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Nelson Daily Miner Jan 18, 1900

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' libr
,i,tilv l-dilion No. 629.
Nelson,  British Columbia, Thursday, January 18,  1900.
Tenth Year
Men and Arms are Gradually Approaching
Nearer Ladysmith.
General Warren Crosses in the Face of a Heavy Cannon
and Rifle Fire -Stirring Account of the Disaster
to the Highland Brigade.
London, Thursday.���(4'80 a. m.l��� iThe Daily Telegraph's correspond-
Genornl Bnller oopmletely surprised Unit, nnder yesterday's date, say,:
the Unci's nnd riccupied (he hills he- I "I nm permitted to wire from Spear-
yntul Potglester drift. 15 miles wost of nan's {Farm that Oeneral Lyttleton
Oolenso on Weduesdoy, January 10, yesterday afternoon ferried nnd forded
This intelligence is contained in nn PotgieBter's Drift and seized, with lit-
exclusive despatch to the Times dated tie opposition, a line of low ridges tt
yesterday. He followed up the move- mile from there. During the night u
in. nt hy shelling Ihn Boer trenches. '' How, ii/er Imliery was carried across
This news completely disposed of the Today from Mount Aliee.neai Swnrl--
statement thnt Sir Charles Warren's kop, naval guns and Howitzers effeo
force went in the dircetion of Weeiinn, tiveiv shelled the Hour position which
nnd ii noils greatly to restore ootid- is strong. General Warren also today
deuce in Ii.'iiernl Buller's tftOtlcs. crossed the Tiigela, six miles farther
The supposition that he hnd divided to the west, near Wagondrift, with ull
his forces into three columns lied given arms, In tho fnoo of a heavy lire from
n.iiM' for anxiety. It is now seen that! Boer ciiiilinn and rifles, B ' lias effeot-
sin h n view was erroneous ns General ed nJ1uo.1t sntlsfaotory lodgement t.vo
Buller's forces are concentrated, miles farther on toward   Sproeu kop. '
In Oape Colony,   General   Methuen |
hn- made  u  demonstration  iu force,
shelling the Boer works. General iiut-
iieie is Bklrmlslilng aronnd  Molteno
und (l.uier'il French bns heen throw-
itiR 11 few shells ut tlm liners at Kent's-
burg.   Colonel Plummer is moving   to
London.   Thursday,���A  dispatch  to
th.- Daily yews from Spearman's Farm
describes Lord Diiiidonuld's advance at
Swnr zlinp Hill commanding Potgiest-
ers Drift and says. "General Lyttleton's brigade was sent tn hold a po-
the rslief of MnfeWng from Beobaan Isiii.m on Swnrtzkop hill, leavings
nhniil. He is in oomraand of 9,0001 strong body to hold Colenso and Gen-
������,,, I earl Hild.vniii's brigade at Springfield.
The stniidnid's vivid accoiini  of the Our  whole   force  advanced  without
assault upon Ladysmith shows that the delay ns the ferry pont nt Potgiester'B
d ami that several w. a on the further ln.uk of thn Tugela
garrison wns surprtsei
times the situntton was critical, Out
of a detachment ot 80 Gordon High-
landers who surrendered, every tusn
wns wounded, snys the oorreBpondent,
This is the lirst mention of the oaptnn
uml in order to bring it to our sido
Lieutenant Oalisle and five of the
South African Light llnrso swam
aoross the river and In-nuglit it o.'or.
After four days halt on the south   side
The   Boers' repulse of tbe Tugela our  odvance  northward
"i  Higblanderi
nl i.iul-.-smilli was thn heaviest ciinnli-r
stroke of the wnr.
The Government is relaxing its
efforts to send out  reinforcements,   11
n- quite undecided as to when the
Eighth Division will be shipped. The
Win Ullice declined the offer of a third
tiiitliiiion of the Northamptonshire militia, saying thut no more militia will
he neiii abroad. It Beams probable that
only 8,000 instead of lo.uiin Yeomanry
Will he niohiliy.nl.
The War Ollice senl for Lord Strath-
��� iiiiii M-lirdny nnd he lnnl a long interview with the officials, particularly
General Sir Evelyn Wood. Tho de-
'nils of his oiler have lieon arranged
nnd cuhli'ii to Canada.
Mr. .1 ,1. Van Allen's offer to give
n Held ho-pitnl section, to consist of
three wagons, 8,BOO cots, and 80 trans-
|iorl minimis, with all appliances,   has
linn accepted hy the War Offloe,   The
 lii'U Will   ho   culled   the   American
"fatIon of the hospital  to which it is
Tim Minister! nre gathering for n
' -linnet Council, which will   probably
'" held tomorrow, (Friday,)
began on Tuesday, January 10, Uen
oral Lyttleton'a brigade crossed the
drift that evening nud heln the kopjes
on our right. Sir Charles Warren's
division has made un attaok niinti the
enemy's left Hunk. Tho column is now
oroising tbe river."
Modder River, Oape Colony, Wednea
day.���There was u demonstration in
fnroe  yesterday   under General  Mn-
Union, 11 division being   engaged   with
the object of ascertaining tbe strength
nnd disposition of the Hour force, and
also in order io try to withdraw the
Moors from Kimberley, where they
have been active  lately.      The Hritish
dlsoovered tbe liners In great force
and being reinforced frum the direction nf .liicnhsdnlc.     At    t l80 the Bltil-
lery opened lire, the shells dropping In
the Hour entrenchments with gresl
preoison. The attack wus diraatad
against the Boer left, Firing wus continued until sunset, mosili with nrtil
lory, although the guiirds on the right
fired   some   long   range   volleys.    The
'""''inn, Thursday.��� The Times publishes the following dispatch fiimi
^"urimin's Form, dated .Ian.    17, �����_()
I- in. ���
"Uii the forced   march westward   on
January iii, i_nr,i Dondonnid, hy n
lashing movement, occupied the hills
"'"'vo Potglester's Drift, ir. miles west
il   Oolenso,   Inking   the     Moors   com-
I '""lv hy surprise.   The same evening
"" Infantry followed,
General [.yttleton's brigade crossed
livei   yesterday and today   shelled
'"' Boer tre.ieiie, beyond with How-
'"""ml Warren's forco is now oioss-
""' '""iiiirdii,. Di If t, Ave miles above,
"   iM   not     opposed,      allhnugli     the
'""'"''"��� hnl.ling a position live miles
''iini ih,, river."
on Lndysniit'i remains unappeased,
The_viigue rnmora that a general engagement is progressing are based
snlely on the belief that General Buller's arrangements to advance would
be completed Monday or Tuesday at
the lulest. The War Ollice this after j
noon posteil this notice: Tho following telegram is the only news which
has been received In rogard to General j
Buller's operations near Springfield. !
The telegram then proceeds to report
the death of n private front dysentery
at Springfield Camp on January 111,
and the wounding of another piivnte
iu a reconnaissance at tho Tugela River, Jan, lo.
High Commissioner  Heard
From on the Subject.
London, Wednesday.���Some of the
most brilliant work, in the way of descriptive writing, ever done by win
correspondents, has heen appearing in
the London papers during the last few
days. Afur tracing the terrible loss
Buffered hy the Highland Brigade at
Magersfontein, the Daily News correspondent thus writes of the burial of
General Wuuehope i
"Time hundred yurds to the roar of
the little township of Modder River,
just as the sun wns sinking in a bln/.e
of African splendor in the evening of
Tuesday, the 13 th of Decern her, a lung
shallow grave lay exposed in the hrenst
of the veldt. To the westward, a lirnud
river, fringed with trees, runs nnii-
liiui iugly ; to the eastward the heights,
still held hy the enemy, scowled menacingly; north and south the veldt undulated peacefully. A few panes to
the uortbwnrd of that grave fifty dead
Highlanders lay dressed ns they the--
had fallen on the field of buttle; they
hud followed their chief t.) the field,
and they were to follow him to the
grave. How grim and stern those men
looked, as they lay face npward to the
sky, with great hands clenched in the
last agony, nnd brows still knit with
the stern lust, of the strife in which
they had fallen. The pl.iids, dear to
every Highland clan, were represented
there and, ns I looked, out of the distance came the sound nf pipes���ft was
the general coining to join his men.
"There, right under the eyes if the
enemy, moved with slow and solemn
trend nil thnt remained of the Highland Brigade. In front walked the
chaplain with bared head, dressed in
his robes of ollice; then enme the pipers with their pipos, Bixtccn in nil,
and behind them, with arms reversed,
moved the Highlanders, dressed in nil
the regalia of their regiments, and iu
the midst the dead general, borne by
foul Of his comrades. Outside the
pipes, to the strains of "The Flowers
of the Forest," now ringing mind
nud high, until the soldieis' heads
Went buck in haughty dcliauce, and
eyes flashed through tears like sunlight
OU steel, now sinking   to   a   moaning
wall, like .i woman mourning for her
first lioru, until the proiid,lioiids_droop-
ed forward till they rested ou heaving
chests nnd tears run down the wan
and scarred   faces,   and   choking  sobs
broko through tbe solemn rhythm of
the march ol death, Right np to the
grave they marched, then broke away
in companies until thc'gcncrul lay in
the   shallow     gnive   with   a   Scottish
square of armed  men   around   him,
��� ui'v the dead man's sou ami   a  small
remnant of ins offloers stood with the
chaplain und pipers while the solemn
service of lhe el.ureh wns spoken.
Then, once again, tIn- pipes pealed mil
nnd "Lnch Alter No More." cut
tlitougli the stillness like n cry of
piin, until one could almost hour thn
widnw in her llighluiid home moan,
ing for the soldier she would   WeloomS
Departing Soldiers Given a Royal Bend-Off.
Mnuy Offers of B. 0. Men for
the front
(Special Dispatches to The Miner,)
! Ottawa, Wednesday.���The Depart-
! ment of Mililin received today full instructions from Lnnl Strathcona regarding the orgnnizntiou of the High
Commissioner's contingent for .South
I Africa, which is spoken of in London
ns "Strathcona's Own, "and in Canada
us "Strathcona's Horse." Hon. Dr.
Borden* notified Lord Strathcona that
the Department would extend tbe
whole machinery at its oominaud to
niitlit and equip the contingent, This
wns done in; reply to a request from
the High Commissioner. Work was
therefore commenced Jin [earnest by
Oolonel Pinnnlt, Deputy Minister of
Militia, this afternoon. One of the
lirsl Ihiugs dune wns to look out for
transports, H. A. Allan, of the Allan
Line, arrived tonight and will have
mi interview with the Piemier tomorrow morning in regard to suitable
steamers, sir Wilfrid Laurier is acting for Dr. Borden, who is on his way
to Halifax,
As the troops will have to be raised
in the Canadian Ninth West, Mr. Sif
toii and Comptroller Fred White will
sssist iii the work of organization.
Lord Strathcona will be consulted regarding the appointment of officers
aud other Important matters will he
curried out. T. F. Best, Y. M. O. A.
Secretary, who goes out with the second contingent, is In the citv und was
present at a farewell meeting in the
Association hall tonight
Quebec, Wednesday. ���It was almost
2 o'clock today when the train containing the first part of "15" Battery
and No. :i troops, "A" and "B"
squadrons, Canadian Monnted Rifles,
pulled nut of the I. O, K. stuliou ul
Levis und the Second followed hnlf uii
hour luter. The men began lo enter
the train at 8 a. m., and even from
that early hour people from Quebec
and Levis- began to gather at the station     until   noon.     Some    thousands
tbtonged every available foot ol
ground, The state bund of the it. C.
