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 Provincial Library g.J. oo
)aily Edition No. 901
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuesday Evening,   December 4, 1900.
Eleventh  Year
President of the United States Outlines the
Matters to Be Taken Up by the
Senators and Representatives.
ashlngton, D. C, Dec. 4.���In the
ate today the work of the short
session of the Blith Congress wns successfully launched. It had heen the
purpose of tho Senate to announce the
deaths ot Senators Gear and Davis,
Immediately after assembling nnd
then \o adjourn and to receive tho
message en* the President tejinorrow but
��8 this had been announced by tho
leaders nf tho both branches of Congress to be a "quiet business sitting," it was determined to receive
the message today and thus gain one
day in a session,when that much time
may be of immense importance.
Aside from the reading of the message
and the administering of the .nth of
offlce to Wm. 11. Dillingham, the new-
Senator from Vermont, who succoed
Justin M. Morrill, no business waB
transacted. The new members of
the body, former Representative Jonathan P. Dolliver, who succeeded the
late Senator Gear of Iowa, was present but his credentials were not presented and ho was not sworn in.
Tha opening of the session of the
House was brilliant but not exciting.
There were the usual throng in the
gallery and the usual display of Horal
on the floor but the proceed-
Vere purely formal, consisting
the rapping to order by the Speak-
prayer by the Chaplain, the roll
the members, the appointment
formal committees to notify the
lent and the Senate that the
was ready to do business and
reception and reading of the Pres-
it's message. Despite the fact that
ho Presidential campaign had con-
eluded within a month the best of
feeling seemed to prevail between
victors and vanquished. The reading
of the message, which naturally was
the feature of the day, occupied over
two hours. The death of the late
Representative Dealy of New Jersey
and Hofflcker of Delaware and Senators Davis of Minnesota, and Gear of
Iowa, was announeed and as a further mark of respect to their memory
the House! adjourned until tomorrow.
The President's message opens
with a brief survey of the growing
strength and increasing power for
good uf republican institutions and
American liberty at the outgoing of
the old and the incoming of the new
century. The Chinese problem is made
the dominant question in the foreign
intercourse and an elaborate review
is made of details of military opera
tlons and diplomatic steps taken in
the progress of settlement up to the
present time, and which have been
made known to the public by official
announcements in the past. The circular note to the powers of July 4 is
cited and reaffirmed and the opinion
1* expressed that conditions give hope
of a complete settlement of all questions Involved. The seeurement of an
adequate guarantee for liberty of
faith Is put forward as one of the essential faotors of a durable adjustment, since the insecurity of those naves who may embrace alien creeds is
acacely less effectual assault upon
the rights of foreign worship and
teaching than would be the direct invasion thereof. Touching on the possible Inability of China to pay a sufli-
nt money indemnity, tho President
;ys: "I am disposed to think that
Le compensation may be made in
part by increased guarantees of security for foreign immunities, and
most important of all, by the opening
Of China to equnl commerce of ull the
BrorId. These views have been and
Will be earnestly advocated by our
E In   the   event   of   protracted divergence  of  views   in the   negotiations
he   President  favorably   inclines   to
ussia's suggestion   In   the matter of
indemnity that the matter be regulat-
id by the court of   arbitration at The
Hague.    Uncertainty is  expressed  as
to the prospect of our well nigh extin-
.ieh.d German trade under the new
burden of tho meat inspection law and
the confident hope is expressed that
further regulations will be free from
past discriminations. Good will prevails in our rotations with the German Empire. An amicable adjustment of long pending questions of admission of our life insurance companies to do business in Prussia has been
reached. Ono of the principal companies hns already been re-admitted
and the way is open for the others
to share the privilege.
"The settlement of the Samoian
problem, to which I adverted in my
last message, has accomplished good
results. Our friendly relations with
Great llritain continue. The war in
South Africa introduced important
questions. A condition unusual in
international wars was presented in
that while one belligerent had control
of the seas, tho other had no port,
shipping or direct trade, but was only
accessible through territory of a neutral. Vexatious questions arose
through Great Britain's action in respect to neutral enrgos not contraband
in their own nature, shipped to Portuguese South Africa, on the score of
probable or suspected ultimate destination to the Boer states. Such consignments in British ships, by which
alone direct trade is kept up between
our ports and South Africa, were seized in application of a municipal law
prohibiting British vessels from trading with the enemy without regard
to any contraband character of goods,
while cargoes shipped to Delagoa Bay
in neutral bottoms were arrested on
the ground of alleged destination to
the enemy's country. Appropriate representations on our part, resulted in
the British Government agreeing to
purchase all such goods shown to be
the actual property of American citizens, thus closing the incident to the
satisfaction of the immediate interested parties although unfortunately,
without a broad settlement of the
question of a neutral right to send
goods not contraband per se, to a
neutral, adjacent to a belligerent
"The work of marking certain provisional boundary points for convenience of administration, around the
head of .Lynn Canal, in accordance
with the temporary arrangement of
October, 180., was completed by a
joint survey in July last. The modus
vivendi has so far worked without
friction, aud the Dominion Government has provided rules und regulations for securing to our citizens the
benefit of reciprocal stipulation that
tho citizens or subjects of either power found by that arrangement within
the temporary jurisdiction of other
shall suffer no diminuation of rights
and privileges they have hitherto enjoyed. But, however necessuty bucIi
an expedient may have boen to tide
over tho grave emergency of the situation, It is at best but un unsatisfactory makeshift, whieh should not be
Buffered to delay tho Bpeedy and complete establishment of frontier lines
to which we are entitled under the
Russo-American treaty for the cession
of Alaska. In this relation I may refer again to the need of definitely
marking tho Aluskau boundary where
it follows the one hundred and forty-
first meridian. A convention to that
end has been before the Senate for
some two years, but as no action has
been taken I contemplate negotiating
a new convention for a joint termination of the meridian by telegraphic
observations. These, it is believed,
will give more accurate and unquestionable results than the sldcrnl
methods heretofore independently followed, which, ns is known, proved
discrepant of Beveral points on the
line, although not varying at any
place more than 700 feet."
Turkish relations are dismissed with
the assertion: "We await the statement of the promise of tho Sultan to
make reparation for the I j juries Buff
ered by American citizens in Armenia
and elsewhore in the Turkish Empire.
His Majesty's good disposition in this
regard has been evidenced by tlie issuance of an irade for rebuilding the
American college at llarpoot."
The financial operations by tho Government during the year are reviewed
in detail: "It will be the duty, as I
am sure it will be the disposition, of
CongresB," says the President, "to
provide whatever further legislation
is needed to insure tho continued parity under all conditions between out
two forms of metallic money, silver
and gold."
Touching the disposition of surplus,
the President recommends a reduction
of internal revenue war taxes in the
sum of thirty million pounds. Immediate action is urged on a measure
to promote African shipping and foreign trade and it is Bald,"the remarkable growth of our steel industries,
the progress of ship building for tbe
domestic trade.and our steadily maintained expenditures for the navy have
created an opportunity to place the
United States in the first rank of commercial maritime powers."
The President culls attention to the
passage in its last message for early
action to remedy snch evils as might
be found to exist in connection with
combinations of capital organized into trusts, and he repeats the language
of the previous message, adding, "restraint upon such combinutions us are
injurious, and which are within federal jurisdiction, should be promptly
applied by the Congress. "
The treatment of the Philippine
question consists largely of a review
of events and acts thcie during the
past year, recullingthc President's determination to await the decision of
the will of Congress as to tho establishment of a form of Government,
lie speakB favorably of the progress
towards pacifieing the native and the
institution of loeal Governments, and
legislation iB recommended to confer
npon the Secretary of tbe Interior supervision over public works, und duty
to ascertain the location and quantity
of lands, thu title to which remained
in the crown of Spain when Porto
Rico was ceded. After reviewing the
circumstances of the constitutional
convention in Cuba, the president announces that when the convention con-
oudes its labors he will transmit to
Congress the constitution or such action as he may deem advisable. The
necessity for a Pacific cable between
the United States and Hawaii with
an extension to Manila is urgd   anew.
Increased needs of the army by reason of new posBessions, the country's
coast defences and new army postB,
are pointed out and the necessity in
tho immediate future of from 88,000 to
60,000 men in the Philippines Is
"It must be apparent," says the
President, "that we will require an
army of about 40,000 and that during
present conditions, in Cuba and the
Philippines, they should hnve authority to increase the force to the present
number of 100,000."
