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Nelson Daily Miner Oct 15, 1900

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 Daily Edition No. 856
'__-    =
Nelson,   British Columbia, Monday Evening,   October 15,  1900.
Eleventh Year
z ' "  '^Ovin   ..        	
"-���v York. When he got to Bruns-
'31 Oo'e leased a locomotive to come
^ u,.- -kelcy Springs, arriving at the
station without any one in town expecting him.
No Doubt Now as to the Date of Polling
in Yale-Cariboo-Chris. Foley's
First Speech.
The Miner is in receipt of information whloh leaves no doubt that the
date of polling in the Yale-Kootenay-
Carlboo district will be Wednesday,
Nov. 21, unless Mr. D, J. McDonald,
U,e returning ollicer, changes bis
mind before issuing bis proclamation.
This will give Messrs. MaeNeill and
Unlliher twu weeks more campaigning
than other candidates throughout the
Dominion, and the last two week's
will probably see the greatest offortB
made and tho greater part of the work
The iliillilicr committee rooms,
Ward and Vernon streets, have been
opened and from now until the end of
the eaiiinaign will be the headquarters of the faithful Liberate of Nelson.
There was a good meeting In the committee room* on Saturday night and
organlzstlon was affected. Mr. H. W.
K. Moore ��as chosen permanent secretary, witli R. J. Steel, (ieorge S. lleer
uml James Mol'hee assistant secretaries.
Hilling the evening, the candidate.
Mi llalllhor, John A. Qlbson and W.
A, McLean made addresses, Mr. Qalll-
hcr meeting with a most enthusiastic
reception, Mr. Il.-illibcr asks that
all Liberals in Nelson visit the Committee rooms,
A third banner was strung across
Baker street this morning marking
the location of the Labor candidate's
Committee rooms In ihe oot Hudson's
Hay store. The labor campaign will
be on in earnest in a few days. Christopher Foley, the labor  candidate,   is
1 ling to iniike the lirst speech   sonic
time this week. Before his arrival
complete organization will have been
The Conservative committee rooms
in the Houston block have been es-
taliliabed several days and work is
How well underway. Mr. MacNcill.
the Conservative candidate, is expected in Nelson within a  week  or ten
days and a   big meeting is to be   held
in the Opera House.
The Industrial World, the organ of
Organised labor of Rossland, says:
There seems to be a disposition on
the part of many leading Liberals of
Hie district to get in out of the wet,
und at the same time they hesitate to
break with the party organisation,
This is the lime that tries Liberal's
Moils. Each suspects the other. Each
  is afraid lo make   the   start,   and
taking It altogether   they   are   not  n,
happy family.    Nelson  Liberals claim
thai .1.   l-'riineis   Deane,    who   carries
the hag for the Liberal Government,
came down to deliver them  lo  Foley,
and a great outcry resulted. Mr. Galllher and his friend, Mr. Deane, came
to Kossland Thursday in an endeavor
to hold local Liberals In line.    Not   a
cieat  deal of success attended  their
SffortS.and their faces bore a tired cx-
prosslon when they left for the Boundary yesterday morning, lie recognizes
nnd his supporters admit, that his
'nte, politically, is scaled.
The Conservatives arc also losing
neart,and now admit Foley'* candidature has mil helped their chances
The Labor people alone appear to be
thoroughly satisfied with the situation nml their work goes steadily on,
nnd the cause is gaining new recruits
daily. The rank and file of the Lib-
e���l party arc joining the Foley
forces by scores, They have evidently tost confidence In tbelr leaders.
in regard to the report that has
been so industriously eirculatctd by
'���''"''nl "friends of labor" that Foley would withdraw and allow Galllher   to  win    against    McNeill,    The
world wishes to announce officially,
that under no eirennistiinees will   the
labor candidate withdraw.
Mr, Christopher Foley made bis lirst
.reel, 0( tbe   campaign   In   Rossland
os Friday night.   Her
li'ilis uf ii 1
The speaker laid he believed Hint
UK  workers, who    outnumbered nil
other classes in the community, had a
right to more consideration', than had
been hitherto shown them. The
worker was entitled to a just share of
what he produced. The government
has the right in time of war to call on
the worker to place himself between
it and the peril that confronts it. If
this is so. lie held that the government was in duly bound to throw all
possible safeguards and wise laws
around the toiler, so that his rights
might be protected in time of peace.
If it did not do this, the workers had
a right to send their own representatives to make laws for them. This,
be declared, was one of the reasons
for the existence of the Independent
Labor party. (Applause long and
loud.) The worker assumed all the
rcsponsibilties of citizenship, and
should be protected.
lle paid his respects to the press,
which he declared was once the beacon light of humanity, but now was
turned into the mouthpieces of the
monopolies, and stood ready to foully
besmear the men who bravely stood
up for that which was just and right.
Mr. Foley'sald the law of the land
sanctioned a man becoming a member
of organized labor, and yet there
were places where members of labor
unions were followed by spies, and if
a worker was seen talking to him he
was discharged and was turned out
into the world without means of
making a living with the brand of an
industrial Cain upon his brow, lle
held that it was one of the duties of
the government to protect, the worker
from such outrages as these.
Mr. Foley went after the Conservative party and declared that it was a
corpse, although Mr. MaeNeill evident- (
|y imagined that It was afflicted only
with suspended animation. During
,:.. Il.ii!> years that it Was 11, powfe*
it bad done nothing for the workers, I
and nothing could be expected from
it. lie said that they bud built up aj
high protective tariff in order to pro-
tcct Canadian manufacturers and bad
then brought ill the very people they i
were competing against. Then he i
told how they boasted of the building J
of the Canadian Pacific Railway. The
Conservatives bad given the company
1100,000,000 in money and lands, and
then gave it 110,000,000 more in order
that it might surrender a monopoly.
Thus, he said, they bad given it twice
what it cost to build the railway, and
what had been the result'.' A gigantic
OCtupUB that is one of the greatest
menaces to liberty in Canada, lu addition to this the railway company
brought thousands of Chinese to construct the western end of the railway,
and these had remained to compete
and to assist in degrading the Canadian laliorcr.'and to deprive him of his
birthright "Mr. MacNcill had started out on bis canvass and asks you to
restore1that party to power, and he
has with him as an assistant the Lord
Mayor.    (Cheers and applause.)
Mr. Foley next sacrificed the Liberals. The alien uct.be declared,was as
nsless as a cow's tail on a locomotive.
I When the Hungarians were sent to
the Sloean during the labor troubles
there Premier Laurier was appealed
I to to prevent the infraction of the law
and he did nothing Afterwards he
sent an agent into the Slocan who privately Informed the mine owners that
they must not import any more luhoiv
ers.' lle next took up the strike of
the fishermen on the Eraser river, and
gave an account of the causes of the
trouble, lle told how the Japanese
and Chinese were brought into the
country and made citizens inside of
three weeks in order that they might
be able to lake the places of Canadians on the fishing banks. This action, which he held was with the con-
nivanceof Hie (loverninciit.he saiil was
wrong in tbe extreme, lie counseled
bis hearers to not vote for a party
guilty of such actions.
Applications From Americans or Hebrews Will Not Ho Accepted.
London, Oct. 15.���The will of Mr.
J. B. Clayton, son of the late member
of Parliament of that name, has just
been probated. Hy it he leaves his
two daughtcis a fortune of 9730,000,
with the curious provision that the
money is only to bo payable if they
shall attain the age of 38 years without marrying either a citizen of the
United States or a Hebrew.
It Is a Good Permanent Mining Country But Has
No Quartz.
ere are spme por-
A Man From Virginia With More
Money Than llrnins.
New York. Oct. in.���A special to
Tbe Herald says.
Berkley Springs, W. Va.. Oet. 15.-
Jlmmy Adam" ha* returned from the
Klondike. When be left here three
years ago he went with no money and
on a freight train. He returned in a
private ear hauled by a leased locomotive, and brought with him nearly
J300,000 iii gold and papers representing mining possessions worth W,000,-
mill and prospectively worth ten times
as much. When be was back from the
north two years ago ho had sonic gold
and prospects, but be had not written
home since, anil no one was prepared
for his return. At Detroit be tired
of traveling in ordinary trams and
took the best ami biggest car be OOtlld
get lit 1500 a day. coming leisurely
and stopping at   Niagara Fulls  and
Vancouver, II. C, Oct. IB.���J, F.
Reilly, a prominent American mining
engineer, representing the Alaska
Transportation Company, is in the
city. He has recently returned from
tho Klondike, where he spei.t fourteen
months examining claims for the company mentioned, which is one of the
largest of those interested in the
north. He went over, in all, ;isu
quarts locations in the Yukon country, part of these being in American
territory, and he has some decidedly
original things to say regarding the
Mr. Reilly states that the Klondike
country is a permanent mining region,and tl at while it will take many
years to work out the creek placers,
tbe bill claims, many of which are
miles 1n extent, can be worked for
years to come with profit. A great
deal of machinery is coming into the
country, and as wages decrease and
transportation charges become more
reasonable many of the properties that
are now practically abandoned can be
worked with profit. In the bill back
of Lousetown,which is a part of Dawson, he has panned himself from three
to eight cents to the pan, but there is
no water available there, and, while
the property is not worked now, there
is no doubt but that in the near future
some arrangement will be devised
whereby it can be worked with profit,
Mr. Keilly says that ho certainly
would have remained in the country
to purchase bill claims, had be known
that the government would have put
them on the market.
Regarding the quartz prospects, Mr.
Reilly says laconically, "There is no
quartz In the country." Continuing,
he suid, "I do not know why the A.
T. Company,which I represent, should
spend their time and money investigating doubtful properties, of quartz located in the Klondike, when there are
such excellent properties close to the
Coast cities, as I have seen in Kootenay and in the Mount Sicker district
on Vancouver Island."
Mr. Reilly docs not believe to any
extent in possibilities for hydraulic
mining in the Klondike. Wages had
now fallen in the summer from 8!> to
g:t and &3.60 per day, and when transportation wns cheaper and other expenses decreased, what were thought
at present to be good hydraulic claims
would be worked in the usual way.
There are some, of course, that might
pay, but most of them were ridiculous. There would be from six to
eight feet of black muck overtopping
four or five feet of alluvial gravel, and
this was worth from two to five cents
a yard. This would not pay, and from
a general knowledge of   the   situation
he could not give any encouragement
to hydraulic mining in the country.