A. wns present [and discoursed patriotic airs and altogether such uiitlmsi-
nstla demonstrations took place as have
never been surpassed here, not eveu
when the first contingent sailed. Al
the train   drew   mil,   the   enthusiasm
became perfeotly frenzied and carried
j every Dne with   it.   Many of  the  lust
families in  Canada were represented
i in thu gathering ut the station but
there were fewer nnnsl eyes than
when the lust men left here for Booth
Africa, lis there was less opportunity
for tbe impressive sights then willies si tl.
ish wero returning to oamp lu the
darkness   when   sis   shells    followed
There   were   nn   ia malt ies   among
the British troops.
Thursday, (Bill. a.m. ���__The
' "'-v morning pnpers lire out with   ex-
"h"""H confirming the dispatch
""' H|>"nrinnn'e Farm   to  the Times.
liners reserved their fire until the Brit-   back nu more.    Then, lis if lunched by
the mSgiC Of otic thought, the soldiers
turned their tear damped eyes from
the still form in lhe shallow grave to
ward the heights where Cronje, 'the
linn of Africn,' and his soldiers stood,
"Then nvery el k flushed   -i l iiihoii.
and strong jaws set like steel, and the
veins ou the hands   that clasped lilies,
swelled almost to banting with the
fetvor of the grip, >md  iimi look from
llitise silenl men spoke muni eloquently
ilniii the tongues nf orators, For on
each frowning fnce the spirit  of ven
g,'.int-e sin uml each sparkling eve n-k-
ed silently   fnr   hlooil.    Iiinl    help   the
Boers whet si 'he Highland pibroch sounds, tioil rest thi'Hoer"' souls
when Iho llighlunil   huionets   .luiige,
for'neither death, nor hell, nor things
above, nor things below, will hold the
Boots hack from their blood tend.   At
tlm   grave,   at   the   poml
London. Wednesday.���A   relative  of
Geuerol Buller is reported to hnve received a cm Ingram from ibe general
yesterday to the  effect that his force
was occupying n Strong position, Thnt
is nothing but a rumor, however.
A dispatch from Capetown, dated
todny, says Gi ral Gataoiobas protested I" Ilu- liner ciiniinnnihiiil at
Stormherg against allowing wives and
daughters of Hour soldi 'rs to reside In
or near the camp,
Montreal,   Wednesday ���Rev. Father
Sliint'llc,   assistant   in   SI.   Anthony's
church, whn has been appointed Un
mnn Onthollo chaplain of the second
contingent, leaves for Halifax tomorrow-   Mis lute parishioners  presented
him wiih un address nml .'-''"i" iu gold
this afternoon,
I .or'u/.n Marques, Monday.���A dis
piitch by wny of I'l'ii'n tJated Thins
day.   .Inn.  II. iiiinniiiiceH Unit   Cnlonel   ,|���, |���,un- ���f
Plummer has arrived  near
neiiresl.   lhe   enemy,
abont one   hundred   tutlei borth ��� '*" j 11(...i to sleep,    bla
Mnicliing. With U portion Of   bla forOCWJBroond    Inn,,  Whilst
from Tul11. '
London,   Wednesday, (_t80p.ni.)"
Pnbllo anxiety regarding the b_.bi	
the general wns
officers grouped
in   line   behind
him, his soldiers wsrs laid In n double
row, wrapped In Ibeir blankets,   Nn
( Olllllllll'l Oil   I ..iiiiii   I'll-e.
Victoria, B. 0., Wednesday.���A pn-
trlotlc iiiii*.-. meeting wns bold here tonight io i.insider tin. representation of
this city in Lord Ftrnlhoniiu's contingent. The Victoria tl ter w.is crowded to the doors and numbers were turned away.
Vlotorla, n ��� '.,  Wednesday.��� Since
lhe   nlVei ul   the   Province   to   supply
I Great   Britain  with  u  regiment   of
lough liders wns mud.   the menihers of
I the Legislature hnve had ample oupor-
tumiy nf gmigiug lliii loyal si -nt i mi ni
of   their    const)Inenci.s       There     is
hardly a member bnt has had telegrams from men tillering to go to the
front, Today Mr, .1 M, Martin, Rossland, minded In the Premier a iiiiiiiht'i'
iiif wires he hud received from Buss
hind and (liven wood. .Int-k link,
{gruilnute of Kingston Military College,
and Steve Garnhnui   formerly sorgeant I
of the N, W. M. P., ami prize swords- j
man. nre   engei    to   go.    The.   M.-ssis.
-iiRcelles  nnd Cousins, of  Groeuwood,
also want service     In  Vornon   almost I
half tho population Beom to wnui to go!
tn the front.   Thai   well known news-!
paper man, Mr,   MoKelvlo,   editor  of
Un- 'News, is among   those whn offered
their sot vices.
Quebec, Wednesday.���Qnebeo's -iml
oil' iii 10 Battery nud A Squadron,
Mounted Hides, of tho second contingent, last night wns most enthusiastic,
over forty thousand citizens lining the
streets to do homage to their departing sons. Bach of the Quebec members of the contingent was presented
with n sealskin tobacco pouch ns the
gift of the Huron Indians, nt Loretto.
Before entraining for Halifax Trooper
Adam Hall, ot Petorboro, vas wedded
to Miss Edith Hartley, of the same
Ottawa, Wednesday.���The Canadian
Pnrtlotia Fund has reached olo��e to
tlie 150,000 innrlt, the amount being
Ottawa, Wednesday.���Messrs. Borden, Fielding and Mulock lefl hen
today for Halifax. .Mr. Sutherland
will join them OU the nni nnd Mr.
Muir. who is nt St. John,will go from
there to Halifax. Arrnugements aio
gning on to have a hnll holiday here
on Friday, so ns to give n chance tn
all olassos to take part 111 the demonstration to the North West squadron.
Detroit, Mich., Wednesday.���Prominent vesselnien from u'l tho ports on
the lakes are arriving in Ihis city lobe
in readiness toduv for what promises
to be one nf the most important conventions the Lake Carriers Association
ever bold. The important question to
be decided is the awarding of the 0OU-
traot for the handling of grain at Buff
alo North, Mew York, which envolves
a threatened clash between laboi and
capital. The Longshoremen's Union,
is preparing tn make u strong light
ngninst nwnriling tho contrnot to W.
J. Oormei's, who has had it for several
years. The union's executive cumiuit-
tee will confer with the Luke Carriers
on the mutter nud will practically deliver an ultimatum to the effect that
if Connors is given the contract again
tho union will declare a strike of
Longshoremen at all ports, thereby ti i-
ing ap the carrying trade on the lakes
Chicago, 111.,  Wednesday. ��� Gunning
for thugs and bnrglnrs will be made a
profitable pursuit of the dead shots of
Chicngo, if an ordinance, introduced
into the City Council lasl night, by
Alderman Ailing and referred to the
finance com in it tee, is passed. A reward of .'-.i'1 is offered by the ordi
nance foi the killing of any highway-
man or housebreaker caught in the ait
of crime or apprehended In an attempt
to escape. Police officers and oitizens
are alike niiule the beneliciares of the
novel plan lor protecting   nnd   ell'ectn-
ally stopping the growth of* the long
list of l.nld-iips und burglaries.    No in-
oentive is offered for endeavors tn capture tho desperados alive.
Washington, D. C, Wedneaday.i���
William E. English, .if Indiana, son of
the Democratic oandldato for vice-president in imii, todny returned to the
treasury u check for .1,178, Mr. English was captain and nsslstaut quartermaster lo the volunteer army during
the war with Spain. He senl tin
check to Seiiiiinr Fairbanks and asked
him iii turn ii Into Hi" treasury with
the statement thai be served his
country In time of danger for his
country's sake, and not for money,
that be did not waul  and  would nol
have the money.
mm cousins' WAR.
Manila. Wednesday. ���Colonel Kobbo,
with tbo 48th Infantry, sailed on board
the transport llaneock today with gunboats escorting. The objective of the
force is probably the important Islnudi
of Snniur, and l.e.vle, whn h the insiir-
guiis bold, American blookade nnd
levies of the Tavola army have  can ed
much Suffering mining   the people   and
hundreds of persons are In nn almost
starving condition.
New Ynrk, Wednesday.���A special
to The World Irom London, says l.nrd
Rnaebety bus resigned the prestdono)
of the Eighty i lui.. in winch he sue
cci'iieii Gladstone. Lord Bosebery'
resignation is regarded as an Indies
linn thut he desires t" plnce hlmsell In
a position win-io h in iiciepi offloe
in u I'U'Coiirilruoted Uuiouisl Ministry.
Influential Mine Owners Petition Legislature.
Strong Argument ol  the Mine  Owners.
Session Drugs Along with More
Speeches on tlio AddreBS.
iSpecial Dispntcirto The Miner, i
Victoria, B. i'.. Wuduesdny. -A
strong petition wns presented rn the
Legislature this ut'tornoou from the
mine owners of the Rossland camp,
urging i'n- repeal of the Eight-Hour
Inw. The petition, which is a
lengthy one, after staling Unit the cap-
itnl of the companies represouted by
tbo petitioners, aggregated many mil
Minis, went en tn say that bjcause .-i
ihe obnoxious inw a Inrgo number of
mines of the Sloonu hud not been
working for months pnsl owing to tbe
nusettlod and unsatisfactory stale of
the labor market, occasioned by the
passage and enforcement of th.- act lo
noieud the Inspection of Metalliferous
Mines Act, wherein it provided thnt a
person cannot be employed under
gmuiiil in any metalliferous mine for
more than eight hours in every
twenty-lour. The petitioners said
they Were not aware that such legislation wus ', eing sought, for the lirst intimation thev had of its passage was
from tbe daily press. Thev submitted
that, in view of ihe importance of
such legislation, nn opportunity should
have heen given them to express their
view. They wit" s.iiisiieil thnt the
change wns not sought for by miners
and the enactment was as great a surprise in ilieiii us to mine owners. The
miners bad never complained or peti-
tioned for a change from the Bysteni
iu vogue before the passage of this aot,
lu tin- nbnenoe of petition or evidence
before the Legislature by minors, the
petitiouers submitted they were fully
justified in asking lor repeal. Tho
petitioners snid the passage of this aol
hnd nn-nnsettliiig effeel on the market,
Investors wero timid and capital seek
Ing investment wns withheld, Pleasant and profitable relationship bad existed between employer aud employe
before the passage of the act and,
speaking   front experience, during   the
months the law had been in operation,
Uu petitioners said it would be lni-
possibletfo continue  to pay the rate of
wages for   eight hours' labor   as   thev
paid for ten, Tho expense ot carrying
on work iu tbe mines nt present being
operated  hu~ I oine burdensome and
unremnuerutlve, The  necessary nltet
native   will   be  a reduction in   wages
and the  petitioners  held, in   light  ot
experience, the consequence would   re
suit in greatly retnrdiug mining In tbe
Kootonays,   Tbi   fncl was emphasised
tiini the passage ol  the law was unfair
discrimination   ngnlt.sl    limn-h   and
eastern Cnnadian  capital  Invested  In
the iitiiii.-iin.v-.   in'iore  ih.- passage o!
the law,     limy   submitted II was unconstitutional as   ii   Imposes   nuwnr
rnntable restriction upon right to con
tinct. and therefore was   Interference
wiili the freedom  of ooutraot between
workman   and employer,   Relief was
asked for by the repeal 11 nraendmi nl
Tbo  petition   was  signed by twenty-
three of the hn-g.-i mine owning  corporations In the Kooieiiiiys.