Robber Makes Good His Escape   After
Shooting his Victim.
Wakefield, Mass., Dec. 4.���A number of sharp pistol shots in quick succession last, night sent the wife of
John Crowell, of this town, flying
from her house to the barn, where she
found her husband writhing on tho
floor and groaning, "He has gone und
my pocket book with him." Fifteen
minutes'after Mr. Crowell died from
the effects of the bullet woundB over
the heart. Mr. Crowell recently sold
out his coffee and tea trade and '.had
carried the money about with him.
Mrs. Crowell said that she must have
reached the burn within a minute after the shots were fired yet thero was
no sign of the murderer. Neighbors,
who heard Mrs. Crowell'b shrieks,
searched the neighborhood and found
a seven ohamber revolver with five
empty shells in it and a whiskey bottle. The police throughout this'sec-
tlon have turned to work on the ease.
Mr. Crowell was to have come Into
poBseBsion of Beveral hundred thousand dollars from   an English   estate.
Gov. Mackintosh  Has Been
Successful  In   Floating
Big Enterprises.
Molly Gibson  Force to Be
Greatly Augmented.
Next Week.
A report reached Nelson last evening that an exceedingly rich strike
had been made on the Sunset near the
Mother Lode at Greenwood, early yesterday morning. The men wero driving a tunnel on the lead near the .'OO
foot level, when the rich body of oro
was encountered. The Btriko caused
considerable excitement about the
Hon C. II. Mackintosh of Rosslund,
could long Binco have rested on his
laurels and still remained as ihe man
who has done more than any other
one for the advancement of the mining interests of the Interior of British Columbia. But the flotation of
the Le Roi nnd other big deals did not
end his_labors. Only a few weekfl ago
he went to London with several very
desirable enterprises in his pocket
and with his customary ability he Ib
now returning, and reaches Rossland
today or tomorrow, with his pockets
rid of the enterprises but full of
money. His latest scheme involved
the investment of a great amount of
capital and The Miner learns on
good authority that in all he haB se
cured something like 811,000,000 to be
invested in this country. Part of
this will be invested at Vancouver and
the remnlnder in various mining
properties, some of them adjacent to
Rossland. The people of that town
have been anxiously awaiting his return aB his success would mean much
to the city and word that he has succeeded has been received there with a
great deal of satisfaction. But Rossland is not alone interested in the
Governor's success as it means much
to all mining interests and the whole
country will join Rossland in heartily
congratulating the enterprising gentleman.
��� ���   ��
Next week the force of men working at the Molly Gibson mine will be
increased to 50 and development will
be pushed rapidly from now^on. Mr.
Robert McGuire, manager of the mine
is in Nelson today and he reports to
that effect. The mine is now shipping a car load of ore every other
day, but when the force is increased
it is expected that a car will be shipped every day. A load was shipped
to the Hall Mini's smelter today and
another will be sent tomorrow. The
new bunk house to uccommodate the
increasod crow is well under way and
will be completed next week. The
new tramway !b working well, and all
the workings of tho mine are showing up exceedingly woll.
��� ���   ���
Tho following are the mining transactions recorded today: From Frank
GlencroBS of Rossland to Oscar P.
Anderson of Ymir, entire interest In
Fuith, Hope and Charity, on Bennett
Creek, for a nominal consideiution.
Certificate of Work���To E. W. Bacon,
on Francis B. ; to   John   Swodberg on
Red Point.
��� ���   ��
A Kasiee despatch says Information
has been secured from tho owners of
the Blsmarok mine on the south fork
of Kaslo Creek regarding the present
condition of the property. Early last
summer the property was suid to huve
some flno showings. Since then con-
siderublo work haB beon done, and the
owners, G. B. Gorrard, manager of
the Bank of B, N. A., McAnn ._ McKay and Charles Sampson, are much
elated at the result. The opening up
of this property has been quietly done
und little was known except that the
llismnrck was a promising prospect.
Now a stage of development has been
reached where it can be said that the
Bismarck is a mine with a large
amount of ore blocked out.
The shaft that is being sunk from
No. 1 tunnel Is down SO feet, and the
foreman, Charlea Sampson, reports
that it is practically in solid ore.
Down to the 50 foot mark the ore
averages a good two feet. At this
point it appeurs that in breaking into
tlie wall about two feet, a face of solid ore was encountered. ThU new
strike Is thought to be the main ore
i,limit and that in sinking it has been
paralleled down to the 50  foot   mark.
A ruise is being made from No. 3
tunnel to meet tho shaft, and a survey
gives the distance necessary to go at
ubout 27 feet. This raise shows from
a foot to 10 inches of high grade ore.
When   the  junction   is  completed   a
body of ore to a   vertical  depth of 102
feet will be blocked out.
In doing some work on the wall of
No. 2 tunnel last week one foot of
solid ore was encountered. This is
thought to be the continuation of tho
oreshoot previously uncovered in No.
2 tunnel.
When the Bhaft and raise- meet a
large forco of men will be employed
on the ore, and No. 3 tunnel, which is
In 20 feet at a depth of 40 feet from
the surface croppings, will he driven
15 feet farther to a point where the
ore should be oncountcred. The indications in No. 3 even at the present
point are decidedly promising.
A shipment of 17 tons wan made In
September, and at the moment there
are between 800 and 1,000 sacks of ore
at the mine and in the puckers'
hands. Recent assays of galena ore
show 203 ounces of silver, 12.5 per
cent lead, and of carbonates 143 to 200
ounces of silver and 10  per cent lead.
Galena is being encountered principally. Since last summer the owners
have built a first class bunk house,
ore sheds und an extension to the trail.
They have also secured the Mountain
Goat, an extension of the Bismarck,
which will give them plenty of
ground for future development.
���   ���   ���
"The freight truflla of this district
is better nnd larger now than ever before in the history of tho country."
This was the statement made by Captain Troup this morning when asked
as to the condition of affairs in that
department of tho C. P. R. "The
freight Is so heavy that nearly evory
cur thut can be obtained is now in
use. The traffic consist of coal, coke,
ore and general freight. The coal
and coke is being shipped largely to
the smelters at Nelson and Trail und
iu tho Boundary country. It iB also
a noticeable feature that many of the
mines which have hitherto used wood
are now uBing coal and coke." Taking this with the large amount of
coal that has to be UBed in connection with the new smelters that nre
being built, the freight traffic will
undoubtedly continue for some time.
It also brings out quite clearly the
fact that this district iB rapidly advancing to the front as a mining
Vancouver to Be Connected
With Queensland by the
End of 1902.
London, Dec. 4.���Tho Pacific Cable
Company has accepted on behalf of
the Governments of Greut Britain,
New South Wales, Queensland, and
New Zealand, the bid of tho Telegraph ''eiiistruel ion and Maintenance
Company to make and lay a cable
from Vancouver to (Queensland aud
New Zealand, via Funning, Fiji and
Norfolk Islands for ��1,7115,000, the
work to be finished nt the endof 1U02,
Enthusiastic Meeting For Ilim at
Revelstoke Last Night.
Revelstoke, B. C, Deo. 4.���McKane's meutlng hore last night was
most eni 'ili-ia: i ie- Goodeve held the
floor for one hour and a half In one
of the most eloquent and telling
speeches of tho campaign. It was a
grand effort nnd Gallihcr's friends ure
dumfounded. The exposure of Galllher's duplicity in connection wtih
signing the eight-hour law petition,
as given by Goodeve last night, had a
most telling effect. McKane will
surely get  a majority   In Revelstoke.
Ralph. Smith Bpoko here on Saturday night and made a straight Grit
speech, hardly mentioning Foley at
all. The Labor people arc very sore
about It and the Conservative working men here sec through the duplicity with which they have been asked
to poll votes for a Fusion Liberal __���
bor candidate like Foley under disguise of the Independent Labor pnrty.
Toronto, Dec. 4.���It Ifl stated In political circles last  evening that W. F.
MacLoan, M.   P.,   had abandoned   all
Idea of seeking   tho   leadership of the
Conservative   party   at   present,   and
that E. V. Clarke,   M.  P., will possibly be the Ontario lender.  It is   learn-
led that the apparent singling  out   of
��� Clarke Wallace by Sir Charles Tupper,
who invited him to take part in British Columbia, was not intended as a
light upon Mr. Clarke, who also received un invitation, but could uot
Another Use to Which tlie Marconi
System Will Be Put.
