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Nelson Daily Miner Nov 3, 1900

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 rovlnoial Utr��rv _31oo
Daily Edition No. 875
Nelson,   British Columbia, Saturday Evening,   November 3,  1900.
Eleventh   Year
British Public Far From Satisfied With
Lord Lansdowne's Entry Into the
Foreign Office.
London, Nov. 3.��� "Clad iu tlio robes
of dazzling failure" 18 tho way one
Liberal newspaper describes the Marquis of Lansdowne's on try into tbe
foreign oflice. This, undoubtedly expresses the opinion of a preponderance
of the British public, irrespective of
patty lines. Kven among these organs feebly upholding the advisability
of Lord Lansdowne's appointment
there is a tendency to allocate him to
the position of a mere nominal head
of the foreign oflice, blindly following
out every wish of the Premier, This,
the Associated Press learns is quite
opposed to Lord Salisbury's own idea.
lie does not share the general belief
that in the war office he did badly.
In fact, the Premier is so convinced
of the reverse that ho gave Lord Lans-
downe the option of continuing in
his former oflice or taking the new
billet. Lord Salisbury was delighted
that Lord l.ansdowne was willing to
accept the foreign oflice portfolio, lie
believes he will make a strong for
eign secretary and had long contemplated Lord l.ansdowne as his successor should the doctors refuso to allow
him to continue the severe duties he
undertook during the last I-lriament.
One of Lord Salisbury's closest friends
said to a representative of the Associated Press:
"Lord l.ansdowne, by his training
and social career, is more fitted and
available to meet diplomats and decide
large issues. Should ho fail of sue-
l<ss it will only be because ho is too
lunch of a gentleman."
With reference to liish matters, an
amusing Btory is going the rounds j
about the Duke of Marlborough,whom
the papers frequently witliout basis
mentioned as Earl Cadogan's successor
in the Lord Lieutenancy of Ireland.
On the strength of  this, it   is  said, a
large amount of Irish literature has
been imported to Blenheim, where a
recent visitor is alleged to have found
the young Duke almost buried amidst
stories of Ireland. How bitter polities are growing in Ireland can be
judged from an open letter from Mr.
Will. O'Brien saying ho re-enters Parliament with the utmost repugnance
and with no more satisfaction than he
would enter an English jail. But Mr.
O'Brien adds, he considers it a national duty. He also says the exclusion of Ilealy and his faction from the
Irish party is the only means of enab
ling men of honor to remain in it.
The Prince of Wales' dismissal of
Toil Sloan is received with joy by the
racing world of England as a significant indication of feeling against
American jockeys and trainers. Tho
Prince of Wales yielded to the popular clamor, while the methods and
manners of a number of self advertising American owners have undoubtedly given the .Jockey Club an excuse for
its present attitude. Sloan is much
chagrined, liis retainer was to have
been ��5,000. He had other offers of
like amount, but now tho Prince of
Wales has thrown him over, no English owner is likely to employ him as
first jockey. Sloan roturns to tho
United States, November 14, but the
atory that he does not intend to apply
for a liconse hero in tool, is regarded
as being at least premature. Leigh,
the trainer of Mr. Frank Gardner's
stable, which Sloan manages, and
whose application for a license to
train at Newmarket caused so much of
the present trouble, has secured quarters at Epsom. Rtgby will not apply
for a license for 1001, as he is engaged
by Madame Memier to ride in France.
Morgan, Edie and .lone- go to Austria.
Montreal Wild With Enthusiasm Over the Returning Volunteers.
Montreal, Nov. 3.���The Montreal
members of the First Contingent, together with Sergeant Northeote,
Private Stewart and Corporal Odell,
of r,th C. A. Victoria, Private Lee,
Nelson Hi lies, B. C., and members
from Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton,
London and other Ontario cities were
enthusiastically received by thousands
of Montreal people on the arrival of
the train at the (Irand Trunk station at 11:30 today. They, paraded
through the principal streets of the
city, with the militia, police, societies and bands. The streets were lined with thousands of citizens who
were wild with enthusiasm. All pub
li-: and many private and business
buildings were draped with Hags,
bunting, etc., At three o'clock tho
parade broke up at the drill hall,
where tho heroes were entertained by
a banquet by the citizens.
members arrived here this morning
and wero accorded an enthusiastic
Ottawa, Nov. 3.���Ottawa is dressed
iu ller prettiest decorations in honor
of the return of her sturdy sons who
fought so nobly and bravely for tbe
honor of the British Empire, and who
will arrive at 6 o'clock   this   evening.
Ottawa, Out., Nov. 3rd���
Miner, Nelson, B. C��� Your
telegram received. Thanks
for jfooil wishes. Will arrive
in Nelson at 5 p. m. Thursday, Nov. 8U1.
A. S. L_e.      I
Nothing Yet Done to Provide a Public
Reception For Him.
Private A. S. Lee, ono of Nelson's
quota of volunteers for service in
South Africa, is on his way westward. So far as The Miner can learn
nothing lias yet been done toward
ten ..ring him a public reception.
Elsewhere in Canada the returning
veterans are being received with open
anus. Nelson should do likewise.
Some one should take hold of the matter, raise enough money by popular
subscription to defray what slight
expense there will be and arrange a
programme, The Miner would suggest
that T.Q.Procter, Arthur Sherwood or
some otner equally energetic person
take hold of the a flair.
Misunderstanding In Connection With Chapleau
Mining Co.
Quebec, Nov. 3.���About 10 o'clock
this morning as the procession con
ducting tho returning soldiers was
ascending the hill, a gallery In the
rear of the Chicn Duex D'Or Hotel, on
whieh somo :.'(> people wero standing,
gave way, precipitating all to the
ground, a distanco of 2"> feet. The
Injured are: Ueo. Adams, a waiter,
spine broken; Miss McCauslamland
Frederick Letournea, barkeeper, broken logs; old widow named Coulonb,
skull fractured. The accident was
due to too many on tho gallery which
was docayed, and the weight of tho
people was too great for It.
Toronto, Nov. :i���Torontoians are
making extensive preparations to give
her returning heroes from South Africa a welcome   never to bo forgotten.
Cancellation of   His   Prince of   Wales
New York. Nov. 8.���Tod Sloan's
temper is seriously ruffled by tho loss
of his engagement with the Prince of
Wales, says a London dispatch to The
"Have you been notified that you
will not be retained by the Prince of
Wales?" tho jockey was asked.
"No, but I guess it's true all the
same," was Sloan's reply. "The feeling that has been stirred up against
American jockeys here by some of the
swells and sporting papers is tho
worst l ever knew. The Prince could,
not stand against it, I suppose, and
I say nothing against him."
"Do you intend to give up racing
"I don't Intend to do anything of
the kind. 1 have still as many offers
to lido from the best owners as I
want. I ride fair, do my best eveiy
time and am not beaten. You can tell
them that in New York."
Marsh, tho Princo of Wales' trainer,
furnished the information before It
was communicated to Sloan and the
Prince, it is said, has rebuked him
for it. Despite Sloan's confidence in
himself this cancelling of the Prince
of Wales' engagement iB considered
the worst blow he has every received,
as other owners will surely follow
Mr. F, Mourgues and two directors
of the Chapleau Mining Co., were refused admittance to the property of
the company yesterday under instrue
tions of Mr. .1. Malliuson Williams,
manager for the Chapleau Mining Co.,
in British Columbia.
About a week ago Mr. Williams received from t.10 managing director of
the company in Paris a letter stating
that a Mr. F.Mourgues, a French mining engineer, was being sent to British Columbia to look at the Silver
Plate and Exchange claims under
bond to the writer of the letter and
some associates. Mr. Williams was
informed that M.Mourgues would present a letter of introduction to him
and was atked to do all he could for
him. This Mr. Williams wiu prepared to do and has awaited   the   coming
of M. Mourgues.   That gentleman ar
rived but much to, Mr. Williams sitr
pirse did not present the letter of introduction. Instead, ho, or some one
connected witli him. caused to be inserted in the columns of The Tribune
a Statement to the effect that Mr. Williams hail been relieved of the management of the Chapleau mine. This
was somewhat of a surpiise to Mr.
Williams, lie had, however,the satisfaction of knowing that the statement
was untrue.
