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Nelson Daily Miner Dec 11, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 907
Nelson,   British Columbia, Tuesday Evening,   December ii,  1900.
Eleventh  Year
p<'��^-,. ** *
'""cut ,.T
Patriotic Words of Lord Roberts at a Presentation to Him Yesterday by
Capetown  Citizens.
Capetown, Dec. 11,���At the reception in honor of Lord Roberts yester-
day,whon the liritisli commander rose
to reBpond after the presentation to
him of the sword and casket, all present rose to their feet, cheering and
waving handkerchiefs. The demonstration continued for some minutes.
At its conclusion Lord Roberta made
an eloquent address. Aflor expressing
thanks for the honors accorded him,
he said the war in South Africa had a
peculiar interest for him in us much as
it enahled him to bring, to what he
hoped was a successful conclusion, the
work entrusted to him twenty years
ago, that of quelling hy force of arms,
If necessary, the aspirations of the
Boers to render t-emsuivos independent of British control. Referring to
his abortive visit to the cape iu 1881,
he said : "The wisdom of this world is
foolishness with Hod. The guiding
hand of the Omnipotent will bring
good out of what to our finite under
standing wat> the most unfortunate
war of 1881, for that war eould not
have consolidated the whole Hritish
Empire as firmly together as this has
done, because it was fought by regulars alone whereas the present war
Was fought by the militia, the yeo-
mtuny and the volunteers, the admirable and worinanlike colonial contingents, all fighting as brothers in arms
Under the dear old Hag of the Quean."
In this respect Lord Roberts said he
$ield the unique position of the first
field marshal! having the honor to
command such an imperial outburst.
He waB convinced, he declared, that
this spontaneous outburst of patriotism was not ephemeral. England had
only to give the signal and her sons
would again Hock to her banner from
t"e ends  of the world.    Never had   a
mother more reason to be proud of her
sons than had England today. God
had brought them out of what im the
dark days of December had appeared
to them the valley of the shadow of
death, and they could now remember
the days of tribulation with deep
gratitude for tho mercy vouchsafed
Lord Roberts then paid a deeply
moving tribute of gratitude to those
who had worked with him. lie added
that his interest in South Africa
would uot cense on leaving its shores,
but he should watch its sctlcment
with utmost eagerness. Dwelling upon the necessity for co-operation between tlie Dutch and English, he said
it would be his pioudest boast if he
could claim to have done nothing
but what stress of war had compelled
to hinder the friendly fusion of the
two iaces in the Republics. They
must try to forgive and forget all that
tended to bitterness of feeling, leaving
the idea that nothing remained to be
atoned for  on either side.
"God has given into our hands,"
said the Field Marshall, "a g.eat heritage for which a heavy price has been
paid in the blood of the best nnd
bravest; and we must not be neglectful of the trust, as we have been in
the past, but. must he able to give a
good account of our stewardship and
must remember there are other duties
than national glorifications."
He declared to could n.t better conclude his speech than by quoting the
first verse of Kipllngs1 recessional:
"God of our fathers, known of old,
Lord of our far-flung battle line
Beneath whose awful   hand we hold
Dominion over   palm and   pine.
Lord God of Hosts be with us yet.
Lest we forget, lest we forget.''
Smoke, Cinders and Noise of Engines
May Soon Ho of the l'ast.
New York, Dec. 11.���Final tests are
now being made on the New York
and Putnam Railroad of a new system
of storing power. If it proves a success, it is said that it will revolutionize the locomotive building industry
and solve the problem of producing a
smokeless, noiseless, and cheap motive power. Officials of the New Yolk
Central and Hudson River Railroad,
the Pennsylvania Railroad, and representatives of Rochester Street car
lines will he present at a private test
to be  made today or tomorrow.
Steam still does the work. The revolution is in the method of producing
and applying steam. Water, by subjecting it to enormous pressure while
heat is being applied, is made to store
a quantity of power in the form of
heat���a quantity which would be impossible under normal conditions. Its
capacity to Btore up heat is limited
only to the strength of its enclosing
tubes, which arc of stool, able to withstand a great bursting pressure.
Healing plants at intervals along
the length of the railway do all the
work of superheating the water, and
the present locomotive, firebox, and
tender are to be things of the past.
Tbe superheated water Is forced, under great pressure, Into a tubulnr reservoir under the lloor of the car. Its
Store of heat is retained by thick insulating jockets of magnesium, und,
according to the inventor, tho loss of
heat by radiation is almost imperceptible,leven in winter.
By an ingeniouB device tlio water is
i released, drop by drop, into a high
. pressure cylinder, where, through Its
own store of heat and having room to
expand, it bursts into steam. The
working power of the motor ia limited only by the exhaustion of its supply of superheated water. This it is
planned lo renew ut the plants along
the road. Long distincos, it is claimed, can be traversed without recharging.
Nearly the full pov, _r of the steam
Ib utilized, it is sail, by means of
compound engines. The exhaust of
the high pressure cylinder is admitted to .a low pressure engine on .tbe
same truck���a feature novel in this
It is maintained that when used in
this form the stored power will propel
a train at a high rate of speed. In
tests made between High Bridge and
Dunwoodie a rate of forty-five miles
an hour has been obtained.
The saving over steam is said to be
about one half, for, while it is estimated that tlie average yearly cost
for operating a car by the old system
is four cents a mile, by means of superheated water, it is asserted, the
cost is not more than two cents a
Each car is to be managed by one
man. If ic is designed to use the power for long runs, as from New York
to Buffalo, a locomotive can be used
as a storage car,in which arc contained sufficient cylinders to carry tlie
train that distance without recharging, and the use of cylinders on each
car will thus be made unnecessary.
Among those who are interested in
the new system are \V. Seward Webb,
formerly president of the Wagner
l'alaec Car Company; lion. Andrew G.
lllair, jMiniHtei of Railways of Canada; and J. \V. Allison, United Slates
representative ol  Canadian   railways.
Victoria, B. C, Deo. 11.���Neither
the people in Charlotte Island nor
those of Atlin had a chance to cast
their ballots in the recent election for
tin) Dominion House for lluiraril, the
necessary papers not reaching them
in time.
Durban, Natal, Dec. 11.���Replying
to n resolution recently adopted by a
mass meeting here protest log against
the attacks on Sir Alfred Mliner, Governor of Cape Colony, by tho speakers
of the Afrikander Congress, Sir Alfred
has telegraphed that while he retains
the confidence of tho loyalists he can
afford to disregard such attacks. Ho
added that thero was no fear of tho
Afrikanders deflecting  the policies of
annexation   for   the conquered   ten!
Dally Mail, that Queen Wllhelmlna
will intervene after her marriage.
This is meant to blind the public to
the real facts, which arc that she
wrote personally to every Europeun
ruler on Mr. Kruger's arrival in Europe and from two countries at least,
Fiance and Russia, received conditional promises of help in the direction of intervention, but the plan
failed in Berlin.
C. C. Thompson, a Vancouver Boy,
Talks of His Experience.
Vancouver, B. C, Dec. 11.���C. C.
Thompson, of the first South African
contingent, formerly Duke of Con-
iiii ii;; lit 'k Own, Vancouver, lias arrived home and was heartily greeted by
his friends. He replied as follows to
questions asked by a correspondent;
"Our marching was very favorably
commented upon. One niglit, after a
hard inarch, when wc had outstepped
all the other regiments, the Gordon
Iliglilaners sent a message to our
camp which was as follows: 'To the
boys of the Royal Canadian regiment:
What in hell are you trying to do
with us'," "
Thompson fought trora 9 until
wounded at 4 :30 at I'aardeberg. He
was a few yards from Major Arnold,
commanding tho Canadians, when he
fell. Everyone liked Arnold ; he did
well for the regiment. Thompson
"I was 500 yards from the enemy
when I fe'.t as if my arm had been
smashed with a sledge hammer. I
jumped up, shook myself and ran.
Then I felt a sting in the leg. I ran
on and tho next second I felt as if my
back had been ripped wide open;
then all was blank. My arm will bo
stiff for life. You couldn't see the
Boers. We only saw one man all day.
ne got up on the trenches and
pushed n tree aside. There was a yell
from the crouching Canucks and the
next day we found him behind the
trenches at the foot of the tree. We
counted sixty wounds in him. The
hospitals were all right. I would
have had no kick coming if the orderly hadn't touched me for 83.50, all I
Thompson looks in perfect health in
spite of his three wounds.
Christiania, Dec. 11.���Henry Ibsen,
the dramatist, in the Orebladet, reiterates the statements he previously
made against the Boers, claiming
that they themselves formerly oppressed weaker peoples. He says he thinks
the Boer sympathy manifested In so
many countries is unwarranted and
rather ridiculous.
London, Deo. 11.���Dr. Leyds and ill
friends aro spreading  a  report,   says
the Amsterdam   correspondent of  tbe
The   Lardeau   Eagle   of   last  week
J. Ernst, a knight of the grip from
Nelson, representing tho California
Wine Co., waB In town on Satuday.
While here Mr. Erneat secured a bond
upon James Comerford's property at
the head of McDonald Creek, known
as tho Mountain Vlow and Blue Jay.
The bond covers from now until A ug
ust 1, 1001. If the deal goes through
all right it will be the biggest one
ever turned over in the Lardeau. Mr.
Comerford's assessment work last
summer proved the property's Win th.
There is no doubt about it, Mr. Comer-
ford has one of the biggest and lest
surface sliowingB ever produced in
this country and Mr. Ernst is more
than fortunate in securing a tie up
on so merited a property. That the
bond will be taken up even before ItB
expiration the Eaglo has little doubt,
for Mr. Ernst Is a rustler from the
toes up and with the financial assistance of seeking investors at his back,
a happy combination Is formed; and
all to the mutual advantage of this
district. Gentle people, wc have a
grand country with unbounded resources, nnd the time is not far distant when thousands of people will be
kicking themselves for not having
come in here sooner. With transportation a certainty for tlio immediate
future we need have no fear. Our
mineral, timber and agricultural re
sources will do the rest.