London, Dec. 4.���It iB reported thnt
Signor Murconi is nrrnnglng to put a
wireless telegraph stations along the
route fiom Great Britain to Australia
to enable voyagers to send uud receive messnges throughout the trip. It
is stated thut negotiations are proceeding for the necessary rights at
Prawle Point, the Lizard, Ushant,
Cape Fiuisterre, Gibraltar, Malta,
Algieis, Sardinia, Sicily, Greece,
Alexandria, Aden, the Coco Islands,
and Australian points. The promoters predict that they will be able to
transmit telegrams at the rate of two
pence a word.
Another Emperor Who Is Too
Busy Just Now to See
the Old Man.
Aldermen Do  Not Succeed
In Reinstating Chief
London, Dec. 4.���"In response to^a
confidential inquiry ns to whether Mr.
Kruger would be welcomed here,"
���ays the Vienna correspondent of The
Daily Mail, "a polite reply was returned to the effect that Emperor
Francis Joseph had made other disposition for tbe next few weeks."
i'aris, Dec. 4.���"It is probable,"
says u special despatch from Cologne,
"thut Mr. Kruger will meet Emperor
Nicholas at Nice or Kentone, where
the Czar's physicians have advised
him to go for his convalescence."
Berlin, Dec. 4.���The Government's
curt and decisive intimation that Emperor William would not be able to
receive Mr. Kruger has created a profound impression throughout Germany. What may be called the anti-
British section of press does no conceal its unnoyance, and the moderate
Anglophobia organs with difficulty repress their utterances of the disappointment. The inspired journals declare that it was Germany's desire to
intimate definitely that Mr. Kruger'h
visit would not be welcome,nnd therefore the fuct thut bo omitted to
comply with the strict etiquette of the
German court and deferred asking
Emperor William for un audience until he had reached the Belg -German
frontier, was eagerly seized aB a reason for denying him such an audience. Diplouintists generally regard
Mr. Kruger's mission as frustrated
and consider Germany's nction of
greater politieul importance as denoting a new era in the relations between Germany and Great Britain.
On the other hand the Government's
attitude is certainly condemned by a
largo portion of the nation.
A Paris Writer Who Thinks Oerman
Emporor Treated Kruger Properly.
Paris, Dec. 4.���Yves Goyot, in The
Siecle, 'compares the attitude of Emperor William with tint of France, to
the advantage of the former. He says:
"Emperor William wished to show
his Government had not surrendered
its power to less enlightened classes
and intimuted to Mr. Kruger that he
was opposed to his coining to Berlin
to be acclaimed by bands, led by Dr.
Leyds, of paid agitators. I can nfllrm
to u certitude that if Mr. Krugei approaches the Czar diplomatically, he
will meet with an equally categorical
refusal. The important diplomatic
event which was predicted for the
week by Dr. Leyds In the press has
occurred, but it is the collapse of nil
the pro Boer illusions. Mr. Kruger's
role is finished. Emperor William's
despntch brings nigh thu date of peace
und the commencement of an era of
prosperity for the Transvaal. "
Toronto, Dec. 4. ���F. F. Cole, ono of
the best known grain dealers In the
eity nnd ono of the most popular members of the Board of Trade, died here
last evening after A brief Illness.
Mayor Houston Finally Introduces Charges Against
the Chief.
At the meeting of the City Council
last evening Mayor Houston, in order
to make his suspension of Chief
Thompson hold, formally laid charges
against the Chief. He accuses him of
neglect of duty, and "certifying to
incorrect payrolls as Chief of the Fire
Department." The latter charge is
criminal and gives tbe trouble in the
Fire Department a much more serious
phase than it has developed up to
date. In regard to this charge Chief
Thompson said to The Miner this
"I Intend to demand a thorough investigation of the matter. If the City
officials do not show an inclination
to investigate it to the bottom I will
take other means of seeing that it is
done. I have retained a solicitor and
will leave no stone unturned until I
have shown the people of Nelson that
the charge is absolutely false. So far
as the charge of neglect of duty is
concerned, I think the general public
know how much truth there iB in
that. 1 have always attended to my
duties in the fire department to the
best of my ability, hnve never missed
a fire and hnve always had the interests of the City at heart. I have done
the best 1 could and feel that the
treatment I am receiving now is poor
Abide from tho discussion of the fire
department matter there was little
done at the Council meeting. There
were present the Mayor, Aid. Hall,
Arthur, Irvine and Morrison. After
Mayor Houston had entered his formal charges against Chief Thompson,
Aid. Arthur moved, seconded by Aid.
Hall, that Aid. Arthur, Hall and Irvine be appointed a committee to investigate the charges, and that in tho
meantime Chief Thompso_ be reinstated. The latter portion of the mo-
t'on did not meet with the wishes of
His Worship and ont of deference to
him It was withdrawn. The resolution as amended was then carried.
At the special meeting of the Council in the afternoon it was found that
Mayor Houston Iiad completely ignored the wishes of tho aldermen in the
mutter of the business of the meeting
and he absolutely refused to allow to
come up the question of the dismissal
of Chief Thompson. The petition referred to In The Miner yesterday afternoon, asking that a paid tire department be instituted, was presented
by the Mayor. It took His Worship
three days to secure thirty-six {names
to It, and was taken in band by him
for the purpose of helping himself
out of the mess In which he found
himself. Upon motion the peition
was filed and tho afternoon meeting
Peculiar Action of the Provincial
Govt, re a Mineral Claim.
Victoria., Dec. 3.���A Crown Grant
has been Issued to the Pack Train mineral claim adjoining the. Le Roi at
Rosslund. This claim was located In
1800, but no assessment work ever
done on it, payments of money beginning in 1805 were made. There were
several other claimants to the ground,
the Legal Tender owned by E. Uaney
being the chief claimant. He located
In 1801 and worked on It each year.
Several adverse claims against him
were dismissed by the courts. Tho
law firm of which the Attorney-General Is senior member acted in the litigation for the Pack Train. The
claim is said to be worth (200,000,
and the litigation was still {lending
when the Crown Grant was issued.
The members of tho Christian Endeavor of St. Paul's Presbyterian
Church will hold a social at the residence of Mr. Duncan MeArthur on
Mill Street, at 8 o'clock this evening.
A good musical programme has been
prepared and refreshments will be
served. A cordial invitation It extended to all,
1 \
Nelson Daily Miner, Tuesday Evening, December 4, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Bvery Afternoon  Rxcopt Sunday
���nv TIIK���
1(5 Fleet Street, K. C.
Central  Press Agency, Ltd., Special Agonts
Pail)-, por month, by carrier	
Daily, per month, by mail	
Daily, per year, by carrier	
Daily, per year, by mail	
Dally, per year, foreign	
.. Wo
.. 6O0
,.$7 00
.. 5 00
..    I) 00
���Weekly,per half year  *1 Jjjj
Weekly, per year.    * ��
Weekly, per year, foreign......    J w
Subscriptions invariably In advance.
All Checks should bo mado payable to tho
���dcr  of   Nelson    Puhusuing    Company,
ment, trumped up for the occasion us
they no doubt were, and asserted their
own authority for reinstating him.
What this town needs above all else is
a Council that will act thus whenever
the necessity ariseB, entirely regardless of the occupant of the Mayor's
chair. We havo outgrown one-mau
government and it ib time we signified our appeolatlon of that fact by
acting up to it.
There were two meetings of the
City Council yesterday. One was a
special, called to consider certain
matters respecting the Fire Department, liecause tho members of this
Department presumed to petition the
Council for the restoration of practices
on which the Mayor had set the seal
of hiB disapproval and which had consequently been suspended,his Worship
flew into a passion, said insulting
things of the firemen, ignored the
opinions and wishes of other members
of the Council, and ended a very vulgar display of temper by suspending
the Chief of the Fire Department.
The special meeting was to consider
the situation thus created. It was understood to be the intention of the
Aldermen to grant the petition of the
firemen and reinstate the Chief, in accordance with the report of a committee specially appointed to inquire into the matter.
