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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 14, 1899

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Daily Edition No. 546.
Nelson, British Columbia, Saturday, October 14.  1899.
Tenth Year
A Dense Fog and No Wind
Makes Failure No. 6.
The  F'gatta   ((lumttee   Declare   the
Weather Unfit to R ce in aud
Return to Sandy Hook,
New lork, Oct. 18,���The winds
nslecep in the eaves and l coverlet of
fcg drawn over thu liosom ot the
drowsy ocean today, lengthened the
unprecedented record of flukes in llifi
cup contest, unmler six. As on Tnes-
dny, the ytichis did not leave tneir anchorages inside of Sandy Hook. It was
useless to ninke another attempt in
such weathsr. He, at the hour set for
ihe start, the regatta committee boat
poked out to sen through the denes vapor of fog nnd announced to the group
of vessels the same old monotonous
story thnt tin re would he no race to-
day. Everybody iB thoroughly disgusted. The patieuoe of the public is
nlninst exhausted, from 50,01)0 people
who went ont on the first day, the
crowds have dwindled down until it is
safe to say that less than 5,000 people
were afloat today. The repeated postponements have also worn the patience
of the commilteo and the owners of
the two ynchts to shredB.
Sir Thomas Lipton and Commodore
Morgan ciich have a company of i'lvit-
eil guests aboard their yachts, but it is
very desolate for iho host" ��t Vvell as
theit guests to lie quietly at anchorage
iuside the dreary sandspit with nothing
to look at bnt the lilank walls of fog,
The delays have been equally trying
upon tho crews of the two yachts. For
over ten days Ihe tars have been key en
up to racing pitch and they aro beginning to feel the effects of the strain
Some one suguested that a kind ol inn
nisoent Providence, knowing that the
cup was to be lost, was patiiutieally
tryiug to postpone the evil day when
the transfer is to be made. Bnt neither
the public, ihe committee, tne owners
or tin crow of he American yacht are
willing to endorse such a conspiracy
on the part of the w iuds. If the prei -
ions enp is io go back across the sen
all uro willing io aceot't the fortune of
war. If the Irish knight hns the bet
ter boat tin.;- are .6' iy to reliuqui li
the oup ti mporarily, uutil America bus
lime to bu.ld another world-heater
Wind, wind, wind, is what everybody
is praying for, Tbe expert* estimate
that th�� lug chili topsail thut the
rh.unr o:v showed yesterday foi he
first time contains about 800 square
ii et more - il th in I hi mic sail ol
the ?anfcea boat. Add to tl.i th i
��� 38 of ber lower sails and the foreign
ei is oapuble of spreading smuethini
like 1,200 square feet more of canta-
to   lie wind than the Columbia.
Therefore t ie Shamrock must have a
great advantage nnd the patriots nre
whistling for a spankiug breeze that
will prevent ihe hoisting of these sky-
scraping sails and leave tbe iwo beats
ou even terms in ihe matter of ounias.
Another attempt will be made to suii
the nice tomorrow. There wns so little wind, the fog so thick all the fori -
noon, that no attempt was made hy
the captains of the Oolunib a nnd
Shamrock to put sails on Ihe yachts
Everything was gotten ready, however,
to begin work at a moment's notice.
All hands were ordered to be on board
both yachts soou after breakfast this
morning and a watch was kept nn the
weather. If anything the fog was
thicker thau yesterday morning and it
was with the greatest dilliculty steamers and the committee boat found the
way to Sandy Hook. Former Commodore S. Nicholson Kane, with his colleagues of the regatta committee, Chester Griswold and Irving Grinell, found
their way through the fog nt low speed
to Sandy Hook Light, only to declare
tho weather unfit to race in, and also
to declare tho race off at the prrper
point. This was done at 12:80. It
took fully an hour to return to Sandy
Hook Bay, where tha yachts were lying hy reiiBOU of the fog.
As soon as the yachts were sighted
the oommitlee deoided the ra <e off for
the heuefit of the owners. Previous to
all this the raoe was called off by   mu
tual consent. After a brief conference
between those on board tho Erin, Mr.
and Mrs. Iscliu, Capt. Woodbury Kane,
Herbert Leeds. Newbury Thorue and
Capt. Heneshoff, went on board Commodore J, P. Morgan's steam yaoht
Corsair to luncheon, as did Sir Thomas
Lipt'iii and a number of guests of his,
including somo ladies. The Corsair
hud come to anchor in the bay soon
after io o'clock. Commodore Morgan,
witb n party of gentlemen left tha
gangway in his launch and headed for
the Columbia.
Major    Cheatham       Encountered    a
Strongly Entrenched Force.
Manila, Oer. 18.���Major Cheatham,
with a scouting party, while marching
along the .vest shore of the lake en-
cnnnti red a force of rebels strongly entrenched at Muntinulupa. Major
Cheatham reports that he drove the
reheb from their position, and that in
the engagements three Americans y. eie
killed and two wounded. Rumors
are in circulation in Manila that Major Cheatham discovered three American prisoners who had heen bound,
gagged and shot to death. These rumors, however, are not confirmed. Ra-
por'S having reached the Provost Mar-
sh.ill that arms were concealed nt the
headquarters of the Dominion Friars,
a large building adjoining the palace,
a detachment of soldiers made a search
of the building. They found a small
stock of Mansers, revolvers aud ammunition, which was confiscated despite
the protests of the friars that the arms
were not intended for unlawful use.
General Sob wan with infantry hns
reached Baccoor. The troops are
greatly exhausted, having hnd one of
the hardest inarches of the campaign
From Malabon to Perese Ihey marched
through rice fields. x
Mr. Winston Churchill Says That Is Where
England Has Been Patient.
Tremendous Excitement Exists in the Transvaal���An
Armored Train Captured By the Boers���All
British Subjects Warned to Leave-
Britain Willing to Pay All Costs as iu
the Nile Contingent.
Ottawa, Ont. Oct. 18.���The Cabinet
is iu session today and the Premier
informed your correspondent that be
expected to be ablo to make an official
aunocuiicemeut this evening. There
appears to bo ouly oue opinion in the
Cabinet in reguid to a Canadian contingent aud that is that it should he
s-nt There may be some diffeiencoof
opinion as to details and the form that
ihe contingent will take. The lmper-
lalistists view is, thnt Canada ought
io pnt in ihe front at Transvaal, a regiment fully equipped and paid for nt
the expense of the Canadian peonle.
That would involve millions .mil necessitate the calling of Parliament,
Britain does not ask for this,as already
poiuted out iu this correspondence,
lint for a snail contingent with no
higher oili er than major, at the same
time offers ro pay -lie oust a.- was done
m the Nile contingent. Winn it is all
arranged, it will most proiuidy tuke
a form somewhat si nilar to what was
done ou ibat occasion. No oue will
object to tliis.
Mr, Tarte w s -eeu todav and asked
if iiieiv   was   any   truth in the  story
thai he threatened   to  resign,    Be re-
id emi h il ii ally that there was not
oue word of truth in it.
Cbioago, Oct. 18.���United States
Senator William E. Mason has promised to champion the cause of the liners
on the lloor of the Senate. He said he
would introduce a resolution in the
Semite at the earliest possible Opportun
ity expressing sympathy for the liners
in their struggle for the preservation
of their iudependeuoe, He said also
th it he would propose a memorial to
the Queeu of England in behalf of the
South African Kcpuiilic.
Washington, Oct 18.��� Unit d States
Minister Hart has informed the State
Department that the Colombian Government is about to seek a loan of $15,-
4911,500 in gold in order to relieve its
paper money aud silver. The guarantee for the loan includes the rental of
the Emerald mine.the match monopoly
nnd certain sum annually due from the
Panama Canal Company. A national
bunk has also been re-established.
London, Oct. 13���Tho Duke of Marlborough Inst evening addressed a mass
meeting at Oldham. In bis speech the
Duke justified t"he policy of the Government which, he declared, bad not
been driven into war by over excited
enthusiasm or unwise agaitation.
Winston Churchill, who spoke at the
Same meeting, said he felt no animosity towards the Boers in connection
with Majuba Hill. "We were worsted," said Mr. Churchill, iu fair fight,
and I hope now there will be au evening op. The Government throughout
have displayed admirahle patience,
but there is ample evidence ot the existence of a deliberate conspiracy
agaiust British supremacy, and they
have been practising patience on top
of a powder magazine. "
Loudon, Oct. 18.���Hiram Stevens
Maxim, chief engineer and director of
the Mnxim-Nordnnfeldt Gun Company, Limited, in the course of an interview today said: "So far as lam
aware, the Boers possess thirty Maxims, but Britisli need not fear the
Poer artillery, wliich has always proved a source of weakness rather than
strer.gth to the Burghers."
After warmly approving the armored
train and pointing out how useful they
bad been to the Americans in the
Philippines, he w nt on to say : "The
Boers remind me of people of the
southern states of America, they are
excellent marksmen and as good lighters as can be found anywhere in the
world, however, no one ever fought
better thau the Southerners and yet
they lost. Just so will England vanquish the Boers. If you wish to know
what the English speaking races can
do, look across tbe Atlantic and sec
what America has done."