��� ��� *
The following aro the particulars of
the run at the Athabasca for November:
Period of run, 29 days, 8 hourB.
Tons milled. Ir...
Value of bullion recovered .$5,348 07
Value of concentrates recovered  3.1BS 41
Total valuos recovered 88,534 08
Values  recovered   per   ton  milled,
Cabinet   Definitely  Decides
Upon Date to Summon
Pte. Moodie of Nelson Rifle
Company Remaining In
South Africa.
Ottawa, Dec. 11.���At a Cabinet
meeting yesterday afternoon it was
definitely decided to summon Parliament to meet on Wednesday, February 0.
Ottawa, Dec. 11.���The report from
Otter, prior to the sailing of the Hawarden CaBtle from Capetown,includes
among others of the members of the
First Contingent who are remaining
in South Africa, the names of Private
W. H. Moody, of Nelscn Rille Co.,and
Private Wallace ot the Fifth Regiment, C. A. Victoria.
Ottawa, Dec. 11.���Colonel Evans,
commanding the seconl battalion of
Mounted Rilles in South Africa reports
the strength of that contingent as
329. Col. Drury, commanding the artillery section of the second contingent, says that no date has been fixed
for the departuro of the batteries, although Lord Kitchener said he would
arrange transport for December 14.
Toronto, Dec. 11.-Tho Board of
Trade Council has decided to implore
Sir Wilfrid Laurier o> his arrival in
the City today to endeavor to come to
some arrangements ivith the German
authorities whereby Canadian products will be admittel into Germany.
Since the introduction of tlie preferential trade tariff by (he Government,
Canadian products ha�� been prohibited from Germany,
Toronto, Deo. 11.���Vhe City Council
haB decided to submit tlie question of
the City purchasing he plant of the
Consumers' Gas Comptny to tho ratepayers next month
Toronto, Dec. 11.���Local Liberals
have completed the irrangements for
the banquet to Hon. Clifford Sifton
this evening. Sir Wlfrid, Hon. W.
S. Fielding and othorCabinet Ministers invited, will b( in attendance,
leaving afterwards ly special train
for Montreal in ordcrto make connection with the Halifax express for Halifax, whero Mr. Fleldiig will be ban-
quetted by the Liheials of that City
on TliurBilay evening.
Hamilton, Ont., I>c. IL���A tele
gram was received frnu Denver, Col.,
yesterday, aiitiouncinf the serious illness of Dr. llocpfncr if the Iloepfner
Refining Co., of this dty. His death
is looked for in a fewdays.
Toronto, Dec.11.���Tie executive and
members of tho Toronto Lacrosse
team, met last niglit und decided to
undertake a trip to England next
yenr, provided suitable arrangements
can be made. Lionel porta was elected to fill the captalne; of thu team,
caused by the resiglation of Peter
Montreal, Dec. 11.-A special Winnipeg despatch says tie Indians near
Grand Rapids, in tie Dauphin district,arc much excite! over the shooting of a white moos? hy a young bun
ter. These animals in regarded with
great reverence by iclskins.
Toronto, Dec. II.���All workers of
the China Inland Misilon are now accounted for. A ruble" .un from Shanghai yesterday says lo missionaries
with 18 children vure killed. The
cablegram also contained news of the
murder of P. A. O'llen, one of tho
workers In Shan Si.
Guelph, Ont., Dec. II.��� The Ontnrio
big winter fat stock slow opened hero
today and from print appearances
It will be a record breaker. Every
department is filled with exhibits.
Toronto, Dec. II.-The deputation
representing the (hntral Canada
Chamber of Mines wilh headquarters
ut Winnipeg, waited on Premier Ross
of Ontario yesterdiy afternoon and
urged that means bi token at once  to
advertise the mineral lands of tlie
Rainy Rivor and Algoina district of
New Ontario. Mr. Ross promised favorable consideration,
Clark   Wallace's   Reference to   Them
Leads to Trouble.
Toronto, Dee. 11.���Ilarwlck, Aylcs-
worth it Wright, acting for E. II.
Reynolds, of rlrockvllte, has filed at
Osgoodo Hall Senator Geo. T. Ful-
ford's statement of claim in the .10,-
000 slander action against N. Clarke
Wallace, M. P., for West York, in
connection wilh ante-election charges
made during the recent campaign.
Senator Fulford asks that the action
be tried at Broekville, and makes_the
following statement:
"The defendant is a professional
politician, and was ut the time of the
publication of the slander complained
of, a candidate in West Yoik.
"On the 25th day of October, 1900,
the defendant at a public meeting in
Toronto Junction falsely and maliciously spoke and published of the
plaintiff the following words:
" 'Senator Fulford paid 850,000 to
tho Government for his title, and is
now advertising in Europe that be
was made a Senator by the people of
Canada because of the incalculable
benefits that had been eonferrcd_upon
them by his discovery iu pills.'
"Meaning and implying thereby
that the plaintiff had corruptly bribed members of the Cabinet and had by
means of bribery and of corrupt ami
dishonest practices obtained his appointment to the position and office of
Senator, and was unworthy of the
confidence and trust of tlie people of
Canada, and that the plaintiff by ren-
son of such corrupt and dishonest
practices was unfit to occupy the office
of Senator, and had been guilty of
the ciime of purchasing, or giving a
reward, or profit, foi tlie purchase of
the said office, and fuither meaning
and implying that the plaintiff was
publishing false and misleading advertisements boasting of his appointment and falsely exaggerating the
medicines manufactured by him.
"By reasorAif this the plaintiff has
been greatly tnjured in his character,
credit, and reputation, and iu liis
office as Senator, and in his business
as a merchant, and has been brought
into public scandal, ridicule, and
contempt. "
They May Control That Body During
Coming Session.
Ottawa, Dec. 11.���The Government
will have control of the Senate very
much earlier than is generally supposed. If the Liberals who were appointed by the present Government
would attend regularly, they Would
be able to outvote the Constirvati rOfl
before the approaching session is over,
as some ol tlie latter will be unable
to attend. When the Liberals came
into power, they had nine Supporters
in the Senate, and now they have 2M,
with there vacancies. One of these
was caused by tho death of Senator
Mi'I ie in"', ii a,I may be filled any day.
The other two will have to be declared vacant by tho ,Senato, as Senators
HeeBor and Sir Frank Smith have not
been present for two session!, Senator RceBor Is a Liberal, so that the
strength of the Government in the
Somite will only be increased by two
voteB out of three appointments. This
will make thirty Liberals. It Is cal-j
culatcd that about thirty-four will be'
enough to have control, ufl there arc a
��� umber of Senators who are too Infirm to attend the sittings. As there
are HI Senators. 41 votes are actually
required for a majority over ull.
London, Dec. 11.���The Daily Mail
has received the following by mail
from its Calcutta ciirreBpeuiileat ���
"The port commissioners recently invited tenders for locomotives. The
lowest English lender quoted 61,644
foreuch locomotive and wanted nine
months to complete the order. The
lowest American tender quoted ��1,260
and asked six months. The latter
was accepted subject to the approval
of the government.
Chloago, Dee. 11.-The Grnceo-Roman wrestling match at the Coliseum
tonight between John 0. Rouuy the
"Giant Grlpman" and Paul Pons, of
Francc.ended in Hoen.v being declared
the winner, because Pons refused to
continue after loBlug the first full on
' a f.ml.
They are in Nelson and Bids Will Be Asked
For-Building to Be of Granite
and Pressed Brick.
The plans for the new Postoffice,
Customs office and Inland Revenue
building for Nelson arrived in the
City last evening from Ottawa and
are now in the bands of Mr. James A.
Maedonald, of Cane & Maedonald,
architects, who was appointed by the
Department of Public Works to superintend the work during tlie construction of the building.
The building when erected on the
Government's lots at the corner of
Ward aud Vernon Streets will present
a splendid appearance. The lirst story
and basement wall of the building,
which is three stories high, will be
built in rock-faced marble with dressed marble trimmings, while the second story and brick work of the attic
will bo of pressed brick. The roof
wiil be laid with slate and the cornices finished in copper. In viewing
the plans this morning a prominent
contractor of the City suid that the
building will probably cost over 875,
000 before it is finished.
Tho building is to face Vernon
Street witll a frontage of 59.II feet extending backwards along Warn
Street 120 feet, or to the rear alley.
At the northwest corner will be a
largo tower which projects a considerable distance above the building proper upon which will be a tall Hag
staff. Four windows will admit light
to the interior from the front of the
building while on_thc west there will
be seven windows. In the Second
story there arc many windows on
both sides while tbe attic Btory will
be ornamented with several dome
windows. Over the dormer window at
the front will bo placed the figure,,
"1901" showing the year of tlie erection of thu building. The main entrance to the postoffice department
which is 59.3 by 119 feet, is from Vernon Street by heavy double
doors approached by stone steps..
The entrance loads to a tyl-
ed Hour vestibule. In the tow-
or which is to the right of the entrance will be a fltalrway leading to
tlie otliees on the second lloor.
Hack of the main building will he
an annex, lis.l'i feet, facing Ward
Stteet and extending aloug the alley
:.'.", feet. The annex is only one story
high and will he used as an examining niieiii and warehouse for" the Customs department, and the gas Inspector's office.
This will be approached by granite
steps and over   the   dour will   lie   in
scribed "Custom and Inland   Revenuo
Tho basement will be under the
main building, 59.3 by 39 feet, and
will be used for heating purposes. Arrangements have been made for the
storage of a large quantity of fuel.
The plans do not state or show how
the building will be heated.
The quarters on the ground floor
which will be used for the distribution and delivery of the mail will bo
3(1x50 feet. The entrance to this for
tlie receiving of mails from the trains
will be at tlie rear.
From the Ward Stroct side there
will also be a stairway leading to the
offices of the second lloor. On this
lloor, und near the centre, is a large
corridor leading from the tower to tlie
rear of the building, from which open
six offices, all of which will be used
by the customs and inland rovenue departments. To the east of the corridor is the customs long room 11,6x66
feet. This is where the general business with the public will be transuded. Adjoining this Is the customs collector's office which Ib 11.0x17.9 feet.