When the Aldermen had assembled
they were met with a petition from
thirty-nine business men and firms on
Haker Street, asking the Council to
inaugurate a change from a volunteer
to a paid Department. The Mayor
himself was the promoter of this petition. It had nothing to do with the
object of the special meeting, and was
introduced as a counter-movement to
the proposed action of the Aldermen
on tho matters referred to it. A number of those who signed the petition
knew that it was intended to create a
diversion in favor of the Mayor; others signed it innocently and on its
own merits. It served the purpose
for which it was prepared ; under cover of it the Mayor escaped the rebuke
which the proposed action of the Aldermen would huve administered, as
the Council ndjourned without taking
up any other business. At the regular session in the evening a motion
was made to reinstate the Chief, but
this was also countered by the precaution of the Mayor in drumming up
two charges against him, and being
thus in the position to ta'te the
strong ground that a suspended officer
should not bereinstated while under
investigation or trial. The Mayor
emerged Bafely through both ordeals,
and today the Aldermen are probably
wondering how it ull happened.
Mayor Uouston is full of tricks, and
there are men outside scattered along
linker Street und elsewhere who are
ready at any time to help him in
them. Whether the dignity of the
Council or the interests of tho public
service shall suffer by them is regarded aB if no consequence; the main
thing is to enable Mr.Jonn Houston to
get the better of those who do not
agree with him. That is excellent
gratification to his friends of linker
Steret, who take keener enjoyment in
a petty triumph of this kind than they
do in their own busineBS. There nre
citizens of quite anothor variety, however, and thoy huve Decome wearied
beyond all patience by this protracted
employment of public positions to
. minister to the vanity or cupidity of
an unscrupulous adventurer. They
think it is high time this City had a
Council with thinness enough to carry
out its own will, whenever that was
clearly ascertained, l'robably the
t'me has about coinc to consider
whether we should not have a paid
Fire Department, but no public interest will suffer if consideration of it
be deferred a fe.v weeks longer. There
was no occasion to bring the question
up at the spociul meeting yesterday,
and the Council did right in ignoring
it. But the Aldermen should have
proceeded to carry out the purpose of
their meeting, and not suffered tliem-
selveB tu be diverted from it by a side
issue that was so manifestly intended
aB a mere trick to di_tract attention.
There Ib too much Houston in the
public aifairs of this municipality;
the people have become tired of him,
nnd they expect the Aldermen who
ure elected to manage these affairs to
teach him his placo nnd keep him in
It. They would have done this yesterday if they hud Ignored his charges
against the Chief  of tbe Fire Depart-
In his petition to himself Mr. Houston says that until the Fire Department is brought up to a higher standard of efficiency the present exorbitant insurance rates will be maintained. Very likely. The insurance companies can fasten on that or any other
excuse for maintaining the "robber
tariff," that prevails now. It is a
fact, nevertheless, that wo already
have better protection against Are
than half the towns in the Eaet,
where insurance rates average about
one-third of those changed here. If
we had a paid Fire Department to
morrow it would not affect the rates
one iota; the companies will let up
only when they ascertain by painful
experience that the people refuse any
longer to be fleeced as they are now.
Thut time has not yet come, and a
paid Fire Department would not bring
it. All the same, however, the question of the reorganisation of our fire
service is one that the new Council
might profitably consider in the early
months of its existence.
All those who are dissatisfied with
the tlovernment at Ottawa, whether
Conservatives or others, should feel it
their duty to vote for Mr. McKane on
Thursday next. That is the only opportunity afforded them to register
their protests and as the franchise is
trust as well as a privilege they
owe it to the State to take advantage
of it.
Take Laxativo Bromo Quinine Tablets. AI1
iii-iiKKi-ts refund tho money If it falls to oure.
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Christmas presents. Our
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Oil application.
Patenaude   Bros.,
Manufacturing Jewelers,
NELSON,     -     -     B. C.
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Agent por
Life, Accident, and Fire Insurance.
LoANH El'I'-rTKIl   ON   D-HI-All-K
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UiruHt, wlt.li the privifcKO uf repityiuK
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after the Moond fear:
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Other sums in proportion.
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inlet in mortgage uhUttng paymenta.
Definite table rurnfihed each borrower
HhowhiK(.mount, requlradto dleohatgfl
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
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Hoard of Olreelors 1   Thoman E. Kenny,   ProfIdcnt;   Thomas ltitchle, Vloo-ProuM'"1'
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Head Office, llalirai:
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-uporlntondoni of HranohM. and Socrotary, W. B. Torranco, Halifax.
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c_K-0,_ackvlllo, Wtodm.ock. I". 1:. I.limd���lliiiilourlowii, .Suinincruldo. QjebM���Mop r���
(City Ofllco), Montreal. Went Knd (Cor. Notro Dame and Selgneura HtreoW; WcHlniounUW
Hl.e   III-     .\\e  l,||,.    ,||   ,1    .''I.     I -eel ll  .line-        8U-UU      O II l.'ll'l,,      I II | II VV:l.      N T�� fOU 11(1 IBM d -St. JO��� '
(iii.o, Weul ladlei���Havana. I mini Matca-Now York (10 Kxohango Plaoo) Hcpubllcnv
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
ranada-MorchantB Bank of Cnnada.   Bonlon- National Shawmul Bank.  Chlca��o���Amen"1
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I'arla, rranrc-Ciiidlt Lyonnuia.   Bermuda-Bank of Borniuda.   China and Japan-n��"��
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
(leneial Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of ��� Exchange  Kousi"
and Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Interest allowed on speciw
deposits and on Having Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 65 and 64 Victoria, Chapter i��J
and Chapter 104, the name of
will   be changed to
"Ube TRopI Bank of Canaba^
from and after
the   Second  day  of  January,   I901.
Jjneral Manager.
Halifax, 1st November, 1900.
> ��� W'W*   I
m . t_
��� ��':-_���.��, -    9WTW"
Nelson Daily Miner,  Tuesday  Evening,   December 4, 1900
Alexander's    Fine     Lecture   on
Things Marital.
While   Prof.    Alexander's    lectures
;hroughout have been listened to with
ntense interest, that of  last   evening
ns   his     masterpiece.     The    Opera
ouse   was    crowded    to   the   doors.
Love, Courtship, Marriage and ,Ienl-
asy," was the subject, and   for   t*o
eurs  be   fascinated    bis     audience
ach of these heads was taken up and
Jealt   with   in   away   which   demon
Itrated the wonderful analytical pow-
_pB of the speaker.
While many of his word pictures
(ere full of pathos and even tragedy,
Hhers wero amusing in tbe extreme
Kid utterly convulsed bis audience
Hth laughter. Love, he said, was
He great motive power of the uni
Hrse, in a physical M well as psycho-
ijjgioal sense. He succesfully main
Blued that marriage was not ft lot
Wry aB was popularly held, a.id that
���With a knowledge of actual conditions
a large proportion of unions would
never take place. God Almighty himself couldn't make some pairs agree.
There must be a mutual appreciation
In religious, social and domestic things
in the home or love cannot live.
The flirt, malo and female, came in
for a scathing denunciation, although not every flirt is depraved.
There is too much flippancy in both
countries in matters of matrimony.
The consequence is that things are
UBbered in with orange blossoms and
In a few months or years ushered out
in the divor.o court. Marriage is a
more solemn; thing thnn death for it
may be the gateway to exquisite happiness or unutterable woe, while the
consequences may affect future generations ot society. At one time two
criminals wore deliberately married,
the fruit of that union passing
through ft few generations was 2M
Courting should be a process ^of
getting acquainted, but instead it is a
game of blind man's bull', in which
each is deceiving the other. Mental
faults and gross and unclean personal
habits are carefully concealed. Lovers should be frank. The trouble is
that woman is not educated for womanhood, but taught to regard matrimony as the one aim of her existence.
Don't many the girl who allows her
mother to drudge, or her father to
fasten his suspenders with a nail.
Marry brains rather than boodle if
happiness is desired. The poor fallen
woman is more honest than tho woman who sells hersell for wealth aud
jiflgition. -oil has nothing to do with
the joining of many people although
the marriage ritual says so. There is
.a slavery today more damnable than
that of the south, and the preachers
|it�� the auctioneers who knock the
human chattels down to the highest
The speaker drew somo very laugh -
ible pictures telling the young man
how to pop the question. He advised
the youth to depend more on inspiration than a Bet speech on such an occasion.
The ladies he advised not to promiso
to "obey"; nobody meant it.
Lack of daintiness was vividly described with its disastrous effect on
love bb wns also chronic fault tinding.
Praise when praise is deserved, and
pass in silence the occasions wheu the
mistakes are made.
The last lecture by Prof. Alexander
will bu given in tho Opera House tomorrow night.