As iu the session ol yesterday the
. ontrihutors to tho debate, with tbe
exception of   Helgesen,   Cariboo, were
nil mbei -  -1   the (ipposlt lon.   Mo-
Hrlde, who hud tho floor on resumption
nt the debate,   strongly  supported  the
(Sight   llnlil    law       He    sni'l When    the
mine owners renllzed it was tlit-re to
slay some teal attempt   would be mad"
to settle the strike
Klohard   llnll condemned   the Oov
ernment In a general speech and  then
Clifford, Cassini, made u sirmig k h
condemning  the  I lovi rnmenl foi   the
passage ot the   Alien   Bxcluslon   Aot
lie also  broughl   ta tbe  attention of
iln. (im, i mucin iiiiii Montana capital
ists would   build  ii   wagon  road, 130
miles    i ' luiiiu'oii, ni a t���"-' of fi".
ii.   , mile, in   return   asking  BO.OOO
,������,, ,,l whin 'I pn -'-in was vulllob-s
html      ( Inloni i   li:il.iT SpilkO  -tune liliie
, ujogistic   "I   ftn\ iii'-i il   I'linliy,   re-
I,- a tu ilo-  number of  application
for enlli ii i iu the    unted ooi p
lie held Ihe Boot ill iidjoniTinient. NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY.  JANUARY 18,  igoo.
Nelson Daily Miner
��� ubllsneil uaDj cxcopi Monday.
NklsonMinkh Pbcntino & Puhlihiiinq Co. ,
ii  I,  BEATON, Kiiitor and Manager,
Morning Kdiliou.
���Iy pi"* inonlh by oari'.or	
per half year	
per your ,	
poryt-arhy mall	
per year forolgn	
From*the roporl of a speech bj Mr.
Higgins: "With regard to the deadlock lesultaut from tho operation of the
Eight-Hour law io lhe Kootenay, he
Would say thnt he voted for that law.
Hn would nol say that he would   wish
to have it rupetilad; but he did suy
that the Governmeut should take immediate notion to properly Investigate
the oauses of existing differences between capital unit labor, and devise
some amicable method of bringing
them together. Any measure for the
amelioration of the condition of the
Nklsun "Weekly Miner, miners  would novo his support,   bul
Weekly, pi i-h.il! year f 1 23 I ln> would never   endorse   any   lucusure
p<-r_o_r    * 5? I that  was euloulated   111-advisedly  to
7 00
���l 00
por year, foreign	
Subscription i invariably in advance
2 fit!
drive capital out of   the   country.    He
  emphasized the  point thnt. in his esti-
..Bison Min !rPrlntlnK&PubllshlnRCo 1":'ti"�� the main ?"��" of Government
I duty, consideration ot  the settlement
, b. c.
No.   i.|.i.
The Miner will pay $io reward
lor information that will lead lo the
arrest and conviction of any person
who steals a copy of this paper
frotr. the   premises of our subscrilv
Yesterday \vu made brief reference
to the official organ of the Western
Federation of Miners. Wo do
any reason   why   this  or-
not know
organ,     if
should     not
one    wns     r
tint    there
of the dilticulty in Kootenny produced
hy the Bight-Hour law. had heon lo-
Inlly ovorlookod." Mr. Bemlin and
his merry men uro unanimous in
agreeing lhal ihe "main point of Government duty" just now is to hang on
to ollice by hook or by crook. Such a
trilling affair us a lnbor disturbance
that has paralysed the most important
Industry if the Province o.innot lie allowed to Interfere with the absorbing
duty of keeping watch on that majority of one.
if foreign
to prevent,
ie matte)
is whether
���1 as
considerations which suggest themselves iu connection with its publication and circulation that nil classes in
Southern British Columbia may ponder over with profit. Tbe editor is
President   of the Federation,  nud  is
known to be a mini of extreme views.
He is an open mid avowed advocate of
physical force in the struggle to obtain supremacy for the miners,
can talk without hesitation of the
of the ritie and the sword as
agencies in promoting the cause he is
paid to uphold, li is reasonable, there
fore, to expect that tho maga/.inc he
has churgod himself with publishing
will be of nn incendiary ahaiaoter.
The mine owuers and tin- miners are
ut iss-jo in this Province, The .wii-
lulty was caused in the lirst place by
the mischievous meddling ol the Qov
eminent and Legislature,at the instigation of the officials of this same Federation. It has sproad of itself, as was
natural. We do not think that any one
cares a great deal wbethet eight hours
or ten shall constitute tho miners1
day, und the mere question of wage i'
one that might luivo been settled by
the two parties concerned, with very
little trouble or delay,
agents had not interfered
We do not understand that the matter
of most serious issuo Here
there shall bo an eight-hour duy, for
which n certain wago shall be allowed.
If that were nil, the good sense aud
reasonableness of the pnrties   would
quickly find a solution of the difficulty. The trouble lies deeper thuii
this. In the adjoining States there is
an element of considerable strength,
lawless and anarchistic in disposition,
that is seeking to rank- itself supreme.
II is further seeking for sympathy and
aid from British Columbia, if it
inn .ihi.un these its hands will le
strengthened, for in miiiiy tilings Can-
uda is held up ns uu example worthy
tn he followed. The men who planned
tho Ooiiur d'Alenes riots could
sire nothing better than to he able
say that labor in a Canadian Province
wns at war with capital.
This element has already made itself
felt in British Columbia.   As
it was uu "iiHiiii of tins Montana
Kiinimitii.il that set the ball '
here. It is these ollicials that control
tbo local Unious, mil prevent a settlement of the troubles that SXlsl iu re
spent to the working of the
few days ago in Sandon
by a majority of ten to one. v.,ted
favor of coining to
mine owiuis, but tin
We ennuot conceive what Rood or
useful purpose is served by Rnah language as this, taken from The Victoria Times: "'There is no denying
the nict Ihat ihe majority of tho people
:if the United States us well ns ull tho
uatione of the earth favor the Boers in
ihe present war." Neither statement
is correct, or ii' one is Tho Times cannot know it. Men of Anglo-Savon
blood rule in the United States, and a
vast majority of that nice are friendly
to Grent Britain, The genuine Americans are with us, and for tho otbeis
wo do not cure. Italy is a nation of
the earth, no is Japan, so is Denmark,
so ure Norway and Sweden, and all
these arc for tho British neninst the
Boers We have no reason to dread is-
lnliiin, but it will bo tuns enough to
boast iif it when it comes.
The Attorney-General has n number
of Bills ready for the consideration ol*
the House, but there is no certainty
that any of them will over be reaohed,
Legislative affairs are in u very
muddled state. Nelson, in common
with   other   towns,   has asked   for the
control of its pnblio schools, and a paragraph in the Speech from the Throne
promise,1 nn amendment to the E.luca
Ion Aot under which il wus understood
the change might he made. But with
an almost vanishing majority the Government will cure more for iis own
safety limn foi the interests of the
public, and the prospect is thnt, the
session w ill prove Iini I less of legislation.
Mr. Martin iB very explicit in his
declaration of policy in the early days
of the Government, From a verbatim
report of a ltt'ent speech We quote:
"When we conic into power wo were
certainly verv weak. It was my desire thai we Bbonld go to ihe oountr*;
we wer.- in no position to take hold
of the ulTniis of the country with the
slim majority we hnd behind us."
Ilui even a slimmer is being made to
suffice now.
The 1'iiriiy of the Drug* nnd Modlclno-
Rdtnuibitorod to the ,-t .������: ��� i>* iht: nuv-t
��� i ntlal olomoat tn too iuoco-MfuI u-l-hl-
monl of iii-i������ii-*-. Pro-crlptlonn nre oom*
nitunaod hy un frum ntwolutoly I'ure
Drugi in perfect condition! iit-d tnophy-
i-i�� uiu' -kill will uoi bonulllflod by uui
..mi Impotonl ilniK-.
Oat itookiof roqul) Ita. for
The Toilet
The Nursery
The! Sick Rooml
An! hi.iii-*11    \ uui' 11 itronttff-fl olloitod.
��������������� .������.���������������������������������������������������������������������
Mr. Ernest Mansfield has signalised
his departure to England hy further
substantial cash payments for milling
properties. Ten weeks ago he bonded
the Tony and Glacier elainiH in Uiiiup
Mansfield for .5,01)0 on n 1_ months
agreement, Since then development
work has been proceeding und with
such t-utisfiictory results, that he determined to take advantage of the discount clause in the bond. Oil Tuesday, accordiugly, be took up tho bond
and bought the properties outright
from the vendors, Messrs. Clougll,
Long aud   Brudshiiw, of  Slocan   City.
He has also taken a houd on tho Mon-
iidnoek eluiiii from Mr. W. H. Crawford, for $7,000 of which a cash puy-
���ueut down was made of .."itnl. The
showings on this claim are exceeding
good, while its location is excellent.
It is situated on Koliunee Creek, di-
reotly between the Smuggler and Molly
Gibson groups. Work on this property will be Btarted in the beginning
of May, when Mr. Mansfield expects to
be buck In this country again.
During his ubseuce Mr. Mansfield
will leave Mr, W. E. Koio in charge of
his mining interests. He will superintend the work, pay off the men, and
generally have these important mining
operations under his exclusive control.
By leaving matters in Mr. Boio's
able and experienced hands, Mr. Mans-
Held will be able to rest easy as to the
proper currying out of the work that
has been planned.
Mr. Boie has come to Nelson on u
visit from Camp Mansfield and reports
that tho Tony is showing up splendidly under development, and there is
now a foot of clean ore ill the workings, showing every indication of permanency and a tendency to increase in
si/..: with depth. The ore is a Quartz,
carrying good Tallies it) gold and silver.
l)n tho Twin Lakes claim the tunnel is in 70 feet, and o ledge thieo feet
Wide, running in the direction of the
ore chute towards whioh the tunnel is
being driven, Iihb been encountered.
The lodge nuittor is freely besprinkled
throughout with galena and should
make good cuncenliuting ore. In another ion feet the tunnel will he underneath the ore chute in the uppet workings, which is extremely high guide,
running ItiO ounces In silver and silo in
gold to the ton.
The Bertha tunnel is now iu 180 feet
and is being vigorously pushed by
three shifts of miners. The Object of
this tunnel is to tup the Joker lead ut
a depth of 1100 feet on the John A. Too
Joker   lead   has   been   proved   to   run
through  the  John A. aud Treadwell
The tunnel on rhe Marguerite Fraction is iu 70 feet und is being driven
to tap the Joker lead on tho Green
Lakes fraction. This tunnel will be
100 feet long and will give a depth on
the vein of _00 feot. It is expected
that the leud will he encountered in
the beginning of May.
Mr. W. K. Boie returns to Oamp
Munstielri on Saturday, where he expects to remain until the end of the
month,when be will return to send bis
monthly report to London. There arc
already 50 ions of supplies ut tho mine,
but lie will take up with him four additional head oi cuttle whioh will
sutlice to keep tho crow of _o men going until summer.
The result of Iho past four months
work in Camp Munsli.il I is regarded ns
being exceedingly satisfactory, and big
results nre anticipated in c.irly
1900 W averly
DIARIES   Hotel ���
Ollice tin I Pocket.
Whittaker's Almanac
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
New and Important
C. A- PROSSER.   Manager.
'8800 Miles Actus
Price .1.-0.
, Canrda.'
Canada mm &
fining Stocks
Mary Belle
Bought and Sold.