Some time ago Mr. Williams fractured a leg and since that time his
brother, ,1. W. Williams, has been in
charge of the mine, lie is under in
structions to allow no trespassers ou
the property, and when Mr. Honrgues
and tho two directors called at tbe
property yesterday they wero refused
admittance. They threatened to secure an Injunction and departed.
This is how the matter stands lit the
present time. Further development!
aro expected in a few days.
New York,   Nov.    B.���The Assoc,.11
ed Press has just   received   a despatch
from a correspondent at I'hillipa,   W.
V.,   which    says:    "Ucrlgerlan   enul
mines   blown   up, :i~' killed, and   over
100 wounded.   Greatest calamity over
occurred in this state."
The Bank of Montreal yesterday received from the Cariboo Consolidated
Hydraulic Mining Company, British
Columbia, a bar of gold weighing ti
olo ounces, valued   at  SIM,000.
Ottawa,   Nov.   3.���Today's Canada
llazettc announces   the   return ��� >f   the
first two   members   of tbe   Dominion
Parliament, Joseph B. Seagram,  Con-
seravlive. North Waterloo, and _. A.
Lavergc, Liberal, Arthabnsca and
Mr.Peter McVeigh who lias tin "
tract for  hauling   the   on'   from   the
The ' Richelieu mine to   Crawford Hay. left
bar of gold which is tho   largest ship- j Nelson this morning for Crawford Hay
ped from any on   mine, will be   melt-1 in company with   twelve   nun.    Thej
ed in   the   Assay   Oflice.- New   York   will be engaged in   constructing   slu-
yuebec,   Nov.    3.���Thirty    Quebec I Commercial. I hies at each end of the wagon road.
Copies of Those Passing Be
tween Lord Roberts
and Col, Otter,
Are in Connection With the
Return of Canadian
The Miner is tlie first paper in the
Dominion of Canada to publish exact
copies of the correspondence between
Colonel Otter and Lord Roberts in regard to the departure of a portion of
the H. ('. R, from South Africa. The
inform:.tion conies in a letter from
Mr. \V. J. (1. Dickson t.�� Mr. K. IM.
Maedonald,    Mr. Dickson says:
I will try to fully explain the circumstance connected with the dividing1 of the regiment, and why some
eompanies havo yune home and why
we remain. When we went with Gen*
eral Hart's Brigade, Colonel Otter informed the regiment that he had some
time previously written to the Canadian military authorities that hy tlie
terms of our eon tract of enlistment
we had to be landed in Canada hy the
15th of October, 1900, and discharged
by that date. That he had also informed Oeneral Roberts to the same
effect and that he hoped that we
would be. While here on the nth
Inst.Colonel Otter received the following telegram from Lord Roberts.
"From Lord Roberts, Belfast,
(Transvaal) to Colonel Otter, Royal
Canadian Regiment, lirst e r'abriken,
7th September. I trust that as many
us possible of the Royal Canadians
will prolong their service until the
end of the war. Tin \ bave performed sueh gallant serviee that it would
be a great pity for any of them to
leave now that the end seems si. near.
Acknowledge.    (Sgd.)    Roberts.1'
To this an answer was sent the
tame day by Colonel otter.after a consultation with his ollieers at battalion
headquarters, as follows:
"Krom 1.ieut.-Col. Otter, Commanding R, 0. R., ESrste ETabriken, to l.ord
Roberts, Belfast:   Reply  to yours of
yesterday. Your wishes will he gladly complied with. Would ask p6l mission for one or two officers and a few
men, whose cases are urgent, to return home at once."
On the Uth instant the following
was received by Col. Otter:
"From Lord Roberts, Belfast, to
Col. Oter, Erste Fabriken: Many
thanks for your satisfactory reply.
Ky all means give leave to one or two
ollieers and a few men whose cases
are urgent to return   at onee.     I Sgd.)
The Colonel thought that   after    the
request of Lord Roberts  the regiment
would he willing to remain and so did
the officers commanding.   There was.
however, some dissatisfaction in the
regiment because so many of the men
wished to go home, and also because
some of them thought the colonel
should have consulted the opinions of
the men themselves as well as those
of the ollieers. Then tlie ollieers commanding eompanies were instructed
to report what their companies
thought about the matter. The result
being that "A" and "If Companies
wore willing almost to a man to stay,
while the other companies almost to
a man wanted to go home. Thu Colonel therefore sent the following telegram:
"From Lieut.���Col. otter, R, C, I;..
to i.old Roberts, Commander _n*Chief,
al  Maehoiloip:    Keferring   to yOUrfl of
the .lb inM,,   I regret   to Inform vou
that, owing to a fear of los* of Bra-
|i)nvinriil or b'USfnew, the great majority of men ami ollieers   of the It. C.
ii. feel that they cannot with  justice
to   themselves   or   families   rc-engnge
for further service   in   this   a .try.
They dcsiri* their uir-clwin- ��� '-nada
on October l.-th m\t, in ftcoortlttfl i
with terms of their eonlraet, und 1
must therefore, ask that such inavbe
done,     i Sgd. ) Otter."
The following telegiam was received, in answer to the above, by Col.
Otter, from Lord Roberta.
"From   l.ord Roberts,   Machodorp,
to Lieut.-Col. Otter, Commanding 6.
i.j... Erste Fabrlken{ 0, 4698 [13th
Sept.) I much regret the decision
which the ollieers and men of tbe Royal Canadian Regiment have come to.
It is Unlikely that their services
would be required much longer and
their going  away  now  win  prevent
them taking any pari in the annexation eerenionv I bopc to bold in Pretoria, and being present Bt the parade
I understand Her Majesty contemplates honoring by her presence on
the return of the troops that have
been taking part iu this war. If on
receipt of this you inform me that the
ollieers and men '���till wish to return
to Cunudtt the   DOoMM!? transport ar
rangements will be made. (Sgd.) Roberts."
The ollieers commanding companies
were again instructed to lind out the
fecling\jf the men and    report to    the
commanding officer, as soon as possible, with the result I have already
mentioned, namely that "A" aid
"11" Companies, agreed to stay, with
a few men from tbe other companies.
Coal.[Otter therefore, telegraphed the
following to Lord Roberts, after receiving the report from tho ollieers:
"About 300 non-commissioned ollieers and men of the 11. C. R., with
proportion of ollieers under my own
command, will gladl> prolong service
until end of war. The remainder regret that for reasons already stated
they must ask for return to^Camuia in
shortest time.possible.''
To this the following answer was
received by Col. Otter from Lord Roberts:
"Your telegram of 18th. I am very
glad that 300 of tlie U. CJ. R. under
your command will continue serving
until end of war. Early arrangements
will be made for dispatching those
who have decided to return to Canada.
Telegraph to 1). A. 0., Pretoria, full
particulars and numbers by ranks of
those   returning.     (Sgd.)    Roberts. "
All of tho above telegrams nre exact copies of the messages exchanged
between Lord Roberts and Colonel Otter ro tlie above, having been copied
by me from regimental orders and are
correct. I am glad for one that I remain ami 1 may say that all the 11. C.
men were willing to stay, except one.
All the Kootenay men at the front
stay. I see that Hilly Patterson got a
commission in the Knst Lancashire
regiment at home ami is at home
now, so 1 don't suppose wo will see
him again in Nelson, ('apt. Hodgins
and Lee are still at liramfontein, 1 believe, so I am the only Nelson man
Asks   That    Welcome   to   Soldiers lie
Not Turned to Drunken Orgies.
London, Nov. 3, ��� Lord Roberts sends
from Pretoria a striking appeal to his
countrymen to refrain from turning
the welcome of the home-coming of
the troops into a drunken orgie. lie
expresses tho sincere hope that the
welcome will not take tbe form of
treating to stimulants and "thus lead
to excesses that will tend to degrade
these whom the nation delights to
honor ami not lowei the soldiers of
the Queen in the eyes of the world,
whieh has watched with undisguised
admiration the grand work they have
performed for their sovereign ami
country." He says: |- am very
proud to bo able to record with the
most absolute truth that the conduct
of this army from the lirst to last has
been excmpl iry. Not a single case of
serious crime has been brought to my
notice, indeed nothing deserving the
name of crime. I have trusted to tin*
men's own feelings and good Sense
ami they have borne themselves like
heroes on tin? battlefield, and like the
gentlemen they are on other OCOO
sions." Lord Roberts explains that
he thus appeals because of the distressing and discreditable scenes resulting from InjudlcoUB friends speeding
tbe parting soldiers by shoving bottles of spirits into their hands and
Llllr.l.AI.    MEETINGS.
