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Nelson Daily Miner Mar 6, 1899

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Daily Edition' No. 256,
��� * 3:   ***-*anc
��� %IW  .*������   I... *!*-
Nelson, British Columbia. Monday, March 6,  1899
Ninth Year
England Concerned About the
Pope and Kipling.
Iuly'i Bsquest for a Door iu  China
terests the Politioal World���A
Fashionable Event.
London, Mnroh 4 ���Popular interest
here bas been divided between Kipling's struggle with death aud the sick
man of the Vatican. The Kipling
bulletins are followed with intense interest iiinl the news of his probable recovery is received with profound relief,
which in expressed throughout the
1 r *sB. The Times, during the course
of a long editorial, says: "The deep
sympathy manifested in America may
be regarded in a fitting tribute to the
writer who has lately don* more than
diplomacy, treaties, arbitrations and
speeohmnking to convince the two
nations, sprung from the same stock,
that they are still in many ways one.''
The unexpected illness of the Pope
gave rise to speculation rogardiug his
sucoessor and revivod the stories of
intrigues at the Vatican. But the
latest favorable bulletins have dispelled tbe gloomy forebodings. It appears
that tbe Pope himself was responsible
for the attack, as, after the audience
ou Monday, when very tired, be insisted upon driving in tbe Garden of
Leo's Tower, in spite of a biting north
wind. He returned to his apartments
shivering with cold and on feeliug
himself in pain, he said he reoalled.
the prophesy of Mile Gouedon, whose
spiritualistic prophesies were the talk
of Paris some time ago and who declared that the archangel Gabriel bad
announce to ber that the Pope would
die immediately after President Faure.
"Perhaps," said the Pope, "God's
will spoke through her mouth."
The political event of the week, undoubtedly, was Italy's demand for a
"door" in the Celestial Empire. The
Saturday Review says:��� "It oan
hardly be doubted that this will prove
tbe signul for a general and final rush.
Japan will advance her long-expected
claims to the Province of Fnkiem,
on the mainland of China, and opposite the Island of Formosa, and Russia will seize a pretext for urging farther concessions injurious to British
influence out of the hopeless government at Pekin."
Italy, however, has not yet got her
concessions and a dispatch from Pekin
says there are indications that the
Dowager Empress in disposed to reject
the demands.
The fashionable interest of tbe week
centered in the military race meeting
at Sandown Park. An enormous crowd
was piesent there on Friday when the
muoh-coveted trophy, the Grand Military Cup, was competed for by
crack riders represent inn the entire
British army. The weather was warm
and fine and many of the women
wore springlike dresses. The club lawn
and paddock were crowded and the
scene was like the height of summer.
Several people drove to Sandown Park
from London,including the Marquis of
Londonderry, who rode in an open
barouche with four horses and postillions. Lady Baudolph Churchill aud
Mrs. Leslie were among the Americans
present. The oup was won by Lam bar,
ridden by its owner, Oaj. tain T. H.
Reipland, of the Grenadier Guards.
Another link in the chain of ill-fortune whioh bas followed the famous
News Stead Abbey was forged this
week.It seems that a curse rents on the
abbey and that the eldest son has never
succeeded to the estate. Byron sold it
to Ool. Wild-man in 1808, who died
ohildless. The trustees sold it to
Webb, the famous sportsman, whose
son died this week. Byron had the
skull, which was reported to have belonged to the ghost who haunted the
abbey, and he used it as a punch bowl.
Webb buried the skull hoping to lay
the ghost.
The final arrangements for Queen
Victoria's departure for the Riviera
next Thnrsday have been completed.
Her Majesty will travel to the south
of France by way of Boulogne-Snr-
Mer, instead of via Oherburg, being the
first time she will have visited Bou-
logne-Sur-Mer since the Crimean war.
Soma interest is taken ia the fact that
tbe Queen's yacht will be convoyed
by eight of the fastest torpedo boat destroyers in the British navy, five of
thnm being thirty-knot boats. Cruisers havo previously boon employed for
this duty, and the use'of destroyers is
hinted by some papers as Intended to
set off Frenoh popen, Much indignation is felt in England ovor the scandalous and course ut tucks mado upon
tho Quean by somo newspapers in
Paris thiB week. Ln Libre, in uu in-
sultiug nrtiolo, says: "Frankly, the
Queen will bo well ndviBed if sho does
not onmo to France this spring. The
constitution notion that it wns Lord
Salisbury, and not the Queen, who inflicted the outrage of Fashoda and
tho humiliation of Muscat on France
will not 8ullioe. It is woll known that
the Queon has directed England's pol
icy throughout her long reign, and
has never missed an opportunity of
displaying hor antipathy for Franoe.
Under circumstances, therefore, her
visit is an additional insult and defiance of publio opinion after this
warning, and it will only be her own
fault if she meets with a hostile re-
oeption in Franoe." The Autorite
says: "The Queen becomes our guest
at a moment when the British Govern,
ment has made itself more than ever
our enemy. Her journey will be full
of the same risk as the Maine inourred
on entering Cuban waters, and the
French Government will be committing the same foolish act as Senor Sagasta by not preventing France from
being placed in such a position that
the smallest accident might precipitate both powers into a terrible con-
After such hiuts as the foregoing, it
seems oossible that the Queen's visit
to Franoe will not pass without some
Chauvinist incident, and a special police staff has left here to watch over
Her Majesty. The Queen pays $12.-
000 monthly for her own rooms, without counting the expenses of her suite,
numbering 60 persons. Altogether
her trip will cost her ahont $75,000
Her chaise, favorite white donkey.
and numbers of pet dogs andl hirds
hnve been sent ahead. Her Majesty
also hns a curious whim about sleeping in her own bed. which is taken
with her wherever she goes.
Buffalo, N. Y., Mnrch 4.���An extremely unusual occurence today at
the Oity Hall was the marriage by
Mayor Diehl of a deal und dumb couple. Henry A. Atohesou. at one tine
champion runner of the United states,
was the groom and his bride was
Miss Carolyn K. Haller, of Batavia.
The usual questions, asked at a municipal wedding were written on paper
nnd n copy was given to tl,e bride and
groom. They read the answers as the
ma-* or asked them, aud wrote "Yes"
to them, each signing tbe paper. The
cov pie then leaned over the Mayor's
shoulder as he read the solemn words
pronoun *ing them man nnd wife and
eaoh nodded approval wben the novel
ceremony was finished. Atcheson wns
born in Cayuga, Ontnrio, 86 years ago
and is a printer by trade.
Toronto. Ont , March 4.���Thomas
Hunter was arrested last night charged
with fraud in selling policies in life
insurance companies alleged to be
bogus. \ man named J. O. Harkness
bad insured his premises and was
burned out in December last, when, on
t'-ving to collect the amount of the
polioy, he was unsuccessful. Many
people are snid to have been victimized.
Newspaper   Men   Are Requested to Keep Mum.
The Members do Not Love One Another
and There are Frequent Threats
of   Duels-
Havana, Mnroh 4.���The Cuban Assembly has requested the newspaper
men of Havana, "Upon their honor
as journalists and good patriotic Cubans," not to publish anything they
mny learn regarding the Assembly's
secret sessions, "thinking that publio
knowledge of what is doing may be
used against the Assembly iu its subsequent dealings with the United
States." This, it is claimed, shows
that no individual member of the Assembly trusts another. Last night
there was muoh niyiterious cafe whispering. It seems that n considerable
portion of the time during the sessions
of the Assembly is spent iu insulting
Americans and General (ionic*/* and iu
personal collisions between tbe
members. They also, it is added, accuse each other of ucceptiug bribes
from the United States, which accusations were followed bv threats of duels
ou the adjournment. In additio'i to
this, the Assembly consider that the
planting of General Fitzhugh's flng-
Btaff four metres deep in the ground iB
a sure sign of the continuation of
American occupation of the Island,
These reports, arising from the prolonged and boisterous secret sessions,
have made the doings of the Cuban Assembly the joke  of   Havana,
An Afternoon of Good   Sport With the
Nelson   Gun Club.
Deadjbirds fell thickly Saturday afternoon when tho Nelson Gun Club
had its second shoot of the season.
The attendance of members was quite
large enough to insure good sport and
the weather did its best to help things
along. Tho traps work well but aro a
little too quick for some of the marksmen, who have not yet mastered all the
mysteries of tho clay bird, nnd the
scores did not average remarkably
high. There is no reason why trap
shooting should not be very popular
here. The O. P. R. flats afford un
exoellent place, near the town, for the
traps and there are u groat many people in Nelson who have been handling
guns for years.
On Saturday there were five sweepstakes, two teams contesting for each
one. Five birds were shot ut in each
sweep.    The scoros were us follows.
Fletoher, 1; Steele, 4; Dr.   Hall,   1;
Lay,   0;  Maimsell,   8. ;   total   9;   vs
Hirsch, 0; Apolnwaite. 8; Griddle,   2;
Cookson, 1 ; Sargeuut, 0; total, 6.
's Applewaite,   2;   Mansell, 8;    Crid-
icjle, 2; Lay,2; Hirsch, 0; Martin,2; to-
I tal, 11 vs. Steele, 8; Hall, 1; Oonkson,
1; Fletcher, 1 ; Sargeaut, 0;   Johnson,
0; total. 6.
I Steele, 8; Applewaite, 8; Mnr-
jtiu, 2 ;Hall, 3;Digby, 0; Sergeant. 0;
| total 11; vs. Mannsell, 2; Criddle, 1 :
Lay, 2; Cookson, 1; Fletcher, 2;
I Johnson, 0; total 8.
