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The Nanaimo Semi-Weekly Mail May 28, 1896

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--.„ -..„   _..-._.■
< Now__—=
Is the time to have 3-oor
name put on the list.
Keep Posted
On the issues of the campaign by reading the
Nanaimo Mail.25fi;
11 mouth
Is our business, and the su-  >
periority of  our work  commends itself, while as to prices
It Is Profitable
To deal with us. All classes
of work for all classes of customers is oar specie Ity 1
vol. 1.
NO. 52.
Judge for Yourself.
Here is an Order We Filled a Few Days Ago:
] Barrel Flour...
lOlbs". Host Butter.
51b. Tin Baking Powd
81bs Cheese	
lOOlbs. Sugar	
501bs. Rice	
201b. Ham	
201 bs. Baeon	
lOlbs. Pure Lard	
12 Tins Table Fruit. ..
1 Bottle Sauce	
1 Large Bottle C. & B.
1 Bottle Queen Olives
6 Tins Meats	
8 Tins Oysters	
2 Gallons   Vinegar. ..
8 Packages II. W. Tob
12 Plugs Tobacco	
4011) Good Beans	
1 Gallon Tin Syrup...
. 2.50.
. 1.25.
. 1.00.
. 4.75.
. 2.00
. 2.00.
. 80
.. 40
.. 30
.. 24
$33.35 $8.39
With all this our Prices nre the Lowest in the City.    Get the
Tariff abolished an order ns above would then cost you
not more than $23.50.
The People's Store
Victoria the Scene of a Fearful
A Crowded Car  of Holiday Makers
Craslics Through Point
Eilice Bridge.
Plunging Over Fifty People to
slant Death,  While Many
Others Are Injured.
was identined by hie brother L        M,«« Brownew  (2);  their
Miss   Grace Word    about   17 Z       ™* WUl'i"'"'" "!' thu car>
peara old, a daugbte of      afford !   L,mZ^ "r "T1,     .
of this oity, VJidentified by Mr Lm. h«-IriSSS    T"' °f,  ""
\V.„. Munsie, who had known her hTSncle Mr Ul™ «' n I?" BS
intimately, ,     •,   ,  ' Mr' --•••■•<-•■*-<- Goodncre,
m,.    ai 111 ,. reside lioie.
.Mrs. li roil. Adams,  si-., relict  of      a  a  n  1 111
the late contractor I Adams, who SaywLmU   ' ,JUokkw"'er :lt the
lost his life in tbe wreck of the ill- .     'V 1 ,       ,
fated Veins, was drowned with her i si,inZ I of''Sn'ril\?f} I ™ 0l M*
son, Fred, thelatter leavinga widow ! Hl30pParcl- of SPnn8 Rld«e-
lint no children.
Mrs. William Heatherbell, of
South Road, Spring Ridge, was
sitting with her husband about lhe
With Victoria Expressed by the
Mayor and Council.
Mr. Heatherbell
escape, receiving
(From Ihu Colonist, Mny 27.)
Victoria's Queen's Birthday carnival so auspiciously inaugurated
I with unalloyed enjoyment for cili-  _,. 	
zens and visitors, was abruptly ter- j whom she was identified
, minuted Tuesday afternoon by a her body reached the
catastrophe so sudden, so awful and morgue,
so appalling in the loss of life en- William Van Bokkelin,
tailed by it that no thought was Townsend, for some liiue
left for aught besides. Electric car! known custom house officer
number 16, in charge of Conductor! Sound -n married man
.1. K.
centre of the cur.
had a miraculou
few injisries, His wife wasdrowned
Mrs. 0. H. Woodhouseof Seattle,
was pinioned in the shattered car
and had no chance for her life.
She was a bride of but 4 months.
Mrs. S. L. Ballard uf Providence,
R. I., was spending the celebration
days with friends in  Victoria,  by
soon after
A full board, except Aid. Morton and
i McDonald, were present at the Coundl
Dr. John Lang, Rev. Canon Pad- meeting Wednesday evening.
don, Fred. Huraber, Miss Bull, Miss -'i'"" *■•■*- miputes 0f the previous
Wilson, William Neut, Conductor meeting being i-jad, Aid. Foreman ob-
Pcete, Mrs. William Neut, Robert footed •" U|L' F'?° PreSs report of his
Hutchinson, Sidney Matthews, A. I remarks upon the petition of A. J. Smith
Butcher, James Jackson, Geo.   W.
Biggar,    W.   A.    Robertson,  J.  10.
Phillips, Luke Gray,
Ah  Kee, J.  McLeod,
Billa Reid, Misses Lui
Wall, J. Trout, J. Mel
Cameron, Waller Enc
0, Strachan,
P. Marrotta,
l and Stella
■ Muir, John
to lie reimbursed for damages caused by
tin- advertising board near the postoffice
blowing down ami scaring his horse. Ho
lin.l imi stated that the ^*'ow Vancouver
t'ual ('... ..Hill'.I the property anil would
l.e liable for any datnngas sustained, as
thai report would make it appear, but
liiul merely expressed Ids doubts uhout
the ownersliin ul' the property.     The
There are still three persons who|minutes were'then adopfed
of Port
a  well
if Puget
,'eridge, grocer of Spring
Ridge, lie was on his way to lhe
military spectacle accompanied by
his step-daughter, Nellie Preston,
the latter of whom was taken from
ife was extinct
a 1 if Sea I lie, pos-
I The "Slater Shoe"
FOR MEN      —
In Black nnd Tan.
Talbot and   Motorman  Farr, was
hurrying to the scene of the sham
battle, freighted to its capacity and
beyond with holiday makers, when
in an instant mirth was turned into mourning, and between fifty and I the water  bcfnrii
sixty souls were hurried into eler-i and resuscitated,
nity.    The central span   of   Point!     Gabrielle Marotti
Ell ice bridge had again given way, itively identified by
precipitating the oar into the waters     Guiseppe Mauro, also of Seattl
of the Arm, where a majority of|and well known in this nity,
the imprisoned   passengers—men,
women and little children- -to whom
the  world  had  a  moment  before
been  all   sunshine—were drowned
before aid could reach  them.    The
crashing timbers and iron work of
the bridge piled upon the ill-fated
car as the waters received it, nnd,
doubling up,  pierced it also from
below, so that   many  were  killed
even before Ihe water was reached,
while  the olbers were  less  mercifully held below lhe muddy waters
— the tide  was  at  the flood   and
running high—by the rapidly accumulating   debris.   News of  the
calamity  spread quiokly, and by
'.', o'clock—ihe heavily-freighted car
plunged through the bridge al ex
tly ten minutes to 2-
■a crown
Ladies' Canvas Oxfords,}
Ladies' Kid Oxfords,   j
> In Black and Tan.
Children's Tan Button Boots and Low Shoes.
Cash Boot and Shoe Store,
No. 17 & 19 Commercial Street.
E. K. 0, JOHNSON, MtuiiiKiT.
Mrs. Thomas Physiok, wife of a
!('. P. R. boiler maker, residing at
812 Richards street, Vancouver;
leaves inn children.
Miss Emily Nathan, of Victoria,
identified by her father last even-
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Pearson, of
North Park street, Victoria; leave
; three children, llie eldest of them a
j hoy of !) years.
Mr. .lame.-; no other particulars
Mrs. P. ElfordofShawniganliike.
B. W. Murray, a son of Foreman
Murray of Ihe cily water works,
W. J. Crowell's little sun, 10
years old or thereabouts, whose
pare'nls reside on Spring Ridge.
—Maralla, an Italian harpist
from Seattle; identified by Mr. li.
J. Dodds of llie Sound city.
Mrs. Dr. Preston, a resident of
Seattle, leaves hvn children; she
was identified by her sister, Miss
Evelyn Farrelly.
Mrs. Edward llooscil, wife of
Nighl watchman llnosenof Victoria,
and Clarence [loosen, their son,
aged about live or six years.
James Wilson, live years old, lhe
son of Street Inspector Wilson.
Emma Olson, uf 78 Frederick
streel, 2t) years uf age, has no relatives so far as known in this cily
or province,
Miss Lester
Miss Ann Kcast, daughter of
Deputy Registrar Keast; her mother uas resusoitaled wilh extreme
Miss Flossie Jackson, 60 Quadra
,1. I). Gordon, manager of Brad-
sir commercial agency al Vancouver, fur somo time a resident uf
arc known to missing and it is expected that their bodies, with that
of an unknown bicyclist from Taeoma and a child whose little form
was seen but could not he removed
Tuesday night from an entanglement of twisted ironwork, would be
recovered yesterday morning. The
eleclric light was in operation all
night to facilitate the work of the
searchers, but little work was accomplished.
Point   Ellice   bridge   was   built'
ahum ten years ago for the provincial government by the San Francisco Bridge Co., and is a two-span
structure resting upon iron piers,
tilled wilh concrete, ils total length
being in the neighborhood of 600
feel, inclusive of approaches,   As
recently as May 24,  1803, the sec-1
und span sank under lhe weight uf
car Nu. Hi tu an extent of about -I
feet while il was passing over wilh
a crowd of celebration passengers.
Several weeks were then spent   in
strengthening it,  and again only
about   a year  ago  another  .fldDl)
was expended upon it, the work be-1
ing under the supervision of Street!
Inspector Wilson, who lust bis 1 it- ■
lie buy and had himself wilh others
of his family a miraculous escape.
From \V; S. Gore, deputy Commissioner ul' Lands ami Works, returning
least* of government buildings changed
su as tu require the government to give
the city six months notice to vacate, as
requested, instead of one month, as
originally, and explaining that the provision in reference in the buildings being
"repaired according to notice" implied
that the premises be left in us good
condition 11s they were received. Ke-
eeiveil mul filed,
l-'uiiii .1. Il.iliiuil, again remonstrating
against paying a retail license in addition to an auctioneer's license. On mo-
li .a uf Aid. Wilson, the City Clerk was
directed to notify the petitioner that he
would he required to comply with, the
by-law, the Council huring no authority
to remit the license,
I'.r.iin William X. Shaw, asking the
usual building privileges opposite Jot 5,
block 01, Commercial street. Granted,
Bubjecl to the supervision of the Street
From the School Board, stating that
they had considered the matters referred
lu them as embraced in the grand jury's
reporl; thai they did not think it necessary to adopt the recommendation as to
doors swinging outward, hut that tho
matter of providing lire csrap -s would
receive their attention. Received and
The School  Board also asked   for a
creilii of.', a in 1 ui account of cotistruclii
which was granted.
ft li ports.
Tho Sheet committee reported  that
verUsing hoard of which oomplaint
ihe time
repair of
tiie a.i
hail I
On motion of AM'. I
mi.s received ami Hied
no other particulars
^^^^^^^^       Mr. and Mrs   '■'.. II. Cnrmiohael,
without parallel  of Mcuzies street, for many yens
involved since the residents uf  Victoria; ihey   leave
As the New Spring Season   i\     \r   1    Tl   *1
is now upon VO   Nut   Fail
to come and inspect our stock of
Ladies' 9 Children's Millinery
Our stock this season we assure you is
complete in every respect and -bound
to please. It comprises all the latest
novelties, etc. A very fine and well
assorted stock of Ladies* Sailors and
Children's Galatea, Silk and Lace Hats.