Dig   Halllcs  nt the Cout   Wind   ihe
Liberals Suy.
(SPECIAL to Till'. mi\i:ii.)
Victoria, H- 1., Nov. B, 'I'lir Liberals held 11 vtcry iticcesiful meeting in
the theatre yeeterdaj evening,
Speeches were delivered by I.. P. Do,
1..ncic,n llnner, George H. Maxwell
nnd tin- candidates. The Mberala
an boasting that they will eleel  two
If Ralph Smith's Mends Insist mi
Introducing a proposal at tonight's
meeting 01 M di rs Proti 11 Ive As,
scii'i;iticiii nt, Nanahno 16 endorse 01
approve of Bmltli, there will certainly
be a serious rraeas. .loan's supporters have taken hints thrown ont regarding Monday's meeting in earnest,
uml icccii steps tc, seoure police protection.
Reporti from Woolley'a tour show
he is creating it highly favorable Im-
presslon by find avoidance of all
personalities and his fair manly
treatment of opponents and platforms,
Doth Liberals und Naborltes bare sny
it would nut be the slightest surprise
to sec Woolley returned by ��� handsome majority,
a Vletoria branch of the Canadian
Socialist i.i'iifiic was organised last
Pat Burns Secures Control of One of the
Richest   Copper   Mines  on  the
American Continent.
Somo years ago when Patrick Burns I
was just beginning to gain his rcpu- |
tat Ion as thu "Cattle King of the
West" he assisted a young Knglish
mining expert and engineer who was!
iu financial or other difficulties. The
young man was grateful and always
made it a point to keep in touch with
Mr. Bums in the hope that some day
he might be able to repay him for the
favor shown. Hut as time went on
the Englishman drifted to other parts
and for a few years Mr. Burns heard
nothing of him. Less than a year
ago, however, a letter came from this
mining engineer. He had loeated in
Mexico aud said e had discovered
some very rich copper deposts. lie
had uot the funds to develop the prop
eity and he was anxious that Mr.
Burns should take hold of it, because,
as he expressed it, there was millions
in it. Mr. Burns had enough faith
in his friend to send a man down to
look at the property. This man eaine
back with a confirmation of the report
of the Englishman. Then Mr. Hums
Consulted with M . Itruee White, of
Nelson, and the conference resulteri
in Mr. White's departure for Mexico.
When Mr. White left Nelson ho did
not say where he was going and so far
as the newspapers were concerned
thoy never knew until now. Mr.
White went directly to the property
and examined it. Everyone who
kuows Bruce White knows him to be
one of the most coiirvrvative mining
men iu Hritish Columbia and when hi
came back and told  liis associate. Mr.
Burns, that the Mexico   property was
a wonder, Mr. Hums was sure the Englishman   had   not    overestimate!     bis
tind.  When a man gets bold of a good
thing   he   usually    likes to see   it for
himself, and so Mr.  Burns   decided to
pay a visit to Mexico.     He did so and
has only recently returned,   lle didn't
go to confirm Mr. White's report,   for
he knew that was   right   and he came
back just as   enthusiastie ns the Kng-
lishmau   himself,    'ibe   several   visits
resulted in Mr. Hums taking   hold   of
the property, or in other words securing the controlling interest, it is said
to be a   veritable mountain of   copper
and to be one   of   the largest deposits
of   copper     on   the    continent.      Tne
property is within a   few miles of the
sea. whieh renders the   transportation
of tbe ore easy.     Steam   wagons carry
the output of the   mines to   the water
where it   is   loaded on   steamers   and
carried tothe nearest smelter. Already
there are over 200 men at work on tlio
property.    It is   reported     that     Mr.
Burns  was  offered two   millions  for
his interest, but   that   he   refused   t��j
sell.    Mr.  Burns   admits  that a   high
figure   was   offered   hi in,   but   he believes  that  when   the   property   bus
been fully developed it will command
a  greatly   increased   price sliould   be
then be inclined to sell.
It   is   understood    that   Mr.    Bruce
White is Interested with Mi. Burns In
; the properly, but   as Mr.   White is out
of the. city, continual ion    of
port could not be had,
G. P. R. Former Agent Had
Many Fast Friends In
ami when the train left the} Immediately wired to the chief of police at
Moyie to arrest MedhurBt OS they said
ho was trying to skip Im il. The chief
of police at Moyie did Dot show up,
anil the prisoner was landed in jail
at s o'clock last evening. This
morning Medhurst ml arraigned before Magistrate Crease and the case
was adjourned until 5 o'clock this afternoon to await the arrival of Attorney Coatlgan from Cranbrook,
Fred M. Medhurst, who hint year
was engaged as agc_t at Cranbrooli
for the C. 1". 1!.. anil who is in the
Provincial jail here awaiting trial, on
Beveral charges, has caused the company considerable trouble, and especially at the time of his arrest yesterday morning at Cranbrook. This
made the third arrest that he had under gone during the past two weeks
the lirst   two   being  on   charges of
theft and this one on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the company. The
scene during the arrest which took
place iu the early morning, was probably one of the most exciting ever
witnessed    iu     Cranbrook.     Medhurst I
was sleeping comfortably in one of
the hotels of that place when he wan
aroused by a call at his door, aud
was told that a gentleman   wlsbed to
see   him   ill   the   olliee.     lie     quickly j
dressed   himself   ami   hurried   to   the I
olliee   of   thu   hotel,   where   he     was 1
shown the warrant for his   arrest and
was told that he  was   wanted in Nel-1
son.    lie liked for a few minutes that I
he might see his wife.    This is where
the excitement    started.     The   const-'
hlo   went   with   the   prisoner   to   his
house, anil   when   they   were  on   the
sidewalk Medhnret cried at the top of
his voice for help. Hut a few moments
elapsed neforo noarly ovcrybody in
the lown congregated about the ecu
pie.    Medhurst died:
I want my lawyers, Itlllle Itoss
and I OStlgan, They arc not doing mr
JustlOe, they will throw me in the
river, they will lock me up, I never
will get justice in Nelson."
The pleas for help had some effect
ami several cltlHDS tried to persuade
Iiu- constable not to take the prisoner
lW��y, The two lawyers came rushing
to the platform of the Station iu their
shirt sleeves,   Ah the oonstable paid
no attention to their requests the mob
triad In free the prisoner by force and
retain him until the train pulled out.
They crowded so closely that they
lend to be fotced back befoio the prisoner could be taken to the train. They
then crowded on the steps of the
couch.    They were quelled   by threats
.iiUIN l. 'S NERVE.
The old Gladiator (las Been Operated
Upon in   New  York.
Mew York. Nov. 3, .lohn L, Sullivan has been fighting the enemy of a
lifetime on the operating table of the
Polyclinic hospital, nnd the old gladi-
ator has won. Qatnc as ever, the ponderous fighter walked into the hospital to undergo the operation his physician said wiis necessary to save his
"If it's got to be done." he said,
"It's got to he done, -'i vou might as
well plug away,"
The case was one of congenital hernia and every -<lav Increased the risk
of strangulation. The operation was
a complicated one. owing to Sullivan'H
heuvy build and active life, but ho
came through it well, lie was put
under an anestbetlo, ami the operation was performed by Dr, J, A. Mo*
Sullivan   is   lying   <>n   his back   on
the hospital   bed.  looking pale,   but
happy.   "I'm suffering s little fain,"
he said, "but that's   nothing to being
trussed np here on my hack."
The hospital surgeons say Sullivan
has been afflicted sinci Dlrth and express wonder that llv ,^:.iis.i should
have lived t,- Rghl mi many I cues. It
Will  be     four or     live  WOckfl before he
can leave the hospital.
Mr. A. II. Oracey, managing director and ofllelal engineer of the Imperial Development syndicate, baa
gone to the Lardeau district tc) layout
a plan of the work   on   the properties
lately bonded by   tin' c pany, which
is to be carried on vigoiottsly during
the winter season, The property there
has ccf bile made a remarkably good
showing of high grade quarts and tho
management of tl mpany is expecting better results as development
Dominion line stunner Cainbroman
passed Cape Kosc, yu the afternoon of,
HOTi 1, ',
Kelson Daily Miner, Saturday Evening, November 3, igoci
The Nelson Miner
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Weekly, por ye cr, [nrolqrn   ....	