I Applewaite, 2; Hall. 1 ; Lay, I ; Crid-
| die, 8 ; Oookson, 8 ; Johnson, 2 ; total,
12 ; vs. Steele, 2 ; Mannsell, 2 ; Mar-
i tin, 8; Fletcher, 1; Hirsch, 1. Sar-
' geant, 0 ; total, !i
i Martin, 2; Criddle, 8; Cookson, 2;
i Fletcher, 1; total, 8; vs. Apple-
| waite, 1; Mannsell, 2 ; Hall, 1; Sor-
i geant, 0; total, 4.
Lily Langtry's Brother Has Trouble
With His Wife.
Loudon, March 4.���Mr. P. M. Lc-
breton, brother of Mrs. Lily Langtry,
tne actress, obtained docree nisi in
the divoroe courts today, owing to his
wife's misconduct with Lord Grantley,
who was mulcted in costs. Tbey were
married in 1877. Lord Grantley's
wife was Miss Kaiberine MoVicar,
daughter of Wm. H. MoVioar, of N**w
York. She died in 1897. Lebreton
and Lord Grantly were almost like two
brothers, visiting each other and going about constantly together. Mr.
Lebreton testified that he did not suspect anything until last autumn, wheu
he found that the couple had been at
various London hotels as Mr. nnd Mrs.
Gray.   Tho suit was not defended.
The Lively Town of Creston ut Last
Has a   Post Office.
Creston, B. 0., March 8.���The
people of Creston now rejoice in at
last being able to soy: "We have a
postoffice". The good news came on
the 27th with a mail bag addressod to
James Hamilton, Postmaster, Creston,
B. C.
Officer Wilson will act as returning
officer of the election of fire wardens
on Monduy March 6.
Officer Wilson arrested two Italians
for stabbing another of their country-
men at Knskanook ami brought the
t vo prisoners, together with the
��minded mun, here on yesterday's
train to be tried. They will probably
bo brought np before Messrs. Bigelow
and Bull, J. l"s. today. As yet no
provision bas been mado for a lockup
anil it makes it very uwkward to safeguard prisoners.
London, Maroh 4. ��� The Daily
Chronicle publishes this morning 10
columns of a story told by Major Count
Ferdinand Walsin Esterhazy, under
oath, of hiB evidence In the Droyfus
affair before the court of cassation uud
of his relations with the French General staff. It in a tedious recital regarding the mysterious letters, communications, photographs and the like
hearing upou his relutiou to the oase.
Tho 10 columns are doscribed as an
Instead of the regular service in tho
Baptist church last evening a missionary meeting was held. Mr. ThomaB
Parkinson gave a statement of the
work already being done by the Bap-
ltst ohuroh in British Columbia aud
Mr. John L Stocks explained the missionary work he had done iu Scotland.
Rev. Mr. Rose also made a few remarks. The offoriugs amounted to
$21.80 which together with $5 from
the Sunday School, makes $20.80 to go
to the mission fund. Such collections will be taken up every three
Funeral Service in Washington Saturday.
The British Feoond-olass  Orusier  Talbot
Had Already Been Oommi-iioned
to Carry the lleiimins.
Washington, Muroh 4.���Funeral services over the remains of the late Lord
Farrer Herschell, were held in St.
John's Episcopal church ut5 :15 o'olook
this afternoon. The services, which
wero conducted by Rev. Dr. McKay
Smith, included the reading of the
Episcopal burial ritual, the singing of
the hymns: "Days und Moments
Quickly Flying" and "Asleep in
Jesus," by a double quartette and the
rendering of Chopin's funeral march
upon tho organ. The attendance at
the service was one of the most notable
that has ever gathered in Wusbington
on such a sad oocasion. At a little after five o'olook Presideut McKinley
and the members of the Cabinet���Secretary Hay, Seoretary Gage, Secretary
Alger, Secretary Long, Secretary
Hitchcock, Seoretary Wilson and Post-
mastor-Goueral Emory Smith, entered the church, the audience rising.
They were shown to seats in front of
the ohurcb next to the chnucel rail.
Iu their immediate rear were seated
the members of tbe United States Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice
Fuller end the members of the High
Joint Commission of which Lord Herschell was president.
London, March 4.���The British seo-
oud class oruiser Talbot has been ordered from Bermuda to New York iu
order to convey the remains of Lord
Herschell from there to Portsmouth.
The officials of the British Foreign
Office say Her Majesty's Government
is deeply sensible of tho courtesy and
consideration shown by the Government of the United States in offering
a war ship for the conveyance of the
remains of Lord Herschell to England. But, they add, the prior acceptance of a British warship for that
purpose preclude the possibility of the
family accepting the kind offer of the
United States.
Washington, March 4.���The Secretary of the Navy is waiting to be apprised through the State Department
of the acceptance of the President's
graceful proposal to send the remains
of Lord Herschell to England on a
warship. In anticipation of the acceptance of the offer. Admiral Sampson at Havana hus been communicated
with and he has had the cruiser
Brooklyn fired up aud made ready to
start at a moment's notice, straight
from Hayaua to Hampton Roads to receive tho remains. The ship will be
uuder command of Captain Cooke and
no flag officers will be aboard. This
meaus that Admiral Schley will not be
charged with this mission.
Wnfhingtou, March 4.���Sir Julirn
Paunoefote, the British Ambassador,
jailed on Soretary of Navy Long today
and, on behalf of his Government, expressed thanks for tho toiider of tho
Brooklyn to bear Lord Herschell's
remains back to England but explained
that the British Government bad ordered a vessel, probably the cruiser
Talbot, from its North Atlantic squadron at Bermuda, for this mission.
Final plans for taking the remains
homeward will depend ou a delinite
official notification to the Embassy of
the despatch of the cruiser.
Reinforcement Havo Arrivod For General Otis.
Washington, March 4.���The War Department has received a cablegram
from General Otis at Manila announcing tho arrival of the transport Senator with four companies of reinforcements for tho army in the Philippines.
The rebels iu the village of Sau Jobo
fired on the gunboat Bennington today, and tho gunboat shelled that place
anil other suburbs of Malabou this afternoon.
At daylight General Wheatou's outposts discovered a large body of rebels
attempting to cross the Pasig river foi
the purpose of reinforcing the enemy
at Guadeloupe,   and   a    gunboat  ad
vanced under heavy (ire and poured
shot into (he jungle on hothsides of (he
river, and also shelled (he enemy's position at Guadeloupe, effectually scattering thu rebels. The enemy's loss
was heavy. A private of the Third artillery was killed. On board the gunboat, Privates William Whprler and
Louis Lahiirie of the California regiment were wounded.
The United States cruiser Baltimore
urrivod today from Hong Kong, having on board the civil members of the
United Stales Philippine commission.
Investigation Shows That it Was tbe
Cause of Burnett's Death.
New York, March 4.���Tho Informal
report of Prof. Witthaus, the chemist
who had been analyzing the contents
of the stomach of Henry O. Burnett,
is in tbe hands of District-Attorney
Gardiner. It shows that there was
cyanide of mercury in the stomach.
Cyanide of mercury wns the unusual
poison which was sent to Harry Cornish aud which killed Mrs. Adauis.
Bnrnett received the poison iu a bottle of Kutuew powder se��t him
through the mails to the Knickerbocker
Athletic Club. This was six weeks before the attempt to poison Cornish.
Prof. Witthuus bus practically completed his work, and it is expected
that Dr. Henry Lorms, to whom other
protious of Bamett's body were delivered will be ready to make his report
iu a few days.
Treaty Between Grout Britaiu and tho
U. S. Did Not Come Up in Time.
Washington, March 4.���The treaty between the United States and Great
Britain,concerning the laws of descent
as affecting the estates of citizens of
one country dying in the other, failed
to secure action by the Senate before
final adjournment today. Senator
Davis, as Chairman of the Com mil too
on Foreign relations, called the treaty
up in tbe executive sessiou of the Senate but several Senators objected to
consideration on the ground that they
desired an opportunity, which they
had uot had in the closing hours of the
Senate, to look the treaty over and
give duo consideration to its provisions. Mr. Davis made no objection aud
the treaty went ovor without action until the next session   of Congress.
They Wear Dress Suits and Drive iu
a Carriage.
Chicago, March 4.���Four burglars iu
dress suits, fully armed and driving
to the homes of their victims iu a car
riage, are the latest novelty in Chicago
criminal circles. The theives have
worked on the West Side, aud especially in the Maxwell Stroet district, and
have caused tbe police no end of au
noyance. Early this morning they
entered a flat buildiug at 325 Laflin
street, choked a woman into insensibility and chloroformed a family.
Thoy were pursued by polico and citi
zeus, but made their escape by leaping
into a carriage which was waiting
on a corner a short distance away. A
dozeu shots were fired at the theives
aud they returned the fire, but, as far
as is known, no ono was injured.
Passengers on the Labrador Behaved
Themselves Splendidly.
London, March 4.���Mr. E. F. Wilkinson, one of the passengers of the
wrecked steamer Labrador speaks of
the remarkable coolness of the passengers after the ship struck. Men, wo-
meu and children waited on the after
deck until the boatp woro ready to receive them, and there was not the
slightest confusion among them. He
also speaks in glowing terms of the
energetic and Immune action of the
captain of the Viking, which picked up
and landed the passengers and crew.
This Will Bo Mr.Chamberlain's Policy
Towards British Columbia.
London, March 4.���The Daily
Mail's report that tho Japanese ambassador may ask Mr. Chamberlain to
secure tho disallowance of tho British
Columbia Alien Bill, excites no attention here, Tho Impression which prevails among the well informed circles
is that Mr. Chamberlain's policy is
one of uon-interference with self-governing colonies.