Mr. Reilly recently visited Eagle
City, Alaska, and the new Tananii
country, and he found many claims
that had been; abandoned, because ,,f
high wages, were now being woikcd
very successfully, nnd in some instances with very satisfactory results.
American creek was staked, the surface of Its diggings skimmed over and
then it was abandoned for Nome.   But
I go, f the men who   had   no   money
I,, reach Nome, and   had   perforce   to
sue in the country, relocated some of
the properties. In August, be was
watching work on one claim when he
saw ft nugget worth SISI taken out,
nnd another was picked up worth Sl to.
lie bad picked up one himself worth
87.', anil every chum seemed to have
(tinned out rich.
Upton's Challenge  Said to
Ask That the Race Be
In August.
New York, Oet. 15.���There arc expressions of satisfaction by officials
and members of the New York Yacht
Club because of Sir Thomas Lip ton's
new challenge. The yacht club officials have felt sure that Sir Thomas
would make a second attempt to "lift
the cup" next year. They were not
quite prepared, however, to believe
that the challenge would be sent before December,' as that would cover
the necessary ten months1 notice required by the club. Evidently the
trials of the Shamrock in October
weather last; year have caused Sir
Thomas Lipton to wish foi the match
lo be sailed much earlier. The race
may be sailed in August, it is said.
August is a busy month with the
New York Yacht Club. Its easterly
cruise takes place then and before the
squadron is disbanded one half of tlie
month has expired. This easterly outing and its squadron runs have always been favored occasions for trials
of the cup candidate or the new yacht
built to defend the cup. During tbe
orulse tbe great races for the Goelet
cups have taken place in the past and
now these have given way to the Faster cups.
After the cruise there was another
month or so in which to remedy defects, if any, and complete the hard
work of tuning up the. boat for her
meeting with the challenger. Whether the club will see its way clear to
accede to the request, if it is made,
that the races for the cup be sailed in
August next year, is,therefore, a matter of conjecture.
Mr. .1. Frederick Tains.a member of
tlie New York and Scwanhaka-Coriu-
thiau Yacht Clubs, said :
"I have no doubt Sir Thomas Lip-
ton's challenge will promptly he accepted. Sir Thomas is very popular
with American yaobtmen, ami he certainly deserves another chance nt the
"Of course it is too soon to express
an opinion whether or not a new
yacht will be built to defend the cup
against tbe now Shamrock, but I honestly think it will be very hard to
build a better boat than the Columbia. It would certainly take a much
faster yacht than the old Shamrock to
beat her.
"Hut If it be deemed best to build a
new defender, there will bo no trouble in finding plenty of men ready and
willing to furnish the necessary
money. I think Sir Thomas will have
a hotter chance next year than any of
the challengers that have crossed the
ocean in years past. You sec he will
have the benefit of last year's experience, and if he has Captain Cringe,
who sailed the Shamrock last year,
and the Mineola this year, his boat
will have a great advantage.
"As for hifl reported request that
the race be sailed in August, 1 believe
that it should be granted. There is always a better breeze in August than
in October and the chances for an exciting race are far more favorable. In
August there would be small chance
for flukes,Which proved so vexing last
"1 am delighted that the prospects
foi a race next year are so good, and
I am sure every good yachtsman shares
my sentiment in this subject. Sir
Thomas   may be assured   of   the   best
treatment over here, and if ho wins
the cup it could not be in better
hands. "
"Will some one build a new yacht
to defend the cup?" said Mr. Chester
"Well, it is rather early to talk
about that, but I should think it likely. Americans are not in the habit
of using old things if they can have
better; they are too enterprising.
There would   be   no   difficulty   about
raising money for a new defender if it
Is   decided to build one."
with increasing temperature and irregular pulsations. There is no
present danger, but a recurrence of
the weakness would be the cause of
Imminent danger." bulletins have
hitherto not been issued at the house
of the former Empress.
London, Oct. 15.���The election returns are complete with tli9 exception
of six pollings today and the polling
in the Orkney Islands, October 24. Ou
this announcement the Unionists have
gained Aberdcnshirc, making the respective gains as follows: Ministerial* :ui, Opposition It.",. The total number of members of Parliament elected
is 048, as follows: Conservatives,
llll; Unionists, 08; Liberals and Lab-
orites, 184,  Nationalists, 80.
Buyers   From   Everywhere
Looking for Them In
Chinese Cities.
(Correspondence of A. 1
Tien Tsin, Sept. 7. ���Lured
prospects of rich bargains and loot,
large numbers of buyers are reaching
Pekin and Tien Tsin from Shanghai
and other cities in the south. Most of
them are acting under cable instructions from dealers in America and Europe, the most exaggerated reports
having been spread of the value of the
plunder taken in the sacking of these
two north of China cities. It is safe
to predict that Europe and America
Will be Hooded with curios and relics
which have never seen either Pekin or
Tien 'Tsin because so far the speculators have met with disappointment.
There is today any quantity of stuff
for sale, but practically all of it could
be bought in any curio or oriental
shop at home. In fact by street and
in the invlronsof tlie camps, soldiers
of all powers gather in little groups,
bartering for the spoils of war. It is
al) done very quietly and is apparently winked at by those iu authority.
These little extemporized bazaars are
extremely picturesque. There have
been few real bargains and these have
been in furs. Some exceedingly handsome fur robes have been secured at
low prices, Persian lamb and mink,as
the dressed bide of the unshorn lambs
is loyally termed, arc probably the
most valuable of the furs of this region, while sable and n little ermine
lias found its way into the hands of
those earliest on the scene. There is a
curious absence of bronzes and porcelain. One has a bard bunt to find a
bit of either, and then it is usually of
an inferior grade. The explanation is
found in the fact that the common
soldier is not usually a connoisseur
of it, and many dingy vases of real
value and bits of   priceless bronze   lie
untouched  ami shattered under tbe
shell torn walls of the native city here
and of Pekin.
Official Bulletin Tells of   Condition o
Empress   Frederick.
Hamburg, Oct. 18.���An  ofllolal bul
Something Will   Drop   if lie Ever Appears in Pekin.
(Correspondence of the A. P.)
Pekin, Sept. 11.���English and American papers have just been received
which make interesting reading for
tin- ministers and their families, telling as they do all about their supposed death and giving tragic details us
to how the   men   killed their   women
folk, how members of certain legations were boiled in oil,and other harrowing pictures of the last days of the
slego. There is a certain gentleman
living in Shanghai, better known to
the world as "Tho Shanghai Liar,'
who, if he were here, would probably
meet a warm reception from some of
his victims.
If Sir Robert Hart shall prove a
true prophet there will be a serious
affair before the beginning of November, when bands inarching from tinsmith will have come together and he
more or   less   under   central   control,
There will probably I lie    battle, he
says, with a great loss to the Chinese
before they realize the hopelessness of
further resistance.
Brief Despatches From All Parts of the
Dominion-Laurier Denies the
Cook Charges.
15.���The   following
announced   today:
Arch.   MeCor-
P.   Ilrown, ex-
Montreal, Oct.
nominations are
mack, Conservative, ,f.
M. P.. Liberal; ltriine, Hon. Sidney
A. Fisher, Liberal. Ontario���South
Qrenville, ,1. Carruthers. Liberal;
Mast Middlesex, Thomas Gllmour,Liberal ; Toronto West, E. II Osier and
L. P. Clarke, ex-M. P., Conservative:
Cornwall aud Stormont, A. Y. Mul-
boin. Liberal. Nova Scotia���Hants,
A. Putnam. ex-M. P., Conservative,
Quebec���West, P. .1. Kerwin, Irish
Catholic Conservative.
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 15. ���Reports
from all along the Atlantic coast of
Nova Scotia tell of great damage by
tho storm last Thursday. Telegraphic
Communication lias been interrupted
for two days. A large number of
barques and schooners have been driven ashore, some sunk, but fortunately
uo lives lost.
Vancouver with about lifty invalided
Canadians on board, arrived here Yesterday. The invalids were accorded a
warm reception by the citizens of
Quebec. No Hritish Columbians are
among them.
Toronto, Oct.,, 1:,.���Dr. Jas. Car-
lyle, the last surviving nephew- of tho
great Curlylc. son of his eldest brother, died here Saturday night after a
long illness, aged 00 years.
Toronto, Oct. 15.���0. II. Stinson.
the well known broker, died at his
borne here   yesterday   morn ing,   aged
Chnrlottelown, P. E. I.. Oct. IS.���
'Thursday's storm was the severest lu
this vicinity for years. Many barns
and frames of new buildings were
blown down, schooners driven ashore,
buoys displaced, bridges swept away
and railway tracks in some places
badly damaged.
London,    Out..
Kenny, one of the
of tin- County of
aged 7? years.
Oct.    IS.���Erastui
stalwart yeomanry
Middlesex,   is   dead,
Hamilton, Ont. Oct. 15.��� W. II. Irwin, publisher of eity directories, is
dead of paralysis of heart, aged r,s
Quebec,   Oct.    15. ���Dominion   liner
Halifax, N. S., Oct. 15.���Two liritisli Naval officers at Sydney are now
looking over property with a view, it
is said, to having a coaling station
placed in Cape Breton, probably at
Montreal, Oct. 1.",. ��� Regarding the
charges of II. II. Cook, ex-M. P., Liberal, for East Simcoc. that he had
been asked to pay (10,000 for a Liberal senatorsliip, lion. Sir Wilfrid
Laurier has written a letter to tho
press giving the whole charge a most
unqualified and emphatic denial
and challenges Mr. Cook to prove the
Ottawa, Oet. 1.1.���Aeeoiding to reports received from Colonels Otter,
Evans and Lesard, the strength of
their regiments iu South Africa, respectively is as follows:
First contingent, ;iti officers and "Oil
men, effective, Mil. on coinimuii] 37,
eonttvleseent 73, sick and doing duty
at various rest camps 176, Second battalion C M. R., parade strength 184;
sick 1117, missing one. First battalion, C. AI. R., or Royal Canadian Dragoons, parade strength 105, sick 1O0,
in detachment 38,
Ottawa, Oct. 18.���J. O'Brien, of Ottawa Kust, was run over by a cab today and is not expected to recover.