Adjoining and to the south of this
will be the office of the postoffice inspector, 11.6x18.8 feet. On the west
of the hallway, and udjoining the
tower will be the Inluml Revenue
long room, 11.0x17.9 feet. Back and
adjoining this the iniand revenue collector's office 11.al8.3. Just back of
this and near the stairway from the
Ward Street entrance Is the inland
revenue labrntory 18.6X16.4 feet.
The attic, or the third story, will
be set apart exclusively for the caretaker's quarters. In the front of this
story is a parlor 18.6X17.8, Adjoining it is the dining room 17x17.��.
There is a hallway leading to the
tower, which will be set aside for use
as a private library. At tho rear of
the parlor and dining room are four
rooms, tbrefl to UBed as bedrooms and
one as a kitchen. Each room Is
about 18x16 fee,t.
Each office is furnished with a wash
buflin, and each story Is furnished
witli toilet rooms with tile floors. The
Interior of the building will be finished in Cosst cedar. All floors that
are not tiled will be laid double with
heavy Coast fir. All the material used
for the construction of the building
will be obtained locally iks far as possible.
The tendors for construction must
bo in the hands of James R. Roy, secretary of the Dominion Public Works
Department, on or before January 3.
Fire Chief Completely Exonerated and
Again in His Position.
Fire Chief Thompson is   buck in bis
position this morning and Nelson elt-
i.-i ti-'. it is hoped, have beard tlie lust
of a v^ry tiresome and somewhat disgraceful affair. The Council, with
tlie exception of the Mayor, were
unanimous last night in accepting the
report of the investigating coni-iiucc
Completely exonerating tin, Chief,
und Utter in passing Aid. McKillop's
resolution reinstating Chlet Thompson to the position of Fire Chief. Before the report of the committee was
votwd upon Mayor Houston again made
an explanation of his charges, reiterating what he had said at the meetings
of the iiicvstigatiiig committee. He
attempted to open up the investigation again, but the Council objected
nml the Mayor deslstod in his  efforts.
In connection with the Fire Department Mayor Houston nppointcd a
standing committee on lire, water and
light, consisting of Aid. Wilson,
Morrison and Mclvillop.
A resolution was passed granting to
the Public Library Association the
sum of 1800,
Contractor Glllet reported to the
police this morning that a number of
carpenters' tools has been stolen from
the K.-W.-C. block last evening. No
truce of tbo thief has yet been obtained.
Delegates   to   Good Roads Convention
Will Get Reduced Rates.
At the instance of the   Deputy Minister of Agriculture special rates havo
been accorded   .��� delegates   attending
the   meetings of  the Central Farmers'
^ Institute,   aud   Good   R���a,|s   Association at Victoria on the 17th December
land following days, B8 follows:
I     By   the   Esquimau    and   Nunalmo
Hailway   Co.. a single fare for   round
trip.    Regular   fare   i�� to be paid   to
Victoria and a receipt taken, such receipt to   bo   certified   by the .Superintendent of institutes or Secretary, and
on presentation at   their office in Vie-
torla   a   free  return   ticket   will   be
By the Canadian Pacific Railway
Co., a fare and a third, provided that,
not less than fifteen come by that
route. Delegates to pay full faro to
Vancouver, taking standard certificate receipt from the Agent, receipts
to be vised by the   Superintendent   of
Institutes ot Secretary, and on prose" ��tion at their office In Vancouver
within two days of the close of tbe
convention the delegates will be returned at one third fare
__?' !|,-Jun!_,Un.PM_Bfl Navigation
Co.     single   furo   fur thu r ��     .
Certificate, to be obtained fron the
Superintendent or Secretary.
Invitations announcing a dance to
l-K.ven b.v.hi.Ti.rpsiehorcannubon
11 lursday evening at Fraternity Hall"
huve been i.bued. '    "i "���������JH^ if**1"* '
Nelboh Dailv Miner, Tuesdav Evening, December ii, 1900
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Aftornoon   Except Sunday
���hy TUB-
Limited Liability.
announced under other auspices than
those of Mr. John Houston and hiB
friends. There has been quite enough
of him for a time at least.
143 Floet Street, K. C.
Contral Proas Agency, Ltd., Spuclal Agents
Daily, por month, by carrier    6Jo
Daily, per mom h, by mall     ��w
Dally, per your, by carrier   * J ���
Ilaily, por your, by mull    _ w
Dally, por year, foreign    �� ""
An exchange speaks of "tho social
doctrine of public utilities for the
public good," as If it were a sound
and sensible doctrine, and sound and
sensible because socialistic. There is
nothing socialistic about this "doctrine of public utilities;" it is an economic question pure and simple. The
zeal of some of those amateur socialistic organs is admirable,but it would
be well if they wound learn to talk
sense as soon as possible. If they understood exactly what socialism iB and
would lead to, some of them at least
would not be in such a hurry to advocate it.
Weekly, por half yoar	
Wookly, por year	
Weekly, por yoar, foreign............ ���
Subscriptions invariably in advance.
81 25
. 8 00
.   3 00
This signature Is on ovory box of tbe genuine
Laxative Bromo��Quinine Tablot8
the remedy that cares a cosQ _a one day
All Checks should ho mado payable to tho
order of Nelson Publishing Comi'ANY,
Word comes from Vancouver that
Mr. Garden is to be allowed to retain
his seat in the Legislature,on the pretext that his resignation was not accepted. This ie a foolish story. Mr.
Garden's resignation took effect the
moment he was nominated as a candidate for the Federal Parliament, and
the formality of acceptance by the
Speaker of the Provincial Legislature
was not necessary. Resides this, it
is inconceivable that either Mr. Garden or the members of the Government would be parties to a trick of
that kind, even if the purpose of it
were a feasible one. Such trilling
with the law would have a bad iniluenee ou _ public scnitment that in all
matters of a political nature is already loose enough. We shall be quite
safe in concluding that there is no
foundation for the report. At the
same time thero will be a general
wish to see Mr. Garden back in the
Legislature. Should he devote himself to politics, there is every reason
to believe that a career of great public
usefulness would await him.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
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In Mr. Houston's paper this morning it is said that, before putting the
motion for the adoption of the report
on the Thompson investigation, the
Mayor made a statement in connection
with the matter which he desired to
have incorporated in tho minutes.
The statement comprises about half a
column of matter. We do not gather
from the report of the pioceedings
whether this request was granted by
formal motion, but without it the
Mayor has no more right to have his
opinions recorded on the minutes than
has the man on the Btreet. It will be
an exceedingly irregular proceeding
without justification or excuse of any
kind, if the statement referred to
goes on record, and if there it will be
tho duty of the Council, at the first
meeting, to order it. expunged. It
would be a dangerous precedent to establish, one that would court all sorts
of abuses in the future, if it were allowed to a Mayor to put his harangues
on record as part of the proceeding of
tbe Council.
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Loans Efkkitki) on Dbsibablh
There are a great numher of Conservatives in Yale-Cariboo who have
much to learn of their obligations to
their party,and of loyalty to the principles they profess by being members
of it. In Nelson a very considerable
Conservative vote went to Mr. Oalliher. In (ireenwood, according to a
local paper, the Liberals stuck to
their candidate, and the Conservatives
voted for all three. In Midway they
voted almost to a man for the Liberal
oandidate. Conservative electors who
oan do thifl must care littlo for thoir
principles: perhaps it would bo nunc
correct to say they have no principles
to care for. But they should take
into consideration that tlicy owo
something to the candidate who puts
himself into their hands, and relies
on their political professions to sec
him through. If men are to lie held
justified in such grave tiifling as this,
no person of spirit and honorable feeling will care to offer as a   candidate.
It Is announced that the Mayor is to
he requested to call a public meeting
to select a candidato for nomination
in succession to himself. At the Bauie
time candidates for Aldermen ore to
be nninccl, the whole to be known as
the Citizens' tickot. It is probable
that if the truth were known the requisition that is sold to bo in circulation would be traced to the Mayor
himself, and that tho movement is
designed to impose upon the people
not a citizens' ticket, but a Houston
ticket. It Is one of the Mayors' pretty
little plays, which have become bo
familiar that we do not apprehend
any ono who ean see the length of his
nofle will be deccivod by it. A Citizens' ticket is much needed, not only
for nomination but for election, but
the popular desire will be Io  have It
Kent- Collected.   Conveyancing Done.
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JiiMvt iiiinuni, mi .in ��������� i:i.h
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H. Haviocuk IKnui.isiiI Cmmrii���Corner
Ward anil JSilimi His. Ktiiiilnyw: Holy Communion 8 11. 111.; anil on t ho IhI, anil :ird .Siinilaj-H
in thie meeeiili allur Mult him; Mnltin. at 11 n.m.;
Sunday school.,:�� p.m : Kvonsong IM. Dully:
Mattlns ill _.,'_. a. in. Tlinr. days and HnintV
Iinyn: Holy roiniiiuiiinii Hi a. in. Frldaym
KveiiMing 7.80 n. in., followed by choir practice, II. B. Akohunit, Kccior. Fred Irvine,
Goo. Johnstons, NViirelims.
Cathih.ii Chubch���OornsrIWard and Mill
Htronln-Miihi i-viery Sunday at 8 and I0.00a.rn
Hiinieilirliiui nl;.;��) ii.ni. Mass overy wook day
at7.irui.iii.   ltev.   Kuiher Korlnnd Itcetor.
I'-eKSIIYTKIUAN I  111 111 II    H orVl.Oel 111, 11 a.m.
and 7.;w p.m. Bnnday Baboo] at _.:ki p.m.
Prayer meet Inn Thursday evening ut, 8 p.m.
line i inn Kiitlnavor Hm-lety moots every Tiioh-
ilay evenliiK ui 8 o'clock. Itov. It. Krow,
Mk'I'iumukt Cnrmii-Cornor Silica and
JoscphlnoSireels. Bervlou al 11 a.m. uml 7,31
p.m.; Halilmlh Mcliieeel, ���.'.;. i p.m.; Prayer meet
Iiik on Thursday ovonlng ut 8 o'clock: Kpworth
bniiKlloC, K��� Tuoi'lay utSa.m. ltev. J. 11.