"I suffered such pain from corns I
could hardly walk," writes II. Robinson, Hillsborough, Ills., "but Buok-
len's Arnica Salvo completely cured
them." Acts like magic on sprains,
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If you don't liko Blue. Kibbon Tea it'B
beoauso you've iuivnr.tiint i-d it.
Thli alipiaturo Ib on overy box of the gontilna
Laxative Br omo-Quinine ^hM"
the remedy that enrea n coM in (H day
Labor Mass Meeting.
The Independent Labor
Party will hold a grand rally
in the Opera House on
ffuesday Evening, Dec. 4th
At 7:30.
1 Chris. Foley, Alexander
)ick and James Wilks will
bpeak and a Glee Club will
���"ender some of the latest
Icampaign songs. Everybody
iJ?_.tJ7_��j)0tl!S._,_. now-, or a barrel of
f CALGARY  BEER an li Ih the I r and
ohiiiiDejt   on    lho    market.    AImi  try  our
j WINES,    LIQUORS,    -nd    OIQARS.
TolophonoW. Haker Bt, Nolson, B,C,
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If Brown Said So, It's Right.
|T. ...BROWN.
*   NELSON, B. C.   _
Advertisement- lnuorted under this head at
tho rato of ono cont a word per insorMon. No
advortlaoniGut takon (or lot-, than 25 oent-.
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Very convejient.    Modern improvements.    Easy terms.    Apply to K.   V.
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WANTED���One or two rooms furnished or unfurnished,with private family, for light house keeping,with heat
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Silica Street
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horn   Water St.,   near   O'Ncil's  Uro
Here's the Heater
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Premier,   one   Remington   and  one
Empire tyewriter. Apply W. D. Tebo,
C. P. II. telegraph otlice.
Mrs E. 11. Thompson, (late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), has opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria Hlock. Ladies
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, corner Haker
and Josephine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   nnd   Hoard, In
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply   on   Silica   Street,   two   doors
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FOR RENT.���A two-story,six-roomed
dwelling,   bath   room   etc.,    Ilfi.n0
Apply S.   M.   Hrydges,    Mara   Block,
over Merchants' Hank of Halifax.
WANTED���Good smart boy to deliver
paciiagcs.   Martin O'Reilly a Co.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient.with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and  Carbonate   Street.
TRAINED   Nurse,  open   for  engagements.    Surgical,   medical,   and accouchement.    English   and   Canadian
diplomas.    Apply, "E" Miner   Office.
PRIVATE Hoard   nnd Boom.    Heated
throughout. Hot and cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
office,  Ward Street.
at the
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Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
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C, and Dawson City, Yukon
Coal and Wood.
Agouti Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
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McLachlan Bros.
H. & M. BIRD
Agents for Eureka funeral Wool and
Asbeito.   Co.
Insurance Co. of North America, Mutual ILIfe
Insurance Co., of New YorX, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
Three Iota In   Hlock 47, Bogustown,
.---:,.im eaoh.
Three lots in   Hlock 33, Bogustown,
siiii .ini each.
BO feet on Mill Street, 8500.00.
A   good  business   In   the   city,   in
thorough   working     order,    for   sale
0-Roomcd house, corner of Ward
and Robson, all modern conveniences  135 00
New house on Water Street  IB 00
Cottage on Water Street  18 00
7-Roomcd house on Kobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences  25 00
4-Rooined cottage, corner of
Falls and   Hoover  13 00
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Portland, Mo.
Allan Lino PorHlan. it..- fl
Allan Una TunlMan Dec 13
Allan Uno hM-k. call at Halifax one day later
dominion  Line  Dominion Doc H
Dominion   Line  Cunbrotnan Deo II
Prom St, John, N. B.
Beavor Lino l*ko Superior  I toe. 1
Beaver Line lake Ontario Dec 1_
Beavor Line sin. call at Halifax one day later
From Now York
Whito Btar Line Toutonlo Deo fi
Whlta Mt.ir Line Gormanle Deo 12
Cunard Line Ktrurla ��  Doofi
(' ii mini Lino Lucanln Deo lfi
Ainurtoan Line Now York  Doc 12
Hod 3tnr Lino Krleeland Doo 12
N.U.ULlno Lohn Deo 11
Fronoh Lino La GMOOUpt  Doc 13
Allan UUto Lino Sardinian Dec8
From Ronton
Cunard Line Baxonla DecS
Dominion Line Commonwoalth  Doo 12
PfLHHOKeH arranged to and from all -Curopoan
pointa, For rata*, Mcko.a and full Information
apply to C. P. R. dopot agent or H. L. Browm
City l'u hi longer Alton t, Nelrati, B. C.
Gonoral A rank C.P.R. Ofllow. Winnipeg
Turner-Boeckh Block Dakar street
WANTED���1000   Athabasca.
7-8 inch (limn. $)8._0per 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nelsoai
'���^���ms.   __...
Is there anything- you can think of in our line? Then we have it !
In fact we have just put on display the LARGEbT and FINEST assortment of
Ever Seen   in Nelson.
First we'd speak cf CANDIES.    We are sole agents for
Ganong's, Lowney's and Cad bury's
Famous Chocolates and Bonbons.
A fresh shipment has just arrived.
We also have an endless assortment of beautiful CANDV BOXES
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Of course you'll have a
Do you want a handsome one ? Then come to us for decorations, &
We'll show you the prettiest lot of English and French Novelties ever seen. X
A bewildering assortment of V
And hundreds of "ANlMALS" for the children.
Palace Confectionery.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
*��. __t   ______________   _m_ *v
f i_rTTTyyy T T   ���*___.VJJ
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Easlo
Sandon, Three Forks, Now Denver and Slocan City.
Orden by mall to any branch will have careful a*d prompt attention.
London, Eng.
4 ORBIT      Brand'and
PRt_rMl bR. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents por Canada ��� JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
CROW   &   MORRIS,   Solo Aoents, Nelson, n. C.
Wholesale  Houses
rpHORPK it OO. Limited-Corner Vornon
X and Cedar 6lrout-, N_l_on���Mauufaclur-
el_ ot anil wliolo_alo dealere In uoratod water*
and l e uii i \ i eii-.. bolo agent* fur HtUoyou Hot
-priuKti iiniieTeLi water.   Tolo. honu OU.
JJl    N. M. Cummlni, L--��oo���Kvory known
e.ee eel; ,,i ,tf[ ,1 mil. . 1* o liox 8- Telephone
No. 31. Hoover Slreel, NelHOn. Bullion,ol in,
i .< mine-, sl. Leun llol Spring. Mineral Wulor.
C1ANE & MAODONALD III. Cane, .union
J   A. Maedonald)���ArchileiiU and Kuporln-
1 eeeelelll -. l.rOUOn Hill  Uleeek, I'Ul lie r  lllikl'l   llliel
Ward SlreulK, Aoli-in.
In order Unit tho Government  may
bo in |je_Hs__sion o_ <l_(init. informR-
tion with whloh tn supply those scok-
Ing Investments in this l'rovince, I
mil instructed to invite particulars
from those who hnvo properties for
tale, and who may feel disposed to
forward Bnch particulars to this ofllco
for Un. purpose in cpielttbD.
In view of the proposed early re-or-
Knnie.ation of the Agont General's
Office in London. England, the desirability of having on filo a list of
farms and oilier properties for sale,
with full and accurate details, is obvious. Properties submitted may Include farms nnd furm lands, indtis-
li lal or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or other enterprises affording opportunities for legitimate Investment.
It is not proposed to recommend
properties to intending investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the class-
ilie'd lists and all available information connected therewith, and to place
enqnirers in communication with the
The fullest particulars aro desired
not only of the properties themselves,
but of the localities in which they
aro situated, and the conditions
affecting them. Por this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded   to   those   desirous
of making sales.
It. E. (lOSNELL,
Secretary.  Bureau   of   Provincial   Information.
" Soo Line
F_R��T-a__-6_   SLEEP-EBB ON ALL
Also TOURIST CAHS passing  Dun-
more .unotion Daily for St. Paul, Saturdays for Montreal nnd Boston, Mondays    and    Thursdays    for    Toronto-
Shihi' cars  pass  Hevelstoke  one  day
feir   ynnr   pastern   trip is to  see   tha
ymir ticket rends via Canadian PaciUc.
Trains and Steamers Depart.
fi (K)    . ^v*"I,ler for Kootenay Lacd-
Daiiv     I     K   an     eastern   points   Tis
'     ) Crow's Nest Route.