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
trade wH(iin the Linpirc. Tlie Colonics oannpt expeot to ��t it until
they a.k for it With (iovernmonts
like Sir Wilfrid l.ainier'B, who will
sacrilice a trade advantage for a little
personal vanity, they will never ask
for it. This 00011 is in the bauds of
the electors themselves, Let the Colonies declare that they want Imperial
preferential trade, and the people of
lireat Britain will do their part.
Thnt, nt leant, is the opinion of Mr.
Lewies', and he knows more about the
sentiment of liis own people than does
the sparkling hut shallow Premier of
7 ci,
fi Od
11 no
51 -y
2 in
Wholesale  Houses
All Check" should re made payable to thn
order nf Nelson Publishing Company,
The Conservative managers in Ontario were fortunate enough a few
days ago to get their hands on Mr.
.lohn Lowles, a former member of the
Hritish Houso of Commons,and Induce
him to take interest enough in our
Canadian elections to make a speech
at Cornwall. In 1890, it will be remembered, Sir Wilfrid Laurier came
out flat-footed for Imperial preferential trade, and promised that if his
party were elected to power be would
send a deputation to London to urge
it upon the authorities there, lie was
successful at the elections, hut he did
not, send his deputation; he did not
even hold out for a unitual preference, but hastened to give the Colonial
ease away by offering the present jug
handled arrangement, His excuse
for dishonoring his own pledge has
been that it' fcvas useless to ask the
Hritish for a Canadian preference, as
the feeling in that country was unanimously and resolutely against any
such poliey. We purpose to allow
Mr. Lowles, an old Knglish Parliamentary hand, to reply to Sir Wilfrid
In this Cornwall speech he said that
"of his own personal experience he
knew that gicat changes were taking
place in tho industrial districts in
(Ireat llritain. Everything there was
ripe for Mutual Preferential Trade.
In the Colonies, Australia for instance,
the people wero asking what was the
Old Country going to give for the preference. That was a question the Colonies should ask, and he urged Canada
to join the demand on the Motherland. (Ireat llritain had a population
of forty million souls living on the
manufacturing industries, and could
not raise the food products, and there
was no better place to secure these
products. Canada could supply all the
wheat required, Australia the meat,
and South Africa could furnish their
own products, It was quite natural
that England should give a preference
to the raw materials of the Colonics.
and in return they would give a preference to England in manufactured
ai tides.
l'So long as the Colonies remained
as they were they would he exposed t"
severe competition from foreign countries with Colonial products. At the
present time Australia grew enough
.sugar to supply all persons in tile Colony, The Oerman system of subsidising steamship lines enabled Germany
to compete in tbe sale of sugar in
Australia itself. A mutual preference
would remedy all this  ami  stimulate
Australian trade. Everything was
now ripe for obtaining such a preference. "
Mr. Lowles continued: "In England, as here, there has been a great
change in public feeling dining the
last five years. I myself have- gone to
the heart of the cotton dislricis. lo
Lancashire, and the other Industrial
centres, and discussed this question of
preferential trade. In 1-'."'. I weul to
Australia to see what the feeling nl
these Colonies was, on this question.
Wc knew what lho feeling was in
Canada. Sir Charles Tuppor had told
us so often that we did nol have lo
come to Canada to find oul what the
feeling was. The lirst thing they asked me. when I got io Australia, was,
'What will the old Country give us
In exchange for preferential trade in
our market?' That Is the question "c
are .''ski.;' ourselves the question that
we want the Colonies themselves to
formulate, what will they give US (or
preferential trade in our markets, in
order to bring about this great I nil-
ed Empire preferential trade, ami ��������
have the right to ir-k for it." "Hritish statesmen," he added, 'were very
sensitive about touching the |uestion
of mutual preference, because it was
to a gicat degree a Colonial question
ami the Englishmen waited for the
Colonies to take up the question, In
this eonneetion he spoke the   Iiiind   o
Mr. Chamberlain, with whom he had
often oonverscd regarding prefor
The coming Imperial policy, of far
greater importance than the open door
into  China,   Is  mutual    profereutlal
Says The Victoria Colonist: "The
great development of the gold-copper
mines of the Kootenay has come about
since the Laurier Oovernment has
come into power, and the production
of tlie silver lead mines has vastly increased. One might almost say that
Kootenay as a mining district had
only become known since 1890. The
people interested in mining have urged over and over again that steps
sliould be taken to remove certain
drawbacks under which metalliferous
mining is laboring by reason of the
6seal policy of the tlovernment. Absolutely nothing whatever lias been
done. The request lias been treated
A'ith indifference, not to say contempt. Resolutions have been passed
by boards of trade, milling conventions and other bodies. Petitions
have been circulated. Exhaustive articles have been printed. But It has
all been so much waste labor. The
Government has simply ignored the
whole matter."
Plant your Hyacinth
Bulbs in a glass. The)
grow better and look
prettier in a glass than
in common clay pots.
Hyacinth Glasses 9
inches high, assorted
25 cents each.
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era of and wholesale uealur.s in aerate, waters
and fruit, syrups, -olo auoatfi tor lluieyuu liui
Springs mineral water,   leieulionu eu.
_3i N, M. CuuimtUB, Lessee���Every known
variety ol soil drinks. I'ulio-c-,. Telephone
No. ol. lloovur SlreeL. Nelson, bottlers ot the
LuiiotiH ai. Luoii Hot .piiiigs Mineral Water.
Post-Office Store
It appears that some raining operators who became discouraged through
the business disturbance caused by tho
Eight-Hour law, and left the country,
have recently returned to it witll the
intention of engaging in further operations. They do this in spite of the
Eight-Hour law and in the face of a
double tax on mineral output. Will
nothing keep these bold, sanguine
speculators out of Hritish Columbia?
We suggest that the (lovernment pass
a Four-Hour taw and quadruple the
tax: perhaps that would accomplish
the purpose. For in the minds of a
certain class it would Seem to be regarded as in the highest degree desirable to strain the conditions of mining in this Province to the extreme
limit of profitable operation. That
wc have not yet reached the point of
driving out those we have is proof
that they can be made to stand further exactions.
The simple minded Times of Victoria quotes a list of orders given by
the Imperial Government and filled
In Canada dining the past year, as
evidence of the blessings derived from
the Laurier preference. It does not
appear to realise that every one of
them was an emergency order. The
goods were for use in South Africa,
were wanted in a hurry, and had to
be obtained regardless of cost. If our
contemporary can get access to the
records, it will ascertain that for
every dollar's worth of supplies ordered in Canada the I'nited States got
ten.    So much for the preference.
.Mr. Donley says that the I'nited
States should have one place for a citizen to vote for his principles and another to vote for his candidate. The
Laurier Liberals might lind it a convenience   if   they   were   similarly ac-
1 miniated.   The principles in which
they were educated io not always
harmonise with their candidate, and
there are twitches of conscience
among the thoughtful ones as they reflect that the latter gets all the votes.
The election in Yale-Cariboo has
been deferred, for the reason, it is alleged, that during the usual week between nomination and polling it
would he Impossible to cover the territory and distribute the ballots.
Thai is a good reason, Ho far as it applies io the polling; but why delay
the  illations,',' The two weeks necessary for ihe distribution of the bal
lots might us well be running now as
any other time.
Advertisement*inserted under uiIh.ca.iu
iho rate of ouecenl s word por Insertion, No
odvorltsemenl taken for lorn than 80 eentH.
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LOST.    Filigree sllvor brooch.  Finder
please leave al The  Miner   olliee and
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I Oil   KENT
House on   Victoria, Cor-
.f Ilendryx, Apply .1. Choldltoh,
'..an   i otion     R.'ijf-    at
The Miner.
.HORTTIA-i l��  I Typewriting   done
a: the ofllco of li, C,   Rlblet,   Front
street, -.'nd .1 ' west of   Hall   Stroet.
Vi I.
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hoic.   '      miles from Nelson.    Apply
II.  II. Cameron.
WANTED,     Evci y    woman in   Nelson
to visit Mrs, Eniicld's millinery
pailors, and mm' her stock of hats.
The besl in ihe olty.
siku: riiAMi a few pupils wanted
io complete class (evening) being
formed by an experienced teacher,
Pitman's system taught in 80 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer,
C1ANK & MACDONALD (il. Ciuio, James
J A. Alaedonaldl���ArelulecLs and BUpefi-'
LeudeliLS, broken 11 ill bloeK, coruur linker und
W urd Streets, Nelson.