Tena and , and others worked
by the Western
Canada Gold Mining Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market. Thorough inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday   (-.no Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Slock,    Hold
on installments ?'.j'o., one third down.
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assayers-
Three ninnilis will tone.) yon AJ-Bfiytng for
Gold, Silver, Copper. This deptirtnicnl is in
ilmive of Prof, Sutor, Honor Graduate of
MoGlll University ���
Live aud learn how, cheaper tlian you now
Board and Instruction in Assaying,all for
twenty-six dollars por month.
Write to the Prinoipal,
New Westminster.
All classes of learning may be had in this,
he only College of its kind tu tho Wost.
House   and   lot   for   sale,   close   to
business pui-t of city.   Priea $2,000.
Nurses'   Directory.
I nr i in- oonvonlonoo of rii.v-i< ian" nnd
Nm*---. -a,- Imve oMtabllishncI a Nm im'
Dim ti.rj. and in ordor to have II complete, reqiii -i nil Nm -.- in end In or call
and h-ave ; heir names nnd nddroMOH,
Dispensing Chemist
ii. iiux nt.
romptlr ai
:, phono ll.',.
Mini Uiili i-
nines,   a
the miners,
terms  with the
HtrouK hind ci
this foreiiin Federation would nol let
tiii'in move ii step. The purpose is to
get tne mastery oret capital, to tyrannise over it, to bully It, utterly reward'
less of the oonsequenaes, Thul t'lime
consequences wonld be disastrous Is obvious to any one of tbe lcum Intelligence, Tho urKiiii of the Federation le
designed to help on this purpose
in keep up the dlsoontenl In
Oolurabts will no donbl be largely dr
o_h,ted here,   We should be glad In-1 a Piano thnt Improves undei
deed if we could open t ye- ol I'll..-   USil(,,.     M,���,.   m���,u���|   ,,,.,���
ndiui.   inino workers to tbe danger |olheni nnd lasts ioneei
ahead.   It Is this danger,  nn we un
llerstand it, thnt Ihe mine  owners  ur
must deeply   emii'i'i'lied in Combatting
We hope  I.,,iiniic  fintii tbe foreignersI
who nre here.  As u c|ii-s they ure reck- ;
In��� mul desperate, nud tin, oomplote
ruination    ol    tiw mining  Industry
would not ens! them n   'le mi,'      Tliul
ought nol io im the ense with Uanad
nm miners, who should   lie  Interested
wiih the test of ns in   drlviiiK out thll
evii Influano-, (Tailing reason on their
jiiut, nn appeal mail be made to the
Legislature to tat. steps to prerenl
l!iiti-li Colombia Irom   liecoinlng suli-
ji'i'i, t-i foreign Agitators, who work
tiiiongii lawlessness nnd riot nml whn
make hcrmm "1 romuion murderers.
Great Reduction!
iBfl&SMh $9.65 Per Ton
$6.15 per Ton
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'v.
Nelson dt Fort
RedJ^irMintain R'v.
The only all rail route without
change of cms between Nelson n, d
Rossland nnd Spokane und Rossland
l.v. 0.16 a.m. NKLSON, Ar. 5.20 p.m.
Lv. 11.2.. ii.ni. ROdSLAND Ar800pm.
Lv.  8.15 iuii. SPOKANE, A..IS.1-. p.m
Train thut leaves Nelson at 0:15 n.n
makes close oouueotious nt Spokane fu
nil Coast Points.
PaeeeuKers for Kettle River nud Bouni
nry Creek, oonneol at M arena witbSt ._���
H. A. JACKSON, G. P. & T.A.
Spokane Want
Airenr. Nelson, R. U
We have just received
a carload ot choice
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Baker St., Nelson.
Telephone 13.
Insure your life
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
Insure you' house, house furniture
and pianos with J. E. Amiable,
agent Victoria-Montreal and Equity
I-"ire  Insurance companies.
Dakar Bin -1.
h.le.I    le.
'Mason ft Risch
A Piano thai has nol only
won a reputation, but n Piano
thai i-' constantly accentuating lhal reputation, nothing
being   led    undone   By   iis
makers   lo   advance   the   In-
iiisiiiniH-iii musically and to
Ip   the   high   standard
During the month of D-oembor the
Atlinlisi'u mill run lor 89 duys und six
hours und crushed 844 tonn of ore, of
which tbe following nm tho official
Value ot bullion recovered   . 7.8BS Oil
V ii I ot concentrates recovered   8,868 88
Total values recovered....II0,400 66
Bullion reo'd per ton oroshod    i'ii mi
Value Ol  I'niici'iilriili A recovered      i  l'i
Total values recovered per ton.. .ijuin '.'fi
* ��� *
,\ meeting of iln* directors of the
Lodestar Hold Mining & Development
Company, Limited, wus held iu Kaslo
on the nib iiistuut, when Mr. J. Ohess-
liyre Heythe wus   re elected   president
and  trcnsiirci;  Mr.   Frank Oouruyt,
Vice president nnd   Mr.   S. H. I'liiuiiin-
inn, general manager nml secretary,
though this latter oppoiutment is toni-
pororj us ii resolution wus passed transferring  ilu-  bead offloe   to  Bngland,
Messrs, J,  P,  Smith nnd ,1.   I), ('urlyle
retired from tbe board, a slatemenl of
aooouuts wus Hindi' uml passed unanimously. The report oo the development work done on tbe company's
proporty was of most   encouraging nu-
lure, nud stlltod thul the iiiuiu lead
showed up Hi feel wide ill u depth ol
81   feet,   Willi  no ore  rlilllii  of   18 fi'l'l  ol
high grade aonaentruling ore.   Opera
ttons will be resumed us  soon as tlie
weather permits.   A  vole of thanks to
Mr. Oonnnntou wns passed on the able
manner   iu   which   he   hud   done  his
The company's steamer   Murlm
in- put   in  i niuii snail)
there is snfliolonl water
London,  Wednesday, ���Tlm   Marquis
nf Lothian, former keeper of the Orenl
Bell of Scotland, Is dead.
Mrs.   ftr-cLaughlin's
Wholesale Houses.
THORPE & CO., I.imiii il I'orn.r V.-r
nun mul ri'ilnr Bt reels, Nelson, iiiiiini
taoturors of and wholesale dealers in aeratctl
wulers uml Iruii syrups. Sole iikuiiIs for Hal
oyoa Springs mlnoral water.
���.v Al. ruuiniius, Iaihv o, Even siiuimi
variei.y nt soli .Irinks. P. O. Hon SS. Ti-lo-
phoooMo 31. Hoovor Street Nelaon Bottlem
uf iho KiiitHiii* St. Loon Ilol springs Mineral
l_j j. evans *_ <:*o.
l-im r-Siri'i'i. Mel
i In ilipio-s, olgar_
rt'ini'iit, lire li ick nml llivel'ty, water pipe ami
stool mils iiinl Ki'iit-rul i-oininiHsioii inmvliiuit*.
���A   ,-.:,!..,   .v?   .-   ..   .. vi \-'.. -.i
���������������������������-���������4"V-*> ��������������� ���������������������:.
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As   Supplied    Hiiiish   Admiralty.
White Countered
G-utta Percha.
ns soon us
mi lim lower
Will Not Crack or Break.
Absolutely safe in all weather
11)   I
risk   from
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer for them.
Manufactured by
William Bennett Sois k Co.
Cambourne, Cornwall, Bngland,
(luunriil Aio'iil. lur t' nm In.
I H   ii il.ii: im-    A.;- i.t.-.
IH have tbo most oompletely
equipped   Job Offloe iu
the Kniili'iiiivs,  mul uiu
therefore prepared to turn  out
the Best Work, and we do It ut
lock bottom  piiceM,
Limiikd.   Front direct, -ncwuii. wholo*
sali: (it'llhis in    flour,    inctilr*.    BtOt, illlrt   Hit)'
iiiiii K>i>m. Mill*, .ii Edmonton. Victoria wid
New \\ oi uiiiir-ici*. Kiev a ton on Calgftrj _-_
KtiniDiiiuii Railway.
,'   r-llll-
A MACDONALD tit CO.-Curnur
���  non imii -Juiiephiu-i oliuou, who]
uro ��i> .nni jobber* in _)1<.iikui>. kIuvu��,
uooL-i, rubber-*, maoltinawi unit minen
PBUHNS A CO   ��faik��rativct. Nfi-ou.
���   *.. in.i---.il-   ih .ii.'!    iu Creth uml oureo.
U10.1U.    .'.'Id i-lurtiKi*.
-liakur atreet, .\..l-ou.   \\ holwhalcocul-
ii" in fro h aadOUred incuts.
1_1MI1I.I)     UtlklT   OLiVUl, *Nc1hUI1,     WllUR'-
ptUudoaJen tn h irdware i-Ud minlpg luppUo*,
plumbers'and ilnduiitn'i (-.uppiio...
��� i.r  . iillil'  Hull nil -.
TUUNtR,   BtETON   4   CO. J ��"" r
Ii-riiii.,  nun JU.-.U,Iiino otruuo-, Ni-'-on
WtlOlSinis llL'lllllin III IlllllUIrt ,'lKHrs ullil 'Ol
Kiillll-. Aki-iiI. lur I'.ibsi lll'ilH'l.ll. I'll- "' ���>)"
��u ken iiniU'iil���iir)'llii'Wl'ii. lUi. uf i-..IS'">-
iile  Si
, Sol*
HUDoON'6 BAY OO.rt'lol.-i-y
osriwauu Uquon,* n-. BskeroU, P"
JY  GRIFFIN  4. 00--i'"ii""i"  V,iii."
���   mul .i.im'I'Iiiiiu ,-lri'.il��. Nulsuii. win ""
iiuiiiurs in provUloui,cured mests, uetts' """
mills i.imiikii Uornsr Innil nl"
lliill Mi,i' m, Nolson. niiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'i'i- ni ii'"'
wholesaledealursInsssliaid ilours; nil sinus
lit riuliny work mini.' in unliir.
ner Jo-ouliTns and linker Blcyoto. /��'���;
tor iniiiii. u riiriiiiio mul wellsnd Aciiiyii'"
tin- -Min-lilnii I'd,
.     .....,,
A. R. BARROW, am-,CB
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Oornor viciorin and Kootoasi 8i��.
I'. O. Hex Ml). TolSphOtlO Nu- ''
r,��i, taRsu v. s. _ii_i_ii-<
Civil   Engineer*   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
I'. ti. llox iis Nelson, B '
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    P.ili,.p.r,    E*c
Chimney Sweeping.
Oilico, Ward St. opp. Optra House NELSON DAILY MINER, THURSDAY,  JANUARY iS, 1900
After tlie Installation of Officers and tho
Dinner, Snugs and Speeohes Oooti-
pied tlie Evening,
It wns a pleasant eyenins that was
spent last night at Fraternity Hall on
the ooonslon nf the annual banquet of
,1m Soui of Eiiglaud Benellt Bonlety.
Thu bniiquol --as preoeded by tho lu-
stnlliiimn ol officers for the onrroot
vinr, whose names are Riven below,
[_n_l night was the seoond annnnl ban-
,,,,1't nf the 1,'ilsnu Lodge of England's
iiiui'ii. nml tho prooeedUgs worn
marked by enthusiasm nnd nnnniinir.y.
Am might 1"' sxpaoted hy those oon.er-
sunt with Uiu principles of tho Society,
fervent patriotism wiih the dominating
note throughout. A special word of
mention Is due to Messrs, R, M. Man-
(loiinlil, MaoAdum and Nnwlin_,whcss
rooal efforts oontribnted grently to the
inijoyiiient of the evening. Mr. II B.