The cab driver, a man named Wright,
is under arrest,
Superintendent of Railroad
Knew Nothing of His
s.-iry with the Imperial authorities to
permit of the men remaining here.
The charges preferred against Corner Hart and City Health Ollicer Eraser by Ernest Hall, that the former
bad failed to report a caso of dlpth-
criu, and that the latter hud issued a
false certificate of death, wero gone
into thoroughly at a meeting of tho
civic board of health Saturday evening. As a result of the boards deliberations a resolution was passed exonerating the olllcials.
Managing Director James Thomson, of the C. P. N. Co., mado the
very welcome announcement at the
quarterly general meeting of tho Hritish   Columbia   Hoard   of   Trade    Fri-
Niinniuio.  II.    ('..    Oet.    1. ���Nathan.
Paul Dougan, the Ladysinith operator I
charged   with   the     manslaughter   of;
Henry Saunders in a fatal railway col-!
lision near Ladysinith. Saturday, Sep-
tember   15   last,   pleaded   not guilty,   (|
when arraigned in court,    During the   .,
examination of  Superintendent   Pi
steamship   service     to   Northern
pints would be iii every sense equal to
and Chief Train Pcsputcher   Ilrown of   __ ^.B fa   ������. Am_ic_ bU.uulHh|
Ihe lv .V N.   Railway,  in the   Dougan   ������,   ���,������,,���_   ,,,������    s_uu.       Ar.
caw. iinikt   extraordinary  revelations    ... ���   *.
rangementi are now m progress look-
were made of   complete    ignorance   of _ ()1)���lini_ ,,lHl _(,   ,,,���,,,
the most ordinary railway duties. |       ,_ ^   ^^  ^ t]|(j   ^     ^
Evidence was adduced  which show*\_��_ ,   _    .    ,    ...
statement was receive, with ^reat on*
thutlasm >>y the b<��ard.
nl that the mad lias beOO run haphazard. Prior was utterly Ignorant of
tho simplest matters of railway detail,
He had never hoard <��f a train register
and admitted all rOOOrds of trains
moving were merely kept in   the ehi
operator's head.
Ilrown   admitted    tho   Kami1
London,   Oct.    LI.���Thu    Telegraph
^correspondent    In   Lorenzo    Marques
cable* an interview bad by   him with
thing. lex-President Kruger'* grandson Eloff,
The evidence so far shows that Don- who accompanies his grandfather to
gall hud three or four men's win 1( to Europe, lie says be did not think
do at Ladysinith.   His salary was paid ' Kruger intended   to return   to   South
A record trip was made yesterday.
from Nelson to Crawford Hay and return,   a   total   distance of   nearly   70
by the railway
liery company
company and   th"
and   he   did   duty
Africa. He did not suppose the Hritish would allow him to land if be did
return, lle denied his grandfather
bad gone aboard the Dutch cruiser
GelderlAUd whieh does not sail before
next Tliursdny. ^Vhen he did embark
be would do su openly, under the auspices of tlie Oovernor of Lorenso Marques,
Militia   Department   is   to   Leave the
H. 0   ltegiinent   at Victoria.
Victoria,  H.C, Oct. 1.1.���As a result
of the publicity given by The Colonist   do" for more   than one night will re
by Captain   Daniel Kane, with 1 to the rumors regarding the suggest    member that the tickets numbered U
letin    today     says:      "The   Empress  his lug Marion.    The trip   was   made   ed    removal   of   the   Royal   Canadian   are to be used tonight nnd those iiuin-
Fredoriek has been suffering for some-1 in a  trifle  over ilx  hours.   Captain, Regiment of Infantry  from Vlalotia, jbered 40 tomorrow night.
lime from   neuralgic   pains,   causing: Kane leaves Nelson for   Crawford  Pay   Hie   announcement   was   made vest,
Those holding n-ats for   ���The Mlka
1" for more
exhaustion,    and    acute   weakness   of
every morning at 8 1
excellent service    for
���lock,   lb- gives
sportsmen   win
day   that   representations   have   been       The performance of "The   Mikado"
made to  the  Militia  Department  to by the  Nelson  Operatic   Society  to��
tbe heart  followed by secondary  oa-1Sjjj, �� take advantage of the go,���i made to  tne  Militia   Department  to i.v in.- neinn  operatic   Boole
tarrh   of the lungs, 'still  Continuing  hunting at any point along the route. (��Wrt whutever Iniluenee seems  neccs-   night will commence at ��;M, Nelson  Dailv Miner,   Monhav  Evknino,  October 15, tqoo.
The Nelson Miner
Published Every  Afternoon   Kxoept Sunday
���BY TIIK���
Limited i.iauu.ity.
145 Fleet Streel. K. 0.
Press Akciicj, Lid., Special Agent*
Daily, per month, by carrier..
Daily, per month, l)J  mail....
1 laily, per year, hy currier	
Daily, per year, by mail	
Daily, per year, foreign	
Weekly, per half yoar	
Weekly, per year	
Weekly, per year, foreign......	
Subscriptions invuriubiy In advanoe.
..   6S0
. 60.-
.�� 7 Oti
.. 5 Ot'
.. II 00
Sl 81
,   2 Ol'
.   3 IK'
All Chocks should oe mado payable to the
order of NKLSON DiiiusiiiNO Company,
Tho contemporary that remarked
the other day that the fight In Yale-
Cariboo was between Mr, MaeNeill
md Mr, Foley bad a pretty accurate
knowledge of the situation.
Books You May Need
"Unless the unexpected happens,"
says Tbe Greenwood Miner,������ Mr. MaeNeill will carry the constituency by
11 large majority." This is a ease iii
which the unexpected will not happen. 	
The Liberal machine is perfect in
all its parts. Mr. II. II. Cook says he
was asked to pay ten thousandedollars
in consideration of liis appointment
to the Senate, lie refused to countenance the dishonest transaction, and
tbe appointment was not made.
Mr. Tarte is hedging. From a Fran-
Oomania he has transformed himself
Into an ardent Imperialist. He has
constituted himself the special champion of the Imperial cause. It is impudent, but if Mr. Tarte were not au-
daclous he would be nothing. Whether
he has himself seen the mischief he
has wrougnt the Liberal cause by so
treely proclaiming his sympathies
with France aud his displeasure at
the Canadian feeling that compelled a
South African contingent, or whetbei
other leaders of the party recognised
the danger and Insisted on a seeming
recantation of his disloyal utterances,
will probably remain a party secret.
Whatever the iniluenee, he now poses
as an Imperialist of the first water,
and with characteristic Tarteian audacity is declaring that Conservative
success in the pending elections
'would be a calamity to the cause of
Imperial unity." That unity, it appears, can only be preserved and ce
mented by the return to power of tin-
party of which Mr. Tarte, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, Mr. Ilourassa, and Mr. Monet
arc the chief pillars.
This hot Imperialist who is spending his days and nights in the effort
to preserve the unity of the Empire is
the man who Hies the French Hag on
Canadian Government vessels; who declares that if it is necessary to be
British in order to remain a Canadian
Minister he would cease to be Hritish;
who says that the French Hag is his
Hag. aud the only one to whieh his
heart owes allegiance; who used all
bis iniluenee with Sir Wilfrid Laurier. and persuaded him to make pub-
lie announcement that the Government found it impossible to send a
contingent to South Africa. Speaking
in France of himself and his eoinpa-
tnots. only two or three months ago,
he said: "We represeut over there
the French of Europe, and I do not
think I am mistaken in saying that
before twenty-five years we shall form
the majority." And again: "There
are two millions of French people in
Canada. On national feast days, not
a house but is decorated with French
colors. Sec tho Province of Quebec.
It becomes more French, for French
immigrants are coming in each day.
and when the English aro nut in a
majority in a country, where they are
not masters, they get out." All
of which means Mr. 'Tarte is hopeful
that in twenty-live years the English
will be driven out, and Canada will
become a French colony or an independent French nation.
lu an interview in a i'aris paper be
said: "Why should London become
the centre of the world, rather than
Paris, the city of civ'.lisation, of liberty, of justice?" Asked what Canada would do in the event of war between Oreat Britain and France, Mr.
Tarte replied that she would stand
neutral. 'This is the man who would
save the country from the Conservatives, in order to preserve the unity
of I lie Empire, He is also the loan
who pipes for Sir Wilfrid Laurier's
dancing. His friend Mr. Monet says:
"Shame upon England for this Boer
war; shame upon Canada   for  having
taken any part in it." It is to be
hoped Mr. Galllher likes the company
lie is in.
The Toronto Globe tries to give the
impression that Mr. II. II. Cook's defection is owing to personal disappointment. "He conceives that he lias
not been fairly used by the Liberal
party," it says, "and he takes this
means of showing bis resentment."
The Toronto Globe should be the last
to misrepresent or slander Mr. Cook's
character. It is not so many years
ago Tbe Globe people were glad to get
his money to keep their paper alloat,
and to strengthen their Directorate by
Lbe addition of bis name, biH iniluenee, and his advice.
Hunt's Systematic Mineralogy.. 95 00
Peters' Modern Copper Smelting 5 50
Stretch's   Prospecting, Locating
and Valuing  Mines     2 75
Lang's   Matte   Smelting     2 25
Miller's  Qualitative   Analysis..    1 7!>
Kemp's Handbook of   Rooks....   1 75
Thautwine's   Engineer's   Handbook      5 50
Hawkins'   New   Catechism   for
the Steam   Engine     2 25
Hawkins' Maxims  and  Instructions for   Boiler Room     2 25
Hawkins'   New    Catechism    of
Electricity     2 25
Hawkins' Handbook of Calculations  for  Engineers	
Machinists'     and       Engineers
Pocket .Manual	
Stevenson's Practical Test	
Canada's   Metals	
Canned or Fresh
2 25
1 25
1 00
Sir Wilfrid Laurier, in behalf of
the Government of which he is Premier, denies that Mr. Cook was asked
to pay ten thousand dollars for a Sen-
atorship, and challenges proof of the
statement. This is a combination of
quibbling and bluff. An a qulbbler
Sir Wilfrid is a past master, and if
the matter rested between him and
Mr. Cook those who know both would
not hesitate a moment which to believe. It is not likely that any member of tbe Government or any person
commissioned by it went to Mr. Cook
with a demand for ten thousand dollars. That is not the way these
things arc done. It was much more
roundabout; doubtless, extremely
roundabout, as the transaction was a
delicate one, and it wns necessary
that the I lovernment should be in a
position to disavow it should it become known. But if Mr, Cook says
that he was approached in the manner alleged, no blustering denials by
a man as notoriously untruthful as
Sir Wilfrid Laurier will operate a
feather's weight in the mind of those
who know Mr. Cook's record.
