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Array C'S]
Edition No. 630.
Nklson, British Columbia, Friday, January 19,  1900.
Tenth Year
Durban Report- Fighting Already Begun.
Strengtb of General Buller's forces
. -nl in Flanking Operations
Across the River.
London, Tlinrsdsy, 4 a. m.��� Military clitics in allilialiiiii with the War
Ollice ' ��� ii-iiler that the expected battle nliing the wide arc, smith anil west
,.f Ladysmith, can hardly lie delayed
beyond today, From Dnrlmii it is reported that (hiding has already begun,
General Buller's forces, engaged in
the Banking operstions across the Tu-
geln, at'' some 18.0C0 or 14,000 hayon-
,t-. 1,200 horses and 40 gnus. The
iIm- -ii i,,n .if lus ether 16,000 or 20,000
ueii if nut kni'Wii. although the ns-
sninptlon ii that the whole army will
lie in action when Ihe hour for a com
dined movement arrives. Three weeks
;,__-,, ii,' lnnl lit),iiiiii nn n. Considerable
reinforcements have siuee reached
him, '.ning hi in probably -5,000 men
nnil eighty guns all told. Estimates
ii how many gnus and men the Boers
linvo lo oppose him arc mere guesswork, nm i'iitii'S|,ondcitl mentions
ti'iinil Buller's wheeled transport of
: ' ' s, hides which sonnects him with
tin' mil lii'ad alniut 'In miles in the
rear Among these vehicles arc 80
traction engines, wbiob draw frnni ten
wagons ini li. General Buller's warning abont tin- misuse of Ilie
white Hag hy the Boers lu his proclamation tn the truo|iH is considered a rath-
it iniiail hint to aivc no quarter, His
-iltrn.e"there will be no turning baok"
is played upon editorially by the room-
nt- papers as presaging a cheerful
Tin' absorbing interest felt in the
Bltnation In Natal makes oilier points
in lite theatre of war seem miorosopio.
��� nn tils aie moving toward
lim.mi French at Rnnsburg With
tii'- 'i. ii expected to sdvanoe. The
War tnlii ������ nn ii, am -os that   next   week
will li liimikeil 72 guns,   1,710 men
nml -,*.I0 horses, This is the largest
consignment of artillery ever sent
aim ad.
Tlie War Olllcce   invites  600   volun
:'     li form nsharpshooters' battalion
il   \ ' ��� 11 111 Ul V
Sir William .Mi'Corniack.in the Lancet, says ihat of the 809-wounded in
the liii-pitnls visit,d hy him,only eight
1      een hit ny shells.
Ilie Biilish losses m killed, wound-
id and captmed, up In date, are 7,1'nT
1 mn! men,
'      n,  Thursday.���The Capetown
ndoul ol the Times, discussing
Afrikander disloyalty, says:
"I believe ihe sympathy ol every
itclimnn in South Africa is with the
twn Kepnbllos nnd that a   general   ris-
'still quite possible.   However,
'"'" ' Hiiug In implicate the Bond
1'ii'v a- n win,i,, in ������ otllolally organ-
11   '""MUiaey   ngainst the   Imperial
Oovenment, although the Bond leadors
ll;l'" wmi,..i m ,������ pandered to sedition
m "id. I to preiarve   their   popularity.
ni" Hritish failures   and   the   appear-
1 iho Boers In   Hritish tenitory
taonted rebelllon.bnl even now,
"-'ve  British victory would pre-
v'"' Us further spread."
"* ""orrospondeni   testifies  to  the
��l Hie lervioea rendered by Mr.
'';""'"'   tbe ('ape Premier,   in an
"���wnsjslllg position.    He speaks loss
"���8"�� ol  Mr,   Hoffmeyer,    the real
'" 0| "'" Bond  paitv, and seventh-
inrt��*'ati�� the Dutch  press of the C,,l-
lp" 1*6  says, "is doing its   Ut-
"lulu   keeping   on   the   windy
Drift. The enemy's position is lining
bombarded by us.
" 'Five miles higher np, Warren
has crossed the river by a pontoon, 86
yards long. Hn hopes his forces will,
by evening, have advanced fivo miles
from tbe river In bis right front. Tbe
enemy is busily entrenabing.'
"From Roberts.��� 'Capetown, Jan.
18.���Qntaora reports thai B00 men of
all ranks have been moved front Bushmen's Hoook to lloopi'berg, and the
~-lth liod battery and one company of
mounted infantry from Sterkstroui to
Bushman's Hoeok, Otherwise, there
is no change in the position.' "
aid Government today, dispensing with
the services of J. A. Maodouuell,
Chid' Provincial Engineer, to take
affect tomorrow. Mr. MaoDonnoll is
the Liberal member of Ibe Dominion I
House for Lisgar.
Sterkstroom,   Thursday.���Yesterday
the Poors blew up three culverts ou the
Dordreinht line, five miles beyond an
outpost of the police oamp, The coin-
iiuiniln at Dordsreichl numbers a thousand.
Mount Alice, near Pnlgiester's
Drift, Nnlnl, Moitdnv.���Tho forward
movement for the relief of Ladysmith
began on Wednesday, January 10, from
Frere Camp and Cbieveley. Lord
Duudonald's mounted brigade, with
thn l-'it'th brigade under General
Hail, comprising the Dublins,the Oou-
naughts, the Inulskillings and tho
Border regiment, proceeded nntihwest-
erly to Springfield. The position had
previously been thoroughly recommit-
ered. A few miles outside of Frere,
Lord Dundonald passed targets erected
by the lineis Iii represent a force advancing in skirmishing order. Evidently the lineis had been tiring at
these from tlie adjacent hills Lord
Dundonald pushed on and as the main
column advanced, it was noticed all
are confident.
Naples, Thursday. ��� Mr. Charles lv
Maernm, former U. S. Consul ai Pretoria, who left Lorenzo Marques on
December 38, bound for New York,
landed here today It is reported that,
he bears letters from President Kruger
tn President MoKinley asking the latter to mediate between the Trans.aa]
unl Ureal Britain.
Last Year'slncrease Amounted to 74.76 per cent-
Two Important Steps Taken at the Meet-
Ins; Yesterday.���Women's Eights
in tbe Ohnrch.
(Special Dispatches to The lliuei.)
Montreal, Thursday.���At the annual
meeting of the Montreal Clearing
House Association, the retiring chairman, A. M. Crombie, delivered a oom-
prebensve address * n tbe course of
which he showed there had been au
increase in two years of about two
hundred million i" the transactions of
the Association, In IKSii the dealings
were (464,630,000, Last year there were
(794,029,000, an inorenso of 74.70 per
cent. Montreal's cleavings last year
weie nearly one half of all Canada's
Mv. Crombie expressed the opinion
that iii view of the development of
Monties! as an ooean port, local clearings would puss the ono thousand million mark in four vears.
Toronto, Thursday. ���At the annual
stock taking nl the Presbyterian
Ohnrohea held In most cases last
night, very satisfactory reports were
presented, contributions showed an increase and the church is generally
prosperous. The only incident nf importance was the resignation of the
Rev. Dr. H. M. Parsons from the pnR-
toiitte of Knox Church, which ho has
held for many years. Dr. Parsons is
"in years old and will receive the fettling allowance of $'3 000 per year.
He will retain his connection with the
Sudbury,Thursday.���A citizen-' banquet of a uon-polltiual character, at
Whioh nearly one hundred guests were
present, was last night tendered to
Hon, E. J. Davis, oominisstoner of
Crown lauds, and Archibald lilue, director of mines.
Ibe Oape Times came across a icgu-
bir   "Mark   Tapley"   in  a hospital.
lie was swathed in bandages up to his
chest, and could hardly move. Vet he
managed    to edge   through  a hand.
War," lie -aid, "is a glorious spoiling game. The stakes are heavy���
they are our lives; and we play to win
or lose them, but it is a glorious
game." He was ur cheery as a cricket,
and his one hope was that be would
soon be able to "have another slap at
the Boers,"
A traveling newspaper ollice is ap
parently one of the nianv novelties lor
which the present war has made itself
responsible. A Pretoria telegram, in
s Cope paper, says: "Last night the
Railway Volksstem car lett the station for General Joubert's laager.   It
-insisted Of a large well-lilted up goods
van, arranged as a printlus ollice,
with  sp-cial  arrangements for  type
setting and printing, UN well as plenty
ot space for paper and a desk tor the
editor, Axed up with B typewriter.
London, Thursday ���Thn news  that
General Buller had crossed tbe Tugela
ill force ciinaed a confulent opening at
the Stock   ISxobange   here   today,    but
the failure of the public to respond to
the enoonrsging tidings caused prioes
to stick after midday, Tha action ol
tlie i'aiik of England directors in reducing the minimum discount rate
from   five  to   four  Bud  one-half  per
cent,    hoisted   Consuls,    but    in    B	
quarters tbat was looked unon as paving the way lot a fresh Governmenl
Berlin,    Thursday.��� Ths    German
press adopts a more quid tone regarding the seizures of German vessels ny
Great Britain's war ships, printing
with satisfaction extracts nf a similar
tenor   from    London     papers.    Owing
Montreal,Thursday,���Two Important
steps were taken at the meeting of the
Diocesan Synod today. Hi v. Canon
Davidson made~a long speei h in favor
of the establishing of -Deaconesses,
and concluded with a motion expressing the hope that responsive action
may be reached this year. The Synod
was more, hi liiiinglv in favor of the
resolution, whioh was adopted.
Kar more controveisial was the atmosphere which hovered over the proposal to enable women to attend and
vote at, vestry meetings. Two motions
on the subjects were submitted, one
by Rev. Canon Davidson, the other by
Rev, W. B. Chambers, bnt Chambers
withdrew his proposition in favor of
that of Davidson, which read as follows:
"That In the judgment of the Synod, discrimination in the church Temporalities Act of this Province excluding women of the ohuroh from mem-
beis of vestiies in this diocese should
be repealed, to which end the ollicers
of the Synod are hereby instiucleil to
lake nei'rifnl action before the Legislature of this Province for the eailiest
possible removal of the disability imposed in the existing act.*'
Upon the vote being taken the Synod
decided in favor oi   the   principle that
women should be allowed  to attend
vestries and vote if they chose,the inn-
rity being B6 against   10  clergy aud
lav vote of is against 11,
"We will meet you at Quebec" ex.
claimed one of the opponents of the
proposal, hinting thai Ihn opposition
would be curried lo the legislative Assembly, when the question of tbe re
peal of the Temporalities Act comes
fm waul.
