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Nelson Daily Miner Apr 16, 1899

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'C.IP.Tfirr-    . i
Daily Edition No. 292
Nelson, British Columbia. Sunday, April  16, ,1899.
Ninth Year
Erratic Legislation  on the
Banking Question
The  Aldermen   Decide Not To  Kecon-
aider the Question and Immediately Proceed to do so.
Probably tbe most ridiculous meeting ot n City Council ever held iu
British Columbia was that ot yesterday morning, called by Mayor Nool-
aiitls to consider bis veto of tbo resolution transferring the City's bank ao-
conut from the Bank of Montreal to
tbo Merchant's Bank of Halifax. After a great deal of squabbling the
Council decided that it would not reconsider the resolution and th��n the
Mayor calmly put the resolution which
wns forthwith reconsidered. As to
the result of the meeting it is hard to
say just what, it was. Directly
against tbe decision of the City Solicitor, Aid.Fletcher forced the Mayor to
put the original motion which was
los*:. If it proves that this course
was perfectly regular the account stays
with the Bunk of Montreal but the
action was taken under protest and
the City Solicitor will be asked to tell
the Counoil just where it is at. A
story of the proceedings will bo interesting.
All the aldermen except Aid. Thomson,   were   present,   several     minutes
before   11    o'clock for   which hour the
meeting   was   called.    They   occupied
thn spare time by reading up the   municipal act and preparing  ammunition
fur tbe   fight tbat was expeoted to ensue.    At 11 Mayor Neelands called tbe
meeting to order and explained that it
had been called   to   ci nsider   his   ve'c
of the resolution re bank itcnimut.    He
invited discussion.    There   was an air
of suppressed excitement m tho  Council chamber and   neither  side   seemed
anxious to  show'   its   hand  by   firing
the fiist shot.    At last Aid. MoKillop
broke the  sienoe by  stating that  be
did not think it   wns   necessary to re-
Bort'to such measures,as vetoing as the
saine end   worn!   bave  been   aohieved
by any member of Council   giving no
tice at the next meeting that ho would
move to have tho matter reconsidered,
Then Aid. Fletcher threw n scattering tiro into the enemy's lines by saying that the passage of the   .'es.ilntiiin
at tbe last meeting should not count as
the Mayor was not. aware   at the time
tbat bo could have   voted   and   consequently did not vote, but   as   be   was
against it   the  resolution   should   not
have been   recorded   us   passed.    Any*
way Ihe Council had not been consulted in   the onlliug   of   the tenders ns it
should   have beeu. i
Hero the Mayor stated that a letter
had been recoived from Maodonald &
Johnson o/i behalf of tho Bank of Halifax but as Aid Fletcher did nor. wish
it read,the Mayor ruled accordtugly.
Mayor Neelands stated that be had
called tbe special mooting because he
thought Aid. Beer was going away
and it was particularly desirable that
Aid. Beer should be present when the
matter was discussed/ As against
this Mr. Beer said that be had informed tho Mayor that, ho would not go
away before the matter was settled and
that be had requested that no meeting should be held just, yet.
Regarding bis vi to the Mayor said
he would not like to state his reasons
for the veto but if ho was pressed be
would aud something would drop.
Then Aid.Fletcher laid bare his plan
of campaign. He contended that; Ihe
Couucil should voto on the original
motion transferring the nccount. If
this wero done Aid. Beer, MoKillop
and Kirkpatrick, would vote for it,
Aid. Fletcher and Hillyer autl tbe
Mayor against it, a tie resulting,
which would mean a negative vote.
To back up bis argument Aid. Flot.dior
said: "Question, question," and
Aid. Hillyer joined in the chorus.
This   started   tho   warm   discussion
which lasted   for half an   hour.    Aid.
Beer and MoKillop contended that tbo
Council should first decide   whether it
Would rootmsider  the   question by rejecting or accepting the Mayor's voto.
Aid. Fletcher maintained thnt tho  original resolution   should be  voted   on
as it stood iu the  minute book.    Both
sides   rend   copious   clauses   from the
Municipal   Act, each showing that   it
was   perfectly    right.    Aid.     Hill, or
punctuated     the     discussion      with,
Question, question," and when Aid
Fletcher was saying  nothing   else   bo
joined iu.    The   Mayor seemed   desirous ot putting   tbo question bnt it wns
with dilHculty   tbat   lie  could   slip  a
word in.
Aid. Bee* suggested that it wou'd
be a good scheme to send for tho City
���Solicitor and lot him unravel tho legal
tangles into which the City fathers
bnd become (involved. "Question,
question," again came from Aid.
Fletcher nnd Hillyer but Ihe former
finally switched onto the main l;ne hy
saying that there was no use sending
for the solicitor, lie did not -want tu
sit there all morning as be had business to attend to. They could pass the
resolution and if it were illegal
mistnko could   be   rectified  Inter,
ended up with "Question, question, ' and was again helped out
by Aid. Hillyer and tbe duet almost
had the effect of fuming a voto as the
Mayor prepared to put the resolution.
An indignant, objection from Aid.
Beer and MoKillop stayed matters for
a short timo. The Mayor requested
that tbe City Solicitor he sent for lint
Aid. Fletcher vetoed this decision and
again Iho argument proceeded merrily,
Aftei- a while someone discovered
that the Mayor had a right to send for
tbe Solicitor and a messenger was consequently dispatched for that official
during which other business wns
proceeded with.
Bv and bv Mr. Wilson turned up
. .id tbo question wns put to him���
".'hether the resolution or the Mayor's
votn should be first, voted on. It will
be seen that the whole battle turned
on this point for which either side
moved a resolution would lose as there
would be a tie and consequently a ueg-
ative vote. For this reason one sido
wanted tbe veto' voted ou aud the
other the resolution that was vetoed.
Whon Mr. Wilson had tho state of
affairs explained to him he commenced
to read the statutes ns any lawyer
would. He said that he would much
father give the matter careful consid
oration as it was a difficult matter to
give an oil' hand decision on.
Aid. Fletcher did not care if it wns
an off hand decision as long as it was
a decision. If a mistake was made
there would bo plenty of time to rectify it.
Aid. Hillyer: "Question, question "
Then everybody got mixed nn again
Aid. McKillop started up. cleared his
throat, aud gave every indication of
his intention to make a speech. But
the Mayor beat him out and said tbat
he would tell just why hn vetoed the
resolution, On tho 16th of February,
he said, the City sent out notices to
the banks doing business in the ("ity
asking them the rates at which they
would accept the City's acount. On
the ���'.nth, three bids were received.
They wero received and opened hut at,
the request of Aid. Beer they were not
considered tit the meeting held that
night. On tho 85th tbe fourth offer,
that from tbo Bank of Halifax, was
received aud tbat night tbe bids were
considered, He therefore considered
that the way in whiob the effers were
nailed for and received was not regn
lar uor straightforward.
Aid. Beer said that the Mayor's
slntement of facts was correct lint that
i be latter part of -iis assertions was a
uere matter of opinion.
Aid. Hillyer grew w-i-alhy aud said
lt.it tbe whole business was conducted
n   a very "dirty" manner.
Aid. Beer said that it, wns the 'JTth
lefore ho had any knowloge ni the contents of the letters from the banks.
Chia was after the letter from the
Bank of Halifax had been received.
' As to tbe mean, contemptible in
dliuations of Aid. Hillyer" said Mr.
i er, '' I have to say that the only
nan capable of making snch base in-
initiations is one who would himself
*lo the acts with which he charge**
it hers. His remarks nre a base cu)
i uuy. "
Aid Hillyer: "That's all light bul
1 wouldn't trust anyone when tenders
ire being considered."
Then Aid McKillop started again
md this time he went through to the
end. He quoted figures to show that
be. City would gain something like
130,000 altogether bv the acceptance
if the offer of the Bank of Halifax,
ibis was tigurod out on the basis of
debentures that were to run for 80
The Mayor said that, he thoroughly
igreed with the business aspect of flu
'use as presented by Aid. MoKillop
nut the calling of tbe tenders was irregular and on that nccount uo change
should be made at present. The stand
of Tbe Miner, said the Mayor, was
wrong when it stated that ono bank
was being   favored.
Aid. Flfltqber gave it as his opinion
that, ��� Aid. MoKillop's figures wore
fictitious as the Council should con
Slder only the present year as the ao*
conut wns liable to bo changed again
by tbe next Council.
Aid McKillop hero pointed out thai
if the nccount was again chanced it
would only boat a better rate ao bis figures would be improved on.
Aid. Beer said that of course tbe aid
ermen, if they rejected the Bank ul
Halifax   offer     wonld    nut   think    of
accepting a less advantageous one.
Tlio   Mayor   said   that tbe City bad
a perfect right   to   accept the offer   uf
the Hank ui'Montreal   as   it  stood   ntj
preseut and keep tbe account there for ,
another year anyway.
Aid. Fletcher stated that the Bank
uf Halifax was certainly nn excellent
institution lint that the Bank of M int-
real bad done u great deal for tbe City.
Ho knew the contents of tbo three
letters 2*1 hours after tbey had been
received by the City.
After a great deal more talk Mr. Wilson was again appealed to and said
lhat in his opinion tlie veto should ho
first voted on. Aid. Flotcher wanted
lu argue the legal aspect of the case
with the solicitor "nd after a short
skirmish a vote on Ihe veto was taken
on the question of the Mayor.���
"Shall mv objections be sustained'*"'
Aid.   Fletcher,     Hilly t-    and     Iho
Mayor VOted aye   and  Aid. Beer,    Mc-
Killop and kirkpatrick, nay.    The re
solution was consequently lost.