He Signs Several Scores of
He Had Arranged for the Premotion of
Military LeaderB, but the Bills
Failed to Pass.
Washington, March 4.���At 10 o'clook
this morning President McKinley
and his entire Cabinet met at the Oapital and wont directly to the President's room iu the Senate wing of
the building. Many bills which bad
been passed were presented to him
for signature. Tbe vice President
declared the Senate adjourned at eight
minutes past 12 and the House adjourned two minutes later.
The Presidout expresses himself as
well pleased iu general with the outcome of Congress just closed. He
takes a hopeful view of conditions, believing that the failure of Congress to
meet the requirements in several instances will not operate to embarrass
tbo Government seriously. It was the
purpose of tho President, had Congress listened favorably to his request
for authority to appoint four additional major-generals, to huve named
Generals Fitzhngh Lee, Wheeler,
Wilson and Wood. It was a bitter disappointment to tho War Department,
that tbo request of the President for
authority to appoint one additional
major-general of regulars, should have
boon nigativ **. I; waa the purpose
to name for that honor General Shatter in order that he might retire with
the laurels he has earned. The general must bo retired by law on the
14th of the present month and must
go out with ouly a volunteer commission. It is the purpose to give him at
loast thiB. Only three or four bills
which passed both Houses of Congress
failed to receive the Presidents' signature to become law. All these were
privato bills and some of them were
pension bills, granting pensions to
persons who had died since the bills
were introduced.
Several snores of bills were signed,
while tbe President was at the Capitol
and in most instances they received hie
signature without very close inspection, this being plainly out of the
question as various bills which went
to him woro quite voluminous. The
last appropriation bill to receive the
executive approval was tbe District of
Columbia Bill. This reached the
President about five minutes before
tho lapse of the official time for the
close of the session.
New York, March 4���Wm. M.
Clemishire, foniiorly a Chinese inspector for the northern district of New
York, station nt Malone, ou the Can-
adiun border, was toduy held in $1500
bail for his appearance for trial at the
Circuit Court for northern New York,
at Utica, March 21, on a charge of
aiding uud abetting in bringing into
this country a number of Chinamen,
not legally entitled to admission.
Clomisbire was formerly in the employ
of the Government at Mulono, but
was suspended in January and later
dismissed.  He then moved to this city.
Rudyard Kipling is Making Most Satisfactory Progress.
New York, March 4.���Rudyard Kip-
ing's condition is slowly improving.
His recovery from the pneumonia,
with which he was stricken about two
weeks ago, is rapidly progressing.
It was announced toduy that Josephine
Kiplnig, the six year old daughter of
lhe poet, was still seriously ill, but
that sbe was doing well, eouiidering
the damp and rainy weather. Elsie,
who is suffering from pneumonia at
the Hotel Grenoble, was reported better today. Mr. Doubleday, who has
been at the Grenoble ever since the
writers illness, announced this morning that thn distinguished author had
passed a comfortable night. Mr. Kipling is now recuperating on a diet of
beef tea. He is gaining strength rapidly, considering how close to death
lie bus been in the week just past.
Mrs. Kipling is much wearied by her
constant care of her husband aud children. Many messages were reoeivod
today expressing the pleasure of the
I senders in learning tbat Mr. Kipling
i was on the road to recovery,
Denver, Colo., March 4.���Advices
from Toiniohi indicate that a snow-
slide in Granite Mountain has killed
Mrs. Alta Stout and Mr. aud Mrs.
Wm. Swasee and one of their children,
besides destroying $200,000 worth of
property of the Granite Mountain
Mining Company.
Omnmmee, Ont., March 4.��� Mury
Aun Hannah, native of Ireland, died
yesterday,   aged   113 years,    Sho  was
Rome, March 4.���The Pope's condition at 0 o'clock this evening was
satisfactory. His Holiness today told
Mgr. Angeli that he had read a collection of newspaper articles on   hie   ill-
unmarried and clearly nnxiuboied the  noss and was pleased  to  find   that all
events of the rebrll.-.iu of I7��8. j spoke respuotfnlly of him, NELSON DAILY MINER, MONDAY, MARCH 6, 1899.
Nelson Bail}' Miner
Pu.-dlshwl Dally exoept L'.ircluy.
Niiaoii Minkh 1'u.iNTiNo ii l'cni.isiimu Co..
1). J.   HlOAl't.N, Mun .guiK   DlrOOtOr anil
ALL COMMUN 1UATION;   to the Editor must
be "* -uiiii* unled by th ��� iiamo anil address
of the wi Iter, not ntMMMfly for publico*-
n, bul au ovldenco of good faith.
Daily per month by winter t 100
per month by maL    1 00
por half yuo, by mull    5 00
per year  10 00
per year foreign  13 00
Nelson Wkkkiy Miner.
Weekly, poi half year f 128
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'       per yoar, foreign    800
tfubsoriptlon*  tivarhihly In advance
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Queried for SO cents OAoh,
Advertising n tea made Known on application
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Copy r.ir < liuuKm o.    A.l, nl Is, mini   until
be In the olll e  by  4  o'rltH'k  p.m.   to
Innure change
Some interested person in British
Columbia has beeu corresponding with
Mr. David Mills, Minister of Justice,
ou the subjeot of the redistribution of
seats in this Proviuce. A portion of
Mr. Mills's reply has beeu published.
He says he is not well informed as to
the divisions here, but adds that it
will be the polioy of the Government
to avoid, as far as possible, any interference with connty boundaries.
That is a good principle, and we hope
the Government will not forget it
when the real work of cutting ami
slioing aud dividing begins. He will
disoover, however, that it cannot be
adapted to the conditions in this Province. There are no county divisions;
we have distriots, each i.s large as an
empire, and the population is so distributed that it will be much more convenient to disregard the boundaries.
But this is not the interesting part
of Mr. Mills's letter. If ignorant of the divisions, he has at least
the merit to desire to be informed of
them. He writes: "I shall be greatly
obliged if the Liberal Association will
give me some idea of what redistribution they think may be made. ". This
suggests that a scheme of redistribution is already in process of formation,
and that it way be submitted during
the session thnt opens on the 16th.
A Bill this session would be a challenge to the Senate, who are supposed
to maintain thnt Porliameut has no
right to engage in a redistribution excepting after and as a conseqnence of a
decenuial ceusos. But why does Mr.
Mills go to tbe Liberal Association for
bis information? What have political
associations to do with the rearrangement- of constituencies? Twenty-seven
years ago Mr. Mills would have denounced as scandulous the suggestion
of such a thing ; no doubt did denounce
it, and in doing so was quite right,
as, we have pleasure iu adding, he has
generally been throughout his long
political experience. But he shows
signs of departing from the old faith
in appealing to a party organization
to suggest the lines of the next redistribution in this Proviuce. That can only
mean that a gerrymander is in contemplation. If this word is too offensive for Mr. Mills, we shall modify
it by saying that ho desires a redistribution that will give all the advantage
possible to his own party, and that
the party leaders here are requested to
itimate how this may best be done. If
his only purpose is to acquire information m to the present, divisions, he
���would have done better to have applied
to any one of the hundred officials in
the Province whose business it is to
give it without color or bias of any
There are a great many Liberals in
Canada who will be profoundly disappointed iu Mr. Mill.* if he permit himself to be a party to a redistribution
that shall partake in the slightest of
the character of a gerrymander. It is
for himself to say, however, whether
he can afford the inconsistency. His
party have drifted so far from tho
old moorings that perhaps he may not
think it worth while to consider himself.      -
will not ask Her Mujesfry to disallow
In the case in question it is tho duty
of the authorities ut Ottawa to determine whether then should bo disul-
lowunoe, uud to give effect to thoir decision by themselves tukiug such action as in their judgment the circuin-
stancos demand. Mr. Chamberlain is
a strictly constitutional Minister, who
believes in leaving the colonies as
much alone as possible, and it would
never oconr to him to usurp the functions of the Ottawa authorities whoso
business it is to deal with the matter.
Before tho legislation was passed he
took pains to point out the unwisdom
of it from the Imperial point of view.
Wo know this from that deplorable
breach of official etiquette of which
our Lieutenant-Governor was guilty a
short time ago, when bo disclosed the
confidential correspondence ou the subjeot. It was within Mr. Chamberlain's duty as Colonial Secretary to go
that far; it will be within his duty,
uow that tbe obnoxious measure has
passed, to call Iho Govoruor-Geiioral'B
attention to tho mischief it may create
and to suggest that his advisers
should consider it in the light of Imperial policy. There bis duty will end,
ond it will then rest with the Gov_-
eruinent at Ottawa to say whether
the legislation shall be allowed. Tie
mat ter is purely Canadian. What Ottawa may do it would bo oxtremily
unsafe to try to guess. There has beeu
too great a disposition within lute
years to accopt anything the Legislatures may do. The legislation in question, however, is out of the ordinary
and calculated to breed trouble. It is
exceedingly distasteful *o the Imperial
Government. If we owe anything to
tho Empire, we nre bound to oonsider
this fact; if wo do not owe ouything, we
had better get out of it. The Motlur
Country has already worries enough
in connection with the Fur Eastern
question. Russia and France are making it as uucomfortaWe as they can for
her. The only certain ally she oau ('e-
pend on is Japan, and by some pettifogging legislation at Victoria we are
doing our best to alienate Japan's
sympathies. Whether that should be
permitted is a question that ought
uot to admit of much doubt; but in
Canada tho politicians are in possession, and what they may do dependf
entirely on what will best serve their
own interests.
