to anv person
of �� 'hi ��� claim lie had not notice at thc lime of
j the distribution.
1 Nolice Ih hereby given thnt a meeting of the
creditor* of the -aid Thomas Kichanl^n will
l��e held iu tbe Court Ilous*. ut Knrt Steele,
B-Cm on Monday, tho 94lti dny of Septe.nbcr,
_   A. II. IHiU, at tbe hour of one oVlock in the
c=   I r_fl_*riuM��H.
', afternoon.
W.    REINHARD,   M. I*>-
Specialty:   Eye. Ear and Nose.
(.filcei    Haker BtWOt, near Knitcniitv
Hall,   TfUpbOM Nu, U.
- - ���  atadatthooom
 ��� .____, 1 aiLerinioii.
CT   .If. .EPH'S   SCHOOL Hated at Furt Steele, B.C.. thi- llllh day of
Hn_KM B.I.                               I ���                            J. F. AHMSTIION'II.
A  l.i-irdliiK and  I my Wchnol oonduclod W (Iflli-inl Ailinlntslratnr.
__   oiii "i-l.-i-s of rit. .li,-' I'll uf l'< >"���<���     I' u ""."' .
-   '^.-I   "I-'  roi M,ll..i.ilJ..-'l.l..h.-'/-:lV     	
'" ������',V'.;;;':.'^1'i_r;n'l^c��LLOHTH.
5&'3fci of - , m. f(...dan,rii NELSON WINE CO.
tal mnl U��lwb-��'ol��ert^��thO'go^Mfflsn ._d  ,_. .  ,K),,1(.   ��� floMn   or .  ,���,_.,., of
,.,!���,-ution.    Hii-'i"--    __".~��_____7_____\ CALGARY   BEER  u  it i-  the best and
_SR__5TWa?W��^ Ihe.ninrk,,.    Also,
etc.���l'laln ��nd A
Dominion and
Provincials^ \it^oitv&,t^'izf^__----_-ir__ur_s, _Ke____roe TBr'airaet, aiso try our
Ssurveyor. \-^&&&S%%^ ^rffeytt.**
.fin                                 NELSON B C. |07or,_mi��aD'oarai_il_ni��rolT                       Televhone VS.               Baker St., Nelson, B, C.
*^* I Buvertor.
Straight  Mortgage, at  8 per '
Wunied -Molly Gibson 8tx��H
General Agenl for the Q��wt "'":aT
Likk  AssriiAM )���: ��-"J'
WANTED-For Spot Oaih -JjgJJJJ
Hal    lots  ��uitHble   for   i'��"*iu


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