Then Mr. Wilsnn said that tbe original motion was therefore disposed uf,
at least until another meeting, nut
Alii Fletcher knew better and at his
direction the Mayor put tho motion
as to whether the City should change
its bank account, the resolution in favor of the ohange being put. It was
another tie and the Mayor consequently
I declared it lost.
Th" reader can take his choice of j
Iho possible positions in which the!
questio i now is.   It will come up again
at tin xt meeting in lhe shape  of   a i
report from the City   Solicitor on   tbe
legality of yesterday's proceedings.        j
Again in His  Seat in the Over 3,000 People Sit Down
House of Commons. to Bryan Banquet-
taWied by German policy can only be
fnl v recognized when one oousnlers
Ibe difficulty uf the position of the
Umpire in regard to Samoa whieh
has again become a burning question
and the magnitude ot the obstacles
thrown in lhe way of German policy.
' Nobody can deny gratitude tn the
Government for having brought the
Empire safely through a difficult situation and for having upheld German
claims without in any way sai .being
German rights and interests. "
rrt   r r-��� \ **- ��� - -
16 mht\
The Premier and Minister of
Mines so Decide.
Is a Better Station Thau Kow   Ohow.���
The British Government Intend
Fortifying It.
Bryau   Was   Received   With   Vociferous
Cheers and nwle  a Lengthy
[[London, April 1.1 - Lord Charles
Beresford was warmly welcomed on
his return to the House of Commons
yesterday from bis recent trip to
China. Recounting his observations
in tbe Far East be said tbat Wei Hai
Wei would not require a largo outlay
of mouey, It was a muoh bettor station than Kuw Chuw and should bo
mado a naval base without stationing
any    military there.
The Russians, bo said, had mounted
71 guns  at  Port   Arthur.    Why   they
hud done   so he   did   not   know,   but
Russin hiving   taken   such   a  course,
England should follow suit at Wei Hai
Wei.    The    Russians,    he   said,   had
received him in a most friendly manner.    Tbey   invited him   to visit Port
Arthur and   offered to place a ship   at
his dispusil fur the journey. Owing to
liffloulties   at home  however, it was
���uggested that he should   not go,so he
lid not    accept the   invitation.    Lord
Charles  added  that,   thn   government
had   done its duty   in taking Wei Hal
.Vei, and it would further   its duty Inducing it in tbe condition   that naval
nen would like to see it.
Mr. Chamberlain concurred in what
Cord Charles Beresford  bad said about
he capabilities  of Wei   Hai Wei, and
*aid that the   government   intended to
ake   advantage nf   these   capabilities
���ud make it a secondary naval station
The government,  lie   said, propose   tu
nako of Wei Hai Wei with   regard   to
*hina what Gibraltar was to Malta before tbe present large extension.
In reply to a criticism   upon the oo-
npation   of   Wei   Hai Wei. Mr. Cos-
hen First   Lord   of   tbe   Admiralty,
aid: "We must maintain our suprem
cy in   Chinese   waters   generally  by
uir fleet.    Wei Hai Wei   is not,   much
f a protection as a base of refnge  for
nr ships.    A proper naval policy will
I ways   be   a   vigorous   and extensive
ni**.    The fortifications though not ex-
ensive must be   sufficient   to ward ofl
ndden    attacks."
leview of French   and Italian  Fleets
at Cagliari, Sardinia.
London, April 15. ��� The Frenoh-Ital-
nu deiitenstations i f friendship at
'agliari in the Island of Sardinia tbit*
veek are fully in i c.cord with tbe nn-
itilsivo natures of the Latin race. A
ew weeks ago the Italians ami
-'much were yearning tor anopportnn
ty to engage in hostilities but now
hey are engaging in exhibitions of
he utmost friendliness.
The great feature of the festivities
vas Ihe review of combined Italian
aid Freni h fleets in Cagliari bay by
he King and Queen of Italy. The
'vouch newspapers are milking a great
*tir over the meeting of the two fleets
.itder the eye of King Humbert, as
estifying to the rappro.'hniont be*
ween the two countries.
According to the reports. Admiral
'ournier in conversation with King
I unit, it, discussed the balance of
mwer in the Mediterranean and dwelt
ipon tho necessity tbat it always
huuId ha* e near by a powerful fleet
vllioh wonld serve as a connler-poise
*o the   British forces.
New York, April 15.���The "Dollar
Dinner" given by those members of
the demontratlo party who favor the
candidacy of William Jennings Bryan
for President, at tho Grand Central
Palace tonight in point nf numbers
was one of iho biggest affairs over held
in this city. Nearly 8,000 men and
women sat along tables at tbe various
rooms there were all kinds of people
thero dressed in all kinds of clothes.
White men elbowed with colored men
aud white women with colored women. There were four Japanese nnd
three Chinese present, the Chinese wire
merely spectators and sat up in the
second gallery. They said they had
come to see Bryan.
The main ball presented a different
aspect, from tbo Metropolitan Opera
House at the ten dinner of the Detno-
ratie Club. There were no flower
rn belli aliments hut just great long
venues of tables covered with plain
\bite plates. The ouly ornaments-
ious were bunches of celery and grau-
ro ware coffee puts.
The   women   to the   number   of -17,1
vero dined   in   the   long hall just   off
he second    gallery,    Thev   sat   down
* tbe tallies   nt 6:80 o'clock.    All the
fotueu, and many   of   tbe   men wore
Iryan badges.   Venders weie scattered
ibout all the vestibules selling badges,
nd   ribbons.    There   wero     no   con-
t-rti 1 attempts to s**ut these 8,000 dints simultaneously.   All were told   to
n in and sit down.    About   7   o'cloek
learly   every seat of the men's   tables
.as occupied and the   service   begun,
iver GOO waiters   started out into   the
rain lull with the soup, and at a few
linutes before 7   o'cloek   three   thou-
and bottles of wine  were gratuitously
erved hy a wine oompany,
William    Jennings   Bryan  did   not
rrive until   shortly   after   7   o'clock
'he crowds   on   tbo outside signalized
iis approach   by   tremendous   cheers,
bo   band     played     "Hail     to    the
lliief," as Bryan   was hurried   down
ue of tho main isles,    x'hero was tn -
lendous cheering and  waving of nap-
ins.    The   diners    stood     in    thiol-
hairs and on tables and waved franfi-
ally.    Tbo demonstration   lasted   for
Ive minutes.
Mr. Bryan's address, which wns a
I'tigtby one, was devoted to upholding
is well known views on the mone-
nry question, and predictions of suc-
ess for tbe 1(1 to 1 Democrats in tbe
ext Presidential election.
Manager uf Figaro   Interviewed   auto
Where be Got His Information.
New York, April lo ���Tbo Tribune's
Paris correspondent says:
Ti e Figaro's unexpected and successful audacity in securing and publishing the record nr "dossier, ' of the investigation of the ciiminal chamber of
the court of cassation to determine
whether or not there is legal ground
for a new trial of Dreyfus, has fairly
taken away the breath cf the older
French newspaper men.
Ferdinand de Rodays. the managing editor of the Fig'iro, is not a communicative as to the means by which
ho obtained the dossier, however,
be savs:
"Tbe person who enabled the Figaro
to publish the proceedings before the
criminal chamber of tbe court of cassation *vas not a judge nor was be a
lawyer, nor tin employe of the national
printing offioe, nor a friend uf Dreyfus, nor Mrs Dreyfus, uor a member
of the Dreyfus family. 1 can also tell
you that the person who gave it to me
asked for no pceuniaiy or other compensation for it, nor did I offer any.
"I am moreover authorized to declare that the person in question is, if
necessary, quite piepared to reveal
his or her identity, aud this would bo
done if, for instance, one. cf tbe judges
or any person connected with the case
should be unjustly accused of divulging tho famous state and judicial secret.
' 'I may also say that the Figaro has
received all sorts uf off rs nf the dos-
sier, one of which has been alluded to
by M. de Blowitz, the Paris correspondent nf tbe Londou Times, and
which consisted of a scheme fur transmitting to us tbe contents of the dossier by means of a phonograph, The
operitor was to lead tba dossier aloud
so that it should bo recorded bv the
nhnnograpb and then repeated sheet
hv sheet without, of course, leaving
mv trace of any incriminating handwriting, This oder was made wilh
the expectation of being rewarded with
i largo sum of m unv. I promptly refused it, t^-vn'** *. If*1-]
nient guarantee of any means ol verifying its accuracy or trustworthiness.
"I was about to give tbe matter up
in despair when,ono night to my great
'stonisl.ment, I received a commnni-
���afion in such a form as could leave in
uv mind no reasonable doubt as to
its good faith. Tbe person who made
it to mo said :
" 'It gives me sincere pleasure to be
o be enabled to offer you tbis dncn-
nent gratuitously, for I nm conscious
tbat in doing so I am accomplishing
iu act of patriotism.' "
In the Meantime the Men Will be Heard.
���Meagrt Space Allotted at
Paris"; Exposition-
Bristol, Kbodo Islnud, April 15.���
iVlitlu ennsiih l.nlo work wits done
this week on th" HOW Cup Defender at
the llerresbotf winks, it. appears now
very doubtful if tile buat will be ready
fin hor first,  sail trial ou June 1.