It is not often we read of "the merry
twinkle in a deceased jurist's eye," and
few could imagine that the merry
twinkle could survive death ; but we
luve the assurnnco of a Victoria
Times reporter that the eye of a deceased jurist can twinkle merrily, as
he personally testifies in the case of tbe
late Lord Herschell. Was the eminent
jurist as glad as all that to take the
shortest cut out of Washington?
A Canadian member of the Rough
Ridors, who has recently been in Victoria, says that American generalship
won nothing iu Cuba; it was a campaign in which tbe soldiers did everything. He speaks highly of the fighting qualities of the latter. The opinion coincides most accurately with the
impressiou any intelligent reader
would gather from the accounts at the
Melcrologlcal Keporl,
(Observations taken by A. H, Holdlch.
date DAY
Feb 27   Monday
Feb 28 Tuesday
Mar 1 Wcd'day
Mar 2 Thursday   40.0
Mar 3 Friday        40.0
Mar 4 Saturday    40.0
Mar 5 Sunday      35.0
27 70
A cable dispatch published in Tho
Miner this morning says the impression in Loudon is tbat Mr.Chomberlaiu
will not move to secure the disallow-
anoe of the anti-Japanese legislation of
British Columbia, preferring to act
on the policy of non-interference with
the Belf-governing colonies. There
is nothing that will surpirso any one
in this, and the statement will hardly
warrant the trouble taken by The
London Daily Mail to make it, or the
expense iu cabling it aorosB.
We do not look to the Colonial Office
for the disallowance of Canadian legislation ; and in vitw of his rocont dispatch to the Governor of Newfound-
1 ind, Mr. Chamberluiu is the last
man to think of interfering with colonial responsibilities. He may advise
and suggest, aud  even   warn, but   he
Havana Direct.
A shipment of choice assorted Cigars. They are
the best value for the
money In the city.
Prices 2 for 25c.
and 3 for 50c.
Also best brands of Clear
Havana and Domestic Cigars. Tobaccos to suit all
Hotel Hume
Cigar Stand.
Kootenay    Lake    General
The Annual Meeting ef the Kootenay
Lake General Hospital will be held aa
Tuesday, the 14th day of Maroh, 18b9, at
3 p m , in the Court House.
There will be a mooting of the Direotors
at 2*30 p. m*
The membership fee iB $10 per annum
and entitles the member to hospital bene-
fits for one year. Any person subscribing
$100 a month will be entitled _ to the
benefit of the hospital for that period*
Subscriptions are solioited, and a full
attendanoe of members.and those Hesirons
of becoming members.is requested* A full
statement of receipts and expenditures
will be submitted and other important
business will be transacted*
Spokane  Falls &
Northern R'y.
Nelson  &  Fort
Sheppard R'y.
Red Mountain R'y.
MUSIC LESSONS. ��� On plutio organ or
guitar, by Mrs. W, J. Astley, Robson street
two doors west of Stanley.   P. O. Box 180.
strictly Pure Cream Tartar Baking Powder
mndo in the Province Ask your grocr for It.
Encourage B. O production, nil other things
being equal. STEM LEU & KAHLK, Manufacturers, Victoria.
The only all rail route without ohang
of cars between Nelson and Bossland and
Spokane and Bossland.
Leave 9.40 a.m. NELSON Arrive 5*30 p.m
"    11:55 "   BOSSL'D    "      3:10
"    8*30 am. SPOKANE   "    6.30 p.m
Traill tbat leaves  NelHon at 9:40 a m
makes cloHe connections at Spokuue (ui
all Pacific Coast Points.
Passengers '<"" Kettle River and Bound
ary Creek, oonneot at Marcus wit li Stun*
C. G. DIXON, G. P. St T.A.
Spokane  Wasb
Agent,Nelson. B. O,
Notice to Licensees.
MUSIC LEKSONS-Slnging and Piano, by
Mrs. Sydney Oliver, Observatory street, two
doors wost of Stanley.
WANTED A woman cook: nurse kept. Apply Mrs. F. Fletcher, Silica street.
WANTED���At once, tin experienced shorthand and typewriter, male or female. Par
sons Produce Co.
light, steam heat and bath. Apply K. Trnves,
West, Koolenay Butcher Co.
VIOLIN and FRENCH Los ons by Mr. C.
LobUuio, Silica street, opposite English church,
NOTICE IS HKItEBY GIVEN that all licenses payable under the provisions of Trade License By-law No. 8 of tlie City of Nelson for
the   several   trades, occupations, professions
and businesses therein set forth, aro payable on
the 15th days of January and July in each year.
NOTICE is also given that all licnses now
due for tiie current six months must he paid
i forthwith at lln- City olllces, and all iierson*.
; neglecting to pay such licenses are liable to a
' penalty not exceeding two hundred and fifty
' dollars. By order,
City Clerk.
Nelson, B. C, February 27, 18M.
Bankrupt Stock for Sale by
Tenders will be recoived by the undersigned
up to the 15th day of Mnrch noxt for the purchase of tho stock of Grocerlos, Dry Ooods,
Gents' Furnishings and Boots and Shoes, ho
longing to the estate of G. F. Fallis, an Insolvent, and Situate at Ileveldoko, B. C. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Terms and conditions of sale may be had on
application to the undersigned.
1. T. BREWSTER, Assignee,
Itovelstoko, B.C.
Dated Feb Uth, 1803.
Groceries, Provisions, Mining Supplies, Mining Drill Steel.
W nULbbALb A Speciality.
P. O. Box 214.   Vernon street, Nelson, B. C.
Our New Spring 5tock
Has Just  Arrived���It is most complete and goods will  be
sold at prices that should clear the shelves.
Always all Write.
Empire Typewriters,
Waterman Fountain Pens,
Parker Fountain Pens,
Artists' Supplies,
Winsor & Newton's Colors,
Waterproof Inks, all colors,
Edison Mimeograph,
Polygraph Duplicator,
Fine Leather Goods,
Cash Books,
Office Supplies,
Typewriter Supplies,
Multikopy Carbon,
Non-Filling   Ribbons,
Walkden's Inks,
Stephen's Inks.
Thomson Stationery Co. L't'd, 'W
Bird Cages   Bird Cages |
We have just received  a con= W
signment of Brass and Japan- 2��S
ned Cages, which we are sell- ���&
ing   At    Exceptionally     Low JL
Tinware and   ��� Qraniteware.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Nelson, B- C
: Real Estate and Insurance Agent.                      ^
�� The Birkbeck Investment,  Security |
g and Savings Co.                3
5^ advance money on Improved Real Estate.    Repayable in 5 and   ^
fc: 8 years by monthly instalments.                             ^
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
. . FRESH . .
Camps supplied on shortest notice and Lowee Price*.
Mail Orders receive Careful attention.
Nothing hut fresh and wholesome meats and supplies
kept in stock.
Markets at Ni-lson and Ymir.
All Kinds Of Smoke.
T. & B. PLUG
As we keep our Tobaccos in both our Excise and Customs Bonds we 1 ye
able to carry a large and assorted stock.
Boarding and Day School.      Present  Numbers 44.     Preparatory  class
under Lady.   Highest references to  Parents, etc.
For Terms apply to Principals,        -        1171 Georgia St., Vancouver.
i ?AC1F1C
Tourist Cars pass Rove'stok.i dallj
to St. Paul; Mondays for ToroilU.;
Thursdays fop Montreal and Bosln 1
To  Kossland, Trail,  Robson.
Rii��n*iiii.v Ukr- IU.li> iIiiiik .
Except Sunday. K*meHSiin-l iv
I   p.m.���Kflavos -NKLSON���Arrtvos-U   n.u
Hixiiriiii)- Klvrr Homo.
Stk, Movik.
Mon.. Wod., Frl. Tuck. Tliuri. Sat.
8a.m.-l*avoH���NKI,SON--Arnvu��-6.S0  p m,
Makes connection at Pilot Bay with Str. K< ���
kunec lu both directions.
SioamerHOii ihelr respective routes eel nl
principal l-endlngs in both directions an I
other poi nl** when signalled.
Mai.   Line ..ml   Inlrrnirriliilr I'.i.U via
SI.iiilll   til)',  II,llll,
6.3H a. m.-Leaves-NEI.SON-Arrlvo��-8 30 p. m.
and full information    by   addressing neara I
local agent, C. K. Bi-asicy, City Ticket Ag't, or
R. W. DREW, Agent, Neli-o
Trav. Paw*. Agent,      Dlst. Puss. Agoi.t.
Nelson Vaneouvjr
Time Cord in effect January  3rd,  1898
South b'nd. North b  a
Read down Road up
Boat Lvs. 6.30 a.m. Kaalo    8.30 p.m. Boat Ar
"    7.30   " Ainsworth 7.10	
"    8 00   " Pilot Bay &30	
"      "    8.15   "   Balfour   6.00	
���*    Ar   9.45   " 5 Mile Pt. 6.10	
"      "   10.30   "    Nelson    1.30    "        "   Lv
Connocte with N. & F. S. Railway train for
Spokane, leaving Five Mile Point at 10:05 a.m.
Steamers leave Kaslo city wharf ut foot of 3rd
street.   Subject to change without notice.
Steamship Lines
From St. John
Allan Line���Lanrentlan March 19
Dominion Line���Vancouver March li
From Portland
Allan Lino���Mongolian Mar. 11
From New York
White Star Llne-Qormanlc March 15
Cunard Line   l.urania March 11
American Llne-St.Paul March lo
A nolior Llne-Kthlopia March 11
From Boston
Dominion Line-Canada March 15
Passages arranged to and from all European
points. For rates, tickets and full Information
apply toC. P. R.dopotagrnt or C. K. Beuuicy,
City Ticket Agent, Nelson, B. C.