��� y/WVWVWWV^*A/^^/^^*<^iWV%*V>%��N**^VW^*/y^^ ���
Dress Shoes
and Slippers...
How are your slippers for the coming dancing season ? If you need
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dress shoes.
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i) Koyul tittal
Factory  turn
HJ. 1.VA.X-. & CO.-Baker Streot, Nel-
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K-tc-c-, cem-in, arc brick unit lire cluy, Wutor
pipe und Heel rails, und kOueral commission
A. M'DONAIiD-MaddeuBlook, Nulson-
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perfumes hns given us a lusting
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At Annablc's oflice, Madden Block.
All delegates who would like to
protect their families by taking out
one of the popular policies in the
Mutual Life of Canada, and a.
who cannot sleep soundly for fear
their property will be destroyed by
fire, can have the same covered by
insurance in the Anglo-American
FlRE Co.; and any who are tired
paying rent can purchase a bouse
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lots for sale; houses for rent; Baker
Street business property on my list.
In fact, I have twenty-three different properties to dispose of during
this Convention.
Olliee hours g to 12 and 2 to 5
until after the General Elections.
Credentials signed by the Presi
dent of any Chartered Bank ac
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
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thing in wood lor buikiing nurpu-Ub. Gut uur
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Corner Josephine aq_ Verqoq Streets.
Oornor Bukor and Stanley Btrceti
NELSON, B. C.   '
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
1 iil.lliil  Paid-up,     ,    .    .     ��tl.'is.-..o;iMm  I   Real, ��l,100,OM.O
itcciir,! or IllrertorHt   Thomaa K. Konny,  President;   Thomas Ritchlo, Vlce-Prosidont.
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Heail Oilier, llalirax:
General Manager. Kdson L. Pcaso. Montroal.
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Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
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National Bank-   San Francisco���First National Bank.   London, Eng.-Bank of Scotland.
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Kong and Shanghai Banking (corporation.
Oeneral Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange  Bought
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Accounts received on the most favorable terms.   Int-rest allowed on special
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G-eo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
Plaijers  INfaVi)  Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
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Turner Beeton& Co:
Nelson. B. C.
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OfIlc. Corner Hnll nnd Haker Streel*
7-8 inch diam. ��18.-0per 100 Ml7��
immediate delivery i" Nel*��
Vl,. 0. T. CROFTS. cIf0���r, r
Nklson Daily Miner,  Saturday   Evening,   November 3, 1900
one nf Many in NiK'cc'c'il in   Cornering
Produce Market.
New York, Nov, 3,���Several years
nfjn young Loiter of Chiongo ossayod u
cornor on the wheat market. II. Culled disastrously, the extent of bis dls-
i Qtui'O being measure by   tho onsh
standard ns $4,000,000 or _o. Several
lniciitlis ago young Prioe of this olty
attempted to corner tho cotton market.
lie also failed ignomlnously. tils
ti tin went to tbo wall in consequence,
losing millions nnd millions ot dollars
in the crush, Now we hear that Sir
Thomas Lipton of Shamrock, Ceylon
tea and general provision fame, Lip-
ton, tho yachtsman and the biggest
success as a grocer the world 1ms ever
seen, is engaged in a Bomewhat similar enterprise. Tho commodity thnt
Sir Thomas bus been trying to corner
is pork,
t'p to date be seems to bo having
things his. own way. He himself has
said that he controls practically all
the pork in tho country,admitting In-
I'eientially that lie could charge any
old price lie Raw lit. Now Sir Thomas is a shrewd man. and moreover, he
is possessed of large means; but tho
gentleman has equally shrewd mou,
who also are wealthy, and have large
and influential followlngs, to contend
with in this game, which, of course,
is being played in Chicago, the greatest pork and provision market in the
world, and not hero in New York or
in London, though the interest ill
these last, mentioned cities is great in
tlie mighty battle.
Sir Thomas Llpton's life lias been
made up of successes, If we except
among other things the drubbing be
received In so sportsmanlike a manlier a year ago at the hands of ('. (diver Isolln, Notwithstanding all these
things, it is not safe to put your
money on Sir Thomas in the contest
ovei pork', lie seems, it is Irue. to
have a long lead ; but the end is yet
far allele . Wait and see how Sir
Thomas is going to come out when lie
undertakes to realize. Young Lelter
at one time bad tlie wheat market
cornered quite as positively as Sir
Thomas now has the pork situated in
his grasp. Thus at one lime Letter
had millions and millions of profit on
paper, but all his ingenuity, and all
the ingenuity of his able lieutenants
was not equal to the ta.-k of taking
that profit.
it was suid that if Price h.ul commanded larger means he would have
Succeeded in his cotton deal: but it iH
u question whether he would not have
been hulked eventually as l.ioter
was. So Lipton may yet come to
grief. There are long heads in the
Chicago Board of Trade, in whieh
pitying thoughts nre lodged for Sir
Thomas in this matter. So fur ns his
public utterances go. Lipton disavows
any intention to make all ho can.
declaring he will be satisfied with
moderate prolits out of the deal. Already he has shown his characteristic
magnanimity in letting some of his
pork go in order to ease up the situation for some of tlie week-kneed
shorts and thus prevented threatened
Society and the Murder of Davenport
Seattle. Nov. II.���A special to the
Scuttle Times from Dawson says:
Alexander King's body was cut
from the end of the hangman'8 rope,
in tbe prison yard, this morning und
placed in a box. ready to roturu to its
mother earth.
The murdered and murderer both
died violent deaths, only there is a
difference. One was murdered, tho
other executed and this is the twentieth century, when the Mosiac law is
not spoken of except as u relic of antiquity.
The killing of Davenport by King
wns one of those particularly atrocious and cold-blooded affairs which
startled communities once in a decade.
The murdered man   in   this  instance
wus wholly defenseless, unci completely ut the mercy of his slayer whose
sole excuse for his crime was that, to
use his own expression at the time.
"ho hud liumfoz/.lcd them long
While hung up on n sand liar on the
Yukon near the mouth of ihe White
-liver, en route from White Horse to
Dawson with u Boowload of goods of
which he was acting as pilot, Davenport made n short excursion in corn-
puny with one of tlie other liuncls. in
u cunoe, to useeituin the correct clinn-
ncl, and on liis return to the scow
and just before he got out of the
canoe. King leveled a ll-culiber Winchester rifle, und with the remark-:
"That he (Davenport) bud liiiinfo/./.led
them long enough." pulled the trigger and sent u hull Crashing through
the heart of his victim, sending him
before tlio bar of eternal justice without a minute's warning.    The intense
B^KiNOr  Powder
Is a pure baking powder���
no alum, lime or ammonia.
No acid but that from grapes
���which is pure, pleasant and
healthful���enters into Dr. Price _
Baking Powder.
Fruit acids are accounted by
hygienists the most important of
the elements of the food of man,
and of these the acid of the grape
is most prominent.
Dr. Price _ Cream Baking
Powder is not only the most efficient and perfect of leavening
agents, but owing to its constituents is likewise promotive of health*
Not..���There arc many clieap baking powders
made ol alum, Lieblg, tlie celebrated
Chenlist, says that alum disorders tlie
stomach aud causes acidity Hud dyspepsia.
brutality of the man's nature was
shown when the body was removed
from the conoe to the seow, after being covered with a tarpaulin by some
members of the crew. King then desecrated the body by throwing it head
foremost down the pump hole of the
King's trial in the territorial court,
befoie Judge Craig and a jury, was
one of the most sensationally dramatic
ilTairs which ever occurred in any
court room, and Alexander King, as
in the first chapter of the story
which olosed with a scene in the prison yard this morning, was the principal actor.
Z During all the time of his imprisonment King remained impassive, giving no sign hy word or in his appearance, of any effect the anticipation
of his appoaohing end was having upon him. and notwithstanding the report of a recent interview with him in
which it wus stated he was breaking |
down King hits remained firm to the |
end. showing no signs of repentance
or even regret of his deed.
At two minutes   before S o'clock tho |
morning King   mounted   tho stairs to
the scaffold, his tread was us firm und
decided ns if   he   hud   been   walking
down tlio street a free man.