Tho crow for tho now boat is expaot*
ml hero on Monday with Captain Charlie Barr aud Male Allen. The" men
%vill be put to work scraping and varnishing Ihe mast of the old Defender
and painting sumo of thu woodwork
iin-idc. It has been decided tu call tho
new bout, Columbia,
Florence, Italy, April 15.���.His Eminence, Cardinal Archbishop Bausa
died tbis evening. His Eminence
Augustine Ban a, C. P.. Cardinal
Archbishop of Florenoe was born iu
thai, city Feb. Ull, 1891. He was created a Cardinal Deacon, May 18, i^i7
and Cardinal Priest, February 18,1881).
tbo I
Paris, Texas, April 15,���Solomon
I Interna, while intnxicaled, shut nnd
killed his wife, child- nml brother, at
his house, live miles w ist nf (iratit.
Ilateuia is a full blooded Choctaw
and was for a long time judge of
Kiamiti county.    He is under   urrest.
English Papers Object   to   the Agreement as to Unanimity.
London,   April    16.���Germany  has
'l-awu   tbo   first blood in   tbe   6moan
egotiatious   at   tho expense of   Croat
Iritain   in   securing   the    important
iqint of unanimity iu tho decisions of
bo   Commission,    agiinst   which   the
di.rquis of Salisbury bold out.   There
ore   the   German   Foreign   Minister,
*t the same time be announced   Oreat
iritain'a    aooeptanoe   of  unanimity,
mnounoed a distinct score fur German
liplutnacy.    The note of self   satisfac-
* ion ringing   throughout the   Mcminn
foreign    Minister's     announcement
hat (Ireat Britain   had yielded caused
rritntinn here which is reflected  iu tbe
omtnents nf newspapers this morning
The Murning PoHl speaks caustically
f   Baron Von   Bneluw's,    "Misplaced
larade Of firmness. "    In   reference   to
he maintenance of the German rights,
md complains In* announced tbe agree-
���*nt as to unanimity in the tone of a
minister who had achieved a great
md glorious diplomatic victory.
All the English papers were opposed
tu unanimity, declaring that the cunt
mission could never under the circuit!*
-tanees come to an agreement. The
Speaker Says I "The rule of unanimity ou any point is hardly reasonable,
but fbe rule of absolute  unanimity is
iinwoikahle " The Speetalor expresses
the   belief that   the rule uf unanimity
ippears to he   intended   to reduce   tho
commission to a mere group of report
Berlin, April 15.���The morning papers generally ap.vrove of the speech
of the   German   Ministei'   of   Foreign
Affairs, Baron Von Buelnw, on Samoa
in the Reichstag yesterday, Part of
thu pr ss continues tn impute to (Ireat
Britain unfriendliness because of that
enuiitry's lung delay in accepting tho
German proposals, Tbe Tageblatt Buys:
"This has left a sting, as diplomatic
and politioal circles in (icrmany altri-
bute tbe blame chielly to the   Marquis
uf Salisbury who did not leave au authorized locum tenons in London and
who treated tl.o matter as a bagatelle."
The Nouesto Nacbricbten Bays:"The
extent  of   tbo   diplomatic success ob-
They Loot a Plantation and Kill Several Persons.
Havana, April lo. ���News has beeu
eceived from Mariano that 12 or 15
counted bandits, one dressed as a woman, raided the Pinnllos plantation
iwned by Sennra Puri two miles south
>f Oaimito and It) miles front Havana
it daylight yesterday, and took (100 in
diver from the owners residence and
tftorwards burned tbe bouse of Ihe
overseer and a warehouse containing
���in.OOO worth of tobacco. The baml-
its then rode into Oaimito where they
plundered two dwellings and then
vent to a third where a dance was in
progress, A captain, a sergeant and
SWO Cuban soldiers were present at the
uince aud wont ont of the house tn
iee what was the matter and the
ilher persons present eiowdod to the
loors and windows, The raiders fired
.1 volley at close range killing the captain,and oue soldier and one man in
he house, and wounding tho servant
md another soldier and two other men
who were also inside tbo building.
The bandits tben galloped away.
Yictoria. B. C.. April 15.���As a result of representations made by the
mine owners tbe Provincial Government bas definitely suspended tbe operation of the legislation prohibiting the
employment of men underground in
auriferous mines for more than eight
hours a day. The Hou. J. Fred
Hume, Minister of Miues, says tbat. it.
will stand suspeuded until the opinion
of the miners, the other parties to be
considered, could be heard. Speaking
on tbe same subject ^Premier Semlin
said the Goverumeut proposed to pro
coed slowly and to do nothing which
would cause friction either between
miue owners and miners or betweeu
either class of tbe Government of the
day. The Government would institute
nn proceedings for the present or iu
nny >\ay seek to disturb the oxist-
iug relations between employed and
employers. Should the miners in any
listrict ask for its enforcement tbeir
request will be granted. In such case
line month's notice has been assured
the mine owners before the act comes
into  force.
The Government has instructed   Iu
-nectar ; MacGregor    to     this   effect.
Lhe question of the retention or repeal
if the law   is  a matter   thut will   be
left to the House ut tbe next session.
The   Provincial    Government    tbis
inorning   reoeivod   tho   plans for   the
British Columbia Pavilion to be ��rect-
���i -it too Paris Kyiiii.-*. -, for  British
i-shibitors.    The on..... tic. r   lihaoe   is
111,000 square  feet, of which about one
���ighth is available for Canada, and   a
proportionate  uroa for British Columbia.    At  tbe   World's  Fair at Chicago the Province had 14,000 square feot
if space,   every   inch   of  which   was
used. At the session of the Legislature
i voto of  $15,000 was included   in the
stimates to meet tbe   expenditure   of
bo exhibit, aud as the   space is  to be
10 small tbis appropriation is likely to
e  ample.
When it become known that the
'.rttish Empire would be so cramped
ior accommodation the British Ooluiu-
���isi representative suggested hiring a
uiilding apart from the Exposition
��� fracture where an ample displny oould
ne made. The concession, however,
.vas refused.
The steamer City of SeattU three
lays over due from northern points
.vas the cause of some speculation to-
lay, until word arrived of her having
ieen towed into Juneau, by the
\mnr of tl is city which found her
to.lpleas with a broken crank   shaft.
Jamaica Receives an    Important Noti
llcation From   tbo U. S.
Kingston, Jamaica,  April    15.���Con
sidcinlilo apprehension    lias been occasioned hero by the announcement that
the Amerioan  Government   has  noti*
fled the Governor, Sir August Hamming, tbat as the proposed tarilf
threatens to operate against  American
trade,in tbe event nf its passage, retaliatory    provisions    will  bo  adopted
against Jamaica. The newspapers of
the island regard this notification ns a
threat tu involve the culony in finan-
eial and commercial ruin in view of
the Cuban and Porfo Uican industrial
competition, Senor Deniuciulii, out
uf the leading merchants, recently said
he thought tlie American-'did nut realize that lhe proposed tariff is nut protective but for revenue, Hint Jamaica's
American trade is steadily increasing
and Americau   Interests   therefore   ho
considered should   be   direoted toward
aiding rather than crushing   Jamaica.
Sir Michael Hicks-Beach's Arrange
ments Seem Generally Condemned.
London, April 15. -���The budget pre-
tented by tbo Chancellor of the Ex-
���hequer, Sir Michael Hicks-Beach, in
the House of Commons on Thursday
pleased few people. It is universally
idmitted that it iell far below the usual level of budget statements.
Tbe Statist dubs it"Uttely bad'
unl declares the reduction of the
Sinking Fund iH unworthy of a great
int ion. Tho proposal to increase tbe
>vine duties severely hits tbe cheaper
wines, and probably the California
| According to tbe plans of the* Chancellor of the exchequer the oiioupoBt
claretl will pay as much as the highest
priced hocks and sherries.
St.. Johns, Nfld., April 15. ���A whole
Moot of steamiirs is awaiting entry to
this port which is blocked by ice floes.
Aiming them is tho Canadian liner
Oaspesia which passed St. Pierre yos-
terday under her own steam making
three knots un hour after having been
ice hound in tbe Gulf of St. Lawrence
for sumo time past. She reports
that her bows have beeu injured by ioa
Hoes that she has six feet of water iu
hor fiiriihnld and that her rudder !s
damaged, It is probable she will
havo to go  into dock for repairs.
Athens,    April    Iii.���Violent   earth-
quakes oceuired today in   Peloponnesus
a peninsula in the southern portion of
Greece,    Many    houses    oollapsed  ut
Gascuuni and elsewhere but no   fatalities huve been reports d.
New York, April 15.���At Cincinuttl
���Cincinnati, 2 ; Pittsburg, 5.
At   Brooklyn���Brooklyn,  0; Boston,
At  Philadelphia���Philadelphia,    0;
Washington. 5.
At Baltimore���Baltimore 6; Now
York 3.
At Louisville���Louisville 1 ; Obi-
cago, '1.
NeJaon DaiU
rublifllMKl t>aily except Monday,
N'klhon Mineh Printing & Publishing Co.
L>. J    BKAl'UN. Editor nnd MamiKor.
Subscription Kates.
Dally per month by oan'er $ 1 ^
per half year    ^-^
per year 10 Ot
per y jar by mail    *> **-*���
per year foreign  IC ���*'
Nkison Wkkkiy iMlNER.
Weekly, pel half year $ 1 2j
pi.r year    2 00
por year, foreign    2M
^nbucription; invariably in advance.