Toronto,   Thursday.���Premier Ross
] in the course ot   an  interview, announces  that the receipts for lhe past
'financial year were |U,810,000 and ox-
i pniiditiires   (11,700,000,   leaving   a   net
i'lii.iuc.c nf $ii(i.tii)(i.   in  the expenditures were included,   towards tho railways  subsidy   fluid   (1)10,000  and  Inwards annuities (180,000, and drainage
debentures, (11,000, making a total of
(.84,000. As these amounts were paid
out of the ordinary receipts of the
Ptoviiice, and should properly lie called capital expenditure, the actual surplus of revenue over ordinary expendl-
; turn was (886.000,
It should be  noted   that in   the   re-
jeeipts for the year 'win is not Included
l the sum of  (.46.000  received   for  the
'limber sale held in Deoonilierlast, thai
sum having been   passed   over   to   the
| credit of   lhe year   iooo.    The   actual
j financial Standing Of the   Province  on
January Li. 1900 was as follows:
I   On special deposit bearing interest
t(440,OOQ-, on current   account (184,0001
Semi-annual subsidy from   lhe Domin-
iini,   (720,000;   Receipts  from  Crown
lands and timber sales,   (866,000,    Total,   (1,018,000,    The   Province   starts
the year, therefore, with   ovei   a  mil
lion and a half ti its credit, of   which
about (800,000 weie the accumulated
savings of the last two years.
MoNlcol, of Midway, and T. W. I ul,
man, of Trail; Revelstoke, Thomns
',1. (Irabain and William M. Lnwronce,
I ni Itevelatoke; Ainsworth, Nell V,
\ McKay and Eduinnd I'. Stephenson, of
j Kaslo;     Slnean,    TliomiiK    Drown,   nf
  | Sandon, and    Itoderick   O.   Ma'hesnn,
of Hilverton ; Southeast Kootenay, An
, . .drew   r.    Grace,   "I   Foil Steele, and
UllCe   Again   Joe   JVkll'.lll   IS   Robert    *���:.     Ucuttie,   of  _.anbrook;
...     .     -, Noi'lheasl   Kootonny,   Ohntles H. I'm-
Attacked- lh,���-, and Charles A. Warren, ,'l Golden;
j Wesl Lillooet, Win. Boyd and It. T.
Graham, of Clinton; Nelson, E. O.
Art imr and Peter Wilson, of Kelson. ;*
Now license Inept otors _ izi 1i, ed Include T, G. Black, ni' New Denver,
for Sine in. ,'i'e ll. L. Forbes resign-
. .i; Stephen RodRt ���. >��� , loldeu, for
N. 1'. Koeteiiny, vioa F. c. Lnng, resigned; K. \'< l.isi.T.iif New Wostmin-
Superintendent 0.   H. Hand Has   _ele-  Btor) for Chllllwaok.
graphed the Government tor A<
tnute Police Protection.
(Speoial Dispatoh to The Miner).
Victoria, B. U., Thursday.���Today's
session was given over to the speeob of
Finance Minister Cotton, and his reply to .loe Martin's speech. He ev-
plained the situation fully with regnrd
He Has Nol Forgotten   Tried   Friends
and t',iiKV.nl, -
No General before lias ever in en
more faithful to old friendships and
more loyal to the men who bave served under him than Lord RobertB. The
Solent ion of tbo staff which is going
with him to South Africa is a proof of
tins     General    Nioholson,    General
to Headman's Island, directing atten- Prottynian, Oolonel Neville Chamber-
Hon particularly to tha fact that Mar lai"i M��J01 Charles Gume, aro all
tin woh solicitor both for Ludgatn ami """i"s v'''.v '"miliar to Anglo-Indians,
the Governmenl. Cotton iioolarod and the social history of "SuoWdon"
that as it had been proved in tbo nasi,,""1 i,a entertainments during the vears
aud would   be  m ihe  future,   Martin   that Loid Roberts wns Ccmmonder-ln-
Ottawa, Thursday.���The Canadian
Patriotic Fund has now reached $60,���
964. Tin- Montreal City District Saving! Dank gives (1,000 nnd Sir Charles
Tupper. (100,
Ottawa, Thursday.���Con Neville.
Deputy Collector of Inland Revenue,
who died hero this afternoon, was a
life Inn- Liberal and nroiiiliieiil in
Irish-Catholic Bometies. Before entering tbe service ho cnndnrt��d a large
grocery on Ridean Street.
Victoria, H   0.,   Thursday. ���A petition was reelved from Silverton asking
thut no amendment or change be mads
in ihe clauses of the present mineral
act. commonly known as tbe Eight-
Hour   law,   nnd   that   the mi  be te-
tallied iu its entirety and duly enforced,
Toronto,     Thursday. -Nominal ions
for the  Dominion by-elections  were
held today The following aro the reports ot the nominations, Berth ler, J.
E, Archnnilialt, Liberal, by ncelamii-
liou; sherhrnoke, Mcintosh, Conservative, and Lebarlon, Liberal; Lnbelle,
Bourassa, Liberal, former member,
re-elected  by soolamatlon; Veroheres,
V.Geoffrlons, Liberal, by aei'lamal mo :
,  West  Ontario,   Gould,   Liberal by so-
to the prospect of a speedy  settlement | clun,]|tit(tl. Winr.ipr.i_.  B.   D.   Mat,in.
Independent   Liberal,    and   A.    W.
Puttee, Labor candidate, were nominated   for     the    liy-cleclion   I'm    Ibe
Dominion Parliament,
i    There are Iwo  candidates in Lotion-
nn i-
*"'"" the law.
niid i
I"  promote   robellioii
1 nii'imiii racial antagonism. "
,, ' ' ll"" '''i'li'y.-.Mr. Rudyard Kip.
�����  ���Vl"1   l"is   family   will   sail  for
"'"""��'|| tomorrow (hatordny).
.'       '  ���i-i.i.is.i,,,'. ��::,.-, p, m.^-jha
'   �����   ""'"'I    the   following;
i     ' ""  Buller-fjpcarman's Oamp,
''  IN     'Due Held aitillen'.Hnw-
���,',,.    " "l "'"I  l-yitieton's  brigade
""" 'I'ngebi at Potglester's
���atisfaotory   to  Germany, tomorrow
interpellation   is   expected to lie   calm
ami non-sensational.
The Berliner Tageblatl   is Informed
(rum SI.Petersburg that Russian slates-
men are trying tn get the support ol
the French Cabinet for calling [ID International congress In revise Ilie Maritime laws and to clarify tbo idea :tf
The   owners   of     the    llaiiswuguor.
Hamilton,  Out., Thursday,���Percy,
lite four-year-old son of Matthew Cat-
roll, while suffering Irom convulsion!
was placed iu a lmt bath by his father,
sustaining scalds horn winch ba died
today at tne hospital,   An lnqnest has
been nrdered.
Belleville,   Ont.,    Thursday.��� John
Pearson, railroad laborer on the 3rsud
Trunk Railway, was struck by a train
nl Trenton this afternoon, dying this
evening at the hospital,
iero. Bolssverti lhe cboloe ol the Government, and c. Fortier, Independent,
.. b,, will light for the seat oeellpied inr
man; yean by  Belnfret,   Gooff-ion,
Liberal candidate  fnr Ohambly  Veroheres, in the course of  an  sddn    to
wbloh was stopped   In So.,.,  African       ^.^ fM.
waters on December IH   by the British      1(J ^  ���������..,���,vediv and   with
gunboat Fearless and ordered to go to heM)   fta  ,llliln,|��� ,.,k,.n ,,v
Port,    Elizahelh   to   unlna.l,    Were In- rfw    |J)||(   quB8lloD|    We slmuld
formed that tbe bath would be released
as soon as Ihn seal oh   of   her eargn bad
been   completed,   assuming   that no
contraband was found,
Ths papers print a  Lisbon  dispntch
[announolng   that   many   Portuguese
shippers have revoked contracts by tho
ruiitlnauil oa Kuiut'i PsgS.
dniiiir share un    Bngland ill leturii for
ii rvioei  we  bave ti Ived,   One
oontingenl has been sent,  nnotbei  is
going, ainl il more am needed we will
be ready In nnd them."
Winnipeg, Tbnrsdaj    An Ofllei m-
Council was adopted   by   the Mi-i-Dmi-
Toronto. Ont, Thutsday, -Tl ffeel
of tin- Christian  Botenos   treatment
foi cancer will be Investigated hv Coronet Johnson and jury in ths case nf
David    Grant,   whn   dud   early   this
morning,   it Is alleged lhal Grant did
not receive proper medical treatment,
though ihe gravity ol the disease was
known.   The Crown has been request
ed in make further Investigation.
Ottawa, Thursday.��� J. R. Roy, <;.
C . Montreal, hns been appointed Sec
rotary nf ths Public Works Department
in BUOOSSSion I" B.     Itov. superininiiat
ml on necouiii "i  ill health,    The   new
secretary lias In ten engineer in   Hritish
Columbia   for    th''   Public   Works department.
was unable to  work harmoniously and
fairly witb"other men.
At this point. Marl in   interjected   to
say that as soon as he found Lodgate's
interests  cotiUtotlng with the Provin
oial Interests be had Informed tbe former he could not net for him.
Cotton nttaoked Martin's statements
regarding the Orow'sJ Nesl land grant,
showing that it was the opinion of Unloading lawyers approached, that the
Province was in duty hound to make
the grant.
Taking up Oolonel Baker's reforonce
tn Joe Martin as  "the fallen  angel, '
Cotton  applied to the. late Attorney-
General the lines ni Milton :
"And   my   choice   to  reign   is worth
ambition, though in hell;
Better to reign   lujhell   than   serve in
heaven. "
Martin must reign not constitutionally but as nn autocrat, as a despot,
in whatever community or Government he might be. Ejected at Winnipeg, rejected at Ottawa, Martin oame
into this Province where be has been
enft into outer darkness, .lust here
arose Kbeils, who moved an adjournment iu order In direct attention to
a statement tbat trouble was to he
(eared at tbe Payne mine, Slocan, and
that a request had been made for pn-
lice protection for life and property.
He read the following telegram:
Sandon.���To F. S. Hussy. Superintendent Provincial Police.���On behalf
of the Payne Consolidation Mining
Co., 1 demand ample ami complete
Immediate police protection for life
and property. About midnight on the
Mill instant a mob of about _l) men
ennui lo the Payne tramwav to prevent
miners who had just arrived, from going to work at the Payne mine. The
Srcretary of the Sandon Miners' Union, whn was tlm chief spokesman,
snid threateningly among other
things, "If you want dirty warfare
we will giie ynu all ynu want-" The
tbiestening attitude and tbe violence
of the  language used on  the onoasion
leads me tn believe that    I  lllll justified
iu appealing to  you for  protection,
iSgd.i   c.   H   Hand, Manager Payne
The Attorney-General gave an assurance that all  necessary steps hsd been
taken,   although    the     imminence  of
trouble was to bo doubted
Quebec, Jan. 18.���The third session
Of thn Eighth Piirliainenl nf the   Pmv
ince of Quebec opened al Bo'olook this
aiterii'Kin with the usual ceremony.
List of License Commissioners and Inspectors Gazetted,
Vii'tniiii. B, C, 'I linrsday, -The
Official Gasetto of this week contains
the list ,,i i.b i use Commissioners
newly appointed, Including the following!