Mr. II. II. Conk lias given out a letter in which he declines that he can
no longer support the Liberal party.
This is one of the most Significant
defections that has occurred in the experience of the party since Confederation. Mr. Cook has been a stalwart
offthe stalwarts. Three times he opposed and defeated the late D'Alton
McCarthy in North Simcoe, and only
went down before him in 18T8 because of the tidal wave of the National Policy. He represented Bast Simcoe in both the Ontario Legislature
and t'ne Dominion Parliament. When
the party called upon him he always
responded, lle belonged to a family
of stalwart Liberals, whose wealth
was the chief factor in maintaining
the organisation of the party for a
number of years. Hack in tho early-
eighties, when their fortunes were
low, it was the Cooks more than any
others who kept them together and inspired new life into them. Edward
Blake, if nt liberty to do so, would
testify to the truth of this. And now
Mr. Cook feels himself forced out of
the party he served so well,by the hypocrisy and trickery of that party's
present leaders. During bis short
term of four years. Sir Wilfrid Laurier has made more Tories than tho
late Sir .loliu Maedonald did in all bis
Gamble & O'Reilly
Baker Street
Real Estate and Insurance Agents.
li-Roomed House anil Bath Uooni
together with Kitchen Kange
complete with hot and cold
water, Observatory St., Magnificent view,   rent   including
water rates  $25.
5-Boomed   House  corner   Cedar
and Carbonate Streets 820.00
5-Roomed House Hume AdditionSla.OI)
4-Roomed Cottage Gore St 812.
ii-Roomed House Corner Mill   it
Hall Sts., from Nov.    1st 830.00
Kents collected. Loans made. Agents
Hritish Columbia Permanent Loan &
Savings Company.
Coal and  Wood.
Agents Imperial Oil Oo. Ltd.
Crow's   Nest   Coal,   $6.15
Anthracite,     -    -    $9.65
No order  can be accepted unless
accompanied by cash.
Office Corner Hall nnd Baker Streets.
Houses and lots for sale in all  parts
of the City.
Victoria-Montreal    Fire   Insurance
Ontario Mutual Life Insurance Company. 	
The Nelson Operatic Society deserves
every encouragement the citizens cau
give it. and from the booking of seats
fm the first  two performances it  is
jib-using to know that   the   obligation
is appi irited.    It is no small   matter
1.1 undertake the production of "Mikado." it required a large company,
mueb special scenery and other piop-
erties. ami faithful, diligent work.
All these have been provided at considerable cost of money, of much time
freely given, and of a measure of labor of which few unfamiliar with the
production of an opera have any conception. Tbe result of it all promises
to be a high-class performance, and
if the patronage ft in ttBJ degree emu-
mensurate with   it   Nelson   will   have
much reason lo congratulate itself mi
its musical taste aud on its possession
of artists who ure qualified to cater to
Editor Miner:
sir, ��� Referring to a local In your
paper re Ihe new hospital eoltage. wc
wish to say that we n ived instructions to prepare plans, etc., for the
proposed building and iu good faith
Commenced work upon them. When the
work was penciled in we were informed that we were working in competition with Messrs. Bwarl and Carrie.
Today Mr. Kwatf Informs us
that bis linn had also received
Instructions to prepare plans for the
same building wilhoiitany intimation
that they were competitive, until after their work Was well under way.
As it apnea is Messrs. Hwart & Carrie's instructions an-of prior date to
ours, and as Competition under the
clroumstances would be unprofessional
we have discontinued   work   upon our
drawings   and   wili    have no   further
connection   with the wprk.
cam: a  MACDONALD,
Nelson, Oct, I :.
M.liblrli BlOCk
Ward street
Our Fresh Roasted Coffee Beet of
Quality, ns follows .-
Java and Arabian Mocha, per pound $   40
Java and Mocha I linn l. 3 pound   1 00
Fine Santos, 4 pounds  1 00
KantoH lllontl, 5 pounds  1 00
Our  HpccialBltind, ti pounds  1 00
Our Klo Itoast, 6 pounds  1 OO
i in noi ��� in,hi mi Block Baker streel
*��? ������������������������
OCT. 15, 16 & 17
London Consolidated (Silver Hill)
Mollie Hibbuii.
List vour .Stocks with us.
Will pay the highest cash prion for all
kinds- of second hand goods. Will boy
or sell anything from an anchor to a
needle. fu in 11 me, stoves, carperts,
conking utensils, bought in household
quantities. Also oast off clothing.
Hall and see me or write. Address
Silver King Mike, Box 300. Hail
Street, Nelnon,   II. O.
Thin nlimnturc i.i on every box <>f tbe genuine
Laxative BromO'Qiiinine iw��icui
tho romody that i ur<��. n r^'J*. wn, ��no **��j
The Miner is on sale at the following news stores at five cents per
Thomnon Stationery Co Nelson
Canada Drug &llook Co. Nelson
Hotel Ifumo Nowh Stand NolHon
I bit el I'hair Nowb Stand Nolson
Now Denver
,   CAIllIlllOll
('. F. Nelson
J. k. Dwaner
K.  A.   llnuWliuv
Hlocnn Nowh Co.
ThoniHOn HroH.
I.:,iiii.i,i & Young
11. A. King fc Co.
Blooan City
mimm. 1: o    , uiniii riiMii
wiiidoiiiiero Miuiw. correnp ��� oncoBoi'dtod and  News   Agents   on  boats and
WINOKBMEBE, 6. 0. train* out of N,lwm -
Just now tho fall fruits aro especially attractive. You can buy here the
best of
Peaches, Apples, Grapes.
for fall canning or for present Bating.
Our line of canned and preserved
fruits will continue to be the very
best, so you are free from the necessity of putting Up fruits if you prefer
Fresh or Canned  Fruits as You
Want Them,
Peaches, Pears,
Plums, Quinces,
Apples, Bananas,
Sweet Potatoes,
Green Tomatoes.
Kirkpatrkk b  Wilson
Provinc ial Board of Health
Regulations for the Detection and
Treatment of a Disease Known^as
Bubonic Plague.
Approved by Order of His   Honor tho
Lieutenant - Governor - in-Council
Dated the Oth Day   of  September
1. All sick Chinese or Japanese must
send or ffivt notice of their illness to
the Health Ollicer or Police Constable
in the district where such Chinese or
Japanese robide.
3, Physiol an 8 tn attendance on sick
Chinese or Japanese shall notify the
Health Officer or Ohali man of the Local Hoard of Health of Municipalities J
or if in an outlying district, the (lovernment Agent must be notified. Sueh
notification should stale the cause of
illness and the condition of the glands
throughout the body of the sick person and should he delivered to the
Health Ollicer. Chairman of the Local
Hoard of Health or Government Agent,
as the) case may be, at the earliest
possible opportunity.
3. In City Municipalities the Medical Health Office shall he notified
within six hours of tlie death of any
Chinese or Japanese, by the person nn
whose premises sueh deatli occurred,
or by some relation or person having
charge of the person so dying.'
4. In Rural Municpalitios the Medical Health Ollicer, or Chairman oi
Secretary of the Local Board of Ileal tl:
must be notified within six hours of
such deaths, and in outlying districts
the Government Agent or Provincial
Constable shull be notilied within
twelve hours after such death, or
Soon after as possible. Certificates as
to the cause of death must he signed
by the health officer in munioitalities
and in outlying districts by the Government Ajfent. or some person duly
authorized by him.
5. Any person violating any provision of these regulations.shall he liable upon summary conviction before
anj' two Justices of the I'eaee, for
every snch offense, to a lino not exceeding one hundred dollars, with or
without costs, or to imprisonment,
with or without hard labor, for a
term not exceeding six months, or to
both line and imprisonment, in tin
discretion of the convicting court.
Secretary Provincial Board of Health.
Hy Command,
Provincial Secretary.
Victoria, ** C . HoDtorabcr 8th, 1000,
'���Hills of Sale, Act."
His Honor tho Lieutenant-Governor, unili'i tin- provisions of Section :i
ot the "Hills of Sale Act as enacted
by Section a of the Bills of Sale Act,
Amendment, Act, 1809," him been
pleased to alter the place for tbe registration of Hills of Sole "for the remainder of the County of ICootonay,"
as  follows, namely:
For that pari of the County of
Kootenay bulng the territory covered
by the North Riding o," Boat Kootenay Electoral HiMricl: ;
The office of the Registrar of the
County Court at (iolilni.
For that inn i of tin- County of
Kootenay being the territory coveted
by Hi,- Revelstoke Riding of tin- West
Kootnny rllcctoial District!
The oin f  ti���,  Roglstrar of tlm
County Court at Revelstolio,
Buofi alteration to take offoot on
the 1st day of Ootober, looo,
Provincial Scoretary,
Provincial   Beoretwy's   olliee,   5th
BeptvUi'or, 1900,
!}?   BY THE
conic OPERA.
Nelson Operatic Society
Plan of Seats is now   open
in the Opera House Store.
PRICES : $1.00, 75c and 50c.
70 PEOPLE  _Ji
Merchants' Bank of Halifax
Incorporated 1869.
Capital rnirt-np,    ,   .   .    $i,��s.-i,07<mm> 1 Beat *i,joo,noo.o
Kimrii <>r Directors:  Thomas E. Kenny,  President;  Thomas Ititclile. Vlco-Prosldent.
Wiley Bmlth, 11. G. Dmilil, Hon. II. 11. Fuller, M.L.O., Hon. David MacKoon.
Haul Dili,-,-. Ilnlirnxi
Gonor.il Malinger, 1-Mson 1��� Pensc, Montreal.
Superintendent of Bronchos, and Secretary, vv. B. 1 orranco, Halifax.
Inspector, W. F, llroi-.k, Halifax.
Inspector D. M. Stewart, Montreal.
Nova Srolla-Hulilax Branch, Antlgontah, Bridgowatcr,Qoysboro, Londonderry, Lunonhiinr.