Dispatches    regarding   tho   .Samoan
troubles   were     published     yesterday
Two months   ago   there   was   not a
whisper   ot   dissatisfaction  in any   of
tho mines iu tho Nelson district.    The
same can bo said   of   those all through
the   Slocan.    Over in   Kast   Kootenay
titers are producing mines, and   tunny
iu various stages nf development, giving employment to hundreds of   men;
not a word bad erer  been   heard   that
they were dissatisfied   with their conditions.    With the   possible   exception
of Rosslaud, tilt entire mining regions
of British   Columbia   afforded   a  few
short week ago   an   example of as perfect harmony and   contentment as any
country in the world.   Today there are
muttering?      everywhere.      Wo   have
not far to seek for   the   cause  of   this
sudden change.    It does not come from
the   mun.    Those     responsible   for  it
are politicians iu the Legislature, with
narrow views and Bmnll   minds, who,
iu the expectation   of gaining   a little
popularity   for   themselves,    passed   a
law to cut dowu tbo miner's   working
day from ten hours to eight.   The men
did not ask   this; it  was thrust   upon
them, and now that they have it, it is
perhaps ouly human nature they should
seek to enjoy whatever advautage there
is in it.    It is only fair   to the miuerfl
to hear this   in   mind.    They   did not
know they were discontented ; tbey did
not know   they   were   tbe victims  of
tyranny.    The   intelligent and reasonable among them will admit that tbey
do not   know   these things   yet.    But
an act   of the Legislator offers   them
a shorter day, aud thinking that with
this they   can   get   the   longer   day'i
pay,  the cupidity   natural   to   human
nature asserts   itself  in many of them
and tbey are   striving   to   obtain   it.
Hence   the   strike   at   the   Athabasca
We have mads a possible exoeptiou of
Kossland, because tbat camp has for
a lung time beeu tho centre and
home of a gang of professioual agitators. They are the scum of the American camps driven out bee .use of their
propensity to mischief and disiuclina-
tiou for honest laliqr. They have drifted iu cousiderablo_ numbers to Kossland, and a sprinkling of rhoui may he
found iu all the principal mining
districts of the Province. It was these
worthless fallows who easily persuaded
a demagogue who represents Rossland
in tbe Legislature to propose au eight-
hour day and a demagogue Government permitted it to go through. It
was wholly unexpected, aud excepting
by tbe Rosslaud miners who work
more with their mouths than with
their hands was uudesired. The sur
prise it crtited compelled tho Government to consider whether they bad
not done an imprudent, thing in their
own interest in giving oouutenauce
to tbe Bill, with tbe result thnt they
have been hesitating whether they
Bbould put it into force now thnt it has
become luw. The agitators seeing
tbis, dispatched emissaries to difforeut
camps to stir up strife between Iho
miners und owners, und iu the oiuo of
the Athabasca thoy bave been successful enough to create a rupture.
It is uot a|j*ravely( serious one, however. A majority of the men employed have remained nt their poBts of
duty refusing tu tnke part in tbo strike
aud the indications at. this writing
give promise that tho dissatisfaction
will not spread. A paragraph in yesterday's Miner, uf two or three linos
only,stated that good practical mineri
couiu lind employment on properties in
the vioinity of Nelson. The paper
was not tWO hours on tho street before
The Minor oflice was invaded ny u
number of men wishing to take advantage of the opportunity thus offer
ed thorn. Tbis does not look an if the
miners were deteruiiued lo insist ou
an eight-hour day. ll. rather indicates
tbat tbey aro dispiind to be reasonable,
and to meet the owners in a spirit of
fair play. Nothing better could be
desired. The minors of this Province
are an intelligent class of men, who
fully recognize that there is au owner's sido to the labor question us well
as their own. There is every prospect
that between thorn, if lot alone, an entirely satisfactory understanding will
be reached, and the development of the
Athabasca trouble so fur would go to
oonllrm this belief.   Meantime it would
be a good thing if those Amerioan
agitators wero whipped out nf the
country with a rope's end. Such people are a curse to any oomirunity,
and if our meddling Government at
Viotoria are anxious to do something
useful thoy will employ such ingenuity
us they possess to devise some means
of getting rid nf them.
from the three capitals, Berlin, London and Washington, and tbey vveie
ull of a peaceful complexion. Those
who may be anticipating serious diff
eroucos as tho onto me bad bettei prepare themselves for a disappointment,
for there will be no fighting over Malietoa and Mataafa. The finny a few-
days ago was caused by the sudden
change in tbe German Press, which
hud been manifesting great friendliness towards both Great Britain and
the United States, and which turned
iu a night to expressions of anger and
threatenings. But the German Press
does not always reflect iho German
mind, and least of all the views of the
German ruling class. It is not as mercurial as the French, but it. does not
always stop tu rollout and a little thing
often puts it into a passion.
Wan Papers!
have   received
Spring Stock of
Victoria established itself as a gold
producing colony in 1861. From that
late down to 1808 it had produced 62,-
184,706 ounces, valued at $1,380,000,-
000 That is an enormous sum, but in
half of forty-eight years, British Columbia will largely exceed il in it*"
iiutpnt of iho    two   precious metals,
Wall Papers . .
and Decorations,
Comprising the newest Designs and Colorings	
120   Patterns
To Select From.
Sample Books sent
on application.    .   .
rtiwi'rick COlVSiuNi'iem   HUDSON'S BAY
Notwithstanding the fact that we have only been
doing-business in Nelson a short time yel our
trade has so tar exceeded our expectations during
that period that we find it necessary to add considerably to our already well assorted stock. The
latest to arrive is a lull line of
Ladies' Blouse Waists, Skirts. Underskirts,
and White Underwear incorporated w*
We ha\ ��� just , ���-.,..,.. i ,,*. ��� consign-
which we are prepared to dispose of at close prices.
meet  of
California Pickles and
MAETIN   O'REILLY   &   CO., a\*Z	
Co tbe Editor of The Minor.
Sir :���In your   issue  of April 8 th*
s a paragraph headed,  "The   way the
ight   began.".   The   statements made
u it are so   absurd   that  they   would
tot ho worth noticing, but for the fact
hat   thoy   have appeared in other pa-
ers and aro absolutely   untrue.     The
looating engineer did   not toll the peo-
*l(> that "the line would be run on Ihe
ipposite   sido   of tbo  lako."   isucli   u
statement is ridiculous, as tbe diffioul-
i ies of oonstruotion wo uld   havo   been
immensely   greater.    Neither   was ho
presented, "With several lots to induce
its location on this sido. "    It   follows
ilierefore that tbe towusite owners had
not beon blod whon the railway   coui-
;>:iuy demanded   backsheesh   and  did
not vent thoir spleen ou the company.
tin the   contrary   they did  thoir   host
tn enme to terms with the company.
ilia truth of tho matter is as follows :
Tho towusite was owned by two
t .en and ono had his half locked up in
I ligation. The O. P. K. demanded
h If the townsitn, this meant that
tho other owner had to give ull ho
o mod, and naturally ho refused to do
s i; he however, offered free right of
way, sidetrack, station ground anil
to , acres of towusite. This did not
satisfy tbe company and failiug to
g* t tbe half it vented its speeln on the
townsite people and tried to kill
the town. It conceived and hi ought
forth a bastard towusite and called its
n nno Moyelle, but it was an abortion
and is dead.
" The peoplo of Moyie have no objections to a station being put at any
p.iint, but thoy do object strongly to
th ur town, tbo biggest shipping point
on the linefsavo Fernie) being without oue. I think, sir, it is au intolet-
a' le injustice that a oompany heavily
subsidised by the people, should he allowed to demand backsheesh at all ;and
in the case of Moyio it is particularly
on i-ngeous Over son tons of ore
have already been shipped from hers,
all of whioh has gone to the C. P. R.
smelter. The freight and treatment
e) arges are $20 a ton and thus Moyie
has already paid over $10,000 to "the
oompany, to say nothing of the lumber
shipped by the sawmill and all the supplies that bave been bronchi into
the town.
Is   there   any sonso in  estid lish ng
Stations where there is no bnsi   "ssiui'l '
fe v, if anv, residents; and passing by ;
a ulace that offers   as   ranch   business
ns any on the line, not  even   mention
in-; its name on map or table ���*
in conclusion, 1 may say for the benefit of any who may be coining hero,
that though thero is nn station, and
ti kots are not issued, iieveithel*is all
passenger trains do stop hern and passengers can get on or off and havo
freight or baggage delivered here,
Trusting that you will give tb * prom-
iii.nco in an early issue and thanking
yi n iu anticipation for the fainr. I
am sir, yours, etc.
Sec.  Moyie Hoard  of Trade,
Verms Cash. Stand 2 doors east of Bank of B.C.
Some Pianos are Sweet so lone ,,	
_           _.,                      ���                 .       .    _, -iaoto ���iliolu, bolu Mucin
Some Pianosare Responsive in Touch N                >
' anb Sour,
Some Pianos are Chaste in Design.     ,,    ft
Few Pianos are  sweet  in   tone,   responsive ,., ...
in touch and chaste in design Cliili  5 aui't,
C. D.
General Broker.
Listen to a Mason & Risch Piano,
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Sickness   Assurance.
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And in it you wil1 nnd all the requisites or
a perfect instrument.
(qspeciioi) liyVi-fced.    Correspondence Solicited.
West Baker St.,  Nelson.
Telephone Hi.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, T?"1 REI3TgRER & ��
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Hi*i|i in   and see   ns.
Groceries,Provisions, Mining Sup- nelson
plies, Mining- Drill Steel.