Hichiniiiid License district, Nloolal
i in istiuii ;--11011. ni Vancouver, and L,
Morton Drommond, ol Moodyvillei
Obllliwack, Joseph Ogle, ol Bardie
and John Dsnholm, of Chllllwaok;
Mioola, d Green irmltage,  ot Ooul
|i,..  i'.  O.i and 1''.   I'   Cook, nl  I .uinn,'
Orei k : Wesl  Yale,   w m, ^Teague,  of
Vale, and W,  II    Pit ltd,  Oi  Hope I Ash-
ri.it. Alexander  Locbote, of  Fosti i
Inii.    and   I.      I.' Inn.in.    nf   Asheri.fl ;
N.'iih Vale. ,i ii Lander, ol Nicola,
ami H. H Lee, ol Kamloopi i Southeast Vale. I, W. Shut ("id. of Fair-
view. iui.I A in-by   Megraw, of  Oamp
Mi'Kiimi", . Northeast Jala, Ifred Billings, nl Vernon, and Isaac   Heard,   nf
Chief in India is pretty well expressed
in tlie las', three, Sn W. G. Nioliol-
son was General Lookhnrt's right .band
man throughout the Ainili uampaign,
and then became tlie Adjutant-General
in India. He marched with Lord Roberts from Oabul to Kandahar,was from
isi'ii tn 1808 bis military secretary, sn
Hint there is a strong personal friendship between them. General Nicholson was of much assistance to Lord
Roberts when tun latter wrote bis
" l-'nrly-onc Years iii India." Sir William has a habit nt getting up in the
veri small hours of the morning, and
of breaking tbe back of the day's work-
before tlie sun has risen.
General Pretywan,   svlm earned the
sobriquet ol "Pretty Dny" by being
as smart a young A. D. C, as ever
clinked spurs iu the Held or the ballroom, followed the fortunes of his
chief through iln- Afghan cninpaigm,
and win witli him to Madras as Mili-
tai-v Secretary. After commanding u
disiiiit in Bengal, General Pretymaii
hn-. been awiiting further employment, and has now leeeived il from
Iii.. obi Commander,
Oolonel Chamberlain, lirst as a dashing young A. 1). O., and Iheu in the
more important post of Persian Interpreter, was the life and Foul of the
staff oi the Commander-in-Chief In
India, whether before the enemy or at
the summer capital. Of late yeai> lie
has tempered the difficult task ot making tlie Maharajahs of Cashmere take
their responsibility in Imperial de-
fence seriously, by instituting ladies'
polo, writing comediettas, and giving
the freest hospitality to all Englishmen passing through the countty. He
has been called from ibe command of
an Indian station to join bis old com
miles of the stall'.
Major Gume. who was believed In
India to lie tbe best chief A. D. C.
Lord Roberts ever had, discharging
all the social and confidential duties
of the post wnii unexceptionable tact,
has just resigned the Impnrtant post
of military tutor and no ver nor to Uncrown Priif e ut siam. The vming
Prince,    who   has   been attaelied to   n
regiment nt Aldershot, has completed
In- tnilitury education, resigned his
appointment, and asked for mllstnry
employment. Tbe answer came most
ploassntly and   most unexpectedly,   In
ii request lo tesu   his   former place
on Lord Roberts' -tail'.���Loudon Dallj
Lauadownu;   Boundary   Creek,  J.   O.    dual pi-  enl
Quebec, Thursday.- The Lsgtsla
tore opened today. 'Jin- Bpeeoh from
the Throne expressed loyalty to litem
Britain, a hope of peaoe favoring the
British Orown and a safe return for
the C median contingents, The It gls
latinti promised,includes tbe consolidation ol ihe Health .Hid  Lloonse  law-.
.mil the aim ini Dtol the (llOVi u hum .
factories and milling corporation
lows, Aid is promised to open now
roads in unsettled districts snd a protection in the pulp Industry. This
latter is to be secured, ll is aid. li)
the Imposition nl a lax ol I 00 a
cord mi pulp wood i ut foi export, with
:, rebati ol 11 ifl a oord when the pulp
produced is i intsctnred in the Province. Thi I"nn Iple Is ilie same as
which it
ralstug sn ni mil trouble scrot   thoj n NELSON DAILY MINER.  FRIDAY,  JANUARY to,  i_>o��-
Nelson Daily Miner
' iiblislieit uiuly OXOOPt Monday.
Nl_t.RO...\llNKH I'lllMTlNO  & flTllLIHIIIKO 00.
ii  I   BEATON, Editorand Manager,
Miil'iiln.- Ii'll'liuii
ii,Hy por month by oan tor t   M
per halt yenr...     H -Vl
imr your    V 00
imr y..nr hy mall ��'"0
por fear fomiun   - oo
Nkl&oh Wkrkiy Miner.
VVooltljr, pi r halt real     ... IM
p.r_-o_r   2iki
por yoar, foroli.11    2 30
RnlMOrtptloni Invariably In advanoo
, el son Min ir Printing 4 PubllshlngCo
nelson. b. c.
Telephonb   No.   i-i-|.
The Torouto Evening Telpgrniu lms
been emisisteiilly inii,lie in iti inlniir-
nt.iiiii ol' Mr. .I'iseiiJi Martin. Keferriug
ti; 11','i'iit, events In tbe Viotoria Leg-
islniuie, it siiv ������ Mr Ootton won the
lirsi round, but he lms -till to emu
the Immortality whioh awaits the drat
uinn in Can ml in 11 politics to get, permanently abend of that gentleman, it
is evident The Telngram lms lillln
knowlorlgn of Hi" inner history of Manitoba poll tion. Until Mr. (iri'euwiiy
.nul Mr. Siflnn ���ul iiliniiil of liini.
Mr Martin plnyed for the Pram I en hip
there, with nil the desecration of nu
ambitious and unsornpnlous man, and
wiis .111(111 ill beyond description lo
ilisidvi'i in the em', how completely ho
lnnl Inen foiled.
1900 1900
Hotel ~
OB.ce nn I Pocket,
Whittaker's Almanac
A Piano ili-ii improves under
usage. More musical than
others and lasts longer,   .   .
The Minor will p;iy $10 reward
for information that will lead to the
arrest and conviction of any poison
who steals a copy of this paper
from ihe premises of our subscribers.
Little things him'vo to BiiRfigu the attention of onr legislators at Victoria.
That, we snppose, is beon-u e little
Illinois come tho more readily and easily within the scope of tbelr comprehension. The Address in reply to
the Speech from the Throne ia under
illseusflion, and until the thirty-seven
members on the floor of the House are
liearil from the debate will not be cou-
eluded. The other day one Of the Ministers, Dr. McKeobnie, contributed
liis speech. Like nil others from that
side of the   House,   it   denlt with Mr.
Martin, in fact Mr. Martin is receiving more attention than the Address
itself. A very considerable portion
nf Dr. McKeobnie'h speech was devoted to that gentleman, mainly in relation to n churpe that be bad sold himself to tho Opposition. It would appear
thnt Mr. Martin had seen Mr. Uuns-
iimir, and in the course of n conversation that ensued told him thnt if the
sixteen members of tho Opposition
wonld hniiR together be would come to
their assistance in the effort to defeat
the Government. Here was a plot, 11
conspiracy, and, nliovo all else, n 10111-
pnnt, in acoordanoe with which Mr.
Mnrtin agreed to abandon his principles nnd throw in his lot with tlie
Turner party.
It is not 011 record that   Mr.   Martin
made any remark  as to   the   weather.
If he had said that  Victoria   rain   np-
penred to be  of a trifle  wottur quality
than the Vancouver   article, no   doubt
Dr. McKeobnie or sumo other Minister
would   l,,i_e  dragged   ihe  observation
into the arena and   made it serve  as 11
basis for some other   oharge ou   which
members  would be invited to  expend
their wisdom   and   eloquence.    And it
would   have   been quite   as sensible as
tho other.    For months past Mr.    Mnrtin has made no secret of his Intention
to compass the   downfall of   the   Government, if within his power.    Thnt is
his first   and   greatest   purpose ot   the
present. He, has great, faith in himself,
but he knows that his  single vote will
not outcount nineteen; be knows tbat
to be  successful   he  must woik   with
the   Opposition   and,    between   them,
harry the life nut of the   Government.
It was quite nnturnl   aud proper to intimate to the Opposition   his   willingness to assist   in   the accomplishment
nf an   object dear   to both, and   only a
Heuilin   Minister   or   supporter   eould
possess such distorted   intelligence    a
to imagine that it involved a surrender
nf nuy of   those   principles which   nre
supposed   to   be   Mr.   Martin's distiu
guisbing mark.    It was a silly issue to
raise, yet the House   took   it   seriously
under discussion,   to the great   Iohs   of
time that miRht have been more profitably employed.
Another   trumpery matter   that   has
been magnified beyond it 11   reason   was
Mr. Martin's journey to the Capital on
the first day nf tho   session.    The  cir-
cumstaneus   of Ihat   affair,   it   would
seem, nre also to be taken as  evidence
of a conspiracy   between   Mr.    Mint in
and   Mr.    Dunsmuir.    Those   ciichiii-
stnnces begin   back   with   Mr.   Wells,
who says that a short   time   before the
meeting   of  the Legislature Mr.    Martin aBBuro-1 Him Hint nothing would be
done   on   the   first   day   except   to go
through the ordinary routine.    In consequence of this  assurance Mr.   Wells
did not   put   in   an appunrnnce at   tbe
opening, while ho  discovered later ou
Hint Mr. Martin hnd   huiried   through
by   means     of     special    OOnvejBUOBS,
Plainly, according to Ministerial opinion, here was a deep   laid plot   to  defeat tbe Government,   Mr. Wells must
be n very simple  poison if he did  nol
know that Mr. Martin was not in 11 position to give  lilm   nny   sort of assuv-
mice as to the  proceedings of   tho first
day or  any   day.    And if Mr.    Mnrtin
was hurriedly summoned   nud   reached
the Capital by the only conveyances
thut were available, we do nol see how
the circuniHtnnce can afford Mr. Wells
uny ground of complaint. Yet this
iitTntr, too, has.been advanced to the
dignity of a great public question.   We
suppose it ts tj bo fallen as the measure "I Ministerial capacity.
Solieitoi'-li'i'iiernl Mori ne, of Ihe
Newfoundland Uovernmeut,interviewed at Halifax recently, said the opportunity hnd passed to win that colony
to Confederation. He nddod that the
Colonists cinilil not sue what they had
t" gain bv throwing in iheir ".fortunes
with the Dominion, They would
liiii'dh he Newfoundlanders if they
could see. But even thoy could be
Hindu sensible of the advantages after
the event, when they saw their island
in process of transformation under the
Influence of Canadian enterprise
Their insular prejudices would disappear in  tho  light of the development
Hull  would follow.
Cash Books,
Day Books,
Office Supplies.
Mason 6 Riscl.
A Piano that has not only
won a reputation, lmt a Piano
ihai is constantly accentuating that reputation, nothing
being   left    undone   by   its
makers to advance the in-
instruiiieiil musically and to
keep up tho lii��h standard
C. A- PROSSER,   Manager.
New and Important
_| Prospectors, Attention!
The Vietoyia Colonist is correcting
some little misstatements mode by Mr.
Martin. He said the oilier day that
Mr, Semlin had repiesented bis present
constituency for thirty years without
a defeat. Tho Colonist points out Hint
ho was defeated twice, in lN7fi and
again iu 1879, We do not wonder at
Mr. Marlins mistake when we find
him astray as to bis own political record.    In Ihn   same   speech he spoke   of
himself ns having entered political life
fifteen years ago. He entered political
life, ns ineuib.r for Portage la Prairie
in the Manitoba Legislature, in February, 1878���seventeen years ago, not fifteen.