Pretoria,Oct. 13. ���(Delayed in transmission)���There is no further news
from General Cronges, Jwestern commander. Commaudant Gen. Jonbert's
command in now at Voljast. It is reported that 46 eases of gold which were
discovered in different canteens iu Johannesburg have been confiscated by
tbo Government.
Commandant General Joubert has issued a cierular from the chief laager iu
consequence of the report that some of
the Burghers had misbehaved themselves on their journey to the borders,
I plundering a number of stores. Suoh
offenses, the Commandant General
says,   will    be    severely      punished.
"When we are unwillingly compelled to cross the boundary line of our
country" says General Joubert, "let
it not bo thought that we are a band
of robbers and with that in view, remain, as far as possible, from private
dwellings and from places where no
enemy is stationed. When food or forage for the cattlo is needed, let certain
officers acquire such goods from the
owners and a receipt be given and
promise of recompense by the Government. "
Marquette, Midi., Oct. 13.���Willis
McGuire, formerly an attorney at
Marqnette, now of the mining dietriot
of Sonera. Mex., writes that his two
mining partners���Ramsey and Miller���
who undertook to work and prosrect in
territoiv overrun by Ynqni Indians,
j were captured and burned at tbe stake
Cape Town, Oct. 13.��� Advices from
Mafekiug Buy that every precaution
has been tuk> u against attack, Mid
that all tbe streets are barred with
wagons. According 'o these advices,
the Boers intend to shell the town t.e-
fore delivering their attack. Thev
are said to possess 12 guus. Every
man in Mafekiug is carrying a nfle
und the military authorities are confidant that t'ie;, will be able to repel
attack, but they lack the fnee. necessary to follow a Boer retreat. The
towu is fairly quiet.
Tho convept sisters and many ladies
have elected to stay and nurse the
wounded, and many houses have been
convened into hospitals. The searchlight on tho fort is kept working
across the veldt. Three Boer spies have
beeu arrested Kailwuy communication to the southward is practically at
the mercy of the Boers, oyer 200 miles
of the line being within easy striking
distance of the enterprising commandoes.
Capetown, Oo. 12-(Delayed in
transmission)���No news of lighting
has yet been received. An American
oitizen has sworn to an affidavit before
the American Consul here, in which
he states that he has been subjected by
Burghers of the Free State to great
ill-treatment. His limbs bear marks
showing the effects of the treatment
he receivtfl.
Bloemfontein, Oct. 12. ���(Delayed in
transmission)���Martini law has been
proclaimed, and Courts are oloned. A
proclamation has been issued warning
British subjects to lenve the Orange
Free State before 6 o'clock Saturday
evening. Permits to remain may be
obtained from the authorities and the
proclamation calls npon the Burghers
to respect those who seenre such permits. President Stein has made a
strong appeal to the Burghers to do
their best to preserve the independence
of the Republic.
Simonstown, Oct. 13. ���(Delayed in
transmission) ���The Commander-in-
Chief issued; a geueral signal for the
fleet last eveniug. Iransvaal brigade
is iu readiness to disembark aud is
now busy with preparation! for lauding. A haggage train was kept waiting all night for the brigade. Admiral
Harris has notified the inhabitants
that shore l oats approaching the warships at night are liable .to be fired
Great activity is displayed in naval
circles and ou board the war ships.
A state of war has been proclaimed
and lauding parties nave been selected,
fully equipped for service and ready ut
a momenta notice. H. M. S. Powerful will land SOU men.
London, Oct. 18. ��� Dispatohes from
Capetown s.iy thut no doubt is felt as
to the loyalty of Lerethorii aud other
native chiefs, and the Basutes are still
w eil in hand ; but the resident commissioner has decided to patrol the
i order in order tn prevent raids.
Loudon, Oct. 18.��� The Pall Mall Gazette publishes tha following dispatch
from Mafeking dared W edneslay :
"It is reported that younger Burghers, dissatisfied with Commandant
Bronje for not attacking the British
position yesterday, have sent him to
the rear ami appointed nuother to corn-
maud. "
London, Oct. 18.���The Princess ot
Wales, as President of the Soldiers and
Sailors' Famlies Association, has appealed to the public on behalf of the
wiveB and children of the soldiers sent
to Africa.
The news this morning is rathe', of
approaching battles than of actual
According to The Daily Mail the
railway department had %arly intimation of the intention of the Boers to
destroy railway bridges over 14
streams, and sent a decoy force to protect these points. The result was that
the Boers postponed their attempt.
Mr. Evart Giobler, member of the
Volksraad for the Philippines, has
been elected Commandant-General of
tbe Free State forces. He is only 3/i
years of age, is well educated, and was
a Free State delegate to the Chicago
The correspondent of The Daily-
Mail further says that thu Free State
forces havo completed all preparations
for the destruction of the Boothlic
bridge when that action becomes ne-
. cessary. Tho Prince of Wales has
promised to see Geueral   Redvers Bul
ler, and bis staff off from tne Waterloo
itation today. A big demonstra'ion is
It is au interesting fact that Lord
Edward Cecil, son of the Marquis of
Salisbury, is witb Col Baden Powell
nt Mafeking
London, Oct 14.���The Times I'ape-
town correspondent asserts that Ihe so-
called Irish brigade wliich is fighting
for the Transvaal is n fraud, and
scarcely any men who are known to
be Irish, are in it.
Kimberley, Oct. 12. ��� (Dele} ed in
transmission)���The telegraph line between Kraaipan and Marttzana has
been nut aud a strong command of
Boer3 has occupied the Kraaipan railway Biding
According to dispatches from Lady-
smith to The Standard and the Daily
Telegraph dated Thursday, heavy
storms have begun and forago i bo ir >
on ihe veldt. Therefore in thing is i \-
p cled to happen for a few days unless
tho Boers who were reported io be advancing, should threaten the R'itise
line of defence, in this case, according
to the dispatches no apprehension is
felt, as to the results. General
has IS guns and the Boers 11.
Misstatements   From  New
Denver Corrected.
The r:ew Denver Ledge  Is  Celled Down
as to Facts, by ,V t. K- B. I hemps'  i. oi N w Deave:'.
London, Oct. 13.���According to the
Kimberley correspondent of The
DailyJTelegrapb, Cecil Rhodes hud a
narrow escape from capture while on
his way here. His train was delayed
and he passed the Modder River three
hours after the expiration of the ultimatum, when the Boers were only
five miles distant and some of their
spies were actually ou tho platform.
Mr. Rhodes laid low and was not recognized. Had he been, his capmre
would have been easy, as the line was
not defended.
Berlin, Oct. 18.���The German Foreign Offioe informs the Associated
Press that Germany would gladly cooperate in a courteously, though urgently worded request to the Transvaal Government to permit the creation of an international police force to
protect the mines.
Capetown, Oct. 18.��� 4 :05 p. m.���The
entire crew of the armored train, with
the exception of the engineer were
made prisoners by the Boers.
London, Oct. 13.���Advices from Johannesburg report the commandering
by the Trausvaal Government of an
other 25,000 ounces of gold.
Notice eaiuo to the State Department
in the Bhapo of n note from Mr. Tower
in charge of the embassy here that
tbe details of the transfer of the British interests in case of war bad been
previously arranged, so all that was
necessary was the di spatcb of a brief
telegram to Mr. Macrnm at Pretoria.
This, of course, is the supeiior In rank
to the oilier Consular representatives of
tne United States, not only in the
Transvaal but in the Orange Free
State, and be has been instructed to
give *he:.e officials the . ecessary directions.
Several Shocks of Earthquake
atid Excitement,
Santn Rosa, Cal-., Oct. 18.���One of
the severest shocks of earthquake ever
folt here took place tonight at li
o'clock, and following one of thi-
mnrning it created much excitement.
Chimneys were thrown down and plaster in many parts of the city was shaken from tne lath". A few minutes af
ter 2 o'clock other shocks of a similar
nature, but, loss severe, followed.
New York, Oct. 13.���The police department today reported that a bundle
supposed to contain human entrails
had b.'on found II East River at the
foot of Dover street. The find was
wrapped in n white canvaB bag. The
flesh was covered with blood and with
it were foni small and one large piece
of medicated gauze soaked with blood.
What is supposed to be surgioa] cotton
wan also fiund in the bag. Tho bag
bore the letters, "M A. T." There
seemed no doubtj that this Hud was a
part of the body which was found off
Fifty-seveutb street last Snnday, but
unless the head nr Borne portion of
the body bearing a scar or birthmark
should be found the police despair of
unraveling the mystery.
Vancouver, Oct. 13.���Asa result of
City Police persecution and threatened
further proceedings, professional gamblers who latterly infested Vancouver,
have hurriedly departed en masse almost at a moment's notice.