White, PllHtor. llciilelico, jOHopllilli! xtreot,
rear nf church.
llAl'TlBT UHtmOH - Hen-icon morning anil
eveiilnniilll a.m. uml T.llii p.m.; Prayor meet.
Iiik Thiiiuiluy evening ut 8 p.m. the H. Y
l'.u. Tmwiliiy ovunliig in- 8 o'clock. BUwnMn
cordially wofc_��iml. ltev, U, J, Coulter While,
Salvation Aiimy���Scrvlo �� ovory ovonlng
at 8 o'clocli In barracks on V otori streel
Adjudaul i��dg��ooiiibo In chargo,
Do You Wish to Borrow
On flrrit mortg&gQ improved property?
If ho, I can placo your LotULrfving you
tho privilege of repaying the amount
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$500        "     96 " 7.30
$500 "   120 " 6.30
Other sums in proportion.
No coinmiriKion chr\rgod. Definite contract in mortgage limiting payment**.
Definite tuble lun.ishod each borrower '
BhOWing amount required to discharge
loan at any time after the Korond yoar.
No Membership Fees. No E loea.
Building lonns made; money advanced
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R.  W.  DAY,
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$1.00 PER YEAR.
Balance ot I90O free with subscription for 1931.
NKLSON LODGK No. 23, A. F. & A
M. ineotH MOOUd Wednesday in each
month.   Visiting brethern welcome.
I. O. O. F. Kootonay Lodge
No. LB) moots overy Monday night,
at   thoir   Mull,   Kootenay Htrool
Hojournlntr Odd Follows oordlally invited.
John A. MofUo. N.O.   I). W. ltuthorford, V.O.
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���-7-1?' ~
NKLSON- Ul.'F.-N NO. 211
SON- OK KNUI.AM), moot,
the llrnt Wednoeidny evenliiK of
oach uinnlh nt Kialornliy liall.
corner of Hukor anil Kootenai
Hired*. VIhIUiik brotlieni coro-
lallj Invited.
John Watsun, Socrotnry,
NF.-HON L, 0. h. No. 1(I!�� meelH in Kni-
ternlty Hall on liml nnd lliiril Friday evenliiK"
of eacli month at 8 o'clock. ViKlllng iiioiiiIilti.
cordially Invilod. it. RWluOB, W.M.i Win.
Crawford, It. 8.
NKL80N 1,01)0-   No.M, K.of V.
moolH In K. of V, hall, Oddfellow,, block
ioverv   TiiOHday ;.'\ .i. i i.e>: at  8 o'clock
"J-^t'JA" vlsi'-'"K knlfllitei cordially   InvlUid
V. J. Hh.uii.kv, 0.0.
.1. A.I'AguKTTK, K. of H. and 8.
NKI.SON AKRIK No. tl. F. O. B., itivol>
evory Kcoond and fourth W(Mlnoni1uyn of each
in onth.   VlHltlni.    nieint���3rw cordlully   Invlt-
ii ���- ie- Prowwir, Soorotary.
Ni'Ihoii Kncani|)tlli'lil No. 7. Meets V_n -ml
and llli Kriilny of each inonth, In odd KellnuK
Hull, coiner linker mill Kootei'iiy e-lrenl^
NoIhoii. A. II. Olnincntii, V,. 1'.; I). MiAillin,\
It. 8.   ViHtl.iliK hrolhem always wi'lenten..
It costs nothing  to  come  and  look,
and secure first choice.
jg Baker St., Nelson.       P. O. Box 326.
- v>^^/^vv��^<^^yyv��vvvv>^^v^^^vvwv��%%��vvvvv'vvvvyvvvvv��
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For wood or linrd or soft coal.
Tlie   largest   line  tarried  by
any linn in Camiiht.
Rsh and Poultry in Season
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Baker Street, Nelson.
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Cook Stoves.   A complete line.
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Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Paid-up,     ,    .    .     1. i,<is.-,,o;ii.iki I   Itisi ��i,;m.ooo.��
Hoard of Olrrrtonti   Tlionian K. Konny,   President;   ThomM Ritchie, Vloo-Pro-ideiil.
Wiley smiiii   II. 0. liiiulil, Hon. H. II. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. David MaoKeen.
Head Olllrc, llalir__l
General Manager, EdHon L. PeaHO, Montroal.
Buperlntondont of llrniicheH. and Socrutary, W. B. Torrance, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F, Hroek, Halifax,
luapoetor D. M. Stewart. Montreal.
lire. Ilelei'e. I
Nora grotla-Halifax Branch, Antluoninh, Hrldgewater, Ouysboro. Londonderry, I.unenburf.
Maitland (Hani- Co.), Piotou, Port Ilawkephuiy, Sydney. Sliubonacadle. Truro, WuynioiiU"
New Brnimwlck���IJathurxt, l)orehenlor, Frodericton, Kln(r9ton iKent Co.l. Honctou, W_
castle, Sao. vllle, Wsoilntock. P. K. MMd��� Cliarliittetowii, Suiiiinenjlde. <|uel>ee-Moiitr��
(City Offloo), Montreal. Woet Knd (Cor. Notro llamo mid SeiKiieurs StrceW; Wont mount,|l*
Oroeno Avenuo and St. CnthallneB Street. Ontario���Ottawa. Slewroun<llanil--8t. JJW
Cuba, Weat lu.ll, ,1   Havana. United Sliiten-Now Vork (IU tixchango Plaoo) Kopubllc, n w
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, van-
conver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
turn s|ieui,l, nis I
t:anada-Morohantii Bank of Canada.   Boston-National Shawmut Bank.   Wf90t___f
National Bank,   tan rranr.lneo-FirHt National Hank.   London, Kng.-Bank of s ���.'���.���'���;
Porlii, Fraiioe-Oredlt Lyonnnin.   Ilernmda-Bank of Bermuda.   t:_lu�� and Japaa-"0"1
Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Oeoei-I Banklnf Business Transacted; Sterllnc Bills of Exchange Bout1"
anil Sold, Letters of  Credit, Etc., Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms,   .nterest allowed on BPec"
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
COURT KOOTKNAY. I. (I. F., No. ..lift.
MimtlngH 4th TTiumday cf itionlli. .'interna
hall. J A Irving C  H.   P. U. Fleming. U.S.
Dominion and
Land Surveyor,
469 nelson b c
P. O. Box _;6. Cable Addross
connissioN aqbnt.
'Groasdallo," Nelson.   Code   Miirelno _ Neal.
Is prepared Ionq>otiate the sale ol" developed mines.    Has arranged for
dealing in sham, on the London and Montreal Stock Exchanges.  Shares
bought and soil in London on   margin.    Will   take charge of the interests of absentej investors.
Lar_;e nunber of Choice Building Lots adjacent to the line of their
I niniway. Fcr price and terms of sale apply at the office of the Company, Mardoutld Block corner of Josephine and Vernon Streets.
T. C. DUNCAN, Secretary.
Notice is hereby given that in virtue of the Act of the
Dominion Parliament, 63 and 64 Victoria, Chapter 103
and Chapter 104, the name of
will   be changed to
"TOe IRo^al ffianh of CanafraT
from and after
the  Second  day  of  January,  jooi.
General Manager.
Halifax, xst November, 1900.
_m Nelson DxiLv'fMiner, Tcesdav  Evenino,  December ii, 1900
the   Wonderful   A-venfnreu   of   Slx
jjVlrHfliilii Slaves Who Wero Whirled
riiroim!, the Ocean's Foum to Libert? und to Fortune.
Bin 1790 a colony of six runaway alnvoa
Mint' lei (lie Sle.ikliiiil-c vnlley, tho first
tf llint line ever seen in .Minlisou counly.
Jho history o�� these six slaves is full of
^tomiiniv, tier they were no cnnnium men.
They hinl seen nil inn-Is of the world
trhci. ii ship eoiilil ride nt nnehor in a
harbor. All could spenk several tongues,
6nt none could iviul or write. All were
Waves from Virginia nnd hntl heen bound
��Dt by their muster for 21 yenrs on a
Whaling vessel that was owned by a com-
Kny In New Bedford, Mass. The ship
B' started for tile south sea, to be gone
K| cruise of three years.
(Hvhcii about Till miles out nt sen from
New Bedford, the lookout discovered a
large wliule and ordered those six sudors
to go in a small boat nnd follow the
frhfi!'.'. When lie eiiine to the surface, one
Of the sailors, v.-lio was nu expert, threw
a barpoou at the whale. Inslend of striking him Just back of tho head, which is
the usual way, the harpoon struck the
whale about ten feet from tho end of the
toll, which is of a fibrous nature and
caused no loss ot blood to the whale.
Then the great monster shot off wilh
wonderful rnpidity toward the middle of
the ocean, carrying tho boat, and that
vai the last tho captain of that whaler
over saw of his six sailors,
This narrative, as related by Paul Cuff,
the sailor who threw tho harpoon, reads
like a fish story, but the circumstances
connected with It afterward proved Its
truthfulness, as It was corroborated iu
(nil by all the other sailors. After this
whale had gone about 50 miles In a
straight course nt sea, carrying the sailors behind it In a small boat and some of
the time going nt the rate of In miles an
hour, it turned Hb course back toward tbe
shore and then turned again back to sea.
Sometimes tlie whale would dive down
500 feet and rise with great fury and
beat the ocean to a white foam. At Times
he would spurt a volume of water _00
feet In the air.
"All this time," said Paul Cuff, "we
were riding over the sen in great splendor, harnessed to the biggest fish In tho
world aud making the fastest time on
record." They saw and passed great
merchant ships bearing their country's
flag, but they had no ling, no country, no
home. They pussed an English man-of-
war that gazed with amazement at the
singular sight. They thought it wns the
devil Incarnate h-fched to a drngun and
fired a broadside at them, but their
cannon balls passed a mile behind the
sailors, so rapid was their course. On
tliey went like a comet shootiug its fiery
flame across the sky.