Annapolis, Md., Jan. 18.���The
Maryland House ol Delegates, which
is overwhelminglv Democratic, today
refused to endorse Wilinm Jennings
Bryan us "the recognized leader of
Democracy in the United States," and
practically Killed a resolution introduced by a silver advocate to invite
Mr. Bryan to address the body.
Delivered to an any point oil
Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock
on hand of
Canada mm &UouGii md
"3800 Miles Across Ciiin-ila."
Price .1.50,
Young Men, Become Your
Own Assay ers-
Throe months Will tench you Assaying fur
iJolil. silver. Copper. This department i�� In
elimvii of Prof, Sutor, Honor Grnilunlo of
MO-111 tniversit..
l.lve. innl loam now, choapor limn von now
fNCiOf-PO FIATT'"* -.670
Wc have just received
a carload ot choice
St. Johns, Mid., Thursday.���The
agents in New Voile of the German
Petroleum Company, whose steamer
Heligoland issnpposed to be the ill-fated
slcniner in St. Mary's bay, have telegraphed to the German Const;] hero to
use every endeavor to recover and bury
the bodies of the wrecked sailors, and
the tug Ingiahniii has been engaged to
return to St. Mary's Buy for this purpose.
JV|ining Stocks
Bought and Sold.
Tena and        anil others worked
Marv  Belle  b-v  the   Westcm
���nary   oeuc  C:mada Goki Min.
ing" Co., is one of the safest buys on
the market.    Thorough  inspection
cordially invited.
iooo Noonday    600 Richelieu
Referendum Treasury Stock,    Sold
oil installments 7l.Jo., one third down.
Board ami Inst run inn In Ausayipfft "ll '*->r
twei.ty----._c tli'll-u's pertnonlh.
W'riH'fo tbo I'l'inoipnl,
Now Westminster,
Alt classer, nf learning may be lnnl in this,
lip only Colli go of Its kiiet In lhe West.
Mill nt PILOT BAY.
J.   A.   SAYWARD.
llou*e   anil   lot   fur  sale,   close   to
business part of city.   Pi-lie $2,000.
The purity of thu Drugs nnd Modioinoa
adniiulstored to i._.. patient is tin: most
essentialelemenl in im* bticcossful treat-
ini'iit of disease. Pre-ioriptiona aro oom-
pounaod by uf from absolutely Pure
Drugs in nerfoctcondition,ai'd thephy--
Blciau's skill will not l>u nulliileil hy old
nnd Impotent drugs,
i lur stnci_s of requisite* for
The Toilet
The Nursery
The! Sick Room
Aro��0on_ploto1   Your palronfigc solicited.
Nurses'   Directory.
For tho convenience of Pbysli tans nnd
Noiv-f*, wo have established it Nurses'
Directory, nnd in order to nave it rom-
plOtOi ro(|iu--i all Nurses lo send in or tall
and  leave t heir names und  addresses.
Dispensing Chemist
Tolophono 118,    P.O. Iioi-.'-.'i.    Baker struct.
Mail Orders Promptly Atlendod To.
Great Reduction!
S6.15 Per Ton
HAltl) CHAI.     _DQ  CC   De,'
(ANTHRAt TI'KI    -PO-OV-    I-""1
.KI.F.I'HO-K -8.
Insure ymir life
Fire, Life, and Accident Ins.
moneyTo loan.
Collections Solicited.
Spokane  Falls  <__���
Northern R'v.
Nelson  &   Fort
Sheppard R v
Red -***-.untain R'v.
Hudson's Bay Stores
West Bilker St., Nelson.
Telephone 18,
Wholesale Houses.
M.OOIII  Bouse	
Two Cornor l.oli witli  7-Room Hon,
An I'M in _.,ml liny	
'i-llooin llcn-e	
Box 323.   Phono 117.
. 118.03
NELSON LODGE, No. 85, A. F. & A
M. meets Hi'contl Wednesday 111 cneh
month.   VisitiiiK lirotliorn.
��.vCANELSON   LODGE  No.    iS, K.   of P
��6ua,tneetii in K. of P. hall, Oddfellows block
Veverv   Tuesday  evening nt   8 ocloek
/All visiting knlghtn cordially Invited
U, Jiiv, K.of It. and 8.
agent Ontario Mutual
Life Assurance Co.
COUUT KOOTENAY. I. I). F., No. 31:18.
Meeting* 'Jml and Ith Thursday, Fraternal
hall, ,1 A Irving C. H.    "A". B. Shaw. 11. S,
J.  O. O.   F.     Kootenay Ijxlge
No. Ill, meetsevery Monday night,
at.   their   Hall,  Kootenay Hti-oet
.^ojouniing Odd Fellows cordially invited.
C Shaw, N. O    John Sooley, V. O.
Fred .1 Squires, Bey
The only nil rail route without
change nf cms hetween Nelson a d
ItoH.sliuitl nnil Spokane and Kosslanil
Lv. 9.15 a.m. NELSON, Ar. 5.2H p.m.
Lv. 112.. n.iii. ROt-SLANDArSO-pin.
Lv,  8.15 a.m. SPOKANE, Ar.O.l'i yi.m
Truiii that leaves Nelson nt 9:15 nn-
mtikt'H dune O'.miiooliieii1 ut 8pokant fil
nil Coast Points.
Paaeeugers tor Kettle River uuil Boundary Creek, connoet at Marcus with Stag'
II. A. JACKSON, G. P. c-T.A.
Spokane   Wash
Acent. Nelson, B. C
"���r HORPE & CO., Limited.���Corner Ver
I non nml I'eitai- Btreeis. NcIkoo, manu-
fuoturers of and wholesale dealers in aernteil
waters anil fruii syrups, dole agents for ilal-
oyon Springs mineral water.
���.V Al. i:timiu,iis, l,es-.., Every known
VarlOl) of s���fl drinks, P. O. Box 8S. Telephone No SI. Hoover Street Nelson Bottlers
of I In- l-'iiinoiis SI. Leon Hot Springs Minural
HJ. EVANS &. OO.���BaiterUtroet, Nel
��� son, wno,omilo dealers tn llQUors, cigars
cement. lii-.i b u-.k anil flreolay, water pipe antl
steel rails .mil gi in rat commission luerelliiiit-.
LlMlTSD, rTonl tilreot, Neisun, whole-
sale dealoi-s in flour, meals, etc., and hay
nml grain, H'.ills.,I Edmonton, Victoria anil
New Westminster. Klowitors on Calgary k
Kiliuonton Railway.
A MACDONALD & CO.-Corncr Ver-
. no,i iiiiii Juse_ihl!io atreets, wholesale
groeers and Jobbers in blunkotB, gloves, mltls,
ho ' '' ...
Insure your house, house furniture
anil  pianos   with   J.    IC.    Amiable, |
agent Victoria-Montreal ami Equity
Fire  Insurance companies.
Builders will llml ii to th-ntr advaatAft-i to
Hk'Un* Willi BradlOV &��� '"o. nn l'.iinlin*_r.
Mrs.   McLaughlin's
Bennett's Improved
Safety Fuse
As    Supplied     Hritish    Admiralty.
N'KI-SON _-.O.t.
Nn. HKI2 iiu'fts in the Mac-
<rv '1 hunday evening ut, 8
member* cordially invited
John Tovo, W. M.
: P\ J. llruriliiy, U. S.
SONrf **V KMiliANI), lncetr
lirst uml third Wednesday <>f
each ruontlt al Kratornliy hull,
corner of Baker and Kootenai
Rtroeta VUlUiig brothem tonl-
iullj Invited.
jnn.. WATaoN, BeoretatT.
NKLSON AKKIK No. 88, K. O. K.. ineul.
every sooond aod fourth Wedneadayn of eaolh
tnonthi Vi.-^iiintf ninnb-iirs oordlally invit
J U. Wrav, Bcorotary.
���CONSOL, STOCK I.NCI! Will   III.ini.
60-62 Brodway,    New York
oan ba made through speoulaUon with deposit
of 980.00 [thirty dollars] upward [or 8 per cent.
margin upward.] on stock Kxclumgo.
The gteal eel fort unes have heen made through
Bpoouiatlona in Stocks, Wheat or Cotton.
tf yon are Interested to know how specula*
Llonw are conducted notify us and we will send
you   informallon  and   market tetter  free of
UhuuI commiHslonK charged for oxeouting
4;uvrriiiiH'��f, Mnnl'lpnl and it>iit��:i<i
bonds quotations furnished on anplicatlnn for
pnrohasOi sale or exchange.
iioots, rubbers, maokinaw
and  inii"" ���' Kun-
BURNS A OO-'laker-Street.
wholesale ttoi
ineals,   Cuhl --luruKu
PBUKNS A OO-'Inker dtreot. Nelson,
���   wholesale  dealers in fresh and cured
-Baker street. Nelson.  Whole-sale deal*
ere in fro h nod cuied meals.
LUUTKD linker aueut. Nelson, whole*
raie doalon in hardware aud minirg supplies,
plumhero'and tinsmith's supplies.
uaie (.niiits mid uiin.
Nelson Employment Agencv
Thrup experienued Girls for Laundry,
OlrlB   fur lioiisi'ivnrl;.
Girl fnr iSttiro.    Norse flirl.
00NTRACT8   TAKBN    1*011    DIAMOND
J. H. LOVE, Apt      Baker
Vernon nml .1,,-, , inn,' rftreow, NoUon
wliolesnlu denleis in liquors clgurfi mul 'try
b-uoilw. Ageut.for Palis,, Brewing Co. ot Mil-
wa. kee unit CnlKiiry Browlug Co. of Ct.l_nry.
HUDSON'S Bay OO.->*��� bolosal. ���io-
ueri-saud llquors,siO., Hukor m��� NoIhuii.
.   unit ,li'i,,;|,liiiie atrouts, Nolson, wliolosiile
"X*lin jiiililin in liiri'iiv wnriii'il :i_:iinst
picking np any lu^s in Kootenny Lnku
Hint are brauned with "i1" rn end.
Bnme aro  my   property,   and   1 shnil
rluini them wlii'ii'Vi'i In,mil.
1'iint Bay, n. r.. Jan, 18, inon.
White Countered
G-utta Percha.
Will Not Crack or Break.
Absolutely safe in all
s miners
Nki.s.ix, 11, ('.
A Boarding nml Day School oontliicKitl b)
tho Hlstom i'i  Bl. Joiolih of \'c      Iii-.,iu
ni,'it nt ihocornurof .Mill i Jonu|ih!nt) -ir,'i-t-.
ill Olio of Iho '"--i i-i'-iilriiiiiil pnrilonsnl \,
sun. nii'l i- ' n-t , .,,-,,- i��� ,1, I'ii,ii, nil nnrl
of tbo city,
Tho conrso of iluily Inolinloi the fiiiitlnnion.
i.il nml hlghor i, ni ii,hi's i,i' i> thorough i\n;.ii-lt
r.lii, ni Inn.     Hii-iin-s.    i-iiui-.i-    H ikoo)ihig,
Htonogrsphy nnil Typowritlng.   Bclum o i Dur -
MuhTc, Voonl innl Itisii-inni-iiliil: Drawing,
eto. I -lulu nml Ail Noodlowork; C'nllslhoiili��,
I ni terms nml pnrtli ulara npply io tin sisi,-r
Minimizes   risk   Irom   firing"
Everything to recommend it.