Mnit.lnnd |Hants Co.l, Plototf, I'ort llawkeebury, Sydney, shubenaoadle, Truro, Weymouth
Kr\> Brnaswlek���Bathurst, Hoi-clu-stcr, Frodorloton, Kingston (Kent Co.l, Monetae, Now-
casUc. Saekville, Woodstock. 1". K. Isliiinl-Cliarlollctown, Kiiiiiiiiersido. Qurbrr���Montreal
(City Olliee), Montreal, West End K'er. Notro Iiniiie and Seigneurs Btreote); Westmount (Cor.
Greene Avenue ai d St, Catharines Streel. iinlnrlo���Ottawa. Nt-��Tuiiiiillnn<l���St. John's
Culm, West Indies-Havana. United States���{lew York (1(1 Kxchango 1'lacc) llepuhllc, Wash
Atlin, Bennett, Grand Forks, Nanaimo, Nelson, Rossland, Vancouver, Vancouver East End, Victoria.
4 inT<'s|ii>n��lcii(v :
Canada���Morohantfl Punk of Cnimdix.   Boitim���National Pl.nvnmi Runk.  Chleaga��� America
Naiionnl Bunk.   Hun Primcldco���3J_rst National Hank,   l^iiiditii. Bag*���Bank of Scotland.
I'iiri .  France-Credit Lyonnals.   I.oriuiulu-Hunk of Heruiudtu   ('Mint and Japxn���llon^
KoMKand Shanghai Banking Corporation.
Uene.al Banking Business Transacted; Sterling Bills of Exchange   Bought
and Sold. Letters of  Credit, Etc.. Negotiated.
Accounts received on the most favorable terms.    Interest allowed on special
deposits and on Saving Bank accounts.
Geo. Kydd, Manager, Nelson, B.C.
ttiCORPOB/^ _f) .70,
We Sell the
Highest Values
Lowest Price
Most Satisfactory
Absolutely Pure
In Nelson.
Hot Blast
To Burn Crow's
Nest and other
Soft Coals. The
Florence Hot
Blast is made
particularly for
these coals. Satisfaction guaranteed.
M'LACHLAN BROS,       Baker St.
f^ooips ai)d  Offices to I_ei. .
Apply   io   ihe
.Je.soi) Electric TraspWai) Co.
Corner Josephine  and   Vernon  Streets.
Placers  INlaVi)   Oil
All Tobacconists Keep It.
Wholesale Agents:
Turner Beeton& Co.
Nelson, B. C.
Braworn of Kino Lnw
Baer ami Potter.
1)1101' IN AND SICIC US.
Nelnon. B, C.
nml try 'i botiln, n doKOn, or u barrol of
OALGARY BEER 'n H li H10 holt nml
ohoapoat on lho nmrkot. Also Iry nnr
WINES,    LIQUORS,    nml     CIGARS.
Tolepliono W. Hnkor HI,, Nolson, U, C.
St. Joseph's
���TauxI t-erni commences 8rd
September. Kor particular! apply to the
Corner Baker aud Stanley SlreeU
By the week from $5 to $6.
By the day *i.oo.
Spokane  Falls A
Northern R'v.
Nelson  A  Fort
Sheppard R'v.
Red Mountain R'v.
The only all rail route between
all points east, west and south to
Rossland, Nelson and intermediate
points; connecting at Spokane with
Great Northern, Northern Pacific,
and O. R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson v ith steamer
for Kaslo and all Kootenay lake
Connects at  Meyer's   Falls  with
stage daily for Republic,   and  connects at Bossburg; with stage  daily
for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
Lkave. Day Train, AnmvB.
10.85 n.in Spokane 7:10 p.m,
12:1)5 p. m Rositliuid 5:30 p.m.
9:30 a, 111 Nelaon 8:00 p.m.
Nitflit Train.
9:45 p.m Spokane 7:05 a.m:
11:00 p.m Kossland 6:S0 a.m.
H. A. JAOKSON, G. P. b T.A.
Spokane  Wash
Aeant, Nelson. B.O
Atlantic S. S. Lines.
From Montreal
Allun Lino NumiiHan  Ool.i!0
Allan Uno Corinthian Oct '-'7
Dominion   Lino Vanoouvor Oct 80
Dominion Lino Dominion Nov 3
Hoavor Lino l.ako Oiamplnln Oot 19
Heaver  Lino   Jjiko McRnnllo Oct ;W
From Now York
VVhlLo Slnr Lino Mf_ ohUo Oct 2*
White Hlar Line Cymric  Oct 30
WhltO Star Lino * tceanlc Oct 31
('uiiani Lino Lucanla Oct 20
Cunard Lino Umbriu  OcM!7
American Lino 81,. LoiiIh  Ocl'ii
American Lino Now York  Oct ill
Anchor Lino Anchoriu Oct 'X
Anchor Lino Anlorla Oct tl
N.O.L. LlooKaiHcr VVilholm dor GoH��o..Oct30
N. G. L. Lino Trior Oct 25
French Line !_ HroUKiio Oot 25
French Lino I/Acjuataino Nov 1
Allan State Lico Callforniai) Oot 20
Allan Slate Lino Luurciitimi Oct. 27
From Host im.
Dominion Line Now England  Nor 7
Cunard Lino Haxonia Oct 27
PaongM arranged to and from all European
pointH. For ralAH, tlcko.H and full information
Apply to C. I\ H. depot uont or IL L. Brown
Olty I'liHHonuror Agent, Nelnon, B, C.
general ^ gnnt.. c.P.u. offlco., Winnipeg
7-8 inoh diam. . 1.50 por 100 feet. For
immediate delivery in Nolsoe
J. 0. T. CROFTS,
1>. 0. Hox      . Nelnon, P n
Of Wrltlnu I'npor won't lout
I.MiK. You'd buttorplnco another "hurrj' up' ordor with
^^m^Jfm*1 Nelson Daily Miner,  Monday  Evening, October 15 1900
rHfsooverv:   A thin blaok,
' il- handkerchief, tied over the
" "'/.est remedy  for  I .he an-
early morning glare to
bedrooms most persons
IB the
nf the
s nn army
n-   is an army trick,
r.'i, n the plains and in
1 , Mm"  tn   Bleep
M'     .So divulged to the effete
,1.",';"'.',.   some officers  scorn this
...   111.0   it,   anil   tho
imp hy
tier dawn,
'"'fnmjSs to it always.
:,' In whloh ease she pins a blwk
M_ over her eyes Instead. And
,!_i�� her husband is not above
ntV otto stocking. This
ohlein of shutting out the
unost Blmple and effectual
���es the
the nrmv woman says there is
��� whv every woman living in
' hops should not have a
le handkerchief.
in addition to
"unity to i
It Inula b!
liiiiiils nml awning.
',l,ov shinies, nre all very well to
lrkl.��� ��� room if they are on a house,
I frequently they are not, more
'rthul'irly In 'ha country, where
bv nre most needed. .
_on  oven in the  event of  having
luxuries', in hot  weather many
Uons object to using them  because
amount  of  air   these things
Lt out froinii mom. Everyone knows
Ttl���. migration from  town to coun-
I how annoying the early morning
ht is to the city bred, particularly
, women, who do not have to rise at
' first crow of the cock in  order to
leh n train to business.
Those people who nre summering in
,.|s ami hoarding houses commonly
Hun- rooms with   whitewashed or
ly light papered walls, and this re-
Its the  strong  light, which   by   I
on   bright    mornings    begin
1011 the light   sleeper into a wake-
stless  creature, who, if  he   or
have  blinils. gets  up   and  closes
cm. but is forced  for lack ot  air to
least,    leave   the    shutters   open,
herein' too much light enters.
Pic   following   advertisement
ed   in a   recent   number  of
niloii Standard:
Jrgent.  Oh.    How Urgent!   Wi
hue kind lady or gentleman earn the
���rnal gratitude of a family, whose
liter huB squandered their mother's
ftiiiii'of six figures Dy LENDING
m m.mm to save their home and
estate? Write 1!. 0.
���Another ad. in the same isuc of the
liuiiliiiil was this:
IV.'ill nnv lady or gentleman who
a house in London, and have more
oin than they require, kindly LET a
fentleman (by birth) have a BED-
Klli.M'.' Advertiser is 27 years old.
mil family, and would willingly
lie entire charge of a house (experi-
iivil in this capacity); highest refer-
ices.   Cadogan*
I Wanted, a steady man to look after
I garden, and milk a cow who has a
[noil voice anil is accustomed to sing
lthe choir.���Advertisement in Kng-
sli paper. Rather remarkable -cow.
In French-Canadian papers in Que*
f it is il custom to advertise thanks
saints who arc believed to have re-
_iuiiileil to prayers. The following
from the advertisement columns
tl he Journal, Montreal:
Thanks���I thank St. Expcdit for
paving been the means of my securing
ontrnct with promise of publication. Address yourself to llirn.
Thanks���Health restored th rough
intercession of the Hold Virgin
I the accomplishment of the seven
ftatlons of Holy Thursday.
Thanks to the Holy Virgin, to St.
[Anthony, and to the Souls in l'urga-
Iturv for position obtained,with prom
|w to publish,   A. L.
Tho New York Herald has a column
lin which engagements between young
���people are advertised, chiefly by the
��� foreign element. In one of last week's
���issues appeared this engagement no-
Zal'iiiski-Yuskevitz ��� Rebecca    Za-
lliinslii,   of   New   York, and    llolossy
p iiski'vitz, of   Birmingham, Ala., inventor  of   the   Gladiator   suspender
| buckle,   At  home  at   the  cottage of
Isadora Zablnskl, Avenue on the  Sea.
Sunday, September 2, luoo.   No cards,
rorl Jarvls papers please copy.
J'^_rl$l_''^'������'>'����''itl'��v'l't'l4>'->'** _�� ^'-_��'^''-fr'j_u
Sale = = =
N announcing to my friends and customers that on the 10th of November I
will open a large and magnificently appointed Jewelry Store, on the corner
of Baker and Stanley Streets, m the premises now occupied by the Canada
Drug and Book Company, I desire to make it known that THIS WEEK I
will inaugurate a SLAUGHTER SALE of the stock in my present store, such
as has been never before equalled in Nelson.