In accordance with an expressed
wish he was permitted to wear tlie
clothes which he has worn dining
confinement, which consisted of mocu-
sins, blue jeans and a blue shirt
much tlie worse for wear. His arms
were securely strapped behind him he-
low the elbows, then ns he stepped
toward the center of tho platform he
turned his head to one side and looking meditatively und soiuownat curiously at tho rope und beam, said: as
if speaking of somo trivial mutter,
"I guess that rope will do me the
rest of my lifu." The noose'being
fitted und the black cap adjusted the
executioner shot buck the lever und
the trap opening In the center the
body shot downward to the end of the
rope und it needed no medical certificate to convey the information thut
Alexander King hud paid the penalty
of his crime.
Society and tlie death of Herbert
Davenport had been avenged, the outraged law had been appeased und
blindfolded justice hntl been sutislied.
Count Von Zoppclin Claims to Have it
I _der Perfect Control.
Now York. Nov. 3.���Count von Zeppelin is satisfied with the performance
of his airship, suys a Herald cablegram from Friederchafon. He says it
has been proved that it wus uhsolutcly
under the control of the steering apparatus. This apparatus, howevor,
wub not in most perfect order on the
first ascent. One of the two rudders
below the machine at the stern would
not work freely. Thus instead of
moving parallel with each other, the
rudders frequently formed an angle.
This defect hampered Count Von Zeppelin very much indeed. Opinion in
general is somewhat unsettled.
The decisive trial has not yet been
made, for the machine is -till in experimental stage, though an undoubted step toward the achievement of
aerial flight has been made. A former
nautical engineer of Oeneva who is
Watching* tho trial, tciventiaal .by
name, expressed himself as being dubious of the machine's ultimate success.
^"Theprimo condition of a nuvigable
airship." he said, "is that it must be
able to go windwurd. This was not
done in the presont trial; at any rate
not conclusively nor do I think it can
be done.''
The technical observations noted
during the trial trip and other instructive details will not be available
for several days yet and until they
are known it is impossible to do more
than register Count Von Zeppelin's
summing up of the trial:
"It proved that my airship is absolutely under my control."
Thin nifrnaturo in on every liox of the genuine
Laxative B.orno=Qiiitune t��uU",��
tbe remedy that euro n .-����i fa one day
"For years all efforts to cure Ease-
ma in the palms of my bunds failed,"
writes Editor II. N, Lester, of Syracuse. Kan., "then I was wholly euied
by llcickleu's Ainiea Salve." It's the
world's best for Eruptions, Sores and
all -Icin diseases. Only 28 cents at
the Canada Drug & llook Co.
Just received at .1.    A.   McDonald's
a shipment of '.'Gentleman in Khaki.
"Lord Huberts," "Holler " "Kitchener," and the "Tartan Plaid" candy
boxes, which when tilled with our
choice candies, cannot be eijuullcd as
a gift for the fail one*.
Would quickly leuve you if you used
Dr. King's New Life I'ills. Thuu-
snnds of sufferers huve proved their
matchless merit for Sick and Nervous
Headaches, They make purejblcod und
build up your health. Only 28 cents.
Money buck if not cured. Sold by
Canada Drug & Hook Co.
Visit Florence Park Hotel ut Roberts' Runch, two and a half miles up
the river.  W. M. Roberts, proprietor.
and try a bottle, a -Hen, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER Si ft Is tho best oml
ohaapeat on tho market. Also m^ our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and     CIGARS.
FRANK  A. TAMBLYN. M..o����-
Telephone 18. Baker HI   Nelnon, I), C,
What Is the Matter
With Your Watch?
Won't it go'.' There is no mystery
ubout it, and if wo are favored
with your repairs we guarantee
to please you. Are you in need of
a new time piece? If you are we
can   give   you     a   bargain   In
watches.  Come and examine them
Jowolers and Opticians.
When a Girl..
Leaves her happy home
for you, take her down
to Brown's and get one
of those pretty rings
shown in his window.
She will appreciate it
and be more than ever
willing to leave.
Jeweler \
178 BAKEH STREET, NKI.SON.       \
(.amble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
���Roomed House and Bath Room
together with Kitchen   Range
complete   with   hot   uml   cold
wiit-vr,  O-H-vrvutory  Sit. ,    Mflff-
ntfioent view,   rent  including
water rates  895. 00
���Roomed   House corner  Cedar
and Carbonate Streets 830.00
Roomed House Hume AdditionVlS.OO
Roomed Cottage (lore  St 812,50
���Roomed House Corner Mill   A
Hall Sts., from Nov.    1st 830.00
Rents collected. Loans made. Agents
British Columbia Permanent Loan *t
SavlngS Company.
Collegiate School
Victoria, B.C.
The Lord Bishop of Columbia
.1. \V. Laing, Esq., M. A., Oxon.,
Headmaster, ltuv. C, _n.or Sharp,
M. A., -Cantab. II. J. S. Muakett,
Ksq... St.  Peter*. College, Cambridge.
Moderate terms for boarders and day
scholars. Hoys received from ui��lit
yearfl of nctfe und upwards. Military
drill. Technical art Including mechanical drawing. Hoarders may, by their
parents wish attend any place of worship to which they arc accustomed.
Present numbers 54.
Will pay th. hitiheHt cash price for all
kinds o( second hand goods. Will bay
or sell anything from an anchor to a
uoeelle. Fornitnre, 8toven, caiperts,
cooking utensils, bonght in household
quantities. Also oast oil' clothing.
Oall and see mo or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Rox .00. Hull
Strew*. Nnlson.  P   0.
For wood or hard or soft coal.
The  largest   line carried   by
any firm In Canada.
"Good   Cheer'1   Ranges  and
Cool. Stoves,   A complete line.
Call and lie convinced that the only   place to buy
Stoves   and    Ranges   at   tie   right   prices   is   the
Lambee & Butler's
Players' Navy Cut
Smith's Glasgow Mixture
fty a tin of
Or if you chew, try
Battle Ax
and Star
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the clay Si.00.
J. V. O'UUGHLIN, Prop.
Raker St.
The Pleasure
of Living...
Is sadly marred if
those useful members���feet���are distressed.
Our new fall styles
in Vici Kid, Kibo,
Duck, Box Calf and
Patent Kid have
Proven that the
height of fashion
can be combined
with absolute ease
in footwear.
No painful " breaking in."
Styles for every use
and occasion-
Street, Dress, House
and Outing.
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS LcO-ldO..,     __.-_����.
"ORBI I        Brand and
PREMIER Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Agents for C_n*dai JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamilton. Ont.
CROW   &   MORRIS,   soli: Aonnls. Nelson. 11. C.
1 have now in stock a lino
of all classes of
Special Line of Tweed Suitings at $25.
Successor to Fred J. Squire-
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Burcka  Hineral Wool and
Asbestos   Co.
Insurance Oo. of Norm America. Mutual ILIfe
Insurance Go., ol New York, Quebec
Fire Assurunco Co.
Sixteen lots in  ItogUStOW- ll.'lve liecn
placed in mir bandB fur Immediate
sale at prices varying from |8B to 1129
each, These lots are all ill good position mill tire tlrot olaaa   building sites.
.-Roomed house, corner of Want
and Robson, all   modern  conveniences g'.T, 00
8-Roomed house, Hume Addition 30 ��n>
New house on Water Street. Is 00
Cottage on Water Street       18 00
7-Roomed house on Ilobson St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences  25 00
Soo Line
Shoe Co.
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head okfioe toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on -triiiiiht Mortgage.
Apply to G. U LENNOX, Baker  St.
Room 1, Tnrnor-Hoeckh Hlock.
Houses and Building Lots in All Parts
of the Oity.
Klvo. clx. Bcven and eight  room boom for
Nile, twenty per eon! below eon.	
St. LoUis
To be hod wholesale at Nelson.
V\m    P.    !{iU.et    St.
Co., LuL
A. B. GRAY, ���**����.. ��<*����
Kootenay Agent,
Also TOURIST OARS passing  Dun-
more Junction Daily for .St. l'aul, Bat*
anlays lor Montreal anil Huston, Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto.
Siiine cars pass Revelstoke nne day
for   your   enslein   trip  is to  see   that
vcnir ticket rends via Canadian Pacific
Trains and Steamers Iiepart.
Steamer for Kootenay Leud-
M,.ii.. ,' '"K ""d eastern isiints via
1 "'">    ) Crow's Nest Route.
H:C(i I Train for Kossland, Grand
Kx Hon j Forks, Green wood,Midway ,elo
0:00 I Train for Slocan Oily, Slocan
Kx Sun \ pointli and Saudoii.