Ask your dealer lor them.
Manufactured by
William Bent. Sons & Co.
Cambourne, Cornwall, England,
Qonoral Agont fm* Oanodo.
DUtrlbutlDR  \-,--W'.
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Si'liedulu nf TlUlOt        Pacltlc .-*! iiulm'-i  1'linu.
PaRsi.nu.-r Inifn for Siunlun himI wuyHtJition*-
leaves Kaslo nt 8 a. m , dally. HutuniinK,
hiavc*- Santlou ��t LIS I'.'n,, urrivliiK 'it Kfihlo
at :..,.. p-iii.
lNllOKNATlONAl- NAV   & TltAO. CO,
Opi raiitiir on Kooti'iny Lake and lUvt'r.
Sir. "Intoniatinnal' leavofl IvuMo for Nolr-on
nt (J a. in. daily excopl Sunday Retpmtng,
leaved NoIbod at i.ii'i i-.m., calling at Haifour,
lilol Uny. A tne worth and all way iiolnl**. Con-
neolfl .villi s-r. "AlliiiMa" to and (toil) Hon-
ner*_i I'Yrry, Idaho, itlnowlth s. r. & N. to and
fiTun S(oka��if ai Five Mllo Polnb
str Alborta" Lea yea Kelson for BonncrV
Kerry, T-teodByi nnd Saturday-- nl 7 a.m.,
meeUOH Bteamor "lntunuulonnl" from Kabio
at Pilot Hay.
Hoiurnin*_;, leavei Donnor'fl Porry n' 8 :t, m.
WMin-Hduy- and Bandavs.
pireot DonneoUoni tnade al Donner*i F-arpj
with Qmil Ni'i-iiirn Railway for ail polnta,
uaHt and went,
str. '-International"leaven l.n-!i> for 1 ardo
and ArgOQta al 8.4A p./n, Wedncfdayg and Prl
linyt, Btr. "Alberta leavei iCaslo for LArdo
and Arumitu at 8.0Q p.m.Sundays.
Bloamon oall at principal lantlltiKH In both
directions, and al other polnta when signalled
TlokOtn sold to all puinthin Canada and the
( niifd States,
To iiKcnitain run*-'nnd full ftiformatlnn, nd-
kOUKRT ruviKu,
Mf.t ngor, Ka-lo. r$. ('
Ifelson Gleaning aud Dyeinr
S.  I). 1'IERKK I'lop.
Liidics' and Gents' Clothing cleans I
dyed, altered and repaired.
Krnr "f " In, I,,   II.,i.l
Fraternity Hall
Ini- lllll. il A t'lMilrnil,   sis.
can be rented fm- Onncerta, Leatures.
D.-ui.'i's, Banquets and every kinil ot en
l, I'tiiiiiiin nl,. liii-ul iiiiti'-i'niiiii-, cloak
rooms, Kltohen mul iliiiinu room fur-
oislu'il.   For term* apply
UU. E. 0. ARTHUR   Citv
Private Hospital
in Prod K, Hurry'i late rosldonco,
Hume Adiiitlon.
lili i. li.it mill lliilllilii! tjjrstomi,
liii.i-n, I: md Wlloox. i'i.'.
hffl?_ffiSI�� NELSON. B. C.
Or to li'iatinssiiN ,v Oroits, Vancouver
uuulurs in provl_lou8, oured ineutH
Oorner Vornon
, wholnsiilo
buttor and
MILLS, Uimitbd Uurner (runt una
Hull Blruttm. NuIboii iiiuniiiiioi irem of nnil
wholesale dealers lu sash ai-d doorn; nil kinds
of tm tori work iniitlt' lo oidor.
nu J���f.i!,.liitn; mul lliihor nl.totH. Agt-i.
forru.i'iii.ii I'muiilo and VVullund Aoelylcno
On- Maohlne Co.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Corner Victoria and Kootonny titn.
I1. O. box 659. Tolophono No. !_
f. v. uhbbsi r.��. cutmum
Civil   Engineers   and Provincial
Land Surveyors.
P, O, llox ll.i NolHon, H. 0,
Paper Hanger,
Glazier,    Paiq.er,    Etc
Chimney Sweeping.
Oflkc, Wind St. opp. Opera House NELSON DAILY MINER, FRIDAY,  JANUARY 19, 1900
'-"\"llllr I''.
; ,.( Honor nt a
;,   f.igny.i. io Dinner.
.,!,. Rmes'l Mansfield left lust night,
I ,,1,   , , ��� '��� Ni 1 Pass line, fm Lon-
,i������ and 'i'i'" "I th' evening   was  tbe
,<���,,.! of SOI 'I    111"   l"eullei""li   Who
linvo bad lusiiaiss and personal relations with him. Never before did
Ilie Hotel Hume set such an excellent.
dintl 11- as Ihat which was si,read before ;, .Mine of guesti who occupied a
lung table in the spacious dining hall.
,,t half past seven a lively march from
Heir Stoinot'S Orchestra heralded tlie
arrival if ill" guests, who  look   their
Hunts at one of the best il iralnd tallies
��� ver   spread   in   Nelson.     Mr.    (I.    V.
Holt. President "f Iho Nelson Hoard
,,i Trade ami manager nf lhe Dank of
British Columbia occupied the head of
tlie table and Ui his right sal the guest
,,f tbe evening, Mr Mansfield, Those
at tlie table were D. .1. Beaton, S. S.
Taylor, Q, C, ���'��� Laird, George Taylor, G. Frank Deer, S. G. Proctor,
George Kydd, .1. Laiog-Stoeks, W. W.
lienton, !���'. ���!. Pointon, R   Robertson,
ll. Suns, W. E, Bole, E. G. Lee, Mr.
Lambert. W,  Deresford.
Tlie chef of the Hume outdid himself
in providing a repast that was fit for
kings and lhe service was iu keeping
with the excellence of   thn   products of
tite kitchen, Herr Stelner's Orchestra
lo.pl up a succession of lively and well
rendered airs that added not a little
to digestion. After full justice was
done to lhe long procession of goml
tlliugs, Mr. Holt proposed tha health
of Her Host Gracious Majesty the
Queen, wbiob, it is needless in say,
was drunk with due enthusiasm.
.Mr, S. S. Tayloi proposed the health
nf the utiest of the evening, Mr. Mansfield, lu so doing he dwelt upon the
tint that a few more gentlemen like
Mr. Mansfield was all tbat the Koote-
inns required.    Men. who at the same
r ombined the knowledge of what
constituted a mine and the ability to
uoiuinnud capital to develop the mine,
were all Unit West Kootenny required
In in,ike it one of the greatest mineral
districts on the globe, Mr Taylor
drew attention to the interesting fact
thnt he asked those present to drink 10
tin   hertltll <it" the guosl nf the   evening
in wine that was matiufaotnred by oue
of tbe capitalists who, no Mr. Mansfield's recommendation, was Investing
large .-urns ni money tu West Kootenny
milling nroperties���Mr. Charles  Heid.
_ii   k, nf Reims,  Franco.
Mr. Mansfield, on rising to reply,
was greeted with bind applause anil
an enthusiastic sinning nt "For He's a
Jolly 1,.ini FolLiw." lie replied to
the 1 \i-i briefly, thanking those present for tin ir hearty   response   to   Ui
1 1   mid  stated   that tlie   money   he
li.nl already been instrumental in
bringing into the country was bnt 11
forerunuer nf the am,unit which he
expected to induce lo seek  returns in
the wealth-laden bills of West Koote
iniv, which he characterised   as   beiiiK
mi.' ot the greatest mineral producing
regi mi tho [aco of the globe
A few more roasts and Revival patriot io musical selections wound up a
very pleasant evening In time for Mr,
Mansfield to catch the outgoing boat
It is ouly a year since Mr. Mans-
field first struck West Kootenay, but in
that time he has invested more money
in mineral properties than most other
people have done in years. Iu the
face of almost insurmountable difficulties in- commenced work on the Joker.,
the premier mine in (.'amp Mansfield
Sine.' then the capital he has induced
to come into the oonatry cm be estimated only in hundreds Of thousands
of dollars. His cash outlay in buying ,nid developing properties, and the
expenses connented therewith, have
nmounted to at least half a million
''"liars. Mr. Mansfield hopes, and his
Biincoss thus far has made his friends
'"i" believe, that the money tbat be
lias already invested is lmt a small
purl of the amount that he will ultimately ciinimand in opening West
Kootenay properties,
Mr. Mansfield's personalty has been
'-ch as to make him very popular
With all whom he lias met during his
1 deuce in Nelson, and the hope is
fi used that his trip to the money
"i'H" "I' tlie world will not only be
'"-moiloal to West Kootenay, hut also In
company r   nllli us  w ill 1;
theri in ibe course of 11 l'i
M r.
'  transferred
w weeks,
nm. s Murray gem nil insunn-
tor of tracks on the 0 P, R, was in
Nelson yesterday. He attributes the
re eni accident near Crestoii to tbe
fact th .1 ibe trail, had been softened
l.v Ibe verv wei weather.
RosBlntitl followod Nelson's example
Insi niclii by a Blanking nuncort in aid
of the Minis ion lb,use Fund, The Nelson concert, first nnd last, netted about
(1,000, and the Knsslanii. is will do
well if they 1 eai ihat record.
Tlm Nelson Company of the Rooky
Mountain Rangers held tholr first
Maxim gnu drill lasl night,the Maxim
being hauled np lo the drill ball for
the purpose by the men notwithstanding the quagmires ob the streets.
About live miles  in ni ii   of Spokane
yesterday a freight train charged into
the east bound mainland Irani, ututish-
ing up the sleeper at the end of the
train but. fortunately hurting none
though there were two persons in tho
sleeper al, the tune.
Martin O'Reilly iv. Co. aro not today
with the announcement of another
big Bargain Sale. They are approaching stock-taking timo, and to lessen
that work will sell 11 lot, of their goods
at unheard of prices���cheaper than
ever before quoted in Nelson.
Mr. R, S. Luntiie, aoting for the petitioner, moved yesterday morning fir
Ibe settlement Of the terms of tlie judgment, in the Itviti-Morrison ballot ease.
Mr. W. A. Mandonald, did not appear
as a search revealed the fact, that the
petition and other important papers
lnnl not been   filed.    The   motion   was
Returning offlc
about 6:80 yesterday afternoon was
solved with 11 copy of Judge Forin'sl
judgment deolaring lhe living-Moiri-1
son faiiiliiliiti.ro a tie and requesting
him to give his costing vote. Mr.
Sn.it-ban did not give his vote hist
night and will give due notice of his
Intention of doing so.
\1nn11g the many sufferers from the
{-.resent soft weather is the Beatrice
mipe in the Lnrdo Country whence
just now it is impossible to haul tne
ore owing to the stale 111 the roads.