This will be a GENUINE REMOVAL SALE, as I have a large
stock now on the road for my new store, and must SACRIFICE the SPLENDID LINE of GOODS on my shelves and in my show cases.
Have been cut in the most reckless manner, and as our stock comprises
everything in the Jewelry Line, you can surely find something you want
at way below the usual price.
We nave three shelves full of all sorts of HANDSOME CLOCKS, in
ONYX, MARBLE, BRASS and WOOD with BRASS MOUNTINGS. They are all guaranteed timepieces and artistically mounted.
They are beauties.    See them!
Our PLATEDWARE is beautiful and we have a large lot of it that
must go.    Anything you need for the table we have.
Our stock of FINE JEWELRY, DIAMONDS, Watches, Rings
and Sterling Silveu is too bewildering to mention. You must come and
see them, we'll mane the prices all right.
We will be open from 7 a. in. to 9 p. m. every day.
Come and look anyhow.
���r. The Jeweler
We also test the Eyes and furnish scientifically made glasses.    We employ only the best  watchmakers and guarantee their work.
___>.v_.^���^���^���^���^���^���^���__^-j__-.__s-^^,^-^--S,--B���-!_���_>'-S'-S' __-S'-S5��
_^^^^ _5_5-^^^~^ ^S^TS'^--'���-*���-*-<^ 0000-0"-0"-00
That live in LILLIE'S Shoes. They live in comfort and style and
are envied by their fellow feet. Dont you want a pair to
make your feet glad ?
The 8Loeists
Representing the Largest
European and American Manufacturers
Mills, Mines and Smelting Machinery
Wholesale Houses
niOHi'K Sc co. Limited���Corner Vornon
_ uml Cmlar Streets, Nelson���Mamifactur-
i-hof und wholesale dealer* in aerated watere
and fruit syrupa. 8olu uijciit* for Halcyon Hot
Springe mineral water,  Telephone oo.
KLSON   _UA    WATKll   KAt'TOUY���
N. M. CutnmlnB, I.Ohseo��� Every known
i-ietyolnoridrinks, i'olioxb& Telephone
No. HI. Hoover Street, Nelson.   HolUure of tlie
famuli* Sl. Leon lloL SiiriiiK* Mineral Water.
C1ANK & MACI10NAI.I) III. Cane, Jaraoa
>   A. Mui'ilonaldl���AreluLoeU und Huperin-
leiidi'iiu, 1 li..... .1 Hill li.". )., corner Haker and
Ward blreeLH, Nelson,
CO.���Manufacturers of Ihe ttoyai Seal
ml  Kootenai   Hello   Cigars,    Factory and
olltce, linker Slreel, Nelson.
J. KVAXs Sc CO.���Baker street, Nol-
Km'. content) flro briok and tiro cluy, water
pipe and bLeel rails, mid general commUnion
J   A. M'DONALD -Madden Hlock. Nelson���
���   1 j 11���. 1 ���. ice oream, "Q, B." chocolate a.
uikIi olaea confectionery,  lee Cream Parlors,
|>UAl'KMAN lvKH MILMXU CO., 1_T��.-
I > \\'holesale and retail dealerH In grain,
hay, Hour, teed, Mills al Victoria, New West-
minster; Kdmonton, Alta. Lluvaton* on Cat
garyand ICdmonton Hallway. Manufacturer*
of tlie celebrated It. ic K. brand eereuln.
Apartodo No. 83
uml lassooing horses and cattle. They
were especially struck with tlie latter,
and they described some of tlie exhibitions they had seen. 'Why,'said a
Canadian, 'those are mere trilles.
Any Canadian could do them. Now,
out in the Northwest, 1 saw one of
these Sti-atliconns do something really
Wonderful. A hornet had alighted on
the neck of one of his comrades, and
the latter was afraid to touch it for
fear it would sting him. He told his
troubles to his friend, and the friend
made   a   laBOO, threw   it   around   the
hornets' stinger and removed it with-
ut pulling the
And tin
Insect oft'   his neck,
liners believed the yarn.
Sometimes a fortune, but never, if
you have a sallow complexion, a jaundiced look, moth patches and blotches
on the skin,���all HitfiiH of Liver Trouble. But Dr. King's New Life Pills
(five Clear Skin, Itosy Cheeks, liich
Complexion, Only 88 cents at the
Canada Drug and  Hook Store.    	
Hie; Hill Hevero Is telling several
Btories at the expense of Colonel Will
\ Isschcr, the veteran newspaper man,
who is now in Seattle preparing to
stump the stale for the Hepulbicans.
"Vlsseher and Ople Ucid were preparing the punch for some special
I'vi'iit of the Chicago Press Club recently," observes Dcvcre. "In the
coubo of their work they several times
had occasion to sample the punch,
uml were soon sampling for the pure
pleasure of sampling. Reid finally
leaned back, suveying the result of
their labors and inquired:
"  Say, Hill; how much punch have
we here?'
"VtBsaher looked the liquor over
anil replied:
"'About thirteen gallons, I guess.'
"Reid studied a minute. Then he
said: "'Hill, there are more than
thirteen of us, aren't there?'
�� �� ���
Private Beeoh, of the first contingent, is responsible for the following:
'On one occasion we were talking
with a party of Hoers prisoners anil
the conversation drifted to the
M ruthenium. The Hoer, you know,
regard these men un supernatural beings, because of their expert marksmanship ami clever lasmioiug. They
avoid them as much as possible. At
the time I speak of they hud been
talking about the wonderful things
they had seen the Htrathconas do iu
the way of  hitting  coins and bottles
AdvertlsomontH Inserted undor this head at
the rate of ono cent a word por Insertion. No
advertisement taken for loss thun 25 cenln.
Soo Line
FOE BENT.���Two rooms  suitable for
light housekeeping.    Corner of Josephine and (Jure Streets.    Mrs. Sloan.
IIOOII Building lots for sale. Corner
and one adjoining (MixI.mi) fi-/;-
Tu,, inside (50x120) 1880. All on Mill
Street. Apply Stracban Hros. opposite P. 0.	
Still Continue to Operate        ���
On all trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay  I.Ill I.I ilil'..
Also TOURIST CARS passing Dun-
inore Junction Daily for St. Paul, Saturday^ for Montreal aud Boston, Monday's and Thursday's for Toronto
Same cars pass HcvelBtoke one day
No trouble to quote rates and give you
a pointer regarding the Eastern
Trip you contemplate
Fall and Winter
Schedule Now....
For Time Tables, Rates and Full Information call or address nearest local
agent, or,
H. VV. Drew, Depot Anent. 1 [_son, B. C.
" . Ilrown, City Airont. /
A   two-story   dwelling:   7 large rooms;   front and   back
stairs:  halls;   closets; bath room; sewer connection ;
about four blocks   from pust-olHce  82.000
87DII cash, balance monthly.    A first-class buy.
Five-room cottage, sewer connection ; 25-foot lot; a block
from tram line, In Addition A        750
Easy terms.
Two good Sfi-foot lots, near the street car barns; only....       00(1
60-foot corner. Vernon  Street         3,500
L'ii-foot lot, Carbonate street      250
B-Room Cottage  817 50
4-Kooni Cottage     16 00
B-Room Cottage     ir, no
4-Room Cottage     is oo
To   let   on a yearly lease, 0-room house, comer of   Cedar
and Victoria;   all plumbing;   gas and electric light.
Fire Insuranco Fromptly Placed.
AMAClJONAU) Sc Co.- t'oruur Front
��� ami Hull btmjts���Wholesale groccra
ami jobhr]��������� in blankets, kIovuh, mitu, boot.,
rubhurrt, inackitiaws antl tumors'   uinuif-.
mill.' corner Hall ami truttl mmm-Ih,
suinon i .niiii.i-i. celling, '��������� i it . ami ovory-
iliing in wood for builtliiiK purpuric*. Uot our
pricuH.  Correspon^enoe Boliotted*
ID   HURNS Sc Co.-!lfikcr Sirccl, NeNon-
.  ���    W iH'lt -ah   dealers in  frufli ami cur. I
niualh.   Colli hLoraKc
Baket Street, Nelnon
orn in frcrfli and cured nientn.
w imir  id' dual-
Street,   V'i -nn ��� WholcKalt!   d.alaiH  in
hardwaro,  miners'  BUpplUlS,   sporliiiK  KOOdn,
M'LACHLAN  HKOS. (Huccchhoi-h lo Van-
cuuvor HardwareCu, Ltd.) Haker Street,
Nclrtoii -\\ bolunale  dealers in   hardware and
iniiiiii).; ���uppli'' ���, iiliiuii" i    and I in ti ml Urn' (tup*
p.iini.-, tut.- and KluHh; mucbauicH' IooIh.
AkciiIh foi Ontario Powder Workn; dynamite
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
ft-*-___   tftH
Why Suffer ?
WANTED.���Mattress    upholsterer   at
the   Kootenay   Wire   Works,   Front
Street.    Also tick makers.
for BALK.���Florence Park Hotel and
Roberts' Hunch, situated on lake
shore, tit miles from Nelson. Apply
II. R. Cameron. 	
WANTKll���Dressmaking    apprentices
wanted. Salary paid. Hudson's Hay
Our remedies are always at hand
and are pleasant and reliable.
There is no necessity of Buffering
from coughs, colds or any other
of the complaints of the sea_n.
Try some of our pure and common-sense remedies and stop that
II. h.
Trav. Pass. AkodIi
A. O. P. Agenti,
WANTED.���Kveiy woman in Nelson
to visit Mra. Enfield's millinery
pailors, and.see her stock of hats.
The best in the city.
SHORTHAND���A few pupils wanted
to complete class (evening) Deing
formed by an experienced teacher,
PltmOfl's system taught in 80 lessons.
Apply at once "Stenographer,    Miner]
1Km    RENT.��� Cellar.    Apply   Mer-
chants' Bank of Halifax.	
FIRST  CLASS   room   and   hoard  in
private family, .60 and |(l.   Table
liniird 81.   Carbonate Street,   second
house east of Josephine.
Delivered to any point
on Kootenay Lake.
I have a complete stock on hand ol
Rough and Dressed
Mouldings, Sash Doors.
Inside Finish.
Coast Flooring, and
Finished Lumber-
Mill at PILOT HAY. Yards, NKLSON
end LARDO.