5UI   General Agent. C.P.R. Offlnea Winnipeg.
Humphreys & Pittock.
Best Candies, Fruits,   etc., delivered
to any part of the city.
Canadian   and American Papers always on Sale.
NcxUo Nelson Hotel,    pg
Improved  Property
House and two lots on Vernon street  JfljJ}
House and Lot on Victoria street  --'^
House and Lot on Victoria streot  "iri
House and Lot on Victoria street... ��������� ��� \7Z
Houso and two lots on Carbonate street., jg"
Business Corner on Vernon street,.. ..*������   ,"w
Dairy Ranch near city-Offers wanted.
House to let on Stanley stroet. ni,����t��l
Money  to I/>an-Real   Estate   and  Chattel
What  F. W. Peteri Saw   Something in
Regard to the  Moyie Oit)
Mr. F. W. Peters, Distrlot Freight
Agent, of the 0. P. R., rotunied to
Nelson n few dnys ago from n trip over
the Crow's Nest Line as fur ns Fernie,
whero he went to impact the new
agencies along the road nnd tiiuisnct
some business with the Crow's Nest
Coal Co. In conversation with a Minor
reporter. Mr. Peters said thut the rumor whieh hud been circulated with
reference to trouble wilh gns in tho
ooal mine, wus yniully exaggerated.
"They are working in tho miiio !iOO
men Bteodily" suid Mr. PeteM, "nnd
are turning out very large qnnntiities
of oonl. The demand, however, Is bo
great thnt tho company is not yet nhlo
to (111 ull orders promptly, hut (his,
it is hopod, will be overcome us development increases, Their 50 coking
oveus are in full blast, turning out
70 tons per day, nil ol which is being
shipped to the Trail nnd Hull Mines
smelter. A thorough test of this coke
by both smelters has demonstrated
that it is superior iu quality to nny
coke ou tbe continent, nnd this is a
great thiug for the country.
"I did notjget over to Fort Steele,"
snid Mr. Peters in reply to a question,
"but found Cranbrook steudiy growing. Our round-house, station building
and freight warehouses are nearly completed. I took a look through the
Miues on Moyie Lake aud found tbat
the St. Eugene has only been able to
ship a few ours of ore, owing to onu-
Hiunt rains taking the snow off the
lower part ot their road, whioh makes
it slow work to haul. The Lake Shore
wns able, however, to uloar up all th.i
ore on their dump, about 100 tuns. "
Asked in regard to the complaints
about O. P. R. discrimination against
Moyie City, Mr. Potors said he could
see no gronuds for suoh complaints on
the part of the busiuess people or the
public of Movie Oity.
"It IB true," said he, "we have no
station built in the village, but all
freight for them is delivered right in
tbe centre of tbe town, so close to the
merchants' places of busiuess that they
do not have to use te mis to haul it to
their stores. PasFeagers and moils
are takeu off and on, from passing
trains, right in front of the principal
hotel. A siding was built at a place
requested by the mine owners and
cars for the shipment of their ore were
placed long before thoy were needed,
before the miues had contracted for it,
and before they knew where they were
going to ship to. I fouud uo complaints whatever from oither the miners or the merohants in regard to our
service. I was informed, howevor,
that one of the owners of the Lake
Sbore mint did,in an interview, make
some oommeut ou our facilities being
iuadequate, but he could uot have
been in earnest. The siding where
cars are placed is less than oue auar-
ter of a mile from their tunnel, with
a slight down grade, making it very
economical for them to load their ore.
Some of the large mines iu the Sloouu
would give a good deal to be as convenient to the track as the Lake Sbore
Speaking of Moyolle, Mr. Peters
said that "the town consisted of a station, water tank and hotel, just completed. It is a very pretty site for a
station, right at the foot of Moyie
Lake, and with plenty of room forsido
tracks. When the properties on the
west side of the lake are developed, it
will afford the owners great convenience in tbe shipment* of ore and in
getting in supplies."
Wheu asked if there wns any foundation for the statemeut, which hud beuu
made to the effect that lead ores wero
I eiug hauled through Nelson to the
Cnnadiuu Pacific smelter nt Trail,
whioh prevented the Hull Mines from
obtaiuing its supplies of lead ores, Mr.
Peters said: "There is absolutely
no foundation for the statement.
"In the first place," added Mr.
Peters, "no lead ores are being hauled
through Nelson to Trail, and any wy
the Hall Mines smelter is given the
same rates in load ores from all poiuls
in Slocan as the Trail smelter. In regard to the complaint made that the
Hall Mines ure uuable to obtain or l
from points ou the N. & F. S. Ry.,
inquiry from the management of the
Hall Mines smelter will show that
they received ores from Rossland by
that line prior to the construction of
the Northport smelter, and before the
C. P. R. acquired the Columbia &
Western Railway. As soon as we took
over that road we made the Hull
Mines smelter a very fnvorable rate to
Nelson, but since the Northport smelter commenced operations no ore has
been brought into Nels n by the N. &
F. S. Ry., either from Rosslaud or
from lojal points on thut rond. Quite
naturally whatever ore their is for
shipment ou that line will be hauled
to Northport, but up to date the tonnage has been very light."
12  miles  distent.    Bight,    mile*   ont!
they   onnie   to   nn   empty log   shuck, :
and the two naiut'd    feeling tired, do  i
eidod to rest.   Thoy wont Inside, start-
ed  u  fire, and  lay down.   Both fell
asleep, Lewis *i\\likening with a choking sensation, nnd discovered   thnt the
roof   wns a   muss   of  Humes,    lio did
what ho oould to vosouo   his   compnii-
ion, but,   wm   forced   to rush for   the
door outHside of whieh ho  fell   uuoon
soious.   Moore was burned to u cinder.
Lewis is badly injured, und  is now
lying in tho Fer/iie hospital,
Tlm   Popular   Evening   Lecture   Will
lie tri.-en Tomorrow.
Thero nro a large number  of men in
tho oity determined to tind out just
how much Minn Livingstone knows
abont cooli'ng in euinp, where one's
utensils ore limited lo u frying pun
und a basin, Iho latter being used for
everything tnmi the morning ebnli-
tious to mixing batter for ship .-jacks.
Miss Livingstone will be veiy practi-
o 1 for she will limit herself to u frying
linn und the much lepnetod tin hnsin
und everything she prepares will he
n combination of these two utensils.
She will puss the edibles urnmid and
everyone will be given nn opportunity
to tost the dishes she prepares. Of
course the ordinary prospector is quite
positive thut Miss Livingstone ennnot
throw a ship juck up over her bond
nnd ontoh it in frying pun us it oomes
dowu, to enable the other sido to
oook. But no mention will bo mndo
of this weakness nt* tho lecture, us is
would not be polite. Howover, it goes
without suying thut tho lecture will bo
a very valuable ono and the ntteudnuce
will bo lnrge. The proceeds will be
devotod to tbe Free Public Lihrnry.
Thero will be no afternoon lecture tomorrow. On Saturday morning Miss
Livingstone hud her class of school
ohildreu an-1 to them gnve ninny practical hints about cooking. Tho subject, this afternnon will be onkes, a
leoture that should prove very instructive.
extremely high aH.40 The former
should mean fine, warm nnd sunny
weather; the hitter,fog,snow und ruin.
Yet*  the weather remained about the
same nil the time. Mr. Holilii-b finds
it very oiHeonriigiiig.
Tbe Fertile Free Pi-ess complains of
the prevailing of rowdyism in thut
plaoe; und ns the editor suys he wuh
himself fired nl by oue of the guug, we
"an quite believe the nuisance is mil
Every our loud of freight coming into Kootenay from Eastern points is
now rnutod ovor the Crow's Nest Pass
line, and with the new hurge launobed
lust week Iho 0. P. R. claim to bo
able to care for everything without de-
Messrs. 0. M. Brown, of the Rank
of Montreal, John Elliott nnd Dr. Sy-
nioiids, purohased on Saturday tha ron-
idonoo of Mr. Hurry Clements on Vie-
toria street, ut a cush prieo of $3,300.
Tho Hule wns made by H. R. Oum-
Tho Rnohuuuu Company finished
its week's engagement ut the Nelson
Opera Roust ou  [Saturday, presenting
Hazel Kirko" in the nfleriioon nnd
"Tho Two Orphans" in the evening.
Tho former wuh indifferently put on
but tlie hitter wns the best production
of the week. Another repertoire coni-
pnuy opens n week's engugemeut on
tho yOth of this month.
Mr. J. J. Walker, tho Bnker street
jeweler, bus just received ono of the
llnost linos of dinmoud car rings and
finger rings, ladies belt buckles, ladies
pocket booitB, fountain pens, silver
plnted ware and silver novelties,
ever shipped into Nelson. Mr. Walker believes thnt tho people of Nelson
desire nothing hut the best,nnd iu pur-
ohnsing the stock just reoeived, ho wns
noting under that belief. In this
morning's Miner he mnkos an announcement whioh will be of interest
to everyone.
Another Dry Goods Store to Be Opened
in Nelson.
Under the firm name of Martin
O'Reillv & Co.. there will be established in Nelson in about three weeks
another first-class dry goods store. Mr.