Haines ncoonipnnied with his onstom
ury skill nnd taste.
The  installation over, the brethern
nntl their visitors sat down to n sumptuous repnst, served by the well ktin-ii
cnterer, Jack   Spear.    After the  good
things before ilum had bean dis'-cssed,
lim I'liiiiriniiii.   Mr.   Thou,us  Morley,
proposed tlm loyal toasts of the Queen,
nnd the Prince and  Princess of Wales.
The  iirniy, navy,   colonial nml itiixil-
liuiy forces wns the next tonst, oon pled
with the names of  Ur.   Syraonds  and
Mr. II. H.   Haines.    Dr. Sjoionds,   iu
replying,   refined to tho faot that, the
Duke of  Wellington,    then   General
Wetlesley, hnd hem snbjeoted to seveie
oritioism dnring the beginning of the
l'liiiiiiMilnr  War, which lie afterwards
sn tiinrapbantly cnncluded, and argued
therefor that the British  generals  in
South Africa may yet bring their operations to a brilliant conclusion,   Mr.
Haines   followed   with   a   very   neni
, li,   whioh   ho   asserted   was   his
maiden effort   Mr. K. M.   Macdonald
wn,. then called upon  for  a sunt!, and
was tremendously   npplaudod   for  his
rendering of " Vnlete."
The lonst of the evening, U'e lions of
i-jmliiiui  Benefit   Booiety,   wns    ne-t
proposed hy tbe chairman,   Hn referred to the fail   ttui  tiio Society wus
Blnrted   85  years   iiim   in Toronto  by
: 1 englishmen    ami expatiated  on
its present   development, when lodges
in,' to i'i' found in  uverv town in Can-
nils,   Mr.  Btarkey, with whose name
the toast was i-ouuled, referred  to  tho
I"; Hint n  lodge wus being stnrteil in
K   ilnnd,   whioh would open with   BO
'ii.irii'i tni'iiiiit-rs    After Mr.   Onslow
Newling   hud   sunn   "The    Englishman," Mr,   Frank  Fletcher proposed
Iho loss) of  the trade  nnd   prosperity
ni Kelson,   briefly  sketching the progress ul   Nelson during tbe punt  few
yenis.   Messr-, Morrison nnd Newling
miitubly replied    Mr. MaoAdain  then
nus  "Jessie's  Dream,"   whioh  wus
enthusiastically anoorsd,  after which
the Rev, II. S. Ak"linrst proposed   the
visitors. Mr. K. \V. Hwaiini'li responding,   Mi. II. M. Macdonald whir the
"Ai'Si-ni   Minded   Beggar," unit was
obliged to siuK nn   encore,   and  then
Mr, Staikey proposed the abienl brethren nml Mr. s, M. Brydges,   the  ladies, which was wittily responded to by
Mr, I:. A, Crease.   After Mr. Newling
Iini song the "Khir or Love" ami the
'    I ol ihn press  lnnl been  responded
1    - Mi. II.   W.   R.   Moore,   of The
Miner,   "llml   Stive  the  Queen" was
"''"-I "H'l   nn   I'xtri'invly   plensaut nud
��� - foly evening oatne to nn end.
Tin. in.wly   inslnlli'il   officers   were:
Mi isrs T. Mnrley, W. President; Uev.
li H -u hurst, Past President; W.
Madeira, Vtoe-President; W. T. Ast-
Chaplain; J, Watson, Pecrotory;
1 Phillips, Treasurer; John Hardy,
! '"��� Uuard; John Booley, Outer
li V Hlndle, K Dettoon, ll. ,1.
Sims, committee; a. Henderson, 0.
1 in Id, trustees; Di.Uymonds; aor.
"��� ���' M i.ay, Prank Pletoher, and-
��; Pred sinik.'y, installing officer,
feptesontlng the Grand Lodge,
1'������' other brethren und visitors pws-
!l ni' liiili'd:    MiiHsrs.   (..   S.    Moore,
1 ,; Balnes, V. w. Bwannell, W?
1 "���'"������ W, MaoAdain, Dr. Hawkey,
" M Maodonald, J, Laird, Onslow
N'"*Hng, II. W. 11. Monro, H. linker,
Morrison, IO. A. Urease, ... M.
"WlgCS, I)     *_���_.���,    R,    (J     Jny>   L.
""���'""��� Oapfc B. Book, B. A.  Kelly,  J.
Qalloolc ami a, Bntollffe.
qiieiilly have to   possess Iheir  souls in
Tho Miner Will Buy a Reward For
Their Detection.
In the nasi, much trouble hns been
experienced by Nelson newspapers in
reaohing City subscribers. Tho morii-
ing papers are delivered before the
stores are open or sonic of our citizens
are out of hod, and hetween Iho time
of tho carriers' cull nnil the BUbsorib-
its' convenience Ihn papers very frequently disappear. All of the blame
has sn far ini-n laid upon the shoulders
of the hoys that carry the papers,
hut in many cases it has heon lint too
apparently an unjust aoousation,
There is now   na  hesitancy on   iho
part of The Miner In announcing that
copies of this  paper  aro  being  stolen
each day from Ihe   doors   of  our  suh-
soribers.    Many citizens have witnessed these   thefts  and   Miner  employes
have   noticed     otherwise    respectable
j men in the act of "lifting'' the Miner
from couvenient doors of  Baker Street
business   houses.    Yesterday  morning
our carrier hnd but just  left Kirkpat-
riok & Wilson's Miner at their door,
when a well known employe of one  of
Nelson's    largest    corporations  came
along, took both The Miner and  Tribune from the door, ami went   on   his
way to  the  depot.    Tho boy tried   to
stop him, tut it wns  a story of a large
mini nml   u   small boy, and tbe   result
was that   Kirkpurrlck   Ss   Wilson   expressed their sentiments   at The Miner
business offloe, laying all tho blame to
! UH.
Hereafter The Miner will run an announcement to tho effect that for informal ion that will lead to tlie conviction of a newspaper thief this paper
will pay a reward of .10. The money
in waiting at this office for each and
every conviction secured.
  n  m m J"* ra \
Our January
\ ���
Commences MONDAY MORNING and continues until they are all sold.
Come early and get the best selection,
LILLIE BROS. - The Shoeists.        ?
Atlantic S. S. Lines
From Portland, Mo,
Allan Una "Nnmidldn"  Jan. 17
Allan I im' "('������ )��� ��� uinn'1 .   . Jan. _.)
1 ti tiiti_.ii n i I ie  "J ��� .iiiii ion" (an.:'"
Dominion Uno "' uinbroman" fob.  :(
Prom Now Vork
Wliito Star I  .fan. 27
North (..erinnn Lli ,'d "I-Ohti' lan. 23
.nicrtaun Uno *'Ni*w  I'ork" Jan.2_
Bed Star Lino "Prloi-lnnd"   Jan. 24
Ciin.irtl Lino "JEtrurta"   tan. 20
Atiohor Lino ''EthopIcC   Jan.30
Allan Stato Lino "Si _t�� of Ncbnu^ka'...,li.n. 25
Cunard Lino ' Uampunla" .Jan. '.'7
I'n-rai'--- armnged to and from ull Kuropean
point-.. por rates, tlokota and full Infcrniatlon
Rpplyt-oC.P. Ri dopotagont ur U K. Boaaloy,
City Po-iaengei Agent, Nelonn, H ('
W. P. I'. riMMINUS.
General Agent, C P. it. Ottlcen  Winnipeg
.Tunm* Kelly will lm brotiKlit "l' before Judge Fiirin (his moi'niiiR to elflct
whether hi> will lui trifil liv jury 01
titko ti Hyieeoy trial lioforo tlio County
Cinii't -judge,   '
The oontraotora uro  drying nut   tho
plaster in the   n>*-_ Hunk of  Montreal
building, bnt  thn tinnk will  probably,
not be upon for imsini'ss in their liatni-
some new quarters until March 1. V ICTORIA.
Onlng ro the number of enquirers
Lieutenant Beer yesterday  had  a   no-i WHOLESALE     MERCHANTS.
tine liosti'd tip mi Ins iluor to tlie etrei'l
that im advices had been receiver! froi-
the military authorities us to reoeiviu
Mr.    Morrison   lias   received   notii
that tin applioation   will   lio niarle this
morning   io settle tlm terms of Judge
Fortn'H judgim-nt in the Irving-Morn-; *^
son oleetion ease.    The matter   will he \^
guim into ut 10 :80 n. m.
Tlm freight yards of the O. P. K.
were bosy us ever yesterday. Among
other consignment.   Brackman   & Kcr    .   ._     .   .  -���    . ..���mr^L 	
ami  Harris & (Jo., wore   making big
shipments ot timothy hay and flour to j T>       Of JDIVTd     _C��     C f\
Brooklyn,   Gladstone   ami    points on j JT   ��     ES i_J tC 1 ^| _k_./     Ot     VV,
lhe Columbia & Western extension.
isSSSSl Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants|
coin ���-��� 	
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
Several Donations   Acknowledged  By
ihe Directors.
The directors of   the Kootenay Lake
General Hospital desire lo publicly no-
; kowledge the receipt   of   several   gifts
ilium trii'iiils of the hospital. A cheque
| from tin. St. Andrews'  Sooiety for ISO
I towards  the  furnishing  of a ward is
thankfully   receiver1, and the directors
i will iiiusidei the Society's request thai
| a ward be  nanind   after   the   Booiety,
| Ibis is a step which the kindled societies might  well  emulate.   The directors also wish io acknowledge  gifts in
kind leciveil from   the  following  during Deoember and whioh were very acceptable :
Mr. Hunis, three turkeys, two geese,
three ohiokens, onoduok; H.S.y. Chil-
iinn. (Jhristnias dinner for patients
anil hospital staff, turkey, plum puil-
iling, mince pies, cake, fruit, candies,
nuts, etc. ; Methodist Church, one
btrge rooking chair, four small chairs;
Dr. Arthur, fruit; Mr. Fraser, cream ;
Mis. Dunn, magazines; DesBrisay &
Oo., fruit, candies, jam, pickles; Mr.
Watson, fruit and candles; Mr. UoRae,
fruit ; Prom a Friend, case of liquors;
Mrs. Stocks, ciiro of ginger ale; Mr.
Hatch, papers.
��� here on Wednesday of next week, was
in the Citv yesterday. MoOullOOh will
he in Nelson next week, but the imli-
oatioua aie that there will be no ice.
Senulor Kin-bliot'er anil Mr. Andrew
Kelly, both of  Brandon and  directors
The direct route from
to all points
EAST   and   WEST.
l''irst-( Iubs Sleepers ou all trains Irom
-emuor airo-mo ���_. -  Branch Markets in Ro��sland, Trail, Nolson, Kaslo'  ,,,,,.,,, ,���,,,,._.
Kelly, both of   Brandon and  directors lOl BltSU OARS pass Medicine Hut
of the Brandon-Golden crown Gobi Bandon. Three Forks, Nev/ Denver and Slocan City. S ..r s.f" PaS.1, s'""l">'���- '-'i"1 w.d
Mining Company, are expected in Neh J    nosdiiys   for    loronto,    Fi'idays    toi
. . ... u��� ��... ...j .,.,���_, ���., _��i  Miinltcil anil  IWim.
i,tlAn. i>       i   i   l l
::i. ;::r; ��Zf%Siordc" *> m��" ����� �����* b���<* -"��� ���"���- �������- ��* �������<"�� ������*��.