Crescent Store,
Nanainio, B. G,
thousands filled the streets at the
approaches to the death-trap bridge
—eager to be helpful, frantic with
anxiety as to (lie fate of loved ones
who might have been on the car, or
dazed, almost stupefied for the lime,
hy the magnitude of the disaster
which had come upon the cily. The
hour was not without its heroes
who were quick to think and act,
and to those hemes, women and
men. the salvation of many lives
from the waters is due, as well ns
the winning hack from de 'h uf
many who had to all appearances
passed into the shadowland. The
work of the rescuers lasted through
all the afternoon, and by evening
the greater number of the bodies
hud been recovered, although it is
practically certain that yet others
are still to be removed from the
fatal waters. The jury eiiinuiinelled
by Coroner Orompton in tbe evening viewed iu nil forty-seven bodies,
and their inquiry has been adjourned so that the work of recover,' may
he eoinpleleil. The calamity i-
without precedent In the history of
the I'acilic coast
in the loss of lifo _^^^_^_^_^_^^__^_^____
memorable  I'acilic  disaster,     So two In   family.   Thi-ir  daughter,
many victims has it claimed thai  with hor escort, was Inl ling lo
there is scarcely a home in Victoria take the car with her parents, hut
that has nut lost some friend or relative. Victoria is a city of desolation and sadness anil in ils mourning Seattle, Taeuinn, New Whatcom, Port Townsend ami the other
cities of lhe Sound arc joining, for
each has contributed among the
holiday makers who formed the
burden of the submerged car some
of its well-known citizens.
List of those whose lives were
sacrificed in the horribh disaster:
Mrs. .1. A. Trouit, of Seattle, was
identified by her husband almost
as soon as her body reached the
Market hall. The husband was
with her on the oar and escaped he
scarcely knows how.
Sophie and Alice Smith of Victoria, daughters of Captain Smith,
formerly of the tup Mogul, v. ere
going with their sister Inez to the
parade ground. Inez Sniilli being
unable to find a scut in the crowded car, she stood on the rear platform and was able to strike clear of
the debris and struggling crowd
and swim ashore, Her two sisters
were bulb drowned,
James  Thompson   Patterson, a
iiun i
hi lily
an.I  the
made by A. .1. Smith   wus
ii city property as represented.
 una, the report
also moved
i In
appointed to Inves-
.'iimmitti'i      ^^^^^^^^^^^
the matter and report on the lia-
i the i-iiy.   The motion carried,
following coinmittee was up-
Owing to the holiday.*
for receiving bids for th
tho Millstream bridge has been extended until Monday, June lst.
James Jordan was acquitted by
His Honor Judge Harrison ibis af-
t Timon un the ground of Insufficient evidence to satisfactorily sub- drains and
slantiate the charge of criminal in-  eel veil ami Bled.
The annual Court of Revision of     By Aid Sinclair—Thai an ure Isght he
lhe  real  estate assessment  roll  of  I'h'ii'd at the Intersection of Kennedy
lhe cily of Nanaimo was held in I be
pointed: Aid. Planta, Wilson and Fore-
The Road Foreman's report detailing
work ili'iie during the week on streets,
leu ring school  yard was re-
h.mul |l
forced t
by whii
ion crowded, and
lake the uiie in
i they escaped,
i'arr, conductor,
Ihey wi in
         caves  a
W and two children.
Harry Talbot, the conductor in
charge uf Nn. Hi al lhe time of  ils
awful plunge; he leaves a wife.
- Boss), storekeeper of Store St.
.1. II. Tyack, a blacksmith's
helper residing on Humboll street;
his body was at lirst mistaken for
that of ins cousin, .linunie Laurie,
wl ise brother was drowned only a
couple of niuiillis ago. Laurie is
Two children, Archie and Julia,
son and daughter of (i. \V. Biggar
of tiiis cily, who himself narrowly
W. Arthur Kullerton, son of W
F. Fullerton ui Clarke and North
Pembroke streets.
Mrs. Q, I. Post, and her son
158 Fernwood road,
Frank    Oresla,    bootblack,
cuiiiicil chambers this morning.
Present, Mayor Davison and Aldermen Wilson, Morton, Sinclair and
Macdonald, Pour appeals in all
were received, and after due consideration, together with the statements of the assessor, Mr.S.Cough,
the Court of Revision sustained the
original assessment in each in-
sla nee.
The semi-annual election of officers of
In'iei'iiiiiii Lodge, Nu. 336, will Inle
place iioxt Saturday evening.   Two new i
meiiiiiei'H wen- Initiated hint week, and
two othor candidates are un tin-list for
Saturday night. Installation will ink.
place a week later.
M. \V. ,1'ihn ,1. Bumpier, writing on
"Pranllcaj Masonry" In the Canadian
Craftsman, suysi "Of all Institutions,
human or divine, Masonry is the mosl
liili'iant u( froodom of opinion in all
matters nol Involving articles of fundamental faith nnd opinion. In religion
we exact only a belief in Deity ] in
politics, only allwlance and loyalty to
government; in all ether matters, al.s >-
lute freedom to think an.I   ai't as une's
own judgment ami convections may die- j
tale.   It matters little,  however, how '•
eloquently we may preach ofthe doctrine
<>[ Masonry, ami expatiate upon   the
beauty of  its  procepts, as,  unless «e
we carry thom Into practice in the l.nsi-1
ness transactions ami social relations ot
our overy-dav llfo, they become, as St.
I'ttul says of faith without works, mere
sounding brass or tinkling cymbals."
,|] 0f  placed at  Uu
ami iVentwortli streets,
liy Aid. Wilson—That  three suits of
clothing le purchased for police force.
Tho latter was subsequently withdrawn
ami the matter referred to ti committee
consisting of Aid Sinclair, Bradley uml
Martell to decide according tosumples
furnished by local merchants.
May.a- Davison In fitting terms re-
fcrred to the calamity thai has befallen
Vietorin hy Which MO many lives hud
been sacrificed and a city of rejoicing
plunged into one of mourning. He had
already telegraphed a few words of sympathy mi behalf of Nanaimo to tho
.May.nol Victoria; but that the Council
luijlit moro fully express lhe sympathy
ui this community he hud prepared a
resolution which he felt sure the Council would unanimously endorse. At his
request tho clerk I hen read lhe following
res.ilulii.n :
U'liiaii'iN, on the •.'iith Instant a dire
calamity befell our neighbors of the olty
ui Victoria in the disaster at the Point
Ellice lui.Ice, iihei-el.y a large iiiiiiiIkt
of persons have lost their lives; thore-
fore he it
Resolved, Thai lhe sincere sympathy
of tho citlsons of Nanaimo be hereby extended lo lhe people ..I Victoria, llllll 6 •
peclully to ihe bereaved families in ihis
ilu ii .lull, hourof sorrow.
And further that a copy of this resi-
lutlon, under the seal ui the corporation,
lie transmitted to the Mayor of the cily
of Victoria.
Aid Wilson was pleased Mayor Davison had taken this net ion, ami was assured Nanaimo would also afjbni sul>-
stantlal help ii necessary, He moved tho
adoption of ihe resolution, whioh wus
loconded hy AM Plants and curried
wor to Aid I'lanta, .Mayor Davi-
Kll^ili ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Wilhiini i-'i.hiit ul popnrtiire liny nnil imnnl I
.inuciitiT of .losopli llarner, .tir.l on Wudtionlfly I
night.  The rnnonil win take place fro
lure lim- to-morrow (lii.iiu) aftorn.
o'l'loolc.   Rov. ciinoii liuoil will official
I'liri' ninnd isll.i'iiifei.'iiiiril of Iii.hIUi. Kwi.
your Mood mire, rich|ano fnU of vitality by ink
no llood'asarwipsrllla, and you um tint noc.l
toictir ihu attacks i f disease,
son slated Ihat, on account of the holiday.-, it hud beon found nocessary to extend the timo for receiving tenders for
of at
Yales si root
Miss Minnie Robertson, daughter i    SS.  Peter  Jensen,   arrived   thi
oiex-Ald. \V.  A.  Robertson,  who morning tu load V. O. Co's coal
with Ins sun was also a passenger |    SS. City of  Everett sailed thi
chipper   employed   at   tho  Albion ! on No. lb and   who  escaped,   whii ' morning at 7:o0.
Hi Miirllin. nili'.l 10 yi-iim, .liiiitl.l.'rnf I ■ :        .1      MilUir,,,!,,,   Iirlrlin*   until
l-'iwii-i ,.f popartiire Day and araii-l   ropttiring tne luiuatream  unage until
of Joioph Harper, tiled on Wedneada; i ncxl M lay.
plaoo from fJopar-1 In reply lo AM I'lanta, the chairman
of lho Street committee said he hud no
.I..iila the Stewart avenue sidewalk con hi
I e proceeded with as si ion as the eost of
Uu- MiMstieiim bridge was ascertained,
The clerk stated Mr. Kaymoiid hud
requested him to ask the Council to have
the i «o from pegs nf his lot on Commercial street t'slal.llshe.l.    Alter some dis-
cussloni It was decided that It WM only
the duty of the city to designate the
| street line, and  Mr. Raymond was re-
lleried  tu   Mr. Ileylund 'j  furnish him
wilh the siito lines of his property,
The Council then adjourned until neat
Monday evening.
....!'. ['Ills rare llvor UU, cotuHoalloii i
-ul. hoadai lu', i.iiimii. ,-.,.  •..,-„.. Zbe Ittanaimo flfoail
ia ni,i>iiiai F.viaiv
I'., c. liKAim, Editor uud Manager.
Bastion Street. Namiiiiiii, 11. I'.
Hy mall—One year  2.00
"        six months 1.SIB
"        Throe nths 76
Iii.llvt.rcil by carrier IjGo. per month
MAY JS, 1806
Shall Chinese Note?
The effort being made in C.ilifor-j
nia tu secure the privilege of the
ballot  for native-born Mongolians
is suggestive uf  a  similar danger
that is threatening Hritish Columbia anil may at some time be real- j
izetl.    Indeed, in   this  country the
fact of being native-born would not
have  to  lie established under the
law, nor  would it  in  all cases be
necessary, as subjectsof Her .Majesty j
from   Hongkong could reasonably |
claim the right to vole in common
with otlier subjects.
Last January, in order to lesl the
matter, a case was arranged in San
Francisco,and the opinion of Judge
Morrow, before whom the case was
heard, was in favor uf Wong Kim
Ark, a young Chinese who was horn
in 1873 at 751 Sacramento street.
This decision declared Wong to be
a citizen and entitled to vote. The
California jurist followed the decision which Justice Field gave in
1885 in the Look Ting Sing case.
Attorney George I). Collins, at the
request of Solicitor-General lb.lines
Conrad, is preparing a brief for Hie
United States Supreme Court having for its object the overthrowing
of Judge Morrow's decision. Speaking of the numerical possibilities ui
Chinese enfranchisement, Mr. Collins remarked: "1 know theChinese
nature well enough to know that if j
the Supreme Court sustains the
position of Justice Field and Judge
Morrow, nearly every Chinese in
the city will swear he was born in
this country, Collector Wise tells
me thai about every Chinaman that
conies over now represents himself
as having been burn here. For lhe
most cogent reasons," he continues,
" we have refused citizenship iu Chinese subjects, and yet as tu their
offspring who are just as obnoxious,
anil tu whom the same reasons apply with equal force, we are told
that we must accept I hem as fellow-
citizens anil that, tuu, because uf
the mere accident of birth.''