Messrs. II. 11. Mcculloch and C G.
Uriels, ihe superintendent, are now
in Nolson and intend lu go out to
the mine ur soon as a frost sets in.
Mi-srs. J.    G.   Denvar.  .1.    H.    Gal-
bralth.O J. Hundley and J. A. Dewar
yesterday transferred the Good Hope.
Guild Hope fraction and Stanley mineral claims to Mr. G. H. Master, who
iu turn transferred tbem to the Oriel
Mining Coinpanv, of Rossland, The
claims are situated on Apex Mountain
between Wild iiorse and Clearwater
Captain W. W. West, of Pilot Bay,
master of the tug Hayis, while plaiting
up logs nil Kootenay Lake at a point
five miles north of Midge Creek. Inst
week found 011 the beach   the   skeleton
��� .-..ii-.).)i.-.f..l
*__*_ _* _��_>*.___ _,<_,*__���_(��A0H0%0\0_x_,<*_^t��,_r_i<V*__f r\0\*_._"_*__��� _<l__n/_rf__��_��_<i__ _*___*_��<_����__ ��#_rf
_sf-,_\i��-��)��_li��-_i��_i��-_ 1*__'���.*_��/__'�����(��____��_.?_.?__?_0x0*��n��r__.,o'_r_ir_rf��_-^'--i��-_Xnj��_^_jr,_-,**^��i-_./����!��V-v*,*-^
fThe Opportunity of
,j .
��� th   fitii s     trick ol ."-liring
the co.��l price of some of
This early spring weather pushes us to begin preparations tor the Spring Trade, and to make room I
Goods ever brought to Nelson. Then, too, our "stock-taking" season is al hand, and we would rather ha\
our goods in the bank, than have those goods on our crowded shelves and showing in our stock book,
So wo have decided lo give our customers another benefit, and for ihe balance of January we will bold on^ ol out famous
BARGAIN SALES. Al O'Reilly's, as anyone in this District will tell you, a-Bargain Sale |S a Bargain Sale. We have
worked too bard to build up our reputation and business to allow of our trifling with the faith ol our friends and customers, and when wc
oiler n bargain we guarantee that ii IS a bargain, " Perfect Satisfaction, or Your Money Returned," is our motto, You don't have io
trade unsatisfactory goods lor others that may prove as unsatisfactory, as is iln. case al some stores. You return the good-i mil wc
return the lull price you paid for them,    That makes you sal. in dealing here, and the citizen.* ol  Nelson know ii well,
OUR    BARGAIN    SALE    begins today,
and will thus have their pick o! our Bargains todny.
Wc baic onli room lor one sample price today.
Those who know
Tomorrow's Mine
I (ere ii is :
lake 1
al   our   word
list of pi i' OS ���������
nol wait for publish.
Oil .   Ill 1!   I', ill   .1   '"ill-
And  there   are  thousands  of  just   such  bargains  where   that   came   from���III
��� .���.���������+���������.���.���������������,������������������������������."��.���.������������.���. 4^�� ���"�����.-<
j   54=inch TABLE LINEN,
I 20 Cents a Yard.
0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0A0\0\0t0\0 *_^V_X_X_ ^0\0X0\0*B^a^0X0H.0>0A0'Ue>.0\0A0*>iyK0A0A>'*
_,*_**.��__'__ ��.�����,___*_.��
0\0 _ 0 _ ,V _ _ _. 0 -a _ _ .- *- * _ K _ 0\0 - * _ - >
I.   K.   Straohan ' cording to the provisions of sections '-in  ���W*-_W*����yViiA^WVW*-vw--/V^^
and -1 of the "Jurors' Act," shall be
as follows :
Krom the Hulls of Jurors of the Nelson Registry to serve as Gland Jurors,
forty eight, and to serve as Petit Jurors, one hundred and sixteen,
Washington, Thursday.��� Bepesenta-
five Corliss, of Michigan, hns introduced a bill for the construction and
operation under the Government of
the United Suites, of a cable between
this country and Hawaii, Guam, the
Philippine Islands and other countries. The bill is substantially the
same as that of last year providing for
a Government cable, except that the
section creating a oable commission is
eliminated and th) President is empowered to determine the route, the
maintenance, operation, etc., of the
line being   placed under  the control of
the Postmaster-General, tin- Secretary
of War, and the Secretary of the Navy,
of a man. supposed to he one of the The bill limits the "cost of the cable
unfortunate passengers who perisbefl ,��� m nrjo.ooo,   Authorisation is given
in the wreck if   the   ill-fated   steamer
nl-' ALL
Heavy Winter Shoes
Warm   Lined
Continues until thoy two
early and go. the best *e!
ill mid.
el ion.
Atlantic S. S. Lines
Prom Portland. Me.
Allan Lino "Nutnidiun" Inn. IT
Allan I.i."' ''Ciilifornian'' Jan. __i
Dominion |_ino "Do-iiliton".... Jnn.27
Dominion Uno "< itmbroimin". ..Fob.  :t
Kn it. New   Yuri,
While Star Lino "Oceniilc" Ian. 2!
North Gorman Lloyd "I_ohn"         Jan. 23
-iiu-rii-iin Lino **N��*w York" Ian, 2.
Itt'd Star Line "Frlesloml" lan. 2.
Cuuarc) Line "Ktrurla" Jan. 20
Anchor Line *'Kihoping     Jan. 30
Allan Btato Lino ''Stale of Nobrwku'.   Jnn. -.
C'uiiar'l Line "Campania", Inn. '.'7
Passages arranged to and from all Kuropoan
pointh. Kor rates, tick eta and full Information
apply to C, P. R, dopot agent or V E. Ito-mley,
Olty Passcngoi Agent-, Nolson, B.tl
fi'ouerftl Agent. C P, li. OHIcoa WJnnlr-cg
Aio-vv.rth. last year at a point a few
mill - sooth of where tho skeleton was
,1,10111: Kelly was brought nn yester-
day bifiuo Judge Forin to elect as to
the tiiiiinirr of his trail, lmt at the request of his eor.nsel, Mr. \V. A. Mac
��� humid, the election was defer,ed.
Mr. Mm humid also applied for hail
offer ing four sulistnutial citizens as
sureties. His honor reserved Iho ojoei
lion of bail   until   next   week
to the President lo arrange with Japan
and China for cable lauding points.
Baltimore,    Md.,    Thursday.���The
indications  that  Baltimore   will   be
dropped  from  tho  National   Baseball
League nnd given a place in the West
Uuil he fin League, have caused patrons of the
Turner Beeton & Co.
*    ^_____JNELSON--*��^
The direct route from
in all points
EAST   and   WEST.
Pirst-Oloss Sleepers on all brains I coin
TOURIST CARS puss Medioine JIat
dally for St, Pan), Sundays and Wednesdays for Tiiiuniii, Fridays foi
Montreal and Boston.
S.-lille   i-.l:s   ].;!ss   I level-till,'���   ntieilay
mijtht have leisure   to go into the evi- (, t0 f(,rm ��� st0(.i; oompany with
vi. w of pinning an  American Asso-in-
denec given before the magistrate
Uwing to lack of warehouses and the
IncK of teams to haul it away tlie tner-
chains  of   (li'ceiiwiuid   are   nnable   to
take care uf the   freight   oonstglied   to
them,  With the result thnt 188 cars urn |
toil up   there.    Tins   is   oaustng   Invl
meiiie iiiciinvenieiice as under present \
condition! thn sidings onn only conveniently   Bcoommodate 60  cars.    Mr. K.
W. Peters   leaves in the   morning   for
Greenwood to try and  straighten onl
tbe tangle.
Mr. H. R.   Cameron,   liquidator of
the defunct Nel-'un Sawmill Company,
paid the creditors yesterday a dividend
of 19 cents on the dollar, which
nmounted to 11068.18 The fnnda
were principally derived  fmin the fire
insurance on the property, and from
the sale of what was saved Irom Urn
flames. A payment of IR cents on the
dollar was made some time baok making a total payment to tha creditors to
dutii of ".'7 pei   cent    tin  oompauy
still owns tome 'J,,'illd acres of liiniei
limits from which further dividends
may he realised in the future.
t nn team in this city.
Mr. William Hums, school inspector,
"'lives fnr Kast Kootenay tonight.
Manager Annahla has booked a spec-
���"iv company for Friday and .Siitnr-
"���v. I'.liiti.u.v 3 and B,
''"ll" Hardle and Susan Waltabaw
''"*" iiiairiHl at the rcsiiletue of Wil-
;i.am Hardy last
few olBolBtlng,
, ' '"'t   "f   prilioo    oiiught.     two
'""-]| kids'1   distributing   objeetiiiti-
'""   paii-nt   medieine   olronlaw ll'xitlt
."    M>   yesterday   it is believed thev
j^nd the hand bills iu an untenanted
Mr. ,i. Mallinson William., oonaolt-
"- ""I'l'i'.'i'   for thn Wliitiiwuter   and
l" iile.i.i i���M|���H,   ,,,,,
11   Nl^i 1 lnk.'i- Street,
Dowsing'8 offloe,
u J Wll of sub. of a half Interest in the
" '' 'ia,in,,, on 'I'aiiiariic Mountain
oi .ir 1 i,ilr   (,.
Mi. W.  I
����y.   The
.1. M, Coombs, Winnipeg; (ieo. Hum-
pel, llerliii; 1' l'*. Klohardslon, Von-
eouver; R, Mel.ean. Kaslo", tlrant
Tleirhiirii, Silvcrtuo ; .Inmes T. Gates,
Nelson; W. L, (Iriniiniilt. wife and
ohlld, Sandoni ff, II. Bole, Camp
UansSeld; W, II Smith, Chicago:
Pedro Uherbo Knskonook; .1. K. lig-
i__.ll, W. L, Ohriaii-, Port Steele; .1.
V Kedily, S|iok.ine; II. M. Uaruet,
opened nn otllce
next to   Frnetor
com Mr. Prod Philbsrt to
'"  U  Was registered  vestel-
consideration was 9960.
!'-.,' ""I' of  iim Loudon _.   B,
' ""ids* oompany handsome new
ia oiuck has been   fluishuil, and tho
0, Uo]
Tlm Attorney-General has Introduced a Bill to amend the Jurors" Aot
The following clauses are of special interest, to thn Nelson district:
(III, The provision of the "Jurors'
Act" shall, us far as applicable, apply
to the territory now or hereafter included   in   the   Nelsrn   and   Hosslund
Registries of the Supreme Court as if
the territory of inch ot said Registries
were n  separate County,  of each of
which the fherilV  of   Sooth   Kootenay
were sheiiiT, lmt nothing contained In
this A,t shall be construed lo affeol
the venue lor the trial ot crimes oom
mitted or ordered  tu  be tried iu the
County of Kootenay.
(.|,_|.    The selectors   ol   juror-   fOT
the Nelson  Registry  shall  i I  and
hold sittings annually at   the  Dlstrlol
Registry at Nelson,  oomm Ing on
nm fifteenth day ol December, or If
Unit day be a holiday, on the nexl
judicial day following, fur the purpose
of performing tha duties rep I ol
then by the "Jurors' Act."