Druggi st
Baker Street, Nelson.     P. 0.  Hox (21
Branch Markets in Rossland, Trail, Nelson, Kaslo
Sandon, Tnree Porks, New Denver and Slocan City.
Orders by mall to any branch trill have careful a��4 sromnt attention.
For wood or bard or .soft coal.
The   lur^fHt   line   carried   by
any linn in Camilla.
ri.L'KNKK, BKBTOM ��c��'o.- Corner Vumon
X.    and Ju*eptunu  SlrootH,  NoIhoii���Wtitle*
kilIo dbitltTH in lii(iiorH, clKarH, and dry K<K>dH*
AKontti for l'abst lit .wing Co. of Milwaukee
and UalKary HrowlnK' Co or ('Hilary.
HUDSON'S HAY Co.-Wholewle Brocerio-
and liqiun- BtOLi Hakur Street, Nelnon.
C.AL1KOHN1A WINK CD., Limited-Corner
y t-'iont and Hall Slreel-), NoIhoii���Whole-
mile dealerH in win on (ca*_ und bulk), aud
domcriiic and imnortod cigars.
Corner Vornon and
.   JoMpbinfl  Streets,  Nelwon ��� Wholesale
dealerH in provision*, euro*) moato, butter and
Bank of
British Columbia,
Is now prepared to issue
Drafts and Letters of Credit
on Skaguay, U.S., Atlin, B.
C, and Dawson City, Yukon
41 Good   Cheer"   Ranges  and
Cook StoveS.    A complete line.
Hugh R. Cameron
Fire and Life
Properties for Sent and Sale on Ea��y TerniB
Ofliec over Nelwm Winn Store.
STENOGRAPHER ��"<l Typewriter,
Mansfield Manufacturing Co. s
Office,-north ride ot linker Street, between Stanley and Kootenay Streets.
Dictation called for. Leiral work a
A. R. BARROW, am loe
Provincial  Land Surveyor.
Corner Viotorla and Kootonay SU.
p. O. Box 669. Talophnne No. Br>
Civil Engineer* and Provincial Land
p. O. Box US HsIdou, B. U
full uml lie
Stores  anil
il llml  tlie only  plnei
lit   the   ritflit   price!
to buy
is   the
West Kootenay Butcher Co.
Fresh   and   Salted   Heats
Fish and Poultry in Season
E.   C.   TRAVE3.   Manager.
Baker Street, Nelson.
Orders by mail receive careful and prompt attention	
Canada Permanent andWes-
tekn Canada Mortgage
head office toronto, ont.
Money to loan on Htraight Mortgage.
Apply to (i. U LENNOX
linker St.
Room 1, Tnrnor-Boeckh Blook.
Bouses and Building Lota in All Farts
of the Oity.
Klvo, hIx. miven and     _lil room liuii . . for
hhIu, iuml) |H>r cent below cowl
tiff Can Fit Yon.
He ii,.-   one of   the   belt   ami   largeit
Kail anil Winter Mtocks in
the Province.
A. GEE, Merchant Tailor
Opposite Queen'a Hotel,
linker Street
I hereby    give    li'ltiee    that    at   tlie
next meeting of the  License Commie*
Blotters for  th��-   Nelson   ilistriet   will
apply for u license to sell intoxicating
lienors at the Kossland Hotel, Vernon
Street, Lot 1(1. Rluck 66, in   the   City
of Nelson, II. C.
H. & M. BIRD
Agent, for Hurrk. nin.r.l Wool and
Aftbc.tof  Co.
Insurance Go. of North America, Mutual 1 If.
Insurance Go., of New York, Quebec
Fire Assurance Go.
1 Ucmined House with Stone linseini'iit
nil modern eonvenlenoeSi two comer
lotH, eusy terms, a hnrKiiin
2 new houses on -l lots to hi- snl.l eon-
aldernhly below oost price, modern
conveniences easy terms. ;_^"j
I.otH I to B Block 111', cheap for quick
SO toot lol on Mill Slreet 1800,
Qood building l"ts in Bogustown  and
11 nme Addition,
7-Roomcil House on Mill    Street
close   to   Josephine!     Modern
conveniences   2fl 00
7-Rootncd  House,   l'nrk   Streot,
clone to linker Street  30 0o
> lii.imieii House,Bumf Addition V0 UO
sV>iHt Nelson   Daily  Minicr,   Saturday  Evening,  October   i.v  '900"
are Pushed
We are honest in our declaration. We confess we are hard up, We have more goods than money. We must have
more money than goods. We anticipated heavier trade than we have had, and unless we can sell the goods now we will
#| be stuck. We have come to the conclusion that something must be done, and at once. We are desperate, and beginning
|E tomorrow we will recklessly slaughter thousands of dollars' worth of goods in order to unload. 1'rices are shattered right
W and left���mowed down���annihilated���knifed to the very core���for no stone will be left unturned to make a clean sweep of
|$ the surplus. The might of such low prices must tell���must make our bargains ring in the ears of the people as never
���$k_ before.
Ladies' Tailor=Made Costumes
In English Homespuns, Beaver Clolh, Kerseys, Broadcloths and serges.
See our leader���the skirt alone worth double the money.    Only three of this line left, but they are going at  $5 OO
Ladies' Silk Blouses, a large range of them at all prices.    See the line we are selling at  1   50
Black Dress Goods, good all-wool Black Crepon;    regular price $i.oo a yard;  while it lasts, at *  35c
'I able Linens, fine grass bleach Table Damasks, new and  handsome designs, rich  satin  finish, extra heavy quality, 72 inches wide;   regular price $1.25 a yard;   one price only;   to go at,
per yard.
25c  .-JWJ.
^^f-    Silks, Novelty, Fancy Waist and Dress Silks, in fancy stripes and checks, choice colors, at	
M        Bettcr qualities at 50c, 75c, $f .00 and up to $5.00  ����
jj^.    White Quilts, fine English satin finish, full bleached, manufactured in the newest Marseilles patterns, woven in the b .st raised effects, regular price $2.50, a bargain at      Si.50    &&
_Vfiv 3#
w If you don't believe ns, come and be convinced.    If you do believe us, come and convince others. . w
Nelson Operatic Society at;
the Opera  House
In the Opera House tonight tbe Nel-
Bon Operatic Society will present Gilbert and Sullivan's famous comic
opera, "The Mikado." For six weeks
the iiiniiteurs have heen liartl at work
preparing for a faultless production,
Tlie committee of management has
Hpared do expense nor labor in
seeing that all the essentials to ft complete production in the way of costume.-, scenery etc., were provided,
ll'-n- Steiner has drilled a large orchestra and tonight the result of all
this work will be offered for public
approval. Everything points to a
great financial success as well as an
artistic one but there are Home pood
si -.-lis left yet for both Monday and
Tuesday evening. The curtain rises
at 8:30.
Royal Arch Chapter of Masons and
was highly tnought ol among the
members as well 'as by the business
community. The interment will take
place In Taeoma, Washington, where
a son of his is buried, Private services were held yesterday afternoon
at 4 o'clock, the Rev. William Munroe
officiating anil the remains were taken
to Taeoma this morning accompanied
by bis son and daughter.
Waldorf Astor Declared to Ii
/.en of the United States.
New    York-,    Oct.     is,���Surrogate
Thomas has appointed Waldorf Astor,
the young sun of William Waldorf
Astor, who has only recently attained
his majority as executor of the will
of the original John Jacob Astor.
The will under which the young
man is thus made an executor was
made about BO years ago. One of its
provisions is that whenever the surviving executors shall number no more
than two, by death or otherwise,
those   two   shall   have   the   power   of
bis sweetheart, Miss Katie Mock-
ridge, taking pictures in the foot hills
near Golden. He had donned Katie's
hat and she was just about to take
his picture when .lohnson came over a
hill. Seeing a moving grey object he
mistook it for a rabbit antl sent a
charge of shot into Green's bead.
Dominion line steamer Vancouver
was title at Montreal this morning.
Allan line steamer Numidian was
due at Quebec at midnight .Sunday.
Tho regular weekly meeting of the
City Council will be held at 8 o'clock
this evening.
Dr. T. F. Stoddard returned to Nelson yesterday after spending several
weeks in the East.
The plan of seats for Wednesday's
performance of "The Mikado" by the
Nelson Operatic Society opens at the
Tost olliee store at ten o'clock tomorrow morning.
Mr. A. Maedonald,of Wiiinipeg.head
I 0f the firm of A.    Macdonahl ,t Co., of
Well Known Resident  of Slocan Suc-
i-iiinlis to Heart Disease.
Mr. Henry Homer Hammond, late
of Slocan City, who bad been at the
General Hospital for the past ten
days.dlod on Saturday evening at half
past seven o'clock. Mr. Hammond
had heen Buffering from heart trouble
fur the last year nnd the disease culminated last week iu the final attack
which caused his death. Mr. Ilnin-
tiniiid was one of the pioneers of this
section, having heen In the Kootenay
country for the past eight years. He
was born In Cleveland. Ohio, ill 1833,
Inn lias lived In the west for the last
forty years.. Many years ago before
the days of railway he was an agent
for one of the celebrated pony express
compnnles. He married Miss Jane
Stewart "f Leavenworth, Kansas, who
survives him. lle also leaves four
Bona and five daughters,   among   them
being Mrs. Oeorge   B,   Maedonald  of
Sandon. and .Mis.-. Jennie Hammond,
who spent the summer In this olty.
.Mi. Hammond was well known
throughout this section having been j
in business at Sandon for many years,
lie was a promlut-nt  member  of the.
naming,   with   the   sanction  of    the  which their Is a  brunch   In  Nelson,
courts, a third executor. I will arrive in   Nelson   this   evening.
About two months ago William I Mr. Maedonald is accompanied by
Waldorf Astor and Charles Peabody, Mrs. Maodonald, both of whom will
Jr., went   before   Surrogate   Thomas| spend a few days In Nelson.
The Nelson Operatic   Society,   after
and stated that they were the only
surviving executors of the will and
that they wished Waldorf Astor to be
named as a co-executor. At the time
the question of young Aster's place of
residence and citizenship was raised.