W.   A,   Maodonald,   y.   6,,  where  a
'meeting   of   tho   directors of tlie com- !
I pany is to be held on Monday.
Mr. J, Frank Collom,   managing di-
i rector of the Arlington   Mining  Coin-
Ipnny.near Slocan City, arrived in Nel-
��� son from ^nll FrauoiBOO yesterday.
! recruits for   South Africa.    Two  flesh i
applicants presented themselves yester-
idtiy.    Both   were  Canadians, nut  one
I said he   had  been one of    Roosevelt's
Rough   Riders,   while   the   other had
been one   of   the   battleship  Oregon's
.crew iii the battle  oil'   Santiago.    The
latter slated that over 200 of  the   Oregon's crew were Canadians.
Miinlti'.-il anil  Boston.
.���uiu- cars pass Revolstoko one day
UttUa^Uat^   Mis 0*Ll*��J -
i!   _t��yi the   Contract   Hns   Not Heen
Let  Yel.
�� tolepbons  message wns received
' town yesterday irom Mr. \v, V. Tye,
1 "I   iiigiiieer   of the   C.   P.  R,,   in
i' ii" denied  the rumors which
'���"ii  onrrtnt  during  tba past
Wl''" Ihat   the   cnntrucl   for the  con-
'I   "I   the  rimd   froin   here   to
Balfour lnnl already Iteeii awardeil.
' "   '"is   not   been   iiwardeil    yet,"
'"' Mi   i.vi'.   "i lmivo for Montreal
" ' IM w iiii,ruing, uml | do mil think
1 ''"ii't'iu't will be let until   mv nrrl-
' il tti.-1... "
11 would lltiiH si'iun th���t  Mr.   Tye's
'" I'linii'i   is m   eiiniiei'lioii   with
"v matter, and so definite newi
' '  '" ' vpi,,,|,,,l  f���r ���  ���.��������� ,������ ||,���
'""���nl   'iiiilriietors  will   cunse-
closing Entertainment of the Engagement a Ureal Snot-ess,
Il speaks volumes for Mr. MoEwen'e
entertaining powers that the Opera
House was packed to tbe doors last
ingot on tho occasion of bis ninth
eon-eeiitive performance. Tlm large
audience bpeut a most enjoyable couple of hours and it is wif.i to sny that
most of those present laughed more
last night than tb��y have at nny one
time for years. Nn attraction that has
appeared al the Opera House since it
was opened gave as much satisfaction
to all classes us did Mr. MuEwen's,
uml it is safe to sny thnt,on uny future
occasion when he visits Kelson, puck-
eil houses will again be the rule. FlOIII
a scientific point of  view his wink has
been marvellous mid frum a oomedy
standpoint nothing quite so side.splitting has ever heen attempted ill the
Welt before. Mr McKwen visits
Grand Porks next anil will till a return
date at Rossland next week.
Mr. ,1. T. Vogler left yesterday for
the Yellowstone mine, where he li'is
been engaged ns mill mini.
The Rev. Robert Ktew returned yes-
lerday afternoon friuii l''iiriii�� whete he
assisted at the induction of the Uev.
Mr. Gordon.
Mr. Fred Btarkey oatne in from
Rossland yesterday io attend the annual Installation of offioers m the Bona
of I''nghiiid lodge.
Messrs. l'l-rcy Dickenson, I-'. 0.
Iirewery nnd \V. II. .L'lTry, three Well
known   mining   men,   arrived   in the
city yesterday on mining business,
Mr.   Richard   Drew,    local  freight
agi'iit of the 11.   M.  K.. is expecleil back
from Chatham, Ontario, where he has
been visiting Ins fat her, next   Sunday.
The Opera Honie  will he dark the
li'sl nf this month,    thu   nest  engagement     I ked   lieing the   "Coontown
���100" winch will appear  on   March   D
mid (I.
Citv Clerk Striii'hiin had a 'hiinue
tpini (illlec work visicrday, nnd with
Fire Chief Thompson was going round
milking a personal enquiry Into the
amount or electric liglil und Water Hiin-
lilii-d to consumers lor his report to the
Persons wishing to purchase
a very line Watch   are ccr-
dially invited   to visit I'.vr- ]
BNAUDB    BROS',     establish-
ment.    Watches of all   the j
best   Swiss  and  American
manufactures are represented.
Expert Watch Repairing a Specialty
To and from Robson, Rossland,
Kx. Shu. Ex. Sun.
S.IHI Lv. NKLSON Ati'.ll.in
IS.Id l.v.ilaily NKLSON daily An-.."-'.*')
Morning train connects f' r nil points
Evening train connects to and front
I Main Line and points north, nnd lex.
Sun.) from all points in HOl'N'DAKY
��� Daily. str. Moyie Dnilv.
5*4.0. Lv.        NEL80N        Aw. 17,20
Connects Kootenay   Landing with
Crow's Nest Branch trains both ways.
Ex. Suu. Sir. K"knnee.      Ex. Sun
16.00 Lv. NKLSON Air. 11.0)
BANKEUS AND BROKERS. Saturday  to  Argenta   and return
leaving Kaslo nt  link.
I   !     MKHLi1 leaving Kaslo ill *2Dk.
LUlMDCK.       !aEO.SKALLER& CO.   sandon and slooan points
Patenaude Bros.
Ex. Sun.
0.1 HI Lv.
Ex. Sun.
Ar. ll.-lii
Delivered to an any point on      ICONSOL, stock i-xchanoebuio.      |b.ooi_v.        NELSON
Kootenay Lake. 60-62 Brodway,      NeW York 14 hre NELSON t. ROSSLAND bri 4
I have a complete stotk 	
on hand of LOTS OF MONEY
V.. j , i     vi
Opened hor Rl' dorgarton uml Primary Holwol
hi Hit- Kiil!Ii-li ('tm'di t-choo] [loom on _.M Jan.
Porlomis and partioularfl apply to
Ai  inn rfaldonoo ni Mr*-. J. U. tlobortxon,
BokorStroot, Wont,
NiasoN, D. C,
A Boardlna uml l>ay School ooiiduotod by
tho Blatora of BuJotobhof Poaoo It Uattu-
iitrtl ui thu corner of Mill and Joaophlno itrooU,
in tine uf iii..- boat roaldontlal potxlonao. Notion,   ilini   Ih tusly   nOCOSStblO   I'l'i'iH   i.ll   pUI'K
��r Lhooity.
Tin- OOUrnfl n( -Imly InoludOfl Hit- fuinlti ii
ini mul hlghor brnnonoBo_ u ihonniKli luinii-h
I-Jin >kk I", pi i ik.
For rates and full Information addrOM mar
egj local agent, or
0  K. BBASLEY city Pammgor Agoni
oan be niado through apeoulaUon with dopoatt I ,l* w- lMlKW- Ageut, Nelaon
of-jita 00 (thirty dollars] upward (or :t por cent   W, V. ___NDKR_SONi K, J.COVLE,
margin upward] on Btock Exchange. Tray.* Pass. Agent,       A  (I. P._Agei_i
l)u U-HoiUU   LuMJblLliH    Thogreatosf Fortunes havo boon madetlirough
speoulatlons in Btoolcs, Wheat or Cotton.
Olll-Nu LiJ-jni U you aro interested t<> know how spoou1a<
ilim- are oouducted notify usuml wa will Bend
MOULDINGS, SASH DO- it I ��.;;;' >������'<���������..__._��� and i���..i-k,-, iciu_r _. ,
'"ar|<0* Om-Frosh Roastwl Coffee of B.sl
IJimiil coinnilsslonii  cliurKcil  for  oxi'(iiilin_ ,iM, j]N-   ;|1. follows I
01''lor*<' .liiviiiu.il A.H l'i ������ i. Mi" Im. |n-l-liiiillnl      ,,.|   *
Govern! I, MnnMpnl   nnd   Rullmd  Jnvn nnd Mnolin Hlond, 8 poundi l i��i
lioiiilsi|iinini|iiiHftiriilHl!i-ilon npplloation fin    l'i i' ^.oilii-   I I tu 	
purohiuo, wilo or exohnngo, B��nto_ Blond, .'i pound.
, kelson Employment Agencv
'l'lit-i'ii I'xpnrii'ti I Qlrlsfor tJanodry.
niriH  for housework,
i llrl fur Store.   N'ur��i' Girl.
1 tm
1 I"
I I"'
I uu
nm- HpoolaJ Hlond, 0 pound.
Our Uio ltiiii"i. 6pound.	
A 1 lllll. OIII1IH Hlll.ll 11 I'll.
Nelson,      -      n. c.
I'llllK  llllll.I.INII
Baker f
Mill ut, PILOT BAY.
Sards, NELSON and Lal-DO
J    A    SAYWARD.   J- H L0VE* A?_t	
JKnHJ!?So.,branoiioV"or_Tl.ore.i[0__li-h|   J'     M<     O^'^V^"^'     ���  .__*x___    w_
!!i;i_Silail!rrT=CHRISTIE Mm,^S^Dy^ British  Columbia
"Vurms nnd pnrUoutet-apply to tho Stator GENERAL  BROKER S" D. PIBEKB frop,
iperior. .1 ,  .    .,    .  T       Ladles' and Gente' Clothing cleans I
Fire, Life, and Accident Ins ...
Bank of
Ailvoi'tisiitiiL'nii iiiHortod undor thli hend ut
thorato of ono t taword por lut-orUon.  No
navortlsemont lakon for loss Uinn SSoonui.
WANTED.���Work In ait hotel or store s-n
liv viniiiu uinn.  Address K S., Minor
.***" I Two  I'm
TO    I'KN'I
,       ,     , .,- Is now prepared lo issue
.   dyed, altered and repaired, .
WinwPY Tfi   I r.AM i   satisfaction guaranteed    drafts and  Letters ol Credit
ivi\_. imc T   i v_��  i_.v_>Mr.. __���,,,,,-._, rt -^ on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
Collections Solicited.      i n_.n*prnitv   Hnll    C., and Dawson City, Yukon
FOR   RENT.        rraierniiy  nan    Districti
loom iinii-i- . ,.. ...  .i.'i.uil
Oar Baker d Koolcnaj hi.
can be rented for 0 lerls, Leoturcs.
Danoes, Banquets and every kind ol en
I, Itllillllll-llt.     (llliill I >,    I'llllllc
.     ���"������ ������;  'iV,,,""1' 7I""""       '".i-.,,,, rooms. Kitchen end dining room f.n-
,���,���.,._|.|������ offloe or store In .,,':-';;; I;';'.'1'"''                        "HB ..i,,,,,,.   por terms apply
,,,������ of Atlmluwn Snloon,    npieo boxoM,  Phono ht.                                    DR. E. O. ARTHUR  ('itv
by Gas Company,   Apply on premises.     -          . . ,   fi
-?'SV;:-i_r__^=^F"J'BRADLEY&C0'  TOR MAOHI.NERY '/f
''uu fcts, iiiiii looatlon In tbo olty,
����antTn ftnlt trees, Imported roses,
XAllfnrnltnre, oonststlnRo new
Kuril   I'iii'io.   imrlor H"""'      ,',,,������'      BaUdsnwill llml n to thalr.adrantol.s t_
, -aWsAWSSfi to Swell ** * "'���' ���,:" "��' ��
li..',,... boose.   %b8R!0'WDce.
Mill Btroel
Hlolch.rl mul llniliilii.- 8j.lom.,
Hiiln-1" I. and Wllcoi, ol_
A|i|ily U
...L. POGUE...