(ii.) The number to beseleoted from
the Jurors'   Rolls   for a jury list,   an-
Persons wishing to purchase
u very line Watch ure cordially invited to visit Pat-
i-NAini; Bros', establish*
ment. Watches of all the
best Swiss and American
manufactures are represented.
Expert Watch Repairing a Specialty
Patenaude Bros.
Just arrived from Milwaukee.
and from Kobson, 1!
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Kx. Sou. Ex. Son,
K.00 l.v. NKLSON An.l 1. HI
IS, 10 l_v.dn.ily NKLSON daily Ait.__.1h
Mi,niii,g train connects f, i- Ml points
n   !'.(it NI��.\!.V COUNTRY.
livening i ruin connects to and from
Main Line and points north, and (ex.
Sun.) from all points in BOUNDARY
Daily. sir. Moyle Daily,
__,00 l.v. NELSOU        Arr. 17.20
Connects Kootenay Landing ��iili
Crow's Nest Branch brains both ways,
Kx. Sun.       Sir, Kokanee,     Kx. Sun
16.00 Lv.        NELSON        Air. 11.01
Sal in-day   to   Aigctil.i   ami return
ii,,. i���,11��� i- Kii'ili'i-giirii-ii and Hrlmarj tjohool
In iho Kngl'sli Churoli School Room on So Jan.
I ,,1-1,nn- .nut |i.irli,'illiir�� applj 10
*l   tl,,-   n-i.liii..-  "f   Mi-.   -���  It' lliilierl-nn.
BakorStraot, West,
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo le"'n" J^'0 ���*��
Sandon. Three Forks, New Denver and Slocan City. |;x Smi
Orders by mall to any branch will havo careful and prompt attention.
Kx. Sun.
1.00 l.v. NELSON Ar. 14.40
4 Ins NELSON to ROSSLAND bis 4
\,lwrti-i'iiii'iiN Inserted nailer thta head a*
the r.o ��� oi one oanl a word par m-ei-n"''-  no
lulvorU-oniunl taken tor loss limn 2-iienis.
l'i ill HALE���Hon md Lot All modern Improvements on Victoria street.
Splendid rental property. Equipped
witli all modem oonventinoee. A Bargain.   Address O. P. O, Miner Offlce,
W \N'I KD     Worl, in im i'"1''1   '"' L,,""'
hv young men. Address I! _., Ulnoi
TO    JlliiST. ���KlIIH    "lliee   or    it-M    ill
,,,'ir nf Mhabasea Saloon,   nocupied
D, (,;,- 1 ompany.   Apply on premlsea.
MbH/j4 '/fortes StHuC/ ternsftrtf M/
For ini'-- and full Information addra
oal local"-. "ii. in*
��� 0  1:. l-i -, ���-1. ��� v  Ull] I'li-iii-er Agent
It, \v. DHEW, Akim.i, Nel ' ���
ft'. F. ANDKH80N, i . .1.111VI.K.
1   . . Pa -. Axel'1.      a  1,. p. Aio'i.
NW-n vam-eovpi
Bank of
British  Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and  Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
��� C, and Dawson City, Yukon
kiiP BALE.���A new cottage contain.
Ina nix rooms, hall, bath room, nom-
D]o.s pantty, nlotets, n new shed ICxlfl
Two lots, flnesl location In tbe my.
Bei out in trull trees,  Imported  roses,
etc All fiirniture. consistini: of muv
Kii'rn Piano, parlor suite, sideboard,
.teelrange, (setop) carpets, h...r,inn,
roi.es and all else pertaining to a well
fSralrted house Musi bewld-asown
la leaving tbe city.   Robar   luce.
, ���, Nel-on   llaidwnreO,      lb'..-   is
,'���������,,, on lots 16 and  17,  blook BB
Mill Stleet.
nn RABBER, Dontlsl bus opened
������ (,ni,.e with Dr, Morrison, down
nnd tuidgtt work a spi-omlty,
The Idlest Priced fine in the Market
Solil retai
ai the same rates ns the ordinary standard wines.
Veuve Clicquot Champape__
A, It. GRAY,
Kootenay Agt. Nelson
...L. POGUE...
The loading .In
, n   lianil     11
,1 .        1 ..��� Iii
Whip . Ilni.lu  . 1 "i '
I 1    ��� -'er;.
I'nll nt
1 or,  " 1
Brewers of Pine Lager
Ileer lillil   I "inter.
Drop in and see us.
B. C.
illllicliiriiU'l:.        lllll 111   ri tun
Windermere Minns, rorrunp   Aonc8_ol'olt_-
vi i,. n  1        ''1  di i'< n��i on  boU I .
i.ruii'i" 11   !,    tn it ��� ��� ��� ���    from
inc. up.   i'i ������ ���   ��� nnttol bodl putod,
rllllM �����:
Prank a. Tamblyn, Mjfi.,
I Baker Strbi r, Nbliom NELSON   DAILY   MINER, FRIDAY   JANUARY   19,   19,00
I     MINING NEWS.     X
Tbe contractors on the VShuewai. I
mine on Rover Cieelf were called into
town ln-i Saturday because iifpotin
tions for the acquiring of the Columbia, an adjoining  property  were  not
proceeding   satisfactorily.     The   deeds
for this property wen-, however, deposited in the bank yesterday, nnd Mr.
.1 M, Williams will put tho men back
lo work .111 i-"on a the nooonnts on the
Work already done are sullied. Iiotb
properties nre crown granted. In the
upper tunnel on the Whitewater tlie
vein sh.'Ws 1111 :'.' , leel wide. If the
development continues to show np as
well as it does at present,a mill will he
erected en the properly in tbe spring.
It may be stated, tn avoid a misapprehension thnt is prevalent, thai though
tha Whitewater aud the Uhapleau are
being operated by Mr. Williams, they
belong to totally different  companies.
reasons are gi.en  in   their  arguments not take  a  very   longtime.    8irV.il-
denying these rumors, Ifi-itl   is  now   in communication   with
Ageuts of the Transcontinenlal lilies Rtrnthoona regarding this mutter
are authority for the statement that which will he decided npnn very soon,
the present rales from St.Paul to Seat-1 The chances are that the Numidiau
tie will not be distubred. It Is pointed I will be acccepted hut. the Kliler-Detiip-
out thnt both the Great Northern nnd ster people have offered the Montrose
Northern Pacific have a second rlnss I which is a larger boat thnu the Kntii-
or hi'iiioso ckers' rate in force from St, idiiin. At any rate there is not likely
Paul to the coast nf .26 This is avail- to hn anv difficulty in gcttiiiB a steam-
able on the lirsl ami third Tuesdays of'er Either one of the boats mention-
each month and is considered low ed will bo Iiivrt enou���li to convey all
niunrli to start all  intending visitotp U,he troops.
The westein squadrons will pet a
hearty welcome on theii arrival here
|tomorrow, tt is expected thut the
lirst train will lie here abont 8 a. ni.
ami the other at 10 a, ni, Thev are
travelling about two hours apart.
The review on Parliament Hill takes
place at noon. His Excellency will
attend and drive to the grounris.in the
same way as if he were opening Parliament.
Sale * O'Reilly's
iCorns, Waits, Cuts, Bruises, Burn?,
Scalds, Chapped Hands, Chilblains,
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10 tin
start all
norths in goldfields,
l'"Kl_AN   LOAN.
London,    Thursday.���A    Shanghai
special sues: II has been rennvti-il here
that an agreement has beau concluded under .vhieh Russia will lend Oorea
112,000,000, of which {6,000,000 will
be paid immediately, Corea having
unsuccessfully applied to Japan for a
New     York.     Thursday,���Copper,
dull; brokers' |16.60; exchange,$16 60.
Lead,   steady;   brokers',    .-l.l.'i;   exchange, -fl TO to iJ4.?."i.
Till, firm ; Straits, $%", 1)0 to *2s.
Plates, lirm ; Spelter, steady ; domes-
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Put   Up   in   ,'.
uniform   in   flavour   and  the quality is  far above
market.    It's a high class Tea at a low price.
anil   i   lb  packages,    Once   used  always   used.
i?-l  15 to ,1
Messrs. Dickenson mid Jeffreys, rep-
lesentiiiR the Wnrnei-Miller Syndicate
of New-York, leave this morning for
lhe north fork nf Lemon Creek where
they will vi-ii the properties they aie
interested in aud   also   the   Chnpleau. I
If  satisfied  with   the showings they      GOVERNMENT  SUSTAINED,
will put   up a  stamp  mill  at  once, j   Paris, Thursday. ���The  Chamber of
Mr. .Dickenson has already   applied for   Deputies today passed a vote nf   eonli-
-'.ono inches oi water on the main fork deuce in the Government by 839 ayes,
nf Kaslo Creek,   aud j for  800 on  tbe | to 74 nays, on  an  interpellation orlti-
lirst north fork, on which creek. Mr.
.1. M. Williams has a similar application, Tbe Warner-Miller Syndicate
controls some 18 properties in thnt vicinity.
s      _     *
The best bodies of ore found in the
"War Eagle mine ure ou the "50-foot
level, on which drifts are heing ruu
east and west from the shaft. Sloping
is beiiiK dope. It is shipping tirade,
for a solid width of .0 feet and is better than iu nuy of the uppfr levels.
On tbe OSS-foot level also, drifts an-
running west along the ledae from the
shaft nud have shown two parallel
payatreaks, one on each wall. That ou
the toot wall is 85 feet wide, while
the hanging wall streak is known to
extend the full width of the drift, not
having been crosscut towards the foot
wall. The ore has been atoped iu
places on this level to a width of ilo
feet, liaises are being made from lhe
:',T0 to the ".'."iii-foot level, one east and
one west of tbo shaft, the purpose
being to explore new ground and on_n
it for sloping. Bmh are in shipping
ore. Tne cutting of a .-tation at lhe
s?."i-foot level is almost completed and
it is the intention to resnmt sinking.
��   *   ���
Kossland,Thursday. ��� A second ledge
has been struck in a orossoul from the
south drift of tlm Gertrude. Ore was
enoonntored when the crosscut, which
runs west to a point ,"i0 oi 60 feet
south Of the shaft, had only gone two
feet from tbe drift, and ore bns continued for the two succeeding feet,
This cross drift is believed by .1 r>hn .1.