8:00    (Train   for    Kossland,   GrBnd
Ex Sun ) Forks,(ireenwood,Midway,pto
QtOO I Train for Slocan City, Slocan
Ex Sun j points, aud Sandon
lniiii | Steamer leer Kaslo and inter-
Kx Sun [ mediate points.
1S-.0 ) Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
Ii,-iv i Rcvelstiike, main liuo and
u'"'y    ) Paolfilo Coast Points.
For Time Tallies, Hates and full Information call ou or address nearest Local A Kent, ur,
It. W, Drew, Dopot Airont \ Nolson, B. O.
11. I.. Ilrown, City Aitelll.  /
Trav. Paw. Auoot        A. U. P- A<je_t,
Nell on "VartrrnTBr
HJ. KVA.NS &. I'O.-Bakor Streot, Nel
���     HOIl��� WllolcalO   (lualcll,   ill    lli|l,eel    ,ee
Kai'u, coineiit, lire tirlek and llro clay,  waler
pipe and t,i_ol rails, ami _ i.,! coininlMtion
VVhulcnulu hihI r.iuil de_v)u�� In Kiuin,
ii.ii. Huiir, it < ii. .Mill- ul VicluriH, Nuw \Vu-i-
mhiimit; hHiiioniiui, Attn, i-.ii". .ti mi - on < ".
Kury nml K.liiiiiiiLiui Kuilwuy. Mtuiufuclurun*
uf Hie i-i-n-iii,.ic.i If. 6c K. brand curuiiltt.
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVES.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention
mini; & share broker.
P. O. Box 626.   Cablo Address
connissioN aoent.
Groasdallo," Nelson,   Gode-Morelno �� No,il.
Is prepared to negotiate the sale of developed mines. Has arranged for
dealing in shares on the London and Montreal Stock Exchange.. Shares
bought and sold in London on margin. Will take charge of the interests of absentee investors.
F. a GKEBN        V. S. UI.EMENTH
Civil Engineers and Provincial Land
P. O. Box UI Melaon, B. a
A. R. BARROW, a. m. 1 o.B
Provincial   Land Surveyor.
Corner Vlotorla and Kootensy Sts.
F, JO. Box 609. Telephone No. 96
AMAUDONAI.-1 t Co.-Corner Kron
��� and il.ell HlroolM���WholuHalo 41,11.r.
and jobber,, in blanket*, gloveH, nui 1 -, boot*,
1 ulelee 1  . inu.kliiawt, and minor,,' huiiOiioh.
-.>      OllleO   e.ee he 1     11 ..11   and    fl-lll   liiiu!".
NolHon���Lulnbur, eelllliK, lloorlnK, and uvury
lliiiiK 111 wieeeel for biilldniK inn |.e,..-:.. Uot our
|.iu .   .   Corrceepondonoo Holiclted.
Spokane Falls Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
X3   1IUKN8 _. Co.-Ilaker Hlraiit,  Nelnon -
.  ���   Wholoe-alo dealen, In fronli and cured
meat-.   Colli riuiraKo.
llakor Btroet, Nelnon-Wholonale deal
on In froali and curixl lueala.
Hlroet, Nelnon ��� Wholesale d-iluu In
baidware, inlnoi.' Huppllun, Hportlng uooelri
M'I.ACIII.A>1 IIHOS. (8ucc(,-.oni to Vanoouvor Hardware! o. I.ul.|linker-treel,
Ne-eon-Wlioluxale dealora In bardwaru and
milium huppIioh, plumber.' and llmiinlllin' nup-
palnu, iiin and kIlmh; moehanle-' loolet.
.\H'   I.I      I,.I    leeel.ele,    I '.,'.-. .|,  ,    U ,���| ,!J,,  , ,.
rpUHNKH, HKKTON k Co.-Cornor Vornoe
X    aud .l.e e i'i   Hlrooln,  Nelwn-Wlitlo
halo doalera In lieiuorH, cle_arn, and dry k"<"I-
... K'lel ������ for l'abht In ��� '. nix Co. of Mlfwaukeo
ami CiilKury lircwiiiif Co of Cain \ry.
UDSON'H HAY Co.   ',, hol.-eulo (mx-erlei
and li'ineeih ot<-., Heeke-r Ktroot, Nielnon.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermedial
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Hossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
I^'fivo DAY TKAIN Arrive
N :U0 a.m S|inkiine 0:4(1 p.ni.
11:5n n.m Koh. land 3:1(1 p.m.
" :0. a.m Nolnun 7 :1G p.in.
I��:l"> p.m .Spokane 7:01) _.ni.
11.00 p. in Knealand 7:00 i_m.
H. A. JAOKSON, Q. P. ft Tj_.
Hp,,k-nu   Wash
Aaent, Nelson, B.O
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
C1ALIKOUNIA WINK CO., Llmllod-Conior
J Vronl and Hall Slroutx, NoIihiii Whole-
10U0 dealorx n wIiiiih |cai,e aud bulk), nml
domoMtlo and iin|eortod clKarn.
Rough and
Dressed   Lumber,
Shingles. Mouldings.
A-1 White Pine Lumber Always li
nSf. rnr,r* _ "'"'PlVl'. ���lock of CivMtinoorlns
( I'lllnu. Ii,���,i,. Kinl-li. Tamed Work. 8_Si arJl
Dooni. H|���.,-I_l onler work will rocclv_m!u!-S
attention-   Mall order, ��olldt!od eprompb
T Y. (1H1KK1N it CO.-Conior Vornon anil
fJ . Jonephlno StroetK, N'sleoil ��� Whols-alo
-ratal, lu proTldonii, oure^ IDSStS, buller and
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
| UniTEO. '
Hi��a Olllco-UeiiOrj x sad Voinon BL, Nslsoa, \
Nelson  Dailv Miner,  Tuesday  Eveniwq,   December 4   1900
Dr. W. 0. Rose is suffering   from a
the repairs arrived it wus discovered
thut they were sides and will never be
used. The freight was $57 und It was
ordered paid.
The Council adjourned until Wednesday evening when the question of
the Fire Department will again be
severe attack of appendicitis.
Mr. .1. II. Bowes has returned from
a pleasant trip of a month's duration
to Eastern Cities.
The Ladies'. Aid of the St. Paul's
l'resb.-terinn Church will hold a meeting at the ohurch at 3 o'clock tomorrow alterncon.
Lodge Neslon's Queen S. 0. E. B,
S. will meet tomorrow evening for the
'election of officers for the ensuing
year. All members are requested to
Mr. John C. Ulandy, of the engineering department of the C. P. 11.,
will leave this evening for his home
at Oxford, England, whero he expects
to, remain during the next four
The annual deluge of calendars and
hangers has commenced. The Miner
has received a beautiful hanger from
W. A. Thurman. It is a representation of "Tho Soldiers of The Queen���
To the Front���The Carbineers."
J. A. McDonald, of the Palace Confectionery store, received a shipment
of a ton of choice G. B. Chocolates
yesterday. This would be a nice present for a young man to send to his
hest girl as it w��uld probably last
at least a couple of weeks.
The Ladies' Hospital Aid met yesterday afternoon at the St. Paul's
Presbyterian Church and the officers
for the ensuing year were ^nominated.
There are several for each office and
the election will take place at the
monthly meeting held in January.
Offices for the local branch of_the Women's Council were also nominated,
and these will be elected next month.
The bazaar under the auspices of the
Ladies' Aid Society of the Congregational C'liurch will be held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week
in the new store to be occupied by
Kirkpatrick & Wilson. A large assortment of fancy and useful articles
will be offered for sale. Arrangements
on being made to serve hot meals at
noon and during the evening of each
day. Good music will be provided
every evening.
A rather peculiar accident occurred
at th City quarry this morning when
a horse and cart tumbled over a 15
foot embankment to tho road below,
without sustaining any injury. At the
foot of the rock-crushing plant there
is a road-way that leads to the
rock bins and at lliis place the City
carts tako on the rock which is being
placed on Baker Street. Tho road is
rather narrow and this morning
when one of the drivers attempted to
back his cart up to the bin he got too
near the edge and the horse and curt
went over the bank. The fall is a
nasty one as the bank is composed of
large pieces of stone. The crushing
gang went at once to the rescue and
soon had the outlit righted again but
on a decidedly lower level. The horse
seemed none the worse for his fall for
after a few shakos of his anatomy
he went to work again hauling the
stone to make a roadway for his
brothers in bondage.