Editor Mi not :
For tin information of i u Bori ers
to Our local paper, who reside at u dis-
Wnite , tance, and in coi sequeuoe, sre uoi in a
position to judge as to tbe authenticity
of the matter published in the paper
for which they pay iheir money, I
desire to state that ii e ci Itu i-m ( on-
laiueil in Tho Lidgn of Iho 12th in-
-tant, on The M.ner article reviewing
the situation in the Slocan. is a corrupt distortion of facts; is misleading
and is entirely foreign to the true taste
of affairs as they exist in this locality
today. I affirm that the writer of your
article correctly sited up the business
situation of this camp. There is complete stagnation of all branoheu of business. Why the writer, in the criticism referred to, should make statements so utterly devoid of truth, us
each and everyone of those in his utricle, is truly beyond the ken of tho local readers. Even the most anient supporters of the Eight-Hour law admit
unreservedly thnt there never was a
time iu the history of the Slocan when
there was such a paralysis of industry
and honest effort as now, und while
they maintain that the law is hero to
stay, they still unanimously condemn
tbe Government for thrusting such an
uncalled for arbitrary measnio npou
them, the consequences of which have
been that the Slocan is converted from
a prosperous, thriving mining enmp,
into one decidedly the reverse.
It proceeds to ntate, that if iho mine
owners could get miners at #3 per day
they would cease to condemn the law,
hut wonld rather welcome it as a
source from which they conlo increase
their profits This, on the face of it is
not a correct assumption us the mine
owners are at unseat offering a higher
w.ige per hour than they evol' before
paid, namely *3 oer shift of eight
hours, or 37'.j cents per hour, while
the old rote was $3.60 tier day of ;en
hours nr 85 cents an hour, They
wonld evidently he employing a peculiar method for in-reusing tl eir pro-
tits So, providing that they could get
miners at its per dav they would still
have lo thunk the Government for increasing the expenditure in th, ir wages
.���(���counts two cetils nnd a half an hour
f,.i every man w tV up underground,
The writei may exercise his journalistic privileges till Doomsday in writ-
iiiL' articles proclaiming that the camp
is still prosperous and ai ihe sumo
ilmo incidentally defending tin most
putrid piece of legislation ever passed
by any legislative body, bul tl esc will
not return us the prosperity we enjoyed eight months ago
I should like io nsk the writer if the
Eight-Hour law, us i: now suiuds on
the statute books, is operative?   First,
however, for his edification, I shall
inform him that it is customary anil
likewise necessary to cliai.ge the working shifts in a miue ut the end of
every week which means the changing
of the night shift to the dav shift for
the ensuing week and vice versa. Now
this was not a difficult matter under
the old system, when the night shift,
after a shott rest, could continue tha
following day shift, but ns it now
stands the mine owners and miners are
infringing the lnw at each weekly
change of shifts. Is tho Government
going to enforce the penalty, or make
all parties comply with the lnw (as
they so vociferously boast of doing),
which latter will mean a further loss
to both mine owners and employes of
sixteen idle hours in every week.
Again the writer makes tboassertiou
that 85 per cent, of the miners in here
arc Canadians, when as a matter of
fact lesa than 60 per cent, of them are
British subjects, either by birth or
At tho conclusion of his article he
publishes a list of tbe prospects working in this section and   the number of
Continued on Fourth Page. NELSON DAILY MINER. SATURDAY. OCTOBER 14,  1899.
Nelson Daily Miner
11 Mi- 1 naily except Aloniny.
. i.iso.N Miner 1'bintino & Puulibhino Co
II. J    BKATON. Editor and MaDager.
Subscription Rates
nlly pcrtm>nth by oan'er S t ��'
per half year      o01
peryeer  10 01
per y^or by (nail ..     601
per ye     foreign  10 0"
Nelson Weekiy Miner.
Weekly,!*  naif year $ 1 *���'
p^r year    2 01
per year, foreign    2 61
Subscriptioni Invariably in advance
Jelson Mln ;r Printing & PubllshlngCo
nelson. b. o.
Telephone   No.   144.
There is nothing in the financial situation to bring the least reproach on
the members of the Counoil.or to cause
the least uneasiness to the ratepayers.
There will be a deficit at the end of
the year of about $14,000, and it is
none the less true of municipal than of
other affairs that deficits must follow
naturally when expenditure exceeds
income. In this case it may be claimed that care should have been taken
to see that it did not, but it is easy to
sav that now. Nelson is growing, and
Nelson is ambitions. It is quite young
yet. The usual improvements to transform it from its rough state to a condition in keeping with its pretensions
have oil toj bo made This year, for
the first time on any comprehensive
scale, the people themselves demanded
that a beginning should bemade to this
end. The members of the Council hail
nothing to do but to obey. There were
streets to open un nnd grade, sidewalks
tn lay, waterworks ai.d electric light
systems to overhaul and virtually to
construct anew ; there were sewers to
dig, not only for convenience hut for
health. These were all necessary ; the
people demanded them, and insisted
that they should be supplied at once.
The members of the Council proceeded to comply with the demands, to
wrestle with tbe requirements of the
situation, v\ith an earnestness and intelligence that do them credit. Thej
are Btill far short of furnishing the
City with all it needs to put it in
shape, but they have dono a good den:
towards ir for one season, and in doin��
it they have carried out mo re plap
than the money available would par
for. That is the sum of their offeii'i-
ing, should any one he so unreasonabb
as to regard it in that light. No work
has been undertaken that wus not required. If the improvements were not
made this year, they would have to be
next. They were civic necessities,
and the sooner they were supplied the
better. Whether all the liabilities incurred in consequence of them are met
this year, or a part carried over until
next, cannot matter to tbe ratepayers,
who have to foot the bills in either
case. It is a fair criticism to make to
say thnt the Council might have avoided a deficit if they had asked for more
money when voting tliose by-laws.
But so far us the ratepayers are concerned, that would have profited nothing. Whether they owe to debenture
holders in the East, or to the Bank
here, cannot matter a straw's worth in
a material sense. The members of the
Council believed they were asking
enough to provide the improvements
contemplated, and if they were short
in their calculation we ha^e simply to
carry over the deficit aud provide for
it another time.
It is not as if tho members were
reckless and extravagant in their expenditures. It is not as if the deficit
occurred in the ordinary routine of administration, when revenue aud expenditure are expected to balance. The
expenditure in this case is mainly for
extraordinary work, chargeable to capital. It is not pretended that thero
has been any waste. Tho Council have
simply done mom work than they calculated upon iu the first instunce, and
as it was all required and all demanded the ratepayers aro not disposed to
quarrel with them because a portion
of tho cost goes over to another year
before being provided for.
that The Miuer puts the blame for all
the trouble on the Eiglt-Hool law--
not ou the law as regarded in the light
of its consequences, but on the law itself. We have scrupulously refrained
from any remarks on the law itself.
It may be that eight hours are long
enough for one shift under ground
On that point we do nut feel ouiselves
competent to express an opinion that
would be entitled to any one's respect.
If the men feel that eight hours are
long enough, well and good ; they have
a right to think si, aud to get what
they want if they can. But ou the
merits of that particular matter we
have  preserved unbroken silence.
We have had something to say, however, of the manner in wliich the law
was passed, aud of the unhappy consequences that have sprung from it.
Wo blame the Government for passing
the law without givi.ig the mine own-
.-rs notice of their iutention. We blame
them for their secrecy, for the stealthy
way in which ihey acted. It wns far
from manly, or honorable, or statesmanlike. And we have blamed the la-
i.r leaders.for t iking advantage of the
unworthy trick practised by the Government to force the mine owners into
.1 surrender to unjust demands. These
may be crimes in the estimation of
Che Ledge and its kind, and if they
be we plead gnilty to them. But The
Miner wonld rather many times over
be guilty of such crimes than to live
in the sort 01 innocence The Ledge
Backed by
We never as-ert lhat a
price is low unless Ihe item
possesses every desiiable
feature���unless it is an article we can leeoniineiid.
No matter how low the
price, it is never of value
unless it possesses ihe necessary quality requirements.
Pink Iron Blood Pills
The Great Blood Builder,
Nerve Tonic and Regulator,   we fully  l'l'cuiiiiicuil.
3 Boxes $1.00
The London Citizen of the 30th nit.
is altogethei a special number, being
somewhat larger than usual aud printed 011 u fine quality of book paper.
Hut what chiefly distinguishes it is its
Colonial Supplement, the first of a
series, containing the portraits of the
Premiets and Agents-Genera] of all the
self-governing Colonies, together with
these of Mr. Chamberlain, the Colonial Secretary, and the two Under-Secretaries of Slate, Lord Selbnrne nnd
Sir Edward WingBeld. The next Supplement, to be published some time
this month, will be devoted to West
Australia. The Citizen is Imperial
rather than parochial, and takes a
warm interest iu the Colonies.
The place of honor in The Colonial
Holdliclds Gazette of the Both ult. is
liven to an artistic picture of Nelson
Ac could have wished, however, that
thi photograph from which it was reproduced had been la!.en from a point
,hich showed more of ihe. Oity as n
usi less centre. 1  main streets and
ii dings nre not distinguishable in
:h.' pretty admixture of v.nie and
mountain scenery, and English renders, whilo enjoying the charm of th-
view, will gei but n poor idea of tbe
commercial importance  of Nelson.