O'Reilly returned Friday last from
the East where he purchased a stock of
goods sufficient to make a good beginning. The promises in the Bank of
British Columbia block, formerly oo-
onpied by Lillie Bros., have been secured until an ndvuntngeous move c in
be mnde. It is Mr. O'Reilly's intention to make the store a first clnss establishment in every respect. He has
uot yet purchased ns full n stock ns he
will curry, but within u short, time after the opening he promises to hnve us
fine a line of dry goods us can be found
in the Kootenays. Mr. O'Reilly understands the dry goods business thoroughly, ns does also Mr. Joseph Meagher, who will be associated with him
in the venture.
It Will Be Formally Trnnsferrod to
the City Todny or Tuesdny.
There is every indication thnt by
tonight, or tomorrow night nt the latest, the City of Nelson will be in full
possession of the electric light plnnt
which now supplies the city, uutil
10:'10 p. m., with illumination. At a
meeting of the stock holders of the
company held on Saturday, all the
Bottoms of the officers of the company
in regard to the transfer of the plnnt
were ratified und they were authorized to sign any new documents ueo-
essary for the transfer. This wus
necessary because of the refusal of
City Solicitor Galliher to pass upou
the title ns it wns before Saturday's
meetiug. It is likely that the formal
transfer will he made today or tomor
A sad story oomes from Fernie.
Benj. Moore, James A. Lewis and
two others  started  to walk to oainp,
H. Oolin Cummins went to Balfour
Saturday and will return to Nelson today.
Mr. J. R. Martin leuves this morning on a business trip iu the Slocan
D. A. Ross, superintendent of the
Evening Star mine, Slocan City, is in
the city.
Chief of Police Ingram, of Rossland
arrived iu  Nelson   Saturday and is ut
the Phnir.
The blank furunco nt tho Hull Mines
Binelter wus blown out yesterday morning at 10 o'clock.
D. McLeod, purchasing agent for
Mnnu.Foley Bros., & Larson, is in the
oity at the   Hume.
H. J. Sullivan, travelling auditor of
tho 0. P. R., is in Nolson on business
connected with his office..
G. A. Mitchell, District Agent, of
tho Northern Pncifio Road, Rossland,
is in Nelson, at the Hume.
A. L. Davenport, manager of tho
Nelson Poorman mine, arrived in the
city yesterday from Spokane.
��� A practice of the Hall Mines Smelter
Band was held on Saturday evening.
The band is progressing favorably.
Rev. T. Williamson, nephew of Mr.
Thomas Parkinson, occupied the pulpit of the Baptist church yesterday
A. J. Mnrks leuves tomorrow tor the
Boundnry country, iu connection with
I tbe estate   of   the   lato   Cburles  Van
j Ness.
I Mr. Forde, of Henry, Forde and
Company, will leave tomorrow or Wednesday for California, where he will
spend two months.
A. G. McKenny, of the Gntta
Percha Rubber Co., Toronto,is in Nelson in search nf business after securing
a big order from the oity of Vancouver
for fire hose.
Mr. A. H. Holdich, who regnlutos
the wenthor for this district, bus tin-
ally deoided that the barometer iB of
little use. On February 28, it was
extremely low, 21.20; yesterday it was
Phair���E. Nelson Fell, Athabasca ;
H. Allouburg, Spokane; Fred Stone,
Wardner; H. J, Scott, Viotoria, B. 0. ;
John S. Ingram, Rossland (P. R.
Fleming, Nelson; P. S. Wright,
Slooan City; Peter McVoigb, Nakusp,
Hume���M. Stephenson, Kuslo; H.
W. Bucko, Kaslo; A. L. Davenport.
Spokane; 0. A. McPhee, Kaslo; Ruou
Green, Oro; J. Creen, Toronto; W.
B. Crov, Hamilton ; D. MoLood, Cascade ; O. B. Williams, Trail; H. J.
Sullivan, Toronto; W. H. Mnllkin,
Vancouver; P. Ross. Hamilton; C.
H. Shorn. Port Arthur; D. A. Ross
and daughter, Slooan City; John A.
Van Louver, California; A. G. McKenny, Toronto; F. W. Rolt, Rossluud ; G. A. Mitchell, Rossland.
Straight as a Die.
To achieve the greatest success
one must use the best menus and
materials at his disposal.
Carpenters, Joiners and Builders
cannot expect to do good work unless they have good tools, and we
are showing an Ai line.
Vancouver Hardware Co., Ltd.
Impostors of
Shelf and Heaw Hardware.
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Patenaude   Brothers.
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Nine-roomed ii����M,; and two lots
on l.iikt: street, every eon-
vcnlonce    12,800
KIrIiI-roomed limine mid lot corner Vernon nnd PurkstreetH,
every eonvenioneo    (9.600
House on Carbonate streot   $1,300
60-foot lot on Bnker Htreot    $1,600
Wo also have residential lots lintcd
for tmlo in all parts of the ulty.
Persons having houses to rent or soil
will do well to list them with uh.
J. L. VANSTDNE, Mining Broker.
R. 11. WILLIAMS, Cnsto'is Broker.
Heal Estate Agents,
Baker SU, Nelson, B. O.
Our School Boys,
Aro now discarding their Overiliooa and Rubbers, nnd   Hie Important point with  ���^������������������������������������������������������������������^
Parents In where to vol
..Good Spring Boots
Fur   Litem.      We  huve J lint   reoieved   a, Liu-^o   Shipment  of lloya' and Youth.-.'
Uuolri   uud  can  anrture   extra  Uood   Vtil huh  in   ihuse   linen.
5ust IRcceiveb at
3. 3. Walker's
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In Diamond Set Watches.
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Good Line of 1847 Rogers' Bros. Flat*^*
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We Do
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you in Teas. We have a variety to choose from and we have the stock
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customers express themselves as being thoroughly satisfied, but have
decided to stay with the Brands of Tea we recommended to them.
Our Coffees are the Best.
M.  DesBrisay  &   Co.
Spring Stock
of Footwear
Has Arrived.    The Very   Latest  in
^SJ^��    everything,   for    both   Ladies    and
Gentlemen.       .        ,        .        .        .
Neelands'Shoe Emporium.
The Brackman & Ker
Milling Co., Ltd.
Wholesale and Retail.   Grain, Hay, Feed, etc.
Write for Quotations on Car Lots,
Nelson, B. C.
House Cleaning
Is at hand !    A Full Assortment  of Paints,
Oils, Varnish, Stains and   Brushes  at  the
Nelson Hardware Co.
Under New Management.
c. d. j. christieIs. j. Mighton,
General Broker.
Real Estate iu all Parts of the
Fire, Life, Accident
and Sickness   Assurance.
Aberdeen Block.     ,    .    .
Offices, Aberdeen
Block, Nelson.
^ :i Roomed Houm f ** '�����
EZ l-ltiiuini'il Muiibo tin ou
fc li lioumml llmirtd *I8 00
EZ 5 Itooumd Uoumi t'M 00
B ������������
fc-    {.Roomed Houm with Fumiiura
fc; on Looted Lot, f:i4u.
fc    ii idioiii.*.i Houm nml im. fim
fc;      Two (loud I :*   i.l.iiii* 1x>(k foi $.100
OS RAIS il iiiih.
: oi 11< i: ini 'OBI i si, <>\ iiiuiM.i :
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Porter.
Drop in   ami Bee   ui.
B. O.
West Kootenay Valley, B. O., on line
of O. N. P. By., and
Nelson & Bedlington Ry,, now under
Information regarding OreBton may
be had of GEO. aFfaRLAND, Agent
Nelsou, or from
Creston Townsite Co.,
For Sale
House   and    Lot
on Stanley Street,
Between  Mill and
Latimer    Streets
It is a Snap.  :  :  :
Baker Street.
We have purchased the express
and drayage business of Mr. J. W.
Cowan and bespeak as large a patronage at the hands of Nelson citizens as was accorded Mr. Cowan.
Leave orders at D. McArthur's or
telephone No. 8v
General Teamsters.
Agents for l G. Oil Co.
(Standard Oil Co.)
Anthracite Coal.
First Class Fir
Cut any length
to order. One car of Fresh
Spokane Lime just arrived.
Office Cor. Baker & Hall Sts.
Telephone   88.
Dealer in BOOTS &
SHOES. Repairing
work a Specialty. The
Cheapest Place to
Deal in Town.
Hall Street,
Few Doors Below Baker.
Geo.   Holbrook,
City Scavenger.
All kindB of dnj- and ni-atht SoaTcnKerlni"
Work promptly done. Chimney dwoeplng
Box 189.   Leave onion ��t M. De#Brl-j��y'i,
,        KOOTENAY [
Mining Stock Quotations.
Com Hod by .1, I,, Vanstono, HiK-oossor to H.
U.   MoOulloch.    Mining   Broker.
Nelnon. B. 0.. 1\ O. box 1119.
Name of Company Value.
Ni-i*.i.ii. Blocan and Alnaworth
Alhahaxoa 100
Arlington Con I 00
Dundee 100
Dnnlunolloi 100
Kxoboauer 100
Fern U. M. Co    2b
Hall MIiioh  fil
KolHon-l'oorman    25
Ki* I** Montuv-umu-,  1 (XI
Noble Five loo
Uamblur Con 1 00
Rooo luo
Blocan SHr     60
Two Krlenu.    80
Wonderful  100
Trail Creek
Butte 100
Caledonia Con   1(H)
Commander 100
Doorl-ark 100
Kntorprlso 1 00
llllll I* llll  I 'ill I: III) lllll I III I 1 00
Evening Star 100
Good Hopo 100
Grand l*rlw>  100
Giant 100
Iron Mask 100
Iron Colt 100
Jumbo ...100
LllyMay 600
Mayflower 1 00
Monlta 100
Monte CrUto 100
Mugwump 1 00
Novelty 100
Phoenix 100
Poorman 100
Red Mountain Viow 100
I ! UIImIiU 111     1 I IllllllMl llllll  1 00
St. Dilmo 100
Virginia 100
Victory-Triumph 100
War Ragle Con 100
W o��l Lu KolJosle 100
White Bear 100
Alpha Boll 100
Cariboo ICamp MoK) 100
Waterloo (Camp MoK) 100
Cariboo Hydraulto Con 6 00
Chilli no       26
Golden Caohe 1 00
Tin Horn    25
Winnlpog 100
1 05
1 50
3 30
1 76
1 10
New York,   Maroh   4.���Bar   silver,
50}jJ; M��xioun dollars, H%.