"Little Pete," otherwise known
as Fong Ching, is saitl to be getting
ready to become a local buss in San
Francisco, though he is not native-
born by several thousand miles:
and Li Gee and Lee Hoy, thc slave
trailers who cuiiduct a notorious
female mart on Jackson streel, both
highbinders and both claiming to
he American-born and talking fair
English, are vicing with him fur
this prestige.
lt is doubtful whether there are
over 250 native-born Chinese adults
in San Francisco. Altogether there
are 27,000 Chinese in that city, and
between 50,110(1 and 60,000 in the
state south of Sacramento, according to internal revenue figures, ilul
Little Pete boasts that a voting,
strength of -11)00 Chinese oould be
secured in that slate and boasts they
could hold the balance uf power.
Whatever may he the result in
California, ihe above fads indicate
an organized effort on the part uf
theChinese that may be extended
to this country the success of which
would be ruinous lo wurkiiiginen
generally and miners particularly
in British Columbia. If at the
coming election a candidate who is
an employe of the greatest employers of Chinese in Hritish Columbia,
to whose interests he is pledged,
receives any considerable support
from the labor element we shall
sadly miss uur reckoning as also
have our faith shaken iu the intelligence of ihe labor vole,
"17.dll or Bust."
The United Slates battle-ship
Oregon lias hail her official trial
trip. She has exceeded all expectations and is now mistress of the
seas. Sbe made a maximum speed
of 17.08 knots per hour. Her average for four hours was 16.78, the
best on record for her class. The
Oregon wins a premium uf .'15175,000
for the Scots, being $25,000 for
every quarter-knot over fifteen knots
per hour, lhe contract speed. The
system under which the naval speed
tests is carried on is farcical to a
degree. The coal is carefully picked and a certain quality of water
used. A particular course is chosen and the weather awaited until
the most favorable occasion oilers.
Then the creiv are selected, man by i
man, anil encouraged lo exert Ibeiu-!
selves to the superhuman point by
the prospect of a share in the premium. When Ihe lest is made,
after weeks of preparatory ''spinning," everything, man and machine, is exerted to the utmo t. The
results prove, not, what the vessel
is really capable of in actual service, but what may be accomplished
under extraordinary conditions,!
which will never be repeated.
Coast Seamen's Journal.
The Campaign.
The opposition candidate returned from a thorough canvass of Saa-
nich, Salt Spring Island Mayrie and
Pender Islands last Saturday. At
a meeting of his committee on that
evening he reported the results of
his trip. He reports the greatest
revulsion of feeling and confidently
expects two-thirds of the votes in
those districts. In North Salt Spring
Island, out of 52 possible votes, 4!)
were personally pledgetl to support
him. The meetings held were great
successes; the unanimity of sentiment was marked; the enthusiasm
was gratifying, ami at the close
resolutions were passed endorsing
the positions taken by Mr. Mclnnes
and pledging him their support,
Influential agents were appointed all
alongthe line, and the work so successfully begun will he energetically
carried on till the 23rd. Mr. Mclnnes left yesterday fur Alberni,
where a public meeting will he held
There is one ligure in Canadian
polities to-day which towers over
all others antl that commands the
respect of both parties. While colleagues war on each other, lirst
attempting to depose their Premier
and then charging anonymity and
fraud, pure and serene, removed
far above influences so baneful,
Laurier stands, the model gentleman antl adroit statesman. It were
idle to decry the nubility of his
life or those superior talents which
have elevated him, under somewhat.
disadvantageous circumstances, to
tbe honorable position he now occupies. Because he is a Frenchman
there are many prejudiced individuals, who, though acknowledging his
fitness to lead the Government,
desire that he should not do so.
We hope and trust that Canadians
and those ihat have made this
country lhe land of their adoption
will nut he led away by a cry so
false and cowardly. Mr. Laurier
is a devoted follower in the path of
the great statesmen who have made
England the power she is to-dny,
and his sentiments are British
through and through. It may well
he asked how we can ever hope to
build up a nationality in this
northern portion ut the continent
ii we do not lust- lhe different races
antl regard ourselves only ns Canadians, proud of ihe young Dominion and glnd thai its progress is
onward and upward. Mr. Laurier
is revered by hUsupporters, whether
they cine from Ontario or Quebec,
and esteemed hy bis opponents. In
..ur humble judgment the period is
mar when lie will be called upon
lo guide the destinies of this country
and we are confident that no true
Liberal will fight less sturdily for
him because of his ancestry or religion. There is altogether too
much of that kind of thing with us,
mure especially in the Conservative
ranks, andoiirduly is and should be
to stamp it out and establish here a
united people, joined hand in hand
in the noble work of placing Canada in the place destined for her
among the nations uf the world.
Tiie ('rime of Enforced fillcness.
Hairy Reed, a printer, was lined
and sentenced to the work-house
for neglecting to support bis family.
Sentence was suspended fur a few
days lo enable lhe prisoner lo mend
his ways. If Reed can Iiml no boss
lo give him employment then he
will be imprisoned fur bis atrocious
crime. He must beg fur work (and
begging is against, lhe law, too) in
order to breathe God's pure air of
freedom, Reed is a sober man,
and after having spent Ihe greater
portion uf his life, in his mudest
way, in benefitting society lie is
hauled before lhe bar uf justice in
his uld age ami treated li ;c a brute,
This poor man has been driven
from his trade, liko scores of others,
by machinery, In which direction
shall he turn'.' A few old monopolists own all lhe land, which no
man made, and all the tools of production ami distribution, which
they did not make. The state protects these property rights; the
Reeds arc denied access to them,
and all the God-given blood-purchased human rights in civilization
seem to lie outbalanced by vested
rights. 'I'o sum up,the state,society,
makes paupers antl criminals out
of men, und then punishes them for
being sueii. ltis a beastly (with
apologies to beasts), unnatural condition, and don't forget that old
Mother .Nature has a habit of punishing those who disobey her wise
and just laws.—Cleveland Citizen.
The fulsome flattery which J. I).
Sprackles' ''(lull" is bestowing on
J. I). Spreckles, tbo new Republican
boss, is becoming very nauseating
to rentiers who take the paper, because it, is, in many respects, the
best of lhe daily journals. Look
out, Mr. Shortridge, or you may
kill the goose that lays the golden
eggs, S. F. Advertiser,
—— ■»««•   —
The tariff infanl is 18 years old,
but is still in the nursery.
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Spain Satisfied With the President's Pacific Policy.
j the operation of splitting largo stumps
with a jack screw, anil hail one nearly
slim, when he 'stepped into the opening
anil suddenly the jack screw sprang out,
ii nd tin- stump closed like a shot, catching Bennett in its grip.     His compon- j
ion  at   once   chopped   away   the   stamp |
and   realeased  the  victim,  but not  before Bennett was dead.    Bennett's left  Ceremonies Attending the Cor-
arni was crushed and his whole frame,
about the chest and ribs, waa  crushed
he would set np no defence to the offence charged against him. He pleaded
iu extenuation of his act that at .he
time he came into possession of -Miss
Crowley's ring he and the otlier members of the party were intoxicated.
The Present Too Elaborate School System Brought to Light.
Competitor Case Not Likely to Disturb the Friendly Feeling
Now Existing.
New York, May 23—A cable to the
world  from  Madrid says:
"The Competitor case is not at all
likely to disturb the relations between
the ' Spanish and American governments," said Premier Oanuvas in au Interview.
"The official relations between the
two countries," the premier went on.
"have become of late even more cordial
if possible than ever, while the general
relations are also improving with the
subsidence of popular excitement on
both   sides.
The Spanish government is quite satisfied with the friendly disposition shown
till through by President Cleveland, Sec
rotary Olnoy anil the oilier federal authorities, especially with the fnir, amicable tone adopted iu the representations made about the Competitor."
Premier Oanovns spoke also of the efforts of the American government to
get from the inferior courts and United
States supreme courts that well-defined,
fixed jurisprudent in regard to the filibustering expeditions and cases still
The prime minister said: "The appointment of Gen. Fitsdiugh Lee to bi
consul general at Havana causes no concern or apprehension, as the Spanish
minister at Washington (-ity continues
lo report the execellcut disposition of
the executive.
"The debates in lhe American and
Spanish congresses will not materially
affect the relations of the two countries Wn understand that the executive iu America cannot interfere with
lhe freedom of speech or orators, though
iu Spain we have the advantage that
our ministers present in the cones can
always point out that the government
and the majority of the nation are not
responsible for the utterances of the opposition  members.
"My opinion is that the stale of affairs in <'ttliti is improving lu its mlli-
tnry and political aspect. The iiisiir-
gents are beginning to surrender their
anus nnd families are coining to seek
the protection of our forces, which hav
been able to push operations in May,
ns the rains began later this season."
A spcdnl to tin- Herald from Havana says:
l-'rnnk Larue, a naturalized American.
a wealthy merchant of Cnrdeuns and n
prominent sugar planter in Mntanzas
province, have been imprisoned by the
Spanish military authorities in ihe dis-
Irlct on a charge of political conspiracy.
Larue's portuor, Ernesto do Cairo. J
whose arrest was also ordered, is in
hiding, I..irue refused to make any
statement unless United States Consul
I In nse should be present. The consul
lias protested at the summary proceedings, demanding a civil trial and the
right    of   legal   defense.        The   Spanish
i-i'litary officers laughed at the protest
VII Dlnrio del Eji rcito, a Spanish army
organ, in a leading article, produced
translations of certain correspondence
between Gen.s, Sherman and Hampton
tn February, 1803, making charges and
counter-charges of reported acts of in- i
t-eailiarisiu, violation and execution of ■
prisoners as reprisals during the American iciicl.ioii. i hese tetters are iinoted
by Diiiro io justify the brutality attributed by im* American people to
dipt. Hen. Weyler iu Uubii.
Cttpt, Laborde of the Competitor, in-
Icrwfivcd iu lue Culuino.*, ensue, said
j.I- ^rii*. pui to ihe turture by an officer
ui the A'mar uut Bio volunteers at Lu
i a una jusi alter lie was captured, 'ute
l.iUiuie.-.cl*e.,s nil,I Bhurp sled wrists, hi
says, were used.
Washington, U. ('., May 28.—Bov, .1.
Jiinzf the American Baptist missionary
who, with his laiuily aim brother, were
expelled from Cium, alter having been
arrested uud incarcerated in prison
there, has just beeu given a hearing bo-
Jore a siib-coinuuiee ol ine senate committee un loreign relations, consisting of
-Senators .Morgan and Dai is. Air. Diaz
made a statement unuer oath to the subcommittee, the substance ut which has
been luruislicil tu the Associated i'ress.
.Many ut the statements made by Mr.
ll.az lo Iheeiiiuiuiltee have already tip-
pouri'ii in print.