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w u require
Should ootwull
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80,000 to 10,000 per week. Will bo
to unv townsite on Robson St Pen tic-
Hon Railway, or surrounding Rlstrint.
Will tiiuko liv ciuitiiici for above
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brioktnakor ut u in ice per 1000,
Two Lots and House  Willi
street between Josophim
beautifully   situated.
Terras si./ioo owh,
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lie   arranged,
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Ktrooi, Prloe ji.iiim.   Terma $:m> omh,
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Lot and Store on linker Btroot, Kood looatton,
Price 18,000,
Ijoi, on Baker streot, near tho oornor of Cedar
i-l reel., *��*).
Also a largo list of ihe licit Resldontta  Prop*
erty iu the olty,
AkchI" fur Addition "A" and"Hunio"Addition,
Tho British (-(iiiiiiiiiin Permanent Loan nml
Barings Oompany, whoglve the most reason,
able terras to borrower**-, allowing Prlnolpal to
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Gamble & O'Reilly,
Mail Orders
A Speciality.
App'e, Pear,  Peaoh,  Apri-
0 it nml Oberry.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
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M_����!jf    JL    M.   a m   *nj
You are thinking" of buying anything" in the Jewelry Line we
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you call around and see the really excellent stock of
3*9 .A
Jewelry and Diamonds
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over, but as our stock was bought before the raise, customers will benefit by purchasing  from us.
Fine Watch Repairing* a Specialty.
Baker Street.
anspioes  of the  Presbyterian
Aid prmnises to be nno of the most en
.lii.vn'.ui* mnsical events of  tbe  season.
Mr M. S. Davys, superintendent
oi the Silver King mine, went np lo
Kaslo yesterday afternoon to inspect
tlio True   Blue group  ueur  that oity.
I which is under bond to tin* Hall Mines
I Co.
Athabasca  Will   Soon
Working Full Force-
.1. it.   Dunlop,
t, Viotoria;  W.
Ufi     Those registered at the Plum- yester-
"�� i day   weie :   E. ,1. Matthews, Oity ; G.
O. Pois, Qrand Forks;
Montreal; 0  A   Steel*
I Dyson, S, H.  Slocan.
The British Columbia Gazette of the
18tb instant oontians the announcement that ti court of assize, nisi prius,
oyer and terminer nnd emit nil gaol delivery will be hidden in Nelson on Mny
Names of tlie Offloitlls me Kept a Secret.
���i Letter from One of ths
Tbo trouble ai* tbo Mbabasoa mine
seems to be calming down, Tbe null
hart uot stopped running for an hour,
and the work ih going on at the
in inc. Mr. Riley, the foreman, engaged 15 good men yesterday, all ol
whom reached the mint notwithstanding the arguments und blandishments
of picket placed this sido nf the
bridge over Cottonwood creek. No
violence whatever wns attempt���! bv
i his u picket, but* they were placed
there with the objeot of trying to dissuade anyone going up to work at the
As will be seen by a letter published
iu this issue tho strikers appear to
think the Athabasca management wus
endeavoring to force them to break
the law. This, in view of the assur
itnees given the delegates by the Minister of Mines, is a mistaken idea, and
it further proof is needed it will be
afforded by a despatch printed on
Page 1 of this issue whioh contains
the emphatic declaration of the Government that the law will not be enforced, except under circumstances
which bave not arisen.
A local Miners' Union wns formed
here yesterday evening, but it. is impossible to give details of the meeting,
b-i their meeting placo was kept se-
('i-et. A Miuer reporter enqu'red ot
some men who bad attended, what
were the names of the officials elected
but tbey refused to divulge them,
They said, however, that tbey intended to light, and at that time al
any rate seemed determined to raise
trouble. There is talk, too of organising affiliated unions in all the mining
camps. This wonld Jprohably cause in
un Employer's Confederation, when a
trifling dispute tnighl then end in a
prolonged labor struggle, both sides
being armed for the light.
So far fortunately the disoontent
among the men bus not spread to any
of the other mines of the vicinity, a.id
there are general hopes that tbe hitherto pleasant relations between employers an! miners will uot bo further interrupted.
To tho Editor of The Miner
Sir:���The strike at the Athabasca
mine, has certainly been misrepresented in the report of The Miner. This
is common in these days of strife ovi t
the labor question, Because of the
failure of lhe men to break a law of
ilu> land at the instigation of the
management, nnd because tbey ohose
rather to leave the place, than make it
appear   that  tli*y  would   work    ten
hours rather than   eight,    It has   been
said in The Miner of the IBth that thi
men agreed   to   work    ten   hours   tlit
night before   Ihe   strike.    This is
true.    It   is   also   untrue   "that
men  ranged   themselves    across
month of the tunnel" with oaths
unprintable language."
Tho majority and the "pick" of tin
minors did not go to work, and tin
"thirty-one" referred to were not all
miners. Tbo "big Irishman" spoken
of, is a Scotch-Canadian uud h.-is nothing to do with the Rossland Union.
The foreman lias always spoken differently of the eight-hour shift uud its
output, on other occasions.
A moment's glance at the foregoing
should convince nny one, thnt (he
affair haH Icon doctored for the pur
nose without any respeot for truth.
This should be carefully  understood ill
iill its far-reaching effect, and a person
who willfully tells lies to mislead the
publio mind should suffer the scorn of
publio contempt. If the people have
no respect for thenielves tbey should a I
least respect others, nnd not try to (.-(invert a free press into an institution for
the purpose of untruthfully nnd unlawfully misleading the people.
This shameless action against re-
speciahle, industrious and law abiding
citizens is more suited to RusHiii than
to UritiHh Oolumbla, An unrestricted upholding ot a broken law  is a dis
I'l'aee unpni-iillold in the liroud oonfllies
of the British Empire.
Nelson, April IB,  I KIM.
iMr.  Riley, foreman of thu Athabasca mine, was seen   yeslerdiiy   evening
by a Miner reporter, nnd he emphatically re-alllrms the two Statements
denied In the above letter.���BD.)
The Gazette contains the announcement of the incorporation of tlio Payne
Consolidated  Mining Oompany  with
a oapital of (8,000,000 in .-jl shaves.
The offloe of thn company i-i situated
nl Sandon.
Complaints nre being made that
pet!*- thieves are at work np the hill.
Carpenters working on uew houses
have missed many tools and other articles have been "lifted " Tbo police
might look into the matter.
U. MoArthur &Oo., have finished
tin driving of the piles for tbe O. P.
R. wharf, and tomorrow will com-
menoe work on driving the piles for
the sampling works that are to be
erect.*d in lhe immediate future,
As the people wend thoir way to St.
Saviours' ohuroh this morning thoy
will tread on a brand new sidewalk
that has at last been laid in front of
the handsome church. Sidewalk con-
struction will now be pressed forward
iu several purls of the City.
On Monday, May 1, at I,   p.   tn.   a
court of revision will be hoi den at the
Court House here for the purpose of
hearing and determining any objections against the retention of any
names on the register of voters of West
Kootenay     Electoral      Distiotr.
In Montreal yesterday Mr. A. H.
Buchanan, manager of the Nelson
branch of the Rank of Montreal was
married to Miss Buchanan, daughter
of Mr. A. Brock Buchanan, -he
honeymoon will be an extensive one
nnd Mr. end Mrs. Buchanan will not
return to Nelson till tho end of uex
There will bo a baseball match nf
two o'clock this aftemoou between tin*
regular team'and Jthe "Scrubs." A
full attendance of players is requested.
It will be noticed in the Miner's
dispatches that the National League
games opened yesterday so the fans
may now consider that the season is
The members of
crosBe oluos,   and
meet, in the Fire
morning to decide
to celolivate the
Silverton and New
Ladies scenic effect.*- were very fine, but tbe
'dancing calls for special mention. Miss
Ethel Thornton is to in* congratulated
;on a fine performance "Gilliifau's
Bnnd's" dance and tbe "Amazons'
Maroh" were extremely well executed,
nnd very pretty to watch. The entertainment on the whole was a clean and
enjoyable one, and   would   huve   heen
i more largely pntronizt d had not the
rather exorbitant price of (1,50 and
|1.00 been charged for the best seats   |
Hats off to Manager Amiable. At
the performance in the Opera House
Friday evening a lady sat in the front
fieat with n most pi-oniisloroiiH sample
of the milliner's arr ou her head,
feathers shot, ont in all directions from
a bed of loveliness, completely shading
from the poor unfortunates behind a
view of the stage. Mr. Amiable saw
Ibe situation and politely requested
lhe lady to lower her bead gear but
met with ii refusal. Then ho thrust
bis hand deep down in his pocket ex-
ten-led (1,50 und told the lady she
could take ber money back and go.
The hat came off and the action was
greeted   with   loud   applause.   Those
who are so inconsiderate of others as to
appear in .such outlandish bats musi
he made an example of. Manager An-
liable should keep up the good work.
Mth. Melville Parry will sing a solo
nt the service In st. Paul's ohuroh this
Mr.Sharpo, bookkeeper for Hamilton
Hyei'H St Go's.,store at Sandon, is with
Mrs. Sharpo visiting their son in this
Wm. Cordon of tbo Dominion Express Co., who wuh formerly Stationed
in Nelson is in the City on business
The Public Library continues to be
well patronized. The reading room
was used by over 900 persons lust
week,and a largo number of books woro
taken out.
Mr. H. B, Williams oil  the Queen
Hess and Mr. Sliiarl Tod of the levelling Star are among tho mining men
visiting the City.