A Miner rapresentatiye yesterday paid
a visit to the Exchequer mine, one of
the most promising properties in the
Nelsou district. In company with the
superintendent the different workings
���were investigated. A trip though
the tunnel, whioh is a00 feet to the
ledge whioh is being drifted on and
upon which thev have now drifted
feoroe 85 feet, revealed the fact that
the ledge was improving and showing
more mineral as progress was made.
The ore chute upon which they are
sinking the shaft, will, from present
indications, be reached within the
next 2b or 30 feet. A visit to the shaft
was made. This has beon suuk now
over 50 feet and shows a vein abont
four foot wide, with a -well defined pay
chute averaging some two feet.
Samples taken from the bottom of the
shaft appear to indicate a high grade
ore. Upon the ore dump there an*
now some 50 tons of first class ore,
that, the superintendent claims, will
average about $70 to the ton. There
is a great deal of interest in Nelsou
in the development of the Exchequer
as it is within 2yi wilfis of the town
and would make a valuable acquisition
to the working mines about Nelsou al
the preseut time.
* *   *
The month of February was a good
one at the Athabasca mine. Durinp
the month au exceptionally high grade
ore was taken out, and although there
was but 422 tons crushed, the value oi
the bullion recovered amounls to
$6,883; gross value of concentrates (approximate) $1,450, showing a total
value of $8,383 for the February
cleau-up. Mr. E. Nelson Fell brought
the gold bricks into Nelson Saturday.
Since opening the Athabasca stamp
mill has been running with three
vanners. The concentrates became so
heavy, however, that the addition of a
fourth vanuer was made necessary
and this started up immediately after
the February cleanup. The coin in?
month nromisei to be a big one for the
* *   #
T. L. Mitchell, builder of concentrating plants, and better kuown among
his numerous frieuds aud acquaintances
as "Tommy" Mitchell,uanie to Nelson
Saturday filled" with information in
regard to the Slocan country. Mr.
Mitchell has just completed the mill
at the Comstock mine and will return
today with an electrical expert for the
purpose of starting the, electrical plant-
He believes the coming season will
be the biggest the Slocan country has
known since it has been opened up
and that more work will be done than
during any othor season. This belief
is shared, Mr. Mitchell says, by all of
the mining men of the Slocan country,
who are sure that the true values of
the properties there will be made
known and induce a considerable
amount of capital to look for investment.
"The Vancouver," said Mr. Mitchell, to a Miner reporter, "half way between Silverton and the Comstock
mines, has from 18 inches to two feet
of clean ore and have been shipping
all winter. They have also considerable concentrating rock and ure now
figuring ou putting in a plant in the
near future. The Emily Edith is on
the samo basis as the Vancouver and
will probably begin the erection of a
plant as soon as the snow is off the
ground. The Ruth, George Alexander aud Company, owners, and H. B.
Alexander, manager, will puljin a 100 ton
concentrator mill at once. I will be
erected right opnosite the old Canadian
Pacific depot at Sandon. They are
also figuring ou putting in air drill
maohines. The Ivanhoe is also figuring on a 100 ton plant to be put in
some time during the next threo
months. Thev have stiuck from eight
to 10 feet of ore, two feet of clean ore
and the balance of tho ledge concentrating rock. The Slocan Star has struck
a large body of ore in the lower workings, somewhere betweou eight and 10
feet wide. They have a two foot
streak that will nveraRe from 800 to
400 ounces. Everything considered
there is little doubt in my mind that
the Slocan Country is ou the eve of a
substantial boom, ono tbat will build
it up and give it tho prominence it iB
entitled to  beoaugeof its riohei.   If it
is coming to any dislrict it is coming
to the Slocan country. Just mark my
\ ord.''
Mr. Mitchell bus a busy summer bo- >
lure him,    Included in   tbe  plants   be
will build, is the Kuth plan, mentioned above,   He  is   figuring on a  great]
many Others,   also, and if   the  Slocan |
Country prospers, us he believes it will,
he will prosper also.
*   *   *
A nioetliug of tho incorporators ol
the Camp Moliinuey tiold Mining and
Milling Company was held ou Monday
evening hist, sayB the Boundary Creek
Times, wheu the following officers
wore elected: President, D. A. Cameron, manager of the Bank of Commerce;,Vice-President, tt. SmaileB, of
the firm of Kendall & Oo. ; directors,
Thos. MoDounell, K. H. Palmer aud
C. W. H. Sanson); seoretary-treasurer,
W. B. Paton. It was decided to place
a block of 250,000 shares of treasury
stock ou the market at five cents. As
soon as this decision was arrived at
7.000 shares worn Immediately ppr-
abased for an eastern investor. The
balance of the block is selling rapidly,
ljocal men who havo knowledge of
the oompany'I properties and their locations arc buying frooly. Tne com-
dany owns the Aloha, George Hur-
stand Burlington These claims lie
north west of tbe sailor group and arc
in a direct line will) thn trend of thn
Cariboo vein. P. VV. Groves,O. E.,
is surveying the properties, and as
soon as his work is coin plated a force
of men will be put to work.
�� * *
Tha Eakovinw claim, lying on the
lake shore between hern aud thn Bosun mine, has been purchased for thn
North west Mining Syndicate, by thnir
ugeut VV. H. Saudford. A good cash
price was realised by the owners,
Messrs. Benedum, Kyte and Thomas
of Silverton, but the flgnre wns not
made publio. Considerahle \Mirk has
been done on the property. The purchase of this claim by the Northwest
Mining Syndicate, brings their Bosun
Group almost into Silverton's town
site.��� Silvertonian.
�� tt *
Phil Hickey is contemplating the
erection on his claims nt Oanip Mc-
Kinney,, a 20 stamp gold mill. He
has good properties there, directly
adjoining those which have already
"deolared themseh*es."
*   ��   ���
First nlace is given to the Evening
Star in the Inst number of The Silver
touain "Five miles from Slooan City,
up Springer Creek, is situated the
Evening Star mine, ono of the most
promising mining propositions in the
���Slocan. This property is equipped
vith a complete hoisting plant, steam
pumps, machine drills and everything
lhat is necessary for tha proper developing of a mine. At present the main
working shaft is down 180 feet nnd
sinking is in progress night and day.
\ station wns cut and a drift drivon
on the ledge a distance of 60 feet, nt
ibe 100 foot level. Tho vein averages
two feet hi width and varies but little
in width from the surface to tho bottom of the shaft. Fifteen mon arc at
present employed at the miue uud
uore will bo added as room is made
for them. The character of the quartz
is a dry sulphide ore carrying high
,-alues in both gold aud Hilver, averaging 200 ounces in silver and $30 iu g.ild
per ton. The vein is a true fissure in
a granite formation, the strike being
north and south with a dip of 60 Oe
grees to the east. The property is a
stocked proposition and the stock is
mostly held by Eastern Canadians,
;iud listed on the Toronto   Exchauge."
Does the Eastern
Tailor spend his money *n Nelson ? No. Then buy
your clothes from a Nelson Tailor who does. We beg
to announce that we have cut our prices so close this
season that you will find no difference between them
and any reputable house in the East. Then all things
being equal, surely you will favor home industry. Our
clothing is **"lade in Nelson.    All we ask is a trial.
H. fl. Vincent,
Merchant Tailor.
P. S.���We have no agents.
J   Y.  GRIFFIN  & CO.
Dairy Fed, Mild Cured Meats, "QRIPPIN BRAND" our Specialty.
Choice Creamery and Dairy Butter, Cheese, EggB
 Write us foi��� Prices	
Nelson Branch.
Editor of The Miner:
Sir:���In your issue of the 4th inst.
Dr. Hall replie ��� to my letter of the
88th nit,, but proves that his first
statement, that my charges were "notoriously false,' 'is not true. He gives an
excuse for uot admitting Mr. Hazel-
wood from the Victoria Hotel. If he
did not refuse him, as I stated he did,
why does he come out with au excuse
for refusing to take him to the hospital, and in making his excuse ho quote
the words of dead man else it might
also prove false. I saw Mr. Hazel-
wood at the Tremont Hotel about four
weeks before he sent for me to see him
at the Victoria Hotel. In the meantime he had recovered from his first
illness and had been out in the hills at
work. When he seut for me to see him
ut the Victoria Hotel I told Mr. Goodwin, who camo for me, that Hazelwood
bad no money to pay for a hospital and
tbat he had bettor see Dr. Hall and
bave him removed to the Kootenay
Tuike General Hospital, which received
a Government grant and was supposed
10 care for such unfortunates. Mr.
Goodwin saw Dr. Hall aud had him
go aud see Mr. Hazelwood, when Dr.
Hall refused to take him ns "he was
going to die." Then Goodwin came
the second time for mo and when he
told mo the outcome of Dr. Hall's
visit, I went up and saw Mr. Hazel-
wood, for the first time during his last
illuoss, aud had him removed to Mrs.