IJiie case just furnished the state department was ut (Junto, where the
Spanish sultliers killed six or seven men,
iioucumbatanls. Then the Spuuiartls
went into different houses uud gatillered
seventeen men. They tied them logelh-
er, two by two, among thoni being laid-
iilo Qllllltei'Oi an American, 21 years
old, ol Key West, who was found sick
iu bed. They were taken lo he street
nnd COIUIlllllldod lo kneel down. The
soldiers tired lit them, killing all except
Ihe American. This occurred on February 22, iu the Immediate   presence   of
lhe wives and children of the liiilortun-
a te men.
Dr. Diaz' statement givcH accounts of
cases where he alleges explosive bullets
were used by lhe Spaniards, and of lhe
shooting of two chililru in the arms ol
their mothers by the Spaniards. On
Ihe 1'ih o|' March, iu Havana, lie saw
a man who had been killed by the soldiers, and who had sevenly-one tiayonei
Parishioners Ordered to Support the
Government Candidate Under
Pain of Grievous Sin.
Montreal, May 23.—It is rumored
here that Mr. Laurier will accept the
nomination in Three Rivers iu order to
lest the effect of Bishop Lalleche's sermon, preached last Sunday, ordering bis
parishioners, under pain of grievous sin,
to support the government candidate.
Winnipeg, .May 2U.—Winnipeg's euro
paign is llie must bitter iu tne city's
nlstury. Personalities are freely indulged in and Mr. Martin to-day announces that he will enter suit against
several citizens for Blander, Hugh John
felt called upon last night to make n
speech lo his supporters asking them to
refrain  from  personalities.
City Conservatives are making a
great fuss of the refusal of the Mc
Cnrthy managers to allow Hugh John
Macdonald to speak at Ihe McCarthy
inc.-ling Monday night. They announce
a big mass meeting for to-night iu the
skating rink and have invited Mr. Martin and his friends. A lively time is
looked  for.
The Trades and Labor Council have
prepared a long series of questions to
be answered by the candidates, among
them as lo whether they will advocate
Ihe building of the Hudson's Hay railway and au alien labor law similar to
that ia force in the Lulled States
jesty to the end that on this auspicious
against  Canadians.
The 77th  anniversary  of the Queen's
birthday will be right royally celebrated
on     Monday    in    Winnipeg    and    the.
chief centres of Manitoba.
Toronto.   May  28.—.lames  Durosh,  of
onation of the Czar.
Spiritualism   and   the    Drug   Create
Morbid,  Suicidal  Spirit.
China Will Establish an   Imperial
Bank With a Large Amount,
of Capital.
23.-Alva    E.
years  of   age.
San Francisco, May
Shepherd, a jeweler 3*i
who resided at 205 Seventh street, murdered his cousin, Mrs. Louis E. Aweng.
some time to-day, and then cut his own
throat. The bodies, with the head almost severed from each, were found
this evening by occupants of the house.
Moscow, May 2,'!.—The date of the! Shepherd and Mrs. Aweng were Spir-
eoroiiatioti, May 2(1, was formerly pro- j itiuilists, and it is believed that sense of
claimed by heralds to the people at 11 religious duly, combined with (heir hor-
o'clock this morning, and the ceremony ! ror of the morphine habit, with wli eh
will be repeated to-morrow und Mon-lit is said they were both afflicted, led
day. A strong attachment of cavalry to Hie murder ami suicide. The last
surrounded the approaches to the Krciu* , beard of the couple was this morning,
iin and the general commanding Btpca when they were heard talking ia their
in the middle, facing the troops. Around room. As the day passed and no one
him, all mounted and wearing rich came out of the room, the landlady be-
costumes, were secretaries of stale, came frightened, and Ibis evening the
aides de camp, several masters of cere-j door wus broken in. (In the bed lay
monies, pursuivanls and heralds. At a i lhe deed woman, with her throat gash-
given signal, the heralds, blew n loud ' ed terribly, anil nn the Hour directly iu
blasts on their trumpets, the people front of the bed lay the murderer, in i
bowed their heads and the secretary of . pool of his own blood,
state read the following proclamation: i Laying open ou the floor was o note-
"Oiir most august, most high and hook, in which wns wrilten what was
most mighty sovereign, having ascended probably the murderer's farewell words
Ihe hereditary throne of nil itussiii and The Inscription rend: "Blessing, De-
llie  kingdom of   Poland,    and    of    tho  pend on Oort.   Cherish the spirits.   May
j    Chicago.  May 23.—Through    John V.
j Itastall,   formerly     of    Kansas,   it   bus I
beeu   developed     that  one-third   of  the
children  of one  of the principal grammar schools in Chicago had never seen ;
I ii live sheep or hog though all had seen j 	
I lions,  tigers and  oilier animals  of  the |
tropics.  The matter has been  taken  up   A Full Assortment at thc Lowest Market Rates
by the press on the belief that the same
ratio     of   children   throughout   the   citv 	
had never seen a live sheep or hog, and ' n„nT,
die park commissioners will be request- ,J(Jr>      \iOKh_MMSV
ed to place specimens of these animals
in the zoo department of the parks.
Showing the Dates and Places of
Courts of Assize, Nisi Priu.s, Oyer
and Terminer, and General Gaol
Delivery for the year 1896.
Spring Assizes.
Nanaimo    Tuesday.
New Westminster Tuesday.
lhe  Eighth  concession   of the township  glory of His holy
of  Adjutu,   is  dead   at   the' age  of  112   changing  weal  of  the
years. -    This proclamation wn
Ottawa,   May  28,—-Both  exports  and
grand duchy of Finland, which
separable from it, has been plensed lo
ordain, in imitation of all his predecessors and glorious ancestors, that the
sacred solemnity of the coronation and
consecration of his imperial majesty,
which his majesty wills thai his august
consort shall share, do take place on the
".liltli nf May by present proclamation.
Therefore, tiiis solemn act is announced to all faithful subjects of bis ma-
day there may be sent np to the King
of kings their most fervent prayers, and
lo implore the Almighty one lo extend
the favor of His blessing to the reign
of bis majesty, to the maintenance of
peace and tranquility, to the very great
nd to the nn-
His will be done. God's command. Ni
morphine." These few words furnished
the only clue lo Ihe murder. .Mrs. Aw-
e-ig was also known as Mrs, hurnh B.
It'idcn. but i! is believed that the
former was her correct name.
Victoria, .
Kamloops .
Vernon . . .
*Nelson ...
♦Special Assize.
. Monday
Monday .
. 6th
1st June
. nth June
. loth June
22nd June
suit   in  the Production  of an entire
ly  Xew  Light   Bulb.
Imports,  during  April  show
compared wilh April,  1805,
iu    exports,  and $1,000,000
The  trade  returns   for   (he
ended April "II show a large
both exports and imports compared with
the corresponding period of the previor
Qficnl   year.   The   exports ainounten   to
••fl)i',.!)ltt.-l.-,(l   as  against   $01,260,628,   increase $5,032,022!  imports,  $02,002,405,
compared  with $87,353,200, being nn increase of $l,7Oli.KI0.  the  betterment in
the  aggregate  trade   nf   the   Dominion
during  (he   ten   months    amounting    to
over    $10,000,000,   During    April   duty
was collected to the amount of $1,ri7.V
007.  nn   increase of $107,500 compared
wllb    April.    1S05.   The   duty   collected
during  the  ten  months    amounting    to
over    $17.0:10.210,    against   $1-1.7-17,2,,i
collected  during  lhe  corresponding per
',. I   Ifiat  tear,  being an  increase of $2,-
St. John's. Newfoundland, May 23.-
The grand jury has presented n true bill
ngninst the directors of the Commercial
Bank- by a vote of 1-1 lo S. ihe foreman
not voting. A similar result is expected
in -.be indictment of the directors of tin
I'n'on Bank, which is to lie presented
Tuesday night. The motion for trial
will nol be made until tbe finding in tho
other case is decided.
printed on vellum, beautifully illuminated and adorn-
a decrease ed with the arms, monogram and in-
ol $118,000 signia of the empire. Copies were seat-
in imports, tered through the crowd and there WOI
ten monthr a wild scramble to obtain possession of
increase ir-   thom.
On May 25th. the day beTore the coronation ceremony, the transferring of
the regalia lo the throne room at the
Kremlin will take place, and on the
same day their majesties will remove
from Alexiinilrinski palace to the grand
Kremlin palace. Special mass will he
celebrated during the evening in all lhe
churches, The coronation takes place in
the cathedral of the assumption, the
most sacred place in the Russian empire.
Onndln, Island nf Crotn, May 23.—
Since May 17 Ibe garrison of Vahlos.
consisting of about 1,800 men, have
been besieged by 2,000 insurgents who
occupy strong positions. A detachment
of troops left Knllvns Thursday in order
to attempt the relief of the besieged
soldier-!, but relieving force was nttnc'
ed by the insurgents and compelled to
return to Knlwns after suffering heavy
lo is. The troops at Vnmos had only
sufficient food to last them a coupli
more days.
Prklll, May 23.—The Chinese government is about to establish an imperial
bunk controlled by lhe revenue board,
which will provide n capital amounting
to 10,0(10,000 tails.
Montreal, May 12.—The Presbyterian
Record for May sa.vs: "In Mnnitobn
all denominations have equal school
lights, viz., full liberty to teach their
own catechism outside the schools, and
lhe right to a good education iu puone
schools entirely controlled by tile government, where no church has any authority nml no religious beliefs are Interfered  with.
"In the province of Quebec the public
schools are Roman Catholic, nnil while
Ibe Protestant, nduorify has Ihe privilege, under certain conditions, of having
schools of their own. yet they are nnt
on equal rights wilh the Roman Catholic majority,    Note a. few  instances:
"(1.) The council of public Instruction
which controls all the education in the
province, is made up three pnrts: (a) All
Unman Catholic bishops, nnd administrators of dioceses, are members ex-of-
lieio. thl An equal number of Roman
Catholic laymen is appointed by the
lieulenant-governor-iueouneil. (c) A
number of Protestant members, equal
to ihe number of Koman Catholic iay-,
lui'ii, is appointed  iu the same manner.
"Further, a bishop if unable to attend, can appoint a substitute, a power
given to no other member, All school
matters and laws are thus controlled by
the Roman Oataoilc bishops, and no
Other chinches are recognized or have
any rights.
"(2.) The taxes of all joint stock
companies, banks, corporations, tec,
even though these companies are wholly Protestant, go Into ll general fund,
and ere divided according to Ihe population of lhe district, Thus Ihree-fnurths
or  more  of  lhe school   laxs  of a  joint
stock company wholly Protestant, nnd
most of (hem are largely so, go tn
support schools which use the Uom-in
Catholic calechisni as a chief text bonk,
and teach that Protestantism is false
ami blasphemous.
"(8.) Through the country districts
where Protestants nre few they are
compelled lo pay all their school taxes
lo schools which use the Roman Catholic catechism as a chief text hook, and
false  and
Olliccrs     and   Auspii-ie
if   the   Convention.
Portland, May 23.— The three days'
session of the Young Men's Institute
closed last night with high jinks iu Elks'
hall. The afternoon session was devoted to ihe consideration of the reports of
the finance committee, The per capita
base was lixed at $2,25. The following
grand olliccrs were then elected and installed: Grand President, John P.
Kiivniinugh. Porl land: grand first flee-
president, W. 11. Kenry, New Westminster: grand second vice-president.