A. ,i. Purdy, proprietor of the Hume
Hotel News stand lias closed his business in the City und leaves tomorrow
morning   for   Fernie   where   be   will
"pen a stationary store.
Tho concert to be given in the Opera
Houso     tomorrow   night   under    the
tlie   Baseball,   Lu
Eire Brigade   will
Hall   at 10:110 *;thi
where tbey will   g*
Queen's   Brthday
Denver are holdinj
out tempting  offers   to   the   different
organizations and a decision wiildioai
rived at this morning.
Little Hairy Curran is recoverin
rapidly from the effects of the opera
tion recently performed on him for ap
ecndieitis by Dr. Lallan at the Misse-
Oriokmays hospital. It proved to bi
another most successful operation t<
add to the long list of similar cnsi ���
that have been treated at this oxeol
lent institution.
The Cily will call for tenders ini
mediately for tbo construction of i
Sewnr on Kootenay street from Bake;
to Silica, up Silica to the lane i*
rear of Stanley Street and along th*
lane ro Mill street with branch sewei
iii the alley ways in blocks 92 und 98
The work will be proceeded with a
-oon ns possible.
Mrs. Brongham gave a very pleasani
nt home to the members of the Nelsot
Musical Society yesterday afternoon
Incidentally a meeting of the sooiet**
was held and it was decided lo give i
dniieo on Monday May N. Mr. and
Mrs. Brougham wero tendered an en
llmsiastie voto of thanks for their services in aid of the society. Some
choice musical .selections added to tin
pleasure of the at homo.
JAt a special meeting of the Council yesterday a let ier wuh rend from
Dr, P. E. Doolittle, representing tin
Economical Gas Apparatus Construe
tion Co., of Toronto, nnd London, Eng
asking for a franchise In supply ga
to Nelson.
* astruoted to
who is now
at the next Council meeting,
The Oity will purchase 50 copies ol
the Annual of   tho   Koolenay    Mining
Standard,   which   will  be published
in July nml will contain an elaborate
write UP, with views, of   Nelson   and
iho     adjacent   mines.    A     handsome
croup photograph of  the  Mayor nnd
Aldermen will   be one of lite   f
of the pubhoation
City, eoiidilional, h
that the write up   must   give satisfaction, will be $50.
The committee of the Nelson Library
AsHocintitin met last evening In Mr,
15. A. Oronse's olliee und decided lhat
a ball Would be given to riise funds
for the library. Wednesday May !l
wuh soloolod   as the date nnd necessary
committees were strnok to ootnpleti
tho  nrraugements    With the Library
ball.the Nelson Club ball, the ball thai
! will  open the odd  Fellows hall,   tbe
Musical   Society li'11,  and one or   two
Others   that are spoken of NcIhoii soei-
���oty will have lots   to  do  within   the
next few weeks.
I Tbo arrival at the Hume yesterday
were;    D, B, Stevens,   Toronto;  O,
| Becker, Victoria: Unison Naden, Vic-
loria; O, W. Kiley, Athabasca; A.
Marshall, Vannou***er; W, M. Gordon,
Winnipeg; J,   Howdon,   MacLeod; A.
O. Neill, MaoLood s Geo, O. Lasskiu,
Sirdar; J, B, Oawley, Hamilton; G,
II. Ramsay   Vancouver! Th.-s, Clair.
A concert under  the anspioes oi tho
'Presbyterian Church will be given
in the Opera House on Monday night,
Among the chief attractions will be
songs by   Mrs   Brougham   und   Mrs,
Melville   Parry,    nnd   B 'cello solo   by
Herr Steiner.   Mrs.   Brougham   will
Hiug Sullivan's   ' Losl   Chord",   Mrs.
Parry the "Jewel" song from   Faust,
while Herr Steiner wiil piny the lluii-
gnrinn (loncortn.
A fair  audience witnessed the last
performance of the "Spider nnd Ely,"
last night, which wuh extremely well
received, enooros being  plont.iul.    Tho
-nl Itcpei'l,
by A, 11. Holdloh,
OATH          HAY
Apr 9  Sanday
Apr 10   Monday
,il 0
April  Tuesday
Apr 12   Wed'day
Apr 11 Thursdaj
Apr II   Friilav
Apr 15 Saturday
nnd those about to build
should enquire of us for
estimates* on
Roofing b
Tin smithing
We make a Specialty of
Air, Hoi Wator
Steam Heating.
For Ladies
and Gents
Mining  and  Real   Estate   Broker,
Turnci'-ltoi'ckh Block, Ni Isol).
Menu) to loan fur buiUiiii; purpu.-.^,..
Mining shnrcn for Rale���Dnnd��*\ Monarch,
t'licn,   I'.,.i men;.     Ai*.,,   '.-in ...    and Cam****
MoKl  i*i -ii.ir.--i.     l [ iv In.     -.1 rinllan in-
vc- ��� it     .i I** ing yi.'.i 11., ti    ii....
Property f<n- ��alo in all puns of the city.
Housi's to rent.
Don't stop to think of w
come direct lo
J i
X shoes when ill need of a pair, bnt
el i '   Suoeslora and we lire quite Mire
>uu wil] go sway sntiblieil
Ti mm-il and  U* t-ir-i-i *1 Mil-
line, y.   Mnt.di ,���*..   s* .itotion of
KnsbiouC��� eiitiim- ror Spring and
Summer.    Attractive  Prices.
AberdeenJ-|ock.|MrS| McLaugh|jn
Are You a Judge
Oi Fishing Tackle?
If so  Inspect the
Nelson   and
different  stocks  in
we   will   sell   yon   an
Egg's from pure bred
Plymouth Rocks at
$2.00 per Setting.
Nelson Hardware Co.
is much easier to settle  than   the   8-hour-qnestion.
Just call at the store opposite the Office Saloon and
you will find an assortment of   all kinds.
Shirts, new, neat  and   nobby.    Negligee
Stripes and Light Flannel.
The Hub Furnishing House.
Emory & Walley
The Other Up-to-Date Furnishers.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd,
linportei-rt of
Shelf and Heavy Hardwarr
second to none in America, evet
though it does happen to be it
Nelson, and wo know whereol
we speak, We are thoroughly
equipped and as the majorit)
in Kootenay know, are capablt
of giving satisfaction.
Oh You Dirty Thing
Cried ;i  little girl   to In untidy little boy on the
slreet the other day,
ask your mother to tell your father
worth of their new Soup.    My man
washing now, that soap is so good
other Soaps, and besides it's so chc
is why they
lo call   at   DesBrisay's for
:na says she is going to do
md it   doesn't
p.    They bouf.
so cheap.
two   bits
her  own
ands like
irload of it, I hai
B.  t.
General Teamsters.
for "bT C. Oil Gf
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any lengtl
to order.    One car  of Fres >
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Oor. Baker & Hall Sts
Telephone   88.
Carbide .
Niagara   Falls Acetylene    Gas    Machines.
Newling b Co.
Baker Street
M. DesBrisay & Co.
General Broker-
ii .uiciii*-!*    ii   simply   ^ni-    f*.
The Board of Winks win i
i interview Dr. Doolittle, fi
in tin* Oity,   und  repori   *f    g,
h iii   Houho lot* nnd
in all parts of tho oity,
BuslnosB 9)
UOM.V TU I (> l\
Grain, Hay,  Feed in ton lots at Carload Prices.
Front Street NELSON
Hotel for sale $6,ooo, renting for $ioo per month.
If so read all the
ing Tackle" advertise-
ind thei* come and buy
fit from
to  loan   at  8
Fire and Life Assurance.
(iin* nl the  features. h
The ciii-i   tu tin* i
llllWt'VIT  llll   lllll fllUt I   i
The Lawrence Hardware Co
iiiniii*- sinckK. a
I 'UHLOIllK lirokol'rt. J.
Uoal lUstatO mni #
Ill**lll'lll l!(* Annul,*, j
who carry the most com pie!
goods imported direct fro
stock in Nelson.    All our
English,   American   and
Canadian Manufacturers.
Nelson Opera House
Monday, April 17
A    Grand    Concert
under the auspiops ol the Ladles
Aid nf the Piesbytoriau ohuroh
iiHninied In Mrs, Melville Parry,
Mm. \V. A. Maodonald, Mm.
\V. l'\ Jlriiiighittn, i\lru, Bl'UOe
White, Mils Wilson, George
Kydd, W. A, Jowett   and   Herr
Steiner, Oello Soloist,
Unserved Rent* ROC, Admission (M.
Tickets nt Oimailii DrtiRifc linuk
Store on Thursday. April 18
Lawrence Hardware
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Nelson, B- C.
Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co.
Payment must accompany
all orders.
When You Ask
For a.
see that
is made
Kootenay   Cigar   M'f'g  Co.
and avoid taking
which is now on
cheap imitutioi
the market.
FRANK A. TAMBLYN will   have a  choice
assortment of Cut Flowers for sale before the
approaching Halls.   A laree number of polled and bedding Plants will be in this week.
Frank A. Tamblyn Baker Street
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson A  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
The only all rail route without ohang
; of care between Nelson and Bossland and
* Spokane aud Rossland.
r*eave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive S.30 p.m
"   11:55 "   BOSSL'D    "     3:10
"    8*30 a.m. SPOKANE   "    6-30 p-m
Train Unit leuveH  Wl.'.i.i. at H.-lil a.m
miikiH olote ooiiiii-otiiiiiH nt Npokune (oi
dl Paoiflo Ooast PointH.