After riding in this style for almost
three dnys up and down the ocean hitched to a whale's tail by a slender cord the
great fish took u singular turn nnd a
'hicky one for the six sailors, lie steered
his Course southwest nnd by accident
Struck the bay nml outlet of the Karitnn
river, on tho coast of New Jersey. The
water was deep, and ho followed ita
Course for two miles. His iioso struck
the piers of a bridge that cost .7,000,
��� nd It fell with a crash into the river. The
whale then struck an oyster sloop and
shivered thnt to atoms, drowning three
sailors. On he went, but the witter soon
became so sballo^v Unit he lauded nu the
, shore, and iu three hours he was dead.
By this singular accidcut the six negroes became the owners of the whale.
I They sold it to an English oil merchant
In New York city for $l_,0tK) in gold who
i did not know they were slaves bound out
' in the marine service and not entitled to
the  whale  under tho  lnws.     His  title,
1 however, proved good, for the company
��� in New Bedford never heard of the
e transaction in 20 years. The whale was
, really worth about ipi.OOO and was the
largest ever found on the Atlantic coast.
After receiving their money the slaveB
made an equal division, which gave them
$2,000 each, and, through the ndrice of
their leader,   Paul Cuff,  they  set their
. faces toward  tlio western  wilds of the
, state of New York.    When they reached
' Albany, they met n Pequod Indian who
wus returning  from  piloting  some  mis-
j sionaries to the Stockbridge valley.   The
l Indian gave them a line description of
I the country, aud tiicy induced liiiu to re-
[ turn  witli  them  for a stipulated  price.
I He did so and lived with them in this lo-
I callty  until   he died.    They   bought  on
contract with the Oneida Indians about
' 200 acres of land for each at a nominal
j sum.'  Afterward  the  titles   were  confirmed by the state of New York.    They
all lived to a line old nge, and all were
j highly respected.
f All of tlicni died here except one, who
i returned to New Bedford after a lapse of
, DO years and died there about 40 years
[ ago. Tbe remains of the others nre laid
i to rest side by side iu the old Indian
J "graveyard at Vnlley Mills, nnd there is
I nothing whatever to mark their graves.
|- There was ouce a sinull slnb at the bend
I. of, one grave of rude form and chiseled
i by an unskilled hand. Tlie inscription
] ttai as follows: "Jack Morgan, n rutin-
! way slave, who chased the whale."  Tlieu
��� followed age and dnte, but the slab bus
I long since moldet-ed away.
i Some Tiny Spoons.
' Miss Phoebe Ann West of Nantucket,
Mass., Is the possessor of the most remarkable 12 dozen spooUB In this conn
try. They were brought to America by
Miss West's father, who was a sen captain, several yenrs ago. They are East
Indian workmanship, and their minute
dimensions mny bo realized when It is
Stated that the 12 dozen perfectly formed
Spoons are kept in nn ordinary cherry
ttone. The curved cherry stone which
holds them is one of the most wonderful
��� inmplcs of skilled handiwork in existence. It is exquisitely curved and
mounted on a tiny silver and Ivory stand.
HiilliliiK a Century Alto.
What would mixed bathers In England
think of Blackpool as It was a ceutury
When ladles went to bathe, a bell wnt
rung to announce the fact, nnd nny gentleman discovered on tlie parade after
It had sounded was fieied a bottle of
Wine. When the Indies bad been bathed
and completed their toilet, the bell wns
rung a second time, ami the gentlemen
bad their turn.���London fchronielo.
Life Is made np not of egrcnt sacrifices
Of duties, but little things, In which smiles
���nd kindnesses and small Obligations given habitually are what will and preserve
the heart aud secure comfort.���Sir H.
Advertlsomonts Inserted under this head at
tho rate of one oont a word por insorlion. No
advertisement takon for less than 26 oent-.
FOR    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply
.hunts' Bank of Halifax.
WANTED.���A     first     class   diumond
drill mnn for Silver King mine. Apply to the manager.
WANTED.���Odd   jobs   of   nil   kinds.
Wood snwod   at   reasonable   prices.
Apply Tommy Jones, Miner Oflice.
WANTED. ���Capable, reliably person
in every county to represent large
company of solid llnanuiul reputation;
S'.i.'Ki Halnry per yeui, payable weekly;
.11 por day absolutely sure nnd all
expenses; straight, bona-licle, delinite
salary, no commission; salary paid
each .Saturday und expense money advanced each week. Standard House,
Caxton Building, Chicago.
WANTED.���l'luln     sewing.       Dressmaking    shop    preferred.    Address
Lake view Hotel.
FOR    SALE   or   Kent���Two     Smith-
Premier,   one   Remington   and   one
Empire tyewriter. Apply W.  L. Tebo,
C. P. R, telegraph otlice.
Mrs E. H. Thompson, (late of Doran-
wend's well known establishment,
Toronto), hns opened parlors for hair
dressing in Victoria, Block. LadieB
may make appointments by mail or
otherwise. Room 1, oorner Baker
and .loaepbine Streets.
FIRST-CLASS   Room   and   Board, in
private   family,   reasonable   terms.
Apply  on   .Silica   Street,   two   doorB
west of Ward.
FOR SALE���A new house, ten rooms,
very convenient,with all modern improvements.   Apply A. E. Clarke, corner of Stanley and Carbonate   Street.
PRIVATE Board   nnd Room.    Heated
throughout. Dot aud cold water and
baths.   Three   doors    south   of   Post-
otlice, Ward Street.
Slaughter Sale In
iners and
..Working Shoes..
Having1 decided to go into the
handling of Ladies' and Gents' Fine
Shoes exclusively, we have decided
to clear out all our Miners and
Heavy Working Shoes (of which we
have about 500 pairs) regardless of
cost; at your own price.
62 Pairs of four laced Banigans,
solid leather soles and inners, sizes
6 to 10. Regular Price $1.50;
slaughter sale price
50 cents.
71 Pairs of Bunkhams with or
without tap, soles extra heavy,
shanks and counters, sizes 6 to io,
Regular price $2.25; slaughter sale
110 Pairs Blucher and Gaiter
Shoes ingrain and kid leather,
nailed or plain sole, outside counters if preferred, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price $3,00" slaughter sale price
42 Pairs Grain Blucher and
Boots with buckle or lace, heavy
soles, sizes 6 to 10. Regular price
$3.00; slaughter sale price
132 Pairs Oil Grain, kip and
calfskin, lace and blucher, cut Boots
hand made, nailed, outside counters.
This is the best Mining Boot we
carry. Regularly selling at $5.00.
Slaughter sale price
These Boots and Shoes are all to
go at above quotations; first in gets
lirst choice,
Mail orders promptly attended to.
S. Neelands.
A well established livery business,
known as Reynolds' Livery, consisting of four horseB and harmless,
two busses, two sets sleighs ono spring
wagon, nnd building.
Loase of ground for three years and
four months at Slu per month.
Part of purchase money enn be arranged with the undersigned on
Hugh R. Cameron
Baker Street,   Nalson, Ii. C.
Baker Street,
NELSON.  -   -   B. C.
Is the highest priced Champagne on the English
and French  markets.
The Job
$r you need.
of The Miner
IS the most Completely Equipped Office of the >��
kind in the   interior   of   British Columbia. #���
Look over this list and see if there is anything #
Letter Heads
Bill Heads
Memo Heads
Visiting Cards
Wedding Invitations
Dance Invitations
Ball Programmes
Hand Bills
Price Lists
Legal Backs
Customs Papers
Engineers' Reports
Business Cards
Concert Programmes-
Pay Rolls
and anything that can he
printed anywhere.
# Bring Your Job Work to The Miner *
"* Ward Street, Nelson, B.C. fc
_,I4 -_ .-.�� ��l -M -IK __._ -IU "( .>�� M _M _M       ������     Ml _�� ,1 Ml VI Ml -J .1. _. ... ... .       "
H. & M. BIRD
Agents lor Eureka  nine.nl Wool and
Asbestos Co.
Insur.inr.r, Co. or North America. Mutual ILIfs
Insurance Co., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Co.
Three lota in   Blook 47, Hogustown,
885.00 eaeh.
Three loU in   lilock 83, Bogustown,
'������leu: mi each.
SO feet on Mill Street, 8ri00.00.
li-Roomed   house   on   Mill   Street;
new; all modem improvements, 81900.
Kasy terms.
New house on Water Street   18 00
7-Ree.omed house on Ilolison St.,
between Kootenay and Stanley, all conveniences, 2 lota... 23 50
4-Roomed cottage, corner of
Fulls and   Hoover  13 00
6-Roomed house on Mill Street;
new; all conveniences $25 00
Coal and Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest  Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order can bo accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Offlco Corner Hall and Baker Street*
Canada Permanent and Western Canada Mortgage
head office toronto,  ont.
Money to loan on Straight Mortgage.
Apply to Q. K IiENNOX, Baker St
at the
Until .Tan. 1st, 1801, these Solid Gold
Plate buttons containing photo of
yourself or friend will he given away
with each dozen of our hest Cabinet
Photos. Our reputation for artiBtio
work is well established but pay a visit
to our studio and you will be convinced
of our ability to please yon.
Bnkor Street.
Porto Rico Lumber
Co., Limited.
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
in., .i      ..     . 'rom Portland, Me.
Allan Lino Persian  n__ _
Allan Line Tunisian '...'..'. Dm II
Allan Line strs. coll st. Halifax one day later
Dominion  Line  Dominion        IlecK
Dominion  Line Cnmbroman      Wolf
��� ,,     .   ,    ��� From St. John, N. 11.