Rev. C. J. Verluigen, Spokane; grand
secretary, J. II. Coffey. Portland: grand
treasurer, II. J. O'Leary. Victoria;
grand chaplain. Rev, L. D. C. Schr.uu.
Vancouver, Wash.; grand marshal. P.
Shea, Astoria; board of grand directors,
James Casey. Walla Walla; L. E. Easter, chairman, Astoria: E. J. O'Brien,
Taeoma: W. E. O'Brien, Vancouver, B.
(,'.;  T.  B.   McDcvitt,   Portland.
New Vork, May 23.—Nicola Tesla has|
solved the problem which he set himself many years ago. and which may
revolutionize the system of electric
lighting, It is. electrical experts say.
the nearest to the perfect adaptation of
the great force of nature to the use of
In Mr. Tcsln's laboratory is n bulb
not more than three inches in length,
which, when the current is turned into
it. becomes a lull of light, and the lu-nt
is hlmost Imperceptible. With it a
very large room is so lighted thnt it is
possible to rend in any corner. Vet
this is done without films and without
the attachments necessary iu ordinary
The rays are so strong thnt lhe slin'-n-
ost photographs may be taken. The
bulb is attached to a wire connected
with the street current, nnd there is u.i
dancer of harmful .'hocks in  ils nse.
Stories came- from time to time f*om
the laboratory of Mr. Tesla that he was
experimenting in light if this sort. Rumors of success and failure have followed each other, and his friends were
inclined tn doubt that he would succeed.
Friends who recently visited Mr.
Tcshi saw him photograph by means of
his light. Exposure was but two sot-
ouils. the light cf a sing'e vacuum I nlh
or tube, without electrodes, having a
volume nf about OO cubic Inches, and
the light given was approximately 260
candle-power. The photograph was "s
sleirp in outlines as though it were
taken in  full sunlight.
Mr. Tesla bus recently obtained many
photographs in his study bv Roentgen
rays. He has photographed the heart
of ono of his assistants so accurately
as to note its expansions and its cop.
tractions, and he has also been able lo
locale defects in the lungs of several
persons, the prcsei-.ee of tuberculosis being very evident.
NOTICE i.s hereby given that Edwin
Matthews has been admitted a partner
in the above business. In future the
business will be carried on by the undersigned under the style ami name uf
Wilson & Matthews, who will assume
all liabilities und collect all debts due
tbe said business, and we trust that by
careful attention to the needs of our
customers, tu merit u continuance ofthe
patronage so liberally bestowed in the
Jerome Wilson,
Edwin' MattiIbws,
Nanaimo, B. C, April 7, 1890.
Promptly Attended to.
All kiiuls of
Tin and Sheet-Iron Work,
Victoria Crescent, Nanaimo
(.mice Toi. an.  P. o. box io.  Residence Tol. 101.
Funeral Director and Embalmer
Graduate nf the Oriental, the Kurt'ka,
tho New York and Clark's
SohoolB of Embalming,
1, 3 and 5 Bastion St., Nanaimo
Invites Inspection anil Comparison
as to Quality anil Price.
Awarded  First Prize at, the Agricultural Show.
Revier House
MR.". JAS. HAWKING, (late of the
Temperance House) desires to express her thanks to the public for
former patronage, and now begs to
state that the Kevier House baa
been comfortably arranged for the
accommodation of boarders, steady
or transient. Single or double rooms
with hot or cold water baths, and
electric light iu each room. Everything strictly tirst-class ami charges
moderate. Remember the house, a
liall'-niiniite's walk from the old
slum! north.
Bastion S(reet,oi>p. Telegraph Office
P. R0WB0TT0M, Prop.
1 .\   8TOCK - »
,57,"iO in Colli Dust Discovered   by   n
Do1;—Tbe Supposed Owner.
Lome Creek. March 1.—While J. A.
Woods,' a miner on Lome creek, was
working: In his shop near bis claim, he
noticed that bis dog bad dug a large
hole iintlcr the corner of the shop, pus-
Tne Nanaimo Bakery Excels
LAMPS, Etc. etc.
Birds and Animals set up In a thorough workmanship manner.
On Until!—Four line Doers' Heads,
which will be sold for price of setting
them up. Also n line case of Birds.
d. s. Mcdonald.
till Haliburton Street, Sanaiiiio.
(Commercial Hotel.
Tomer I uiiunerriul antl Bastion Nts.
This long.est&bltshod Hotel is comfortably
ntti'il up wilh superior accommodation! for travelers and others,
Nonobut the best brands of Wines, Liquors,
lies nml Cigars dispensed at the liar.
T. O'CO N N Kl., Prop.
Hibl.v after a chipmunk, anil in onler to   Olf \ II'll   P.   TUMPY!^
stop the excavation he got a  block of  lJJl.fll.tl   Ou   IJlUIliMj,
The Popular Bakers.
He  Ate
wounds.     Ur.  Din/, mentioned  several
Instances whore the Spanish bombarded I teach  that Protestantism
insurgent hospitals, killing the Inmates, i blasphemous
Madrid, May 28.—United Stales minister, .Mr. Taylor, starts for Havre tomorrow in order to bid farewe.i to bis
Havana. Stay 28.—Capt.- (leneral
Weyler, C.enerul Ochunili, chief of stall,
nnil Oul. A Htunuiln, the enptuiii-gcn-
irul's aide-de-camp, have Btarted for
Huhla Honda, on the northern const of
the province of Pinar del Uio. on board
the Spanish cruiser Marquis Kiiscnmhi.
It is believed that the departure of the
captain-general Indicates n most Important nnd decisive movement of 'ho
Spanish force*, ngninst the insurgents
under Antonio Mnceo will shortly be
His   Meals   With   His   Gloves
on—At Los Angeles.
San Francisco, May 28.—It is now
known Ihat, ,1. 10. Blnilther, the ex-
Hungarian officer who i.s suspected of
the nilll-der of Mrs. Lnngefeldt, went
to Loss Angeles. Pullman ami dining car
conductors of tbe train which left here
for Los Angeles last Saturday night
that Blanthcr was a passenger wilh
them, They have positively Identified
photographs of hiin as those of a passenger on the train. Tbe atiention of
the railroad men was called to Blnnther
hi cause be ate his meals iu the (lining
car without removing his gloves. It is
known that in culling Mrs. Lange-
feblt's throat the murderer also cut one
of his lingers, anil it i.s supposed that
the desire to conceal this wound
prompted Blanthcr to wear gloves. Governor Build has offered a reward of
.$1000 for the arrest of Blanthcr.
wood lo pi: ce in the hole.    Before pine
; lug the block in he found it necessary
; to remove n can lying in the hole.    Ou
| removing  the  can    Its    great    weight
j caused an  Investigation, and proved to
j contain  $750  In  gold  dust,   which  had
been   bidden   there     by     some     miner,
| thought   to   be  that  of   It.   W.   Binghv.
; nn old miner who accidentally  niel   his
death   October   Kith.   181)8,   on   his  way
from  Lome  creek  to   Hnselton,   where
he was Intend)!!-; to spend the winter,
but as h.. never readied   Hasolton    M
was lirst thought  he had  gone through
the Ice in the Skccnn,    But the following spring his I o ly was found    in    a
swamp some distance  from  the river.
It  was  well  known  thnt  Ilo  possessed
considerable gold    dust,    though   none
was found on him.    There wore strong
suspicions   thai   he   had   been   iVirdereil
and robbed.
Brian 0*Lynn imd no boots to wear,
so he ci lo Nunniino lo Ihij lilni n pair:
--ru Imveonc patrol tblok aiui one patrof thin,
il I run iin.I tvhltlteld's," »ayi Uriah O'tynn.
lie hunted tho stores nil along the main route,
Bays In*: Tiie right one l»vo not vet foun,lout.
I want Whltltold—I'll buy only from htm,
r,,r he sells the cheapest," snys Brian O'Lynn.
[lo stepped n mile west nl Allien itreeti
lie snw W hilliel-l's itgu   sure 'twas n Irenl:
Ho opened the door and Ueoive si,„„i within.-
" l'\e foil ml it lit last," snys Iirinn 11'I.villi.
a POTTS, Barristers ond 8ollotton,
rein! itreet
I'. CANE, Barrister and Solicitor, Room 11,
Johnston mock.
•it l
ir calf boot*, kid and cowhide,
e ones ne priiise most    no senilis nt llie siile.
I've hoot, of nil kinds from Quebec and Merlin.
ore you've Itonis fertile million." snvs Brian
O'bynil. (no'trash:
honslil him his boots, which of course were
i.nj.l down his money, for tie sell only for
llie |,iiblie hesuvs: "lie mil Inkeli lu,  [cash,
v onlj  from Uhlllielil," snvs  Iirinn I >' I.i nu
MilNNKs il McINNKS,  Barristers,  Room
.Johnston block-, Commercial street,
Y'Altwniili A-  Yul'Ni:. Barristers, corner of
Commercial and Bastion streets.
.    cent.
.   Honour
Try lim.I,
Druggist, Wlnfleld Crei-
s 1'lle umtliieiit.
Oeiilnte-1  Borne
Half  Dollars.
Clinrles T.   Lennhnn  Arrested  for
ceny of a Diamond Ring.
I San Francisco, May 23.—Charles T.
Lennhnn, the young innn who testified
at the trial of W. II. Theodore Dur-
San  Francisco,  Mny  211— At  last  the
United  States secret service nlltliorltl
have struck  a  lead  to  the  s -co from
which have cnnie thousands of aim,isl
perfect imitation half dollars circulated
throughout lhe Pacific Const. It Is be-1
lived that the counterfeits, which almost.
defy detection,  except  when  under   a
I powerful magnifying glass in the hands
[ of clever experts, were made by Chinese
In their native bind and brought to 'his I
| country last  summer by members of a
troupe of Chinese netors  who  came to.
America to perform nt the Atlanta exposition.     Almost   Ihe  entire   troupe   is
now in this city, having la-en  tilling an
{engagement at Chinatown theatres since
returning from the cast. It is estimntel
Crushed tn Death in a Snapped Stump
Before His Friend's Eyes.
Tllsonburg, May 28.—Oeorge Bennett,
of Eden,  wns assisting a neighbor in
track   job
i bone of the
"The Koman Catholics claim that -hey
want tbe same rights ill Manitoba *hut
the Protestants have in Quebec. How
would they like it if they were compelled to submit in Manitoba to Ihe Injustices which they Iulliet on 'Protestiisrs
in Quebec?