Gilbert's private hospital where he
died the first week in January. Dr.
Hall was sent for as he was tho only
doctor,at thai time, who could admit a
patient to the hospital. It was Bince
tbat time the rules were changed allowing other doctors to take patients
there by paying or guaranteeing $12 a
week As to the Cooper refusal he
claims to have been busy. I have Mr.
McKiunon's statement, but Dr. Hall
sees fit to deuy that aud gives auother
excuse trying to throw tho blame on
Dr. Hawkey, who was then a partner
of Dr. Hall, saying he refused.
Seeing Dr. Hall quotes Dr. Hawkey I
will also take the liberty of quoting
Dr. Hnwkey, and he told me my
charges were absolutely true aud he
oould tell me a much stronger case
which happened the day before. I
did not ask what that was but if Dr.
Hawkey, when his partner, "conld
not" admit a patient to the General
nospital,what doctor admitted the patients when Dr. Hall was away for
two months? A better excuse is needed to show Cooper was uot refused admittance,as I stated in my first letter,
and which Dr. Hall branded as "notoriously false."
Again, Dr. Hall says I withdrew
my $50 before coining out over my own
signature. That is true; but I did
not withdraw it, until I gave Dr. Hall
time to cover it, and when I saw Dr.
Hall's answer aud the challenge it was
altogether at variance with his first
statement as to the truthfulness of
my charges.   He  never mentioned the
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ws*xzir ��������������������� t ^-xv-My
Branch Markets in Rossland. Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City
Orders by mail to any branch will have careful and prompt attention.
subject of the dispute, via., the
"false" statements I made over the
name "Oivis." The $50 is still ready
if Dr. Hall can prove them false. I did
not intend to have anything further to
say about this question but I o-iiinot,
and will not allow Dr. Hall to come
out and charge me with not "calling
on )��v patients for four or five days"
aud i'nsinnatiug that this neglect resulted in the patient's room "smelling
worse thau any disocting room" without denying it. I throw tbem back as
talse and anything I bave stated in
this letter I cau make oath and say is
absolutely true, Dr. Hull's word to
the contrary notwithstanding.
Wholesale Produce
and Provisions. . .
We havo heen appointed so'e agents
for Kootonay for SWIFT St CO.,
South Omaha, and will carry a full
stock of meats of thoir manufacture
at Nelson	
Mail orders will be filled at prices
ruling on day order is received.
Head - Offices - Winnipeg.
Hhanchks Vancouver, Victoria,
nej.hon, h088lani), atl.in lakk,
Tagish Lake, Greenwood, B.C.
and Dawson City, N. W.T.    .    .
P.  J.
RUSSELL, Ilanager.
Nelson   Teijl  ai)d
AWi)ing Faetori)
Patronize Home Industry, and Smoke the
Royal Seal
And  other   Union
Made Cigars  of the
Kootenay Cigar Mfg. Co.,
Receives pupils in Vocal Culture, Piano and 'Cello. Address Art & Music Co., Nelson.
Pianos tuned, Violin Bows repaired.
Leave orders  Art & Music Co.
Capital Paid up -     ��� $2,000,000
Rest -      - 1,200,000
H. 8. Howland, Pres.  T, K, Merritt, Vice Pres
Wm. Ramaay,      Hugh Ryan,      Robt Jaffraj,
T. Sutherland Stayner       Ellas Roger*.
Head Office, Toronto.
D. R. WILK.IE, General Manager.
E. HAY, Inspector,
llrnnrhm In all principal ell Irs nnd iowiim
la   Ontario  and Quebec
Iti-anclie*.    In     Manitoba,     "north-went
Territories and British Columbia.
Winnipeg, Man. Portaqe La Prairie. Man.
Brandon, Man. Calgary,   Allu. Pmnce Albert,        Sank. Edmonton,        ;aii.h.
Vancouver, B.     C.   South     Edmonton,
Agent* in Groat Britain���Lloyd's Bank, Ltd.,
72 Lombard street, London, with whom money
may bo deposited tor transfer by letter or cable
to any part of Canada.
Letters of Credit Issued ou Alaska Commercial Ci payablo at si. Michael's, Alaska, and
Dawson City.
Drafts Sold, available at all points In Can-
da, United simesanil Europe.
Letiers of oredit Issued, available in any
part of the world.
savings bank Department���Deposits of tl
and upwards received and interest allowed.
Debet turns���Municipal and other debentures purchased,
Money Orders Issued payable at any Bank
$10    to  ��20,      lOo;
J.   M.   LAY.   MANAGER.
Tents,Awning,Fancy Striped iuOTE3SJ
��' J r        12010 130,120; ISO to ��0,
Curtain for Verandah, etc.
Theo. Madson,
���I I mi;   TABI.K   FOR   CIiORINti   OF   M4IIS
Mail  I Spokane;   Victoria;   Hossland
for-!    Winnipeg;
Vancouver and
Eastern    Points.
( Nakusp;  Slocan  Lake,    San- ")
t     don;   Vancouver,    Winni-    >8 p.n
i.      peg, Main Lino, O.P.R.      J
f HoKfllund;   Trail, Robson and)
-I      Points on C. & K. It",        j
Kaslo nnd Kootenay
Li.Kii Points,
3.45 p.m.
Kuskonook, Creston. Fort Sleolo,
and points oo C. N. P. Ity.. Sunday
und Thursday 8 p.m.
okfice BoOM,
Ijohby opened from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Gonoral
Delivery, 8 a,m, to 8 p.m.; Registration, 8.30
a.m. to 7 p.m.; Money Ordors and Savings Bank
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
No dollverv on Sunday
J. A. GILKER   roatmoator.
Provisoial Rights Association of British
(Temporarily Organised in August, 1898.1
In dofonce of Provincial Autonomr, ruthlessly Invaded by Thomas It. Mclnnes, Lieut-Governor of tho Province, and futher to guard the
rights and llbot ties of tho people against mis-
A constitutional and not a party or pollticul
organization. II. F. EVANS,
Rot-aland, E. C. Beoretary,
#   BUY IT    #
The Miner is on sale at  the  following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley Nelson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug & Book Co. Nelson
Hotel Hume Nows Stand Nelson
Hotel Phair News Stand Nolson
Humphrey & Pltlook Nelson
IV Campbell Ymir
C.F.Nelson Now Denver
J. F Delaney RoBobcrry
Linton Bros. Slocan City
3.1. Mcintosh Silverton
Slocan News Co. Sandon
W. Purker Brooklyn
Thomson Bros. Vancouver
Holel Spokane Spokane
M. W. HlmpBon Rossland
W. H. liter Rossland
Lamont St Young Kaslo
H. T. Macdonald Kuskonook
R. S. Bovan Fisher
and News   Agents
trains out of Nelson,
on  boats and
PARIS 1900
In view of the coming Pans Exposition of 1900, and at the request of several persona, I have decided to give
French lessons. Those -who d��sire to
follow the course may send their
names in order to know the termB and
Negligee Shirts.
I have a Big Stock that must be sold.
They are Good and will go at Bottom Prices    ....
J. A. GILKER, - P. 0. Store
We Have to make room for New Goods to
Arrive, so we are giving Great Bargains in
the   following    Lines:
Glassware, Dinner and Tea
Sets of Dishes, Toilet Sets.
Headquarters for Hotel and Restaurant
White    Tableware..
Mail Orders promptly attended to.
KlRKPATRicic & WIlsoW
Groceries and Crocker^
;      Gamble & O'Reilly,     s
Civil Engineers &  Provincial Land Surveyors.
(Mineral Claims Surveyed ami down Grants applied f.*r)
Tlenl Estate, insurance und General Agents;Notary Publio, itc.     ...,.,...,.
t: titles an Accident and Fever Policy,  which   gives , you
���*, $1500 per ��eek while laid up or >1600 In case *if denth for
'' the sum 1 premium of |3 (KJ per year.
f  GAMBLE & O'REILLY,  Agents, Baker Street.
All   Communications telating to British Columbia business
to be addressed to P. O. Drawer 505, Nelson, B.C.
|. Roderick Robertson,
General Manager
S. S. Fowler, E. M.,
Mining Engineer
$6.75   PER  TON,   DELIVERED-
All orders must be accompanied by cash and should be   forwarded
Zither personally or by mail to. the office of
General Ag*ent. Cor. Kootenay & Baker Sts.
Wholesale Merchants.
Liquors and Groceries.
MlLLS,   Enderby and Vernon	
A.   B.   GRAY,   ip. o. box en nelson, b. c,
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   -   -   -   -   $2,000,000
Capital Paid Up, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,ooo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Comparative Statement,  showing   the progress made byjthis Bank in the
past ten years: 1888 1808
Capitol Pnid  Up  $1,000,000 $ 1.500,000
Bast  200.000 1,250.000
Deposits  2.862,000 8,175.000
Circulation  993,000 1,387,000
Loans  3,835,000 8,554.000
Liabilities to Public  4,038,000 9 900,000
Total Asst-ts  5,286,000 ���"'; 12,737,000
General Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the in    t favorable terms.   Interest allowed on Bpscial
deposits  nd on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver
Vancouver East End, Victoria, Tmlr.
A SaviitKS Bttnk department has boon entabllshed in connection with the Nelson brand) of
this bank. Deposits or one dollar and upwards received, and current rate of interest allowed,
at present, .1 per oent, per annum.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
CRESTON, B. C. cRow-8Wi.NE
Dealers in all kinds of Lumber.   Oan be delivered at any
time in any Quantity.
G. A. BICELOW, - Manager.


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