Beaver Lino ljike Superior  Dor 7
Heaver Line lake Ontario  Dec 14
Heaver Lino utrs. call at Halifax one d_y later
,���. ���    ���.     ,,     _, ,        Krom Now York
Whito Star Line Toulonio  Dec S
Whito Star LlnoQeniianlo .Dee 12
Cunard Lino Etrurts    i)_c -
Cunard Lino Lucanln  .'.Dee- Is
American Lino Now S'ork      Dor 11
Rod  ^tar Lino Frlesland      Doo 12
N.U.L. Lino l.iihei i),^, |i
French Lino Ia\ t_-HCOi|{no.."      IIoc 13
Allan Slate Lino Sardinian !..Doo8
__      ...     _ Jfroni Hoeeion
Cunard Line Saxonla Dec8
Dominion Lino Commonwealth ! Dec 12
Paasagos nrruiiKed to and from ail Kliropniin
pointa. For ratos, llcko.s and full Information
apply to O. P. H. dopot agent or II. L. Urown
City I'mMi'iiKer Agont, NoIhoii, II. ('.
,     W. P. F.CUMMIN08,
Ooneral A��euU C.P.H, Offloon. Winnipeg
Rough and
Dressed  Lumber,
Shingles, Mouldings.
A-l White Pine Lumber Always In
We carry a complete stock of Coast Flooring
Celling. Inside Finish. Turned Wurk. Sash anil
1 Imn.. Hpeeiol order work \i 111 recelvo proiimt,
attention-   Mall orders solicited,
and try a bottlo, a doson, or a barrel of
CALGARY BEER as li Is the i,.- i and
MUMMA on tho morkot. Also try our
WINES,    LIQUORS,    and    CIGARS.
Telephone OS. Baker Ht. Nelson, B. C.
Porto Rico Lumber Co.,
Head Office-Ilendryx and Viunon St., Nolson,
Of Writing Paper won t last
long. Vouri hot tor plnrn another "hurry up' o-derwlth
Real Estate and Insurance
Loans Enacted at  Reasonable  Rates.
Bukar Street. Nelson.
Tumer-Boeckn Block Baker Strtet
WANTEtl���1000   Athabasca.
Wholesale  Houses
fpHOKPE _: CO. Liuitlod-Coruor Vornon
X ami Codeir _l.oeu,, NoIhoii���Manufacturer, of ami wlioloHulu dunlure. lu aorutcd walerH
and fruil HjrupH. bole iikouIh for Halcyon Hut.
-priiiKH muiural walor.   i'eluplioue UO.
__1|     N. Al. I'uinttliliH,   Ixjhhoo���Kvory  keiown
Variety ut soft drinks. !��� uiioxs.. 'telephone
No. _1. Hoover OLiCL'l. NoIhoii. Ilulllei.uf the
f_iuoiiH ol. i.eon llol bpringH Mineral Wutwr,
C1AN- it .MACDONALD 111. Cuno. James
J A. Muulonuldj���Arielul.cU! und rilipeilii-
leiidoiilH, in e,���,,, mil Blook, corner Hakci and
W ard nirooln, .\u1hoii.
HJ. BVANS It CO.���Baker Street, Nel-
��� hoii ��� \\ lioie-eHiilo dualciH in iKjuorH, ci-
Kilo, cement. Itrej brick and lire clii), walor
tei|ec and Htecl  rails, und _,uieml coiiiuiihhiuii
V\ hulOHule and relail deuleni 111 grain,
nay, Hour, fued. Mill�� al Victoria, Now Weul-
niliiHier; hdiiioiiUin, Alia. ..levators ou Cal-
guiy ami ..iIiiiuukjii Railway. Manufacturers
ot the -ejioorauxl H. it K. brand coreal..
A MACDONALD Jc Co.-Corner Fron
��� and Hall sti-ots-Vi lioltmale grocers
aim jobbers in blanket*, gloves, uillts, bout-
rubberH, luacklnaws and minors' sunU-ios.
X~ Ulllco corner Hull and kront -ireets,
.\olHoii���Lumber, ceiling, lloorhig, and every
thing in wood for building i .. j..,-,... Ool uur
pnooH.   CorroHpolidenco hoIiciUmI,
PHUHN- & Co.���Baker Slreet, Nolson-
���    \\ holoHalo dealers in fronli and cured
liieulie.   Cold Storage.
Huker Street, Nolson- Wholesale deal-
en, lu frenh and cured moats.
-trout,   NoIhoii ��� WholrHiile  dL'nhus  lu
hardware,  miners'  supplien,  sporting  goods,
M LACIILAN BROa (Suocoewors to Van-
XJA. couvor Hard ware Co. Lld.i Baker Struct,
NcIhoii���Wholesale dealers In hardware anil
mining Kupplie��, plumbers' and tinsmiths' bup-
pllos.  *
VrXUpti   HAHDWAHK   CO.-Wholesale
__1 paints, oil��� and glssi; mochai-elreM* toolH
Agent- foi Ontario Powder Works; dyn iniilo
'IIURNKR, HKKTON 4. Co.-Cornor Venios
UDSONS HAY Co.-Wholesale grocorio,
and liquors etc., Haker Street, Nolson.
/���^ALIKOKNIAWINKCO., Limited-Corner
\J lront and Hall Streets, Nelson-Wholesale dealers n wlnoB (case and bulkl, and
donicHlic and imported cigars.
JY. GRIFFIN _ CO.- Comer Vernon and
��� Joniephlno Slroel-, Nelson ��� Wholesale
dealers iu provlsloiiH, curwl meats, buller and
A Critical Test!
We like In have people test
our Paints und Enamel. We
like them to know the good
qualities they contain. They
are full ol good points, and we
know it.
But the best test of ICnamel
is the wearing quality. There
is no cracking, no peeling, no
fading, where the Sherwin-
Williams Knamcl is used.
All you need with it is a
brush.    You can do the rest.
In order Unit thu Government   may
bo in possession of dofl&lte infiirma-
tiiin witli Whloh tn supply tliosu seeking Investments   In    tins Province,   I
urn instructed to invite particulars
from those who havo properties for
sale, and who iiuiv feel disposed to
forward hiu'Ii particulars to this olliee
for the purpose in question,
In view of the proposed early re-or-
ffaiiisiitinii  nf tbe   A^i'iit   General's
Olliee in Loudon, England, Hie   tle-ir-
aiiiiity of having on niu a list of
farms and other properties for sale,
witli fnii anil aaourate details, Is obvious.   Properties  submitted may iu-
elude farms ami farm lands, iuilus-
tilai or commercial concerns, timber
limits, water powers, or oilier enterprises affording opportunities tor it-^it-
iinati' Investment,
it is not proposed to recommend
properties to Intending Investors, but
to afford the fullest access to the elnss-
Ifled lists ami all available Information connected therewith, and to place
enquirers in communication with  the
Tbe   fullest particulars are   desired
not only of tlie properties themselves,
but of tin- localities In which they
am situated, anil the conditions
affecting them. For this purpose
printed schedules will, upon application, be forwarded   to   thoHe   desirous
of making sales.
Secretary, Bureau of   Provincial   Information.
"d Soo Line
Also TOURIST CARS nussing   Dim-
more Junction Daily for St. Paul,  Saturdays top Montreal and I'lislou, Mondays    and    Thursdays    for    Toronto.
Sbiiic cars  pass   Revelstoke   one   day
for   your   enstein   trip  is to  see   tha
your ticket reads via Canadian I'aeilie.
Trains mid Steamers Depart.
6:00    / Steamer for Kootenay Lacd-
) Steam
flUK    ui
) Crow's
aud   eastern   points
Nest Route.
8:00 I Train for Rossland, Grand
Ex Sun f Porks, Qreen��ood,_Ddway,etc
0:00     [Train for Slocan City,   Slocan
Ex Sun ) points, and Nuodon.
10.<)0   1 Steamer for Kaslo nnd   inter-
Kx Run j mediate pnn.i-.
18-40 ) Tmi" tor Boasland, Nakusp,
lliiil'v _ KevolNtoke, main line and
"&">     ) Pneilllc Coast points.
For Time Tables, Rates and fall information call ou or address nearest Local Agent, or,
It. W. Drew. Ilopoi Agent 1 Nolson, n. O.
11.  L.  Illeeun, fhy Ageill.    /
W. K. A N UKllM ,'.N, K. J. COYLK.
TraT. Pass. Agon. A. H. ''���  Age_t,
Nolion v.'ie<ri.ver
Spokane  Falls  Sl
Northern R'v.
Nelson Sl Fort
Sheppard R v.
Red Mountain R'v.
McLachlan Bros.
Will pay the highest cash price for sll
kinds of Hi-roiul hand Roods. Will buy
or sell anytl'ing from an anchor to a
needle. Forniture, stoves, osrperu,
oooking utensils, booght In household
quantities. Also osst Off clothing.
Oall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike. Box 300. Hall
Street. Nelson.  P. (!.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediat
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at Meyer's Falls with
stage daily for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with stage daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Leave DAY TRAIN Arrive
8:00 a.m Spokane tl In p.m.
11  .vi i in Kossland BtIO p.m.
TlOO a.m Nelson ii;, p.m.
0:lfi p.ni Mpeikiine   7 00 a tn.
11.00 p. in Kossland 7 (KI MB.
H. A. JAOKSON, O. P. ft T.A.
Spokane   Wa_li
Agent, Nelson, B.O
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day 11.00. ^
7-8 inoh dinm. $i:i._0per 1(10 feet. For
immediate deliverv in Nelsea
J. 0. T. o_or-rs,
P, 0. Bos      sl.o��
K. O. QREBN        K. 8. OLKMKNTH
Civil Engineers snd Provincial Laud
P. O. Box Ut Vatson. B. O.
A. R. BARROW, a. ii. l ai
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Vlotorls and Kootenay Sts.
Telephone No. 85
P. O. Box Mv, Nelson  Daily Miner,  Tuesday  Eveniko,   December  ii, 1900
Tlie Maple Leaf Danoing and Social
Club will meet at Fraternity Hall
this evening at 7:80, An invitation
dance will be held after u o'olook,
Tho following mining transfer was
recorded today: From W. G, Burnham
tn .laiiiea II. Nlokerson, one-half interest in Mary Tudor olalm on Morning Mountain for ll I'linsidenition
of 650,
Mr. C. E. Miller returned last night
from Greenwood where lie bus been
looking after the business of the Wallace-Millet- fu. He is suffering from
an uttncU of lagrippe anil is confined
to his homo.