10:00 I Steamer for Kaslo and inter-
Kx Sim \ mediate points.
IS'ln ) Train for Rossland, Nakusp,
null's Revelstoke, 111:1111 line and
1 "y    ) I'ncillic Count 1'ointH.
For Time Tallies, Rates and frill information call ou or address nearest Local Agent, or,
It. w. Draw, Drool Agent 1 Nolson, B. c.
II. 1,. Ilrown, I'll)' Ak-iiI.   I
VV. K. ANDKK-UN, ��,. J. CO YLK,
Tmv. I'-cc. AKont A   II. I'.  -_o_t>,
Nclrli.l V.IJPCUV-f
Spokane  Falls Sl
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
Northern R'v,
Nelson  Sl Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Krom Montreal |
Dominion Line Dominion Nov   ,1
Dominion  l.ino Carabron_&ti Nov 101 _^ _,
Allun l.ino 1'itrisian  . Dn/j    _n____l I l_t ���_ 11_     D'\l
Ailsn Uno Tunisian Nov li   lACUIflOUnia Ifl    HV.
Heaver Dine Duke BnpOlior   Nov.' '      ~~"
lienor Uno Lake Oniaric   ^^.y-Sgl       The only   nil   rail   route   between
^8Ste18__&���:;"v:::::.ifird rfIP��in__,t- wcsl and south to
Cuiari]  Line Campania  Nov ft I mtsslarul, Nelson and  intermediate
AmerT.U''".'!..^'.'!'.;.-!".-.:.:::::::::::..^ov'-'romts, connecting at sp.k.���,e with
hod stari. im; Krjtwiand.... Nov j | Great Northern,   Northern  Pacific,
 Nm :i
 Nov in
 Nov n
 Nov :i
Kront HiiHlori
French Line-  I- TtinrHiiii- ..
Am-lior I.lno Knrnccwla	
Alic-lior Line  Klhlopla	
N. li. -. Line 1-ihii	
Allan  Mulo  Line .Sardinian
from .
Ilolninion Linn Now Knirlahd  Nov 7 | points.
Cnnanl Line Iverola     Nov IV i^_-��� *��� ���,    \< I      i-   ,, ...
I'iiksbkos arraogod to aid from all Knropoan Lonnects at Meyers .alls with
DOlnU. Kor rails tlrke.s and full Information st.'li'C daily for Republic, and COU-
ajclclyto < . P. K. doiot jiirent o(r II. L. Ilrown " ���      i ���
and O. R. c. N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith  steamer
for Kaslo  and   all   Kootenay   lake
JtJT��� .   - r_    .       ..
Clly PasMcnKer Agent, Nelson, II. ('.
\V. I'. K.t'l'.MMIMiH,
Oeneral A rent, C.l'.lt. Olllcc-., Winnipeg
A. R. BARROW, am i. ok
Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
Corner Victoria nnd Kootenay Bt8.
P. O. Box 66-.
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Effected at   Reasonable   Rates.
linker Streot,   Nelson.
Civil Eniclnoers and Provincial Land
Telephone No. 95 J P. O. Box Ui
[ nectb at Bo.sburg with sta^c daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Effective  Sunday, October -'1st, r.mo.
Trniii No. 33 (Night Train).
Leave Spokane    10:41! p.m.
lieavc Northport     6i60a.ni,
Arrive EUnalatid      T:80a.m.
Train No. :il (Nlghl Train),
Leave Boaaland    11:00 p.m.
Leave Northport    18:46 u.m.
Arrive Spokane     7 :o:, _.mr
H. A. JA.K80N, O. P. tt T.A.
Spokane  Wast)
_ei,.cn, B. U ( A��ent, Nelaon, B.U L��
Nels0��j   Daily  Miner,  Satukimy  Evenh��o,   November 3; 1900
in receipt of n
i London Board
deals with all
en-Id, and iitlici
A marriage license was today issued
to Mr. James 11. Ellis antl Miss Ida
Jane Creig,
Rev, VV, F. Ronald, B. A., late of
Banff, will occupy the pulpit in the
Bapfist church tomorrow morning and
Kev. K. Frew will preach at both
services mi Sunday in st. Paul's Presbyterian Church, ami will also conduct the liihle class at 2:30 in the lecture room.
.lames VV. Stewart, tlie well known
railroad contractor, who hns been in
the east for the past few weeks, is expected to arrive in Nelson tomorrow
on Monday.
F, W. Svvannell is
weekly publication of
of Trade journal, It
the Industries of the i
questions of interest.
Quarterly communion service and
reception of new members will take
place at the Methodist Church tomorrow morning. The Pastor, Kev. J.
11. White, will preach morning ami
Emerson and Neelands, of "The
Olliee" have Secured the exclusive
right to  the  bulletin   returns of  the
elections   in    the     United     States   on
Tuesday, Bulletins will he received
from 0 o'clock in tbe evening until
Tomorrow evening in the Opera
House. Kev. Wm. .Munroe will preach
"Politics and Religion." During the
service Mr. R. Thompson will sing.
"For All Eternity," and the choir
will render the anthem, "O (Jive
Thanks." A cordial invitation is extended to all.
The Haker street side walk from
Stanley to Kootenay Street will be
finished today or Monday. It has been
laid with the grade of the street and
the buildings have been raised to the
sidewalk, making a great Improvement to that portion of tlie town.
After the completion of this work- the
city workman will he engaged in laying a sidewalk on  Latimer Street.
The new turntable at the C, P. R.
yards was used for the lirst time this
morning and everything worked with
the best of satisfaction. Krom now on
it will be used and this will do away
with the use of the "Y" which is
now being torn away. The roundhouse is not completed owing to the
delay in receiving material. When
the material arrives, only a week will
be required to complete   the building.
The grading of the line between
Five Mile Point and Roberts' Ranch
for the purpose of straightening thu
track, was completed this afternoon
and the men have been dismissed,
The work was done by Mr, James V.
Welsh and ho had nearly 171) men engaged. The laying of the track will
licgin at once and will be done by the
railway company. It is expected that
the grade between Roberta Ranch and
Nelson will he completed about Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.
The social given last evening hy
the Ladies Aid Society of the Congregational Church at the home of Mr.
A, C, Ewart   was a  decided   success.
Excellent music was rendered by
Messrs. Leblanc. Thompson, Caldwell,
Hardy and Prosser. and by Mrs. Caldwell and Miss Tamblyn. from live
till ten o'clock refreshments were
served. A large crowd was in attendance aud thoroughly enjoyed the informal programme Interspersed with
A (ireenwood dispatch says: In connection with the trial of Waterland
vs.Greenwood,it appears that city Engineer Alston, who was subpoenaed
and left lucre with other witnesses,
went as far as Kossland. but failed to
put in an appearance, thereby losing
to the city his evidence. At the council meeting last night a deputy sheriff
served a garnishee on the city f,u-
8950 in an action brought by the .ale-
Columbia Lumber Company against
Fred W. Grant, the well-known
printer of (irand Forks.who has a host
of friends in Kossland, Nelson and the
Boundary country, says the Kossland
Miner, wishes it to be thoroughly understood that he is not the individual
who. under that name, was mentioned
in Tuesday's Miner as having been
lined 820 for gambling in Kossland.
He thinks it was a ease of "mis-deal"
and asks that the .matter be explained
and set right, which we are sure this
item will accomplish. The former is
still traveling in the stiaight and narrow path whieh leads on to "30."
The Canadian Shoe and Leather
Journal, published at Toronto, makes
its Octobei issue a "Twentieth Century Number," and an extremely
handsome one it is. A number of
pages arc devoted to the reproduction
of "The English .Mercuric. Published by Anthoritie, I'm- Hie Prevention of' Fulfe Reportes, Whitehall,
July 23d. 1688"i also "The Weekly
Newea, Munday, -list January, 1000";
"The Intelligencer. A Perfect Diurnal of some Passages in Parliament.
1048"; "The Gazette," "The Newes,"
and "The London Gazette," 1058,
1065, and I860. The Guy I'iiiv.cs conspiracy.the execution ccf King Charles.
and the great London lire are the
principal subjects.
II. T. Ceperly, of Vancouver, It. ('..
was in the city yesterday, says the
Spokesman-Review,     Mr. Ceperly   is
one of the principal members of the
Mainland board of fire underwriters.