Handeman, tho engineer in charge, to
be following the course of a ledge,
which ii a feeder to the one encountered in the crossont run northwesterly
from the south drift. The ore has im-
rrnved until it is nf shipping grade,
having ijooil gold nnd copper values
in the northwest crosscut the fool
wall has been encountered, nnd a drift
has been started along it in a course a
little west of south The ore averages
three feet wide, nnd is widening nil
the way. Two drifts are being continued, and arc expected to -non connect
���   ���   ���
Kossland. Thu -tiny. ��� The lend fur-
mice at the Trail smelter has been put
in blast and will run Steadily front
this time forward.    It has a   stock   of
ore sufficient to keep it in operation
for two or three months, independent
Of any new purchases. The lead ores
havo been purchased from tlm Slosan,
Sloc;in Lake and East Kimtnnny districts, -he furnace is as large as nny
iu thejl'iiited Slates and will add between 60 tn T-'i to the number of men
employed at the plant. The blowing
ill of this tnmaoe is  due hugely tn the
removal or the duty on pig lead refined
in tlm United States fioni had bullion produced   at   Canadian   smelters
Formerly all pig lend paid an Import
duty into Canada of 16 pei cent which
thus shut the product of Canadian
mines out  of  the  Canadian market,
This system has been   changed sn   tbut
lead bullion produced nt Canadian
smelters can be refined in bond in the
United States and the pig bad pn do.
ed can be re-imported   to Canada duty
The lirsl    dividend   has been declat
ed by the new management of the Centre Stui Mining Oompany, nnd it is
probable     tiny     will   hereafter  be   a
monthly ooonrenoe, says the Etoaslaod
K "cord. The rate is one per cent, on
the capital   stock   ot 18,000,000,   or   it
ti tal nf $80,000, it I- lur the month ol
January, nnd is payable nn I'lbriuiiy
16.    The mine i- -hipping Bt  the  rote
of 900 I" I.i  tons  a   weel . and   will
probably keep up tins rote Indefinitely
eising the Government's  indecision in
the recent strike of miners atlEteinne.
Halifax, N. S., Thursday. ���It is
definitely annouueed that those to go
on the Laurentian are " I) ' nnil "E'
batteries artillery comprising 840 men
and 270 horses. The complete equipment of this battery will also go on
the Laurentian, so that when the Cape
is leached lhe men can be sent at once
to the front for active service. Only
one of the batteries is now in the city,
"D" battery. The Lnur'iitinu sails
on Sunday.
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Gilbert Stanley Nolson
Thomson Stationery Co Nelson
Ciinmlii DruK&BooK Co. Nelson
Honil Hume News SStaiul Nelson
llolel I'luiir NewsStand       Nelson
(Special Dispatch tn the Miner).
' Victoria, Thursday.���The liner Monmouthshire   is   passing.    She    signals
she has the bubonic plague   on   board,
and has also news of a wreck.
ChioagO, HI.,Thursday���Sir Thomas
Upton, owner of last year's Amorioan
cup chull-nger Shamrock, has applied
for membership in the Chicago Hoard
of 'I'lade.
Ottawa,   Thursday.���Recruiting   for
Strathconu's Horse is to be started at
once, it is not probable the machinery
of the North West Mounted Police will
be used   in this connection.
Humphrey & lMttock
N el-son
IL (/amn.-ell
C. F. Nelson
New Denver
J. K. Delaney
H. A. Bradshaw
Slooan City
Blocail News Co.
Thomson Bros.
Botel ypokano
M, \V. Sm.pi.i-ii
I-ninont & Young
John ltiyilcn
James llanuhun
Samuel Price
H. A. King & L'o.
s. Baviol-h's [Enoi.isiiI Ciicucii Comer
Wiinliii.il Slhcfl Ms. Sundays: Holy Communion s ii m : ami on tlm 1st and 3rd Sundays
in Iho month niter Mntttns; Miiilin nl 11 ii.iu.;
Sunday School 2.30 p.ni ; Evensong 7.30. Dally:
Miitiiusni 0.30 h. in. Thursdays nml Sfttnta
Dnys: Huly t'uiiiiiiiiiiinn 111 u. in. Fridays:
Evensong 7.30 p. in, followed by choir prnc-
lieo. II. a. Akeliiu'st. Roctor. h'roil Irvine,
Geo. Johnston", Wardens.
Catholic   CHUBOB-Corner Word uml Mill
streets Mass oven Sunday nt 8 and lO.im ii.m
Benediction nt 7.30 p.m.   Massovoi-y weel; day
nt7.lSa.in.  Rov. rather Ferland Rootor.
Pukshvtkuian Ciiciuii -Servicesat 11 n.in.
liieutenaiit-(.'oloiiel   li. S.   Hverson has ! nnd 7.80   p.m.    Sunday School al 2.3U p.m.
Hrnycr nieeliiat Thursilny evening nl  8 li.ln.;
every XI
The Western Mercantile Co,, Ltd.
Successors to M. DesBrisay & Co.
^.i^iiaiitHi^--^ �������������-���<'������'���''������������'-���-������'������"���"���"���"���"���"���"���i'-i''��"<'_ i
Ottawa, Thursday.��� The Militia Department started the oruani/iiie of
Strathoona's Horse   detachment today.
Andrew A. Allan, of the Alluu line,
was here today, seeing Sir Wilfrid
l.,uiirier iu regard to transports.
A militia   order   issued   today   savs
be,n permitted to reflftn his passage
given him on tho coiningent transports
and will ro by New York to South
Africa. Three chaplains will do by
the third transport, the sailing date of
which lias not been lixt-il.
Continued frum First l'.i���".
tieriunii Kast Africa line owniK to the
seizures. They point out that the
effect of this is to favor the OOmpeting
French line, which has not heen molested.
Craddock, Cape Colony, Thursday.���
On Saturday, January 18, the Boers
with ii commando of colonial rebels,
occupied Prieka Prloskn. a village on
the Orange River, abocl HT miles
northwest ol De Aar.
London, Thursday ���A specinl ilis.
patch from Dnbrnn, dated Wednesday,
says: Advices from Potgiaater'a Drift
dated yesterday (Toeadsy) says that
sir Charles Warren has arrived within
1*1 miles Ladysmith and that Hritish
wounded are arriving  at   Modi  River
Held hospital by every train I'loia the
front, indioatlng that there has already been severe fighting, No confirmation of the dlspntoh has been received lis vet.
vulcanic eruptions.
Are grand, hut Skin Eruptions rob
life of joy. Bucklen's Arnica Salve
cures them ; also Old, Running and
Fever   Sows,   Ulcers,   Boils,   Felons,
;inn Kudeiivor Society meets
dny ovonlng  nl 8  o'clock.    Rev. li. Frew,
SlKTiioiusT Ciiukcii���Corner Silica nnd
Josephine Streets. Services nt 11 a.m. nnd 7.80
p. in. i Sabbath School. 2.301'.ni.: Prayer nieci-
ing on Friday evening nt 8 o'clo-.-ki BpworUi
League O, K��� Tuesday at 8 a.m. Rov. John
Kobson, Pastor.
Baptist Cqoncn ��� Services morning and
evening nl 11 n.iii. and 7.30 p.m.i Prayer meet
ing .Veilliesdiiv evening nl 8 p.m. the II. 1 .
P.U. Mouilnv evening lit 8 o'eloek. Strangers
co dially welcomed.   Rev. C. W. Rose, iPu.-tor
Salvation Army���Sorvlo b every evoniog
nt 8 o'oloch In barracks on V ctori street
Adjuiluiu Bdgecomba in ebnrue.
<__? W? W Vi"?*3_9^ji??<-ie-c %& v.'crnj?^lo-"?<ie
Merchants' Bank of Halifax.
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized   ...   -   $2,ooo,ooo
Capital Paid Dp, $1,500,000, Reserve, $l,25o,obo.
Head Office: Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Ueneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
and Sold, Letters of Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria, Ymir.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Large number Choice Building Lots adjacent to the
line of their Tramway. For price and terms of sale apply
at the office of the Company, Macdonald Block, Corner ot
Josephine   and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary
London, Friday.���(IS :80 a. in. i���At
midnight iii" War Office nnnoonced
thai it bad no farther news for publication. Whan qnentiooed with regard t" the rumored Britiah viator.
and the relief  oi   I.aily-initli. the n::i-
ials replied Unit they had received no
Information to bojnr onl either leatnie
nt the rumor, and were Inclined to
tliinW tbat nrlona Dgbltna must pre-
oi ile the relief of the town.
lieaiinati s l-'iirm.  Natal,  'linn--lay,    -,    e
s a. ra.���Oeneral   Lyttleton'i  brigadi
with a llowit/.et'   batter)   cronseil   Ihe   '���,,,-
Tn_ela Kiver al l'l.t'-n-lei s Lrift on
'I'm -ilay. .lannarv 10,     Xhe wat.-i   rOM
above the waiiti of the men, Tbe
Boon Bred t��" Bhota and then recalled
their forces t,, tlm trenches, the lmss.
age being nniniermpted. The British
advanced in tklrmiehing order and tbe
small k"p.tes on the -iiintiiit-   were nn-
, u| led iy e :80 p. m. During the
night ii rained heaTlly, Xeaterday
(Wednesday) the Boer trenohei were
vlgoronily shelled in front of Mouul
,\ii.-ii while ihe r.ritt-ii remained In
All The War News ,_,
Specials From Victoria
Specials From Ottawa
Specials From "Winnipeg
Specials From Montreal
All The Canadian News
All The Local News . .
% ��� _
��� ll^
^ '-
t i ���_)
-IN   THE���
Publishes more Telegraph News than all
oilier West Kootenay Papers,
possession*] of tbe kopjee and plain.
Heavy mists  enveloped   the hills, bnt
lhe naval _nnn and   tbe Howitaer leit-
tiiy made itoml praotlce, tlioroaghly
imroblng tbe trenobea,   on thi   Boer
right, a breaoh In n land-bag empla	
ment where it wns supposed Boer gum
hid been placed, Tbe cannonade was
heavy niei oontlnuona and the Boers
were observed leaving tbe trenches in
small parties. The hill facing tbe
British position was shelled noxl
Oeneral Warren boa fi rce I a passage
ol 'ne Tugela, seven   milt ��� lo the left.
Seattle,   Thursday.��� Representatives
of northwestern railways ami agents ol
connecting lines in t��� ���,��� Easi soont tin
iilen nf ihern lining   a   passenger   rate
���war in the Kast 0V61 'ape   Noine bust-
iicHH fm Seattle this sprlog    Strong
Ottawa,   Thursday.���A,   A,   Allan,
nf tin- Allan lim-, bad a long Interview
with I.anriei- tuii.iy Iii regard to supply
Ing a h-ansporl for tbe conveyant e of
Htruthoona'a mounted troopa t" Oa| ���
town. Allan offered the Muroidlan,
whn h he oousldera i- adapted In everj
possible way to be Died as a troopship,
"l here ������������ ill bo no onblna t" build, all
lhal will have in be done, will be to
put utall- in for tin- inn.,���     I In- -will
i, ,.-
- -
1?    c
'I.. ���
65 cents
���o "j
%  _
''Oiss \
_,H). '���
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
A 1.1.   K1NIIS   Ol'
Fresh   and    Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
_=.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager,
Baker Street, Nelson.
by mail receive careful and prompt attention.
our sale of
is still goin�� on at 2 one lb. tins for 25c.
O. Box K and W. Telephone 10. Baker Street
We nre showing a
First-Class I.ine of
Gookina Stoves & Mm
Which we are ofFeringQat
I_vI_?OE,Ti_IiS   OF
��� ._-"'Jj_-,".,."'"':,_.-,l',,vy.''i^<>"i",_."i',__. '''.^"v1''^o*'<i ._���*-���;,
i .--"''K-'''i,e   ''U'''''.^''.'-'"''!^''!',-"        '<tt^'<(>^ r'<i.\$''n^ ''��.^'r(i^r'���^r'u^
Shelf & Heavy Hardware,
Etc., Etc., Etc.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Nl'.l.-ON  ll  O.
1   Big


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