"How would they like to hnve all thc rant that he offered a diamond ring for  (hnt  $20,000  in eounterfieit  coin*  hnve
school in .Manitoba under a council eon- sale nt  Pawnbroker    Oppcnhelmer's nt  been disposed of bv Chinese   and thnt
trolled by Protestant pastors, while lhe the time Oppenheimer claimed that O ir-   r,jrtiP p,,tPr, 0f t*1(,' Chinese
Roman  Catholic    clergy  wore  Ignored? rant offered to pawn tho diamond  ring
Yet this would be the rights they grant of  Blanche   L.imont,   was  arrested   into  Quebec.                                                   i day  on  a  wnrrant  charging  him   with
"How would they like to bo compelled petit larceny.    The eoniplainnnt  in  the
to pay taxes to schools whose chief ob- case is Miss Annie Crow'ev, who resides
ji-ct wns to make good Protestants, nnd nt   11   Norfolk   street.    Sin   snys   that
where    Romanism    was    denounced ns while at a party last Saturday evening
false and ruinous?   Yet to n similar in- nt the house of Miss Riley, residing in
justice many a Protestant in Quebec has thc  Mission,  she    allowed   Leiiahnn  to
to submit. put her diamond ring on his finger.   He
"Lot    them    not  suffer  in  Manitoba failed to return It to her, she snys, and
whnt the Protestant minority suffers In she  afterwards    lonrnod   thnt  he    hnd
Quebec.     Let  them  hnve equal  rlghfs, pawned it nt Rosenthal's pawnshop, nt
but  no  more.    These rights they  now ID  Taylor street.    Lenahan    admitted
"li there's ii lent in the too or strip of your shoe, :
Jusl Hike il l., tt hllllehl. linn's nit vou need ilo;
lie n ill pea il or pnleh jusl u lute you nre ill.
Ami ihe onarge roemi like nothing," snvs Brian
WHITFIELD, the Shoe Man,
Vii-ToiiiA Crrsosnt, Nanaimo,
Will lie in season lifter
Sunday, ami you should
not fail to get the richest anil best flavored, for
Which you must call at
DH. MASON, 1 list    Kxiriiriiug t ipeolslty.
Gas antl EthorndmlnUtored,
OHlco, u.iii i-'eiion's block. Nanaimo,
\\'   J. CURRY, D. D. s.. lirivii llltiek.    Pint*
- * . class work guaranteed.
'■Kl.srl'NT I'llAllMAiY. Il.ii.i. A* st l: .mm .in",
t.   proprietors, victoria Cresoent. Diipoiislng
and frtlully rei ij.es n s,»e,.jnlly.
-llilulWKI.I.. ATKINS. WAI'S.IN ru , l.hnTted,
.« Modlcal Hull, corner . oiiimerelnl uml bastion sin-els.  Telephone 1*8-0,
DYB  works.
vanu.mu  DYK  WORKS.—Dyeing, Cleaning
H   uml llcpic     ■••*•'•-'	
H Nieoi street,
0, nmuToN, Manager.
MARSH, Wholesale  lleulur in   Fish-and
(lame, Bastion Street, Nunniino.
GKAN'il  HUTKI.-tt.
turlii Crescent.
Excelsior Bakery.
\T     I • ,        T       1 * *   •'r"i'rU''"*'-
JNotiee to Ladies.|p«s
ktkbi,, Proprietor—Vio-
t.  Proprietor.  Victoria crescent.
recent race  I AM AGENT for Nanaimo and  Dis-
nntoricty, wns at the back  tricls for tin- Now and  Perfect Carter's
WObPK, l-'llinnefnl nnd liisuniiiee Agent,
.Inhesion block.
, riut
deled   to
Repented   and   Barren
the Authorities.
Tailors' .System. This system is up to
date j a perfect ladies' system; is without n rival nnd easy to learn; is noted
fur Its graceful lines and elegant forms;
ii is not un experiment but a development, lean also leach bow to use this
system, uml also all kiiuls of DrcBSmak*
'■niton log executed in first-ulnae style,   Prices
t     NASH,
.*». Ranger,
streets,   I-
, etc. Conn
O. box 208,
Sign Painter, Psner-
r Allien  and Milton
,,.,,. ,    ,       . ,       ,   Bank nf Chicago in November Inst, us
, that he had pawned the ring, am] siud  lug the mime of H. C. Decamp.
London,   Mny    2.1-Edimind  .,,.,  „„„,„,„,
Hind surrendered himself yesterday ev-  to suit the times.   Address
enlne to the authorities    of    SeotlniH
Ynril,  dalmlne-  thnt  he   hnd   forged  n ,      Margaret M.  Mj,C(loHill<l
check  fnr    *r-0  on  the  First  National, °       „ ''
No. 60 Haliburton Street,
1)   S. Macdonuld's Stores
L*uil!i:>IAN & RARDY, Keal Kut'ate Rrokers,
M:    Itustioii street.
TAYLOR, Dealer In nil Vina* nf Npm nnt)
Beeond'HAtHI  r'nrnliur©, and Knncj* Artl-
aioe of every deiMintiot-.
Nt'xi io Qubnjielrli Ci mmcmiai street. IMUII.
i ingorder: Avis, 10:22'a; Whisk, 10:22,'.,'; I she spurted and won ill 4:29 amid loud
Britannia,  10:23;  Venus,  10:23l,f.   At applause,
111 o'clock the Whisk uml Avis got out-      Three mile handicap, professional—J
side, followed several minutes later by end A  Deeming, scratch j T S Moody-,
the Hiitannia; hut the Venus struck a
reef and Injured her On, and after trying for three-quarters of an liourto make
make headway, retinal from thc contest.
The Most Successful ill tilt- His- The Avis, Bailed by Lipsett, finished ut
, I 1 ill, seven minutes ahead of the Whisk,
toi'V 01 Nanaimo. the Britannia distanced.   Martell sailed
his own huatand A Teatim the Britannia.
5. single scull rowing match, for .amateurs, in is it. lapstreak outriggers-;
course l'e miles, wilh turn—Prizes, trophies:   1st, value I 20; 2nd, value If 10.
Entries were JSMcGill, IS A Smith,
W ,1 Priestley, II Bennett, W Martin,
ami ,1 M Russell (Vancouver). Russell
won in 16:40,'with Smith a close secutVd.
ii. IVterlmni canoe race for amateurs,
double puddles; course I1.., miles with
lu rn—I'rizes: lst, trophy, value || 16; 2 1,
cigars, value .10. rDiitruuco feu50c. added,
Tiie entries were   Louis Martin and
Regatta, Horse Races, Bicycle Races,
Lacrosse, Hose Heel Contests,
Athletic   Sports -nnil
Nanaimo beat all all previous
records in her celebration of llie
Queen's  Birthday  this year,  and
tbe-fact  that   the  advertised  pro-1Lawrence, the former winning in 13:20.
carried   OUl   success-! . 7.. Single Bcull rowing iiia.eh for |.infill ly
accident  is evidence enough   Hint 1526; 2nd, *10.   I   n nice, 50
140 yds.    Jas Deeming 1st, Albert 2nd
time, S:2ii.
Three mile amateur—W Hunter, Geo
Gray,  S  P Moody,  ami  C  VV   Pen will
Started oil scatcb, hut were stopped  on
the fourth lap for loafing* Subsequently ;
Hunter, Gray, Spain ami Lester started,
Spain dropped out on the sixth lap, the
others making a lino and closely contested race to the finish.    Lester mude a' ,       ,     ,    .     ,      ....       ,,
magnificent spurt on the last hip and   The explanation is simple.   It is found in
won, with Hunter a close second; time.        that impure blood which 1b contin-
People often wonder why their nerves are
so weak; why they get tired so easily;
why they start at every slight but
sudden sound; why they do not sleep
naturally; why they have frequent
headaches, indigestion and nervous
8:42 1
Five mile professional—,1 and A Deeming, scratch, ,1 U McGregor, 22.) yds; W
Gray, 800 yds, The Deemings led McGregor on the seven Ih lap, but Gray si ill i
preserved a fraction of his handicap. On
the fourteenth lupJ I-coining shot ahead,
Gray, A Deeming and McGregor following in the order named; botli brothers
Tommy an Indian, Louis Page and Peter | led   on   the sixteenth  lap;   McGregor
made a fine spurt on the nineteenth lap,
gaining an  advantage which .lames al-
r.iiimii' was v,  -. i  . -,11    i,   .
,     , .   ... ..    . fessionalB in 20 ft, lapstreak  outrjggers; lowed  lur u moment, mul  then spurted
mil witn lillli- or no in U'I) or Ujufgg ., uji|e8 „.*,,■, turn—Prizes: 1st, and left everybody In the rear, finishing
evidence  enough   thnt $26: 2nd, tflO.   Entrance, 50c, 1st,  A  Deeming 2nd, Gray 3d; time,
Nanaimo knows   what   to   do   and      The contestants  were Alex. MuLenn 14:3 2-6. .
ind .1.  A.  .Murray of Vancouver, and      Five mile amateur — Lester, Spain.   Is the Oue True Blood Purifier. St; six for «5.
ually feeding the nerves upon refuse
instead of thc elements of strength and
vigor. In such condition opiate and
nerve compounds simply deaden and
do not cure. Hood'B Sarsaparilla feeds
the nerves pure, rich, red blood; gives
natural Bleep, perfect digestion, is the
true remedy for all nervous troubles.
how to dn it on occasions of lliis
, •    , i   ,i      ,i . iv .Inlin Alnrliii nl .Nanaimo,
kind, and the  the  various  officers  atrou-li McLean and Martin rowed neck  -125 yds; II  Tyler!  176 vda.
and committees ore to be congratu-1 and neck for some distance, hut the for
lated  on  the  successful    result   of  mer made a beautiful spurt anil crossed
tboir oflRnlonl .nirl  inrlnfnlir»nMo of the line a length ahead In 14 miiiutcs. well-liineil ami splendiiI spur!, with Ty-
1111-11   CI IK ll'l 11  .111(1   I loll l.l . 1 U.I 1110   l I- ,      ,         ,     ,         .                        ,      ,.  .        u ,n i              ,  i                    ' i       ,    ,    ■       .,'                 • , i,., i.' .,,,., ..» r? I ,.;,.
,    ,      ,,,,           ,,            m     j >s-   Log balancing contest—Prine, 1)10, ler and Lester a dead  heat for second in boeris  I'.lsie—
torts,    ihe weather on Monday was The brothers Land E. Smith were the place.   This was decided  by a q uarter- .1 1'.McKay's Seal ..
rain did nol prevent this race from beii
u fine performance.  Geo Gray won hy a
u        .,    •*>•■■    cure Liver Ills; easy to
MOOd S HlIlS take, easy to operate. 20c.
Bicycle:. Bicycles.
To Bicycles done on our premises at the shortest possible notice.
Mil. Cocking being a thorough practical bicycle hand, will be
please,! to furnish all information gratis, und nil  work
done hy this lirni will be guaranteed to be lirst-class.
Next to Sloan & Scott's Old Stand.
P.   S—A larce consignment of bicycle sundries just arriv-
from tbe east.
cool,   calm   und    cloudy,   but   J. I only entries
Pluvius reserved bis threatened petltors stand at either end of a iloatin
shower bulb for the lasl event of [3_ '!.ll'l.,t,!).,k,av,.'r .l'i .I1'.8!.?!!!, .on!L.a"
the dav    the five mile amateur l>i-
(Middleton) 1
place,    tins was iieclneil  uy a quarter-   i r iubhio » o«u  2
In this contest two c -  mile race in which  Lester was defeated.    vV"1 Mi-Kenny's llonesl Tom also run.