His father sometime ago foreswore
allegiance to the United Slalcsaud became a subject of the Queen of England. This matter was arranged by
Mr. Peabody making an affidavit in
which he alleged that the young man
was horn in the United Slates and
that he had never taken any steps to
foresweai allegiance to this country,
and that, therefore, he was a citizen
and eligible to the position as executor, on the strength of this affidavit
the appointment was made Surrogate
Thomas thereby virtually deciding
that Waldorf Astor Is a citizen of this
country, even though his father is
nol. anil thai In- lias been educated
abroad and spent ihe greater number
of years of his life in   England,
Chicago, Oct, i.i. A Bpeclal to
Record from Denver, Col., savsi
thin- W, Oreen was shot anil instantly
killed in mistake hy C. W, Johnson,
a rubbit hunter,    Oreen was out with
producing   "The   Mikado11   here    on
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
evenings of this week will  visit Ross-
land and play there on Thursday and
Friday evenings. Mr. Melville Parry
nnd Mr. T, G, ilaultain visited Iloss-
land on Saturday antl completed arrangements for the trip. The whole
company will be quartered at the Allan House. Tbe people of Rossland
are delighted at the prospect of hav.-
ing the Nelson amateurs visit them
and promise most hearty support.
Judge Forin held chambers at the
court house today. The morning session was taken up with the case of
Livingstone vh. 10. W. Matthews in
which the plaintiff asked that the defence be struck out antl judgment be
awarded for plaintiff, The judge dismissed the application, Taylor and
llannington appeared for defendant
ami Elliott antl Lcniile for plaintiff.
Hocking who is now eonilncd at tho
Provincial jail on a charge of bigamy
was brought before the judge for clce-
t i,hi.     It was decided to hear his   case
before a jury at the assizes which
open tomorrow. Two eases came before Judge Forin this afternoon.
Mr. E. W. Matthews, local manager
for It. 0. Dun ,t Co., arrived in Nelson Sunday morning from Winnipeg
where he wns called because of the serious illness of Mrs. Matthews. Mr.
Matthews will return lo Winnipeg in
a few days, Mrs. Matthews' physicians report Unit she cannot recover
anil cannot hope to live longer than
two or three weeks.
James Welch, the railroad contractor, arrived in Nelson last night after
un absence of about two weeks in Spokane and Walla Walla. Wash. Mr.
Welch visited his camps on the Ilalfour extension this afternoon. He
was accompanied to Nelson by Mr. N.
E. Nuy.cn, the Spokane attorney, who
comes to Nelson to defend William
Albi accused of attempted murder in
Rossland, Albi is a cousin of Mr.
Welch and the latter has interested
himself in the case, having secured
bail for the prisoner some time ago.
Fourteen Cases to He Heard Beginning Tomorrow.
At II o'clock tomorrow morning the
fall assizes of the Supreme Court will
open at the Court House of this city.
Late this afternoon it was not known
what judge would preside. There are
five civil cases nnd nine criminal,
making a total of 11 cases. The criminal cases will he heard lirst. and it is
expected that the session will last
until the latter part of next week.
The criminal cases are as follows:
Regina vs. Chenoweth; Uegina vs.
Albi and Alho; Hegina vs. Keltner
Frederick; Uegina vs. Stadlonder, Hegina vs. Thompson and Henderson j
Keigna vs. Maslonka; Uegina vs. Car-
lyle Sutherland; Hegina vs. Hocking;
Hegina vs. Howard. The civil cases
are: MoKny vs. Phillips; Walerland.
vs. Greenwood; llawlcy vs. Ueco;
Stamford vs. Ileddle; Harris vs. Kir-
Take. Laxative Hromo Quinine Tablets. All
iIi'iikkIhIh rofund tho money If It fnllH to euro-
-io.  K, W. Urpve'a    .nature Is on each box,
"The worst tiling about this   whole
business." muttered   Napoleon, turn-
I ing when safely outside of   Moscow lo
! take n look at the   burning   olty,   "is
| that all the   fellows who   believe   Uncharges published against me in those
London papers will say I   am   retiring
under lire."
And he jolted down  the idea for fu- j
tare use in his st. Helena monologues, j
Word was received in Nelson today
confirming the statement made by
The Miller that the directors of the
Venus Wold Mining Company had decided to place a Ill-stamp mill at the
property here.as soon as arrangements
can he   made,    The mill has   already
been ordered.
��   ���   ���
All the men came down from Camp
Mansfield, near Kaslo, last Friday
and work   on the property   has   been
stoppetl. Mr. Ernest Mansfield,manager of the company, will leave for
London, England, on Thursi ay next,
lie expects to resume operations at
the property in about six weeks or in
less time, anil development work will
then be carried  on   with   the  aid  of
steam drills.
��� *   ���
F. W. Rolt and J. A. Maedonald of
Rossland, were in tho city last evening en route home from the Richelieu
property on Crawford Bay. They arc
both interested in this property antl
were well pleased with the way in
which the woik was progressing.
Tbe Government wagon road which
is being constructed between the
property and Crawford Hay is com- ]
pletod within two miles. At the mine
15 men arc engaged in doing development work but this force will bo iu- j
creased when the '. mine becomes a |
shipper which will bo in the near future.
��� ���   ���
To  completo   the   relaying  of    the I
track between   NelHon and   Five-Mile
Point   before     the     winter    season,(
work is being   pushed   as   rapidly   as I
possible.    Over   2IH) men   are engaged
on the   branch   und   the   majority .'of
these    are    working   near      Robert's
ranch.    It is expected   that   the work
will ho completed   in about u month.
One   hundred   men   arc   engaged    In
ballasting      tho    ilalfour     extension
which they expect to complete Novem-1
bcr    In.    The   work   upon   the   barge!
transfer at Procter   is progressing ex- [
cectliiigly well.    Although the work is
well  advanced, it will still require a'
month or six weeks ttt complete it.
��� ���   ��
The following mining transactions
were recorded today: Transfers���
From Paul II. St. Jean to T. A- Stevenson nnd I). I-'. Herb, all of Nelson,
entire int. i-osljiii the Danube claim on
Morning   Mountain,     for   a   nominal
consideration | ESdward Peters to M.E.
Taylor, '4 intrccst in Ivory King,
one-twelfth in Birthday, one-sixth in
Woodtick claims, near Ymir, for a
nominal consideration, CertiIleates of
Work���To Geo. De.Maine. on Jumbo
Fractional antl Sovereign; Thomas
James, on Granite: II. P. Egan, on
Aggie H, Grand Prize. Norine und
White Star; A Hoyt, on J. Dawson;
S. Gonrley, on Minnie. Locations���U.
S. A. and Princess, on Salmon River,
by T. A. Cameron and William. M
Griffiths; Danube on Morning Mountain, by Paul st.   Jean; Hold  Ring,
on Morning Mountain, by George
Martland ; Sierra, on the Royal Canadian wagon mad, by Henry S. Sin-
kam; Alameda, anil Cariboo, on Sandy
Creek, byll. S. Sinkam; J. I... on Cottonwood Creek by Charles Munroe;
No. 3, on Sandy Creek by Geo. De
Maine; No. It,, on Sandy Creek, by ,1.
I.. Stamford; No. 1, on Sandy Creek,
Neil McColcinan; Gray Hock antl Red
Hock, on Six-Mile Creek, by John
Hume���A. L. Gilpin, Toronto; J.
V. Hoid, Kaslo; .Snmuel Villa, Ilnmil
ton, Ont. ; D. W. Moore, Trull; E. C.
Powell, Medicine Hat; T.C. Johnston.
Montreal; Mrs. Ada Ilrown, Mrs. Bertha I.omherger, Spokane; II. A. Mac-
Lean, Victoria; W. M. CunlifTe, Koss
land; T. Graham, Rossland; I,. P.
Wolfe, Spokane.
Phair.���Mrs. B. Thompson and
daughter, G. Thompson, Y. W. Sterling, and wife, J. Hargrolt, Toronto;
F. E. Hobbs, Revelstoke; W. Cross,
Winnipeg; It. II. Ilreinriilgc, Vancouver; Henry Wynne Finch, Vancouver;
James V. Welch, Walla Walla; T. T.
Wynne, London, Eng. ; J. A. Maedonald, I. W. Holt, Rossland; H. E. Mc-
C.'iuoy,    Spokane;     Charles   A.    York,
Brie; J. Hecketb, Winnipeg.
"It is useless to urge me, Mr." Ca-
bokiu," saitl the Huston girl, firmly,
yet with infinite sadness. "I am not
insensible to the many gootl qualities
you possess, but   I feul  1 could   never
love a man  who accents 'demonical'
on the second and   penultimate syllables. "
"When a child I burned my fool,
frightfully," wiites W. II. Eatls, of
Jonesville, Va.. "which caused horrible leg sores for 110 years, but Buck-
Ion's Arnica Salve wholly   cured after
everything else failed, "Infallible for
Hums. Scalds. Cuts Sores, Bruise 1
and Piles, Soltl by the Canada Drug
and Book Co., 98 cents,
As the tired hunter merged from
the woods a cultivated* prairie, dotted
here and then- with pretentious dwellings, met his eye. Evidently he was
on the confines of  civilization   again.
"Any big game in this neighborhood, young man'.'" he asked, addressing a languid youth who was silting
tin a fence.
"Biggest game 1 know of anywheres
about here." responded the young
man, leisurely slapping a mosquito to
death, "is golf."
J. A. Maodonald, at the Palace Confectionery, on Ward Street, has just
received a consignment of Kin boxes
of Fameuse Wealthy antl Snow apples. For perfect fruit they far excel
any that has been exhibited this season, being such specimens as nre usually only seen among the prize win
ners ut the fruit falls.
Visit Florence Park Hotel at Roberts' Ranch,"two and a half miles up
the river.  \V.".M. Roberts, proprietor.
FOR SALE.���Two gootl business
lots in the town of Phoenix, Till feci
frontage, original cost J1.0UO; will
sell for tllcjsame figure on tlie following terms: One-third cash, balance i"
six and twleve^ months. Address,
F. B. II., P. O. Hox 198, Nelson. U.^'-
Your Eyes Hurt
Do you   know   the   difficulty?
It lljtlme you consulted s c-
0110 who does know.
Wc'tl like to find out for  you.
Wo will   tell   you   what  your
eyes   need,   ami   lit  them  for
you so you can enjoy  reading
nnd working for years to 1 i''-
It will pay you 'to   come   and
sec us.
Manufacturing Jsw.lcra.


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