We are accused of misrepresenting
the conditions in the Slocan, nnd in
the choice- language characteristic of
that paper \.o a��o roundly abused for
it by Tie Now Denver Ledge. The
Miner is not ��� onmiioo.fi 1 f ha\ ing misrepresented a single fact. It haH no
disposition, nor can it have anv possible interest, to do so We have auid
that the mining industry iu that district has been seriously affected hy the
prevailing labor troubles, and if that
is not true theu there is no truth anywhere or in anything The Ledge
may have quite innocently misconceived the position uf The Miner in regard
to this matter, but we are afraid
tbe misconception has been deliberately
It is impossible to imagine any other
origin when  on top of it is the obnrge
Now that winter is eoininu on nml the wealher
changeable nil are subject to couirhs and
colds for (he euro of whioh we keep
n full line of 1 lie popular remedies such as
Syrup of White Pine and Tar, Ayer's
Cherry Pedum., Fellow's Syrup
HypopbospHtes, Hosclnv's G r'mati
Svrup, Balsam Aniseed, Chase'-
Linseed and Turpentine, Hall's I'ul-
niomiry Balsam, Gnu's Syrup Reo
Spruce Gum.Pyny Pectd al, Cham.
berlain's ('011*11 Ceres P sos' Consumption Cure s-hil- h's Consumption, Scott's Emulsion, Pre Nor
wegi.-m Cod Liver Oil, Laxative
Bromo-Quibine ami a number ol
others at.
McLean's Drug Store.
Prescriptions  carefully  prepared at
any hour of the clay or night.
Telephone No. 145.
Mail  Orders   Promptly   Filled.
P. O.  Box 226.
New Dress Goods
in all Ihe
Latest Cloths and Shades
consisting of Crepons, Boucles, Repps,
Coverts, Box Cloth-, Silk Mixtures and
Snlin Clollis. Prices from (8.00 to
$20.00 the Pattern.
Nelson Employment Agenc
Pour otu'psntnre, 000k, inn hlnn mea  II Iper*
ami  tmteker* for railroad work, laborers
fur ��� b   nn,: en   i.ln,
Two women oookt want si untie ,<
cov'lli.MT- 'TAKBN    I'nii    humox-i
CORK .mill.I.I ��� a
J. H. L0VE-, Aa't      Baker
First-Class Board aud
Room, Todd's old stand, in
rear of English Church. Table
Board, $4 00. Room and
Board, $5.00 and $5.50.
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Great Reduction!
h uui coat,   ar>c\ Krt ,-,     r ,.
Special  rates for  carlo.ul   lots and
for outside points,
Our Fresh Rousted Coffee of Best
Quality, ns follows:
Java nnd Arnbinn Morhii, per pound $   10
Java mill lloclin Ulend, 3 pounds  10(1
PI e Santos, 1 pounds \ 00
Santos Blend, ,"> pounds  i oo
Our Special Blend, 0 pounds  1 00
Our Rio Itonst, 6 pounds  1 00
Salesrooms :
2 doors east of oddfellows
block. w. baker st,
INfELSON.        -        B.  C.
We nre showing the Inlest
correct styles in Millinery.
with nothing lucking tlmt
could mill tn the attractive-
nes-i and completeness of our
Mrs.  McLaughlin.
Builder* will llml it to thnlr advantage lo
IlKiire with Br "(lev & Co. on Painting.
In oontsquenoaof Increasing 111 Health of Mr
It Ol vV'iiterinnn. Ihe linn of l Ims A. Water
mini a Co., Im- licen desol eil.iind Mr. Arthur
H. a erwooii Imt ink. n nv.r the buniniwd of
rheirelil ollli-c on HnKer Street, Nel-iin, runt
Kill continue no business al the wtmn place ns
ileal hsia e..n.l Ins.ra'. -e nge Is mil he will
huiisM.teil by Mr. �� A. Waterman u Manager
��� it tin- It. noil heparin,cm nnd euro of niiiueil-,-
lor non-resident .| propertj holders.
The members of the old llrm rioairo to thank
their frlendsaivl patrons: foi tie ir patron id in
he nn r, ,.ds,.li. it f���- ih, oltliv nihil ruinro,
helm iiies-uf uloll' 61(1 ollunta'aiin in public
t la'go,
Peeling fully a nnrod thai iho ink-ro��t- "full
palronn wtll continue loli" pro reicd and  ilrir
i'iih.no-s attended to pr inp ly, we remain
Nelson, II 0 Ocl. 18. ISilll.
Saturday Specials %  company.
Bananas 15c. per Dozen.
Dr. Price's Extracts, 4 oz. Bottles, 25c. each.
Cooking and Eating Apples $1.75 per box.        (j
Shipment Cranberries. g.
���������������������<��������� ST-
0* ���
Try a One lb Tin of White Star Health Coffee,  ��
�����������+��������������� g
Fresh Shipments of ir
1 Morrison & Caldwell i
We are showing a
First-Class Line of
iiio Stoves &
Just received
Christie Brown's
Water Ice
and Choice Assortment
Biscuits and Cakes.
Which we are offering at
Shelf & Heavv Hardware,
Rtc, Etc., Etc.
H.   BYERS   &  CO.
Powder,   Caps,    Fuse,   Shovels,    Picks,
A large   consignment  of   all  kinds of   Heavy   Hardware
just   arrived.
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   .$2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, *1,2&o,ooi
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia,
deneial Banking Business transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Boug!.
and Sold, Litters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts reoeivfid on them ut favorable terms.   Interest allowed un specln
deposits ��nd Oil Having Bunk accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C
Stalled teuiliirs will lio rui'tiivcil up to Snlur-
iius. tho 1.JU11,1,1.. f,,r Hi.- Binding of nhaft WO
fi'.il, iliinblH oompwtment, fix!) in the i-lrnr
Bids for limbering win be received n-parately
1 in- work to, be 'lone on Morning mountain oil
iii,- Bornlte Bank Group.   Apiii, or write
o   ,. .*���.����� 0HAN8f0N nre Dally Miner.
See H, L. Went, olllcc Llnlly Minor.
��� P. BURNS & CO.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail, Nelson. Kask,
Sandon. Three Forks, Bfew Denver and Slocan Cit3
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
Kootenay Electric Supply id Constrnction Go.
Complete Electnc Equipments for Electric Power Trans
mission and lighting for ...ines,   towns,   etc     Electric   Fix
tures, LampsBell'. Telephones, Annunciators   etc
JoMphiM S* NELSON, B. t
Hudson's Bay Stores,
Wot Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Delivered to an any poi it oil
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
ROUGH    ���'���
DRESS ID :   lil.i   ,
.   (}] E .
HOULIUXGS, ���������        li ..'���
1NS1D1     :     '-
CO   ST   i :
Mill ni  PILOT BAY.
Vm-ila,  NELSON and LAKDO,
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
To Contractors ami En:
You cm save money by
buying your
Plate, Sheet and Ornamental
Glass from
R. H. WILLIAMS, Nklson, Ag'ntft)'
J.   W.  MELLOR,
Crow's Nest Pass
Special   Bates For
neflprn mnvbeleft witb C ffWe��l
4 Co. or with.
Office wilh Ohns. A. Waterman 4 Co,
{EISTEREH    h   CO.,
Browersof Pine I<nger
Beer mill Porter.
Drop in iinfl w(J us-
Wanted,   immediate!.,, six: R����j
t Gai Foremen.    w,if,ro   *'���   .
?75 per month.    Two years   wotk,
VVire Hugh Mann, care McKenziei
Mann & Co., Savanne, Ont.
il\ mmREUKKKmn&W"
Unless the Company   and  the St'.ike
Genie to terms 9oon, Inconvenience
May Ensue.
There bpsim to be a likelihood of n
strike, oi ut any rate a suspension of
business in this country, wliich will
bn of fin' more reanhing effect than tlie
strike in the Blooau. The trouble
arises from tho strike amouit the met.
in the C. P, K. fihops in Winnipeg,
What the exact canae, or the merits ot
the dispute art, The Miner does not
know, and consequently dni-s not pru-
tiinii to express an opinion, but the 0,
1J. R. employees at the Const have foi
lowed suit, and it is rumored that the
engineers nnd stokers of the Empress
line from Vancouver to Japan are so-
inj; out in sympathy.
It may be thought that this does not
uffect Kontenay, but it does. A commercial man, who arrived yesterday
from East Kootenay, stated thnt he
had come fioni there in a hurry for
fear of being tied up. Locomotives
constantly require a certain amount of
repnirs, and, owing to the strike al
Winnipeg, these repairs could not be
effected Boilers, wheels, anl axles
were frequently in a condition that
would never have been permitted had
the ordinary facilities fnr repair been
available. One passenger train is stated to have passed through a portion of
East Kontenay without a headlight,
though this defeat was remedied further on, In fact, as The Miner's informant stated, unless the dispute is
speedily patched up the local train sit
vice will be partially, if not entirely,
Fortunately, negotiations r.ro, now
pioceeding and a truce will be undoubtedly concluded before there is
serious cause for immediate alarm. The
big railroad could hardly afford to do
otherwise. At the present moment
the men would srem to have tbe upper
bard. Then' in an unprecedented
wheat crop in Manitoba and the adjoining territories whioh is estimated
nt SHO,0011.001), an amount which wonld
tax the utmost resources of the C. P.