Pauengers tor Kettle Biter uud Bound-
iry Croek.oonneot nt Miirous withHUii-h
(!. O. DIXON, G. P. &T.A.
Spokane Wash
An;fint,N'-'lt*ori, B, O,
MUHIC-l.KSSONH. - On piano oi-khii or
Kiiitiir, hy Mt*. W. J. AnHoy, Itolmoti Htroe!
I wo doom W(Mt of Btanloy.   P. O. Box 180.
MUSIC I.KHHONB HlnKlnu and Piano, by
Mi-n. Sydney (lllvor, Obwervatory Nlroel, two
dooi-H wonlof SlJinley.
OFFIOBS und Rooms to rout, nuwly doooi
nidi ami painted,  Apply Thomson stationer
Co., I.lil.
WANTED- Ai Nakusp, i
cm.  Pax 7 oeots In the sin
& t!0.
Al NaklUP, oiulit (food tie milk;
roter Oendlt*-
KOH HAI.K- Old newnpiipui-H ��t25 cent* per
Kit). Juki the thing lo put under carpel*-.
Minor otllce,
WANTED   A KiKi-d.
llio   i  i*iii*i -* iiiii;    and    Kuril
Apiil)   Nelson  l-urulture Ho.
il Kootonay Htreot*.
Htrong youth   In learn
ill lire   biminoH*.
Corner tinY*
lllfht work umi leurn
a tioj- not younger than i.'i to do
trade.   Apply Mine
Several Stocks Have Been
Moving Lately.
Mining  Industry    Prosperous   in   East
Kooteuay.���Several Propcrtiss
Bonded for Larte Sums-
The past week lias lieen another one
ot autive trading in stocks, with 11
special feature which is nf the utmost
importance to local stockholders,
When an attempt is made to dispose
of stock, the answer is often given
that it is uo good buying as th:* Btook
has to bo held so long before it could
be disposed of. This was never a
fair Statement of the case, bnt although there is plenty of money in
Nelson, yet tbe market for shares bus
undoubtedly been a limited one. Tbis
is fast changing now, however, and
buying orders from outside towns nre
fast coming in. Por instance several
large orders for stock wero received
last week from Spokane, aud once a
regular connection is established with
the brokers of that Oity,an ample market is immediately insured for loca
stocks for value.
Little Cariboo were in considerable
demand last week, and several large
orders from Spokane were filled iu this
City. Wonderful is still in demand
though at rather a reduced price. 10'.,
cents being asked   and   10   cents bid.
The stock is none too easy to get,
however, and an order for 10,000 shares
received from Spokane yesterday
evening was unfilled last night. Ta-
maraos are in demand bnt
they are so strongly held thai
they are almost impossible to get nt
present. prioes,this applies more especially to the treasury stock. Athabasca
and Exchequer have not been quite
so firm during the past two days. This
is considered to be duo to the strike at
the former mine, hut as the tronbles
are now practically settled, they may
be expected to resume their old position this week. Duudees have fallen
off a little. The pooled stock is
worth about lis cents, though small isolated blocks have heen offered for less.
Fairinounts, at 10 cents for treasury
stock and E for pooled, are probably
tho best buy in the market today, nnd
it is noticeable that the shrewdest
operators are buyng this stock. Mon-
archs (Ymir) an* selling fairly well at
0 for treasury stock and ii'-,, for pooled
stock. Uticus huve been selling ��
little at H^ to 4 but investors seem to
he waiting for a little more work to he
done to show the property up before
making lurge purchases.
Work on the Exchequer shaft has
been temporarily suspended owing to
the influx of surface water. The tunnel, however,is being driven night uud
day, 15 ftit-t being run during the past
week. As soon as the tunnel gets under the shaft, an upraise will be stall
ed to meet the shaft. The ledge in tin-
face of the tunnel now shows up three
feet wide.
Windermere, April 12.���(Special to
The Miller I.���The .loan group consists
of 86 claims situated ou Skookiun-
chuck Creek, four miles from tb*
Kootenay liivpr iu South East Koote
nay. This -,-ioup, which was located
May 111, 1398, by James H. MoLood,
is now owned by tbe locator, Samuel
Hrewer and Sinclair Craig. It is n
grey copper proposition bearing n
well defined ledge, 3b feet wide on tin
surface, with a paystreak of 10 feet ol
grey copper ore. Assays taken from
this paystreak average from f86 to $106
per ton. About $1,200 has been spent
iu development work, and the lead
lsjjimpioving with depth.   The olainis
are situated within two miles of th*
proposed Windermere branch of the
C. N. 1'. railway, and some To locations huve been recorded in the immediate vicinity which are in various
stages of  development.   Development
work will be   resumed   shortly    by    n
foroe of men under the direction ol
Samuel Brewer nf Fairwood Springs,
an old and experienced   mining  man
The owners are developing the prop*
erty out of their   own   resources,    and
have refund several tempting offen
as they have unbounded faith in thelt
property. Regular shipments will hi
mane as sunn ns railway facilities in*
offered, From present indications n
great deal will be heard from tin
Bkookumohuok camp (luring; tin
(���(lining si'iison which bids fair to be n
banner year   in   the   history   of   East
The Equitable group is situated
on lioulder Creek, and consists of
threo claims namely Sinclair Pet,
Equitable, and Christina. It is u
galena ami grey cupper proposition and
has a well defined ledge of eight Feel
with a showing of two feet of galena
anil grev oopper the lead can be traced
for 4600 feet the length of th"*,
olainis.    The    ore assays   high.    This
property  is  owned   by James R, Mo*
Leod, Sinclair   Cnug   anil .lohn   Hor
man,    A force of men will shortly   b( j
put on under John Hormiin.
H. F. Collett representingaJMontana
syndicate has purchased   the   towiisili
of Windermere the main supply point
of the now famous Windetmere mining
district, and lots   will be   on lhe imii
ket at an curly   data    Santo.the   Knit
Steele merchant,will open a huge gen
eral store on or about the 1st nf May.
Mi.ssr*- Starlnrd nnd Kii.insiin arrived here on the ?th instant und will
start work Immediately on tbe Whit.
Elephant and Red Liion group which
they have under bond for ,$100,000, or
fAllilSH) fer each group.
Development  work  on   tbe   union
group situated east of Windermere will
he cnniiiieiiei'd on the Kith instant on
a large scale   uiui.i    ihe   directl if
Sid Washburn. This property has a
well defined ledge Of IS teat, the uu-
tire   width   beiug   solid   ore, and   U
traceable 1200 feet. It assays all tin
way from 20 per nut. in 50 per cent
copper nnd is undoubtedly fiom surface showings one of tin" liest proper-
tics in tho entire district.
Oil the Delphine miue on Toby
Oreek, the shaft is now dowu over
180 feet with a grand showing of galena and grey copper, One hundred
tons of ore is now Awaiting shipment. The ore averages ��2b0 to tho
ton, and regular shipments will be made
soon as navigation opens. Thirty
tons of ore is now awaiting shipment
at Atheltnere on the Columbia.
Stoddarts Hotel is Hearing completion. It will he known as the Windermere Hotel, und is certainly the
hest hotel in East Kootenay. H. A.
Klmpton is building a large addition
to his general store to keep up with increasing business.
.Tallies Eraser. representing a Victoria syndicate, bus bonded the Mineral King for $20,000 from Hon Abel.
Development work on a large scale
will be commenced at an early dale.
R. R. Bruce representing a foreign
syndicate will start work on thej Sitting Hull group   which,   be bonded for
140,000 from Kinnee  and   Johnson, at
in early dale. fii**1"
Messrs Tayntnn and Gordon are
inilding a large addition to the Lake-
ode Hotel iii anticipation of tbe rush
whioh bus already started. A large
sawmill has been installed at Atlile-
nere Oity on the Columbia four miles
t'rom Windermere. W. G, Mitchell-
[nues of the New Qolden syndicate of
London, Eng., is expected here about
May 1.
Wm. Abbott, who has been connect-
id with the Phair Hotel, has left for
Greenwood to engage in the hotel
Provincial Constable Wilson came in
last night to fetch Leo Sing hack CO
Oreston, the Obi unman who is being
ield for  theft,
Mr. R. Mo uire, superintendent of
ihn Molly Gibson mine, weut up to
Kokanee Creek by the steamer Nelson
veaterday aftei noon.
Philip   Walker   Was Shot   and   Killed
by a   Siwash.
Kamloops, April 15.���This evening
Philip Walker was shot by Sol Cas-
uiier, a Siwash, at his own door.
iVaiker lived 40 minutes after the
ibooHng. The murder wus evidently
premeditated. Ir was tbo result of an
old feud. Oasiiner escaped to the Lilian reserve. A large posse is now
.ii pursuit.
Che Standard Oil Oompany is a  Very
Liberal Corporation   Indeed.