Churches Showing Remarkable Energy
in Saving Souls.
Toronto, Dec. 4.���About forty pastors of different churches iu tho city
met in the Methodist Hook rooms yesterday and held a service of prayer for
an outpouring of the holy spirit in
Toronto, the awakening of business
men to tho sense of their spritual
needs nnd a special blesBing from God
upon their efforts to awaken a revival
of religious feeling in ihe city. Rev.
Dr. Parsons, who returned from Co-
bonrg. said there had been a remarkable revival there and said letters he
had received made it plain that the
tire of religious fervor was breaking
out all over Canada.
Ottawa, Dec. 4.���In answer to enquiries made by the militia authorities as to when the Canadian nurses
in South Africa are to return, Colonel
Ottei says he left them at Pretoria
and has not heard of them since. The
military authorities not yet heard of
the sailing from the Capetown of the
Second Canadian Contingent (Artillery, Royal Canadian, Dragoons and
Mounted Rifles) who were to have
sailed D.eetnbei 1.
Butcher of Missionaries to Be Beheaded at Tiens Tsin.
Tien Tsin, Dec. 3.���Lan Wen Iluen,
the author of the outrages upon the
Pao Ting Pu missionaries, arrived
here today and wns paraded through
tbe Victoria Road in a cart under a
strong German gnard previous to being handed over to the Provisional
Government for decapitation.
Berlin, Dec. 4.���A despach from
Field Marshall Count Von Waldersee,
commander in chief of the international forceB in China, sent from Pe
kin under date of Saturday, Deo. 1
says that after hoisting German flag
at the Ninmg Tombs and punishing
several neighboring villages for the
murder of Christians the late Col.
Yorck's detachment, commanded by
General Gay, returned to Pekin in
four columns by way of Yang Fang,
Chen Pien Tching, Thang Shan, and
Niu Lan Shan, each about a day's
march northward of Pekin. The Kal
Gan expedition, the despatch also says
was very successful. Several thousand Chinese regulars were driven in
wild fright from the Province of Chi
Li to Shan Su.
Slaughter Sale In
���tiers and
Working Shoes..
Montreal, Dec. 4.���It was learned
here today that Lord Strathcona had
purchased a second residence in London. The property is on Grosvenor
Square. This would make seven residences his Lordship possesses, namely two in London, one in Scotland,
Knebworth. Stevenage, (Hertfordshire) ; one in Montreal, one in Winnipeg, and one in Pictou, N. S.
Toronto.   Dec.   4.
spateh to The Globe,
Turin, of   Ottawa,
���A Winnipeg de-
says that J. W.
Commissioner  of
Dominion Lands, has returned from
the Doukhobor settlements in the vicinity of Yorkton and reports the settlers in good condition. TheyJ are
housed in comfortable and substantial
dwellings all of which are neat and
surprisingly clean.
St. Petersburg, Dee. 4.���Kwan
Chang.an attache ot the Chinese legation here, in a formal interview today
said: "It is futile for Field Marshall Von Waldersee to send into the
interior expeditions, the presence of
which only irritates the natives and
increases their animosity towards the
Europeans. The Emperor will not return to Pekin as long as foreign
troops, other than the legation guards,
are there. Should it be necessary the
Emperor will fly further than Sian
Fu. I do not believe the United States
intends to negotiate apart from the
other powers. The interests of all the
powers including the United States
compel them to act in concert. Consequently it is improbable that Mr.
Conger will be secretly instructed to
act apart from the representatives of
the other countries. I believe the
powers will soon reach an agreement.
China is anxious to conclude peace as
this condition of affairs means the
ruin of the commerce, the gradual annihilation of public welfare and the
devastation of Pekin and other towns
and villages."
Having- decided to go into the
handling of Ladies' and Gents' Fine
Shoes exclusively, we have decided
to clear out all our Miners and
Heavy Working Shoes (of which we
have about 500 pairs) regardless of
cost; at your own price.
62 Pairs of four laced Banigans,
solid leather soles and inners, sizes
6 to 10. Regular Price $1.50;
slaughter sale price
50 cents.
71 Pairs of Bunkhams with or
without tap, soles extra heavy,
shanks and counters, sizes 6 to io,
Regular price $2.25; slaughter sale
\jpl. __.��_>.
110 Pairs Blucher and Gaiter
Shoes "ingrain and kid leather,
nailed or plain sole, outside counters if preferred, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price $3,00: slaughter sale price
42 Pairs Grain Blucher and
Boots with buckle or lace, heavy
soles, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price
$3.00; slaughter sale price
132 Pairs Oil Grain, kip and
calfskin, lace and blucher, cut Boots
hand made, nailed, outside counters.
This is the best Mining Boot we
carry. Regularly selling at $5.00.
Slaughter sale price
These Boots and Shoes are all to
go at above quotations; first in gets
first choice.
Mail orders promptly attended, to.
. _t___j__L___j__L-___:__L__L,-__;^^&^^&&C&fcC:fcfc*^T_S=
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have in our Opera House Store, articles suitable for Christmas
Presents for young and old���gay and grave. We have got to move from
this store, and we are going to sell every article on the premises.
\*. Daulton,
��! Royal Crown Derby,
\b Royal Worcester,
ib Haviland Limoges,
\b German, Japanese and
ib Austrian Fancy China-
\b ware.
Wi The nicest assortment in Nelson.
Phair���Thomns Allice, Victoria; W.
K. Eslinp, Rossland; Franklin Wilson, Slocan; Ed. Devolpli, Kaslo; Mrs.
Carter, Mrs. Jacobs and family, San
Francisco; II. N. llaler, (Iranil Forks,
C. W. Browning, Slocan.
Hume���M. S. Logan, Kossland; II.
T. Kingbury, Sloean; Percy Dickenson, Slocan; John V.Holden, Tamnrac
mine; E. G.JWoodford, Loudon, Eng. j
Freil Thayer, Toronto! Geo. A. Miln-
tyre, Vanouver; F. P. Clark, Ymir;
H. W. Macfarlane, Ymir; _,. Godbolt,
Huainess Transacted   at   the   Meeting
Held Last Niglit.
Outside of dealing with the question
connected with the EHreidncoi
of the trouble
llepartment, very little business was
transacted at the meeting of the City
Council last evening.
Aid. Arthur anil Hall brought in a
resolution to Increase the number of
Aldermen from six to eight. It had to
be carried by an unanimous vote, but
was lost as Aid.  Irivne did not vote.
A resolution was passed providing
for tbe construction of three crossings
on Water Street, between Park and
Mill; a sidewalk on the south side of
Vernon Street, between U. McKays
and W. McNabs residences; a side
walk on the eaBt side of Falls Street,
between Baker and Vernon, and one
on the north side ol Latimer between
Kootenay and Stanley Streets.
Iiylaw H4 to regulate the waterworks department was Anally adopted.
As a building is to be built at the
corner of Josephine nnd Mill Streel
to be used as a store, it was ordered
that the comer should be graded.
Sometime ago the City ordered from
Urantford whal they thought 11 pair
at jaws for the  City  crusher,   When
Hamilton, Dec. 4.���The funeral of
be late Senator Mclnnes took place
here this afternoon. It was attended
by a large number of relatives and
friends of deceased, including Mr. T.
U. Shaughnessy, President of the C.
P. R. and R. B. Angus, one of the C.
P. R. directors, Montreal.
Toronto, Ont., Dec. 3.���Friends of
lion. A. S. Hardy, ex-Premier of Ontario, have contributed a handsome
sum as a practical token of their appreciation of his public services. The
presentation is to he made to Mr.
Hardy here on Thursday.
Ottawa, Dec.   4.���A wild   woman is
reported to be   camping   in   the   bush
near   Manotieli.    The woman   Is   said
to be living a sort of aboriginal   life.
Putrefying food in the Intestines
produces effects litre those of arsenic,
hue Dr. King's New Lifo Pills expel the poisons from clogged bowels,
gently, easily but surely, curing- Constipation. Biliousness, Sick Headache,
Fevers, all Liver, Kidney and Howel
troubles. Only 88 cents nt Canada
Drug Sl Hook Co.
Ladies 'el' 1 nnadii :
Inter-mutual trade Is the true basis
of the federation of the Empire. So
far as possible, one colony should
consume the produce of another.
Canadians and India and Ceylon
lea planters fought side by side In Africa. About 10 per cent of tho latter volunteered for the war.