R. under the most favorable civi-uiu-
stnnres. .Inst now. it will be additionally difficult to gel men from the
ether side, should it be so desired, as
the Amerioais rouds have all they can
do to handle theli   own cimiii.   In the
Eiantiine reliauci       nsl   I"1 place ' on
-:' e managi nit nt of the 1
��� bal   tool   nnd   discreti       whirl]   -
si -.���>,-���! tl '-in in su   ���       id rtend   n   he
Ni xt Thursday will be Thanksgiving
Judge Slinks, of Vernon, Is visiting
Nelson for a tew days.
Mr P. Rums, the Qattle King, arrived in Nelson lui-t night.
Mrs. Goepel has returned fioin an
extended visit to the Co.ist cities.
Meteorological report for October 12,
maximum, 44. Miniiimuni, !ili. Rainfall, 0.00.    Baioineter, 37.82.
Steamer Moyie will be laid op fnr a
few days undergoing reiinirs. Steamer
Nelsou will supply   the route as usual.
A. H. Wulbridge, sales agent for the
National Cash Register Company, of
Vancouver, iu the City for a few
Mr. J. H. Bnaes returned yesterday
from n prolonged visit to the Old Conn
try. He Wnndtrs now wby Englishmen
ever leave England.
Mr. Colliugwrod Sc.hriever, Deputy
Minister of Railways, is expected to
arrive iu Nelson Sunday evening, via
Crow's Nest and Kootenay Lake.
The Rev. Mr. Winchester, Superintendent of ihe Presbyterian Chinese
Missions, leaves this morning for Rossland on his way home to tho Const.
Messrs. Ewnrt & Carrie, the architects, havo let the contract for constructing Mrs. Monce's hnnse on
Front street to Mossrs. Toys nnd
Mr. John McGnrvev, of Ainsworth,
who is in 'be transfer business at that
place was in the City yestol.dny. He
reports matters as not very lively at
that; camp.
Information has been laid against
"Paddy" Miles hy A. E. Storey for
assault. One would think tho complainant should have been able to take
care of himself.
Messrs. W. H. Pollok and Ernest
Wilson loave this morning on a shooting expedition to Goat River. Tho
ducks and geese of that vicinity had
bettor order several car loads of  crape.
Ku tendera have been received for
tbe construction of the cemetery fence,
and the civic authorities are considering the best method of effecting this
needed Improvement before the snow
The Rev. Mr. Lang, Presbyterian
Missionary to the mines of the Nelson
District, has arrived to take the place
of Mr Robertson, who will hold a series of services in Lardo before leaving
the Kootenai s.
James McDounld, not to be confounded with the gentleman of tbe
same name who is a membor of the
htm of D. McArtnnr & Co., was yesterday fined $5 and costs lor being
drunk aud disorderly.
Tboro will be a church parade of tho
Nelsou Rifle Company tomorrow, and
the Rev. R, Frew will preach a special
secmon on the occasion. In the evening Mr. Frew will iireanh the first if
series of sermons entitled. "Is Business Compatible with Religion?"
. ��Tn nK'   ��'    Campbell-Johnston
am T. Gallon went down |0 the north
fork of the Salmon River yesterday
to examine some elninis belonging to
the latter, If Mr Johnston's report is
satisfactory tha properties will bo
floated as a stock company.
At tho regular meeting of Court
Kootenay No ,8188, to. P., on Thursday, night wbs a seene of interesting
ii ge worn '.three now members were
received, Messrs. Fred Smith, David
Proudiont and K. Irwin, were Initiated
to the iiivsteiies of the woods.
Mr. H. Moe, port steward of tbe 0.
��. K. steamers weut to Rosebery ves.
teriiay morning to prepare the steamer
Slocnu for service. Sue will resume
her regular route nn next Monday.
he steamer has been undergo! g extensile repairs during the past few
months und is now in first class oondi-
It was only tho other day the world
discovered there wus such* a place as
Phoenix, and already it bus a newspaper. The News. And a bright looking poper it is. Politically it is on
the oinside, for the reason, as it says,
thai the t vo parties are appropriated
by the other newspapers around it anil
tbeio is notbiug left for it.
"Your Worship, lam an old timor
in this cnuutry and lived iu Nelson for
years I have been away five years and
just got back last night. I suppose
that's what started me. I didn't
moan to get drunk, aud I hope you
will be easy on me." So said one of
the prisoners to His Worship, the
Mayor, yesterday morning. "Seven
dollars and a quarter,'' said His Worship. With au unctuous "Thank your
Worship," the old man settled the bill,
the funny part of it is that that is
the regular fiuo for any old drunk.
The result of an important summons
in the cues of Ker vs. the I. O. 0. P.,
was received yesterday bv Messrs Han-
niiigton & Taylor. The case is nn action for balance due for building tbe I.
0 O P. block here and iVr breach of
contract. The summons was taken out
hy the defendants under Section 5, ol
the Arbitration Act, asking that the
mutter be referred to arbitration. The
request was refused. Messrs. Hanniug-
ton & Taylor, represented at the Coast
by Messrs Fell & Gregory, are for the
plaintiffs, and Messis, Elliot & Len-
nio, represented by Messrs. McPbiliips,
Wootou & Barnard, for the defendants.
The Veiuon & Nelson Telephone
company has decided to reduce the
rates at present existing in Rossland
and from rbis time forward they will
be as follows, within a radius of one
mile from tho central oilice : Business
telephones, $2.ri0 per month, two for
��1; residences, $2. The company has
i ecu striving to meet the demands of
tho public and satisfy tho call for low
rates and telephone facilities. The
company's system is now a very extensive oue and its wins connect all the
targe towns iu British Columbia. Of
lute the largest places in the interior
have been given the advantage of an
all nignt service and the officials claim
thai m addition to giving the lust ser-
vo-i in the Proviinv thev are little, if
anything behind the companies in the
; ast ft hero th" facilities f' r the oper-
ni i -'i of ��� tlrst-c.lass syste n are so
gi tei All snbgi ril ers hin <
i���-..- lou ��� distance tel�� phone iu tbi ir
nod . luces of biisiui ss, which
on eu -i is a diotinot advance
ttoati a :��� nci ovded to patrons
:��� i'n Canada.
Mrs. McLaughlin is showing  a   tine
line of children's hiita and caps.
Hume���A. 13. Lowis, Revelstokoi P.
L. Smith, Winnipeg; James Adams,
Toronto! 0. E. Hall, Brandon; Tom
Colt-irt, Vancouver; Thomas 0, Cray,
Nelson; P. F. Richardson. Vancouver; N. D. Dnvisson, Toronto; Mrs.
and Mrs J. C. Robertson, Spokane;
John Bull, Slocan City; J. A. Mitchell, Rossland ; J. A. Louden. Montreal;
Frank M. O'Brien, R. McLean. Kus
lo; B D. Crocker, Walla Walla; N.
A. Small, J. M. McLaren, Vancouver;
Mrs H. Hunio, J Curracner, Spo-
kniie; D. A. Ross, Slocan City; D. R.
Young, Rossland ; A. D. Mc.Gillivery,
New Denver; D. A. Van Dorn, New
The Trouble Occurs on tho Lino of
British and German Possessions.
Liverpool, Oct. 111.���Tbe steamer
Niger, wliich arrived today from southwest Africa, brings news of thoinassa-
cro of Lieutenant Guise, German Commissioner at Rio de Roy, near Old
Cnlahu River on the Kiglit of Biagn,
and also of Herr Leemeyer, a German
trader, together with 100 native soldiers and carriers, constituting an expedition formed by Lieutenant Guise
to quell disturbances near Cross River,
wliich forms the boundary between
British and German territory.
A native chi.if was taken as a guide,
but led the expedition into ambush.
He was promptly shot when the Germans received a volley. Thoy fought
courageously, but were outnumbered
nud slain. Tbe natives then looted the
neighboring factories nnd murdered
the native employes, after which they
ciossed into British territory. Two
British traders who were warned had
u narrow escape, managing to get
down tho river in a canoe and to reach
Rio del Rey, where they found only a
solitary German oflloial and half a
dozen black soldiers.
Great exciteineut prevailed at Rio
del Rey when the Niger left on September 27, us it was thought the natives might come tbeie.
Now B has been sent to the Camcr-
ous, fioin win h point a Gerinau re-
He* experiiitoo'could be dispatched.
Advortlsoinents Insortci Under this head at
thu rut of ono coat a word por In-orlion. No
ailvurilHOiiiunt taken for loss i ban lis cents.
FOUND���A bunch of   Ucvs, twelve in
number. Found on Cottonwood Creek
by Milton McClandish     The same nan
be had   by calling at the Miner office.
Pittsburg, 5; Louisville, 2.
Brpokfvn, 2; Baltimore, 8.