Rev.   Q,   11. Morden anil family are
remaining In the City for  a  day  or
two and are guests of Mr and Mrs. J.
A. Turner. Mr. Morden will address
the Kpwiirth League in the Methodist
Church tonight.
Miss Ella Altken, sister of Mrs.
George Nuiin, who has boen spending
the past five months with friends
here anil who was also employed In
the local telephone otlice, left tills
morning for her home in Winnipeg.
Mr. E. C. TravcB has let a contract
to Mr.Qillet for the erection of a store
on his lots at the corner of Josephine and Mill Streets. When it is
completed it will bo occupied by
Mr. J. Delatlskey who will conduct a
grocery business.
Tommy .Tonus and Tim Daly, accompanied bv another miner.cnille to NelBon yesterday and took a house on the
Lake front where they will spend the
winter.    They  are anxious to
Ivy Johnstone and Miss Helen Campbell. Tonight from 0 to 8 o'clock
the dinner eonimitteo, managed by
Mrs. Wotmes, will Berve an elaborate
dinner. Tlio following ladies will
preside over the various tables. Mes-
ilnnies Davys, Pierce, ltoberts, Lewis.
Applewlinile, Kskriggo, and li-rine.
and     Misses   Askew,     llelle     lledley,
Pearson, Gurd, Clark and Lalla Cummins. Tomorrow evening from 8 to
HI o'clock an Oyster Supper will be
prepared and served by Mrs. Ciiiiiuiins
and Miss Nenlands assisted by the
same indies who will net as waitresses
tonight. A musieul programme has
been arranged for tonight.
The Methodist Church Anniversary
services,    lusting  two  days��� Sunday
and Monday���were concluded last
night with a   high tea served   by   the
ladies of the Church from .r. to ^s
o'clock and an entertainment In the
oburch in tbo evening. Tlie high tea
was excellent and tho good tilings
served   were  thoroughly relished by
those who patronized the Indies. The
entertainment In the evening was entirely successful. Addresses wore delivered by Rev. J. II. White, the pastor, who presided, Hov. William Munroe, Eev, Hubert Frew anil Kev. G. 11.
Morden, Nelson's lirst Methodist
preacher. The musieul programme,
which was excellent, was contributed
by Mesdames Thurman, Rutherford,
Hell and Morrison and Messrs. Lennox, Smith and Benedict.
Mr. .1. II. Mellaril}., father of Mr.
C. F. Mellardy of the Nelson Hard
ware Co., died early this morning at
liis home at tbe Occidental House on
Vernon Street, lie was 07 years of
ago and a native of Scotland,although
during a greater portion of bis life he
lived with bis family at Clinton, Ontario, lie came to Nelson with Mrs.
Mellardy about two weekB ago, to
,,",, i spend the   rest of  liis   days   witli bis
Rumors of Hig Knglish Suooest Reach
War Oiiico.
London, Dee. 11,���The Evening
Standard says the battle between
General Knox and General Dewet continues and that the forces change
ground incessantly. Lack of definite
Information on tbe subject is said to
lie due to tlio   iiiiseneo   of   telegraphic
communication with the scene of action.
London, Dec. 11.���Wliilo tbo War
Olliee is must reticent on the subject
there are Indications that officials
have received news suggesting considerable Hritish successes against
son here. Tho wife and son arc tho
only relatives of tlio .icceased in the
west. Tho funeral will take place
from the Occidental Hotel at 1 ::i0 tomorrow afternoon, ltev. Mr. White
of tlie Methodist Church officiating,
Interment will tako place at the City
cemetery. The following will act as
pall bearers: W.W. Beer, .1. II. Wal
lace. .1. A. Irving, J. II. Tuttle, Geo
Hell and Dr.   Hall.
Spokane Mining Stock Exchange
This morning's Spokane quotations
as received from The Miner's special
l-l I i I \ 1. TO THE 5II-EH.)
Blacktail 0'd
Butte & Boeion  2%
��� 2X
. OX
. IX
��� %
... 8
... IU
work of all kinds and ean be addressed care of the Miner olliee.
The County Court of Kootenay
which opened yesterday was continued
today before Judge Forin. The large
list of cases is being quiokly disposed of and only one case remained to
ho heard this altcrnoon. It is
thought that the court will end some
time   this afternoon.
Owing'to the illness of Mr. R. W.
Day*the weekly practice of the Nelson
Orchestral Society will be held tomorrow evening at Mrs. Morley's house
at the rear of St. Savior's Church.
Tho members of the society are requested to nolo the change and to
come to Mrs. Morley's instead of Mrs.
Conductor Griffin,who has been taking tlio run from Nelson to Northport
on the Spokane Falls and Northern
has resigned his position to go on
duty on another portion of the line.
Mr. K. F. Frederick of San Francisco
who is to succeed hiin, took charge
of the duties this morning. Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick will reside   in Nelson.
Rev. S. Rhodes will hold service to
morrow evening at the house of Mrs.
lllaney. when, instead of a sermon he
will read the "Divine Liturgy of St.
James," said to have been used in the
Church at .Jerusalem within fifty
days after the Resurrection of Jesus
Christ. All those interested in the
antiquity of the "Old Church'' ought
to hear it. Service begins at 7:1.',
p. m. ��
City Clerk Strachan has completed
his work in connection with the vot
ers' list. It has been turned over to
Mayor Houston who has to correct and
revise it before next Monday. The
list will then lie open for inspection.
Anyone who has been left oil' and
who wishes bis name placed thereon
will then have to go before Police
Magistrate Crease and make the necessary declaration.
Thomas Kgan, a laborer, came before Magistrate Ciease at the Police
Court this morning to answer to the
charge of attempting to steal. The
necessary Information not having
been secured the case was adjourned
until tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
It is fluid that Kgan yesterday morning entered C. Kurtz's room, but before he had timo to carry out Ills
plans be was discovered. Information
was laid at once nnd resulted in his
At 2 o'clock this afternoon the Bazaar under the auspices of the Ladies'
Guild of St. Saviors' Church was
opened at the Opera Hints., which lias
been prettily decorated for the occasion with Hags, bunting and lanterns.
There are many different departments in which the patrons can eon-
tribute to the treasurei'i fund. There
la �� candy booth in charge of Miss
llonsusan and Miss lledley, a dull and
toy booth In charge of Mrs. Connon,
a "fish pond" presided over by Mrs.
McLean, and Miss Neelands, a "book
guessing contest" in charge of Mrs. I
N. M. Cummins, a fancy goods booth,
In charge of Mrs. Cummins assisted !
by Miss Barnfathcr   and Miss   Crease
and Beveral other original features The lnmnie tens they loe' the best
that will appeal to prospective buyers, j Affl Empire Orown, an' a' that I
Dining   the   afternoon   of   both days'    The above   suggestion   from a   fair
tea will be served by Mrs. it. m. Bird Canadian correspondent, "with apolo-
assisted by Mrs. J. J. Campbell. Mrs. gizes to Bui ns," hai> been gratefully
Petelt, Mrs. Starkey, M>-h. Fennel, received and Immediately adopted
Miss Scarlet, Miss Jean lledley,   Miss hy���Colonist.
Deer Trail Con	
Evening Slar	
Gold Ledge	
Golden Harvest ..
I. X.L	
Iron Mask	
Jim Blaine	
Lone Pine Surprise
Moiiutuiu I .'iii.	
Morning Glory  o%
Morrison  8).
Noble Five  4
Princess Maud   1%
Palmer Mt. Tun  10
Quilp 28J_
Barabler-Oariboo 2(1
Republic    03
Reservation  5
lUisslniid Giant  2%
Sullivan 14 1.
Tom Thumb 12
Waterloo  8
Winnipeg   7
Conjeclure  4}_
American Hoy 10X
Trade Dollar	
Hercules  BK
Juno  4>_
Miller Creek  3
Weliil.l-.nl      2X
Gold Standard  OK
Hen Uur 10
Bales���Crystal, 2000at :>',; Rossland
Giant, 2000 nt 2)$.
Putrefying   food   in   the   intestines
produces effects line those of  arsenic
line Dr. King's New Life Pills ex
pel the poisons frum elogged bowels,
gently, easily lint surely, curing   Con
stlpatlon, Biliousness, sick Headache,
Fevers, all Liver. Kidney and Bowel
troubles. Only IS cents at Canada
Ding A   Book Co.
TAK"    A'   CUP
Though women's minds,   Ilk
May shift, and turn an' a' that.
To love of Scandal, Tea and friends-
They're Constant still, for a'   that I
An' so aiva' wi' Foreign Teas,
Ileum wi' Japan an' a' that I
Ceylon Green Tea they loe1 the best,
And wha' a Crime ilaur ea' that?
For it's lea. alioon the lave,
They dearly loe' an' a' that-
Blue Ribbon, and Saluda, too,
And lii-nw .Monsoon, nn' a' that���
Because, yee.i si-c 'twist you  an' me,
Japan, the Line they drn' nt.
For syne the first are British Tens,
They loe' them weel, an' a' that!
Though some may prate o' Ither teas,
An' flaunt Japan, an' a' that���
The Lassies say they'll nae' their way.
An' drink Ceylon for a' that!
For a' that, an' a' that���
Awa' Japan, nn'a' that���
London, Dec. 11.���Mr. George Sum
eiviile was this morning granted ade
Oree of divorce against Mai ion Soiner
ville and 81,500 damages against Earl
Russell, with whom tho defendant
was accused of having committed
adultery. No defence was entered
against Mr, Somervillo's petition.
Two youngsters stood in front of a
Baker street store yestcrduy after
noon. They could scent Christmas.
and wero looking in the window with
their noses flattened against the plate
glass front.
Their clothes were ragged.
Ono had trousers that his father had
worn before him.
The other chap had old boots, and
as he turned from the window a moment ho asked: "Are ye goin' to hang
up yer stockin".'"