L'   Trolling nice, confined to city and
cycle race—which, however, did nol
dampen tbe ardor of tbe contestants, and llie duy closed wilh satisfaction nod fireworks. True, the
weather rendered thc yacht race
somewhat of a failure, which n
short postponement would have
mado more satisfactory to the spectators und the majority of the contestants, but the result was accepted in good humor, evincing there
was nn prejudice againsl an outside
boat currying off the honors. I hiring (be progress of the regatta the
steamers t'utcb and Jt-an arrived
from Vancouver, and the Dunsmuir
from Westminster, adding greatly
to our population and good looks,
con tin gouts having previously arrived from Vancouver, as also from
Wellington, Northfield and outlying districts. The Reception Committee met the civic and el her dignitaries from Vancouver and Westminster and entertained them al
lunch al the Hotel Wilson, where
fraternal greetings, good cheer and
an excellent menu were the order
of the hour, Among tin- Reception
Committee and invited guests wi
noticed the following who partook
of the bounty of mine lmsi Raymond:
Till-:  OUKBTB.
other, though not bv actual physical
contact. The two Smith gave u remarkably, clever exhibition, resulting in the
defeat of I. Smith.
II. Indian war canoe race for 10 paddles wilh slecrcr; ionise l'.j miles with
turn—Prizes, $66 and *:»;l.
One crew  from  Nunalmo   and   two
from Kuper Island entered, and made
the: most exciting raco on the programme. Tiie Nanaimos, who obtained first
place steered a better course than their
opponents and showed superior juilj;
The following contests took place in
connection with the bicycle races on the
Caledonian grounds;
1 220-yard race, open—Prizes, f} 10 00
and -tT 60 cash.
K Douglas, T Watson mid Mike Dolon
entered, Douglas finishing 1st and Wat
ii 2nd.
district stock, distance about % mile—lst
prize '50; 2nd prize, entrance money.
Entrance 6 percent.
Dr Kherts' Kitty  1
(III Kennedy's Frank    2
W II I'bilpoit's NanainioGlrl also run.
!1   Scrub  nice,  open   to  till   comers,
ther than competltots in other races—
Handled Only the N. E, P. jl
1st prize,   SJi'.t;  2nd  entrance  money,
2   220-yard race, amateur—lst prize, Entrance 5 per cent.   Distance half mile
1 dozen blite Photos; 2ml, 1 pair pants  and repeat.
(Me.Lecd). It Gannon's Lime Long  1
■    i . «i > * ,    ]m     *■*.•■■■■''■ i    o    luiui      iiiiiil
I Scurry ol Vancouver won easily. \\    ,, p|0|,*-a M„,.,,|iy
Morgan also started.                Otlier entries were SI
, 4. ,A-"!ll,' "■"'' ■■'»•*.■*'■(•—*.Rt P"«-. hvW Jones; Dick, hy J Gray- Nelly, bj
1 violin, (Fletcher); 2nd, 1 pair punts, 0 Bennett: Jerry, by Woodward- an!
•°r.d.r)'   ... „ , ...      Prlso.
Black Dick,   hy ll Wallet;   Sleepy Tom
iiie.it,    All  ihr.'e crews puddled "wilh ; •'".,"•",'"'"o" ",',"."'"',  ,.    lui ,„.,;,  tin. I    Otlier entries were Sleepy Dluk.hy W
i-ii i   -       -    -. ,,,. o    '.i-i   le race, open—lst pi   e, S-lo;    V ii-,.nl,..nl ■  l..i.,,,>„  in,...   I..-H i.\..,,.o.
idmii'ttble vim and   iiiiainniilv.      rime,   9   ,   ,7n '   ' ' ' .'lUcniio.m , .lolinny Allen, l>y II I'Aiins ;
12 minutes • Iii        , ,.     , ,    ,, Dandy, by F Foucrenu: Dan Pagan, by
,„   ,. , ,, ,   , Watson and Douglas ranadead hem,   i   niiiimi. r,,,-,,  ut,,,,,.-.  i™ tr SinJni.
II,   (Ine   upset Pc er burn caiuie race, I      , ,, ,       .. ,      , -,.   .  , ' La   iminoi, i. am   bianco, liy r   sinaiil,
, , ,,  '         ,      ,, , and IKuun (Hi  not tin si.
single paddle; course 200 yards—Prizes:
1st, ij lo; 2nd, iii.
The enterics wero Albert on  Indian;
C. Skene, and I. Smith.   Albert had n
great advantage over his opponents, in
using an ordinary Indian canoe instead
of a I'elerhiini and therefore won   easily
with Skene second, though  the   latter
did not actually seceeed in  re-entering
his canoe,
11. Barrel  race, in costume, broom
propellers—Prizes (value), (5 mid (,2.o'l.
12. Kl'iiilchiiiaos' canoe race in Iiulian
canoes, two puddles—I'rizes, (0 and -,,'i.
For these two numbers there were   no
l.l Greasy pole walking—Prize, I ham,
Allien the Iiulian was the only con-
Adam Thiniipson,  C Scorn- and Win i     ,    ,, .
Morgan started   Sc.urrv wop easily, with  . 4 ,' W, '''"'V   or ?0nle*Sonn0to Tr H
'hands high.    1st prize, fill); 2nd, ent-
Rntrance 2'.j  per cent.
estaiit.    After three ti isuccessful at-     Nine members of the lire dopnrtmenl
'I' Is'" ."■".'■!1 ,h''' »■*•l,a w"s Illl"vu,,i    led ngrlnsl the I wing impromptu
tho prize (or his ducking. ! \r.mi. |r.(„| V|,hll. (,,,|)lai,!;)i  „' WtltBOti
.liiiliies, EilQuennell, .1 M limlil and (unchorl, II Swanson,  I' Woodburn,  F
Cuptaiu  Locke;.Mailer.  Aid  l-'oicinan;   Assk, Jas Rico, .1 M Kussell,  VV Miller.
All    Speck  und   W   lli^s.    The   hitter
Committee—M. Wolfe, .las. Mi-Grog ir,
M.l'.l'., Dr. Davis, W. Hunter, (Ml. li.
Morgan second ; time, bo 2-6,
6 '..-mile race, open—1st prize, i 15;   l,','.1"'{' mu.%    .,
.,MI|   , f(, ' | Distance hall mile and repent.
Wiitsuii 1st, Dolan 2nd; lime 2:16.  W J Roberts'Sleepy Dick :... 1
J Old and McKlnnon also run, D Thompson's Nell     2
0   Hoys'   race   under   16   years—lst Other entries were Wild Hose, by W
prize, I dozen photos (Sampson); 2nd, Alkenhead; Kitty,hyFWilsonf Jennie,
[ pair slippers (Hughes).   Noentries. by ,1  Nicholson; Maud, by H Jurvis;
7 iiii-ls' race under lo years—1st Bessie, by H Hewitt; OaroBlanco,by F
prize, $8 bum (Robinson); 2.iil, $8 bread Shiard; Countersign*, hy l( lladdow,
tickets (Wilson & Matthews). Noentrios. | Tom, und a pony hy W Raines
8 Tui: of War,  0  men   and  audio!'
time keepcer, John Hilberl: coursi
mittee, Ed Quennell, T Doheson and ,1 .1
Honeyman; prize committee, J M Rudd,
J Hilbert. and Dr Cu i riu; measuring and
Vancouver—dayor Collins, Aid Cold-I sailing  committee,   W Thomns   B<l I Puitsb'\v. McGregor, II. sTiii'pson, M
well,  Aid Clendenniiig and  wife,  Aid  Quennell, Thos Doheson, llr Unrry J II  Lauiont, B   Gibson, J, H. Cocking, li,
McDonald and  wife,  Aid   Brown   mid   Hawthorntli'wail I.I ,1  Uoiieyinan;   B. Drumuioud, J. Uiukiiuin, M. Wuod-
wife, Aid Painter and  wife, Thos   Me-  c inittee on supplies, .I  II Hawthorn- burn.
Guigan, City Clerk, MrBowell, Collect-  thwalte,  .1  .1  Honeyman, V Thiiibuin
orof Customs, Dr McGuigan,  Mr Ful- and G H Cross.       " THE SECOND DAY.
lorton, Kev Maxwell,   K  Wilson,  wm      \V. T, Heddle, secrotary-treasuror. 	
Collins. _ Nanaimo Wins the lacrosse Match.
New WeBtnilnster-Ex.Ald Fub ami  lie t,',e Races,Coramcnolng; at 1:80.     Tuesday, the second dav of the
Wife, Mr ( hanilicrlaio. i   ,      ,- r    .   'i i
ofwckbs. celebration, was a perfeel day, unci
Starter— Jas. McGregor, M.P.P.        | tiie  mosl   important   evenl of tbe
Time-keepers—Wm,  McGregor and do^ waB the lacrosse match at the
t has. Ileeuiing. ,, ',   i ..     ,   , ,,
l-i*i'i*i*i-i .1  Newton '   ali-uoiiiaii  grounds   liclWCPIl   the
Mayor   Iiavi-    Aid   Wilson
Bradley, Aid Morton, B D Presley, Secretary Celebration Committee, M Wolfe,
Treasurer Celebration   Coinmittee,   A]   jmijes—- W K  Leighton and   Martin I local Intermediates and the Beavers
Thompson, City Clerk   T Bovce, .City , Woodburn, of Vancouver, which was doubtless
Auditor, J McGregdr,M P P, Dr  Unlk-,   n,,.k ,„ Course-W. Edmonds, B. D. m)e of ,|,L, | ' t  matches ever wit-
em, M  I   P,  Wm  McGregor,  Manager pPBalev \ iii.uioi.   ovoi   wn
X V (' Co, tl Williams, Manager Bank j    | ap-t'aker-John Shaw Geo Fleti-her i "('swtl ln lhls t'"*v' t,ie htmie team
ofBCM Bray, Government Agent, T|     „ ._„ , .„,    Icoverin
W Glaholm, A ll Johnsl Mr McKeon,
Ex-Mayor Bate, Ex-Mayor Gibson,  Dr
Davis, G Pittendrigh, Thos Keith, W II
S Perkins, Jos McAloney,         ,,	
0  hvikmini: B:80 A. M.
The Liberal Meeting.
Everything affirms that, the Liberal
meeting in the Opera House on Saturday evening next will be the largest mid
most important political gathering ever
sien iu Nanaimo. The opposition candidate will he assisted by Mr. Wm.
Marcliant of Victoria, who is well known
in this city us uu orator; by Ralph Smith
of Ibis city, and possibly by the lion.
A, N. Richards, ex-Governor of this
Province, if Ids health will allow.
The gallery will be reserved for the
Illdk'S mid their escorts.   (Jome curly, us I
the meeting will he culled to order sharp
on time.
The Government candidates arc invited lo attend and take pint in the discussion.
$1.50 Per Sack.
The outside or wood substance of wheat is removed and balance
of kernel ground into Hour, malting n perfect flour for all
dyspeptics, and will aid digestion quicker than any otlier
iu use. — •(
We claim to have TEAS, the best, tbe equal of which are nowhere j
to be hnd. 'Ihey will go the farthest and please the most'
particular.    Choice Blends, 2"), 10 and ">0 ids. per lb.
The Best Groceries bundled by us. (live us a trial order this
month and save money for yourself us well as store.
i.noaiuMMEoFBAOEs-STAiTATl.80.     c„v.-.,,^ tbcinsolves  with glory  to
1st Prite..'/«/. I 'be tunc of -1 to 1.
^-VALUR.-,    ! **-	
1 mile novice     $10.00 :,5.Oil; 1I0SE HEEL CONTESTS   MAY ill.
mile amateur       16.00   2 BI).