Washington, (I; New York, 4.
Boston, 1 ; Philadelphia, 0.
The byes Feed
the Brain.
Parents who neglect their
childiv j's eyes are more
cruel than
] the Chinese,
j who encase
i the feet of
their little
ones.  One
dwarfs the feet���the other
stunts the mind.
When we adjust glasses
study becomes a pleasure.
Patenaude Bros.,
Nelson. B. C.
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., LIMITED.-Corner Vernon and Cedar sti-coin. Nelson, manufacturers of and wholesale dealers in aerated
waters and fruit syrups. Bole amenta for Halcyon Sprlnga mineral water.
���\. M. UUtDUUnSi IjQrH'.t, Every known
variety of sufL drinka. P. O. Box 88. Telephone No. 31.   Hoover Street, Nelson.
ner Baker ABU Hall .-Streets, Nelson, manufacturer-uf " Royal Seal" and "Kootenay
ilello" brand of cigars.
HJ. EVANS & GO.-Batter Street. Nel*
�� son, who.Msule dealers in liquo s, cigars,
com out. tiro b'iok ami liremiy, water pipe and
stoel rails uud general commission merchants.
Limited.���Front Street, Nelson, whole
sal-., dealers iu il m,\ meals, etc., and nay
and grain. Mills at Kdmonton, Victoria and
New West minster, Elevators on Calgary &
Edmonton Railway,
EO.   F-   MOTION. - Wholesale Hav,
Grain and .-end.   Special quotation-; on
iload lota to ali Kuoieuay points.
A MAODONALD & OO.-Oorner v>r-
f*k*   no    tuiii  sM.suptilne SU'eeUt,  wholesale
��� u .is iudjobber in bUtii<ois, glove*, mitts,
boo to, t'Ubbi r-. tuockliiaws nnd miners' sundries.
Vi ..a... aireev, Neuoi., Importers, whole-
sale grocers,
PBIMNS A CO   HakorStreet,  Nolson,
.   whole-ale  tloalers  In fresh and cure:
met-.  Ovid storage,
���liakur Street iNcIhou.    wholesale deal-
urn in fre h and euietl meals.
HBYERS A CO.���Corner Baker and
��� Josephine Streete, Nelson, wholesale
Ueaior. in hardware and mining supplies.
Agents for Giant Powder Co.
i.i.mi i i-.n linker au-eet, Nelson, wholesale, dealers in Ii srdwaro and minii'i: supplies,
plumbers'nnd linsuiiln's supplic.1.
-iH*1 paints uud uiiu.
Vernon ana Josephine ritreei*, Nelson,
wholesale dealeis in liquors cigars and dry
goods.  Agents tor Pabst Brewing Co, of Mii-
wa kce aud Calgary browing Co. of Calgary.
UDSON'S BAY OOs���Wholesale uro-
cerius aud liquors, e^c., Baker t)C Nolson.
JY GRIFFIN * CO.-Corner Vernon
��� uml .lusepliiue otreet*. Nelson, wholesale
dealers in provisions, cured meals, butter and
are but 'the hint of oiming winter. Our
Pall and Wintkh Stock or Siiokh in
in l'l-iuly for your inspection.
If you nre luiikinx for Seasonable Footwear
at sensible prices you  nre  looking  for our
fl 6IHH86; lor M FuDHC
Golden Crown
��1 ... Baking  Powder ... fg
Two   Oi|��   lb.  Tins 'or 25 Ce.i)is-
Telephone Call, No. io.
Post Office Box, K and W.
We Lead
not only in prices but
all goods leaving our premises arc guaranteed or money buck
\     WILLS'S
MILLS,   LiMiTKD-Uunicr  Iruni   and
ii,.11 atresia. Nelson, inanuiaoturers of and
wholesale dealers in sash aid doors; all kinds
of factory work made io order.
no Josephine and linker cil.ti-U. Ants,
lor ColOlU.O llarliido and Welland Acetylene
(la. Alacliino Co,
Corporation of the City of
Tlio following persons nre onlltlcd to be
pieced on the ��<iirr'�� i i-i for (lie City of Net
on, vIk.,
Any iinileor female being a Britisli snhlor.t
of the full age of iwiiilyone years, who shall
have paid, on or before the Hr��l day of Un.
vrmlirr next, nil municipal rat s, laxon, as-esH-
nienl- nnd license fees pnynble by him or her
lothc municipality.
a Who is the ucsessoil ownerof lands or of
ItnprovemontH, or I he assessed occupier of lands
���Ituate within the municipality, or
l,*) Who isaresidontof and carrios on business ��nd is the holder of a trader', license In
the llllinicipaMy, iho annual Ice for wh.ch In
not less tiniii *lve dolla'K or
1,1 Whoisa hoiiHeholdur wllhln tho municipality.
NO prr.on hhall bo entitled to votn iineor a
householder's nullification, nor shall his or her
naino he Included ill 'ho Annual Vot, r�� List
miles-he or she shall. "���! or before tho First
day of Hrri'sniMT nixt, onlor wlthth- under
signed his or h.-r name as a ��� oler, and shall
mako nnd personally deliver lo the under,
signed nt ihe same time a Statutory d,clara
lion, Ihe forin of which may he obtained at the
city otllcos.
lly order. , ,
J. K. HTUACHAN. City Clerk.
Nelson, II. Oh Ocl, li. IS*.
TheNelson Electric Tram way Co. Ltd.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
Gamble  & O'Reilly,
Lanil Survuvoia & General Aeeiits-
Custom House, Real Estate
and .'-.luiii!! Brokers.
Lois I'm- Bale, Houses to Rent.
Loans ou improved l.i'.-il Estate.
Fire, Life anil Accident Insurance.
on II I : 111 All 1  Itl.OI'k,
Baker ��lr,n Mis n, II  0,
Fire,   Life,  Accident   and   Sickness
Real  Estate and  Loans.
7-R00111   House $2,250
50-Foot   Coiner       300
106-Foot Corner       600
We  have several snaps   in   House
:i KooniB nud nitlc, 2 lota, corner Stanley*. $1,600
I Rooms, 2 lot*, lnvelj situailon 1,000
i Rooms, nice cotlag-. Itnprovod l��t    ono
."�� Room., '-lone foundation cellar full nize 1,550
ii Rooms Vei-nou street, 2 tots, excellent
value  1,930
0 Roon s. down town  new, all   ouvenien-
ees. rented at $:i'J    2,150
8 Rooms, largo verandah,  t ioU,  dead
oboap 3,300
B HooniH, all conventenoes, ? lolw, new  8,000
With F. L. Ohi.eh,
Real Estate ft Mines-
w. j. a. moKsoN
Choice residential lots   and   yocxl
business lots tor sale.
Over two hundred   lots   in   Addition A are on the market.
Hume Addition and city property
lor sale.
Business property a specialty.
$375 will purchase 2 Lots on Carbonado St.
(WOowtlli-urchase three lots   n Davis'Add I-
i ion. Including comer.
S30U will purchase i wo tote in Addition A.
o.tVHishaie- Ulini ipo ledl l)c
III.i ��� 0    "      Kairniont   "    >c
���   Ulnckcook Vilnius Company   . ..     ...20c
Minim,  an I .      Brok r
Tiii'iii>i'-I,iii-rl i. Bloi a. N.   SOU.
A Public Meeting will
be held   in
Saturday, Oct. 14
AT 8 P.  M.
and the
ORsDi 1       Brand and
\r Ktli lltK. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aqcntb son Canaoa i JAMES TUR-ER & CO., Hamilton. Ont.
Hon,   Mr.  Fisher,
Minister of Agriculture,'
will address the meetinfiT.
��EO. 11. 1,11 I III SIHI RI. ���mumiii
Boots and Shoes.
Miner's Shoes  niade to  order.   Satis
faction guaranteed.
Miller &. Marshall,
-$L$foryJ2ty <Onsy   <rf��iS J��<IS NELSON DAILY MINER, SATURDAY, opTQBER 14. 1859-
��� ���
I       1
1 ���   '.
1             '
r������ ����������������� ����������������������������������������
Tim Kaslo Koutenainn quoting Tim
Piystrfuk says : Tin- development lhat
wns carried nn at tlio Payne this smuttier has oponod the mine up sn that
200 mi<n could lie conveniently put to
work, taking\"jut 2,000 tons of ore a
month that will net $K4 a ton In July
last year, tbe shipments from the
miuo wete I,8n0 tons, and tho profits
from this ore |87,00o, from which a
150,000 dividend wns puid and the balance placed in the treasury. There
ore now IS men on the pay roll, 13 of
whom were hired this week to do outside work
Thiee men in the mines. From 160
to three is only a difference of 147.
Surely all tho mines in the Slocan
country did not commence with a full
force on October 1st.
* ���   *
The Knslo Kootcnnian, publishes
from the Rovelstoke Herald the following bit of mining information:
"It's an ill wind that blows nobody
good, and tne partial closo down of a
few Slnonn mines has had n wonder
fullv beneficial effeot in the Lardeau.