"Naw, I ain't."
"Why ain't yer'.'"
"Kez why?"
"Kez I ain't got none."
Then the kid explained that he borrowed his sisters' stockings to come
up-towu to sell papers.
When I left them the fellow with
the odd boots was advising bis pal to
hang up his trousers and tie the buttons.���Observer.
The best Holiday Stock
in ihe city. Some of the
lines are exceedingly
dainty and all of them
reasonably priced. Come
tomorrow. This is such
an opportunity as occurs
most rarely.
Ladies' Hemstitched Handkerchiefs with ruffle, a new French
idea; worth l,ric; our price....
Ladies' Handkerchiefs with embroidered edge; eight designs
to choose from ; only live dozen to go at	
Or two  for	
Ladles' Hemstitched and Em-
in-iiidei-eil Handkerchiefs, pure
Irish Linen ; your choice	
Ladles' Anglo-Saxon Handkerchiefs, fancy embroidered
Shiiiiii-iiek, Thistle and Hose;
real Irish Limn, hand work;
very   special	
5 Dozen Men's Linen Handker
chiefs to go at three for	
5 Dozen Men's Hemstitched Linen Handkerchiefs, worth (15c;
out'price is	
Men's Silk Handkerchiefs, in
good heavy quality ; one inch
hem ; special values at 3(lc, 50c,
Toe and	
SI 75
Kerr St Co.
Cor. Buker and Ward Streets,
According to The Trail Creek News
morning drinks come easy in Trail.
Here is how some wero secured: S.
D, Weaver, the clothing man, was a
little careless Monday night, When
closing time came he took in the usual line display of goods hanging outside to attract attention���at least he
thought he did. It has been his custom of late to hang two natty suits
over the front entrance door, placed
there by a pole with a hook. Hut ou
the night in question ho forgot these
two suits and there they bung until
the weo hours next morning, when
Fred Hosquot and his worthy right
hand supporter came along to open up
shop and concluded to teach Weaver
a lesson. They got the two natty suits
down and took them over to the
Crown Point bar, where tho first
morning's smile was drank by pawning the goods. Other smiles were
taken by others, until Weaver didn't
know which was best to do, go and
take the suits out or let them remain
in pawn. He finally settled tbo bill
and will probably be moro careful in
"1 suffered such pain from corns 1
could baldly walk," writes 11. Robinson, llillsboroui;h, Ills., "but Buok-
len's Arnica Salve completely cured
them." Acts like magic on sprains,
bruises, cuts, sores, scalds, burns,
boils, ulcers. Perfect healer of skin
diseases and piles. Cute guaranteed
by Canada Drug St Hook Co.
German Syrup is the special pre-
sciiptionof Dr. A. Boshee, a celebrated German Physician, uud is acknowledged to be one of tbo most fortunate discoveries in Medicine. It
quickly cures Coughs, Colds and Lung
troubles of the severest nature, removing, as it does, the cause of the alTec-
lon and leaving the parts in a strong
and healthy condition, It   is not an
experimental medicine, but   has Btood
the test oi years, giving satisfaction
in every case, which its rapidly Increasing sale every season confirms,
Two   million   bottles   sold   annually.
Bosche's German Syrup was introduced in the United States in lfltis,
and is now sold in every town and
village In the civilized world. Three
doses will relieve any ordinary cough.
Price 7,ri cents. For .Sale by W. '���'.
The most miserable beings in the
world are those Buffering from Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. More
than seventy-five per cent, of the people in tlie Dominion arc afflicted
with these two diseases and their
effects; such a Sour Stomach, 'Sick
Headache, Habitual CoBtlveness, Palpitation of the Heart, Heart-burn,
Wnterbrash, Gnawing Pains at the
Pit of Stomach, Yellow Skin. Coated
Tongue and Disagreeable Taste in
the MOUtb, Coming up of Food After
Eating, Low Spirits, etc. Go to your
Druggist and get a bottle of August
Flower for IC, cents. Two doses will
relieve you. Try it. For sale by W.
F. Tcetzel.
The Best WATCH
in the world
For the Honey.
We are offering- a very fine
line of watches which we
specially recommend as being durable and able to
stand 50 per cent more
hardship than any .other
watch. We have them in
ladies' gent's and boy's
sizes, each one suitable for
Christmas presents. Our
line watch catalogues sent
On application.
Patenaude   Bros.,
M eieil! li-.tlimiil   __WtSlf!-,
NELSON,     -    -     B. C.
D. J. DEWAR, J. P.
Notary Publio,  Conveyancer.
House and lot on Silica Street, nice
location, near Episcopal Church,
Seven room house, new, all conveniences, only .1,650, easy terms.
Nice lot on Carbonate Street, between Ward and Josephine Streets,
��. 'fi.
Seven roomed house, stone foundation, lot .8x130.    $2,00(1, eiiBy terms.
Loans on improved property, H per
cent., straight, or monthly payments.
No commission.
Seven roomed house, new, Mines
Road, (35, Including water.
Four room Cottage, near Phair Hotel, $10.
Seven room house, Hume Addition,
Capt. Hay ward's House, '850.
If you don't like Blue Ribbon Tea it's
beoause you've never taeted it.
Bank of
British  Columbia.
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
> .& _t ___.'.__; &:.__;_& &��: &S�� &\b& _C& _L SL SL sJ.--?"^^^
Uf _ _   _ St
TO < l 1:1: A <"OLD IN <>m:  im 1
TaVoLaxativo Hromo Quinine TabloU, All
drug* jut* r of und tbe money it it fai.H to euro.
2Ao.   K, W. UiQvo.*, tOgUftturo la on eaoh box,
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Best of
Quality   as follows :
Java nnil j\reel,lan Moohn. per pound f   40
Java and Mi elm Hlond, 3 pounds  1 00
I'ton Santo*, . pounds  1 00
Nemo- Blond, 5 pounds  1 00
Heir SpeclalBlend, (> poundH  100
Our Klo RraBt, (i pounds  1 00
Nelson,     -
If You Buy Now
Your Money Will Last Longer.
We have in our Opera House Store, articles suitable for Christmas
Presents for young and old���gay and grave. We have got to move from
this store, and we are going to sell every article on the premises.
Royal Crown Derby,
Royal Worcester,
llaviland Limoges,
German, Japanese and
Austrian Fancy Ch ina-
The nicest assortment in  Nelson.
A full line of Our Usual 1 loliday
Articles. Dolls,Toys, Fancy Good's
Etc., are now opened up and wise
buyers are making early selections,
. Canada Drug and book 60.,
Sk,, js^:___.:___.;___.���.-__��� -S'-��'^5��'-����'-��7__'-S:_5'4��:_3_fii:_5 _2_���______" -^
���~?00 ^^ ^090^ ~~ ��� A90- 00 ��� 090' 00 ��� 0A0'.f V 00> ��� 09*- ���< ��� A90- 990 ��� 00- 9 - 00^- ^.^
OAfiS.-MEALS a la 0AETE.
Close connection East nnd Westbound nt Spokane withtrnins of the
trains of the Spokane Falls aud Northern Railway.
Direct connection nt St. Paul without change of depot with all trains for
Chicago, Toronto. Montreal, New York
and all points West and South.
Leaves Spokane daily for East at_10:l5 a.m
Leaves Spokane daily tor West at 7:45 p.m
West-bound trains make direct con��
nection for Victoria and Vancouver
Portland, Sun Francisco, and ull points
on the Sound.
During the season of navigatinn East
bound i ruins connect at Duluth with
theniagnillcentsteainships North Went
and North-Land of theNorthern Steamship Company Line, operated In connection with tha Great Northern Itailway.
For further Information, maps, folders, etc., apply to any agent of Spokane
Falls ft Northern Hy., Kaslo St Slocan
Ity, Kootei Bi Railway St Navigation
Co., or to
Geul. Pass. & Tkt. Agt.    Oom'cl Agt.
St. Paul, Min      Spokane. Wnsli
Christmas 5
Luring this month nearly everyone is looking for suitable gifts for their friends.
Nothing is so suitable as a piece of Jew-
elery or Silverware.
We cordially invite all to come and examine our stock and assure yourselve that
we arc giving better value than c n be
found elsewhere in the Kootenay. Our
store will be open every evening during
: T.tt. BROWN, i
��� NELSON. B. C.   ���
��� ���
��� _-_���________���__
If Brown Said So, It's Right
Placers  INfaYij  Qit
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Kootenay Railway and Nav.
Company, Ltd.
So-0-ule nf Time.       Paolflo Standard I'tiuo.
Etl'o-Uvo February M, 1IXX)
Possengor train for Sandon and way ntnl ion.
loaveH  Kaslo at 8 a. in., daily.    Returning,
leaven Sandon n. 1.15 inn., arriving at KaHlo
ei* S.55 p.m.
Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.
Str. "International" leaves Kaulo for Nelson
at 0 a. m, dally except Sunday. Returning,
leavos Nolson at 0,10 p.m., calling at Balfour,
Pilot Bay, Ainsworth and all way points. Connects with S. F. & N. train to and from Spo-
Kano at Five Mile Point.
Steamer Argonta has been laid up foi the
win tor.
Steamers oaU at principal landings In both
directions, and a. othor points when slgnallod.
Ticket- sold I a all points In Canada and tho
United States.
To ascertain rates and full Information ail
elrotu i
Manaser, Kuh1o.I1, C.
Turner Beeton & Co
Nelson, B. C.
ESTABLISHED 150 YEARS LOt-dOll,    tl^s'
ORBl I       Brand and
P_V.b_VlI fc, K. Navy Cut Tobaccos.
Aq-nT- ion Can.ii* i JAMES TURNER A CO.. Hamiltoh, 0��t.
OROW  &   MORRIS,   Solo Agonts, Nelson, B. 0.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Brewers of Fine Lager
Beer and Potter,
Melioti, B, 0,
-������������������������ O-.
Branch Markets in Rossland, Traill, Nelscn. _B*W
Sandon, Tnree Porks, New Denver a^d Slocan C #���
sr0Bipt rtttmtm-


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