Harness and Baddlorj
'li,, li ullng hop, l-irgii
. , ii, ��� . irli'i '"��� I
., , hand ll ' i- ��� Col
,i i.. - m.ik, -.,'1
All lu ,1,1.' ' Hi'll-.
Whip    Hi m -I"     C I,
I    ill in.,I     i
i iii. \\ .uii   ind   Hit" i
IIIMM-  Illiol.lll.
' J. CtTi OKUi lbs m i m i    whi n ��� in it-1�� ini on RotUtin ���],
iii ' h ��� m.it i.i i anil tmy i|iuiiiiii\ fron
sota.vpiibuc,  "VASr^St." NELSON. B. C. '" '   '    ':,.������;,:,,'""""���
'"   WlniliTiiiiiro MIihh.   l!orro��p   'lonooHorolloil   I li In l-'i.tiut>ihiin .V t'liul--|>,\ inn mivi-i
1)|(   baRHER, Dentist has  OMnefl j VSillSKKnH ANI) AUKNTrt.
l'rtfc__r*^'��S^ VVXNUKRMERR. __ C EST.MATI8.    PLANS.    REPORTS.' ��AKHH hTHUi
Prank A. Tamblyn, Mgr.,
of cmdiu. mm
Sir Charles Tupper Welcom*
eel Home to Ottawa,
Hoiieu. was 'qnietly solemi-aseri this
afternoon at Trinity \nslican Ohtiroh.
Tlie wi'diliiiR would Ii-ivi' been n liril-
iniiti nlTair lmt for the death nf a brother of tho (.room a few tiny ngo,
Conttnuocl from Firat Pago.
Mayor MacJouakl of Torouto Has a Libel
Suit on His Hands,
(Special Dispatches to Tho Minor.)
Ottawa, Wednesday.��� Jos.   Roy, the
new secretary of   the   Department  oi
Public   Works, has urraiiReil today for
oalling for tenders for work on tlm Ht.
Andrew's Rapids. Mr. Roy has speolal
knowledge of work of this kind, Ilo
expects to have everything arranged
in a couple of days.
About two hundred people mot in
Goldsmith's Hall toniRlit to welcome
home Hir Charles Tupper from his tour
in Western Canada. Mr. Ooates, president of the Oonssrvative Association,
ocenpied the ohair and made a brief
address. Sir Charles followed, speaking for two hours. The first hour lie
devoted to ��be contingent, repeating
what he has already said on the subject, und also reiterating that if the
Speech from the Throne did not contain a statement that Canada would
pay nil tho expenses of the contingents
in tho field, he would move an amendment and was satisfied it wonld be
unanimously, or almost so, supported.
The othet hour lie touk up with the
history of the Conservative party.
lu his opinion tho Conservatives wore
KOing to sweep the country. Senator
Miller, in a teu minutes' speech, was
even mom bitter in his language than
Sir i'ii.uii-- Sir Adolpli K. Citron
was present part of the time lmt left
without speaking.
Toronto, Weiltiesdny.���James Ross,
arrested a Joouple .it days uro, ou the
charge of throwing catholic acid at
Miss. MolTntt
her.   The police believe that  lie is tho 'ea,upwards, 113 the darkness of nn   Af-
mnrdnrei-of   Miss   Raeliiirl  Ferguson,   riotUl night rolled over the veldt."
who   was killed   with a  club near tho 	
jail yard two weeks uro.    ROSS is  said
shots   wero  fired  over  the dead   men
resting   so peacefully, only the  salute
was  today Identified by  was given, nnd then the men marched
countiy is grateful to learn that tlm
British lns-es in this engagement
were only six nil U killed nud live
wounded. The m-ws that two transports with troops have been ordered
from Capetown to Port Elizabeth, indicates that substantial reinforcements
are  on their way  to General   Freuch
���>>�������� >.��_���������������.������_' t_-����"a-����' ��������������� ��� ���-_ ���������''41 "���"���"�����������"<_'''������<. n��u����s)__|
i'iiiim. s ���(��*. im
our. SALES
uro rapidly Increasing In
to be mentally unbalanced and is being
held to await further Investigation,
Torouto, Wednesday.���Mayor Maodonald, receutly elected to office as
I'bief exeoutive of this city, this morning caused the issue of a writ for misdated damages for libel against the
Saturday IS'iRbt, which journal, in its
issue of January ti, is alleged to have
referred to him as a species of
"municipal yellow dog-'' The case
will be vigorously contested,
Arthur, Wednesday.���At Convention
of North Wellington Liberals yesterday
Mr James M- 'Mullen M P.. .ias
again chosen as standard bearer for
that constituency.
Windsor, Wednesday. ���Au effort, is
being made to have the sentence of
death passed on Levi Stewart, who
was convicted of murdering James
Ross, on July is, 18(13, commuted to
life imprisonment. Stewart's execution is to take place Febiuury li, it the
effort for commutation fails.
Winnipeg, Man., Wednesday.���Nominations for Winnipeg by-election for
the House of Commons will be made
tomorrow. Martin, Independent, and
Puttee, Labor, are the only candidates.
The death is announced of Mr. H. J.
Montgomery, warden of Prince Albert
St. Thomas, Om., Wednesday.���Protests against the return of C. A. Rower, East Elgin and ."inlay C. MoDonald. West Elgin, were tiled by D. Mc-
Intyre mil Donald McNisb, who weie
defeated in by-elections December 13,
1899, Bribery is alleged In both
Ottawa,Wednesday.���Joseph R. Roy,
('. E.. who has been for the past four
years on the engineering stnlf of the
Public, Works Department in Hritish
Columbia, has been appointed secretary of the Department hero. Mr. Roy
commenced his new duties here today.
The new sceretury is a young active
man and made a wide circle of friends
during his stay in the west. In New
Westminster, where he was Dominion
resident engineer, be was entertained
toa banquet by the citizens before he
left. The City Council of New Westminster also passed a resolution expressing its appreciation of the s��r-
vices rendered the Province during the
four years that Mr. Roy hnd been nt
the head of the department there, and
regretting his departure.
Commissioner Miall, of the Inland
Revenue Department, Iibh upplied for
six months leave of absonoe. At the
end of that time il Is understool ho
will be superannuated, Mr. Miall bus
been asking for superannuation for
some years.
Toronto, Ont., Wednesday. ��� Tl.o
Canadian copyright law was dlsonsied
at a meeting of the Manufacturer's
Association last night. A resolution
wiih passed praying the Government
ti) grant such changes in the law thut
will protect Canadian authorities.
It is rumored lure that John  Bell,
IJ. 0., the well known solicitor of the
lirand Trunk Railway for over a quarter of a century, and well known in
railway circles all over tho Dominion,
will   retire   and   be   euoci.ided by    B.
l-'uliiiitoii. formerly corporation counsel of this city.
Montreal, Wednesday. ���With a view
to preventing the crowding of th��ir
cars, the Montreal Street Railway
Company has decided to prosecute persons who persist   in this infringement
of their rules.
Montreal, Wednesday.��� A man
named Ruhittiillo, living in the east
end of the city,has been removed to the
civic hospital,sutferitiR from smallpox.
No other caseH are reported.
The patient bus been working Bt
Ciimpholltnii, N. R., for four or live
months, and returned to Montreal 00
New Year's dny. It is supposed he
cnnie in ciuitiul on the train wiih people infected   ill   ciiiiiH'cliiin   with   the
Kamounaska outbreak, He was taken
sick Friday and put nndei medical
care Saturday. He had nol been prop
erly vaccinated.    The OCOUpSntS nf the
Infeeted bonse have been vsoolnnted
nnd the house disinfected and quarantined.
The Ogilvie milling huslnsss will be
converted into a Joint stock ootnpany
with_ti capital ot $1,600,000, Albert K.
Ogilvie, eldest son of  the   lat��� W.  W.
iigilvie, will  be president
New York, Wednesday.���The most
surprising thing brought out during
the trial of Roland B. Molinenx, was
the statement of Nicholas Beckmann,
who ciindncled the piivate letter box
ollice at 267 West -l_nd Street, that an
attempt had been made to use money
in this already oelebrated case. Hock-
mann said** that he had known Molinenx for at leasts live years and that ht
spen him at least*,150 tunes. He swore
that Molinenx hired a private letter
box from him under the name of H.
C. liarnet. During a severe cross examination Mr. Weeks brought out the
fact thnt a certain newspaper had
agreed to pay Hcckm.iuu .'150 if he
could identify Molinenx as his ons-
totr.er.    He   told   of a   visit which he
made, iu company with a reporter, to
the factory in Newark, where Molinenx was employed, and of a positive
Identification which he made of the
defendant as II. O, liarnet. Witness
said Molinenx almost tainted when ho
called upon him, and that the defendant left immediately, saying he did
not want to talk to newspaper men,
Mr. Heokmann was asked by Recorder
dull' if he had ever been promised any-
thing or offered any Inducements to
testify lis he had but the denial of   the
witness was dear and emphatic.   Pin
ally the Recorder said : " You are positive thnt you have made nn mistake
when you say thai Ibis defendant is
the man who rented a letter box of
yon in the name of II. C. lbtinet."
"I am certain. I know that I am
right.  ' was the reply.
Winnipeg,   Wednesday.���Mr.  J.  0.
Auger,   employed   In  lbs   Winnipeg
Custom's bouse, dropped dead tonight
while entering the house of n relative
Deceased was annul IB years of age.
nnd a son uf ,1. O. Anger, registrnr nf
Dublin.   Wednesday.���A  conference
for the promotion   of Irish unity   was
held today al the Mansion   House. Mr.
Timothy Harrington,   Member of Par-
liatnent    for   the   lliirbur   division   of
Dublin,presiding, Air. John Dillon and
Mr.   Edward   Blase, Who were nnmi
nated at the recent coufereucii delegates
to   this     convention,      were     absent.
Messrs .1. lv Redmond and Timotby
Ilealy were present, Resolutions were
adopted In favor ol consolidating the
patty uu the nil   PamBllltS    lines, but
decisions resj ting details were postponed until after the ro assembling of
London, Wednesday.���The correspondent of the Daily News thus do
picts tho way in which tho disaster
overtook the Highlanders at lingers-
lOnteiu :
"During the night it was considered expedient that, the Highland Brigade, about 400 strong, under Oeneral
Wauohope, should get close enough to
the lines of the foe to make it possible
to charge the heights. At midnight
thu gallant but ill-fated men moved
cautiously through the darkness toward
tho kopje where the Boers wore most
strongly ontrenchod. Thoy were led
by a guide, who wns supposed to know
ever} Inch of the counlty ont into the
darkness ol uu Africii ni-jht. So, mi-
ward until three of the clock of the
Monday, theu out of the darkness a
rille rang, sharp and.clear, a herald of
disaster. A soldier had tripped in the
darkness over tile hidden wires laid
down by the enemy. In a second, in
a twinkling of an eye, the searchlights of tho Boers fell broad and cicalas the noonday sun on the ranks of
the doomed Highlanders, though it
left the enemy concealed in the shadows of the frowning mass of hills lie-
hind them.