That body fixes tbe rates to lie paid
by people who want to be insured
against lire in companies which are
represented by agents who live on the
mainland Ol Hritish Columbia. (If
late years there has been complaint in
the Kootenay districts against some
of the rates established by the mainland board. The association recently
sent two experts iqi from the coast to
see what ground there was for the
complaints. On the advice of the
agents the board made little change
in the rates iu force, it befog considered that the risks warranted the
prices asked. .Mr. Ceperley's firm in
Vancouver represents a number of the
principal United States companies and
J\lr. Ccperley   is a constant visitor   to
the Kootenay on  account of   the business which Is done there.
The lirst. meeting of the W. M. S.
of St. Paul's Church was held in the
residence of Mrs. Roderick Robertson
who presided in Hie absence of the
president through illness. The following ladies were present Mrs. Cane,
Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Mcl.oughlin, Mrs.
McNeil. Mrs. Laniont, Mrs. I'iercy,
Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Be ton, Miss Mclleth
and the Rev. R, Frew. After the
minutes were read a grant was made
to the Foreign VV. Mission. It was
moved by Mrs. Robertson ami seconded by Mrs. I'iercy that a congregational meeting be held in St. Paul's
Church on the 15th inst. Addresses
will be given and friends will contribute lo the musical part of the evening. The notice will hereafter he
Win. Davitt, of Trail, one of the
best known ollieers of the Provincial
police' department, went down to Vlo-
totia on Sunday after a stay of several
days here. Bays the Vancouver World.
Mr. Davitt will return to the interior
after a few days at the capital. He
brought three prisoners flown fcr the
Westminster penitentiary. Trail has
gone ahead icccntly by leaps and
hounds,' 'said Mr. Davitt, in conversation witli a World representative.
"A person who visited tne place a
few months ago would not know' it
now. Many new buildings have gone
iqi and Ihe business of tlie place has
Increased remarkably. The smelter is
doing very well. Under the management of Mr. Aldridge. a new stack is
being placed in the smelter and a very
large business is now being done
there. It is expected that the capacity of the plant will he well over "itio
tons per day. Nelson is busy with its
new street ear system aud finely paved streets, but Rossland is u little
(ireenwood, Nov. .'). ���At a depth of
335 feet ore has been encountered in
tlie long tunnel on the Review mine,
in Myers Creek district. Information
was received here last night by telephone from Holster, and there is considerable rejoicing among the local
shareholders in the Review Gold Mining Company, who have waited patiently while the Ouo-foot tunnel was
being driven.
Thomas McDonnell, the largest individual shareholder In the company,
stated last night that the ore was encountered by a Bhort crosscut driven
south from the end of the long tunnel. The crosscut penetrated the footwall of the vein and continued on into several feet of bluish quartz. Of
live samplings of this ore the lowest
went a fraction ever S'iO and the highest 10 ounces in gold, or 812(1 per ton.
This is a most remarkable showing
for quartz at this depth. It means
also that the veins in that district go
down to depth and   carry   value also.
The Relvew will shortly ship ore to
Laidlaw's pyritio smelter and the
force will be largely increased. Seattle, Spokane and (ireenwood mining
men are interested in the success of
the property, which has so far handsomely realized the most sanguine expectations of the shareholders.
Hume���Charles More, Kaslo; II.
Kay stovct. Kaslo: j. Ranton, Winnipeg; Geo, Buscombe, Vancouver; W.
F. Bole, Kaslo; .lohn Gunn. Stonewall : Charles Parsons, Vancouver; D.
1). Kirks. Lardeau; A. Stewart, Slocan ;,lohn A. Mackenzie, Winnipeg;
II.  E,  K. Stock,  Toronto.
I'hair- Stanley Henderson, Vancouver; .I. 10. Mitchell, Whitewater;
Geo, A. Guest. Greenwood; Charles
Theis. Spokane; JatneH Ferguson,
(ireenwood; llowatd Chapman, Vie
tori.; II. Richardson. Rossland; Arthur (I'Leary. Grand Forks; F. Mal-
pas, Vancouver.
Monday's  Special.
Ladies Colored Taffeta Silk
Underskirts, finished with
corded umbrella shaped ruffle, and warmly lined. Good
value al $12.00. Our special
price Monday
-W.1.���V ���������� i -yp���,-'i������ *���-
���Mgg _m -V,��__WMi
WJ,1.tl.Ti.se ��� '__"'*"'*''*
Kerr & Co.
to 11 it. > com iv one da.
Tu.o Laxative Promo Quintan Tablets,  ah
.ruKKixts refund the money If It fnlln to cure.
25o.   IC, W. Grove ��    .nature in on eaoh box I
Of U riling Paper won't taut
hmik.   ^ curd betterplaM ���,���.
outer "hurry Up order with
TVD Mlrn.fi
_ ��'
Great Show This Week.
An Unparalleled Exhibition of Bargains now on view at the store
of Martin O'F
Martin O'Reilly Sc Co., You may have thought at first that this
as a Circus Advertisement, and that in return for your money you
ere only offered an Empty Show.
It is not a catch-penny affair, however, but an Invitation to You
and Your Friends to come and look at our array of Shelves and
Counters Stocked with an endless variety of Dry Goods of all descrip-
ions We will show them to you and tell you the Prices. You cannot
resist them.
Do you need any persuasion to induce you to accept our Invitation.   Then look at these prices; they will talk for themselves.
The Style and Cut of these Garments
Cannot be Excelled Anywhere.
>��� ���
Ladies Jackets
Nicely Finished Beaver Cloth Jacket,
stitched with Silk; regular price $6, going at. .$ 3 50
Double Breasted Jacket, large pearl buttons,
front and sleeves trimmed with braid; regular
price $9.00, going at     5 00
Heavy Black Curl Cloth Jacket, trimmed
with cloth straps; regular price $10, going at. .     b OO
Heavy Curl Cloth Jackets, in dark greens
and blues, double breasted, with storm collar;
regular price $11.50, going at     7 00
Handsome Braided Kersey Cloth Jackets,
lined with mercerized sateen; regular price
$15.00, going at ..,     8 00
Best quality Kersey Cloth Jackets, with
storm colors, in fawn, blue and green; regular
price $18.00, going at    10 00
A very superior quality of Beaver Cloth
Jackets, with and without velvet collars, stitched
with silk; regular price $22.00, going at    16 50
Ladles' Tailor Made Skirts
These we have in black and navy blue Serges of good wearing quality, lined with excellent silesia; regular price $6.00, going at   $3 00
Here is something out of the ordinary, in
the same colors and also of Serge, but it is the
quality that excells here, we never had better;
regular price $9.00, going at     7 50
Black Creponne Skirts; regular price $8,
going at     5 50
Fine Black Creponne Skirts, trimmed with
block satin and with good velveteen binding;
regular price $8.50, going at     6 50
Ladies' siik Waists
A very pretty Silk Waist in fancy stripes,
all sizes; regular price $5.50, going at   $3 50
A very handsome Taffeta Waist, pretty
colorings in fancy stripes; regular price $15.00,
going at     8 00
Black Taffeta Waist. We are clearing out
this entire line of nobby Black Taffetta Waists
at less than cost; regular price $7.00,   going  at    3 50
A very heavy quality Table Linen, handsome designs, 54 inches wide; at, per yard  35
A very heavy quality Table Damask, grass
bleached, rich satin finish, extra heavy quality;
regular price $1.25, going at, per yard         85
Table Napkins, fine bleached pure Irish
Linen, at, per dozen,$1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50....    3 00
In Russian Crash, Huckeback   and   Grass
Cloth, at, per yard, 5c, 8, 10, 12 W and	
Sheets and Pillow Covers
Sheets made of the very best Bleached
Sheeting, ready for use, 72x90, at, per pair   $1  50
Pillow Cases, heavy quality, nice finish,
bleached Cotton, 40 and 42 inches wide, at,  per
P;iir         35
Chenille Curtains, fringe and dado top and
bottom, 38 inches wide, three yards long, at,
Per Pair   $3 50
Tapestry Curtains, fringe at both ends, re-
versable patterns, 49 inches wide, three yards
long, per pair     3 g0
Nottingham Lace Curtains with button
hole stitched edge, 3J. yards long; at, per   pair        90
This is not the First Cut Price Sale wc have had, but better oppor
tunities were never offered.   These Bargains Won't Last Long.
Martin O'Reilly


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