Columbus, Ohio, April 15���Attorney
Ieneral Mouette today filed with the
supreme Court information regarding
in attempt said to have been made
o bribe him, and while he asks an or-
Ier from the court for an investigation
if tin* entire matter, he dues not name
ha man who made the alleged propo-
iitious on behalf of the Standard OU
lo In the beginning of his information be says six attempts are said to
have been made to bribe former Attorney General 0. K. Watson to drop the
-lanio cases which were then pending,
lue attempt was made in Columbus
hy an alleged agent of the Standard
.)il Oompany who asked Hon J. Ryan
in approach th,. Attorney General and
itfer $75,000 ill cash, which Ryan refused to do. Two involved cash oilers
if $100,000. Attorney General Mon-
���t to. then says tbat on January " IS99
he was culled by tele*.*- * *'t i* L'leve-
laud and asked in do not; i : until the
Cleveland man saw bun and afterwards received the same luessags ly
telephone while in Washington. On
bis return to Columbus * n January 25,
the Cleveland man asked a private interview at his office duriug which hi
related a conversation hud .viflm slock
broker of the Standard t 1 Co., urn;
another person in whirl oilers begin
ning at $100,000 and read * *��� J600,( I 0
were made to secun* tb* stopping of
he prosecution of the c k pending
in  court against   the  ci
Attorney (Ieneral does m
inline of tin* Cleveland man I
lourt to issue a villi* requii *i i the
Standard Oil. Co., and its agt its and
illicers to appear and show caust why
tbey should not be adjudged iu contempt and also t.i authorize the Attorney (Ieneral to lake tin* testimony, of
ill parties oonueoted with the at-
tempts CO show the mode which wns
ulopted m impede and embarrass the
lue administration oi justice.       ���
i   W '-J **   i
We can supply  you.    A   full   line  of French
Suitings just arrived.
H. fl. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
^rruiNu LLUlnING
Special   Dress   Goods   Sale
To clear a few lines at half the usual
price.    All in Dress Lengths  of 7
yards each and no two alike.
8 Pieces Figured Dress Goods nl iOc regular prioe 76o.
7 Pieoes Figured Dress Goods at 65c. regular prioe $1.25.
10 Pieces Figured   Dress (I .mis a   .$1 00   egulat  | lie. $1.75
The balance of our Spring Capes and
Jackets at wholesale Cost Price.
A.  FEI-tLANp   & CO.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
.. FRESH ..
(.'amps supplied on shortest notice nnd Lciwes Priceo
Mail Orders receive Careful al tent ion.
Nothing but t'resb and wholesome meats and supplier
kept ill stock.
Markets at Nelson anil Ymir.
h. byers & CO
Heavy .-.i-jiii :b he If  Hardware,   Paiqts,   Oils, Etc.
liose,  Steal?! Packing  ***��.  Wire   fl[ope.
Agents: Giant   Powder  Co.,   Truax
Ore Cars, Canton   Drill   Steel,  Gur-
nev, Tilden Stoves and Ranges.
;iv      I'hi
: iVi*    lln
*   isks tin
�����E                        Renl Estate and Insurance Agent. ^
|i The Birkbeck Investment,  Security %
\W              and Savings Co. i
5^- advance money on Improved Real Estate.     Repayable in 5 and ^&
g-                                8 years hy monthly instalments. *^{
HlUJUMUM/U!U<'MUJi     . iilUWiUWIWUllilUiWIlUlK
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Ma- kets in Rossland. Trail, Nelson, Kaslo.
Sandon, Three Forks, New Dc:i~or and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any brunch will have careful and prompt attention.
steamship nines
Ml.in I,Im*   l.iiiii'i'iilliin
iiuiiiiiiiiiii I,in,*   Vancouver
. St. .lllll
" York
Vprll in
April ti
April II
.April 10
in H'i��to
I'li���nut's iirriinir.il to and from all European
point*. Kor rules, ttokotf nml full infunniiliiin
ipplytoC.P, ll. iU*)iii* iu-in or O. K. Heii-lo)*
���ity Tloket Agent, Moliion, B, 0,
,i**  General Agent,C.P.R OfHoaa Winnipeg
White Slur I.in**   Tiiii.mn-
'un u*i  Line   1 tanipanla,
-iiiiiTit'.ui Lino   Pari* .   ,
Aiu-lior Line   Ethiopia
Ulan .--i.e.* 1.1 in-   Mm,1;,iii.in..
Dominion Line   liuiiiiiiinii
rVtsal Ki'itteiiui Valley, It. I'., on  line
of 0. N. P. Hy.. nml
Nelson tt Bedlington Ky.. now under
Information regarding Oreston may
be had of GEO, .MT\\lil..\\l>, Agent
Nelson, *>i Erotn
Creston To wnsite Co.,
OHKiSTON,   B.  0,
$6.75   PER   TON,   DELIVERED.
All orders musl be accompanied hy cash and should  be   forwarded
either personally or by mail io the office of
General Agent Cor, Kootenay & Baker Sts.
TENDERS   WANTED. We have purchased tho  express
and drayag-e business ol  Mr. J. W,
Tenders vill be recelvfld hy tin   nn Cowan and bespeak as large a pat-
'leri-.il* 1 until    DOOU,    April 23,  I8BD, ronage al the hands oi  Nelson eiti-
i���i-tl,,*jitin-iiiisi* nt  lots 81   .1 11  83, zens as was accorded Mr. Cowan,
dlonk 0, Nelson, corner \\ arn nnd \ io-
Kirin streets, ulso lots I'.' nml "0. Block G. DAVIS  &  CO.
���"1,   Victoria   Sunt    Highest  er nny ,              ,          p.  ��, .   ,    ,
tender nm nenessBrilv accepted    -2* ' Leave orders at U. McArthur'sor
W, A. .ItiWKTi'. Nelson, B, 0. telephone No. 8s*
We want to tell you aboul our Spriug SJiyles  ibis
week of which we have a
Large and Well Assorted Stock
Come und see our Styles and Prices befor ���
you buy,as our Stock is second to none in
- the Kootenay District.    You will  always
find our lines up-to-date  and   at   popular
Flirp? i*ier,
Special Sales This Week
in fardiniers and Pedestals, Onyx
Tables and Cut Glass at
Kirkpatrick & Wilson,
China Hall
Groceries   and   Crockery.
All   Communications  relating to British Columbia business
to be addressed lo P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
%i%%i*i --^tr \>x> -a.-ft.-s. *3> ***w%-
J. Rodkrick Robertson.
General Manager
S. S.  Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
]V1 IT***
B       I!
Si      :-l \
���u.'<    ^*vy
O., LTD.,
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MILLS)    Enderby ami Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   tp. o. box en  nelson, b. c���
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Aiitlioii/.cd   -   -   -   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office:  Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement, -showing   Lhe progress made by thin Bank in the
past ten years: isss 1898
Cflpitfll  Piful   l'p  $1,000,000 (1,600,000
Best     200.000 1,250.000
Hi-posits  2.802,000 8,176,000
Circulation  "Min.tmo 1,887,000
Loans  :{,s:i."i,(.HHl 8,561,000
Liabilities to Public  -1,088,000 0900,000
Total Ass. t,s  6286,0(10 12,787,000
General naiikin^ Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposit *   ml on .Saving Hank accounts.
Atlm, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Kossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
A Savings Hunk doparttnonl boa beon ostabllshed in connection with tlio Nolson lirniu-li ot
tins lunik. Deposiu of one dollar and upwards iiinulvod, and ourrent rate of interest allowed.
.u present.( per cent, per annum,
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Chinese aijd Japanese Mattii)9
Japanese RUgs
'This is the Cheapest and most
effective class of goods for house
Turner Beeton & Co.
Statement   of  Receipts  aud Disbursements   for   Three   Months,   Ending    March   31st,   1899.
Blovtrlo Light     Dor Tax     Buppboa Bold     Licenses
Police Courl ! Itoal KeUito
Miioollanoous fines Toxe>
; 1S3 7"
Tim 87
888 23
I 10 *-i
*208 on
89 i�� i
|l,B3tl :*.**
.-..a 00
���?:n in
It so
89 20
$71 80
13,980 (Kl
SIS i��i
897 SO
$ -mi iki
108 28
W :.i
Burial       I
Permits    ' Water Rata
.-:lll 78
98 BO
60 7,'i
$lii ii.'i
19 37
���Jll .V,
t4,9ll2S0 Sl.i'li 7*,i 1986 00   |        _SlllJi7
J .-, iki   i
89 :'n
Mil 20
11,880 83
898 sn
109 88
|1U8 "I
8 ll.IBS 83
-.'.lllll 00
9,299 85
I'm I
\Mtn\   M
i���.,'i-,- '*"������'
I19S i>*    |l	
.11-  .-*        7S IKI
I   '.I
8137 7!i
Poll* ii I'rlnt g   Public Sower
I**       nnd    in .1-..mi Salaried     Con-
nl m.ii r> r.i-iiiiini- struotloti
- * *���   (it; r*
i *:-'-.     $111 ;.*   I  898 .������>  I 173 0U
S8 38 I. I .*,        im M
���'-       I ���*-'       - 50       234 12       llll 00 ?l I 37
I.IViii.*  Kloclrlc
Slreote   Llghl     Llglil
M.iinl.  (-.nisl'.ii
li-lt 1100
f    7:. 118*1 SO t 11 95  8177 I'.  89,707  18
10 08     23 AS 830 12    4.O30 .***'
- M       SOI)    130 7.*,    llll 78     1,301 I.'
- = I -' ���*-  IJ.W1 I17    *n,  ������     i   | ,-   -,,.,,,     ::. .,.,   j^,,, .,,
Malnt'eo c n'-in
' Intoroul    Totnla
I   888 28 1240 10 81,250 iki 8 8.808 51
1,3*9 30 im 19 l,08u 76    8*470 71
308 Hi 920 vi |,8I7 04
$2,393 nl si..'* 17 82,880 "5 |91,0!10 "
Nelson, H. C, April 8th,   [899
A. W. PECK, City Auditor


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