Some of tbe best Slocan miners are securing positions on good prospects
whioh are now being developed in the
fiardeau aud Trout Lake districts
and the Lardeau prospect owners pay
the sonle willingly. A large number of
important looations have been made
this season, ronny of them by these
s-ime Slocan miners, who will soon he
mine owners themselves, with the
hearty assistance they are reoeiving on
every hand.''
Mr. John M. Harris, of Sandon,
owner of tbe Reco mine, is authority
for the statement that it is not a partial close down of a few mines, but a
complete close down of every important mine in th" dislrict, only men
enough being left at the mines to protect propertv.
��   ���   ���
Every mine at Sandon of any note,
has shut down indefinitely. No work
except that of small contract work will
be done in them except at tbe rate of
iji.'i for eight hours' labor.
* * ��� ���
The surveyors will soon be at work
surveying the underground workings
of the Reco.    The Reco   is shut  down
and will remain so indefinitely.
��   ���   ��
The Dooksteader Brothers made a
good striko this week on their prospect
on Cody Creek, about two miles abo-e
the Cody townsife. They have uncov
ured a good, strong ledge, whioh carries fioin six to eight inches of high
grade galena.
The Spokesiunn-Review publishes
yesterday in full the list of mines in
the Nelson Miueinl Exhibit at the Spokane Exposition, It occupies over n
I'olumn of its best reading space.
Continued from First Page.
men employed. This list also needs
revision but to show the fallacy of the
llguros I shall take tbe first ten on the
list, in tho order in which he hns
placed them, and which are properties
working and around New Denver:
Ledge's Actually
Statom't Working
California 10 7
Mnriou 12 7
Lost Tiger  8 1
Anglo Saxnn   6 2
Home Rnu   �� 0
Bosun !0 0
Craokeriaok  2 2
Ruby  II 2
Laktviow  2 0
Mollie Hi.Rhes a a
Furthermore with the exception of
the lirst two properties named, the
owners themselves are doing the work,
consequently no  wages are paid.
Before concluding I ;lesire to compliment The Miner on the mnnlv nnd independent stand it has taken In the
discussion of the present trouble,
which is most agreeable ns a contrast
to the shillyshallying guff and falsehoods dished up by certain other papers. Thanking you, Mr Editor, in
anticipation for the publication of this
article, I am yours truly,
New Denver, B, C, Oct. 18th, 1899,
Tho   Lust   Chuacn
down indefinitely.
mine  is   closed
The Payne mine  has  shut down indefinitely.
The Ruth
mine has  shut down   in-
The    membership   of   tbe  Phoenix
Miners' Union is increasing rapidly.
���   ���   ���
The Slocan Star has shut  down   indefinitely.
��   ��   ���
The town of Phoenix is situated in
the center of Greenwood camp On
one side are the Knob Hill and Old
Ironsides mines, ou the other the
Brooklyn and Sternwinder. Already
Phi:' nix lms :i water system and con
n ns have ben made hum Die
mains to thi pi iucipal bus nes's pi u ui
on Dominion nvenno and Phoenix
st'-o r. An electric li��iu plant will be
installed in the conr.-.i- (if a coonle of
months Street grariiug Is beio^ vigorously poshed by Mr Ruinberger,
levels having been given by J. A. A.
Coryell C. E. P, L B, Two tele-
pliom ��� impanietfai doing business iu
the town, and n local system is shortly
to be established. Tbe buildings being ereoted are all substantial ones.
The pay roll���nearly $40,000 a month���
is thi best possible guarantee of ihe
stability of the town. The ore bodies
of Greenwood camp are said to be
among tbe largest in tho World, and
experienced mining men state that
the mines around Phoenix will, in five
years, be larger shippers than any
other mining camp on the continent.
With these advantages, Phoenix
should be one of the largest cities in
British Columbia. It is expected the
railroad to Phoenix will be in running
order before the first of the new year.
ThiB means that tbe big properties
in Greenwood and Wellington camps
will commence shipping ore, aud the
consequent employment of larger forces
of men. A low estimate planes the
number of men who will he employed
in Greenwood and Wellington camps,
in six months, at COO. At present
there are more than two hundred
working in the   mines of these camps.
New York, Oot. 13.-Kid McPart-
land, of this city, was given the decision oo points, over Owen Zeigler, of
Philadelphia, after 25 rounds of hard
and fast fighting before the Broadway
Athletic Club tonight.
New York, Oot   IS ���The committee
for   the   perpetuation   of  the  Dewey
memorial arch have pledges of 1100,000
toward carrying out the purpose.
Real Estate
Fire & Life
Strange    Experiences   of    Europeans
With Spooks of Abyssinia.
Captain Welby, who has recently returned from an expedition through
Abyssinia, tells the London Times the
following extraordinary story of the
haunted land of Wnlamo:
"One of the most weird and remarkable scenes I ever witnessed wns in
Walnnio, some fortnight's jonrney
south of Adis Abiila. The place had
an evil reputation, and I had frequently heard that any person venturing to enter the country became tho
special prey of demons���in fact,became
possessed by demons. Of course, I
pooh-poohed tho idea, but, nevertheless, it made me more determined than
ever to go there. My Abyssinians did
not even demur when 1 told them of
my resolve, bnt tho fact really wns
that they did not think I should be
permitted to enter the devil-infested
zone. On reachiug the mysterious
lilacs I found it to be one of great
beauty. It was a fertile country, with
luxuriant vegetable growth, intersected
wilh streams. It was, moreover, very
hilly and well timbered. The inhabitants I fourd to bo most frie idly, al
though they told me, thoy had never
seen a white mnn before. So far all
bad gone well, and I was more ceitain
than ever that Ihe evil reputation of
the place wns only based on sn< etsti-
turns nonsense, I do not say that subsequent experience bus left any clear
l idea ill my mind, and I can in no way
; explain the marvelous phenomena
wlii'-b I witnessed. 1 only state the
"The  firs!   sign pf anything   wrong
v as w hi a one oi m ��� .-- mali i si   rl (nsh
ed into camp shouting 'Wnlamo,   VVal-
i       He n ������������'   frightfully excited ; he
shook violently, an i kicked likenihad-
iii-i!!, anil in tic4 interval between his
shrieks he lold me that be was \ i >< as,
ed by n devil. Thi whole of that
night he was neither mori nor less
than a maniac, but ihe next day he
wns perfectly well Iliad been previously told thai once a man had be-
I come 'WjIiihio' or devil possossed, he
was always liable to a second attack,
and as a simple measure of precaution
the man's rifle wns taken from him.
While nn the march be bad another access of this curious madness, in the
course of which he diew a knife, and,
rushing about, threatened to kill everybody, It took several men to hold
him down. It is sujipposed io be especially dangerous to eat food in the presence of the 'Walamo' people, and on j
one occasion one of my Souuaneses saw I
it Walamo gazing intently upon him :
while he was having his meal, Noth- j
ing untoward occurred at the time,
bnt two days later this man became a
raving lunatic.
"The latest victim, who was my
headman, had always been a peace
able, orderly follow, bnt ho professed
to know before the outbreak that he
had become possessed. Certain it is
that he, like the Somali, kicked and
yelled and exhibited similar symptoms
to tho other unfortunate. Without intermission he shouted 'Walamo' at the
top of his voice, and in his madness
injured three men. Eventually he had
to bo tied up, bnt tbe next day he
was perfectly well.
"Thinking I could perhaps do something to explain these extraordinary
occurrences 1 resolved to eat solemnly
a meal in the pre-ence of the Walamo
myself. When all wns prepared I had
something like a hundred of the-io people wulehing me Iu due tune the
I meal was over, und I thought no more
I have on my list a
a large number of Lots.
Also Dwelling Lots.
Some of which are
listed above par value,
but occasionally a man
comes along who is
stuck for some money,
he probably sees something that he is sure
he can double his
money on in a few
days, and says if you
can sell my lots in the
next io days I will
take so much for them.
Now I have 8 lots just
in that position and if
you want a Snap just
See Annable before
they are gone.
1 can loan you money
to build if necessary.
Opera House Block.
A A A A ttl &. SL ffj
Miss McDERMOTr hns just returned from Spokane and has in my ideas of Ihe
Latest Anieiican Nov. Ity Hals, as well as some Very 8 ylish Veilings.
Grebe and Sable Trimmings wi.l arrive ,lie first of Ihe week.   First, choice
preferable always.
Miss Tamulyn has some beautiful novelties i   Liii-'iis from Mow York ml
expects a large stock of Fancy nrlieli s an I im lain  . il.-iy or t\vof>om  a ne pi re.
Orders taken for Bittenhuig and 11 on i ton Point   Uc s I'm-   Cu-limi ,   Lamp
Shades, Siampng, e'o.   Lea�� ns Iu Embroiilei   audi   n   iVorku    Wed esdny *
and Inured ay n, in , 50c. a le son.
Some lovely Mexican Uiawu Work for b le, bu  i  Is selling fust.   Do uol  full
to see it.
j Bargain Columns.
��. a �� ���
Some Uiusually Qood Bargains Offered   !iy Our En-   1
tar prising VWrcfuats.   Chan-css Drily.