For one brief moment the Scots
seemed paralyzed by the suddenness of
their discovery, for they knew that
thev were huddled together like sheep
within fifty yards ol the trenches of
the foe. Then, clear above the confusion, rolled the voice of the general,
"Steady men. steady," and like au
echo to the veteran's cry, out came
the crash of nearly a thousand rifles,
not fifty paces from them. The High
landers reeled before the shock like
trees before tho tempest. Their best
their bavest, fell in that wild hail of
loud. Oeneral Wauohope was down,
riddled with bullets, yet gushing, dying, bleeding from every vein, the
Highland chief raised himself on his
hands and kuess and cheered his men
forward. Meu and officers fell in
heaps together. The Black Watch
charged, and the Gordons nnd Sea-
forths, with a yell that stirred tho
British camp below, rushed onward
to death or disaster. The accursed
wires caught them around the legs until they floundered like trapped wolves
aud till the time the rifles of the foe
sang tho song of dentil in their ears.
They they fell back,liroken and beaten,
leaving nearly 1,800 dead and wounded just where the broad breast of the
grassy veldt, melts into the embrace of
the rugged African hills, and au hour
later the dawning came of the dreini
est day that Scot land has known for
general inns past. Of her oftloois, the
flower of her chivalry, the pride of her
breeding, but few remHiued .o tell
the talc, a sad talc truly, but oue un-
tinted with dishonor or sniiiohed with
disgrace, for np those heights under
similar cicrniiistiiiices. even a brigade
of devilB could scaice have hoped to
pass. All that mortal men could do,
the Scots did���they tried, they failed,
they fell, and there is nothing   left   us
now but to mourn for them and avenge
In vain all that day Methuen tried
by ever rule he knew to draw the enemy. Vainly the Lancers rode recklessly to induce tboso human rock
limpets to come out and cut them off.
Cronje knew the mettle of our men.
and an ironic laugh played around bis
Iron mouth, and still ho stayed within
his native fastness. But death went
over his elbow for our gunners dropped
the lyibiite shells and thn howling
shrapnel all along the lines, until lhe
trenches run bloody and many of his
guns were silenced. When, at I 'RO p
in. of Tuesday we dtow off to Modder
River tn recuperate, we left nearly
three tlious.nid dead and wounded of
grim old Cronje'I men us a token that
Ihn lion nf England bad bared his
teeth in earnest."
Hamburg, Wednesday ���A cablegram
received by the iwners ol the Bolide"-
rath says all Ilie cargo of that steamer
has been discharged and entirely ngiees
with the manifest, The prize court
bus not yet leudcrcd a decision,
Because  it is  uniform
any Tea in the market.    1
Put  up  in   y2   and  i   lb
in   flavour and tin
It's   n   liigjl   class
quality is  far above
lea at a low price.
Once   used  always  used.
Berlin. Wednesday.���The Foreign
Office officials informed the Associated Press that Great Britain admits no
contraband of war was found on the
Bundesrath and promises that tbe
Steamer will be released today or tomorrow and measures aro to be taken
to prevent a recurrence of similar incidents.
LThe Western Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Successors to M. DbsBrisay & Co. ���
���AKt.lt ST. NKLSON U. ��'.    1
4tS>��i��ii*��<'����0"fe"*" ��>��w����0..����-��m'-<h-#H_n_B >��0��an _M*s_H*<W#w4
Sydney, N. S. W., Wednesday.���Tbo
departure of the second Australian
contingent for South Africa took place
amid unprecedented scenes today.
Streets wei icnrated and re
tlirou(,ed with mtbubiastio mow da of
demonstrators. At tho United States
consulate thcro was a streamer, bearing thu words, "America wishes Australian natiiots God-speed."
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authoiizeil   -   ���   ���   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ocneial Bankltp Busl s    ��� ���   nd   !. Sterling '''���""  >f Exchango  Bought
,.._ S_
.. tiers  .    Credit, Etc.,  -.cguiiuied.
Albany, N. Y-, Wednesday.���As-
seniblyinan Bradley, of Erie, attempted in the House today to offer a resolution of sympathy with the Boors but
was compelled by objection to lay it
over until Monday night.
gt. John, N. II., Wednesday.��� The
marriage of A. Q. Ubiir, son of the
Minister of Hallways, to Margaret   L,
London, Wednesday.���The   Evening
News say- today that   Tom Weldon  is
in ruplaau Tod  Blonno, the  American
rider, as llr.-t joohoy   (ol    I.oi't   Hon-
A letter received from a naval nlll-
cor, who was standing by when Commands! Gannon, of tbe Powerful, had
Ills   legs   blown   nil',   says:    "EgOrtOD
was n very keen orloketnr, and his lust
Words were, 'That's put an   end lo my
eiieket!' He lit a cigarette, Snd calmly
smoked a" no was carried away on a
Htietchiil. "
| London, Wednesday.���The "War Offloe
has   rceeiyed   the   following   dispatch
from Lord  Roberts, dated Capetown,
.Intl.  HI:
Evening���On   the   18th  the Boeri
made a determined attack on Frenoh's
advance post, held by the New Zeal-
outlet Mounted Hides nud a detachment ol the First Yorkshires. The
Boers were repulsed, having twenty
killed.    Thole were wounded, it is   es
ti mated, nut less than fifty, Tbe attack was preceded fiy a bunt range
lire (mm one gun. Otherwise, the sn-
nation is unchanged,
Heiie-iiurg. Caps Colony, Tuesday.���
The liners opened all artillery duel this
morning, using a oaptured Hritish IB-
pounder which was ultimately sllsno
I'll.   The British kepi op u searching
_re all dny lung   on   the    Hnnr   knpjes
ami also dragged up another gun tn
the summit ol Ooleskop.
Paris, Wednesday. ���A dispatoh from
Caracas published here, says anaichy
prevails iu Vctie/ula. Owing to their
refusal to advance the Government
money, the directors of the banks of
Caracas and Venezuela, including a
Frenchman, Uontauhan,and other foreign notabilities, have been arrested
and thrown into the fortress The representations of the French Charge
d'Alfairs, it is added, have been disre-
guided and the French Colony at Caracas demand ihat the French Atlantic
squadron he dispatched to the coast of
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   In Iciest allowed on special
deposits anil on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Tmir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
TheNelson ElectricTram way Co.Ltcl
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner of
Josephine  and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
The woman who is lovely in face,
form nnd  temper  will  always have
friends, but one who would be attract
ive must, keep her health.    If she  is
weak,  sickly  and  all   run  down,  she
will be nervous and Irtitable. If she
has constipalion or kidney trouble, her
Impure blood will cause pimples,
blotches, skin eruptions and a wretched complexion Electric Bit I ers is the
best medicine in tbe world to regulate
stoniiich, liver und kidneys anil to
purify the blond. It gives strong
nerves, bright eyes, BtUOnth, velvety
skin, rich complexion, it will make a
good Looking, elm lining woman of a
run-down Invalid. Only ..u cents, at
Canada Drug & Hook store.
NKLSON LODGE, No. 'ia. A. F. _ A
-M. moots second Wodnosday la oueli
imonth.  Viaitini? brethern.
/-'/.s*\J\iiiL','t- in K. of I". hull, Oddfellows blook
i* **��<*.'Vl'rv 'I'lii'-dny evoolng ut 8 o'clock
All visiting kiilKhtH cordially  invited
i.. Scott c. c.
O, JOV, K.of U. ami a.
Mooting!! 2nd mul  ita Thursday, Fraternal
Imii, J A Irvlnn O, It.   \V. 11. Sliuvv. It. S,
I. O. O.   F.     Kootenay 1xm1k>'
No. in, meets every Monday night,
at   their   'lull,   Kootenny street
Sojournlii- Dilil Fellows cordially Invited.
O Shaw, N.O    John Booloy, V, U.
Fred J Bqntra ,8-1
nki.siin L.O.L. No. lew meets in the Mac-
liniinlil blook every Thursday ovening nt 8
o'clock,   Visiting members cordially Invited
M.: F. .1. "
John Tnve. W, M.
, llrmlley. 11. fi.
Ni.LsuN'.S QUKEN NO. ill
sons OF -_.Mil.ANl>. mooti
ilr-1  and   third  W-adnMd&j  of
each month ut Kintcrtiiiy ln_.ll.
corner of linker und I..Ki,.ii:iv
M-reeU. VMthiK li-vthmi .*or.l-
i..in fnvitodj
joiim Watson, __oaro_-__7.
NKLSON  AKKIK  No. ti.  K.  (>.   1... meet*
���rvt-ry muM-iiil ami funrili Wi'dnom-nyn of liic-Ii
month.  Vibiiiinc   mfwb-an cuniiuiiy   invit-
j it. wn_y_ -MsoTOtary,
Brewers of Pine imgei-
Heir and  Porter.
Drop in and see us.
The Higliest Priced Wine in the Market
Siikl retail at the same rates as the ordinary standard wines.
Veuve Clicquot Champagne--^
Kootinay Ant. NcImiu
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   c.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
our sale of
is still going on at _ one
tins for _jc.
O. Box K and W. Telephone io. Baker Street
Wc are sho.vini_f a
First-Class Line of
B. C.
London, KnR,, Wednesday.���Qsnernl
French's snaoeis, tiinnuli oonsollnu, ii
recugnltsed ns only n Hide Issue,   Tim
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Olil'i'.it itiK
Bohs-uls nf Tims.      Ptiolflo mihwIihiI rime.
K,\s|,i) fc BLOOAM ItV.
PusongU train tor Sandon nnd wn.-��t.itl_nii
loavoi Lii-l,, ut k ii. in., dally,   lt��-iurninu
lottvof Sandon ��l l.Up.m,, arriving at Ka-fd
ut :i,.v, pan,
INTttHNATlONAL N'.w  b TllAD. 00
Olii'raiiiiK mi Kiiiiiiiii) Lake and Itlvrr
Htr. "International' leave. Kaslo for Nelnon
ul  (I ii 111, dally Oiropl   Htiiidny.    Hi lurnlim,
i<-iivi-M Nolson ut 1.80p.m .iimi; in nullum
I'll'i Bay, AliiNwiirth unit nil uny itnints Oon.
i.i'i'iH with Mir. "Allie'lii" to ui'il frni,' ll,,,,
lien Furry, ldnlm, .il-nwlil, s. F. *_ N. in nml
frnin BpOXO-10 nt Fill' MtlqPolnl
Mir     Alliortii" l-'itii'   N.'l nn for Homier".
Forry,  i-endayi nml  Saturdari m ; n.m
inii'lliiK Hli'imier   "Inli'innllnnid " frum Km.),,
nl Flint  Uny.
iti'tiiniiiiK, ii'iivi.- Donnor'i tarty si 1 s, nt
\\ nanm <tiij -, nnd Miinilnj -.
Hiri'ii oonnoollon. inado ni llonnern Fi'irj
iiitli Ori'nl NOrdlorn  Hnilwny  fnr nil  t>..,,,,
i'ii"! nnil vir-t.
Hlr. "liilnrmitliiniil'li'iivi's Kn.ln fnr l>inln
unit Al'Ki'iitnnl H.l.'i |..m. \Vi'ilm-i|ny�� nml . rl
iln)".   sir. "Alborla" loavoa tin.In fur Ijirdn
inn' ArKi'lilnnl B.00 li.lll. Snmluy-,
Stoamor.oall nt Brlnolpal imiiiliiK" In Imii,
'iiii'iii'iii-.niiii ,ii nitii-i pniiii- when -iKiiniinii
'I'ii'ki'tK "iilit tn nil pnlntH iii Cmiiuln mnl tlm
In I'ml Hint���,,
In nwurlaln rntcN mid full liifuniinlloii, nil-
ilroiw :
llllllKlfl" lllVlNll.
Mnnagor, It,,,.I,,. |, fj
Stoves & Ranees
Which we are offeringQat
Shelf & Heavy Hardware.
Etc., Etc., Etc.


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