The lias of Ceylon   and   India   are
the best end   purest the world  pro-
Alreadv   the   black    Teas   of
those oolonles have oapturod the Canadian market. 'I'he (ii'cen is now fast
displacing Japan's colored aiticle.
Quality and sentiment unite to rpcnin-
tne'iiel it. Canadian ladles who drink
Japan tea should help the liritisli
planter hy drinking t'eylon green tea.
Ill 1 n ��� Ribbon. Monsoon and Salada
packets are ready  for   you.    Colonist.
German Syrup is the special prescription of Dr. A. lloslino, a celebrated German Physlolan, nnd Is acknowledged to be one of the most fortunate discoveries iu Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and Lung
troubles of the. severest nature, removing, as it does, tlie cause of the affee-
ton anil leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition, It Is not an
experimental medicine, but has stood
the test 01 years, giving satisfaction
in every case, which Its rapidly Increasing sale every season conlirms.
Two million bottles sold annually.
Moselle's German Syrup was introduced In the United' States In IMS,
and is now sold in every town and
Village in the civilized world. Threo
doses will relieve any ordinary cough.
Price 7.'> cents. For Sale by VV. F.
London, Dec. 4.���A special despatch
from Nan Row Pass, dated Nov. 30,
says the.'Kal Gan expedition was ineffective, the Chinese evading all attempts to engage them. The towns
en route were occupied unopposed and
some tons of skins and silver were
levied. The cavalry captured the baggage of the retreating Chinese force
at Swen Hub Su,killed 30 of its guards
and Bccured 2,000 taels. Three Mar-
andines, instigators of massacres of
converts at Tsi Ming, and twenty-
throe Boers were executed. The Germans generally ignored evidences of
anti-foreign activity. There are continuous disturbances in the interior
whero a bad impression has been made
by tho exoessive withdrawal of for
elgn troeps and the^ complacency of
the allies. The missionaries anticipate a recurrence of tho outrages.
A full line of Our Usual Holiday
Articles. Dolls,Toys, Fancy Goods
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making early selections.
. Canada Drug and Book 60. ,
__i?tV-a -S S^-S'Sfr^^'-^'-5��"-S^S��'^_i?'S';-S'-5��'-S'-iS^-5i"^:_S^��� _��:___^7
'^S^07-f9r>^09-00-00-00.  0^-00.00-00'00-00^\00.00^.00^-00^ZS^00^.^'.^-1
Of Millinery.
S. Neelands.
The talk of the day In Montenl Is
thu opening of the ningniticent new
building erected on the best site of
the principal street hy Tho Family
Herald and Weekly Star. The Family
Herald's contemporaries aro paying
it the highest compliments. The new
building in said to bo the finest newspaper building In the world. This is
saying a good deal for Canada. The
Family Herald nnd Weekly Star has
made gigantic strides.
Gee Can Pit You.
He has   one of   tbe   best   and   largest
Fall and Winter stocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen's Hotel,
Haker Street
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Poiter.
Nelson. B. 0.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Sirninht Mortgage,
Apply to Q,
tu LENNOX, Baker  St.
Trimmed Hats and Ready-
to-Wear Hats Must Go.
It is contrary to our policy
to carry these goods over from
season to season, and this
accounts for our
The balance of our stock of
Trimmed Hats and Ready-to-
Wear Hats will be sold regardless of cost.
Call and see our offerings.
Wednesday,   Dec.   5.
will lecture on "HOW TO READ CHARACTER"  by   Walk,   Style   ol  Wearing
Hat, Laugh, Handshake, Forehead, Nose, Eyes, Mouth, etc
A REMARKABLE TEST���At the close of the lecture the Professor will examine any three ladies or gentlemen .elected by the audience, by simply looking at their faces, then he will bo blindfolded and three new subjects brought
up, the six will 0_.Rrtae places, aud by examining Ihe heads only, the l'mfesno.
will pick out first mbjeots and describe new ones, telling coloi of hair and eyes,
Admission 25c.       Lecture Begins promptly at 8 o'clock.
Twenty-five per cent off all
Trimmed and Ready-to-Wear
Haker Street.
Kerr St Co.
Cor. linker and Ward Streets,
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at   Reasonable  Rates.
Baku* Street. Nelson.
Will pay the highest oanh prioe for ill
kinds of second hand goods. Will buy
or soil anything from su nuchoi to ��
needle. Fnrniture, stoves, caiperti,
cooking ntensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oaBt off clothing.
Call and see me or write. Adiiree
Silver King Mike, Box 300. H��"
Streot. Nelson,   I'   C.
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 81.00.
.lust Like Home���Is what thoy all
say of the elegant compartment cars
on "The Northwestern Limited,"
operating between St. Paul and Chicago, only not one home in a thousand
Is as rlcnly and tastefully adorned.
You will enjoy absolute privacy when
traveling In one of our compartments.
Tickets at all agents. H. 8. Collins,
(ienerlll Agent, Spokane.
NKI.80N I .ill it I K    No. 23, A. V. tl A
M. 1 :��� sooond Wodnoijday  In oach
month.   V'i.ii inK l.i.-i le.'i 11 wulcoino.
_0tW_V0__   '���  ��-  ��-   F-     Kootonay  Ixxlgi,
S_  SB No. 10, moots ovory Monday night,
^^9^0^ at   thoir  Hall,  Koolonay Htreot
!,ee|eeiii iiinir Odd FoIIowh oonllnlly in - -i 1.. 1.
John A. Mollao, N.O.   I). W. Huthorford, V.O.
Fred J. -quire, Per. 80c.
tho lirst Wodnowliiy ovuiiIhk of
oaoh month at Fiat��rnily hull.
oornor of Haker and Koolonai
Htrools. VlHlting hrothorii cord-
lull) Invltod.
John Watson, Socrol-ry,
NK-SON  !_, O. _>. No. 11102 moots in Frn-
"'rlday o\
itlng 111
_ HobhiHon, WVM.:
Uirnlly Hall on Brut and third Friday ovonlngn
ien month at 8 o'clock,   VlHlting 1110111I14TH
of one
cordially Invited.
Crawford, It. 8.
Fred Irvine 8 Go
Arriving Dailv
The New Straight
Front Coraet. We
Have Them.
Merchandise has its place in the Preparations for the Xmas Season.   The attractiveness
of the Goods to be found in all our Departments will make brisk selling for the next three weeks.
Christmas Dolls.
Our new line of Dolls is now
on display. While the quality is
of tlie highest, the price is so
modestly low that you will be surprised at the size of the doll you
can get for a dollar or two.
Jointed Dolls, Kid-bodied Dolls,
new French-shape Dolls, Blond
Dolls, Brunette Dolls, 9 to 27
inches;  35c to$  8.50.
Silk Waists.
Nothing hut the finest Taffeta,
Liberty Satins and Liberty Silks,
from $3.50 to $15.
NKLHON AKKIF.   No. 22,  F.  O.   K ootn
ovory Kooond and fourth Wodnoadays of oach
in onth. VlHlting monitors oordlally Invlt-
(*lieul,iH Pron��v. -ocrolAry.
NoIhoii F.noampmont No. 7. Moots ovory 2nd
and tile Friday of oaoh month, In Odd Feflowp.
Hull, coinor Hukor and Ki-Oloiiity Hl.runte>,
NoIhoii. A. H. ClomonU, 0, 1*.; I). MieArlnu.^
K. 8.   VIhUIiik hrothoi-M alwayn ' oh'n-,-.
COUKT KOOTKNAY,  I. O.  V��� No.   Sl*.
Mi'i'i inn"  ith Thursday of month.   Vratorna
I ball, J A Irving 0 B.   P. % Fleming. H.H,
The great demand for Furs this
season was recognized by us very
early���in time to make selections
when they were at their best.
Whatever there is for ladies to
wear, made of Fur, will be found
in this department at very low
You lose most of your handkerchiefs, the laundries wear out
the rest, and your handkerchief
case needs constant filling. We
have them from 5c to $7.50 each.
Winter Gloves
And Mittens in great variety.
The very latest style in Gloves is
the Suede, Castor and Mocha.
These Gloves are nice for cold
weather, as they are much warmer
than dressed kid. We carry these
lines in black, mole, tans and
greys, $1.50 to $2.00.
Eiderdown Comforts.
The cold snap which we have
just experienced, suggests what
we may expect when the winter
sets in in earnest, so get your
Comforts now and be ready.
Prices, $1.50 to $25.00.
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