������*���>������.>���������������������*��������� �����������������* ��������*���>*-. ������*������<,�����������t>t���,f ��.��.4f;fA
,7UCE OQJifAU^-i       i buy anytK *
r\r\*    ��-,    c-v en FromnSteamboal  on I ;,
9��Jt.   CO   3>/..r>U. bverythinfi-In it my stoft
Bel we-ii Bilk. 1-,-ui.i Viotoi'i.i Streets
Large Size.     Pretty Patterns
Martin O'Reilly b Co
t\ 25  Per Cent OU
J. A. Gilker.
���GO   TO-
l /Merchant Taifor j
:   r
Nelson Cleaning and Dyeing
s. li. Pi Kit it K Prop,
Ladies' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dved, altered and repaired.
h.-hc ��r ��� lurks, U..I..I. Mi.ii
Ull'llell   of Ml
lure Frames
A lar. a cmsicti'iien  of Moiild;np��,   AVo are now prepare
to mould P dure Frames m any size or alyle,
It    ril-lUiJ      I    VVbpn yonrdocto'flndd nut thai hla medi-
��������*������ * vm ��#*������������ j otuoja nut having Iho dulivd u"'eci tlion lie
'" tell you to got Mi tn; tfoort Liquor. Wiicd
you end ilou'i Forgot  ho
Itar��;iIn-, In
inn* team
IV I'll Is-, HlltM>N,
rick ihhmism.
wmrs. ETC,
wh< re Jon cai   ilepcnil on  ��elliiiir  I lie host
Qranos 1,11I11 market am. any quantity from
IDC. Up,    l'i-,uesuil   llul III' (liHJHIU-,1,
Frank A. Tamulyn, Mgr.,
Bakbr Street, Nelson
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
Every Man
Ilk��� to di-risH in  Fasluonuble.  ,-e-i
Nice FittiuR Gnrnjentm il  be .'u1
do so at 11   reiiRounblo nrioe.    M
Full and  Winter Samplea are not
complete in Siiiiiut'c, Overconti
nnd Fnncy  Veating',   Give  ,n
onll  nud  1  will  quote you  pi ;������.
that will iiHtniii��li von.
Ladies' Tailoring  in   all   it
branches, a api cialty.
Rooms 1 and 11
Clements-Hillyer Block
Fraternity  Hall
Car Baker A Kooleiiny sis.
can be rented for Concerts, Lectures,
Danoes, Banquets and every hind of en-
tft'tainiii"nt. Uond ante-riiomn, cloak
moms, Kitchen nnd dinini? room furnished.    For terms apply
DR. E. C. ARTHUR, City.
nhout it. Here I should statu that I
bail not had a day's illness during the
journey and was in the best of health
at the time. The next day, however,
I felt thoroughly ill Needle��� to say,
I did not let any of my people know
that anything was wrong, nor can I
attempt to explain the cause. I was
quite unable to find a cause for this
nivsterious business. I merely confine
myself to a hare statement of the facts.
It was nn anxious time for me, as I
did not know wlioiher at anv moment
the whole camp might not become
' Wulamo.' "
*��� ���sHHHsHH ������*>.).)<) + ������.)��>,>�����-��>.
We have completed our alter-
atio h:.ii now bnve plenty of
I'noin to accumniodate the ever
lui-rensi ir iiiiinbei of cus'oineis
to mil' store
Tbonisdn Stationery Co., Ltd.
nelson, b. c.
2500 MINERS.
To work in the M-lalllferoua Mines of British
Columbia, it tho followinit pricon per
day of eiwlit hourn:
Hand Drillers	
Mtichino Mon ...
Minor., In Shafts
Labo orn  ..
Timbermon ... .
.. 8,80
.  H.sn to ft (10
... 2 53 to   H.Od
..2 50
.    250
.. 3 50 to $4.no
... 3.50 10 11.00
POOIITION, rtanilon, Uriiiuh Oulumbla.
The Nelson & Fort Sheppard
Railway Company have resumed
the sale of lands and timber along
its line, and townsite lots at Rossland, Erie and Vmir. For information cal! on or address
S. Chaki.es, Agent,
Rossland, B. C.
2:30 a.m. -S.S. M..yie or 8. 8.   ':���
arrives from Umw'�� Hi -I
IJcii. couneel i"ii, id.oit-i .- ,
L'd'g and way poiuts daily,
7:00 a.m ��� Train leave 1 O. P. ii al 1 01
for Si:ii Ion, i '"��� in .in line
ai ���!    Intermediate   1 an ���
via Slocan l it} exc 1 1 Sui
7:00 a.m.���Ttulu leaves O. P, !! sta
tii ii for KoBslaiul, 1 he mini,
line and iuierm diaie poiuli
via Kobson daily.
0:10 a.m.���Train leaves ,'-'. & 1'. s
station for Rounliuu!, Spo-
^aii! .-iiirl tray povnts daily,
10:03 a.m.���8. 8. luternalional arrlvus
from Kaslo and way puinta
daily except Sunday,
I0:5ii H.m.���Train arrives from Rossland, Trail nnd Kobson and
intermediate points daily.
11:00 a.m.���8. 8. Kokanee arrives from
Kaslo and way points daily
except Sunday.
3:45 p.m. -Train leaves O.l'.R. station
for Robson, Trail and Ross-
laud aud inteimediats pts,
4:0U p.m.���8. 8. Kokanee leaves for
Kaslo and way poiuts,
daily, except Sunday.
4:30 p.m.���8. S. International leaves
for Kaslo and way points,
dailv except Sunday.
5:50 p.m.���Tram arrives N. & F. S.
station, from Spokane,
Rossland and way poiuts.
7:25 p.m.���Train arrives O. P. R. sta-
���tion,  from   Rossland,   the
main line and inierrnediaie
points via Robson daily.
7.25 p. m. ���Train arrives C. P R.
station from Sandon, the
main line and Intermediate
points via Slooun (Juv, except Sunday.
10:30 p.m.-88. Moyie or S.S. Nelson
leaves lor Kootenay L'd'g,
way points and Orow's Nent
Branch aud points Eas-t
Transportation Companion aro requested to
Pve notice to the Minor of any iiltenuions in
thn tlmenf irrlvi   ind .lmmrtnssj from Velinn
Steam tugs Ymir. Kaslo, Angerona,
Red Star, Hercules, Surprise and others
ply en Knoteiiaj lake to and from Nel
son, but have no regular  liuieB of arrival and departure
H. s. Honl.-iml, Pri ' '       ' ::''
..     ilho        1 -
Head Ollli      t'oron  ���
I). II. WLLK.IB, Qenei'i    M    ager.
E. HAY  ��� ispwtur.
Ili-iini-tics in nil p. .in-1,' ] ""T"
III       <��., ���  ir '  ,     llllll
n,-, Ik 4    in      Mioilliilia.     Viirllno'sl
lirrlliirl.-s 11 ail >.. in- ��� ��'.>I��i"i��la
Wl.s    -   KB,   PllKI'AOB I.A Pi
M'.'i     1 'll/Mi.v ,        I.MOK Al
din u-iii   -,...-. 1    ��� ..vi ���'
In 11 ��� rroKK, 11. ''���
Agents in 1 ireal  Britain
-���: Iji'iiharddtreot, uondoi, ������'���������' '      ' ���
mas in d posited rnr iransl r hy I
to any pin 1 ol 1 i' adn
bettors of llli^ii��loiiAla*iCoffliii��r-
,-ial Co, paynblo at rib Mloluwl's, Ala-ka, ana
ttWUrHfta Sold, available ill all points In Can-
d��, Uiillud Slates and Kurnpo. ,  ...
Loner, ,11 i-.i-i'ilit Imuoii, available In am
pari of llio world. .    ���f si
.Suviii^s lunik Oepartmpnt-Dopii"!"''.
,ml apwardi received and Inleroel J'110""1' .
Iiubei tures-Mnalolpal and othei  unow \
I lurespuroliasud, ,,    , .,���.. Hank
Money Orders Isnuod parable at anj ����� "|>,
; Ratea -Under   *lo.   Se:   *m   w $M    ,w-
I )0 to $3U, 12o: ��30 lo *5il, Uc.
J.   M.   LAY    MANAGER,
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Krom Montrool
> (let ^
Dominion Lino ^pombroman    ."jjovll
Dominion I ine l*Vnnooaver
Allan l.ino "I'lirisnui''	
Allan Line "Bavarian 	
' White Star Line "MnJMllo".
White Slur Lino "Teutpnio
Cunard Lino "Anrania	
Canard Lino "Btrurla  	
- Anohnr Line "Furni ssia ,
' All mutate Lino "Mongolian
American Line "New Voi-k ..
Dominion Line "New England".
Dominion Lino "iiinaila
Ocl. -,|i
. ..Nov. s
Nu��- Vork
"��������� N��"'.,
 pet a
1 id. -��
 oci. a
���''.,'. Oct.-'>
Krom Uoetor
1 lot 2)
���".:'.. Nof'2'
Windermere Minos.   Corresponi.er.co.


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