17 50   7 60
16 00   7 60
The various gportfl  of  lhe   (lav,,   t mile amateur
which limited space prevents more; ^ !"!!u"I"'1!1'!!!;
than a summary, will befound enumerated In-low, chief among which
were the bicycle contests  ut  Cale-1    Ladies' Haco— 1st  prize, gold watch,
doniangrounds,.whichwere,onthe 2nd. silver wa^ on the hydrant   lay ZOO
.   ,                ,.'■               ,    '         .    seined by U. M. Langton, Meet ol  hose, break coupling, screw on
whole, interesting enough   to suit | '       I nozzle.   Time to bo taken when water
I mile amateur      26.00   7.60 drant, couple on to hydrant, lay 2Q0 feet claims to the undersigned on or beb
6 mile amateur      26.00   7 60(of hose, break coupling, Bcrew on noanle.  Friday, May 29, 1898.
A third prize of . fi in lasl inline.I nice. \ Time to. biMukeii fnnn drop ol'nozzlc.      j |{.  D. PRESLEY,
Secretary Queen's Birthday Celebration
Wet Test— linn 126 yards to hy-
tbe most advanced  local   "cyclo-;,., mi|0) Btntulinti start'..,i|20 00 ifin 00' ll'u,vt'1;' ,";zz1'''
maniac.   It lsestimateu that nearly    I mile handicap
6000 persons were present. I 2 mile
carry not less
be ou not less than throe full turns,
iloseiai'ts to he manned by nut more
than 12 men.
80. ii 00 '" b°'h .''ilS('s. ''!"'•, ',
gg 00   lo no than 800 Feet ol 4-ply hose.   All coup-
v) in||o       »                       '|<i oo   16 00 ""B8' Including hydrant  and  nozzle, to
,       ,, ,   , ,    i 6 mile       "         70.00   25.00  '  '
popular  Provincial  Consul ol  the     A third prize of iflO in latter event.
C. \\. A., was  present ns official
handicapper, with G. E. Frorey, 0.     One mile novice,    The following en- ,'"?'J''f "'',' 'i'1"-"* l';|i1!;""1"1 ''-v
I   \l   Lowell ,.f Vancouver   -,s   ,fli    teredi JelTery, F. Martin, A. Tyler, and Chief Scales and Assistant Home re-
.1. .M. i.owuioi Vancouver, .is offi-        orlflith.    J'tnit,   F. Martin;   2nd spent velv were the contestants, the la-
cial time-Keepers in audition to the  ,i,.n',.|-v    Time 2 50 ter winning In 81 4-5 sees,; the formers
local olliccrs.                                       i'  Quarter-mile   professional,   standing dnie being88 1-6,
start,   The following rude In  this rue-: tn the wet test neither of the teuins
FIRST HAV. J. C. McGregor, T. G, M lv, J. Deem- sucueeded in getting thi ssleon.
_               .  ,,      ing, E. \V. Davlos (Hvorutt), A collision root iiaobs,
Iicgnttii, ( oiiiiiii-iii-iii-jT ul ll A. M.     occurred half way, which threw Dnvles 100 yards race for young men—1st, F ' Alberni.
I. Hoys' race, it years and under, in  and  McGrogor out,     M ly   finished Robinson; 2nd, B Lunglil.
siiiu-lc scull (iniih ale boats; course I mile  lirst. with ,1. Deeming se< I, Time 882-6 loo yards race for old men—1st, Louis
with turn—Prizes, fishing rods, value *f>     Half-mile amateur,   The entries were Lawroniiej 2nd, It Nightingale:              Duncan
nn I fS.SO.                                               Geo. Gray, W. Hunter, A. Lester, S. P.j ' Too>or-WAB.
Tbe following were ihe contestants:  Moody, W, Penwell and T.Spain scratch
Wm Foster, Motuhbart, Robt Martin,   First, S.'P,  Moody;  2nd,  VV.  Hunter;
O SpencO,     Speuce won easily ;   Martin   8r I, W. Penwell.    Time, 1.18,
second. tine mile handicap, professional—.las
All parties having claims ngninst the
Queen's Birthday Celebration CommIt-
Dry Test—Run  125 yards to hy- tuo are hereby notified to present their
Married vs. Single— Won by tho formei
IKIItSK lt,U'l:s....«AY •!(! ut 1:80.
MR. W. W. B. MclNIS,
will addrou meotingi ns FoUowbi
Sail Spring Island (North) May 19
"       "       (South)    "    20
    "    28
Nanaimo City   "    80
 June   1
Comox   "     3
Union   "     4
Cedar   "     6
2. Girls' race, 1-1 years and under, in  ami   Albert   Deeming,  scratch j   WW      l    Running race, open to all comei'B, Somenos,
Highest Honors—World's Fair.
single scull gunwule boats-, course 1 mile Gruyand TG Moody, BO yds.   At the  best two out of three heats, distance bull
with lion—I'rizes: 1st, sunshade, value third lap .las Deoining spurted and over-  mile—lst prise, |100j 2nd prize, entrance
(6i 2nd, dry goods, value :,2.6u. hauled Gray and  Moody, although the  money,   10 per cent entrance,
For this number there were no oniric-. latter would not ylald Alherl the second
8.   Coal   miners'   race  (confined   to place,    .las  Deeming lst,  Moody 2nd, I
members of M. iS* M .L.P.A., who have Albert Deeming and Gray finishing in
never competed in a  race) in   double She order named.   Time, 2*27 1-5,
Bi-till gunwale boats with coxswain,  l'._. Due mile amateur—-A Lester, Wllun-
milcH with turn—Prize, Cup, value :; |o, ter, Geo Gray, S P Moody,   W Penwell,:
presented hy Foreman & Hardy,andl| 10 T Spain, Scratch;  D Griffith, 40 yards*
from celebration funds.   No entrance. Grlltll.li lell behind, and the rare ended
The contesting crews   were   Messrs, with Penwell a good lst, Moody 2nd and
K Lungill, l-.i.Hlniun and Freeman ( ox), Lester :i;l; time, 2:.'i'J.
and F. Veahle, GeoGuereit and VV Gnu- Two mile professional—.fund A Deem-
reit (cox), tpe hitler winning easily lu ing, scratch; .1 C  McGregor and  E W
22 minutes, Diivics, 70 yds:  W W Gray and T S
4. First-class sailim-raoo forboatB20to .Moody. 86 yds. .1 Deeming 1st, A Deem- [
80 ft. water line (time allowance); course Ing 2nd, und Dnvlbs 8d on 11 very close j
about 10 miles—I'rizes:  1st., $125; 2.id, finish ; time, 5:15.
t,iiO; Hrd, 425,   Entrante, 6 per cent, Two mile amateur—A Lester, George
The course was from a line between Gray, 8 P Moody, W Penwell and Thos
the committee's barge mid a bout nn- Spain, scratch,    On the seventh lap a
chored out  toward   Protection   Island; spill occurred, Lester breaking his hike. I
thence out round n buoy under Jack's Spain finished lst and Gray 2nd; time,
Point; thence around  buoy  at   Kot'ky 5:15,
Bay,; thence around buoy oil' Lighthouse Gne  mile   ladies'   race—Mips    Lilly
island nnd return. Campbell of  Nanaimo and  Miss Nellie
The contestants wero_\V Campbell's Allen oi Wellington wero the only con
Mcpherson's  "
Royal Oaks  "
Soolce  "
Gubriolft Island  "
Nanainio City  "
Nanoose  "
Wellington  "
Northfield  "
At tho above named meetiiifffl Mr. MclnncK
Will    I i'    nsMsh'd    Ity   ultu-r   UllllllCIlt   BpCHkl-rH.
the oo-operntion of all oppoaod to tho pronont
frovcrnniciil arc (-uriliully Invited.
The goyornmont candidate or candidates- or
imyoiic on their behalf, are invited to be present
nnd will bo given amp'lo opportunity lo take
part in the diSOUBSton.
>|(-V W(imi;J'.S   WS
Cil'kDilt I.
If jam do, it'll innku 11 groat difference
with the youngsters nml a still greater
difference with you.     They'll be better
shod than they possibly coulil he elsewhere and at a considerably less cost.
q   When you can  save money by buying
"   better goods, youv'c struck 11 good inii-
10 tation of a bonanza.   That's what you'll
.n  always find in our stock—thc best juve-
1   I nile footwear in  Nanainio.   You can't
15 j beat cither our pooils or  prices.   You
... ! iiiicht as well try to heat a drum with a
i0 i feather.
0. F. CaNK,
Chairman of Kxecutive.
Lodge Notices.
Inkerman  Lodge, No. Stf, Sons of St.
George.—Heuulnr weekly meeting Is held
Brltani.in, S Wallace's Whisk, Aid. Mar- testiinis, the former rl.llng In blooineis, G      Cream of Tartar Powder.   Frc, in llilhen's Hall, Wharf streot'on Sat-
tell's Venus nil-   1, L.psci. sAus iron, the   Inner in orillnary  jVtt klfig dres,     J Amrnonia Alum or any other adulterant ?<»•}* evening at K o'clock.    Visiting:
-ancouvcr.    Wn'-   s.-ar.ely any   l.ivezc Miss Cam) ll   permitted her oppoiiem   """"       •    1 / lirothren cordiullv invited to attend.       I
llie bialsi OJ«(   t i lfneJn the follow- to pace her untilnettV thennallap, when, 40 Years thc Standard. | i'uen. Waobtaff, Sec.
Broken Bicycles
—siiooi.n  HE—
Repaired in fiood Shape
to avoid danger of accidents.
Repairing Bikes a Specialty
See the HYSLOP.
iiuiiiu ruiuiiuiv k3iuf(1
Johnston Block, Bastion St.
H. McTEIGH, Proppietur,
—Full and Coniplotu BtOOk of—
Furniture, Mattresses, Lounges
Upholiterod Qc-odi of all kih.Ik MuiIo uml itoL
Ciilrcl.    I-i,pi,i„„.   of nil   ,li,„|.ri|.tli„,   linilRhJ
nml ipld,   UBltreuei rapalred  1 ilehvenir
lhe lamoday.   A trial orderHolitdti.il.
City Market
Wholesale and Retail Butcher
I'. O. Box 227 Telephone 7-8 ,
JOS, I. BROWN, Watchmakerl
of^'tcta Demagnetized sborAfoticj
By BPK0IAU MACHINERY on tho PremilM,
Flni! find Compllosted Wslohei nnd eiockn
Carefully Cleaned and Repaired^
Fine CYCLOMKTKRH, fnr Bleyclet, In Stock.
Coiisi-n Ciitmcii and CiiAcm, Stbkkts.J
Ask foi*   -I-       (Ciiami-agskCidkb^
) b0l>A   \\.ATKK ,
Lawrences |.gE-**.' ,
Mn„„f,ii't,i,Trorrinii|ieri,ni-,. llrlnks,Svr„i,H,,-.T.
Iiidlreri'd free to nil |mrl» ot ,'llv ,,„,( vlelnlly. .
tflttr- I'lomnl iiiii'iiiion |.i,i,i toalilnulngorderi,"
Iclepbono2-4. P.O.Box79.  S»naimo.


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